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Air Date: Sept. 20, 2004
2349 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, my friends.
It is the 20th day of September 2004.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We'll be here for the next three hours.
In the next hour, we have Dave Von Kleist, musician, researcher, documentary filmmaker, radio talk show host joining us to talk about his new film, 9-1-1 in Plain Sight, a very controversial film.
A lot of powerful information in it.
Then in the third hour, haven't had him on in a while, and I wanted to, so he's coming back on.
Colonel Craig Roberts, good friend of mine.
Expert on the New World Order will be joining us to talk about the Pentagon's new map and how the Pentagon's trying to save China and Russia, our friends, and the new national draft and all this stuff that's coming down the road.
Colonel Craig Roberts, Marine Corps sniper, Vietnam, police officer, helicopter pilot, SWAT team commander.
He'll be author.
He'll be joining us in the third hour.
You can see Craig in my video, Matrix of Evil, by the way.
There is so much to go over.
I took off a few days last week because going to New York was not a vacation.
It was the most exhausting thing I've ever done.
14, 15 hours a day on the street.
So I took off a few days last week, and I am rejuvenated, energized, and just honored and blessed to be your host.
Again, thank you so much for joining us and for all of your wonderful support.
And I want to thank...
All of the AM and FM affiliates out there, the shortwave affiliate, WWCR, the internet folks, just everybody.
My webmasters for prisonplanet.com and infowars.com and prisonplanet.tv.
Now infowars.net has been revamped.
I just want to thank everybody, especially God, of course.
A lot of news.
In fact, there's so much here, I'm just looking at it going, man, look at the size of that thing.
As we go up against the New World Order Death Star, Chinese leader resigns early.
What's really going on in China?
I say nothing.
It's always the same system, same developments.
We'll go over that.
Also, I didn't have a chance to get into this last week because I was out of town late in the week.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, more articles about how he's going to be our president in 08.
I believe he will be.
Also, we're back at war in Iraq, says General.
It's getting worse and worse over there.
UPI reporting that war games find Iran strike unfavorable to our forces.
All the more reason they're going to go into Iran.
They want it to be unfavorable.
They want to hurt this country and bring in the global system.
China tests firing new cruise missiles, which threatens Taiwan, AFP.
Flying fascism on your doorstep.
More on the domestic control hover drone.
And these were on the news again.
Over the weekend, they're going to deploy them everywhere.
Little twin donut-looking, flying saucer-looking things to fly around and watch you and love you.
They look just like the thing and they live.
Little discs that fly around spying on people.
And they're going to deploy, of course, microwave guns.
They've already deployed the sound guns here four months, five months after deploying them in Iraq.
Now they've deployed them here.
I have stood there and looked at police aiming them at crowds in New York.
Well, they've already started deploying secretly the microwave guns.
Now they've done it publicly in Iraq, and you'll be seeing them in a few months here on the streets of your country aiming microwave guns at you.
The nice man in the black helmet looking at you, smiling at you.
It's part of freedom.
Crowd control devices.
It has nothing to do with terrorism.
Had them all set up and ready before 9-11.
Another article here out of Newsday.
Better slow down.
Your car's black box is watching you.
Better slow down, that black box is watching you.
More Americans finally learn of what we knew of eight years ago.
Doctors raise doubts over suicide verdict and Dr. Kelly death, obvious murder.
And grieving Russians and local residents suspect death toll cover-up.
This is out of London Guardian.
The really big news is coming up.
I'll detail all of this and more and take your calls and get to these great guests.
It's Monday...
20th of September, 2004.
I'm Alex Jones.
Thanks for joining us.
We'll be right back.
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Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the street indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
Big Brother.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, Monday edition.
Thank you for joining us.
We're live, my friends.
A lot of times, listeners call in and they say, Did you hear?
Did you hear?
They admit there's black boxes in cars tracking everything we do.
Oh, did you hear?
There's a plan to put microchips in prisoners and old people and school children.
Oh, did you hear?
The Bilderberg Group is basically running our elections.
Did you hear?
Alex, why aren't you talking about it?
Well, because psychologically in a way I drop the ball quite often.
I've been talking about this stuff so long, off the source documents themselves, that when it finally hits the mainstream news, I don't toot our horn.
I don't get into whatever new developments have been admitted to.
Because usually when they report on it finally, they'll add something we didn't know.
I do read the stories.
I am aware of it.
It's just that it's such old news to me.
And I know to a lot of our long-time listeners, and we've got listeners that have been listening to me on the radio for nine years, and a lot of you are more informed and have more information than I do, but we do have a responsibility to occasionally reintroduce the basics of what the New World Order is and the type of societal architecture they're building, turning the globe into a prison planet, a slave grid, a global plantation.
A planetary wide tyranny.
A despotism with a technocracy ruling over it.
With Machiavellian subterfuge at its core.
And everything the globalists are up to is transparent.
You can see it being built in front of you.
But for a lot of people it's hard to recognize it and come to grips with it because it's so contradictory to the false precepts and constructs and world views that folks have.
I'll tell you what, here's something that everybody can understand, that even I can understand, clearly.
I don't mean that in a sardonic fashion, I mean it's something we can all sink our teeth into that is tangible and admitted and real.
I want to spend three hours on this today.
I think it's so important that we should spend three hours, but we've got two great guests coming up on all your calls and about 50 other news articles we've got to cover.
But this is my daily life, scanning the news wires.
And it's not just myself that scans them.
My wife does.
She's the webmaster for InfoWars.com.
Paul Watson does for PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
His brother, Steve Watson, working on InfoWars.net.
All of our listeners scanning the newswire, scanning local newspapers, emailing us this information, it's all out in the open.
Every day I see two articles of about this same level of importance, and most of the time I don't even cover them.
I end the show and the stack isn't even half gone through.
Later I kick myself, why didn't I get to that?
Well, I took a bunch of calls, I had a bunch of guests.
So let's just cover this now.
This is today's news.
Meningitis vaccinations blamed for rise in deaths.
London Independent.
There's an article under it.
This is out of Nursing Times, mainstream industry publication.
Hep B, hepatitis B vaccination, triples MS risk.
Okay, that's another article.
Here's another one.
London Observer.
Revealed full scale of euthanasia in Britain.
Government's killed at least 18,000 people.
Last year.
That's the kind of medical news I got for you.
And I could spend an hour on each one of these articles, giving you background, documents, evidence, subsections, giant areas of the websites full of mainstream news and government documents and declassified information.
Meningitis, vaccinations, blame for rise in deaths.
The success of vaccination campaign against meningitis is being blamed for a sudden rise in the number of deaths.
Cases of meningitis and... I'm sorry, I don't read Greek well, or Latin, but cases of meningitis and septicemia...
But, in a bizarre twist, the number of deaths
Rose last year by 17% from 317 to 370 and is not far below the level the vaccine was introduced.
Specialists say one reason for the rise in the deaths is the mistaken belief that the vaccine protects against all forms of meningitis.
The vaccine is only effective against meningitis C, cases of which have fallen by 90%, but offers no protection against the equally deadly meningitis B.
The Meningitis Research Foundation is to launch a campaign this week to alert the public to the risk.
A spokeswoman said, we are extremely concerned about the rise in deaths with cases declining.
This is the last thing we want to see.
Now, let me describe something here.
You see, if you look at graphs for the Western world, because of sewage treatment and better sanitation,
Infectious, viral, and bacterial diseases dropped roughly.
It differs in different areas of Europe or Australia or the U.S.
or Canada, but between 85% and 95%.
Massive decrease from 1900 to the 1940s.
Then by the 1950s, vaccination became widespread.
And if you look at the graph, imagine a graph going straight down 90%.
We're good to go.
And then when vaccines came in, it actually went back up.
Not to the previous levels, but back up quite a bit.
Now, these are the government's own graphs, and they're the same for every nation.
I've actually laid the graphs over each other, and they're very, very similar.
And also, they misdiagnose a lot of this.
I mean, that's just the admissions.
Usually you go on with some vaccine-related illness and then they misdiagnosis because the guidelines have been written by the American Medical Association or the British Medical Association or the Australian Medical Association or the German and the Deutsche Medical Association or the French Medical Association.
They're all run by the big drug companies so they write all these guidelines and conservatively maybe
Depending on which study you look at, 5-10% of what somebody actually gets sick from or dies from is actually put on the medical report or on the death certificate.
And there's all these new weird spin-off diseases linked directly to vaccines.
So you give people vaccines and it kills them, or they think it covers them for other diseases and they die, or they get all these different brain diseases or all these weird autoimmune diseases or all these different problems.
I mean, look at how many people have muscular dystrophy.
There are dozens and dozens, and I don't spend a lot of time looking for these.
I've just seen them over the years.
There's probably more.
High-level medical institutional reports where they're saying a bunch of these brain diseases, these neurological motor diseases, are really caused by stuff in vaccines.
Viruses, chemicals, you name it.
DNA fragments.
Well, now here's a mainstream news article from NursingTimes.net today, up on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
Hep B vaccine increases MS risk.
Immunization with the recombinant hepatitis B vaccine cripples the risk of developing multiple sclerosis, according to new U.S.
Based on UK statistics, the vaccination is offered to British nurses by NHS employers.
Folks, I've worked as a dental assistant.
You have to take these hepatitis shots.
I've had them.
Oh, man.
The vaccination is offered to... My dad has to take these every year.
My poor dad.
He's a dentist.
The vaccination is offered to British nurses by NHS employees in case of needle stick injuries...
And evidence of immunization is required by some nursing agencies.
Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health conducted a nested case control study published in Neurology, the Journal of Neurology, using the General Practice Research Database in the UK.
Well, it's about as respected as it gets.
163 patients who have been
Included in the database for at least three years prior to the first symptoms index date were diagnosed with MS between 93 and 2000.
The 1,604 control subjects were matched by age, gender, and time database entry.
11 or 6.7 MS patients were vaccinated in the three years before the index date compared with 39.24 of control subjects.
That's over a doubling.
Again, as they say, a tripling, actually.
It's a tripling.
More than a tripling.
The author's estimates that HBV immunization was associated was a three-fold increase in incidence of MS within the next three years.
Oh, my goodness.
By the way, the medical evidence shows once you've been vaccinated for this, you're covered for at least 25 years.
Why then do they make people like my poor daddy take this garbage every year?
And why does he go along with it?
We ought to get him on the show.
Actually, I only did dental assisting for like six months in college as an in-between job working in his office.
And there's supposed to be three shots.
I took one of them, got sick from it, felt horrible for two days and a fever.
I said, I'm not taking it.
That's one of the reasons I didn't continue.
So this is, I got more of these articles today, by the way.
And this one's really clear.
So, if you want some muscular dystrophy, go take your shots.
Now, how many times have I told you that's what's doing this?
All these brain diseases, the acceleration of it.
You got MS?
Chances are they did this to you, and if I was you, I'd be very mad.
I'd like to hear from folks that have muscular dystrophy.
We'll be right back.
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The United States seems to be celebrating over its triumph of reducing government debt.
But the truth be told, public and private debt increased to a record high in 1999, reaching a peak of $14.8 trillion, marking a 10.57% annual increase outpacing its previous 10 years.
The U.S.
economy receives its currency by taking on debt through a private banking institution called the Federal Reserve System.
In the year 2000, debt growth collapsed to only 4.5%.
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Lust after more AM and FM affiliates.
Because I have a burning desire to warn people.
Oh, every day it's in the medical journals and on the medical websites that, oh, we found more cancer viruses in this new vaccine.
Oh, the UN added a hormone to a shot to sterilize women.
Oh, you know, all these brain diseases are up by hundreds of percentiles, in some cases thousands of percentiles.
Oh, it's the vaccine, so we're going to make it mandatory and try to force you to take it.
And we're going to try to, instead of making your kid take 25 shots, how about 37 shots, and then 50 shots, and then 100 shots, and we're going to put the vaccines in the food where you have no way of escaping it.
Imagine if we were on 600 radio stations like Rush Limbaugh.
I mean, what I'm covering is mainstream.
It's right out in the open.
Ooh, I'm radical.
I talk about the Bilderberg Group.
Yeah, that's in the New York Times saying we are the ones that put John Edwards in there because we're the boss.
I'm the cook that talked about skull and bones.
Now it's all over the news.
I'm the cook that talked about 9-11 government involvement.
Now Zogby polls show that half of New Yorkers believe that.
Not prior knowledge involvement.
Folks, I'm trying to save this country.
I crave warning people.
I just want to reach out to people.
I can't stand watching people being enslaved and conned and manipulated.
I've never liked bullies.
I've never liked scam artists.
I just have this instinctive desire to warn people.
And that's why if you're listening to us on shortwave or internet or satellite, not on an AM or FM station,
Call that local mom or pop, that privately owned station, don't waste your time with Infinity or Clear Channel, and tell them, we want to hear Alex Jones on your station.
We want to hear the real cutting edge issues.
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The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
We will go to your calls coming up here in the next segment.
Todd and Robert and Jay and...
Oh, is that Christopher and many, many others that are patiently holding?
But I would like you to hear, I mean, I would like you to talk, I would like to hear what you have to say about Hepatitis B, the Journal of Neurology, along with several other big studies, a tripling of muscular dystrophy if you take the Hepatitis B shot that they want to give your babies at birth.
Now again, I told you what's in this, and we've caught them, are chemicals that attack the cerebral cortex.
It's meant as an IQ reduction for your child at birth.
You think I'm joking?
The United Nations talked about this in 1946.
The first Secretary General of UNESCO, Aldous Huxley's brother, talked about this.
Where do you think Huxley got these ideas?
For his book Brave New World, where they dumb the kids down at birth.
This is the actual plan.
I don't care if you can't handle it.
That's fine.
Here they are, admitting, though, that it doesn't.
And this is just part of the neurological problems.
It will give you... They will give a seven-pound baby at birth the hepatitis B shot.
There's absolutely no reason for it.
And on top of it, they will add all this other garbage to it.
Not just the other little nasties that have been put in there.
It's just... When are you going to wake up, folks?
I want to talk about this.
Or this other one.
This other article I got to here.
Meningitis vaccinations blame for rise in deaths.
Start giving the shots, and the shots kill you.
Oh, less people get meningitis, but the deaths increase by 17 plus percent.
Yeah, if the disease doesn't kill you, the cure will.
And again, it's not by accident.
It's by design.
They know what they're doing.
They're very, very skilled.
Then I've got these other articles here.
Revealed full scale of euthanasia in Britain.
Fury as a number of assisted suicides claimed by the government.
There'll be 18,000 surges.
A new Chinese leader...
Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, won't get fooled again.
Schwarzenegger for president in 08.
And a bunch of news about microwave guns and the rest of it to be used on the Iraqis.
Well, it's sound guns four months ago there, now it's sound guns here.
Microwave guns there, now microwave guns here.
Everything they use on the Iraqis is to be used on us.
It's all part of training us how to be good little slaves.
And the troops that will serve over there in checkpoints and gun confiscation are all going to come home here and be police officers.
The majority of them.
And they'll rotate out more youngsters overseas and how to take over countries and enslaved populations.
And they'll all be right back here as well.
We'll come back, get to your calls, and cover a bunch of other key news.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Mystery solved.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, I want to get a lot of calls in.
We're going to go to your calls here in just a minute or two.
So I have your questions, your comments, your statements ready, and we'll move to the next person.
Of course, I'm telling myself that more than anybody.
I love to elaborate and add points.
Overall, you know, it's a good format, but I'm still freaked out by them admitting.
I mean, we've always known that muscular dystrophy is predominantly caused by the vaccines.
That's when it attacks areas of the brain it wasn't supposed to.
Again, we all get our IQ reductions at birth.
You think I'm joking?
I've got government documents, folks.
But here it is, mainstream news.
This out of Nursing Times.
We'll be getting to that more.
Before we go to your calls, my 11th film is now out.
American Dictators Documenting the Staged Election of 2004.
And it shows how Bush and Kerry are identical on the policies, different on the rhetoric, how they're related, how the Bilderberg Group is involved with the Kerry campaign and the Bush campaign.
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We get into the whole police state, the latest 9-11 developments.
We even cover some of the NORAD, some of the new information on the NORAD stand down and the drills.
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As the Founding Fathers said.
Call the free number to order the videos.
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All right, let's go to the calls.
Thank you for holding.
Todd in Florida, welcome.
Hello, sir.
I think it's worth mentioning that November 4th will be the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the Iran hostage crisis.
And that that would be a natural lead-in for the Pentagon TV kind of bomb Iran program, which will be two days after Election Day.
From there, I want to ask you, so much of this seems to be journalism versus public relations, and realizing more and more that there are journalists who are actually in the business of public relations.
When you hear the word journalist, what five names come to mind?
There are very few names that come to mind.
I would have to say that they're the independent.
There's hundreds of them.
They're independent journalists, generally.
There are hundreds.
Let me break this down.
There are real journalists at UPI AP Reuters.
There are hundreds of journalists inside local newspapers, but they write a huge story that should get national attention.
It's in the back of the paper.
Never a word about it.
There are people putting out medical journals that are great journalists who are codifying the studies and putting out huge reports, but it never gets picked up like an O.J.
Simpson or a Colby Bryant or any of this stuff.
All of these distractions in the Lacey Peterson case...
Or, oh, Kerry's record.
Was the shrapnel in his nose or in his toe?
Bush, you know, was he AWOL?
How much was he AWOL?
Regardless of those stories might be minor interest compared to their policies.
The free trade area of the Americas.
All of this.
All of that is blacked out by all the fluff.
But, yes.
The nightly news anchors, the rest of them, they're practicing PR techniques or propaganda techniques on you.
Well, I think it's an inherently Pentagon TV news cycle, and I appreciate you and other forums for fighting against it.
Ultimately, what you're offering is a stock tip.
I mean, when you look at Cascade Theory and the readily available information sources, you're offering stock tips, and people just don't think that they can profit from acknowledging that kind of truth.
I need to move on and understand that it's kind of a human zoo.
It's a Monopoly lifeboard zoo.
And the HR 2778, the Federal Reserve abolition that Paul advocated, who else do you recommend out of the 535 people in the Congress?
I mean, aside from Paul and Ted Credo, is anyone else redeemable?
Well, Senator Bob Smith was good, so they targeted him.
The Republicans did.
There's been a lot of other good conservative Republicans who are really conservative and they're removed from office.
Bush has openly been working against Tom Tancredo, publicly saying he wants him out of office.
So no, they're a bunch of whores.
They think they're on the winning team.
They don't care about humanity.
They rationalize what they're doing.
And frankly, they're mainly thinking about their mistresses and their golf swing.
They're not thinking about the country's future.
And I guess I do want to get your follow-up points on that.
On that November 4th, the more I look at this and the more I realize that a few years ago I used to like elections, and now those are kind of a fraud, and it's all kind of a stage play.
Doesn't the November 4th, 25th anniversary of the Aaron Hush's takeover kind of make sense?
Doesn't it kind of lead in to all this kind of major theater?
You know, I rarely make predictions, but thanks for the call.
I don't know if that'll mean anything or do anything.
The globalists are obsessed with dates, like all serial killers.
They're obsessed with the occult and numerology.
It's part of the pathology of a psychopath.
For some reason.
Believe in God and the devil like I do, it's pretty clear.
But even if you're an atheist, you have to admit that serial killers worship the devil.
It's universal.
Go take a class in criminology.
You'll find out.
I'm not kidding.
Why is that?
Figure it out for yourself.
But this is the reality.
I would look for terror events on triple dates.
They're more obsessed with numerology than just dates of historical things.
You know, 3-11, the Madrid bombing happening 911 days after 9-11 on 3-11.
In the early morning at the same time.
It's the same thing over and over and over again.
It's like a psychopath leaving a calling card.
The ace of spades, the skull and crossbones with the shooters.
We saw the Lone Gunman episode months before 9-11 where the secret government group hijacks a jet to fly to the World Trade Center for martial law.
We see it in the Long Kiss Goodnight, a 1996 movie, where they do that.
Where the government blows it up to blame it on their enemies and to have World War III.
They flaunted.
They had a Phillips TV ad two years before 9-11 where F-16s bombed the trade centers and say, Phillips, changing the way you live your life.
What does that mean?
Why did Governor Keating's brother publish a book a year before Oklahoma City bombing where a
Tom McVeigh bombs the building.
You know, why do they do this?
Oh, man.
See, I said I would try to go to calls quickly, and I'm not doing that.
Robert in Denver.
Welcome, Robert.
Thank you very much for taking our call.
Good morning, Alex.
I appreciate that.
Thank you, sir.
And I will definitely do what you suggested, the all-fare.
A couple things.
Last week, I don't know if you heard about this, maybe you did, but here in Denver, our State Attorney General, Ken Talazar, called a meeting of parents of some of the students who were killed at Columbine.
In the meeting last week, he admitted, which kind of has already been a no-brainer, that the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department did have a meeting at Ralph at Columbine where everyone was told to shut up about what they knew about the information that came out about Eric Harris a year before that he had made some death threats.
There was a draft for a search warrant to search his house that was never sent to a judge.
It was just kind of covered up, and everyone agreed at the Sheriff's Department that that would be hushed up.
Now this is coming out, even though it was already out.
Well, it came out in the Rocky Mountain News that Sheriff's deputies shot children.
Yeah, I hadn't seen that, but I heard you talking about it.
I've seen police state...
No, it's in 9-11, The Road to Terrorism, the news articles.
Yeah, I've seen that tape.
I don't remember that.
I may have to do a search or Google on it.
But anyway, I just wanted to talk about that.
And then also, as you probably know, last week, some of the excerpts from the interview of the detectives and Kobe Bryant after his rape accusations last summer were released to news media.
And it said that,
Well, you can't do that and it's totally unconstitutional, but it's become commonplace.
I mean, it's all in the first ten amendments to the Bill of Rights.
Thanks for the call, Robert.
Good to hear from you.
Jay in Colorado.
Jay, you're on the air.
Has Michael Corbin taken over the spot out here on the Colorado radio?
I know I'm going to get a million calls about that.
We've got a lot of affiliates.
We get new ones all the time.
And American Freedom Network out there still carries my show at night in the third hour, and they say that they'll probably put it back on during the day.
They're not sure.
They're just moving stuff around right now, and really my show is not the place, unfortunately, to handle that.
Is there any other stations or something I could get it on besides the internet?
Yeah, just go to GCNlive.com and there's a list of affiliates right there, sir.
Do you see the C-SPAN had one of those hearings on the antidepressants for children?
Did you watch any of that or catch any of that?
No, I didn't.
I just have...
Didn't Great Britain just ban use for children?
Again, I predicted five years ago that as soon as Prozac and others, as soon as the patents ran out,
That they would claim that they were bad and then put kids on the new ones that are even worse.
And see, as soon as their patents run out, they'll announce that that's bad too.
They had the heads of all the manufacturers, at least six of them, I think.
And it's pretty good because the guys on the panel, the congressmen, different ones, were actually berating these guys and asking them what the heck they're doing to these kids.
Yeah, that's fair.
And every single one of them laid out that,
Even though they're giving all these pills away and they're named all the numbers of millions and millions of kids.
10 million children.
That none of them claimed efficacy.
None of them could prove it.
I think, uh, the one, um, that's like the first one that came out.
Like the biggest one.
They had like one trial where they found some efficacy.
And everybody else couldn't even do that.
But they're still giving them to kids.
Oh, it is admitted that these things do not decrease depression.
In fact, you tend to get more depressed and get on more drugs.
And the answer is more drugs until you're in a toxic cocktail soup swimming around.
And all these different medical problems, they can prove the medical problems very bad for the children, very toxic drugs.
But again, I actually think it's all great.
10,000 years ago, 6,000 years ago,
There were bushes that grew on all the continents that people lived on.
And to live, humans had to eat these pills that grew on bushes.
And so humans, having 10 million children, or 15% of our children on these drugs is good, humans never would have developed.
I mean, you know, God put these bushes there, and the bushes were cut down by the devil.
And so now we must take the pills from the government.
Of course, I'm being ridiculous now and totally sarcastic.
Thank you.
I was like, whoa.
Yeah, I'm being stupid here.
Yeah, God didn't put bushes all over the place with pills growing on them.
We're not supposed to have 15% of our children and growing on these drugs.
And it shouldn't be hard for people to figure out.
So let's just put them on drugs!
Let's put them on something even worse!
Every single one of them, when one of the guys asked them down the line, said that placebo was as effective as their drug was.
Every single one of them.
Said that in their trials, placebo showed the same or better effect for every kid in the trial.
Yeah, I know.
I've seen those.
Well, hey, a sugar pill isn't under patent.
And besides, it doesn't brain damage people and get them addicted to drugs.
Thanks for the call.
Look, Skull & Bones was founded by opium dealers.
We played the BBC report last week.
Well, the opium dealers learned how to control the illegal drug trade and the legal drug trade, and now they're going to force every child in the country twice a year, and then adults, to be psychologically tested and force you on these drugs.
15% of our children and 10% of our adults on these drugs is not enough.
Do you understand?
They want half of us on these.
Great calls.
Great calls.
Christopher, where are you calling us from?
Hey, how are you doing?
Hey, by the way, these are all very frightening realities that you're exposing.
I'm a relatively new listener and reader, but I subscribe to most everything that you put out there, and I wonder, though, what solutions are being offered for your...
You're a run-of-the-mill citizen.
Well, here's my canned answer.
The New World Order was not built in a day, or a year, or a century.
I understand that.
And we're not going to tear it down in a day, a week, a year, a century.
We are going to have to always fight evil.
It's never going away.
We at least need to stop it and start pushing it back.
And we are stopping many of its programs, but like a hydra, they just go around us.
You have to become a leader.
You have to stay there.
We'll talk about solutions.
Christopher, it's a great question in Georgia.
I'll try to give you more ideas.
Get your ideas when we get back.
But a hero isn't going to rise and do it for you.
That archetype doesn't exist.
We'll be right back.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Dave Von Kleist is coming up at the 5 after break via his studio.
And then we've got Colonel Craig Roberts in the third hour.
The toll-free number to join us on air, 1-800-259-9231.
Christopher in Georgia.
It's a process.
Americans were very free, then we became prosperous, and then decadent, and then corrupt, and then complacent, and now we're being enslaved again.
It's a cycle.
And there is an awakening of great proportions, of accelerated proportions.
We are actually winning the fight.
That's why they're trying to gear up and intimidate us and getting so blatant.
But you're never going to hear Dan Rather or Peter Jennings or Bill O'Reilly or Rush Limbaugh tell you that we're winning the fight, that we're winning the hearts and minds.
But we are, sir.
I don't subscribe to any television programs, any syndicated news channels, except, well, here, I'm listening to yours, but...
I don't feel that run for the hills kind of solution to something that seems so eminent is the solution.
But when you say we're winning the war and we're making some ground here, when I see bills like the Patriot Act and all of these bureaucracies that are on the government payroll,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
What is our line of defense and how do you suppose we're defeating that?
If they're making it a reality, how do you suppose we're defeating it?
Well, they're really good points.
Let me try to go over those, Christopher.
Thanks for the call.
It's always darkest before the dawn.
We have to experience tyranny before we wake up.
Some of us don't.
Some of us know history and
Have long-term visions and understand.
But, again, six, seven years ago, half the people I talked to disagreed with me.
No New World Order exists.
NAFTA and GAD are good.
Or world government is good.
Now I talk to people, and everybody admits it's happening.
Almost everyone I talk to is upset about it and worried about it.
Though they say, we want solutions, we want instant fixes, we want to, you know, we're going to lose, there's no way to win.
Now we've got to beat that part.
Hey, they passed the Patriot Act, and 400 cities and 4 states have thrown it out.
Thousands of lawsuits have been filed.
People are relearning what their Bill of Rights and Constitution is.
It's part of a process.
They punched us in the face real hard, and that shook a lot of people out of the doldrums, like a bucket of cold water.
And I said that we're having a lot of victories.
We're also having a lot of defeats.
It's like a hydra.
We cut one head off or push one head back, and five heads grow out of nowhere and shoot around behind us and try to bite us in the hind end.
So you're absolutely right yet again.
But we just have to grow our numbers.
Educate others.
Get a good attitude about this.
Become truly informed.
Be leaders.
Again, it is the very few that educate the many who then educate the mass.
And we have now educated the many, but many of you feel defeated.
You know the truth, but you feel powerless.
You're afraid.
Number one, have to conquer your fear.
Just plunge into it.
Don't worry about it.
Go on to the next level.
Big Brother.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, you're now into the second hour.
As we blast out coast to coast on a growing list of wonderful AM and FM affiliates, some will cast on Global Squirtwave during the day at 94.75, back from night to midnight at 32.10, and on the satellite and the internet, of course, at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
We've also now relaunched with a new look and more information, InfoWars.net, with a separate webmaster there.
A caller in the last hour, the last caller, Christopher in Georgia, said, what are solutions?
Okay, we know this stuff's going on.
Well, here's an example.
Just pick an issue.
In central Texas and all over the country, before school started, they had 16,000 children in Austin alone whose parents were refusing to vaccinate them.
So the newspaper wrote about ten articles.
All the big TV stations did reports.
They said, it's the law.
You've got to be vaccinated.
Your child won't be allowed to go to school.
Then they'll be taken for truancy.
You better do it.
And about half the people they threatened showed up at a sports stadium for a week-long inoculation program.
Number one, every state has a waiver.
It is not the law.
You do not have to take it.
It is a regulation, and there's a waiver for that.
So you create a website, or you get a local radio show that is dedicated.
You pay for it once a week, $100 an hour on some local talk station.
You talk about real issues.
You'll have listeners within a few months, a lot of listeners.
It'll build, put up a website, and just post mainstream news articles where vaccines are brain damaging and killing children and spreading meningitis and hepatitis and everything else.
And you just have that website and you just post articles about it and you have a weekly or monthly meeting and there'll be 10 people there the first time and 50 the next and 100 the next and you can go out and educate and stand up against these local TV stations when they lie and have protests out front.
And you've got to pick an issue.
Second Amendment.
Genetic engineering.
The border situation.
The free trade area of the Americas.
You pick an issue, and you expose it.
And you don't look back, and you're not diverted, you're not distracted.
You go to your legislature once a year, every two years when it's in session.
You read bills, you get involved, you pick an area, and you will win!
But the world's a big, complex place, and the average person has trouble facing it.
I mean, look at this article.
We took a bunch of calls last hour.
Nobody wanted to talk about this.
This is out of NursingTimes.net, Mainstream News.
Hep B vaccination triples muscular dystrophy.
Immunization with the recombinant hepatitis B vaccine triples the risk of developing multiple sclerosis according to the new U.S.
research based on U.K.
The vaccination is offered to British nurses by NHS employers in case of needle stick injuries and evidence of immunization is required by some nursing agencies.
Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health conducted a nested case control study published in Neurology using the General Practice Research Database in the UK.
And they found, from these double-blind studies, a three-plus-fold increase in people getting muscular dystrophy who work in the medical field and who've had this shot.
Folks, I have the government documents.
It is an IQ reduction.
And sometimes it attacks areas of the brain that it's not designed to.
And you get this.
Why you let them give your newborn baby this shot when they weigh seven pounds when it hurts adults.
Folks, I took one of these shots when I was a dental assistant and it made me sick for two days.
Now again, when they want to vaccinate your baby at birth, you should just have this in a folder
You should print these articles, put them in a folder, and go, here, here's nursing times.
You want to be liable?
No, I'm not taking the shot.
Don't just refuse to take the shots for yourself or your family.
Educate these nurses and doctors.
Five years ago, in Texas hospitals, you were a kook if you didn't want to vaccinate.
I've talked to these nurses.
They say about half the parents are now refusing.
We'll be right back with Dave Von Kleist, your calls, and a lot more.
You don't want to miss this interview.
Stay with us.
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We're about to go to my good friend Dave Von Kleist from the Power Hour.
The website, thepowerhour.com.
Again, for those that just joined us, a public health announcement.
Nursing Times admits a new major study by, and published in the Journal of Neurology, admits a three-plus-fold increase in muscular dystrophy from the hepatitis B shot alone.
Now, we already had multiple studies on this.
Here's another one.
Here's another article.
London Independent, meningitis vaccination blamed for rise in deaths since they started giving the shot.
Deaths actually have risen the last four years by 17 plus percent.
So, again, come on, folks.
These are the type of serious issues we have to discuss.
If you want to get involved on air with myself and my guests, it's 1-800-259-9231.
We'll be all over the map with Dave Von Kleist.
He went up to New York for the 9-11 anniversary and met with just hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people.
Over 10,000 folks out of 300,000 plus marched with 9-11 signs about the 9-11 cover-up.
When I was in New York, they said one group alone handed out 9,000 of the signs.
Very, very exciting.
I saw more signs than that.
I mean, just all these different handwritten 9-11 signs.
I saw dozens of InfoWars.com signs.
It was very interesting.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I mean, it's old news that the vaccines are causing muscular dystrophy, but now more medical reports coming out.
I mean, how can we know about this?
And it's in major medical journals, but the average person has no idea.
Well, the average person isn't paying attention.
I mean, you can ask them who their favorite quarterback is, and they'll be able to tell you that.
And they can tell you who's going to be in the baseball playoffs, and they can tell you what the latest MTV awards are, or what's going on with Scott Peterson or Kobe Bryant or Michael Jackson.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think that really, exactly.
But as life gets worse under the New World Order, as people feel the squeeze of the Iron Fist, as the velvet begins to tear around the knuckles, we are seeing an accelerated awakening, Dave.
Well, absolutely.
And folks have called the video that I released six weeks ago basically a two-by-four to smack a collective America's donkey face between the eyes to get their attention.
And it seems to be having that effect.
We're good to go.
Scandalous, scurrilous attacks that I have, and I find it really curious.
It's a very well done video, and if 1% of what you allege is documented, it will bring down their whole system.
And I have to tell you, Dave, I've studied it myself, I can't find any fault with your video, but
And there's only a few other things, and we'll talk about what your film covers here in a second, but there's only a few other things that are as big as smoking guns, things that they've got to answer the questions on.
One of them is Building 7.
Now, they admit they blew up Building 7.
Building 7 wasn't even connected to the complex.
It caught fire.
No jet hit it.
It collapsed.
Buildings right next to it weren't damaged from its collapse.
I mean, it's a ridiculous joke.
And then we have the owners saying they blew it up.
The seismographs, the firefighters...
All of it.
The other thing is that NORAD stand down in the drills on 9-11 of flying hijacked jets into buildings.
Just so happened the very buildings were targeted at the very same time.
And it turns out that was the cover story for NORAD was it was just a drill.
A few of the other crown jewels of things that they cannot disprove.
We know their official story is a complete and total fraud, Dave.
Everything they've said's been a lie, so people should look at what we're saying.
Now, for those that haven't seen the film, break down what 9-11 in plain sight is asking.
Because you simply, like a prosecutor, say, okay, they say this, but the video shows that.
Well, that's basically it.
There are plenty of other folks, yourself included, that have done a lot of research in areas that I don't touch in this particular video effort.
But the 9-11, the in-plane site, or let's call it the IPS for short, IPS focused in on video and photographic evidence.
And this is one of the reasons why we did not focus in on Flight 93.
93, of course, didn't have any video or photographic evidence except for one very short video clip that just showed some guys walking in the forest around some smoking debris.
But the whole effort in the In Plain Sight project was to focus in on the video footage, much of it we had seen before many times, and a lot of it also we had not seen except for maybe once on live television on September 11th.
And when presented the information,
The whole effort here was to simply ask questions.
Now, again, because of the fact that I have the audacity and the unmitigated gall to ask questions, a lot of people have gotten very, very upset.
And, you know, I've got to tell you, Alex, I thought that I would take a lot of the hits and the ridicule from the party liners, from those that are buying into the party line, but the overwhelming majority of attacks that we've suffered because of this release have been coming from those that are within the 9-11 line
Well, let me throw something in here.
I mean, Paul Watson's book that we released a year ago, a section of it got into the video that clearly showed something on the bottom of the plane.
The Let's Roll guy for the last year plus has been talking about that.
And then suddenly you put out your film and some people did get upset by it.
But you know what?
A lot of the same folks are upset at people that talk about any other substantive issue.
It's as if there's this move to control and kind of stymie a free debate, and there's people that want to make themselves kind of the pope of the 9-11 movement, and they have a monopoly on it.
Well, you see, there are a couple of very important points I'd like to get to.
The first one, and this requires folks to think outside of the box.
Now, if we are dealing with a clandestine, unlimited budget black op here,
Then common sense will dictate that the efforts going into the planning of 9-11 could be cut into three different sections.
The first part of planning, of course, would be planning the events themselves, which in itself would be a mammoth undertaking.
The second area of planning would, of course, be being able to have a rabbit trail, a patsy, a group of individuals to be able to blame it on.
And the third effort is, of course, going to be a controlled opposition.
There's going to be a group out there that are going to very much be heavily invested in keeping people on the rabbit trail on Section 2.
Now, with this in mind, we can apply this towards what's going on with the release of the information of 9-11 in plain sight.
Now, you just pointed out that many people have been discussing this information, but until this video came out, there was no type of attacks going against people like Eric Huffschmidt or George Humphrey or anybody else.
And I want to be specific about one particular issue, because this seems to be the one that the people are putting out there that...
That Dave Von Kleist is admitting to a hoax, which I never, ever, ever did.
Now, whoever's put that out, I'm not going to give this person's name, because as they say, bad press is better than no press, and I'm not going to give him any.
But there are individuals out there that have made statements, false charges that I had manipulated video footage.
Well, Dave, I mean, you bought this footage from the news networks.
Well, I bought some of it, yes.
The networks themselves would not cooperate.
We contacted all the alphabet agencies and CNN and Fox and we requested if we could get our hands on footage from 9-11 and release forms and they flat out told us, no, that's none, zip, zero, zilch, nada, zippo.
None of the video footage would be made available to the general public.
And my argument was, wait a second, I mean, this...
This should be public domain.
We're talking about the most heinous terrorist attack in the history of this country, if not the world.
And they said, we're sorry, but they are not available and no releases will be made.
So for that reason, we had to rely upon our listeners, and thank you all the listeners out there of the Power Hour and the Genesis Network, because many of you, on September 11th,
When Joyce and I went on the air, the first thing I did was say, folks, put a tape in your machine and start taping right now, because there's going to be stuff on television we may never see again.
Exactly, and folks, don't think that Dave and I have all the footage.
You need to send us whatever you've got.
That's exactly right.
But anyway, let me get to this particular one issue before the break.
There was one particular issue that's been percolating on the internet for the past almost three years now.
I was first made aware of it at a website called Wag the WTC.
And this showed seven or eight very jerky frames of a video clip that was on CNN when Tom Clancy was being interviewed.
And it showed a huge plume that was rising from the Trade Center area.
And the question was being raised, what is this huge plume?
Now, Eric Huffschmidt, in his first edition of Painful Questions, had a frame from that, and he had stated that the plume of smoke was an explosion that occurred moments after the South Tower had been hit.
And also, American Free Press did an article.
We've got it posted at our website.
If you go to 911inplanesite.com and then click on the banner right across the top, it says, WTC Mystery Explosion Solved.
So anyway, the point is that because of the fact that Eric Hushman had asked the question, and George Humphrey has it in his video, the clip, and he's basically saying it's an explosion at Building 6.
When we come back from the break, I will give you an update and an explanation as to what this controversy is all about, because I believe we've solved the question here.
All right.
Well, bottom line, I want to get into the aircraft, the pod, the rest of it as well.
And we'll take your calls.
We'll get into some other issues as well.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Hello, folks.
Alex Jones here.
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All right, Alex Jones here back live.
We're talking to Dave Von Kleist.
Got his own broadcast from 7 in the morning to 10 in the morning Central.
Dave, continuing.
Again, I've seen your film.
It's very well done.
I know you did buy some of the footage for some of the big video outfits.
Yeah, we sure did.
To the tune of some large amounts of dollars, too.
So, I mean, a lot of this footage you got directly from the outfits.
There's a group called Camera Planet in New York City that is a warehouse for footage, and you can purchase or lease video clips from all different subjects from them.
Okay, but going back now, your film gets into a whole bunch of issues.
And the government hasn't answered questions on any of these, and so people try to take a five-second clip of one particular issue and try to focus in on that.
Now, the issue here is the rising plume.
Now, a lot of folks have seen this clip, and it appears that the tower is still standing, and that the rising plume looks like a separate event.
And because of the fact that so many people had reported that it was an explosion, like I'd mentioned before the break, George Humphrey in his video says that it's an explosion from Building 6.
American Free Press, and again, their article is posted at our website, 911inplanesite.com.
And if you go to the banner, it says WTC Mystery Explosion Solved right there.
We have a clip.
We found the original clip.
Now, here's where the controversy kicks in.
Now, obviously, we all want to get to the truth of what's going on.
There are a lot of unanswered questions.
When we find the answer, we'll share it with everybody and move on.
Now, because this question was percolating for nearly three years now, we included it in the video 9-11 in plain sight.
Well, I've been summarily raked over the coals because of the fact that I included it.
Because folks were saying, well, that was not an explosion.
That was the rising plume from the collapse of the South Tower.
Well, that was never definitively proved with the video clip that we had available.
If we had the full clip, we would not have included the jerky frames that we were able to capture from the Internet.
Well, a week ago, last Wednesday, in other words, it'll be two weeks tomorrow, the day before I left for New York City,
I opened the mail, and in the mail was a VCR tape from one of our listeners with a note that says, Dave, look what I found.
I have the original clip from CNN when they were interviewing Tom Clancy, and the rising plume is indeed the result of the South Tower collapse, which was completely obscured from view from that camera angle.
So we saw it.
I said, wow, the mystery is solved.
So I asked William Lewis, the director of the film, to burn me a DVD of that clip, and I took it with me to New York City so I could show it to everybody.
And when I met with Jimmy Walter, who had organized this big event, the Omission Commission,
He was ecstatic about it because we actually solved one of the mysteries and it wasn't some big... Because that's what you did in the film.
You said, what is this?
That's exactly right.
It appeared as though both towers were standing and if both towers are standing, what is this huge plume of smoke?
So the point was, is that when we got, I got to the 9-11 meeting that night after being at ground zero, and I've got to tell you, Alex, when I was at ground zero on September 11th, it was not easy.
It was a very, very sad situation.
But that evening, when I got to the omission commission,
Of course, I had several people coming up to question me about this issue, and I told them the truth.
I said, well, guess what?
I just got the video here uncut, unclipped.
It is not a jerky bunch of frames like we got off of the Internet, and we will post it on the website as soon as I get back.
And they said, well, are you going to be doing an updated version?
And I said, well, absolutely, because since the release of 9-11 in plain sight, we've come across even more information.
So we've begun working on that.
It'll probably be a couple of months before it's out there, but we're going as quickly as we can.
But in the meantime, we've had several individuals that, because I discussed it and was truthful about the situation at the 9-11 Omission Commission meeting,
They immediately ran home, as keyboard commandos do, and made up a story that Von Kleist had admitted that there was a hoax on his film, which I never, ever said.
Well, Dave, I mean, you know, focusing too much time on this makes it even bigger, frankly.
Well, I realize that, but there are... Let me just say something.
Somebody had posted on several different websites, I believe on one of your messages,
Yeah, but Dave, going back for a second, I mean, all you did was in the film ask a bunch of questions.
That's it.
So what's wrong with saying, what is this?
Apparently there's something very wrong with a lot of people that are very much invested on keeping everybody chasing the rabbit trail.
You know, Osama Bin Laden and the Taliban.
Now, I do not condone terrorists.
I do not like Osama.
You know, I don't like the Taliban, I don't like Al-Qaeda, but the bottom line is that they never came up with any definitive proof that linked Osama and the Taliban to the events of September 11th.
And when you charge somebody with a conspiracy, and you have no evidence, that's a conspiracy theory.
But if you're the government, you get to launch two wars half a world away, kill tens of thousands of innocent men, women, and children, and deplete the area with depleted uranium for four and a half billion years.
Well, I know what's proven.
Saddam had nothing to do with it.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Alright, coming up in about five minutes, we're going to open the calls up, the phones up, if you want to talk to Dave Von Kleischer, myself, on 9-11 in Plains site video, or any other issue concerning 9-11, or any topic you want to bring up, 1-800-259-9231, 1-800-259-9231.
You want to talk about Chinese leader resigns early, you want to talk about the government's own admission that the
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9-11 The Road to Tyranny gets into the government creating Taliban and Al-Qaeda.
Government prior knowledge, the government lying about that, the stand-down orders of NORAD, Operation Northwoods, the official U.S.
government plan to carry out 9-11 style attacks...
It covers dozens and dozens and dozens of issues just around 9-11.
Things that are documented, admitted, on the record.
We also get into Oklahoma City, which was a government operation.
It's a two and a half hour video.
Oklahoma City's 40 minutes of it.
9-11's about 40 minutes of it.
And then we get into the whole police state and the history of government-sponsored terrorism and the vaccines.
You want the big view, folks.
9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
Part 2 of that film, where I focus mainly on 9-11, is The Masters of Terror.
Then there's Police State 3 Total Enslavement, my longest video.
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9-11, Patriot Act 1 and 2, Homeland Security, the Implantable Microchips, the Foreign Troops, the Camps.
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A lot of other books and tapes and books on tape by other great researchers that we also carry on the websites and your support is always appreciated and needed.
Dave Von Kleist, before we go to some calls, and then I want to get back into more of your film and the things that, you know, the meat of it, the pods and the rest of it, the stuff that I've got on original footage that I taped off television, so I know it's not altered.
Tell us how we get to 9-11 in plain sight.
Well, first of all, you can go to the website, 911inplanesite.com, and that's P-L-A-N-E-S-I-T-E, as in airplane and website.
911inplanesite.com, or you can call the toll-free line we've had set up, especially for this video.
It is 866-773-9469.
Again, that's 866-773-9469.
And just like you, Alex, we encourage people to make copies.
Get them out as widely as you possibly can.
Now, one more controversy I would like to put to bed.
There is an individual who has spearheaded a full-time effort, and I've got to try to figure out where this guy gets his funding from, because it's basically all he's doing is doing everything he can to slander us and defame... Anyway, one of the charges that's been made is about a clip that has a woman screaming, and here's the clip, very briefly.
Okay, now some people have said that we had that voice dubbed in.
We put that voice in there and that it's another fraudulent type of video presentation from Davon Kleist.
That's the ticket, yeah.
Well, I've got to tell you, folks.
Well, William Lewis is a brilliant videographer.
Now, many of you know that when you look through a TV camera, there's a rectangle in the eyepiece.
The rectangle shows you what the TV is going to see.
But there's an area beyond the rectangle that the camera records.
Well, what William Lewis did is he took that video clip, because what the camera saw is the towers that are smoking there.
And there's a woman who's got her hand over her mouth, and she's walking towards the camera and to the right.
Now, on the video, she walks out of the frame of view, and then you hear the voice, that was not an American Airlines.
But what William did is he actually captured what the camera recorded and moved the point of view over to the right, just as the woman turned around, and you can see her say, that was not an American Airlines, just as she moves out of the view of the camera.
Let me stop you, Dave.
For those that don't understand this...
Back in July of 2000, four years ago, when I snuck into Bohemian Grove,
And it's been in the San Francisco Chronicle.
It's been in the New York Times.
They admit, the Grove admits, they admit it in a national TV piece called Secret Rulers of the World, that I indeed got that footage.
Bohemian Grove has admitted, and I got the footage.
It's been on national TV.
So, number one, that's real footage.
They admit it.
They're very angry at me, and now I have David Gergen blowing up at me on video over this.
But to make a long story short, I have this hidden camera on a fanny pack on my side.
I have another bag.
And the camera, I'm trying to stand up on a root of a redwood above the crowd, shooting the ritual, and the camera fell over to an angle, and so first we show the ritual with a wide shot, an altar.
But it's over on the edge of the field, because I wasn't aiming the camera right.
The whole ritual's on the tape, it's just over on the right-hand side.
Well, what you're talking about is video cameras, film cameras, TV cameras,
They all capture more on film or on videotape, on any of it, but formatted for TV, when you tape something off TV, it is broadcast out, and then the edges are cut off.
That's right.
It's sort of like a peripheral vision that the camera sees, but the television screen does not.
Anybody can do this.
Like on your little Sony Handycam, videotape your house, and then look at how you can see the edge of the house, then play it on your television set, and you're not going to be able to see that unless you've got a widescreen TV.
That's right.
Then you'll be able to see it.
So what you're saying is you guys looked at it in widescreen view and saw that.
Right, so I just wanted to put that particular allegation to bed also.
We did not dub voices.
We did not alter footage.
We did not create photographs.
We did absolutely nothing like that.
And anybody that says that we did, obviously has an agenda.
And despite the fact that they've been proven wrong over and over and over, and they will continue to be proven wrong, they continue this effort.
So I think that this is a really good thing when you think about it, because these people are identifying themselves for what they are.
Well, Dave, I have to tell you something.
On my own show, occasionally when some national talk show host attacks me or some newspaper does, I cover it.
But you know what?
You've done a good job.
Frankly, I think you spend too much of your time focused on this stuff.
You've got the documentation.
I think your film in total is excellent and brings up a lot of good points and asks important questions.
What do you expect?
Getting attacked is...
See, that's one of the efforts here is that the powers that be, they're going to attack and attack and attack and draw attention to certain discrepancies or make-up charges, so they put you on the defensive constantly.
So this is why I'm saying, you know, I don't usually deal with this, and I've never dealt with it to this length on our radio show, and I just wanted to get it out there because there are some folks out there that posted some stuff on your website and a lot of others that are challenging my credibility and all that kind of stuff.
So I wanted to put it out there and just say, hey, look, here's the deal.
Well, Dave,
Well, Dave, I think that's people's rights unless they say you're doing something you're not doing.
But I tell you what, let's go ahead and go to some calls now.
Let's do it.
Let's go ahead and talk to Paul in Delaware.
Paul, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, Dave.
Hello, Paul.
Dave, I can tell you something, man.
I'm not going to get into it, but I've got to tell you, I've done my research and
You're spending too much time on defending yourself, which is drawing up a red flag to me.
The call is not about you, but I wanted to make that point.
Alex, I've seen many people give their website and you never said anything to them.
It always seems it's always a dummy, someone new to the game that you will allow to give a website, but someone that is intelligent and really understands what's going on.
You don't give the website.
So that's one point I want to make.
But my main part of the call... Well, sir, you could give a website.
You called a few months ago and were attacking me.
No, sir, I don't attack.
I said, no, you're not going to call in and plug your website.
Let me make a point to that, though, before anything else.
So you see how this is just... I never do this on my show.
It just snowballs.
Yeah, yeah.
You start it, it just snowballs.
Well, it ain't going to snowball because I don't want to go there because we already spent too long on, you know, someone describing a piece of work on 9-11, which is the first film on 9-11 I've ever heard anybody...
Yes, I think so.
No, sir.
Yes, sir.
I understand.
No, sir.
And you've called in and you've been able to talk about the moon, Paul.
And I appreciate it.
I don't want to talk about the moon.
It's not about the moon, but I'm glad that you said you're going to do a show on it.
Well, you've called in and talked about it.
I don't send it to you.
No, you haven't, and you've been very patient.
I appreciate that you actually give people a chance to speak.
Our main point is this.
I wish you would let people give their email address because it's important.
I'll let people give their email address, but look, five years ago I let people plug whatever they wanted and it'd be, I got a tractor for sale.
Okay, I understand that.
And if somebody calls in right off the bat wanting to plug their website, I don't let them do it.
Thanks for the call.
And I certainly don't let folks give out phone numbers without me being able to check it out.
Oh, boy.
You have to do it that way, Alex.
You have to.
Yeah, you have to.
Matt in Austin, Texas.
Go ahead, Matt.
Hey, Alex and Dave.
I wanted to bring up American Media has published this thing on the 9-11 Commission.
I call it the 9-11 Commission for Dummies, and it's just a little magazine.
I've been walking around showing the photo.
They've got a two-page photo of the Pentagon building,
And I've been showing people that and saying, where's the airplane?
And everyone's jaw drops when I point it out to them.
It's like a magic trick.
And when you point it out to people, they start to understand.
I've got another thing here.
There was a newspaper article in yesterday's Statesman.
From Iowa, pork recalled from microchips.
Sioux Center, Iowa, more than 1,000 pounds of pork processed at a Sioux Center meatpacking plant.
I appreciate that.
Yes, I did get that.
And, you know, since you bring up implantable microchips,
They've been putting them in prized bulls and cows for 15 years.
Longer than that, they've been putting them in dogs and cats for a decade, and then we said they'd use that as a conditioning tool.
Now it's articles every week.
We put them in dogs and cats.
Why not people?
And that's another thing.
I remember five years ago getting Army documents where they openly planned to force the population to take chips.
It's off their own website.
Oh, I'm a kook.
I'm a liar.
It doesn't exist.
Now turn on the television.
It's every day they're promoting it.
Yeah, you're absolutely right.
I remember when I first heard about the chip technology was in the early 90s.
They had these little grain of rice glass things that could be injected.
Of course, they were first talking about doing it with dogs and cats so that your kitty wouldn't get lost.
Now they've got it for people.
It's been around there for at least 10-15 years.
Now we could be eating them
Well, that's another thing is that they plan to put vaccines in the foods.
They plan to put microchips in the foods.
All of this.
That's what this article says.
They had to recall this pork because there were microchips in it and no one told the people that were processing it.
Imagine biting into the pork and their crunch.
Dip a tooth on it.
Okay, well.
Anything else, Matt?
No, I was just... You should get a copy of that American Media thing.
It's, like you said, with the Weekly World News.
I do want to tell you that I do not cover any of this microchip issue in the video 9-11 in plain sight, so I just wanted to throw that in there.
All right, thanks for the call.
Every week when I go to the grocery store, there's a big line.
I will grab one of those tabloids, and it'll be, Goat boy comes from Mars to meet his brother Bush.
Or lizard eats woman.
Or baby does cartwheels at birth.
Remember that the Enquirer had a front page about five or six years ago of Clinton shaking hands with an alien or something like that.
That was news of the world.
So what they do is, but in every issue...
There will be a mainstream news article like, Family Gets Chips, Pentagon Plan to Chip Entire Population.
Three years after we cover it off the Pentagon's website, there's a serious article.
So what happens is, when people hear us talk about it...
That's right.
They saw it mixed in with Goat Boy, and so we must be cooked.
That's right.
You know, they did that exact same thing back in 96 when Joyce was working with the Nicholson doctors, and they were pointing out that doxycycline would help to fend off a lot of the problems that the Gulf War vets were having because of a mycoplasma fermentans incognitus microorganism infection.
They put that in a two-page centerfold spread of the Enquirer magazine for that exact reason.
So when people came out and Gulf War vets said, hey, look, I've got a mycoplasmal infection, they could say, oh, yeah, you read that in the Enquirer, didn't you?
Well, it's the same thing with that movie Skulls coming out four years ago.
They knew full well that it was going to be a skull and bones election in 2004.
And so now when I talk about it, I've gotten calls on other talk shows and I'm a guest.
Oh, you got that from a movie.
It doesn't exist.
Well, you know, they do that to discredit.
And, you know, another thing that they do on the Internet, for instance, you know,
These folks out there that want to draw questions, whether it be my video or anything else, it's really amazing that those that claim that they want to try to expose any government skullduggery, what do they do?
They pull upon their stats and their figures from government sources.
That's like going to the Fox to ask them to do a report on what happened to the chickens.
Well, let me stop you.
They have the Kennedy guy, then they change the name to Kendi.
Two days after 9-11 on national news, going, yeah, FEMA deployed September 10th, and we were on the ground.
Right, we got the audio clip of Dan Rather talking to the guy we got there on September 10th, the night before.
But this is the key point.
Then, when we reported on that, oh, we're kooks, it was a misquote, they're wrong.
Well, then, two months ago, three months ago, well, I'll tell you about it when we get back after the break.
We'll tell you what Rudolph Giuliani did on national TV before the 9-11 commission.
We'll tell you what he had to say after we get back, folks.
Because they admitted the whole thing.
But we'll give you details on the other side of this quick break.
Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, and PrisonPlanet.tv.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
All right, folks.
We're talking to Davon Collies, Colonel Craig Roberts.
He's coming up in the next hour.
It's been great having Davon.
I always enjoy it.
Got a few more calls that we'll have time to get to.
Clinton and James, maybe a couple others.
But just finishing up what I was saying, we have the New York FEMA employee, high-level director, saying we deployed on the night of September 10th, the night before, so we were there to help people the next morning.
It was very fortuitous.
And then, I mean, that's on national TV, Dan Rather.
Then they go, well, let's just ignore that, you know, it was an accident.
And the government then denied it.
Then, a few months ago, Rudolph Giuliani and the 9-11 Whitewash Commission gets up there and says, well, we were able to move down by the port just a few blocks away because we had a Tripod 2 exercise scheduled for that next morning into the next day, so FEMA was already there.
So the point is that they say it, then they deny it, then they come out and admit it again.
Dave, they do this over and over again.
Yeah, they do.
They did it with the Gulf War illness issue.
They do it with all the issues.
At first, it's denial.
The second stage is violent opposition.
And the third stage is widespread acceptance as common knowledge.
But then no one is punished.
Nobody gets in any trouble about it.
Well, that's right.
And then they go, and we're going to increase the shots we give the troops, and we're going to have them breathe DU at ten times previous levels.
How's that sound?
Our own manuals say it kills troops?
Well, let's use more of it.
You support the troops, don't you?
Well, then let us kill them.
Let's go ahead and talk to Clinton in Wisconsin.
Clinton, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
I have a question about Dave's work.
I'm looking at a really nice, well-done site plan of the World Trade Center on an Internet website, and most people refer to the buildings, the towers as north and south, yet most of the drawings refer to them as one.
And two.
Yeah, that's why I call them one and two.
Yeah, which building... The building one had the transmitting tower on it.
Was that north or south?
That was the north tower.
Okay, now... That was the first one that was hit.
So the north power is the one that has the big power on top of it.
The south power does not.
That is correct.
And the criticism towards your work suggests that because of the camera view...
Part of the self-power fell on Building 6, right?
Is that correct?
Well, in his film, a minor point he says is, was there an explosion?
These are questions he's trying to get answered.
It's a minor section.
I understood that.
I thought Dave did an excellent job of presenting what he felt
Well, number one, 98% of what he's saying are serious questions, are documented.
Their whole official story is a fraud.
100% of what they say is a fraud.
Well, I think one of the things that the powers that be are so upset about is because the way the information is presented, I challenge the viewer...
To use common sense.
Look at what your eyes tell you.
Forget about all the dazzling facts and figures and stats and glossy photos and reports from government officials and mainstream media moguls and websites that get into pages and pages and pages of analyses and all that.
Forget all that stuff.
Look at the pictures and make up your own mind.
What makes sense?
That's what I'm trying to do to pose the question, but I want to make sure I ask the right question, Dave.
I appreciate your call.
The people criticizing Dave are saying that the soft power fell on Building 6.
And I'm wondering, is that correct?
We really don't know, but it looks like that's the case.
But let me just try to explain something here.
Again, this is what happens with the soft skull press.
Put the book back out.
Fortunate Son...
Mr. Hatfield, who was clearly killed in an Arkansas hotel room after his book about Bush and cocaine came out.
Well, now that's all admitted.
What they did is they took 300 pages and found one thing that wasn't entirely correct, and then the media focuses on that.
That's why I say ignore it, move on, keep your ammo focus downstream, because you get into this stuff, it just never ends.
Hey, Dave, it was great having you on, my friend.
It was a pleasure.
Thank you very much.
You bet.
And you made a very important video with a lot of important questions that need to be answered.
911inplanesite.com or you can call 866-773-9469.
All right.
Third hour with Colonel Craig Roberts coming up.
Stay with us.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, my friends.
We are joined in this third hour by a good friend of mine, Colonel Craig Roberts.
We're going to take a lot of your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
There's a whole bunch of issues, and Craig's been on the show many times.
I want to get him back up for a series of broadcasts here in the future.
I want to just go through the news with Craig and get his response as well, research take on a whole host of issues.
And I also want to particularly focus in on how the Pentagon...
And remember, he's a pretty young guy.
He's retired, but he can still be called up, so he's got to be careful about some of the things he says.
Even General Parton stole me off air, former head of Air Force weapons development.
A lot of stuff he won't say on air, and he goes, Look, I'm still under the commander-in-chief.
But we'll get as much as Craig can say about this today.
Chinese leader resigns early, and we'll talk about that.
But I wanted to talk to Craig about these Pentagon moguls, these Army and Navy War College individuals, like Thomas Barnett, who say China and Russia are our friends, and we're this new world order now, we're going to take over all these countries, and Africa and Asia and the Middle East are the threats, and we've got to go take them over, but Russia's going to merge with us and save us.
And you heard General Parton, I mean, he read over what Barnett's saying and doing, and he said, my God, this is the third international.
Hey, long time, no talk.
I don't know.
I mean, I haven't even talked to you yet.
I just told my producer to get you on.
I miss talking to you.
Are you familiar with this Thomas Barnett character?
Well, I know the theme of what you're saying because I ran into the same thing when I was dealing with some affairs in the Pentagon.
And there's a third column in the Pentagon itself.
It has been there since the 1950s, but it's grown.
That's what Parton said.
Yeah, it's grown to the point to where, under the Clinton administration, now it started back during Bush No.
1, King George I.
And actually, we could probably trace it back before then, but back to 1946 or 47, right after the UN got its feet on the ground, we started sending certain senior officers to do fellowships and become good globalists.
After the Korean War, we saw a rise in that more and more.
And then, of course, we had the Cold War, and the Russians are the bad guys, the Chinese are the bad guys, and they're going to bomb us any minute.
We've got to get ready for it, yada, yada, yada.
Now it's got to the point during the Clinton administration that you could not get promoted above one star if you didn't do some kind of a globalist fellowship program with either the Council on Foreign Relations or under the blue hat someplace, you know, in the U.N.
or abroad.
And they would send officers to places like Somalia and wherever they wanted to do this U.N.
thing where we carried the brunt of the load, and they would observe and find out who would say, hey, this is a good deal, we need to do this more often, and the ones that say we don't need to be here.
And the ones that said, this is a good deal, we need to do it more often, were the ones normally that got the best evaluation reports, officer evaluation reports, and were the ones that were promoted over their peers.
Well, they're new.
The new map, you know, they take these professors and make them like rock stars and give them all this attention, and then all the other people start copying that.
But, I mean, it's...
They showed the map of the world and all the places they were going to invade and, quote, we work for the global corporations and we serve them now.
I mean, openly, with all this brass nodding their heads, Colonel, yes, we serve the corporations.
Yes, we're going to invade all these countries.
Yes, yes, New World Order.
Yes, yes.
Well, the thing is, that's a mantra that's coming down.
You know, military works best with stuff that rolls downhill.
The only time anything rolls uphill is if somebody catches flack over something.
And then it only rolls uphill to the lowest level of stoppage.
We've got a break.
We've got a break.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State to the Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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800-430-6748 800-430-6748 Big Brother.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
He was a sniper in Vietnam.
He then was a police officer, helicopter pilot, SWAT team member.
Of course, Colonel in the U.S.
He's written a bunch of powerful books.
A good friend of mine is in my film, Matrix of Evil, Colonel Craig Roberts.
Yeah, Craig, I got you on today just to go over a lot of news and get your whole take on it.
And basically what you just said about the Pentagon's new map is the same thing General Parton said, that this crowd has always been in there that's pro-New World Order.
We've got to merge with China and Russia.
We've got to have Russia advise us on how to run America.
Well, now, that crowd isn't the little office of, quote, crazies in the bottom of the Pentagon.
They're running things from on high, and they're telling everybody below them to go along with it.
You're still in contact with a lot of folks at the Pentagon.
What percentage of people would you say are buying this dangerous propaganda that China and Russia are friends?
Well, the few people that I know that are still around that haven't had their heads chopped off yet...
Basically, there's three groups at the Pentagon.
There's the very small group that you and I are talking about right now that are pretty much in charge of the ship.
Then they're at the helm and up on the bridge.
We're good to go.
So you've got basically those three groups just like you do everywhere in society because the Pentagon is nothing more than a cross cut of society.
But what they've got though, they've got control of the ship, they've set the course, and they have already implemented most of the voyage.
We're halfway to the destination now and here's what the plan is.
Basically, if you and I were going to plan to do this, what we would want to do is we would take the strongest military in the world and we would weaken it.
And the way we would weaken it is that we would destroy its morale.
We would do it from within and make the best officers and the best NCOs quit.
Over-extend it.
Put them in 200 countries.
That's right.
And we'd close down military bases.
We would do away with our enemy, in other words, the fall of Russia.
We don't all have an enemy, so we don't need a big military anymore.
And what we've got left of the military, we're going to keep sending them and deploying them to places unknown overseas in the Twilight Zone until they get so tired that they start quitting.
Or we're going to have them domestically here with the new police data.
They say they will fire on Americans.
Then we're going to have a big terror attack and have a new domestic draft.
Then they turn around and they take the reserves and the National Guard and they deploy them overseas until they're exhausted.
Then they go into the IRR and pull people out that have been gone for eight or ten years who now have a new life and a family and destroy the family and the community morale.
You and I both know what happens when you pull National Guard out of a big city.
There's no big impact.
But if you pull National Guardsmen out of a small town, you take the whole male end of that community of working agents.
And you deploy them overseas, so you're also hitting the morale of the country, which is a form of mind control.
You're telling the country, hey, your husbands and sons are going over there, and we're going to kill some of them, and we're going to send them home in body bags, and we're going to publish it on the media, and you're going to get sick of it, and you're going to beg us to elect somebody that's going to bring Russia and China to our aid and help us in this war on terrorism, but convince the Russian people that they need to get on board, too, since they've been told that they're pretty much a free country now.
You've got to have terrorist events happen in Russia.
Hence, two airplanes being blown up.
Hence, allegedly Chechens taking over and killing a bunch of people at an elementary school.
You shock the mentality of the population
With terrorist events until they go with a Hegelian effect and they say, I'll go along with anything you say as long as we can stop this stuff.
And that's exactly what Brzezinski said.
It's what the PNAC documents say.
And it's what this Thomas Barnett said.
He admitted.
He said only this new world order, this global government, this globalism can save us.
And we're going to occupy the whole planet.
And the people are going to demand this after the rule set change of 9-11.
But wait a minute.
The old timers, when I first got into this 10 plus years ago, got on the air 10 years ago, they said, you're going to have a stage fall of Russia.
By the way, they put all the hammer and sickles back on the vehicles.
Then we're going to hear that China's our friend and is no longer communist, and then we're going to globally merge our militaries with them, and they're going to let China take part of the world, Russia will take another part, and then we'll take the other part, all directed by the same people.
You're going to have Russian chiefs like Primakov over here setting up a domestic system
You're going to have all this, and lo and behold, the exact thing Parton wrote about in the 60s, the exact thing you talked about five, six years ago, everything I heard is now happening, but they're telling me that communism doesn't exist.
No, it's not there anymore.
We call it global socialism now.
In other words, we've taken a black bear and painted it white.
It's still a bear.
And it doesn't make any difference what you do with it.
It's still the same animal, except it's bigger and it's meaner now, and it's got more strength, and they've made it look like the family puppy dog, and it's here to help you.
And that's the problem we've got is most Americans, they don't know what to believe anymore, number one, because the national media doesn't even talk about this stuff.
And then when they do see it, all of a sudden it's been branded what I call the Little Green Men from Mars Syndrome.
It's a conspiracy theory.
You're all wackos.
You know, it's the Rush Limbaugh.
I think so.
Well, exactly.
I mean, it's like the New York Times says the Bilderberg Group called Kerry up and said, you will appoint him.
Kerry goes on Larry King Live a week later and says, yes, they want him.
Literally bowing to the mafia, Don, giving the gang chief their dibs, their respect, don't want to diss them.
And then meanwhile, the Bilderberg Group still doesn't exist.
The Southern Poverty Law Center says if you talk about it, you're a lunatic.
Well, you know, there's no saying that...
Whenever they start screaming conspiracy theory, you're standing next to the truth.
There's a lot of truth in that.
When I talked about some of this stuff several years ago and wrote reports on it to the police department when I was working there, they assigned an investigator to start watching me because they thought I was going off the deep end.
And five years later, one of the SID guys retires and he stops by and he says, hey, I just want to let you know that we had a meeting the other day and your name came up.
And I said, oh, really, again?
He said, yeah.
I said, they still have a file open on me.
He said, well, not really, but they went back to look at it again.
They said, you're the only guy down there that knew what was going on.
They've seen a lot of the events that I was talking about.
That's the power we have, Colonel, is that we know the roadmap.
We know the globalist program.
It's not even secret.
And so we can tell people what's going to happen.
And that's why we've gone from half the callers disagreeing with me six years ago to none of the callers with the show bigger than ever.
And even the interviews I do, I don't run into much disagreement.
I know you do a lot of interviews.
Do you run into the same type of resistance we got five years ago?
What I run into, Alex, is really when you and I have gone over the mountains that we have gone over to get where we're at, we've learned a few things.
We've picked up a few hints along the trail.
When I'm doing interviews, when I'm talking to people, when I get call-ins and do a radio show,
What I find out is the ones who disagree fall into two categories.
A, they either haven't done their homework and they're a new listener and they're still mentally programmed by the status quo, or B, they're there to try to discredit me.
And it's a mission.
Somebody has put them there to try to debunk or discredit or destroy.
Yeah, usually I'll say, you work for the federal government, don't you?
Yeah, I'm a postal inspector.
Or I'm an FBI clerk.
It's usually some person who's not even been ordered to do it.
They feel like they need to defend the system.
Well, you've got that, but you have the people out there that go by the three Ds.
Debunk, destroy, or discredit.
And if they can't discredit you, and they can't debunk what you're saying, then they try to destroy you with innuendo, with rumors on the Internet.
I mean, I had email come back to me once a few years ago that I was a CIA plant, and I was out there to stir up the population.
And I'm thinking, well, you know, I almost wish that was so, because at least I'd have another paycheck coming in.
Well, you know, that's another thing.
Sneak around trying to stir criminal activity up so they can grab large groups of people.
Feds aren't on the radio for 5, 10, 15 years exposing the New World Order and trying to defeat gun legislation.
No, if you were on their payroll, you'd be saying things on the radio like, all you people that believe that the Bilderbergers and CFR are up to no good are a bunch of globalists, they're all conspiracy wackos, and my call screener's not even going to let you on my radio station.
You know, that's the kind of stuff that I would expect.
You know, you put an icon up there to bow down to and say, oh, you're the great leader of the conservative radio talk show movement.
No matter who you are, I don't care if you're, you know, Neil Bortz or Rush Limbaugh or any of these guys.
I think you call them neocons.
When they only go so far and they stop, I know that they're not working for the right thing.
They're either stupid and not doing their homework and figuring out what's going on.
They're not following a logical progression of events to get to where you and I are at.
Or they're on somebody's payroll.
But it's not even debatable.
I mean, you watch C-SPAN and it's world government this, Pan American Union that.
You know, satellite tracker taxers in your car, microchips for the kids, cancer viruses in the vaccines.
It's not even debatable.
Look at this article.
NAFTA and GATT and, you know, Treaty of the Oceans and all this other stuff that they've got.
And it's everything.
I mean, 100%, full afterburner, everything is driving toward the globalist New World Order scenario.
And we're seeing it more and more all the time.
You go down to somebody down here that drives a truck and works for the union and they say, well, we're mad because they're sending all of our jobs overseas.
And you go, well, why do you think that's happening?
Well, it's just that they've got cheap labor.
Yeah, they've got cheap labor, but you've got to understand that they're doing that because what they're really doing is they're destroying this country.
And you're just part of it.
You're one little building block that they're taking over.
And by the way, you tune into NPR and they brag, oh, we've got to learn how to live like the rest of the world.
We've got to lose our rights, lose our middle class, so we're all dependent on them.
It's like the president's new freedom initiative.
Let's talk about that when we get back.
Everyone will have to be psychologically tested.
I mean, that's right out of the Lenin handbook.
And I want to get into this Chinese leader resigns early.
He has stepped down.
Jiang Zemin has stepped down even from his military post.
We have the new generation.
They're going to save us.
They're not communists.
They're good people we can trust.
We'll be right back with our guest Craig Roberts.
He's got a bunch of other news we're going to get into.
Your calls as well.
Stay with us.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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All right, James, Randy, and Kim, and John, I promise you, as soon as we start the next segment, we'll go to your calls.
There's a bunch of issues I want to get Greg's take on.
The Fortune 500 meets in China.
They openly are moving almost all the jobs there, even out of other third world countries, because the globalists and the UN say it's the model country.
Well, the tyranny they have in China we see being replicated here in the Western world.
Now, Chinese leader resigns early.
And it says that Hu Jintao became the undisputed leader or dictator of China as the country completed its first orderly transfer of power in the communist era yesterday.
The departure of Jiang Zemin from his top military post gives a new generation of leaders a freer hand to run the world's most populous nation.
And he stepped down early.
No one really knows why.
I mean...
Folks, the people you see on TV from China are not the people running things.
Craig, you've studied this, comments?
Well, you know, anytime in a communist government you have someone step down or resign or retire for health reasons, it's normally because they don't have a choice.
They've been given orders that, okay, we've got somebody else that's going to take over and continue on with what we want to do, and for whatever reason they decide they're going to get rid of the guy that's there.
Now, I think that we have to go back to the Gang of Five under Mao Zedong.
Everybody had to agree with Chairman Mao.
If you didn't agree with him, you ended up in prison.
Over the years, that's kind of changed to where they found out they weren't getting any place.
If you don't have new ideas coming in, if you don't have new people coming in fresh blood to say, there's a better way to do it and this is how we can do it.
Because what you really had, you had an old thinking hierarchy now being replaced by more technically proficient people.
In that same amount of time, not only did the structure within government change, but the structure within the country changed.
They went from rice paddy farmers to being able to hack the internet, and from shooting off fireworks to being able to put satellites in space using our technology that the Clinton administration sold them, and to building nuclear bombs from the stuff they took out of Los Alamos, all with the cooperation of people within our own government.
And never investigated afterwards.
So they have made what they call the Long March.
It wasn't just the march during World War II of communism against the Japanese to finally taking over the country and throwing Chiang Kai-shek out.
The Long March is something that had an end result that ends with a globalist New World Order with the Big Three.
And now they call it China's peaceful rise.
They say that if you put a dog's face on a dragon, everyone will pet it.
That's what they do.
They are a dragon and they put on the dog's face and they think that we're supposed to go over there and feed it and pet it.
Well, we're feeding it all right and we're petting it and the dragon is just growing bigger.
They now have the biggest navy in the world.
They have forward-deployed war stockage in Freeport in the Bahamas and in Mexico.
And, of course, some people say Canada.
I have not seen anything that shows anything in Canada other than a few Chinese personnel.
They've taken over the Panama Canal.
We all know that.
This is old news.
But if you'll get on the Internet and look up Freeport, Bahamas, and look up Costco, C-O-S-C-O, China Ocean Shipping Company, and look up Hutchinson, Wampoa, and find those pictures there that show those sea lift containers that are stacked as far as you can see it.
This place is no longer a...
Well, it's clear in the past our country would not allow people to stockpile weapons all around us.
China threatens to nuke us on a weekly basis in their newspapers and says how evil we are, and then our newspapers say they're our friends and they love us.
It looks like the globalists are trying to set us up again like they did with Japan.
Well, let's jump ahead a little bit.
We've got China right now we know that's helping the Iranians.
Well, helping the Iranians is helping Islamic Jihad and all of the other Islamic terrorist organizations.
They're using Chinese weapons, Chinese equipment.
They're going to Chinese instructions.
So what you've got is you've got China holding the puppet strings on Islam.
And you've got Russia at the same time controlling China.
So up to a certain point.
The Chinese don't do a whole lot without checking with the Kremlin first.
So you've got Islam now as part of this giant army that's declared us the great Satan.
You know, overtly and covertly, to where we are totally surrounded.
But the globalists love that, because out of this burgeoning crisis, they will give us their new world order.
Oh yeah, order out of chaos.
In order to chaos, order out of chaos.
And that's what they're doing now.
They're creating chaos all over the world.
They're creating genocide all over the world.
And then telling us as citizens, I'm going to shift gears now, I'm sure of course you know about the microwave guns in Iraq.
Well, a few months ago it was sound weapons in Iraq.
Well, I saw those sound weapons in New York pointed at peaceful protesters, Craig.
Well, you had them at Waco.
You know, we had Russians controlling the ELF weapons at Waco that were making everybody sick inside.
Again, our little allies, and now we have General Primakov helping, former head of KGB, helping run Homeland Security.
I mean, you couldn't write a Robert Ludlam book this bizarre.
No one would believe it, Craig.
Well, let's come back and talk about Operation Cooperative Nugget.
Yeah, and we'll take calls, folks, when we get back.
So everybody stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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We've got about 26 and a half minutes left.
We're about to go straight to your calls.
We'll get into cooperative nugget and microwave guns and
Well, cancer viruses in your vaccines, there's been some new developments.
So you take the hepatitis B shot, it more than triples your chances of getting muscular dystrophy.
What really happened September 11th and who stands to gain?
The government needed a crisis to convince the people to willingly give up their liberty in exchange for safety.
Now the painful facts are in.
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It is.
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So I want to thank all of you that have done this and all of you that are going to do this.
God bless you.
The focus of my life is exposing evil, exposing the New World Order.
I can't stand con artists or scammers.
And Colonel Roberts, I want to go to calls here in a minute.
Before you leave, we'll also plug your books and material.
They're excellent and big parts of the solution.
But before we go to James and Randy and John and Brian and others, I keep announcing this every hour because it's so important, it's so big.
And I want everybody to hear this.
I have a responsibility to warn people.
Nursing Times is reporting on a major Harvard School of Public Health study published in the Journal of Neurology, admitting conclusively that the hepatitis B shot triples...
Over triples.
Almost four times your chances of getting muscular dystrophy.
Now, we've known it's causing that.
We've known it's causing other problems.
Not just this vaccine, but others.
The globalists are putting this in the vaccines by design for an IQ reduction of small children.
Literally as drones.
Sounds unbelievable?
I got the documents.
But the point is, here it is.
Out of the Harvard School of Public Health, and then there's another one today, meningitis vaccination blamed for rise in deaths.
London Independent, a 17% increase in deaths since they started giving the vaccine four years ago for meningitis.
Colonel comments.
You know, it goes along with just about everything else that they've come up with.
It said you've got to have before you can go to school.
You've got to have before you can go to work.
You have to have these immunizations for your child.
I don't trust any government vaccines.
In the military, we had problems with a lot of the vaccines they give.
And, of course, they're not going to take care of you after you're gone.
I'm a result of the Salk polio vaccine.
In the 1950s, we had to line up at the school auditorium and get shots.
Since then, a lot of my age group has come down with various forms of cancer.
They've linked directly back to the Salk polio vaccine.
That's why you don't see it anymore.
SV40, yeah.
Yeah, and then so you go to the new stuff, the hepatitis B. You go to the things that started the AIDS epidemic.
It was all done by vaccine.
And it doesn't surprise me because it's part of their global population control methods that they're using.
Look at Gulf War Syndrome.
Look at the stuff that's come down since they've given these malaria shots to soldiers overseas.
Even up to and including ten cases of suicide at Fort Bragg and they traced it all back to one medication they were giving these guys.
It doesn't surprise me, but we go back and who do we find is responsible for a lot of this?
We find government laboratories.
We find Fort Detrick.
We find CDC.
We find Canadian Pharmacological Society people and all this stuff.
It's a government animal that we're dealing with.
It isn't private industry.
There are private companies that are making tons and tons of money making this stuff.
But, you know, if you go to the Food and Drug Administration, do you think they'd try to stop it?
They won't even stop aspartame.
They won't even stop fluoride in the water.
Exactly, and that's why this broadcast needs to be on more stations.
It needs to be on your station.
It's because we cover these issues day in and day out.
The admitted, provable, documented information that cannot be denied.
Let's take some calls.
Let's talk to James in Tennessee.
You're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Hello, Alex.
Two quick things for you before I forget them, because I probably will if I don't want to ask you them real quick.
I have a question for your guest.
Okay, first thing.
I sent you a video you had asked for a little while back on the World Trade Order.
That whole thing in Florida, you know, you didn't have it.
Yeah, the WTO meeting.
Thanks for sending me the video.
Yeah, on Now with Bill Moyer?
Okay, and also about him.
I contacted his secretary.
Sounds like they'd be interested to have you on that show.
I don't know how much you get to say, but that would be very interesting if you or him contact each other before he retires.
I'd love to see you on there.
Okay, thanks, James.
You have a question for Colonel Roberts?
One thing quick for you, and then I do have a question for him.
The insurance company that backed Silverstein on the towers...
Will they be the same insurance company that will be involved when he buys the Sears Tower?
Well, he already bought the Sears Tower, quote, with a secretive group of real estate owners.
Yeah, do you think the insurance company has something to do with that?
I mean, you know how they are about paying things off.
Well, he wanted $7 million for a $200 million investment.
He only got $3 billion.
So I don't know, sir.
And the question for your guest is, and he's got some fabulous points, I wish we had more men in the military like him.
This low hum I'm hearing, can that come from an armory?
Okay, thank you for the call.
I appreciate your call.
All over the nation, it's been in the mainstream news, in San Diego and in Kokomo, Indiana and all over, they've even sent out government investigators and they hear it.
There are these weird low-frequency hums, and it could be from a power transformer, it could be from a factory.
They've proven that when there's big tunneling devices under your city, building these labyrinths, that that can cause a hum.
Colonel Roberts, any comments?
It could be a problem with your middle ear, sir.
Go ahead.
There's two things on this.
One of them is the ELF.
We had the old GWIN system, but I was told the GWIN system's been taken down, which makes me believe it's not.
The extra low frequency hums that you sometimes hear are actually radio signals being transmitted through the ground and through the ocean.
That's how they contact submarines.
There are certain areas, because of the strata of the rocks, that will pick this up more than others.
In Albuquerque, New Mexico, they had a
No problem was there.
They were hearing the tunneling devices.
They were creating a massive tunnel system near the Air Force Base there as part of the continuity of government program is what I was told.
I don't know.
That's just rumor.
Eventually that stopped after the tunneling stopped.
Yeah, I think so.
She can hear a pin drop at 5,000 yards and give you the azimuth and coordinates.
Women usually have better hearing.
Men have better eyesight on average.
My grandmother, the one grandparent that's still alive, she just hears anything and everything.
Oh, absolutely, especially if it's a rumor.
But anyway, there is a possibility he's picking up something that is ELF transmissions that are coming through stratified rock below his location.
It happens more in earthquake areas, areas that are prone to underground shifting, than it does, say, in the Midwest where it's got a lot of gumbo and clay.
And that's what I've read.
Let's go ahead and up next here and talk to Randy in Washington.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
My name is Randy.
I work as a nurse here in Washington.
I was forced to take the hepatitis B in order to get into nursing school.
And even though I hadn't had my third shot, they would not even allow me to.
I had to wait a whole other year to get in.
So I am on the front line.
I work in a nursing home.
I give out 30,000 medications a year.
I mean, I personally know of at least one person I work with whose son ended up with autism from the vaccination routine.
And every time he got more vaccinations, he got more sick.
But they continued to give him more anyway.
Yes, your son's at risk because he's already sick, so we need to make it mandatory you take 100 vaccines.
Yeah, and even when they told the mother of this child that his vaccinations were finished, they called her back a couple weeks later, oh, bring him in for three more this next week.
And the mother just does it?
Actually, I...
Well, I mean, here is the Harvard Medical School admitting that the hepatitis B massively increases your muscular dystrophy.
I mean, what do you think causes this, folks?
Let me throw something in here real quick.
I think so.
And at that point, it becomes a constitutional issue, and they do not want to be sued for trying to discriminate against you for your religion.
And that's the law, and they even have conscientious objections or moral objections now, too, if you're an atheist.
The point is, is that it's a lie, but I bet, Craig, up in Oklahoma, you saw the TV pieces where you gotta take it to get to school, gotta have it.
Well, we went down to the school, and there's a form that they have behind the counter
And you say, I want the exemption form.
And they have to give it to you.
And if that gal doesn't know anything about it, you get her commander in there and say, I want the exemption form.
Our religion prohibits us to take medications.
And therefore, we're not going to take it.
Now, you talk to any Christian scientist.
And they do it all the time.
They've been doing it for 100 years.
And the media will try to use a case for an example of a leg with gangrene and they make you have treatment.
This is not the same as that.
These are deadly vaccines.
Anything else, Randy?
Well, I just want to let you know, last year at the nursing home where we gave the flu shot out there, everybody gets flu shots, everybody gets antidepressants, antipsychotic drugs.
If you take a flu shot, you're going to get the flu.
We saw, yeah, everybody got the flu.
Seriously, two weeks later,
And some of them died.
And I'm having severe trouble with the job I do now.
The more information I've done this 10 years now, I realize, oh my God, what am I doing to people?
How can I continue to do this to people?
So I try to tell people everything I learn so that they can at least maybe look it up or try to do something about their own.
Well, I saw you go to PrisonPlanet.com.
I have.
I have.
I have ordered your videos.
I'm giving your videos out.
When people come back and
After watching them, they have this sick look on their face.
Well, God bless you, my friend.
Keep up the fight.
Good job.
You keep it up.
John in Florida, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Go ahead, John.
Yeah, thank you for another great show.
And I have a couple quick things here I'll go over real fast.
George Bush said yesterday or the day before when he came to the panhandle in Pensacola, he made an announcement to the... I'm going to quote him.
He says, People have to know that
That we are going to be helping these people here in this part of the world.
He called our state of Florida citizens of the world.
He didn't call it a country anymore.
I was wondering if he might be tying that into the passage of the free trade area of the United States.
This is all the new doublespeak.
It is.
This is the new nomenclature, Colonel.
Oh, absolutely.
You have a parallel universe happening here.
You've got the civilian population being programmed for internationalism by using strife and terrorism, and you've got the military community preparing that route
With things like Operation Cooperative Nugget, which occurs every year, and that's where we actually go out and we train our former enemies in how to use our equipment on our basis with our taxpayers' money, and one of the things that we teach them is house-to-house search and seizure and how to segregate elements of the population between the friendlies and the dissidents.
And then Michelle Malcolm goes out and is all over TV, the case for internment camps, how wonderful camps are.
Oh, and here we've got NATO who's just taken in
I was getting ready to take in Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia.
And now they're going to coordinate with Russia.
Oh yeah, and now they're talking about the remaining nations will be comprised of the states of the Balkans, Caucasus, and Central Asia.
Now that's slowly moving over toward China.
Eventually China is going to be a part of NATO.
Mr. Robert?
What is your opinion on this new...
Well, he's trying to form what's known as the strong mayor form of government, where he gets to be the dictator and have things done his way.
It goes back to the Stalinist Khrushchevists.
They never really left that.
It's just now it's becoming...
Once they knew that the general public was fooled, then they just shifted back to their old behaviors.
Can I give you my quick opinion, then I'll let you go?
I'll let myself go here.
My opinion was the illusion of what they've been giving us for many, many years now, that was simply to allow the illegal transfer of technology around the world during this time frame so everybody else could become very armed and dangerous.
That's part of it.
Yeah, that's a large part of it.
Thanks for the call.
We'll come back, talk to Brian in Virginia, and hit a few final news articles with Colonel Roberts, who we'll have to have back up soon for two hours if he'll do it with us.
We'll also tell you about his website and some of his books and materials.
When we get back, you can see Colonel Roberts in my film, The Matrix of Evil.
One of my newest videos.
It's excellent.
Be sure to get a copy.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
Microwave gun to be used by U.S.
troops on Iraq rioters.
Oh, a few months ago it was the sound cannon, now here domestically.
These have already been deployed domestically, by the way.
What is it they've got planned that's so bad that we're all going to be rioting?
What's the new world order?
We've got a lot of phones here.
I want to try to go to everybody.
We'll just give each about a minute or so.
So everybody...
Stay right there with us.
But going back to Colonel Roberts, Craig, tell folks about some of your new books and how folks get them.
We just had a brand new one come out in June.
It's called Crosshairs on the Kill Zone.
It takes up where One Shot, One Kill left off.
It's about American military snipers from Vietnam all the way up through Operation Death.
We're good to go.
If you want the Medusa File or Kill Zone, the two that really go into the things you need to know about and add a lot of background information and fill in some of the gaps with the material that Alex has, which will be the Medusa File, then go to my website, www.riflewarrior.com.
Rifle as in gun, warrior as in soldier, all one word, .com.
Even though you're a New York Times best-selling author, when you write a military book, suddenly they all want it and it sells real well.
When you write something about the New World Order, oh, they can't touch it.
No, they wouldn't.
My publishers in New York City would not print either one of these books.
Didn't even want to touch them because of what was in them.
So we went ahead and started a company like you did, and we printed them ourselves.
That's the way to do it.
Folks supporting RifleWarrior.com.
Real quick, caller, since I want to get everybody in here.
Brian in Virginia, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, this is for the Colonel.
I'm in dealing with a Canadian immigration company.
I'm working on getting a visa.
And what they told me was very startling.
Now, hang on to your hat.
The reason they've made it so strict and law so hard in Ibiza last October was because of the influx of Muslims that were escaping persecution in the United States.
And they're going to change the law again in November, make it more difficult.
Well, the real change, and this was in Congress, was so Americans can't escape during the draft.
Thanks for the call.
You know, what's interesting is Muslims don't have any trouble coming into this country, but someone from England does.
You know, you can speak a foreign language and have no means of support to let you write in and even set you up, but you can be a doctor or a scientist or something with something to contribute and want to immigrate over here, and it takes years.
By the way, that's even been in the mainstream news.
It's very discriminatory.
Mike in Texas.
Go ahead, Mike.
What can you tell us about the Treaty on Open Skies as well?
And another...
From a biblical perspective, I believe they're going to, in this upcoming World War, they're going to knock out Russia and knock us out.
And meanwhile, you have the Imperial Europe, the Fourth Reich over there, they'll occupy North America, Middle East.
Okay, well, let's go over both those points.
I'll take the open skies treaty.
Yeah, we've all got to give up our liberties, but since the 90s, any foreign aircraft that want to come in here can come in unmolested.
Yeah, that's true.
It's basically, we can't go anyplace, but they can.
Open skies is a one-way door.
But the second question is, we could do an hour show on just that question.
Because there is a scenario that I was made privy to where one of the great fears was invasion over the Arctic through Canada to the northern central states of the Midwest and up through Mexico at the same time where they would link by cutting the nation in half using the Rocky Mountains and the Allegheny Mountains as natural barriers to the coasts and taking the heartland first.
I just want to jam one final call in here.
Steven in Tennessee, go ahead.
Make your point, sir.
Okay, Steven Tyler.
I was just wondering, how many times are people going to sit by and let this president violate the Constitution that he swore an oath to defend?
Well, again, you know as well as I do that presidents are just puppets.
But yes, why is this government doing this?
Thanks for the call.
I'm sorry to all the other callers.
Craig, got to get you back up soon.
We'll do it.
Take care.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.