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Air Date: Nov. 2, 2004
2159 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, we've been talking about it for the last couple years, and here it is.
Election 2004, November 2nd, my friends.
On this Super Tuesday, I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
We have Dr. Dennis Cuddy joining us coming up in about 30 minutes to talk about, well, the staged election of 2004.
Then we've got Paul Joseph Watson riding shotgun with us for the rest of the broadcast.
And yes, we're going to have wide-open phones throughout the show.
Any item you'd like to talk about, especially the election, what it was like when you went out and voted, any local news stories about election fraud going on, electronic voting machine problems that we're not hearing about nationally, this is your chance to circumnavigate or circumvent the mainstream media control and how they like to regionalize the news.
Foreign monitors prepare to scrutinize voting in the United States.
The United Nations training the American people that they are our boss.
We'll be covering that.
Also, lines of voters tried to cast ballots early.
People were showing up at 7 o'clock in the morning around the country.
Meanwhile, votes found on machines in Philadelphia before the polls even opened.
We'll be getting into this latest electronic voting machine
...fraud, plus John Rappaport's analysis of Larry King and the Walter Cronkite interviewer.
Walter Cronkite said that he thinks Karl Rove is controlling Osama bin Laden.
We'll then get into U.S.
extends troops time in Iraq yet again.
They're extending people's stay who've already been there a year and a half.
Back to the election.
Paid Bush supporters cause uproar.
This is out of the Dartmouth newspaper.
State Democrats reacted quickly when the Republican Party, trying to garner last-minute support with the New Hampshire swing voters, began paying part-time workers $75 this week to devote a day to the Bush campaign, especially in liberal areas like Hanover.
Police are defending the current use of the rubber bullets that have been killing people, like Mrs. Snellgrove a few weeks ago.
And ABC News, on the eve of September 11th, doubters surfaced an article about Jimmy Walter and the national ads.
He's running newspapers and magazines and now ads in New York City running for the last seven days, getting into the collapse of Building 7.
It's got the establishment pulling their hair out as well.
And then, of course, back to the election yet again.
With all precincts reporting, Bush wins Colorado, 41 to 34 percent.
Paper reports, except election hasn't yet started.
And we have screenshots of this on...
PrisonPlanet.com, they had another little malfunction in Colorado, and we're already announcing the winner of the presidential election for those electoral college votes.
Just amazing.
The Rocky Mountain News went ahead and published the results, just like a TV station posted AP results two weeks ago up in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
It's happened again, of course, back in 1998 in the off-year election.
ABC News posted the exact results of the election two weeks before as well.
So very, very interesting.
211 Congress members tried to fund the worst abortions in China.
We have the actual congressional record where our government is funding forced abortions in China.
IVF embryos to be screened for genetic cancers.
Cancer-free designer babies get approval in England.
New police powers for on-the-spot fines throwing out the Magna Carta.
That photo that that photographer took after the Red Sox won the World Series of police dogs attacking peaceful, innocent citizens, they arrested the reporter, but under a court order, he did get his camera and the pictures back, and it shows, well, an awesome photograph that tells a million words of a man in a black Darth Vader outfit releasing his German Shepherd on innocent people.
It's all coming up after this quick break.
Stay with us, prisonplanet.tv.
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We're good to go.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
The behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All the great listeners of this broadcast who are able to get to a telephone are welcome to join us on air and comment about the election.
You're also welcome to bring up any other subject you like, because I always like the different directions that our callers take us in, but it might be nice today to try to at least comment on the election, whether you think it's staged, whether it matters, whether Bush or Kerry wins.
Any local news items of election fraud going on in your area, we would love to hear from you.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
Paul Watson is going to be working all day and all night, right through the election, posting the latest developments on PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv throughout the day.
And of course, so is my great webmaster for InfoWars.com, who is my wife, Violet Jones.
Also doing a wonderful job.
Foreign monitors prepare to scrutinize voting in North Carolina.
You know, we haven't talked much in the last few weeks about this important development.
The Iraq War trained us that the UN was the authority and that they're the boss and they're the good guys, they're the good cop.
America's the bad cop.
That's the propaganda.
And now in all 50 states, we have UN monitors.
Overseeing our elections.
Of course, the UN has certified the EU system, which doesn't even allow elections when you're talking about the new EU system and the EU Constitution.
The UN has been involved in Africa, in Asia, in Latin America, helping install dictators.
They're a ruthless organization working for the big central banks of the planet that own and run the New World Order.
But they're here pointing out our electronic voting machines and all the frauds involved with them.
That way in the minds of the American people, they're seen as the good guys, as the arbiters of all that is holy and wholesome.
The UN does this over and over and over again.
It's the same thing with Britain and the EU.
England takes its citizens' rights.
Then the only group that they can appeal to is the EU court.
And in some cases, the EU court actually hands down good rulings and is now being seen as this wonderful savior.
So more and more British people who have been 80 plus percent against the EU are starting to say they're for the EU.
And of course, once it's in total control of England, then the tyranny we've seen on the continent will be in England as well.
So this is a tactic they use over and over again.
Foreign monitors prepare to scrutinize voting in North Carolina.
Even the leading star of democracy, we're a republic by the way, can benefit from a little electoral...
Second guessing, according to the head of a team of international monitors observing Tuesday's general election in North Carolina and several other states.
Folks, they're in all states.
Representatives from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe have monitored elections in other countries, primarily in Europe, but this is the first time it will witness a presidential election in the United States under U.N.
And Bush, of course, has invited them on in.
I will be very sad if Americans feel that we're coming here to try to teach you how to make elections.
Bjorn Hernas, a member of the parliament from Norway who is heading the delegation in North Carolina, said yesterday, We can mutually accept that no one is perfect, but perhaps we can try to learn and be better, all of us.
The United States is one of 55 nations that belong to the OSCE, based in Austria.
Its mission is to select...
...and settle conflicts and promote civil societies throughout diplomacy, education, and other means.
It was invited by the U.S., by the State Department, to monitor this year's elections and has sent observers to a handful of states.
Among them are Florida, where 2,000 results were fraught with controversy.
Not controversy, fraud.
Democrats stealing votes at the ground, grassroots level, Republicans certifying at the state level and running fraud to the Supreme Court.
Meanwhile, lines of voters try to cast ballots early this morning.
Voters trying to beat the rush turned out early to cast ballots in many precincts as Election Day opened, forming long lines that snaked out the doors, waiting in rain and even taking along chairs for expected long waits.
And of course, most of them are Democrats.
I predict that Kerry will really win the election, not that it even matters, but that Lord Bush will be our President-elect.
And again, that doesn't even matter.
The election's staged.
Kerry knows it's staged.
And Kerry, of course, I'm not for John Forbes.
Kerry, I'm just stating the fact that there is a huge grassroots democratic mobilization taking place.
Drugs Report is reporting votes found on machines in Philly before polls open.
Yeah, this is just par for the course.
And it says here, before voting even began in Philadelphia, poll watchers found nearly 2,000 votes already planted on machines scattered throughout the city.
Oh, this always happens with these electronic systems.
One incident occurred at the Salvation Army on 11th Street, Philadelphia, Ward 37, Division 8.
Poll watchers uncovered four machines of planted votes
One with over 200 and one with nearly 500.
A second location, 1901 West Grenard Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, had 300 plus votes already on two machines at the start of the day.
Another incident, 292 votes on a machine.
Another machine had 456 votes.
Elsewhere, a gun was purposely made visible to scare poll watchers at Ward 30, Division 11 at 905 South 20th Street, Grand Court.
Police were called and surrounded the location.
So, lots of little tricks and other things taking place around the nation.
Oh, boy.
And then meanwhile, continuing with the news of the 2004 election, we have Bush paid supporters cause uproar.
The program is meant to boost volunteer numbers in key swing states.
It's offered nationally with students from less...
Continue with states like Vermont being bust into swing states to campaign for President Bush.
College Republicans began offering this opportunity to Dartmouth students.
Someday it will continue to do so through Election Day.
In some cases, the Bush-Cheney workers, who lined the east side of Green Friday, supported neither Bush nor his opponent, Massachusetts Senator John Kerry.
And so one student said, I need food.
I haven't had food for so many months.
I've got to buy groceries.
And they claim that they're being paid to go out and campaign for Bush.
Well, that's legal.
The Democrats can call it unethical.
But really, in the final equation, does it even really matter?
Because both candidates are New World Order 110%.
With all precincts reporting, Bush wins Colorado 41-34 precinct paper reports, except election hasn't started yet.
This came out last night.
President Bush has scored a resounding victory in Colorado, winning the popular vote 41-34% over Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, at least according to the Rocky Mountain News, which posted the final election results sometime Monday afternoon.
The news palled the election for Bush, but several minutes later, with fewer precincts reporting, Kerry was up 41-40%.
The images is reproduced below.
The paper previously had endorsed Bush for re-election.
Trouble is, election day was today, not yesterday.
The latest Zogby poll has Bush edging Kerry 48-47%, with a margin of error plus or minus 3.5%.
And again, the paper is testing their online reporting system, though most papers do so internally without calling the race in public view before the election actually occurs.
The paper also called the national Senate race, Democratic Senate hopeful and State Attorney General Ken Salazar, lost by 8% to beer mogul Pete Coors, who trounced him 48% on the vote.
Curiously, Salazar is leading in both current polls with 52-44% lead over Coors in Zogby poll and 49-47% lead in the latest survey in USA poll.
We're good to go.
I think?
Adolph Kurz's Good Little Boy.
So, very, very interesting.
And of course, what, about a month ago, the big TV station there in Green Bay, Wisconsin, called it for Bush and published all the results of the election.
Then they said, oh, it was just an internal test that the Associated Press was doing with us.
We, with an automated system, accidentally posted the results.
We apologize, and back in 98, ABC News posted the results, and about 85, all the national results, and 80 plus percent, we have that on the website as well, the screenshots of the ABC News results,
Weeks before, they posted the exact results of the election in just hundreds of races.
And the other races, it was very, very close.
And they didn't say that was a mistake.
Somebody, basically inside the ABC News national desk, posted that, I guess, to warn people.
But they never told us why that happened or what was developing there.
When we get back, we'll take your calls.
Mike, Jason...
Jimmy and many others.
Toll-free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
Dr. Dennis Cuddy's joining us, Paul Joseph Watson, and other guests today, but we'll get to all your calls as well.
So again, please stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, now it's your chance to get involved on air.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike in Illinois.
Mike, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, this morning I dropped my kids off to school.
And the polling place is right there at the public grade school.
And the principal is out there.
And she said she's been a principal there for five years.
And she said this is the largest voter turnout I've seen since the last election.
That it doubles it.
Here's my comment, Alex.
I think a lot of people are fed up with President Bush.
And, of course, Kerry is obviously not the answer.
But they're going to go out there and vote, Alex.
But we know exactly what they're going to do anyway.
It's like you said.
Kerry will win the popular vote, but Bush is going to end up taking it.
And, Alex, I want to ask you a question.
I was listening to the show earlier on Genesis this morning, and Mr. Mars was on there.
And they were talking about it.
But don't you believe, Alex, that pretty much we won't probably know the answer
The results for about a week.
Was it Jim Mars or Tex Mars?
No, Jim Mars.
Well, I mean, most of the pundits on the news are saying it could be months until we know.
I don't know what's going to happen.
I mean, I don't know what the globalists are going to pull.
They've got thousands of lawyers lined up on each side, but Bush and Kerry never attacked each other on the real issues.
They staged the debates.
They kept the focus very, very narrow.
Nothing about NAFTA and GATT.
Nothing about the free trade area of the Americas.
Nothing about the open borders.
We know it's staged, so why do they want to then have this big crisis?
I think they're going to want to have a constitutional convention out of this to supposedly get rid of the Electoral College.
They'll say, oh look, we've had this crisis a second time for four years running.
We've got to have a con-con.
And during that constitutional convention, they can then rewrite all the laws and get rid of the 22nd Amendment and get rid of a whole bunch of different areas of the Bill of Rights.
No, I agree with you there.
But I just think that there are a lot of people that are fed up, Alex.
They're waking up.
And, you know, yesterday I spent a lot of time just giving out information about your website.
And, you know, people got to, you know, they got to know the truth.
I gave the principal of my children's school your video.
She was talking last week in the school office.
She said to one woman, you're going to vote for Bush?
You should have seen, Mike, Mr. Moore's movie, the 9-11.
I said...
I said to the principal, would you like to see a room movie on 9-11?
And I gave her your movie.
She gave it back to me yesterday, and she was just baffled.
She said, I have to give that to more people.
I said, well, I have copies at home, and I'd be happy to give you some.
Listen, Mike, that's how we're going to take this country back, is people like you going out there and educating others, and then when the New World Order tries to pull their scams, nobody's going to listen.
Thanks for the call.
And what Mike is saying is the reports we're getting from all over the country.
Record voter turnout taking place right now.
Jimmy in Texas, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
How's it going?
Hey, I just wanted to say, first off, and then I'll comment on the election, I have to credit you and Chris Athanis and Jeff Contreras and all the other guys on Austin Access for waking me up around the turn of the century, I guess you could say.
But as far as the election goes, y'all are...
You know, right on target, but it's probably, well, it's staged, and I think there is going to be a lot of turnout.
I think we're going to see a lot of third-party candidates do a lot better than they have in the past, especially the Libertarian Party, and they can rig a lot of elections, but I don't know that they can rig every single one across the country, especially with, you know,
People voting absentee and people in some areas are allowed to vote with paper ballot.
So we might be able to turn it around a little bit on the local level.
Well, that's the problem.
That's why they told us beforehand, this year be prepared for there to be lots of malfunctions and problems because they know with all these poll watchers from both parties that a lot of fraud is going to be exposed.
And so be ready for them to just call that malfunctions and problems
So, yes, they're going to have a problem running the scam.
Both sides are.
And so they're just going to call it a malfunction.
Yeah, I think it's definitely going to lead to probably talk of a constitutional convention, but you never know.
Maybe the talk of that might be enough to help get more people galvanized to one side or the other and fight against it.
Well, they try to sell us on con cons for the gay marriage amendment, for the flag burning amendment.
Now it's to get rid of the electoral college.
And these are all things that are popular to do.
But again, inside a constitutional convention, they can rewrite the whole Bill of Rights.
All of us have to be against that constitutional convention.
I think everyone probably, I mean, for the most part, people that are going to be active would be against it because they understand what it leads to.
You'll have groups like the John Birch Society that will be very violently opposed to a constitutional convention, as they always are.
All right, that's good news.
Good to hear from you, Jimmy.
I appreciate the call.
Dr. Dennis Cuddy coming up, and of course, more calls.
And the website's being updated minute by minute.
Infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
Please stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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It's election 2004.
We've got the two cousins, George W. Bush and John Forbes Carey, running against each other.
Record voter turnout is being reported coast to coast.
Huge lines hours before the polls even open.
And the establishment knows that you're revolting against their police state activities, against NAFTA and GATT, against this illegal war.
They know that you're against it no matter what political party you're in.
So they're going out there, and they're putting in their electronic voting machines, they're training the police in riot control and suppression of the population, they're bringing in the foreign troops, they're bringing in the foreign poll watchers so the UN can certify the election and tell us how good it is.
This is the New World Order.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
And Dr. Dennis Cuddy, an expert on the New World Order, will be joining us here in just a few minutes and, of course, more of your phone calls.
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We have never had a special like this.
I'm doing it because we've got to get the word out on 9-11.
We've got to get the word out on the stage election.
We've got to expose this now.
So buy a couple of these packages.
Give him his gifts this holiday season.
Give him his early gifts and say, here, wake up, watch this.
You just heard Mike talk about Illinois waking up his school principal for his children to go to school, and now she wants to get more copies and get them out to people.
All right, your calls are coming up, and we'll keep Mr. Cuddy into the next hour when Paul Watson joins us if he wants to stay with us.
And we'll also take your calls, again, coming up in a few minutes.
Dr. Dennis Cuddy was schooled by the New World Order, broke away from it, and is an amazing individual, one of the few people that really has a full grasp on the program.
Thanks for having me.
Like you were saying, back in the 60s, I found out later, I think, being groomed by these power elite.
I called them until they found out.
I started questioning them as well, and the doors that had opened were suddenly shut.
I went on and got my graduate degree.
While I was doing that, it began about 30 years ago, this investigation piece by piece, finding these
Old documents.
I've been collecting private papers, wills, letters signed by FDR, Winston Churchill and so forth over the years and putting all this together like a puzzle and eventually wound up after teaching a little bit at UNC Chapel Hill going up to Washington in the federal government so I could get an inside view of what was going on there in the field of education but also I went over to the White House and was in
We're good to go.
Of course, earlier H.G.
Wells said, but contemporarily, Gorbachev and then Bush followed it up, and it wasn't.
And of course, Adolf Hitler also talked about a new world order, so you said, I better investigate what this is.
In fact, there's only one man who's quoted Hitler precisely.
Arnold almost did it during his speech, but changed around a few of the sentences, but those that aren't students of history wouldn't notice it.
Bush actually gave an exact Hitler quote, did he not?
Well, you mean in terms of the New World Order?
Well, his Thousand Points of Light quote is a Hitler quote.
Well, actually, Hitler and the rest of them got that earlier from Alice Bailey, who talked a lot about the New World Order and, quote, points of light connected to service.
So it actually predates Hitler going back to the Luciferian Alice Bailey.
And then that links back to Illuminati, links back to Skull and Bones, links back to Bohemian Grove.
It's all a Germanic death cult.
So anyway, just prior to the Gulf War, Bush did not use that term at the beginning of the Gulf War.
It was actually seven months earlier, the speech in San Francisco, where he said there could be this tyrant and we'll have to do certain things to get a new world order.
That was like seven months before anybody ever heard of Saddam.
So anyway, did a lot of investigating and written a number of books, secret records revealed about a conspiracy to take over the world, and the most recent one is cover-up about September 11th in Iraq.
And we'll tell folks how to get that.
First off, can you stay with us into the next hour with Paul Watson?
Because I want to go to calls in the last segment of this hour.
Your take, your expert opinion on this election, to me it just looks like a giant psychological warfare operation to stir up the country and to polarize it.
Yeah, it's to do that.
It's deliberately close, just like the last one was.
And as far as the, as I call them, power elite, in some ways it doesn't matter to them.
If it goes with Kerry, you have to remember that Bush's skull and bones name was, quote, temporary.
Plus it fits with the Whitney's 100 years ago had this plan as a skull and bones group to alternate power so the stupid public thinks it has a choice when it really doesn't.
It could go that way if they want sort of an emphasis on the collective, the U.N.
I'm predicting George Bush is going to win.
What do you predict?
Well, I have been predicting that, but it will be closed and it will be challenged because I think they want to continue this sort of neocon project for the new American century.
Let's go after Iran.
Let's be aggressive after Syria and so forth.
That they have been doing.
So I'm saying that it'll be close and challenged, but I think Bush will win.
But the power league can go either way.
What they do is they set up your choice.
It's not necessarily that we want Bush or we want Kerry.
They predetermine your choice.
So it gives you the illusion of choice, but they have both parties completely captured and controlled, and then that keeps the general public, the mass, still within that tightly defined spectrum of political thought.
Are you...
Thinking that this is going to drag on for a few weeks, even months.
Most of the pundits are saying, oh, get ready for it.
2000 is going to look tame compared to this.
They're predicting riots all over the country, which of course the globalists will use as a pretext to go out and shoot more people with rubber bullets.
Do you think that's going to happen?
Not the latter.
What will happen is you'll probably have, in terms of the way it looks, you will have a winner.
There will be challenges, plus the military vote isn't going to be final until 10 days and so forth.
So it won't really be finally settled, although tonight you will have what appears to be a winner.
Because that raises the stakes even more.
If they reverse it and give it to somebody else, that will make people go even more ape.
And let's get into the psychological warfare aspects of this.
You've written a lot about how they do this in the past.
Why do they want to create a crisis?
Because that's the way they create change.
It's like you were advertising that 300-some page book, Order Out of Chaos, which is the way they achieve things.
It's not the old Hitlerian approach that they're using now.
What they do is, and 9-11 was this too, they create situations from which the public reacts
In a way as to, let's say 9-11.
Oh my goodness, we have to have some of our freedoms diminished so we can have peace and safety.
Or there's a bunch of shootings and say, oh my goodness, maybe we better give up our gun rights.
They create situations so that the public seems to be calling for these additional restrictions or limitations or wars or whatever it is.
Things like that.
And so the same thing goes with elections.
In the first place, they want this one like the last one to be very close
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Which Kerry really won't backtrack on.
This mental health screening, Kerry will go along with that.
He'll go along with NAFTA.
He'll go along with GATT and so forth.
So like I said, to the power elite, they have the ability to use either person's victory to achieve more of their agenda within the dialectic.
You've got to constantly remember the dialectic is a sort of ebb and flow.
And no matter who wins, we lose.
And then the presidential elections also then serve as a larger distraction
From county, city, and state elections where we can still really have an effect and hopefully hold back this new world order takeover.
The average nationally at a city or county election is an 8% turnout, but then we have a 55-60% turnout on average for presidential elections.
This one could be 65-70% turnout.
I wish we could get that same type of turnout locally.
Yeah, and like you said, often it's a distraction for other things.
For example, on the one hand, it's not Kerry.
You have Bush doing this mental health screening.
But as this pushes through, people don't see two different bills by Hillary Clinton which go even further.
Most people look at this New Freedom Initiative and they miss the other thing.
Or they're involved with weapons discoveries in Iraq and they don't really perceive that the FDA approves this implantable chip.
Well, many privacy groups weren't even aware of this Intelligence Transportation Systems Joint Program Office, which is going to have all of our cars being tracked.
Yeah, because they're going to say, well, counties and cities and states all have these toll roads.
They're going to be federally regulated and automatically deduct off your transponder.
They have no clue, and they probably didn't hear Bush say that he would accept Islamic rule in Iraq.
That's right.
Which is supposedly the opposite of what initially Rumsfeld said.
He said, if you think we're going to have a bunch of clerics over there...
Establishing a theocratic state, you're wrong, but recently Bush said, well, yeah, I guess we will accept an Islamic rule, which begs the question of what we're doing.
That's the thing, Dr. Cuddy, in 53, which I had read about years ago, but I heard him admit it last week on NPR, our government hired thugs to go out and commit murder in the streets and bombings.
They didn't blame the anti-communist, pro-American prime minister.
Yeah, in one of my earlier books...
Secret records revealed, I was explaining there, actually picking up on Bill Clinton's mentor, Carol Quigley, where he was saying how General Norman Schwarzkopf's father, who had been head of the state police in New Jersey, left that job, and Dulles, head of the CIA in 1953, had used the $10 million slush fund to train people to overthrow the government of Iran because they had nationalized their oil, and we didn't like that.
And so shortly thereafter, we also helped a six-member hit squad, including Saddam Hussein, to be assassinations for that country as well.
And you know, I forgot about that.
It was Schwarzkopf's daddy, based out of Saudi Arabia, running some of the stuff in Iran.
And again, Iran was anti-communist.
Pro-America, and they said, we want to keep about 10% of our oil money, is that okay?
And BP said no, and ordered the CIA, and here they were bragging about it, Dr. Cuddy.
You and I know this, the average public doesn't, I wish they'd learn about it, but they would go on the radio 51 years later and brag how they committed terror attacks in Iran and then blamed it on the Prime Minister.
I mean, this is incredible.
Yeah, we've been doing a lot of that.
Like I said, we also set up Saddam as a six-member assassination team.
So we were behind him, too.
So again, they throw out capitalists if they won't totally give up to the fascist New World Order.
Yeah, and that's the synthesis as it's occurring.
It's like H.G.
Wells said, it'll be a synthesis of Eastern Communism and Western Capitalism into a world socialist or techno-feudal fascist state, as I say.
You know, coming up, I want to get into this latest bin Laden tape.
I want to get into Arnold Schwarzenegger now has Kennedy coming out saying he should be president.
He's got Warren Hatch, Dana Rohrabacher, the congressman, and then now he went on Meet the Press a few weeks ago, and then Sunday he was on 60 Minutes saying it.
I really see them grooming Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I think during a constitutional convention, they're going to remove the 22nd Amendment, and I'm predicting either an 08,
Well, I hear the music.
Do we have time?
Yeah, let's talk about it when we get back.
Then we'll take some calls at 1-800-259-9231.
We're talking to Dr. Dennis Cuddy.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Paul Watson will also be riding shotgun with us in the next hour.
You do not want to miss this as we have continual news coverage.
The latest election fraud and info coming up with Paul Watson.
So you don't want to miss that.
Stay with us.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Alright, briefly, Dr. Cuddy, your take on Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger, the avowed admirer of Adolf Alois Hitler.
Your take on him, then we're going to go to Charles and John and...
Gaines and Chris and others.
Well, I think you're right in the sense that he is making efforts with his allies to get the Constitution changed so he can run.
I don't know that it will be in 08.
It depends on what happens in this election and Hillary in 08.
It may be 2012.
But given what you said, I would stress to your listeners something that I put into my books, and this is very important.
Given what you've been talking about, Alex, about how they will set up situations and distractions and so on.
In 1943, Sumner Wells, not H.G.
Wells, Sumner Wells, a high-level CFR government U.S.
official, was writing a book which came out in 1944 called Time for Decision.
And in that book, he was talking about the German General Staff's plan, which was already in operation.
And it was not...
To win the war.
It was not about a Hitlerian victory.
It had been in place for years before, 1941 even.
And the plan was they were putting their people in key positions through two successive countries, like one would go to Switzerland and then to the U.S.
or wherever like that.
And the idea was in two generations beginning in the 1990s,
That would come about the victory of the Nazis, not at the end of the Second World War.
And the Bush family shuttled a lot of the Nazi money out to Argentina, the U.S., right up until the early 1950s.
That's now mainstream news, even the London Guardian.
And then you see these allies coming back in over and over again, and I think Arnold is a major set piece in this.
And what's important is the plan was not for a Hitlerian military victory.
Early on, it was for another strategy that in the two generations... In fact, the last thing Hitler said in the bunker, they said, who do we fight for, Fuhrer?
And he said, you fight for the coming man and the new plan.
That's right.
And the two generations in the 1990s, they would have him in two successive countries... And I will now say Arnold Schwarzenegger is that coming man.
They would be in the areas of banking, chambers of commerce, and so on.
It was a plan early on, and I'll just give the... Everybody probably knows about the Kurt Waldheim example...
The plan is still partly hidden.
All of the plan cannot be revealed, but there was this plan.
Remember that.
I want to get more into this in the next hour.
This is history, folks.
This is real.
Charles in Rhode Island.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Good afternoon, both you gentlemen.
Dr. Cuddy and Alex, thank you on behalf of future unborn generations that will grow up in a free society due to your efforts currently and in the future from now.
But I called about the fact of today's election, which was Alex's earlier topic.
And I'm not voting in today's election because of the fact that all I'm doing by voting for anybody is just enslaving myself that much further.
Because there isn't one good piece of legislation out there.
I'm not regaining any freedom whatsoever in any way, shape, or form, nor is anyone else.
And, you know, this is a crushing blow to people when they realize this.
Because I ran in 1998 for Congress here in the state of Rhode Island, and I realize that it's ridiculous to ask.
Well, we can't give up.
We've got to remove the electronic voting machines.
We've got to go back to paper ballots.
We've got to run for local seats, if it's constable or dog catcher, because in those key positions, you can hold back and just quietly not go along with the federal edicts.
Dr. Cuddy?
Yeah, and remember, like I said, let me give some specifics on this.
When I say that you have a choice and you really don't have a choice, as far as the power lead is concerned, the public thinks Bush is very, very different from Kerry.
But if you have Bush again, you've got the neocons, PNAC, Iran, Syria, you've got outsourcing continued, jobs overseas, guest workers, NAFTA, mental health screening, No Child Left Behind, Patriot Act, and so on.
We've got a break.
We'll come back with this and more on your calls in the second hour.
Stay with us.
Hello, folks.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, you are smack dab in the middle of the second hour of this November 2nd, 2004 election coverage.
We've got Dr. Dennis Cuddy.
Ph.D., expert on the New World Order, and author and lecturer.
Joining us, we've got Paul Watson, who's been tracking all the election fraud news stories coming up here in the next segment.
And, of course, wide-open telephones.
We slammed into that end-of-hour break, and Dr. Cuddy was continuing with a point he was making.
Dr. Cuddy, please continue.
Yeah, the public thinks they have a choice, and to some extent they do, but what they don't realize, the public, is that there may be two different paths, but the power leaders, I call them, can use either path.
If Bush is re-elected, you have the neocons with the PNAC and go into Iran, Syria, outsourcing...
Guest workers, NAFTA, GATT, mental health screening, No Child Left Behind, Wiping Out Local Control, Patriot Act, Homeland Security, and all of those things are useful to the power elite.
But at the same time, if Kerry comes in, you have a collective rule.
No matter how strong you are, you can accomplish anything without the U.N., the world law, international criminal court, Hillary and her health care plan, the pro-abortion judges on the Supreme Court, Second Amendment rights down the drain, and so forth.
Those two can be used by the power elite to further their agenda along these dialectics.
And Kerry says he's for all those Bush policies you mentioned, and Bush claims he's against the policies, but in reality funds them, signs on to the UN, signs back on to UNESCO.
Right, absolutely.
And that's what I mean.
You think you have a choice, but you really don't.
And really it serves as a distraction from local elections where we still have some power.
John and Mass, you're on the air.
Go ahead, John.
Hello, Alex.
Hello, Dr. Cuddy.
How are you today?
Thank you.
I just wanted to let you know today I went out and voted on a paper ballot here in Massachusetts, which is probably one of the few left in the country.
Also, I wanted to mention two things.
Printing the election results before they come out, I think that is also part of the psychological warfare of maybe backing a winner or dividing the country.
Okay, for those who just joined us in Green Bay, they printed the results before they happened a few weeks ago.
The Rocky Mountain News did it last night, having Bush winning.
And then they don't even say why they did it.
They just leave it up for a few hours, pull it back down.
We caught ABC News doing it in 1998.
Dr. Cuddy, comments on this?
Well, that may give you an idea of whether the elections are predetermined or not.
But as I think I've said on a previous program, it's more than that.
It can be a monitoring of how you as an individual vote in the sense of if you go into, let's say, one of these voting places where it has a computer and you slip in your card, right?
Those things plop into this tray in order and you'll notice on the machine it says your voter number 426 or whatever you are, right?
So with a little camera there monitoring to see that, you know, everything's okey-dokey in terms of security, all they have to do is look at that camera, see that you're number 426, go in the machine and count up 426, and they know how you vote.
Well, they can also do this.
When they check off your voter registration card and then hand you the little access card, they know right there.
Right, your number's there.
All right, anything else, John?
Yes, I did want to comment.
This in particular, I live in Salem, Massachusetts, which I'm sure everyone's heard of.
This year for the Halloween celebration, there was an increased police presence, and we've still been noticing it throughout the end of the weekend.
Police in riot gear, they brought up the Boston police riot patrols, the mounted police.
They also now have
The police in the polling stations, working in the polling stations themselves.
Yeah, any excuse to intimidate, any excuse to get you used to martial law.
I have photos of when the Red Sox won, the police attacking innocent people with police dogs, and then they come and arrest the photographers.
More and more, they're trying to have color of law that their cameras are good, our cameras are bad.
So, John, thanks for the call.
Games, Chris, Chris, and others, your calls are coming up.
Paul Watson will join Dr. Dennis Cuddy and myself when we get back.
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I think?
The debate omission will even lie to cover their tracks.
Janet Brown, their executive director, has said they can't have 150 candidates on stage.
But only six candidates are qualified by virtue of the fact that they meet the constitutional qualifications and appear on enough state ballots to conceivably win 270 electoral votes.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we're going to have analysis of the latest election fraud and developments.
We're going to talk about the new bin Laden video.
Is it real?
We'll talk about how opportunistic it is.
Who does it really aid?
Dick Cheney called it a little gift.
We now have learned the source of that comment to the New York Daily News.
It's a little gift from Osama bin Laden.
I mean, how much more arrogant do these guys have to get?
We're talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger, the coming man.
That Der Fuhrer talked about and the overall secret Nazi plan that's now public to take over politically and the different families that helped him do this, like the Bushes.
We're talking to Dr. Dennis Cuddy, who's an expert on these subjects.
And, of course, your phone calls at 1-800-259-9231.
Joining us is the webmaster for PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
His brother, Steve Watson, is the webmaster for InfoWars.net, so you'll see some news there that you don't see on the Prison Planet side.
Of course, my wife doing a fabulous job over at InfoWars.com.
So quite a team here that I'm honored to be working with.
Paul Watson, your take on what's happening and the large stack of election fraud news that's coming across your desk.
Give us a rundown, please, sir.
Yeah, well, we've already got quite a few examples of election fraud coming in.
And just to alert people, from when the first precinct reports to when the last one closes,
And in fact, the US-controlled Pacific Islands of Guam has closed 53 out of 53 precincts based on the electronic ballots of the Republicans leading in the senatorial race.
But from when the first US one closes to when the last one closes,
There'll be a page at the top of PrisonPlanet.com which will be constantly updated with all the vote fraud news, the results, the forecasts, you name it.
So basically I'm going to be here in the Prison Planet command bunker all night tracking everything and as soon as I get it, it goes up on the site.
So when that page goes up this evening,
Paul, let's go over some of the examples.
I mean, we had the Rocky Mountain News last night publishing the results of the election and then pulling it back down after three hours and not saying why they did it.
Green Bay's done it.
Well, there's actually an article out of MSNBC, which is at the top of prisonplanet.com.
And as of a couple of hours ago, we're already starting to see major problems with these CIA-run voting machines, including in Volusia County, Florida, where one of the memory cards in these machines failed and 13,000 votes weren't counted.
But the officials promised us that those votes would get counted eventually, so we're just going to have to trust them.
On top of that, there are anything up to 60,000 absentee ballots in Broward County which have gone missing.
And then there's other reports of election judges leaving their station and going home because, quote, they forgot something.
So again, you know, there's a great amount of good for public confidence in all of this.
Obviously, George is reporting that we have thousands of votes already planted on voting machines in Philadelphia scattered throughout the city.
And again, Drudge is very suspect, folks.
He's a neocon, but generally his reporting is pretty accurate.
I mean, he did post a video last week of Bush blowing up at his staff and flipping them off and then running his hands through his hair in the classical gesticulation of someone about to throw a temper tantrum.
Dr. Dennis Cuddy, we have U.N.
observers, the Associated Press reports, in 45 states.
Another report says in all 50 states.
Ha ha ha!
That there's some sort of difference between Satan and Lucifer.
Yeah, this isn't the first time.
I remember a few years ago, especially down in Texas, where you are, the U.N.
came down there to see how you were doing with your people in prison who had committed capital crimes and whether the death penalty should be administered as well.
Yeah, they ordered the Supreme Court to not execute.
Right, so all of these things set precedents.
And that's what they're about.
Even if the general public isn't having their door knocked down tomorrow, all of these things, whether it's the U.N.
supervised votes or American law,
Well, that's the thing.
I mean, let's talk about martial law for a second.
I mean, I've been to the camps where the Marines are training to put us in them and confiscate our guns.
We've got all the Army documents.
Now we've got newscasts admitting that, quote, foreign assets might help us if we're tied down in the war on terror and there's a catastrophic attack here at home.
And, oh, the U.N.
came in with the U.N.
troops in 99 and helped put out the fires in 11 western states and six...
NATO AWACS, 56 Norwegian F-16s, the cooperative nugget with foreign troops training.
All of this sets the precedent, and now the state guards, the national guards, have been trained for martial law.
I've got all these mainstream news articles on our websites.
That doesn't mean we're going to have martial law tomorrow, folks.
It means they're setting the precedent, building the infrastructure, training the police, the firemen, the constabulary, the public, the media, that all of this is acceptable.
All these urban warfare drills, now troops at polling places, troops at airports, troops at bus stations, troops at bridges.
Dr. Cuddy, is this part of the conditioning process, bathing the consciousness in all of this?
Yeah, and what you do is you collect all of these and put them together.
For example, in terms of Marines, I remember there was a poll some years ago, I think it was out of 29 Palms out in California, where it said, and the media said, well, it was only 25% of the Marines who would shoot fellow Americans.
If they didn't give up their weapons.
But a commentator, in fact, the fellow who took the survey said, yeah, but what that allows them to do is get that 25% and make them into one cohesive unit.
And again, for those that don't understand this...
These surveys were already going on internally on computers.
I have family who's taken them.
Army Special Forces, Marine Force Recon.
This is going on.
And they say, will you fire American citizens if there's a national emergency and your president orders you to confiscate firearms?
I've interviewed emergency managers over major cities.
Well, yeah, exactly.
We often make the point that they're kind of working to a Chinese model.
On all sorts of different issues.
Two days ago there was a case of rioting and some killings in basically a small Chinese village.
The Chinese government declared martial law over the whole area.
So the question is, if this election is very tight again, will we see some kind of small-scale riot which will give them the pretext to do that, even if it's just in a small area?
But on one thing I wanted to pick up on, which you talked about earlier,
Which was the testing of these online reporting systems.
And it's interesting that newspapers claim that they have these internal trial runs of their tally software in order to make sure, you know, that it's operating correctly.
But now in two separate instances, online news outlets have made these test results public purely by accident, they claim.
And in both cases, George W. Bush wins the election.
In the case of the Rocky Mountain News, which came out yesterday, maybe we can accept that explanation because the snapshots of their pages do show election tables and tallies.
But again, why it was made public is still unexplained.
But we can't accept that explanation that they were just testing the software.
In the case of WBAY TV in Green Bay, Wisconsin...
Because this was over three weeks ago.
They ran a fake article from the Associated Press.
And they said, well, we don't like to talk about this, but the Associated Press runs drills of how to report for a month before the election with every news agency.
Dr. Cuddy?
Yeah, let me get back to the question, though, that you asked me, because I want to show how this works.
You put that 24%, as you said, of Marines...
You have to link that up to a lot of our National Guard are being sent overseas, so that creates a vacuum here.
You get the president on it, like Bob Green, who was a syndicated columnist for the Chicago Tribune, say, yeah, you know, if we have increasing unrest, we need UN troops on every street corner.
And then you link that with a fourth element, which was that 1952 map that was developed by the World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government, where it said in the end,
When we have the world government, we'll have other nations policing different countries so that American forces would be in Australia where they are and Yugoslavia where they are and Kazakhstan where they are now.
And other troops would be policing in this country.
It said the Chinese would be down in the southwest, you know, where the Costco region is, Russians in the southeast.
And again, for those who just joined us, mainstream news is now promoting foreign troops and how great it's going to be.
The Army War College is telling their young cadets this is going to happen.
The law enforcement schools right here in Texas are teaching this.
We've gotten the textbooks.
It's really happening.
They really are going to put an Austrian in as our president.
We really are going to have foreign rulers.
They're going to do it!
They're making Mexican judicial workers take chips.
All this craziness is really happening.
We'll be right back with your call.
Stay with us.
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All right, folks.
Continual election coverage here.
And we're going to go to Gaines and Caroline, Paul, Chris, and Brooke and many, many others that are patiently holding here in just a few seconds.
But continuing with this whole discussion of this internationalization, folks, it's really happening.
They're really doing it.
And then meanwhile, we're all distracted by the evil Muslims that are going to kill us any minute.
And I'm not saying that a bunch of Muslims don't want to kill us, and that some of them aren't evil.
But the point is, every time I turn around, the radical Muslim movements are being funded by our governments, by our intelligence agencies.
Gaines in Georgia, you're on the air with Dr. Dennis Cuddy and Paul Watson, our guest.
Go ahead.
Yes, Gaines.
Hey, I was walking through my campus today at Georgia Southern, and...
I found the Associates of FEMA.
It was like a subgroup of FEMA.
And I went in there and I started asking the guy questions about FEMA and the camps and such, and he told me to get out of his office.
I thought that was crazy.
So you have a FEMA office at your school?
Well, it's FEMA, but they've got the pyramid.
It's like a subgroup of FEMA.
He admitted to that when I started asking him about the camps and whatnot.
And if they were still running, he told me he didn't have time for propaganda and to get out of his office.
Well, we've got the purchase order for the camps.
In England, Paul, they call it the civil contingencies law.
You've got your, quote, rest and relocation centers.
Paul, I mean, we've got all the documents that they've built all these emergency centers.
Let me get a comment from you and then one from Dr. Cuddy.
Well, yeah, as you mentioned, the civil contingencies bill outlines exactly that plan.
Rest and relocation centers.
Based on an emergency, but the fact is that Britain's been under a state of emergency since 9-11, so they could introduce this at any time.
They've also had articles such as, you know, dirty bomb victims will be shot.
So you have a choice of either being shot on the spot or taken to one of the camps.
And why would you shoot somebody who'd been exposed to a dirty bomb?
And that was a mainstream news article.
Dr. Cuddy, comments?
There are two different points.
For some time, one general, Togo West, and then a previous general had already written authorization orders.
I put one of them in the Secret Records Reveal book, how they could use military installations as civilian prison camps.
So that's on the one hand.
But larger than that, I think what you're talking about are those huge areas that they prepared up in Alaska and other places, which are just too large for some minor civil disturbance.
Well, three years ago, Newsmax got the purchase orders for three one-million-man camps.
It was a public bid.
He didn't try to deny it.
He just told me to get out of his office, basically, when I brought it up.
Yeah, G is for Georgia, right?
Georgia Emergency Management.
I mean, they do mostly hurricanes and such, but on their site they've got a lot about terrorist management and being prepared and whatnot.
Well, yeah, that's their cover.
But, I mean, even the activities now where you can't go back to your house for two weeks and we're going to taser you in front of your family if you try, we have this overall ratcheting up of just the whole system.
Thanks for the call, Gaines.
And again, we're getting reports of record voter turnout happening right now that does not bode well for Bush, but I'm predicting he's going to win.
Let's talk to Carolyn in Texas.
Carolyn, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
My name is Carolyn Pallett.
It's P-A-L-L-E-T.
We like to not just have folks call them with their last names, but go ahead.
Well, the reason I did it is because I'm really being harassed electronically, I believe, with microwaves and radio waves and various... Well, that can happen if you buy a microwave relay tower or buy a big cell tower, but... Well, it's more than that.
Two years ago, I went to my state rep with all my documentation on chemtrails, and he turned it over to the senator for Texas, the federal senator for Texas.
At that point, I believe I was attacked with directed energy weapons.
Well, ma'am, they don't... You know, this is something interesting.
A lot of people see the news articles about microwave weapons, they admit, and sound guns, and then they think, oh my gosh, I'm going to be personally targeted, or ooh, a helicopter flew over my house, they're after me.
They don't have that personnel to system-wide... I mean, I'm a big fish in this movement.
And I've gotten a few threats over the years.
I was once physically attacked, and when I told them, hey, go ahead and do whatever you have to do, they left me alone.
So people need to stop, you know, basically scaring themselves.
I'm not.
Alex, Alex, Alex.
Let me put you on hold.
This is how the tyranny works, though, is they announce the NSA's watching us all, so we all feel like they're watching us.
You know, it's the...
The French have this, a type of prison called the Panopticon, where it made you think you were surveilled all the time, and then you would self-enforce on yourself.
Dr. Cuddy, would you like to speak about the Panopticon?
No, I'll let you do that.
Are you aware of the Panopticon system?
Not that one.
That was the prison with the tower in the middle of it, where you're always surveilled, and the psychology of making you think you're always surveilled?
Ma'am, I'm sure something is happening to you.
It's just that I don't know if we can help you.
And a lot of folks think the government's after them, and quite frankly, the government isn't after them.
Dr. Cuddy, can you comment on self-enforcement, though?
Well, that's part of the Tavistock, what they call the theory of social turbulence, where you go into psychological retreat.
We'll talk about it when we get back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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And of course, back from 9 to midnight.
Not just going out on the AM and FM dial from Los Angeles, California.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
For people to listen on the net, I know those have been getting maxed out lately.
We're trying to add more.
There's a few other little backup streams with a couple hundred streams available.
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In fact, that's something I meant to mention to the engineers at the network.
I'll just do it here live on air.
I need to go ahead and up my streams again because we've been totally maxing those out the last few weeks yet again.
We're talking to Dr. Dennis Cuddy, an expert on the New World Order, Paul Joseph Watson, a great webmaster and great analyst as well.
We've got loaded phone lines here.
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That's what I've been saying for the last two years.
I didn't buy all this about cancel the elections, we're going to have terror attacks.
That was fear-based mind control, getting the local authorities ready for martial law, what they've geared up for.
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So please, get the films, take advantage of these packages.
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Dr. Dennis Cuddy, before we go back to Paul Watson and the calls, you've written some amazingly well-documented, easy-to-read, powerful books.
How do folks get them?
A toll-free number would be the best.
And my articles are on newswiththeviews.com.
That's 1-800-544-8927.
And you do an absolutely fabulous job, and we also post a lot of your stories on InfoWars.com.
Again, give folks that toll-free number and tell them about the different titles.
The most recent one is called Cover Up, about 9-11 and Iraq.
It came out just prior to the war, and in there I said what Saddam's strategy would be, although the Bush administration ignored it to their discretion.
Well, actually, I think it's cost lives.
Same thing with 9-11.
I said in advance about the terrorist attack after which freedom would be given up by many Americans for peace and safety.
That was in the Globalist book, which was the previous book, and then the one before that, Secret Records Revealed, about Bill Clinton and the Rhodes Scholars and Cecil Rhodes' plan to take over the world.
And, folks, these are flawlessly bibliographed.
The bibliography is amazing, and to see their quotes about world government, to see their own... He's got quotes out of publications, out of textbooks, where they say, we're going to destroy the family.
I mean, it's just, you've got to get these books.
Paul Watson...
Again, you're there every hour updating prisonplanet.com with the latest election information.
You're going to be there all night long.
So much is happening.
I want to shift gears into the Bin Laden video and get your take on it and kind of do a rundown of the latest developments there.
Paul Watson?
Yeah, well, I mean, the bottom line on the Bin Laden tape is that, yes, it was a setup.
Yes, the script was written by Bush's handlers.
And it did have the effect that they desired immediately.
Bush's poll numbers showed 6% above Kerry in the aftermath of the tape being released.
We look back to the Cornell University study where terror alerts equal approval ratings.
Now the polls are now just about even again.
So when that starts to get back on a parallel...
Both Bush and Kerry stopped talking about the video even when mainstream media was pointing out how obviously politically expedient it was.
And Walter Cronkite and Larry King live saying the same thing.
So you notice when the mainstream started to question the video, both Bush and Kerry stopped talking about it.
Now again, Walter Cronkite went on to... That's an inside joke, folks.
I called him at 3 in the morning the other night and just left this message on Paul's answering machine.
I went, Walter Cronkite!
And then Paul's got a renter living in his house.
He heard it the next day and said, Who's Walter Cronkite?
What is that?
But Walter Cronkite, of course, last Friday went on Larry King Live.
And said he thinks Karl Rove is behind that.
And just hours before, I was talking to Paul, and Paul said, this looks like something Karl Rove would write.
And again, we don't even know if this video's real.
They've got Steve McQueen, who's been dead 20-something years, back from the grave pitching products with computer-morphed images that people can't even tell are fakes.
We've got this blurry video.
They gave us a fake Bin Laden video two years ago that they admit was fake.
But regardless, folks,
We know bin Laden was CIA.
We know he's been protected.
We know Bush says don't worry about him.
We're not going after him.
Forget about him so they can bring him back out to scare us later.
You know, it's like if your neighbors lied to you a hundred times and you caught your neighbor robbing your garage, taking your golf clubs, and then your neighbor lies to you about something else, you may not know exactly what that neighbor's doing, but you know not to believe that neighbor.
Well, why do we believe this government?
And then you look at the motive.
What did the Romans call it?
Key Bono?
Who stands to gain?
Who has a motive?
I mean, this is ridiculous.
Let me get a comment from Dr. Cuddy on this latest bin Laden video popping up out of the middle of nowhere.
Well, just like prior to Saddam's capture, I said that he would be captured in the near future.
Back in the spring, I said there would be this surprise just prior to the election that would be helpful to Bush.
Now, just because it's a surprise, not so much of a surprise,
I want your listeners to not think that there may be something within it in terms of a message because prior to 9-11 we had the same sort of thing.
We had advanced knowledge of that.
What the press has been doing in terms of this message has been mistranslating the Arabic so that in an international sense when they talk at the UN about a state or states they mean nations.
Hey, I'll tell you what, Dr. Cuddy, you really are, and I'm impressed with you.
You're really on top of this, because I spend my life, 18 hours a day doing this.
It is confirmed.
CNN, and then Fox carried it, took it, and had another Arab translator over him so you couldn't hear what was really being said.
The term, I'll spell A-Y and then a new word, W-I-L-A-Y, actually means each U.S.
Now, the reason that's important, and I know you're running out of time, but this is important.
That key statement where Bin Laden says, your security is not in the hands of Kerry or Bush or Al Qaeda, your security is in your own hands, and each U.S.
state that does not toy with our security automatically guarantees its own security.
Now, in logical terms, that doesn't make sense.
It seems to be contradictory.
Why would he say it's not in the terms of Kerry or Bush if one wins and they'd be better than the other?
Or certainly he's head of Al-Qaeda.
Why wouldn't it be in his hands?
Or each state, he's not stupid enough to think the governor of Nebraska is going to secede from the union.
The only way that makes sense is if it's a code.
In other words, he's telling his cells in this country that after the election, after the election, when he says it doesn't matter whether it's Kerry or Bush,
Thank you.
Thank you.
Then you go on your mission after the election.
And then people ask, well then, is Bin Laden working for the globalists or not?
The point is, his minions, whether it's the computer generation or not, they are real Muslim terrorist extremists, and they will carry out real coast-to-coast attacks, which is what the internal memos say is coming up, and the government will open the door for that to happen.
Yeah, and there's another little term in there.
Whenever they use numbers, you have to watch them.
So he says the 20 minutes they thought they had, Bush gave them three times that.
Well, it was actually longer, so I'm still puzzling over that word three.
Three is going to play a part in this as well.
That could have been a code.
And tomorrow is 11-3.
The globalists are obsessed with numerology.
911 days after 9-11, we have the 3-11 Madrid bombings.
Tomorrow is 11-3.
I'm not saying anything's going to happen, but the globalists are obsessed with numerology.
Paul Watson?
Well, yeah, just picking up on that.
Here's the point.
There are definitely contradictions in the translation of anything from Arabic to English.
Take al-Qaeda, which is supposed to be this worldwide terrorist organization.
The word al-Qaeda in Arabic, from the direct meaning, means the toilet.
So we're to believe that that is what they would call their terrorist organization.
And again, read the script carefully.
Bin Laden, whether it's him saying it or it's the contradicted translation, talks about the lighter aspects of 9-11 complicity.
Because the hardcore evidence, the NORAD stand-down and the war games, would eliminate the possibility that Bin Laden himself could have organised the attack or 19 Arabs could have carried it out.
So that's why we say it reads straight from a Karl Rove playbook, because it takes every so-called liberal talking point, even though some of those are valid, and it avoids the more hardcore evidence.
Well, yeah, Ann Coulter on that HBO program with, oh, who's the guy that, I'm losing my mind, the guy that does the show, he had Politically Incorrect.
Bill Maher.
Bill Maher.
And she turned to the guy on the show and said, you're talking like Bin Laden.
That's what he said.
And then Bin Laden basically quotes Benjamin Franklin.
You know, don't give up liberty for security.
So now we quote Benjamin Franklin.
Oh, you're quoting Bin Laden.
Or don't criticize Bush standing down on 9-11.
That's what Bin Laden said.
So that's why we say this is so scripted.
And as you've discussed, Alex, he says he decided to bring down American towers in 1982.
And this was four years before he's meeting with FBI and CIA officials at the Hilton Hotel in Sherman Oaks, California, under the assumed name Tim Osman.
It's three years after.
He was in our newspapers as this young hero in the mid-'80s, but he decided to attack us in 1982.
Let's go to some calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Paul in Ohio.
Paul, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, how are you doing today?
Good, sir.
Greetings from Summit County, Ohio.
This is the voter fraud capital of Ohio lately.
Alex, you know, you've been talking about voter fraud and everything.
Here in Summit County, just yesterday, the federal court in Cleveland, Ohio ruled against the Akron Beacon Journal newspaper.
They wanted to have cameras in the polling places like they always do.
They're not allowed to do it now.
There was a court fight about people coming in to check for voter authentication challenges.
You know, the Republicans come in and they can ask people for their IDs if there's a question.
That was ruled against, and just early this morning they're now allowing it.
This fraud is crazy out here.
On the Ohio ballot, our good old buddy Ralph Nader wanted to get on, and
They cut them off because of all the massive voter registration fraud.
They had cartoon characters signed up.
They had a whole neighborhood that signed their... Well, the Democrats do that local type of fraud.
The Republicans are specialists in the machines themselves.
Dr. Cuddy?
Well, like I said, this has been going on.
We've had that, remember several years ago, the vote scam book that came out as to what happened there with the machines and how they could rig those.
And so we've had a whole history of this.
It goes back to, remember, landslide Lyndon Johnson and the dead people voting in Chicago and Mayor Daley was mayor of that town.
So there's a long history of this.
The key to this particular one, though, is this electronic voting, where all you have to have is a programmer, just one programmer, who develops a program that looks legitimate, but all he has to do is have one little... Yeah, before it was retail fraud at the local levels, and so at least you had two power blocks.
This centralizes everything.
And electronically, I mean, how do you go back?
That's right.
They punch a button and it reads out the same thing.
So you really don't have a recount.
Paul, thanks for the call.
Great talks.
Go ahead.
So you really don't have a recount in the old sense.
You have no way of checking as to whether some programmer has screwed around with the system.
Yeah, just trust us.
Yeah, Paul, finish up.
Yeah, well, if you're in Ohio, then you're in trouble, because you remember what the Diebold CEO, Walden O'Dell, said last year?
That he is, quote, committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year.
And so the Democrats can steal and double count and have illegals vote and have dead people vote and have cartoon characters vote all day.
It ain't gonna matter, because Diebold, baby, has got control, and their people, who were caught...
In the last election in California with a convicted computer crimes felon running the elections.
And now we've got the Republicans and the Democrats across the country hiring these socialists to walk around with, you know, pro-Bush placards and banners for $75 a time.
So it's all staged.
It's phony.
It is.
Final segment with Dr. Dennis Cuddy.
Paul Watson will ride shotgun with us into the next hour.
And we have another guest coming on as well.
Your call straight ahead.
Please stay with us.
prisonplanet.tv, infowars.com, and newswithviews.com to read Cuddy stuff.
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Continual election coverage coming up into the next hour.
Let's go back to the calls.
Let's talk to Chris in California.
Chris, you're on the air with our guest.
Go ahead.
Chris, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Chris is gone.
Let's talk to Brooke in Rhode Island.
Brooke, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, this is Brooke, and I'm calling on behalf of my friend David Picard of NBC News in Los Angeles, who was mentioned last night on George Norrie's program in regards to the 9-11 event.
Okay, I'm not familiar with the particulars of what you're talking about.
Well, I understand you're going to be on George Norrie's program tonight, and I tried to call George last night, and it's very difficult to get in on the line.
I'm going to be on tonight, popping in and out several times, then I'm going to be on three hours tomorrow night, but I'm trying to understand exactly what you're... I mean, you have a friend on TV, and I don't know.
I'm trying to corroborate a story.
Last night at 2.15 in the morning, between 2.15 and 2.30, a gentleman called in who claimed he was a psychic, and I know you don't like to go there.
On the other hand, this gentleman called my friend at NBC News the night before 9-11 and in precise detail explained everything that was going to happen the morning of 9-11.
On the morning of 9-11, when my friend from NBC News woke up,
He was mind-blown to see everything unfold before him on TV.
I would like to have your NBC News friend on this show to confirm that.
That's very interesting.
Can I put you on hold and get your friend's name and number?
Yes, you can.
Okay, I'm going to do that right now.
I have one other thing I'd like to mention.
Okay, we're about to have to let our guest go, but go ahead.
Remember, it was George Herbert Walker Bush who was in the White House on 9-11 and not his son.
Well, he was across town at the Ritz-Carlton having a meal with the Bin Ladens, and then that afternoon, him and Cheney, of course, Cheney was there in the morning in the bunker under it.
They were over there running things, and that is true, very well said.
But listen, I'm going to put you on hold, Brooke.
I'm going to try to call your friend at NBC right now.
We're going to put you on hold and get that information.
Thank you.
Let's talk to Lynn in Oklahoma.
Go ahead.
Lynn, you're on the air.
Yes, gentlemen, I'd like to ask you to comment, if you would, on when do you think the globalists are really going to start pushing the Verichip overall?
They're already all over TV saying how great it is foreign governments are making their police take it, their federal workers take it.
Dr. Cuddy, comments?
Paul Watson?
Well, yeah.
There was an article we carried two days ago where the Verichip featured in an episode of, I think it's CSI Miami, yeah.
So if it's to that level where it's already in the kind of
Cool cop programs, then.
We've had many journalists advocate the use of it for entering nightclubs.
You had one as a guest on your show, I believe, back in April.
They're actually already doing it.
Special Forces is being forced to take it.
I now have this personally confirmed.
Mexican judicial workers.
Dr. Cuddy, your comments on this?
Yeah, they've approved it.
FDA has for patients with their medical details, like you said, 200 people from Mexico's Attorney General's Office have got it.
It's now over 1,000.
It can read through walls.
That's the difference.
The RFID, like UPC codes, can be read through solid objects.
That's what makes it different.
Do you envision a scenario in which they'll require it for all commerce carried on in the United States and around the world?
They are forcing the barcode out and forcing the universal acceptance of the RFID chip on products, and they're going to use... Dr. Cuddy, go ahead.
Yeah, they've already had pilot projects in stores in Europe.
All right, well, thank you, gentlemen.
Thank you for the great points, Glenn.
I appreciate it.
Jeff and Mark and others, you're coming up the next hour.
Dr. Cuddy, closing comments?
Well, I always close with I'm a Christian myself.
I believe in prayer to God first, but then you have to get active at the grassroots level to combat their social turbulence theory, which is to turn us off so that we do not resist them, but we must resist in a peaceful way.
And you're predicting Bush is going to win?
But it will be challenged, yes.
And do you agree that it really doesn't matter who wins?
Either way, the globalists move forward?
They can move forward along either path, and that's what the whole point is.
They control the choice, and they can go through a dialectic either road.
All right, we'll be back in the third hour with Paul Watson and others in your calls.
Thank you, Dr. Cuddy, for joining us.
Folks, stay with us, prisonplanet.tv.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, we're now into hour number three on this Election Day extravaganza, November 2nd, 2004.
The last hour we had Dr. Dennis Cuddy on with us going over how no matter who wins, we lose.
It's a staged event where they make you think you have a choice.
That's what all of this is about, and it all serves as a distraction from the local level, the county, the city, the state level, where we can turn the tide against the New World Order.
You can basically write the executive and judicial branch in D.C.
Jeff and Mark and others, your calls are coming up.
Paul Watson riding shotgun with us.
Paul Watson, there's so many other issues we need to cover.
What are some of those issues we'll be talking about in this third hour?
Well, leading on from the Bin Laden state, there's actually an Associated Press article which came out in the last hour or two
Where, I mean, the headline is, Witness Bin Laden premeditated attack.
Osama Bin Laden spoke months before the September 11 attacks of a strike against the United States and said there would be thousands of dead.
A Jordanian-born man says he served briefly as the Al-Qaeda leader's bodyguard testified Tuesday.
So again, after Bin Laden's so-called admission of carrying out 9-11, despite the fact that that was impossible without government complicity,
Now we have on the back of that another kind of reaffirmation trying to convince the American people of that scenario.
So I mean we can get more into Bin Laden because there's more to say on that.
Well, I mean, this government's lied to us so many times.
We know Bin Laden's CIA.
We know they've released fake Bin Laden videos before.
This one obviously looks better than the fat guy in the dark room.
But it's really getting ridiculous now.
And the things he said, whoever this is, the things that were said, and then CNN dubbing another Muslim voice, Arabic voice, over him, why would they do that?
Dr. Cuddy thinks there might be codes in what this Bin Laden, Max Hedrum creature was saying.
Well, yeah, the question is, you know, did Bin Laden read this willingly?
Was he pressured to read it, or is it not Bin Laden at all?
And again, we have Steve McQueen out pitching products 20-something years after he died.
And at the same time, I mean, they can generate this fake stuff.
Did Bin Laden have NORAD stand down?
Did Bin Laden run war games?
Is that the exact same thing happening that morning?
Did Bin Laden have his family flown out of the country?
Did Bin Laden do CIA insider trading?
Did Bin Laden have Mayor Giuliani get out of Building 7 and have it collapse with explosives and have the owners say they blew it up?
Man, Bin Laden must be omnipresent.
Well, yeah, the bottom line is we're never going to know because, you know, the mainstream just swallow it whole and don't ask any questions.
Christopher Berlin, the American free press journalist who's been a guest on your show, called the CIA and asked them how they would even know that it's a SARMA.
You know, did they use voice verification technology?
And they're not going to tell us, and that's what they said, because why would they need to verify it when they made it?
And then he phoned up the Chicago Sun-Times journalist and asked him the same thing.
You know, what if it's a hoax and how do you know it's bin Laden?
And the journalist replied, I don't care, saying it bore the hallmarks of being Osama bin Laden.
When asked what those hallmarks were, the journalist replied, quote, because it was on TV.
So that's the standard of mainstream journalism.
And, you know, we get attacked for jumping to conclusions
When this mainstream big opinion maker says that it's Osama because the government said so and they never lie.
Well, also we have the government going, oh look, this Nuba heading's real for two days.
Turns out it was a 20-year-old kid in his San Francisco garage.
And then we have all these mainstream news articles of intelligence agencies controlled by us handing people over to Al-Qaeda to have their heads chopped off.
That's been all over the mainstream news but the back of the paper.
And it's just amazing.
And this 20-year-old kid, you know, they sent a couple of low-level FBI agents around to his house who didn't even know simple, basic computer terms like file sharing.
And they're supposed to investigate it, but the mainstream media bought it within minutes of it being released.
All right, folks.
We've got about 55 minutes left in this Tuesday edition.
Election coverage.
We'll be right back with your calls and a ton of other news.
With Paul Watson, I'm Alex Jones.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State to the Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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We've got Paul Watson riding a shotgun with us.
We'll get into the latest developments in the Bin Laden video.
He's updating it by the minute.
Every 10 minutes or so, Paul is updating prisonplanet.com.
Same thing with infowars.com, with our webmaster there doing a great job.
The latest election fraud by both sides, manipulating things.
We're going to be covering that.
First off, though, here is Bush again a few months ago saying, I'm not worried about bin Laden.
I'm not worried about him.
But we should give up all our liberties because he's such a threat, and you've called special forces off of supposedly capturing him, and special forces colonels have been in mainstream newspapers saying, we had him and we weren't allowed to get him.
And then helicopters land and fly him out to safety.
C-130s land and fly out as Arab fighters because they're C-I-A.
Just like the Arabs on those planes on 9-11 thought they were part of a training exercise.
But here's Bush saying he's not worried about bin Laden.
The threat that bin Laden posed won't truly be eliminated until he is found either dead or alive?
Well, as I say, we hadn't heard much from him.
And I wouldn't necessarily say he's at the center of any command structure.
And, you know, again, I don't know where he is.
I repeat what I said.
I truly am not that concerned about him.
Okay, so then that's what Bush went on to say.
I'm truly not that concerned about it.
Then he denied he ever said it.
Now, our next guest is on the road out there at mile marker 54 driving down the highway.
He was one of the top stories ABC News yesterday.
On Election Eve, September 11th, doubters surfaced by Dean Schnaber.
Group launches ad campaign request for criminal investigation.
More than three years after the terror attacks of September 11th, the skeptics are still out there, and despite a massive government investigation into the causes, you mean a whitewash, threats and government response, in the final days before presidential election, the doubters have been making more noise.
One organization, Reopen911.org, has launched an ad campaign calling for a new investigation into what happened on 9-11.
And another group, 9-11-Truth.org, is filing a formal complaint with New Jersey State Attorney General Elliot Spitzer seeking a criminal investigation.
And they say despite the independent commission's report, it's not an independent commission.
And it says, conspiracy theories about the attacks have been brewing while the ashes of the World Trade Center were still smoldering and have grown into a booming cottage industry.
Oh yeah, right.
With countless books, websites, and videos devoted to the subject.
For some people, the questions about what happened have not been resolved, and the report released by the independent 9-11 commission did nothing to put it to rest.
It only caused more frustration.
Jimmy Walters, the man behind the campaign that has placed commercials showing the collapsing buildings at the World Trade Center and an image of a plane hitting the Pentagon, a computer-generated image on television in New York, full-page print ads in newspapers across the country, said he has a definite political aim.
And, again, it is to expose the perpetrators of 9-11.
And we're honored to have Jimmy Walters on with us and with Paul Watson.
Jimmy, thanks for taking time out to join us.
Alex, thank you and I want to thank you for being one of the prime generators of this movement because you have put out so much stuff yourself already and a lot of people are actually stealing your work.
Well, I mean, I was there two months before 9-11 saying Bin Laden's an agent, they're going to attack the World Trade Center, and then blame it on Arabs, and that's because I had internal sources.
I mean, we have the official government plan to carry out 9-11, Jimmy.
We have Operation Northwoods.
Absolutely, sir.
And I'm just so frustrated.
You've got a big petition there on the website.
That's right.
It's reopen911.org.
First of all, I commissioned the complaint for 9-1-1 Truth.
That was my money that paid for that complaint.
You also paid for the zombie poll that showed that 66% of New Yorkers want the investigation reopened.
And the New York Times did not think that was news fit to print.
So we have a huge media problem in this country and we need to get a million signatures.
I'll take $100,000, but I'd like a million signatures to force the Attorney General of New York to open his own investigation, because if Bush wins, there's no way this will ever be opened again.
And again, you ran full-page ads in Newsweek and other publications saying police and judges and others, firefighters, will give you a free Eric Huffschmidt book or video, and now you're carrying Von Kleist's video.
I know you've gotten some of mine.
And your video goes with it.
We have David Ray Griffin's book, The New Pearl Harbor.
A free copy to any policeman, any fireman, any prosecutor, any judge, or any elected politician.
And you have spent a million-plus dollars of your money.
I have spent over $2 million in this round.
I hadn't talked to you in a few weeks.
Well, the last round of TV ads, you may have seen or not, which you can see on 911.
Well, I'm concentrating on New York City.
I'm rich, but I ain't a billionaire.
There's nowhere I can cover the United States.
But the people in New York are the people who are, pardon the horrible pun, the target market
And they're known for raising their voice, and every news company is centered there.
And because, I mean, you ran, Zogby is the most respected polling agency on the planet, bar none.
You ran a major scientific poll through them.
49% believe the government was involved.
66% believe they had prior knowledge it should be reopened.
And the media totally ignored it.
One Canadian paper ran their own poll and showed 60 plus percent thinking government involvement.
But again, a news blackout.
So you've gone out there and bought full page ads in all these major publications.
You've run ads on radio and TV exposing this, and I can only commend you, Jimmy.
Well, Alex, thank you very much.
But you were there first, so I commend you.
Now, what response have you been getting from the people in New York?
I mean, how is the media... I mean, finally they're having to report on what you're doing in ABC News.
Well, we've had hundreds of thousands of hits on the website.
We've got thousands of people who have signed a petition.
We've got hundreds of people that are volunteering their time and their money to extend this effort.
And it's starting to snowball.
And we've got to keep the pressure up because...
I'm not sure the Democrats really want to reopen this can of worms either.
But if we don't, the terrorists, who are bigger and better equipped than 19 Arabs, screw-ups from Saudi Arabia, are going to strike us again.
I mean, they are going to solidify their game.
Tommy Franks, the head of the army, who's won the war in Iraq, has said, if there's another terrorist attack, the Constitution is toast.
We have to prevent that.
We have to save the United States.
He said we're going to go to a military form of government.
Now listen, this is a quote from you in ABC News.
It had to be somebody bigger, and Walters, who is also the founder and president of Walden 3, which promotes the development of sustainable cities, and it continues, said his feelings about what happened have gone from believing that the government bore responsibility for an error of omission to a belief that there had to be government involvement in the attacks on some level.
I believe, as Michael Rupert does, that Dick Cheney should be indicted.
Well, I'll say this.
NORAD stood down.
Dick Cheney was in control.
They ran drills of hijacked jets flying into the World Trade Center and Pentagon.
And then lied later saying they never even thought about it.
When it was on the Pentagon's own website.
I mean, these people, how do you know they're lying?
Their lips are moving.
And it's just incredible.
Paul Watson, our contributor and webmaster for presentplanet.com.
Do you have any questions for Mr. Walter?
Well, yeah, to get back on 9-11 in a second, the Drudge Report has just put up a headline with a flashing police siren at the top, which means sensationalism, but it says, Kerry campaign finds comfort in first batch of exit polls, but there's no link, so we don't really know what that means at the moment.
But back on 9-11, in the initial weeks after the attack, the thing that I ran into time and time again when I questioned the official story was that questioning the official story was an insult to the victims, which is pretty ironic now because... We have 400 of the victims' families with one lawyer alone, Stanley Hilton, suing the government for involvement.
Yeah, now we have another court case against the Bush administration on behalf of William Rodriguez,
And now we have firefighters and police saying they loaded three of the four black boxes undamaged on cars, but the government declares national security.
Jimmy Walter, comments on that?
Well, national security has been used to cover up the Northwoods.
We had to have a Freedom of Information Act to get the Northwoods documents exposed.
The government uses national security to hide whatever they have done wrong, not necessarily for national security.
We have to force them to tell us what's happening, and if we don't re-elect George W. Bush, it's not going to happen at the national level.
Well, I guarantee you, regardless, if Kerry gets in, he's going to be involved in the cover-up, too.
He already is, de facto.
I call Kerry a sin of omission as well.
But at the same time, at least we will have sinners.
Here is some scuttlebutt rumors.
I have it from a friend, but it's not confirmed.
After the election, Bob Graham is going to come out with some revelations.
And I think that they're going to help us get this thing reopened by the Congress.
But barring that, Spitzer, the Attorney General of New York, has nerve, and he is the person who may take this on.
I also funded that complaint, as I said earlier, and we hope to get Spitzer or the District Attorney of the Borough of Manhattan to open a criminal investigation
All right, we've got a break.
When we come back, one final segment with Jimmy Walter.
Then we're going to continue with Paul Watson and get to all the callers that have been patiently holding.
Hour number three of continuous election coverage.
A lot of election fraud taking place on both sides.
We'll be talking about that, but it's systematic with the Republicans controlling the electronic voting machines.
We will continue after this break.
We'll also talk about Building 7.
Jimmy Walter's running TV ads in New York talking about the mysterious collapse of Building 7.
Stay with us.
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When the levy breaks, when the truth finally pours out.
I've done my own little poll.
Jimmy Walter paid to have this complaint drawn up to Elliot Spitzer in New York.
He paid to have the Zogby poll done.
He spent now $2 million running ads that expose Nordad, Stand Down, Building 7, all of it.
Exposing the Zogby poll.
I've done over 1,600 radio interviews.
Here's my own broadcast on dozens and dozens and dozens of AM and FM stations.
Nobody calls in the disagrees.
Five years ago it was the opposite.
People have woken up, but the establishment keeps the illusion going that we're all by ourselves or we're weirdos somehow.
Jimmy, you're running TV ads in New York that talk about the collapse of Building 7.
Well, the Building 7, of course, is the primo example.
Here's a building that was not hit by an airplane.
It was a block and a half away from the Twin Towers when they collapsed and was not hit by falling debris.
It had no significant fires from the pictures taken from it from the outside yet.
Came down just like the controlled demolition at 5.30 that day, and Larry Silverstein, the leaseholder for the World Trade Center, who got $7 billion in damages as a result of this, said on film, I told the fire department to pull it.
Pullet is an industry-specific term of construction demolition, which means to knock out the center support column, which the 9-1-1 Commission omitted to report on in their report.
And again, we first brought this out...
About a year ago on this broadcast, and those video clips are on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
I tell you what, John running the show, find the Silverstein clip.
Can you do that?
I'm going to play that right now.
I mean, this is such a sterling example, Jimmy, where he slips up and says it on TV, well, we gave the order to pull it, so I gave the order and we watched it come down.
Then we cut to a clip of an engineer in New York from the city going, yeah, pull it means to demolish the building.
And the Federal Emergency Management Association says, we have no idea why the building collapsed!
Okay, here they are in the show America Rebuilding, talking about months later how it totally fell, and so why they decided to rebuild it first.
Then it cuts to Larry Silverstein saying, we gave the order to pull it that day, and it shows Building 7 falling as he says it.
Here's the clip from the PBS documentary.
World Trade Center 7 had always been considered the starting point for rebuilding.
Located north of the slurry wall, seven had been cleared faster than the rest of the site, and there had been no bodies to recover.
Pelted by debris when the north tower collapsed, seven burned until late afternoon, allowing occupants to evacuate to safety.
I remember getting a call from the fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were going to be able to contain the fire.
I said, you know, we've had such terrible loss of life.
Maybe the smallest thing to do is pull it.
And they made that decision to pull.
And then we watched the building collapse.
All right, folks.
First of all, his statement is totally inconsistent.
Jimmy Walter?
One, the building was evacuated at 9 a.m.
that morning, according to the reports.
So there's nobody in there to die.
The building collapsed straight down.
There was practically no collateral damage.
The Department of the New York City is not trained and does not demolish buildings with explosives.
Well, I'll tell you something else.
I was just in New York, and to see it for yourself, it's way across the street, way far away.
It's a block and a half away.
From Tower 1 and 2, buildings right next to the towers barely got damaged.
That's a little unfair, but parts of them were still standing.
Well, I'm talking about the Millennium Hilton.
Right, exactly.
That wasn't damaged.
Obviously, some of the little buildings around it were almost totally destroyed.
Well, the two buildings between it,
Between Building 7 and the towers, parts of it were still standing on both of those buildings, and they did not collapse in the same manner at all.
Yeah, and then you've got the buildings by Building 7 who barely got damaged when it fell.
On the same line, the building to the left and the right of Building 7 had no damage at all.
It's amazing.
So what response are you... I mean, hearing from New Yorkers, is this driving the establishment crazy that you've got all these TV ads running?
Well, the New York Post just did an interview with me, and they may be the first New York paper to do so.
They're going to send a photographer tomorrow.
Now, of course, Rupert owns the New York Post, so I'm a little suspect about what they're going to do.
ABC News, you quoted earlier, finally did an article on it.
But again, the New York Times is like, I don't exist.
Well, Silverstein and others have got to be looking over their shoulder.
I hope they are.
All right, Jimmy Walter, I want to commend you for the commitment you've made for this republic.
You have done an incredible thing, and more people did what you're doing.
We'd have a free country again.
The website, reopen911.org.
Thank you for joining us, Jimmy.
Thank you, and be careful.
I think that there's another terrorist incident about to occur.
God bless you all.
I tend to agree with you.
Take care.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, we're with Paul Watson and his key analytical skills.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're moments away from going to Jeff and Mark and Fred and Malta and Barney and everybody else that's patiently holding.
When you hear a caller hang up, you can try to get in at 1-800-259-9231.
I want to ask each caller to only spend about 60 seconds or so with a question or a comment because I want to take a lot of calls.
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You can also write to us and get that.
Paul, before we go to these calls, after we go to these calls in a shotgun fashion, a Blitzkrieg fashion, what are some of the other items we're going to cover before we wrap up this broadcast?
Any new election fraud coming out?
Well, there's definitely election news.
I mentioned before the Drudge headline, which was Kerry campaign finds comfort in first batch of exit polls.
He's now added something to that at the top, which says, Election 2004 has been rocked with the first wave of exit polls, which show Kerry competitive in key states.
Campaign and media sources tell Drudge, national election poll representing six major news organizations shows Kerry in striking distance with small lead in Florida and Ohio.
Hey, let me stop you.
Paul Watson has predicted that John Forbes Carey is going to win.
Now, I want to vomit when I think about Carey being our president.
But I also get sick when I think about Bush because he's been so good at neutralizing conservatives.
And Dr. Cuddy agrees, a staunch conservative.
Michael Perutka agrees.
The real conservatives, like myself, know that Bush has been the worst thing ever because there's no way Al Gore would have gotten away with this.
That's why, and Paul, Burke's peerage has said it will be Kerry.
They've never been wrong.
But Las Vegas has never been wrong.
And the Piccadilly Casino in London has never been wrong.
They're saying Bush is going to win.
So a lot of things are going to be turned on their head here.
I know this.
It's going to be contested.
And I'm getting a little bit worried that you might beat me here and you might have the right prediction.
I think they're making us think it's like a close race, though, Paul.
You know what?
Well, yeah, it's very early, but I mean, the question is, whoever wins, will we see a change in domestic or foreign policy?
And the answer is clearly no.
As we've documented in the past, the only change we will see is in the reaction of the opposition.
If Kerry gets in, then that animosity will switch from liberals in America and the European Bilderberg bloc to conservatives in America.
But, you know, it's just like this current so-called opposition to Bush.
There's no bite in it, and ostensibly it's just a disagreement on tactics.
Yeah, it's not real issues.
We're all for taking over Iraq, but the UN should be the boss.
Yeah, so then, I mean, what remains are real conservatives and libertarians who will remain consistent throughout in emphasizing that the political process is the problem and not the solution.
But as you mentioned, on the positive side, there's an opportunity there to wake up some of the neocons who just associate their personal power and ego with Bush.
So, I mean, I've said Kerry all along,
There is this 12th Amendment provision whereby if the electoral votes are tied, which is obviously very unlikely, the House chooses the President, the Senate chooses the Vice President, so it would be Bush-Edwards, and Edwards was obviously the Bilderberg pick.
Ah, and then Cheney would step aside.
Yeah, and then many people speculated that Bush may not, if he gets in for another term, he may not see it out.
So then Edwards would be pushed forward as the president.
And then you may see Edwards versus Arnie in 2008.
And obviously, going on what we've seen so far, Arnie would win that.
So there's several different permutations.
But at the moment, I don't see how Drudge can even report this kind of thing when the first
The first district, the first major district doesn't even close until, you know, midnight Eastern time, actually 7pm Eastern time, midnight my time.
So I can't quite see how he's predicting, you know, Kerry in the lead at the moment.
It's like those, I think it was ABC's website in 2000 which showed the winner hours before the polls had even opened, so...
It's delicate at the moment, but that is what Drudge is reporting.
All right, let's go to some calls here.
Jeff in New Orleans, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Hi, I went to vote at 9.30 this morning at my local precinct.
The lines were about a half a block long outside of the voting booth, and it took me an hour to vote at the machines.
They are touchscreen machines, but do not have provisions for blind people to be able to vote by themselves.
I voted for Michael Benerick over Michael Peruca because I felt Benerick was more consistent in the drive for smaller government.
Dan Rather!
They were angry about Dan Rather?
Yeah, they were angry about Rather, especially because he exposed George Walker Bush's desertion from the Air Force with documents that were thought to be fraudulent.
Okay, so you think people were going for Bush at the polls?
Well, this was one particular person who wore a CBS shirt.
Yeah, well, it's a record voter turnout.
Thanks for the call.
Are you getting any feedback?
I mean, I've been listening to the radio this morning and then this afternoon during breaks and reading some of the stuff.
It looks like it's a record voter turnout, Paul.
Yes, it's 58% to 60%.
Which is a record over anything since at least the 60s, I think.
Yeah, what was it?
52% turned out in the 2000 election?
Well, yeah, and in 96 it was below 50%.
So many people have said that those young voters will all vote for Kerry.
So it remains to be seen whether the high turnout will swing it for Kerry.
But another interesting thing is we mentioned the fake Associated Press article which came out three weeks ago where they claimed they were testing the system, but it wasn't even a system.
It was just a straight article.
Yeah, that was in Green Bay.
Well, I looked on CNN's front page today and they've actually got...
A tracker which says, you know, it's got Bush and Kerry at the top there, currently showing no votes, you know, no percent, because no... Well, I know I looked at about... Drudge had a synopsis of about 20, 30 different polls, and Bush was winning in most of them this morning.
But the thing about the CNN front page is that their automated tally system on the front page showed a time as being updated as 3.25 p.m.
Eastern Time, and this was...
So that shows you that there's already a glitch in their automated system where they're ahead of themselves and they're showing a time that it's updated, which is five or six hours ahead of the actual time.
It's incredible.
Let's go ahead.
And then the Rocky Mountain News declaring the winner yesterday, posting on their website the results, and then they won't say why they did it.
We've got screenshots of that on prisonplanet.com right now and infowars.com.
Let's go to Mark in Ohio.
Mark, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I was reading an article on FrontPageMag today, and it really made the hair on my neck stand up.
It was about a mob of A-Rev students from San Francisco State University attacking a group of college Republicans on the San Francisco State University campus yesterday during a Turn Out the Vote event on campus.
Yeah, I saw that.
And again, it's the balkanization.
And you've got all these militant Muslims, and it's explosive.
And then we're going to have the whole Southwest break off, I predict, in the next 15 years.
It's going to be like its own French separatist.
It's going to be a Latin American part of the Pan-American Union.
They're really setting it up.
One of the gals from the Four Palestinian Women, I found that article, from the General Union of Palestinian Students, GUPS,
went on to say some really harrowing stuff, such as, it says, because Republican students asked one of the women that if she hated America so much, why didn't she leave?
And her response is what's really terrifying.
And she responded by screaming, I have some pride.
I would strap a bomb to myself and blow myself up as a suicide bomber rather than being called myself an American.
This is really bonkers.
This is P2OG.
There's a Pentagon $6 billion program to actually stir the Arabs up.
Paul Watson, tell him all about it.
Well, yeah, that came out a couple of years ago where they said they would go to terrorist families' homes, kill their wives, kill their relatives, kill their children, in order to evoke a response.
So they could then locate and kill the terrorists, but then again, it's problem, reaction, solution.
It's creating the problem in the first place, so then you can go in... And then you've got both sides militantly attacking each other, whereas... I mean, again, folks, the Mulas are completely corrupt, completely out of control.
They're like a mid-level demon compared to the New World Order that is Satan.
America isn't the great Satan.
The people running America, the people running Germany, the people running Israel are controlled by the New World Order and it's an elaborate system, a synthesis that they're running.
And at the heart of it, and you just heard Dr. Dennis Cuddy last hour, it is a Germanic
Well, yeah, that's exactly the case.
One more thing on the election update.
We mentioned earlier the possible vote fraud in Philadelphia.
This article out of CNS News states Philadelphia District Attorney Lane Abraham is casting doubt on reports that electronic voting machines recorded hundreds, maybe thousands of votes before the polls opened in Philadelphia.
Abraham was quoted as saying, the machines have two counters, one of which records the number of votes cast during the lifetime of the machine.
She said that lifetime vote number apparently confused some GOP poll workers.
So we've got them already trying to... Oh, yeah.
Philadelphia, the Democrats are rigging the machines and making excuses.
Thanks for the call, Mark.
Fred in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
I'm calling from Philadelphia, actually.
All right.
Let me see what I wanted to bring up.
Just give me a minute here.
I wanted to really get to a conceptual point on the way the government works, the way this New World Order works.
You have an election process which is like becoming a virtual polling.
Polling is becoming propaganda.
So you have a merge between propaganda
Well, a lot of times local news is different than national news, and we get more from local news.
The city where the 2,000 votes showed up before the polls even opened this morning.
Well, this morning, over 2,000 votes turned up.
Oh, the number 2,000.
Yes, I mean, is that on your news?
I haven't heard that.
I'll tell you, I think that...
Anything is possible because I'm not putting these people down because they're ordinary people, but the people in the system, except at the very top, and the people that control the accounting, which is software-type automation, the people that are in the system, the average people working at the polls are barely illiterate people.
All right.
Thanks for the call.
All right.
Thank you.
Good points.
Barney and Marilyn, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Barney?
Okay, who's up next after him?
Malta and Denmark.
Go ahead, Malta.
Can you hear me?
Yes, I can.
I want to mention this guy who pays a lot of money for a commercial.
I think if this district attorney in New York is trying to get an investigation, I think they will kill him just like they killed Lincoln and Kennedy.
Well, I would agree that if Eliot Spitzer really does try to indict the government for 9-11, he'll be in a lot of trouble, and I don't think that's going to happen.
But it, again, draws attention to the fraudulent nature of the 9-11 Whitewash Commission.
Yeah, that's probably good.
Paul Watson, comments?
Well, yeah, but isn't it the case that if they killed him, then it would only draw greater attention to his cause and then kind of highlight what he's trying to do?
So, in effect, they tried to dismiss him, you know, call him a wacko, and then that eliminates the problem.
Well, there's also too many of us.
I mean, there's too many people across the political spectrum waking up and speaking out right now.
Can I say one thing, too?
I think Paul is right about Kerry.
I think he will win maybe even more than a close one.
Well, I think you're wrong.
I think it's going to be George W. when all the cards are on the table.
I'm looking a lot into that bloodline thing.
About the most blue blood.
There's very good stuff about that.
I think it's been proven.
Not in the public and the mind, but in the research.
What I've said, though, is Birx, and thanks for the call, Malton, from Newmark.
What I've said is that Birx Peerage says the president with the most blue blood wins, but now they've come up with more genealogy where these guys aren't cousins on four sides.
They're cousins going way back forever.
I mean, we posted that.
It was just like dozens of relations.
It's all one big mass of people, so Birx Peerage could be wrong, Paul.
Could be wrong, but I mean, Drudge has just added something to the top of those...
So that's a major... Man, oh, Kerry, how horrible.
It doesn't matter, though.
It's whoever they want to win is going to win, folks.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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All right, folks, a few final calls.
We'll be back tonight, of course, 9 to midnight Central.
I want to thank Paul Watson, Jimmy Walter, of course Dr. Dennis Cuddy for joining us today.
A lot of experts I respect say there is a fight between the European New World Order and the American British Anglo-American establishment.
I don't really agree with that.
I think they're playing off different factions of it.
They have a sophisticated kind of permutation of a higher level order out of chaos phenomenon.
But if Kerry really starts winning, because the establishment in this country has clearly been behind Bush, we may see a globalist-sponsored terror attack.
I mean, if there really is a power shift, a fissure going on, which I haven't seen from the debates and their policies, then we may see something disastrous tomorrow, while the whole thing is in play.
Paul Watson, final comments before we talk to Amelia and Robert.
Well, yeah, that's the case.
If you have a close election, whereby Kerry is seemingly the winner, but then you have a staged terror attack tomorrow, then the argument would be, you know, we need to keep the existing structure in place while we cope with this crisis.
So you could well see that.
And the White House has talked about that.
Yeah, they've been putting that out for months.
But I think, you know, if Bush wins on the night, then he'll win by a large enough margin for it not to be contested.
But if Kerry wins...
Then, you know, it'll be close and you'll probably see legal wranglings going on for weeks and months like last time.
Every time I think about it, if I think about Kerry being president, I want to gag.
I think about Bush being president, I just have this pang of fear.
Oh man, they want to confuse us.
This is psychological warfare.
Amelia in Florida, go ahead.
Hey, how you doing Alex?
Been a long time fan, love what you're doing.
Paul, we at least listened to you a long time ago.
We missed your daily radio show.
It really is good to hear you back on the air again.
I just wanted to say, they just act like we have no choice in who we choose for president.
I feel like it's the media's responsibility to report fair and balanced news.
Of course, we know that won't happen.
But I just want to say that Michael Badnarek is a candidate that represents what people
Michael's a good friend of mine, and I think the Libertarians have a lot of good candidates and are a very diverse group.
Because of the pro-life issue, I have to go with Michael Peruca.
He's another really good one, and I just want to say that I really appreciate you getting the word out and giving people a chance to feel like they have a choice in what they say and what they do.
My husband really supports you.
Well, thank you.
They can claim slavery is the law again.
We're just not going to go along with it.
Oh, absolutely not.
They will not enslave us.
We're going to fight back.
Have you gone out and voted?
Yes, I have.
I voted yesterday.
I voted early.
It was interesting to see people acting there.
A lot of people seem to be sort of more towards Kerry than Bush, but...
There's a few that were adamant.
Where are you in Florida?
I'm in Bonita Springs, which is close to the Naples-Fort Myers area.
Okay, thanks for the call.
Good to hear from you.
Call me back tonight or tomorrow.
Robert in California, you're our tail gunner.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex Jones, Paul Watson.
Love what you guys do.
I'm a subscriber, and I was just taping CNN in Ohio.
A lady coming away from the polls called in one of the attorneys, and they went right in and proved
As she voted for Carrie, the vote tally at the end of the voting came up for Bush.
And so they seized the voting machine and said, oh, we're going to prove it's been set up.
So we do actually have one.
Well, overall, that's good.
Overall, challenging these and showing what frauds they are is good, but I'm wondering what crisis they'll give us out of this.
Paul, I know you're going to be posting throughout the night all these latest developments.
We'll get that, post that as well at prisonplanet.com and at infowars.com.
Got three webmasters working on the sites right now, my wife.
Violet Jones, Paul Watson, his brother Steve Watson.
Continual coverage at the websites infowars.com, prisonplanet.com, prisonplanet.tv, infowars.net.
Paul, we'll have you back on tomorrow with more analysis.
I want to thank you for the great job you've been doing.
Okay, thanks.
We'll be up all night covering this.
All right.
We're out of here, my friends.
I'm going to go vote just to see how the machines work.
I'll report back to you on that as well.
God bless you all.
God's in control.