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Air Date: Aug. 20, 2004
2379 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, TGIF, it is Friday.
Thank you so much for joining us.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
The websites are prisonplanet.com and infowars.com, as well as prisonplanet.tv.
Well, all these so-called less-than-lethal or non-lethal weapons...
That have been deployed by the military in Iraq.
I had read the federal documents years ago where they were planning to use these against the American people.
Humvees, microwave guns, sound weapons, you name it.
And I'm looking at an article out of the Associated Press here where at the Republican National Convention in New York where the mayor says protesting is a privilege.
That he can revoke your basic freedoms are now a privilege because Mayor Bloomberg is bigger than the Bill of Rights, bigger than the Constitution, bigger than the Founding Fathers.
Well, now they're going to have their sound weapons out there, the very company out of San Diego that's been out peddling this.
Now, they've had sound wave rivals and weapons for a long time.
Some of these can kill you.
The particular device they're going to be using will just hurt your eardrums and damage your hearing with hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of decibels.
Oh, boy.
So if it's good enough for the Iraqis, it's got to be good enough for us, doesn't it?
Why, we might have riots.
You saw what happened in Seattle, they tell the police around the country.
Well, yeah, we did see what happened in Seattle.
You hired provocateurs, housed them, paid them, took care of them.
It's all in my film, The Takeover.
And then you used that precedent you set to go around and edit the video and lie to the police around the country and convince them of all of this and issue them their Black Stormtrooper combat armor outfits.
Very, very interesting.
Also, one of the most disgusting groups in the country, the American Psychological Association, has done it again.
They're out trying to push and cover up the details of the new Freedom Initiative, which the official federal plan states every child, every adult, will be tested for mental illness.
And they say upwards of 15% of us will be forcibly drugged.
And the British Medical Journal just read the document and put out the truth.
And I've read the document, but the American Psychological Association is out trying to spin that.
Of course, this is the same group.
Remember Dr. Laura?
Four years ago, lost a bunch of stations and then got boycotted off of television because she read from the American Psychological Association manual.
And we read from the manual, too.
And they said, we don't want to categorize pedophilia as a mental illness anymore.
Well, I think it's a crime, but they had been saying that it was a mental illness.
No, we think it's normal and good for children.
They actually went into detail and said children as young as three, this is very good for them.
Of course, I disagree with that.
I think they're a bunch of sickos who need to be arrested and put beneath the prison.
And I mean those that are advocating it.
If they catch him doing it, execute him.
But here you have it, ladies and gentlemen, just right out in the open.
They want to forcibly psychologically test all of you because they're owned by the big drug companies that are pushing all of this.
So we'll get into that as well, plus what happened in Najaf yesterday.
Wide open phones, a lot of your calls.
I've been doing a good job of going to your calls early in the show.
In fact, we'll probably go to your calls in the next segment.
After I go over some news.
This is the GCN Radio Network.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
And again, there's so much news that's been posted with our great webmasters at InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, and PrisonPlanet.tv.
We'll be back after this quick break and plunge directly into much of the news we mentioned and a lot more, so please stay the course.
We'll be back.
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Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cut behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time, about from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
I do this broadcast because I love America, I love freedom, I love my family, I love human dignity and liberty.
And some people can tune in to the broadcast for the first time and hear our anger and our disgust for our ruling elite, for our would-be masters, and in many respects they are our masters, our owners.
And may think, oh, this is hate.
Well, if a black man grabbing away the axe handle that the slave master is beating him with and beating him back with it is hatred, then so be it.
If it's hatred for the founding fathers when their homes were being burned and looted and having their firearms taken, if that was hatred to stand up against the King of England, then so be it.
If it was hatred...
That caused Moses to stand up against the evil Pharaoh, and so be it.
But it's not hatred.
We are being enslaved.
We are being oppressed in the very classical terms.
And the globalists, in the name of fighting oppression, are the ones out there actually pushing global suppression and oppression.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And that if any protester does anything wrong, that means one of their hired provocateurs, everyone loses their privilege.
That's another Soviet-style, Nazi-style model, that when one person does something bad, everyone is punished.
That's not the American way, boys and girls.
All right, we'll go to calls early in this...
First hour.
We'll probably even get to you this segment.
But let me just run down over some of the news that we'll be covering.
Military doctors allegedly collaborated in prison torture MSNBC today.
Not tooting my horn.
But two years ago, we reported that a lot of the military doctors are actually the CIA torture officers.
Well, it's like 1984.
O'Brien tortures Lenson as really a doctor.
You know, Joseph Mingala was a doctor.
So we'll get into that.
Also, a police-ready sound weapon for GOP convention-associated press.
Forget the megaphones.
Police will have a much more high-tech and louder option.
It'll rupture your eardrums, but as so what, to make themselves heard over the din of Manhattan traffic and noisy protesters outside the Republican National Convention.
It's called the Long Range Acoustic Device.
He stomps about like a lion, roaring, seeing who he may devour.
Oh, the article doesn't say that.
It's called the long-range acoustic device developed for the military and capable of blasting warnings, orders, or anything else at an ear-splitting 150 decibels.
We've actually interviewed the CEO of the company.
It goes over 150.
Authorities on Thursday unveiled a mini arsenal of devices and counter-terrorism equipment, and they're getting ready for the convention, which opens a week from Monday.
By the way, I am considering going to this.
I don't know if I'm going to have a fill-in host and I'll do call-ins, because just broadcasting from there really isn't the news story.
The news story is going to be, 80% of it that is, outside of the convention center, and I need to be there to document this.
If I do do it, I'm going to decide.
I'll let you know on Monday.
If I do decide to do this, which I'm probably going to do, again, I'll be doing hourly reports, calling in with updates and information.
Maybe I'll have Michael Corbin or Erskine or maybe even Lou Epton.
We need to do tests of that next week, get them hooked up for the show, maybe have a different host every day.
And I want to get Paul Watson with Topical Daily News to call in, maybe with a 30-minute segment every day or maybe even a 10-minute segment every hour.
I don't know.
I don't know if I'll probably end up getting a broadcast booth there.
But then maybe not using it the whole time and just using that report from inside the Republican National Convention.
Again, I don't know.
I may not go.
10% chance I'm not going to go.
We'll see what happens.
I mean, I want to go because I want to document this.
I want to videotape the troops searching old ladies.
I want to show a city locked down.
I want to interview people with the U.S.
government carried out the attacks, elements of it, on 9-11 at Ground Zero.
And it wouldn't be the first time I've gone into the belly of the beast, but I don't know, since they're going to have sound weapons, no, that's it, I'm going.
I'm going.
They're going to have sound weapons there.
I may lose my hearing, but I come back like Rush Limbaugh.
I have to get an implant in my head so I'll be able to hear people.
I shouldn't joke around, folks.
So we'll see what happens.
All right, so military doctors allegedly collaborating in prison.
Why call it torture?
Why not call it freedom?
In prison, freedom.
It's not torture.
It's freedom.
Senator appears on no-fly list.
The Senate Judiciary Committee heard this morning from one of its own about some of the problems with airline no-fly watch lists.
Senator Edward Kennedy, a Democrat in Massachusetts, says he had a close encounter with the list when trying to take the U.S.
Airways shuttle out of Washington to Boston.
The ticket agent wouldn't let him on the plane.
His name was on the list in error.
Yeah, I'm sure it's hundreds of thousands of people on there in error.
Conservative activists, liberal activists...
After a flurry of phone calls, Kennedy was able to fly home, but then the same thing happened coming back to Washington.
Kennedy says it took three calls to Homeland Love and Freedom, I mean Homeland Security, Tom Ridge, to get his name stricken from the list.
I've heard the neocons laughing, oh good, make that commie do that.
Folks, if Mike Wallace and Ted Kennedy, and who was the other senator's wife, 85 years old, they stole her,
You know, just some giant diamond necklace.
They just wiped it and stole it up in Detroit.
That was like two years ago.
And boy, they freaked out when they found out it was a senator's wife.
But that ain't me.
That ain't me.
I ain't no senator's son.
Can you imagine how bad it is for us, just the average little people?
And if you're not a senator's son or wife, you're in a lot of trouble.
Or even if you're a senator.
All right.
So that's coming up.
Also, and then we'll get into crude oil surpasses $49 a barrel.
While it was an all-time record last week of $45, and then this week $46, $47, $48, $49, and now they're talking about it just might hit $60 a barrel.
There's no telling.
Crude oil futures rose to a record, surpassing $49 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange on Concerned.
Of clashes in southern Iraq between U.S.
troops and Shiite Muslim militiamen may cut Iraqi exports.
Again, it's all about keeping exports down out of Iraq so they can boost the other prices.
PNAC even bragged about that.
See, people think it's about shipping the oil out.
No, it's about controlling the oil.
There's so much oil in Russia and in the Caribbean and in the Gulf and in Alaska and the North Sea and just everywhere in Africa and they're finding new reserves all over the U.S.
that they've got to have a monopoly to keep the prices high.
And then they fund their fake left-wing groups out there that tell you there's peak oil, there's no oil.
It's total fraud.
Total lie.
But don't worry, we're going to buy into it and get gouged.
So $49.06, $49.06.
And in some areas it's trading even higher.
Over in Europe it's even higher right now.
And record profits for the oil companies.
So it's artificial perception of scarcity.
Iran threatens preemptive strikes, another threat.
Very, very serious.
We'll talk about that.
And we'll get into much more.
Obviously, here as the broadcast develops.
But first, when we return, I will go directly to the loaded phone lines.
And then later, we will get into this little tidbit.
This is on InfoWars.com.
It's posted from the American Psychological Association.
Again, the same people.
Remember, Dr. Laura got in trouble four years ago.
She just read from the American Psychological Association.
Their little sister group, the American Psychiatric Association, when they came out and said we want to remove pedophilia from the list of mental illnesses.
Well, I say it's criminal.
But at least the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association and others had listed it as a mental illness.
At least they're saying it's bad.
Well, they said it's good.
It's good for children, good for those that do it.
This is how sick these criminals are.
Well, now they've come out praising Bush's new freedom initiative that will force everyone, starting with children, and then it says adults, and Illinois is already starting that with women, forcing you for your twice-a-year psychological checkup.
Talk about a brave new world.
And they're out defending it and attacking the British Psychological Association and the British Medical Association and different reports they put out, demonizing them viciously
Saying, how dare you be against this?
This is wonderful.
Psychologically forcibly testing everyone is new freedom.
That's what it's called.
It's freedom.
Again, the new freedom.
And everything's the new freedom here.
You know, our own domestic Gestapo checkpoints everywhere while the borders are wide open.
By the way, oh, I forgot to bring his number.
A military man I've known for, I don't know, eight years.
Also a police officer.
Brought up to the TV show last night.
He brought up to the TV show last night the Texas National Guard document, of course commanded by a British SAS man, foreign leader as usual.
And I, on TV, read over it, how they're going to arrest people, put us in camps.
It's all public.
I thought it was even in the old Austin Chronicle a few weeks ago.
Stay with us.
We'll be back.
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By the way, I'm not kidding.
I've known this military officer for years.
He's also a police officer.
Five, six years ago, he'd laugh at me a little bit, but he's not laughing anymore.
They have foreign commanders, the Texas National Guard.
We talked about a subdivision of that in Alabama, the Alabama Defense Force.
We had their aid-to-camp on a few weeks ago.
I re-aired it a couple days ago.
Well, I'll get into that later, but it's arrest plans, mass arrest plans, lockdown of cities.
All of this, on a national scale, it'll be like living in, you know, Florida after a hurricane.
But it'll just never end.
And they'll just train us how to be good little slaves, folks, and the fun will really start then.
Michael in England, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
Oh, hi, Alex.
Welcome, sir.
If you don't mind, I'd like to shed some light on one of the most egregious crimes of the new world order.
Which is the worldwide mislabeling of vaccine injuries as shaken baby syndrome and sudden infant death syndrome.
That has been proven by a lot of prestigious medical studies.
Yeah, that's right.
They give the baby the shot, the baby goes into a coma, and then they arrest the parents.
That's right.
The reason I'm calling now is that next week this whole issue is going to come under the spotlight down in Orlando, Florida, when a man named Alan Yerko and a team of experts are going to
We're good to go.
Which killed about four other children.
Sir, I know people in Austin who are middle class, no criminal record.
They have a beautiful baby.
They give the baby the shots.
The baby goes into convulsions in the car.
Let me finish.
In the car driving home, they go back to the hospital and are arrested on site.
This is a liability protection operation.
There's hundreds of these cases.
Thousands, sir.
In the UK, there are about 200 a year.
In the USA,
Well, you really got your numbers.
I believe that's correct.
Yeah, I've been working with the Yerko case for a while now.
Also, I've interviewed people and it's even been in the mainstream news in Australia.
So, yeah, they do this to your baby and then they arrest you.
Yeah, and if anybody wants to find out about this, because the Yerkos have helped lots of families, just go to the Yerko website.
And they'll be able to read all these medical studies.
By the way, they just started all these SIDS deaths and all this 20 years ago, and that's when the vaccines got really bad.
And the CDC have admitted this.
They've said that they recognize that the average age of the SIDS death is 2 to 4 months.
And average age of shaken baby syndrome death is 2.2 months, which is exactly round one of vaccine schedules.
Oh, they do tests on the dead babies, and they've got massive levels of mercury in them.
It's a DTAC vaccine.
Oh, you give a baby hundreds of times safe levels of mercury, and they die.
Oh, my God, let's arrest the parents.
I can tell you how that works.
The mercury, along with the endotoxin in the vaccine, actually depletes the vitamin C, and that causes what is actually subclinical scurvy,
And it's also called Barlow's disease.
Well, according to Dr. Geyer, the congressional expert, and others we've interviewed, that's part of it.
It also toxifies and just sits in the brain.
Yeah, that's true.
It causes the respiratory center in the brain to collapse.
Yes, sir.
It causes it to swell the brain, and then you get a subdural hemorrhaging.
Funny, these babies get the exact same thing that's on the back of a mercury bottle.
Yeah, that's true.
The exact thing that mercury poison does, and they have mercury poisoning, but let's just indict the parents.
So this trial is next week.
Do you know the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons?
Jane Orient, the director of that, will be testifying.
Also, the former chief public defender of Orange County is going to testify in his defense, along with three other medical examiners.
You know, I want to get some of those folks on.
I saw that last week.
Tell us the website.
It's Yurko.
If you just type Y-U-R-K-O into Google, you'll bring it straight up there.
Just type that into Google.
His wife, Francine, who's stood by this guy for over six years, he's been in prison.
She's done several interviews on Radio Liberty and the Power Hour, so she's pretty...
That's a good idea.
It's going to be an evidentiary hearing next week, going on for five days.
It's going to be ABC News down there.
It's going to be a PBS documentary on it as well.
And so hopefully, yeah, it's going to be one in the eye for the globalists.
And the whole thing has been blown wide open here with the
I've seen it in the British papers.
So hopefully it's going to blow open.
But the thing is, they've never mentioned it's the vaccines.
They're keeping the lid on that.
Here they're just saying it's natural causes and so on.
But they're still trying to keep the lid on the vaccine issue.
This is going to bring it to attention.
Well, I appreciate what you're doing, Michael.
Thanks for the call.
From England.
Imagine taking your baby in, getting the shot, it starts having convulsions in the car, you take it back to the hospital and they arrest you.
I mean...
Folks, as he said, 1,300 cases a year of this, and most of them link back to the vaccines.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back with more.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Call now, 888-240-3337.
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We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
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It worked for me.
Welcome back, my friends.
Let's go back to your calls on this Friday edition.
Emmett in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
Emmett, thanks for holding.
Thank you, Alex.
Yes, sir.
My father used to give me beer and a baby glass when I was seven years old.
Where would he be in trouble today?
Well, the Europeans do that, and they live longer and are healthier.
But again, they're evil.
Let's arrest all of them.
I'm glad I can drink a micro-brew with my Lebanon bologna sandwich.
I know you're hungry for one, but I'm here in Pennsylvania, Dutch country, where I can get it.
It's bologna smoked.
Why, I'm calling with an update about this man who lost his license because he drinks a six-pack at night.
Yeah, he went into the doctor.
And he said, I've been having some heart palpitations.
I drink a six-pack at night sometimes.
Is that bad for me?
Should I stop that?
And the doctor said, yeah, you might cut back.
And then he automatically, through the computer system, contacted the state police, and the man had his license revoked.
And they admit that he didn't say he'd be drunk and drive.
He didn't.
But they just say that that's not allowed.
You know, that's a little wrong.
He went to the hospital and even tested his blood, had no alcohol.
But one of the interns notified the police.
No, that's not what I got in the article a month ago.
No, he went and saw the doctor at night, and he said, I drink sometimes.
They said, have you been drinking?
He said, no, that's what I was saying.
And then he said, I drink about a six-pack at night.
I don't drink and drive.
And then the hospital, the doctor was quoted.
The hospital was saying we have to do this.
Yeah, I was at the hospital.
I was a doctor.
There's doctors at hospitals.
Well, the latest of it is the judge will not restore his license until
And they're requiring him to put an $1,100 breathalyzer on his car.
Then he'll get his license.
In other words, that analyzer... So, preemptively, because he told them that he drinks beer at home at night, and there was no alcohol in his blood, I did see that part.
But this is the new system, where your exterminator, your doctor, the phone man, they're all spies.
And he hasn't even committed a crime...
I see this more and more, where things aren't the law, but they just go after people.
Well, thank you.
I hadn't heard of the new development of them not issuing him his license again.
The judge, where did you see this article?
It's in our Patriot News newspaper.
You want me to mail it to you?
By Patriot News, is that the name of the newspaper?
Yeah, Patriot News newspaper in Harrisburg.
Yeah, email it to tipsandinfowars.com, and we will get it posted.
Okay, it's on jmurphy at patriotnews.com.
Oh, no, no, no, wait a minute, wait a minute.
You just gave out an email address.
No, it's kerrycauldwell at dccauldwell at patriotnews.com.
Sir, sir, sir, that's not how the Internet works.
Oh, okay.
You're giving out the email address of the author of the article.
All right.
I'll mail it to you.
Okay, sir.
Thanks for the call, Emmett.
Let's talk to... Who's up next here?
Andrea in Ohio.
Go ahead, Andrea.
Thanks for holding.
While we're on medical news, I heard this morning on MindFreedom.org that Pat Adams...
He volunteered to screen Bush for mental illness.
He said, I'll do it myself and I'll do it in a humane way.
Joyce Riley was where I first heard about this.
But for listeners who want to get all of those British Medical Journal articles and get all the whistleblower reports,
www.mindfreedom.org has all of those.
Now, for those who just joined us, which specific British medical journal reports are you talking about?
These are about the New Freedom Initiative.
Yeah, on InfoWars.com, right now, at the top of the main page, it says, APA proud of its cover-up of Bush's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health.
And then in the sub-article we posted, it says,
We have the links to the British Medical Journal and to the news articles out of the British newspapers about it and to American articles.
And we have another article posted out of Illinois where they're going to implement new freedom, not just against all the school children, but adults as well.
Oh, yeah, pregnant women.
What I find appalling, and I wonder if you have an answer to this, is if Clinton would have done this, if the Democratic president would have done this,
There would have been a huge outcry from all these homeschool parents, you know, conservative Christians, whatever.
The silence is deafening, or at least near deafening.
Why is that?
Well, because people want to believe that Bush is on their side.
They want to think they've died and gone to heaven.
And here, Bill Clinton did propose stuff like this, but could never get it through.
Bush is deafening.
Clinton's programs were smaller.
I mean, how does Bush expand all the liberal programs?
Department of Education, Health, sign on to UNESCO and the UN, something Reagan pulled us out of.
How does he do all of this, double the rate of the growth of government that it was under Clinton, and most of that isn't war funding, by the way, folks.
How does he do it?
How does he come out and say, we're going to test every school-aged child twice a year, and we're going to force adults to do it, in his official report,
And, I mean, that's worse than the Soviet Union.
I mean, I can't believe I'm even here talking about this, and now they're starting it.
Ten states have already begun.
And, I mean, I think what appalls me, I mean, is the average conservative Republican-type person, and I'm not just attacking Republicans, but I'm just saying, this is, I mean, they should be dreaming about this.
I mean, I would say anybody that's, you know, homeschool parents, whatever, you know, they should be aware of this and put pressure on their congressmen and senators.
I know they've implemented it in a lot of these states, but still, let them know how they feel about it, because, I mean, this is appalling.
This is appalling.
Well, sir, thank you for all you're doing, and keep up the good work.
I appreciate the call.
Well, thank you.
Let's go ahead and talk to Patrick in Texas.
Patrick, you're on the air.
You mentioned psychiatry?
I've been mentally ill for 34 years.
I'm rotting from the inside out from all the pills, and I'll sum it up.
It's sorcery and witchcraft.
Well, actually, the basis of pharmakia, the symbol for most drugstores, is the urn with the grinder.
And that is what Pharmakeia was, is the witch doctor would drug people in the tribe and then make them think he had magical powers.
And he would use drugs in many cases to manipulate the population.
And that is a big part of it.
And even a lot of scholars have called psychiatry the new priest, the new witch doctors, and they're trying to replace religion, they're trying to replace Christianity mainly with their new religion as themselves and the state that they represent as God.
And, you know, you say you're mentally ill, sir, but, I mean, they say you're mentally ill.
I'm not, but they made me mentally ill, so I'm getting to it.
How did they first get you into their system?
What happened in Argentina?
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
And why were you there?
Oh, I was there because I was a temperamental kid.
I had a temper.
So they brought me to a... I mean, why did you live in Argentina?
I was an oil tool pusher, man.
Your father was what?
Oil tool pusher.
So your father sold oil tool equipment?
Yes, sir.
And so you were down there, and what, you got into some trouble, and they sent you to the doctor?
Well, I was walking down the stairs, and the doctor grabbed me and knocked me out with some kind of drug.
Next thing I know, I'm going through electric shock, pigment, Haldol, and the suit, and that's all I get for the day, in a dark dungeon room, in the bed, sitting up.
Didn't know where the bathroom was, couldn't turn on the light.
Then I come to Texas, and they find out I've got an illness in my past, and they send me to a state hospital, and I thought, well, great, I'm going to get some help.
Well, they put me on lithium and Artane.
Artane's like speed.
Lithium makes you have diarrhea.
And then they diagnosed me then as banked depressive.
Then they put me on Thorazine.
I was diagnosed as schizophrenic or paranoid schizophrenic.
Then they put me on Haldol and Artane.
And they diagnosed me as whatever they wanted.
Well, listen, Patrick.
It's gotten inside out.
Patrick, I know.
Those drugs are really deadly.
And now they want to put...
Starting off, 15% of children, not just on the antidepressants, the serotonin uptake inhibitors, or the amphetamine-type, cocaine-type drugs like Ritalin, now it's anti-psychotics because they're new, they have patents that haven't run out, and they want to force the children specifically.
The guidelines have been written by Big Pharma, admittedly, for the New Freedom Initiative.
And it's scary.
It's very, very scary.
And every year...
I mean, I had a doctor on a few weeks ago, and I said, every year there's dozens of new mental illness designations they're coming up with.
And he goes, no, there's hundreds each year.
And fear of government, fear of corruption...
I hear you, Patrick.
Thank you for the call.
Let's talk to Rodney in Texas.
Yes, I guess I'll just continue on with the medical topic here.
Rodney, go ahead.
I heard you a couple of days ago focusing in on the lies and propaganda surrounding immunization of school-aged kids.
Yes, they're all over every TV and radio station in the country that I've looked at.
I mean, literally, it's just everywhere, but here in Austin, every TV station, every newspaper, the radio stations, you've got to take your vaccine since it's the law, you'll be kicked out of school, you'll be arrested, and admittedly, they had to pass a state law saying, no, there is no law, you have to do this, just last year.
They have the waivers in every school nurse drawer, in every principal's drawer, in every health department, and they know it, but there is a massive national big lie campaign going.
Yeah, I found that article out of the Austin American Statesman dated August 5th, 2003, and it was, I'll paraphrase the title, it was many confused about immunization shots, thousands opt out, okay?
But what I further went on to do, because I have a family member who had their children immunized about a week ago, and it was just a simple tetanus shot, but
The child had a bad reaction, and right now they don't have feelings in their left side of their body.
It's a tetanus shot, but I went and found the actual law under the Educational Code, Chapter 38, Subsection 8, dealing with immunization, 38.001, and right there it shows that you do not have to take these shots.
There are
Let me just stop you for a second, Rodney.
For those that just joined us, understand.
There has never been a law in American history that you have to take a vaccine.
They have the religious and the conscientious objector forms, which you shouldn't have to sign to begin with.
When you try to go to school, they say it's the law, you have to, because they get federal funds for every child they vaccinate.
Now, they reported that 14,000 children...
In Austin, had refused to be vaccinated or hadn't been vaccinated as of about a month ago.
They panicked.
They went all over radio and TV and newspaper and said, it's the law, you've got to do it.
And in the last two weeks at two different gymnasiums, sports stadiums, last time I checked, from 14 to 6,000.
Now 6,000 still haven't done it.
And it's all color of law, and they're trying to intimidate people into doing it.
And it is not the law.
And we've seen this.
If you're a blue-collar family that looks like you don't know your rights, the hospital will threaten you to take shots at birth.
But if you're white-collar, you say, I don't want it, they go, here's the form, sign, absolutely, we understand.
So, think of how criminal that is.
It's all color of law, and every Austinite out there listening to me right now on the local stations, you've read the paper, you've seen the TV shows, you've seen the newscasts where they said you had to.
And you know that's not true.
We had to get Governor Perry to pass a law that he signed last year.
I mean, Idaho, all... Just...
Four corners of the country, Florida, New York, California, Kansas, I mean, I've seen all the, whether it's the same ads, the same newspaper articles, like it's written by the same person, saying the same thing, and it's all color of law, and this illustrates everything we're talking about.
You do not have to do this.
But they're creating the perception that you do, and then you're saying you've got a family member who took the shot, and now half their body doesn't have feelings.
Yeah, simple tetanus shot.
And by the way, whenever you ask these people who claim that it's the law to take these shots, and you ask them, well, show me the law, they can't tell you.
They can't show you.
Have you ever had that situation?
Well, again, it's just an average nurse or firefighter lined up with thousands of children.
They mean well.
They don't know that the principal right behind them has the waiver and is worried about funding.
Just one other final point here, just slightly different.
You were talking about these non-lethal weapons that the police is being trained to use.
Yeah, at first it was just for Saddam's people, but now they're going to use sound weapons on people in New York.
Well, if they're so non-lethal, Alex, shouldn't the general public be able to have access to these same weapons to protect ourselves from criminals?
Well, sir, they're actually classified as less lethal, and then the PR term is non-lethal.
These things, every few months the police kill somebody with rubber bullets here in the U.S.
Yeah, I know it's a spin on words, but I'm just saying, you know, these people, they...
In my opinion, I believe if they're that unlethal or non-lethal or less lethal, then why shouldn't I be able to carry them?
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, I hear you.
Good points, Rodney.
Look, they're going to use lethal weapons on us, don't worry.
All these are are training aids.
They've issued the black armored outfits, they've issued the weapons, they've issued the armored vehicles, they've issued the microwave guns.
Those are waiting for the real fun to happen.
Now they're issuing the Soundwave rifles and weapons.
These are training aids to train them to preemptively go ahead and shoot first.
Go ahead and attack the crowd.
That's all this is, is a simulator.
You know, the shoot-to-kill video games were developed by the Pentagon.
Because they found even in Vietnam, half the troops up close wouldn't shoot somebody.
So they have them play these point-and-shoot games.
Started out with the paper targets before that that pop up to train you to shift out of the conscious mind into automatic Pavlovian response.
So that's all less than lethal or non-lethal weapons are.
They're training aids.
They're training aids.
That's all they are.
And now they admit they're issuing them live weapons.
And it also trains the public of images of police shooting at crowds.
That's all this is, is simulations.
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I think?
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Welcome back.
It's Open Line Friday.
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We'll go to Chip and Johnny and TJ and Bill and others, and I am going to get into police-ready soundwave weapons for GOP convention.
Senator appears on no-fly list.
You can't fly either.
Crude oil goes over $49 a barrel.
Iran threatens preemptive strikes.
Very serious development.
New York police practice for convention protests.
How to attack them.
That's CNN.
And radical clerics' followers prepare to hand over control of the revered Najib Shrine.
And in reversal, U.S.
court allows some forced DNA test of innocent people, of course.
And then another one, headline, martial law in Florida.
We will cover all of it.
But before I do that, please grab a pen and paper, because this is important information.
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We're going to come back, and I'm going to cover some news.
Then we'll go to Chip and Johnny and TJ and Bill and many others.
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We'll be right back.
Hello, folks.
Big Brother.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
In the Soviet Union, or in Communist China, or in Nazi Germany, whole neighborhoods...
Whole cities were punished, in many cases, for the actions of just a few people.
Well, our government's taken that a step further.
They hire provocateurs to go out and create crises at demonstrations and rallies.
They then protect those provocateurs.
I have this on videotape in multiple cities.
Austin, Texas, Seattle, Washington.
And then they attack the entire innocent crowd.
Women, children, small babies.
It's all on video.
And now they're going to use the sound weapons they've been using in Iraq on the American people in New York.
So whether you're walking out of your business, or you're there demonstrating, or you're there with the media covering the event, they're going to blow your eardrums out.
They're going to damage you, and when you try to sue the government, they're going to laugh at you.
I mean, I've got video in Seattle of them beating old women and breaking their collarbones and laughing.
Old women just walking along,
Aren't even part of the protest.
Police walk up, seem to target them, break their collarbones, laugh at them, stomp on women's heads.
I've got it all on video.
I mean, this video doesn't lie.
Because, you see, for a day, they got pelted with bottles and got spit on, and their sergeants told the cops, stand there and take it.
Then the 50 hired thugs got housed in the government building and protected.
Then the cops were told, go ahead and attack everybody now.
And the cops, we'll show you now.
And went into berserk kind of demon possession mode and attacked everybody.
And so we'll get into that.
They want to use sound weapons on everybody.
Everybody's evil.
We all have to be punished.
And just a bunch of other news.
Ted Kennedy can't fly.
He's on the no-fly list.
Oil over $49 a barrel.
The American Psychiatric Association says we need to forcibly drug everybody.
They love George Bush's plan.
But right now let's go to a call.
Chip, you're calling us from Colorado?
Yes, that's right.
Welcome, sir.
It's a pleasure to talk to you.
Pleasure to talk to you, my friend.
Hey, related to what you were just talking about with your videos, I was wondering, if you don't mind me asking, are you planning on having a new video coming out any time soon?
One of my friends made a video called American Dictators, and I had some oversight in it.
We're actually fixing a few things, adding some stuff right now.
And yeah, in a couple weeks we're going to be offering a video on InfoWars.com called American Dictators.
And it's about how there's no choice between Bush and Kerry.
It's kind of like the Alien movie's new motto, Alien vs. Predator, no matter who wins, we lose.
And so, yes.
Oh, great.
My new video, Matrix of Evil, is about seven months old.
It's an incredible film.
Patriot Act 1 and 2, Homeland Security, the latest surveillance, Ron Paul, Frank Morales, myself, Colonel Craig Roberts.
We threw out the Patriot Act in Austin.
It's a great new video.
Police State 3 total enslavement.
Oh, good.
Did you like them?
Oh, yeah, they're awesome.
I mean, I've had probably four or five of your videos, and Please Stay Three is great, and actually I've been...
Passing out some... I've been making copies of some of your videos.
Well, if you weren't there, Chip, supporting us, we wouldn't be here.
So thank you.
Well, thank you for... We have no idea how much your support is vital.
Well, I thank you for the information, and you helped wake me up to the New World Order.
Actually, I had another question for you.
Sure, go ahead.
A couple days ago in the London Guardian, and I know you covered this story, but they reported that...
The headline is, Carrie's royal route will give him victory, says Burke.
And this is basically the sixth paragraph on this article.
Oh, I hear the music.
Can you help me?
Yeah, yeah, stay there.
Yeah, Burke's peerage has been calling elections for 50 years.
It's the most respected bloodline group in Europe.
And they say he is related to every royal house.
The super Illuminati bloodline.
And so they say he's going to be the winner.
We'll talk about it when we get back.
Stay there.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, I would just tell you a little tidbit here that's very important.
We talked a lot of trash, as they say, about the Austin Chronicle that's been demonizing and attacking me pretty viciously lately.
But they do have some good writers there, and the local paper did a story I just learned last night that I missed two weeks ago in the same issue that was attacking me, same day to the paper, about the Texas National Guard going under some type of federal control and for the election and for riots and urban warfare and a takeover.
And I finally got a chance to see the article last night.
I was stunned by it.
And the reason the article was brought to my attention is I was there at the TV studio looking at a lengthy document, the Texas National Guard civil emergency new manual they've been given.
And it's how to arrest masses of people, how to lock down cities, how to put people in camps.
Just horrible stuff.
And it meshes with stuff like the Alabama Defense Force.
We're good to go.
I think?
Now this is what we do, and you can link through to the Alabama Defense Forces website, and we have a link to that on Infowars.com.
We first learned of it when a listener took photos of them searching people for an Alabama football game a few months ago.
A bowl game, actually, back in January.
But you go to their website, and it's them out at the mall, the street corners, wherever, just searching families, you know, eight-year-olds.
There'll be a guy with a cigarette in one hand searching an eight-year-old with the other, checking their bags, checking their purse, training them how to be a slave.
And that's going to be right here in Texas.
Except here, they're going to have cadres of goons that are under them, but this is the elite cadre right now that are only
Current police, former police, former special forces, military, that's who they're recruiting into this infrastructure protection.
That's the headline on the document, this infrastructure protection team.
Of course, they've hired General Primakov, a former head of the KGB, to consult and run infrastructure protection.
I mean, come on, folks, the KGB.
And I learned last night that the officer candidate head for the entire Texas National Guard now has been replaced with a British officer who is formerly SAS, or Special Air Services, the equivalent of their Delta Force.
He's a full-board colonel, and he's now over-selecting who gets to get in, period.
And so we'll see if we're able to get him on.
This fellow we're talking to is at work today, and we'll see if he can pop in for...
This is the more elite cadre that's then going to fan out and merge with the regular Army, merge with the regular National Guard.
And it's funny, that's what my cousin's doing, 18 years, Special Forces now, into logistics, more of running things.
And he's out there merging the APD, the Austin Police Department.
This is going on in your town, by the way.
With the regular Army, the National Guard, and the Texas State National Guard.
And he admitted that every night their helicopters were out in drug raids and surveillance, aiding the police, creating that unity.
And they've been told they're all getting microchips very, very soon.
So, I mean, it's not just the documents that I have.
I have family who's in this.
I mean, it's everywhere, right under the surface.
Open discussions of martial law at these training camps where they're doing all this.
Open discussion of, you know, we've got to fight them over there before they fight us here.
We may have to... This is a quote from a military officer talking about shooting Democrats during the election.
This is what they joke about when they're on the shooting range.
It's kind of like a mindless, phony, right-wing neocon attitude, as if they're fighting against the Democrats.
And that dovetails with what, I believe we're talking to Chip in Colorado.
Chip had brought up a London Guardian article.
Strangely enough, it was in the Austin American Statesman two days ago, a similar article listing all the royal families.
He's related to every royal family in Europe.
Albanian, German, Dutch, British...
I mean, it's on all sides.
That's why one article says third cousins, nine cousins, sixteenth cousins.
It's every angle.
Let's bring Chip back up.
Chip, you wanted to talk about this?
Go ahead.
Yeah, just real quick.
The sixth paragraph in this London Guardian article from the top, if I can read it real quick, it says, Because of the fact that every presidential candidate with the most loyal genes and chromosomes has always won the November presidential election, the coming election, based on 42 previous presidents, will go to John Kerry.
Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but my reasoning, I mean, this is just, to me, this says,
Well, it began at the start because already top generals, top landowners were already related to the royal family.
That's why they were given land grants by the queen.
And so it's always been that way, and then they did break with the royalty, just like Cromwell did, just like people did before that in 1214 with the Magna Carta.
Those breaks do happen, but definitely the bloodline in England, even the Japanese royal family, there's a world royal society, they say that the Queen of England is the ultimate royalty worldwide, and that's why they're so arrogant.
That's why Al Gore and John Kerry and George Bush, they're all related, closely related.
That's why all of them are so arrogant.
And Senator Hagel, Cheney's related to Bush on both sides, all four sides, I should say, of the family.
They're all related.
Everybody to Skull and Bones is related.
They're all related, and they are royalty, and that's why they think they're God, and this is their mindset.
And they're laughing at us.
And then look.
Six, seven years ago, I'd talk about how it was royal bloodlines, and I was a kook.
Now, you open up the New York Times, and they go, Royalty meets with the Bilderberg Group and chooses John Edwards.
Larry King has carry-on admitting it.
Wall Street Journal articles about Bohemian Grove.
I got a call from the Sunday Times of London three days ago.
Well, you write an article for us.
And I said, yeah.
And then he goes, well, I'm going to ask my editor.
And it was one of the editors, and they never called back, so I don't know what's going on.
But the point is, New York Post articles about Bohemian Grove, San Francisco Chronicle articles, the Grove admitting and releasing photos of themselves in black hoods.
I mean, that's on the San Francisco Chronicle website.
It's just coming out now.
Why are they so arrogant?
Because the electronic machines are going in.
But it's just the popular notion that, oh, anybody can be president.
But clearly that's not the case.
Well, again, but they always left a little bit of a veil there.
Now it's two guys from a 15-member group each year.
Out of 290 million people, 15 people out of it each year, only 750-something living members of Skull and Bones, and out of that 750 people, we got two folks who are related to each other.
Right, right.
Yeah, so anybody can be president.
There's no Illuminati.
There's no bloodlines.
No, just the New York Times, the Austin American-Statesman, and the London Guardian in the last three days are saying it.
Oh, no.
Flaunting it, sir.
Flaunting it.
And again, we're not saying the British people are bad.
It's that elite base there that runs everything.
And then they run these shill operations that it's, oh, it's really this group or that group.
No, it's the European royalty.
And they're a bunch of Nazis.
And do they have a bunch of toady neocons serving them?
Believe me, in the final equation, the plan is to destroy Israel.
Now understand this.
I'm saying those running Israel are Illuminati and Barry Hamish says that too.
You understand they've got to have people on the inside.
But the Antichrist forces really did fund Hitler, really do want to destroy Israel.
The UN doesn't like Israel.
But again, that's not saying I support those that are running Israel.
See, this is so complex that it's not two-dimensional.
It's more than three-dimensional.
Here's the best example.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chip...
Openly at a 1978 bodybuilding contest when he dropped out of the contest.
Wasn't competing that year.
Went up before thousands of people and started screaming, all blacks out, I hate you, N-word this, N-word that.
Now, that came out in the newspapers, but never got national attention.
Yeah, I read that.
I read those.
Thanks, sir.
You know, ABC News didn't run with it, even though they admit it was true.
Drudge carried it.
A few West Coast papers did.
Arnold didn't do anything.
This is true.
Arnold said on video, never put in the film, but Pumping Iron's now released it, I'd love to be like Hitler, to be a dictator, to be like Jesus.
I want to be a leader, a total leader.
I love Kurt Voltheim.
I don't care if he's a Nazi.
That's an exact quote.
I love him.
This guy, his mommy, after his daddy, his SS police chief daddy died, his mommy married the head of the Austrian Parliament, who was a top Nazi in World War II.
This guy goes over there and campaigns for Nazis.
But he's at Lord Rothschild, who's supposedly Jewish, his house.
Well, Lord Rothschild funded Hitler, and Hitler wasn't Rothschild.
So what you've got is Nazis who protect themselves by claiming they're Jewish, and then meanwhile, every time you turn around, they're setting up systems to kill real Jews.
And so you try to explain this to people, they just can't get it.
So people better get it real quick.
Anything else?
No, that's all.
Well, thank you.
I want to thank you.
I appreciate the call.
Okay, we'll come back and... We're going to come back and I'm going to hit some news, then we'll get to Johnny and TJ and Bill and Ivy and everybody else is patiently holding 800-259-9231.
I mean...
If the elite likes you, you can do anything you want.
I mean, it's like Bush.
Halliburton's got an admitted giant offshore corporation that does business with Iran.
The neocons won't touch that with a ten-foot pole.
I mean, the crime's being committed.
But see, if you're a globalist, you're allowed to commit those crimes.
And Arnold, by the way, has some royal blood we've done a coverage.
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Alright, let me just elaborate on this Hitler thing again.
Everything's bloodlines, okay?
And it's been documented that at least one side of Hitler's family, on his father's, was the illegitimate Rothschild son.
Now that's been documented.
And now his mother, who was the daughter of a servant family, it shows, had another royal bloodline.
And this is like our president.
You know, it's now mainstream news.
They're royal on every side, every angle.
It's all about bloodlines.
And it just came out, what we already knew, but now it's mainstream news, you'll believe me.
Hitler was totally obsessed with the occult.
He drew the Olympic rings, the torches.
He designed all that.
And he was kind of a prototype New World Order Antichrist figure.
And this is what these people are really into.
This is what it's all about.
And this is the New World Order they're bringing us.
I mean, why does our government mimic Hitler with the Homeland Security, Fatherland Security, the black uniforms, all of this?
It's a system.
And they love it.
And they create, they love, they worship Hitler.
That's why they give him so much attention, because he was their man to bring in the crisis, to bring in the UN and the world government.
He was set up to follow his orders, to do the job of the position that he was put into.
And people need to wake up to that and understand that.
If you're a real live Nazi, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, you're okay and protected.
But if you're not, you're going to be called a Nazi for fighting the Nazis.
Because the Nazis, admittedly, were a satanic society.
They had their own groves, as Helmut Schmidt, German Chancellor, said in his own book, Men in Power as a Political Retrospective.
He said, I'm Trilateral Commission, I'm CFR, I'm Bilderberg Group, but I love the groves, the sacred groves we have in Germany, but my favorite is in Northern California.
I have photos on the website from their own publications of him at the grove giving speeches.
And he talks about the druidic rituals they do.
Well, Hitler did those same rituals.
I got all these emails that the History Channel just re-aired that documentary, Hitler and the Occult.
It's a good film, which just goes through the facts.
I mean, these guys, their own SS record show, whether you believe in God or not, they did.
They were in SS castles doing seances and conjuring demons.
Channeling spirits and Hitler would flop around and go into rages and have these weird dreams and not sleep for three days and become possessed and they would all bow down to him and he would channel Lucifer and give them the orders.
I mean, that's history channel now, folks!
I mean, I don't know how I'm supposed to explain this to you!
We're fighting a pack of devil worshippers!
Oh, truth is stranger than fiction.
Let's take more calls here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Johnny in Texas.
Johnny, go ahead.
Thank you, Alex.
Hope you're doing well today.
I'm doing all right.
And amen on that last outburst.
I have a story from Reuters this morning that deals with the risk of water wars.
Now, a while back, I read something, and you might know about this, concerning how the Bush family...
Was trying to gain control of water reserves around the world.
No, Enron was used before they blew Enron out.
They took the real assets of Enron so the shareholders wouldn't get it and put it into other corporations and would buy up the water rights, say, in the capital of Argentina and then overnight double prices.
If they shut it off for a week first to make people beg for it, then they'd turn it back on.
And all over the world, the water rights are being bought up.
But the connection to the Bush family is there, correct?
Yes, through Enron.
Okay, that's all I had.
I was just curious about that.
This was on Reuters this morning, and I wanted to ask you a little bit about it.
There's really plenty of fresh water, unless you're out in the West where they are having a drought.
There's plenty of fresh water, plenty of ways to get it.
But, I mean, even in wet areas, they're doubling prices for water now in the last 10 years.
It's just all part of the gouging.
The majority of our private water systems are now owned by European companies.
I've noticed a lot here lately that, especially on Sundays, my mother pointed this out to me, there are continuing stories about water crises around the world.
They're teaching us about artificial scarcity.
They'd rather sell us a gallon of water for $5 than just have plenty of it.
If you have something that's plentiful, then you're not going to make a bunch of money out of it.
But if you can monopolize it, then you can gouge people.
They had even had a story, I wish I could find it, because it was about six months ago, where they were creating these giant floatable location devices to actually float people.
Yeah, that's ridiculous.
They do that to make you think it's real scarce.
I mean, look, Israel's got, you know, half their country green now of a big desalinization plant.
I mean, if California needs water, there's ways to do it.
But, look, it's just a total scam.
It's the name of the game.
Things you've got to have, like water and cars and stuff and oil, they're going to jack up the prices because they know they've got a captive audience.
We'll be back with a special guest.
More calls, more news.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alright, ladies and gentlemen.
We're back live.
I know we've got callers.
A bunch of news I want to get to.
But we have a special guest.
Were we able to get him, Scott?
Good job.
I was on the phone during the breaks conducting some important intelligence gathering and wasn't sure.
And we'll go to TJ and Bill and Ivy and Lyle and others here in a few minutes.
And then I'll get into some more of the news.
But the guest that we have on now...
We'll just say his name is David.
I've known him, I don't know, six, seven years.
And this gentleman, of course, is law enforcement.
We're not going to tell you any more than that.
Regular military veteran as well.
Served for quite a while in different capacities.
We won't give you any more information than that.
And he is now in and around the Texas National Guard.
We'll just tell you that.
And brought to my attention some frightening developments that I then learned and even met in a local newspaper, but not to the full extent of the documents that he revealed to me.
So joining us from Central Texas, or I should say South Central Texas, is David.
And David, good to have you on with us during your work day, my friend.
How's it going, Alex?
In a nutshell, tell people about the document, because they can't see it, for those that are prison-planning it.
Yes, that's what it appears to be.
The document that we were able to obtain is the training requirements for the Texas State Guard and what they're going to require...
There are new IPT members for infrastructure protection teams that seem to be gearing up around the state.
And I believe Texas is probably the first to do such a thing.
It will eventually be spread nationwide, state to state.
If I remember correctly, there's only two or three states that do not have a state guard provided by their individual state constitution.
And what the training entails is a lot of handgun firearms training, handcuffing, search and seizure, movement of prisoners, code of military justice, rules of engagement, things like that, which is totally against the original charter that the state guards were founded on.
And it's several hundred pages long.
And reading over it, it clearly is a takeover blueprint, and you guys are going to go out now as a cadre to train other military units that are here.
Now, in places like Alabama, they get people that are nonprofessional and literally just give them an MP armband.
Last night on TV, you described, David...
Are you there?
It sounded like your phone cut out.
I know you're on cell phone at work.
It, it, uh, from the car.
Uh, but again, for those that just joined us, uh, describing this for people that are out there listening, uh, I mean, how you've got foreign people now in the U.S.
military over you, uh, when you're at the base, the mindset, the things they're saying.
Can you go over that for us?
Uh, yes.
Uh, there, uh,
Several foreign officers.
It's almost an exchange program between the active duty military and foreign militaries where they seem to swap officers and command staff quite readily.
I know at Fort Hood we had to provide housing for a, I believe it was Canadian, flagged officer.
And what we observed in the State Guard was one former
So, period.
To be an officer in the Texas State Guard, you have to go through this British gentleman.
Very, very interesting.
So the limey, and by the way, that's not a mean term, folks.
The British figured out that scurvy was caused with no vitamin C, so they carried lime juice on board.
That's where the nickname comes from.
My name's Jones, so I can call them limeys, and we can do that.
I guess if you're Irish, you can call yourself a name.
But the point is, we've got the limey in there basically running things.
Well, running a certain sector, I know that the majority of the State Guard's officers are pulled from volunteers throughout the state, but it seems that the upper echelon of this IPT cadre that we're able to observe were all active duty law enforcement.
There were several FBI agents, a few U.S.
Marshals, some special U.S.
Marshals, all of them wearing
Now, when you're at the base, you describe something very interesting and some of the things that are said at the shooting range.
People have a sense of the mission, do they not?
Some have no clue and...
Obviously believe that this is for fighting terrorism and doing good deeds and fighting the good fight.
Others obviously feel the way that you or some of your listeners do that this is not right, that there's something inherently and morally wrong about this type of training, especially because the deployment procedure for the State Guard is not to leave the state of Texas.
Whereas the National Guard can be called up to augment the regular Army and regular Armed Forces in what they do and support them in their mission.
The State Guard is state only.
By the way, you've been told to be prepared to deploy by November 1st domestically in Texas, that it's going to happen.
Is that a correct restatement of what you said yesterday?
Yes, the State Guard was told that it wouldn't be an if, but when.
And normally the State Guard is
Can only be called out by the governor of the state of Texas, whereas everybody else is the president of the United States.
And what specifically, David, were you told about November 1st of 2004?
Apparently November 1st seems to be the drop-dead date that when all these teams throughout the state have got to be fully certified, qualified, and fully staffed, manned,
And ready to go by November 1st.
You were telling me most of your commanders now aren't the regular good old boys like it was in the past, but FBI and federal marshals.
Well, that is the training cadre for this IPT teams.
Infrastructure protection.
And again, that's the Infrastructure Protection Act and the funding through Homeland Security and the new domestic CIA they're setting up.
Now, you described some of the things that you guys talk about.
Now, the Chronicle said this is for riots or domestic disturbances during the election.
That's hard to believe that they actually admitted it.
But you were saying at the shooting range, what type of stuff did they say?
Well, at the range, they were qualifying.
We watched them qualify and got a chance to talk to a few of them.
And this was not the old state guard that we were used to seeing before, which was a bunch of volunteers who got together to try to support the Red Cross and would do radio training and first aid type training.
This group of personnel that we saw, which was probably close to 200 people, were all very
They look professional in nature.
They look like a professional army.
We still got a chance to speak to a few of them.
Many of them were former law enforcement, current law enforcement, prison guards, private security guards, just a group of people that normally would not come together for this type of training.
But you said specifically they made statements about Democrats.
Yes, we spoke to one of them and he was joking around and saying he didn't really need a lot of philosophical or
When do we get to start shooting Democrats?
Oh, boy.
And then describe the attitude at the base.
You were telling me about the bumper stickers.
Yes, when we pulled in and we're going to our area of operation, we had to drive through one area where the...
A lot of the state guard personnel were parking their privately owned vehicles that they drive to and from work, to and from the houses.
Vehicles that they own.
And it's just an inundation of support bumper stickers for George W. Bush, anti-carry slogans, a lot of paraphernalia on their civilian clothes.
You know, George Bush...
Well, again, I was shocked to see the local paper.
I'd missed it.
It admitted that this is for domestic takeover, and I've read the document.
And it clearly states that.
I mean, the Texas Guard now for law enforcement, roundups, prisoner control, riot control, and then now New York Police ready sound weapon for GOP convention, Associated Press.
They're going to be out there with the sound weapons.
I mean, it's very obvious what's happening here.
Yes, and in the documents, in the training that these personnel are receiving, it very clearly states...
That they will be trained in prisoner transport, handcuffing, which is very scary.
Handgun retention, code of conduct for the Texas and UCMJ, which is Universal Code of Military Justice.
And then it gets into the law enforcement codes.
Search and seizure, things like that, which is very scary considering the fact that
When you're looking at a volunteer organization that normally supports disaster relief type operations and now they're being revamped to do a law enforcement job, which normally in the active duty military we never did.
Anything else you'd like to add?
Just that there are a few soldiers out there
And that are still active, that do know the deal, that do know what's coming down, some of which they can't do much just by doing what we do and trying to get a little bit of this information out as we go out and talk to other soldiers and pick their brains and try to get this information out of them and then get it out to the public so that we can bring some validity to some of what you're saying.
We can try to back it up with actual documentation
Well, I mean, again, Alabama says they've got defense forces in 30 states already set up, and we had them on.
They've got photos on their own website of them searching families on street corners, and at football games and at malls.
And they said on the air, well, we fight terror and crime.
We're here to support the police.
I mean, that's a total violation of posse comitatus, and it's very frightening.
I appreciate you coming on, my friend.
Thank you.
Take care.
Let's go back to the calls.
Let's talk to TJ.
TJ, where are you calling us from?
I'm calling from Canada.
Hey, Alex.
I'm on vacation.
I was born in Texas.
What's on your mind?
Yes, I have three quick issues I want to get off.
First, dealing with police searches.
The second is about primetime pornography.
And the third deals with all-access TV.
First, the police searches.
I phoned one of the local police stations down where I live in the States, and I asked them,
During their searches, what happens, let's say if you come across somebody who has concealed weapons, and they told me, well, that person has mental issues and they have to be taken to the psychiatrist.
Yeah, that's the new Sovietization, yeah.
So even like Vermont, where you're supposed to have, you know, conceal and carry, now you're going to get, which is following the law, now you're going to get charged with a crime because you follow the law.
Well, not even, it'll all be color of law.
A psychiatric evaluation, yeah.
I see, there you go.
Ask the cop, why do you have a gun?
To protect yourself.
Oh, but you're crazy, too.
Yeah, I'm with Al-Qaeda.
The second issue, this is actually quite disturbing.
He's being sarcastic, folks, when he says he's with Al-Qaeda.
This is actually quite disturbing.
On Tuesday night, 9 Central, 10 Eastern, there was a show on, I forgot which nation, but it's called The L Word.
L meaning for lesbians.
And I couldn't believe it, but at 9 and 10 o'clock at night, they had two gorgeous women who were completely naked and performing lesbian sex right on the TV.
And there were small kids watching.
I found out through this when I walked into a restaurant.
This is how I saw it.
No, no, it's all out in the open, but then there's none of that on AXS TV, but they want to shut it down.
Yeah, exactly.
Speaking of AXS TV, I went and phoned and complained to that fool, Punky Brewster the Cracker, as I call him.
His secretary over there went and she said that they denied everything and said that, oh, there's no meetings for the All Access TV that has been open to the public.
Yeah, Brewster McCracken, and we just had to call the council member and say, we're complaining, we want to file a complaint, we don't want censorship, which is admittedly coming down, it's even been in the newspaper, and then you're telling me they still denied it.
Yeah, they denied everything, and guess what?
You know what they said?
Okay, because they're tracing the phones, they're
So the newspaper says they're going to take over the channels, restrict free speech,
And it's been publicly admitted in the corporate minutes, posted on the website, but I'm crazy.
Yeah, that's what they said.
They said that you were crazy.
Who were you talking to at his office?
She didn't want to give her name.
But it was some secretary, I guess, over there.
And I asked him.
I said, okay, if he's against, because she says, oh, we're not going to touch, you know, Alex's TV is going to be left to the public.
I said, well, could Mr. McCracken then sign that on a piece of paper saying that he won't touch it?
And she said no.
Of course not.
You see?
These people are so, like, more than two-faced.
They're like five-faced.
Say one thing, then boom, or something else, and blah, blah, blah.
That's how it keeps going.
Well, they admittedly are doing this.
I mean, it's not debatable, but that's what government does.
They just deny, deny, and deny, as Bill Clinton said.
I'm so sick of these pieces of filth.
And the next time you guys have municipal elections down there in Austin for council, you better kick this guy's filthy behind out.
All right.
Thanks for the call.
I don't want to say too much mean stuff about them.
I just... Incredible!
I mean, I said call them and be nice to them, and they're saying bad things about me.
I mean, aren't they here to serve the public?
We'll be back.
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Alex Jones here, America.
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We're back live, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll cover a few news items, then we'll break.
We'll come back and go to Bill and Ivy and Lyle and everybody else that's patiently holding.
Before I end this hour, just briefly, I really want to encourage all of you to support us.
And that's by spreading the word about the broadcast, telling people about the websites, emailing your email list, and telling your friends and family to tune in to hear the truth of what's going on.
To counter people like Michelle Milken, who's going to be on very soon, who's written a new book in defense of internment camps, how great internment camps are and how wonderful.
We're hearing this all over the news every day now.
They're really trying to push.
Torture's good.
Camps are good.
Forced vaccinations are good.
But nobody's buying it.
We don't have to go along with this.
And I hope you'll support us by getting 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, and The Masters of Terror, and America Destroyed by Design, and America Wake Up or Waco, and 9-11, Painful Deceptions, and 9-11, The Great Illusion.
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Please, we need your support.
Plus, these are great films.
You're authorized to make copies of my videos.
I think I already said that.
I already got into Police Ready With Sound, Weapon for GOP, and they've got that all geared up.
And imagine how bad it's going to be for the general public if Mike Wallace is getting arrested for talking back at 86 years old, if women are getting arrested for finishing a candy bar or walking into the subway, if children are being arrested for skateboarding in their own driveway.
Senator appears on no-fly list, AP.
The Senate Judiciary Committee heard this morning from one of its own about some of the problems with airline no-fly watch lists.
Senator Edward Kennedy, Democrat in mass, says he had a close encounter with the list when trying to take the U.S.
Airways shuttle out of Washington to Boston.
The ticket agent wouldn't let him on the plane.
His name was on the list in error.
Sure it was.
There's hundreds of thousands on this.
Conservative activists, liberal activists, it's happening to everybody.
And then after he finally got on the plane after hours of phone calls, he couldn't fly back.
And he said the process took several weeks to be able to fly and get off the list.
It happened again.
Again, this is Nazi Germany.
You can't move, can't get on the trains if you don't have the proper papers.
Prude oil goes over $49 a barrel.
When we get back, I want to get into Iran threatens preemptive strikes.
Iran might launch preemptive strikes.
Well, that'll sign their death warrant.
To protect its nuclear facilities if they are threatened, Defense Minister Ali Chamkali said.
This is a new statement from him.
And then we'll get into just a bunch of other news here.
And I'll go to your calls a little bit quicker.
Starting here in the third hour.
It's coming up in about 70 seconds.
Also, don't forget PrisonPlanet.tv.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Already into hour number three on this live Friday edition.
Thank you for joining us.
I want to get into this email I got.
Marshall Law in Florida describing what life's like there.
The mainstream media confirms this is the atmosphere of what's happening.
Also, Iran, more threats now, not just to defend themselves, but to preemptively strike.
That's the danger of our government starting the doctrine of preemption, and others say they're going to use it, like North Korea and Iran.
Very, very serious escalation, and the Iranians are falling right into the globalist trap.
And again, they're thugs too, but again, it's like Satan fighting with one of his demons is my analogy.
But right now, let's go to the calls.
Let's talk to Bill in New York.
You're on the air, Bill.
Thanks for holding.
Yes, this is Bill from Oyster Bay.
Yes, sir.
The reason why I'm calling is there are three quick things.
First, I believe that one of the reasons why the government wants to tip into having pharmaceuticals
Right, right.
Steve, to try to force this on adults, they're going to say, wait a second, I know you're trying to take away my rights.
They want
They want kids to get into the system, so that way when they're adults, for the rest of their life, they're labeled.
Sir, there's official government policy reports that say that.
So your instinctive common sense is the facts.
Right, right.
This is so evil.
The next thing is, a friend of mine had a tax problem.
A tax problem about 15 years ago.
And the question is, do you know how he can recover his gun rights?
Over a tax problem?
He had a tax problem 15 years ago.
And he was convicted of something?
Yeah, it was called, at first it was going to be called the mail fraud, I'm sorry, at first it was going to be called the tax fraud, but then he pled to something called mail fraud.
Yeah, that's the thing, you make a mistake on your taxes and they call it mail fraud because you did something fraudulent with the mail, it's ridiculous.
It depends on what state you're in, but there's a procedure to have your rights restored.
Oh, but the thing is, even though it was a federal matter, your state could restore it.
I believe you can go to federal judges and have that done, too.
I'm not a lawyer, but I know people that do it all the time.
It's a procedure.
He can figure it out himself and do the paperwork himself, or he can pay a lawyer a couple thousand dollars, a good lawyer that does that should be able to do it for him.
Oh, okay.
Yeah, the reason why... You just go get a lawyer that does that.
That's their specialty.
But if you want to study the law yourself, you can save a couple thousand dollars and a couple hundred dollars in filing fees in general and have it done.
And then they do it for you.
Yeah, but there are different lawyers with different kinds of specialties.
That's what I was saying.
You go to a lawyer who has that specialty.
And what is that specialty called?
Restoration of Rights.
Restoration of Rights.
Yeah, you'd probably get some type of criminal defense lawyer.
I'll tell him about that.
Also, do you want me to email you an Illuminati organizational chart?
And it has the CF bar, Council on Foreign Relations.
Well, I've seen most of those different flow charts that are out there, but sure, you can send it to me if you want.
Sure, sure, and I'll send on the information you gave me to my friend.
What information is that?
Oh, about how to restore his rights.
About how to go shopping for counsel.
All right, sir.
Well, thank you for the call.
I appreciate it.
I'm going to get all these calls out of the way, but hold them too long.
We'll come back and talk to Cherokee, Ivy, Cherokee, Don, Ron, and many others.
But I do want to get into this Iran situation and some other key little tidbits here concerning the police state.
Also, this email, where is that email?
I just had it.
Uh, concerning, uh, martial law in Florida.
In fact, I'll do this first when we get back.
Yeah, here it is.
Martial law in Florida.
A listener writes, I'm not sure what the exact definition of martial law is, but we in Port Charlotte, Florida, are under a 9 p.m.
curfew because of the Hurricane Charlie, and I have a question about what's going on here because it doesn't seem, it does seem like martial law to me.
And we'll, we'll describe what, yes, indeed, is martial law, my dear.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
This email is posted on Infowars.com.
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I've gotten gobs and gobs of emails like this, and I'm sure you've seen the stories where the father with three children, no criminal record, four days after not being allowed in his house, after the hurricane leaves, pulls up and says, I'd like you to come to my house, starts arguing, going, come on, I'm out of money.
Now we're learning more about this.
I'm out of money.
I don't have money to stay in a hotel.
The shoulders are all full.
I just want to go to my house.
Are they tasering?
Get out of the car!
I mean, the last big hurricane, what was it, like 12, 15 days in some areas before they let them back into their house?
I mean, your house is your castle, but they're setting a precedent that there's no mobility, no capacity to travel when there's been some type of crisis.
Well, here is the headline, Marshall Law in Florida...
And the listener writes, I'm not sure what the exact definition of martial law is, but we in Port Charlotte, Florida are under a 9 p.m.
curfew because of the Hurricane Charlie, and I have a question about what's going on here because it does seem like martial law to me.
By the way, inspectors then tromped through your house.
Tonight my roommate was coming home from work and it was around 9 p.m.
We both have to work out of town for now because there is still no power here around 9 p.m., but got delayed by an accident.
And when he was approaching the town just south of us, Putagorda, which President Bush came to survey the disaster, he got stopped at the border and was turned back miles out of the way to take the interstate home.
That having happened, he was now even more late coming home.
It was a freedom.
Over poor Kentucky has a curfew for adults year-round just because they feel like it.
And when he was coming into town, he got stopped by the National Guard, who then searched his car and almost arrested him.
Also Saturday morning when I was coming back into town from northern Florida, having left because of the storm, I encountered an unwarned roadblock and was greeted by a cop on a major power trip yelling at us to turn around and would not tell us why and would not tell us when we could proceed.
Is this normal procedure for a hurricane?
I don't know.
But whether it is or not...
It sure seems like martial law to me.
National guardsmen are posted all over town and fully armed.
The reason given is to protect businesses from looting, which is very unlikely to happen here anyway.
But even when they have no reason to believe that there is a person that's looted or is planning it, they will stop you, search your car, and if they want, they will arrest you.
What's kind of ironic is that this is stressing out most people around here because they were not prepared for it.
I have been at peace during this because I knew it was coming.
Hopefully, some of the people I have been telling about this stuff will start believing me now.
Sorry about babbling through that.
Again, they didn't do this 10, 20 years ago.
Devastating hurricanes happened.
They didn't do this.
And certainly in some big cities, looting does start, and the police can just go in and apprehend the people and punish them.
But now, even in small towns, middle-sized cities with no looting, they just lock you out of your house.
And if you're lucky enough to get back into these towns, you're being searched by troops.
And then you come home, and your house has been searched by the police.
It's all part of this big brother attitude, this overarching emergency war plan system, which they're now setting up in every other state.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ivy.
Ivy, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Oh, thank you, Mr. Jones.
It's so nice to talk to you.
You've been bashing the limeys all day.
That's okay.
That's okay.
I want to tell you about Nixon, 1970, and the Vietnam War.
Can I tell you?
I was on a peace march in Washington in 1970.
There was a huge crowd.
Mothers, fathers, children.
I had my children with me.
I stood next to Dr. Spock.
He marched right next to me.
I don't know if you remember him.
The baby doctor?
Had the horrible ideas about raising children.
He was all for peace, though.
Yeah, nice guy.
Go ahead.
I was joking.
And while we were marching, unbeknownst to us, Nixon sent his...
His men, Nixon's men, into the parking lot, write down all the tags on our cars.
They knew we had to drive in, you know, and park.
And all these people, including me, were put on an FBI file.
And I found that out.
Now, I didn't care for me because, you know, but they come after your children.
They gave my son a terrible time.
He was 16 and a half, 17.
I didn't mind, but my point is that
If he had not been disgraced and left office, maybe that was the beginning of something like we have now.
Well, again, Nixon wasn't running anything.
He was being ordered to do everything he was doing and then he was hung out to dry.
The globalists do that a lot and then move in with another party to continue the agenda.
But bottom line, they have to get the public to accept anything they do.
That's why they're trying to tell us martial law is good, secret arrest and internment camps are good, but people aren't buying it.
They said, ooh, vaccinations for police and firemen are good.
You have to.
And 99 plus percent said no, and that program fell apart.
So see, people may not fight back overtly, but people are passively not going along.
Their system is destined to fail, my dear.
Yeah, I think so too.
But I want to say one more thing and then I'll go.
Somebody famous once said, you can pay half of the population to fill the other half.
You can, and somebody else said, I never underestimate the stupidity of the American people, and I don't agree with that.
I think we're focused on issues that aren't significant.
We're experts on baseball and football and how to act cool and how to have our grass perfectly green, but we're not experts on telling our children don't use drugs, not because it's cool, but because the government ships it in to destroy you.
Look at all the people with pie, and we give them guns, and they do their duty.
They do their duty.
They have a duty to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
And just so you know, I have an English last name, Welsh.
So I wasn't being mean when I said limey.
Well, I've been here too long to be called a limey.
No, I know, but I was throwing that out.
I said limey.
You know what limey means?
No, I know.
Well, you know, but you want to tell folks what limey means?
Well, a long time ago, the sailors on the boat were getting scurvy, and they started giving them lines to alleviate the condition, and so they called the mimeys.
Yes, so the British were the preeminent
Sailing country.
They overpassed, bypassed, overtook, I should say, Portugal and the Dutch by, what, 1580 or so.
Began really becoming the preeminent group.
And then they got even more preeminent by the 1600s because it took other countries hundreds of years to figure out what the British knew.
And it was no secret.
They just laughed at them and thought scurvy was caused by something else.
But the British scientists figured out how to put lime juice in something everybody would drink.
That was in their grog.
They're two parts water, one part rum, and that's what grog is.
And they could carry them on the boat, and they lasted a long time.
That's right.
And so they didn't get scurvy, so the British could stay at sea twice as long and be more effective.
And so when a British ship pulled up to a ship twice its size that had been at sea for a year, you had all these skinny, dying people with their teeth falling out, and a crew of half as many British could slaughter all of them and take over.
By now, why do they call you Yanks?
Because, you know, that's a good point.
I mean, I know the song is Yankee Doodle.
Why do they call us Yanks?
I mean... I don't know.
I don't know why we're called Yanks.
Somebody else figure that out.
I'm going to go now.
Thank you very much for talking to me.
Hey, thank you for the call.
I just thought it was interesting.
Yeah, you know what?
I knew that.
You know how it is.
When somebody wants to know something...
You don't know.
And then as soon as I turn the microphone off and walk out of the studio, I'll know exactly what a yank is.
Do we have any open lines?
Okay, well, why don't you drop a line?
Oh, that's kind of mean.
If somebody can get in, tell us, only call if you know what a yank is.
Why are we called Yankees?
Oh, it's about to pop in my head.
Of course, you know, people in the South don't like being called Yanks, but in Europe they call all of us Yanks.
But, uh, Yankees.
I think Limey's cooler than Yankee.
But, uh, I don't know.
I'll have to apologize for saying Yankee.
These are all just normal words that then get bad connotations, folks.
I think Limey's a cool name for the British.
I mean, it...
We're good to go.
I mean, I read the actual histories.
I also like Patrick O'Brien books.
I've read 15 of those babies now.
And I'm sad that I'm going to get to the end of the series.
He only wrote 20.
But, all right, that's enough.
Now I'm really out of control here.
Hey, I could be mainstream talk radio now, man.
I'm talking about tertiary little side issues.
Let's go ahead and talk to...
Cherokee in Kentucky.
Go ahead, Cherokee.
Hi, Alex.
I wanted to make people aware of what's happening in my church.
We have been doing lessons on how to respect the government and how we are to submit to authority.
And I have found that the SDA church and the government back in 1954
Did a project called Project White Coat.
Now, ma'am, which church is this?
Seventh-day Adventist.
Yeah, a lot of religions do this so they get left alone.
You know, Orthodox Jewish groups are really nice, good, smart, great, upstanding people.
They teach, do what the government says, because they don't want to get persecuted.
And so the Seventh-day Adventists and others have picked up on this.
Mormons weren't like this in the past.
Now they're teaching that, which has made a lot of Mormons mad.
The Baptist church here in Austin tells them to do this.
I've got Catholic church handouts.
And you know, Hitler did that.
Hitler said, Romans 13, follow your government, do what it says.
Well, that's not what it really says, folks.
If that's the case, why did they kill Jesus?
Why did they kill all the prophets?
It's just not true.
You're supposed to stand up against evil.
So I guess when we get the Antichrist, we're supposed to follow him because we've got to follow the government.
That's the doctrine of Satan.
Stay there.
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You know, for thousands of years, the one true valuable commodity has always been gold.
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We're good to go.
I think?
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Call today.
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All right, Cherokee in Kentucky.
You go to your church, and I guess they teach you Romans 13 and...
Tell you that when the Antichrist stands up, we should worship him because you've got to follow all authority of government.
Thus, Moses should have never stood up against Pharaoh.
We are to worship the government.
We should never have fought Hitler.
Just, government is God.
Is that what they're teaching you?
Well, in a roundabout way, yes.
But you see, historically, our church always said to stand up to the government and to not, you know, if they're going to force you to do something on the Sabbath,
You know, you stand up even if they throw you in jail.
Yeah, I know.
I have friends that are Seventh Day Adventists, quite a few of them.
But the thing that has really gotten me concerned is this Project White Coat that I've come across.
And Congressman Richard McCarthy investigated that subject and the U.S.
involvement in chemical and biological warfare.
And he did a quote in Spectrum.
And how are the Seventh-day Adventists involved in this?
Well, higher up, the Adventists are very big in the medical field.
Yeah, I do that.
Yeah, we have a lot of doctors and hospitals and stuff.
But what they would do is if you were an Adventist and you joined the military, then they would have a check next to your name, and you would be run through and given all these treatments or something along that line.
Tell you what, send me some information on that.
I find that to be intriguing.
Thanks for the call.
Don in Pennsylvania, go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, how you doing?
Just calling as far as that National Guard man that called about an hour ago.
And I was in the Coast Guard here from 84 to 88.
They actually had me sign a survey, is the way they called it.
And one of the questions is, in time of Civil War, would I bear arms upon my own American citizens?
Of course I signed no.
And then you didn't get promoted.
Oh, you're darn right.
I got booted out on the quote-unquote the fat boy program.
And I just told him to heck with you.
But everyone else, the one guy, oh yeah, he went from an E4 right up to E6 in a matter of two years.
I just couldn't understand it at the time.
And it just definitely sort of teed me off.
Yeah, they've been carefully weeding out the good people, but 76% on average still say no in major surveys they give them.
So they send you overseas, and you get all the shots, and you get the DU.
But the good guys, they get treated bad, and the bad guys, they get put in power.
At the same time, if I may...
Right, right.
Could I say a thing between the difference between the automobile and the vehicle there for Pennsylvania?
If I could, could I plug my own 800 number and I'll mail it out to anyone who wishes to get that?
I didn't see your information, sir, and I have a policy against people I don't know giving out their number.
Send me another email, and who knows, I might have you on as a guest.
No, I'll just mail it to you again if you wish, sir.
Yeah, and I'm sorry I missed it.
Let's talk to Ron in New York.
Go ahead, Ron.
Hi, Alex.
Alex, I'm calling with a bit of information, a little antidote about something that popped up.
But I'd like to real quick answer two questions from prior calls from yourself and prior calls before I get to that.
You asked about the term Yankee.
Now, it was my understanding that the term is derived from Iroquois Indians, I think particularly Mohawks, who use the term Yakkee.
...derogatorily to describe the earliest colonial settlers.
That's right, I heard that.
Yeah, and that's how Yankee was derived from that Mohawk-era court word.
Secondly, another call asked, and he was from Oyster Bay, New York, about restoration.
It's called Relief from Disabilities, Restoration of Firearms Rights.
In the federal system, there is none.
The only thing that they had in the federal system with reference to that is...
Built in for corporations, corporations to have rights.
If you were part of some corporate scandal, have those rights restored.
Not for individuals, and even that doesn't matter because the government, since the implementation of that program under the Brady Act in 1993, has never ever financed that.
So, the only way you could get rights restored if you have a disabling federal conviction after the fact, and it's been many years, obviously... Does he have the conviction overturned?
Which is probably past the statute of limitations for that, from the way he spoke, or to have a pardon.
Which don't hold your breath waiting for a presidential pardon.
You've got to be a real criminal to get one of those.
Yeah, it's true too.
You've got to pay off really nice to get one of those like Mark Rich or someone like that.
The states have a program, but unfortunately if you're convicted of a federal offense, your options are between slim and none.
So that's that.
But now let me get to my main point.
Real fast, we're almost out of time.
I had had an indication the other day, banks are starting to harvest large swaths of personal information on people, and I mean superfluous information.
And I ran into it personally three days ago.
In which they're putting it into central data banks.
Now, this is all interconnected to Patriot Act 1.
They uplinked the info for the government.
Yes, sir.
It's total criminality.
It has nothing to do with torture.
Nothing to do with terror.
It's ridiculous.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
It's finally here.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, we're going to go to Phil and Brock and many others that are holding at 800-259-9231.
Also cover some other news I haven't gotten to yet and recap some of the top stories.
But before we do that, just for a few minutes, I wanted to bring...
Mr. Sibley up from Ready Reserve Foods.
It is the longest continually operating dehydrated food company in the United States.
I ordered a huge year of food supply.
I am extremely impressed.
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This is the oldest continually operating company in the United States, and for good reason.
Not a fly-by-night operation.
I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the quality and the taste.
It is amazing.
Dave, good to have you on with us, sir.
Alex, how are you doing today?
You bet.
Tell us a little bit about your company and some of the different packages and specials you're offering right now.
I hope people will take advantage of it.
Well, we've been in business, this is our 33rd year, continuous year.
We always strive to get the best quality food we can find.
My dietician is constantly hunting and packing, looking for new supplies or something that's better.
We've made mistakes up and down the line.
We've learned from our mistakes.
That was years ago.
We've pretty much got it dialed in.
We're very proud of our products and I'm glad you're happy with your food.
It's time for this country to prepare because let's take a look at Charlie.
What happened in Charlie?
I was just looking at the Internet just a few minutes ago.
People are frustrated waiting for help.
If we get hit with a major terrorist attack,
This entire country will come to a grinding halt.
Where's the help going to come from?
You're going to be on your own.
The Federal Commission is saying it is more likely that we will be nuked, that we won't.
It's more dangerous than the Cold War, and yeah, I believe it because they're behind it.
We have them saying nerve gas, all this stuff.
That will cause a breakdown in society, a biological attack even worse.
But folks, it's just an insurance policy, an inexpensive insurance policy, and we have found a great source for you to get that insurance policy.
There are no supply problems at the moment.
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So you're continuing that special, and you have another... Actually, I've got it somewhere here, too.
We have so many people calling.
Alex, everybody, money is tight.
People want to know if they can wait a month, or if it's going to be available next month.
They've got money coming in, tax returns.
So we've decided to continue it until the end of this month and give people a little bit of breathing room.
Okay, so instead of $400-something, it's $249 to get a deluxe...
Three-month food supply.
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We're good to go.
453-2202 or ReadyReserveFoods.com.
There's a banner for them at the bottom of InfoWars.com.
Anything else, Dave?
Things are changing.
Changing rapidly, Alex.
I have to tell you, you know what's going on.
We're something... Any little thing can send us over the edge economically, terrorist-wise.
And if people think that the government has just strategic warehouses...
Full of food and supplies scattered around this country waiting to rush to your aid.
They're sadly mistaken.
That does not exist.
No, that's Switzerland or Russia.
That's not America.
They do have the most extensive bunker complex on the planet, but they don't tell you where those are, and those aren't for you.
Those are for the Elite 1-800-453-2202.
Dave, thanks for coming on.
God bless.
Thanks, Alex.
All right, going back to the calls and then into more of the news, we were talking...
To Phil in Virginia.
And I know Phil.
He's come to Austin.
I've met Phil.
He's a great guy.
Phil, I wasn't aware that you were street preaching and that you were arrested.
Every couple days I see a new article of this.
Well, you offended someone.
We're arresting you.
I mean, in a country where preachers don't have a First Amendment, we're in deep trouble.
Can you tell us what happened?
Well, yeah.
I had my bullhorn going first.
Then the police officer came up and naturally they called for reinforcements.
You know.
But they said that I needed a permit for that.
So I told them that, well, I've been down to their city hall and trying to get their permit, and they don't know what I'm talking about.
So I said, all right, well, I'll just put the bullhorn down and just continue on.
Well, no, you can't do that either.
So it was just reminiscent of what I've heard you cover on your program about you can't read the scriptures there in the state of Pennsylvania.
It's pathetic.
Now, there was a case last year in Alabama in a parade.
No one was allowed to have the Confederate battle flag.
Now, whether you love it or hate it, folks, on the public street you should be able to walk around with a small flag if you want to, or a big flag if you want to.
And the federal courts have ruled, and bad in some cases but good in most,
And it's common sense.
You do not need a permit.
A permit is if you want police or to block a street.
If you want to march with 1,000 people down the sidewalk, or 10,000, it is your right, and we've won court cases right here in Texas against Governor Bush when he arrested three separate groups of people for protesting on street corners, and these were groups, one group was handicapped folks, and they're just on a sidewalk, and they kept arresting them, and now they don't do that because they lost three $100,000 lawsuits, which is what they finally settled in court for.
They can't do this, but they still keep trying to do it.
I thought we're in Iraq to bring people freedom.
Well, then we need Operation American Freedom.
Now, were you arrested?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I was prevented from... I had to produce my identification and all of that.
And technically, that is an arrest.
Oh, yeah.
And, you know, they threatened to take me downtown if I didn't produce some identification.
But, yeah, I knew that it was just a ruse.
But that's the danger of this staff story code system.
A code violation in this country is a death sentence.
Well, they've got code violations where they take your house.
They've got these laws in New Mexico.
Your 20-year-old son when you're out of town has a beer party.
The cops bust you and they take your house, but you can't get a jury or a trial because, oh, it's just a code violation, but we're going to take your $200,000 house.
Well, they stopped a man here in Norfolk for a trumped-up charge, and by the end of the encounter, the man was dead.
Just for a hanging license plate, which the evidence showed was bogus.
The man had a leaking roof.
Another code violation.
He ended up getting shot six times.
I mean, we're not waiting for the police state.
We are in it.
I was in Crewe, Virginia.
Went to a dispute, a traffic violation.
And I was parked on the side of the road.
A cop just comes up.
I wasn't in no parking zone.
No breaking.
No laws.
He demanded to see my identification.
And this is all about trying to find illegal people or those who have a criminal outstanding warrant.
That's all these things are.
These seatbelt laws and... They're all excuses to set up a checkpoint and search your vehicle.
Yeah, warrant excuses.
Letting us know that they're the boss, that they're God.
I'll tell you, I would have let them take me to jail.
I mean, I should be out there preaching on the street corner.
I'm saying you're doing a great job, but it's a sad day in America when they are freaked out because of guys out there street preaching with a bullhorn on a sidewalk.
And maybe you should get together with some friends and have them arrest all of you and then sue them individually for what they've done to you.
It's coming to that.
But you better have witnesses with a video camera or bad cops will grab you and then claim that you resisted.
You're going to have to have it on video.
It's one of their favorite tricks is to claim that you resisted.
Well, I've learned a few tricks from you and I always like to have a video camera on hand.
Well, you're doing a great job, Phil, and I'm sorry that this happened to you.
And then you go to the city and they say, there's no permit for street preaching.
Yeah, or the loudspeaker.
And you try to play their game, and they just give you the runaround.
It's just ridiculous.
I wonder why they came up to you.
I wonder why they're freaked out by your First Amendment.
Probably because they just had some complaints.
But it was in the middle of the day, not disturbing the peace.
You know, you want to live peaceably with your neighbors.
But, yeah, they just don't like your message.
All right.
Phil, I appreciate your work, and God bless you.
Okay, Alex.
We're going to go to Brooke and others here in just a minute.
Take care.
But, Stephanie, I want to play renegades because this will make you think about how far we've come in this country, what we've turned into.
And there's this whole backdrop of, well, it's the war on terror, but it has nothing to do with terror.
So I want to play Renegades for all of you out there like Phil.
This is for you, Phil, who are out there standing up, doing a great job, and just God bless you and I love you, and I'm sorry this is happening to you.
And whether you're conservative or liberal, you're losing your freedoms.
Stephanie, do we have Renegades?
Again, America isn't America if we're not a free country.
And so to all of you out there who love freedom, this song is for you.
When we come back, we'll take some more calls and cover some final news.
Stay with us.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
What's happening?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
When it comes to heroes, renegades are mine.
When it comes to heroes, when it comes to heroes, renegades are mine.
Renegades are mine.
Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen.
And that song is for everybody out there standing up against tyranny.
We'll break, come back and talk to Brooke, recap a couple stories.
Look, even in Jesus Christ's time, in Yahweh's time,
You were allowed to go out and preach and even in some cases criticize the government.
And that's what he was out doing.
And finally, too many people listened, so they grabbed him and they killed him.
But in Germany and in Russia and in China, you can't do that, folks.
And that's already what's happening here.
There have been cases where people are denied permits dozens of times.
They finally go out and have a protest.
They get arrested.
This isn't freedom.
And I don't know how I have to explain that to the police and others out there.
Cops, if you get given an order to go arrest a street preacher standing there on the street corner, I don't care if people don't like it.
The First Amendment is what you have sworn to uphold.
It's incredible.
And it is sad to see this happening to this country.
You know, we told you all this political correctness and this attack on free speech was coming and that this was going to develop and there'd be hate crime and all this.
And now it's here.
Every couple days I see these articles.
We're good to go.
I think?
And we're going to get this country back.
And, you know, now they're trying to shut down free speech at Access Television in Austin, saying, well, you know, if it criticizes a group or something or hurts somebody's feelings, you're going to be off the channels.
But that's not a violation of the First Amendment.
Oh, no.
You don't have a right to hurt somebody's feelings, Mr. Jones.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State to the Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
Hello, folks.
Alex Jones here.
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We're good to go.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2 Central.
Global shortwave during the day, 94.75.
At night, 32.10.
Or on your local AM or FM station.
God bless them.
I know we've got a bunch of phone callers.
All right.
We'll try to get to a couple of you, Brooke and Robert at least.
But all over the country, here's Fox News.
Private property may become preserved.
You may only be able to use 10% of your property.
That's the federal initiative.
Also, we have the Feds announcing they're going to pull out 70,000 troops, many of them out of Europe, which doesn't matter, but out of Asia it does.
North Korea is a much greater threat than the Middle East, but they don't have all that oil.
Very serious situation.
Brooke in Rhode Island, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Thank you, Alex.
It's good to know you're still on live.
Our station's kind of in havoc here.
I have a couple points to make, and I know there's not much time, so I'll try to be quick.
The first one is, I don't know if you heard Rush Limbaugh on Friday, but he was emphatically defending the governor of New Jersey.
And I almost was going to call Rush and ask him what degree mason he was.
Well, that's your new conservatism.
Yeah, right?
That's number one point.
Number two point was your lady caller that called earlier regarding the Masonic symbolism was very fascinating to hear.
And I think she mentioned she was from Tennessee.
And I was wondering if you guys are aware of the fact that the Tennessee State Capitol is laid out identically to the one in Washington, D.C.
And it's a giant pentagram.
People say, well, why is the Congressional Medal of Honor a pentagram?
Oh, it's just an accident.
Folks, this is symbolism.
Great thought goes into this.
Yes, and the last thing I wanted to mention to you was,
I believe the last time I spoke with you was about two or three weeks ago and we had a conversation about Rupert Murdoch and the New York Post.
I called because I wondered if you heard this story, Tycoon's Son Let's Guess the Tink for a Day.
This is a story that was headline news in the New York Post about a man named Richard Quadrucci, the son of a billionaire printing company mogul who runs a private sex club in a family building in Gramercy Park.
And his father is the largest printer in the United States, and he prints for Time Magazine and Newsweek.
And why is Rupert Murdoch reporting on that?
No, I didn't see that.
I did see the New York Post article about gay porn stars servicing the leaders.
Yeah, this is unbelievable, Alex.
And then, this is a mind blower.
He has a guy, one of the escorts is called, catch this, Master Justice Jones.
All right.
Email me the story, tips at infowars.com.
Good to hear from you, Brock.
Or, yeah, Brock, or was it?
Brooke, excuse me.
Robert in California.
Real quick, go ahead and finish up.
Hi, guys.
I just wanted to get your take on this new book by Michelle Malkin, The In Defense of Internment Camps.
Is that the name of the book?
Yeah, In Defense of Internment Camps.
I've been getting calls about it.
They just made the rounds on a chance conference.
Candy and Combs Show.
And she's just so proud that she has seen the light now and written this book on, gosh, our forefathers did have it right.
We just need to round everybody up.
Well, I'm getting calls about it.
Yeah, a book, I heard that, called Defensive Internment Camps.
It's in your face.
Well, Tommy Frank says it's sad, but maybe needed.
I thought we paid these other people off and said, whoops, we were wrong.
You know, we paid the Japanese...
People who we interned... Well, it's not just for the Arabs, though.
The citizens need to be put in these, too.
This is just going downhill now.
I'm out of time.
God bless you.
I'm going to talk about that.
I'm going to try to get her on the show.
PrisonPlanet.tv, folks.
Fifteen cents a day.
All my videos, the books, everything there on the site.
I'll see you this afternoon, 5.30, at Axis Television for another board meeting.
If you want to come down and speak about that.
And back tonight, 9 to midnight.
But don't forget PrisonPlanet.tv.
Yep, good old prison camps, concentration camps.
It's all part of the new freedom.
Camps equal freedom.
What's wrong with you?
God bless you all.