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Air Date: Oct. 4, 2004
1840 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends, coast to coast and worldwide.
Thank you for tuning in to this broadcast.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
It is Monday, already the fourth day of October, 2004.
Mount St.
Helens eruption imminent.
It had a medium-sized eruption, obviously.
You saw a Friday afternoon with some smaller ones throughout the weekend.
And now they're saying prepare for a large eruption, large to small.
They don't know what's going to happen, but it could explode like it did back in 1980.
Scientists are predicting Mount St.
Helens in the U.S.
state of Washington could erupt within hours.
This just out, the volcano alert has been raised to level 3 after new tremors were detected.
That's the highest level for eruption.
Hundreds of people have been evacuated, but the threat of the eruption is not deterring some people with crowds gathering nearby to catch a glimpse of nature at work.
You know, if I was them, I would be getting back from the volcano.
This isn't like one of those volcanoes they got down in Central or South America.
You know, it's just got some lava spewing out of it a few hundred feet.
This baby likes to blow up and shoot hot ash and rocks over hundreds of miles.
Who knows?
I just hope and pray it doesn't blow up and kill a bunch of people, but we'll continue to watch Mount St.
Let me just run through the type of news I've got.
I don't think I've ever had a stack this big.
I counted it this morning.
It's like 200 articles I printed off this weekend and this morning.
Diebold Rep now runs elections.
That's a Wired News headline.
That's right, and it's the same thing here in Austin.
This is out in California, but here in Austin, you've got Hardener Civics, the Clear Channel loan company, that owns the voting machines, and they have their former or current employees as all the elections judges, or many of them.
No big deal, everything's completely above board and fine.
Britain's secretly kept in post-war French camps.
That's right, that's what you get for liberating us.
We're not going to...
Let you expose the fact that we work with the Nazis, so we'll just keep British troops who were held by Nazis.
The French will just go ahead and keep them.
And of course, good old Harry Truman, I'm sorry to tell you, allowed the Russians to keep at least 20,000 American troops.
Could care less about them.
Nothing was said.
But again, I know you're supposed to be a good neocon, and we just need to go support the troops.
That means cut them loose and not care about them.
Just stick the sticker on your car next to George W. The POW MIA sticker.
Just feel good about yourself.
Don't face the facts.
This is government for you, period.
After the liberation, De Gaulle's government held on to internees from many countries and officially closed centers to hide collaboration.
The government of Charles De Gaulle held hundreds of foreigners, including
Britain's in an internment camp near Toulouse for up to four years after the Second World War, according to secret documents that were just released.
So, again, there's your friend the government, always taking good care of you.
Let's just trust them.
Governments never do anything wrong.
Let's just submit to government.
Here's another article here about these vaccines the British government's about to force every child in England to take.
They're talking about it here.
They actually change brain chemistry to where you cannot be affected by nicotine, cocaine, heroin, things like that.
Of course, it also makes it to where you can't naturally be happy.
It plugs up the natural neuroreceptors for endorphins.
Vaccines against vice, the technology of political...
Interests are there, but inoculating kids against bad habits might do more harm than good.
Of course, no mention in this article about what it does to your brain.
Folks, that's four articles out of almost 200.
We'll get into all of it.
It's all coming up.
The debate.
We'll discuss the election.
What's happening in Iraq.
The Patriot Act bill.
All of it.
PrisonPlanet.tv and InfoWars.com
Stay with us.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We got Paul Watson joining us in the next hour.
In the third hour, just going to do a brief interview concerning this gentleman who was in the Palm Beach Post.
Marlins fan spends a night in jail for curfew violation.
This went on...
We're good to go.
I think?
Aren't an American institution, ladies and gentlemen, but again, try telling that to people who think that being secretly arrested and taken to a camp for torture is freedom.
Debate ensues over Kerry's use of a pen.
This is out of the New York Post.
Yesterday it was on Drudge.
It was, ladies and gentlemen, John Forbes Kerry was seen folding a piece of paper.
And even worse, he had a pen.
Drudge said that he brandished a pin, ladies and gentlemen.
Of course, Bush also had an evil pin.
But it says, was John Kerry trying to pull something at the debates last week?
That question was burning up the Internet yesterday after a slow-mo review of the footage showed the Massachusetts senator taking an object out of his right pocket before the first question.
Was it a cheat sheet, as someone conservative bloggers claimed, or was it something innocuous?
Either way, it would violate the debate rules agreed on by both campaigns.
No props notes or other tangible things may be brought to the debate.
Many blogs offered links to the pocket gate footage.
It's a pocket gate.
But the mystery was solved when the post-interviewed a Fox News Channel feed.
From Thursday debate, Kerry pulled out a black pen.
Kerry campaign spokesman David Wade said,
Remain angry about the bloggers guilt by insinuation.
He said the right-wing attack machine will say anything to steal the debate do-over.
He said we plead guilty to having a pen.
The Bush campaign did not comment.
Well, Bush had a pen as well.
Now, why am I covering this as our first big story?
Because it's not a story.
It's like the debate itself.
It's a joke.
Are we talking about how Kerry said we've got to have the global test for global government?
Are we talking about Bush who looked like he was completely coked up and bombed out of his gourd?
Are we talking about how the two candidates are cousins and how they're both for the phony war and how they're members of the same secret society or how the debates are completely staged out of the questions and answers?
No, we're talking about a pen.
Kerry pulled a pen out of his pocket
And was writing on pieces of paper they gave them, and yes, they were allowed to have pens, just not their own pens.
This is incredible!
This gets us involved like a bunch of barking chihuahuas.
Yeah, the debate wasn't totally controlled!
He pulled a pen out of his pocket!
This is the mindless society we've turned into.
And do we hear the neocons going after Kerry for his Skull and Bones membership, going after Kerry for being for total gun control, going after Kerry for being for big government just like Bush is?
No, none of that.
We have questions about immigration in this international debate they had last week, which is certainly a foreign policy question.
No, no comments.
The issues we really want to discuss instead...
All over talk radio this weekend and this morning and today, it's all discussions about the pen.
How dare him have a black ballpoint pen?
What are we going to do?
Training us how to be petty, mindless idiots.
So, my friends, we're not going to talk about the pen anymore.
I'm sorry.
I mean, if you really want to call in and talk about the pen, I'd imagine you don't want to, but if you really want to, we won't censor you.
You can talk about the pen.
But here's a really serious article here.
Food giant fosters lesbian chic.
You know, why can't the ad industry and the corporate military industrial complex government leave our children alone?
Well, they've got to ruin morals so the family falls apart so that the state can be the mommy and the daddy.
That's what the admitted textbook reasons are for breaking up the family.
They've got to get us morally bankrupt so we can be good little slaves.
It's simple.
Nasty is using candy to peddle lesbianism in a deceitful society destructive television campaign.
The Berco chocolate bar commercial is the best example.
Two severe looking young women in masculine dress with cropped hair are in the office lunchroom
With obvious allusions to oral sex, one instructs the other on how to let the arrow bar melt in her mouth slowly.
We're not going to go over that.
And they have an orgasmic experience, pure chocolate pleasure, they say.
The scene actually draws the attention of a nearby male.
They ignore him, and he goes away.
The male is redundant.
You can view the commercial online.
There's a link to it on prisonplanet.com.
And it says, Nasty is admittedly currently targeting teenage girls with a revised version.
The girls are young and feminine, so the lesbian message is even more reprehensible.
Imagine if the commercial were different.
Imagine that a handsome male is instructing an adult female on the sensual properties of the chocolate bar she blushes aroused.
Imagine that a butchy female was attracted to the scene she has ignored.
So, there you have it, folks.
The double standard, number one.
But number two, targeting your children.
And you're just going to put up with it.
You're going to let them watch television.
You're going to send them to the public school.
And if you try to homeschool your children, don't worry.
They're running federally funded drills all over the country that you are a terrorist and should be put in a camp.
Oh, you think I'm joking?
I put it in a film two and a half years ago, Road to Tyranny, and it's now been in Associated Press and World Net Daily and everywhere else.
All over the country, from Michigan to Texas, they're training police and school children right now that homeschooler parents are going to attack the school and kill everyone any minute.
Of course, it's not reality.
It's total fiction.
But, again, for people who think Arnold Schwarzenegger is a real conservative, you know, the movies matter, not reality.
Well, the same thing goes...
For these drills where homeschoolers attack and murder everyone.
Cold sufferers will soon need ID to get relief.
I see these articles every few weeks.
This time it's out of Oregon.
State law if you're buying any cold medicine.
You know, stores here in Texas a few years ago started if you're buying more than two packages.
If you're buying a buy one get one free package of some type of allergy medicine.
Now it's almost any type of medicine.
You go up to the counter and they want to see your ID.
They want to scan it.
It has that little strip on the back, just so happened to magically be installed there under federal mandate many years ago.
They now admit it's the National ID Card, but used to this, they just swipe it.
So now whether it's Oklahoma or Oregon or many other states...
It says, catching a cold is about to get much more complicated.
Governor Ted Kowalski issued an order Friday that will require people buying over-the-counter cold medicines in Oregon to show identification and leave personal information at the register.
That's right, leave personal information.
That'll be scanned.
Just so happens the scanner was put in many years ago, and it all works perfectly well.
The new rules go into effect on October 13th and are designed to slow the state's amphetamine problem.
Old remedies such as Sudafit contain the main ingredients in the manufacture of the powerfully addictive and cheap street drug.
And so now we've got to do this.
Just got to do it.
So get ready for that.
You're going to have to swipe your cards for the new National ID card sales tax, folks, but they're getting you ready for it with this.
Fox News apologizes for Kerry fabrication.
London Guardian, they fabricated a story about Kerry, and then we hear about this, and we go, oh, look, they're partisan.
Fox News does this.
They act cartoonishly ridiculous.
That way, mindless people who think they're conservative follow them.
Then the general public thinks, oh, ABC and CBS and NBC and CNN and MSNBC, they must be the good, trustworthy media then.
So it's all part of the false paradigm, but Fox News did put out a false report and got caught doing it with false carry quotes, so now they're very sorry.
I wonder if they'll step down.
More evidence Bush wears a prompting earpiece.
I want to go over this later, but right now I want to shift gears and just get back for a second into Mount St.
It hasn't rumbled and shook and had these type of seismographic volcanic readings since 1980.
And they said last Thursday they would probably have a small to medium eruption in the next 24 hours, and it did.
Now today they're saying that it could blow up any time.
It could be a larger eruption.
Helens eruption imminent.
Scientists are predicting Mount St.
Helens in the U.S.
state of Washington could erupt within hours.
This just out.
The volcanic alert has been raised to level 3 after new tremors were detected.
Hundreds of people have been evacuated, but the threat of the eruption is not deterring some people.
With crowds gathering nearby to catch a glimpse of nature at work.
Earlier, a level 2 volcanic advisory was in effect for the Mount St.
Helens about 100 miles south of Seattle.
It says Tom Pearson, a USGS geologist, said the alert was raised because scientists detected low-frequency tremors indicating that magma molten rock underground was moving in the volcano.
A second blast could top the eruption of Friday that spewed steam and ash for about 24 minutes to an altitude of 10,000 feet.
He said, We're talking about more ash going up higher, tens of thousands of feet.
Pearson said, Small earthquakes were detected at Mount St.
Helens on Saturday, a warning sign that pressure was building up again in the volcano after it belched Friday.
Scientists said, The volcano is repressurized.
We think that this additional steam and ash eruptions are possible any time.
The head of the USGS researcher said,
What the Cascades Volcano Observatory said.
They've evacuated a lot of folks.
We'll be right back.
Infowars.com, ladies and gentlemen, is the premier website.
We'll be back with more news.
Stay with us.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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Well, you know, the election is only, what, 28 days away right now.
And so I guess we should talk about electronic voting machines.
It's like trying to talk about the contents of the Encyclopedia Britannica.
I mean, how do I do justice to this?
Of the five big electronic voting machine companies, three of the five are run by former directors or deputy directors of the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA.
One of the other big ones is run by the former head of the NSA, the National Security Agency.
One of the other big ones is owned by Clear Channel.
They even run their own candidates who are members of the Mays family on machines that they control and they magically win here in Austin.
And then you've got a few other companies owned by people like Senator Hagel, who he didn't tell anyone he owned the machines that 80 plus percent of people in Nebraska voted for him on when he came into office on a bizarre fluke landslide.
Then we've got all these engineers quitting and saying it's a fraud and they were told to run scams.
We've got convicted felons caught running the computer systems for Diebold who were convicted of computer crimes and hacking and then their vice presidents for them.
And then they leave and go work for the state so the state can run the computers for them.
And it just goes on and on and on.
Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of articles all over the country that never make national news where Diebold and others are caught stealing elections on purpose with wireless transmitters inside the computers and everything else.
And they say you shouldn't be able to have a paper trail.
You shouldn't be able to have a record of how you voted.
How dare you ask for that?
What are you, a conspiracy theorist?
And here's a new one.
Wired news today.
Diebold rep now runs elections.
An influential employee of voting machine maker Diebold Election Systems left the company recently to take a job as elections manager for a California county.
And it says,
And I've had a whole bunch of top election judges pointed out to me who were Hart Inner Civics employees.
It's just so magical.
We have these former and current employees of Hart Inner Civics, where all of our ballots are cast in Travis County, most of them in Hayes and Williamson, 83% for the three counties, this congressional district.
And just magically, most of the people just so happen to work for us in Mississippi.
It's no big deal.
Why are you angry with us?
Look at the cameras going up everywhere and the blimps watching you and nice men in black ski masks and armored vehicles driving around.
It's the freedom.
Can't you feel it?
The move raises eyebrows because Siler played a role in a recent scandal involving Diebold, Wire continues, and that very county.
My goodness!
As the Diebold sales rep sold Salino County nearly 1,200 touchscreen machines that were not federally tested or state certified.
When the state banned the machines because of Diebold's business practices, the county had to find a replacement for the machines and pay Diebold...
More than $4,400,000 to get out of the contract.
Yeah, Diebold still gets paid.
This is outrageous.
This is just a total runaround of the democratic process, said Douglas McDonald of the Community Labor Alliance, an activist group that pressured Salino County to end its contract with Diebold.
There was an open debate and discussion, and the county supervisor decided that Diebold is not the company, it is not the philosophy we want behind the running of elections in Salino County.
Then what happens?
They go out and hire the person who was advocating that philosophy.
Sir, what's wrong with you, Douglas McDonald?
I mean, you catch them scamming you, and then your county hires the very person doing it?
I mean, this is...
Mr. McDonald, don't you think it's normal to not have a record of how you vote and have a company there in California whose vice president was an admitted felon?
And in the last 2002, and then the election with Arnold as well, the year after that, they were caught running scams all over, and Arnold only won in counties that were double-controlled?
I mean, Arnold's a conservative, sir.
Are you against a conservative who fights Al-Qaeda?
I mean, come on!
So, uh, you know.
And literally there's ten articles about election fraud a day that I don't even look for, they're just everywhere.
So, uh, enjoy your elections this year as if it's not already controlled.
Two guys that are cousins, members of the same secret society, who almost have identical platforms, who now 30 plus percent of the country run off these electronic, no record voting machines.
Don't be against this.
Just go along with it.
Everything's going to this casual society where you get no record or receipt.
That's freedom.
If you don't like it, nice men in black uniforms will drop by.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
And there's all these debates about who is going to win on November 2nd.
I tend to think it's going to be Bush because he's done such a great job neutralizing conservatives, convincing them not to take action, making them think that big government and wars of aggression are conservative.
Why should they put Kerry in?
But then others point out that...
The big pedigree institutions over in England and Europe have done the bloodline studies, and that Carrie is far more royal than Bush.
Of course, they're also intermarried, interrelated, because it's all the criminal bloodline, and so Carrie's probably going to win.
I don't know if those bloodlines are accurate.
I do think bloodlines are a big part of this.
I mean, they admit that Skull and Bones is hereditary.
These guys are all interrelated, and it goes back many generations.
But these are the real issues.
So some think Kerry's going to win.
I mean, the straw that broke the camel's back with many was a few months ago when there were two articles in the New York Times saying, well, the Bilderberg Group was impressed at a meeting in Italy with John Edwards, and so they called Kerry up and said, give us Edwards.
And then Kerry went on Larry King Live to give the bow to his bosses and said, yes, he went to a conference in Italy and impressed them.
That's why I chose him.
I guess he passed the global test, huh, Kerry?
But Bush Sr.
goes to Bilderberg groups.
Bill Clinton goes.
I mean, so, I don't know, folks.
I don't know who's going to win, and frankly, I don't think it matters.
A hill of beans in the final equation.
These guys are going to simply rotate their regimes, but keep the same power system in place.
And I predict big terror attacks carried out by the globalists after the election, within six months to a year of the election, I predict more invasions of Iran, of Syria, a national draft, you name it.
Because they've introduced the bills for the draft.
They've said they need the draft.
They've started the backdoor draft of those who've already served.
So no amount of Fox News liberal lying is going to cover that up.
Just because you call yourselves conservatives doesn't mean you're conservatives, and we will expose you.
We'll also get into some new Patriot Act developments and just a lot more.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
Wide open phones, any subject you want to talk about.
Then I want to get into Britain's secretly kept in post-war French camps.
That's right, the French went ahead and took over the Nazi camps, and our government could carry less as usual.
More on vaccines that change your brain chemistry to make you not become addicted to drugs or make you not be aggressive and bad.
Every child needs them at birth.
Official government plans.
We're going to give you shots that change your brain chemistry to make you behave.
Boy, that doesn't sound like a late-night science fiction horror movie.
Or something space aliens do when they abduct you in some late night radio show.
But it's real.
It's happening.
It's not the stuff of science fiction.
Department of Justice busts the German corporation Bayer trying to price fix.
But corporations never involve in conspiracy.
That's impossible.
Corporations have never done wrong.
What is the Justice Department a conspiracy theorist?
Corruption in government and corporations doesn't exist.
I mean, what kind of kooks are they?
Also, we will get into this new $10 million race in the next few weeks to see who can launch two different private spacecraft.
And that race is now on, and we'll be going over that as well.
That's just some of what we'll be covering here.
We do have Paul Watson joining us, and then we have a guest in the third hour.
The guy who was going to a Marlins game and coming back and the police said, we don't care, you're going to jail, all part of the new wondrous system of curfews for adults, which they have again in New York, Kentucky and other areas, for adults when there's not a hurricane.
But now it spreads and we're all trained how to live under this.
You know, in the past we didn't have this stuff for hurricanes or tornadoes.
Why do we have it now?
Because FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is setting that precedent.
Before we go to David in California and others that are patiently holding, my new video, American Dictators, is out.
American Dictators is out.
It's 90 minutes long.
It's documenting the staged election of 2004.
How Bush and Kerry are both skull and bones.
How they're cousins.
How their policies are actually almost identical.
The police state they're setting up.
The latest 9-11 developments.
We go back to Bohemian Grove and interview locals.
That's my newest video.
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We're good to go.
Also, I have PrisonPlanet.tv.
We've got that great new JFK 2 documentary, which is excellent, posted there on the site.
Thanks to the folks authorizing us to do that.
We have George Humphrey's new film that I also carry on VHS and DVD, 9-11 and the Great Illusion, Endgame and the Illuminati.
That's on the PrisonPlanet.tv area.
Anthony J. Hilder's new 9-11 film, 9-11, The Greatest Lie Ever Sold.
Hey, honey, Alex.
When you were out here a number of months ago for that 9-1-1 conference, I believe that was, what, March or so?
I was not there, sir.
Oh, you didn't make it?
I was under the impression you were going to make it.
Yeah, I was on the list as somebody who was supposedly going, and then I called to find out about that and said, well, I might go, but I never went, no.
Oh, okay, there were a couple of days that I didn't video the event, but, man, we're finally up to four...
There's four different CD-ROMs out of that as well, so I understand Toronto has got something like 45 hours worth of material.
Yeah, there's a lot of good material.
I think they had Jim Mars and Webster Tarpley, and my God, they were just a great lineup.
Hey, the reason I called, I was listening to C-SPAN a little bit ago, and the Homeland Security bill is really turning into a Christmas tree bill.
They're pushing national ID.
Pay attention to where your Congressman and Senator stands on this bill that they're marking up right now, because by God, if they support it, you can pretty much count on voting it down.
It's getting to be an ugly... Let's see, I think I heard one aspect of it.
They're trying to figure out how they can get everybody to vote for it, and that's to...
Get the biggest part of the 50 states that if they give an equal proportion of all of this money that's going to go toward homeland security, if they give an equal portion to each of the states, then they'll get each of the senators and congressmen to support it more likely.
Like I'm saying, national ID and all of the ugliest aspects of homeland security tracking and whatnot,
Yeah, for those that just joined us, the caller's not joking.
The new, called the 9-11 bill, recommended by the appointed puppet whitewash commission, has Patriot Act II in it, added Vitriac provisions, a giant national ID card to have a job or anything else, a new super national ID card through the driver's license or state IDs,
Total federalization.
It even has some language about compulsory service, national DNA databases, giant prison funding, and as you said, a Christmas tree bill, more popularly known as a pork barrel, or...
Goodie extravaganza.
And what they're doing is they're telling everybody, add all your pork onto this because this is something the president will not line item.
And so everybody's piling on so they can bring back some goodies to your town.
And this is Patriot Act 1 on megasteroids at warp points.
10, you know, mock 5,000.
Nothing has ever been seen like this.
This makes Patriot Act I look wonderful.
This makes Patriot Act II look tame.
This thing is absolutely, totally the end of the entire Bill of Rights.
It is mega-massive.
And the globalists are going to blow stuff up and then say you better pass it.
Of course, that may not even be needed.
Those whores in Congress may just go ahead and pass it.
Yeah, it's a pretty ugly thing.
And of course, by the way, Kerry's for it.
Kerry just loves it just like Lord Bush does.
Yeah, well, that's why I support Nader.
But, you know, the other thing is, today I understand, is it Arizona?
I think this is the last day to register if you're down there.
But, you know, slowly but surely we're closing in on the last days that people can register.
And if you're in, for example, Arizona, get down to your courthouse today and register as an absentee ballot.
And every one of the 50 states, you know, if you've got the computerized voting, the touchscreen voting that you do not have a paper ballot, if you file for an absentee ballot, you're going to get a paper copy.
That's a good point, and now they're saying it looks like because of the, in most elections, about 7-8% do absentee, now it's cracking to be like 25% because people know their vote might have a better chance of being counted.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, no trouble.
And you bet whether it's for Nader or Michael Perutka or Michael Bagnaric of the Libertarians, you know, just vote for somebody else, folks.
Well, that means Kerry will get in.
Well, that means Bush will get in.
Whoever wins, we lose, folks.
It's staged.
Robert in Denver.
Robert, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good morning, Mr. Jones.
Thank you very much for taking my call.
I appreciate that.
Thank you.
Still a big fan of yours.
I promise to see you every day as much as I can.
You mentioned a name that I haven't thought about in a long time, but one that I hold in infamy.
The other day, and that would be former police chief Daryl Brain Deadgate.
I personally think he was pretty much responsible for the L.A.
riots back in 92.
Well, he was admittedly, sir, he was admittedly CIA, and L.A.
was a test ground for the SWAT teams and all this, and he admits that they're called Special Weapons Attack Teams, but they changed the name to Special Weapons and Tactics.
Yeah, I heard you say that Friday, but I watched a thing on A&E about three or four years ago that was pretty in-depth,
Well, sir, it's worse than that.
There were gangs of thugs out looting and killing and attacking, but the first fires, and I've had guests on, police officers on about this, were members of the federal government.
Yeah, and he could have easily stopped it if he wanted to, but he pretty much let it happen, and 58 people died, a billion dollars in damage.
So I lay that at the feet of him.
Yeah, the police just pulled back and let it happen and sent the firefighters in who weren't guarded, and then sick thugs, sick gangsters, shot and killed firefighters.
Yes, exactly.
So it was pretty much his fault.
The other thing is, I was reading today's Denver Post that...
Chicago Mayor Richard Daley is thinking about decriminalizing marijuana.
Speak to that.
Do you think it's really up and up, or is there something else going on there?
Why would he do that?
Okay, you know, I thought about that this morning, and it's in the stack.
I never intended to get to it, but it's pretty important.
We have to get background.
The Daley's are a mafia family.
The Daley's do steal elections.
The Daley's are anti-Second Amendment elections.
But because all these young people have grown up and know that marijuana isn't even as bad as alcohol, and folks, that's just the facts, and I don't smoke it, I don't like it.
I think it's bad for you, by the way.
But marijuana, people now know what a joke it is to have it being illegal.
And then Daley is saying, oh, our prisons are full of marijuana smokers.
Why are we doing this?
He's just paying lip service to something politically popular.
I predict he actually won't do anything.
But they're trying to deal with this avalanche of people that are going, why are the prisons full of pot smokers?
Great question.
That's an excellent point.
Hey, thanks for the call, Robert.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
Daryl in Texas.
Daryl, you're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
Prison Planet TV subscriber, and every time I talk to you, I've got to say, anyone who isn't subscribing, it's the best TV for $55 a year they're ever going to get.
Well, thank you for the support.
Alex, speaking of which, I was on Prison Planet TV all weekend and took the time to go watch almost the entirety of Mr. Barnett Pentagon's New World Math lecture.
And is that scary, or is that scary?
Well, for those that don't know why I got so freaked out by that interview, Mr. Barnett wouldn't come on the show and begin screaming and cussing at me, and I said, the New World Order will be defeated, and he told me on the phone, dream on.
Well, it was openly, Alex.
I mean, number one, his arrogance is just amazing.
He reminded me of the silly...
Stay there.
I'll let you finish up after the break.
Yeah, he really would act like Dr. Evil.
I mean, including the pinky to the mouth.
Eighty-seven billion dollars!
And then it's a conspiracy there.
There's global government.
This is like the head of the Naval War College going, our global force domination projection will be global.
Hail global!
It was pure evil, folks.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
Alright, we're talking to Daniel in Texas, not Daryl.
Excuse me, I'm thinking of Daryl Gates.
Daniel, you watched the Pentagon New Map, and again, they show the three stages of global government.
They admit the military openly.
They say it works for a global corporation.
And that that's who they serve now, and that they're going to take over the entire planet and work with Russia and China for a global government.
But go ahead and give us your observations.
Well, Alex, what really terrified me most about the man's speech was when he got down toward the end of the transformation of the military and how you divide it into those forces that are going to be utilized
For exterior global conflict and those that are going to be utilized, as he puts it, for everything else.
And the everything else of that second group was obviously for the imposition of police state martial law in this nation.
And the way he spoke of the way to transform those two forces to have the one that's overseas fighting
To conquer the world, and then that force that's left here for homeland security.
Yeah, he said that.
Military here domestically, and now D.C.
permanently has the new blimp over it, watching everyone.
Why did they do that?
To train us?
And Alex, he expressly advocated.
I mean, he was very blunt, very direct, and there was no doubt about what he said.
He favors the repeal of...
And the voidance of the posse comitatus.
Yeah, I heard that part too.
You know what we ought to do?
We ought to grab that audio clip.
That's all right in the last ten minutes, isn't it?
Well, the... that I can recall his first mention of posse comitatus was in about the first 15 to 20 minutes.
But then in the end he goes back to it.
And then he mentioned it again back at the end.
Yeah, you know what?
I know Paul Watson's about to come on with us, but maybe while he's doing that he can try to
Fast forward to the end of that and find that last ten minutes.
Perhaps near the end of the broadcast today we'll air that.
I'd sure like it if you could get someone, say, for example, like a Joel Skousen back on.
To talk about what Dr. Evil was discussing.
Well, we had General Parton on to talk about it.
Oh, did you?
Yeah, General Parton said this is what he wrote about 20, 30 years ago.
This is the global government plan.
This is it.
Is that archived?
It should be, yes.
Well, I'll go try to find General Parton's discussion on it.
All right.
Well, thank you for your support, and God bless you.
Anytime, Alex.
Take care, Daniel.
Yeah, I mean, I got freaked out by that.
One night I just turned on C-SPAN, and here this guy is for hours.
You know, world government's going to save us, and we work for the global corporation, and that's what the military works for now, and we're going to be domestically running things, and ha ha ha.
I mean, it's just, and this is the big darling of the Pentagon.
That's just what they're doing to us.
Michael in Hawaii.
Michael, go ahead.
Boy, I tell you what, another faithful PrisonPlanet.tv subscriber, and I was on it this weekend and saw that JFK 2, the Bush connection, and oh man, I was just riveted, riveted.
Yeah, that's a great video.
I think I'm going to carry that video.
That is just, I tell you what, I wish you would because I really think it was so, so concise, so direct.
It was just...
I mean, it was just, it was breathtaking.
Anyway, aside from that, have you ever had Sherman Skolnick on your show?
I have had Sherman on probably about, I don't know, ten times over the years.
Okay, well, I just, the way things are going and everything, I thought, especially before the election, I suggested that you might get him back on again.
I might do that.
Well, anyway, that's about it.
Nothing going on here in Hawaii.
We're keeping vigilant as we're watching over the area out here.
But you have a great day, and thanks again for all the work you're doing.
And it's so refreshing to hear you three hours on Mondays.
Well, thank you, sir.
I appreciate you calling into the broadcast.
And what do you think of the new National ID Card Super Patriot Act II introduced?
Well, it's just another thing going on.
People had better wake up.
They better wake up real quick because we're slowly boiling and it's getting close to the point of no return.
You're right.
And meanwhile, the border's wide open.
We try to give up all our rights as citizens, but the border's wide open.
Thanks for the call.
Second hour with your calls, a ton of news, and Paul Watson straight ahead.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Monday through Friday from 9 to midnight.
Central Standard Time, we do this broadcast, and then of course during the day, 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
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Alright, Paul Watson joins us at least once a week.
He's the editor of InfoWars.
My wife's the editor of InfoWars.com.
He's the editor of PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
And he'll be joining us here in just a few minutes.
I want to spend some time with the listeners.
You're welcome to call in about whatever you want.
But I want to try to get you to talk about Patriot Act 2.
They've rolled Patriot Act 2...
Now, into the new 9-11 bill, this big pork barrel bill, along with the National ID card.
And there's two different pieces of National ID card legislation.
Both of them say that you'll have to have this National ID card to have a job.
And this is what I saw Ridge say on C-SPAN two years ago.
And one of the bills, introduced by David Dreyer, is even worse, folks.
So you need to understand this is very serious.
I mean, they denied Patriot Act II existed.
They passed portions of it back in 2003 as part of an intelligence act.
And now the whole thing is back on steroids.
And it has nothing to do with terrorism.
Every day I see articles, 1.2 billion, and cameras put up in your city, billions, to fight terror and crime.
School children being trained to fight terror and crime and report illegal guns and drugs and abuse and people being mean to them.
Or people saying, you know, this is the new idea.
Woman arrested for chewing aggressively.
Man arrested for not giving big enough tip.
Child arrested for getting off the school bus at the wrong stop.
You know, just every day.
Cameras in school bathrooms, cameras in police bathrooms, cameras in rest stops, cameras in corporate bathrooms, cameras in...
Cameras hidden in hotel bedrooms.
Just total surveillance, total Big Brother.
We're going to give you vaccinations so you're not aggressive.
That changed your brain chemistry at birth.
We're going to make it the law.
You have to take these vaccines so you won't be a drug user.
It changes your brain chemistry.
I mean, folks, it's way past Twilight Zone.
It's craziness.
Mercury is nutritious and delicious and good for you.
Contrary to what people have said, it's delicious.
Don't listen to Alex Jones.
He's evil.
So we're going to break and come back with Paul Joseph Watson.
And then we'll go to David and David and Fred and everybody else that's patiently holding.
And I think every day I'm going to start having one of these mini-guests on, or at least a few times a week.
Somebody violated by the police state.
You know, last week it's somebody who's deaf, Vietnam veteran, wrong house, SWAT team beats him up, stomps on him, laughs at him and says they did nothing wrong.
That was last Friday.
Today it's somebody out of the Marlins game driving back home.
You know, 10 o'clock at night, pulled over, even got his ticket stubbed and wearing his jersey.
They don't care.
He goes to jail.
Don't you know there's a curfew?
And it's not just going to be in hurricane-ravaged Florida.
It's going to be in New York City and Cloverport, Kentucky and everywhere else.
So we'll go over that as well.
And also, Britain's secretly kept in post-war French camps.
That's what you get, Brits.
We're fighting for the French against the Nazis.
Once we get British troops who are in Nazi death camps, we'll just keep them
Of course, this just mentions small numbers.
Folks, good old Harry Truman.
Show me, state man.
Well, he came right out and left 20,000 U.S.
20,000 U.S.
troops for the Soviets who were in Nazi camps.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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That's right, my friends.
It is Monday, the fourth day of October, 2004.
I am so honored, blessed, pleased, humbled, thankful.
That is fortuitous to the greatest extent possible that we are on all these great AM and FM stations across the country, the Internet and shortwave and satellite.
And joining us is one of our great analysts and my compadre, one of my best employees, and has got his own website as well, propagandamatrix.com, but he's the webmaster for prisonplanet.com and prisonplanet.tv.
His brother, Steve Watson, runs infowars.net, now revamped and updated daily.
Paul Watson.
Good to have you on with us.
Good to be back, Alex.
You know, I want to talk about this new Super Patriot Act 2.
Notice how we get conditioned in this operant conditioning.
Before, we were screaming and yelling, oh my gosh, Patriot Act 2, secret arrest, secret execution, national DNA databases.
Now it comes out, they beef it up with national ID cards and everything else, and the average person isn't even concerned.
Well, yeah.
Also, we had an article on Friday, I believe, which also went through the details of how it also reintroduces total information awareness, which was kind of running out of different operating centres around the country anyway, but it codifies it into law again.
And from my understanding, this new Patriot Act amendment, or Patriot Act 2,
Kind of removes even more checks and balances to the sneak and peek provision where the FBI can go in and search your home without even telling you that they were there.
And it removes any kind of suspicion of terrorism whatsoever.
So there's even less checks and balances on that kind of invasive procedure.
But I mean, when you mention the Patriot Act,
The first Patriot Act, we hear the same line again and again, regurgitated, whenever it's mentioned that neocons will respond by saying, give me an example of where this is used against anyone other than non-American terrorist suspects.
And we've got another prime example today out of the Jackson Citizen Patriot and the Associated Press, which circulates around a teenager at a high school who was charged with terrorism for swearing at a teacher.
Now, granted, he made threats to kill somebody, which should have some retribution, but they're talking about a 20-year prison sentence under the Patriot Act for terrorism.
Well, you know, Paul, every week I think of some new subsection for you to build.
There are hundreds of examples, not just the ones we always use, of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, you know, the topless bar owner pays the county commissioner $4,000 to zone him for more parking spaces, or, you know, a pot dealer with an ounce of marijuana...
There's the Washington Times article from two years ago where the Justice Department spokesman goes in there and says, of course we're using it for all misdemeanors and all crime.
Can you do a Google search, find maybe 20, 30 articles?
I mean, I don't say post the 500 that are there, but can you just find 30, 40 maybe, and post those, and then show maybe a few quotes of neocons?
Because every time I watch TV, they're going, show me one example!
Show me!
And there's no one there to debate them when the Justice Department says they're using it against the general public.
Show me!
Well, yeah.
Let's do that.
Let's create a Super Patriot Act section and put the new Patriot Act, and I'll tell you what I'll do.
I'll write an analysis of this new bill
And then that'll take me hours.
All you've got to do is post the articles under it.
How does that sound?
And also, you get the same kind of response on the subject of the draft from the neocons.
That sounds good.
I listen to Sean Hannity occasionally, which is an experience in itself.
The extreme liberal program.
Yeah, and there's another portion of that which is in fact more interesting than the programme itself, which is the adverts, which we can talk about later, but with the draft, his reaction and people of his ilk say at one end of the spectrum, one portion of them say it's a total conspiracy theory, no such proposal exists.
And at the other end, people like Hannity will admit to it, but then say it's a completely democratic proposal.
You know, Rangel introduced the bill as a kind of joke.
But then, in reality, you've got people like Chuck Hagel, a Republican, supporting the bill.
And, you know, he's an influential Republican.
And they never mention that, so it's the lie of omission again.
They use the same thing with the Patriot Act by failing to recognize these numerous examples where it's used against American citizens for things like swearing at a teacher at a high school, as is the example today.
Well, I mean, you know, they say he didn't have guns, didn't have the capacity, that he has learning disabilities and likes to threaten people.
So take him and put him in jail for a year and then let him bust some rocks.
I mean...
If he didn't have guns and wasn't planning to shoot anybody, but even if the guy came and shot people, God forbid, that would be a crime punishable by execution.
You don't take his rights away in the legal process and say we're charging you under the Patriot Act.
Well, the example is that that's exactly what the Patriot Act says.
It mixes crime with terrorism, says that any supposed threat to anybody's life is terrorism, whereas the old definition was, you know, a political objective organized around a group of individuals who have the capability to carry out this kind of thing.
Whereas now they're using it against mentally disturbed 17-year-olds.
So it just shows the wide expansion and application of it to the entire American population.
And again, that's one of the more extreme examples where there was actually something violent said.
How a county commissioner involved in a $4,000 bribe for parking spaces... Folks, if you can explain to me how that's a terrorist action.
And I see these every day or two.
Paul, we've got to create a giant section on this.
Because according to the urban legends, it doesn't exist.
And it's just like there's all these Republican-introduced bills.
Forget Wrangles of two years ago.
There's all these Republican-introduced bills.
The Army says that half their people aren't re-enlisting.
They're going to have to have a draft.
They're already forcing their own people to re-enlist, threatening to send them to the frontline combat zones and forcibly re-up them.
I mean, the most extreme draft ever known is in place right now.
Yeah, that's exactly the case with people who've already served.
But then again, going back to the neocon talk shows, you get reservists calling in and say things like, you know, how dare John Kerry mention the words backdoor draft?
I'm a reservist, but I'll be happy to serve again if there is a draft.
You know, and obviously staged kind of conference calls, as they are called.
Well, but I mean, that's doublespeak.
How dare you say there's a draft?
But I want a draft.
I'm for it.
We need it.
Yeah, it's doublesync.
And there were many other examples of that in that presidential debate, where now the debate which arises from it focuses around whether Kerry used a pen and paper, which wasn't authorised by the debate commission.
I mean, who cares?
Well, I called you yesterday and I said, you watch, this is going to be a big issue.
And you go, it's on drugs, it's a joke, brandishing a pen.
And then now it's, you know, big headlines.
Mmm, he had a pen.
Mmm, so did Bush.
Let's not talk about how they're 100% the same on the issues.
Let's not talk about all the real issues.
Let's talk about a pen.
Well, yeah, there's all this babble.
Kerry won on style, Bush won on substance, blah, blah, blah.
He's offset by the fact that, you know, despite on the surface, both candidates appear to have different opinions, but yet both manage to lie at the same time, which again goes back to double thing.
So, as he mentioned, it's useful to bullet point the facts on which both candidates' policies are exactly the same.
I've got them listed here if you want to go through them.
Thirteen separate domestic and foreign policy key points.
Yeah, let's go over that.
Okay, one, both Bush and Kerry support extending the Clinton gun ban.
Two, both Bush and Kerry support expanding the size of the federal government.
Bush has outspent every democratic president since Lyndon Johnson.
Both supported invading Iraq.
Four, both Bush and Kerry support NAFTA, GATT, the WTO and the FTAA.
Both Bush and Kerry support the removal of Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore.
Both Bush and Kerry are strong supporters of the United Nations because Bush went to war with Iraq citing United Nations resolutions.
Both Bush and Kerry support granting illegal aliens amnesty.
Both support UNESCO, the United Nations Educational Organization.
Well, yeah, that wasn't actually in my list, but that makes it 14.
Nine, both Bush and Kerry support outsourcing American jobs overseas.
You know, Bush said America's number one export was jobs.
Ten, both Bush and Kerry support the creation of a federal police state with the expansion of the Patriot Act and the Department of Homeland Security.
Eleven, this is a key domestic policy, both Kerry and Bush are pro-abortion because the partial birth ban has had no effect.
It's been thrown out by judges across the country.
And Bush increased funding to international family planning to the tune of $480.5 million, and the $34 million which he took away from UNPFA, which was an abortion...
See, that's a low number.
He actually claims he cut that 30-something million, but really he gave him a billion increase.
It was actually redirected to USAID, Child Survival Health Program Fund, which also promotes abortion.
Not to mention the millions provided.
So see, it's all an emotional sab.
It's like Republicans throwing out the D.C.
gun ban last week, knowing it would fail and never get passed in this session.
Well, they could have done it earlier any time.
Go ahead.
Two more outside of the policy issue.
12 both Bush and Kerry are members of the Illuminati's 322nd Branch Skull and Bones.
13 both are Yale Blue Bloods with direct bloodline links to European royalty.
So that's 13, 14 plus the one that you threw in.
Key areas of associations and domestic and foreign policy on which Bush and Kerry are exactly the same.
And, yes, on the surface, Kerry won the debate, but, you know, a squash lemon could win a debate with George Bush, even with his earpiece in, which he didn't seem to have at the time.
But, I mean, Bush had three different sentences, which he jumbled up and repeated every two minutes, so you don't need to be a school-trained debater to counter that kind of argument.
It's unbelievable.
We'll come back, go to some more calls.
We'll get into more news.
We haven't hit the tip of the iceberg.
So be sure and stay with us.
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And kids who may not be doing as well in school or having a hard time studying ought to be considering a lack of minerals, not necessarily a lack of concentration as the culprit.
We're good to go.
All right, we're going to go to your calls.
And then, Paul, I've got a bunch of news I want to cover after some calls, but what's some of the other news you want to go over?
Well, we've got an article on prisonplanet.com today.
Which is by Henry Macow, talks about how the elite attack humanity on a more societal, deeper level, which is the emasculation of the male role model, which is an interesting diatribe we can go into.
And that's the Neste candy bar ad for teenage girls targeting on the teenage and child programs, where it shows the two young girls being lesbians.
I mean, how do parents put up with this?
That's coming up here in a minute, folks.
David in Oklahoma.
David, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, hi, Alex.
I was at work the other day, and a woman come up.
I'm in Oklahoma from the election board telling us all about how important it is to vote and get registered.
Hands us a sample ballot of what it says.
This is what it's going to look like on November 2nd.
For president, our choices are Bush and Kerry.
Nothing else.
We don't have a space to write in.
We don't have none of the above.
We sure don't got Michael Baden, right?
So if anybody's thinking about voting in the presidential election in Oklahoma, they might as well not bother.
We don't even need the Diebold machines here.
It's already been completely controlled.
Well, that's a good question.
Paul Watson...
Why do you think they rig it at so many levels?
Bush and Kerry being cousins, secret society, same policies, maybe two degrees of separation in their actual policies.
And then they also rig it with the electronic voting machines.
I mean, they just rig it at so many different levels.
Well, it's because they're scared of any kind of alternative viewpoint getting heard.
And they rig it to the extent where you won't get somebody like Badnarek up there debating Bush and Kerry because it's obvious that anyone could squash them in any kind of debate on their own.
It reminds me of the last time I voted in this country back in 97, where in the fourth biggest city in England where I live, Sheffield, the choices for Prime Minister for the ruling government for that election
Well, that's pretty much it.
As far as that goes,
My point was, do you have another comment?
Yeah, go ahead.
One of your earlier callers was talking about the Chicago mayor and the legalization of marijuana.
I saw on C-SPAN about a month ago, the editor-in-chief of National Review magazine, not William F. Buckley, but the guy right underneath him,
Let me try to answer that question as best I can, as I did last hour.
Thanks for the call.
When you've got in major polls 80 plus percent of people saying, why are we putting people in prison with violent offenders and paying $30,000 a year to house them for smoking marijuana when all the different medical studies clearly show that it is not as bad for you as alcohol.
Now again, I don't smoke marijuana.
George Washington did.
Now, to be honest, the marijuana today is much stronger than what George Washington smoked when he had a stomachache.
But it was, you know, the old...
We're good to go.
Hundreds of times less bad than Ritalin or Prozac.
So the point is, is that Daily and the National Review and liberals and conservatives in high places are having to say, okay, let's start decriminalizing because the general public isn't buying it anymore.
It's the same thing with 9-11.
When 80% of us know the government carried out 9-11, it's already half, by the way, folks, in major polls, it's over for them.
They have to have our approval generally at the societal level to get this stuff over on us.
Comments, Paul?
Well, yeah, unlike, obviously, the opium trade out of Afghanistan, which has ballooned out of all proportion, there's no black market for marijuana.
To legalize it for medical purposes, yes.
But, I mean, why people would use it personally, I don't know.
Because in my experience, I don't use it, but being around people who do, it makes them more lethargic.
So, there's no real reason to use it anyway if you're not, you know, medically inclined to do so.
Yeah, the globalists are all for it because it'll just, you know, knock you out.
You'll just sit there watching TV.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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You want answers?
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, so does he.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, Mount St.
Helens is set for another eruption any time now, they're saying.
We'll be talking to a Marlins fan who spent the night in jail for a curfew violation.
We'll also talk about Kansas to conduct flu-like exercises in October.
Mass force inoculation drills.
These have been going on nationwide.
Britain's secretly kept in post-war French camps after being, quote, liberated out of the German death camps.
They were handed over to the French who kept them.
I want to talk about how our own government did similar things.
Vaccinating against vice.
New vaccines to make you not be aggressive or so you can't be addicted to drugs.
Forcibly given at birth.
We'll be going over all of this as well.
And I want to go back over some of the top news.
The new Patriot Act, along with the new National ID card, rolled into one, added to a pork barrel piece of legislation trying to get this passed.
Very serious situation.
Paul Watson, we're about to go to Andrea and Tim and Carol and many, many others that are patiently holding, Justin and others.
Listen to that last caller.
He kept saying these are strong allegations we're making about Kerry, being Bush's cousin, being skull and bones, being New World Order.
He obviously thinks Kerry's going to save us.
These aren't strong allegations.
These are the background of what this guy's been involved in.
Well, exactly, and you can go back two, three years and find that Kerry was part of the lobbying groups which were akin to organizations like the Project for a New American Century.
He was part of the lobbying groups which, again, called for the invasion of Iraq and admitted that Saddam Hussein was a pretext and that the agenda was to control Iraq.
Well, Paul, here's the litmus test.
He's pro-abortion, he's pro-open borders and total amnesty, and the guy is pro-gun control, he's for the war, and he's for the new Patriot Act and National ID card, saying we need a bigger domestic CIA, a bigger military.
Yeah, well, we just went through earlier 14 different points on which their policies and views and perspectives on the major issues both domestically and internationally are exactly the same.
So then they throw us this thing about bilateral, multilateral talks with North Korea as if that even matters when the people who were arming North Korea at the time of the Clinton administration... Donald Rumsfeld and Bill Clinton.
Yeah, in 98 and 2000.
So, I mean, that's just a surface-level thing where it appears that there's a difference in perspective.
And it's the same people behind the scenes running the operation.
There was no difference between the policy towards North Korea under Clinton or under Bush.
Well, a lot of people are just in love with Kerry and they're into this whole tribal warfare, you know, beating their swords against their shields.
Kerry, Kerry.
Folks, it's a football game.
It's a diversion.
They're going to have Bush come back in the polls, and Kerry come back in the polls, and they're manipulating you to make you feel like there's a real process.
Meanwhile, you ignore what's happening locally in your town or city.
And another story which we might want to cover, which is not in defense of Kerry, but it highlights something else which is interesting.
Is that Fox News had to come out and apologize for creating a completely faked news story.
They're only apologizing because they got caught.
Yeah, but I mean, while people like Jason Blair and Dan Rather have castigated for weeks when they do the same, you know, rightly so in most people's eyes, shame they don't report on the admitted fakes, which later come out, the Fox News reporter Carl Cameron made up a story about Kerry bragging about his nail manicures after the debate.
You know, it's a similar thing to, you know, did he use a pen?
Well, who cares?
And Fox blamed it on fatigue and bad judgment.
How on earth can you justify manufacturing fake quotes with fatigue as a justification?
And, you know, if they're lying about such periphery issues as Kerry's nails, then what real stories are they making up?
Well, I mean, Rammer's in trouble for falsifying reports, but the administration creates all these fake weapons of mass destruction reports, and, oh, it's a good thing.
We'll be right back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the street indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, eight minutes, 30 seconds into this third hour.
Thank you so much for joining us, my friends.
Andrea and Andre, excuse me, and Tim and Carol and Jason, everybody else, your calls are coming up here in a little while.
And a lot more news.
Paul Watson riding a shotgun with us.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Why is this article important?
Marlins fan spends a night in jail for curfew violations out of the Palm Beach Post from a few weeks ago.
And it says Marcos Gonzalez started the evening Tuesday in his regular seat behind home plate at Pro Players Stadium, but ended it standing for 11 hours in a hot, crowded jail cell where he was detained for breaking the Palm Beach County curfew.
Gonzalez, a 35-year-old attorney and a Marlins season ticket holder, watched his team beat the Mets with his brother-in-law and his two kids.
And the game ended after 9 p.m.
toward the Wellington to join his wife and son at his sister's house.
And after exiting at Interstate 95, he was stopped three times by law enforcement officers enforcing the curfew.
Two of them told him to have a good night and allowed him to pass after he explained he'd been at the game and showed them his ticket stubs.
But later he was pulled over.
And the deputy said, I don't care where you were, I'm going to arrest you and put him in plastic handcuffs.
Now here's the problem with this.
You had hurricanes down there, and they'd passed, and they would arrest people randomly who were out after dark.
But the problem is, is I see articles five years ago out of Cloverport, Kentucky, where they have a curfew for adults after dark, and it's selectively enforced.
New York's talking about an adult curfew.
This isn't the way this country used to operate.
But with the backdrop of terrorism, all these petty things now are being treated as these huge crimes.
And joining us again is Marco Gonzalez.
Good to have you on with us, sir.
Thank you.
Good to talk to you.
You bet.
Describe what happened to you and why you think it was wrong.
Well, first of all, I didn't know that there was a curfew in place after the hurricane because I had no way of knowing.
I had no power in my house.
I didn't have access to the Internet.
So I spent most of my days after the hurricanes cleaning up debris in my backyard, and I decided to take a break and go to the Marlins game.
This was three days after the hurricane.
I had a great time at the game, didn't think anything of the curfew, and then I started making my way back home, and at the first roadblock is where I realized that there was a curfew in place.
And I showed the officers the ticket stubs.
My wife and son decided not to go to the game with me because they just didn't want to go to Miami after everything that we had gone through.
We didn't have power at our house.
We were staying at my sister's house.
And as the paper states, I was making my way home.
I was stopped at two roadblocks before the third and last roadblock where I was arrested.
The cops thought that going to a Marlins game was a good excuse, but when I got to the third officer...
In his discretion, there's no basis for me to be out on the street.
Well, here's a question I've got.
I mean, I always have pointed this out.
You've got bars all over downtown Austin or any other city.
Everybody getting drunk, but then they let you go out and get in your car and leave.
Why don't they just shut down the bars?
And I'm not saying we should do that.
Well, it's the same thing with this Marlins game.
They let you have a Marlins game...
And the restaurants are all open, but then when you try to drive on the streets, they arrest you.
That's ridiculous.
I couldn't agree with you more.
You know, the argument they try to make was that the game was in Miami and we live in Palm Beach County.
That's only an hour drive.
And the Marlins cater to fans in Palm Beach County, so I'm in agreement with you.
If there's this curfew, in my opinion, they shouldn't have the game.
Well, it just shows that they're not reasonable.
This is not reasonable.
Couldn't agree with you more.
I mean, Florida, there's a Florida statute that allows them to place this curfew, and the statute, if I may read from the statute for your benefit, says whenever the sheriff or designated city official determines that there has been an act of violence or a flagrant and substantial defiance of a resistant to a lawful exercise of public authority, and that on account thereof there's reason to believe that there exists a clear and present danger of a riot or other general public disorder.
Widespread disobedience of the law and substantial injury to persons or property may occur.
Those are the conditions that have to exist in order for the sheriff to enact a curfew.
It's my opinion that three days after the curfew, those conditions didn't exist.
And the sheriff put this curfew in place when there should have been a curfew.
Well, sir... Yes, go ahead.
Can you describe what it was like at the third checkpoint, what they said to you?
It was no different than the other two.
It's just that the laws put in place, it gives a discretion to the officer.
And this officer, obviously, in my opinion, abused his discretion.
I have no idea what was wrong with the guy.
He could have been having a bad day.
For all I know, I don't know what was troubling the guy.
Describe what happened.
You go, here's my ticket stub, they just let me through two checkpoints?
I pulled up to where he was.
By the way, he was letting people go.
Uh, left and right before I got there, so I have no idea why he decided to keep me and let the other people go by.
He asked me what I was doing on.
I said, listen, I'm coming back from the Marlins game.
Here's my ticket stub.
I've already been stopped at two other curfews.
And I'm on my way to my sister's house.
She's two minutes from here.
And he basically said, get out of the car.
I didn't tell him that I was an attorney because, frankly, I didn't think that was necessary.
Now that can go either way with sheriff's officers to tell you the truth, but I didn't think that was necessary.
I wanted the same treatment that any other citizen would have gotten.
And essentially what he said was, get out of the car, that's not an emergency.
He handcuffed me and threw me in the back of a police car and then took me down to another place where they were holding all the curfew violators.
And then they took me to jail and I spent 11 hours there while they processed me and
And I was eventually released.
Well, Mr. Gonzalez, did they charge you with anything?
Did they drop the charges?
No, they haven't dropped the charges.
They offered most of the people that were arrested the same plea deal, which was plead no contest, withhold adjudication, and pay court costs.
And sadly, most of the people that I saw in the courtroom at the time of the arraignment accepted that plea deal.
I plead him not guilty, and I'm waiting for a court date, essentially.
Well, this is why I had you on, because they can claim, oh, we had hurricanes, we've got to do this.
But I wanted to illustrate how it's, number one, selectively enforced, and number two, they're talking about there's a big flu outbreak shutting the whole country down, and then this will be martial law training us how to live under this.
And I don't know if you're aware, sir, that other cities are doing this for adults 365 days a year without some type of crisis happening.
Were you aware of that?
No, I wasn't.
And frankly, if I hadn't been arrested, perhaps I never would have been
I'm concerned with curfews, but it definitely has brought an awareness that wasn't there before.
I'm an immigrant from a country where martial law exists all the time.
That's the country of Cuba, and I certainly don't want the same type of laws in the country that I love so much.
It doesn't matter what administration it is.
I agree with you.
FEMA and others just want to expand their control and power and want to set that precedent.
I want to bring Paul Watson, our correspondent from England, on.
Paul, they've got plans there if there's any type of terror attack to shut down cities and have martial law there, or if there's a bad flu outbreak.
Why have we never needed this before, but now this atmosphere has been intensified, Paul?
Well, because in Britain, we're under a state of emergency, a permanent state of emergency since 9-11.
In the Civil Contingencies Bill, that's exactly what it outlines.
But to emphasise, this thing in Palm Beach is nothing about any kind of hurricane because...
There's another article that I've just found two minutes ago out of the Palm Beach Post which is Tired Deputies Meet Tall Tales on Curfew Beat and it says it's already 1.30am Friday and the paddy wagon has made the rounds twice picking up an eclectic array of vagrants up to no good miscreants and the curious who chose to ignore the 11pm to 6am curfew in St.
Lucie County.
By the end of the seven-hour operation, there will be 37 curfew arrests.
But then it goes on to talk about the one case that it makes an example of.
So they're still doing this?
That's dated Saturday, October 2nd, two days ago.
Sure, that's after Hurricane Jean.
I'm not sure if Port St.
Lucie, which is north of Palm Beach, still has a curfew in place.
So it's discontinual.
So this doesn't even mention any kind of hurricane.
It's just the regular policy, an 11 p.m.
Let me tell you something that perhaps you don't know.
The same statute that authorizes a curfew says that a curfew can only be extended once you have an emergency declaration.
A curfew can only last for 72 hours.
If after those 72 hours a sheriff wants an extension, he has to go in front of the county commissioners and request that extension.
That extension has to be granted by the county commissioners.
That was never done in my case, in the case of the Palm Beach County Curfew.
So as usual, it's color of law.
They're not even operating under a lawful order.
No, absolutely.
In fact, the only guy that broke the law that day was our sheriff.
He arrested me and other people roughly 100 hours after the curfew was enacted.
But again, he kept enforcing this curfew.
And so they're still charging people when it wasn't even a law being broken.
That was my case.
Again, it just gets worse and worse.
Well, Marcos Gonzalez, thank you so much for joining us, and I'm sure you'll win your case.
I know if more people challenged it, they'd stop abusing this law.
Well, what I'm hoping for, I sent out mailers to many of the people that were arrested,
And I hope to represent them in a civil case, attempting to get damages for having been falsely arrested under the sheriff's curfew.
Title 22, U.S.
Well, just false imprisonment.
I mean, common action of false imprisonment, and I'm sure there are other statutory... All right.
There are statutory basis for this lawsuit.
All right.
Well, thank you for joining us.
Thank you very much.
All right.
Take care.
We'll come back, take your calls, cover more news.
Stay with us.
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Whether if you have any intention of trading with Midas Resources or not, I have instructed my representatives to give this report out free.
We're good to go.
Paul Watson, there's another example of what I've been talking about for a long time.
They're not even operating under lawful orders.
They just continue to extend it out when it's not even in effect.
Because they love the power.
They love the control.
This is how they like our everyday life to be.
And that's what it's going to be like under this new Patriot Act 2 slash national ID card.
Back in 98, in my Police State 2000 film, I showed the document from 98, where under national safety initiatives, they're going to put in hardened checkpoints and search everyone on a daily basis, and now it's in the mainstream news last Friday.
That, oh, we're going to have checkpoints on the roads now.
Oh, and if you want to graduate from high school, you'll have to go serve up to 10 to 20 hours a week out there helping search vehicles.
I mean, this is a nightmare system.
Paul, words really can't describe how textbook Orwellian this really is.
Well, no, but don't worry, because if you have a green security threat classification on that national ID card, then the government will graciously allow you to stay out past 11 p.m.,
Here's another article on that issue.
Cold sufferers will soon need ID to get relief.
Catching a cold is about to get much more complicated.
Governor Ted Kulonsky issued an order Friday that will require people buying over-the-counter cold medicines in Oregon to show identification and leave personal information at the register.
So it's all being phased into the introduction of this ID and what kind of benefits you're able to access under your specific definition of security threat with this color-coded CAPS-2 system.
And folks, this is all official.
We're not playing games.
Andre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Hello, Alex.
Go ahead.
I have a comment about Patriot Act 2.
It seems like, you know, in the...
Well, a federal judge in New York said that Section 213, sneak and peek, is unlawful, unconstitutional, but they're saying they're not going to stop.
And that's all I know of.
It's, quote, been shot down.
And at the same time, Patriot Act II, remember, didn't exist, even though parts of it have already been passed last year.
Now the new Super Patriot Act II has the national ID card as well.
Also, I got a story for you.
I was vacationing this past weekend with my family, and we went to, I live in Wisconsin, went to Wisconsin Dells.
You know, there's all sorts of water parks and hotels and stuff.
And we're in the water park and I chose to sit in a hot tub so I'm sitting in a hot tub with a group of people and I notice there's a camera looking right at us in the hot tub and we're in this indoor water park there's hundreds of people everywhere and we're just so amazed and what's even more bizarre this man came up and took a picture of the hot tub with us sitting in it and then walked away.
It was so bizarre and you know because you had a comment about cameras in hotels and hotels well it's
It's definitely true.
I mean... Well, I got an internal document from a Hilton employee a few months ago where they say, well, we have these high security threats all over the country, and we secretly search people's cars within the parking garage when the valets park them.
Well, now we're going to have this go nationwide.
And, you know, it's the same thing over and over and over and over and over again, and none of it has to do with fighting the terrorists.
It's about living in this police state control grid.
And here's another one.
Kevin had to leave town.
I was unable to meet with him yesterday, but my good friend Kevin, who's a good source of info, from his friend who works at DPS, has the video.
His friend shot the video at DPS, Department of Public Safety, State Police, of the new driver's license terminal.
And it says national ID number here, and they use a Social Security card, so now they've changed the templates.
And by the way, right after he shot this video, they must have gotten a video of him getting the video.
He was fired.
They wouldn't say why, but now I'm going to be getting this video.
Kevin has seen it.
It says national ID card number here.
I'm going to have that for the TV show.
So, again, long before... Well, Paul, a few weeks ago you talked about in England all the banks say you must have your national ID card to bank even though it's not the law yet.
Yeah, they've got a sign up over the counter saying you must present certain forms of ID to withdraw or deposit a certain amount of money, one of which is a national ID code, which is supposedly not in place in Britain, but they're rolling it out.
Well, it's like HEB has signs up.
Now, in Houston and College Station, they put the thumb scanners in to buy and sell at the checkout registers.
But here in Austin, they planned it years ago because of boycotts they haven't.
So a year ago, they put signs up that say you'll have to thumb scan here.
Go ahead, Paul.
Yeah, and on the subject of cameras, 4.2 million in London.
The British government signed a program three years ago to put them in parks and forests.
I go to a protest last week, which is basically attended by 300 hippies.
Every tenth police officer has a camera and is filming the protest for every 200 yards of the protest.
We'll be right back.
More calls coming up.
Thanks for the call.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I'm not trying to give you a bunch of gloom and doom.
It's just the facts.
We've got a criminal elite who believe that their God, their social Darwinist,
Who funded the Nazis, that funded the Communists, that will work with anybody that centralizes power and control, who since the late 1940s have been building giant underground bases, involved in all different types of biological and chemical warfare tests, who've been proliferating these weapons around the globe, who openly say they want to get rid of 80-95% of us, trying to set up this sickening globalist utopian system.
And they're openly admitting world government, saying they're going to draft us and take over the planet and set up a domestic police state here.
It's all happening.
They're scientifically breaking up our families, using systems to destroy our minds and turn us into decadent creatures that are afraid to stand up for ourselves or even our families.
The facts are the facts.
And we challenge people out there to research our claims, because our claims are demonstrable, are provable, are based in fact, are historical.
So stop denying what we've seen in human history.
Look at history, and then look at what's happening today.
The most frightening developments ever.
I mean, PNAC is openly talking about legitimizing with the public the use of race-specific bioweapons to kill certain races of people.
I mean, this isn't the stuff of Joseph Mingle or Adolf Hitler.
It's the stuff of Dick Cheney.
And is John Forbes Carey a member of the Order of Death of Skull and Bones?
Does he raise this or broach this?
Of course not.
He just wants the war to be bigger.
And the liberals don't mind that.
They love Bush because he didn't do it right.
He didn't worship the UN.
So we see the United Nations being legitimized and made the good guy in all of this.
It's disgusting!
We're going to go to Carol and Adam and Terry and Nolan and Singer, and that'll be it for calls.
Got a few other news stories here I want to hit.
But Paul Watson, before we cover a few of these news items, tell folks why they should sign up with PrisonPlanet.tv.
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Paul, I wanted to go over a few other articles here.
An interesting website, betterhumans.com,
Put out this report, and it links to all these mainstream news articles we've already covered.
The British government could soon be considering a program to vaccinate children against addiction to nicotine, cocaine, and other drugs.
They've even got vaccines so you're not aggressive and angry.
And the World Health Organization will need to give you the shots so you're not an aggressive person at birth.
This will rewire the brain.
I mean, these are chemical, biological lobotomies
And even this side, who I usually disagree with, agrees with us.
The technology and political interests are there, but inoculating kids against bad habits might do more than good.
Folks, vaccines to change your brain chemistry?
This is brain damaging you, Paul.
Well, yeah, go back and read Brave New World and then Huxley's later book, Brave New World Revisited, where he analyzes his fictional novel and concludes that it's all basically coming true in front of our eyes.
And, you know, at the same time they tell us that mercury's nutritious.
And there was actually a big report last week out of The Lancet, which is a major medical journal, which said that taking vitamins now causes cancer.
So, you know, how many fingers am I holding up, Winston?
They'll try and change black into white, and we're going out on a limb and being rather extremist by saying that oranges are orange.
So this whole medical thing is geared towards that creation of that brain-dead-shaven-headed-slave-race-bioengineered, which Huxley describes in his novel back in the 30s.
Now, since you mentioned that, John, can you grab that clip where they say Mercury's good for you?
Tell me when you get that, because this was a national report.
This was all over the country.
This was a local report about that report.
I mean, are you going to believe us and the thousands of studies that have been done for over the last hundred years that Mercury is very bad and brain damages you?
Well, there was an article out of lewrockwell.com, which we linked to, and
I'll make a News in Focus tab out of it on the right-hand side, which will be up there tonight, where a medical professor, a PhD, goes through point by point in a ten-page article.
But I mean, do we have to explain and document this?
I mean, we have neurotically, but folks, do you believe them when they say mercury's good for you?
Here is that report from KI here locally one more time.
Mercury-containing vaccines may have on kids.
A life-saving device wins over-the-counter approval by the FDA.
And sick of your glasses and contact lenses?
A new corrective eye surgery is approved today.
Here's tonight's medical headlines with medical watch reporter, Seema Mathur.
Mercury-containing vaccines may help not harm kids, according to two new studies in the journal Pediatrics.
There have been widespread concerns that mercury-based preservatives in vaccines might impair the neurological development of children.
These new studies suggest that the opposite, that the preservatives may actually be associated with improved behavior and mental performance.
A recent move by the Food and Drug Administration could save your or a loved one's life.
Hearts start to fibrillate.
You heard it, and the Federal Report said, yes, very nutritious and helps the brain.
Paul, I guess we're radicals again, saying mercury isn't good for you.
Well, the good news is, as was the case in Britain,
Around two years ago, the government came out with a multi-million pounds propaganda campaign about how the triple jab, autism and bowel disorder, MMR shot was good for you.
And then the polls came out after, and 99% of parents disbelieved the government and said that they wouldn't have their kids vaccinated.
So the bottom line to the globalists and Armenians listening, do you really think we're going to keep buying?
Come on, guys.
I mean, as things get worse and worse and you blow more stuff up to get us to submit to you, the truth's going to come out.
You're going to lose.
You're not going to get away with it.
I mean, the giant wards full of autistic children from 1 in 25,000 20 years ago to now we're getting down to 1 out of 168.
I mean, you just can't cover it up.
People don't believe you anymore.
And they're not going to buy this.
You know, mercury is good for you and vitamins cause cancer.
I mean, come on, folks, this is not a radical show.
We're not radical here.
We tell you there's a Patriot Act II when it's introduced, when we have a copy of it from the Library of Congress.
We tell you that there's a national ID card being set up, it's open in public.
We tell you there's a national draft being set up when they're already drafting people who've already served, and they've got 12 bills introduced, and they call us lying conspiracy theorists.
I mean, Paul, it's really getting ridiculous.
Well it is but I mean they present this slick phony presentation on the surface and many people buy it.
I mean, like, going back to the debates with the situation with Bush and his earpiece.
I mean, he's been caught numerous times, you know, slipping up on this.
And there's an article today on the website which talks about that, where Tim Russert asks him a question, and Bush responds with the quote, I think that's an interesting question.
Please elaborate on that a little bit.
And he's not even looking at Russert when he says that.
He's listening to the person in his earpiece.
Well, I mean, there's a better one.
We even got the clip on the website.
I know it's on our computer at the network where he goes, hold on a minute.
Hold on a second.
Wait for something to pop in my head.
Hold on.
He puts his hand up.
Oh, and then has the answer.
Yeah, which has reminded me to add that link to the article.
It's in the video section on PrisonPlanet.com where he pauses for at least five, six solid seconds during that White House address.
Well, folks, I'm in the media.
I've done remotes from grocery stores, remotes from restaurants, remotes from ice bat games, remotes from...
And I know the look of a broadcaster when somebody's talking in their ears.
I know the look of a TV person when they're getting a message through the earpiece.
And Bush gets that far away look when he'll wait and stumble over it because they're feeding him lines, folks.
Which again discredits the whole anyone but Bush movement, because Bush can't even read a teleprompter.
And you try to point this out to people, but they just can't see through it.
They present this figurehead there in front of them, and all the vitriol is directed towards that.
But none of that's important.
The point is, Kerry pulled a pin out of his pocket.
Let's take some calls.
Carol in Arkansas, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Paul, I believe it was last month, a British nurse's journal
That came out with a report on hepatitis B shots, because all the health care workers, you know, are forced to take that shot.
It almost quadruples muscular sclerosis.
Yes, and that report said that.
And another one, since they started meningitis shots, deaths from it have increased 17.6%.
Yeah, well, I had a friend, as a matter of fact, the girl, Paul, is from Wales.
And she came over here.
A whole lot of health care workers came here to Little Rock, Arkansas to the University Med Center to work in the university hospital.
And this girl married my son's best friend.
And she was forced to take the hepatitis B shot.
She later broke out with something that looked like sarcomas on her arms and body.
And then she was diagnosed with MS.
She's now back in Wales.
But it was a very, very sad situation.
And by the way, this is being done on purpose.
This is eugenics on a mass scale.
We caught them doing it.
Why anybody would take any of these shots?
Well, they're being told they have to.
They're being told they have to, and they don't realize they haven't opted out.
I was listening to Dr. Lynn Horowitz's tape on vaccines last weekend, and it occurred to me.
This is what happened, because it's exactly what he said, and he did this tape probably...
Carol, why don't you just submit and go ahead and start drinking mercury every day?
It's good for you.
Jump off a 5,000-foot cliff?
You're going to fly.
Don't believe me.
I say you're going to die, but they say you're going to fly, Carol.
Yeah, I know.
Frogs had wings, too, you know.
Well, to the people in Oklahoma, David knows it calls.
About the voting over there, you really do need to go register to vote because you really do have a choice in the Senate race.
Dr. Tom Coburn, who is a medical doctor there, who is a true conservative, he has proven with his vote he is a true conservative.
He is a constitutionalist, believes in the same things that we conservatives do, whereas his lawyer, Democrat opponent, Carson, does not.
And he is the biggest fake and phony.
The guy's an attorney, and he's just the biggest liar that ever walked the road.
And if you look his record up a little bit, you'll find that out.
I also wanted to verify that a girl named Judith Reisman wrote a book on Alfred Kinsey in the late 80s.
And she exposed Alfred Kinsey as a pedophile and the fact that the Rockefellers had funded that whole operation.
And so that's very true.
And the more you research, Carrie's father was in the CIA for the fellow who didn't believe that there's anything wrong with him.
Also, Alex, did you hear over the weekend that there was a micro-mini station in Santa Cruz that was confiscated?
The people's homes were broken into?
Yeah, for those who don't understand, non-commercial, non-profit, non-licensed, known as pirates, we call them micros, one was grabbed in Tennessee, another was grabbed out in California.
And it's just the New World Order.
They always do it right before elections.
It's very serious.
Got to move on to other callers.
Thank you for the call.
I support Micro FM if it's not interfering with commercial stations.
I think it's great.
First Amendment.
They just come grab the equipment, folks.
Adam in Texas.
Adam, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I've been listening to you for a long time.
I grew up right around the corner from where your station is, I think, behind Zucker Park there.
I was wondering if you all had seen the commercial for those silver dollars that supposedly come from a...
The mysterious dash of silver at the bottom of the... There was over $160 billion, admittedly, of gold in the tower complex.
And gold isn't destroyed, folks.
But we're not supposed to discuss where that gold went.
There was also a bunch of silver.
And yeah, they say, from silver found in the towers...
It's so precious that, you know, they have it on a blowout sale for $19.99.
But let's not discuss the gold.
I mean, Silverstein can say they blew it up and nothing happens.
Well, yeah, and then again, on another point, it's pretty sick that they would mint coins to make money out of them, you know, out of the material found there.
But yeah, there was a lot of things in those towers and in Building 7, which was a CIA outpost that they wanted to get rid of, and they got the job done on 9-11.
Okay, that's all.
I just wondered if y'all had seen that.
Yes, we have.
Thank you for the call.
Okay, Tim just hung up, so now let's go to Nolan in Texas.
Nolan, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How you doing, Alex?
Look, this is somewhat off the subject, but there's things that we haven't considered yet that we're being lied to about, and we accept certain things.
One thing that's very powerful in our lives that nobody really thinks about is the things we take for granted.
We never question.
One of these things that I finally started questioning is, are we sure that oil is a fossil fuel?
We're so dependent on this crap, and they've told us all our lives, this is a fossil fuel.
I've found fossils, man, and I've worked on oil rigs.
I don't see bones that deep, dog.
And I have never been digging around going, oh, there's some of that nasty oil that comes from things decaying.
When something dies, it's getting eaten right away.
No, I mean, I understand that a lot of people think that it's part of a process within the earth in between the rock and the magma, and then there's people who say there's no oil left.
That's just not true from the evidence.
There's lots of oil.
But if you do the math, just do the math, we've used 930 billion barrels of oil since the 1830s, 1800s.
If you do the math, that's 273-420 with nine zeros behind it and pounds of oil.
If you allow a gallon of oil to weigh seven pounds.
You're telling us lies.
Dude, another problem here.
Any other citizenry with a brain would have gone to the streets with what's going on in this country by now.
We would have had an armed revolt by now.
We've been taught since childhood to allow other people to fight our fight for us.
We've been taught if you stand up for yourself, you're wrong.
We've been taught how to be slaves, spectators, minions.
We'll be right back.
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A new world order.
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Also known as the New World Order.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
On your great AM or FM station or on Global Shortwave at 3210.
From 9 to midnight Central.
That's 8 to 11 Mountain.
10 to 1 AM Eastern.
I want to go to Singer in New York here in a minute, but Paul Watson, before we do that, Britain's secretly kept in post-war French camps, London Guardian, new documents released confirm that De Gaulle went into the Nazi camps, and our government knew and did nothing, your government did this, and held Jews, Brits, it didn't matter, just went ahead and kept them in the camps, and they've gone and interviewed an 84-year-old retired businessman and others, British folks that this happened to,
And they knew all about it.
But I want to remind folks that our government knew the Soviets got 20,000 British and U.S.
and French troops.
But 20,000 U.S.
alone and let the Soviets take them for slave labor.
Oh, but your government wouldn't, just to be friends with the Soviets, but your government wouldn't carry out 9-11.
And they wouldn't tell you Mercury was nutritious either, would they?
Yeah, they do.
Paul comments.
Well, yeah, wasn't it the case also, I think it was in the Scotsman, that Americans were...
Kept in Japanese camps.
The government knew about it, but it made no sense to get them out because it was useful war propaganda at the time.
So it goes back to the Kissinger quote, you know, soldiers are tools to be used for foreign policy.
It's that mentality that they treat the people who supposedly carry out their agenda.
They're just using them for tools.
And then again, I have a Department of Health and Environment from the state of Kansas, and I get these from all over the country routinely.
The Kansas Department of Health and Environment, along with 10 county health departments, 12 clinics, is organizing a series of exercises designed to assist local health department officials to exercise their plans to mass vaccinate entire communities should the event arise, requiring this for smallpox, the flu, it goes on and on.
And they're going to do forced inoculations drills, Paul.
Well, yeah, it's for your own safety.
I mean, people peddle this line about this chemtrail spraying to protect us from global warming, when in fact the recent reports say that the ozone layer is shrinking.
So it's got nothing to do with that, and there's a whole history of these biological agents being tested against it.
Yeah, the ozone hole is getting smaller and always has done that.
Let us take a final call.
Singer in New York, go ahead.
Yeah, how are you doing?
I just want to know, does China have a bigger Navy than the U.S.?
My boys believe in Illuminati and I really don't.
Well, number one, sir, that our government tells us China and Russia is our friends now.
Don't worry about them.
It's these third world countries we've got to take over.
Yes, they have a larger surface navy, not a larger sub-navy, but a lot of it's antiquated.
Some of it's new because we've sold them the technologies.
And they do have the newest cruise missiles and all the other goodies and MIRV technologies and long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles.
The Illuminati, sir, is in your Encyclopedia Britannica.
It's a real group.
Okay, um...
I want to know one more thing.
Where's the Gulf of Tonkin?
The Gulf of Tonkin was in 1964, and we have two different tapes of LBJ.
We've played them, just released last year, about 13 months ago, from right here in Austin at the Presidential Library.
Gulf of Tonkin never happened.
Our ships were never attacked.
It was made up as a pretext for war.
Okay, thank you very much, sir.
Enjoy your day.
Thank you.
I appreciate the call.
If you want to know about the Gulf of Tonkin, we get into it in Masters of Terror.
If you want any of the 11 films I've made, go to Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
There are a bunch of other great videos by other wonderful researchers.
Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to order via the safe, secure online shopping cart.
Or call toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139.
Paul Watson, closing comments.
We've got an interesting month ahead of us.
More of these stage debates.
Possibility of this October surprise.
Maybe the stage capture of Bin Laden or discovery of WMDs.
So at the very least, according to the proverb, we live in interesting times.
We do, and we'll be here tracking it, chronicling it, documenting it.
Now get out there and take on the New World Order.
Defend humanity.
Defend liberty.
God demands it.