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Air Date: Sept. 28, 2004
2477 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It is Tuesday.
Already the 28th day of September 2004.
Broadcast lined up for you.
Again, thank you so much for joining us.
Websites are prisonplanet.tv, infowars.com, and now infowars.net relaunched.
Let's just jump into the type of headlines I'm facing here, because I don't know where to start.
Clintonista suggests U.S.
wage war on Iran.
Well, yes, they're very conservative.
Needs to happen.
See, the Clintonistas are for it.
The end of the Internet is nigh.
No, it's not from Forbes.
No, it's from the register now.
Oh, we're going to be taking the internet down for your safety and taking control of it.
That's very wonderful.
Dolly Scientist.
This is a serious bid.
Inhuman clone bid.
He wants to clone humans.
One or two quakes a minute in Washington State.
The volcano is rumbling.
You know her as Mount St.
Continuing here, mystery of woman left in busy road.
In London, we've seen this in the U.S.
and Canada, but in London a woman laid there bleeding in the middle of the road on a busy street for a long period of time and no one cared to stop her.
The car just drove around her body.
And I'm not saying I'm a wonderful person, but I was late to a meeting I had Sunday morning because I stopped and helped some woman change her tire because she didn't know how to.
But again, I'm one of those old-fashioned Al-Qaeda type people.
I'm not the good, new, neocon.
I'm not saying I'm even special.
In fact, as a child, we would all groan as my father.
Like Dudley Do-Right, we would never get anywhere really on time.
He was too busy stopping and jumping cars and changing tires.
Frankly, a lot of the time, I have to admit, I just pass on by, but occasionally I still revert to the old evil Al-Qaeda activities.
Again, homeschoolers are terrorists, Christians are terrorists, gun owners are terrorists, I guess people that change tires are terrorists, so I am Al-Qaeda, ladies and gentlemen.
I'm not even being sarcastic, I'm learning how evil I am.
Every day.
But soon I'll be like the future people.
You know, the next wave that will watch their neighbors drug off to the camps and not even care because Joey's on or whatever stupid sitcom they're watching.
So we'll get into this.
About a year and a half ago, a cop was hit in the middle of a major road right up at the corner of what?
William Cannon and I-35 on the Access Road.
He laid there, what was it, for 45 minutes?
Man, you wonder what's wrong with this country.
What's wrong with our culture?
We have really turned into demonic little creatures.
And also, oil prices eased back from their highs.
Went up to $50 a barrel, $50.47, but eased back to $49.
How gracious of them.
But hey, in a country where nobody cares about each other, in a country where nobody's involved in politics, we all become enslaved.
See, not being involved means we're all slaves.
But greedy, self-centered people, yuppies and others, think that not caring about anyone gets them ahead.
Well, it doesn't get you ahead, you little fools.
What comes around, goes around.
What goes around, comes around.
My friends, you reap what you sow.
And you know, I'm scared of that fact of the universe.
God's law.
Because I've done plenty that's bad.
And you know what?
It's always come back on me.
So I try to do everything good I can.
Because I'm God-fearing.
But you're not!
You've got it all figured out, don't you, out there?
Yeah, you do.
You know who you are.
You're pure trash.
I'm talking to the cops out there that'll beat up innocent people and take innocent people to jail and follow criminal orders.
I'm talking about yuppies that'll drive past a cop in the street for 45 minutes who, by the way, died.
I'm talking about you, the cowards, the self-centered trash.
I'm not even self-righteous, folks.
It scares the daylights out of me.
I know I'm bad, but you think you're real good.
You're bad.
No, you're not good.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
PrisonPlanet.tv, stay with us!
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Big Brother.
All right, folks, on this Tuesday, worldwide transmission against tyranny...
We're going to have wide open phones at 1-800-259-9231.
First, let me get through the voluminous amounts of news here.
I mean, yesterday I never even got to the news story out of the Washington Post where they're going to have the Homeland Security blimp tethered over the city.
Now, two years ago, Homeland Security announced this.
city will have a tethered blimp over it with ground-penetrating radar looking right through our walls.
Every U.S.
Picture every house being glass and an eye in the sky that can zoom in.
Actually, hundreds of eyes can zoom in with computers looking for different types of activities and then red flagging it.
So we're all going to live in glass houses.
In the next few years, every major city will have giant blimps over it
We saw this at the Olympics.
We saw this in New York at the National Convention.
Now they're going to permanently tether them over your homes.
They're also launching hundreds of small drones that will hover around your towns and cities.
They're quite small.
And they too will make little announcements and scan and watch and report.
Sounds like a science fiction horror movie?
No, it's America.
And don't worry, Homeland Security says the blimps and drones are to, quote, fight terror and crime.
This crime-age terrorist and the government.
It's going to be helping keep us all safe.
They're building lots of new prisons, lots of new petty reasons to be put into those prisons.
They're teaching the police that homeschoolers and Christians and gun owners are terrorists everywhere.
Meanwhile, the Christians and gun owners and homeschoolers are worshipping George Bush and thanking him for all he does, expanding the government and taking our liberties.
They think it's about the Muslims, so it must be good.
Applied Digital Unit gets Air Force deal.
Plot Digital Solutions, the maker of the embedded microchips used to check vital signs and locate people and animals, signed a massive contract with the Air Force.
And we'll get into this new little package.
And then also, a pregnant woman arrested for talking too loudly on cell phone.
The police admit that she said she was pregnant at 23 years old.
And she said, look, I'm allowed to talk on my phone.
And so the police officer there on the street grabbed her and slammed her down and admittedly tackled her.
Admittedly, they tackled her, but she's getting a resisting charge.
They don't even deny it, but they said that she was charged with disorderly manner.
Now your manner, she is bad, that disrupted the public peace and resisting arrest.
I love all the footage I've got of cops from their own cameras as they tackle...
It's all part of the new freedom.
We've got lots of private presents for you and your family.
It's so good.
All of you will be our slaves soon, oh yes.
America will be completely destroyed.
That's what your masters are saying right now.
Here's one, World Net Daily.
Fears of national ID with driver's license.
Critics see Republican anti-terror bill as backdoor step towards identity cards.
The bill clearly says a national ID card.
Ron Paul's covered it.
The bill's introduced.
But World Net Daily says some of the critics see it as that.
Oh, really, World Net Daily?
Here's the Valley Morning Star.
Totally separate bill introduced.
Republican David Dreyer introduces national ID card legislation.
And the comment that we wrote here, the bill is entirely separate from the rapid legislation introduced on the back of the 9-11 Commission.
As Americans continue to debate immigration, they need to make sure...
Precious rights and freedoms are not abridged by any new public policy that may grow out of the discussion.
That's why we urge Congress to strongly oppose a proposed bill by Representative David Dreyer of Republican California that would require all workers to have what the website, his website, describes as a social security card with their picture on it.
It would contain an electronic signature, a strip that contains an encrypted electronic identification strip unique to that individual and would operate as a national ID card.
Those who do not have the card would face fines of $50,000 for not having the card.
That's what it says.
Whenever you apply for a new job, your employer will be required to verify that you have the national ID card.
And I saw Ridge two years ago on C-SPAN say you're going to have green, yellow, orange, and red.
And all of you that have a card, that have your driver's license, will be a national ID card.
They already have the strips and the data on it.
They just add to that database link up what your code level is, and if you have below a green, even if you have bad credit, you'll have to go sign up with a special federal or state counselor and agree to labor each week to pay off that debt through the government, or you're not going to be allowed to have a car, a job, anything.
We'll all be on probation if we have bad credit.
It's openly stated.
And then, my goodness, if you've got other problems, misdemeanors are going to be on it.
That'll get you a yellow rating.
And then if you've ever had a felony, oh, orange, you're really in trouble.
Curfews for you selectively.
And the Hitachi and the Fuji and the...
Vizionics technologies are going in everywhere to face scan you, and if you're out after dark and don't have the clearance, you'll be arrested immediately.
Oh, you think I'm joking?
You just watch it happen, and then you remember that I told you.
It's the official plan.
And so, I told you also they would sell this as a thing to deal with immigration.
The problem is that 800 plus cities...
Every state in the Union, and now the federal government, as of two months ago, accepts the consular matricula.
We talk about Mexico because they're the dominant group.
Thirty-plus countries now issue these from their consulates.
Anyone can buy them from the Mexican consulate.
Again, we had the leader of the Republican Senate on earlier this year from Colorado.
His staff got him, in one day, four separate matriculas under four separate names just for him.
$25 a piece.
And so, these are accepted by the government, totally fake.
When you go to the front of the line as an illegal alien or a foreigner, you get it.
A citizen has to show two to three forms of ID.
We are face scanned and thumb scanned.
That is the digital photo, the digital thumbprint, in 40 plus states.
And now under this new law, every state will have to adopt, you'll have to have it under the law, $50,000 fine.
And that's just the newspaper article about it.
I have the bill here, five years in prison.
So you don't have the National ID card.
Five years in prison.
This is the new freedom.
And again, in Texas we've had this since 1993.
Bill Clinton got in, signed an executive order.
He started forcing the states to put it in.
Texas was one of the first.
And most people in Texas who thumb scan to get these, you say, don't you remember the thumb scanning?
I didn't thumb scan, you kook!
Well, remember the black box, the little red light you put your thumb on?
Oh, yeah!
What was that?
That was a biometric scanner.
Sure it was!
And the black helicopters, you couldn't get me!
You people do it, and you don't even know about it.
I'm not trying to be sardonic or elitist.
I just, I mean, I'm very upset about all this right now.
Very upset about all this right now.
National ID card.
And I told you, folks, it's going to be to have a job.
And they're going to have the new national sales tax.
That's why you're going to have to swipe the card.
Don't worry if you lose it.
The progressive stores are going to put in the face scanners, the camera, and it's going to be a lot of fun.
It's going to be a whole lot of fun for everybody.
Oh, man, I remember about two and a half years ago, my wife and I went up to Minnesota.
I've only been up there a few times to see the big headquarters of the network, the great folks up there.
And they put me up in a really nice hotel.
It just so happened it was a casino.
And one of the ones owned by the Native Americans.
It was pretty close to the network.
And so I'm staying in this nice...
Nice hotel shaped like a huge teepee.
And I come down and I lost my ticket stub to get my car that they valet parked.
You had to valet park.
And so I go, well, here's my driver's license.
You know, I'm checked in here.
He goes, that's not enough.
I want to know what's in the car.
I said, okay.
We were at an antique shop.
I bought a little blue glass dog.
It's in a bag in the front.
Well, how tall is the dog?
Two and a half inches.
And he said, do me a favor.
Turn towards that camera, please.
He goes, we want to face scan you.
I wasn't in the mood for arguing.
I wanted to experience this.
People tell the story.
Never have.
Forgot to tell it.
And so they face scanned me.
And okay, well, now if it's a stolen car, it won't matter.
We've got you.
This is already in all over the place, okay?
Walmart's got it.
They've all got it.
And this is your future.
You will go through the line.
You will swipe your card because we can't have a sales tax on people that make less than $15,000 a year.
We've got to be fair.
So you've got to swipe the card.
It's going to be a graduated sales tax.
And thus that brings in federal control to every business, every checkout lane, and a record of what you bought and did.
Literal, total big brother on steroids at Mach 500, you know, Warp 10, hair on fire, just total evil, blimps looking through our walls, thumb scanning to get school lunches, homeschoolers are terrorists.
Just cameras in school bathrooms, cameras in the police bathrooms, cameras in the roadside stops, just total evil, no freedom, nothing, total enslavement, huge prisons everywhere, hell on earth, national drafts, checkpoints on the roads, 6,000 miles of toll roads in Austin, Texas alone, checkpoints scanning, searches, enslavement, total evil.
Again, it's worse than when I just... I'm not trying to even... I can't describe it!
This is the normal response to what's happened.
Oh my gosh!
We're in a nightmare!
And the people can't even see us!
Oh no!
That's the normal response.
We'll be right back and detail this.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
We listened.
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Let's update.
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The Nasdaq in that same time frame is flat.
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Today, the U.S.
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It's not likely, according to the World Health Organization.
In fact, over one-third of the global population suffers from some form of serious mineral deficiency, leading to all kinds of disease and disability.
That lack of energy you've been blaming on getting older or working too hard is more likely that same mineral deficiency.
And kids who may not be doing as well in school or having a hard time studying ought to be considering a lack of minerals, not necessarily a lack of concentration as the culprit.
We're good to go.
Every couple weeks, I see an article like this, and it always makes me real mad.
That's why I'm so jacked up this morning, this afternoon, this evening, depending on what time zone you're listening to us in.
This is out of London.
This is London.
Big newspaper there.
London Evening Standard.
Mystery of woman left in busy road.
And this is really analogous to our entire western civilization in serious decline.
This is the moment when a woman was captured on CCTV lying unconscious in the gutter of a busy road suffering from a serious head wound.
And again, they have pictures and video on the website of this.
Race to the scene after traffic was forced to swerve around the 25-year-old victim as she lay bleeding.
Detectives today said they were mystified as to what happened because the unnamed woman has yet to recover sufficiently to be interviewed.
Well, why isn't it on your precious 4 million... 4.5 million video cameras in London, folks?
She is now in stable condition in South London Hospital.
They believe she was either attacked or run down by a car.
And it says that she laid there for a long period of time.
The woman, wearing a jacket, trousers, and trainers, was discovered unconscious and bleeding profusely outside the Coca-Cola Industrial Park in Cray Road, Footscray, Sitcup, at 215 on Monday, last week, the 20th of September.
Motorists drove around the woman as she lay unconscious across the double yellow lines.
Now, again, there's video of this.
This woman is laying in the middle of a major thoroughfare.
And the cars are driving by, and you see them looking at her, and these greedy, they're side streets, side areas to park, these greedy, self-centered demons, literal demons, did not stop for her.
Voters drove around the woman as she lay across double yellow lines.
The CCTV images of her were taken from number 321 bus.
See, the buses are driving around with cameras, just like Austin, Texas.
Police have released the picture in the hope that it would jog the memory of any witnesses and help them establish what happened.
A police spokesman said, we do not know what happened to her, which is why we need to speak to witnesses.
So the bus drives by, the police see it, and 20 minutes later they show up and she's still there bleeding in the middle of the road.
This is... I've seen stories worse than this.
A few years ago there was a story in Canada, in one of their big cities, I forget which one, it was in the big Canadian papers,
And the woman lay on a major sidewalk in a nice business district.
She'd been raped, naked, laying there.
And there was the biggest telecommunications company in Canada.
One of the bosses was looking out one of the high windows and told his staff, just leave it alone, go back to work, and laughed at her naked body.
She'd been beaten in the head and later was in a coma.
I don't even know if she survived.
Never followed up on it.
Should have.
But she just sat there, I think it was for several hours, and it was all caught on camera, but no one helped her until the police came along.
And then, of course, about a year and a half ago, I told the story, I've told it many times here in Austin, up the road from where I'm broadcasting from, a cop,
In uniform, was hit in the middle of a major thoroughfare, right by a Tiger Mark gas station and by some apartments, and he lay there for 45 minutes, and by the way, he died until some police drove by and helped him.
So this is what we've turned into.
We were once known in the West as the Good Samaritans, very helpful, always there.
The East has been known for letting people die in ditches.
But I guess we're progressive now, and we're good, wholesome people.
So don't think your neighbors won't sit there as you're taken to camps.
Don't think your neighbors won't sit there as they falsely charge you.
Don't think these people won't run camps with pleasure, as the news is now calling for.
Don't think... You see, the yuppies and the hippies and all the rest of them
Black, white, Hispanic, old, young, on average, they think that not caring, only thinking about themselves gets them ahead.
And when you live in a society of piranha like this, where people don't look out for each other and don't have the instinctive need to help others, no one helps you.
And you turn into a hellish, jungle-like situation where you're the equivalent of an insect that's being swooped down upon by the bats that are in the New World Order.
We're a nation of prey.
We act like prey animals, like a bunch of gazelles out on the African savannah.
And we just sit there hoping we're not grabbed next.
We're like a school of minnows running away from the big 10-pound bass.
We weren't like this in the past.
Now we are.
And the cops are the same.
They'll take your children for no reason when there's not even a court order.
They'll bust down your door in the middle of the night looking for drugs the government shipped in to begin with.
They'll follow their orders.
They'll do whatever.
They'll cover up corruption.
They're just indicative of the society itself.
We're a society of 50 plus million abortions.
We're a society of not caring.
We're a society of evil.
And it's going to get worse.
And so you wonder how we can put up with all this police state and all this Orwellian stuff coming down.
We're a society where people can lay in roads bleeding to death and no one helps and they drive around your body as you flop around.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right.
If both guys debating fundamentally agree, is it really a debate?
If two candidates are as far apart as two fingers on your hand, where's the argument?
Where's the difference?
The Debate Commission is about to put two interchangeable candidates on national TV, and they're going to argue one thing.
How to keep the federal government growing bigger and bigger.
You think either candidate will vow to repeal the Patriot Act?
Or immediately end the Iraq occupation?
Which interchangeable candidate will say, let's downsize D.C.? ?
Come on.
Let's have a debate.
Include the other four candidates who qualified under the Constitution.
The ones who were on enough ballots to win 270 electoral votes.
Sound like a good idea?
Do something about it.
Log on to DownsizedDC.org.
Point and click your feelings to Congress, the Federal Election Commission, and the Bipartisan Debate Commission.
Tell them how you see it.
If we're going to have a debate, make it real.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
I want to get into the admittedly scripted debates down to the questions and the answers have been...
Carefully negotiated by the one-party system over the last 10 months.
They've been doing this for 16 years.
I'd say a decade yesterday.
It's actually since the 1986 debates.
We'll also take your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
We'll get into Mount St.
Helens acting very suspiciously right now.
Acting the same way it did before it blew up in 1980 and then had a smaller eruption in 1986.
So we'll be covering that, but...
I want to spend a few more minutes describing this phenomenon, an unheard of, an unknown phenomenon in the United States, in Canada, in England, in Germany, in Australia, in New Zealand, in the Western world, that's now a daily occurrence.
Every few weeks I see a news article about it.
And I guarantee you, I'm not seeing all the stories.
Where a cop is hit by a car and bleeds to death for 45 minutes in the middle of the road here in Austin, Texas on a street with literally 50, 60 cars going by a minute.
Where a woman is brutally raped and thrown out on the side of the street in Canada below high-rise buildings with hundreds of cars passing every few minutes and people stand in windows laughing at her.
Where a woman is bleeding to death in the middle of a London thoroughfare with side streets and people walking by in mass and they just drive around her body so self-centered that they wouldn't even pull over and help her.
It's incredible.
It's amazing.
I mean, I see these articles all the time where some old man gets stabbed to death in Chicago or New York or Houston and bleeds to death right there, and people don't even call the police.
I don't want to talk to the cops.
They're scary, and I don't want to get involved.
It's dangerous, and I've got other stuff to do.
We tell ourselves what a good society we are.
Oh, we're so good.
Folks, this is an illustration of the 500-pound gorilla that's on our back.
The 800-pound gorilla.
You know, the three-ton elephant shitting in our living room, shitting on us.
You know, we wonder how they're starting to deploy huge blimps with ground penetrating radar to look through our walls.
We wonder how they're building giant prisons up from 1.3 million to 7 million people in prison in the last nine years.
We wonder how we can have 50 plus million abortions.
We wonder how the Wall Street Journal can publish names of people begging for food and water that hospitals are openly killing.
We wonder how cloning can already be going on but the average person doesn't even know about it.
We wonder how the average high schooler can't tell you who the vice president is.
We wonder why the test scores are dropping.
We wonder why the feds are teaching police that homeschoolers are terrorists.
We wonder how they're putting video cameras in school bathrooms and police bathrooms and in corporate bathrooms.
This is Orwellian.
We wonder how the news gets up there and says it's the law, you've got to take vaccines to go to school when it's not the law.
We wonder how they get up on the news and say mercury is wholesome and nutritious and good for your brain.
Because we're a nation of spectators, totally self-centered, on average.
But we have this propaganda view because of the sicky sweetness of the media that we're all real good and we're all the best people on the planet and we all... I mean, how do my own Austinites drive by a cop bleeding to death in the middle of the street for 45 minutes?
I'm asking you the question.
I mean, hundreds and hundreds of cars during rush hour, passing the body, not caring, not getting involved.
Here's an example.
About a year and a half ago, I'm at La Madeline, you know, it's like fast food, French food.
And I'm sitting in there, and I'm sitting with my wife, and we're done eating.
And I say, I'm going to go to the bathroom.
We're going to leave.
So I go to wash my hands, leave, and I hear this big commotion, this freak out.
I come running back in, and there's this retarded woman, probably 35 years old, choking, turning blue, standing up, grabbing.
And I stand there while this crowd goes, Call 911!
Call 911!
What are we going to do?
And I go, give her the Heimlich Maneuver.
And I start trying to push my way in, and they go, Get out of the way!
Call 911!
Call the authorities!
Call our gods!
We can't do anything!
We're these little spineless jellyfish!
Now, they didn't say that, but, Call 911!
I try to push through the crowd.
Get back!
That's for the police!
I had to push through these women and men.
And I have to shove the woman's family aside who's standing there waving their arms, and I have to grab her to the Heimlich, and the second pull, a big wad of bread comes out of her throat, and she starts wheezing, and I just left.
But my point is, folks, is Sunday I stopped and helped a lady change attire.
Okay, and there were cars just passing her, and she was there trying to wave people, and, you know, I know people are in fear or whatever, but this church lady obviously wasn't some Al-Qaeda member about to kill me or something.
And I pulled over and helped her, and it was done in 15 minutes.
I'm not even that good of a person.
You understand?
I'm actually pretty mean, folks.
You know, if you're rude to me in line or something or do something, I'll get in your face.
I mean, I'm pretty aggressive.
But at the same time, I have an instinctive drive to, oh, let me change that person's tire.
Or, oh, let me try to help this person.
And I'm not that special of a person.
I remember being a child, and, you know, a mom getting a flat tire, and she not knowing how, and within a couple minutes of getting out and having the back of the trunk open, multiple trucks stopping, you know, with blue-collar workmen jumping out, let us help you, hey, folks, you get a flat tire now, people don't stop and help you.
Cops usually drive right past you.
Though I do see some police out changing tires, and God bless them.
But, it was, again, as a child, it was almost annoying...
Because my dad would stop for anybody.
And frankly, one time he stopped and tried to help some woman and she pulled a knife on him and he just laughed at her and got in his car and drove off and went to a pay phone and called the police.
So there is some danger in that and that's kind of been the excuse.
But the danger has always been there.
The crime isn't much higher now than it was 30 years ago.
It is higher than it was 40 years ago.
But so what?
But my point here is that we're a nation of individuals that will drive right by.
And, I mean, if I saw a cop, if I saw a woman, if I saw a man, if I saw whatever in the street, I would stop and help them.
And, I mean, it's not because I'm a good person.
It's just instinctive.
You know, I don't want to...
Get off into any macho discussions, but growing up in Dallas, for some reason during the 80s, it was a lot rougher in the early 90s.
It was a lot rougher than what I've seen in Austin, Texas.
But a lot of stuff happened.
I saw a lot of things develop.
I got involved in a few things.
In today's society, you're not supposed to do that.
So the mentality has changed.
And so the reason I'm spending so much time on this is this is an illustration to what we've become, to what we've turned into.
And how do we ever get this far down the rattle?
How did we turn into this?
So is the general public, I'd say the 70% of people,
That are afraid or lazy or self-centered who won't get involved even to help a woman bleeding to death or a police officer bleeding to death?
Do you think they're going to stand up against national ID cards?
Do you think they're going to stand up against surveillance blimps and drones?
Do you think they're going to stand up to cameras in the school bathrooms?
Do you think they're going to stand up when the government says your child must take the mandatory 25 vaccines next year it's going to be 30-something?
You think they'll even stand up and do the research and it's full of mercury and full of cancer viruses?
Do you think they're going to take the time to... No, they don't even care about their own children, folks.
They're so cowardly that they'll do whatever they're told.
But 30% of us is a pretty darn big group of folks.
And so now it's up to us to become more informed and then inform some of the other 70%.
Maybe we can resuscitate psychologically, spiritually, mentally another 20% of them.
We can win this fight.
I know there's a lot of good people out there.
I know the listeners of this broadcast are wonderful people.
Selfless people.
God-fearing, loving, compassionate people.
And if you read Conlan Lorenz about animal psychology and homo sapien psychology, we're a very aggressive species.
And our capacity...
To make war is matched by our capacity to love.
That's why we love dogs so much.
Dogs are very aggressive, very vicious.
You know, a hybrid of the wolf.
A derivation, actually, of a subspecies of, well, you know, the canine familiaris.
And these are vicious creatures with large teeth.
These are hunting creatures.
These are pack creatures.
Why do we love them so much?
Because they're very similar to us psychologically.
And they love us.
We love them.
Because in a pack mentality, you have to have a capacity to love so you don't savagely attack your own species.
Well, because we've become the dominant life form on this planet and dominated everything...
Now there's really nothing for us to prey on, so we've created a new predatory system where the public's been trained to be domesticated and stupid and mindless and prey animal oriented, where we run, we don't defend each other, and a subspecies, I argue we now have two separate species, and actually now a lot of simultaneously people are having these other thoughts, a lot of...
Behavioral psychologists are saying this.
A lot of sociologists are saying this.
A lot of people that study this are now saying this.
We actually have an elite that is a separate species.
And that's figurative, my friends.
But a definite separation.
And they are getting more advanced...
Educations, more advanced medications and medical care.
They've developed an entire separate strata of society, not just economically, but technologically, that's now getting wider and wider by the minute under the national security umbrella.
And they are feeding on us.
They have trained us to be mindless and uncaring and to not defend ourselves.
And when you read communist and Nazi doctrine, when you read...
Bernays PR, psychology, propaganda.
They openly say, when you read Department of Education documents from 40 years ago, the plan is to break up the family.
To have you not even defend your own family.
To not even have a community.
To not even know your neighbors.
And this is how they're going to get us.
And this is what they've done.
And this is what they do in China.
This is what they do in Russia.
This is what they're doing across the globe.
This is the model.
Well, we're all isolated like a bunch of gazelles or wildebeest on the savannah, and we don't even defend ourselves.
We don't even defend our youth.
We don't even defend our offspring.
The most basic...
Psychological, spiritual connections to defend the tribe have been neutralized, and no longer do we see our family as our tribe, our extended family as our tribe, our neighborhood as our tribe.
No longer do we see the person with the flat tire as our tribe, and the instinctive need to help them is gone.
Now it's being transmuted to the state.
And transmuted to the football game where we go into ritual combat and beat our spears and shields and paint ourselves up in war paint and scream and get drunken and have simulated warfare.
This has all been scientifically crafted and has been done to us.
And so they've siphoned off our true energies.
It's all crafted by 170 IQ eggheads.
And all you have to do is face it.
And to the eggheads out there, to the controllers who get this sardonic power trip off of, well, they're dumb anyways, Jones.
Why not just go ahead and join us?
I've been told this.
Well, do you see how stupid they are?
They have to be governed.
You're not just governing people.
You've created a feedback loop to dumb them down even further.
And you implant them with cancer and mercury and poisons.
And you're a bunch of trashy scum who don't have vision!
And who don't care about humanity!
And who are part of the predatory subspecies!
You make me sick!
And you will be defeated.
The human spirit will defeat you.
God will defeat you.
You are going down.
You scum.
And you know you're not happy.
You servants.
You high-level servants.
You know you hate yourself.
And you know no amount of money and power and sex will ever make you happy.
And you know you're not truly alive.
And I'm asking you to break your conditioning controllers.
I'm asking you to join us.
I'm asking you to stop feeding on your own species.
Mystery of woman left in busy road.
I mean, how these people can bleed to death and be in comas and just be out in the streets, no one caring about them, no one helping them.
What happened to us?
We're not even human!
We are not a cottontail rabbit in South Texas who, when it's young, is grabbed, doesn't fight, doesn't chase after the fox.
We are not a gazelle
You understand that?
We are not a sparrow being grabbed by an owl.
We stand on two legs.
We've got the big brains.
We're aggressive.
We're powerful.
We're dynamic.
We're intelligent.
We're creative.
We have a destiny!
To colonize the stars.
We have a destiny to be creators in God's image.
We have a destiny for greater things not to be a bunch of beer-swilling, football-watching morons who don't even care that their kids are out in the backyard smoking crack cocaine for the first time and that your daughter, who's 14 now, in three years is going to be in a topless bar being a prostitute on the side just so she can smoke the cocaine but the trashy government...
We're on it to begin with!
You don't even care about your children!
Your children won't rebel against you if you explain to them how the government's behind it all.
If you give them the big picture, they will shift into tribal think, and you will have your families back!
Activate your tribal energies now!
Activate your human defense mechanisms against the New World Order!
The cage is dropping!
The exterminations will begin within the next decade!
They're going to kill 80% of us!
All of you that are serving the globalists, you're going to be some of the first to go in the next wave of purges by your own masters.
Why have you served them?
Why have you denied it?
Why have you gone against humanity and the human spirit?
Why have you served the beast?
By the way, this new big RFID consortium is called The Mark.
That's the initials for their system, and they even call it the digital mark, which you'll have to have.
I mean, why are you serving it?
Why are you going along with it?
Why, many of you that call yourselves Christians, why are you going along with it?
All right, I've done a 50-minute rant.
We will come back and go to Robert and Mike and Dan and many, many others.
We'll get to calls, and there's no guests today.
I wanted to be able to take calls, but I just see these articles every few weeks where somebody bleeds to death or almost dies, or right here in Austin, you know, how anybody could drive by a cop dying in the street for 45 minutes.
I mean, just what in the world happened to you?
I'm talking to those of you out there that don't care about your family, your country, nothing.
Oh, at the superficial level, you wave a plastic slave flag made in China, but that doesn't cut it.
Break your conditioning.
You know what I'm telling you is true in your guts.
Get past your fear.
Fire up.
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Yeah, and part of this is, you know, we've expanded the government, the nanny state, to such giant proportions that people feel like, oh, it's the cop's job to help that person bleeding to death in the middle of the road.
It's not my job to get involved in government.
That's for the government to do.
And then when you don't care about your neighbors, and they don't care about you, you're enslaved.
I need to write a big detailed psychological article on this and then have a haul of shame on the website and I guess every week or so post these articles where people bleed to death in the middle of roads or are stabbed and aren't held for hours just to show this.
And then there's all this sicky sweet propaganda about how we're the most loving and how much we care so we all feel good about ourselves and how the government loves us and how it's going to take good care of us.
We'll go to Mike and Dan and...
Ed and Cindy and Paul and others.
We're going to get to all of you here, but I've got to plug my videos.
That's how we support what we're doing.
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They're very informative.
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All my videos.
A bunch of other great videos.
Let's go ahead and go to Mike in Illinois, who's been holding for eons.
Go ahead, Mike.
Hey, Alex.
It's great holding, because listening to you, you're ratting and raving.
I love it.
I mean, you're going to get angrier when I tell you this story.
I called yesterday, and you had a wonderful guest on, and I didn't want to plug too much into this, Alex, but for the last two years, I have two daughters in third and fourth grade.
I'm sorry, first and third grade?
Can you hear me, Alex?
Okay, I didn't know if I was on.
And basically, I had them in private school, and I lost my job, so I was forced to put them in a public school.
I did not want to do this.
The private school did not force the immunizations, and my youngest daughter, the first grader, is behind in her DPP shot, which I'm not going to get.
There's no law that you have to take the shots.
But the nurse, let me tell you what they did to my daughter.
They told me this on Wednesday because school started in the middle of August and they've had this information since August 2nd.
Instead of contacting me earlier, last Wednesday they gave me a note in my daughter's backpack stating if you don't have her immunizations up by Friday, your daughter can't come to school Monday.
Well, I tried to contact the school nurse.
She was out.
The nurse's aide was there and said, well, she can't come back to school unless she has them.
Well, I dropped my daughter off to school anyway on Monday.
Yeah, you need to sue them, sir.
They're trash.
They're evil.
And I have to be honest, you shouldn't have sent your daughter in there alone.
You should have gone in there.
You should have known this.
You should demand the waiver form.
They have it in the drawer.
If they refuse it, it's a violation of law.
Stay there.
Second hour straight ahead.
The predator is feeding on our children.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It is Tuesday.
It is already the 28th day of September 2004.
In the last hour, I detailed another mainstream news article about a woman in the middle of a major thoroughfare with side streets, pedestrians everywhere, bleeding all over the place, hit by a car or mug.
They're still not sure.
She's still unconscious in a coma.
And it was caught on surveillance camera, but no one was there to help her.
No one stopped and helped her.
I see these articles all the time in the U.S.
and England and Canada.
It shows what we've turned into as a population.
We could care less about our fellow man.
When we have that attitude, nobody else cares about us.
You reap what you sow, what comes around goes around, as they say.
We're talking to Mike in Illinois, and they keep telling him his first-grade daughter has to have the vaccines to go to school.
Of course, there's no law they have to do that.
They all have the waiver in the school nurse's drawer.
They know that.
He kept telling them that, so he dropped his daughter off.
They called him back an hour and a half later.
She was there in the background crying.
He went in and blew up at them.
And continuing with your story, Mike.
Yeah, Alex, so basically when I went in there, the principal was out to lunch.
Well, that was the nurse's aide.
I think so.
I think so.
You know, it has to be for religious beliefs, but it can't be the fact that they're pointing at us.
They knew that day one, and they tried to intimidate you because they get thousands of dollars, thousands of dollars per student.
A large portion of their funding is tied to the vaccinations.
That's going to be tied to the other mandatory medical stuff, the New Freedom Initiative, which is also going to be for adults starting in Illinois, and that's been in the mainstream news.
But again, bottom line, sir, this is the system.
They make you lose your job, or you've got to go get other jobs, or you can't have them in private school.
This is another reason to bring the economy down, to force us all into government jobs, to force us into the new Domestic Service Act, where we'll all have to serve the government.
This is the new system.
It's disgusting, Alex, and I'll tell you one other thing.
My same daughter, and Alex, you've got to understand, I was ignorant to the fact, I started listening to your show,
Three and a half years ago, about six months before 9-11, I discovered your show.
So what I did prior to that was sheer ignorance.
But that same daughter, a few months before I started listening to you, Alex, before I became knowledgeable, I had her receive the chickenpox vaccine.
And I will tell you and all your listeners, my daughter has gotten chickenpox eight times.
Deaths from hepatitis have increased since they started giving the shots.
Major medical report, deaths of meningitis have increased since they started the shots, directly linked.
Muscular sclerosis, you're almost four times more likely to get it if you take the hepatitis B shot.
This is all mainstream.
They've increased the mercury.
They haven't removed the mercury.
Now they say it's nutritious for you.
We even have that newscast.
This is what they're doing.
And you know what they're doing?
And I'm not saying the average nurse is evil.
They're just idiots who are uninformed.
Go ahead.
Well, I just want to say that you know what they're doing, Alex?
My father came here in the early 1950s from Europe, and they went through you with a fine-tooth comb when you were coming in for immigration.
Now they let everybody in, but see, that's part of their plan, Alex, in my opinion.
They let all the third-world people in here from India, Pakistan, and Mexico that have a lot of diseases, and they don't sift through them, so they're going to use that as an excuse.
They have tuberculosis that is untreatable.
And they put them in school with your children,
We'll be right back.
Thanks for the call, Mike.
We'll talk to Dan and Ed and Cindy and Paul and others.
Stay with us.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
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There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
If you want to understand what the New World Order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
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That's 888-253-3139.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
It's very frustrating for me because I know some of our stations don't carry the first hour, and they missed how I went over this history of police being hit by cars, bleeding to death in front of hundreds of people, no one helping them, old ladies, women,
A new article on this today.
Cars literally driving around their bodies in the street in London.
People being raped, beaten half to death on the side of the road, no one helping them.
This is the type of stuff I see routinely, and it's such a good illustration of how we're compartmentalized, how we're spectators, how we're not involved, and how we have this atmosphere of not getting involved and only caring about ourselves, and how people think that that makes them get ahead, whereas in reality, then nobody cares about anybody else, and the society falls apart.
And I did really about a 45-minute rant on that, but...
I guess we'll just have to post it on the website for folks that weren't able to hear it because it was very, very important.
We'll get more into this.
We'll also get into the new national ID card.
Two bills introduced that look like they're probably going to pass to give you a total national ID card.
You'll have to have it to have a job.
You'll be given a terror rating, all citizens will, just like the no-fly list.
Apply Digital Solutions signs a deal with the Air Force.
With the loving microchips.
Pregnant woman arrested for talking too loudly on cell phone.
And again, fears of national ID card with driver's license.
Republican David Dreyer introduces national ID card legislation.
Patriot Act II also reintroduced.
We will then get into officials in New York City plan an adult curfew.
First, it was 21 years of age, and it's going to be adults.
Places like Cloverport, Kentucky have had curfews for five years.
And Sergeant in Iraq, who wrote a critical article, could be charged with insubordination.
We first brought Al Rents to PrisonPlanet.com two years ago.
Started writing for LewRockwell.com and wrote an article about why we can't win, going into how it's actually a globalist master plan.
I want to get into that.
Also, Clintonista suggests U.S.
wage war on Iran.
This is from Newsmax.
Another article here, this time out of The Age.
And there's another report here out of The Register.
The end of the Internet is nigh.
Two weeks ago it was Forbes magazine.
The end of the Internet is near.
And this article, the end of the Internet is nigh.
Openly now announcing to you what they're going to do, how they're going to shut it down openly.
Dolly Scientist Human Clone Bid.
This is a serious clone scientist.
Wants to go ahead with cloning.
That's BBC.
ABC News.
One or two earthquakes a minute in Washington State.
Mount St.
Helens acting just like it did before it blew up in 1980.
Oil prices go above $50.
A 5047 a barrel.
And another article here.
Social Security proposal for Mexico ruffles feathers.
We'll be going over all of that and a lot more.
But right now, let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Dan in Massachusetts.
You're on the air, Dan.
Go ahead.
Thanks for taking my call.
Hi, Alex.
Thank you.
A couple weeks ago, I called in, and you graciously let me read a little bit of Patrick Penney's speech.
And I just loved what you said after I hung up, that basically violence wasn't the answer.
And I 100% agree with that.
I don't think violence is the answer to the problems that we're facing.
Let me clarify my opinion on this.
Offensive violence is not the answer.
Defensive defense to the hilt is a prerequisite.
If they continue, if they drive forward, try to put people in camps, defend yourselves.
I agree with that.
I was just going to say that I consider the struggle that we're in right now
Kind of similar to the civil rights struggle and what Martin Luther King stood for.
He preached non-violent civil disobedience.
I kind of look at you as sort of like the new Martin Luther King.
I know when you don't like that people stroke your ego or anything like that, but that's kind of how I see it.
Well, that's because we have this globalist imprinted psychology of looking for the leader.
What we need is for all of us to be leaders in our own areas.
Yes, and I'm trying to do that right now.
I'm actually going to be starting my own website and everything here pretty soon, and I want to start trying to be a leader.
And just about the thing about the women on the side of the road and stuff like that, I don't know if it's just in the bigger cities that this kind of stuff is going on more, because when I was living in Iowa just last winter, I know stories of several people that
Actually, people would pull over.
My girlfriend, she went into a ditch in the wintertime, and so she was kind of stuck in the ditch in the snow.
A guy pulled over, actually pushed her car out of the ditch back onto the road, and then she continued driving.
It was just this really nice guy that pulled over and helped her.
Let me try to break that down.
I actually went over this in the last hour.
Yes, it is the bigger cities where people are not in contact with the earth, with the elements, with reality.
People who live off cable TV and football games and beer and are self-centered, they see the government as their mommy and daddy.
Farmers, ranchers, workers, blue-collar people, I have found on average,
Are much better than what I call the yuppies.
But yuppies is a young white urban professional.
You've got the black yuppies, the Hispanic yuppies, they're all the same.
The Asian yuppies, they're all self-centered, and they're not in reality.
Somebody in the countryside or somebody up in a frozen Arctic landscape who lives through that every year instinctively has slid off the road themselves.
They have been helped before, and so they know you reap what you sow.
They're in the instinctive helping mode.
And I'm saying that the instinctive helping mode...
That tribal mode is being engineered and misdirected out of the general population.
So yes, it is the big urban centers where you see this dehumanization most accentuated.
The people in the country aren't as good as they once were, but they're still light years better than the people in the cities.
Yeah, here in Boston during rush hour traffic, it was bumper to bumper the other day and I was coming home
And people will drive on the shoulder.
They'll actually go over onto the shoulder and start driving along the shoulder just to get ahead.
And there was somebody broken down over in the shoulder.
Somebody was trying to drive up the shoulder, comes to the person who's stalled over on the side with a broken car, and they start honking at him.
Like, what are you doing with a broken down car?
I mean, I couldn't believe it.
There was somebody actually honking at this person
Like, as if they were doing something wrong.
Well, they see the police do this, driving like maniacs, almost hitting me at least once a month, pulling up behind you on some thoroughfare, trying to get around you.
Maybe they're going to a bank robbery.
But they see that and try to mimic it.
Yeah, I just couldn't believe that, though.
I mean, I was just like...
No, I hear what you're saying, but I talked about my father.
He grew up on a farm and a ranch, getting up at 4 a.m.
every day, and so you see that rural, more natural humanity where he constantly pulls over and helps people and loves to fix stuff and loves to work.
And I look at myself, I'm not half the man my father is when it comes to ingenuity and a drive and enjoyment of work.
We've become these lazy couch potatoes.
And I'm much better than the general public.
So it's getting worse and worse and worse.
Thanks for the call.
And it's a key area to understand the apathy that comes to government.
I mean, if the general public won't pull over and help a cop who bleeds to death on the side of a thoroughfare in Austin, Texas, in the middle of the road...
Then those people aren't going to care about their children either.
I mean, the general public is cowardly and afraid.
200 years ago, we had the opposite of that.
People weren't afraid of death.
They embraced it.
You only live 37 years on average.
If somebody was rude to you, you'd say, I am offended.
And let's go out in the street and let's duel.
And so people were very polite.
People were ready to line up and fight it out to the death over issues.
But all they talked about was our children, our forefathers.
We're part of this stream of humanity.
We're part of something larger.
What we stand for is everything.
And let me tell you, that is a great strength.
I feel the eons of humanity behind me and before me.
I feel that stream of sacrifice.
I feel that debt I have to the future and the past.
And I know I'm on the side of humanity and our basic encoding.
Against this dehumanization, and it's empowering, and the fear of the New World Order and what they may do to me totally leaves me, and even facing adversity, facing what may come in the future, is actually empowering, and as the Bible says, through our suffering, through our persecution, we become stronger.
The Spirit of the Lord is then amongst us.
And so if you have fear...
I live in a country now, 20 years ago, in Philadelphia.
There's a gigantic bridge called the Betty Ross.
It's like an eight-lane bridge going across the Delaware River.
I used to walk my dog down there, and when the tide would go out, there was tombstones in the river.
And I went on the internet, and I found out that in the big cities, they're getting the old cemeteries, they're using the tombstones for landfill, taking the bodies and putting them in a common grave out in the suburbs.
That's where our culture has gone.
It is.
No, it's another good point you've made.
We have to look at the real face of America.
Even when you're dead, they're going to... Maybe, you know, because of the value of land in big cities, you're not safe.
They're going to dig you up in 100 years or 50 years and put a Walmart there or something, you know?
Throw you in a common grave somewhere.
If they win, my friend, there's not going to be Walmarts in 50 years.
There's going to be shaved heads...
We're going to be wearing one-piece gray outfits, marching around THX 1138.
That's the plan.
Thank you, Alex.
Good points.
Thanks for the call, Ed.
Cindy and Paul and Ron and others, you're up next.
And the websites are Infowars.com and presentplanet.tv.
We've now relaunched Infowars.net.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Alright, I'm going to keep taking calls, but I'm going to blitz through a bunch of news.
Really important stuff here in a few minutes.
Let's go ahead now and go to Cindy in California.
Go ahead, Cindy.
Hi, Alex.
I'm the banker that called about a week ago.
We just had an earthquake while you were on, so it was pretty exciting.
Oh, really?
You just had an earthquake where?
In Salinas, California.
It was a pretty big one.
Oh, really?
They're having earthquakes every two minutes up at Mount St.
Excuse me, two earthquakes every minute at Mount St.
The reason I'm calling is about the national ID card and the draft.
The national ID card, I want to know how we can refuse it, if that is possible, and also the draft.
We have a daughter who's not quite 20 yet, and we're not going to let her go.
Well, the big bill, the National Compulsory Service Act, says men and women, you're all going to have to serve 18 to 26.
They've got other bills that are 18 to 49.
And it says there's no draft deferments for college, no nothing.
I guess you better give a lot of money to some politicians so they can get put in the Silver Spoon Brigade.
I'm being sarcastic.
The only money I would give would be to you, not to them.
No, I was being sarcastic.
I don't want to be a serious issue for you.
I apologize.
I was just alluding to Bush.
What I would have to say on that subject is, when they do the draft after the big terror attacks they're going to stage, they're going to arrest people and prominently prosecute them that refuse to be drafted.
Though, that'll be one out of a thousand that refuse.
So it's all color of law.
But with the new national ID card, see, if you're not serving or you don't follow orders, they'll just turn it off.
And they're going to demand you swipe that card.
It'll start with the, quote, national sales tax.
You can, quote, track how much sales tax you're paying and decide if you have to pay sales tax according to your income.
Then they're going to make you have that card.
So that's another reason they're going to have that card.
So the two, the draft and the card, tie together.
The official plan for the national ID card is you'll have to have a job, to own a car, to do anything.
What if you're in a job already and you...
Is there a way to avoid getting that card?
I wonder if all Americans should just go get a matricular card.
Well, folks have actually been doing that, and then they selectively prosecute citizens if you're white, black, Hispanic, or Asian.
But if you're a foreigner, it's all selectively enforced.
I just want to get to a banking story, too, about the claiming your income above the 10K mark.
I had a Hispanic customer who was very angry that I was going to report that to the government, and I told him, sir, I have to.
Now again, anybody that puts over $10,000, and I've read $5,000,
Go sell a car, whatever.
A form, a suspicious transaction form, is filled out and sent.
No judge, no judge, no jury, no Fifth Amendment, no Fourth Amendment.
This is our freedom.
I'm going to tell you how it works.
I'm not going to give a last name or anything.
A penny over $10,000, a report will be filed.
If you purchase a check with over $3,000 cash, a report will be filed.
You change your mind.
In the middle of the transaction, you'll be having a suspicious transaction report filed.
I'm just giving heads up to the American people so they know how the system works.
Now, they wanted to do this before 9-11 and tried to codify it and put it in, but they really did it after 9-11.
It has nothing to do with 9-11.
Type in Patriot Act compliance into a search engine, tens of thousands of links, everyone spying on you, all the big companies, everything you buy, everything you do.
But there at the bank, was this going on in your bank before 9-11 or did it accelerate after 9-11?
It was going on before 9-11.
As more concerned people wanted to fill in cash,
It's making it harder and harder for them to do so.
Yeah, Know Your Customer Act.
That's right.
Which supposedly was defeated, everybody heard, but it never was.
Oh, no.
And when you sign up for a bank account, you sign a legal contract that waives your rights.
That's why there's no judge, no jury, no indictment, no charge, but the state agency, city, county, federal can just take your bank accounts.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you for the call.
Oh, ma'am, are you still there?
How often do they come into your bank and grab people's accounts?
I have not seen that happen yet.
But again, I don't even think you're watching that.
I mean, are you?
Tell you what, stay there.
I want to talk about this with you because, I mean, I talk to my banker.
Stay there.
It happens all the time.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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It's powerful stuff.
By the way, I mean, if you think I'm joking that to have a job you'll have to have the national ID card, I told you about it years ago.
I saw Ridge say it, taped it.
It's now been introduced.
You'll all be color-coded.
If you've got bad credit, you'll have to go sign up with the government to work at one of their approved corporations.
Then they'll, quote, take the profits from that and pay off your debts.
That's just one of the things they're going to do.
You'll swipe your card because we can't have the poor people paying the new national sales tax.
So make sure you're who you say you are and pay your graduated sales tax, to be fair.
Everything will be tracked and traced and controlled, and they're already putting in the self-search checkout lanes.
And then you go into some of these places now, and there's nobody there to check you out.
You have to use them.
The next phase is some areas now putting in thumb scanners with it to, quote, authenticate, to make sure you're not using a stolen credit card.
It goes on and on and on and on.
Nothing to do with terrorism.
All set up before 9-11.
It was just waiting.
Like the offensive line and the quarterback and the linebackers and the tight ends.
All set up.
They were lined up.
And on 9-11, they said, hut, hut, hut.
And they did it to you.
They pulled their New World Order scam.
Talking to Cindy in California.
Cindy, I guess then you're not looking at the people's bank accounts as the IRS and others come in and freeze the bank accounts and grab them.
Because that happens at banks every day.
That's probably done internally.
Yeah, internally.
They're dealing with the person, I understand.
I'd also like to say about the identification system, we have a department where we call for help on questions that we cannot answer at the branch level.
And before we were able to say whether we wanted this done or not, they took a voice print of our voice.
I complained about a year ago when that happened.
We called in and
They asked for your employee ID number.
You give that and they said your voice print and identity have been matched.
And we never allowed them to do that.
They went ahead and did that without our permission.
Once that's done, it's irreplaceable.
It's already been voice printed.
That's what all of this is doing.
Thanks for the call.
Again, we have a nation of people, a large portion of the population,
Here in Austin, Texas, hundreds and hundreds of cars, the news said for 45 minutes, on a major side street right by an apartment complex and a gas station, drove by a cop who was hit out in traffic who died.
And every week or two I see an article where some woman's raped and beaten half to death or dead laying in the middle of the road, over the yellow lines, and cars just drive around them.
You think those people are going to stand up and fight a National ID card or fight people being put in camps?
The news is openly saying camps are good.
Getting everybody ready.
That's why those of us that are active, that are involved, that do care, have to get involved.
It's just that simple.
Let's take a few more calls here.
Let's talk to Paul in Delaware, then Ron, Fred, and others.
Go ahead.
You're on the air, Paul.
Yeah, Alex.
I'm calling because I need you to give me some assistance right now.
I called up
Yes, we're good.
You know what, let me just stop you for just a second, because we've had an adversarial relationship, and I don't do... Sir, what do you think?
Put him on hold, because I'm just not going to... The guy's been calling for months, mad at me, and then now he's claiming something.
Just call the number, and if you want your $12 back, sir, we'll give it back to you.
Okay, if there's a problem, we'll do that.
But I cannot sit here, you know, every couple months somebody calls on the air and says, hey, my tape was broken, will you send me a new one?
I go, yeah, call this number and do it.
It's a very small operation.
You're calling up angry about a book or something, and I'll tell you what, you just keep the book or whatever went on, and then we'll just refund whatever.
I just cannot deal with this here on the air, sir.
I mean, there's just certain things I'm not going to...
It's funny, you call every week and you're mad at me, and I won't talk about how we didn't go to the moon and all this stuff, which I do intend to have some guests on about that when we're out of the election, and now suddenly you're mad about something else, so I'm just not going to do it, sir.
You're pretty upset here over $12, so I don't know what's going on, but we'll handle it.
Okay, let's go ahead now and talk to Ron in Oklahoma.
Ron, you're on the air.
Reverend Jones.
Yes, sir.
I'm not sure if I'm just apathy, but
When you report a crime to our black-suited Wafen SS and their little Pontiac Grand Ams, or even your local police, they're likely to have their crooked finger of the law pointed at you, and they're going to investigate you and look at you from now on.
You're going to be in their files.
And if they can't find anything against you, they're going to frame you.
Look at Richard Jewell.
Look at the guy the FBI's been trying to nail on the answer.
For those that don't know who Richard Jewell is or don't remember, why don't you tell them about it?
Richard Jewell was the security guard who found the bomb at the Olympics in Atlanta.
He tried to do his job to help to protect the people, and what happened?
The FBI goes after him, ruins his life, pretty much destroys the guy, harasses him to death, and finally, finally then, what, two years later or three, they come back and say, well, we were wrong.
After completely destroying the guy.
Alex, I think he would have been better off to have offered to hold the bomber's coat and just kept his mouth shut and gone on.
This is ridiculous the way they... Well, the BATF clearly was behind that Olympic Park bombing to get more funding.
They were seen, a BATF officer was seen leaving the bomb.
And they didn't like what Richard Jewell was telling them, so they tried to frame him, later admitted that was fake.
Now they're off trying to claim that it was the guy who supposedly has done everything.
And, you know, so they're always moving on to new people.
It's like this Hatfield...
Government agent microbiologist clearly isn't guilty.
They're trying to blame him, claiming he produced the most weaponized anthrax ever known on the planet in a bathtub at his house or something.
You know, they're out dredging ponds looking for buckets when it's the patented super U.S.
system that takes a giant, you know, factory-sized building to manufacture.
I mean, they never stop.
Well, Alex, you know, we've got these affirmative actions colored by the number of feds and even our local cops.
And like I say, if they ever get you in their sights, I'm not sure that, like I say, that it's actually so much apathy.
Maybe the people in Austin were afraid that if they stopped to help that cop, they would have been accused of running over.
That's the mentality of this world today.
It's really sad.
Well, no, I mean, that's what I've read about somebody stabbed to death out on the street or bleeding to death.
I mean, it happens all the time, and nobody helps them, even in nice neighborhoods.
Well, I didn't want to get involved.
I was afraid.
Well, they're going to accuse you.
Well, that's just the way it is.
I'd have to help somebody.
Well, I understand.
I know where you're coming from, but I suspect that's part of the problem.
Hey, Ron, you've called before.
What's been your experience with my videos and materials?
Alex, at first, I had a lot of trouble.
People thought I was crazier, too.
But gradually, and the most gratifying part of this, Alex, is people that I gave your videos to in the past,
Who would tell me that possibly on a holiday weekend that we had NASCAR and football two days couldn't be any better.
Now every time I see these people, they're talking politics.
They want to know what's going on.
What have I heard?
They're hungry for information, Alex.
They're waking up left and right.
And this is the most gratifying part.
These people who are NASCAR crazy or...
OSU football is crazy.
It's been said here in Oklahoma that if whoever blew up the federal building and wanted to hurt the state, they would have blown up Owen Field, because that's all people of Oklahoma think about anyway, is football.
I know you've been calling for years, and you said that last time I talked to you a few months ago, you said it was having a really big effect there in Oklahoma.
It's starting to make a difference, Alex.
Like I say, people are starting to wake up, and they're becoming more interested.
This is what's gratifying to me.
Joe Sixpack, who couldn't think about anything except his beer and his football game or his NASCAR race, is starting to pay attention to politics.
And now they say, hey, I saw this on the History Channel, or I saw this on the Discovery Channel.
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
They are becoming aware of the real world.
Well, really, I think one of the tactics of the globalists has backfired on them.
I think?
Alex, after the bombing here, people of Oklahoma City, the ones I talked to, were so brainwashed that they would... could not admit or did not believe that there could be any cover-up whatsoever, anything wrong.
Alex, after the bombing, my sister-in-law is a photographer and my brother had taken pictures of the Murrow building and blah, blah, blah.
So I finally went down to look...
Look at the building and see what was going on.
And I was talking to this couple, apparently tourists, who were looking at the building also, and telling them that the whole thing didn't add up.
Didn't make sense to me.
The fact that somebody as smart as McVeigh, who had put this whole thing together, and was driving through town without a tag,
And yet when the cops stopped him, he doesn't shoot the cops, he says, I've got a gun.
The whole thing didn't add up to me.
And then he starts, according to the Daily Oklahoman, stumbling around going, they got me, I got a chip, make them stop.
Now understand, a fuel oil bomb like this is so deadly, they're surprised he could even drive it a few miles without it blowing up on its own.
It's so volatile.
He does all this with total precision, and then he's literally foaming at the mouth, crawling around saying, I've got chips.
Well, let me finish.
But also, Alex, while I'm talking to this couple, this is apparently some kind of law enforcement officer, a slender guy in a gray suit wearing this button that says OSU Alumni, walks up and he's listening to our conversation and wants to know what's going on.
Well, within the next few days,
I guess it goes back to the old Japanese principle of knocking down the nail that sticks up its head.
They don't want people talking about it, especially here, because if the truth comes out in Oklahoma City...
Then the whole thing comes apart, all unraveled.
We've interviewed police officers that did the investigations who were there.
They killed cops, you name it, who blew the whistle about it.
And that's why road to tyranny is so important.
I appreciate your call, Ron.
And we're about to, I'm going to give you some news, then I'll get to Fred and everybody else that's patiently holding.
We've got a lot of news I need to cover here.
And Ron, who called earlier, Ron, if you can get through during the break, I'll talk to you during the break.
I really can't conduct a show doing occasional customer service because I'm not in front of it.
I can't do anything for you, but I'll write down your name and number and try to call you back.
I get a lot of calls where you're mad at me and stuff.
It seems for no reason.
In the past, now you're mad about something like this.
I just did the whole tone.
I can't do that on air.
I'm sorry.
But you're welcome to call back in.
I'll talk to you during the break.
Which a lot of callers want to talk to me about other stuff in the break.
They're taking my children.
They're taking my ranch.
I can't usually do that, but I'll talk to you during the break and find out why you're so angry.
Other than that, my films are excellent.
We now use UPS.
It costs more.
People don't like USPS.
Maybe one out of 20 packages got lost with USPS, the postal service.
Maybe one out of 100 gets lost now with UPS.
We're very happy with them.
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These are powerful films.
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I want you to get 9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
I beg you to get Police State 2000 and Police State to the Takeover and Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
We're good to go.
First and foremost, it's about getting the information out.
That's why I do what I do, and I want to thank all of you that have gotten the films, that have made copies, that have gotten them out to opinion makers in your area, like Ron has done in Oklahoma City.
Ron has handed out hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of copies, and God bless him.
He's having a big effect.
My friends, I've made 11 films.
I've written a book.
I've published a book.
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Or again, write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
And of course, there's PrisonPlanet.tv as well, where we have all of my videos, a bunch of other great people's videos that have authorized us to post them, like George Humphrey and Eric Huffschmidt and Anthony J. Hiller's new 9-11 film.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
When we get back, I'm going to hold off on calls just for a little while for all those that are holding because I want to get to officials plan New York City curfew.
Pregnant woman arrested for talking too loud.
Fallujah takes more U.S.
Gas prices go over $50 a barrel.
The new national ID card.
I think we're good to go.
They're going to switch over to Internet 2, where they decide if you get a website, and they decide if you can be online, and where they tax you and charge you to send email.
Very serious information.
Even if you're not on the Internet, we're using the Internet as our number one weapon against the New World War right now, just to document their lies, just to chronicle what they're up to.
And so we'll get into that and a lot more, plus what's happening with Mount St.
One or two earthquakes a minute.
In Washington, that's the headline, ABC News.
And just a lot more.
Got an hour and nine minutes left.
It's 51 minutes into this second hour.
We'll be right back.
Please stay with us.
And we'll have more information, your calls, and an update on the First Amendment situation here in Austin, Texas.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2 The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Welcome back, my friends.
Chronicling the criminal activities of the New World Order.
Two weeks ago, Forbes Magazine had a headline stating that the end is near for the Internet.
And it went on to say, oh, the hubs that it switches through owned by these five big companies and universities because they can't handle the traffic and they're not going to update the systems and they're going to make you go over to this new Internet 2 system where they control what you can say and do.
Internet 2 is actually meeting yesterday, today, and tomorrow here at UT in Austin, Texas.
I suggest listeners get over there and witness all of what's happening.
So they're just not going to update the internet switching hubs.
There's plenty of bandwidth, plenty of servers, plenty of pipe, as they say.
But they control the switching and the backbone of it.
They're just not going to update it.
They're going to make you go to internet too.
And here's another article out of the Register.
September 28th today.
The end of the internet is nigh.
Here's another flashback to Internet 2, what acts as a security buffer for the World Wide Web.
It's another thing they'll track and trace.
BT's Graham Whitehead has told the Irish Internet Association, Congress, that the Internet is dying, but that the future of broadband and network technology is bright.
In a keynote speech during proceedings at Clough Taff Castle, Dublin, BT exec's principal consultant said that the anarchic...
So it's evil.
And hazardous nature of the public internet meant that the companies were now constructing supervised private IP networks.
These private networks would be able to handle the amount of traffic that would be generated when broadband was ubiquitous.
Phone networks were IP-based and common household objects had their own IP addresses.
So it's going to be this new private corporate government system that will track and trace everything you do.
And all the new systems will be geared for it, and the old Internet is not going to be upgraded.
It's going to be allowed to die.
They openly say it.
Quote, the Internet is dead or dying.
It is full of viruses, worms, and porn.
You have to wear a Kevlar suit.
No, you don't.
Before you go online, he said, BT is creating a private network which will be joined to other private networks to which we'll add voice over IP.
And he goes on to say that it's just over and the net is gone and just forget it and they're not going to update the 80 hubs that it goes through or the 5 IP address switcher systems.
And they're just not going to, you know, it's like you've got a road and they're not going to add more lanes to it.
They're going to build a new road right next to it and then actually tear up the other road and make you pay to go on their toll road.
There's the analogy and the article goes on and on.
And it's going to be just like China where they have their private governmental internet and to have a website you'll have to be a sub-website in one of the private corporate bodies under governmental control or through one of the universities.
They just say right here.
He predicted the future where washing machines, TVs, security systems, and other electronically controlled systems would be all networked, controlled, and maintained by a virtual domestic supervisor.
Ah, tracking you.
He even predicted the low-cost household items such as tins of beans would also have their own individual IP addresses.
Yeah, RFID tracker chips.
Using the IPv6 protocol.
This will allow intelligent supermarket shelves to order additional stock for you before you even go in.
See, this is what Microsoft's going to everybody.
And so, everything will be retrofitted for the new net, and then the old net, they'll just upgrade and will not upgrade the old net and upgrade the new net.
That's the plan publicly, folks!
You better fight this Internet too now and demand that these companies that are sitting on top of the switchers and the hubs update these or that they give it to other private companies that want to be paid to do this.
It's absolutely incredible.
All right.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with the third hour with more news on Mount St.
The new National Super ID Card and Super Patriot Act 2.
And your calls, it's all coming up.
Mainstream Media.
Big Brother.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time, we're here live.
Then, of course, back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
We also just don't go out on the AM and FM dial.
We simulcast from Global Shortwave during the day at 94.75, all three hours.
And then from 9 to midnight at 32.10, you can always listen as well at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or TV.
I just got into the register out of England being more honest with a government official saying the Internet is dead or dying, that they're not going to upgrade it.
They're going to force you onto the new governmentally controlled but privately owned Internet 2.
Where they will decide if you have a website, what you can do, everything.
They're going to text and trace you.
And they even say everything in your home will be controlled by this.
You want your TV to work, anything, it's all going to have connectivity to this and be controlled.
And it even admits it will order your groceries for you, watch you, track you, everything.
Very, very serious.
We're going to go to Fred and David and Socorro and Michael and
Kyle and many, many others coming up here, but I need to go through some other news as well.
So please stay with us.
Again, Patriot Act II, the final piece of the police state puzzle ready.
And American Free Press has got an article on this.
They introduced it last Friday as the new 9-11 bill.
And it does have the national ID card in it as well.
It will allow them to strip citizenship of native-born Americans and deport them to camps.
I reported on Patriot Act II over a year ago, but here it is out in the open.
National DNA databases, everything tracked and traced, you buy and sell.
Much worse than Patriot Act I and a national ID card.
Very, very scary.
And as if that isn't enough, Republican David Dreyer introduces another national ID card legislation.
You don't have to have this to have a job.
It has nothing to do with illegal aliens.
The government accepts their matricular card, which you can basically get out of a Cracker Jack box.
So we'll get into that.
Also, pregnant woman arrested for talking too loudly on cell phone.
Applied Digital Unit gets Air Force deal.
The Planet Microchip Maker gets a huge deal.
The U.S.
Air Force, Forbes Magazine.
I've talked a lot in the last two hours about this phenomenon of people being hit by cars.
Women, men, cops.
Bleeding to death or injured in front of people for hours sometimes.
No one helps them.
This is the sick mentality we've now got.
And I wish folks would have heard some of you that missed the first hour where I detailed the psychology of slaves where we don't even help our fellow man.
This is exactly what the New World Order wants.
Also officials plan New York City curfew in New York.
First they raise it to 21 and then apply to everyone without a national ID card and a security threat rating above green.
So we'll be getting into that article as well.
But first, I want to get into several articles that are just massive, massive import.
First off, Clintonista suggests U.S.
wage war on Iran.
This is from Newsmax.
But Bush is good and conservative when he's for going to war with Iran.
Something burning deep in a wire story today caught our eye.
A former Clinton administration official asserting that the United States might have to start a war with Iran.
Nuclear Iran?
Imagine the uproar of an official of the Bush administration or any other Republican administration suggesting such a thing.
Cliff Kupchan, Vice President of Nixon Center and Clinton's former expert on Tehran, said that if diplomacy fails, there might be no choice but for the United States to lead a concerted military campaign against Iran, the Associated Press reported.
Cup Chan said if the U.S.
moves aggressively, it won't be sanctions.
It will be coalition of the willing.
Where have we heard that phrase before?
So the neocons go, oh, look, the liberals are for it.
Well, of course they are.
Carrie's for the war.
It's a joke.
We'll be back and get into Mount St.
Helens and her rumblings and much more.
Stay with us.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome back.
Continuing with the news.
Dolly scientist human clone bit.
ABC, the scientist who cloned Dolly the sheep
Have formally applied for a license to clone human embryos to find a cure for motor neuron disease.
Now, the reason this is serious is because these are real scientists.
It's not the Raelian kooks or somebody else.
If granted, Professor Ian Wilmott's team at Edinburgh's Roslin Institute would clone cells from MND patients to see how the illness develops in an embryo.
So torturing babies now.
The licensing body, the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority, granted a similar license in August.
So they're going to grow these clones up to a larger size.
Now, just a few months ago, Pennsylvania and now other states, California, have passed laws, and we've read the laws here on air, where they can keep clones alive up until birth and then after birth.
Literally keeping them alive for body parts and tests of fully formed babies.
Now you can debate, do they have souls?
Are they human?
I tend to argue yes.
And it's just racing ahead.
I remember seven years ago on the radio reading a BBC article where it said,
Human embryos cloned.
Humans cloned.
And it said, secretly, four years ago, so I guess that's 11 years ago now, because that was seven years ago, and they said secretly four years ago, so that would be 11 years total, a British government in a program successfully cloned human embryos.
Well, that's a human.
So they admit that cloning was going on 11 years ago.
It's just like the National ID card.
In the mid-1990s, most states had already adopted it.
Texas had it in 1993.
A federally issued, monitored, controlled state driver's license or ID that is federal.
And it's biometric.
And then now they're announcing, ooh, guess what?
The states already have these and now we're going to make it the law.
They do it!
Have it in place and then announce it.
It's, you know, five, six years after black boxes are in your cars to track and trace you.
They announce, oh, guess what?
There's black boxes in your cars.
Ooh, they even have plug-ins for a $25 satellite tracking system.
We're going to start taxing you with it.
The licensing body, the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority, granted a similar license in August.
The application has provoked criticism from pro-life campaigners.
Therapeutic cloning for research has been legal in the UK since 2001.
All these conservatives, supposed conservatives, hail Bush as this wonderful person, you know, far right of Ronald Reagan, why, he's against stem cell research and human cloning.
And then Bush's wife got up there and shook her finger and said, no we're not, we're funding five billion dollars!
For cloning research and stem cell.
It's just you can't make money from it.
Well, what does that mean?
I mean, the government gives some private company a $300 million grant to do a five-year, four-year cloning study, and they make a huge profit off of it, and that's, quote, not for profit?
Just a lot of doublespeak going on.
All right, we're going to your calls here in a few minutes.
This is out of ABC News.
One or two quakes a minute in Washington state...
We're having one or two earthquakes a minute at Mount St.
Scientists are working to determine significance.
We first reported on this yesterday, and it's now continuing to vibrate even more violently.
Small earthquakes rattled Mount St.
Helens at the rate of one or two a minute yesterday, and it's continuing today.
The seismologists were working to determine the significance of some of the most intense seismic activity since Mount St.
Helens erupted in 1980 and had a smaller eruption in 1986.
Carbon dioxide and sulfur gas shambles collected above the volcano, which erupted to a devastating effect in 1980, will help scientists figure out what is going on beneath the 925 foot high dome and hardened lava within the mountain's gaping crater.
They want to know whether the quakes are the result of water seeping into the mountain or magma moving under the crater.
In either case, scientists will continue to watch it from the Cascade Volcano Observatory operated by the U.S.
Geological Survey in Vancouver, Washington, about 50 miles away.
They have evacuated the mountain and surrounding areas.
But if it's magma, we'll be a lot more nervous, said the observatory's chief scientist, Jeff Wynn.
Was to carry scientists and instruments over the crater Monday afternoon to assess the gases and ground deformation that would indicate pressure building below the dome.
Measurements of the ground movement will tell us whether there are any magma coming to the system, said Seth Morin, a seismologist at the observatory.
That data will not be immediately available.
Yeah, I don't want people to know about that, do you?
Swarms of small earthquakes began Thursday, an increase in frequency and magnitude until Sunday, when there was more than 10 events with a magnitude of 2 to 2.8.
The quakes are at depths of less than one mile below the lava dome.
On Monday, the quakes accelerated to up to 2 a minute.
And they go on to say, this has not been seen since 1980.
It's more severe than the stuff in 1986 when it had a small eruption.
Very, very serious.
It killed 50... What is it?
52 people in 1980 and injured a lot of people and caused a lot of damage.
I've been to Mount St.
It's rebounded amazingly well.
A lot of trees have grown back.
It's beautiful.
But this is part of living on planet Earth.
I mean, you've got the hurricanes in...
Florida, you've got the tornadoes in the Midwest and into Texas, and you've got the fires all out west and mudslides and earthquakes.
I mean, this is just what happens.
This is what our National Guard and Homeland Security should be worried about.
It causes more loss of life in the aggregate over the decades than even the 3,000 dead on 9-11.
You count all the fires and mudslides and earthquakes and hurricanes and tornadoes.
Man, it's in the thousands of people.
But there's not a lot they can do, really.
I guess you can just get prepared for it.
What really does concern me, and I've looked at the real scientific data, not just the fear-mongering, is what's happening in the Rocky Mountains.
What's happening with the volcanic activity there.
They have land sinking at rapid rates, rising at rapid rates, a lot of volcanic activity that dwarfs what's going on in Washington State.
And into Oregon and Canada.
Really serious stuff going on in Colorado and Wyoming and Montana and other areas.
So callers are welcome to call in about that, but just a lot of activity in Colorado and other areas that we need to keep an eye on.
And see, the scientists say all this happens over hundreds of millions of years, but that isn't what we see in the real world.
There's volcanoes blowing up every month in the Pacific
Killing people.
Tens of thousands of people were killed in Pompeii when it blew up.
I mean, this stuff's happened in Krakatoa in the last century.
This stuff goes on.
This stuff happens.
And scientists have looked at the numbers of eruptions and what's happening, and it does seem to be increasing.
We're in an increasing cycle right now.
And it doesn't match the historical map that a lot of scientists give us claiming this stuff happens over millions of years.
Neither does what the Shoemakers documented with the comet that hit Jupiter and caused so many problems there and blew holes in Jupiter the size of the Earth.
What, five big holes when the comet broke up?
Now evidence shows we get hit by these things every couple thousand years.
Not comets that size.
That would kill almost all life on Earth.
But large debris that destroys all the life in areas the size of Texas.
So, very, very interesting.
I mean, what do you say to this?
Let's go ahead and go to some callers.
Let's go ahead and talk to... Oh, I have my call list here.
Let me find out who's up next here.
Fred in Pennsylvania.
Thanks for holding her on the air.
Thanks for taking my call, Alex.
Yes, sir.
I wanted to talk about Patriot 2, but before I get to that, I want to mention that the system that the California caller was talking about, what was she saying?
That you match up an employee number with a voice print?
A lot of people don't realize that the voiceprint technology is tied into something called a roving wiretap.
Yeah, Echelon, the program under the NSA, now known as the Matrix system at the state level, randomly is listening to everything, shambling everything.
Right, but the thing is that it's the switching of
The surveillance of various lines, various phones that you may be using throughout the day.
It's built into the phone companies.
Right, it's built in.
It has nothing to do with someone in a car, you know, staking out at PayPal and say, oh, switch it to this, Joe.
In 19, exactly.
What, do you work for a phone company?
No, I wouldn't do that.
No, that's fine.
Most people don't know this, but in 1996, they paid, what was it, $9 billion?
It wasn't going to be $6 billion, but it ended up being $9 billion to pay off the phone companies to put these snooping hubs into all the digital systems.
So no matter what you use, it's all wired through those.
It is.
And on Patriot 2, I just wanted to mention, you have a great article in...
Issue number four of Global Outlook.
You mentioned this here.
Section 122 restates the government's newly announced power of, quote, surveillance without a court order.
Now, if you couple that with the ability to define surveillance and the ability to
Stay there.
We'll talk about AI surveillance when we get back with you, Fred.
And then everybody else is patiently holding.
We'll be right back.
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All right, let's try to get through these calls quick.
Fred in Pennsylvania, go ahead and finish up.
I went to a Patriot Act forum on security and civil liberties in March of 2004.
I also went to one in 2003.
And what we have is, what you have there, the guests were Jan Ting...
Part of the Justice Department.
Yeah, they send U.S.
attorneys or deputy U.S.
attorneys to tell you how great it is.
It was a complete bust because you have advertised is democracy in action.
And when you get there, you can't even get your questions answered.
They'll screen the questions and they'll rephrase them.
But I was able on the first one, the first meeting, I was able to confront.
I was in the second row and I was able to confront this character, Dan Ting.
And I told him that I thought that his arguments were just loaded, loaded, stacked up to the ceiling with fallacies.
And I think people have to recognize fallacies when they see it in person and in the media, from the government.
And we have to strip these fallacies one by one away from the speaker.
And that's how we get to the truth.
Well, they'll say that it doesn't affect citizens and isn't being used in non-terror-related cases when there's hundreds of examples and it's in their own legislation.
Thanks for the call.
And for those that just joined us, they've introduced Patriot Act II, and it's got a national ID card in it, two separate bills in the last five days.
Let's go ahead and talk to David in Delaware.
David, go ahead.
Yes, sir, Alex.
How are you, sir?
Good, my friend.
I've sent you quite a bit of materials in the past, and I hope you got a hold of it.
I appreciate all the material, all the news articles and stuff I get sent.
Thank you.
I have two different issues here I'd like to speak about.
One of them is dealing with the banks.
Last year, year before last, the bank mentioned they were going to start with the images of the checks and keep your check, just send you the image.
I went in and raised a bunch of cane with them, and finally they went ahead and stopped it.
And then the wife today got a phone call today from the bank
Dating October 28th, there is a federal, government federal law that all banks will have to go through with that.
That's right.
The federal government doesn't want you to get copies of your checks, and the next phase is making you use them as a digital system.
And employers are trying to force their employees to take automatic transfer.
Now, the thing of it is, those checks belong to you and I and everybody else,
It's not the property of the federal government.
I know.
You pay for those checks, but they're going to keep them.
They're going to keep them.
That's right.
Do you have a copy of the law?
I don't have it in front of me.
I read about it about a month ago.
And I have friends and others that already don't get their checks back.
They get a little printout with little miniature checks on it.
That's right.
I called the bank and asked for the copy of that law, if they'll send it to me or I'll pick it up to what I mentioned to them.
Anyway, another thing is dealing with the weather pattern, HARP, in Alaska.
I've got a list here.
If you don't mind, I'll read through it just a little bit.
It's a high-frequency, active, and random research project.
And it's been dealing with the weather, controlling the weather pattern for many a year.
One of them is high-energy source that can affect cable and so forth.
That's your cable TV and your other different means.
Well, now, sir, who's saying this?
Well, I got it through Christian Media, James Lloyd.
And I've got the paperwork on it, on both issues, dealing with chemtrails and HAARP.
They're dealing together.
Well, let me just say something about this.
Yes, sir.
HAARP admittedly can manipulate the jet streams.
They admit they can modify and they can take an existing storm and dissipate it or make it stronger.
That's right.
It's hard for them to create things out of nothing.
They can take existing patterns and manipulate them.
As for fire from the sky or mass global mind control, the evidence I've seen is that that's not the case.
Now, DARPA says in the Boston Globe and other publications that, yes, they can put up towers in your cities with different waves that literally can control your mind.
Well, that would be what the pickup tower points, right?
I don't know what a pickup tower is.
The pickup point is the one that's got the three sides at the top.
Yeah, I just know the government admits they patented it and they have it.
It can't make you, say, go strangle your dog, but it can make you unhappy or sick or angry or feel giddy.
This is patented and tested.
It can do general things to you.
The understanding I got about the pickup points was also...
It's owned and controlled by a foreign government.
Yeah, the British bought HAARP.
Listen, I've got to go.
I've got more calls coming up, but thank you for your call.
Very interesting, David.
But, I mean, who knows?
Maybe you can make fire come down from the sky.
I just haven't seen documentation of that.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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I'm compelled to stand up against the tyrants, the bullies, the control freaks, those that serve the New World Order.
And if you don't have that instinctive drive, something's wrong.
We're going to go to Squero and Mike and Kyle and Ruth.
That'll be it for calls.
After I talked to a few mini-guests here real fast, got an update on our court case against AXS TV trying to censor free speech.
Coming up for three or four minutes with Stephan Ray, who's helping me on this case.
We'll be in court tomorrow.
I hope you'll come.
I won't be here tomorrow.
Because of that, I have to go.
The court date's when the court date is.
And at the same time, we're going to get an update from Debbie Morrow from New Millennium Concepts.
And we'll get to your calls.
Debbie, good to have you on with us.
Hi there, Alex.
Thank you for having me.
It's always good to be on your show.
You bet.
People are still without power.
A million two without power in Florida.
The fourth hurricane hit.
Now they're saying another might brew up and come.
Folks didn't have water filters.
They're having to boil their water.
It just makes sense.
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It's a disaster every day, the stuff that's in the water.
It is.
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Debbie, always good to hear from you.
Thank you, Alex.
You're awesome.
Good luck tomorrow.
God bless.
Bless you, too.
Folks, when you call, the phone's busy, or if it's a voice message, leave your name and number, she'll call you right back.
Alright, your calls and a bunch of other news are coming up here in a moment.
An important First Amendment update.
Do we have Stephon Ray back?
I told him to call back in a few minutes because we had Debbie on.
He should be calling in in just a moment.
Because he's got, I didn't bring it today, what courthouse it is, what room it is.
Two o'clock tomorrow, we're taking them to court, folks, just to get depositions on them.
And this story of how they're trying to shut down AXS TV just gets worse and worse.
The more we learn, it's unbelievable.
We hope to see everybody there tomorrow.
And let's go ahead and go to the calls then.
Let's go ahead and talk to Sequero in California.
My name is Socorro.
I'm sorry.
Socorro Cactus, sir.
I was watching Fox News yesterday, and you know that lady who was talking about the draft earlier?
They were saying that there is no draft, and Fox News interviewed George Vision.
Oh, that's horse poo-poo or something like that.
You know how Fox News people are like.
That's what he said.
Yeah, and I was like, no, there is a draft being passed.
Okay, let me just stop you since you brought this up.
There have been 12 separate bills introduced in the last two and a half years.
The big one that looks like it's going to pass whenever they want it to is the National Service Act, and it is openly there, introduced, and they're openly saying they want to pass it.
It's just like Patriot Act II didn't exist for six months after it was introduced, and now it's everywhere in the news, Patriot Act II and the new 9-11 bill.
Yeah, they're professional liars, man.
They lie so well.
They lie to your face.
A&E, they said that, you know, they didn't blow up building number 7.
And Larry Silverstein admits it right in that PBS documentary that you have on the website.
A&E has a documentary saying they didn't blow it up?
Wait a minute.
I have a part of it recorded on my DVR.
They said that FEMA... Okay, I'm begging you.
Do you have a VCR?
Can you mail that to me?
I have the part where FEMA just says, oh, we never blew it up, and they have a bunch of...
Engineers saying that, oh, we don't know how this happened.
I've heard that they've got TV shows on now countering, and they will not sell the Silverstein video now.
We got a copy of it from PBS.
Just type WTC7 pulled into a search engine.
My website will pop up.
They said they blew it up.
The firefighters said they blew it up.
The seismographs show that.
We have the video of the bombs going off.
I mean, you're telling me that A&E has a documentary where they go, we didn't blow it up.
Yeah, FEMA's on there, and they said...
We didn't blow it up.
They said, oh, we don't know how this building collapsed just on fires.
Like, we don't know why.
We need to build buildings that, you know, don't collapse on fires.
Like, it's a steel structure.
Never collapsed before, and three did it that day, building seven not.
Promise me you'll pop the tape in, record that, and mail it to me.
Sure, I will.
And I got this, my friend's a security guard.
And, you know, you were talking about the police state and how, you know, the government controls it, and, you know, there's this big conspiracy.
Well, like,
My friend works for a security company and they got his uniform has like the all-seeing eye with the pyramid on it.
And then they got like this other security company in the same town which has the same thing.
Just an eye though.
It's like heck of bad.
I was like dang.
Big Brother's watching and taking good care of you.
No they're not.
They beat the mall security.
They beat up my friends and they drag them and stuff.
They didn't even do nothing.
They have money in their pocket.
They're just trying to go you know.
How old are you?
Well, I appreciate you being involved in the fight against the New World Order, and please call back and please mail me that tape, okay?
No problem, man.
Thanks a million.
Take care.
Yeah, I mean, I didn't see Bush on O'Reilly last night, but I read the transcript this morning.
And I guess they excised the part about what she said Bush said.
I didn't read that, but he did say there isn't a draft.
I didn't see that.
Well, yeah, there's not a draft yet.
It's like they're putting your head in the guillotine, and they say, we have not cut your head off yet.
We're about to.
We've introduced all the bills and said we want to pass it, but it doesn't exist.
Patriot Act II doesn't exist, and then now, oh, we've introduced it again, and we want to pass it.
I mean, it's this type of, you know, we never said there were weapons of mass destruction.
Well, here's ten video clips of you saying it.
Well, those are urban legends.
We all heard them say that.
All right, let's go to Stefan Ray, the producer of Democracy Now!, pretty hard-hitting program here in Austin.
He's been my compatriot and on the front lines doing more than I've even done in researching and finding out how deep the rat hole goes.
We're going to be in court tomorrow with these guys, even though they're acting like they want to plea bargain with us civilly.
And we want to see everybody there tomorrow, short notice.
Please be there.
Here's the courtroom, 2 o'clock tomorrow.
Stephan, welcome.
Hi, how are you, Alex?
Just in a nutshell for those who just joined us, Birthplace of Access TV, Austin, Texas.
Give them a two-minute summation of what's happened and what it's come to tomorrow at 2 o'clock.
Okay, well, real briefly, as many of you already know,
The board of ACTV here in Austin came up with a plan to rebrand the channels and to basically push free speech from three channels down to one.
As a consequence, some of the producers started to organize about this.
Politically, but also legally, and we're bringing a court action tomorrow here in Travis County, in the capital of Texas here in Austin.
And for those Central Texas listeners, that court appearance is going to be at 2 p.m.
tomorrow afternoon in the Travis County Courthouse at 11 Guadalupe, and it's going to be on the third floor of the courthouse.
So if anyone can, please join us.
You can come down a little early if you like.
What courtroom?
Well, we don't know the exact number of the room yet.
We just know we're supposed to meet on the third floor, which I think they won't have the rooms assigned until like noon or something like that.
But you should see us there.
I mean, the third floor is not a big place.
So that's the big old limestone building?
Yes, exactly.
So it's the big, because there's two courthouses there, and you get confused for folks.
The one catty corner to it is the modern building, and it's the office building for the courthouse, and where the county commissioners are.
Across the street, the big limestone courthouse.
Right there on Guadalupe, between 10th and 11th Street.
Yeah, the big gray building.
That's going to be 2 p.m., either about 1.30, 1.45, 2 p.m., Travis County Courthouse, third floor.
I don't think it's going to last much longer than an hour, so make sure you get there early enough to look for a parking spot, because parking can be difficult around there at that time of the day.
And the rules about video cameras, for those who are interested, is you can videotape outside the courtroom, you can videotape in the hallways.
If you want to videotape in the courtroom, you have to get special permission from the judge if anybody wants to call me at 441-9454.
441-9454, that's area 5512.
I can explain how that would work.
Have you gotten permission from the judge?
No, because we're going to be in the court.
But there's a form you have to fill out, and it's on the website of the Travis County Court and all that.
You have to get permission, and we should.
Someone who's not been doing anything and wants to pitch in right now should take it upon themselves to independently go get the form filled out and see if they can get in there and videotape us in the courtroom.
So they'd want to go today and do that?
They just want to make sure they figure it out today and have the forms ready and fill it out and submit those because they have to submit those with the room number.
So you have to be like down at the courthouse watching what's going on, paying attention, being there around noon when they assign the courtroom and then submitting those forms to the right person and
There's two different kinds.
You can submit a form that has the consent of the parties involved or without consent.
The advice is to submit them both.
We may or may not get the impression to do it, but that is the only way that we can actually get a camera in the courtroom.
It's for someone to take it upon themselves to fill out those forms.
Okay, if folks want to call you so you can advise them on this, it's 512... 441-9454.
All right.
That's 512...
All right, and just... Hey, the phone's ringing right now.
All right, so, yeah.
Folks, call him in just a second.
It's the city.
The city's calling me.
They're probably going to tell me something.
All right, Stephan, take care, buddy.
All right, bye.
See you.
Okay, so 2 p.m., Travis County Courthouse, third floor.
Be there about 145.
I have spent...
Hundreds of hours.
Over 150 hours now on this.
You can't imagine what we found, what's going on, who's involved in this.
You probably can't imagine, can't you?
All right, let's go to more calls here.
Thanks for holding.
Michael in Hawaii, good to talk to you, sir.
Thank you, Alex.
I just wanted to let you know I just saw yesterday the video Greatest Lie Ever Told, and wow.
Man, that was very, very powerful.
Thanks for putting that on here.
Well, I want to thank Anthony Hilder for letting us post on the member section of PrisonPlanet.tv that new 9-11 film he's made.
Yes, excellent.
I thought a great guest for you to have is someone that was mentioned on that tape, Viet Dinh.
He's the author of the Patriot Act.
I thought that would be very interesting to get him on your show.
I actually went down and confronted Viet Dinh.
They had a four-part symposium called The New World Order about homeland security in Austin, and he was at one of the meetings.
Oh, wow.
Who was he like?
Very obnoxious.
I mean, he was Viet Dinh.
It's amazing that this guy was six years in the communist prison camps there in Vietnam, and here he comes over here, and he's the one writing the Patriot Act.
It is very disturbing.
Well, he's got the inside view, yes.
That's right.
Thanks so much, Alex.
Hey, thank you.
I appreciate the call.
Let's talk to Kyle in California.
Kyle, go ahead.
Hi there, Alex.
I'm listening to you on the internet.
I'm calling from California, about nine miles from Bohemian Grove.
I'm really stoked to hear you guys have an association with
With Democracy Now!, it's one of the programs I listen to often around here, along with Coast to Coast Radio.
Well, Democracy Now!
is pretty liberal, I don't agree with some of it, but the overall information and what they report is very powerful.
Well, the listener-sponsored radio without a corporate daddy is really something I'm excited about, much like your availability on the Internet, and I believe that's the future that we need.
But that's not going to happen on the Internet, too.
They're just not going to upgrade the switchers and force it to die.
They say it's going to die very soon.
It's looking grim for us, but I just want... Sure, stay there.
Stay there.
We'll come back to you.
Then we'll let Ruth finish up as our tail gunner.
Had a few final news articles.
And I'll quickly give out the toll-free number if you want to get any of my documentary films and really take action waking people up.
We'll be right back.
Stay the course.
Stay with us into the final segment.
And I love that plug for Michael in Hawaii for PrisonPlanet.tv.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
We're good to go.
Or by calling 1-888-253-3139.
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We're good to go.
Just briefly, I've made 11 films.
My 11th film is now out, American Dictators, documenting the stage election of 2004.
It's an excellent video about the police state, 9-11, Bush and Kerry being puppets on the same string, controlled by the same marionette system.
My other videos are all over two hours long.
It's 1995, so it's 90 minutes long.
The others are 25-95, so they're all over two hours long.
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We're good to go.
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That's 1-888-253-3139.
Or order via prisonplanet.com or infowars.com.
Or write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
And I'll see you tomorrow at 2 o'clock in...
Downtown Austin at the courthouse at about 145.
We're going to court at 2 o'clock, third floor, folks.
Won't learn the courtroom until noon tomorrow, as you heard.
Let's go back to Kyle in California.
Go ahead, Kyle.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks a lot.
I wanted to give you a little plug.
I did.
I bought you your video, 9-11 Road to Tyranny.
I made about eight copies and sent them off.
I'm still trying to be diligent with that.
Problem is, I've started watching that movie with a few people, and it just, I don't know, I don't want to be extreme, but it seems that the brainwashing is to such a level that I can't even get 15 minutes into it without being labeled paranoid.
And many other different names.
I'm not having the success that your other callers were having with the NASCAR dads, in other words.
Some people don't have success.
Some have some success.
Some have total success.
I've had about 90% success.
It may be the peer group you're talking to.
They may be afraid deep down and know it's true and want to deny it.
I don't know.
It's like when the doctor says you've got brain cancer, you don't want to believe it.
Yeah, I'm 27.
I've got friends.
I'm from Washington State.
I've got friends all over the country.
And I feel like I'm definitely in the minority.
Okay, do this.
Type in, Ashcroft says there's no Patriot Act 2.
AP Reuters, Fox News will pop up from a year ago.
Have that.
And then show them the news articles today where they admit it's been introduced for over a year and go, now are they lying to us?
Am I paranoid?
I hear you.
I'm frustrated with the skull and bones, this lack of their... What do they say?
That doesn't exist too?
The credibility of their... No, it's just that no one ever wants to investigate.
But I had a couple questions just so I can clear up.
Real fast.
We're almost out of time.
I don't want to use all your time.
Go ahead.
What the heck was in Building 7 in the World Trade Center, and why is it not even mentioned in the 9-11 report?
Because it's a giant whitewash commission appointed by Bush, and it clearly had bombs in it.
Next question.
I see.
And what are the top three secret societies or government agencies that we can hold to account, in your opinion?
And I would assume CIA would be one of them.
Well, government agencies, CIA, NSA, FBI, I mean, they're not totally secret.
And then for secret societies, the Illuminati, and then they have all their own organizations, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, CFR, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, Club of Rome.
All the familiar characters.
That's it.
Thanks for the call.
Great call.
Thank you.
Ruth in North Dakota.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Ruth.
Yes, you mentioned Mount St.
I've just seen on the television in the last couple of hours there's an earthquake just in Parkfield, California, 5.9.
Yeah, we got a call about that.
I wanted to tell you, too, a few weeks ago, I meant to call you earlier, you were talking about John DeCamp
And about the case he had against the TV station.
And it was not in Virginia.
It was in Wilmington, North Carolina, 50 miles from where I live.
Needless to say, I hardly turned my TV to that station.
Because at Robert Wadman, they hired him as a police chief from Omaha, Nebraska.
I'm out of time, unfortunately.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
God bless.