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Air Date: Sept. 24, 2004
2166 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I tell you, the weeks just blast past us quicker and quicker.
We're only 30-something days out from the November 2nd, 2004 elections.
There'll be elections going on in every county and city and state, and of course, federally, and the government's back out there.
Governor Ridge is saying the terrorists are sure to attack us.
Give up all of your freedoms, U.S.
worries over election terror threat.
As the election draws near, U.S.
officials are increasingly concerned.
Al-Siaida terrorist will attempt to mount a devastating attack to disrupt the political process.
In an unusual move, Attorney General John Ashcroft recently held a conference call with all 93 U.S.
attorneys to spread the word that prosecutors and law enforcement officers should take every conceivable step to counter the threat, said two senior law enforcement officials briefed on the call.
They say it's going to be overt surveillance, out intimidating the public.
We'll get into this article.
Remember Ray McGovern, a Republican?
Was the chief advisor to Ronald Reagan?
Remember him?
He's been on this show four or five times.
Well, he spoke to a large group of people, and it was caught on videotape.
Former CIA agent says Bush to blame for 9-11 possible staged terror attack before election.
There might be a real or staged attack in order to postpone the elections.
McGovern said this might seem outlandish.
I hope it is.
And then he went into evidence of it.
So now we have Ronald Reagan's chief CIA advisor in the White House, the Reagan White House, for eight years.
Ray McGovern.
We're going to be getting him on the show next week.
Ray McGovern giving a speech...
And he said from his 27 years of experience as a CIA analyst to draw upon and has dealt with every administration from Kennedy to Bush Sr.
And he went on to just lay it out, folks.
Former CIA agent says Bush to blame for 9-11 possible staged terror attack before election.
You starting to get the picture?
Half of New Yorkers think the government was behind 9-11 in a Zogby poll.
The paradigm shift is happening.
People are looking at the evidence.
Top CIA analysts are going, wait a minute.
I looked at this.
There's no way.
9-11's an inside job.
By the way, they may carry out a staged attack.
It's that transparent, folks.
We've got German technology ministers, British environment ministers.
We've got prominent FBI and CIA people here in the country saying it.
We're good to go.
You do not want to miss this interview, my friends.
27 minutes.
Very, very important.
Feds knew about 9-11 bribery conspiracy before attacks.
It concerns the Bin Laden family.
Bin Laden family's limousine drivers, you name it.
Knowingly being given passports and visas by the U.S.
government and connections into hijackers in Florida.
Very, very serious, detailed, 17-page report.
We'll be talking about that.
In the third hour, Paul Joseph Watson, who has been on with us for a few weeks, the webmaster for my two websites, Prison Planet TV and PrisonPlanet.com.
He'll be joining us to talk about these lighted stage beheading videos and staged kidnapping videos, which are admitted to be staged.
So that'll be coming up as well.
A jam-packed
Friday, worldwide broadcast for you.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
You want to tell your friends, your family, your neighbors to tune in because this is going to be a powerful next three hours.
So again, please keep it locked in.
We'll be right back on the other side.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The private military industrial complex owns the media, owns Big Pharma, owns the private prisons, and they're owned by the big private central banks that literally issue the industrialized world's money.
They are buying up the planet, and in the Pentagon's new map, they're going to invade the defenseless third world nations of the planet using our sons and daughters.
Via a new supernational draft.
George Bush, John Forbes, Kerry, they're nothing more than complete and total puppets.
And they divert us off into endless discussions between the two candidates and their different policies when they all work for the same people.
It's two different CEOs fighting over who gets the
Top job in slavery incorporated, as I like to see.
Now, a few months ago, Ridge came out and said, we will be attacked, it will happen, we will be hit, the Capitol probably will be destroyed.
That was in the U.S.
News and World Report.
Every few weeks they're out saying we may have to cancel the elections because Al-Qaeda might want to cancel the elections.
We may need to then because, of course, we're their bosses, they say.
It's right in your face, folks.
And now they're out with more chilling warnings.
worries over election terror threat as the election draws nearer.
officials are increasingly concerned Al Qaeda terrorists will attempt to mount a devastating attack to disrupt the political process.
In an unusual move...
It's not unusual, folks.
Attorney General John Ashcroft recently held a conference call with all 93 U.S.
attorneys to spread the word that prosecutors and law enforcement officers should take every conceivable step to counter the threat, said two senior law enforcement officials briefed on the call.
That's why under federal funding they're having drills nationwide that homeschoolers and Christians and gun owners are terrorists.
Those steps include temporarily reassigning more FBI agents to counterterrorism investigations and having agents make more frequent checks with informers and key resources.
Authorities also are increasing what they call overt surveillance of terrorism suspects, letting the suspects know they are being watched and that they may arrest some of the suspects on minor charges to get them off the streets.
The FBI also is checking new information gained from arrest of al-Qaeda operatives, especially those in Britain and Pakistan, to see if any potential terrorist activities or warning signs in the United States have been overlooked.
Law enforcement officials who spoke Thursday on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue said the United States still has no information indicating the place or method of attack, just that it's going to happen.
Ashcroft, September 13th, called to prosecutors, was prompted not by intelligence, but rather was intended to remind law enforcement officials about the steady stream of information pointing to an election year attack, one official said.
And it says, U.S.
authorities are concerned Al-Qaeda might try to replicate the influence terrorists had in Spain.
That was clearly the Spanish government, folks.
Where the governing party that supported the U.S.
invasion of Iraq was hit by an attack.
And of course,
That was on 3-11, 911 days after 9-11.
Just massive evidence of government involvement.
And the globalists meant to put the communists into power over there, the socialists into power over there.
And then now they've done polling and focus groups.
This has been admitted.
The seeing of Americans would respond the same way if there's an attack.
And Americans said, no, we will call for more police state.
We will elect George Bush.
And so George Bush said, well, then there's sure to be an attack.
Literally, they've been out saying they're sure to be in attack.
On August 1st, the government raised the risk of terror attack to high on specific financial institutions in New York, New Jersey, Washington, based partly on four-year-old intelligence.
But Ridge defended his four-year-old intelligence and said, we don't do politics with terror threats.
No, we just have mainstream articles from two years ago where CIA and FBI agents were told to issue fake terror alerts to, quote, create hysteria.
They go on to say they may be arresting terror suspects' family members for interrogation.
They may be arresting people who unknowingly may have aided terrorists.
Boy, I tell you, all part of the new freedom.
But the border stays wide open.
And here's a very important article.
This is on PrisonPlanet.tv right now.
We've interviewed this gentleman many times.
Former CIA agent says Bush to blame for 9-11 possible staged terror attack before the election.
Former CIA agent and high-level advisor, chief advisor to Ronald Reagan, Ray McGovern, went over what he considers the failures of the intelligence community and current administration over the past few years.
He has 27 years experience as a CIA analyst to draw upon and has dealt with every administration from Kennedy to Bush Sr.
He went on to say, there might be a real or staged terror attack in order to postpone the elections.
McGovern said, this might seem outlandish.
I hope it is.
He said this while addressing a large group of individuals.
It's difficult for people to learn the truth about things like Irax and McGovern, a member of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, or VIPS, which is comprised of more than 40 former employees of agencies such as the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, Department of State Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Army Intelligence, the FBI, and National Security Agency.
We have hundreds of years worth of experience in government services and intelligence to draw on, so we feel a civic responsibility to do our best to spread as much truth as we can this fall, the governor, a Republican, said.
He began his lecture by describing the CIA.
He explained that the agency is supposed to be the one place in government where no political agenda reigns and could be very disastrous if it obtains a political agenda.
He went on to the large group to say there might be a real or staged terror attack in order to postpone the elections McGovern said.
This might seem outlandish.
I hope it is.
He went on to say that the government may be behind 9-11.
That's a long article.
I'm going to try to read all of it later in the broadcast.
We do have a Homeland Security whistleblower coming on the broadcast in a little while.
We're going to get Mr. McGovern back on.
McGovern told a story about CIA officials who gave false information about enemy troop numbers in Vietnam to President Johnson.
The lie led to the surprise of U.S.
forces by the Tet Offensive in 1968.
In this war of attrition, the agency wanted to make it look like the United States was doing better than it really was, McGovern said.
Picture the Vietnam Memorial in Washington.
It's a big V-shape.
Now picture it with just one side of a V. It might have been that way if some people had told the truth, McGovern said.
He also criticized the 9-11 Commission's final report, saying the committee was comprised of political extremists who couldn't reach a consensus.
It wasn't a bipartisan commission.
It was more like a bipolar commission, McGovern said.
To say that no one could prevent 9-11 was a bald-faced lie.
It's basically let the president and everyone responsible off the hook.
He went on to talk about the faulty intelligence Attorney General John Ashcroft used when he announced that terrorist attacks may occur before or around the election time, saying the elections might have to be postponed if the United States is attacked.
There might be a real or staged or staged or staged terrorist attack in order to postpone the election, as McGovern said.
He mentioned how the Bush administration wanted to involve the country with a war in Iraq for certain reasons other than fear of weapons of mass destruction, which was just a more media-friendly explanation for the war.
And he says, I have initials for why I think we went to war with Iraq.
McGovern said, O-I-L.
O is for oil, I is for Israel, and L is for logistics.
And in when we have Iraq, we have a foothold and a number of bases strategically placed in the Middle East so we can be in control over there and also to protect Israel.
Next, he brought up civil liberties in the United States and how they have declined in the past few years.
I used to say when I was a kid growing up, when someone told me not to do something, that it was a free country, McGovern said.
I ask you to think about that now.
In the audience was Natal Al-Araini, a wife of imprisoned former professor Salim Al-Arain.
She explained to McGovern how she and her husband came to America to be free and described their current situation.
Then she asked him why the government would target Palestinian activists.
His initial response was just, I'm sorry.
Then he paused to collect his thoughts and said that things like that come all the way from the top down.
McGovern said,
Had a speaking engagement at the University of Florida later in the afternoon.
We'll also be lecturing at UCF soon on his and his VIPS's quest to spread the truth.
No one has a corner on the truth.
We don't have a corner on the truth, but it is certain that Fox News does not, McGovern said, that most people get their news from Fox News is extremely troubling.
He went on to continue.
This was the chief CIA advisor for eight years to Ronald Reagan.
And he said, and this is on video, to the large college crowd that there may be a real or staged attack in order to postpone the elections.
More and more people are telling it like it is.
More and more people are coming out in the open
And speaking the truth.
We are in a very dangerous period.
We are in the most dangerous period in American history since the years of the first Revolutionary War.
And the numbers of people who are being affected is geometrically greater than it was in 1776.
And we are dealing with a scientifically crafted group of control-freak criminals that want total power and control, that have gotten away with legions of crimes, and that are arrogant, and think that they're invincible.
And they are leading the war into World War IV, as they call it.
And they want to have a national draft to capture us as their slaves, to set America up as a total police state.
The real target of this New World Order World War IV is America.
We are to be captured and used as slaves to capture the rest of the world, and I will not be a Hessian slave.
My family, my children will not be Hessian slaves for this second British Empire.
And you should not be slaves to these people.
History is repeating itself with a high-tech overlay, and I beg everybody who has conscience, and who loves their family, and who loves America,
To get past the left-right paradigm and see the full horror of what we're in right now.
Infowars.com, prisonplanet.com, prisonplanet.tv.
We've now redesigned infowars.net.
I'm very proud of it.
Great job to the new webmaster, Paul Watson's brother, Steve Watson.
We'll be right back with more news and information.
You don't want to miss it.
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In a good-sized police department in Fallcroft, Pennsylvania, we have the NBC10 articles, we have two newspaper articles about this.
The entire police department was secretly wired with cameras and cables so that the government could keep track of the police, and they even put it in the showers and bathroom area where naked men and women were in there.
And the police are protesting.
The citizens showed up by the hundreds, screaming and yelling at the city council.
You know, I wish you guys would come out for us when you openly put them in school bathrooms or get caught covertly doing it.
Bunch of nuts is what you are.
We're standing up for your rights.
Our headline over this info page, all these different news articles we posted on one page with hyperlinks to the original articles, total violation of police privacy, cameras discovered in police locker rooms.
It says this kind of invasive surveillance, we wrote this on the top, has been going on for years, even in bathrooms at public schools, but now that the shoe's on the other foot, this group of police is hopping mad.
Those who associate themselves with the establishment should know to expect the same treatment as is given to others.
Of course, Big Brother is watching Big Brother.
Welcome to the Total Surveillance Police State Society.
And then it says female officer may sue Fulcroft over hidden cameras.
Investigator says audio cords were attached to video equipment as well, of course.
And it says, DA on Fulcroft camera case.
Article out of a local newspaper.
Here's another one out of the Delco Times.
Fighting mad in Fulcroft.
Citizens want answers to police buggy incident.
Lawsuit raises privacy questions.
And we posted more articles here about cameras in the bathrooms and public schools under that.
Which the police love.
The police in these articles is loving it.
We want to watch you in the bathroom, but not us.
What's wrong with you freaks?
Make me sick!
By the way, we have that clip isolated off the local news on prisonplanet.com and TV of local CBS saying Mercury's actually nutritious and good for you in the shots.
In fact, Scott, that's on prisonplanet.tv.
There's my full weekly report, but by that, under multimedia, it just says isolated clip of CBS Newscast.
Will you grab that little 60-second clip for me?
I want to air that later.
We do have that for folks.
Mercury is a nutritious part of your daily breakfast.
You need it.
It's very good.
Don't listen to the cooks that say it's not good and delicious and healthy.
I mean, folks, it's getting so ridiculous that I don't even have words to describe it.
Jerry in Pennsylvania, then Stavos, Wes, and others.
Jerry, go ahead.
Like to pass this information along, the Libertarian presidential candidate, Thad Merrick, is coming to Pittsburgh.
He will be speaking, this is this Sunday,
September 26th, you will be speaking at two universities in the Pittsburgh area.
At 3 p.m., you will be speaking at the University of Pittsburgh, Fosvar Hall, room 1700.
That's P-O-S-V-A-R Hall.
Go ahead.
We're almost out of time.
Oh, okay.
And at 6 p.m., at Carnegie Mellon University, at Daria Hall, room 1212, Dimitri Vassilaros and Bill Steigerwald, who write for the Pittsburgh Tribune Review, will be there.
They will be also giving speeches.
Tell everybody to come bring InfoWard.com flyers and hand them out.
Now, you're awesome.
I'm not trying to rush you.
I wanted to go to calls immediately, and I didn't, and now we've got guests coming up.
Anything else, Jerry?
No, just here again.
Let me repeat it real quick.
University of Pittsburgh, 3 p.m., 6 p.m., Carnegie Mellon University, Doherty Hall, room 1212.
Carnegie Mellon, Dimitri Vassaleros will be there for those who live in a... Sounds exciting.
I would just go to Bagnaricforpresident.com or is it org and check that out.
Hey, but listen, I want to ask you a question.
What do you think of the police complaining about cameras in their showers?
Well, you know, every time it happens to an agent of the government, they'll be up in arms.
But when something like this happens to us peasants, well, you know, it's phooey on us.
Their attitude is, you know, they're above everything else.
They have rights, but we don't.
Exactly, Jerry.
Thank you.
Stavos in Canada.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
I have a couple of questions for you, Alex.
Number one, have you heard of this book called The Great Initiates?
Oh, okay.
Never mind then.
That's okay.
The second question is... Sounds like a Masonic book.
Yeah, I was wondering because people told me that...
A lot of the priests and clergy in the church were against this book and that it hasn't been published since, like, 1960.
Not aware of the book.
Well, I'll try and find more information online then.
But my second question is in regard with this homeschooling thing where they're calling all homeschoolers terrorists.
Now, I was wondering, how do you go about homeschooling your children?
Like, do you have to get, like, a license from the government to certify you as a teacher or...?
Well, you're in Canada.
I don't know the law there, but no.
They've tried to claim in California and Illinois and Massachusetts that you have to, but it's not even a law.
But no, sir.
You know what?
I'll answer that question when we get back.
It's a great question.
Stay with us, folks.
We've got some big guests coming up.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
I think?
Coming up in about five minutes, Tom Flacco.
Very respected journalist, written for a lot of major publications.
Feds knew about 9-11 bribery conspiracy before attacks.
Homeland Security whistleblower Mary Schneider is naming names, revealing that former FBI Director Louis Freeh, Attorney General John Ashcroft, FBI Director Robert Mueller, and numerous U.S.
Senators and Congressmen knew before September 11th attacks that U.S.
immigration officials were bribed by an illegal Moroccan Muslim allegedly linked to Osama bin Laden's half-brother.
This according to Schneider.
Who has told about the illegal aliens' ties to terrorism and how they helped with these illegal marriages get the terrorists into the country and how she was blocked.
So that is coming up and very, very important to answer the caller from Canada's question about homeschooling.
You do not, there is no law that you have to have a teaching certificate to homeschool.
Some states are claiming they'd like you to do that now, trying to train you with color of law.
Most states, though, if you take your child out of public school, make you fill out a form saying that you are doing it so, quote, the child isn't truant on their roles.
And so that's the bottom line.
And now you have the demonization of homeschoolers as terrorists.
This has been going on for years, but now it's back in the news, by Homeland Security, by the federal government.
They pay local governments to do these drills.
And it's very serious, and it shows who the real terrorists are.
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Dave Sibley, great to have you on.
Tell us about your company and the different packages.
Good morning, Alex.
How are you doing?
Good to have you here.
We've been in business now for 32 years continually.
We supply governments and business and individuals.
Times are changing very rapidly.
This country, the threats now are just staggering.
You and I have had conversations about what's going on.
Between now and probably the inauguration of the President, whoever it be, there's going to be potentially some very spectacular history in this country.
And if you're not preparing for at least being without a supply chain now for a while, in the event of an attack or a government shutdown or a lockdown,
You need to do this now.
Look at the people in Florida.
They had, in some cases, two weeks' worth of warning that the hurricane was coming.
At the last minute, they tried to do something or didn't do anything at all, and now they're down there helpless.
If this happens, if we get attacked on a national scale, there won't be any supplies.
It will be just total bedlam.
I'm just urging your listeners, whether you buy from us or go shopping at your local store, put away some food now.
Because potentially things can come to a grinding halt now, real quickly.
And there's not enough resources in this country to go around for everyone.
So you have to be the first one into the lifeboats.
Well, I couldn't say it any better myself.
I mean, everybody buys house insurance and car insurance.
This is basic insurance that you can later eat if it's not needed.
This is insurance you will use.
Hopefully you won't need it in a disaster situation.
But we could have an economic crash, folks.
I mean, millions of people are out of work and starving.
And don't think you'll see that type of charity this time.
There's so many reasons to have storable foods.
And now they're talking about martial law and suspension of elections and terror attacks.
Will happen.
We hope that doesn't happen.
We pray it doesn't happen.
But give Dave Sibley a call right now.
Or go to ReadyReserveFoods.com.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And I wish I would have known about these guys years ago.
Dave, thanks for coming on.
Thanks, Alex.
God bless you.
Same to you.
Folks, this is so important.
Take advantage, 800-453-2202, and they're a great sponsor as well.
This food is made right here in America.
Again, it's hard for him to get food grown in America.
Most of it out there is now from Mexico, but it's all made in America.
In fact, they've had to discontinue some types of food because you cannot get it in America in bulk.
And it's very high quality.
This is the oldest company in the country.
Do we have our next guest there?
Okay, we're having trouble with their hotel phones.
Whatever that means.
Then call the front desk and try to get them to transfer you over to our guest.
Do we have one of the guests on?
Okay, so we've got one and then we're getting the other.
That's good.
Again, Tom Flacco.
Feds knew about 9-11 bribery conspiracy before attacks.
And this was a long, lengthy story with so much documentation and just so much treachery by the government that claims they're doing everything they can to protect you.
Feds knew about 9-11 bribery conspiracy before attacks.
And Homeland Security whistleblower Mary Schneider is naming names, revealing that former FBI Director Louis Freeh, Attorney General John Ashcroft, FBI Director Robert Mueller, and numerous U.S.
Senators and Congressmen knew before the September 11th attacks that U.S.
immigration officials were bribed by an illegal Moroccan Muslim allegedly linked to some of bin Laden's half-brother.
We're talking about people getting into the country who were the servants of the bin Laden family.
And she would go and show how it was a fraud and how they had terror connections, and then they would go after her.
We've seen the same thing with FBI agent Robert Wright and all these other FBI agents being told they'll be arrested if they tell us what they know.
All they can say is the Bushes vacation with the Bin Ladens.
We've had David Shippers, the guy that impeached Bill Clinton, coming out and saying he had specifics and tried to warn them and they told him to shut up.
We have all of this.
We have FBI agents paying for the cars and credit cards and homes of the supposed hijackers.
We have hijackers trained at U.S.
military bases.
We've interviewed Mr. Springman, who was at the visa issuing board and was ordered.
They knew they were CIA slash Arab terrorists that were coming into the U.S.
for training at U.S.
military bases, and he was ordered to let them in.
I mean, all of this, all of this is on the record.
And it's so important.
And it proves prior knowledge.
Then you have, of course, Sybil Edmonds, who's working at the FBI, and she's hired to retroactively go back and falsify the transcripts of pre-9-11 about specific 9-11 warnings.
Because good FBI agents, good defense intelligence agents, good CIA agents were laying out exactly what was going to happen.
Everybody knew about 9-11, who was in the loop, who was studying this, who was looking at this.
Everybody knew
That this was coming down and that this was developing.
I guess we're going to have to cancel these guests, it looks like.
Okay, we got Tom Flocko.
I'm going to go ahead and bring Tom up then.
And then we had them all lined up and we're having hotel phone problems for some reason.
That seems to happen sometimes.
Tom, good to have you on with us.
We're here with you, Alex.
I'm up in New England reporting out of New Hampshire and Otis Air Force Base.
So just got some other things here we're doing.
And where is Mary Schneider right now?
Well, she's in Orlando, and I talked with her.
We're trying to get hooked up to get a straight line for you to get through to her.
Okay, so we're trying to get her on right now?
Oh, yeah, I just talked to her on my cell phone, so I'm on a hard line right now.
Well, Tom, thanks for coming on, and thanks for all the major stories you've broken and your great work.
TomFlacco.com, you've written for WorldNet Daily, just a myriad of other respected publications, and you've been there at the 9-11 hearings continually covering all of this on the front lines.
Just in a thumbnail sketch, why is this Mary Schneider whistleblower, this Homeland Security whistleblower's information so powerful?
In a nutshell, and I just kind of discovered this because we hadn't really talked about this, but she had talked to a family.
The family had told her, because she's an adjudications officer for the Homeland Security Department, used to be the INS in
We're good to go.
And she has been on to a sham marriage ring, which is kind of a legal loophole in the immigration system.
And the Arabs are still exploiting this illegals right up to the present time, she says.
And she was just removed from her position.
I'll get her and she'll tell you more about that.
But she was removed from her position, which effectively takes her out of the building where there was bribery going on, sacks of money.
This is all reported.
I've done three major stories that are on the website.
One of them I'm looking at is 17 pages long.
And why this is so important is that it isn't just some bribery scam and getting people into the country who have terror connections.
No, now we're talking about connections to Bin Laden's family members, drivers, connections to hijackers, connections to terrorists, Nest.
You guys have compiled quite a dossier.
Well, the main thing that we've found, and getting back to that main issue, is that there are now indications that Mohammed Atta was living in the country
Living in the United States as recently as 1996, and as far back as 1996, I should say, because we found that this woman married an illegal Moroccan Muslim, and he then divorced her, or they were estranged, and he married for a fifth time.
She was the fourth marriage.
So if they don't get the green card, they marry someone else until someone, they go to another interview until somebody approves the green card, which is the gateway to United States citizenship, and when you get citizenship, you have
You know, our right to move in the country and move inside and out of the country.
You have the right to hold office, and you have the right to acquire and to get a hold of sensitive security.
And again, Mr. Springman at the Saudi Arabian U.S.
Embassy was ordered
To let all of these guys in and out of the country, despite the fact they were on terrorist lists, and he was told this is for some type of secret CIA training at U.S.
military bases.
Yeah, exactly.
And we used to call that treason-oriented activities.
But Congress is up to their eyeballs and their necks with this.
They cannot let this story out.
And that's why you had whitewashes in their investigation.
That's why you have a whitewash in cherry-picked evidence.
In the 9-11 Commission final report because Congress is receiving this information that the intelligence people have received many of these briefings.
And I wrote a story a while back which shows the extent.
The Senators and the Congressmen had to go to a briefing room which is sweeped for wiretaps and sweeped for listening devices on a daily basis every time the room is used.
The Congress and Senators go into this room on the fourth floor of the United States Capitol building
And they discussed and had their meetings for this investigation.
And, of course, the 28 pages dealt with a number of issues.
But this issue of Muhammad Atta living in the United States, when the Criminal Investigation Division of the Department of Defense, that's the CID unit, C-I-D, Criminal Investigation Division, followed up on this woman named Christine Sherrod.
And they followed up on her right after the 9-11 attacks.
I believe it was sometime around late November or December.
They found her in Eastern Europe.
I believe somewhere in Bosnia.
I'm not exactly sure.
Don't hold me to it.
Yes, it's right here in your news article.
I don't have anything.
I'm just doing this on the fly or sitting in a motel room here.
I have nothing in front of me.
They went over and started asking her questions.
Mary said that the family was just amazed.
The woman was amazed that they knew more about her husband than she did.
And then they pulled out of their wallet a photograph of this guy, and they said, do you recognize this gentleman?
And she said, as reported to us, said that, you know, I recognize the face.
He was in a, you know, he lived with my husband, Leah Zitabod.
Now, I've checked this out.
There is a Leah Zitabod.
There is a Christine Sherrod.
I have a record of their marriage license.
I have their marriage license copy, which I got from the Florida, Tallahassee, Florida Department of Records.
And so we've confirmed all of this, and this guy, Leah Zitabod,
I think so.
With seven or eight other Arabs, she said.
And then one of them said... Well, let's go further here.
We have the feds blocking this, not letting this be stopped.
Meanwhile, we have Porter Goss, now our CIA director, meeting with General Amoud Ahmed, the head of Pakistani intelligence, the guy that wired $100,000 to Mohammed Adda.
We have them meeting on the morning of 9-11 at 8-30 in the morning together.
And earlier in the week, meeting with the White House and with others, and so we started to get the picture.
Hijackers trained at U.S.
military bases, houses and cars and credit cards paid for.
So it's not just corrupt people in immigration or corrupt people in Homeland Security involved in all of this.
We've got her on the line.
I appreciate her joining us.
She's Mary Schneider, and she again has been... Well, Mary, just in a nutshell...
Kind of recap how you discovered this and all the tentacles that reach out for folks that are out there.
But tell us about yourself.
Well, I have 30 years in the federal government and I am at this moment anyway still a federal officer under the Department of Homeland Security, Citizenship and Immigration Services.
So I must preface any interview with the following that I have never nor do I now represent or speak on behalf of any government
I found out about this back six and a half years ago.
I have been trying to have this exposed and stopped through all levels of the government.
Everybody that I've contacted has become willing conspirators in the cover-up conspiracies.
In April of 1998, I intercepted a marriage fraud ring only to have my supervisors, Susan Degas, Stella Jarena, and Richard Walker, have all of the conspirators leave the premises.
Nobody was detained or stopped.
No consequences of any kind.
I had obtained two videotaped signed confessions to sham marriages in this ring.
One of the people arranging the marriages was in the parking lot waiting to give further bribery payments to the U.S.
citizens for coming to the interview.
I tell you what, stay there.
We've got a break.
We'll come back.
With Homeland Security whistleblower Mary Schneider, the man who helped get this story out and break it, Tom Flacco.
On the other side of Alex Jones, Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, and now Infowars.net revamped.
We'll be right back.
We're honored to have both of these brave individuals on.
Please stay with us.
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And Ray McGovern.
Former top advisor from the CIA to Ronald Reagan for the eight years he was in office.
Former CIA agent says Bush to blame for 9-11 possible staged terror attack before election.
Quote, there might be a real or staged terror attack in order to postpone the election, Ray McGovern said to a university audience two days ago.
Going back to our guest, we're going to have him with us for 30 minutes in the next hour, and we're so honored to have him, and there's a big story to tell here.
Is Mary Schneider, who's very brave and a whistleblower from Homeland Security.
And then on top of it, we have Tom Flacco.
For somebody who just joined us that doesn't understand this, and we'll get into the story, Mary, boil it down for folks.
What's really going on here?
Well, Tom was very good at boiling it down.
I kind of get caught up in some of the details.
Well, the details are important, too.
Well, I don't...
Well, I could reiterate kind of what Tom said.
He did a really good job of briefing it.
I was just going to tell you how I became aware of this.
Well, first off, tell folks when you finally went down the chain, we've got Bin Laden family members involved, we've got connections to hijackers, we've got this all going on in Florida.
I mean, this is a hotbed of this.
From what I know, just from reading other articles, Tom Flacco's done an incredible job, Daniel Hoffsaker,
Has written a tremendous amount of information on investigations of the Florida terrorist connections.
I can only speak on what I'm familiar with.
Well, let's go through that.
Back six and a half years ago, I've been trying to have this exposed and stopped.
For the last six and a half years, I've gone to everyone that's responsible to we, the American people, to protect us.
And all agencies, from Congress, legislative branch, the executive branch, to the White House,
To Ashcroft, to FBI Director Mueller, FBI Director Free, Department of Justice Inspector General Glenn Fine.
I've gone to these people over and over and over and over again.
A lot of the letters I've written are on my website.
I'll be posting some letters that I received back from them.
What I got was a past Buck Syndrome and continually give the sensitive information from outside public informants and
The cases that I kept telling them about to the conspirators.
I kept turning it all over to the conspirators that I said, these people are involved.
Don't contact them.
And they turned everything over to them.
Over and over they did this.
Back in April of 98, in 97 and 98, I intercepted six marriage fraud rings where I obtained videotaped signed confessions after separating the alien and the US citizen and getting all these conflicting different answers.
So I document all these discrepancies on videotape.
The U.S.
citizen confesses it's a sham marriage.
I've been paid.
And they tell me information on the conspirators, on the names of the people arranging the marriages, their phone numbers, where they're located.
Of these six marriage fraud rings, two of them happen to be illegal Muslim sham marriage rings.
And in the fourth marriage ring I intercepted in April of 98, this happened to be a Nigerian Caribbean national ring.
I obtained two videotaped signed confessions from the U.S.
citizens involved.
One of them was married to this Nigerian.
She lived in Atlanta, not Orlando.
She drove down from Atlanta to Orlando with her Nigerian husband.
All right, we've got a break.
We'll be right back with the second hour.
Stay with us.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We know that the hijackers were allowed in and out of the country.
They were trained in military bases.
We've interviewed FBI agents, David Shippers.
It's been all over the news.
We know that, bottom line, they had prior knowledge and let this happen.
It gets a lot worse than that when you dig deeper.
And there have just been so many whistleblowers, but the mainstream media will put it in the back of the paper once or twice and then ignore it.
Feds knew about 9-11 bribery conspiracy before attacks from Tom Flacco.
Homeland Security whistleblower Mary Schneider is joining us, and she's naming names, revealing that former FBI Director Louis Freeh, Attorney General John Ashcroft, FBI Director Robert Mueller, and numerous other U.S.
Senators and Congressmen knew before September 11th attacks that U.S.
immigration officials were bribed by an illegal Moroccan Muslim allegedly linked to some of bin Laden's half-brother.
And it goes on and on in that very area of Florida, and she joins us now.
Mary Schneider.
Mary, continuing, I mean, you had people breaking the law, sham marriage rings, getting these Muslims into the country, now clearly with terrorist connections, and you went around and warned everybody, and please continue with the story, and Tom Flacco, jump in any time.
Okay, so in April of 98, I get this marriage fraud ring, I obtained two videotaped signed confessions.
One of them is committing...
Bigamy with her husband out in the parking lot while she's with the U.S.
citizen husband in front of me committing perjury.
The conspirator arranging the marriages is in the parking lot waiting to pay them more bribery money for having shown up to the interview.
I obtain all this information.
The supervisors, Susan Degas, Stella Gerino, Richard Walker, refused to apprehend them, even go out and have investigators get the license plate off the car of the conspirator arranging the marriages.
They all walked out the door.
The next morning, I came in and was given a written reprimand for mentioning it to an investigator.
A month later, I intercept a fifth marriage fraud ring, which is the second illegal Muslim sham marriage ring.
In this one, the guy admits to me on videotaped fine confessions that he has been paid $3,500 to marry this illegal Muslim.
This illegal Muslim is arranging 11 other fraud sham illegal Muslim marriages and wants him to get his friends and buddies to marry them.
All of this information is on videotaped.
They're allowed to walk out the door.
The illegal Muslim walked out the door.
The supervisor, Michael Pittman, wrote up in the case file that I was incompetent.
And this illegal Muslim, this is six and a half years now, this illegal Muslim was never denied the application for a green card.
When your application's pending, you get to continue getting employment authorization.
You can work and live anywhere in America while your application is pending.
Which means...
That for six and a half years, this illegal Muslim who was attempting to arrange 12 fraud, sham, illegal Muslim marriages has allowed to continue living in America anywhere with no denial and no deportation or removal.
A month later, I am called by this woman, Bonnie Sherritt.
Well, back up one day before that.
A Monday morning, I come into work the middle of June of 1998.
And my safe drawer, which is a big, huge, fireproof, heavy-duty, five-drawer safe drawer.
Each drawer has its own combination.
My combination safe drawer has in it my high-security, numbered approval stamp assigned only to me to stamp approval on applications.
And my stamp is in a locked metal box in my safe drawer.
I come into work Monday morning
My computer has been tampered with.
Somebody's been on my computer over the weekend.
This is a high security violation.
I have a lot of my fraud felony case notes on my computer.
I find out later that someone was in there tampering with the list of fraud files that I had, changing the numbers of the case files so they no longer matched with the fraud file.
I went over to my safe drawer, and it has been illegally accessed, and inside my locked metal box has been destroyed.
Totally destroyed, like with a crowbar, to access my stamp.
All right, we're going to break again.
We'll come right back, and then we'll bring in the big picture above this.
So, again, we'll be back with Tom Flacco and Homeland Security Whistleblower.
Mary Schneider, you do not want to miss this, my friend, because it gets even deeper and it connects into a lot of other facets.
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The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Senator Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
The story that we're revealing here is a spider's web that connects up to the highest levels of government, multiple administrations.
Tom Flacco now for years has been on the cutting edge for a lot of big publications covering 9-11.
I can't think of one person who's been at more events and covered more of these hearings.
And Tom Flacco, we're talking to a Homeland Security whistleblower, Mary Schneider.
And we're going to get more into her story, but...
You know, it came out two years ago that the FBI agents who reprimanded the low-level FBI agents and the people in immigration, the folks in customs, the people in, of course, those that tried to block all of these people with terrorist connections and in criminal connections, they were reprimanded, but then the higher-ups from customs to the State Department,
Well, I found, Alex, I found that many...
The illegal Arabs happen to drive taxis.
And I've got to preface this at the outset here in this little segment, that no matter whether you believe that the so-called alleged hijackers were individuals who actually had gotten into the country and drove the planes into the buildings, or whether you believe that the government helped this or just sat back and let it happen so that other agenda items such as
You know, overseas agendas such as oil, Israel, and various issues that people talk about all played a part in this.
Or whether you think, for the third thing, whether you think that the government was involved in prior knowledge of the tax elements of the government.
Whether you believe any one of those three theories.
That it actually happened with real-life hijackers, whether you believe the government helped it along or whether you believe the government actually participated in the whole operation.
One of those three.
And I go back and forth because I hear various types of news.
I'm kind of more in the middle than I am anything else right at the present time.
There's just not enough evidence that's been discovered.
But you have to have hijackers.
You have to have terrorists.
And see, that's one of the biggest things.
You had to have them get into the country.
You know, and you had halfway filled out visa applications.
Everywhere you look, it's CIA red carpets.
Yes, and then Mary has basically been involved in what I call the support network area.
In other words, to get these people in here, you had to drive them around.
You had the launder money out of Riggs Bank where the president's uncle and the former president senior Bush's brother is an executive and you had Bandar Bush laundering money to Omar Bayoumi and the money ultimately gets through some other intermediaries to the Al-Hazmi and Al-Madar who are out in Los Angeles and they're part of the Los Angeles Times reported that those two individuals
And that whole issue of the Riggs Bank and the Saudi connections was part of the 20... And then you've got the Bush brother running security at the WTC.
I mean, every time it's the same players at every level.
But please continue.
Well, yes, you've got all those going.
So you've got the support networks.
You know, it's being really investigated.
We found that, just as a quick aside, I mentioned Al-Hazmi.
Think of this now.
One of the hijackers, and by the way, people are saying that some of the hijackers are still alive.
There are reports overseas.
You had two of the hijackers, two of the Al-Ghamdi brothers are living on a Florida naval base.
I think so.
As a flashback story, because I think it's very, very critical.
Yeah, we've got the guy who matches one of the hijackers in name and the way he looks, and then, oh, he's still alive, and then, oh, he has a crash at the base and dies.
Well, you know, Craig Unger did the report that the House of Saud, you know, when we found, I looked at his flight manifest, and no one else picked this up, but there was a young man by the name of Al-Hazmi.
Who was 20 years old, and he was on the Phantom flight to Florida, from Florida out to Lexington, Kentucky, which ultimately became part of the Saudi airlift that the government set up to get all the Saudis out of the country.
So we've got the same names as those named hijackers on the CIA airlift.
Yes, we have a hijacker.
We have an al-Hazmi, a young 20-year-old, and he's not kept in the country as a material witness.
But it gets worse, Alex.
What happens next is that you've got a guy by the name of...
We're good to go.
He was carting and had driven, taxi drove or whatever, drove to Tampa and drove him down to Miami and they found cash in his car and way more cash in a bot's car than he could have earned.
And so again, this connects back to what Mary Schneider is saying.
Yes, and when Mary gets to the point where she's hearing all this stuff, we've got Khalil bin Laden who's got tons of terrorist ties to the triple border area of Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil, which is near the Iguazu Falls area, and there are all kinds of accounts.
If you read my, I believe it was my second story, I really go into heavy detail of all the terror connections between Khalil bin Laden and
And that triple border area of Argentina... Exactly, and they keep telling us the Bin Ladens aren't involved in any of this, so it's just a drama.
But let's go back now to Mary Schneider.
Going back down to the local level of this happening, you've got all this admitted fraud, people on tape admitting it's a fraud, and then your superiors won't do anything.
Now your safe gets broken into, your codes get stolen, your codes all get scrambled.
What happens next?
The following day...
In June of 1998, I receive a phone call at my desk in my office and it's a woman who's yelling and screaming at me wanting to know why I'm harassing their home with phone calls for months.
I don't know who this person is.
She says her name is Bonnie Sherritt.
And it took a while for her to calm down and she finally says, it's not your voice on the answering machine.
So we've discovered that she happens to be the mother-in-law
Of her daughter, Christine Sherritt and Liazid Abad.
Her daughter married this man, and it's someone that I had interviewed.
I didn't remember the case.
I hadn't talked to him for like six months.
This was his fourth marriage that I was doing the interview on, and I was pursuing fraud sham marriage.
In particular, the other three marriages.
Every time you get married, divorced, immediately marry someone else.
Don't get the green card at the interview, immediately divorce, marry someone else.
She tells me that she and her husband are very concerned about his activities, that they believe he's involved with either terrorism, drug trafficking, or something.
So her husband, Ed Sherritt, and their daughter, Christine, came to my office and met with me a few days later.
When they're in my office meeting with me, my supervisor, Susan Dugas, goes by the door every couple minutes and looks in through the window next to the door
Pacing, pacing, pacing.
When they got home, Leah Zeta-Bod confronted them, verbally assaulted them, told them he knew where they had just been, meeting with Mary Schneider in her office because Supervisor Susan phoned and warned him.
Bonnie and Ed Sherritt told me that their son-in-law, Leah Zeta-Bod, had the private home phone number of the immigration officer, Orlando officer in charge, Stella Jarena's private home phone number.
For a period of time, they used to go every Sunday and pick up another Muslim they all reverently referred to as the Czar.
Every Sunday, picking this person who would fly into the airport.
He was found, Leah Zeta-Bod, in the back of his car, a big, huge bag of cash.
Thousands and thousands of dollars in cash at a time he was unemployed, not working.
At one point, there was drug debris found in his car.
He admitted to Bonnie Sherritt that the police or sheriff had stopped him, but it was only debris and so they didn't arrest him.
Bonnie and Ed Sherritt were willing to meet with the Immigration Headquarters Office of Internal Audit Investigator, Dalton McIntosh.
I reported this all to my Headquarters Investigations Unit at INS in Washington, D.C.,
And two weeks later, they flew Dalton McIntosh, their investigator, to Orlando to investigate me.
To investigate me.
I was told that some alien I didn't approve the fraud had filed a complaint on me.
There was a videotape.
They tell me, yeah, the videotape shows no problem, but we want to question you anyway.
So I accused them of violating the Whistleblower Protection Act, reprisal, retaliation.
DeSault and McIntosh had arranged for Bonnie and Ed Sherrod to meet him the next morning in his hotel lobby.
He didn't show up.
He didn't call them.
They both took time off work.
He never showed.
Four months later, Bonnie and Ed Sherrod are served with what apparently was a counterfeit search warrant to obtain the answering machine tape of the female impersonating me.
These calls originated out of the Orlando Immigration Inspections booth.
And they would leave these messages on their phone, and I guess it was trying to get me in trouble, leave messages, you know, call Mary Schneider.
Also, the search warrant said... But then when they called you, they go, oh, this isn't the voice of who's been calling and harassing us.
She knew immediately that it wasn't me.
So we determined that there is felony impersonation of myself, a federal officer, in harassing phone calls to the public regarding this illegal Muslim abad.
When they had the search warrant, it also included any communication from Mary Schneider.
This happened to be a July 1, 1998 letter that I wrote to the FBI in Orlando, the Inspector General's office in Fort Lauderdale.
I copied Bonnie and Ed Sherrod on it.
I did not send it to anyone in immigration.
So the search warrant, the people are wanting that memo.
And so this shows higher-up intelligence.
We're about to break?
Yeah, well, I thought it was breaking.
Okay, okay, we'll just break and we'll come back and continue with this.
And the government's saying, race for attack, no specific threats, may have to cancel the election, give in to us, we'll keep you safe.
The government doesn't have a motive to keep you safe.
The more terror there is, the more fear, the more control over our lives.
Hi folks, this is Michael Trudeau.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
A question for Mary Schneider, Homeland Security whistleblower working in immigration.
Mary, you've been exposing this, trying to fight this for years.
This goes back six and a half years.
Moving forward to September 11, 2001, then you see the towers on fire, you see the complex collapsing into ruins.
What developed after that?
Well, I'm just going to say very quickly that Bonnie Sherrod had told me that her illegal Moroccan Muslim son-in-law, Liazid Abad, had been chauffeuring Khalil bin Laden.
I knew this ahead of time.
Then I get a phone call from Christine Sherrod, who tells me that several, I thought it was several weeks, but I don't have a time frame, shortly after 9-11 happened, she was overseas in the military.
We're good to go.
Pulling out this photo and asked her, did she find this person familiar?
Did she know anything about him?
And she said that before she was married, which was in early 1997, her husband had been sharing a two-bedroom apartment in the central Florida area with six or seven other Arabs.
And she had met them all because, you know, they'd been over there while they were dating.
And she said this appears to be one of those that she remembered meeting.
She didn't know who it was they were showing her because overseas she didn't have all the latest news.
She knew 9-11 had happened, but nothing else.
And only after she identified him as one of those in this two-bedroom apartment, they then tell her this is Muhammad Atta.
Why I have put all of this information out on the website is because it is still ongoing.
I have contacted four times President Bush.
I contacted Ashcroft six months before 9-11.
I contacted FBI three times
11 times before 9-11.
Robert Mueller.
I mean, I've contacted all of these people before 9-11 and after 9-11.
Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.
And they're still, so they're telling us to have a microscope on us, searches, treat Americans like slaves, no fly list, all of this.
Meanwhile, you're saying this stuff is still going on in immigration, in Homeland Security.
Yes, I have documented over 70 illegal Muslim sham fraud marriage cases.
Removed from my office surreptitiously at night after hours and approved or never denied.
Never prosecuted, no deportation.
I have cases where I have the citizens admit to me on videotape
I was paid $4,000.
The case is removed from my office and approved.
Well, you know about Mr. Springman at the Jeddah Saudi Arabian U.S.
Embassy ordered, and they all admitted, yes, these are Muslims in some type of terror training that the CIA is doing in the U.S.
This is national security.
Let them back into the country.
I've had him on the show.
And I mean, it's the same thing, David Shippers.
It's the same thing, Robert Wright.
I mean, it's all these people all over the country.
Phoenix, Chicago, Illinois, Dallas, Texas, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Same story over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.
Alex, let me interject for a second.
How do you get a grand jury and prosecutors with this type of...
You've got all kinds of witnesses that could come forward and bring into the mix this kind of evidence, and yet there's no grand jury, there's no prosecution here, and this goes on.
No investigation.
They're telling us impending attack, and these Muslim groups with all these same connections, obvious intelligence on them, are running around free.
Bonnie Sherrod had told me before 9-11...
That Khalil bin Laden, she referred to him as the brother of Osama bin Laden, who lived in West Orange County, which is a winter garden, a suburb of West Orlando, had contacted her.
She had a paralegal business and inquired how could he get Arabs from Saudi and from Brazil to get into the United States to attend flight schools in Daytona.
So again, here's direct connections with your witnesses and sworn testimony, people being videotaped, all of this, saying this about these wonderful Bin Ladens who have no connection to Osama, and, oh, we just flew them out of the country because people didn't like them, and that's why they were allowed to fly out.
And then, because nobody would investigate, the corrupt supervisors, Susan Degas, Stella Gervina, ordered the shredding of seven years of official daily log sheets
These are log sheets that gave the name of the alien being interviewed.
It gave the case file number, the name of the officer, and whether it was continued for fraud.
They ordered the shredding of seven years of official records.
Well, stay there.
All the videotape of the fraud.
We got a break.
Folks, I hope you're getting this picture.
This is just another big piece of a puzzle.
The puzzle's basically complete now.
Can you connect the dots?
I mean, a three-year-old could.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The fractional reserve system, etc.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, so we're talking to Mary Schneider, now under Homeland Security.
And there she is, an immigration and naturalization and fraud investigator.
Going back six and a half years, and she finds out all these Arabs and these sham marriage rings.
And she gets her desk broken into, she gets threatened, she gets told to shut up.
She finds out about all these other big connections.
And then 9-11 happens.
And it's all connected to the Bin Ladens, and we've got Bin Ladens who are flying out of the country, you know, connected to these other people running scams.
And here it is, right out in the open.
And I want to take a few calls, and we'll let both of you go, but just finishing up any key areas, Mary Schneider or Tom Flacco.
First off, Mary, what's your website for folks that want to visit that directly?
That's www.maryfch.com.
N-E-I-E-R dot U-S?
Mary Schneider dot U-S.
And, of course, you can link through at TomFlocko.com.
We have links to all that at InfoWars.com.
They're in the guest section right now.
Again, other areas condensed down for folks that they need to know about, bringing us up to speed, where this stands three years plus after 9-11, and you're warning the government years before 9-11, right up to 9-11, trying to contact all these big officials whose job it is to, quote, protect us.
Tom Flacco, Mary Schneider, any other comments?
I just want to mention very quickly, which they can find on my website, is the AOL chat room in Orlando, Florida, where outside public...
We're good to go.
So where do they have you assigned right now?
I'm at home.
So they're not firing you because they don't want to create a case?
Well, they intend to fire me as soon as it's possible.
I mean...
They've been trying to fire me for six and a half years.
They suspended me without pay, AWOL.
I have two court cases, three court cases.
I'm broke.
I'm bankrupt.
Alex, what you have here, you have now, and it started probably a couple of administrations back, the complete politicization of the Justice Department.
There is no justice.
There is no investigation because the Justice Department is nothing more than a political arm
That's all we have here.
And as far as we end up with me, I would suggest that maybe you and your listeners take a look at my website.
Coming up in the next day, the two days, I'm going to be breaking more major stories.
I'm up here in New England, and just keep an eye out because I've got some major stuff coming out in the next... I'm working on three separate stories, and they're going to go bang, bang, bang, one after another.
And I hope to be back with Mary over the wintertime doing poking around Orlando when I'm down there during the winter.
Alright, let's take a few calls real quick.
If you want to talk to our two guests, it's 1-800-259-9231.
What you get from this is the Bin Laden brother flown out of the country with the other Bin Ladens.
Over 160 of them now admitted.
When all her traffic is grounded, and this guy and her investigations connected to all of this, another bin Laden connected to all of the 9-11 tragedy.
1-800-259-9231 if you want to join us.
Brock in Canada, then Mike in California and others.
Go ahead, Brock.
Well, I wanted to reach through the television screen and grab Bush by the gruff of the neck and throw him against the wall.
Well, we don't wish any violence against the President, sir.
No, but I'm saying that's how I felt.
Because he talks about, oh, how much he is against terrorism and all this, and yet there's wide open borders.
Wide, wide open.
That's like having your house and saying, I foolproofed it against burglars.
But, oh, by the way, there's one major side window open with the ladder going up to the window.
But apart from that, it's foolproof.
You're in Canada.
If I could just very quickly interrupt for one second.
I have interviewed so many...
Illegal Middle Easterners coming in from Canada into New York State between ports of entry.
And they're from countries that would scare you.
Well, we've just got to give up our rights as citizens that have no fly list and national ID cards as they're about to pass, openly being written in Congress right now.
And we've just got to be good slaves and have cameras in the school bathrooms and the police bathrooms.
And we've got to be slaves, but let's keep the borders open, okay?
That'll keep us safe.
How dare you, Mary, say we should control the borders?
You know, the thing is that even on CNN and networks like that, this is becoming fully exposed.
And they're talking about, yeah, look at this.
Yeah, the border's wide open and nothing's going to be done about it.
And that's shutting our economy down and we're going to make it worse.
And they say, well, Bush wants the Hispanic vote and by closing the borders he'd lose the Hispanic vote.
And then 80 plus percent of Hispanics are against open borders.
It's just not true.
I know.
It's a fraud.
Makes you want to tear your hair out and tear their hair out, too.
Well, thank you for the call, Brock, but Bush is just a puppet, and we shouldn't talk about anything bad happening to him.
Well, you know what, Alex?
One other thing before you go to the next call.
Brock was mentioning this issue of the illegals coming in.
This is not just Republicans.
I listen carefully to each of the debates, the Democrat debates, and basically every single one of them, including the current candidate, Kerry,
By the way, the private debate committee has been run the last ten years by Mr. Laird.
And these are highly scripted debates.
Every question, every answer.
These are not debates.
Sound bites.
I thought I would just add that for people.
Alex, that's a major thing.
And you need to, I think, guys like you that have the power of the airways and have a network of stations and have the ability, capability to get on every day you and Violet get on there and talk to the whole United States, basically, through your airways.
We need to really push this debate thing.
People have got to be looking for sound bites and scripted answers and fake questions.
They meet and script the whole thing for months before it's admitted.
Alex, I'm watching.
I woke up this morning in a motel room here and
I got C-SPAN on, and they're basically discussing the 32-page document.
You need to get that document somehow and start discussing it.
Get it online and pick the things out.
I think that's some great stuff for your site.
Your site's great.
Thank you.
Mike in California.
Go ahead, Mike.
Hi, Alex.
I called you about a week ago.
You were talking to a
Mr. Stanley Hilton, I believe.
And, yeah, I told you, you're one of my biggest inspirations and all, and I just have two quick questions for you.
One, you predicted that Kerry's going to win, and it's a state election.
No, I've been predicting all along that I think Bush was going to win, but then when the Bilderberg Group came out and said, we want John Edwards appointed, and that was in the New York Times, I said, boy, that makes me lean towards Kerry.
But, again, I said, I don't know.
Okay, yeah, because, um, because, yeah, I watched your American Dictators show, I mean, video that you came out with, and I was like, wow, you predicted 9-11, so I'm going on, you know, with the ongoing, and I stand behind you 110%.
If not, I'm your biggest young teen fan in the world.
Mike, you're awesome.
Do you have any questions or comments for our guests?
Yes, I have a question.
Okay, they talk about how Miss Mary Snyder
I believe her name was.
She said that she was getting threats and all that by the FBI.
How come you don't go on with ensuing the government then for that and all that?
Okay, thanks for the call.
Well, there's several ways in suing.
One is RICO, and I don't have the financial means to do RICO, but we definitely need RICO.
I have just been going through court.
I have a lawsuit against Ashcroft and the former...
I am Commissioner Ziegler on a civil rights violation, constant, constant daily reprisals and retaliations.
I have two whistleblower cases that I won the first one.
The second one, another different judge in the same office suddenly says I'm not a whistleblower and I should be punished because I didn't tell the criminals what I know about their crimes.
That's why I was punished.
Twice, 30 days suspension without pay, no salary.
So I've done as much as I can.
I'm in debt up to my eyeballs.
I am bankrupt.
I have no funds to do anything else.
All right.
Josh in South Carolina.
Go ahead, Josh.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
I was just going to tell you all right quick.
I started to hear about that man, about what happened to you.
But I was just going to tell you that a friend of mine last night went and got him a
I went to go get him a drink at, you know, a grocery store.
Yes, yes.
And they checked his ID.
He's a friend of mine.
And you know what they did?
They swapped it through like a credit card machine that has your ID.
Yeah, that's gearing up for the whole national ID card system.
I know.
It made him go crazy.
He was really mad at him.
He was like, why are you doing that?
And they said, this is all because of thought terrorism.
We've got to make sure if you're not a terrorist,
And I said, yep, it used to be.
This is the future.
Thanks for the call.
I hear you.
See you, man.
Yeah, that's the point.
The bill has been written up.
The 9-11 Whitewash Commission has recommended a national ID card to the state driver's license.
It's already been set up in most states.
And they're going to have a new national sales tax to administer the whole thing.
You'll have to swipe your card even when you pay with cash.
But don't worry, the borders are wide open.
They'll do the acing at the airports.
The head of security at the Miami airport a few years ago, Mr. Gonzalez, quit and wrote an article for the Miami Herald and said, we were ordered when the Muslim passengers came off, not other foreign flights, to quote, ace them.
That meant they would just walk by holding up their documents.
We weren't even allowed to look at them.
Mary, were you aware of this?
No, I'm not aware of that.
I am aware of illegal Muslims continuing to be rewarded with green cards and United States citizenship in my office three years after 9-11.
It's incredible.
I'm aware of cases where I actually sent the case to the forensic document lab.
It's one of the top forensic labs in the nation, the INS forensic document lab.
They confirmed forgery.
They confirmed counterfeit documents.
And my supervisors refused...
Well, a few months ago, the Houston Chronicle reported, in Texas alone, 400,000 criminals, many of them felons, who are illegal aliens.
Russians, Mexicans, Muslims.
The feds just said, we're not going to help fund you.
You've got to release all these people.
So if you're an illegal alien, you have more rights than a citizen.
Citizens, we're going to have a national ID card via your driver's license or ID card.
But if you're a foreigner, I guess I should change my name to something and say I'm an illegal alien, and then I'll get more welfare, more everything.
But we're funding them anyway.
We're funding them...
That's right.
Mary, tell Alex and the callers about the supervisors in your office and the money.
Oh, this was a year after 9-11.
I had a person tell me... Well, let me see how...
He was a contract security officer, and when I say this, they're going to know who it is, so I'm going to go ahead and say his name.
This is the first time I've ever said his name.
No, ma'am, I don't want to do that.
If it's not out in Tom's article and Tom hasn't got it, I don't want to just give names out here, please.
Well, he was a former contract security officer for our building.
He personally saw at least 25 times in a short period of time... Listen to this.
Aliens coming in for their marriage interviews with $5,000, $6,000, $8,000 in cash
That they were bringing into their interviews.
Right into the building now.
So, it's so corrupt now that the security guy checking people sees wads of cash, giant bags of cash, and America's so corrupt now that they would arrogantly take it in and make the payoffs right there on the spot.
Right, apparently I brought this out of... Ma'am, I've done corruption investigations here in Austin.
Of stuff in other areas, and the corruption is so systemic and system-wide in the city alone that the criminals run everything now.
He reported this to me, and he was removed from his job two months later.
Well, if you'd like to get in touch with him, I'd like to have him on the show.
See, Alex, the reason for this corruption is that you have weak, poor, atrocious congressional oversight.
The guys that should be holding hearings about this kind of criminality and fraud and felony fraud, these people keep getting re-elected.
But they're at the top of the cash pyramid.
Right, that too.
Indirectly, indirectly, yes they are.
It's like going to Al Capone to have him stop one of his soldiers.
Now, you can't get these guys out of office.
You just can't get them elected out of office.
And now we're putting in the special voting machines.
Clint in Missouri, you're on the air.
Last caller for our guest.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex?
I have a question for you and the guest there.
Now, I've followed this stuff right along with you.
A friend of mine turned me on to you, and I've watched your movies, and I've listened to your show, and...
There's one thing I'm just stuck on and I wondered if either one of you can help me with it.
And that's the fact that there seems to be two schools of theory on 9-11.
One was that they, you know, brought the hijackers in, trained them, let it happen.
But, you know, there seems to be... But we know that.
That's confirmed.
So that's the true school of thoughts.
We can prove they brought them in, paid them, let it happen.
Bottom line, if we believe their official story, up to the point they get on the planes, we know the government's behind it.
Then the next level is, we know NORAD had drills.
Yeah, that's...
I don't have a bit of... So the two schools are, you know, it's like you find a dead body in the back of somebody's car, they got the fingernails, the skin of the dead woman in the back under their fingernails, and the bloody dagger in their pocket, but the person will never admit how they killed her.
But you can still convict them of killing her.
But the part that I'm having trouble with is that, like the mayor of Shanksville said there was no plane, and they said there was no plane at the Pentagon...
And the part that I'm having trouble processing here is if that's right, where did the people go?
Well, Operation Northwoods officially says we will stage people getting on planes, fly those to another location, and then they don't tell you what they'll do with them, and then when remote control fully loaded jets will go off and do their business by remote control.
Again, that's why I stick to what I can prove, and that alone will bring them down.
Thanks for the call, Clint.
Thank you.
Tom Placco, comments?
Boy, I'll tell you.
I am definitely of the opinion that we've already got enough evidence.
I loved it when you said the puzzle is already put together.
We've just got to connect the dots and the pieces.
I believe that the government helped the thing happen or knew that it was going to
We'll make sure.
Yes, we will, Alex.
I'll talk to you.
You're both awesome.
God bless you.
We've got another guest coming up.
A ton of news I haven't even covered.
Stay with us.
You do not want to miss the rest of this global broadcast against tyranny.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2 The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
Go to my website, Infowars.com.
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All right, the third hour is coming up.
We'll have Paul Watson on with us.
We'll get into more detail.
A former CIA agent says Bush to blame for 9-11 possible staged terror attack before election.
That's Ray McGovern, chief CIA analyst to Ronald Reagan for eight years.
More on Fed's new about 9-11 bribery conspiracy before attacks tied into the Bin Laden family directly.
Also, total violation of police privacy.
Cameras discovered in police locker room.
This is up in Pennsylvania.
We have the articles on this now.
We're also going to play that clip where local CBS News, which is a national piece a lot of them are doing, tell you that mercury is actually nutritional and good for you in the shots.
And we'll get into just so, so much more with Paul Watson and your calls in the next hour.
Before I go to Mark in California and others that are patiently holding...
It is so vital that we spread information, factual, documented information, that we can prove about 9-11 now.
And that's where my films, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, and part two of it, The Masters of Terror, come in.
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The balls in your court take action.
Mark in California.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Yes, sir.
I just don't get it.
They're bringing up this police state.
My biggest question to you is, how can we overcome the New World Order?
I tell everybody about this, and I look into the best direction to your videos.
I own a copy of 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
I brought it for educational purposes, for non-profitable purposes.
And they still really can't get it through their heads.
Okay, well, I mean, some callers call and say everybody wakes up they talk to.
Some say half wake up.
About 10% of the callers say nobody cares, nobody wakes up.
Let me just stop you.
Let me just stop you.
Let me just stop you.
And we'll hold you over to the next hour, but let me just finish this point.
Half of New Yorkers believe the government was behind 9-11 and a major Zogby poll.
So you're just talking to the wrong people.
Your friends and family don't respect you.
A lot of times they don't respect their own family.
They're not listening.
So I don't know what area you're in or who you're talking to, but a lot of these folks that laugh at you now won't be laughing later.
You plant the seeds now, later they wake up.
Go ahead.
Unfortunately, your phone is almost incoherent.
We'll try to get you to a better area for that cell phone or whatever you're on.
We'll be back with a third hour.
Please stay with us, my friends.
Hello, folks.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Boy, I tell you, you really missed it in the last hour if you didn't have a chance to hear it.
Mary Schneider, Homeland Security whistleblower.
In there finding out connections to hijackers, terrorists, Bin Laden's brother, the people that were flown out of the country, trying to stop them, working inside immigration and naturalization, a top investigator told to shut up, warn the FBI, warn the President, warn Clinton, warn Bush, watch 9-11 take place, powerful interview with her and Tom Flacco in the last hour.
Also, former CIA agent says Bush to blame for 9-11, possible staged terror attack before election.
This on PrisonPlanet.tv.
Ray McGovern, Ronald Reagan's chief advisor for eight years for the CIA, now saying what we're saying.
Also, total violation of police privacy, cameras discovered in police locker rooms.
I have the mainstream news articles on this.
We'll be going over that.
Paul Watson is joining us.
And we'll go to Mark and Mike and Wes and Johnny and everybody else as well.
Mark in California, your phone's a little better now.
Pardon me?
Yeah, his cell phone was just about to fall away.
He hung up.
He was saying that, you know, I've made copies of your videos.
I've gotten them out to people.
Folks aren't waking up.
He said, I talk about how Kerry's going to win.
Folks, I've always said that I think Bush was going to win.
But then when the polls swung and the Bilderberg Group endorsed Kerry, I said, it looks like Kerry might win.
I don't know who's going to win.
My guts always told me Bush.
But then he goes on to warn his family and others, and they go, well, Bush and Kerry aren't cousins.
That's a lie.
Well, Bush and Kerry have talked about it.
It's been in the mainstream news.
Now, people still say Skull and Bones doesn't exist, as it's admitted.
So for those that just laugh at you and deny everything, move on to others.
Don't waste your time.
You spend all your time talking to five people, they're all laughing at you.
Move on to the next five that are all going to agree with you.
You know, that's how it works, folks.
But Paul Watson is coming up here momentarily.
And then when we get back, we'll also go to all these other callers that are holding.
Paul Watson, good to have you on with us in this third hour.
Good to be back on the air, Alex.
Again, Paul Watson, author of Warnered Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsored Terror and the New World Order, available through our websites and phone numbers, and also the webmaster for PrisonPlanet.tv and com.
Paul, what are we going to talk about in the next hour?
There's been a lot of big developments.
What has been on the table for me personally, and whatever the calls want to throw up, is
And by the way, this is openly admitted.
They're taking over the net.
The people, the companies that own the gates that switch for domains are going to openly shut it down and then make you go to their system and control what you can say and do and decide if you get a website.
We can fight this thing.
We should fight this thing.
Paul, former CIA agent, says Bush to blame for 9-11 possible staged terror attack before election.
I want to talk about Ray McGovern.
Did you hear that interview with Mary Schneider in the last hour?
I didn't catch that, no, but
And another whistleblower to add to the list, we've actually got a whole page now on prisonplanet.com, with all the credible whistleblowers on September 11th, people like, obviously, Stanley Hilton, Michael Meacher, British Member of Parliament, Andreas von Bulow, former German Defence Secretary, people like Michael Springman, you know, former Visa Bureau Chief, so another one to add to the list.
Robert Wright, the list goes on and on.
So people say the government wouldn't be behind I-11.
People would speak out.
They have spoken out.
The first thing I want to cover, though, Paul, is the 9-11 drills and how that was used for the stand-down.
We'll talk about that for about five minutes.
Go straight to your calls and back into all the news you just heard mentioned.
You do not want to miss this third hour, a blitzkrieg of information.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Again, you really missed it in the last hour.
Mary Schneider, Homeland Security whistleblower, Direct Connections.
To the Bin Laden brother being flown out of the country, being connected to bringing in Muslims with other terrorist connections and the government protecting him and going after her.
We're trying to expose this.
Just a massive story.
And there's so much more coming up in this last hour that we've got left.
Paul Watson joining us.
First off, let's go over how important the five drills on the day of 9-11 of NORAD standing down, of the exact same drills...
Simulations at the very same time of what actually happened on 9-11, how that was used to smoke screen so the good people in the military...
I didn't know what was happening and thought it was just a drill.
You know, I talked about this over two years ago.
You put this in your book a year ago that was published a year ago.
I put it in a film I put out two years ago.
I've done a lot of reports on it.
A lot of other great people have been reporting on this, but now it's starting to get more and more attention, and that's a good thing.
Break down for folks the article we wrote a week ago together on this and the transcript of Stanley Hilton and some of the latest developments.
Well, as you mentioned, the current wave of research does indeed focus on these war games which were overlapping and taking place on the morning of and the days prior to September 11th.
To highlight the drills is the key to understanding two cornerstone points.
One of which is who carried out the attack, how it was accomplished, and two, how, with an attack of this scale, it was possible to misdirect the actions of those individuals whose responsibility it was to prevent any attacks of this nature.
Now we know that's exactly how NORAD were distracted from intercepting the planes because due to these numerous overlapping war games taking place that very day, they had anything up to 22 blips on their screen which they were told were drill planes.
And the five war games in question were Operation Northern Vigilance, Operation Vigilant Guardian, Operation Northern Guardian and Operation Vigilant Warrior.
And they focused around the drill scenario of hijacked planes operating in the quadrant around New York in that airspace.
The Tripod 2 exercise focused around a FEMA command bunker, which was actually set up on the evening of September 10th.
Which proves to us that the often discredited quote of Tom Kenny, who told Dan Rather that FEMA were on the ground the day before September 11th, that has now been proven true because this exercise is admitted.
It was admitted in Giuliani's testimony in front of the 9-11 Commission back in May.
So now we know that FEMA were on the ground the day before September 11th.
And with these drills, I mean, again, we hark back to Cheney being in the bunker underneath the White House.
He was secreted away there by Secret Service.
And then later in the afternoon, he went to Site R. Yeah, which is a different site, mainly set up for the same purpose.
CNN said that Cheney was in the bunker underneath the White House, quote, directing America's response to the unfolding attack.
And this was before the plane that hit the Pentagon had, you know, found its target.
And Tom Flacco was there months ago during commission hearings when the spokeswoman for the FAA admitted that, oh, that morning at 8.24 she got a call from the White House about the situation taking control.
Yeah, and so in the article which we compiled a couple of weeks ago, on top of this I highlighted the testimony of Norman Mineta in front of the 9-11 Commission.
I included his quote, which was, quote, during the time that the airplane was coming into the Pentagon, there was a young man who would come in and say to the Vice President, the plane is 50 miles out, the plane is 30 miles out, and when it got down to the plane is 10 miles out, the young man also said to the Vice President, do the orders still stand?
And the Vice President turned and whipped his neck around and said, of course the orders still stand.
Have you heard anything to the contrary?
So the question is, what were the orders?
Now, the official version tells us that the orders were to shoot the plane down, but Mineta, who admits this in the very same testimony, wasn't even present when this order was decided upon, and he states in his testimony that he didn't know what the order was.
So, from all the other... They've declared national security over the transcripts, because via audio, to all the bunkers in the country, Cheney was in command...
Yeah, and one of those excerpts was included in a BBC television piece a couple of months ago.
So, we know that the order was to leave the plane alone and let it find its target, which is why the man who kept running in and being, you know, so frantic, telling Cheney that the plane was getting closer and closer, was so frantic because Cheney was running the attack and consistently told him that the order still stood.
And that's what's detailed in the War Games article.
So, I mean, this is the foundation of how the attack was executed, and so it's rightly so that the current wave of 9-11 research, you know, follows this directive.
Again, over a year ago, there was also a report which we carried, which centered around the Air National Guard 177th Fighter Wing, which is based at Atlantic City International Airport.
Eight minutes away from New York, which could have intercepted both Flight 11 and Flight 175.
Under NORAD procedures, two F-16 fighters were stationed around the clock on that Atlantic City runway, but on the morning of September 11th, the F-16s were performing bombing runs over an empty stretch of the Pine Barrens.
So, just like with the other drills, which...
You know, focused planes away from the New York quadrant.
A similar order was in effect for this fighter wing.
And three months before, before a general or an admiral could shoot down planes himself, ever since NORAD was set up in 1957, 1958, but three months before, they had that power taken away from the generals and admirals, taken to the office of Rumsfeld directly.
Yeah, so it was Rumsfeld in control of that, and then Cheney, by presidential order, was handed direct control of all war game and drill operations, which meant he was solely in charge of NORAD's response to the war games on the morning of September 11th.
And to boil this down for people, one of the drills that morning was hijacked jets being flown into the World Trade Center in Pentagon.
This is public CIA press release, months after we reported it here, from our inside sources.
Well, no, in the light of even anecdotal...
Evidence which has been out there for years and years.
I mean, a television producer could dream up the scenario in the March 2001 Fox Lone Gunman, you know, pilot episode.
So to think that top government officials who were in direct control of the very same scenario crashing planes into the World Trade Center wouldn't have thought of the scenario is again proven to be a complete fraud.
Well, yeah, I mean, they're still saying we never heard of such a plan, and they were running drills two years before, six weeks before, the day before, five drills the morning of.
I mean, come on.
I want to go to these calls very quick, because I want to get into former CIA agent says Bush to blame for 9-11, possible staged terror attack before election.
I want to get into cameras now in the police bathrooms, even violating them.
How do you like it?
Oh, well, it just goes to show that...
People are ignorant in America if they don't want to wake up to the stuff that you're contributing to.
But in the Zogby poll, half the people have woken up.
All our experience is people that are waking up.
But then we get calls from folks like you, good folks like you, who say nobody's waking up.
Oh, yeah, I heard that little 16-year-old kid called when you had Stanley Hilton, I believe, and I was listening to your show, and he said, oh, he's been being laughed at by his American government teacher.
And you told them, well, go take the Zogby Pool off my website and show them, and you'll get the last laugh.
And you know what?
I showed all my corporate executives the same thing at work.
I showed them, you know what?
This is what's happening.
The real thing is happening.
The news is not covering this.
What do we got to do?
And my main question is for Alex Jones, and I've talked to Paul Watson, too, on Yahoo.
Just go ahead, sir.
I'm sorry.
How can we fight the New World Order?
How will we prevail?
What's the steps?
Let us try to answer your question and thanks for calling back.
We'll come back and go to Wes and Mark and Chris and Daniel and others.
Paul, you do interviews.
Almost every caller agrees with you on even hostile shows.
Same thing happens to me.
Everybody I talk to wakes up.
Then you talk to folks who can't wake people up.
You want to talk about that?
Yeah, well...
You mentioned the Zogby poll, and we are overturning public opinion.
I mean, now to the point where, because there hasn't been a large-scale terrorist attack in America for three years, you're even starting to see some of the rights that were lost being overturned, and so they're coming back to us, like the assault weapons ban, which they let expire because, you know, they're so distracted by all the other tyranny they're running.
And the Patriot Act being thrown out in counties and cities across the nation.
So I'm beginning to see things kind of turn the other way where we're getting some of our rights back because we've educated such a large sector of the population.
Yeah, this isn't going to happen overnight, folks.
You're not going to defeat the New World Order overnight.
I mean, this is a process.
But just keep waking people up.
Even if somebody laughs at you, later when they get abused, they're not going to be laughing, and they're going to know.
Plant the seed.
It may not sprout this year or next year, but it's going to sprout.
It's going to sprout.
Tyranny will make it sprout, unfortunately.
Alright, we'll come back, and I just want to get to these calls, because I've got so much news here, folks, that we've got to cover.
And the latest fake beheadings and the real beheadings and all of it.
Chemical attacks.
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Biological attack.
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All right, quickly going back to your calls.
Up next is Mike in Illinois.
Mike, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I just want to tell you, it was really strange.
I had an encounter last night at a Chinese restaurant.
I was there eating, and I don't normally talk to strange people at a restaurant, but...
You know, basically, this guy was talking about how great Bush is doing, and contrary, just weird, I was going to tell this story, and it kind of coincides with what Mark in California was saying.
Most of my family members don't agree with me.
Where I make contact and I make progress is with people outside of my family that seem to listen to me.
So, you know, Mark's got to keep pressing on and get information out to people, but
It ended up being in this Chinese restaurant where it was a shouting match, and I was telling everybody about the New World Order.
Before you knew it, 30 people in the restaurant were looking at us, and it wasn't that very large restaurant.
And I had two people come up to me and ask me for my phone number.
They want more information.
So I think it works, Alex.
Yeah, we've got to do that everywhere.
I do stuff like that in Chinese food restaurants.
In fact, I have in a Chinese food restaurant.
That's how often I do the same thing we just did.
Yeah, it's a good thing to get...
Well, the same thing.
I mean, anything Bush that he's done that's good is because we forced him to.
But, I mean, that's the bottom line on that.
Thanks for the call.
Let's talk to Wes in Tennessee.
Go ahead, Wes.
How are you today?
Good afternoon, Alex.
Go ahead.
I sat down and drew up an outline.
It's a layman's approach to 9-11.
It would probably take me, I would guess, about... I think I could do it in about three minutes.
If you're really pressed for time, I can... Well, you just burned 45 seconds, so... Well, I mean, I...
I sat down and put a lot of thought into this, and I... Go ahead, sir.
All right.
I would say what we want to do is take a look at the premeditation evidence, just the stuff on the surface.
I know the scientific research is very important to this investigation, but I think we just need to take a look at it as a layman would look at the situation.
Is that what you've written?
Still not to that, because we're about to run out of time.
Well, I was just going to say, I'll call back another time.
No, no, it's not that.
It's just that you guys want to talk about something.
Go ahead and get to it.
You've got three minutes right now.
I live two miles from the 147th Air to Air, 147th Air Wing, and I've talked to several pilots over there.
They've told me that, you know, if a guy can't get a license or can't rent a Piper Cub,
He's not going to be anywhere near at the level of sophistication that it requires to fly one of these airplanes.
We saw that the planes didn't have windows.
We have seen time after time for the last 20 years at least demolitions of apartment buildings, demolitions of bridges.
We have watched these buildings come down in controlled explosion fashion.
Our eyes weren't lying to us.
What we saw when those two towers came down was exactly what happened.
They came down because of a controlled explosion.
We can't allow ourselves to be swindled into believing that a 200,000 pound airplane would only be able to create a 4x4 hole in the side of a building
Whether it was the Pentagon or any other building, 200,000 pounds moving at 250 miles an hour, which is the stall speed on a plane like that, would have torn that building to shreds.
It's so obvious that there were no terrorists in that plane.
Operation Global Hawk had been in progress for over three years.
We flew a plane from
New York City to London without any pilot.
Well, we had two pilots on board as a safety precaution.
We know that these planes could be controlled by remote control.
And it's so obvious.
I mean, the designer of the building said that at the time those buildings were built in 1967, the biggest commercial jet at that time was a 707.
And he said those buildings were designed to withstand the impact of two and possibly three of those planes hitting the
Well, we have the owners saying they blew it up, Wesley.
You know, and it's just, it's right there in front of us.
I mean, we don't have to get real sophisticated about this.
Wesley, I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
You've got four minutes there of the time.
Paul, you get 30 seconds.
Go ahead.
Well, at one point on the flying the planes into the buildings, go watch the Hilda video, which is on prisonplanet.tv.
One of the chief designers compares it to poking a pencil into some fly netting.
Many people have this netting on their house which prevents flies from getting in.
Go poke a pencil into it and see if the whole thing collapses.
That's what one of the chief designers compared it to.
Well, we got the seismographs, the firefighters, and the owners saying they blew it up.
We're going to hold off on calls for a while.
I've got to cover news.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I think?
Don't worry.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down, and the flames went higher.
We're almost out of time.
I know a lot of listeners just get to hear the second or third hour.
I've got all this news I want to cover.
We'll try to go to Chris and Daniel and Kim and others here in a few minutes.
But Paul Watson, let's spend a minute or so plugging PrisonPlanet.tv.
Then I want to just sequentially...
Well, just in the past three days, and we're going to add another video either tonight or tomorrow.
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We've got Alex's new weekly report up there today.
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All right, Paul Watson, let's get into real beheadings, fake beheadings, fake kidnappings.
I mean, we've got fake kidnappings of Marines, new fake kidnappings of Italians, new real beheadings, and we've got a Canadian journalist grabbed by Iraqi troops under U.S.
control and then handed over to Al-Syeda.
I mean, just in a nutshell, go over that for us.
Well, yeah, we've had these two Italian women aid workers, Parry and Toretta,
Being kidnapped from their home by 20 armed, clean-shaven men in business suits in broad daylight, you know, as if they were unconcerned about being caught.
And this is right on the site of the Green Zone, which is heavily patrolled by both US troops and Iraqi police.
The kidnappers had sophisticated silencers and stun guns as opposed to, you know, rusty Kalashnikovs.
They were wearing Iraqi National Guard uniforms.
They identified themselves as working for Prime Minister Alawi, according to The Guardian.
And these Italian women were complaining in the days previous to their disappearance that they were being threatened by foreign intelligence agencies.
And the London Guardian came out and said that the kidnapping bore the hallmarks of an undercover military intelligence operation to discredit the Iraqi regime.
Meanwhile on Fox News, the dirty Arabs have grabbed our women.
Yeah, so we see it again and again.
People with no affiliation to this puppet government or the occupational forces, people who are in Iraq to help the Iraqis, are being kidnapped.
So then the BBC yesterday reports that two separate so-called resistance groups, which the Italian government then said there was no evidence of their existence, claimed to have killed these two Italian women.
So hopefully, it's likely that they will be released.
And it's like this Marine Corps guy claiming he was kidnapped, and then it turns out that's all fake.
Get into this big journalist in Canada getting grabbed.
Well, yeah, he was a CBC journalist.
He was arrested by Iraqi police, who then handed him over to what they described as an al-Qaeda group.
So, exact same scenario.
Same thing with Nick Berg.
FBI custody, admittedly 13 days, released Al-Qaeda hands.
So, I mean, then we have these Americans, and in my view, the video which shows the Armstrong beheading was a real event, because it's certainly ten times more offending, more gruesome than the Berg beheading.
Flopping around, squealing, blood spraying.
Forensic scientists look at the Berg video, say it's fake.
Yeah, so in my view, you've got three different groups carrying out these kidnappings and beheadings.
One set is an intelligence operation.
You've got the largest CIA station since Vietnam in Baghdad with 600 CIA agents on the ground.
And the other two are obviously radical Muslims and Iraqi resistance, both of whom are carrying out copycat abductions.
In every case with the Iraqi groups who kidnap people, they release them without harm.
Then you've got these radical Muslims doing copycat acts.
Well, yeah, now it came out that the...
So-called black widows, the Chechens who bombed the two planes, bribed airport security officials to get on the plane and now top police officials have been arrested for having direct complicity in those attacks.
So it's...
It got inside Joe Britain all over it.
All right, let's shift gears to the United States.
More alerts by Homeland Security.
More alerts by Ashcroft.
We're going to be attacked.
Give up all your rights.
We may have to cancel the election.
But meanwhile, former CIA agent says Bush to blame for 9-11, possible staged terror attack before election.
Ray McGovern, chief CIA analyst to Ronald Reagan for eight years, who we've interviewed, said to a university professor,
Two days ago in Florida, quote, there might be a real or staged terror attack in order to postpone the elections, McGovern said.
This might seem outlandish.
I hope it is.
So even McGovern now is talking like us.
Well, yeah, and it was admitted around a week ago that they've got what they call the October Plan, which is to begin during the first week of October, and that is to arrest political subversives and other undesirable characters.
And even if it doesn't happen, it trains us to hear this, to have the programming.
Meanwhile, months ago, we learned that the State Guard all over the country, I even got the documents, is being drilled for takeover, takeover of city halls, mass arrests, roundups.
They've got the FEMA Center set up.
Yeah, and in the meantime, you know, they're diverting planes for Cat Stevens being on board, who...
...openly criticizes every act of terrorism which is blamed on Muslims.
And, you know, he does photo shoots with Prince Charles and everything.
And Ridge was even on Hannity today still defending that, that it was the right decision.
Claiming he's connected to the blind Sheikh Mohammed.
And the point is, he was already on the plane.
So if he was on a watch list, then how did he get on the plane in the first place unless a lot of these people are being allowed on anyway?
It's amazing.
We talked about the mercury story, and the lady who called them, they did admit that it was a national story sent down locally all over the country.
We've seen this exact report about how mercury actually improves mental capacity.
Thousands of studies say it's deadly to the brain, especially in children.
Everybody knows mercury is deadly poison.
They put it in the shots.
They claim they took it out.
Now they admit they've actually increased it.
We have AP congressional reports on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
And now this CBS News piece, the same CBS News here locally in Austin, that tells us it's the law, you've got to take shots to go to school when it's not the law.
Here is that new clip, folks.
Go ahead and play that.
Mercury-containing vaccines may have on kids.
A life-saving device wins over-the-counter approval by the FDA.
And sick of your glasses and contact lenses, a new corrective eye surgery is approved today.
Here's tonight's medical headlines with medical watch reporter, Seema Mathur.
Mercury-containing vaccines may help not harm kids, according to two new studies in the journal Pediatrics.
There have been widespread concerns that mercury-based preservatives in vaccines might impair the neurological development of children.
These new studies suggest that the opposite, that the preservatives may actually be associated with improved behavior and mental performance.
A recent move by the Food and Drug Administration could save your or a loved one's life.
Now it gets into the heart defibrillators.
Go ahead and play that one more time for folks so you hear what they said.
Now again, the new study said it doesn't show any connection to brain problems.
But by the time CBS is done with it, it's wholesome, it's good for you, it is a nutritious thing that increases brain development, increases behavior.
Well, yeah, maybe a kid won't misbehave if you remove their brain.
But play that clip one more time for folks.
Here it is.
A chance to see it.
Mercury-containing vaccines may have on kids.
Here it is.
A life-saving device wins over-the-counter approval by the FDA.
And sick of your glasses and contact lenses, a new corrective eye surgery is approved today.
Here's tonight's medical headlines with Medical Watch reporter Seema Mathur.
Mercury-containing vaccines may help not harm kids, according to two new studies in the journal Pediatrics.
There have been widespread concerns that mercury-based preservatives in vaccines might impair the neurological development of children.
These new studies suggest that the opposite, that the preservatives may actually be associated with improved behavior and mental performance.
A recent move by the Food and Drug Administration could save your or a loved one's life.
Hearts start to fibrillate.
Okay, so again, and these are admitted info packs sent down daily from CBS Broadcast Center in Manhattan, so all your local stations, you probably saw the same thing in your town, can tell you it's good for you.
So I guess now, ooh, a shot for MMR is good for the brain, too.
It's an added nutritional item.
I expect to see mercury vitamins or minerals now on store shelves at the health food store, Paul.
Well, yeah, and the parallel is clear in the UK.
Every independent study not funded by the government said that the triple jab MMR shot was causing autism and bowel disorder.
The UK government came out and said, no, that's wrong, we're going to fund a giant multi-million propaganda campaign to disprove it.
And yet still it didn't work because 99% of parents disbelieved the government.
And there's another article today saying,
Out of the London Evening Standard, where half of the parents have refused to give their kids that shot.
So that's with the Mercury.
It's another example of what the media has become, which is an empty platform for, you know, big government, big form of propaganda.
But how is anybody going to buy that Mercury's good for your child's brain?
I mean, come on!
Well, the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.
As Hitler said, Selma's good for you.
Folks, this is getting too ridiculous.
We'll go to Mark and Chris and Daniel and Kim.
Actually, Chris, Daniel, and Kim are up next here in a second.
But, Paul, shifting gears, we have a whole info area with NBC10.
We also have the Delco Times out of Pennsylvania.
Openly, cameras hidden all over the police department, including in the shower area, videotaping the naked men and women, and...
Well, yeah, that's the process.
I mean...
It's okay for 4.2 million cameras to be on the streets of London, but it's not okay for anyone to walk into a shopping mall with a small, discreet video camera.
So they can surveil us, we can't surveil them.
And I mean, just look at the identity of these kind of surveillance programs.
You've got the Matrix program, the multi-state database initiative, which was actually created by a man called Hank Asher, who's a convicted felon.
Yeah, he was arrested for cocaine smuggling with the government.
And this is a program which snagged 120,000 Americans as potential terrorists.
So this is the identity of that.
And with that story, the police need to realize that this whole mechanism of surveillance is not just directed towards us, it's directed towards the minions as well.
And who runs Total Information Awareness Network but five-time convicted felon Admiral Poindexter?
Yeah, and that's still operating out of a building in Fairfax, Virginia, as it was supposed to be cost, just like TIPS is still operating in numerous different programs.
And now they've announced it's in the new bill, the National ID Card, boys and girls.
It's here.
And the average American has no idea it's even going on.
Well, yeah, and that's tied into CAPS, too, the screening system which identifies Americans with different color-coded security threat levels, which is how they're going to bring in this new taxed and regulated Internet, too.
Yeah, let's talk about Internet, too, and then we'll go to calls.
I'm glad you mentioned that.
Well, it's interesting.
They're right at the same time that they throw all this fear-mongering at us about how the Internet is about to die, how it will have to be replaced by this Internet, too, controlled by the government.
At the same time, Microsoft launched their new biometric fingerprint-operated keyboard and mouse systems, which can password-protect access to different programs and websites by storing a record of your fingerprint that you have to submit and scan each time you launch your computer.
So the two are going to phase into one.
If you have a security threat level on the new National ID Caps 2 screening system above, you know, a green, then no internet for you.
At the same time, Schwarzenegger signs this bill which makes people include their name and address with every audio or video file they send via email or face a year in jail.
Microsoft are pushing this system where it costs to send an email
And people say, well, you know, I don't mind paying a dollar for every 100 emails I send because, you know, it'll fix my spam problem anyway.
But this is aimed at primarily political email lists which send thousands of emails out to people on a daily basis.
I mean, my own email list, which I send out every day, has almost 10,000 people on it and we're just a small operation.
So this is being designed to cripple political activism.
Folks, it's real.
It's really happening.
Let's talk more about Ray McGovern.
I mean, he comes out and says the government may stage a terror attack.
This was Ronald Reagan's chief advisor for eight years, Paul.
This is a big deal.
Well, yeah.
As it becomes more obvious that these attacks are being staged, more and more prominent people are coming out because we're having to replace the media as the watchman for the country.
I mean, there's this new poll.
Gallup finds trust in media at new low.
And three-fifths of Americans will not follow the government's orders during a terror attack Reuters poll last week.
And on top of this, Theresa Hines Carey now comes out in a speech in Arizona yesterday and says she thinks they're going to have a stage capture of bin Laden right before the election.
I don't know if that's going to happen, but two and a half years ago a White House official told me that.
Well, yeah, we've had articles on it for two years where even Republicans like Grassley have said the same thing.
Now, what kind of political impact that will have either way doesn't really matter with the election, but you can bet for sure that once they do get Osama, he'll...
And then we'll get one or two staged photos of the dead body of Ben Laudner.
They claim he's alive.
He'll be held in some secret location, and they'll give us some Hollywood video of him saying, I did it all, I'm guilty.
Yeah, just like the fat bin Laden back in 2001, which is now admitted to be a fraud, which was at the time displayed on massive giant screens at Times Square with him claiming responsibility for the attack.
So you can expect that kind of thing to crop up in the coming months.
You're under psychological warfare attack.
This broadcast is the cure.
Unlock your mind and be part of the second American revolution against the New World Order in defense of this republic against enemies, foreign and domestic.
PrisonPlanet.tv's got Anthony J. Hilder's new video on it.
Sign up and watch it today.
We'll come back and take three final calls from Chris, Daniel, and Kim.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Yeah, Alex, I wanted to thank you for your work.
I also wanted to bring up two things that I've seen as far as controlled information and the internet.
There's a company called Acacia Technologies who has, over the past few years, collected a suite of patents that they claim cover all audio and video streaming.
Basically, right now, they're going after the adult and in-room hotel video industries and basically suing them, saying that they're unable to
As fast as they buy up all the patents, just new video launch systems and audio launch systems are being deployed.
Yeah, but they're saying they own the very basics, the very rudimentary techniques that are used, not necessarily the... Yeah, they're going to lose that.
There's no way they're going to get away with that.
But you're right.
At every angle, this is the censorship.
Well, they've settled with large companies like Playboy and Hustler and some large hotel industries like that, I guess, to establish legitimacy for that.
Go ahead and finish up.
Also, as far as talking about the Internet, too, there's a lot of open source support out there that...
Makes controlling the current internet more difficult.
There was recently, or last year, VeriSign basically runs the .com and .net domain system, tried to implement their own system where they would hijack traffic, basically, to their own search engines and stuff like that, which would be paid advertisers and whatnot.
And the people that basically run, that make the software that's produced, the software that runs this directory or domain name,
Yeah, Internet 2, though, is going to try.
I hope you call me back on Monday when we have more time.
Internet 2, the companies own all the big hubs that it goes through.
They're just going to take those hubs away, but thanks for the call.
Oh, no, we're going to fight this.
They're not going to get away with it.
Daryl, or excuse me, Daniel in Texas, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I'm a Prison Planet TV subscriber, and I wanted to know, I'm not real computer savvy, and is there any way...
By way of like a gift or gift certificate or somehow that I can get friends and relatives of mine on Prison Planet TV.
Yeah, just buy more subscriptions and give them your code.
And that's the simple way?
That's the simple way to do it, sir, and we really appreciate your support.
Paul, comments?
Yeah, you just buy extra subscriptions and then just hand over your username and password to them and they'll have direct access.
That's the simple way to do it.
Anything else, Daniel?
Thanks for the call.
Thanks for the support.
Kim in Texas, last call.
Go ahead, Kim.
Hey Alex, how are you doing?
Hey, listen Alex, I was calling about the mercury that you were talking about.
It's now nutritious, yes.
Yes, I know.
And this is coming from a mom with three kids, all of which have suffered at least seizures, severe asthma, gastrointestinal reflux, I mean weird rashes, you name it, they've had it.
I used to have a pharmaceutical running out of my house.
And it's amazing, I put them through a metal detox.
And they have none of those conditions any longer, and I have no pharmaceuticals in my home.
Well, mercury, the studies show, hurts certain genetic lines worse than other people.
That's why you or your husband passed on your genetic weakness towards mercury.
That's why they all got sick.
I understand that now.
And then now you did the metal detox, and they're fine.
Thank God for that.
Yes, they are.
Where did you learn about that detox?
In Austin, at a pharmacy here in Austin.
It was at People's Pharmacy.
Great news.
Thank God for that knowledge.
That's why all these great folks are there.
Good to hear from you, Kim.
You got the last words of the week, Paul Watson.
Go ahead.
Oh, yeah, just on that.
There's a big nursing group in Seattle, which they were trying to make them take forced flu vaccinations, and they said no, so people are standing up against it.
Alright, great job, Paul.
We'll see you at Prison Planet.
And don't forget Infowars.com.
Have a great weekend.
See you back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Now get out there and take on the New World Order!