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Air Date: Aug. 31, 2004
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And Michael Corbett sitting in for Alex Jones, who is now with me, reporting live from New York at the Republican National Convention.
Good morning, Alex, or good afternoon, where you are, and how are things going?
Well Michael, things are really heating up and I'm here in Gotham and we're into the second day of the Republican National Convention.
Lord Schwarzenegger and others will be speaking this evening.
Obviously I'll be inside the convention getting video of that and interviewing a lot of different people.
I guess in a little bit more calm fashion, not out in the middle of the street via cell phone, now here from my hotel room.
Perhaps I can go over and kind of chronicle some of the things that have happened since I got here Saturday night.
Yeah, I'd love to hear.
I want to hear more about David Gergen and also Michael Moore and whatever else you've got going on out there.
It sounds exciting.
Well, I mean, it's amazing.
The most exciting thing that I could talk about.
It's also very frightening.
Is the fact that the media said a few thousand protesters and literally, literally we would try to catch cabs to get back in front of the different demonstrations and we'd have to go over 5, 6, 7, 8, some cases 10, 15 streets over because the protest was so big.
Uh, on Sunday, that it took over whole sections of the city, so, uh, now a lot of the, uh, estimations are a half a million, but, but guaranteed it was 300 plus thousand.
I mean, we're talking about, on the local news, they showed, uh, helicopters up above, uh, you know, several blocks, and it would just be masses of people going back for miles.
It was huge, but the most exciting thing was
I talked to the organizers.
10,000 of the people had the 9-11 cover-up signs saying that the government basically is behind September 11th.
And yesterday I talked about this Zogby poll that we're posting on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
It's on the official Zogby website.
They did a poll last week in New York of 850 people.
Zogby is one of the most highly respected polling agencies out there.
Yeah, I think so.
We're good to go.
They're gonna keep us safe from the terrorism and just incredible lies when you know the facts of the government involvement.
It's so disgusting to see people involved in 9-11 posing up there as our saviors.
It's just totally disgusting.
But there were some other developments that happened Sunday and then Monday that I didn't get to yesterday.
Well, we got here Saturday.
We got here about 8 o'clock and we stayed up until about 2 in the morning just going around the city interviewing people.
And they have signs up saying it's not illegal to video.
We're good to go.
Yeah, I think so.
We're good to go.
Well, I'm sure you've heard of the fellow who had that Vox New York website that got the government so mad he made so many predictions?
Well, I run into this guy at a 9-11 truth meeting with all these prominent people and he takes me out along with my film crew last night on his cigarette boat and I got the tour all the way around Manhattan and no fewer than three times
We get stopped by the Coast Guard aiming M-16 machine guns at us.
Good heavens.
But they were nice, and they didn't care that we were filming.
They were just checking, and they were guarding the Statue of Liberty and the rest of it.
So I understand that.
And then we had a little bit of fun with them.
They wanted to race, so we raced the Coast Guard and beat them.
This cigarette boat has got two giant engines.
Folks, I was having a blast, but I was out there just to get video of the city.
But then we get back, and we take the train from New Jersey,
Back across, over into New York, and once we got to the New York side, the doors opened at a stop in the subway, and there is this old lady, bent over, collapsed, a homeless person, had to be like 78 years old, I mean, maybe 80, totally collapsed, her head on her chest, asleep.
So I went over and gave her some money, John Statham Miller happened to be there, he gave her some money.
We're good to go.
And see Giuliani's speech re-aired as I'm laying in the motel room.
We're good to go.
Absolutely amazing to see all of this happening and then of course as I said back on Sunday, we were over behind the Convention Center.
That's Coeur d'Arden and this black sedan pulls up and out gets David Gergen with one of his handlers and I walk over and
The big, again, White House advisor for, what, three presidents.
And he's walking in the back, and I go, well, you talked to us, sir.
And I gave him a few softball questions.
And then I just said, well, what about Bohemian Grove?
And he said, I better not talk about that.
And I said, well, back in 96, you joined the Democrats.
The Republicans were mad and said, oh, he's Bohemian Grove, ha, ha, ha.
And you said in the newspaper, well, I don't run around naked like the rest of them.
And he started turning red.
He goes, I'm not going to talk about that.
And I said, well, sir, you're part of it.
You're part of the rituals.
And he goes, oh, what do you know about it?
I go, well, I've got video of it.
You're the one.
This is all on video, getting right in my face, bumping into me, starts using mild profanities at me, and then bulls off angrily and starts trying to call security on us.
This, we're standing on a public street in New York.
And then also, yesterday, I'm down by Madison Square Garden, and they call it a national security event.
Everything's cordoned off for a few hundred yards around it, four or five streets around it.
Now they've increased the security perimeter.
And I'm just standing up against the wall videotaping police, and all of a sudden, there's this horrible pain in my elbow, and this huge cop is squeezing my arm, going, turn that camera off!
Get moving!
And I just looked at him, and he had his belly club.
He just wanted me to do something.
He just wanted to crack my head.
And again, folks, I'm a guy in a dress shirt.
You know, with blonde hair and blue eyes, can you imagine what it is like for people who are, you know, not, you know, the classic, you know, white guy America?
I've really seen them just randomly harassing weak people, period.
Women, children, families, and I'm not saying all the police are like this, but then last night at Madison Square Garden, the cops will use horses, and in designated areas,
I don't know.
We're good to go.
Psychological warfare.
You can't run over men and women with mopeds and bump them.
And they're all peacefully standing where they're supposed to go.
And I've seen this over and over again on tape, on video, being there, being here.
Witnesses I've talked to from Portland and Seattle.
The meeting down in Miami last year.
They do this over and over and over again.
It's the government manipulating the police against the people, Michael.
Yeah, absolutely.
It gives new meaning, too, to your video about the police state.
You know, because it's a very sad testament to what this country is becoming.
We are living under a police state.
Well, what was that man supposed to do when he watched people getting run over by mopeds for no reason?
Mike Tyson, the cop, went flying off the moped.
It was on the news, too.
And then the little anarchists will come and burn a paper-mache dragon or a puppet, and the cops leave them alone, and then 30 minutes later, they're arresting hundreds of innocent people.
These little anarchists, man, they work for the government, folks.
We've proven that in other cities, and I'm sure of it here.
We try to talk to them, and they're really communist.
You know, they're wearing little communist armbands, and they'll threaten us and say, well, oh, Stalin killed 50 million people.
Why are you doing this?
And they go, shut up.
You know, too bad he didn't kill you.
This is the mindset of these people.
So we've got the Communists basically working for the Republican Party, posing as anarchists, trying to stir stuff up here.
Yep, absolutely.
Alex, tell us about Michael Moore.
I don't think you got all of that yesterday when you were talking about the confrontation with Moore at the restaurant.
Well, how long do we have before the break, Michael?
We've got about five minutes.
Okay, great.
Well, again, I want to thank you for filling in.
I don't think so.
Most of them, by the way, are informed about the New World Order.
No Kerry's bad.
No Bush is bad.
Or getting past the left-right paradigm.
But I'm, as usual, arguing with communists.
They're threatening me.
And my cell phone rings.
And one of my friends who lives in New York said, listen, I'm right up here at the head of the march at 5th and 30-something.
He said, get over here.
Michael Moore is right here.
And he's being interviewed by people as he walks.
And so by the time I got over there, just getting a few blocks of 30 minutes because of the crowds, I get over there and he's gone in this taco shop, and he's in there eating.
And as I get there, he's going in, and they had everybody thrown out of the restaurant.
I have video of this.
So here's the man of the people, the average guy out there.
Boy, he's always confronting these corporate fat cats that throw people out of restaurants, and have bodyguards, and Michael Moore, the little man's man.
I don't know.
I don't know.
No, I'm good.
I'm good.
We're good to go.
He's just very, very hypocritical.
I mean, I've supported more under the First Amendment.
I think his film is a whitewash.
It doesn't cover 2% of what really happened.
Kind of acts like it's all the Republicans instead of this larger global system.
That's doing this.
But overall, I don't think Michael Moore is a bad guy, but he is a complete and total hypocrite, and his bodyguards did act in a thuggish fashion.
Alex, let me ask you this.
With the Zogby poll out, what do you think Bush is thinking with the numbers that they are?
I mean, 40 odd some odd percent is nothing to be laughing at.
What do you think Bush is thinking?
Well, here's the funny thing.
The 9-11 Invisibility Project and the 9-11 Truth Movement paid $4,000 for the poll, another $3,000 to have Zogby send it out.
Zogby is one of the most, if not the most, respected.
And they did it of 850 New Yorkers, registered voters.
And they called up, again, random New Yorkers, and I've actually got the poll over here.
41% believe that the U.S.
government was behind 9-11, and then of the 50-plus percent that are left, a large portion of those believe the government at least had prior knowledge.
It's only 8% think the government had no culpability.
So, what does that say to the globalists?
And again, for people that say, well, that poll isn't real, again, here we are on my own syndicated radio show, we beg people to call in and disagree.
When they do, it's that I'm not right-wing enough, or not left-wing enough, or I don't think it's this group or that group.
But we all agree it's a new world order, it's a threat, it's a problem.
Whereas five, six years ago, half the callers to my show on one station disagreed with me.
But it's not just my show, it's interviews I do.
Thousands of them.
And I know, Michael, you've had the same experience.
Yeah, we're winning the war.
We are winning the war.
And again, this is a very, very good time to be out there because we are providing a place for people to get the truth.
They know deep down inside of themselves that something is wrong.
And the thing is that they are now starting to question what's going on.
Well, they are.
Look, the problem is it's kind of a catch-22 for the globalists.
They can either back off with their plan, but we continue to expose them, or they can accelerate it.
And I know that the globalists would have already carried out more staged terror attacks, government-sponsored terror attacks, if people like myself and you and others, the listeners out there, weren't getting the word out.
So we're at a crossroads, a critical juncture right now, and it's time for everybody to be more vocal, more focused,
Alex, we've got to grab the break.
You want to hang over?
We'll be right back after the break.
I'm Michael Corbin with Alex Jones on the Alex Jones Show.
We'll be right back.
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Michael Corbin, sitting in for Alex Jones, who is online with me right now, live from New York at the Republican National Convention.
And I want to encourage you, get over to Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, check out the offerings that Alex has there.
We're talking about what's going on in New York right now.
It is a virtual police state.
And Alex has well documented all of these dynamics in his videos, and you can get over there and order them online, or you can call toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
Again, it's 1-888-253-3139.
And Alex, again, I wish I was out there with you.
I know this is all very bad, but it sounds very exciting.
You're covering this thing, and nowhere else can you get the truth but here.
I appreciate that, Michael, and I appreciate the network supporting me and coming out here to New York, and I want to just thank all the New Yorkers that have been so supportive.
But to watch the police with horses and mopeds ramming into people, I mean, what do you expect us to do when you treat us like this?
And the media will focus on the most clown-like, stupid protesters instead of listening to what people are really saying.
And it's a diverse crowd.
By diverse, I mean diverse opinions and ideas.
And as I said, thousands and thousands and thousands.
One group put out 10,000 of these 9-11 cover-up signs.
So people really are waking up, and I keep going back to that point, but they want confrontations.
They're trying to start fights with people.
Again, I've had a cop grab me and squeeze me real hard to try to be mean and then want me to do something with a billy club in his hand.
Of course, I didn't fall for that.
I've had them run up and threaten to arrest us and make us erase tapes right in front of them under threat of arrest for giving an old lady money.
It's disgusting.
And it's this attitude that they're God, the state is God, and we're somehow bad.
And this whole thing in New York, what happened in Boston, it's all being used to condition us and to sell us on this model of tyranny as if it gives us security.
Right, exactly.
That is the thing that people must really realize.
That this is the game.
It's a psychological warfare game.
It's what it is.
Well, it is, Michael, and I really want to thank you for filling in again.
I know you've got a ton of callers, so I guess you're going to be taking calls in the next hour.
Again, I will continue with reports.
I will have more details for you tomorrow of what goes on with Schwarzenegger tonight inside the convention.
Tonight is where you're really going to have the big protests, and this is where we're hearing that the anarchists are going to try to basically provocateur things.
They're all over the city trying to stir stuff up and basically working with the police, some of them consciously, I believe some of them unconsciously.
But tonight there at Madison Square Garden is a convergence of a bunch of different marches and demonstrations.
So tomorrow, and of course on the websites we'll also be reporting, we'll be here filling all the listeners in.
...with an eyewitness account of actually what's going on, not with what the media is telling us is going on.
I mean, there's so many distortions, Michael, that we've gotten from the New York Times, from the Washington Post, from Fox News.
There's the worst, Neocon, but we'll be here deciphering that and chronicling all their different activities.
Now, keep the cameras rolling.
Stay safe, okay?
Well, I'll certainly try, and of course that's up to God, and I want to thank the listeners for all their prayers, but it's actually a lot of fun to fight tyranny, and Michael, I'm going to let you go, and thank you so much.
All right, Alex, thank you very much, and we'll see you tomorrow, okay?
You bet.
All right, take care.