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Air Date: Sept. 10, 2004
2445 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
From Nazareth we came With a ragtag band To play a revolution
Some would make him king Others couldn't stand the net The cross was a solution But he rose again Wise men follow him But he rose again Wise men follow him Hang on for the ride
The Lord knows where we'd be When it comes to heroes and renegades of mine They railed against the crowd Another ragtag band
Declaring independence Laid their bodies down On a bloody war And liberty for their descendants Thanks to the renegades Free today Thanks to the renegades
Thank God for the renegades And the lines they lead Far ahead of Their train Without the renegades Lord knows where we'd be But it's the heroes that renegades are fighting for
We're from the renegades in the world today.
Who are the renegades in the world today?
We hang out for the renegades and the lives they lead are far ahead of their time.
We're from the renegades
When it comes to heroes... When it comes to heroes... Alright folks, it is Friday.
Tomorrow is September 11th.
I want to talk about 9-11 today.
In the post-9-11 world, the globalists had all set up a spring on us in their own white papers...
Before 9-11.
The architecture was built.
It was the catalyzing event.
As David Rockefeller said, all the world needs is the right crisis, and they will accept the new world order.
So when we get back, we'll plunge into the latest news and police state developments.
9-11 Commission wants no fly list.
Expanded the train ships and cars and jobs and everything else.
So we'll get to that when we return and get into 9-11.
Again, it is Friday, the 10th day of September, 2004.
We'll be right back.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Again, my friends, it is September 10th, 2004.
We're nearing the three-year anniversary of when the globalists struck and struck viciously at the heart of New York City in lower Manhattan.
And that's what I said on September 11th, and that's what I'm saying three years later, and that's what I'll be saying five years from now.
Because that is the facts, that is the evidence, that is the horrible truth, whether people want to face it or not.
But now again, in major polls, major Zogby poll, half of New Yorkers think the government was complicit.
That's the quote.
Let me say it again.
And 76% of Hispanics in New York think the government was complicit.
43% of those that call themselves very conservative believe the government was complicit.
Again, bad boys, bad boys.
What you gonna do?
What you gonna do when we come for you?
We are going to expose you.
We are going to wake everyone up.
And the New World Order will be brought to justice.
You will be defeated.
We are not afraid of you, you dirty scumbags.
We will stand up for those you have killed, those that you plan to kill, and we will fight the New World Order.
Now, again, I have all these complex thoughts and understandings, and I'm sure you've all had those same thoughts and great understandings, and it's hard to articulate, but look.
Putin and Bush and Kerry and all of them are like peas in a pod.
Or in the case of
Kerry and Bush, two peas in a skull and bones coffin.
Born again in the order of death.
And we know, unequivocally, 100% that Putin blew up three apartment buildings and killed hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people when he was already the president, when Yeltsin was in a wheelchair, when he was vice president.
Moscow police haunt
Federal Security Bureau personnel planning exogen bombs in a fourth building.
And FSB members have gone public.
Moscow police have gone public.
Some of them were killed.
Some arrested.
Media that reported on it were seized.
There have been BBC reports, French reports, German reports.
It is mainstream news.
We have a huge section on Infowars.com, on PrisonPlanet.com about Russia and what happened with Putin and a British documentary that detailed all of it.
The eyewitnesses, all of it.
And then with the theater siege a few years ago, a few of the survivors said they weren't Chechens.
They were like military men
And then basically, they just started machine gunning people, hit them with knockout gas, and the supposed terrorists, before folks passed out, put on masks, and then were escaping, and then the news said every terrorist was killed.
Every terrorist was killed.
It's real simple.
You send in FSBs, former Spitznacht Special Forces, they hold people hostage, they shoot a bunch of people, they go out the back door, this is clearly what happened,
It's not 100% like the bombings of the buildings.
That is totally admitted.
This is about 95%.
Nailed down.
Again, we have people that have already been caught bombing buildings.
So, number one, that's our big suspect, and the evidence also points that direction.
You know, it's like if a child comes up missing on your block, and there's a convicted child molester and rapist on the street, who's the first person the police talk to?
Well, they better talk to the scumbag.
Well, Putin's been caught blowing up buildings, folks.
To blame it on enemies.
So, who do we go to first?
Then you've got the eyewitnesses in the theater siege.
And then, of course, a few months ago, there was the Riyadh bombing in Saudi Arabia, and they had these guys surrounded, and it was even in the Saudi Arabian news, the British news, some Israeli newspapers, that the U.S.
government ordered the Saudis to, quote, let Al-Qaeda escape.
And they did it.
They've had scores of arrests of supposed Al-Qaeda leaders, and you hear later, oh, they were actually a CIA agent.
They staged their arrest to bring them in, and they released them later.
But that's back of the newspaper.
You know, it's like flying the 8,000 Taliban and Al-Qaeda out to safety right in the middle of the so-called Afghan war.
The CIA, Al-Qaeda Arabs put guns to the heads of the goat herders and shoemakers and cobblers
And put them in the first ring of defenses, and then the Northern Alliance complained, why can't we bomb the third ring where the Arab leaders are?
Why are we just killing conscripts?
And then everybody, including our Special Forces officers who've been in the newspaper, they weren't part of the conspiracy.
They said, we watched as, quote, this is AP and San Francisco Chronicle, one Special Forces colonel, we watched as black helicopters landed by the hundreds and took off the Arab leaders.
The Al-Qaeda cream, was the quote, Al-Qaeda and Taliban cream, cream, cream, cream, cream, to go start other terror wars.
Just like they did in 1998.
They started blowing up school buses, taking over Serb schools.
Just type in Serb school taken over by the Postal Liberation Army.
And all those articles.
Oh, going into schools machine gunning Serb children.
But that was good because Slobo was bad because he wouldn't go along with the globalists.
And you heard on the news he was bad.
And as one Albanian told me in New York, Bill Clinton is our God for doing that.
And then they showed video of the Albanian and Macedonian fence lines with the people wanting into those countries and said, look, they're in camps.
They did it again.
Look, they're in camps.
Just like in the early 90s, that Time and Newsweek photo of the skinny guy behind the barbed wire fence, what they didn't tell you was, that was the UN slash NATO food depot, that was people up against the barbed wire wanting food, and if you watch the full video, which I have and which we played on the website, then they pan the camera and there's fat people, skinny people,
Middle-sized, husky people, and there was one guy who had tuberculosis who'd been turned out of a hospital at the fence begging for food.
But that didn't matter to our media.
It's like the daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador going on television on the eve of the Gulf War and saying they were throwing out babies on the cold floor out of incubators.
Turned out to be totally false, admittedly false.
Meanwhile, weeks before, U.S.
Ambassador to Iraq, April Gillespie, says, go ahead and invade.
We're your ally.
We won't get involved in inter-Arab affairs.
He smiles and says, thank you, I will.
He'd always followed orders.
He was taking that as an order.
Horrible person, Saddam, and all of his former officials have been put back into power now.
By all, about 95% of them.
Oh boy, we're in a lot of trouble.
Of course, Tariq Aziz, he's in a lot of trouble.
Oh yeah, he's living literally in one of Prince Charles' palaces now for life.
In Northern England.
That's all being very, very punished there.
So I'm just trying to give you some backgrounds.
You can connect all this up for yourself.
And so now it's the same type of replay.
Same type of replay where we've got this group of men in masks, and the men that come to stop them are in masks too, of course, and these men come in masks.
And they hold this school.
And it turns out they admit the local police department was working with them.
And now it comes out, oh, looks like some of them might have been FSB agents.
Oh, surprise!
But they were undercover.
It was a sting.
They were watching.
It's like the FBI cooked the bomb and trained the driver in the first World Trade Center attack.
It just was a sting gone bad.
Everything's a sting gone bad.
And so they're inside there.
And all of a sudden, the tanks and the helicopters come in.
Well, an explosion goes off.
And the first news report is...
Fox and Sky Television and all the good, trusted people who are normally thrown out by Russians in a security situation, why, they're all on the ground day one, and they're being taken care of and patted on the head, and Putin agrees with the war on terror, and Putin's buddies, and Putin says Saddam did have weapons of mass destruction, and the Pentagon new map being taught to the Pentagon is Russia's our ally, China's good, we're taking the world over together, and now Russia's merging with NATO and the Pan-American Union, and it's all happening, and it's all the Muslims, a holy war against them.
And so an explosion goes off and the news says, oh, Russians blew a wall up to go in.
And then the witnesses come out and say they were men in masks, and they escaped and left, and then the bomb went off.
So you get your crowd in there, and then a bunch of people run out, and you grab one guy, they won't even release his name, the guy might have been in a dungeon for five years being tortured, and now they roll him out, and he says, I didn't kill children, Allah, Allah, I didn't do anything.
And then the other people escape, and they say, oh no, no one escaped, and now, well, people did escape, and
Same M.O.
over and over and over.
It's like Operation Northwoods says, we'll dress up Cuban Americans who are army as Cubans and we'll go up to Guantanamo Bay and we'll machine gun our troops and we'll bomb them and we'll blow up the depot and we'll shoot people.
We'll shoot Marines.
The U.S.
government will shoot Marines and then we will grab some Cubans and we'll frame them.
And they set it up in New York and D.C., we'll commit sniper attacks, and we'll grab patsies and frame them.
Oh, but the government wouldn't pull something like that in Russia.
No, they never would.
You're thinking, well, then how do they have this patsy?
Well, it's real simple.
It's like Lee Harvey McVeigh.
I mean, Lee Harvey Oswald McVeigh.
You get some useful idiots, you know, like the two guys with 80 IQs, both of them, who parked the truck.
You get some idiots, you know, to go along with their FSB, you know, olive-skinned members of the FSB.
And then they just play along in this whole thing.
And then suddenly they get offered up to the special forces and why they're the bad men and they're going to be executed.
Now, I mean, that's the most probable thing here.
That's where all the evidence points...
That's what's in plain view.
We have people who've been caught doing this and planning this over and over and over and over and over and over again.
And so it happens again.
It's like Columbine.
Clear government operation.
I could spend five hours on that, documenting it, and we have.
It's just... It's the facts, folks.
Columbine was a giant mine control operation.
That was even on 2020 in 1991.
Oh, yeah.
You didn't know that?
It was a federal slash NASA program.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Has anyone told you how the Patriot Acts No.
1 and 2 is the groundwork to eliminate all of our freedoms guaranteed to us by the Bill of Rights?
I think?
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, my friends.
We're back live.
We'll go to your calls here momentarily.
The toll-free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
Some of the news that's coming up.
I mean, you're welcome to call in about 9-11 tomorrow.
It's the anniversary.
Different facets of it.
You want to discuss.
I think it's very timely.
9-11 Commission wants no fly lift expanded to trains and ships.
This is from Newsmax.
Also have an AP report on it.
The government should check travelers' names against terror watch lists before they board passenger trains or cruise ships.
The September 11th Commission recommended Wednesday.
Airliners now check their passengers' names against such a list, a responsibility that the Transportation Security Administration plans to assume sometime next year.
Privacy advocates say the government is too secretive about how it puts people on a list and that those who are mistakenly identified as terrorists don't have an effective way of getting off of it.
Okay, let me just stop there.
Again, two years ago, before Homeland Security even got funded, Ridge met with all these big CEOs on C-SPAN and he said to get on a train, to get on a bus, to go on a cruise...
To have a driver's license, to have a job, we're going to run you through this database and give every American a security clearance level.
And to have a job in food service or agriculture or as a taxi driver, anything, you're going to have to have this security clearance.
And bad credit will knock you off of the green clearance.
I mean, you talk about 1984, you talk about Brave New World.
Again, none of this has anything to do with terrorism.
It's about a cashless society taxation control grip.
You know, what does arresting AP and American Spectator reporters have to do with terrorism in New York?
What does putting people in a camp have to do with it?
What does threatening me with arrest three times a day have to do with it?
It's about government letting you know they're God.
And this is the plan, folks.
Your driver's license has already been federally standardized in 40-plus states.
I think there's only two left that haven't done it.
So they tell you, oh, we need this national ID card now to keep us safe.
We need to standardize it.
They announce the need after it's already done.
You see.
Just get ready.
I mean, you put up with it, you know, if there's a convention or a G8 meeting in your state, you put up with it.
If there's an orange alert, suddenly there's a police state, or oh, to stop drunk drivers, or oh, to check for seatbelts, or they've got all their reasons.
But bottom line, the attitude is, we're your owners, we're your bosses.
You might want to talk about that.
We'll get into it a little bit more later.
200,000 people on the no-fly list, and it's going to go into everything.
Now, not a good globalist.
As I told you, they're going to turn your national ID card off, and that's just it.
And then you try to go to the government building to complain.
They're encircling them with machine gun nests and barbed wire and men in black ski masks hiding their identities.
This is the new future.
The good men in the black ski masks are going to help you.
You may have to be arrested, though, and disappear.
Because the homeland's under attack.
From terrorists our government created.
Judy in Tennessee, you're on the air.
First caller of this September 10th edition.
Yes, sir.
I'm going to hit on two little things real quick.
You were talking yesterday about mental health issues.
Psychiatric tests everybody's going to have to do?
Yes, every child in the country starting now if this passes, Ron Paul's trying to block it, and they openly admit every adult twice a year as well, and Illinois is about to pass a law to mesh with that.
Okay, here in Tennessee, I talked to a lady yesterday.
She's 20 years old.
She had a baby a year ago.
And before she would be let out of the hospital, she was locked up in the room with her baby for two days with cameras on.
She had to take written and verbal tests, psychiatric tests, before they would let her out.
And this was just a year ago.
A couple years ago when we had a child, and this is at a hospital where my wife's sister works as a pediatrician.
This is where we knew all the doctors.
They didn't even tell us.
But they come wheeling in this computer and start asking psychological questions.
And I said, that's for the health department, isn't it?
And they said, yes, it's mandated.
And I said, get that out of here.
And so that's what I'm telling you.
When they announce it, it's already in place.
And yes, that's actually in the plan.
You're going to have to stay for... Wow, I thought that was only in Texas and Illinois so far.
Yes, mounted cameras, everything.
And then they may try to force drug the baby at birth, saying that it's at risk for mental illness.
Right, right.
Hold on, stay there.
I want to hear about this freedom.
And I want to get your friend on.
Well, she's not here right now, but...
You know, it's kind of scary because, you know, this state here is getting crazy.
Kind of scary?
I mean, imagine in 1984 if they did that.
That was radical for a book like 1984.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Okay, we've only got 12 minutes with him, and then he's got to go back and deal with stuff at the House of Representatives.
We'll go back to Judy in Tennessee and others with her friend having a baby, and it's just standard now to wheel in the cameras and do psychological testing for two days.
When I was in high school decades ago, this was done in Austin, Texas, where the pilot program was developed, and I was talking to Congressman Ron Paulder in the break, and he said that he's hearing more and more about this already being implemented at the state level.
Congressman, you tried to block it yesterday.
Please tell us about how...
About what the New Freedom Initiative does, how you tried to block it, and where the fight is right now.
Well, the New Freedom Commission recommended to the President, and the Commission, of course, was his doing, that we have universal mental health screening.
And it would have been in the HHS budget where the funding would come from.
So my amendment said no funds could be used for this.
The other side argued, well, the program is not in full swing, so therefore we're not doing it, and there's no specific money allotted.
But there's legislative authority to do it, and there's money enough there that would have strings attached in order to institute these programs.
But with all of that said, and the danger lurking with a program like this, I was able to only muster 95 votes in opposition to this proposal.
I mean, this is something the Soviets and the Communist Chinese could only dream of.
This is right out of Brave New World.
And since then, we were just talking during the break, you're saying you're learning about this already going on around the country.
I've heard more and more stories.
That's right.
I've heard them coming out of Illinois.
And it was interesting that the delegation in Illinois was... I think all the Republicans might have voted with me, which was unusual for a state like that, for one of my amendments.
But evidently, they're getting the message.
But as time goes on, I think we've done some good in bringing this to attention.
The other side, though, of course, downplayed it.
They said that, you know, I was being hysterical, that I was overreacting, and there was no problem.
And why don't you wait until there's a problem, and then we'll deal with it.
For those congressmen who don't know what the new Freedom Commission is, and the TMAP plan of Texas...
Well, generally, I don't know all the details.
By the way, you're a medical doctor, we should add.
Yes, right.
In 2002, Bush appointed a commission to study this.
It was called the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health.
They brought back a report.
A year later.
Now, the suspicious part about all this is that there's been some drug companies related to those individuals on the commission and some of these programs in the past
I can't think of anything more despicable than to think that a drug company would actually promote a program with the very idea that maybe they would sell more drugs regardless of whether the drugs are going to do any good or not.
It's the idea of selling more Prozac and selling more Ritalin.
There's just so many arguments against this.
It just blows my mind to think that there wouldn't have been more in the Congress to be at least as suspicious of this.
Well, we've got members of Congress coming out and recertifying the Patriot Act, despite the fact that they now know what's in it, after your two-plus years of fighting it.
We have, as you said, not even 100 members, short of 100 members coming out against this.
Is it just because such big money is behind this program?
You know, I see it as, you know, their lackadaisical.
They haven't studied it.
They walk onto the floor.
It's my amendment and I have no clout.
And the leadership says, our position is that we vote no on this amendment.
It's unnecessary.
And their goal in life is to get along.
Go along and get along.
So leadership tells them, vote no.
And it's more that attitude rather than them really understanding the issue or being a champion of this.
Of course, the people behind the scenes
And the commission like this and the maneuvers in the administration, I mean, they're true believers, as there are plenty in the Congress.
But I would say there's a large number in Congress who are just too lackadaisical to really study the issue.
Now, some of your great researchers at your foundation have put out a good report on this.
There's also been some articles in the mainstream media and World Net Daily.
We have those on Infowars.com.
But why don't you plug your foundation website?
Well, the best one to get a hold of is the libertycommittee.com, and that's the one that put out the information on this.
I have several, but that's the one that dealt with...
All right, I want to just shift gears for a second, because I wanted to get you on next week about your weekly report on the National ID Card standardizing the state driver's license again, which I've already found out really has already happened with most states.
And then that ties in with the 9-11 Commission now wants no fly lift for trains, ships.
I saw Ridge on C-SPAN say that your security rating will even be on your driver's license in the future.
Can you talk about that?
Well, that is the recommendation, and what I sense in the Congress now is that there will be some of these, if not all of those suggestions passed, and it will probably be thrown together in a lump at the end of the Congress and probably passed without much scrutiny.
So I am very fearful that the National ID card is going to be brought into being.
So just an avalanche of draconian police state measures.
There's no doubt about it.
The atmosphere in the last three years has been rather sad.
The members of Congress are intimidated because they're afraid if they ever say no to a suggestion that they are going to be seen back home as not caring about protecting the people.
Of course, my idea of protecting the people is guaranteeing their liberties.
The individuals assuming the responsibility for protecting themselves.
Congressman, how do we now fight against Patriot Act?
No fly, no drive list.
How do we fight against the New Freedom Initiative if Congress is just...
Well, since I still work within the system and trying to change it, and you still try to persuade Congress, I guess the only thing left for us is to continue that effort.
And it is true that the members of Congress without deep convictions will be persuaded if the numbers are out there.
So if our numbers grow, Congress will respond.
But it is difficult.
The other option of just opting out of the whole system and giving up, I'm not quite ready for that, but it is a little discouraging at times.
But I think our numbers are growing.
That's the encouraging part.
Our numbers are a lot larger, and this information spread rather quickly through the Internet.
So in some ways we had a minor victory because we have brought this issue to the attention of millions of people here in the last couple of days.
Short of that, though, we still have a long way to go.
So bottom line, we've got to continue the education process.
I agree there's an explosion in awakening taking place.
About a year ago in Austin, you gave a speech, and that was the best news you had for us, is that you're seeing the same thing we're witnessing, Congressman.
I mean, six years ago, I'd talk about this stuff on my show, and half the callers disagreed with me.
Now I beg for people to call.
The show's bigger than it's ever been, and really no one calls in disagreeing with us.
I mean, I think most Americans...
Don't want to be forcibly psychologically tested at children and then adults.
I mean, this is so Orwellian.
I can't believe that Congress wouldn't throw this out.
It's like Congress is going in the opposite direction of the people.
Right, and if I was way off base, and you and others would be completely off base, I would be quickly thrown out of office if we were way out.
But, you know, fortunately for me personally as well as for our views, they've been endorsed by my district.
Well, you're winning by some of the biggest margins in Texas.
Well, we don't have an opponent this year, and I think in many ways that endorses the principles of the Constitution that says that we will not punish somebody because he sticks to those principles, and that should give us all some encouragement.
You're a model that, you know, this whole line the lobbyists tell members of Congress, do exactly what we say or you're out of office, it's really a fraud.
Look at Tom Tancredo.
The White House is out attacking him for his immigration issues, but he's being elected by landslides in a district that's considered quite liberal in Colorado.
You know, also yesterday we had a vote.
On that capitalization, you know, for that Social Security for Mexican citizens?
And we couldn't even pass that.
It was a motion to deny funds to institute that program, and we still had 60...
Some Republicans joined the Democrats to defeat the motion.
That brings me into my last question, Congressman, with this legislative update you're giving us.
Free trade area of the Americas.
I know you're a libertarian, but you look at this plan, it doesn't look free market.
It's just like the EU getting us into this regional government.
They're talking about having a capital in Miami or Atlanta.
What's coming up with the free trade area of the Americas?
Nothing before the end of this Congress.
It'll come up at the beginning of the next Congress.
But my strong objection to it is it's global, regional government, and yes, I do believe that countries ought to be able to trade with each other, but I don't want it managed by the UN, the Nations, the World Trade Organization, all these other organizations.
Well, that's it, Congressman.
It's the same thing you just talked about with Social Security to Mexico.
This is going to be a whole hemispheric deal.
I've read the package.
I'm sure you've looked at it, too.
I mean, I don't think people know that the EU started as, quote, the economic community.
Well, this is the same thing.
Yeah, and that's part of that globalization is that we share our wealth with the poor countries that demand fairness.
Okay, this is my absolute last question.
I've got to go in about 70 seconds here and get back on the floor.
Congressman, I was in New York.
I was threatened with arrest three times a day.
I saw AP reporters, American Spectator reporters being arrested, people in nets, sound cannons that are used in Iraq, surveillance blimps.
I was there.
The news didn't cover the reality.
I was inside, of course.
I don't know if you were in New York, but I saw literal martial law, and I'm not embellishing when I say that.
What do you think about what happened in New York?
Well, I've used that as an example when people are complaining about
Were you in New York?
I was there for six days.
It was unbelievable.
I would be ten miles from the convention center doing an interview in front of a fountain and have police run over screaming and cussing, threatening to arrest me, even though I had congressional press passes.
It was all just arbitrary exercise of power.
Yeah, I didn't have any interest in that.
But bottom line, you say people are waking up.
I think so.
We're still in a minority, but our numbers are growing, and I think we have to just do our best to keep the momentum going.
So contact Congress and tell them you need to back off right now on all these issues?
Well, yeah, and always go to town hall meetings.
If a member of Congress has a town hall meeting, go and be heard.
All right, Congressman Ron Paul, thank you so much for joining us.
Do you think they're going to try to sneak the assault weapons ban through in the next few days?
I don't think before the election.
You know, it's a little bit late now.
They let it expire, so I think they might pull something after the election.
But you said you also think they might pull a draft after the election.
That's a possibility.
So there's still rumblings of that.
All right, Congressman, thanks for joining us.
Thank you.
There goes Congressman Ron Paul.
We jammed a lot into that.
Now let's go back to Judy in Tennessee.
Is she still there?
I'm still here.
Judy, I want you to slowly describe what your 20-year-old friend told you about when she had a baby there in Tennessee.
Well, what brought it up is I told her last night she came over to visit.
And I said, be careful because she's going to have another baby in about six months.
And I told her what was happening.
She said, oh, that's already happened to me.
She said, when I had my baby, before they would let me out of the room to go see him...
The next day after he was born, they locked her door with him in there and gave her the food and everything, and they had a camera on her for two days and two nights.
Then she had to take written and verbal tests before they said that she could come home.
Also, I do know that several people have told me here, these older people that are on Social Security and welfare and, you know, disabilities,
In order to get any kind of food stamps, they have to take a test now for that.
Yeah, and understand, they always do it with the weak groups first.
Young women, old folks, sick people, folks that have physical ailments.
This is being done, and it's going to be for everybody.
They just passed the funding and the bill yesterday, folks, in Congress.
And if she would have...
You know, jiggled the baby wrong.
The baby would have had trouble taking milk.
If she would have done anything, normally it's just a five-hour meeting with a predatory social worker that wants to steal your child if they think you're dumb or don't know your rights.
We'll go ahead and take them.
They'll get hundreds of thousands of dollars for the child.
Now, I would guess this woman, was she taking assistance?
She had the baby in a city hospital.
Yeah, she had assistance.
Her husband was in jail at the time.
And she was getting complete assistance.
And I figured that that was the reason why they had control of her.
And it was a violation of the 5th and 4th Amendment, her privacy and her 5th Amendment.
There was no crime.
They were looking for something.
They were trying to find something to pin on her.
I understand.
It's a nightmare.
And this is our government.
I'd like you, Judy, I'd like to give you my cell phone number.
Oh, wonderful.
And I'd like to get in touch with this lady.
She needs to have her family, her neighbors, her church put together a collection.
She needs to have it at a private hospital.
You guys need to pay to get her insurance, something.
And you need to be there guarding her and just tell them, no, you don't have the right to do this when they do that with the second baby.
Okay, great.
I'll be glad to take it.
Yeah, because in a third of these cases, they go ahead and take the child the parent never sees.
Oh, they've threatened to take this child away from her several times.
Yeah, well, she's on the list.
Well, you need to guard her.
And that little baby is the smartest little child I've ever seen in my life.
He's nine months old, and he's almost walking.
Well, God demands that we protect widows and orphans and the weak.
And if we don't defend these people, their blood, their suffering is on our souls.
And I don't want that on my soul.
No, no, no.
And I can just feel God's rage over this, can't you?
I can feel it, folks.
That's why when she told me this last night, I sat there and I thought, oh.
Oh, they're really trying their darndest.
You just heard Ron Paul.
I mean, global government, they're going to have a capital in Miami or Atlanta.
They're going to pay the Social Security to the whole... I mean, it's over, folks.
No borders.
The UN said it's going to be a border around the continents that they control.
I hope people realize we're not joking around here, folks.
It's the...
You're going to have an actual ID card with your clearance, can't have a job.
If you've got bad credit, you'll have to go sign on to a type of probation with them as a debtor prison to work off 10, 20 hours a week for the government.
This is going to be the new draft.
Just everything.
I mean, you want textbook, high-tech, super slavery.
This is it, folks.
And they're in the process of turning the police and military against the people?
I mean, this is martial law.
You know, I'm not a young person.
I'm in my late 60s.
And I've had cancer for seven years.
And I cannot tell you how many things that they have told me, oh, you need to do this, you need to do that, you need to get into this program, you need to get into that one.
But here's what you have to do to do it.
And guess what?
I've said no.
And I fought it by myself, and you know, I'm winning.
Well, God bless you, and we'll pray for you.
I can't live forever, but you know, I'm not going to let them roll me over.
I'll tell you what, it's like the mafia.
You take something from the mob, they're going to want something back.
Well, I'm going to give you my cell phone number during the break.
I want you and this lady to call me.
And we'll be back, folks.
I mean, you know why I'm so freaked out now.
We're not joking around.
We're not exaggerating.
We don't have words to tell you how bad it is.
presentplanet.tv, infowars.com.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
They're trying to sneak the assault weapons ban through.
We've got Larry Pratt coming on in the third hour from Gun Owners of America.
Right now we have a surprise guest for you who we are incredibly honored to have on with his unbelievably busy schedule.
We'll be talking to him here in just a minute or two.
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Now, ladies and gentlemen, over a year ago I interviewed him.
The interview sent shockwaves across the country.
He is back with us.
He is former Bob Dole chief of staff, chief staffer, very successful counselor, lawyer.
He represents hundreds of the victims' families in 9-11.
He is suing Bush for involvement in 9-11.
Now the major Zogby pullout, half of New Yorkers think the government was involved in 9-11.
And joining us for the next 35 minutes into the next hour is Stanley Hilton.
Stanley, it's great to have you on with us.
Glad to be on.
We'll have to recap this when we start the next hour, but just in a nutshell, you have a lawsuit going, you've deposed a lot of military officers, you know the truth of 9-11.
Just in a nutshell, what is your case alleging?
Our case is alleging that Bush and his top assistants, Rice and Cheney and Mueller and Rumsfeld and so forth, were all involved not only in aiding and abetting and allowing 9-11 to happen, but in actually...
We're good to go.
I think?
I also wanted to point out just quickly, I went to school with some of these neocons in the University of Chicago.
Middle East.
I was a political scientist in the late 60s with Wolfowitz and Feith and several of the others.
And so I know these people personally.
And we used to talk about this stuff all the time.
And I did my senior thesis on this very subject of how to turn the U.S.
into a presidential dictatorship by manufacturing a bogus Pearl Harbor event.
So technically this has been in the planning at least 35 years.
That's right.
They were all Straussian followers of a Nazi-like professor, and now they're setting that up here in America.
Stanley, I know you've deposed a lot of people.
You've got your $7 million lawsuit with hundreds of the victims' families involved.
$7 billion.
Yes, $7 billion.
Can you go over some of the new incriminating evidence you've got of them ordering the attack?
Well, let me just say that this is a taxpayer's class action lawsuit as well as a suit on behalf of the families.
And the basic three arguments are they violated the Constitution by ordering this event.
And secondly, we have a claim to the Federal Fraudulent Claims Act, Title 31 of the U.S.
Code, in which Bush presented false and fraudulent evidence to Congress to get
Tell you what, stay there.
Stanley, we've got a break.
Let's come back and get into the evidence.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Second hour, September 10, 2004.
The anniversary of the globalist attack coming up tomorrow.
It's an amazing individual we have on the line.
Bob Dole's former chief of staff, a political scientist, a lawyer.
He went to school with Rumsfeld and others.
He wrote his thesis about how to turn America into a dictatorship using a fake Pearl Harbor attack.
He's suing the U.S.
government for carrying out 9-11.
He has hundreds of the victims' families signed on to it.
It's a $7 billion lawsuit.
And he is Stanley Hilton.
I know a lot of stations just joined us in Los Angeles and Rhode Island and Missouri and Florida and all over.
Please, sir, recap what you were just stating.
Then let's get into the new evidence and then we'll get into how you're being harassed by the FBI as other FBI people are being harassed who've been blowing the whistle on this.
So this is really getting serious.
Stanley, tell us all about it.
Yeah, we're suing Bush, Condoleezza Rice, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Mueller, etc.
for complicity in...
Personally, not only allowing 9-11 to happen, but in ordering it.
The hijackers we maintain, and we have a witness who was married to one of them, the hijackers were...
We're good to go.
We have incriminating evidence, documents as well as witnesses to this effect.
It's not just incompetence despite the fact that he is incompetent.
The fact is he personally ordered this, knew about it.
At one point there were rehearsals of this.
The reason why he appeared to be uninterested and nonchalant on September 11th when those videos showed that Andrew Card whispered in his ear the poison words about this thing and he seemed uninterested.
He listened to kids with a pet ghost story.
He thought this was another rehearsal.
These people had dress rehearsed this many times.
He had seen simulated videos of this.
In fact, he even made a Freudian slip a few months later at a California press conference where he said he had, quote, seen on television the first plane attack the first tower.
And that could not be possible because there was no video.
What it was was the simulated video he had gone over.
So this is a personally government-ordered thing.
We're suing them under the Constitution for violating Americans' rights as well as
Under the Federal Fraudulent Claims Act for presenting a fraudulent claim to Congress to justify a bogus Iraq boondoggle war for political gains, and also under the RICO statute under the Racketeering Corrupt Organization Act for being a corrupt entity.
And I've been harassed personally by the chief judge of the federal court who's threatened me personally to drop this suit, threatened to kick me off the court after 30 years on the court.
I've been harassed by the FBI.
My staff has been harassed and threatened.
My office has been broken into.
And this is what we have, the kind of government we're dealing with.
And now it's come out.
Five separate drills of flying hijacked jets into buildings that morning, which you told us about before it even broke in the Associated Press.
They were trying to get out ahead of you.
You talked about how you had interviewed military people who were told it was a drill that morning.
Then to get out ahead of that, the news finally reported on it.
Now we've learned of all these operations.
I want to get into that.
I want to talk about the new incriminating evidence of ordering it, how they had drilled on this, how Cheney was in the bunker controlling this.
That's even come out in the mainstream news, but they won't release the details of that, Stanley.
But what type of FBI harassment are you going through?
All right.
First of all, my office was burglarized in San Francisco several months ago, and my files were gone through, and some files were seized, particularly the ones dealing with the lady that was married to one of the hijackers.
Fortunately, I had spare copies in a hidden place, so nothing disappeared permanently.
But more significantly, FBI agents have been harassing one of my staff members and threatening them with vague and...
You know, by frightening threats of indicting them.
And it's just been a total harassment.
They have planted a spy, an undercover agent in my organization, which we just recently discovered.
In other words, these are Nazi Germany tactics.
This is the kind of government you have in this country.
This is what Bush is all about.
Tell you what, stay there, Stanley.
Bob Knowles, former chief of staff, will come back with you after this quick break.
Please stay with us.
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The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Eight minutes, 25 seconds into the second hour.
All right.
Stanley Hilton.
Political scientist, lawyer, Bob Dole, former chief of staff, suing the government for $7 billion for carrying out 9-11 and for racketeering.
And he joins us now.
During the break, you know, I first really did the big interview with Stanley Hilton after I saw him attacked on Fox News.
And that interview got massive attention.
Then he kind of went underground for a while because a judge, and we're going to talk about that, ordered him to not do any more interviews.
Now he's back doing interviews.
He's had his office broken into, FBI threats and harassment.
Bottom line, he's deposed the military, individuals, wives of hijackers, you name it.
It was a government operation.
This has even come out in mainstream news.
Peace here, peace there.
They had drills on 9-11.
That's why NORAD stood down.
Cheney was in control of the whole thing.
Stanley Hill has now gotten documents of how Bush ordered the whole operation.
I'll say it right now.
His life is in danger, folks.
He's got so much courage.
He went to school with these neocons at the University of Chicago.
He wrote his thesis on how the government could use terror attacks to set up martial law.
He is the man for the time.
And folks who wondered why he disappeared for a while and just did his lawsuit went to interviews because he was ordered to.
Stanley, can you get into that for us?
Yeah, I did an interview with you, Alex, back in March of 2003, about a year and a half ago, and literally two weeks after that, I was contacted by an emissary of the Chief Judge in the federal court here where I had the lawsuit, and was warned not to publicize, to keep it quiet, and threatened with discipline.
And it remained quiet until a couple months ago, and then I...
I've been more... I got on the air with some programs and some publicity and on July 1st I was threatened directly by...
By the chief judge here, threatened with the quote, discipline.
This particular judge has been circulating, communicating to the other federal judges, seeking anything negative she can get against me to try and discipline me after I've been on this court here for 30 years with no disciplinary problems at all.
This is suddenly happening, and her assistants who were...
Yeah, I think so.
Now again though, it's all color of law, no direct order, just all in your face.
Well, they sent a letter out, but of course they deny it's because of the political content of the suit, but they told me directly on the phone that it is because of this suit, and this judge is very, very angry.
Apparently he's been in contact with Ashcroft's Justice Department.
I got a call from Ashcroft's Justice Department a few months ago about this, demanding that I drop the suit, threatening sanctions and all kinds of things, and I refused to drop it.
Now, let's go back over.
You've had them break in your office, harassment.
Let's go over that in detail.
My office in San Francisco was broken into about six months ago.
The file cabinets, it was obvious that they had been rifled through.
Files were stolen.
Files dealing with this particular case, and particularly with the documents I have regarding the fact that some of these hijackers, at least some of them were on the payroll of the U.S.
government as undercover FBI, CIA double agents.
They were spying on Arab groups in the U.S.,
And in effect, all this led up to the fact that Al Qaeda is a creation of the George Bush administration, basically, that this entity that he called Al Qaeda is directly linked to George Bush.
And all this stuff was stolen.
Fortunately, I have copies.
But this was just part of the harassment.
The FBI has also been harassing some of my assistants and has planted a spy in our midst.
And it's just outrageous that these Nazi tactics are being used to stifle... It's obstruction of justice.
These people are criminals, and that's what's happening, and I'm under tremendous pressure here to just drop it.
Or just shut up and just go away.
Let's talk about what they want you to drop.
Let's do it.
Let's talk about, without giving names, the people you've deposed, what really happened, the picture you've got.
You said earlier Bush ordered this.
There have been simulations in which they now admit they've done all this.
There were simulations on that morning.
Let's go over what they don't want you to talk about, Stanley.
We have evidence, both documentary as well as witness-sworn statements from undercover President, former FBI agents, FBI informants, etc., and other officials in the Pentagon, in the military, in the Air Force, that deal with the fact that there were many drills, many rehearsals for 9-11 before it happened.
Bush had seen this simulated.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Has admitted on tape that he was there the night before September 10th, that is.
And now Giuliani, two months ago, at the 9-11 Commission, admitted that.
Tripod 2, they had their whole command post already moved out of Building 7.
Now, this is very, very important.
This is a key area of this whole event.
You said, months before it came out on the CIA's own website, the Associated Press...
You said, I've deposed people.
They say there were drills that morning of exactly what happened happening.
That was a smoke screen for the stand down.
And then to get out ahead of it, the CIA comes out and goes, yeah, we were running a drill that morning.
Now we've learned of...
Five, possibly six, but confirm, five of these, one drill, the exact same thing happening that actually happened at the exact same time in the morning.
That's why NORAD stood down with 24 different blips on the screen.
You brought this out first.
You said this.
Now, I know you can't get too much into the case, but can you tell us how you learned of this?
I have interviewed individuals in NORAD, the Air Force.
I personally toured NORAD many years ago around the time I worked for Dole.
I'm very familiar with the operations in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs, where NORAD is.
Individuals that have worked in NORAD as well as in the Air Force have stated this off the record and on his warrant statements.
But the point is that, yes, this was not just five drills.
There were at least 35 drills over
At least two months before September 11th.
Everything was planned, the exact location.
But five drills that day?
That day, that day.
And Bush thought it was a drill.
That's the only explanation for why he appeared nonchalant.
We also have NORAD officers and civilian air traffic controllers going, is this part of the exercise?
Is this a drill?
On the tapes and in TV interviews, they thought it was, quote, the drill.
That's right.
That's exactly what I said long before it came public.
I've known about this since earlier than March of 2003, as I stated before.
This was all planned.
I mean, this was a government-ordered operation.
Bush personally signed the order.
He personally authorized these attacks.
He's guilty of treason and mass murder.
And now obstruction of justice by attempting to use a federal judge and FBI agents to
We're good to go.
It's interesting that he got away with trying to get Clinton impeached, and we have a far worse criminal sitting in the Oval Office today, somebody guilty of mass murder as well as obstruction of justice.
Well, I mean, look, they say they never heard of a plan to fly planes into buildings, said it all over television, Rice, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, and...
Then we find out they were running all these drills that morning.
Even if they weren't involved, that proves they're liars about never hearing of such a plan.
Well, I plan to take their depositions.
I've been trying to take their depositions for months.
They've been trying to object to it.
They're going to have to admit they were either lying then or now.
It's clearly perjury either way.
They're liars and perjurers.
That's what they are.
These are the people that you have running this government.
And, of course, they knew about it.
How are they going to claim now they didn't know about these drills?
I mean, their idea is nobody knew anything.
It's the old know-nothing mentality.
And how anybody can seriously believe that is beyond me.
All right.
Now, people ask, how could a huge organization, how could the AWACS, how could the military let this happen?
Whereas before, if your assessment got off course for five minutes, they'd launch F-16s on you.
It's real simple.
It's what Stanley Hilton said a year and a half ago.
It's what came out in the news after that.
The military, good people, were told this was all a drill.
And it was not a drill.
And ABC News admits that Cheney was in control of CIDAR, out of the White House, then at CIDAR, and that he ordered the military to, quote, do something.
Our inside sources that are held in others say it was the stand-down.
And they admit that they will not release that under national security.
Well, they're going to admit it.
They're going to release it in the court case.
I mean, because demanded under subpoena powers...
And they must release it.
And part of our lawsuit is brought in the name of the U.S.
because under the federal fraudulent, we accused the Bush administration of presenting a fraudulent claim to Congress.
And under the statute, Title 31 of the U.S.
Code, they must release this information.
That's why they're trying to threaten me
Harass me, invade my office, steal my files, commit blatant obstruction of justice and other crimes to try and prevent a legitimate civil suit from exposing these criminals in their acts of treason and mass murder.
I think you need to publicly tell folks you're not planning suicide.
Would you like to tell folks that?
I'm not planning suicide.
I've got family, and I'm not planning that, but I don't like the threats I'm under.
I can tell you this, it's taken a toll emotionally on me and my staff, and particularly when you get a threat from the chief judge of your own court.
Why have you decided to go public again after a year of kind of being under the radar?
Because the more and more evidence that I've been inducing over the year and a half has made it so obvious to me that this was now, without any doubt, a government operation that involves the biggest act of treason and mass murder in American history.
It makes Benedict Arnold... I mean, George Bush makes Benedict Arnold look like a patriot.
He makes Benedict Arnold look like George Washington.
I mean, that's what we have.
We have a criminal and a traitor sitting in the White House pretending he's a patriot wrapping himself in the flag.
And it's pretty disgusting because the other side of the so-called opposition, the carry camp, is just saying nothing because they're afraid to speak.
Stay there.
We'll be right back.
We'll be right back.
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David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Have you ever wondered what former President George Herbert Walker Bush meant in 1990 by saying the Desert Storm War was a good chance to start the New World Order?
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You know, all of this.
And then now they never had any idea, and it turns out they had all these drills, one drill, of hijacked jets flying to the World Trade Center in Pentagon at 8.30 in the morning.
That morning.
Come on, people!
And Stanley Hilton brought all this out on this show before it was in the mainstream news.
And I was talking to him during the break.
I mean, the harassment, the moles, the threatening of his staff, the judges threatening him.
Stanley, let's get specifically into the documents that you've now got, that they have now been robbing you for, that you luckily, thank God, had copies.
Specifically, Bush ordering this.
Can you get into that for us?
Ordering 9-11.
National Security Council classified document.
Bush personally ordered it.
Yeah, I think so.
Computer chip in the nose of the plane enables the ground control, the military ground control, to disable the pilots' control of the plane and to control it and fly it directly into those towers.
That's what happened.
It's also a technology used in what's called a Global Hawk, which is an aircraft, a drone, a remote aircraft, and they were doing it.
The documents are National Security Council classified documents that clearly indicate the go-ahead, the green light, to allow, to order this to go.
And this is no drill.
These drills that were run, it was clearly a dress rehearsal, and this was all a government operation, and I tell you, you wonder why these people are trying to threaten people and trying to intimidate people wearing this suit.
I mean, I guess if you murdered 3,000 of your own citizens,
In conjunction with the corrupt royal family of Saudi Arabia, as Bush did, and if you then waste billions more on a worthless garbage war in Iraq, I guess you've got something to worry about.
You want to threaten people to prevent it from coming out.
Well, let's look at this.
Not only are they dress rehearsals, they're smoke screens, so good military stands down and doesn't know what's happening.
But it is now coming out, even mainstream news, that yes, these drills were going on, and that yes, in some of these drills, quote, passenger-type jets were under remote control.
This is decades-old technology.
In 1958, NORAD was piloting old jets and using them for target practice.
Decades ago, they flew jumbo jets from L.A.
to Sydney, Australia.
So that's going on.
Everybody knows that.
And it's the same M.O., just like the First World Trade Center, where they get two retarded, literally retarded men, who follow this blind sheik who had a tiny mosque above a pizza parlor, and they set them up as the patsies.
The FBI cooks the bomb, trains the driver.
The informant goes, you're not going to bomb the building.
They go, yeah, we're letting him go forward.
He tapes them to protect themselves.
The two retarded gentlemen, thank God, didn't park it up against the column, as the FBI had instructed them to do, so it didn't bring down the tower.
Because it has to be right up against the column.
That doesn't happen.
It's the same thing with 9-11.
You've got these CIA agents, these Arabs, who were trained at U.S.
military bases, Pensacola Naval Air Station, mainstream news, out creating their ledger for this background.
They're on board the aircraft.
My military sources say nerve gas kills everybody on board the planes, nerve gas packets, then they fly the planes into the buildings.
From your inside sources, is that accurate?
Well, that's one of the things we're looking into, that nerve gas or something else disabled people in there.
It's possible.
I can't say for sure to be honest.
All you know is they were government agents.
They were on board.
The planes were remote controlled.
Yeah, it was basically a smoke screen.
I mean, the events of the hijackings, you know, happened.
Someone snuck in those cutters, but it was a plant.
It was like a classic decoy.
We say military.
I've got some military background, and it's called...
It's a decoy operation.
You make the people focus on a decoy to avoid looking at the real criminals.
So they're focusing on these so-called 19 hijackers and saying, oh, it must have been these Arabs.
Well, in fact, the guilty person is at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Well, the media is owned by the same military industrial complex that carried out the attacks.
Yeah, yeah.
The media is only interested in maintaining the official government's fantasy that this was a little lone Arab.
These Arabs couldn't even steer that plane down a runway.
Well, they're right back, Stanley.
Final segment with you coming up.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
We're here 24 hours a day.
Mr. Hilton when you talk to these FBI agents when you talk to these military men and women
I mean, what's their attitude?
They've got to be pretty freaked out to have the big picture and know what actually happened on 9-11.
Yes, you know, it's like clouds just before a thunderstorm in the sense that they're sort of pregnant with rage here.
They're just enraged that the criminal politicians have perverted and misused the government to murder its own citizens in pursuit of these dubious political ends.
And many of them, an increasing number, are willing to talk, and they will talk under subpoena, but only under subpoena, because, of course, they've been threatened.
You know, the official party line of the government is, shut up and don't talk.
It's a gag order to anyone.
But more and more, they're very outraged that they could be part of a government that's done this to its own people, to its own people.
I mean, you'd have to go back to Stalin to see someone do it.
Not even Hitler did that to his own people.
You'd have to look at Stalin, who would murder the kulaks, the Russians, for his own dubious gains.
That's what we've got.
We have a Stalinist mentality in this country.
And that these people pose as patriots and wrap themselves in the flag is disgusting.
I want to also point out that the Japanese television network, Asahi, is going to be airing a special on Prime Time tomorrow, on September 11th.
They interviewed me for eight hours a couple of weeks ago.
I'll be on that.
Of course, the American media don't care, so they're not going to care.
But in Japan, the people are very serious about interviewing me and others.
And we have a website now called deprogram.info.
People are more interested.
But the last thing I just wanted to say was that...
You know, if anything happens to me, you'll know why, because I'm being threatened here now, and it seems that you can't bring a case in this country anymore against criminals in power without being threatened.
This is how they operate, and I repeat that the stakes are pretty high when you've got a world historical level of treason and fraud by this government against its own people.
I guess this is what you have to expect.
The globalists, the New World Order crowd, definitely intend to carry out more terror attacks.
I know they would have carried out more attacks if we wouldn't have done what we've been up to, if you wouldn't have been out there boldly speaking out, and many others.
And their electronic Berlin Wall has a bunch of cracks in it now, thanks to good people like yourself and millions of others that have been speaking out and telling the truth.
But do you think that they may carry out what they've been hyping, a suitcase nuke attack, a biological release, to try to smoke screen all of this?
I mean, I know it's a catch-22.
We've got to expose the murderers.
We've got to get the word out on this.
But some government people I've talked to say, yeah, but if you do that, they're going to go even more hardcore and just totally try to take over.
But I say, regardless, they're already doing that.
So what do you say to that?
Well, yeah, I think they have an agenda.
They have plans.
They have contingency plans.
I think they're laying low now because there's an increasing number of people like myself who are openly challenging them and accusing them of criminal conduct here.
I think they would have done it again if nobody had spoken up.
They plan to do it.
What they'd like to do is silence any dissenters.
This Patriot Act, that's why we're trying to get the Patriot Act declared unconstitutional in this lawsuit also.
Well, let's talk about polls.
You know, in the beginning, a patriot is a scarce man, hated and feared, but in time, when his cause succeeds, the timid join him, because then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
You're one of those guys that hit the barbed wire for us.
Figuratively jumped on the hand grenade for America.
But when you've got a Zogby poll, the most highly respected, half of New Yorkers believe the government was involved.
When you have a Canadian poll, 63% on average believe the U.S.
government was involved.
And in some groups, as high as 76% in polls believe the government was involved.
European polls, two-thirds believe
Show the same thing.
We have German defense ministers and technology ministers and another member of their government, now three of them going public, known conservatives and progressives.
You have the environment minister, Michael Meacher, saying if they didn't do it, they sure as hell knew it was going on.
I mean, we all have... Look, if anybody who's a thinking person looks at the evidence, their official story's impossible, then you investigate and they're involved in it.
Comments to this mass awakening that's happening.
Well, I think that's why they want the Patriot Act to suppress political dissent.
They have to anticipate.
They're not dumb individuals.
I knew these people personally, Wolfowitz and these others.
These are criminal individuals, but they're smart.
And so they anticipated political dissent.
And that's why, like the Nazis, their forebears and their blood brothers, the Nazis and the Stalinists,
They have to have political repression.
Every corrupt and criminal government has done this.
They've suppressed their own people.
Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, Mao Zedong.
That's why we have the Patriot Act.
It went hand in hand.
They had it planned to go right after September 11.
This was all part of a plan.
You have to do it.
It was part of my senior thesis.
You must follow through this kind of terrorist attacks with a political suppression mechanism in the law.
And that's why they want...
Stanley Hilton?
You've got to go in just a minute or two, but I wanted to also tell you about New York.
Sound cannons that are used in Iraq, they're against us.
Men in black ski masks, 41,000 police, accredited media being arrested randomly, children being arrested, people in wheelchairs, 2,000 plus people put in a camp.
With barbed wire fences inside, with no bathrooms, you had to ask permission to go to the porta-potties, police screaming at you, had nothing to do with terrorism.
They're openly setting the precedent for martial law.
Well, that's right.
The word terrorist is now being over-broadened, over-defined, whatever Bruce said it means.
And also, you know, it's like the word communist was used for anything during the McCarthy witch hunts.
And, you know, anybody can be called a terrorist by Bush's definition, but the irony is the number one terrorist in the world is sitting at the White House in the Oval Office today.
That's the real irony.
And for sheer hypocrisy, I think he deserves a world prize and ought to be in the Ripley book, believe it or not.
And the Guinness Book of World Records for sheer brazen chicanery and fraud.
Let me ask you a question on this, because this is the experience I have.
Watching television, watching the killers, watching those that are guilty, stand up there as our saviors is incredibly painful.
It's like watching Ted Bundy being the judge in his own trial.
I mean, it is just painful to know who these people are, to see them putting America in a shredder.
Now they're going to have forced psychological testing of every American, forced drugging, you know, Pan-American unions.
I mean, it's just all happening.
It's in our face, Stanley.
Yeah, it's very disturbing, and like I said, as one who has studied the theory and concept of dictatorships, I mean, I personally interviewed Albert Speer, who was Hitler's armaments minister, and I interviewed him in 1981 in Munich, and I mean, I've studied the psychology and the history of totalitarianism, and there's no question that it's very frightening, and today with high technology, I think you have the first time in history the chance of
We're good to go.
Not only their own country, but others, the world.
And the answer is to expose them as the terrorists, to show how PNAC said we need helpful Pearl Harbor events, to show how Northwoods called for exact 9-11 style attacks, to show their own plans, and to force people to face this horror.
What are they going to do in a year or two when 80% of us, not half of us, know the truth?
Well, that's why they want repression.
And then again, the ancient old diversion.
Launch another terrorist attack to get people's attention away.
I mean, who knows what they'll do next?
I mean, their capacity for ingenious creation of these events is sort of untrammeled.
I mean, there's no limit.
My guess is they're going to try another stunt.
Maybe a stunt just before the election to justify getting Bush re-elected.
Although it seems like he's running against a straw man or a ghost right now anyway.
But my guess is they'll try some other tactic to get people's attention away from 9-11 if it gets to be too much obsession.
What they're really hoping for is that the public will just lose interest because the public might start to remember the Alamo, you know?
People don't forget things like that.
To me, it's like the Alamo.
I mean, it's like, remember 9-11.
That ought to be a slogan for this outrageous act of treason.
And that's what it is.
It's not... Absolutely.
We are at a crossroads.
I don't think they anticipated this much resistance, Stanley.
Well, I hope that they are proven wrong and as incompetent as they are corrupt and guilty.
I mean, their incompetence is exceeded only by their corruption and their guilt.
And eventually there's enough people in there that are going to get outraged and that will sneak people in the bureaucracy, in the...
Stanley, their whole operation hinges on us being naive and not recognizing evil.
The same thing happened with Hitler and others.
People couldn't recognize evil, so they continued to repeat succumbing to it.
We are recognizing it this time.
We're putting our lives, our treasure, our future on the line for freedom because we cannot let these bloodthirsty, control freak terrorists
Capture us and use us and turn us into the Empire and have a draft and use us as their slaves who invade the planet, and that's their PNAC plan.
Stanley Hilton, I know you've got to get into court.
God bless you.
I want to thank you for being here with us today, and can we get you back on next week?
Just give me a call.
All right.
God bless you, my friend.
Any closing comments?
Yeah, the closing comments will be, I think people ought to just think about the consequence of having someone like Bush in the White House and the danger for the future these sort of individuals pose.
I mean, this is not just a historical event of the past.
This is part of a plan, and the camera is still rolling.
They have an agenda.
These individuals are extremely dangerous.
They're armed and dangerous.
They pose a clear and dangerous threat to every freedom-loving person, not only in America, but in the whole world.
You're absolutely right, Stanley Hilton.
They have captured the government.
They have not captured the people's minds.
And they're counting on us not facing up to it.
And they have an agenda that only works.
And they're counting on the repressive Patriot Acts and threats and chief judges and FBI agents threatening people who want to expose them.
That's what they're counting on.
But you're not backing down, are you, my friend?
No, I'm not.
But we all stand with you, my brother, and God bless you.
God bless you, Stanley Hilton.
All right.
Thank you.
He's now very late for court because of that, but we appreciate him coming on.
Oh, heaven help us.
Please, Jesus, don't let these globalists have us.
Don't let them have our society.
We've got a government that's been 50 plus million abortions.
We've got a government that puts cancer viruses in your vaccines that have been caught doing it.
That puts sterilization hormones in them.
We've got a government that puts sodium fluoride in your water when I have literally thousands of university studies from the globe, including UT, back into the 30s of how it was a toxic sedative.
We have a government that would, in Project Shad, put our own troops in a container and say, oh, we're just going to test the common cold on you and sign this waiver.
And they would kill them and then dissect their bodies.
And I could just list the crimes for hours.
But are you going to let them have their way with you?
Denying this doesn't make it go away, folks.
You heard him.
I mean, it is up to you.
We have got to stand in the gap.
When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against it.
You have to be that standard.
And if you don't stand, every firefighter, police officer, FBI agent, people listening in Colorado Springs right now at NORTHCOM, there with General Myers and Eberhardt, if you don't,
They're going to have their way with us.
You can be cowards.
You can decide to try to join them.
You can make the mental leap of double-think and convince yourself it isn't true and be a coward.
Or you can investigate the claims we have made here that are documented.
I have tried to disprove them.
They are true!
The hindsight only confirms and reaffirms and re-bolsters our claims are true and are proven and are facts.
Heaven, help us.
God, help us.
Ask God for help.
You've got to ask God to use you against the evil.
You've got to ask for the strength and the courage.
You've got to stand.
You've got to fight in the information war.
It's admitted the government pulled off Oklahoma.
It's admitted they pulled off the First World Trade Center.
It's admitted they pulled off Waco and Ruby Ridge.
It's admitted they've done all these things.
It's admitted they know their own top scientist told them to put uranium was deadly, and they used it all over Iraq twice, Serbia and Afghanistan, and our troops are dead and dying from it.
They could care less about you.
They blew up giant nerve gas depots to get rid of the evidence of what they'd sold Saddam at Khamisieh and other areas.
1,300 chemical weapons detectors went off, and they didn't even give our troops treatment.
They made the cops work in Pier 57 in that camp full of asbestos for days.
Forget the people that were in the camp.
They don't care about you.
Stop serving it.
Stop going along with it.
We'll come back for a break and talk to Ruth and Eric and Heather and Sean and Tim and everybody else.
I just want to take a few minutes out here.
If you want to educate people, my films are the best way to do it.
9-11, The Road to Tyranny, two and a half hours covering the history of government-sponsored terror.
Oklahoma City, 9-11, the first World Trade Center.
Masters of Terror has Stanley Hilton in it and all the documents about the stand-down.
My friends, I want you to think about that.
It's a powerful film that you absolutely must have.
You need to have...
The films.
You need to make copies of my videos.
You need to buy another VCR, one of those slave VCRs for $40.
Buy a bunch of blank tapes.
Make a copy every night and give it to somebody every single day.
Infowars.com or prisonplanet.com to get the videos via the safe, secure shopping cart or call toll-free to order them or to ask questions about different films, different specials.
That's 888-253-3139.
And if you've already got my films and were impressed with them and researched them and found them to be documented, which I hope you'll do, we want you to trust but verify, as Ronald Reagan said, get my videos and make copies.
But if you already have them, make copies!
Oh, if you've got my videos, go upload them to Kazaa and all the other big download sites so more people can get them.
Advertise them on chat rooms.
All I want is to get the word out.
Money means nothing to me.
It's just fuel in my gas tank to fund my operation, to tell the truth, to have mightier weapons in the info war.
And I want to thank all of you for your support.
We need more support.
1-888-253-3139 or just write to me.
Alex Jones at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Please get the films.
Please get the books.
Please get the materials.
I am honored.
I am blessed.
I am thankful.
I am humbled.
I am privileged.
I am...
Rewarded by this task, by this duty, by this mission, by this road, by this task, by this vision, by this worldview, by this overflowing spirit that God has given me.
And I ask you to ask God into your heart to be a leader.
I'm calling leaders now.
I'm talking to you.
And I pray that God will move on your heart to stand up and to tell the truth and let God speak through you to stand up against this evil.
We are at the crossroads.
We are at flashpoint.
We are at detonation.
We are at collision.
We are bracing for impact at the next phase level.
It will explode and go forward.
And for every action, there is an equal or greater reaction.
Our reaction will be even greater.
And if we ask God for the power to defeat these murderers,
We are unstoppable!
Together, we shall prevail!
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
This information is absolutely vital for all freedom lovers in the United States.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Again, you jump in front of a bus to save your child.
What about somebody else's child?
You run into a burning building.
Firefighters do it every day.
But we've got purely evil, sadistic scum up there murdering people and turning us into slaves, and some of you are afraid.
Just get past it!
Ruth, I believe in Delaware.
Go ahead, Ruth.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
How are you doing?
Thank you so much for everything and Stanley Hilton.
I'm calling from Delaware.
I'm originally from New Jersey.
I grew up right outside of Manhattan.
I see the World Trade Center from where I lived in the state park.
What did I say?
I believe what you said about September 11th.
Even that day
When I saw the second plane hit the World Trade Center, which I had even gone to when I was a kid on a school trip, this story didn't make sense.
It didn't make sense how four planes could be hijacked and have that happen.
But a friend of mine was on the plane that went down in Shanksville, Pennsylvania on United Airlines 93, and his name was Richard DiDagno.
He was 38 years old, and he
He was an exceptional person like so many other people who were killed that day.
His parents lost their only son.
His sister lost her only brother, his sibling.
We all lost him and so many others.
My prayers are with his family and with the other people.
I just pray that more people in this country wake up.
I thank you for all the work you and your staff and
I couldn't say it any better.
Thank you, Ruth.
God bless.
You too.
Thank you for taking my call.
You bet.
Eric, where are you calling us from?
Thank you.
Yes, where are you calling us from?
I'd like to, have you heard of grassfire.org?
You may want to check that out.
It's a great site.
Okay, what does the site talk about?
Oh, everything.
It even helps gun control, everything.
Federal marriage, you name it.
And you can even vote to sign up for stuff to help keep it... Oh, is that your website?
No, it's just a general website that I found.
Well, what else is on your mind, sir?
Well, let's see.
Also, you may want to check out Rutherford.org.
The Rutherford Institute.
You can send for a free copy of the bill...
Sorry, Constitution.
Yeah, that's great.
Also, you may want to let, since I know you've been on Norrie's show, you may want to let them know to ease off on that Eye in the Sky song, because of course that's their song.
Thank you for the call.
I appreciate it, sir.
Heather in, I believe, Colorado.
Go ahead, Heather.
Yeah, amazing interview with Mr. Hilton, by the way.
I enjoyed it.
Pretty powerful stuff.
Oh, yeah.
Like, it helps me remember that it's more corrupt than I ever imagined.
It's hard to believe sometimes, you know?
But if you look at history, this is normal for elites.
Yeah, and it's like living your life normal, normal, day to day.
It's hard to believe, but it's happening.
These are selfish, soulless, evil people.
I was also, when I was younger, I'm right now, I'm like 21, when I was 18, when I was in high school, actually, 15, my parents tried to force me to take a prescription antidepressant.
Yeah, that's, for those who just joined us, we were talking about that last hour, getting into the new freedom initiative.
It's a new freedom.
We're going to forcibly, psychologically test all of you.
I'll let you finish up when we get back, and we'll talk to others.
Stay there, Heather.
Then later in the hour, we got Larry Pratt coming on to give us a legislative update about their attempts to stop the assault weapons ban from being reauthorized.
Introducing... Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
My friends, the globalists are the predator class, the social darlings.
They see us as cattle, as slaves that are to be fed upon.
They love death.
They enjoy it because they're predators.
And they feed on their own species.
They're dumbing us down, poisoning us, drugging us, getting us right where they want us so they can more easily feed upon us.
I say no, my friends.
I say wake up to the predators and slap them upside the head.
Let us now go back to the calls.
Follow Rod, I'm finishing up a point you were going to make.
We were earlier in the last hour, two hours ago, getting into the new Freedom Initiative, how they want to psychologically test everyone and force schools to force people on drugs.
You were talking about some of that before we hit the break.
Go ahead and finish up.
Yeah, when I was 15 years old, a sophomore in high school, I was getting a little rebellious and curious, I admit, and a little confused.
So I was still getting good grades in school, but yet my parents insisted that I go to psychological testing and they insisted that I take drugs.
Yeah, how did you ever survive without drugs, you know?
It was... And then after I started taking it, I felt very uncomfortable.
My food tasted bland.
I felt anxious.
And they told me, just take it for two more weeks.
And then after that, I took it and my grades started dropping.
I said I didn't like it, so they upped the dosage.
And, you know, when I just left and I did my own thing and I moved to a different environment, I felt better.
So it wasn't, and I'm not on any type of medication.
How long did they hop you up on these?
Oh, throughout, like, the rest of high school until I was 18 and able to leave my parents.
You know, because they think, oh, a magic pill is going to fix the depression.
You know, because my house is a very yelling house.
Everybody screams.
Yeah, and once you got out of that, everything was okay.
Well, good to hear from you, Heather.
Glad you escaped.
That's a good point there.
Glad you escaped their clutches.
Thank you.
Who's up next here?
Sean in Maryland.
Go ahead, Sean.
John, you're on the air.
Oh, hi.
I'd like to, first of all, thank you for what you're doing.
I think it's very well done.
Well, thank you.
I wanted to touch base on a couple of subjects.
One was a documentary that I was watching yesterday on a PBS station here in Maryland.
It was on 9-11.
Why the Towers Fell?
No, actually, it didn't go on.
It wasn't all about why they fell.
I mean, it did have a lot of the building falling down.
Oh, yeah, that's all very important to tell us how impossible things happened and just ignore the owners saying they blew it up.
Actually, it was more touched on the people, the, you know, how many people it hurt and all that.
It didn't really go on, you know, who did it and all that.
Yeah, there's a bunch of different documentaries.
Yeah, but there was one part in the information, I've seen your video and several other videos on the 9-11, that I didn't know and if it's,
Look, you have to be there to really get a picture of this.
There's huge buildings that were literally 20 yards from the towers.
Let me just say that.
This is key, sir.
This is key.
This is key.
This is key, key, key, key, key, key, key.
There were buildings who weren't owned by them in the complex that didn't get hurt or fall down.
There were buildings right up against them that weren't owned by them that didn't fall down.
But buildings way across, far away, that weren't even touched, they magically collapsed if they were owned by Larry Silverstein.
And then he got all the insurance.
And then later he said they blew up Building 7.
It's not like I'm out here on a limb.
If it isn't Drew, sue me.
He said on TV, we pulled it.
We blew it up.
I'm going crazy.
I'm in a Twilight Zone episode.
Go ahead.
There was a second subject I want to talk about, and that had to do with Hurricane Andrew.
When I was 18, I moved to Key Largo.
And the fire chief...
Yeah, I know.
There's been a lot of cover-ups.
Hey, you know what?
I'm going to get to you later.
We've got Larry Pratt coming up you can hold or hang up if you want to stay there.
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The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Well, this has been a crackerjack broadcast so far on this eve of the 9-11 event.
The third year anniversary coming up tomorrow.
We pray nothing bad happens.
We had Congressman Ron Paul on during the first hour.
Fighting all the different draconian legislation.
Then we had Stanley Hilton bobble from her chief of staff.
Well, it really happened on 9-11.
Now we're joined by Larry Pratt.
I know we've got a bunch of callers we're going to get to.
I'm just going to keep Larry on 20-30 minutes, but we'll also take calls while Larry's on.
He's here to give us a legislative update on the assault weapons ban, which they've been trying to sneak through.
The sun sets next Monday.
Thank God.
It's wonderful.
But we've also got reports of cage units, the gun confiscation units in Illinois, going around taking law-abiding citizens, permitted citizens' guns.
We'll get into that.
We'll also talk about the Patriot Act and a lot more with Larry Pratt.
Larry, joining us from his studios with his own great radio show there up in Virginia.
Larry, good to have you on with us.
It is sure good to be with you.
Thank you so much for having me.
I know you've been fighting hard lately.
You bet.
What's going on with the assault weapons ban right now?
Well, we think we've got it blocked for now, and so that midnight on Monday, those folks who have bought their horrible, terrible semi-auto or so-called assault weapons, their credit cards will be hit and the guns will be shipped, and it means that...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That is not full auto.
We got Kerry waving a shotgun that would have been banned under his legislation.
Because he would have redefined what is a pistol grip, which would have been any protuberance at all, down below the stock of the gun as it comes back from the trigger guard.
Every deer rifle I've got has that little handle.
You bad guy, you.
So what I've had to explain, and I don't want to insult your listeners because they're probably among the best informed in the country, but just in case, let's make sure.
Military firearms, almost all of them, well, there'll be a few that are just full auto only, but I don't think anybody is silly enough to want to play with a gun like that.
They'll have a selector switch on them, and hence they are called selective fire guns.
Three burst or single shot?
Or full auto, which means you control it strictly with the trigger pull of your finger.
And as long as you've got the finger depressing the trigger, bullets come out until the magazine is empty.
And that's only needed if 10,000 North Koreans are charging over the DMZ.
Then you open up full auto.
Personally, I don't think full auto should even be banned because they're not even using crimes.
But the point is that they try to control it.
We're good to go.
Dishonest that there is an ad today in the Washington Pravda and the New York Slimes that has a full-page ad showing Osama bin Laden holding up an AK-47 saying, This is the gun that will be available on September 14!
Well, that's a lie.
Osama bin Laden doesn't need a U.S.
gun show to get a full-auto machine gun military, the kind that militaries use,
That's a very difficult gun, has been since 1934 for anybody in the United States to get.
The gun that was banned is something that Osama bin Laden is not going to bother with because he wants a gun where he can jump up and spray a bunch of soldiers and jump back behind his rock or something like that.
But by the way, I've got the purchase orders.
Back in the 80s, it was our government that shipped him all the .50 cals and a lot of them.
And so whenever the liberals try to go, Oh, Bin Laden's got guns he got from the U.S.
That's a bunch of garbage, too.
He got them from us when he was allied.
And if he needs any replacements, you can bet he can get them from the French or somebody else.
And besides, the AK-47 is not a gun we typically deal with, and it's actually a better gun than our own military gun.
So I can't imagine if some have been lying and trying to come over here and pay U.S.
retail prices.
The AK-47 is a lot better than the Vietnam-era Colt.
And even the M16, our soldiers...
Well, the thing I like to go with is HK or some of those, but Larry...
There's talk of them trying to sneak something through in the next few days.
Ron Paul doesn't think they can do it.
No, I don't either.
I think that the way they're going right now in the House, they have so much spending business before them.
That's one thing.
This is a huge victory, though, to defeat this, but I'm hearing a lot of states are saying they're going to go ahead and still enforce it.
Well, they're going to have to hurry up and pass legislation before it becomes too embarrassing.
We've got this idiot police chief in Los Angeles.
He's either terribly ignorant or a liar.
In either case, he shouldn't be a police chief.
He said on Nightline when I was on the other night that the streets are going to run blood on Monday in Los Angeles.
Well, excuse me, sir.
Your streets have been running bloody red because you don't let people protect themselves legally.
Well, that's like hearing a yelling fire in a theater.
He was absolutely trying to stampede people, but the facts are these guns were not used in crime before the ban.
The New York State Police found that you would have been five times more likely to be killed by somebody using their hands and feet than by somebody using one of these guns.
Well, the same goes for baseball bats and ice picks.
Yeah, it's not a real great problem.
It happens, but not very often.
Mostly, it's handguns.
Now, if these police chiefs, who do not represent the rank and file... Yeah, the major poll came out, and what, 91% of police don't want any gun control.
By the National Association of the Chiefs of Police.
It was an actual survey of rank and file, not the... I'm going from memory.
It was 90 what?
It was 90%.
They support the semi-auto, the whole shtick.
I mean, it's hard to find a real cop.
Who supports gun control because he knows that an armed citizenry is his friend and you're not going to disarm the crooks.
So better to have your friends armed because the crook is going to be armed anyway.
They all look at the criminology numbers from the Justice Department.
The places with gun control are criminal paradises.
That's right.
Like L.A., like Washington, D.C., like Chicago.
Those are the meccas for criminals because there the criminal has his best chance of surviving each job.
Hey, look, if they break in your house in Texas, they make darn sure you're gone.
Well, Samen, really right across the river in the urban county of Fairfax, where Gun Owners of America is located, where I live, a million people, almost a million people in this county.
We've got sections of this county that are city, high rises, the whole thing.
We have a murder rate under 1 per 100,000.
Right across the river in Washington with its gun ban, about 45 or 50 per 100,000 every year.
That's 45 times.
It's incredible.
And, of course, it's the fault of the guns coming from Virginia.
Well, let's give them that argument.
Let's just assume that all the guns did come from there, and we'll forget the thousands of guns that have gone missing from the evidence locker in the Washington, D.C.
Police Department.
Why, then, don't we have a problem in Virginia?
Why is it that you have trouble finding reports of murder in Fairfax County?
Well, Kennesaw, Georgia said you have to own a gun, and their crime rate went down 87% in one year.
That's right, and it stayed down, and what they were primarily after was what they got.
They wanted to make sure that, like you said, if a guy breaks into a house in Kennesaw or in Central Texas, he wants to make sure that house is empty, because if there's somebody home, he just might blow them away.
I want to put everybody on notice.
You break in my house, you are dead if I'm there.
Well, that's a very chilling factor that keeps criminals under control without any extra police work.
It's really a neat deal.
When they know that it's too risky, they either go to another jurisdiction that's too stupid to get it figured out right, and I hate to say they deserve it, but they inflict it upon themselves, or they might even do something radical like getting a job.
Well, you know, it's like cities that, just an example, that are quote, pro-homeless, all the homeless go there.
And cities that are anti-gun, all the criminals go there.
Yeah, if you make something attractive, you will get lots of it.
It's amazing.
It's like these businesses that say, don't bring your concealed carry in here.
That's like advertising.
Hey, rape me.
I'm a wimp.
That's right.
That's a good store not to go in because if I were to comply with that law, then I would be volunteering to make myself a victim.
I don't have any intention of patronizing a store like that.
And those stores, when you see signs like that, should be given a polite but firm notification that until they are not going to put your life in jeopardy, that you're going to take your business elsewhere.
They need to know that unless they're willing to guarantee your safety,
Lots of guards, and to be totally, strictly liable in law court for anything that happens to you, that you really shouldn't be expected to shop there.
Now, Larry, when we get back, I want to get into how they're going to try to... Feinstein and others have said they're coming back in the new Congress.
And they're going to try to pass this, and then, boy, even Limbaugh has said every time they introduce a gun bill, a magic shooting happens.
They're coming back.
What do you see coming in the next year?
Well, I would see definitely them trying to push this thing through.
But happily, I think we've got Senator Frist, the Majority Leader, aware that he needs to use the...
Parliamentary procedures that he has available to him to block her, he didn't in March.
And a half-decent bill that would have tried to block some of the lawsuits against gun dealers and manufacturers for what criminals do with guns, it was sunk because of the anti-gun amendments that got added on.
We've got to protect the gun manufacturers and the dealers.
That is absolutely essential, and we can do it, and I think next year, Lord willing, we will.
Well, that's their end run.
They've said it.
Cuomo's kid, remember when he was at housing, said, we're going to kill you death by a thousand cuts.
We're going to destroy the gun manufacturers.
We'll be right back with Larry Pratt.
Piece of filth.
We'll talk about the Patriot Act a little bit as well.
Stay with us.
Then your phone calls.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
Did you know there's an assault upon America's freedom of religion by the United Nations Genocide Convention Treaty?
The laws are called hate crime laws.
These laws will eventually shut down Christianity in America by accusing Christians of hate crimes.
These laws are already being used in Canada, Britain, Australia and Sweden against Christians for reading certain Bible passages.
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The U.S.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
There is no doubt that thanks to Larry Pratt and Gun Owners of America and Jews of Preservation Farms ownership and all these grassroots organizations that we are winning the hearts and minds of the people.
The cold hard facts of more guns, less crime, more guns, more freedom, more security is there.
The problem is they're brainwashing people in the schools.
Violence Policy Center says, we've got your kids.
I mean, they've even said that in the newspaper locally.
Ha ha ha.
They're going to keep capitalizing on the occasional mass shootings that happen, which are all very suspicious.
And we're in for a long, hard fight here, people.
But we forced the Republican Party to back off.
Their constituents have forced them.
I mean, Bush tried to not arm the pilots, and people went absolutely ape, so he at least did some piecemeal.
So we're having a lot of victories here.
But the Democrats, that's the one reason, despite all the evil of the Republicans, that I still say, if a Republican has a good gun record at the Senate or House level, vote for him.
If they don't, vote for a Libertarian or Constitutional Party individual.
Larry Pratt, do you agree with that?
I think that's exactly where the battle is at the Congressional level.
And as long as we can maintain what is really a
A pro-Second Amendment on a lot of issues.
At least, they're not going to vote for any additional anti-gun legislation in the House of Representatives.
As long as we can maintain that, I think we're going to be able to bottle them up.
The biggest problem is going to be in the Senate, as it has been for some time, and that's why voting for the right Senate candidates is extremely important.
There, somebody like Feinstein can catch a Bill Frist with his guard down
Stick an amendment on, and one of two things will happen.
She'll either get it to become law because they decide that whatever it's amending is too important to vote down, or, as was the case back in March, the good bill goes down.
And we're just going to have to remain totally alert.
So we're kind of a stalemate.
They can't get stuff passed.
We can't get stuff passed.
So that's why their bill is dying.
That's it.
That's exactly right.
And, you know, one of the things that I'm so looking forward to is the increasingly likelihood of former Representative Tom Coburn of Oklahoma getting elected to the United States Senate.
I don't know how he does it because he's underfunded, but he won the primary against the establishment.
And he's right now on his way to winning the general election.
He's got a small but decent lead.
And by the way, if somebody wants to really do something to help a guy who's a fighter, I mean, this guy filibustered stuff in the House of Representatives.
Nobody quite knew how he figured out how to do it, but he did it.
In the Senate, that'll be a piece of cake.
Something like the campaign finance law, that never would have become law.
If we'd have had a Tom Coburn in the Senate at that time, we simply didn't even have anybody with a stomach to go out there.
What we need is real conservatives and not these disgusting neocons.
Larry Pratt, I want to get into Patriot Act here briefly, then I'm going to go to break and come back with calls.
We're going to let you go and get back to your important work.
How do folks join Gun Owners of America?
Well, appreciate it.
We're at gunowners.org on the web.
You can join there.
You could also help Representative Coburn out there in his Senate race.
We've got a solicitation we made, one of the emails that's still right up there on the top.
And you can sign up for our legislative bulletins for free, though we would love to have you contribute to help us keep the lights on.
There's an email alert system.
Go to gunowners.org once or twice a week.
You get posted when the Congress is in session.
And if you can't get us on the web, we have a toll-free number, and that's 888-886-GUNS.
Real quick, Patriot Act.
I mean, the Democrats love it.
Kerry loves it.
Bush loves it.
They say that Kerry is saying he wants to keep it.
So regardless, I know you did some of the best analysis I've seen on the Patriot Act.
In a nutshell, you guys tried to get it repealed.
Where's that going?
Well, for this year, it's not going anywhere.
There was an effort made, and it was a fairly close shot in the House of Representatives.
I think once the campaign nonsense is behind us, we may have a chance to do something next year.
But in the meantime, there's a lot of bad stuff going on, as you know.
And again, a lot of anti-gun stuff in there, folks.
And general principles that can be used against gun owners.
Because once they come into your house without a warrant...
What if you've got a gun to defend yourself and you live in New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago, L.A.?
You know, I misspoke, Larry.
Let me give you about five minutes in the next segment because I want to get into Illinois with these cage teams.
I mean, I know you're aware of that.
Just in a nutshell, before we go to break, how do we stop what's happening in Illinois?
Well, I'm not sure because you've got a legislature that's not entirely good.
Although, something surprising, they may override the governor's veto of the home defense law, which would basically overturn gun bans in local cities.
All right, stay there.
We'll talk about that when we get back and some of the state issues we're dealing with because this is a multi-front war, long-term cold war by the gun grabbers, by the elites.
And on the front lines is Larry Pratt, a general in the fight.
At the front lines, we'll be back with him.
And then I promise, these loaded phone lines, you do not want to miss any of this broadcast.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Slaves are disarmed, my friends.
It's really that simple.
Whether they were black people, Native Americans, slaves in Rome 2,000 years ago, what can't the general public figure out about that?
Well, I think they are figuring that out.
You've got big elite corporations and foundations funding those who want to disarm you, and that's when our road to tyranny will be complete.
And they're not going to win that fight!
Because of people like Larry Pratt.
Larry, the CAGE teams in Illinois are running around writing 85-year-old men who forgot to re-up their concealed permit, their gun owner permit, period.
They've really figured out how to control the crime problem, haven't they?
And then we also have knock-and-talk going on all over the country.
Fifth Circuit saying, yeah, we can just come in your house just to visit with you and search.
Can you talk about this phenomenon and how to fight that?
Well, it's part of the general thrust that we're facing.
We were talking about it in the gun area and the idea that the government knows better than we about what kind of guns we should have.
Forget the fact the federal government especially has no authority whatsoever to have any gun laws.
So with that attitude, it's not surprising that you and I should be totally transparent.
They want to know about all our money transactions.
They want to know what we're saying, what we're thinking.
Under the Patriot Act, they can go in and bug our computer without even...
So much as a howdy-do.
So whether they knock on the door and come in and talk uninvited or whether they just come in uninvited, they're coming.
And unless we decide that we're going to make these things issues, we're going to continue to have politicians voting on things that are outrageous and at least the thing that lights my candle the fastest.
Is this whole idea that, well, the Supreme Court has spoken and that's the law now.
The rule of law says we have to do whatever some crazy commie judge says.
Well, I'm sorry, but the Supreme Court is not the Supreme Law.
The case they based that faulty notion on didn't say that at all.
That was Marbury v. Madison.
The founders never intended it.
In fact, that alarmed them that that might happen.
The Supreme Court members take the same oath of office as do all other politicians.
And if some politician in a state house or in a legislature or in the presidency sees that there's a law that the court has ruled incorrectly on, he should just simply refuse to obey the court the way Judge Moore was doing down in Alabama.
Let me tell you something against my interest.
We're good to go.
Once in a while, the Supreme Court gets something right.
Well, I was really happy.
This is wonderful.
Well, the Congress said, no, we don't agree with that, and they passed the law back again.
And so right now, what the Congress has done prevails.
Now, that's constitutional as far as the Congress not going along with the court.
Because we have recourse to vote them out of office.
That's why they have more authority.
In fact, let's emphasize that.
During the run-up to the war between the states, I think all the northern states, but most of them anyway for sure, and I've got copies of some, passed nullification laws where they said the Dred Scott decision and the Fugitive Slave Law is null and void in this state.
And we could do that with the Second Amendment.
Oh, yeah.
We absolutely could.
We could do it with land use.
We could do it with anything, really, that people finally decided they've had too much.
Well, the Bill of Rights came out of tyranny.
They had just gone through a police state.
They'd just gone through gun confiscation.
They'd just gone through home invasions by the government.
That's what the Bill of Rights is, and it's all linked together.
The first isn't more important than the second.
The second isn't more important than the fourth, the fifth, the tenth.
They're all linked together as one piece of armor.
Chain mail, folks.
You've made me think that maybe once in a while I should begin my show by simply reading the Declaration of Independence and assuming that we're all capable of understanding that elegant and lofty form of English prose.
I think people would be alarmed to realize, oh my goodness, that was what George was doing?
Well, which George are we talking about?
Well, Larry Pratt, GunOwners.org, and that toll-free number, you've got a lot of great books and videos as well.
Folks should call and become members.
How do they call?
Best thing is just to call for info.
Now, if you want to actually place an order or something, call 703-321-
But for info, we'll send you whatever you would like.
Or the easiest, if you can get on the web, is gunhunters.org.
The bookstore is there, and joining is there.
The email alert system is there.
It's all there.
All right, Larry Pratt, God bless you, and I just want to commend you and all those that have supported you and us.
Good job on the assault weapons ban.
I don't want to say we won the football game, but we've got 14 points ahead of them, and we're into the last five minutes of the game, and it looks like if we just really watch things like a hawk, we'll at least win this game, but the season continues forever.
The season continues.
Well, well put.
All right, take care, my friend.
Thank you, Alex.
Good hearing from you.
Yeah, it does.
This is just one game, one battle, folks.
We're winning a lot of battles.
We're losing a lot of battles.
It's toe-to-toe, sudden-death overtime.
We can move the ball down the field if we just focus and stop looking at how big those guys are.
Because we're pretty big, too.
Let's go ahead and...
We're not co-opted, we're big.
We don't listen to propaganda instead of looking at the facts.
The facts, the facts, not the rhetoric.
Let's go quickly to calls, because I've got loaded phones as usual.
I want to get to everybody.
Up next, I guess, is Tim in Ohio, been holding for about an hour, and I appreciate it.
Tim, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Worth every second waiting for you, Alex.
Well, thank you.
Welcome back.
I want to say that I'm sure of all your freedom-loving listeners, we were with you in spirit every step of the way in New York.
Well, thank you.
It was total police state.
Quickly, my organization, Truth Teaching and Researching United States Treasonous Hierarchy, has today's tidbit for you, which has to do with getting back with the children and the TMAP, and you were talking about the new Freedom Initiative.
Here's one thing that new coming parents, I want to warn you about.
That birth certificate that you signed,
Or a certificate of live birth under the corporate government scheme is actually selling your child into slavery.
Now, for folks who don't understand that, after the 14th Amendment, they said, oh, we can't really give these blacks freedoms, let's just make them wards of the state.
Then they started the marriage license, which never been before, you know.
They didn't do that back in Christ's time.
They didn't do that back in, you know, William Wallace's time.
But the state got involved...
Actually, it did do that back during William Wallace's time.
That's when they actually started some of that.
And that was some of the big fights started over that.
But I guess the same thing with that birth certificate, folks.
It enrolls them into the system and is actually taken as a receipt at the IMF and World Bank as collateral on the national debt.
Now, one thing people don't realize is the way the birth certificate is worded in the very first line, it says mother or other informant, which turns the mother...
It goes back to, exactly, 14th Amendment.
The government gets like $630,000 bond for each birth certificate that they can bundle and sell as securities on the open market.
And get this, the hospital, your friendly hospital where you're having that birth, one, they won't tell you that.
Number two, they get about $3,000 per birth certificate that's filled out and signed.
And the average person there doesn't even know that.
Doesn't even know that.
Jim, thanks for the call.
Jim in New Mexico, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex.
Uh-huh, yeah, you're on the air.
Oh, okay, Alex.
Yeah, I was just going to mention the Bohemian Grove that you always refer to.
I didn't know the meaning of the word Bohemian as it's used, but I do know what the reference of Grove is.
I'm not sure whether you know what that means or not.
The Grove is a mass meeting of covens.
Actually, it comes from the Old Testament.
Christ didn't say, cut down all the trees.
He said, go to their groves and cut them down.
It's the word ateros, and it means to be straight, erect, or upright.
Actually, it's used in Isaiah as the phallus image, and in Ezekiel as the image of the male.
Just like our Washington Monuments have been created and many others.
Sir, a grove is a mass conclave or confab or meeting of covens.
Actually, the word grove, though, it's a tree.
Sir, I'm telling you, in the satanic literature, in the black magic literature, in the white magic literature, a grove in that meaning is a mass meeting of witches and warlocks.
This actually is the worship of the grove, or the image in the grove.
I understand.
There's multi-meaning terms for words.
Well, I don't disagree, but actually it's used 40 times in the Old Testament.
It always refers to grove, which means an image or a...
Well, again, for those that just joined us, it's an offshoot of Skull and Bones.
It's an Illuminati meeting place in Northern California that we snuck into.
Right, so it's very important.
That word is very important as far as it's juicy, Jim.
Well, the Old Testament and the New Testament talk about the devil worshippers, the Lucifer.
The followers of Moloch, Dagon, Bastaroth.
All of these guys, they met at the Sacred Groves.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate the call.
Meeting and worshipping and doing sacrifices at the Sacred Grove.
It's all over the Bible.
Let us now go on and talk to Simon in London.
This is Simon Aranowitz, I believe, with a great website.
He's done quite a few big interviews, and when he does this, we'll put a link to it on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
I think he's calling in about that.
Simon, good to hear from you.
Thanks for just a couple of minutes to let your listeners know that we've got a great big day tomorrow.
Hi, Alex.
Obviously, it's the third anniversary of September 11th.
And what I'm setting up is at least six hours of streaming audio on the internet.
Talking to lots of different people with their views of what happened and going through the evidence and just looking at just how bogus the government's explanation is for what happened that day.
You're going to be doing live interviews via the phone for six hours and I'm going to be on with you for 20 minutes or so.
Stanley Hilton, countless other great people.
It sounds exciting.
Barbara Honiger, Michael Springman, you name it.
We've got loads of people on.
Eric Huffschmidt's just confirmed.
All right, well...
Well, I look forward to hearing that.
I hope you record it so we can link to it.
Oh, definitely.
Alex, this is just the start.
I hope that after this we keep it going.
I want it to be broadcasting 24-7, 365, and constantly adding new content to it.
This is the sort of thing we need to do.
No, it is.
It's got to be done, Simon.
Well, I'll tell you, did you hear that Stanley Hilton interview last hour?
I caught some of it, but I'm setting up for tomorrow, so I'm going to have to try and catch it from the archives if I can.
All right, well, feel free to take that interview, too, and play it on there.
You know, it's just important to get all this out.
Well, thanks, Alex, and I look forward to having you on tomorrow.
You bet, my friend.
Take care.
Anything else?
Just have a good evening, and I hope to have lots of listeners tomorrow.
No, that's it.
Yeah, that's going to be great.
Let's go ahead and talk to Frank.
In West Virginia.
You're on the air, Frank.
Hi, Alex.
I appreciate you having Larry Pratt on there.
He's a fine man.
Well, the gun issue is always very central.
Yes, indeed.
I have a couple questions for you.
I always get the legislation between the crime bill and the assault weapons ban mixed up.
Can you tell me which one had the 10-round capacity limit for magazines in it?
Man, I want to say that that was all passed at the same time back in 93 or 94?
It was 94.
Early 94.
And I'm trying to... I don't want to give you bad info.
They were both passed together.
And I believe that the... I believe that was in the crime bill.
Somebody can probably call in.
I think we've got an open line.
But I get confused by that, too, and I rarely get stumped, but I'm stumped on this.
I actually don't know.
I'm going to have to go back and do some research on that.
But with that bill sunsetting soon, I was just hoping that for the better, maybe there would be some companies that gear up and remanufacture what they've only been allowing the law enforcement agencies and military to use.
Well, believe me, that's who's looking at it.
It is the manufacturers.
I should have brought that to Larry's attention.
But just a little point I want to bring up.
Didn't have too much to contribute today, but I sure do appreciate what you're doing.
Keep up the good work, Alex.
You have some fantastic videos.
Well, thank you, Frank.
James in Texas.
Go ahead, James.
This is a silly question.
I'm trying to get one of your bumper stickers like today, and you had a guest on several weeks ago.
He had a coffee shop on South Congress that was giving out your stuff.
Do you remember where that was?
I don't remember the particular guest you're talking about.
He may not have been a guest, but he called in.
He had a coffee shop on South Congress.
And he had your stickers and...
No, I believe the place you're talking about is on Barton Springs.
It's like a juice slash coffee shop.
And I forget the name of it.
It's right across the street from Shady Grove.
Speaking of groves.
Yeah, really?
Or it's right across the street from...
From Chewy's Mexican Food Restaurant.
I forget the name.
You gave me a good idea, and I'll let you go because I hated wasting your time with this silly question, but I was trying to get your sticker, and I just wanted to get it today.
Well, I appreciate that.
You know, we should get the stickers out for free.
I do at events, but we sell them just because of the shipping and all the stuff, and they're actually kind of expensive because they're like high quality.
I think they're like 75 cents a piece for us.
We sell them for like a dollar a piece.
I appreciate all you do, Alex.
You bet.
Thank you.
Have a good day.
Thank you, James.
Thanks a lot.
Good to talk to you.
I think his cell phone had a delay on it or something.
Oh, boy.
I just... We'll come back and take some more calls and wrap up this Friday edition of the broadcast as we stand up against tyranny.
There has been so much we've covered today, so many great guests.
I just can't get over this 9-11 commission wants no fly list expanded to trains and ships.
Yeah, on a national ID card.
And they also say you're going to have to have that card to have a job and to own a car or do anything.
So see, it's the trains, it's the buses, it's the planes, it's the national security events, it's around government buildings, then it's in your car, then it's to have a job, then it's to live your life.
And whether it's for checking for seatbelts, or checking for drunk drivers, or just checking, you know, these safety checks, checkpoints, total violations of the Fourth Amendment, all of this, all over the country they're saying, oh, we're going to use the cameras to fight terror and crime, and oh, all those traffic cameras we put in over the last ten years, we're going to watch you with those now.
And Cheney said that we've got to get them back into office to, quote, fight terror and crime.
See, crime, terror and crime, it's a mantra.
None of this is for terrorists, folks.
It's for you, the criminal.
We're all criminals in the system except for those that are criminals and they're the bosses.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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To all of our listeners, to our sponsors, to my producer, my webmasters, to everybody.
To John, running the show now.
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She's doing affiliate relations.
Sad to lose her, but John's doing a great job.
To everybody, I'm thankful and I'm honored.
Tomorrow is a horrible anniversary, but we need to remember who carried it out tomorrow.
A globalist.
We're going to take a few final calls here from Mike and Daryl, but before I do that, just please visit Infowars.com.
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Let's go ahead and go to Mike in Hawaii.
Hello, Alex.
Michael in Honolulu here.
All is quiet on the western front.
I just want to tell you three quick things, because I know we're running out of time.
One, does Stanley Hilton have a website?
Yes, he gave it out earlier, and it was deprogram.info.
I scribbled it down, and I wasn't even aware that he had a website.
It's deprogram.info.
Program.info, I believe.
Or just type in Stanley Hilton's website.
It should pop up for you.
Okay, very good.
Another thing, I wanted to know, we couldn't hear the first hour out here in Hawaii.
We wanted to find out what happened about Ron Paul.
What's he going to do now?
Why couldn't you hear the first hour?
Well, because we listen to the streaming on WARL out here, and they only play the last two hours.
Sir, you can go to infowars.com and get all three.
Yeah, but the place where we work, where a bunch of us work, they've got a firewall, and so we can't...
Because of the firewall, we can't listen to it on that, but the only one we found that we could get it was WARL.
Okay, well, I'm sorry to hear that.
We covered a whole bunch, but they're great folks, too.
There's a whole bunch of stuff we talked about, and they were unable to stop the funding for forcibly, psychologically testing all school children and then adults.
And just a bunch of other stuff happened.
I'll look at your website.
You'll probably have a blurb on it.
We'll have that interview posted.
Oh, good.
One last thing.
I gave a copy of a letter from a friend of mine at Church Bar, a copy of your tape.
9-11 Road to Tyranny.
And he was so blown away.
So now he's wanting more tapes, and I turned him on to prisonplanet.tv and infowars.com.
That's how it works.
You're awesome.
Keep it up, Mike in Honolulu.
Go ahead, Daryl in PA.
Last caller, you're the tail gunner.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
In view of your interview with Stanley Hilton, I think this quick quote from Teddy Roosevelt is very important.
American patriotism does not mean...
I'm sorry.
American patriotism means to stand by our constitutional republic.
It does not mean to stand by the president or any public official, save exactly to the degree that he and any other public official stands by the country and has sworn oath to live and work within the framework of the constitutional mandates of this republic to protect the God-given rights and freedoms of the people of this land.
God bless you, and everyone get Alex videos.
Did you hear Hilton talk about these boiling mad military people at NORAD that know what really happened?
Yes, and I caught probably about the last two-thirds of the thing, and I hope that's going to play tonight again.
It will.
Nine to midnight.
We're going to re-air that.
God bless you, and thank you, Alex.
You bet.
And you know it'll be posted by this weekend on prisonplanet.tv.
God bless you all.
Back on Monday, 11 to 2 during the day.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time on the shortwave at night at 3210 during the day at 9475.
Now get out there and take on the murdering tyrants that are the New World Order.
Defend your family.