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Air Date: July 28, 2004
2596 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, my friends.
It's already Wednesday...
The 28th day of July, 2004.
And we have Eric Huffschmidt of painful questions and painful deceptions coming up to talk about the 9-11 whitewash commission in the second hour.
In the third hour, I have a producer for a Colorado Denver radio host who had the story on their broadcast today.
About a woman whose child is sick in the hospital and she told the child to pray to Jesus and that God had the power to make them well, which doctors will admit, even if you don't believe in God, it's just a belief that you're going to get well is many times half the battle.
And the social services told them, don't you do that, we'll take your child from you.
You do not tell them that.
And we've seen other cases of this.
This is all part of the new mind control freedom.
Here in the United Communist Republic of America.
I haven't watched much of the Democratic National Convention, but I got told yesterday that Bill Clinton on Monday night had said, you know, we're getting rid of police and arming the people and that's bad.
And I went and actually found the quotes where he said that.
And then I remember the quotes he told USA Today that we need to confiscate the guns and there's too many guns out there and
Just unbelievable.
I mean, it just reminds me of how much I can't stand Bill Clinton, and I can't stand the Democrats.
But again, they're just puppets too, folks.
Just like George Bush.
But I tell you, when I start seeing stuff like that, it makes that argument of my Republican friends of, see, see, how to go with George Bush.
Can't not support George Bush, or the evil Terry's going to get us.
Folks, Republicans attack certain liberties and get one side of the equation done for the globalists, and the Democrats go out to the other side, and they tag-team us, and it's staged, folks.
It does not matter.
But watching some of the convention, reading the text of what they say, it is just...
Unbelievable lies and propaganda and... I don't know, I mean, have you been watching the Democratic National Convention?
I mean, this theater, and the Republican Convention's coming up, and really it's all theater to train us how to live in a police state and to sell us on the idea that the First Amendment's evil and has to be inside a cage with another cage with M-60 machine guns aimed at the protesters because they're so deadly, they're so dangerous.
They're more dangerous than a wild tiger, a fire-breathing dragon.
Gotta have swarms of helicopters and armored vehicles to deal with them.
The feds haven't had provocateurs, though, do anything yet.
We'll see if that happens.
So, we'll discuss that.
We'll also have wide open phones.
We'll go to your calls early in this first hour.
I've been doing a good job of doing that, going to your calls early.
Michael Moore is going to be in Crawford tonight.
Crawford, Texas, $8 ahead, packing the sports stadium.
Well, they're in the parking lot of the sports stadium.
Bush's Hollywood set where he acts like a cowboy and cuts brush.
But Moore's going to be out there.
And I don't know.
I may go up there.
I'm not sure yet.
But at the same time...
We found out that the telecommunications meeting to go after Axis Television in Austin is this afternoon at 3.30.
And no one was told about this, of course.
But we found out about it, so we'll talk about that as well.
It affects everybody nationwide.
And there's just so much other news and other horrible suicide bombing.
And we'll cover that as well.
The websites are infowars.com, prisonplanet.com, and prisonplanet.tv.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back after these important messages.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Again, my friends, thank you for joining us on this live Wednesday edition.
Coming up in the second hour, we're going to have Eric Huffman on the broadcast.
And Eric Hopschmidt, of course, is a documentary filmmaker and author concerning 9-11.
He's a software engineer in his day job.
And he's very astute, very well informed.
We'll be going over the 9-11 cover-up commission.
Then in the third hour, we're going to have Chris Bernard, producer of Denver's Peter Boyle Show on KHOW, to talk about a story they've reported on
Of a woman who has a very ill child, and she told him, Jesus can heal you, God loves you, have faith.
Which, again, even if you don't believe in God, doctors will tell you that believing you're going to get well is half the battle in many cases.
So scientifically, it's a good idea.
And I also believe in it spiritually.
But the CPS told him, you're going to get in a lot of trouble.
We may not let you see your child if you don't shut your mouth.
You understand us?
We've seen children taken because their parents read the Bible to them and the school considers that to be abusive.
Just type that into Google and mainstream news articles will pop up about how wonderful all this is.
We don't think the mainstream media is so much lies, they certainly do that some of the time, as they do spin.
They'll just say the most horrible thing is good.
Oh, we're going to give you a vaccine that ruins your receptors in your brain for pleasure, but you won't be able to get addicted to drugs.
It's good.
Oh, we're going to put fluoride in your water.
Yes, it's deadly, but it's good.
We're going to take your freedoms.
It's good.
We're going to confiscate your guns.
It's good.
So that's the spin.
I mean, I don't know, six, seven, eight years ago, it was mainly lies.
And then the media about five years ago shifted to mainly spin.
An example of that is, the Bilderberg Group doesn't exist, only insane people talk about it.
It's a code word for anti-Semitism and terrorism.
And then now the New York Times, okay, the Bilderberg Group is real, runs the planet, appoints vice-presidential candidates, submit to it, it does best.
Bohemian Grove doesn't exist, only insane people talk about it.
Okay, it does exist, and the Christian conservative leaders are shipping in male prostitutes.
It's no big deal.
If you're against it, you're still bad.
So, you know, this is the type of stuff we deal with.
What do you think about it?
All of it.
Last night I went out to dinner with some friends trying to decide what to do about the attempted shutdown of public access TV in Austin, the oldest and most respected and most award-winning facility in the country.
And one of my old neocon friends, George Woolley, was there.
You've heard him on the show.
George was going, Did you hear Bill Clinton?
He said, Bush is taking cops off the streets, and Bush is giving guns to the people.
And I said, He really said that?
Because Clinton has said things like that in the past.
And sure enough, I went and checked the transcript, and he did say that.
And, you know, there was George trying to convince me, see, you've got to join Bush.
You've got to join Bush.
Folks, Bush and Kerry are cousins, members of the same group, tag-teaming us.
The Democrats carry out one part of the agenda.
The Republicans carry out the other.
And in between them, they, you know, catch us in the middle.
Kind of like what, you know, Thrasher Sharks will do.
Two of them will get together and go in these circles and
The circle gets smaller and smaller, and the fish all get a little bitty ball, and then they just dive through the middle of them.
And so that's my goofy analogy of it.
I don't know.
What do you think about the situation?
Because I did watch some of the convention, and it makes me...
So nauseated to look at these people, posing as if they care about us, and they're not elitist, and they're good, and they're going to fight for freedom, and, oh, we need a big domestic CIA, though, Kerry says, and he agrees with Bush on that.
And I'm going to be disgusted by the Republican Convention, because he'll say the right things, then, of course, in action, do the wrong things.
So, if you've been frustrated by this, and you want to talk about the speeches you've seen the last two days, 1-800-259-9231, 1-800-259-9231.
I've got to tell you, though, that they say this has the lowest ratings ever for any convention.
People instinctively know it's a fraud.
People instinctively know there's not a real choice.
I mean, I'm no fan of Howard Dean, but at least he was a real candidate.
Another Yaley, though.
And if he'd have been the presidential candidate for the Democrats, oh, you'd have high ratings.
But not for long devil John Kerry.
You're just not going to have that.
Oh, by the way, the Austin American-Statesman today is reporting that 17,000-plus children in Austin, that is a large percentage of the schoolchildren,
Are refusing to take vaccines.
And Fox News yesterday was saying, it's the law, you've got to take it or you can't go to school.
That is a complete lie.
There are two state laws in Texas, and it's the same way around the rest of the country.
Only place where they want to make you take shots is District of Columbia, D.C.
And that's all held up in lawsuits.
They have a waiver in every principal's drawer.
They have it at the health department.
By law they have to give it to you.
Conscientious objection, religious objection, moral objection to the shots.
But they're on TV and the newspapers saying you have to take it, you have to take it.
I mean, it is just lying.
And why are they so concerned?
Why will they spend millions of dollars to have campaigns in even medium-sized cities to make you vaccinate?
Millions of dollars to get fluoride in your water?
Because they care so much about you, folks.
And I tell you, that's why they want to shut down Axis Television in this city.
Because it's not just some puny Axis station.
No access station will be puny if you will use it for a year or so and talk about real issues.
It will get number one ratings.
Again, I'm not bragging.
It's an example of the truth selling.
Of how we have a chance to defeat the New World Order if you'll take action and be leaders yourselves.
Many of you smarter than I am, more articulate.
I've won Best TV Host in Austin.
I've won Best Radio Host in Austin.
I've won Best Website in Austin.
The first award I won was Best Looking in Austin.
I don't win that anymore.
Basically killed myself working 18 hours a day.
But I've won all the awards in the Reader's Poll, and it's a big deal in the newspaper.
And I've won the Reader's Poll, even when the editor has a full page attacking me in the issue for voting.
Don't vote for Jones.
He shouldn't be a leader in Austin.
He's bad.
This is wrong that he's an icon in Austin.
I saw Lewis Black, the editor of the Chronicle, a few weeks ago at a party.
I went to a media thing, and he wouldn't even talk to me.
But the point is that that's a benchmark that the truth is selling, and so they want to shut it down.
And, you know, I go from radio station to radio station, commercial stations in Austin, and for a time won't even be on the air because they're always buying and selling them like baseball cards or something.
But I always, after a year of being on the radio, get great ratings.
In a few books, I've gotten the top ratings in Austin.
I mean, against music, everything.
Which no other talk radio can do.
And why is that?
Because I'm just a normal guy who knows what I'm talking about, and I lay it out.
But let me tell you something.
They get rid of Axis TV in this city, folks.
The tyranny is going to flow.
It is going to flow.
And the lady that fought to keep the Patriot Act in place in Austin, who we defeated...
Beverly Doggerly is the one spearheading this attack on AXS TV.
And at 3.30 today, we have a press release on InfoWars.com.
The telecommunications meeting is going to take place.
And it turns out it's been in action for a while to take over and start the shutdown of AXS TV.
And we just learned of it.
Well, I heard about it over a month ago.
But they kept going, oh, it's just foggy, no details, no details.
None of that was true.
And again, you're a national audience.
You're saying, why are we hearing about AXS TV in Austin?
The point is, is that they don't want you to have any free speech.
And while AXS TV is still in your city, I suggest you go get your own shows, you put films on, you use it.
Because that's the main reason that 17,000, used to it was hundreds, refused to vaccinate.
17,000 plus are refusing to vaccinate.
And so the newspaper...
And the TV station, just the two I know of, the Statesman and Fox locally, are saying it's the law, you've got to do it.
And that is not true.
It's all color of law.
It is not true, but they don't care, and the schools will lie and say you've got to do it.
And the people will perish for lack of knowledge and be forced to be a color of law into doing it.
And again, the vaccines are full of mercury.
Number one admitted.
The CDC admits it's brain damaging children.
Autism up over 1,000%.
20 years ago, 1 in 25,000 had it.
Now it's more than 1 in 1,000.
And the new numbers, the early numbers are coming out that 1 in 168 are going to have a brain disorder.
And if we're able to warn people, they won't go along with it.
But if we're not able to warn people, they're going to be damaged.
So this is life or death.
These are lives we're talking about.
This is why I've always got so much energy and so concerned.
Because I realize what we're wrestling with.
I realize the cost.
I'm concerned.
I have a moral obligation.
I have this feeling of intense duty.
Of drive.
And I'm just a normal person.
I'm nothing special.
I've got my own problems.
What scares me is that
So many people feel like they have no responsibility to even know the facts of what's going on.
We'll come back and into the bombings and all the news and take your calls.
And again, prisonplanet.tv is the new website.
Be sure and check it out.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, again, Eric Huffschmidt coming up to talk about 9-11 and the 9-11 cover-up commission, the crime commission.
Then we'll delve into the mind control of social workers in the third hour and the incredible things that are worse than what we saw in the Soviet Union.
Coming up a little bit later, Iraq suicide bomber killed 68 in...
A massive car bomb tore through a crowd of Iraqis trying to enlist in the police force Wednesday, killing at least 68.
CNN reported police said the bomber drove a Toyota minibus into a marketplace near a police station as would-be recruits lined up outside and detonated the explosives.
Among those killed were 21 passengers on a passing bus.
Just horrible.
Also, Sudan says, Darfur rebels kill 1,460 since April alone.
The future of world trade is in the balance.
This is from Herald Tribune.
FBI targets Colorado activist.
College student pepper sprayed for taking a phone call from her mother at a movie.
Associated Press.
Well, I think that's good.
No, I'm being selfish.
I can't stand the people that have the conversations in movies and talk and...
It's like you were raised in a barn or something.
By the way, I've talked to these people before and said, please stop the conversation.
They've started fights with me.
And again, I'm not going to take sides in this, but it says they got smart with the police, and so they pepper sprayed them.
They said, I'm just making a phone call here.
It's important.
And the cop pepper sprayer.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You don't know the frustration I've had.
Because I like movies and I can't seem to go to them anymore because people act like a bunch of monkeys in them.
A bunch of crazy monkeys.
I mean, it's so loud in a movie theater now.
You'll be in an R-rated film with about 15 babies screaming.
Anyways, maybe the police use excessive force.
I just know this type of person.
And I can imagine what went on.
Didn't beat them, didn't torture them.
That's what we're against here.
But supposedly got in the cop's face so they pepper sprayed him.
I don't know, maybe the cop was out of control.
I just have the M.O.
on these type of people.
All right, we'll get to your calls here.
I said we'd have wide open phones and we're going to do that right now.
Let's go ahead and talk to Brett in Colorado.
Brett, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
God bless you, Alex.
Good morning.
Well, thank you.
What's going on?
Well, I've got a comment and a question for you.
First of all, it makes me sick to hear about them people trying to stop the woman from telling her child to pray.
And I want to encourage all your listeners to pray fervently every day for our country because it's the most powerful thing that we can do.
And on a local Fox channel this morning,
One of the headlines was malaria vaccine suspected of causing two soldiers to push Iraqis into river.
Have you heard anything about that?
Oh, yeah.
They admittedly, and they've now, I believe, indicted them.
They just for fun threw two young men in the water and wouldn't let one out as he drowned, and they laughed and enjoyed him.
As he died, they had a celebration.
And now they're saying that the malaria vaccine is causing that.
Well, that's the big excuse.
I mean, we had four Delta Force members last year come home from Afghanistan and murder their wives and, in some cases, other family members.
And then when the police pulled up, one of the Delta Force guys was flopping around.
They described it as demon possession, flopping around, screaming, having a tender tantrum.
And, you know...
Yes, some evidence shows the particular malaria vaccine can cause violent outbursts, but no, it doesn't cause you to drown somebody and laugh about it.
It causes angry outbursts.
Did the malaria vaccine give the troops the orders to run over people's cars with tanks of their cops stealing firewood or to arrest families and torture them?
No, this is a mindset.
You know, it's like in Michael Moore's film, which you can't ignore, they have him playing death metal music about burn, slaughter, death, Satan, death.
And they play this on the loudspeakers with 666 on the tanks and human skulls as they blow up innocent villages.
And they admit that.
It shows them laughing with pleasure as buildings burn and troops going, ah, yes, ah, I love this heavy metal.
Well, my question was, I was wondering if this malaria was a test for mind control itself.
Well, that could be a cover story.
They admit that they've been testing aggression drugs on troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, and that they then give them amnesiacs after they go out and do the missions.
So there are tests going on.
I don't know.
But no, this is the gang mentality.
We always hear about gang members, you know, 18-year-old gang members grab the 12-year-old kids and drown them for fun or throw them out a high-rise building.
Okay, this is just gang member activity.
We're just supposed to accept that now.
That's right.
It's all part of freedom.
Thank you very much, Al.
Hey, I appreciate the call.
I don't know.
It could be the malaria medicine.
Any excuse why our troops wouldn't act like that.
They wouldn't drive around worshiping Satan, would they?
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, let's continue rolling with your phone calls.
And we've got two guests coming up.
Let's go ahead and talk to Tim in Ohio.
Tim, you're on the air worldwide.
Alex, how are you doing?
How's your cousin doing over there in Iraq?
I send him some positive energy every day.
I hope he's doing all right, as all the troops that are waking up over there.
Well, my cousin's been in the Army for 18 years, and he's Special Forces, but now he's more in logistics and supply as an officer.
And he's actually in Austin merging the U.S.
Army with the National Guard and the APD at the old international, the new international airport, the old Air Force Base.
So, no, no, he's here in America now.
Oh, he's back.
And he's the one that was told that he was getting the microchip.
Oh, interesting.
You were talking earlier about the vaccines and how Fox and the other place, the other newspaper was on top of the story saying that they had to get the vaccine.
Yeah, 17,000 plus.
Front page of the Statesman today.
17,000 plus children are not vaccinated, and so the TV and the newspaper are going, you must do it, it's the law, you have to do it.
It is not the law, and they full well know that, but they're panicking because they're losing control.
Go ahead.
Right, well, it's interesting to note that Fox is very connected to Monsanto, and a couple years ago down in Florida there were two reporters saying
That were actually fired from a Fox affiliate because they were trying to expose some of the truths involved in the use of BGH, the bovine growth hormone, in the cattle business.
And Monsanto's got a pharmacological vaccine division.
They brought us aspartame when Rumsfeld headed it up.
Oh, sure did, yeah.
No, no, you're absolutely right.
And they don't want us to have our own TV channel we've had for 31 years in Austin that I've been on for a decade, and now they're trying to shut that down.
I say it's time we start using the Patriot Act on them and take a look into their records.
Especially the ones involving the short-selling of the stock.
I'm sure that all can be figured out by if they just let the real people, the right people, look.
Well, it has been tracked back to CIA.
Yeah, Buzzy Chromeguard, right?
A bunch of people in the CIA, yeah.
I was checking out one more thing I want to talk about.
On a Microsoft Nazi broadcasting company this morning, they were talking about the obvious police state that was going on in Boston.
And just nonchalantly, they're saying like, well, you know, people have gotten used to it at the airport.
Now they're just going to have to get used to it here.
And it's just so much exactly like they said.
Well, that's what I said on the road to tyranny, is it's going to be the airport, then the buses, then the cars, then the roads, then our homes.
And, you know, the cops say, hey, let me search your car.
What do you have to hide?
Well, that attitude will then go to the house.
Hey, let me search your house without a warrant.
What do you have to hide?
And now it's happening.
You're absolutely right.
Keep up the good work, and we'll be listening.
Thank you.
And I guess by...
Microsoft Nazi Broadcasting.
You mean MSNBC.
With beady-eyed turkey brain up there.
Mr. Ultra-Liberal.
Mr. What's his name?
Beady-eyed possum country.
Let's talk to Jonathan in New York.
Jonathan, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
I just wanted to bring up the issue that he was also talking about.
Privacy issues in the Internet.
Something that's like a real big issue that we've been talking about, me and my friends in the Internet, basically, in forums.
Now, we just found this out about a former AOL employee.
He told us that AOL has... If you notice the icon and the name, it's a huge...
Yeah, it tracks and traces everything you do.
And I want you to, just if you could,
Look at the icon on AOL.
That triangle.
It's an all-seeing eye, sir.
AOL is an all-seeing eye.
Time Warner is an all-seeing eye.
CBS is an all-seeing eye.
Yeah, and if you notice, they changed it from, you know, the triangle on the dollar sign with the eye.
They changed that because they knew that would be just that giveaway.
They put this little friendly sign up and America Online, think about that name.
Just that giveaway.
I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mary in Texas.
Mary, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
This is my first time to call, and I've only been listening to you for the past six months.
While I don't always agree with what you say, I really appreciate the perspective that you give, and I'm glad you weathered the tornado the other night.
The reason why I was calling, I had several things I wanted to ask you about this call.
Well they've been having little meetings that no one knew about for months, but we learned of this one yesterday.
Well isn't that against the law?
Well, no, it's been on the city's website.
I have the city printout here in front of me.
Are you going to go, or are you going to try to just go to the Michael Moore thing?
I mean, somebody really needs to be there.
Oh, I think I'm going to go to both, probably.
Well, good.
I don't know whether it's the first I've heard of it, and I don't know if I'll be able to make it.
It is an important issue for everybody that's listening, so I hope they understand that.
Well, they have stuff like this at 3.30 downtown, so most of you can't come.
But tell your boss, hey, can I take off to go speak at this city meeting?
It's important and more important or as important as letting somebody go to serve in the National Guard.
All of this is our civic responsibility.
And just eat a sandwich on your way and talk for citizens' communication at the start of the meeting at 3.30 downtown.
Now, the bunch of us show up, they may pull something like covering other issues first, but it's listed as the first item on the agenda.
And I tell you what, since you bring this up now, let me go ahead and read my press release and then cover what the city has to say about it for folks that just joined us.
Anything else?
Well, yeah, but I can always call back.
Go ahead.
What else do you have to say?
The only other thing I wanted to ask you, I wanted to say two things really quickly.
Have you seen the vaccination commercial where the coach is belittling the little kid because he doesn't have his vaccines yet?
It's really horrible.
Where did you see this travesty?
This is on local television, and it's on local network affiliates, and a little kid comes into a gym and says, Coach, I'm ready to play, and he says, You can't play.
You haven't gotten your vaccinations.
And the little kid has a little sad face, and he walks away.
It's very sad.
Well, that's because they're panicking because everybody, 99%, were taking it and enjoying their brain damage and enjoying being slaves.
And now 17-plus thousand are refusing just in the elementary schools alone, so they're panicking.
And it's not going to work, folks.
We just read mainstream news all the time about how deadly it is.
And the last thing I'll say, and I'll get at this real quick, I'm not in favor of global gun control, but I am in favor of some, and that would be assault weapons.
And that's what Clinton was talking about.
Oh, come on.
Ma'am, did you know assault weapons are used in less crimes than handguns and shotguns?
And assault weapons is a term.
It's a fully automatic weapon that can be shifted to three-shot burst, and that they list hundreds of guns that aren't even what you'd call an assault weapon as an assault weapon.
And if they can ban one type of gun, they can ban them all.
And I'm glad you're waking up to some of this, but you need to get the big picture.
I understand, and I'll say that community-based policing is...
I've worked in my neighborhood, so I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing.
Well, listen, I don't want to berate you.
Thank you.
I appreciate that.
Let me guess.
Have you ever taken a firearm safety course?
Have you ever fired a gun?
Oh, really?
You have?
How many times?
Thankfully, I've only had to fire one in the course itself.
Okay, well... I've not been in a position to have to use one.
I'm not a hunter, but I have been hunting.
Do you have a concealed carry?
No, I don't.
Okay, well let me ask you this.
But I used to.
Let me just say I used to, and when I got the gun, I took a safety course.
Well, that's good, but listen to me for a second.
Okay, a gun is a tool.
Your car is dozens of times more dangerous.
It kills you dozens of times more often.
Your swimming pool is many times more dangerous.
Many things are more dangerous.
They've demonized guns.
They're just a tool.
And we need to get back to a gun culture because it's the bedrock of America.
Thanks for the call.
Thank you.
And I appreciate your concern.
I'm glad you're waking up.
But let me just read this article.
This is a little press release that I wrote with my wife as I drove down the highway.
I called it in to her yesterday.
And it's on Infowars.com.
This affects everybody around the country because this is happening all over the place.
Death of free speech, Austin institution to be savagely dismantled, the planned destruction of Austin Community Access Television.
For months, the staff and board of Austin Community Access Television have been plotting to change the 31-year-old award-winning institution.
These changes include turning one channel commercial...
Regulating and deciding which programming will be allowed on the channels and turning over the channel to the decidedly failed Austin Music Network.
These planned changes, contrived without the input of the many users of ACTV or the citizens of Austin, mean the death of an Austin institution and the end of free speech on Austin Cable Television, the last big venue.
Over a month ago, Alex Jones talked to several of the ACTV board members as well as one of the telecommunications lawyers from the city.
They revealed that the failed Austin Music Network was to take over part of ACTV's Channel 16.
All-time Warner's new music channel, Austin Music Partners, will take over Channel 15, a non-access channel formerly Austin Music Network.
The two remaining channels, 10 and 11, will lose their free speech charter and be turned into city-managed channels with brand names like Inspirational TV and Free TV.
ACTV board members admitted that programs will be chosen and monitored and controlled.
This runs diametrically opposite to the stated mission charter of AXS Television, also against the charter, is their plan to take one or more of the channel's commercial with sponsorship.
Board member Hill told Jones that there's also a plan to shut down ACTV building, which was constructed in the early 90s expressly for AXS TV.
And George Humphrey, former city council member you've heard on this show, helped get that done.
Jones has it directly from the board that commercial channels are maneuvering to gain access to the channels currently occupied by ACTV.
They are doing this because the FCC is obliged, obligated to give them UHF and VHF transmitters if they are able to occupy one of the so-called lower tier channels for a year.
They've admitted that the small amount of community programming will be allowed on the access channels, will be selected by them.
They're conspiring with Time Warner and private interests like Telemundo.
Of how the channels can be shuffled for commercial interest.
The bottom line is this.
Whereas in the 1980s they tried to shut down ACTV and were confronted with such an uproar that they were stopped in their tracks, they are now sneakily transforming ACTV into what will be unrecognizable, unrepresentative, and ultimately a planned failure.
They are killing Axis Television with a whimper, not a bang.
Their goal is to destroy one of the last highly visible forms of free speech in Austin.
A forum that has programs representing all Austin's community, from Democracy Now!
to pro-life shows, to the oldest running libertarian show, to my show.
Help save ACTV.
Come speak out during Citizens Communication at the Austin City Council meeting today, July 28th,
At 3.30 p.m.
in room 304 of the Municipal Building at 124 West 8th Street.
Help save Austin's free speech.
And again, that's 124 West 8th Street in the Municipal Building at 3.30 p.m., my friends, in room 304.
So that's room 304, 330 today at 124 West 8th Street.
I certainly hope that you'll take action, and I hope that you'll fight for your access television in your city.
I hope you'll use it while it's still there.
Get your own show, get your own organization going.
And we have said we're going to use access television to defeat the electronic voting machines, to have a recall election with paper ballots to recall the machines, and that's one reason I've learned they're moving against it right now.
Again, the city's waking up to vaccines, to the toll roads, to the corruption, to the FEMA Center, to all of this, and they just can't stand it, folks.
And I'm reading the charter and figuring out exactly the best way to have legal action concerning this, and so I hope to see everybody down there at 3.30.
Just ask your boss, or if you're the boss, take part of your staff with you.
And go down there, and Citizens Communication is the first item on the agenda.
And if you go to www.ci.austin.texas.us forward slash agenda forward slash 2004 forward slash ccti underscore 07-2804.htm I meant to get this linked in the press release, but it wasn't.
Council Committee for Telecommunications Infrastructure, notice of regular meeting, call to order, number two, general citizens communications, and then recommendation to council on the future operation of AXS TV, and that's being brought forward by Mayor Proteum Jackie Goodman, who's acting as the Trojan horse on this, and then the open Barabbas-like creature,
Pilot-like creature.
Council member Betty Dunkerley, who is actively going after the channel.
She's the lady that just loves the Patriot Act.
Very, very serious situation.
So bring your video cameras, come down there, be there about 3.20 or so, get signed up to speak and speak.
I want to see you down there, ladies and gentlemen.
It is so vitally important
Oh, boy.
And then another announcement.
Michael Moore, $8 a pop in a parking lot at the Crawford High School, 9 o'clock this evening.
I suggest you get there hours before to pay your tickets and get up to the front.
They're going to have a question and answer, because I'll probably get shut down pretty quick when I ask questions about why didn't you talk about government involvement and prior knowledge.
I hope you'll shout out the questions and the answers and bring your small video camera so you can shoot video of Mr. Moore's presentation.
Give him some of his own medicine.
So that's coming up in Crawford, Texas as well this evening.
And yes, I'm going.
That's it.
Yes, I'm going.
I'm going.
Oh, just too much is happening.
I never get to stop and breathe.
I haven't even gotten to call my insurance company yet and deal with my total truck after my accident Sunday.
But it doesn't matter.
This is an exciting life.
Always fighting tyranny.
Always in their face.
Always taking action.
Always getting the word out.
Defending our constitutional republic from enemies, foreign and domestic.
Defending the republic to the hilt.
We'll come back and go to Paul and many others that are patiently holding.
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All right, folks, we're back live.
Thank you for joining us.
Got Eric Huffman coming up, then later, a producer for a Denver talk show host dealing with CPS threatening people who tell their children to pray that God can heal them in the hospital.
The type of sickness we're dealing with is the out-of-control behavior by our rulers.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mary in Texas.
Mary, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
We already talked to Mary.
I apologize.
Paul in Delaware.
Go ahead.
How are you doing, Alex?
Good, sir.
I called in yesterday, and I had spoke regarding a video called What Happened on the Way to the Moon.
I don't know why you mentioned this, but you said, yeah, there's been many ones about them faking the moon landing, Capricorn One,
You've seen them?
Yeah, I didn't twist anything, sir.
I don't want to get in that direction.
Well, let me talk.
Hold on a minute.
You said I twisted something.
Well, I just heard you say something about Capricorn One after I mentioned a well-documented video of what happened on the way to the moon.
No, I just said there's even been movies about it with O.J.
Now, my second point is this.
After I said that, you had said that it's debatable whether we went to the moon or not.
So I wanted to ask you, since you've seen either one of these videos,
What part is debatable?
It's debatable whether even it's an issue overall that you can prove either way.
And I know people who work for NASA.
I have friends who work for NASA.
And what they told me is that
Well, okay.
The government has space planes.
They have all this advanced technology.
I hear that.
And I'll tell you, two things are debatable as far as I'm concerned.
But first, I want to speak to this issue about the moon.
You know, we're not in the 20th century anymore.
We're in the 21st century.
Back in the 20th century, we were taking trips to the moon like we were flying from New York to London.
And all of a sudden, we're not going there anymore.
And the reason why is because we're on our way to Mars.
We're trying to get there.
Now, that's the first part.
The second part is it's a very important issue because you can't get through to them with the Kerry cult or the George Bush cult, but you can get through with that.
The second part is something that seems very debatable is this stuff about your information.
I'd like to see the documentation on living forever and them trying to.
Well, I mean, I've got a bunch of publications where they say the elite are trying to develop this and there's a lot of new medical developments and the elite doesn't want the general public to have access to those resources.
Well, I really doubt that they're going to live forever regardless.
Well, I never said that.
In the film, I say that they believe they can.
They're discussing it.
That's their goal.
They're trying.
But more importantly, I want to speak to this issue.
Tell you what, I'm going to put you on hold.
We're going to break.
I'll come back to you in the next hour.
Stay there, okay?
I just don't like your comment about twisting.
I didn't twist anything, buddy.
And you kind of got an adversarial attitude.
That's fine.
You're welcome to have that.
I don't understand why.
Before we come back to him, though, and then to Eric Huffman, who we'll call at the 5 after in the next hour.
Before we do that, just I want to spend a minute here at the end of the show inviting you to go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com and get 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror, Police State, Three Total Enslavement, Matrix of Evil.
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All right.
Second hour.
Guest calls.
Just the news.
It's all coming up.
Stay with us.
Introducing... Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, Kitty and Tim and Eric and Melissa and everybody else, your calls are coming up.
Eric Hufschmid, expert on 9-11, software engineer himself.
Made a great film, written a book about 9-11 to talk about the 9-11 cover-up, Warren Commission 2.
That's coming up in a few minutes.
I know the government carried out 9-11.
That is elements of it.
I know their official story is an impossibility.
Do I know that we didn't go to the moon?
I've had a few guests on about this.
I'm undecided.
I know there were some frauds involved, some images faked, but my NASA people, who actually ran the cameras and stuff, tell me that, and they can't come right out and say it because it's national security, folks, but they had to fake some of the footage and photos because they couldn't get the film canisters back through the Van Allen radiation belt.
But he'd gotten off into something else.
It was Paul in Delaware.
Finish up real quick what you were saying, Paul.
Okay, I want to speak to the issue.
I don't want to accuse you of spinning, but when I'm talking about a serious documentary like what happened on the way to the moon, and then you don't comment to that but bring up something about Capricorn 1, and then leave me hanging saying...
It's debatable.
I have to call back the next day and talk about it.
Yeah, but you said twisting.
Now, hold on, hold on, hold on.
I saw Capricorn 1 years ago, and when I was at the Alamo Draft House movie theater a few months ago introducing Fahrenheit 9-11, they had a trailer for Capricorn 1 that was going to be showing.
I just thought of that and threw that in there.
Now, you're talking about the film canisters.
That's one of three hours and many things that they cover, but that's why they have things called lead.
You can cover the canisters.
It's too heavy.
Well, yeah, you're right.
It is too heavy.
Even for the humans that have to get through the 60,000.
That was real smart.
Yeah, and so it's ten times worse than it used to be.
Well, where's your evidence of ten times worse?
Well, I'm going on the people from NASA.
Actually, on the video was what happened on the way to the moon.
That's what they're bringing up.
And they've got mathematicians.
They've got physicists.
They've got even... Well, look, I'll tell you what.
Email me some of the guests you want to have on at tipsandinfowars.com, and I'll do a whole show on it, okay?
Thanks for the call.
Thank you.
Kitty in Texas.
Kitty, go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
Hello, Kitty.
Yes, Kitty.
Yes, Mr. Jones.
You can call me Matt Dillon.
Matt Dillon.
Okay, Matt Dillon.
First of all, I want to say I love you dearly.
You're such an inspiration for those who are seeking justice and truth.
And we need someone like you.
And if the people here in Fredericksburg, or otherwise I call it Sleepy Hollow, would wake up, follow, or at least go through with your advice on issues of their own.
Because right now I am facing three experiences
Three accounts.
Three accounts of I'm being attacked by a place called New Horizons for the physically and mentally handicapped people.
My daughter happens to be one of them.
She was kidnapped from my property, brought here by the staff members, and I was warned prior to their taking her I was to back off and not to try to expose their corruption.
And I refused.
Well, how old is your daughter?
She's 47, going on mental aid.
Okay, and so she's got some problems, and now they've taken her from you.
Yes, they have.
She's being brainwashed, and I've learned this prior to their taking her.
They were just to drop her off.
That's it.
As a routine.
They came here, forced entry into the house, taken the...
Well, I'll tell you what, you're going to have to finish this on the other side, Kitty.
We're not in Dodge anymore.
Stay with us.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
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The New World Order.
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The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
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Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
Big Brother.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks, eight minutes into the second hour, and a listener to one of our affiliates, great FM station out in Fredericksburg, Texas, has hauled in, and she's talking about some mental health organization in Fredericksburg, and I'm not familiar with it,
That has gotten her daughter for some reason.
And Kitty, I would tell you to listen to the station.
They have a community coordinator.
They give the number out a couple times a day, usually every hour.
Call that number and if you really want help from the community, they will help you.
Have you called that number yet that the radio station gives out?
No, I have not.
I'm fairly new to your area.
I'm originally from up north out of Chicago.
Okay, so your daughter had a history of what?
She has mental and physical retardation.
How did you get in?
I mean, so you moved down here.
What did you do?
Sign up for some type of service?
Yes, I did.
You signed up for service, and then what happened?
I began noticing things that were not quite right.
They were corrupt, and I was told to back off.
I saw other consumers that they referred to as, well, I say clients.
Who were neglected.
Okay, so what happened?
Does your daughter live with you or with them?
Well, I don't know where she's at.
I don't know where they took her.
I mean, where was she?
I mean, what happened?
Here in her own little mobile home adjacent to my home.
They came onto the property with the state troopers, invaded the house, took all the furniture, took her as well.
Where they placed her, I have no idea.
And why did they say they were taking her?
They didn't.
They didn't.
And that's where I'd like to know which direction to go in.
Okay, I'll tell you what.
I'll tell you what.
I want you to listen to the radio station.
And they'll be giving out a phone number.
They're locally, and the folks there are really good people.
There's a community of, I don't know, I'd say 1,000 people out of the 9,000 that live there.
And they're really good people, and they'll help you, okay?
But can they do this?
Passed onto the property with no warrant?
Well, when government becomes God, they can do whatever they want.
Oh, my.
It's called tyranny.
Well, I won't tyranny.
You see, whatever organization or group this is, and I don't know, I'm not saying your story's true or not, I don't think you're lying, but I don't know the particulars, so I can't take a side.
But, ma'am, I have seen thousands of cases of this, so there's private entities that have
Well, that's what it's all about.
I certainly will.
Okay, thanks.
Thank you very, very much, Matt.
I appreciate it.
That's right.
I was being sarcastic because your name's Kitty.
And I'd like to expose this because there's other people involved that really don't need to have the treatment they're receiving.
And there's listeners here, and I know they're listening to your program right now.
Listen, I really appreciate your call.
Take care.
I don't know the Community Action phone number for Fredericksburg.
I've heard it when I'm out there.
I know they do this.
I know they help people.
If somebody can call and get in, I don't know if you can.
Phones are loaded as usual.
But if you can call and get in and give us that Community Action number, I will give it out on air.
If not, ma'am, just listen and get it.
Maybe you'll take their advice and work with them.
They'll look at your case and help you.
Okay, I appreciate Eric Huffman holding patiently.
Eric Humschmidt is a computer engineer, software engineer, made an incredible film, and he's written an incredible book.
He focuses on the architecture of the bombs in the buildings, NORAD, the Pentagon.
I carry his film and his book on InfoWars.com.
And, Eric, thanks for holding while I went through that with that poor lady.
Can you hear me okay?
Oh, that's all right.
I hear you loud and clear, brother.
All right.
Eric, the 9-11 whitewash commission, what really happened on 9-11, you got the floor.
I'm sure you're bursting at the seams to tell us what's really going on.
Well, the government, of course, is just providing something.
They're not providing answers.
They're just giving people a response.
You know, it's like the usual, like the Warren Report.
It makes people feel good that now the government has responded to them.
And most people are not going to look closely at this report.
You know, they're not going to look at it and say, well, wait a minute.
It still doesn't explain Building 7.
It still doesn't explain how the towers came down in 10 seconds.
Most people will not look that closely.
To most of them, it's just that they feel that, well, the government has responded.
That's good.
Now the case is closed.
But nothing has actually changed.
It's still the same as it was before this.
All we really did is just waste more tax money on another of these silly reports.
So what I would say to most people is, you know, they've got to start taking this a little more seriously.
They've got to look at these reports, read a little bit, and realize there's no answers here.
This is like the empty campaign promises, no more taxes, and no reduced government.
It makes people feel good to hear it, but if they don't carry through with it, it's pointless.
It's just wasting our time.
Well, Eric, when the commission founded itself and was appointed by Bush...
They openly gave their political recommendation of a domestic CIA, more funding and an extension, an expansion of the Patriot Act a year ago, and then they went about setting about discrediting and lying and twisting, and the entire commission was totally compromised, some in business with the Bin Laden family, like the Chairman Keene, and now their report is just a total and complete travesty.
Right, but I don't think many people will ever look close enough to realize that.
This is what's so incredible.
They say we want an investigation.
We want an investigation.
You hear this over and over.
Here it is, but who's going to look at it?
Most of the families are saying they don't like the commission.
It's a cover-up.
Their own websites say it's a lie.
But then they'll find one person out of thousands to go, I love the commission.
I want a domestic CIA.
Keep us safe.
All right.
They'll interview those people for the television.
I know I've seen that.
Now I feel better.
And now we must put into... See, what they're also using this commission for is to then continue what they're already doing, which is
The Arabs are about to attack.
We've got to now boost all these, like you just said, all these budgets.
Get ready for the next attack.
People are just playing right into their hands.
They're using the commission now to justify what they wanted in the first place, which is more of their budgets and more paranoia that we're about to be attacked.
Who knows what else they're going to do?
They're talking about bringing more agencies under the control of
One or two, because that's what they said.
One of the problems was that there's all these different agencies.
It's so confusing.
If only we could just get them all together.
By the way, Congress is going to give up its authority to the new domestic CIA and have no funding control.
It's like they're all just, everyone's just playing right into their hands here.
And then they're saying, you know, we're going to combine all these agencies and bring it into under one.
Well, that sounds really great, the way they describe it, but then you realize, wait a minute, who's getting all this power anyway?
And what are they going to do with it?
So here they're going to bring in all these agencies under who?
Is the CIA now getting even more control than they ever had before?
Is that what's going on?
Total domestic power over all crime with homeland security.
And, you know, the founding fathers said it's good to have balkanized government.
You do not want centralized government like they had in Germany or Russia.
Right, and I think it looks like they're trying their best to do it.
People are now saying, yes, we've got to do this.
And what's amazing is Kerry's right there behind them.
Yes, we've got to implement these proposals quick before they attack again.
It's like they're all in our big rush.
We've got to do it soon.
Bring these agencies together.
Give them more control to protect us.
Well, they got their funding doubled after Oklahoma City, got their funding doubled after 9-11.
Now they want another increase in funding.
Yep, and plus more authority.
But Chairman Keene and others said, look, the attacks are going to get bigger.
This isn't going to be the end of this.
So we're going to get total power over your life.
Take your liberty, but the attacks are going to still happen.
Yeah, I know.
I'm still waiting for the summer of terror that they've threatened where we're having.
So it could be they're going to be planning another one right now, and then that will bring in even more of their... See, then it will justify it.
I don't know what's going to happen if they don't have an attack, because then they're just empty.
It's a lot of empty talk.
Well, now they're openly talking about suspending the election.
Yeah, so it could be that they're going to come up with it, and somehow they're going to have to make it look like the Arabs are trying to avoid Kerry.
I just saw this.
They're doing this.
They're starting to drop little hints, I think, on the Internet already about this.
Because you have to ask yourself, why would they attack if they don't want Bush?
They would say, let Kerry get elected.
So I think now they're going to try to find a reason why the terrorists don't want Kerry.
And so, that's what I suppose the next trick will be, is try to get them to make it look like the terrorists don't want Kerry at all, really.
Well, and again, these terrorists don't exist in the form they claim.
I mean, these Muslim extremists, or CIA ops in almost every case, playing the part of the boogeyman, and your film details that.
I mean, their official story is an impossibility.
When we get back, I want to go over that.
But just some of the things that are total frauds concerning the official story of 9-11, Eric.
Well, some of them, there's so many.
How do the towers fall down in ten seconds?
They don't even talk about Building 7.
They just completely ignore that.
They've got the terrorists outsmarting air traffic controllers, the U.S.
military, the CIA, FBI.
Nineteen guys, they're also outsmarting the crews within the airlines.
The passengers, everybody's just sitting there while these guys take control.
They've got too much going on here that cannot be explained.
The whole thing is like a Hollywood movie.
Well, we also have magically something that the best airline pilots can't do without transponders, without radio beacons, from hundreds of miles away, flying perfectly into town and T-boning all the targets.
Right, finding it.
If you ever look out of an airline window, how do you figure out where to go without help from the air traffic controllers?
So you've got so many things.
Hey, hey, we got the proof.
The magic passport fell out of the sky.
We'll be right back.
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We're talking to Eric Hopschmidt.
In the next segment, we'll go to Tim and Eric and Melissa and Andre and...
Dave and many others that are holding.
Eric, in your film, 9-11, painful deceptions, in your book, painful questions, and by the way, I carry both of those fine items in our shopping cart on the website and on the toll-free number.
You go over all this in shocking detail.
I mean, their official story, up one side and down the other, is a complete fraud.
And then it's clear they had prior knowledge.
It's clear they protected the so-called hijackers.
Many of them are still alive.
The magic passport fell out of the sky to the ground, but then now they say, oh, that hijacker's still alive, so we were mistaken about the passport they showed us on TV.
But let's go over some of the facts of proving that their story is a complete fraud.
All right, well, there's so many of them, you almost have to figure out which ones you want to pick.
See, the collapsing of the towers in ten seconds, this alone...
It should be enough to make people wonder what's going on because they're telling you one floor hit the floor below it and so on, you know, cascading downward like a ball rolling down stairs.
And if you think of 110 floors, one floor hits the floor below it.
Imagine the floor above you coming down, hitting the floor.
It takes like, what, half a second, a second?
Even if it took a half a second only, that's half of 110 seconds.
That's 55 seconds?
And yet these towers did it in 10... That's like an average of 10 floors every second.
You blink your eyes, 10 floors just fell down.
Picture a building 10 floors tall.
In one second, the whole thing drops.
I mean, it's beyond belief.
Well, we know why this happened, because the seismographs, the eyewitnesses, the firefighters, bombs went off, turning it to total powder.
In fact, you can see on that 9-11, the one that French documentary...
The 9-11 filmmakers, remember?
There's a little segment where the firemen are back in their fire department and talking to one another, and one of them is saying, yeah, you should have seen it.
It looked like a demolition.
He's got his hand going, and it's like floor by floor.
Right, exactly.
On the website, yeah.
I mean, everybody who saw it is saying there's explosions going off.
There's floor by floor like a demolition.
You look at the photos, there's demolition.
Concrete dust flying out horizontally.
Now we have the firefighters telling AP reporters, get back, we're about to pull Building 7, and the owner says they pulled it.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
Oh, I know, that remark alone, the idea that they could have even arranged the demolition at that point in time, a couple hours with traffic jams, it's impossible.
But then the official story is, oh, it fell by accident, we don't know why.
Right, and so what they're trying to do is just play stupid.
See, this is the problem.
We've got a public that don't know how many states there are, that don't know who the vice president is, who don't know where Iraq is on a map, and they know how dumbed down people are, so they just have it out there in the open.
Yeah, and it's almost amazing because they'll allow this, oh, we're just stupid, that excuse.
They'll allow that excuse.
But you've got to imagine, if our government is really this stupid, we've got such a problem.
If they're really as stupid as they claim,
I mean, no matter how you look at it, if they're as corrupt as they appear, we've got a problem.
If they're as stupid as they claim to be, we've got a problem.
No matter how you look at it, we've got to deal with this.
This is a disaster.
And there's so much about this whole attack that's ridiculous.
And you've got so much unexplained stuff going on at the Pentagon.
The confiscation of video, security cameras...
Not just at the Pentagon, but across the street.
Yeah, we have them confiscating the firefighter tapes and saying they all malfunctioned.
Turned out they didn't.
The firefighters said bombs were going off.
They claimed all five of the air traffic control tapes were destroyed.
Turns out they weren't.
I mean, they just lie, lie, lie.
And it's amazing that they don't get caught on this.
And what I find is that... Yeah, that's come out, though, that they confiscated the videos from even nearby businesses of whatever hit the Pentagon.
Tell us about that.
This was immediately, apparently, because there were reports that at the hotel across the street from the Pentagon, there were some security people watching this security video from their own hotel, and the FBI just walks in and grabs the security video and takes off with it.
Supposedly, it's for the investigation, but...
You have to ask yourself, how would they even be there so quickly?
It's as if they already knew where the cameras were, and as soon as the attack occurred, they went running around picking them all up.
Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough, who wrote about those reporters in the Washington area, their quote is, hotel employees sat watching the film in shock and horror several times before the FBI confiscated the video.
I mean, this is how bad it is.
They're watching it in shock and horror.
How could the FBI do this and then no one follows up on it?
And then they go, here's two frames from a surveillance camera that don't show a plane but show a white-hot explosion.
Go back to sleep.
We have hundreds of cameras of whatever happened, and eyewitnesses said they saw a small jet.
Or drone, but we're just not going to show you that.
Ha, ha, ha.
We've got to produce with our, you know, with our Disney-style computers the fake animation first.
That will be out in a few years.
We'll be right back with Eric Huffman.
Your call.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're going to go to your calls here in just a few minutes.
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Then his video on VHS and DVD is just amazing.
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So please take action.
Back to Eric Huffman.
Eric, for those that just joined us, tell us what you cover in your book and video.
The book spends a lot of time on the World Trade Center and Building 7 and a little bit about the Pentagon.
The video goes over some more details about the Pentagon attack as well as it shows you Building 7 coming down from a few different angles.
They sort of add to one another.
It's not like one's a duplicate of the other.
By the way, after listening to your show with David Icke, you should bring up this issue once in a while.
Because part of the reason we have trouble getting this information out is all the weird stuff that's out there making us look like fools.
And you can understand why some of it goes out because, like the lizard business, it sounds so bizarre, but I can understand why some people believe it.
And it's not because they believe there's really lizards.
They're looking at these scams and saying, well, wait a minute, who's benefiting from these things?
The world is destroying itself.
And even the rich families, the Bushes, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds have to live in these same crummy cities and the same crummy train systems.
And they're thinking, well, maybe it's not human.
And see, this is where I think some of this comes from.
The people that are looking at this thinking, you know, the world is getting worse and worse and worse.
How could any group of people be behind this?
This must be an alien force.
And you know what I think?
What we have to once in a while point out to people is that
You know, these people are just messing up is what I think is going on here.
They're just incompetent.
They're corrupt.
They're cheating one another, backstabbing one another.
And the result of their scams is that they are hurting themselves in addition to the rest of us.
But it's creating this impression to some people that whatever's behind it isn't even human.
You know what I mean?
Then we get these lizard theories and all these others going out there that make us look like we're nuts.
And so I think it's something we ought to at least, you know, something that at least people should talk about once in a while, you know, that it's not, that the people behind this are really people.
You know, it's CIA and all these other groups, and they're just, they're messing up.
And that's where some of these weird theories come from.
Well, look, I mean, the 100% documented facts...
About the world today are hard enough to get people to believe.
I mean, I tell people that the Mexican government plans to give all their police microchips and just microchipped 160 of their Justice Department, and they tell me I'm a kook until they see it, and they go, okay, it's a good idea.
So, you know, that stuff is bizarre enough, and I agree, this adding bizarre stuff that can't be proven onto the end of it, in some cases, is a tactic to discredit.
I think some people just are...
That's a form of social control.
So a lot of this is by design.
Yeah, by people, though, is what I'm trying to say.
Oh, I totally agree.
I don't think it's little green men.
But, I mean, some people are looking at it like, who's benefiting?
And thinking, it can't be human.
It can't be human.
Well, I was on the number one talk show in the Midwest for 45 minutes the other day.
And the talk show host usually only, you know, talks about real issues.
It's, you know, man count.
And he said, he said, my friends, my family, my neighbors, they're all saying it's the lizard people now.
Alex, what do you think?
And I just said, look, it's some mass psychosis or phenomenon, you know, or it's something spiritual, I don't know.
But yes, this lizard people thing is really gaining mass...
It is, and I think if we don't deal with it, we're just going to get swallowed up in it.
And I've talked to some people and I can see where it's coming from.
Part of it is coming from this, they're looking at the world and thinking it's getting worse and worse.
Well, it's the old thing of it can't be this bad, it must be the devil.
And so now it's, oh no, it's not the devil, we're scientific people now.
God doesn't exist, so it's the lizard people.
I mean, we've got to point out, you know, the people are just screwing things up here.
They're cheating each other, backstabbing each other, they're messing up, their scams aren't working.
Look at Oklahoma City, that was a big mess up.
And apparently, according to General Parton's report, some of the bombs, that's why it was unsymmetrical.
And the reports that you have in your 9-11 Road to Tyranny show that bombs didn't even go off.
So it looks like what they did is they messed that one up also.
And so it's not that they're coming from lizard people, it's the people that do this are messing up.
But it's creating this impression that it's not human because they're doing such a bad job and they're thinking, oh, wait a minute, they couldn't have been humans that did that.
It also makes people feel better because then they can think, well, people don't act this way.
People don't behave this manner.
So it makes people feel a little better to think, well, it wasn't human.
It's a lizard creature.
Oh, man, we're going to get a bunch of calls on this now, Eric.
What have you done?
What have you done now?
Uh-oh, I've got you in trouble.
Oh, no, it's just ridiculous.
No, but I know what you're talking about.
Well, it's another way of diverting it.
See, instead of saying, well, our government did this, we can now say, well, it wasn't even human.
Our government's innocent.
Bush is innocent.
It's these lizards.
It's another way of diverting it away again.
It's just another one of these things.
We've got to start realizing it's coming from people, these crimes, these corruptions.
We've got to start making the world better.
We've got to start talking about this.
We've got to start coming up being more serious.
Look at the political conventions right now.
You'd think you were watching some sort of college fraternity toga party or something.
These people aren't even serious.
And if the reports of all the prostitutes running out there are true, I mean, what is this?
Is this a wild party that you'd expect from Las Vegas?
These people are... Well, they say double the whores are assembling to service the Republicans.
They say they're the biggest partiers.
And at the same time, did you see the New York Post about the homosexual gay porn stars out-servicing the Republicans?
Oh, them too?
Now that was the headline.
Gay porn star services Republicans at Bohemian Grove.
It's amazing.
Can you imagine going into a business to apply for a job?
Or imagine someone going to InfoWars to apply for a job and the personnel department behaves like this.
Can you imagine the disgust people would have if they walk in and find this kind of partying and obnoxious behavior?
And yet this is the people?
These are the ones selecting our government?
They don't even take this seriously.
We ought to be ashamed of this.
We should be complaining about this.
These people are obnoxious.
They're not paying any attention to anything.
There's nothing intelligent being said at these conventions ever.
It's just money, prostitution, and who knows what else.
Drinking, drugs, I don't know.
But it's sure not anything serious.
Sure nothing to be proud of.
No, you're right.
We've got a bunch of ultra-corrupt control freaks running around running things, and we're in a lot of trouble.
Oh, yeah.
All you have to do is just imagine walking into a personnel department and seeing this kind of behavior.
Just think to yourself, what would you be thinking?
Would you want to even work at that company?
Well, that's like Bohemian Grove.
World leaders running around in dresses, male prostitutes everywhere, worshiping Moloch, dancing around in red hoods.
Oh, they're just having fun.
They're our Christian leaders.
And then meanwhile, meanwhile...
If your neighbor was dancing around in front of a 45-foot stone owl, I mean, what would you do?
Oh, I know.
Well, some of the stories are so hard to believe.
A lot of people, I think, dismiss the bohemian growth stuff because it's just too wild for them to comprehend.
It's like those stories that come from Britain about the Blair administration hiring retarded boys for sex.
I mean, you hear this stuff and you think, that can't be true.
It's not possible.
Well, that's even been in the major British newspapers.
Yeah, but I mean, to most people, it's like, it can't be true because who among us is even sexually aroused by retarded children?
I mean, think about it.
Are you?
I'm not, and this is something wrong with me.
I mean, I don't understand this.
Even I am wondering, is it true?
Maybe it's not even true.
Maybe they just say this to...
Hurt Blair.
I don't know.
Maybe they are lizard people.
Maybe they do.
Well, see, this is where I think some of these stories come from.
They're looking at this stuff and thinking, wait a minute, this isn't real.
These aren't people.
I know.
I mean, it's just mind-blowing, all the stuff.
But, no, I mean, it's confirmed about Bohemian Grove.
I mean, I've been there.
I've shot video of the satanic ritual.
Yeah, there's just so much going on, though, that we can't believe, because if it doesn't fit your life and what you grew up with, you start thinking, maybe they are human.
If you look at history, what decadent elites do, Aztecs, human sacrifice, Nero, raping and killing, burning, Hitler, when you look at what, you know, Idi Amin frying up people and eating them for dinner, I mean, this is what power-mad criminals turn into when they get total control in every case.
Yeah, people can really get out of control if there's nothing to keep them underneath.
People are supposed to be keeping each other under control.
That's normally what will happen.
You see it in a normal family and normal friends.
People follow each other.
See, this is the thing about people.
Well, nobody's got to keep me under control.
I've got responsibilities.
I've got my vision.
I've got my morals.
No one has to tell me what to do.
I mean, I know I need to fight this.
Oh, right, right.
But, I mean, the average person, you know, most people are like, they'll follow one another.
And so if you put them in a group where everybody's like wild, it just makes it even worse.
Most people are not like you.
No, I agree.
It's getting wilder and wilder and wilder.
Let's take a few calls, Eric.
We've gone from the 9-11 Whitewash Commission to satanic rituals and lizard people.
But the satanic rituals are real, and people see that, and they think, my God, it must be some thing.
That's funny.
No, it really is being talked about out there, folks.
Let's talk to Tim in Montana.
Tim, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I just wanted to say I'm actually making a tape right now of your Bohemian Grove and 9-11 and the CFR, right as we speak.
And a couple things I wanted to say.
When you talk to Michael Moore, you should point out in his film, I'm sure you know where he talks about what if Clinton had done something like this.
And, of course, your Oklahoma bombing stuff was beautiful.
There's one thing, though, that I disagree with you on, and that's the part about the gun control and stuff.
Actually, guns and everything and all the military are going to be completely wiped off the earth.
That is what's coming.
No, actually, we're going to be disarmed, and our military will be a unit of a UN global army with no one to stand against the system.
But God is going to get rid of them all.
That is what's coming.
They're going to...
We're going to build up on our side with stuff like what you're doing, and it'll be a nonviolent revolution similar to what Gandhi pulled and also what happened in South Africa.
And then, just like it says, because all the players are here, then they're going to come down because they're going to be losing power, just as you've been discussing during this whole show, how you're getting out and some people are beginning to wake up a little bit
But as we grow, then there's going to be a great slaughter.
They'll be in control for a while, where, just like you say, with the chips, and you won't be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast, but then they'll be overthrown, and that's all going to be happening in this century.
All right, well, thank you for the call.
Now, I do believe in God and the devil, and I do believe that there's this devilish force behind all this, but...
I guess the lizard people idea is kind of the modern scientific twisting or manifestation of that idea.
Well, I think it's also because people hear those reports like you just said of Bohemian Grove and the Blair administration.
They're thinking, people don't do that.
That's not human.
And that's where I think some of it comes from.
Because I've personally met a few people that they just can't believe humans are doing this stuff.
Well, I can't believe it, but it is.
History shows it's the norm in power, and we're the cattle down here meekly taking it.
Or should you know more about history?
I mean, if you talk to the average person, they haven't really seen too much of it.
And so to them, it's hard to believe.
No one says no to the power elite.
They go completely insane and end up destroying themselves.
Let's talk to Melissa in Florida.
Melissa, you're on the air with Eric Huffman.
Go ahead.
Can I make a little comment on a list I made about things with 9-11 shortly?
Go ahead.
First of all, NORAD, the plane stood down.
No windows on the jet from pictures I've seen.
The cell phones won't work from the jets, though the people supposedly called their family members.
What about the pictures with the missile pod on the jet?
Have you all seen those?
This is another one that people are spending a lot of time on.
It's a grainy photograph, first of all.
And it may be true that they put something on these planes to get the fuel burning right away.
Yeah, my point has always been this.
We can prove they called Mayor Willie Brown and told him not to fly.
We can prove they called the Joint Chiefs.
We can prove that Al-Qaeda is CIA.
We can prove the insider trading.
We can prove they trained the supposed hijackers at U.S.
military bases.
All that concrete, irrefutable is ignored and the other stuff gets focused on.
Yeah, they're putting too much emphasis on things that really have no... Well, I mean, I think we should focus on all of it, some, but focus on the wide spectrum.
Right, and those are like technical details, how they did it.
And there's no real proof.
It's just like speculation.
And I have a lot more on my list, and I won't even go into that.
Did y'all see the Michael Moore debating Bill O'Reilly last night?
No, I didn't.
What was that like?
It was great, and there's a transcript on Drudge, and I also have it on tape.
Oh, you have that right now?
Yeah, and I'm going to mail you two tapes, Alex, including the Khalil Bin Laden that you wanted.
Oh, you are a sweetheart.
You're going to get it Friday.
Anything else you want to add?
I just recorded a lot of great stuff that I think you'll love, and that's about it.
Well, thanks a million.
We'll be back.
All right.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Why have police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately?
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
I think so.
We're good to go.
Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I haven't seen the O'Reilly-Michael Moore interview, but O'Reilly is a cowardly, stupid creature.
A horrible liberal of the greatest order known.
And then he gets with a fellow liberal like Moore, and they have this little fake left-right debate.
And I heard he wouldn't let Moore talk, which is classic.
Because Moore is obviously much smarter and knows more facts than Mr. Big Mouth, Mr. Ultra-Liberal.
And so, again, they give you this false choice between Moore and O'Reilly.
There's no real difference, folks.
They're both establishment pimps and give you a false spectrum analysis.
But I hope to get that video, Melissa, and thank you.
Andy in Wisconsin, you're on the air with Eric Huffman and Alex Jones.
Go ahead.
Hello, Mr. Jones.
How are you doing today?
Yes, I just had a comment to make about David Icke's book, Children of the Matrix.
And you indicated before that you haven't read that book.
No, I haven't.
Well, I read the first half of it, and I just totally lost interest.
And I'm pretty regretful that I even wasted money on it, and instead I should have bought one of your videos.
Yeah, but see, we're kind of getting diverted off into that, as Eric was saying.
Also, would you ever have Jim Mars on as a guest?
You know, I mean to do that.
That would be really... I've been on a bunch of radio shows with him when he's another guest.
Right, you've been on Coast to Coast with him before, right?
I've been on a lot of shows with him.
Oh, okay.
And that's really it.
I'm going to be in Austin next year.
I'll be driving down from Wisconsin.
And maybe I'll run into you.
Who knows?
I'm sure you will, brother.
Take care.
Good to hear from you.
David, Tennessee.
You're on the air with Eric Huffman.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, I am a recent awakenee, and I'm copying your videos.
I'm getting them out.
And one thing I'm wondering is, why did Bush Sr.
not invade Iraq back in the first Gulf War?
Well, he said that this is the start of the New World Order, and because they wanted to steal Iraq's oil for a few decades, or for 12 years.
Eric Opsman, any comments to what Dave just said?
No, I'll... Dad, as far as I know, I'll just agree with you for now.
I'll leave it with you.
Alex, have you seen Mike Rupert's The Truth and Lies of 9-11?
Your phone's cutting out.
Have you seen Mike Rupert's The Truth and Lies of 9-11?
Yeah, I think it's a decent video.
It's pretty good.
I had friends we had to get together last night and
But your videos are the best.
I'm getting them out.
All right.
Well, thank you for the call.
I appreciate it, sir.
Let's go ahead and talk to Dan in Illinois.
Dan, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
This is Dave.
I don't even read the politics stuff anymore.
I pretty much just go to the Department of Defense, all the dot mills and stuff.
And the way I see it, it's kind of like the cabal in the Pentagon, sort of like J. Edgar Hoover, like when he was trying to keep power.
And, you know, he was getting ready for the mandatory retirement age, 65, and Kennedy, you know, he was going to can him because he had to because he was 65.
So, you know, Kennedy ends up dead, and the LBJ, you know, takes that restriction down.
Okay, how does that tie in with the military-industrial complex takeover right now?
Well, what they're doing is they're starting... All the old guys want to privatize... You know, they start these private companies.
And then they privatize the government to themselves.
Classical fascism.
Let's do five more minutes with Eric Hausman.
Stay there.
Let him get a comment or two in.
And then we've got another guest coming up, so stay with us.
Hello, folks.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, my friends.
We're now into hour number three.
We're going to get into what the social services are doing in Denver, Colorado.
A bunch of other news and your calls coming up.
Next guest is just beyond 20 minutes or so.
Our final segment with Eric Hopschmidt.
I want to have him back up to get back into more details of 9-11, but we do carry his video and his book at Infowars.com.
But Dave in Illinois was...
We're good to go.
And the people that chair these companies are in a revolving door with Republicans and Democrats in and out of government and industry.
And the point you made is paramount.
And Eric Huffman, PNAC, the Project for a New American Century, said years before 9-11 with Dick Cheney and Rumsfeld and others, we need terror attacks for this mobilization, for this takeover.
And they certainly got their helpful terror attack, to use their quote.
Eric Huffman comments.
Well, I agree with you.
And I don't see any sign that any of it's going to end soon either.
That's the other thing that kind of worries some.
It's an acceleration, a consolidation.
And the selfishness of these people, they're trying to get more and more money.
They're not just running scams, but they're trying to benefit from them at the same time financially.
What are these people?
What do they think they're accomplishing?
And what's coming up next makes you wonder.
What's going to be left of this country when they're done with this?
Well, they're gearing up to take pension funds.
They're gearing up to put millions more in prison.
They're gearing up for every forced inoculation.
Just hellish control.
But if our economy falls apart too much more, there won't be enough money for some of this, is what I'm wondering.
Because we're already losing manufacturing.
What are we going to do for our income in this country?
They may end up hurting the economy so much that they're...
Their plans don't even come through because now the economy is a disaster.
But see, that's because Europe is using us as the shill.
It's Europe that comes out on top.
America is meant to be dismantled, and our blood supply, our innards, are to be used as fuel to bring in the New World Order while we take the blame, and then the globalists come in out of Europe.
We're the whore, they're the beast, the beast eats the whore.
That's what it seems like.
America is just being used, and our military is just being used, and everything about it.
That's what it appears like.
No, no, no.
I mean, to use the Bible analogy, we're the whore, and the beast doesn't like the whore.
The whore rides the beast, and the beast is using the whore right now to take the blame, and then the beast eats the whore.
Yeah, it does look like it was happening, doesn't it?
It makes you wonder, what's our military doing?
Don't these people have a...
See what's going on?
I hear you.
Let's take one more from Robert in South Dakota.
Robert, go ahead.
You're on the air, Robert.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I guess I dropped off.
Go ahead.
That's okay.
You're on the air.
This is James in Austin.
It's another caller.
Go ahead, sir.
Sorry about that.
I did some little basic calculations.
I was hearing you guys talking about the falling time of the buildings, and it made me think because I wanted to see what I'd come up with in...
If my calculations are incorrect, correct me, but isn't acceleration 32 feet per second squared?
Yeah, that's right.
At that rate, free fall, I mean, no impedance at all, is about six or seven seconds from about 1,400 feet.
But when you do a floor-to-floor examination, you know, one floor to the next floor, even at 60 floors, it should take about 37 seconds.
And I timed it on the tape and...
I didn't see 10 seconds, but I got about 15 to 20 seconds.
But still, that's... No, the government says that one of the towers fell in just a little over 10 seconds, which is faster than gravity, sir.
A bowling ball doesn't fall that fast.
Showing clearly... Okay, my calculations were wrong then, but... I'll tell you what, we've got another guest coming up.
Okay, meanwhile... Hold on, hold on, sir.
Hold on.
We'll talk a few minutes about this with Eric Hushman on the other side.
Just stay there.
Eric will stay.
Is that cool, Eric?
Okay, we'll be right back.
Stay there.
Caller from Austin.
We'll be right back.
Are you one of the millions who suffer from arthritis or chronic back pain?
Michael Trudeau here.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're about to go to the producer of the Peter Boyle Show in Denver, Colorado.
All right.
And I've heard of this broadcast before.
I may have even been on it as a guest.
I've been on so many interviews.
I don't know.
But I got a bunch of emails and then a little news story about...
A mother is now being interviewed on the station.
This first email said, whose son is in Denver Children's Hospital.
She's living in Ronald McDonald House.
Her son is paralyzed due to a recent accident.
The social worker told her she could not give her son false hope by saying God can heal him.
We'll talk about that here in just a few minutes with Chris Bernard, the producer for Peter Boyle.
I hope I'm pronouncing that right.
But finishing up real quick with Eric Hubschmidt, the maker of the film 9-11, Painful Deceptions, that I actually carry at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
A caller here in Austin, Texas who did the calculations of gravity and how fast the buildings fall.
Just briefly, Eric, and then I'll let you go.
Break down the fall of the buildings and those major questions.
The World Trade Centers.
Well, actually, I have the formula showing in my video so people forget it.
It's really simple.
The square root of the distance divided by 16.
And the problem with trying to measure it, of course, is where do you say it starts and where do you say it ends?
Because also the building had some basements.
So trying to say where it started and ended is difficult.
But if you divide the 1,300 feet by 16, take the square root, you get about nine seconds.
That's just free fall without any atmosphere to slow it down.
Which means these buildings were falling like free fall.
They could possibly have gone a little faster.
Some of the beams may have been pushed downward by those explosives, since that's what explosives do.
It's possible some of the beams actually went down faster than they would have just free-falling, since they got a boost from the explosives.
Now, by the way, we have three different tapes, videos, of firefighters saying there were bombs.
We have firefighters telling AP reporters, get back from Building 7.
We're about to bring it down.
We have all of this, and this cannot be ignored, but...
Eric, one of the buildings fell faster than a bowling ball.
How does that happen?
The scientists who were analyzing the data were coming up with eight seconds for one, which is a bit on the fast side.
They're basically following free fall.
That's what I would say.
It's difficult to say whether they went a little faster or a little bit slower.
It's about free fall.
But there's no way to explain this.
It's as if there was no resistance to anything.
The only explanation I have is that, like I show in my book, that the explosives were shattering the floor faster than the rubble above it was falling.
So one floor never really hit the floor below it.
By the time the floor above reached the floor below, the floor below was already in pieces.
Well, I had a structural engineer on who's a family friend on the day of 9-11, about an hour after the collapse, live on the radio,
Jimmy Wright, he worked in the World Financial Center.
He's there on the cell phone, you know, by the harbor, just 500 yards from the rubble, being evacuated by ferries.
And he said it was the most controlled demolition I'd ever seen.
Heads of universities said that.
The designer of the building said that.
And suddenly, they all shut up.
And I've called firefighters who were in news articles saying they saw bombs, heard bombs.
And then they go, Mr. Jones, I've been told to shut up.
I can't talk about it.
So this needs to be investigated.
Eric Huffman, thanks for coming on with us.
Well, it's great to be on.
Talk to you some other time then.
God bless you, my friend.
Okay, I know we've got loaded phone lines and a ton of news that we haven't gotten to on the Democratic Convention and the Republican Convention coming up.
It's all going to be coming up here in just a few minutes.
But I really want to thank the producer.
...of a popular radio show in Denver on KHOW for coming on.
She is Chris Bernard.
And we got this story, and I've seen dozens of these over the years, where a child is hurt and the mother or father says, pray to Jesus, he can heal you.
And she's not trying to withhold medical care or anything like a Christian scientist or something.
There's some question there.
I can see that in some cases there being a debate.
But no, she just said you can be healed and doctors will tell you that that's half the battle in many cases is the psychological view of the patient.
So this makes sense even if you don't believe in God, and I do.
They've gotten the mother's side of the story, and we've got her on with us, the producer for this radio show, Chris Bernard.
Chris, good to have you on with us.
Hi, Alex.
Thanks for having me on.
You bet.
What's going on there in Denver with the thought police?
Well, you know, we haven't gotten the other side of the story, of course.
We only have one side of the story to work with.
And I highly doubt that Children's Hospital will be able to speak on this issue just simply because of patient confidentiality rules that they have to follow.
So what we have is a volunteer of Children's Hospital who contacted us and said, you know, hey, we've got this story.
A woman is being charged with or accused of child abuse when she is, you know, telling her son pretty much that, you know, God can heal you, that sort of thing.
You have to believe in God.
And they're praying and hoping that God will come to their rescue and heal this spinal cord injury that her son has.
Yes, ma'am.
I'm listening to you.
That essentially is the issue.
Since we don't have the other side of the story, we're just working with what she's told us.
Can a hospital, if they feel a child is being put under undue stress or strain, can they restrict prayer?
That's the question.
Well, I mean, my father's a doctor.
My family's got a bunch of doctors in it.
They say the power of prayer, just psychologically, is always an incredibly positive thing.
And this child needs hope, and I have to believe in God as well.
But how dare them tell this mother, and then supposedly move to...
It says here the Denver police are now escorting her outside the hospital.
She is being told in writing by the police she needs to seek mental health counseling.
Again, I can't confirm this report, but I have seen, and you're in a newsroom, I'm sure you've probably seen this over the years, where similar things have happened.
This is just incredible.
Oh yeah, I agree.
I mean, what's more detrimental to a child?
Is it
Having the mother pray in front of him and insisting on the child praying with her or restricting the mother's visitation rights?
Because now as it is, she's been restricted to one hour of visitation a day plus two phone calls.
And this is according to her.
So if that's the case, I mean, what's more stressful to the child?
Being denied visitation of the mother or praying?
Now, again, you're the producer for the Peter Boyle Show in Denver, Colorado, and how are your listeners responding to this?
You know, it's definitely brought up some good topics or some good conversation and dialogue as far as how much physicians should play a part in a child's well-being and care, their psychological care, that sort of thing.
And like I said, it's really hard to say since we only have one side of the story.
Well, I guarantee if this was a Hindu doctor dancing around, they wouldn't have a problem.
Over and over again, I see selective enforcement, persecution of Christians by these control freaks in government.
And again...
I guess it's simple.
You want to send a reporter down with her to the hospital and see if they let you in with her.
That'll prove it real quick, and I'm sure she can bring to the radio station a copy of this order she's been given.
Sure, definitely.
I mean, I know we're going to continue this story tomorrow and hopefully have a representative from Children's Hospital on, but I can almost guarantee that they won't be able to say anything about it.
So this is going on today.
This broke this morning.
Yes, sir.
Well, I mean, I say it's part of the course.
I've seen so many examples of this and things like this happening in the past.
I believe the story.
I believe the mother.
And this is insane.
And, I mean, you can...
I mean, I don't know what else there really is to say about it as far as
Yeah, you're right.
I mean, it's definitely detrimental to the kid that the mom's not with him.
But to what expense?
So who is allowed to see the child?
Just these ghoulish social workers?
As far as I know, other family members have been given unrestricted visitation.
So he does have family who is visiting him and are supporting him and helping.
So he's not completely all alone in a strange town, but when a kid's hurt, he needs his mom.
That's the deal.
By a strange town, he's from outside Denver?
He is from outside Denver.
I guess he's from Seeley Lake, Montana.
And they flew him into Children's Hospital for further treatment of a spinal cord injury.
How did he get the injury?
He actually was accidentally shot by his own brother.
Apparently, we're playing with a .22 rifle, and it discharged, and it ended up in this young man's neck and caused some pretty severe paralysis and spinal cord injury.
Oh, we've got to pray for him.
Yeah, I mean... Of course, we might get arrested if we do, so maybe... Maybe we're abusing him from afar by asking for prayer, but... Well...
So, overall, was the response 75-25?
I would imagine most people are against what the government's doing here?
As far as?
Well, I mean, your callers, I'm guessing, are against what the social workers are allegedly doing?
Yeah, they definitely believe that if a parent wants to pray, they should be able to pray.
And they shouldn't...
Couldn't be restricted on seeing their children.
Well, I mean, where did they come up with this?
Is this a free country or not?
This is like Russia or something.
And also I read here that the mother says they're telling her to get psychiatric help.
Yeah, that's what she said, yeah, that they told her to go and seek treatment herself.
Because she believes in God and is trying to give her son hope.
That's according to her, yeah.
That's what she's got to say about it.
Okay, Chris Bernard, the producer for the Peter Boyles program on KHOW AM there in Denver.
Thanks for coming on, and perhaps as this develops, we can get you back up for a report.
You got it, Alex.
Okay, take care.
Thanks, you too.
We'll come back, take your calls, get into a bunch of other news.
Stay with us.
Keep it locked in, prisonplanet.tv and infowars.com are the websites.
Check them out.
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My friends, I've seen articles where 10-year-old children are made to go to church by their parents.
I mean, mainstream Baptist churches, Catholic churches, whatever.
And they get them in the school counselor and say, your parents, remember what they mean to you?
Yeah, they make me go to church.
And they grab the children and take them and call it abuse.
And so the child is here being abused.
Prayed for by his mother, so they kick her out and tell her to go get mental illness help.
Just so sick, folks.
But the border's wide open, but the domestic CIA's got to watch us because Al-Qaeda's about to strike, and we've got to watch all the people.
Robert in San Diego.
Go ahead, sir.
You're on the air.
Yes, this is Barry from Missouri.
You know, I'm having problems with the calls.
They're kind of scrambled, but...
We're going to put you on hold.
We're going to try to figure out what's going on with the calls here.
Who should I go to first?
What's going on?
Okay, we're going to now take a call from Ken in Kansas City.
Ken, go ahead.
Alex, I've talked to you before.
I just wondered, I've been where that woman's at with the child, so...
You're aware of that?
I called you about that before.
No, I don't remember.
Why don't you refresh my memory?
Well, we had a child taken away from us, too.
The child passed away.
And it was taken away from us by the courts and all, and put in the care of foster parents and all that stuff.
And then the child died?
Your child died in their custody?
Oh, yeah.
How did your child die in their custody?
And why did they take your child?
Well, because we were praying for the child, too, and they took a child because of that.
What did they say?
They said praying for a child was evil?
Yeah, they said it was just a myth and all that stuff.
So in America, don't get caught praying for your child.
Again, people are giving their children medical treatment.
You know, we all hear about them taking kids where they don't let them, you know, have medical treatment.
That's debatable.
This is where you just go pray, they see it, and they take your child.
Well, we... They're very concerned in that life-threatening situation that you not hear about Jesus.
Demon-possessed scum.
That's not surprising to me.
That's been quite a while ago now with us, but... What did you say to them when they said, it's a myth, you're not allowed to pray, it's your First Amendment?
Well, I didn't know then what I know now, so we'll put it that way.
And I was getting opposition from my wife at the time, so it was kind of a hassle, you know, that I went through.
All right, what else is on your mind, sir?
Yeah, I just want to mention a couple of points, Chet.
They're putting cameras up in Kansas City area here.
Time Warner was the one that...
Yeah, I know.
Private companies sponsor like Target, Time Warner, putting surveillance cameras up everywhere.
Well, they're doing that in Kansas City big time, so... And they're having giant checkpoints in KC and Independence pulling everyone over, searching your cars.
And also, last night on Larry King Live after the convention, I don't know whether you saw that or not, that Senator Byrd...
I don't know whether he's an active senator now or whether he's... Yes, he is.
He had quite an expose.
He's written a book, and he had quite an expose on George Bush and the power that he's trying to take away from the people and all that.
That was on CNN.
But that's more good cop, bad cop.
Yeah, Byrd is the oldest serving member in the Senate.
After Strom Thurmond retired and died.
But he had some pretty strong words, you know, against George Bush.
All right, well, thank you for the call.
I really appreciate it, and I'm sorry about your child.
Oh, boy.
Who's up next after that?
Okay, Blake in Kansas City.
Go ahead, Blake.
Yes, sir.
I was looking online, and I found an article that you were talking about going to see more in Crawford.
The article says that he...
Canceled out on that event.
And they're still showing the movie, but he's not going to be there.
Well, I won't be there then.
I saw the press release this morning and it said he'd be there.
He just canceled out on it?
Yeah, there's an article I saw from the Associated Free Press and it goes on to say the police are saying they're glad he's not going to be there.
And another, someone left him a
Someone actually dropped off a pile of cow manure there with a note on it saying that they were comparing him to cow manure, so I thought that was pretty interesting.
That is interesting.
I tell you what, stay there.
We'll talk more about it on the other side, and then we'll go to Robert in San Diego and Michael in Toronto and Anna in New Mexico and everyone else.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show because there's a war on for your mind.
Yeah, I learned this morning that Lord Moore, who tells us the government just accidentally let 9-11 happen and is in business with the Saudis, not that they carried the attacks out.
The Democrats are going to save us.
I don't know who I dislike more, him or O'Reilly, two peas in a pod in a staged event.
He was going to be up there at Crawford showing it, but according to Blake in Kansas City, they're not.
Blake, what's the headline on that Associated Press article?
It says, More film reaches Bush backyard.
And it goes on to say that he's not going to be there.
Okay, well, read that to me.
It says, Crawford, United States...
Michael Moore's controversial documentary, Fahrenheit 9-11, reaches U.S.
President George W. Bush's backyard, but the filmmaker has nixed plans to come to this one stoplight town to officiate.
And it's a pretty long article.
It basically goes on to say how the police are glad he's not going to be there because they thought there was going to be a big protest and how he's a double-edged sword for the Democratic Party.
And he's a prominent participant in the Democratic National Convention running through Thursday in Boston.
And that's something I learned.
I didn't know he was partaking in that.
Oh yeah, he was there.
I guess I should have watched that.
But yeah, I just thought I'd let you know.
That's all I really have.
Well, that is invaluable.
Will you email that to me?
Yeah, I sure will.
Tips at Infowars.com Okay.
Thanks a lot, buddy.
The other email addresses are hopelessly clogged with Viagra ads and mortgage ads and the rest of it.
I try to get into those, but the tips only gets a few hundred a day.
I do read all those, by the way, until that email address becomes hopelessly corrupted with spam.
But I don't want the UN to come take over the Internet to save me from the spam.
No, that's what they want to do.
They want to save us.
Mike in Toronto, Canada.
Alex, how's it going?
How are you doing today?
Good, my friend.
I just want to talk about this next attack that their conditioning is for.
Okay, go ahead.
Yeah, do you think that's going to be in September or October?
Definitely before the election, right?
They've got so much power and been able to destroy the liberties of this country to such a great extent that they just can't help themselves.
Who do you think will be to blame for this one?
Do you think it'll be Iran?
Oh, it'll be Al-CIA and Iran.
They're all getting ready to go into Iran.
Yeah, because if you look at a map, you see that they're in Afghanistan and Iraq, and who's in the middle of those two?
Perfect stage to attack on both sides for Iran.
A pincer attack.
Get their oil.
Well, it's more than oil.
What do you think?
They don't want any sovereign country anywhere.
And I'm not saying Iran's good, folks.
The point is you've got the devil trying to take out a demon that's not following orders.
That's another lame analogy, but...
It's a good point, Mike, and we're just bracing for impact here with the New World Order.
What do you think?
When do you think the attack's coming?
I think, well, Andrew Card said in September of 2002 that from a marketing point of view, you just don't introduce new products in August.
People are on vacation and whatnot, but if you wait until September...
Everyone's back in school like they did in 2001?
You know, I remember he said that about you don't introduce a new product talking about terrorism.
What in the world?
These people are so arrogant.
It's terrible.
But I just hope it's not a nuclear attack.
That's all I'm hoping.
Have you seen that?
Can you imagine how they'll re-engineer our society and how people will line up for their children to be drafted?
Into the new Imperial Army.
Yeah, don't put it past them, but to nuke a major city.
Have you seen the sum of all fears?
Yes, it's all a conditioning process.
Yes, sir.
What cities do you think it'll be?
Well, Gary Hart has said Dallas, Denver, and Cleveland.
He says we will be attacked.
But I don't know.
I thought Cleveland because if there's any nuclear followed, at least they'll blow north on good old Canada.
Punching bags.
Yeah, the northern holding of the Anglo-American establishment.
Is that how we're seen?
Do you have any views on Canada at all?
You don't really talk about it as much.
Total police state.
They breed your male.
Kind of the liberal, touchy-feely form of tyranny.
Totally controlled by the globalists, just like we are.
Oh, yeah?
You think our prime minister is in with all these, the world elite, the Bilderberg group?
The UN says you are the model country.
Hate crime laws, speech laws, everything.
And now your country signed a deal last year so draft dodgers can't run to Canada.
Yeah, well, they spent $2 billion figuring out where all the guns were up here.
And 56% of guns that were registered have now been banned.
All part of the freedom.
Thanks for the call.
Thanks a lot.
You bet.
Yeah, you guys are further down the rat hole in some respects, but you're not the center of the empire like we are.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ann in New Mexico.
Ann, thanks for holding.
Hi, Alex.
Yahweh bless you.
Well, thank you.
You're doing such a wonderful work.
You're a true warrior, and I just admire you for what you're doing.
In that interview with Eric, he sounded like he was a young man.
You know, eager, kind of innocent.
He's a very successful computer company owner.
He's not that young.
Well, there was something, you know, I was listening to his reasoning and it just touched my heart, you know, and I'm glad you gave him as much time as you did, too.
Oh, I may have had one longer, but I had to have these guests on about the take your child, they take your child.
Oh, that was awful.
Yeah, those buildings went straight down, you know, come on, you know.
And nobody's talking about it, so everybody's in denial, you know, which is not a river in Egypt.
What I wanted to bring up was I wish you'd focus more on the seed.
The devil's trying to destroy not only the spiritual seed, Israel, but he's using his minions like Monsanto to destroy life.
Well, I agree.
Genetically modified food.
The globalists are the most racist, pig-like creatures.
Oh, they're so evil.
And they do want to destroy Israel, and they do that by controlling its leaders.
And then the people go, oh, we've got to support Israel, but that means support those that have taken control of Israel?
No, I'm talking about spiritual Israel.
No, I agree with you.
Yeah, but there's something else.
The seed, the real seed...
You know, I'm no longer eating wheat or corn because it's genetically modified.
And what I did is I just ordered seeds like chia, amaranth, teff, triticale, buckwheat.
You can soak it for 24 hours in a thermos and then put it in the blender.
And it makes a gruel, adds an apple or fruit, and you're eating live food, Alex.
And I can't stress enough to pure water.
Live food, raw fruits and vegetables, because the people that are walking on this planet now are half comatose, and plus they're being manipulated and hypnotized by television, because television gives the flashing light.
Yeah, television is the flashing light, and flashing light will hypnotize a person.
I'm listening, yes.
So they're not only being programmed, but they're being hypnotized.
I don't have a TV in my home.
So people should wake up, you know, eyes wide open to see what's going on.
Well, every week I see another major scientific report by prestigious universities admitting the television's mesmerized, that they put the brainwave into an unnatural level, that it's caused violence to explode because of all the violence on TV that's directly programmed.
Tell the people to throw their televisions out.
I don't watch very much.
I mean, literally, I might watch an hour a week.
It's an electronic drug.
It hypnotizes.
It programs.
And it's conditioning the people, like you say, for slavery.
Plus, then they're sitting there eating processed food.
So I say go to the live food.
Don't eat anything genetically modified.
And stay awake.
Thanks for the call.
I hear you.
They had a Monsanto chief, what, five years ago, say that, this was on the record, that, well, we're going to put GMO into everything so you don't have a choice.
And a few years ago, I think they said already 87% of corn varieties globally have been infected by Monsanto strains alone.
And, again, they create the product that takes over all the other biosphere life forms, and then if they find their genetics in your corn, they sue you, take your property.
And basically own the federal courts.
All the genetic engineering cases get sent to a court they literally own and run in St.
Louis, Missouri.
And this is the takeover.
And it really is happening.
And it's very hard to eat natural and healthy food.
And it's very, very, very, very serious.
I did want to mention this one more time, and we'll go to more calls and more news at 1-800-259-9231, 1-800-259-9231.
You need to use access television in your area.
You need to find out how to get on.
It's usually quite easy.
You need to get films on, your own show on, people's documentaries on, before they shut them down.
It's a way to really create a movement in your area.
Create a name of an organization, set it up, put a website up, get an AXS TV show, drive people to it, start having weekly meetings, pick issues, become leaders.
This is one of the chinks in the armor of mainline media where you can still reach people.
And here in Austin, Texas, we have the oldest and most successful AXS TV facility, the most award-winning in the country, bar none, 31-plus years, just had their 31st anniversary.
And the press release that I want to speed through here is Death of Free Speech, Austin Institution to be savagely dismantled.
The planned destruction of Austin Community Access Television.
For months, the staff and board of Austin Community Access Television have been plotting to change the 31-year-old award-winning institution.
These changes include turning one channel, commercial, regulating and deciding which programs will be allowed on the other channels, and turning over a channel to the decidedly failed Austin Music Network.
These plan changes contravene without the input of many users of ACTV, mean the death of the Austin institution and the end of free speech on cable television.
Over a month ago, I learned by talking to several of the ACTV board members as well as one of the telecommunications lawyers from the city that they revealed that the failed Austin Music Network was to take over ACTV's Channel 16, while Time Warner's new music channel, Austin Music Partners, will take over Channel 15, a non-access channel formerly Austin Music Network.
The two remaining channels, 10 and 11, will lose their free speech chartered,
And be turned into city-managed channels with brand names like Inspirational TV and Free TV.
ACTV board members admitted that programs will be chosen and monitored and controlled.
This runs diametrically opposed and opposite the stated mission charter of Axis Television.
Also against the charter is their plan to make one or more of the channels a commercial with sponsorship.
Board member Hill told Jones that there's also a plan to shut down ACTV building, which was constructed in the early 1990s from the old building set up in 1973.
Jones has it directly from the board that commercial channels are maneuvering to gain access to the channels currently occupied by ACTV.
They are doing this because the FCC is obligated to give VHF and UHF transmitters
If they are able to occupy one of the so-called lower tier channels for a year.
So if you can be on a lower basic cable for a year, then they have to give you a UHF or VHS transmitter.
These are very valuable channels.
They've admitted that what small amount of community programming will be allowed on access channels will be selected.
They're conspiring with Time Warner and private interests like Telemundo of how the channels can be shuffled
For commercial use.
The bottom line is this.
Whereas in the late 80s, they tried to shut down ACTV and were confronted with such an uproar that they were stopped in their tracks.
They are now sneakily transforming ACTV into what will be an unrecognizable, unrepresentative, and ultimately a planned failure.
They are killing access television with a whimper, not a bang.
Their goal is to destroy one of the last highly visible forums of free community speech in Austin, a forum that has programs representing all of Austin's community.
Help save ACTV.
Come speak out during Citizens Communication at the Austin City Council meeting tomorrow.
And again, that's the telecommunications meeting for the City Council at 3.30 p.m.
in room 304 of the Municipal Building 124 West 8th Street.
Help save Austin's free speech.
Again, that is in an hour and 45 minutes.
When this show ends, an hour and 30 minutes.
Today, on this Wednesday, 3.30 p.m.
in room 304 of the Municipal Building at 124 West 8th Street.
That is 124 West 8th Street.
124 West 8th Street.
Municipal Building is what it's called, room 304, 124 West 8th Street.
Be there at about 315, 320.
Sign up for Citizens Communication.
It is the first item on the agenda.
Bring your video cameras.
This press release is posted on InfoWars.com.
Right now, and it is the Telecommunications Council Committee for Telecommunications Infrastructure, and two city council members are there.
And they've been setting this up in the dark for months.
We found out now they're going to spring it, and they just told people about it yesterday, quietly hanging this on a bulletin board.
So they can say, oh, you were advised.
And so whether you're a viewer or a supporter of free speech, no matter who you are, if you're a producer down there,
Come down to the event.
Access staff thought it was horrible when they first heard about it, but they were told, this is the way it is.
You've got to go along with it.
And so I'm standing up against this.
I hope you'll stand up against this.
Call your friends, your family, your neighbors.
Ask your boss, hey, can I get off at 3 o'clock until maybe 4.30?
Can I take my lunch late?
Can I drive down there for this?
I mean, I'm not saying lie and say you're sick.
I don't really believe in that, but talk to your boss.
See if you can do this.
They should want you to be civically involved.
It's an admirable, credible thing to do.
And it's prodigiously vital that you do this.
It's a capital import that you do this because...
I don't really need AXS TV anymore, folks.
I mean, I've got a syndicated radio show, a website, films, I do interviews.
But to have mainline media that you can use, that we can fight back against the globalists, that isn't shut down as the tearing intensifies, is so integral and so important.
And, again, it's not just a shot in the dark where somebody hears the radio show once or hears it on another show and doesn't really have an effect.
It's over and over again, over the years, laying out the facts, creating relationships.
That's why this is so important.
You need to go down and get your own show down there.
You need to get involved.
And all over the country you need to get involved.
And don't let them shut down your access facilities, which is happening everywhere.
Take a few final calls, come cover a few news articles.
When we get back from this quick break, and give you the toll-free number to get my videos, stay the course, and I'll see you today at 3.30 as well.
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You absolutely must see this DVD.
It covers the history of government-sponsored terrorism, the police state and homeland security, the nightmare UN population control programs, the cashless society control grid, satellite tracking and mineable microchips, and much, much more.
Bottom line, this film is waking people up.
Order your copy on VHS or DVD today and man the guns of the Infowar.
Order right now by calling 1-888-2533-139.
That's 888-2533-139.
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Again, that number, 888-253-3139.
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America and the world is going through a process of domestication, enslavement.
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If you want to know the truth about 9-11 and the globalist program for total enslavement, get Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Get my film, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror.
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That's 888-253-3139.
We have power.
We have the power to effect change.
That's why they're so desperate to shut up the First Amendment.
Help us.
Help us fight the New World Order.
Or we'll see you online at prisonplanet.tv or infowars.com.
Barry in Missouri.
Go ahead, sir.
Hi, Alex.
Great show, as always.
And you're an answer to prayer.
Thank you.
Two points.
One is, just a month or so ago,
I think so.
All-seeing eye local neighborhood camera, and they were promoting the idea that all you've got to do is sit behind your computer and keep an eye on the Euclid Street area, which is like downtown St.
It's been interesting.
And again, that was the federal plan two years ago, is they're going to put cameras in everywhere and then let you watch, and then under the new draft, make you watch.
So you said they want you now to tie into the cameras and help tattle.
They had this big kind of recruiting push on the... This is like the only...
Two or three minute snippet there on the local news.
Giving everybody the website to go spy on people.
Do me a favor.
Email me that article or try to find me something on that.
Oh, I'll have to dig it up in my video, my VHS.
I'll try to do that, Alex.
Wait a minute.
You taped that?
Yeah, I did.
Oh, that's pure gold.
Will you please mail that to me?
I'll try to dig it up, man.
I've got so many tapes.
I didn't tag it, but let me see if I can do it.
Okay, I'll do it if I can.
And then the other point is earlier this week, Monday morning...
NBC Today show with Matt Lauer.
Did you catch the clip on the neighbor that had the video cam on their neighbor in the country area?
The neighbors were doing some target practice, and the little three-year-old toddler had a little pistol in his hand, unloaded, and she caught it on tape.
Well, they ended up taking the kid away from the parents.
It was heart-wrenching.
Matt was interviewing this lady, and
Oh, and then she said, oh yeah, we had red flags on this neighbor before, so just naturally, you know, I just happened to have the camera going.
So here we are, you know, promoting the idea that, hey, spy on your neighbors and report them to the authorities and we'll take the kids away.
Thanks for the call.
Well, let's talk to John in Colorado.
John, go ahead.
Hello, yes, can you hear me?
Yes, very quickly.
Two requests, Alex Jones.
First one is I'd like to request that you give equal time to the Oshkosh law enforcement authorities.
They're specifically the sheriff.
Give them a chance to...
Give us a view of their side of the story, of what took place there?
The warrantless gun confiscations?
Right, right.
You know what?
That's a good idea.
Thanks for the call.
I've got to go.
I'm going to try to get them on.
That's a good idea.
That's a good idea.
I'll try to do that.
Hank in Texas, you're our last caller.
Go ahead.
No time, no see, man.
Just one quick bit of information on the telecom meeting stuff and ACTV and all that.
You know, Hank, you used to work at Access.
I wish we had time for this.
You got 30 seconds.
Tell us quick.
That whole thing with the Austin Music Partners, that whole situation with the city staff and those, was done under violations of the ethics code.
Kevin Conner was the chair of the Music Commission at the time.
They were meeting with those people, and that's against the ethics code.
Hey, Hank, I need to consult with you.
You worked there for decades.
Can you meet me at 3.30?
No, I don't want to go up near them people, but what I would like... Hey, hey, I'm going to put you on hold.
I want your phone number.
Stay there.
Show's over.
Stay there.