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Air Date: Aug. 6, 2004
2336 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, another week has almost blasted past us.
It's Friday, the sixth day of August 2004.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
We're going to have wide open phones.
We had Paul Watson on for about 15 minutes yesterday, but he's been out of town for a week or so, so we're going to have him back up today to cover a whole plethora of vital news and information in the middle of the second hour.
And any questions or comments or news items you want to talk about, any piece of propaganda you witnessed by some neocon or their liberal supporters,
Business partners, they're liberal crime partners on national television or that you read in the newspaper.
You're welcome to join us.
We'll go to your calls early in this first hour.
1-800-259-9231 And I kind of sped through that Tommy Franks piece where he talked about martial law twice and stage captures of bin Laden and where he talked about just all sorts of interesting things.
We're going to air that
I think we're good to go.
I think we're good to go.
He said we're going to double our terrorist forces for terrorist operations.
Carry out terrorist operations.
I mean, every time these guys talk, they slip up.
And, again, you can say, oh, well, it's just a mess-up or a Freudian slip or...
You know, oh, it's just a play on words.
It's an accident.
No, it's not.
No, it's not.
Because they go in and they edit the transcripts and they cut out what these guys say most of the time.
When Bush says, this is a stage press conference.
You should have given this to me in writing beforehand.
I'm waiting for something to pop into my head.
Hold on a minute.
You know, putting his hand up to his ear.
That stuff gets cut out.
Now, they did not cut out his Bushism yesterday.
That got left in the transcripts, and we have the video of that on prisonplanet.com and prisonplanet.tv right now.
But again, you don't have to go watch that.
It's an eight-minute clip to get to the end of it to see it, but we'll play it here.
But if you want to see it later, you can go watch it.
Or you can watch it right now and miss the news we're about to cover, to put it to you that way.
But again, 1-800-259-9231.
I do want to take time out to thank all the folks that make this broadcast possible, the people of the network, the affiliates, the sponsors, the listeners, my webmasters, and of course, God.
Always got to thank God.
Coming up, Dow falls below 10,000 today.
Source code stolen from U.S.
software companies in India.
Our friends, Alabama executes 74-year-old murderer.
Three banks robbed during Bush-Carrie visit.
In Iowa a few days ago.
Also, Tennessee officials suspended after mock terror drill disrupts county meeting.
Wait till you hear about this.
Also, the Austin American Statesman finally did an article about the impending shutdown of AXS TV in Austin.
And they did the fair article.
The Chronicle wrote a long, profane, hateful story about me.
They're the so-called liberal newspaper.
Ultra neocon, ladies and gentlemen.
Ultra, ultra neocon.
Fake liberal there to pacify the left, you know, the real left, which you call grassroots people that don't like tyranny.
And the editor doesn't like me.
He's written articles, full editorials, about how evil I am over the years, and they hate it that I win all the Best of Austin awards.
At least we can say they're not fixing the ballot process.
But I'm called profanities in the newspaper today.
And every other name in the book.
So it's very potty-mouthed.
We obviously can't read it here on air, but we'll cover some of it.
It's all coming up.
Stay with us.
Big broadcast lined up for you today.
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Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State to the Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
This information is absolutely vital for all freedom lovers in the United States.
Order your video today.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Good afternoon or good morning, depending on what time zone you're listening to us in.
This is the Alex Jones Show, as they say.
I don't think it's really a show, as it is a chronicle, an expose of corruption and evil.
And as I said in the last segment, we're going to have wide open phones today at 800-259-9231.
Here's a good place to start off today, I think.
This is out of the Associated Press in Tennessee.
Tennessee officials suspended after mock terror drill disrupts county meeting.
An official who staged a security drill that disrupted a county commission meeting with guns and mock hostage takers has been suspended.
Ernest Jackson says
Carter County's Emergency Management Director will be off the job until the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation finishes its probe of Monday's drill, which upset officials, law enforcement, and members of the public.
Carter County Mayor Dale Fair said Jackson was suspended with pay.
The meeting was about to take up two tax proposals when three men and a woman burst in with guns drawn and claimed to be taking hostages.
One man threatened to explode a bomb with a device he was holding, and another fired a shot, which turned out to be a blank.
As the meeting dissolved in confusion, Jackson announced it was only a drill.
Some officials were told about the drill shortly before the meeting, but didn't know the details.
The city police didn't know a drill was planned and responded to what they thought was a hostage situation.
Renee Bowers, who will take over while Jackson is suspended, said her agency had been trying to make disaster drills more realistic.
Now, I want to be calm about this.
I want to really try to...
Impart to you the full magnitude of this.
Boy, that really sounded elitist, didn't it?
Well, this is what I study.
This is one particular area that I've been aware of for at least five, six years.
And I don't think most people understand what this is all about.
A lot of you do and probably have a greater knowledge of this than I do.
But let me try to calmly go over some things here.
Well, with just a few case point examples of this, and then I'll tell you what this is all about.
I'm sure you already know.
Remember about, what was it, three years ago, we had this school teacher on from Minnesota.
It was in all the big papers.
They didn't tell them a drill was coming.
They went to her portable building.
A SWAT team cussed at her in front of children, put a gun to her head, marched her outside.
She thought she was going to die.
And she soiled herself.
And that type of case has been repeated over and over and over again.
All over the country.
If you're lucky, two weeks before it happens, a note gets sent home that there's going to be some anti-terrorism, anti-gun, emergency drills at your public school, your elementary, your junior high, your high school.
And you think, okay...
And so they can say they announced it, because, you know, they say, coming up in the next few weeks, we're going to have one of these drills, just being advised.
And then, everybody's sitting there during second period, and the teachers aren't even told, they don't even know what's going on, and 50 armed police running, screaming, and we have them on video, folks, cussing, run around, and we've had the...
We're good to go.
Got to agree to it that morning, who were dressed up like the hostages, and the other kids began wetting themselves and screaming and crying.
This has happened all over the country.
At least, I don't know, 40 articles in the last few years I've seen of this exact thing happening.
People think they're about to die.
And you complain about it, and the government says, Oh, shut up, it's just a drill.
And the kids get beat up.
We've had them on the show.
Teeth get knocked out.
In Detroit, what was it, two years ago, two and a half years ago, they shot an elementary girl, fifth grader, in the face during one of these.
A few years ago in Fort Worth, and again, we see these all the time.
These are examples that are in Road to Tyranny, so I use those because they're documented.
You can see them.
They shot cop of the year in the head in a drill in the school.
Oops, loaded.
Another cop blew his head off.
There was another example, what, like two weeks ago, of a cop shooting himself in the foot during one of these.
I mean, live bullets, folks, aiming them at your children's heads, killing them in some cases.
And we would complain about this, and they'd say, oh, whatever, it's for security, it's for training purposes.
Well, I've seen several stories where they do this at government meetings and panic people, and the police get in trouble.
Now, let's expand on this.
Urban warfare training drills.
If it's the Army, boy, you're in for a real treat.
They will come into your town or city, covertly lease an old building, pay off the police chief to not warn anyone, and as the raid starts...
Maybe one military man will hand out a few flyers on doors and then claim, oh, we warned everybody.
Again, it's done on purpose to psychologically traumatize and prepare us for full military occupation.
And they come in, they blow up the building, there's fire shooting out, explosions of 5 to 20 helicopters, depending on where they're at in the country.
In Miami, they fired through a window of an all-night restaurant.
The bullets shattered glasses on the table, went into the table.
That's in my film.
They tried to bribe the police chief of San Antonio, who wouldn't let them.
They went into Kingsville and Alice and all these places, and we have the police chiefs admitting foreign troops.
Mayor's saying they terrorized people, video of the buildings blowing up, next door to nursing homes.
And as they're doing this, one military man ran around in a few houses, just four or five.
Again, it's just so they could say, oh, we handed out flyers.
As stuff's exploding, the military man will run around and talk a few notices up.
And so, you know, it's 9 o'clock at night and you're just sitting there.
Maybe it's 2 in the morning.
It's usually right after dark.
And just all of a sudden there's explosions and fire and shooting and Czechoslovakian Republic troops running around screaming.
It's all part of freedom.
By the way, that was all before 9-11.
I remember articles where they would have police drills at schools that were unannounced before Columbine.
Did you know that?
So they've been doing this for a long time, and this is about acclimating you, but more importantly, it's about creating the perceived emotional subconscious...
Mindset that there are terror attacks.
We are under threat.
This stuff's really going on.
And it gets you used to the guys in black uniforms and ski masks running around and explosions.
And they have the Marines that have gone into almost every city in the country and have done urban warfare training drills.
So they practice taking over City Hall.
And then they go out and stop cars at checkpoints.
And if they find something illegal, they haul the cops over and they arrest you.
You know, now they've got citizen defense forces.
You go sign up, get an MP armband with no military training and strut around the street searching eight-year-old girls.
You heard that yesterday when we had the lieutenant on running all of this out of Alabama.
So that's what's really going on here.
And here in Austin, we've had fake nuclear spills.
They later announced they're fake.
Fake bio-attacks downtown before 9-11.
Turns out they're fake.
Fake bio-attacks of the DPS office.
Turns out it's fake.
All this is admittedly fake.
And they do this up in Belton, outside Temple.
This is in Road to Terry.
Right before 9-11.
The mayor gets up and announces, we've been attacked by terrorists.
Again, it's a simulation, but the news puts that as the headline.
And then outside, two cars blow up, one burns down to the ground.
Helicopters, regular Marine Corps marching around, regular Army that says special forces, walk over and start threatening us for videotaping them in downtown Belton and say, you got video of us at a checkpoint.
We don't like that.
That's all part of the freedom.
And so they tell a couple of the county commissioners, don't tell the rest, run in, put guns to heads, and the police get called thinking it's a terrorist attack.
But again, it's all about introducing that, simulating it.
It's like Jim Jones would have his cult members in that CIA operation, Middle East CIA, drill drinking Kool-Aid.
We're good to go.
For months, they would land helicopters, insert troops, take off, do it over and over again, do these drills, until when it really happened, the Panamanian Defense Forces, the CIA-installed thugs who were out of favor, just like Saddam, just like bin Laden, just like everybody else, just like all these people, they just sat there until it was too late.
And so that's all any of this is.
It's federal testing to test the takeover of our communities.
And so something that the school children get on a semester basis, semesterly basis, that the government loves to do, the police dogs savagely grabbing bags off their backs, guns to hundreds of their heads, all down on the ground, randomly being searched for drugs, something that our children get, oh, you didn't like it as county commissioners in Tennessee, in Carter County.
You don't like it.
Well, I bet you don't like it.
It's like I saw an AP article yesterday of a man had his feet up on a park bench, relaxing in a park, and the cop came over and said, you're not allowed to sit on the bench like that and arrested him.
Turns out his wife was the head of the park's organization in that major city.
It's like the woman who the guy said, you can't eat on the subway.
She says, okay, puts the piece of candy bar in her mouth.
She said that she chewed aggressively.
He had to arrest her.
I mean, you can't make this type of stuff up.
You can't make this up, folks.
It's pure tyranny.
We'll be right back.
Hello folks, Alex Jones here.
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Alright, let's go to your calls right now, and then we'll get back in the next segment and plunge into more details on all the global, international, and local national news.
Let's talk to Joe in Texas.
Joe, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
On Tuesday, the aircraft that crashed here in the Austin area
It was in the Statesman, and God bless their soul, the family, the six that were lost there.
Yeah, they plunged into a big mansion out by the lake.
Huge mansion, and that huge mansion just happened to have a guardrail, and that aircraft was full of jet fuel.
You can remember the article claimed that they stopped to refuel, and if you look at those photos, you will see that the guardrail did not melt,
No molten steel, nothing.
It was there.
No, the plane creamed right into the face of the mansion and just tore down one area.
It didn't do a lot of damage.
Right, but what I'm saying, it was just full of jet fuel.
The jet fuel, the heat from the fire did not melt the guardrail.
At the house.
Well, no plane hit Building 7, a 47-story modern steel building, that fell, and the firefighters said, get back, we're about to bring it down, and the owner says they blew it up.
But, again, we're supposed to ignore that.
Just like the $167 billion in gold that was admittedly under the World Trade Center tower in a Federal Reserve depository, publicly there, and we're not supposed to talk about where that gold went.
Just like everything, you're not supposed to talk about it.
Well, that photo, it's in plain view, and I think it's just a good example to point out to the listeners who already know, but those who are skeptical about the heat and what it can do to tubes
Yeah, their official story is a complete fraud.
The firefighters said the fires were almost out.
People were standing in the holes in Tower 1 and 2, waving for help at helicopters.
I mean, if it was so hot, why weren't they on fire?
Thanks for the call.
And I do feel bad for the family that died here in Austin.
I didn't even get into that.
It was Tuesday afternoon.
What was it?
It just creamed right into a big mansion.
Anton in Canada.
Go ahead, Anton.
Hello, sir.
I'm a first-time caller.
I've been listening to your show for a few years.
I actually started listening right before 9-11 happened.
And ever since then, you seem to be really on top of everything that the New World Order is doing.
How many months before 9-11 were you listening?
I don't know.
Just three or four.
Did you ever hear me make an announcement about call the White House, tell them don't attack the World Trade Center, don't use bin Laden?
You know, I kind of listen off and on.
No, I didn't.
Well, I videoed myself on TV doing that in Masters of Terror.
Yeah, yeah, actually, I think I saw that one.
Anyways, I wanted to mention something I saw on The View.
I don't usually watch The View, but Tommy Franks was on, and he was talking about how great the war on terror is and being an Iraqist
And just out of the blue, he raises his right hand and gives the devil sign.
And it was very odd.
When did he do that?
It was broadcast yesterday.
And every time a caller calls, no matter how crazy it sounds, it always turns out to be true.
The View is that show with all those women, right?
Right, yeah.
What channel is that on?
I think it's on ABC.
Okay, we've absolutely got to get the video of The View.
What time in the morning of that was that on?
I just watched the rebroadcast on a Canadian channel.
I don't know what time it's on in the U.S.
People say that Bush gives the Diablo because he's UT.
He's Yale.
Well, he's not.
Well, why does his daddy give it?
Why does Bill Clinton give it?
Why does Al Gore give it?
Why does Prince Philip give it?
Why do all these people give it?
I guess they're all UT alumni.
I haven't a clue.
It's just so odd.
Like, he did it just right out of the blue.
What was he talking about when he said it?
I don't remember exactly.
But he was sort of going on about how good the war on terror is and how going into Iraq was the right thing to do.
And then he praised his Lord, didn't he?
Apparently, yeah.
Public praise is important for your deities, yes.
Public worship, it must happen.
It's like Clinton when he got sworn in and held his hand up and did it.
Yeah, I've seen those pictures.
They're really creepy.
Well, it's a Christian thing they do.
What'd you think of it when you saw it?
Um, I was just taken aback.
I, uh... Well, I know somebody's got a TiVo or something that recorded that, or somebody saw that, and I want to get confirmation on this.
I mean, I believe you, but we have five people call that saw it, and then, you know, it's like, uh, I got all the calls that Frank said all this Marshall Wall stuff, and a day later we got the video of it, and I'm sure if we get the video of this, you'll indeed do... Now, was the thumb out, or was the thumb in?
Eh, the thumb was in.
We had the, you know, pinky and index fingers sticking out.
Yeah, that's the real one.
Okay, yeah, that's what it was.
Very loving.
Well, maybe, are you not a Christian, sir?
Are you some kind of communist?
Well, then you've got to learn to worship the devil, okay?
All right.
Come on, man.
Be a Christian conservative, you've got to go to the Grove.
You've got to, you know, it's part of it.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, my friends.
Your calls are coming up here in just a few minutes on a bunch of national and international news.
We also have Bush's latest Bushism about our enemies never stop thinking of new ways to hurt the American people, and neither do we.
And I want to re-air that Kerry clip where he says something similar.
And then in the next hour, we're going to air those Tommy Franks comments from Fox to analyze them and get Paul Watson's take on it as well concerning martial law.
This is martial law twice.
Talks about the stage impending capture of bin Laden and much, much more.
But this is an action alert for everybody in Central Texas and around the country, frankly.
I learned over a month ago a plan to get rid of the free speech charter of the oldest running access television station in the country.
In fact, the first place that access cable was ever begun.
In fact, the birthplace of it before Congress even put it into law.
31-year-old AXS Television facility.
They're trying to get rid of its free speech charter.
They're trying to take over some of the channels to make them, quote, entertainment.
There'll be one, quote, free speech channel, but board members have admitted that there'll be free speech regulation over that channel.
And they tried to pass it last week, but hundreds of good citizens and producers at AXS TV showed up, and we helped stall it.
But yesterday, the City Council slipped it in to begin the funding and to begin the process of moving the Austin Music Network into AXS TV and to begin the process of getting rid of its free speech charter.
Last week, Time Warner News 8, who, by the way, owns the private company that's trying to take over Channel 15, Austin Music Partners,
They came out and said, don't worry, next week it's a done deal.
And we called the city and said, you're saying this isn't going to happen, but News 8 says it is.
And they go, well, they don't know what they're talking about.
Well, yesterday it was proven that, yes, Time Warner, the boss of Austin, did have the inside track.
And then on top of that, the Austin American Statesman yesterday finally did a fair article and laid out the truth of the attempted takeover of AXS TV.
But the Chronicle, the supposed loving liberal newspaper...
Savagely attacked me, called access the access of evil, that's the headline, called me cuss words in the newspaper, never seen this before, called me profanities, called me the lizard king, called me a poser, called me every other name in the book, called me crazy, rabid dog.
You bet I'm a rabid dog when it comes to defending the First Amendment and this key venue to defend our liberties here in Central Texas.
And so next Tuesday night, my friends, they're going to have a forum.
They're going to have a forum in East Austin at 1156 Hargrave Street.
It's right down the road from Access Television at the Millennium Youth Center, 7 p.m.
to 845 p.m.
Tuesday, August 10th.
But here's the bait and switch.
The telecommunications...
We're good to go.
Everybody needs to be there, though, at the community forum, and you need to stand up against this attempted takeover.
They're going to have the AXS TV board there trying to soft-soap and sell this whole thing.
So that's August 10th, Tuesday, August 10th, 7 p.m.
to 8.45 p.m., Millennium Youth Entertainment Center, 1156 Hargrave Street, the corner of Hargrave and Rosewood, just east of ACTV.
You absolutely need to be there, my friends, and we'll see you there, and we'll also see you at the telecommunications meeting.
I am considering legal action.
We're studying different avenues, so stay with us for updates.
All right, that was a little update that will be played on local stations throughout the week, so I was doing that live on air, folks.
And now, speaking of the devil...
Speaking of the New World Order and this attempted takeover, let me spend a few minutes on this, then we'll get into the latest Bush and Kerry-isms and get to your calls here with the wide-open phones on this Friday.
Again, every time we deal with government, there is complete and total denial about their operations.
It's like Patriot Act II is introduced in January 6th of 2003.
And two months later, before Congress, John Ashcroft says there is no Patriot Act II, no new anti-terror legislation.
Anyone that says it is a liar who is trying to aid terrorists and undermine America.
When the bill is introduced.
Since then, he's tried to get it passed and admitted it's there and traveled the country in stump speeches promoting Patriot Act II.
And parts of it were passed December 13, 2003, the same day they announced the capture of Saddam Hussein.
When everybody else was diverted, Bush signed it.
Well, it's the same thing with this access television.
I talked to a former city official, who's basically as high as you can get in the city government, who told me months ago they plan to shut access TV down.
Then I talked to the board about it, and they admit that, well, entertainment's coming.
Don't worry.
We're going to be private channels, and you're going to have entertainment.
You'll still have a show.
Don't worry, Alex.
Just go along with us.
Hey, would you like to be on the board?
Why don't you play ball with us?
Oh, yes.
Now public.
And I said, no, absolutely not.
We need this venue to stand up against the growing tyranny, and of course they can't have that.
You say, well, why do they care?
Because my access TV show, folks, is one of the best TV shows in Austin.
I've won best radio show in Austin, best website in Austin, biggest mover and shaker in the major reader's poll of a newspaper that attacks me on a daily basis.
So I should say a weekly basis.
So it's just incredible.
And we've got dozens of patriotic, libertarian, conservative, pro-life shows.
They can't stand us.
We've taken over.
So they're trying to shut it down.
And just like with Patriot Act II, you go to the telecommunications meeting, they say they're going to take it over, they say they're going to get rid of the free speech, and then when I get up and speak, they go, we didn't say that.
I mean, it's total double-think.
And the statesmen did not attack me.
And they were fair and admitted that this is getting rid of the free speech charter and taking over the channels and more strict stuff.
The Chronicle, the supposed liberal bastion, which is a total phony, folks, savagely, I have never been savage like this, not even by the New York Times.
And here's the headline.
Access of evil.
Oh, we're evil.
It's a conspiracy theory.
That's the sub-headline.
Defending Austin from the Music Network.
And the person goes in and calls it a conspiracy, but then admits it's all true.
See, this is the double thing.
Well, yes, we do want to put microchips in all of the children and the police and government workers, but you're a kook if you're against it.
You know, it's this whole mindset.
This is... Where do they get these people?
Just when I thought the intermediate...
Intermittable soap opera of Austin Music Network couldn't get any more insane or pathetic.
Along comes Alex Jones to take it up a notch.
As you may have heard, the lizard king of cable access is a total frothing rabid dog freakout.
That is his usual self about the planned shotgun wedding of AMN and Austin Community Television.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That is professional music and arts channel being flogged around City Hall by people from L.A.
or something like that.
It's admitted to Austin Music Partners.
It's owned by Time Warner, and that's in the Statesman.
I'm a conspiracy theorist.
I'll be watching to see if some evidence of, you know, a policy strategy regarding either the music industry or the city's telecom infrastructure burbles up from under the dais.
I'm not hopeful.
The plan's already out.
Total takeover of AXS TV, you twit.
You may be wondering just what bestial acts are being performed by council members in the portals of AMN.
General Manager Lewis Myers must have in his possession for AMN to merit the council's continued favors after so many years of embarrassing failure.
Again, that's separate from AXS TV.
They want to mix the two names into AXS TV and bring it down.
But more likely to counsel is blackmailing itself.
The desire to keep AMN alive in whatever form, by any means necessary, will help take the blame and string out the city's failure to pull off what seemed like so much...
Non-barrier, whatever that means, in such a good Austin fit.
It's a pretense that I expect will be maintained until AMN's corpse starts to really stink.
But Alex Jones doesn't care about this.
He sees not a flummoxed city council trying to scrap A&M off its full plate and feed it to the dog, but an insidious conspiracy of state-run media infiltrating the libertarian paradise of cable access.
Free speech is under attack!
As I watched last week's raucous meeting of the council's telecom subcommittee, itself infiltrated by Jones, his accolades and dozens, it was over 150 folks, the seats, seat 100, they were standing room all around and hundreds in the hall, it had to be 200, his accolades and dozens of ACTV producers in various states of grievance, I can only think of a bit for Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I'm being oppressed, I'm being oppressed.
And then he says, cart before the horse.
The article goes on and on.
Such reveries made watching the proceedings bearable.
Surely, some committee members, Jackie Goodman and Betty Dunkerley, have now done ample penance for their sins and trying beyond reason to keep AMN on life support.
And it says, new papa Raul Alvarez mostly sat there like a stone through the harangues.
Now in this case, it's not clear already.
I think Alex... Now, in this case, in case it's not clear already, I think Alex Jones is 90% pure poser and 110% a bleep bleep, which makes him truly larger than life.
But on balance, I think the ACTV producers are onto something here.
But then he goes on to say, I still think they should take over the channels and put entertainment on them because I don't like watching Alex.
So he's attacking free speech.
Technically, they were onto something else.
We're good to go.
Content-specific programming were made by the board of ACTV, not by anyone at City Hall.
But I also doubt that ACTV, with only a couple of weeks earlier, had reportedly thrown heavy shade on Meyer's bright idea of a merger, is entirely unaware of the wishes of what should be at least a four-vote council majority.
And then they go into all of that, and he says that he'd like to see the channels taken over because he doesn't like me on the air.
He doesn't like seeing me on the air, and he thinks it's a good idea.
I'm not a newsreader, folks.
I hate to babble through this, but it's a long article, and they attack the libertarians for having free speech and how dare them, and they attack everybody, and so...
It just goes on and on.
He continues three ACTV channels into an arts and education channel featuring AMN, an inspirational channel and a free speech channel.
It would certainly disrupt the current free-for-all flow.
Oh, don't want that.
Where truckers and hookers and Sunday Best...
And the Esoteric Science Roundtable can all appear on the same channel on the same day.
But it might also make ACTV more accessible to those of us who aren't access junkies and who tune in more often if we'd known how to avoid watching Alex Jones.
And it goes on and on and on.
Hey, Dumbo.
I've won almost every Best of Austin award in your little paper.
And it is a big deal.
I mean, big companies that win the Chronicle, Reader's Poll, hang up giant banners for a year on their buildings.
I mean, the year after I won Best TV Host in Austin...
Tens of thousands of respondents.
The next year it was the UT football game was the favorite TV show.
And the next year it was the Austin City Limits.
And I've been told I've won other awards, and then they just don't want to give them to me.
And I've won Best Radio Host, Best TV Host, Best Website, Best Mover and Shaker, Best Looking.
I mean, all of this stuff, which you can tell I won that Best Looking award a long time ago.
I put on 40 pounds.
But they have a ballot, and people send it in, and we win all the awards, and other Patriot shows win awards.
But the editor, Louis Black, and that isn't even his real name, is just a bootlicking neocon.
This guy...
Has written giant editorials saying the time has come to talk of Alex Jones, the dangerous, wicked devil.
I mean, you ought to see these things.
Because the establishment is scared to death of us.
You think they like it?
By the way, every time they do that, they get hundreds of letters attacking them, I'm told.
And they do, in fairness, publish some of them.
So I think you should write letters to the Chronicle.
And if you're listening around the country and you're saying, eh, why should we care about this?
Why does Alex spend, you know, maybe 30 minutes a week on this now?
Because they're shutting access TV down around the country.
They just shut it down in Houston.
They're shutting it down, and this is a way to reach tens of millions of people.
And you've got Time Warner openly taking over a city channel, Channel 15.
By the way, that channel has a $5 million value.
It's appraised at $5 million.
And the city's going to kick, because see, the city made a deal to get eight channels, excuse me, nine channels,
If Time Warner got this big, huge monopoly, where they've made billions of dollars in Austin over the past 30-something years.
And so the city gets those channels.
Well, now they're just quietly giving them back to Time Warner and then shrinking access down to one channel, and then they admit that's going to have regulated speech, and it's going to have government garbage on the other channels.
They admit this is the plan, and then when we complain about it, they say it doesn't exist when it's in both the newspapers.
He calls it a conspiracy and an access of evil and then admits they're taking over the channel, but says, good, I won't have to watch Alex Jones.
How sick is that?
From the Chronicle, it acts like it's this bastion of freedom and liberalism and free speech.
No, Louis Black, and I've been told this by people at the Awesome Music Network, people involved at Time Warner, he is a little buddy with Awesome Music Partners and Time Warner.
He wants to be part of that.
He tries to insinuate himself into everything, and I'm sick of it.
What you've got is corporate writing going on of the possessions of the people of the city of Austin, our airwaves, our transmission lines.
And I mean, you guys are really going to get a fight now from us.
We are not backing down.
All right, we'll come back, play the Bushism and the Kerryism, the new Bushism, and we'll start the next hour, and I promise we'll get to these loaded phone lines.
I've already taken some calls.
I didn't mean to spend this long on this subject, but we're going to battle through this article.
And I didn't read half of it.
I mean, it just goes on and on and on and on.
I'm a...
Profane this, profane that.
Bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep.
I'm a lizard king.
I'm a rabid dog freak out.
It's amazing.
Because I stand up to government and tell them we're not your slaves.
I'm bad.
No, it's because your boss is in with the people doing all this.
And shame on you, Austin Chronicle.
Shame on you!
Shame on you!
Acting like you're some type of independent bastion.
You're nothing but corporate pimps.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
As the tyranny gets worse and worse, we need venues like AXS TV around the country where we're able to get over a thousand people out to gun rallies.
Second Amendment rallies, where we're able to get thousands of people over the four meetings they had at city council against the Patriot Act, where we forced them to throw it out.
And that goes for your town, too.
That's why I'm so angry.
We need these shows so we can show video clips like this audio you're about to hear.
This is Bush yesterday at the Pentagon after he talked about how we're spreading the peace, and he smiled.
Then he went on to say this, and then you'll hear Kerry in his coronation speech, his skull and bones number two.
Go ahead and hit it.
Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we.
They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people.
And neither do we.
Okay, that was Bush.
Let's play Kerry, then we'll play them all again.
Go ahead and play Lord Kerry, please.
Play the long Kerry clip.
I will never give any nation or any institution a veto over our national security, and I will build a stronger military.
We will add 40,000 active duty troops, not in Iraq.
But to strengthen American forces that are now overstretched, overextended, and under pressure.
We will double our special forces to conduct terrorist operations, anti-terrorist operations, and we will provide our troops with the newest weapons.
All right.
Now go back to the Bush clip from yesterday.
Play that again.
This is Lord Bush.
Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we.
They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.
Play that triple one.
I'm going to play it back to back.
We will double our special forces to conduct terrorist operations.
They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.
We will double our special forces to conduct terrorist operations.
They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people,
And neither do we.
We will double our special forces to conduct terrorist operations.
They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.
Well, and coming up in the next hour, we'll take calls, get into the news.
We've got Paul Watson coming on, and we'll properly analyze the Tommy Franks chilling statements.
And if you can get in on the lines, did you see him on The View?
Do the Diablo sign?
Did you see Lord...
Lord Franks, do that.
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I have my book, 9-11.
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All right, the second hour is coming up with clips, guest news, your calls.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, you're into hour number two of this worldwide broadcast.
We're about to go to Martin and Mark and Norm and Scott and Dick and many others.
We've got Paul Watson joining us in 30 minutes.
We're going to analyze in more detail the chilling comments of Tommy Franks.
Not six, seven months ago, the cigar aficionado.
Now eight months ago.
Man, time flies.
But just a few days ago on Fox Television about martial law and all the rest of this stuff.
So that's coming up.
But right now, here's Bush's Freudian Bush slip with Kerry's little slip.
All this in the last week.
So here it is.
Here's Bush yesterday.
They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people and neither do we.
And we'll go more into that, too, in the next segment.
Right now, let's go to Martin in New Orleans, Louisiana, which is a federalized city.
It was in the Times-Picayune Union.
Totally federally controlled.
Go ahead, sir.
Hey, Alex.
First of all, that Freudian flip by the Bonesmen is pretty sickening.
Second of all, the knock-and-talk rules in New Orleans are just so much more disturbing.
I moved here from Sonoma County, California.
And the knock and talk just scares me to death.
So you moved from the home of Bohemian Grove.
I moved from Guerneville, which is the next town.
Yeah, I've been there.
Beautiful town.
By the way, the knock and talk, the Fifth Circuit said a few months ago that no more warrants.
They can search whole neighborhoods.
They can just ask to come in your house for no reason if they want to.
Isn't that freedom?
What's it like living under Nazi Germany?
Well, first of all, my co-workers won't believe it.
I take them your information and they're just blown away.
They cannot believe that anybody would pass anything so destructive to our right.
Well, it was in literally 20 newspapers in Louisiana.
Yeah, exactly.
It made national news in the Wall Street Journal.
Well, they just don't want to see the truth.
That's the way it is in this country.
So even if it's in all your newspapers, it isn't real?
That's right.
Another thing, I know a bunch of people who have worked for the Bohemian Grove and who do work for the Bohemian Grove right now, but they're all afraid to talk.
If I could contact you or have you contact them, I'd love to get you to interview them and get as much information as possible.
In addition to that, have you ever heard of Eric Drexler?
I've heard the name refresh my memory.
He wrote the book Engines of Creation in 1986, the year after I was born.
My God.
And it's all about building macroscopic anything with atomic precision.
And what that means is they could genetically engineer a virus or anything genetically.
They could destroy any section of the population and basically... Well, yeah, that's race-specific bioweapons using nanotech technologies.
Well, they could build any type of weapon that could take out, say, aircraft high in the sky, submarines, nuclear submarines deep underwater, everything simultaneously.
I'm reading a book, Nanosystems, Molecular Manufacturing Engineering, or Molecular Machinery Manufacturing.
Did you know over 200 foods, including ice cream, now use nanotech technology?
And I ate some of it.
It is the most creamy, delicious ice cream.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it really is going on.
It's true.
It's pretty scary.
By the way, I didn't know.
I was like, why is this so creamy?
It's like a new, it's so smooth.
It's unbelievably rich and creamy.
And oh, it's nanotech.
By Adam by Adam.
That's how it's done.
Foresight Institute.
You can read Engines of Creation, which is Drexler's first seminal book, at foresight.org.
Yeah, email that to me.
I need to get him on.
And email me your contact info, okay?
All right.
Tips at infowars.com.
All right, I'll keep it up.
And I try to respond to everybody.
I mean, I just... Last night I was reading hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of your great emails.
It's just incredible...
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we're one hour, eight minutes, and 30 seconds into this broadcast today.
Thank you so much, Alex.
We're going to play that again and play Carrie's little comment about doubling terrorist forces as well.
But at the same time...
There are just so many other issues we need to talk about.
You know, I got a call on Wednesday.
Hey, did you see Tommy Franks?
He was on Hannity and Combs last night, and he talked about Marshall Law and the stage capture of Ben Lawton and all this stuff.
Did you see it?
And then a day later, we got sent the video clip.
Fox had it posted, and we posted it, and we played it here, and
It indeed is true.
Then we get a call, and now I've found out we've gotten a bunch of emails about it, that yesterday, on The View, that's the one with Barbara Walters and all those people, I guess it's ABC, that he was praising the war on terrorism, and then he gave the Diablo sign, or the horns.
People say, oh, well that's just an accident, or he's just having fun.
Why do we have Bush Jr.
doing it?
Bush Sr., Clinton, Gore?
I mean, there are whole websites with just hundreds of photos of these people doing this sign.
Bill Clinton, when he got sworn in, did it.
As he has his hand on the Bible, he laughs and puts his hand up and does that.
This is serious, folks.
I mean, they're members of Skull and Bones.
They're members of Bohemian Grove.
They're into all this weird stuff.
They have nicknames like Long Devil.
What do you think is really going on here?
And did you see the view?
Did you see, if you can get through, the lines are loaded, did you see this happen?
Can you send us a video clip?
Can you mail it to us?
Can you email it to us?
Can you find a transcript for us?
I mean, it's just so hard to keep, and you're saying, well, why are you spending time on this?
Because it's serious.
These guys are in a weird cult.
And I don't put it past Frank to do that.
They all do it.
But again, one more time, here is Bush.
Well, first Kerry, and then Bush, back to back in the last week, with their little Freudian slips.
And they do this all the time.
It's like Bush saying, we're trying to bring chaos to America.
I mean, order out of chaos.
Which is their deepest, darkest maxim in the Illuminati, is order out of chaos.
Go ahead and hit that clip for us.
We will double our special forces to conduct terrorist operations.
They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.
They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.
And it goes on and on and on and on and on and on.
And there are already websites out there claiming that Bush never said this.
Just like there are websites out there claiming that Bush didn't make the weird comments about the fetus, which I found in the Associated Press report.
There's just no end to the denial.
It's like saying, they never said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
Now, the interesting point about all this is that normally when Bush or Kerry does something like this, especially Bush, the transcripts are altered, the video is altered, and not just the White House, major news sites do this.
Bush says, this is a stage press conference.
You should have given this to me in writing beforehand.
You know the rules.
Wait, I'm waiting for something to pop in my head.
It should pop in in a minute.
Puts his hand up to his ear.
I'm getting the little earbud.
What am I supposed to say?
That stuff gets removed from transcripts.
This didn't.
This didn't get... Now, Kerry's comment did get removed, by the way.
Why did Bush's comment... Normally, they try to pull it.
You can never find it in a news article or in a transcript.
You've got to have the original video.
Only way to catch these guys.
So why did it make CNN and ABC and Associated Press headlines yesterday?
Another question we have to ask ourselves.
All right, let's go to Mark in Minnesota.
Mark, go ahead.
How are you doing, sir?
Good, my friend.
Quote, we ought to be planning to make anthrax vaccine widely available to the population starting in the major cities, close quote.
That was said by this Dr. Kenneth Berry fellow who's the new anthrax male attacker.
I said that in an interview with the USA Today back in 1997.
And I don't know what to... I'm still trying to make a say in the news myself.
I don't know what to think because you have the government, which just recently purchased like 75 million doses of the anthrax vaccine.
It could be they're just trying to create some hysteria.
Well, Mark, I think you forget that they tried to pass the Model States Hold Emergency Powers Act to forcibly inject every man, woman, and child, roundups, sports stadiums, camps.
They call them rest and relocation centers in the BBC.
The British government does for England.
You probably forget that most states refuse.
So in page 71 of the Homeland Security package, they said, okay, the feds just have this power.
But then the LA Times reported that 99 plus percent of firefighters and police were ordered to take it but refused.
And so now their whole program is stalled.
No, are you familiar with this recent news about this new anthrax mail attack suspect?
Well, you know, the last guy is a known Mossad agent, and he was seen going in after he didn't work there into the Level 4 areas at Fort Detrick.
They tried to burn Hatfield, who's suing him, and obviously wasn't involved.
They claim he made it in a bucket at his house.
And yet now they've got this other guy they're going after.
I don't know.
I just know they said it wasn't weaponized, and it turned out it's the most weaponized on the planet, and the machine to miniaturize it and put the bentonite on it cost over $100 million.
This president suspect is a pretty interesting character.
He has this organization that deals with anti-bioterrorism stuff, and he's had these forums with Jerry Hauer, the New York City EMS who helped set up Building 7, World Trade Center, these FBI agents, FEMA agents, DOD officers.
In fact, he was even, back in the late 90s, he...
I was a WMD consultant with the U.S.
Department of Defense.
What article do you have on this guy today?
I saw something last week.
There's a new article out there.
This is from the Trentonian.
I think it's pretty good.
Which is Trentonian.com.
And it's right on their main page right now.
Yeah, do me a favor.
Email that to tips at InfoWars.com.
And then you can find out more about this guy from his own website.
Pretty interesting background here.
He's involved with all these shady FBI and FEMA agents and DOD officers.
No, I hear you.
I'm going to let you go, Mark.
Mark, just send me that information.
I don't want to go into it without the details in front of me.
Look, in 1999, this is public, Congress funded a multi-million dollar Fort Detrick CIA-controlled program to test mailing weaponized anthrax through the mail.
I mean, come on!
Again, I don't even want to get off on that whole anthrax thing.
I could do two hours on that, and we should do a whole show on it.
In fact, I want to do that.
It doesn't do its service to even get into it a little bit.
But thank you, Mark.
Good point.
Send me that information.
Norm in Colorado.
Norm, go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Hello, Alex?
Yes, the best to you and yours.
Thank you.
I want to run something by you and your audience and see if it's happening to them.
It's ongoing right here where I live as we speak.
There's been several days now, an army of strangers with clipboards and palm pilots marching through all of our apartment complex.
These are nice 1,100 square foot and bigger apartments, and...
I think we're good to go.
So I put my spies out now to see if I can find out what agency... Well, that's how the scam works.
They say it's for an investor, and it's all part of the knock-and-talks, our daily life, having our home searched.
It's all part of freedom.
I'm going to see if I can find out for you what agency these people are from.
It's DEA or whoever.
Well, yeah, just where are you in Colorado?
I'm here in the Denver area.
And I just wonder if this is happening to other apartment complexes around the country...
Even in this area.
But this has been several days now, and I can only wait until tomorrow to see what their plan is for tomorrow.
Sir, from Tucson to Dallas, from New York City to L.A., they come to your door.
We'd like to look in your house.
Why, officer?
We're looking for illegal guns, things.
Is there somebody on the loose?
No, just going door to door.
It's part of a new community policing service.
It's a good service we're giving you.
You say, well, no, you can't come to my house.
Well, what do you have to hide?
They actually say that.
Again, let us search your car.
Well, what do you have to hide?
And people say, well, next it'll be your house, and now it's your house.
And let me tell you what apartments do.
Most apartments come in your house when you're not there.
Did you know apartments get money if they find anything in your house?
Yeah, it's...
It's dirty business.
You don't like the new freedom, but see, it's this atmosphere of terrorism, terrorism.
But then when they have military goons out searching little kids on street corners in Mobile, Alabama, it's, oh, we're looking for guns and drugs.
But I thought it was for terror.
Oh, but see, all crime is terror.
So this is happening in apartments all over America.
You already know about it then.
Usually they just sneak in when you're not there.
And there have been some sweeps like this.
But no, you know what?
You ought to fax me that notice.
Yeah, I've got them laying here.
Hey, did you hear me talk about Hilton Hotels?
Memos on the wall telling their employees to search people secretly?
Well, they've been doing that like in the school parking lots.
The people that run around and looking in kids' cars and finding butter knives on the floorboard and calling it dangerous weapons, you know, and all that.
We had a girl on.
She later became valedictorian.
It was right before graduation, and she'd been at a big buffet and brought all these plates and stuff, and they saw a butter knife, and she got arrested.
We'll be right back.
Stay there.
We'll talk more about it.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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Every year you'll get a census with hundreds of questions.
No Fifth Amendment.
They come in your backyard while you're barbecuing, got to answer their questions.
Supreme Court, no Fifth Amendment.
We just want to search your whole neighborhood now.
Knock and talk.
They come to your apartment, you get the notice, we got to do a little searching, it's all part of the freedom.
They lie about it and say it's for investors, then you find out it's for the police.
You try to go to the hotel, you're spied on, you're searched.
Of course it is.
Well, things change in America, but I thought it was for terrorism, but all crime is terror.
Norm, let me give you your fax number.
You can black out your private number and name if you want.
I think it's 512-899-9809.
All right.
It's 512-899-9809.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, I'll...
Get that sent to you.
Yeah, fax that to me, and then on Monday I can talk about it.
I just was curious how many places around America that we don't hear about that might use you for a clearinghouse, and we find out how rampant this is.
It's totally rampant.
I mean, even in England, that's what the Magna Carta was all about, is a man's home is his castle.
But not anymore.
It's all part of the new freedom.
And then when the cable man or exterminator or carpet cleaner comes in your house, they're going to be spying on you.
And this is what the anti-terror coordinators teach in all the cities.
They say it's to fight terror, and then you learn how to look for drugs and guns or things that are suspicious.
If I can find out what agency these people are connected with, if my spies can, I'll forward that to you.
So you walked out and talked to one of the apartment people, right?
Well, this wasn't apartment people.
This is one of the thugs.
And I got a palm pilot in one hand, a clipboard in the other, and I said, what specifically are you looking for?
He said, meth labs and the like.
But the...
But the notice said, oh, it's for investors.
Yeah, investors.
And a note came.
It's supposed to be, the general agreement is 24 hours before they want to do something, change filters or batteries in the smoke detectors, they notify you.
This was late yesterday evening, and it says at 8.30.
You'll open your garage door, or we will.
Investors want to see in your garage.
That's what it says on it.
But then you go and talk to the person with the clipboard, and they say it's for drugs.
Yeah, and I'm standing there watching, and they was opening doors, and he kind of bent down.
He said, okay, okay, okay.
So he never even stepped inside of any garage that I've seen.
And he couldn't get in mine because it's all the way up to the door.
Well, this is all about training you how to be inspected.
It's, you know, stand up and get ready for inspection.
Soviet citizens of America, thanks for the call, Norm.
Send me that information.
Thank you.
Scott in Pennsylvania, then Dick, JR, JJ, and others.
Go ahead, Scott.
Yeah, thanks for taking the call, Alex.
There's a dealership in Greenville, Pennsylvania, Greenville Motors, that are making you sign a waiver that you're not a terrorist, but you're paying cash.
I don't know if you're aware.
Well, that's all Patriot Act information.
I'm sure the waiver says that they can do a background check on you, homeland you, and everything.
You try to get a mortgage, try to put more than $5,000 in a bank, take money out.
It's all part of the new freedom.
And I talked to State Senator Bob Robbins the other day about the Patriot Act.
He's like, we need it to protect ourselves against these terrorists.
He's still either brainwashed into thinking that they're chasing Arabs or whatnot.
And, uh,
I saw Manchester and Canada at the thing that you did.
That was pretty amazing.
Well, that's the real deal, my friend.
Anything else?
I think that's all.
All right.
Thank you, Scott.
Good to hear from you.
Dick in Colorado, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Alex.
I want to ask you a question, but before I do, I got one other question that occurred to me.
When you were talking a little while ago, what is this devil signal that you had suggested, this hand signal?
Every president and every major leader, if you search hard enough, you will find them at a public forum doing the devil sign with the hand.
What is it?
It's the index and the pinky.
Sticking up in the air?
Oh, really?
Your two center fingers are down and your index and your little finger are straight up in the air.
Is that it?
And your thumb touches the two middle fingers?
Yesterday you had a guest on and he was talking about enforced psychiatric evaluation of pregnant mothers and if they decided that
You had some sort of malady in your head that they would forcibly put you on SSRIs.
Well, it's going to be all children twice a year in all schools, federal program called New Freedom.
We're not kidding.
It's like the Victory Act or the Patriot Act.
All these Orwellian, Homeland Security, all these sick terms.
Bush said he was spreading peace yesterday in his little speech.
Yes, everyone will be tested.
Okay, now SSRIs are specific serotonin reuptake inhibitors, is that right?
Okay, and Luvox, Ritalin, Prozac, those are examples of the drugs involved, is that correct?
No, Ritalin's in another class.
Well, my question is this.
Okay, okay.
As I understand it, these drugs,
No, he got confused.
Stay there.
I'll explain it.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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All right.
Dick in Colorado is confused.
We talked about two separate issues yesterday.
We talked about the New Freedom Initiative.
It's already in ten states for the last several years.
It started out in Texas, oh, what, 14 years ago, or no, 13 years ago.
Which is where everyone is psychologically tested twice a year in the public schools.
They say then it's going to be for adults.
All adults, the President's Commission said.
And now in Illinois they want to make it where every pregnant mother gets a CPS visit.
Not just at risk, as they say, but everybody.
And they decide whether you need to go on drugs or the newborn baby does.
Yes, they're calling for drugging newborn babies now.
And it's with anti-psychotics.
And then the other issue is, England wants to make a law, and our own government's developed these as well and is talking about it, a vaccine against drug addiction.
For nicotine, heroin, and cocaine, that uses a virus that attacks the brain cells.
This is admitted, folks.
We had the doctor on yesterday about it, but it's mainstream news.
They say it's so wonderful.
It actually rewires your brain.
The virus goes in and creates plaques on the receptor sites that receive opiates and narcotics.
But those receptor sites...
Again, nature's chemicals that we can take can imitate natural things in the brain.
You ever broke your leg and for a couple hours you really don't feel it?
You're like, you feel high.
Or like right after you get hurt, it hurts real bad, then all of a sudden you feel better.
You start maybe crying a little bit.
Tears come to your eyes.
You feel better.
You catch yourself laughing.
That's endorphins.
And so this vaccine they want to give you blocks that up and will block you from getting a lot of your natural endorphins.
That's one issue.
Then you've got the force drugging and testing the Soviet system.
So that's the two separate things we were talking about.
Go ahead and finish up, Dick.
Okay, so the suppressing of the endorphins is not due to SSRIs.
That's due to some vaccine that the British want to do.
Well, no, our government wants to do it too, but the British are about to make it law.
Okay, is that a permanent thing, or is that a temporary thing?
No, it's permanent.
Permanent rewiring by a virus of the brain.
Okay, well, my question is, and I had asked the...
Reception lady, it was okay for me to ask you this.
Yes, sir, we don't screen phone calls.
Yes, well, if a person had had this medication done to them, this viral thing, which, as I understand it, keeps you from becoming excited, keeps you from
Yes, sir.
It will cause sexual dysfunction.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate the call.
I can't go on all day about this.
We spent an hour and a half on it yesterday.
All right, we're going to go to Paul Watson here in just a few minutes, and I've got a bunch of news here, and I want to first analyze this Tommy Franks little six-minute interview with neocon Chieftain Hannity.
A lot of very interesting things that he said, and we'll be stopping it and making comments throughout it, so get that ready, Stephanie.
Before I do that, before we bring Paul Watson up and find out what he wants to talk about, and first off do this Tommy Franks thing,
Mr. Marshall Law, Mr. Diablo, before we do that, just please listen to me out there.
This is important.
We have tools that will wipe people up.
We have tools that will deprogram people.
We have tools where it won't just be, you heard this on the radio show, or go to this website, the proof's there.
We have video clips of the world leaders.
We have documents.
We have it all.
Troop checkpoints, gun confiscations, implantable chips, government-sponsored terror.
It's in police state three total enslavement, matrix of evil, 9-11, the road to tyranny, masters of terror, America destroyed by design.
All of my ten videos are amazing, award-winning.
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Please take action.
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Get them out to people.
Well, it's good to be back.
Obviously we need to cover the new Bushism which occurred yesterday, the Tommy Franks interview as you mentioned, and then some of the deeper aspects of kind of denial mechanisms which people go through when you are trying to talk to them about the New World Order.
So a lot of issues to cover.
We also have the Boston Globe coming out yesterday and saying, oh, FDA approval for an implantable chip in the brain to stop depression.
And of course, if they can force you to be drugged, they're going to force you to have chips.
And then a new RFID coming out of Europe that hits your skin with a beam and charges off your skin.
And this is really bizarre.
No chip needed.
We have that article.
But first, the Tommy Frank situation.
I want to play this, Paul, and go through it.
Clip by clip, comment by comment, but just overall, what was your response to what he had to say?
Well, I think the overall premise of the interview was that Tommy Franks makes out that martial law would have to be in place, but God forbid it didn't happen.
And yet, in America, and especially in Washington, D.C.
at the moment, with these fake terror alerts,
We've already got, you know, what amounts to the same thing, and the only difference, basically, is purely cosmetic.
And then he says, oh, I'm glad it's not troops.
The troops are on the streets.
The police are militarized, but regular Army and National Guard are out there.
Now they've got private goons in military uniforms in 30 states out searching small children on street corners.
Had them on yesterday.
And let's go ahead and start out with Tommy Franks.
And oh forbid, they'll demand it to be safe.
The message is, martial law brings safety.
Oh, it's too bad, but that's the next step.
Here's Tommy Franks.
Go ahead and hit it.
I have a chance to sit down for a Cable News exclusive with the former commander of CENTCOM and the author of the brand new book, American Soldier.
I talk with General Tommy Franks.
Four days prior to 9-11, 7th of September, you spoke to the CENTCOM intelligence staff.
You were asked a question.
The question is, General, what keeps you up at night?
And I said, one World Trade Center tower falling into another, a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.
I worried for a long, long time about terrorist attacks on the United States of America.
I think a lot of thoughtful Americans had been put on notice beginning in the early 1980s when our Marines were killed in Beirut in the Marine bombing.
And then up through 1993 when we saw the attack on the World Trade Center.
Let's hit pause.
Far from where we're sitting right now.
All right.
Okay, right there.
Now, no one had ever heard of a plan to knock down the towers.
No one had ever heard of a plan to fly planes in.
No one had ever heard of a plan.
But in the Cigar Aficionado, he brags about four days before.
He brags about saying they were about to get Saddam.
He brags about all of this.
And Paul comments...
Well, yeah, and remember that this is at the same time, you know, four, three days before, where now we know the bomb-sniffing dogs were removed.
There were these unprecedented evacuation drills, which was reported in the BBC and People magazine.
Whereby, you know, he gave them the ample opportunity to place the bombs in the towers, which the evidence later proved that they were there.
And then he talks about 93, where the FBI admittedly cooked the bomb and trained the driver, Chicago Tribune, New York Times.
Yeah, and again, there's another article out today in Reuters where these so-called stinged operations take place.
And this one was in New York where these Islamic mosque leaders try and sell shoulder-launch rocket missiles to undercover felons working for the US government.
And again, the justification with the 93 World Trade Center bombing was that it was a sting operation, and yet the New York Times, the Chicago Times reported that
The dummy explosives were, in fact, real explosives, and the FBI knew about it.
So, time and again, these so-called... And then they said, let the bombing go forward.
Let's go back to Frank.
Here he is.
It's worried me that there could be an attack on American soil that could be so horrendous that the people, that America,
And so I looked at that young...
Again, they've got troops all over the country, urban warfare everywhere.
They've said get rid of Posse Comitatus, Senator Warner and Ridge and Ashcroft, and there are troops on the streets all over the country.
We've all seen it, and he says, oh, we don't.
We've got heavily armed police.
Well, that's militarized right there, Paul.
Well, yeah, just look at Washington, D.C.
You've got checkpoints dotted throughout the city, and I mean, in the Washington Post article that we posted today,
It says that the local officials weren't even consulted.
It was a direct federal mandate.
And the point made in the article, which is on the website, is that, you know, while these bug-eyed police stand around watching innocent people under the pretext of these now-we-know fake terror alerts, you have the ghettos, you know, run by the worst kind of scum imaginable, and the police won't go near them or help anyone who lives in them.
So again, they frame it in this kind of racial context by saying that the police state only affects blacks and Arabs.
So, you know, obviously the majority of the readership of the Washington Post are white, middle-class people, so then they can pass it off and not be concerned about it while these police state measures... That's right, that's right.
It's just for the Jews, just like Hitler.
The new Jews being the Arabs and poor people in the inner cities.
Let's go back to the clip.
Sergeant, on the 7th of September, and I told her...
A big terrorist attack like on the World Trade Center is what keeps me awake at night.
Four days before the attack?
Four days before the attack.
But it actually had less to do with the business of the World Trade Center and that, and more to do with the prospect...
Of something happening that is so horrendous that our military might wind up being used in a martial law situation.
Praise God it didn't happen, and I'm glad.
You were overseas when 9-11 happened.
You were on your way to Pakistan.
You write in the book.
You knew right away it was bin Laden.
You knew right away we were going to war.
And you knew it was connected to General Mossad of the Northern Alliance that had been assassinated just a weekend prior.
All of it sort of came to me very clearly in a period of less than a minute.
Someone rapped on the door.
We were in Crete getting gas in the airplane and said, turn on the television.
I turned it on and I, along with you, watched the second jet hit the second tower of the World Trade Center.
And my first thoughts were Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda, Afghanistan, and the tie to Massoud, who had been the leader of the Northern Alliance.
You say of Bin Laden, you say the following quote, he's no coward.
You say he's a deadly adversary.
A worthy, bold commander of a dedicated and capable force.
That's right.
Do you feel that way?
Yeah, I absolutely feel that way.
I think one should never underestimate the enemy.
It is so convenient to talk about Adolf Hitler being crazy, to talk about Mussolini being a madman, and the list of examples goes on and on.
Osama Bin Laden is to be hated, to be sure.
But he is not hated because he is a coward.
He is a well-organized ideologue who hates the United States of America.
Okay, right there.
Hates our freedoms.
Hates our liberties.
Right there.
Hates the wealth that people are not having.
Thank you.
So, now I've noticed they were bashing bin Laden a while back, but the Saudis came out and complained.
And his half-brother's been on TV and wouldn't say bad things about him.
The head ambassador from Saudi Arabia, Bandar, Larry King Live, wouldn't talk bad about him.
So now all our officials are talking about how much courage he has.
I mean, this is really sick.
Well, the whole argument that martial law means safety...
Is, you know, defeated by the common sense psychology because the police state makes people aware of the fact that they are a target and so it makes them not feel safe but nervous as it is supposed to.
And that in, you know, in that state of mental weakness the people are more apt to give up their rights without any kind of dissent.
But Frank said his first thought was Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda.
Well, yeah, they should have known that because in July 2001 at the American hospital in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Bin Laden said that there was going to be a massive attack on America in the upcoming months.
And the CIA were there meeting with him, discussing it.
And then on top of it, you have before 9-11, the BBC and other publications, reporting that British ambassadors were in Pakistan-Afghan border and saw US troops guarding bin Laden.
That was in major papers, folks.
That was just a year or two after he'd helped attack the Serbs for the globalists.
And then on top of that...
We have 44,000 U.S.
troops, 18,000 British troops, mashing in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, about to invade Afghanistan.
This is all totally staged.
And regarding the Marshall Law Point, if you go back to Brzezinski's book, I believe it was in 1998, The Grand Chessboard,
He said directly that an expansion of empire abroad would not be supported unless the people at home were under the illusion of a threat directed towards them.
And so, I mean, that's what Franks is saying.
And he said a large Pearl Harbor event would help for imperial mobilization.
Yeah, and the Project for a New American Century said the same thing in 2000.
So we have all these indicators before that this is what they needed, this is what they wanted, and it's no surprise that people were aware of the fact that the World Trade Center was a target.
All right, he continues when we get back, and then we'll get to JR, JJ, Alan, and many others.
And a bunch of other key news and information.
And don't forget, PrisonPlanet.tv.
It's getting bigger and better every day.
Stay with us.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I fell into a burning ring of fire.
We're back live.
I promise we're going to go quickly to your calls as soon as we start the next hour.
Everybody be patient.
We've got a bunch of other key stuff to cover.
But continuing with this Tommy Franks propaganda, go ahead and hit it, Stephanie.
What we have hates the fact that we're blessed with natural resources.
He is a worthy adversary, and at the end of the day, he has to either be killed or captured.
Do you believe he's alive?
I do.
How close do you think you came to getting him?
That's a tough question.
People ask me that all the time because of the speculation of, well, we missed him in Tora Bora and this and that.
I'm not at all convinced that there has been a single point in time where we have had a close miss on Osama bin Laden.
I believe he is still in the area, and I don't know where.
I think the conspiratorialists who believe, well, he'll pop up here during the election run-up, I just don't believe that at all, because I think there are too many in American government just like me.
If I knew where he was, he'd be dead.
You do believe, though.
You are confident we are going to find him.
He will be captured as Saddam Hussein was captured.
Winston Churchill, during the war years, said something that rings true today.
He said, never give in.
Never, never, never, never give in to terrorism.
Well, despite all of what we see on...
Okay, again, folks, who's using terrorism?
The terrorists are going to get you.
They're going to get you.
Give your rights up.
Let us run your life.
Let us tell you what to do, or the terrorists are going to get you.
That's terrorism, and we're not giving in to the terrorists.
You're the terrorists, New World Order.
I mean, this is so classic, folks.
I mean, they say the terrorists attacked us because they hate our freedom.
Well, they're getting rid of our freedoms, so they're giving in to the terrorists, even if you believe that bin Laden did all this as the CIA said.
But now the conspiratorial view, oh, Madeleine Albright, Senator Grassley, a Republican, all these other congressmen laughing and saying we've already got him.
I was told two and a half years ago by a high-level White House individual, and I mean, if you wouldn't believe who told me this, folks.
Paul, it's all on record.
What do you say to that?
Well, I mean, the old definition of terrorism, the new one has changed to...
Well, the new definition is any action that endangers human life.
It's a violation of any federal or state law.
But when Frank said there was no point where we had a close tab on Bin Laden where we could have arrested or killed him,
I remember the article out of CNN from three or four months ago, where they actually published the satellite or UAV photos, which showed bin Laden and his entourage, and basically the UAV was directly involved.
Well, I mean, more than that, Bill Clinton, three countries tried to hand him over to him.
Then documents, and Clinton said, no, I don't want them.
Then the Taliban tried to give him bin Laden.
That's on the record.
And Sudan as well, Tritando and Bin Laden.
But, I mean, the positive thing which we can take out of this interview is that, you know, they're having to address the issues that we put out there.
I mean, our soapbox has grown to the point where they have to make a conscious effort to dismiss the possibility of a stage capture of Bin Laden.
So that in itself proves that our work is, you know, worthwhile and that we are threatening to crack the consensus paradigm of the body policy.
It's incredible, and I'm not bragging, but everybody, you heard it here first, two and a half years ago, Paul.
It was in January of 2002, and it's posted, what I said, everything, on the website.
But I wonder why this White House person told me this.
Maybe they had a few drinks?
It could be the case, but...
The fact is, I think they will capture him, whether they wait before or after the election.
They will play the same card as they played with the Saddam capture, and it will either be politically expedient for Bush or Kerry, which will advance the same agenda, that the myth that the war on terrorism is both real and a success, so all these terror alerts are just... Well, I predict this is what you'll hear.
He fought bravely.
We killed him.
Here's his body on display, and he's been frozen for two and a half years.
We'll be right back.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
So, Tommy Franks introduces martial law to us, even using the term martial law.
He said military form of government last time.
Now they're coming right out with it.
And callers and emails saying he was on The View on ABC News yesterday doing Diablo signs.
That's real nice.
Just praising the Lord in his own way.
And we've got him talking about the stage capture of Bin Laden and how that's ridiculous despite all the evidence.
But they're going to catch him.
More doublespeak.
And then he gets into how Bush never said they wanted to go into Iraq.
Oh no, Bush's own PNAC documents just say that.
And his own officials by the score.
But we've got a bunch of other news coming up, but let's get some calls out of the way, Paul.
You want to do that?
Let's talk to J.R.
and Tejas down in Texas.
Go ahead, J.R.
Hello, Alex.
Hello, sir.
Okay, as most of us probably know by now, Larry Silverstein is involved in the recent purchase of the Sears Tower in Chicago, right?
Yes, and he says that they pulled Building 7.
Yeah, and okay...
And the Deutsche Bank building, which is on the south end of the Ground Zero area, is set to be demolished this fall, as I understand.
Okay, so anyways, we have this Republican National Convention going on in Manhattan from August 30th to September 2nd.
And on CNN recently, I heard that the recently caught terrorists were saying something about
The next terrorist attack happening 60 days before the election.
Yeah, they're saying it's during a Republican convention on the 1st of September.
Okay, well, anyways, besides the Sears Tower, I think we should also focus attention on the city core tower, center tower, which is that aluminum tower in Midtown Manhattan that's just behind the Chrysler building that has that giant ramp on the top, the roof.
I'm not sure if...
You know which one I'm talking about?
Yeah, I'm familiar with it.
Okay, yeah.
Anyways, if you look at the bottom of that tower, it's designed in a really weird way.
It's basically standing on four giant stilts.
Is that the one with the church under it?
Yeah, that's it.
That's the one.
So anyways, if you look at pictures of the bottom of the church area and the plaza underneath, you'll notice that the building is surrounded by two streets, and it's got these stairs there where basically anybody with a truck pump
Just drive right up to one of the main support columns.
And they're saying truck bombs and real credible threats, four years old, and I don't put it past the globalists carrying an attack out.
Paul Watson?
Well, no, we know that the Sears Tower was a target on September 11, because at the time we had reports that, you know, eight, nine planes had been hijacked and had gone missing.
And then I think it was 911 hours after the Spain-Madrid bombing, the train bombing happened,
Many people speculated that the Sears Tower was a target, and on that very day, the news came out that a Dirty Bomb plot, thank God, had been foiled.
But, you know, that clarifies that it was a target.
But with the Republican Convention, as Nicola mentioned,
As was the case when Bush visited Britain back in November.
We had the terrorist attack on the HSBC bank in Turkey.
I believe you'll see some kind of similar attack on foreign shores which will boost the rhetoric of Bush to protect us from the terrorists.
And of course the Madrid bombing was 911 days after 9-11 and it was on 3-11.
Yeah, that's the case.
And so the Republican Convention will need some kind of... Obviously, you know, the Democratic-Republican Conventions are both controlled by the same people, skull and bones, and so... But this is all a theater, a platform to scare us into submission.
Yeah, and the platform they will use during the Republican Convention later this month will be, I believe, an attack in a foreign country, as was the case back in November when Bush visited Britain.
I just want to mention a couple of quick things here.
The main owners of the Citicorp Tower are Mort Zuckerman and Eric Kadar.
I don't know if you know about those guys.
Very suspicious, though.
Mort Zuckerman owns U.S.
News, NY Daily News, World Report, Boston Properties, and Eric Kadar and his father own Allied Partners, Israeli Phoenix Insurance Company.
So, very suspicious characters.
I would definitely pay a lot of attention to that tower.
Well said.
We'll be right back with more calls.
Stay with us.
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We're here, telling it like it is.
Covering the news that really affects you and your family.
I'm sorry, we're not experts on Britney Spears or Michael Jackson.
We're experts on the geopolitical landscape of who controls our planet and who wants even greater control.
Paul Watson, continuing with people's phone calls, and I want to go quick here because we've got a lot of news we've got to get to.
Let's talk to JJ in Florida.
Thanks for holding it on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
Thank you.
I'm a recent member of the John Birch Society, and we're fighting a battle with the Free Trade Area of the Americas, which we believe is...
Pretty much going to turn us into the European Union.
Well, it is the European Union, and it's on track for next year, and just like the average European didn't know what the EU was until it was fully enforced, it's the same thing here.
A Pan-American Union, no borders, being brought down to third world status.
We're fighting our congressmen.
We feel that the Congress is the key to stopping them, but we have problems with our congressmen down here.
And I recently got a letter from Dave Weldon, our local congressman here in the Melbourne area, stating how he's pretty much for the FTAA.
But I also sent him information on the immigration issue with the borders.
And I got a letter today.
I was wondering if I could quickly read it to you.
It's, Dear Mr. and My Name, Knowing of your concern about immigration, I would like to update you
On actions I have taken over the past few months concerning immigration in the Congress.
On June 18, 2004, I voted to approve the FY 2005 Department of Homeland Security DHS Appropriations Act.
This legislation provides $9.6 billion for border protection and recent activities, an increase of $630 million from last year.
This legislation includes $340 million to track illegal immigrants who either
I'm sorry, who enter the U.S.
as well as funding for detention alternatives like electronic monitoring.
Let me stop you.
Rather than read those lies, why don't we just talk about the facts?
Let's do that.
Bush paid to have biometrics put in on the borders.
But there's a waiver for any Latin Americans.
They don't have to do it.
Oh, see, it's just for the foreigners, but oh, the foreigners don't have to.
Meanwhile, almost all the states, down to two now that don't, have put in biometrics to get a driver's license, and biometrics are going into the airports, they're going in to leave the country, to come into the country, unless you're from Latin America.
Do you remember a few months ago when Bush came out and said, oh, I'm doing a waiver where people from Mexico or Latin America don't have to biometrically do this?
That was January 7th, I believe, when he did that proposal.
And Bush has his so-called amnesty deal, which then he says isn't an amnesty, the biggest amnesty ever.
And so just reading that propaganda, I mean, you can read more of it if you want.
Oh, no, no.
I was just trying to educate those listeners that may be listening here in Florida that
To watch their congressmen, this is ridiculous what they're doing.
And I also wanted to ask you what your views are.
We have the Senate race coming up here at the end of this month, the primaries.
And we recently met with Larry Klayman, who is, I believe, the founder of Judicial Watch.
The problem, he wants to get us out of the U.N., which I'm definitely for.
But I still worry about it.
Well, I'm sure Larry Klayman is going to be better than the other candidates.
Oh, I hope so.
But the thing I worry about is his views on the war in Iraq, and we're concerned that he may be another Ashcroft the way he was, because he was pretty pro-Constitution up until... Yeah, Ashcroft gave speeches about how bad national ID cards are and how bad the TIPS program is under Clinton, and then all of a sudden he loves it all.
It's incredible.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, Larry Kleinman, though, I mean, he's done a lot of good work.
He's got to be better than the other people in there.
If you even have an election.
I mean, the electronic voting machines.
Well, yeah, the caller mentioned the border and the airport controls, and an example of this, an example of the fact about how these measures are not aimed against, you know, foreigners or Arabs is in the London Telegraph today, whereby they're saying that the new passport photographs for the biometric passport, which is due to be introduced in Europe in 2005... You're not allowed to smile.
Well, no, you're not allowed to smile, but you're not allowed to have long hair which obscures your face, but that doesn't include turbans or religious headdress, so that again proves that...
This isn't aimed against ethnic minorities.
It's aimed against everybody.
So the lie that this is just aimed at Arabs and we can ignore it, again, is defeated by that fact that they're allowing these turban headdresses.
Well, again, then they have this UN agreement for the whole world to have the same biometric passports, and, oh, you'll have to have it to come to our country.
The problem is for us to leave, we've got to have that too, and then our own states have put it in.
Yeah, and you'll have to eye scan, retina scan, hand scan, whatever.
And with the free trade area of the Americas, it'll be the same as the European Union.
You will have a European FTAA health card, an ID card, driver's license.
And if folks deny that, we're already starting to merge our social security system with Mexico and Canada.
Yeah, and then on a policy level, as has happened in Britain, the FTAA will make laws on things such as fishing and farming rights, whereby those industries will be crippled because the FTAA will say that salmon are endangered or cod are endangered, so you can't fish for them.
Also, they will say what hate speech is, and the arrests have already started in the US and in Europe for people that read Bible passages.
I have another mainstream article today about that.
Yes, Sweden and Canada have already passed bills whereby collating passages from the Bible which criticize homosexuality is illegal and people have been arrested and so... Now, again, for those that deny this and say, well, then don't be mean to these people...
The point is, they're already putting peace protesters in cages, inside cages, under train stations, aiming machine guns at them.
You fools!
You liberal fools!
If you take a conservative's right, you're going to lose your rights too!
It's America!
It's called free speech!
Oh, but you don't have the right to hurt someone's feelings, Paul.
Well, no.
The homosexual movement preaches tolerance, and yet they can't tolerate any criticism against them.
And so, in the end, it affects everyone's rights, because it basically abolishes free speech on either side of the equation.
So that's what people need to realize.
Let's talk to Alan in Tennessee.
Alan, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
Go ahead.
This is Wheatgrass Alan here in Texas.
All right.
Not Tennessee.
No, not Tennessee.
Yeah, and I went down to the city council fiasco yesterday over this, what I call a free speech issue in Austin.
Yeah, they're getting rid of access free speech.
Now, both papers admit it, and did you see how viciously the Chronicle attacked me?
Well, yeah, but they're talking like this is an issue of quality music presentation in Austin.
And I was, I mean, I, unfortunately, and I want to let everybody know we need some more people on the bandwagon here.
We had a couple producers talk, a couple of board people talk, and I was the only citizen.
Let me make this clear.
Our meeting last week, over 150 showed up.
A bunch showed up the other night.
I just can't be at every meeting.
And they claimed they weren't going to do this yesterday, but of course they lied, and they did.
Well, what they did was they pretended that they were hearing people, that they were understanding, that it didn't matter which way they decided on this smaller issue yesterday, where this little bit of money goes, but it was...
Definitely a point at the direction that they are headed, whether they are going to go with the people who are for free speech and unhindered media, or whether they are going to go a direction that indicates they are moving in favor of a corporate takeover of those stations.
Well, I mean, the Chronicle came right out and said it's sick of seeing me on TV and wants it taken over.
Well, we...
But, you know, they don't really have the right to say, you know, who is on TV when we have free airwaves like this.
Well, I mean, they're fools.
I've won Best TV Show in their own newspaper poll.
Well, I told them, as you heard me say the other night, that the FCC agreed only to allow television stations to have airspace if they agree to have a certain amount of time allocated to the
Unhindered gathering.
They never did that with broadcast, but they did do it with transmission down cable lines.
Now they're trying to get rid of that, and they kept saying none of this was happening, and then now it's in both newspapers they're admitting it.
Well, after we talked, I went outside to smoke my pipe, and I was attacked like flies on rotten meat by this, what's her name, Connie Werdlinger from the music partners, this Time Warner group.
And some other fellow, I thought he was going to beat me up or something, Alex.
Well, you were a really nice, friendly fellow.
What did they say to you?
He was just pacing back and forth and back and forth.
You people shouldn't be up there talking about this stuff if you don't know what you're talking about and if you don't have all the information.
That's what they keep saying.
You shouldn't even be talking.
Let us take your channels over.
We're not taking them over.
When it's in the paper, they're taking them over.
Well, then she started talking to me, this Connie Wardlinger, all dressed up and made up.
She came up and she started saying,
Now, all we're doing is trying to improve the quality of music.
And I asked her, I said, well, why?
Are you interested in doing that?
You have 100 channels that you can use out there to do that.
Why do you want this lower, you know, on the cable box, this lower number?
Again, they want to take over our free speech channels and put their garbage on it and not let us on, and they tell us not to get angry about it.
Well, she made it sound real sweet, real glossed over, real financially responsible, and then I said, well, look, here's what bothers me.
I think so.
Oh, well, we would have to have a meeting about that.
There would have to be some decisions made.
No, they've openly said there's no free speech.
It's all over, folks.
The board members have said this on TV.
And then when we complain, they go, look, it's this incredible propaganda, just like the Patriot Act, where they go, there is no Patriot Act, too.
Well, here's the bill.
No, there is no bill for the National Draft.
Oh, really?
Here's 12 of them.
Here's a bunch of senators calling for it.
Well, we need the people, not to assume that there are a thousand people down there representing you if you believe in free speech, that you need to show up and have your voices heard.
So, so, man, I tell you.
Anything else?
Well, if anybody wants to write letters to the mayor, I'd be happy to give his address out.
We'll come back and talk about it.
Stay there.
It's really sick.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
By the way, if you want to send emails to the Chronicle, and they do publish a lot of letters to the editor, just break it down.
Tom Warner is taking over a City Channel 15, pushing Austin Music Network over to Axis Television, and then the board and others admit they're going to regulate speech.
Everybody needs to go to austinchronicle.com forward slash postmarks.
Again, austinchronicle.com forward slash postmarks.
And tell them, shame on you for coming out against free speech in Austin.
Shame on you for demonizing people and calling it a conspiracy.
Then when your paper goes on to admit, they're going to try to control the channels and what's on them.
And take our channels.
So, austinchronicle.com forward slash postmarks.
I wanted to read one of the emails.
Tolls without booths.
Dear editor, from what I've heard so far, the toll roads might not even have booths.
Yeah, it's going to be a transponder.
And it says, the roads might not even have booths.
They will sell yearly passes in the form of electronic badges that are attached to your car, which will be detected when you get on the road.
So, this pretty much means that it will mainly be Austinites who are going to be paying for the roads.
Again, what about visitors to the city?
What is there is a wreck on the access road.
No one will be able to take the toll road because they don't have the pass.
Someone tell me this isn't true.
Now, let's admit it.
And no, one of the toll roads will be a booth, and that's where you can pay.
But the others will be transponders, and then you're tracked and traced with those.
Just a side issue of the hellish stuff we're under here in Austin.
Nine major roads, all to be toll roads to go anywhere in Austin.
With transponder tracker chips in your windshield.
Dozens of other cities have done this that I've been to and seen.
Side issue, but real quick, Alex, because I'm going to go back to Paul Watson.
I just want to invite everyone to help us hammer the Austin City Council at www.ci.austin.techs.us.
That's CI.
Or just type City of Austin official website into Google and go to their website, call different numbers, call people, and they admit.
Take over the channels, take over free speech, and the paper, both papers and Time Warner's website, News 8, have all said this, but still...
What's incredible about the Chronicle is they call it access of evil, call it a conspiracy, but then admit they're taking over the channels, and then call me cuss words.
I mean, can you believe the Chronicle is cussing at me?
Yeah, and we can help, and I just don't want anybody to think that they cannot have an effect.
No matter where you are...
You can join this battle.
This is maybe one small battle.
Well, Alan, the reason this is happening, they are afraid they're not going to get this through.
That's why they were yelling at you.
Well, they need the people down there, just like we had at the Patriot Act.
And I don't care if you're gays with guns against the New World Order, or if you're pro-abortionists who want to abort Bush, whoever you are, whatever your moral standing may be, we're all together on this.
And we need you at those meetings.
And I'm sure Alex will give you that meeting information again before the show's out.
Yeah, thanks for the call.
And look, I'm just going to take two or three more calls in the other seconds.
I've got to go through the news with Paul.
He's got a wealth of stuff to talk about.
But Paul comments about this.
I mean, this is just classic doublespeak where they say they're taking over, we complain, and they go, you're crazy, we're not.
I mean, this is what government does now.
Well, as you mentioned, you see the desperation.
Go ahead.
Basically, you're holding up a mirror to them, and we're seeing reflected back the desperation because...
They know that we're taking over the media, not just on the internet.
I mean, in Britain we've never had anything like access television, and so it is a platform for free speech issues, and it's a focal point for grassroots activism, and that's what they're afraid of.
I mean, the lie that they merely seek to expand the music genre in Austin...
Well, this is the first access station in the country.
It was invented here.
If you want a music show, you can go do music.
There's no censorship.
This is taking our channels, and they openly say,
So this is the new psychological warfare, where they deny what they're doing to you.
Well, they do that all the time, but the positive aspect is that they're having to push the agenda because they're afraid of the groundwork that you've already covered.
And if you just remain calm and hold up that mirror of grace towards their desperation, then everybody will see their true agenda, that they are trying to shut down free speech.
Well, I just want to add that I've been told by city officials that the editor of the Austin Chronicle and the owner of it, Lewis Black, is involved with Tom Warner and the AMP.
And I don't appreciate being cussed at in the newspaper.
AustinChronicle.com forward slash postmarch.
Email them.
I'm told that Jackie Goodman's gotten thousands of emails, city council member.
I want these guys to get thousands of emails.
And you know what?
Next step is boycotting their sponsors in this newspaper.
They want to play hardball?
We'll play hardball.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network
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By the way, what I've been talking about with Access Television, I mean, we've had guests on from Maine, Illinois, where they go and expose government corruption, and the city council openly says, we're shutting down Access TV, and they close the doors.
The oldest one in the country.
You better go get involved in AXS TV where you live.
Get a show.
Put on other people's films.
Do a show yourself.
Create your own organization.
Get hundreds of members.
I mean, this is powerful stuff.
And I'm asking every listener.
In fact, I'm looking for the Austin Chronicle phone number.
I want to give their phone number out on air.
And I'm looking here in the Chronicle, and I'm having trouble finding it.
I know the phone lines are loaded so folks can't call in with it.
Stephanie, will you call information for the Austin Chronicle?
Call and get me their phone number, my dear.
You just do an incredible job.
She's awesome.
Answers the phones, runs the show, grabs audio clips for us.
Just incredible.
But just get me that number.
I want to give that out.
And austinchronicle.com forward slash postmarks.
Go to that section.
That's where you can email them for letters to the editor.
And stand up against them.
Because, you know, they're sneaking around involving all this stuff, too, from what I've been told by good sources.
And you heard Alan, who's a friend of mine, been a sponsor on this network off and on, a really nice, well-mannered gentleman, successful businessman.
And he goes to the meeting and he's outside talking to the people, these Head Time Warner people, and they come over and get in his face and go, well, yeah, we will be controlling things.
Folks, it's in both the articles that they're going to get rid of our speech and relegate us to one of three channels and then control that speech and board members and set it on TV and then we point it out and they say, we're not taking your speech, we're just taking your speech.
I'll tell you what, Stephanie, call and test that number first.
I want to make sure it's the right number.
Well, I think we need to talk about the new Bushism which took place yesterday.
You know, whether it was a slip-up or a Freudian slip-up is very interesting to analyze.
Okay, Stephanie's going to give me the number for the Austin Chronicle right now.
I want you to be calm, respectful, no profanities like they used against me.
This is incredible.
I've never seen this before.
I don't know.
The editor has taken out full-page deals and attacked me in the past, but not with profanities.
This new thing by this writer is just incredible.
And, Stephanie, we know it's 512.
All right, now, that's 512-454-5766.
I want, when I get off the air, folks, I want that phone number to be busy.
I want it busy tomorrow.
I want you to put it on the refrigerator and call it on Monday.
And I want you to call the city council as well.
All over the country, folks.
And go, what conspiracy?
Your own article says you want him to take over the channel so you don't have to see Alex Jones.
I mean, it's incredible.
How dare them try to go after this Austin institution?
And I know.
Probably 20 of these big advertisers.
I know the owners of these companies.
And I tell you, I want a retraction.
Or I am going to boycott you guys, and I'm going to go to all those owners and all those people, and I'm going to make sure we boycott you.
I'm not playing games!
I am sick of this!
Paul, go ahead.
Any more comments?
Well, I mean, the question is, why are they targeting you?
Because obviously television, even local television, is at least 100 times more powerful than even the internet.
And on the flip side of the equation, talk about television brainwashing with this new brainwashing movie, The Manchurian Candidate.
I mean, it is the hypnotist in the corner of the room, and if we take it over, then the power that we will have is just infinite.
Look, they tried to shut it down in 86.
They tried to shut it down in 98.
You know why?
Because they did a local Nielsen rating.
It was in the paper.
And guess whose show was number three?
They did a cable rating, man.
They don't publish these anymore.
Guess whose show was number three in the city?
Well, I guess it was yours.
That's right.
And again, in their own reader's poll, which is normally UT football game winning best TV show, Austin City Limits national show here locally, that's what wins in reader's poll.
I win.
Again, and then the paper attacks me and says, well, we want this to happen because we don't want to see Alex Jones on the channels.
You don't want to see me on the channels?
Oh, but I'm a conspiracy theorist?
You don't want my free speech?
If you take a wider perspective, ask why China tried to get in 90% televisions in every home in China.
Doctors have published papers talking about how advertising agencies will take things like research from Alcoholics Anonymous.
Thank you.
Give up even a tiny slice of it.
Exactly, exactly, exactly, exactly.
It could create a wave which would take over the entire national system, and so that's why they need to defeat this kind of thing.
It's why they're buying up all the radio stations.
They don't want us to be able to fight back as stuff gets worse and worse.
And again, I've never said anything bad about the Chronicle, but the last three, four years I've been attacked savagely over and over again by them.
Because they hate it that we've got a voice and that people are getting involved and they're sick and tired of all the support I get.
And why is that?
Well, and just as television is a focal point for enslavement, as is the case with this method that they use for keeping alcoholics, then if it's a focal point for grassroots activism, then that can only grow over time.
And so they need to nip it in the bud immediately to prevent any kind of widespread use of television, which is more powerful than even the Internet at the moment.
Well, I'm going to send an email to the Chronicle, and I hope you will, Paul.
And I hope that as a watcher in England, being able to watch the weekly TV show we put on the web, I hope everybody, I hope people in Germany will email them, I hope people in Switzerland, I hope people in Mexico, I hope people in Canada, do not put up with this.
And again, get in there, take over the access station in your area before they shut it down.
Do some good!
Fight the New World Order!
Did you hear me read the article parts of it earlier?
I mean, it's just... I've never been attacked like this by any newspaper, folks.
Not even the New York Times, which savaged me.
Savaged me.
Just... These people are really stupid, too.
I've got the best media lawyer in Central Texas.
And I don't ever talk about how I've used them if I have to.
I just... You know what?
But when they've attacked me in the past, I've ignored it.
When they start attacking an institution...
That has defeated the Patriot Act in Austin, that has defeated gun bills, the legislature.
See, they can't have that because the state capitals here, folks, we have defeated probably ten bills.
No, no, one year it was ten bills alone, or nine bills they had.
We defeated, I don't know, dozens and dozens of bills.
We've done so much because we're able to interface and get together.
All right, I'm going to give each caller about a minute, okay, because I've got news here, and I love you guys and girls, but we've just got to get to everybody.
Evan in Connecticut, up there in Skull and Bones country.
Go ahead, Evan.
Hi, Alex.
I wanted to talk about this new company.
I don't know if you've seen them.
They're called DHL.
Yeah, a shipping company.
I looked into their company because I was interested in seeing all these trucks driving around, and they're actually owned by Deutsche Post.
Which is the privatized German post office, which also owns a very large bank in Germany.
By the way, the Dutch just bought the federal bank over the Midwest with the farmers and is starting to call in the loans.
And I found a whole lot of articles where they're doing this, where they're privatizing post offices, and then the post offices are going to try and merge together.
And I work for the post office, so I find this a little...
A little problematic.
Well, it's just like what's happening to AXS TV.
When you hear privatization, you think free market.
Privatization is not taking something we've paid taxes to build and then giving it basically for free to some corporation that then doubles prices.
And they do it with water.
They do it everywhere.
And then merging together multiple countries into one post office system, that can only be bad.
The majority, I don't have the numbers in front of me, but we've covered this many times, the majority of water districts have been privatized and sold, and the majority of those have been sold to German, French, Dutch, English, Japanese, Saudi Arabian, on and on.
Yep, that's amazing, Alex.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, and they come into a city and give a few campaign contributions to the people on the city council, and suddenly they've decided to give you the water district and let you have all the profits and manage it.
How does that sound?
Sounds great.
Yeah, yeah, that's not privatization.
It's like Channel 15 that Time Warner's going to be giving.
It's worth $5 million, the channel alone, for free, Paul!
Well, you'll find it is no surprise that the exact same process is taking place in Britain whereby they abolish the normal service of post and mail and then they privatise it into different corporations which are wholly owned and funded by the Blair government and so...
I mean, again, it's under the illusion of free market, but it's concentration of power to intercept and route through your mail.
And so, I mean, that's the agenda that they're trying to run through in America and Britain.
And then prices explode.
It's not free market.
It's the opposite.
It's corporate raiding.
Let's talk to, up next, I guess, is Ron in New York.
Ron, go ahead.
The other...
Jenna Davis the other night, Alex, I thought she was giving out this misinformation.
The Israeli bomb... Two Israeli bomb experts said that the truck bomb was made so correctly that it could have done that to the building at the configuration that it came down.
Yeah, knockout pillars farther away from the truck than those that weren't knocked down and lamppost threat decided that weren't knocked down.
The general, the military general said that not so at all.
There had to be bombs inside the building and other people said... General Burton K. Parton, the seismographs, all of it.
And also that...
One caller said the ATF was parked down the street before the event and during it, and that some workers were called.
Well, we have video of the police admitting it in Rotterdam.
Yeah, she said here, she said that no, I don't think that they didn't show up for work because they were tipped off.
Then in 1993, one caller brought up that the Trade Center...
It was done with the cooperation of the FBI working with an informer.
She said the FBI was working with the informer, but they didn't believe it was going to go down, so it was just pure incompetence.
I felt that she gave... Well, here's the deal.
I'm going to get Jaina Davis on, and she'll come on.
I think she's done some good work.
I haven't read her new book yet, but you can see what really happened in Road to Tyranny.
Yeah, she just changed her story.
I used to have a lot of respect for her before I ever heard her before.
But on these issues, she seemed like she was taking the other side.
And all night long, she kept mentioning Al-Qaeda with Saddam Hussein in every sentence.
Okay, thanks for the call.
Yeah, we're going to know.
I actually stayed up late and listened to about an hour of that.
Yeah, it was interesting.
I've got my order of calls all messed up, Stephanie.
Who's up next here?
Who should I go to next, Stephanie?
Go ahead.
Chris in Kansas.
You're on the air.
And then we'll go to Michael in Hawaii and others.
Go ahead, Chris.
Yeah, I got two quick questions for you.
I would like to know the name and group of the song that you play when you come back from commercials about Renegades.
That's Steve Vosch, and the song's called Renegades.
And my other question was, I saw a clip of you getting arrested, getting a driver's license, fingerprint scan.
Were you able to get a driver's license without submitting the scan?
No, that was back in 97.
At the end of the film, America Destroyed by Design.
Riveting footage.
Okay, so you were not able to.
But I went ahead and went and got one and submitted to it because I have to be able to fight the system from within it.
Okay, thank you.
Thank you, my friend.
Let's go ahead and let's go to Michael in Hawaii.
Michael, thanks for holding her on the air.
Yeah, aloha.
I just want to let you know that real quick, I went to Dallas on a three week vacation and talked to a lot of people about your InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv and spread the word there.
Two quick questions for you.
One, do you have a backup plan if you're thrown off?
If they go ahead and take over the cable access channel, do you have a backup plan on being able to do a TV broadcast?
You know, I think we've had enough success.
If they'll sell us time on a channel, it'll be very expensive.
Yes, I'm going to pay and get sponsors.
And then, of course, they won't let me buy the time.
They'll have to sue them.
I'm going to go pay to be on cable.
Okay, second question real quick.
Were you aware, and Paul, I'd like him to comment, too, that on worldaffairsbrief.com, it must have just come up within the last couple of hours that supposedly an American general has been captured by the Iraqi resistance?
Have you seen that, or are you all aware of that story?
Paul, have you heard of this?
I'm not aware of it, as of this point, no.
Okay, World Affairs briefed... Yeah, I know, Joel Skalson.
Yeah, and it's a really short blurb on there, so it must have just happened within the last few hours.
That would be very interesting.
That would be horrible.
No, it's the fourth time.
Fourth time.
I mean, they're complaining about it because most of the people that they capture are nothing to do with any kind of occupation, and so that gives us a clue as to who's really behind these beheadings and captures.
All right, thanks for the call.
Let's go ahead and do the Bushism clip.
Do the one with Kerry saying we're going to double our terrorist forces, and then the one with Bush yesterday saying Al-Qaeda attacks our people and tries to hurt them, and we do too.
Go ahead and hit that for us, Stephanie.
We will double our special forces to conduct terrorist attacks.
They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people and neither do we.
Paul, what do you think of them apples?
I mean, it's just part of a catalogue of these.
Well, yeah, that's a very good edit, and I think I'll record that and get it up on the website.
But, I mean, obviously, it's just a very long line of Freudian slip-ups, as they're more likely to be.
I mean, Bush has said things like this in the past, we know, and we've got a list of them posted on the website today.
Another one which was, I think it's London Guardian have put together a kind of quiz of Bushisms where you have to guess whether they are true or false and it's ten Bushisms and obviously they're all true.
Another one was, there's no doubt in my mind that we should allow the world's worst leaders to hold America hostage.
I mean, there are numerous examples.
Well, it's like when he said things would be a heck of a lot easier if this was a dictatorship, so long as I'm the dictator.
Then he claimed that was a screw-up.
How do you say two sentences perfectly strung together and it's an accident?
Well, he claimed that he saw the first plane flying into the North Tower of the World Trade Center was an accidental slip-up, but he said it twice on two separate public occasions, weeks and months apart.
And so, I mean, do people make genuine mistakes and slip up from time to time?
Well, obviously they do, but when...
Well, then we have him saying press conferences are staged twice, and they cut that out.
Yeah, and any kind of thing that isn't scripted, he cannot answer any kind of question that's not scripted.
Sounds like freedom to me.
We'll be back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
You've asked for them and now they're here.
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I think so too.
We're good to go.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
My friends, we have simultaneously shut down the phone lines of three or four police agencies in Kentucky at one time with dozens of people answering the phones.
I just called the Chronicle and got right through it.
I want everybody to call this phone number.
When the show ends here in a few minutes, 512-454-5766, and tell them shame on them for their horrible, abusive, profane article viciously attacking me and free speech in Austin and saying, oh yeah, they want this takeover to happen so they don't have to see me on the channels.
That means your free speech, folks.
Wherever you live in the country.
Or you can simply email them at austinchronicle.com forward slash postmarks.
Go to that page and you can link through and email them.
And be nice to them.
Don't act like they do.
Be polite.
But tell them, you know, the statesman admits, the statesman had a pretty fair article, admitting the takeover of the channels, and that it had a problem with the charter and could do something to free speech.
But no, not the liberal loving chronicle.
Yeah, corporate twits.
512-454-5766, call them.
Paul Watson, here at the end of the show, just a few other news items, and then tell folks about prisonplanet.tv, please.
Well, we're set to put a whole bunch of new videos up there.
We've got your weekly reports from the last week already up there.
The audio interviews from this week are about to go up, and it's only $5.95 a month, $54.95 a year, and it supports us for our activities on the free section where we can spread the information to the wider population.
Which costs us some months $5,000 a month, so we have to do this support thing, plus you get privileged exclusive access to the TV reports, the audio reports, both our books, all my videos, other great videos.
Yeah, I mean, $5.95 a month.
Most people spend more than that on coffee in a week.
Are you kidding?
I spend that in two days on coffee.
If you pay that, then you know that it's going towards a good cause, and it allows us to expand our soapbox to challenge the kind of conceptions that are out there.
I mean, we've had success in doing that, as we covered earlier with Tommy Franks and others before, and like C-SPAN mentioning the stage capture of Bin Laden.
So our soapbox has grown to that level where we can influence and cause the mainstream media to react to what we're saying.
And all the glory goes to God.
I'm so thankful.
Paul, there's so much other news here.
Final key points you want to make with all the news.
Well, I mean, the mindset of denial.
You had one or two callers earlier who were talking about how they presented the information to people, but the reaction wasn't one of denial and cowardice.
And I mean, we run into the same thing.
For example, I was talking to somebody about how sex education in schools is being geared towards children at younger and younger ages, but this person had an instant reaction of denial where they said, I've worked in 15 schools across the country and I've never seen this take place, so that means it doesn't exist, which is like saying, I've seen 15 horses in the country and they're all brown, so that means all horses are brown.
People have that instant denial reaction by saying this stuff isn't going on, and so if we crack that paradigm, then that denial mechanism... There is no draft bill.
There is no Patriot Act II.
They never said there were weapons of mass destruction.
There is no TIPS program, but let us in your house to search.
Yeah, so it's the old line, you know, if this was going on, then I would be in a position to know about it.
Therefore, it isn't going on.
My mind is already made up.
Paul, great job.
Have a good weekend.
You're doing a great job on prisonplanet.tv and prisonplanet.com.
Take care.
Thanks, Alex.
You bet.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight, infowars.com, prisonplanet.com.
I want you to call that phone number at the Chronicle and at the City Council over and over again throughout this week and next week.
And who knows if you're a sponsor of the Chronicle and don't like what they're trying to do with free speech.
I don't know what you should do.
It's up to you.
If you want my films or any of my information, Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or 1-888-253-3139.
But again, back to 9, 9 to midnight.
Stand up for free speech.
Stand up for America.
Have courage to face the evil globalists.