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Air Date: Aug. 3, 2004
2379 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
Welcome to this Tuesday, the 3rd of August, 2004 edition of this worldwide broadcast.
We have the president of the American Library Association coming on in the third hour.
Under the Patriot Act, they're not just getting all the records of what you read and do at the library.
They also do that at the bookstores, by the way, but the bookstores haven't complained, so most Americans don't know about it.
There's been maybe one article for every hundred about that, that there have been concerning the libraries.
But now under the Patriot Act, and I'm looking at the library associations, the National Library Association's own press release, they're getting the constitutional material, the federal laws...
And they're demanding that all of that be shredded and destroyed out of every library in the country.
We've seen past reports of them getting rid of constitutional materials, law books, out of libraries.
And we've seen them raid people who put out government documents concerning the IRS.
So, they're definitely afraid, folks.
I mean, when the government starts not wanting you to know what the laws are, you know you're dealing with big, fat tyranny.
The feds have also moved to remove this stuff off their own websites.
So you don't even know what the law is.
You're starting to figure this out, folks.
So that's coming up in the third hour.
You do not want to miss it.
In the meantime, we're going to have wide open phones and a ton of news.
Bush calls for Intelligence Director, and listeners called in yesterday wanting to know specifics of this, and I had just heard it on the radio and seen it on TV, and had one Associated Press report concerning it.
Now I have the AP, I have CNN, I have Public Radio and Reuters.
Here's CNN.
Bush calls for intelligent czar or king.
Absolute despot is the dictionary definition.
President embraces key suggestion of 9-11 commission.
They've been wanting this for years, folks.
So we'll go over that for you.
I put out a little press release yesterday along with Governor Ridge's fear-mongering from Sunday that financial institutions would be hit.
And I said, look for put options, look for currency manipulation, look for some type of economic gain for the globalists.
The dollar plunged to all-time lows.
Crude exploded to all-time total complete record highs at 44-plus dollars per barrel.
And now they're going to have the CIA take more control of the New York Stock Exchange.
Almost every director of the Stock Exchange has been a former spook of the CIA, but now they're going to make the whole thing electronic so they fully control that fraud-based system.
And it turns out, now when I heard all this Sunday, I said, you know, I've heard this before.
World Bank, IMF, New York Stock Exchange, they're the targets.
I've heard this before, that Al-Qaeda had maps of it and stuff.
And guess what?
I was right.
This is three years old.
Older than 9-11.
Some pamphlet one of their CIA people left behind as some type of fear-mongering setup three years ago.
And so you hear the headlines, see the headlines.
Oh man, the financial workers are standing firm in the face of Al-Qaeda.
Turns out it's three years old, folks.
In fact, I did a search and found articles from three years ago saying the exact same thing.
Minus orange alerts and the rest of it.
So we'll dive into all of this and more on the other side of this quick break, and then we'll take your calls.
At 1-800-259-9231.
Don't forget the websites.
Updated daily.
Prisonplanet.com and Prisonplanet.tv.
Stay with us.
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Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
Big Brother.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, well, well.
If you're joining us for the first time, and I know that every hour thousands of new people tune in on the AM and FM shortwave internet satellite.
If you're joining us for the first time, you have run smack dab, head on, into the truth.
We understand history.
We know there's a world government.
We know it's upon us.
We know it's tyrannical.
We know America is being dismantled, wrecked.
Raised, crushed, decimated, annihilated, smashed.
And we're angry about it, my friends.
And we know that the Republican and Democratic parties in this country are totally controlled.
And we have long-term memories.
We chronicle the lies and propaganda of the New World Order.
We engage in the information wars.
Using our ultimate weapon, the truth, to smash their mountains of lies.
To cut through the disinformation.
To focus in on real issues of significance that truly affect you and your family.
This broadcast is not left-wing or right-wing.
It's pro-truth, anti-lie.
I believe in the Second Amendment.
I believe in national sovereignty.
I believe in the family.
I believe in state sovereignty.
I believe in dignity and honor.
And I hate corruption.
And I hate bullies.
And serial killers and all their servants.
And I hope you'll join us.
I hope you'll have an open mind.
I hope you'll, again, read history and then look at what's happening today.
And get out of your deep, willful denial.
All right, again, Infowars.com has been updated daily for you.
Normally, PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv are, but our webmaster's been on vacation the last week.
I'm told he gets back tonight or tomorrow.
But those sites both have a political news retrospective from the last year up, a lot of the most horrifying articles and stories and Big Brother activities, so it's well worth a visit.
But Infowars.com is freshly updated for you daily.
And coming up in the third hour, I have the president of the American Library Association joining us about what the Patriot Act is doing in the libraries.
And by the way, it's not just spying on what you read.
And it's the bookstores as well.
No, it's shredding federal laws.
Shredding information on asset forfeiture.
Shredding information on constitutional law, common law.
...rulings, case law, to be destroyed.
To be removed and destroyed.
Not given away for free, not stored somewhere else.
Taken out of the stacks.
You know, most of the stuff you see in the library, that's just a small portion of the stacks.
Well, they want it out of the stacks.
Even where researchers can go.
They don't want you having access to it.
They don't want you to know what the laws are.
You go, what does that mean?
Because all the time they put people in prison for not even violating the law, folks.
Let me give you a local example.
You're late to class three times.
It's been on the news.
You're put on probation.
No judge, no jury, no trial.
They just say sign here.
People don't know their rights.
They sign there.
They're in the criminal justice system.
In about 40% of the cases, they end up going to juvenile hall.
We're talking about B-plus students who've never been in trouble.
It's that simple.
They are the criminals.
The government has gone criminal.
It's gone rogue.
It's the norm.
It's what always happens.
It is what we face 98% of the time in history.
And we've got a yuppie, know-it-all, hippie, neocon, giggling moron, junior high mentality society that laughs and says government's never been corrupt, there should be no oversight, to say government's corrupt and out of control, and engage in subterfuge is a conspiracy theory, government is God, the state is God, shut up!
There's no world government as presidents and prime ministers...
And premiers call for it.
As the Supreme Court says they're under U.N.
control, it doesn't exist.
As they announce microchips for the police and old people and criminals, it doesn't exist.
It's not happening.
As your cell phone tracks and traces and listens to you, it doesn't exist, even as it's announced federally.
As scanners that look through your walls are mounted on all the helicopters for the police departments, by the defense department, you talk about it, it's denied.
As the government moves forward to forcibly psychologically test every child, and then starting with pregnant women, then every adult, and then to forcibly put 15% of us, they say, to begin with, on antipsychotics, as it's announced, it doesn't exist.
So just keep on denying all day long.
I can't believe how hellish this is.
This is the ultimate tyranny.
I've never seen anything like it in history.
It is brand new.
It is so evil.
The good news is people are waking up as the heat gets turned up and we have just got to say no and get in government's face and just start going and attending government meetings and finding out what they're up to and researching and getting involved and educating others and saying no and adding to that
Hell no!
We're not going along with your criminal system!
And they say, fine then, Al-Qaeda's going to get you.
And we go, okay, who founded Al-Qaeda?
Let's go back to the Washington Times, Washington Post, 1986.
Bin Laden, the big hero.
Let's go to 99, 98, with the Serbs being attacked by Al-Qaeda under CIA control.
Here, let's go to the fact that our government wouldn't arrest him.
Let's go to the fact that he was flown out to safety.
Let's look at who stands to gain from all this terrorism.
Let's have long-term memories.
And by the way, you can do that.
If you can remember the sudden death overtime from some Super Bowl of ten years ago, and you can remember how the running back jumped over the lineman to secure the touchdown and how you screamed and how your eyes bulged out of your head, if you can remember Pete Rose sliding into home 20 years ago,
How can you not remember, three years ago, right before 9-11, as they introduced Al-Qaeda as the new boogeyman, Al-Qaeda's evil, look, they're tearing up Buddhist statues, they're going to get you, we've got to invade them, they're going to strike any minute, give up your freedoms when they do attack.
By the way, we've got some of their manuals that say they want to attack the IMF, the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, and the New York Stock Exchange.
And yesterday I remembered that, and today I went and looked it up, and there were the articles from three years ago.
And lo and behold, it was pointed out that these were old terror alerts, and that that's where they came from, and that Ridge is saying specific, brand new, imminent attack this week, and they knew full well it was three years old.
But just like you remember Pete Rose, and just like you remember...
Roger Stallback.
You see, I remember what went on in the world.
Because my family lives in this world.
And my country lives here.
And I'm not going to be a slave.
And so I better be informed.
And you better get informed.
Instead, we have a public, again, on average, that doesn't know who the Vice President is.
Who can't name five state capitals.
Who can't find Iraq on a map.
I mean, urban professionals can't, folks.
Who don't know how many senators there are, how many members of the House, who don't know what the legislative and the executive and the judicial is, but they've got their opinion about politics.
Oh, they sure do!
See, I'm not an elitist.
I don't have some sardonic view that you're a bunch of idiots.
I'm scared.
It freaks me out.
Because I know I'm just an average guy and I know all about it.
I know all about how government works and who operates it and what they're up to.
And I sit here in horror watching this country being dismantled.
And I'm begging you to start thinking for yourselves out there.
Because I know we've got the power to turn this around.
We've got to create a culture.
What they call a fad of loving freedom, being informed, being involved.
We need to start hanging out together, going to dinner together, going on vacation together, just going to the same clubs, everything, going to the same gyms.
I tell you, that's what's going to turn this around.
We are the biggest...
Most powerful, real subculture in America.
The government's always creating new fake subcultures to control people.
And we've got to grow our subculture into the dominant culture.
We've got to overthrow, in a counter-revolutionary fashion, the false culture they've brought in and taken over with.
I've really been thinking about how to win this.
We've got to make it fun to be a freedom fighter.
Because it is fun.
And it's exciting.
And it's cutting edge, and it's dynamic, and it's real.
Oh boy.
Listen to this.
This is the New York Times.
Reports that led to terror alert were years old, officials say.
Much of the information that led to authorities to raise the terror alert at several large financial institutions, it's been the same in every case, in the New York City and Washington areas, are three or four years old.
Intelligence and law enforcement officials said on Monday they reported that they had not yet found concrete evidence that a terrorist plot or preparatory surveillance operation were still underway.
Of course, they had to admit yesterday that the so-called white supremacist threat to the media vehicles at the Boston situation last week were fake.
That was not true.
Folks, we have a giant section on Prison Planet of fake terror alerts where they admittedly issue fake terror alerts.
That's a federal crime, by the way, to issue fake alerts.
But they're the criminals, so they're allowed to do it.
So there you have it.
Here's another one out of the Associated Press.
We'll come back and get into all of it.
Take your calls.
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Hello, Ted Anderson.
Listeners of the network are familiar with the Federal Reserve note and understand the risks of deficit spending.
Therefore, with catastrophic events, it comes as no surprise that some banks have currently placed limits on the amount of cash depositors can remove from their accounts.
A fractional reserve system means only a small portion of your deposit is held in reserve for immediate withdrawal.
Deficit spending will skyrocket through FDIC if the government is forced to insure deposits during a bank run followed by a depressed economy.
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We're good to go.
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You know, I can't help but have a chill run up my spine.
To have the hair on the back of my neck stand up.
When I think about the fact that we're inside the New World Order now, the tyranny is upon us.
It's intensifying, growing by leaps and bounds, waxing greater and greater.
And people can deny it all day.
They can, out of subconscious fear, decide to try to join it.
This system will feed on you regardless of what you do.
You've got to stand against it.
You've got to fight it, my friends.
Eric and Clayton and Margaret and Tim and everybody else, your calls are coming up in the next segment.
Let me try to focus in on the news, my friends.
I've already mentioned a lot of it, but again, reports that led to terror alert were years old, officials say, three and four years old.
And then I remember that they go, oh, it was a mistake.
Oh, it was an intelligence failure.
Oh, it was not good information.
Oh, it wasn't true.
Oh, it wasn't real.
Oh, we planted those fake letters from troops in the newspapers.
Oh, we falsified the Niger document.
Oh, we lied about the chemical weapons lab in northern Iraq.
It was a bakery.
Oh, we accidentally planted those sarin bombs, but don't worry about it.
We'll just say that in the back of the paper.
And so, but the officials, the authorities say, but even though this is four years old and three years old, still, it's a very, very serious threat.
Meanwhile, there's all these disgusting articles about, oh, financial workers, they're defiant, they're so brave, and they show men in black ski masks, black helmets, pointing machine guns at people.
We posted some photos on Infowars today that
Should be Pulitzer Prize winning photographs if they had a Pulitzer Prize for that type of journalism.
I mean, it's just a giant black officer that looks so evil with his face mask looking with just abject hatred.
He should be a Hollywood actor.
Looking down at these people and then there's this big white cop who looks even more evil shaking people down.
You've just got to go look at these photos.
Bugging their eyes out, holding their batons, grimacing at the public, us against them, and it was all fake.
It's all staged.
Why are they gearing up for this?
Because they're going to take your pension funds, they're going to take everything you've got, we're going to turn it into a third world country, it's the admitted government plan, it's public, public, public, public, public, keyword public, and when you riot and complain and scream, they're going to blow your head off, folks.
All of this rubber bullet stuff is just a training aid, training the German Shepherd attack dogs, that's what these people are, how to attack.
And training you to see the image of them attacking.
And I'm not against the police, but I'm against them being turned into ringwraiths, being turned into a Gestapo.
So financial workers defiant despite threat.
I love this article from today.
Despite the fact that they admit this is all fake, they're still financial institutions identified as targets of a terrorist plot in three cities open for business under stepped-up security and defiant words from people who said they won't be cowed by the extraordinary intelligence pointing to a potential attack.
It's extraordinary!
It's stuff I heard three, four years ago.
Al-Qaeda left a manual saying they might attack this, they might attack that.
It's new.
It's fresh.
They've got truck bombs in D.C.
They're about to kill everyone.
right now.
Oh, it's four years old.
Oh, my goodness.
So, meanwhile, meanwhile, Bush calls for intelligence, czar.
This is from CNN.
President embraces key suggestion of 9-11 Commission.
And again, the Commission said at the beginning, remember?
They said we want a domestic CIA and a Patriot Act, too.
They said that over a year ago.
And now, wow, Kerry and Bush agree.
Everyone agrees.
Oh, the Commission, independent.
Like Bush's Independent Elections Commission that says they might want to suspend things appointed by Bush, who put in electronic machines.
President Bush said Monday that he is asking Congress to create the position of a National Intelligence Director to serve as his principal advisor on countering terrorism.
It'll be over all 15 federal security and anti-terror agencies.
And it will not report to Congress, and Bush doesn't even want to report to the President.
It's going to be a new branch of government.
Yes, it will be totally independent of everything.
That's wonderful, the shadow government publicly to take over.
What is already is now emerging.
What was already in place decades ago, now go in public.
And why?
Because now they're ready to roll this puppy out and use it.
I was sent some photos from an Alabama football game where they had citizen volunteers in military uniforms searching everyone.
Oh yes, we'll talk about that too.
And your call's first when we get back.
Oh please, stay with me.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I know what's right.
I got just one life, folks, and so do you.
Welcome back.
Thank you for joining us on this Tuesday, the third day of August 2004 edition.
We're going to your calls here in just a few minutes.
Just continuing, Bush calls for Intelligence Czar, a new super agency over Bush.
All of the intelligence and security agencies outside the presidency, outside Congress, with its own funding, overseeing the country.
Now, if that's not pure 100% massive textbook dictatorship, I don't know what is.
And all of this with a backdrop...
Of financial scams, of fraud on a huge scale taking place.
You know, I said yesterday morning that look for massive financial manipulation because they said, oh, we've got financial institutions that are targets, and again, it turns out that's three, four-year-old news from some pamphlet they got from an Al-Siaida encampment.
And I said, look for the stock market to go down, but in key areas, look for government officials and people to have put in put options or bets against stock.
Look for oil to explode even further.
And that is exactly what happened.
And, of course, I didn't mention this.
I should have foreseen this.
You know, the dollar's down over 40 cents to what it was just three years ago.
And now it's plunged even further.
But let's cover this first.
Crude oil futures flirt with $44 a barrel.
Crude oil futures in New York settled minutely higher Monday, but hit a fresh all-time high just cents away from $44 a barrel as more negative developments from Russia's biggest oil producer erased market weakness on the new U.S.
terror warnings.
Russian tax authorities dealt oil giant OO Yukos another blow, saying they plan to conduct a further probe of its business activities.
And they're saying they're going to cut production, maybe even shut it off for a month or so.
Meanwhile, dollar weakens.
Al-Qaeda threatens New York Stock Exchange.
This is out of Bloomberg Financial.
The dollar fell in Europe against the Euro for the first day in a week and dropped versus the Swiss franc after the U.S.
said Al-Qaeda, admittedly a CIA organization, just publicly CIA folks, may attack the New York Stock Exchange and the International Monetary Fund.
Homeland Security Department Secretary Tom Blockhead Ridge raised the alert level for financial institutions in New York, northern New Jersey, and Washington.
The threats may cause some investors to
...reciprocate funds from the U.S., weakening the dollar, said Mutual Kanachi, head of currency strategy at Kalon in London.
It's a very specific threat to the U.S.
financial institutions.
It seems stronger than usual, said Katachi at Kalon, the investment banking unit of Credit Arcola S.A.
The terror alert will result in pressure on the dollar.
And the dollar fell even more to $1.2698 to the Swiss franc.
Oh, and plunged against the pound and the euro.
So that's happening there right now.
Just amazing to see this happening and to see people buying into this.
All right, let's go ahead and go to calls, and I'll get to all the other news.
But in case you missed it,
This is another fake terror alert.
It's three and four years old, and I remembered this when I heard it.
Wait a minute, they found some manual in some raid in Germany three years ago, and I'd forgotten about the one four years ago, and then they found something in Afghanistan two years ago about, oh, we could attack things like the Federal Reserve.
And so it's a real credible threat.
The Muslims are there right now with truck bombs.
They're going to get us any minute.
Just like they did at the First World Trade Center, Rich said.
First World Trade Center, Rich.
The FBI cooked the bomb and trained the driver.
It's admitted.
You people make me sick!
Stop raping my country, you pieces of filth!
Of course, Bush said last year a plunging dollar is good.
Remember that?
That's very good.
And exporting jobs is our greatest export.
It's very good.
It's going to get seven times worse, according to the Congressional Budget Office.
And don't worry, your new service job, your hamburger job, will be considered high-tech in the statistics.
Eric in Tennessee, then Eric in Connecticut, and Clayton and Margaret and Tim and everybody else.
Eric, go ahead.
How are you doing today, Alex?
I was the one that called yesterday.
They had the one video clip where Bush was talking about how Congress was to blame and
I got part of the clip queued up, and then I found the other part of it.
But what I was wanting to tell you about today, I don't know if you wanted me to play that today, but today on CNN they showed a map of Washington, D.C., and based on those four-year-old bombing threats, the Al-Qaeda is going to get us.
They're going to lock down more roads, more streets.
More barricades, the government bunkering in against us, the slaves.
Yep, they showed a map of the checkpoints that they're going to put up in Washington, D.C.
up until the election.
They're going to be constant checkpoints now.
And again, these are advertisements, but meanwhile, from Kansas to Florida to Texas to California, it's a seatbelt check or a driver's license check, and they pull all the cars over, search the vehicles...
At least they admit it's not for terrorism, but it's this backdrop, this atmosphere.
And now, at college football games, and they're even showing up, folks, at ice skating rinks and malls, troops, going, let me see your driver's license, as if it does anything.
It's all about training us to live under martial law.
It's really happening.
That's right.
The squeeze is on, Alex.
I was wanting to tell you something.
I've got a video clip from 1997.
Justice Department Oversight Committee hearing where there was an exchange between Senator Charles Grassley and Janet Reno concerning how a Colonel Ellis, a Special Forces Colonel Ellis, was put in second command of the FBI National Counterterrorism Task Force.
In that exchange, Senator Grassley said emphatically, not like maybe this happened, he said,
He told General Reno, when you got the military involved in Waco and at Ruby Ridge, it violated those Americans' civil liberties and the Constitution, and it violated posse comitatus.
And also, he quoted a memo from the Undersecretary of the Army that Attorney General Reno, an assistant Attorney General at Grolick that was on the 9-11 Commission,
Well, Eric, do me a favor.
Will you mail me that C-SPAN clip?
Yeah, I sure will.
Promise me you will.
I sure will, sir.
And will you mark it clearly?
I remember when that happened.
We got the Delta Force memos where they were ordered to go in and kill them.
And then there's this debate if it really happened when we have the flare footage of them doing it.
And they said, oh, no, that's not machine guns going off.
I mean, it's a joke.
But good points, Eric.
I appreciate the call.
Toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
Eric in Connecticut.
Go ahead, sir.
Greetings, Alex, from Devil Worshiping Country.
Christian Conservative Skull and Bones Country.
Oh, I forgot.
DJ O'Rourke had a great saying.
Giving money and power to government is like giving whiskey and car keys to teenage boys.
That's a good one.
I thought so.
You know, with all the news about policemen and paramilitarism, these cops wearing their little ninja outfits banging down doors without warrants, there's an excellent briefing paper
That's put out by the Cato Institute, and it's a briefing paper 50, and the title of it is The Alarming Rise of Paramilitarism in American Police Departments.
And I will have that briefing paper tonight at the public hearing regarding the National Guard in town getting in together.
Now, you did send me that mainstream news article.
The link went dead.
You sent me a PDF file.
Will you send that to tips at InfoWars.com?
Again, I want to post that.
But for those that just joined us, explain what's happening in your town.
Tell folks.
Well, Alex, this is the deal.
What the town wants to do is they want to form a partnership with the National Guard.
National Guard is getting a state grant to build a military police unit.
In my town.
Well, the first selectman of my town, Wayne Frazier, he wants to form a partnership, basically cross-training, sharing facilities, sharing cells, basically going into a complete partnership with the National Guard.
And you sent me the article, and I have it.
And folks, this is happening nationwide, quietly.
That's why you go to the football game.
And there's troops there searching your backs.
Look, they had troops, it's in my film Road to Tyranny, in 1988-89, raiding gun dealers' homes.
I mean, this has been going on forever, illegally, quietly, creating the cadres, and now it's going public.
Well, Alex, there's a lot of opposition rising across the town to this plan.
And there are people who sing, and I agree, that it is out and out illegal.
Let me tell you what happened in Austin.
Again, my cousin's involved in this.
18 years overseas or at Fort Bragg.
Now for a year and a half, he's been at Bergstrom, former military base, Air Force Base, now our airport.
And about a third of the airport's still military-controlled, and he's there merging the APD with the National Guard and the regular Army, and he admits every night they're out surveilling Austin has nothing to do with terrorism.
And that's what they also want to do, and I'm going to mention this tonight, and I don't think a lot of people know about this, Alex.
They want to put surveillance cameras basically all over town.
Yeah, the military comes into your town, puts up cameras, troops patrol, has nothing to do with terror.
They're going to search your car.
They're going to run your life.
They're going to round you up when it comes time and put you on buses and ship you to a FEMA camp.
Now, folks, I told you there would be troops on the streets eight, nine years ago.
You laughed at me.
I said they'd use terror to do it, and now it's happening, and you can watch it happen or you can fight it.
Well, we're going to fight it tonight, Alex, and I'm going to be getting news out about your website, about your videos, and also this report online.
By the Cato Institute Briefing Paper 50, and it goes into all the details.
Email that to me, too, and I'll post both of them, okay?
Okay, I'll just hold it.
And listen, do you have a video camera?
You ought to videotape this.
If I get a chance, I will.
Okay, because I work nights, and it's going to be something for me to get there, but if I can bring my video camera, I will tape it.
Yeah, just set up a tripod.
This whole thing stinks, Alex, and I'll tell you something.
I don't like it one bit.
Well, are people figuring out that this is like Red Dawn or something?
I think a lot of people are getting wise.
Good to hear from you.
Thanks, Alex.
Take care, my friend.
Yeah, he sent me that article and it was up for a day and the link went dead.
It went to subscription on that local newspaper website, but he did send me the PDF file.
I never posted it, but now I can't find it.
I'll post it.
Send it again, brother.
Let's talk to Margaret.
No, no, no.
Clayton's up next.
Clayton in Missouri, then Margaret.
Go ahead, Clayton.
Yes, Clayton.
You're on the air, sir.
All right.
Clayton's not there.
Margaret in Illinois.
Margaret, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, ma'am.
It's good to hear your voice.
I have bad news.
They took your program off our WINI radio station, and they also put on a man named Tom Hartman.
Are you familiar with him?
Well, you know, W-I-N-I, I've been off and on that station for like four years, and they'll have me on during the day, have me on at night, take me on, put me off, and they're a great station, and so what did they put on in place of me?
Well, you'll have to hear a take to believe it.
This man is promoting the New World Order religion, the Maitreya.
He plays an ad...
At 10 till 11, until 12, and it's this woman in a sweet soft voice, and she says, we must share the wealth of the world to bring peace through the enlightened teachers, led by the world teacher, Maitreya.
Are you familiar with him?
Yeah, this is some Benjamin Krim follower.
Yes, and this man is involved with him.
And that's what they replaced my show with.
That's funny.
That's really scary.
Yeah, it is scary.
I have the tape.
And also, they offer a free tape concerning this, about his lectures, and it's free, and I have ordered it.
I wouldn't spend money, that's for sure.
But I've ordered it, and I wondered if you would like a copy of this ad to...
Look, I'm fully aware.
Let me do it in a nutshell.
The world leader will soon be upon us.
The world government loves you.
As soon as you submit to our new leader, peace will come.
Global, global, global.
Yes, but I was wondering, you know, the ACLU, if it were a Christian organization promoting the real teacher, Jesus Christ, the ACLU would stop it.
But here he is promoting a religion, and he will get by with it.
Well, you know, why don't we just call... Have you called W-I-N-I?
Oh, I sure have.
And what did they say?
I even called Tom Hartman, and he... I'll put you on hold, and I will let you talk to the people who do our advertising.
And nothing happened.
Oh, this is a local talk show host?
No, he's not local.
He's put on sort of like you.
I don't know where he came from.
He comes from the liberal left.
Well, pretty interesting.
Well, folks, you just call that station.
You got their phone number on you?
Oh, sorry, I don't.
Well, you know, they take us off, put us on.
I'm not going to get too angry.
Well, I've asked them to put you back on.
I call them every once in a while.
Well, thanks for the call.
All right.
I appreciate it.
I don't mean to laugh.
It's just... Muhammad in Colorado.
Muhammad, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, how are you?
Good, sir.
Oh, hey.
No, I'm a cab driver here in Denver, and I affect about 50 people through Infowars.com, and when I pick them up next time, my taxes, they're just amazed and awed about the information.
I picked up this one very orthodox Jewish businessman, and he was just, he complimented to tell you how accurate the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was in the history.
He really complimented.
He was amazed how accurate it was.
I said, of course, Alex would not put something there.
That's not, he investigates and everything.
I mainly call to tell listeners to, they can pick up a Reader's Digest July issue.
It talks about how black boxes and GPS devices, the title, the article title is The Scary New Threat to Your Privacy, about the cars and stuff like that.
It's the July issue of Reader's Digest.
It's pretty good
And I also want to say how Tom Ridge said there might not be any election because of these threats that they're making up.
Well, it's Muhammad.
It's all part of the freedom.
We'll let you finish up on the other side.
Stay there.
And we'll get to other calls and a bunch of other news.
And then we've got a guest coming up in about an hour.
Infowars.com and prisonplanet.com and prisonplanet.tv are the websites.
Stay with us.
Stay the course.
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We're good to go.
You know, it's scary to see the police in their federally issued Darth Vader outfits, to see the military being inserted into our daily lives, but those police and military men and women can be reached, can be educated, can be deprogrammed.
When I had a car wreck, got blown off the road by tornadic winds a few weeks ago out in Fredericksburg, Texas, outside Fredericksburg, between Johnson City.
The first state police officer to pull up was a fan of the radio show.
We had a discussion about it.
He knew all about the New World Order.
The next one pulled up, and I educated him and gave him a copy of some of my videos that were in the vehicle.
And, you know, that's what it takes, is just reaching out to them and pointing all of this out and going, use your investigative skills to research what we're telling you, what we're saying.
But they are trying to bring us this tyranny, folks.
That's why we've got to expose who's behind the terror, because that's their pretext for this whole agenda.
Let's go back to Muhammad in Colorado, the John, Elena, Clayton, and Chris, and others.
Go ahead, Muhammad, and finish up.
Just a couple of weekends ago, I had about four Special Forces troops in my cab.
They just came from my country, Afghanistan, from Baldag, south of Kandahar.
And they were talking...
They're like, they're sick and tired of this too, Alex.
They're like, you know, they're like they're to a point where there could be some kind of a military tool to get rid of these prostitutes from the White House and everything.
They're like, why are we there?
These kids don't even, some of them don't even know why they're even there, you know.
This is a military speaking, Alex.
I mean, this is just, I mean, it's good news that you hear stuff like this, but, you know, you don't know how many of them are like that, you know.
It's just, I mean, I just want to say to you
Keep up the good job.
And I'm affecting about 50 people a day.
And, hey, man, I'm doing my part.
So I just want to tell you, God bless you and great job.
Well, God bless you, too, and thanks for the call.
You know, I would add to this that cab drivers, people like that, those are opinion makers because you have access to the public.
Pastors, VFW hall heads, high school teachers.
College professors, people that own businesses, anybody who engages with the public.
We've all got a responsibility to expose evil, but if you're in a position to reach the public, you've got an even more of a responsibility.
And they're killing this beautiful, wonderful country, my friends, and we can't put up with it.
We've got to expose that.
We'll break, start the next hour, go back to calls and into the rest of the giant stack of vital news and information.
I'd love to talk to the listeners about the fake terror alerts and the rest of it and the manipulation of oil and the dollar as well.
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Second hour straight ahead.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
We are now into our number two.
Thank you for joining us.
We have the president.
From the National Library Association joining us to talk about some of the new draconian federal activities at libraries that I'll bet you money you haven't heard about.
Unbelievable developments.
We're going to have open phones and a bunch of news this hour.
I would hope that some of the callers here would want to comment on
Bush backs new intelligence czar post, and now I found out, reading details of it, it'll be outside the presidency, outside Congress, and outside the courts, with its own direct funding mechanism.
This is bigger than the 1947 National Security Act that gave them total immunity and anonymity.
It will double the CIA and bring it over all the other intelligence bodies.
This is unbelievable.
And now, what we already knew, I fought this yesterday, but I didn't say it on air.
I went, I remember threats to the IMF at World Bank, threats to the Federal Reserve and Stock Exchange by Al-Shiaida, a year before 9-11.
And yes, three and a half years ago, in Germany, they captured a manual out of some house, some writings, and it turned out to be a staged arrest, by the way.
We found the article.
Of an LCI-8A individual who they then released.
Oh, there's a plan to do all this.
So that was their new, credible, brand-new threat.
It's like we've got the newest, credible threat.
Saddam's got the weapons of mass destruction, total proof.
Here's the British dossier.
And it turns out it was written by a graduate student 13 years ago.
At the time, 12 years ago.
Now 13 and a half years ago.
So, I mean, folks, they get stuff off message boards, chat rooms.
They have a Fed go type something in, or a Fed puts down some white powder in a building, and ooh, ooh, it could be anthrax.
Orange alert!
Orange alert!
You know, this is disgusting, people.
But again, the mainstream news admits, well, it's an old threat, but we're still, it's very credible and very real, and just, troops have got to set up checkpoints in New Jersey, and...
DC and New York, and we've got to search all your vehicles, and by the way, we're going to do it nationwide, and the men in the black uniforms are here to help you, and just shut up and accept it.
Meanwhile, the dollar plunged, oil exploded to an all-time record, $44 a barrel, off of this financial terror news, which they're gaining from.
Let's go ahead and talk to John in Wisconsin.
John, welcome.
Hi, Alex.
First of all, thanks for waking people up.
You don't have to thank me.
I'm doing my duty.
Go ahead.
We listen to your program every single day.
In light of this new information about the intelligence czar... And it's not new.
Again, when the commission formed, they said that would be their recommendation preemptively.
Well, the thing was, like, when he announced it, he had said that this person is there to serve the pleasure of the president.
He actually said that in his own words when he announced it.
And then I've got the transcript.
Then he added, though, it'll be outside the presidency.
And then he said Congress is bad and has to advocate all of its authority.
But, anyway, they said that...
That they have time to think about it during August and then act on it in September.
What do you think is going to happen over the next month, considering that?
You know, I don't know what the globalists are going to pull, but now 9-11 was sloppy.
A lot of people aren't buying into it.
And so I don't know if they think they can get away with something again.
Right, and that's what that whole elevation of the terror threat was all about, too, was to condition people to be ready to accept this new intelligent czar program.
Yes, to prostrate ourselves and beg for slavery.
Well, thank you again, and in light of this new school year coming up, we're going to be going down to local high schools and getting people aware of the...
Things that are going on in this country.
Well done, Info Warrior!
Yep, thank you.
Thank you.
You're on the path to victory, my friend.
We'll be right back and we'll take more of your calls and get to more of this vital news and information.
Again, I'm Alexander Emmerich Jones, PrisonPlanet.tv.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
It's very painful for me to watch Americans being trained how to step and fetch it.
How to bow down to the men in the black ski mask and the black helmets.
How to have the machine guns shoved in our face and learn how to thank them for it.
How to show our ID cards.
How to be pulled over.
How to be tracked and traced.
And it's such a joke.
The borders are wide open.
They arrested South Texas alone over a few months.
A thousand Muslims coming across the border.
And I'm not even saying they're terrorists, folks.
But the point is, they're claiming there's this Muslim terrorist threat that's going to get us any minute.
But then the feds order all these illegals released.
I mean, it shows it's a fraud.
Internally, we're going to have magnifying glasses over us.
It's all just part of this process of enslavement, of domestication.
It has nothing to do with terrorism.
The globalists are carrying it out.
They put out new fake terror alerts.
Three and a half, four years old.
It's like during Christmas.
We went to Orange Alert and a week into it they said, oh, it was a fake alert, but we're going to keep it in for another two weeks.
It's just amazing.
It's so transparent.
Now we're going to have a domestic CIA unbridled, running everything.
Elena in Pennsylvania.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I was turned on to your program about a year and a half ago by a friend of mine, and I have to listen to you on the Internet because there's no enlightened radio stations around these parts.
The only talk station we have here is totally neocon, so they won't broadcast any other sort of program.
However, one of the things I wanted to call in about was the subject you're talking about today.
Right before your show, I was watching...
The congressional hearings on C-SPAN with the Congressional, what is it, the Government Reform Committee and members of the 9-11 Commission.
And I'll tell you, I have never been so afraid in my life.
I mean, to be honest, I'm in my 40s.
I spent time in the military, and I cannot believe what the proposals that they set out.
I mean, they're openly discussing setting federal standards
For driver's licenses.
They're saying, oh, it's not a national ID card.
It's not going to be a national ID card.
But see, that's what I've been saying.
Already, 42 states already are under federal control, federal parameters.
They announced they're going to do it after it's in place, you understand?
Oh, yeah.
And it's scary what they're talking about.
Now, two of the congressmen, I'll say Congressman Kanjorski, who's from my state,
Brought up the specter of, if anybody knows the name, Lavrentiy Beria.
He was the head of the NKVD in Russia, which was the precursor to the KGB.
Did you hear our government two years ago hired Primakov, the former head of the KGB, General Primakov, to help them set up Homeland Security?
I'm not kidding, folks.
Wouldn't surprise me.
I mean, this is, I know, it's lunatic land.
It's so obvious.
I'm sorry, go ahead and finish what you were saying.
Okay, well, what I was saying was... He brought up the Russian internal secret police.
Go ahead.
Right, and that Lavrante Beria, after Stalin died, became the prime minister by default because everyone was afraid of him.
And saying, you know, well, this position that you're talking about, this national intelligence director, what are we going to do about this?
Because it may sound far-fetched, but it happened.
And then Dennis Kucinich brought up the Patriot Act, which sort of really irritated, you know, former Senator Bob Perry, who snapped at him saying, and he turned it totally around.
Oh, by the way, Mr. Perry is a bloodthirsty murder torture master.
I mean, we've got somebody who's killed more people than, you know, John Wayne Gacy up there.
Just scary, chilling individual.
You know, he was telling them to shut up, huh?
Well, basically what he did was he got really angry with Dennis Gucinich because Dennis Gucinich asked him, well, what's this recommendation about having some sort of a body within the Department of Justice to see that civil rights are respected and how are you going to do that?
And he got really angry and just flipped it around and said, well, you know...
Ramzi Youssef wasn't worrying about our civil rights or anybody's civil rights.
That's right.
We're fighting Al-Qaeda, you traitor.
And Dennis Kucinich was talking about American citizens.
So you can see it happening already.
And plus the fact they have a lot of September 11th families there.
Now, I haven't seen that part of the broadcast, but for all the listeners, if you get cable and you get C-SPAN, it will be rebroadcast.
And I will say this.
I lost two friends on September 11th.
Okay, that they didn't drag out until many, many weeks later.
And I started, I think, looking for answers about that time because things just looked to me like, what is this?
Why didn't we catch it?
Who was asleep at the switch?
But I know that those two people, I mean, in honor of them, they were people that would be horrified.
Talking about biometric ID.
I know, and they're like, it's for the families.
We've got three women out of thousands who are against it who are family members, victims.
Victims of felon members.
Oh, but we have three people who are for it.
It's for the families.
The families demand we kill American freedom.
No, that's not true.
That's not true at all.
Yeah, it's a big fat lie.
It's just that they're parading people around, and I just wonder, I would like your opinion on something.
President Bush delayed.
He fought this
The 9-11 Commission.
That's all part of theater.
Yes, and now all of a sudden, we've got it right before an election, and now they're all going to scramble to get something done.
And naturally, the commission appointed by him wants a total dictatorship.
How surprising!
Yeah, I mean, doesn't it just all fit together too well?
It's just, it is frightening.
And we've got all these terror alerts, which they admit again are fake, but that's okay, we're going to keep the alert going.
Well, all I can say is that I have
Directed as many of my friends as I can to your website.
And one of the things I like about you, I had somebody send me some of your films.
And the one thing that I really totally enjoy about you, Alex, is that you don't just come up with this stuff out of your head.
You use real news sources because people go, hey, he's just another one of those conspiracy theorists.
You know, he's making this stuff up or getting his news from, you know, one of these idiotic agencies.
And I said, no, you have to see this guy.
He reads you articles.
He shows them to you.
For major news sources, this stuff is right under your nose.
Yeah, it's all hidden in plain view.
Well, I appreciate the kind words, Elena, and God bless you.
Oh, boy.
Clayton in Missouri.
Go ahead, Clayton, you're on the air.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
Good, sir.
I was just watching the news here while I was listening to you talk to your people, and it's real interesting.
Hurricane Alex is off the Carolina coast, and the next story they had was Smarty Jones, the racehorse, retires.
That's kind of like when Saddam Hussein said it was all theater.
I was like, man, that sounds like Alex 100%.
But strange things like that happen.
But anyway, I want to bounce... Believe me, sir, that's a coincidence.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
But it's kind of funny, too.
But anyway, this isn't so funny, but I want to bounce this story off you and get what you think.
I was listening to Coast to Coast last night with George Norrie in the first hour he had on Steve Quayle
And Steve Quayle is putting out this story that on July 15th, the feds found a small nuke in New York City.
They weren't able to disarm it, so they took it out to the Atlantic Ocean and they detonated it.
Have you heard this?
No, I haven't heard it.
Yeah, I wasn't too sure whether to believe it or not.
I don't have any comment on that.
I heard you last week, you referred to the European Union as the beast and America as the whore.
Of course, you were speaking of the book of Revelation and the whore is known as Mystery Babylon.
It's real interesting.
It says in Revelation 18.8, referring to Mystery Babylon, the whore, Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death and mourning and famine, and she shall be utterly burned with fire, for strong is Yahweh who judges her.
And, you know,
What nuclear weapons do is, you know, pour mushroom clouds of fire.
Stone burners!
Yes, this is just my personal opinion.
I think...
They are, Alex.
I do believe between now and November 2nd, I think they are going to detonate a nuclear weapon in New York City.
Well, they've been saying it's going to happen.
The White House says it will happen.
They've been preparing everybody.
And believe me, it isn't going to be Al-Qaeda, folks.
No, it's going to be the men.
And they're going to re-engineer this society so bad, so fast.
That's why we've got to get the word out now, now, now.
God bless you, brother.
Good to hear from you, Clayton.
Let's talk to Chris in Tennessee.
Chris, go ahead.
Alex, it's an honor to talk to you.
I work at a local CBS affiliate, and I'm surrounded by the people that we're trying to fight this fight against each day.
And they're just blind.
They don't want to see the truth.
I mean, you could pull out documents upon documents and show them, and they just don't want to see it.
But the reason I called was I have...
Put together a lot of literature and some of your tapes to hand out at the SOA protest.
In November.
I mean, that was 120,000 people there last year.
Get that out to the masses.
But I was at a garage sale Saturday, and I found a game that was, it's like the D&D card dice game.
Called Illuminati.
I could not believe it.
I opened up some of the cards, and there was a card called Terrace Nuke.
And it was two buildings that looked, you know, two towers standing side by side.
That game was put out by Austinite.
I think that particular version you're talking about is about seven years old.
1994, when it came out.
And I was just totally shocked.
I mean, some of the stuff that's in there is like martial law, you know, corporate takeover, you know, some of the...
Grab a headline out of today's paper and manipulate it.
You know, it's just everything that you're talking about.
And I showed it to some of my friends and, you know, they could not believe it, but I could take some digital photos for you.
Yeah, you ought to scan those in and email those to tips.
We'll post them.
That's a good idea.
Yeah, I will.
But I'll call you back and let you know how the SOA protests went.
And again, for SOA, what do you mean by that?
School of the Americas.
That's right, up in Fort Benning, Georgia, the torture school.
The military, last year when I was there, I carried my gas mask in, because you never know what's going to happen.
I mean, we go in there as peaceful protesters, and they wouldn't let me bring it in.
And I was like, you have yours on your hip, but I can't bring mine in.
But the military pushed huge speakers right up against the fence,
You drowned out the people that were talking about their family that died by the hands of those they trained.
That's right.
The military directing their propaganda against American citizens.
We'll be right back.
Thanks for the call.
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Continuing with your phone calls, my friends, taking us in many different important directions, let's go ahead and talk to Chris, another Chris, this time in North Carolina, with Hurricane or Tropical Storm Alex bearing down on them.
Welcome to the Airwaves, Chris.
Hey, how you doing?
Good, sir.
This is the first time I called the show because I listen to you all the time.
Everybody stole my thunder.
I was going to ask you about the people sneaking across the border in Arizona and what happened on coast to coast.
I'm trying to see what I was going to say.
What do you think about the FCC?
Well, I mean, they're there to consolidate.
They're not there to keep the airwaves clean.
It's supposed to be the people's airwaves, but they're there to consolidate and control information.
And it's a very, very corrupt organization.
Oh, okay.
Yeah, because I called them, you know, because AT&T, I think they had slammed my phone.
You know, I don't know if you ever heard of it before.
Yeah, I don't think the FCC are the folks that regulate that.
I think it's the telecommunications, the federal bodies.
That would be some of the fraud institutions that expose fraud in your state.
Maybe your state attorney general, but go ahead.
Yeah, but I have called the FTC, you know, because I want to make a complaint about it.
Oh, okay.
You know, the lady, she like started hollering at me and said, are you sure that this is what AT&T done to you and you better be absolutely sure before we send this information off to you?
And she like started talking to me like I was a child or something.
Like, oh, start hollering.
You better be sure and all like that.
I said, what?
Hung the phone up on me.
I said, well, you know, what is this?
We're the slaves.
Well, that's government.
We've got to be kept in line.
We're bad.
We're evil.
We're stupid.
They're God.
We're not.
Oh, okay.
So what do you think about some... It's like a website.
I think it's called Cloak and Dagger.
Have you heard of it before?
Yeah, I've interviewed the folks involved with that, yes.
Okay, what do you think about some of the information that comes from there?
Is it credible or...
I mean, I think overall Sherman Skolnik and Lenny Bloom put out some good information.
A lot of it's very sensational, but they do a lot of research.
I mean, I think it's overall good.
Oh, okay.
Have you ever heard anything like, I think they were saying like that Skolin Bones, like that Bush was doing some type of homosexual act or something like that?
Well, yes, they do say that, and I appreciate your call.
Let me try to elaborate on that, Chris.
What I do know is that in my film, Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, two-hour, five-minute video, the first 20 minutes is news articles, mainstream news about male prostitutes being shipped in, world leaders, bizarre rituals.
These are articles going back to the 80s, 90s.
Then the New York Post last week, or now two weeks ago, and this is still at the top of the page on the right-hand side, news in focus on prisonplanet.com,
Headline, Gay Porn Star Services Bohemian Grove Members.
And so that is one of the staples of the Grove.
And Richard Nixon, the president, we have the audio clip from his presidential library there.
And then it's even in the news article.
They talk about the clip, but we happen to have the clip, where he says that it's the most homosexual place he's ever heard of.
Worse than San Francisco.
And the point is, these are our Christian conservative leaders.
And so I don't know about the claims of Sherman, Skolnick, and Bloom.
I mean, I know that they get in a coffin.
I know they do weird sexual rituals.
That's admitted.
As for the claims that Bush has AIDS, I don't know if that's true.
And I won't say that because I can't prove it.
Truth is stranger than fiction, okay?
What am I supposed to say to that?
Let's talk to another Eric.
Eric in Texas, go ahead.
Yeah, I wanted to mention the current issue of CIO Magazine.
Headline, Poindexter comes in from the cold.
And that's the convicted felon, Admiral Boindexter, heading up Total Information Awareness Network in the new Matrix system.
It mentions that he was convicted in 1990 on five felony counts, including lying to Congress.
The conviction was subsequently overturned.
Well, it was basically pardoned.
Right, exactly.
To what extent... I mean, he's five pages...
Well, total information awareness never was killed.
They changed the name.
Ironically, he argues the dissolution of TIA, in fact, was a defeat for privacy advocates because the projects that they opposed have now gone underground, choking off public scrutiny.
Well, just stay there.
We'll talk about it when we get back.
It's important.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The U.S.
In the year 2000, debt growth collapsed to only 4.5%.
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My friends, we have a dishonest government.
Here in Austin, Texas, when I get involved in city and county affairs, if you start fighting a program or proposal, they'll just change the name of the program and change a few words in the proposal and then sneak it through on you.
But again, the general public just takes government at face value or doesn't even investigate government, doesn't even know how government works.
And it's normal operation, so they're able to do all of this.
If we all simply got involved, picked one or two issues, and spent maybe a couple hours a week being involved in our government, we would have an incredibly free and dynamic society.
But total information awareness, run by the felon Poindexter, was nothing but the
The PR, public relations stunt name of the National Security Agency, or the NSA, the biggest known federal spy agency, was nothing but the public manifestation, and it was an all-seeing eye and a pyramid, you all saw the logo, radiating the earth.
And they said, everything you buy, everything you sell, every credit card purchase, every divorce record, everything is going to be in it.
And then there was a big outcry, and they had this staged event in D.C.
Oh, well, we killed the program.
Then they actually, it seems to be the rule, they then doubled funding under three different programs.
One of them called the Matrix System, which is bulldozing ahead at the state level, federally funded, to collect every piece of data.
When you use the customer loyalty card or you do whatever, all that system, that data is bought from the grocery stores.
Even USA Today admits when you buy a pizza, it automatically, through a computer with a major pizza supplier, runs through a database to see if you've got a felony and it flags the police to come arrest you at what address you're at if your address is changed.
I mean, that's the freedom, folks.
Worse than 1984, worse than Soviet Russia, worse than East Germany under the Stasi.
And so our listener is reading from some magazine article about, oh, it was really a blow to civil libertarians because now it's gone underground.
And a few weeks ago we read the article about, I think it was from Capitol Hill Blue, of where Total Information Awareness Network is based there in Virginia.
But, I mean, you know, it's like the TIPS program.
The cable guy, the exterminator's going to spy on you and...
They're going to recruit the neighborhood watch to spy on you, and then they hear, oh, well, that got killed.
That program got defeated.
Then you find out that you go to a college football game, and there's retired military people who've now been hired back in military outfits, searching people's bags and shoving folks around, just training you how to live like a slave.
Again, this is all in place now.
They're just trying to incrementally get you used to seeing it.
So when they show you Boston or D.C.
or New Jersey...
We're New York with troops and military and black uniforms and helicopters and machine guns.
It's all part of the acclamation.
Because they've got a lot of horrible things planned for you.
They've got to build in your mind.
They've got to sell you on the bad guys really being the good guys.
And then you hear, oh, the TIPS program's back and everybody's spying on everybody and it's to fight crime because crime supports terror.
So there you have it.
Wait until you hear how they're purging the libraries of constitutional books, law books, U.S.
I've got the president of the American Library Association coming on in about 25 minutes in the third hour.
You can't get to it.
I shouldn't laugh.
I can't believe how concerted and sophisticated and cold-blooded all this is.
And then just the abject, total, willful ignorance of the yuppies who think this is to keep them safe.
This is to clamp down on you while they suck you dry.
You fools.
So a lot of you will cower in fear and say, well I better subconsciously make the decision to just deny it and join it.
A lot of you are smart and you engage in double think and you decide to just go ahead and join this and
Go ahead and go along with it.
Somehow you'll be safe.
That's the worst possible course.
Worst possible course, of course.
But, again, you play a little mind trick with yourself.
The trick of all cowards.
A real coward doesn't even know they're a coward.
They don't even admit to themselves they're a coward.
If you're going to be a coward, just wallow in it.
Men out there that don't love your families.
Women out there that don't love your families.
Just pathetic.
So you want to live in tyranny?
You want to see the death of America?
You're going to see it.
You're going to see it.
You're seeing it right now.
And it's only the beginning.
All this police state is about clamping down as they take your economic future, as they take your bank account, as they take everything you've got.
As they draft your children for eternal wars.
A hundred year war.
As they implant you with the chip, as they track and trace everything you do, as they give you the national sales tax, which Bush is now announcing, by the way, which will be on top of the income tax, by the way, sold to you by phony conservatives who aren't real conservatives.
You better get your mind around it.
You better learn quick.
You better make it the focus of your life to fight this thing.
Chris, or no, we're talking to Eric.
Eric in Texas, finish up what you were saying out of this.
What's the magazine again?
CIO, Chief Information Officer.
Oh, yeah, okay.
Yeah, people have quoted out of it before, and it just, they use all the terms, CIA, TIA, everything.
But the last thing I want to say is the largest form of mental illness is denial, and people will be deceived any way they can.
And you always speak of the mark of the beast, and it isn't going to be a physical mark, although I don't believe taking a microchip is anything a sane person should do, but it is a mark of deception, and people will be deceived by that.
They just can't get it through their head.
I mean, if you have the mark of a Christian, if you do the right thing, you're obviously not going to take the mark of the beast.
But before I go, this last article said, before the total information awareness project was dissolved, it had made progress on several fronts.
It created Vanilla World, a simulation not unlike the popular electronic art Sims computer game.
Vanilla World had about two million people, including terrorists, making transactions.
And the goal of the simulation was to see whether patterns of suspicious transactions would rise up above the noise of normal activity.
It has a few pictures of him smoking his pipe, thinking that, I guess, that he's just, I was pretty amazed by the article itself.
Yeah, in the past, for some reason, they would send me that magazine.
I haven't been getting it lately.
Maybe you send it to me.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, thank you, sir.
I appreciate it.
Yeah, it's... And then, see, you get arrested because you're a person of interest.
And you disappear and there's no process, no liberty.
No checks and balances.
Well, we've just got to trust the government.
You know, things changed on 9-11.
Yeah, they told you that within 30 minutes of it happening.
Things have changed now.
Got to give the liberties up.
Fred in Pennsylvania.
Go ahead.
I don't know if your eyes are going to glaze over if I bring this up, but I did find a library software manual
And I just want to say that they have a tremendous database that they say that they're not going to use.
But it has all kinds of things here, like academic status of the patron, social security number, telephone number, driver license number, company name.
These library patron databases are much bigger than you might think by filling out an application.
Yeah, well, for those that just joined us, we've got the president of the American Library Association.
She's in a board meeting.
If she doesn't come on, it'll be the director.
Yeah, and the other thing... If you want, I'll put you on hold.
You can talk to them.
Yeah, well... I'm just going to put you on hold now, then.
You're going to have to hold about 20 minutes.
Okay, I'll just put you on hold if you want to talk to them.
Yeah, well, under Patriot Act, everything you do is tracked in a library.
But nobody pays attention because the bookstores haven't complained, but the bookstores are doing it, too.
And that's in section, what, 213?
So we'll be... Wait till you hear the new stuff, folks.
It dwarfs all of that.
They're actually shredding books, okay?
The feds have ordered hundreds of books shredded.
And it's law books.
It's U.S.
They do not want you reading it.
Let's talk to Maryland in California.
Maryland, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I'm a first-time caller.
I've been listening about two months, and I haven't heard you mention anything about this story out of Associated Press on July 30th that Ridge tells colleagues he may retire, and then he's attending a... He's working... Homeland Security was working the door at Bill Gates' party, and evidently... Let's see, it says... Well, I was thinking...
Well, I guess Ridge, I thought I saw where Ridge was attending the party, but there was speculation that Ridge may be hired by Gates.
Have you heard anything about that?
Yes, I heard it on the radio yesterday.
I heard local, I heard the national news feed locally talking about it.
Well, they say Ridge is probably going to get a new White House job.
He may jump to this new intelligence chief job.
See, they're just creating agencies as fast as they can.
Domestic KGB type, with actual KGB advising them.
Associated Press, by the way.
So, I mean, what do you say?
Blockhead is just a puppet.
Well, you know, the story actually says, and my take was that Ridge was trying to get out from under this evil, possibly.
I don't know.
The story says he... Let me tell you, Ridge is very evil.
I can look at him and tell you he's evil.
The way he acts, the enjoyment he's got.
No, I mean, using criminology, he's got psychopath written all over him.
I'm not kidding.
That man's a dangerous psychopath.
Well, I have no doubt about that.
He claims he has to put his children through school and earn more money, and that was why he's quitting.
Sure, yeah, the governor, yeah, worth tens of millions.
He's real poor.
Well, that's interesting.
I appreciate all the work you do.
I'm looking forward to getting your Art at Free videos.
I've never seen your stuff before, but I listen to you.
I'm addicted now.
Thank you so much.
Well, ma'am, God bless you, and thanks for the call, Marilyn.
We'll take one more call to cover news for the rest of this hour, and we've got guests coming up.
We'll take your calls then, too.
Brooke in Maryland, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
This is actually Brooke in Rhode Island.
Okay, go ahead.
I have a comment and a question for you.
Are you ready to shape the global agenda?
I just saw this ad in The Economist from London in the job section.
It's from the World Economic Forum.
They're looking for someone who's ready to help shape the global agenda.
A director for global and regional agendas, and they discussed the whole position, and I was totally blown away by it.
And I can actually give you the website for it if you'd like to apply for the job.
Oh, yes, I'm sure they want me.
But, Alex, the question I have to ask you, and I don't know if you can give me a take on this, but I've asked a few people around here, and no one can figure it out.
In the last three or four months...
I have noticed Rupert Murdoch's New York Post doing a lot of very provocative reporting.
Yeah, the homosexual pleasure slaves, the Bohemian Grove.
Well, that was not the only one.
When the beheading of Nicholas Berg occurred, in an article on their opinion page, they referred to the beheading as the Feast of the Sacrifice.
Which I thought was very provocative.
They also really ran after Princess Alexandria, the Duchess of Kent, and the wife of Prince Michael, the Duke of Kent, and slammed her and smeared her for something like about a month, including, I thought, rather unfairly.
On the other hand, the Duchess of Kent and Prince Michael is the leading top wives
Well, let me break this down.
Number one, those type of reports sell, so they'll allow some of the truth out, and as you say, smears out.
Also, there's a lot of evidence that there is real internal infighting inside the New World Order going on right now.
Yes, I was trying... You know, these people, Alex, I don't know if you're aware of the fact, but people like Edmund Safra, Lord Rothmere, and Robert Maxwell.
Robert Maxwell was literally pushed off his yacht and thrown to the sharks and eaten by the sharks.
And he was a major media mogul in Britain.
So my question is, what do you think Murdoch's agenda is in presenting all this provocative information?
Man, that'd take hours to get into.
Well, it's only... I've also noticed that it's... Well, you notice... Let me stop you.
These people blackmail each other and stuff, too.
Remember when Fox came out and said 160 Israeli spies arrested following Al-Qaeda?
They could be terrorists.
They did a couple days on that and then suddenly shut up about it.
Okay, so... And I'm not saying Israel was behind the attacks, because the point is, if our government arrested these Israelis...
For prior knowledge of the attacks, that means our government had prior knowledge too, see?
But we have those saved screenshot articles on the website because they took them down.
So you see... Well, let me finish.
You wanted to ask a question.
People will bring out news articles to then get something they want from somebody else and then withdraw them.
Now, I don't know if that's the case.
That's speculation.
Well, you know there was a major Masonic murder in a lodge in Long Island where a Mason... Yeah, they blew his hat off and the Masonic cops showed up and nobody got in trouble and they had guillotines and black coffins, yeah.
Yes, well it was interesting who reported that because the Daily News, owned by Mort Zuckerman, did not report that.
The New York Post made a big thing out of it and also Newsday, which is on Long Island.
And also the Freemasons in New York were suspended from having lodge meetings, which I thought was very interesting.
But Rupert Murdoch seems to be reporting all this in great depth in comparison to everyone else.
And I was just wondering what the guy's agenda could be, because he must be an Illuminati, or he must be a Freemason.
Okay, let me answer your question, and I'm going to let you go, because I've got some news I want to cover before this hour ends.
You know, Rupert Murdoch's had a TV show, an hour special about not going to the moon.
Rupert Murdoch has shows about the UN taking over the national parks.
And I know that show was accurate.
What is it, Lost Freedoms or something?
It was on like three years ago.
They have all this stuff.
And then that gains your confidence.
It's like O'Reilly exposing the open borders and then suddenly being for them.
So they put in enough to give credibility.
They know what sells.
People want to hear about this stuff.
I mean, take this broadcast.
You put this on your little radio station that has no ratings for a year, you're going to get big ratings.
Station after station after station.
But we just give it all to you.
But a Murdoch will give you some of it.
Because they know it sells.
And then mix the propaganda in with it.
Well, that's the easiest, simplest, most basic answer I can give you.
And it's a good question, Brock.
We should all think about that.
This broadcast is about a process of thinking about that.
All right, I'm going to come back in a few news stories.
Then we've got the president of the American Library Association.
By the way, Stephanie, they're calling in at the end of this hour, so be ready for that.
And so that's coming up.
I want to get into what they're doing in the libraries.
This is new information.
This is a press release by the American Library Association.
So stay with us.
We'll be right back after this quick break.
I want to challenge all of you to visit InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or PrisonPlanet.tv today.
I want to challenge you to visit the SecureSafe online shopping cart and get some of the videos or books.
When we get back, I'll briefly give you the phone number and mailing address as well, tell you about some of the titles, then we'll launch into this news article, and then we'll get to those guests.
So the end of the second hour, straight ahead in the third hour, please stay with us.
There is a
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All right, we've got Carol Bray Cassiano, the president of the American Library Association, joining us here in a minute or two, and she'll be with us for about 20 minutes into the next hour, maybe even 30 if she has time to take some calls.
This is a big deal.
New developments.
They put out a press release.
It's on InfoWars.com.
Right now it's also at BuzzFlash.com.
But before we do that, if you want to get my film, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, if you want to get The Masters of Terror, if you want to get George Humphrey's new 9-11 video, 9-11, The Great Illusion,
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That's 888-253-3139.
Now, in Section 213 and 215, they have provisions about breaking in your house, taking what they want, leaving stuff, not letting you tell anybody that you were searched, making you be a spy for them, then you can't report that you've been told to be a spy.
And the library associations at the state and federal level, national level, have fought this.
The bookstores haven't talked about it because they don't want to scare you.
They have to do this too.
Borders Books has been caught and others under this.
And you think it's not for you.
Old suspicion of crime is considered terrorism in Section 802.
The new development that I learned of this morning blew me away.
Book burning, folks, or I should say book shredding.
We're good to go.
It's good to have you on, Carol.
I appreciate you joining us.
Thank you, Alex.
My pleasure.
We've just got a few minutes here before this hour ends.
In a nutshell, this new abomination, can you tell us about it?
I sure can.
My understanding is that the Department of Justice asked the Superintendent of Documents, who oversees what we call depository libraries,
That holds federal documents to destroy these publications that you were just referring to.
There was a public law, the Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2000, and a compilation of select federal asset forfeiture statutes, and then there were some forms related to that.
And depository libraries, federal depository libraries, were asked to withdraw these materials immediately and destroy them.
Because the Department of Justice has determined that these materials are for internal use only.
And as librarians, we immediately became concerned about that because these were federal laws, which would be fairly readily available anywhere else.
And we were concerned about why we were asked to destroy these.
So the American Library Association put forth a Freedom of Information Act request to find out...
From the Department of Justice, why these materials were going to be removed.
And the Department of Justice subsequently asked libraries to disregard their instructions to withdraw those publications.
So basically, the bottom line is we will not be destroying those materials.
But again, they tried to sneak this through, and you know...
This is personal for me because I have congressmen and women on.
I promoted a petition.
This broadcast in 2000 helped pass that law that they just can't grab your house and take it without you having a trial.
And now they don't want people to know how to defend themselves and use this congressional reform.
It was very unusual.
I mean, we were very surprised as librarians that this would come down.
Is it fair to say, Carol, that if you would have gone along with this, they probably would have wanted you to shred other stuff?
Well, we have been asked occasionally to destroy other materials.
Typically, it's with materials that there's a mistake in the material or the material's out of date.
It's very rare that materials are withdrawn.
Well, I'll tell you what.
We're going to talk about this, the Patriot Act, everything else on the other side.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us, Carol.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Into the third hour, blasting out on the AM and FM dial from Oregon to Rhode Island, from Austin, Texas to Kansas City.
We're joined by Carol Bray Cassiano.
She is the president of the American Library Association.
They put out a press release.
It's oninfowars.com.
We'll give you their website a little bit later as well, so have a pen and paper ready for that.
They've been harassing the libraries, telling them to spy on people.
The libraries have been fighting back.
It has nothing to do with terrorism.
Now they wanted them to destroy information about...
Civil and criminal forfeiture procedures, select criminal forfeiture forms, select federal asset forfeiture statutes, and a lot more.
I'd be happy to, Alex.
Basically, as I was saying, the superintendent of documents who oversees these depository programs for federal documents will sometimes ask depositories to return a publication to them or to the GPO, which is the government printing office, or destroy it, usually because it's defective or there's a mistake in the material or something like that, and libraries have to comply.
I can tell you that there have only been...
About probably less than 30 items that have been pulled since 1995 out of the quarter of a million titles that we get.
But it always is cause for concern, and librarians typically do look at what material is being asked to be deleted.
If it's something that's out of date, if it's been succeeded by something newer, that's understandable.
But what caused concern for us as librarians, as I mentioned earlier, was the fact that we were talking about a public law, something that is readily available
Now, this smacks of the Orwellian term memory hole.
I mean, even getting rid of old laws that have been overturned, you still want to have a record of that.
That's correct.
We wanted to get some kind of official rationale from the Department of Justice about these documents and why the Department of Justice felt they should be removed from libraries.
So the American Library Association quickly submitted, and I would say quickly because we needed to act right away because there's a deadline by which these materials have to be destroyed.
So we submitted a Freedom of Information Act request for those withdrawn materials and
Right after the submission of our request, the Department of Justice apparently took another look at the issue and asked libraries to disregard their previous instructions to withdraw these publications.
And they said that those materials were intended only for internal training use of Department of Justice personnel, and as such were inappropriately distributed to depository libraries for an administrative oversight, but that the department had determined that these materials are not sufficiently sensitive to require removal from the depository library system.
And again, we're talking about this Select Federal Asset Forfeiture Statute to the laws.
That's correct.
We're talking about... This is amazing!
This is absolutely... Were you aware that in prisons they're now trying to block prisoners from getting into the law libraries and looking at things?
I have heard about that, yes.
I'm not sure to what extent that's happening, but yes, I have heard of that.
This is amazing.
Sorry about these quick segments.
A long segment coming up.
Plenty of time to get into more of this.
And then the Patriot Act.
What they've been trying to do to the libraries, trying to turn the librarians into spies, then telling librarians they can't talk about what they've been told to do.
The librarians have been standing up against that.
We'll talk about it with the president, Carol Bray Cassiano, when we get back and give you their website.
Please stay with us.
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Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight.
Coming to you from Austin, Texas.
Ashcroft tells libraries to destroy citizen-friendly publications.
That's the headline.
Then they have the statement regarding the DOJ request for removal of government publications by depository libraries.
And what was it?
The law on asset forfeiture seizure.
The congressional reform of 2000.
It was very hard won.
I mean, how many guests have we had on where they...
They go into a whole neighborhood, arrest everyone.
Remember Tulia, Texas?
No drugs found, no paraphernalia.
Black people being arrested by racist police.
They're given 20 to 90 years in prison.
Their homes, their cars are taken.
No drugs, no nothing.
Well, that's asset forfeiture seizure.
God-like power.
Well, this just restricted it a little bit.
Where if they don't indict you or charge you, they have to give it back.
Now, if people don't have this reform, aren't aware of it, they can just take everything you've got.
You don't even know about it.
We're good to go.
I think?
But Carol, continuing with any other points you want to make on this subject and also your organization's website, but then I also want to get into the Patriot Act and some of the other things it's been doing to free speech and people's right to information.
Sure, that's fine.
As far as this issue with the Department of Justice and the removal of documents from the Federal Depository Libraries, I did want to mention that
Interestingly enough, any agency that releases materials to the depository libraries is within its legal rights to request withdrawal of those materials.
So in that respect, the Department of Justice was within its legal rights.
When we became concerned was because it was not really clear why these materials would not be readily available to the public.
You know, statutes, public law,
There are other ways that we as librarians have access to public law.
So it's not as if this was not already something that could be readily obtained in just about any library.
So that was the reason for the FOIA request.
Well, they can claim that they've got laws, but just think of... I mean, you're a librarian.
You're the head of the organization, the biggest organization in the country for libraries.
I mean, when we've got the government...
Trying to bar access from public laws, we've got a serious problem.
It shows a desire to restrict information that people can use to defend themselves.
And for those that aren't aware of it, can you talk to the audience about
What the Patriot Act has attempted to do with librarians in America?
Section 215, which I believe I heard you refer to earlier, is the section that has vastly expanded the FBI's authority to search records of bookstores and libraries.
And the FBI can request those records, for example, what someone has read at the library, if that's available, when someone viewed a computer and what they viewed on that computer.
And the FBI is not required to prove that there is probable cause to believe that the person whose records are being sought has committed a crime.
In other words, the FBI would have to come to the library with a court order or something.
Yeah, that's the difference.
They could always do this if they had a warrant listing the place to be searched, why particularly.
It's called the Fourth Amendment.
Now it's just blanket, you know, do what we say.
Well, they still have to get a court order, but they do not have to show probable cause, as they used to in the past.
But it's blanket orders, though, in some cases for whole regions.
Yes, and actually, and as a librarian, if I receive that kind of an order, I'm prohibited from revealing it to anyone except perhaps my attorney, you know, who would help me to produce those records.
So that's really our concern, is that...
We don't really know when the FBI might come and look for materials that we have.
And, of course, our big concern is protecting the privacy of the people who use our libraries.
Well, yeah, and on top of this, it's not just violating the Fourth Amendment.
Now it's violating the First Amendment.
And in 215 and in 213, if folks go read it, in H.R.
3162, passed October 27, 2001,
When you go and look at that, it says they can break in your house, your business, the library, the bookstore.
Come there secretly.
If you catch them or if they just come there while you're there, then you can't tell anyone.
And then later they said, okay, maybe you're a lawyer because of lawsuits.
Then the ACLU.
Love them, hate them, folks.
The ACLU, this was earlier this year, had a lawsuit going
Oh, I wasn't aware of that little wrinkle.
No, that's interesting.
I do know that the Department of Justice has in the past... Well, first of all, let me just say that...
Attorney General Ashcroft has said that they have not invoked the use of the Patriot Act in libraries, that the number of times it's been used is zero.
But the interesting thing is that other Department of Justice spokespeople have called libraries a logical target of surveillance
And we know from our own research that at least, the FBI has been in libraries at least 50 times in recent months, but has not necessarily invoked the Patriot Act.
Listen, I have talked to librarians on this show and in Austin who've been visited.
Well, see, there you go.
So, you know, how are they visiting?
Are they not invoking the Patriot Act, or are they using national security letters to
Which is another way to go in and request information without even having to get a court order.
Yeah, that's the blank check we were talking about.
Yeah, there you go.
That's right.
It's just mind-boggling.
Now, there has been a lot of resistance to this, but I've noticed when you talk to the average Joe, you know, Joe Six-Pack, Sally Soccer Mom, when you talk to them, Carol, they've heard about the libraries, because you guys have fussed about it, which is good, but they don't know that the bookstores are having this happen, too.
That could very well be true, because I don't believe... Well, I'm sure that bookstore owners are very concerned about this.
I don't know that there has been as...
Organized a campaign to let people know about it.
You know, as librarians, we have really spoken out quite a bit, and I couldn't say exactly how much the booksellers have talked about this.
Well, I don't think the booksellers want people to know about this, but it has been in a few news stories, and it is covered in the subsection.
What's the website for the organization?
The American Library Association's website is www.ala.org.
And you can go to our site and easily find information about the Patriot Act.
I think there's a link from our very first page.
And we have just a ton of information about the Patriot Act on that site.
Background information, information about comments from the Attorney General's Office on the Act, and research that has been done related to the Act in libraries.
So I would encourage people to go and take a look and really become informed.
As librarians, that's our job, you know, to make sure that people have the information they need.
That way you can go read where Ashcroft says there's no Patriot Act 2 months after it's introduced.
And then now they've tried to pass it.
And it's just amazing.
Let's take some calls.
Fred in Pennsylvania called earlier.
He wanted to talk to you.
We put him on hold.
Fred, you have a question.
You're on the air.
You're the president of the American Library Association.
Yes, a question and a comment.
I wanted to say that I came across this manual for the libraries, for the software, for the catalog and the circulation.
There's another way that the government could possibly get a hold of records having to do with circulation, and that is through
The software that's written for the library systems.
Right here there's something called an information file that you can convert a patron file to.
And it's supposed to cover all the information that the patron has.
For example, the name, all the barcodes that are on your card, the card number,
Academic status of the patron, the student ID, driver's license number, social security number, telephone number, all kinds of things can float magically out of these databases.
There's no security for them.
And Fred, now there's a move to put RFID chips in the books.
Carol, can you comment on what he's saying?
Yes, I'd like to do that.
Basically, while it is true that libraries maintain some records on the people who use
Our libraries and who have library cards.
That information is considered confidential and it is protected.
And the other thing I might add to that is that when you check out a book, as soon as that book is returned to us, that record goes away.
And systems are set up automatically to do that in almost every part of the country.
You have the option of setting it one way or the other, but, for example, I'm in El Paso, Texas, and in our library, we set it so that as soon as you return your book, the record that you've ever had that book goes away, because we feel so strongly about protecting the privacy of people who use our libraries.
I hear you, but I do want to say that there are some exceptions to that.
You've got... Isn't a member of the...
Of the Online Computer Library Center, a library that's a member.
Don't they have to forward the use records, the borrowing records of patrons?
I'm not familiar.
This is a particular library you're talking about?
OCLC is called the Online Computer Library Center.
Now, that is a... And there's another thing.
Patriot 2 is an automatic information gathering system.
First of all, I support you.
A thousand percent.
Thank you.
I'm only saying that I think you have to start talking to people in lots of different areas that know lots of facts about this whole issue.
Okay, well said, sir.
We'll come back and take more calls for our guest.
Again, she's the president of the American Library Association, Carol Bray Casagiano.
I'm Alex Jones.
Hello folks, Alex Jones here.
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And it's systematic.
It's going on at every level of society, but we've got to stand against it.
Our guests agree to stay a little bit in the next segment so I can get to all these callers that are patiently holding.
Talking to, again, the president of the American Library Association, Carol Bray Cassiano, and the website is ala.org.
We have the press release about
Well, Lord Ashcroft's not wanting you to have federal laws.
Public federal laws, you just can't have those because you can't defend yourself.
Let's go back to the calls.
Let's talk to Tim in Illinois.
Tim, you're on the air with our guest.
Go ahead.
Hi, how are you doing?
Good, sir.
In relation to your guest, Alex, I'd just like to thank her for standing up to this, and I will support her and the American Library Association in any way I can.
Thank you.
With all this going on, I'm surprised that a book by David Ray Griffin called The New Pearl Harbor has made it in the borders, bookstores.
You know, I've heard about that.
It lays out 9-11 as your knowledge.
It is unbelievable.
I urge you and your guests to get the word out about it, because unlike your stuff, this is in the mainstream, and I'm really surprised.
It's one of the best.
You know, I haven't read the book yet, but I'm going to get him on.
What does the book say?
It gets very much into detail about the towers collapsing.
It talks about the Ellen Mariani lawsuit, the assassination of...
The North Alliance Leader before September 11th.
There's so much in there, I can't remember half of it right now.
I haven't finished even reading it yet, but it's just amazing detail.
We're going to get him on.
Thanks for the call.
Let's talk to, who's up next here, Stephanie?
Andrea in Canada.
Where are you calling us from in Canada, Andrea?
Hi there.
I'm calling you from Montreal, Quebec.
Thank you.
Alex, I just recently joined your website on PrincePlanet.tv.
Oh, thank you.
And I'm amazed at what I'm reading.
I wish that we had somebody like you down here doing the kind of work that you're doing.
What I was wanting to ask you about is do you have more information on the concentration camps that are being set up in Canada?
Because I've been surfing and trying to find information.
I can't find anything.
It's even hard to find food down here.
What do you mean, storable food?
Storable food.
Well, let me know.
They're building emergency FEMA centers all over the U.S.
I don't know about Canada, but you can do a Google search on detention centers.
I have, and it comes up with maybe two things, and there's almost nothing else.
Unfortunately, we're really taking calls for our guests.
Do you have any comments to her?
Just keep up the good work and stay strong, and don't let anybody intimidate you into fighting.
I'm going to do this.
You know what?
I'm going to put you on hold, and I'll go back to you when our guest is gone.
Who's up next after that, Stephanie?
Brian in Oregon.
Brian, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
I was just wondering if I could go to my local federal department to ask them about this.
Yes, I'm here.
Could you hear me?
Yes, sir, you're on the air.
Did you hear my question?
Go ahead, Carol.
Yes, we did.
Yes, you were asking if you could go to your local federal depository library?
Is that what you were asking about?
I live in Oregon.
You live in Oregon.
Okay, there would be at least one in Oregon.
There are probably several.
These federal depository libraries are found...
Thank you.
To a link, and what I can also do is give the host of the show that information.
We'll go back and research that, and I can get that to you.
What town are you near in Oregon, or what town are you in?
I'm in Portland, Oregon.
I've already researched that while you were talking.
I found there's one at Portland State University here, at least.
I'm not sure.
Do they send a memo out to everybody about this?
That's how they do it, yes.
We receive...
We'll either get a memo, and there's a letter that comes with shipments that they receive of publications, and then there will also be usually something in what's called administrative notes, which is a regular newsletter that the federal depository libraries get.
Now, for those who just joined us, Ashcroft is trying to have libraries remove public federal laws, okay?
I mean, you talk about 1984, folks, this is it.
Just incredible.
Anything else, Brian?
Quick note about Senator Ridge.
I believe his great-grandfather was responsible for deceiving the Cherokee Nation and helping them along the Trail of Tears.
I'm not sure.
It's Governor Ridge.
Well, your cell phone's cut now.
What we'll do is we'll break and come back and take more calls for our guests.
Just a few more calls for our guests, then I'll get back into all the other news.
Carol, is there anything else the feds are trying to do with the libraries right now?
Well, we certainly have the ongoing issue of the Patriot Act, and we were talking about that just a little bit earlier, and that continues to be a concern.
There is actually a petition effort right now to get signatures in support of legislation to amend Section 215 of the Patriot Act.
So people can go to the website for more information about that.
So that's at ala.org.
That's right.
Folks should really sign that petition.
We'll be right back.
Final second with our guest.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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They railed against the crowd.
Another ragtag band.
They laid their bodies down, my friends.
In a bloody war.
For liberty for their descendants.
Thanks to the renegades, we're free today, my friends.
America is America because we have our freedoms.
That's why we've been different.
Tyranny is the norm.
And now you have this attempt to clamp down on information.
We have the White House who's been caught editing transcripts, changing official transcripts of what the President has said on national TV.
We have all of these attempts to manipulate information.
And in a big way, they're doing that in our libraries.
And something I've talked about with our guests during the break is this attempted chilling effect.
We've had listeners who say, I'm not going to take certain magazines, or I'm not going to go to the library, or I'm not going to go online because they're watching me.
Hey, they're the bad guys, okay, when they do this.
They're not protecting us from terrorism.
They're trying to take our liberties.
They're using this as a pretext.
So we should stand up.
We're the good guys.
We should stand up and engage in our First Amendment.
Do you have any comments, Carol?
Yes, actually, I do.
I would say that, by all means, people should not hesitate to go to libraries because librarians, number one, believe in freedom of information for all.
And so we are doing everything we can to make information available and to protect the privacy of the people who use that information.
So I think that, and also the fact that, yes, we can say that the FBI has been in libraries, but it still is a very small percentage
Related to how many libraries there are in our country.
So I think the last thing we should do is back away from getting the information that we need.
And believe me, librarians are there doing everything we can to protect the privacy of the people who use our libraries.
I've got to tell you, firefighters, librarians, I've talked about this before, these are some of the real public servants that are left.
These are a few of the entities that don't treat us rudely, that don't treat us like scum.
And we've got to keep our libraries and our firefighters independent and not under this umbrella of Homeland Security.
It's disgusting to watch this happening.
They're now turning firefighters into spies and law enforcement.
It's horrible, folks.
Just a few of the last bastions of public service being erased.
Ron in New York, and then we'll talk to...
Darlene and Linda, and that's it for calls for our guests.
But Ron in New York, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, this directly relates to what you're talking about.
Last night on the program, the American Center for Law and Justice, whose principal organization for protecting the rights of Christians, whose logo was, We are here to protect Christian and constitutional rights,
Uh, whose head attorney is, uh, and leading spokesperson is Jay Sekulow.
Yeah, Jay, Jay, Jay Demon, uh, Demon Low, yeah.
Okay, said this.
We are, we have been, uh, big proponents of the USA Patriot Act.
We helped draft it.
We helped get it.
Now, this is quoted.
We helped get it through Congress.
It has been serving the country well.
Uh, then he goes into, uh, several issues, but the library issue here, he says, quote, the issue which seems to, uh, uh, uh,
Arouse the most concern is the sneak and peek delayed entry.
You can do it for drug kingpins.
You can do it certainly in the terrorism context.
The library record is again a huge misstatement.
It has to be someone already under investigation for terrorism.
Yeah, that's not true, and again, you look at this, this is the type of spin we see out of these people, and it's just thoroughly disgusting.
I mean, there are hundreds of cases of them using the Patriot Act against the general public, and non-terrorism related cases.
Let's get a comment from our guest, the president of the American Library Association, Carol Bray Cassiano.
Our understanding is that this law, and of course we've seen it happen, where the FBI can just request any records that they feel they want to request.
There is no real delineation of what they can request versus what they can't.
Also, as we were speaking earlier, they are not required to provide probable cause.
Indicating that the person that they're seeking those records about is committed to crime.
So that's absolutely not true.
Well, here's what he said also.
It has to be someone already under investigation for terrorism, related activity.
It's monitored by a court.
And it's already used in investigation for drugs and money laundering.
Yeah, we heard that.
So why not use it for the war on drugs?
Yeah, that's the same thing Bush does in his speeches and everybody else.
But listen, the point here is the national security letters are blank checks.
These searches are blank checks.
Go read the Patriot Act.
Seculo is counting on you not reading it.
Thanks for the call.
Just amazing.
Up next here, let's talk to Darlene in Colorado.
Darlene, go ahead.
Good morning.
I wanted to give a personal testimonial as to how important it is to preserve these documents for us to see.
Seven years ago, we were looking for a federal depository that would actually have President Roosevelt's papers on the shelf, along with all the presidential papers.
Every library we went to that was a partial depository
Yes, I'm here and you raise a good point.
Not every depository library maintains every document and that is because it's due to space considerations and other issues because
Libraries are providing this space for federal documents.
So, you know, you're right.
There are 100% depository libraries that have everything, and then there are other libraries that just maintain a percentage of what the government puts out, which is an enormous amount of information.
And again, for those that just joined us, Ashcroft is now trying to have public federal laws removed so you can't read them to defend yourself.
Okay, that's the latest news flash.
Darlene, what else do you have for us?
Well, I just wanted to add that in terms of being able to substantiate things that we hear and or are told, it is important that we're able to access these original documents.
And I would say that any librarian would do his or her very best to make sure you had access to that material.
If it wasn't available in a particular library, it would find out for you where it could be located.
Okay, Darlene.
Thank you.
Darlene, thank you for the call.
I love my audience, people who go to libraries, people who search the Internet, people who read books.
This is the old America, the America that made this country free.
That's great.
We love hearing about people who are reading and finding out for themselves about what's happening in our country.
That's what we do.
That's the subculture that this broadcast is for, and it's a subculture that's growing.
I'm seeing a major awakening, people getting involved, trying to find out about their government.
Are you seeing more interest in researching this type of genre, Carol?
Well, I would have to say we're seeing an overall increase in use of libraries just in general.
In the last decade, public library use has doubled, and certainly people research all kinds of things.
And I can't tell you whether it's government information, but they're certainly aware, and they want to know more about what our government is doing, current events in the community, what local government is doing.
So, yes, there's definitely an increase in library use and an increase in interest in just what's happening around us.
But unfortunately, it's a gulf, whereas half of America is getting dumber and doesn't know anything and doesn't know how many continents there are or can't find Iraq on a map, that I'd say 20%, though, is more informed than ever, just incredibly informed, and that percentage is growing, so that's exciting.
Last call for our guest, then we're going to let her go.
Linda, where are you calling us from?
Hi, Alex.
Okay, I have a question that happened.
Well, the library I usually go to to use the Internet, which I'm usually looking up, here's the website, by the way.
So anyway, I felt very comfortable because all you do is go check Internet and sit down and use the computer.
Well, so last week I went to the library I used to go to in another county, and now they take your name, they go in and look at what you looked up,
And write it down.
And my question is, one question is, how long do they keep that record of what you looked up?
Yeah, that's a very good question.
And libraries should not keep records for any longer than they need them.
And we try not to create or maintain any unnecessary records.
So for example, in my library system, we keep those records.
We will soon be shredding them every day, because we really don't need that information for any reason.
And I understand that's the practice of many libraries around the country, that every day we keep the statistics of how many people are using the computers.
That's what we really want to know.
And then we shred that information because there's really no reason for us to be keeping it.
I would lobby, you know, the feds and people are trying to tell the libraries to do this, and I would lobby to not have them do it.
I mean, it's really that simple.
Anything else, Linda?
Yeah, what's the difference in the two libraries?
I mean, is the other library going to start doing that too?
Okay, well, it's one county, one city, one state.
I mean, what type of libraries are these?
They're county libraries in different counties.
Everybody has a different procedure, and there is no standard procedure for libraries, but I will just say that
Well, it is standard practice for libraries to not maintain any unnecessary records.
So I think you would find that the vast majority of libraries, public libraries, whether they're city or county or district libraries,
Would not maintain records any longer than they needed them.
So you may want to bring that up with your library authorities there in your community.
All right.
I'll do that, Linda.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I want to thank you for spending 45 minutes with us.
Again, the President, Carol Bray Casiano of the American Library Association, ALA.org.
Can't forget that address.
Got information on a petition to throw out sections of the Patriot Act.
Got information on the Patriot Act.
Learn it for yourself.
Find the source documents.
And don't ever let Ashcroft start barring access to public laws.
I mean, this is getting out of control.
Carol, thanks for coming on.
My great pleasure.
I wish you all the best, Alex.
Thank you.
God bless and take care.
Well, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.
I mean, it just goes from bad to worse.
But the Library Association said, okay, well, why do you want us to get rid of public laws?
Why do you want us to cover up access to this to the people?
Why do you want us to destroy it or ship it back to you?
And they backed off.
See, government counts on the people not being informed.
And you talk to somebody who doesn't know anything about their government, and to them it's like, I don't want to know about that.
That's boring.
I just know about football and baseball and how to look cool and how to act cool.
Number one, it's addictive to be informed.
And we've just got to get people on that path, on that road,
And a lot of good things can happen.
I want to recap some top news stories and some other news I haven't covered yet, but let's go back to...
Andrea, who called in from Canada, and she wants to know about camps, roundup centers in Canada.
I don't know about Canada, my dear, but I do know if you do a Google search in the U.S.
for detention centers, FEMA centers, I have video of them in the takeover, Senate hearings, video of it with the Senate admitting it.
I don't know about Canada, though.
Go ahead.
Oh, well, that's exactly... I mean, I found all the information on your site and on other different sites that are similar to yours.
But I can't find anything here in Canada, but I know that the government's finding things because, like, just this past year, they tried to... They forced mergers of all of our small cities into one city.
Yeah, that's the regionalization, yeah.
Yeah, and then they rigged the demerger elections.
I don't know how else to call it.
They rigged it so that 35% of the population has to come out and vote, and then it has to be like 70% of the 35% has to agree to demerge.
So they're rigging everything up.
But to find any information or to have anybody like you down here, we don't have that.
And it's something that needs to be done because I see this happening.
Are there 18 million people in Canada?
Yes, somewhere around there.
Again, your population isn't even close to what Texas is, so the infrastructure isn't as big up there.
They've got a lot of different police state functions in place.
A lot of the similar things that are happening here are happening there.
But our population is so dumbed down, so cowed, and so pumped up of the government stories that they put into the media and stuff, that they just don't see anything.
Well, I mean, how big is your prison population in Canada?
I mean, people look for camps.
I mean, the prisons are the camps.
All of our prisons are basically filled to overflowing.
And so they're building more?
No, they haven't been building more, at least not publicly.
You know?
But I saw one site where it talked about how the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are being trained to be secret police, and they have lists of people that are...
Well, good luck.
We outnumber these people thousands to one.
And so if 1% of us stand up, it's over.
Total destruction of the enemy.
This whole thing is a giant bluff, okay?
All the globalists can do is blow up cities or release smallpox, then pose as saviors and hope we're all fooled by it and go along with them.
That's all the globalists can do.
The bark is much bigger than the bite.
It's like the MGM lion that roars, but it's a chihuahua roaring like that.
It's an illusion.
This whole thing is a paper tiger.
This whole thing is a man behind the curtain.
Oh, definitely.
When they start to ration off the foods and when they start to do all these things, that won't be an illusion.
That's why we've all got to be independent and self-sufficient.
Oh, definitely.
That's what the book of Revelation talks about.
As much as we're going to try to fight it, we also know that it's going to come about.
When did you order a Berkey?
I actually found a source here in Canada.
Oh, you ordered it from somebody else.
Yeah, well, because the shipping and the exchange rates from the U.S.
to Canada is incredible.
No, no, that's good.
You know, the Berkey itself is made in England.
The Berkey Light is what we promote.
It's interesting because I found, let's say, ten sites for the U.S., and there was only one place in Canada that I could find that was selling it through Canada.
That's interesting.
Oh, yeah, it's awful.
The government doesn't allow certain books down here.
Oh, believe me, I know.
It's awful.
Okay, good to hear from you.
I appreciate the call.
We're going to break, and I want to hit a few final news reports, and I also want to recap a few things.
I just hope that all of you will get my videos.
I mean, I've made ten great films.
They're amazing videos.
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Final segment straight ahead.
Stay with us again on Alex Jones, your host.
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I fell into a curtain ring of... Welcome back, my friends.
Arizona Police by Face ID Technology, officials from Arizona Department of Public Safety, have signed a contract with Imageware Systems Incorporated.
Hey, Stephanie, I'm getting a horrible echo.
I think you hit a button wrong there.
Oh, that fixed it.
Boy, I was... I could barely continue.
Officials from the Arizona Department of Public Safety have signed a contract with Image Wear Systems Incorporated that will allow them to conduct facial recognition searches on driver's license images.
See, they take the digital photos, then they put the scanners in the police cars.
That's part of the federal ID plan.
Got these photos.
We're going to post them.
They haven't been already posted, I've told my webmaster to.
Of an Alabama football game with
People who aren't even troops dressed up like troops.
Really weird searching everybody.
AP reports Pentagon looks to direct energy weapons like active denial microwave guns to give to the police departments.
Secret Pentagon proposals from MSNBC.
They wanted to attack South America and Asia after 9-11 to blame them with the attacks.
There's no end to that.
Also some of our top stories.
This is the New York Times.
Reports that led to terror alert were years old, officials say.
Three and a half years old.
I remember hearing about ALCIA, the plans to attack the World Trade Center before that, and then it was, oh, they're going to attack the IMF and World Bank and the Federal Reserve and the Stock Exchange in New York.
Turns out it's all fake as usual.
Here's another one out of the Associated Press.
Pre-9-11 acts led to alerts.
Also, Bush, again, wants a huge domestic intelligence czar that will be outside of Congress's control.
Meanwhile, on their economic announcements, the dollar plunged and oil prices rocketed to $44 a barrel, a new all-time global record.
Meanwhile, everybody's being conditioned to see police in black uniforms and machine guns and to be searched.
Other articles here all over the country of public demonstrations supporting Bush.
If five people show up with signs that say regime change in D.C.
or out with Bush, they are arrested.
No protesting allowed.
Just incredible stuff that is happening all over the globe right now.
And there is no reason for any of us to be putting up with this.
It is just so...
Classic, classical tyranny that we see developing and unfolding right now.
But the good news is, if we stand up and say no, they're not going to be able to get away with it.
And again, if you think you're going to serve this system out there, you think you're going to be part of this system, deep down you know this is all true, so you're deciding to join it,
I want to assure you, you've just sold yourself, your family, your birthright, and future generations down the river of total dehumanization.
The globalists are psychopathic criminals that must be resisted.
They enjoy dumbing you down.
They enjoy enslaving you.
They don't have a conscience.
They're psychopaths.
And they con good people through fear to be part of this new world order.
A new world order they denied even existed, but now it's so big and so out in the open, they're having to admit it, but put their spin on it, that it's there to keep us safe from terrorists.
So to all of our AM and FM affiliates, shortwave, internet, satellite, to all the sponsors, to you, the listeners, and number one, to God, I am thankful.
That I am able to be in this fight, that I am able to stand up against the globe and listen to the best job I possibly can, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support and all the great things you've done and all the people you've woken up and how you've been in the arena.
To all of you, thank you for being involved.
If you weren't out there doing what you do in small ways every day, we would be in much worse shape today.
Many hands make light work.
We can defeat the New World Order.
We will defeat the New World Order.
We don't have a choice.
We're inside this thing now.
And it's a battle for survival of the human spirit against the devil and all his minions.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.