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Air Date: Oct. 15, 2004
2499 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, my friends.
It is already Friday, the 15th day of October 2004.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We're here Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time, back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time, going out on a wonderful list of brave and caring AM and FM stations, simulcasting on the Internet.
Again, that's 9.475 during the day and 3210 at night.
Big broadcast lined up for you today, not just all the news about the election and about the government saying there's impending terror attacks coming, but also Dr. John Breeding will be joining us.
Yesterday we talked about state hearings that were held a few weeks ago where the state's doctors, psychiatrists, were saying that, well, the reason half the foster care children in Texas, and it's higher in other states where the average is about 53%,
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
Expert on the New World Order and their activities will be here talking about the National ID Card.
And then Declan McCullough, who writes for CNET News and many other big publications, will also be talking about that with us.
It's a big deal.
It's very important.
It could pass any day now.
It's passed out of the House and the Senate.
It's in conference committee right now as they merge the two different pieces of legislation.
Quote from the advisements of the 9-11 whitewashed police state promoting commission.
So, that is coming up.
Indymedia seizures a troll for Genoa G8 trial cover-up.
Now we have found out, according to the Register and other publications, mainstream publications, that a foreign government ordered the FBI to grab 20 websites in this country, highly respected indie media sites.
A lot of great journalists, even mainstream journalists, have quit and gone to work with these folks.
Back a few years ago, remember in the Italy summit,
We're good to go.
And I say our websites, because Indy Media, any of us can go post things on them in their discussion areas, and I've used them.
They carry a lot of my stuff, and it's our websites.
So it's very, very serious, but the good news is Indy Media gets its servers back in court, and that's how they found out that this was the Italian government, the fascista government over there.
Very, very serious situation.
Leaders in D.C.
mock Senator Dayton, how he evacuated three days ago from the U.S.
Capitol, citing internal security reports he'd been given of impending attacks on the Capitol.
Well, yeah.
Three months ago, again, the feds told U.S.
News & World Report that the Capitol would be destroyed.
I think I would evacuate.
Feds tell me your building will be destroyed.
It will happen.
I would leave.
But they're saying, how dare him leave, and he's not allowed to talk about the threat he was given by Senator Frisk, the leader of the Senate, and he's very evil, they're saying.
Meanwhile, Senator Byrd backs Dayton's decision to close his offices.
This is out of the Associated Press.
Families of 9-11 victims are looking to sue the government because they've dumped their bone fragments and ashes into the city landfill.
They're not very happy about that.
And now they're telling you how great the microchips will be under your skin to stop Al-Qaeda.
That's the tip of the iceberg.
You want to stay with us?
We'll be right back.
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All right, my friends, we're now 8 minutes and 15 seconds into this first hour.
Dr. John Breeding will be joining us to talk about how the government psychiatrists are now admitting that
Taking people's children and forcibly drugging them.
Half of the foster children plus in the country are on these drugs.
They say it's because they're inferior.
They're subhuman.
It's eugenics right out in the open.
So we'll talk to him for about 30 minutes at the bottom of this hour.
Then Charlotte Iserby again, former...
Deputy head of the Department of Education, number two position there in that department under Ronald Reagan.
Talk about the national ID card and the state of education as well.
Then the third hour, Declan McCullough from CNET News, also talking about the national ID card legislation.
We're going to talk a lot about it.
It's a big deal.
And of course, throughout the broadcast, an important chronicle, or you could say smattering, of the most important news and information.
Before I get into crude oil, hitting $55 a barrel.
He told you Monday, looks like it's going to go to $60.
And then we'll get into the future of face and identity checking.
Your new National ID card.
military pounds targets in and around Fallujah.
Also, rapper Blacks cheered when 9-11 happened.
I don't know what blacks you know, Mr. Racist, but the blacks I know certainly didn't cheer.
A lot of black people died in those buildings.
But disgusting racism, just the most venomous type of black Nazi activity you can imagine.
Out of control.
We'll be going over that.
Also, Indy Media seizures a troll for Genoa G8 trial cover-up.
This is out of the Registered.
We're now learning why they grabbed the servers.
A foreign government for no reason, and it turns out it's because reporters for that group were suing the Italian government for beating the living daylights out of them.
They actually killed a lot of people, ran over them with armored vehicles, backed back over them on video.
They would beat people so severely that a lot of them died.
So that is coming up as well.
Also, again, leaders in D.C.
are mocking Senator Dayton, who's pulled out of the Capitol.
But Senator Byrd says he's doing the right thing, so we'll cover that as well.
And we're working today on getting some congressman or woman, some senator on the show, the broadcast, to maybe pry some of the details of this national security briefing they were given, but they're not allowed to talk about, a month ago.
Of course, I think we know what that briefing was.
Unnamed White House source told U.S.
News and World Report,
In the Associated Press three months ago that the Capitol, quote, will be destroyed.
Again, I'm not saying that.
Let's make this clear.
It's the government saying it.
We have that article, several of those articles, where they said it posted.
And they've told Homeland Security, state police, police, military, everybody I know that there's going to be a big attack and that the big date is from October 1st to November 2nd.
And then the alert continues through the new year.
Are they drilling us for martial laws as another fake terror alert?
I certainly hope it is.
Talk about the lesser of two evils.
I hope they're just issuing fake terror alerts.
I hope it's not real.
I hope the globalists don't have a group of patsies about to blow something up who think they're Al-Qaeda and don't know their bosses are CIA.
Or I hope they don't have a group of Russian spitsnats posing as Chechnyans about to unleash suitcase nukes.
Oh, by the way,
I've gotten hundreds of emails.
I've gotten a bunch of people calling.
Why am I not talking about Bill O'Reilly and the sexual harassment suit?
I read about five pages of it and then quit reading.
Twenty pages of the suit.
And I'm not going to talk about it.
Now, we're not going to censor you.
If you want to talk about it, we can.
But we've got potential Chechnyans or somebody else with suitcase nukes in the country.
We've got senators evacuating the Capitol.
We've got every different agency I have contacts with saying they're told it's going to happen, martial law, the whole nine yards.
We've got crude oil at $55 a barrel.
We've got the high-tech job layoffs accelerating.
We've got mass programs for a new national ID card to have a job.
Federal programs to forcibly psychologically test every American about the pass.
I would be embarrassed if I talked about Bill O'Reilly.
We're good to go.
Throw away the key?
Okay, then throw your pill head in there.
I don't believe you should go to prison, Mr. Limbaugh.
I think you are sick.
I know you did hurt your back.
I know you did get addicted.
I know the big farmer puts out these dangerous drugs.
But, you know, you said it, so you need to go to prison.
But I'm sorry.
I just... Rush Limbaugh on pills.
Bennett gambling.
And allegedly, Mr...
Mr. O'Reilly being a pervert, I mean, what am I supposed to say?
What am I supposed to do here?
It just doesn't matter.
You know, David Dreyer living with his boyfriend.
Frankly, the Republicans think it's a wonderful thing.
So let's just drop the whole thing.
Folks, we're about to be nuked, probably.
At least the government's saying it's going to happen.
I mean, while you're busy off running around, and by the way, I think that is bad what Dreyer's doing.
My point is, Republicans think it's a Christian conservative thing, so let's just leave it alone.
You know, they think busing in male prostitutes, male porn stars, and service them at Bohemian Grove is a good thing.
New York Post, Associated Press.
So, you know, again, it's all a big joke.
The whole thing's a joke.
So, I'm not going to talk about those issues.
I'm sorry.
I know it's fun.
I know it's like a soap opera.
The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
The whole thing is just a diversion, people.
It is a diversion.
Do I think that Bill O'Reilly is guilty?
I mean, he's so arrogant.
I don't know.
He's so dishonest.
He's loved by conservatives when he's not conservative.
What does my nose tell me?
I think you know what your nose tells you about, Mr. O'Reilly.
But it doesn't matter compared to 25 potential Chechnyans or whoever they are with suitcase nukes.
It doesn't equate with people evacuating the Capitol.
I mean, it isn't open-air growing corn that has live AIDS virus in it, mad cow disease in the U.S.,
Wide open borders, it just doesn't even equate.
It doesn't even make it onto my radar screen.
So why am I talking about it?
Because people are obsessed with it, and this is what people want to talk about.
And if you can't feel how we're on the razor's edge, how we're at the edge of the precipice,
You know, that feeling of when you're standing on a 5,000-foot cliff looking down at your death.
You know, that's the type of feeling I've got in my guts, my heart, my soul right now for this country.
And we're talking about Kobe Bryant, and we're talking about Lacey Peterson, and we're talking about Scott Peterson, and we're talking about Bill O'Reilly, and phone sex.
And I just do not, frankly, care.
I mean, I think it's...
Disgusting behavior if it's true.
Pressuring someone who worked for him.
And yeah, it's bad.
But it does not equate with our troops dead and dying in Iraq in a war based on a fraud.
Based on lies.
So if you call in about it, fine.
You're welcome to.
But don't expect me to be all friendly with you about it and sit there and try to elaborate on it with you.
I'm done talking about it.
I will not talk about it again.
I'm done.
If you call in telling me about baseball, I'm going to get really mad.
I mean, you've got all the other shows in the world to talk about this stuff.
This is not the broadcast.
This is not the forum.
But again, we don't screen your calls.
You want to call in with idiocy, go ahead.
And I don't mean that for 98% of our listeners, but for some of you, you know who you are.
You need to get your heads screwed on straight.
Because Bill O'Reilly isn't going to matter very much if we wake up with the phone lines jammed
And you can't call your family members and they're announcing that we're under civil emergency and the police are blocking the highways and we hear the first cases of super smallpox are spreading through five states.
It isn't going to matter anymore when we wake up and a major city has had about 100 square blocks turned into a molten crater and the rest of the city is radiated with dead and dying evacuated.
And then they're going to have a national draft, and they're going to take your children, and they're going to inject them into dozens of countries, and it's never going to end, and the real tyranny is going to start, and yes, other levels of conflict are going to probably break out in this country, and they're going to put you, the police, and the firemen, and the military on the front lines of doing something that doesn't keep us safe, but cements a total dictatorship in this country.
And I mean a dictatorship of this corrupt elite.
No matter if it's John Forbes Carey or George Debbie Bush, or now we learn they're both cousins with Dick Cheney.
I already knew that, but now more details will come out mainstream.
It just never ends, people.
Okay, I didn't mean to spend an entire segment on this, but now there, I've done it.
We're going to break and come back and get into all the other news and information.
And the toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
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And we need your support.
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So prisonplanet.tv.
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They have just been spectacular.
And so I hope you'll go sign up for that alone.
PrisonPlanet.tv When we get back, I'll briefly give you the toll-free number if you want a hard copy of any of my films on VHS or DVD.
Then we'll plunge into your calls and a bunch of other news.
Please stay with us.
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Let's do this.
I'm going to go to your calls extremely quickly.
All right, let's go ahead and talk to Barry in Missouri.
Barry, go ahead.
You're on the call.
Hi, Alex.
Hi, Alex.
Great show.
Really appreciate all you're doing for this movement we're having here.
Listen, I just wanted to confirm what you were talking about earlier a few days ago about all the toll roads.
I turned on two major AM stations here in the St.
Louis area, and they were talking about widening Interstate 70 between Kansas City and St.
And turn it into a toll road for $10 each direction.
$45 for truckers.
And were they saying it was wonderful?
Oh, yes.
Very conservative.
Yeah, and you know why?
I guarantee you that that toll company with the government is about to buy giant ad packages on those stations.
That's how they do the payoffs here locally.
Then I tuned into KMOX, another major station, and the callers were talking about turning in
One of these newer bridges on the Mississippi to turn it into a toll bridge.
The entire, every road in the United States that's state or federal or local of any major size will be a toll road is the official federal plan that I told folks about in 99 in my film Police State 2000 with the documents, with the documents.
And now here we are, I said by 2005 in the film, and they're a couple years behind having it in everywhere, but it's going in all over the country right now.
Yeah, well, Alex, just like you said, okay, what can I say?
Well, I wish I was.
I mean, all I do is read the documents.
I mean, I get up here and rant and rave, but I spend probably four or five hours a day just reading government documents.
My wife will come down at 3 a.m.
and go, go to bed.
And I'm just like, you know, that's all I do.
What are you doing?
I just know their plan.
It's the end of this country.
It's hell on earth.
Thanks for the call, Barry.
Yeah, and is this our country?
In polls in Texas, 98% of people are against it in Houston, 93% in Austin, and they say, we don't care.
We don't care.
Just shut up.
We have men with black uniforms and machine guns.
Go ahead and try to riot.
We built camps for you.
Dan, you're on the air.
Dan in Texas.
Go ahead.
Alex, I want to say what a pleasure it is to get to talk to you.
I'm a student at Rice University, and I have to say you are...
Infinitely smarter than the professors I'm forced to sit through in political science and history classes.
I bring them the information that you put on.
I'm a Prison Planet subscriber.
I bring them the information and they laugh at me.
Haha, 9-11 conspiracy.
Get your tinfoil hat back.
It's a pleasure to get to talk to you live.
It's good to talk to you, Dan.
Thank you.
There is a generation of some of us youth that are actually waking up to this.
I wanted to talk about Senator Mark Dayton.
Our friend General Everhart from Northern Command, which now has the FEMA troops, the first responders, the National Guard, he's saying, we have to suspend Posse Comitatus.
This man comes out yesterday to the press and says, you know, Mark Dayton is crazy.
Don't worry about what he's saying.
I don't think it's going to be on D.C.
I think it's going to be on our ports, our harbors, and our infrastructure.
And he says there's going to be a multiple city attack.
And this is the guy who has control over the first responders.
Now to show how I don't know it all and can't keep track of it all, where did you see General Eberhardt, the new head of the domestic Gestapo?
I want to find this article.
Where did he say this?
All right, Alex, I went on news.google.com and typed in Northern Command.
And actually, he was out with 700... This is actually... I want to get into the detail, if you'll give me a couple minutes.
He was out there with 750 of these new world order generals.
And actually, I want to say, Alex, I think what you've been saying is that there is a... The agenda has never been more united.
They want to get us microchipped.
They want some polls on the road.
They want to get our kids drugged.
They want us drugged.
They want to draft people like me.
They want us in prisons.
Total prison economy.
Total military economy.
Wipe out the world's population.
Like, Kerry will do it, too.
There is a group of generals within the United States government right now that doesn't want to see John Terry win.
They have their military empire of global conquest, and they will be damned if some Illuminati master in the Netherlands... So where was Eberhard yesterday with his gaggle of... Yeah, he's in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Now, I know that's where he's based, but I'm saying where did you... What particular news... It was from a Colorado Springs paper.
It was a local paper, and they were holding a conference with 750 people.
I wish I was in front of a computer right now.
I could give you the direct links.
But the crux of it was, he held a special conference and they had a bunch of reporters, they had pictures of the reporters, actually in the article, and he said, you know, don't worry about what Mark Dayton said.
He said, we don't have any actionable information, but we think that they're going to hit our ports, our harbors, and our infrastructure.
I think that's a direct quote.
Okay, so, you know, I'm in Houston.
I'll find that article.
But I wanted to add, Alex, that one of the people who was supposed to show up for the conference was this man, James Lloyd, who's the deputy director of the Homeland Security.
He doesn't show up, so I started investigating, well, who's James Lloyd?
Here's some quotes from him.
He says, "...when Al-Qaeda takes credit for the Madrid bombing, the notion that one can realize political ends by atrocious terrorist behavior can't be left on the table.
One only has to extrapolate and wonder what's going to happen in the U.S.
elections," he told Reuters in an interview in Vienna.
Yeah, I saw that quote.
And by the way, at the very same time, they're saying they may suspend the election.
Oh, right, and you have the four stories out of the Federal Election Commission saying, well, you know, we have to do it.
Again, Michael Isikoff writing about it in Newsweek.
You have Ashcroft saying that we have to take the legal measures.
They're ready for this.
This was plan B. Yeah, the question is, will they do it?
We'll be right back.
Thanks for the call.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
We're only, what, 17 days out from the election right now?
Openly, martial law is being discussed, canceling the elections.
You've all heard it.
The feds, months ago, said that there will be attacks in D.C.
on the Capitol.
We hope that doesn't happen.
They're the ones that are saying it.
Then, according to our caller, and we're confirming this, General Eberhardt, the head of NORTHCOM, who's openly said he'd rid of Posse Comitatus in the past, but troops on the streets, was out spouting off about terror attacks being impending yesterday.
And we've got a bunch of these articles posted on prisonplanet.tv, infowars.com, infowars.net.
I know Annie and Regina and Mark and everybody else that's Patrick that's holding will get to you.
We've got them introducing new laws for national ID card, new laws for forced drugging and forced psychological testing.
I mean, it's just, there's never been a tyranny like this before being set up right in front of our eyes.
And whether they carry out terror attacks or whether terror attacks happen, they've still trained everyone to accept this and that this is the new atmosphere.
This is being introduced now to our psyches.
It is more important than ever to get my documentary films.
I've made 11 of them.
The 11th film is out.
It's called American Dictators, documenting the staged election of 2004.
Bush and Kerry actually have almost the same policies.
They're cousins, members of the same group.
How they're pushing for the National ID card, the latest 9-11 information.
It's out on VHS and DVD.
The VHS is 95 minutes long.
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Give them to people.
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Like if you buy three of my videos, you get an $18 discount on the package price.
So again, 1-888-253-3139.
I know everybody wants to talk about the issue that I've been focusing on.
Senator Dayton evacuated the Capitol three days ago, saying that he was given a national security briefing of impending disaster there.
Then again, we have a U.S.
News & World Report being told by a White House source that the Capitol will be attacked.
Again, I'm not saying this is going to happen.
They're saying this.
And every National Guard, State Police, Homeland Security, FEMA person I know has been told, we've even got some of their memos now, that it's going to happen, going to happen.
But they don't have any specifics, they just know it's going to happen and we'll have to take all of our rights.
So we will get to your calls as well.
We have several guests coming on about the National ID card situation.
Joining us just for the next 25 minutes...
Is Dr. John Breeding, who's a good personal friend of mine here in Austin, Texas, also an author.
And we even carry the two books he's written on the subject of drugging the children and how they set this up.
But he testifies around the country.
Back on October 4th, he was testifying to a state board, to the legislature.
And there were some people there on the side of big pharmacists and psychiatrists saying that, well, the reason we've drugged half the foster children isn't because they're unhappy or in bad conditions and isn't because you're five times more likely to be abused in foster care custody.
That's just the statistics.
But it's because their brains are wired differently.
That's pure eugenics, folks.
These kids are subhuman, basically, they're saying.
And Dr. Breeding was there and stood up to them.
Hey, Alex.
Yeah, I know.
I think about you in that situation because I know all the things that you're describing that you just went over again a couple of minutes ago.
Here I am down at the state legislature testifying to a committee that's investigating CPS and specifically that hearing was on foster care and psychotropic drugs.
Sure enough, the docs come up and say it out loud right to the legislators that the reason why
So many kids are having to be drugged because they're really sick and they come from a bad gene pool and that they have a different brain.
By the way, those are quotes.
Those are direct quotes.
They come from a bad gene pool and their brains are different.
Those are direct quotes from two different doctors.
It's completely a eugenics justification and philosophy.
It's a complete avoidance of
The things that you said, you know, which is that it's about trauma, it's about upheaval, removal from the home, it's about neglect, poor care, the inability to meet these children's real needs.
So yeah, they're traumatized and they have a hard time and there's no doubt about that.
But to just say that it's a bad gene pool and that's why they need drugs, it's like it's just everything's completely justified.
There's no problem with the system, there's no problem with how we care for the children.
There's no need to think any further.
It's a direct parallel to what goes on in politics that you're describing.
Well, Dr. Breeding, I respect you as a real psychologist, and certainly psychology is a real field.
Trying to then make it medical is something completely different.
I mean, what's happened to us?
It seems like on every front...
There is a separation happening.
The awareness of those of us fighting it is growing.
There's more of us every day.
But at the same time, those that are in the system seem themselves to really be manifesting a type of rampant despotism or insanity where they're now just espousing, yeah, we're going to put cameras in school bathrooms.
Yeah, we're going to drug all of you.
Yeah, we're going to go to war with everybody.
Yeah, we're going to take all your freedoms.
Yeah, we're going to have a national ID card.
I mean, it's like I woke up in a bad dream or something.
The speed of all of this, the coming out in the open of all of this, is this part of a systematic game plan, or are these people so out of touch with reality that they think what they're doing is normal?
Well, I think both are true actually.
I think it is systematic in the sense that it's a very deliberate plan.
Just like Bush's decision to present himself as a very certain person who is very after the evil and going to protect people from it and he makes no mistakes and he's absolutely perfect.
On the other hand though, people are just
They're in massive denial.
They are just afraid to confront the reality of what's happening with the world.
When you can put somebody up there who can say, I know exactly what's going on and I will take care of you and this is the way to do it, then there's a little bit of a protection it feels like from facing the truth and facing reality, which is a hard pill to swallow and which shakes people up.
I think both are true.
I think it is systematic and I think it's also true that it appeals to a
It's kind of a psychological weakness, if you will, which is that it's hard to confront the truth because it's scary and it feels insecure.
I hate to use the gross analogy, and then we'll get back into this latest eugenics development that we've seen popping up in other areas, by the way, folks, not just in Texas, but I'm sure you heard a few months ago about the 600-pound woman who hadn't been up from her couch in six years.
Actually, that might have gone right by me, so keep going.
Well, the only reason I bring this up, it's a horribly gross analogy, but I use this as the example of the 800-pound elephant, or whatever in your living room.
We all use that analogy, or the 10-pound elephant, whatever.
No analogy to her, or no pun concerning her.
My point is, she had grafted to the sofa...
She hadn't been up in six years, and the entire room was full of her waste, but her family kept bringing her food.
And to me, that showed the denial, how incrementally it could end up with something like that.
That's kind of indicative of the society itself, that we are in denial about really what a decadent, corrupt empire, sick empire we've become.
And I don't mean all of us, folks, but I mean the system itself and what we've been conditioned to accept.
Well, I think you're right.
It is a gross analogy, but I think it's an accurate one as a metaphor for what you're talking about.
We've got these huge numbers of people locked up in prisons.
We've got this sinking of our resources in a made-up war.
The killing of innocent people everywhere.
We've got this gradual, or maybe not so gradual, erosion of civil liberty that you keep talking about.
It is.
It's obscene and gross.
Then to have a figurehead kind of president who says, it's all right, I reassure you, and I've got it under control, and we're not making any mistakes, we're doing exactly the right thing.
It is mind-boggling.
This is why I always love this conversation.
You confront this every day just like I confront it every day.
Every day still I shake my head.
Let me ask you this.
You're in this committee.
We've got the quotes here and the doctors' names, but let's detail this for people briefly here.
I mean, you're there, and they're openly spouting eugenics statements, because you're there saying, why are half the foster care children, and up in Massachusetts and other areas it's more like 65%, why are so many of them on these drugs?
And then they're saying, well, that's because they're a different species, basically.
I mean, you're there.
How did the committee respond to these statements?
Well, it is over half.
It's closer to three-quarters in Texas.
Many of them are on multiple psychotropic drugs.
Many of them are on these heavy duty so-called anti-psychotic drugs that are known to cause permanent neurological disease.
Anybody who takes them for very long, they just zonks the kids out.
Many of them are on the adult antidepressants, which have just been this huge warning thing about how they cause suicide in a certain number of kids.
Huge numbers of them are on the speed type drugs.
We've got a new report from this week that shows that a lot of them, even under age 6, under age 5, and even under age 3, are on these drugs.
So that's the reality of it.
So yeah, the good news is the legislators are recognizing that this is a huge problem, and so they're willing to listen to people like me.
The other thing, though, is that they're not willing to go and say, this is just a bogus practice.
They're willing to say, well, maybe it's overdone a little bit, but we still have to
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Thank you.
It's that they really need this, and they probably even need more.
So now it's not the parents' fault, who many times did absolutely nothing.
We've got this industry that gets paid according to how many children they snatch.
And then again, bed zone statistics, five times more likely to be abused in their hands.
Most dangerous group are these big foster houses and foster parents, period.
I'm not saying you're all bad, but statistically, most dangerous group out there, just the facts, folks.
And you grab these children, and I knew the national average was over 60%.
You're saying almost three-quarters in Texas, worse than I had thought on the numbers I'd seen, Doctor.
And then now you go in there and they're spouting off about eugenics and we need to get even more kids.
And, I mean, how do they morally sit there and cram these pills in two- and three-year-olds' mouths so they can just warehouse them and so they just sit there in their rooms and the foster parents can just collect the checks and
And then these lobbyists go up there and say it's all their fault, and they've got different brains, when none of them have been CAT scanned or looked at.
We've got teachers saying you need to go on drugs.
It's a total fraud.
That's right.
Yeah, it's money-driven, as always.
I was with a family this morning.
They're hopefully getting their daughter home.
You know, she was yanked out of the school against her will because they gave her this little screening thing, and this is related to the mental health screening, and I still want people to go to my website, wildestculture.com, and sign on to that declaration of refusal to have your children screened in the schools.
But this young person was screened in Pflugerville.
They decided she was suicidal.
She told them, no, I'm not.
They still took her.
Put her in the state hospital.
She went through three months there.
Took her to San Antonio to another treatment center.
She went through three months there.
In the meantime, she's fighting, so she's getting taken down and restrained and drugged.
They get a lawyer who's a friend of mine, so now they're backing them off and they're going to let her come home, hopefully.
She doesn't want to be there.
But she's on one of these antipsychotics, Risperdal.
She can barely keep her eyes open in the session with me.
It's happening.
It's very real.
And then they say, well, maybe we didn't handle this quite right.
We're going to send her home.
But we're not going to give you any support to deal with the fact that she's on these drugs and how do you get her off them and whatever.
They've got a certain set of doctors that work for them.
They're true believers.
That's what they do.
They drug kids because they have bad gene pools and weird brains.
And, again, they're not geneticists.
They haven't looked at their brains.
I mean, it's just totally made up.
It's totally made up.
It's a belief system just like the belief system that said the Jews were unworthy of living and the gypsies and whoever else and we're going to kill them in the gas chambers.
It's the same belief system.
It's the same dynamic.
You deal with the so-called flotsam and jetsam of society, whoever you judge that to be, by...
Deciding that they're genetically defective has nothing to do with the social structures that you're challenging and the economic structures that you're challenging.
So, almost 75% are being drugged.
Actually, it was like 78% of the monies that are spent on prescription drugs for the kids in foster care.
It's psych drugs.
It's unbelievable.
Let's go over this.
So they actually believe the majority of children they take from parents have bad brains.
It's not just the bad parent now, it's the child has a bad brain too.
I mean, who's really the abuser here?
Who's really the abuser?
The abuser is the person who sends the person who the child gets worse on under your hands.
And so our CPS system, our foster care system, our state mental health system is an institutional abuse because a very high percentage, whatever the statistic is, and it's definitely over 50%, I think it's closer to three-quarters of the kids, are placed on psych drugs.
That means that they're going to leave...
Or be in worse shape by definition because there are all these drugs that are toxic, poisonous, and dangerous and do cause brain damage.
And that's apart from all the other things that the comptroller revealed and that you're talking about like called physical or sexual abuse, called neglect, called bad homes.
The things that we usually think of when we look at bad conditions in foster care, that's not even counting that.
Even if they get the greatest care and they're put on Risperdal or Zyprexa, they're still coming home in worse shape.
Well, and with most of these GPS cases, it's a poor family, something happens at school, they come out to talk to the family, see some dirty plates in the sink, they then take the children, and they go to a house with ten kids where the people are getting rich off of them, and the foster care people get a lot more money if they put the kid on drugs, and it's five times more likely to be abused or die or be beaten in their hands.
I mean, folks, that's just the numbers.
We're taking children from good homes...
In most cases, and putting them into the hands of abusers.
And that's just the facts, people.
I mean, it makes me want to cry.
Pull my hair out.
And this is only one facet of this new world order.
Dr. Breeding, stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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All right.
We're back live, final segment with Dr. Breeding.
We're going to come back, go through the calls that are holding, then get Charlotte Iserby.
She was a former second command of the Reagan administration, Department of Education.
We'll be talking about education, but also the National ID card.
By the way, her dad was skull and bones, you know that?
I'm not going to talk about her dad's deathbed confession before he died.
She's done that before.
He repented.
Before he died.
More courage than a lot of these people.
By the way, the criminal elite running this country, they're in power because they are ruthless and because they don't care about humanity.
This is kind of a blind spot in human activities in history.
General public means well, is gullible, doesn't understand the nature of the power elite.
And it's repeating itself again.
And Dr. Brady, to help stop these eugenics individuals who will rationalize no matter what evil they're involved in in the new freedom initiative to forcibly psychologically test every child and then every adult.
I heard you've got over 5,000 signatures since you put this up a month ago.
We need to double that.
I mean, every listener needs to go there and sign up for this petition right now and this declaration at wildestcolts.com.
They can also do it at ablechild.org.
And if you miss those websites, link through at infowars.com.
Just briefly, tell us about that.
Yeah, thanks, Alex.
Yeah, we've got over 5,000 and it's growing and we need to get 10,000 and it's because it's getting some media attention and we're connecting with the Congressman Ron Paul who's fighting this thing in Washington and so we're building on that effort and that's a good thing.
So yeah, go to the websites and sign on.
You can read the statement.
You'll agree with it.
Sign on and lend your energy to taking a stand that says, I refuse.
I will not comply.
With any government mental health initiative to screen my children in the schools for alleged mental illness.
And the plan then says adults too by law, and Illinois is about to do it for all women when they go in to have a child.
They're trying to fund pilot programs in different states, and the one in Illinois starts with anybody who's pregnant, you go in, send a social worker, you look for possible signs that the mother might be, quote, mentally ill.
We know what that means.
In this world, in this system that's driven by big pharma and has this eugenic belief system, that means that you get a psychotropic drug.
And again, folks, or they take your child.
Now, again, a criminal... Or they take your child, that's right.
A criminal gets through process.
Someone that he thinks committed an axe murder.
But now, by law, every time you go to have a child, beforehand, you're going to get these criminals, and that's what they are, coming after you, folks.
So, I mean, think about this.
This is like the KGB screening of the population.
This is it.
But, Dr. Breeding, when these doctors, and you've got their quotes and their names, you were there, when they went up and said it, you know...
Well, one thing that happened is it just went quiet.
It was just really interesting and it just kind of went dead.
You know, nobody said anything.
Some draws fell in the audience.
The legislators just kind of went stone faced.
So I hope it backfired.
We certainly followed it up with the clarification and the committee chair, Susannah Huff, was very receptive to that.
The chair of the Health and Human Services Committee was also very receptive to that.
He called me the next week and said, we're having another hearing.
We want you to come.
I couldn't go to that particular one.
But they are receptive to the counter-information.
They are receptive to the message that says, here's the truth about where the research is on that.
Here's the fact that that's a made-up statement.
And we're offended because what we're talking about is our children and they're just saying, you can wash your hands because they're just genetic defects anyway and just keep giving us more money to drug them.
I mean, that's an amazing... I've got to go, Alex, this time.
I look forward to coming back with you again and doing a longer segment.
I really appreciate you having me on, and keep up the good work, okay?
Dr. Meridian, God bless you, and take care, my friend.
Okay, thanks.
Talk to you soon.
Take care.
Those are the type of Republicans we need, by the way.
Ron Paul's helping.
Susanna Hupp's helping, state rep, Republican.
And I was going to get to it, but we didn't have time.
I mean, it's the Democrats and the neocons everywhere pushing this.
And, you know, I'd vote Republican, and I do vote for Republicans like that, but most Republicans are actually some of the worst people out there promoting this, along with the Democrats.
Very, very serious.
We'll be back with your calls, and then Charlotte Iserby, stay with us.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, we're now into hour number two of this live Friday edition.
We just had Dr. John Breeding on, who was at the committee hearings a few weeks ago here in Texas, where the...
Doctors, psychiatrists for the pharma came up and said, well, the reason that more than half of the children in foster care are drugged with antipsychotics and other drugs is because they're mental defects.
They have bad genetics.
They have a bad gene pool.
Total eugenics.
Now coming up in a few minutes, we're going to take some calls.
First, this is Charlotte Iserby, number two position, Department of Education under Ronald Reagan.
Talk about education, the national ID card, all of it.
She's done some detailed analysis of some of the police state developments.
And then, of course, we've got Declan McCullough in the third hour, CNET News, to talk about the National ID Card as well.
We'll also get into how they've all geared up for martial law across the country.
A lot of really serious issues there.
But right now, let's go to Ann in Texas.
Annie in Texas.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hello, Annie.
Can you hear me?
Yes, you can.
I was wondering, you had a show on a while back about...
Mercury Poisoning?
And I have been unable to get the name of your video anywhere.
I wanted to order it.
Okay, well, I've made 11 videos myself, and they get into the vaccine some in two of the videos, but mainly the information about the vaccines is in the vaccine section on PrisonPlanet.com.
PrisonPlanet.com, yes.
And then I did have a comment about what was just discussed.
And I have a major in biology, and I have a master's in education.
I taught school for a while.
And I just wanted to comment that I don't believe drugs is the answer to the problem of children.
But I also want to say that...
The way a person is, is a combination of their genetics and the environment.
Yes, nature and nurture.
The environment they now believe is a factor.
I want to comment that after teaching school, I can see that the schools have become a bad
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And I really believe that acceptance of Jesus is the answer to the change and to not force these kids in the school system.
Oh, they've got statistics that about 90% of the time getting a young person into a good church fixes them.
But instead we go, here, we'll just take you from your parents because you were hyperactive and we'll put you on a bunch of drugs and screw you up.
How's that sound?
I mean, how can they claim that more than half the children in foster care need to be on drugs because they're, quote, mentally defective when there's been no medical tests, no nothing.
They just say it and put them on drugs.
I mean, it's pure evil.
Thanks for the call.
I do appreciate your comments, Ann, and we'll get to Regina and Mark and Patrick and everybody else too, so stay with us.
And there's so many other news items here.
Crude oil...
It's almost at $55 at $54.82 right now.
I mean, that's what it's trading at.
Almost $55.
Just, it's insane.
A bunch of news about biometrics and the National ID card coming up.
We now learned while the indie media sites, 20 of them got taken down by foreign government.
Italian government says, seize those websites.
We're not going to tell you why.
FBI says, yes, sir, we have to under treaties with you.
World government.
We now learned what it was all over.
We'll tell you about that, too.
As well, when we return after this quick break, it may seem like I plug my websites a lot.
It's because most people still don't hear what they are and need to know them.
It's Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, Infowars.net, PrisonPlanet.tv.
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Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
We are now 8 minutes and 30 seconds into this second hour as we broadcast against tyranny.
Charlotte Iserby.
Former deputy head, number two position, Department of Education.
Joining us, expert on the New World Order, to talk about the National ID Card, the New Freedom Initiative, the government saying there's impending terror attacks, all of it's coming up.
Since you've been holding so long, let's go to these three callers that have been holding the longest.
Regina, Mark, and Patrick first.
Regina in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
Hi Alex, I wanted to say that everything that I heard that man said about eugenics connects to UNESCO, and I just wanted maybe...
Put a little plug in here.
Bill Moyers now is tonight on PBS, and he's going to have the third-party candidates, including Michael Peruca, at 9 p.m.
I think this is very important because I heard the lady before us talking about under God, but I don't hear people saying that Mr. Bush, who spoke so highly that he's such a wonderful Christian man that wants to save the world...
I don't see that in my Constitution.
It's basically following UNESCO.
UNESCO is what's driving the policy in the public schools, and as I see it... Well, let me just say this.
Let me just say this again.
The United Nations Educational and Cultural Organization runs everything from our national parks
To the Statue of Liberty under World Heritage and World Biosphere sites.
They set our education policy.
They want the forced psychological testing, the forced inoculations.
New Freedom Initiative is a handbook for them.
And yes, Bush signed back onto that.
Bush said God guides him.
Well, what God is that, Mr. Bush?
Kerry said he shares that same faith.
You mean that skull and bones faith?
What under God are we referring to?
Because my God is Jesus Christ, and I just encourage people to pick up on that and pray for us.
What we have going on up here in Pennsylvania is the prominent pro-life group
I want both those guys on the show next week.
Okay, well, please do that, but right now we can see them and pray about it for tonight, that hopefully this will not be preempted as it was last week by the main party debate.
I want to tell you, too, Alex, I sent you some stuff on Children of God for Life and the fetal tissue cells in the vaccinations.
If we could get the information out, some of these so-called pro-life people, and I don't want to be derogatory, but
When I see the acceptance of Bush and the total disregard for life when we have fetal tissue cells, human fetal tissue cells, in our vaccinations... No, I hear you.
Regina, I've got to go, though.
Thank you for the call.
No, you're right.
And, you know, if these pro-lifers knew this, they'd be against it.
And I totally agree with you.
But look, the reason she brought up eugenics, last hour, in a state hearing here a few weeks ago, Dr. Britting was there, it was in the news, they said, we're drugging over half the children because they're mentally ill, they're genetically defective, they're subhuman.
They said they're mentally defective, they have bad brains.
Okay, they're saying they're subhuman.
Eugenics, folks.
Real quick, because our guest is holding.
Mark in Kentucky.
Go ahead, Mark.
Yeah, Alex, great program, and I really appreciate having access on the Internet to GCN.
I'm just so upset at the fraud and brainwashing going on by our, what's supposed to be the free press, corporate press.
I'm a communications-degreed individual, and I'm ashamed I won't work for the industry.
Did you notice in the Austin Chronicle the mention of Badneric as a write-in in the endorsement for Kerry?
Is that not a blast?
It's amazing.
So you're reading the Austin Chronicle from Kentucky?
Well, on the Badneric listservs, we circulate a lot of stuff and try to attack where there's fraud throughout the system, mostly on the Internet, but also just in the straight press.
The Chronicle's a real piece of work.
Right now I'm taking advantage.
I've got to get out the door in a minute, but our local ABC affiliate has given the candidates a three-minute freebie.
And last February we had a special election, and they censored a part where I was trying to draw a connection between Abraham Lincoln's assassination and John F. Kennedy's and their difficulties with the banking industry.
And I thought, well, okay, that is a little bit of reading between the lines and conjecture.
But right now they're wanting to censor me again relative to my statements about misapplication of our tax codes, which probably they're not directly going against.
But I think they're not happy with me saying that we have clear research suggesting government foreknowledge in 9-11, and also at the least, and government complicity at the worst.
I guess I'm going to have to go tackle that issue with the producer in a few minutes.
All right.
Good to hear from you.
I appreciate the call, Mark.
You keep it up.
Last call quickly.
Patrick in Texas.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
I am in Lille, and I have seen them get paid off a little treat to get the new drugs pushed on.
I've been beaten for refusing medication, and it's no difference than a drug dealer.
I believe they know it.
I believe they just love the money because it's an easy job, and
Well, they give them, again, $50,000 bonuses, all-expense luxury cruises.
How do they say half the foster children need to be on drugs, and it's over that number?
I mean, how do they come up with... I mean, that's so obviously ridiculous.
Yes, it's demonic.
I believe it's very demonic.
Thanks for the call, Patrick.
All right, let's bring her up.
She's Charlotte Iserby, and we'll tell you about her website and her phone book-sized book, Deliberate Coming Down of America.
She's here to talk about a whole host of issues.
Charlotte, it's great to have you on with us.
Why don't you, in a synopsis, tell folks about yourself?
Well, I've been around a while.
I arrived back in the United States in the early 70s from 18 years overseas.
And put my children in the public school system, had hysterics, ran for school board, saw everything, coming down the pike, formed an organization in Maine to try to get back to basics, did a lot of work, so the White House finally selected me to go down with others that were selected as well because they were activists from all over the country.
The Reagan White House selected us to go down to get rid of the Department of Education, which of course never happened.
Because it wasn't meant to be that way, but I got so upset that I started leaking documents, grants and contracts going all over the world, and I got fired.
But before leaking the documents, I got all the marvelous documents out.
And a lot of them are in my book.
The incriminating, treasonous documents.
As you were talking earlier, all out of the UN.
Every education system in the world is controlled by the UN.
And now Bush has signed back on to UNESCO.
Did you hear me going over the quotes by the people for the state pushing forced drugging of all these children?
They say the children are basically the mentally inept or that they have bad brains and that's why we're putting them all on drugs.
I didn't hear that, but after being in the public school system for a while, it's natural that they would have mush in their heads.
Well, that's the least dangerous, the mush, but the brainwashing is even more dangerous.
So now we have a school system and a system that's destroyed our children, so now they're going to get even more power out of the crisis that they created.
Let's, in a nutshell, the New Freedom Initiative, tell folks about that.
Well, that's the sweeping mental health initiative.
Oh, I love it.
The semantics here, like George Orwell, right?
Like the Patriot Act, huh?
The New Freedom Initiative.
Well, folks, you're free to have the federal government screen you for your mental illnesses.
And, you know, if you listen to Alex Jones or Charlotte Iserby, you might be considered mentally ill and you might get screened.
All Americans are going to be screened for mental deficiencies.
Doesn't this sound sort of like something that happened in the late 30s and, you know, in 1917, etc.? ?
Lubyanka prison, Solzhenitsyn, you know, the electric shock, etc.
That's what George Bush, the good conservative Christian candidate for president, has got for us down the pike.
It's coming very fast, actually.
You know, they always set up a commission first.
And then they do all their dirty work, and then they stamp it with a beautiful gold stamp, and then they present it to the Congress, and then boom, it goes right through.
Well, ten states have already implemented it.
That's right.
Illinois has got it.
And, of course, the drug companies and the involvement of the drug companies with the Bush family and all is unbelievable.
I've got a marvelous email right here from the British Medical Journal.
You have to go to the British to get the truth on it, although they often don't tell the truth.
But Bush plans to screen all U.S.
students for mental illness.
British Medical Journal.
And then it goes into the fact that it's not just going to be students.
It's going to be all of us.
But I'm sure, Alex, that you've got all of this on your website.
And I just think and I hope that the American people by this time realize that when they see words like freedom and patriot and security and all these words, they understand that it's just the opposite.
Well, it certainly is.
But we got you on today specifically to talk about the National ID Card.
They've got two bills.
David Dreyer introduced one.
But the other one is part of this new Super Patriot Act bill that's already passed the House and the Senate.
It's in conference committee.
This sucker is the end-all, be-all of police state.
Tell us about it.
Yeah, it is.
And what's very interesting is that our elected officials are supposed to represent us.
I have been stonewalling constituents who've asked whether it is actually true.
We know it's true because we've been... We have the bill.
...18 months that the Bush administration hired two former ex-Russian, Soviet, brutal KGB chiefs to design an internal passport for Americans.
And when I first wrote about it, I had everybody jumping on me and saying, oh, that can't be true and all.
You know, so now I know it is true.
And my Senator Snow, Olympia Snow, and Senator Collins is very involved in this, involved in the bill you were just referring to as well.
And we have been unable, with Snow, 17 months I've been trying to get an appointment, written about 10 letters, 20 emails, been to her Portland office, been stonewalled this length of time, gotten absolutely nowhere, and gotten nowhere with Senator Collins.
And then finally, you know, the truth will out.
A little bit late, right?
The truth outed when HR 10 was passed.
And we've got the specific wording there.
That we're going to have.
It's going to be played to the drivers.
For those who don't understand, we knew about this two years ago.
Now it's mainstream news.
They really have hired Primakov and former heads of the KGB to help design this.
I mean, you couldn't write a book, a fiction novel, this crazy.
No one would believe it, Charlotte.
Well, not only has Primakov been hired, and Karpov, but former KGB types have been hired by the Bush administration and many conservative organizations.
To consult in this country.
What you're looking at, Alex, is what I've said all along, but I never dreamt it would get to this point.
Stay there.
Stay there.
We've got to come back.
Through the years of providing water filters to America, you've come to us and we've listened.
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We listened.
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Look, they've got their electronic voting machines in place over a lot of the country not to swing any election, any local election.
So now the oil, $55 a gallon, a barrel.
They're taking your freedoms.
They're setting up a police state.
They're getting rid of the borders.
They're doing it all.
And they're mass drugging the children.
They're just taking over.
And yes, it's true.
Bush, as he looked at Putin's soul, saw his soul.
It's a man he can trust.
Putin's carrying out his own terror attacks for a police state.
Russia's merging with NATO.
They're good little thugs like the globalists are.
They go out and do the most outlandish things.
Hire Soviets, former Soviets, to come over and consult about how to have a police state in America.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
I mean, look at how far we've gone.
The average cop out there listening, do you think all this is normal?
Charlotte Iserby, a former number two position, Department of Education, during the Reagan administration.
Charlotte, continuing with this whole national ID card, I mean, we've gone over it with Larry Pratt, subsection by subsection, but you'll have to have this to have a job.
Homeland Security will decide if you can even have a job anywhere.
You're going to have color coding built into the digital database.
What else do you think is important about this national ID card?
Well, I think that everything that you've ever done, if you've ever written, probably ever written an email that was opposed to George Bush, if you've had a medical problem or depression or whatever, they can take whatever information they want, regardless of how solid it is, and use it against you to stop you from traveling wherever you want to go.
I mean, the right to travel is a basic freedom in any country, basically.
But this is exactly what they're implementing, and I think that the groups, the American Civil Liberties Union, some conservative groups, etc., I think there were 30 of them that were opposed.
To this particular legislation and they didn't pay any attention to it but that makes a lot of sense to me.
I could have told those groups because I have been for 18 months trying to find out why the Bush administration hired Saddam Hussein's closest associate, Primakov, to design this internal passport for DARPA
The Office of Information Awareness.
I have had nothing but stonewalling.
And of course, there were Americans out there, which really bothered me, Alex.
They were supposedly our good friends, who got mad at me for writing these articles that I wrote and said, you don't have the proof, blah, blah, blah, blah.
You know, I knew I did because when it takes 18 months to get it, I never got an answer, right?
I got my answer finally when these very people had accomplished their evil doings, which was last week.
But I could not.
I mean, if the American people had jumped on the bandwagon with me 18 months ago on this issue...
Well, who knows?
I don't think it would have made any difference, really, would it?
In their face, right?
Charlotte, to be clear here, what's happened is the Caps 2 system, bad credit, divorces, political statements, left and right, you suddenly can't fly.
Now they say it's to have a car, drive a bus, food service...
They just don't care.
They are in your face.
They've got it made.
They've done it.
If the American people don't recognize us right now, look, Alex, I'm going to come right out now and say something.
We don't have much time left.
You know that.
My recommendation is really weird.
I recommend that we get Carrie in there.
Because he's going to be, if possible, because they're both skull and bones, they've got the same agenda, but if possible, he's going to be so bad that the conservative Christians who let George Bush do anything he wants, no matter what, they'd get after Kerry for it, right?
We may be able to save this country by having someone so rotten in there, like Kerry, that those Christian conservatives who allow George Bush to get away with anything that Kerry might do are going to get off their duffs, wake up, and try to bring this country back to where it came from.
Let me stop you.
I have said the exact same thing, because your father was skull and bones.
Yeah, my grandpa, too.
Yeah, and we'll talk later about what your father said to you on his deathbed.
But before we do that, I mean, you know, you work for Ronald Reagan.
You're a real conservative.
And you found out the truth of what was going on.
You and others were instrumental in getting Reagan to pull out of UNESCO, which Bush now has signed us back onto.
But the point here is this.
Conservatives are totally asleep while Bush butchers this country.
That's right.
And yes, if Kerry gets in there, finally they will start waking up.
I'm so glad you feel that way, Alex.
I do, and I've had a lot of opposition from good friends of mine.
They think I'm wrong, but I know I'm not.
I'll tell you one thing.
About 20 years ago, when Reagan got elected, I remember saying to Tom Winter, the editor of Human Events... Stay there.
We'll talk about it when we get back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Mystery solved.
We're talking to Charlotte Israbee, and we told you years ago that they were already setting up the state driver's license under federal parameters as a national ID card.
I got the documents on that nine years ago when they started thumb scanning here in Texas.
Actually, ten years ago.
And now there's, what, two states that haven't put in thumb scanning or face scanning that digital photo.
And under this law, they'll have to do it too.
And then you'll have to have this to have a job.
And I saw Ridge on TV on C-SPAN two years ago say, you're going to have to have this to have a job.
It's for security, infrastructure protection, any job.
And now they're saying in this bill, well, it's going to start with these hundreds of industries that we list.
Any factory, any bus driver, any taxi driver, any food service, anything basically.
You're going to have to have it.
And now they call it a National ID card, and it's been introduced in two different bills, and it is the classic Soviet-slash-Nazi National ID card.
By the way, they're billing it to stop illegal aliens, but I've read the bill, I've had the experts on it, it actually gives a waiver to all the illegals.
They don't have to do it.
We accept all their matricula cards.
So it's a sick joke on all of us, and...
It's so painful to watch our country being dismantled.
We'll talk more to Charlotte Isserby here in just a minute or two, and then we'll go to your calls.
These loaded phone lines for Todd and Caroline and Ralph and Dan and Leon and everybody else that is patiently holding.
Before I go back to Charlotte Isserby, and we'll tell you about her book as well, I've made 11 films, and my 11th film, American Dictators, is out.
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And the films are having a big effect.
All my other films, of course, we've got discounts on those as well.
Other different specials.
So go to Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to peruse the different specials on the films or the books or the other films by other authors that we carry.
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Or prisonplanet.com or infowars.com to order.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 787-04.
But bottom line, step out of the darkness.
Take that first step.
Become an info warrior.
Start waking people up in your area.
And a great way to do it is with American Dictators.
But if you haven't gotten Road to Terror or Masters of Terror, you've got to get those first to know who was behind 9-11 and to have the evidence.
And also, you can make copies of my videos.
I want you to spread the word with them.
Charlotte Iserby, your website, tell folks about it.
It's deliberatedumbingdown.
The three words together, deliberatedumbingdown.com.
And on my website, you'll find all my articles too, which helps the background for everything that I ever say on radio.
But the latest article I've written is the one that you saw called, you know, Achtung, Your Passport Bitte.
My husband loved that.
He added the bitte, which means please in German.
And I've written that article, which is probably the last article I will write on this subject.
This is my fourth one since I became concerned 18 months ago, finding out that the Bush administration actually had hired these guys to be involved with the CAPS program and the citizen security card.
State Security Card.
It's frightening, and all the documentation in regard to this issue is on my website, including the latest issue.
But it's called... And also, let me go back to my suggestion earlier that I'm not suggesting you vote for John Kerry.
Nobody could do that with a clear conscience.
But vote for Michael Perutka, because he certainly does stand for everything that any good Christian constitutionalist American stands for.
Yeah, have a
You know, have a moral vote.
Vote for Michael Peruca and know that what you've done is moral.
Now, I don't want to get too much into Skull and Bones here today because I want to get more into the National ID card and people's calls.
And by the way, this new bill just doesn't have the National ID card.
It has all of Patriot Act II and more.
And it has funding for the Total Information Awareness Network.
I mean, it's all there, folks.
But before we go any further, I mean, let's talk about Skull & Bones.
I mean, it's clear that Bush and Kerry are staging this whole thing.
This is a staged event.
But I wanted to talk about what Skull & Bones is.
I mean, you know, this thing was set up in 1832.
It's very secretive.
It's an offshoot, then out into Bohemian Grove, which your dad had said that he'd been to.
Your father, on his deathbed, and before he died of cancer, told you about some of this.
And again, your father and your grandfather were both members of this, and so you're really a family on the inside of this.
For listeners out there, can you discuss what your father said?
Well, no, you know, Dad never really discussed much of it, except I guess I forced him into it once when I said I was working on the...
Child abuse in the classroom book that I wrote with Phyllis Schlafly, and we were discussing, he heard these conversations for six months, he was in bed, and then one day he said to me, what's wrong with world government?
This came out, because up until that time, he had never discussed any of this stuff with me, it's very secret.
I did know all of his skull and bones friends, and they were all in his wedding, and he saw them all, you know, through the years, until he died, they were his friends.
I want to point out that only about three in each class really go on to being very important movers and shakers worldwide, and my dad never was one of them.
But anyway, he finally said, I said to him, what are you talking about what's wrong with world government?
I said, whose constitution?
And he said, oh, well, we'll take care of that later when it comes about.
And I said, huh?
You know, about five months later, after he continued to hear us talking on the phone like this, a week before he died, he looked at me and he said, Char, if I had more time, I'd help you.
But he had been conditioned from 1924 when he graduated to 1985 when he died.
And they continue to condition them because they meet all the time.
It's sort of like the teachers always having to go for in-service training.
And they can't let them alone because the human spirit and human mind rebels against brainwashing.
So they've got to keep doing it, doing it, doing it.
I'm going from memory, Charlotte Isby, former deputy head of the Department of Education under Ronald Reagan, the first administration.
But I think the last time we talked, though, he said a little bit more, though, about Bohemian Grove.
Oh, yeah.
No, he did go.
He was invited to go to Bohemian Grove.
Yeah, but you said he made some comments about that.
He didn't like it.
Oh, yeah.
He was there for two weeks.
And I was amazed.
It went on for two weeks.
But anyway, I found some of his letters to my mom in regard to it.
And he said that the lectures and all were very interesting, but he didn't like the atmosphere and that he would never go back again.
And he was not happy.
But you have to remember, my dad was not that type at all.
I mean, he was not an elitist.
He was basically a very wonderful guy who wouldn't charge legal fees for someone, you know, who was hard up.
And he was an elected official at the local level.
He was a New York lawyer.
He always told me he wished he'd been a farmer.
So he really, you know, Thoreau was his hero.
And so all of these activities really did not... I feel sorry for my dad that he ever even got tapped by Skull and Bones.
But you know what?
But you said there at the end, the week before he died, because you were there taking care of him like a good daughter, he said, he said, Char, I wish I was still going to be here because I want to help you.
That's right.
And that shows that this can happen with these people.
And you have to point out that a lot of these people, like my father, are perfectly good people, and they're very good Americans, and they believe that they are constitutionalists, and they can tell me or you sort of dumb things like my brilliant father, what's wrong with world government?
Because they're not thinking straight.
Well, it's the peer pressure.
That's right, Alex, but it's also conditioning, because with conditioning, there's no thinking going on.
They're not able to make connections.
Americans can't make connections anymore.
You know that.
They're conditioned to believe one thing.
You try to tell them something else and they look at you like, are you off this planet?
Because they can't connect this...
We're good to go.
They can't make that connection.
And that's because they've been conditioned.
And not only on this issue, on every single issue.
Talk to these pathetic neighbors or Americans that we all love and we wish would understand that they're about to lose the most important thing in the world, which is freedom.
They cannot make that connection because they have been conditioned.
My dad could not make that connection.
He said to me, What's wrong with world government?
And I said,
Whose constitution?
He's a lawyer.
He's an elected official, a mayor.
Whose constitution?
He hadn't made that connection.
Well, Charlotte, yeah, and a lot of these people also were in denial.
Subconsciously, they know the truth, but again, your father at the end said, you know, you're right.
But backing away from this for a second, anything else from these letters, anything else you got from Skull and Bones?
No, not really, Alex.
I'd love to be able to give you more, but I'll tell you one thing.
The food was evidently absolutely delicious, and the drink was delicious, and they all stayed in these absolutely elegant little log cabins.
Yeah, I've been there.
There were very amusing shows that went on.
I didn't read about any of the outrageous things that I do know go on.
But your dad said that he didn't like it.
No, he never wanted to go back.
I think the quote from two years ago was, it's horrible or something.
Yeah, well, weird.
Well, Richard Nixon did a Harper's interview that never got published, but there were rumors of it.
Now the tape's been released by the Nixon Museum, and he actually called it the most horrible, GD, you know, faggy thing he'd ever seen.
Well, you know what?
I have a feeling that
My dad may have said that, but at the time, back then, I didn't really understand how much the political people, the insiders, were into that sort of thing.
I think dad did make a comment to that effect.
Yeah, and I know it's hard to talk about this stuff.
No, I don't mind at all.
And as you know, I'm the one that gave the list to Tony Sutton.
I mean, I did that.
I felt like a real traitor to my dad.
I had the books.
And it was only through those lists that dear Tony, my good friend, the late Tony Sutton, that the information ever got out, which enabled Tony, he threw the list, the membership list, out on the table, and he looked at them and he told me, he said, Charlotte,
It was then that I was able to make the connections and to understand who was behind all the wars, the Russian Revolution, etc.
He said, I saw the family names.
And he said it was amazing, because for years, Tony had been writing on our assistance to the Soviet Union, Wall Street, and Hitler, and all these books, right?
And he said it always, in his mind, he thought, why are we doing this?
And when he saw the names, the list, which happened to arrive in the mail,
My poor dad, he was sick in bed and couldn't open the mail and they arrived and I saw the little black books and Tony asked me if I would lend them to him and I didn't.
He FedExed them back to me immediately.
But that's how he was, I don't know about other people, but that is how Tony came to understand
The very seriousness of this situation with these elite families.
I want to go to some calls here in just a moment, but the Charlotte Skull and Bones, knowing how it operates, how they swear allegiance to the organization, I mean, do you think when Bush and Kerry, it's a totally staged election, I mean, it's an inside deal, or do you think that... It's got to be, because how could this country with 240 million people end up with two guys running against each other?
What a joke!
Excuse me.
Oh, God.
Yeah, well, and now we know they're cousins, too.
Let's go ahead and take a call.
Let's talk to Todd in Florida.
Todd, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thanks to both of you for the work that you do.
I guess as far as dumbing down the country, to what degree did that help this tacit acceptance of all technology?
Is it that intricate, or is it just kind of accidental that now
As people are less discerning, they're also inherently accepting all technology.
Well, I would say accepting all these bad applications of the technology.
Technology is like a gun.
You know, it's inanimate.
It's how it's used.
Well, the use of technology in the curriculum, certainly K-12, I deal with that a lot in my book, right?
The plans were made in 1981 under Reagan to have a computer for every child.
They said, we can afford that.
Basically, that kind of technology was set up because they've got to put in the school-to-work agenda.
And that allows standardization, total federal centralization.
It is so simple.
Management by objective, the planning programming system, total quality management.
All of which is basically based on measuring.
And when you see the word measure, it may look like an innocent word.
It's not.
That is Pavlov.
Because you've got to be able to measure.
And only through conditioning, brainwashing, the use of Pavlov can you actually measure.
You know, the human soul can't be measured, can it?
But you can measure performance.
But you can't measure what a person... And every time the numbers come out, they've dumbed them down even more.
They go, good job, here's more funding.
They at the top, we think that they're upset with the test scores go down.
No, they're thrilled because that's the goal.
The goal is an absolutely illiterate society.
I always say they could not have put this system, changed our whole restructuring our system...
Let me add something to this.
I don't want to give him a plug, but I was in the car, listened to 30 minutes of Sean Hannity yesterday, and he thought it was real funny.
He sent Flipper out, one of their little correspondents.
With a cell phone to the mall, and they talked to about eight different women, and none of them knew who the vice presidential candidates were.
None of them knew anything, and he thought this was real funny.
This was very celebratory that people didn't know their head from a hole in the ground.
But it's the same thing with the conservatives.
Maybe one step up, the neocon followers, they've got all their opinions because they think, oh, look at all the dumb liberals who don't know who the vice presidential candidates are.
Well, they're just a little bit more informed, but also have the...
You know, their ideas set in stone and are just as stupid.
Well, our whole Congress is dumbed down and every media guy is dumbed down.
I mean, why wouldn't they be?
Basically, most of them went to the public through the public, people call it public school system.
It's simply, it's the most brilliant.
I call it the four-pronged fork.
The Devil's Fork over a period of 100 years.
There are four things.
The dialectic, create the problem, people scream, impose a solution which you wanted in the first place, everybody accepts it.
That's going on every day.
Somatic deception where they use terms like basic skills.
The basic skill is to be tolerant of every lifestyle.
New freedom.
Big bucks.
And the dialectic.
Well, I mentioned that.
Somatic deception, dialectic.
We'll be right back with more of your calls.
Please stay with us, presentplanet.tv.
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I want to keep Charlotte Iserby on a little bit of the next hour with Declan McCullough from CNET News, also writing about the new national ID card, Super Patriot Act bill, Super Evil Bill.
But going back to calls, who's up next here, John?
Caroline in Texas, you're on the air with Charlotte Iserby.
Go ahead.
I just wanted to call and let you know that I had just spoke with my brother.
He is a contract computer hacker for the National Guard in Washington, D.C.
He's also a member of the O.T.O.
and very heavily practices the Hermetic Western tradition.
He's telling me that up there that they're saying that Senator Dayton is basically a chicken.
No one else really right now is leaving, having their staff leave or anything.
He actually thinks that I'm crazy for listening to you two.
Well, all I did, well, you know what?
A White House source told U.S.
News & World Report three months ago that the Capitol would be attacked.
We have that posted.
I'm not saying that's going to happen.
I love how they put this stuff out, then people respond, and if it doesn't happen, we're bad for reading U.S.
News & World Report and the Associated Press.
And yes, I know, Washington Times...
They're calling him a coward.
They're calling him an idiot.
They're calling him all of this.
Leaders in D.C.
mock Dayton is the headline.
Senator Byrd backs Dayton's decision to close offices.
I mean, when the feds put out reports that it's going to be attacked, what do you expect people to do?
Now, by computer hacker, you mean your brother fights hackers, or he's out hacking for them?
He hacks for the government, and he also makes sure that their systems are not being hacked.
And he said the Russians are the worst at trying to hack in, and yet they're so obvious, you know, when they're trying to hack.
He said it's actually funny.
Funny, my sources say it's the Chinese.
Well, but also on the mental health issue, I am a psychiatric nurse at ASH.
I've been psychiatric for 18 years.
I want people to know that there are people out there that do go to bat for these people that don't need the excess medications, and I am one of those.
I am trying to find another job, but it's very difficult to find one at the pay that I'm making now because I can't afford to lose much money.
Well, for those that just joined us last hour, we talked about these psychiatrists at the state committee saying that these people are brain damaged, that they have bad genes, that's why over half the foster kids have to be on these drugs.
I mean, that's eugenics.
And, of course, the committee's mouth was hanging open.
I mean, are you around doctors that say this?
I mean, do you ever see them say this?
I don't actually work with the children because I flat out refuse.
I am so against the program the way that it's been run for years.
What is it like to see them bring little kids in and then drug the living daylights out of them?
It breaks my heart.
And I have to do that sometimes to adults that I don't think are mentally ill.
And I have to be very careful even what I'm doing because they're about ready to take me around to admissions because I'm paranoid and delusional.
Charlotte Iserby comments about what this lady's saying, this brave lady.
Well, she's right on.
I mean, it's fabulous that she's willing to say that on your radio station.
I mean, it's just, you know, history repeats itself.
The Soviets did this.
The Nazis did this.
And the Soviets had, you know, I always think of LaBianca Prison.
I've got so much research on that where anybody...
Who was opposed to the regime, and usually the very brilliant, you know, the intellectuals, the writers, the thinkers, the dissenters.
Alexander Solzhenitsyn.
Alexander Solzhenitsyn, but I mean the electric shock treatment and the drugs and all that they put them on, and they died.
I mean, this is what we're going to be moving into if someone doesn't put a stop to this, in quotes, freedom initiative.
I mean, how Orwellian can it get?
It's New Freedom.
You're all going to be under our control now.
I mean, the use of words.
I guess most Americans have not read 1984 by George Orwell.
It's quite obvious they haven't.
If they did, they've forgotten everything that they read.
Final comments to our caller.
Anything else, ma'am?
I just, you know, want to say that some of the people that have children, I try to warn them about what's coming for their children, and they, you know, they say, you need to go to admissions, you know, but we'll be gentle on you, you know?
Well, good luck with your work.
Keep it up.
Thank you.
We'll be back with a third hour of worldwide transmission against tyranny, and we'll also have Declan McCullough with us.
Charlotte, you can stay with us, right?
Okay, we'll be right back.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, we are now into hour number three on this Friday edition of
First hour, we had Dr. Breeding on about the public statements of the state committee that it's eugenics.
The reason we have to drug half the children, over half of them, is that they have bad brains, bad gene pools.
So that's the new eugenics pitch.
And we've got the former deputy head, number two position, Department of Education, Charlotte Iserby, on with us.
She even talked about her father's membership at Skull and Bones and some of the things that were revealed by her father.
You missed that.
I'm sorry.
I need to get the full three hours here, folks.
And we're about to have Declan McCullough of CNET News on to talk about our new Super National ID card.
And Charlotte Iserby will be riding shotgun with us through that interview as well.
Honored to have her, and later we'll also tell you how to get her book, Deliberate Dumbing Down.
Of course, my websites are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
Right now, let's go to Ralph in West Virginia.
Ralph, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
You're saying so, babe.
Pretty much closed up the Capitol building.
That's what I heard on local news the other day.
I think they're just throwing some scare tactics at the American people, closing all this stuff up.
Well, I mean, again, I agree with you.
I mean, the feds three months ago told the U.S.
News and World Report, White House source, that the Capitol would be attacked.
And then Senator Dayton evacuates, and they call him a wimp and make fun of him, and I've got the news articles right here.
What are you expecting me to do?
He said, in good conscience, after the briefing I got, saying we're going to be attacked, I better leave.
And it's all a big joke to everybody now.
I mean, I'm not saying it's going to happen.
They're saying it's going to happen, and then when you respond to it, you're bad.
This is all part of this psychology.
Charlotte Iserby comments...
Oh, absolutely.
I mean, the biggest terrorists are in the administration.
They're terrorizing us.
Maybe something's going to happen.
Who knows?
And who knows who's behind it?
But personally, I just feel that this is part of their conditioning to terrify us so that we will get on our knees and pray for every single bit of legislation which will remove our freedom.
To come as fast as possible.
Think about the atmosphere right now at the Capitol.
They passed Patriot Act 1 when the place was under anthrax attack and almost the whole complex of buildings was shut down.
This time they're under nuclear threat.
You know, the suitcase snook's probably going to get us.
They're out there saying this to help get that atmosphere to pass Patriot Act 2 and the new national ID card.
I think it would be great if Congress would just realize that the terrorists aren't very far from them.
On Pennsylvania Avenue.
Yeah, they're right down the street.
The headquarters for world terrorism is not what people think.
You mean it's not in a cave?
Well, can't a cave make NORAD stand down and have Condoleezza Rice call Mayor Willie Brown on September 10th and say, don't fly tomorrow to New York?
Yeah, I couldn't agree more, Alex.
But, I mean, can't Al-Qaeda make CIA do insider trading like before on the stocks?
How about it?
Can Al-Qaeda make C-130s land and fly the Al-Qaeda leaders out of Afghanistan in the middle of the war to safety?
Boy, Al-Qaeda controls an awful lot.
It's absolutely amazing what that little group in the hills of Afghanistan is able to do.
Man, from a cave.
And from a cave.
With a dialysis machine connected to him.
Ha, ha, ha.
Magically controlling.
Anything else, Ralph?
I'll tell you what, Alex.
I think if they're going to hit anything, they're going to hit three places at once, or it's going to be kind of together.
Well, that's what they said.
They said... Okay, whether it be the East Coast, then the Midwest, then the West Coast.
What they said in U.S.
News & World Report from a White House source was, quote, We will have terror attacks.
It will happen.
It will be one of two things.
Coast-to-coast attacks for the Capitol.
That's the quote.
So, they said it.
I didn't say it.
I also want to commend that lady that just called before.
She's a nurse in the mental health field.
I want to commend her because I do same similar type work.
And, you know, these so-called shrinks, most of them come out of foreign countries.
You know, they think they're a god.
Well, it's inmates running the asylum.
Anything else?
Well, that's basically it.
That's about all I've got to tell you right now.
But I think if they're going to hit anything...
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Well, 400 cities and 4 states throw out the Patriot Act, the first Patriot Act.
The House votes it down, then it goes to the Senate, and they throw that out.
And now they've got the new Super Patriot Act II, the National ID Card, and the Total Information Awareness Network, everything else rolled into it.
All rolled into one.
And to talk about this, we're joined by Declan McCullough.
We've interviewed many times over the years.
And, of course, good old Declan does a lot of great research.
He writes for CNET News, a lot of other big publications.
And we have Charlotte Iserby, who was the former number two individual, deputy head of the Department of Education under Ronald Reagan, on about this.
She's been talking about it for 18 months.
And I've known for years that the state driver's licenses were already being standardized with the biometrics.
Now they're racing to make it law and to have it tied to what jobs you can have.
This is our internal passport.
Declan McCullough, good to have you on with us, my friend.
Why, hello there.
Thank you for the invitation.
You bet.
It's good to have you on board with us.
You've written a lot of extensive articles about this new super patriot actor.
I don't know, what would you call this new 9-11 bill that they've introduced?
I actually don't know.
You can call it whatever you like.
What really matters is what's in there.
I've been spending all day reading the latest versions.
There are a lot of problems with it, but the biggest one is that the stuff's just not available out there.
Now, one of the few good things Newt Gingrich did, I don't like Newt Gingrich, folks, he's a neocon, was he got a law passed almost a decade ago
One of the first things he did, that every piece of legislation that's been introduced or passed has to be on the Thomas website, the Library of Congress.
But it's not there, is it?
That's exactly right.
Go to thomas.loc.gov, and in the top left corner, ask for the bill number.
That's 2,845.
Type in S-2845.
What you'll see...
Is something saying, not available yet?
Oh, of course, the original version of the bill is there.
I mean, Newt's old idea worked to that extent.
But where it failed is all the real important versions, the stuff that's happening in committees, these last-minute amendments, they're not there.
Now, again, on every other bill, they will show every different conference committee version.
There might be 20 of them there, and it shows it all to you.
Now, magically, it's not there.
Now, when they passed the first Patriot Act...
Back on October 27, 2001, they had a version, people didn't like it, went back into committee, got the bad stuff added back in.
Two hours before the vote, got put on Thomas.
Thirty minutes before, they got hard copies.
No one had time to read the 90-something page bill with hundreds of side-page addendums.
And it was passed the dead of night.
This time, it's passed the House and the Senate.
It's in conference committee.
It could be brought out to be passed the full bill any day now, Declan.
They're going to have to give the members of Congress a few days to get back from trying to get re-elected.
That's right.
But you're right.
It can go back really quickly.
And the danger is, this is a politically charged election season, obviously.
And who's going to want to vote against something that's supposedly going to protect America from terrorism?
I don't know how national IDs would necessarily do that, but that's going to be the argument.
Charlotte Isserby, any comments?
Well, my comment is that I'm not surprised.
I don't think anybody realizes how many hours I spent, 18 months, trying to get information on the internal passport from Olympia Snow and the hiring of the two ex-KGB chiefs to consult with him on this.
I mean, if it took me 18 months and I never got any information, and she even sent my request over to the Office of Personnel Management, and I could never get anything out of them, and I went after them an equal number of times.
And, you know, so why should we be surprised that they're not putting it up on the Internet?
They don't want anyone to know what they're doing.
But we have the original version.
They admit what it's going to do.
And they've got this little caveat about, oh, it's to stop illegals.
But Bush, nine months ago, ten months ago, said, everybody else has a thumb scan and face scan, but illegals coming in from Latin America...
They don't have to do it.
We accept the consular matricula cards from 30-plus countries now.
I mean, Decla, a lot of people, Larry Pratt and others who've analyzed this are saying this whole thing about illegals is a red herring.
They know 87% of people are against the open borders, so they pitch this as some security thing for the borders.
That's exactly right.
I had a column up on news.com on October 4th, and what I was doing is taking a look at a bill from California
Republican David Dreyer.
What Dreyer's bill that was introduced last month would do, he said, oh yeah, this is an anti-illegal immigrant bill, but it's actually just designed to save his political behind because he's facing a lot of embarrassing allegations, protests in his home district.
It's going to be a tough race for him.
What it says is that Americans are going to have to carry around a
National ID card, a federal ID is what he calls it, with a photograph, social security number, and a so-called encrypted electronic script.
And before you get a job, you've got to show one of these federal ID cards.
And if your employer doesn't comply, then the employer can be jailed for up to five years.
And then he also has a back-end database, so whenever it's swiped, the government knows where you are and who's swiping your federal ID in the database.
So this is a worrisome proposal.
It's not, I should say, it's not part of the post-9-11 bill that we were talking about earlier.
It's standalone legislation.
Well, to be clear, yeah, Breyer's introduced one bill, and you've also got national ID card language in the 9-11 bill.
Yes, in both versions, the House and the Senate, it's just a question of which one is better or worse.
We could spend hours arguing over that.
Neither is good.
Well, which one, excuse me a minute, which one has the business about requiring the ID card in order to get a job?
They both.
Sorry, no, that's a separate bill.
That was introduced by... There's Dreyer, and then there's the 9-11 bill.
The Representative Dreyer's bill is H.R. 5111.
The two 9-11 bills, one of them is S-2845 and the other is HR-10.
Well, Declan, we're all really busy and it's hard to keep track of all of it, but two years ago, I taped this, and I've got literally a room full of stuff I've taped, but I watched a two-hour C-SPAN piece with Ridge, and he said, you're going to have this...
National worker card.
It'll double as an ID card.
And he said, we're going to standardize it as a driver's license.
And then he came out and said, openly, that then you're going to have to have this to have a job in infrastructure protection.
And he went on the list.
Food service, agriculture, taxi driving, school teacher, everything.
And the feds are going to decide if you get the color coding to have that job just like CAPS 2 with the flying.
Let me add to that.
You sparked my memory.
I had probably repressed that memory, but it's coming back to me now.
An amendment that's part of the bill that the Senate passed.
I mean, this is almost law, folks.
It goes in that direction.
It wants the Department of Homeland Security to create an integrated network of screening points
That includes the transportation system and critical infrastructure and any other facilities that the Secretary determines need to be protected against terrorist attacks.
This could mean checkpoints on street corners.
I don't know.
Oh, I've talked to the police, I've talked to the military, and I watch Ridge with my mouth hanging open.
Well, he was there for an hour.
He said, I'm sorry, I have to leave.
And he got up and left.
I've got this on tape.
I've got to get interns in here.
What happens is that for months at a time, I'll just stick tapes in VCRs and be recording three different news channels.
And I sat there and watched this, and of course didn't label it, but it's somewhere around here.
And then after he left, all these CEOs got into how much money this will make in compliance with all of this.
Oh, I...
We're all speechless now, ladies and gentlemen.
You know, Declan McCullough, Charlotte Iserby, this is what everybody's always worried about with the National ID cards, is that they do this, and so day one, they're not just getting the card and then bringing this in.
Day one, they're doing it all.
Well, you know, as I said before, Americans aren't going to do anything until it is so horrible.
They're just going to have to own the problems.
They're just going to have to own the problem.
They're going to have to be turned down for a job.
They're going to have to not be allowed to travel across the border.
They're not going to take care of any of these problems until that happens.
And I think the best way to get that to happen is probably even worse than Bush is to get Kerry in there because he's going to be so horrible that he and Bush are the same, of course, same agenda.
But vote for Peruca.
Draw the votes from George Bush.
Make sure Bush doesn't get elected.
He's too terribly dangerous anyway.
Probably more dangerous in a way than Kerry because of his foreign ventures.
But get Kerry elected.
And all those Christian fundamentalists, good Americans out there who love George Bush, let him do whatever he wants.
Let him push us into world government, world tyranny.
Let him do it, folks.
Those people will not let Kerry do that.
I agree with you.
I've been saying this all along.
Comments, Declan McCullough?
They're both sociopathic candidates at some level.
I'd probably vote Libertarian if I didn't live in Washington, D.C.
That's 90% Democrat, so it's not worth me voting.
But to answer your point, yeah, I mean, back when we had Clinton in the White House, you had Dick Armey doing his job in Congress and saying, you know, we're not going to let this bastard get away with things.
There was gridlock, which was good.
We were prosperous.
Government spending grew relatively slowly.
I mean, actually, it might be good to have a Democrat back in the White House, just so you can have this gridlock, and the Republicans can start being obstructionists instead of voting...
For more and more spending, like a Democrat on crack.
That's exactly it.
And just think, Rush Limbaugh can start really doing something again.
The Republicans can develop a spine.
Well, I mean, I have to agree with both of your comments and your analysis.
Think about what we've come to, folks.
Government spending has doubled what it was under Clinton, and only 30% of that is military.
This is incredible.
When we get back, Declan, you're in D.C., and we've got senators evacuating the Capitol.
I want to talk about that when we return.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
We'll tell you about Declan's site, too.
Jack Brownrigg for Midas Resources.
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Let's update.
January of 2002 to January of 2004, the Dow was up a whopping 2.2%.
The Nasdaq in that same time frame is flat.
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dollar was worth 17% more than the Euro.
Today, the U.S.
dollar is worth 28% less than the Euro.
Guess which one has gold backings?
January of 2002, gold spot was $2.83.
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I want people to let this sink in.
A national ID card.
Patriot Act II.
Funding for the Total Information Awareness Network.
It has all passed the House and the Senate.
We're talking about Bill O'Reilly and is he a sexual harasser.
We're talking about Kobe Bryant.
No, we're not going to talk about that here.
This is unbelievable.
And this has been their plan all along.
And now we have foreign governments grabbing indie media sites.
We have just cameras in school bathrooms.
We have just total surveillance blimps flying around D.C.
Declan McCullough...
You're in D.C., a brave man.
You live there.
You work there.
And we'll talk about your websites and what you do here in just a few minutes for folks to check it out.
But we have Senator Dayton evacuating three days ago because of, quote, a security threat he was given a month ago by the leader of the Senate, and that's imminent threat to the Capitol.
And then I have a U.S.
News & World Report article from three months ago where they said, White House source told us the Capitol will be attacked, that's a quote,
And then now I have the Washington Times.
Leaders in D.C.
mock Dayton.
Say he's a coward.
Say there's no threat.
Well, Ridge has said it's probably going to be attacked.
And then his sources have said it will be attacked.
You're in D.C.
What are you getting on this subject?
Well, I should say that maybe I'm a wimp, but I don't go over to Capitol Hill that much.
It's mainly because the stuff I do is in the northwest quadrant of the city.
So I don't know as much about the situation there as folks who live on Capitol Hill.
And keep in mind that you have townhouses coming right up to the Capitol building.
It's a residential area.
So it's not just senators who should be worried.
But that said, you know, I mean, we've been living for the last two plus years in a state where you always have these heightened alerts and emergencies and terrorist threat warnings.
And it seems bizarre that you just have one
Good point.
But he says he was given a briefing, and they won't talk about that briefing.
Did you see the U.S.
News & World Report article, Declan?
Well, does the AP article say a White House source told U.S.
News & World Report that there will be an attack before or on the election, and that either the Capitol will be attacked or there'll be coast-to-coast attacks?
Even if that's true, and this is the communication that the senator received,
All the other members of the Senate received the same intelligence, as far as I can tell.
Yeah, no, he said that, yeah.
So then 99 folks decided to stick it out.
Actually, they're not there.
They're pretty much home, except for the few people on the conference committee.
But it still seems bizarre.
You'd expect to see more unanimity here.
Well, I don't see his political reason for doing it.
I think it's risky.
He says it's morally.
I've been given a threat this big.
I want to warn people.
I mean, it could be a wider warn.
This is a bizarre situation in many ways.
You have a Department of Homeland Security that's supposed to take care of...
I'd like to check Homeland Security and coordinate things, but instead you have the Capitol Police, a different branch of government, having its own alert.
You have the FBI playing turf wars with
Well, I think bottom line what Charlotte said last hour is the case.
They had an anthrax attack from questionable sources going on during the last passage of a Patriot Act.
Now we have this new atmosphere of heightened alert.
You better pass this to keep everybody safe.
I think that's what's
A big part of this.
You might be right.
That's a good point.
It's pathetic.
Well, I mean, we're not even really getting into Patriot Act 2.
They've got Patriot Act 2 rolled into this bill, Declan.
They've been taking, not all of it, but they've taken portions of it and stuck it in there.
That's right.
And again, this should be a top nightly news story, but it's not.
For some reason, just saying this was a response to the 9-11 Commission's report made everyone, the mainstream media say, oh, okay, it must be good.
We're not going to worry about it.
We're just going to focus on celebrity gossip instead.
But that commission was appointed by George W. Bush.
That was like when Janet Reno appointed Danforth to investigate her, and they called it independent.
Yeah, hardly independent.
This was back from the get-go.
All right, a bunch of other issues coming up.
Your calls, Declan McCullough, Charlotte Isery.
I'm Alex Jones.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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It's powerful stuff.
That's right, there's no easy way out, my friends.
Governments always want to dominate and control populations.
I mean, even if we had an angelic government, and John Kerry or George Bush or whoever else, they're building the mechanisms for total enslavement, total micromanagement by this technocracy.
Technology is just an inanimate system, but it can be used as a tool for good or evil.
It's being used for evil, folks.
And this grid is being set down upon us, around us.
The border is wide open.
Our government's arming and training all these terrorist countries.
You know, with one hand giving them nuclear weapons components and the other hand saying we've got to go into Iran.
And then meanwhile, the border's wide open, and then they're telling citizens we're going to have to have national ID cards, and the bills that are out there have waivers for the illegals.
It's mind-boggling, mind-blowing.
Charlotte Iserby, any comments about this before we go to these calls from Dan and Ron and Joe and many others?
Well, my comments are just the deliberate dumbing down of America.
I never realized when I put all my research together that what the title really, the significance of the title, they had to do this.
They had to dumb our children down, all of us.
We're now, we're adults, but we've been dumbed down.
And we don't know, if you don't know what form of government or economic system you have, you don't know the Constitution, you don't know any of these things, you don't know what communism, fascism is,
You've never had any real history.
You're not going to object to this kind of thing.
I think this is the reason, the major reason why Americans are not rising up and doing something about this.
Because if you don't know that someone stole something from you, are you going to complain if you don't know you have it in the first place?
Well, Charlotte, I think a big part of that is an illusion.
I agree there's a dumbed-down mash.
I mean, half the public you talk to doesn't even know who the vice president is, literally.
But for that other half, half of those think they know everything, think they're part of the system and we're just idiots.
But I'd say we've got a quarter of the people who have a Christian conservative or libertarian, freedom-loving, truth-seeking view.
And to us, we're just in horror.
And then the mainstream media tries to make us feel like we're alone or by ourselves.
But Declan McCullough, Charlotte, Israel, you guys do interviews.
I mean, I've done 1,600-plus, quit counting months ago, in the last three years, on some of the biggest talk shows in the country.
And I'll be on for three hours, and they'll take 30, 40 calls, and one caller will call in and disagree and say, I want to kill you.
I want to put you in a camp, Alex.
You know, you're a liar.
So I see it as we're the majority.
I see it as we've actually won.
It's just that the media still makes us feel like we're all by ourselves.
I think that that's why I feel we've got to vote for Peruca to make sure Bush doesn't win.
There's not enough time for us to constantly go through the dialectic, where you pit one side against the other, good versus evil, and you keep coming to the synthesis.
You're saying just put Kerry in, all the conservatives will wake up, go absolutely ape.
Declan McCullough comments about people really waking up.
Do you think that, or what do you think?
I guess I've spent 10 years in D.C.
I first moved here in 1991, and then a year or two off and came back for some strange reason.
But the point is I've become a little pessimistic.
I think things are going to have to get worse, much worse, before they get better.
America is, for all of its problems,
It still has a strong economy.
There's a lot more that needs to be done by folks in government who don't understand what a free society should be before things get really, really bad.
But, I mean, you know, we're heading in this direction pretty quickly with this two-party duopoly.
Explain a two-party duopoly.
Well, I mean, it's this idea...
That's correct, that you have basically two parties who both like power quite a bit, and they are very worried about third parties, and so they do things like co-opt third party messages, make it difficult and near impossible for third party candidates to get on state ballots, and do things like oppose third parties entering presidential debates, unless it's someone who's
Maybe an independent billionaire like Mr. Perot who can sort of force his way in.
And to respond to your earlier point about the media, I mean I've worked at mainstream media publications and the media isn't necessarily Democratic or Republican.
Individual Republicans
Individual reporters tend to be more democratic, it's true, but the broader theme is that they tend to be attracted to power.
And if they write the party line, they're going to get to have dinner with the president, they're going to be at the table, they're going to be at all the press conferences, and the minute they don't self-censor, they're not going to be there.
Exactly right.
And so being a White House reporter, I go to the White House...
Every so often to cover events there, but having to be there every day is one of the worst jobs in the world because you get handed a press release and then you're told to write about it.
And everyone in the White House, if they have message discipline on that day, isn't going to tell you anything differently.
You have very little background.
It's just a miserable job.
But the point is you do that job well by sucking up to the folks in power, whether they're Democratic or Republican.
I want to shift gears into the calls.
All right.
Dan in Illinois.
Dan, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Go ahead, Dan.
Yeah, Charlotte?
Yeah, hi.
Yeah, how are you?
Hi, Dan.
Oh, yeah.
You were thinking about these so-called Christians getting on the bandwagon with carries getting voted.
You know what?
There has been a diabolic plan against these people with the left and the right, the politically active and everybody else.
The use of hate has got these people so incoherent right now.
They don't have any ability to perceive anything but hate.
They think one side is the enemy, the other side is just constantly using this hate.
That's all it's going to do is make them hate more if Kerry goes in.
Yeah, that's good.
Then they'll suddenly hate the National ID card.
They'll suddenly hate the open borders.
That's why I really would like to see that happen.
Earlier on, a commercial came along.
I wanted to point out that about 20 years ago, when I was in Washington...
After Reagan had been elected.
And I asked the editor of Human Events how his subscriptions were.
And he said, oh, they're down.
And I said, oh, yeah.
He said, oh, always.
When we get a Republican in there, especially a conservative, nobody subscribes to Human Events anymore.
That was when Human Events was good.
And I thought that was very interesting.
Oh, yeah.
Hey, listen.
This broadcast is going to automatically get 50 more affiliates.
That's right!
Oh, yes.
Dan, thanks for the call.
Before we go to Ron in New York and others that are holding, toll-free number 1-800-259-9231.
Declan, give folks your info, how people read your great articles.
Oh, why, thank you.
You can read them at news.com, pretty easy domain name to remember, or my own website, which is politexbot.com, that's P-O-L-I-T-E-C-B-O-T dot com.
I-T-E-C-H-E-O-T dot com.
And we have links to both those sites at InfoWars.com.
Declan, have you put out any books or publications you want to plug?
I've written some chapters for books.
I haven't written my own yet.
I've spent probably too much time writing stuff for the Internet.
No, no, you're very prolific when it comes to that.
Ron in New York, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Ron.
Good afternoon to everybody.
I don't want to digress from the purpose of my call, but the last call I mentioned hate.
When you have an animosity towards injustice, that's not hate.
That's righteous indignation.
I agree.
Now, for the purpose of my call, many of the callers over the last few weeks, Alex, have been calling about this thing where they can't get their canceled checks returned to them.
Well, lo and behold, in a very small local village paper in my community today, there's an article about that.
It's a good article, too.
And again, you pay for these checks.
And then they send you little bitty copies of them.
And that's going to take full implementation on October the 28th.
And it's born out of something called the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act, or better known as Check 21.
The article, ironically, Alex, they use the professional, I guess, information from somebody down in your state, a guy in Houston, Texas named Joe Gillian.
Who is a chief executive of Pinnacle Financial Strategies, and he gives the whole lowdown in that paper of what that's about.
Bottom line is this.
Good for bank, bad for consumer.
That's really what it comes down to.
They don't give you your check back.
They give you a photocopy, and then they have the audacity, and this was made in law to say the photocopy carries the full weight of the original document.
That's the first time that I've ever seen in American legal history that a photocopy of anything will carry the full weight of the act.
And then they can also alter it if they want to.
Perfectly right.
That's right, because that's the point.
Let me get a comment from Declan McCullough on this.
This is right up his alley.
I'm not familiar with that.
I'm probably not the best person to talk about it.
Well, I mean, I know suddenly my checks came back, and they're little bitty photocopies, you know, 10, 15 checks on one page.
That's what I have.
And you can't even read it.
Yeah, I mean, I've run into the same thing.
You know, that might be a problem, but I'm more worried about things like the legislation in Congress than that.
Well, I am, too.
The National ID card and the rest of it.
Me, too.
Yes, Ron.
Let me give you and, of course, your listeners the website.
This little paper actually has a website, and you can find the article in there on about page 31.
It's called the Times News Weekly.
It's www.timesnewsweekly.com.
And it's amazing that it's a really good article from this small little paper about that issue.
Let me say something about this.
This is part of a larger, more dangerous trend of the government or corporations making you take automatic transfer and everything going to this cashless system to where they're phasing out and going to the ID card and going to cashless.
I'm all for having the dual system, but we need to keep the original system in place.
Declan, comments on making people go to automatic transfers?
Maybe I'm going to sound a little radical here, and you're not going to agree with me.
If the banks are doing it themselves... No, it's a law.
And they're doing it voluntarily because it actually reduces prices and they can offer better interest rates or whatever, I don't have a problem with it.
What I do have a problem with, and maybe this is where Ron's going, is when the government steps in and says, Well, that's what it is.
Yeah, it's a law.
It's the result of something known as the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act.
And then see, the banks have gotten a law passed because people are going to want to go to the bank where you get your original check.
Oh no, now it's the law.
You don't get it.
So that's the government regulating business now.
A question to Ron.
Does this apply to credit unions?
Well, I guess it applies to any financial institution that you write a check against.
They can't have paid by going to a credit union.
Yeah, that's what's... People are really mad about this.
What it does, folks, is, as Alex pointed out, because it's all electronic, things can be altered.
There's no evidence trail left anymore.
There's no hard paper trail.
There's no document trail.
This is like an unprecedented concept in our culture.
We've always had a basis, and like Alex said, either a dual system or the paper trail system, so that if push comes to shove, you have an original document to prove your case.
This diminishes that now.
Okay, thanks for the call, Ron.
Shifting gears from both of you, Charlotte Isserby in the Reagan administration, Declan Teniers in D.C.
covering it.
Electronic voting machines, they've been caught in mistakes or fraud coast to coast.
Two days ago they did a test in Palm Beach.
The system wouldn't even power up.
It crashed.
I mean, it seems like, you know, let's just say we can trust them.
You know, you don't get a paper trail, which is a fraud, of course.
Doesn't matter.
Still, the error rate's even higher.
They're crashing.
They're breaking down.
They got convicted felons, you know, running Diebold out in California.
Declan, comments?
You're right.
What else can I say?
I'll try.
A few points.
First, the computer scientists are right on this one.
These machines have tremendous
Yeah, 20 million people.
But at the same time,
A lot of these objections and criticisms are theoretical.
They'll probably happen eventually, but they haven't happened yet.
So let's just keep in mind that we really haven't had the Armageddon of e-voting machine fraud happen yet.
It's still something that's likely to happen, but I'm guessing it's not going to happen this year.
Well, Declan, I mean, I really focus on this, and there's whole sites like Black Box Voting that have maybe 10 stories a day, hundreds on election days.
I mean, you know, there's 31,000 voters on the machine cast, 38,000.
You've got people like Hagel owning his own voting machine company that 90% of those in Nebraska vote for him on.
You've got Clear Channel here in Texas owning Hard Inner Civics, then running their own candidate who's married to the owner's daughter, and then the polls show he's going to lose, but he magically wins.
We've had Diebold's engineers quit and say this system's a complete joke.
I mean, I don't know.
Charlotte, is there any comments?
I'm not good on that one.
That's not my expertise.
No expertise on that one.
Well, I know this.
All I know, Alex, is that we don't have it in Maine, and thank God we don't, because I feel it's open to...
A lot of this.
Everywhere they put this system in, the politicians get real arrogant real quick.
98% of you are against toll roads?
Shut up, we got the machines.
Ha ha ha.
I mean, it just... Declan, you can't ignore this incredible new arrogance.
I mean, you've been in D.C.
for 10 years, but it seems like they're getting more arrogant.
They are.
They get more and more money to spend.
I was just looking at the latest issue of Liberty Magazine, which I always like reading.
The government spending in the last 50 years, inflation adjusted, has increased about five times per capita.
It's huge.
You give politicians more money, they get more arrogant.
But to go to your e-voting machine thing, I mean, technology is wonderful.
I'm a technologist.
I'm a computer programmer.
I write for a technology website.
But you don't always need technology when it hasn't been proven to be secure.
There are secure
And they're there that give you a paper trail, but no, just trust us, you can't have that.
They have the big conference here in Austin.
We covered it.
They keep saying the Internet is dead.
It will be shut down.
We're not going to upgrade the major hubs.
We're going to force you over to Internet 2.
And it's the very corporations that own the backbone that are saying this is going to happen.
Any comments about Internet 2?
By Internet 2, do you mean the version of the Internet that's being used by schools, higher ed, or do you mean the IPv6?
Both of those, they're now saying, are going to merge together in a consortium, and I actually did make it down there one day to this, and the headline is that the old Internet's about to die, and we're going to force you over into this new grid we're building.
Yeah, don't hold your breath.
There's nothing dangerous or pernicious about it.
If people don't want to migrate over, they don't have to.
There's a lot more resiliency left in
The old Internet that people thought four years ago.
But there are some real problems.
One is the allocation of IP addresses, that is, Internet Protocol addresses, sort of like phone numbers.
There aren't enough, and so we need to eventually find a new way.
The question is when that's going to happen.
All right.
Declan McCullough, thanks for coming on with us.
My pleasure.
Thank you.
Give your websites out again one more time.
Go to news.com.
You can find stuff there.
All right.
Take care, my friend.
Charlotte, stay there.
I'll let you have final comments on the other side of this quick break.
Stay the course with us.
Stay with us to the better end.
We'll be right back.
PrisonPlanet.TV, InfoWars.com.
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All right, we've got to move really quick here.
We did confirm that General Eberhardt yesterday said, how dare the senator evacuate the Capitol?
That's not the threat.
It's all these other places.
Florida, all these places.
They will be attacked before the election.
And now we've got the Florida Sun Sentinel article.
We're posting all those on prisonplanet.com here in the next few minutes.
And Daniel in Texas has got the Florida Sun Sentinel article in front of him.
Tell us all about it, Daniel.
I appreciate the opportunity, Alex.
All right, so you have the Orlando Sun Sentinel here, and it just came across the wire this morning, and it says, "...Florida National Guard troops who spent months patrolling the airport after the 2001 terrorist attacks may return to the terminals around the state soon."
The planning was prompted by a, quote, warning order received earlier this week by U.S.
Northern Command in Colorado, which is responsible, we know about, General Eberhardt at Northern Command.
They're going to be first responders.
They're going to suspend posse comitatus.
At the end here of the article, it says, several Florida Guard soldiers who spoke on the condition that they not be identified said commanders had been seeking volunteers in recent days.
They said that they were told their duty would last between one and four months and that it might begin later this month.
Which mimics a lot of what the people in the Texas National Guard have been telling you, Alex.
I've got the documents.
They're doing martial law training.
They've been told it's going to happen.
And just more confirming this.
Thank you for the call.
Charlotte, is there any final comments on this and the phone number to get your book?
Well, the phone number to get my book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, which is also in an e-book.
You can buy it either way, the hardcover or the electronic version, is 207-
That's in Maine.
And I hope people will also go to my website, which is just full of information, all of my articles, including my last article.
Many ways to skin a cat, which recommends voting for Perutka in order to get rid of Bush.
All right, again, that website is deliberatedummingdown.com?
deliberatedummingdown.com And then your phone number again, slowly.
207-442-0543 Do you think we're going to see a staged terror attack before the election?
You think we'll see it after?
You don't think there'll be any more terror attacks?
You know what?
There may be, but I don't allow myself to buy into that.
And I think Americans better stop a lot.
Because what difference does it make?
Well, the globalists are behind it, and that's why... That's right.
But you know what it does to you?
It keeps you from moving forward and doing positive things.
Oh, no.
Charlotte, by the way, it makes me move faster.
Oh, yeah, you, but not me.
I mean, if I focus on another attack, and I keep listening to all of this stuff, which basically comes right out of the White House, huh?
I'm not going to be able to produce to write.
But we need to expose that they're behind it.
Hey, Charlotte, we're out of time.
It was great having you on.
Very good.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
You're awesome.
Take care.
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Hope you have a great weekend.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight central on the shortwave at 3210.
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I'll be back Monday, 11 to 2 during the day as well.
No, we've got to focus on how the globalists are behind the terror and expose it so we can preemptively get them to stop it and not go ahead with it.
That is life or death.
Take care.