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Air Date: Sept. 22, 2004
2304 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, it's midweek, my friends.
It is Wednesday, the 22nd day of September 2004.
We have a very interesting individual coming on in the middle of the next hour, Anthony J. Hilder.
He put out the original Illuminati record in the mid-1960s.
You want to talk about a big granddaddy in the movement against the New World Order.
He has definitely been in it as long as anybody out there, except for maybe somebody like Eustace Mullins, who's been out there doing it since the 40s or 50s.
So Anthony J. Helder will be joining us to also talk about 9-11 and the new video that he has put out.
You do not want to miss this interview.
We have some very interesting guests coming up later in the week that I cannot announce at this time because let's just say that it's going to be somewhat adversarial and we don't tell them exactly whose show they're coming on or they won't come on.
These are people who won't come on because it's
It's evil Alex Jones.
Airlines told to turn over passenger data.
Everyone who took a commercial flight within the United States in June will have his travel information turned over to the government so it can test a new system for identifying potential terrorists, federal officials announced today.
Now, at the same time,
We have the famous rock and roll pop singer, formerly known as Cat Stevens, who became like this liberal Muslim leader who's anti-war and has chastised the radical Muslim groups that have been killing people.
Well, he's not allowed to fly to the U.S., and they said, that's right, you're a national security risk, and he's been held for a while, and they're going to fly him back to England.
But see, it's Muslims today, it'll be homeschoolers and Christians and conservatives tomorrow.
Oh, you think I'm kidding?
You think I'm joking?
In my film, The Road to Tyranny, I have the government documents where they list homeschoolers as terrorists.
All Christians as terrorists.
Oh, but here's World Net Daily.
Today, September 22nd, government portrays homeschoolers as terrorists.
In a federally funded exercise to prepare emergency responders for the terrorist attack, a Michigan county conducted a scenario in which public school children were threatened by a fictitious, radical group that believes everyone should be homeschooled.
The made-up group was called Wackos Against Schools and Education.
The exercise in Muskegon, Michigan yesterday simulated a situation in which a bomb on board a bus full of children, yeah, that's what homeschoolers are up to, knocks the vehicle on its side and fills the passenger compartment with smoke.
We'll get more into this later, but
Homeschoolers are totally non-violent when all the spelling bees have the highest test scores and corporations greedily fight to get them.
They have the lowest levels of crime, lowest levels of drug use, everything.
But don't let the facts get in the way.
They've been having these drills all over the country.
We've been aware of them for at least five years.
It has accelerated under Clinton, exploded under Lord Bush, and everywhere they're being taught, you are a terrorist.
You think I'm joking?
So you sit there and you keep worshiping George W. You keep thinking you're a real conservative when they're setting it up.
None of this has anything to do with Muslims, boys and girls.
All this is being set up for those of us that don't like vaccines, those of us that don't like the public schools, those of us that don't like the New World Order and the open borders, and those of us that love the Second Amendment.
That's who they're out training to police or text.
Those that are true Americans.
You just go ahead and you let them set up the whole Homeland Security system, and then you're going to wonder why you're in the net.
We'll be right back with this and a whole lot more, so stay with me.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Again, my friends, it is Wednesday, the 22nd day of September 2004.
Before I get into the latest beheadings and the latest developments in Iraq and what's happening with the police state here domestically,
Let's plunge into this article from World Net Daily today.
Again, government portrays homeschoolers as terrorists.
In a federally funded exercise to prepare emergency responders for a terrorist attack, a Michigan county conducted a scenario in which public school children were threatened by a fictitious radical group that believes everyone should be homeschooled.
The made-up group was called Wackos Against Schools and Education.
The exercise in Muskegog in Michigan yesterday simulated a situation in which a bomb on board a bus full of children knocks the vehicle on its side and fills the passenger compartment with smoke.
Dan Stout, director of the county emergency services told World Net Daily that the choice of the fictitious group certainly was not meant to offend homeschoolers.
Of course not.
I don't think there was any particular objective other than to just have a name, he said.
Oh, really?
That's why it goes on in every major county?
A World Net Daily reader who saw a story about the exercise in the Muskegon Chronicle, however, said he was outraged at the characterization of the terrorists.
And Stout said the general idea of the type of group came from the website of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, which suggested a group named such as WACOs Against Terrorists
Recreation and other such causes.
If somebody is offended, I feel bad about that and sorry about that, he said.
There wasn't any offense.
It meant anybody who homeschools.
Now you're just raiding them and harassing them in that very county.
We read about it.
And it says Kevin Galvin, a FEMA spokesman in Washington, told World End Daily he could not address the issue but would find someone familiar with the Homeland Security simulations who could respond.
The exercise was funded by Homeland Security grants, area school districts, and the Muskegon County.
Stout said about $5,000 in federal funds went into yesterday's event, but it cost was much higher and was borne mostly by the volunteer efforts of other agencies and institutions involved, such as hospitals.
The emergency manager said that during the exercise, there was no acting out of the terrorist group.
The storyline was used to explain how the bus ended up on its side.
Remember a few months ago in a Tennessee county, masked men busted in and started firing blanks, putting guns, which would kill you, by the way, if you fire a blank into somebody's head because it shoots gas out and shoots a chunk of your skull into your brain, and put guns to the mayor and other people's heads and said, oh, it was just a drill, a federally funded drill.
This is about creating fear, creating an atmosphere that terror attacks are going to happen.
It's like Jim Jones having his cult members simulate drinking Kool-Aid every day until they really did it.
That's all this is.
All the urban warfare drills, the Delta Force drills, the black helicopter drills, the checkpoint drills.
All of this is about simulating and getting you prepared for it and creating this psychological perception that terrorism is real and widespread.
But again...
In a film I put out two and a half years ago, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, still the preeminent 9-11 film out there, we show the Homeland Security documents, the FEMA documents, we go back to Megiddo, back in the late 90s, we show FEMA in 2001 in Kansas City, saying all Christians are terrorists, they're all enemies of the state, the Founding Fathers were bad.
We don't just have their training manuals and their flyers, we have the videos.
And all over the country, folks, they take police into these meeting rooms and the ADL or the Southern Poverty Law Center comes in and they list gun groups and homeschoolers and anti-vaccine groups and liberal groups, conservative groups, anybody who's not in the very center of the establishment political correctness as terrorists or potential terrorists.
And so this is just par for the course.
I mean, I see this every single week.
This is going on quietly all over the place, and you're going to be put on the no-fly list, you're going to not be given the green-level coding on your new national ID card, you're going to be the slave.
And there's a huge exodus out of the public schools.
I have another article here.
Public schools are no place for teachers' children, Washington Times.
More than 25% of public school teachers in Washington and Baltimore send their children to private schools, a new study reports.
They must be terrorists.
Nationwide, public school teachers are almost twice as likely...
As other parents, to choose private schools for their own children, the study of the Thomas B. Forham Institute found.
They know what's going on.
Because they're in there.
More than one in five public school teachers said their children attend private schools.
In Washington, 28%.
Baltimore, 35%.
60% in other major cities.
The figure is more than one in four.
In some cities, nearly half of the children of public school teachers have abandoned public schools.
In some cities, nearly half of the children of public school teachers have abandoned public schools.
Well, they must be with Al-Qaeda.
So there you have it.
Don't want to have your child put on Ritalin or Prozac.
Don't want your child at age six to learn how to engage in oral sex.
Don't want your child to learn how the world government loves you and how you should write dossiers in the seventh grade on your parents.
Don't want your child to be forcibly psychologically tested twice a year.
Don't want your child to... I mean, folks, I went to public school.
And it was more out of control than college.
It was wild.
I will never send my children to public school.
It was out of control.
And again, this was decades ago.
Now it is so unbelievable.
It is just...
You enroll your children in prison.
That's all you're doing.
And it's going to get worse and worse and worse.
And so they know there's going to be an exodus.
And so in California and Illinois and other states, they just announced homeschooling is now illegal if you don't have a teaching certificate.
Well, it's not really even the law.
They just claim it.
They go out and harass people, arrest people.
I mean, they're going after middle-class families now.
And they're trying to spread this nationwide.
And they're trying to demonize homeschooling.
And it's disgusting.
Nothing is cleaner or more wholesome or better.
And Bill Clinton came out and attacked it.
You know, it's bad for children.
They don't become climatized and socialized.
The homeschoolers I know, their children are in the local sports leagues.
That's ridiculous.
They're friends with homeschooling families in big cities.
Thousands of people at these groups and meetings in small towns.
Dozens or hundreds.
I mean, you just don't need to put your child in a government training camp.
The teachers aren't doing it.
What do they know that you haven't figured out?
Well, I don't have the money.
Well, I don't have the... I can't do it.
Well, you better get another job.
I mean, folks, I work... Literally, lately I've been working 18 hours a day again.
I mean, I don't want to hear it that you just work an eight-hour day and it's so hard and you just can't do it.
One of you needs to quit working.
The other one needs to get another job or two jobs.
And you need to get a smaller house or whatever you have to.
And you need to homeschool your children or put them in a private school.
The problem is, with all these federal grants of control, now a lot of the private schools, even Christian schools, are very bad.
Same curriculum as in the public schools.
And I'd like to hear from school teachers on this.
I'd like to hear from homeschooling families on this.
I mean, are we going to put up with this?
Here it is, World Net Daily, and again, it was in a local newspaper, and then the article goes on and on here.
It says about 60 middle and high school students from local public schools acted out the part of the victims,
The Chronicle reported, and it says college students were there to apply makeup and added the realism.
We have blood, arms blown off.
More than 200 people planned to observe the exercise, the paper said, including bus drivers, school administrators, emergency personnel, and evaluators at agencies across the state.
So it's all part of training them.
And the whole mindset is, the homeschoolers bombed us.
Those darn homeschoolers.
Man, they're terrorists.
Because there are no real terror attacks from homeschoolers, so they have to simulate it.
And this is going on in your town.
More often than not, more than a 50-50 chance that it went on in your town, and it's going on at the school, and they're drilling right now.
They've already drilled.
They've already taught the locals you're a terrorist.
They've already done it.
The borders are wide open and the free trade area of the Americas is going through and our freedoms are on fire, being destroyed, being dismantled, being wrecked, being decimated, being crushed and minced and diced and sliced.
But don't worry.
All over the country, Homeland Security is teaching how the homeschoolers are going to attack you.
They're terrorists.
They're terrorists.
And they teach the health departments this, and the Cal Welfare departments this, and they put out articles demonizing homeschoolers.
They're in the newspapers all the time.
Oh, we need to go after the evil homeschoolers.
We need to do something about them.
We need to deal with them.
Oh, they're such troublemakers.
Oh, they're so bad.
Oh, they're so evil.
And under Lloyd Bush, this is exploding.
Schwarzenegger's going after homeschoolers in California.
And so you can go to the Republican convention, and you can cry when he speaks.
Arnold, I love you!
You're more liberal than Bill Clinton!
We love you!
We love you!
You're so good!
Oh, take my guns!
Stop the liberal Alex's against taking my guns!
You love Hitler, you're good!
You love Hitler, you're good, Arnold.
Alex is bad because he doesn't love Hitler.
Let's put him on the ADL watch list.
He's almost as bad as those homeschoolers and those god-owners, but not you, Arnold.
You're against homeschooling and against guns and say you hate black people openly and that you love Hitler.
We love you, Arnold.
Be our president.
No, wait.
We watch you.
We're neocons.
By the way, I had an interesting experience last night.
One of my old friends who became...
Almost violent against screaming at me saying, you should be put in the camp.
You should be arrested immediately.
If I was president, I'd have you arrested, Alex.
You don't love our president.
You're a terrorist.
I was told.
This was with news cameras down there.
It's all on video.
And I just sat there with my mouth hanging open.
See, I'm bad.
See, I... I... I'm not for Arnold.
I... I'm aiding... I'm aiding Al Qaeda.
I... I... We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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I've got a lot of important news I want to get into, and we'll get to your calls here in a few minutes.
You know, I have a good friend, George Woolley.
You've heard him on the show.
He even ran my TV show about eight, nine years ago.
Back when I was, you know, good mainline Republican.
Democrats, pure evil.
Republicans, pure good.
Now I know Democrats, pure evil.
Republicans, pure evil.
At the leadership level.
And last night, my TV show ended, and he was doing another one in another studio next to me.
A pastor's show.
And when the broadcast ended, well, before my show, he gave me the latest beheading tape and said, why don't you air this?
And I said, no, it's too violent.
This new video is ten times worse than the Berg video, and it looks real, by the way, not like the Berg video, which top forensic scientists say is obviously fake.
And he comes in and he goes, well, that's why we need to just, I want to go over there and mow all those people down.
They're all bad.
Nuke them, nuke them.
And there's actually some documentary film crew there taping my show and videotaping inside the studio interviewing me after.
And they swing the cameras around to him and he goes, I don't want to be on tape.
But he kept talking.
I'm going to get George on about this.
And he goes, I'm airing this tomorrow.
And he's like, you know, I can't believe what you're doing.
I can't believe how you're
Saying what you're saying.
You're just saying it for money.
Oh, yeah.
Folks, I had an offer five years ago, a million bucks a year, starting to go be a neocon and to pull the Republican line by one of the biggest radio syndicators out there.
And I get paid a fraction of a fraction of that million dollars today.
I have been offered.
I have been told.
And so here I am, not being paid a lot, not making a lot of money, comparatively,
Money means nothing to me.
It's just fuel to fund what I do.
And here's somebody who knows that about me.
You know, you're just doing this for money.
And let me tell you, if I was the president, I'd have you arrested.
And he was just screaming.
I mean, he was really looking violent, had his fist up.
And I was just very calm.
And I said, George?
I said, you know, and this is all on tape.
I said, George, everything's all right now.
And he goes, all those people are bad over there.
And I said, I thought we were liberating them.
Well, it's a war.
We need to go in there and take them all out.
And I want to go enlist and mow them down.
And he said, my mother is Asian.
Because he's half Japanese.
And you look at George and never even know that.
He just looks like your average white guy, but no, I mean, his father was a Marine in Okinawa, and his mother is Okinawan or slash Japanese, and he goes, I would want it to happen to my own mother.
I would want him to go after my own mother.
I believe he said, I'd want him to kill my own mother if she was involved in this.
And he was just screaming.
It was like the two minutes of hate.
Going on there, just right out of 1984, freaking out on me, frothing.
And I was just like, George!
I mean, I've known George for a long time.
And that's what these beheadings do, which clearly are linked back, multiple beheadings, other people they've grabbed and released, or grabbed by Iraqi police, or grabbed by the FBI, and directly handed over to cars with guys with black ski masks.
I mean, this is on the record.
I've already covered it over and over again.
And a lot of top analysts and even mainstream news are saying it looks like Putin's behind this school situation.
With special forces inside doing it, then running out the back, blowing the place up, then they mow down a bunch of innocent people, grab a few patsies.
We know we caught Putin doing this in 99, planting a fourth bomb in a fourth building, hexogen explosives.
But don't confuse them with the facts.
And I said, well, George, we fly over and bomb their children with cluster bombs.
It's a war!
And I go, well, then if this is really terrorists cutting people's heads off, which I don't condone, by the way, I think it's horrible, isn't this just a war?
It's a war!
And he goes, no!
Kill them!
Kill them!
Kill them!
They're barbarians!
I go, but you just said it's okay to cluster bomb them and mow all them down.
I mean, the thinking process was just totally switched off.
And I mean, he was hateful, very aggressive towards me.
And quite frightening, frankly.
And then he kept saying, if it was my own mother, I'd say go after her and get her.
My own mother!
You know, if she was involved in this.
And I didn't understand it.
He went on to say, I'm half Asian, and I'd say, I don't care, get them.
And I didn't know what that had to do with being Asian.
But it was...
It was mind control, folks.
It was painful to watch my good friend of many years saying, if I was president, I'd put you in a camp right now.
And I said, you would?
You should be arrested!
You should be arrested!
And I was just going, whoa!
Michelle Malkin has sure done her job, the case for internment camps.
I think that's what he was getting at, because she's Asian.
Oh, see, we're all from the camps.
We're from the camps, and you're going to go in one second.
I told him, I said, don't worry.
If you guys win, I'll probably be tortured and put in a camp and killed.
He seemed excited about that.
All right, fine.
Go softly into that deep night, my lovely.
We'll be right back with your calls.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Bring my gun and a handful of silver By the sea we will gather for the fight
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, my friends.
We're now 36 minutes into this first hour.
Anthony J. Hilder, documentary filmmaker, big granddaddy in the patriot movement, put out that Illuminati record back in the 60s.
He'll be joining us to talk about his new film and so much more in the middle of the next hour.
Before we...
Go to your calls.
I did just briefly want to mention that I've made my 11th film.
It's called American Dictators.
It's only 90 minutes long, in since 1995, and it's documenting the staged election of 2004.
And it gets into Kerry and Bush and Skull and Bones and how they're cousins and the different clips and things they've said.
And then it gets into how their policies are actually identical, their rhetoric is different, and the whole police state.
And then we look at Ralph Nader and who he really works for.
It's a great video.
You need to have it.
American Dictators.
And again, my friends, this is a film that everybody, I repeat, everybody needs to have.
I've also made ten other films.
9-11, The Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror.
Both of those cover September 11th and are excellent.
I carry George Humphrey's 9-11 film, 9-11, The Great Illusion, Endgame of the Illuminati, Eric Huffman's video that's now being advertised nationwide in most major publications.
You can get that from us.
You can get his book from us as well, the latest edition of his book and his video or DVD.
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Or write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 787-04.
So again, the ball is in your court.
Take action today.
Let's go ahead now and go to our first caller.
Dan in Illinois.
Dan, welcome.
Hi, Alex.
I got a question.
I've seen the Hilder film.
It's excellent.
But I have a question about it.
If Silverstein admitted that they pulled No.
7 building, how could he have gotten the insurance pay off so easily?
Well, the insurance companies are the military industrial complex, are big pharma.
It's all owned by just a few families.
Okay, and then shareholders can own part of it, but they don't control it.
And on the record, the firefighters say they blew it up.
They told the AP reporters to get back.
They were going to pull it.
The seismographs picked it up.
The building wasn't hit by a plane, but caught fire and collapsed.
The command center was in it.
Giuliani admitted in the morning he got a call to get out of the building because it was about to collapse.
And then Larry Silverstein gets up on PBS documentary America Rebuilding and says, we gave the order to pull it.
Yeah, I just can't believe they could just say that.
Nobody's going to investigate it.
They couldn't set it up in eight hours.
I don't believe that.
Well, sir, I know that.
The official FEMA report says it collapsed because of two small fires.
Right, that's just, that's kind of wacky.
But one other thing in the film I thought was really good was he was talking about Stratasec, the company that was in charge of the security.
Yeah, and that's the Bush brother.
Yeah, the work Walker was it, the cousin?
No, it was Marvin.
Marvin was up until 2000, then Walker took over after that, I believe it was.
No, right up until September 11th they had the conversation.
Oh, okay, my mistake then.
That's how I had it, Alex.
Hey, what do you think about this World End Daily Report out of a local newspaper up in Michigan where they have simulations where the homeschoolers attack the school?
I think it's insanity.
I mean, I can't say anything more than you did.
It's just insane.
Thanks for the call.
You know, I forgot to transfer this off VHS and put it on CD so I could play it today.
But last night on a local TV show that will be in the special report that will go up today or tomorrow...
I played it several times.
Local CBS News affiliate openly got up on TV and said, New federal study.
Mercury isn't just okay for you in shots.
It's good for you and increases brain development.
It's an actual nutrition item.
Yes, everyone knows that mercury is deadly poison, intoxifies the brain, and is very bad in children.
It's even worse in children.
And so they got up on TV and they openly said, It is good for you.
Not only is it okay, it is nutritious.
So, see, first they said they'd take the mercury out because all the hundreds of studies saying it was deadly.
Then we find out they actually increased it.
That's the congressional expert, Dr. Geyer, formerly with the Centers for Disease Control.
Then they come out and say, oh, we have a new federal study, and it says that it is actually good for you.
So, again, we're the kooks.
Maybe they'll have terror drills where terrorists who are against vaccinations are going to blow stuff up.
Kooks against mercury supplements.
Dangerous terrorist against mercury.
The loving mercury.
It's so good for you.
They actually say that.
The new study shows that mercury is actually good for your children.
It's nutritious.
I've got to get that clip.
You don't believe me.
I'll tell you what we'll do.
When it goes up as a special report, I'll have my web guy, we have another guy who uploads these videos, I'll have him grab that clip, isolate it out, get it posted,
Just that clip of the newscast and my comments on prisonplanet.tv for everybody to watch, even non-members, and then we'll be able to download it here and play it.
So look for that in the next few days if I ever remember to tell my people.
Of course, I know they're listening right now, so there's your orders, compadres!
Expose these people!
You know, I predicted years ago...
Even before I saw the training manuals and documents, maybe they're getting their ideas from me.
No, I know that anything evil I can imagine they're already doing.
I've got so much of their roadmap that I just know the next phase of the roadmap.
Government portrays homeschoolers as terrorists.
Let me just read this again.
In a federally funded exercise to prepare emergency responders for a terrorist attack, a Michigan county conducted a scenario in which public school children were threatened by a fictitious, radical group that believes everyone should be homeschooled.
And the emergency management head, Dan Stout, director of the county emergency services, said they got this scenario from Homeland Security and FEMA.
And it says the made-up group was called WACOs Against Schools and Education.
And the exercise, homeschoolers bomb the school bus.
And over 200 children were involved, simulating deaths and everything else.
Known about it for years, but this is what it'll be in the future.
They'll have government groups that blow up stuff, mainly kids, and they'll say, you know, the alliance against the beast ship beheaded more people today.
They just can't be stopped.
They took over a school and killed hundreds, but don't worry, we killed the wackos inside.
Remember how many years I've been saying this?
Now you see it happening?
You see, they're simulating it now in Russia.
They're actually doing it.
And then they'll have stuff where a family, a convoy of so-called Christians, you know, a so-called Christian terrorist are running, and the helicopter will go, we've got them in our sights.
They're the ones that killed 100 children at that school.
Everybody will be cheering, get them, get them.
Open fire with the cannon.
They'll fire their minigun.
You'll watch the car blow up.
Millions will cheer.
Top ratings, 35 share.
It'll be the running man.
Within five years, I predict, if they have their way,
You will see on a weekly basis Christians being chased down and murdered on the streets.
They'll be cheering, worship, love.
Arnold will be your president.
It'll just be, we're going to deal with those that continue to kill the children.
There's going to be these, again, terror groups who are against biometrics and thumb scanning.
They'll have groups that are out killing, you know, and oh my gosh, those that are against the thumb scanning are for bombing.
And so when you criticize thumb scanning, the clerk will hit a button under the counter and all of a sudden an armored vehicle will pull up.
Guys will jump out with a stun gun and hit you.
You'll be in a re-education center.
Oh, watch Threat Matrix 24, all these shows.
They're already doing it.
They're already preparing you.
You know, Judging Amy, shows like that.
The homeschoolers are terrorists and have to be arrested.
This is going on everywhere right now.
And see, they're going to claim that ultra-right-wing Christians work with evil Muslims.
I saw this script five years ago, and now they're actually scripting it and playing it and using it with the Oklahoma City scenario with disinfo added to the real information.
There were Muslims involved, but Al-Sia ate them.
Let's go to calls.
All right, that's enough.
But I'm not trying to scare you folks.
I just love this country, and I'm not going to put up with it, and I'm going to stand up against these people.
Eric in Connecticut.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Eric.
Thanks, Alex.
Greetings from Skull and Bones Country.
I have an article on my list.
Let's learn to double think.
Mercury is good for you now.
It's a nutritional item.
And Skull and Bones is a Christian organization.
Yep, and aspartame is good for you, too.
Exactly, and sodium fluoride and...
That's right.
I have an article here that I'd like to send you in a PDF form.
Go ahead.
It appeared in my local paper last month, and I'll read parts of it.
Okay, small parts of it.
Dateline New London.
In early April, terrorism will come to New London in a mock chemical attack, testing the region's response to a weapon of mass destruction and shining a rare world spotlight on the wailing city.
Yeah, New York is doing that too.
All over the world, they're doing drills, locking down, mass roundups.
There was a Reuters article about it last week.
Members of President Bush's cabinet, senior federal officials, international dignitaries from as far away as Thailand, and a small army of foreign press will watch as southeastern Connecticut reacts to a simulated assault on New London Harbor in a parallel biological strike in Union County, New Jersey.
You talk about the PSYOP and how they are preparing us for these things.
I also had another question, Alex.
I've heard that the government is, in essence, trying to shut down the Internet.
They've openly said, Forbes magazine has said, that they're going to turn off Internet 1 and make you go on to this new Internet 2, and they'll decide if you get a website or can send email for, quote, security purposes.
It's public.
You know, it's interesting, because I've heard there are about 120 million people connected to the Internet across the country.
Don't these politicians realize that
There is now a constituency group.
But see, they're saying they're going to save it.
It's going to die.
Terrorists are going to attack the net.
It's going to fail because of new populations coming online.
As if they can't string more cable or put in more servers.
And so we've all got to go to this corporate thing where they decide if you get a website.
And this has been admitted?
Yeah, they're going to have the symposium in six days here in Austin for Internet 2.
No, I didn't realize that.
But I have heard that they are trying to shut it down, and my question is, don't they realize that there are people out there that can put servers up and basically bootleg Internet connections?
Would that be possible?
No, because they centralized all the switching hubs, and those are already owned by the big five companies that are saying they're going to take it away from us.
They're going to shut it off and then make you go through their smaller pipe.
Well, we have to keep that from happening, and I hope we can.
You know, the Neocons, Alex, have the Project for a New American Century.
What we need to do is have a Project for a New American Awareness.
Thanks, Alex.
I agree with you.
Project for a New American Awareness.
All right.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Tom in Texas.
Tom, welcome to the Airwaves.
Yes, sir.
I talked to you yesterday, Alex.
I want to say, yeah, this is ridiculous on the schools and all.
Yes, I am.
Are you still there?
Turn the radio down, Johnny.
Well, I got some good news.
Most of my family members are buying shortwave radios, and they're going to listen to you.
They're going to kind of give you a chance or something.
Anyway, I was going to ask you about the cell phones that were supposed to be on that airline.
93, whatever it was, did that actually happen where you can't make phone calls on a cell phone?
Cell phones do not work on airplanes.
I know people who've tried it.
They've never worked, and now they're trying to figure out ways to make them work.
So again, you have these short little cell phone calls, which a lot of people say sound like it wasn't their family members.
This is the same government that creates fake Bin Laden tapes, you know, the fat Bin Laden saying, I'm going to get you.
So, it's just pure propaganda.
Another thing I was going to tell you is, you know, I prayed about it last night.
And I do a lot of praying for you and Violet and your family members.
Back during the convention, you know, around 9-2-0-4, I got it written down.
I documented everything on paper.
Alex Jones has been not heard from since 9-2-0-4.
Well, I have no doubt that we were protected.
Mainstream reporters being arrested left and right, and I would just get in their face, and they left me alone.
And I want to thank you for those prayers.
Yes, and I like what you... Another thing on your videos, I'm starting a new job.
I'm starting to work in a bit, about a week before I get my check.
But I've been trying to get some money together to buy some videos.
Is there any possibility maybe I'm not trying to do something cheap here?
Well, just stay there.
We'll talk about whatever it is you want to bring up when we get back.
Ten more calls.
Got a guest coming up in 40 minutes.
Plenty of time for calls and news.
We'll be back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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We provide outstanding products like Esiac, colloidal silver 500 parts per million, olive leaf extract,
I think so.
We're good to go.
All over the nation, the feds are teaching the local police, the schools, that homeschoolers are dangerous terrorists.
Of course, they've never committed any crimes, done anything.
One of the most upright groups out there.
That's why you're under attack.
You don't want to be in the brainwashing camp?
Well, we'll demonize you as a terrorist.
The government will not just simulate terror attacks in the future.
They're going to carry out attacks against every group that they don't like.
And by that, they're going to carry out attacks and blame it on those groups.
So be prepared for that.
Understand that's how the whole game is played.
Over and over again.
It's called the frame-up.
Let's go ahead and take a call.
Let's go back to Tom.
Tom, you had a question.
Yeah, what I was going to tell you that the listeners out there, what they could do is when they're praying, actually, here's the way it went with some of my prayers.
Go ahead.
I say, Lord God, you know, this is your nation.
Send down your angels and Michael and Gabriel to minister to the
Uh, the people in this country to wake up and open their eyes.
Uh, and then I name off like Rummy and Tommy Franks and all the neocons, globalists, Nazis.
Be destroyed by their own devices.
Let it be revealed who they truly are.
I've been doing this for like six to eight months, and I listed about 11 people in my prayer, and I wrote this prayer down at the time, and I'd be doggone if two days later, uh,
Al Gore at Georgetown University got up on CNN and he showed a piece of this.
He named a list of people that needed to leave office or resign.
It was the exact list that I wrote down, almost to a T. He says they're nothing but brown shirts.
He made that comment right after I prayed it.
So what I'm doing now is getting really into the prayer part.
Of course, I got a little bit discouraged yesterday.
I didn't mean to sound like that yesterday.
But I'm actually doing this.
It's working and I'm praying for you to continue in your protection and all the folks that believe in this and believe in the Lord.
Well, good sir.
Okay, well thank you.
And Tom, I really appreciate the call.
A lot of scientific studies, real studies, scientifically done, double-blind studies, show that if you pray for someone, it really does have an effect.
Or if you pray for something, it has an effect.
When a lot of people do it, it really has an effect.
The Bible says that we're made in the image of God.
We're creators.
And what we ask God to do, if it's for the right reasons and we have faith, that tends to happen.
So be careful what you pray for.
But what's that country song, though?
Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.
But sometimes I'm glad things I prayed for didn't happen.
But it's real, folks.
I mean, plants that are around people and that listen to certain types of music, they're healthier and happier.
And the same plant that gets the same amount of sun and oxygen and light that doesn't have that music doesn't grow as fast and isn't as healthy.
And if they play heavy metal music, the plant dies.
So there's something bigger to all of this.
And it's real.
And I want to thank everybody for their prayers.
And it means a lot to me.
And I pray for this country.
Pray for an awakening against evil that will seek God's face and ask for forgiveness.
Because we are in a lot of trouble.
We're in a lot of trouble, my friends.
And the local news says mercury is actually good for your brain.
It's good for you in the shots.
They said it's good for you as a nutritional supplement.
And when they say homeschoolers are terrorists, we're in trouble.
Alright, we'll break here in a moment.
I want to try to go to the calls a little bit quicker to have your questions or comments ready.
I'm going to blitz through your calls.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
And coming up, we'll get into...
Big Brother.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, so does he.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
We are now into our number two on this live edition, this Wednesday edition, the 22nd day of September 04.
The toll-free number to join us on any news item, any issue you want to discuss, 1-800-259-9231.
I want to get into no-fly lists, because there's already hundreds of thousands of people, conservatively, on this list.
And now AP reports airlines told to turn over passenger data on all flyers.
And bad credit can make it to where you can't fly.
It's going to be to have a car, have a job, everything here in the near future.
Preemptively, we're all going to be considered criminals for life for no reason.
Also, in some areas, half of public school teachers have their children out of their own public schools, but more than 25% of public school teachers in Washington and Baltimore send their children to private schools.
A new study reports, meanwhile, they're reporting out of mainstream papers in Michigan that they're doing terror drills where they train the local police and school teachers that homeschoolers are terrorists and are going to attack and kill everyone.
That's how the world went daily.
Also, micro-thin implantable films may one day allow patients to forego daily injections and pills.
These are part of new films that are implanted in your body.
Also, U.S.
torture in Iraq spread to Mosul.
Forty percent of Army reservists failed to report to Fort Jackson.
Big article.
Fear of farming, and it talks about controversy swirls, about the crossroads of agriculture and medicine, the big pharmacological crops they're putting into place.
This and much more in this hour, and of course Anthony J. Hilder will be joining us, expert on the New World Order, in about 30 minutes.
Right now, let's go to John in Texas.
John, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hello, John.
Oh, this is PJ.
Okay, PJ, welcome!
Alex, I just wanted to say, I'm really surprised.
I just want to let the listeners know, when you call in, my goodness gracious, you're not screened or anything, you know?
You just put you through, so thank you.
I appreciate that.
Anyway, I just want to say, you know, I know you don't care about blowing your own horn or anything, but you really are an American hero, honestly.
I just want you to know that.
I'm just an average guy fighting the New World Order, defending my family.
All of you that are out there taking action are American heroes.
Oh, I'm telling you.
But, I mean, Alex, you could be making a fortune, and you're doing this, you know, because, I mean, you're, you know, so you've got to have your heart's got to be in the right place, you know.
So, but, anyway, that call from the previous caller, I found it pretty fascinating about the prayer thing, you know, because I had lost something a little over a year ago, and I've been
Oh my goodness, it was all my journals and pictures.
It was everything I cared about and I left it behind somewhere and somebody stole it.
I would love to find a prayer group or something that has some power in numbers or something where I can maybe pray and get this back.
I put a reward and stuff out for it in the past.
Maybe there's a reason you lost that journal.
It was all my journals and pictures, everything that meant anything to me, all my writings, all that stuff.
That's horrible.
Yeah, my dad one time had a little leather backpack and it had a journal he'd been keeping for like 20 years and somebody stole it.
Yeah, this was like a plastic box, you know, and it had all this stuff.
I don't know why I did that.
I like sabotaged myself for some reason.
I guarantee you that person threw it in the landfill.
You mean it took the...
The stuff that I had, you mean, or what?
Yeah, they rummaged through it, didn't want any of it, and probably threw it in a dumpster.
Oh, God.
I know it wrecked my life, that's for sure.
Yeah, it really did.
I was actually ready to commit suicide.
Oh, don't ever do that.
Listen, everything passes away.
It's life that's precious, and it too passes away and then regenerates.
And, you know, don't ever even think like that.
But thank you so much for all the stuff that you're doing.
I noticed that, you know, you exposed a tremendous amount of stuff.
Maybe, you know, it might be good just to point out, you know, more, it seems like between, I know they're both cousins and everything else and both on the same type of thing, but doesn't it seem a little bit like that Bush is a little bit better than Kerry, though?
I mean, at least you have gun rights and stuff like that.
Stay there.
We'll talk about it when we get back.
PresidentPlanet.tv, folks.
We'll be right back.
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Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Eight minutes, 30 seconds into the second hour.
We're talking to P.J.
was saying, Hey, isn't Bush better?
Because at least he gave that pro-gun speech a few weeks ago.
You know, it's your right of Second Amendment.
Well, you see, George Bush was against arming any of the pilots until one of the most liberal senators in the country, Dianne Feinstein, came out and said, I'm for arming all the pilots.
It makes sense.
Then he said, okay, we'll arm 2% of them in a test if they can jump through all these hoops.
Okay, and then Bush said, I'll sign the assault weapons ban, and then good Republicans in the Congress, because of heat by the constituency out there, refused to let the assault weapons ban go back through.
Bush had said that he would sign that.
Republican leadership in the Senate tried to get it passed.
Bush actually tried to help get it passed, but such pressure was put on them that politically they were afraid to do it.
Oh, my goodness.
You know, it...
I know in your thing it says the New World Order is on the run and everything.
I know you can't give up and everything and I plan on getting your tapes and running them off and giving out copies and stuff like that.
I'm going to be working part time but as soon as I get some money I'm going to be at least doing that.
It's the least I can do.
It's a minor thing.
It just seems like there's so much going against us that there's
There's hardly a chance.
Should we get out of town?
Should we go out and live in a country?
I know this, and thanks for the call.
If we submit to it, it's going to win.
And running out of town isn't going to save you.
Going to a third world country isn't going to save you.
This is a new world order.
This is global government.
Global governance.
And are we in the fight?
Do we have a chance?
There's so much infighting going on inside the new world order.
There's so many levels of subterfuge.
There's so many things that they've got to deal with that we've got a great chance to defeat this thing and we've got God on our side.
But I know this.
Everybody I talk to is awake to the New World Order, but they all say there's nothing we can do.
It's too big.
Oh, it's all over.
Just stop worrying about the size of this thing and what we're facing and just move forward against it.
We're the mass.
We're the people.
We have the power.
Look at this new Zogby poll out of New York where half of them think the government was involved, not just prior knowledge.
You know, 66% think that they had prior knowledge.
Half think they were involved.
And that's the same numbers around the country.
And of course, the media won't advertise that Zogby poll.
They're desperate to cover it up.
And so now...
Nationwide, there's huge ads put in newspapers exposing that Zogby poll by the person that paid for the Zogby poll.
So there's a lot of people moving forward, a lot of allies popping up out there, a lot of people who are waking up at the New World Order who have a means.
I mean, you wouldn't believe the phone calls I get from famous people and generals.
I'm just one little guy in this fight, and I get contacted all the time by prominent people.
Everybody isn't evil.
They've been sucked into the illusion, too.
And that illusion is starting to crack.
Is the New World Order trying to launch an offensive to scare us back into submission?
Are they trying to take our freedoms?
Are they doing all these incredible things, like we're going to forcibly, psychologically test all Americans twice a year?
Mercury's good for you.
Take the shots.
They actually said that last night on local news.
Homeschoolers are terrorists.
Freedom is slavery.
War is peace.
But those are death throes, my friends.
Will the globalists nuke a city to keep their tyranny going?
Okay, we'll have to make it through that.
I know this, though.
Rolling over to them means total enslavement.
All right, let's go ahead here and take another call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Regina in Pennsylvania.
Regina, welcome.
Hi, Alex.
I want to thank Tom for his obedience to the prayers.
We really appreciate it and thank the Lord for making his new job be a blessing to him.
I want to say here, Alex, when you say this situation here with the, sometimes like you did yesterday, you make me kind of cringe when you say that if we possibly, unless I'm misunderstanding, you get a liberal kind of Democrat maybe
As far as I'm concerned, Bush is a liberal.
He's pretty much being left to do whatever he wants.
Yeah, so is Arnold, so is you.
So if you indicate that these conservatives, so-called, would rise up.
And I want to use an example of my own senator, Rick Santorum.
With Bush moving up, he continues to move into higher and higher positions as a senator.
This is a man that supports the partial abortion ban, led the fight for it,
You know, I commend him for that.
He supports the marriage amendment.
He gets a lot of play for that, a lot of high esteem for that.
But at the same time, one of your listeners did a really fine job questioning him on one of our 50,000 Watt, where a lot of people get their information up here in this area, on his position as to why he supported Arnold Spector.
He called him a pro-death, blood from head to toe, which I totally agree with.
In opposition to a pro-life, more pro-life candidate.
So how does this tie into... Well, because he said at that point in time that Spector is a candidate that has agreed to support Bush's judges.
And Santorum is similar to Spector because he agrees that the President should get support of the judges that they support.
Okay, a lot of people say vote for Bush, and I'm not voting for either one of them.
A lot of people say vote for Bush because Lord Bush will get all these good judges in.
Seven of the nine Supreme Court justices were put in by Republicans, and it's the most draconian court ever seen.
Featuring the Bill of Rights, big government, liberal policies, all of this.
So again, it was Bush, judges, and people Bush has now appointed to the bench, the one after Judge Roy Moore in Alabama.
Right, right.
So I'm trying to understand what you're saying.
What I'm saying here is when you say that these people will come around if they get a liberal man in the White House, I totally disagree because he made it very public that he supported 97% of Clinton's judges.
Now this seems to be all right for a lot of people that call themselves pro-life and pro-Christian because he goes and supports and pushes through the partial birth abortion ban, the marriage amendment, he's going to protect the babies and the family.
And so, you know, what I'm saying here is we cannot let guard down when we think that these people will come around.
He supported Goals 2000, he supported No Child Left Behind, and this man that was on before.
UNESCO doesn't even recognize our Constitution
So this thing that you brought up about, you know, the homeschoolers, the only option here, to me, to make the slate clean is to support those who will get rid of and totally remove us from the Department of Education.
I hear you.
Thanks for the call, Regina.
No, no, up next is Ron.
Go ahead, Ron.
Ron in Oklahoma.
Several things here quickly.
One of your previous listeners, I think if we...
We all commit ourselves to being the south end of a northbound horse.
There's no way they can possibly beat us.
But it's all in the attitude.
If you're like a spring, the harder you get pushed on, the harder you push back, they can't beat us.
But also, on the Mercury, a friend of mine who works in a refrigeration and air conditioning supply house was telling me a story about an air conditioning guy this summer who broke a thermostat
In a customer's home, the thermostat has a glass vial with mercury in it.
And this mercury got into the carpet.
He couldn't get it out.
They had to call a hazmat unit out to clean up the carpet.
Get that small amount of mercury out of the house.
I'm glad to hear it's safe now.
I'll pass the word along.
Well, again, we have this local newscast, and it's a national story, it's being mimicked all over the country, where they say, new federal study shows mercury isn't just okay for children, it actually improves their brain function and is very good for you.
They actually said that.
So all this news of mercury being bad for vaccines was wrong.
They actually say that.
I mean, how ridiculous.
Alex, you have to learn the new language.
Thanks be.
That's all what it comes down to.
But also, I'm wondering, could you possibly sometime rerun the interview with General Ben K. Parton?
I was unable to tape it.
I had some problems.
And I've had really good luck taping interviews such as his, as powerful as his was, and then passing them out.
They did very good response.
Well, we'll just have General Parton back on.
That would be great.
Good to hear from you, Ron.
Thank you.
Eric in Texas.
Eric, you're on the air.
Great show today.
Well, thank you.
Steven McCraw, he's the Texas Director of Homeland Security.
They had a 9-11 thing.
I just wanted to read an exact quote from him.
It's incredible.
He was talking to a Muslim group on Muslim Legislative Day.
When they expressed their concerns about him and Muslims and Guantanamo and all that, here was his answer.
What does a terrorist look like?
He asked rhetorically.
It looks like an American.
That's what a terrorist looks like.
That was how he was supposed to assuage the fears.
Not one of these supposed hijackers was an American citizen, but how did we all become terrorists on September 12th?
And that's the point I've been making.
I read the FEMA drills.
I read the news articles every day.
It's all Christians, gun owners, conservatives, homeschoolers.
That's what they're gearing up for while fooling Christian conservatives and saying, oh, we're going to be going after Muslims.
Don't worry, it's just those dirty Muslims.
We're going to put them in camps.
So this is the racist psychology they use trying to sell this to the American people, but really it's for the mainline WASP America that this is all being engineered for.
True enough, and the only time the liberal left, that was from the Austin Chronicle, brings it out as if it does affect a small minority.
But when they're talking about all the Americans, they won't bring that out if they were talking to a Christian group or anything like that.
The liberal left, anyway.
But also, that gentleman who was saying the New Old Order is so big, we have to remember one thing, that all countries have nationalist movements to the tune of 10 to 20 percent.
Not to mention they have
The radical Muslims attacking them from, you know, the east right now.
They're attacked from all sides at this point, and the infighting.
Well, again, though, most of the radical Muslim movements are globalist-controlled and destabilized countries, so the globalists have an excuse to go in against their own populations.
Thanks for the call, Eric.
Good to hear from you.
Chad and others, you're up next with a bunch of news.
I'm Anthony J. Hilbert.
I'm Alex Jones, prisonplanet.tv.
Hello, folks.
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Back to your phone call.
Chad in Virginia, you're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
How's it going?
Yeah, I agree with a lot of stuff you say, but I was wondering if you recall on 9-11, the first video, and the guy who filmed Ground Zero, and he was shown on ABC, and he was...
There to pick up one of his colleagues who was at the World Trade Center and she was finishing up taking pictures for an article they've been doing for their magazine called Prophecy Magazine and the article they were doing was about why people wanted to blow up the World Trade Center on 9-11.
I was watching
This from the TV inside of ABC News, because I was an ABC News motorcycle courier who ran the first video from the Pentagon when it got hit that day.
I also took my own father, who was the former director of DIA, who is currently the head of intelligence for Homeland Security, to be interviewed a few months before.
The whole interview was about Osama bin Laden.
I was wondering if you had noticed this guy on 9-11 and the interview.
I go and I try to bring it up on ABC and they took it off their website about a couple of weeks after.
You can only see the video.
There's no story on the guy.
Well, I mean, I have the big FEMA training manual from 1999, and it shows crosshairs directly on the same spots that got hit by the planes.
Well, I mean, I just thought that not only has my life been quite ironic... So your father was the head of Defense Intelligence?
That's correct.
And then is now the head of Intelligence for Homeland Security?
Yes, sir.
I've seen a lot of weird things, buddy.
I kind of know what's going on.
I'm also a Christian.
My last job, I was a screener at the Reagan National Airport.
Check this out.
I've seen some weird things.
I had to quit that job.
I think it's kind of related to God.
Well, it is related to God and the whole thing about the measure of wheat for a penny and what you were talking about with the New World Order and how things work.
I'm working at Reagan National Airport protecting the public and the airport was designed for legislators.
So I'm making $27,000 a year and I'm netting 7 cents an hour.
I quit working for ABC News because they were only paying me 10 cents less.
I was walking into a unionized building as the outsourced worker.
What's some of the weird stuff that you talk to your father about?
Getting anything out of a guy like that is a waste of time.
Mostly what I get is just from watching things.
What was that in particular?
Well, like I was just getting ready to tell you, when it comes to how the New World Order is working in a prison planet mentality, you know, you get the World Trade Center gets knocked down and in a country that is running off of a lie based on, you know, debt.
And it's basically the result
A repercussion of that, in my opinion, when you don't give true value to labor and you fly on an airplane that's subsidized by labor through tax dollars and a system that works politically with contributions from elite organizations to maintain the status quo.
And at the same time, those very legislators who are supposed to represent my labor are thinking that they're going to get secured when I'm not secured financially when I get home.
And these are the same kind of individuals where, like, when I'm... I've heard you say some kind of little bit incorrect things, but, like, for instance, when I was checking a bag for an FBI director and he started giving me, you know, a fit about it,
I asked him, you know, hey, did you take the cab?
Tell us, stay there!
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Chad, I've got a guest I've got to go to, so we've got to move quick here.
All the callers need to move quick with their stories, their information.
So you're screening the FBI director's bag.
Yeah, yeah, and he's kind of disturbed about it because he's the FBI director.
I love it when people who shouldn't give me any problems give me problems, because I'll just ask them a simple question.
If they took a cab ride, and if their answer is yes, then I'll ask them, you know, was there cabbie?
From Afghanistan or Pakistan.
And then I'll say, well, who put the, you know, luggage in the car and who took it out?
I mean, were they holding on to it?
And then they kind of, you know, don't say anything after that.
But that same FBI director, I struck up a conversation with him about Louis Freeh and what he was up to, and he said, oh, he's getting a better job, higher-paying job.
You know, and it reminds me of...
The head of Homeland Security is saying he can't afford to send his kids to school off of his paycheck.
I'm sure that the guys out there in Iraq who are enlisted guys, their family is living off of food stamps, really appreciate a leader like that.
Thanks for the call.
Look, when you read Parade Magazine or something and it says George Bush is worth $1 million,
Or Homeland Security Director only makes $200,000 a year and he's poor and he's real sad.
I'm not against the free market and money.
Money's fine.
The problem is these people aren't getting their money through the free market.
The Bushes are worth tens of billions of dollars.
They got hundreds of millions in World War II money from the Nazis.
This is all admitted.
And so I love how they act like they're from Texas.
They act like they're poor.
They put all of these illusions...
Try to fool people.
And it doesn't fool me.
All right, I know we've got Kevin and Maggie and Dave and many, many others that are patiently holding.
We'll get to your calls.
We're joined now by Anthony Hilder.
And Anthony Hilder is one of the great granddaddies of the anti-New World Order movement.
Back in the 60s, he put out the famous Illuminati album.
He has put out a bunch of videos, books, information over the years.
And he's brought a new 9-11 film that's very impressive and we'll tell you about that.
But I also wanted to get Anthony on now for the balance of the broadcast the next hour and 25 minutes to take calls and cover news and talk about different issues with people.
And Anthony Hilder, good to have you on with us.
Well, it's good to be here, brother, because we must incite a revelation to avoid a bloody revolution.
And when given no choice but to inform the people
We have to get to the business of doing that, and your show extends beyond the reach of your voice, certainly beyond the reach of your fingertips, and touches people throughout this planet.
Well, Anthony, let me just throw this out at you.
Government portrays homeschoolers as terrorists.
In a federally funded exercise to prepare emergency responders for a terrorist attack, a Michigan County
We're good to go.
But this shows how they're quietly demonizing Christians and conservatives, the very group that thinks George Bush is the second coming of Christ.
Well, you know, if one were a Christian, and they thought that they could follow in George Bush's footsteps on the highway to heaven, they will not be stopping in purgatory.
They will be going straight to hell.
We've got to be aware of who this man is, or whatever this thing is, that resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
I'm more concerned about Osama Bin Bush than Osama Bin Laden, because this whole El Ciada is a creation of the agents of this government who operate for the evilarchy that operate through the Council on Foreign Relations,
At 58, 68, 68th Street.
And through the Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, we must bring people to an awareness that it is a small group of people who wish to reduce the population of this planet by 80% that are in control.
And we are the majority.
And we must take tapes like the ones that you put out and the ones that I put out and get them to people because a video can be seen by a million before a book can be read by one.
And if we don't recognize that, if we don't make these exposés available to the people of the world, and I say of the world, we're going to lose this war.
And we will deserve to lose it if we do not engage in this sort of activity.
So we're going world.
We've got our tape up, 9-1-1, the greatest lie ever sold in Germany.
It's out.
It's been shipped out to Norway, to Australia, to Portugal, to the Benelux countries.
It's on the streets in Pakistan, in Lahore, in Islamabad, selling at about 200 rupees worldwide.
Which is about $4.
It's obviously being bootlegged, but I'm doing it with a wink.
The people who want to engage in the war over here can buy it, and they can make copies, like you suggested with your work.
We can reach the fire departments.
We can reach the police departments.
We can reach...
The families of the Egors, and I talk about the invisible government's obedient robotons, the Egors that work for this Frankensteinian fraternity that controls this country.
Anthony Hilder, I want to get a little bit into your background for folks that don't know who you are, but for 40 plus years, you've been on the cutting edge, you've made a lot of stunning predictions and a lot of incredible work, and I've learned a lot from you, and certainly truth is stranger than fiction, and you've certainly documented that and exposed that.
But you've really delved into the occult nature of the New World Order, and now this is being revealed.
Now this is being brought out into full view, being brought out.
Openly, the New York Times is saying the Bilderberg Group basically appointed John Edwards to John Kerry's ticket.
Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, New York Post comes out and says they're busing in gay porn stars to service the Republican elite at Bohemian Grove, and then nothing's done about it.
The satanic rituals, all of it.
Four good Christian conservatives out there listening.
Can you go over some background about this?
The Skull and Bones is the Faustian financial fraternity that was set up in 1832 in this country to recruit people for positions of power in this country.
We have the new director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Skull and Bones.
Brotherhood of Death.
These are the individuals who lay nude in the coffin and are born again into a satanic order.
And when we take a look at the comparisons between Adolf Hitler and the Bush family, we find out that George Sr., his name in the Skull and Bones fraternity at Yale, was Magog.
That's the nickname that they call him.
Magog, in Christian literature, is described as the one who wages war against God in the final days of the earth.
In other words, he is described as the man who would wage war against God against the people of the planet earth.
And when he talks about a thousand points of light, in Satanic literature,
And the satanic language, I guess, Satanese, you would have to say that that would be equivalent to a thousand year Reich.
And when we take a look at Hitler talking about a thousand year Reich, he was under the tutelage of Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the author.
Well, the co-editor and publisher of Lucifer Magazine with Annie Besant.
Well, let me stop you right there.
I was at the Republican National Convention, and they go, a thousand points of light on the delegates, and they shoot down the light, and it's actually...
Dr. Dennis Cuddy actually got the Hitler speeches where over and over again he said a thousand points of light for our new world order.
Bush gave that exact quote back in 91, a thousand points of light towards a new world order.
I mean, these are exact Hitler quotes.
I saw Arnold giving exact Hitler quotes, but 99.9% of people do not know history.
They don't even know what they're hearing.
Well, Arnold is being groomed to be a new Fuhrer.
And when we take a look at the
Arnold's background, of course it's from a Nazi family, but I'm not just talking about that.
We take a look at that Senator Hatch from Utah.
Supposed to be a Mormon.
He's trying to lift the ban on the Arnold Schwarzeneggers of the world becoming president.
And now Dana Rohrabacher has introduced it in the House.
Listen, I knew Dana when he used to do dope down here in Southern California.
I would consider Dana a friend of mine.
But for him to turn around and all of a sudden, this libertarian voting for the lifting of this ban, which protects Americans, and putting us into the hands of the New World Order, I mean, this is insane.
I don't know whether he's still smoking dope.
Or doing dope.
Well, Anthony, that's quite an allegation.
Were you there with him when he did it?
No, I've known Dana since he used to work for a group out here in Southern California, a news service.
In fact, I was with him when he was working for Ronald Reagan, Ronald Wilson Reagan, 666.
We were outside of the barbershop waiting for Ronald to come out, and he had a private meeting with a fellow named Dr. Armand Hammer.
Dr. Armand Hammer...
On his desk had pictures of Nikolai Lenin and pictures of Ronald Wilson, Reagan.
Hammer was supporting the Soviet Union.
And Hammer was supported by Reagan.
So there is something that is happening that the people do not understand.
We have a one
We're talking about the Nazi-ization of this nation that we are seeing at this very moment.
We are talking about the demonization of the nation.
And I say that literally.
I'm a libertarian.
If somebody wants to do dope, that's not a problem.
I don't have any problem with that.
They're destroying themselves.
Or if they want to get high recreationally, I don't have a problem with that.
But what I do have a problem with is that when they are in positions of power politically
If they are not thinking clear, if they are thinking like they are under drugs, under the influence of drugs, and this could be through the influence of the Council on Foreign Relations or promises of power.
Then I'm concerned.
Well, Anthony, we have, in America, 15 million adults on Prozac and Ritalin, stuff 100 times worse than marijuana.
We have 10 million children on stuff whose molecules are identical to methamphetamine and psychotropic.
So, I mean, the whole drug war thing is a whole other story.
But getting back into the whole satanic order...
Their plans are public.
It's in their own publications.
And then you tell people about it, they call it a conspiracy theory.
Now, I'm seeing that less and less.
I think there is a huge awakening taking place.
That revelation you talked about has been taking place.
When a Zogby poll...
Well, they have to be, and that's what I'm appealing to those of you who are listening to this show today.
To utilize the material that is being produced...
By Alex Jones and by myself.
Utilizing it by getting it on public access television.
By getting it replicated.
By getting it out to some fellow who may be your great uncle and he happens to be Iranian.
And he's living in North Dakota.
And he has some association with somebody else back in Tehran who gets this information out.
We have to think worlds
We have to do what has never been done before on the planet Earth.
We have to literally incite a revelation.
We must have a free world alliance.
Our website is freeworldalliance.com and .org.
Our purpose is to bring about a federation of tribal, linguistic, racial, religious, and political nation-states
In opposition to the United Nations, where people will have a choice to discriminate.
And I say that is good.
Because people... Choice is freedom.
Freedom is choice.
We must have a choice to associate or disassociate with whom we please, with whom we choose.
In fact, you've got a quote about keeping national sovereignty...
What's that quote?
Well, I've got so many, I don't know which one you're talking about.
Well, it was the sub-headline under the Free World Alliance.
Well, we'll come across that.
The whole purpose of a free world is to have choice.
And we must have the right to discriminate when we see all of these laws
Restricting discrimination.
It isn't simply laws for the betterment of man.
It's for the enslavement of man.
Adolf Hitler said that we must have a united Europe.
And I fear that.
I happen to be a strong supporter of UKIP, which is the United Kingdom Independent Party.
I am in support of all of the independence movements throughout the country, throughout the world, whether it be for an independent Basque state or an independent Indian state.
We'll be right back with Anthony Hilder, and we'll get into his new film.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right folks, DVD.
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The DVD version is 170 minutes.
If you want to wake up your friends and family to the truth of what happened on September 11th, this is the film for you.
The Road to Tyranny is already sending shockwaves through Washington and across the United States.
We're good to go.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or order online at InfoWars.com or InfoWars.net.
Again, that number, 888-253-3139.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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That's HerbalHealer.com, your website for safe, effective natural alternatives and education.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
A united world is not free.
And then we'll let Anthony finish up the rest of the quote here in a second.
But my friends, I have made 11 documentary films.
The newest one, American Dictators, is now out.
It's documenting the staged election of 2004 about Bush and Kerry and Skull and Bones and how their policies are almost identical and the latest developments with 9-11 and the whole New World Order system.
It's 90 minutes long, 1995.
My other films are all over two hours long, some almost three hours.
Really, multiple videos in one, each one you get.
They're $25.95 a piece, $20 a piece, if you get three or more of any of my original ten films, whether it's 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, or Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.
I also carry a bunch of other great 9-11 films by other researchers and authors.
You can call toll-free to order them or to ask about different discounts or different films we carry or different descriptions of the videos and books.
1-888-253-3139 is the toll free number to order my films or books.
1-888-253-3139 or InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to order via the safe, secure online shopping cart.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Megan and Dave and Craig and John and Casey and everybody, we'll get to your calls immediately in the next hour, so be patient.
But right now, Anthony Hilder, you've got a new film out.
It's lengthy.
It covers a lot of information on 9-11, a lot of the new developments.
It's very well done.
How do folks get a copy of your new 9-11 film?
Well, if you happen to be in Canada and you want a DVD or a VHS, it's 800-294-5250.
In Canada, 800-294-5250.
And in the United States, 800-592-4864.
And then a double-pack DVD...
Is 877-378-4345.
That's 877-378-4345.
And it comes with Eric Hoffschmidt's painful questions.
So it's a double.
It's not one.
It's two.
So when you order one, you get two.
So it's double the length insofar as content of material.
And it's half the price.
How much is it?
Well, it's $29.95.
And that includes two, so it amounts to about $15 each.
Alright, so again folks, that is, give them the number again for the U.S.
In the U.S., 800-592-4864, and for the Double DV PAC, it's 877-378-4345.
Alright, and your website again is?
And what's that quote of yours I love?
A world free is not united.
A world united is not free.
And when...
Kennedy said, ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country.
He was quoting Adolf Hitler.
It wasn't originated by Kennedy.
It was originated by Hitler.
So I say, ask what your government can do for you, not what you can do for your government.
Because your government must be your servant.
And we, the people, must be the master.
The government is here only to function in a capacity to do things for you.
That's what they're for.
That's why we have a government.
It's to build roads.
Wait a minute.
I thought the government was to be our boss because they needed to take care of us because there's a terror threat they created.
Anthony, we're going to get into skull and bones.
We're going to get into some of the new developments in 9-11.
We're going to take a bunch of calls when we get back and go over some of the latest news and get your take and response on that.
I want to talk about pharmacological farms, vaccinations, all of it.
The big agenda, the world view, the world overview of Anthony J. Hilder.
We'll be right back.
Introduce... Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
As O'Brien tells Winston as he tortures him to death in the ministry of love.
And now I see the double think being accelerated.
Anthony Hilder, I was watching local news last night.
Well, I got a tape of it.
And CBS News said, new study out.
We were wrong.
Mercury in vaccines isn't just okay.
It's good for you and is a vitamin, a nutrient.
It's like saying to the individual, you've got to believe in government.
The larger the government, the larger the enemy.
Because when you have somebody knocking on your door and saying, I'm here from the government and I'm here to help you, or I'm Dr. Government, and just roll up your sleeve, I'm going to give you a vaccination.
I knew a little black girl in Northern California.
I know her right now.
She's about 5 feet 11.
She's a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful little woman.
She got vaccinations for her child.
And I said, don't, don't, don't, don't do this.
The child is now four years old.
It's autistic.
She's rolling it around in a baby pusher, you know, where you put small children in because they can't walk.
The child is four years old.
It can't walk.
It can't talk.
It has had all of the vaccinations.
She has now become a researcher.
She has now become a Joan of Arc.
Like you have become a John of Arc.
Leading the charge into the unknown.
And enlightening people with the truth rather than enlightening people with the words...
Of Lucifer.
Well, how can they get up on the news and say, Mercury has now been proven to be good for you?
They actually said that, Anthony.
I mean, it's really getting weird.
The bigger the lie, the more believable.
When you take a look at George Bush when he makes a statement like this, he said, I was watching it on television.
He was talking about the 9-1-1 event.
Well, it wasn't on ABC.
It wasn't on NBC or CBS or CNN.
It was on closed circuit CIA.
And we must be more concerned not when George Bush tells a lie, because that's most frequent.
It's when he tells the occasional truth by accident that we should be very concerned.
Considering the fact that George Bush saw this and is the only one in the United States that has admitted publicly that having seen the plane come in and hit the World Trade Center, and we're talking about the first plane that hit the North Tower, that meant that he had to be sitting in front of a television watching it as it was coming in and the agents of this government were filming it for his entertainment.
That is like having Nero...
Take out his fiddle and play while Rome burnt.
That, to me, as an indictment of the president, I think this is proof positive that we're talking about murder one.
Murder in the first degree.
Well, Anthony, by the way, then they said, well, what do you mean you saw it?
And then he said, no, I didn't find out until they walked over and told me.
Then there were Times of London photos of him behind closed doors before he went out to give the speech, watching the first one.
Well, he's talking about watching it, the very first one that came out.
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What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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In two hours and 24 minutes, we point a searing light of truth on the history of problem-reaction solution.
Brace yourselves.
This is one film you cannot afford to miss.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
But then Times of London photos of him in the green room, another empty classroom, watching one of the TV monitors with the first tower smoking got released.
And then Mr. Card came out and said, okay, well, he did see that.
What we mean is he learned of the second plane in there.
So all these different lies, all these different stories, that's only one small piece of it.
We have them blowing up Building 7.
We have them flying out the Bin Ladens.
We have the NORAD stand down because of all these drills on that morning of planes being hijacked and flown into the exact same buildings at the exact same time.
That's impossible!
And so that's the cover story.
And we know that Dick Cheney was in control running the whole thing.
We know they'd had a bunch of drills in the weeks before that, and some think Bush was really out of the loop, and that Cheney was actually running it, and so Bush thought it was just to quote another drill.
But what we can prove is they did have prior knowledge, they did know what was happening.
You know, they always say, Anthony, that, well, we never heard of a plan to fly planes into buildings.
No one ever even imagined that.
It had been all over the news, it had been in Project Bojinka.
They had developed the plan, and in fact, in 1970, the...
The public knew about an event that occurred over here at Edwards Air Force Base where they took a plane and it took off without a pilot.
A jumbo jet?
Yeah, it went across the Pacific and landed in Australia without a pilot.
NORAD has the capacity to either prevent a hijacking...
By overriding the controls of a plane and taking it out of the hands of the hijackers.
By the way, by the way... Or it has the capacity to bring the plane into a building and create the illusion that a skyjacking has taken place.
There's no Arab names on the flight manifest of United or American Airlines.
Well, by the way, Anthony...
A couple days after 9-11, he was in New York after he did the tour with the firefighters, and he stood up there at a podium, and I have this on tape somewhere.
I just had three VCRs going on three channels, but I saw this, and I know I need about ten interns to go watch all this video, and I taped Bush as he said, you know, we're going to be able to fix this.
We've got the capacity to remote control these planes and take them over when they're hijacked.
And a Secret Service agent grabs his arm and jerks on him, and then he shuts up.
So, yeah, he's so... That's what I said.
We've got to be very careful when he tells the truth.
I mean, when he tells the truth, he will often do so.
It's a mistake.
When he tells the truth, it's a mistake.
We've got to be looking for those particular times you noticed it when practically no one else in the country noticed it.
And that is an imperative piece of tape.
If you can find it.
You know, I've looked around for it.
I sat there taping C-SPAN as they were having a celebration the night of the attack, basically, all of Congress out front at the Capitol.
And it was Chuckie Schumer laughing and smiling and clapping.
And the leader of the Senate at the time, Daschle, walks over and grabs him.
You can't hear the audio.
You see his lips.
He goes, Shut up!
Look at what you're doing!
You're on camera!
And I've got that somewhere, too.
You know, on the anniversary, this is just a few days ago, September 11th, I'm watching CNN, and they're interviewing somebody about the plane that was coming in towards the Pentagon.
He says, well, it looked like a cruise missile with wings.
And when we take a look at that situation, where does 155 feet of wing, or the span...
How can that disappear into a 16-foot hole?
If you just took the diameter of each of the engines, it would be 9 feet across.
And side by side, if there wasn't any fuselage, if there wasn't any wings...
It would make a hole that's 18 feet across.
And by the way... That's two feet more than the 16-foot hole that came in.
I found the actual AP photos, the originals, and some of the video.
There's green grass right up to the hole.
Then they come in with all these trucks and dump sand to make it look like an accident scene, and then they spray tons of water on it and the roof collapses.
In The Greatest Lie 911, this is our video.
9-1-1, the greatest lie ever sold.
We go from individual to clip to another individual, and I'm talking about individuals like Gary Richard Arnold, like Jim Mars, like yourself, Alex Jones, Will Thomas, Ken Thomas, Gary Boosie.
We're all talking about the same thing.
This is a lie that has been put forth.
It has been choking the thought process of the American people.
We must take these videos and get them out to the people, to your friends, to your neighbors.
Well, that's exactly what our listeners are doing.
As promised, let's go to the calls.
Thanks for holding.
Megan in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, hi, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
You bet.
Well, of course, listening to you spawned a whole other bunch of ideas, but...
Two news stories that were on last night on the local news here that I thought were interesting.
One was about the local police.
The city council decided they needed to keep an eye on the local police.
They installed secretly cameras in the locker rooms to keep an eye on the police.
That's horrible.
And the police found out, and they're screaming and picketing the city council meeting because they can't believe that they're being watched.
Now, where is this again?
This is in a town just outside of Philadelphia called Fulcroft.
Do you have email?
Email me those stories to tips at infowars.com.
But let me expound on this.
I've seen an article about once a month from California, Tennessee, Texas.
Where they are putting cameras not just in the bathrooms, but in the elementary and junior high showers.
And then visiting teams come and don't think a camera is normal in the shower, run out screaming, and the officials go, oh, it's completely normal.
How Orwellian is that where they put cameras in the bathrooms, hooked into the police department, and now there was a Sacramento Bee article where these are all hooked in...
Well, in London, in London, you will have 200 pictures of yourself.
Just walking down the street and going into various shops within a one-hour period of time.
And I did on 9-1-1, The Greatest Lie Ever Sold, a little piece outside of the Bush House.
And I say the Bush House, which is the home of the BBC, where in 1948, George Orwell wrote 1984.
Is there a connection?
You bet there's a connection.
And we're taking a look at the Nazi-ization of the nation.
And from grave... Well, from erection to resurrection, I'll just put it that way, we are being monitored.
And this is exactly what George Orwell prophesied in 1984.
We're seeing it in 2004.
It just happens to be 20 years later.
Well, Orwell worked as a member of the British Secret Police in India, then he joined the Communists, then he worked for the BBC.
He saw it all.
And he operated out of the Bush House.
The Bush House.
Yeah, for those who don't know what that is, tell them.
Well, this is the home of the BBC.
It's the BBC's main operations center in New York, in London.
This is the city within the city, which controls the financial...
And then Winston... By the way, Winston in the book, he works at the Ministry of Truth, which was supposedly this media outfit of lying, which people say was supposedly a metaphor of the BBC.
Well, the Ministry of Truth was the Ministry of Lies.
And when you see Bush talking about bringing about freedom and democracy...
It's the exact opposite.
And what we must do is to form an alliance to protect our individual rights, our individual differences.
And we need to have an alliance between the legitimate right and the legitimate left.
Because the enemy operates from the center, the synthesis.
No, I hear you.
Let's let Megan finish up.
Megan, anything else?
Well, that was the most important thing, and I will email you that and follow up, but I have a thing to tell Mr. Hilder about the autism.
I have, for years, just used natural health to take care of myself, and I see a doctor who helps me out with things if I do get sick.
His partner is a woman who treats children with autism and schizophrenia and things like this.
Using things like
Using the right kinds of fats and the right kind of diet in order to help their body eliminate all the heavy metal toxins that cause the brain damage.
And we're talking about kids, some even in their early 20s, who've been autistic or schizophrenic for years.
By the way, schizophrenia is admittedly linked, even back to studies in the 20s and 30s, to lead and mercury.
But now the local news says mercury is good for you.
Right, yeah.
I'm sure that would be one my doctor will be giving me next.
Megan, I would like you to send me the information that you have so I can give it to Rena.
For her child.
Well, I've had a lot of medical doctors on, and they say these detoxes, if they're real detoxes, really do work, and that's something people should do.
Thanks for the call, Megan.
You bet.
Thank you.
I want to go quickly to these calls, Dave and Craig and John, in case you promise we'll get to you right when we come back.
We've got a break.
And there's so much more I want to talk about with Anthony Hilder.
But, you know, these vaccines, this is something we can really document for people, Anthony.
It's murder by injection.
And Eustace Mullen's book of the same title is absolutely brilliant and should be revisited.
But it's hard for the average person to understand this level of evil.
Well, we're talking about an evilarchy here.
An oligarchy of evil.
That's right.
A society of evil and wickedness on top of evil on top of wickedness.
We'll be right back.
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Let's update.
January of 2002 to January of 2004, the Dow was up a whopping 2.2%.
The NASDAQ in that same time frame is flat.
Two years ago, the U.S.
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Today, the U.S.
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Guess which one has gold backing?
January of 2002, gold spot was 283.
January of 2004, it's well over $400 at a 13-year high, up near 40%.
Gold is moving.
Equities are treading water.
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All right, let's move quick to these calls.
Dave in Illinois, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Hello, Tony.
It's Anthony.
I'm sorry, Anthony.
In about a week, next Thursday, not this Thursday, but on the 30th, they have to give a preliminary plan to Governor Blagojevich in Illinois for the good old Children's Mental Health Act, and I think that would be a good time for people to start a
Well, I'm going to end with messages that, you know, we don't want this in Illinois.
Yeah, I'm glad you raised this.
The new Freedom Initiative, this is so conservative, folks.
Everyone will be forcibly, starting with children and then adults, Illinois will do it with adults, will be psychologically screened twice a year the guidelines written by the government and Big Pharma to force you on drugs.
I mean, that's right out of Brave New World.
Anthony Hilder?
Well, I keep going back to the free world because we have a choice between discrimination and unification and the elimination of all differences in mankind.
And that is what we are going in.
People think that it is politically correct.
It is politically correct.
To dissolve all differences.
But I say we must form an alliance of individuals who will protect the differences that exist within mankind because mankind itself is the endangered species.
And what we're taking a look at in Illinois and in California and in Botswana is the elimination of all differences.
So we have to have
Let's move on.
Thank you for the call, Dave.
Craig in Wisconsin.
You're on the air.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
Go ahead.
Good, Craig.
I've been listening to your show for a while now.
I just have a little story about a friend of mine that went to a Cubs game a few weeks ago, about a month ago.
And they took a wrong turn and ended up going through a supposed drug gang area.
And they were in a Wisconsin car with plates.
Obviously, they didn't do anything wrong, and they got blockaded and yanked out of the car with guns to the head.
And then, of course, this isn't right or wrong.
It may be they found a little marijuana in the golf department.
So they were like, well, that's just not that big of a deal.
I'm like, well, sorry, but we normally could let you go, but it's Zero Tolerance Day.
So this is a short story.
He got a good lawyer, and they threw it out.
But when he was in the Chicago Police Department waiting to be booked and put in jail for eight hours before they let him out, he noticed that they had like a 13-calendar system where it was zero-tolerant drug day, feeding day, DUI day, over and over again.
That's all they do.
So obviously they're not worried about terrorism or protecting and serving, you know?
No, it's about, look, the people that bring in the drugs own the private prisons.
Then they grab you for using the drugs they brought in, and they put you in their private prison, and then the average person goes, good, make them criminals work, but the person works for 20 cents an hour, which then destroys the economy and the middle class.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, I think we should do away with the central... If we want to do away with the drugs in this country, we have to abolish the Central Intelligence Agency.
The CIA is the enforcement arm of the CFR.
And let's take a look at the head of the CIA when it was running massive amounts of heroin into this country from Southeast Asia.
It was headed by George Herbert Walker Bush.
And his assistant out there in that area was a fellow named Richard Armitage, who is now Deputy Secretary of State under Colin Powell.
And when the Bogrites tape, and I named that thing, the Heroin Highway, General Coonsaw said his number one buyer, in other words, the number one importer of heroin into the United States, was Richard Armitage.
All right, let's take another call.
John in Oklahoma.
John, you're on the air.
Hi, Alec.
Go ahead.
We are really, truthfully, the enemy of the state, the freedom-loving people.
Yeah, freedom to enslave.
That's exactly right.
So he's not lying.
He's really not lying.
People have to realize that it's his doublespeak.
He's talking about us when he talks about terrorists.
Freedom-loving, constitutionalist people.
Well, for those that just joined us, mainstream newspapers in Michigan also carry about World Net Daily.
Government portrays homeschoolers as terrorists.
They are.
They are an enemy to the state.
We really must abolish public education.
The public school system is now the public school system.
It's one and the same.
And they don't get an education, they get a re-education.
They get an indoctrination rather than an education.
Exactly right.
It must be abolished.
And I had one more thing if we've got time.
Sure, we'll get back to you and other callers after the break.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're going to be going back to Anthony Hilder here in a few minutes, and of course your calls, and I want to go through several other important news items.
But to clarify something here for listeners, I believe the presidential election is very, very important.
It's important to recognize what's happened.
The CIA openly runs three of the big five electronic voting machine companies.
The fourth is run by the former head of the NSA.
They've all been exposed to be involved in systematic fraud.
It is built to scam and to steal the election for however the globalists want it to turn out.
Some of the other big companies are owned by groups like Clear Channel, like Hart InterCivics, where they even run their own candidates on their own machines.
Smaller companies are owned by people like Chuck Hagel and are used on 80% of the machines in Nebraska where people vote for him on his own machines.
And the Democrats support this as well.
Chuckie Schumer helped get the bill passed to try to force the states to do this.
So yes, I think the presidential election is important.
I think who the president is is important.
But if they have a staged election with two cousins who are skull and bones and whose rhetoric is different but whose actions are identical...
Or let's say 98% similar, then that becomes a distraction if we focus all our energy on that.
You get 60% of people out at the polls for a presidential race, but 7-8% on average for your local elections.
It needs to be 70% nationally, 70% locally here.
We need to see numbers like that.
60% nationally, 60% locally.
And we need to be involved in our voting and demand verification.
What I've said, though, is you can have a big effect locally.
You can take national information and be assured it's going to be being duplicated locally in your town.
If I turn on the news and they're saying mercury has been found is good for your children and the vaccines...
Well, that's being mimicked, I've discovered, all over the country in newscasts.
So what's happening here locally is going to be happening in your town as well.
And so that's what I have clearly stated, but I needed to, I guess, reemphasize that.
That local issues are areas where you can actually have an effect individually at a greater level than you can nationally.
That's the point I've been trying to make.
I think the presidential election is very important if we had a real presidential election.
I mean, come on, folks.
Two guys who are related to each other from a group that has 15 members each year.
I mean, come on.
Government portrays homeschoolers as terrorists.
This is World Net Daily.
In a federally funded exercise to prepare emergency responders for a terrorist attack, a Michigan county conducted a scenario in which public school children were threatened...
By a fictitious radical group that believes everyone should be homeschooled.
And it goes on to say that FEMA gave them the exercise, part of Homeland Security.
The made-up group was called Wackos Against Schools and Education.
And then they had several hundred children play part in it as the evil right-wingers killed the children.
They had the fake blood, all that.
I've been to these drills.
Folks, this is in my Road to Tyranny film I made two years ago.
The training manuals that say Christians, conservatives, gun owners, homeschoolers are terrorists.
This is what's going on.
You hear on the news it's all about the Muslims and Michelle Malkin, let's put them all in camps.
It's for the Muslims.
You go, yeah, get them Muslims.
But it's not for the Muslims.
It's for conservatives, for Christians, for libertarians, for gun owners, for homeschoolers.
That's what the real training is.
And then you look at the Muslim terror groups and it always leads back to a major Western intelligence agency.
But people shift off their thinking process, and it's very, very dangerous.
And that's why it's important that, you know, I've got these articles about the vaccines, muscular sclerosis exploding when you take the vaccines, just all these diseases, all these problems.
I'm the host that focuses on this.
I'm the person that spends the most time on it.
I hit all the key issues.
And frankly, most of these people I listen to out there, even so-called patriots, aren't getting into it.
And they need to.
And this is the information you need to take and check out for yourself and then act locally on it.
That's what I've always been saying.
That's what I'm stating on the record.
And we've been proven right time and time again in hindsight.
Another thing is sodium fluoride.
Hundreds of medical reports.
It's deadly.
It's a toxic sedative.
It's toxic.
It's in your water supply.
And I'm going to spend the next two minutes on that and we'll go back to Anthony Hilder and your calls.
Debbie Morrow, New Millennium Concepts.
Are you guys still doing the overnight shipping that's $60 for $18 or normal UPS ground price on the Big Berkey water filters?
Are you still doing that, Debbie?
Oh, Alex, yeah, I didn't know you had me now.
That's okay.
We are, but I did want to tell your listeners not to wait until the last second because I had one customer who called me on Monday saying,
I guess it was the 13th?
Last Monday.
And he called me for me to overnight it to him in Alabama, which we did.
But unfortunately, UPS grounded all their planes.
And so he didn't get it until yesterday.
You know, because they didn't fly into Alabama on the 12th because of the pending storm.
Yeah, these are high-quality, made in America, water filters, no moving parts, gravity-fed.
You've got different specials on them.
People need to take advantage of these.
Regardless, the emergency is the poison that's in the water.
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It just happens over time.
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Give Debbie a call, 1-888-803-4438.
There's still areas without power, still areas with bad water.
Why wait, folks?
And why keep drinking the poison water?
What are some of the other specials, Debbie?
Well, actually, I'm running a today-only special.
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I wanted to share my birthday with all the listeners.
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And you're still doing that shipping, that overnight shipping for $18, when it's normally $60.
Anything else, Debbie?
Nope, that's it.
You're awesome.
Happy birthday.
Thank you.
You bet.
Take care, folks.
And she's a great lady, and it's all made in America, so give her a call.
I know it's bad.
We're terrorists.
It's made in America.
I understand.
Going back to Anthony Hilder, we had a caller, Anthony, who wanted to finish up what they were saying.
I believe it was John in Oklahoma.
John, are you still there?
Yeah, I am, Alex.
Okay, what was the point you were making?
Well, I'd already made the point about that he's not actually lying.
He's speaking the devil speak.
You know, they're talking about their state, not the freedom of the American people.
Well, they're talking through both sides of their nose.
Yeah, that's exactly right.
People need to understand that the war is really on...
We are the enemy.
People really need to realize that.
Well, that's why I read the article about homeschooling, being terrorists.
I mean, they're doing this everywhere.
We are.
I mean, I just pulled this out of a hat two years ago in a film when I put all the news articles.
They teach the law enforcement colleges that Christians, period, are terrorists.
I have the news articles and I have video.
That's exactly right.
But those are the Christians that don't want the chip, that don't love the vaccines, that don't love the New World Order.
Thanks for the call.
I had one more point.
Make it.
Oh, it was about the... I'm a commercial pilot.
I worked at Flight Safety International.
And when I saw those airplanes crash in the towers from my own experience, I used to do demonstrations of the 767 at Flight Safety.
And I knew that there's no way that could possibly happen in this country.
No way.
That can happen in this country.
Well, it can happen in this country if NORAD is controlled by the President of the United States and he orders the planes to be flown into the towers.
That's exactly right.
And you cannot, I would say that it would be impossible unless you could box all the whole airplane.
Because, typically speaking, the big bank is what you see if you try to hit a large target like that.
And if you try to hit the Pentagon, you're going to hit the wing, and it's not going to make it there.
The point is, you can't come in for a landing, which is what that plane did at that low level, because the wind pressure you build up pushes the plane up.
That's exactly right.
Okay, so now let me expand on this.
John, anything else you want to add?
Well, if people knew what I know...
They couldn't come up with any other conclusion.
But you can't explain this to the common people.
I don't talk to most people about it because they just don't understand flying.
Well, John, when we take a look at Alex's films, when we take a look at Von Kleist's films, when we take a look at 9-1-1, The Greatest Lie Ever Sold, nobody can watch this and come out with a conclusion that the administrator of this government
And the Bush administration were not involved to the point of orchestrating the event.
Yeah, it's impossible.
We're taking a look at an evilarchy.
Their official story is a fraud.
Thanks for the call, John.
I'd like to have you on as a guest sometime.
We've had air traffic controllers on, pilots on, who say all the same things.
But then I talk to some pilots and they just get this weird look on their face and look scared and say, I'm not going to talk about it.
Or they're in denial.
KC in Minnesota, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I just wanted to say that I'm proud to have been homeschooled and am against terrorism, might I add.
Not according to the government.
Nationwide, they're training them.
You're a terrorist.
No, I don't think so.
No, they are.
I just have to say that I disagree with them.
I just wanted to address the fact that if you really want to get rid of drugs in this country, we have to recognize what the New Freedom Initiatives marketing campaign has evolved from.
It's to put people on drugs.
In respect to the pharmacological system, I remember walking into a psychiatrist's office, going up to the desk, seeing the calendar for the Zyprexa on the counter.
The secretary was once eating cake off of a Lexapro plate.
While in the office, the lady that prescribed the medicine, I saw a cool little paperweight calendar with the drug Stratera written on it.
She was holding a Zyprexa clipboard, trying very hard to push that particular drug.
There was a scale there that I could weigh myself for some other anti-psychotic in which I don't know the name of.
And then I looked at the Lexapro clock when the lady said the time was up.
I thought to myself, capitalism at its finest.
After seeing the commercial for the lawsuit against the anti-psychotic, the lady was trying to push on me the Zyprexa.
They don't want us independent.
They want us dependent.
Oh, most definitely independent.
They want us sick.
It's like with the starving black babies in East Africa.
They don't want to save them.
They want to kill them.
I'd just like you to give a message to the audience.
I mean, if you're thinking about putting a child on any type of drug, research it.
I mean, all it takes is go onto the Internet, look it up, find out what it's for, and what the lawsuits are.
You know?
You might be saving your child before it's too late.
Well, not according to the federal government.
They now say mercury is a valuable mineral.
I actually have the newscast.
They say, actually, study shows mercury is good for you.
It sounds like Aaron Brockovich all over again.
Yeah, thanks for the call.
Good to hear from you.
Great call, Casey.
Wesley in Tennessee.
Welcome, Wesley.
Hi, Alex.
How are you today?
You know, if there was one thing that sold me, and 9-1-1 was the very moment
That I turned on the television set, and I saw that guy come up, George Bush, and whisper in his ear, if that were you or me, and we were the President of the United States, and we had just received that kind of information, I don't know that either one of us wouldn't have elevated about a foot and a half straight up out of that chair.
No, you'd sit there for 30 minutes reading a little goat story.
Well, in fact, the goat story may be about the goat of Baffinick.
All of this is symbolism.
This is the little goat that you sacrifice.
The kid there with a group of kids.
This is the sacrifice.
Wasn't he holding that book upside down?
That's not the point.
We, in this country, are being held upside down.
It's the truth.
I guess the situation is this, and this is really the way I've seen it for a long time.
We live in the Matrix.
There's a real world
And then there's the world that the federal government in Washington, D.C.
has created for us, and it's up to us as to whether we're going to take the red pill or we're going to take the blue pill.
And their world says homeschoolers are terrorists and mercury is a good vitamin.
Alex was talking about the election.
The election is like a crooked roulette table.
It's sort of round and round and round she goes and where she stops.
Only the house knows, and it's heads they win, tails we lose.
Between Scary Kerry and George Skull and Bones Bush, there is no chance, except to incite a revelation.
That's why we have to get back to the information dissemination, because it is simply the only way that we can change
Things around in a short period of time.
It has to be now.
People are very ripe for this, to have their minds unlocked.
We all have to be prime movers in the information war.
All of us.
Wesley, finish up.
I was just going to say, 12 years ago, when I voted in the 1992 election, I talked to a Democratic election judge, and I asked him about the voting machine that I had just cast my ballot on.
And I asked him if the machine produced a CD or a paper hard copy or, you know, what kind of record did the machine generate after the polling booths were closed.
And he looked me straight in the eye and he said, when I pull that lever, the machine's cleared.
All right, thanks for the call.
And how dare you say you want a record?
How dare you say mercury isn't good for you?
You're very strange.
I'm Alex.
I'm the...
Hello, Phil.
Phil from the UK, go ahead.
Right, we did.
While we're on the religious side of it, yeah?
Discussing the background.
I'd like to say that the main control is coming from London.
And the core purpose of the New World Order is they prepare in for a certain person's reign.
I'd like to explain this.
Why this person is so important to the... We'll go ahead and explain it.
As you know, I gather a lot of you have read Tim Cohen's book, The Antichrist and the Cup of Tea, yeah?
Which explains the actual prophecy of Charlie being Prince Charles being the unholy vessel, i.e.
the triple six, yeah?
Yeah, I don't know if I agree with that.
Well, Phil, I'm concerned about the Civil Contingency Act, which is, in essence, the enabling act to put Adolf Hitler into power going in the UK.
So that's why I'm in support of the United Kingdom Independent Party, UKIP.
We'll be back and let Phil finish up.
Stay with us, prisonplanet.tv.
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Before we go back to Anthony Hilder and Phil and Jeff, that's all we'll have time for with calls.
It's been great having Anthony up with us.
Before we do that, I've made 11 films.
My 11th film is now out, American Dictators, documenting the staged election of 2004.
It's in his skull and bones, and Bush and Kerry being cousins, and what their plans are, and how either way, whoever wins, we lose.
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Phil, real quick, finish up what you were saying.
A lot of theologians consider the Prince of Norman lineage, i.e.
the unholy vessel, the triple six, to be possessed.
This is how they think vessel, yeah?
But what is a father to a son?
Now, the father is a vessel to a son.
In other words, the leader of the fallen angels, religiously, the person prophesied, i.e.
Lucifer, is actually one of his sons.
And this is why the Merovingian bloodline of the 13 elevated Illuminati bloodlines is considered to be the most holy by the Satanic Church.
We're talking about Bush being Lucifer's son?
Lucifer is one of his sons.
Well, that's pretty cool.
The order of the God is a satanic run, Kevin.
Well, I know that they think they're God.
Sir, Phil, I know they think they're God, and I understand the bloodline and all that, but you'll have to call me back tomorrow, Phil, if you want to talk about this earlier in the show.
Thanks for the call.
Anthony Hilder, comments on what he just said?
Yes, well, you know, I could picture Bush being Lucifer's son.
But it is the Luciferians that operate through this country, through the Council on Foreign Relations, through the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London and we have a one party system.
So that's why I'm elated to be out on the road with Dick Gregory and he is a magnificent man and Ted Gunderson speaking around the country and hopefully
Alex, I asked you yesterday if you would join us in some of these speaking engagements to discuss the major issues before major audiences, you know, 5,500, 3,800 people.
We need to start talking to people we don't normally talk to.
Our tape is a crossover tape.
We can play it for the left or the right.
We're almost out of time.
Unfortunately, we don't even have time to go to Jeff in South Dakota and others.
I apologize.
But real quick, Anthony, give folks the number for your new video.
In the United States for a double pack, double DVD.
This is for the DVD only.
That's 877-378-4345.
And for the DVD and VHS, 800-592-4864.
That's 592-4864.
And in Canada, 800-294-5250.
We're out of time, Anthony.
Great having you on.
Thank you.
God bless you, brother.
Alright, we're out of time.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight, Central Standard Time.
And then, of course, back tomorrow, 11 to 2 Central Standard Time.
Don't forget prisonplanet.tv to keep in touch with us, to hear all the interviews you missed, to check out the films.
It's all there, prisonplanet.tv.
Get out there and take on the new world order.
God bless.