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Air Date: Aug. 18, 2004
2282 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for joining us.
It's already Wednesday, the 18th day of August 2004.
And we're going to be live here for the next three hours.
We're going to have wide open phones.
I want to take a lot of your calls and early in the show.
Any news item locally or nationally or internationally you want to discuss?
A question you have for me?
A comment?
Maybe you want to tell me how things really work and where I'm wrong.
If you disagree with me, you go to the front of the line.
1-800-259-9231 There's a mainstream news article today about how the modern Olympic symbols that we use were developed by Adolf Hitler.
Now, I already knew this, but I left it alone because people have trouble believing it.
Hitler drew the sketch of the rings.
Hitler came up with the torches.
Adolf Hitler!
Now, when you drive your Volkswagen Bug, he drew the design for it.
It was his idea.
He did it.
But you still use it.
I'm not saying a Volkswagen's bad.
Just because Adolf Hitler designed it.
You know, it's just a machine.
It's not evil in and of itself, but...
So much of our history, so much of what we take for granted, comes from the Illuminati, not just Adolf Hitler.
So I thought I would go over this article I wrote a few months ago.
In your face, the globalist language is hidden in plain view.
This got me thinking, because yesterday a lady called about the Congressional Medal of Honor.
And it is a pentagram, and it does have occult symbols on it.
Now, I'm not against those that win the Congressional Medal of Honor.
Incredible people.
I'm not saying they're bad.
But again, symbols mean things.
Wow, what a novel thought.
Symbols mean things.
How amazing is that?
Yes, they really mean something.
And again, it's all hidden in plain view.
So we'll go over some of that as we cover the latest news developments.
And we will also...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Saying that Kerry is related to every royal family in Europe.
I mean, the Albanians, the Tsars, the Dutch, the British, the Germans.
And he has more royal blood than his cousin, Bush.
And so they're saying he's going to win.
And this is out of the London Guardian, this particular article.
Almost identical to the one of the statesmen, but not as detailed.
Kerry's royal roots will give him victory, says Burke Spirage.
And then also, I've myself written up some notes about the prison economy in America and just some ideas I have.
Perhaps we should go over that as well.
The latest developments is we learned that our own troops tried to stop torture and were called off and told to protect those that were torturing.
This is a big, big deal because the orders came down from on high and it's in the Associated Press
And there's an article on the Washington Post.
You too could be a suspected terrorist.
And it gets into that.
And I want to also... I haven't talked about the governor yet.
But I do have some comments about it.
It looks like an obvious spy operation.
They even admit blackmail was involved.
And, you know, I happen to know some other governors who are involved in this kind of stuff.
And the question is, why haven't they been brought down for it?
We'll be right back.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Hello, my friends.
It is Wednesday.
We're live.
The toll-free number to join us is 800-259-9231.
Hardy nudges McGreevy towards the door.
The side of USA Today, a number of New Jersey Democratic and Republican leaders finally agreed on something.
Governor James McGreevy, who appointed a man who aides have said was his gay lover to a high-paying anti-terrorism job, should resign sooner than planned.
When he announced last week that he was gay and had a homosexual affair, McGreevy, 47, a married father of two, said he would step down November 15th.
That meant the state Senate president would become governor for nearly a year.
The deadline for a special election is September 3rd.
Since the Senate president, Richard Cody, is a Democrat, Republicans are howling.
Editorial pages across the state also have urged McGreevy to quit now.
The question is, can they have a special election in the next two weeks?
And I would say the answer is probably no.
But I think it would be better to have one and let it be somewhat out of control than to just put the leader of the Senate in.
In a short campaign against a Republican opponent...
Corzine would be formidable if only because of name recognition.
He spent $63 million of his own money to win his Senate race in 2000.
He probably would not even need personal wealth in a short campaign.
So, who knows what's going to happen with that, and the whole thing is just ridiculous.
I don't get into stuff like this on air because, frankly, it's compared to North Korea threatening to nuke us on a weekly basis, compared to the government of England and now the U.S.
discussing forcing every child to take a vaccine that re-engineers the brain chemically permanently with a virus that actually attacks the nerve endings of certain uptake cells,
Receptors where the brain cannot receive narcotics or nicotine also, so the brain cannot receive natural feel-good drugs in the body known as endorphins.
I mean, all of that is much more important than Mr. McGreevy.
But it is indicative of a decadent, out-of-control society because...
Without going too far into detail, it's, let's just say, well-known in certain parts and certain states that other governors are involved in similar things and are being blackmailed with the knowledge.
And I'm just going to leave it right there.
I know the police and others listening in certain states right now know exactly who I'm talking about.
And now there's a lot of evidence coming out
That this was some type of intelligence operation.
There's evidence of Russians in the governor's mansion in New Jersey.
There's evidence of Mossad.
There's evidence of MI6.
And frankly, at this point, we don't know who's up to this, if this was an intelligence blackmail operation.
Though sexual blackmail is a specialty of blackmail,
All major intelligence services, but especially Israel.
A lot of evidence that the Monica Lewinsky situation was a Mossad operation, and that's even been in the mainstream news, because Clinton was not being as pro-Israel as some people wanted, and suddenly he got back in line after that story began to surface.
But again...
We cannot 100% nail this down.
I have personally heard conservatives even out there defending McGreevy.
It's getting pretty ridiculous now.
And I think that McGreevy should get in more trouble for appointing his lover to this anti-terror job.
But of course, the media is all focusing in on the sexual issues, which is very important, but again, compared to putting this person in over the anti-terror job, that's extremely serious, because New Jersey is one of the most wealthy, powerful, important states, obviously, in the country, and especially on the East Coast.
And I would add that we've got a bunch of news articles where Israel is, more than any other state, advising and basically running a lot of the anti-terror training and security now in New Jersey.
And under McGreevey, we have seen the state head liaison with FEMA, Sid Casperson, last year in Gannett News Service,
Talk about, quote, under a red alert, you're in martial law, your liberties are stripped away from you, you'll be considered an enemy combatant if you leave your home.
So a lot of suspicious developments going on in New Jersey.
Now there I've opened a big can of worms, and I just frankly have tried to avoid the whole subject, but it's extremely serious.
Also, Iraqi forces may raid Najaf's holy shrine today, AP reports.
Iraqi troops may raid the holy Imam Ali shrine in Najaf today in an attempt to force militants loyal to Shiite Muslim cleric out of the area.
Mr. Al-Sider, they want him out.
The Associated Press reported, citing Iraqi Defense Minister Hazim Shalan.
By the way, I mean, I'm no fan of Al Sauder, but compared to some of the other groups over there, I mean, he's a Shiite, supposedly was going to be one of our allies, and this guy has been protecting American reporters.
Every time they get kidnapped, he gets them released.
He wants the media there.
Meanwhile, our Iraqi defense forces have openly machine-gunned hotels and ordered Western reporters out of certain cities, or they're, quote, going to kill them.
And we have Pentagon public statements that they will kill independent reporters.
And so, I mean, who are the bad guys here?
It's very, very serious development as well.
But shifting gears back to the McGreevey situation, I have an article here out of New York.
Bush gowls to see gay vows.
And the point is, if Carrie's daughter was out doing this, which she has been out doing this, it would be all over conservative radio and TV how evil she is.
But when the Bush daughters are constantly doing this and hanging around with the most sultry of people, it's totally ignored.
Just like the Bohemian Grove, admittedly, in...
Scores of newspapers, buses in, $2,000, $1,000 an hour prostitutes, male and female, mainly male is their taste, to the Bohemian Grove.
And the Bohemian Grove went for 15 days last month.
It's been going since 1872.
The first president, Mr. Taft, attended, turned to the last century.
And the New York Post just reported about top gay porn star headlines servicing world leaders today.
So why isn't that a bigger news story with conservatives?
Can you imagine if John Kerry was attending secret meetings in the woods with gay porn stars?
Again, I'm not even defending John Kerry.
I'm just showing the double standard here.
Beautician Aaron Gomez and his longtime partner James Packard celebrate their marital vows with 400 of their closest friends next month.
Two of Gomez's best customers will probably be in attendance.
President Bush's twin daughters, Jenna and Barbara.
And then it goes on into that, what they're going to be up to and doing.
So just an interesting little tidbit there.
That's like, well, I'm not going to get into it anymore.
Frankly, overall, it's a diversion.
Your calls, again, are coming up here in just a few minutes, folks.
I'm told Steve disagrees with me, so we'll go to him first here in a minute.
But coming up, Cincinnati Inquirer, and again, every time I mention a newspaper that has the word Inquirer in it, the National Inquirer is a tabloid.
Okay, but the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Cincinnati Inquirer,
There are probably 50 respected inquirers in the country.
Every time I mention a newspaper that has the word inquirer in it, I get emails going, oh, that's the National Inquirer, you're an idiot.
No, no, this is the Cincinnati Inquirer, the big daily paper, okay?
You're in Cincinnati, you know that, but people in other... And I'm not talking down to folks.
I just mean for the crowds out there, every time I say inquirer, I get emails.
This is the Cincinnati Inquirer.
Rings torch have ties to Hitler's Nazi Germany.
Athens, Greece, the most beloved emblems of the modern Olympics, have a decidedly dark past.
The torch relay that culminates in the ceremonial lighting of the flame at the Olympic Stadium was ordered by Adolf Hitler, who tried to turn the 1936 Berlin Games into a celebration of the Third Reich.
The torch is the favorite Illuminati symbol.
And it's what you see in Statue of Liberty's hand.
But continuing, and it was Hitler's Nazi propaganda machine that popularized the five interlocking rings as the symbol of the games.
By the way, folks, I have watched The Architect of Doom.
I have read probably 20 books on Hitler and the Third Reich.
I'm a history buff, and I have seen the sketch.
Hitler drew the torch.
Hitler drew the rings.
I mean, whatever he wanted, he got.
The guy designed the autobahns, the cars.
I mean, I've got the sketch of him drawing the Volkswagen, and then that's what they built.
And just the point here is that Hitler didn't invent the torch or the rings.
These are high-level Illuminati symbols used in very dark rituals.
And again, prestigious, scholarly, best-selling books on Hitler cover all of this.
This is not Alex Jones' opinion.
And it continues.
Today, both are universally recognized icons of the Olympics, but historians say neither had much of anything to do with the games, both centuries ago in ancient Olympia.
The torch relay is so ingrained into the modern choreography that most people today assume it was a revival of a pagan tradition, unaware that it was actually, well, it was a revival of a pagan tradition,
Tradition, but a different one.
Unaware that it was actually concocted for Hitler's games in Berlin, author Tony Perowit writes in a new book, The Naked Olympics, a sacred flame did burn 24 hours a day in Olympia, and relay racers passed a torch to light a sacrificial cauldron at some other ancient festivals.
But the ancient Greeks opened their Olympics by word of mouth, sending heralds, not torchbearers, running through the streets.
Later, I'll get into Eternal Flames.
They do that at Bohemian Grove.
All of this.
And we'll get into the secret language of the Illuminati.
But first, your calls when we get back.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
We are going to go to your calls, then I'm going to get more into all the occult symbolism.
And then, yes, we are getting her on the show, Michelle Malkin, who's written a book in defense of internment camps.
Yes, now we have big books out.
They're going to be bestsellers about how wonderful camps are for us.
So that's coming up, too.
But right now, let's go to Steve in Texas.
Steve, welcome.
Yes, hi.
How are you today?
Good, bud.
Yeah, there is one thing I disagree with the way you have been telling your listeners about the dangers of vaccines for our children.
Yes, sir.
And that is that there are much more dangerous ingredients to be concerned about, such as aluminum, DNA, and most importantly, the reaction of the shot itself to the chemtrails in our skies.
And I don't think there's enough of a...
That information coming out from our talk show hosts who are at the Republic Broadcasting Service.
Okay, well this is the Genesis Communications Radio Network, sir.
Yeah, I'm on the Genesis Communications Radio Network.
Let me just tell you something.
I have probably interviewed 40 people over the years, scientists, epidemiologists, brain specialists,
And we've been focusing on the mercury because at least the general public knows that one shot, having 250 times safe levels, and that's the FDA's own numbers, is not safe.
And that, by the way, they claim they took it out, and Dr. Geyer at Congress and others have now tested the new vaccines, and the AP has reported on it.
No, they've actually increased.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Live virus is getting into the intestines of the children.
Yes, sir, you are absolutely right.
Yes, especially with the reaction to the chemtrails.
It's just a precursor to lower your immune system so when the influenza A virus is released that everybody will succumb to that.
Just surprised that no one's talking about that.
What is your medical documentation on that?
Do you have any source material?
Research that I've conducted, analysis from interviews with doctors, lots of books, knowing actual case studies, the course study, knowing what people have actually, friends, family members, you know, the rate of our damaged children is going up and up.
One in four have asthma.
There's just a tremendous amount of this information out there, and everyone is just...
You know, for instance, school started yesterday.
And I believe today there is a location in town that people are lining up to take these shots because the shot clock is ticking.
Did you watch my... Do you have cable?
Did you see my TV show last night?
No, I didn't, but I've seen the news.
I've seen the articles in the paper.
It's common sense.
Yeah, we played a minute and a half.
News piece on the TV show last night, and thanks for the call, Steve.
We played a news piece where they said, and they showed a sports stadium with thousands of children lined up getting their shots, going, you have to have your shot to go to school or you will be thrown out of school.
You will not be allowed to go to school.
It's the law.
It's a new guideline.
And then at the end of the newscast, they go, we want to make it clear that if you're not allowed to go to school, you will not be charged with truancy.
Well, of course they can't, because it's not a law.
It's a fraud.
It's a lie.
It's color of law.
There has never been a law in the state of Texas.
There has never been a law in the country that you have to take vaccines to go to school.
Every nurse's drawer, every principal's drawer, every health department...
Has a form, a religious exemption form, a state law was just passed for those that aren't religious, that you can get just for conscientious reasons, no ifs, ands, or buts, they just give it to you, and we had to get a state law, one of the good laws that Perry did sign, passed this year, that says it is not illegal to not take vaccines.
The law was never there, but it says it is not illegal, and you have to give them this form, and you can't not let them in school.
So, nationwide, I've seen the reports, but all over the state of Texas, newspaper reports, TV reports, you've got to take it, you've got to take it, show up at this sports stadium, get your shot, you've got to do it, and it is a total and complete lie.
And they know it's a lie.
And it is horrible.
And look, because of increased hygiene and because of not having open sewers...
From 1900 to 1950, if you look at the graphs, infectious disease plunged.
Then they started widespread vaccination, and it actually went back up.
Not to previous levels, but went up.
And you look at how vaccines are actually spreading the diseases.
And that is medical fact.
We'll be back with more calls.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
It's finally here.
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All right, folks.
Welcome back.
Wide open telephones.
Bunch of key news and information coming up.
We'll talk about an attack on the First Amendment coming up here in about an hour with a special guest.
But right now, let's go back to the calls.
Let's talk to Brent.
Or is it Brent?
In Colorado.
You're on the air.
Hey, thank you, Alex.
It's good to talk to you.
Good to talk to you.
Yeah, hey, you know, it's been really good to actually find out that there are other people out there that believe the same way I do.
10 years I've been searching and never found anybody to believe the same.
But beyond that, I was listening
You know, you're talking about the citizens on patrol and then starting to get people out there to start watching out for their neighbors.
Yeah, anybody who wants to go get a military uniform after about five hours of training, an MP armband, you then go out and search children and families on street corners.
The VFW is getting involved in tattletale squads to fight terror and crime.
Almost every organization, neighborhood watches.
It's all being turned into a giant Stasi secret police publicly that will be run by a new domestic CIA agent.
Let me stop you right there.
You know, I was in Citizen Air Patrol for a few years.
My dad's a pilot, and, you know, we'd go on training missions and fly around and do Cold War scenarios.
You know, that was back during the height of the Cold War.
And I have no problem with people being part of civil defense, watching the coastlines, watching key installations, keep your eyes out when you're fishing by a nuclear power plant or a power plant.
If we really have a terror threat, which of course is manufactured, but if we have one, that's legitimate.
But almost all this anti-terror training I'm seeing from the Christian Science Monitor, the Reuters, AP, their own training manuals is exterminator.
When you're in their house, do you smell marijuana?
But they get the volunteers...
Right, they're turning it into looking for crime, you know, and that's...
It's kind of scary because who defines what is crime?
Which was a question that was actually asked on NPR.
And, you know, I'll be honest with you.
If people don't believe, if they've listened to your show and they don't believe, all they have to do is listen to the other networks and they'll find out the real truth.
Alex, keep up the good fight.
I'd just like to say hello to a friend of mine, Seth, that turned me on to you.
He's been a really good man in my life and I hope he does well.
All right, y'all have a good one.
You too, sir.
And thank you for the call.
So understand, I mean, I'm not against...
Citizens watching out for suspicious behavior.
But having the federal government organize it and then immediately move it into just general law enforcement is horrible.
And that's exactly what they're doing.
I mean, they have these defense forces in 30 states now.
We've had them on the show.
We've got links to their websites where...
You have no military training, no police training, no nothing.
You just go show up, get a baggy uniform and an MP armband and then go out on the street corners of Mobile, Alabama or Dallas, Texas and just say, I want to search your bags.
And it's just random people training us how to be slaves.
That's ridiculous.
Let's talk to Jeremy in Indiana.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Go ahead, caller.
You're on the air.
Yes, I was watching Fox News last night, and it was like a repeat of the previous 9 o'clock show.
And I saw Walter Jacobs, I believe it was, perspective that Dan Lipinski was given a seat in Congress by his father, Bill Lipinski, without any election at all.
It was just heretical.
He just handed it down to his son.
I wasn't aware of that, to show my ignorance, but it doesn't sound surprising.
Yeah, it's Chicago and Fox News.
I've been looking for the article.
Maybe somebody else... Well, I mean, it's like the Daily Dynasty, the Mafia Dynasty there in Chicago.
But, of course, they have elections there, if you want to call them that.
And could you do some of us callers a favor with putting some links back up on your website, going to your stuff on the vaccines, like
Like you did with the Patriot Act and some other things like Bohemian Grove.
Well, it's all on the website.
In the Brave New World section of PrisonPlanet.com, there's the vaccine toxin section.
But if you go to SearchInfoWars.com, it's a volunteer website that's got a great search engine.
If you go to SearchInfoWars.com or go to PrisonPlanet.com and just into the search box right there,
Just type in vaccine information page, and it should take you right to it.
Thank you very much, and keep up the good fight.
All right.
Well, thank you.
I mean, just go to Google.
Or ask Jeeves or any of the search engines or Yahoo.
I was looking for that vaccine you just spoke about where you said it affects the nerves and blocks natural chemicals as well as nicotine and such.
Yes, re-engineers the brain.
I would type in vaccines against drug addiction.
And then London Independent, if you want that particular article.
But if you just type in vaccines for drug addiction, and not just news articles, but medical journals will pop up for you.
If you want about 100 years of reading, you'll find it there.
All right, thank you very much.
Thank you, sir.
That's the incredible thing about these search engines is that we're starting to see some signs of censorship on some of the bigger ones.
Bizarre manipulations of data.
But it's like having a hundred library of congresses, more than that, at your fingertips.
And you want to find something out about an individual, you can do it readily.
But again, then there's problems with people.
Some people type in Alex Jones, and then they get a New York Times writer or a NPR radio broadcaster, and then I get a call on air saying,
You are an old man.
You're not a young man.
You've been lying to us.
You're an NPR liberal.
Well, no, that's another Alex Jones.
There's even another Alex Jones here in Austin.
He gets really sick of it.
He's even called into the show before because he has a website.
He's a photographer for the Austin American Statesman.
And he's always getting calls for me.
Mr. Jones, we want to interview you.
This is the Times of London.
So Alex Jones is a pretty common name.
So if you type in some public person's name, be dead sure it's that person that you're looking at.
But you can find out a lot of information.
Let's go ahead now and talk to Robert in Colorado.
Robert, welcome.
Good morning, Alex Jones.
Thank you very much for taking my call.
I appreciate that.
Thank you, sir.
I've got three things I want to get you to do.
First off, enjoy your show.
I've been listening to you for about three or four months now.
You do great work.
Going back to an interview you did last week with a guy, I don't remember his name, from I think it was American Free Press or some such, talking about the draft next year.
And I believe you said that Congressman Charles Rangel is four square in favor of a draft, but he also at the same time is saying that...
He is going to put minorities in harm's way.
Why would he be in favor of bringing back a draft if he really feels that way?
What's going on there, do you think?
Alright, this is a shill within a shill within a foil.
Or wheels within wheels.
Bill Clinton, in his last year in office, his last full year, in 1999, not his last year, in 1999, Bill Clinton
Set up a congressional commission with a presidential mandate to study the draft.
Because the Pentagon had brought him, this is admitted, the PNAC plan to invade all these countries, and then he went back to the Pentagon, and they said, we don't have the troops.
We'll need 400, 500, 1,000, and that's what the later Secretary of the Army White said under Bush and was fired.
Or forced to resign, just to take over Iraq alone.
Bill Clinton was all for it.
I mean, he went into Serbia, he went into other areas.
He's a warmonger.
Just like Kerry is.
Just like all of these guys.
They're all working for the same people.
And so, this is the plan.
And so, Rangel comes out two years ago, and he's a Korean war vet himself, highly decorated, and says, Well, I tell you what we need to do, since the Republicans are
He talks even weirder than I do.
It's easy for me to hear his voice, though.
Since the Republicans seem to love going into all these wars, how about we have a national draft and a draft where no one gets deferments and where their kids have to go?
How does that sound?
How about we do that?
I'm introducing a bill, S-89, the Universal Domestic Service Act for men and women.
We'll see how you like it.
And so then it's seen as, oh, he's just doing that as a jab against the Republicans.
But then the Republicans come in and go, yes, yes.
And I think it's like 40 of them co-sponsor it.
Yes, we want your bill.
And they introduce a bunch of their own bills.
And they've got all these bills.
And the Pentagon under Bush starts up the draft boards again and all of this.
And so they really are bringing forward the draft.
And then now Congress a month ago said we need to have another debate about the draft.
The draft is needed.
We don't have the trips we need.
Now they're pulling $70,000 out over the next few years out of Asia and Europe.
So this is really happening.
And so Rangel is in there, because he's a globalist, pushing for this, just like Senator Hagel.
I see.
Now, several times you throw rocks at Bullard for Columbine, and I saw the movie and I thought it was great.
Tell me what I'm missing in that movie.
What am I not seeing I should be seeing?
Well, his manipulation of statistics, it is true that as industrialized nations go, we are the second most violent at the time of that film being made three or four years ago.
Now, that's a violent crime only in one area.
We kill, statistically, in the aggregate, more than anybody else.
And there's historical and sociological reasons for that.
But when it comes to muggings and home invasions and pickpocketing and general carjacking, we are, they did a big Swiss UN study last year, we are number 14 out of the 15 industrial nations.
That is, 15 being the safest, number 1 being the most dangerous, and number 1 is England now.
For just overall crime, we are number 14.
Number 15 is Switzerland.
They are the safest.
I mean, it's just incredible.
And the gap between America and Switzerland is huge.
But the most dangerous place to be in just to be robbed or beat up is England.
I mean, roving bands of hoodlums, even in middle-class neighborhoods, robbing old men, beat 18-year-old thugs with canes and are arrested, and then go and commit suicide because they're so embarrassed.
Spitfire guys that shoot down 30 Messerschmitts and they go hang themselves because the police arrest them and indict them for beating thugs in the head with canes as they kick down their door for the fourth time.
So he manipulates all of that data.
I mean, since England took all the guns, their crime rate has exploded.
It's been doubling each year, roughly.
You look at Canada.
They say, well, we don't have all these murders.
Well, since they started their gun control, it has radically increased.
America was the first place to put in the violent television, the culture of decadence.
All of this, and because of our wildcat economy, because of our genetics, whether we're black or white or Hispanic, the rebels, the criminals, the slaves, we were brought here through adversity.
We're the daring individuals.
So, yes, we're going to be more violent on average.
We've always been the most vicious in wartime.
The Germans call our military the Marines the Devil Dogs.
Because, you know, the particular savageness and charging machine gun nests, and it just continues.
I mean, look at this country.
I mean, look at the people that are here.
You know, the Native Americans, you know, which really that's what Mexicans are, Spanish Indians.
I mean, they're incredibly brave, probably statistically the bravest group in war, folks.
You want to talk about charging machine gun nests, it's just a fact.
I mean, I've looked at the statistics.
And then you've got all these Germans and British and Russians and just all these people and the criminals and the people that wouldn't go along and the people that bucked the system.
And that's what we are, brother.
That's who we are.
And so, you know, I'm not bashing our European listeners.
I have a caller in China we're about to go to, by the way.
But I'm not bashing Europeans, but they're the people that stayed there.
They're the people that put up with serfdom.
They're the people that went along with it.
And so that's why we are more violent.
It's genetic.
But that's all the more reason we should have guns to protect ourselves.
But there's just a lot of stuff in Bowling for Columbine that is... I mean, I'd have to watch it again and take notes, but just watching it every few seconds, there was another misrepresentation.
But I have said that his 9-11 film is very accurate.
Yeah, and I saw that on Georgia, too.
One last thing, I know I'm out of time.
Someone last week, I think, called you from Denver, which is where I am, and said that you'd be setting up for an interview with Peter Boyle on 630.
Do you plan on doing that?
Do you know?
I haven't been contacted by that station.
I've interviewed his producer on another issue of a woman having, you know, being kicked out and threatening to take her child because she told the child, you can pray to Jesus and he might heal you.
But, I mean, I do interviews all the time, but if they want to do it, I'll do it.
Thanks for the call.
But, I mean, really, folks, I mean, take African Americans, black people in this country.
The coffin ships, half the people would die
You're calling me from a computer phone, aren't you?
I have to.
Otherwise, this would be a $90 phone call.
No, no, no.
I'm glad you called, sir.
We'll hold you over.
Tell us why you're calling.
Well, I just... I make my students listen to you once a week, and then we have an open discussion.
Some of the things I think that... Maybe some of the things about China you're not up to date on.
My students suggested that I call you, though we listen to you all the time, and Sting.
We listen to Sting also.
And they told me to, maybe I should give you a call and explain some things.
Well, I'll tell you what, sir.
I haven't been in China for a long time.
Sir, I just learned that you were on hold.
Hold on, I just learned that you're holding...
We got a break.
I'll come right back and go directly to you.
I want to hear about your school and what you're doing in China.
Will you stay with us, Bill?
Yeah, yeah.
Okay, we got a break.
We'll be back in three minutes.
Bill, you can hear the delay.
And we will talk to Bill.
He's in a set of straight.
He's in communist China, and he is... They're listening to the show every day.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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All right, my friends.
We're talking to Bill in, I believe he says Shanghai, China.
He says he's a teacher.
Bill, good to have you joining us.
Are you a college professor?
Are you a high school teacher?
Tell us about what you do and why you're calling.
Really, I'm both.
I was at the university then at what's called a vocational college.
Which is really a glorified high school.
And now I'm building an H&B, which is a higher national degree program in conjunction with China and the UK.
I write the curriculum and instruction and things like that.
Well, you sound like a very prominent person.
I have my student.
Well, I've been a doctor of education.
I'm actually originally from West Virginia.
So I'm a mountaineer.
You know, montane sempre libre.
We're always free.
Of course, I'm in a police state.
But if you live in a police state, you understand it.
If you don't understand it, you have many problems.
If I were back in West Virginia, I might be naive enough to not realize that I was falling under a police state.
But it's easy.
One of the reasons why I like my students to listen to you and Stang and several other people is so they can see how a police state develops, which of course is what's happening in America at the moment.
But if I were sitting in West Virginia, I might be too naive to know that I was losing all my rights.
Here in China, I know which rights I have and I don't have.
You know, I mean, it's a clear...
One thing my students wanted me to clear up is you always say communist China.
Well that is the name of the political party.
It is a one party system made up of two groups of people.
Progressives and the old conservatives.
So it's like having two parties.
They might be more different.
In many respects than the Democrats and the Republicans, which don't seem to be very different to me right now.
But this government... Communism was a weak form of government.
It failed everywhere.
Look at Cuba.
Communism was a failing type of government.
What the Chinese have done under... It first started with Deng Xiaoping.
A little tiny man, but a marvelous fellow.
His birthday is August 22nd.
And he created capitalistic socialism with Chinese characteristics, taking care of some of the weak points.
So if you think communism was bad, watch out for this government.
I better not say that.
Is there a gun around?
Oh, I'm just watching.
One of those mobile execution vans might drop by.
Actually, we don't have that.
A lot of the things you mentioned, and I've been all over China.
I did three movies here.
I used to be an actor many years ago.
Here in China, I did three movies, I think 11 commercials, and
Voiceovers and all kinds of... Well, sir, it was in the China Daily that one of their provinces has 24 mobile execution vans.
But, you have to understand how they relate to it.
You know, you're getting the same thing, really.
In America, we're getting the same things.
Little black four-wheelers, you know,
But ultimately, some of the things that... I haven't seen a lot of the things.
One of the things people... I've often laughed with my friends that, well, Bill, why are you in China?
I said, well, you know, all the companies went from America to China, so I came over here to start a welcome wedding.
And actually, in a way, the...
Tell you what, Bill, we've got a break.
Stay there.
Big Brother.
We'll be back.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, not a minute to be lost.
We're into hour number two.
A bunch of callers lined up.
A ton of news I want to cover.
We'll be talking about some of the occult symbolism in our media and our culture and how it's hidden in plain view coming up, but we got a surprise call from a professor slash curriculum expert in a school in China, in the New World Order capital of China, and he's there with his students calling us via an internet phone.
There's a few second delay.
And Bill, I'd like to have you on as a guest sometime.
Maybe I should have you on tomorrow in the second hour so we can pick your brain and talk about what it's like to be living in China and maybe even have a few of your students get on the phone with us there.
But in closing, anything else that you wanted to add?
Well, I was going to tell you a couple of things that you were talking about this evening.
One was the drugs that went into the Ritalin and things that went into students.
In 1977 in New York City, in New York State, I was in New York City, but I did a program for abandoned children in New Irvington.
And I discovered that they ate a great deal of red candies.
Yeah, the red dye, yeah.
Yeah, red dye number two.
And they were dropping these kids on Ritalin.
So I had to pull them off of Ritalin and drop the red dye number two.
And, you know, things balanced out very quickly.
I have a study on it.
But the other thing is, if I tried to teach what I teach my students here in America, I would be put in jail.
One reason why we listen to you and Stang and other people is because you hold what is a Chinese belief that homosexuality is a bad thing.
It's against the law here.
But I can go into my class and teach my students the harms of this way of life.
If I did that in America, I'd be in jail, and you know it.
Well, more and more they're arresting people that criticize it.
And the other thing was I had mentioned the 36 cents.
In China, with 36 cents an hour, you can buy more here in China than you can buy in America.
It's a matter of a means of exchange.
You know, one renminbi, which is a Chinese dollar,
And one American dollar, the American dollar, it takes eight renminbi to make one American dollar.
The Chinese control this exchange.
But, I can buy more with one renminbi in China, which is one-eighth of a dollar, than I can buy in America with a U.S.
Means of exchange.
The other thing is, the...
Mention of guns.
You know, I'm a West Virginian, of course, and therefore I have many guns back home.
And here in China, it's a sort of like the army, you know, don't ask, don't tell.
But I have met many Chinese with their own guns.
In England, the crime rate went way up when they looked at the statistics in Australia since April.
They've taken guns away from the Australians.
It's gone up, I think, 68% crime.
That's interesting.
Well, it's gone up more than that.
They always use the number from last year and they never count the aggregate increase.
Hey, I'll tell you what.
Bill, you want to call in tomorrow in the second hour and be a guest on the show?
Can you do that?
At what time?
What time would that be?
I'm at 1 o'clock in the morning here.
You would call in right now.
You would call in five minutes ago.
Okay, so 1 o'clock.
I'm calling you on 1-800-259-9231.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, I'm going to put you on hold.
We're going to give you a backline number for you to call tomorrow, and we'll have you on as a guest, okay?
Tomorrow, second hour.
Okay, we're going to put you on hold, so thanks for the call.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I want to get to this news article.
Rings Torch have ties to Hitler's Nazi Germany and get into the secret Illuminati language hidden in plain view.
Let's get to these callers that have been holding the longest first, quickly.
Let's talk to Dick in Colorado.
You're on the air, sir.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, sir.
Good morning.
Fascinating guy, that Bill.
I won't take up much of your time.
I want to talk just briefly about Rick Stanley.
I know you've had him on your show previously.
For those that don't know, he got the Colorado law changed back to what it was, where you can wear a gun openly.
That's the state constitution.
But they punished him and went ahead and arrested him over it, and then tried to trump up some other charges.
Tell us what happened.
Well, he has been sentenced...
And is out... No, he has been found guilty of threatening a public servant, namely the judge.
And by the way, the letter is public.
He just wrote them a letter and said it is treason to violate the Second Amendment.
Why are you guys involved in treason?
And by calling them traitors, they considered that to be violent.
Well, there was a little more to it, but anyway... Okay, a little more to it.
I've seen a copy of the letter.
It was months ago, though, and I had it with a con.
What did the letter say?
Well, I'm not sure.
As I understand it, he told the judge that if he, the judge...
Did what he had planned to do, that he was guilty of treason and would be subject to arrest by a militia.
That's my understanding.
That's not the letter I saw.
Okay, well, anyway, that's sort of beside the point.
He has been...
I'm guilty, and he is facing, what he did was to, just so that your listeners can understand, he appeared on two separate occasions in two different cities here in Colorado, Denver and I think Fort Collins, with a loaded gun on his hip, which is acceptable, which is okay according to both the Colorado and the United States constitutions.
But he was charged with something or other, and I can't think what it was right now.
Yeah, he was charged with unlawfully having a firearm in public when it wasn't even a law.
And so he is currently facing 12 to 32 years in jail.
I have met both him and his wife.
And I can tell you, they are very nice, impressive people.
Yeah, he was a big business owner, no criminal record.
Oh, yes, yes, yes, yes.
Well, he actually ran for, I think, the office of president two or three years ago.
An excellent guy.
Yeah, why don't I just... Is Rick in jail right now?
No, no, he's not.
Okay, well, I'll get in contact with him and have him on, okay?
Okay, let me give you his number.
Well, I know his number.
I don't know if Rick wants his number out on air.
Well, I just talked to him, and he said the best way to contact him is on his cell phone.
Yeah, I'll tell you what.
We'll put you on hold and get that number, okay?
Thanks a lot.
Will you get that number, Scott?
Thank you.
Let's go ahead now and talk to who's up next here?
Gina in California.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
It's nice to talk to you.
I really enjoy your show and appreciate what you're doing, first of all.
I want to talk about the vaccine you were talking about that they're going to try to make children take that will make them immune to nicotine and drugs.
Yes, which also they admitted is a virus that attacks the brain cells at the uptake receptor sites where they cannot even get their own endorphins.
It's admitted.
Okay, my main question is what motive would they have for this considering this would put the
The drug trade out of business and the tobacco companies out of business.
Well, this vaccine only affects certain things.
Then they have other drugs that they'll treat you with for depression that affect other receptors.
So it's making you basically a vegetable that they have to treat.
Oh, jeez.
I'm not kidding.
This is mainstream news.
Oh, yeah, I read it.
I totally believe you.
I've checked all your sources and all your stories.
Let me just tell you, I find it hard to believe that the British government is about to make this the law that everybody has to take this, and our government's considering it.
It's insane.
It's completely insane.
My other question was about the Castle Society that keeps coming up.
And how long do you think it will take to actually get that in place?
Because they're slowly implementing it.
You know, everyone is doing transactions with credit cards anyway.
Well, see, even if you pay cash in the near future, they're going to face scan you for, quote, security, and they're going to have a new national sales tax that's going to be sold to us by fake conservatives to get rid of the income tax.
They're going to keep the income tax, but just lower it.
Then they're going to give us a national sales tax.
You'll have to swipe a card, even when you pay cash.
What if you refuse the card?
Well, see, it's like...
John McCain came out yesterday and said, we've got to have a national ID card.
We've got to have it.
Well, we already have national standards.
Almost every state has it with the biometric driver's license.
So we already have it.
And that's why, did you hear the story all over the country?
People sticking their driver's license with the magnetic strip into gas stations.
And it worked.
And they thought, oh, this is great.
And then they got arrested a few weeks later because they recorded all their information.
Yeah, because the card's already set up to be a credit card.
It's already set up to be in your account.
It's all set up in place?
Yeah, and so also, when you drive your car into the gas station, they already have the plug-ins in the ignitions for this.
You'll have to plug your car in and show the miles, or if it's an old car, you'll have to pay for a regular meter, and then when you stick your card in, it'll automatically deduct it off when you buy gas.
Oh, I see.
That's one model.
They may also go to a satellite tracker box in all cars, which all the new cars already have that in their ignition.
The plug-ins for it, and then you pay for the satellite tracker box when you get your tags.
Now, these RFID chips, we're neither wholly trying to implement them.
A lot of these Christian groups you see on the net, and they're concerned.
They think it's like Mark of the Beast, 666, whatever.
It's certainly part of that system.
Now, do you think that is when they're going to be the ultimate revolt, is when these things are forcibly trying to put on people, or will you voluntarily have to take it?
There are already, conservatively, over 1,500 products that have tracker chips in them.
And so they're just doing it.
Well, I'm talking about when...
People physically have to take it.
Well, you notice now that every week I see articles where they say, we want you to take the chips under the skin to buy and sell.
This is going to be a global ID system.
We've had Verichip executives on.
The Mexican government's taking the chip now.
It's over 300 of them.
It was 160, then another 100.
Now they're going to make all the police take it.
There's discussions of it here.
The Italian government's considering it.
And yes, I hope there's a revolt, but see, it's going to be at first, you don't have to have the chip, you just don't have to work here.
Or you don't have to have the chip, but you get 30% off at the grocery store if you do.
Yeah, just like the Safeway cards where you get cheaper groceries if you sign up for their club and let them track everything.
And this is the official plan.
I'm not even speculating now.
Oh, I know, I know.
I was speculating eight years ago because you could see the program, the system.
Now it's here.
Yeah, I was disgusted.
I saw the Verichip website, and you see the, hey, go and get Chip.
Here comes the Chipmobile.
Yeah, they have car drives around the school grounds, and they have a character, Mr. Chip, and it's Get Chip Today, trademarked, yes.
Doesn't anybody else see the horror in this?
Thank God.
Hey, do people see the horror in a vaccine with a virus that reprograms your receptors?
I mean...
Well, they definitely should if anyone, I guess, paid attention to the newspaper once in a while.
I mean, it says we're going to inject you with a virus that puts plaques in your brain.
I mean, it just openly says it.
I think I would be like, I don't think so.
That's not a very good idea.
Well, look, the local news in Austin and all over the country is saying, you must have vaccines to go to school.
You'll never get involved.
It is the law.
And it's not the law.
Thanks for the call.
I'm sorry we already disconnected you.
I appreciate it.
I appreciate it.
Let's talk to Warren in Colorado.
Warren, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Go ahead.
Real quick here.
Do you remember the show Dallas since you lived there in Texas?
I just found it interesting.
I've been kind of watching that since I didn't really watch it when I was younger.
Everything that's talked about on this broadcast
Actually, it's come true through this show with the oil and all things like losing your conscience, like you remember JR, things like that, in order to accomplish a lot, walking over everybody.
I don't know.
I just thought I'd ask you about that and see how you felt about that show.
Well, number one, I don't watch...
Now it's really gotten bad.
I mean, you think it's good I don't watch TV, but I don't really stay in tune to certain things if I don't watch it.
I actually haven't watched television other than like in stores or walking along.
I haven't watched television in about two weeks now.
What I do is I watch videos people send me of specific stuff.
Well, that's my only comment.
I know that the other caller...
All about the bowling for Columbine and things like that.
No, it's an interesting point.
It's an interesting point.
Yeah, okay.
Hey, good to hear from you.
You know, I really want to get into this revelation of the method.
I want to get into this in-your-face, the globalist language is hidden in plain view.
Fascinated by symbolism and numerology, the globalist's favorite tactic is to leave blueprints to their plans hidden in plain view.
From messages delivered to the masses through the media and films, to Time Warner's all-seeing eye, we are repeatedly reminded by the Illuminati themselves that they are controlling us and are omnipresent world leaders.
From Bill Clinton to Prince William have been photographed proudly flashing the sign of the devil.
Architecture around the globe is laid out to represent their occult icons or structures based on occult numerology, like the pyramid that Francois Mitterrand had constructed at the Louvre, which is made of 666 pieces of gold glass.
The New World Order symbolism is everywhere.
Hello folks, Alex Jones here.
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Welcome back, my friends.
Oh, I tell you, there is so much here that needs to be covered.
And I know we've got a lot of callers, Elizabeth and Chase and Jeff and everybody else, but let me get into this.
In your face, the globalist language is hidden in plain view.
The New World Order's symbolism is everywhere and there are globalist fingerprints all over the September 11th attacks as well as the Madrid bombing.
And then below are just a few examples of how the globalist overlords are throwing their language and intent in our faces.
And we have a September 11th section with video clips and audio clips.
Four warnings from Rupert Murdoch and the Illuminati in control of the film industry.
The infamous lone government pilot, the World Trade Center.
They're going to crash the plane into the World Trade Center.
In March of 2001, Fox TV aired episode one of the new show, Spun Off from the X-Files.
In the first episode of the new show, the lone government, an inside faction of the government, posing as terrorists, hijacks a 727 by remote-controlled...
They do this because the Cold War is over, and they need an excuse for a war to increase arms sales.
They target the World Trade Center, but their plot is foiled at the last minute.
And under that, we have the Long Kiss Goodnight, a 1996 action film, provides yet more anecdotal evidence of government complicity in 9-11.
In a similar vein to the episode of The Lone Gunman, aired on Fox, the action film, Long Kiss Goodnight,
Globalists leave their numerology...
And fingerprints.
The New York Lottery on the one-year anniversary came up 9-11.
So did the Chicago Mercantile.
9-11 closing at S&P Futures on September 11, 2002.
On the one-year anniversary of September 11, 2002, the same day that the New York Lottery drew 9-11 as a winning pick, three combinations of the September Standard & Poor's 500 Futures closed at 9-11.00.
Never before happened.
And then we have another one.
3-11 happened 911 days after 9-11.
It happened on 3-11 with the Madrid bombing.
Then we get into the globalist Illuminati.
Occult symbolism is everywhere.
The all-seeing eye on the dollar bill.
The network symbols.
World leaders flashing satanic gestures.
All of them.
Francois Mitterrand, Bill Clinton, George Bush.
I mean, they all do it.
And then we also have...
A section on architecture and examples of how it's admittedly a cult.
But this Cincinnati Inquirer article, Rings Torch, have ties to Hitler's Nazi propaganda, Athens, Greece.
The most beloved emblems of modern Olympics have a decidedly dark past.
The torch relay that culminates in the ceremonial lighting of the front of the Olympic Stadium was ordered and designed by Adolf Hitler, who tried to turn the 1936 Berlin Games into a celebration of the Third Reich.
And it gets into how he came up with the rings and the torch and how that was a secret society Nazi symbol.
Then they get into how at the Olympics they didn't, you know, in ancient Greece that was pagan, they admit, they didn't march with torches.
They had heralders that went out and cried for people to come to it.
They get into how actually the Druid rituals did the torches leading up to the cauldron, which then they would set somebody on fire, I would add, to another simulation of human sacrifice, folks.
And it gets into all of that.
And I knew this.
A lot of you knew this.
But you talk about it, you're crazy.
Unless it's the big daily paper from the city of Cincinnati talking about it.
But Adolf Hitler was a member of the Illuminati.
Adolf Hitler was told he was going to be allowed to take over.
And then he was resisted by his bosses who set him up.
And he was into the occult.
And they admit they did bizarre black magic rituals at SS castles.
This is public.
Why is his symbol the skull and bones, and then it's skull and bones, it's skull and bones.
It's the skull and crossbones.
Why do they eat off Hitler's silverware?
That's MSNBC.
It's skull and bones.
Why do they have Nazi flags in there?
Why are they into all of this?
It's the cult of war and power.
Hitler didn't invent any of this.
He's just following his black magic code.
And so I thought I would bring up that new point, because yesterday at this very time, a listener from Florida called in about the Congressional Medal of Honor.
And it's a pentagram, an upside-down star with symbols on it.
And you look at it, they're all occult symbols.
But it's hidden in plain view.
I'm not saying you're bad if you have one of these.
But the point is, is they do this everywhere, universally.
It's like a total information awareness network symbols, the all-seeing eye pyramid radiating the earth.
And TIA is the initials of this big deity they worship.
I mean, it's every NASA mission, every new asteroid they find has got some weird satanic name.
It's all hidden in plain view.
There, I've talked about it.
We'll give you a ten-minute update on a First Amendment situation.
Then we'll get to Elizabeth and all the other callers that are patiently holding.
Please stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
It's finally here.
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You know, our modern highway system is designed off of plans actually written out and designed by Adolf Hitler.
The Volkswagen, the original design, was drawn by Hitler.
The space program is set up along lines envisioned by Adolf Hitler.
The Olympic Games, the rings, he drew that, he came up with that.
The torches, all of it is Adolf Hitler.
All of it is Illuminati.
Why do we keep all of this?
Why does the elite call it Homeland Security, the black uniforms?
Why does everything imitate Hitler?
But then we're told how bad Hitler is.
Well, Hitler was bad.
Why is Arnold Schwarzenegger saying he admires Hitler, wants to be like Hitler, but then he's loved and lauded when he supports Nazis like Kurt Voltheim?
Because the Illuminati are Satanist folks, and they loved Hitler.
He was their man.
They set him up to do what he did to bring them into power by countering him.
And that's the facts, folks.
All around you, you see the handiwork of Hitler.
He was their boy.
A kind of prototype Antichrist.
And another Hitler is coming.
But he's going to have different rhetoric.
He's going to bring in the world government.
And that's why I got into the Illuminati and globalist language hidden in plain view.
And that is on Infowars.com on the left-hand side.
You can go click on that section and go over all of it.
And also we have the article about...
About how the Olympic Games, all of the symbolism was set up by Adolf Hitler.
Just thought you'd want to know that.
I know your calls are coming up, and I'm going to rear an interview in the next hour because you've had so many requests for it, with that Citizens Defense League tattletale in the uniforms with the MP armbands.
But we're going to get to your calls and some other news.
I do want to encourage you to get my videos.
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Patriotic, pro-America, information warfare weapons we've got.
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You need to have them.
They're part one and part two.
They go in order.
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So please call toll-free, 888-253-3139, or InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
Cut through all the hype and get the facts.
Get the documentation to expose the criminal corporations that are the military-industrial complex in the New World Order.
Get the films and materials today.
All right, joining us for the next 10-15 minutes, he's a busy guy, I appreciate him joining us.
He's the local host of Democracy Now!, puts it on locally, award-winning documentary filmmakers.
Stephon Ray and his wife Pam have been invaluable in my research and investigation.
All over the country, access television is being shut down, and it's an incredible tool, and you should use it, and in case, because the first are attacked everywhere.
Anti-war protesters being arrested on street corners with signs that say, no blood for oil, but 500 Bush protesters protected right next to them.
Pro-life people being arrested 100 feet from abortion clinics, told they're not allowed to do it.
Street preachers being arrested.
The First Amendment ideal is evaporating before our very eyes.
And amazingly, the Board of Access Television, this new board, openly talks about restricting religious shows that criticize other religions, kicking them off two of the channels.
Openly, board members get up and admit all of this, but then say it's not censorship.
And we've been going down the rabbit hole, and now it's connected to all these corporations and these big law firms and just all this horrible stuff.
And so to give Austinites an update, and I want to thank those that have come to all the meetings.
I know it's tiring to come out every week and fight this.
I want to thank you.
But to give you the latest developments in this clearer picture we're starting to get is Stephan Ray.
Stephan, can you give folks just in a nutshell what access is supposed to be and what they're attempting to do and the bizarre behavior we saw last night when we confronted them with the minutes?
They tried to deny the minutes of the meetings.
Then they said, well, it doesn't say what you say it says.
Well, then will you say you won't censor people?
And they wouldn't say they wouldn't.
So in a nutshell, tell folks what's going on, and then give us some of the latest developments.
In a nutshell, what is Access supposed to be?
Yes, sir.
Well, what it's supposed to be is a free speech forum
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good.
Probably don't have a really good history and understanding of what free speech television is all about.
Well, we know there's conflicts of interest according to the contract in the charter with the city.
And the conflict of interest, and I'll say it, is one of the members has an educational company, and he's partners with the other board member, and they go to all these meetings, and they want it to, quote, be educational, and they've told me, well, we can't have stuff on there that hurts people's feelings around our educational programs.
We won't get grants.
Well, it's not supposed to be about grants.
They want a G rating on one of the channels.
But, again, that G rating isn't...
Don't cuss or don't... That's fine.
The G rating is, if you criticize somebody, that is not a G rating.
And then we have this other board member who is a corporate compromised Delphi method specialist, folks.
And he goes around consulting the city and has these corporate programs he sells.
And we know that he's been involved with staff and producing these.
He's not supposed to do that.
Now, that's confirmed.
All of this is happening, and we've gone to meeting after meeting.
But, Stephan, let's talk about those minutes, why these are important.
Well, the board minutes.
Oh, okay.
The reason that the minutes from the board of directors, and obviously everyone knows that a board of directors keeps minutes every month and they approve them and that sort of thing.
We got copies of the minutes going back a year.
The reason that the minutes are important is because they demonstrate a pattern of behavior and they show the kinds of things that the board wants to change.
Specifically, one area that's important is
They say that they want to... If somebody on one of the religious programs makes some sort of an attack or critique on another program, then... Not another program, another religion.
...on another religion or a faith, etc., then they would be reassigned to a different block, something called the point of view block.
But when we confronted the board about this last night, several of the board members were pretending as if they had no clue what that was about.
They claimed they weren't there.
I mean, it's like in the movie when the cops get the people in the room and they all start denying and changing stories.
They're sitting there going, I wasn't there.
I never saw that.
And we go, well, it shows you were there.
Well, that's just a proposal.
Well, it says you passed it.
And then I said, okay, well then say you're not.
Understand there's 10, 11, and 16.
You're not going to be on 11 or 16 if you criticize anybody or do anything.
You're all going to be on channel 10.
There's even discussions of regulating that.
So we're going from three channels to one.
And they sign on and the contract with the city clearly says they're content and neutral.
They're not supposed to be involved in the programs.
And the reason that they are wanting to make these changes is because they claim that there are
All sorts of complaints about Access Television and that the city is hurting for funds and that they have to have a better image in order to be more palatable to the audience.
Now, number one... But the fact is that there's not been any noticeable level of increasing complaints about the program.
And I talked to somebody that monitors that sort of thing.
Yeah, you talked to a high-level city official who is the person that monitors that this morning, and they said, no, we get one complaint a month, and they admittedly have gotten hundreds of phone calls complaining about the attempted change.
And more to the point, too, ACTV here in Austin...
Is considered to be one of the best public access television channels in the country.
No, we're considered the best.
Go online, research it, folks.
Found it here.
The best.
We are the national model.
It all began here.
And they're telling us we're bad and that we can't do all this stuff and we can't hurt people's feelings and we can't do that.
It was amazing.
And after you left the board meeting, Stephan, last night, I talked to Franks at the end, in front of witnesses, and he said, Look, you guys better back off.
I'm an inch away from not even defending this place, and then it's gone.
Well, he should be gone for just saying that.
Yeah, I don't know how much his presence is important in keeping this place there or not.
Well, I mean, it's 31 years old.
I don't see that.
It's doing great.
It's... Look...
Stephan, I wanted to ask you, do you have the City Council phone numbers in front of you?
I want to give out Brewster McCracken's phone number, because I found out he's been one of the ones sneaking around as a prime mover in this.
Do you have McCracken's number?
I can look it up really quick.
Yeah, take your time when we get that.
I'm going to give out Brewster McCracken's number.
Be nice when you call, wherever you live in the country, but especially in Austin or Central Texas, and say, look...
Leave Access Television alone.
Stop trying to exert pressure on them and claiming you're getting a bunch of complaints when you're not.
Here's a complaint about what you're doing.
Leave our First Amendment alone.
And by the way, folks, Access Television is so tame.
Here's the area code.
Area code 512, and the phone number is 974-2256.
Okay, 512-974-2256?
Got any ideas what people should say when they call, Stephan?
Just to preserve AXS TV in Austin and keep it the way it is right now.
It works.
And also ask for their fax number so you can send them a written so you want it in the record that you're complaining about their attempt to restrict the content.
You want the fax number?
I can give it to you.
Yes, please. 512...
And I guess the thing that we should be complaining about the board...
Not the content.
That's what we ought to be doing.
Yes, we're complaining that the board claims that the city wants them to restrict content because you've gotten one complaint a month.
Folks, I want hundreds of phone calls.
This is happening all over the country.
If access falls in Austin, it's going to be a major bulwark falling.
They're going to use this as precedent around the country.
512-974-2256 is the phone, and the fax is 512-974-1884.
And his name is Punky Brewster.
I mean, Brewster McCracken.
A pinheaded peanut head of Neocon.
Okay, I've got to go.
All right, Stephan.
One last thing here.
You have another question?
Well, just any other, because I've been running on as I always do.
Any other key points we need to know about this?
I can't think of anything right now.
I'm sure there are, but my brain is fried.
I guess one key point might be that there are three new board members on ACTV just within this year alone.
This person you were asking about, Eric Storm, I just found out, he came on board in January.
We've had someone coming on board in October of last year, January and April.
All of the new people are
Somehow, I think connected in some way, but I'm trying to figure that out.
Well, this is one of the biggest law firms in town that's involved with the city, involved with Tom Warner.
Well, he's also, this is a little funny aside, Eric Storm, who's on the board of ACTV, is also on the board of the Austin Lyric Opera.
Now, those around the country may not know what that is or care, but Austin Lyric Opera is where this character, Thirst the Elephant,
We're good to go.
And the Dean Bowers and Clark, the board members, are in business with this educational company that's even done stuff with Bush's wife here locally.
They're little buddies with them.
Oh, really?
Oh, yes.
You didn't know that?
Yeah, it just gets deeper and deeper and deeper.
And listen, that lawyer... Because she likes to read books to children.
So there's that whole link there.
So you think these are all a bunch of Republicans?
Yeah, this guy Ron Frank used to work for a senator.
Which one was it?
We don't know.
We should find out.
Well, I mean, regardless, they don't want free speech.
And before we had a bunch of hippies running it, and they said, do whatever you want.
And now we've got a bunch of neocons and other unsundry people running around.
I mean, I was in there with that board member Storm, and he was popping off about, well, this hurts people's feelings.
Well, you know, I mean, they're not supposed to be board members if they don't believe in free speech.
Well, I'll see you this afternoon, Stephan, for our little business.
All right.
And there's going to be big developments on this very soon.
All right.
I'll talk to you later.
All right.
Take care.
We'll come back, get to your calls.
All right, folks.
And we've got a lot of key people here we're going to be getting to.
So stay with us.
Thanks for holding.
And then later in the next hour, I'm going to re-air that interview with the Citizens Defense Force, because people have been requesting that.
Your new Tattletail Squads will keep you safe.
PrisonPlanet.tv, folks.
Don't forget that new website, PrisonPlanet.tv.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
This information is absolutely vital for all freedom lovers in the United States.
Order your video today.
Call toll free at 888-253-3139.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139.
Or go to my website, Infowars.com.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
All right, Elizabeth, Chase, and Jeff and others, your calls are coming up here in a moment, but folks around the country and here in Central Texas, whether you're listening in Fredericksburg or Austin or Rochester, New York, Pensacola, Florida, Denver, Colorado, Los Angeles, California, I want this phone number to be busy.
I'm begging you, call them and just politely say, look, the board of directors of ACTV has openly talked about restricting speech.
We do not want this.
And they claim it's because they've had complaints, but your own telecommunications head lawyer has told us that they get one complaint a month.
Well, here.
Here's 500 complaints about you guys trying to go after the free speech charter.
Give them a call right now, please.
Here's the number.
And by the way, I just called them during the break.
I want all of you to call them, and I'm going to do it too.
I want you to fax them written complaints, 512-974-1884.
This is the city council, by the way, that's basically gotten rid of citizens' communication.
We have to sign up a week before, and there's only ten slots available, and this is the type of stuff they're doing, where you can't even go down and talk to them now.
So, 512-974-1884.
And that's really important for Austinites to do that, because it's a level complaint with the facts.
But call them at 512-974-2256, please.
Let's talk to Elizabeth in Maryland.
Elizabeth, good to talk to you.
How are you doing?
Good, Alex.
Good to talk with you.
I just have two points, and I'm glad to see you're fighting for that Access TV, because if you can't keep the First Amendment rights to stand up for the dispossessed, what are we all going to do?
Well, I mean, here it's insanely popular, winning all the big awards, showing up in the ratings very high, and that's why they hate it.
Well, one of the dispossessed I just wanted to bring to your attention because you had been talking about the vaccines, and I had a quick question on that.
My hubby picked up the Washington Times for yesterday and
And in the Metropolitan section, it warned the schools in D.C.
No shots, no school.
Yes, nationwide, it's a federal program of lying, saying you have to have it to go to school when federal and state law says you don't have to, and they've all got the waivers in their desk drawers.
And is that also true in D.C.? ?
Yes, D.C.
has attempted to pass a law to make you do it, but they were unable to do it.
That was the one city that tried last year, and that was in the BBC.
But no, nowhere can they make you do it unless you waive your rights and join the military.
That's great to know because they did say in here there was a threat of a $500 fine and five days in jail for parents whose kids were not inoculated.
Well, I think that's going to be a twist on if you're truant.
See, we don't let you come and then we criminally charge you because you're truant.
But look, it's like the police and firefighters.
Remember two years ago they tried to force them to take the smallpox shot and the LA Times reported that 99 plus percent refused?
It said like out of 14 million, only a few thousand did it.
So that's the good news here.
Out of all these government people and health department people and firefighters and city people and police, they almost all refused.
So, you know, they have a right to say no, too.
That's right, and that was great that you had Dr. Breeding on about a week ago.
I got some clips from your program, and I'm going to present them at WKDI.
That was really great.
And my other point was... We are so thankful for that Maryland affiliate.
Just a powerful station covering, what, 3 million people?
I'm not sure how many, but you've got more and more listeners growing.
And I was so happy you were getting into the Illuminati symbols.
And I wanted to bring out the idea that it's kind of like you're fighting torture, physical torture, but this is like a torture of our souls.
When I heard the Power Hour lately, and I hope you'll get into this and expand on it, I heard Joyce presenting the news that they supposedly had processed the Pentagon bodies at Dover and it was called Operation Noble Eagle.
Isn't that sick and sadistic?
We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, in the last hour, I gave out the phone number to Marissa McCracken, one of the city council members going after Access Television.
And normally they answer the phone.
They've gone to an automated system, so it's important to continue to call, to call in a few hours, to send a fax and say you want to call back, especially if you live in Austin, and demand that they, on the record, take your complaint against what they're trying to do to the First Amendment.
So that number is 512-974-2256.
974-2256 with a 512 in front of it or the fax number 512-974-1884.
And that fax, they can't shut that off.
So send them there, 512-974-1884.
Let's go back to the calls.
Chase in Texas.
Chase, you're on the air.
Thank you for holding.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you.
I want to say a friend of mine in Austin turned me on to you and hats off to you and what you're doing.
Well, thank you.
How are you listening?
Where do you live?
In Dallas.
Oh, okay.
Yeah, you can listen on the local FM station if you live here, but go ahead, sir.
Okay, well, I got a question.
I've been noticing here on our military guys that they're wearing the flag reverse on their shirt, and also the flags in the courtrooms all have fringes.
Yeah, that's an admiralty law.
There's an actual U.S.
Code etiquette, and that means you're under martial law when it's a gold fringe, and that is true.
Oh, okay.
But what about the flags that the guys are wearing backwards?
I've gotten calls about that.
I'm not really familiar with it.
Because I know that if you do the flag reverse, it's supposed to be when the country's got a natural disaster or some kind of big disaster.
Well, no, that's upside down.
Oh, that's upside down?
Yeah, it all goes back to pennant language from ships.
It's a whole language.
Oh, okay.
Well, that's something I didn't know.
But anyway, I'm recording your shows.
I'm going to start passing them out to my friends and family.
I've got like six or seven of them.
I'm looking forward to your new one that comes out.
Well, I appreciate you getting the films and getting them out to people, sir.
Sure, sure.
Well, listen, I'm going to let you go, take care of business, and I'm going to continue to listen.
Thank you, Chase.
I hope you'll call Bruce from McCracken's office for me.
Jeff in Louisiana.
Jeff, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I was looking up in 1969 Webster's Dictionary of the Definition of Terrorism.
This thing blew my mind.
It says here, terrorism, blame it, terrorism,
A system of government by terror, intimidation, terrorist, one who rules by intimidation.
That's, look, the old definition of terrorism is what the government does.
The bad men are going to get you if you don't submit to us.
That's the definition of terrorism.
Now the new definition is any action that endangers human life, it's a violation of any federal or state law, and then another definition they have in Section 802, trying to influence the political process.
Yeah, but I never thought of it as a form of government until I read that yesterday.
Yeah, that's what terrorism was in the past.
We got the word from the Red Terror, a system of government terror against the people, scaring them into submission.
And now we have the government with the gun to our head.
The gun is Al-Qaeda, Al-CIAIDA that they own and run, and they put the gun to our head and they say, give up your freedoms or we're going to pull the trigger.
Al-Qaeda's going to get you.
Yeah, they're the real terrorists.
By definition, sir.
Give up your freedoms or the bad man will get you.
That's what a terrorist does.
Do what I want or bad things are going to happen.
Okay, Alex.
Good to hear from you.
Excellent point.
Yeah, they're changing definitions.
It's like in a 10-year-old, 15-year-old dictionary, a czar is an absolute despot, a dictator, a rogue, a bad thing.
Now a czar is a government official.
They're chartered to help the people.
See, it's totally Orwellian how they're changing the definitions.
And they're doing it everywhere, in every way.
They don't tell you we're a republic, they tell you we're a democracy, and people don't know the difference.
In a democracy, 51% of people can say, kill all white people, kill all black people, and it happens.
51% can say, we're taking your land.
But in a republic, you can't do that, because the minority as well as the majority is protected.
A democracy is two wolves in a sheet voting on what's for dinner, as the founding father said.
Two wolves in a sheet voting on what's for dinner.
We'll be back.
Key interview coming up.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
On Infowars.com, on PrisonPlanet.com, we have Tommy Franks.
And I'm going to air this.
This is in the public interest.
This is a former head of CENTCOM talking about how he knew the towers were going to get knocked down days before.
I thought nobody knew that.
I thought nobody thought about that.
And then conspiracy theories, how people think they've got Bin Laden.
And then it goes into, it's real sad that we may have to have troops on the streets and martial law, but you know it's what may happen.
So this is the public interest here.
We must analyze this enemy propaganda here, ladies and gentlemen.
But then I learned that Michael Medved, one of the archdukes of neoconism...
Was being basically lambasted by his truly conservative listenership, going, hey man, you know, this Supreme Court ruling, we all got to show our IDs and ask questions and do all this, this is wrong.
He's like, no, it's good, it's good.
And so, then somebody calls in, and well, what about this video?
Alex Jones is 9-11 the road attorney, people are at Michael Moore showings handing out flyers, and God bless you, by the way, for trying to save this country.
Well, I think anyone handing those out should be investigated by the Secret Service.
Oh, no.
None of us wish any harm upon Lord Bush the puppet.
By the way, what was it?
It was about two, three years ago.
Somebody sent me a threatening email about the president.
You know what I did?
Because I thought it was a provocateur.
It turned out it was a lunatic.
I thought, man, this is a setup.
So I called the Secret Service, and oh, they thanked me so much, and they went to the guy's house in Tennessee, and he answered the door and said, yes, I did it, take me away!
And the guy's in prison, last time I checked.
It was in Tennessee newspapers.
So, no, don't you ever try it, Medved, and you're ill trying to imply something like that.
The last thing we want is any violence.
The last thing we want is for your bosses, the globalists, to...
Give us the crisis they need to give us the solution, the New World Order.
Paul Watson, back from his sabbatical.
He is now joining us.
We are graced by his presence.
Hey, Paul, good to have you on.
Good to be back, Alex.
I tell you, a lot went on the week you were gone.
I mean, it is all in high gear.
Fox News is Lacey Peterson, Lacey Peterson.
Michael Moore's an idiot.
Worship Ridge, Worship Ridge.
I mean, that's all they're doing.
And this latest salvo with the Lord Medville, or Medville, I should say.
What do you think of that?
Well, it's certainly interesting, having just listened to the clip.
I mean...
As he mentioned, he implies directly that anyone who espouses the view that the government was behind 9-11 in any way should be looked at, in his words, by the Secret Service.
And in fact, he doesn't just apply that to right-wingers, as was the case in the call that the caller called into the show with.
He said Michael Moore was a threat to America, was dangerous to America, and should be watched also very carefully.
Well, I guess he was watched when he went to the Saudi embassy and was about 100 yards away, and Secret Service is guarding our bosses, the Saudis, and this is incredible.
And look, I don't even support Moore, folks.
I think his film is a soft soap, and in a way it's a whitewash.
I mean, I do support his First Amendment, but...
Michael Moore is a threat, and listen, the other neocons are even worse.
They're calling for people's arrest outright, Paul, but please continue.
Well, yeah, man, they all love the police state.
In this clip, Medved states that if an officer asks for your ID, then you should produce it on demand, and he said that that's not a violation of the Fourth Amendment, because he said that if you're in a public place, then the Fourth Amendment doesn't exist.
Well, also, the Supreme Court just ruled that in your house or your backyard, you've got to answer questions, show IDs.
I guess there's no Fifth Amendment.
And I've got to answer the new yearly census.
We're going to get several hundred questions.
Do I own guns?
How much is in my bank account?
I guess there's no Fifth Amendment there either.
Well, no, and it's all in the face of these...
Again, we find out fake tower alerts, this time four years old, right at the time when the Democratic National Convention is taking place with all the police on the streets there anyway, the protesters caged, and so, you know, it focuses everyone's attention back onto it.
And from my experience over the past week or so,
Even if you buy into the myth that, you know, airlines are vulnerable to hijackers, then the security is non-existent.
I mean, my cousin got special screening.
They routed through his bag because he had a pair of stereo speakers, which they thought were bombs.
I mean, that's the ridiculous level.
But then somebody had a heart attack on the plane and they wouldn't even help him.
Well, somebody had a heart attack on the plane or something of that nature.
And this was at the gate.
Yeah, and the cockpit door was left wide open.
The captain had left it.
There was no one in there.
All the stewards and stewardesses were running up and down the plane.
The cockpit door was open for about 20 minutes.
And so, you know, if you buy into this hijackers thing, then where is the security there?
It's not there.
It's on the streets of London, which I also saw with numerous armed police hanging around everywhere.
Where you expect the security to be, it is not in place.
And so that, again, defeats the whole myth of terrorism.
And again, in Britain, we've had another wave of these terror arrests where they make it seem like, you know, terrorists running around, everyone's backing up.
And in 98% of the cases, a month later they go, oh, they were innocent, or oh, they were really informants.
We staged the arrest for their safety.
In the past, they've been in contact with the British Intelligence Services weeks before their arrest.
I mean, BBC admitted that 90-95% in every case are always released a week after, and the others, you know, months after.
So, again, it's... Okay, 95, not 98.
Sorry, I forgot the actual number.
So, Paul, this Tommy Frank situation...
You've now watched the clips that are on Fox website.
We have a link to it on both the websites.
You can go watch it at Fox.
This is a nightmare.
Describe that for people.
Well, yeah, obviously it's an interview with Hannity.
I believe it's August 3rd, a couple of days ago.
And right off the bat, Hannity asks Franks about a public speech he gave on September 7th, four days before the attack.
And Frank was asked, what keeps him awake at night?
And he said, what keeps me awake at night is one World Trade Center tower falling into another, an attack on the World Trade Center, and that's what keeps me awake at night.
And this was four days before the attack.
And he goes on in the book to say someone ramming something into it.
But again, the government had never heard of such a plan, never heard of anything.
It was the first time they'd ever heard of it.
But Frank's had more to say, didn't he?
He said the other thing that kept him awake is that the response to that kind of event would be military on the streets of America.
And he couched it and, you know, God forbid if that would happen language.
But again, it's floating out there at a time when people are more tuned into it with this fake terror alert thing.
And the troops are now on the streets.
Basically what he did in the Cigar Fish and Auto interview was, you know, it's a terrible thing.
I love the Constitution.
I'm a big believer.
But the people are going to demand a military government after this happens.
And it's just too bad.
But, you know, that's what happens after we're attacked again.
So he's saying, oh, it's too bad, shucks.
None of us like it.
But, you know, that's just what's going to happen after it happens again.
Also, he talks about the capture of Bin Laden and, you know, how it's been so close here and there over the past few years and that he doesn't agree with the conspiracy theorists that Bin Laden...
He says that he believes that people in the government are good like him, and if there were people in there like him, then they would blow the whistle if such a staged capture was being prepared.
So again, it goes back to that argument of,
By the way, in the Cigar Aficionado article that was done in November and then came out in December,
He says, oh, don't worry, we're about to get Saddam.
I know something you don't know.
And then we had Congressman LaHood a week before telling an Illinois newspaper that, oh, we've got him, but I can't tell you why or how.
Then it turned out the Kurds did have, whoever this Saddam character is, it was even real, a month before, and they stuck him in the hole and staged the capture.
That's, by the way, has now been admitted.
But again, back of the newspaper, average American doesn't even know that was staged.
Admittedly staged, ladies and gentlemen.
And so, Paul, there is just no telling what these people are going to pull.
And remember, two and a half years ago, I was told by a high-level White House source...
That Bin Laden had died of kidney failure and is frozen right now to be rolled out before the election.
And now Madeleine Albright has said it.
Senator Grassley, a Republican, has said it.
All these people have said it.
The question is, has our preemptive exposure of it, will that stop them from rolling out their Bin Laden, who died of natural causes, a great servant of the New World Order, his family well taken care of, rewarded with all the new defense contracts through Carlyle Group, a new military...
Well, I don't know whether we preemptively stopped it, because as we've discussed before, there are kind of two factions competing for the head of the power of the same agenda.
And so one might blow the whistle on the other by allowing this stage capture of Bin Laden thought process to be put out there in the mainstream media.
So at that level it looks as if it might have been defeated, but then the worry is that they will turn to something even more dangerous.
To give Bush the election if that camp, you know, wants Bush to be in the White House for another four years.
But things don't look good for Bush with the anointed Bilderberg group knighting Lord Edwards.
So, well, one more segment, Paul, and we've got our special surprise guest coming on.
Please stay with us.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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All right, my friends, back live.
Talking to Paul Watson.
Got Dr. Breeding coming up in the middle of the next hour to talk about the new Freedom Initiative, which is openly and publicly now going, oh, we're not just going to test all the children.
They had said it was going to be adults, too.
We're going to start with pregnant women.
Any pregnant woman who goes through a hospital will have to be psychologically evaluated, and, of course, her child will have to be taken or drugged.
I'm not kidding.
This is in major Illinois newspapers.
It's going to be all over the country.
To have a job, you'll have to do this.
Part of your national ID card.
But the special surprise guest, we hope the person joins us.
We'll see if they do.
Will be coming on in a few minutes.
But Paul Watson.
Continuing with the ramped up terror alerts.
And then the neocons say, oh no, it wasn't a four-year-old alert.
But Ridge says, well, it is a four-year-old alert.
But it's still very credible.
So they can't even get their lies straight, Paul.
Well, no, you have to ask the question, at what point are these lies being ironed out to the effect where we're supposed to pick up on the fact that this is
We're good to go.
You know, they get to get up there and say, we told you so.
And then in the future, exactly, and then in the future when there's an alert, we will pay attention.
We will learn to lick boots.
We will learn to grovel and beg for people to aim machine guns at us and search small children at checkpoints to get into shopping malls as the FBI has publicly called for.
And we've heard that newscast here on the broadcast.
But, Paul, you're absolutely right.
They let us fight Patriot Act 1 and 2.
They let us complain.
They let us gripe.
They let us call these fake alerts.
And then the globalists blow the living daylights out of a city, nuke a city, dirty bomb, hijack jets again with remote control, and then they're going to stand up there and say, See, I told you so.
Go ahead.
Well, yeah, and at that point, after the big attack, you know, one which will dwarf 9-11, then the terror alerts, when they do take place, you won't see it stepped up to orange.
Every time you'll see it stepped up to red.
And obviously, as we've covered before, at that point...
They start to introduce things like curfews where you can't leave your own home.
So it's a level of police state above orange which will be justified after the big attack and will then bolster the credibility of these terror warnings which obviously now are losing a lot of steam because, you know, nothing ever happens.
But again, after the big attack, you know, they'll step up to red alert each time and then, you know, they'll really get to enact those police state measures which they've already set up.
Remember about a month ago, it was all over the news, the FBI recommended putting metal detectors and people to search everyone going in shopping malls?
Well, guess what?
I found out all over the country it's already started.
They have things called State Defense Forces that are a subdivision of State Guards, but are federally funded, and they literally... Have you seen these photos yet, Paul?
I've seen some of them on InfoWorld.
Okay, those are some of the listeners.
When you go to the websites of the states, it's even worse.
I'm talking eight-year-old girls being searched on major city streets by people in these shabby uniforms with MP on their arm, with their bellies hanging out, smoking cigarettes.
I mean, it is... I mean, you talk about right out of Russia, folks, and this is going to be our life.
Every control freak, every wannabe, just drooling to do this, Paul.
Well, yeah, and you'll have a willing army of volunteers to be that, you know, that brown shirt starzy, because...
The human ego, you know, we know this from the people that lead our country.
When you get a bit of power, you get on a power trip and you seek to control that power and expand it and dominate other people with it.
So it satisfies the base instincts of the human ego to employ these people to do this kind of thing.
And so that's why you'll find a lot of willing volunteers.
Because they like tyranny, basically, and it feeds their egotistical human instinct.
Well, Russia did it, China, Germany, I mean, literally.
The only stipulation is that you're, quote, not anti-government, and they just give you a uniform that says MP, and you march around searching people, training them how to be slaves.
And it's not just football games, it's shopping malls, you name it.
I think we're good to go.
No, when the future civil war or whatever does take place, then they will need that physical coercion, and this is why they need an army of people to do this, because they can't just do it via mechanized systems.
It needs to be on a physical, man-to-man basis in the end.
That's right, and it's the classic paradigm, folks.
They don't have the personnel now to do this, but after the new draft, when you have to serve in this, you're going to be here domestically doing this.
Paul, thanks for joining us.
You take care.
Good to have you back.
Thanks, Alex.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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That's 888-
Call now, 888-240-3337.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, I am honored to have Lieutenant Randall Demoff, 3rd Brigade, aide-de-camp to General Ronald Rowland.
And he is on with us.
He is from the Alabama Defense Force that was set up back in 1983 for state emergencies and to aid the state governor and the citizenry if the National Guard there from the state is federalized, in which we now see that being sent over to Iraq.
And other states have also set this up.
In his day job, Lieutenant Randall Demoff is a retired state employee.
He works for a security company.
Well, uh...
Alabama State Defense Force is not a voluntary military state force that was created by state law to assume state military positions, missions within the event Alabama National Guard was ordered to serve overseas like they are in Iraq and with the conflict ongoing at this present time.
And small units are planned
We're good to go.
I think?
I think that's a good example.
When a hurricane comes up, we provide shelter for people who are having to move from their homes due to high waters and high tides.
We also assist the local emergency management agency with assignments.
We have just recently performed a fit test where we fitted the Mobile Police Department all outlying
Oh, I should add that on the official website, you can see photos of you guys out there issuing this to the local police authorities, and the website is www.alsdf.com.
There's four brigades within state.
Right, that covers the entire state.
1st Brigade is North Alabama, 2nd Brigade is Central, 3rd is Southwest, and 4th is Southeast.
I also saw photos where you've got mobile broken into sectors too.
Yes, we do.
How many people do you have in your 3rd Brigade?
Approximately 100 to 110 personnel ranging
Well, I have no prior military or some have no military prior experience like myself.
I was unable to go into the service, but I was introduced into this organization and it's a perfect fit.
Let me just interject that our commander
The unit, his last name is Nolan, N-O-L-A-N-D.
Oh, Ronald Nolan.
Yes, sir.
Brigadier General Ronald Nolan.
Excuse me.
That's all right.
So we help out the local EMA organization with any tasks that they do or need our assistance.
And I also saw some photos where you guys had Marine Corps Humvees and searchlights and stuff.
In those photos, that was in the Bay Fest, where you guys provided security for that.
Are those vehicles provided by the Marine Corps?
No, they're not.
One of our members has a
Oh, I see an entourage of vehicles.
He has his own little personnel carriers and Humvees with the big Bertha light and all this.
Oh, now I understand because I was getting confused.
I was seeing all these military vehicles.
Well, at Mayfest, he has a couple Humvees and...
A big birth of light, and he brought that down.
He's the captain within our organization.
You guys really are volunteers all the way, even bringing your own vehicles.
Just about.
We also assisted with the, just recently held, it's the MVPA, which is Military Vehicle Preservation Association, the Dixie chapter.
Yeah, I saw that, all those armored vehicles.
Now, we also got some photos from an Alabama State football game back in January.
When you worked security at the gate with the police, what do you do?
Check for unwanted items, alcohol, in this case umbrellas.
Umbrellas were not allowed in the game.
Now, let me read from the Bay Fest section of your website.
It says, The weekend of October 3rd and 5th, members of the 3rd Brigade provided gate security at Mobile's Bay Fest, checking guests for contraband.
And taking tickets.
Assisted in directing people to various events and ensuring a safe environment for a great family weekend.
We worked closely with members of the police department, bringing up manpower for them to attend to more important issues.
This was the second year the 3rd has assisted in this event.
And I saw the photos.
Were you guys also search bags and things?
We searched bags, chair bags.
Backpacks, everything.
Now, this is an area in Mobile, and for folks that haven't been there, can you describe the area that's cordoned off for the Bay Fest?
It's downtown Mobile, around the Anvil Square, and it runs about maybe three miles, or not two, three miles in diameter.
Have you liaisoned with other states that are setting up their own defense forces?
Well, I've had other people contact me from other states, but they just go and check different websites.
SACUS, which is the State Guard Association, has a website.
Well, how many states have this just a ballpark that you know of, Lieutenant?
Approximately 30.
And I guess others are also trying to set these up now?
Texas has their state guard.
Alabama, Mississippi, Florida has
Okay, let me understand this.
What is the parameters?
I mean, if I wanted to go join this to defend the homeland, how would I... What are the rules?
Membership and...
Well, I'm just going by my notes.
Membership in the Alabama State Defense Force is open to any U.S.
citizen, male, female, who at the time of the list is not a member of any active or reserved component of the U.S.
Armed Forces, which includes Army, Air, National Guard.
They must be of good moral character and should be in good health, but physical disabilities are not necessarily a barrier to some
We talked to the gentleman who lives in Pensacola, but he was at the Alabama Senior Bowl in January, and he said that he was taking photos and asking about this and saying, well, doesn't this violate posse commentatus to have a quasi-military group out searching bags?
And he said, can I join?
And they said, well, no, because you're obviously anti-government.
What does anti-government mean, or is that an unwritten stipulation?
Oh, I can't comment on that.
I'm not.
Well-versed with that.
Were you at the Senior Bowl?
Yes, I was.
Did you see the fellow with the camera and have the discussion with him?
Oh, man.
It's been seven and a half months, you know.
It's hard to recall anything like that.
Well, let me just be upfront and honest with you.
I've been in the Civil Air Patrol.
My dad's a pilot, and he got me in the Civil Air Patrol when I was in high school.
I learned a lot, and I enjoyed it.
It was rewarding, you know, out looking for submarines and stuff.
So that's been my only little military experience, and I thought it was good.
I think getting citizens involved in...
Oh, you know, back during World War II, they called it civil defense.
And I think that that is good.
And, you know, I think it's good to have people if there's a hurricane or a big fire.
I think it's wonderful.
But I have to tell you that, number one, there's something called the Fourth Amendment.
Number two, there's the 1878 Posse Comitatus Law.
And to look at the photos on your Bayfest section alone, with eight-year-old children being searched, looking scared to death, and people walking around with MP on their arm, and then now the FBI saying, we may want to put police and have a new draft for domestic forces at the mall, searching all the bags.
I think that's a dangerous trend and it doesn't do anything to protect us from terrorists.
What do you say to that?
No comment.
No comment.
Our basic foundation is that we assist with whenever there's a ship coming in, we provide security for that Navy ship and security for
Well, in these photos, there's cops standing right behind you guys, and they're doing nothing, and you guys are searching bags, training people to accept military on the street.
We all grew up knowing that in Russia, and in Mexico, and in Germany, that they had troops out searching people's bags, checking their papers.
I mean, can't you, somewhere in your mind, realize that this is not how America's supposed to be?
Well, we've tried to instill that anybody... Let's see, how can I phrase this?
That your average Joe invites people to do anything at any time.
Oh, so we're all... Oh, I understand, yes.
Well, I noticed that.
This is a key point, Lieutenant, and please continue.
Look, I'm talking to you.
I don't think you're bad.
Getting an idea of what you're doing.
We've had listeners who are concerned about this, and we just want to know.
But I appreciate you coming on and being honest with us and talking to us.
Sitting here looking at this, dealing with this, we have the federal government pushing and promoting all of this, and I know the state is getting Homeland Security funds.
You say you want this federal Homeland Security job.
It just...
A lot of people are concerned about this, and this is the key question.
You know, we're hearing all this is for terrorism, but at the checkpoints all over the country, at the military checkpoints, and all this stuff popping up, they're looking for guns, they're looking for drugs, they're looking for driver's licenses, oh, is your insurance in place?
You know, guilty until proven innocent.
So you guys say this is all being done now because of terrorism, but you're looking for beer being snuck into football games.
What do you say to that?
Well, they're not supposed to carry contraband alcohol to football games.
But we're told this is because of terrorism, but now it's this wide net.
Yeah, but do you see how they go?
Homeland Security's putting up cameras to fight terrorism, and then, oh, and crime, and we're going to watch you, and you just said that everybody's capable of something, you know, everybody's a suspect, basically.
In America, that's not how it works.
Plus, Lieutenant Dimoff, our borders are wide open, my friend.
Shouldn't we send you guys down to the border?
Well, we're only...
Operational within the state.
No, I understand, but I'm saying the other states that are doing this that are on the border.
I mean, I think your mission of guarding ships, that's admirable, but going downtown and searching 8-year-olds is nothing but a conditioning mechanism for this.
Well, we don't search 8-year-olds.
We have a photograph of it off your website.
I mean, maybe she's 10.
Well, I'll have to check the website.
And I mean, the image of people with military police armbands on with smoking cigarettes, you know, with Humvees that say U.S.
Marine Corps on it, I mean, it's a scary image.
Well, I think this is about the end of our conversation, sir.
Okay, this is the end of our conversation?
Well, I don't think you're bad, but I know you want that federal job, and I think you need to defend America and the Bill of Rights.
All right.
Okay, Lieutenant?
What was your name again?
It is Alex Jones, and the website is infowars.com and prison.
Oh, is somebody talking in your ear right now?
No, I'm doing some personal business.
Why do you say it's the end of our conversation?
Because it's getting loud in here.
What was your name again?
It's Alex Jones.
From Central Texas.
And I've read the Bill of Rights and Constitution, and I know that this stuff is something that we've seen in other countries, and it's a very dangerous trend, and a lot of well-meaning people are getting involved in this, and I don't think you're a bad person, sir.
But I think that overall, searching people in downtown cities... Here's my last question.
Please answer it.
How are you wearing military police armbands if it's a volunteer organization?
We have our own military... We have a cast-led group within our unit.
So they're police officers?
Former police officers.
Former police officers.
Some are, correct.
Some are, but wait, wait, I mean, so I see a young woman with an armband that says MP, and she's a former police officer, or are all of them former police?
We have a few that are former police officers.
But you have some that aren't police wearing MP armband pants.
And you got your own armored vehicles?
Come on, come on, this isn't America.
You need to wake up, Lieutenant.
I appreciate you coming on the show, but I want you to defend the Republic, and I want you to stand up against the New World Order.
Take care!
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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We're on a fine radio station in Pensacola, Florida that broadcasts in Alabama.
We're also on another station in Alabama owned by the same folks.
I don't think we're on in Mobile, though.
We were on for about a year until a big, big station sold.
I remember that.
It was great being able to warn the people there.
And you look at the photographs of the people being searched.
And I mean little children.
And the people are scared.
And a pitcher tells a thousand words, you have got to go look at these goons that are out doing this.
I mean, people with their bellies hanging out, smoking cigarettes, searching women's purses.
It's nauseating.
And I'm not saying they're bad.
I mean, talking to Lieutenant Randall Demoff, who wants his Homeland Security job, he admitted that during a break with me, and you heard me talk about it, and he didn't deny it.
Just talking to Demoff...
I don't think he's evil.
He thinks we've been attacked by terrorists, and he wants to do this, and so they've told him, well, go down to the city streets and just search everybody, and this is the freedom.
Training our children that searching them is good.
That's all this is, is a process of warping our minds.
And they bring their own armored vehicles, they bring their own trucks down there, they're running around with military police armbands, and you heard him, folks.
Some of these people are not former police or whatever.
I mean, folks, it's hard for tyranny to get enough professional men and women that are really trained, who know how to rappel out of helicopters, that know how to fight and know how to run the equipment, and are real soldiers.
Most of the real soldiers I've talked to are disgusted by the plans to take this country over that are publicly being given to them.
But they can find a lot of little neighborhood wannabes who want to put on a uniform and strut around
You know, with their uniforms looking like... I mean, just the most shoddy... It's like they're wearing green bags.
Just walking around with a hamburger in one hand, a cigarette in another.
I mean, it is really a joke, people.
Driving their own armored vehicles around.
You know, I see these photos of them with machine guns.
It's a joke!
And I'm telling you, folks, you're going to have it in every single town.
But it's going to be a gray uniform.
I learned of this with Bill Clinton back in 1980.
He had the plan.
And that's the same plan.
The toll roads they're building, all of this, are going to be checkpoints.
And you're going to have to serve 10, 20, in some cases 30 hours.
We're good to go.
When these Mexican troops are killing federal officers and shooting people, absolutely, you don't have to draft me.
You want me to go spend, you know, two weekends a month doing it, or if the country really needs it, I'll quit the radio show and go down to the border.
But I will not, I will not, ever, ever, go breathe a plate of uranium in Iraq or wherever they're going to invade next.
I will not sit around at checkpoints with my belly hanging out.
Oh, please.
Help us.
Help us.
Help us.
You've got to look at these photos.
It's disgusting.
God, please help us.
Before I end this hour, and I'll go right back to your calls, we'll go to Frank and Marion and Bob and Mo and others.
Right when we get back in the second hour...
Don't have a guess for 30 minutes, so we've got time.
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