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Air Date: Sept. 29, 2004
2303 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I tell ya, the weeks just blast past us quicker and quicker.
We're only 30-something days out from the November 2nd, 2004 elections.
There'll be elections going on in every county and city and state, and of course, federally, and the government's back out there.
Governor Ridge is saying the terrorists are sure to attack us.
Give up all of your freedoms, U.S.
worries over election terror threat.
As the election draws near, U.S.
officials are increasingly concerned.
Al-Siaida terrorist will attempt to mount a devastating attack to disrupt the political process.
In an unusual move, Attorney General John Ashcroft recently held a conference call with all 93 U.S.
attorneys to spread the word that prosecutors and law enforcement officers should take every conceivable step to counter the threat, said two senior law enforcement officials briefed on the call.
They say it's going to be overt surveillance, out intimidating the public.
We'll get into this article.
Remember Ray McGovern, a Republican?
Was the chief advisor to Ronald Reagan?
Remember him?
He's been on this show four or five times.
Well, he spoke to a large group of people, and it was caught on videotape.
Former CIA agent says Bush to blame for 9-11 possible staged terror attack before election.
There might be a real or staged attack in order to postpone the elections.
McGovern said this might seem outlandish.
I hope it is.
And then he went into evidence of it.
So now we have Ronald Reagan's chief CIA advisor in the White House, the Reagan White House, for eight years.
Ray McGovern.
We're going to be getting him on the show next week.
Ray McGovern giving a speech...
And he said from his 27 years of experience as a CIA analyst to draw upon and has dealt with every administration from Kennedy to Bush Sr.
And he went on to just lay it out, folks.
Former CIA agent says Bush to blame for 9-11 possible staged terror attack before election.
You starting to get the picture?
Half of New Yorkers think the government was behind 9-11 and a Zogby poll.
The paradigm shift is happening.
People are looking at the evidence.
Top CIA analysts are going, wait a minute.
I looked at this.
There's no way.
9-11's an inside job.
By the way, they may carry out a staged attack.
It's that transparent, folks.
We've got German technology ministers, British environment ministers.
We've got prominent FBI and CIA people here in the country saying it.
It's a big deal.
We'll be getting into it.
Also, Tom Flacco, a few weeks ago, brought out a really big news story concerning another Homeland Security slash FBI whistleblower.
We're going to have Tom Flacco and the whistleblower on here in about 27 minutes.
You do not want to miss this interview, my friends.
Very, very important.
Feds knew about 9-11 bribery conspiracy before attacks.
It concerns the Bin Laden family, Bin Laden family's limousine drivers, you name it, knowingly being given passports and visas by the U.S.
government and connections into hijackers in Florida.
Very, very serious, detailed, 17-page report.
We'll be talking about that.
In the third hour, Paul Joseph Watson, who has been on with us for a few weeks,
The webmaster for my two websites, Prison Planet TV and PrisonPlanet.com.
He'll be joining us to talk about these lighted stage beheading videos and staged kidnapping videos, which are admitted to be staged.
So that'll be coming up as well.
A jam-packed...
Friday, worldwide broadcast for you.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
You want to tell your friends, your family, your neighbors to tune in because this is going to be a powerful next three hours.
So again, please keep it locked in.
We'll be right back on the other side.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The private military industrial complex owns the media, owns Big Pharma, owns the private prisons, and they're owned by the big private central banks that literally issue the industrialized world's money.
They are buying up the planet, and in the Pentagon's new map, they're going to invade the defenseless third world nations of the planet using our sons and daughters via a new supernational draft.
George Bush, John Forbes, Gary, they're nothing more than complete and total puppets.
And they divert us off into endless discussions between the two candidates and their different...
There are different policies when they all work for the same people.
It's two different CEOs fighting over who gets the top job in Slavery Incorporated, as I like to say.
Now, a few months ago, Ridge came out and said, we will be attacked, it will happen, we will be hit, the Capitol probably will be destroyed.
News and World Report.
That was in the U.S.
Every few weeks they're out saying we may have to cancel the elections because Al-Qaeda might want to cancel the elections.
We may need to then because, of course, we're their bosses, they say.
It's right in your face, folks.
And now they're out with more chilling warnings.
worries over election terror threat as the election draws nearer.
officials are increasingly concerned Al Qaeda terrorists will attempt to mount a devastating attack to disrupt the political process.
In an unusual move...
It's not unusual, folks.
Attorney General John Ashcroft recently held a conference call with all 93 U.S.
attorneys to spread the word that prosecutors and law enforcement officers should take every conceivable step to counter the threat said two senior law enforcement officials briefed on the call.
That's why under federal funding they're having drills nationwide that homeschoolers and Christians and gun owners are terrorists.
Those steps include temporarily reassigning more FBI agents to counterterrorism investigations and having agents make more frequent checks with informers and key resources.
Authorities also are increasing what they call overt surveillance of terrorism suspects, letting the suspects know they are being watched and that they may arrest some of the suspects on minor charges to get them off the streets.
The FBI also is checking new information gained from arrest of al-Qaeda operatives, especially those in Britain and Pakistan, to see if any potential terrorist activities or warning signs in the United States have been overlooked.
Law enforcement officials who spoke Thursday on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue said the United States still has no information indicating the place or method of attack, just that it's going to happen.
Ashcroft, September 13th, called to prosecutors, was prompted not by intelligence, but rather was intended to remind law enforcement officials about the steady stream of information pointing to an election year attack, one official said.
And it says, U.S.
authorities are concerned Al-Qaeda might try to replicate the influence terrorists had in Spain.
That was clearly the Spanish government, folks.
Where the governing party that supported the U.S.
invasion of Iraq was hit by an attack.
And of course,
That was on 3-11, 911 days after 9-11.
Just massive evidence of government involvement.
And the globalists meant to put the communists into power over there, the socialists into power over there.
And then now they've done polling and focus groups.
This has been admitted.
The seeing of Americans would respond the same way if there's an attack.
And Americans said, no, we will call for more police state.
We will elect George Bush.
And so George Bush said, well, then there's sure to be an attack.
Literally, they've been out saying they're sure to be in attack.
On August 1st, the government raised the risk of terror attack to high on specific financial institutions in New York, New Jersey, Washington, based partly on four-year-old intelligence.
But Ridge defended his four-year-old intelligence and said, we don't do politics with terror threats.
No, we just have mainstream articles from two years ago where CIA and FBI agents were told to issue fake terror alerts to, quote, create hysteria.
They go on to say they may be arresting terror suspects' family members for interrogation.
They may be arresting people who unknowingly may have aided terrorists.
Boy, I tell you, all part of the new freedom.
But the border stays wide open.
And here's a very important article.
This is on PrisonPlanet.tv right now.
We've interviewed this gentleman many times.
Former CIA agent says Bush to blame for 9-11 possible staged terror attack before the election.
Former CIA agent and high-level advisor, chief advisor to Ronald Reagan, Ray McGovern, went over what he considers the failures of the intelligence community and current administration over the past few years.
He has 27 years experience as a CIA analyst to draw upon and has dealt with every administration from Kennedy to Bush Sr.
He went on to say, there might be a real or staged terror attack in order to postpone the elections.
McGovern said, this might seem outlandish.
I hope it is.
He said this while addressing a large group of individuals.
It's difficult for people to learn the truth about things like Irax and McGovern, a member of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, or VIPS, which is comprised of more than 40 former employees of agencies such as the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, Department of State Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Army Intelligence, the FBI, and National Security Agency.
We have hundreds of years worth of experience in government services and intelligence to draw on, so we feel a civic responsibility to do our best to spread as much truth as we can this fall, McGovern, a Republican, said.
He began his lecture by describing the CIA.
He explained that the agency is supposed to be the one place in government where no political agenda reigns and could be very disastrous if it obtains a political agenda.
He went on to the large group to say there might be a real or staged terror attack in order to postpone the elections McGovern said.
This might seem outlandish.
I hope it is.
He went on to say that the government may be behind 9-11.
That's a long article.
I'm going to try to read all of it later in the broadcast.
We do have a Homeland Security whistleblower coming on the broadcast here in a little while.
We're going to get Mr. McGovern back on.
McGovern told a story about CIA officials who gave false information about enemy troop numbers in Vietnam to President Johnson.
The lie led to the surprise of U.S.
forces by the Tet Offensive in 1968.
In this war of attrition, the agency wanted to make it look like the United States was doing better than it really was, McGovern said.
Picture the Vietnam Memorial in Washington.
It's a big V-shape.
Now picture it with just one side of a V. It might have been that way if some people had told the truth, McGovern said.
He also criticized the 9-11 Commission's final report, saying the committee was comprised of political extremists who couldn't reach a consensus.
It wasn't a bipartisan commission.
It was more like a bipolar commission, McGovern said.
To say that no one could prevent 9-11 was a bald-faced lie.
It's basically let the president and everyone responsible off the hook.
He went on to talk about the faulty intelligence Attorney General John Ashcroft used when he announced that terrorist attacks may occur before or around the election time, saying the elections might have to be postponed or the United States is attacked.
Quote, there might be a real or staged or staged or staged attack
Terrorist attack in order to postpone the elections, McGovern said.
He mentioned how the Bush administration wanted to involve the country with a war in Iraq for certain reasons other than fear of weapons of mass destruction, which was just a more media-friendly explanation for the war.
And he says, I have initials for why I think we went to war with Iraq, McGovern said.
O is for oil, I is for Israel, and L is for logistics.
And when we have Iraq, we have a foothold and a number of bases strategically placed in the Middle East so we can be in control over there and also to protect Israel.
Next, he brought up civil liberties in the United States and how they have declined in the past few years.
I used to say when I was a kid growing up, when someone told me not to do something, that it was a free country, McGovern said.
I ask you to think about that now.
In the audience was Natal Al-Arania, wife of imprisoned former professor Salim Al-Arain.
She explained to McGovern how she and her husband came to America to be free and described their current situation.
Then she asked him why the government would target Palestinian activists.
His initial response was just, I'm sorry.
Then he paused to collect his thoughts and said that things like that come all the way from the top down.
McGovern said,
He had a speaking engagement at the University of Florida later in the afternoon, and will also be lecturing at UCF soon on his and his VIPS's quest to spread the truth.
No one has a corner on the truth.
We don't have a corner on the truth, but it is certain that Fox News does not, McGovern said, that most people get their news from Fox News is extremely troubling.
He went on to continue.
This was the chief CIA advisor for eight years to Ronald Reagan.
And he said, and this is on video, to the large college crowd that there may be a real or staged attack in order to postpone the elections.
More and more people are telling it like it is.
More and more people are coming out in the open
And speaking the truth.
We are in a very dangerous period.
We are in the most dangerous period in American history since the years in the first Revolutionary War.
And the numbers of people who are being affected is geometrically greater than it was in 1776.
And we are dealing with a scientifically crafted group of control-free criminals that want total power and control, that have gotten away with legions of crimes, and that are arrogant and think that they're invincible.
And they are leading the war into World War IV, as they call it.
And they want to have a national draft to capture us as their slaves, to set America up as a total police state.
The real target of this New World Order World War IV is America.
We are to be captured and used as slaves to capture the rest of the world.
And I will not be a Hessian slave.
My family, my children will not be Hessian slaves for this second British Empire.
And you should not be slaves to these people.
History is repeating itself with a high-tech overlay.
And I beg everybody who has conscience and who loves their family and who loves America...
To get past the left-right paradigm and see the full horror of what we're in right now.
Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, PrisonPlanet.tv.
We've now redesigned Infowars.net.
I'm very proud of it.
Great job to the new webmaster, Paul Watson's brother, Steve Watson.
We'll be right back with more news and information.
You don't want to miss it.
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The police department in Fallcroft, Pennsylvania.
We have the NBC10 articles.
We have two newspaper articles about this.
The entire police department was secretly wired with cameras and cables so that the government could keep track of the police.
And they even put it in the showers and bathroom area.
Where naked men and women were in there.
And the police are protesting.
The citizens showed up by the hundreds, screaming and yelling at the city council.
You know, I wish you guys would come out for us when you openly put them in school bathrooms or get caught covertly doing it.
Bunch of nuts is what you are.
We're standing up for your rights.
Our headline over this info page, all these different news articles we posted on one page with hyperlinks to the original articles, total violation of police privacy, cameras discovered in police locker rooms.
It says this kind of invasive surveillance, we wrote this on the top, has been going on for years, even in bathrooms at public schools, but now that the shoe's on the other foot, this group of police is hopping mad.
Those who associate themselves with the establishment should know to expect the same treatment as is given to others.
Of course, Big Brother is watching Big Brother.
Welcome to the Total Surveillance Police State Society.
And then it says female officer may sue Fulcroft over hidden cameras.
Investigator says audio cords were attached to video equipment as well, of course.
And it says, DA on Fulcroft camera case.
Article out of a local newspaper.
Here's another one out of the Delco Times.
Fighting mad in Fulcroft.
Citizens want answers to police buggy incident.
Lawsuit raises privacy questions.
And we posted more articles here about cameras in the bathrooms and public schools under that.
Which the police love.
The police in these articles is loving it.
We want to watch you in the bathroom, but not us.
What's wrong with you freaks?
Make me sick!
By the way, we have that clip isolated off the local news on prisonplanet.com and TV of local CBS saying Mercury's actually nutritious and good for you in the shots.
In fact, Scott, that's on prisonplanet.tv.
There's my full weekly report, but by that, under multimedia, it just says isolated clip of CBS newscast.
But will you grab that little 60-second clip for me?
I want to air that later.
We do have that for folks.
Mercury is a nutritious part of your daily breakfast.
You need it.
It's very good.
Don't listen to the cooks that say it's not good and delicious and healthy.
I mean, folks, it's getting so ridiculous that I don't even have words to describe it.
Jerry in Pennsylvania, then Stavos, Wes, and others.
Jerry, go ahead.
I'd like to pass this information along.
The libertarian presidential candidate, Badneric, is coming to Pittsburgh.
He will be speaking.
This is this Sunday.
September 26th, you will be speaking at two universities in the Pittsburgh area.
At 3 p.m., you will be speaking at the University of Pittsburgh, Osvar Hall, room 1700.
That's P-O-S-V-A-R Hall.
We're almost out of time.
Go ahead.
Oh, okay.
And at 6 p.m., at Carnegie Mellon University, Adaria Hall, room 1212.
Demetri Vassaleros and Bill Steigerwald, who write for the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, will be there.
They will be also giving speeches.
Tell everybody to come, bring InfoWard.com flyers, and hand them out.
I'm not trying to rush you.
No, you're awesome.
I wanted to go to calls immediately, and I didn't, and now we've got guests coming up.
Anything else, Jerry?
No, just here again, let me repeat it real quick.
University of Pittsburgh, 3 p.m., 6 p.m., Carnegie Mellon University, Doherty Hall, room 1212.
Carnegie Mellon, Dimitri Vassaleros will be there for those who live in the city.
Sounds exciting.
I would just go to Bagnaricforpresident.com or is it org and check that out.
Hey, but listen, I want to ask you a question.
What do you think of the police complaining about cameras in their showers?
Well, you know, every time it happens to an agent of the government, they'll be up in arms.
But when something like this happens to us peasants, well, you know, it's phooey on us.
Their attitude is, you know, they're above everything else.
They have rights, but we don't.
Thank you.
Exactly, Jerry.
Stavos in Canada.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
I have a couple of questions for you, Alex.
Number one, have you heard of this book called The Great Initiates?
Oh, okay.
Never mind then.
That's okay.
The second question is... Sounds like a Masonic book.
Yeah, I was wondering because people told me that a lot of the priests and clergy in the church were against this book and that it hasn't been published since like 1960.
Not aware of the book.
Well, I'll try to find more information online then.
But my second question is with regard to this homeschooling thing where they're calling all homeschoolers terrorists.
Now, I was wondering, how do you go about homeschooling your children?
Do you have to get a license from the government to certify you as a teacher or...
Well, you're in Canada.
I don't know the law there, but no.
They've tried to claim in California and Illinois and Massachusetts that you have to, but it's not even a law.
But no, sir.
You know what?
I'll answer that question when we get back.
It's a great question.
Stay with us, folks.
We've got some big guests coming up.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Coming up in about five minutes, Tom Flocko.
Very respected journalist, written for a lot of major publications.
Feds knew about 9-11 bribery conspiracy before attacks.
Homeland Security whistleblower Mary Schneider is naming names, revealing that former FBI Director Louis Freeh, Attorney General John Ashcroft, FBI Director Robert Mueller, and numerous U.S.
Senators and Congressmen knew before September 11th attacks that U.S.
immigration officials were bribed by an illegal Moroccan Muslim allegedly linked to Osama bin Laden's half-brother.
This according to Schneider.
Who has told about the illegal aliens' ties to terrorism and how they helped with these illegal marriages get the terrorists into the country and how she was blocked.
So that is coming up and very, very important to answer the caller from Canada's question about homeschooling.
You do not, there is no law that you have to have a teaching certificate to homeschool.
Some states are claiming they'd like you to do that now, trying to train you with color of law.
Most states, though, if you take your child out of public school, make you fill out a form saying that you are doing it so, quote, the child isn't truant on their roles.
And so that's the bottom line.
And now you have the demonization of homeschoolers as terrorists.
This has been going on for years, but now it's back in the news.
By Homeland Security, by the federal government.
They pay local governments to do these drills.
And it's very serious, and it shows who the real terrorists are.
But for the next five minutes, we are honored to have Dave Sibley of Ready Reserve Foods on with us.
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Dave Shibley, great to have you on.
Tell us about your company and the different packages.
Good morning, Alex.
How are you doing?
Good to have you here.
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I think so.
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Do we have our next guest there?
Okay, we're having trouble with their hotel phones.
Whatever that means.
Then call the front desk and try to get them to transfer you over to our guest.
Do we have one of the guests on?
Okay, so we've got one and then we're getting the other.
That's good.
Again, Tom Flacco, Feds knew about 9-11 bribery conspiracy before attacks.
And this was a long, lengthy story with so much documentation and just so much treachery by the government that claims they're doing everything they can to protect you.
Feds knew about 9-11 bribery conspiracy before attacks.
And Homeland Security whistleblower Mary Schneider is naming names, revealing that former FBI Director Louis Freeh, Attorney General John Ashcroft, FBI Director Robert Mueller, and numerous U.S.
Senators and Congressmen knew before the September 11th attacks that U.S.
immigration officials were bribed by an illegal Moroccan Muslim allegedly linked to some of bin Laden's half-brother.
We're talking about people getting into the country who were the servants of the bin Laden family.
And she would go and show how it was a fraud and how they had terror connections, and then they would go after her.
We've seen the same thing with FBI agent Robert Wright and all these other FBI agents.
Being told they'll be arrested if they tell us what they know.
All they can say is the Bushes vacation with the Bin Ladens.
We've had David Shippers, the guy that impeached Bill Clinton, coming out and saying he had specifics and tried to warn them and they told him to shut up.
We have all of this.
We have FBI agents paying for the cars and credit cards and homes of the supposed hijackers.
We have hijackers trained at U.S.
military bases.
We've interviewed Mr. Springman, who was at the visa-issuing board and was ordered.
They knew they were CIA-slash-Arab terrorists that were coming into the U.S.
for training at U.S.
military bases, and he was ordered to let them in.
I mean, all of this, all of this is on the record.
And it's so important.
And it proves prior knowledge.
Then you have, of course, Sybil Edmonds, who's working at the FBI, and she's hired to retroactively go back and falsify the transcripts of pre-911 about specific 9-11 warnings.
Because good FBI agents, good defense intelligence agents, good CIA agents were laying out exactly what was going to happen.
Everybody knew about 9-11, who was in the loop, who was studying this, who was looking at this.
Everybody knew.
That this was coming down and that this was developing.
I guess we're going to have to cancel these guests, it looks like.
Okay, we got Tom Flocko.
I'm going to go ahead and bring Tom up then.
And then we had them all lined up and we're having hotel phone problems for some reason.
That seems to happen sometimes.
Tom, good to have you on with us.
We're here with you, Alex.
I'm up in New England reporting out of New Hampshire and Otis Air Force Base.
So I've just got some other things here we're doing.
And where is Mary Schneider right now?
Well, she's in Orlando, and I talked with her.
We're trying to get hooked up to get a straight line for you to get through to her.
Okay, so we're trying to get her on right now?
Oh yeah, I just talked to her on my cell phone, so I'm on a hard line right now.
Well, Tom, thanks for coming on, and thanks for all the major stories you've broken and your great work.
TomFlocko.com, you've written for World Net Daily, just a myriad of other respected publications.
And you've been there at the 9-11 hearings continually covering all of this on the front lines.
Just in a thumbnail sketch, why is this Mary Schneider whistleblower, this Homeland Security whistleblower's information so powerful?
In a nutshell, and I just kind of discovered this because we hadn't really talked about this, but she had talked to a family.
The family had told her, because she's an adjudications officer for the Homeland Security Department, used to be the INS, the Immigration Naturalization Service, and she's out of Orlando, Florida, and she was told by this family that their daughter had married this illegal Moroccan Muslim woman.
And she has been on to a sham marriage ring, which is kind of a legal loophole in the immigration system.
And the Arabs are still exploiting this illegals right up to the present time, she says.
And she was just removed from her position.
I'll get her and she'll tell you more about that.
But she was removed from her position, which effectively takes her out of the building where...
Yeah, one of them I'm looking at is 17 pages long.
And why this is so important is that it isn't just some bribery scam and getting people into the country who have terror connections.
No, now we're talking about connections to Bin Laden's family members, drivers, connections to hijackers, connections to terrorists, Nest.
You guys have compiled quite a dossier.
Well, the main thing that we've found, and getting back to that main issue, is that there are now indications that Mohammed Atta was living in the country...
Living in the United States as recently as 1996, and as far back as 1996, I should say, because we found that this woman married an illegal Moroccan Muslim, and he then divorced her.
They were estranged, and he married for a fifth time.
She was the fourth marriage.
So if they don't get the green card, they marry someone else until someone, they go to another interview until somebody approves the green card, which is the gateway to United States citizenship.
And when you get citizenship, you have
You know, a right to move in the country and move inside and out of the country.
You have the right to hold office and you have the right to acquire and to get a hold of sensitive security and even... And again, Mr. Springman at the Saudi Arabian U.S.
Embassy was ordered...
To let all of these guys in and out of the country, despite the fact they were on terrorist lists, and he was told this is for some type of secret CIA training at U.S.
military bases.
Yeah, exactly.
And we used to call that treason-oriented activities, but Congress is up to their eyeballs and their necks with this.
They cannot let this story out.
And that's why you had whitewashes in their investigation.
That's why you have a whitewash and cherry-picked evidence in the 9-11 Commission final report, because Congress is receiving this information that the intelligence people have received many of these briefings.
And I wrote a story a while back which shows the extent the senators and the congressmen had to go to a
I think so.
Living in the United States, when the Criminal Investigation Division of the Department of Defense, that's the CID unit, C-I-D, Criminal Investigation Division, followed up on this woman named Christine Sherrod, and they followed up on her.
Right after the 9-11 attacks, I believe it was sometime around late November or December, and they went and found her in Eastern Europe.
I believe somewhere in Bosnia.
I'm not exactly sure.
Don't hold me to it.
But they found her.
Yeah, it's right here in your news article.
I don't have anything.
I'm just doing this on the fly or sitting in a motel room here.
I have nothing in front of me.
And so they had...
They went over and started asking her questions, and Mary said that the family was just amazed.
The woman was amazed that they knew more about her husband than she did.
Then they pulled out of their wallet a photograph of this guy, and they said, Do you recognize this gentleman?
She said, as reported to have said, I recognize the face.
He lived with my husband, Leah Zidabod.
Now, I've checked this out.
There is a Leah Zidabod.
There is a Christine Sherrick.
I have a record of their marriage license.
I have their marriage license copy, which I got from the Tallahassee, Florida Department of Records.
We've confirmed all of this.
This guy, Leah Zittabad, was carting people around.
He basically married this woman.
He was living in an apartment.
With seven or eight other Arabs, she said.
And then one of them said... Well, let's go further here.
We have the feds blocking this, not letting this be stopped.
Meanwhile, we have Porter Goss, now our CIA director, meeting with General Amoud Ahmed, the head of Pakistani intelligence, the guy that wired $100,000 to Mohammed Adam.
We have them meeting on the morning of 9-11 at 8-30 in the morning together.
And earlier in the week, meeting with the White House and with others, and so we start to get the picture.
Hijackers trained at U.S.
military bases, houses and cars and credit cards paid for.
So it's not just corrupt people in immigration or corrupt people in Homeland Security involved in all of this.
We've got her on the line.
I appreciate her joining us.
She's Mary Schneider, and she again has been... Well, Mary, just in a nutshell...
Kind of recap how you discovered this and then all the tentacles that reach out for folks that are out there.
But tell us about yourself.
Well, I have 30 years in the federal government and I am at this moment anyway still a federal officer under the Department of Homeland Security, Citizenship and Immigration Services.
So I must preface any interview with the following that I have never nor do I now represent or speak on behalf of any government agency
I found out about this back six and a half years ago.
I have been trying to have this exposed and stopped through all levels of the government and
Everybody that I've contacted has become willing conspirators in the cover-up conspiracies.
In April of 1998, I intercepted a marriage fraud ring only to have my supervisors, Susan Degas, Stella Jarena, and Richard Walker, have all of the conspirators leave the premises.
Nobody was detained or stopped.
No consequences of any kind.
I had obtained two videotaped signed confessions to sham marriages in this ring.
One of the people arranging the marriages was in the parking lot waiting to give further bribery payments to the U.S.
citizens for coming to the interview.
I tell you what, stay there.
We've got a break.
We'll come back with Homeland Security whistleblower Mary Schneider, the man who helped get this story out and break it, Tom Flacco.
On the other side, I'm Alex Jones.
Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, and now Infowars.net revamped.
We'll be right back.
We're honored to have both of these brave individuals on.
Please stay with us.
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And Ray McGovern.
Former top advisor from the CIA to Ronald Reagan for the eight years he was in office.
Former CIA agent says Bush to blame for 9-11 possible staged terror attack before election.
Quote, there might be a real or staged terror attack in order to postpone the election, Ray McGovern said to a university audience two days ago.
Going back to our guest, we're going to have him with us for 30 minutes in the next hour, and we're so honored to have him, and there's a big story to tell here.
Is Mary Schneider, who's very brave and a whistleblower from Homeland Security.
And then on top of it we have Tom Flacco.
For somebody who just joined us and doesn't understand this, and we'll get into the story, Mary, boil it down for folks.
What's really going on here?
Well, Tom was very good at boiling it down.
I kind of get caught up in some of the details.
Well, the details are important, too.
Well, I don't...
Well, I could reiterate kind of what Tom said.
He did a really good job of briefing it.
I was just going to tell you how I became aware of this.
Well, first off, tell folks when you finally went down the chain, we've got Bin Laden family members involved, we've got connections to hijackers, we've got this all going on in Florida.
I mean, this is a hotbed of this.
From what I know, just from reading other articles, Tom Flacco has done an incredible job, Daniel Hoffsaker.
has written a tremendous amount of information on investigations of the Florida terrorist connections.
I can only speak on what I'm familiar with.
Well, let's go through that.
Back six and a half years ago, I've been trying to have this exposed and stopped.
For the last six and a half years, I've gone to everyone that's responsible to we, the American people, to protect us.
And all agencies from Congress, legislative branch, the executive branch, to the White House,
To Ashcroft, to FBI Director Mueller, FBI Director Free, Department of Justice Inspector General Glenn Fine.
I've gone to these people over and over and over and over again.
A lot of the letters I've written are on my website.
I'll be posting some letters that I received back from them.
What I got was a past Buck Syndrome and continually give the sensitive information from outside public informants and
Paces that I kept telling them about to the conspirators.
I kept turning it all over to the conspirators.
That I said, these people are involved.
Don't contact them.
And they turned everything over to them.
Over and over they did this.
Back in April of 98, in 97 and 98, I intercepted six marriage fraud rings where I obtained videotaped signed confessions after separating the alien and the U.S.
citizen and getting all these conflicting different answers.
So I document all these discrepancies on videotape.
citizen confesses it's a sham marriage.
The U.S.
I've been paid.
And they tell me information on the conspirators, on the names of the people arranging the marriages, their phone numbers, where they're located.
Of these six marriage fraud rings, two of them happen to be illegal Muslim sham marriage rings.
And in the fourth marriage ring I intercepted in April of 98, this happened to be a Nigerian-Caribbean national ring.
I obtained two videotaped signed confessions from the U.S.
citizens involved.
One of them was married to this Nigerian.
She lived in Atlanta, not Orlando.
She drove down from Atlanta to Orlando with her Nigerian husband.
All right, we've got a break.
We'll be right back with the second hour.
Stay with us.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We know that the hijackers were allowed in and out of the country.
They were trained in military bases.
We've interviewed FBI agents, David Shippers.
It's been all over the news.
We know that, bottom line, they had prior knowledge and let this happen.
It gets a lot worse than that when you dig deeper.
And there have just been so many whistleblowers that the mainstream media will put in the back of the paper once or twice and then ignore it.
Feds knew about 9-11 bribery conspiracy before attacks from Tom Flacco.
Homeland Security whistleblower Mary Schneider is joining us, and she's naming names, revealing that former FBI Director Louis Freeh, Attorney General John Ashcroft, FBI Director Robert Mueller, and numerous other U.S.
Senators and Congressmen knew before September 11th attacks that U.S.
immigration officials were bribed by an illegal Moroccan Muslim allegedly linked to some of bin Laden's half-brother.
And it goes on and on in that very area of Florida, and she joins us now.
Mary Schneider.
Mary, continuing.
I mean, you had people breaking the law, sham marriage rings, getting these Muslims into the country, now clearly with terrorist connections.
And you went around and warned everybody.
And please continue with the story.
And Tom Flacco, jump in any time.
So in April of 1998, I get this marriage fraud ring.
I obtained two videotaped signed concessions.
One of them is committing...
I think.
The supervisors, Susan Degas, Stella Gerina, Richard Walker, refused to apprehend them, even go out and have investigators get the license plate off the car of the conspirator arranging the marriages.
They all walked out the door.
The next morning I came in and was given a written reprimand for mentioning it to an investigator.
A month later I intercept a fifth marriage fraud ring, which is the second illegal Muslim sham marriage ring.
In this one, the guy admits to me on videotape, fine confessions, that he has been paid $3,500 to marry this illegal Muslim.
This illegal Muslim is arranging 11 other fraud sham illegal Muslim marriages and wants him to get his friends and buddies to marry them.
All of this information is on videotape.
They're allowed to walk out the door.
The illegal Muslim walked out the door.
The supervisor, Michael Pittman, wrote up in the case file that I was incompetent.
And this illegal Muslim, this is six and a half years now, this illegal Muslim was never denied the application for a green card.
When your application is pending, you get to continue getting employment authorization.
You can work and live anywhere in America while your application is pending.
Which means...
That for six and a half years, this illegal Muslim who was attempting to arrange 12 fraud, sham, illegal Muslim marriages has allowed to continue living in America anywhere with no denial and no deportation or removal.
A month later, I am called by this woman, Bonnie Sherritt.
Well, back up one day before that.
A Monday morning, I come into work the middle of June of 1998.
And my safe drawer, which is a big, huge, fireproof, heavy-duty, five-drawer safe drawer.
Each drawer has its own combination.
My combination safe drawer has in it my high-security numbered approval stamp assigned only to me to stamp approval on applications.
My stamp is in a locked metal box in my safe drawer.
I come into work Monday morning.
My computer has been tampered with.
Somebody's been on my computer over the weekend.
This is a high security violation.
I have a lot of my fraud felony case notes on my computer.
I find out later that someone was in there tampering with the list of fraud files that I had, changing the numbers of the case files so they no longer matched with the fraud file.
I went over to my safe drawer, and it has been illegally accessed, and inside my lost metal box has been destroyed.
Totally destroyed, like with a crowbar, to access my stamp.
All right, we're going to break again.
We'll come right back, and then we'll bring in the big picture above this.
So, again, we'll be back with Tom Flacco and Homeland Security Whistleblower.
Mary Schneider, you do not want to miss this, my friend, because it gets even deeper and it connects into a lot of other facets.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
The story that we're revealing here is a spider's web that connects up to the highest levels of government, multiple administrations.
Tom Flacco now for years has been on the cutting edge for a lot of big publications covering 9-11.
I can't think of one person who's been at more events and covered more of these hearings.
And Tom Flacco, we're talking to Homeland Security whistleblower Mary Schneider.
And we're going to get more into her story, but...
You know, it came out two years ago that the FBI agents who reprimanded the low-level FBI agents and the people in immigration, the folks in customs, the people in... Of course, those that tried to block all of these people with terrorist connections and in criminal connections.
They were reprimanded, but then the higher-ups from customs to the State Department...
Well, I found, Alex, I found that many...
Thank you very much.
Actually had gotten into the country and drove the planes into the buildings.
Or whether you believe that the government helped this or just sat back and let it happen so that other agenda items such as, you know, overseas agenda items such as oil, Israel, and various issues that people talk about all played a part in this.
Or whether you think, for the third thing, whether you think that the government was involved in prior knowledge of the tax elements of the government.
Whether you believe any one of those three theories,
That actually happened with real live hijackers, whether you believe the government helped it along or whether you believe the government actually participated in the whole operation.
One of those three.
And I go back and forth because I hear various types of news.
I'm kind of more in the middle than I am anything else right at the present time.
It's just not enough evidence that's been discovered.
But you have to have hijackers.
You have to have terrorists.
And that's, see, that's one of the biggest things.
You had to have them get into the country, you know, and you had halfway filled out the visa application.
And every way you look, it's CIA red carpets.
Yes, and then Mary has basically been involved in what I call the support network area.
In other words, to get these people in here, you had to drive them around
You had the launder money out of Riggs Bank where the president's uncle and the former president, senior Bush's brother, is an executive.
And you had Bandar Bush laundering money to Omar Bayoumi.
And the money ultimately gets through some other intermediaries to the al-Hazmi and al-Madar who are out in Los Angeles.
And they're part of the Los Angeles Times reported that those two individuals and that whole issue of the Riggs Bank and the Saudi connections was part of
And then you've got the Bush brother running security at the WTC.
I mean, every time it's the same players at every level.
But please continue.
Well, yes, you've got all those going.
So you've got the support networks, and none of this is being really investigated.
We found that, just as a quick aside, I mentioned Al-Hazmi.
Think of this now.
One of the hijackers, and by the way, people are saying that some of the hijackers are still alive.
There are reports overseas.
You had two of the hijackers, two of the Al-Ghamdi brothers are living on a Florida naval base.
And then they died.
As a flashback story, because I think it's very, very critical.
Yeah, we've got the guy who matches one of the hijackers in name and the way he looks, and then, oh, he's still alive, and then, oh, he has a crash at the base and dies.
Well, you know, Craig Unger did the report that the House of Saud.
You know, what we found, I looked at his flight manifest, and no one else picked this up, but there was a young man by the name of Al-Hazmi.
Who was 20 years old, and he was on the phantom flight to Florida, from Florida out to Lexington, Kentucky, which ultimately became part of the Saudi airlift that the government set up to get all the Saudis out of the country.
So we've got the same names as those named hijackers on the CIA airlift.
Yes, we have a hijacker.
We have an al-Hazmi, a young 20-year-old, and he's not kept in the country as a material witness.
But it gets worse, Alex.
What happens next is that you've got a guy by the name of...
I think so.
Again, this connects back to what Mary Schneider is saying.
Yes, and when Mary gets to the point where she's hearing all this stuff, we've got Khalil bin Laden who's got tons of terrorist ties to the triple border area of Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil, which is near the Iguazu Falls area, and there are all kinds of accounts.
If you read my...
I believe it was my second story.
I really go into heavy detail of all the terror connections between Khalil bin Laden and that triple border area of Argentina.
Exactly, and they keep telling us the bin Ladens aren't involved in any of this.
But let's go back now to Mary Schneider.
Going back down to the local level of this happening, you've got all this admitted fraud, people on tape admitting it's a fraud, and then your superiors won't do anything.
Now your safe gets broken into, your codes get stolen, your codes all get scrambled.
What happens next?
The following day, in June of 1998, I receive a phone call at my desk in my office
And it's a woman who's yelling and screaming at me, wanting to know why I'm harassing their home with phone calls for months.
I don't know who this person is.
She says her name is Bonnie Sherritt.
And it took a while for her to calm down, and she finally says, it's not your voice on the answering machine.
So we've discovered that she happens to be the mother-in-law of her daughter, Christine Sherritt and Liazid Abad.
Her daughter married this man.
I think.
She tells me that she and her husband are very concerned about his activities, that they believe he's involved with either terrorism, drug trafficking, or something.
So her husband, Ed Sherritt, and their daughter, Christine, came to my office and met with me a few days later.
When they're in my office meeting with me, my supervisor, Susan Dugoff, goes by the door every couple minutes and looks in through the window next to the door
Pacing, pacing, pacing.
When they got home, Leah Zeta-Bod confronted them, verbally assaulted them, told them he knew where they had just been, meeting with Mary Schneider in her office because Supervisor Susan phoned and warned him.
Bonnie Ned-Sherritt told me that their son-in-law, Leah Zeta-Bod, had the private home phone number of the immigration Orlando officer in charge, Stella Jarena's private home phone number.
For a period of time, he used to go every Sunday and pick up another Muslim they all reverently referred to as the Czar.
Every Sunday, picking this person who would fly into the airport.
He was found, Leah Zeta-Bod, in the back of his car, a big, huge bag of cash.
Thousands and thousands of dollars in cash at a time he was unemployed, not working.
At one point, there was drug debris found in his car.
He admitted to Bonnie Sherritt that the police or sheriff had stopped him, but it was only debris and so they didn't arrest him.
Bonnie and Ed Sherritt were willing to meet with the Immigration Headquarters Office of Internal Audit Investigator, Dalton McIntosh.
I reported this all to my headquarters investigations unit at INS in Washington, D.C., and two weeks later they flew Dalton McIntosh, their investigator, to Orlando to investigate me.
To investigate me.
I was told that some alien I didn't approve the fraud had filed a complaint on me.
There was a videotape.
They tell me, yeah, the videotape shows no problem, but we want to question you anyway.
So I accused him of violating the Whistleblower Protection Act reprisal retaliation.
This Alton McIntosh had arranged for Bonnie and Ed Sherrod to meet him the next morning in his hotel lobby.
He didn't show up.
He didn't call them.
They both took time off work.
He never showed.
Four months later, Bonnie and Ed Sherrod are served with what apparently was a counterfeit search warrant to obtain the answering machine tape of the female
Impersonating me.
These calls originated out of the Orlando Immigration Inspections booth.
And they would leave these messages on their phone, and I guess it was trying to get me in trouble, leave messages, you know, call Mary Schneider.
Also the search warrant said... But then when they called you, they go, oh, this isn't the voice of who's been calling and harassing us.
She knew immediately that it wasn't me.
So we determined that there is felony impersonation of myself, a federal officer, and harassing phone calls to the public regarding this illegal Muslim abad.
When they had the search warrant, it also included any communication from Mary Schneider.
This happened to be the July 1, 1998 letter that I wrote to the FBI in Orlando, the Inspector General's office in Fort Lauderdale, the...
I copied Bonnie and Ed Sherrod on it.
I did not send it to anyone in immigration.
So this search warrant, the people are wanting that memo.
And so this shows higher-up intelligence.
So... Continue?
We're about to break?
Yeah, well, I thought it was breaking.
Okay, okay, we'll just break and we'll come back and continue with this.
And the government's saying, rise for attack.
No specific threats.
May have to cancel the election.
Give in to us.
We'll keep you safe.
The government doesn't have a motive to keep you safe.
The more terror there is the more fear the more control over our lives.
Through the years of providing water filters to America, you've come to us and we've listened.
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We listened.
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We listened.
You asked us to develop a filter that was made in the USA.
We listened.
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We're good to go.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
A question for Mary Schneider, Homeland Security whistleblower working in immigration.
Mary, you've been exposing this, trying to fight this for years.
This goes back six and a half years.
Moving forward to September 11, 2001, then you see the towers on fire.
You see the complex collapsing into ruins.
What developed after that?
Well, I'm just going to say very quickly that Bonnie Sherrod had told me that her
Illegal Moroccan Muslim son-in-law, Liazid Abad, had been chauffeuring Khalil bin Laden.
I knew this ahead of time.
Then I get a phone call from Christine Sherrod who tells me that several, I thought it was several weeks, but I don't have a time frame, shortly after 9-11 happened, she was overseas in the military.
The Department of Defense Criminal Investigation Division came to her.
They questioned her about her husband.
She couldn't believe how much they knew about him.
Places he had lived way back before they were married, they knew all sorts of information and knew that he had engaged in a bigamous marriage while married to her, that he had married a fifth person, something she didn't know about.
They ended up pulling out this photo and asked her, did she find this person familiar?
Did she know anything about him?
And she said that before she was married, which was in early 1997, her husband had been sharing a two-bedroom apartment in the central Florida area with six or seven other Arabs.
And she had met them all because, you know, they'd been over there while they were dating.
And she said this appears to be one of those that she remembered meeting.
She didn't know who it was they were showing her because overseas she didn't have all the latest news.
She knew 9-11 had happened, but nothing else.
And only after she identified him as one of those in this two-bedroom apartment, they then tell her this is Muhammad Atta.
Why I have put all of this information out on the website is because it is still ongoing.
I have contacted four times President Bush.
I contacted Ashcroft six months before 9-11.
I contacted FBI's Bree.
11 times before 9-11.
Robert Mueller.
I mean, I've contacted all of these people before 9-11 and after 9-11.
Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.
And they're still, so they're telling us to have a microscope on us, searches, treat Americans like slaves, no fly list, all of this.
Meanwhile, you're saying this stuff is still going on in immigration, in Homeland Security.
Yes, I have documented over 70 illegal Muslim sham fraud marriage cases.
Removed from my office surreptitiously at night after hours and approved or never denied.
Never prosecuted, no deportation.
I have cases where I have the citizens admit to me on videotape
I was paid $4,000.
The cases are removed from my office and approved.
Well, you know about Mr. Springman at the Jeddah Saudi Arabian U.S.
Embassy ordered, and they all admitted, yes, these are Muslims in some type of terror training that the CIA is doing in the U.S.
This is national security.
Let them back into the country.
I've had him on the show.
I mean, it's the same thing, David Shippers.
It's the same thing, Robert Wright.
I mean, it's all these people all over the country.
Chicago, Illinois.
Dallas, Texas.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Same story over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.
Alex, let me interject for a second.
How do you get a grand jury and prosecutors with this type of... You've got all kinds of witnesses that could come forward and bring into the mix this kind of evidence, and yet there's no grand jury, there's no prosecution here.
No investigation.
They're telling us impending attack, and these Muslim groups with all these same connections, obvious intelligence on them, are running around free.
Bonnie Sherrod had told me before 9-11 that Khalil bin Laden, she referred to him as the brother of Osama bin Laden, who lived in West Orange County, which is Winter Garden, a suburb of West Orlando, had contacted her.
She had a paralegal business.
And inquired how could he get Arabs from Saudi and from Brazil to get into the United States to attend flight schools in Daytona.
So again, here's direct connections with your witnesses and sworn testimony, people being videotaped, all of this, saying this about these wonderful bin Ladens who have no connection to Osama, and, oh, we just flew them out of the country because people didn't like them, and that's why they were allowed to fly out.
And then, because nobody would investigate, the corrupt supervisor, Susan Degas Belladurina, ordered the shredding of seven years of official daily log sheets
These are log sheets that gave the name of the alien being interviewed.
It gave the case file number, the name of the officer, and whether it was continued for fraud.
They ordered the shredding of seven years of official records.
Well, stay there.
All the videotape of the fraud.
We got a break.
Folks, I hope you're getting this picture.
This is just another big piece of a puzzle.
The puzzle's basically complete now.
Can you connect the dots?
I mean, a three-year-old could.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, so we're talking to Mary Schneider, now under Homeland Security, and there she is, an immigration and naturalization and fraud investigator, going back six and a half years, and she finds out about all these Arabs and these sham marriage rings, and she gets her desk broken into, she gets threatened, she gets told to shut up, she finds out about all these other big connections, and then 9-11 happens.
And it's all connected to the Bin Ladens, and we've got Bin Ladens who are flying out of the country, you know, connected to these other people running scams.
And here it is, right out in the open.
And I want to take a few calls, and we'll let both of you go, but just finishing up any key areas, Mary Schneider or Tom Flacco.
First off, Mary, what's your website for folks that want to visit that directly?
That's www.maryfch.com.
N-E-I-D-E-R dot U-S?
Mary Schneider dot U-S, and of course you can link through at TomFlocko.com.
We have links to all that at InfoWars.com.
They're in the guest section right now.
Again, other areas condensed down for folks that they need to know about, bringing us up to speed, where this stands three years plus after 9-11, and you're warning the government years before 9-11, right up to 9-11, trying to contact all these big officials whose job it is to, quote, protect us.
Tom Flocko, Mary Schneider, any other comments?
I just want to mention very quickly, which they can find on my website, is the AOL chat room in Orlando, Florida, where outside public...
We're good to go.
So where do they have you assigned right now?
I'm at home.
So they're not firing you because they don't want to create a case?
Well, they intend to fire me as soon as it's possible.
I mean...
They've been trying to fire me for six and a half years.
They suspended me without pay, AWOL.
I have two court cases, three court cases.
I'm broke.
I'm bankrupt.
Alex, what you have here, you have now, and it started probably a couple of administrations back, the complete politicization of the Justice Department.
There is no justice.
There is no investigation because the Justice Department is nothing more than a political arm that
That's all we have here.
When I'm down there during the winter.
Alright, let's take a few calls real quick.
If you want to talk to our two guests, it's 1-800-259-9231.
What you get from this is the Bin Laden brother flown out of the country with the other Bin Ladens.
Over 160 of them now admitted.
When all her traffic is grounded, and this guy and her investigations connected to all of this, another bin Laden connected to all of the 9-11 tragedy.
Let's talk.
1-800-259-9231 if you want to join us.
Brock in Canada, then Mike in California and others.
Go ahead, Brock.
Well, I wanted to reach through the television screen and grab Bush by the gruff of the neck and throw him against the wall.
Well, we don't wish any violence against the President, sir.
No, but I'm saying that's how I felt.
Because he talks about, oh, how much he is against terrorism and all this, and yet there's wide open borders.
Wide, wide open.
That's like having your house and saying I foolproofed it against burglars.
Oh, by the way, there's one major side window open with the ladder going up to the window.
But apart from that, it's foolproof.
You're in Canada.
If I could just very quickly interrupt for one second.
I have interviewed so many illegal Middle Easterners coming in from Canada into New York State between ports of entry.
And they're from countries that would scare you.
Well, we've just got to give up our rights as citizens that have no fly list and national ID cards that they're about to pass, openly being written in Congress right now.
And we've just got to be good slaves and have cameras in the school bathrooms and the police bathrooms.
And we've got to be slaves, but let's keep the borders open, okay?
That'll keep us safe.
How dare you, Mary, say we should control the borders?
You know, the thing is that even...
You know, on CNN and networks like that, this is becoming fully exposed, and they're talking about, yeah, look at this, wide open borders.
Yeah, the border's wide open and nothing's going to be done about it.
Yeah, and they say, well, we don't, Bush wants the Hispanic vote, and by closing the borders, he'd lose the Hispanic vote.
And then 80 plus percent of Hispanics are against open borders.
This is not true.
It's a fraud.
I know.
Makes you want to tear your hair out and tear their hair out, too.
Well, thank you for the call, Brock, but Bush is just a puppet, and we shouldn't talk about anything bad happening to him.
Well, you know what, Alex?
One other thing before you go to the next call.
Brock was mentioning this issue of the illegals coming in.
This is not just Republicans.
I listen carefully to each of the debates, the Democrat debates, and basically every single one of them, including the current candidate, Kerry,
By the way, the private debate committee has been run for the last ten years by Mr. Lair.
And these are highly scripted debates.
Every question, every answer.
These are not debates.
Sound bites.
I thought I would just add that for people.
Alex, that's a major thing.
I think guys like you that have the power of the airways and have a network of stations.
Alex Jones Show!
I got C-SPAN on, and they're basically discussing the 32-page document.
You need to get that document somehow and start discussing it.
Get it online and pick the things out.
I think that's some great stuff for your site.
Your site's great.
Thank you.
Mike in California.
Go ahead, Mike.
Hi, Alex.
I called you about a week ago.
You were talking about...
Mr. Stanley Hilton, I believe.
And, yeah, I told you, you're one of my biggest inspirations and all, and I just have two quick questions for you.
One, you predicted that Kerry's going to win, and it's a state election.
No, I've been predicting all along that I think Bush was going to win, but then when the Bilderberg Group came out and said, we want John Edwards appointed, and that was in the New York Times, I said, boy, that makes me lean towards Kerry.
But, again, I said I don't know.
Okay, yeah, because I watched your American Dictators video that you came out with, and I was like, wow, you predicted 9-11, so I'm going with the ongoing, and I stand behind you 110%.
If not, I'm your biggest young team fan in the world.
Mike, you're awesome.
Do you have any questions or comments for our guests?
Yes, I have a question.
Okay, they talk about how Ms.
Mary Schneider, I believe her name was, she said that she was getting threats and all that by the FBI.
How come you don't go on and sue the government for that and all that?
Okay, thanks for the call.
Well, there's several ways in suing.
One is RICO, and I don't have the financial means to do RICO, but we definitely need RICO.
I have just been going through court.
I have a lawsuit against Ashcroft and the former...
I am Commissioner Ziegler on a civil rights violation, constant, constant daily reprisals and retaliations.
I have two whistleblower cases, but I won the first one.
The second one, another different judge in the same office suddenly says I'm not a whistleblower and I should be punished because I didn't tell the criminals what I know about their crimes.
That's why I was punished.
Twice, 30-day suspension without pay, no salary.
So I've done as much as I can.
I'm in debt up to my eyeballs.
I am bankrupt.
I have no funds to do anything else.
Josh in South Carolina.
All right.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Josh.
I was just going to tell you all right quick.
Hey, Alex.
I was starting to hear about that man, about what happened to you.
But I was just going to tell you that a friend of mine last night went and got him a
I went to go get him a drink at, you know, a grocery store or a gas station.
And they checked this ID.
He's a friend of mine.
And you know what they did?
They swapped it through like a credit card machine that has your ID.
Yeah, that's gearing up for the whole national ID card system.
It made him go crazy.
I know.
He was really mad at them.
He was like, why are you doing that?
And they said, this is all because of the stock terrorism.
We've got to make sure if you're not a terrorist,
I said, yep, get used to this.
This is the future.
I hear you.
See you, man.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, that's the point.
The bill has been written up.
The 9-11 Whitewash Commission has recommended a national ID card through the state driver's license.
It's already been set up in most states.
And they're going to have a new national sales tax to administer the whole thing.
You'll have to swipe your card even when you pay with cash.
No, I'm not aware of that.
I am aware of illegal Muslims continuing to be rewarded with green cards and United States citizenship in my office three years after 9-11.
It's incredible.
I'm aware of cases where I actually sent the case to the forensic document lab.
It's one of the top forensic labs in the nation, the INS forensic document lab.
They confirmed forgery.
They confirmed counterfeit documents.
And my supervisors refused...
Well, a few months ago, the Houston Chronicle reported, in Texas alone, 400,000 criminals, many of them felons, who are illegal aliens.
Russians, Mexicans, Muslims...
The feds just said, we're not going to help fund you.
You've got to release all these people.
So if you're an illegal alien, you have more rights than a citizen.
As citizens, we're going to have a national ID card and via your driver's license or ID card.
But if you're a foreigner, I guess I should change my name to something and say I'm an illegal alien and then I'll get more welfare, more everything.
But we're funding them anyway.
We're funding them...
That's right.
Mary, tell Alex and the callers about the supervisors in your office and the money.
Oh, this was a year after 9-11.
I had a person tell me... Well, let me see how...
He was a contract security officer.
And when I say this, they're going to know who it is.
So I'm going to go ahead and say his name.
This is the first time I've ever said his name.
No, ma'am, I don't want to do that.
If it's not out in Tom's article and Tom hasn't got it, I don't want to just give names out here, please.
Well, he was a former contract security officer for our building.
He personally saw at least 25 times in a short period of time... Listen to this.
Aliens coming in for their marriage interviews with $5,000, $6,000, $8,000 in cash.
So it's so corrupt now that the security guy checking people sees wads of cash, giant bags of cash, and America is so corrupt now that they would arrogantly take it in and make the payoffs right there on the spot.
Ma'am, I've done corruption investigations here in Austin.
He reported this to me and he was removed from his job two months later.
Well, if you'd like to get in touch with him, I'd like to have him on the show.
See, Alex, the reason for this corruption is that you have weak, poor, atrocious congressional oversight.
The guys that should be holding hearings about this kind of criminality and fraud and felony fraud, these people keep getting re-elected.
But they're at the top of the cash pyramid.
Right, that too.
Indirectly, indirectly, yes they are.
It's like going to Al Capone to have him stop one of his soldiers.
You can't get these guys out of office.
You just can't get them elected out of office.
And now they're putting in the special voting machines.
Clint in Missouri, you're on the air.
Last caller for our guest.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex?
I have a question for you and the guest there.
Now, I follow this stuff right along with you.
A friend of mine turned me on to you, and I've watched your movies, and I've listened to your show, and...
There's one thing I'm just stuck on, and I wondered if either one of you can help me with it.
And that's the fact that there seems to be two schools of theory on 9-11.
One was that they brought the hijackers in and trained them, let it happen.
But, you know, there seems to be... But we know that.
That's confirmed.
So that's the true school of thoughts.
We can prove they brought them in, paid them, let it happen.
Bottom line, if we believe their official story, up to the point they get on the planes, we know the government's behind it.
Then the next level is, we know NORAD had drills.
We're good to go.
So the two schools are, you know, it's like you find a dead body in the back of somebody's car, they got the fingernails, the skin of the dead woman in the back under their fingernails, and the bloody dagger in their pocket, but the person will never admit how they killed her.
But you can still convict them of killing her.
But the part that I'm having trouble with is that, like, the mayor of Shanksville said there was no plane, and they said there was no plane at the Pentagon,
And the part that I'm having trouble processing here is if that's right, where did the people go?
Well, Operation Northwoods officially says we will stage people getting on planes, fly those to another location, and then they don't tell you what they'll do with them, and then when remote control fully loaded jets will go off and do their business by remote control.
Again, that's why I stick to what I can prove, and that alone will bring them down.
Thanks for the call, Clint.
Tom Flacco, comments?
Thank you.
Boy, I'll tell you.
I am definitely of the opinion that we've already got enough evidence.
I loved it when you said the puzzle's already put together.
We've just got to connect the dots and the pieces.
I believe that the government helped the thing happen or knew that it was...
Yes, we will, Alex.
We'll make sure.
I'll talk to you.
You're both awesome.
God bless you.
We've got another guest coming up.
A ton of news I haven't even covered.
You do not want to miss the rest of this global broadcast against tyranny.
Stay with us.
President of PlanetDogTV, stay with us.
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The New World Order.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Thank you.
We're good to go.
All right, the third hour is coming up.
We'll have Paul Watson on with us.
We'll get into more detail.
A former CIA agent says Bush to blame for 9-11 possible staged terror attack before election.
That's Ray McGovern, chief CIA analyst to Ronald Reagan for eight years.
More on Fed's new about 9-11 bribery conspiracy before attacks tied into the Bin Laden family directly.
Also, total violation of police privacy.
Cameras discovered in police locker room.
This is up in Pennsylvania.
We have the articles on this now.
We're also going to play that clip where local CBS News, which is a national piece a lot of them are doing, tell you that mercury is actually nutritional and good for you in the shots.
And we'll get into just so, so much more with Paul Watson and your calls in the next hour.
Before I go to Mark in California and others that are patiently holding...
It is so vital that we spread information, factual, documented information, that we can prove about 9-11 now.
And that's where my films, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, and part two of it, The Masters of Terror, come in.
That's where George Humphrey's new video, 9-11, The Great Illusion, Endgame of the Illuminati, or Eric Huffman's video, 9-11, Painful Deceptions.
We carry his video and his accompanying book.
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The balls in your court take action.
Mark in California.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Yes, sir.
I just don't get it.
They're bringing up this police state, and my biggest question to you is, how can we overcome the New World Order?
I tell everybody about this, and I look into the best direction to your videos.
I own a...
Okay, well, I mean, some callers call and say everybody wakes up they talk to.
Some say half wake up.
About 10% of the callers say nobody cares, nobody wakes up.
Let me just stop you.
Let me just stop you.
Let me just stop you.
And we'll hold you over to the next hour, but let me just finish this point.
Half of New Yorkers, the government was behind 9-11 and a major Zogby poll.
So you're just talking to the wrong people.
Your friends and family don't respect you.
A lot of times they don't respect their own family.
They're not listening.
So I don't know what area you're in or who you're talking to, but a lot of these folks that laugh at you now won't be laughing later.
You plant the seeds now, later they wake up.
Go ahead.
Unfortunately, your phone is almost incoherent.
We'll try to get you to a better area for that cell phone or whatever you're on.
We'll be back with a third hour.
Please stay with us, my friends.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It is Tuesday.
Already the 28th day of September 2004.
Broadcast lined up for you.
Again, thank you so much for joining us.
Websites are prisonplanet.tv, infowars.com, and now infowars.net relaunched.
Let's just jump into the type of headlines I'm facing here, because I don't know where to start.
Clintonistas suggest U.S.
wage war on Iran.
Well, yes, they're very conservative.
It needs to happen.
See, the Clintonistas are for it.
The end of the Internet is nigh.
No, it's not from Forbes.
No, it's from the register now.
Oh, we're going to be taking the Internet down for your safety and taking control of it.
That's very wonderful.
Dolly Scientist.
This is a serious bid.
Inhuman clone bid.
He wants to clone humans.
One or two quakes a minute in Washington State.
The volcano is rumbling.
You know her as Mount St.
Continuing here, mystery of woman left in busy road.
In London, we've seen this in the U.S.
and Canada, but in London a woman laid there bleeding in the middle of the road on a busy street for a long period of time and no one cared to stop her.
The cars just drove around her body.
And I'm not saying I'm a wonderful person.
When I was late to a meeting I had Sunday morning because I stopped and helped some woman change her tire because she didn't know how to.
But again, I'm one of those old-fashioned Al-Qaeda type people.
I'm not the good, new, neocon.
I'm not saying I'm even special.
In fact, as a child, we would all groan as my father.
Like Dudley Do-Right, we would never get anywhere really on time.
He was too busy stopping and jumping cars and changing tires.
Frankly, a lot of the time, I have to admit, I just pass on by, but occasionally I still revert to the old evil Al-Qaeda activities.
Again, homeschoolers are terrorists, Christians are terrorists, gun owners are terrorists, I guess people that change tires are terrorists, so I am Al-Qaeda, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm not even being sarcastic, I'm learning how evil I am.
Every day.
But soon I'll be like the future people.
You know, the next wave that will watch their neighbors drug off to the camps and not even care because Joey's on or whatever stupid sitcom they're watching.
So we'll get into this.
About a year and a half ago, a cop was hit in the middle of a major road right up at the corner of what?
William Cannon and I-35 on the Access Road.
He laid there, what was it, for 45 minutes?
Man, you wonder what's wrong with this country.
What's wrong with our culture?
We have really turned into demonic little creatures.
And also, oil prices eased back from their highs.
Went up to $50 a barrel, $50.47, but eased back to $49.
How gracious of them.
But hey, in a country where nobody cares about each other, in a country where nobody's involved in politics, we all become enslaved.
See, not being involved means we're all slaves.
But greedy, self-centered people, yuppies and others, think that not caring about anyone gets them ahead.
Well, it doesn't get you ahead, you little fools.
What comes around, goes around.
What goes around, comes around.
My friends, you reap what you sow.
And you know, I'm scared of that fact of the universe.
God's law.
Because I've done plenty that's bad.
It's always come back on me.
And you know what?
So I try to do everything good I can.
Because I'm God-fearing.
You've got it all figured out, don't you, out there?
But you're not!
Yeah, you do.
You know who you are.
You're pure trash.
I'm talking to the cops out there that'll beat up innocent people and take innocent people to jail and follow criminal orders.
I'm talking about yuppies that'll drive past a cop in the street for 45 minutes who, by the way, died.
I'm talking about you, the cowards.
The self-centered trash.
I'm not even self-righteous, folks.
It scares the daylights out of me.
I know I'm bad.
You think you're real good.
No, you're not good.
You're bad.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
Stay with us!
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Order online now at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling 1-888-253-3139.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
On this Tuesday, worldwide transmission against tyranny...
We're going to have wide open phones at 1-800-259-9231.
First, let me get through the voluminous amounts of news here.
I mean, yesterday I never even got to the news story out of the Washington Post where they're going to have the Homeland Security blimp tethered over the city.
Now two years ago Homeland Security announced this.
Every U.S.
city will have a tethered blimp over it with ground penetrating radar looking right through our walls.
Picture every house being glass and an eye in the sky that can zoom in.
Actually hundreds of eyes can zoom in with computers looking for different types of activities and then red flagging it.
So we're all going to live in glass houses.
In the next few years every major city will have giant blimps over it.
We saw this at the Olympics.
We saw this in New York at the National Convention.
Now they're going to permanently tether them over your homes.
They're also launching hundreds of small drones that will hover around your towns and cities.
They're quite small.
And they too will make little announcements and scan and watch and report.
Sounds like a science fiction horror movie.
No, it's America.
And don't worry, Homeland Security says the blimps and drones are to, quote, fight terror and crime.
This crime-age terrorist and the government is going to be helping keep us all safe.
They're building lots of new prisons, lots of new petty reasons to be put into those prisons.
They're teaching the police that homeschoolers and Christians and gun owners are terrorists everywhere.
Meanwhile, the Christians and gun owners and homeschoolers are worshipping George Bush and thanking him for all he does, expanding the government and taking our liberties.
They think it's about the Muslims, so it must be good.
Applied Digital Unit gets Air Force deal.
Applied Digital Solutions, the maker of the embedded microchips used to check vital signs and locate people and animals, signed a massive contract with the Air Force.
And we'll get into this new little package.
And then also, a pregnant woman arrested for talking too loudly on cell phone.
The police admit that she said she was pregnant at 23 years old.
And she said, look, I'm allowed to talk on my phone.
And so the police officer there on the street grabbed her and slammed her down and admittedly tackled her.
Admittedly, they tackled her, but she's getting a resisting charge.
They don't even deny it, but they said that she was charged with disorderly manner.
Now your manner, she is bad, that disrupted the public peace and resisting arrest.
I love all the footage I've got of cops from their own cameras as they tackle...
We've got lots of private presents for you and your family.
It's so good.
All of you will be our slaves soon, oh yes.
America will be completely destroyed.
That's what your masters are saying right now.
Here's one, World Net Daily.
Fears of national ID with driver's license.
Critics see Republican anti-terror bill as a backdoor step towards identity cards.
The bill clearly says a national ID card.
Ron Paul's covered it.
The bill's introduced.
But World Net Daily says some of the critics see it as that.
Oh, really, World Net Daily?
Here's the Valley Morning Star.
Totally separate bill introduced.
Republican David Dreyer introduces national ID card legislation.
In the comment that we wrote here, the bill is entirely separate from the rapid legislation introduced on the back of the 9-11 Commission.
As Americans continue to debate immigration, they need to make sure...
Precious rights and freedoms are not abridged by any new public policy that may grow out of the discussion.
That's why we urge Congress to strongly oppose a proposed bill by Representative David Dreyer of Republican California that would require all workers to have what his website describes as a social security card with their picture on it.
It would contain an electronic signature, a strip that contains an encrypted electronic identification strip unique to that individual and would operate as a national ID card.
Those who do not have the card would face fines of $50,000 for not having the card.
That's what it says.
Whenever you apply for a new job, your employer will be required to verify that you have the national ID card.
And I saw Ridge two years ago on C-SPAN say you're going to have green, yellow, orange, and red.
And all of you to have a card, to have your driver's license, will be a national ID card.
They already have the strips and the data on it.
They just add to that database link up what your code level is, and if you have below a green, even if you have bad credit, you'll have to go sign up with a special federal or state counselor and agree to labor each week to pay off that debt through the government, or you're not going to be allowed to have a car, a job, anything.
We'll all be on probation if we have bad credit.
It's openly been stated.
And then, my goodness, if you've got other problems, misdemeanors are going to be on it.
That'll get you a yellow rating.
And then if you've ever had a felony, oh, orange, you're really in trouble.
Curfews for you selectively.
And the Hitachi and the Fuji and the...
Vizionics technologies are going in everywhere to face scan you, and if you're out after dark and don't have the clearance, you'll be arrested immediately.
Oh, you think I'm joking?
You just watch it happen, and then you remember that I told you.
It's the official plan.
And so, I told you also they would sell this as a thing to deal with immigration.
The problem is that 800 plus cities...
Every state in the Union, and now the federal government, as of two months ago, accepts the consular matricula.
We talk about Mexico because they're the dominant group.
Thirty-plus countries now issue these from their consulates.
Anyone can buy them from the Mexican consulate.
Again, we had the leader of the Republican Senate on earlier this year from Colorado.
His staff got him, in one day, four separate matriculas under four separate names just for him.
$125 a piece.
And so, these are accepted by the government, totally fake.
When you go to the front of the line as an illegal alien or a foreigner, you get it.
A citizen has to show two to three forms of ID.
We are face scanned and thumb scanned.
That is the digital photo, the digital thumbprint in 40 plus states.
And now under this new law, every state will have to adopt.
You'll have to have it under the law.
$50,000 fine.
And that's just the newspaper article about it.
I have the bill here.
Five years in prison.
So you don't have the National ID card.
Five years in prison.
This is the new freedom.
And again, in Texas we've had this since 1993.
Bill Clinton got in, signed an executive order.
You start forcing the states to put it in.
Texas was one of the first.
And most people in Texas who thumb scan to get these, you say, don't you remember the thumb scanning?
I didn't thumb scan, you kook.
Remember the black box, the little red light you put your thumb on?
Oh, yeah.
What was that?
That was a biometric scanner.
Sure it was.
And the black helicopters are going to get me.
You people do it, and you don't even know about it.
I'm not trying to be sardonic or elitist.
I just didn't mean to.
I'm very upset about all this right now.
Very upset about all this right now.
National ID card.
And I told you, folks, it's going to be to have a job.
And they're going to have the new national sales tax.
That's why you're going to have to swipe the card.
Don't worry if you lose it.
The progressive stores are going to put in the face scanners.
Little camera.
And it's going to be a lot of fun.
It's going to be a whole lot of fun for everybody.
Oh man, I remember about two and a half years ago, my wife and I went up to Minnesota.
I've only been up there a few times to see the big headquarters of the network, the great folks up there.
And they put me up in a really nice hotel.
It just so happened it was a casino.
And one of the ones owned by the Native Americans.
It was pretty close to the network.
And so I'm staying in this nice...
Nice hotel shaped like a huge teepee.
And I come down and I lost my ticket stub to get my car that they valet parked.
You had to valet park.
And so I go, well, here's my driver's license.
You know, I'm checked in here.
He goes, that's not enough.
I want to know what's in the car.
I said, okay.
We were at an antique shop.
I bought a little blue glass dog.
It's in a bag in the front.
Well, how tall is the dog?
Two and a half inches.
And he said, do me a favor.
Turn towards that camera, please.
He goes, we want to face scan you.
I wasn't in the mood for arguing.
I wanted to experience this.
People tell the story.
Never have.
Forgot to tell it.
And so they face scanned me.
And they, okay, well, now if it's a stolen car, it won't matter.
We've got you.
This is already in all over the place, okay?
Walmart's got it.
They've all got it.
And this is your future.
You will go through the line.
You will swipe your card because we can't have a sales tax on people that make less than $15,000 a year.
We've got to be fair.
So you've got to swipe the card.
It's going to be a graduated sales tax.
And thus that brings in federal control to every business, every checkout lane.
And a record of what you bought and did.
Literal, total big brother on steroids at Mach 500.
You know, Warp 10.
Hair on fire.
Just total evil.
Blimps looking through our walls.
Thumbs scanning to get school lunches.
Homeschoolers are terrorists.
I'm not trying to even... I can't describe it!
This is the normal response to what's happened.
Oh my gosh!
We're in a nightmare!
And the people can't even see us!
Oh no!
That's the normal response.
We'll be right back and detail this.
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Alright, if both guys debating fundamentally agree, is it really a debate?
If two candidates are as far apart as two fingers on your hand...
Where's the argument?
Where's the difference?
The debate commission is about to put two interchangeable candidates on national TV.
And they're going to argue one thing.
How to keep the federal government growing bigger and bigger.
You think either candidate will vow to repeal the Patriot Act?
Or immediately end the Iraq occupation?
Which interchangeable candidate will say, let's downsize D.C.? ?
Come on.
Let's have a debate.
Include the other four candidates who qualified under the Constitution.
The ones who were on enough ballots to win 270 electoral votes.
Sound like a good idea?
Do something about it.
Log on to DownsizedDC.org.
Point and click your feelings to Congress, the Federal Election Commission, and the Bipartisan Debate Commission.
Tell them how you see it.
If we're going to have a debate, make it real.
Every couple weeks, I see an article like this, and it always makes me real mad.
That's why I'm so jacked up this morning, this afternoon, this evening, depending on what time zone you're listening to us in.
This is out of London.
This is London, big newspaper there.
London Evening Standard.
Mystery of Woman Left in Busy Road.
And this is really analogous to our entire Western civilization in serious decline.
This is the moment when a woman was captured on CCTV lying unconscious in the gutter of a busy road suffering from a serious head wound.
And again, they have pictures and video on the website of this.
Police raced to the scene after traffic was forced to swerve around the 25-year-old victim as she lay bleeding.
Detectives today said they were mystified as to what happened because the unnamed woman has yet to recover sufficiently to be interviewed.
Well, why isn't it on your precious $4 million?
Four and a half million video cameras in London, folks.
She is now in stable condition in South London Hospital.
They believe she was either attacked or run down by a car.
And it says that she laid there for a long period of time.
The woman wearing a jacket, trousers, and trainers was discovered unconscious and bleeding profusely outside the Coca-Cola Industrial Park in Cray Road.
Footstray Sit Cup at 2.15 on Monday, last week, the 20th of September.
Motorists drove around the woman as she lay unconscious across the double yellow lines.
Now, again, there's video of this.
This woman is laying in the middle of a major thoroughfare.
And the cars are driving by.
You see them looking at her.
And these greedy, they're side streets, side areas of the park.
These greedy, self-centered demons, literal demons, did not stop for her.
Voters drove around the woman as she lay across double yellow lines.
The CCTV images of her were taken from number 321 bus.
See, the buses are driving around with cameras, just like Austin, Texas.
Police have released the picture in the hope that it would jog the memory of any witnesses and help them establish what happened.
A police spokesman said we do not know what happened to her, which is why we need to speak to witnesses.
So the bus drives by, the police see it, and 20 minutes later they show up and she's still there bleeding in the middle of the road.
This is... I've seen stories worse than this.
A few years ago there was a story in Canada, in one of their big cities, I forget which one, it was in the big Canadian papers, and the woman lay on a major sidewalk in a nice business district.
She'd been raped, naked,
Laying there, and there was the biggest telecommunications company in Canada.
One of the bosses was looking out one of the high windows and told his staff, just leave it alone, go back to work, and laughed at her naked body.
She'd been beaten in the head and later was in a coma.
I don't even know if she survived, never followed up on it.
Should have.
But she just sat there, I think it was for several hours.
And it was all caught on camera, but no one helped her until the police came along.
And then, of course, about a year and a half ago, I told the story.
I've told it many times here in Austin.
Up the road from where I'm broadcasting from, a cop in uniform was hit in the middle of a major thoroughfare right by a Tiger Mark gas station and by some apartments.
And he lay there for 45 minutes.
And, by the way, he died until some police drove by and helped him.
So this is what we've turned into.
We were once known in the West as the Good Samaritans, very helpful, always there.
The East has been known for letting people die in ditches.
But I guess we're progressive now, and we're good, wholesome people.
So don't think your neighbors won't sit there as you're taking to camps.
I think.
I think.
I think.
When you live in a society of piranha like this, where people don't look out for each other and don't have the instinctive need to help others, no one helps you.
And you turn into a hellish, jungle-like situation where you're the equivalent of an insect that's being swooped down upon by the bats that are the New World Order.
We're a nation of prey.
We act like prey animals, like a bunch of gazelles out on the African savannah.
And we just sit there hoping we're not grabbed next.
We're like a school of minnows running away from the big 10-pound bass.
We weren't like this in the past.
Now we are.
And the cops are the same.
They'll take your children for no reason when there's not even a court order.
They'll bust down your door in the middle of the night looking for drugs the government shipped in to begin with.
They'll follow their orders.
They'll do whatever.
They'll cover up corruption.
They're just indicative of the society itself.
We're a society of 50 plus million abortions.
We're a society of not caring.
We're a society of evil.
And it's going to get worse.
And so you wonder how we can put up with all this police state and all this Orwellian stuff coming down.
We're a society where people can lay in roads bleeding to death and no one helps.
And they drive around your body as you flop around.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hi folks, this is Michael Trudeau.
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That's PetWonder.com.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
I want to get into the admittedly scripted debates down to the questions and the answers that have been carefully negotiated by the one-party system over the last 10 months.
They've been doing this for 16 years.
I'd say a decade yesterday.
It's actually since the 1986 debates.
We'll also take your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
We'll get into Mount St.
Helens, acting very suspiciously right now, acting the same way it did before it blew up in 1980 and then had a smaller eruption in 1986.
So we'll be covering that.
But I want to spend a few more minutes describing this phenomenon, an unheard of, an unknown phenomenon,
In the United States, in Canada, in England, in Germany, in Australia, in New Zealand, in the Western world, what's now a daily occurrence.
Every few weeks I see a news article about it.
And I guarantee you I'm not seeing all the stories.
Where a cop is hit by a car and bleeds to death for 45 minutes in the middle of the road here in Austin, Texas, on a street with literally 50, 60 cars going by a minute.
Where a woman is brutally raped and thrown out on the side of the street in Canada below high-rise buildings with hundreds of cars passing every few minutes and people stand in windows laughing at her.
Where a woman is bleeding to death in the middle of a London thoroughfare with side streets and people walking by in mass and they just drive around her body so self-centered that they wouldn't even pull over and help her.
It's incredible.
It's amazing.
I mean, I see these articles all the time where some old man gets stabbed to death in Chicago or New York or Houston and bleeds to death right there, and people don't even call the police.
I don't want to talk to the cops.
They're scary, and I don't want to get involved.
No, it's dangerous, and I've got other stuff to do.
We tell ourselves what a good society we are.
Oh, we're so good.
Folks, this is an illustration of the 500-pound gorilla that's on our back.
The 800-pound gorilla.
You know, the three-ton elephant sitting in our living room, sitting on us.
You know, we wonder how they're starting to deploy huge blimps with ground penetrating radar to look through our walls.
We wonder how they're building giant prisons up from 1.3 million to 7 million people in prison in the last nine years.
We wonder how we can have 50 plus million abortions.
We wonder how the Wall Street Journal can publish names of people begging for food and water that hospitals are openly killing.
We wonder how cloning can already be going on but the average person doesn't even know about it.
We wonder how the average high schooler can't tell you who the vice president is.
We wonder why the test scores are dropping.
We wonder why the feds are teaching police that homeschoolers are terrorists.
We wonder how they're putting video cameras in school bathrooms and police bathrooms and corporate bathrooms.
I mean, this is Orwellian.
I think we're good to go.
But we have this propaganda view because of the sicky sweetness of the media that we're all real good and we're all the best people on the planet.
I mean, how do my own Austinites drive by a cop bleeding to death in the middle of the street for 45 minutes?
I'm asking you the question.
I mean, hundreds and hundreds of cars during rush hour, passing the body, not caring, not getting involved.
Here's an example.
About a year and a half ago, I'm at La Madeline, you know, it's like fast food, French food.
And I'm sitting in there, and I'm sitting with my wife, and we're done eating.
And I say, I'm going to go to the bathroom.
So I go to wash my hands, leave, and I hear this big commotion, this freak out.
We're going to leave.
I come running back in, and there's this retarded woman, probably 35 years old, choking, turning blue, standing up, grabbing.
And I stand there while this crowd goes, Call 911!
Call 911!
What are we going to do?
And I go, give her the Heimlich Maneuver.
And I start trying to push my way in, and they go, get out of the way!
Call 911!
Call the authorities!
Call our gods!
We can't do anything!
We're these little spineless jellyfish!
Now, they didn't say that, but call 911!
I try to push through the crowd.
Get back!
We're not the police!
That's for the police!
I have to push through these women and men.
And I have to shove the woman's family aside who's standing there waving their arms, and I have to grab her to the Heimlich, and the second pull, a big wad of bread comes out of her throat, and she starts wheezing, and I just left.
But my point is, folks, is Sunday I stopped and helped the lady change attire.
Okay, and there were cars just passing her, and she was there trying to wave people, and, you know, I know people aren't in fear or whatever, but this church lady obviously wasn't some Al-Qaeda member about to kill me or something.
And I pulled over and helped her, and it was done in 15 minutes.
I'm not even that good of a person.
You understand?
I'm actually pretty mean, folks.
You know, if you're rude to me in line or something or do something, I'll get in your face.
I mean, I'm pretty aggressive.
But at the same time, I have an instinctive drive to, oh, let me change that person's tire.
Or, oh, let me try to help this person.
And I'm not that special of a person.
I remember being a child and, you know, a mom getting a flat tire and she not knowing how.
And within a couple minutes of getting out and having the back of the trunk open, multiple trucks stopping, you know, with blue-collar workmen jumping out.
Let us help you.
Hey, folks, you get a flat tire now.
People don't stop and help you.
Cops usually drive right past you.
Though I do see some police out changing tires, and God bless them.
But it was, again, as a child, it was almost annoying to...
Because my dad would stop for anybody.
And frankly, one time he stopped and tried to help some woman and she pulled a knife on him and he just laughed at her and got in his car and drove off and went to a pay phone and called the police.
So there is some danger in that and that's kind of been the excuse.
But the danger has always been there.
The crime isn't much higher now than it was 30 years ago.
It is higher than it was 40 years ago.
But so what?
But my point here is, is that we're a nation of individuals that'll drive right by.
And I mean, if I saw a cop, if I saw a woman, if I saw a man, if I saw whatever in the street, I would stop and help them.
And I mean, it's not because I'm a good person.
It's just instinctive.
You know, I don't want to...
Get off into any macho discussions, but growing up in Dallas, for some reason during the 80s, it was a lot rougher in the early 90s.
It was a lot rougher than what I've seen in Austin, Texas.
But a lot of stuff happened.
I saw a lot of things develop.
I got involved in a few things.
In today's society, you're not supposed to do that.
So the mentality has changed.
And so the reason I'm spending so much time on this is this is an illustration to what we've become, to what we've turned into.
And how do we ever get this far down the rat hole?
How did we turn into this?
So is the general public, I'd say the 70% of people,
That are afraid or lazy or self-centered who won't get involved even to help a woman bleeding to death or a police officer bleeding to death?
Do you think they're going to stand up against national ID cards?
Do you think they're going to stand up against surveillance blimps and drones?
Do you think they're going to stand up to cameras in the school bathrooms?
Do you think they're going to stand up when the government says your child must take the mandatory 25 vaccines next year it's going to be 30-something?
You think they'll even stand up and do the research that it's full of mercury and full of cancer viruses?
Do you think they're going to take the time to... No, they don't even care about their own children, folks.
They're so cowardly that they'll do whatever they're told.
But 30% of us is a pretty darn big group of folks.
And so now it's up to us to become more informed and then inform some of the other 70%.
Maybe we can resuscitate psychologically, spiritually, mentally another 20% of them.
We can win this fight.
I know there's a lot of good people out there.
I know the listeners of this broadcast are wonderful people.
Selfless people.
God-fearing, loving, compassionate people.
And if you read Conlan Lorenz about animal psychology and homo sapien psychology, we're a very aggressive species.
And our capacity...
To make war is matched by our capacity to love.
That's why we love dogs so much.
Dogs are very aggressive, very vicious.
You know, a hybrid of the wolf.
A derivation, actually, of a subspecies of, well, you know, the canine familiaris.
And these are vicious creatures with large teeth.
These are hunting creatures.
These are pack creatures.
Why do we love them so much?
Because they're very similar to us psychologically.
And they love us.
Because in a pack mentality, you have to have a capacity to love so you don't savagely attack your own species.
We love them.
Well, because we've become the dominant life form on this planet and dominated everything...
Now there's really nothing for us to prey on, so we've created a new predatory system where the public's been trained to be domesticated and stupid and mindless and prey animal oriented, where we run, we don't defend each other, and a subspecies, I argue, we now have two separate species, and actually now a lot of simultaneously people are having these other thoughts, a lot of...
Behavioral psychologists are saying this.
A lot of sociologists are saying this.
A lot of people that study this are now saying this.
We actually have an elite that is a separate species, and that's figurative, my friends, but a definite separation, and they are getting more advanced educations, more advanced medications and medical care.
We're good to go.
Bernays, PR, psychology, propaganda.
They openly say, when you read Department of Education documents from 40 years ago, the plan is to break up the family.
To have you not even defend your own family.
To not even have a community.
To not even know your neighbors.
And this is how they're going to get us.
And this is what they've done.
And this is what they do in China.
This is what they do in Russia.
This is what they're doing across the globe.
This is the model.
Well, we're all isolated like a bunch of gazelles or wildebeest on the savannah, and we don't even defend ourselves.
We don't even defend our youth.
We don't even defend our offspring.
The most basic...
Psychological, spiritual connections to defend the tribe have been neutralized, and no longer do we see our family as our tribe, our extended family as our tribe, our neighborhood as our tribe.
No longer do we see the person with the flat tire as our tribe, and the instinctive need to help them is gone.
Now it's being transmuted to the state.
And transmuted to the football game where we go into ritual combat and beat our spears and shields and paint ourselves up in war paint and scream and get drunken and have simulated warfare.
This has all been scientifically crafted and has been done to us.
And so they've siphoned off our true energies.
It's all crafted by 170 IQ eggheads.
And all you have to do is face it.
And to the eggheads out there, to the controllers who get this sardonic power trip, well, they're done anyways, Jones.
Why don't you just go ahead and join us?
I've been told this.
Well, do you see how stupid they are?
They have to be governed.
You're not just governing people.
You've created a feedback loop to dumb them down even further.
And you implant them with cancer and mercury and poisons.
And you're a bunch of trashy scum who don't have vision!
And who don't care about humanity!
And who are part of the predatory subspecies!
You make me sick!
And you will be defeated.
The human spirit will defeat you.
God will defeat you.
You are going down.
You scum.
And you know you're not happy.
You servants.
You high-level servants.
You know you hate yourself.
And you know no amount of money and power and sex will ever make you happy.
And you know you're not truly alive.
And I'm asking you to break your conditioning controllers.
I'm asking you to join us.
I'm asking you to stop feeding on your own species.
Mystery of woman left in busy road.
I mean, how these people can bleed to death and be in comas and just be out in the streets, no one caring about them, no one helping them.
What happened to us?
We're not even human!
We are not a cottontail rabbit in South Texas who, when it's young, is grabbed, doesn't fight, doesn't chase after the fox.
We are not a gazelle
We are not a sparrow being grabbed by an owl.
You understand that?
We stand on two legs.
We've got the big brains.
We're aggressive.
We're powerful.
We're dynamic.
We're intelligent.
We're creative.
We have a destiny.
To colonize the stars.
We have a destiny to be creators in God's image.
We have a destiny for greater things not to be a bunch of beer-swilling, football-watching morons who don't even care that their kids are out in the backyard smoking crack cocaine for the first time and that your daughter, who's 14 now, in three years is going to be in a topless bar being a prostitute on the side just so she can smoke the cocaine that the trashy government...
Right in the bucket with!
You don't even care about your children!
Your children won't rebel against you if you explain to them how the government's behind it all.
If you give them the big picture, they will shift into tribal think, and you will have your families back!
Activate your tribal energies now!
Activate your human defense mechanisms against the New World Order!
The cage is dropping!
The exterminations will begin within the next decade!
They're going to kill 80% of us!
All of you that are serving the globalists, you're going to be some of the first to go in the next wave of purges by your own masters.
Why have you served them?
Why have you denied it?
Why have you gone against humanity and the human spirit?
Why have you served the beast?
By the way, this new big RFID consortium is called The Mark.
That's the initials for their system, and they even call it the digital mark, which you'll have to have.
I mean, why are you serving it?
Why are you going along with it?
Why, many of you that call yourselves Christians, why are you going along with it?
Alright, I've done a 50-minute rant.
We will come back and go to Robert and Mike and Dan and many, many others.
1-800-259-9231 1-800-259-9231
We'll get to calls, and there's no guests today.
I wanted to be able to take calls, but I just see these articles every few weeks where somebody bleeds to death or almost dies, or right here in Austin, you know, how anybody could drive by a cop dying in the street for 45 minutes.
I mean, just what in the world happened to you?
I'm talking to those of you out there that don't care about your family, your country, nothing.
Oh, at the superficial level, you wave a plastic slave flag made in China, but that doesn't cut it.
Break your conditioning.
You know what I'm telling you is true in your guts.
Fire up.
Get past your fear.
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Yeah, and part of this is, you know, we've expanded the government, the nanny state, to such giant proportions that people feel like, oh, it's the cop's job to help that person bleeding to death in the middle of the road.
It's not my job to get involved in government.
That's for the government to do.
And then when you don't care about your neighbors, and they don't care about you, you're enslaved.
I need to write a big detailed psychological article on this and then have a haul of shame on the website and I guess every week or so post these articles where people bleed to death in the middle of roads or are stabbed and aren't held for hours just to show this.
And then there's all this sicky sweet propaganda about how we're the most loving and how much we care so we all feel good about ourselves and how the government loves us and how it's going to take good care of us.
We'll go to Mike and Dan and
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Let's go ahead and go to Mike in Illinois, who's been holding for eons.
Go ahead, Mike.
Hey, Alex.
No, it's great holding, because listening to you, you're ratting and raving.
I love it.
I mean, you're going to get angrier when I tell you this story.
I called yesterday, and you had a wonderful guest on, and I didn't want to plug too much into this, Alex, but for the last two years, I have two daughters in third and fourth grade.
I'm sorry, first and third grade.
Can you hear me, Alex?
Okay, I didn't know if I was on.
And basically, I had them in private school, and I lost my job, so I was forced to put them in a public school.
I did not want to do this.
The private school did not force de-immunizations, and my youngest daughter, the first grader, is behind in her DPP shot, which I'm not going to get.
There's no law that you have to take the shots.
But the nurse, let me tell you what they did to my daughter.
We're good to go.
Well, I tried to contact the school nurse.
She was out.
The nurse's aide was there and said, well, she can't come back to school unless she has them.
Well, I dropped my daughter off to school anyway on Monday, and I went to the store with my youngest daughter, and I came back home, and there was a message, two messages from the school stating that they have my daughter in the school office and she needs to get home.
When I played the messages back, I could hear my daughter in the background crying.
She sat in that school office for an hour and a half
I went in there, Alex, and I blew up.
And I said, what kind of a system do you run here?
My daughter is only six and a half years old.
She's falling.
She doesn't know why she's in here.
And you're going to break, right, Alex?
Can I hold off?
Yeah, you need to sue them, sir.
They're trash.
They're evil.
And I have to be honest, you shouldn't have sent your daughter in there alone.
You should have gone in there.
You should have known this.
You should demand the waiver form.
They have it in the drawer.
If they refuse it, it's a violation of law.
Stay there.
Second hour straight ahead.
The predator is feeding on our children.