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Air Date: Aug. 11, 2004
2577 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, my friends, it's already Wednesday, the 11th day of August 2004.
Thank you so much for joining me.
Masses of vital news and information today, and an important guest discussing the vaccine situation in the second hour.
Wide open phones.
The websites are prisonplanet.com, prisonplanet.tv, and of course, infowars.com.
A lot of the same news and information on all the sites, a lot of different news on the sites, so check them all out today.
Well, we already knew this, but CIA halted a plan to kidnap bin Laden in 1998.
Another example.
Three separate countries wanted to arrest him.
They said no, and then cruise-missiled those that wanted to do it.
Two of the countries that wanted to.
Here they are protecting them.
A mole, a Pakistani mole, was about to blow Al-Qaeda wide open, and so our government outed the mole.
They do this over and over again.
When they've got bin Laden cornered, Special Forces colonels told to stand down.
He watches as over a hundred, quote, this is the San Francisco Chronicle, black helicopters land and pick up al-Qaeda and fly them to safety to C-130s, but then be flown out and paid handsomely by the U.S.
government for a job well done.
This has all come out.
It all comes out in the news.
It's all out in the open.
But, again, no one puts the pieces of the puzzle together.
This is one of those puzzles a two-year-old could put together.
You know, a puzzle that's maybe got like four pieces.
You'd have to be brain-dead not to put the pieces together.
CIA halted a plan to kidnap bin Laden in 1998.
That's out of the Irish Examiner, a big mainstream newspaper in Ireland.
President Bush continues to surrender U.S.
sovereignty to international entities.
We'll go over Chuck Baldwin's great column.
Also, documents uncovered proving U.S.
doctors aided tortures in Abu Ghraib.
We'll get into that.
Kerry, an amazing statement yesterday that he supports Bush in the war.
Even if no weapons of mass destruction were there, he thinks it's a great war.
Of course, the Democrats will suddenly love the war now.
As soon as Kerry's in office, if he gets into office, Patriot Act, they'll love it.
Wars, they'll love it.
Same stuff will happen.
Suddenly the left wing will love it.
And conservatives are all committed to this lie.
Mainstream dumbbell neocon conservatives.
So they'll all be one happy enslaved family.
And Bush laughed at Kerry yesterday and says, See, he agrees with me.
He reveled in it as he mocked Kerry over, as he mocked his cousin.
Bush's job rating falls to new low.
Immigration plan envisions incentives to illegal aliens.
We talked about this.
It's finally been pointed out that they're going to pay to bring the illegal aliens here.
Bush says it's not an amnesty, though.
It's just the biggest amnesty ever in perpetuity, dwarfing anything ever even conceived of, and corporations can pay to bring the illegals here to accelerate all this.
And they're going to advertise to get them here with the benefits.
Six billion people globally.
290 million in America.
And our government's going to advertise in newspapers globally.
Please come to America.
Please come here.
We'll pay you.
Drive down the wages.
Help enslave us.
will let Mexican visitors stay 30 days instead of three.
So helping have that wide open.
No need to cross the desert.
You can just walk right in.
Scientists giving cloning a go-ahead.
This out of the BBC over in England.
Iran to test missile capable of hitting Israel.
Look for Iran to get hit pretty quick.
to give Border Patrol new powers to deport illegals.
You know, right.
Judge, removal of Bible from courthouse.
Can't swear on that Bible.
Can't have that Bible in the courthouse.
Also, CBS newsman Mike Wallace issued subpoena.
Actually arrested.
And just so much more lined up
For you today.
So please stay with us.
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I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Stay with us.
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I know we have a caller from Japan.
We get calls from Japan and Australia, from McMurtle Weather Station in Antarctica.
We've gotten calls from there.
We go to those calls directly.
So we'll get to your call from Japan here in a few minutes, then Darren in California and John in Ohio and many, many others.
We have a guest coming on in the next hour concerning mercury and the vaccines.
And much, much more.
So please stay with us.
But let me get into the news now.
We've got Kerry saying the war is wonderful, even if there never were weapons of mass destruction.
He's all for it.
We've got more news surfacing about the government blowing the whistle on its own mole when they were about to bust Al-Siaida.
And so this is a good place to start.
The Irish Examiner, a very respected newspaper, one of the national newspapers in Ireland, headline, we were actually already aware of this, but now it's mainstream news, CIA halted a plan to kidnap bin Laden in 1998.
Now, again, in case you didn't know this,
We're good to go.
And they've always been there.
They've always served well.
And they've been serving well again.
And they'll continue to serve well.
And Bin Laden was used to attack the Soviets in the 80s, which I don't think was bad.
And then he was used to attack the Serbs in the late 90s, which was bad.
When they fought back, oh, they're evil demons.
Let's go take their land.
That's admitted.
Senate report by the Republicans.
Alphonse D'Amato.
And so now we have this.
When the Sudanese wanted to arrest him and get some money, they got cruise-missiled.
When the Afghans wanted to arrest him, they got cruise-missiled.
When they offered to give all the documents on bin Laden over, they got cruise-missiled.
The religious leader of the Taliban, who wasn't CIA, stayed behind when we took over.
And he was the first to be arrested, the only senior Taliban to be held, and he told the British Embassy, the Egyptian Embassy, the U.S.
Embassy, you're going to be attacked, this is what's going to happen.
And he was waiting there thinking he'd be loved with open arms.
He was arrested.
That came out mainstream news.
The average person has no idea it even happened.
Same story.
And we have dozens and dozens and dozens of examples of this.
CIA protecting bin Laden in the 9-11 archive of prisonplanet.com.
Smaller archive at infowars.com.
CIA halted a plan to kidnap bin Laden in 98.
In 98, the now-retired CIA head George Tenet called off a brave plan to abduct al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden from an Afghan compound, fearing that it was too dangerous to implement according to a report into the September 11th terror attack.
So that's just the whitewash, folks.
We have BBC and London Telegraph articles from 2000.
Where British ambassadors were in northern Pakistan and saw bin Laden being guarded, quote, by U.S.
Special Forces.
And they went, wow, he's there.
They've got him.
I mean, this is a joke.
Agents set a plan to kidnap Bin Laden from a farm in Kandahar and then transport him to New York or a place where he could be put on trial.
But Tenet decided to hold the plan amid fears that it might harm many U.S.
The plan was devised based on satellite imagery and intelligence about a walled compound near Karnak Farms.
They'll capture the plan before 9-11.
Everett again attained the same level of detail in preparation the report said.
This is just the whitewash.
Working-level CIA officers were disappointed when the plan was added.
I know Paul Watson's listening.
Paul, you've got to find that London Telegraph article.
There was another one.
We'll get that BBC article.
You've got to get that article out of the San Francisco Chronicle where that Special Forces colonel described having the Taliban and Al-Qaeda leaders, the Arab fighters, cornered, and then they were ordered to stand down and they watched U.S.
helicopters land and lift them off.
I know that's in the archives.
We need to post that, have a little news and focus section for the next few days, and repost that for people.
There was also another general who said that they would capture Taliban and Al-Qaeda generals, they'd be ordered to release them with vehicles and let them go.
I think that was MSNBC.
We need to post all this, because this isn't just some little accidental thing here.
But the plan was for bin Laden to be snatched by a group of Afghan operatives and handed to a group of tribal leaders in the desert outside Kandahar.
Then they would turn Bin Laden over to another group of leaders who would then hand him over to the CIA.
But unfortunately, the plan was halted, and that for a number of reasons made by Tenet.
And this is just one of the times.
Then the Afghans wanted to arrest him in 2000, 2001.
But that was not allowed.
Then he went for kidney dialysis at the American Hospital in Dubai, a big military base, U.S.
military base, and the CIA met with him for ten days.
So, again, that's just a small portion of the facts.
Let's just go to calls now, and we'll get to all the other news here in a few minutes.
Michael in Japan, I guess from American Living in Japan.
Michael, how are you doing?
Alex, how are you?
So you listen to us in Japan?
Yes, sir, on the Internet.
I've been listening to you for a little more than a year now, and I...
I wanted to tell you, I ordered four of your videos, and I have a small complaint about them.
It's not the material in them.
I ordered them, and when I put one of them in the VCR, I got no video, and the audio sounds like you're on 78 speed.
Well, we get that with foreign governments.
Japan has some of the highest restrictions around stuff that goes into Canada.
It tends to get erased or smashed, and we've had big problems with Japan, and I'm glad we can handle your customer service issue here on air.
It's not a complaint against you, Alex.
All you have to do, sir, we'll be glad to send those back out to you again, and if they get erased again, we'll send them out again and again.
Okay, because I have 9-11, I'm sorry, I have 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, and I've showed it to a friend of mine who's retired military.
He couldn't believe what was on the DVD.
He couldn't believe it.
But I'm thinking, well, he shows you the mainstream articles.
Oh, good.
They're right there.
So of the four videos, how many of them worked for you?
None of them.
I put them all in the VCR.
I even bought a new VCR, and nothing happened.
We might have one bad video out of 200 that's our fault.
They were all erased, sir.
Somebody put a demagnetizer to them.
When they send them through those irradiation machines, I don't know if Japan has those, but New Jersey and places are doing it.
It totally fries them.
So only the DVD made it.
Oh, yeah, the DVD works fine.
Well, listen, do this, Michael.
Michael, just contact us and we'll send you some more.
Let me give you the number to do that.
Okay, that's great.
Let me give you the number to do that.
512... Hey, wait a second.
512... 512, it's on the website, too.
Okay, 5750.
Uh-huh, or you can call 888-
253-3139 and give them your name and address in Japan and we'll get you the new videos out.
Okay, great.
And if they erase them again, we'll just refund your money.
But I want to thank you for your support.
What else can I help you with, sir?
Yes, sir.
I've been pretty angry.
I could use stronger language, but I'm not.
I am, but I read on the MSNBC that I heard that Porter Goss is going to be the new CIA director.
Yeah, we were going to cover that in a minute.
The guy who met with the Pakistani general and we're going to go over all that evidence of this little spook.
Yeah, give me a break.
Come on.
I know, I've been reading up on that.
I was like, oh my, you're telling me.
Well, what do you do over in Japan?
Well, I'm an English teacher and...
And I keep telling everybody about you, and I keep telling about the information that you're telling.
What do you know in Japan?
I mean, where do you live?
I live in Zama.
There's a town called Zama.
It's about, I would say, about 25 miles outside of Tokyo.
There's a military base about maybe two blocks down from where I live.
Well, I get a lot of emails from Japan, and I'm being interviewed by one Japanese TV station today, next week by another network.
I really wish one.
I forget.
It seems like Japan is really waking up.
Well, yeah, especially, you know, especially me.
Actually, the...
I'm a little nervous here.
I apologize.
Well, that's okay.
Well, listen, Michael, it's good to talk to you, and thanks for your support, and take care, my friend.
Yes, sir.
Caller from Japan.
You bet.
Darren in California, a little bit closer to home.
Darren, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Darren's gone.
All right.
John in Ohio.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, you mentioned how people get profiled by their supposed tribal team members.
Identification of Democrats and Republicans and how now Kerry, you know, is supporting this dirty war and occupation.
And I think that's the technique that is used by the neocons to, in effect, say, well, now I've got an emotional stake in it.
I voted for this guy, whether he's a Democrat or a Republican, so I've got to support their dirty war crimes.
But I see the same kind of profiling going on among conservatives and right-wingers.
I have to say that.
And I don't think I'd have enough time or ability
To state what I'm trying to get at, but if you could have somebody on like Dr. Michael Parenti, michaelparenti.com, I think he could do a better job than I could, because I worry that despite all your keen analysis of the evil motives and lies of these neocon warmongers, and their PNAC schemes for world domination, starting with their appetizers along countries like Iraq and Iran,
That when they move to Phase 2 of the PNAC plan, which according to their own PNAC blueprint plans... Is Russia and China.
Could I hold on after the... Yeah, sure.
I know where you're going with this.
Stay there.
You can finish up, John, and we'll go to others at 800-259-9231.
And again, the website is prisonplanet.tv.
Stay with us.
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Alright, I'm going to get into Porter Goss, the ultra-slime ball, to be your new CIA director, and how that ties into the new super-CIA that's going to be running our lives like a KGB.
And we'll get into Kerry's disgusting activities, saying, oh, he loves the war and doesn't care if there weren't weapons of mass destruction.
And look at all that moral authority he's giving Bush, his cousin, his business partner, his buddy from Skull and Bones.
This is totally staged.
And this is how they give us false choices.
So we'll be discussing that.
I'm sure that's what John wants to talk about.
But I know where John's going with this.
PNAC wants to attack North Korea, China, Russia.
Total World War III.
That's on the battle plan after they take over the Middle East.
A new national draft to get that done after they've armed China and the rest of them.
I don't think they're going to go to war with China and Russia.
I think they're going to be more posturing.
The Fortune 500 basically runs China and Russia today.
Russia has six oligarchs in charge, and every time one of them gets arrested, it turns out it's some Dutch or British or U.S.
company that really owns whole sectors of the Russian economy.
It was our big banks that put the communists into power, folks.
And that's where John and myself disagree.
John doesn't know his history.
John, go ahead.
Well, I think I do to some degree, but I think that this is the most dangerous phase of the PNAC blueprint for world domination and setting up a fourth Reich, because they do say that any country that is an obstacle towards total domination
Well, yeah, that's not the fine point I wanted to bring up right now.
What I wanted to say is that I think that these neocons
If they change the label from an anti-terror war to an anti-communist war, they will have effectively profiled many... Hey, your little buddies are a bunch of Trotskyites, John!
My buddies are simply people that I've examined over decades.
I know, but you've called them before, and you think socialism's great, and I'm telling you it's a creation of the elite to con the people back into serfdom.
Well, you know, if that were the case, there wouldn't have been 14 Catholic countries... Hey, John, you look at this corrupt...
Fascist state, and you think, oh my gosh, socialism must be good.
We don't even understand that real free market is a great thing.
This is organized crime we're fighting.
So don't look at organized crime and think free market's bad.
This isn't free market, sir.
You know who lobbies for regulation and big government?
The corporations do.
They use it and control it.
Well, I understand that, but what I'm talking about... Well, the socialists give them a bigger mechanism of control!
No, I'm not talking about that kind of mechanism of control.
I'm just saying that the countries that are in the bomb sites and the gun sites of these mad, forthright neocons...
Let me ask you a question.
Do you believe that Fidel... Do you know the historical... Sir, the historical fact that Eisenhower called Fidel the Abraham Lincoln of the Caribbean...
Well, you know, I don't know that, but I do know that whenever Northwood was mentioned, you never mentioned that the main victim and target of that was Cuba.
They were to be framed up, and it was Eisenhower that framed them up.
Sir, it's in my film.
What do you mean I never mentioned it?
It's in my video.
You never mentioned the name of Cuba.
You mentioned enemies of the globalists.
Precisely because... Sir, you haven't seen The Road to Tyranny, have you?
But I've listened to your program almost every day.
You haven't seen the video, have you?
No, I haven't.
John, thanks for the call.
We've got a lot of other callers.
Look, this is why we're going to lose this country and the planet.
Because the Democrats think Kerry's great because he's got a D before his name.
The Republicans think Bush is great because he's got an R before his name.
And I personally think Kerry would be better because it will wake conservatives up out of this doldrum.
Not because he's good, but because they'll quit being blind to what's happening in this country.
But who knows?
I mean, they'll probably think Kerry's great.
Who knows?
Conservatives will probably go along with Kerry.
I mean, it's just like beating your head up against a wall.
It is a historical fact that our government put in Mao Zedong,
That they put in Lenin, that they put in, that they helped support Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, Fidel Castro, Manuel Noriega, Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, that they were even involved in supporting Muammar Gaddafi.
They set them up, and then they try to knock them down so they can have weapons sales.
And you guys want to romanticize the Reds and the rest of it.
The Reds killed tens of millions of people.
And how you could ever look at one evil of the neocons and then try to mirror that and say, oh, but the commies are going to say this.
Now, can the neocons use anti-communist rhetoric to push their agenda?
Of course they can, while at the same time supporting communists.
So, you just can't grow up, John.
You just can't get your head out of the sand, buddy.
You can't break your paradigms.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
It's finally here.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
They railed against the crown Another ragtag band Declaring independence They laid their bodies down Laid their bodies down In a bloody war On a bloody war For liberty For their descendants Thanks to the renegades I'm free today!
We're free today.
We're free today.
All right, my friends.
We're back live.
Thank you for joining us.
We'll go to Anthony and Peter and Ken and many, many others here in a few minutes.
Let me cover more news.
I went to calls early in the broadcast to try to change the pace a bit.
Need to cover news right now.
I want to get more into CIA halted a plan to kidnap bin Laden in 1998.
Just one of many plans.
Oh no, don't arrest our agent.
Also how they went and arrested a mole when he was about to expose Al Qaeda, being CIA.
They're having trouble explaining that one away.
And we'll get into President Bush continuing to surrender U.S.
sovereignty to international entities.
Documents uncovered proving U.S.
doctors aided torturers in Abu Ghraib, Russian Relocation Center, as the British call their centers.
Kerry still would have approved force for Iraq out of Reuters.
Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry said he would have voted for the congressional resolution authorizing force against Iraq even if he had known there were no weapons of mass destruction were to be found.
So what do you Democrats think about that?
And then Bush mocks Kerry over it.
We'll get to that.
Bush's approval rating at lowest point ever.
Also, we'll get into that mole situation, as I said.
Immigration plan envisions incentives to illegal aliens to get them here.
And much, much more.
But right now, let's get into two articles that are in USA Today today on this Wednesday edition.
Bush taps lawmaker to head the CIA.
Goss could face political storm before confirmed.
President Bush nominated Republican congressman and ex-spy chief Porter Goss on Tuesday to head the CIA, leading senators immediately suggested that Goss, respected in both political parties, was on track to be confirmed in the Republican-controlled Senate.
But Democrats' complaints that he is too political indicated there could be the contentious hearings.
The CIA chief, they say, should give the president and other decision makers non-partisan advice.
The appointment comes at a turbulent time when the United States is pressing a global war on terror.
Shoring up Homeland Security against threats of attack and hearing calls for reform of the nation's intelligence service.
I love it.
The total takeover of our society.
Porter Goss is a leader with strong experience in intelligence and in fighting against terrorism, Bush said in a Rose Garden announcement, before leaving to campaign in Florida.
He is the right man to lead this important agency at this critical moment in our nation's history.
Goss, a Florida congressman, stepped down Tuesday as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.
The next Central Intelligence Agency director will have less authority if, as expected, Congress follows the 9-11 Commission's recommendation and creates the position of an intelligence czar, or lord, that's what it means, or supervises the CIA and more than a dozen other agencies.
White House spokesman Scott McClellan did not rule out Goss getting that job.
Yeah, that's the plan.
Let's talk about Mr. Goss.
This is the guy who met with General Mahmoud Ahmed, the head of Pakistani intelligence, known CIA operator who helped depose the elected leader of Pakistan to put in General Perez Musarraf a few years ago.
Now, on the morning of 9-11, he was having a sumptuous platter, a breakfast meal.
With the head of Pakistani intelligence and the New York Times and the Associated Press reported when the staffers came in and said, planes are hitting the towers, Goss looked at them and said, we know.
Meanwhile, down the street, Lord Bush, Herbert Walker, Bush 41,
Was having a sumptuous meal at an internal Carlyle Group private shareholder meeting, sitting at the table with the leader of the Bin Laden family.
And then, of course, down the street, the CIA was running a drill of hijacked jets flying into the World Trade Center in Pentagon.
Just so happened that was used to order NORAD to stand down.
And we have, during that week, the Pakistani general meeting with the CIA chief three days before, Mr. Tenet in meeting with the White House four days before, and he was traveling all over, and Mr. Goss has been instrumental in the cover-up of 9-11.
So I'm sure we're all very, very proud of Mr. Goss.
He's done a great job covering up, just like General Eberhardt did with NORAD.
Now he's got the NORTHCOM job, and
It's just thoroughly disgusting to watch all of this.
And Goss has been a continual intelligence operator for the globalists.
Now he'll end up being your CIA chief and then of course move into the new KGB boss position over the entire United States.
All crime is terrorism and everything we do and say will be tracked and traced by his lordship, by the new Heinrich Himmler.
So the new intelligence and takeover agencies like Homeland Security now fights terror and crime and puts up billions of dollars of cameras in all these cities to fight terror and crime and have the neighborhood watch fight terror and crime and high school kids fight terror and crime and direct the new
We're good to go.
The other article, and we'll go to your calls, is the Arnold Factor.
And it's a picture of Bush and Arnold.
I guess if I said that I admired Hitler and screamed at black people and called them names, I'd get awards from Jewish organizations.
But I'm against Nazis, so I'll be attacked.
I'm not joking, by the way.
I've always admired dictators like Hitler.
I don't care.
Of course, of all times, a Nazi.
We love him.
We like him.
I always dreamed of having total power.
Most people are followers and need to be ruled.
That's what I like to do is rule you.
Black people are subhuman inwards.
I don't like them.
They shouldn't be allowed to compete.
They're animals.
All right, but that's good, see?
If you don't say black people are animals and you don't say Hitler's good, you're a Nazi.
You've got to learn how this works.
See, after you visit Lord Rothschild,
It's photographed by the Scotsman.
You're okay.
You can do whatever you want.
Just like the founder of the Bilderberg Group was a Nazi, Prince Bernard.
But that's okay.
If you fight him, you're a Nazi.
The Arnold Factor.
I love Senator.
The great Senator.
The senior Senator from Utah.
Mr. Hatch wants to get rid of the 22nd Amendment so I can be President.
Arnold Schwarzenegger should be one of President Bush's secret weapons this fall.
He's anti-gun, pro-abortion, pro-open border, of course he is.
He's a popular and charismatic Republican governor with star power and a Kennedy wife and appeal to Democrats in his home state of California and beyond.
Instead, the Arnold factor in this campaign may come down to political body language with the two macho politicians you have, Bush.
Bring them down!
He's real macho.
His relationship has sometimes been strained.
Be able to convince California voters that they are on the same page when they differ on many cultural issues.
And Schwarzenegger is balking at campaigning for Bush outside his state.
Will Californians see the warm chemistry of John Kerry and John Edwards or the Bush has reached with former rival John McCain?
I mean, it's just so sick.
By the way, in major polls, two-thirds of Californians agree with what I'm doing.
They love it.
I helped run the Imran scam so I was put in to stop it.
And again, I'm not, well, do you support Gray Davis then?
No, I don't.
That's the point.
There's no difference.
By the way, Bush and Arnold are good buddies.
The family vacations together and they go to the Grove together and have fun together there at the Grove.
According to the New York Post, where, quote, gay porn stars headline service the members.
I wonder what type of service.
Let's go to Anthony in Louisiana.
Anthony, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Today I want to talk about, I was thinking about some of your stances and your stance that you are pro-solving the illegal alien problem.
But at the same time, but if you want to do that, aren't you just fueling the growing and burgeoning of biometrics industry that has all these technologies that spy on all of us, ready to use that as an excuse to employ in our cry out for solving the illegal problem?
Well, you know, that's a good comment.
Congressman Lamar Smith here in Central Texas, South Texas,
About six years ago, he lobbied and said, no, let's have biometrics to get driver's licenses, even after they were in, because this will be good to stop illegal aliens.
But then he got a waiver through, and Bush has the waiver, where illegals don't have to do this.
If you're a citizen, you have to, but illegal aliens don't have to.
Bush just did that again, reauthorized that five months ago.
And so, again, 40-plus states have the thumb scanners and the face scanners to get a driver's license.
And for an American citizen to leave the country or someone from Western Europe or Asia or wherever to come in, they've got to do it.
But people from Latin America don't.
That's a federal ruling.
I mean, a federal order by Bush.
I don't know if you remember that.
So you don't need biometrics to stop the illegals.
You can simply stop offering a massive welfare.
That'll stop a lot of it.
And you can simply perhaps double the border patrol on the southern border.
You know, go from 1,300 on duty at any one time to maybe 3,000 on duty.
I mean, that's very cheap.
We're talking about a couple hundred million dollars, which is just chicken feed.
I mean, you just have no idea.
Most of the time when they bust somebody breaking in cars or robbing houses here in Austin, Texas, it's illegal aliens because they've got a get-out-of-jail-free card.
So, something's got to be done about this.
And the point is, I raise about the open borders is, how can they claim we've all got to give up our rights and be tracked and traced and no fly lists and all this, but then the border's wide open?
It's a joke, sir.
That's why I point this out.
Yeah, well, I'm totally with you on this whole... But you're right that they're selling us that biometrics is the answer to the illegals, and then quietly making it to where there's nothing there.
Yeah, and I've also been noticing that the border problem finally is starting to come out in the New York Times and all these newspapers.
Yeah, but they're doing nothing.
They're just saying, okay, we're going to search you when you try to go to Mexico.
Yeah, I'm... I'm serious.
Don't you think it's possible that it's kind of scripted for us to suddenly all care about the border a whole lot?
No, this is the opposite.
Sometimes they do that.
87% of Americans, including Hispanics, they try to make it a racial issue, it's not, are against the open borders.
It's just common sense.
It's driving down the wages.
We can't accept billions of people from the entire third world.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I totally agree.
Okay, I mean, when's it going to end?
I mean, I'm all for immigration, but we can't absorb $2 million a year, $3 million a year.
Yeah, I just think it has the potential to be like a solution that's really evil.
I also see in the news that Homeland Security is working.
They're like, oh, well, now we're going to go down and... But again, they're doing nothing but trying to bust people shipping in drugs that haven't paid their cut.
The CIA and searching Americans trying to leave.
Okay, yeah, I just want to bring up that little view there.
Alright, thanks, Alex.
Great points, Anthony, I appreciate the call.
Peter in New Jersey, go ahead.
Greetings, Alex, from the liberal cesspool state of America, New Jersey.
And you did a tremendous Arnold impression.
Maybe you can do McGreevy next.
I don't think I did a very good one!
Wait until I get your firearms!
Kind of a statement and then a question for you.
You're going to be a little man.
You're going to beg me.
You're going to lick my boots once I get your gun.
I live a handful of miles from Lakers Naval Air Base and Fort Dix.
Listen to me now, believe me later.
You're my slave.
I'm Uber.
Go ahead, I'm sorry.
That's quite all right.
Living a handful of miles from Lakehurst and Fort Dix here in Central Jersey over the last couple of years since 9-1-1, I've noticed in the wee hours of the morning, 2, 3, 4 o'clock in the morning, many, many times on many occasions these fighter planes going overhead and not knowing what's going on.
I'm sure if I called over there I would not get the correct answer anyway.
Recently I came upon this in the local newspaper.
They were looking for role players to act as foreign civilians.
On the battlefield opposing military forces at Fort Dixon in support of U.S.
military training.
Yeah, they always say that.
Then you go to the training and they scream, I'm an American, not the camp!
I have rights to firearms!
The other thing was, sometimes it's not terrific to speak about others on the radio, but the other night I just came upon Stephen Quayle, who I heard you with a few months ago on Coast to Coast.
He was on his program.
I'm a little confused because while listening to him he was almost talking about something so drastic coming in the next couple of weeks which he did not mention.
He was very cryptic and as a believer in Christ I was left with the impression that I should take my sandwich board sign out and put on the rapture is coming because
I don't know any, nor did he say.
Well, Steve puts out a lot of good info.
I disagree with some of it.
And it's always cryptic, but I think the real world is cryptic, and the government is saying in early September it's all over, it's going to happen.
But, you know, I don't know if that's the case.
I mean, you know, none of us totally agree with each other, and, you know, Steve believes that, you know, there's this real Al-Qaeda threat, and I do too, but it's Al-CIAIDA.
Yes, indeed.
Will you be on any programs soon, such as Coast to Coast again?
I'm on a lot of syndicated shows, but they haven't called me yet to set me back up for the show.
They said they are going to do that soon, but email them and tell them you want me back on.
Will do, and I appreciate all your time today, Alex, and God bless you.
You bet.
Good to hear from you, my friend.
Yeah, I've been on the show three times now in the last six months, eight months.
And they said they're going to have me back on.
I want to go back on by myself for three hours.
That's when it really is effective.
But I appreciate that show being opened up to more diverse viewpoints.
They have done that, and I think George Norrie's doing a better job than some of the past folks.
I think, you know, I appreciate it.
I mean, I can't argue with somebody who has 14 million listeners an hour having me on three times.
One time for three hours, another time for five hours.
It's a never done before.
They did a five hour show.
We're going to break here in just a second.
And when we get back, I will get into news.
And then we've got a guest coming up that you absolutely do not want to miss with the vaccine situation, and we'll take more calls.
Again, the website is prisonplanet.tv, infowars.com, and prisonplanet.com, all three are different sites.
Check them out today.
And remember, giving up your liberty gives you tyranny, not security.
All right.
We shall return, so again, please stay with us.
And remember, resistance to tyranny and to tyrants is obedience to God.
We'll be right back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
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The civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint brig.
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The ring of fire.
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All right, my friends.
Boy, we'll go to your calls here in a minute.
You know, don't worry, this broadcast is documented.
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Let's go ahead and talk to Keith in Louisiana.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Hello, sir.
This is Kenneth.
Okay, Kenneth.
Go ahead.
Yeah, any of these white Republicans who are for the war on terrorism, I'd like to ask you, where were they when the ANC took over that white Christian nation of South Africa?
I mean...
They're not consistent, would you think, or what?
I'm confused, sir.
I mean, you've got black people, white people, Hispanics for this war.
You've got John Kerry for it.
Well, I'm just saying, it's a shame, and it's a double standard.
Well, I will say this.
I don't support apartheid or what happened in Africa, but they even admit that place is ten times worse off now.
But that was by design.
The globalists wanted to loot South Africa, and you've still got the same elites in power.
They're just looting the daylights out of it.
It is worse since then.
Highest crime rate in the world.
Oh, yes, yes.
And it's hard to believe that America has descended from Vikings and vandals, people who despised the multicultural Roman Empire...
People who resisted evil, and today, we're not resisting evil.
In a way, the Republican Party seems to be embracing it, by being for the war on terrorism.
Well, anybody that tries to destroy someone's culture, whether they're Native American or German or Jewish, is wrong.
But to just say that, are you saying other groups of people are evil, period?
I don't agree with that.
What group?
Well, no, I mean, you're talking about resisting evil.
I don't understand.
Well, I'm just saying that the war on terrorism is really a war in our pocketbooks, if you think about it.
Well, it's also a war on our freedoms.
Right, exactly.
All right, Kenneth, anything else?
Take care, man.
All right, thanks for the call.
We'll start the next hour.
Go to Bill, John, and others.
And we have a guest coming up.
Toll-free number to join us on air, 800-259-9231.
And when we get back, I will blitz through some news items, and then we will let our guests then shortly go to your calls.
So stay with us.
The second hour is only 70 seconds away.
Big Brother Mainstream Media
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Coming up later in this hour, we'll be talking to a gentleman who's written a book, scholarly work, about...
Mercury in the vaccines and the explosion over 1,000% of autism and other brain disorders directly linked, according to the CDC's own documents, to autism.
And we'll also get into the CIA halted a plan to kidnap bin Laden in 1998.
President Bush continues to surrender U.S.
sovereignty to international entities.
Documents uncovered proving U.S.
doctors aided torturers in Abu Ghraib.
Kerry still would have approved force for Iraq.
I made more comments yesterday about how even if weapons of mass destruction weren't involved, he thinks the invasion was good.
So, how do the Democrats like that?
I mean, you talk about open corruption, and Bush was out crowing over this.
Also, Bush's approval rating plunges to all-time record lows.
More about the U.S.
outing its own al-Qaeda mole when they were on the heels of busting Al-CIA to him.
But here's an article I wanted to cover.
Immigration plan envisions incentives to illegal aliens.
Bush's mass amnesty plan, the biggest ever, which he said isn't an amnesty.
Again, it's like Waco, as they're ramming tanks into the walls, saying this is not an assault.
Don't run, we are your friends.
Immigration plan envisions incentives to illegal aliens.
Millions of illegal aliens in the United States will be free from arrest and deportation, have access to tax-deferred savings accounts and social security credits, and get unrestricted travel...
From their home countries under President Bush's guest worker program.
So we'll be getting into that.
For you also scientists, give cloning go-ahead in the United Kingdom, Iran, to test a missile capable of hitting Israel.
And judge orders Bibles removed from courtrooms.
Can't have that Bible in there.
And CBS News man Mike Wallace was rude to a government bureaucrat, so they came and arrested him.
I'm not kidding.
They said, well, he was a little bit rude.
They actually say that.
It's like the lady in D.C.
who walked into the train station and finished a candy bar, and the guy said, you're not allowed to have a candy bar.
She said she ate the last piece, and he said she rudely chewed.
Aggressively chewed was the quote, so they had to arrest her.
The guy put his feet up on a park bench.
They arrested him.
Of course, his wife ended up being the head of the park service.
We see this all the time.
Oh, you were rude to me.
You didn't grovel properly.
I'm arresting you for resisting without violence.
You're going to serve time as a felon.
Did the Germans even have that?
You don't lick the boots of the Gestapo, you get in trouble?
Bill in Vermont.
Welcome, sir.
Those people that doubt that we created communism, I suggest I have a bunch of things they could go and look it up.
One is a book by William Simon, Reagan's Commerce Secretary, a book called A Time for Truth.
A book by Anthony Sutton called National Suicide.
A book by John Robinson called Proofs of a Conspiracy.
You can go to the Congressional Record between April, May, and June in 1933.
You'll find loans to Russia to build truck factories by Ford Motors.
If you go to the Congressional Record September 2, 1919, the Congressional Record has Joseph Tumulty, T-U-M-U-L-T-Y, in the transfer of $20 million of Wilson's War Fund to the Bolsheviks.
You can find that.
And let me see here.
Porter Goss, I wanted to say, was part of the Iran-Contra stuff, if I remember right.
Oh, yes, he was.
Former CIA boy, now to be our new ruler.
Involved with Pakistani intelligence on 9-11.
And Alex, are you aware of the Cycle of Man theory by Ravi Batra?
All right.
Got a book out called The Downfall of Capitalism and Communism, or it might be The Communism and Capitalism.
He wrote it in 1978.
I read the book in 1989.
In 1978, he predicted, according to a theory based on an absolute cycle of four different mindsets, and he predicted that there would be an eight-year war between Iran and Iraq, and that was two years before it happened.
He predicted that the Soviet Union would collapse in 1990.
He said in the year 2005 there would be a civil war in the United States.
He'd be a good guest for your show.
That's incredible.
Will you send that to tips at Infowars.com?
Do it.
Great job.
Yeah, this stuff's all scripted out.
They control all the command and control systems.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I don't know if our guest has gone all the way down the rabbit hole, but I know he's been damaged by this vicious system.
You see, I happen to know that the vaccine program is part of a worldwide eugenics operation to dumb down the population, to poison the population, to implant genetically engineered cancer DNA protein sheaths to reprogram the body, kind of a Logan's Run type system to get rid of us when we hit about age 50.
That's why cancer is up, in many cases, over 500% with different types of cancer.
But his child was damaged by this.
He's written a powerful book.
We'll go to him here in just a few minutes.
We're not going to him right now.
Courtney Zitzke.
And his book is Mercury, the Winged Messenger.
And he's the father of Ian, who became autistic after receiving a multiple vaccine injection.
So that's coming up here in a few minutes.
I wanted to give you some background.
On prisonplanet.com and infowars.com, we have huge archives.
Here's ABC News.
CDC knew a potential link between autism and vaccines.
Five-year-old Ryan Anderson of Jacksonville Beach is an animated happy child, but that wasn't always the case.
His course of deterioration from a happy, developmentally appropriate child to the problems he began to develop started right after he received the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines as Ryan's father, Bruce Anderson.
Now several therapies are underway to restore Ryan's cognitive and behavioral development, which began to show significant impairment at age 18 months, right after he was given the shots.
And then the ABC News gets into the Center for Disease Control published a study last fall
Repudiating any possible link between Tamarisol or Mercury in developmental problems like autism in children.
However, First Coast News has obtained non-published documents that show the CDC did have data supporting such a link but kept it from the public.
Documents released in the Freedom of Information Act that tell the transcript of a meeting held in June of 2000 between members of the CDC, the FDA, and representatives from the vaccine industry.
The group's
I discussed the results of a February 2000 study that found a significant association between exposure to thimerosal containing vaccines and developmental issues like autism in children.
Some of the comments from the transcript.
There are just a host of neurodevelopmental data that would suggest we've got a serious problem.
My gut feeling, it worries me.
I don't want my grandson to get these thimerosal containing vaccines until we know better what's going on.
We are in a bad position from the standpoint of defending any lawsuits.
Finally, we have asked you to keep this information confidential.
And that's what happened.
Three years later, the CDC published a study in the November 2003 issue of Pediatrics contradicting the earlier results and clearing thimerosal of any link of neurological problems in children.
Well, folks, a child who weighs 10 pounds gets given several hundred times the safe level of it, and it's admitted to attack the brain and break down brain development.
I mean, it's just a fact.
It's what mercury exposure does.
It's not rocket science.
One of the most studied neurotoxins, heavy metals, is mercury.
They knew a thousand years ago it was toxic.
And they know what it's doing, but that's only one thing.
Folks, we've caught them putting stuff in vaccines to sterilize women.
We've caught them putting cancer viruses in them.
Major governments have caught them.
We have hundreds of articles, mainstream posted, but again, it's a mainstream article here, a mainstream article there.
No one ever puts it together.
We do that.
Go read the section on our site.
And then you tell me, when you read Henry Kissinger ordering the third world in 73, sterilize half your women with these systems or you won't get any money.
Australia is saying, we're going to sterilize people through the vaccines and through chemicals we're going to put in the grain that we're going to ship as an aid program to Asia.
Go read it for yourself.
Sydney Morning Herald, ABC, all this.
I just look at the facts and look at the patterns.
So, and I've got stacks of articles here, but we're going to go ahead and go to Courtney Zitzke, and he's joining us, and he's a businessman, I guess what you call a financial advisor planner, and he's written this new book, an awful lot of medical research, Mercury, the Winged Messenger, and sir, it's good to have you on with us.
Thank you very much.
I don't know if you've gone down the rabbit hole that far, Alice, to really see the true horror of the Matrix, but you certainly know what the Mercury did to your son, and that autism is up over 1,000%.
Tell us about your story and what happened to you and your family and your book.
Well, it all started back in 1996 when we had Ian.
When we had him, he was an absolutely perfect child.
He was given all the tests at birth.
The pediatricians had reported to us that he was an absolutely perfect child.
So two weeks later we started him off with the vaccines as mandated by the federal government as necessary.
And within probably eight to nine months we started noticing that there was a problem.
So, we continue to do the vaccines because... Sir, I hate to interrupt you, but in half the cases, when they have a bad reaction, the child's given the shot, goes into seizures two hours later, they say it's shaken, maybe send her home and take the child, and then the child's gone.
So, I mean, I don't know if you're aware of that.
Yeah, yes, I am aware of that.
But, you know, we figure that, well, he's just growing up, you know, and he's going through different phases.
And this has happened to literally hundreds of thousands of parents.
They've all reported the same thing.
It's several million now, sir, but go ahead.
Yeah, well, this is what we know of in this country, and probably worldwide it's into the millions.
But what had happened was that these children were receiving federally mandated 21 vaccinations before they're age two years old.
21 vaccines before the ages of 2 and 3 years old.
By the way, have you heard?
Now they want them to have 35.
Yes, I do.
And it's on track to be 47 by next year.
I'm sorry.
It's a tremendous amount of money that the pharmaceutical companies make from a federally mandated program.
We're talking into the billions of dollars.
But what has happened to these children?
And the pattern is all exactly the same.
After the child receives the vaccines, the last series, they all report the same exact thing.
The child slips into a neurological condition and just basically goes into oblivion.
A malaise, yes.
So what had happened was we realized that there was some serious problems.
So we went to pediatric neurologists and we started to do all kinds of testing and they diagnosed him as autistic.
And, well, he was not born autistic.
This is not something a child just develops on its own.
I'm so sorry, Corey.
Well, yeah, I think everybody's sorry about it.
God bless you.
But what had happened was we had realized that there may be a problem, so we cross-referenced the vaccine lot numbers with the thimerosal content that was published, oh, maybe about seven or eight years ago.
And we realized that there was a tremendous amount of mercury that was given to this child.
Since that time, we have gone to several toxicologists and done what is called a chelation protocol, which is heavy metal removal.
How did that do for you?
In fact, it helped quite a bit.
Unfortunately, though, a lot of parents don't know this, don't do it early.
If you do it early, they've had children that go into comas, and if the parents are able to keep the child and not be blamed, they're then able to chelate, and the child comes out of it and is fine.
That is correct, and we've heard that, too.
I interviewed about 20 parents.
Well, the science behind the chelation was really not mainstream medicine, and it should have been for many years.
Yeah, but parents are noticing a huge improvement in their child's motor development.
But the problem with the mercury is that the damage is often permanent.
You can stop the mercury from doing more damage, but only time will tell if the damage is... As you know, sir, we've interviewed a lot of brain doctors here.
The brain can rewire in the first four years.
Sometimes they even turn out, this sounds weird, even smarter because if you're able to get the mercury out, then the brain will actually rewire.
But you're absolutely right.
If parents don't know and it gets past the fourth year where the brain's really developing and growing, then it's irreversible.
And that's the sad thing about it.
What's happened to Ian is that he's making tremendous progress.
And I think a lot of other parents that are doing the chelation program
We're good to go.
I think?
The number I have from the Associated Press is 250 times.
But let me just add this here.
We went from 25 years ago in the late 70s, this is the official numbers,
From 1 in 25,000 having autism to now 1 out of 1,000 and the numbers are tracking for 1 in 169 to have some type of autism related brain disorder with the new numbers.
That is absolutely correct and that is an absolute international tragedy.
Children are being brain damaged and the only thing that can explain it is the toxic environmental exposure to mercury.
That's the only thing that puts this whole thing together.
Well, this is incredible, and that's why this broadcast is so important, and why I want to thank every AM and FM affiliate.
You're saving children's lives.
The problem is they're moving to try to force people to vaccinate children, and I'm sure you're aware, sir, they've taken it out of some vaccines, but then others, like the flu shot, they've actually increased the thimerosal level.
Are you aware of that?
Yes, I am aware of that, and I can't believe that they would intentionally do that.
Oh, I do.
Have you ever read Brave New World?
And what's happening with these vaccines is that it's so simple.
Yes, I have.
They were giving these children multiple dose vaccines, okay?
When you go to the doctor and you see a bottle of vaccine, that vaccine can take 10 to 15 vaccines per bottle.
Well, the pharmaceutical industry, you know, being...
You know, bottom line, happy as they are, they realized that they could cut their costs substantially by using multiple-dose bottles instead of single-dose bottles that would not have to have been preserved with the mercury in the first place.
Very sad news, but when you look at 43 million children in this country born between 1986 and 1999, you multiply that by 21 mandated vaccines times $70 per shot...
It gets into over $60 billion that this industry made as a result of a federally mandated program.
And then once they have neurological problems, the schools are going to hop them up on drugs.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us, please.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
We have interviewed Congressman Dan Barton.
I've interviewed...
Multiple brain experts, epidemiologists, the list goes on and on.
My friends, they know what the Marisol is doing.
So they've taken it out of some, but then strangely enough, even in single vaccines, radically increased the level.
For no reason, by the way.
It's not even needed for preservatives.
Why are they doing that?
Again, once the children are brain damaged, then they show neurological problems, then the schools, under the new Freedom Initiative, hop them up on other drugs.
And they make tens of billions of dollars.
This is all by design.
And it's a nightmare.
And we're talking to Courtney Zitzke.
His son was damaged by all of this.
And locally here on the Austin News, you've got to have your vaccines to go to school.
Get them, get them, get them.
When in truth, there's a law that they can't make you take them to go to school.
They've got a conscientious objector waiver.
They know that.
And every state's got it.
But they try to lie.
Because it's a $60 billion industry, just as our guest just said.
Courtney, continuing with this, as you began to find this out, your baby's fine, then gets problems after it gets the shots.
You began to research.
What was it like for you to discover this?
Well, it was very disturbing.
The deeper one digs into this, the more disturbing this whole thing starts to look.
I started to realize that the pharmaceutical companies knew for a very, very long time that thimerosal would eventually cause brain damage in children.
And I think the problem really occurred when they started to require that children receive three and four vaccines per doctor's visit.
But the more one digs into this problem, the worse it really starts to look.
Well, let's be clear.
Giving them the 20-plus shots, which they now want to be 35 and then 47, new ones every year.
Giving them shots, period, damages them, hurts them, makes them sick, makes them feel bad.
But when you give them a lot, it damages them big time so you notice.
So this is bad, period.
Oh, absolutely.
In fact, you know, in most places in Europe, most countries in Europe, they will not vaccinate a child until they're at least five or six years old.
And then they'll do it over a period of a very long time.
They have a law in Japan until they're two.
That is correct, yeah.
But we're kooks.
If you don't want to give your newborn baby deadly vaccines at birth...
Well, that's what they make you think.
They kind of browbeat you into vaccinating your children as soon as possible.
And unfortunately, the thimerosal is more deadly than the vaccine itself.
Very, very bad stuff.
You mean more deadly than the possible diseases they could get?
Oh, no question about it.
I mean, look, I had measles and mumps when I was a child and it didn't kill me.
But yet they're giving these children measles, mumps, rubella all in one rolled shot.
Well, let me add this.
It's damaging children.
Let me add this, Mr. Zitzke, whose son was again damaged by this, and he's written the book Mercury, the Winged Messenger.
Think about this.
If they'll put all this mercury in there and put extra in there for some reason...
What do you think the manufacturing process is with the viruses and bacteria and things?
I mean, if they don't care about your child to do this knowingly for decades, then what else do you think they're doing with those vaccines?
Boy, that's really difficult to tell.
I mean, what's happened is that a lot of the vaccines that we feel is unnecessary that contains the thimerosal, they've shifted to third world countries.
So you're going to see a pattern of mercury damage, neurological damage in children
In third world countries very soon.
And again, they admit it, they know it, and if you went down the street and grabbed a child and banged their head in the concrete, which would be horrible, until they were brain damaged, you would be given attempted murder, 40 years in prison, and you should be.
You should be executed.
But our government and these vaccine makers do it, and it's a loving good thing.
Well, what's happened is that the government...
With the pharmaceutical industry has established a vaccine injury court of law.
A quiet payoff?
Well, it's not even a quiet payoff.
What's happening is that this vaccine injury court of law has a three-year statute of limitations provision.
So basically what happens is that when a parent or parents...
Well, it's like with genetically modified foods.
Monsanto literally has its own federal court in St.
I mean, they have all their own little courts.
Of course.
Of course, and the vaccine injury court's the same way.
If I were to go up to somebody's child and hit them in the head with a 2x4 and cause brain damage, would I be taken to a 2x4 court of law?
I would be taken to criminal court and prosecuted.
And what's the difference between a 2x4 and a syringe loaded with mercury?
Very, very sad stuff.
I want to take calls on this subject and get more into your book and what it covers and tell them about your website.
But if you want to talk about this issue, we're going to go to your calls pretty quick here.
And we'll give you Mr. Zitzke's website when we get back on the other side.
But again, 1-800-259-9231.
What are my websites?
Infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're about to go back to Courtney Zitzke, whose son was damaged by the Mercury, the Marisol Preservative, in his book, Mercury, the Wing, the Messenger.
Tell you how to get that, and we'll go to John and Stacey and many others.
If you want to get involved on air, it's 800-259-9231.
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Please take action.
All right.
Courtney Zitzke, again, I've written the book, Mercury the Winged Messenger.
Tell us about your website and about the book, and let's talk a little bit more about it, and why you decided to write the book, and then let's go to the calls.
Okay, well basically the book, I wrote the book after I've done extensive research on this American, basically what I call an atrocity.
The reason I wrote the book is simply because I wanted people to understand the magnitude of what this damage to these children are.
The autism epidemic has exploded in the last 15 years and I figured that people would want to know the truth about what is behind this.
The website is through AuthorHouse, the publisher.
Just type in Mercury the Winged Messenger on the search engine and it'll take you right to the book page.
The book can be purchased through most online booksellers, Barnes & Noble, Amazon.
Just type in the title of the book and it'll pop you right there.
It's pretty well wide distributed now.
Are you finding, I mean, just five years ago you said vaccines are poisonous, people laugh at you now.
They said in the local paper that fully 20% plus of Austin school children had had none of the vaccines.
The parents were refusing.
So they had a propaganda blitz.
I've seen a national, too.
You must take it.
It's the law.
To go to school, you have to.
No, the law is you don't, and they've all got the waiver.
But we've seen this media lying campaign to push it.
But I do see an awakening taking place.
I think we're starting to turn the corner.
I think they're being exposed.
Well, I think so.
Numbers don't lie.
The autism epidemic, sadly enough, has been proven as it's the mercury.
People are starting to see this.
The mainstream media is picking up on it and people are starting to ask a lot of questions.
Hey, what are you putting in these syringes that I'm giving to basically a two to three month old baby?
The sad part about this is that these children didn't have a choice of any part of this tragedy.
The parents were, hey, it's the government.
We trust the government.
They know what's best.
You go to your pediatrician.
He's a licensed doctor.
The sad part about it is that the doctors didn't even know about the thimerosal problem until probably a couple of years ago.
They started to ask a lot of questions because words started to come out.
We're good to go.
I think?
And it's a tragedy what's happened.
People don't realize the magnitude of this problem.
And if you have an autistic child, you know very well what the problem is, and it just breaks your heart.
Again, it's official.
It's admitted.
And the vaccines are only one part of this.
The mercury in the vaccines are only one part of this.
Folks, it's your children.
It's willing...
You should be willing to fight against this.
You should be willing to stand up against this.
And it's a lot more than just the Mercury, folks.
Well, a lot of the politics behind this is really ugly.
And there's been a lot of stuff written about it.
That I wrote basically puts all the information together so people can draw their own conclusions, and the conclusions will be pretty, you know, what I drew, and most people will come to the same conclusion that it is the mercury, the government knew about it, and they've attempted to cover it up.
And then bizarrely enough, they've taken out a few vaccines, but then radically increased it in single shots.
When there's no reason.
Oh, we're putting four, five, six, seven, eight times what it was before in a triple shot, in a single shot.
And, by the way, it's hurting adults, too, folks.
Sure, certainly it is.
But, I mean, and they don't tell you.
Well, we say, why have you actually increased it?
We're not going to discuss it.
Shut up.
And, folks, this is admitted.
We have all of it posted on the websites.
Let's go to John in Texas.
John, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, sir.
Makes me glad that I never got a flu shot.
You know, when I was growing up in the 50s, I had all the childhood diseases, mumps, measles, chicken pox, and all you did was you stayed home for a few days, and that was it.
I never had any lasting damage, and my friends never had any lasting damage from it.
So why would they have to take all these shots now?
Well, actually, you know, vaccines are, if we had angels running it, would work for some things, especially, you know, stuff that will kill you.
But here's the problem.
I've seen from all over the Western world, and the graphs are all basically identical, 98% similar, because of better sewage and hygiene and nutrition,
About 100 years ago, disease starts plunging in the Western world straight down.
And it drops down over 90%.
Then vaccinations become widespread in the 50s, and actually disease rates go back up a little bit.
Not to previous levels, but back up about 10-15%, depending on the country.
So actually, a lot of this isn't the vaccines, it's hygiene and nutrition.
But then they say, oh look, it's all the vaccines, they've done this.
And that's just the facts.
That's just the scientific statistics and numbers.
And then now, Big Pharma runs Washington and runs Europe and runs New Zealand and Australia.
And, you know, now it's not 21 vaccines, it's 35 vaccines.
They're on track to have 40-plus vaccines.
They're going to try to make... Vaccines so you never get addicted to drugs that change brain chemistry.
Vaccines so you don't have earaches.
Vaccines so you're not angry.
I mean, now these mind-control vaccines, England's about to recommend that they force children to take vaccines that change brain chemistry.
I mean, this is a tool of social control.
This is done by design.
Most children just get dumbed down, lose 20 IQ points.
You got a child who would have been 120 points above average, they're going to be a 100-pointer.
You got a child who was just going to be maybe 140 points.
High level, they have a bad reaction, they go down to 80 IQ points.
This is by design, and maybe Mr. Zitsky can't handle that.
The more he researches, he will see that's the truth.
Maybe you can't handle that.
But this is by design.
I have official government plans.
Anything else, John?
No, I just was going to ask if there's a program to stop all this.
Are these people liable?
Can they be sued?
Well, see, they knew, so decades ago they set up the vaccine damage federal body over $2 million, and it's all their judges, their corrupt systems, and so it's all a setup.
They preemptively prepare for your backlash.
Comments, Mr. Zitzke?
Well, that's why they have the Vaccine Injury Court of Law with its very convenient three-year statute of limitations.
By design, any suit that's filed in the United States on behalf of a vaccine-injured child is forced into a vaccine injury court.
The Congress said that it was designed to speed up claims and speed up the payment schedule for damaged children.
In actuality, it does exactly the opposite, because you're going against the pharmaceutical companies and the federal government in a court.
They have unlimited funds of which to defend this litigation.
The maximum amount you can receive in this so-called court of justice is $250,000 plus court fees.
Well, that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of what it's going to take to fix and to care for these injured children for the course of their lives.
These children will not be able to go to college.
They'll not fall in love.
They'll not be able to drive a car.
These children are pretty much damaged for the rest of their lives.
But hey, if your child escapes the mercury, we'll just give them Ritalin and Prozac by law.
Have you heard of the New Freedom Initiative where they're going to force all children twice a year and then all adults, already starting in Illinois with pregnant women, to go under social worker control, force drugging?
I mean, this is worse than the Soviet Union.
Well, it's terrible.
Oh, yeah.
But it's freedom.
It's new freedom.
You're not for freedom.
Freedom from having your mind, Courtney.
No, I understand that.
Hey, John, thanks for the call.
Stacey in Illinois.
You're on the air with our guest.
Go ahead, Stacey.
Yeah, I'm in Illinois, and I'm actually nine months pregnant at the moment with our first child.
So it was funny that you mentioned these new laws that they're proposing.
Be controlled.
Be confident.
Very scary stuff.
When you're in there, just act normal.
And just say, no, we're not taking any vaccines.
And you'll sign the form.
Well, what I was going to tell you is that my husband and I, based on the research we've done, have decided not to vaccinate this child or any of our future children.
Let me stop you.
You're not going to a city hospital, are you?
No, I'm actually doing a home birth.
Yeah, they may hit you hard with SWAT teams, and I'm not joking.
Even though it's not the law, we've had SWAT team guys grab women by the throat and go, Simon, we're taking the child!
I'm not kidding.
I've been there with video cameras in Austin.
Go ahead.
And there are jokers who have called Child Protective Services on women who give birth at home.
Folks, folks, I'm not joking.
We've been there in Austin where they grab the woman around the neck and say, sign it, sign it!
I'm sorry, go ahead.
The comment, actually what I would like to have Courtney speak about, there is a larger moral issue here with vaccinations that I'd like to have him address.
And it's not just the poisoning issue, the health damages that are done to your children.
It's also the fact that
All of the major pharmaceutical companies, Merck and Company, SmithKline, Beecham, Conant Laboratories, that produce these vaccines.
Let's call them by their proper names.
Satan, Beelzebub, Astaroth, Baphomet.
They all have the majority of these vaccinations produced from a medium made of aborted human fetal tissue cell lines.
And what I would like to have him talk about that a little bit, because...
As we know, this is obviously a direct violation of God's law, and you cannot commit an act that is an inherent evil in order to affect a perceived good.
And this is the same reason why stem cell research is wrong.
So I'd like to hear Courtney talk a little bit about
The fact that these vaccinations are also made from aborted fetal tissue.
Were you aware of that, sir?
Yes, I am.
In fact, there's a lot of medicines that are made by aborted fetal tissue.
But isn't that freedom where we use dead babies?
Well... Isn't that a good sign of freedom in a good society where you use dead babies for stuff?
Well, I'm... I'm being sarcastic.
I'm just illustrating how sick we are.
I think that the moral issue involved is terrible.
You cannot take a life to save a life.
My feeling is that any time you harm somebody with the benefit of another, you're doing not only the people involved a disservice, but you're doing a disservice to humanity.
The moral implications of what she is talking about are profound.
My feeling is that two wrongs do not make a right.
You can get into the moral people that are pro or cons on any of this.
My personal feeling and my personal belief is that they've got to be a little bit more forthcoming of the information.
People can find the information, but are they forthright in the information that they're giving to the public?
And I have to say that they're definitely not.
Well, if you go in the hospital and don't know your rights, they're going to bully the daylights out of you because they're mandated to do it.
Their bosses have made $60,000 off this, as you said.
Yeah, well, in the course of Ian, he was not more than five minutes old, and they were popping a hepatitis B injection into a newborn baby that's five minutes old.
And even that vaccine was loaded with thimerosal.
I hear you.
All right.
He's five minutes old and he gets a hepatitis B vaccine.
A hepatitis B vaccination right out of the womb?
That's why I'm giving birth at home.
That's a good idea.
All right.
Thank you for the call, Stacy.
Good luck.
God bless you.
Tim in Colorado, you're on the air.
Hey, Mr. Jones?
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
God bless you.
God bless you too.
And your son Ian.
Thank you.
I had a question about how to obtain the waiver.
Without having social services take your child from you at the hospital.
Well, they don't 98% of the time.
If you seem ignorant and they can intimidate you, they will.
Number one, you find a doctor, you talk to the hospital, the doctor beforehand.
A lot of these doctors have woken up to this.
I've talked to doctors who have half the children in some hospitals aren't doing it.
We've gotten to the point where they don't act like you're crazy if you do this.
And you just say, no vaccines, you stay with the child during the procedure, and it doesn't happen.
But, I mean, you don't even have to have the waiver until you try to put them in school, and then that's when I try to force you to do this.
Okay, and you get the waiver from the hospital?
No, sir, you don't have to have a waiver at a hospital.
I mean, where do you get the waiver?
No, they have it at the health department and in every drawer at every nurse's office at the school.
Okay, at the school?
Okay, and one other question, sir.
Is there a way you can find out if the vaccines they're giving your children have Fimerosal in them?
You want to take that question?
Yes, yes.
In fact, you're going to want to insist that each vaccine is a single-dose vaccine.
Do not let them give your child a vaccine from a multiple-dose bottle.
Those are the ones that contain the thimerosal.
And if you want to be absolutely sure, ask the physician or ask the nurse giving them the shot.
You want to see the bottle and you want to see the inserts on that bottle.
Well, I've got a better idea.
How about you don't take the vaccine?
We'll be right back with our guest and more of your calls.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
And earlier when I said SWAT team police here in Austin, I mean militarized police, it wasn't the SWAT team.
We were even down there with cameras one time when this happened to some people.
And it's all intimidation.
It's all color of law.
And it's the law that you don't have to do this.
But again, they're having to back off now because people are really waking up to this.
And our guest has been with us the last 50 minutes.
He may be able to stay with us a little bit into the next hour.
We have loaded phone lines here where people are wanting to talk to him.
Let's go to... Well, we were talking about safe vaccines.
But I mean, it's not safe.
It's just not a triple or quadruple dose of mercury at one time.
It's spacing it out.
I guess it's like only dropping your child from 20 feet instead of 50 feet on their head.
I mean, I wouldn't give them the vaccines, period.
But I guess you're saying look for vaccines that don't have the thimerosal now.
I'm not going to trust an industry that's already done this and tried to cover it up.
Courtney, what do you say to that?
Well, I think that there's been enough people that have voiced their concerns and that they've addressed those concerns, and according to the information that's available, that they've phased it out and eliminated it starting in 1999, and it was in the year 2001 that they publicly said that we've gotten it all out of the vaccines.
But you don't know if there's any vaccines still on the shelves that still contain this.
I have news articles admitting that they've actually, in some vaccines, increased the level.
Well, wait a minute.
Well, if that's the case, if that is the case, which it probably is, then obviously I wouldn't vaccinate my child.
I wouldn't trust them.
Well, I wouldn't trust them to begin with, sir.
They're putting a bunch of other stuff in there.
Yeah, well, I'm sure they are.
Let's talk to Roberta in Colorado.
Roberta, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, ma'am.
Hey, good morning.
Good morning.
You know, I don't know, you've probably read this, but it's the unauthorized biography of Bush Sr., Bush 41.
And there's a chapter two in there about race hygiene.
And, you know, I've been reading it and it just is so scary and so sickening.
Yeah, they funded the Nazis and they were the main money makers until 53 with all the Nazi money going back into their hands.
And this just appears to be another branch of that philosophy and
You got it.
Well, Bush in the Homeland Security Bill two years ago got it passed that the vaccines have total liability protection.
That did get reversed, though.
Were you aware of that, Courtney?
Yes, I was.
In fact, a big part of the book is about that specifically.
The pharmaceutical companies knew that there were going to be big problems.
They knew that the people were waking up to this terrible tragedy.
So that's why the current administration had put a last-minute provision in the Homeland Security Bill that specifically protected the pharmaceutical companies from liability.
And the troubling factor is that Congress originally voted down the provision.
They turned around at the very last moment, and it was inserted in there at the last moment, at the 11th hour, and nobody had realized what had happened.
Until after the fact.
And they literally tried to sneak this provision in that basically took all the liability completely out of the equation.
But the government wouldn't hurt us.
They wouldn't hurt people knowingly.
We could give up all our liberties to the new CIA director.
Porter Goss is going to run our lives.
Well, I'll tell you.
They wouldn't have prior knowledge in 9-11.
They wouldn't do that.
When people realized what had happened, basically a lot of stuff started to happen very quickly.
The CDC document that confirmed the parents' fears on the mercury was intentionally buried and marked confidential.
Do not copy.
Do not release.
These things just all happened together.
The ultimate victims in this...
I hear you.
We got a break, sir.
Will you stay with us a little bit more?
Yes, I will.
Okay, thanks for the call, Roberta.
We'll go to Jeff and Steve and Brian and others.
But listen to me.
Imagine if Al-Qaeda was coming over here and brain damaging hundreds of thousands of children.
Big Brother.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
There has never been a law that the government can put in your body whatever they want unless you join the military and waive your rights.
For deter of indentured servitude, and that's exactly what the military contract is.
But still, they're not allowed to commit crimes in the military and knowingly poison you, and they admit they've done all sorts of chemical and biological testing on the troops.
The government wouldn't do that.
Well, they've admit they've done that.
And the CDC's own documents admit brain damage, and they wouldn't give it to their own children.
But they have news all over the country before school started this week going, it's the law, you have to vaccinate.
Can't go to school if you don't.
Knowingly being conscious of the fact that the waivers were in the principal's desk and in the nurse's desk, that by law,
Not just a law that you don't have to, but a law that they can't... The state of Texas had to pass a law, because of our intense lobbying, last session, saying, stop grabbing people's children, stop arresting people, there is no law!
You ask, how do they do it if there's no law?
Well, they corner you, get you to sign a document, waving your rights.
It's like the Soviet Union.
Sign here.
Admit you're guilty.
So, I mean, how dare the Austin American Statesman, how dare local Fox News and all the others run these lies?
Isn't that incredible, Courtney Zitzke, author of Mercury the Winged Messenger?
Your son was brain damaged by this, your son Ian.
I mean, I don't know about your part of the country, but do you see these news pieces about, you've got to do it, it's the law when it's not the law?
Well, we've seen some of it up here in Seattle, but I don't think it's as widespread here as it probably is down there.
But there's definitely kind of like a big brother attitude where they say, look, you have to vaccinate your children.
Just the other day I received something from the state of Washington reminding me to make sure that my children's vaccines are completely up to date.
They give you the schedule of vaccines, and they say, in order to be admitted to public schools, you must have these vaccinations done.
That's not true!
No, it's not true.
In fact, there's all kinds of exemptions out there, and all people have to do is say, no.
I don't agree with it.
In fact, I even wrote a letter to one of the school boards, it was the state of our state here, asking them for more information with regards on thimerosal.
I even called them, and I got no comment, never returned my calls.
Isn't that interesting?
It's very interesting.
So again, that's government lying, implying you have to, and the dumbbells out there, perception is reality, so they're setting the precedent that you've got to do this when you don't.
No, you do not have to do it.
And let me tell you something.
Every principal and every nurse knows this, but they've been told, we don't get our money if 99% don't do this.
That is correct.
That is correct.
The pharmaceutical industry with vaccinations is absolutely huge business.
Big money.
And when you've got government going to bat for you and saying, we're going to mandate 21 vaccines and soon to be 35 and 46, that's going to do very good for your bottom line.
Well, look at the damage from 21.
Oh, yeah.
And what, just five years ago, it was like 18.
I mean, folks, let's say one of the companies screwed up and did something wrong.
I mean, every time we look at a company, they've got all these problems and mold and fungus and weird viruses, and they grow these in baby parts and all kinds of genetic diseases.
I mean, it's just... 40-plus shots?
21 shots?
I mean...
It's amazing.
Where does it end?
Well, under Homeland Security, on page 71, they do have the National Force Vaccination Program.
They're claiming that power.
But we'll see.
You know, they tried to make all the firemen and police take the shots, and the L.A.
Times reported last year that 99-plus percent refused.
Said, fire me.
Wonder what the cops and firemen know that we don't know.
So they can sell us all day that we're kooks, but their own enforcers said no.
And I say more power to them.
We're going to come back, sir, and get through calls.
Our final segment with you, we'll talk to Jeff and Steve and Brian and Mike and many others.
PrisonPlanet.tv is the website.
We'll tell you more about his book, Mercury, the Winged Messenger.
Two nuclear powers rattle sabers over a disputed area.
Peace in the Middle East derailed again as another wave of suicide bombers destabilized the region.
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We rip the Senator Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Let me just say something here.
Before we go back to your calls.
I am so thankful and blessed and amazed at how many great AM and FM affiliates we have around the country.
From Rhode Island to Los Angeles.
To Austin, Texas, to Kansas City, to Pensacola, Florida, to Rochester, New York, to New Mexico, to Youngstown, just all over the country, but it's a handful compared to some of the big neocon broadcasters.
It means nothing to me to have somebody come up on the street and shake my hand and say, Oh, you're so great.
Oh, Alex, we love you.
I'm not in this.
I'm some big authority and powerful broadcaster.
It means nothing to me.
I like to go fishing.
I like to go hiking.
I like to travel.
I like to hang out with my family.
I don't like fighting the New World Order all the time and running around fighting the city and the county and the state and the feds and sitting up until 2 a.m.
making documentary films and consulting.
I do this because I'm angry and upset by the threat to humanity, a threat that threatens me and my family.
And that's why I'm envious.
I'm angry at how some mindless show that just puts out lies and propaganda can be on 500 radio stations
You know, we need to be on more radio stations.
And if you're listening on shortwave or the internet or satellite, you don't have a local AM or FM in your area, you need to call that local mom or pop station, you can forget the big conglomerates, and tell them to pick up the broadcast.
To go to GCNlive.com and look at all the satellites we have to offer and the feeds we've got to pick up this show.
Because we back up everything we talk about, neurotically, it's all posted on the website every day, whatever I talk about, all mainstream, all legislation, all right there, all...
I'm sorry it's all true, too.
Believe me, I wish this wasn't true!
But I want more stations.
I want to reach more people.
That's my thrill.
Every person we save or warn or wake up is like diamonds in my hand.
I lust after it.
I want it.
I crave it.
It's what I'm all about.
I want to expose evil.
I want to fight bullies.
I don't want to see more children brain damaged.
It drives me up the wall.
And I'm not a special person.
Please don't thank me.
This is a normal response.
I think of all those parents who are about to vaccinate their child today, who's going to be brain damaged, who I was unable to reach, who today are going to be listening to Sean Hannity lie to us about how wonderful the government is.
Or hear John Kerry outlying to us.
This is evil, this is documented, this is out in the open.
And don't laugh at me, police and bureaucrats.
It's going to be your child you go inject that's going to be brain damaged.
And you're the one that's going to cry.
And I don't want you to walk up to me and cry in the parking lot of the grocery store like a cop did two weeks ago.
My son's brain damaged.
You were right.
I laughed at you.
He's a big 6'4 guy.
I don't want it.
I can't handle it anymore.
He was 18 months old.
We got the triple shot.
And now he just sits in the corner.
You were right.
Don't go that far.
I can't handle it.
I don't mean to go off on this rant.
This just really upsets me.
Going back to our guest, who's almost brain damaged by this, Courtney Zitzke.
Courtney, I mean, do you get where I'm coming from?
Oh, absolutely.
It's a tragedy.
You know, I mean, this autism mercury poisoning tragedy affects people from all walks of lives.
It doesn't have any gender...
It's not racial specific, it's everybody specific.
I was up at a very good restaurant the other day with my wife and my other child and I saw a child who was of Mexican descent and his parents were sitting having dinner and I noticed the child was exhibiting the same neurological problems that my son has.
I went up to him, introduced myself.
Hi, I'm Courtney.
May I ask you a question?
And he said, yes.
He says, is your child autistic?
And he said, yes, he is.
And I had him tell me about it.
And I asked him the question, was he okay before the shots?
He said he was a perfect child before the shots.
Just like every single child that has this problem was perfect before the shot.
And these bastards, these scums, straight out of the pits of deepest night circle hell, want to force us to give our children this.
I will never put up with it.
I will never go along with you.
And it's so many useful idiots denying the facts, going along with this in the system.
Shame on you.
You're going to hell, people.
And to sit there and to... So you looked over and the child was nodding and looking at his fingers and in that... Oh yeah, he was exhibiting the classic symptoms.
So I asked him, I said, well, you know, have you been tested for mercury poisoning from the baby vaccines?
The boy's mother immediately started to cry and she says, I had a suspicion.
Did you tell him how to detox?
Yeah, I told him about the chelation, told him about the physician that I'm seeing in Seattle who is an excellent physician.
And they have already started the chelation therapy, and the guy called me up almost crying the other day, saying, you are absolutely correct.
We've tested him for mercury, the results were off the chart, we're chelating him, and he's already starting to calm down.
Oh, thank God.
Those bastards did that, though.
What I wrote the book for, Mr. Jones, was basically to get the word out that people need to be informed.
This is not a political...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That's why I wrote the book, Mercury, the Winged Messenger.
And when they act like you're a kook, folks... It absolutely has to happen.
When they act like you're a kook, when you say no, Bill, how come Europe doesn't allow it until 5?
Well, God bless you for it.
How come Japan until 2?
Well, people are starting to realize that there is a serious problem.
And people, you know, five years ago, people were saying, oh, forget it, you can't prove anything, when in fact, everything has been proven.
Let's go to calls.
We've got to go to calls.
I don't know what I'd do if they did this to my children.
I mean, how do you deal?
I guess you deal with it by fighting back?
It's heartbreaking.
It's absolutely heartbreaking.
In a way, they try to take your children's soul, folks.
What does the Bible say in the end times?
The beast traffics in men's souls.
Let's take calls here.
Jeff in Colorado, then Steve, Brian, Mike, and Jim.
I'll try to get to everybody.
Go ahead, Jeff.
Hey, Alex.
How's it going?
Hey, good to talk to you guys.
Courtney, how you doing?
Thank you.
Alex, first of all, just real quick, either which way, if I was to meet you in person, I would still shake your hand because I appreciate all you're doing.
Enough said with that.
Courtney, I can empathize with you.
I have a 10-year-old stepdaughter who was perfectly normal, and after her MMR shot, went blind for almost a year and was almost killed.
Nowadays, she's at least a year and a half behind kids her age.
Very frustrating.
We're still trying to teach her how to use a knife to cut her food and so forth.
Besides that, you know, her behavior is a little bit different than other kids, but she seems to be getting better and better, and I'm certainly not going to lose hope, and a lot of people are praying for her as we are.
Because the mercury sits in the frontal lobe forever, burning through brain cells.
Have you detoxed her?
Yeah, you know, and I'm curious about the chelation.
Well, there's a lot of quiet stuff out there.
Go to a doctor.
Yeah, Terry Grossman's here in Lakewood, any which way.
I'm thinking about that myself.
If I can get some mercury fillings removed, I want to try to maybe do that.
Any which way.
I just had a quick question about the, I believe it's a hepatitis shot.
I have a seven-month-old daughter we just had, and praise God, I was turned on to your show before that, and I decided against the vaccinations.
Unfortunately, I did opt on that.
That first vaccination at the hospital because they kind of throw it down, you know, shove it down your throat.
Oh, you couldn't say no to them?
No, yeah, yeah.
Why didn't you just say no?
Well, you know, and to be honest with you, at that time I wasn't sure.
And now after researching that and listening to your show and other shows and researching it myself, there's no way in the world I would... Well, I mean, hepatitis is sexually transmitted or IV drug use, and there's no reason to give it to a baby.
I agree completely.
Only medical workers should... I agree completely, Alex, and now I know better.
And as a matter of fact, my friend had a big boy yesterday, and I basically begged him, please, you know, when they offer to get you that hepatitis shot, just say no.
You know, just say no and research it later, and if you feel you need to do that, fine, but please don't.
What did he do?
As far as I know, he hasn't, but I have to get a hold of him today.
Okay, what's your question?
That was it.
I just wanted to know what you know about that first hepatitis shot, what the thimerosal levels are in that.
Well, I mean, it's also just toxic to give them that virus.
Thanks for the call.
Let's talk to Steve in Florida.
Steve, go ahead.
Thank you for taking my call.
Hi, Alex.
You bet.
I have a first question and then another one.
Are you going to rebroadcast this interview tonight?
I'd like a friend to hear it.
Okay, thank you.
And this sounds like a book I read a long time ago, What Every Parent Should Know About Child Immunizations by Jamie Murphy.
And you cannot find it in Books a Million or anywhere.
They've removed it and sanitized it.
But I got a 1-800 number off.
I don't know if it would be appropriate for me to give that.
Sure, give it out.
That's 431-1579.
What every parent should know about childhood immunization.
Well, folks can go to PrisonPlanet.com and read hundreds of mainstream news articles.
The CDC's own documents.
That's a fact, and I've been passing out your information for many years.
And the sad fact is, it says in Hosea, my people perish for lack of knowledge.
And many of the people that I pass your information to, and a lot of stuff that I've tried to pass out about the lives of the CDC for many years,
People will just look at you and their eyes will glaze and they give you a silly smile and they do not believe you.
But I thank God and we pray for you daily, Alex.
And I thank God that you've had Courtney Zitzke on today talking about this issue.
Well, thank you.
But, you know, they're not glazing over and giggling anymore.
I'd say most people I talk to now have heard this is bad and are concerned.
As a matter of fact, just about a month ago on NBC, and I don't watch NBC much, but I was watching it and they talked about this.
Many more.
They had a long...
Well, they didn't go that far, but they did give a warning.
They showed the parents with the autistic child that looked very pitiful, and there it was on mainstream news.
God bless you.
When do you have to go?
In about ten minutes.
All right, we'll just do one more segment.
Go to Brian and Mike and Jim.
It'll be it for our guests, and I'm going to get into a bunch of other news.
But frankly, there's nothing more important than the systematic, premeditated poisoning and brain damaging of our population by design right out of Brave New World.
This is being done by design.
Stay with us.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I'm going to go to Mike in Arizona first.
I'm going to move quickly because I want to get to Mike, Jim, and Gail, and Dan.
Mike in Arizona, you're on the air with our guest.
Go ahead, Mike.
Just a quick note.
Hi, Alex.
Children do catch hepatitis B and D.
Through their mothers, it's a vertical transmission, so there is some rationale.
Yeah, but they test the mothers for diseases beforehand.
Well, yeah, I don't know.
In East Asia, where this is a major problem, where hepatitis B is epidemic, I don't know how much testing they have, but there is a reason for it.
I mean, the baby can catch it through mother's milk.
You're a doctor, aren't you?
So what do you think about all this vaccine business?
Well, you guys are ahead of me on this one.
I wasn't aware of this mercury controversy, and I don't know what the alternatives are as far as preservatives.
Take them out.
They do have alternatives, sir.
Yeah, I imagine they do.
You must have missed the broadcast when I probably had 20, 25 medical doctors on about this.
Yeah, I guess I did.
The alternative, though, if you go without preservatives...
Well, that's why you need to have a single dose vaccine, not a multiple dose vaccine.
The multiple dose vaccines have the thimerosal in them, and they were totally unnecessary.
This national tragedy
Could have and should have been avoided.
Well, knowing the mindset of the globalists and the people who run the big corporations, you know, I wouldn't be at all surprised if they were just totally indifferent.
Well, look, look.
Doctor, I'm not saying vaccines couldn't be a good thing.
I'm saying the globalists can't be trusted.
I've got mainstream news where they've been caught putting sterilization hormones in with tetanus shots in third world countries.
Well, you and I are of one mind on this, Alex.
All right, thanks for the call.
Thank you.
Brian in Portland, Oregon.
You're on the air with our guest.
Go ahead, Brian.
Yes, I was just wondering if your guest agrees with you that this is by design or if he thinks it's just money-making.
Well, I think there's a little bit of both.
I think it is most definitely by design simply because if it wasn't, they wouldn't have done it in the first place.
They knew from 1930 that mercury could cause this type of problem.
They kept it in.
And here's an interesting point.
The pet vaccination industry took thimerosalata vaccines for animals 12 to 13 years ago.
But it's more driven by money
I think than anything else.
It's all shareholder value.
My thought, I think it's driven by the want to control us more than money.
I think money is, I agree more with Alex, it's just kind of, they already have enough money.
They need to control and they want to run us down and they don't want a healthy, intelligent populace.
I agree with you, Brian.
We'll talk to a caller in Michigan now.
Jim in Michigan.
Jim, you're on the air with our guest.
Go ahead.
Yeah, hi Alex.
How are you doing?
Two quick things.
Good, sir.
I was just at a fundraiser a while ago with Dr. Mark Geyer and his son, David.
Oh, yeah.
And when I talked to Dr. Geyer, he had mentioned to me that he's been testing vaccines all around the country that supposedly were ephemeris cell-free.
Because it wasn't labeled with the Mirasol.
But everyone he tested that was supposed to be free of the Mirasol indeed contained the same amount of the Mirasol.
Yeah, we interviewed him about six months ago.
He's the guy that got into the CDC and got these documents out because Dan Burton, the Congressman, forced him in, allowed him in.
Well, at that fundraiser I was at, there's a lady, April, and her last name, forgive me, but she's the Autism Model Immunity Project out of Florida.
And at that time, her daughter had just died.
Her daughter was 13, was autistic after her vaccination when she was a child.
And I just found out from my sister that actually she didn't die from the effects of the thimerosal, but there was something else in the vaccine.
And I forget what it is, but if I talk to my sister, I get that information to you.
But that's actually where something else in the vaccine that actually ended up causing the death of her child.
I'll get that information if I can for you, Alex.
Dr. Geyer, by the way, worked for the federal government.
Yes, and like you said, the head honcho for Dan Burton's committee.
And when he went to get the records, was it the FDA or the CDC?
They were all encrypted, and he went through a big hassle with them just trying to find somebody who could read the encryption.
And when he de-encrypted it, they said, we know it's hurting him!
Ha ha ha ha ha!
Thanks, Alex.
All right, thank you.
This is a fact, folks.
Courtney Zitzke, I want to thank you for coming on the broadcast.
Thank you very much for having me.
Mercury, the wing messenger, and thanks for coming on, and thank you for standing up and fighting, and sorry about your son.
Well, thank you very much for having me, and like I said, I wrote the book to inform people, and I think it's a must-read for everybody who's concerned about it.
Good, good.
Thanks for joining us.
We'll be back with news and calls.
We're on the march.
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Alright, I'm going to take five more calls and I'm going to cover some other top stories and recap some top news here in the last 26 minutes that we've got left on this live Wednesday edition.
Just briefly, the vaccine situation is documented and the mercury is only one of the things we've proven.
Cancer viruses, sterilization viruses...
Sterilization, hormones, by design, official government plans, going back to the 50s and 60s, caught red-handed doing it this year again in Africa.
If you take this stuff, you're asking for it.
And you better ask yourself why the news is telling you you've got to take them, but it's not the law.
Why do you get letters in the mail saying you've got to do it when it's not the law?
And 21 vaccines, 35, 46...
They want to make you take these.
Now they want to put them in the foods.
And they're vaccines that change brain chemistry, how you feel, so you can't become drug addicted.
I mean, this is, it's so crazy, it's Twilight Zone.
I hope you get my videos, folks, because they expose us carrying out the terror attacks.
Let me see, they brain damage millions of children consciously, but they wouldn't kill 3,000 people on 9-11 to get a police state.
No, they wouldn't.
They'd put a young military officer in a chamber and nerve gas him to death.
But they wouldn't hurt you.
They love you.
They care about you.
Just submit to them.
How about you just wake up and expose these murdering creatures?
Infowars.com or prisonplanet.com to look at the ten videos I've made, the other videos I carry, the books I've written, the books I carry, the t-shirts, the bumper stickers, all the key information.
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So 1-888-253-3139 or prisonplanet.com or infowars.com.
Let's go to Gail in Texas.
Gail, thanks for holding.
Hey, Alex.
First of all, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
You have truly been one of my heroes since probably 1998 when I've been hanging with you here in Austin.
But I've got to let the folks know out there, my son has not had these injections for three years.
I have sent him to school.
He was a fifth, sixth, and seventh grader, and it's real simple, folks.
It's because the globalists cannot be trusted.
It doesn't matter what their motives are.
They've got many.
And there's too many problems with these vaccines.
It's a simple form.
You fill it out.
It says you've got some kind of a religious problem with these vaccines.
And I also copied the law that states, the health services law that states that I don't have to tell them exactly what my religious organization or preference is.
I just simply have to state
I don't want to have this done.
And you shouldn't have to do that to begin with.
And I had it notarized, and I sent it to the nurse, and I also copied her solos, and I copied some very interesting reading material I thought that she needed to be enlightened with.
Yeah, it's good.
Hey, when you're pushing this, I want you to know how many children you've killed.
Here, have it.
Well, it's just a horrible thing.
You're a murderer.
How do you feel?
And I asked her three years ago, I said, am I really truly the only parent here that has done this?
And she shook her head and said yes.
And, you know, this is his last year in middle school.
His name is Alex, too, by the way.
And, you know, it's simple.
The form still stands.
There's a standing order.
He's not getting the vaccine.
Well, maybe that's three years ago, but the news said 20% haven't done it now.
You know, but they don't say that.
In Austin, it's horrible.
There's a dozen places you can go here in town.
You probably could go to the H-E-B and get free vaccines, for all I know.
But they're advertising it to everybody.
They're making it sound like it's absolute mandatory.
Because it's so good, because they care about us.
I would not want to send their kid to school on the first day and have them get out of class because they didn't comply with these shots.
It's simple, but I've got a real important number, Alex.
It's to the National Vaccine Information Center.
And this is an agency that's got a wealth of information about vaccines.
They'll have all the forms.
The parents don't want to get these vaccines for their kids
Get these forms.
Just send it in.
Yeah, give folks the phone number.
Can I do that?
Okay, great.
It's the 703-938-0342.
Folks, grab a pen and paper.
Yeah, it's important.
It's National Vaccine Information Center.
And these guys are actually on our side of this thing.
Give them the phone number again.
It's 703-938-0342.
0342, and they do have a website.
It's www.nvic, and that would be for National Vaccine Information Center.
And it's all in caps, but .org.
Okay, thanks for the call, Gail.
All kinds of... Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
A good job.
Don in Texas.
Don, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, it's great having you, man.
I've just recently started listening to you in the past few months.
I'm fairly new to Austin from Dallas.
And my question for you is, I have a beautiful two year old daughter.
I didn't know any of these issues going on with the vaccine.
And so she has had all her vaccines up from now.
Is there anything
I mean, what kind of period is there where you start noticing if there's going to be problems or changes?
Well, bottom line, sir, it's hurt your daughter.
So you need to go through some chelation, but I'm not going to give you medical advice.
Just go see a medical doctor, go see an alternative doctor, and do a detox that gets heavy metals out of the tissues.
Because that stuff doesn't leave the body naturally.
It just sits there in the brain.
Okay, I mean, but there is things that can be done to... Yeah, until she's four.
And it's still good after that, but after four, the brain really quits growing and a lot of it's going to be irreversible.
The brain can rewire around it and is trying right now to spike the toxicity.
We're very resilient, but... So research it, sir, and, I mean, go see a doctor.
All right, Alex, thank you very much, and I appreciate everything that you're doing.
Thank you, my friend.
You bet.
Michael in Illinois, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Michael.
Hey Alex, how you doing?
Hey, I lost you.
I wanted to talk to your guest.
What happened was I had a conference call with a woman that my daughter goes to a school with, and her daughter is eight years old and has autism.
And she's very happy.
She's sad, but she's very happy about the show, and she's ecstatic.
And I informed her.
She had told me everything happened to her daughter after her MMR shot.
It's unbelievable the autism this girl has.
She's super hyperactive.
She has no control.
She can't talk.
She just looks and meanders around.
It's a great show, Alex, that you had this.
I called her as soon as I heard it on the radio.
She just was unbelievable.
She was crying.
She was so happy.
So you're doing a great thing Alex.
Because she found out she can do some detoxing?
She can do some detoxing, absolutely.
And I have told her last year about this.
It's from a vaccine.
She was kind of a little bit leery, but she did some information.
I sent her to your website, but when she heard your radio show program today, it really just opened her eyes up and then she was able to hear about the detoxing.
So this is a wonderful thing Alex.
But here's my question to you Alex, about the mercury that's in here.
No, I don't believe that they, as your guest has said, I believe they're still lying and they're going to sit there and say they've changed everything.
But you heard the information from Dr. Geyer and I was aware of that.
It's still in there.
It's still in there.
They caught them, I have associated press, they caught them increasing the amount.
It's unbelievable and I believe it's all dumbing down our society, Alex.
You look at the television programs they have for children now, totally idiocy, you know, just
No, mindless garbage.
And it's the way they want our society headed, Alex, and I truly believe that.
But, you know, you're doing a great job on the show, and I just want to thank you for having that great guest today because it really helped my friend out with her daughter.
Well, thank you, Mike.
Take care.
What we need is all the listeners to start their own vaccine awareness websites and have the forms and have the information and have all the documents.
All of us have to be leaders in educating and informing and warning others.
It's our responsibility.
Not just our right.
Let's talk to Wesley in Tennessee and then Alan and that's going to be it for calls.
Wesley, go ahead.
Thanks an awful lot, Alex.
I have a question unrelated to a vaccine, but one that's really of critical importance to us as a country.
Can you tell me if those four extra carrier groups have returned to port or do we still have
What is it?
Eight, I think, at sea right now?
Yeah, a record amount of aircraft carriers.
Some are off the coast of North Korea.
Others are in the Arabian Sea, and others are in the Atlantic.
Last time I checked, it's been a few weeks.
Have we made any kind of agreements with any foreign countries?
Well, there's all types of agreements.
Well, I mean, you know, for instance, like,
Are they committed to back us up in case of a crisis?
I mean, Canada doesn't really have a military.
Well, just anybody.
Well, yeah, there's the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and there's the EU military, and there's the UN, and they've all got agreements.
So wonderful.
So we can expect to be seeing those guys parading up and down our streets.
Probably around election time.
Well, I don't know, but it looks like that they're going to be attacking Iran real soon.
Yeah, that looks like it's wired, Alex.
It really does.
I mean, the handwriting's on the wall.
If we don't, Israel will.
You know, that's what it basically comes down to.
One of the two countries, and maybe both.
And they got the national draft lined up for us after the next convenient terror attack.
Thanks for the call, Wesley.
Thank you.
Allen in Texas, last caller.
Go ahead, Allen.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, sir.
It was good to see you down there at the ACTV meeting last night.
Hey, you know, I was going to get to that next.
And again, they're shutting down access television all over the country.
They had a board meeting last night, and we got the corporate minutes that they didn't want to release.
We got it from the city, where four months ago they said that if you criticize a group or talk about somebody on the air, you're going to be kicked off the channels.
So admitted, and I stood up and read from their own document, and boy, I watched the video of that.
They have the air taken out of them real quick.
What did you think of the hundreds of people that showed up for that?
I think it's amazing, because at the previous meeting at the city council, there were two of us.
And I told you that fellow from the board jumped to me after the meeting.
I thought he was going to beat me up the way he was pacing back and forth, telling me that I shouldn't be talking.
You're talking about Franks?
A large, bald man, dark complexion.
I want to say Henry.
No, no, Henry's a Hispanic board member.
No, no, no, that's not him.
You're talking about one of the unelected board members.
I know who you're talking about.
Yeah, well, anyways, and he told me, you know, I had no right to talk if I didn't know what I was talking about, and I just thought it was amazing that last night we showed up with 200 more people who don't know what they're talking about.
And who just know they don't want their rights removed.
Well, we had 200 people at the first telecommunications meeting, then the city meeting.
We wouldn't even tell us what time it was, so I just said it was there, and I think about 10 people showed up.
Well, I think educating people on what is going on down there is crucial.
Hey, hold on.
Did you get a copy?
I posted it on the web, and I would like to invite everyone to look at those documents.
Where are they posted?
Yeah, this is one of our sponsors.
You're a good guy.
austinwheatgrass.com, and we're going to link over to that at infowars.com.
Big, huge link on the first page.
It has all the board meeting notes and the work of Marie D'Orazio, who has done a real good job of interpreting this whole...
Well, it openly says for the meeting in April that they said, if you criticize a religion or a group, you're going to be kicked off the channel.
It actually says it.
Well, yeah.
Like I told you, when Austin partners or the Time Warner people approach me... We've got hate crimes right here in Austin now.
You criticize somebody, you're off.
And they're saying, don't worry, don't worry, don't worry.
Oh, yeah.
And I said, well, on this new improved music station that you're going to control, if we want to come on with...
The George W. Bush singers, music of dissent, what will you do?
And they said, oh, we'll have to have meetings and make decisions on... So, the oldest birthplace of AXS TV, no censorship, we're going to take two of your channels and then regulate what you do on the other one.
Why don't you like it?
What's wrong with you?
And I wanted to, like I said, invite everyone to my site to look at that.
And I've taken the products off, so this will not be a commercial plug.
Hey, that's okay.
Listen, I've got all the documents.
No, no, no.
I haven't gotten around to having my webmaster put them up.
I wrote a press release.
It took hours Sunday.
I got the documents yesterday.
We're going to be putting them up, too.
But if folks want to see them now, it's austinwheatgrass.com?
Austin Wheatgrass, yes.
And I'm going to go ahead, and I'm going to add some e-mail links to some city council people.
Yeah, I'm getting ready for legal action, too, folks that want to join in on this, because, I mean, this would be like having the board of Greenpeace suddenly say, we're for whaling.
Or it would be like having the Heart and Lung Association say, we advise you to smoke five packs of Lucky Strikes filterless a day under the gauntlet of Jack Daniels.
It's good for your heart.
Well, you know, all this started out as rumors, and it's all turning out to be true.
Well, it wasn't rumors, sir.
I told you a month and a half ago, I have my city source.
And then I talked to the board and I talked to the telecommunications.
I mean, when do you know me to make stuff up, Alan?
No, not yet.
But there have been rumors also that Time Warner has used some pretty underhanded tricks to thwart the efforts of ACTV to stay on its, I mean, to sponsor themselves using local hotels.
As sponsors to generate funds to save... Yeah, look, there's no need.
Access TV has plenty of money.
The city's writing those funds.
Well, if Time Warner, though, has stepped on their efforts, done anything... No, that's admitted.
That's been in meetings.
That's public, sir.
Well, that's a violation of some antitrust laws, and Time Warner needs to be sued for stepping on those efforts to gain sponsorships.
Well, you were there last night.
I had to leave halfway through to go do my live TV show, but what happened after I left?
It continued, person after person.
I didn't get to talk.
We ran out of time.
Well, it's austinchronicle.com, the site where the letters of the editor are posted.
People ought to email them the minutes of AXS TV and go, look at this.
They admit controlling speech.
Now, what do you idiots say now for yourselves?
I just hope that everyone will, at the next meeting, at the next public forum, at the next city council meeting, all of you come back again and bring three people.
I mean, we want to turn from 200 to 600.
What we need is people to go to just the next general city council meeting, sign up for citizens' communication, and speak on this issue, period, and say, remove that board or anybody on the board who is for this.
And stop going after Axis Television.
Educate yourself first.
Go to Austin Wheatgrass.
Get the information and get smart about this stuff.
So they'll see that you know what you're talking about.
And if there are 1,000 of us down there who know what we're talking about,
City Council's going to start getting scared.
They're going to sweat.
They're going to have to listen to us.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you.
Well, a thousand showed up and said they didn't want toll roads.
They said, we're going to give them to you.
Toll roads on every street.
We don't care.
Because we've got the electronic voting machines.
Looks like litigation's the next step, but I want to thank everybody for showing up.
I'll hit some final news and a news and information blitz on the other side.
You don't want to miss it.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Yeah, think about that.
You get the minutes of the ACTV board.
This is happening all over the nation.
And it says we're not going to let people criticize or do anything on the channels.
That's your new freedom.
That's your new freedom, folks.
And all the denials, all of it, it's just taking place.
And the newspaper attacking me for exposing it.
But I want to thank everybody that showed up last night.
I'd say over 200 people.
CIA halted a plan to kidnap bin Laden in 1998.
That's how the Irish Examiner, another story, documents uncovered proving U.S.
doctors aided torturers in Abu Ghraib, and even ministry sources admit that medical staff participated in the torture.
So our doctors are torture masters.
Isn't that nice?
Kerry still would have approved force in Iraq.
Just incredible statements.
He made them again yesterday, not just on Monday, that, oh yeah, even if weapons of mass destruction weren't there, I'm for invading.
My goodness.
And Bush mocked him, saying, now almost two years after he voted for the war in Iraq, almost 220 days after switching positions to declare himself anti-war, my opponent has found a new nuisance, Bush said.
After months of questioning my motives and even my credibility, Senator Kerry now agrees with me.
Yeah, your cousin came to your aid, along with traitor McCain.
Bush's job rating falls a new low, this out of the Sacramento Bee.
And it says Californians appraisal of President Bush's job performance hit a new record low, largely because voters' view of his handling of the terrorist threats has deteriorated according to a new statewide poll.
And he's down to an all-time low of 33%.
It says... Oh boy, that's not good.
And national polls are showing the same thing.
And again, Bush wants to pay illegal aliens to come to this country and give them extra welfare than citizens.
That's the Washington Times.
And of course, U.S.
Reuters learned from Pakistani intelligence sources on Friday that computer expert Mohammed Naeem Noor Khan, arrested secretly in July, was working undercover to help the authorities.
See, they always arrest their moles, and that's always a big arrest.
Tracked down al-Qaeda militants in Britain and the United States when his name appeared in U.S.
After his capture, he admitted being an al-Qaeda member and agreed to send emails to his contacts.
Pakistani intelligence source told Reuters he sent encoded emails and received encoded replies.
He's a great hacker, and even the U.S.
agent said he was a computer whiz.
Now they've blown that wide open, that whole organization.
Of course, got to protect their LCI ADA.
So, very, very interesting.
Scientists give cloning go-ahead.
British scientists have been given permission to perform therapeutic cloning using human embryos for the first time.
The Human Fertilization Embryonic Authority, grounded licensed experts at the University of Newcastle,
Interesting little article there.
Iran test missile capable of hitting Israel.
This is Reuters.
Iran's defense ministry said on Wednesday it had carried out a field test of the latest version of the Shalab-3 medium-range ballistic missile, which defense experts say can reach Israel or U.S.
bases in the Gulf.
Defense Minister Ali Shamkhani said last week that Iran was working on improvements to the range and accuracy of the Shalab-3 in response to Israel's move to boost its anti-missile capacity.
So Iran is really escalating this.
The globalists are escalating it.
It's very, very serious.
One more article here.
CBS newsman Mike Wallace was rude to some people that said his line was part wrong, so later he was arrested and they said, we're being rude.
Not allowed to be rude.
See, even the lords are getting in trouble.
One more CNN Law section.
Remove Bible from courthouse.
A judge on Tuesday ordered Harris County to remove a Bible from a monument outside its civil courts building.
This is in Texas.
Ruling that the display violates the constitutional separation between church and state.
Take care and God bless.