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Air Date: Oct. 12, 2004
2247 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It is Tuesday, the 12th day of October 2004.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Thank you for joining us.
Bob Chapman of the International Forecaster, former Army Intelligence, made a lot of powerful predictions, run one of the biggest financial newsletters in the country for decades, will be joining us to talk about oil going over $54 a barrel.
That's now over...
An 84% increase in prices just in the last year.
And it is a giant scam being run by the oil companies.
There's plenty of oil.
Is it caused by the hurricanes or lack of refineries?
They found more oil than they know what to do with all over the globe.
But it is all run by a giant cartel.
Even those that aren't part of OPEC are still within the cartel's control because they want to sell oil at jacked up prices as well.
So this is the all-out raping that's going on and it's only going to get worse, my friends.
We'll talk about that and the economy in general with an individual who two years ago on this broadcast said that in the next few years he thought oil would hit $60 a barrel and
That was back when it was $30 a barrel, folks.
So we'll be, or less than $30 a barrel, we'll be covering that coming up here in about 30 minutes.
Then in the middle of the next hour, Larry Pratt, who did an expert analysis a couple years ago of the Patriot Act II...
Has now done an expert analysis with his lawyers of the new Super Patriot Act that has the national ID card in it.
You'll have to have the ID card to have a job.
The Total Information Awareness Network sent it.
Gun control, you name it, it's all in there.
And Larry Pratt, a real conservative, not one of these phony neoconservatives telling you how great the Patriot Act is.
Spies Lap Up Info from Torture!
British spies, lack of information, gathered through torture.
Just right out in the open.
Oil jumps again over $54 on winter fuel worries.
Funny, the winter was always when prices went down.
Oh, now it's going to go up because of that.
Also, some interesting listener emails I'm going to read.
Rights group list al-Qaeda suspects in secret CIA custody that have disappeared out of camps around the world.
Nuclear bomb equipment lost in Iraq.
groups ask U.N.
Seven U.S.
for vote observations.
Let's call in Beelzebub to oversee Satan.
He'll keep the devil in line.
One grid to rule them all.
One grid to find them, one grid to bind them, and in the darkness enslave them.
This is out of The Economist, Science and Technology, headline one grid to rule them all.
I call it the control grid.
Oh, they're now calling it the Cashless Society control grid here in the article.
And they go into how everything you do will be absolutely tracked.
Down to your heartbeat for your safety.
The scanners will be scanning you as you walk.
All part of the new freedom.
The blimps will look through your walls.
Every product you have will have a chip in it.
Moscow children to wear dog tags under new freedoms.
Anand to use Irish trip to push plan for hit squads.
That's the Irish times!
UN hit squads!
National polls split on who's going to win the election.
spies to spy on chat rooms.
Just, folks, there's so much.
It's all coming up.
You do not want to miss this powerful broadcast.
Stay with us.
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Alright, we're 8 minutes and 20 seconds into this first hour in the second segment here.
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until 2 p.m.
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All right.
Before I plunge deeply into the news, again, we've got Bob Chapman, international forecaster, coming up in about 23 minutes.
Then we've got coming on to talk about the new Super Patriot Act, Larry Pratt with his expert analysis of this new nightmare legislation.
With the national ID card and the rest of it, it's already passed the House and Senate committees, and we can have a full vote on this bad boy this week, my friends.
And it makes the first Patriot Act look tame.
People freaked out over that, and rightfully so.
Now, this new one is unbelievable.
We'll be detailing it and dissecting it, chronicling it, tracking it, looking at it underneath a microscope with the subsections by subsections in the next hour.
And, of course, with Bob Chapman, one of the central things we'll talk about is oil hitting $54 un barrel.
But first off, I want to read this email.
Because I get emails like this every couple days.
I get hundreds of nice emails and informed emails and emails asking questions and emails, people wanting to know things.
And we try to answer them all.
We can sift through all the spam we get.
We might have 20 spams for every good email we get.
That's why the inbox will have a couple thousand in it every day.
So I'm sorry that I don't respond to all your emails.
I do try to read them all.
I or my staff.
But this is pretty much indicative of those that disagree with me.
They don't disagree with the New World Order system that we're exposing.
They don't disagree that that's going on and happening, but somehow they're angry at me because when they're out trying to warn people, they get ridiculed.
And so it's my fault that they're being ridiculed by people that want to defend the Titanic as it's going beneath the waves.
So I'm not mad at this e-mailer.
We'll just call him Larry.
It says, Alex, me, like most people that listen to you, believe every word you say because it's supposedly documented.
Well, number one, sir, you should not believe every word I say.
In fact, I get dates wrong sometimes.
I mispronounce names.
Occasionally I am wrong about things, and I will come on the air and say it.
So, no, if you've been listening to the broadcast for four years, as you say, then you would know that I say trust but verify, as the president formerly said, once said, and then I want you to check out the information for yourself so you know it's true.
So, no, don't just believe me.
So let's start back over again.
Alex, me, like most people that listen to you, believe every word you say because it's supposedly documented.
Well, my friend, I've been listening to you spouting off about how Bin Laden has been on ice for months.
Then every time I turn around, you have a new story on your site about him.
Well, listen.
I sent a lot of people to your site, and now it's coming back to bite me in the you-know-what.
Does he know what he's talking about, or doesn't he?
Now I guess he's talking to whoever he thinks is reading this.
This is what I'm getting all the time now.
Why don't you get your story straight and stick to it?
I'm sure I'm not the only one that you're making look stupid thanks for your listener.
Now, sir, if you went to InfoWars.com or PresidentPlanet.com two and a half years ago,
When I posted a story that Paul Watson wrote out of my comments on the air, you would see the first line says, We don't know if this is disinformation.
We don't know if this is true.
We don't know if this is going to happen.
All we know is that Alex Jones, because Paul Watson was writing the article, talking about myself like, Bob Doe, Bob Doe, and...
Alex Jones, let me tell you, he's a good guy.
No, I'm talking about Paul Watson writing the article, so it's in the second person.
Alex Jones was at a media event, let's just say, a party, and a government official was drunk and spouted off about
Well, Alex, you know, Bin Laden died of kidney failure, and we've got him on ice, and we're going to roll him out right before the election.
And so I went on air, and the person made me swear that I wouldn't tell anybody before they told me this.
That's why I never revealed who said this.
And so I went on air.
And I said, this could be disinformation.
They could have fed this person disinformation.
They could have been feeding me disinformation.
But this is what I was told by someone at high levels of the administration.
By that high levels, but in the lower echelon of the highest levels.
We'll just put it that way.
And a big campaign contributor to Lord Bush as well in the first campaign.
And then we...
Interviewed CFR members on this broadcast, who came out and said, oh yeah, he died of kidney failure, he's on ice.
Then years later, Madeleine Albright tells Fox News, yeah, he's dead on ice, they're going to bring him out right before the election.
Then Senator Grassley, a Republican, says it.
Then members of Congress, others say it.
Then John Forbes Carey's wife, Carissa Hines Carey, comes out and says it a few weeks ago.
And so I don't know if in the next three weeks they're going to roll out bin Laden dead or alive or claim they found a toenail, as Greg Pallas from the BBC said yesterday, and, oh, we think we killed him.
I don't know what's going to happen.
I, from day one, said I was told this before anybody was saying this.
You know, any of these government officials, Republican and Democrat, I've said, I was told this.
This could be disinfo.
Let's see what happens.
And then we said later, about a year ago, well, because we've been reporting on this, this could make them change their script.
And then all these bigwigs, all these big guns, all these poobahs, Graham poobahs, came out and said what I was saying, what I'd heard from an administration official.
Obviously, that's where these rumors come from.
Because of these big mouths that like to brag in the Bush administration.
I wasn't the only one hearing this.
So, that's what's going on here.
And so, then you run out there and tell people Alex Jones says they're going to roll him out before the election, which I've never said.
I've said they may.
I've been told this.
We know he works for CIA.
We know he was near death.
In July of 2001, when he met with the CIA section chief for ten days in Dubai at the American hospital.
I mean, that's even been on America's Most Wanted of all places.
I mean, it's been in the Associated Press, Le Figaro, Washington Times.
So all we did was say, hey, we're getting this info.
And then a full year and, I don't know, nine, ten months later, it started to come out.
Six, eight months ago, different public officials on both sides of the aisle saying what I had said I'd heard from an administration official.
And so, yes, we post articles where they claim Bin Laden's sneaking around in Tora Bora and Bin Laden's going to kill us any minute and Al Qaeda's going to kill us any minute.
I mean, there have been cases where they claim they catch his number two man and kill him and bomb him and capture him and the next week he's back bombing us and backstabbing
We're good to go.
It's like Saddam's sons.
They killed them three times.
They killed chemical Ali three times.
Now they say he's back out at large.
They never retract.
They just have new announcements because they know the average American doesn't even know how many continents there are or can't find Iraq on a map.
And so, you know, it won't matter if they just change the names around.
So I don't know what the truth is, and I've said that since day one.
But I get your little email saying,
Saying, you know, people are laughing at you.
Well, you know, I've told you the world is round.
And you can investigate that if you want.
And if somebody laughs at you and goes, Larry thinks the world is round.
You come back to me and go, Alex, they're laughing at me because of you.
You said the world was round.
I told them that.
And they laughed at me.
Now, if they create some little phony debate about
Oh, the conspiracy theorists said they were going to capture Bin Laden, but he was never captured.
Boy, that really discredits people.
I'm not discredited.
All I ever said was, I was told this by an administration official, and then a bunch of other people said it, and then I stated, this may stop them from doing that.
I predict what Pallas said.
I mean, I will say with the probability, the greatest probability is, and I don't like to speculate, is that they'll claim that they found a toenail or, you know, a finger or something, as Greg Pallas said yesterday, maybe even after the election.
I don't know.
But everybody I've talked to says, yeah, they've got bin Laden, they're going to stage it.
That's now what everybody believes.
And so the globalists may not do it now because we preemptively expose them.
I don't know.
Now, shifting gears away from that, what I do know is that they're torturing people, that surveillance blimps are looking through our walls, that oil prices are at $54 a barrel, and that we're losing our freedoms, and they've got a new Super Patriot Act introduced, and the borders are wide open.
So if you'd like to talk about those serious issues, we will.
We'll be right back, my friends.
Please stay with us.
We'll be back on the other side.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Got some confusion, but if you read into the articles we said, we've been given this information, we don't know if it's real.
By exposing this, this could stop the stage capture of bin Laden.
And I think our credibility increased massively by the fact that all these big government officials then repeated what I had first reported.
And frankly, I'm tired of reporting stuff first.
I mean, I could care less about being the first person or the only person.
To be reporting what the New World Order is up to months or in some cases years before the mainstream media or even the so-called alternative media is forced to get around to it.
You know, it was hard to get on the air on September 11th and say the government had carried out the attacks.
That was tough to do.
It was tough to do it months before 9-11.
It's tough to come up here first and say the government was running drills on 9-11 of flying hijacked jets into buildings two and a half years ago.
Months and months before it finally came out in the mainstream news.
But I'm happy to do that.
I live my life studying this.
This is what I do.
Alright, let's get into some more news, and then we'll get to your calls once our guest is on with us.
For those that are holding, toll-free number to join us, 1-800-
2599231, and we'll get you up and on the air.
This is out of the London Mirror.
Spies lap up info from torture.
British spies lap up information gathered through torture, hurting Britain's ability to fight for human rights.
The ambassador to Uzbekistan has sent an leaked memo obtained by Reuters.
And that's exactly what I've talked about.
When Rumsfeld gets up and says torture's good, and when our government promotes torture and brags about it, and when the law enforcement publications say it's the new virtue, then when China and Russia and everybody else torture people, they say, hey, shut up!
You do the same thing in your country.
In the memo, Ambassador Craig Murray complained to supervisors in London that British officials were selling their souls off
Well, that's the point.
Number one, you can't trust a government that tortures, whether it's Hitler's government, or Saddam's government, or Pol Pot's government, or Fidel Castro's government, and you can't trust a...
Confession that comes from torture.
We've received intelligence obtained under torture from Uzbek security services via the U.S.
We should stop, Murray wrote.
This is morally, legally, and practically wrong.
The practice fatally undermines our moral standing.
It obliterates my efforts to get the Uzbek government to stop torture.
They are fully aware of our intelligence community, laps up the results, and then gives them more funds.
So these intelligence chiefs in Uzbekistan making all these oil deals, multi-billion dollar oil deals, they want some more tanks and helicopters and more funds to put in their own bank accounts?
They just torture somebody into saying they're Al-Qaeda.
Meanwhile, Al-Qaeda was flown out of Afghanistan months into the fake war.
Really, weeks into the fake war, by U.S.
That's admitted.
The CIA says it was an accident we loaded them on, and C-130s and flew them out to safety, and it's an accident we don't go after them now in Pakistan, and it's an accident that we used them to attack the Serbs in the late 90s, and it's an accident that we've used them all along for dirty work, and it's an accident, it's an accident, it's an accident.
So that's the type of freedom that we're out there spreading.
Here's another one.
Rights group lists Al-Qaeda suspects in secret CIA custody.
AFP, Human Rights Watch, listed the same.
And the names of 11 senior Al-Qaeda suspects, it said, were held by the CIA in secret locations overseas where some had reportedly been tortured.
Well, the CIA two and a half years ago in the Washington Post bragged the CIA section chief how they, quote, took them to third-party countries for torture.
And they listed Egypt and Jordan.
And it said that our agents oversaw the torture.
And that they would also, quote, threaten their families, not just torture them.
The suspects were detained with no notification of their families, no Red Cross access, and in some cases, no acknowledgement that they are even being held, the New York-based watchdog said in a 46-page report.
Disappearances were a trademark abuse of Latin American military dictatorships and their dirty war on alleged subversion, said Human Rights Watch Special Counsel Reed Brody.
Well, here's the point, folks.
It's the Arabs today, everybody tomorrow.
They're just setting the precedent.
They'd love to do it here.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
Bob Chapman, international forecaster, our economic financial expert, will be joining us here just in a few minutes.
And for all the callers, John, Mark, and many others, your calls are coming up early in this first hour as well, or early in this segment.
I want to go to you quickly.
The toll-free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
Before we go to Bob Chapman...
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That the Order of Death, known as Skull and Bones, has its members at the highest levels of every sector of the U.S.
economy from banking to government.
I traveled back to the elite encampment in Northern California, the Bohemian Grove, where I first infiltrated and got the only video footage of the bizarre rituals conducted by the Bushes and others.
American Dictator shows that while Bush and Kerry spout different rhetoric, their actions are almost identical.
The film also takes a revealing look at Ralph Nader, the dark horse would-be political spoiler of 04.
I take you to the front lines of the fight against the expanding police state, the new super patriot act, the national ID card, as well as some of the newest and most shocking revelations surrounding the September 11th cover-up.
American Dictators is a must-see for anyone who wants to know the truth concerning how the global elite has hijacked both parties and is giving the American people a false choice.
By exposing this rigged game where the global mob owns all the horses, American Dictators is able to unlock minds so then freedom-loving individuals can decipher the mainstream media propaganda for what it is, a military industrial complex operation.
Long after the election of 2004 is over, American Dictators will be just as pertinent to current events as when we first released it.
Because it exposes the fraudulent system itself.
A system that continues to repeat the same tricks over and over again.
American Dictators exposes the scam.
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And so I want to thank Bob Chapman and all the callers for holding while I went through that.
But information is power, and we've got to get it out to people.
Speaking of powerful information, he was with Army Intelligence in his youth.
And of course, as a degreed economist and financial expert, his predictions are legendary.
That's why we have Bob Chapman on this broadcast routinely.
I remember two years ago, he predicted that within the next two years, we would see oil prices at $60 a barrel.
That was back when they were $25 a barrel.
$30 a barrel.
We are now seeing it at $54 a barrel today.
No end in sight.
He predicted when I first interviewed him three years ago that gold would go up around $100.
It has done that and more.
And so joining us is Bob Chapman.
Bob, good to have you on with us.
Well, thank you for having me again.
I always enjoy your program and the great public service that you provide to people by informing them about what is really going on.
Well, thank you, Bob, and I appreciate what you're doing as well.
I wish there were more people that studied this like we do and see the big picture.
What in the New World Order is going on with $54 a barrel crude?
Looks like it may go over.
They're saying $56 today.
I don't know.
There's still four or five hours left at the mercantile.
Well, first of all, it backed off to slightly below $54 a barrel crude.
Here in the last 15 or 20 minutes.
And I could see the hand of the U.S.
government and the Federal Reserve in the market early today, around 4 a.m.
our time in the United States.
They began to bang gold and they were trying to hold up the Dow futures, the different indexes in Europe.
When the market opened in the United States, they leveled gold.
They knocked it down to $4.15, down $8.30 on the day.
And they also have been shoring up the bond market.
It's a day of total manipulation by the Fed Reserve and by the Plunge Protection Team, of which the Fed is part of.
That goes into the stock market and manipulates it.
The market is off around 35 points right now.
It was off 70 earlier in the day.
And I'm sure before the day is over, they'll have it back to even.
And that's what goes on each and every day in our markets.
Now, as far as oil is concerned, we have a number of situations.
We've got Yukos in Russia, which is being challenged by the government.
They owe seven point something billion dollars in
Fines and taxes, and I am sure that their assets will be auctioned off, of which the Russian government will take a good piece of them.
We have a strike in Nigeria for four days.
There's tribal war going on.
The faction outside the government wants to take over the oil production, and of course Royal Dutch Shell doesn't want them to do that.
And we have a 17% loss in production of oil out of the Gulf.
Most people don't know it, and this has not been publicized, but Hurricane Ivan produced some 90-foot waves in the Gulf.
And the equipment there was not prepared for that, and I am certainly glad I wasn't there.
And so consequently, besides the daily terrorist attacks in Iraq on pipelines, the stability of production of oil flowing to the United States is questionable, and to other places as well.
And so I believe that we'll continue to see higher prices.
We'll probably hit 60.
And eventually I think we could go higher.
May hit 60, could go higher.
Now, long before all of these terror attacks and long before hurricanes, you were saying oil prices were going to explode.
We're good to go.
Sweet crude oil or light crude oil.
Why are we seeing this?
At the same time, oil companies are all registering record profits.
Do you agree that some of this is not caused by natural causes, but that they're kind of piggybacking on this as a pretext to have massive profit-taking?
Yes, and current production...
...is 82 million barrels a day, which just about meets the demand out there, and they've had to go the entire limit.
In fact, Saudi Arabia is producing more oil than they have before, and most of it is heavy oil, which is very difficult and expensive to refine, and there's very few refineries in the world that can refine it.
And so we've gotten to that state of affairs.
The underlying reason is the increased consumption of China and India.
And all of those other things that I just mentioned, which are more timely in the last month or so.
So China and India have really are being industrialized now.
They're becoming the new, you know, the fourth wave countries, as they call them.
And all of this feeding into the mix, how is this going to affect the economy, Bob?
Well, I think on the long run that the price of oil will go down because I'm looking for a recession and a depression.
In the short run, we're going to see higher prices and that'll be anywhere between $60 and $100 a barrel and to be very conservative, $60 to $72 a barrel.
And you could see this coming if you were watching and it's now unfolding and there's some complications which have made oil perhaps prematurely
Stronger than it would have been otherwise.
Fortunately for the United States, the main source of oil is Canada and that was part of the agreement
That was made in 1993 through NAFTA.
Well, why don't we go into Alaska?
I mean, why don't they develop all these giant fields in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan?
I mean, they're finding new giant reserves all the time.
They found huge fields all over Alaska.
But George Bush has control of what he calls the triumvirate, the House, the Senate.
So he has the legislative, he has the judicial, he has the executive.
Why won't Bush open up those oil fields in Alaska?
Well, I refer back to your comment on the oil companies are loaded with money, more money than they've ever had before, but they do not want to go 1,500 feet under the ocean floor, or they don't want to go through permafrost if they can help it.
And that's why, for one of three major reasons, we went into Iraq and Afghanistan.
There is a huge reserve...
One of the largest in the world under Iraq.
And that's the low-lying fruit, so to speak.
It's easy to get out.
It's cheap.
And that's why they went after it.
In Afghanistan, primarily they were after the drug trade.
And encompassing the whole thing,
This geopolitically outflanks both Russia and China.
And I wrote about this in 1992-93, but unfortunately nobody was listening except the elitists in Washington who were planning these things.
Yeah, and then later Brzezinski and the PNAC boys parroted the same information, and of course we could say they were reading what you had to say, the biggest financial newsletter in the country at that time, but I would also say they just have good analysts as well, and looked at the geopolitical landscape and came to the same analysis as you, Bob.
Well, I think the bottom line is they want to get the cheap oil.
And they want to be in a position to control the Middle East, and this is what they've done.
The United States and Great Britain are not going to leave Iraq as long as there's oil on the ground.
Now, to be clear, when you said that they went into Afghanistan for the drug trade, you don't mean to stop the flow of opium, do you?
No, to increase it.
And it'll be up 6% this year.
And the governments of Europe are jumping up and down because the supply line of opium, which is heroin, is flooding Europe at cheap prices, and that creates massive social problems, etc.
But when the Taliban was there, they almost wiped out the production of opium.
And now it's up nine-fold under the guidance of the United States government.
Well, yeah, the first year it doubled, then it doubled again, now they're saying it's more than doubled.
I mean, we're just being flooded with opium.
40% of the world's supply.
That's right, and it was only like, what, 8% they said when the Taliban fell, and then now it's the vast majority of the world.
Opium supply, and that's all unaccountable rivers of cash the globalists can use here in our society.
Bob, when we get back, I want to take a few calls that have been holding for a while, but then I want to get into some other issues and talk about what you see unfolding with the police state.
I'm sure you know they've introduced the new Super Patriot Act,
It's here.
Go reread 1984.
Well, I believe that
What's going to happen with the national ID card, which would be the driver's license to federal specification, is that people like you and I won't get one.
And that means we won't be able to function.
And then they'll find an excuse to pick us up and put us in internment camps.
And then after that, of course, we'll disappear.
And by the way, everything you just said is in the Associated Press today.
The disappearances.
That you won't be getting one of these if you have bad credit or any type of record in your past.
Even bad credit.
I don't think they're going to get away with this, though, Bob.
I'm seeing a huge awakening taking place.
Well, I sure hope you're right.
It's so fascist.
It's so easy to see.
So easy to understand.
Yet the American public, they're afraid to speak out.
They don't know what to do.
And that's why programs like this are so important, because it gives them the information, which is knowledge, and it gives them the gumption to go after their congressmen and say, stop this.
I mean, we don't want this.
You know, I saw the Senate vote yesterday on a $137 billion giveaway to
To the corporate interest in the United States to increase outsourcing, is what it is, and keep their profits offshore so they don't have to pay taxes on them.
And it got very little mileage, and only 17 senators voted against it.
So they get virtually everybody in their pocket.
Power corrupts.
They do.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Those that don't know history are doomed to repeat it.
We'll be back with your calls with Bob Chapman.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
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There's a lot of other issues we're going to talk about 30 minutes into the next hour with Bob Chapman.
Then, the bottom of the next hour, we've got Larry Pratt coming on detailing the new Super Patriot Act and the analysis that he and gun owners of America have written up with their lawyers, subsection by subsection.
So that's coming up as well.
I do want to let you know that that's their plan.
I saw Ridge two years ago on C-SPAN say, you'll have a national ID card for the driver's license, you'll have a job, you'll have to have government approved background, any job, and this is the new system.
And then they'll put more and more restrictions on it.
And then they'll set the precedent to secretly arrest people.
And I've got a bunch of different headlines about that today, all the disappeared people.
But here's the bottom line.
They are not going to get away with it.
Already 400 cities, 4 states have thrown out the Patriot Act.
People are speaking out against it.
Folks have woken up to what's happening.
And they're not going to get away with it.
We have to be vocal.
We have to have our own media.
We have to say no to this.
This is America, not communist China, not fascist Germany.
Bob Chapman, do you agree with those statements?
I do, and I think they should express their disfavor by voting against anyone who presently is in office, who has voted for such things in the past, and anybody who is running for office who espouses that.
Fortunately, there are some people who are in Congress that their constituents can vote for.
But the ones that you can't because they voted for this and massive illegal immigration and things like that, no matter whether they're in the party that you favor or not, get rid of them.
We've got to punish them.
Let's talk to Mark in Texas.
Mark, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Okay, we see the U.S.
is making an obvious power play for cheap oil supplies in the Middle East.
Won't this eventually cause foreign governments to dump fiat dollars in retaliatory movements?
Isn't this all leading to an inevitable global war?
Okay, that's a good question.
Talking about World War IV, that's what the different globalists call it.
And one other question.
Well, yeah, but let me have this caveat, and then we'll hold you over if need be.
Bob, while they're busy grabbing all the oil, they're also devaluing the dollar and saying it's a good thing to devalue the dollar.
How do you square that?
Why are they doing both of this?
Well, it's because they're laying the debt off on everybody else, mostly central banks.
But to answer the question, Iraq was a good example of the United States invading a country, taking it over.
And nullifying all of the contracts of the other 63 oil companies had already made with Saddam Hussein.
And that, of course, was that invasion happened just before Saddam Hussein was going to make a deal with the UN to end sanctions.
So this very well could lead to a world war, and of course the denomination of oil and dollars is being challenged in a small way every day.
They just had the ASEAN conference, which is the Asian European conference over in Asia,
And the working group task force said the most important thing to come out of the meeting was that they should cut down their dollar reserves throughout Asia and act as a group unilaterally and purchase more euros and gold and Swiss francs.
And so there are
Now, I want to be... Bob, let me just add this because we're about to break.
The people that own America, though, also are those owning Europe, and that's why Bush and others are transferring all the jobs overseas.
This is a slow, incremental shutdown of the U.S.
by our European owners.
Do you agree with that?
I think it's a myriad of owners, in this case mostly U.S., and most of those jobs are leaving the United States and Europe, and they are going to the third world.
And they are being re-employed by multinational European and American corporations.
Okay, I want to elaborate on that, and I want to get the second question from Mark.
So Mark, stay there, okay?
We'll be back with the second hour with Bob Chapman, then Larry Pratt.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas Alex Jones.
Alright, my friends, we're now into our number two.
Bob Chapman is our guest.
I told Mark in Texas to hold.
He had another question, but he hung up.
You can get back in, Mark.
You're welcome to come back on air.
Dale and John and many others, your calls are coming up here in just a few minutes.
Bob, I didn't mean to interrupt you there before that last break.
My point was, is you have these globalist international corporations.
They are shipping the jobs out of Europe, out of the U.S.,
Bush is telling us a weak dollar is a good thing.
People are shifting to the Euro, shifting into gold, shifting into Swiss francs.
All of this is happening, and what is the final plan?
We know the globalists are long-term strategic planners.
They train us to be short-term so we don't see the big picture.
What's the big plan?
What will life be like if the globalists succeed?
You'll be totally subjugated and you'll have a one world government and you'll have a one world currency.
And that's the final edict.
That's what they want.
That's what they're after.
And they're willing to sacrifice an awful lot of things to do that.
And incidentally, this evolution started a thousand years ago, and it's been attempted many times, sometimes blatantly, unsuccessfully.
But they're at it all the time, and they're just looking for that opening where they can implement what they want to do and subjugate us.
And they just need crises that are big enough to get us all to give up our liberties and go along with their lordship over us.
And as you know, the crises are created by themselves.
Let's go ahead and talk to Dale in Tennessee.
Dale, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, first time caller.
I've been listening on hold here, and I was going to ask about some gold prices, but now I'm beginning to worry about something I've done.
I'm a sculptor, and I have put a sculpture of Bush on my website.
Well, it's a flattering sculpture, but it's made out of bull manure.
And I was just trying to express my frustration at all this stuff that's happening.
And now I'm sitting here going, well, I wonder if I'm popping up on some list somewhere.
Well, let me just say this.
That's how they win.
The minute we're intimidated, the bully wins.
And understand something, sir.
They're the bad guys.
John Kerry and George Bush, they're the bad puppets.
We're not the bad people.
Well, I think that's a wonderful answer.
So what you have to do is prepare for the worst.
And you do that by putting your financial house in order and getting the things that are needed during the coming lean times.
And Bob, you really think it's going to just get worse and worse?
I mean, I see them saying the economy's great, but almost everybody I know has lost their job and the economy gets worse and worse.
Well, it's going to get even worse.
And that's a risk that they have to take.
Because in order to subjugate the United States they have to have it in economic chaos and they have to come to the rescue of course.
And there's going to be people like you and I telling the people that, no, they aren't rescuing you, they're going to subjugate you.
And there are going to be people within society who cannot feed their families who will revolt.
So I expect revolution in the United States.
And that's why they're gearing up.
I think that everybody should be well-armed.
A lot of artists tend to get picked up first because we, I guess, tend to be free thinkers.
I mean, I've
I like to do sculptures that have to do with social... I did one about the Battle of Athens.
And I'm wondering if that sort of thing could get me in trouble.
Yeah, tell folks about the Battle for Athens when we get back.
Sure, living can get you in trouble.
We're all going to die.
We're in tyranny.
We have a better chance of being free if we fight it.
If we go along with them, they'll feed on us indiscriminately.
So that's your answer.
We'll be right back.
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Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the street indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
My friend's classical tyranny is being shut up in the United States.
With a scientifically crafted high-tech control grid...
Being overlaid.
And there's no reason to put up with this.
We're being made the enemy.
We're being made the suspects.
We're going to have our little slave cards.
Have to have it to have a job.
We'll all be graded according to our social activities and our credit.
We'll be listed as dangerous criminals if we don't have good credit.
This has all been announced.
And then you listen to NPR and they brag, America's going to be brought down financially to show Americans how they've lived outside their means.
Ha ha ha!
But then the elite are getting richer than ever, not through the free market, but through criminal consolidation.
This is the New World Order.
It's really modern mercantilism.
That was a system they had in France where it was free market to the...
To the degree that the royals decided who got issued a license to trade in any different manufacturing or any different commodity, and then so they handed it out to their friends who then had to pay them large portions of it and do business through them.
Or what you'd call the precursor of modern fascism.
Now we have neo-fascism, or what I like to call neo-mercantilism.
And so these corporations are now bigger than governments.
They're outside the governments.
They exempt themselves from all the rules that we are then under.
They then sign over government power and control to themselves.
And they openly want to take everything you've got.
And long before 9-11, I said, folks, there's going to be big government-sponsored terror.
They're gearing up riot police, microwave cannons, sound cannons, surveillance blimps.
I mean, it's going to be a nightmare.
The kids were already wearing ID cards and thumb scanning to get lunches.
I said, this is going to be for adults soon.
Cameras in school bathrooms, you know, cameras on street corners.
This Orwellian system being set up, and I said, we've put up with all this tyranny so far, and not been violent.
What is it they've got planned that they know it's so horrible that middle class people are going to riot in the streets?
And now they've changed the law where they can take your pension funds, where you don't even own your own pension funds?
That law was changed two years ago, quietly.
They're lining it all up.
Bob Chapman, any comments to this?
Well, I agree with you completely, and the question is how do you prepare yourself?
And you do that by getting out of debt, putting what investable funds that you have in gold and silver related assets, purchasing the things that are needed for emergencies,
And getting out of the stock and bond markets.
I know a lot of people have 401ks and I get emails every day.
What do I do?
And I ask them to send me the alternatives they have within their 401k structure and then I tell them as best I can what they can do or whether they should stop funding it.
I have a lot of people also who are asking me alternative places to live and
Interestingly enough, in the last year and a half, our subscribership has doubled, and that has been in an environment where most newsletters' subscribership has gone down considerably.
So we feel that we're very fortunate, but obviously we're giving people the right advice, and that is to put your financial house in order and get ready, because it's going to be very difficult.
And coming up in the next segment, we'll give folks a number to get a free copy of the International Forecaster.
Also, tell them about your website as well.
In fact, tell folks about your website, Bob.
It's called theinternationalforecaster.com.
All right, and folks can sign up there to get the email version that's more expensive than the print version, can they not?
Well, they can do that, and both versions are the same price.
But we do have a toll-free ordering number that they can get a free complimentary copy.
That's probably the best way for them to start.
And then they can see whether the International Forecaster is something that they'd like to have.
We publish every week, 48 weeks a year on the Internet, twice a month.
Now, I want to go through a smattering of calls, then we'll give out that number in the next segment.
But, again, oil goes over $54 and goes back down a little bit.
Now, they're saying it may even go up more.
You predicted this, but...
Bottom line, the globalists cannot carry out their criminal aims unless they con the general population to go along with it so they can ride in as the white horse to save us, as many other dictatorships have done in the past.
Isn't the chink in their armor one of the big chinks?
Or the missing scale on the dragon's belly?
Isn't a big part of that their own enforcers?
They don't have enough sociopaths and sickos in their system to carry out these draconian plans?
Is that why we see the media, the sitcoms, the dramas promoting secret arrests, promoting torture, promoting the police state?
Is this why they're bathing our psyches?
Yes, it is.
And they intend, ultimately, and this is from their own literature that I read over the past 45 years, what they will do in the United States is bring in foreign troops because they have found that 80% of American troops will not fire on their own people.
And so they will bring in foreign troops.
And that is how they expect that they will continue to have order in the United States.
And of course the excuse will be that we're occupying Iraq and Afghanistan and all the other places in the next two or three years that they intend to invade.
And by the way, right after 9-11, a week after 9-11, I saw the head of UN General say that on Nightline.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff have said it.
Quote, if we're tied down overseas, we'll use foreign assets.
They've had the foreign F-16s here, the foreign AWACS, the former head of the KGB, General Primakov, helping consult for Homeland Security, a full-time paid employee.
We have all these cooperative nugget training drills that I've covered in my police state films, where they're openly training with foreign troops to confiscate our guns.
They're openly, they had foreign U.N.
troops here back in 99 to, quote, help fight forest fires in the West, which it turned out even John Stossel reported that Bill Clinton had had set, even though they were told don't set them, it'll cause forest fires, control burns.
So no matter how crazy that sounds, folks, they really are setting up for it.
I believe that the direction has been set and there's absolutely no way back politically or financially.
They're going to have to go through with it this time.
And I think bringing in foreign troops from their point of view is a good idea, but from our point of view, I think it's a great idea, because they're going to have the same kind of activity that you're seeing in Iraq right now, and it'll go on and on and on, and they're not going to be able to stop it, and Americans won't think twice of shooting a foreign trooper, whereas they might hesitate with their own troops, so...
They bring them in, we're going to liquidate them.
And when we get through with them, we're going to liquidate them.
You know, Bob Chapman, you've been a very mainstream guy for decades.
I mean, very well known.
And just in the last few years talking to you, you're getting more and more serious in your statements.
What's caused this transformation?
Because we're getting close.
We're getting close.
The window is going to be open shortly.
And that window is our opportunity because it's very difficult to bring them down in their present situation, their enormous wealth, their power, their control of Congress.
And we send people to Congress and they immediately become minions of the evil ones.
And so we have to plan in the future.
And we have to be ready to act.
And it is not far away because...
We're good to go.
Well, I want to avert all of this, and I know a lot of top generals and others have been warning the globalists that all of this is untenable, just like they told them Iraq wouldn't work.
But they do not listen.
Do you think they've gone delusional, like people usually do in history, in their ivory towers, Bob?
Anybody who's into the occult and believes it is delusional for openers.
And yes, these people are arrogant, and they are affected by megalomania.
There's no question.
Which is the norm in history, folks.
I mean, I'm sorry, history's repeating itself.
We're in the middle of it.
I hope none of this happens.
I think we can avert it.
Bob says we probably can't.
I'll say this.
We can lessen how sustained the collapse is.
I know we've got a load of phone lines and other guests coming up.
We'll get to everybody in the next segment here, but let's go ahead and go back to...
Dale in Tennessee.
Dale, you said you did some artwork about the Battle of Athens.
That was in Tennessee when the government tried to steal the election, and folks did what Bob Chapman's talking about right now.
Well, it was a local election, and it was local people trying to steal it.
But yeah, it had been going on for several elections prior to that, so they actually knew what to expect.
And the guys that were in on this had come home from the war
So they weren't exactly just farmers and all this.
These were battle-hardened men, disciplined men.
And when it happened, they knew exactly what to do.
And you're right.
The National Guard was called out from Chattanooga, but it only got as far as Cleveland because they had the same idea that the National Guard would not fire upon.
As a matter of fact, they were worried that they would join them.
But they bombed the jail, and as they promised, they counted the votes out in the middle of the street, and the election went honestly that one time.
Yep, that was a boss hog-type sheriff who was stealing elections and running organized crime, and the World War II vets just came in and took over.
That's right.
We'll be right back, and we'll talk to John and Kevin and Fred and Mike and others and give you that toll-free number to get a free copy of International Forecaster.
I'm Alex Jones, PrisonPlanet.tv.
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We'll get that out again in just a second.
Quickly now to the calls.
John in Ohio, you're on the air with Alex Jones and my guest Bob Chapman.
Go ahead, John.
Yes, my call preceded the guest and it was directed to you.
Should I state it now?
Yeah, go ahead.
Well, you know, despite the fact that I am impressed with your courage and commitment, and sometimes it spurs me and shames me into doing my comparative little part in exposing these neo-fascist warmongering and police state schemes,
I have to say that, though I agree with 70% of what you're talking about, I think that 30% of what, for want of a better word, that right-wing vulnerability that you have
Sometimes leads you to support the very same neo-fascist policy.
Sir, you're still stuck in the left-right paradigm.
John calls all the time, Bob.
He thinks communism is just wonderful.
Now, let's get a comment from Bob Chastain.
Let me make my comment first.
What I wanted to talk about, for instance, yesterday, you said that it was... You glorified the idea of winning in Iraq if you did such a powerful job of exposing the torture and the plunder and the cruelty that our...
Bombing over there is causing... Let me stop you right there!
If we're going to have troops over in Iraq, and then Bush is going to say, no more offensives of the enemy that's fighting before the election, which allows them to dig in, and we'll get more of our troops killed, that's despicable.
If they're going to have this evil war, they need to get over there and win it and end it, John.
Win an evil war would be even worse than not winning an evil war.
You're not listening to me.
I'm saying they don't even... Listen, you're not getting the point.
They don't even care about the troops.
It's just like Vietnam.
Of course they don't.
Stop it.
It's something... We could have won Vietnam in six weeks, but they wouldn't let us win because they made too much money out of it.
That is something that really angers me.
You know what?
My guest has got to go in a minute.
I'll put you on hold.
I'll argue with you later.
Just stay there.
Bob Chapman, comments to what he just said.
Well, I think he's missing the point, and it is the left-right syndrome.
And our enemies...
Enemies are our friends now, no matter who they may be, and even if they're green leopards.
We want people who are with us to stop the tyranny that's coming, no matter where they're coming from.
Let's forget the politics.
Let's save the country.
Well, exactly.
But, I mean, I just pointed out yesterday, I'm sure you probably saw the article you read as much or more than I do, and they just said, well, the government admits no more offenses against all these people running around cutting heads off and slaughtering people and everything else.
We're going to let them dig in for a few months because we don't want to have any losses before the election.
And our generals are saying it will make it ten times worse in the new year.
And so what I'm saying is they don't even care about our own troops, and John can't get my point.
No, it's understandable.
It's the intellectual dishonesty of being caught in those syndromes.
And we've all been through them.
And we've just had to work our way into finding out what the real truth is.
But do you understand my point?
I mean, if you disagree with it, tell me.
I was just pointing out they don't even care about our troops, but the globalists aren't trying to win over there.
That's correct.
They just want to occupy and suck the oil out.
And if we have to have guerrilla warfare that we're fighting for the next 30 years, they'll do that.
Well, that'll give them a pretext to keep the Halliburton contracts going.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Kevin and Mass.
Kevin, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thank you for taking my call, Alex, and thank you for being on, Mr. Chapman.
With your talk today discussing oil, I was thought of some of the coverage of the last past week.
Alex had a person who made a film about the Oppenheimer control of diamonds and how it's a controlled cartel.
And relating to oil, I was thinking about like the cloak and daggers reporting, the belief based on some talk from certain scientists that are involved in oil, how they have a replenishable source, how they can actually grow oil if they develop those technologies, that the shortage of oil is manufactured by this cartel of the corporate elite at the top.
I tend to agree with that, but then there are extenuating circumstances that then have intensified that already existent manipulation.
Bob Chapman comments?
Well, you know, you read a lot about peak oil, and...
Some nations have reached a peak in their production.
The United States is one of them.
And that doesn't mean the whole world is in a peak oil mode.
It could happen in the next 20 years.
But generally speaking, there still is... Tell you what, Bob, stay there.
Let's do five more minutes on the other side.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I got a star on my car and one on my chest.
We're just going to have Bob Chapman for a few more minutes, then we're going to have Debbie Maher on for a couple minutes, and then Larry Pratt into the next hour.
Talk about the new Super Patriot Act that is passing out of committees right now.
Wait until you hear the details of this.
Not from Alex Jones' mouth, with the bill in my hand, but from Larry Pratt himself, who's done a detailed analysis with the lawyers at Gun Owners of America.
If there's any doubt...
For folks out there, what's in this new bill, you can go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com and check it out.
Bob Chapman continuing with the calls.
I believe that Kevin and Mass is still there.
Is Kevin still there?
Kevin, are you still there?
Yes, sir, I am.
Finish up your comments, sir.
I think that we should look at the oil situation in Alberta, the tar sands.
There's billions of barrels of oil there.
It costs about $19 a barrel to take it out.
And that'll supply the United States for a long, long time.
So I don't see any long-term problem in the oil markets, at least for perhaps 15 to 20 years.
On the other hand, we are going through on the short term with problems that weren't anticipated.
Increase in production facilities in China and India, which means more oil is used.
And then we've had these disjointed things such as hurricanes.
Bob, if that was fully the case, you wouldn't have all the oil companies registering record profits.
Well, they've got to take those record profits and they have to invest them to continue to have reserves to continue to make those profits.
And they want to do it in the easiest way possible.
And the easiest way possible is to steal the rights of other oil companies from 30 other countries that were held in Iraq and now they've got them and they're going to take them over.
And that oil is cheap to get out and they'll make lots of money on it.
Anything else there, Kevin?
Well, just a quick comment on
Thank you for your forthright outspokenness, Mr. Chapman, as far as the seriousness and time to get ready.
People don't panic.
Just take some steps today.
Start with gold and silver coins.
Start with a water filter.
Do something, and slowly you can get there.
Don't be overwhelmed by what you need to do.
Just take steps.
Become active.
Thank you for taking my call.
All right.
Thanks for the call.
Thank you for your comments.
That was very good.
Let's go to Mike in California.
You bet.
Mike, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I have a question for you.
Just for you only, though.
Sorry about this, Mr. Chapman.
It's just for Mr. Jones.
It doesn't matter, sir.
Go ahead.
I called about a couple weeks ago, and you said, oh, yeah, well, when Bilderberg, I believe, appointed Mr. Edwards, John Edwards as vice president candidate of John Kerry, you said that, oh, there's something fishy about that, I believe, and you said that, oh, yeah, that he has a better chance of winning.
You still believe in that blue blood theory, the European blood?
Well, again, I never said I knew who would win for sure.
I have thought they'd put Bush back in because he's done a good job of neutralizing conservatives who think he's conservative when the government's exploding in size and our liberties are being destroyed and Bush is signing on to all these U.N.
treaties while at the same time bad-mouthing the U.N.
But then I saw the Bilderberg Group in the New York Times brag that they had basically appointed John Edwards.
Then Kerry admitted it on Larry King, and Kerry does supposedly have, according to Berks Peerage and Reuters and the Associated Press, more royal bloodlines than his cousin Bush, and normally the more royal wins.
So I don't know what's going to happen.
They've got them neck and neck, but no matter who wins, we lose because they control both the horses in this staged race.
So I'm not trying to duck the question.
I don't know.
What do you think, Bob Chapman?
I made a comment in my last issue that Kerry would win by one to one and a half percent, and there were three reasons.
Number one, there's massive recruiting going on within labor unions and democratic organizations, and there's massive voter registration happening because of the draft issue in universities.
I think really, all in all, Bush did not do very well in the debates.
In fact, he proved that he was probably as stupid as a bag of hammers.
But Bob, here's the problem.
The globalists control both the candidates.
They're both part of the same organization.
We're just answering the question.
And the question is, that's the way I think it'll go.
But you're right.
I understand what you do.
And it doesn't matter.
They're both bad.
Well, and on top of that, Diebold has a lot of the electronic voting machines, tens of millions of voters, and they've been caught engaged in fraud before, and they say their votes are going to Bush.
So I think that's the wild card, or the ace in the hole.
Well, a lot of people are going to be watching real closely, and they're going to have a hard time rigging elections this time.
And who knows what Nader's going to do?
He's controlled and funded by the same people.
If he starts backing off and allows some of the votes that would go to him to go to Kerry, then we have Kerry as president.
You've got 30 seconds.
All right.
Finish up, Mike.
I want to know, Michael Morrison, San Diego.
I want to know if Alex Jones will ever be in a public event.
Well, I'm told that Michael Moore is going to California, and in my video, Road to Tyranny is going to be shown at the same time at a major university.
I forget which one.
I apologize.
But I'm a radio broadcaster, and so I work every single day, and so it's hard for me to travel.
Is there like a Saturday or something like that we can come on?
Because I know, like, you went to the Ralph Nader, because I've seen your...
I own a copy of your American Dictatorship video, and I heard you said that, oh yeah, you really want to indulge into Ralph Nader's whole thing because you believe that he may be behind the Bush thing.
But I just want to know if I get enough votes or a petition against the city if I could bring you out.
I'm not sure, sir, but I appreciate the call.
Send me an email.
Look, I get requests to travel every day, and I do this mathematical equation.
It's pretty simple.
I'm going to do three or four radio interviews today.
I'm going to be on XM Radio, another syndicated show, a big radio station in Illinois.
I'll reach conservatively a couple million people today on my own broadcast and on other broadcasts.
So, should I spend three days to fly out to California, which I'd love to meet you, love to hang out, it's fun, or should I talk to a couple million people?
You know, it's simple.
I mean, I can do more sitting here, you know, with computers all around me and doing the radio broadcast and, you know, picking up the telephone and doing radio interviews than I can traveling about.
Bob Chapman, any comments on that?
Well, I think that's a better use of your time.
I'm tied down.
I virtually can't go anywhere anyway.
And besides in flying, I'm tired of getting searched and strip searched.
So I've given up on it.
I'm sorry to other callers.
All right.
We'll get to you later.
Larry Pratt's coming up here in a minute or two.
If you want to call and get a free copy of Bob Chapman's newsletter at Minus Resources, they're giving them out free.
And they've got $10 liberties for $2.75.
That's an incredible deal.
So you can get some gold while you call if you want as well.
Bob, always great having you on.
God bless.
Thank you.
Take care, my friend.
All right.
We're going to bring up a good friend of mine, great sponsor for about two minutes.
Then we're going to Larry Pratt, who is graciously holding the wondrous Larry Pratt with an incredible analysis of the new Super Patriot Act.
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Debbie, anything else?
That'll do it.
I look forward to hearing from everybody.
And leave a good number if they get my machine, and I will get back with them.
Debbie, you're awesome, and God bless you.
Take care.
Thank you.
You too.
Give Debbie a call, folks.
Do not procrastinate.
Do we have Larry Pratt ready there, guys?
All right.
I want to thank him for holding for the last ten minutes.
We're honored to have him.
We'll have him into the next hour with us.
Joining us from the Command Center of Gun Owners of America, the premier, no-compromise, Second Amendment organization, is Larry Pratt.
Do, as usual, give us his detailed analysis.
We're good to go.
I think?
I wrote an analysis of Patriot Act II last year that won the Project Censored Award for 2004.
They had a group of 30 professors and lawyers look at my analysis.
Your lawyers and you found stuff I didn't find in Patriot Act II.
Now this super bill that combines all of this stuff together has been introduced.
You and your folks have gone over it with a fine-tooth comb.
Tell us all about it.
Well, Alex, I think it might be helpful to, and you've already correctly stated the outline of what this very intrusive legislation does.
The argument, I think, that many conservatives have accepted when supporting this measure, and I'm talking even about grassroots people, not to mention members of Congress, is that, well, we've got this illegal alien problem, and how else are we going to keep these guys from getting jobs unless everybody has to show their papers?
Well, it's true.
We have an illegal alien problem, but as so often, the government has allowed the problem, and then it comes up with a solution that doesn't address the problem's cause, but suits the government's purposes.
If we really were serious about dealing with the bankrupting effect of illegal aliens coming into, say, Southern California in particular...
If Americans lived the way we did 50, 60 years ago and we didn't have a public welfare system, we wouldn't have that kind of an economic impact.
If we were really trying to keep illegal aliens out, including the nice Arab Muslim types that are coming to mow our lawn, not.
We'd build a wall.
It's worked where we built it, but we're not serious.
And I know you've talked about this before.
The Democrats like the easy votes and the Republicans like the cheap labor, and so why bother?
Well, now, to show that they really are concerned, we're going to have this national ID card imposed on Americans.
And I think we should just say, you know, we appreciate your concern about the illegal alien problem.
Deal with it at the source, not with me.
I'm a citizen, not a subject.
Now, at gunowners.org, you have a detailed analysis of this.
We also have it, of course, on my site.
It's a copy of what you put together along with some other articles we've written and some other mainstream reports in the actual bill.
But, Larry, let's go over that.
I'm glad you went right at the heart of the fraud immediately, something I didn't mention today, I didn't mention yesterday.
I know what the government's done.
The federal government, 800 cities and towns in almost every state, accepts the consular matricula for Mexico alone.
I had the leader of the Republican Senate on last year, who was able, in Denver, to himself go get four fake ones in one day, $24 apiece.
The federal government is accepting these.
The federal government orders its prisons to release the illegals, even when they're in there for rape or whatever.
Now, 30-plus countries are issuing their own consular matriculas.
Our government is accepting them.
Wells Fargo has been given awards by Vicente Fox for issuing their own Wells Fargo ID to any illegal, which is then being accepted by the state government.
The feds
Are not really cracking down on that.
They say in the bill, well, we'll look at it and maybe have some restrictions.
Well, they've done that in the past.
They want these borders open.
They've stymied and blocked the Border Patrol from doing their jobs.
And I knew when Lou Dobbs of liberal CNN
Got on this drumbeat of all the open borders.
I said months ago, you watch, he's going to propose a national ID card.
And I actually watched him a couple weeks ago do exactly that and say, oh, we've got to have this.
See, it's problem, reaction, solution.
Folks, this has nothing to do with it.
They're not enforcing it on all the illegals.
They're not going to.
This is about a national sales tax through the ID card to track and trace all of us.
And we'll have to have this to have jobs, not the illegals.
Now, the way this is going to start...
It will apply to those industries that the Attorney General has determined are necessary for national security.
Infrastructure protection!
It's not going to hit everybody at once, and that's one way they keep turning the temperature up gradually on the frog, rather than hitting us all at once with the risk that we might...
Actually get together and do something like threaten the day jobs of these members of Congress that are supporting this.
And so here's a question that I think we need to keep in mind.
Let's assume that this is an effort they're going to make to keep the illegals from getting these jobs.
When was the last time a gun control law kept guns out of the wrong hands?
Do we really think illegals are not going to be able to get perfectly working false papers?
And they're going to get jobs that some Americans won't be able to get because the American might have a politically incorrect statement in his past.
Or the Attorney General, which has carte blanche in this bill to add databases that would help disqualify more and more people.
It's going to be just like CAPS 2.
Yeah, exactly.
You could end up a long-time, natural-born American citizen not getting a job, whereas the illegal, the terrorist...
We're good to go.
Now, Larry, I don't know if I've ever told you this, and I've got it on tape somewhere.
I've got to get interns in here to watch literally the hundreds of videotapes I've taped off TV.
I taped a two-hour piece on C-SPAN two years ago where Ridge said, you're going to have five codes on your driver's license.
It'll be a national ID card.
And if you have bad credit, just like the cats do later, you're going to have a yellow coding.
So they're openly saying this.
This makes us all criminals without us actually committing a crime, Larry.
That's true, and actually, technology may have even gone beyond Ridge's color coding.
All they really need is an electronic pointer in the...
We're good to go.
And they don't really care if our ID gets stolen, our identification gets stolen.
That's not their problem.
That's our problem.
And by the way, Larry, look at the leap here.
It's not just we're going to give you a national ID card.
They're going to do exactly what the Nazis and the Soviets and others did with national ID cards.
They're going to classify us and restrict us and control us.
That's the ultimate fear that we should have with this system.
It is really beyond the pale.
We'll be right back with Larry Pratt.
Stay with us.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
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We're good to go.
You know, I keep jumping in here like a wild animal.
I mean, I'm so angry, folks.
This is the United States, and they're not just going, oh, guess what?
Your driver's license is going to be a National ID card, which they've been quietly standardizing and putting biometrics on for the last decade.
Bill Clinton first did it in Texas in 1993 with a bunch of other states.
That's in my first film, America Destroyed by Design.
Now they're doing it all over the place.
They're going to make it the law, and it's going to do what National ID cards and tyrannies are meant to do.
List us all with different listings, and then track and control us.
And they admit their Caps 2 is filled with mistakes.
You know, somebody else has the name, you know, Tom Johnson, and you've got it too.
Sorry, you can't fly, and the computer says no.
This is the new America.
Over 200,000 people on the Caps 2 list.
Of course, that's not all that's in this new Super Patriot Act, is it, Larry Pratt?
No, it's a big... Well, first of all, it would have been relatively benign if they had started out with what they said they were going to be doing, which was the...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
So, they've been after grabbing as much information about Americans as they can, and this Caps bill was just waiting around for the opportunity.
9-11 Commission was that opportunity, but as they frequently try to do, they piled on.
And they made it basically a lot of the features of the Patriot 2 Act that we have been warning about all along.
The main ingredient that they've got here is what they need.
They've got the national ID card telling the states this is the way you will have a driver's license.
And once that's been standardized, then they can have that tie into as many databases as they wish.
That's up to the call of the Attorney General.
And the Attorney General can also then determine what businesses must run the background check with your papers, please, with your national ID card.
This could end up making you an un-person.
Because if you can't get one of these cards, for example, you're flat out of luck.
You're not going to open a bank account.
If they don't want you to have one because you're just too politically incorrect or there's something on your record that, quote, disqualifies you, you're basically going to have the mark of the 666.
And then it also has the Total Information Awareness Network in it.
Echelon Spine on the American people.
It's got the Patriot Act II secret arrest of people for absolutely no reason in it.
No more warrants.
Expanded sneak and peeks.
I mean, this is an Adolf Hitler Soviet Union slash Roman dream.
Yeah, smile, you're on candid camera 24-7.
And it does go a lot beyond anything that previous totalitarian governments were able to do, because, happily, they were limited by paper and pencil, and that, nevertheless, made them pretty nasty.
Now, Larry, you detailed how the last Patriot Act II went after the Second Amendment.
If this is a mirror image of that with a bunch of added stuff, how does this affect gun owners?
Well, they haven't stipulated that gun owners would be in there, but frankly, all it takes is, say, a Janet Reno II as Attorney General to say, well, we need those records in there as well.
And so everybody who's had an instant background check, guess what?
We really do still have those records, and we think we better use those.
Of course, it's for the children.
Oh, it's always for the children.
Larry Pratt, can you stay with us?
Yeah, I can do a couple minutes.
How long do you got until another interview?
You betcha.
Well, until about a quarter after the latest.
Okay, that's perfect.
We'll come back and get more into this legislation.
I know you've got a copy of the bill there.
Let's go through it subsection by subsection.
Some of the most egregious areas.
And then perhaps take a few calls for Larry Pratt.
We'll be right back with the third and final hour in this Tuesday transmission, prisonplanet.tv.
Hello, folks.
Big Brother Mainstream Media.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, into the third and final hour.
A ton of news coming up.
We're joined by Larry Pratt, Gun Owners of America, analyzing this new 9-11 bill, this super patriot act with a national ID card and all these other provisions.
Larry, in your great analysis of it from GunOwners.org, you go through some of the most dangerous subsections.
Can you go over those for us?
Okay, well, 2173 of H.R.
10 is the...
You might say the original bill that Hastert put in, and this, as you were saying, is the airline gotcha.
This is the one that they're going to have all the info they want in order for you to be able to fly, and certainly there wouldn't be anything to keep them from putting your medical records, so much for that confidentiality between you and your doctor, so much for the so-called HIPAA to protect your medical record confidentiality.
That was a joke to start with, and the laugh goes on.
The confidential financial records could be in there.
Library records.
I mean, what kind of books have you been reading, boy?
Maybe we don't want you flying.
You might have been reading something about the Constitution.
There have been agencies of government, even recently, that thought that was a good indicator of potential terroristic activity.
And certainly there wouldn't be anything to stop them from packing in the gun records.
So in microcosm, what they could do to airline passengers is
We're good to go.
And we're still looking in the Constitution.
We haven't quite found where the federal government gets off telling the states what kind of driver's license to have.
But they're going to tell the states how to set up that driver's license.
And it will be designed with a biometric, and we're assuming that means your thumbprint.
And let's take a step back.
Fingerprints, as we have learned if no other way, we learned from Dr. Frederick Whitehurst, who blew the whistle at the FBI lab,
Fingerprints are not something that is a 100% identifier.
We may hear FBI lab agents testify that they have a 100% match with somebody, but they've never defined what a match was.
And when you get right into it, a match is kind of like pornography in the eye of a judge.
I'll tell you when I see it.
It's not science.
And yet, this is going to be used on our cards and supposedly to keep our card from getting into the hands of somebody else.
And again, the illegal aliens are already getting matricula card waivers.
Earlier this year, Bush said, Americans have to thumb scan and face scan to leave.
Foreigners have to...
Every time you start to get wobbly about...
Should we really go along with all this invasion of our privacy?
They raise up the specter of the illegal aliens, and again, like we were saying before the break, at the top of the hour, you can deal with illegal aliens if you're serious at the border.
Well, you can also prosecute employers that knowingly hire a bunch of them.
As long as you don't have to use a national ID card to show that that's what they were doing.
You don't even have to do that.
You just go in and show it.
You can keep them from coming in a whole lot better than anything the government has ever tried to do because the government doesn't want to.
Well, everybody should have known.
I mean, the big foundations, the government, they love what's happening.
They know 87% of us are upset about this.
They go, okay, we'll give you a national ID card.
How's that sound?
And it has nothing to do with it, and they give the illegals a waiver.
Larry Pratt, stay there.
I want to hear a little bit on the other side of the break about where the Second Amendment's at right now, what's happening legislatively.
We'll be right back.
All right.
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We're good to go.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
... ... ...
We're talking to Larry Pratt about the new Super Patriot Act with a national ID card in it, and openly they'll track and list what type of citizen you are on it, if you've got any bad credit or whatever, what library books you read, how many taxes you pay, how many times you've been divorced, and everything else is on there.
And they're admittedly going to use it the way national ID cards are always used, to enslave and control us.
And it's got everything else in this bill.
Patriot Act II provisions, you name it.
I mean, they just go from bad to worse.
Larry Pratt, we throw out...
Hundreds of cities throw it out, a bunch of states throw it out, and so Congress says, we don't care.
It's got an illegal alien provision in it, which of course is a fraud, so we're going to go ahead and pass it.
It's passed the House and the Senate on a committee.
How long until this thing could pass, this monstrosity could pass out of the full Congress?
Well, it has passed the floor of both houses, and we're not sure... Now it's a conference, right?
When this thing is going to actually be taken up in a conference committee.
So there's still time to try to impact on this, and as you know, one of the things that we've found to be helpful when enough people can get enough time to take action is to use our website at gunowners.org, the top...
of the alerts that are stacked there on that page as you come to our website deals with what we're talking about it's called HR 10
If you scroll down inside that alert, you'll see a place where you can click and send an email to express your opposition to this monster.
It'll take all of about 15 seconds, and it's something that I do regularly when we send these out, and it's a very easy-to-use system, but if we get enough people doing this, if enough people pass it around to enough other people,
Who knows?
We may still get them to back off.
And then there's another problem here.
David Dreyer, the neocon Republican from California.
Mr. Open Border, this guy has introduced his own national ID card bill that does a lot of the same stuff.
In fact, it's even worse.
And so if we shoot this down, they've got another torpedo shooting out at us.
We've got to let them know that the whole idea is just not acceptable.
And by the way, Mr. Dreyer is the same guy who refused to allow Representatives Goode and Paul, Virgil Goode and Ron Paul of Virginia and Texas, respectively,
To offer an amendment to a bill that was in his rules committee that would have pretty much compelled the bureaucrats to stop fooling around arming pilots and getting their hands off so the pilots could actually be armed.
So David Dreyer doesn't believe in self-defense, doesn't believe in the American people being part of the homeland defense that we hear so much talk about.
But he is a good Bohemian Grove member, and...
Well, he's sure out to lunch, I'll tell you.
He has done us a world of hurt because he's been involved in all of these things.
What is it like for you to see somebody like Arnold, who's anti-gun, pro-open border, and I was at the Republican convention, I was in there, they were worshipping him.
What's happened to the Republican Party when Arnold Schwarzenegger is being worshipped?
Well, I'll tell you, Dana Rohrabacher is one of a number of members of the House alone, Senator Hatch in the Senate, who have introduced amendments to make it so that basically Arnold Schwarzenegger would no longer be prohibited from running for president.
And by the way, in a major poll, two to one, Republicans and Democrats don't want him to be able to be president.
We're good to go.
Who right now can only contribute to political campaigns.
He could run for president.
He'd be able to run for president.
That would be really cool.
We'd have a Colombian cartel-connected socialist, to be polite.
We could set up the Austrian-Hungarian Empire again.
Arnold could be his VP.
At least be in charge of his physical training.
Now, I tell you, they're losing contact with reality here in Washington.
They really are, folks.
I know you've got to go in a few minutes, Larry.
A few weeks ago, the Republican House passes a bill to lift the gun ban in D.C., which is great, but they knew full well they couldn't get it to the Senate in time.
So why didn't they do this a few months ago when it had a chance to pass?
Is this just political grandstanding?
Well, even if it were that, I'd love to see the vote in the Senate.
I would expect the Senate would have a filibuster.
And, you know, I think we could use that in these elections to clarify the campaigns in a number of states.
And by not having the vote, they're simply protecting the anti-gunners.
Well, they can't have that.
They can't have the crime rate drop like Kennesaw, 89%.
Excuse me, I was wrong.
That would be a major embarrassment.
In fact, I just wanted to pull my hair out when I heard even a Republican from Northern Virginia, Frank Wolf, on the floor of the House lament that if we got rid of the D.C.
gun law, guns would get into the wrong hands.
Hello, Representative Wolf.
Who do you think has them now in the district?
But just a few weeks before...
I had spoken to him, and I tried to be nice.
I said, hey, I want to congratulate you for the attention you've been bringing to the genocide in the Sudan.
When are we going to get arms over into the hands of the defenders?
And he said, well, we're going to have sanctions pretty soon.
And I was thinking to myself, I bet Kofi Annan would love that.
He lost his oil money from Iraq.
This will let him get his hand back in the international pocket again.
But I said, look, nice first step, but what about getting arms into their hands?
You know, service to air missiles, they can shoot down the bombers and things like that.
Oh, well, we'd have to worry about those getting into the wrong hands and shooting down an airliner.
I said, so, Frank, you're just going to let another million people get killed?
That's the answer?
Is that it?
Living in this fear all the time.
But last question, Larry Pratt.
We'll go to your website and phone number.
We're honored to have you and your great work.
Where is the assault weapons ban?
They've sworn that they'll keep bringing it forward, and that's number one.
Part A-B of that question, part two of that question, is how are the states now operating, and how has this really changed the scope of the landscape that the assault weapons ban wonderfully expired in September?
Well, the expiration is a done deal.
Certainly for now, they're going to continue.
Feinstein has promised that.
But I think Frist, we know, and he knows we know, that he knows the rules of how to block these things.
And so I think with some vigilance, we're going to be able to contain it in the Senate.
That means the battle is going to shift to the states, which is kind of what I think your question was leading to.
And we're going to have to do a lot more work because we're going to have battles now scattered in who knows how many different states.
We beat one back in Maryland last year, which was actually very encouraging.
But nevertheless, there's going to be a lot of work just trying to keep these guys from popping up anywhere and everywhere around the country in the state capitals.
Alright, Larry Pratt, anything else you want to add?
Well, let me just take the opportunity, which you've been nice enough to offer, to urge people to go to gunowners.org.
You can sign up free and join our email list.
It's not a lot of stuff that comes out, but when it comes out, it's information on
What's going on and what you can do about it.
It makes it pretty easy to do it.
And if you can't do that, we'd be glad to send you info.
Call us.
Our toll-free number is 888-886-GUNS.
All right.
And I have to tell you, Larry, I wrote my analysis of Patriot Act II back in January of last year.
A lot of people couldn't believe it.
But then a few months later, you came out with your analysis and found stuff even worse than what I found.
And that really helped us back it off at that point.
Because, you know, you guys have incredible credibility.
A lot of folks don't know who I am.
They do know who you are and who your lawyers and congressional analysts and former congressional aides like yourself and others are.
So you're able to look at these bills, but people just get out of denial.
If I hear one more so-called conservative praising this Super Patriot Act on talk radio, I think I'm going to scream.
It's just, they know what they're doing.
They're not stupid.
And to see them just use the conservative mantle to ram this down our throats when John Kerry and the Democrats are going to vote for it, they all love it.
It's disgusting.
If we'd had just a few more Republicans to vote against it, we probably could have stopped it.
The Democrats probably play in politics, but they were voting against it in the House.
It would not have taken much to have stopped it there.
We're good to go.
I can't think of anything else we're going to be able to do right now.
How soon could this pass out of the conference and go to the President's desk?
I'm hearing in the next two weeks.
That's certainly possible.
Any day that they're here in town...
It's a day that we're vulnerable.
So people need to be acting immediately.
All right, Larry Pratt, thanks for joining us.
Thank you, Alex.
Appreciate it.
You bet.
God bless.
There goes Larry Pratt, ladies and gentlemen.
And again, we're going to now open the phones back up and get into a bunch of other news.
As you, I'm sure, know, oil hit $54 a barrel yesterday and then now it's gone down to $53.
Oh, boy.
And then it's slated to go back up again, maybe past $54.
Just ridiculous, totally staged.
And I've got a bunch of other police state news on torture, you name it, that we need to go over.
More on this new Super Patriot Act.
We've got to get into this fight now on the Patriot Act 2.
The new Super Patriot Act reintroduced.
We have that information at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Get it and email it out to everybody.
We've got to get rolling on this now and call into these fake neocon talk shows and tell them, how dare you lie to the people!
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We're good to go.
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All right, I'm going to go to Fred and Al and Margaret and Roger and John and everybody else.
Let's go to them quickly.
Thanks for holding.
Fred in Pennsylvania.
Fred, you're on the air.
Alex, I want to say that, first of all, Lowry's a great guy.
The media is the pivotal... We're the media also, but the media is the pivotal key to how the triumvirate, you know, the Congress and the judiciary have been squashed.
I don't know, do you have any other methods or suggestions on how to be our own media?
Because how do we fight this mass communication model of a transmitter or a source and all the...
People who are dumbly listening to the wrong message.
How do you fight that?
Well, Fred, it's a process.
I mean, already 38 to 45 percent of their viewers and listeners have left and gone to alternative media.
That's admitted.
So they're losing.
It's a process.
That's why they're trying to expand their power, regulate, censor, control, because the reality of what they've done is now coming home to roost.
Where are they going?
Are they going to the Internet?
Are they going to just look at books and tapes?
Because I think that... They've done the studies.
It's a smattering of all of those.
We have to have live media, not just books and tapes.
Well, sir, we do.
We do have that.
But it's about you becoming a leader and starting a neighborhood newspaper that goes out to 200 houses and has a sponsor or two in it.
Okay, now the other thing I want to bring up is Larry's suggestion to
Get in touch with your congressman and senator.
It does have some effect to let them know that we're aware of what they're doing.
Well, I want to just tell you, when I got in touch with Specter and Santorum, I got a lot of basically a refusal to provide services unless you're a member of the press.
If you are even a small member of the press, that will force them basically not to ignore you.
That's what you may have to do.
You may have to be a press member of some sort.
You called up and wanted something?
What do you mean?
I wanted something.
I wanted to find out the legislative history of Patriot 2.
But you don't have to go to them.
That's all on the Library of Congress website.
Alex, that is not a correct history of it.
I found out that Patriot 2 was introduced...
Way before May 1st or May 3rd of 2003.
Sir, the Patriot Act was introduced on January 6th, 2003.
We have the legislative enrollment sheet.
Well, Thomas, the website you're talking about says May 3rd of 2003.
Well, that's when they officially reintroduced it.
Thanks for the call.
Good to hear from you, Fred.
But the point is, it's introduced now.
We've got to fight it.
That's the point.
But good job for fighting it.
Al in California.
Al, go ahead.
Just a simple question.
Where is the oil coming from Iraq's oil fields?
Where is it physically going to?
Well, most of the oil is not flowing out of Iraq, but what is, is going down to the ocean there, being offloaded, and another pipeline is going into Turkey, and another pipeline is being completed into Israel.
So once it goes to those places, where does it go to?
Like, say, China?
What happens?
It gets loaded on different oil company tankers and goes to different areas.
I mean, most of our Alaskan oil goes on a pipeline to Japan and China, and we're not allowed to have it.
Literally, almost none of it.
I think about 2% of it goes to California.
And so it's a big cartel, not just OPEC.
OPEC's a part of the larger global cartel that's really run by the oil companies.
Okay, maybe one more thing, too.
It's a little bit pre-9-11 stuff.
Are you familiar with the genre of anime?
I don't understand.
What did you say?
Anime, like Japanese animation.
Are you familiar with that?
Oh, yeah, I'm familiar with Japanese animation, yeah.
Have you ever heard of a film called Pat Labor 2?
Pat Labor?
No, I've watched a little bit of Japanimation, but I'm not a buff.
Anyways, this is sort of a little bit pre-9-11 type stuff, and you might find it interesting.
It's part two, though.
It's in any video store.
Just go to the anime section.
Okay, but what happened?
I'd rather not.
It's kind of complicated to get into it on the air.
But the government carries out a terror attack for police state control or something?
Something along those lines.
But they mention stuff like, oh, there's this defense family inside the...
Wow, I gotta see that.
Thanks for the call.
We'll be right back.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
That's right.
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It's powerful stuff.
Extremely thankful.
To all of our AM and FM affiliates, to the shortwave affiliates, to the internet affiliates, to everybody out there that I am thankful for all of the sponsors, and the great folks that run this broadcast.
You're really doing a great job, and I commend the Genesis Network for all their fine work, and for giving me a platform with zero censorship to tell the truth and to stand up against tyranny.
The last caller, Al in California, brought up a Japanimation film where the government's carrying out terror attacks.
Look, I mean, we've got the Long Kiss Good Night where the government carries out terror attacks for a pretext for war with foreign countries against the World Trade Center and admits that the government bombed the World Trade Center the first time.
They even admit reality in that film.
We have the...
We have Phillips TV ads that ran two years before 9-11, where two F-16s bombed the World Trade Centers, and then it says, Phillips, changing your world.
We have the Lone Gunman episode, months before 9-11, where a secret government group hijacks a jumbo jet to fly to the World Trade Centers for martial law by remote control.
We have all of this.
We have on the one-year anniversary of 9-11, the Chicago mercantile coming up 9-11.
.0000, the lottery coming up 9-11 on that same day.
That's impossible.
We have the Madrid train bombings on 3-11, 911 days after it.
And then he mentioned some new movie doing this.
I mean, Hollywood's full of this, you know, where the evil general in that movie Final Fantasy wants his army to be able to attack the enemy.
They won't listen, so he lets the enemy in to attack their own city as a pretext.
I mean, children's movies have got this down.
Children can grasp this.
I talk about Attack of the Clones, part two of the Star Wars trilogy, gets into this.
Adolf Hitler did it.
Operation Northwoods, by our own government, called for it.
The Gulf of Tonkin never happened.
The USS Liberty was a staged event to blame Egypt.
Over and over and over again, problem, reaction, solution.
Just like Larry Pratt just said, how it's supposedly to stop all these illegal aliens, but they've put waivers in for the illegals with this new national ID card system.
And so why do they put it in all these films?
Well, some people are trying to warn us in the films, but others are just flaunting it and conditioning us and laughing at us.
You know, in the past, I thought all these Hollywood people, in every case, were flaunting it.
And some of them are, like Jerry Bruckheimer and Mr. Ailes at Fox Television.
They are.
But some Hollywood people are trying to warn us.
I know them.
I've talked to them.
They are aware of what's happening.
They're not all a bunch of moronic, caring, supporting idiots.
They just quietly try to tell the truth the best they can.
Let's go to Margaret in Illinois.
Margaret, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
We don't have Margaret faded up there.
And actually, I lost my audio when we came into the break.
Lost my music, so we may have a button down wrong.
Margaret, are you there?
Go ahead, ma'am.
I wanted to find out how I could get your program since our...
Station canceled it.
Would it be possible to get it on chart wave and where could I get it?
How are you listening to the broadcast in Illinois?
You know, W-I-N-I is an interesting station.
They've been carrying us off and on for four or five years.
They'll take us off for six months, put us back on.
Do they still carry rents at night?
I have no idea, but they carry Tom Hartman, who's a extreme liberal.
Well, I don't know what to say.
I mean, I would call other local AM and FM stations.
Stations come and go.
You know, every time we gain two or three new stations, two or three drop us.
We gain ten new stations and four or five drop us or get bought.
A lot of times, if stations are actually bought or get new management, that's what happens.
And, you know, I'd call the station up and go, well, they're about to pass the new National ID card.
Do you think that's a good idea?
Why don't you put Alex back on or put Alex on at night at least?
And the station seems to do that off and on.
Oh, they do?
Yeah, I mean, they seem to take me on, take me off, put me on, take me off.
I don't know what to say.
A lot of affiliates do that, and I have no idea.
Are you on ChartWave?
Yes, ma'am.
I am on shortwave during the day at 9.475.
Yes, ma'am.
And then from 9 to midnight central at 3210.
And I hear WWCR booms in real nice, like AM radio.
Sometimes even better.
They're in Illinois.
Did you just say?
Now, also, I was wondering if I got a C-Crane AM power radio.
Would that bring that station in, you think?
Are you talking about the wind-up C-Crane?
No, I'm talking about the C-Crane AM, extra-powerful AM radio.
No, you have to have a shortwave radio.
Shortwave is just lower on the AM band.
AM radio is really, they call it kind of a medium wave.
I'm not a radio expert, so I don't want to sound like a fool here to all the hams that listen, but there's different bands.
It starts with shortwave, then goes up into AM, then goes up into FM, and then now it's going to start switching over to digital.
Anything else on your mind, Margaret?
Oh, except that I missed your program.
How long?
We got a lot of calls about that.
Have you called them about it?
Oh, I sure have.
Several times.
I'm going to call again.
All righty.
I even called them.
I told you this before, and I hope the listeners hear it.
They were advertising them as Maitreya, the world's teacher.
Tom Hartman is doing that.
And I called the station and told them about that.
And they're supposed to be Christian people that run the station.
And it seems to be going over their heads.
All right.
Well, thank you for the call, Margaret.
I appreciate the call.
Let's go to Roger in Pennsylvania.
Roger, you're on the air.
Yeah, I was hoping to get on, Alex, with John the communist slash socialist.
Hey, I tell you what.
We got John on hold.
Let's just bring John up right now.
And, John, without spouting slogans, you've got the floor as well.
You and Roger go ahead and have it out.
Go ahead, John.
Okay, actually, you know, I support much of what you're doing.
Well, hold on.
Roger hasn't had his say yet, though.
So, Roger, you have your say, and then John gets his.
Yeah, well, I just wanted to draw you out in three, four, five philosophical or religious questions.
I think it's helpful at the front to separate the ideologues from the Illuminazis who use the ideologues to provide the pseudo-intellectual cover for their power grabs.
Do you accept as a basic philosophical or religious premise, John, that what differentiates socialism from volunteerism is the use of force in socialism?
No, in fact, I think that socialism is the only way that we're going to have any true populist, as you would call it, or people's power or control over our lives, because I think the source of power is
Of the elite is their control of the means of life.
But any centralized mechanism will be abused.
Can't you get past left-right and get to the real paradigm of despotism on one end and freedom on the other?
So you said you disagree with the use of force, John?
Well, not necessarily.
You have to defend yourself.
You agree with that, Alex?
No, no, not in defense.
I'm talking... Force is simply a tactic.
I'm talking about a system.
...in which the power does reside to the people by them taking control of all the means of production, the media, the means of distribution, all of the means of life that are now owned by that elite, that corporate elite, that banking elite.
That corporate elite that funded all the commie bosses.
So you are... You know, that's one of the falsehoods that I think of the British side.
I had to live through that during the Vietnam War...
Where they would put a false populist disguise on really an elitist propaganda.
They would claim somehow that the bankers are behind every progressive movement.
Any movement that was fighting against imperialism was somehow funded by the elite.
It was a way of putting the most extreme version of elite propaganda in the eyes of a populist ideology.
Listen, the globalists did fund the fascists and the communists, and if you don't know that, you just don't know publicly admitted, confirmed, first-hand information.
Roger, let's let Roger talk.
Well, you do, I trust, know, John, that it's the very same Illuminazis who possibly pretended, but never definitely interfered with efforts to get rid of, say, Castro.
You do know it was the same Illuminazis who...
No, I think that's ridiculous.
I think that's absolutely ridiculous.
The United States has... Wait a minute, wait a minute.
The United States has reached a 45-year... Let Roger talk!
How is it all the editors and such of the New York Times were all against Batista and for Castro, the great agrarian reformer?
If these people aren't connected, then what is connected?
Well, let me answer that.
For 45 years, the United States has waged a war of terrorism, assassination... We're going back 30 years now.
Excuse me, let me talk.
Blowing up a Cuban airliner in 1976, introducing germ warfare into Cuba, bombing hotels, and now releasing the very people who were convicted in a Panamanian court for trying to assassinate Castro and blow up the University of Panama.
This has just recently happened.
Jeb Bush's close relationship with the president there has given a pardon to the very same people who were trying to assassinate Castro and blow up the university there because of their close association with Jeb Bush.
Okay, let Roger talk.
You're dominating the discussion.
Could you go back a little further to 30-some years ago when Castro was first installed?
Who installed him?
The people installed him.
And if you're talking about the New York Times, if you're talking about the New York Times, they may have thought that they had another puppet who could be manageable after their previous one had him.
Why did Eisenhower call him the Abe Lincoln of the Caribbean?
I don't know that that's true, but I know that he was, along with Nixon, the instigator of Operation Northwoods to frame him up so that he would be attacked.
And we would have our country murdered by the Operation Northwoods Project.
That came out of the Eisenhower-Nixon administration.
And it was Kennedy that called that off.
That was an afterthought to Castro's installation.
You're jumping ahead now, John.
No, I'm talking about the Bay of Pigs.
I'm talking about...
Hey, hey, hey, the most polluted, corrupt countries are these communist countries, and they're propped up, and we're moving all our industries to China.
The globalist banker bosses love their little baby creations.
They're the model drone society, John, and you are never going to get it.
Thanks for the call.
What I'm worried about is that you may fall into the trap of the neocons as soon as they change the label from an anti-terrorist war to an anti-communist war.
I don't think... No, I'll expose how that anti-communist war is a fraud and how they're behind it.
Thanks for the call.
Just like they're behind the terrorists, the Arab terrorists.
Come on, grow up.
You're like people out there denying that the globalists created Saddam and created Noriega and helped prop up Ho Chi Minh and all of it.
Thanks for the call, Roger.
You know what?
I'm going to just cover news here at the end of the broadcast.
But, I mean, John calls in once a week or so, gets in, and I have him up, and it's just the same repeat.
You know, he thinks because I don't like neocons and the New World Order that I'm going to go love the commies.
The commies are a creation of it.
Bush telling us he looked in Putin's eyes and saw a soul he could trust.
And, you know, Putin's over there with fake school shootings.
Just like they're pulling them over here to give the kids all national ID cards and train them how to be good little slaves.
It's the same system, and you can't get past that.
We didn't have communist versus fascist, left versus right discussions 110 years ago.
It was all tyranny versus freedom.
And then they introduced us in the universities to confuse everybody, and now everybody's confused.
And John, you've got a lifetime of this stuff.
I don't think you're a bad person.
I think you just cannot get past your pre-programmed worldview.
And I'm sorry to hear that.
I'm sorry you can't wake up.
By the way, folks, just a quick plug here.
We've got a new special out on American dictators.
It's a 90-plus minute expose chronicling the degeneration of America's political process.
I rip away layer after layer of the false left-right paradigm and finally reveal the 2004 election for what it is, stage-managed theater that would make Shakespeare proud.
We cover Bush and Kerry's close relations and cousins.
The Bush-Stalin-Bones-Kerry connection and how they've sworn an allegiance against America.
Their connection to organized crime, intelligence agencies, and the occult.
That the order of death known as skull and bones has its members in the highest levels of every sector of the U.S.
economy, from banking to government.
I travel back to the elite encampment in Northern California, Bohemian Grove, where I first infiltrated four years ago and got the satanic ritual on tape.
We show that while Bush and Kerry spout different rhetoric, their actions are almost identical.
The film also takes a revealing look at Ralph Nader, the dark horse, would-be political spoiler of 04.
I also take you to the front lines of the fight against the expanding police state, the new Super Patriot Act national ID card, as well as some of the newest and most shocking revelations surrounding the September 11th cover-up.
American Dictators is a must-see for anyone who wants to know the truth concerning how the global elite has hijacked both parties and is giving the American people a false choice, John.
By exposing this rigged game, where the global mob owns all the horses, American Dictators is able to unlock minds of the freedom-loving individuals and decipher the mainstream media propaganda for what it is, a military-industrial complex operation.
Here's a quote.
Long after the election of 2004 is over, American Dictators will be just as pertinent to current events as when we first released it because it exposes the fraudulent system itself.
A system that continues to repeat the same tricks over and over again.
American Dictators exposes the scam.
That's what I had to say about it.
Now, it's available on DVD and VHS.
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When used, water flow through the purification elements where pathogenic bacteria, harmful chemicals, radon-222, heavy metals, nitrates, foul taste and odors are separated from the water.
We're good to go.
I think so too.
We're good to go.
King Ennish of people.
And torturing the living daylights out of them.
He's taking them out to third world countries to have this done.
And the British admit they're getting false info from Uzbekistan and others who are torturing people.
And it's just thoroughly disgusting.
Totally un-American.
And meanwhile, again, you know that oils hit $54 a gallon.
That'll have ripples to the economy on food prices, clothes prices, electronics, everything that's shipped.
Coal oil prices, fuel oil prices, natural gas prices, very, very serious.
Nuclear bomb equipment lost in Iraq.
Our government has now lost nuclear bomb equipment, and they claim.
And then, of course, there's a nuclear or hydrogen weapon off the coast of Georgia, which is radiating the fish and everything now, which they dropped decades ago and couldn't find, so that's more fun there.
And seven U.S.
groups asked the U.N.
for vote observers, AP reports.
Again, the U.N.
being seen as the boss to come in and expose the election fraud here, when the U.N.
actually runs that worldwide.
So we have Beelzebub being called in to oversee Lucifer.
Or Hermann Goering to oversee Hitler.
It's just ridiculous.
An incredible article out of The Economist, Science and Technology, that's on my website.
Efforts are underway to create a computer the size of the world.
And it says every shirt, shoes, your car, your body temperature, cameras, it'll all be integrated until everything has computer parts in it tracking you.
The stated goal of...
Grid computing is to create a worldwide network of computers interconnected so well and fast that they all act as one.
And it goes on to the, says it will track and control everything you do.
So now they're using my terms here.
Anand to use Irish trip to push plan for hit squads.
I could have spent all day on this.
Irish Times, the United Nations Secretary General, Coffee Annan, will use Irish Visit this week to promote plans for emergency military intervention by EU battle groups on behalf of the UN in crisis situations which could involve Irish troops.
And that's what one of the head foreign affairs ministers says.
And they're going to go around and actually go in and take out leaders and kill leaders and take over, just what our government's called for.
So now the EU, NATO, all of it, going under UN control.
And then they just grabbed indie media sites, shutting down 20 sites, grabbing two servers.
And the FBI said, hey, it's under foreign law.
We don't have to tell you why we're doing it.
This is a request of Italy, fascist Italy, and Switzerland.
So, global government, folks, here it is.
Just absolutely amazing.
Let's jam a call in here.
Who's up first here?
Ed in Utah.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Ed.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
Good show as usual.
Listen, to demonstrate your paradigm shift here concerning left and right, just to let the folks know that on the left, Dick Gregory has teamed up with FBI veteran Ted Gunderson and sponsored by the American Free Press newspaper.
With Anthony J. Hilder in tow, they are going to every major city this fall, Alex, challenging the official version of 9-11, 9-11, using some of your information and Stanley Hilton's.
So I just wanted people to know that, that 9-11, that's what they're predicated, this whole Patriot Act, police state,
We're good to go.
And his office raided.
He's got everything all in different safe spots around the country, the information.
But he thinks you're out to intimidate him.
Oh, that came out in American Free Press.
Is that online?
This latest, October 11th issue, if you want to check it out.
Okay, does it mention his radio interviews here?
Well, actually it does.
You're brought up, I believe, in that same article.
It is brought up.
In fact, Stanley Hild has been on the Barbara Jean Show.
Hey, you know what?
We're out of time, but is that article online?
Other than if you get the whole American Free Press online, do you, Alex?
Okay, I'm out of time, sir.
I apologize.
I hope somebody will mail me that.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
I'm glad that story's getting out.
And just God bless you all.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Just get out there and take on the New World Order.