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Air Date: July 29, 2004
2418 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
We are now into hour number one.
Of this Thursday, the 29th of July, 2004, live edition, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Thank you so much for joining us.
The websites are prisonplanet.tv and infowars.com.
Again, thank you for joining us.
Wide open phones today, and as usual, and an extra helping, by the way, of vital news and information.
Pushing Iraqis into river was ordered.
Now they've tried to claim it was malaria medicine makes the troops run over people's cars for no reason and kill and rape and slaughter.
But no, it's grounding people under orders.
Just randomly find some young people and just ground them for fun because it's all part of the freedom.
You know, I support the troops.
I support the military.
We've always had the best military in the world who's
It doles out the least amount of abuse compared to other militaries, but we cannot sit here and put up with this.
So we'll go over that.
Also, potential terrorists released due to lack of jail space, Congressman says, and we got a call about this yesterday, and they did send us the article.
It is posted on Infowars.com.
Middle Easterners with possible terrorist ties have been detained after entering the country from Mexico, but released for lack of jail space.
They're illegal aliens, but they just release them, said U.S.
Representative Solomon P. Ortez, the ranking Democrat on the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Readiness.
And he told the Brownsville Herald that.
We'll cover it.
Well, you saw 160 of the Mexican judicial workers get the chip.
They have to have it to go to work.
Now they want to make the police take it.
You knew this was coming from CNET News.
Under the skin, ID chips move towards U.S.
That's right.
You want to come in our hospital, you've got to take the chip.
There's absolutely no reason for it, but the chip, you've got to take the chip.
Another article here out of the Register.
Outbreak of RFID tagging at medical facilities.
They're moving ahead with that as well.
Just some of the news.
Here's another one out of New Scientist, the current issue.
Fighter pilots could command drone swarms.
Drone swarms.
And also, I want to get into Kerry and his fake war video.
And Bill Clinton saying he wants our guns and
Well, then I guess Bush will have to save us, won't he?
There's a problem.
Capitol Hill Blue reporting, Bush using drugs to control depression, erratic behavior.
Now, I have to tell you, everything I've ever seen from Capitol Hill Blue turns out to be factual.
I mean, they expose Bill Clinton greatly.
And Bush using drugs to control depression, erratic behavior.
And I have this from White House sources long before it was in the news.
Yeah, he's always been a drug addict.
Oil prices at 21-year record as fears grow.
Saddam could die before his trial.
Oh, how convenient.
Florida election officials oppose elections audit.
They say any type of record of how you vote and any type of audit is wrong and that we shouldn't ask for that.
That's right.
They just did their major test yesterday of the Florida electronic touchscreens and they failed.
But that's all right.
They're designed to fail and give you magic numbers, so we'll cover that out of the Associated Press.
And that's just some of what's coming.
I haven't even skimmed the surface of the information.
We'll be detailing here in the next two hours and 55 minutes.
Toll-free number to join us on air, 1-800-259-9231.
Went down to the City Council telecommunications meeting yesterday here in Austin.
Want to thank the hundreds of people that came out for showing up on such short notice.
And it was quite a circus.
We'll talk about that three-ring circus when we get back as well.
This affects everyone's free speech nationwide.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Watching snippets of the Democratic National Stage-Managed Theater...
Reminds me of why I hate the Democrats.
And of course, watching the Republicans will remind me of why I can't stand them either.
These are a bunch of elitists.
They sit up there, they lie, they spin, they manipulate.
Edwards, pretty boy of the Bilderberg Group.
Openly, the Bilderberg Group says he's the VP.
Internationalist appointing our VP candidates.
Tells us they're the party of hope.
They agree with the war.
They agree with the open borders.
They agree with the Patriot Act.
They agree with a giant domestic CIA running our lives.
But, oh, they're the party of hope.
No, you're the party of nightmare and darkness and dependency to the corporations that you work for.
So I do want to talk about that.
I mean, I put the call out yesterday, and we loaded the phones the whole broadcast, of course, but no one really wanted to talk about the convention.
Did you see Bill Clinton on Monday say that, why are we taking the cops off the street but giving the people guns?
By the way, Bush is not taking police off the streets.
We've gone from 300 and something thousand under Clinton to now upwards of 700,000, and Bush is shifting money from the COPS program that Clinton says will take 88,000 off the street, and he's shifting it to Homeland Security funding, so instead of just being gun-grabbing police funded to do that locally, they're going to be Homeland Security federal police, even worse.
So don't worry, you're going to be lots more swarming police everywhere.
That we do not need more of, by the way.
I take that back.
I mean, the cities have got far too many, and you go out in the country and you can't find a cop.
Or it's some multi-jurisdictional task force too busy doing drug raids.
You know, after looking at whose ranch is worth more money, hopefully they'll find some drugs so they can move into the ranch.
They actually have that happening.
But we'll discuss it also.
Just a ton of news here.
Microchips, troops being ordered to drown Iraqis, just...
On and on and on, but I aired this about a month or so ago, hadn't aired it in about six months before that, and people keep requesting it, so I won't do this for a few more months, but here it is, folks, and this is to all the renegades out there standing up for free speech, standing up for the Second Amendment, standing up for the Fourth Amendment, standing up for national sovereignty.
And for the hundreds, I don't know, it was over 100 people in the chairs and dozens and dozens outside and just jamming the whole place.
Over 100 people on short notice showed up at the city council building for the telecommunications meeting to try to stand up against the shutdown of free speech in Austin, Texas.
And so for all of you that showed up at the meeting and spoke so eloquently, and for all of you around the country standing up for free speech, this song's for you.
From Nazareth he came With a ragtag band To bring a revolution Some would make him king Others couldn't stand the net The cross was the solution But he rose again
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Without the renegades Lord knows where we'd be When it comes to heroes Renegades are mine They railed against the crowd Another ragtag band
Thanks to the Renegades We're free today Thanks to the Renegades
We're good to go.
Where are the renegades in the world today?
Who are the renegades in the world today?
Hang out for the renegades!
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Alright my friends, it is the 29th day of July 2004.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
As I said, wide open phones today on the broadcast at 800-259-9231.
Where are the renegades in the world today?
Who are the renegades in the world today?
They laid their bodies down for liberty for their descendants.
And if you don't feel a blood debt, and if you don't feel those oaths
Coming back at you, screaming back at you, whispering back at you from the mist of time against tyranny, no matter what corner of the world you come from, all of us, the commoners, the common man, the common woman, the common person, against tyranny and despotism, if you don't know that it's upon us again, if your guts, if your marrow of the bones don't tell you this, then you're...
You're blind.
Something's wrong with you.
You know, our troops have been told to be as abusive and vicious as possible in Afghanistan and Iraq.
And the military planners know that this will cause rebellion.
And they want rebellion.
That's why they've hired former torture lords.
From Latin America and Vietnam who carried these actions out to go there and to be the masters of this system.
And it's so sad to see this happening.
And remember the story of the troops pushing young men, teenagers, into water because they didn't, quote, show respect in watching as one drowned in the river?
This is out of the Associated Press.
G.I.s pushing Iraqis into a river was ordered.
One of the four soldiers charged with pushing two Iraqi civilians into a river where one of them drowned since he was ordered to do so and told what to say to officials looking into the death.
An Army investigator testified Wednesday.
Specialist Terry Bowman said he was told by his chain of command what version to give investigators.
Sergeant Ernie Bowman
Cintron of the Army's Criminal Investigation Command and during a teleconference from Iraq to the military convened a hearing to determine whether the soldiers will be court-martialed.
And it continues.
Bowman said he was ordered to push the man into the Tigris-Euphrates.
Cintron said it was not disclosed who gave the order.
Three of the soldiers, commanders, have received non-judicial punishments for their roles in the incident.
Well, that's pretty convincing.
None of those punishments includes jail time.
And then it goes into all of it.
Folks, we've played the audio here.
We have a video of them on the website from PBS where they think they've stolen three sticks of wood.
They bulldoze with the tank, the car, and laugh at it after they machine gun the vehicles.
I mean, what on earth is the point of that?
They go into homes and towns and arrest all the men down to age 11.
They run over their date palms, they run over their tangerine plantations that people are in subsistence for thousands of years living off of that.
Women sit down in the dirt and say, now I wait to die.
It is a hellhole.
Our government has appointed torture masters, killers, bombers, CIA officers...
To run the country, and they call this an elected government.
I mean, it is a joke, people.
Now, do I support Saddam Hussein?
Absolutely not.
I do not support our government training him as an assassin, putting him in, telling him to attack Iran, telling him to invade Kuwait, and then not taking him out of power in 1991 when they could have done it, then letting him sit there, have sanctions that kill over a million and a half Iraqis, 700,000 of them children,
In the next 12 plus years.
Then going in and putting most of the Bathurst back in power.
Now that's just the facts, folks.
And now they're saying we're going to be there 10 years?
And they've got their draft lined up for us?
When we get back, potential terrorists released due to lack of jail space.
Brownsville Herald.
A bunch of other news.
Your calls at 800-259-9231.
And again, the websites are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
Stay with us.
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Biological attack.
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All right, my friends, we're back live, and we're going to go to your calls now, and then we'll get into Under the Skin ID Chips Move Towards U.S.
See, it's materializing in every facet of our lives.
Also, RFID tagging in the hospitals.
Fighter pilots could command drone swarms.
John Kerry and his fake war footage and his staged event.
Bush using drugs to control depression, erratic behavior, it's all coming up.
Right now, let's go to Elizabeth in Texas.
Elizabeth, you're on the air.
Good morning, Alex.
I listened to a rebroadcast last night here in Texas of your show, and I listened with anguish because as a professional musician for the last 34 years and having worked here near the Austin area since 1984,
I have been intimately familiar with the people of ACTV.
I was on the Texas Music Commission for a while, the Board of Directors, and was instrumental in helping raise the criteria for broadcast on the public access channels along with Hank Sinatra and some of the ground breakers for the Austin live music on air scene.
Anyway, I think it's like a lot of other things.
People are so accustomed to what we have here, they don't realize what a gift it is anymore.
Since I wasn't able to go down and give a speech hearing about this too late last night, I will say this to your listeners.
What's happening with Austin Access, and you haven't given the report yet this morning, which I'm awaiting hearing, is indicative of a problem that's endemic here.
To our nation and our world.
Yeah, for those that just joined us, they just shut down AXIS TV in Houston two weeks ago.
They're shutting it down all over the country, and they're trying it here in Austin with this real slick packaging, but we really exposed it yesterday.
Well, it's a loss of another voice of truth, one of this few precious few.
It's one of the places where not only did my faith become increased
Due to the programming on that channel, but I heard about you.
I learned of you in 1998 for the first time.
Had that not been available to us, my political views might not have been provoked.
My theology might have not been provoked.
I certainly would not have the appreciation for the creativity and the radical thinking that
It's just another...
I'm just so upset about it.
It's just like talk radio being consolidated, Elizabeth, in your eloquent words, and thank you for the call.
And I will give a short report on what happened yesterday.
It was something else there at the city council meeting.
Peter in New Jersey.
Peter, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Yes, good afternoon, Alex.
First-time caller, good friend of mine, Ron from New York, calls you often and recently has put me in touch with
Things that you're informing everybody about.
I heard you a few months ago on Coast to Coast.
Absolutely tremendous.
Being a born-again Christian of almost 25 years now, I came up in the understanding of apple pie, baseball, America, so forth and so on, only to find out now through your tremendous knowledge of things inputting it to us of what's going on here and who's who and who's not.
And not only is it freaking me out as a believer in Christ, but what does one do being the national election coming up three months from now of this freak show in Boston and this current administration in Washington?
You want to exercise your right to vote, and who in the world, A, do you vote for?
Do you even vote?
Does your vote even count?
The freaks show up in Boston.
Are they going to be getting in from the globalist community just like the ones in Washington four years ago?
And the backup question to that, Alex, would be this.
Being a listener to Christian radio over the number of years, such as the Robertsons, the Charles Stanley, people like that, the very big high echelon of Christian radio listeners,
They're not even touching subjects like this, including things like Bohemian Grove.
So where does one go?
Does one put you on and listen to you for that information?
Well, I'll tell you what.
Two incredibly vital, complex questions.
Thanks for the call.
I'll try to answer them when we get back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I think?
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A caller, Peter in New Jersey, brought up some really good points.
All right.
His second question was, why would I tune in to the Focus on the Families, the Jay Sekulows, the...
The heads of the Christian Coalition.
Why aren't they talking about the New York Post admitting gay porn stars servicing the world leaders?
I mean, that was their headline.
Why don't they talk about how Edwards is basically appointed by the Bilderberg Group?
I mean, the New York Times admitted it a month after we broke the story.
But Jim Tucker...
Why do they say the Patriot Act is good?
I mean, I listen to Christian talk radio.
I mean, it's like listening to satanic radio or something.
It's just incredible.
I mean, the lies.
These men and women are not stupid, by the way.
You know, why are some of them saying, oh, the chip's not bad.
I mean, I've even heard that.
China's got to have forced abortion and infanticide.
You know, they've got a problem.
They've got to do something.
Then I'm bad for reporting on that.
You know, why is this happening?
Because, folks, they got all our confidence exposing Bill Clinton, the so-called conservatives, because what they said about Bill Clinton was true.
He was really bad.
But they tried to stay off the subject of Chinese generals and missile secrets.
They tried to stick to the sexual stuff and
You know, some of the lying.
Really, side issues.
I mean, they're important issues, but they're side issues for the globalists because then it doesn't implicate Republican leaders who were all involved in the nuclear reactor transfers and missile secret transfers.
Those are the Republican companies doing that with Clinton giving the okay.
They're sold out, folks.
I mean, Pat Robertson was writing books about the New World Order and doing a pretty good job until about, what, six years ago, seven years ago.
They've been told.
When they went after his 501c3 tax exemption for his TV network, I mean, what he owns, like, I don't know, it was like 15 different TV channels or did.
He sold some of them.
And they came after him, and he was about to lose that empire, so suddenly, you know, he backed off.
It's like NPR used to be decidedly what you'd call liberal.
Now it's, you know, really what you'd call balance in the fake paradigm.
Bush is good.
Kerry's good, you know, because they were told, hey, you're going to lose your funding if you don't start neoconning.
So all these groups have been compromised.
The so-called liberal media suddenly lies and propagandizes.
And the New York Times lies for Bush about aluminum tubes and Iraq and Niger uranium and CIA reports.
And then later reports how Bush is a liar.
It's just a joke.
So as the New World Order emerges, as it comes onto the stage,
As the horn of Babylon rises, as this begins, here in the final equation, in the final act of this deal, we're really finding out who was who.
And a lot of people just can't get past that.
Now, the caller says, well, who do I vote for then?
I mean, we know Kerry's bad.
We know Bush is bad.
We know they're really, for the same policies, just different rhetoric.
Who do we vote for?
Or should we even vote?
Well, about 32% of the country now has the electronic touchscreen systems in.
The majority of it is four different companies, all run by former NSA or CIA chiefs or deputy chiefs.
They are fighting to keep bills out of Congress like Rush Holt's bill that would have there be a paper ballot record for recounts.
They're fighting against that.
They're fighting against audits of it.
They're fighting against any transparency.
I mean, that right there is pretty obvious.
Plus, we have their own engineers quitting and saying it's a fraud, and they're caught with felons running the companies as vice presidents.
Defrauding elections with wireless modems entering into the machines during elections in 2002 and 2003, coast-to-coast stealing elections.
I mean, all of that is confirmed, folks.
But there's still a vote.
The problem is that 30% they can use that already to sway elections unless there's a really big turnout in one direction.
So we've almost lost our right to vote right there at that level.
There's still the ballot box in some areas.
There's still the jury box, the grand jury box.
Those are other forms of voting.
There's the soap box.
There's the boycott box.
There's different ways to vote and still have power and still have an effect.
We can vote with our minds and our actions by being a police officer or a firefighter or a government minion who just quietly doesn't follow orders, quietly doesn't violate the Constitution, quietly wakes up other people in their department.
So another facet to this is we focus far too much on Kerry and Bush.
And it is true that Congress has given up much of its authority to the executive, so the executive is the most powerful branch in government.
It was supposed to be the weakest branch in government, with the Congress being the most powerful, then the judicial, then the executive.
And the founding fathers said that.
Now Congress has been turned into the bald-headed stepchild, the Cinderella.
And the 9-11 Whitewash Commission blamed Congress for not giving more funding.
They only doubled it.
And not giving up all their authority to a domestic CIA that runs its own funding.
And so now they're going to go do that and give up all their authority.
They've already done it on trade, on borders, on almost everything.
But while Congress has still got some authority, you need to get good people into Congress, but then your state's even more important.
People in your legislature.
Your House members.
Your Senate members.
Your sheriffs, your county commissioners, your city council members.
And they may put in their electronic voting machines with their voter assistance bureau that's called for suspending the election, maybe.
They're the ones saying, oh, put these in in your cities.
Well, seven states have already said no.
Other states are moving to remove them, but then the feds put in injunctions and block that.
You're going to have to have a recall vote with a paper ballot.
You're first going to have to have a...
This is how you do it.
You're first going to have to have a recall petition, a paper ballot petition, just to have a paper ballot recall election on the electronic voting machines.
Again, just like before the Bill of Rights Defense League was formed, I said we need to have cities and counties throw the Patriot Act out at a Tenth Amendment level at the state and county level.
We wrote up the first proposal.
People picked up on it.
And now over 400 cities.
Now I think it's five states now.
Now Canada has moved against the Patriot Act because it even affects them.
I have that article today.
And again, I'm not even that smart.
I don't know why I have to think this stuff up.
But I've told you the idea.
If you want to write some articles about it, get it out to people, get it rolling, fine.
You're going to have to have a petition to have paper ballots.
And then you're going to have to have in that...
That a board will oversee the paper ballots, and that citizens... You know, let's say...
You can think of the ways to do it, but let's say 50,000 citizens in your city, if it's a big city, will go be randomly selected in a raffle, not a central raffle, but a district by district, and then those people are there counting the ballots with citizens that want to show up watching that.
And then the numbers aren't fed into a computer to tabulate.
Or it's over, okay?
It is over.
Already, the old computerized ballots, they were Scantrons and bubble sheets.
Those were fed through a computer where they could defraud things, but then there could be a recount, and they'd go back and look at the Scantrons, and you'd find out they cheated people.
They caught counties and cities cheating hundreds of times.
So total corruption, total takeover is upon you.
And that's why they're militarizing the police.
That's why they're trying to intimidate you.
That's why they're trying to say you can't protest and demonstrate or you have to do it inside a cage, inside another cage like Houdini with no news cameras on you.
They're doing all of this to send that message that you're a slave.
And so, no, I am not going to vote in the presidential election.
I'm not going to vote, you know, if I have a choice between Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, Bush is Hitler, literally, and Kerry is Stalin, or Mao Zedong, take your pick, I'm not going to vote for the communists or the fascists.
The cousins, members of the same secret group, run by the Bilderberg organization.
I mean, it's a joke.
I'll write in a candidate or pick a constitution party or a libertarian or somebody else.
But again, I personally am not going to vote because we don't have voting in Austin anymore.
All the electronic machines went in.
It's a total fraud.
And I've challenged them.
I'm on the record as saying this.
And this is the end of the road, folks.
And I think you should go out and protest on election night and hold up signs saying we don't have an election.
And write up little one-page printouts with the facts to hand out to people.
We've got to stop playing along with their game.
I mean, you know, reading the text of Bill Clinton, you know, it made me want to go vote for Bush.
But I have to remember, they're business partners.
They met.
His father and Clinton met.
They staged the 92 election.
They're in business.
Kerry and Bush, it's totally staged.
In 2004, it's just totally staged.
Just stop being diverted.
You know, the local average is like 8% of the population votes in local elections.
55% vote nationally when it's a big presidential election, like 30% when it's an off-year election for Congress.
It should be 100% for county and city and state if you don't have electronic machines, and then 10% for the presidential election.
It's a joke.
Everything is backwards, people.
All right, an important question.
Sorry I spent ten minutes on it, but let's go to James in North Carolina.
James, go ahead.
Hey, how you doing?
We've got that same kind of scam going down here.
We just had our state and local elections in Cumberland County and Robeson County.
I live in Robeson County.
And they already reported that at least,
60% of the people wouldn't show up to vote because they knew it wouldn't do any good.
We've had scams down here like you wouldn't believe.
Well, that's the thing.
You can type the name of almost any county in from any state and put election fraud after it, and it will be people caught doing it for decades.
Just look.
There's video in Florida in the 80s of the League of Women Voters falsifying votes.
They snuck in with a hidden camera.
The guy who shot it got arrested, and then now the League of Women Voters is arguing federally against there being a paper record of how you vote.
I mean, this is the freedom.
I mean, how much more obvious does it have to get?
Well, it's just like watching a few minutes of Democratic Convention and Illuminati and all that.
You can't win.
There's no way to win because people down here
There's a church on every corner, and they're for Bush 100% now.
Each his own.
But they don't even realize what happened when all this stuff started.
And they look at me like I'm an idiot, but I listen to you and I listen to other shows, and I can guarantee you that the people down here are just lost.
We've lost all our jobs.
You know.
Well, wait a minute.
Bush said earlier this year that export of jobs is our number one industry.
That's an actual quote.
And it's good.
And that hamburger jobs are industrial, value-added, high-tech jobs.
Don't you like your factory job at McDonald's?
Well, we don't have factory jobs down here, but I used to drive a truck and made real good money down here with local.
And all the yarn factories went out of business and went to Mexico or overseas.
And that's it.
They wiped us out.
Thanks for the call, my friend.
And I've even heard NPR giggle, and I've heard globalists giggle on C-SPAN, that Americans have had it too good, too long, and we're going to be brought down.
Yeah, but the elite's going to get even more powerful.
They don't want a middle class.
But the neocons have convinced the middle class that they represent them.
We're being double teamed by Bush and Kerry.
Let's go ahead and talk to Dan in Texas.
Dan, welcome.
Hey, Alex.
How are you?
I've been listening to you for a while.
I saw you in Crawford last March 20th.
Can I ask you a question about subscribing to Prison Planet TV?
Yes, sir.
Go ahead.
I think it was Monday, maybe Tuesday, I subscribed to Prison Planet TV and seemed to be having trouble...
Getting in to see the Matrix of Evil and 9-11 Road to Tyranny.
Is there a number I can call that they can help me figure out how to do that?
I'd say about 1% of the members have trouble when they first sign up.
It may be your computer.
It may be the software you have for watching movies.
And on the website, we have free downloads of the software.
We have Mac and PC enabled systems.
And Paul Watson is the customer service.
He does that via email.
And it says contact Webmaster Customer Service.
Click there, email him, and tell him what's happening, and he'll email you back and fix it.
And then my comment...
I found it interesting with the Bilderberg ticket that with what you see going on with the armed ninja guys carrying their M16s and the little internment camp for protesters and throw in on top of that on the convention floor that these candidates weren't allowed to carry their peace signs in.
They were confiscated, and then Teresa Hines, Carrie, gets up there and talks about defending her right to speak, to have her opinion.
It kind of seems to me that I guess what we conclude is that she has a right to speak and have her opinion, but the people outside do not.
Well, we now lock protesters in cages inside cages and aim M60 machine guns at them.
We now have helicopters swarming, men in federally issued Darth Vader outfits.
None of this has to do with freedom.
It's all to train us, because they've got a lot of horrible stuff coming down the pike, and they know we're going to riot.
They know we're going to protest.
And so they're gearing up over the last decade...
To oppress the population.
It's so obvious what they're doing, and it's disgusting.
Well, I haven't heard anyone at this convention address the treatment of the protesters outside and their right to assemble and speak.
Just kind of found that curious.
Well, the convention is a total theater.
Thanks for the call, Dan.
And thanks for signing up for 15 Cents a Day at PrisonPlanet.tv.
And folks just love it, and I hope people will go check it out.
Let's take another call here.
Rob in South Carolina.
Rob, go ahead.
Hey, Alex, I got a quick comment on the vaccines and everything.
Well, at school, like right now, they're making us take another one for rubella down here in South Carolina.
I think it's kind of sick with all the mercury they already put in them to dumb us down enough with all the brain kind of things, you know?
Well, yeah, we read the article a few days ago about they're going to give you an inoculation so you won't be a drug addict to the children, but it also plugs up the receptors in the brain for natural endorphins and pleasure.
And now the MMR shot has 250 times safe levels of mercury.
That's Associated Press.
And they're trying to force you to take more, and they're claiming it's the law.
No, it's the law that they can't make you take it, and they got a waiver.
But the news will lie and say it's the law.
Go ahead.
Yeah, definitely.
And, like, half my school already, like, I've had some really, really weird questions after my U.S.
history classes and stuff like that.
They don't even know what, like, democracy is now.
I'll tell you what, stay there.
I want to hear from you.
You're in public school right now.
Stay there, Rob.
We'll come back to you, then Tom, David, and others.
A lot of news coming up, and a guest for some Planet.TV, folks.
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You absolutely must see this DVD.
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The globalists know the levy is breaking.
They know that people are awake to their activities.
And so they've been preemptively gearing up the oppressive forces they need.
But many of those oppressors are waking up and realizing that it's their families, it's their future, it's their descendants who they're ruining.
I mean, I speak to people's most innate instincts to stand up against this.
You know in your guts it's true.
You can look around you.
It's now time for you to stand up and get involved.
We'll go back to Rob in South Carolina and Tom David and Melissa Gloria and countless others that want to get involved on air today.
We've got Glenn Spencer about the open border situation and potential terrorists released due to lack of jail space.
Yeah, sure.
Oh, the Brownsville Herald.
And we'll continue with your calls as well.
Plus, they want to put a microchip in you when you go into the hospital.
Just out of CNET News.
I told you!
Big technology publication.
Before we go back to the calls, though, folks, I'm not going to belabor this for five hours.
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Talking to Rob in South Carolina, a high school student.
So you guys have already had vaccines, but they want you to take more, huh?
Yeah, they just introduced these two now, right in 99, but...
I don't know.
It's still kind of creepy.
They say they're going to add more and more new ones to go to college.
You've got to have them.
Oh, you've got to have a smallpox shot.
You've got to have an anthrax shot.
You've got to have all these new shots.
Like my friend who graduated last year, they're offering him to get in the military now.
And then he just got this vaccination.
I don't know.
It's like creepy.
Well, you didn't take it, did you?
Well, no, I have to take it next year if I have to get there, but I'm going to try getting a religious exemption or something.
Sir, they have a religious, a conscientious, and a moral objection at the health department, and by law they've got to give it to you, and they've got it in the principal's desk, but they get federal funds for doping you up, and so sue their behinds, hand out handbills in class, warning people about the vaccines.
Go to the Brave New World, New World Order section of prisonplanet.com,
Or use searchinfowars.com, it's a website, to type in vaccine 250 times the mercury.
Take that into them.
Take them the ABC News article about the CDC admitting it's brain damaging people.
I'm already giving your videos out to friends I know, too.
Oh yeah, definitely.
Don't let them assault you at this high school.
Yeah, I know.
Can't let it happen, man.
Don't let them assault your brain, my friend.
All right, good job.
You keep it up, my friend.
All right, second hour, calls, news, guests coming up.
I'll stay with you.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Pressure from above, pressure from below, the false political spectrum giving you false solutions, fake choices, semantical deceptions.
The Democrats will give you hope, the Bilderberg candidate.
The running mate of Skull and Bones.
They're at the Skull and Bones coronation, as some have called it.
I mean, it's a joke, people.
The whole thing is a big, fat joke.
And they talk about hope.
They want a giant domestic CIA.
They want you in control.
The Democrats, the leadership, all voted for the Patriot Act.
They voted for it again a few weeks ago.
They want you to live under this.
But they want to talk about how they don't like it all day.
So you don't have a real choice.
What do we do then?
That's kind of defeatist.
No, you admit how bad things are.
You admit the enemy you're fighting.
You admit that it's an uphill battle.
And as soon as you admit that, suddenly it becomes a fight on a level playing field.
Coming up, potential terrorists are being released in Texas and other states.
Members of Congress say, and they're illegal aliens, but they're also just released.
But don't worry, the government's going to put protesters inside a cage, inside another cage, and aim machine guns at them.
So we'll get to that with Glenn Spencer.
Also, microchips when you go in the hospital now to be put in your body.
I mean, it's coming down on us.
See, folks?
But right now, let's go to the calls.
Let's talk to Tom in Florida.
Tom, welcome.
Alex, how are you doing today?
Good, my friend.
I have an article that I got off the Internet a few minutes ago.
My son did, actually.
It's from the St.
Augustine Register.
Publication date 7-14-04 by E.B.
Communist Party USA supports John Kerry.
I have emailed you this article.
It details how the Communist Party USA supports John Kerry.
And they are even giving a pamphlet out you can download and hand out in both English and Spanish called Top Ten Reasons to Defeat Bush.
And the article even talks about how
Remarkably, these planks are identical to those of the Democratic Party, outsourcing homosexual rights abortion.
And then it goes on to talk about Kerry's campaign.
His theme is, Let America be America Again.
And the slogan was borrowed from a communist poet named Langston Hughes.
And it's a very dark, gloomy poem.
And in another poem, the article goes on to say that Langston Hughes has written, he talks about
Goodbye, Christ, Jesus, Lord, God, Jehovah.
Beat it on away from here now.
So, incredible.
Communist Party, Gordon John Kerry, it's here.
Well, and at the same time, the U.S.
government under Lord Bush is actually helping put the Communist Party in as the new government along with the former Ba'athists.
Oh, absolutely.
So we have Bush.
I mean, literally, folks, we're not kidding.
The second biggest part of the government is the communists.
They're out there supporting him with red flags.
And then we've got Kerry, his cousin, his skull and bones mate over here.
Did you see the new American analysis of Congress where the only admitted socialist member of Congress is more conservative in his voting record than most Republicans?
That's terrible.
In this article, it talks about a Vietnam vet group took a trip to communist Hanoi because they had heard that there was a Hanoi Hall of Fame.
They got pictures of John Kerry in there.
Yeah, that's true.
They got pictures of John Kerry shaking hands with a communist official.
I mean, here's the article.
It's printed in the media just like everything you bring up every day.
But wait a minute.
They told me communists don't exist.
They only run half the planet.
They're taking over dozens of countries.
But they don't exist.
And so we get Bonesman Kerry, communist, or we get Neocon, Bonesman, Bush, and we have no other choice.
Vote for them and like it.
Thanks for the call.
Very well said.
And again, folks, it was the big banks that funded communism, that funded Hitler.
They create these things like wind-up toys.
In my book, I have Professor Quirrell Quigley at Georgetown University laying out how they control both sides.
We'll be right back.
As long as it's command and control, as long as it's tyranny, they don't care what flavor.
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We rip the Senator Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
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All right, my friends, David and Melissa and Gloria and Johnny and Kwame and...
Everybody else that's holding, we're going to get to you.
We've been going to calls quickly today.
I'm proud of that fact.
I'm breaking my bad habits.
There is so much news.
Now it's not just the judicial workers that are going to have to have microchips and U.S.
police that they want them to have them.
Now it's going to be if you go to the hospital, you're going to get one.
And there's just so much news.
But I had to get Mr. Spencer, Glenn Spencer, on from AmericanPatrol.com.
He's a great American.
He started out working in Native American affairs, trying to defend their rights.
He's a great guy.
And, you know, when you go out to one of the events that we put on, or yesterday at this telecommunications building in Austin, fighting the shutdown of AXS TV, I mean, I would say, frankly, to this show, the biggest majority, you know, of all the groups are Hispanic Americans.
And statistically, they are the most...
Valiant people in war, they win more of the Congressional Medal of Honors than anybody else.
Great patriots, smart, intelligent, wonderful people.
And we're not about to let the liberal media, the controlled elite media, make it a racial issue.
You know, it's like when we expose the Bilderberg Group appointing John Edwards, and then it comes out in the New York Times that that's what happened.
You know, used to, it's like, oh, that's code word for anti-Semitism.
No, it's the media that are the racists that try to make this a racial debate.
So when we talk about Mexicans all day, it's because the Mexican government wants the Southwest.
They're run by the big banks in New York.
They want to break this country up as part of the Pan-American Union.
And they're going to use the tens of millions of illegals to drive the wages down and keep Mexico enslaved and then enslave America.
And so I'm excited to see that most Americans, regardless of race or color, are against these open borders and the illegal Russians, the illegal Chinese, the illegal whatevers that are pouring in here.
But, again, we talk about Latin America because Latin America is the majority, and it's the border where the majority of people are pouring across.
Now, this article is from InfoWars.com.
It's posted on InfoWars.com.
It's out of the Brownsville Herald.
We have it posted there.
Potential terrorists released due to lack of jail space, Congressman says, Middle Easterners with possible terrorist ties have been detained after entering the country from Mexico, but released for lack of jail space, said U.S.
Representative Ortiz, the ranking Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee.
We're good to go.
The matrix system is watching all Americans.
We're losing all our freedoms.
But the borders are wide open.
It shows that it's a joke.
The war on terror is a joke.
It's an excuse to enslave us.
Glenn Spencer, thanks for holding during that long rant.
I enjoyed it, Alex.
But good to have you on.
You are the leader of the preeminent national sovereignty border defense organization in the country.
And Glenn, good to have you on to give us an update on what we're facing.
Thank you very much.
What's going on?
I mean, there's so much happening.
Let me tell you what we got.
For your audience, we'll tell you this.
We smuggled simulated weapons of mass destruction into the United States.
And we'll explain how we did that.
Really, it got started on the 16th of July.
I was listening to Representative Culberson, a Republican from Texas, on a radio show, and he explained that the U.S.
attorney in the Southern District of Texas had told him that Al-Qaeda, members of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization, had crossed the Mexican border and come into the United States.
Now, that was from a U.S.
attorney, a very good story.
Well, that set us in motion.
I decided at that moment that American Border Patrol, we're a non-profit organization.
We have two former chief U.S.
Border Patrol agents on our board of directors.
We're down on the border.
We operate at the border.
We know what's going on.
So I had my technical guys.
I brought them in and I said, can you guys fabricate a simulated weapon of mass destruction?
Sort of like a
Suitcase nuclear bomb.
They said, absolutely.
A high-tech one, yes.
And I said, can you take it down to the border and cross over and then turn around and bring it into the United States without the Border Patrol finding you?
They said, yes.
And I said, can you put it on film?
Can you tape it?
They said, yes.
So they did.
They got what they call a Pelican case.
It's a waterproof, high-tech suitcase.
And that's pure genius.
And they went down, filmed the whole thing.
It even had a nuclear and chemical warning symbols on the outside in color.
A big WMD.
And underneath it said simulated.
They put that in a backpack.
They then went down, crossed over the fence.
One guy with a camera watched the fellow.
He steps over the fence.
He didn't have to do much because it was broken there.
And walks, just strolls into the U.S.
and then goes over to the brush.
Now, this is in the evening.
Not quite dark, but it's getting there.
And he goes into the brush, takes his backpack off, removes the weapon of mass destruction, the simulated one, shows it to the camera, puts it back in his backpack, and heads north.
We then dissolve away.
Here they are coming into their safe house in Sierra Vista, Arizona, taking their backpack off and taking out the weapon of mass destruction.
Now, we didn't show the whole procedure because some of it, we didn't want to produce a how-to video for invading the United States with a weapon.
But obviously the next thing is you then load it in the back of the trunk of a car and drive it into Phoenix.
And we took it into Tucson.
But I'm saying you could drive into any city you wanted to.
That is correct.
Now, what we did, we did this on the 19th, Monday.
And then I was on television and I said, we're going to do it again.
And we're going to do it again and videotape it again.
And a week later, almost to the minute of the time we did it the first time, and within a quarter of a mile where we did it the first time, and the Border Patrol knows where we crossed, we did it again.
And this time we walked farther.
We walked five miles up to a major highway.
It took us three and a half hours.
We were in the major corridor.
Now, this isn't way out in the boonies.
This is a major known corridor for illegal aliens, and there is a Border Patrol presence.
And we walked right past them.
We never saw one.
We never saw one.
And put it into a load vehicle.
Now, this isn't somebody's station wagon or SUV that isn't suspicious looking.
What we put it in is a Dodge pickup 1500 extended cab that actually had been used by Mexican smugglers.
And it had been impounded by the Border Patrol, and we purchased it from the tow company that owned it.
So it was an actual vehicle.
Used in the past by Mexican smugglers.
So a known coyote vehicle?
A known coyote vehicle.
All right?
Glenn, let me stop you before you go any further.
I want folks to understand.
Protesters are in cages, inside cages, with M60 machine guns pointed at them, sending the message that protesting is illegal, and that you're bad, and they've got the Matrix system spying on everybody, and thumb scanners to get on airplanes, and children being trained how to load on buses as slaves, and all this stuff.
Meanwhile, there's 8,000 Border Patrol on the southern border, maybe 1,200 on duty at any one time,
They're all leaving to go be air marshals.
This is a joke.
This is a complete joke.
Of course it is.
We then put it, we let it stay in the safe house for a day.
We then put it in the back of another pickup truck and drove past.
We were skirted where they have a checkpoint.
You know, they have a border patrol that has a checkpoint.
We've used the road that goes around it.
And put the weapon of mass destruction in the open bed of the pickup truck inside the backpack, just open back there.
I drove into Tucson, drove into a parking garage next to the federal building, got out, put the backpack on, and walked up to the front door of the federal building in Tucson.
And you videotaped all of this?
And we videotaped all of this.
You can see it on AmericanPatrol.com.
Now, they went up to the federal building, and they had a problem with the federal police.
They stopped them.
Because they don't want them videotaping.
So the guy came out, and he said, we don't want you videotaping.
So he asked for their ID, and they showed him the ID, but he never asked what was in the backpack.
Did you pull it out in front of him?
But then they took it across the street and pulled it out and showed it panned from the federal building over and showed this weapon of mass destruction, which we had so-called simulated, which we had smuggled.
Now, this isn't funny.
Now, have you since heard from the feds?
No, not a word.
And I haven't seen much about this in the news, Gwen.
No, they put a lid on it.
They ran it in the local newspapers and TV the first time we did it.
And they slammed the door on it.
They don't want this known.
They don't want anybody to know about this.
I had an Arizona Republic reporter call me and talk to me about it two days ago, but nothing showed up.
We've had no calls.
Hey, Glenn, can you overnight me or send me that video so I can play it on my local TV show?
I'd love to.
And then also we'll put it on Texas Frontline because people in Austin need to see this.
Now, Glenn, how does this tie in and feed in with this Brownsville Herald article by Emma Perez Trevino?
She wrote the article about how even the congressman admits that they capture these Muslims pouring across by the thousands and are ordered to release them.
Well, let me just, of course, and Lou Dobbs last night had a program where they had this South African woman who was a terrorist.
She's a terrorist.
And they found her trying to get bored of the airplane in Texas.
She was a terrorist.
And in her bag, she had wet clothing because she crossed the Rio Grande the day before.
She crossed illegally.
She's a terrorist coming across the border.
That's how they do it.
The people say... Yeah, we need to get our troops back from Iraq and stick them on the border.
We'll be right back with Glenn Spencer and your calls.
Stay with us, InfoWars.com, AmericanPatrol.com.
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All right, I promise in the next segment, callers, here in about 10 minutes, we'll go directly to your calls.
We've got Glenn Spencer, and during the break I was talking to him.
He's going to send me a video of this so I can show it in Austin television because there's a news blackout on this.
It's been in the newspaper and on TV there in Tucson, but that's it.
This is very serious news.
You got a call from Nightline.
Tell them, Glenn, about the Nightline phone call.
Well, the first time we did this, you know, last week, they called me up, one of the producers, and said, well, this is interesting, but the first time we did it, we got past the Border Patrol.
We reached and met our load vehicle, but he had come inland, I mean, down south from the major highway, and
And the producer said, well, no, we'd like a more realistic test.
If you can make it all the way to the major highway and have them picked up at the major highway and then get it into a major city, that would interest us.
So we did it.
We haven't heard back from them.
And I got a call from a reporter at the Arizona Republic.
I gave them all the details.
I haven't seen anything in the newspaper.
They haven't been calling.
This is so incredibly vital and such a wonderful illustration of this horror, but, I mean, this is made for TV, taking the dummy nuke to the federal courthouse in Tucson, and, again, I tell you, it's... Well, I think what we're going to do next is we're taking it into a shopping mall
We're good to go.
They can do it.
Well, listen, listen.
A suitcase full of sarin, which everybody's got, a suitcase full of sarin in a subway or in a shopping mall will kill thousands of people.
And so, you know, forget just suitcase nukes.
Maybe with this dummy test, you know, fake drill, you could drive the thing all the way over the border into D.C.
and then dance around in front of the Capitol with it.
Maybe that'll get their attention.
No question about it.
Once we make it under the interstate, you can go anywhere in the country with this thing.
Just understand this.
There is not one mall in the United States that can be protected.
This could be done...
Literally, my guys tell me they can do this a thousand times.
Well, Glenn, look, this is the point.
They're telling cops, put Bar Bar around your courthouses, search the people, treat us like dogs, take our liberties as citizens.
But then every day I see an article on your site mainstream where some sheriff arrests a busload of illegals, and they're told, release them.
That's correct.
But then I violate.
The Supreme Court says I don't answer their questions I get arrested.
As a citizen, I have less rights.
This just shows all this fear-mongering, all this scaremongering.
It's for politics.
It's to get our liberties.
It has nothing to do with controlling our border.
Well, Alex...
I don't know how else you can just, you know, we do this.
We can do this every day.
The last time we did this, you know, Monday evening, we started out a little earlier.
The guys followed this riverbed.
They headed south, and what they normally do is when they reach the barbed wire fence, which is the border, that's when they turn around and start back.
Well, they never found the barbed wire fence because there was no fence.
They actually had to use their GPS to realize they were 100 yards or so into Mexico because there's no barrier there.
Now, it was still light.
It was 7.30 in the evening.
And they then walked north.
And all of this is on tape.
We didn't even have to use the night camera.
And they walked right into the U.S.
and brought daylight.
Now, how many miles into Mexico did you go again?
Well, we didn't go very far.
Only probably a couple of hundred yards.
But they didn't intend to do that because normally there's a small barbed wire fence.
But in this area, for a couple of hundred feet in either direction, there was no fence.
There's nothing.
You could drive a...
You could drive a... You know, they've had censors.
They've had censors since Vietnam.
They got cameras in my neighborhood, Glenn.
Every small town in Texas has cameras all over it now.
They could put up a 20-foot fence.
They could put up cameras with infrared.
They could end the illegal invasion.
They could end the destruction of jobs.
They could protect us from their so-called terrorist threat.
But they have no intention of doing it.
And this hot story...
It should be all over the newspapers.
There's zero discussion of it.
That is correct.
Now, what we have decided to do after doing this... See, when you say, yes, they can do this, they have the technology to do this, just as we prove very dramatically and very graphically that the weapons of mass destruction can be brought into the United States at will, we are also...
We're going to prove very graphically and very dramatically that the technology exists to close down that border.
Stay there.
We'll be right back and take calls.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
It's finally here.
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Folks, the global corporations that control the Democrats and the Republicans don't want to discuss the open borders, the Pan-American Union, the Union of American States, the end of our sovereignty.
Their own policy reports say they want to drop down the wages to subsistence, they want to get rid of the middle class regardless of what color you are.
And so that's why they don't want to discuss it when major polls show 80-plus percent of Americans, regardless of color, know that the open borders aren't a security threat, but more importantly, an economic threat.
We can't take on the whole third world, people.
It's simple.
We can't absorb 5 million people a year.
At its height, it was a couple hundred thousand back at the turn of the last century, and that's fine.
It's what makes America America.
But the government...
Glenn, we were talking during the break, and we're going to go to some calls here.
I mean, I was saying you should be on every radio show, every TV show.
This is major news, but as you said, they're running around turning off all the news valves.
Both parties don't want to talk about this, do they?
Tell us all about it.
The call went out.
They shut this down, and there are just a few sources out there that the American people have, and you're one of them.
All the rest, they're going to shut down on this thing.
They're going to throw a blanket over it.
They don't want this issue debated in this election, in this presidential campaign.
They don't want the people to know that John Kerry's national co-chairman of his campaign, Antonio Villaraigosa, and we have absolute airtight proof of this, is an agent of Mexico.
These are the things that they don't want.
Well, let me stop you.
Rick Perry in Texas.
You know, when Vicente Fox came to town, I actually shut down their press conference.
And I know you link to those news stories about that.
But it turns out that Rick Perry's head of Texas-Mexico affairs is a Mexican citizen and a registered lobbyist of the Mexican government.
I mean, that's illegal.
And then the activists in Houston who got those documents with a four-year request for the state open records, which was public documents, she was threatened with arrest if she didn't turn the documents back in and promise not to talk about it anymore.
And then we have Vicente Fox here giving awards to the city of Austin police and to the Republican Party and others for not following the federal law.
Can you speak to both those issues?
Well, look, it is so clear.
That the Mexican government is lobbying, they have, and every one of their consulates actively works to defeat every one of our laws to advance the cause of the Mexican invasion, and they are aided and abetted by our own elected officials.
I mean, this is one of the most incredible developments conceivable, and yet they get away with it.
We know that Kerry's bad.
Bush said that the biggest amnesty ever that would even pay to bring illegals here was not an amnesty.
Where is Bush now on that ridiculous statement?
Well, he's backed off.
And, you know, we're on a campaign to force the president to enforce the laws, the immigration laws.
We believe that if we can force him to do that, we will save him from himself.
He will be re-elected.
And so we may have to drag Mr. Bush kicking and screaming back into the White House.
Because if we can force him to enforce the laws, once again, I believe the people will vote for him.
And if we can force this issue on to the main stage, and people begin to look at John Kerry and who his wife is, and that she has financed the National Lawyers Guild, one of the worst
Well, look at Bush, though, and I've had Tom Tancredo on.
Bush has said, we're targeting to get him out of office.
I mean, we've got Bush targeting the only good Republicans we've got.
That's correct.
That's correct.
Well, again, Bush is taking his corporate orders.
I mean, we have to, Glenn, people need to understand, this is New York, this is London, this is the big brokerage houses.
They want to pet American Union.
And they want to use, you know, when our nationalism is bad, but Mexican nationalism is good to them, they want to use that to break off the Southwest.
It's kind of like a Montreal, you know, French Canada situation.
Well, absolutely.
It is the big corporate powers.
That's who runs the world today.
We know that.
But the only problem they have is that Mexico isn't going to go along with the joke.
If they think that they're going to merge Mexico with anybody, they're absolutely wrong.
Mexico is interested in annexing the American Southwest and placing it under its jurisdiction.
Well, to give folks an idea of how corrupt Mexico is, Glenn, they have more billionaires and less middle class than any other country in the world.
And that's ill-gotten, and now their judicial branch had to take microchips two weeks ago to get in the building, and now they're talking about making their cops take microchips.
What type of neighbor is that?
Well, you know, we can say things, I can say things, and you can say things, and people might discount it.
But did you know I have a videotape of a C-SPAN presentation by the World Bank and their analysis of the effect of NAFTA, and their chief economist,
Asked, why isn't Mexico advancing?
And they did this study, in-depth study, the World Bank chief economist.
And the reason he said Mexico doesn't advance is, number one, their failure to adhere to the rule of law, and number two, corruption.
Which we would not discuss in the NAFTA negotiations, even though Senator Patrick Moynihan tried to get the Senate to take up the issue of...
We're good.
That the power structure is more than happy to permit massive corruption in Mexico as long as they can open the border.
Let's take some calls.
I agree.
I appreciate everybody holding.
I know you're on a whole host of issues.
Who's up first here, Stephanie?
David in New York.
You're on the air with Alex Jones and Glenn Spencer.
Glenn Spencer with AmericanPatrol.com.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Hey, Glenn.
Yes, your experiences are further evidence that the war on terror is a total scam.
Well, anyway, I wanted to call about two quick things.
One of them was, I was just visiting StopTheFTA.org, and I was looking at the Rose Gallery, and it turns out that David Rockefeller was behind many of the organizations behind
Yeah, Glenn Spencer is an expert on this, David.
I'll let you comment in a second.
But if you read the tax-free foundations 50 years ago, they plan to use third world populations to break down the U.S.
And the Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Brothers Foundation, they're behind this.
Glenn, tell us about it.
Well, certainly they're behind it.
But let's also remember one thing.
You know, Mexico spent $50 million...
Lobbying Congress to get NAFTA passed?
$50 million.
The Clinton administration's trade negotiator sold us down the river.
There's no question about that.
But, once again, it's not going to be reported.
And Al Gore got up on TV and told us how great it was going to be.
That's correct.
Milk and honey was going to flow through the streets.
Go ahead, David.
I'm sorry.
And the really odd thing I found was that David Rockefeller even wrote a...
I have on tape many of the hearings, the NAFTA hearings.
I even have a debate between Senator Graham of Texas and then-Governor Brown, Jerry Brown of California.
Interestingly enough,
Everything that Jerry Brown said about NAFTA was right, and everything that Senator Graham claimed about NAFTA turned out to be wrong.
Well, yeah, Jerry Brown is the conservative compared to Graham, and I'm not joking.
Jerry Brown is a very honest fellow.
He what?
He's a very honest man.
Well, that's the thing.
That's why he's out of the Democratic Party.
It's because he won't play patty cake.
You're right.
Thank you, David.
Great points.
Melissa in Texas.
Melissa, go ahead.
Melissa, you're on the air.
Okay, she's gone.
Gloria in Rhode Island.
Gloria, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Gloria.
Hi, Alex.
Thank you, Alex, for everything you do.
Every day, every night, every morning, every minute of the day.
Well, thank you.
Alex, when I listened to former Clinton's remarks to the Democratic Convention the other night, I sat there and I said, okay, let me listen, let me listen.
I'm just listening.
It doesn't mean a thing.
However, there was something that struck me.
So I went to the Washington Post.
I pulled it up on the computer, and I have the text of his speech.
In part of the text, he refers to the Vietnam War.
And three-quarters of the way through his speech, he says, and I want to quote it.
It's only a few sentences.
He says, verbatim, During the Vietnam War...
Many young men, including the current president, the vice president, and me, could have gone to Vietnam and didn't.
John Kerry came from a privileged background.
He could have avoided going too, but instead he said, send me.
What we have, Alex, according to the interpretation I get from that, is a former sitting president, recently sitting, telling this nation...
That if you came from privilege, you don't have to be drafted in this country.
Well, everybody knows that.
Glenn Spencer comments.
I believe that Kerry did go to Vietnam voluntarily.
And then he brought a camera and then turned in Purple Hearts for scratches and stuff, basically a propaganda stunt.
Well, apparently it was that, but let's be honest with ourselves.
Those fast boats in the Mekong Delta were not the safest place to be in Vietnam.
No, I agree.
You've got to give him some credit for that.
Yeah, he took advantage of it.
He saw the political advantage of his position.
No, I have to say, compared to all the chicken hawks, these neocons, but again, it's all a diversion.
Kerry isn't even going to run anything if he's elected.
He's a puppet, and so is Bush of these corporations.
But that's not where I'm coming from, Alex.
Where I'm coming from is, yes, John Kerry did go voluntarily.
However, we have a president who is
Who is actually saying right out there, and as you say all the time, Alex, they say it right to you.
You're just not listening.
They say, and he said, if you come from a background of privilege, you didn't have to go.
That's correct.
That's a very good point, and I heard you say that, and I understood what you were saying.
I understood, too, Gloria.
Thanks for the call.
You can pull strings, and you can do anything you want.
Now, I don't know if there's been a statistical analysis of that that would hold water.
I don't know.
All right, let's talk to Johnny in Hawaii.
Johnny, go ahead.
Yeah, thanks a lot, Alex.
Yeah, I just want to report a couple of things going on here in Hawaii.
We have our own illegal alien problem.
We have illegal aliens coming in from Samoa, China, and the Philippines.
So that's one of our problems here.
Another problem is there's a government land grab going on here.
The city and county government is trying to take over all the farmers' land.
That's happening everywhere.
What they've done is raise their tax bill.
And this has been in the news for a week over here, but for instance, a farmer said his tax bill last year was $2,500.
This year it's $350,000.
So he has to sell.
And what I can see happening is... Let me guess.
They put in electronic voting machines and now suddenly this is happening.
They may do that in the next election here.
That's for sure.
Well, that shows.
I mean, no, no, listen.
I've had my property tax bill triple in one year while property values actually go down.
I mean, it's just pell-mell.
Glenn Spencer, comments about this?
Well, you know, what we have seen with these national monuments that Clinton turned into national parks,
The use of the National Monument provision in the law to essentially confiscate land, I believe this is going on everywhere.
I think what's going to happen is that they're just going to hold the land for a while, then turn it over to some of their big-buddy realtors and get a kickback.
They always know.
That's how the scam works.
Another thing we've got is the Carlyle Group is buying out Verizon here for $1.6 billion.
Yes, sir.
They want control of our own system here for some reason.
They're buying up everything.
Movie chains, radio chains.
Thanks for the call, Johnny.
John in Ohio, you're on the air.
Go ahead, John.
Yes, Alex.
I sometimes have to cheer and then...
I cringe when I listen to your program.
I was on the verge of trying to get some public access for some of your tapes, but I heard some things today that really disturbed me.
I think there's a real danger among conservatives like yourself.
When people call in and begin red-baiting using the old Cold War anti-communist red-baiting pretext for colonial wars abroad and repression at home.
Hey, John, John, you've called before.
I know you're a socialist.
You've told us.
Let me explain something to you.
The big money finances and controls both sides as long as it's command and control.
I don't know how you cannot figure that out.
The communists are in Iraq supporting the coalition right now.
Let me point out something to you, though.
Those communists are totally non-communist sellouts.
They've been condemned by every socialist and communist group in the world for selling out just as the others have sold out.
The American Communist Party that this earlier caller was mentioning was actually split from by all the honest socialists and communists because they always take this kind of lesser evil attitude that they have their unwanted...
Endorsement of the Democratic Lesser Evil.
John, I think you should go to a TV show yourself.
And if you don't want to put my videos on TV because we don't agree on some things, that's fine.
But I think it's dumb for you to not put my films on TV because we agree on some things.
I don't agree on the form of government you want.
I agree this current government is what you'd call fascistic, using socialistic systems to confiscate our wealth.
And then put it into the fascist pipeline.
Glenn Spencer, comments?
Well, you know, I mentioned the Communist Party because, you know, they're very active out here, rather out in California.
You know, Senator Alarcon, who was a state senator in California, his sister, was the head of the Communist Party USA for Southern California, and she was the one who pushed through the...
The Cesar Chavez California holiday that was all organized by the Communist Party.
They're still alive.
Look here, you're calling for the re-election of a man who has killed and slaughtered people, Bush, around the world, a man who is going to institute police state measures in this country.
This is opposed by every socialist, every leftist, every communist.
Who is advocating the re-election of Bush?
I do not.
You have said that if you can then at least bring him around on this issue, this will manipulate... No, no, I'm just saying... I'll tell you what, I'll tell you what, I'll tell you what.
Glenn Spencer's got an audio clip he's going to play two more calls.
Stay there, John.
We'll let you and Glenn hash this out.
When we get back, Glenn Spencer's our guest, doing a great job exposing our wide-open borders, and I appreciate him for it.
But you get your say, John, when we get back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
This information is absolutely vital for all freedom lovers in the United States.
Order your video today.
Call toll-free at 888-253-3139.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139.
Or go to my website, infowars.com.
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The Berkey Security Pack.
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We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
I think?
We have been working hard since 1988 to save the remnant.
That's HerbalHealer.com, your website for safe, effective natural alternatives and education.
All right, folks.
Clint Spencer has been gracious enough to stay with us another 20 minutes into the next hour so we can get to all the callers that want to talk to him.
Then I'll get into having to have a microchip to go to the hospital.
Just all this other news we haven't detailed yet.
We're about to go back to John in Ohio.
Then we'll go back to Melissa, John in Tennessee, just a bunch of other people.
That are patiently holding.
Just briefly, I've made ten films.
I've written a book.
I've published a book.
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Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Now, I want to point out that Glenn has documented twice that you can have something marked nuclear weapon, carry it in and out of the U.S., carry it into major cities, and the media is ignoring this.
And Glenn's doing a good job exposing that.
Now, John, who calls himself a socialist...
is arguing with Glenn about some issues, and John, Glenn, go ahead, talk to each other.
Well, Alex, I had called to respond to an earlier call before this guest came on.
What I wanted to point out is that I think there's a real danger, a tragic danger, of people who are doing such good work as you are doing, that the anti-communist vulnerability, Achilles' heel, the profile that the
These globalists can use to mobilize honest conservatives.
If they put an anti-communist label on these wars for conquest and domination, if they can put a red-baiting label on it, that some honest conservatives who are adamantly opposed to these pushes for police state martial law in this country and empire abroad may fall for it.
And I just feel that other...
Real socialist organizations like Workers.org, WSWS.org, who are running candidates, have no use for Democrats or Republicans.
Well, let me stop you for a second.
Let me stop you for a second.
Okay, because, and we've argued before about these systems, and I totally disagree with you on that, but Glenn is saying that if Bush wouldn't sell out the border...
That would probably get him re-elected.
Why won't Bush do that?
And we said because he's elite-controlled, just like Kerry.
I mean, I agree with what Glenn Spencer is saying.
I wish Bush would do something about the borders.
That's part of the corporate plan, John, is to get rid of our borders.
Go ahead, Glenn.
I don't know who has justified the war in Iraq, which is the big issue today, on the basis that it's anti-communist.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm talking about an earlier caller who called in to... I can't worry about that.
Red Bay Carry.
Red Bay Carry.
And, you know, the Communist Party has always taken this position of the lesser evil.
And that's why so many actual communist associations have split from the Communist Party, because they have, in effect, colluded with the left wing of the Democratic Party.
Okay, John, take care.
Listen, thanks for the call.
Let me just say this.
Your precious Communist Fourth International created the neocons.
Created the people running the White House right now.
All communism and socialism does is rot countries because it's command and control and thieves are always going to get into power.
Glenn, comments to this?
By the way, let me just say something.
If I can, I want to interject something.
I just got a call while we're on break that our Internet service provider has been threatened by Fox News.
Because we had some clips on there and we're taking them off.
I just got a call that said they may take us off the air.
They may knock AmericanPatrol.com, the most popular website in America on this issue, off the air.
Oh, Fox is... That's correct.
We know Fox is a tool of the globalists.
They don't want that nuke footage on there, do they?
Stay there, Glenn.
We'll talk about it when we get back.
We'll be back in 60 seconds.
Stay with us.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
By the way, in the past, Bill O'Reilly would talk about the border situation, the threat.
Now he's for the amnesty.
Now he loves it.
Because that's what the establishment wants, and Glenn Spencer had some clips of that on his show from when he'd been on the show, and it's fair use.
They're analyzing the media.
And now Fox News is trying to get AmericanPatrol.com shut down, folks.
And this is very interesting timing.
This fight's been going on for months and months between O'Reilly and American Patrol, but now they've got this footage of sneaking in a fake nuke.
It's their footage.
Suddenly this is kind of the excuse to go after them.
That's what I would guess is behind this.
Glenn Spencer, comments?
Two days after we did the first caper, they contacted our Internet service provider and said we had to take all of this stuff off of our website.
We took some of it off, but we would have to stop doing anything else, okay?
Because over the years, we've been on the air for about 10 years on American patrols,
We're good to go.
We meet every test of the fair use doctrine of the copyright law.
There is no violation of their copyright, but they're using their muscle to frighten our Internet service provider, and I just got a note handed to me that they're going to knock us off the air.
Take down AmericanPatrol.com, which is now featuring the smuggling of the weapons of mass destruction.
And that's what goes on, folks.
You see, they want the power.
They do not want the American people to know the truth.
They are going to... I have to get off here and try to see what I can do to stop this.
But they are going to take us off the Internet.
Because they don't want the American people to see this.
You are going to stay with us, but I'm going to let you go so you can deal with this.
And, you know, I hope that you can email if you do get taken down.
Send the files to other websites to try to mirror your site.
And, you know, hopefully fight against this.
But there you are.
You're fair and balanced, people.
They don't even want what?
Images of when you've been on Fox TV?
Just screenshots?
Not even screen grabs.
Nothing showing anything on Fox TV, which is complete nonsense.
Well, they tried to do this with hundreds of other outlets, and nobody's ever complained.
They tried to sue Al Franken for just saying the word Fox.
Well, there you are, folks.
There you are.
Well, just counter-sue them, buddy.
Of course, that'll waste your time if you try to expose how we're wide open to nuclear attack.
All right, Glenn.
All right.
Folks better get over there.
Get over there before they take us off the air.
All right.
Take care, my friend.
Well, we're going to have Glenn with us for some more, but he's in the middle of that right now.
You see how this works, folks?
Your good friend O'Reilly, your good friend Fox News.
And again, this suddenly pops up because...
They are over there showing the nuke footage, how you can sneak nukes into the country.
You think they want people knowing that?
Hey, you're taking my rights in my town, my city?
You're treating me like a slave, but the border's wide open and people can sneak simulated nukes in and bring them to the courthouse, the federal courthouse in Tucson?
You think they want that?
No, they do not want that.
They want to just scare the daylights out of you and train you how to be a good little slave.
I tell you, that is just amazing.
So what do you think of them apples, folks?
We'll come back and go to John and Melissa in Texas.
We'll go to John in Tennessee and a bunch of other callers here that are holding.
The toll-free number to join us is 800-259-9231.
And then I'll get into implanted chips to go to the hospital and everything else.
Stay with us.
And again, the websites are prisonplanet.tv, infowars.com, prisonplanet.com, infowars.net, and virginutah.com, jonesreport.com.
A lot of different websites.
So stay with us.
We'll be back on the other side.
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If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
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That's 888-253-3139.
Order today and spread the word.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
We are now into hour number three.
Eight minutes and 27 seconds into hour number three.
Let's go ahead and go back to the calls, give you a chance to respond to all this.
Melissa in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
Yes, I can.
Can you hear me now?
Oh, good.
Listen, this morning I was flipping through the news stations here, local affiliates in Austin, and forgive me for not noticing which one it was, but they said that as soon as next week, Austin Music Network will be moving into the facilities at Northwestern Avenue.
Yeah, and then on TV, Access Television and the board are going, no, there's no plan, we're not doing this, and then their own handouts say it.
Yeah, and the fellow Jeff here that called in on your show the other night and tried to say it wasn't that bad and nothing's going to happen until after this season is over, etc., they're doing this mid-season.
This is pretty interesting.
Well, what it does is it takes over the channels.
It regulates what you can say and do.
Now, visualize in your mind, Melissa, were you watching cable?
Were you watching broadcast?
This was probably, it was either NBC morning, you know, KXAN, I think.
I'm not sure which pretty face was telling me the wonderful news, but it was either NBC, KXAN local news, or CBS, you know, the Fred Cantu broadcast.
Yeah, they're in there announcing that it's a done deal.
And don't worry, we're going to control your speech, and you're going to have one channel for free speech instead of three, and then later, you've got to just ride out in the open.
Well, it's always something.
Hadn't even gone to the city council yet.
They're just doing it.
Just Palmel.
I don't know what to do to stop it.
I mean, no matter what people do, they just keep kind of like those army ants that you watch on the Discovery Channel.
They just take over.
Well, they've got our resources, you see.
They own and run our lives.
And now to really get us to be prisoners, not just slaves, they've got the threat of terrorism to hold over our heads.
I'm not very good at lickin' boots.
I don't know what I'll do.
So what exactly did they say on the newscast?
That as soon, as early as next week, Austin Music Network will be moving into Access Television Studios.
And again, it has nothing to do with free speech, but they said the music, yes, we're taking over the channels.
Don't worry, you can have music.
Yeah, boy.
And it's not even that good.
Well, we had hundreds of people show up yesterday, and...
It was incredible.
I mean, just 99% of people against it, in their face, eloquent arguments against it, and then, oh no, we're not doing anything, as the printouts said they were taking over.
I mean, it's like there is no Patriot Act 2.
Next day there is a Patriot Act 2.
Next day, we never said there was, and the bill's introduced.
You know, it's just... We must be dealing with alternative universes here, because they seem to be on a different plane.
They say one thing and do another, and we...
We try to act in an honest and fair manner, and they just break all the rules, even as far as language.
Well, it's like, there are weapons of mass destruction a hundred times.
Then, we never said there were weapons of mass destruction, and then, oh, see, we found the weapons of mass destruction.
I mean, it's just, it's cuckoo.
But the average person is so unconscious, just kind of halfway listening, it's, okay, all right.
Well, yeah, and, you know, this is,
There's a verse in the Bible that talks about those that are the wicked ones are deceiving and being deceived.
So they believe that what they're doing is truthful and honest as they deceive others.
It's grotesque.
Well, it looks like legal action is in order, and I'm still researching the best avenues for that.
That's what they're going to do down there at Access.
They're going to trespass.
Come in and start taking over.
Well, that's it.
And again, no city rule, no charter.
No, I know they were announcing.
They'd get up and go, well, we've made the decisions and it's happening and nothing's happened and you're going to like it.
And they had city printouts that said ACTV being taken over.
And then I'd say, ACTV, and they'd go, there's no, I had a city attorney walk over and go, where is ACTV on there?
And I said, right here at the top of the page.
No, it's not.
I said, it's right there.
I mean, it was like, I mean, this is like 1984.
It was like being in a room with O'Brien, and I'm Winston, and, you know, he's telling me, no, I'm holding up five fingers, and Winston's like, no, you're holding up two.
And it's just, I mean, whoa.
Well, continue on, Alex.
What else can we do?
Well, they're going to have a lot of fun with us once we don't have TV to fight them.
Well, I know.
But I want to commend everybody that showed up.
Oh, also, they said come to the producer forum about this on the 12th of next month.
Just so happens to be the same night when the city council is going to be ruling on this.
Oh, come over here and talk to us.
Ha, ha, ha.
Oh, geez.
I mean, oh, yeah.
I mean, how dumb, and a bunch of people will be fooled by that and go to the producer meeting.
Oh, God.
Yeah, I mean, it's all just, really, these are tactics you use on game, like when you're hunting them or something.
They're like hunting us.
They use these systems of deception and warfare on us.
Bait and switch, everything else.
Put some feed corn down, fool them, and then sit in your front porch and shoot them.
Yeah, that's the way to do it.
And again, folks, she's using an analogy as if we're the deer and they're the hunters.
But I want you to understand, this city attorney walked over while I'm sitting there, while the hearing's going on, after I'm giving a speech, and says, what city document do you have saying they're taking over AXS TV?
And I had another document in my hand.
He goes, no, that's a press release.
I said, no, no, no, this is the city of Austin.
Here's the website.
Here's the print-off.
It says, you know, reorganization, takeover, see, ACTV, see that?
And he said, no, I don't see it.
And he just kept smiling like he was intimidating me.
I just started laughing at him and shoved a camera in his face.
And then he, in like some type of weird neurotic behavior, passed gas on me and then walked off.
So he was using chemical warfare on me.
No, I'm not kidding!
These people, they're not even human.
This is gross.
I'm sorry to have to tell that.
But it tells people exactly what we're dealing with.
How grotesque.
Well, I can't believe I just told that story I've been wanting to all day.
I actually heard it, looked at it, and you smiled, walked off.
I was almost nerve-gassed by it.
Everybody was going, oh!
Oh, dear.
What has happened to this country?
Oh, well.
They're chemically attacking us.
All right.
Thanks, Melissa.
Take care.
Oh, man.
That really happened, folks.
That really happened to me.
And it's just unbelievable.
There, I've told the story.
It's true.
These people are a bit of hell, folks.
Let's go ahead and talk to John in Tennessee.
John, go ahead.
Thank you, Alex, for taking my call.
Before I get to the point of my call, I want to say, first of all, thank you for the work that you put into your radio program and all that you do.
Thank you.
I must have had a good pastor as a young child back in 1963 because I remember being taught this in church, that this was coming.
And everything that the man said is coming true.
The reason for my call is I was on vacation last week.
I left the state.
I came home, went to work today, talked to a friend, and apparently there's been a SUV exploded behind Opry Mills Mall in Nashville sometime last week.
It was a gentleman.
Apparently he sent his family away.
I don't know if he was Middle Eastern descent or where he was from, but they cannot find the family.
He didn't know what he was doing with the bomb or something.
It was a failed attempt, but it exploded the SUV to pieces.
I haven't heard it.
Well, see, that's the type of real terror attack you'll see.
Uncoordinated, low-level, soft target.
You know, NORAD standing down and jets T-boning buildings.
Public officials being warned not to fly.
That's the government.
But we are at danger of copycats hearing all this and really thinking Al Qaeda is fighting the New World Order.
I didn't hear about that.
Can you send me the article?
Well, it wasn't an article.
I guess it was on local television news, and that's why I was calling you to maybe get you to check in with the NBC affiliate or the Nashville newspaper or something.
I haven't heard anything about it.
Either locally or nationally.
And granted, the convention's going on this week.
Everyone's eyes and ears are on that joke.
But it's being kept quiet here in Nashville.
Well, we had the cop reportedly planting the pipe bomb in New York last week, so who knows what's going on.
Well, all right.
Again, one more thing.
You know, the previous caller, Melissa, I guess, was saying that she was drawing some biblical parallels and whatnot to this.
You know,
For us to be thinking in a conspiratorial fashion or believe that there's evil in this country or shadow government or the Illuminati or globalism, we are looked at as being kooks.
And what I would like to tell people is that another passage in the Bible says that spiritual things, and this is spiritual, are foolishness to those that aren't spiritually minded.
And you're not going to be able to be spiritually minded without the leadership of the Holy Spirit
Can't have that without Christ.
This is all interesting.
It's all exciting times that we're living in.
I'm not saying force to give up.
But I would say to anyone that's listening that isn't sure of what would happen if they're in the middle of this time, help me be ready to look to get sure.
All right, thanks for the call, my friend.
I agree with you.
Listen, the world is nothing but a history of abuse and enslavement.
We're good to go.
I don't know, but this is interesting news.
I actually know Melissa.
She's a good source of news.
If she says this was on local TV, I believe it.
They were talking like it was going to happen next week, and then would say, we're not doing anything.
Shut up, you're a liar.
And then attack with chemical weapons is what they would do.
Yes, sir.
It's finally here.
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until 2 p.m., and then back from 9 a.m.
to midnight, we're here, folks.
Old-time Central Standard.
I'm going to cover some news now, then we'll come back and go to George and Linda and David and William and Randy and everybody else that is patiently holding.
This is out of CNET News.
Under-the-skin ID chips move toward U.S.
Remember, the Mexican government was getting them two weeks ago.
Verichip, the company that makes the radio frequency identification RFID tags for humans, has moved one step closer to getting its technology into hospitals.
The Federal Drug Administration issued a ruling Tuesday that essentially begins a final review process
That will determine whether hospitals can use RFID systems from the Palm Beach, Florida-based company to identify patients and or permit relevant hospital staff to access medical records.
See, you've got to have a chip to use the computers.
That's just like in Mexico.
They're going to make cops have it to use a gun.
Folks, I'm not kidding.
I've had the people from the company on.
Said Angela Fulcher, Vice President of Marketing for DemonChip, I mean Verichip.
And it says, a VeriChip sells 11mm RFID tags that get implanted in the fatty tissue below the right tricep.
When near one of VeriChip's scanners, the chip wakes up and radios an ID number to the scanner.
If the number matches an ID number in database, a person with a chip is under, his skin can enter a secure room or complete a financial transaction.
It is used instead of other biometric applications, such as fingerprints, Fulcher said.
Yeah, there's no reason to have the chip, folks.
The approval process does not center on health risks or implications.
Fulcher said Verichip can already sell implantable RFID chips in the United States for standard security applications in the financial market.
Oh, the company's basic technology has also been used in animals for years.
Oh my gosh.
So I hope you enjoy that, folks.
Oh, you can work here.
Just a quick little procedure and get your chip.
Another article here out of the Register about how the Jacoby Medical Center in New York is tagging patients with RFID chips in a pilot project run with Siemens Business Services, a German company.
The chips are incorporated into the wristbands issued when a patient is admitted.
And it goes on and on, conditioning you there.
Fighter pilots could command drone swarms.
This is out of the new scientist.
Jet fighter pilots could command a whole swarm of planes from the air using systems developed by a British aerospace company.
Formerly, UK Government's District Defense Evaluation and Research Agency has developed technology that would allow a pilot to control a fighter aircraft during a mission without needing to constantly keep a check on them.
So far, the system has been demonstrated as part of a new simulator developed by Quint IQ, modeled on the Eurofighter.
The system allows a pilot to program a group of up to five unmanned planes to perform a simple task like searching an area for enemy vehicles.
The unmanned aerial vehicles under the pilot's control use software agents.
To carry out their mission, these agents are given a goal to find enemy targets, for example, and can independently deal with the various variables involved.
They say within 2010, most of the fighter aircraft will be drones alone, and it'll get worse and worse, and then a few globalists can control these robotic armies, and no, we're not talking about iRobot folks.
They can fly them into buildings with just a few people controlling it, and then say it was terrorists, they can do whatever they want.
Stealthy bombers.
The UAVs have to be intelligent enough to do the right things without having to refer to a human operator, says John Platt, technical manager for air vehicles at Quint IQ.
In case of a search and destroy mission, the unmanned aerial vehicle would locate a potential target and send a message, image of it back to the pilot, who could give the command to attack it or continue to search.
But a pilot could also override the UAV's behavior
Autonomous behavior and even control individual planes by hand if necessary.
If the link between the UAVs and the fighters should fail, they must also be able to continue their mission independently or return to base.
But they can't fly jetliners in the planes by remote control.
From micro spies to stealthy bombers, UAVs are making the vision of unmanned aircraft
Aircraft a reality, says Peter Brickett, managing director of the spin-off company that developed the simulator called Q-Sim.
And it says it brings to the future the life of combat environment where a fast jet is controlling a whole package of UAVs, thereby delivering greater firepower and reconnaissance ability.
And that's the future, folks.
And they say they're going to have these watching us in our cities.
We'll come back, take some of your calls, and then get into... Carrie, film director, the bullets in the water were not from an actual event.
It's staged.
Of course it is.
Plus, using drugs to control depression, erratic behavior.
Oil prices surge to 21-year record as fears grow.
It's all coming up, but your call's first when we get back.
So stay with us.
PrisonPlanet.tv, Infowars.com, and PrisonPlanet.com are the websites.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, folks, we've got about, what, 26 and a half minutes left and a lot of key info to cover.
We're about to go to your calls, but first, Debbie Morrow comes up a few times a week with us.
New Millennium Concepts.
They can try to control our lives and try to put poison in our food and our water.
They can try to dumb us down, force vaccines on us.
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Debbie, good to have you on with us.
Hi there, Alex.
Thanks for having me.
It's always a pleasure.
It's always good to have you up with us.
I appreciate it.
So, boy, that was an interesting segment that you were just going over.
It was very good.
Oh, all the high-tech stuff?
Yeah, it was really interesting.
I was enjoying listening to you.
You know, we're really coming towards the end of the month here, a couple more days, and we'd really like to get those sales in for you so we can continue, as we always do, helping all of your listeners have good health through keeping poisons out of their system.
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Give Debbie a call.
Well, thank you.
Leave your name and number if you get my machine, and I will get back with you.
And it's always a pleasure, Alex.
Well, Debbie, it's always good to have you on.
Also, you still have the sports bottle special.
Now, this isn't a purifier.
It's a filter.
What are the specials on that, Debbie?
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Debbie, thanks for coming on.
Oh, thank you, Alex.
Y'all have a nice day.
You have a good weekend.
I know it's Thursday, but we'll be talking to you again until next week.
And also, you can go to BerkeyWater.com and link through and just put in the comments section that it's an Alex Jones special and what free gift you want, or do that at InfoWars.com.
Let's go back to the calls quickly, get to everybody.
Oh boy, who's up next here, Stephanie?
I get confused.
George in Texas.
Go ahead, sir.
Thanks for holding.
Hello, Alex.
Can you hear me?
Yes, sir.
This is George and Bernard, not George and Austin.
Sorry about that.
Okay, sir, go ahead.
I was calling to let you know I've been listening for a long time, and I think the most important radio interview you just had was with Glenn Spencer.
The fact that somebody could bring a big suitcase into this country, unopposed, with the words nuclear weapon or nuclear device written all over it,
And they brought it into the country, and they can deliver it anywhere in this country.
And our politicians are doing absolutely nothing to protect us.
Well, because they know there's a real terror attack, it's going to be the globalists doing it.
I mean, you may have a few spotty attacks by Muslim copycats, but the real attacks are globalist-controlled.
And all this security has nothing to do with terrorists.
It's about letting us know that the government is our owner.
Well, in any event, Michael Badnerik, the libertarian candidate for president, is holding his birthday party in Austin on Sunday.
I don't know if you got a press release on that or not.
I had heard about this momentous event.
Well, I was wondering if Glenn Spencer plans on overnighting a video copy of what he's got to you, is it possible for you to attend that event?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're down to the last wire here pretty soon, Alex.
Yeah, well, again, I told you, the presidents have already been chosen.
It's a puppet situation.
The power is at the county, state, and city level.
That's where we can effect change.
They divert us with everything being on who's going to be president.
Thanks for the call.
Meanwhile, we have thousands and thousands and thousands of municipalities and districts and all these places we could take control and block the globalists.
But we don't do that.
We obsess on who the chief is going to be.
And I'm not bashing you, sir.
I mean, I think the presidency is important, but Baden-Erik doesn't have a snowball chance in hell, even if he got 100% of the votes.
It's a staged event, folks.
But I think it's good that he's out there to get the word out and have alternative ideas and views.
Let's go ahead and talk to Linda.
Linda, where are you calling us from?
Is Glenn Spencer part of Ranch Rescue?
Is Ranch Rescue still in business?
I haven't talked to him in a few months, but yeah.
Well, I'd like to ask about the guys that they were trying to help down there on the border of Arizona, right next door to the new Arizona Border Patrol complex.
He had a ranch.
Yes, we've had him on.
I know you have, and I can't remember his name.
But is he still in jail, or is he back protecting his place?
I haven't looked at that in a while, and I'm having a weird moment, too.
I can't remember his name.
And, you know, they had really come at him with Humvees and Mexican Federales and threatened his life, and the FBI threatened him.
And I thought maybe he was still in jail.
That's right.
All one big happy family.
Last time we had him on, he wasn't.
I know.
I know.
And I'm asking about him.
I think that we should keep him in our thoughts.
No, I think we should too, yeah.
And anyway, I am just a Midwesterner who is totally against this open border to let the enemies of this country in and to shut down free speech here.
Well, it's all about getting a giant mass in here that will pull the lever for gun control and get in there and vote for all this police state.
It's amazing.
Thanks for the call.
Good to hear from you.
David in Illinois.
Thanks for holding.
David, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, it was just like you were talking before about the technology and the DARPA working with the project transformation so they can turn the military into their new Praetorian Guard.
But I kind of got riled up, you know, when the socialist guy came in.
Because the way I see it, you know, we never really got out of feudalism.
In America, we basically have some sort of neocorporate feudalism.
And, you know, saying, well, I don't want that kind of feudalism.
I want socialistic, you know, state corporate feudalism.
That, to me, is just like... Well, you know, that's what these bleeding-heart socialists never get, is that any command-and-control system brings you tyranny.
Yeah, and the social system that they espouse were...
If the state's going to run the corporate level, it's just a fast track to tyranny.
Well, we already have that.
We have the corporations that run the government, and the government that runs the corporations, this symbiotic relationship.
The only way to cut that off is to shrink the size of government.
Then the corporations won't have the big mechanisms.
We don't have communism or fascism or Easter Bunnyism.
What we have is organized crime working through any command and control system they can to centralize power and control.
Yeah, exactly.
And they're basically, you know, with the transformation project they got running, you know, they basically say, you know, we're trying to reinvent the military and make it a new revolutionary thing, which, you know, basically, if you make something new, you have to tear down the old.
And what I see from the Iraq thing, you know, that they're just trying to destroy the first part of the Second Amendment, the well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of the free state.
They're blaming it all on the reserves, which really isn't so much even our militias.
We really don't have militias anymore.
We've been taught, oh, that's bad.
I hear you.
I appreciate the call.
Good call.
Let's talk to William in Oregon.
William, go ahead.
Hello, William.
You're on the air.
He's gone.
Next up, Jeff in Texas.
Jeff, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
First of all, I wanted to say how much I appreciate everything that you're doing.
Well, I appreciate you guys.
Go ahead.
I'm a combat veteran from the first Gulf War, and I was given a bad conduct discharge when I told them I was sick and they wouldn't do anything about it.
I was given an experimental anti-serum gas pill, among other inoculations.
I'm doing a lot better now.
But really what I'm calling for is I would really like to help you.
I would like to do some work with you.
Can I volunteer some time?
Is there anyone I can talk to about maybe doing some research for you or just generally helping out?
Because I feel like I'm not doing what I'm supposed to be doing if I'm not helping.
Well, sir, I get about 50 people a day that want to volunteer.
And I don't have the money or the infrastructure
Or the system to put people to work who I would even pay or have them volunteer.
I would challenge you to start your own website, to start your own Axis TV show, to start your own local newspaper.
I would challenge you to be a leader and to go out there and fight the New World Order.
That's what we need.
We need more people to get out there, to use a military term, to force multiply to go out and train and lead others.
Well, that is my intention.
I just...
I haven't had the guidance in the past, and most of the information I have has been gleaned through reading between the lines and listening between the lines of the media.
There's not many people out there that are as well-informed as you are and have a motivated agenda.
I plan on doing that myself.
You're such a motivating force.
I appreciate that, Jeff, but listen.
My agenda is just getting people to think for themselves.
My agenda is getting people to look around them and to analyze things
Well, absolutely.
And that is my intention.
Also, I have a large group of friends that are like-minded here in Austin.
If you...
If you need, you know, a base group to come to, like... I didn't hear about the meeting last night until this morning, or I would have been there.
Yeah, I mean, it was all organized spur of the moment.
We had, I don't know, over 100 people showed up at the telecommunications meeting, and they said, we're shutting down AXS TV, taking it over, taking over free speech, but we're not taking it over and not taking your free speech.
You're a conspiracy theorist.
And then now, Melissa, who's a friend of mine and who's volunteered, who I know well, says she saw it on local TV, they announced that it is happening.
I mean, just new levels.
Just stay tuned to the radio show, stay tuned to the TV show, and get involved in your community.
That's the bottom line, my friend.
Well, if it weren't for my experience in the military and also what happened to my father, I didn't find out until 20 years later after I got out.
But if it weren't for that, it would be difficult for me to just accept some of the things that I've heard without...
Of course, you have a lot of information.
You're backing up everything you said, and most people don't do that.
But even then, it's very difficult.
I can see how it's difficult for the average American to ingest it.
Well, a lot of us kind of have this apologetic attitude, like, I know it sounds weird, but really bad stuff's going on.
You've got to connect in a leadership mindset with people and go, listen, this is the truth.
Don't disregard what I'm saying until you've checked it out.
Look at me in the eye.
You're being enslaved.
You're being lied to.
And you know in your guts it's true.
Now you better get out there and do something.
And that's how you wake people up.
Well, you've been an inspiration in my life, Alex.
I appreciate it.
I wanted to make sure you knew that.
Well, listen, I mean, maybe sometimes you can volunteer or get involved, but I would tell you to go down while it's still around, because the death process is going to take a year, and get your own Axis TV show and be your own leader.
Well, you know, I... I know a lot of folks have done that, sir.
I will definitely look into that.
I plan on starting a website here very shortly.
You know, it's very important.
Everything that's...
You know, it happened just focusing on what's happened to the troops out in the first Gulf and what's happening now and how, you know, it was absolutely an experiment, if you ask me.
I was in an experimental situation.
I was lied to about what it was.
They said it was an anti-anthrax agent.
Gave us pamphlets to scare us about anthrax and, you know, that it was a bovine disease and it's relatively harmless as far as the antidote.
It's been used before, in other words.
And this PB that they gave us was actually for anti-serine gas and it wasn't, you know, it was
It was never approved by the FDA for use on humans before they gave it to us.
When I came back from the Gulf, I went to the VA for some general checkups, and they put me through a battery of tests called the Persian Gulf Registry.
I know, sir.
It's horrible.
Call me back sometime.
We'll talk more about it.
I'm going to hit a few final news stories on the other side and cover some other key stuff, so stay with us.
I do want to thank everybody that came out to the meeting last night, and I want to thank all of our affiliates, AM and FM around the country.
God bless you for what you're doing standing up for this country.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The casual society control grid, impenetrable microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masses of terror, only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
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I think so too.
We're good to go.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Okay, um...
I just briefly wanted to remind you that I've made two films about 9-11 that are excellent.
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Or prisonplanet.com or infowars.com.
I found Capitol Hill Blue to be very accurate in the past eight, nine years I've been reading it.
Bush using drugs to control depression, erratic behavior.
It's like the fourth story I've seen on this from them.
President George Bush is taking powerful antidepressant drugs to control his erratic behavior, depression, and paranoia, Capitol Hill Blue has learned.
The prescription drugs, his father admits he's on them, by the way,
By Colonel Richard J. Tubb, the White House physician, can impair the President's mental faculties and decrease both his physical capabilities and his ability to respond to a crisis.
Administration aides admit privately.
It's a double-edged sword, says one.
We can't have him flying off the handle of the slightest provocation, but we also need a President who is alert mentally.
Angry Bush walked away from a reporter's questions.
Tubb prescribed, and there's a photo of that, Tubb prescribed an antidepressant after a clearly upset Bush stormed off the stage on July 8th, refusing to answer reporters' questions about his relationship with indicted Enron executive Kenneth J. Lay.
Keep those mother bleepers away from me, he screamed at an aide backstage.
If you can't, I'll find someone who can.
Everything they said about Bill Clinton was true.
Now they say stuff about Bush.
Is it true?
I'd say so.
Something's wrong with that puppy.
Oil prices at 21-year record.
As fears grow, financial times of London.
Oil prices surge to 21-year high.
A sharp increase came as Yukos, one of Russia's biggest oil companies, threatened to halt production.
And concerns grew over whether the world's limited spare oil capacity would be able to satisfy growing demand in a tight market.
You like being fleeced?
They're fleecing you at every level.
Saddam Hussein could be dead before trial, Al Jazeera reporting.
His lawyers say that he is so sick that he could be dead before trial.
How convenient!
All right, we're out of time, ladies and gentlemen.
Again, back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time to our sponsors, our affiliates, the folks running the show, you, the listeners, and number one, to God Almighty, I am thankful and blessed to be your host...
And I am so blessed to be alive and to be fighting the New World Order, and I know you are too.
Take care, my friends.