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Air Date: Sept. 23, 2004
2550 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
It is Thursday, the 23rd day of September 2004.
Porter Goss...
...has been confirmed as director of the Central Intelligence Agency, and now they want to make him the head of the new super domestic threat agency as well.
Porter Goss, who met with the head Pakistani general who openly wired $100,000 to the supposed lead hijacker, Mohammed Adda.
Porter Goss, long-time CIA mole, your new domestic ruler.
It's like Herman Goering and Heinrich Himmler under the Fuhrer.
We've got Ridge, and we've got Ashcroft, and we've got Herr Goss over there.
So we'll be covering this today.
Also, new developments with the feds all over the country, not just in Michigan, training police that homeschoolers are vicious killers.
We're about to attack and murder them and other normal citizens en masse.
Now, again, I put this in a film I made two and a half years ago.
It's not like it's some secret, but people are starting to learn about it, what's secretly been, quietly been going on.
Now it's no secret it's out in the open.
Also, House may revive parts of Patriot Act II.
Well, they already passed parts of it back on July 13th of last year, the same day they announced the capture of Saddam Hussein as a diversionary tactic.
Well, now we also have Powell saying U.S.
has no plans to attack Iran.
Of course, that was Powell also saying we had no plans to attack Iraq.
The admitted plans are they do want to go into Iran and give you the new national draft and the whole nine yards.
Of course, that'll have to happen after there's been a convenient terror attack.
Also, California law signed by Schwarzenegger.
No, he's not banning guns like last week.
Now he's passed a law where if you're out there doing stuff on the Internet, you have to give them your name and number and information.
California law makes email file swappers provide name, address.
And they say, how is this going to be enforced?
Well, through Internet, too.
That's having a symposium coming up here in, what, seven days at the University of Texas.
They admit they're going to take away our Internet, force us onto their net, and track everything we do, and not even let us have websites.
That was openly announced in Forbes magazine, by the way.
You don't believe it'll happen?
If you don't get involved and get informed and start speaking out against it, it will happen.
Well, to make the net safe from terrorists and to make it safe for everybody, we're going to have to take it away from you.
California law makes e-mail file swappers provide name and address.
Isn't that freedom?
Also, Japan fears North Korea missile test.
Why worry about that?
Iraq's the threat, not North Korea.
North Korea's just threatening to nuke us and has the nukes.
Of course, they don't have trillions in oil, so... So this and a lot more coming up.
And yes, we have several guests.
We have one of the editors of the Washington Times coming on who was arrested for heckling somebody at a baseball game.
Heckling is now evil and hateful.
And this is all part of the new freedom.
Just like in New York, you get arrested if you don't give a big enough tip, or if you chew disrespectfully in D.C., you're arrested, or if you put your feet up on a park bench, you're arrested, or... Well, I'm sure you've all heard the stories.
Wear a peace shirt in the mall that you bought in the mall, and you are arrested, or wear an anti-globalist shirt in public, and then your boss fires you and admits it, and the court says, yes, we can fire you for your views.
There's people on no-fly lists who are openly peaceniks against war and that speak out against violent Muslim groups.
Well, you can't fly to the U.S.
It's all part of the new freedom we chronicle here each and every day.
All right, all the news I mentioned coming up in full detail and another surprise guest today as well.
You don't want to miss it.
We'll be right back.
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Big Brother Mainstream Media
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It is already Thursday, 23rd day of September, 04.
Alex Jones here.
I'm your host.
PrisonPlanet.com, Infowars.com, and PrisonPlanet.tv are the websites we've redesigned and revamped.
It's got its own webmaster, so definitely check that out, Infowars.net.
We have a surprise guest coming up in the next hour.
Then in the third hour, again, we have a Washington Times editor who simply heckled someone at a baseball game and was brutally arrested.
This is all part of the overreaction and things becoming crimes that aren't even crimes.
So you don't want to miss that.
Yesterday we talked about these mainstream news articles out of Michigan that were picked up by World Net Daily about a FEMA-sponsored and Homeland Security run, drilled with over 200 children, a bunch of state and federal and local agencies, training for homeschoolers, homeschoolers' parents, attacking the schools.
Attacking school buses, blowing things up, murdering children en masse.
And I've been aware of this for years.
It's in my film, The Road to Tyranny.
They're training manuals, FEMA on tape saying it, multiple manuals, federal, state, around the country, FBI manuals, Megiddo reports, stuff going back to Clinton, Bush.
It's a unified program.
Anything wholesome and good, anything decent, they're being trained, you're a terrorist.
Gun owners, Christians, conservatives, those that are against the UN, those that make frequent references to the Constitution.
This shows who the real terrorists are.
District sorry for homeschooler terrorist link.
Another article today.
Security drill conducted scenario with wackos against education.
A school district that participated in a terror attack response drill apologized for using a scenario in which children were threatened
By a fictitious, radical group that believes everyone should be homeschooled.
And again, they have 200 kids there, and they yell at them, and they have the terror drill people there going, I'm going to kill you, you don't homeschool!
I mean, brainwashing!
And folks, I'm aware of these drills all over the country.
I've never seen one where the homeschoolers attack the school bus.
I have seen articles about the drills where a right-wing group against public schooling, who's for homeschooling, attacks the schools.
I think?
Detroit, Michigan.
Fort Worth, Texas.
Los Angeles, California.
I've got all these mainstream news articles in my films.
They actually have loaded bullets, loaded cartridges sometimes, and more often than not, splatter their own officers or splatter role-player cops, because the idiot police they bring in have loaded weapons.
Oh, don't believe it?
Just say, in drilling school, cop dies.
Just type that into Google.
Or, cop shoots child in face in school drill.
You'll get Detroit, Michigan and L.A., California.
And again, it's back of the newspaper, never really hear about it.
We see drills of them going in and putting guns to city council people's heads and the city council soils themselves.
Or they go into a school and make the kids march out, don't tell them it's a drill.
The children and the teachers are soiling themselves.
This has been in the news.
One of the cases that was real famous was up in Minnesota
They thought they were all going to die.
Just incredible.
This is the new America, folks.
This is the new freedom.
They're sorry.
But don't worry.
They're real sorry.
District sorry for homeschooler terrorist link security drill conducted scenario with wackos against education.
And it says the made-up group called Wackos Against Schools and Education was invented by a local government emergency services director.
Funny, the local news article, the article yesterday, said that it was from Homeland Security in FEMA.
The Muskegoggin Area Intermediate School District, MAISD in Michigan, said it shared the disappointment of others when it learned Tuesday's preparedness for ill-referred homeschoolers as the fictitious group responsible for the mock disaster.
We apologize, the district said in a statement.
The MAISD and local districts were not aware of the scenario.
Sure you weren't.
It was not shared with students or parents who took part.
They admit they did.
Folks, I've been to these drills all over the country, and it'll be a right-wing militia group attack City Hall, and they'll pass out flyers of threats from the militia, simulated flyers that say, stop the U.N.
takeover, stop the warrantless checkpoints, stop the out-of-control government, stop gun control, and then everybody thinks, oh, people who are against that are associated with terrorism.
So they're now apologizing, and it goes on to say that a sample scenario was required in order to receive the necessary federal funding to stage the event, and this was one of the federally sampled scenarios.
Yes, yes it is, my friends.
Again, we have it on video.
We have their own training manuals.
The reason I've spent so much time on this is because this illustrates what they're really up to, what they're really doing, who they're really demonizing.
Speaking of the New World Order police state, this is out of the Associated Press, House may revive parts of Patriot Act 2.
Well, yeah, they're about to reauthorize Patriot Act 1 with its sunset for 05, but the problem is they admit they want to, quote, strengthen it with Patriot Act 2, which Patriot Act 1 makes all misdemeanors an act of terrorism or all suspicion of it.
There's no probable cause or no due process.
Patriot Act II in the subsections makes us all enemy combatants for no reason at all.
It just says if they want to arrest you secretly, they can, secretly intern you in a foreign nation, or secretly execute you.
House Republicans plan to revive portions of the Justice Department's Patriot Act II draft and legislation to address the September 11th Commission's recommendations to strengthen America's intelligence capabilities, the Associated Press has learned.
Again, the 9-11 Commission appointed by Bush.
Many of them, business would have been Lawton's and others, like Chairman Keene, have recommended just total police state takeover.
In a draft of the House GOP legislation obtained by the Associated Press, many of the provisions were similar to the draft copy of the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003 that a non-profit group said had leaked out of the Justice Department in January of 2003.
Well, yeah, we have the bill.
The Justice Department said that they then had made no final decision on the legislation and never submitted it to Congress.
We have the legislative enrollment sheet.
From January 6, 2003, and we had the bill then broken up and put in several bills, including the new Intelligence Act of 2003, that large sections of Patriot Act II, word for word, were passed.
But many of the anti-terrorism provisions of that draft showed up in the House discussion draft, this is the AP, section of a Terrorism Prevention and Protection, that part of the proposed House legislation.
Among the provisions are measures on the deportation of aliens who become members of or help terrorist groups.
Folks, it makes citizens aliens.
Required parental...
And pre-trial detention for terrorism suspects, warrants against non-citizens, even when a target can't be tied directly to a foreign government or power, and enhanced penalties for threats or attempts to use chemical or nuclear weapons against the United States, including attacks through the mail system.
It actually says in there, trying to influence government.
It doesn't say, you know, nuclear weapons or chemical weapons threats.
I mean, it does say that in some sections and then in others.
I ought to get my analysis of Patriot Act II section by section and read that again on air.
Just to give you an idea of just how bad it really is.
A spokesman for the House Majority Leader, Tom DeLay, Republican, Texas.
Said Wednesday that House members were still working on the final versions of the legislation.
A Justice Department spokesman said they had not seen the House draft.
Republicans have hailed the Patriot Act.
Not all Republicans.
It's not true.
Republicans have hailed the Patriot Act as a critical tool in the post-September 11th war on terrorism, while many Democrats charge it authorizes heavy-handed infringements on civil liberties.
Now, polls show the Patriot Act is unpopular with Republicans and Democrats.
So notice how the media acts like Democrats are against it and Republicans are for it, when in truth, if you look at those who voted against it, it's about evenly split between Democrats and Republicans, and most Democrats voted for it, as well as most Republicans.
So more manipulation making you think the Democrats are going to save you.
On Monday, a group of 9-11 widows went door to door trying to get lawmakers to sign a pledge to keep Patriot Act material out of the legislation, saying the politically explosive material could doom the measure.
The House is expected to begin making up the far-reaching bill next week.
Well, I know most of those widows, because we've interviewed them, most of these groups are just against the Patriot Act and say, don't use it in our name, don't destroy America in our name.
By the time it hits the AP, it's, oh, widows don't want it because it'll hold up the rest of the legislation.
House leaders are expected to take the White House suggestions on creating a national intelligence director who would control the nation's 15 intelligence agencies.
The House plan would let the intelligence chief coordinate non-military spy agencies, but would limit the director's hiring and budgetary control, making that position weaker than envisioned by the 9-11 Commission and the Senate.
Yeah, the Senate openly wants to just give up all their authority over a domestic CIA.
Doesn't that sound good?
A group that doesn't have any legislative or judicial control over it.
Boy, that really sounds like a dictatorship, doesn't it?
The House draft also addresses the other recommendations by...
Instituting tighter controls on birth certificates and creating an electronic birth and death registration system.
That's the National ID Card.
Tightening up driver's license requirements.
Again, that's the federally standardized National ID Card, the driver's license.
And requiring states to link their license databases for federal grants.
Again, we already have that.
This will just make it the law.
It's already the regulation.
And that is the National ID Card.
So the national ID card going through, domestic CIA, all Americans listed as terrorists, trying to influence government, demonstrating as terrorism, a national forced DNA database of all Americans, everything.
And they're coming up with forced psychological testing, forced drugging, building more prisons, building more military cemeteries.
Yes, this is the new freedom.
Gearing up for hell on earth.
We'll come back, take your calls, get into a bunch of other news at 1-800-259-9231.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
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My friends, thank you for joining us.
Let's go ahead and go to the calls, then I'll get into U.S.
has no plans to attack Iran, Colin Powell says.
Of course, he said there were no plans to attack Iraq either.
Then we'll also get into California law makes email file swappers provide names and addresses.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, when he's not opening the borders up or signing gun bans, he's busy going after the First Amendment.
That's why conservatives love him so much.
Neocon, big government, ultra-liberal, new wave conservatives.
Let's talk to Jim in Texas.
Jim, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thank you for taking my call, Alex.
You bet.
Tuesday, you had a gentleman on.
His name was Jimmy Walters.
And I applaud what the man's doing.
There's a saying.
It goes, put your money where your mouth is.
And he's putting his money up in a lot of it.
Do you recall the man?
Yes, in fact, Mr. Walters is the heir of one of the biggest home building companies in the world, and he's involved in a bunch of other big businesses.
And he first put ads on the eve of the Gulf War in major publications, $500,000 worth, saying it's a fraud, it's built on lies, and he was proven correct on that.
And now he's spent a million dollars on ad buys in all the major magazines and newspapers that you can think of, promoting Eric Huffschmidt's 9-11 video.
And I just talked to him today.
He's probably going to run an ad with a road to tyranny.
He's not sure, but I certainly hope he will.
Yes, it was Jim Walters Holmes.
I figured that's who he was.
He made a statement I found interesting, though.
He said, and he said it with venom, too.
He said the problem with President Bush is he's one of those born-again right-wing Christian fundamentalist kooks who believes in the rapture and thinks he'll avoid the destruction and the misery.
George Bush is not a Christian.
He's a wolf in sheep's clothing.
Well, Mr. Walters went on to say specifically that that's what he means.
It's the skull and bones type that's manipulating people into going along with that.
And then he said, no, no, on his website he says that he likes real Christians.
In fact, he put a national ad in the paper comparing what Jesus would do compared to what Bush is doing.
Oh, I didn't know that.
But I'm just glad, period, that the guy is exposing 9-11.
That's what I was going to say.
See, you reach a lot of millions of people.
I'm talking to millions of people right now.
And you talk to Catholics, Protestants, Jews, blacks, whites, Mexicans, you know, the whole spectrum.
There's one common denominator.
We all want to expose the globalists.
We want to wake up America and restore the Bill of Rights Constitution.
And, you know, it just seemed to me that he was, you know, what his beliefs are on the rapture.
I've never heard George Bush discuss it.
I don't know how he figured that out.
I think he's talking about a group called the Dominionists who believe we've got to have a world government so Jesus can come back and we've got to have things get really bad.
Not all of these groups, but some of these groups believe the Antichrist, we've got to bring him in, oh praise God it's coming.
But then they don't fight all this evil.
I think we have to just make sure we keep focused on the war we're fighting and then not worry who believes in the rapture, who doesn't.
I just got your tape back from friends and it's the first time I've got a positive response.
I watched it again myself last night.
It was up late.
It was just encouraging.
It's the first time in over a year that I've gotten a positive response.
I haven't had the tapes over a year, but
It's like throwing gasoline on a fire.
I don't like to pay for sitting here.
So you gave one of my videos to somebody and you got a positive response?
I lent it.
I didn't give it.
Yeah, I understand.
I've lent them before.
And it's the first time I've had a positive response.
It amazes me how people look at me like I'm a nut.
Well, I appreciate what you're doing and take care, Jim.
Thank you.
Look, people's minds are very open now.
Everybody knows something's wrong with the world.
Something isn't right.
And most people that we talk to are waking up.
And so keep it up.
Good job.
When you first don't succeed, try, try again.
Kim in Texas.
Go ahead, Kim.
I was filling out an application yesterday.
Several on the Internet.
You know how they have that survey, that mini-survey about your ethnic and race and gender?
Under race or Caucasian, they list Middle Eastern people now.
If you were born in India, Iraq...
Iran and other countries.
You know, I've seen that, and actually those folks over there are listed as Asians, genetically.
So I don't know how they're now listing them as Caucasian.
That's what I was like, wow.
So what is their reference to that?
What are they trying to prove with that?
Well, Iranians are a hybrid between Caucasian and Asian.
In fact, they were originally...
We're Caucasian, but then we're taken over by different countries.
But predominantly, the people of the Middle East are a mixture between black and Asian.
Yeah, but my question is, what is the government getting out of it to put them under Caucasian?
I don't know, but I have noticed that in some of the surveys.
It's an interesting question.
Anything else, Kim?
Oh, yes.
On Sunday...
And when the news shows?
We'll hear about it on the other side of this quick break.
Stay there.
Then we'll go to Ron and Mary and Michael and everybody else.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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I think?
We're good to go.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, back to the calls.
We're talking to Kim in Texas.
Kim, you had a comment about something you saw on the Sunday news shows.
Go ahead.
Right, they showed Bush saying there's a march on freedom.
You know how you say there's a war on freedom?
He had a soundbite saying there's a march on freedom.
And I couldn't believe that.
But what he means is the terrorists want our freedom, but then why are they taking our freedom?
Why is the government taking our freedom?
So if terrorists come after your freedom, well, then we know who the terrorists are.
And ooh, you look at the facts, wow, it's them.
And also, you were right about you saying that they're going to have that x-ray system where it x-rays your whole car.
They didn't really put that in at Fort Hood, Texas.
And they said... Somebody told me... One of the soldiers told me to maybe...
Six months to a year from now it should be implemented and you were right on target.
When you drive over and it takes the whole view of your car.
Yeah, they have those at the Republican National Convention, and they're going to set up toll roads to get into every major city, and they're going to use the funds from it to build in hardened checkpoints.
I have the official federal plan from 1998 on this, and they're moving forward, no matter who's in office, and they're going to have hardened checkpoints that scan your car, they're going to search you and your family.
And they're going to make high schoolers serve 10 to 20 hours a week out there helping search your cars, training them how to be slave masters.
I mean, again, this is out of a nightmare science fiction movie.
Yes, it is.
But that's what I have to say.
Thank you for listening.
Thank you for the call.
I appreciate it.
And I've got a bunch of news about the satellite tracker boxes to go in the cars, the tax and trace and controllers.
It's just all happening.
It has nothing to do with terrorism.
They were setting up the infrastructure for it long before 9-11, and they said, terror is coming, and we're going to use this as the pretext to put in this control grid.
It's all about control.
Good to hear from you, Kim.
Ron, you're on the air from New York.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
That's precisely what they've done.
As you may know, as of yesterday...
Implemented domestically within the US, there is now a requirement
Legal mandate on the part of airlines to turn over passenger flight information to the government.
So they went ahead and did CAPS 2.
They're going to use it as part of a larger database.
Now you won't be able to have a driver's license under the new federal guidelines, which the AP said that they're about to pass.
Part of the National ID card.
You won't be able to get on a bus, train.
They want to extend it to a no-ride list, which would include trains and buses.
Yeah, I know.
In addition to flying, and your audience must keep in mind now, you see...
They're doing this to the domestic population, not foreigners now, but to you, America.
Well, it's like this British guy who's a Muslim...
This famous guy who a lot of Muslims don't like because he's anti-violence, he decries, Al-Siaida, and then now this guy with no criminal record can't fly into the U.S.
and they held him in detention and flew him back to England.
And it's Ted Kennedy and it's other Congress people.
There's hundreds of thousands of people on this list.
Alex, as a matter of fact, I have a publication.
It wasn't a publication designed for the general public.
I guess it was what you call an in-house publication by the ACLU, which I obtained, called the Surveillance Industrial Complex.
Now, though many people and I myself do have some misgivings about the ACLU, I will admit it's a situation where the broken clock is told the right time, at least on this one occasion.
It's a very, very in-depth and comprehensive study.
As a matter of fact, the most comprehensive and exact I've ever seen in my life about all of this, the surveillance industrial complex.
The government has these systems that they employ for CAPS2, for instance, has what they call a black database.
In other words, it's not even the records that were culled from public domain, but they're secret records to which there's no accountability.
And they won't tell you if you're even on the list.
There's no way to get off the list.
Guess what?
If there's an error and you're in there by mistake, and it happens, we've heard of the cases you just cited,
With Senator Ted Kennedy, regardless of what you feel about the man, he is a long-standing U.S.
Well, it's like we had that former top CIA officer on just a few weeks ago, and we went over the fact that even if
1% of the data in there is wrong, and it'll be stuff like John Jones, and then you put an R in there, and suddenly you're off the list because some guy named John Jones was caught money laundering a decade ago.
If just 1% of it is, quote, in error, and we know they put people on there on purpose, that is millions and millions of people.
That's 3 million Americans.
And then we have in Florida...
They're expanding what they did in 2000.
Millions of people are being taken off the voter rolls.
Anybody with the last name Jones or Johnson or Brown, if anyone committed a crime with the name Jones, everyone whose name is Jones, this is in the newspaper, is not allowed to vote.
It's a fact.
So listen, we're all criminals now.
We're magically put in these databases.
This is going to be the new system.
The new system is a system.
We are living...
We are living something like a dark science fiction plot.
We are living Fahrenheit 451.
We've been dragged into it, and in part, you know what?
I do blame the population, because let's face it.
We've been indolent.
We've been apathetic and cowardly.
We've been more concerned with sports scores and so-called reality programs with Donald Trump and a glass of beer and a hot dog and a barbecue.
Then we have been involved with those things that should have been very important to us.
So that made it very easy for them to do what they have done to this point.
Now I don't even know to say if it's time to wake up.
I think we're past the point of waking up.
It's time for us to take some type of action to oppose this.
It's reached an insufferable point with this.
We're just sitting back and fiddling while Rome is on fire.
This is crazy.
Well, Ron, it's only going to get worse, and thanks for the call.
I appreciate your call, and you bring up really salient, central points to the true issues here.
But long before 9-11, all these databases were being set up, all these round-up plans, all these prison plans, all these forced drugging and forced psychological testing plans, all these drills that homeschooling families are terrorists and Christians are terrorists, and it's your conservative leaders that are helping expand all of this right now, and conservatives out there cheerleading their own destruction.
And this is going to be the new America.
If you don't like taking microchips, the government's going to have terror groups that claim that they're anti-microchip.
They'll go out and carry out terror attacks.
And then, oh, you're against taking an implantable chip?
Well, you must be the person that nerve-gassed the subway.
Oh, you're against public schooling.
You must be part of the secret homeschool terror group that's blowing things up.
Everything's going to be terror.
Any group they want to demonize, any group that doesn't want to go along with them, is going to have terrorism attributed to them.
This is how they're going to do the whole thing.
And, you know, last night I was reviewing a bunch of TV news broadcasts, a bunch of tapes I have, and I was sitting there with some folks that I'm going to be making a new film with, and they just said, gosh, when did we become a nation of, like, fat, stupid chickens?
We're just watching the news.
You know, there's poison pens and poison drones Al Qaeda has.
We're going to be attacked.
And what are we going to do?
And we've got to watch everything and do everything or it's all over.
And we've got to give up all our freedom.
I mean, are we the biggest nation of wimps on the planet?
America isn't America if we don't have these freedoms.
And giving up the freedoms doesn't make you safe.
And then you look at who's behind the terrorism.
Lo and behold, it's the very people that want to be our slave masters.
Surprise, surprise!
It's very, very transparent.
And notice, with this backdrop of the war on terrorism, they're arresting people for heckling players at baseball games.
They're arresting people who chew aggressively, disrespectfully.
They're arresting people who have anti-UN bumper stickers on their cars.
They're arresting people who have peace t-shirts on in the shopping mall.
You know, all these examples we see every day.
None of it has anything to do with terrorism.
But under this backdrop now, it's, hey, we're taking care of you, so shut up and do what we say.
We're the government.
We're your boss.
And now there's this atmosphere of, camps are good.
We need to secretly arrest people for any crime or any suspicion of crime.
Internment is good.
There's a case for internment.
It's just spreading out from there, getting worse and worse and worse and worse and worse.
And under this backdrop now, oh, we're going to satellite tax and track you.
Oh, we're going to have toll roads to get onto any major street in your city.
Oh, we're going to force your child to go to public school until 8 o'clock at night.
And we're going to forcibly drug them and psychologically test you and your family.
Oh, you're against it?
Well, there just so happens to be a terror group that just hacked the computers.
Brought down the power in Chicago and they killed dozens because of it.
Are you part of the group that's against internet tracking and taxation?
Are you with the groups that are... See, this is how it's all going to work.
And until we figure that out... Notice the more freedoms you give up, the more terror we have.
And then the more liberty we have to give up yet again.
But the border is wide open.
400,000 illegal aliens with criminal records released out of South Texas alone last year.
It's a joke!
We interview all the visa folks who are still being ordered to let in Muslims with terrorist connections, but then you as a citizen are being thumb-scanned and face-scanned when you leave the country, or when you get your driver's license, but then illegal aliens are given a waiver by President Bush that was in the news earlier this year.
They don't have to, but you do as a citizen.
Come on!
Come on!
Mary in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I want to...
Thank you and let you know that you inspired me to call the CBS television station here in town when I saw that horrible piece on how mercury is good for your children.
Ma'am, are you on a cordless phone?
I'll switch.
It's breaking up.
I'm sorry.
That sounds a lot better.
Go ahead and repeat what you were saying.
All right.
Thank you.
I was watching your television show the other night and you replayed a CBS news clip
On how the American Pediatric Association was saying that mercury in the vaccines is actually good for our children and it causes improved behavior.
And so I called, you inspired me to call the radio station here in Austin and tell them that I was very disturbed by that news report and that I was actually furious that they should be telling people that mercury in the vaccines is good for them.
And the reporter, I was able to talk to the reporter, Seema Mather,
And she said that was an actual story that came down from like CBS headquarters.
Now let me stop you!
On the TV show, did I not say exactly that we've seen this nationwide the same day, and that it is memos from CBS News Online?
Yeah, yeah, she said it.
And again, see, I don't make this up, folks.
There were memos that went out to all the big newspapers and all the big TV stations to go on television a month ago and say, it's the law, you've got to vaccinate your child or you'll be arrested.
There is no law anywhere in the country, but I saw...
On hundreds of ABC and CBS and NBC and Fox affiliates scanning the news wires on local news stations, the same reports, the same text, just with the local officials' names changed.
That's what your local news has turned into.
And the CBS Broadcast Center in Manhattan has ABC, CBS, and Fox all together in the same building.
And they admittedly, this is four years ago,
Codify all the big local news stories there.
And it's a CIA operation.
So what did you think of me making that announcement that this was obviously a memo from on high and then you say, now you call radio or TV?
I call the television station here and I talk to the actual local reporter.
And did you tell the reporter that everybody knows Mercury isn't good for you?
Yes, I said, well I quoted her two different studies.
I happen to be progressive and there's an excellent study in the Mother Jones magazine this March, April and it's all about Mercury and your
In your children's vaccines and the conspiracy of government and the CDC and the pharmaceutical industries and the doctors.
Well, hey, listen, we have the CDC's own document where it says, I wouldn't give it to my child.
Millions have been brain damaged.
It's deadly.
We've got to cover this up.
That's a 2000 document.
Well, to be fair to her, she did do, like I said, you inspired me.
And I called her about a month and a half ago.
And I told her to look at Mothering Magazine because they had a front cover article.
Yeah, no, CBS did a report locally that they originated that said it was bad.
And then now they've been told we were wrong.
Mercury isn't just okay, it's nutritional.
Yes, I told her about your show and I told her that you had said that we actually had to pass a law in Texas stating that they cannot give us immunizations and she said she reported on that.
And then she got a bunch of phone calls from our Austin Independent School District complaining about her show.
And so then CBS wanted to do what they referred to as a valid study, an alternative point of view.
And I said, how can you say this is a valid study?
And I want to know what the sources for this study were.
Well, it's funny.
Actually, the day that Mike brought that tape in from three days ago, it was a Monday broadcast.
I aired it Tuesday to analyze it.
There was actually the federal study saying how wonderful mercury is for you.
So I've got a copy of the study, and it's the way they went out and sampled children and said, oh, well, they have vaccines, and they're doing good in school.
It must be good for your brain.
So the study was not done properly.
There are thousands of studies.
Mercury has been so studied, just like lead.
Everybody knows these heavy metals are deadly.
And no amount of lying or new studies is going to show otherwise.
And she said that we can call CBS, the bureau line, the CBS bureau line in New York City and complain to them about these so-called medical watch stories that come down the line and go filter out across the whole United States, you know, funded by probably the pharmaceutical industry.
Not probably.
Have you seen CBS Nightly News?
Half the ads, half the ads are drug ads.
Do you have that number in front of you?
If you want to call CBS Bureau Line and complain about their so-called news stories and medical watch stories, it's area code 212-975-3247.
All right.
And I thank you for your inspiration, and I feel like we need to take action through speaking and calling these people.
I mean, she told you that the local school district complained.
Hey, don't tell people there's a law that we can't make them take shots.
Do a report saying it is the law.
Okay, we'll do that for you.
How dare them!
Thanks for the call.
And I've said, folks, that that is criminal in my educated opinion.
To have newscasts saying it's the law, you've got to take shots?
It's not true.
There is no law.
I mean, there's a law saying you can't say it's the law that we had to get passed in Texas.
Last legislative session.
It's just amazing.
Again, four years ago I learned about the CBS Broadcast Center where
Three major networks are based together, and it's where they codify local news.
Mainstream media reported on this.
Very proud of it.
And so then, I started noticing years ago that I would see a CBS website from, say, Florida, and a CBS website from Austin, and it'd be the exact same text, but with a local byline.
We don't have local news, people.
Some of their reports are local.
We need to demand that they all be local.
Mercury is nutritious and healthy and good for children.
It actually increases their behavior.
That's kind of a twist, though.
Oh, their behavior?
You mean they'll sit in the corner and drool?
You mean it increases autism by thousands and thousands of percentiles?
Well, I guess in a sick way, that's true.
You know, it's like new freedom.
Well, if you think slavery's freedom, then I guess we do have all these new freedoms.
Homeschoolers are bad.
Mercury is good for you in the New World Order.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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I repeat this a lot, but it's important that people consciously think about this.
They'll pick up a major mainstream history book, say, about the Middle Ages, or about Rome before that, or about England 300 years ago.
The tyranny, how government was set up to enslave and control the population.
That's what elites do.
That's their business.
And now we're seeing a high-tech version of it today, and a lot of people are waking up, but many others aren't.
It's sold to us in terms of security to keep you safe, but it doesn't keep us safe.
There are elements of this system that are carrying out the terror to scare us into going along with their plans.
They are the terrorists.
By very definition of the old definition of terrorism, the new definition is any misdemeanor or any suspicion of a misdemeanor is an act of terrorism.
But under the old definition, it was carrying out violent attacks on individuals or populations or threatening violent acts to get a desired political outcome or financial gain.
And that's what the government's doing.
Give up your rights, follow us, vote for us, or the terrorists are going to kill you.
It's incredible.
It's so obvious.
Before we go back to calls, I have made 11 films.
The 11th film, American Dictators, is now out.
And American Dictators is 1995.
It's 90 minutes long.
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Bottom line, we're trying to wake folks up about what's happening.
Now, coming up later, we'll continue with your calls.
Then I'll get into District Sorry for Homeschoolers Terrorist Link.
Up in Michigan, saying homeschoolers and conservatives basically are terrorists.
And, boy, they're this big threat.
Then we'll get into Iran.
You know, it's not just our country escalating things.
Iran's been making some threats.
And we'll get into Colin Powell saying U.S.
has no plans to attack Iran.
We'll also cover Arnold Schwarzenegger.
He's got a new law passed.
California law makes email file swappers provide names and addresses.
Japan fears North Korea missile test.
And a lot more coming up in the next hour.
And in the third hour, we have a guest coming on.
One of the editors at the Washington Times who heckled somebody at a baseball game and got arrested.
Just amazing.
So now your speech because you were arrested at baseball games.
I think they've got more serious things to worry about.
Big Brother Mainstream Media
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're good to go.
And she has written this new book, The Case for Internment, and it gets into the history of the Japanese and other people being put in internment camps during World War II versus Middle Easterners or Arabs today.
And Michelle, it's good to have you on with us.
Oh, thanks for having me.
We don't have much time to get into a bunch of history here, but so your book, I've got a copy of it, I read part of it, your book is saying that
I mean, are you saying we should put Arabs in camps?
No, no, that's not what I'm saying at all, and I try to make that explicitly clear throughout the book.
I'm not saying that we should do what we did during World War II, but I wrote the book because I kept hearing from a lot of the critics of the Bush administration's Homeland Security policies that everything that President Bush and his Homeland Security officials were trying to do was equated to the Japanese-American internment during World War II.
And basically, the ACLU, a lot of these ethnic grievance groups, have tried to oppose any kind of common sense threat profiling today because they think it's tantamount to the World War II internment and that, therefore, we should never repeat the mistakes of the past.
And this internment card has scared away law enforcement officials from doing what they need to do to fight the enemy from within.
We are at war, after all, with militant Islamic terrorists, and I think that there are too many people out there, including some people in the Bush administration, unfortunately, who don't want to name our enemies and take the kind of
Common sense measures that we need to take to protect ourselves against them.
And look at someone like Norm Mineta, who's the head of the Department of Transportation.
He is a Japanese-American.
During World War II, he was evacuated from the West Coast under the Roosevelt policies, and he spent a couple of years in a relocation camp.
I think it's that kind of mentality that is going to cause another September 11th in this country.
Well, Michelle, what I think is going to cause another September 11th is the fact that our borders are wide open and that we've still got even supposed allies that have been caught aiding terrorists.
I mean, this whole Caps 2 system, they've been caught putting people on there for absolutely no reason.
It's got all sorts of problems.
I mean, I can see those that say it's dangerous to start going off of somebody's race alone.
Well, let me address two things.
One, I absolutely agree with you about the border, and that was the theme of my first book, Invasion, that immigration has to be treated as a national security issue.
But there's a connection to my new book as well, because, look, there are limited resources.
We all know that.
There are 13 million illegal aliens in this country, and if you're going to start supporting them, which we need to do, where should you start?
My proposition is that we start with illegal aliens who come from countries that are at the highest risk of terrorism.
Places like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Morocco.
But we can't even do that because the ACLU and a lot of these groups are the first to shout that it's profiling, it's profiling, we can't do it.
A lot of these people are already here illegally.
They've crossed the border illegally.
They've overstayed visas illegally.
They've evaded deportation orders illegally.
That's where we should start.
And then eventually, ideally, what we really should be doing is enforcing the law consistently against everyone.
But again, you can't do that because you have the open borders lobby screaming and shouting that it's somehow an infringement on the civil rights of people who don't even belong here in the first place.
It's crazy.
Okay, Michelle, Michelle, listen, I want to get into this.
Stay there.
Let's come back in a few minutes on the other side of the break.
We've got a break right now.
We'll be back with Michelle Malkin.
We'll tell you the website and about the book.
Get into more details.
And she may have to leave us in a little while, but I'm going to try to get her back on with us.
There may have been some scheduling conflicts because you can't just talk about this properly in ten minutes.
We'll be right back with Michelle Malkin.
Stay with us.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Okay, I agree with Michelle Malkin about the invasion, about the open borders, about the 30 million illegal aliens that are in this country.
I mean, the Houston Chronicle a month ago said 400,000 illegals with criminal records.
The feds ordered their jails just to release people.
It's out of control.
But then she has this book with a shocking title, The Case for Internment.
And, Michelle, the reason people are probably freaking out over your book is folks like Michael Savage, he says bring back the sedition laws, arrest those that criticize the government because that age terrorists.
I mean, he says that word for word.
Are you aware of his statements?
No, I'm not.
I really am just encouraging people who are fair-minded to take a look at my book.
And see what I'm arguing.
As I say, I'm not advocating that we do the same thing during World War II.
I'm not saying that we should do that today.
But I'm saying that we have to think very carefully about how we deal with potential fifth columnists in this country, potential subversives, particularly when they have American citizenship.
And unfortunately, we're not able to have a rational debate about that right now.
Look, the Bush administration has put forth a proposal about what we should do.
They have Guantanamo Bay.
They've set up military tribunals.
They have an enemy combatant policy that was upheld by the Supreme Court.
And yet even a lot of these people on the left who do say they want to wage a war on terror and make sure that we're safe have no alternative.
They have no alternative.
They would free everybody who's at Guantanamo Bay and let Jose Padilla walk around and do whatever he wants to do.
Okay, well, let's take that right there.
If they've got evidence of Jose Padilla with a plan with a dirty bomb, which has pretty much been discredited, this guy can barely tie his shoelaces, I guarantee you a jury of his peers would give that guy the death penalty.
I've read Patriot Act 1 and 2.
It's so wide.
It's being used against pot dealers, county commissioners who give people parking spaces for a $4,000 payoff.
I mean, certainly, Michelle, you're not stupid.
You're a news person.
You know they've been using the Patriot Act in non-terror-related cases.
Well, no, I am not stupid.
And I would like to ask you where you got your information that the dirty bomb plot has been discredited.
Well, I mean, it's come out that he didn't have any of the materials, that the people that he was supposedly meeting with weren't even connected to real al-Qaeda groups, that he just shot his mouth off, that he was this ex-con from prison, and that the guy's got about an 85 IQ.
Well, I haven't read that.
Okay, well, let's go over this, Michelle.
Well, I mean, you're making these assertions, and I'm telling you that they're wrong.
And the fact is that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, in interrogations, KSM, who is in custody, thank God, and is giving us vital information that's helping us uncover other terrorist plots, has said that one of the things that he tried to do was send Jose Padilla, who has met with apparently a lot of
We're good to go.
I think?
Well, I agree with that, but let's go back for a second.
Okay, I've got the Las Vegas Review Journal, I've got the Associated Press, I've got conservative writers with the reports of how the Patriot Act is being used against 17-year-old pot dealers, county commissioners,
The Justice Department and the Washington Times said, yeah, we're going to use this in all cases.
Of course we're going to use these tools.
And Section 802 of the Patriot Act's new definition of terrorism says any action that endangers human life, that's a violation of any federal or state law, I mean, that is way, way, way too broad to give a citizen an enemy combatant designation.
Well, I think that you misunderstand what the Patriot Act does and doesn't do.
The Patriot Act has nothing to do with the enemy combatant policy.
Actually, in Patriot Act 2, Section 501 does, and no, it's the definition of terrorism, and then if they can define you as a potential terrorist under the Y definition in Section 802, then they can give you the enemy combatant designation.
The enemy-combatant policy is separate from the Patriot Act.
Now, I can talk about the Patriot Act if that's what you want to talk about.
It really isn't the subject of my book, but I think that a lot of the updating that has been done with regard to surveillance was quite necessary.
We've had a Cold War mentality in this country, and we have to deal with the 21st century situation.
I think the Patriot Act did a good job of doing that.
Are there law enforcement officials at the local, state, and federal level that might possibly abuse the Patriot Act?
But if you disarm Homeland Security officials and give them no tools at all and only foolproof tools, they'll have nothing.
Well, Michelle, look, long before 9-11, and I've made films of this, I would go out and videotape the Marines with role players training to round up people to lockdown cities.
It's been in the mainstream news about the drills.
Will you fire on American citizens?
Will you do this?
That's why it concerns people when we start seeing...
I wrote a column about that, yes.
Well, I mean, but...
But I made a film two and a half years ago.
I have training manuals under Clinton, training manuals under Bush.
I will get them to you if you'd like, where they do list homeschoolers and constitutionalists and those that make frequent references to the U.S.
And now I'm seeing this attempted link between, quote, right-wingers and the Muslims.
I've seen these articles.
You haven't written them, claiming that right-wingers are working with Muslims.
And then Kerry gets in office.
I see him using all of this internment stuff on conservatives.
Yeah, well, all I'm asking for people to do is, as I say, read the book with an open mind.
It is not simply a case of knee-jerk racism or bigotry that led to what happened during World War II.
There was a vast amount of intelligence that undergirded the decision, and I think that we have to have the proper perspective about what the balance is between civil liberties and national security.
And the book is The Case for Internment, and it's published by who?
Yes, Regnery and the publisher website if folks want to get it that way?
Well, look, Michelle, I'll send you all this information, but are you aware of the Civilian Inmate Labor Program that's been going on since 1996?
Are you aware of that document?
No, I'm not.
Well, it started back in the 80s, and then it got declassified in 97, and there are 12 U.S.
Army bases using federal inmate labor secretly until 97.
It was going on since the mid-80s at these bases, and I'm telling you that we've got Mr. Calhoun, the Deputy Attorney General of California, a Democrat, who said in the...
Major newspaper last year in the Oakland Tribune, he said, you know, we need to look at arresting protesters because by protesting the war, they're aiding terrorists.
And then we got Michael Savage saying the same thing.
So that's why I think people get so upset when you put out a book called The Case for Internment because there are these other voices out there saying that if you disagree with the government, you're seditious, you should be put in a camp.
Actually, the name of the book is In Defense of Internment, the Case for, quote-unquote, Racial Profiling for World War II and the War on Terror.
That's the name of the book.
Yes, I apologize.
I don't have it in front of me.
I got it about a week ago.
Have you read the book?
Yes, I've read several chapters of it.
I haven't read the whole thing.
But I've read some of your columns.
I've seen you on Fox News.
I've seen you, you know, up there.
I've seen Sean Hannity go, well, this lady thinks we might need to put people on camps.
And then by the end of it, he goes, oh, I'm convinced.
You just want to profile and keep us all safe.
Look, we hear about CAPS, too, where all these innocent people are in it, and they're putting all this secret data in there, but you're saying they're not even able to do that.
Well, they won't even tell us what they're doing, Michelle.
There's been plenty of exposition of the CAPS2 program, and the CAPS2 program underscores some of what I'm saying is the problem, because instead of targeting...
Specific countries and targeting specific people who fit certain profiles, we're doing the opposite.
And I think that that's part of the problem.
It's that political correctness is coloring our mindset and hampering what we need to do.
Instead of going after people who come from countries that are at high risk of terrorism or countries that are on the designated state sponsor list of terrorism from the State Department, instead of doing that,
You know, instead of targeting, we have these broad, sweeping programs.
Okay, well, wait a minute.
Michelle, you're about to have to leave here in a minute or two, but that's exactly what I'm saying.
I go look at the terror manuals.
It's for gun owners, Christians, homeschoolers, conservatives, and I have all these in my films.
I have all these on the websites.
Okay, so it doesn't seem like we're... I mean, what are we arguing about?
Well, that's my point.
Well, it was supposedly 19 foreigners that did this, so how did every American become a suspect on September 12th?
Because we've been unwilling to do what we need to do, which is to be honest about identifying the enemy, i.e., Islamic extremism, and taking steps to protect ourselves against it.
FBI agents are not allowed to go to mosques and surveil and do what they need to do to gather information without being accused of being jackbooted thugs and bigots.
This is the problem.
But then they're able to go to peace meetings.
But then they're able to go to peace meetings and question people who at the gym said that, and I've read those articles, it's not just in Michael Moore's film, they go question some old white guy who said he thinks the war is wrong.
Well, as I was trying to explain, this is why we end up at the airport with grandmas and toddlers being groped
While we have a reverse profiling policy that punishes airlines for pulling over people from Arab countries for secondary questioning.
It is not a constitutional crisis or civil liberties nightmare to say to people, you will come under extra scrutiny and we apologize for any inconvenience.
Well, Michelle, can I get you back up for maybe 30 minutes sometime so we can debate this properly?
Because I agree with some of what you said.
I disagree with a lot of it because I don't think you see the motives.
The government isn't making a mistake here.
They want to use this against the general public.
They are setting up a police state.
They are setting up a national ID card.
They are bringing in this global system using terror as the pretext instead of stopping the terror, which they could do.
Well, I see your point of view, and I certainly share some of your concerns about abuses by government.
I mean, before September 11th, I was a staunch libertarian.
I voted for the Libertarian Party, and I remain dissatisfied with many of the aspects of how the Bush administration is running the war on terror at home.
Okay, well, Michelle, you were a lot more honest on the air with us and fair with us than Ann Coulter, and I want to get you back up sometime so we can take some calls.
And I did see you get heckled there in Berkeley on C-SPAN.
What was that like?
It was a zoo.
It was a zoo.
All right, Michelle Malkin, take care.
See you later.
All right, I don't think she's evil, folks, by talking to her.
I think she's uninformed.
We need to inform Michelle Malkin.
We'll be right back.
Hi folks, this is Michael Trudeau.
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Alright my friends, we're back live.
Thank you for joining us.
We're going to have her on longer, but somehow we got the times messed up and she's supposed to be on the first hour, so we just had Michelle Malkin on for 20 minutes, but
When you get an Ann Coulter on, I said, have you read the Patriot Act?
She's going, oh, the Patriot Act doesn't take any of your freedoms.
I go, have you read it?
Well, no.
And she wouldn't listen to anything I was saying.
I'd say, well, the government's coming after the general American people.
No, they're not.
That's a lie.
The Patriot Act isn't being used against the general public.
That's a lie.
But when I raised those points to Michelle Malkin, she would have to admit it was going on.
And she was aware of homeschoolers being targeted as terrorists and people being trained that they're terrorists and all of this.
I've got to finish the book.
I wouldn't recommend you actually get it, folks.
It's a waste of your time.
Because everything she puts into her argument is based on a fraud.
That the government wasn't involved in 9-11.
That giving up liberty gives us security.
And it's part of this backdrop of the case for internment camps.
You've got this backdrop of people like Savage and...
Many others out there are saying how good it is.
If you disagree with the government, you should be put in a forced labor camp.
And we have the governor of Rhode Island coming out, what, five months ago and trying to get a bill passed that actually said that you don't have any rights and if you criticize the government, you're put in a camp.
It was actually in their major newspapers.
And then he apologized and said, I hadn't read it.
Homeland Security and my staff gave me this.
I apologize.
I didn't know this was in there.
Though he was in the paper two days before, saying what was in there and saying how good it was.
And we have other states, like Oregon, where they almost passed Bill 742, where you criticize the government or block traffic or illegally download music.
Life in prison in a forced labor camp.
That's the exact quote.
You can't make stuff up like this.
I mean, long before 9-11, they were gearing up for that.
Malkin's book just goes towards doing that.
She's somebody that looks at the government, not profiling who the supposed terrorists are, but treating everyone as if they're terrorists, and she goes, well, then let's just go after them.
Lady, it's been done by design, and she didn't know what to say to that, because she knows it's true.
That's right, we're all terrorists.
And by the way, most Muslims aren't terrorists either.
You have some copycat idiots who can be provocateured into carrying out terror attacks or trying to,
Well, we've caught the government doing that.
Cooking bombs, training drivers, creating fake Klan groups, creating fake Hispanic groups, trying to get them to carry out terror, trying to get Muslims to do stuff.
World Trade Center bombing won.
Viper militia.
The Klan up in Dallas.
The FBI got a bum scare award.
It's in my film, The Takeover.
A big insult here in Texas.
A bum scare award from Texas Monthly for creating a Klan group and trying to get them to blow up a chemical plant.
But they were so stupid, they couldn't get them to successfully do it, so they went ahead and busted them.
I mean, from scratch.
Having FBI agents and informants lead groups they form.
It's a joke!
It's about creating fear, so you submit!
Their arguments are based on a fraud.
And I don't think Malkin, who used to write great articles just three years ago, you heard her, well, I used to be a libertarian, but now I, after 9-11, I... So see, I don't think she's evil.
I think she's one of the dupes, one of the useful idiots.
So I don't hate her or dislike her.
And we were able to move her.
We were able to get her to agree with us.
But somebody like Coulter...
By the way, I saw her in person, man.
She looks like a vampire.
I saw her up in New York.
Let's go ahead and go to calls.
Michael in Hawaii, go ahead.
Well, aloha from the Western Front once again.
Yes, sir.
I tell you what, that Michelle Malcolm, that was an incredible interview.
I don't know if you know it or not, but a lot of your off-air conversation with her was bleeding over on the air, so you might want to let your engineer know about that.
Yeah, we need to work on stuff like that.
I didn't want you to get embarrassed or anything.
I was at church this last Sunday and I picked up a tape of your Road to Tyranny from a friend that I had lent it to.
He just couldn't believe it.
He was going to your websites and he was hungry.
I was sitting there talking to him again and I gave him Police State 2 to look at.
Thank you.
And then you can get them to make copies of the videos, and they can get others to make copies.
Pay it forward.
Have you ever seen that movie, Pay It Forward?
Yes, yes.
And that's what we're doing.
We're just taking it one person at a time and having them do the same thing.
A couple of quick comments.
Tell you what, stay there.
We'll come back to you.
And I'll let you make those comments you've been holding long enough.
Michael in Hawaii, and Chris, and Megan, and Richard, and Charlie, and everybody else, your calls are coming up at 1-800-259-9231.
PrisonPlanet.tv is the website.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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We're good to go.
All right, let's go back to Michael in Hawaii.
Michael, go ahead and finish up the points you were making.
Second point, I really appreciate you having that reporter on that was Jeffrey Heckling.
When I read that article over the last week, and I immediately emailed it to you because I thought, man, this guy would be a great guest, and I'm really excited to hear him coming on.
Last comment,
On this Internet too, it really concerns me.
What do you foresee that a lot of us that listen to your show on the Internet and that use the Internet extensively, what do you think is going to happen to those of us who realize what's going on with this new world order?
And don't want to be constantly monitored and everything.
I mean, my first thought is, well, I guess I'm just going to have to give up use of the Internet if I'm going to have to have all this ID and stuff.
But see, that's the point.
They're going to force you onto the net, and it's going to be a multi-pronged attack.
They're going to tax it.
They're going to track it.
And they're going to bring down Internet 1.
This is Forbes magazine to keep it safe, of course, and force you on Internet 2, and then they're going to charge you a lot more and control what you can hear and see and do.
So it's going to be like mainstream media where they restrict the number of AM and FM stations and cable channels.
It's going to be a rich man's game.
They've built it.
They've let us use it.
They've let us get addicted to it.
Now they're going to tax and trace and control it.
But there is going to be a massive, massive...
We're good to go.
You know, it's going to die.
It's going to happen.
You know, all these big companies are saying, but don't worry, we're going to have a thing for you to jump over to Internet 2.
No, we need to boycott Internet 2.
Or at the same time, get it on the ground level and try to take control of it, which they're not going to allow.
And we need to fight them trying to tax and control and regulate.
But they claim that they're just going to shut Internet 1 down.
They claim that more visitors to it are going to crash it and that it's inevitable.
As if they're not laying more fiber optic cable.
As if there aren't more servers.
As if the internet eight, nine years ago, you could barely get on it.
There was so much use.
And then they increased the bandwidth.
They increased the technologies.
We're getting more connectivity.
We're getting more bandwidth.
We're getting more quality.
It's been getting cheaper.
And they can't stand it because 38 to 45% of people have left television altogether.
They're losing control.
I agree.
I totally agree.
If we couldn't fight it then I would agree with you that we should completely boycott it.
Anyway, great show and thanks again for all the work you do.
I know you get told that a lot.
I tell you what, sitting here in Hawaii and doing my work and listening to the stimulating conversation and knowing that, hey, you don't screen people, you just let them get on and you've got these guests.
I tell you what, keep up the good work and we'll continue to watch your western front out here.
Well, thanks a lot, Michael.
Let me try to calmly explain Internet to you.
I'm here in Austin, kind of like the Silicon Hills of central Texas.
And so there's all these computers and computer engineering and software engineer and network engineer people around me.
And about four or five years ago they started saying they're going to have a new internet and it's going to be taxed and controlled and only a few companies that already control the internet's major gates or major ports, but there's about 22 of them, those companies are going to force you onto their systems.
And they're going to tax and trace and control.
Well, then a few years ago we learned the name of it.
It's called Internet 2.
And then Forbes Magazine came out in last week's issue and openly said, Oh, the Internet is going to die.
But don't worry.
We can't save it.
I mean, how ridiculous a statement.
But the big companies that run the gates and run the networks, and it listed the five companies, they've got a solution with big universities and companies, Internet too, and you'll just go through them.
Well, look at who's making this statement.
The very people that control the gates, that control the backbone, the hubs...
The central connectivity points of the Internet, they're saying, oh, Internet One's going to die.
We're going to have to take control of it for you, though, in a way to save it and to keep you safe from terrorists.
I mean, how obvious!
They get us all on board, we're using it, and then they say...
Somebody's going to take it away from you.
These backbones just can't handle the pressure, and so since we run them, we're just going to let Internet One die, and we're going to force you onto us.
All the new web addresses and everything else, and to have a website, you'll have to be with one of our institutions and pre-approved.
And that'll stop terrorists, and you'll have to have an ID when you're out surfing and using the net.
I mean, look, they're the industry.
They're the people that are already paid handsomely for these backbones.
They're the ones the government has given control of these backbones.
And now they're saying it's theirs.
And that's why there's an article here, let me find it, out of the Broadband Reports, saying Arnold Schwarzenegger, the governor of California, this demon, has come out and he has said that he signed today, this morning, this bill.
That will make you have an Internet ID number to basically do anything.
And they go, well, how is he going to regulate that?
No one knows how this is going to be done.
That isn't in place.
Yes, it is under Internet 2.
And so they're going to take all of this traffic.
Folks, my website isn't even in the top 20 of patriot, real conservative websites, libertarian websites, whatever you want to call them.
And it gets tens of millions of individual visitors a month, conservatively.
We are doubling the number of users and visitors we have to the websites each and every year.
It's more than doubled in the last nine, ten months.
And all the sites that are updated daily, that have good content, are exploding.
Again, I have read in the last few months, university, federal studies, industry studies, and depending on which one you look at, the lowest number is 38, the highest number is 45.
Leaving TV, cable, period.
Reading books, watching films, mainly surfing the internet.
People are turning it off.
People I know who are addicted to TV don't even watch it anymore.
I don't even watch it anymore.
I watch tapes of stuff you tape and send to me, and I watch news clips online, or I go and I read.
In the time it takes for me to watch an hour-long newscast, I can look at what all the newscasts were and look at the summations of the text or the transcripts of what they said.
That's what people are doing.
And the big news sites, they're losing ground.
It's not just people leaving TV to go to their sites.
They're going to our sites.
So they're panicking.
And so, they're going to go, terrorists hacked the internet.
It says in the article, because of terror attacks and because of more people in the third world signing on, it just can't handle all the traffic and it's going to die.
That's ridiculous.
The internet grows and grows and grows every single year.
It's exploded to now over a billion people on it.
They can't... You just add more servers, you add more wires.
It's stupid!
But again, the people that control the backbone are going to force you onto their system in the name of saving it.
I mean, how can you buy that?
Listen to this article here.
This is out of Broadband Reports.
California law makes email file swappers provide name, address.
Previously discussed, California lawmakers have been tossing around the idea of forcing anyone who sends a commercial video or audio file via the internet to include their name and address with the transfer.
Apparently, the law...
It is not clear how technically they hope to enforce such a law.
And what this does is it makes music swappers or downloaders, that's what it's really targeting, criminals.
And they'll grab, you know, the music industry's followed suit on thousands of people now in several big waves.
They'll sue 700 here, 500 there, 200 here.
It's several thousand now.
I haven't added it all up.
But again, there's tens of millions of music downloaders.
It's done to create fear so you don't do it anymore.
But see, they're asking, how are they going to track this?
How are they going to control this?
How are they going to know?
It says in the final...
Line, it's not clear how technically they hope to enforce it to law.
That's what Internet 2 says they're going to do.
Well, yes it is.
The new Microsoft software, the new Microsoft keyboards have thumb scanners in them, or thumb scanning software in the software.
It's all going to that.
Now, you have to become informed.
I have to become more informed.
We've got to create sections on all our websites about this and start educating people and showing the conflict of interest of the people who own the backbone of the net, the big universities and five major companies who we've listed here.
I can dig the Forbes article back out.
And show how they are telling you it's going to die, Internet 1, but don't worry, we'll force you on Internet 2.
They're the ones that can kill it.
They're the ones that, if they want to, don't put in new backbones and build their new Internet 2 backbone, which can handle the traffic.
See how they're doing that?
It's simple.
They just build the new backbone, make it private or governmental, and then you've got to go through them.
And that's the plan.
So we better think about this.
Because, see, we could build our own networks, our own systems.
They're already there for the Internet.
But they go through these switching hubs.
And so by not upgrading the switching hubs, they're going to let it die, and they're going to force you onto their new hub.
Okay, I've been ranting about this enough.
Let's go to calls.
Chris in Tennessee, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Alex, when you went to New York,
What was one of the things that really got you upset?
The fact that Silverstein, who owned the World Trade Center, conspired to blow the building up?
The fact of the insider stock trading that took place on September 7th and September 10th?
Or the fact, even like your last caller, who supported the Patriot Act No.
2 that was voted on in the middle of the night, and John Ashcroft said it didn't even exist?
Well, it was Patriot Act 1 that was passed the middle of the night.
Patriot Act 2 wasn't passed fully.
Some sections were passed in the Intelligence Enhancement Act of last year.
And the fact of the insider stock trading that took place on September 7th and September 10th, which is on your website under 911 prior knowledge, where our CIA and no one else knew that September 11th attacks were going to happen,
Yet people conspired to make $225 million off the stock market on the death of the firemen and police officers.
Well, that was just some of the trades.
It was actually in the billions of dollars, and we all heard we'd be able to find out who did it the first few days because of these record put options, and then when it led back to the CIA, that story totally and completely and instantly disappeared off of newspaper headlines, disappeared from the newspapers, period.
But being in New York...
And to see how far away Building 7 was from Towers 1 and 2, to see how buildings owned by other people right next to Tower 1 and 2, north and south, weren't even damaged, or in some cases were slightly damaged, and then to see how later that afternoon this building that wasn't even touched catches on fire and then magically collapses.
When I talk to people about what happened on September 11th, for instance, your last guest there, she wants to label the...
Evil Saudi Arabian people that are terrorists, where I say, no, look at the stock trading, follow the money trail, and look at the guy who... Can the Saudis make NORAD stand down?
Can the Saudis run five drills on the morning of 9-11 of flying hijacked jets into buildings so NORAD stands down?
Can the Saudis...
Train the supposed hijackers at U.S.
military bases?
Can the Saudis pay for their houses, cars, and credit cards through the FBI?
Can the Saudis have FBI informants living with hijackers?
No, sir, and that's the reason why I focus on exactly... Well, hold on, hold on.
Can the Saudis come to actor James Woods, who saw five of the hijackers and said, these guys are trying to hijack a week before, can the Saudis have the FBI come and threaten James Woods to keep his mouth shut?
And for the people who are just tuning in today, this is all on Alex's website, all documented, all facts.
On the prior 9-1-1... Larry Silverstein says they blew it up!
I mean, you can't... We don't just have the firefighters saying that they were ordered to blow it up.
We don't just have firefighters telling AP reporters to get back.
We don't just have Giuliani saying that he got an anonymous phone call and got told to get out of Building 7 before it collapsed and caught fire.
We don't just have the seismographs showing the explosions.
We don't just have the 47-story building falling in 3.1 seconds faster than gravity being turned into powder.
We don't just have that.
We have the owner saying they blew it up!
Ah, thanks for the call.
I mean, it's just, this is what I deal with here.
I mean, I deal with the local news saying mercury is nutritious.
It's good for you.
I've got to get that clip.
In fact, Paul Watson, I know you're listening.
You usually are.
You've got Paul Watson's number there in front of you, don't you?
Yeah, give him a call, because I meant to do this last night.
I was working so hard on a new film and five other things I forgot.
Ask if the new weekly report's been uploaded yet, and in that weekly report, tell him ten minutes in I played the CBS News clip locally saying Mercury's nutritious and now is a vitamin for your children.
It's hard for folks to believe that.
He heard the caller last hour and saw it, but have him isolate that clip if he can and get it posted, because I'm going to try to play that in the third hour, please.
Oh, actually, he was having phone work on his house today.
I remember that now.
He may have to call his cell.
Can you call my wife and get that from her?
Because I don't have that on me.
I appreciate you doing it.
All right, I'm here having conversations with the folks running the show.
You can't hear them.
The New York Times will say that I talk to imaginary people.
Literally, folks.
Let's go ahead and take more calls here.
Let's talk to Megan in Pennsylvania.
Megan, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Yeah, I called you yesterday about that police department in Pennsylvania.
They didn't like cameras in their bathroom to watch them, which I said I think is horrible.
There shouldn't be cameras watching police in the bathrooms, but they always do it to the enforcers first, so they'll be happy to enforce it on us.
Yeah, the one quote from the...
Chief of Police, because he didn't even know about it, was, what is this, the KGB?
Did you email that to me?
I did, yes.
What time did you email it?
Because I didn't see it in the email.
It was around 3.55 Eastern Time.
I can do it again.
I'll look again.
Go to prisonplanet.com, and I just love you to death.
You know what?
Thank you so much for what you're doing.
You're on the lens of eyes and ears out there.
Go get the articles, and on prisonplanet.com, it says email webmaster.
Click on that email.
Send it there.
But for those that just joined us, I'll stop interrupting.
Tell us about the article.
Read us some of the quotes.
Actually, I don't have the article in front of me.
I can just recap it a little bit.
This town, the police department discovered these cameras...
In their locker room, all throughout the whole thing.
And the other thing that was infuriating, the people, they had huge demonstration outside of the city council meeting the other night because they spent close to $10,000 of the taxpayer money without telling them what they were doing.
And this is a small borough, they don't have... Well, I want to know why the cops are upset.
I've seen at least 15 school districts with cameras in the showers.
So, the follow-up so far is that they only have one female officer.
Hey, why is it always okay for men to be seen naked?
I've seen these articles where they let the women reporters into the men's showers in professional golf and football, but then a man tries to go in the woman's shower and is arrested.
Well, I have a better story for you about... I'll tell you what, stay there.
I want to hear more about this.
So what if it's only one woman being seen naked?
What about the men?
We have the same rights as women do.
We'll be right back, folks.
Stay with us.
This is unbelievable.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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All right, folks, Alex Jones here back live.
We're talking to Megan from Pennsylvania.
Megan, give me the name of the newspaper, the name of the town, and then run through just exactly what happened for folks, and I'm going to get this news article, but tell us the name of the newspaper.
It's called the Delaware County Times, and it's at www.delcotimes.com.
And it's actually the front page story on that website today, a follow-up story about... So it's still at delcotimes.com, still the top story.
I want this posted immediately to my webmasters, calling all cars.
I want this up now, and I want to post under it all the articles we can find with the cameras in the 11-year-old girls' and boys' showers in Tennessee and Texas and New York and California.
And then I want to ask people, are we radical?
We think that...
Having drills where homeschoolers are terrorists is wrong.
We think telling the people that mercury is nutritious for children is wrong.
We think cameras in school and police bathrooms are wrong.
We think being slaves are wrong!
This is not a radical show!
The government has gotten radical!
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
So, it just goes into detail about they were also tailed by private investigators when they were on duty.
So the police chief himself actually hired a retired FBI
And so even if the police were doing something bad, you've got to get a warrant for that.
And you don't put it in the showers.
But the point is, the cops don't like this.
Hey, I've heard you people, police out there, think we should put cameras in our bathrooms, but you don't like it, do you?
Well, here's the worst news.
Yesterday, when I was on the phone with you, actually, George Bush was at Valley Forge Park, which is about two miles from my home.
And even though NORAD wasn't able to intercept any of these planes on September 11th, some poor old man went up in his private plane and NORAD was able to scramble two F-16s
To shoot flares at him and get him to land.
I saw that when I was in a restaurant last night on the TV set.
Will you email that to me too?
Sure will.
You are just awesome.
So it's delcotimes.com and we will get that posted.
Okay, great.
You are just absolutely fabulous.
Anything else?
I'll just follow up with you because I've written several articles for some local magazines on
Health and nutrition and stuff, so I might want to start writing some articles.
Yeah, if you want us to post them, we'll do it.
You'll get a lot of readers, at least a few hundred thousand.
Thanks a lot for the call.
I appreciate it.
I mean, if I start hyperventilating, folks, I love freedom.
And the tyranny has just gotten so stupid.
It's so ridiculous.
How can other people not see this?
And they're about to take the Internet away from us.
They're taking talk radio away from us.
They're taking access TV away from us.
Right at the time that everybody's starting to listen.
I just want to thank all the AM and FM affiliates we've got.
We need more stations, folks.
We need more time on your stations.
We need more time to get the word out to people.
This is so vital!
Before we end this hour, just briefly, you know what funds this operation?
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Or just write to me.
I'm Alex Jones at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
It is up to you to stand in the gap against this tyranny, to expose these killers.
If you don't do it, cameras in the bathrooms, forced inoculations, giant prisons everywhere, satellite tracking and taxing in your cars, that's the future if we don't stop them.
We'll be right back with the third hour.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I did just confirm the Delco Times article out of Pennsylvania with cameras in the police bathrooms and showers.
Surveilling the police, they're doing this to school children in school districts all over the country.
Cameras in the bathrooms.
In Michigan, five, six years ago, I saw articles about cameras in the rest stop bathrooms, you know, above the toilet stalls.
That's your freedom, folks.
It has nothing to do with terrorism.
It's 1984 with cameras in the bathrooms.
People being arrested for walking onto the subway ramp, finishing a piece of candy bar.
The cop says they chew aggressively.
They're arrested.
People are arrested for not giving a big enough tip.
People being arrested for wearing peace t-shirts at the mall where they bought them.
It doesn't matter who you are.
It's happening more and more.
And I've seen a bunch of articles where people now heckle.
At football games, soccer games, baseball games, and you get arrested.
Oh, you idiot!
You could have hit that one, you moron!
And, I mean, that's part of sports.
Now you're arrested.
And so I thought we'd have this guest on.
Heckling a Yankees fan landed editor in a Baltimore prison cell.
He's an editor at the Washington Times, and he's Joe Schaefer.
Joe, it's good to have you on with us.
You're quite an evil person.
I really appreciate you giving me a chance to get this story out here.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
I think it's especially timely with what's going on these days.
Well, it is.
I mean, I'm seeing these reports everywhere.
If you just yell something, you're arrested.
What happened to you?
It was crazy.
I was at a game with two friends.
We were sitting near the bullpen, which maybe had something to do with it.
But we were quiet the whole game.
And it was the eighth inning.
Opened my mouth for the first time.
I was responding to a Yankees fan who, as he was leaving the stadium, he was just saying, you know, Yankees, first place, blah, blah, blah.
Wasn't bothering anybody.
All I said was, hey, look at the scoreboard.
What's the score?
And the next thing I know, this usher, he must have been right behind me, and he just jumped right down my throat.
You're causing trouble.
You're trying to create an incident.
You're out of here.
His face was red.
He was spitting on me.
And the thing that shocked me is the police responded to him immediately.
No side of the story for me.
I was out.
Just for saying, what's the score?
Two armed policemen escort me out of a seat.
Now, again, you didn't even say you're an idiot.
Why'd you miss that?
You just said, hey, buddy, look at the scoreboard.
That was it.
And when we get back, I want to detail this story, because stories like this are becoming everyday occurrences.
And this is just what we're hearing about.
It's amazing.
How long were you in jail?
27 hours.
We're going to break here in a second but he runs over and starts spitting at you basically and then what did you say to him?
I didn't really have time to say anything.
I was just in shock and the police came and I was on the way out.
As I was being escorted out I still basically couldn't say anything because this usher wouldn't stop yapping at me.
And I got out and finally when the police threw me out it dawned on me I was being removed from this game for absolutely nothing.
I turned around and I called the usher a Bolshevik.
And, you know, I didn't know it at the time, but that made the police extremely angry.
That was the one thing I said to this usher.
So your evil speech, calling him a communist... That enraged the police, apparently.
Well, you're not supposed to talk back to them.
I didn't know that.
Expectation of reasonableness, that doesn't exist anymore at the ballpark, apparently.
Well, I say you boycott the ballpark.
I don't plan on attending any more major league games.
The main point that I'm trying to make, and why I'm glad to get this story out here, is these ballparks are located in urban areas.
So if you have an incident like this, an overreaction, you're not going to some simple processing center where you'll be out in one or two hours.
I went to an inner-city lockup.
It was hell.
It was the worst experience of my life.
I tell you what, more Americans are going to get to have this experience.
The system's being designed to put us all into it.
We'll be right back with our guest.
He's an editor at the Washington Times.
And heckling a Yankees fan landed editor in a Baltimore prison hell.
We'll be right back.
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Government cover-ups.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
Eight minutes, 25 seconds into this third hour.
We're joined by Joe Schaefer.
He's an editor, news editor at the Washington Times, worked there for many, many years.
Doesn't even have a criminal record, done nothing wrong.
Went to a Yankees game, and a Yankees fan was heckling him, and he just said, hey, look at the scoreboard.
So an usher ran up, began screaming at him, and I want to go back through that story and then describe what happened in his 20-plus hours inside the prison hell.
And this has been picked up by other major publications as well, but here it is from theworldtribune.com.
You can link through on our websites and check it out for yourself at infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
But, Joe, for those who just joined us, describe the day.
You're out there, eighth inning, what happens?
Again, just a fun time at the park.
We were fairly quiet, even though we were near the Yankees bullpen.
No one was really heckling the Yankees bullpen, which surprised me.
And then in the eighth inning, this Yankees fan stood up.
His team was losing.
They were losing 7-1.
And he was just saying, okay, we're in first place.
Go Yankees.
All I said, hey, buddy, look at the scoreboard.
Something like that.
No profanity.
No curse words.
Didn't gesture.
I don't even think I even looked at him.
I just said it.
And this usher jumped right down my throat.
Red face, spinning.
You're causing a disturbance.
You're creating an incident.
You're out of here.
You got to go.
Two armed police officers come up.
I don't get a chance to even talk to the police officers.
I'm escorted out.
And so when I got out... Well, let me stop you.
Did they grab your elbows?
No, no.
They just escorted me out.
Really, the whole thing I remember is just this usher three feet from my face just yelling at me while these two police officers were escorting me out of the section.
And then when did you get arrested?
After I got out, I turned around, called the usher a Bolshevik, and I really thought that was the end of the deal.
I mean, the guy was so out of control, I thought that's where the term Bolshevik came from.
And I decided that was the end of the deal, crazy usher.
I've never heard of anyone getting thrown out of a game for that.
So I just walked along.
My two friends, you know, were still at the game.
We had plans to meet up with some other friends later, so...
I was just like, what am I going to do for two innings?
And it just popped in my head, go to another section.
I mean, I didn't do anything wrong.
Go to another section, try to go in, see the end of the game.
These two police officers followed me for a full two minutes.
And literally, I took two steps to go back in.
This was a couple sections down.
And this one officer jumped me, threw me against the wall, handcuffed me, turned around,
With just the most gleeful, gleeful look on his face.
And said, you got any more comments to make about that usher?
Or about that old man?
And right there, that's when I knew I was in trouble.
And that's how I got arrested.
Did you hear about the woman in D.C.
that put the last piece of a candy bar in her mouth and the cop said that she was chewing aggressively?
I remember that story.
I believe that was in the Washington Times.
It's just crazy.
And the thing that really disturbed me the most
Maybe in the whole situation was how happy that police... This isn't a judgment call on my part.
He was beaming.
He was really happy that he was going to be arresting me and sending me to Baltimore Central locked up.
Even if you want to go out on a limb and say I deserve to be arrested, I just think it's a disturbing situation when police officers are taking satisfaction in arresting totally non-violent citizens.
That was very disturbing.
What did they say they arrested you for?
Well, the charge was criminal trespassing because technically they threw me out of the game and I tried to go back in.
Again, expectation of reasonableness.
Are they going to drop the charges?
Well, this happened last year.
Yeah, I know.
You're writing the article now because it's happening to other people.
We just waited for an incident to come along.
In fact, that's an important area to go over.
This is starting to happen more and more.
Have you found any memos?
Are the ushers being ordered to do this, or what's happening?
That I don't know.
The one thing I recall, actually my boss at the Washington Times, they had a Washington Times outing, the game before in that series, and my boss was at the game, and he couldn't believe the messages on the Jumbotron.
Just the corporate pleasant messages, we'll hope you're enjoying your stay at Camden Yards.
Please report any unpleasant experiences immediately to the usher.
Oh, I've heard about that.
There is an element of
Expectation that something's going to happen.
And I really think it was that that had that usher just ready to explode.
And he got the excuse.
Well, see, this is my point.
Since 9-11, there's this atmosphere of we're all under attack, and so because there's no real terrorism materializing, it's just this attitude of us against them.
And I was telling you during the break, Joe Schaefer, editor of the Washington Times who went through this, now there's been more cases of it, is why he's written this great article,
When I was in New York, short hair, dress shirt, dress slacks.
I'd be five miles from Madison Square Garden interviewing people.
And police would run over, scream at me, threaten to arrest me.
Where's your press pass?
Well, here's congressional passes to MSG, to Madison Square Garden, but do I need a pass to be on the street?
Yes, you do!
Don't talk back to me!
I can take you to jail right now!
In fact, I think I will!
I'm detaining you right now!
And I'd be like, Officer, what's the problem here?
And then finally I had to start saying, Fine, I'm going to sue you.
You just go ahead.
But I saw them...
Arrest reporters.
I've interviewed AP reporters.
I've interviewed national spectator reporters.
It wasn't just like they were arresting people running around screaming, you know, burning puppets or whatever.
They were on a total power trip.
Not all of them, but some of them.
And I felt like I was living in a total police state and none of it had anything to do with terrorism.
It's crazy.
And I can only speak for the Mid-Atlantic because I don't have this wealth of experiences around the country.
But the police, I don't want to say all of them like you said, but they're very adversarial.
It's almost a hostility when you come across the police in this area.
I hate to say they're all like that, but I can tell you some, just off the top of my head, I can tell you some experiences that people I know have had with police that are terrifying.
Well, listen, 20 years ago, cops had people bring them pieces of pie, coffee, they were loved, just like firemen.
You don't see that now.
And all over the country, they're training them to have an us-against-them mentality.
You defend the state.
You defend the government.
The people are, you know, got to be watched and controlled.
And I don't know why cops want to play into this mentality.
So what are some of the experiences you've gone through?
Well, if I could tell a story, Alex, if you give me a minute.
Something happened to my brother that was just, this was a couple years ago.
He was driving to work on the Beltway, 8 o'clock in the morning, sunshine, daylight, driving to work, shirt and tie.
My brother's been called a lot of things in his life.
Menacing is not one of them.
He's 6'0", 160 pounds, wears glasses.
He's not a physically intimidating specimen.
So he's driving to work.
He gets pulled over for whatever it was, maybe speeding, I don't know, which is fine.
But he was on an exit ramp as the police car came to pull him over.
He didn't know that you're supposed to stop on an exit ramp.
There's no shoulder or anything.
If he stopped, all the cars behind him are going to have trouble getting off the exit ramp.
So he waits until he gets off the exit ramp.
And as he's just about getting off the exit ramp, the officer behind him, through a bullhorn, says, Pull over now!
So my brother goes, whoa.
So he pulls over.
Rolls down his window, gets out his license and registration.
The officer gets out of his car.
And I'm going to describe my brother's car here.
He's a nice Catholic boy, he tries to be.
He's got the rosary beads hanging from his rearview mirror.
He's got the two pro-life bumper stickers on his brown geoprism.
This officer pulls out a gun.
It's 8 o'clock in the morning.
He's on his way to work.
Pulls out a gun.
Says, put your hands on the steering wheel where I can see them.
Do it now!
You know, like a Marine drill sergeant.
My brother does that.
This officer comes to the window, points a loaded gun at my brother's head for a full minute, and he starts screaming, just like this usher in Baltimore.
Red face.
Spit comes out of his mouth.
Let me stop you.
That's the nature of tyranny, is every control freak, every psychopath, goes and joins the government.
Go ahead.
My brother thought he was having a breakdown, and while he's going through this breakdown, he's pointing a loaded gun at my brother's head.
And that was just amazing.
And my brother told our friends and stuff about that.
And the reaction generally was, oh yeah, that's how police are these days.
And I know they're not all like that.
Well, usually if a cop has a breakdown, though, you must have done something wrong.
He'll still take you to jail.
Others, he didn't go to jail.
After he wrote him up for the ticket, he seemed to calm down.
But he wasn't apologizing.
He basically was saying, you know, you made this happen because you didn't pull over on the exit ramp.
Which is just...
Well, it's like the deaf Vietnam veterans, 51 years old, who just got a liver transplant.
They bust in in the middle of the night, wrong house.
This just happened two days ago.
And the guy jumps up and says, what's happening?
Literally, what's happening?
And they start kicking and stomping and beating him, and he had to go to the hospital.
And the cop said in the newspaper, it's his fault he jumped up.
Well, what do you expect normal people?
We don't expect cops to be busting in our house at 4 a.m.
I'm going to jump out of bed if I hear screaming and the door being kicked down.
It's amazing.
And I'm a firm believer we need to respect the police.
You know, they do an important job.
But they need to respect us.
And you're a keen social observer.
Where did this come from?
Where did this adversarial relationship come from?
We've had a lot of police, former commanders and trainers and colonels on.
They've been told we're a thin blue line.
We're under attack.
They all hate us.
So we've got to be against them and stick together.
And they don't like us and they're bad.
We've got to...
Keep civilization going by doing this.
And it's a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Then we start heading the police and it just snowballs.
It's amazing.
And it's filtered into other parts of life.
Do you recall, I think it was this summer around June, some Utah baseball players, University of Utah, did a college prank.
They painted some red U's on the big BYU sign out there by their campus.
20 years ago, that's just good college fun.
Happened in June.
They were charged with a felony.
A prosecutor charged them with a felony just for doing something like that.
That's insane.
Well, they've built all these new prisons.
Gotta put people in them.
We'll be right back with our guest.
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But the social engineers have set this up.
They've engineered it.
For the last 20, 30 years, they've told police to be separate.
Don't be too nice.
And then it's, oh, keep them in line.
It's us against them.
And now it's degenerated into this, where all these control freaks have gotten badges and guns.
And the most petty things, you go to jail.
We have 7 million people in prison now, most of them non-violent.
And the big private industries own these prisons, and they're building more of them.
And a lot of people go, good, make them prisoners work.
Well, they work for 20 cents an hour.
That then drives down the wages of everybody else.
And then they've got a need to put more people in prison.
I mean, you take the public schools.
In Austin, Texas, if you're late to class three times, that's considered truancy.
Well, the state law says it's 14 unscubed absences.
It's not even a law.
But they call the kids in when they've been late once and say, sign here, affirmative unification.
Then they put them on probation.
This is on the local news.
It's about getting everybody into the system.
And they'll find the control freaks to carry it out and do it.
But, Joe Schaefer, what was it like once you were inside this jail cell or inside this big lockup, you said, for 24-plus hours?
Mostly it was just the feeling that you're stripped of all individuality.
You're at the whims and the mercy of these people, and they really don't know your story.
They don't want to know your story.
So it was just... I really believe it was just dumb luck that I ever got out of there.
The commissioner who decided if I could post bail or not, he originally...
Wanted to send me upstairs for another night, upstairs with the long-term prisoners who had been threatening me for about 15 hours.
And, you know, I waited about 24 hours to see this guy.
And he had already had all the paperwork written up, and it was already, has to post bail, can't do it until tomorrow, send him upstairs.
And, I mean, they broke me.
It really, I had tears in my eyes.
I was telling this guy, I'm going to lose my job.
My boss didn't know where I was.
Nobody knew where I was.
I was allowed one phone call when I was first arrested and I was told it had to be in the Baltimore area code.
I'm from Northern Virginia.
I didn't really know anybody from Baltimore.
So I didn't have a phone call.
And so you went in there and begged him and he let you go?
Because all he had on the piece of paper was criminal trespassing.
He didn't know what I did and what not.
When he finally heard what I did, and I was finally relieved to hear it, he said, that's nothing.
You know, he hit that.
He's like, why were you even arrested?
He's like, don't worry about it.
It's nothing.
And I was happy to hear that.
Believe me, I was relieved to hear that.
But he could have just as easily sent me upstairs.
He had already had the paperwork done without hearing that.
And so now he's telling me it's nothing.
But, you know, if I didn't start begging him, I would have gone upstairs.
Well, I'm sure you've heard the stories of where they start stripping a
Man's pregnant wife.
This has been the mainstream news in front of hundreds of people.
And the husband goes, don't do that.
What's your problem?
Oh, that was threatening.
And then they charge him with felonies in these airports.
It's shocking.
It's shocking.
The letters we got from this article was people were talking about airport scanners.
People were talking about rental car agents.
There just seems to be a petty tyranny going on.
And the thing that surprised me... But see, you just hit on something here instinctively.
That's what tyranny is, is they build a system, they find the control freaks, they people it with those control freaks, and the good cops and the good bureaucrats get forced out.
Okay, Alex, so how does that filter down to, let's take baseball ushers, for example?
Because we had people from Oakland, Phoenix, other people wrote in and said, you know, we had similar experiences with these ushers.
They're hostile, they're aggressive, and they're supposed to be customer service personnel.
Well, that's the nature of tyranny.
People who are abused usually like to abuse others instead of getting past that psychologically.
That's fascinating.
The only thing I could say in reply to that is they need a captive audience to get away with that.
And that is why I will not go to another Major League Baseball game.
I did not realize you have no constitutional rights once you pay for your ticket.
So I refuse to be a captive audience at the whim of someone like that.
But, you know, that's part of this trend where the big corporations are buying up everything and have their own private sidewalks in between buildings in New York.
And, oh, you can't have a camera on in our private sidewalk, which is the exit for a bus terminal.
Or a train terminal.
So you just hit on something else right there.
I agree.
And with these big corporations, Major League Baseball is a billion-dollar industry, it's the bottom line that they care about, and they don't want high-profile incidents.
That affects their bottom line.
So every time one of these incidents happen, like the one that happened recently with the player throwing the chair into the crowd at Oakland, they're going to instinctively react to that.
We can't let this happen.
We have to crack down.
And that's where innocent fans are going to get hurt.
All right.
Well, Joe Schaefer, editor with the Washington Times, also writes for WorldTribune.com, article is heckling a Yankees fan, landed editor in a Baltimore prison in hell.
Thanks for coming on with us.
Thank you, Alex.
I appreciate it.
You bet, my friend.
Take care.
We're going to come back and quickly go to all of these callers that have been patiently holding, and then get into a bunch of other news.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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If you think the story that Joe Schaefer from the Washington Times is just telling is bad.
Most schools now have barbed wire fences around them.
They search the children on a weekly basis.
They have drug dogs.
They have ID cards, badges, they thumb scan to get school lunches, not just here, but in the UK and Europe as well.
It's the same systems.
And the children are, the counselors are nothing but like
You know, East German tattletale officers, you go in and they ask questions about your parents.
Most schools in the 7th or 8th grade, most public schools, have a local sheriff's deputy who's part of a federal grant where it's a semester mandatory class where you write, quote, journals about your family life and they read over those or you do it on a laptop computer.
Now they're going to have forced psychological testing, forced drugging, 15% of the children already on these drugs.
You're starting to get a picture.
You think it's bad now.
Your children are being trained how to be slaves.
And they don't know how to come home and articulate this to you.
Oh, and you want to homeschool?
Well, there's another article out today, District Sorry for Homeschooler Terrorist Link.
They had 200 kids involved in this, telling them that the homeschoolers were going to attack them and kill them, and that they drilled of homeschooler parents blowing up the school bus because they're against homeschooling.
This is the mindset.
This is how they're drilling the police.
We're all bad.
We've got to be kept in line.
We've got to be arrested.
It's about getting us all into the system.
And we'd better face it.
You know, I have these articles about Internet 2 coming out.
They're going to start shutting down Internet 1, forcing you onto Internet 2, because the companies that own the Internet bridges are going to make you go onto this new system.
We've got the articles here just with police state after police state action.
We're replete with it.
And this is the big picture.
This is the type of world we're going to be living in.
So it's only the tip of the iceberg, as they say.
Up next here, I guess up next would be Mike in Florida, and then Mike in Illinois, Carol in Pennsylvania, and Peter in New York, and others.
Go ahead, Mike, in Florida.
Good morning, Alex.
Hello, sir.
There's a couple things about the internment that a lot of people don't know.
First of all, the Japanese in Hawaii, the Japanese-Americans, were never interned.
Only in California.
The most decorated unit during the Second World War were Japanese and American who were released from internment camps to join the military.
And there's a good movie on that.
You ought to see it sometime.
Go for broke.
All right.
We had Michelle Malkin on telling us about the camps earlier with her book about the camps.
What did you think of that interview?
I think she's kind of uninformed.
Not misinformed, just totally uninformed.
Yeah, because I was actually convincing her.
I was actually pointing things out to her about how we're all terrorists now, how the system's all against the general public.
She at least had to admit that.
She was a lot better than Ann Coulter.
Yes, I agree.
I'm sorry for folks who didn't get a chance to hear that interview.
It was a great interview in the second hour.
Anything else on your mind, sir?
All right, let's talk to Carol in Pennsylvania.
Carol, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Have you ever heard of Stephen Porter?
He is a Democratic U.S.
House candidate running against Bill English in my county.
Okay, he wrote a book called The Ethics of a Democracy.
Have you ever heard of it?
I've heard the name, but no.
Okay, well, the caption here in the newspaper is Campaigns Fight Over State-Back Sterilization.
Now, in his book, he wants to sterilize mental patients, welfare recipients.
Yeah, that's why I'd heard of him, yes.
Alcoholics and parents of diseased or deformed children.
And that's eugenics all over again.
And this is what's being pushed by the globalists.
It's pure Nazi garbage.
Well, he wants this done in Pennsylvania to save the taxpayers money, and Phil English brought this out, and he said, oh, no, that's a college-level text for philosophy seminars.
Well, let me just point this out, that this is the problem with socialism.
The type of socialism we have is where the big corporations socialize our wealth, our lives, take our treasure, our energy, our ideas.
They then take it to themselves at another level of fascism, where they are the rulers and own and control all the wealth.
Our lives are then socialized, and they say...
Well, we should sterilize people because we have to pay for their health care of their children.
Well, we should tax people who buy too much ice cream or beer a week or take their driver's license without them committing a crime because we all have to pay for that statistically.
And this is where we're going, and this is how they're going to sell us social control.
Oh, well, you're having to pay too much for health care because of this.
No, it's the socialism that started that to begin with.
And yes, I'm aware of the move.
Yes, I saw articles months ago where this guy and others openly are writing about how we need to sterilize all these people.
Okay, another thing.
I wish you would get Howard, I think it's Howard Phillips on.
Okay, Peruca is on the ballot in 38 states, and they stated if we elect him in those 38 states, he could become our next president.
And this is not being pushed by you or the power hour, Alex.
And the public needs to know that.
So you think with these two shows we can get him elected president?
Well, I think it would be a great deal.
You don't realize how far reaching your programs go.
And you know...
I talk to people every day.
People are frightened to death when I tell them that Kerry and Bush are related.
They don't want to believe it.
They don't want to hear anything.
Pop it into Google.
CBS pops up first.
Well, they're scared to death to hear the truth.
And if the people... I'm sick of the Republicans and Democrats.
Oh, the party, my party, my party.
You know, that free republic.
Okay, listen, I do intend to get Michael Baruch up.
I've heard him on the air.
He's a really smart, good guy.
I support what he's doing.
You need to be pushing it.
And another thing.
You give us a lot of good information, Alex, but I never hear one word of the...
How we fix things.
I don't hear this from you or anybody.
You hear lots of solutions.
Well, talking isn't all, you know, talk, talk, talk.
Do you want a magic solution?
Alex, that isn't the point.
There's got to be some solutions how we as a people can get together.
I mean, one man, you are the backbone here.
I'm just one average guy.
Listen, I appreciate your call.
I understand your frustration, but listen to me.
There isn't an easy, simple fix.
The New World Order wasn't built in a day.
We're not going to defeat it or even slow it down in a day.
But we have slowed it down.
People are waking up like never before.
It is part of a process.
I've told you a solution.
32%, I think now it's like 35%, of the country has the electronic touchscreen no record voting machines.
So you want a solution?
Organize in your area.
Have a petition that is a write-in petition.
Sign petition to have a paper ballot recall of the electronic voting machines.
And write it up for how much it will cost to have paper ballots, how to do it, have a study done, and have that passed so that it is a paper ballot.
Understand, have a write-in petition to have a one-time paper ballot move to remove the electronic voting machines.
Because if you don't do that, it's over.
That's why they're so arrogant now, okay?
There's a solution.
You get good governors elected in the southern states and the Canadian border states, and they have the power to have the State National Guard, which can be radically expanded, to militarize the border.
That's where it's supposed to be militarized, to do something there.
There's a solution.
You want a solution?
Boycott Walmart and all these big stores that have 95% slave goods from China.
Buy American.
We have sponsors that are made in America.
My videos are made in America.
My DVDs are made in America.
My t-shirts are made in America.
The water filters we sell are made in America.
I mean, they're just local examples.
It's a lot of life change.
You have to make it your life to stand up against tyranny, to do the right thing.
It's a process.
I use the analogy of 1800, 2 or 3 percent of people were against slavery.
By 1868, the vast majority, 80 plus percent of Americans, were against slavery.
Okay, we have to stay.
And we're way more than 2% right now.
We're probably, I don't know, 10% of people really know what's going on.
70, 80% know things are wrong but don't have the details and are caught in the fake left-right paradigm.
I could talk about solutions all day.
There's a whole bunch of them.
In the education, you know, talk, talk, talk.
Well, that's how we got 1776 was a decade of the committees of correspondence waking people up.
The founding fathers tried to avert violent conflict.
We've got to grow our numbers.
Put up your own website.
Get your own radio show.
Support this show.
Support the sponsors of the local affiliates that carry this show.
If you want to hear this broadcast, you want to hear more of this broadcast, your local business, instead of carrying one hour or two hours of Alex's show, I'll sign a six-month contract, and I'll get one of my neighbors who's got a business to sign up and do that.
And then millions more can hear my voice and hear the truth.
I mean, we're the normal people, folks.
I'm not radical.
I got the article here now out of Pennsylvania, out of the Delco Times, where they put cameras in the police bathrooms to watch the police.
I got articles where they're doing it to school children all over the country.
That's not normal.
That's not freedom.
We're not radical.
They're radical doing that to their own cops now.
I'm not radical when I say mercury isn't good for you when CBS News comes out and says mercury's nutritious.
It's good in the shots.
I'm not radical when 87% of Americans want the border controlled.
I'm mainstream, folks.
It's the fake conservatives and the fake liberals on talk radio.
They're the extremists that control the media that are trying to sell us on their bizarre agenda.
And it's really that simple.
If you're listening to us on AM or FM stations, support those stations.
Thank them for carrying the show.
But if you're listening on satellite, shortwave, internet,
Call your local privately owned AM and FM stations.
Tell them, hey, just pick Alex up on the weekend.
Record him on Friday or pick up the refeed on Friday or the refeed on Saturday or Sunday.
Play it on your station.
This guy's cutting edge.
He talks about real issues.
He's real radical.
He says mercury isn't good in the shots and cameras in school bathrooms and police bathrooms and now in a bunch of states in the rest stop bathrooms isn't good.
Alex is against the troops breathing depleted uranium.
He supports the troops.
Alex believes what half of New Yorkers believe, the government was behind 9-11.
It's not that radical.
Alex believes what 92% of Americans believe, that the government was behind the Kennedy assassination.
Ooh, he's so radical.
And go and get your own local talk show.
Go in and say, you sell time on the weekend?
Yes, we do.
How much is it?
Well, it's a big 50,000 watt station.
It'll be $200, $300 an hour.
And you go out, and you're going to have $300 to pay a week with that, and you go out and get a couple sponsors for your own business, and you put together good ads, and you do a good show with good content, and you can then buy two hours, then buy three hours.
Then after a year or two, you're going to have ratings, and you might get a nighttime show or a daytime show.
They might pay you to be on the radio.
Go get an AXS TV show.
Put up your own website.
Make copies of my videos.
Give them to your pastor or your rabbi.
Get it out to people.
It's real simple.
That's solutions.
I can go on and on and on and on.
This is a 15-round heavyweight boxing match.
We're in the 10th round right now.
We have beat the living daylights out of the enemy.
But they've got makeup all over their face.
They're telling you they're just fine as blood shoots out of their nose and their mouth.
They're losing credibility.
They're falling apart.
We're on the crest of winning this thing.
That's why they're talking about getting rid of the Internet.
Maybe you go to Internet 2, which is control.
That's why they're talking about satellite tracking and taxing.
That's why cameras are going up everywhere.
That's why they're brainwashing your children, building prisons everywhere, doing lockdown martial law, forced inoculation drills, coast to coast.
And all we've got to do is expose it.
They've got their mountains of lies and all their slick packaging, and we've got our media that's smaller than theirs, but ours is more effective.
They've got to reapply their lies over and over and over and over again.
All we've got to do is apply the truth a couple times to somebody and let them see they're being lied to and tell them how to wake up, and then they're off on their own thinking on their own.
The globalists have to feed you fish.
We have to teach you how to catch fish.
That's why we're going to win if we get past our fear and ask God to give us aid.
Peter in New York City.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Go ahead.
Actually, it's Buffalo, New York.
Go ahead.
Excuse me.
That's okay.
I originally wanted to just call the guy who answered the phone and ask him what local stations are in Buffalo I might get you on.
There's three stations.
One of them covers part of Buffalo.
Oh, really?
Yeah, it's Dr. Wolf's stations.
We're on them right now.
I know in most of Buffalo, you can hear us.
He's got an FM and two AMs.
It's like Rochester, Niagara, and then a station that goes into Buffalo.
And I don't have them in front of me, I'm sorry.
Okay, what did you say the guy's name was?
Dr. Who?
Dr. Wolf.
Dr. David Wolf.
What you can do is go to InfoWars.com, and this affiliate list isn't up to date, but I know his stations have been there for years, and just look at New York, and you can see the three stations.
Okay, okay, that'd be good.
I called my local librarian.
I haven't done that since I don't have a computer at home, and my friend is very apprehensive about me using her computer for such things.
Well, see, that's the fear.
Yeah, well, that's right.
But a lot of people I've talked to who know this is going on are afraid to even read about it.
Because I'm free.
A little bit at a time, whether it's going in a good direction or bad, is how that good or bad is accomplished, I firmly believe.
Well, I know this.
I mean, so many people are afraid.
We've done nothing wrong.
They're bad.
Get past the fear, folks.
You know, I really think that what we think about...
I think it might actually tend to become a reality.
Which brings me to the other thing I kind of wanted to mention, but there are several things since I've been waiting to hear you and the various guests talk.
Anyways, a very interesting but very controversial book, one called The Ultimate Frontier.
And actually, when you guys were talking in the Washington Times editor about the police thing, it reminded me of what this author said once in an article they wrote since he wrote that book, that most police, and I think it was maybe security people or prison guards, are sadistic.
And I don't know, I've had a few...
That's a pleasant experience with police, you know, seeing and heard plenty of other things.
Well, there's really three different types.
You've got the guy who's been in the Marine Corps for ten years.
He's getting out.
He needs a good job.
He thinks, I'll help people.
I run into those types.
The state police in Texas seem to try to find those types.
But then with a lot of your PDs, a lot of them are sociopaths, control freaks, they're seeking power, and the system rewards them, and definitely with prison guards.
I'm not saying all of them.
I mean, I've had family, you know, like my great uncle, you know, 30 years in the military, and he gets out and doesn't like the post office job, doesn't like sitting on his hind end, so he went and was a prison guard for a few years and quit that because he didn't like it.
You know, I mean, there's those types, too.
But he'll tell you, there were a lot of scumbags in there, and a lot of criminals who just enjoy amusing people, and that's why the Founding Fathers said, you've got to guard liberty and have safeguards.
You know, people that want to sign our gun rights away, I mean, I tell them, well, you know, the police are supposed to watch the criminals, but who's going to watch the police?
Well, the police say that it's not their responsibility to protect you.
I mean, they want our guns, but at the same time... By the way, most police don't want our guns, but the heads of their big unions do.
That's what I've heard, yeah.
Yeah, I have heard that.
As a matter of fact, I called several years ago the local Buffalo, and I think it was Amherst police, and asked them that question.
I said, yeah, well, most policemen don't want gun control.
Hey, good to hear from you.
We're out of time.
I'm going to come back with a few final news stories in the final segment.
Don't forget PrisonPlanet.tv, all my films.
You sign up, 15 cents a day.
And the new one, Anthony Hilder's new video, The Greatest Lie Ever Sold, 9-11, is there for you to watch.
You sign up as well.
PrisonPlanet.tv, ladies and gentlemen.
Support us.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
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That's 10 to 1 Mountain, noon to 3 Eastern.
Folks, look at these articles.
Warning of super flu pandemic.
And they talk about medical martial law.
Bunch of articles on that.
Course inoculation of flu shots.
Folks, they're the ones engineering this stuff.
Maybe it's been proven.
A new super strain of flu virus capable of triggering a global pandemic could emerge from East Asia.
Health officials have warned.
Scientists working on the World Health Organization fear that the arrival of the flu season in Asia countries could see the human flu virus merge with a lethal strain of bird flu that is already in circulation.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You know, there's just so much of this.
Here's another one.
Spy under bonnet could stop speeding.
This is out of the London Evening Standard.
Same thing going on here in the U.S.
Speed limiters could be fitted to cars in London under radical plans backed by the mayor.
The electronic under the bonnet spy would make it possible to exceed legal limits over the entire capital.
And it says the satellite-controlled black box would know the maximum permitted speed at all points along the car's journey and prevent motorists from going too fast by limiting the response from the accelerator.
And they can also kill you with these systems if they don't like you.
You're not a good globalist.
Just turn your car off if you drive around mountain roads.
And most cars already have the plug-ins for this in them, and major states are preparing to do it here, and they're also going to tax you in other articles.
They've met the same system.
They'll also tax you, but they're selling it as a way to stop speeding.
The same thing's happening here in the United States.
Also, a police officer detained over role in double terrorist attack on planes, and this is out of the Moscow News.
So much evidence that Putin is clearly behind that over there, but I forgot he's our big buddy now.
We should love him.
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Hello, folks.