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Air Date: Aug. 12, 2004
2313 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, it's amazing.
It's already Thursday.
The 12th day of August 2004.
Thank you so much for joining us.
We have a successful businessman, former city council member, good friend of mine, author, documentary filmmaker, George Humphrey, joining us in the next hour.
Talk about world issues, the election, 9-11, his new film, 9-11, the great illusion, Endgame of the Illuminati, that I do carry, by the way.
We're going to, in 30 minutes, have a report from Paul Joseph Watson with some of the top news stories, the webmaster of two of my great websites, PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
And the ACLU's done a report that we're all very aware of.
Again, they do some good work, some bad work, but they're doing good work here.
Chronicling how private companies are spying for homeland security and it has nothing to do with terrorism.
And we're lining that up for the third hour.
We'll see if that happens.
There's a ton of news in the meantime.
People are finally beginning, even in mainstream newspapers, to talk about Porter Goss meeting with people involved in funding the hijackers.
That's our new CIA director.
And probably the new terror czar over the new domestic CIA we're going to be having.
It's going to run the 15 agencies.
These things are just mushrooming all around us.
So we'll go over that as well.
Also, the BBC reporting Iraq into nuclear aims in 1991.
We'll go over that.
Budget deficit hits record, 395.8 million.
This is out of Reuters.
And again, that mysterious September 11th breakfast meeting on Capitol Hill.
With our good friend Porter Goss and the Thunder of the Hijackers.
Always very convenient.
We have this out of the Associated Press, the Indian Times, and the Village Voice, as well as Global Research with Professor Michael Chosodosky.
Village Voice headline, Questions about Porter Goss and his terrorist breakfast go unanswered.
Wow, that's a new article that just came out.
Also, Al's CIA to Chieftain that the U.S.
ordered not be arrested in 98.
A new example of that's come out.
That's four examples now.
That just came out yesterday.
This is out of the Washington Times.
Al's CIA to Chief bin Laden hints at major assassinations.
So, a new tape.
Of course, he's audio tapes.
They run them through voice print analyzers.
It's never him.
Doesn't matter.
We have a government caught lying to us endlessly.
Let's just accept the lies.
It would be so much easier.
We'll tell you the tales of that.
Also, judges are saying that they can use evidence gained through torture.
So we're going back to the Byzantine times, my friends.
Very, very Byzantine.
And all over the country, children even caught skateboarding
In their driveways are being savagely arrested immediately.
We have an article here about a SWAT team raid gone awry with armored vehicles out of control, smashing houses on fire.
All part of the fun.
All part of the freedom.
And of course, eye scans.
We'll tell you where the eye scanners are going in.
And a hilarious but also saddening cartoon.
It's on prisonplanet.com right now, but I'll try to describe it verbally, semantically, through the spoken word as best I can without saying the cartoon itself.
And we'll do that first when we return.
When we return.
So please stay with us.
Toll-free number to join us on air falls early in this first hour.
Any issue you'd like to discuss...
Oh, and the Marines are about to go after that Shiite cleric.
Now Iraq will really blow up.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, I'll tell you, my friends, we've got those answers.
Human history is a long train of examples of powerful elites...
Completely drunk on control.
Megalomaniacal maniacs seeking to completely and totally enslave individuals and populations.
The exercise of power.
Always pressing on the raw nerve of power, Winston.
We are the priests of power.
Always more.
Inexorably more.
Humanity torn limb from limb under our
If you want to see a picture of the future, Winston, picture of boots stomping on a human face forever.
Well, I just choose not to believe that.
I choose to believe the government's loving and only cares about us and everything should be secret and so what if we've got them lying to us a lot?
That's for our own good.
And I'm on the winning team.
I'm with the New World Order.
We're going to defeat Al-Qaeda.
Oh, you mean Al-C-I-A-D-A.
There's a lot of beautiful, wonderful things in history, but almost all of it came at incredible sacrifice.
And we don't have any freedom today because people laid around like jellyfish and denied the tyranny of men.
No, it's because people faced the facts, counted the cost, and took action.
On prisonplanet.com, we've got this little editorial cartoon.
You've got to see it for yourself.
It shows a highway...
With a moving truck or rider truck rolling along on it with an image of a city in the background.
And it says, It is clear now that Al Qaeda's cells plan to disrupt the election using big trucks fanning out across America delivering touch screen voting machines.
Ha ha ha ha!
Again, it is clear now that Al-Qaeda cells plan to disrupt the election using big trucks fanning out across America delivering touchscreen voting machines.
Well, we've got to maybe cancel the elections because Al-Qaeda might want to try to cancel the elections.
I mean, don't just your guts, your instincts tell you all of this is a fraud.
Then you look at the evidence.
The facts, and it's clear, of who's behind this whole New World Order.
And we see our entire country now, all of our freedoms being dismantled, the state run wild, feeding on the people.
And big corporations controlling that government.
And the socialists calling for more government, which is a bigger stick for the corporations to beat us over the head, and the so-called conservatives saying, no, corporations are nothing but good.
There's no such thing as organized crime.
We should just give up all of our freedoms.
And corporations are God.
Then you point out to a neocon, hey, our government created Al-Qaeda.
Refused to have them arrested.
Bush and Clinton, oh, that's not true.
Shut up.
This is our country, people.
Look around you.
Protesters in cages, inside cages, under train stations.
Black helicopters flying around with M60 machine guns hanging out the windows, pointed at the population.
And the Houston Chronicles got the headline, 800,000 convicted criminals ordered released by the federal government out of jails and prisons because they're illegal aliens.
I mean, the point is, is they're doing nothing to protect us.
This has nothing to do with protecting us.
All right, again, we've got Paul Watson coming up in about 20 minutes.
Then we've got George Humphrey coming on and some other guests as well.
You don't want to miss those interviews.
But last, what was it, Monday, came out that over the weekend the news had reported, oh my gosh, a new confirmed beheading of an American.
This is horrible.
It's been uploaded on an Islamic website.
Oh my goodness.
And then it turns out the whole thing was fake.
And then you track back the other videos that have been uploaded.
That was a hoax done by a 22-year-old computer programmer in San Francisco.
But it turns out the other videos are uploaded from government websites, neocon websites, directly tracked back to the CIA.
I mean, a few weeks ago we had this Marine who disappears, and oh, it's confirmed, Al-Qaeda has taken credit.
They cut his head off.
And then the so-called Muslim group that was being called Al-Qaeda, they go, he didn't grab this guy, that didn't happen.
Why would we grab your people and give you an excuse to come attack us?
This is CIA.
And suddenly they all ran around like chickens with their heads cut off, and he popped up in another country, and he said he was captured, and there was an investigation, because none of us buy that, and then just kind of disappears off into the distance.
And so now there's another one, beheaded man, not CIA, News 24, a U.S.
Denied Wednesday that a CIA agent had been beheaded in Iraq and claimed, as claimed by an Islamic website that broadcasts the video purporting to show the decapitation.
The man depicted in the video was not CIA official.
The official told AFP on condition of anonymity, no CIA official was missing.
The official said, adding that the Central Intelligence Agency knows the whereabouts of everyone on its payroll.
Website on Wednesday showed a videotape which it said was a U.S.,
National and CIA agent being beheaded by members of a militant group in Iraq.
Will it be in Abu Ghraib chairs with Abu Ghraib paint jobs with Abu Ghraib jail guards in Muslim outfits?
Will it be a known CIA agent, intelligence officer who's...
Connected to two hijackers and working in prisons and in FBI hands being released into Al-Qaeda's hands and then forensics experts look at the video and say it's fake and then video experts look at it and say it's fake.
I mean, what is real?
But I guess the war is good now because Skull and Bones' coffin mate, cousin of Bush, says that he would have gone into the war and whether there were weapons of mass destruction or not,
I mean, it's just, it's all disgusting.
There is no difference.
And so now we have this latest piece of propaganda.
Also, here's a story about Professor Tosadowski.
The 9-11 Joint Inquiry chairman...
Are in conflict of interest.
This is an old article.
Mysterious September 11th breakfast meeting on Capitol Hill by Professor Chosodosky.
The following text published in Global Outlook, winter of 03, provides details of the breakfast meeting hosted by Representative Porter Goss on the morning of September 11th.
In late August of 2001, barely a couple of weeks before 9-11, Senator Bob Graham, Representative Porter Goss, and Senator John Kyle were in Islamabad for consultations.
Meetings were held with President Musharraf and with Pakistan's military and intelligence brass, including...
The head of Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence, or ISI, known as C.I.
Chieftain, General Mahmoud Ahmed, an AFP report confirms that the U.S.
Congressional Delegation also met with Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan, Abdul Salim Zaif, at this meeting, which was barely mentioned by the U.S.
Zaif assured the U.S.
delegation on behalf of the Afghan government that the Taliban would never allow bin Laden to use Afghanistan to launch attacks on the U.S.
or any other country.
And then it goes on into a 12-page report
About the meeting that morning of September 11th, 8.30 in the morning, Porter Goss and others, with this Pakistani general, who they admittedly say wired $100,000 to Muhammad Atta, that's confirmed, having a luscious breakfast together.
And there's been a bunch of other connections, and now that has popped up in the village voice of all places.
Questions about Porter Goss and his terrorist breakfast go unanswered.
Village voice!
And here's the news that made many people in the Eastern Time Zone heave up their breakfast at 8.31 this morning.
President Bush introduced Porter Goss as the new CIA director.
Bush called Goss a reformer.
The two of them ought to be toast.
And it says, how fitting that it is that the same House Intelligence Chairman, Porter Goss, who was having breakfast in D.C.
on 9-11 with the Pakistan Security Chief, Lieutenant General Mahmoud Ahmed,
Who was later revealed to be hijacker Muhammad Adda's bag man.
No, he's not the bag man.
Having breakfast with the bag man, huh?
That's right, a good boy over there helping plant a few weeks before.
Mr. Gossy.
And the folks that ordered Norad to stand down, they now run the Pentagon.
The Washington Post's...
Rich Libby mentioned the breakfast as a cheery aside in a May 18, 2002 Puff profile of Goss.
Florida Senator Bob Graham was also munching with Mahoud as the Post and others, including the Asia Times, have reported.
But why did the Post mention the chow down in its first lengthy stories this morning?
Digest this.
The two Floridians who were up running the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9-11 in their roles as Chairman of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, not a word of their breakfast appears in the Goss Graham 858 page report.
No one's saying that Goss and Graham were necessarily hiding any big thing.
No, no, no.
But the breakfast, in retrospect, is at least somewhat embarrassing...
Because that was the main funder of the hijackers, and is really such a worthless fact that it merited no mention at all.
Again, and is it really such a worthless fact that it mentioned no mention at all?
And chew on another factoid.
This is the same Porter Goss who stood up on the floor of the U.S.
House on October 9, 2002 during a crucial debate about whether to authorize Bush to go to war against Iraq and said, according to the congressional record, that the 9-11 attack was delivered by depraved men.
Two quick questions.
Was the Pakistani general too depraved to have another cinnamon roll that morning?
Or was he just full?
And it gets worse.
It's a long article.
Mr. Goss is a nice man.
He was just over there when we were meeting with Bin Laden in Dubai.
The CIA section chief, too.
I mean, it's no big deal, you know.
He's going to help you as your new leader.
He's going to watch you and your family.
We'll be right back.
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Folks, it's not just Porter Goss hanging around in Afghanistan, hanging around in Dubai, hanging around with Bin Laden's handlers.
And then on 9-11, having breakfast with them.
Then across the street at the Ritz, you've got George Herbert Walker with the head of the Bin Laden family in a Karloff Group meeting at the table with him.
You've got James Baker representing the Saudis against American families that are suing them.
Fox News doesn't want to talk about that.
I mean, in every case, the entire administration is involved with these people.
Having breakfast with them on the morning.
I mean, most of the administration.
And if you look at the whole administration, they're all involved in some way or another.
I mean, if the FBI was going to go out and question and arrest people who had connections to Al-Qaeda, they'd go arrest the entire administration.
It's just unbelievable.
Jack in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How are you?
Good, sir.
Say, one thing you haven't been talking about, though, this Bohemian Grove thing, that big bird there, we don't have a name for that big bird.
I'm a little confused by your comments, but... Well, at the Bohemian Grove, they worship a big bird.
We don't have a name for that bird.
Yes, we do.
It's called Moloch.
It's in Leviticus.
Actually, I've talked quite a bit about Bohemian Grove.
I snuck in there and made a film about it.
Yeah, I know you do.
But I didn't know they had a name for that thing.
I just want to make sure.
But we ought to have a contest and everybody write in and we'll rename it.
What do you think?
Sure, Jack.
We may not like that name that they have.
How about Dumbo or something?
Yeah, that'd be good.
Or George Bush's Big Bird.
We could call it that.
Well, we could call it the Christian conservative thing to worship.
Yeah, right.
Maybe we could start worshiping Anton LaVey.
You're not a good Christian unless you worship Anton LaVey.
There you go.
Right, right.
And we need a contest, though, for the next bombing they're going to have.
Hey, listen.
You're not against Al-Qaeda.
Unless you're in business with them.
You're anti-Jewish unless you say that you want to be like Hitler and that you hate black people.
You have to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger and say, I love Hitler, I love Nazis, I hate black people.
You have to say this publicly in front of thousands and say it in TV interviews.
And then you're going to be loved and given awards.
If you fight Nazis, you're going to be attacked.
Yeah, right, right.
See, I'm not even being sarcastic now, folks.
This is how it works.
If you work with Al-Qaeda, you're good and you're fighting them.
If you fight Al-Qaeda, you're evil and you're with them.
Yeah, right.
Thanks for the call, Jack.
You sound pretty Al-Qaeda-ish yourself.
Let's talk to Howie in Illinois, is it?
Yes, sir.
Welcome, Alex.
You hear about this 86-year-old New York millionaire...
That was attacked by a policeman.
Well, I did hear about that.
And it's all over all the stations, but CBS is milking it because Mike Wallace, the frightening interviewer journalist, was attacked by New York police.
Well, I mentioned the article yesterday to show that no one is immune.
That's right.
I don't have the article in front of me, but just to tell me that I'm incorrect, his limousine was parked.
He argued, didn't cuss, but argued with the inspectors because it was his spot.
They claimed it was too big.
Then they came back and arrested him later saying, quote, he had been disrespectful.
All he was doing is, explain to me why you're asking my driver for his license.
Yes, the police admit in the New York Post and the New York Times and all these articles I have yesterday that he did not raise his voice.
He simply said, explain to me why you're harassing my driver.
We have this parking place.
And they came back with a subpoena, and he has been arrested.
And the stories differ that he was slammed around a bit.
You know what?
He disrespected God.
The state is God.
Maybe he should be executed by our Lord government.
Well, maybe somebody will send him one of your tapes.
Mike Wallace.
He'll find out he's not alone.
Well, that's part of why they're going to these face scans.
Because the cops, admittedly, are going to have these hand wands where they scan you to see if it's somebody they can harass.
And then if you're a big lord, they're going to leave you alone.
Okay, we'll let you start a goof on this one.
Well, I mean, folks are making a big deal out of this.
Remember the man who put his feet up to read a magazine in the middle of the day at lunch on a park bench?
That's right.
So folks are really upset about Mr. Wallace, huh?
I think so, and there's been a lot of interviews on CBS about that by CBS interviewers of Mike Wallace yesterday.
Anything else you want to add?
Well, stay there.
Yes, sir.
We've got a break.
Don't chew that candy bar.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, my friends, we're about to go to Paul Joseph Watson, and we'll get to some of your calls for those that are patiently holding.
I've got this article here out of Arizona where Sheriff Arpaio's SWAT team went absolutely crazy.
Set fire, ran around, armored vehicles out of control, smashing cars.
This happened a few years ago.
Remember out in L.A.
There was a former cop held up in this big house that he lived in, and there were actual video on TV of the police waving their M60s, just shooting up the whole neighborhood in like a devil frenzy.
And then a bunch of houses caught on fire, and they shot two cops and a reporter, and it was just insanity.
I don't know.
Most of these guys are wash-ups who couldn't make it in the military, and they're just nuts.
They're like, I think they're
I guess they were pro-wrestling fans, and this is like some kind of macho power trip or something.
They're not professional soldiers.
But this sounds like the same thing.
I want to get into that.
And there's just so much international news.
Before we go to Paul Watson, my friends...
I have made 10 films, and 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, is a tour de force.
We get into the history of government-sponsored terror, because people say, well, why would they do that?
Well, we explain why they would do that, and we show how governments like to bomb their own buildings and blow up their own ships, and how our government does it, and how they have official plans to do it, and how they carry out terror attacks against their own institutions, and what they do.
And that's the first 20 minutes or so.
Then we get into Oklahoma City and the First World Trade Center where the FBI took the bomb and trained the driver.
And then we get into Oklahoma City, the most in-depth information you'll see anywhere just on that alone.
That's 40 minutes of the film.
And then we spend about another 40 minutes on 9-11 and then we get into the police state and the foreign troops and the camps and what they're setting up.
The police state they're going to set up.
And now have shut up.
So that's 9-11 and the Road to Tyranny.
170 minutes long on DVD.
Almost that long on VHS.
Just jam-packed.
Two or three films in one.
Then there's the Masters of Terror Exposed that really just focuses on 9-11.
And a little bit of history of government-sponsored terror, and it just covers the whole spectrum where it's undeniable, people get the big picture, it brings them to their knees, and they stop their denial and unlock their minds.
It really does deprogram people.
And brings them to the altar, as they say, and then they're ready to be reborn into the truth, my friends, and the truth sets them free.
So I made two films on 9-11.
We got George Humphrey's new film, 9-11, The Great Illusion, Endgame of the Illuminati.
It's a great video.
It's only $19.95.
Get a free copy of his 80-plus page colored booklet with that when you order it.
We're good to go.
That covers a lot of facets you won't see or read anywhere else.
Please take action.
Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to order via the safe, secure shopping carts.
Or call me toll free to order them or to ask questions about the different discounts and different films, different titles.
1-888-253-3139 That's 888-253-3139
9-11, the road to tyranny, has taken the country by storm and has sent shockwaves across the nation.
Find out why.
And make copies of it and get it out to people.
I want to commend those that have.
So again, 888-253-3139.
Paul Watson, and we're going to go to the calls here.
We'll keep Paul a little bit into the next hour if he can stay with George Humphrey.
Paul, there is so much to cover.
They're about to invade the Shiite stronghold again to stir things up yet again.
They do not want things to go back to normal.
They want the war to continue so they can have more weapons contracts, just like Vietnam.
People can't seem to get that.
We're meant to lose the war on drugs.
We're meant to lose the war on crime.
We're meant to lose the war on terror.
Because it gets bigger and bigger.
But let's get into that.
There's masses of new news coming out, bombshell after bombshell, on the Prison Planet websites.
Well, yeah, and obviously you were talking about Paul Goss before the break being made the new director of the CIA, and it's almost on a par with Kissinger being made the head of the 9-11 Commission.
But did you manage to get the clip from PBS where Goss talks about a choice between Big Brother or Dead Brother?
Okay, I know that's on... Is that still on the main page of PrisonPlanet.com?
Okay, Stephanie, it's down at the bottom, isn't it?
Well, I've got it queued up right now if you want me to go ahead and play it.
Yeah, but then I want to get a crisp copy of this, and I did watch it, and I dropped the ball.
That's the problem.
So much evil is hitting us, and he said he wants to get rid of our liberties, he wants the CIA to run our lives.
He is a monster.
A evil monster, and I'll say it, involved in 9-11, folks.
Clearly, he should be arrested immediately.
But again, he's not going to be arrested.
He's a spy chief planner.
He was a high-level liaison with the known funder of the supposed hijacks, the decoys.
But we'll go over all that, Paul.
Yeah, crank it up and play it for folks.
The purpose of the United States of America is to be respected for what we are.
Goss also weighed in on the age-old debate of preserving civil liberties versus protecting national security.
We're talking about the balance between privacy, on the one hand, and protection from Big Brother government, but we're also talking about the government's responsibility to protect our people.
It comes down to the choice that, as my staff has said to me many times, between Big Brother and Dead Brother.
And I think our first responsibility in government is to make sure we don't have any more dead brothers.
So, Paul, what he's saying is, again, the media repeats this.
Security, liberty.
As if the choice between being free and being safe, they sell that idea that not being free makes you safe.
Folks, that's the most unsafe you can be.
And Porter Goss just seeps evil.
Well, Alan, this liberty for security thing has almost become a cliché now.
Yeah, Portagos is basically saying, give up your liberties or my terrorist breakfast buddies will come and get you, big brother or dead brother.
And I mean, here we have a CFO member who was, you know, what is described as a clandestine officer for the CIA.
And most of what he actually did around the world is still classified.
We know that the lower levels of the CIA are mainly staffed by well-intentioned people, but the upper echelons form the command unit of the biggest terrorist organization the world has ever witnessed, and Goss himself certainly has the credentials to be a member of that club.
But, I mean, the drumbeat I've been hearing over and over again since this announcement is the word bipartisan over and over again and how Goss is so fair-minded.
No, he's so good.
And, I mean, here's a guy who vehemently pushed for the war in Iraq.
He was a staunch supporter of the Patriot Act.
As soon as the first intelligence committee on 9-11 began, Goss said there was no smoking gun before the investigation had even started.
And he said it was not about apportioning blame.
He said we're not going to apportion blame.
We are going to recommend a domestic CIA and a second Patriot Act.
That was what he said up front.
When the judge tells you what he's going to do, you really know he's good.
He said any questions that the government had for knowledge was, quote, pure nonsense.
Well, he should be taken into custody if we had a real FBI, but, I mean, just for having breakfast with the guy that they admit funded the hijackers.
He was over there with them.
I mean, this guy's a piece of filth.
We know exactly why he would try to avoid the apportioning of blame, because he and Bob Graham...
As we've talked about relentlessly, we're meeting on the morning of 9-11 with Mohammed Atta's bag man, the Pakistani spy chief Mahmoud Ahmad.
And the news reported that when the staffer came in, this was the New York Times, Associated Press, you name it, when the staffer came in as the second towersman hit, they said, they turned, smiled, we know, and kept jamming their bagels.
Yeah, and this is the guy who...
He met with, who gave the go-ahead for $100,000 to be wired from Karachi to the named, at least, hijackers in Florida.
And of course, Ahmad himself met later in the week, after the attack, with people like Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, Richard Armitage, and Senator Joseph Beeden.
We're not making this up.
This is Miami Herald, Washington Post.
And then Bush goes to the CIA, and they all clap and smile, the leaders, and it's just a celebration.
Oh, we're getting the power.
Oh, we're taking over.
Oh, we always wanted to totally rule these slaves.
Oh, this is it.
Let's clap for three minutes.
It's hard to clap for three minutes, Paul.
And then they got record raises.
Oh, you've done well.
You've done well.
The greatest so-called failure ever.
Come on.
How's it going, Go?
Well, again, it was after Goss said, well, before Goss said, no one's apportioning blame.
No one was apportioning blame.
No one was being fired.
People were getting raises.
The people who provided the visas for the hijackers were getting raises.
Now, if you tried to stop Al-Qaeda, you got demoted or fired or threatened with arrest.
Yeah, but Goss is telling us by means of this quote that the CIA is going to be even more deeply involved in domestic spying on American citizens with this Big Brother, Dead Brother quote.
And it's the first thing he said after being nominated.
So, right down the line, Goss is New World Order.
He's personally compromised with this 9-11 breakfast meeting and his only interest is to continue to serve his masters, basically.
And of course, if Kerry gets elected, he will love Lord Goss.
Yeah, I mean, Goss will provide the phony intelligence for more wars.
The same wars...
Which Kerry himself lobbied for in 1998 and 1999.
He was on the panel of similar organisations like the PNAC, a different branch of that, which were lobbying to invade Iraq.
And obviously yesterday he came out and said he still feels the same and he would have voted for the war, even what he knows now about weapons and mass destruction.
Oh, boy.
Paul, just the arrogance of these people.
It's so overt.
And your analogy of your parallel with Kissinger was going to be the first independent head, but no one bought that.
So they give us someone like Goss with the same background, same credentials, but people don't know him.
And so, oh, yes, he's very good.
Yeah, similar with Thomas Kean.
He wasn't really as much in the public eye as Kissinger, but any, you know, scratching the surface on his background proved that he was in business with Khalid bin Mahfouz, who was also handling the finances of bin Laden, as was George Bush and his father.
So it's the same group of individuals.
They just pick people who are less in the public eye to carry out the agenda behind the scenes.
Now, come on, Paul.
Powerful people don't do bad things.
They don't want control.
Let's just submit to them and let them psychologically test every American child and adult and let them put us on drugs and let them put cameras up on the street corners and let them put black boxes in all the cars and RFID and everything and chips in the police and the military and...
Let's just let them secretly arrest Americans for any suspicion of crime, and let's let them track everything we do, and let's let them have the matrix system watch everyone, and let's have a yearly census telling them what guns we own, and let's have open borders and pay incentives to bring more illegals here.
I mean, what's wrong with you?
You don't think this is good?
I mean, talking about the police state, there's an article that just came out two hours ago
Where people in Britain who drop chewing gum, now the policy before which was introduced was that if you drop chewing gum it's an immediate £50 fine which is $100 on the spot fine and they even had beta test programs where minions working for the police would go around, hang around streets following people to see if they dropped any litter and if they did they had the authority to make a citizen's arrest and take them to a cash point.
Well, it's like Mike Wallace was disrespectful, so they came and arrested him.
After the fact, again, like the woman, as I said, she's getting on the subway, or going into the terminal, and she's finishing a candy bar, and they say, you can't eat that.
And she goes, okay, and eats the rest and chews it.
And it said in the newspaper, she aggressively chewed.
She was disrespectful.
And we see these articles every day, Paul.
Well, children arrested for skateboarding in Massachusetts the other day.
By the way, in their own driveways.
Yeah, the children in high schools who wear baseball caps backwards, the principal calls the police and he's arrested because he refuses to turn his baseball cap on.
Yeah, honor roll students who've never been in trouble, you know, captain of the football team.
Yeah, so I mean, they're putting these police state measures down to regulate... By the way, all he said was, is that his white friends all had their baseball caps on backwards, and they came to him and he said, look, I'm black, you're selectively enforcing, and they slammed him down and drug him out.
Yeah, so the point is the police state is not just for protesters now, it's for personal habits and behaviour.
It's that level of total micromanagement and government control to whereby they can regulate your personal behaviour, which is what the whole anti-smoking drive is about.
It's not about passive smoking or protecting people, you know, like the bill in California which would prevent...
Well, it's like the London Telegraph article where you'll get, what was it, a year in prison, 5,000 pound fine for stepping on a bug?
By the way, folks, if you think we're joking, well, I mean, Paul, shouldn't we go to jail when we step on a roach?
Well, I mean, we should worship the roaches now.
I mean, they're part of the power structure.
I guess they're more human than we are.
So, I mean, we should just bow down and worship them.
Well, it's like if you kick a police dog that bites you, you get 40 years in prison for striking an officer, but then when the SWAT team kills your chihuahua because it barked at them, and that's happened, folks.
They've actually machine-gunned chihuahuas, dogs that small, then nothing happens.
Well, yeah, it's like the case of the suicidal woman whose neighbor called the police because she was threatening to kill herself.
The police turned up and killed her dog just to make her feel a bit more happier.
So, down the line, it's getting really personal and it's obvious where it's all heading.
I don't know why anybody would want to live in a country like this or a planet like this.
And notice, it has nothing to do with terror.
And I said beforehand, there's going to be terror attacks, and then they're going to totally take all our freedoms.
It'll have nothing to do with terror.
And now it's completely opposite.
But these people like Goss just keep saying over and over and over again, give up liberty, you'll get security.
And they're just drilling that into our heads.
The new attack is coming.
We may have to have martial law.
I'm real sad about it, but it'll keep you safe, okay?
We've built some one million man camps, Associated Press.
They're for your safety.
We may have to take your children from you.
We may have to forcibly inject you, but everything's all right, okay?
Yeah, they're bringing most of this in on the educational level, which is why this mental health screening program is going to be dovetailed with the mandatory vaccination for children who, you know, if you want to be in school, you have to have both the vaccination and the mental health screening.
That's where it's heading.
Our schools aren't just prisons.
They're now mind control facilities.
We'll be right back.
By the way, a lot of schools are now drug testing everyone.
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All right.
Howie, Dave just hung up.
Rob, Brian, Don, and many others.
The calls are coming up right now.
We're going to try to keep Paul with us a little bit longer with George Humphrey, kind of have a discussion.
Let's go ahead and go to...
Let Howie finish up in Illinois.
Howie, finish up the point you wanted to make.
I've got a good one for you.
You know, you told us about the three-day pass to come through the country from the southern border?
Yeah, it's going to be a 30-day pass now.
Absolutely no check for anybody.
That way there's no need to sneak across the desert.
Now, will they put up border patrol for the state of Minnesota who has same-day voting as registering?
You see what that does?
Well, that doesn't matter because they have the new special machines in.
But somebody might stop the machines so they'll just flood the state, I think.
But anyway, thank you for letting us know.
Thank you, sir.
And Bush has said in his new amnesty plan that isn't an amnesty, it's just the biggest amnesty ever, that they're going to pay people to come here.
High-tech and low-tech.
They're going to pay.
The federal government is going to pay.
They've already been doing it.
The states have.
But it's all part of the new freedom.
Let's talk to Rob in Wyoming.
Rob, go ahead.
Alex, I was in Las Vegas a while back, a couple weeks ago, and I tuned into the talk radio station.
I wish I'd written the call letters.
I do have the call-in number if you want it.
And I heard all about the New World Order, and they even had a song about Clinton and Reno roasting 100 children alive.
Yeah, you were listening to the Lou Gentile Show?
I'm not sure, but then they went on to tell how Bush is a great guy and he's going to save us from the New World Order.
Well, no, that must be a different show.
I hear this all over the place.
Even some of the supposed Patreon networks have got shows like this now, and it shocks me.
And it's like Bush is fighting and defeating the New World Order.
He is good.
The Democrats are socialists.
I mean, Savage does that.
Bush is fighting the New World Order.
Let's arrest everyone that doesn't agree with him.
When his daddy calls for it and he's signing on to the UN, this is the bait and switch that we see.
Well, I tried and tried to get in to say that very thing.
Who are you trying to fool here?
I've heard Stephen Quayle do a lot of that, too.
I know you don't like to criticize him much, but I don't like the guy.
He keeps on talking about the standard model, which is impossible.
And when a caller calls in and confronts him on it, then he'll begrudgingly acknowledge it.
But only then.
Well, I have to tell you, when I've been on the radio with Steve, he admits the New World Order controls Al-Qaeda.
He admits it all.
I don't get a chance to hear him a lot.
You're saying he says something different?
Well, I'm saying he never volunteers that.
I've never heard him just come out and say that.
You know, he doesn't make it clear.
He talks about the standard view of Al-Qaeda and so on.
You know, I keep meaning to get Steve on.
I'll do that.
Rob, thanks for the call.
Paul Watson, comments about this?
Well, yeah, the first thing that Cole mentioned...
What they will do is the talk show host will say that the liberals are liars, but then the response from the left-wing caller is, Clinton lied, but nobody died.
But then again, the talk show host will then mention things like Ron Brown, Vince Foster, Waco, and so that paints the opposition as compromised because they're wrong.
So it sets up that false debate that Bush lied, you know, but
No, but nobody died, and then that's obviously wrong, but then the liberals will come back and say that Clinton lied, but nobody died, but we know they did.
So it's about creating false paradigms and demonizing people.
Well, I mean, it's all a false debate, too, between left and right.
And I also hear this neocon argument, the government's dumb, they couldn't pull anything off sophisticated.
Sure, the low-level bureaucrats are compartmentalized, but that compartmentalization is frankly quite beautiful in its intricacy.
And at the top, these are people with 170 IQs, folks.
They know exactly what they're doing.
They can carry off the most precision operations you can imagine.
I mean, that's ridiculous.
That whole argument is ridiculous.
Do you agree with that, Paul?
Yeah, then they'll put out the rhetoric about how Bush tried to strengthen the border recently, how they're trying to abolish the IRS, but it's exactly that.
It's rhetoric.
It's like partial birth abortion.
That doesn't exist because judges across the country have shot it down anyway, so it's all rhetoric.
There's no action there.
That's right.
Stay with us.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Monday through Friday from 11 a.m.
to 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time, back from 9 to midnight Central.
Thank you for joining us.
Going out on wonderful AM and FM affiliates across the country from Ohio to Texas, from Colorado to Southern California, from Northern New York to the beautiful panhandle of Florida.
Thank you for joining us.
Simulcasting during the day, all three hours, on Global Shortwave, at 94.75, and at night, from 9 to midnight, at 32.10, and of course the internet at InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, and PrisonPlanet.tv.
We're about to go back to some of your calls.
We've got George Humphrey, former city council member, businessman, author, lecturer, filmmaker, to talk about the New World Order.
Thank you, Alex.
Yes, sir.
I was just going to bring up a few things I've noticed.
In Virginia, especially, the people who have such a serious lack of understanding of history.
And it really shocks me that they're not aware of things such as the Italian or the German internment camps in the States.
I never saw them in some other places where they had hundreds of thousands held until 1948.
They also don't know much about what happened in the 60s.
My father, he was a part of the ASA.
You are aware of their existence, I'm sure.
Well, fill us in on them.
Well, they're the Army Security Agency.
They were disbanded in 1976.
Basically, they were the military's version of the CIA.
And, of course, things that he did.
One thing he told me was they'd interrupt ballistic missile exercises from Russia.
And he would program them and send them back to Russia.
These are some things he told me right before he died.
I think with this missile defense, I don't know what money is going where or what they really have today.
But I think any type of imminent attack or missile or nuke, they have the means to attack
Well, they do, but under PDD 60 that Bill Clinton put in, that Bush has kept in, we will absorb a nuclear strike before deciding what to do.
We don't even respond after hit.
In the past, when we had missile tracks coming in, multiple missile tracks, we would have a total commitment.
It was called MAD, Mutually Assured Destruction, and it was a great idea.
And it held us in good stead.
Now we will absorb a strike, which means virtual annihilation, if not total,
Hundreds of millions dead before we decide what to do.
And these guys tell us we've got to give up our liberties because some two-bit Arabs might get a nuke and blow up a city.
But we're open to China and North Korea and Russia.
China and North Korea threatening to nuke us on a weekly basis.
It's a joke, people!
It's a fraud!
This whole military-industrial complex is attacking us!
They work with the commies!
Go ahead.
That's exactly right.
I guess my point there is that if one were to...
Yeah, they have the systems to break into those unless they're properly shielded.
By the way, the Russians just hit a new ballistic missile test.
Paul Watson, comments on what... Thanks for the call, Brian.
Comments on what Brian just said.
Well, the whole Star Wars movement, I mean, as a conservative, I would support it, but if you go back to the PNAC documents,
It is not about defending America from nuclear attack.
It's about attacking other countries and militarizing space.
It's a weapons platform.
Yes, there's no real agenda to defend America.
It's a weapons platform to shoot Paul Watson with a radiation beam when you're walking outside your house and you're dead a week later.
And, you know, just as Clinton on China gave them the sophisticated weapons technology in return to fund his re-election campaign, that hasn't been reversed.
Insight magazine reported that the sophisticated technology keeps being transferred, while at the same time China are publicly gearing up for an invasion of Taiwan in 2005, and America is not going to do anything about it.
But they'll give us a big fat draft when we have the little controlled war with the Chinese, which we put in power.
We'll be right back with George Humphrey.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I've been focusing a lot of my psychological warfare firepower using our secret weapon, the truth.
Their weapon is the lie.
To deprogram Central Texans so this would be a stronghold against the New World Order.
And now from Fredericksburg...
Down to San Antonio and many points between Bastrop, Round Rock, it has become a stronghold.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
I mean, I go to a restaurant, half the people come up to me and go, I know about the New World Order.
Old, young, black, white.
And there's a lot of other people that have gotten involved in the fight.
And you can do this with your city if you've got a radio show for years.
It takes years to build this.
Or an access television show that you continually do.
Because then you can lay out the facts, gain credibility, wake people up.
That's why they want to shut all this down.
You know, we've got news of Porter Goss saying, you know, basically giving to Big Brother and his involvement with the hijackers and all the rest of it.
The Marines, our poor Marines, about to have to go in against the Shiites again.
They'll just make the whole country blow up again, but the globalists want that.
We've got Paul Watson with us.
Oh, I just want to stay with us as long as he can.
We've got George Humphrey joining us, a good friend of mine.
But we've got to cover this now.
And I'm just going to spend ten minutes on this with Paul Watson, with George Humphrey, because now it's a national news story.
A month and a half ago, I learned from board members of AXS Television in Austin, where AXS Television was thought of, founded, created.
Congress got the idea from Austin, Texas, 31 years ago.
The first place ever, right here in Austin, Texas.
Now they're shutting it down all over the country.
And if they can shut it down here, they admit it'll be a death blow to it where it still left, and still having a great effect.
And I had board members tell me that they're going to restrict speech on two of the channels and even control it on the third channel, and then it's going to be phased out, and I better play ball.
I'll still be on the air.
And then I talked to high-level city officials that live in my neighborhood, called sources I have, moles I have, and found out the full extent of it.
People didn't want to believe it.
And then two days ago, we actually got the minutes, which Axis Television didn't want to release, but we got it from the city through the open records rule.
And we have them setting aside the rules back in the third month of this year, 3304, or April 15, 2004.
They set aside the rules that could block the board's efforts to launch the new image enhancement plan.
And that's a nice double-think word for getting rid of the channels, getting rid of free speech.
And why did they do that?
I've given the analogy.
Well, if Greenpeace has rules in their board, in their non-profit corporation,
And their charter is to defend the environment and all the rest of it.
If they came out and said, we're suddenly for dumping nickel cadmium in the ocean, putting lead in the drinking water, and killing every whale on the planet, that board would be fired real quick.
Like if the Heart and Lung Association said, we believe in smoking five packs of cigarettes a day, drinking a gallon of Jack Daniels, and eating 15 cheeseburgers, they'd be removed real quick.
But see, they set aside the rules.
Then in the next meeting...
A couple meetings later, actually, in May, no, this is the June 8th meeting, they set aside a sign to the POV block if it attacks, critiques other faiths or religions.
So they're saying on the religious channel, Channel 11, that if you criticize any other religion or faith, you will be kicked off the channel.
And they've personally told me if you criticize anybody else, it'll be reviewed and you'll be kicked off.
There's not supposed to be any censorship or control, folks.
That's how it's set up.
That's how it works.
And the board knows this.
Well, I had to leave, and we're about to go to our guest.
I had to leave the last board meeting that I'd have to say over 200 people showed up to Tuesday night because it went from 7 to 8.45.
My TV shows at 8.
It's five minutes away.
I showed up beforehand.
I had to leave at about 8.45, excuse me, 7.45 and go do the show.
But a local documentary filmmaker that I know was there, and he got video of this, and I'm going to try to get it for the show tonight.
After I left, and a bunch of people told me about this, a board member got up and said, I'm in real estate, and I was about to sell a house, but somebody had watched Access Television and learned something about a certain religion, and so they refused to do the deal.
I lost the deal, and that's why I want this stuff off.
I mean, I've got his email and his comments right here.
I mean, the board members are standing up now, admitting this.
And here's the latest.
This is from Doug LaRue.
And then we'll go to George in a minute here in just a second, Stephanie.
This is from Doug LaRue, and he is with...
MusicTexas.com, making a big documentary.
And he was there for all of this.
And he said at the end of the meeting of the VP, Vice President of the ACTV Board, got up and thanked everyone and promised she was listening to the producers.
Then she told a story about her business was directly affected by the religious shows expressing opinions on ACTV.
I was reviewing the footage.
I shot tonight and noticed that this was what you were talking about in your speech.
She went on to tell how her real estate client asked the potential buyer of the house she was selling what religion they were when they told them to sell and refused to sell the house to them supposedly based on what they learned about their religion on an AXS TV show.
And of course she used this as an example of why they need to control content.
I mean, they're openly... I was told about this.
Here's the video.
Here's the email.
She seemed oblivious to the implications of her statement, and it relates to free speech.
I was struck by how few realized this at the time, but folks apparently could not hear her comments beyond the third row.
Yeah, it was real low audio.
And she's the producer of the Austin Groove documentary film series, but I'm going to get that tape and play it.
But, I mean, we've got Ron Franks calling producers up, the head of the board, going, you'll never be on the air again for what you did.
You know, the pro-life shows and people.
I mean, folks, this is incredible!
Now, I didn't mean to have George hold for five minutes and Paul hold, but this is like in Europe where they arrest you if you criticize somebody's sexual preference.
Whether you're for it or against it, folks, it's their free speech.
You know, it's like when they arrest protesters because there's 500 Bush supporters and one guy's got a shirt saying no blood for oil on a city's...
Sidewalk, and they go, well, this is the new freedom.
They're taking our free speech.
This is thought crime.
They openly say they're not going to let you criticize anybody.
George Humphrey.
On the city council in the early 90s helped build a new facility.
His name is on the building.
He's an expert on this.
We're not going to spend a lot of time on this, George, but this is a national story because these people are so disconnected that they're getting up explaining, I was hurt by the speech, and I don't think we should have it.
I mean, George, this is incredible.
Yeah, it is incredible and the listeners both here in Texas and across the country need to realize that Alex has really been leading the way.
He's given me a lot of information that I was not aware of.
The people both of Austin and around the country need to be very aware that access television is one of the very, very few conduits of uncensored information to the people of this country, the home of the free and the land of the brave where we're supposed to have freedom of speech.
And I know that 95% of your listeners know that the predominant media is totally 100% controlled by the Bilderbergs.
Thank you.
For those of you who are living in Boise or Detroit or whatever who are listening to this, this might seem like a local issue that doesn't affect you, but it does.
It affects every person in this community and around this country because the neocons know that they have to silence their critics.
They cannot allow what happened in the late 60s when people came out in the streets, started singing songs, and started communicating.
And that's what they're doing.
They're trying to shut down every form of dissent, every form of truth there is.
And all of us, again, no matter where we live, need to be aware of this and stand up and say no to this.
Well, George, the bigger point here, which you talk a lot about on your award-winning TV show here in Austin that hundreds of thousands watch, admittedly,
Is that they're openly, in the past they just tried to shut it down and they failed.
Now they come in, the media denies all this, then they later admit it, and then now they're openly saying we're going to control your speech and then start taking the channels.
I mean, this is incredible.
Well, it's 1984 on steroids.
This thing called point of view is just amazing.
There's an old saying, and first of all, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
But even more importantly is the ideals of the freedom of speech and the freedom of media.
But they're not even making bones about it.
I know that, and that's the amazing thing.
And I was not really aware of the severity of the problem until a couple of days ago.
And again, I was a city councilman, I know how this stuff works.
These lobbyists, and the big bad boogie man behind all this is our good friends at Time Warner and AOL.
And they've got the former mayor, Bruce Todd, as their chief lawyer.
You know, I don't think he's a lawyer.
He's a CPA.
Well, I know he's their lobbyist.
He might be their lobbyist, yeah.
But anyway, they have a tremendous amount of money and every dealing that I have ever had with Time Warner, both on a...
Let me get a comment from Paul Watson real quick.
We're going to break and come back and shift into some other subjects and go to some calls and talk about your new film, George.
And I appreciate you going through this with us.
Paul, comments?
Well, yeah, in a wider perspective, two reasons why they're trying to do it.
Obviously, TV is the most powerful psychological weapon the world has ever seen.
They don't want to lease control of it to anyone.
And Austin in particular, why they're concentrating on Austin, as he mentioned, is because Austin is a stronghold in its resistance against the New World Order, which ties into why these Pakistanis who were arrested were taping buildings in Austin.
So they're trying to scaremonger people into thinking that there might be an attack on Austin.
But I mean, at the same time, they're sanctioning the most horrible programs on television, mainstream television, that we've ever seen.
I mean, there's a show in England about to start where five guys are in a house with five female porn stars and they're actually judged and voted out on who has the best sex with the porn stars.
I mean, how sick, how low can we go?
While at the same time, preachers in Sweden and Canada are being arrested for reading Bible passages.
Oh, you didn't hear about Pennsylvania, where they arrested a guy for reading a Bible passage at a city council meeting?
George Humphrey, Paul Watson, stay there.
We'll come back and talk about free speech.
Folks, it's happening in America, in Austin, Texas.
And talk about this Pakistani thing in Austin, too.
Be a part of the new gold rush.
You know, for thousands of years, the one true valuable commodity has always been gold.
It still is.
We're good to go.
We'll rush you to free information.
Call today, 1-800-686-2237.
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Yeah, about three days ago, they just grabbed some Pakistani off the street and planned.
They've been videotaping buildings in New York, Dallas, Austin, Houston.
And you just look at the guy on TV, and in almost every other case, in hindsight, it turns out to only be a fake arrest, a staged event.
But Austin really is one of the centers of resistance, and that's why we're under so much heat right now, folks.
Because they know that you're aware of what they're doing.
They know that you're waking up to them.
But Paul Watson, I want to post some of that News 8 Austin article.
I want to post a little update about that and put some of your comments.
But anything you want to add to this now?
Yeah, I've actually found the article.
It's entitled, Videotape Arrest Has City on Alert.
It says, Austin police are on heightened awareness after the arrest of a Pakistani man in North Carolina.
Authorities there believe the man is responsible for making a suspicious videotape that features several Austin landmarks.
The video was shot a week prior to his arrest.
It had shots of several Austin landmarks, including the Governor's Mansion, the State Capitol, Mansfield Dam, the Frost Bank Tower, and several buildings along Congress Avenue were also included.
And see, this sets the precedent that when we're out videotaping, we're evil and need to be stopped.
And George Humphrey... And you know, in the paper today it said that there was absolutely no links with this man in any sort of supposed terrorist organization.
But don't worry, they're going to have... But they got what they wanted.
They got the headlines for two days.
But now they're going to have to put up barricades and machine gun nests.
I mean, this is so amazing, dear friends who are listening.
They are setting the precedent that if you videotape anything that you can be suspected of being a terrorist.
This is 1984, and as Paul and as Alex have said, we have to be awake, we have to be aware, and we have to say no right now.
Well, George, when we went to the ACTV board meeting, they gave three speeches going, Speech causes violence and problems.
It's got to be controlled.
I tell you it's dangerous.
Don't be hateful.
I mean, it's like we're talking to robotic cults or something.
Everything is violent.
Everything is bad.
Speech is evil.
I mean, it's just a total flip-flop, and the city says they want to access TV, and they're doing this, and we won't even have a voice to fight all this tyranny.
Well, I think that Austin is still... There are still enough good people, both in elected office and the overwhelming number of good people who watch and who are concerned about this.
If we organize, if we do our work, we can turn this thing around.
But all of us...
Whether we're in Austin or whether in your own cities, we have to be vigilant and we have to do our homework.
We have to go and talk to our elected officials.
We have to write the letters.
Well, they've done these terror alerts in almost every big city, and it's meant to get everybody scared in every town, every city.
And I'm sure you've seen the new little packages they have in the post offices about Homeland Security.
They just came out this last week.
They're a real gem.
You've got to see these out.
Is that the same one they have in Florida?
I know they had a meeting two weeks ago, three weeks ago and often where it says, look for people that are suspicious.
Do they not have a lot of furniture?
Well, it's not the same one.
This one is real slick, but again... What does it say?
Oh, I can go and get it for you, but the message again is fear, fear, fear, fear, fear.
And, you know, Ashcroft is on there and they're talking about the duct tape.
I mean, it's really hysterical if you're aware of the paradigm.
But, again, most people are not aware of the paradigm.
And that is the problem here.
Well, I'll tell you what.
Let's play that Goss clip.
This is him on PBS a few days ago when he got nominated as our new lord.
And this is what he said about Big Brother.
The purpose of the United States of America is to be respected for what we are.
Goss also weighed in on the age-old debate of preserving civil liberties versus protecting national security.
We're talking about the balance between privacy, on the one hand, and protection from Big Brother government, but we're also talking about the government's responsibility to protect our people.
It comes down to the choice, and as my staff has said to me many times, between Big Brother and Dead Brother.
And I think our first responsibility in government is to make sure we don't have any more dead brothers.
So the line here is, give up liberty, you get security.
A false paradigm.
I think his first statement, he said the responsibility or the reason for the United States is to be respected around the world.
Anybody who has listened to that and who has not responded in absolute disgust
He has no concept about what the American dream, about what the Constitution, about what the Republic is.
He's saying our purpose is to be respected and feared, basically.
We're the global masters.
Yeah, we are the new Rome.
We are the imperialistic masters of not only the world, but we want to be of the universe.
I tell you what, I want to say bye to Paul Watson.
Great job at PrisonPlanet.tv.
A lot of new features and videos being added.
Folks should go sign up with us at PrisonPlanet.tv, 50 cents a day.
Paul Watson, thanks for coming on, my friend.
Thanks, Alex.
Always good to hear from you.
George, when we get back, we'll launch into your 9-11 film, some of the other news you want to cover.
My promise, we'll go to Don and Mike and Don and John and Montana and everybody else.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Robert Galen Ross lives right outside Austin, Texas.
Tex Marsh, George Humphries, Bob Dacey, Alex Jones, Jack Blood, John Stapmiller.
There's all these people.
I mean, the list goes on and on and on.
Chris Athanas of the oldest libertarian TV show in the country right here in Austin.
So many active people.
So many informed people.
That are right here, well, in Texas, period, fighting the New World Order, and things are intensifying here, as they are everywhere.
But, George, I want to go to calls here in a few minutes, and I've been all over the map, but just some of the bullet points, some of the key questions of 9-11, some of the things you cover in your powerful film that we, by the way, carry, and then what you think of a lot of the different...
Well, first of all, what you said at the start of the show is that our secret weapon is the truth.
I think that the most important thing that all of us who love this country and who love this republic need to remember is that we are
Working for the truth, working for the republic, working for a level playing field.
And that we have to stay calm and strong within our truth.
Now that is one of the reasons that I have produced this new documentary called 9-1-1 The Great Illusion, which you are carrying on your website.
And it is about two hours long.
And we go through in a very logical, linear fashion the five different areas concerning what happened with what we call 9-1-1.
There are 60 points altogether, and there could have been 120, but to keep it within two hours is that we first of all talk about events that happened before 9-1-1.
We talk about the hijackings themselves or the supposed hijackings.
We talk about all the facts surrounding what happened at the World Trade Center, and anybody who believes that those planes and the jet fuel brought down the World Trade Center, that is like Alice in Wonderland.
Then we talk about what happened at the Pentagon on Flight 77, and then we talk about what happened events since 9-1-1.
Anyone in this country, whether they be a hardcore Republican or left-wing Democrat or whatever you are, if you've even got an inch of integrity left in your soul, if you will look at the objective information in this film that Alex is selling, you can see that 911
was an inside job created and carried out by the power elite here within this country.
And the story that the predominant media is giving us is just an absolute fairy tale.
And because 9-1-1 is the catalyst for all this other insanity, Afghanistan, Iraq, Homeland Security, the Patriot Act,
The new domestic CIA.
Yes, I mean, friends, I know that if you're listening to Alex, 95% of you are aware of this.
For the new ones who are listening, I know a lot of this information is hard to swallow.
It's not something that we want to believe in.
We all want to believe in our government, but the most important thing is where does the truth, where does the objective information take us?
Do we make a choice for truth and the republic and the Bill of Rights?
Or do we close our eyes and go along with this 1984 Orwellian move toward total tyranny?
This is not an overstatement.
We are in a police state, and as citizens of this nation, it is our responsibility.
It is our responsibility, not anybody else's.
Well, George, they haven't gone hog wild yet because they put the system in because they know we'll resist them.
They know that they're in a fight.
Well, we have already, you know, the question is this.
First of all, we know that the number of people who can really connect the dots, we're still a relatively small percentage, but our numbers are growing
Very, very rapidly.
And every day that we have is precious.
And as I say, the most important thing in this whole deal right now is numbers.
Because I'm in this fight to win, to restore peace and justice and truth, and to restore our republic.
And the way that we have to do that is that we have to build our critical mass of people who are aware of this dialectic, who are aware of the issues, and who have the guts
And the wisdom and the courage to stand up for what is right and good in this country.
Well, we do.
And if folks want to get your film, 9-11, The Great Illusion, Endgame of the Illuminati, Your Choice, Fear or Love, and then the sub-headline, 9-11 was an inside job, this film proves it.
It's a great video, and you need to have it.
And we've got discounts if you get more than one, and you also get free color 9-11, Great Illusion, color booklets with it.
Go to Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com and get a copy of it.
George, are folks authorized to make copies of it?
Well, I'll tell you what.
I'm not here to make... As you'll see, the pricing on this is very, very reasonable.
Well, you've sent out $4,000 for free to your... Y'all, if you get a copy of this, do this.
But the pricing is so reasonable.
Anyway, we are sending these out to elected representatives all over the country.
And when you see this information from both Alex's film, from Eric Huffschmidt's film, from my film, if you watch this, I have sent this out to thousands of people.
And people from all over the country and all over the world are writing me back and saying I had no idea.
You see it with your own eyes.
You see how powerful and how easy it is to pick apart and find out
What a complete snow job this is.
Yeah, it's a very powerful video.
Folks, if you want to get some copies of it, 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
And we carry four 9-11 films.
George's, Eric Huff's, and then two that I've made.
They're all excellent.
You need to have them.
You need to put them on AXS TV locally in your area.
I know you're certainly for that, George.
Oh, absolutely.
As you've said over and over again, this is an information war.
As Sir Francis Bacon said, knowledge is power.
Dear friends, if you will watch this film, this documentary, and it comes in both DVD and VHS, is that it will show you point by point by point by point by point
What is going on?
It is totally documented.
It is right there for you to see with your own eyes.
We have an original music score by a group called Symphony.
We have wonderful... Oh, where are they from?
Here in Austin.
Yeah, it sounds great, and I hope that people will... And again, the editor you use is a guy who helped me make Police State 3 and Matrix of Evil, so it's a good... Yeah, Mason Collier did a very, very beautiful job.
Yeah, it's a great video.
Folks, 1-888-253-3139, 9-11, The Great Illusion.
George, shifting gears, because I want to go to some calls here in a few minutes.
I'm going to keep you until the next hour.
Everything we're seeing.
I mean, Bush and his people and Kerry.
Kerry's saying he's for the war without weapons of mass destruction.
There's no difference between these guys.
Can you speak to the fake left-right paradigm and to the difference between Bush and Kerry?
Well, I think...
I saw the movie Manchurian Candidate last night, which is amazing.
It's another one of those wag the dog films, and it has characters from both the Republican and Democratic, and it's just amazing how it conforms with what we consider reality.
If you ask yourself...
What are the main issues facing this country?
First of all, we have tremendous debt in this country, and we have the largest deficit in the history of this country.
Both Bush and Kerry are for it.
They both support the Federal Reserve Board.
They both support NAFTA and GATT.
They both are in support of the FTAA, which is the Free Trade Area of America.
Which is the acronym for the European Union.
They both support the Patriot Act.
They both support Homeland Security.
They both support the invasion of Afghanistan.
They both have support from the Rothschild-Rockefeller wing of the Illuminati.
And the amazing thing is... I mean, one of the easiest ways that we can say this is what is the symbol for the pirates?
It's skull and bones.
Now, what are the chances...
That the leader of the Democratic Party and the leader of the Republican Party, and there's 12 million people right now going to four-year colleges in the United States, Yale University has 5,000 students, and there's a little bitty fraternity there called Skull and Bones that takes 15 pledges per year.
What are the chances that the leader of the two most powerful parties in the world both went to Yale and both were
Both are members of Scone and Bones.
They've ate on Adolf Hitler's silverware.
They're just telling us right out there, they're out-and-out pirates.
They're out-and-out pirates.
And for folks that don't understand this, they have to still act like there's an election.
So we have these cousins who are members of the same elite group, 15 members a year, out of 290 million Americans, they tell you you can all be president, young man, young lady.
They've got to have this theater.
And both parties are really agreeing with each other about selling us on this whole global agenda.
It is the most amazing illusion there is.
And to quote Richard Salant, who is the former president of CBS News, he says, our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.
Now, of course, Richard Salant went to the Grove.
He was a member of Bilderberg and a member of the CFR.
Now, dear ones, if we really know that we're human beings, which we are divine and sovereign and we're strong, we have to open our eyes.
These rascals are telling us right to our face, right to our face, how badly they're cheating us.
And they're just rubbing it in our noses.
And God doesn't have that plan for us.
We are made in the image of God.
We're meant for better things, not to be these... I mean, to have to watch Porter Goss, who's intimately involved in planning 9-11 over there, and working with the hijacker chief, and in all this, and have to watch him say, give up your freedoms, and have to... I'm just so sick of it!
It is amazing, and yet they keep this little veneer that we're free, and...
And everything's okay.
And as Murray Levin said, no truly sophisticated proponent of repression would be stupid enough to shatter the facade of democratic institutions.
But you know what?
These rascals are getting so arrogant right now that they're not even pretending that we have the facade of democratic institutions.
I mean...
The line is in the sand and unless we stand up right now, unless we increase our numbers and unless we act with courage and wisdom in a non-violent way, playing by the rules, and we can still do that right now, then the future of this country, not in 25 or 30 years from now and not 10 years from now, but for right now, is that the quality of life in this country is going to deteriorate
At exponential levels that will make all of us so very, very sad.
Well, that's why they're putting in the straitjacket control right now.
And they are doing everything they can to limit us.
These neocons... You know, to quote William Crystal, he was in Israel not too long ago, and he was quoted in the...
I think so.
I think so.
Well, George, let me add something to that because
The whole New World Order system was built long before the PNAC boys took over.
They're just a management team, you know, with Dick Cheney heading the whole thing up.
And they want the Middle East, but they also want the entire world.
And, you know, then they support people like Arnold, who says that, you know, he loves Hitler and loves Kurt Voltheim.
So I'm glad you make that... It is truly amazing that the people of this country...
Could elect a fellow who was born in Austria, whose father was a Nazi, who is clearly a racist, who is a porn star, who is an out and out drug user, and he's considered a hero.
That is the power of the predominant media to create illusion.
Well, it is.
Let's take some calls.
I appreciate everybody holding.
We'll get to you quickly here.
Up next, I guess, is Dawn in Colorado.
Dawn, you're on the air.
Yes, Alex.
Go ahead.
Thanks for taking my call, and I appreciate everything that you're doing.
Thank you.
I just started listening in March, and at first I was kind of, you know, yeah, right.
But after watching some of your videos and really just paying attention to the Holy Spirit, I just know that this is the correct.
That you're going in the right direction and I appreciate it.
Thank you.
I have a question to bring up.
I was listening to another radio station just a couple of days ago and this lady wrote a book about taking a trip to Israel.
She was reading the Jerusalem newspaper at the time and they were saying that their head security guy who was in charge of the Temple Mount
Yeah, all over New Jersey, Texas, all over, they're hiring former KGB chiefs, former Mossad chiefs, just from all these different countries that know how to set up these walls and machine gun nests and checkpoints, and they're being brought here to set this up.
Okay, I was wondering if that, because his name was Nicky Levi, and I don't know if you... I'm not familiar with that particular person, but I have stacks of mainstream articles about this.
Yeah, I wouldn't know.
And folks, I don't want to live like they live in Israel.
I mean, they won't do anything about our southern border, but we're going to have this internally in the cities?
Yeah, and this is in their newspaper saying how their top guy is coming over here, and I just thought that was kind of... And I think that you need to be aware is that Ariel Sharon's rabbi...
I believe that the Temple Mount, which is the holiest site for the Islamic people, needs to be blown up and they need to build a synagogue there so the Savior can come back.
Where have we heard this before?
I mean, friends, if they blow up that Temple Mount, there is going to be jihad.
You know what?
I have one other question, if that was okay.
Okay, real quick, when we get back, and then I've got to get to Mike and another Don and John and Montana and many, many others.
Again, the globalists want continual war.
We're not meant to win the Iraq war.
It's meant to go on and on and on and on.
It's a war against the people, regardless of what group you're with.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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We provide outstanding products like Esiac, colloidal silver 500 parts per million, olive leaf extract,
Thank you.
We're good to go.
Remember a few months ago, we played the clip.
Bush said, we're trying to bring you chaos.
I mean, order out of chaos.
I published a book called Order Out of Chaos.
That's the Illuminati maxim.
They create crises.
I mean, you look behind every group.
The communist Chinese, the radical Zionist movement, the Nazi movement.
It's all the same people over and over again.
I mean, you've got somebody who says he loves Hitler hanging out with Lord Rothschild.
And you look back, the Rothschilds funded Hitler and protected him.
We stand against Hitler.
We stand against all this stuff.
You know, it's like the neocons were all former Trotskyites.
I mean, whether it's communists or fascists or Nazis or the radical Muslims, all these groups are controlled, folks.
But what George said is true.
If they go in and somebody, some radical blows up that Temple Mount,
Then you're going to have real Muslim terrorism.
You're going to have war in the streets, and that's what the globalists want.
They want more drugs on the streets.
They want dumber children.
They want, again, when they have a war on drugs, there's more drugs.
War on illiteracy, more illiteracy.
War on terror, more terror.
It's about creating a world crisis to bring in a world government.
Real quick, finish up Don in Colorado.
Well, is that what you're speculating?
Is that they're taking him out of there because he did such a good job over there?
Or that we need him over here now because of his expertise?
Well, I didn't see the article, but I know that all over the place Israeli experts are basically running things in a lot of cities.
But the Russians...
Hi, Alex.
It's just one of dozens of issues, and the problem is that maybe 15 years ago or 20 years ago, we'd have one story a week or every two weeks that we could focus on.
Now we have two or three stories a day that are hitting us.
They're just hitting us incrementally, faster and faster and faster.
Yeah, let's take another call.
Let's talk to Mike in Florida.
Mike, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I've got three quick points.
The first, I don't know if you saw this the other day, it was in Drudge Report, the headline.
It said it had Hillary Rodham Clinton bringing the, let's see, it's the New York Mercantile Exchange bill.
And when the oil hit the highest it's ever been at $45 a barrel.
Yeah, and then I'd like to comment on the Goss situation, which is kind of interesting because, like you said, they're all from Florida.
The election problems we've had were in Florida.
That, and then the last thing, and I'll hang up and I'll listen to your response.
There's a program out there on the Internet called Winamp, and if you download Winamp, it's a music player.
They actually have a TV program.
No, I know, sir.
That's the main system you use to listen to the show.
A lot of our videos have been put on the Winamp system.
So I just wanted to say that, and I'll just take your response off there.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
The scam with the oil, I mean, they're raping us at every level.
It's like the toll roads in Austin.
You know, on every existing road they're going to go in, they're going to squeeze and squeeze, aren't they, George?
Well, they already are.
Anybody who can't figure this out and anybody who doesn't realize that the international petrochemical companies are the largest contributors to the Republican Party and the neocons and that they are taking their profits right now.
They put in pittance.
They put in a couple hundred million dollars for campaign contributions and they receive
Hundreds of billions of dollars worth of profit.
And the loser are the people of this world.
Oh boy.
We'll be right back.
Last night I was watching Fox and they had a Saudi OPEC guy.
And he said, look, there's too much oil.
There's plenty of oil.
We're not doing this.
The U.S.
is all over the world keeping oil supplies from flowing, doing deals.
And then Fox was going to have them on for five minutes.
They cut it off right there.
We'll be right back with the third hour.
Stay with us.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, we've got my good friend, successful businessman, former city council member here in Austin, Texas, author, filmmaker, George Humphreys.
And I've got a whole slew of news I want to go over with him concerning the police state, ways to fight this, the awakening that's taking place.
But I do want to go back to your calls for those that have been holding the longest and get through some of those and we'll get back into some news information.
George, I've got a lot of stuff I want to talk about, but after we take some more calls, what are some things that you think are important that you'd like to discuss?
Well, there are so many things that I want to discuss, but clearly, going back to 911, which is the catalyst for this all, if we can convince...
With objective information, the people of this country, that the story of 9-1-1 is a total charade that they're being lied to.
And we can do that, and we're doing that with your film, with my film, that you can get at InfoWars.com.
But it's a race against time.
The globalists know that.
And people have to wake up, and it is so simple if people will just look at these films that they can find out that this whole thing is a masquerade.
It is.
I mean, we have the official U.S.
government plan to carry out 9-11 style attacks called Operation Northwoods.
Yep, and then we have the PNAC documents, and so... And it's not just us.
We have two high-level German ministers.
You quote them in your book.
One of them, Andres von Milos, saying they obviously carried it out.
Another one.
What's that quote in your book by another German minister where he says, you know, this is the new world order takeover?
Do you have that quote?
Yeah, I sure do.
I'll pick that up in about three seconds here.
Just a minute.
Oh, here it is, right here.
He says, The interest behind the Bush administration, such as the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, founded by Brzezinski for David Rockefeller, and the Bilderberger Group, have prepared for and are now moving to implement...
Open world dictatorship within the next five years.
And this is Dr. Johannes Kopel, former official of the German Ministry for Defense and advisor for NATO.
Now, we have Anders von Bulow, former defense minister, former technology minister, and then we have Michael Meacher, the number three guy in the government who resigned over all this, and he said if you didn't do it, you sure knew about it, and wrote an eight-page editorial.
I mean, folks, we're not the only ones saying this, okay?
We're saying the world is round, and you can keep saying it's flat, but you're going to destroy this country if you do.
Yeah, we need to come back to that last part.
The Bush administration is now moving to implement open world dictatorship within the next five years.
This quote was about a year and a half ago, two years ago, by the German Minister of Defense and advisor to NATO.
This guy is a high up muckety-muck.
And the other minister is saying it.
So, I mean, folks, look, someone with a normal IQ who knows common sense and looks at 9-11, their official story is impossible, and we've proven the whole thing to be a lie.
But then we simply bring out the facts, all the evidence points towards them doing it, you can argue about how they did it, but their official story is impossible, George.
You know, David Rockefeller just openly says we are on the verge of a global transformation.
All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order.
Well, Henry Kissinger said that, you know, today people would revolt against UN occupation, but after a terror attack, George... You know, as Bill Clinton said, he says, we can't be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans.
That was Bill Clinton on March 11th, 1993 in USA Today.
I mean, they're just telling us right to our face.
But you know what?
It's like the Wizard of Oz.
We have to pull back the curtain, and it's just a handful of these rascals.
If we, the citizens of this country, reclaim our sovereignty and realize that we are strong, every single one of you listening out there has power.
Yeah, we outnumber them thousands to one.
We'll be back, George.
We'll go right to calls, and then get more into the New World Order and 9-11 and a bunch of news.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Prison Planet.
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There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
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I'm going to go bam, bam, bam to your calls to everybody that's holding.
To Don and to Montana and to everybody else that is holding.
So just please stay there.
But for the next just few minutes, I wanted to bring Debbie Morrow up briefly.
I appreciate her time in joining us because the globalists are attacking us through our environment, through vaccines, the air.
But 70% of you is the water, and that's where they're really hitting it.
And if you get a proper shower filter, that will greatly reduce or cut out most of...
We're good to go.
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Ha ha.
They've got just so much, folks.
Debbie, folks need to give you a call and not procrastinate during these uncertain times.
But forget the terrorism.
Don't drink the water because of all the stuff that's in it.
Debbie, what do we know is in most water supplies?
Well, we know that they put Prozac, I mean, they leave Prozac in the water in many, many water supplies.
And we also know that they specifically put chlorine in the water.
They put fluoride in the water.
And the government actually pays the water companies to take the fluoride because fluoride is a byproduct, a disposable byproduct,
So they didn't know what to do with it.
They couldn't just get rid of it.
How's that for your hardcore communist conspiracy?
I'm not going to let them pollute my precious bodily fluids.
I'm being sarcastic.
They have their Dr. Strangelove Kubrick films making fun of us.
We have not hundreds, but thousands of prestigious medical institution reports.
Go ahead, Debbie.
Well, anyway, so we can get the fluoride out of your water at greater than 98%.
We can get the chlorine out to below detectable levels.
The MTBE, which has been a cover-up for like a million years.
49 states.
Yeah, that's in 49 states in the water supplies.
And so using the Berkey as a daily water filter system, not just saving it for, you know, God forbid we do have an emergency.
It also makes your food taste better.
Absolutely makes your food taste better and makes your body feel better.
I have had many customers call me who are really into health food and they know what they're talking about, whereas I'm not that diligent on that kind of stuff.
I've had people call me and say, you know, the pH level gets leveled out in the water.
Well, also, people are going to medical doctors and they're saying, you know, you've got this environmental toxicity.
You're allergic to these chemicals and stuff.
Get a high-quality filter.
My neighbor across the street had to get one because her doctor told her, you know, you need to drink mineralized filtered water.
I think we're good to go.
There's no plain H2O on Earth that God provided for us to drink.
You know what?
I've got an idea, Debbie.
Let's bring George Humphrey in here.
You had no idea I was going to do this.
George, you've studied this.
Do you think it's important to drink high-quality filtered water, or is it good to drink what they're putting?
Of course it is.
That's one of the reasons that I collect water off my roof and then I filter it.
The Berkey filter is one of the greatest filters made in the world.
But, dear ones, if you're not drinking clean, filtered water, and it is a great thing to get the rain off of your roof, filter it with the Berkey, and you will have a wonderful, wonderful liquid to drink, and the difference in the taste and the health
Are you some type of radical?
You're saying we shouldn't trust the government when they admit there's Prozac and Ritalin and all these heavy metals in the water?
As she said, in the 1880s, the aluminum producers didn't know what to do with their byproducts.
And so they first started selling it as a derivative for rat poison.
And then they convinced the people that they should put it in the water.
There is no proof that it helps tooth decay.
Well, it's like depleted uranium.
They have thousands and thousands and thousands of tons of this, byproduct of nuclear weapons production and rod production.
And so they say, oh, it's good for you, we're going to put it in munitions.
I mean, it's the same story, folks.
Give Debbie a call right now.
If you call and it's busy, leave your name and number.
She'll call you right back.
Or go to BerkeyWater.com, order online on a secure shopping cart, and put in the comments section, it's the Alex Jones Show and what free gift you want.
Debbie, thanks for coming on.
Thank you.
It was nice talking to both of you.
Okay, Debbie.
Berkeys do work.
All right.
Thanks for staying with us for that, but it's important.
I feel good promoting real things.
It is important.
Unless we're healthy, unless we're strong, we can't do what we're supposed to do.
Yeah, I don't believe in magic.
And the number one thing we've got to do to take care of our health...
Yeah, I don't believe in magic machines.
I don't believe in super creams.
I don't believe in end your debt instantly.
No, I believe in videos, tapes, films, good food, organic food, filtered water.
This is the way to go, folks.
George, thanks for holding, and thanks for the listeners.
We're going to go to you quickly.
Bam, bam, bam now, so get ready.
Don, we were going to you in Georgia, or Oregon, excuse me, you hung up.
So Montana and Arizona.
Montana, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Good to get with you.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir.
This is in regards to the justice of peace here and there in Benson, Arizona.
I had to put a junction against one guy down.
He's kind of a ding-a-ling.
And I don't beat around the bush using him.
Well, what's he doing to you?
Well, he's just a ding-a-ling.
Okay, well.
Okay, well, he go by there, he was still mouthing off, and he come onto my lot where I pay the rent there where I'm living.
I have a coach home, a 1953 GMC coach.
It was all converted over in Columbus, Ohio back in 68.
Okay, but anyhow, he came onto my premises, and he broke the injunction, right?
Okay, so it comes to this judge.
This Mexican would go by looking, mouthing off, and I'd point up in the air or point at the ground.
And I said to this judge, he's been in there too many years.
He's stung out in the stairs somewhere.
Sir, I'm not having trouble following you, but everybody's having bureaucratic run-ins.
Everybody's having problems.
Yeah, well, okay.
I said to the judge, I said, now there's no...
Place in the Constitution that says that I cannot point to the sky or point at the ground.
Or in the Ten Commandments.
And he said, well, the Constitution and the Ten Commandments don't mean nothing.
So, what are they claiming?
Pointing at the sky?
I just... Yeah, that I ain't supposed to do that.
He's a Mexeroid.
I call him a Mexeroid.
He's like a hemorrhoid or a pain.
Thank you for the call.
All right, sir.
I really just... Maybe a prank call.
I'm not sure.
But let's go to another caller.
Who's up next in order here, Stephanie?
Drake in Pennsylvania.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Great show.
My name is Drake Minder.
I'm running for state representative in Pennsylvania for the 131st District.
I enjoy the information that you bring to the table.
Thank you.
And I'd like to tell people about my website and tell other independents, as an independent, maybe we can network across the country and maybe build more of a voice that will be... Sure, you can do that, but do you have any comments about what we're talking about in the show here?
Yes, that was great and very informative.
Well, thank you.
What do you think about the New World Order?
Well, it's been doing this for a very long time, and it's going to be very hard to take our country back.
And be one step at a time like they're doing to us.
That's right.
They didn't build the new order overnight.
We're not going to defeat it overnight.
And it's just part of a process of saying no, and when they tell us resistance is futile, that's just propaganda.
George, comments?
Well, it's a good sign that somebody who's running for state representative is listening to your show, and I support you, and I hope that you will speak out loudly and clearly to the people in your community about the dangers of the New World Order.
Yeah, Drake, what's your website?
It's independentgov.com.
Well, that's a good website name.
Thank you very much.
And I guess you've got your whole plank and stuff there.
Well, I'm still in the process of developing it.
Some of the things that you talked about is on my website.
Some of the audios that I actually dubbed over is on my website.
Some other radio shows that I look for information.
And I'm going against a Republican who's been in office for ten years, five terms.
It could be very tough to beat.
I think I can do it, and we'll go from there.
All right, thank you.
We'll be back with more calls with George Humphrey.
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Alex Jones here back live.
All right, folks.
And let's try to go to some more of these calls here.
I guess up next is Lewis in Texas.
Lewis, you're on the air with Alex Jones and George Humphries.
Go ahead.
Yeah, can you all hear me?
Yes, I can, sir.
Okay, yeah, Mr. Humphries and Mr. Jones, I bought both of y'all's videos, and they're great.
And, you know, I was just introduced to the truth in February, and it scares the hell out of me.
And you know, they're making a move to get to all the media, and we've really got to fight this, because they know if they get a hold of the media and they get people like you off their...
You know, they've really got a stronghold.
Well, we've always said that AXS TV and talk radio itself, which has been consolidated, is a canary in the coal mine.
And they just shut Houston down three weeks ago.
They're shutting it down everywhere.
George, that really is a key indicator, is it not?
Well, there's no question about that.
The ways that we communicate in this culture right now are through AXS television, through talk radio, and through the Internet.
And all three of those communication systems...
Are getting choked on a daily basis.
And it is up to us as citizens to make the choice between fear or love.
Whether we submit or whether we stand up for our rights.
Well, George, they're panicking too.
Major university studies show, depending on the study, 38 to 45 percent of people have completely left television and cable and have gone to the Internet, alternative books and films.
So I think people have lost...
Yeah, and the biggest single thing about this is there's all this electronic stuff, but the most important thing is that each and every one of us need to talk to our friends, our family, our acquaintances.
Wherever I go, if I'm in the grocery store,
I'll bring up a conversation about the New World Order wherever I go, and the most effective way of communicating is person to person.
It is.
Lewis, anything else?
Oh, yeah.
I was going to tell you all, you know, I was thinking, you know, like Michael Moore.
I mean, the only thing different between him and you guys, you tell it better.
Get out there.
How about people that might be able to represent you all in Europe and get your...
George, I did not hear the previous hour, so this may be redundant.
But why do you have a picture of an L-1011 on the cover of your DVD?
Of the plane?
Oh, that was just put in there by disc makers when we were doing the cover.
Yeah, they had somebody else make the cover and then it's not substantive.
But he didn't make that choice.
It's just symbolic of the plane going on in there.
There was one time, I think it was the day on September 12th, there was a
Video shown one time on TV.
It was a scene from the sidewalk below the building pointing straight up and an L-1011 went into the building and I saw it.
And it only happened just once and I'm sure it was a fake but I just wondered if you saw that fake video.
I have not.
I've heard about this before as both Alex and I get
Dozens, if not hundreds, of communications a day, and people have talked to me about this before.
How about hundreds an hour, George?
And so anyway, I've heard this before, but I don't know about it.
Well, it might mean that all the videos of the planes hitting the building could be fake and contrived.
No, I went and just saw jet aircraft, sir.
I've talked to, I have friends who were there and saw it.
I have actually a cousin who is in building number 7 and he was at the top of building number 7 and he saw both jets hit the World Trade Centers.
Look, I mean, I'm going to stick, Richard, I'm going to stick with, they called Condoleezza Rice, called Mayor Willie Brown and said don't fly to New York tomorrow.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff told Newsweek they were told not to fly.
We had troops smashed.
NORAD stood down.
There was a CIA drill that morning of that very thing happening.
You know, there's 600 points, 600, on prisonplanet.com, the 9-11 section, that are all totally provable.
And so, frankly, a lot of people focus on the stuff that can't be totally proven, and I think that's fine.
But more esoteric things.
But I just stick... And that's what George does in his film.
He sticks to what you can prove.
Well, I agree with your conclusion, but it's my theory that they could produce false videos, put them on CNN, and let us copy them and make comments about them in order to trap us into...
Anything's possible, sir.
I told you I've talked to friends and people who were there and saw it.
Well, I believe it happened.
But I also believe... No, I understand what you're saying, sir.
I appreciate the call.
We'll come back and talk to Tim and Steve and others and get to some other news items.
With George Humphrey, my good friend from Austin, Texas.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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There's no hype, just information taking action.
We're about to go back to Tim and Steve and many others.
If you want to talk to George Comfort in this final segment with our guest, it's 1-800-259-9231.
As we face this New World Order system coming down upon us, just think about our families, our culture, our society.
This is a scientifically crafted system.
Dictatorship run by people who are threatened by freedom, threatened by creativity, threatened by ideas.
They love control.
Their power comes from having a monopoly of force.
Their own documents say they want to dumb us down.
And things are just going to get worse and worse the more freedoms we give up.
It's just common sense facts.
And it's so horrible that a lot of people go into automatic shutdown or cognitive dissonance.
They just can't believe it.
They can't deal with it.
What do you want to say to those adults, those police, those
Those government workers, those CIA people, who know a lot of what we're saying is true, but make little excuses for it.
Well, we all have friends and family that we have talked to about this.
We've seen them get the glaze in their eyes.
They have changed the subject.
They've talked about the black helicopters.
They have shut down.
A couple weeks ago I was at a family reunion and several of my very, very loving family members who are very well educated, when I said, look, I can give you absolute film proof that there were bombs in the World Trade Center.
Can I show it to you?
And we even have the owners saying they did blow it up.
I mean, this is not, folks, this is seismographs, firefighters, police, eyewitnesses, admissions.
This is not debatable.
And you can see all of this in Alex's film, in my film, 9-1-1, The Great Illusion, DVD or VHS that you can get through Alex, or you can get through fearorlove.com.
But the point is, is that remember what Jesus said.
He said, let the dead bury the dead.
Hurls before swine!
Dear ones, we all have very close friends and family members that we want so desperately to be aware of this stuff.
But if their time is not now, then we can't force it.
We need to use our energies to go to those who are willing and open to listen.
People get stuck with some idiot that wants to argue with them and doesn't have any facts and just laughs about it.
I mean, anybody that's laughing about the situation has got a major mental illness.
Yeah, and when you deal with somebody who is so caught up
In their old paradigm or their old point of view, it just steals our own energy.
It just sucks the energy out of me.
So I just say, okay, whenever you want to see this information with your own eyes, come and talk to me.
Did your family laugh at you?
Well, they did.
Luckily, there are other family members who are aware of this and they all just kind of came in.
Every single one of us have family members that are not accepting, that are closed off, that are mind-controlled to the real and present danger that is facing our friends, our family, our culture, our world.
Well, that's really it, George.
I mean, we know the vaccines have actually had the mercury increased.
Dr. Dyer with Congress has proven it.
And the news says it's been taken out.
You've got to have shots to go to school.
That's a lie.
The children in Austin Independent School District cannot walk in the doors unless they've had their shots.
Now, when I was... Well, they say that on the news, George, but that's not true.
Well, I know it's not true, but the teachers in the administration and the head of AISD believe it's true.
And they will cause all sorts of trouble.
And so for most of the people, they are just going along to get along.
And let's say what it is.
Roll up your sleeve and prepare for your IQ reduction.
Why are they so obsessed, George, with, I don't mean this in a new age way, clouding our consciousness, we are conscious, our cerebral cortex, and the fluoride, the mercury, all of this admittedly affects those glands, blocks those transmitters.
For example, the fluoride is a thyroid inhibitor.
All of these things that we're talking about are endocrine inhibitors.
The endocrine system is the juice that gets us to integrate our conscious awareness within our soul.
When our thyroid or other endocrine systems are shut down,
It blocks the area that scientists, medical scientists say communicates with the spiritual.
They are putting something, a circuit breaker, in between there.
And listen, folks, this is important.
This is very, very important.
You've got to understand that they've got vaccines.
They're about to make the law in England.
They're discussing it here that, quote, cure a child ever being able to be addicted to nicotine, heroin, cocaine.
But they admit it has a virus that attacks the nerve endings of the brain and burns them out.
They're openly going to give children a biological warfare lobotomy, and it's in mainstream news, George.
I mean, that's a science fiction nightmare movie, and it's just out in the open.
I'm ready to pull my hair out!
This is insane!
A dear friend of mine had a child just a couple weeks ago and within 24 hours that child was given two or three vaccinations.
Their liver, their organs are not even close to being developed and they're being given these massive vaccines.
What is there not to figure out?
And the only reason this is happening is because we, the people, have allowed it to happen.
The elected officials are the reflection of the consciousness of the people of this country.
And because the consciousness has been so altered through this mind-altering television, through these fat foods, through these vaccines, through the chemtrails, through the fluoride in our water,
You know, and again, as I say over and over again, we have the choice between fear and closing our minds off or we can step into this thing and at first it's kind of scary.
But as you and I both know, there's plenty of wonderful, beautiful, alive people.
Well, I'll tell you, George, I'm honored to be with you and together with freedom lovers and people that love God.
And once you're on this path, you realize, folks, that you never really even had a choice.
You're in this thing.
You're in the crosshairs.
Whether you acknowledge this or not, this system feeds on those that serve it even more readily than those that fight it.
And they respect us.
They see you as cattle.
They're social Darwinists.
And they think it's their right.
They respect us.
They hate you.
They laugh at you, folks.
We've got to fight them.
And folks, once you're on this path, you're going to be truly alive.
But believe me, folks, you've got that bad feeling deep inside of you because you know that something's wrong with the world.
Tim in Rhode Island, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Tim.
Alex, if I can just switch gears very quickly here.
I subscribe to PrisonPlanet.tv.
And I listened to the Michael Medville clip that you have there.
And, well, I sent him an e-mail saying, hey, why don't you have Alex Jones on if you think you could handle him?
And somebody who works for him sent me an e-mail saying they've invited you on his show, but you have not replied.
That is not true.
I didn't think so.
Now, they may have sent an e-mail to some e-mail account that's so spammed out that I didn't get it.
But give them this e-mail.
I'll tell you what.
Okay, that's exactly what I wanted.
Give me an email address, please.
Tips at Infowars.com.
Tips at, yeah.
And I do miss a lot of interviews.
They may be telling the truth.
Tips at Infowars.com.
Or you can have them call me.
Let me give you my office number.
291. 291.
I want to tell you what, this is a better number that we always, or has a better chance of being answered.
I'll send them both with the 5750.
Yeah, do that.
It's an email from a guy named Jeremy.
I don't know just what his position is.
They want me to call into their show, but to be perfectly honest with you, I'm a talk show host myself.
Presently unemployed.
And I don't talk to neocons.
I have no interest in talking to this clown.
Well, I'll go on and clean the floor with that guy.
By the way, George, if you didn't hear this, we got on the main page of prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
A person called and said, have you seen Road to Tyranny?
Jones lays out how the government carried the attacks out.
And he said, I think people that make films like that should be investigated.
That may be illegal.
I heard about that.
Thought crime.
Yeah, well, wait a minute, Medved.
I'm on some of the same stations as you.
Does that mean they should be investigated?
I mean, we've got German defense ministers and British environment ministers and prominent people saying this in the best-selling books now in the U.S.
and England and Germany and France say this.
I mean, you guys... Oh, boy.
You know, the amazing thing is that the predominant media will not...
Allow us to speak our truth.
And anybody who has any inkling of objectivity, whether we're right or wrong, in a truly free country, they'd have the Alex Joneses, the David Ikes, the George Humphreys on these big shows.
And if we are wrong, then they could prove it, but they won't have us on the big shows.
I would love to go up against Hannity or any of those people.
Oh, I would love to get in with Hannity.
I mean, he is such a rascal.
Well, I was watching him last night, and literally everything he said was a lie.
But it was like, well, the president was in there for over six minutes.
Yeah, it was like nine.
But see, over six isn't a lie.
In the classroom?
He was in there a lot longer than seven minutes.
Yeah, I mean, in the information that first came out, he was in there for 17 minutes.
Yeah, but clearly nine minutes after they told him.
But, I mean, the point is to minimize.
That's a practice liar.
Over six minutes.
I mean, why not just say nine?
Oh, Hannity would be so easy.
And he has this nice boy whole attitude.
Those guys all know exactly what they're doing.
Of course they are.
They're paid shills.
Okay, well, Tim, send them that info.
They want me on anytime, anywhere, anyplace.
Thank you.
Very, very good, sir.
Yeah, I mean, that's ridiculous.
Let's talk to Steve in Kansas City.
Steve, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How are you doing, Mr. Jones?
I called you a couple weeks ago about a court case I was going up against with child custody.
And it came to court, and I had to spend another $500 on getting a
An attorney for my daughter, you know, court-appointed, biased opinion.
And they're going to listen.
Well, you didn't have to get a court-appointed attorney.
You didn't have to pay for a court-appointed attorney.
Well, no, that's not for me.
It's not for me.
It's not for the other party.
I'm not mad at you, but I don't know what you're... What's the story?
Explain to me.
I don't know.
It's custody.
I've had custody of my daughter for 13 years.
And now she wants her.
Because she'd be a good babysitter.
And she's using your tape against me.
Now, again, you called a few weeks ago and you said that this is her point to the judge that you've shown your daughter my films.
I told you, sir, you can go to the Trio Network's website, one of the biggest main screen cable networks for arts and entertainment, and go, here's his film airing on the Trio Network.
Here's the New York Post writing it up saying it's a good film.
So I'm showing films the New York Post writes up to my daughter.
And did you do that?
Well, the judge didn't even talk to either one of us.
Okay, well, so did your wife use this?
I don't understand, sir.
Yes, well, their side is using that, but I'm scaring her politically that when she turns 14 that the government's going to come and get her.
Okay, but you haven't told her that, have you?
No, no.
Well, then they're liars, and it doesn't even feed into the case, sir.
I mean, it's like it's this new thought crime thing.
You don't think the world's flat, you're bad.
Yeah, well, that's true.
Okay, how can we just... I don't really... I'm sorry to hear about this, sir.
Well, I'm just letting you know how the courts can turn this on people.
Well, sir, you don't really know your rights, and all of us really don't.
We should learn them.
And, you know, procedures.
I mean, it's not even an issue.
Okay, and I mean, you say they bring it up, but then you don't bring up the counterpoints that these are...
It wouldn't matter if the films were obscure, but they've been acclaimed.
I mean, it doesn't matter.
And then another point, what do you know about the signs as far as what they put on temples and as far as sun worship, as far as, you know, like the eyes of Lucifer on the back of the dollar bill?
Oh, yeah, D.C., Paris, London, they're all laid out with giant occult symbols everywhere.
George, you want to comment on that?
Well, the occult symbols are everywhere, starting with our Statue of Liberty, and every place that is called Columbia, Columbia University, District of Columbia, the Columbia River, Columbia Pictures, that is a goddess, and that is a marking or a symbol of the Illuminati.
I mean, it's right in front of us, the eternal flame.
Well, look at all the names of the NASA programs.
Look at the name of the Total Information Awareness Network.
Look at the symbols.
All of them.
Doesn't the Pope wear one of those signs?
I'm not... I don't think he wears an all-state hat.
Well, the scepter that he carries and the hat that he wears at special occasions are supposedly symbols of the Illuminati.
Oh, you're talking about the white hat being the fish?
Yeah, the white hat and that's Belmont and the scepter he's got.
All of this is spelled out in one of David Icke's books, which is pretty good.
But anyway, the symbols are in all the corporations, and they're all over.
We have a new bank tower here in Austin, Texas, where the owl is.
I mean, if you understand the symbols, you'll see them everywhere.
And there's a big pyramid down at the foot of that building.
So, all right, well, thank you for the call, Steve, and I'm sorry to hear that, but you need to...
Are you going to get yourself a better defense?
I mean, I really can't say anything.
You're allowed to trail people videos.
It's America.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
Alex, I'm going to have to sign off right now.
Yeah, I know.
I'm going to let you go, George.
The one thing I would like to say is that the answer is not out there.
The answer is within us.
And most of the people of this country still have victim mentality.
We have to understand that each of us are sovereign and strong.
Claim our power.
Gather the information.
Go to infowars.com, fearorlove.com.
Get the information and make the choice whether we're going to stand up for America, the Republic, the Bill of Rights, or whether we're going to cower.
I hear you.
George, thank you for coming on the broadcast.
See you, my friend.
Take care.
Folks, look.
I'll come back and hit a few final news stories.
And I understand what everybody's going through and the tyranny's increasing.
But government can claim it's God.
It isn't God.
And God gives us the strength and empowers us to take action against tyranny.
And it's horrible what we're facing, but it isn't going to go away.
Wishing it away isn't going to work.
We're going to have to take action.
And we are taking action.
And we've got a dog in this fight.
This dog will hunt.
We will win.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The cashless society control grid, impenetrable microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops,
That's 888-253-3139.
We're good to go.
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I think so.
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You can go read it all, watch it all.
It's all there, folks, prisonplanet.tv.
Please take action.
This is out of the Phoenix News, and it's dog day afternoon.
Sheriff Joe's goons launch an assault to make a misdemeanor arrest.
The raid left a burned house, a terrified neighborhood, and a dead dog.
And it says, Justin DeFilno looked out his window of his Akawaki home and couldn't believe what he was seeing.
It was shortly after noon, July 23rd, and several men dressed in black jeans and gray shirts were getting out of an unmarked white suburban, casually putting on black jackets and helmets.
Soon the men were lingering in front of his neighbor's house in the upscale gated subdivision of quarter-million-dollar homes.
The Finlow never would have guessed that he was witnessing the final preparations for the Maricopa County Sheriff's SWAT team moments before it unleashed a barrage of tear gas grenades into the neighbor's home.
Moments later, the situation deteriorated even further when the home erupted into flames.
Now the entire neighborhood of closely packed homes was threatened by the possibility of fire.
I think?
The neighbor said she watched as the house burst into flames and moments later was shocked to see the tank roll down the road towards her car.
And it goes on for like three pages.
All of a sudden I saw my car jump back three feet and the tank land on top of it.
And in the ultimate display of cruelty, the SWAT team member drove a dog trying to flee the home back into the inferno.
They shot the dog in the face with a fire extinguisher when he tried to come out of the fire when it met an agonizing death.
I mean, just, folks, I see these every day, okay?
I don't even read these.
Despite them reportedly laughed as the dog's owners came forward
As it perished in the blaze, I was crying hysterically.
Andrea Baker, one of the dog's owners, tells me, it was so upset, the deputies were laughing at me.
Making fun of the 10-month-old dead puppies wasn't enough.
And it says, oh man, it just goes on and on, folks.
Houses burning, machine gunning, just insanity.
But I guess they're the good guys.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
I hate tyranny.
I can't stand bullies.
And things are getting worse and worse, but for every action, there's an equal or greater reaction, and the resistance is mounting geometrically.
We shall prevail!
Now get out there.
Stand up and say, I'm not your slave, and you're going down, New World Order!
And minions, join us.