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Air Date: Oct. 11, 2004
2336 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Yes, my friends, thank you so much for joining us today.
It is the 11th day of October.
Whether you're listening to us in Europe or Asia or right here in the United States, free humanity wants to be free from the scourge of the New World Order and its dehumanization.
And this broadcast is dedicated to waking people up and...
Getting populations moving against the control grid, the electronic and physical prison that's being built around society and all of our lives.
Again, thank you so much for joining us.
A ton of news.
Monday's always a big broadcast because so much news piles up.
Here's just a smattering or a thumbnail sketch of what we're about to cover.
A synopsis.
Is Russia's enemy number one?
Major national Russian poll shows they think we're the big enemy.
Bush says he's looked in Putin's eyes and saw a soul of a man he could trust.
Soul of love.
Kenyan Nobel Peace Prize winner claims AIDS virus deliberately created this out of AFP.
Well, I mean, we've got the actual orders to create it in the late 60s.
It's admitted.
It's not debatable.
It's a...
Artificially produced bioweapon to reduce populations and was put in the vaccines.
And that's come out in the mainstream news in Europe.
But the average American still has maybe heard about it, but it's still just a rumor.
Kind of like the CIA deals most of the drugs as a rumor.
Well, when you look into it, you find out it's not a rumor, it's a fact.
Like the planet being round, not flat.
Kerry opens three-point lead on Bush, if you believe that.
I'm still leaning towards Bush winning, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll see what happens, though.
I don't know.
Superman star Christopher Reeve, an advocate for spinal cord research, well, more than spinal cord research, he was an advocate for using babies for parts, dies at age 52.
They're all saying Superman dead.
Well, that's too bad.
Poor guy.
Congress close to establishing rules for driver's license.
Why, if you read the New York Times headline, you think, oh, the feds, rules for driver's license.
What are they involved with the states for?
Well, it's admittedly in the bill, in both the bills, an admitted national ID card.
But when you read this article, it's, oh, it's just going to make you have fingerprints and eye prints and face scans, and yeah, it'll be federally controlled and
Oh, right here in the state of Texas, when you go into the Texas Department of Transportation, the computers that they don't tell the public about, that we now have video of, say, National ID card.
So, it's already been in place for years.
Now they're getting ready to announce it to you.
So, we'll cover that.
Candidates arrested at debate.
We're going to be getting Michael Bagnarik on.
Libertarian and Green Party nominees tried to serve commission.
Two third-party presidential candidates were arrested at the presidential debate in St.
Louis when they tried to serve the debate commission with a show-cause order.
Michael Bagnarok of Libertarian Party and David Cobb of the Green Party, I've met both of them, were, and they both seem to be nice, I've known Bagnarok for years, but I've met Cobb in New York, were protesting their exclusion from the debate between President Bush and Democratic President nominee John Kerry.
Just as the debate began, the two candidates supposedly crossed the police barricade and were arrested.
The debate took place at Washington University.
The campus was alive with protest and backers of both major party candidates.
Protest had no direct path to the school's athletic complex, which was converted into a red, white, and blue television studio for the 90-minute debate between Lord Bush and his cousin, Lord Kerry.
Cobb said his purpose was to expose the undemocratic nature of these debates, this election, and our government.
These are not debates.
These are infomercials.
Also, a news website in the media says FBIC served under an international request.
They admit the global government treaty here.
Look, there's so much news and information.
Infowars.com, prisonplanet.tv are just some of the websites.
We'll be right back.
Please stay with us.
I'm glad that you decided to join us today.
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Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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I love this country.
I love my family.
And yes, listeners, I love all of you out there because you care about humanity.
You care about free humanity.
You passionately love liberty and hate corruption and wickedness.
You are threatened by it, and rightfully so, and you are mounting a defense against the New World Order in a historical crossroads fight for the future of this species.
And at the beginning of this broadcast, this Monday, October 11, 2004, global transmission against tyranny, I just want to thank God, Yahweh God,
I want to thank God because I have been so blessed to just exist, to have been formed in my mother's womb, to be on the face of this planet.
To be given the opportunities to grow up and learn about the nature of the real world and to have a chance to be a creature in God's plan and to be able to recognize the New World Order and be able to fight it and to be able to reach so many millions of people.
And I'm just one average person.
I want all of you to be leaders.
But I just have this overwhelming feeling of
Thankfulness and humbleness for what God has done in my life.
And believe me, if you weren't out there fighting the New World Order, if you didn't have the Spirit of the Lord moving upon you, we would already be in the depths of an even greater tyranny.
Yes, things are bad and they're getting worse, but we're all being given a choice.
The tyranny is...
Materializing very clearly in front of us, not over the hill or down the dale, not some foggy specter, but clear and tangible upon us now.
We can see the country being destroyed, being dismantled, being wrecked, being decimated.
But at the same time, people are now seeing the threat.
The sleeping giant is moving, is waking up.
And the globalists are intensifying and accelerating their tyranny to dangerous speeds to their own system, not just our society or civilization.
We're going to take a lot of calls today.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
But I'm really bad about callers bringing up great points, then I elaborate on it, then they elaborate on it.
I really want to keep the callers down to a minute or two so we can get a lot of people on board.
What happens is the phone lines load up, and then they sit there, and then nobody else can get through, and then I don't go to enough of the calls.
And so we really will go to your calls early in this first hour, and then we will continue to go to your calls throughout the broadcast.
So 1-800-259-9231.
Life is beautiful.
Life is wonderful.
It's magical.
I mean, we're here in the middle of something just dynamic.
And so many people aren't outside looking at the sunset.
They're not...
They're not painting a beautiful artwork.
They're not crafting something in their wood shop.
They're not spending time with their children or their husbands or their wives.
They're spending all their time watching football games and so concerned about issues that don't amount to a hill of beans.
They spend their time reading mainstream news articles that aren't worth the ink that they're written on.
When we spend time reading those, we analyze the propaganda and deception in it.
We're good to go.
Devil worshippers.
Organized crime figures.
I mean, that's just the facts.
I'm sorry that reality shows that.
Why have we allowed this criminal elite to hijack our civilization, our very hearts and souls?
It's time to break free from it.
You know, they try to set the agenda in society through their fad-driven junior high mentality is what I call it.
Why let them set the agenda?
They're losing control of the agenda and they know it.
As 38 to 45 percent, depending on which study, leave the mainstream media entirely.
They're panicking.
But they've still got one big lie over on us, that we're still buying their propaganda, that we're really alone, that just because we see the truth, nobody else sees the truth, and so we're really alone.
They keep putting out that illusion, and that illusion is a fraud.
We are the majority, my friends.
Okay, let's get into some of the news, and then we'll go to Alex and Fred and many others that are patiently holding.
Russia's enemy number one poll shows, Moscow News, the United States is seen as Russia's prime foreign enemy, according to a poll by the nation's Public Opinion Foundation last week, with 68% of respondents convinced Russia had enemies abroad that could start a war.
25% said the chief enemy was the United States.
Thank you.
Labeled two years ago as the Axis of Evil, Iran, Iraq, and North Korea.
Only 2% saw Iraq as an enemy, 1% saw a threat coming from Iran, and 1% from Asian countries including North Korea and Vietnam.
Now my point about this poll is that most Americans think Russia's great now.
Most Americans have been told they're our buddies.
Russia's run by six oligarchs.
Russia has put the Red Stars back on their lapels of their uniforms, back on their hats, back on their tanks and helicopters and jet aircraft.
And Russia and its newspapers calls us an enemy out of one side of their mouth and out of the other side says they're our friend.
And George Bush and John Kerry tell us that Russia's our ally and our good friend.
And we've got deals now with former KGB chiefs helping run Homeland Security like General Primakov.
And we've got Russians over here advising big city police chiefs.
I mean, I've got a whole file in the last six months of dozens of articles where this is happening.
It's so bizarre.
And now NATO says they're going to merge with Russia, and so are other big global organizations, and now we're having joint military exercises with them.
It's sick, people.
We're now hearing that China's our ally with the Pentagon's new map, and the Pentagon chastises the officers who don't go along with this.
Meanwhile, the entire intelligence apparatus is being used to set up a national taxing grid.
Here in the United States, a national sales tax, national ID card access, everything you do in your car will be tracked by a transponder or satellite tracker box.
It's finally hit all the mainstream news, telling you how great it is.
All this is happening, but all the foreigners, they get waivers from having to have this.
It's a joke!
We're being put in an electronic straitjacket!
All right, I'll get more into that later.
I want to go to calls, as I promised I'd do, but...
Kenya Nobel Peace Laureate claims AIDS virus deliberately created.
Now, again, I'd have the doctors, the scientists, the experts on my website.
We've got copies from the Centers for Disease Control.
Declassified stuff from 1968 where the military paid millions of dollars to have an autoimmune virus developed.
Then they deployed it through vaccines into Africa.
And they've gotten vaccine and found it in it.
And it's been documented.
And the average person here in America goes, Oh, I heard that.
Yeah, but that's some kind of secret.
It's not in Europe.
It's not in Africa.
It's not in India.
Kenyan ecologist Wangriye Matali, the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize on Saturday, retired...
Or reiterated her claim that the AIDS virus was a deliberately created biological agent.
Some say the AIDS came from the monkeys, and I doubt that because we have been living with monkeys since time immemorial.
Others say it was a curse from God, but I say it cannot be that.
black people are dying more than any other people on the planet.
And she told the press conference in Nairobi a day after winning the prize for her work in human rights and reversing deforestation across Africa.
It is true that there are some people who create agents to wipe out other people.
If no such people, we would not have invaded Iraq, she said.
We invaded Iraq because we believed that Saddam Hussein had made or was in the process of creating agents for biological warfare, she said.
Also Kenyan Deputy Environment and Natural Resources Minister who has gained a reputation as a fearless speaker.
In fact, the HIV virus is created by a scientist for biological warfare, she added.
We'll get into her evidence coming up here in a few minutes.
But folks, it's really pretty simple.
Statistically in this country, when you look at blacks or Asians or Hispanics who are no more sexually active than a white person, an Anglo, of European descent...
The statistics are much lower.
It is very hard.
And these are the actual statistic numbers, folks.
I've interviewed dozens of scientists over the years.
I've looked at the numbers.
Very hard for a white person to get HIV.
Some countries in Africa, half the people have it.
People who've never had sex, but they have had vaccines.
Children whose parents don't have it.
And then there was a BBC article two years ago where they said, ooh, it was found in one of the vaccines, but we're just sure it was an accident.
And then we've got the actual funded autoimmune virus study done in the late 60s, and then it shows up in the late 70s and becomes public in the early 1980s.
We'll be back.
Take your calls.
Stay with us.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flame went out.
All right, again, thanks for joining us.
More news coming up in the next segment.
I'm about to go straight to your calls.
Libertarian presidential candidate who was arrested Friday night for trying to walk across and serve a...
I was following the coverage of the hurricane curfew enforcement in South Florida and I did some further research on it and as it turns out, not only were they randomly scooping up people off the street, but they were actually going into restaurants hours before the curfew even took effect.
And ordering people to leave mid-meal.
And a bunch of restaurants got, you know, they're trying to sue the department now, but this is all in the Palm Beach Post.
You know, I do have that article in front of me, and we had a lawyer on who was arrested coming back from a Marlins game.
And you see, they have to go back.
Police have to go back every few weeks to the state judges and get an order to extend it.
Yeah, definitely.
Alright, yeah, thanks for taking my call.
Hey, I appreciate that.
Yes, that's one of the articles here in the stack.
Good job, Alex.
Why would they illegally, weeks and weeks and weeks after the orders have already gone away, keep claiming there's a curfew and arresting everyone?
I mean, why?
I mean, it's in the Associated Press.
It's in the Palm Beach Post.
It's in the Miami Herald.
I mean, it's admitted.
Fred, where are you calling us from?
I'm calling you from Philadelphia, where I wanted to report something to you that is local, but it's huge in a dollar amount.
Yeah, go ahead and tell us about it.
You've got more like a $30 billion foundation called the Barnes Foundation right outside of Philadelphia, and we have an effort by...
I call them a couple of interlopers to come in and to force the Barnes Foundation to move to Philadelphia and to change the nature of its structure and operation.
The original Barnes Foundation will basically be changed over the years, and I think it's going to be weakened to the extent that $30 billion in assets, which is in the form of art,
It's going to be drained out by... Okay, I'm not really familiar with the Barnes Foundation.
Well, the other side of the coin is the Pew Trust, which are heavily influential on PBS.
Yeah, globally.
They are, definitely.
They've only put about, I think it's only a couple hundred thousand dollars lent them to the Barnes Foundation, and yet they are hitting their hooks on that.
They're dragging this...
Weak foundation with a huge amount of money.
It's very flabby, but it's got a huge amount of money.
They're dragging it through the local courts, and they're going to win, Miss Alex, because... Well, that sounds like somebody inside the Barnes Foundation is internally doing that.
They could sell a couple pieces of art if they have billions of dollars worth.
Thanks for the call, Fred.
Since you mention foundations, let's talk about them for a second.
The Ford Foundation has tens of billions of dollars.
You could debate $15 to $25 billion.
Nobody really knows exactly.
But the Ford Foundation was set up really conservative, but a group of lawyers hijacked it, and that's the big foundation pushing open borders, getting rid of sovereignty, one of the big foundations.
And you've got the Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, Le Pew, a bunch of others, Annenberg, a bunch of these.
And these are tax-free foundations still owned and run by the big families.
The Carnegie Foundation and others.
And they're all tax-exempt, but they get bigger and fatter and get more power, and they pay no taxes.
You're on the air.
Where are you calling us from, Allen?
Near Dublin, Virginia.
Thank you, Alex.
I want to talk briefly about the debate Friday night.
There was a point where Bush actually made reference to an upcoming question.
I don't know if your viewers noticed it or not, but there was a round-robin debate going on about whether Bush had spent enough for Homeland Security, and he mentioned the middle-class tax cuts, and he said, well, we'll be talking more about that later.
Yeah, I just thought it was telling that he didn't even try to hide the fact that he knew the questions in advance.
And also, Saturday morning on C-SPAN, Brian Lamb reported that Smith had a radio transmitter clearly visible during the first debate.
I think you've been right all along when you talked about the debates were rigged and set up.
I just thought you...
It might be interesting.
Let me ask you a question, Alan.
Brian Lamb said it's being reported, because it is being reported that he could have had a radio transmitter in the first debate.
That's right.
That's what he talked about.
Okay, so Lamb didn't say it was confirmed.
That's right.
He did.
I didn't catch the paper he read from.
Stay there.
We'll be back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Well, Allen in Virginia brought up
This report that first came out about, I don't know, a week and a half, two weeks ago after the first debate.
And I saw it during the debate.
Bush had this big lump on his back, and it really was a lump.
And quite frankly, it looks to me like a thin suit of body armor.
They've got some really high-tech ones that are just about a half inch thick that are very strong.
And where the line of it was, was about an inch or two below his neck and went on over to the shoulders.
I believe Bush was wearing body armor.
He was definitely wearing something large and bulky.
It was not just a line or crease in the suit.
Number one, it wasn't in the normal crease area.
Number two, it was fat, and it continued across the shoulders.
What we were seeing was the seam in the middle of the back of the body armor.
Some are now saying that it might have been a wire or him with an earpiece, and clearly he has had an earpiece during some TV appearances he's done and some speeches.
But I don't know if that's the case.
And really, overall, people say, well, that proves these are stage debates.
What proves they're stage debates is John Edwards last week
With the Vice President, and he's up there, and he just kept messing up, going, I'm sorry, I broke the debate rules.
I'm sorry, I broke the debate rules.
Oh, I'm sorry.
He couldn't even say the name, Dick Cheney.
Dick Cheney can't say his name.
And notice that these questioners, whether it's a PBS host or an ABC anchor, they say, I have selected the questions.
No one has seen the questions I selected.
Well, the debate commission goes over several hundred questions, and they narrow them down to about 60.
This has all been admitted, by the way.
This is not even secret.
And then the person giving the debate, asking the questions, they then get to select out of those.
And it was the same thing with the crowd at the last debate, where they had the crowd asking questions between Kerry and Bush's cousin.
They went around to the participants in that small crowd.
Remember during Bush-Dukakis in 88?
There was just a giant auditorium, and even with Clinton and Bush, there'd be huge auditoriums.
Now it's tiny little groups of a couple hundred people, maybe.
It's all pre-selected, pre-screened.
They're so afraid of the public now, and they know they've lost control of public perception, and they know that we're on to them, so now they have these little staged events.
And then they went around and had people pre-screen their questions, and they would look at their question, and if it closely resembled one of the already agreed-upon questions, then that was allowed to be asked.
But go ahead and finish up your comments about the stage debate, Alan.
Well, I was just noticing, too, that the callers who were supposedly, the questioners had supposedly written the questions had trouble reading the questions, and I thought that was kind of strange, and several of them had words really longer than the person they were obviously comfortable using.
I don't even believe the questions were written by the people there.
Although they were supposed to have been screened by Gallup Corporation to be undecided voters, clearly I think some of them had an agenda with the questions.
I can say I disagree with you.
I think the debates were rigged, and I just wanted to let you know and your listeners know that you've been right all along, and I agree with you.
Well, let me just say this.
I mean, are you saying you do disagree with me?
No, no.
I do agree with you, and I thank you for what you said.
Oh, no, you're awesome.
I appreciate your call, Alan, and God bless.
Look, I'm saying that they're rigged for maybe different reasons than you are, but clearly you've pointed out some very astute observations here.
Look, bottom line, forget the debates.
They've hyped them up like they're a Tyson fight or something, and they're not.
These things are heavily scripted.
And they admit that they pre-screened the questions that the crowd was going to ask.
That's admitted.
And so that's another semantical deception when the ABC News anchor for the last presidential debate last Friday says, I have selected the questions.
Well, that's like I lay out...
You know, a group of investment funds you can sign on to, and then you get to select from them.
Well, that doesn't mean you really got to select.
I control the parameter of what you can do.
Well, it's the same thing there, but it makes it sound like it's impartial.
It's ridiculous, folks.
By the way, we've seen three debates, two presidential, one vice presidential.
Have we heard any comments about the open borders?
Any comments about that concerning national security?
No, we haven't.
Let's go ahead.
Brett hung up, so let's go to Jerry in Michigan.
Jerry, you're on the air.
Well, thank you.
I may be a little premature in my call because what I wanted to know was, is there any place in print that I can find the fact that AIDS was a man-invented thing?
It is voluminous.
I've done a lot of different radio broadcasts on it.
Do you have a computer?
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
Then I would think that if you typed in AIDS manufactured bioweapon, the actual documents are all over the web, including on my website, buried in the archives.
Oh, I looked on your website and I didn't find it.
How did you look on my website?
I'm new to all this computer stuff.
No, no, no, but I mean just so I can try to help you navigate it, how did you look?
I just went to your website and see what I could find, but I didn't go into archives at all.
Yeah, see, my websites are like a newspaper, and so, you know, let's say if you wanted a news article from two years ago, you would go back through the issues library.
Oh, I see.
Well, it's the same thing with my computer, with what's on the server, with my website.
You just go to it, and then there's a calendar down at the bottom, say, of prisonplanet.com.
It's actually on the left-hand side.
And then you would click back on different days, or you would use the search engine box that's there, and you would type in AIDS manufactured bioweapon.
And if you typed that in, a whole bunch of mainstream news articles and documents should pop up for you.
But it's not just Dr. Lynn Horowitz who went into the National Archives and found this in the early 1990s.
Congress has admitted the documents.
They've been made public.
And the late 60s, they started the testing.
There was even more testing in the late 70s.
And they did successfully produce an autoimmune bioweapon.
And it's been in the BBC.
They've caught them putting it in the vaccines, but it was all just a big accident.
And there's just hundreds of these articles, and we post them all as they come out.
Here's one out of AFP.
That's the equivalent of the French Associated Press.
Kenyan Nobel Peace Prize laureate claims AIDS virus deliberately created in Western bioweapons laboratories.
The newest PNAC documents that have come out
From back in 2000, have Dick Cheney talking about we must legitimize the use of race-specific bioweapons.
And that's at PNAC.info.
Or you can just go to the London Guardian, who wrote an extensive article about it.
Thirty years ago, I had a booklet that was called WHO, in capital letters, W-H-O, Killed Africa.
World Health Organization, yes.
Yes, sir.
And they talked about, it's just a short booklet,
And Dr. Strucker on one coast of the United States and another doctor on another coast, they simultaneously came up with the same information.
And they couldn't get it published.
And they traced it back, I believe, to Boca Raton, Florida, a laboratory there.
And they found out that it was, in fact, a Chinese scientist who came up with the AIDS virus.
Well, I've been shouting about this thing
Since the 70s, when I found out about it, you know, a population control mechanism, and everybody just pooh-poohs me.
Even, you know, during the Second World War, the government gave syphilis to the blacks because they wanted to know more about syphilis.
And let them spread it and let them die of it over 45 years.
Thanks for the call.
You know, great points, sir.
I appreciate the call, Jerry.
You know, what we'll do is...
We have a vaccine section on PrisonPlanet.com of the Associated Press saying they didn't take the mercury out, they increased it 250 times.
And we've got articles of all these top scientists admitting that mercury causes brain damage and autism's gone from 1 in 25,000 20 years ago to 1 in 1,000, that's the number three years old, the new number just came out, 1 in 168, all these new brain diseases.
We've got articles with Henry Kissinger telling the third world countries you've got to sterilize half your population by force or no IMF or World Bank money.
That's 1973 declassified, 1992.
We've got the UN caught through the World Health Organization putting hormones in with tetanus shots to sterilize women, and that's admitted, and there's been a bunch of mainstream news articles the last six months on that, but that news is five, six years old, though.
It just came out that the hepatitis B shot increases muscular sclerosis almost four times, 3.7 times increase.
The hepatitis B shot increases a bunch of different diseases.
The meningitis shot has increased the deaths of people in England that take it.
Those that have had it by 17.6%.
I mean, this is just stuff the last few weeks.
Then we've got the local newscast saying, Mercury is nutritious.
Mercury is good for you.
Well, everybody knows that's not true.
Just like everybody knows that cameras in school bathrooms in freedom, or blimps over our cities looking through our walls, or Humvees with microwave guns and sound cannons mounted on top of them, aimed at the American people, while the border's wide open.
They're building a prison all around us.
They're coming out with a national ID card.
You'll have to have to have any job with what type of citizen you are on it.
This is the reality, folks.
It has nothing to do with terrorism.
The globalists created the terrorism.
But we need to create a plagues section, a man-made plagues section on prisonplanet.com.
We're doing it.
I've said I wanted it the last few weeks.
It's being built.
Where they have what the mercury does, what the aspartame does, what the fluoride does, what the vaccines do.
We need to have the race-specific bioweapons quotes out of PNAC, Henry Kissinger documents, all this stuff where they add stuff to the vaccines.
I want that on the site.
And we're going to build it.
I mean, it's all over the site, but it's spread out.
You've got to use the search engine.
I want to have it all in one spot.
Because it's hard for the average good, decent person to admit up to this, to deal with this, to be able to face this.
But this is the reality.
Ken in New York.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Ken.
Good morning, Alex.
Happy Columbus Day.
It's funny you're talking about mercury.
I remember going to the dentist a few years ago, maybe about ten years ago, and telling him about all these articles I'm reading and just learning about mercury, that mercury is a poison.
I think so.
I guess the controversy got too much, and maybe there is something to all this talk about mercury.
Well, let me explain how this works.
Your average doctor or dentist believes what the AMA, or the American Dental Association, tells them.
They're not bad people.
They're good.
They care about people.
So why would their bosses do something like this?
And after you've already given, as a pediatrician, you know, 10,000 children shots...
You're not going to want to admit what happened.
Even when the woman turns around and drives her two-year-old back who's in convulsions, oh, well, your child just had a bad reaction, or it wasn't the vaccine.
It's all coincidence.
And then the woman detoxes her child on anti-mercury washes, and suddenly the child's fine.
You know, these people are in denial.
I mean, but the common sense point to this is why would the ADA authorize the use of a poison?
To be used in dental fillings.
I mean, that's what, even when the controversy was being discussed in medical and dental circles.
I know it was a big topic about 15 years ago.
No, I know it is.
It still is today.
But, I mean, look.
I have studies from 1933 from the University of Texas studying the toxicology.
And again, I've literally seen hundreds of them.
From China and England and Ireland and Mexico and the U.S.
But I've got a study from 33, I read on air one time, parts of it, where they said this would be a good sedative for mentally ill patients, but it's toxic so we can't use it.
They tested it on people in the sanitarium.
And found that it was a great toxic sedative.
The Nazis gave people in the camps sodium fluoride to make them docile.
I mean, and they know sodium fluoride does this.
They put it in the water.
So what do they do?
Do they put a fluoride that's actually good for you, like calcium fluoride in the water?
It's sodium fluoride.
I mean, this is folks.
Go ahead.
Well, at least they... I don't know if this is being done nationally with dentists, but...
It was quite a shock when the dentist I've gone to, who is a very good dentist, and he was always a bit skeptical about mercury.
But I guess either they had a seminar or they went to a conference over the past few years, maybe nationally or in the New York area, and decided that mercury will no longer be used in dental fillings, which is a good thing.
I appreciate it.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate the call.
Great points, Ken.
Speaking of dentists,
There was a top dentist in Canada, what was it, about nine, ten months ago.
We even interviewed him.
I forget his name at this point.
It was in all the big Canadian papers.
He's the guy that, what, eight, nine, ten years ago, got fluoridation introduced in Canada.
He led the fight and said, no, it's good.
This is a bunch of baloney fluoride that strengthens your teeth.
Well, then he saw all the documents that what sodium fluoride really did.
He saw the studies.
He saw his own patients.
And he went public and said it's deadly poison.
And it's not just the sodium fluoride.
They take the stuff from nuclear weapons plants.
They take the stuff from the aluminum plants.
They take the byproducts from the fertilizer plants.
They take that sodium fluoride toxic waste, mix with all the other stuff, and that's what they ship and put in the water.
At the end of World War II, they had used it in nuclear weapons production, and it was a big spill.
And it killed several rivers.
And killed all the fish and made a bunch of people sick.
And so they went, man, where are we going to store this?
Well, let's just put it in the water and say it's good for them.
It's a toxic sedative.
And it's true, people.
I mean, again, you trust this government, and this is the type of stuff they've been doing.
It's amazing.
And by the way, there are Nobel biologists, epidemiologists, laureates who are public on this.
Not just Nobel laureates on the AIDS virus being manufactured.
The HIV virus.
I mean, this is just the facts.
It's like depleted uranium.
We've had the man who wrote the book at Los Alamos Laboratory, Dr. Rocky, on the show.
His team went to Iraq to, quote, disprove it was bad for people.
Most of his team has died.
He's had cancer.
They found out that it's in the blood.
It causes a tripling of birth defects.
It's deadly poison.
Just from the heavy metal effects of DU.
It was a toxic waste, a byproduct of nuclear weapons production, and so they just said, we'll just sell it and make it a weapon.
And now our troops are breathing it.
Depleted uranium, the Army's own book, their own training videos, which they will not show the troops now, say that it is deadly.
Then the New York Daily News a few months ago did a blood test of 14 Gulf War I vets and found that they all had high levels of radiation in DUs.
I mean, something's going on when you get a tripling in birth defects and people shrivel up and die of lung cancer when they're 25 years old, 30 years old.
We'll be right back.
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Coming up, I'm going to get more into Kenyon Nobel Peace Laureate claims AIDS was deliberately created as a bioweapon.
We'll get into Kerry opens three-point lead on Bush.
Superman Starchus for Reeve dead at age 52 of cardiac arrest.
Congress closed to establishing rules for driver's licenses.
New York Times, that's your national ID card.
Candidates arrested at debate.
Libertarian Green Party nominees tried to serve the commission with a legal document.
We've got the Libertarian presidential candidate coming on the third hour.
News websites, Indy Media says FBIC server under an international order.
That's right, we're under international law now.
And also just a bunch of other really, really important news that we're going to be covering.
So stay with us for all of that.
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Let's go ahead and talk now to Charles in Texas.
You're on the air.
Hey Alex, do you think that putting out, increasing all the AIDS among the black population,
Do you expect me to talk?
No, Mr. Bond.
I expect you to die.
I mean, it's... I know that the Ku Klux Klan and the Nation of Islam are connected.
Their plan is to increase instability inside the nation.
But Barry Kamish has a new book coming out, and he's starting to promote it.
I was wondering if you had him post on your show.
You mean Barry Hamish?
I might get him on.
He's a great guy.
I heard him on another talk show.
It's called the Zionist Labor and the Holocaust, I think is the name of it.
Oh, I've got to get him on.
Barry Hamish.
Yeah, because that Jewish conspiracy stuff is a dime a dozen, but I think it's kind of funny because he's a Jew putting it out.
Well, he's not saying it's Jews.
The Zionists really did help Hitler.
They're not Jews, my friend.
So, you know, the devil puts out counterfeits, doesn't he?
So that's what we're dealing with here.
Okay, thank you.
Yeah, I mean, Barry Hamish has written for the Jerusalem Post, you name it.
I mean, the truth is the truth.
I don't know about his new book, but I know about some of his writings.
I don't think Jews run the New World Order.
Are the Zionists at the top controlled on the New World Order?
That's what Barry Hamish says.
Every big group is controlled.
The beast has the world under his control.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, we're now 30 seconds into the second hour.
Greg Palast is going to be joining us, BBC reporter, best-selling author, The Bush Family Fortunes.
Then in the third hour, we're going to have Michael Bagnarik on, Libertarian presidential candidate who was arrested at the debate last Friday, along with a Green Party presidential candidate.
He'll just be on with us about 20 minutes or so.
So will Greg Palast, so we've got plenty of time to take all of your phone calls, as I promised we would.
Bunch of other news.
Kenyon Nobel Peace Laureate claims AIDS virus deliberately created when we have the actual documents.
We will also get into Kerry now going ahead of Bush in the polls.
We really believe that.
The New York Times coming out with how wonderful the national ID card is for us all.
News, websites, indie media, says FBI sees server, talking about international government.
There it is, in your face.
Also, more calls from China, and this time France, for a New World Order.
There's just tons of information that's coming up.
Also, major assaults on hold until after the U.S.
Now, I got this from internal sources months ago.
Now it's out in the L.A.
And a lot of top military are saying this is one reason we're losing the war in Iraq, is because for political reasons, Bush is backed off now, going after the insurgents!
So if you're going to have a war, might as well fight it to win it!
So that's just some of what's coming up.
Plus this so-called shortage of the flu vaccine.
They're acting like it's some wonderful thing we've all got to get.
There's a shortage, not because of price controls, as the news is saying.
Last week they admitted there's a problem because the factory that made half of it's been shut down because they put live flu virus in the shots.
That's admitted.
But now the spin machine's in effect going, oh no, it's because of price controls.
So we'll cover that as well.
Greg Pallis is coming up, the Libertarian candidate, Michael Bagnaric.
There is so much other vital news we'll be covering.
Right now, let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Let's talk to Robert in Colorado.
Robert, good to talk to you.
Good to talk to you, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
I love listening to you.
I'll be by the channel listening to Greg Pallis.
He's very good.
Well, thank you.
As you no doubt know, Cirrus Satellite Radio Company just signed...
Howard Stern to... $500 million conference.
Yeah, that's what they're rumoring.
I think it's funny that a guy who is without a doubt a volatile, revolting voice on the planet, and who has been a long-time thorn in the side of Clear Channel, now is jumping ship and going to Cirrus, where he will have no restrictions on what he can say, yet they wouldn't even begin to touch you for a fraction of the money, them or XM.
Well, we have begged to be on Sirrus.
We have begged to be on XM.
And I'm told that, and of course, we would do it for free.
We just want to be on it.
Most of the people that are on there just get it picked up to be carried for free.
And then some of their ads get to run.
That's how network radio works.
And people should contact Sirrus.
Now, I know XM is part owned by Clear Channel.
And so it doesn't surprise me that he went to Cirrus Radio.
But this is a total stunt.
He isn't going to leave so-called broadcast radio for a year and a half or so.
And so this is all staged.
This is a stunt to get people to sign up with Cirrus.
I predict he will not leave broadcast radio.
Well, I mean, you know, if he said, I'm leaving it next month, that would be one thing.
We've done the analysis.
Limbaugh's $287 million over nine years didn't compute for total revenue for the show.
Well, Limbaugh's revenue is much larger than Stern's.
Limbaugh's much bigger than Stern.
So how can Stern get roughly three times what Limbaugh is going to get?
Good point.
The total revenues of Cirrus, it's like a $25 million company.
Yeah, but they're losing money hand or fist.
So is XM.
Yeah, so this is a last-ditch stunt.
That's all this is.
Anything else?
I was watching a special last week on History Channel.
Just stay there.
Just stay there.
We'll be right back.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, let me cover a couple quick news items, and we're going to award-winning BBC reporter, also a writer for the London Guardian and other major publications, best-selling author Greg Palast, who will be in Austin, Texas tomorrow night, and I intend to go down there.
But that's coming up in a minute or two.
First off, news website Indy Media says FBI seized server, knocking off over 20 of their websites in over five nations, including the United States.
We're good to go.
A website billed as a grassroots news source for the anti-globalization movement, great folks, by the way, and other issues, said one of its web servers was shut down after the FBI, by the way, now it's two, served a subpoena.
The Independent Media Center said the FBI issued a gag order to hosting company Rockspace to remove physically one of our servers.
The FBI acknowledged that a subpoena had been issued, but said it was the request of Italian and Swiss authorities.
So again, somebody in Germany or England says this, and it happens.
It's not an FBI operation.
FBI spokesman Joe Paris told AFP, through a legal assistance treaty, the subpoena was on behalf of a third party.
A couple years ago, France wanted to shut down Yahoo!
Because World War II collectors were selling U.S.
medals, Nazi medals, Russian medals.
That's their laws.
I mean, whether you love or hate the Nazis, that's your freedom.
But obviously, these old World War II collectors, you shouldn't have Yahoo taken down because they let people sell Nazi paraphernalia.
I mean, the Smithsonian Institute has Nazi flags in it.
This is just history.
I told the story.
One time I was at an antique show, and I bought an American medal, a British medal, and a Nazi medal.
I thought they were interesting.
It doesn't mean I'm a Nazi.
It doesn't mean I'm in the RAF either.
What an RAF flying medal.
But anyways, I don't want to go on forever.
We've got Greg Palast on with us.
I'm sure he'll be able to comment on this.
Now it's two servers, and this is global government.
Here's the New York Times.
Congress close to establishing rules for driver's license.
Hey, Alex.
Before they grab the servers and the transmitters, I'm glad to be on.
Well, you know, you were in New York there with me.
I came and interviewed you for a film that's coming out.
Greg, while I was at your office interviewing you, you had a Pacifica reporter there who'd just been kidnapped and had his tapes and videos stolen.
We had cameras smashed.
I mean, this is becoming a regular occurrence.
Yeah, well, what happened was, in fact, Jerry Quickly of the Pacifica Network, he was...
He's African-American, so a big guy, and he was, like, grabbed, and his camera was smashed.
You know, his recordings were taken.
And what happened was that they said, well, we're just, they didn't, he said, am I under arrest?
You know, I'm press.
He had the Republican National Convention credentials.
You know, they, you know, obviously working press, you know, you've got these big tags and the whole thing, and they said, well, we just,
Nothing in particular.
We just want to talk to you a minute and could you hand over your equipment?
And they handed him back his tape recorders and he had his two days of interviews on what was happening around the Republican Convention and the tapes were gone.
Now for those that
I'm familiar with this.
He had the congressional issued pass, but he wasn't even in the convention center when this happened.
They threw him in a paddy wagon for an hour, stole all his stuff.
We have the same stuff happen to us.
We'd be eight miles away from the convention center, and cops would just run over with machine guns and grab our cameras, take the film out, laugh at us, string it out in front of us, throw it in a trash can.
I mean, this is not freedom, people.
Well, let's face it, Alex, you really are a threat to the regime.
So, I mean, but, you know, I mean, on the other hand, you're not the, you know, I thought that we were supposed to be going after, like, the bad guys, like the terrorists.
But, you know, this is the problem.
Well, Greg, you got kicked out of the Republican Convention.
You had your stuff pulled.
Yeah, well, you know, that's the, you know, at least I'm, you know, here to talk about it.
I mean, there were also people who were held, friends of mine who were held for 48 hours.
They said, you know, well, this is, you know, not preventive detention.
You know, oh, we just can't process people fast enough.
We don't even know why they're not under arrest for anything in particular.
And now the city of New York is being fined.
A judge is really hopping mad.
He says, you know, it's still the United States of America, even during a Republican convention.
And so now New York City taxpayers have to pay for this kind of police state operation.
Because, you know, I mean, the judges are right, but I think that they should have won.
Instead of hitting the taxpayers, they should have grabbed the politicians that ordered this
These crazy lockups.
Well, that raises another point.
I interviewed the American Spectator reporter.
He was at Ground Zero, peacefully standing there in a suit.
And I was actually outside the crowd and even caught video of this and didn't know until later that that was him that I got on video being grabbed.
And they put out these orange nets, grabbed about 300 of the 1,000 protests, the small protests, put him in jail for 48 hours, and...
Then a cop later came by who wasn't even there and charged him with disorderly conduct and several other things, and he was inside the Guantanamo and the Hudson with barbed wire inside.
They were running buses inside.
People were getting sick, laying in motor oil in this old bus depot.
I mean, this was liberals, conservatives, black people, white people.
It was just randomly grabbing folks.
Well, I think that was part of the idea.
In other words, part of the idea of a police state is it's random actions.
You can't terrorize a community unless they think it is going to hit at any moment to anyone.
That everyone is vulnerable.
So it's that creation of... And then plus, on the other hand, while they're creating fear, they're telling everyone, we are protecting you from the terrorists.
So it's...
You know, we see it coming.
Unfortunately, it could get much worse.
What do you think of this Indy Media servers getting grabbed?
Well, it's particularly emotional to me because they're the sponsors, the national sponsors, one of the national sponsors of the release of my film, Bush Family Fortunes, from BBC Television.
They're American sponsors of the release.
And obviously, with the servers down...
It's hard to get across.
And one of the problems that you're seeing is that this new thing of seizing machines, we're not telling you why.
This is very much, by the way, something that they do in Europe.
I am stunned that it's now reaching across.
They've never been able to do this before.
That is, reach across U.S.
This is a whole new game.
Before, they used to get these requests and it was like, I'm sorry, we don't do that in the United States.
We don't kick in doors at news outlets.
This is a very, very dangerous thing and to let that happen... The problem is that when the establishment press here is not going to come to their defense and then they themselves will become vulnerable when they step out of line.
Look at what's happened to Judith Miller.
She was...
New York Times reporter, a pure propagandist for the Bush administration.
She's the one who came up with the story, by the way.
She's the one who published the story that Saddam really had terrible weapons of mass destruction.
They fed her that stuff.
And then they fed her the story of Plame, Valerie Plame, who was a CIA agent.
They did this to harass and worry her husband.
John Wilson.
Which blew the cover of hundreds of agents in Europe.
Right, exactly.
And so now, in other words, they use this woman, and now they're going to try to jail her.
So see, the problem with the mainstream reporters out of New York Times and the other, and our American investors and Pravda at the Washington Post, etc., is that they go along with the game, and then when they balk for one minute, then they find out what happens.
You know, instead of being the nice pet, suddenly they're facing jail time.
Well, Greg, I mean, she's a lady with the aluminum tubes, Niger documents.
She was the mouthpiece of propaganda.
That's right.
And now she could get in a lot of trouble.
This shows how they hang their own people out to dry.
That's right.
As soon as they step one inch out of line.
Because it's like the mob.
You don't quit the team vertically.
Well, that's what I found.
I mean, statistically, if you're really fighting them and have never worked for them, they seem to leave you alone more of the time than if you're one of their servants.
Then if you get out of line one centimeter, they just smash you.
Because, see, they gave her a platform in the New York Times.
See, like me, I'm in exile.
I'm over at BBC Television.
Obviously, from my voice, I'm not Henry Higgins.
So I'm doing these reports.
It's one of the reasons, by the way, that BBC has released this film, Bush Family Fortunes, which is, based on my book, Best Democracy Money Can Buy, because you can't report this stuff
In the USA.
So we tried it.
By the way, we tried, BBC tried to get U.S.
networks to run our investigative reports on the Bush family.
And it's very well done.
Thank you.
And we tried, you know, ABC News, for example, has an agreement that they can run our stuff for free.
They don't even have to pay us, right?
And we just couldn't get American networks to touch the stuff.
They'd say, oh, it's brilliant stuff.
Can you do something less controversial?
I'd say, well, when you're
When your president stops playing games with the Saudis and the rest, we can be less controversial.
Well, tomorrow night, people can get around that wall of censorship.
It's 7 o'clock on downtown Austin, on Congress, right by the Capitol, in the beautiful, historic Paramount Theater, from 7 to 9 p.m.
They're going to show the film, and then Greg's going to speak.
I'm on TV from 7 to 8, but I'm going to jump in the car.
And you get to, you know, Alex, you're going to have to stand up and make sure I know you're there so we can point you out.
They can put the face with the voice.
It's very important that we actually do get together because you're going to see on screen at the Paramount or if you just go get the film, which is on DVD, you're going to see the reports that the rest of the world sees about this regime that you are not allowed to see on your tube.
Alright, we're going to break.
We're going to come back.
And Greg, I want to get into John Kerry.
I mean, he says he wants to go to war.
He wants to go to Iran.
He wants to have the Patriot Act.
So what choice do we really have?
And I want to get your analysis of John Forbes Kerry.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Then we'll go to your calls.
Greg, I want to talk about the election.
I want to talk about what your film covers, obviously.
But during the break we were talking, and I was saying, I know you're a journalist.
You have to have documents on it.
And that's what I go off of, too.
But it does stink to high heaven that obviously fake documents are given to CBS News.
And they don't check it out.
And this is a tactic we've seen Karl Rove pull before with Hatfield and the Fortunate Son.
We saw Karl Rove.
Talk about that just a little bit.
Some of the history of how these guys operate.
Kind of the poison pill to discredit everything else.
Yeah, they're professionals.
I mean, Karl Rove once, you know, when he was running someone's election in Texas, said, there was a bug found in my office.
Well, and there was.
He didn't make that up.
Of course,
He didn't mention that he planted it.
He said he planted a bug in his own office to find and discredit the other side.
That was just practice.
Then Jim Hatfield, who was an investigative reporter, he, at one time, and years before he became a reporter, like decades before, had gotten in some trouble with some stock dealer or something.
And so they knew that the cocaine story, that the story of our president doing a few lines in his youth when he should have been flying fighter jets,
That they handed, literally, Karl Rove handed that story to James Hatfield, knowing that when Hatfield published it, they would then pull out Hatfield's old records and just ruin him.
In other words, what you do is you know that the story of the cocaine is going to come out, so you load it onto a ship that you can then sink.
So then after that, no one would touch it.
Look what's happened to the Draft Dodge story.
In fact, we open our film, Bush Family Fortunes, with the Draft Dodge story.
We have, by the way, because of the BBC, we have some very strict rules about backing stuff up.
We have a document, and by the way, the document itself is shown in the DVD, so after you see the film, if you put the DVD in your machine, you can see the document, which no one has questioned, which is from inside the U.S.
Justice Department at your offices there in Austin, which says that the fix was put in by Lieutenant Governor Ben Barnes,
To get little George out of NAMM and into the Air Guard as Top Gun.
And no one, no one has challenged the authenticity of that document.
The truth is that the core story that Dan Rather ran, which is that Congressman George Bush used his influence to get his son out of Vietnam...
No one has challenged BBC Television, the premier news network on this planet.
During the last election, we had the documents, and everybody knew that he didn't show up for medical exams, that he was gone for giant spaces.
None of that's debatable.
What they do is they produce some fake document.
It gets discredited.
None of the story is discredited, just that particular document, and the media ignores all the other admitted documents.
Right, and they use that to say, then no one will touch the story.
Not only will no one touch the story, you know what 60 Minutes did?
They pulled from last Sunday.
They pulled from last Sunday a story about how the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was a completely faked operation.
And they pulled it and said that this would be too controversial and they just can't act like that now.
I mean, well, what are they there for?
They can't.
I mean, I have to tell you that when Bush Family Fortunes, when BBC brought it up to one of the big networks, we were told, oh, Greg, it's a great film.
Can you do something less controversial?
I mean, you just can't.
You know, this is how the news is being...
It is being self-censored in America by cash.
Hey, listen, Greg, I don't get interviewed by mainstream media as much as you do, but I've been interviewed by a lot of national and international TV just in the last few months, and they openly say, look, we can't go that far.
We know what you're saying is true.
Can you just say it like this so we can get it on TV?
Well, this is one of the problems.
And so I've despaired of that.
You know, like I say, I'm on TV on the big nightly news program in Britain.
I'm in Brazil and Germany, Ireland.
You know, it's just news.
It's the information you should have.
But here I've got to put it on a DVD and we have to show it at the Paramount, which I don't mind, you know, because we've made a good feature film out of it.
But I'll tell you, I just wish I could put it on the tube so you can, you know, just eat a bag of potato chips and chill out with a frosty, you know, and watch the news.
But they won't let you.
Now, I have to say that you have been, and I want people to understand how precious your show is, because the reports, the things you're hearing here, the rest of the world can get, but just barred unless you listen to Alex Jones.
Well, thanks for the plug.
That's sincere.
Believe me.
Well, thank you, sir.
Well, I mean, it's getting scarier when foreign governments can order the FBI to shut down web servers that shut down dozens and dozens of people's websites.
I mean, folks, we're really entering this system.
We're going to come back, talk about what's in the film, then go to your calls.
Everybody stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
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I'll tell you why governments of the world are going after free independent journalists and media and any platform where the people have a chance to hear their voices.
Being broadcast to a large number of other people.
And that's because major media studies have come out by the government, universities, and industry, a bunch of them, depending on which study, 38 to 45 percent of people have tuned out of mainstream media and they've gone to alternative sources.
I mean, when a little website like mine gets tens of millions of visitors every month, and I'm not even in the top 20 alternative news sites out there,
The globalists are in trouble.
When local indie media sites, where your voice can be heard, where you can go out and do reports, are getting more hits than the other local news stations, they're starting to panic.
And that's why we see this happening.
And so, yeah, when you punch a bully back in the nose, sometimes he punches back.
So don't feel like we're losing this fight.
We are in...
We're good to go.
Another place you can go to get information that will wake people up is my website, InfoWars.com or, of course, PrisonPlanet.com.
On PrisonPlanet.tv you can watch all 11 of my films, a bunch of other great films that other filmmakers have authorized us to post in high definition, that is high quality streams or the low bandwidth streams if you've got a dial-up connection.
We've got my book, Paul Watson's book, my weekly TV reports.
The best radio interviews we do on this show.
If you can't hear the show every day, just tune in to the website.
You can hear the best interviews like this one right now.
This one will be posted with Greg Palast.
We're fighting the earth, being turned into a prison planet.
Hence PrisonPlanet.tv, 15 cents a day, my friends.
And then, of course, my new film, American Dictators, documenting the staged election of 2004.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
That's 888-253-3139.
You can also write to us at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Please take action.
Please get my videos and make copies of them.
Put them on AXS Television.
Show them to your VFW Hall.
Show them to your college students.
Show them to your high school students.
Show them to your Sunday school class.
Have your rabbi show them.
Just get it out to the people.
When they see the truth, they know the truth in their guts, but challenge them to go check out the facts we present for themselves.
And now, Greg Pallas, let's talk about your film and then tell folks how to get a copy.
Then we'll go to these calls.
The film is incredible.
You know, high-quality television production, as you said, very cinematic.
You go over the Bush family fortunes and who they are and what they're up to.
By the way, The Guardian just had a 13-page report of two Auschwitz victims suing the Bushes because now even more of that's come out.
But your film just gets into the history of these people, not the Nazi connection.
Tell us about...
What your film covers.
Well, yeah.
I mean, by the way, you can go to gregpalast.com, and hopefully we'll have it linked up with Alex quite soon.
gregpalast.com, G-R-E-G-P-A-L-A-S-T.
And see a clip of the film yourself.
You tell me what you think.
But, okay, we start out with the George Bush war hero and show you the documents, how the guy got out, and how, by the way, the documents of his were failing to show up.
We're shredded at the request of the commander-in-chief of the Texas Air Guard, George W. Bush's office.
So that's very important.
We're not refighting the war from 30 years ago, guys.
We're trying to talk about what happened to these records.
The other thing is, then we move on to what happened in Florida in 2000 because it's going to happen again, which is we show you that they knocked out tens of thousands of people, calling them criminals.
When they were just innocent people, in this case they're mostly black people because they knew which way they were voting, which is they're going to vote against the Bush family.
And they called these people criminals.
And they were innocent, you know, they were innocent.
You'll see in the film, I have a Gulf War veteran, four years in the military, gets out of the military, works in a hospital, and they said, no, you can't vote.
When he shows the vote, you can't vote.
You're a felon.
Now, it just came out, Greg, that this was even in the New York Times, but it was in the Miami papers.
They sent out police task forces to old people's homes.
It didn't matter.
Cops got business at their house going, we're in a voting task force just checking to make sure you're not voting twice.
But in the last election, it was tens of thousands.
Tens and tens and tens of thousands.
If your name was David Jones...
And if David Jones had ever committed a crime, didn't they even found people who just had the name Jones who were blocked off because a John Jones did a crime, but your name's Tim Jones?
Oh yeah, I mean, no, it was a good gimmick, and in fact what we show them, which you'll see at the beginning of the film, is that the head of the Florida Department of Elections worked under Jeb Bush.
The guy is literally running away from me.
We had a set interview with BBC Television.
We sat down nice and polite, expected some guy with a nice British accent against me.
And I begin to show him documents marked secret and confidential.
The guy rips off his lapel microphone, runs across the camera wires, locks himself in his office, then calls in the state troopers to remove me and my BBC Television crew from the state capitol.
Just because we had a document.
I just want to ask about the document marked secret.
You know, come on.
You know, was it deliberate?
And you know what most people do not know is that on July 15th, after reviewing the information that you see in the film Bush Family Fortune, the U.S.
Civil Rights Commission voted to open a criminal investigation of Jeb Bush and his government.
Now, again, folks, whether you're for Jeb Bush or, you know, George Bush or Al Gore or whoever, the truth is the truth.
Were Democrats caught with voting machines in their cars?
Were they caught running scams?
Yes, but it's the old-fashioned scams, not systematic, computer-operated, you know, engineers quitting.
The Democrats were guilty of what I call retail vote theft, you know, voting old people, dead people, making up stuff out of, you know, making up assy ballots out of nursing homes, etc.,
This is a whole new game.
And by the way, for those who've read my book, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, you will know that I'm no friend of the Democratic Party either.
Let's talk more about your film on the Iraq stuff.
That's the most powerful.
But first off,
I mean, last week I read we're on 14 major policies.
These guys are identical, and Kerry wants to expand the military.
Well, you know, I mean, I almost fell out of my seat when Kerry said in the debate, and I know a lot of my Democratic friends, because they're so used to me doing these investigations of the Bush family, because, well, the Bush family is fun.
It's like a real-life Corleone, you know?
So, of course I work on them, but...
But, you know, when you look at Kerry, what comes out of his mouth?
What's his objection to what's happening in Iraq, to our kids being there?
We don't have enough troops there.
Well, who are you sending?
You know, I mean, there is, and of course there's this idea that we'll have allies, but, you know, the Hobbit Army is just a movie.
You know, it's not like the Croatians are like, can't wait to move in and take our place in Fallujah.
They aren't out there.
So what is this stuff?
Why do we need more?
And that, in a way, goes back
To one thing that we found in the film, which is, you'll see me standing in front of the White House with a document, 101 pages long.
It is the plan which was begun in 2001, and before any towers were hit, which is the plans to divide up all the assets of Iraq, what they call privatized, all the state assets of Iraq.
And Greg, let me stop you right there.
For those who just joined us, okay.
Understand, this isn't Richard Clark, this isn't O'Neill.
You can say, oh, they're partisan, they're sour grapes.
We have the PNAC document from 2000, September 2000, where they say, Saddam isn't a threat, it's about the oil, we're going to use it as a military launch base.
Then in 2001, they're in the meetings, Greg's got the documents, dividing up the oil fields, and then Bush says, oh, I never
Well, yeah.
In fact, one thing you'll see is that you will see maps of Iraq with these splotches on them, which are oil fields, which are now, of course, battlefields.
And these are the documents that Dick Cheney, our vice president, literally went over with chieftains from oil companies.
I'm not kidding you.
And I actually...
They also had another committee out of the White House run by a woman named Pam Wainwright in which they were, I'm talking like within days of the inauguration in which they were planning out what they were going to do with Iraq after the conquest.
That's what O'Neill said.
He walked in to talk about business and they go, no, all we talk about is oil.
And they would have these big maps up.
And that's right, including the map of Iraq.
And you'll see this document which says, Now, talk about authentication, right?
This is not a Dan Rather operation.
This is BBC.
You know who authenticated our document?
Was General Jay Garner.
General Garner is the guy that George Bush appointed to run Iraq when these tanks started rolling.
But what happened was that Garner said, the President told him that we were there,
To bring democracy to Iraq.
So he said, okay, and he called for elections within 90 days, and here's the phrase he used.
He said, it's their country, their oil.
And that phrase got him fired.
That night he arrived in Baghdad, he was fired by Rumsfeld, because I showed him the document.
I said, did they really have this plan to divide up the oil fields and sell them off?
He said, yeah, they really did.
He said, but he objected because he said,
If we do that, if we grab their oil, we're going to have to fight them for it.
And this is the point I wanted to make.
That's why all these Republicans who ran the air war for Bush Sr., top generals, heads of the Air Force, heads of the Army, people who are Republicans,
Well, you know, that's the whole thing.
Well, it depends if you think it fails.
Think of it this way.
We have a president who doesn't want to talk about the economy, for sure.
Health insurance, your jobs.
You know, the World Trade Organization, you don't want that on the agenda.
Instead, he's our war president.
Well, he can't be a war president without a war.
So, I mean, and don't forget who took Jay Garner's place.
Remember, General Jay Garner is the guy who verified our documents for BBC and explained how they were completely committed to grabbing all the assets.
By the way, that includes the top six banks of Iraq.
Because they're handling the cash flow from the oil.
It includes changing their copyright laws, their tax laws, allowing foreign ownership of absolutely everything.
And he said we can't impose this.
With tanks.
Our media says we're coming here to liberate you, but imagine if Russia came here, took over, and then started taking over all your businesses and bulldozing your fields.
I mean, would that make you love the Russians?
Well, you know, the other thing is...
Here, Garner said what we should do is be buying up the wheat harvest.
Iraq was like the kind of granary of the Mideast.
We should be buying up their grain harvest so that the farmers can survive and eat and keep the rural areas going.
Instead, our administration brought in hundreds of thousands of tons of wheat from Cargill's Australian units.
And who was in charge of the administration's policy on bringing in, dumping all this stuff into Iraq?
Let me guess.
It was an executive from Cargill, of course.
So to understand this, folks, they've done everything that will break down the society.
Then they put out these phony numbers about how happy the Iraqis are.
I've talked to...
Western reporters that have been there.
It is much worse than before the war, but you listen to Paul Harvey, he tells you how great it is over there now.
Well, you know, the truth was, I talked to, you know, one thing that the BBC reporters have an advantage over American reporters is most of our reporters speak Arabic.
I mean, we've sent people over, you have to learn the language.
And at first, by the way, most people in Iraq, the reports you're getting all over the country, people are really happy.
To get rid of that cockroach Saddam.
Yeah, that's exactly what I got from military people that were over there.
The truth is that the Iraqi people are really happy to get rid of this guy who was seizing their husbands and sons in the middle of the night.
They want to get rid of this monster.
It's like when you invite an exterminator in to get rid of your cockroaches, and then they move into your living room and sleep in your bed and clean out your fridge.
And they set up the rape rooms in the very same prison Saddam used.
And so what happens is that we're creating war.
This is what Garner was so worried about.
He says, we're making more enemies than we began with.
Well, I'm sure you're familiar with the Pentagon office P2OG.
John, I know that one.
Okay, well, about two years ago, just type P2OG, Greg, into a search engine and it'll pop up at UPI Associated Press.
A Pentagon office set up to get people to attack us.
To go out and stir people up.
To, quote, make them show themselves and to actually create terrorists.
Well, you know, like I say, you can't... Well, consider this.
Garner is fired.
Who replaces him?
A guy named Jerry Bremmer.
Who's ever heard of Jerry Bremmer?
What is his qualification?
Garner was experienced in Iraq.
Bremer's single qualification was that he is the CEO of Kissinger Associates.
And now the new guy helped run the deaf squads in Latin America.
Yeah, oh, yeah.
It's like it's unbelievable.
So what happens is that, you know, so Bremer comes in and the first thing he does is he cancels the elections in Najaf and Fallujah.
So once...
You know, they could have had their own leaders.
Instead, we end up with, of course, maniacs with guns taking over these towns, which then our kids are, you know, marching down the street hoping to stop the so-called insurgents.
I mean, so you've got this huge problem.
This is what we're trying to bring up.
Now, you have to understand, in Bush Family Fortunes, we show you these documents, we show you the oil field maps, we stand in front of the White House, we have on camera General Jay Gardner laying the whole thing out,
And this stuff that, by the way, the rest of the world could see on their television, but now you can see it in a film, on a DVD, which you can get through Alex, or go to gregpalast.com.
The whole point of Bush Family Fortunes, the great shame is that you...
You should be able to watch this on your nightly news, find out your news about your country, but if not, me and Alex will straighten you out.
We've just got to circumvent the mainstream media, obviously.
When we get back, I want to go real fast to Barney and Karen and Michael and Paul and those that have been holding the longest, but people can go to gregpalace.com and get a copy of the DVD?
Yes, they can, or your usual suspects like Amazon, etc., and keep checking the Alex Jones website.
Yeah, I know.
I'm going to order some.
I'm going to carry it.
Months ago, before I even came out with it, he said, hey, you want to carry this?
And I just forgot about it and got so busy.
But I've now had a chance to sit down and watch it.
It's very, very powerful information.
And tomorrow night, 7 to 9 p.m., downtown, at Congress Street, at the historical Paramount Theater.
In Austin.
1,400 people, so there'll be plenty of room.
Won't be like one of my showings where it's only 300 seats and it sells out.
It might sell out, though, so get there early.
Buy tickets there at the door.
We'll see you there tomorrow night.
I'm going to get off my TV show at 8 o'clock and drive over there.
We'll be back with Greg Powell and some of your phone calls.
Thanks for being patient.
Stay with us.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
If your family's not free, my family's not free.
If we have corrupt politicians just engaging in looting of the economy and the Bill of Rights at levels never before seen, we're in trouble.
And it's not about left or right, it's about right or wrong.
And the Bushes are a crime family, folks.
I heard this propaganda, how he gets on his knees every day and how Christian he is.
Folks, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove is not Christian.
I mean, it's just all phoniness.
Let's go through some calls here quickly.
Barney in Maryland, you're on the air with Greg Pallas.
Yeah, how you doing?
Go ahead.
I got two points, Alex.
First one is, what we have to do is prepare to help back these young people that are going to be drafted to go to these unconstitutional wars.
You know, during the Vietnam War, when the people like Clinton dodged the draft...
They couldn't prosecute them because it was unconstitutional war.
They couldn't even prosecute Clinton for going up into Russia and demonstrating against the war in Vietnam because it was unconstitutional war.
What we've got to do is help these young people out, be prepared for it, and we've got to
Withdraw our troops from all over the world where they're unconstitutionally placed there.
And on the second point is on the toll road.
We know that the powers granted to the federal government by the Constitution are enumerated.
And the Fed may have a say about the roads in the state as far as interstate
A commerce goes, but it don't have any say over the...
After the election, that's when they'll probably try it.
I don't know if they will, because there's so much resistance against it.
But clearly the Pentagon has been studying a draft.
Greg Palast?
Well, yeah, what we're looking at, look, they're drawing down their reserves.
They're also pulling in people to sign up.
And moving them in early.
So in other words, they're kind of using up people to fill quotas, and they're going to run out within a year of people signing up.
Well, they've got stopgaps of people that have already served.
Right, and then as, you know, I will say, Kerry is correct about one thing.
We've got a backdoor draft.
People signed up for the National Guard.
They thought that they're here to protect against an attack on the United States itself.
Instead, you know, they're wandering around the Tigris River.
You know, that's not what you sign up for the National Guard for.
One thing you can pretty much count on, if the scene doesn't change, is something called a skills draft.
And that was in the Houston Chronicle.
That's of coroners and doctors and engineers.
They're going to pick out, you know, well, they're not going to have a lottery in a general draft, but boom, you're an airplane engineer, guess what?
You know, report.
So that's the type of thing that people are going to just kind of be cherry-picked out of our economy.
Let's talk to Kara.
Kara in Colorado.
Greg's absolutely right.
You're on the air, Kara.
Go ahead.
Hi there.
I have a question for Mr. Pallaston.
I was just wondering what you see as far as the Osama bin Laden rollout, so to speak.
Do you think that will happen before the election?
Yeah, Madeleine Albright said this.
Everybody else, we don't.
Grassley said it.
What do you think of the story?
Well, I mean, you know, they're not going to be able to produce Osama itself.
What they'll do is, you know, they can always produce... We have some DNA.
We're not sure what it is yet, you know.
We got some DNA that, you know, we blew up some cave there, and in the rubble we got a toenail that... Or, you know, we got one of his towels from the Paris Hilton.
You know, this is the other con, is the idea that Osama bin Laden is hanging out in a cave.
And, you know, John Kerry's still talking about Tora Bora.
Get off it, John.
I mean, I like you, but, you know...
Let's start getting real.
This guy is a billionaire.
He has his own golf stream.
He has two dialysis machines.
More likely, he shaved his beard and has two Barbies massaging his feet at the Ritz Hotel in Paris.
All right.
Five more minutes with Greg Pallas.
Care up.
We'll let you get out your second question.
Stay there.
Then Michael and Paul.
That's all I have time for as those callers have been holding the longest.
Then we'll come back with the presidential candidate for the Libertarians who was kidnapped.
Then we'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, award-winning news tonight.
BBC reporter, also written for major newspapers, best-selling author, new film out,
Bush Family Fortunes will be in Austin, Texas at the Paramount Theater tomorrow night, 7 to 9 p.m.
I'll be there for the second half after my live TV show ends.
Hope to see you down there on Congress Street for Greg Palast tomorrow night and get tickets there at the door.
But I suggest you get there early.
It might sell out.
It's a big theater, though, 1,400 people.
Just a few minutes left with Greg Palast.
Make your comments and questions very quick.
Kara, what was your second question?
Oh, my second question, I happened to see on the news last night, it was really disgusting.
Go ahead.
A woman from San Diego, I guess, refused to be felt up by a screener at DIA here in Denver.
So she drove home, and it was a female screener, but she still refused.
And I mean, they're showing that on the news, and they said, oh, well, it's okay, you know, because her supervisor and the, well, actually, I think it was the, what is it, the Transportation Safety Board or whatever said,
Yeah, I saw this.
Thanks for the call.
The Associated Press two weeks ago reported that the exam is identical to the exam a woman gets for breast cancer.
I have watched them take a woman over to the side and watched men begin squeezing their breasts.
I would become violent if they did this to my wife, or at least would tell them to stop.
And if you tell them to stop, they then arrest you.
Greg, this is a joke.
Well, you know, they're supposedly saving us from terrorists, right?
I mean, look, on September 11th, we were attacked by foreign hijackers.
On September 12th, we Americans became the suspects in the crime.
I'm still waiting to find out when Americans have been attacking America.
It's not happening.
And what's happening, we're the suspects.
We're the ones getting manhandled, and plus it's goofy.
I mean, they're telling us to take off our shoes.
They're grabbing women by the breasts.
I mean, this is like, can they save us?
Greg, now they're saying under the CAPS 2 system it's going to go to buses and trains and this will be our whole life.
Michael in Kentucky, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Michael.
I feel like the downfall of our republic was, and I say this in the past tense, the use of staged conflict to maintain power.
And this is the land of choice.
This is the land of choice, but we only have two candidates?
Come on.
We've got ten brands of cars, ten brands of ice cream, or whatever else, and we have the choice of Tweedledum, Tweedledee here.
And I don't think the real people, the real power behind the scenes cares who wins this election because they're going to play it however they've set the stage.
According to Kerry, the policies are almost identical.
No matter who wins, we lose, Greg.
Well, I mean, one thing I have checked out is the oil industry is definitely hedging their bets.
Now, obviously, they feel very close to the Bush family, but I do know some of the big guys are still now putting in money into Kerry just to hedge the bets.
The scene ain't going to change.
That is...
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
Thanks, Michael.
Paul in California, last caller for Greg Palast.
Go ahead, Paul.
God bless you.
Can you tell me what's the best way to donate to you?
Well, don't donate.
I want to help out Alex Jones, first of all, but the other is go to gregpalast.com.
Get the film, Bush Family Fortunes.
Later you'll be able to get it off of Alex's site.
Take a look.
Just, you know, gregpalast.com, and you can watch parts of it, and the BBC reports that you're denied.
So that's gregpalast.com.
Don't donate.
Get the material and get it out.
Yeah, buy ten copies of the DVD, but anything else, Paul?
Yeah, right.
I appeal to you to make something up for the ladies.
Because I've had great success sitting out in front of a grocery store getting petitions to repeal the Patriot Act.
At any rate, the New American, you know what that is, the New American magazine?
Okay, the cover on it for the latest issue, I think it is, has got a picture of the microchip.
Two fingers, you know, holding the tiny microchip.
Telling us how great it is for our security.
Thanks, Paul.
Greg Palast, I'll see you tomorrow night here in Austin, Texas at the Paramount Theater.
Okay, 7 p.m.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
See you there.
Hey, good having you on with us.
We'll come back with Michael Bagnaric, more of your calls and a bunch of other news.
Sorry I had to hurry through the calls.
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We're good to go.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Well, he really missed it in the last hour.
Dynamic interview with Greg Palast, who was there in New York watching all the arrests of liberal conservative reporters.
It didn't matter.
Then we got into the Bush family fortunes and the real documents and the scams of the war.
Hal Carey is really the same creature.
Then we'll get into news, websites, indie media, say FBI seized their server.
But why this is important, it was done under international law, shutting down over 20 websites, and they won't even say why.
So this is your global government for you, my friends.
And also, an AFP article, Kenyan Nobel Prize laureate claims AIDS virus deliberately created as a biological weapon.
We already know that.
But here it is, mainstream news.
We have the actual documents.
So, all that's coming up.
And, yes, we'll take a lot of your calls in this third hour at 1-800-259-9231.
Joining us is Michael Bagnarik, a good friend of mine.
He's right here in Austin, Texas.
He is a Libertarian presidential candidate and an expert on the Constitution.
And candidates arrested at debate, Libertarian Green Party nominees.
And I've met the Green Party presidential candidate as well, interviewed him in New York.
...tried to serve commission.
Both are very nice, gentile gentlemen.
Two-third party presidential candidates were arrested at the presidential debate in St.
Louis where they tried to serve the debate commission with a show-cause order.
Michael Bagnaric of the Libertarian Party and David Cobe of the Green Party were protesting their exclusion from the debate between President Bush and Democratic Party nominee John Kerry.
And it continues, just as the debate began, the two candidates purposely crossed a police barricade and were arrested.
The debate took place at Washington University.
The campus was alive with protesters and backers of both major candidates.
And it continues, protesters had no direct path to which the school's athletic complex for the 90-minute studio debate was George Bush's Democratic rival.
And the Green Party candidate said his purpose was to expose the undemocratic nature of these debates.
Now, I remember interviewing Charles Key.
Allen Key.
I always think of Charles Key exposing Oklahoma City and Oklahoma.
Allen Key is the former ambassador to the U.N.
and the Reagan administration, who in the 96 debates was listed as a Republican on the list of debaters by the debate commission.
He got enough votes in primaries.
And when he showed up there, they just said, they've decided you can't come.
The other candidates had him kidnapped for an hour and a half, and they threw him out on the side of the highway, literally in a crack-infested neighborhood.
The police did it on purpose.
He barely made it out of there.
A guy in a three-piece suit being thrown out by a basketball court where crack dealers were operating.
And we interviewed Alan Keyes about that.
Back in 98, at the end of Bush's speech here in Austin, it was actually Round Rock, at the DuPont photo masking plant, open to the public, I said, what about the Council on Foreign Relations and the Federal Reserve?
Isn't that destroying America, Governor?
And they almost broke my arm, kidnapped me for an hour, threw me out on the side of the highway.
So joining us to talk about the debates, talk about what happened to him, to talk about just the whole nature of the police state, is my friend and presidential candidate for the Libertarians, the biggest third party in the country, Michael Bagnaric.
Michael, good to have you on.
Good to have you back.
Good to be on, Alex.
Good to hear from you, and I hope we can have you at our party November 2nd.
We're going to be...
We're throwing a little election day party.
I'd love to have you there.
Well, that's wonderful.
Where's it going to be held?
It's going to be at the Sports Bar at 183 and Mopac at Legends.
Well, I'll certainly be there.
That's a nice restaurant.
Okay, now, Michael, let's go over what happened to you and the Green Party candidate as well.
Well, basically, the Arizona Libertarian Party has filed a lawsuit against the Commission for Presidential Debates.
We've been trying to serve those papers.
Whenever you file a lawsuit, you have to let the party know that they have been sued.
And it is against the law to interfere with a process server.
So I was acting as a process server in St.
Louis, trying to hand this paperwork to somebody on the commission.
The original plan was that this was going to be a very orchestrated thing where the police would tell us politely not to step across the line and that David and I would do that.
When it came down to it, we were confronted by the riot police with their helmets and shields and batons.
They remind me very much of Darth Vader and the Roman Army.
The Roman Army used exactly the same phalanx strategy to keep people back.
And I was in a suit and tie.
No, I saw you in the background on national television.
I was sitting around with my family.
We went to a little family outing this weekend.
My parents and my wife and children were all there.
And I see Michael Bagnarik off in the background.
Well, the people who were holding the shields had just a look of hatred in their eyes.
I mean, these people are not intent on protecting liberty.
They were looking for trouble, and I was very careful not to make any gestures that might be misconstrued as a threatening gesture.
And finally...
A huge officer in the back row beckoned me through and they opened up the failings long enough for me to walk through and get arrested.
So, fortunately, it was a political event, but it could very easily have turned into a life-threatening event for me.
Well, I want to go through what happened to you once they took you into custody, what happened to the other candidate for the Greens, but going back in time here, Bill Clinton...
Could not refuse servers going to the White House.
They had to let them in.
Now, a few years ago, under Bush, when people wanted to sue over Halliburton and Enron documents, they told process servers, police, we will arrest you if you come to the White House.
So this is pure tyranny.
You were trying to not serve the executive, though.
You were trying to serve the debate commission, which stages these events.
Describe to us, play by play, how the arrest took place.
Well, actually, it's not as exciting.
We've got through the line, and once we were behind the lines, the police officers there understood that this was a political event, and we were not, David Cobb and I certainly were not a threat to anybody's safety.
They were very polite, very dignified.
They handcuffed us.
We filled out paperwork, and they put us in the van.
Then just as we were getting ready to leave for the police station, they stopped the van and we had to stay another hour because five college students had been walking home during their normal pass back to the dormitory and because they were unaware that the debate was happening in that particular building, they were thrown to the ground and handcuffed.
And so we had three young men and two young women who went to the jail with us and simply for walking home from school...
And so when we finally were thrown out of a police station at 12.01, David Cobb and I were signing autographs for students who were upset that they had been arrested, but they were thrilled that they had been arrested with two celebrities.
That's right, two presidential candidates.
The Libertarians are a large party now, get a lot of people elected at the state level.
Just incredible.
Now, did they charge you with something?
Well, they've charged us with refusing to follow a rational or reasonable direction from a police officer.
And then once we were in the van, they added trespassing onto the end of it.
During the time that they were talking to us, the police opened up the back door of the van, and they said, which one of you guys is a presidential candidate?
And I said, well, we're both presidential candidates.
I said, doesn't it strike you as a little odd that you have two presidential candidates in handcuffs at a presidential debate?
Well, they threatened to arrest Ralph Nader in 2000 if he showed up to the debate.
Remember that?
Henry Ford once said that you can have your car painted any color you want as long as it's black.
Well, that's clearly not a choice.
Democrats and Republicans want you to think that you can have any president you want as long as it's Bush or Kerry.
Well, that's obviously not a choice.
We recently selected Miss America from over 50 contestants, and the office of president is far more important.
So the American people have a right
You know, that's a good point.
You just made Michael Bagnaric presidential candidate for the Libertarians on the national platform on the ticket.
Imagine having a Miss America where it was two Miss Americas from the same town, the same university, the same 15-member fraternity, who just so happened to be cousins.
Do you think people would say the Miss America contest was rigged, Michael?
I think that's probably true.
And I think that more and more people are coming to grips with the idea that voting for the lesser of two evils is not the right strategy.
Being a libertarian this year is like selling ice water in hell.
People are actively looking for another party.
I got onto an elevator dressed casually with a campaign shirt, and five or six people in the elevator noted that at Narek for president, we've never heard of him.
So I shook hands, introduced myself, and let them know that I was running for president, and suddenly everybody on the elevator was voting for me.
Michael, as I said months ago when we talked to you, if they let you in the debates, if they put you on a lot of big TV shows, I don't mean just a few, because you're very intelligent, very well informed, very dynamic character, if you were able to get in there and bring forward your views, I don't think the Greens could do this because their views aren't popular,
You could be president, but because the media shuts it all down, people aren't even going to know you exist.
And that's the biggest problem that we're fighting, the fact that 50% of the people in the United States have never even heard of the Libertarian Party.
And I appreciate you letting me be on the air because I know that your show is popular across the nation.
Every time I show up someplace, people are asking me if I know Alex Jones.
And they are very thrilled.
I'm thrilled to let them know that you and I are personal friends.
Well, Michael, we are friends, and I really think you're doing a great job, and I'm sad you got arrested, but I'm more concerned that they've charged you with something, and now you're going to have to spend time fighting this.
They really should throw it out of court.
Well, we might be able to get that thrown out.
Again, this is all a political event.
We're trying to draw attention to the fact that
There are several presidential candidates who are on the ballot in enough states to actually win the election, and we are not allowed to participate in the debate.
When George and John are the only ones, the questions are scripted, the answers are scripted.
It resembles more of a Broadway play than a debate.
Well, it is a Broadway play, and I notice Carrie's hair has suddenly turned gray.
I mean, even gray, their hair looked like the, you know, the... Elder statesman, yeah.
You know, the elder silverback.
It's just getting really ridiculous.
Michael Bagnieric, please stay there.
I want to come back and talk about your website, your campaign, how folks get involved.
How long do you have to stay with us?
I know you're on the road.
Whatever until the end of the hour, I guess.
Okay, sure.
And we'll just cover a bunch of different news items, get your take on it from a libertarian perspective, and take calls at 1-800-259-9231.
We'll be right back.
PrisonPlanet.tv and Infowars.com.
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Coming up in the next segment, we're going to go over news with Michael Bagnera and get his unique response and take on that.
And take your phone calls, your chance to talk to a Libertarian presidential candidate who was arrested last Friday for trying as a process server to serve any member of the debate commission, which were all over the place.
And these debates are admittedly staged.
Michael, I think this is something important to talk about because everybody instinctively now is talking about how these are staged.
Last week you had Edwards three times going, Oh, I broke the rule.
Oh, I'm sorry, I broke the rule.
Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot the rules.
They can't even call each other by their names.
That's how controlled it is.
The questions are pre-written.
Then the questioner gets to, quote, select which of those pre-selected questions and calls that freedom.
And then now on top of all of this...
They don't bring in any third-party candidates.
It's just incredible.
But I remember watching debates.
In fact, over the weekend they were re-airing them.
So I watched them C-SPAN.
I watched the 1988 debate between Dukakis and Bush, George Herbert Walker.
There were giant auditoriums, tens of thousands of people that was clapping, everything.
I mean, back then they were more of a real debate than they are now.
Stuff's really gotten to be staged.
Yes, it has.
And I think that people realize that.
Again, the Libertarians are filing a lawsuit.
There will be a judge reviewing that lawsuit tomorrow morning, and we think that, A, I will be allowed into the debate, B, George Bush and John Kerry will cancel the debate so that I don't have an opportunity to get into it, or C, I will end up being arrested again in Tempe, Arizona, attempting to participate in that debate.
Were you ever able to serve them?
No, I got about four feet through the line before they put me in handcuffs.
I was a free man for about six seconds.
And so now you're going to be before this judge?
Well, the process, the lawsuit itself is being handled in Arizona.
And there is an anomaly with something about the Arizona Constitution which allows us to do this, makes our case that much stronger.
And so...
As libertarians, we feel we have what is like a bulletproof lawsuit, which means the judges can have to create some Alice in Wonderland excuse to deprive us of access to the debate.
What is the suit?
What are you saying in the suit?
Basically, that they're using taxpayer money, they're using a taxpayer-funded college, and that based on the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, which means that they have to have equal distribution between the parties,
What would you say in your opening statement...
Mr. Bagnaric, you have two minutes for your opening statement.
What would you say?
I would ask them why they support a budget which is the Congress spending $700 billion more than their budget.
I would ask them where the President gets the authority to write executive orders, bypassing the legislative branch and pretending to make laws for 285 million Americans.
I would ask them what evidence they had used to go to Iraq and why Congress abdicated their responsibility to declare war and why the President usurped authority to go to war without a congressional declaration.
And I'd also bring up the Patriot Act.
I mean, both those candidates are for the new Super Patriot Act that has a national ID card rolled into it.
The Patriot Act is the most egregiously unconstitutional piece of paper ever to leave Congress since the Alien and Sedition Act, and it will only be superseded by this new one that they are preparing.
This new bill, I've got the Associated Press today, says it may pass any day, so does the New York Times.
Parts of it have passed out of the Senate.
The new Total Information Awareness Network codified into law.
CAHPS II codified into law.
A new national ID card put into law.
All the different Patriot Act II areas, plus some new stuff added in.
I mean, you're talking about the end of America.
Yes, ends of America as we know it.
Freedom and liberty live not in the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, but in the hearts of the people.
And if the people do not have the courage to stand up and vote for liberty, then all of their rights, America as we used to know it, will cease to exist.
Well, I tell you, everybody I talk to, Michael, says, Oh, I like the libertarian philosophy.
I like the platform.
It's a lot better than these other parties and seems to be constitutional, but I just can't throw my vote away.
Well, everybody I've talked to says that.
What would happen if everybody just voted the other way?
Well, we would suddenly have a constitutionally limited government.
If everybody in the United States who hates the IRS voted for me, I could win by a landslide.
Stay there, my friend.
We'll be right back and cover more of this.
And take your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Your calls are coming up here in just a few minutes.
Michael Bagnaric, Libertarian presidential candidate, arrested trying to serve papers on the phony debate commission, and they violated the law and had him arrested, and that is the law, by the way.
But I wanted to get your take on a couple different news items, and we'll go to Clayton, and is the next caller Carla?
And then Raymond and Mark and many others that are patiently holding.
News websites, indie media says FBI seized server.
Now it's servers.
A website billed as a grassroots news source for the anti-globalization movement and other issues said that its web servers were shut down after the FBI served a subpoena.
The Independent Media Center said the FBI issued an order to hosting company Rackspace for a move physically one of our servers.
The FBI acknowledged that a subpoena had been issued, but said it was the request of an Italian and Swiss authorities.
It is not an FBI operation.
FBI spokesman Joe Paris told AFP, through a legal assistance treaty, the subpoena was on behalf of a third country.
And this was not the product of a U.S.
investigation, but the agency cooperated under the terms of an international treaty law enforcement.
On law enforcement.
Well, here's the problem.
I saw local news a few months ago swearing in dozens of our police to go around the world serving the UN and extraditing people.
And now we'll be under foreign rules on the Internet and free speech.
This is globalization.
And they shut down over 20 websites of the indie media sites, which is pretty tame stuff, folks, and is very journalistic.
Michael Bagner, any comments on this globalization development?
I had no idea that the violations of our rights had gotten that bad.
That is absolutely atrocious that other countries are coming here and taking our property.
The Constitution is the supreme law of the land.
We don't need foreign authority or permission to protect our lives, liberty, and property.
And I want all of your listeners to know that they have free speech zones in the United States.
Thank you.
Well, they put people inside cages, inside other cages.
How many students were in the auditorium?
So what happened is, you're walking along at the university, you start talking to people, and they go, hey, you've got to get in there.
Well, yeah, I had been invited, and I was speaking, but it didn't seem rational that we should have a huge auditorium when there were 15 students.
We could have gotten a small classroom.
It would have been more informal, a little bit friendlier.
Yeah, I thought the university was supposed to be a free speech zone.
And, of course, I've watched your case.
They've charged you with trespassing and all this stuff now.
They've had federal...
And I think that Americans should be outraged.
Anywhere I happen to be standing is a free speech zone.
The government doesn't give us freedom of speech.
We exercise it.
Exactly, and now it's a privilege according to them, which is a fraud.
Of course, in this article about indie media sites, they say, well, under European law, we don't have to tell you what the investigation is, so we're not even going to tell you why we took your websites down.
Well, we're not operating under European law, are we?
This is the United States.
Well, the Supreme Court has said in the last year that they're going to follow foreign rulings.
Well, that is a violation of their oath of office, and it's a violation of the rights of Americans, and people should be outraged.
We can't allow this to happen.
This is global government, folks.
This is what we're talking about.
Next article here I wanted to talk to you about.
Michael Bagnarich.
This is out of the New York Times.
Congress close to establishing rules for driver's license.
And rules, it admits, it is the national ID card for eye scans, face scans, thumb scans for all the state IDs.
And you'll have to have this to have a job.
And they're going to give all citizens a different color coding.
Even having bad credit will mean that you get a yellow color coding and can't have a lot of different jobs, Mr. Bagnarich.
I'm adamantly opposed to that.
The government doesn't give me permission.
We, the people, ordain and establish the Constitution.
We have rights.
We give government privileges, and we can take those privileges anytime we have the courage to do so.
And again, I'm trying to help create another American revolution, a change in the way that people think about their government.
If we can't motivate people to vote libertarian and change things legislatively, then things are going to get very, very nasty.
Okay, here's another article.
This is from World Net Daily.
It originally came from Government Pro website.
It says, Feds plan to track every car, and the federal agency admits that very soon all cars will have to have the KTAG transponder, and that in every city, county, and state, you will be taxed as you drive.
You'll have to have one of these that automatically deducts out of your bank account.
What do you think of this article?
That is absolutely.
Again, I've been on the campaign trail for two years fighting for liberty.
I haven't had an opportunity to keep track of the media or with your show.
This is just a further indication that the government is out of control.
They're trying to tax us.
They're trying to monitor us.
And, you know, trying to make us chattel property.
Well, I'm sure you've heard about how they're putting cameras in school bathrooms, cameras in police bathrooms, cameras in roadside park bathrooms.
I mean, it doesn't get any more 1984 than a camera in the bathroom.
No, that's true.
And I'm wondering what it will take to wake Americans up to the loss of their liberties.
It's incredible.
It's just amazing that they're getting away with this.
I've got a bunch of other articles I want to get your take on.
But tell folks about your website, and then we'll go to these calls.
Okay, my website is badnarik.org, B-A-D-N-A-R-I-K dot O-R-G.
We've been getting over 100,000 hits a day and lots and lots of activity there.
We're very pleased with that.
And they can call our office right there in Austin, Texas.
The number is 800-807-7000.
And folks can also go to LP.org.
They've got a link to your website.
Yes, they do.
All right, let's go to Clayton in Missouri.
Clayton, you're on the air.
Yeah, I was watching C-SPAN yesterday morning, and Brian Lamb was interviewing Ralph Nader.
Go ahead.
And Ralph's a little upset because the Kerry campaign has managed to go into court and block Ralph from getting on certain state ballots, to the point where Ralph is only on 36 ballots this time, where last time I think he was on most of them.
How is the Kerry campaign doing this?
What strategy are they employing to block Ralph from getting on all the state ballots?
I have no idea.
I have no inside information on the Kerry ballot.
I recognize that it's probably not moral and maybe even illegal, but I have fortunately not been suffering the same thing.
Libertarians are on the ballot in 48 states.
Well, the Libertarian Party is old and established and has.
How many people do you guys have elected now?
I mean, I know it's the biggest third party.
Over 600 elected officials, more candidates on the ballot, more political support than all of the other third parties combined.
Now, you've got people in state legislatures, mayors, county commissioners.
Yes, we do.
We've already saved Americans a billion dollars in local taxes already.
Yeah, defeated a lot of stuff.
And I think Michael Perudka and the Constitution Party is excellent as well, doing a great job.
We do want to get him on here this week.
We're trying to do that right now.
Clayton, anything else?
No, thanks a lot.
Thank you for the call.
Who's up next here in order?
Carla in Missouri.
You're on the air.
Another call from Missouri.
Go ahead.
You're popular down here, Alex.
I moved from Illinois.
My two sons are going to vote Libertarian.
The one is 18, and he's trying to be an election judge, as I used to be.
And he's very enthusiastic about the Libertarian Party.
He tells a lot of young folks, and they are really coming around.
And Michael, I tell you...
You know, they were trying to say that the third parties are dead.
I haven't voted for a regular candidate, either Scully or Bonesy.
I haven't voted for any of those guys in 12, I guess, the last four elections.
I have voted Libertarian on many presidential elections, and I tell you, and Ron Paul was a good candidate, I tell you.
Well, thank you.
But I think you are an excellent candidate.
Thank you.
We're not going to give up.
I've been working with the Constitution Party, but I think the two parties are going to have to get together.
I just don't think that we can both survive.
I think we're going to have to have some kind of a meeting of the minds.
They're running two good candidates, you and Petruca.
But anyway, I'm just saying, the kids down here, there's so many young people.
They're willing to get out.
If we would have had a, I don't know if you did.
We're in different states, but we have got to have a voter drive and get all these people to vote.
I hear you, and I really appreciate your call.
Thanks a lot.
Thank you.
Wonderful points.
This brings up two... Alex, my staff is motioning me.
We're going to have to catch an airplane here very soon.
I can give you another two minutes to kind of wrap this up, but I'm going to have to go.
I'm flying to Orlando, Florida tonight.
I understand.
You're there at the airport about to jump on the plane.
Are you at the airport right now?
No, we've got about five miles before we get there.
Why don't you have your staff give us the cell phone number, and we'll call you right back while you're driving.
Oh, all right.
I'm on the cell phone right now.
Let's just continue.
I don't care if we've got some background noise and getting in taxis.
That's fine.
Okay, because I want to finish up with these calls.
Here's two questions.
The electronic voting has been proven to be a fraud.
32% of the country now has it.
It's a big scam.
That's another big problem we face is this electronic voting.
And people will vote if they think there's real candidates with real issues.
People kind of instinctively aren't voting because they know it's a fraud.
Can you comment on both those statements?
Well, absolutely.
I am a computer programmer from way back.
I'd prefer not to state how long.
But I know that if you let me program the machine, I can tell you who's going to win before they open the polls.
Electronic voting without a paper ballot is absolutely... I mean, it's not a ballot.
I mean, it's not a vote.
Joseph Stalin said it doesn't matter who votes that counts, it's who counts the votes.
And then on the second point, the people instinctively know there's not really a choice.
Well, that's what we're trying to do.
We're trying to give them a real option.
You know, again, if you vote for the lesser of two evils and your candidate wins, you still get evil.
Let's talk to Raymond in Tennessee.
Raymond, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
If it's Ramon, I'm in Austin, Texas.
Okay, I apologize.
Go ahead, Ramon.
No problem.
I've got a question.
Why can't we have the debate for all of the candidates fighting the skull and bones on the Internet and that way it can get out and as kind of a
Practical joke.
I know they won't show up, but you could have two or three people there stating each one of their different positions in response to the question.
Explain that a little bit clearer for me.
The Internet reaches so many places all over the world.
We could have a presidential debate, invite all of the candidates, Michael, Brad, and Eric, and all of the other...
No, I understand.
Have a debate, say, in two weeks, and bill it as the real presidential debate.
They've had third-party debates, and at those third-party debates, Michael Bagnaric were the big two presidential candidates, the two cousins.
Were they invited?
Absolutely, and we made sure that the invitations were registered mail, so we have documented proof that they've received those invitations.
Okay, but the question is...
We could have debates on the Internet, and we are using the Internet as much as we possibly can.
But, you know, there's overall just kind of...
It's just an apathy on the side of the people to not vote for the bigger two parties.
And we are doing as much as we can to get information about the Libertarian Party and other third parties out.
But the people have to give up this crazy idea that they can only vote for the Bush or Kerry or they're wasting their vote.
Yeah, they do have to do that.
Ramon in Texas, anything else?
Yeah, I've never voted for only one or two candidates.
I've always voted for...
We're good to go.
Basically station people all the way around.
I hear you.
I've got to let you go.
I hear what you're saying.
If the globalists carry off some type of fake terror attack or every type of event they pull, we need to be there with our video cameras documenting it.
Now, Michael Bagnaric, we see this trend of confiscating journalists' video cameras.
It happened to me in New York, grabbing people's cameras all over the country now.
Somehow our cameras are bad, their cameras are good.
Well, that's unconscionable.
And we need to start filing lawsuits against the government for violating our rights.
And again, I think that we are at that point when people are starting to wake up.
The violations of our rights are so terrible, so egregious, so obvious, that people are starting to wake up.
They are starting to take action.
And I'm hoping that we can motivate people to vote for third parties
And change the way they think so that we don't have to have a bloody rebellion.
Okay, Mark in Kansas City.
Mark, you're on the air.
Last caller for Michael Bagnaric.
Go ahead.
It's not Mark.
It's Mary.
I'm having trouble with calls today.
I'm sorry, Mary.
That's all right.
Real quickly, I'm just looking at the Metro Voice, and it says, Voting with a Christian Worldview.
I want to know if I get on your website, Mr. Bagnarage.
Will you answer any questions for me about, like, the Defense of Marriage Act, same-sex unions, gay adoptions, and also about abortion?
All of that will be on my website.
All of those position papers are already there.
So you'll tell how you stand on abortion?
All right.
Thank you.
Hey, thank you, Mary.
I'm sorry I got the call scrambled somehow, and I apologize.
But Michael Bagnaric, I'm sad that they arrested you, but it's just par for the course to have two presidential candidates, the Green and the Libertarian, basically kidnapped for no reason and then charged with crimes for trying to serve papers on the debate commission to let you guys into the next debate.
And I do support having you and others, Michael Perutka and others, in these presidential debates.
We should have at least ten people up there and have a real discussion, not a staged hoodwinking of the American people.
You have the final 30 seconds.
I just want people to visit my website, call our office, help us spread the word.
Get yard signs, bumper stickers, talk to your friends, your co-workers, people you've never met on the street.
Talk about politics.
Let them know what's happening and how you're planning to vote.
We have to become active if we're going to save our constitutional republic.
All right.
Thank you for coming on the broadcast.
Take care.
Thanks, Alex.
There goes Michael Bagnaric, arrested at last Friday's Republican National staged event with Lord Kerry.
Arrested there at the Republican and Democrat National Debate for the two presidential candidates, along with the Green Party candidate.
We'll come back, hit a couple of final news items that are very important, and wrap up this transmission of the Alex Jones Show.
And we'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time, on your AM and FM dial, at InfoWars.com and Global Shortwave at 3210 at night and 9475 during the day.
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We're good to go.
Alternative news and information getting you to think outside the box.
That's what this broadcast is all about.
Scientists find a way to turn off cancer.
This is out of the London Guardian.
Scientists in California have found a way to turn off a gene that makes cancerous cells lethal.
They eliminated aggressive incurable liver tumors in laboratory mice.
In four weeks, they report in an advanced paper in Nature Today.
The problem is that they always have all these new cures and you never hear about them again.
Those go to the elite, not the people.
The study based on gene called MYC could lead to new ways of treating cancer.
Ballots pour into Afghan counting centers, Associated Press.
Folks, that's totally staged.
They've said if you don't vote for Karzai, we'll burn your house down.
And that's been in the news.
Major assaults on hold until after a U.S.
This is out of the LA Times.
The Bush administration plans to delay major assaults on rebel-held cities in Iraq.
Deliberate U.S.
elections in November, say administration officials, mindful that large-scale military offenses could affect the U.S.
presidential race.
And a lot of top military people have grumbled that if they're going to win, they've got to fight now, not say you're going to get a three, four-month respite, because they've been for months not attacking.
While our troops get killed.
Although American commanders in Iraq have been buoyed by recent success in insurgent-held towns such as Samara and Tal Afar, administration and Pentagon officials say they will not try to retake cities such as Fallujah and Ramadi where the insurgents' grip is strongest.
And also Hollywood to sue over peer-to-peer companies that most of the stuff that are being transferred is copyright-free, but they don't want
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And they do this every year like it's, you know, that Christmas toy that's sold out.
Everybody's got to have it.
Number one, they've got plenty of flu vaccine.
Number two, the reason they claim they might have a shortage originally was two weeks ago, the maker of the flu vaccine, of half the flu vaccine for the U.S., in England was shut down because all of their vials had live flu virus in it.
So you've got the flu, a large ingestion of it.
So that's going on too.
British Pregnancy Advisory Service helps women get illegal abortions.
The British government helps pay for the illegal third trimester abortions.
Just incredible.
We're out of time for this transmission, this worldwide transmission against tyranny.
As I said, I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central, on the Global Shortwave at 3210 during the day at 9475, or Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com, or on your wonderful local AM or FM station that carries the broadcast.
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