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Air Date: Oct. 1, 2004
2197 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
You know, it feels like I just sat down in here ten months ago for Monday's broadcast.
But no!
It's Friday!
Which means my work's just about to get started working on a couple new films and chores around the house and studying and tracking and diagramming and chronicling the New World Order.
But I love it when I'm not working.
I don't feel like I'm alive.
Does that mean I'm a workaholic?
I guess it does.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
And it is Friday, the first day of October 2004.
We have left September, left it behind us, left the third year anniversary of the military-industrial complex attacks behind us as we now accelerate towards the fourth anniversary, now that our whole society marks itself upon that date on the calendar.
Perhaps it'll be in the future.
You know, after September 11th, or A.S.
I don't know, I wouldn't joke around about that.
The globalists, after they nuke a city or release smallpox, undoubtedly will set the calendars according to that date.
They're on after the war, the national draft, the endless conflict.
Well, I know you probably want to talk about that debate last night, and I did watch the debate.
Actually, I worked on a film, and then I watched the rebroadcast of the debate, and I did tape the debate, and both sides were just lying profusely, twisting.
Kerry, hands down, won the stage debate.
Bush looked like he was on about 14 lines of methamphetamine.
I've seen one speed head.
I've seen them all.
He was on something.
Maybe a bunch of allergy medicine or something.
Who knows?
Maybe he drank three pots of coffee.
I don't know.
But that guy's eyes were bulging out.
I've never seen Bush.
He looked like he had just eaten a lemon.
His lips were all puckered.
And his eyes were watering and bugging out of his skull.
And Kerry looked extremely confident, ready to play the part of a
You know, German or Russian soldier in World War II, or German general, I should say.
I mean, just that skull-like death face up there, mechanically spatting out lies and disinformation while Bush feebly tried to lie and chased his tail around in circles.
It was disgusting to watch those two brethren, those two cousins,
Up there, acting like there was a debate going on.
Bottom line, we stay in Iraq.
Bottom line, we invade whoever needs to be invaded.
Kerry, we need to have the global test and be under UN control.
And it's just incredible.
World government right out in the open.
Gotta have the global test.
And then Bush is like, no, no global test.
Meanwhile, he's signing on to UNESCO and telling us Putin's wonderful because he looked into his soul and
All this other mumbo-jumbo.
I've got about a hundred comments concerning this debate, and I'll try to muse over them.
I should have taken notes, and I guess spat them out in my own fashion when we return.
Then I'll get into all the really serious news, not that diversion last night.
Japan Defense Agency calls for preemptive strikes.
Mount St.
Helens still rumbling very ominously.
China's party chief tells army to be ready for war.
Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia says sexual orgies eliminate social tensions.
That's out of the Harvard Crimson newspaper.
He says, well, that's very Christian and conservative, Mr. Scalia.
How's David Dreyer doing?
I wonder what he thinks releases tensions.
Also, U.S.
killed detainees, says prisoner.
No kidding.
And near Miss Asteroid could have wiped out greater London area.
It's all coming up, folks.
You don't want to miss this transmission.
PrisonPlanet.tv, InfoWars.com.
Got some big guests coming up, too.
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Alright, we're going to go to your calls in this segment.
I want to talk about the debate last night.
If you can call it that.
Blocked off that concerned that question.
Now, both of them, I have to tell you, did stray off of the scripting several times.
They kept going back to debates about Iran, debates about North Korea, when the questions were on other issues.
But let me just give you an example of what I'm talking about right now.
Okay, Kerry gets up there and says that he's wrong, that he described and talked about the $87 million incorrectly, that he should never have said that we didn't need to fund the troops.
And then Bush gets up there for 90 minutes and just repeats the same thing over and over again, I'm the strong leader, I'm rock solid, I stay the course, you need to be with me.
Bush firmly lost the debate.
I have never seen Bush look so wired up, obviously on something, again, whether it was four pots of coffee or allergy medicine or some other pill that one of his doctors said, here, you've been on the campaign trail, take one of these, just like JFK used to.
Bush was out of his gourd.
Here's just a few examples of things that show how they're both lying hypocrites.
The two cousins who were members of the same secret society up there in the stage debate.
They said that North Korea was a serious issue, and it obviously is.
And so North Korea came up several times in the hour and a half long debate.
And then Bush said that our unilateral talks with North Korea through China are a wonderful, wonderful thing.
And that Bill Clinton's evil because he allowed the transfer of these reactors to Kim Jong-il, the admitted psychopath.
And here's the problem.
Bill Clinton allowed those to be transferred.
And again, I'm not defending Bill Clinton.
I'm showing you how they're all on the same team.
Guess who the company was that transferred those nuclear reactors to North Korea?
It was ABB, the Swiss company.
And guess who was on the board of that company and helped make the deal?
Our Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld.
And I remember Republicans like myself saying,
Years ago, before I got the big picture, criticizing Clinton, that traitor, he gave China nuclear weapons systems, delivery systems, multiple reentry device, MERV technologies, this is the most traitorous thing ever.
And then I found out, wait a minute.
These are big Republican-owned and controlled companies that were involved in these transfers.
These were Republicans from the first Bush administration out of office making the deals, who were in China actually making the deals, and they run back to Clinton with a permission slip, and Bill Clinton says, Well, absolutely.
I've got communist generals in my White House, too.
Selling out America the New World Order is what I'm all about.
We're all CFR, Trilateral Commission, together.
Well, I've done business with Bush Sr.
going back to MENA.
I'm ready to work with him.
I'm more than happy to.
And so that's why Kenneth Starr would never go after Bill Clinton on ChinaGate or any of the serious stuff, because he couldn't.
I mean, he worked for the law firm that represents Hutchison Wampo.
The big communist Chinese front company that took over the Panama Canal, the Republicans transferred.
Jimmy Carter started the transfer in 1979.
Republicans allowed it to go through in, what, 1999?
So, this is the deal, folks.
Every point they made was a fraud.
And so now Democrats en masse are watching Kerry being sold on the fact that we've got to stay in Iraq and we've got to do the job right with a twist.
America's bad.
America went it alone.
And if we can't pass the global test, the global government seal of approval, if the global government doesn't say it's okay, the UN, then we can't do it.
So, regardless, the globalists get to take over any sovereign country they want, and then they'll play off this little squabble, this staged fight, this little ruse, this little game that doesn't fool me and shouldn't fool you.
In fact, on Infowars.com, on PrisonPlanet.com, and now on PrisonPlanet.tv, we have the audio interviews.
The statements I made, the articles I wrote, from a year before we invaded Iraq.
From 30 months ago.
And I said, you watch, we're going to invade in 2003, not in 2002, like the government says they're going to do.
I go, because the Bilderberg Group says otherwise, and then that happened.
I mean, it's not hard that what they say happens.
What they demand happens.
And so I sat there and I watched that.
And I said, we're going to go into Iraq and it's going to be a quagmire.
And I said, the oil is not going to flow.
And the oil companies are going to make record profits.
And people said, what do you mean?
They want the oil.
And I said, that's right.
We've got so much oil coming out of our ears with giant supplies of it in Canada and...
In Texas, and in Alaska, and in Russia, and in Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan, and Belarus, and all over Africa, and all over South America, and all over Central America.
We got sweet and light crude suddenly gushing out of the ground all over the globe.
New systems to get it out from deep areas.
What are the globalists going to do?
They're losing control of their monopoly.
Well, what did the Beers do when they started losing control of their diamond monopoly?
Declared every country mining diamonds as tariffs and went in with mercenaries and blow up their capitals and took over publicly.
Same thing here.
Got too much oil?
Just put out some propaganda that there is no oil left.
Have a few of your shills tell you that.
You buy it.
Then they go into Iraq with its now $6 trillion in oil.
I've been saying $4 trillion in oil.
Now with oil prices at $6 trillion plus in oil.
And so they go into there and they make sure it doesn't flow.
Real simple.
They make deals with Russia to pay them tens of millions of dollars, quote, to dispose of weapons, really, so Russia doesn't develop their oil fields and move that out of the country.
It's all about making sure that oil doesn't flow, to make sure the monopoly continues, because OPEC is a creature of MI5, MI6.
It's a creation of the British Empire.
That's just public in the old history books and textbooks.
The average person has no idea that's going on.
And so I said, we're going to go into Iraq and we're going to be there for decades and we're going to be the bad guys and then we're going to engage in a bunch of atrocities and the media is going to show us all the atrocities and that will create a schism and a balkanization and a big social movement here domestically.
Actually increase the power of the Democratic Party.
And create a fake counter-revolution, and then the UN's going to come in as the good cop, and they're going to take off some of the draconian police state restrictions, just slightly, and the people will thank them for it and see them as a savior.
It's an old Roman tactic to put in an oppressive governor and then remove him and publicly reprimand him, and then put in somebody new who takes off a few of the restrictions but actually leaves all the big ones in place, and the people hail them as a savior.
And that's exactly what you're seeing with Kerry and the U.N.
and all of it.
And Bush is playing a part to a T and domestically making us think he's this good conservative while he signs on to UNESCO and gets rid of the borders and gets rid of the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
And so that's what happened last night.
That's all that happened last night was this illusion that we've got two different candidates and two different parties and that there's some type of tribal fight going on here and what we think and do really has an effect through the presidency.
And to distract you from the electronic voting and the police state that's unfolding and all the things that are happening.
Anthony in Louisiana, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Hey, um...
I found something a couple days ago, I found pretty shocking, especially to GCN, the people, your audience, and that is two clips of you saying on camera on sacredcow.com, one of them saying... Sir, I'm not going to sit here and hear criticisms of myself and a bunch of propaganda, Anthony.
This is about... Thank you for the call.
Thank you for the call.
I really do appreciate your call.
You know something?
I am on hundreds of websites.
I go out and give hundreds of speeches, and I don't know what your attack of me is or what type of propaganda it is.
And, you know, I'm here.
I told you that I want to talk about the debates.
I hardly ever say I want to talk about a particular subject.
And today I said I'm going to calls in the second segment, and I want to talk about the debates.
And I want to talk about those.
We've got two guests coming up.
Now, you're welcome to call in in the second and third hour and just call back then, Anthony, but I want to talk about the debates.
And then I want to talk about Japan Defense Agency calls for preemptive strikes.
That's what I want to talk about.
I want to talk about China's party chief tells army to be ready for war.
There's another one.
Supreme Court justice, sexual orgies eliminate social tension.
That's Scalia.
killed detainees, says prisoner.
All right?
You know, these personal attacks on myself and others, it's a diversion and a distraction.
But if you want to call in later and do whatever, that's fine.
But I really do want to talk about the debates.
That would be a great thing.
I rarely ask this.
I said this earlier.
That's what I want to talk about.
You saw the debates last night.
Do you think it was a real debate?
Who do you think won?
Obviously, Kerry won.
And I don't know who's going to win the presidency.
It's just, we've never had two candidates more closely related, two candidates from more of a royal bloodline.
And I don't know.
Do you have an idea?
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, we're talking about the debates.
Alright, my friends, and I really want to know who you thought won the debate, if you think the debate meant anything, or if you got the same things I got from it.
We're all being trained how to live under global government.
We're all being trained how the United Nations is our boss and is the arbiter of our lives.
We all learned how there's this global test we've got to have, and then Bush said, hey, I don't agree with that, which I agree with Bush on that subject, but he's only agreeing in words, while he, meanwhile, helps expand the global government and plays his part in this tragic play.
All right, let's talk to, is it Skio in Pennsylvania?
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Yeah, that's Skio.
I found something very interesting in a debate last night when...
George Bush was talking about Saddam Hussein being his enemy.
Did you see that?
And Kerry called him on it.
Well, he also said that Saddam Hussein attacked us on 9-11 and then had to change it around and say, I mean Osama Bin Laden.
But he keeps doing that in a bunch of other speeches.
Rumsfeld does it too.
I don't think it's an accident.
I don't either.
But there was another reason why I called you.
I didn't realize that you were having debate talk today.
I'm not really near radio.
I'm at work.
But I did want to ask you about one of your video tapes about your financial annual report.
Yeah, Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports.
I want to tell you first of all, Alex, your tapes are great.
I get so much out of them.
Oh, I've got to go back two or three times and watch them.
Because each time I do, I get something out of it.
This financial report...
How do I go about getting it?
Well, in the film, we go over how every water district, school district, state, federal government, every agency has its own real set of books called a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
And generally, if you type in New Jersey...
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, or Texas Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
It'll pop up online.
You can get them from your attorney generals or from your comptrollers, free usually, and they're the size of phone books.
So we go over how you get them in the film.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I must have missed that part.
Like I said, I'm so busy, I only get to see it here and there, and I watch it quite a bit.
And number two, the resolution that you had for the Patriot Act,
Do you have a copy of your resolution?
Yes, it's on Infowars.com.
Okay, and it's just right out there?
It'll be in the Patriot Act section, yes.
Okay, excellent.
Thank you, Alex.
God bless you.
God bless the Republic.
Take care, my friend.
All right, let's see if Mike in Illinois wants to talk about the debate.
Mike in Illinois, go ahead.
Yeah, hi, Alex.
How you doing?
Sorry, my daughter fell.
Go ahead.
That's all right.
Alex, I want to tell you, I think the debate was a joke.
Watching these two guys go at it.
Sorry about my daughter.
Alex, do you want to go to another call?
Sure, I'll go back to you later.
Thank you.
Well, these calls are fun today, aren't they?
DJ in Florida.
DJ, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
That's a good one, aren't I?
Maybe it's good I usually go to calls 45 minutes in because everybody gets a chance to get settled and ready.
DJ, go ahead.
The American people lost last night.
You know, absence of a third party or...
It would have been a different debate with another third party in there, the American party, the Constitution party, or even a libertarian.
Even Ralph Nader would have been a joy on there.
But they didn't talk about closing the borders, getting out of NAFTA, GATT, the World Trade Organization, sending the 35 million illegals back.
Homeland Security, the draft that you talk about, skull and bones and stuff, you know, everything like that.
Look it, this is my opinion.
How many people listen to you?
A couple of million?
Conservatively, yeah, conservatively a couple million a week.
Look it, if every one of those people that are listening to your program today would not vote for the Democrat or the Republican and vote for the Constitution Party and give them support, make them rise in their percentage,
Maybe people would say, hey, you know, there are a lot of people waking up.
So everybody listening to my voice, forget about the lesser of two evils and vote for somebody that will stick to the Constitution.
He says, Peruca is his name, he says, I have no trouble with the Bible.
I sure as heck don't have any trouble with the Constitution.
I don't have any trouble about closing the borders and rounding up the illegals, getting out of NAFTA, GATT, the World Trade Organization, the United Nations, and so forth.
So if we don't give these people the support that we believe in, it's over.
Well, you know, Kerry talked about Iraq being a grand aversion.
It's a grand aversion for him, too.
These debates are staged.
There was no discussions of all those other big issues you just mentioned.
Maybe there will be in the next two staged debates.
I don't know.
Good call, DJ.
Good to hear from you.
More calls on the debate, folks.
I just want to talk about...
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Again, I watched the debates.
It was like heavyweight boxing or something.
People were all sitting around the country with their beer and their popcorn, their pizzas.
Massive hype around it.
Got a chance to see the two cousins, the two skull and bones mates, square off against each other.
And it was extremely interesting, because Bush lost the debate hands down, despite what all the spin doctors are trying to say and do, because he was so arrogant and jacked up and hyper, and just looked so infuriated at everything that Kerry was saying.
Does that mean I'm for Kerry?
Absolutely not.
Especially after Kerry's comment about global tests, and we've got to have a global test.
Let's go back to Mike in Illinois, then Brian and many others that are patiently holding.
Go ahead, Mike.
I settled down.
My daughter fell right at the time I was talking to you.
Sorry, Alex.
Well, that's okay.
Go ahead.
It doesn't matter.
Okay, Alex, listen.
The thing I want to talk about the debate, I watched it with 13 people, and a lot of them were from my church.
Right after the debate was over, you noticed, Alex, that neither one of the candidates were talking about illegal immigration.
And I got on the subject and I started talking to everybody and I said, neither one of them is going to touch it because they want the illegal vote.
They want the vote.
And here's the thing, Alex.
The one woman said, what's wrong with illegal immigration?
Those people have a chance.
I said, do you know what's going to happen to this country and what they're planning to do?
They're lowering our wages, our standard of living.
And she said, you can't be prejudiced against Hispanic people.
I said, I'm not prejudiced, but I want legal immigration if they're going to come here.
And it's just disgusting, Alex.
You try telling some people, and they don't want to listen.
But the debate, I mean, if you watch the debate, Alex, you're right.
Bush lost hands down.
And Kerry, you know, Bush just looked, you could tell Bush's eyes were shifty, and you could tell by the way he was looking, he's such a liar, you know?
Well, they were both lying and twisting and spinning, but Kerry did a better job of it.
Well, you know that all three debates are agreed on beforehand, and so no immigration was allowed to be brought up in this because it was, quote,
We're good to go.
Despite the fact that 87% of Americans are against open borders and against illegal immigration.
80% in major polls of Hispanics are against it.
We're always talking about Hispanics because we border Latin America and there are 400 million people in Latin America, 90 million of them plus in Mexico.
With one of the fastest birth rates on the planet, and they all want to come here.
And you know, Mexico has a huge fence up and puts people in camps, and I'm not saying that's good, who come across the border out of Central America through Guatemala.
But at the same time, foreigners can fly in or come in on ships from China, Russia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Cuba.
They can all come in, Syria, Egypt, you name it.
We're good to go.
Right, that's true, Alex.
And then, of course, you've got the Pan-American Union.
We know what they want to do with the United States within the next 50 years.
Let's not forget that.
And, Alex, I want to say one other thing.
The U.S.
Census Bureau...
What was it, Alex?
Did you see that?
It was on Bloomberg Channel, on the stock market channel.
They flashed on the screen.
It said, by the year 2025, that the Caucasian population in the United States will drop below 40%.
This is blatant, Alex.
They're showing subliminal messaging to people.
And we just, like you said, they sit back with their popcorn and their beer and their Lazy Boy, and they don't care.
Thanks for the call, Mike.
Look, that should have been brought up in the debates.
Pat Buchanan wrote the book, The Death of the West.
There are towns in Europe where half the population has died or left.
They're having an average in most of the European countries of 1.5, 1.6 children per household.
Then the third world is having an average of 4 plus children.
And the point is that when you go and read the magazines and publications and the radio shows, of these third world populations, it's, ha ha, we're going to get rid of all the evil white people.
It's our racial takeover time.
Those are the groups that are out there saying it's racial.
Those subgroups within those groups.
For the elite, it's just about getting rid of the middle class.
They don't care what color you are.
They don't want you to be able to climb up out of poverty.
And to be able to climb up out of poverty, you've got to have a big middle class as a large gateway for working class folks.
Blue collar people.
And elites have always wanted a giant surf mass.
And globally, worldwide, on a planetary scale, everything is shifting to that.
And you're right, there is a gloating of, oh, you whites are going to die, you'll be gone soon, go back to Europe, ha ha ha.
And it is racial.
So it is racial from the point of view of some of these racist groups that the corporations fund and try to make the heads of these so-called minority groups that are really the majority groups.
Most minorities I talk to, truthfully, are not buying into that racism, but the corporations, the old white men, are funding that racism.
Why is that?
To balkanize.
To break this country up.
Great call, Mike.
Next up is Brian in Tennessee.
Go ahead, Brian.
Yeah, Alex.
It's a pleasure to talk to you.
I listened about as much of the debate as I could stand last night.
And I just found it interesting.
At one point, Kerry was asked to comment on the President's handling of the situation in Iraq.
His wording was formed in such that people that assumed that he was going to pull us out of Iraq could look to the statement as kind of a sign of hope that maybe he's going to be the one to turn it around, get our boys home, etc.
And also, I had my wife come in after the debate so excited.
You know, Bush looked like a total idiot.
And it really looks good for Kerry.
And I pointed out two things to her that
Well, that's really it.
Another important facet of the debates was Kerry telling the truth on one big issue.
He said, we already have a backdoor draft of people that have already served.
They're forcing people who are done with their time serving in combat and are told, you can't leave.
I mean, that's the one group we've never drafted are people that already served.
Even in World War II, for a B-17 pilot, you got your 22 missions, you know, the old term, catch 22, and then that was it.
Now we've got a new draft that's the most unfair I've ever heard of.
They've got all these draft bills introduced.
And Kerry said, you vote for me, there's not going to be a draft.
And so Bush countered that by saying, we're going to have an all-volunteer army.
I think that's a major victory in that the Congress has said they want a draft.
They're studying a draft.
They've introduced the draft.
They've introduced the bills for a draft.
They have been gearing up for selective service in the draft boards.
This shows how, despite their denials, there is wild opposition across the political spectrum against the draft.
Here's the problem, though.
One big terror attack after the election, and they'll say, sorry, now we've got to have a draft, or, oh, we got nuked, we got smallpox released.
You know, these are the big central issues that we've got to talk about here.
It's just amazing, but again, that is positive that the grassroots has made it an issue, has forced them to deny their draft publicly.
Go ahead.
Yeah, the whole thing about the draft is very frustrating, that as much as it is discussed in the mainstream media, everybody that I've talked to about it is like, oh, what are you talking about?
I haven't heard anything about the draft, and I mentioned that there are
You know, then at least, what have you said, 12 different... 12 different bills, yeah.
12 different bills put before, and it's just very frustrating to me.
I have a few friends online across the country that I've talked to about this who are closer to the drafting age.
I'm about 30, and these gentlemen are all about 10 years younger than me.
They've all said that they don't want to go to jail and that they'll do what they have to do.
I actually heard someone say that he would want to serve his country.
It's very distressing to me.
I remember when Gulf War I, I had friends who were drafting age and they kind of threw that word around a little bit.
We all got freaked out.
We all got out and walked around the streets and talked to people and put the word out there.
Look, everybody I know who's an officer in the military, family and others, tells me they've been told a draft's coming next year.
They've been told this by their superiors.
It's not like it's a secret.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
Great points.
Who's up next here?
Brad in Illinois.
Brad, you're on the air.
Yeah, Alex, I'm glad I watched the debates last night because...
There was one thing in there that was said by both of the candidates, George W. and John Kerry, that shows what their handler's policy is.
And they both agreed that we were in Iraq fighting for Iraqi freedom to secure Israel.
Now, I wonder how many American soldiers over there in Iraq that heard that
We're good to go.
So that just goes to show you what the handler's policy really is over there.
You know, that's another point.
That's why I wanted to go to your calls, because frankly, I said I didn't take notes last night.
That's not entirely true.
I was working on a new film at a friend's house, and one of his assistants was there taking notes, and I was going to get a copy, and I didn't.
I was going, make a note of this, make a note of that, and we did make a note of that.
And that's why I wanted to take your calls on this, because I knew that different callers would bring up all the different issues that I was trying to get a grasp of just from memory.
But yes, Kerry and Bush said we've got to be in Iraq to secure Israel.
Saddam Hussein wasn't threatening Israel.
Saddam Hussein wasn't exporting terror, despite all the propaganda we've heard.
Saddam Hussein...
You know, the pundits were saying last night after the debate, well, for 20 years he's been attacking and exporting terror.
Our government put Saddam Hussein into power!
You know, 13, 14 years ago, Saddam Hussein was our supposed ally.
We told him to invade Iran.
We told him to go ahead and invade Kuwait.
You know, we're supposed to forget all this?
I'm no fan of Saddam Hussein, but I've got a memory, and...
Israel has 400 nuclear weapons.
They've got nuclear submarines, diesel-powered submarines, every type of fighter jet you can imagine, French, German, U.S.
made, they make their own.
They've got cruise missiles, they've got bombers, they've got everything you can imagine.
And Israel's running around threatening to nuke everyone, and then we're telling Iran they can't have peaceful nuclear reactors.
Again, I'm no fan of what Iran's doing, but the globalists have actually proliferated these weapons to create this global crisis.
I've got an audio tape here that I received from a friend of mine.
It was made by a guy by the name of Benjamin Friedman in 1962 during the Kennedy administration.
I'm telling you, I listened to it again the other day.
And believe me, what this guy says in this audio tape in 1962, he felt that it was going to happen during the Kennedy administration.
But what he says in this audio tape is exactly what's happening today.
He was about 40 years too early in what he was saying, but it's really amazing.
Well, tell me about this audio tape a little bit more.
Well, I'll tell you what I'll do, Alex.
I'll make a copy and I'll send it to you.
But, I mean, what did he say?
I'm curious.
Well, he basically said that Benjamin Friedman was Jewish and he became Christian, and he basically said that the Third World War would start when the United States gets bamboozled into sending our boys over to the Middle East to fight for the state of Israel.
And he goes on and says a lot more things, but I'm just saying, when you listen to it today, it's like he's talking about what's happening today.
This was made in 1962 in front of the Common Sense audience.
I guess there was a newspaper group back then called the Common Sense, and that's where he made it from.
Well, I'd like a copy of that.
I will.
I will make a copy.
And the last thing I want to say about Bush is,
What is with him throwing these figures around and nobody asking him what the figures mean?
75% of the terrorists have been brought to justice.
To this day, I don't know of anybody that's been tried and convicted for their part in 9-11.
No one.
Thousands of people being held.
No one convicted.
Yeah, well, okay, if it's 75% of thousands...
That means there's only 25% of a few thousand left out there, and we're spending $200 billion for this, huh?
I don't know if something doesn't make sense.
All right, I'll let you get the other call.
I'll get a copy of that to you.
Yeah, thanks a lot.
No, that's another, see, another great point.
And I actually had a note made of that and didn't bring it because I'm a genius.
But absolutely, the callers are bringing up all the points.
And again, I'm not against Israel itself.
I mean, you go to Saudi Arabia and you try to be a Christian, they'll blow your head off.
But our government props up Saudi Arabia.
The British government created Saudi Arabia.
They have set up this system that oppresses those Middle Eastern people.
Our government props up almost all these different dictators and tells us how good they are.
And then you bring up the fact of 1962, people saying we were going to have World War III in the Middle East.
Well, in 1967, our own government, with Israel, had the USS Liberty attacked.
I've interviewed the admirals, the captains, the people involved.
They had the USS Liberty attacked to blame it on Egypt, but the ship did not sink, despite the fact it was attacked for over four hours and had thousands of holes in it, a giant torpedo hole, and white phosphorus bombs, and all these cannon holes in it, and the captain on the bridge almost bleeding to death, still staying at the bridge in the middle of a fire.
And then gunboats and fighter bombers and strafing lifeboats in the water.
And that was to be blamed on Egypt.
I mean, they want war, folks.
They get a lot of political power out of it.
You all rally behind the government whenever we go to war.
You know, it's an animalistic thing that we do.
And it is very, very, very, very, very serious.
And we've got to realize how ruthless the globalists are.
We've got to realize what their overall plan is.
And we've got to realize that the New World Order could care less about you and your family and my family.
They want tyranny.
They want despotism.
They want slavery.
And those debates last night just were a fraud at so many levels.
So many angles.
But Kerry saying we've got to pass a global test...
I mean, there's your global government right there, and that was just unbelievably disgusting.
And I think that's a big wake-up call for people.
That's like George Sr.
with the New World Order.
We'll be right back with more calls.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Coming up in the third hour, I'll talk to attorney Thomas Meeks of Knoxville, Tennessee about the raid on his client's home.
Mass SWAT team storms wrong house, beats up 50-year-old liver transplant patient.
Wait till you hear this story.
And I see these all the time.
We mentioned this story last week, but we've got to illustrate this and talk about what's wrong with our society to hopefully rectify it and fix it.
We're continuing with discussions about the debates last night.
If you can call them a debate.
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Let's go ahead and talk to Nolan in Texas.
Nolan, welcome.
Hello, Alex.
You asked earlier which of the pair, Cush or Berry, will wind up in office.
That's a really good thing to wonder because we both know that for policy change, it's not going to matter.
The only thing that I can see why they would allow Kerry in is if
They think that they need to once again pull a little sigh off on us and make us think that the election process actually has merit.
Otherwise, they'll just go ahead and shove Bush down our throats one more time.
But that will, if everybody obviously states that Kerry is beating him hands down and Kerry's made some points and people are sick of Bush's reign, and if everybody on the street says, I really don't want Bush, but he gets in and they're all going to scratch their heads,
And if they don't care anymore what the American public thinks, and they're going to go ahead and just do what they want to us and flush us down the toilet, then they'll go ahead and shove Bush down our throats.
But if they want us to think that we should be happy with the fact that we have an election process and we have our two twin parties, then they'll let Harry have it and make us happy.
The royalty test...
Has never been false.
Whoever has the most royal blood has always won in modern U.S.
Kerry supposedly has more royal blood.
I saw the Bilderberg Group admit that they basically told Kerry to appoint John Edwards.
I always thought Bush was going to win.
Then I saw that and I thought, maybe I'm wrong.
Now with this debate coming out like it did, I don't know.
I think they're just giving us the illusion of a real horse race.
I agree with you, Nolan.
Anything else?
Keep it up.
Thank you for the call.
More calls and a couple guests coming up.
Stay with us.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, now into our number two.
We've got several guests coming up.
You do not want to miss them.
Let me right now just cover some of the news we have in detail.
Then we'll get to our guests, then we'll move on to...
Kyle and Susie and everybody else that's patiently holding.
Japan Defense Agency calls for pre-emptive war.
This is out of Japan today, October 1st.
The Defense Agency panel has compiled a report calling for the need for Japan to possess the capability to launch a pre-emptive strike on the foreign enemy facility, such as ballistic missile launch site.
Sources close to the panel said Thursday...
The move is expected to spark debate, as it could be seen to deviate from Japan's defense-only policy.
The government holds the view that it's constitutionality permissible for Japan to attack enemy bases, but has opted not to possess weapons for the purpose so as to not threaten other countries.
Think of how fast Japan can churn out computers and cars and cameras and the highest tech stuff out there.
They've got some of the biggest, most secret laboratories in the world.
And Japan, as of two years ago, started saying, we're going to develop covert nuclear weapons and missile systems to deliver them because North Korea has fired several Taepungdong 1 and 2 missiles over the country, right off their coastline, just a few miles off their coastline, openly threatening to nuke them.
And what do you expect Japan to do?
But Japan's a real wild card in all of this, and now that Bush has opened up the doctrine of preemptive strikes, let me tell you something.
If a country was firing missiles at us, I would expect us to invade them.
I mean, if you really want to be honest, and I'm not a warlike person,
When North Korea threatens to nuke us on a daily basis over the last 10 years, why didn't we attack them then?
Radical statements I'm making.
And then it comes out that in 2000, they fired a Taipong Dong-2 that hit Alaska, a dummy missile without a warhead, as a threat.
And this is mainstream news in Asia.
Our government has covertly, quietly admitted it, and nothing was done.
Now, the point is, can we preemptively strike North Korea now?
And the answer is no, because they've got a bunch of nuclear weapons.
Because Donald Rumsfeld and others and Bill Clinton helped arm them.
But we invaded Iraq when they literally had a 1950s-style army.
RPGs and old, worn-out Russian tanks and 1950s Scuds falling apart in the desert.
After 12 years of sanctions and a million and a half dead Iraqis...
There are only 25 million people.
Well, now there are 23 and a half million.
I mean, shame on us!
Because they got a bunch of oil, and we want to take over the whole region.
Meanwhile, North Korea is running around, foaming at the mouth, run by this demonic midget, and it's just incredible to me.
It's incredible to me.
And now, every year, the threat of North Korea gets worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse and worse.
And Bush says that China's our big ally and they've got to deal with North Korea.
They've been the ones involved in arming North Korea along with our own government.
Why would our government arm North Korea with reactors that everybody knew would allow them to make even more nuclear warheads?
They love it, folks.
Out of this global crisis, they're going to build their New World Order.
They love it.
They love it.
So what do you expect Japan to do while North Korea is firing missiles at them?
I mean, a mile or two off their coast.
Big old missiles plunging into the ocean.
And then Kim Jong-il going, I'll kill you all if you don't give me more food and oil.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, in the first hour, I really wanted to talk about the debates.
I rarely, maybe once a month, want to talk on a particular topic, and usually folks never want to stick to it, but that's really, I guess, okay.
We could talk about whatever subject you'd like to discuss.
It's just the debates last night were so amazing.
To watch Bush lying, to watch Kerry lying, to be sitting there and, well, witnessing with my very own eyes, Kerry saying we've got to have this whole global test.
So you've got Kerry saying we've got to have this global test, and you've got Bush saying we've got to stay in Iraq, and then you've got Bush talking about how he stays the course and he's this really strong guy.
Bush looked like he was on speed or something, and I think he lost the debate hands down.
So the whole thing was just amazing, and it made my head spin.
And the callers in the last hour brought up dozens and dozens of really good points about how both sides in this so-called stage debate were basically really on the same page.
We're in Iraq.
We're going to stay in Iraq.
The UN's our boss, basically.
Global government is good and is going to take real good care of us.
Okay, let's go ahead and take a call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Xavier in California.
Xavier, go ahead.
You're on the air, Xavier.
Hey, Alex.
Hi, how are you doing?
Pretty good.
I'm from Salinas, California.
And earlier, a caller brought up the subject of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports.
And what I want to bring up to the people's attention is here in Salinas, they're shutting down all the libraries.
And I don't know, this to me seems pretty unheard of.
Have you ever heard of this?
I'll repeat that again for folks.
Here in Salinas, California, in the city I live in.
They're shutting down all the libraries.
Well, I don't live in California, but I have seen the reports in the news.
Yeah, and earlier, I mean... Well, let me just... I mean, you asked... Okay, go ahead.
Yeah, the whole discussion was on lies and the debate.
And, well, what I've been researching this, and what I found out is that here in California...
In 2003, we had $59.83 billion in taxpayer surplus.
So it's almost, it's just silly for them to be shutting down all the libraries.
Okay, well, again, you asked me about, knew about that, and let me give you my answer.
Governments claim that they're broke on their budgets, but they really have their comprehensive annual financial reports.
And those are the real set of books.
And so what they did in California was...
They demonized Gray Davis, who, by the way, I'm no fan of, and then put in a guy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was actually involved in the Enron scams, actually involved with the Republican Party, who was there in the state, involved in this more intimately than Governor Davis ever dreamed of.
And now, you talk about liberal and conservative, Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking all of Davis' policies and actually expanding them for big government.
And expanding corporate welfare while, and I've read, shutting down libraries, shutting down government employees' pensions, shutting down police funding.
I mean, across the board, they are slashing different things.
I was not aware that they were shutting down, quote, all the libraries in your town.
I had heard some discussion of shutting down libraries, and that's a very, very scary thing, Xavier.
Yeah, and what's sad is that I've talked to high schoolers, and they don't even know about this.
I guess the teachers are left in the dark, or I'm just not sure.
Well, I'll tell you what, Xavier.
I appreciate the call.
Send me a news article on that.
We do have our next guest, and I appreciate him joining us.
We had him on a couple weeks ago, and really, I didn't think this guy enough on air for what he's done.
Because during the interview I learned, and since I've done research on it and confirmed, this is the guy who paid for the Zogby poll, the most respected polling agency in the U.S., perhaps worldwide, asking New Yorkers, who do you think is behind 9-11?
And 49% of them said, we believe George Bush is.
And then he's also the guy who we talked about
Years ago, who put the full-page ad in major publications nationwide, saying there are no weapons of mass destruction, this is all a fraud.
Spending over $1.5 million, Jimmy Walter has launched advertising blitzes in America's most prominent newspapers and magazines, including full-page ads in Businessweek, Forbes, Newsweek, The New York Times, Washington Post, Reader's Digest, New Yorker, etc., entitled, Are We Safer Now?,
The 9-11 report has been published, but some very troubling questions remain unanswered.
Then he gets into Building 7, NORAD stand down, and I've got this out of Newsweek, this huge color, full-page ad, with all these bullet points about 9-11.
Many of the bullet points, of course, that we've covered ad nauseum, but the general public's totally unaware of this.
The general public smells a big stinking rat, and they don't even know these facts, folks.
And confronting the evidence, a call to reopen the 9-11 investigation.
And, of course, Mr. Walters is an amazing individual.
After I interviewed him, I later learned that this guy is...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Thank you, Alex.
I appreciate you having me here today.
Well, it's our fault here.
My secretary had me on the line.
You were calling.
Oh, good.
Well, listen, I'm glad that... I mean, I just didn't want you to think we were messing up.
I wasn't sure what... Well, I felt the same way towards you.
I apologize.
That's great.
No, no, no.
I know how it is to be busy.
Believe me.
I listened to my phone messages just on my cell phone yesterday during the breaks.
And by the time in the last hour, I got 16 phone messages.
So I know how it is just on one phone.
Jimmy, in a nutshell, tell us about yourself and why you decided to do this because it's a big deal.
Well, Alex...
You, of course, are the master of the masters of deception in this.
I was just a person who believed it was a sin of omission, which is what 50% of New Yorkers believe that people in administration knew about 9-1-1 ahead of time and let it happen for their own purposes.
Now, I personally think Bush didn't know because if I was him and I was in on it, I wouldn't sit around looking like a doofus in a school room in Florida.
I'd be out looking presidential.
But I believe people within his administration, people within the United States military are traitors.
Thank you very much.
And if you do the famous Bernstein and Woodard Maxim follow the money, and money is just power, follow the power, it's clear to see who was involved and who had opportunity to perpetrate this crime on the American public.
Well, what's the Roman or the Latin for it?
Is it Kibono?
I'm not familiar with that one.
Well, the Roman Senate, when they were doing an investigation before they became corrupt and fell to Caesar crossing the Rubicon, they would say, who stands to gain?
Who benefits?
Yeah, who benefits?
That's always the way to find out because people don't do things for no reason.
Well, let's talk about motive.
Now with gas prices up, I've been saying $4 trillion in oil in Iraq.
That's now $6 trillion in oil.
Actually, it's up.
Oil prices topped $50 a barrel this week.
It stayed there.
Yeah, so now $6 trillion in oil in Iraq, $5 trillion in oil in Afghanistan, hundreds of billions in no-bid contracts, a domestic police state, and these guys all are profiting from it.
Well, Halliburton has profited, Israel has profited, the military has profited, the neocons have profited, and all of them had the ability to help.
The military had to be involved in some way or fashion to let four planes get through their defenses on a day when they knew three of them were hijacked and probably terrorist weapons.
So, I mean, and nobody in the military has been reprimanded even.
No, they haven't said one word.
If it wasn't one of the greatest screw-ups in all history, which should have prompted a military court-martial, then it was conspiratorial.
And since nobody's being court-martialed, nobody's being reprimanded, you have to assume at this point that there is a conspiracy within the Pentagon regarding these events.
Well, that's a good point.
I mean, the FBI, who let the hijackers in and protected them, got bonuses.
We can't be too general here.
I think we have to see elements within, because I do not believe that every military officer in the United States military is a traitor, but I do believe there are traitors among them.
And I believe the same thing among the White House and among the FBI.
Those memos from the FBI, people saying how this one guy in the FBI blocked all this information.
It's not the entire organization.
Oh, I totally agree that it's compartmentalized elements, but those elements doing this are all at the pinnacles of power controlling... Tremendous power.
Pardon me?
Tremendous power.
Yeah, so they're all at the key nexus points of information traveling up and down the pipelines.
Stay there, Jimmy Walters.
We'll be right back with Jimmy Walter, my friends.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
And we'll tell you about his website as well.
It's walden3.org.
Stay with us.
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All right, folks, we're talking to Jimmy Walter, who put full-page ads in Newsweek, you name it, just all over the country, a million-dollar ad buy, and he's going to put more ads in.
And his last ad promoted Eric Huffschmidt's book in video.
He offers in the ad to give him free to any police, firemen, or judges, or government people.
Just an incredible, incredible individual.
And this is what it's going to take to fight the New World Order, to fight the globalists.
Jimmy, let me just say this to you about 9-11.
I know you've been studying it in depth and talking to all the experts and watching all the films and doing your own research.
I will agree with you that on that morning, Bush was confused.
But clearly Dick Cheney was in the command bunker running the drills that were used as the stand down for NORAD.
Clearly Bush knew that his masters were going to be pulling something in the future, but that he thought that was part of the drills that morning as well.
But clearly Dick Cheney was conscious of the activities.
We can prove that.
Have you read Rupert's book, Crossing the Rubicon, yet?
No, I haven't read that.
Hey, details.
What happened that morning?
There were apparently two military games going on with Cheney at super command over everybody, and they were chasing 20-some-odd hijacked aircraft.
Yeah, 24.
That news actually came out two years ago.
That's in the Masters of Terror.
They were running those drills that morning, yes.
Right, okay.
So you've had it for a long time.
I mean, the fact of the matter is... Well, more details have come out in the last just six months.
I mean, six months ago, even ABC News did a nightly report on it.
Yeah, we've got that on Infowars.com, that report.
Okay, I haven't seen that.
But this, to my opinion, is a smoking gun.
Here's the guy sitting at the controls while this happens.
And also, this proves that they're lying when they say, we've never heard of a plan or thought of a plan to fly planes into buildings.
Meanwhile, they're running a bunch of drills that morning and several drills in the months before.
Well, yeah, I think it was you also in your film, one of the films documented that they planned to come up and then been rejected by the top brass or something.
Yeah, that was a particular plan that was just six weeks before.
Well, you know, some of the more cynical people have said the Pentagon got, or whoever, was so arrogant that really what happened at the Pentagon was a test of their own system.
Elaborate on that.
Well, in other words, they have a missile defense system.
They've got a hardened side of the Pentagon.
Why not send the Russians?
Other people have cruise missiles.
So send a cruise missile.
It's your own thing.
See if your system can destroy it and what the effects of this is on the strengthening of your fortress.
You get what they call a burndown test.
Well, they do a lot of that where they put old ships and planes out and blow them up.
But they ain't the real thing.
This is the real thing.
This is a dress rehearsal.
Well, I know this.
NORAD wouldn't have stand down.
They've never stood down before when your Cessna gets off course.
But on this day, they did for well over an hour and 25 minutes.
And they wouldn't have done that if they wouldn't have been having those drills.
Now, Rupert said that they only have eight sets of those, and that was the problem, or only eight total.
And they have to go out and set, so it's only four pairs that they have at any one time, and normally that's enough.
But since they had these 24 Phantom bogeys to track down, it was like, where's the needle in the haystack?
You're talking about sets of F-16s?
Well, we've known about a whole bunch of different drills before, during, and after 9-11, of them doing this, and now more and more of this is starting to come out, but the mainstream media is still ignoring it.
Well, they are, and...
It's criminal in my opinion.
At least it's gross negligence or criminal negligence for them to print positive stories supporting the President and then when anything negative comes out to suppress it.
This is perversion of the First Amendment.
The First Amendment is supposed to protect political thought, not suppress it.
And boy, we've seen a lot of censorship going on.
Last night, Kerry clearly won the debate, but within 30 minutes, CNN and others were... Fox's pundits were trying to imply that it was a stalemate.
To my mind, clearly, Kerry made more points, Kerry looked more presidential, and Bush had his moments of silence after he waited his additional, what, 30 seconds to think about it, and still didn't have anything to say.
I mean, that didn't look very good to him, in my opinion.
It looked like he was on top of the situation to me.
Well, I have to tell you, Jimmy, it looked to me like he was on drugs.
Well, he is, according to Capital Blue.
And a bunch of other respected publications.
Capital Hill Blue was never wrong about Bill Clinton.
We'll be right back with Jimmy Walter and your calls.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I think?
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We're good to go.
I think?
All right, Tim, John, Francis, Fred, Ron, and others, your calls are coming up here in just a few minutes.
Jimmy Walter is our guest.
He has now total paid a million and a half dollars for different ads running in national publications exposing the phoniness of the Iraq War before it even happened.
We're good to go.
Well, one, believe it or not, I'm a patriot.
I think this country is a great country and it deserves my support.
And two, I saw this as a singular opportunity.
No one else was stepping into this vacuum.
And I call it a vacuum because these facts beg answering.
The administration has not answered a blooming thing on any of these points that we bring up.
It was totally ignored by the 9-1-1 Commission.
And the fact is that we were attacked by terrorists.
Just wasn't 19 screw-ups with box cutters that defeated the entire United States Air Force.
They just couldn't have done that without a lot of assistance.
Moreover, when they pulled those buildings down, in the words of Larry Silverstein, the landlord,
The whole thing was psychologically planned.
When I finally got a big look at it, I could see that they really set this up.
Two planes, two towers, so the camera crews would be set up.
The timing was like a boxer in a ring.
Left or right or left or right.
Just keeping you off balance, keeping you dizzy, making you accept the BS that they were feeding you.
I mean, so few minutes after it happened, they knew who did it, yet they weren't able to prevent it if they had the information that ready.
I mean, it's sort of a catch-22 in what they're trying to tell us.
You're absolutely right.
Just for those that just joined us, let me give it to them in a nutshell, what I've got from Pentagon sources, from lawyers who've deposed them.
And this is information I got beforehand that later was confirmed by other sources.
This is what happened.
You've got 19 guys that are CIA slash FBI informants, deep-level cover operatives.
They're running drills...
Of hijacking jets as part of a national security protection exercise.
James Woods, the actor, a week before is on a plane, sees five guys, gets off, one of them is Muhammad Atta, tells the FBI, hey, these guys were planning to hijack it.
They come up and say, shut your mouth, we'll arrest you under national security.
We've now interviewed and talked to the widows of one of the hijackers and others.
And what happened is their government agents onboard these planes, thinking they're part of a drill.
We have the air traffic controllers and NORAC controllers on two separate tapes, mainstream news, saying, is this part of the exercise?
Is this part of the drill?
That's even BBC News.
Then they're on board the aircraft, suddenly nerve gas is released, knocks out everybody on board the plane, remote control takes control and guides those planes to their targets, then they produce a few fake audio tapes from supposed cell phone calls.
Now, that's what I was told from sources two years ago, that there were drills being run that morning for NORAD to stand down, that Cheney was in the bunker.
I got this weeks and months after the attacks.
Later, it all came out mainstream, Jimmy.
That's the story we've got.
That's the story we can prove.
Their official story has got holes all in it.
We know it's a lie, Jimmy.
Well, and their official story depends upon a chain of events.
If we can prove what happened to the Pentagon was not a hijacker, then their whole thing falls apart.
On the other hand, all of our stuff, to paraphrase David Ray Griffin, is like a cable.
We have hundreds of proof lines, hundreds of things that stand on their own to prove that there was a major conspiracy here by some very technical, highly qualified, mean to the point of mass murder people.
I wholeheartedly agree.
I couldn't say it any better myself.
And for those that don't realize what's happening here, Operation Northwoods, the official U.S.
government plan to carry out 9-11-style attacks, got green-lighted all the way up to Kennedy.
Who said no to the plan and said, I'm going to abolish the CIA and get us out of Vietnam.
He'd been a hawk.
He'd cut taxes by 50%.
He had said he wanted to go to war in Vietnam.
Suddenly he reversed all that, said there's this big conspiracy taking America over, and he was dead just a few months later.
Operation Northwood describes having fake flight lists get on planes, having those planes land somewhere else, and then crashing these...
Well, deja vu all over again in the words of Yogi.
I mean, I've talked to hundreds of people on air, hundreds on the street.
People are calling into radio talk shows, talking about the ads you've put in the magazines and newspapers.
What effect have you seen it have?
I've seen a huge effect.
Well, I don't know if you saw this week, but Harper's Magazine on the cover
They're claiming that the 9-1-1 commission was a whitewash.
It's a giant can of paint with a commission walking in and out of it.
Right, and notice that they were all white on either side.
That's the amazing thing.
Of the African Americans that I've talked to,
I would say an overwhelming majority, much higher than the New York poll, believe that the administration knew something about this and did nothing.
76% of Hispanics believe the government was involved, 75% of blacks, 60 plus percent of women, and even 44% of evangelical Christians.
Which is an amazing amount considering how lockstep they are behind George W. Bush.
Well, let me bring an example up of this.
I, myself, am a devout Christian.
But then I see these so-called Christians on radio and TV that say murdering and bombing, and they want to nuke the Middle East.
Is that what Jesus would do?
Would nuke women and children?
I ran a series of ads also last year comparing what Jesus said and what Bush said.
In one column I would have, like Jesus said, to resist not evil.
In the next column for Bush it would be, we have to destroy the evil axis.
Well, let me just write this down.
I mean, Christ did go in and whip the money changers because of unjust weights and measures.
But at the same time, he did say do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.
I mean, you're right when you talk about that.
But I've studied George Bush.
Skull and Bones is an admitted, this is MSNBC, Nazi cult.
We're good to go.
I think?
We get the stuff at Bohemian Grove where the New York Post admits they bust in male porn stars to, quote, service them, and these so-called Christian conservatives totally ignore it.
Well, I love Rush Limbaugh.
If it's drug addicts before he's exposed, though, they should be in jail.
But afterwards, we have to pray for his recovery.
Well, exactly.
I have always been for the decriminalization of drugs, because the bigger the drug war gets, the more drugs we have.
The people that deal the drugs own the private prisons.
It's a complete failure.
We've got triple the heroin, double the cocaine on our streets.
We had just 10 years ago, and the drug war doubles in size every decade.
But meanwhile, exactly.
I have read the quotes, and I've heard Rush say, put these kids who were caught with marijuana in jail.
He's caught on hillbilly heroin, and then, oh, let's pray for him.
It's the double standard all over again.
The war on drugs is particularly poignant because in the statistics about 2000, during that entire year, only 8,000 people died from illegal drug use.
During that same period, 400,000 people died from smoking and nearly 200,000 people died from alcohol.
Which is the problem here, folks?
Well, that's the government's own numbers.
Meanwhile, they push Ritalin and Prozac and all these drugs that have more side effects than even illegal narcotics on our children.
And they kill about 100,000 people in hospitals as well over here.
That's the conservative number.
A lot of people say you want to stay healthy, stay out of the hospital.
It's kind of funny, but not that funny.
Well, I want people to deal with this.
I mean, I don't use drugs other than this large cup of coffee I just drank, which probably is not very good for me.
But my whole point here is that...
People that are for this phony drug war, they don't have a leg to stand on.
Well, it's a double standard as well.
You need protection from using the drugs, but not I using mine.
No drug war has ever won.
It's 50 years old.
Half the people in our prisons are non-violent drug offenders who never hurt anyone unless they dropped a bail on them from the mothership.
It's a ridiculous thing.
Well, you're right, and again, that's conservative.
The numbers I've seen are 70% of people are non-violent drug offenders in these state jails, and at the same time, all they really need is treatment, folks.
But again, that's what Rush Limbaugh got to have, that's what George Bush got to have, Bill Clinton got to have drug treatment, and I think that's fine.
But why then do we put ourselves
Our children, when they're 16 and get pulled over by a cop with some marijuana, something George Washington smoked, why are we putting them in jail?
Well, it's the prison industrial medical treatment complex.
We have an industry here.
I had a non-profit who helped people in prison on welfare.
We had a
80% success rate in getting people to not go back to that way of life.
The people in the prison system were embarrassed, outraged, threatened and killed my funding.
I had my own Democratic governor who I had supported veto my bill which I had gotten through.
We treated over 20,000 people in the Florida Department of Corrections.
I think we're good to go.
So they're creating a whole class of people that don't have any other life but crime.
Well, it's like any big machine.
It's a revolving door, a revolving wheel.
You've got to keep processing those people to keep making that money.
Well, I mean, Bush says he's against drugs when his family clearly has been involved in narcotics trade, when clearly Skull & Bones was founded by opium traders, and clearly Bush wants this new Freedom Initiative to forcibly psychologically test every school student twice a year and put them on antipsychotics.
Well, I'd like to see where he's going to get the money for that.
But he does have this regimentation Nazi-type attitude about everybody getting in line behind him or being an enemy of the state.
Mentally ill.
Well, I mean, there's some books that question his mental health, and I would have to agree with them.
You don't act this way if you've got all your... You have to look at it this way.
Alex, if I'm not going to totally condemn a guy in prison, I can't totally condemn President Bush.
I just want him out of power.
I don't hate President Bush.
I fear him.
Well, I agree with you and Capitol Hill Blue and other publications.
And Capitol Hill Blue folks broke all the news about Clinton that turned out to be true.
They're really a conservative publication.
They say from White House sources, multiple ones, that he is enrageous, flipping out, that he's on drugs, prescriptions, that he is totally paranoid now.
And power does this to a lot of people.
The pressure does this to a lot of people.
And watching him last night, I think he was as mad as a hatter.
Well, he's got problems, serious mental problems from the description of his life.
He's an untreated drunk, a dry drunk we call it.
He is definitely megalomaniacal, decapitable.
You didn't mention to say that.
When people talk about him, he says it's the will of God.
And they call him and Ashcroft the Blues Brothers because they're on a mission from God.
But Hitler said he was on a mission from God.
Who said?
Hitler said that.
Well, you know, I think just about every dictator has, from the kings, the royal we of the French and English kings, all the way back to the sun gods of the Aztecs and the Egyptians, that these people, power goes right to their head, and all of a sudden they're not like you and I. Wow, you hit the nail on the head there.
They think they're gods.
They think they're gods.
Well, even Plato in the Republic supported the noble lie, he called it, where he would claim that the rulers had a different colored blood.
That's really where the term blue blood originally originated in Plato's Republic.
You know, you're right, and...
They talk about how they're this... It's really social Darwinism.
No matter what evil they do, it's their right because they're in the positions of power.
Well, these people who want to just abandon everybody on the street and not provide jobs... You know, it's one thing if jobs are available.
Then I think capitalism works very well.
But when jobs aren't available, that's when capitalism sucks.
And that's where you have to have the social safety net.
And that's why I believe in a mixed economy of these two, where...
Businesses have to make people want to work, not that people are going to be thrown out on the street or not have health care if they don't get a job.
Well, the problem is that all the welfare goes to the corporations.
Well, they get very little service, but it seems like HMOs make more money every year, doesn't it?
Well, yeah, I mean, the oil companies are all making record profits, and then they're saying there's no oil.
I mean, it's a giant scam.
And I'm not saying they can't make profits, but it's a monopoly.
It's like the media.
They create a monopoly and then call it free market.
Well, it's not free market.
Well, on this oil deal, it's a serious problem, but we're focusing on the wrong end of the problem.
We need to be instituting a really efficient, luxurious mass transportation system, folks, because no matter what anybody wants to wish to the contrary, the oil is going bye-bye quickly.
Well, what we're going to do is we're going to break and come back and take calls.
And, Jimmy, can I keep you five minutes into the next hour?
Okay, because I want to have time to go to Tim and John and...
Many, many others that are patiently holding.
Let's go ahead and try to go to Tim right now.
Tim in Ohio, thank you for holding.
You're a trooper.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Tim, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Okay, John in Nevada.
You're on the air, John.
Morning, Alex.
Good morning.
I've got a statement.
I was listening.
I didn't actually watch the debate.
I listened to it on the radio.
And Kerry, what I believe, purposefully stepped into it with his comment about forgetting Bin Laden.
With three more debates, Kerry really set the perfect pick, to use a sports term, for Bush to roll Bin Laden out of his icebox and say that we caught him in a firefight.
Stay there.
We'll talk about this when we get back.
Jimmy, two and a half years ago, a White House source told me bin Laden had died of natural causes, was handed over by the family, and put on ice to be rolled out.
Now Albright, Grassley, Theresa Hines, Kerry, they've all been saying that.
We'll talk more about it when we get back with John and others.
And we'll talk to Francis, Fred, Ron, and many, many others.
So stay with us, prisonplanet.tv, infowars.com, and Jimmy's site, walden3.org.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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A nightmarish post-September 11th world where the military and the police are merged.
Witnesses' populations beg for national ID cards and, yes, even implantable microchips.
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We're good to go.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
My friends, we've got to get past the left-right paradigm and talk about this global crime syndicate.
If we're going to save this country.
This planet.
And I'm very excited about the incredibly brave thing that Jimmy Walter is doing.
Going back to John in Nevada, then Francis, Fred, and Ron.
That's all the time we have for calls.
We'll get to those calls.
Keep Jimmy a little bit into the next hour.
John, you bring up Bin Laden.
And Bush continually in speeches.
Rumsfeld does it.
They're doing it on purpose.
It's not a screw-up.
Continues to say, Saddam attacked us on 9-11.
He did that last night.
And then Kerry says, no, bin Laden did.
And I don't know if Bush and his guys are going to be able to roll bin Laden out now, because we've all gotten ahead of this.
Even Republicans have said this.
But Jimmy Walter, what do you think is going to happen?
Do you think they're going to spring bin Laden on us?
Well, I think that even if he was alive later than you're talking about, you don't carry a kidney dialysis machine across the Mount of Afghanistan.
This guy is dead.
Now, if they've got him on ice in some morgue, they're going to trot him out.
That's one thing, but personally, I think that's way too tame for these people.
After what they did to the World Trade Towers and all, I believe firmly that unless they can sell the lie that Bush is ahead in the polls and electronic voting machines confirm it, we're going to have another terrorist event on Election Day that will prevent people from going to the polls, nullify the election, and force Bush to delay it, i.e.
he stays in power.
And don't think that they won't do that, because, again, I'm no fan of Al Gore, folks, but I looked at the facts.
The Supreme Court and Bush did steal the election in 2000.
It's just a fact.
Well, the Supreme Court and minority decisions that...
A shadow has been cast across the land, and these five kangaroos said that that ruling was applied only to that case, no future cases, and if you look at the past cases, it is the opposite of the way they ruled on that principle of law every other time.
And folks, you cannot ignore the fact that they're talking about suspending the election.
They're doing it.
And it's just... And then even if you get past that, Bush and Kerry are cousins and skull and bones.
I mean, it's just layer... Wasn't it a cousin of Bush's who was head of security for World Trade Towers?
It was one of Bush's brothers.
And then one of his uncles was the head of security at one of the airports where two of the planes took off.
I mean, it's just... Folks, what's the... Just a coincidence.
We've got 500 coincidences here.
It's low probability.
Yeah, they just so happen to be running a drill of hijacked jets flying to the World Trade Center in Pentagon on the morning of 9-11 at the exact same time.
It's all a coincidence.
Let's go, John, anything else?
Yeah, a question and a statement.
First question is, our local neocon talk station in Las Vegas is owned by CBS Viacom, and their smaller sister station, which is, they call it Alternative Talk, they show up as a GCN affiliate, but yet they don't carry any of the GCN shows, and they've got
Phil Hendry's buffoonery on at the same time you're on.
Are you talking about... KSFN.
Are you talking about Lou Epton's station?
I don't know if Lou Epton owns it.
It's actually owned by CBS Biocon.
KXNT is the large station.
No, we've got a lot of shows.
There's probably a show you don't recognize.
You need to go look at the list of them.
Thanks for the call.
Got to let you go.
Let's go ahead and go to Francis in Indiana.
Francis, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
This first-time caller, I just had a couple of questions.
One was about the debate last night.
That would be... I haven't heard any of the callers or anybody mention it, but during the mudslinging, Bush had made a comment in regards to one of the pieces of mud coming to him.
He just threw it out there.
It was just kind of like...
Yeah, what did he say?
He said something about he would not sign the bill that would subject the American people to the world court.
And my second question would be that, have you ever heard the name Larry Pratt?
Of course.
I've seen a little four or five second clip of him on the news about a year ago that they had taken him to jail or he was going to court or something.
We'll be right back.
Third hour coming up.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, we're talking to Jimmy Walter.
He's bought over a million and a half dollars in big newspaper magazine ads exposing the fraud of Iraq and now of 9-11.
And I know we've got loaded phone lines, and I want to go to more of you, but this is our last segment with him.
We've got a lawyer for a man who was SWAT teamed at the wrong house and beat up coming on, just to illustrate the police state in America.
Jimmy, you've been involved in just all different types of programs, helping people get off welfare, exposing the phony drug war, exposing the phony war in Iraq.
You also, I guess following in the line of your family as builders, are a big consultant and have come up with a lot of different strategies for...
For cities that are truly livable, not in the whole UN line of sustainability, but in city designs that are very interesting.
I'm interested in that.
Tell us a little bit about that.
Well, for instance, right now the power companies throw away half of the energy that they consume.
It's a limit of the laws of thermodynamics in getting electricity out.
They lose half the power in the transmission of it down power lines.
Well, no.
It has to do with the entrance and exit temperature of a heat engine.
But that heat that they throw away is hot enough to heat your home and heat your hot water, which is 60% of your power bill.
So, instead of throwing that energy away and, in fact, having to build cooling towers
I think so.
Well, instead of just throwing that heat away to the atmosphere and heating causing more global warming, you pipe that heat to the electric plant.
Now, the electric plant gets its heat for free.
So now, the heat that you were throwing away before is powering your electric plant and heating your city in its hot water.
So you're looking at all the places where power is lost.
What he's saying is that you wouldn't buy a car that was engineered over time by people who happened to be wandering by and took an interest.
It's the same thing with a city.
You want to design the city as a whole so its energy and transportation systems and communication systems all work very well together and very efficiently.
That's incredible, and you've got quite a team assembled.
I was reading over this.
Can folks learn more about that at Walden3.org?
Yes, please do.
We're currently consulting with an architect who is designing a city for 350,000 people in China.
I'm working on a way to convert our prisons into utopias for prisoners.
Now, of course, that's a stretch, but make their lives a lot better and eliminate the problem we have with them.
Now, again, I've actually read a lot of books and studies on this.
When you're mean to prisoners, you actually make them worse, and it actually costs more money by making the prisons better.
Just give me a quick example.
Well, look at it this way.
You take one mountain tent,
Lock him in a room with three other malcontents for eight years where they do nothing but sit around and sulk and plan how to get even.
How is that going to rehabilitate anybody?
You have to have a real plan.
What we did is we motivated them.
Yeah, but the globalists don't want that.
They want to keep crime expanding and going so they can own the private prisons.
Prison, industrial, judicial, police...
And treatment complex that is all feeding on these people today.
Jimmy, do you want me to call you on your cell phone right now?
Call me on the same one on the landline this weekend.
Okay, thanks a lot, Jimmy.
Thanks for being with us.
Take care.
Great job.
All right, we'll be back with our next guest in your call.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
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All right, my friends.
Thank you for having us today in your living rooms, in your cars, in your businesses.
To all of you out there listening, God bless you.
Very interesting character, Jimmy Walters, on with us in the last hour.
Now we're going to be talking to Attorney Thomas Meeks of Knoxville, Tennessee.
We've got an affiliate outside Knoxville, WBCR, Harry Grothjohn, doing a great job, about the raid on his client's home.
We have a related article on Infowars.com about this.
Mass SWAT team storms wrong home, beats up 50-year-old liver transplant patient.
Every week I see an article where they raid the wrong house, beat up an old lady, shoot an old woman, shoot a young man, and then nothing happens to them.
And SWAT teams are very dangerous, folks.
I'm not saying we shouldn't have some SWAT teams in big cities or special teams for certain situations.
But to have small towns with them, you know, where you've got five deputies and they're all on a SWAT team and they all dress up like commandos and go out and raid houses on the weekend looking for drugs and then come in with loaded guns and shoot their own officers, shoot innocent people.
It's an us-against-them mentality.
They're militarized.
And I've been around a lot of these people.
A lot of them are just gung-ho psychopaths that like to kill.
I'm not saying all of them are.
And this story is just incredible.
So, going to attorney Thomas Meeks.
Sir, it's good to have you on with us.
Thanks for joining us.
Well, thank you, but I need to make a correction.
This occurred in Clarksville, Tennessee, which is just 10 miles outside of Fort Cowan, Kentucky.
Okay, well, good.
I can blame my producer, because I have the news article here, and it says Knoxville, Tennessee, and I apologize.
That's all right.
That's all right.
Let me just dig the article out here.
I read this article on air a couple weeks ago when it first came out.
What was it, two weeks ago?
It occurred on September the 10th.
Okay, but I saw on the news a couple weeks ago.
Well, let's just go over what happened.
Well, basically, James Everett Elliott, who was a Vietnam veteran, and his girlfriend, Teresa Gleiler, were in their apartment watching the first Friday night football game.
Closed captioned because the man could not hear.
The police department was outside.
These black-masked, jackboot-wearing, goose-stepping, Gestapo-style Nazis...
All wearing black masks, black shirts, black pants, no insignia.
After beating on the door, the man couldn't hear because he didn't have his hearing aids in.
He was totally deaf without hearing aids.
Got up because of the sound vibration.
Went to the rear area of the house, got his girlfriend.
She had just come to the doctor having her arm fractured, being repaired.
She went to the door.
When she got to the door, it burst open.
They knocked her down through a laser laser
A sighted gun in her face told her not to move.
It killed her.
Bum rushed him, knocking him down, stomping him.
Two months earlier he had a liver transplant and then placed handcuffs on him and picked him up like he was a suitcase.
All under the guise of searching a house.
Had they just opened their eyes and looked to the left, 35 feet to the left was the house they should have searched.
You know, I wonder how they would like masked men coming in and stomping on them and jumping on their backs.
Actually, I do have the news article here in front of me.
This is the Clarksville Leaf Chronicle.
Mass SWAT team storms wrong home, beats up 50-year-old liver transplant patient.
It says Clarksville Police Chief Mark Smith said he will offer two residents a written apology for officers mistakenly raiding the home Friday night.
Surprisingly, since he's talked to his attorneys, he's now declined to issue the written apology.
It didn't surprise me, but... That's right.
Well, the SWAT team's in here saying they're not sorry and they did what they were supposed to.
To protect themselves from this evil Vietnam veteran who had to be stomped on.
He had a great-sized bruise on his backside, right above where his kidney's at, exactly where the liver was at.
And fortunately, we've got him to the doctor, and fortunately, we don't believe that's going to long-term affect his liver.
So now they won't even apologize?
No, they'll not apologize.
In fact, they've come out and said, the chief said his police have done nothing wrong.
That's the problem here, and I think you commented earlier.
A lot of towns in America, not just the largest towns, have adopted a policy to equip a portion of their police department and call them a SWAT team, but they don't invest the time or energy to properly train them.
All they do is just point, and they run into a house and assault and seize the citizens of America.
And, of course, they don't even understand, much less realize we've got a Constitution
The Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution prohibits it, and certainly in Tennessee we've got a more stringent Constitution that prohibits it, but they just seemingly don't care.
Well, every week I see an article where a SWAT team goes to the wrong house and shoots somebody or somebody has a heart attack.
Every few months I read articles where they shoot their own officers, you know, in the back with a shotgun or an MP5.
And more often than not, I've seen a bunch of articles where they later get caught trying to frame the person they raided with shooting them, and then later it comes out that they did it.
So not only do you get beat up at the wrong house, when they shoot their own officers, you get framed for shooting the cop.
Well, here's...
Here's what really, really, really aggravates the people here in Clarksville.
In Tennessee, like most sister states, the affiant who goes and gets the search warrant is supposed to have personal knowledge of what he states to that magistrate judge in order to get the search warrant, i.e.
that he's been to the home.
Had the affiant been there and taken the goon squad, they would have went to the right home.
But whatever he told that magistrate could not be true because
He did not go to the right home.
Either he was lying to the magistrate.
Well, they admit here in the Clarksville Leaf Chronicle that it was an informant.
Well, most of the time these informants are drug addict thieves themselves, and they just routinely point out the wrong house.
Well, see, they take that information.
The athlete does, who's normally a police officer.
He goes to the magistrate and tells the magistrate he's been to the home.
He knows it's the right home.
But in this instance, he couldn't have, because had he been with the gun squad, he'd have taken to the right home.
These guys just rushed in with a piece of paper and how do you justify knocking a lady down with a fractured arm?
How do you justify throwing a rifle in her face with a laser sight between her eyes saying, don't move or I'll kill you?
How can you justify knocking a deaf man down, screaming at him and then stomping him and then putting handcuffs on him and picking him up and then say you're not sorry that you did the proper procedure?
It's just a tragedy.
It is a trend that's going around America.
These police departments just give guns and power to people, and they don't train them.
And we need to put some checks and balances to this.
Well, we do.
Were you guys going to sue if they apologized?
Realistically, we have to explore all avenues of...
What they were going to do.
They've not even paid for the doctor bills.
But I would imagine that this will make it a lot more probable that you're going to sue them now.
I mean, you've got to sue these people.
Well, obviously it's up to my clients, but certainly that is being contemplated.
And fortunately, since they use the color of law, they violate our Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution, which any lawyer will tell you, Title 42...
The 1983 Act certainly gives us the right to take the city of Clarksville, the state of Tennessee, into federal court.
Now explain how they did this color of law.
Well, any time that a police department comes into a home saying they represent the city police or the state of police, that's color of law.
And when they search an area under the color of law, and if they have no legal right to do it, as in this instance, they violate the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution.
And when they put their hands on you, they're seizing you.
And that again justifies or empowers that person to seek redress from the federal courts.
And that's what you're going to have to do.
You're going to have to take it to the federal courts because state courts are more reluctant to award anyone a fair-sized settlement or compensation for the horrendous and egregious acts of having a rifle stuck in your face.
You make a move, we're going to kill you and then pounding on you when you just had a liver transplant.
And again, we're human beings.
We have rights.
Police, you wouldn't like your family to be treated like this.
Exactly, but that just goes on deaf ears because, unfortunately, it appears here in Clarksville they're just looking for excuses instead of reasons.
Had they got the chief of police, had he done what he said, met with us, told us how this mistake was made, that they're sorry and they're going to redress it or address it,
Certainly my clients would have been more favorable.
Well, there's other ways to deal with this.
I'd go to the council and call for this police chief to be fired, and I'd put political pressure on them in the community.
Well, that's one avenue, but we're still waiting.
It's been about three weeks.
We're still waiting for that written apology, and we're still waiting for the report.
In that article, the police chief stated he had read a preliminary report from the agents of the radio.
We just asked for a complimentary copy to...
We're going to find out if they were trying to make up excuses, make up manufactured reasons why they acted like the Gestapo.
I'm going to be very sincere about this.
The wearing apparel they had on is just exactly like if you turn on Fox News today, you'll see these heinous gunmen standing in front of their kidnapped captives, black mask, black pants, black shirt.
What this police department has with no insignia.
Oh, we got one that can see to use a line from the movie They Live.
We were all brought up that terrorists wear black masks and don't wear insignia, but now we're told bad guys wear it, but also good guys wear it.
Well... You know, Russia 50 years ago had their secret police wearing black masks.
The black shirt... I'm sure some of your listeners...
Had to go through the horror of World War II and recall those black-shirted Nazis.
Well, at least they had the SWAT sticker.
These people didn't have anything except, and I'll give them credit for this, they had laser-sighted rifles that they brandished and were so willing to use in budding you with them and then stomping you with their jackboots.
Well, it's enjoyable to stomp on a man who's deaf, a Vietnam veteran with a liver transplant.
He has to be shown who the boss is.
We'll be right back, sir.
Stay with us.
I don't know.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
Hello, my friends.
We're back live.
Thank you so much for joining us today.
Fred and Ron and many others that have been holding for eons.
We'll get to you in the next segment with a bunch of other news.
But right now, we're just giving you a case point example.
In a rural area, Clarksville, Tennessee, Clarksville police apologized for raiding wrong home.
And it was the home next door they were supposed to raid looking for the drugs.
Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical companies push drugs even more deadly on your children.
But we've got to raid your house because you might have some illegal drugs.
We can put you in one of our private prisons that the drug dealers happen to own, by the way.
But let's just ignore all that.
That's just the facts.
We've got...
Attorney Thomas Meeks, who I'm very impressed with.
He's right.
This is Gestapo, secret police, running around stomping veterans who are deaf and have liver transplants while throwing their woman around.
Just amazing.
And then won't even apologize.
Have you had a chance to go in and talk to any of these police face-to-face?
Oh, no, Alex.
Let's be frank about this.
They're not going to talk to me.
They want to bring their internal spares and go talk to my clients.
And I'm not about to fall for that trickery.
That's to get some dirt on your clients and try to intimidate them.
But what I'd like to bring to attention is the fact that when you use deadly weapons and you're going to go into a person's home, you would think that a person who's in charge would exercise or employ every tactic imaginable to make sure that's the right house.
The suspect they were looking for was 20 years old, tall, thin, and a little less than 6
Certainly Ms.
Giler didn't fit that description, she being 55 years old with a broken arm.
And James Elliott, who is 5'10", weighs about 230 and didn't fit that description being of that age.
Why they had to employ such tactics, it should be frightened to every citizen of America because the words were employed over 200 years ago that we would be secure in our homes.
That wasn't my word.
That was the forefathers.
And these jackboot-wearing goose-stepping notches don't give a damn.
And it's going to happen to you or someone else until we put an end to it.
Hey, I've been to the houses.
We're in Austin where it's the wrong house, or they're looking for marijuana, and there's a Labrador retriever who never even got up from his dog bed.
They come in the back door into the kitchen.
The lab looks up, and they shoot it five times, and its brains and guts are all over the walls.
And then a bullet's lodged over the baby crib in the next room.
And then the SWAT team brags, yeah, our team leaders on dog-killing detail.
I've seen articles where small terriers are machine-gunned.
Well, that dog wasn't secured.
I mean, I don't want him coming to my house killing my chihuahuas.
If he was a resident Clarkson, you would see that, because the police department just killed, well, just killed less than a year ago, a dog that would make Toto look like a dinosaur, and killed it just because it looked at him.
The chief gets on the press conference TV and states that these police in 28 years have never made a mistake like this.
The head of the Veterans Administration for the Clarkville branch was a victim of a Gestapo raid where they tore his door off and left a note, sorry we hit the wrong house.
So yes, there's going to be another day and yes, someone's going to have to make some
Well, what's going to happen when one of these freaks trips, shoots the cop in the back, this happens all the time, and then that guy pulls the trigger on the shotgun and blows the five-year-old's head off that was in front of him?
Well... Because that's what they do.
One of them trips, hits the other one, he freaks out, pulls the trigger, and then they're so dumb it gets caught on the radios.
Here, let's frame the guy.
Let's frame him.
In our sister county, tragically, 18 months ago, they did the same thing they did to Mr. Elliott and Ms.
Giler, broke into the home, but...
There's a black elderly man.
He got up to protest and they blowed his head off.
And it's just not Tennessee.
It's just when you put guns and you won't want these police officers to act like a SWAT team, you should at least be willing to invest the time to train them and make sure they have proper leadership.
Just don't put a gun in a person's hand and say you're a specialist because someone's going to get hurt.
And we need, America needs to wake up and understand it ain't...
It ain't someone in another land.
It's someone here that is going to violate your rights.
Well, this is the type of stuff Saddam did.
He had big squads of goons going around doing this.
Well, you've got the paper in your hand.
You see what the police chief says.
The police didn't do no wrong.
That's the mentality of these organizations.
They do no wrong.
See, right there where you're at, they're blowing old black men's heads off at the wrong house.
I mean, it's just crazy.
I don't know why it is, but usually the people they kill, it's usually a child or an elderly person.
I see these articles all the time.
Anything else you want to add, sir?
No, sir, except that... Tell you what, stay there.
We'll do a few more minutes on the other side.
I got a few more questions.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
The media, the movies, the TV shows, they act like these SWAT team people are like Superman or something.
They glorify it.
And every town out there now that I know of has formed one of these, and they just go around raiding people.
On fishing expeditions, you name it, they get to seize your farm, your ranch, your cars, whatever.
They all get rich off of it, basically.
And then they go around blowing their own cops' heads off, blowing old ladies' heads off, blowing little kids' heads off, shooting your dog.
Doesn't even get out of his dog bed, the evil, you know, terrier or Labrador retriever, running up to them, wagging their tail.
And this isn't what America's supposed to be about, is it, Mr. Meeks, attorney for the man in Tennessee, 50-year-old Vietnam veteran with a liver transplant, who got raided by these people at the wrong house, didn't even match the description.
Our forefathers drafted a constitution that was specific designed to prevent and preclude and protect citizens of the conduct that's going on right now and being perpetrated by these group of Nazis that call themselves a SWAT team.
And America has to wake up or there'll be a year bedroom door someday.
And I don't want to sound like a right-wing extremist, but it's true.
No, no, sir.
It's occurring too often.
Well, look, the left wing will call you right wing, and the right wing will call you left wing, but there was an article a few years ago in Texas where the police threw a flashbang.
We don't know if it was on accident.
It probably was.
In a baby's crib, a newborn baby, it got third-degree burns over half its body and barely survived, and they didn't even apologize for that.
I mean, they literally threw it onto the baby, folks, and it blew up on the baby.
And I see these stories, and they don't even apologize when they do it.
In this instance, they said they would, but they've retracted for fear that that would be a mission of their guilt.
But, my God, their own actions certainly clearly evidence that they were wrong in what they did.
And by showing no repentance...
Certainly strengthens my client's resolve to seek some compensation.
Or the state can just declare that they're God now and that we don't have any rights.
Well, that's why we have federal court.
We can go past the state and go to the federal judiciary and seek an enforcement of our Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches, and in this case, seizures, when they pound you to the ground and stomp you.
Well, we had illegal drugs.
In the 1950s and 60s and 70s, we didn't have SWAT teams like this.
Why do we have them now?
All I can tell you is it's just a trend.
It looks like it's not going to stop and that all little cities want to act like big cities.
And until the administrations or administrators of those cities or governments recognize that putting a gun in a person's hand is not the right thing, you've got to have training.
It takes training.
And without training...
You're just letting loose essentially a vigilante group, a mob, under the guise of state authority.
And someone's going to get hurt.
How does this affect your client?
I mean, when you talk to him, how is he handling this?
Well, both Ms.
Geiger as well as Mr. Elliott, when they hear a car backfire, it scares them to death.
They went and put latches on their doors.
They're experiencing restless nights for fear someone else is going to be coming in.
It's not been a very comfortable month for these people.
I think they should go before the city council and tell their story and demand the council do something.
Tragically, it appears that the manufacturing of excuses is being generated from the city government
And I'm afraid we'll just be stonewalled.
But, again, I'm waiting for that written apology.
If I don't get the written apology, that evidences me to bypass any type of resolution locally, and we'll have to go forward in the federal judiciary.
What's the coverage been like in the local media?
Very extensive, to be frank with you.
Of course, we're 45 miles north of Nashville.
And all the local radio as well as the TV stations have covered this and they're waiting for any developments.
Hopefully they'll all be positive about Mr. Elliot's liver.
It doesn't be rejected too early.
He takes those medicines that keep his body from rejecting the liver.
Are the talk show hosts on your side or are they making excuses too?
I haven't heard one person say anything advantageous or
Before the city government, except the chief of police.
Well, let me give people an example of this.
I was talking to a friend the other day who was at a high school working there, a big high school here in town.
And on September 11th, they had a tribute at the sports stadium for the high school with all the parents of people there.
And when the firefighters came out and did a tribute, everybody was crying.
Oh, you're so great.
Then the police came out and did a tribute.
And people started booing them.
Now, I don't hate police, but I think, you know, you guys just keep doing what you're doing.
You're not selling anybody on what you're up to.
Well, it's just the lack of training is what I think it's boiled down to.
They're willing to put out the dollar for the squad cars.
They're willing to put out the dollar for the guns, etc.
But they do not take the time to properly train.
And without proper training, you're just inviting chaos.
Well, yeah, they'll take even small towns, and the Army will give them armored vehicles and machine guns.
But it's not just proper training.
The L.A.
SWAT team, what, two years ago, a cop had been kicked off the force, was involved in some type of corruption, and it was a big house in a nice neighborhood.
It was the L.A.
County SWAT team.
They came in with two APCs.
This was in the L.A.
Times photos of it, too, and shot one of their own cops.
Well, clearly evidence of what I'm saying.
It starts with the leadership.
But I've got to ask people, how do you pull up... These were heavy APCs, by the way.
Big APCs with M60s mounted on them and start strafing a hole.
When they knew the house the guy was held up in, they went nuts and just started shooting everybody, including a cop that was there.
A cop that responded.
Being beside the home of the 101st, all I can tell you being of a military background is that it starts with your leadership.
If you don't have the proper leadership, your enlisted people, your men below you,
Be out of control.
That's what apparently happened.
So in your military background, I was going to say that it sounds like you've got a military background, just the nomenclature you're using.
So you've heard and seen this happen before in the military?
If you don't have proper leadership, people go nuts and just start waving machine guns?
I'm sure your veterans will tell you it does happen.
Your leadership has to take control.
I'm from the Vietnam veteran area.
And, of course, Lieutenant Kelly, he was the guinea pig, but Medina and all the others above him, they got off, but it's the leadership.
If you don't provide the proper leadership, the ground troops are going to act uncontrollable, and they're going to do things that they normally wouldn't do.
So it starts from the top.
Not in the military when the troops act uncontrollable.
It seems like there's actually more control and discipline than in our own police force.
Well, that's true because our military does attempt to train our troops and does have proper procedures for training officers.
Unfortunately, in small towns, it's the good old boys that get promoted from fetching donuts to eating donuts and drinking coffee, and then they are in control with no experience, with no training.
Their IQs are questionable, and yet they're controlling younger men with
With the jackboots and with the rifles, you have chaos.
And this is applicable not only in Tennessee, but in all other states.
All south of Mason-Dixon land.
Oh, it's everywhere.
I mean, I don't look for these articles, and about every two weeks I see an article where they shot some old lady at the wrong house.
Well, of course, they made the excuse that they had a search warrant, but they went to the wrong house, and of course they settled that and had it sealed.
They did settle that case, and of course the settlement was sealed, which means no one can publicize what they had to pay.
But, you know, they paid the debt.
They're off and doing their thing.
And they just raise our taxes to pay it.
Well, why can't we hold them personally accountable?
I see cops get held accountable all the time personally, but then they'll tell you, oh, you can't hold us personally accountable.
Well, there's a thing called the Governmental Tort Liability Act.
I'm sure each state has one.
And of course they're trying to...
The inferences are they're going to try and hide behind that, but they don't recognize that we can read too, and whenever you act under the color of state, we can always go to our Fourth Amendment and take them up to the federal court, and that's where the redress is going to be solved.
And the point here is, if a cop goes out and rapes a woman, and cops are just people too, it's a cross-section of society, and then you give a cross-section unlimited power, you're going to have abuses, bad abuses.
If a cop goes out and rapes a woman, he can't claim immunity, folks.
You do not have immunity.
I don't care how much your bosses tell you, if you commit a crime, you do not have an immunity.
That's true.
All right.
Well, amazing interview, Thomas Meeks.
And you're there in Clarksville, Tennessee.
And we've got several of these mainstream news articles posted on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com concerning this.
Thank you so much for coming on, Mr. Meeks.
Well, Alex, it was very nice talking to you.
And I wish your...
People out here listening to you will recognize this could happen in your town too.
It's frightening until city administrators take the time to invest the resources in making sure the leadership and the people in charge know what they're doing.
Listen, I have a great aunt, my grandfather's sister.
She's still alive.
They live in a very upscale area of Houston.
And their older grown-up daughter was at home
And the SWAT team got called for a neighbor, and they went to the wrong house, and she saw men running in black masks and screamed, and they blew her guts out.
They killed her.
I have friends, I mean, middle-class folks, where they raid their house and go, we know you've got the cocaine, and they start tearing walls out, screaming at them, and when nothing's found, they cuss at them and leave.
That's one other point I want to bring up.
When they kept screaming at Mr. Elliott, who was deaf,
We're good.
Gut-wrench tightening handcuffs around his wrist without anybody apologizing, without anybody saying anything.
Well, that's what they do.
Usually when they do this, they then dig around for something illegal.
And, folks, we've seen this in the newspaper.
They'll go find, let's say, some Vicodin from when you had a toothache that opened up in the drawer, rolling around.
If those Vicodin aren't in the pill bottle, they come back in and charge you with having a prescription drug illegally.
Or, if a cop, God forbid, gets shot, you're getting framed, folks.
And, I mean, I've seen too many cases of this, sir.
Well, you're going to get an excuse or a reply from them that it's not their fault that they were doing what they were trained to do.
And sadly, it's happened here in Clarksville.
It's going to happen elsewhere until America wakes up and makes their city leaders more responsible.
And as you just said, in your town, you've had prominent people getting raided.
Well, see, that's what's going to backfire on this whole globalist system, is that it is abusing so many people.
I know a lot of cops, again, whose daughter, this is a case example I use, I know an older cop whose daughter was in Florida and got pulled over drinking, and the cops just said, come over here and get in the squad car and service me orally, and you're going to be just fine.
And she did it.
And then this guy I've talked to is just violently mad.
Well, what do you think?
When you don't go after bad cops on your force, it's going to come back on you and your family, and that's the thing.
The bad ones aren't being prosecuted, and so bad people are now gravitating towards law enforcement.
Well, of course, I'm not old enough, but before World War II, the German people were apathetic and let the Nazis storm in.
And I hope that's not a trend that's going to follow here in America where people are apathetic and let our rights just keep being taken away.
You're an interesting person.
I mean, how long have you woken up and had these views?
Well, I'm from the South and most Southerners have those views.
You just don't voice them until somebody treads on you.
I hear you.
Take care.
I appreciate the call.
Thank you.
I want to thank everybody for holding, but that was an amazing interview, and it was important to hear.
Fred in Pennsylvania, go ahead.
You're on the air, Fred.
Yeah, I would like to have Mr. Meeks call me, because I came across something that just exactly hits what you're talking about, Alex, and that is that there is an acronym, S-W-A-T, but originally...
It was... Special Weapons Attack Teams.
Attack Teams?
Not Special Weapons and Tactics.
Yeah, I got the founder of the first SWAT team, Daryl Gates, on video saying that.
Right, there's a book.
I have a book somewhere here by Gates, and it's an admission, and there's other books that mention that.
And that...
By the way, I want to tell listeners something.
I don't throw stuff in before you say it to act like I'm smart.
I throw it in because I want to confirm it before you say it so the listeners out there know it's true.
It's kind of a neurotic thing I do.
It's pretty annoying, but go ahead.
Well, I think that if he looks at what's called SOP, Standard Operating Procedure, you have a philosophy of
Let me say what Gates says on the TV show I taped eight years ago.
We swarm them, we attack them, we dominate them to take control of the situation.
It's not a law enforcement kind of philosophy.
It's an attack philosophy.
Can I take it back to the last guest?
Because I've been waiting for that period.
I think that...
I think that he has to put more than a million dollars into these media buys, and I'm willing to contribute to these media buys.
I think that he should combine it with the most effective media that he can use.
And also, another thing, I think that your show and all the similar shows like yours
I think that we have to keep track of something that's really going to... Yeah, clearly a million dollar radio buy could put together an hour long radio infomercial and air it on hundreds and hundreds of stations over and over again for that.
Also, clearly you could produce a top rate infomercial about the New World Order and air it all over the country and then make money off of it to put it back in to expand the ads.
But I think that we have to keep track of something that's a strategic...
Well, I'm not going to knock Mr. Walter for paying a million bucks to run ads exposing 9-11.
Well, we have to keep track of something, Alex.
Over in the United Kingdom, they're wiping out analog radio, and they're going to force digital radio on all subscribers.
And I think that that could have a lot of...
Sir, they're scheduled to go to digital radio in the next three years in the U.S.
There's already over 100 stations broadcasting simultaneously in digital right now.
And it does affect the subscriber or the listener because... It does.
It does.
You're going to have to really put up big money to...
That's it.
Good to have you.
Gotta go.
Thanks for the call.
We'll be right back with some more calls.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State to the Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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The Alex Jones Show
Welcome back.
Let's talk to Ron in California.
Ron, go ahead.
Yes, good afternoon, sir.
On September 13, 2001, in the morning, I was taping, and there was a man that came out of one of the towers, just made it out.
He was on a gurney, getting onto the ambulance to go to the hospital.
And he said huge bombs were going off.
He said there was some loud bangs, and then he heard some popping, and the building came down.
Now that building came down straight down demolition-wise, just like those buildings in Las Vegas came down.
They say they blew up Building 7.
Yeah, that was very interesting that that one just came down, because that one didn't appear to have anything to do with any of it.
But the plane that went into the retrofitted area of the Pentagon was very interesting, because a man sent me a tape on that,
And the people that were out there in the parking lot sitting in their cars before they went to work that morning said that they saw a big plane come over their heads that went into that retrofitted area, but it made no noise.
It was a drone plane, basically, is what we're all thinking, and that it was remote controlled.
Just like you said earlier that those planes that went into those towers, they were remote controlled to where the pilots didn't have any control of them.
And that was all fabricated stuff to bring in the age of terrorism.
Well, there's facts backing up everything you've said.
There's multiple films, books that I've put out on the subject, and many other great ones out there as well.
Well, you know, sir, what's interesting about that man on the gurney is they only played that once on the news channels.
One time only.
It never came back on again.
I happened to get it on tape.
I sent it off to a couple guys in this country that does the same kind of work that you do, and it made their tape.
And what I want to tell your listening audience out here is that
Folks, you need to listen to this man because he knows exactly, exactly what he's talking about.
And he's putting his life on the line every day telling you what's happening.
Well, I appreciate the call.
Take care, Ron.
You know, I'll just say this.
We don't screen calls.
We don't control what people can call in and say and do.
I do get sick of personal attacks and diversions and distractions and people who want me to fight with other patriots and people who want me to talk bad about other people so they get mad at me when I won't talk bad about other people.
Too much bad stuff is already happening.
We're losing our freedoms.
A police state is coming in.
All these horrible things are happening.
The New World Order is upon us.
This control grid is being set up.
And I beg people out there to stay focused on the stuff you can prove, to stay focused on issues of real substance.
I mean, I consider myself to be a real conservative, and then I'm disgusted by these phony conservatives claiming that I'm bad and I'm somehow an evil liberal because I'm not for the New World Order.
And I just love this country, and I love my family, and I see so much tyranny everywhere.
Coming down upon us right now.
And all of us have to get together and stay focused on real issues.
And on issues of real significance.
And I want to thank everybody for their support and spreading the word about this broadcast and all the affiliates and sponsors.
I also just want to tell you to be a leader yourself.
Educate people in your area on your own.
To get involved.
Don't count on me to do it all.
I mean, I feel bad that I get hundreds of emails every day that I don't have time to respond to.
I do read them.
That I get all these phone calls and letters and people get mad that I don't call you back or write you back.
I just can't do it.
I'm a small operation.
And it's very frustrating to me that I don't even have time in this broadcast to cover all the pertinent news.
That's why it's posted on prisonplanet.tv or infowars.com or prisonplanet.com.
presentplanet.tv, infowars.net, jonesreport.com.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time, hopefully on your local AM or FM station, or at least on the Global Shortwave, if you don't have that in your area.
You can listen on Global Shortwave at 3210 at night, during the day, 11 to 2, at 9475, and always on the web, as I just said, you can always listen there.
God bless you all.
Have a good, safe weekend.
Spend some time with your family.
That's what it's all about.
Thank God that we still have a lot of freedom in this country and that a lot of people are out there fighting and defending liberty.
More great broadcasts coming up.
Take care.