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Air Date: Aug. 19, 2004
1525 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, my friends.
It is now Thursday, the 19th day of August 2004.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're going to be live for the next three hours, and we're going to have wide-open phones, cover a ton of vital news and information.
It's not about left or right.
It's about right or wrong and exposing the criminal forces of the New World Order.
Sounds of fighting outside Najaf Mosque.
This from CNN.
Sounds of intense fighting erupted Thursday outside the Imam al-Mosque, where inside, militia loyal to cleric al-Sadr failed to comply with Iraqi orders to disarm and disperse.
CNN's reporter, who was inside the compound with other journalists at the invitation of al-Sadr,
And his militia reported persistent sounds of mortars, gunfire, and many explosions and devastation in the streets, homes, and businesses around the mosque compound.
Two of the mosque minarets, or towers, have been damaged in recent fighting.
An Al-Sadr loyalist said a clock in one of the towers caught fire.
The CNN reporter stated, the mosque is one of the holiest shrines in Shiite Islam.
Now, the Shiites are the guys that didn't like Saddam.
The Shiites are the people we hung out to dry after telling him to revolt back in 1991.
And this guy, Al Sater, was on our side until he started shutting down TV and radio and newspapers that were Shiite-controlled because they were mildly criticizing the coalition.
Now this guy hates our guts, says he wants to be killed, and it's going to cause a gigantic Shiite rebellion all over the country that makes past rebellions look tame in comparison.
Now, do you think our Pentagon is really this stupid?
And the answer is no, they're not stupid.
You know, the liberals like to make fun of military intelligence.
Ha ha ha, it's a misnomer.
Well, no, the military is intelligent.
You know, they got the
Guys with 160, 170 IQs up there running psychological operations, these big eggheads that have to have people support their craniums for them as they walk around the dark corridors of the Pentagon planning all of this stuff.
And these guys know it's going to cause resistance.
How do I know that?
Because their own office, a P2OG set up two and a half years ago by Donald Rumsfeld, said the goal is to get Muslims to attack and to cause more terrorists to be created.
So they have a pretext to stay in the region longer and have more weapon sales.
It's amazing.
And it gets our troops and innocent Iraqis killed.
And shame on this administration.
This is wag the dog, get a Shiite uprising going in Iraq during the election, which will make the people rally around the flag.
This is so cynical.
These are the Shiites, folks.
These aren't the Sunnis.
These aren't the Ba'athists.
Oh, they've been put back in power.
That's another reason the Shiites are quite upset right now, is that the Ba'athists, the good CIA buddies going back into the 60s, when our government put Saddam in as the head of the Ba'ath security arm and then put him in as president in 79, are now back in most of the positions of control.
And the Iraqis are very, very upset about it.
So we'll get into more detail on this when we get back and then get into a bunch of Big Brother microchip news.
And your calls early in this first hour.
So go ahead and give us a ring-a-dingy and we'll get you on air.
If you disagree with me, have a question, a comment.
And the websites, again, are Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, PrisonPlanet.tv, and don't forget the network site, GCNlive.com.
We'll be back on the other side of this quick break and plunge back into the nauseous situation.
The powder keg that Bush is dancing around on with a sparkler like it's the 4th of July will be right back.
Stay with us.
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We're here live, my friends.
Thank you for joining us.
Your calls are coming up here in just a few minutes at 800-259-9231.
Again, sounds of fighting outside Najaf Mosque.
Two of the minarets or towers have their tops blown off.
Buildings and homes around the structure are on fire.
I watched a video clip of it.
This is all going on right now as Iraqi security forces and U.S.
The Shiites, who are a large portion of the population, what, about a third of the population of Iraq...
Have been given almost no positions in the government, and they've had their TV and radio and newspapers shut down.
And this Al Soder character, who I'm not particularly a fan of, but compared to Sadami, certainly better, this guy's been pro-America for a long time, pro-U.S.
coming in and taking over, obviously.
And in the early days, he said, will you please stop shutting down our media outlets?
Will you please stop arresting our people?
Will you please stop?
Will you please stop?
And then now every time our media people, our military gets captured, he's the guy trying to get them released.
He wants media there.
He wants coverage of this.
And Iraqi security forces went up to a hotel earlier this week on Monday and machine-gunned it after they'd gone inside and said, get out or we're going to kill all of you.
Western journalists, ladies and gentlemen.
They even arrested Western journalists.
Because they don't want media there while all of this is happening.
They don't want the world to see Hamas getting blown up.
And again, I said it.
The Pentagon is not stupid.
They know this is going to cause the Shiites to go absolutely ape.
And the Pentagon program, P2OG, just one of the programs we know of, a $6 billion program, calls for stirring up the Muslims, calls for getting them to fight, calls for basically creating mushroom clouds across the region of Iraq.
Because when this happens, they get to keep the troops in there longer, they get to get more no-bid contracts, they get to give us more television images of war that are a good political distraction, kind of a wag-the-dog scenario during the final months of the election process going into November.
What do you think of this situation?
The Fort Wayne International Airport in Fort Wayne, Indiana for several hours yesterday has been determined to be a component used to make perfume, a fire department official said.
The airport reopened.
Incoming flights after several hours of being shut down, a spokesman for the airport's public safety department told CNN.
American Airlines spokeswoman Lisa Bailey said the liquid spilled from a broken bottle in a package on American's flight 4271 from Chicago's O'Hare Airport.
Hazmat has told us that there is no biological or chemical threat and that it is perfume.
There was a very strong aroma and everyone panicked.
Folks, I mean, every time somebody in a hotel or apartment hallway drops some
Laundry detergent and it busts open.
People panic, run screaming, oh my gosh, there's powder on the floor.
I mean, it's getting insane.
And that's what all these anti-terror drills have done.
They've been having since long before 9-11.
Where they'll shut down a highway and claim a nuclear spill and the next day admit it was fake or shut down downtown Austin twice and claim biological attack and then go, oh, it was just a drill.
If you or I did that, we would be arrested for yelling fire in a theater.
But when the government does it, oh, it's just a drill to test your readiness.
And so it's created this perception of impending doom.
Very, very serious.
Finding Nemo by microchip.
Here's another one.
This is out of Wired News.
And it says, it's August 19th.
Do you know where Shark 52127 is?
Marine researchers have a pretty good idea.
Satellite tracking receiver on a blue shark which left the waters off Southern California in early July showed to be some 1,380 miles offshore this week about the distance from Cleveland to Miami.
And it says, no scientist planned to sail out to visit the ocean voyager, nor ever see it again as long as it lives, but data about its whereabouts will live in computers for years, along with information about the comings and goings of about 1,500 other birds and sea creatures, from whales to sea lions to albatrosses and halibut squid.
They're taking part in a tagging of Pacific...
Program for TOPP, the largest microprocessor-based tracking project in marine history.
Yeah, I got a Field and Scream article a few months ago that said that in Florida, hundreds of thousands of fishery fish are having RFID chips, tiny ones, stapled into them, and then the police with a scanner can just drive by boats and scan it and see how many fish you've got or
Automatically track and trace you.
I mean, it's getting really bad, folks.
And we have the Mexican government.
First 160, now it's 170, then 250, now over 300.
Different articles come out every few weeks in the last month.
And now up to over 300 of the judicial workers in the Mexican Justice Building in Mexico City have taken an implantable RFID, Applied Digital Solutions, tracker chip
And now they're talking about making everyone in the Justice Department take it, and everyone in the police, the federal police of Mexico, the federales.
See, it's a status symbol, a symbol of being an elite member of the government.
That's how they're going to sell the chips for the government, for the military, for firefighters, for school children, for Alzheimer patients, for prisoners.
There's contracts with the Bureau of Prisons to start microchipping their population, but because of public scrutiny, they backed off of that last year.
I mean, they're really moving ahead to make us take chips and apply digital, and even some governments have said they want this to be the world identifier in a cashless society to fight terror and identity theft.
Every day I'm seeing an article where they're now promoting taking it in your skin as the new world system.
And they've got chipmobiles driving around the country to public schools telling the children, get chipped today.
Time Magazine for Children, I've seen two different issues that are put in the schools for free, tell the kids how great it is to get microchipped.
They're really out there promoting and pushing all of this, and we had one of their European distributors on, what, six months ago.
And he talked about how the chip will prevail, was a quote.
Yes, in the future you will have to have it to buy and sell.
This is the future.
The chip will prevail.
I mean, I expected him to say, resistance is futile.
Think about this.
We're calmly sitting here now, talking and learning and hearing about how great it is to take microchips.
And governments are telling their employees, if you want to work here, you've got to have it.
And the Italian government is on the verge of announcing.
They've said that they are considering making their Justice Department take the chip.
And that's now mainstream news, but you heard it here first six months ago when we had the Baja Beach Club manager from Spain on.
He manages their clubs in Europe and also the European distributor of Applied Digital Solutions microchip, the Verichip.
And another issue, I mentioned this yesterday, I should have spent more time on it.
It's been posted for two days on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
The guy down in Florida...
Four days after the hurricane passes, he can't get into his neighborhood.
He's in a car with three of his children, a middle-class guy, turns out no criminal record.
He argues with them and says, come on, let me get to my house.
Let me get to my home.
And government inspectors admittedly are tromping through every home and doing all of this.
And he starts arguing, so they jerk him out of the car and taser him.
And it's all on video.
He didn't resist.
This is the precedent.
You know, if you try to call areas of Florida, the phones are automatically rerouted through FEMA, and it tells you FEMA's taken control.
No reason for that, folks.
This is the precedent.
And if they ever have a biological attack in this country, engineered by LCIATA or some other globalist organization, they have got plans to lock down whole states, whole regions.
To lock you out of your home.
They say in the Washington Post, in that news service, this is in my film, Police State, Three Total Enslavement, we spend five minutes out of two hours, 44 minutes on the subject, that, quote, you'll be locked out of the school, your children will be taken to a local, quote, FEMA center, and you'll be locked out of your home and won't be allowed to have your children.
So when the attack comes, they'll go out with the highway dividers, block all the roads, to cause more of a panic and make all of us just sit there.
And when everything breaks down, they can call in the troops, and it'll all go downhill from there, but it'll be a nice training scenario, perpetuating and conditioning us how to be good little slaves.
And so that's the bottom line, my friends.
Have you seen the footage of the fellow getting tasered?
You know, we've interviewed...
94-year-old women who get beaten and tasered along with their 75-year-old daughters and have their prosthetic eyes knocked out because the health department's there stealing old tricycles they collect out of their front yard under a new zoning rule.
I mean, these stories are legion or the family on the Tennessee road.
The dog runs up wagging its tail and the cop pulls the gun out and blows the dog's head off.
I mean, you all know about these examples.
And it's gotten worse since 9-11.
It has nothing to do with terrorism, but it's this backdrop.
It's this backdrop that they use to sell us on the New World Order.
So the question is, how much of this are you going to put up with?
How long are you going to put up with this?
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, let's go ahead and go back to your calls.
Clint in Missouri, you're on the air.
Yes, Alex, can you hear me?
Yes, I can.
I had an interesting course of events happen yesterday.
I have my own small little website, another fancy, and a friend of mine recently renounced his U.S.
citizenship and joined the Pembina Indian Nation in the Dakotas.
And I did an interview on it.
Posted it on my site.
And yesterday this friend called me and asked me to take it down.
And when I asked him why, he said the Feminaz didn't approve of it.
Well, I told him I would take it down.
I thought that seemed kind of odd.
Well, he called me later that day and contacted the Feminaz Indian Nation officials.
And they said, whoever it was that called you was not affiliated with us.
And whoever it was that called him told him, or rather warned him, that you still owe state and federal taxes and you'd better pay them.
Well, the government is worried about tens of millions of people have Native American blood, and they're worried about people using that loophole and joining those nations.
And if you want to find a group that's heavily surveilled and actually does have people involved in COINTELPRO, it is Native American movements.
And organizations.
Those are highly controlled and regulated.
Because, I mean, look, Adolf Hitler's system of putting people in camps and control, he wrote about how he got those ideas from systems used in America against Native Americans.
And so they've been under tyranny for a long, long time, sir.
Well, I just, you know, I find it ironic, you know, we're talking about how they're centering the Shiite news and everything in Iraq.
And it's going on right here, too, because, like I said, my website is not a major website, but yet there was somebody out there monitoring it and picked it up from my site, and whoever it was did not want that information to go out.
I hear you.
Thanks for the call, Clint.
Robert in Colorado.
Robert, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, good morning, Alex.
Thank you very much for taking my call.
You bet.
Three points I'd like to touch base with you on if I could.
First off, I was watching...
Larry King live on CNN last night.
And there was a call at the bottom of the screen, a message saying that 6,000 Austin kids were sent home because they refused to take vaccinations.
Did you hear about that the other day?
Well, it was 14,000 a couple weeks ago that they were saying hadn't been vaccinated, and now a few nights ago it was down to 8,000.
We aired the local newscast.
I actually talked about that yesterday, and I guess now it's down to 6,000 that are refusing, and they have them all show up at a sports stadium.
And they sit there and inject them, and they tell them, you've got to have shots to go to school, when admittedly the state and federal laws say that they've got a waiver in every desk drawer of the principal and school nurse that they have to give you that you do not have to have the shot, but they're on the news locally lying and saying you have to, and I see articles every day in other school districts all over the country doing the same thing.
And this is an example of the premeditated lying between the media and the government
And how important it is to them to force these vaccines on the population.
Yeah, exactly.
I was listening to an archive show from Radio Liberty, Dr. Stanley Monteith.
And earlier this week, he had a young lady, very interesting, named Jane Schindler.
She is from EagleForum.org.
She's been doing some big-time research on Columbine High School for the past decade, and an interesting interview.
Now, I actually heard part of that, and to explain this to people...
Folks are going, wait a minute, Columbine happened on April 20, 1999.
Why are you saying a decade?
Because in 1992 and 91, they were on national television having the children dress in black, get in coffins, do weird chants.
They had a bunch of suicides.
That school, admittedly, was part of a pioneer federal mind control program.
That is mainstream news.
Yeah, yeah.
According to her, they were teaching the kids...
How to commit suicide in class.
They had people commit suicide.
Yeah, real vulgar sex education classes and so forth.
Well, you probably already know this, but she went on to say that Harris and Klebold basically came into this situation and almost were set up to do what they did because of the feminist negativity.
One of them was forced to go to anger management and was forced to take Luvox, which I think is an antidepressant.
Yes, connected to suicide and violent behavior.
Yeah, exactly.
Those interviews.
Anyway, last thing I want to touch base with you on.
You talk about globalism and how this country, the politicians are trying to run us to the ground and so forth and take over.
You talk about Bush a lot and Cheney, but one person I haven't heard you mention that's really central to me, I think, is Colin Powell, Secretary of State.
Yeah, well, they're all puppets, sir, to begin with.
Yeah, exactly.
I'm going to have to let you go because I've got to get to all the calls, but what's your comment about Colin Powell?
I'm sorry?
What's your comment about Colin Powell?
I was going to say, I don't understand how a military man who's seen the horrors of war can send young kids off to die like that, knowing it's over.
I mean, that's just amazing to me.
Well, they're sociopaths.
We'll be right back with more calls and more news.
Please stay with us.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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We're good to go.
We're going to get him back on, too, from Communist China and
Or New World Order China, whatever you want to call it.
Right now, let's go back to the calls.
Who's up next here, Stephanie?
Robert in California.
You're on the air.
Alex, you're a great patriot.
Well, you are too, my friend.
Hey, I was just looking at the oil prices again and noticing that they're at a global high of $48.20.
Yeah, they were $47 yesterday.
Now they're $48 today.
It's like a freight train going straight down a hill.
And at the same moment, they're going to move 70,000 troops.
I'm sure they're going to profit off of that.
But not only that, they're bringing them in at a time where they're about to have the Republican Convention.
Well, they're not going to move those troops immediately.
They've taken 4,000 out of South Korea.
They've taken about 10,000 already out of Europe and sent them to Iraq.
Over the next couple of years, they're going to pull 70,000 out of Asia and Europe.
Oh, I thought they were coming home to make sure martial law was enforced.
I was listening to Jeff Brent's show with this lady talking about the last big hurricane, I think.
I can't remember the name of it.
But this one that just happened.
She's saying that the Marshall Law was really put in place to make sure as many people as possible died.
She was in the last hurricane.
She said she was laid there for 10 days with the National Guard locked away, not letting anybody into the area, so that as many people as possible could die.
No, I'm familiar with her work.
I even read her book.
What's her name?
Have it right here.
It is K.T.
Frankovich, the cover-up of Charlie's Dead.
And it's stunning.
She said, from an eyewitness inside the storm, and I was watching this whole storm while it was happening.
It was completely unpredictable.
It did not follow any of the traditional characteristics of a normal hurricane.
She said inside the center where it's supposed to be perfectly still were five to six Class III tornadoes.
And if you go to the Navy's webpage, the Navy...
Well, yeah.
Secretary of Defense Cohen back in 97 said that they already could control the weather and had an earthquake creating weapons.
Well, how perfect that they're softening up Florida again before the election, huh?
Well, I don't think we know that that's what happened.
I mean, hurricanes naturally hit coastal areas around the planet.
One's never come in from that side of the coast in that direction.
But I do know this.
I do know this.
There's no reason to lock people out of their neighborhoods for weeks.
And that story that you were just talking about, about the guy being tasered, I mean, if it was any place else on the earth, everybody would come running to help.
But in this case, it's no.
Stand back.
Stand back.
The professionals are here.
While they do nothing to move in and help the people who are trapped under rubble.
And they say, oh, we're going to go house to house.
There's no houses.
The place is wiped clean like a Class 5 tornado came and just scraped it down to the ground.
I just see the government softening up Florida, in my opinion.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate your call.
We'll do more on the whole hurricane situation, and I do need to get KT Frankovich on the broadcast.
Good morning, Alex.
Hello, sir.
I'm a recent subscriber to Prison Planet TV for a year subscription, and I've got an idea.
I wanted to bounce it off of you.
I recently moved to a more rural county in Texas, and there's a sheriff's election upcoming.
The sheriff who was elected for the present term, which is expiring,
Is an old DPS stormtrooper that is not real popular, and the locals feel he's pretty vulnerable to be defeated.
The opposition candidate is a local guy with family there.
He grew up there the whole bit, and he was a former deputy sheriff for a number of years under the previous sheriff who had retired.
So he's going to come out and run against this jerk.
I've got an opportunity through a friend of mine there to sit down and really talk with this guy for an extended period of time.
I had one idea was to maybe pay for him a month on Prison Planet and let him peruse some of those things.
But before I did that, what would you recommend I sit down, what are some key points that I should hit for the guy and see if he would be receptive to it?
Well, I would just give him a copy of Police State 3 Total Enslavement, and if everybody out there listening went out and educated candidates, sheriffs, people in government, they would realize that this is really a mainstream view against tyranny.
But I would just educate him on the Bill of Rights.
He may already be educated on that.
And explain to him how they're getting rid of sheriffs all over the country, how metro governments are getting rid of that elected position, which is upside down from the way things are supposed to work.
That he swears an oath to protect and defend the Bill of Rights and Constitution and the citizens.
And I would just educate him about the New World Order and about the dangers of taking federal grants to then expand his department and basically oppress the people.
So those are the basic things I would talk to him about.
Well, good.
I'm going to do that.
Just a quick question.
Any update info on Kelly Rushing?
Now, Kelly Rushing was up in Kentucky.
And Kelly Rushing, here in our new free society, gave a state police officer a copy of Road to Tyranny and a C-SPAN video of Ron Paul.
And they arrested him, came and arrested him, and the judge said this is a terrorist document.
And they took it to court, and the jury found him not guilty.
But the point is, they tried to put him in jail for giving someone a videotape,
Then we have the case just a few months before that in Alabama, where the logger, with no criminal record, a father, you know, 50-something years old, put a sign in his yard saying, our court system is a joke, because he was upset about local corruption, and the judge told the newspaper, you're not allowed to criticize us and be disrespectful, and so he had the man arrested.
And then later, a state complaint was put in, and the state court did say that the judge was a complete moron.
But the point is that this is the mindset of people where they think you can't put a sign in your yard.
And they didn't come after him for zoning or something.
They just sent deputies to arrest him and stole the sign out of his yard.
And so people are...
Well, do you know if Kelly has tried to sue him?
I know Kelly was thinking about it, and then Kelly was going through some more harassment after he won his case, and I haven't heard from Kelly since then.
I don't know.
Okay, well, I hope he does, and maybe put a few of them back in their place a little bit.
I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it, Don.
Mike in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Too bad you didn't have Anatoly Bilitsin on your show.
That is the first printing book called New Lives for Old.
And the reason why I'm mentioning this is because the president is carrying out the objectives of what the Council on Foreign Relations as well as the Communist Party of the USA and what Moscow wants for the withdrawal of, was it 100,000?
They'll need 100,000 U.S.
troops from Europe.
Yeah, that's what the Soviets have called for, but they tell us the Soviets don't exist anymore, which in truth they don't, but the same thugs who did run the country still exist under their, quote, new capitalist system, but it's not free market capitalism.
It's six thugs or oligarchs who were fronts for big U.S.
and European banks, and that's now come out and been proven.
They arrested one of the heads of a big oil company and turned out he was just a front man that
Lord Rothschild out of England, Arnold's buddy, actually owned it.
And so they're just as dangerous as ever.
They've been putting the hammer and sickle back on the tanks and uniforms.
But our government says, just ignore that.
Everything's fine.
And don't worry about North Korea threatening to nuke us.
We'll pull our troops out of there because there's oil to be had in the Middle East.
Well, what's interesting is with the day and age we're living in,
Well, I don't know if that's going to happen, but I do know that under PDD...
We're good to go.
We're going to take the launch codes away from the generals, and we are going to absorb a nuclear strike before we decide what to do.
The rule isn't once we're hit, we hit back.
It's going to be once we see the missiles coming in, we hit back.
No, it's we will absorb a strike and then decide what to do, and George Bush has not reversed that.
George Bush has kept that in place.
Thanks for the call.
How you doing, Alex?
Pleasure to talk with you this afternoon.
I was curious if you knew about what Central Market in Austin and the affiliate of HEB stores is doing with fingerprint technology.
Well, for a year in Austin, they've been making employees thumb scan to get into work.
And at HEB's in College Station in Houston and now I think three other cities, they've, over the last two years, making thumb scan when you use the self-checkout lane as a customer.
And they've got signs up for the last year in H-E-B stores around Austin, a little red and yellow sign saying, soon we'll be using inkless fingerprint readers for your safety, to kind of condition you to accept it.
But what, is there some new development?
Well, I'm just an employee over there, and when they have a little, what they call a conscientious objector, if you refuse to give your fingerprint,
Oh, I know.
They have the head of...
We're good to go.
I think?
In fact, I have that in Police State 3 Total Enslavement, that clip.
Then we cut to one of the employees behind the desk going, oh, yes, we check it against the DPS fingerprint record.
I mean, it's the same scan they do when you get a driver's license, and it is being checked, and it is being stored, and it's part of a federal plan, and Kroger and Safeway around the country are putting it in, and banks are putting it in, and this is going to be the new system.
Oh, yeah.
So they called you up in this little room.
What did you say to them?
Oh, I told them that I just went in and feel comfortable with giving biological information to my place of employment, especially when we're not working with nuclear weapons or anything.
We're working with fruits and vegetables, you know?
Like, they just couldn't understand that.
They couldn't understand that this
Well, they do understand that.
You say to them, hey, HEBs in other cities are making the patrons do this.
This is part of a federal plan for a casual society.
And, you know, this is like Nazi Germany where you've got a thumb scan to get your food.
And I'm against this for religious reasons, is what I would say.
And also...
To be able to be a conscientious objector.
They say you have to turn in this paperwork, but they don't supply you with the paperwork.
And if you're caught giving out that paperwork on H-E-B property, we had one employee who was threatened to be terminated because he was passing out the information and all.
Yeah, they have to give you the waiver.
Look, it's just like the vaccines.
I mean, all over TV and radio and the newspaper, gotta have it, can't go to school, it's the law, when it's not the law.
And it's just color of law, intimidation.
We don't have to go along with any of this.
But look, it's very important that they get this infrastructure in place, because then once they've got it in everywhere, we'll all be forced to use it.
But the first people to do it can be boycotted, so they're afraid.
They already announced a year ago that the thumb scanners were going in in Austin within the month.
They never did it, though, because people will protest and boycott it, because we're on the air.
And that's why they don't want us on the air.
I appreciate your call, sir.
Actually, I have one more question.
Are you still there?
No, he's gone.
I was going to ask him how many employees are against it.
I have said that I'm boycotting H-E-B, but I still have gone in there every once in a while, and I guess my boycott, I'm lifting my boycott because Randles and others try to force the loyalty guards on you, which is just as bad.
But whenever I go into HEB, like to pay a bill or something, because they let you pay bills there for, you know, bills late or something.
Here's the notice.
Your power's off today.
Oh, we forgot to pay that.
You know, I'm so busy.
I run down and pay it.
And I have mobs of employees.
And I'll have four of them come to me.
Oh, I agree.
I'm the manager.
It's horrible.
None of us like it.
Just look at that open door.
See the thumb scanner there on the wall?
Yes, I see it.
Man, how do we get rid of this?
None of us want to do it.
But we've been threatened to be fired.
You know, it's...
So again, we're the normal people.
None of us like it.
But they'll have one pinhead store manager over all of the sub-managers trying to force you to do it.
Alright, before we end this segment and come back and take more calls and more news, the toll-free number to get my videos, and you need to have them, Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror, Police State 3 Total Enslavement, The Matrix of Evil Exposed, one of my newest videos.
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More of your calls and more news and some guests straight ahead on this Thursday edition.
Please stay with us.
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We're good to go.
Wow, I'm proud of myself today.
We've taken a lot of calls early in the first hour.
Coming up, we have one of the directors of the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity.
A few months ago, I had John F. Kilner on.
Now, the president of the center, and he was talking about a major state in the U.S.
that legalized cloning after birth to keep the baby clones alive and for body parts.
Now, that already happened, and we're going to get into some other issues.
I mean, this is just amazing stuff.
And then I did have him schedule that professor in China.
To call in at the top of the hour, but my producer didn't know about it and sent this other person up, so I'll see if we can get that professor from China to push the interview back 30 minutes and have them both on.
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We've got so many other great people's works at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Up next here is Ron in Oklahoma.
Ron, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, I'd like to hit a couple things here real quick.
I've been reading a book, Breach of Faith, The Fall of Richard Nixon.
And if I may, I'd like to read a paragraph concerning the Whitaker and Baxter Principles of Political Technology.
Either party or any legislature can be taken over for a specific purpose if enough muscle, enough volunteers, enough breath, brute strength can be coaxed out of the ballot box.
And there are corollaries to these basic principles.
The best kind of campaign is an attack campaign.
In any campaign, an issue has to be invented
Against whom the voters can be warned, issues are to be viewed, but must be clear and must confront the voter with an emotional decision.
The independent vote is critical in a close election, and once the party is captured by a nomination, the independent must be the target of all suasion and PR.
Okay, well that's one thing.
I'd like to recommend this book to your listeners for the simple reason it covers a lot of the mechanics of the electoral process, the actual grassroots mechanics.
Well, I would add that all the big consultants advise their candidates that vicious attack campaigns are the only way to go.
But then in everyday life, they tell us as citizens, be nice, be friendly, compromise, go along.
Well, I've always found being vicious and attacking is the way to go, especially if your rights are being violated and you're in the right.
Look at the founding fathers.
Well, Alex, I'd like to know which candidate's been picking my pocket and tapping the till.
But also, I kind of wonder, is this, you know, this gay marriage issue, is this a Republican issue?
Did they fund it and stir it up just like they did Ralph Nader?
This thing seems to be an election year issue.
Yes, the control media brought this up.
The Republicans jumped on it.
Not because it isn't important, but compared to other stuff, it pales.
Because nothing's going to happen either way.
It's just a political football.
Well, I mean, it's disgusting for people like me and you, I know.
But I keep wondering if it isn't simply a boy.
Get Joseph back in line.
Well, stop wondering.
Yes, you're right.
It is a political football.
Also, Alex, has anyone ever done a study between the political party in power, the correlation between them and... You're going to have to hold.
We've got a guest coming up.
We've got to end this hour.
I'll give you medical treatment.
So, America and China.
What do you say to that, doctor?
Well, I can tell you that if you go to prison in China, you're not going to Mount Olive down in Smithers, West Virginia.
You're not going to have a weight room and computers, and you're not going to be able to play tennis and basketball and stuff.
You go to prison here, boy.
I think the concept here is when you take the human rights away from somebody else by stealing from them or beating them up or killing them,
You forfeit your human rights.
That's a Chinese perception.
When you're a prisoner in China, I mean, you're a prisoner.
The rate of recidivism there is very low.
If you lived through the first one.
China does not... But things have changed a lot.
I have to say this.
Look, look, look, I'll say this.
From Mao killing tens of millions of people with a great leap forward in the Cultural Revolution, well, I'm speaking heresy now in China, folks.
But Mao's dead.
Yeah, I understand that.
So, certainly things have changed now, but, I mean, you're not saying the military isn't corrupt and doesn't have all these slaves and people?
What, no?
You get arrested if you do.
I'll tell you what, stay there, Doctor.
You're nice to even dare to be on the show.
We've got a break.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back with your calls and more of the Doctor if he'll stay with us.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
We're talking to Dr. William E. Nunn, and he's a professor over in China, what they call a foreign expert.
I know there's hundreds of thousands of foreign experts over there.
It was George Bush Sr.
who was a little secret envoy for Nixon, then the public envoy who helped open up this bonanza for business that is now displacing our entire industrial base.
The globalists have done this to get rid of the middle class in this country and to try to gain control over China economically.
And look, we've got North Korea to the south of China, threatening to nuke us literally on a weekly basis.
And then we've got our reformed friends, Vladimir Putin, who takes payment on debt, what was it, two years ago, reported by the Moscow Times and the Scotsman, of 30-plus thousand slaves on trains to work as slaves.
That's how North Korea pays their bills.
How does China see their little neighbor, North Korea, doctor?
Well, you know, I can't speak exactly about this, but I do have some friends.
One was sort of involved in the earlier negotiations and stuff with North Korea.
You know, it's a real touch-and-go thing, because
You remember in the Korean War, China went to fight here.
Of course, they're still paying the debts on that.
China doesn't like to go to war.
It doesn't like to spend money.
It's very frugal about that sort of thing.
But they are the ones that are able to deal, I believe, a little straight on with North Korea.
They don't want to see a nuclear power there any more than America does.
Well, that's what George Bush claims.
Well, George Bush claims that, Doctor.
But meanwhile, we've got the board of ABB, Donald Rumsfeld, transferring the nuclear reactors to them, Bill Clinton allowing that.
We've got our own government arming Pakistan, who's arming North Korea.
Why do you think our government has been actively helping arm North Korea?
Can you explain that to me?
No, I don't think I can explain it.
I know the Chinese like Clinton because...
They like Democrats.
I'm sure they'd love to see Kerry get in because Democrats seem to have a tendency to give them what... You know, George Bush doesn't give way too much stuff to the Chinese.
But... Wait a minute.
Let me stop you.
The first thing George Bush did four days after 9-11 was lobby so they would get permanent member status on the World Trade Organization and permanent member status... I'm talking about secrets.
I'm talking about sending...
You know, quite frankly, Clinton gave a lot of high-tech knowledge, technology, I believe, to China.
At least that's what I've been told.
Well, yeah, they paid him off to do it.
I'm telling you, I've got to stop you.
Bill, I've got to stop you.
By the way, my last name is Noon, like the time of day.
Noon, okay, well your phone breaks up, I'm sorry.
Noon, hi Noon.
Yeah, I know.
It wasn't just Bill Clinton.
Bill Clinton signed off on it.
He's a traitor.
Needs to be arrested.
But it was mainly Republican companies, Laurel, Hughes, ABB, with Republican neocons sitting on the boards that made the money.
That's the point I want to make.
You weren't aware of that?
Well, I'm aware of some of the companies that actually are multinational companies with American bases that started in America, like Hewlett Packard, and we even have Lucent.
We have a number of companies here.
I've trained their executives, their Chinese executives, in WTO management, ISO 9000 series, and then TQM, Total Quality Management.
And I'm familiar with certain companies, even French companies like Urist, who have consulted with their young Chinese management team.
But I'm not aware of all the companies that really profited.
Well, here's the problem.
The West goes in there, sets up industries, gets the cheap labor, the cheap executives, the cheap managers, with no workers' comp or anything, no insurance.
Hold on just a second.
They go in there and they get all of that.
They go in there and they get all that, and then the Chinese set up duplicates right next door to it.
So in a few years, the Chinese aren't even going to need the West anymore, and they're going to have their own shop set up, not just of low-tech Tinker toys, but high-tech stuff.
What do you say to that?
His phone is completely hammered.
Yes, sir.
Are you there?
Sounds like people came into the room.
Hey, I'll tell you what, Stephanie.
Put that on hold and wait until their phone comes back up.
They're on a computer phone from Shanghai, China.
And I did hear Asian voices back there in the background.
This is interesting is why I'm doing this.
Let's go ahead and bring Fred.
No, no, Don's up next.
Don in Pennsylvania, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Yeah, Alex, how you doing?
I don't know if he can still hear me, but I was talking to an old German, and he compared us to going down the way of Germany, but I wanted to ask him, what was China's attitude towards us, and as far as the future between China and the U.S., and do they support the invasion of Iraq?
And if so...
What may be the next move as far as oil for control of the world goes?
Man, those are great questions.
Those are excellent questions.
Dr. Noon, are you still there?
Yes, yes.
We were breaking up, but I'm here now.
Okay, did you hear his question?
What is the average Chinese person's attitude towards the American people?
Actually, very good.
With the older people, it goes all the way back to World War II.
When Claire Lee Chenault of the Flying Tigers and Vinegar Joe Stilwell of the Ground Troops greatly helped them in their war against Japan, they were attacked.
Many were massacred.
Many Chinese were massacred by the Japanese.
Yeah, the Japanese, what, killed about 10 million Chinese?
Oh, yeah.
They totally massacred Ninjian.
Some of my Chinese pronunciations feel very bad.
And the general attitude towards the Americans is very good.
I mean, if I say I'm from America, they're always, ah, America.
They turn their thumb up.
You know, America, great.
I have 19 students in America on scholarships.
Some of my students were double majors.
Well, I've heard of family and friends that have consulted around the world in China, and they do say the average Chinese just love us, love everything American.
But at the same time, your government, and I have official publications, you had a Chinese channel a few years ago, threatened to nuke, I know it's not your government, the government where you live, threatened to nuke the West Coast.
What do you say to that?
Sounds like his phone had a problem again.
Anything else, Don?
Yeah, like I said, I just want to know what the, for control of oil of the world, what do they, what does the country think?
And, you know, are, if he thinks, are we going the way of China and or of a civil war from out there looking into this country?
Thank you, Alex.
Okay, China, I can tell you, was against the Iraq invasion.
At least on the surface.
But they have been threatening to invade Taiwan.
Do you think, Professor, Doctor, that the Communist Chinese are serious about their threat to invade Taiwan?
His computer phone is dropping again.
We may need to get him to try to reconnect with us.
Fred in Pennsylvania, then Regina and Russell and others.
You're on the air, Fred.
Go ahead.
I'm calling from the cradle of liberty as usual.
I'd want to say that I'm a big supporter of your show.
I don't take this as a criticism, but I'd like to see Dr. Nunn's picture on your website just to make this a little bit more authentic.
Oh, sure.
I mean, my gut tells me this is a real conversation, but I've said I don't know that.
It's just interesting.
Yeah, it is interesting.
I want to hear about psychiatry over there.
Now, the NOVA in the 80s had a short one on the Shanghai State Hospital or whatever that's called, Municipal Psychiatric Hospital, and there was only about
Six or seven people in the whole entire ward.
I want to know what is the state of psychiatry over there, if they have one.
That's an interesting point.
Doctor, what's the state of psychiatry in China?
Well, I can tell you, since 1997, it has played a more prominent position than it did in the past.
Because there was a stigma attached to it, you know, like in America.
Remember, China right now is in a sort of a laissez-faire business and stuff.
It's like the 1930s to 1939 in America.
It's going through a metamorphosis, a change.
But education is heavily...
Pushed because that's a dumb shopping principle.
We must educate people before we can become a great nation.
You can't have freedom unless you're educated enough that you won't sell it for the price of a loaf of bread.
And same way with things as they come out with psychiatry and studies.
I just listened to a thing today on nutrient studies.
That's been going on in China for a long time.
The guy's name escapes me.
I think it's Xu Li.
All right, hold on.
We're going to do one more segment and talk to Regina and Russell.
I'm going to let you go, and I'm going to get into other news and other calls.
But this has been interesting.
We'll be right back with the final segment with this gentleman calling us from Shanghai, China.
It's finally here.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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That's right.
I've watched a lot of CFR meetings and Trilateral Commission meetings that are now on C-SPAN.
And they brag that we're going to be replaced.
We're lazy.
We don't like to work.
And by and large, that's becoming true compared to the Chinese.
And in between the slave labor and the people that will work for almost nothing, they're going to be the new superpower.
And this has been an interesting discussion with Dr. William B. Noon.
I'll take a few more calls for him here.
He's joining us via computer phone on the Internet from Shanghai, China.
He says, and I believe him, but it's an interesting call regardless.
Let's go ahead and I guess up next here would be Regina in Pennsylvania.
Regina, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
This is very interesting.
I had a question for your last guest.
I'm going to try to incorporate, because this is all related in my indication, and at some point I hope that you ask the guest exactly
You know, where he's getting his funding from.
Well, why don't you do that?
Because we've just got a few minutes left.
Total quality management is what was promoted under the Workforce Development Boards in the United States.
And as you know, it was big in Texas.
Bush got in as our president, and now it is permeating all our school systems.
And now he's telling me that's what he's teaching in China.
I just find this interesting because, you know, under that program, under that Trade Promotion Authority,
We gave dollars to send companies over there, two attorneys, in order to be trained, to train the companies in law and change their existing.
The guy from Australia the other day, I wish you'd get him on as a guest, was right on because of what was happening here.
And I find it interesting that this man talks about the prostitution and the fact that Chinese monitored.
Do they monitor to see when the woman gets pregnant?
To make sure that, you know, she's forced to lose the child.
And the reason I'm asking this is... Well, Regina, those are a couple points.
Let him answer those.
Dr. Noon?
You want to comment on what Regina just said?
Well, my property has killed 35 to 40 million babies in abortion.
You can't have their perception on some things, but most of my students are girls.
And as to total quality management, and they're very bright, by the way, and my students don't come sliding into class late.
If they're one second late, they stand at the door and apologize to me and the entire class for being late.
They are disciplined students.
Of course, there are some weaknesses.
Yeah, but answer her question about, so are you, sir, are you under a government contract?
Are you funded by a U.S.
No, I teach for individual universities.
I'm paid actual Chinese wages.
I don't make big American bucks.
I make good money when I consult.
The total quality management stuff is something that I'm asked to sit on.
It just happens to be something I know.
All right.
Regina, thanks for the call.
I'll tell you what, Regina, I'm going to put you on hold and let you finish up after the break.
We've got to let him go.
Real quick, Russell in Florida, you've got about a minute and a half.
Go ahead, Russell.
Actually, Alex, I wanted to talk to you about a few things unrelated to... We'll put you on hold as well.
Thank you.
We'll put you on hold.
Well, Dr. Noon, I appreciate you coming on the show, and I know that might be dangerous for you there in China to do that.
It's interesting that you let your students...
Listen to the radio show.
Well, we discussed... We actually discussed certain points.
And to be honest with you, they listened to liberals as well as conservatives.
I'm trying to teach my students to think.
You know, it's a new push here.
Creative, imaginative thinking.
That's funny.
Our government's going in the opposite direction with the German model of not thinking.
The kindergarten model.
And China is in a metamorphosis, and it's changing.
And it's a slow growth, but it is growing.
But you admit that it's a police state.
It is a police state.
They'll tell you it's a police state.
Now, by slow growth, China's growing at like 9% a year.
That's explosive growth.
Or do you mean a growth in freedom is slow?
Yeah, but I mean, I'm saying it grows rather slowly.
It's trying to change many things.
Keep in mind, it's 1.3 billion people.
You can't change things overnight.
But it is persistent growth.
Under the Deng Xiaoping principle.
Okay, well... I'll give Stephanie my Chinese telephone number in case you ever want to get in touch with me.
Okay, we'll put you on hold and do that.
Thanks for joining us.
We'll come back and get to other people's calls and issues and cover a bunch of other news in the final half hour of this broadcast.
Take care.
Dr. William... Remember.
Remember, Alex, if you come to China, Alex, bring your Berkey.
Ha, ha, ha.
Alright, take care.
That was a really weird interview, folks, but it was interesting.
We'll be right back and take your calls and get into a bunch of other issues.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Folks, I'll give you a brief history of China.
It's something that I've really studied.
The Japanese smashed into the country that had already been broken up by the Western powers into ten different sectors.
Then during the Boxer Rebellion, the West lost some control of China, Japan, what invaded back in the 30s.
They came into the country, they took over about half of it, they killed millions and millions of people, because the Chinese economy has always been right at subsistence level, because even back then they had, what, half a billion people.
And so just war caused a breakdown that killed millions of people.
And then...
Our government actually did not support the Nationalists, and David Rockefeller has admitted this, the former CIA section chief has now admitted this.
Our government actually, in 1949, helped get Mao in in 1950.
And the Communists kicked everybody off their land, brought everybody into these big communal farms, and tens of millions died in the Great Revolution, Cultural Revolution, Great Leap Forward.
And they executed hundreds of thousands of others, though most of it was starvation.
And it was horrible.
And then there was a shift in the party, and they repudiated that and said, oh, we're going to be free market.
But that's the type of free market where it's like Russia today, where you've got six strong men that own and run the whole country.
And that's what you've got now in China today with the Li family and others who've been in control for over 100 years, but they live in another country outside China.
Our government loves them.
The CFR, the Trilateral Commission, love their leadership.
They're going to use that billion, 300 million people, leverage all of our industries down to nothing.
The globalists are one step ahead of that, though, after we've been totally brought down, which has already happened, and then our dollar is destroyed, and then we're really in deep trouble, and we're in the process right now.
They're then going to play India and China off against each other economically.
This is a very sophisticated operation.
But, I mean, look, the military owns the brothels in that country.
The generals are all just incredibly corrupt.
There's massive corruption, institutionalized, for the elite.
But if you're low-level and you do something wrong, you're in deep trouble.
So it's all selectively enforced.
So, yeah, it's a pretty safe place to live in if you go along and follow all the orders.
But I want to shift gears.
Then we'll go to Regina and Russell and Paul and everybody that's holding.
But Kim's been holding for an hour.
There's a family down the street.
By this family, who's been in trouble with the government, been in trouble with CPS, and broken up family.
Then you've got the family that Mike knows, who's never been in trouble, happily married, good folks, honor roll student, nine years old, he's on the school bus, and they've had problems with his family before that may look a blank, and the little nine-year-old girl says that he tried to rape me.
Okay, to the nine-year-old boy.
The bus driver says, no, it didn't happen.
They question the students.
No, it didn't happen.
Things are dropped for a few months.
Then suddenly, Judge Gene Meir has the nine-year-old, who's now 10, this one over 12 months, has him charged with a felony of attempted rape and assault.
And they brought this right up to trial, despite the fact the family had the bus driver, the witnesses, all of this, that he didn't even touch her.
And Judge Gene Meir tried to force them then, with a criminal charge, to go ahead and accept probation until he was 18 years old and pay all these fines and fees, never would have got out of the system.
The family said, no, we're innocent, we have witnesses, and they brought it right up to trial.
We had a lot of people went down to the jury selection.
I couldn't be there.
And joining us is Kim, who says she's friends with the family.
And again, I've talked to the family and talked to others, and I know they dropped the charges when it was like a game of chicken.
But they tried, knowing he was innocent, knowing they had the bus driver, the other students, everybody still tried to get him into the system.
And Judge Jean Muir is a monster, folks.
She has a giant juvenile justice hall she got built with her name on it as she's a judge.
And it's just a whole laundry list.
But, Kim, you wanted to make some points about the jury selection and what the family went through.
Tell us about it.
Well, yeah, they went down for the jury selection, and what Mark said to me is that he felt like he was buying a used car, basically, because his attorney kept going upstairs and coming back downstairs and offering them another plea bargain, which they continued to refuse over and over again, and they were basically just trying to wear him and his wife down all day long.
Yeah, because I was going to have them on that day.
They were supposed to be back by like noon.
And I talked to the sister of the husband who was there taking care of the house at the time, and she said, yeah, they're supposed to be back, but they never got back.
So this just, how many hours did this go on?
You know, I didn't ask him specifically how many hours he was there, but, you know, Alex, I could tell he just sounded exhausted, you know, when you're mentally drained, how you sound.
Well, they had an incredible victory, though.
They dropped it.
They just dropped it because they wouldn't plea bargain and because you guys had witnesses.
They knew, despite ironclad witnesses, they still wanted to get him into the system.
Yes, they did.
And actually, Judge Muir was...
Going to have Mark Sr.
arrested for contempt of court.
No, I know, I know.
Listen, I've been in the court.
Mike's been in the court.
We've been tracking her for years.
For those who don't know nationally, she's the model of evil for the country, I would tell you.
Judge Jean Muir will scream at you and order you to sign agreements.
That's what her trials are, and she's the one.
We've aired the newscast here.
There's even a clip of this in Police State 3 Hotel in Slater.
There's so much in that two-hour, 44-minute film.
But Judge Jean Muir, we've heard this locally on TV, on local CBS, she said, you're absent three times, late to class, that's considered a truancy, the law doesn't even say it is, but we have her on tape yelling at families to sign documents, and they put this on the news, like it's normal.
So Muir was up to her old tricks.
Yeah, she basically, because he wouldn't, you know, he wouldn't,
She got angry and wanted to have him arrested.
And so he's saying, I want my jury trial.
And by the way, we had witnesses here.
I'd already heard this by folks that went down.
This is incredible.
In fact, if any witnesses can get in and the lines aren't loaded, I think they are, 1-800-259-9231.
You know what?
I'm going to get the family on.
I meant to do that.
Alex, one more thing.
I mean, this is just the worst.
It goes on.
I mean, after dismissing the case, she pulled Mark into her chambers and told him, I am still sending CPS out to your house.
She is such a dictator.
That family's in trouble.
Yes, and he said, no, you're not.
And she said, yes, I am.
And, you know, he said, look, nothing happened at my house.
And these are good people.
Actually, I lived down the street from Mike all my life.
I grew up on that street as well.
So, you know, I just know these are good people.
You know, these are good people.
But they had to drop it because they had the bus driver and students as witnesses.
Yes, exactly.
And so they, and this is what she does.
She blows up.
I've been in there.
I've watched her do it.
She will scream, you will sign the document now!
You will sign it!
I want a jury trial.
And in many cases she has them arrested.
I mean, this woman has got to be removed from the bench.
And I have to tell you that the public school teachers out there, because my mother is one, they think this woman is an advocate for children's rights.
I mean, I heard this straight out of my mother's mouth and I had to set her straight.
So, you know, that's
Well, since when do they build giant buildings and then put the name of the judge on the building that she commands?
Yes, I know.
I mean, that sounds like something Fidel Castro does.
You know, he names buildings after himself.
We should all be afraid.
I mean, this could happen to any of us.
Well, I mean, what you told me is just what she does.
I mean, people, she is indescribable.
You know, she's up there with the butch haircut.
Her eyes bulge out.
She'll bare her teeth at families.
And she says, sign the documents or I'm arresting you.
Sign the documents!
Sign it!
Sign it that you're a criminal!
I mean, it's like the Soviet Union.
Yeah, that's what he went through.
No due process, no nothing.
Yes, that's exactly what he went through.
Well, you know, I've got the family's number here.
I wrote it down.
If you don't have it, I have it, Alex.
I've got it right here.
I know they're at work, but you know what?
I'm going to put you on hold.
Stephanie, get the family's number.
And I always have trouble pronouncing the last name.
It's Sobeck.
The last name is Sobeck.
That's right, Sobeck.
And I tell you what, I want to put you on hold.
I want to get the mother or the father on.
And notice, they didn't listen to the lawyers.
They didn't plea bargain.
They went on the radio.
They went on other shows here locally.
They did all of this, and they won.
But the judge, as you heard from the neighbor, called Mr. Sobeck in and said, I am still going to get you.
I'm going to put you on hold.
I'm going to try to get the family on for five minutes.
Thanks, Alex.
Thank you, Kim.
Just a disgusting situation here.
Regina, you wanted to finish up some comments.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I just wanted to say that I'm glad we got back to the United States because I'm noticing that certain technological advances that we could use in this country are only being made in China, and that's why I have a problem with this man telling us
You know, that everything's wonderful.
I wonder what would happen if there was a situation like this lady just talked about in China.
Would you expect them just to come and report and say, yes, sir?
So, you know, I'm having problems with this.
But this thing with the man that was on earlier, and I tried to listen as close as I could, but I had a couple problems with some of the stuff that he said.
And I'm not trying to just be critical.
Okay, let me fill folks in.
The Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity
And we had on the Director of Communication and Public Outreach.
And we had Dan...
I think this is one of the things, the communication thing, and I just think that maybe I misunderstood, but I thought for sure he said that
There has been no taxpayer funding of fetal tissue, and that's not true, and I'm sure you know that's not true, Alex.
Well, no, he said at the state levels they're doing it, but no taxpayer funding, if it's for sale or commercial uses, it's a loophole.
Yes, for research there has been.
Okay, so he admitted that because there was an article in the Tribune Review, 810.04, I feel pretty, you know, I don't know,
What the word is, but it bothers me because it seems to be that Bush is being given a free pass that he didn't do this.
No, I hear you.
I hear you, and thanks for the call, Regina.
Stephanie, did you try to call the Sobeks for me?
See if I can get them on right now.
Yeah, call them.
I want to hear this from the horse's mouth about Mir.
And I've seen her do the same stuff over and over again.
Been in the newspaper, but imagine.
They've got the bus driver, they've got the kids saying this didn't happen.
They try to force them to plea bargain, criminal charges, and then they're forced to drop it.
The judge blows up and says, I'm sending CPS after you.
I mean, this is incredible.
You've got to sue her.
It just never ends.
Try to get me one of the Sobeks on.
I'll definitely get them on here soon, though.
This has been a free-for-all today, hasn't it?
Let's go to Russell in Florida.
Russell, go ahead with your points.
Absolutely disgusting, Alex, isn't it?
We've got Nazi America here with a high-tech overlay.
It makes me ill.
But I had a few points.
One, I wanted to know what happened to Michelle Malkin yesterday.
Did she bail on you?
No, no, no.
Was she not ready for an education?
I said I wanted to talk about her book.
We do have her scheduled soon.
And her book is In Defense of Internment Camps.
Yeah, I...
I've listened to her a few times, and she's your typical neocon, lock and step, just like Ann Coulter, that kind.
Openly, we need martial law, we need camps, it's good.
Yeah, but they were all constitutionalists, though, when Bill Clinton was in office.
It was the amazing thing.
Now, all of a sudden, the Constitution is just a rag.
And what are they going to say if Kerry gets in and does all this?
Well, that's a good point.
Are they going to agree with it, along with the Democrats?
If you said then the Democrats would end up going along with it.
We'd have neocons and liberals going along with the same agenda.
That's a great point that you brought up before.
But the question I have for you is, and I'd like to talk about it just a little bit with you.
Did you happen to listen to Coast to Coast last night?
Oh, you missed a good one.
George Norrie had on Dave Von Kleist, that new 9-11 in plain sight.
Oh, yeah.
For three hours, and you got a plug at about 4 o'clock in the morning by this listener that just hammered home
All your 9-11 road to tyranny points.
He was going off, and he gave you a heck of a plug.
Personally, if you were looking at me, you wouldn't have seen somebody so awake at 4 o'clock in the morning.
I was jumping up and down.
I was so happy.
But it was very, very good, and I was wondering if you had a chance to...
Get that video.
Yeah, it's an impressive video.
We're going to have Dave on real soon.
I'm going to let you go.
Because I want to bring up Mark Sobeck, the father that all this went through.
Mark, we don't have long.
I want to get you back up for a full hour in the near future.
But one of your neighbors, Kim, was calling in, and I heard the same story from court watchers.
Just briefly, they tried to make you plea bargain.
They threatened you.
She threatened you with contempt if you didn't sign on to this.
Is that accurate?
We did make a deal.
Well, I was told you didn't make a deal.
Well, we got it dismissed, but we didn't get charged with a felony at the age of 11.
Now, explain this to me, sir, because this happened over a year ago, and I was told that the whole thing got dropped.
Yeah, well, it did.
It did.
Okay, what deal did you make?
Okay, so did you take probation?
So you did defer the judification?
Not even like that.
But did she call you behind closed doors and say, I'm sending CPS out?
Yeah, she said she would.
But I told her that CPS didn't have any jurisdiction in my house because nothing even happened here at the house.
And that pretty much stopped that right there.
Now, did she threaten you with contempt if you didn't make a deal with her?
Pretty much, yeah.
I mean, it wasn't, you know...
Real plain English, but I wasn't agreeing with anything.
Did she threaten to hold you in contempt?
Yeah, oh yeah.
She told one lady to go outside and get the sheriff and come back in.
She ran out the door and next thing you know there's a sheriff standing behind you.
And what was she telling you to do that you were refusing to do?
Respect her.
And you weren't respecting her because you wouldn't sign on to an agreement?
So they're yelling at you saying, take a deal, tell me this is correct, because I've seen her do this, and you're saying, no, I won't, we're innocent, and then she says, call in the deputy.
Man, that's pure Soviet Union, folks.
All the way.
You know, everything I heard was true.
By that, you mean everything you heard about her, you experienced?
Yes, most definitely.
All the tactics, the threats, the fear...
And I'm not going to lie to you, I was scared.
How long did all of this go on?
Ten months.
No, but I mean in the room.
It took all day.
All day with them off and on telling you to take the deal?
Yeah, and we were supposed to be there to select a jury.
But they didn't want to have that jury, did they?
No, they didn't.
They wanted to prance around with no evidence and try to intimidate you.
Mark, I want to get you on in the near future, and I'm glad that you backed them off 98%, and God bless you.
Okay, thank you.
Take care.
I'm going to come back and plug a few news stories, try to get a few more calls in here.
Loaded phone lines, as usual.
PrisonPlanet.tv is the website.
Stay with us.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2, back from 9 to midnight, Central.
We're here, my friends.
Thanks for joining us.
Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City, says freedom of speech is a privilege.
Said this a couple days ago, and it's just incredible.
Behavior may cost protesters privileges, Bloomberg says.
He says that it is a privilege to demonstrate a protest, and he may revoke that.
But if you sign up with him, you may get discounts on your hotels.
Gets you all nicely registered.
Boy, this is just incredible.
Also, Iran threatens Israel on nuclear reactor.
Associated Press accompanied by a warning that its missiles have the range Iran on nuclear.
Wednesday said it would destroy Israel's Dimona nuclear reactor if the Jewish state were to attack Iran's nuclear facilities.
If Israel fires a missile into the nuclear power plant that they have, it has to say goodbye forever to its diamond nuclear facility, Dimona nuclear facility, where it produces and stockpiles nuclear weapons.
The deputy chief of the elite revolutionary guards, Brigadier General Mohammad Bagheer Zoldar, said in a statement, man,
And I've got family, friends, neighbors, they're all being told, we're going into Iran very soon.
Israel could attack Iran any minute.
Iran's going to attack back.
And their military's a lot more sophisticated than the battered, you know, bombed, 13-year-bombed Iraq.
Very serious.
And why is this happening?
You guys should sit around and go, go in there and blow them away.
Let's have a war.
It's going to be your kids going to fight this.
And let's think about what the neocons are doing to us.
Meanwhile, North Korea is threatening to nuke us.
I didn't plug my videos last hour.
I really should promote them.
I hope you'll get them.
9-11, The Road to Tyranny, The Masters of Terror Exposed.
Both those are 9-11 films and they're excellent.
I carried George Humphrey's new video, 9-11.
The Great Illusion, Endgame of the Illuminati, Eric Huffman's video.
All four of these are wonderful.
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Go ahead, Paul.
Hello, Alex.
How are you doing?
Almost out of time.
Yeah, well, I got one quick question.
One quick remark here.
I went to a doctor's appointment with my son today.
We were waiting in the waiting room.
And I happen to have DVDs and CDs available.
Dave's in my car, and I see a television there with a DVD player.
So I went back out to my car, and I put your DVD in, Road to Tyranny, and you should have just seen the waiting room quiet down for about an hour and 45 minutes I waited for that doctor to call me in there.
And it didn't quite get to the point where the FEMA guy is calling the founders of our country a terrorist, and I went in to the waiting room.
But a whole room, maybe about a half dozen or eight people in there
Watched your video today.
And I think that's a great idea, you know?
Incredible guerrilla information warfare.
What else is on your mind, Paul?
That was it.
I just needed to let you know that that tape is out there.
I've been playing it on my public access.
I've been playing all your tapes on my public access station.
You know, people just need to keep doing that.
Keep it up and God bless you, Paul.
You're awesome.
Sorry to Thomas and everybody else we can't get to.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
And yes, please get my films.
If you already have them, make copies.
Get them out to people.
They're waking people up.
90% of those that see them are having their minds unlocked, thanks to God.
And thanks to you taking action.
So please get the films and get them out.
All right.
God bless you all.
Get out there and take on the New World Order.
Another great broadcast.
Thanks to everybody out there.
Take care.
Hello, folks.