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Air Date: Sept. 6, 2004
2390 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Welcome to this Thursday edition, the 26th day of August 2004.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
We've got interesting guests coming up in the second hour.
A Mr. Buchanan, and no, he's not Pat Buchanan.
He's someone who ran for president on the Republican ticket and got massive New World Order harassment, and his story has been well documented.
He's the gentleman that helped bring the research to the mainstream media on the East Coast that was published in several major papers about the Bushes being involved with the Nazis.
Up until the early 1950s, with the money out of Fison and Crump and other major German families coming through the Bush rat line into their bank accounts.
And boy, let me tell you, that bit of news got him major heat.
So we'll talk about this harrowing saga that Mr. Buchanan went through.
Also coming up, how we trained Al-Qaeda.
I want to go over this article from Information Clearinghouse.
We'll also get into some of the reports about Iraq.
Witnesses, Marines hit Iraq inmate who died.
This is out of the Associated Press.
More torture news.
And now the Pentagon is going to start releasing some of the thousands of photos and videos that members of Congress have seen
And members of Congress have said, the Army's own report states that it shows the beating of children and women, the raping of children and women.
We're good to go.
I think?
Who was beaten by several Marines, including one on trial for allegedly kicking him in the chest.
One of the camp's jailers testified.
So we've got people now tattling on each other.
Which, this is murder, folks, and so it's a good thing this is happening.
The problem is that they admit they were ordered to do this, and so those above them that gave the orders are more guilty than they are.
And that's clearly what the precedent states, not just from the United States, but in Nuremberg after World War II.
Everybody loves international law so much, international precedent.
Well, there's the precedent.
Just following orders doesn't cut it, but just giving you orders doesn't cut it either.
Also, we have this Virginia family defense video of Bay Bridge.
The video taped behind the detention of an Annandale man was a vacation video showing the scenery from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and had nothing to do with terrorist surveillance, the man's daughter said yesterday.
And the feds are admitting that on the tape is vacation video, family footage,
Video out the car window, driving through the countryside, videotape of other landmarks.
So if you're a Muslim, or I guess somebody with darker skin, it doesn't matter if you don't have any terror connections.
You videotape something, you're going under the jail.
I tell you, I mean, long before 9-11, we'd have police walk up to us and say, turn your cameras off.
We'd be 200 yards away, 150 yards away, videotaping checkpoints.
Or videotaping SWAT raids or videotaping basically anything.
They'd walk over and say, turn your camera off.
And I'd say, no, First Amendment.
Well, we're going to arrest you.
Well, go ahead.
I'm going to own your house.
And in all those cases, they backed off.
Not now.
They're setting the precedent.
I've talked to a lot of people who don't have brown skin who've been told in New York, turn their cameras off.
In fact, they banned videotaping the World Trade Center disaster zone.
Governing up that evidence.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're learning more and more on a daily basis about the depth and breadth of torture in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Camp X-Ray.
The most brutal things imaginable.
Raping people's children in front of them.
Families randomly picked up at checkpoints.
This is the Army's own reports.
There's now three of them out.
This is the confessions.
But everyone is saying we were ordered to do it.
No kidding.
They're not going to pose for photos and pass them around like baseball cards, as it was described by one captain, if they weren't ordered to do it.
The question is, how did they find cadres of people to do this?
I don't want to think that our fellow human beings are this bad, especially Americans.
And for all the sickos out there that promoted torture the last couple years, look what it's turned into.
It always turns into this.
You dance with the devil, he doesn't change, you change.
But I want to start with this first, before I get into just the masses of vital news, and really it is a big news day today.
And these stories are all posted on PrisonPlanet.tv, PrisonPlanet.com, and InfoWars.com.
No I-pass.
Prepare to pay double.
Chicago Sun-Times.
Now, before I go any further, first they announced nine toll roads, now 15.
Now they're openly discussing 20-plus.
Every major road to get into Austin or leave Austin or go anywhere, to leave my house, which is on the edge of Austin, I will have to, if I go one direction, go through a toll road.
If I go another direction, go through a toll road.
It will be hard to get to a grocery store.
It will be hard to get to a gas station without paying a toll.
You're going, wait a minute, Chicago Sun-Times, no I-pass, prepare to pay double.
Well, let's just talk about Austin.
The city council, the few members of it, the mayor is one of them, Will Wynn, who was on this CAMPO board, this regional board, voted to give up all their authority and perpetuity over Central Texas' roads, county, city, state roads.
And in major polls, 90 plus percent of people are against it.
No one is for it.
They'll have 600 people show up against it at meetings and just two or three who happen to work for government agencies who show up for it with signs.
This has all been admitted.
But our so-called conservative mayor says he doesn't care.
And it's the liberals who are running around against the toll roads along with all the real conservatives.
I mean, I have met no one who's for it.
And everybody's worried about this because they said, well, these are going to be toll-less toll roads, so don't worry, it's not going to block traffic.
Because imagine, conservatively now, 15 of these babies, see, first they get it passed, give up our authority, oh, don't worry, it's just 9, I mean 15, well, probably 22, maybe more, and it's incredible.
And they said, don't worry, these are going to be cashless toll roads.
Oh, it's for your convenience.
You're all going to have to buy a transmitter, a transistor, a powerful RFID chip, and they're about an inch long, half inch wide, put up on your dash, and these are going to be scanned in red, and it's going to mark down how much you travel, and each year you're going to have to pay on a quarterly basis if you want a discount.
And it could be thousands of dollars, they admit, per person, per driver.
This is the official plan.
They're putting it in right now.
No one gets to vote on it.
And they laugh at you and go ahead and try to throw us out because they've got the electronic voting machines in place.
Now, in other areas, in Illinois and California and Kansas where I've been, they'll have five, six lanes that are electronic and one if you want to pay cash.
And you pay double.
In fact, I've covered this in my films.
And we drive through the checkpoints, and they say, you don't have KTAG.
This is five, six years ago.
It's in my first film, America Destroyed by Design.
And I say, no, we don't have KTAG.
And so the cost was roughly double.
It's the same thing.
Oh, you don't have to have a customer loyalty card at the grocery store.
Just your food's going to cost a third more.
In some cases, double.
Oh, you don't have to have a national ID card, but we just won't sell you any food if you don't swipe it.
That's the next thing that's coming.
So here is the Chicago Sun-Times.
No I-pass.
Prepare to pay double.
And it'll be the same way in Austin.
And it's going to cause unbelievable traffic because people have to slow down to go through the tolls, even though they're electronic.
And you'll also have everybody merging off who doesn't want to pay or who's from out of town who doesn't have the chip to put their $2 to $5 per leg of the toll in.
This whole place is going to... My car, when this goes in, and they're putting up the poles and the scanners right now, is going to be a taxi cab.
Every one of your cars is going to be a taxi cab.
Remember I talked about England, London putting it in?
Sixty cents a mile?
And now they want to do it nationwide in England?
And I warned you, I read the federal plans five, six years ago.
I had people on the federal boards on, and now Oregon's announcing it to go statewide?
No I-Pass, prepare to pay double.
If you don't have an I-Pass, start collecting your change.
Tolls for cars without the electronic collection units will be doubled to 80 cents by January 1st under a massive plan to rebuild the tollway into a smoother or efficient system and build the long-awaited Interstate 355 extension into Will County.
Governor Blagojevich's $5.3 billion 10-year tollway overhaul plan unveiled Wednesday freezes tolls for now at $0.40 for I-PASS users driving cars.
The project will be financed on the backs of locals without I-PASS, out-of-state drivers and truck drivers who will face steep toll increases.
Semi-tracker trailer drivers who now pay $1.50 will pay $4 tolls next year if Blagojevich's plan is approved by the Tollways Board.
Now let me stop here.
I haven't been through Illinois toll roads.
I've been in Chicago, always flown into Chicago.
I haven't driven around in Chicago, and I don't know about their toll roads.
But I've seen, I've been in Dallas, I've been in Houston, I've been in places that have regular toll roads, and they make sense.
I mean, I'm all for...
But you look at Dallas, you look at all these other cities, they've got maybe one, two, three, four toll roads.
And they're new roads.
Austin is taking the backbone, the core roads.
I mean, they had a map in the paper of the first proposal, which passed, the nine toll roads, and public officials said that we're against it.
Yeah, you're not going to be able to get in or out of Austin without using this.
And they are...
A dollar per leg of it, folks.
Now, I'm imagining, and you can call me if you live in Chicago and explain this to me, but I'm imagining this is like the toll roads I've seen in Kansas or California or wherever I've been, but all over the place, where, yeah, if you get on one exit of the toll road and get off the next, it's a dollar.
But if you stay on that baby and go through town, it's four or five dollars.
I mean, just to go across the Golden Gate Bridge is what, three bucks?
I mean,
Look, this is such a scam.
So no I-pass, prepare to pay double.
And so if you don't have the pass, they're going to charge you double.
And for trucks, it doesn't say how many legs, but it says we'll pay $4.
And citizens are going to have to pay $0.80 instead of $0.40 if they don't have the tracker chip.
Now Austin is saying that they're just going to charge you on a quarterly or yearly basis.
And that you're going to have to pay, basically to have credits on it, and then if you don't, they say the cameras are going to scan your identity, and you'll get three warnings, and then you'll be arrested.
That was in the newspaper.
So, of course, there's the obvious caveat or facet of this, which I think is not a tertiary issue, it's even bigger, that they're going to track and trace everywhere you go and what you do.
Now, is that freedom?
But, I mean, even, I've looked at a map of Chicago, but this sounds like the standard toll road, you know, a route around the city.
That would be reasonable to charge people for 10 years, then get rid of the toll.
But see, they don't get rid of tolls anymore.
They stay.
And they make you take a transponder to penalize you, and I'm against that.
So I'm reasonable on this issue.
They're completely unreasonable.
And let me tell you, I've seen the federal plan.
I've interviewed the people on the boards.
Anywhere you drive within three years, you're going to be taxed, buddy.
You're going to be taxed with a transponder in your car.
In many areas, they've already put the transponder readers up.
Side roads, county roads, everything.
You're going to be taxed and traced and controlled.
That's why they're putting in the buses and the trains right now because they're going to force us out of our cars.
And you go, wait a minute, everything's built on the roads.
The oil companies run things.
They want oil.
Well, for those of you that are still driving and for the buses and all the rest of it, they're going to be just charging us three, four bucks a gallon for gas.
You see, it's a controlled market.
It's about control.
And the oil companies are going to own the trains and own the buses.
If you look at who owns them, it's already the same people.
You've got to understand this.
So, it's going to be total.
And we're noticing this is happening everywhere where the electronic voting machines go in.
I mean, they tried to pass light rail twice here, but now they're bringing it back up and they go, we're going to win.
You watch this time and laughing at the city council dais.
Why are they doing that?
Because they know, folks, we have Clear Channel owning our voting machines here in Austin.
And the other big companies are all publicly run by the Central Intelligence Agency, or the NSA.
Three of them are CIA, the others NSA.
You try to get into these voting companies, there's young men with short haircuts and in fancy blue suits, obviously special forces.
And then we link back their names they are.
I mean, it's just military operations, these dummy front companies, and it's gone, folks!
The country's gone if we don't wake up to this and really realize the horror of it.
They've never pulled this before, every major road to be a toll road.
They never do stuff like this, but they've got those machines now.
Where it doesn't matter if a politician's 15 points behind in the polls, they win by a landslide, because they're married to the owner of Clear Channel's daughter.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Look, I don't say this to sound arrogant or authoritative.
I say this because I'm desperate.
I told you they'd be on TV saying everybody needs a microchip.
I told you they'd openly be talking about martial law being a good thing.
I told you they'd talk about getting rid of posse comitatus.
I came right out with the fact that you'd be tracked and traced and taxed by satellite tracker boxes and RFID chips in your vehicles.
And I told you there'd be toll roads everywhere with built-in checkpoints where they can shut the roads down and go through your vehicles.
And you're going, well, Alex, how did you know all that?
Yeah, I've been listening for five years, six years, seven years, some of you eight years.
And yes, you did say that.
How did you know?
Because it was all in the federal documents.
I mean, I get up here and rant and rave on the broadcast, but I sit up late at night, almost every night, and I just read documents and bills and legislation, and I've interviewed just thousands of people.
And this is what I do.
This is who I am.
This is my life.
This is my business.
Just like your business is selling houses or...
You know, keeping golf course greens up.
I wouldn't begin to tell you how to do that.
But I do know how the New World Order operates, and I do know what their plan is.
And their plan is the end of America.
And I'm challenging you to learn a little bit about what I know.
To not believe what I say, but go check it out for yourself.
Trust, but verify, as Ronald Reagan would say.
And when you find out I'm telling you the truth, I think you're going to do the right thing.
But just amazing, folks.
You get penalized if you don't have the tracker chip in your car.
And then it gets put down to one lane if you want to pay cash, and then finally they just phase it out.
I've read the consumer promotion plans when they have these big symposiums, usually in Chicago every year, of the biometric and telemetric and different industries there.
Walmart's always the Mac Daddy with the Defense Department because they're two of the biggest buyers in the country so they can tell all the suppliers what they want and force them onto new systems.
And they have said, and it's going in all the grocery stores, it's going in the Home Depots, it's going in the Walmarts.
Remember, four or five years ago, they put in one or two of the self-checkout lines where you check yourself out.
Then all of a sudden, a few months later, four or five.
Then a year later, six or seven or eight.
And I'll go into a grocery store, I'll go into a store,
I'll go into Home Depot, and there'll be one checkout line at 6 o'clock at night with a clerk, and there'll be 10 people lined up there, and there'll be all these empty self-checkout lanes.
Now, that happened the first year or so.
Now people are starting to get frustrated, and they're starting to use them.
But still, people line up to have service.
It's a human trait.
You want to exchange things with a human being.
This dehumanization's got to stop.
And they say, well, it's industry to save money.
Folks, the economy is what the economy demands.
If you demand service, they'll build it in.
It'll have more entry-level jobs.
It'll make our economy drive.
But look, McDonald's was the first to do this.
They put the trash can there and say, thank you.
Implying you're supposed to throw it away.
You think, oh, I'm doing a good job doing this.
It's keeping down prices.
Now you just don't get any service.
And it doesn't drive down prices.
They all just basically merge their prices and gouge you.
But I say it started with McDonald's.
It really started with the advertisement psychology and the Pavlovian manipulation we were talking about with Bernays yesterday, the father of this, with gasoline.
You know, you'd pull up, pay your 20 cents a gallon...
A couple of young teenagers would run out, wipe their car down, clean it, check all the fluids.
Cars ran a lot better because they got better maintenance.
You'd sit back and relax in your car, or you'd go and get a drink out of the water fountain or buy yourself a Dr. Pepper.
You'd come out and give them a little tip, and thank you!
But then they said, oh, well, we'll have self-serve and give you a little bit of a discount if you do that.
Then they just phased the service out altogether.
So that's the future.
Faceless systems with a couple of guys in black ski masks.
And they will wear black ski masks, by the way.
For their safety, of course.
Standing at the front of Walmart, and there'll be no one there.
And you'll just be there, and there'll be little information kiosks that you talk to.
You'll say, where is the Charmin toilet paper?
Why, thank you, customer.
It's on aisle 14A.
If we can serve you, please remember to return to the kiosk, and we have discounts on blah, blah, blah.
Mr. Johnson, your retina scan shows that you're a high-level customer.
We've got gold star pricing on toothpaste on aisle 9.
You think I'm joking?
It's already going in.
I'm not playing around here.
This is the plan.
The official plan.
And yes, the feds are even moving forward within 10 years, you won't even be allowed to drive your own car.
They're going to remote control it down the road.
And the movies are all conditioning you for that.
It's just amazing.
And they say, well, it's just progress, Mr. Jones.
I'm sure buggy whip manufacturers were like you, you know, in 1906.
When the cars started coming out, the automobiles.
Well, then in that case, then Hitler was just progress, you know, putting people in mass graves.
You know, all progress is not good.
The IBM machine to count the Jews wasn't good.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, my friends.
Coming up a little bit later, after we cover some news and take your calls, we have John Buchanan coming on with an incredible story.
You do not want to miss this interview.
But before I go to your calls and back into the latest torture news and the Republican National Convention and everything that's going on, I wanted to play a clip the ACLU put together.
And again, I'm no big fan of the ACLU because they claim a lot of rights that we don't have, and then when there's real rights being violated, they'll either go in and lose the case or drop the ball or create bad case law.
I believe they're controlled at the top.
But it's just like the NRA.
I think the members of the NRA are, by and large, really good people with a good mission.
I think a lot of ACLU people are good folks.
And sometimes ACLU chapters do a good job.
Well, this was made by the ACLU, and it's on prisonplanet.com and prisonplanet.tv right now.
And it's video, but it's the image, picture the image of a computer screen.
You know, a database, like when you go to get your credit report or something, and it's the operator at the pizza place, at the pizza chain, going over the guy's matrix database NSA system to see if he's safe.
To see if, you know, to try to sell him a pizza.
And the USA Today, about three months ago, we covered the article repeatedly, admitted that the big pizza chains, when you buy a pizza, automatically run your name and information through the wanted list.
I mean, down to parking tickets.
And then if your address is changed, and the police are having trouble finding you, it's automatically red flagged, and instead of a pizza coming, you get a police officer or a SWAT team.
And this is happening everywhere.
The police are having databases put in their cars that show this.
Where if you deal with any big corporation or big company, they have all this information.
When you deal with me, you don't.
When you deal with some other small business, you don't.
But already, all the big businesses that we know of are doing this.
From shoe places to grocery stores to car dealers.
You name it.
And this is the type of data they have
And it's disgusting.
And it has nothing to do with fighting terrorism.
So here is this little piece, just the audio of it.
And understand, this is 98% what we already have, okay?
This is serious.
This is not a joke.
This is where things are going very soon.
This system is in place.
And once they put the national ID card in as, quote, the sales tax identifier, that brings federal control into every business, then all the small businesses are going to have to do this and be hooked in to the database that all the big corporations have greedily signed on to.
And, Stephanie, my audio was low earlier.
You might need to boost this.
Go ahead and hit it.
Pizza Palace, guaranteed hot in 30 minutes or it's free.
May I take your order?
This is Mary.
Hi, Mary.
Yes, I'd like to order.
This is Mr. Kelley.
Thank you for calling again, sir.
I share your national identification number as 610-204-999-8-45-54610.
Is that correct?
Thank you, Mr. Kelly.
I see you live at 736 Montrose Corp.
You're calling from your cell phone.
Are you at home?
I'm just leaving work, but I'm... Oh, we can deliver to Bob's Auto Supply.
That's at 175 Lincoln Avenue, yes?
I'm on my way home.
How do you know all this stuff?
We just got wired into the system, sir.
Well, I'd like to order a couple of your double meat special pizzas.
There'll be a new $20 charge for this, sir.
What do you mean?
Sir, the system shows me that your medical records indicate that you have high blood pressure and extremely high cholesterol.
Luckily, we have a new agreement with your national health care provider that allows us to sell you double meat pies as long as you agree to waive all future claims of liability.
Do you agree, sir?
You can sign the form when we deliver, but there is a charge for processing.
The total is $67 even.
Well, that includes the delivery surcharge of $15 to cover the added risk to our driver of traveling through an orange zone.
I live in an orange zone?
Now you do.
Looks like there was another robbery on Montrose yesterday.
You could save $48 if you ordered our special sprout submarine combo and picked it up yourself.
Comes with tofu sticks.
Those are very tasty, sir.
Good value, too.
But I want double meat.
Well, I'm sure you can afford the $67, then.
You just bought those tickets to Hawaii.
They weren't cheap, eh?
But I see you checked out the budget beach prom at the library last week.
Up to you, sir.
Right, right.
I'll get the Sprouts subs.
Good choice, sir.
Gotta watch that waist if you're hitting the beach, eh?
42 inches.
Man, I'd say tofu and sprouts is, like, required.
That's how much?
Just between you and me, there's a $3 off coupon in this month's Total Men's Fitness magazine.
Your wife Betty subscribes to that, right?
Anyhow, clip that and it's $19.99 even.
Whoa, looks like you maxed out on all your credit cards.
Bring cash, okay?
Want to stop this from happening?
All right, folks.
Now, oh, I guess I learned of this seven years ago.
The Department of Agriculture, of all people, and the Department of Health and Human Services are going to make you swipe your national ID card, and if you buy too much fattening food, too much ice cream, there is going to be a tax.
And they're going to look at how much of that food you're buying.
They're going to look at how much beer you buy, how many cigarettes you buy, how much chewing tobacco you buy.
You think I'm joking?
Already thousands of school districts, not hundreds, it was hundreds, have thumb scanners, no cash allowed.
You must pay with your thumb.
Your parents must put the money in the account.
So the school monitors to see what the child is eating and can involve CPS if you're not controlling them and telling them what to eat.
Mainstream news.
And they're going to tax you.
They're going to control you.
They're going to run your life like no one's ever been run before.
I'm sorry.
Just another announcement.
I really haven't promoted this video.
I'm very impressed with it.
I made it with one of my associates.
It is 90 minutes long.
It is called American Dictators.
And it covers the fake election of 2004.
No matter who wins, my friends, we lose.
It gets into Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, the latest developments there.
The police state that's unfolding.
How Ralph Nader is controlled.
It is really an impressive new video.
And it's called... We're not offering it quite yet.
I'm going to have it up there on the website by tonight.
You can order it by phone by tomorrow.
It is called, my friends...
American Dictators, and you need to have this new film.
It is very, very impressive, and it covers just a whole bunch of different facets of the New World Order.
It's 1995, folks.
It's 1995 because it's not almost three hours long like some of my videos.
Those are $25.95, but it's a 1995 American Dictators, my new film,
And by the way, it'll take a week or so after you order to get it in the mail.
And we're only offering it on VHS right now.
That's because it's going to take a month or so to get it authored and put on DVD.
And it needs to get out now for the election.
And it just takes time to have DVDs mass produced.
It will be offered on DVD.
But don't wait, folks.
Get it on VHS.
Easy to make copies from.
It is such an important film, and you're authorized to make copies of this video and get it out to people and educate your friends and your family and air it on Axis Television.
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If it's not up tonight, it will be up by tomorrow, but I'm trying to get it up tonight for members of PrisonPlanet.tv, where you can get both of the book I've written, the book I've published, Paul Watson's book.
Those are both online over...
We're good to go.
Fifteen cents a day if you sign up for a year.
Nineteen cents a day if you sign up for a month.
$5.95 if you sign up for a month.
It is so important.
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But you cannot call yet and get American Dictators.
It takes a day or so to get that to the operators and get them the rundown of what the film's about.
But it will be by this evening on Infowars.com.
They're in the shopping cart.
American Dictators, folks.
Okay, let's go to the calls.
That's enough of my babbling.
Don in Pennsylvania, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, how you doing?
I just thought I'd let you know, as far as Illinois, yes, I do drive a truck and all that, and they offered me the transponder and all that to go through their toll booths.
But if you remember, I think it was three years ago that they used that transponder for a guy that was getting a divorce from his wife to where they could show that he was actually cheating on her.
Whenever that did that, that raised some serious red flags to me, and I've been listening to you
For about the past year now, knowing as far as something was wrong, I didn't know exactly what.
But now I know that the transponders, I don't care if they charge me triple, because as a truck driver, whenever I go into a DOT inspection station and they check me all out, they'll compare everything that I have on electronic and paper, which I throw the paper up because I don't pay income tax or anything like that.
And they can use that against me in a court of law, so I just have quit doing it altogether.
Well, let me say this, Don.
It's a total violation of the Fifth Amendment.
There have been several articles that I've read on air in the Bay Area of San Francisco where they put these transponder readers up where there aren't even toll roads.
They admit they're tracking everyone.
They're going to do it in Austin.
To have a car in the town, you're going to have to have it unless you want to pay, again, double.
And it's disgusting.
This is going in everywhere, folks.
This isn't what America is about.
And they were planning all of this before 9-11, and now it has this backdrop of, oh, it's for terrorism.
What are people saying in Chicago about this?
Well, I'm from Pennsylvania, but I drive through Chicago.
As Joyce and Dave say, you know, the sheeple over there, they're like, oh, I get a benefit.
And I don't see the benefit as far as something to bring up here.
Don't they know in a few years, and I never finish this, when they put in the self-service checkout lanes, in some areas they've now phased them completely out where you have to use the self-checkouts.
It's going to be the same thing here.
They're going to make you use a transponder.
Well, it's coming down to that as far as the truck drivers, and then after they get us, mine bred into it, and 10 or 20 years down the road, then it'll be for the rest of the populace, and they'll be able to track you anywhere.
It won't even be 20 years, sir.
It'll take a little bit of time, but it'll do it.
Everything's accelerated now, three to four years.
Well, I just figured, personally, in 91, I said give it 20 years, and I said...
You'll see a civil war in this country, but we're down to about six years is what it's going to take, but I don't know how long it will be.
I just don't know if people realize how serious this is we're talking about.
Well, I do, and now I'm talking about it in my own county and state, and I'll be honest with you, I've gotten a lot of people mad at me.
They're mad at you.
They want to be tracked and traced.
They want to be controlled.
They want to be slaves.
Well, let me add something to this.
With these transponders and all of this garbage, this isn't what this country is supposed to be about.
This isn't what America is supposed to be, Don.
Well, I know, but all I can say is to all the rest of the other listeners, I know a lot of them are smart and getting intelligent and
You and everyone else on the GCN are helping, but all I can say is, hi Hitler, and we're the Jews, if you will.
I don't care what religion, but if you're speaking out, you're a dissident person and must be terminated.
And that's just the way that they're going right now.
Thanks for the call.
Well, I wouldn't say Heil Hitler, I'd say Hail the New World Order.
Rodney in Texas, go ahead.
Yes, how are you doing today Alex?
I just had one brief news article that I looked at in the St.
Paul Pioneer Press today and it just corroborated a story that you mentioned a couple of days ago about
The journalist being kicked out of Iraq because they're exposing a lot of things over there.
Did you get a chance to read that story by chance?
I do have it here in front of me.
It's an AP report I would imagine that you saw reposted in a newspaper you read.
But, Rodney, last week, last Monday...
Now, about nine, ten days ago, Iraqi troops under U.S.
command pulled up on bullhorns.
This was witnessed by a hotel full of British and U.S.
reporters, and German and Dutch and French and Spanish, and said, exit the building or we are going to kill you.
Now, this was all over the international news.
It was caught on tape.
We're going to kill you if you don't leave.
And in one hour when they didn't, they machine gunned the windows, fired rounds in there, and said, leave Najaf.
And now, when they were trying to leave, they arrested a whole bunch of them, and in one case, beat them up.
So this is the freedom and democracy we're bringing, is doing this to reporters.
Two things.
Let's make no bones about it.
This is under the auspices, or the behest of ARCA, number one.
And number two, if you read the story from the AP today, the reason why they gave that they want those journalists out of there is they claim they're making trouble.
Making trouble.
The journalists are making trouble because they want to cover the news and report it as it is, as it really is, and they're making trouble.
Yeah, that Christian Science Monitor, very credible, went in and said there's no weapons.
And a bunch of other reporters from other agencies said, yes, it's true.
And so he better watch himself.
And by the way, I want to ask you this thing regarding the torture with the prisoners.
I noticed that today one of the stories, and I think it's the, well, anyway, the New York Times was talking about John Kerry talking about,
Well, we have to ask ourselves, why is the Pentagon saying they're going to release more photos now?
Now, I always said they released those through CBS on purpose.
And it's a very sophisticated answer why.
Our government released those photos.
We knew about this from day one in Afghanistan, day one in Iraq.
We had warned people that all over the foreign news.
Why did it suddenly show up?
Because it was time to demonize America to later bring in the U.N.
as the savior, just like they're preparing, perhaps, to bring in Kerry, who will keep our troops there, but then bring in the U.N.,
Take down some of the escalation and the abuse, so then the Iraqis will accept it.
This was an imperial tactic.
The Romans, Rodney, wrote handbooks on sending in a mean governor to squeeze and abuse.
Then they'd pull the mean governor out and chastise him.
The people would go, oh, Rome's doing something.
They'd send somebody in who lessened the tyranny a little bit, then the people would buy into it.
So this is just a tool of statecraft here.
Why is the Pentagon releasing more torture information?
It is to demonize the U.S.
We'll be right back.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
Pan Amers.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand
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Don't forget, my friends, my new video, American Dictators, will be on the website by this evening, 1995, 90 minutes.
Shortest film I've made, very concise.
Getting into Bush and Kerry being cousins, Skull and Bones, the fake election, how they're all for the same issues.
Very important film, a lot of dynamic stuff in it, you need to see it.
We go back to Bohemian Grove in the film.
You know, I went back there about nine months ago when I was in California.
And didn't sneak in this time, just went and interviewed locals and talked about it.
But that's a small part of the film, American Dictators.
That'll be available here pretty soon.
And it'll be up tonight or tomorrow on the web before anybody gets it, before we even mail them out.
At prisonplanet.tv for members.
Let's go to Brian in New Jersey.
Brian, welcome.
Hey Alex, thanks for having me.
Thank you.
Just to bring up a real quick point, I was actually on the phone yesterday and I got cut off.
You had mentioned Bernays.
Yeah, what happened is the T1, the phone lines went crazy.
Yeah, I listened.
I found three more of his books.
One of them is called The Father of Fin, Edward L. Bernays and the Birth of Public Relations.
Another one is The Later Years, Public Relations Insights, 56 to 86, and Crystallizing Public Opinion, which I think is a great title.
And of course, he wrote a book called Propaganda, and for those who just joined us, and I'll hold you over if need be, just let me read what Bernays said, the father of modern advertising.
Those who manipulate the unseen mechanisms of society constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country.
We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested largely by men we have never heard of.
He says this is logical.
This is good.
He goes on to say, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons who understand the mental process and social patterns of the masses.
It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind.
Go ahead.
But the real reason I was calling, I went down to Washington, D.C.
about two weeks ago.
And all the way down I-95, I live in New Jersey, there were these road signs that are electronic that they can change, I guess, for weather or not.
But instead of having weather alerts or traffic alerts, it said... Look for terrorists!
Basically, it said, you know, look for suspicious activity.
If you see suspicious activity, please call such and such a number.
Then I went to Philadelphia today.
I was on my public transit train from New Jersey.
And it says, when it comes to our safety, we can always have an extra pair of eyes.
Look around, be aware.
If something looks out of place, let us know.
And again, this is what they're doing.
With Neighborhood Watch, the VFW, these new citizen defense forces, all of this, they get everybody hyped up for terrorism, then you go to the training course and it's, we're going to fight crime, we're going to spy on our neighbors.
There's no real terrorists, but they get this atmosphere of tattling and watching and spying,
I went to their website that was listed there, and it's exactly the same thing.
It says, remember, if you see something, say something.
But it doesn't say anything about terrorism.
It says to report a crime in progress, blah, blah, blah.
And then down here on the website, you can just go to njtransit.com and find all this information.
It says increased number of uniforms and un-uniformed.
It actually says plainclothes officers on patrol.
That sounds like a secret police to me.
It's every agency, it's every group.
They are literally, in 30 states, handing uniforms out to anybody they do a psychological test on with MP armbands with no police training, and they just send them out on random street corners to just search families, training us.
I mean, this is like Red Dawn, people!
It is.
I agree, Alex.
And in every case, Homeland Security is putting in a billion doing cameras to fight crime.
Crime, crime, crime, crime.
Crime is terror.
Crime, crime, crime.
Smoke marijuana.
You're a terrorist.
Thank you for what you're doing.
Thank you.
Well, I appreciate what you're saying.
Anything else you want to add?
Have a good day.
That would be it, Alex.
God bless you.
More of your calls coming up.
And we've got a couple guests, too.
And a really important second hour coming up.
So please, please stay with us.
And please, support what we're doing and expose the murdering terrorists around America.
Because they're killing this country.
Open your eyes up!
Look around you!
We'll be right back.
Big Brother.
You want answers?
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, so does he.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've got a gentleman on that I'm very familiar with.
I've heard him on a lot of other broadcasts.
I've read some of the news reports he's put out.
He helped break the news in the mainstream media on the East Coast about the Bushes getting most of the Nazi money up until the early 1950s.
True Blue Nazis with their buddy Arnold.
That is coming up and then we'll get into the incredible harassment he's been through and
Talk to a doctor he worked with who supported him and got harassed.
Very scary.
And so that's coming up.
And, of course, your phone calls, a bunch of news on the torture, on the police state, on the Republican National Convention.
We've got two hours left here, and we're going to cover so much.
So please, please, please stay with us.
Right now, Mike in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Mike.
Alex, how are you today?
You're on the air.
First time caller, sir.
Listen, I caught part of the end of your blurb there on customer service.
I worked for the number two outsourced call center in the world, okay?
And I held a management position there before I finally resigned and discussed.
It's not about customer service anymore.
When you make a phone call about your Visa card, your American Express, whatever you have, your utility card,
What it's about now is getting you off that telephone.
They don't want to service you.
They have things called handle times where they want and encourage the agents, the people that are taking the phone calls, get off the phone.
We do not want to take care of people anymore.
I don't know how else to describe it, but that is the mindset of these people.
Also, they get your personal data and sell it and trade it.
And the mindset is, when you make it into management, it's nothing but what I call new age and new world order type of techniques that they use to control you.
I knew something was wrong, but I didn't know what it was.
And about nine months ago, I was listening to you, and it just kind of woke me up to the whole picture, and it all made sense.
I knew there was something wrong, and this is the mindset of these people.
So I just wanted to let you know that, and I do appreciate your good work, sir, and you keep it up.
Thank you, my friend.
Yeah, we played that little piece.
We'll play that again.
In many cases, really, what's going on when you call to order a pizza?
And if you don't know what I'm talking about...
We'll play when we come out of break, and I'll describe it to them when we go to our guest.
David in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
Real quick, I wanted to know where I could find that audio that you played earlier with the pizza.
PrisonPlanet.tv and com.
It's supposed to be posted.
Stephanie, I told them to post it this morning.
What website did you get that off of?
Which one of my sites?
Well, she went directly to the link, but I've told my webmasters to post it, and it should be posted by now.
Okay, and it's under what?
PrisonPlanetTV and where?
PrisonPlanet.com, sir.
Okay, and it's on there.
Yes, it is.
And also, I was looking at Infowars.com, and I looked at an article that said, where's the 9-11 beef, and it said that
Michael Moore said something about hindsight, whereas you predicted it on the air July 2001.
And I was looking through, trying to find the article, because I wanted to show somebody that had said that.
And I couldn't find it anywhere, but I did hear him say that.
It was under the article.
It said that you predicted it on the air, and I'm wondering if there's somewhere I could listen to that, or is there an article with your radio that day?
Well, I did about 20 shows starting July 25th where I said that.
I said they're going to use Bin Laden as their patsy.
He's going to take the blame.
They're going to attack the World Trade Center probably.
And then I went on television for two and a half hours and gave the White House phone number out and said, call them, tell them, don't do it.
I've never done that before, by the way.
I don't just make predictions.
And that clip, about a five-minute clip of that TV show, is in my film, The Masters of Terror.
So does that answer your question?
Okay, so it's in the Masters of Tarot.
That's the video, right?
Yes, sir.
All right, yeah, that's all I wanted.
All right, I appreciate the call.
We'll be right back with our guest for more calls.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
My goal is to get people to the information, to the facts, to the evidence.
But we have a small team, so if I sound frustrated when people say, where's this document, where's that news article, and if I can't tell you exactly where it's at, I sound frustrated.
I'm not frustrated with you, I'm frustrated with the amount of data.
I mean, I'm trying to be a librarian here for millions of people.
If you're looking for something on prisonplanet.tv or prisonplanet.com or infowars.com, there are search engines on the pages.
But you can just go to searchinfowars.com.
It's a separate website, searchinfowars.com, and then type in your keyword searches and then spend time looking for it.
I mean, there's literally hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of things posted on the websites in the last six, seven years.
So it's all there for you.
But the last caller is like, where is the clip?
Of what you just played.
And I looked during the break.
It's at the bottom of prisonplanet.com in the perspectives section.
That's where we put the satire and cartoons and things.
And it's right there at the top of that.
So it's on prisonplanet.com and prisonplanet.tv.
And I'm told it's being posted on infowars.com right now.
And this thing isn't really a joke.
USA Today admits that when you call to get a pizza from a major pizza delivery system, almost all of them are hooked into a federal and state database.
They get 20% of any court fees that you pay.
And even for parking tickets, if you've got a warrant out, they will red flag and confirm that you're at that location for the police.
And you get a cop instead of a pizza.
And it's the grocery stores, it's the banks, it's everything.
No Fourth and Fifth Amendment, no nothing.
And they are planning to tax you according to what foods you eat and control you.
It's all going to be on your national ID card.
You're going to have to swipe as part of the new sales tax.
It's all here.
So one last time, here is this ACLU piece they put together, which is bordering on present reality, not near future dark satire.
So here it is.
One more time.
Piece of pallet.
Guaranteed hot in 30 minutes or it's free.
This is Mary.
May I take your order?
Hi, Mary.
Yes, I'd like to order.
Is this Mr. Kelly?
Thank you for calling again, sir.
I share your national identification number as 6102049998-45-54610.
Is that correct?
Thank you, Mr. Kelly.
I see you live at 736 Montrose Court, but you're calling from your cell phone.
Are you at home?
I'm just leaving work, but I'm... Oh, we can deliver to Bob's Auto Supply.
That's at 175 Lincoln Avenue, yes?
No, I'm on my way home.
How do you know all this stuff?
We just got wired into the system, sir.
Oh, well...
I'd like to order a couple of your double meat special pizzas.
Sure thing.
There'll be a new $20 charge for those, sir.
What do you mean?
Do you agree, sir?
You can sign the form when we deliver, but there is a charge for processing.
The total is $67 even.
Well, that includes the delivery surcharge of $15 to cover the added risk to our driver of traveling through an orange zone.
I live in an orange zone?
Now you do.
Looks like there was another robbery on Montrose yesterday.
You could save $48 if you ordered our special sprout submarine combo and picked it up yourself.
Comes with tofu sticks.
Those are very tasty, sir.
Good value, too.
But I want double meat.
Well, I'm sure you can afford the $67, then.
You just bought those tickets to Hawaii.
They weren't cheap, eh?
Oh, but I see you checked out the budget beach prom at the library last week.
Up to you, sir.
Right, right.
I'll get the sprout subs.
Good choice, sir.
Gotta watch that waist if you're hitting the beach, eh?
42 inches.
Man, I'd say cocoa and sprouts is, like, required.
That's how much?
Just between you and me, there's a $3 off coupon in this month's Total Men's Fitness magazine.
Your wife Betty subscribes to that, right?
Anyhow, clip that and it's $19.99 even.
Whoa, looks like you maxed out on all your credit cards.
Bring cash, okay?
Want to stop this from happening?
Okay, folks.
And then on top of that, remember the guy who didn't drink and drive, had a heart palpitation he thought he might have?
You know, 45-year-old guy.
Goes into the hospital and talks to the doctor and says, is it because I drink a six-pack of beer most evenings when I get home from work?
Well, we're required to report that to the police.
And then he has, because you're obviously an alcoholic, they withdraw his driver's license.
And the courts just said, yes, we're upholding that.
We're upholding that.
I can't help it.
We've got John Buchanan holding, and I appreciate him holding, and wait until you hear this story, but I can't help it.
You know I've got to do it.
Get me OnStar.
Get me the Neocon Star.
Do you have that, Stephanie?
I know I just sprung that on you, but... Now, this is very close to happening.
Minus the in-car lethal injection, all of this is really being done.
This is another short clip, and we'll go to our guest.
I mean, they're really setting this up.
They're really doing it.
I mean, I listen to satire about the New World Order from ten years ago, and it's what we're living in today.
And this is just a few years away.
Black boxes on all the new cars, tracking and tracing you.
You've got to pay double if you don't have a tracker chip in your car for the new toll roads that are going to be on all the major streets.
I mean, it's just everywhere.
You find it, Stephanie?
Play Neocon Star.
This old lady needed some help, and she sure got it, sir.
The following is an actual conversation between a Neocon Star operator and a subscriber in distress who is locked in her car and doesn't have the proper authorization to get out.
With Neocon Star, help is just a satellite away.
Neocon Star, how can I offer you great service today?
Please help me, I'm trapped in my car.
My retina scanner won't work.
Just relax, sir.
It's not sir, it's ma'am.
Please hurry, it's hot in here.
I'm an old lady!
But I can't find it!
I'm looking everywhere!
I can't find my national ID card!
I'll take the lethal injection, please.
Thanks, producer.
This is Michael Corbin from A Closer Look.
Does this scenario seem far-fetched or on the horizon?
But we may experience this level of government control if we don't stand up today and take back our God-given freedoms that have been taken in the name of the war on terrorism.
All right.
And Michael Corbin will be sitting in the first three days of next week while I'm in New York City covering the New World Order's police state theater to program us to accept it.
And then Erskine's going to be here on Thursday and Friday.
And I'm told Harry Brown is now on the network, the big libertarian guru.
I hear he has a weekend show.
I hear he wants to do the show Thursday.
That was never confirmed, though.
If he wants to sit in with Erskine, or they want to simulcast together, that's fine.
But I've already told Erskine, so that's a note to the folks at the bigwigs at Genesis.
If they want that to happen, I'm happy to do that if Harry Brown wants to sit in.
Okay, and I'll be calling in at least twice a day with reports on the ground in the streets.
Just one more point.
Toyota's coming out with cars in Japan.
They're about to bring them out here.
This was in the big auto show stuff in Detroit this year.
You're going to have a card.
You've got to swipe.
It's going to retina scan you to see if you're tired and if you can drive it.
This is all really happening.
I want to thank John Buchanan for holding.
We're honored to have him.
We're going to have him into the next hour so we have plenty of time to tell this story.
John, I've heard you on many shows.
I've read your reports.
I was following your great work before you got into all this trouble.
First off, the government's really scared of you.
You're a guy with no criminal record, a good, upstanding citizen, a journalist, and you ran into hell itself by exposing the Nazi ties, getting into the mainstream newspapers, running for president as a real Republican.
First off, just in a nutshell, tell us about yourself, and in about five minutes, run through up to date what's happened to you.
The timeline, the chronicle.
Okay, Alex, I want to thank you very much for having me on and giving me a chance to speak to your listeners because I admire the work that you do and I hope your listeners will be horrified by what they're about to hear.
I've been a journalist and an investigative reporter for 35 years.
I've worked in every major media market in the country.
Well, I went last September based on a tip.
I found out that the Bush-Nazi files at the National Archives and Library of Congress did in fact exist.
So I went last September 17th and in one eight-hour day was able to copy 250-odd pages of documents that proved beyond a shadow of any doubt
The Prescott Bush, the grandfather of the sitting president, and George Herbert Walker, his maternal great-grandfather, were Nazi traitors to the U.S.
who should have been tried for treason.
They had begun doing business in 1924, and Prescott Bush in 1926 with Fritz Thyssen, the Nazi industrialist, who I'm sure you and most of your listeners are familiar with.
Yeah, it's Thyssen, I always say Thyssen, but it's...
The ThyssenKrupp, the elevators, the Krupps were big Nazis too, and he was on the board of this, but then you found out the evidence, it came out in several major East Coast papers, that until 1952 they were getting all the Nazis in mind.
I went back because I was rained out on the first trip by a hurricane that hit Washington, or came by, so I didn't get back the next two days to go to the archives again and the Library of Congress, so I went back on...
I think so.
I think so.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Alright, we're talking to John Buchanan, investigative journalist, ran for president on the Republican ticket trying to expose all this.
Got arrested repeatedly with no real charges.
Here's a headline.
Man who published documents on Prescott Bush arrested in Florida.
Here's another one out of the New Hampshire Gazette, volume 246, number 1.
Mainstream newspaper, folks.
Bush-Nazi link confirmed.
And again, by John Buchanan.
And then it got picked up nationally for just a few weeks, and boy, they came and arrested him.
And he's got all the documents.
It's all confirmed right there at the Library of Congress.
In a nutshell, continuing with this, so you get the documents that it didn't just end with their companies getting seized.
The rat line, the Nazi money, out of Switzerland, out of Zurich, out of Europe, going right into their greedy little hands.
Please continue.
What's incredible to me, Alex, is that what the documents I have in my possession show is that after the war, in the late years of the war and after the war, they moved Nazi assets into Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina and Panama.
Clearly in violation of the law.
Clearly treason because the U.S.
was at war and the U.S.
government did nothing.
I have an FBI memo from 1943 that talks about the fact that politically prominent families have come under investigation without naming the Bushes and the Harrimans and questioning the Treasury Department about whether any action should be taken
By the way, that's just what we know of.
That's what we know of, correct.
And the Nazis had billions and millions and millions.
And literally they found whole caves with rooms filled with diamonds and other stuff that our government stole.
And so what happened... Not only that, they stole from the people the Nazis stole it from.
And so I was literally overwhelmed by my discovery.
So I felt that it was beyond my credentials to report the story.
So I attempted simply to be a whistleblower and give the documents away.
I had no intention of being...
The journalists.
So I began with Arthur Sulzberger Jr.
and the publisher and Bill Keller, the executive editor of the New York Times.
Got nowhere.
Got hung up on.
Got told never to call again.
So I went from there to the Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal.
Then I went to all the TV networks.
No takers.
Then I went to the cable news networks.
No takers.
Then Associated Press finally...
I took some interest in the story only after I published my two articles on October 10th and November 7th in the New Hampshire Gazette, which happens by a lucky little coincidence to be the oldest newspaper in the country and which gave Samuel Adams his first byline before there was an inkling of a constitution.
Yeah, I think so.
Now, wait a minute.
Bush himself was taken into custody.
It's argued that he was arrested and then he paid a huge fine.
Now, I've seen that years ago, but then I try to cover that up.
I mean, it's incredible.
Speaking of the cover-up, I'll tell you what's really interesting that I just learned from two different archivists who I talked to on the record when I was back at the archive.
When I said senior, I meant senior to George Herbert Walker.
Right, right, right.
And when I was at the archives just two weeks ago, one of the most incredible things about the Prescott Bush story is that there is nothing in the National Archives or Library of Congress about him.
He's the only man to ever father two presidents and two governors.
And there is nothing in the Library of Congress except a phony biography of him called Duty, Honor, Country, The Life and Legacy of Prescott Bush, published by religious fundamentalist in Tennessee called Rutledge Hill Press in the spring of 2003 and his official portrait.
And there is nothing in the archives.
So I asked the archivist at both the Library of Congress and the archives, and they said it's a remarkable fact
But the records have essentially been purged.
The only documents that mention Prescott Bush are the long-lost, forgotten ones in the U.S.
Office of the Alien Property Custodian, which the Archives has the management of.
So my story's come out.
Associated Press murders the story.
Tell you what, stay there.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
My friends, it's crazy.
After he exposes this Nazi stuff, he starts getting arrested, harassed, kidnapped.
I mean, this is an incredible story.
And John Buchanan's a well-known journalist.
And this happened to him.
And the Bush Nazi stuff, I mean, there have been books out on that for decades.
A lot of the documents have been out for decades.
There's been unauthorized biographies that have come out with this.
And it's what really happened.
But we'll get to John Buchanan and a gentleman who helped him out, Dr. Robert Thorne, and what happened to him.
Just an amazing story here in just a few minutes.
Right now, Debbie Morrow, New Millennium Concepts, joins us.
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Thanks for joining us, Debbie.
Thank you, Alex.
You bet, my dear.
All right.
Let us go back to our guests.
The doctor could only stay a little while.
John Buchanan, now that you've exposed the Nazi information, you've got their documents.
They've expunged a lot of them from the Library of Congress, but still the documents you found are there for anybody that wants to see them.
The mainstream news has done reports about the Bush and the Nazis.
I've even seen one on ABC News, but it's, well, it was accidental, and they didn't know Hitler was bad.
Yeah, they had their banks seized, but Prescott didn't mean it.
You know, he's a nice guy.
He's just a member of the satanic Germanic cult of Bohemian Grove and Skull and Bones, admittedly founded by the Illuminati, according to MSNBC, but let's ignore that.
And so now you start getting harassed.
Go through that timeline, and then I want to bring Robert... Absolutely.
I'll give a very quick synopsis, because I want your listeners to hear Dr. Thorne.
I'll get to the punchline about him.
What happened was I was drafted to run for president head-on against Bush as a Republican in the New Hampshire primary, which I did.
I went out every night talking about the Bush Nazi documents, the war in Iraq, how the subversion of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, all the things that you talk about every day.
As a result of my showing in the New Hampshire primary, coming in tied for second place and beating a dozen other Republicans, I was invited to go speak at the National Press Club on Wednesday, February 4th.
I flew down from Manchester, New Hampshire, was kidnapped from my flight by two alleged Secret Service agents who it now appears were not Secret Service agents.
Intimidated and terrorized?
I guarantee you they were, and now they're just saying they weren't.
And let me just tell you, Bush, at the end of his speech in Texas when he was governor, I said, what about the CFR and New World Order?
They had me kidnapped for one hour.
I did not know that.
It's all on video.
So you've been there, done that.
But no, this is even worse.
Now, describe for us what they said to you, what they did.
You were kidnapped.
What was this like?
I'm 54 years old, and I'm a veteran of a lot of wars like you are, and I am usually not very afraid or intimidated.
They took me off.
I was taken off the flight by a woman cop from the Baltimore-Washington Airport Police, and then there were two Secret Service agents, a blonde and a brunette, when I...
Regained my composure for a second and asked them for identification.
The dark haired guy said these badges on our belt are the only ID you need to see.
So they never showed me ID.
They took me by each arm.
They marched me down the hall into what was apparently an INS interrogation facility.
I asked if I had the right to an attorney.
They said no.
I asked if I had the right to a phone call.
They said no.
I asked why my rights were being subverted.
They said because you're a national security threat.
We have information you're leading a vast plot to assassinate the president.
The cop went out and came back almost immediately and said he checks out.
And so you come up number two in the Republican primaries in New Hampshire.
You were all over the newspapers at that time.
The National Press Club invites you, which could have sunk this New World Order crown, and they kidnapped you, right?
They take me for two and a half hours and they brutally terrorized me and scared me to death.
So I went and spoke that night.
The next morning I went
You did go speak at the National Press Club.
Oh, I did.
I hightailed it over to the Press Club at 3 o'clock in the afternoon when they let me go, and I just hungered down there until 7 when I spoke.
And I spoke that night, and then the next morning... John, is there a video of that?
That's correct.
Uh, what?
They videotaped the press club.
Uh, yeah, no, this was before something called the Sarah McLendon Study Group, a group that meets there every other Wednesday for 45 years, but there was not... There might have been some video, actually, but I don't recollect.
I was pretty discombobulated by that night.
No, I understand.
So the next morning...
February 5th, I figure I ran as a Republican for President.
I'll go to Capitol Hill and assert my rights.
So I went and called on the Republican staff of the House Judiciary Committee, a Republican general counsel named Rob Tracy, T-R-A-C-C-I, and a Republican investigator named Thad Bingle.
They listened to me for two hours, promised me a congressional inquiry that never materialized.
They never returned my phone calls again.
At the end of two hours,
They asked me what I was most afraid of.
I said, what I'm most afraid of is that since I was harassed by the Miami Beach Police before I even came up to New Hampshire and I've been up here for five weeks, I'll go home and get arrested for something I didn't do.
They stopped.
Now you say you're a conspiracy nut.
I rode the train home, got home on Friday, February 6th, and on February 10th I was arrested on a 14-count felony indictment of aggravated stalking for a victim they were never able to produce in court.
And that was at three separate hearings.
They would never bring the witness.
They could never produce the witness.
The judge kept... The victim or any witnesses or any evidence or anything.
The judge kept threatening to dismiss it.
He didn't dismiss it.
So I went to court August 11th thinking it was finally going to be dismissed and it wasn't.
The state of Florida said I was a major violent criminal and that they were going to go for the maximum sentence up until... which was 60 years in prison.
Up until that point...
I had a public defender.
So what happened on August 11th and where Dr. Thorne comes in is that online there was a massive movement to get me a private attorney.
They got me a wonderful private attorney on Friday the 13th, ironically, named Ray Shearn.
And she got the charges dismissed in a showdown on Monday, August 16th.
Okay, and Dr. Thorne sent you $1,000?
He sent me $1,000, and we talked a few times on the phone, exchanged emails, and four days after he sent me a check, he was interrogated by the FBI and a counterterrorism task force officer from the Newark police.
Okay, let's bring Dr. Thorne on.
Dr. Robert Thorne, thank you for joining us, and tell us about yourself and what happened.
Well, I had gotten a call on Tuesday the 17th, I believe it was.
It was from Andrew Klopfer of the Newark FBI.
They just wanted to talk with me.
That was a voicemail message.
I called them back the following day and I said, yeah, I'm returning the call.
What's this about?
And he said they understood I was a little bit of a... They got a tip from somewhere.
They understood I was a little bit of a conspiracy theorist.
And I said me and the other half of the rest of the country, and it's not conspiracy theory.
It's things we're not being told the truth about.
Yeah, 92% of the public believe the government killed Kennedy in major polls now.
So we're all coops, and the 8%, they're normal.
Yeah, so that's a little bit of a derogatory term, conspiracy theorist.
Well, you might be criminal.
They said they understood that I had some guns.
I said, yeah, I acquired those guns legally.
I do a little target shooting at the Cherry Ridge Rifle Range.
I'm a life member of the Associated Rifle and Pistol Clubs of New Jersey.
I have legally acquired those guns and I'm legally allowed to have them by the Constitution.
So then there were a couple more calls that... Sir, I would advise you not to talk to these people because if you don't have witnesses or a hidden camera, they'll claim... I don't know about these guys, but some of them have been known to claim false stuff.
Yes, I know.
I wanted to meet them down at the tennis courts, the Branchbrook tennis courts.
Initially, they wanted to meet me down at the Newark FBI office.
I said, I've got an idea.
How about the Branchbrook tennis courts?
I play tennis there.
I had an idea.
How about you don't meet with them?
Maybe that would be a better thing, yeah.
But I would say that in the discussion they had with me, Andy Klopfer said it was just going to be five minutes to make sure I wasn't going to cause any trouble or lead any revolution, which I'm not going to do.
But I met them down there and I wanted to meet in near the other people that I know at the Brunswick tennis courts and that didn't happen.
It was sort of on the sidewalk outside.
And instead of being five minutes, it was probably an hour, maybe even more.
I think they were within the law with everything they did.
Maybe there was a little bit of an intimidation.
Oh, come on.
You've done absolutely nothing.
You're supporting somebody they're trying to railroad.
You guys get abused and you always are nice to the abusers.
Come on.
Well, the thing is this.
I think they were within the law.
I think there was a bit of intimidation.
It turned out a week before, there had been an article going in the New York Times that many people in the New York, New Jersey area had been contacted by the FBI.
Now it's every major protest group.
Well, yeah.
Even union heads are getting visits.
So I told them, you know, I'm not a violent person.
You know, I'm looking to get the truth out of things.
We've not been told the truth about a number of things and I don't like that along with a lot of other people.
And then the detective said, you know, we checked with the state police and there's no evidence of you having, you know, with the New Jersey state firearms at the end.
I said, well, I had that when I bought those things.
I bought it at Sportsman's Den and I went through the local police department to get a couple permits.
It was two or three times that he said that.
I said, well, I got them that way.
I've got the card somewhere, but I've got them.
He said, well, we couldn't find any record of it.
Just yesterday, I called the state police and they pulled it up right away.
The possibility is that either they didn't want to find it or sometimes when you call a big bureaucratic institution, somebody
But doctor, regardless, you've got no criminal record, correct?
I have no criminal record.
You're a doctor, and you've done nothing, and you're supporting someone who's had some kangaroo thing dropped on him, and now you're getting visits from the FBI.
Yeah, I thought there was an unusual coincidence to that, and I felt there was possibly, certainly a bit of little intimidation aspect of things that happened.
You think it was a coincidence?
Oh, no, I'd say it was too much of a coincidence, I thought.
But then again, if they were interviewing other people, but I would say that I suspect that something related to me having talked with Mr. Buchanan and... Oh, I suspect about 100% chance.
I would suspect about 100% myself.
I would say there's a possibility... So what else did they say to you, Doctor?
Well, um...
They wanted me to get that permit and I said I would talk with the state police and then I'd go through all the appropriate paperwork and I could find the card also.
Then I called up the state police the next day and the guy was very understanding and he said basically something to the effect that sounds like they're a little bit after you or something.
I don't remember the exact words.
But they understand a little bit of intimidation can occur with people who are involved in
Okay, so then what else happened?
The situation is this.
We finished the discussion on Monday evening.
I would say that at the end of the discussion, the last three minutes or so, the agent, Mr. Klopfer, was very, very friendly and very polite.
Oh, he played good cop, bad cop with you.
How nice of him.
Yeah, he was very friendly and polite.
I spent a year of school just learning how to do that, sir.
So I would say that I felt maybe a little intimidated.
I wasn't scared.
I was a little irritated.
Well, I'd be scared.
I don't know about these FBI agents.
They might be nice guys, but the Boston FBI has been caught framing people and running murder for hire.
They better watch out.
They better watch out.
Go ahead.
Please continue.
I'm well aware of those things, so I was a little concerned about things.
I wouldn't say that I was really...
I was a little annoyed when I did talk with Detective De Silva.
I was a little scared.
He just kept on reminding me three times that they checked with the state police and they couldn't find a record.
How did it end?
Basically they wanted me to just make sure that I got all the paperwork done and it was nice meeting me and everything like that.
So they were within the law.
I know you've said that about five times.
When I talked with the state police guy yesterday, he says they were just trying to see how you would react.
Yeah, they were hoping you'd do something or say something, and they had bugs on them.
Yeah, so I didn't do anything that would give them any suspicion.
And so that was it?
That's the last thing that happened?
That's the last thing, although maybe there will be some more things in the...
If I could jump in there for a second, Alex.
The reason why I wanted to bring Dr. Thorne on the show with me is that I wanted him to be able to tell his own story, number one, but more important, number two, I wanted to elevate his profile in the hope that that will protect him somewhat from a future visit.
For my part, I intend to file a major lawsuit against the Secret Service, the White House, Karl Rove, the Department of Homeland Security,
Oh yeah, brother, you're on a major enemies list, and let me just say this, we've got two Democrat members of Congress who can't fly now.
I mean, this is happening to just masses, conservatives, liberals, this is so obvious, and Dr. Thorne, I appreciate you helping Mr. Buchanan, and if I sounded irritated, it's not with you, it's with them, and I'm just so tired of nice, good, decent, non-violent people being harassed,
We should be questioning the FBI why they burned down Waco.
I agree with you.
Let me finish.
Hold on, John.
We should be questioning the FBI why they cooked the bomb and trained the driver, according to the Chicago Tribune, New York Times, and the 93 World Trade Center.
Let me finish.
Let me finish.
We should be questioning the FBI why they ordered good agents off of Al Qaeda's tail, why they paid for their houses and cars and credit cards.
We should be questioning why the FBI agents that did that got cash bonuses.
We should be questioning why they're involved in frame-ups coast-to-coast.
Go ahead.
That's going on and we have a lot of high treason going on in this country and we've got to get to the bottom of it.
If I could add one point there, Alex.
You could make a case on paper because I was involved in the anti-Vietnam War movement and the Dump Richard Nixon movement during Watergate and the anti-apartheid movement when I lived in LA about South Africa.
You could make a case on paper
Maybe I'm a little bit of a troublemaker.
Maybe I got in their face too much with the Bush Nazi stories and was a little too aggressive or whatever, none of which was not within the bounds of my free speech rights.
But the point I want to make is what you just said a minute ago.
Ford, someone like Dr. Thorne, who's a prominent physician, who has no police record, has a record of great philanthropic work, came to my aid and helped out a citizen in need to coincidentally be visited and harassed by the FBI, and a counterterrorism task force police officer makes my blood run cold.
And I want to make a request of your listeners, if I could, which is to take two seconds to call the White House at area code 202
Both Dr. Thorne and myself left messages for Karl Rove this very morning that this will not stand and we will indeed see him fraud-marched out of the White House.
And I encourage your listeners to make a...
Okay, we got a break.
Dr. Thorne, thanks for coming on.
Got a break.
We'll come back.
I want to get back into some of the Nazi stuff and take some calls, okay?
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
Yeah, again, if I sound irritated and angry, it's not with the guests.
I just get so mad about this.
I mean, you've got people with no criminal records, doctors, you name it, and award-winning investigative journalists, people that have run for president, you know, come up number two in the primaries against Bush.
This is happening to them.
People showing up with no names.
Basically kidnapping people.
False charges.
No one showing up at court.
No names.
That being dropped.
That's because they're scared of us, folks.
If they had total control, they wouldn't be out doing this.
And there's 290 million Americans.
And so in New York, they visit hundreds of people.
They do it around the country.
It's to intimidate, to create this climate of fear.
If we give in to these bullies, it's over.
And most of these FBI guys are not bad, but they're being given orders, they go and they carry it out.
The problem is they're getting more and more crooks in there, like the folks that are in Boston and L.A.
and other areas, and it is frightening.
Before we go back to John Buchanan, I want to keep him to the next hour, and we'll take your calls.
I want to go over just news with John, though, and get his take on it, like this one.
would close schools, restrict travel in case of worldwide flu outbreak.
And they say this deadly flu outbreak's coming, they just know it's going to happen.
See, everything's martial law.
Another headline, global flu pandemic, medical martial law.
Martial law, see, it's always martial law.
And a grass more important than First Amendment in New York, protesters can't use park.
It's all coming up.
Prosecutors, British elite, funded coup try, Associated Press, concerning Margaret Thatcher's son.
We'll talk about all of it, and I promise we'll go to your calls early in the next hour at 1-800-259-9231.
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Please take action.
Start waking people up.
John Buchanan, some of the other Nazi stuff.
I want to go into details of how the Nazi protection of their money and Nazis themselves, how the Bushes were a key family involved in all this, and the Skull and Bones are a Nazi organization, by the way.
I want to get into that in the next hour before we go to calls.
What are some of the issues we'll be talking about?
Well, one of the key issues, and I would like to get into the specific parallels, because you've done so much pioneering work along those lines, of the absolute parallels between Hitler and the Nazis and Bush and the neocons today.
But the most striking parallel is the Thule Society, T-H-U-L-E, which was a secret society in Germany which Hitler, Goebbels, Goering and the top brass of the Third Reich
By the way, MSNBC admits that, but German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt in his own autobiography says that.
Correct, absolutely.
As a matter of fact, 60 Minutes did a program on that last February.
Alright, we'll talk about that in the next ten minutes or so when we start.
Then we'll go to your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
We're joined by John Buchanan, who's been inside the belly of the beast.
Big Brother.
Mainstream Media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
You know, I've stated this over and over again, not because I'm trying to be politically correct, but because I believe it's the truth.
It isn't Germans, it isn't Jews, it isn't Chinese that run the New World Order.
But they will use front groups of certain races of people to try to actually deflect blame off onto those groups.
It is devil worshippers, Satanists, occultists that run the planet.
And I mean, when you read autobiographies by German chancellors going, I'm CFR, I'm Trilateral Commission, I'm Bilderberg Group, I love the rituals we do at our groves, at our fool societies in Germany, but my favorite place to meet is in Northern California at the Bohemian Grove.
And then you, well we found yearbooks now from 1915 that the Bohemian Grove put out internally.
With swastikas.
This is 1915, folks.
Hitler didn't invent that.
Fool society, folks.
That was a symbol.
Satanic symbol.
Taking the Hindu symbol and reversing it.
You see a lot of swastikas in Japan and China and India.
But they're going the other direction.
And that's a pagan symbol in and of itself.
And here was a letter from the German secret Masonic order saying,
To the Bohemian Grove saying, Brotherhood, we love you.
We love what you're doing.
And so how do we get somebody like...
Arnold, who says he loves Hitler and loves Kurt Waldheim and wants to be like Hitler and hates black people, and then he's praised.
And then we fight the New World Order, and the New York Times implies I might be an anti-Semite, and then you see these Jewish people supposedly in these groups, but they've got blonde hair and blue eyes, like Lord Rothschild.
They're not Jews, people!
Hitler was a Rothschild!
It's a sick joke!
Their plan is to kill Jews and Christians!
And investigative reporter, ran for president, came up number two in New Hampshire against Lord Bush, was arrested after he exposed the Nazi information.
Bush-Nazi link confirmed.
New Hampshire Gazette, oldest newspaper in the country.
It finally got picked up by AP and others.
We're going to break again in a second, but everything I just spewed out, have you found that to be accurate, John Buchanan?
Not only have I found it to be absolutely accurate, Alex, but I want to add one addendum to it, and that is that not only are they devil worshippers and Satanists, but they have the audacity, because I say this as the grandson of a Methodist minister,
They have the audacity to claim that they are Christians.
They are blaspheming every word of the Bible, every word Jesus and Mohammed and Buddha and every other spiritual leader in the history of mankind ever uttered out of their mouth.
Well, I mean, they like to manipulate good Christian people, but I would like to count among myself, you know, as, oh, we're Christian, oh, we're good, and oh, he's a Christian, you know, he's crazy, you know, the liberal media says, and that binds Christians to him.
That's manipulative.
These people are patented devil worshippers.
And that's a very, very important point to make because there are millions and millions and millions of honest American Christians who have been brainwashed and deluded by this administration into believing that they have any concept of what righteousness might be.
Well, it's amazing.
Let's go over some of the history of Skull and Bones and the Thule Society.
We're about to break, but what's some of the stuff we'll talk about when we get back?
I'm not really up that much on the history of Thule and Skull and Bones, to tell you the truth, except the specific stuff that I know related to the Bush family and the Harrimans and all of the players in the network of Nazi-front businesses I know about, all of whom met through Skull and Bones at Yale University.
Well, they even have a History Channel special, you know, Hitler and the Occult, and in mainstream, award-winning, 800-page books.
I read about the Third Reich.
These guys would do demon conjuring in their castles.
They would drink Hitler's blood.
Drink blood, exactly, yep.
I mean, this is confirmed, folks.
And it's confirmed that at Skull and Bones at Yale, John Curry and George Bush were indoctrinated into Skull and Bones in the same coffin, and Prescott Bush, in order to impress his classmates at Yale in the class of 1917, as I'm sure many of your listeners know, went out and stole, raided Geronimo's grave.
And brought Geronimo's skull back to Yale and created a massive publicity scandal even back then that he had desecrated the grave of a legendary human being who happened to be in American India.
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In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
We're good.
I want you to picture that image at the end of Star Wars...
First movie, as an analogy, is the X-Wings are going in and they're saying, look at the size of that thing!
Cut the chatter!
Lock X-Foils in attack position!
How many guns?
I'd say about 20 guns.
Some on the surface, some on the towers.
And my friends, we're fighting the New World Order.
We can defeat the New World Order with information and with God's help if we simply stand up and are strong and get past our fear.
There's more of us than there are of them.
The globalists operate off conning good people and compartmentalized pyramidal structures of power.
That's how they get their control.
We've got to tell the truth.
We've got the power.
The truth is the power.
It will set you free.
And every time I track back the New World Order, they're a bunch of nutcase occultists.
They think they're God.
They think they're all inbred.
It's disgusting.
And we're talking to John Buchanan, presidential candidate who was a Republican, second place against Bush in New Hampshire, exposed the Nazi connections, wrote big news articles in the newspapers there, oldest newspaper in the country, then was going to the National Press Club to expose it all, got kidnapped by Secret Service at the airport, then they false charged him with stuff, wouldn't even say what it was or bring forward a witness, finally had to drop it after, what, four hearings?
I mean, this is the reality, and we're going to go to Bob, Deborah, Ron, Michael, and Tim and others, but...
Continuing with the Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, Nazi nexus here, just a few other details of the Bushes and the Nazi money after World War II, and specifically those documents that have now been in the news, what those cover.
Well, the essential connection to me is to get to the parallels of the activities and the behavior and what they did.
And as you well know, Hitler and his regime and the Nazis used the Reichstag fire of 1933 as a terrorist incident to do precisely to the German masses, which a majority of did not and never supported Hitler.
So he was in a similar position to Bush in that regard.
Germany had a parliamentary system, and so he was the senior guy in the Reichstag, but he only had 40% of the people.
And so the Reichstag fire happens.
That's his 911.
He takes charge of the country, becomes the Fuhrer, subverts civil rights, subverts...
All freedom of expression.
Sets up right security or land security.
Starts the storm, brings in the stormtroopers, the Gestapo, subverts habeas corpus, you know, all of the things that Bush and Cheney are doing right in front of our faces right now.
What I hope that your listeners will do more and more between now and November 2nd and beyond November 2nd, because what I also agree with you completely on is John Kerry is no better.
I call him Bush in a better suit.
John Kerry is a disgrace to this country as well.
We have a crisis, Alex.
I want to go back to something you said a minute ago.
Yes, I think so.
The vital things that we need as weapons and your critical point that you made and I applaud you for is that they're scared of us and that's why they kidnapped me and that's why they persecuted me and that's why they've gone after Dr. Thorne and that's why they go after you and people like you because they are afraid because they know they're evil and they know they're in a tiny minority and they know, as Malcolm X once said, the chickens are going to come home to roost.
Well, I'll show you why.
I'll tell you why.
Because the military-industrial complex owns the mainstream media, and they're only forced to report on some of the truth because the alternative media is taking over, and they're panicking.
But it still mystifies me in the sense that the analogy that I always make is that... And I think it doesn't dispute your point, but if I had videotaped...
I mean, hypothetically, if you had something like that, sir, no, they'd send a death squad out to your house.
I think you're wrong.
Thank you very much for noting that.
I wouldn't even joke around hypothetically because the NSA might get a blurp or a bleep and not get the recording right.
You were saying that hypothetically.
We don't want you to die in a car wreck tonight.
No, no, no.
Another very important tidbit of information, and this is exclusive news that I'm breaking on your show because there has not been any press release or any public announcement of this anywhere.
I think so.
I think so.
Yes, I think so.
I think so.
On cable television outlets in major cities across the country and I'm assuming Austin and I would also Alex like to extend an invitation to you to be a part of the event on September 11th because as I mentioned at the beginning you have been a great inspiration to me because at my darkest moments I thought about what you do in your videos when you go out with a bullhorn and expose in front of news cameras and at public events and everything else this whole thing is a sham these people are police state people
It is a living document that is being strangled by these fascists.
All right, let's take calls.
Bob in Texas.
Bob, go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
I've been studying this for 40 years.
If you go back to the JFK assassination in 28 years intensely, I was just wondering if you'd like to know my opinion on all this.
It comes down to one thing, controlling the population and population control, controlling the numbers and controlling their minds.
It's only going to take one man to defeat them.
In fact, that man's already defeated them.
Jesus Christ.
He's just waiting to see how many of us are going to stand up for what's right and take the knock on the head that we're going to get for standing up for what's right.
Well, we're already taking knocks on the head if we don't stand up for what's right.
Yes, but they're going to go down whimpering and crying and cowering and hoping that somebody's going to give them a break.
We'll go in there knowing exactly what we're getting into and that we're going to take our knocks for what's right.
Not because we're cowering and letting them do what they want to us.
Well, I say the globalists are going to lose.
They've already lost.
Jesus Christ has already defeated them.
Like I said, this whole game is to see how many of us are going to stand up for what's right.
I agree with you.
Let me get a comment from our guest, John Buchanan.
Bob, I couldn't agree more with the point that you made, because as I mentioned, I'm the grandson of a Methodist minister, and considering how the truth of this world has been perverted by these people, I think we the people have no choice but to rely on a very profound kind of faith
That we are headed into a turning point in American history and that something very dramatic has to happen between now and November and beyond November so that righteousness can prevail in this country and on this planet because otherwise humanity is headed for a very grim end.
Bob, thanks for the call.
Deborah, where are you calling us from?
From Michigan.
I've been listening to you for about a year now and
I'm a disabled person.
I've got all day and all night.
I research everything that you talk about and I know it's a fact.
I'm dependent on my father right now and I've turned him into a listener.
I keep saying to him, we need to prepare for something that's coming.
We just can't sit and wait.
I lived through the 2003 blackout and I'm telling you there was no food at the stores.
They were selling gas and water for $25 a gallon.
It was insane.
And I don't want to go through that again.
And I'm sure you're familiar with that Army website where they had all the details of the internment camp.
Yeah, that's in my book.
It's a direct link to the Army where there's over a dozen camps fully operational with people in them.
Right, well they've classified those sites now.
You can't get into them.
Well, we saved the page.
Oh, well, the page.
I would like to get the whole part of it, you know what I mean?
You're talking about the Army manuals?
Those were saved.
Those are online.
Oh, good.
What I'd like to know is, what should people do to prepare for pending martial law?
Well, this is how I'd prepare.
I'd go out and educate the police right now and the military right now, who we are educating, so they don't go along with this.
What I mean is, personally, for your family, what can you do...
And when do you think, in your opinion, a lot of this stuff is going to really start happening?
Let me tell you.
Let me tell you when we get back.
Thanks, Debra.
This is very important.
And then Ron, Michael, Tim, and others, 1-800-259-9231.
Got a bunch of other news I want to get to.
Get John Buchanan's take on it.
Riveting broadcast.
Stay with us.
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All right, loaded phone lines here.
I want to get to everybody.
Deborah was asking how you get prepared.
I mean, it's just a good insurance policy to have high-quality, storable foods, at least six months for your family, and to have high-quality water filters.
And, of course, we do sell those, the best that are out there.
But, I mean, I told you first and foremost, get prepared by educating people locally, by not letting them federalize your city, by pointing out that taking our freedoms doesn't keep us safe, by pointing out who the terrorists are.
You can get a few acres outside a major city and got an escape route to it.
It's just a good insurance policy.
The government's done all that for themselves.
But get prepared by having friends and family that are educated.
Get prepared by mentally and spiritually being prepared to defend your family.
Because we're peaceful.
But you've got to defend your family.
Don't go to some emergency center for your safety.
And they may have emergency centers where they put everybody in camps for a while in major cities and then, oh, let them go and see.
It's normal to go into the camps.
This is a process here.
Got articles today, Associated Press, about it.
You may have to go into camps for a while.
You may have to take your firearms, but...
You know, and there's no telling what they'll pull.
It's all about training us how to be slaves.
Ron in New York, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, gentlemen.
It's a very, very interesting photograph in today's New York Daily News on page four of that newspaper.
I think sums up much of what's going on.
There's a photograph in the paper today of some people, tourists, who were from out of town who had taken some pictures in New York's famous Pennsylvania station.
Well, they were immediately set on by police in Penn Station, and it's the photo, and it's the way the photo is that's the most interesting part.
You have a rather runt-sized, Napoleonic-looking police sergeant who's got his hands on his hips.
He's posturing in, you know, the typical Stalinistic strongman way, and he has his hand, I should say one hand, his right hand is on his gun.
Well, there are these two innocuous-looking tourists, and immediately behind them is a little girl, I'd say about eight years of age, holding a teddy bear.
So this is what it's come to now.
Little girls holding a teddy bear, face off with a...
A police sergeant who puts his hands on his gun.
Well, I got a question.
There's going to be 50,000 media people there.
They say 20,000 of them with cameras.
I'm going to be in New York with video cameras.
I have TV shows, make documentaries, footage I've shot has aired on 20-20, Trio, BBC.
I'm going to be there.
You're a retired police officer, Ron.
You call all the time.
If I'm out videotaping and interviewing people, will I be set upon?
Yes, because you spoke about federalized cities.
Well, guess what?
They have thoroughly federalized this city.
But wait a minute.
I'm going to be out filming the protests and stuff.
So now they've got cameras all on us, face-scanning us.
But then if I'm out with a camera, what's going to happen to me?
I mean, I'm taking cameras.
I'll tell you what.
If you happen to take a picture of something that they don't approve of because of the climate, and we have had a federalized city because they've declared a state...
What they call a national security event.
And I want to stop you.
Every major landmark has color photos all over the web.
No terrorist needs to go take photos of it.
This is ridiculous.
Alex, this is all absurd.
It's not about terrorism.
It's about making just normal activities a crime.
It's about acclimating normal, average people to slavery.
Okay, well, let me ask you as a retired police officer.
These guys run up and say, what are you doing?
I mean, I'm going to just say, well, I'm with the media.
Well, Alex, let me give you an example.
That's true, and you can respond, and believe it or not, by virtue of law, you really don't have to jump too many hoops in response.
But what they're doing, and this has become apparent in the last two days... They're sending a message.
Let me explain what's going on here.
Well, hold on.
You've had situations where people are being detained, and they really can't find a charge under New York state law by which to charge them with.
In other words, their behavior is not a violation of our state's laws.
However, they're using this darn national security event status, which really is nothing more than sort of a martial law by another name.
They're just detained.
They're not even doing that anymore, Ron.
They use the term martial law all the time.
You know, they're calling it a national security event.
We had an interesting situation today where some protestors unraveled a banner in front of our world-famous Plaza Hotel.
Well, oddly enough, the press reported, and this was on CBS's local affiliate in New York, that the men were arrested.
However, they're still trying to decide what to charge them with.
Now, I thought the way it was supposed to work is you have a charge at the time of arrest, not that you take into custody and then try to work out what you're going to charge them with later.
Sounds like Nazi Germany to me.
Let's get a comment from John Buchanan.
It absolutely does.
And, Mon, I applaud you for calling in with that incident because I defy anyone anywhere to distinguish that event from what was happening in Germany in late 1933 and into 1934 and beyond, which the world is familiar with from history books.
We have got to stand up and stop this now because it's true.
What they're doing is merely a mass psychological exercise in getting us acclimated to being suppressed.
Well, they're upset that we've turned the cameras back on them.
Years before 9-11, I'd have cops march up and say, turn your camera off.
I'd say, no, I'm going to arrest you.
Well, go ahead.
You have every right.
You have every right.
So long as you're not directly involved in interfering with police functions, you have every right to photograph.
If I can inject one... Well, stay there, both of you.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
Transmission continues.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Do you recognize any of these names?
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You want front row seats to be enslaved in a neo-communist Nazi Germany fascist corporate wonderland?
Tracked and traced, toll roads everywhere, transponders tracking everything you do, being scanned.
Your children being forcibly brainwashed and tested for mental illness, forced on anti-psychotics.
National drafts your children taken from you to fight a dozen wars on huge fronts.
Multi-theater combat systems.
Drone armies of aircraft.
Hover drones, looking through your walls, it's already coming, it's here, most of it, and it's sad.
Real quick, Ron, so, again, I'll be there, member of the press, and I mean, I'm not going to turn my camera off, so I guess I'll probably be going to jail.
The odds are that if you're that part of the press, that will not cast their operations in a favorable light.
My best guess is that you will at very least be harassed, very possibly.
Well, there's been a lot of reports of when other stuff goes on in New York or Portland or wherever, that if they think you're not with them or you're not, quote, embedded behind them, that they actually target you.
Well, that could be so, and it'll be as simple as this.
If they don't feel that your coverage is favorable to them, I do believe you will have to saddle up for a hard ride, yeah.
Can I interject one quick thing there, Alex?
Well, I just want to say that escape is not my plan.
I agree with you.
Ron, if you didn't hear the news overnight, approximately 60 journalists were kidnapped by the Iraqi government last night, including apparently the Washington Post.
They were taken in, brutally interrogated, several were beaten.
Last Monday, they drove up to the hotel with a U.S.
colonel over Iraqis and said on bullhorns, leave or we're going to kill you, and an hour later they machine gunned the windows.
This is all part of freedom, folks.
And so what they did last night is they beat them up for their coverage of the Iraq War and then when the journalists, and we're talking about mainstream news organizations from around the world, when they got back to their hotels, their hotel rooms had been trashed.
So I submit, Ron, that we're going to see the same thing happening here in New York next week.
And for the record...
I'm also going to be broadcasting from the streets as a people's correspondent for a radio program called Jack Blood who is a friend of Alex's so I'm fully prepared to do what I do and go to jail with Alex and be proud of it because I'd like to make one other quick point if I could about the bottom line to the earlier caller about what can we do to prepare.
I agree with everything Alex said about the various tactics but I think that
The biggest thing in terms of psychological strategy, which we have largely failed at so far, is to take responsibility for the fact that we own this government and it has been stolen from us.
They forgot the concept of public servant.
You see, you serve the public.
You're the servant of the public, not its master.
They forgot that concept completely.
But the police officers you talk to, Ron, and you're part of that brotherhood, I mean...
You called a few days ago.
You said that a lot of them are really waking up and think this is horrible.
I mean, when Bloomberg told you a few months ago, the police commissioner said, if you protest, we'll fire your behinds.
I mean, cops are losing their First Amendment, too.
Their children's First Amendment.
Please let me respond to that with some facts, too, that may not be widely known.
And this is why we have to be careful.
I've called you many times, and I told you, you know...
This thing, this system, or however you should call it, sees people as having certain positions on the totem pole.
Who's on the top, who's in the middle, who's on the bottom.
They actually, Tom Ridge, I believe, came to New York yesterday.
He went to our police headquarters, okay?
Police headquarters.
Now that's supposed to be the guys that are serving and helping them, right?
It would only naturally be presumed.
You know that they put a restriction on even police officers.
That they could not enter their own headquarters or exit their own headquarters during the time that he was in that area?
When he was there?
They don't even trust their own men.
It's like a general who doesn't even trust his own soldiers.
It's disgraceful, really.
And also that, with reference to you, cited our mayor.
Our mayor, no less than twice in the course of one speech approximately one week ago... He called it a privilege.
He called free speech a privilege.
Not a right, but a... Thanks for the call, Ron.
Great points.
God bless you, my friend.
I'll see you there inside the Empire.
And, Alex, I need to get off in about five minutes because I'm headed down to an answer press conference.
I can give you a little bit of breaking news if you don't know yet, but answer the anti-war group that was denied the permit for the rally on Saturday, I just learned two hours ago, is going to go through with the rally and defy the Bush administration.
How's the rally at Central Park?
And what time is that?
I'll be there.
And they're having a press conference today at 3 o'clock.
Well, what time is that?
In 20 minutes.
I need to get off in about 5.
All right, my friend.
Let's take one more call for you.
Mohammed in Colorado.
Thank you for holding your own in the air globally as we engage in the empire.
How are you?
You've got a great guest.
I just want to say one thing that Muslim organizations apply for permits to demonstrate against the...
Hey, the police are denied, denied, denied, denied.
That's it.
That's all I want to say.
Does your guest have a website that we can go to?
I have a new website, Mohamed, that will be up in about a week for my book and my platform.
Let me tell you, we've got his information posted at Infowars.com, Mohamed.
Thank you very much.
Keep the fight.
You know, I just... As a naturalized American, I see this.
I just cannot believe why the rest of this nation does not see what's happening.
And you said that... You called, what, a few months ago.
I've got a good memory.
Maybe three or four months ago, you said that in Afghanistan, your family, who's actually pro-America because of what we did to fight the Soviets, that it's common knowledge that Al-Qaeda is CIA.
I mean, in 1991...
Of course.
I have an uncle who's written about this.
He works for the Associated Press.
In 1991, George Prescott Bush, the father of W, invited Bin Laden and nine Afghan commander freedom fighters.
That's what they were called, freedom fighter commanders, to Langley, Virginia for a congratulation dinner.
Gave each one of them, all ten of them, Bin Laden being the only Arab, because a lot of Americans mixed the Afghans and Arabs were not.
We're not Arabs.
We speak...
George Prescott Bush invited all ten of them to Langley, Virginia for a congratulation dinner at the headquarter of the number one terrorist organization in the world.
You mean Herbert Walker?
The first George Bush who was the president.
And basically congratulated all of them and gave each one of them $35,000 Rolex watches.
George Prescott Bush, the father of W, walked over to Bin Laden and tapped him on the shoulder and said, thank you for defeating the Russians and Afghans.
I mean, this is just basic information, man.
How come Americans don't know about this?
Mohammed, if I could add one point there.
In my book, Fixing America, which will be out September 25th, and I hope that you will buy, I quote a gentleman whose name, you may be familiar with his work, his name is Enver Massoud, M-A-S-U-D, and he wrote an award-winning book last year called The War on Islam.
And they plan, the neocon Christians plan to exterminate the Muslims and the Jews so that Jesus can come back to this earth, and I have that.
You know, people forget that one gentleman from the neocon people, right after Reagan, shortly after his inauguration, named Watts, you know some guy named Watts?
Exactly, exactly.
Yeah, he gave this speech basically of sort of expediting the second coming of Christ.
You know, if somebody, the Muslim, the Quran teaches us the second coming of Christ, only God who created the God of Adam and Eve knows that.
And these people need to stop getting into this stuff.
The other thing Mr. Massoud taught me that the Quran teaches is that Muslims don't proselytize to try to convert anyone to Islam.
Is that correct, Mohammed?
I've read the Koran, and I don't want to get into a debate about that.
Listen, Muhammad, I appreciate your call, and I appreciate you coming on, John Buchanan.
Take care, and we'll talk to you soon.
We'll talk soon, and I'll expect God bless you, sir, for all of your good work and your courage, and I hope we can meet face-to-face in New York next week.
All right, take care.
Before we go to Tim and Jim and others, and to get a few final news stories here that are really important, let me just say this.
When we talk about Christian neocons, we just said they were Satanists 45 minutes ago, they're manipulating Christians.
Oh, Bush is a godly man.
Oh, and then the liberals go, oh, he's a crazy Christian.
Folks, they've released the Skull and Bones video of them openly worshipping the devil, saying Satan, oh, he'll give me power, doing mock throat slittings if those were mock.
I snuck into Bohemian Grove and watched Moloch worship.
I mean, I got video of it.
It's been on national TV over 20 times on the Trio Network.
This is not debatable.
This is going on.
This is real.
This is the reality.
And so, you know, this whole paradigm of... And our government, even the Washington Post has reported, paid for millions of dollars of radical hadiths written by our government saying, kill Americans, take over.
Why would our government go out and try to radicalize these Muslim groups?
Because they want to have fires start, as the Pentagon's own body, P20G, says, six billion bucks a year to go out and get the Muslims to attack us.
To carry out policies that will create more terrorists, to widen the war.
And is there radical elements of Islam that are bad news and want to take over this country?
But they are stirred up and in many cases created by Al-Ciada.
All right.
Tim in Ohio.
You're on the air globally.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
I'm sorry I missed your guest.
I had one question.
Maybe you could elaborate a little on it.
I was wondering...
If you could talk about the effect that people like Dietrich Eckart and Madame Blavatsky had on Hitler as he was growing up.
And one thing too about the protocols, the protocols of Zion.
Number 20 is dealt specifically with taxation.
Well, that's the thing.
The evidence shows that... I mean, the thing's written like a comic book.
No one would say that about themselves.
That the czars or some other group wrote that, but it codified a lot of Machiavellian ways to manipulate.
I mean, they didn't... Whoever wrote the protocols, that stuff I'd see in other books by Machiavelli and others.
Again, you have front groups upon front groups upon front groups.
Really what we're fighting is an inbred European royalty that did breed in with some of the big banking houses
And they're running this whole New World Order, and at the heart of it is this Germanic, occultic, Nazi system.
And they admit that that's what founded Skull and Bones in 1832, and founded Bohemian Grove in 1872, from the Grove's own internal documents that are now public.
So, I mean, you ask who Blavatsky and others are, they were occultists, and they met...
And Hitler, this just came out in Salon about a month ago, they had this huge satanic temple that was public, public in Nazi Germany, that thousands attended, and Hitler was worshipped openly in it, and they did all this open block magic.
I mean, under Hitler, that was public.
That was the state religion.
And so it's just sick.
So it's not something exactly, I'm just trying to correlate it to, could that be similar to the way
I mean, Hitler was chosen by them, right?
To be the leader, to be the puppet, to be the one.
Similar to the way we had the Bilderberg Group this year prop John Edwards up for VP.
As the New York Times reported very proudly.
Boy, oh boy.
And one quick comment, if I may, about the... You talk about the conditioning of the people with the constant drumbeat of all these police shows on television.
Last night, I wanted to tune in to see a little bit of Blade Runner.
And I caught the ending of the show before it, and it was one of the greatest, wildest police chase cop shows or whatever.
And at the very end, they were coming out of it, and I'd been an editor before, and I know when editing is done in specific ways, and the line they were saying was, in the future, as law enforcement, blah, blah, blah, but the video that they connected with that very sense of in the future was...
Police officers dressed in the camouflage and riding in an army tank.
They said, this is the future.
This is the future.
And you can see it right there.
Secretary Cohen in 97 said we're going to have tanks on every street corner.
Hidden in plain sight.
I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
Jim in New York.
Jim, you're on the air.
Or Tim.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Whoever it is.
Yeah, Jim, I'm here.
Thank you for taking my call.
Okay, go ahead.
I have a question and maybe a statement.
With myself, I have an issue that maybe you can advise me on.
About 35 years ago, I was in a lot of trouble, okay?
I corrected my life, and I've been reading this stuff for 25 years.
I'm a Roman Catholic.
I'm not trying to promote that, but I was involved with a French Archbishop, if you're familiar with him, from France that was aware of all this stuff, and he
...illuminated ones that are present in Rome today and so forth and so on.
Because of my background, I have a criminal background, 35 years ago, I've been reluctant to get involved on a political level.
You know, with the shame, and then I don't live that way anymore.
In 1975, most of my behavior was attributed to alcohol and drugs, which I no longer use for, it'd be 29 years in October.
No, I understand, sir.
Am I an asset or a handicap?
You know, and should I stay away in that sense?
No, sir, you should do the right thing and fight the New World Order.
Fight evil.
All right.
And the statement is this, that a few callers back, the man said that he felt that the war was won.
I agree with him.
The war was won on Calvary, and the battle is just a battle to claim souls.
You know, I believe it's a spiritual battle, and that's the only way it's going to be resolved.
We still have to do the footwork.
If we weren't an evil, selfish, self-centered population on average, they couldn't have gotten away with this.
We're mesmerized by the entertainment and the diversions.
Good to hear from you, my friend.
Let's talk to, last caller, then we'll have a few final news stories.
Hi, Alex.
Hi, how are you today?
Good, and you're calling us from New York, too?
I'm calling, yes, actually, and I know you're going to be here, I believe, coming very soon for the convention.
Yes, I was one of Senator McCain's delegates at the convention in Philadelphia.
I remember you've called before.
You're right.
I'm also a September 11th victim.
So I hope you folks attempt to meet up with some of us, and perhaps what we can do is some of the living victims who've been very reluctant to get involved with the pushback.
I'd like to interview you when I come to New York.
Will you give us your phone number?
I will be happy to do that.
Yes, sir.
I know you've been interviewed by David Joyce and others.
Yes, by all means, I'll be happy to do that.
But I'll share with you what I went through the last time with the Republicans, and I've been extremely reluctant to get involved, even though...
I was invited to be by an invitation from Mayor Giuliani to some of us Republicans in New York who had been very involved at an earlier point.
And he apparently is responsible for the host committee who is going to, I suppose, provide some oversight with respect to the conventioneers.
But I had remained very reluctant to support George Bush in Philadelphia and they pressured us.
By, like, the top New York party people pressured us to turn around all of our votes.
And I said, look, my constituents in Rep.
Brangle's district, not Rep.
Nadler's district,
Brangle, Rep.
They had sent me here.
They saw my name on a ballot.
I had the name recognition for John McCain.
I am not going to change over my vote.
They attempted to offer us all kinds of incentives and things like this.
I said, look, what if I didn't get to this meeting?
This was on Thursday morning of the last day of the convention.
So there's a huge amount of pressure to show a unified front.
This happened then, back in Philadelphia.
Well, I mean, the Bushes make people sign a pledge to get into supposedly public town hall meetings.
They do background checks.
I mean, it's all staged.
I bet.
I mean, nothing surprises me.
And even at this point, I've not had a very smooth time in being a living witness who's been pushing back against them.
Yes, but by all means, I'll be happy to meet with you when you're here in New York.
Okay, well, we'll get your number.
We'll be right back.
Get her number, Stephanie.
I'll have a few final news stories in the final segment.
Stay the course.
Keep it locked in.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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You will lose your liberty.
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We're good to go.
I think?
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight.
I'm here.
I'm your host, Alex Jones.
This is getting ridiculous.
Associated Press.
would close schools or strict travel in case of worldwide flu outbreak.
AP, of course, our government's been out digging up dead frozen bodies on the North Pole.
People who died from the Spanish flu that killed between 20 and 50 million.
No one knows.
And now magically deadly strains are popping up.
Everything's martial law.
It's always martial law, martial law.
Some new reason for martial law.
The United States may have to close schools for strict travel and ration scarce medications of a powerful new flu strain spurs a worldwide outbreak, according to federal plans, for the next pandemic obtained Wednesday by the Associated Press.
It will take months to brew a vaccine that works against the kind of super flu.
See, gotta go out and get this shot.
There's something really special in it for you.
250 times safe levels of mercury in this year's, Associated Press reported.
It will take months to brew a vaccine that works against the kind of new super flu that causes a pandemic.
All of government preparations include research to speed that production.
The federal plans have been long awaited by the flu specialists who say it's only a matter of time before the next pandemic strikes and the nation is woefully unprepared.
They were saying smallpox was going to happen, but they couldn't get their own enforcers to take the special new vaccine to then do it to the general public, so they backed off.
It's all about smoke screens for total takeover.
There have been three flu pandemics in the last century.
The worst in 1918, when more than 8 million Americans and 20 million people worldwide died.
Concern is rising that the new pandemic could be triggered by the recurring bird flu in Asia.
If it mutates in a way that lets it spread easily among people, we're all holding our breath.
Dr. Julie Grebending, head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said in an interview Wednesday, about 36,000 Americans die from regular flu each winter.
Pandemics strike when the easily mutatable influenza virus shifts to a strain that people have never experienced before.
It is impossible to predict the next pandemic toll, but a bad one could kill up to 207,000 Americans, says the pandemic influenza response and preparedness plan.
Billions of sick patients could swarm doctors' offices and hospitals, says the plan, which stresses that the states and hospitals must figure out how they could get free of hospital beds and perform triage.
Blah, blah, blah.
Another article, Global Flu Pandemic Medical Martial Law for Your Own Good.
It's for your own good.
There's all these threats.
Just get in and get the shot and you'll be alright.
There's something special.
Something special for you.
We care about you.
Sure, we've got a lot of declassified documents in the globalists who want to kill us and dumb us down and sterilize us through the vaccines, but just ignore those.
Trust them.
Trust your global leaders.
Be friends with them.
Go along with them.
Love them.
Submit to them.
It's evil, folks, and denying evil won't make it go away.
Only standing up and fighting and getting involved against it will.
And don't forget, I'll be back tomorrow live, back tonight from 9 to midnight.
But I'll be in New York, New York, New York, New York, Monday through Thursday, ladies and gentlemen, live from the staged event, the coronation of Lord Bushy.
And we'll be there documenting and chronicling all of this.
And then I shall return.
Even before I put a film out about it, we'll put clips on the web and much, much more in the weekly special reports.
And again, please do not forget the websites.
PrisonPlanet.com, Infowars.com.
Please get 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror, Matrix of Evil, Police State 3, Total Enslavement.
The other videos we carry, the books we carry.
Because this is my life's work.
This is what we do.
And this is...
How we fight the globalists.
And this is why I put it all on the line.
Because I know we can win.
That's God's promise.
So Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to get any of my videos.
In the next couple hours, the new film will be posted on InfoWars.com.
American Dictators, you'll be able to order it there, my new film.
And also, by tonight or tomorrow, it will be posted on PrisonPlanet.tv, long before folks get it in the mail.
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They can stop some of us, but they can't stop all of us.
We are invincible if we simply take the power in our hands, ask God for guidance, and take action against the new world order.
Take care.