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Air Date: July 22, 2004
2443 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I'm not even sure if I should edify...
If I should even discuss how fake the 9-11 whitewashed soft-soap kangaroo court cover-up by globalist crime syndicate bosses 9-11 hearings.
I mean, it's almost bad to even sit there and explain how fake it is because it's so fake.
Just remember that
They tried to have Henry Kissinger as the first head of the independent commission appointed by George W. Bush.
And then Bush is out there in the Rose Garden at the White House going, here is my independent commission.
And they have said that Bill Clinton and I did absolutely nothing wrong.
But what's really scary is they're going, the families demand a domestic CIA to keep us safe, but the terrorists are still going to strike despite that, they tell us.
We've got to remain vigilant.
This war is going to go on and on.
It's never going to stop, but don't worry.
We're going to have oversight to make sure we're not violating your rights.
My commission is just like this one.
By people that own the military industrial complex.
And, well, you're masters.
We own you, slaves.
And so to sit there and watch some of them this morning and then to listen to them driving into the studio on the radio, I mean, disgusting.
And to listen to that Atlantic, you know, blue-blood, Tory accent.
I mean, I like a British accent.
If it's somebody from England, I think they're nice accents.
But, you know, that blue-blood, Tory group on the East Coast that still speak with it
I mean, I want to puke listening to Keene and this other disgusting wonk, womp that's with him, and then to hear the rest of them.
I mean, the whole thing was nothing but theater.
Now they're going to churn out this book, the official story, the Warren Report, for September 11th.
Just absolutely amazing.
And they didn't even say if the government could have stopped it.
Oh, no, we're not going to discuss that.
Forget prior knowledge, which is totally proven.
Prior conscious knowledge, bare minimum, they let it happen to get the police state.
If you want to believe that version of the reality that folks have trouble dealing with, that is 110% guaranteed up one side, down the other.
And then it's 100% that they carried the attacks out, but most weak minds cannot face that.
So, okay, be weak-minded.
But I tell you, just to sit there and watch this is disgusting.
It's like last night, I'm sitting there eating dinner with my family, and we've got NPR on, you know, just because they happen to have news on instead of music or something else.
And, you know, we know it's corporate, ultra-right-wing propaganda.
And you're going, oh, Alex, come on, it's left-wing.
No, I mean, according to what the left-right paradigm claims, I mean, it's all Rockefeller Foundation, U.N.
Foundation, Archer Daniels Midland.
It's there to pacify the left is what it is.
And I sat there and I listened to it, and they had Kilpatrick on.
They had Rudman from the Gary Hart, you know, Hart-Rudman Commission.
They were talking about Porter Goss.
They had clips of him.
I mean, these were all globalist planners.
Some of them involved in 9-11.
And I'm having to listen to them as our experts and the CFR Warren Rudman going, we need to have a domestic CIA.
We said this before 9-11.
We're experts.
We warned you.
We said it was coming.
You know, the same people that said we need to use this disaster for a new world order.
I mean, I have to sit there and watch the people involved in September 11th and involved in the cover-up
As our saviors, as our experts?
It's just too much.
It's too much!
We'll be right back.
Stay with me.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
You know, first off, I've got some really important news for you.
I was up working at about midnight last night reading documents online.
I stuck a little pizza in the oven, a chicken barbecue pizza, organic pizza pizza.
And I got it out of the oven, let it cool off for about ten minutes on the top of the stove, and cut it up and bit into it, because the first bite was hot, but not that hot, and then there was a bunch of hot barbecue sauce in it that just spilled out over my lip and actually gave me a giant blister on my lip.
Isn't that just horrible?
You're going, why are you telling us about this?
Well, I'm the king of bad analogies and weird parallels.
But in a weird way, I thought of that kind of like the American people.
You know, it's just we can't help ourselves, and our desire to just live happy lives, we're in denial, and we bite into a pizza that's way too hot and get burned.
Okay, that's one of my worst ever, isn't it?
Just an excuse to tell the story because I'm so mad.
I'm not a vain person, but I don't like...
I never really have had fever blisters.
I think I've had like one.
It looks like a huge fever blister on my lip.
It makes me very angry.
And so, there, there.
Perhaps I should talk about things like that on air.
That's the type of stuff that a lot of talk show hosts discuss.
We could talk about your favorite color today.
What is your favorite color?
What's your favorite classic car?
You know, I really appreciate George Bush.
He has really been...
We're good to go.
And... Okay, that's enough.
That's enough.
I just... At certain points in life, you just have to hold back from the whole picture and laugh at it, or you will stress yourself out.
And that's not a good thing, but... You know, they're setting up tattletale squads in every city and every town, and terrorism is all crime.
Under Section 802 of the Patriot Act.
I remember two and a half years ago, I read the subsection and people just couldn't believe it.
And I had one of Bush's mid-level cabinet people, Lionel Chetwin, tell me I was a liar on national TV.
And I said, but it's Section 802.
And he just said, oh, conspiracy theories.
But now everybody's hearing that they're using the Patriot Act on business owners that
Give $4,000 to a county commissioner to get more parking spaces zoned on their own property.
And pot dealers who sell more than an ounce of marijuana.
And people who are getting fist fights with their husband or wife.
And people who were caught speeding.
Yes, I have the article out of Tennessee.
And people who protest without a protest permit are being charged.
And why even...
Hired prison guards who were hired to go torture people in Afghanistan so they can't blow the whistle on the fact that they were ordered to do it.
They get charged with the Patriot.
Actually, your own people are getting charged with it.
And they're setting a precedent to see how bad the spin is.
Up is down, down is up, black is white, white is black.
The Supreme Court came out.
And some of the news articles mainstream about it said horrible blow to the Bill of Rights.
You can secretly be arrested and secretly held and not be given a trial and not be given a lawyer.
But then most of the other articles and what got hailed on the nightly news was, oh, Bush has been defeated.
The Supreme Court says that a detainee, after six months, gets to complain to the judge at the base in a secret hearing.
Or other neutral party at the base.
And that's almost word for word.
I was reminded of it last night watching Bob Dacey on television here in Austin.
He was reading an AP article about it.
But the point is that I have arguments with people going, oh no, man, the Supreme Court really did step up and defend our rights.
I go, no, they didn't.
Oh, yes, they did.
Well, have you read the ruling?
Well, no, but I heard it on TV.
So that's the type of stuff we fight and the type of stuff we deal with.
But the 9-11 Commission has come out and talked about how independent they are and how bipartisan they are and how wonderful they are and how they looked at millions of pages of documents.
And how they interviewed 1,200 people and how the families want a domestic CIA to oversee our lives and to spy on us and that it's never going to end and this is going to be the long haul and this is for the families.
And there's got to be more terror, though, even though we're going to spy on you and take all your freedoms away.
There's still going to be more attacks.
The enemy is deadly and is going to strike.
And then Keene called it that beautiful day, on that beautiful September day.
I always love their little Illuminati comments.
Right out in plain view.
That beautiful September day.
We came together.
It's like Bush at the Pentagon Memorial going, dark cults of evil, men who serve evil, evils found a willing servant.
No one knows the power of these.
The majesty of evil.
I mean, just bizarre cryptic statements right out in plain view, and people just don't know what they're hearing, do they?
But these guys, to all these guys, it's real funny.
You've got Keene in business with the Bin Laden family, and Freemish.
You've got the head staffer, works with Condoleezza Rice, wrote a book with her.
You've got the others all involved intimately with the military-industrial complex, sitting on boards of companies making billions of dollars off all this.
It has been just incredible.
And Bush appointed this commission, every one of them, all ten of them.
And remember, he tried to appoint Dr. Henry Kissinger.
The spy chief, the cover-up master, the guy who has been involved in the last 40 years in just almost every type of horrible, covert, lying, dastardly deed you can imagine, in business with Kissinger and Associates, with the Carlisle Group and the Bushes and the Bin Ladens and just his fingers in every pie.
Out there on TV saying there's no prior knowledge, give up your liberties, world government's good.
I mean, you've all seen them on television.
And this was going to be the independent head.
Well, no one bought it.
And so they said, okay, well, we've got then, we've got somebody really special for you.
We've got Mr. Keene and others.
And I mean, we've done hours.
On this commission.
We've got giant reports about them.
I mean, if you go read their connections, and again, I've got to hear Porter Goss of the Intelligence Committee, a separate committee in Congress, I've got to hear Hart Rudman commission people all over radio and TV, CFR this, global government that, just telling us we're going to have this domestic CIA.
Well, they've already set it up, folks.
And it is just incredible.
At a ride here in Austin last week, that video of it, they're just saying that, yeah, spy on your neighbors and look for signs in people's houses of terrorism.
Are there locked doors?
They have a lot of guns.
Is there not a lot of furniture, a lot of mails?
And then people complained in Florida about the federal program that they claim is state.
They said, well, it says Middle Eastern males.
And they said, okay, you're right.
We don't want to discriminate.
Are there a lot of males of any type living in a house?
Oh, see, we won't discriminate.
We'll enslave all of you.
But here's a little clip from the British news.
And listen at the end.
It's got an air traffic controller going, is this a drill?
Is this an exercise?
Of course, once it was too late, after a plane had already flown into a building.
And we know they were doing exercises that day.
That's how they ordered NORAD to stand down.
So go ahead and hit that clip for us.
They made it look easy.
Airport security in Washington, and one of the September the 11th hijackers.
He undergoes a secondary screening, having set off a metal detector, but gets the all clear, and ends up with his brother, and they both head to the aircraft they would later hijack and crash into the Pentagon.
Their fellow hijackers went through the same process.
Nothing suspicious was spotted.
This report released today aims to find out how those hijackers attacked so successfully and how future plots can be averted.
Had we had any inkling whatsoever that terrorists were about to attack our country, we would have moved heaven and earth to protect America.
And I'm confident President Clinton would have done the same thing.
Any president would have.
The evidence the Commission heard was often chilling, never more so than when tapes of a confused air traffic control were played.
We have a hijacked aircraft headed towards New York.
Is this real world or exercise?
No, this is not exercise.
Over 20 months, key figures gave their version of events.
The report won't point blame, but it will say clues were overlooked by both the Bush and Clinton administrations.
And it will be highly critical of America's intelligence services.
It'll call for the creation of a new post, a National Director of Intelligence, to ensure in future, nothing is missed.
Danielle Orwell, BBC News, Washington.
So, you see, Congress and the intelligence agencies, they were bad, and we're going to punish you with masses of more funding.
And that means, Congress, you've been bad.
You better vote for our new CIA leader who will control...
And work with the Justice Department and Homeland Security.
And they admit CIA will be over every police department.
There's all these terrorists everywhere, you know.
And it's never going to end, they say.
It's part of the new freedom.
We'll be right back.
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We don't screen the calls, we just ask questions.
Where you're calling from and what your first name is.
And if you'd like to tell us how you're listening, whether on an AM or FM station or shortwave or the Internet or satellite, that's always nice to know too.
I mean, I don't even want to dignify this 9-11 commission with a response.
It's not worth the paper it's written on.
We've gone over this ad nauseum.
And again, about 10% of the public knows it's a complete fraud.
A lot of conservatives, a lot of liberals, a lot of free thinkers, a lot of people who actually read know that this commission is a joke.
But they don't have to fool...
Everybody, as long as they fool most of the population, hey, Independent Commission, they say no blame, we need a domestic CIA.
Man, Patriot Act I wasn't enough, too.
We need Patriot Act II, they say, but don't worry, it'll guard your rights.
It's more double-think.
It's like saying, you know, don't worry, Hitler loves Jews.
You know, it's just, it's the complete opposite of what they're saying.
We need to have a domestic CIA that's already in place, but now we're going to announce it and run your life, and domestic tattletale squads in Patriot Act II.
So don't worry.
By the way, more terrorists are about to attack you, and even if we put this in place, it's going to get worse.
This is a long, hard battle, and we're going to hate running your life, but somebody's got to do it.
Just incredible.
Just amazing to see all of this happening.
And that's why it's so important for all of you out there to learn what really happened on September 11th.
I mean, to spend time researching it.
The 2% that Michael Moore tells you is just a small portion of the big picture.
And then he puts a spin on it and says the Democrats are going to save us.
When they're involved in it too.
They're corporate chiefs in the same crime syndicate.
But to fool you, they have these little chicken fights.
They have these little, you know, these little put-ons they have.
I mean, how does this fool you?
Why does this fool you?
Why do you like to be so gullible?
9-11 panel is said to sharply fault role of Congress.
Oh, Congress, yes.
Yes, Congress, they're the ones.
That's the one group that, I mean, other than a few congressmen who were involved in the attacks who are innocent.
The anonymous final report of the September 11th Commission will sharply criticize Congress for failing in its role of overall watchdog over the nation's intelligence agencies.
And will call for wholesale changes in the way lawmakers oversee intelligence agencies and the Homeland Security Department.
Lawmakers and others briefed on the panel's findings said Wednesday.
I mean, that's incredible.
Just amazing.
Congress has helped cover up 9-11, but at least their little whitewash commission brought out prior knowledge two years ago.
But we've got a commission that our business partners with the Bin Ladens and the Bushes and every other Carlisle group, just disgusting nest of dirty thugs.
It's just unbelievable.
I've used the analogy, the example of it's like after the Helter Skelter killings out in California back in the late 60s.
And it'd be like Charlie Manson being appointed the head FBI agent to investigate the Manson cult.
I mean, I have to sit there.
Picture this.
This is what every night is like for me if I watch television or listen to the radio.
It's like watching Charlie Manson, who everybody knows is guilty, stand up there and tell us how he's going to take our rights and our freedoms to keep us safe from the Manson cult.
The Manson family.
And so I sit there in horror watching Mr. Manson take over my life, take over my government,
Take over the military, set up domestic Manson family operators in my town, and I watch cowardly people flood to it in droves because they're afraid and go, yes, Mr. Manson, we want to work for you.
We want to do what you say because you're going to keep us safe from Tex Watson who killed that woman and her baby.
And he looks at you and he says, good, I'm glad you're on board with me.
But, you see, they don't have wild hair or a swastika between their eyes.
No, they're nice old men with Atlantic accents.
Well, I think the committee's on a fine job, and we need a domestic CIA.
I've got short hair, I talk slowly and deliberately, and I'm wearing a $2,000 suit.
Never mind, I'm in business with the Bin Laden family.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to this live Thursday edition.
Coming up, we'll get more into the 9-11 whitewash cover-up panel that didn't just cover up in whitewash.
As I told you 20 months ago, they're going to come out and propose a giant domestic CIA, tattletale squads, secret government taking over America.
And you're going, yeah, Alex, you did say that two years ago.
But again, it's not because I have a crystal ball.
Go back to when the commission was formed.
They said, we're not going to assess blame.
We're going to see what can be fixed.
And from the onset, we believe there needs to be a domestic CIA and an expanded Patriot Act.
So they've been saying the same thing all along.
It's not hard to predict it.
Before they even started their investigation, they said the exact same thing.
You know, I mean, if I had the staff and the time and the people, I would go back and pull all those articles and those speeches and mesh them with these.
I think they just changed a few words here and there.
I mean, it's the same thing.
Well, we have done our 20-month investigation.
What do you think, Chairman Keene?
Well, I agree with you.
We need to give our freedoms up.
Actually, there was lots of talk about defending freedom, but it's going to be tough, and we've got to have oversight of our new CIA.
And funny, it's what Kerry's calling for.
It's what George Bush is calling for.
And it's what they've already set up.
Before 9-11, they had the secret military teams and the secret police teams and the emergency FEMA command bunkers, and they already were quietly getting the tattletale programs going in the schools and the neighborhood watches, and they were already recruiting the cable guy and the phone man and the exterminator.
That was already going on, but now it's going to be massive.
And there's going to be lots of toll roads, and the toll roads...
Are going to double as checkpoint centers.
Oh, it's such freedom.
But the border stays wide open.
Never mind that our government protects Al-Qaeda, Al-CIA.
Senator John Edwards said on CNN's Larry King Live last night that while he was in Europe for meetings before he got chosen as the VP, he learned how much the elite doesn't want Bush and how they want him.
So more connections to NATO, more connections to the Bilderberg Group, more just flaunting it in our face.
It's all theater.
And as well, we will get into, well, the really important news.
We'll talk about while local Boston area residents are bracing for total interruption of their daily lives to make way for the Democrats' convention next week,
Political high rollers are set to party with stars.
And it says... It says honored guests will be treated to a week of exciting, informative events.
Events include... And it says, Clambake at the Kennedy Compound!
And then it goes into all these big movie stars that are going to be there, and they try to get into how evil... I mean, don't you love the neocons?
As if, this is from the Drudge Report, as if the Republicans aren't going to disrupt people's lives in New York.
There won't be an article about how they're disrupting lives and how elites are there.
And again, obviously, I don't like the Democrats and I don't like their whole Hollywood crowd.
And it is a joke.
And the police state they're setting up is a joke.
But Drudge doesn't criticize the police state and the open martial law in Boston and in New York.
It's, oh, the fact that they're going to inconvenience people, and, oh, look at the Hollywood elite.
See, it's always the petty fluff issue.
That's what they get you to focus in on.
Who cares about Botox for Carrie?
Who cares about Michael Jackson?
Who cares about who's marrying who?
And you see, if the American people would start recognizing news like this for what it is and get more concerned about, gee, they're going to put RFID chips in every product and track everything I do.
Gee, my cell phone tracks everywhere I go and what I do.
And nobody ever asked me about that if I wanted that.
Gee, my OnStar can listen to me.
Gee, my cable box has a microphone in it.
Gee, the digital cable and the TiVo systems track what you watch and what you do and build detailed psychological algorithms.
People just can't seem to get that through their heads.
I'll go to your calls in a minute.
All right, I'm ranting.
Memorandum for the Secretary of State, Moore, Arming of Iran.
Bush amending the Arms Export Control Act to arm Iran so they can build them up to attack them.
We'll get to that.
New York City police officer may be bomb suspect, and now it's coming out that looks like he's their man.
There have probably been, I don't know, eight, nine cases the last two years.
Actually, more than that.
There's been over a dozen that I've seen where they catch a man in a black uniform sneaking around...
Planting explosives on a key power line in amongst 100 plus in a power station knowing the exact circuit to blow up.
And then they arrest him.
He's a military special forces officer.
They're about to indict him and a helicopter lands at the Jacksonville, Florida police department and says he's in military custody.
Give him to us.
And then later no one tracks down what happened to him and we do and nothing happened to him.
Or they catch, you know, a cop planning... I mean, over and over again, though, police continue to catch their own people, their own police, their own military doing this, but then nothing happens to them, because I'll tell you why, folks.
Some of them are nutcases who want to get a bunch of attention, but most of them are black ops squads, and so...
This is something that's working against the globalists, is that they've got the police all out watching, and the police continue to pull over Israelis with cars full of explosives, or CIA people with maps of nuclear power plants and explosives.
I mean, I see one of these articles every two months.
And then it just gets swept under the rug.
Don't worry about that.
Or they find explosives in the Mexican Congress and arrest Mossad agents.
That's in Mexico's news that gets shut down.
Continually people are getting caught doing this before they carry it out by the grace of God.
And I believe that is God working through these police and military and others catching their own cohorts.
And in every case, it is police or military.
They just let her claim, well, it was a rogue person.
New York City police officer may be bomb suspect, AP.
A police officer who said he was traumatized by the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center has become a possible suspect in an explosion in a subway station in Times Square.
High-ranking police sources speaking to the Associated Press on condition of anonymity said investigators believe Joseph Rodriguez, who reported the small pipe bomb explosion, may have been the one who planted it.
Police were doing forensic tests both on the backpack that held the crude device and the officer's clothing to determine if he was involved, one of the sources said.
So this guy could really be just a nutcase.
And it says, Stuart London, a partner in a law firm representing Rodriguez, said the officer denies he was responsible for the subway incident.
By the way, remember three weeks ago, they've captured a young Marine.
They're going to kill him.
Here's video of it.
Here's the guys with the stuff to his neck.
They're going to kill him.
They did kill him.
CIA confirms.
And then it gets uploaded from a U.S.
government website with just a light GOP front.
You know, uploaded from state websites, state of Texas, state of Arkansas, neocon websites.
Almost all videos are uploaded directly from the U.S.
or London.
Right out of MI6 headquarters.
This has even hit mainstream news.
We've been talking about it for months.
But three weeks ago, well, they cut his hat off.
Headlines of the neocons, those pieces of filth.
They killed another one of our men.
Let's nuke them.
And then all of a sudden...
The so-called terror groups go, these terror groups don't even exist.
It's CIA.
And these Arab groups in Saudi Arabia and Iran and all over said, you're doing this.
You're doing this.
This is fake.
This is fake.
We wouldn't cut any of your people's heads off.
We don't want you to have an excuse to come in here.
Look at the motive.
Who stands to gain?
I mean, Iran even said that.
And I'm not supporting Iran.
I'm just showing you motive in what they're saying.
And then all of a sudden this clean-cut, you know...
Marine hops up, you know, in a nearby country at the embassy, and then the government says, hmm, maybe a hoax.
Folks, top forensic specialists, heads of university looked at the Nicholas Berg video.
Video experts looked at it, and it's fake.
The audio experts looked at it, it's fake.
The forensic expert said you cut somebody's head off, blood sprays, and the body twitches for 5 to 15, 20 minutes.
It is fake.
It is not real.
I believe that Nicholas Berg is basking in the Maui sun right now.
His debt to society paid in full.
Now, he's got the face change.
He's now a black side op.
And you say, what's your evidence of that?
I don't know.
The History Channel's got dozens of examples of, in World War I, staging deaths of secret agents.
I mean, this stuff went on... Oh, this stuff went on a thousand years ago with, you know, Ali Baba's assassins.
I mean, this is old stuff, folks.
This is cloak and dagger.
And the general public get confused by it.
And you're going, well, what's your evidence?
Well, Nick Burns, this...
He's got these almost perfect grades, and he drops out of an Ivy League school to be a young man helping people, flying all over the world with a bag of tricks to help the poor with all types of high tech, and why he worked with and had a company called Global Babylon Towers.
With a man who worked for the State Department and helped organize Clear Channel rallies here in America, the little fake war rallies, and who had been connected with a Russian mob and all sorts of different smuggling, and then he gets arrested by the U.S.
government, Mr. Berg does, and then gets released right into Al-Syed's hands and gets his head cut off.
And then the video's all fake, admittedly.
And, of course, we don't forget that he gave his passcode, just gave his computer to one of the hijackers on a bus.
Oh, and then it turns out, oh, Mr. Berg was actually working, doing some work at the Oklahoma airport where some of the hijackers supposedly were training.
Oh, and he just gave him his computer, or he just gave him the passcode.
And then it got to another hijacker, too.
And then...
He also just so happened to work at Abu Ghraib Prison.
And Abu Ghraib Prison just so happened to have that yellow paint and the same plastic chairs where he gets his head cut off.
And they claim the guy cutting his head off only has one leg, but the guy has two legs when he cuts his head off.
And there's about 100 other points.
I can keep going here, folks.
See, I can do this on every point.
That's my frustration level.
One cannot be told about the Matrix.
One has to see it.
And for some reason, they just didn't cut this Marines, you know, have the simulated head cut off with him.
And you go, okay, well, what are the bodies that are getting delivered?
You know, what are the bodies?
What are the... He goes, well, what are the cell phone calls from the planes?
If you got a cell phone that'll work from your plane, they say calling from their private cell phones, I got a bridge I want to sell you.
And then people have listened to those tapes, and some family members have said it doesn't sound like they're family members.
And you go, oh, they can't fake audio, a couple calls?
Folks, again, they can show the Easter Bunny morphing into George Washington if they want, and you can't tell the difference.
They can show Forrest Gump shaking hands with JFK.
It ain't real, folks.
I'm sorry to have to tell you.
Remember the Fat Bin Laden video, which they later admitted was fake?
We don't know who faked it, though.
The fat guy in the dark room saying, I carried out 9-11?
And then the guy in the wheelchair next to him, well, that guy in the wheelchair goes, oh, there's an amnesty.
I don't get any trouble.
I come back to Saudi Arabia, and the CIA's there with video cameras.
They go, look, we caught a top al-Qaeda man.
And they show the video of the fat bin Laden again, and then nobody mentions, hey, two years ago you said that was a fake video.
Just like this is a fake person turning themselves in.
It's theater, people.
It's a movie.
It is not real.
I know we've got loaded phones here, okay?
I understand that.
And we're going to get to your calls, and once we start doing it, we'll just go to all of them.
But... Oh, it's just incredible.
I mean, I've got so much news here.
I guess let's go ahead and go to some calls.
Let's talk to Mark in Minnesota.
Mark, go ahead.
You're on the air.
How are you doing, sir?
Hey, Alex.
I'm doing all right.
Everything is theater.
You're so right.
This whole discussion about putting the CIA into a domestic organization...
That's theater because that implies that the CIA hasn't already been domestic.
Yeah, but they've been domestically running the major police departments, running the narcotics, running the prostitution, running the money laundering.
But now they're going to be spying on us and recruiting informants and murder for hire.
Overthrowing governments.
It's so good to have people that hired folks like Klaus Barbie to kill whole families and put them in holes in Latin America is going to be running our lives.
Man, you ought to be celebrating this.
And then don't forget people like Sidney Gottlieb running brothels in San Francisco, giving people LSD.
That's all Christian conservative, Alex.
Well, I mean, I would just add to this that, you know, we're kooks.
CSI and all the TV shows that have come out about how great it is, and all the starlets out recruiting for the CIA in our cities, you know, they send the Hollywood starlet to lick her lips and tell you to join, young man.
It's going to be great.
It's going to be good.
You know, torture's a good thing, and secret arrest is a good thing, and they're going to take the gloves off here at home, man.
We're going to be like Russia.
Another thing, I don't know if I've ever heard you talk about this, but PayPal, they've had some problems with the Patriot Act.
Everything, sir, everything has had trouble.
Every bank, every operation, everything has been told that if we want to, you don't have any Fourth Amendment, we can come get your information.
In fact, I would say that it has more to do with the fact that people could go into business
Yeah, but more importantly, what the elites do is they can't watch and control everything, so they say, we're listening to all your phone conversations.
Yes, it's true.
But let me finish.
Let me finish.
Okay, Mark?
Because what they do is they come out and they say they're spying on everybody and they say the NSA is listening to everybody and they announce this is a chilling effect.
They don't have the personnel.
It is a chilling effect meant to intimidate.
Go ahead.
PayPal, they were charged by a U.S.
attorney's office, I'm not sure which one, for violating the Patriot Act and apparently the excuse was given was
It has something to do with the fact that PayPal processed and helped facilitate exchanges with gambling houses.
And ooh, gambling is like terrorism now.
But, sir, what I'm explaining to you is... Thanks for the call, Mark.
What I'm trying to explain is this.
There are hundreds of millions of transactions a month
A week on PayPal.
One time they went and used the Patriot Act to go after gambling against PayPal a year ago.
You're right.
And so my point is then, then because there's been one case where the government went and charged somebody with PayPal, then everybody thinks, oh my God, they're watching me.
And that's not the case.
I'll try to explain the psychology when we get back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
This information is absolutely vital for all freedom lovers in the United States.
Order your video today.
Call toll free at 888-253-3139.
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All right, we'll go to your calls here in a minute.
I sounded irritated with you, Mark.
It wasn't specifically with you.
It's that I get calls every week.
You know, when I hung up the phone with your show, a black helicopter flew over my house or a jet flew over my house.
Yes, they have just millions of jets and helicopters waiting for the second you do something to just swoop out of hyperspace and get you.
But the government's tried to create this type of paranoia.
They want you to self-regulate yourself, to have the feeling that you've done something bad and you're under surveillance.
I mean, I know people that go, I'm not going to buy any gold because the government confiscated it back in the 30s and gave us paper money back.
Well, that's the point.
They can devalue your paper money overnight, too.
I mean, it's like saying, I'm never going to leave the house because something bad might happen if I leave the house.
And I understand you weren't even getting into that.
You were saying, man, look at the overreach of the Patriot Act.
That's an example I've forgotten, and that's true.
Online gambling, legal gambling, which I don't like gambling.
I think it's stupid, but the point is it's your right to do it.
They used the Patriot Act to go after PayPal for allowing people to have online bets with that.
I mean, what does it matter?
All PayPal is is an online credit card system.
So why was the Patriot Act used there?
Why has it been used in zoning disputes?
Why has it been used on pot dealers?
Why has it been used... I agree with what you're saying.
My point is that back when that whole PayPal thing came out, people were like, Hey, pal, the government's getting people and watching it.
You know, that's like saying...
That's like saying one time they charged somebody for not answering questions for the Census Bureau back in 1960.
And so I better answer the 200 questionnaire that they give me or I'll be arrested.
And no, I don't even know how to explain it.
It's philosophy, folks.
It's propaganda.
It's mind control.
No, they need to get you to buy into it and you to be a spy.
You to be a tattletale.
You to think free speech should be illegal.
You to think those that criticize the government should be arrested.
That's why they're calling for it in the media.
This is part of a process.
And so that is what is taking place right now.
But yes, a point well taken about the Patriot Act being used...
To go after PayPal, who got in trouble, because, oh, you're allowing people to use PayPal in online gambling.
Well, is online gambling illegal?
Well, no, but we still are just going to come after you with the Patriot Act.
Again, how is that terrorism?
And the answer is it isn't.
I mean, look, folks, type in Patriot Act compliance.
Your grocery store, your bank, your insurance agency, your school.
Everything is under Patriot Act compliance, any type of corporation or medium-sized business.
Everything is.
Just type it into a search engine.
So, it is just choking regulation.
The New World Order operates kind of off of an amplified bureaucracy.
But it has to get us psychologically, those of us that are in the know, to cower in fear so the dumbbells can then join the system and then bring all this police state to fruition.
We need every person out there to fight this thing 110%.
We'll start the next hour and go to Rick and Chris and David and Vince and Jimmy and others.
And there's just a bunch of other news here as well.
I mean, there is just so much stuff that we need to go over today.
And we'll go to your calls quickly, I promise.
We'll take 20 calls in the next hour.
But that means you can't belabor.
You've just got to have a point or a question.
We'll move on.
And then we'll get off into all this other news.
Here's a story.
Is Al-Qaeda the modern incarnation of Emanuel Goldstein?
Ha, ha, ha.
Of course, if you haven't read 1984, you won't know what that means.
Torture Jailer.
I was supported by Rumsfeld, London Guardian.
Boston turned into a police state for DNC, Christian Science Monitor.
New 911 software gives dispatchers eye in the sky.
Wait till you hear about this.
And so much more.
Stay with us.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Now into hour number two.
Wide open phones on this Thursday edition.
We're talking about the Whitewash Commission appointed by Bush calling for a total police state so the CIA can carry out its criminal nation-wrecking, freedom-wrecking activities here at home.
Rewarding the terrorists that helped carry out 9-11 is basically what's happening.
And we'll get into a bunch of other news, like New York City police officer may be bomb suspect.
When is it not a cop or a military person blowing things up?
I mean, when has there not been a case?
But we'll continue with that as well.
Right now, let's go ahead and talk to Jimmy in Tennessee.
Jimmy, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
All right.
Jimmy's not there.
Let's go ahead and talk to who's up next after that.
Rick in Colorado, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I've got one thing concerning.
They're talking about creating this new CIA head.
I guess the American public thinks the government just forgets that we all saw what happened after 9-11, and they created a new cabinet position with Tom Ridge in there.
And I thought that was supposed to solve all the problems between all the intelligence sources and all this good stuff.
Well, look, the commission has called for Patriot Act II.
The commission has called for a domestic CIA to remove the congressional block of that.
And so they can deal the drugs and run the whores and run our lives and run everything else.
I mean, I don't think people realize how bloodthirsty and evil the CIA is in third world countries.
So now we're going to get to enjoy this here domestically and they can snatch and grab and pull up in the van and grab people.
Mainly it's going to be economic espionage and stuff.
They're not even going to be worried about us, really.
It's just going to be to make sure their consolidation of the economy moves ahead a little bit smoother.
I watched that whole 9-11 Commission thing this morning, and it looked like a complete New World Order whitewash.
Just whatever they wanted is what's coming down the pipe.
And they still never mentioned anything about our wide-open borders.
So that's really all I had, that and Ridge already being in office.
So I don't understand why we need the new CIA guy.
But that was all I had.
Other than that, I love your show.
Hey, thank you, sir, for putting up with me.
It's a decent broadcast sometimes.
Other times I kind of go off on tangents.
I'm really irritated with the New World Order, and I'm just so sick of it.
You know what?
I mean, to watch them carry out 9-11, the government, elements of the government, and then to use it as a pretext to destroy our liberties and our freedoms.
And then to stand up there as our saviors is just disgusting.
Let's go ahead and talk to Jimmy in Tennessee.
Are you back now?
Hello, yeah.
Okay, go ahead, sir.
Sorry about that.
I wasn't there a minute ago.
You're on the air now, sir.
That's all right.
All right, I've got a couple questions.
A moment ago you mentioned a Tennessee article about, I forget what it was, someone was pulled over for something?
Yeah, they were pulled over for speeding.
And then they found a bunch of money, but no drugs, and so they charged them with the Patriot Act and took the money.
That was last year.
Do you have an article reference for that?
I don't have it in front of me, but if you know how to use a search engine, you can find it.
On one of your videos, you talk about a War College document.
I've got the one about the Global Information Grid, and then another one you discussed about microchip implants and stuff.
Is that in one of the War College documents?
Yes, it is.
Do you not have the name for that one?
You know, it's in my book.
9-11 to send the attorney a copy of it.
A few pages of it.
And it's on the website.
We repost it from time to time on the main page.
But do you know how to use a search engine?
Okay, go to infowars.com or prisonplanet.com and type in your keywords, Army War College document, microchips in the brain, brain chip, and it should pop up for you.
I have one more comment, sir.
All the Presbyterian churches are with Presbyterian International now?
Just stay there.
We'll finish up with the only other church.
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Use this disaster in a new world order.
A new world order can emerge.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
You know, I'll just be honest with you folks.
I've been down the last few weeks.
I mean, I'm somebody who's always rip-roaring, tons of energy.
We're going to defeat the New World Order.
And more than ever, I believe we are going to defeat the New World Order.
And, of course, when I'm down to most people, they would think that that was up.
And I don't want to talk about myself, but, I mean, obviously you can gauge through what I'm experiencing what a lot of other freedom lovers are experiencing.
It's just frustrating.
I just can't stand evil.
I can't stand the New World Order.
I can't stand knowing how bad they are and that so many people are sucked in by them and that they're taking over our society.
I mean, we've got a government that will take troops and spray nerve gas on them and kill them.
Our own troops just kill them and then cover it up, and then it comes out that our own government kills people, just premeditately murders people.
Their own troops in uniforms that serve the country and really serve this government.
And then you read about the stuff they've done to people in tests and uranium pills to pregnant wives of GIs to see what kind of miscarriage they've had.
And you read about, there's hundreds and hundreds of examples of this.
And I'm just watching them do this, and I'm just seeing it all unfold and happen.
And I know that they're putting more mercury in the vaccines than they did before, and they admit they know it's hurting the children, so they increase the mercury.
We've got the CDC's own documents, and still nothing's done.
It just really upsets me.
Justice needs to be done.
These people need to be punished.
They need to be brought to justice.
But that can't happen until we wake up and stand up and are righteous, folks.
I mean, talking about propaganda, and then we'll go to your calls, I just, again, I went swimming yesterday for about 45 minutes for some exercise in the afternoon.
And some of my neighbors are there, and they go, you know, we watched you on TV six, seven years ago, thought you were a nut, but everything you said has come true.
You know, why don't you do a better job delivering information?
Why don't you do a better job showing us the documentation?
And I just said, look, man, I'm just an average person.
You say you know this stuff's true now.
Why don't you do something?
I'm really sick of it.
And then the guy started giggling, and he goes, well, they did find the weapons of mass destruction, didn't you hear?
They found some nerve gas.
And then his wife goes, yeah, but we don't hear about that anymore.
And I go, look, 50-plus times they found nerve gas, and then two days later say, oops, it wasn't nerve gas and a retraction.
But you could tell that the U.N.
didn't think it was nerve gas or our troops didn't because there's photos of them unscrewing the tops of the rockets and sticking their nose in it.
You don't do that if you think there's any chance it's nerve gas.
Okay, folks.
And, you know, it's just... But these are the type of people.
They hear the news say, found nerve gas, found nerve gas, found nerve gas, found nerve gas.
Well, it got even worse yesterday.
They announced that they found...
Three nuclear missiles.
In missiles.
And within an hour, they had quietly retracted it, but it didn't matter.
Drudge had nukes found as the headline, and then way down at the bottom, a little link on the page, Iraq Interior Ministry says report on nukes stupid.
And it turns out, no, there weren't three nuclear missiles with nuclear warheads found buried on the side of the road.
Shielded in a special system so the ground-penetrating radar couldn't see it.
Oh, you mean the same ground-penetrating radar that looks through all our houses?
You know, that's your freedom?
So I'm driving around this morning doing some errands, and I hear local talk radio going, Man, they found nicks!
Whoa, they did!
And in six months, I'll be arguing with somebody on the street about, No, they found chemical weapons.
Yes, they did.
No, no, they retracted that.
No, they didn't.
You're a lying commie.
You know, they'll tell me, okay, well, they found nukes.
No, they didn't.
Well, I heard it on the news.
I mean, this is a tactic they use.
And why people are sucked into it, I will never know.
I mean, they're playing these people like a fiddle.
But... I don't know, folks.
You know, I go to the community pool and have to have little moron comments...
And these are overall nice people.
I'm not even saying they're bad.
It's like, okay, you're right about all this stuff, but still, you're weird.
Well, I don't care if you tell me that.
A person tells me that and smiles at me like, oh, my world is shattered.
I'm worried about concentration camps, you boob.
I'm worried about...
I'll get an email going, Alex, you shouldn't use mild profanity.
People, you need to learn what words mean.
By the way, that means a pirate.
There was a band of pirates in the South China Sea and other areas that were particularly vicious, and the British had problems with them, and so they called them boobies.
Okay, that's what the pirates were called, and so if you're an individual, you're a singular of...
Of a boobie is a boob, okay?
That's like when I say the police are out feeding on us, getting a percentage of the stuff they seize.
I call that booty.
And then I get emails saying, how dare me talk about someone's posterior.
No, that's what it's called.
And I'm not talking down to the audience.
I know 98% of you are smarter than I am.
I'm an ignorant sop, okay, compared to some of you.
Really, I am.
But I just, just, ugh.
I mean, there's people out there that do not know, again, as I've said, how many continents there are, what the Fourth Amendment is, what the Fifth Amendment is, who the second president was, who the vice president is.
Where Iraq is on a map, but they've got lots of opinions for you.
They'll get in your face.
And my whole country, my whole way of life, my civilization, my family's future is going down the tubes, and yours is too, and I'm upset about it, okay?
I'm going to be honest with you.
I'm really upset about it.
And I'm sick of you people being a bunch of ignorant morons.
I'm tired of you.
I'm tired of the fake liberals.
We're going to love it when Kerry gives us a domestic CIA and Patriot Act II and everything else.
And they're going to suddenly love it.
I'm sick of you neocons, you just the idiots of the earth, you followers of this, who will argue with me and tell me Bush isn't a liar, and that Bush isn't for amnesty, and that Bush isn't for gun control, that Bush didn't sign on to UNESCO.
Listen, I'm your friend, and I'm telling you, you're losing everything you've got right now.
We're being de-industrialized.
We're being raped.
Our country is being shut down.
The family is being attacked scientifically.
And frankly, frankly, you know, what's happened to me is I don't rant and rave and blow up like I used to.
Have you noticed that?
I used to let off steam.
I've been more and more calm and more and more collected.
And actually, I'm much more attuned to what's happening now than ever before.
And I'm frustrated because my verbal skills and semantical lexicon thesaurus is unable to articulate the complexity and the magnitude of the crystal clear system I see set up upon us now.
To the police, to the military, to the school teachers, to the people in and out of government, to those that are paid to monitor this show, listen to me.
If you've got any humanity in you, if there's any soul left in your guts, if you... Just listen to me.
As a friend, as a fellow human, look, I've researched this stuff up one side and down the other.
What I'm telling you is historical, is fact, is real.
And I'm begging you to break through your conditioning and to stop your denial and to at least look at what we're saying and then to fight against it because I love America.
I love this country.
And I can't believe how close we are to a whole other level of evil.
You think stuff's bad now?
This is the tip of the iceberg.
We're only in ankle deep, folks.
It gets real deep real fast.
And I am myself.
It's hard for me to believe how evil these people are.
I know it's hard to face up to.
And it's that denial, it's that naiveness, it's that gullibility that keeps us enslaved.
And I'm begging you to wake up and stop being part of it.
Go ahead.
Oh, who were we talking to?
We were talking to Jimmy in Tennessee.
Finish up what you were saying about some church.
Oh, yeah, so I was just going to say that all the Presbyterian churches have joined the Presbyterian International, and now they're taking the American flag.
They will not display the American flag in the church anymore, and they say that they're all joining up for the one world government.
Well, I wouldn't say all Presbyterian churches.
Oh, yeah, I know.
They're not all part of that.
I didn't mean it that way.
I know, I'm sorry.
But around here, they are.
In my neighborhood, they're all Presbyterian, and they're all...
It's all the same thing.
I know.
No, I know.
And the Catholic churches have got Turn Your Guns In.
The Baptist churches have got Turn Your Gun Day in here in Austin.
I mean, it's just disgusting.
It's just filth.
And the government's openly paying them off to do it.
And it's disgusting.
Well, thank you so much, Alex.
Hey, thank you.
And I wasn't trying to... Man, I really sound irritated and mean today, and I apologize for it.
I just...
I don't know.
Watching the guts be torn out of my country.
Watching America being drawn and quartered.
You know what drawn and quartered is?
Horses tied to each leg and arm and then pulling the country apart.
By the way, in Europe, if you disrespected some noble or some sheriff in the past, they'd do that to you.
Even in mid-sized towns, every week there was a drawn quartering.
They want to bring that back.
Oh, I'm not kidding.
It's all part of the new freedom.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
Again, I go back to this.
The people running this country are a bunch of murdering killers, drug dealers, scum of the earth, mass murderers.
And it's proven, it's documented, it's on the record.
And it's just, you know, the sun's still shining, the trees are still green, the birds are still tweeting, and people are in denial.
And we're threatened by these people.
Serve them, you're threatened by them.
I mean, the government is running a giant surplus, folks.
They've got double sets of books.
They don't need more tax money.
They're scamming everybody.
They're setting up a police state control grid.
And they are setting up a medieval system of control, and it makes me very angry.
Let's go ahead and talk to Chris.
In Kentucky.
Chris, thanks for holding.
Then David, Eric, and Barney and others.
Go ahead, Chris.
Thanks, Alex.
I'm pretty frustrated as well.
I was just watching this talk show locally here.
They had an FBI agent on and Homeland Security on TV yesterday in a local show.
And one clip on there asked, the reporter asked, well, what about suspicion of terrorism?
What do you look for for suspicious activity?
And the agent said, his name is Byer, by the way, he said, we just don't look for just terrorism.
We look for suspicious activities such as somebody going to a radio shack, looking for maybe electronic devices, or going buying fertilizer.
And I, my God, all you're doing is, I yelled at that TV, it's a tattletale system which you all are setting up.
You're conditioning people, what you're doing.
If you go back to your film, Police State 2010,
Do you remember when those kids were up there and how good it was to go tattletale on the guns?
Yeah, the troops, the troops in Hebron, Maryland, openly, the Marines with the children, helping in a drill.
The Marines did a drill of taking over the study and then having the children go tell them where the guns are at.
And that's what this was yesterday.
And these callers were just calling in, oh, I'm just, oh, you're just going to keep it so safe, but you're so great.
And I said, look at the conditioning they're doing to these people.
There's some Kentucky listeners out there.
Get involved.
Get real with this.
Sir, it's going on everywhere.
They've been forming, and again, it's Homeland Security to fight terrorism and crime.
I'm the suspicion of crime.
And that's exactly what that agent did.
Well, something looking suspicious, like going, you know, picking up electronics and fertilizer.
Yeah, we're terrorists.
We're not going after terrorists.
It's just the average person.
You're guilty to proven innocent.
Take them to the camp.
That's what they want to do.
It's real, though.
It is real.
I left the Republican Party.
I was in denial for many years until I knew things were wrong.
When I found the show, as not you have, I started thinking.
I started realizing.
I started seeing because I went out and observed.
And after 9-11, the changes are there.
We're getting anthrax drills in the high schools now.
And it's going to get worse if you don't stand up and fight this.
And these drills are roundup drills, how to get packed on the buses.
And long before they admitted it early last year, we told you folks, because we got the government documents,
These are drills during a red alert.
They may take your children.
They may not let you leave your home.
They will take you to FEMA centers, the Washington Post, Gannett News Service.
Both ran articles on this.
They're in my film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Thanks, Eric.
Thanks for the call.
You bet.
Yeah, it's training you how to be a prisoner.
Setting the schools, everything up to be prisons.
That's all this is, folks.
How to be slaves.
We're being enslaved right now.
David in Minnesota.
Welcome, sir.
Hi, Alex.
There's no need to apologize for your sincerity, which is much appreciated.
But, well, you know, those folks at the pool who were lambasting you, saying, you know, why aren't you doing more?
You know, our society is really built upon people shifting their responsibility.
And everybody's a big brother.
You're a big brother.
You aren't doing your job.
Well, you've got to do it better.
And, you know, just let us, you know, live in our little plastic bubble and
Not take action ourselves, though.
I think that's kind of indicative of our society as a whole.
I agree with you.
It just gives me a headache.
Yeah, absolutely.
It just looks like wake up.
What I wanted to touch on was the microchips and the desensitization to it.
You know, I think Christians particularly see it and they're like, well, if this was really, you know, dangerous...
People such as Billy Graham and Pat Robertson, which I remember a lady had said, you know, old Pat Robertson never said that, that the microchips are good.
A while ago, pretty much called you a liar.
But I remember that.
Well, I remember people calling when he said on CNN, China's doing what it has to do with infanticide and forced abortion.
And then the CBN clarification said, well, yes.
And I had people call up and say, I was wrong to read his quote.
I mean, he said it.
I'm not bad.
Yeah, yeah, he tried to allegorize it.
He said, the hand and the mind, you're just giving over to the beast.
You know, you can go ahead and take an implant.
I remember him saying that.
Hey, I have it on video, man.
Yeah, it's unbelievable, but I'll just sum up quick.
You know, if people actually humbled themselves and read the King James Bible, they would see that you aren't supposed to take markings or cuts in the flesh, and by that alone you shouldn't take it.
I hear you, man.
Good to hear from you.
We'll come back and take more calls.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, I claimed that I was going to take masses of calls in this second hour, and I'm taking some, but not as many as I'd like to.
So we're going to go to your calls quickly now, and as one person...
How you doing today, Alex?
First of all, I wanted to say that I understand your frustration about what's going on with people not paying attention to
The country being destroyed.
And I just want to say I'm sorry that you're having a rough week with people giving you a hard time about that.
Well, no.
I mean, I wasn't whining earlier.
I heard myself being rude and irritable, so I was explaining why.
Again, the show's not about me.
I just was explaining.
You know, it's not because you come across as like I'm some arrogant person, and it's not.
I'm very angry right now.
I'm trying to not be angry.
I just am totally disgusted.
You're not arrogant at all.
You're very passionate, and I appreciate it, Alex.
A couple of things I want to point out.
I know you're pressed for time.
First of all, I want to say that, as you've said in the past, you know, that tyranny, government's always turned into tyranny, but history, I think, has also shown us that tyranny apparently has to reach a certain point of evil before a revolution is justified from the people.
And what I want to ask you, now, I don't go out and I don't recommend violence or anything like that, but I was just wondering...
At what point in this country, the condition it gets to, would it be time to make another Declaration of Independence?
Thanks for the call.
Let me try to briefly answer that.
According to the government and the statist view, there is never a time.
According to Stalin and Hitler, you will let your family be taken to a camp, you will let yourself be worked to death, and then be shot in the back of the head and thrown in a mass grave.
According to certain people, black people had no right to fight back against their slave masters.
They should let the chains be around their neck, let themselves be beaten with hickory sticks, and be slaves.
According to the government, according to what the state says, the state is all-powerful.
You never have a right to stand up against tyranny and fight back.
Alexander Schultz and Issa didn't have a right.
None of us do.
Now, I don't agree with that view, but the government has declared that.
And then they set up a system where when we fight back, they use their media to say that we're wrong and we're terrorists and we're bad.
But clearly, we long ago passed the point of being able to remove this government and reconstitute a new government as the Declaration of Independence clearly states.
But it's more sophisticated than that now.
It's not like, there's the redcoats, let's drive them out of the country.
It's more sophisticated because so many people are so dumbed down and don't even know the cage they're in.
So the war is in the mind.
90% of the war is in the mind.
And I believe that a black person in 1850 being beaten or who was about to be hung for trying to run away, I believe that black person had a right to grab the axe handle away and beat the person in the head to death who was trying to kill them.
I'm a terrorist, folks.
I believe that a black slave had a right to fight back.
I believe that Spartacus had a right 2,000 years ago, plus, to fight against Rome.
But again, I'm a terrorist.
I believe that George Washington had a right to fight King George.
But again, I'm a terrorist, according to FEMA.
What they said, the founding fathers were bad.
So you've got to think about that.
You've got to decide out there.
I mean, if they were loading people on railway cars to take them to Camp X-Ray, would we be allowed to fight back?
Or would the government?
Government is God.
Authority is God.
And we're slaves.
Let's go ahead and talk to Barney in Maryland.
Barney, go ahead.
I've got two points, Alex.
Yes, sir.
First, concerning 9-1-1.
Dropping those three buildings into their foundation was a remarkable engineering feat.
As I understood a man reviewing the plans on TV, some of the horizontal structure members were secured with smaller bolts on the outside ends than those on the inside towards the center.
I have never heard of this type of construction before, and what if the buildings were designed and constructed so they could be imploded?
That's the first one.
Okay, well, number one, it was a lattice structure at the World Trade Centers.
And I'd like to go off the facts, Barney.
We have the size of grass picking up bombs.
We have the firefighters saying bombs.
We have the owner saying they blew up Building 7.
And that's the facts.
Yeah, but what if they were built to be imploded?
In other words, if you were building a house, would you put eight penny nails on one end of the drawers and ten penny nails on the other end?
I don't think so.
At any rate, point number two.
As far as you being frustrated, we are supposed to fight as hard as we can, and everything is up to God.
And once we forget this, we're in big trouble.
No, you're right.
Duty is ours, and consequences are God's.
That's right.
No, you're right.
I just get sick of watching the killers on TV posing as our saviors.
I mean, it's more than I can handle.
Well, you know that the game plan is, and of course we've got plenty of people, and when the time comes, we'll be able to handle the situation.
All right, my friend.
I appreciate the call.
Take care.
Mark in Rhode Island, you're on the air.
Yeah, hi Alex.
I just want to let you know that I do feel your pain, my friend.
I feel that way exactly.
I called up the Power Hour this morning.
I don't know if you happened to hear it, but they had a guest on by the name of Mark O'Meara.
He has a website called bushunplugged.com.
A lot of great information about GW and what he's doing.
The other thing, Alex, is I had my local radio on, picking up a Boston station.
And there was a train, I think it was an Amtrak train, may have been a commuter rail train, leaving Boston.
It was reported on WBZ, which I think is a Clear Channel affiliate.
They said they had found a note.
Didn't even say what was on there, but it had terrorist implications.
And they had detained the passengers for 90 minutes, doing passenger profiles on them,
Running bombs, sniffing dogs through there and, you know, questioning them for 90 minutes.
And it's just another indication of the police state.
Well, this is all beta testing at the DNC and RNC conventions, the airports.
They're going to move all that into everyday life.
They already are.
I mean, all over the country where they stop every car, search every car in Independence, Missouri, out in the middle of nowhere.
We're just going to search every car.
It's a license check.
While we're checking your license, mind if I search for something illegal?
And this is all part of the warping and the murdering of America.
I appreciate it.
Thanks for the call.
Who's up next here?
Wally in Illinois.
Go ahead, Wally.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks for giving me a shot here.
This is the first time I've ever called in, but I've been a fan of yours for a long time.
Well, it's good to have you on board.
I'm a fan of you then.
Listen, I want to encourage you.
You haven't got anywhere near to the bottom of a lot of the financial stuff that's going on.
I work at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in downtown Chicago.
I've been down there 28 years.
I've seen that place go from a chalkboard-marked building to what it is now.
And, of course, we're in the middle of trying to... The New World Order is trying to turn us into an all-electric marketplace, and they're succeeding at that.
But I'd love some time to come and shepherd you around for your next video to take some pictures.
When you walk in, they just did a $3 million opening on Wacker Drive where they have at least an 8-foot-in-diameter world that's in a cage.
And this is exactly what the financial community has been doing to us for years.
When you walk through the building, you'll find all kinds of new carvings of demonic owls and everything else that's actually symbolism of the paganism that drives our financial community down there.
That whole building is surrounded on all four sides by obelisks, which we know goes all the way back to ancient veil worship in the Old Testament and beyond.
You're telling me that there is a sculpture of a world in a cage?
It's 3D and 8 foot in diameter.
That's like the World Bank over in Europe has a giant black widow spider with a bunch of eggs hanging off the bottom of it with a big obelisk in front of it.
I mean, these people are nuts.
They're not only nuts, they are fully in control of the financial community, and they'll continue to be so.
Well, I mean, they control that Chicago mercantile to where on the one-year anniversary of 9-11, it came up 9-11.
You know, closed at 9-11.
I mean, it's just flaunting it.
And beyond that, I heard from a security guard today that the FBI has snipers on the top of high-rise buildings all around the area.
The downtown area of Chicago, Mercantile Exchange especially, because it's down the street from the Sears Tower, which is one of the main targets of their, quote, next terrorist attack.
And the owner of the World Trade Center just bought the tower.
Yeah, figure that out.
I wonder how much insurance he's got on this building.
It's amazing.
I mean, they're turning us into a Soviet-armed camp, and it has nothing to do with keeping us safe.
Very interesting.
Now, that Chicago Mercantile Exchange, boy, I'm... I mean, everything is so money-based that you need to keep following the money, especially with your films and stuff.
Keep going into financial stuff.
Keep going.
You haven't even scratched the surface yet, I guarantee it.
I guarantee it.
You know, the purposeful debasing of the dollar recently has been clearly a plan of the New World Order, of the Bushites, who have been playing the game in order to
Drive the politics of the next election here in the United States.
So, Alex, keep digging.
I'm telling you.
You've got to be encouraged.
Those who serve the Lord, they're just going to keep going.
All right, my friend.
I agree with you.
Thanks for the call.
Who's up next?
Go ahead, Ann.
Ann in Michigan.
Hi, Alex.
You taught me everything, you know.
Oh boy, you're in trouble then.
No, I took apart my Sony Walkman AMSN, and the little box in the back with four screws, I messed around with it, and I hung it on my curly telephone cord, and lo and behold, I got shortwave in you.
And you taught me everything in about a year and a half.
But you, my dear, I'm going to talk to you like you're five, need a mental vacation.
While I've been waiting, I've been hearing all these guys, and they're loading more and more pressure on you.
And going to Florida won't help.
You have got to switch subjects for a while.
Oh, no, I'm fine.
I mean, I'm saying if I sound grumpy, I'm just frustrated and angry.
I'm never frustrated.
You know, I'm probably close in age to you, and I know how you grew up.
My God, the possibilities were endless.
There was no excuse for failure in this country.
All the resources were limitless.
If you couldn't make it in this country, you couldn't make it anywhere.
There was no excuse for failure because there was nothing stopping you, and that's what's making you mad because now they're trying to put the brakes on everything.
But let me tell you something.
What's their end game, Alex Jones?
Walled off, compact cities, everything we do tracked.
And five guys hold all the money.
30 million people in prison, foreign troops on the streets, secret arrest, forced drugging.
Do you think they'll like it?
Pardon me?
Do you think they will enjoy it once they get there?
All the control freaks are going to love it, yeah.
Oh, yeah?
You know what's going to be gone?
Hey, listen, I heard a report last night.
Did you know that two companies own 95% now of the casinos in Las Vegas?
And again, I don't gamble, folks, but now even the odds are lower, and the winnings are smaller, and two companies own it all.
I mean...
It's like that with everything now.
This isn't free market.
They didn't do this through a free market.
That's right, and the bigger they are, the harder they fall down.
And when these control freaks finally get where they want to be, the only way they can compete with each other is to kill each other.
You think the new world order is really going to happen, and I say it's going to implode on itself.
Europe has a 1,200-year history.
You cannot force people by the way of political correctness to just go and tickle each other with a feather and be nice.
And you can do it with guns, but there will be such seething hatred underneath.
And most people in this country don't know what's going on.
They don't know what shortwave is.
My sisters think I'm nuts.
Well, that's why we're online.
And thanks for the call, Ann.
That's why we've got a lot of AM and FM stations where we're getting to people and reaching out to them and educating them, and it's exciting.
Dave in Texas.
Dave, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, how are you today?
I'm fine.
Go ahead.
Well, I just wanted to let some of your callers know that they don't know you.
I've known you since the early 90s.
As a matter of fact, if you remember Peter Murphy, he was an employee of mine that I let off so you could go film some of your films when you went to California.
I was also, you did an interview with me, which I asked you to do blackout because at the time I had contracts with the city where the BPS pulled me over for drinking and smoking marijuana, and they did a series of battery tests on me.
Do you remember me?
Do you remember that vaguely?
I do, yes.
I just want to let your callers know that this hasn't been something you've been doing for a short time.
I remember you when you were still a Republican and you were still having a hard time swallowing these things like maybe some of your listeners are.
I just want your listeners to know that I've known you for a long time.
You're passionate.
You're dedicated.
And none of this is something that you can pass out
And put under because you think it's stupid or it's not right or maybe only half of it's truthful.
It's the truth, people.
Alex has done a good job.
I've lived here in Austin since I was born and I've been around him here and there.
He's a smart man and if he sounds frustrated, you should be too.
Well, I shouldn't have said I was frustrated.
Everybody's coming to my defense.
I'm fine, folks.
I'm just angry at the lies.
They're so transparent.
I mean, they declared that they discovered nuclear weapons yesterday, and then an hour later retract the story, but then I hear people on talk radio saying they found nuclear weapons.
I mean, it's just crazy.
Alex, you weren't able to make it to Toronto on Tuesday, were you?
For the Truthseekers meeting?
No, I wasn't.
Yeah, it was a pretty good show.
Some people had videotapes, so I'm hoping some of it ends up on your show on AXS here in Austin.
And if it does, oh, and I have one suggestion.
Alex, could you put on one of your websites all the AM and FM stations that support you across the nation so people can really see where they can listen to you?
Because I just found out you were on FM in Austin about two weeks ago on accident by scanning through the radio.
Yeah, we're also, with all the mergers and stuff that goes on, you know, I'm on an FM station, then it sells and turns into Spanish, then I'm on an AM, it sells and goes to sports, and I'm on another station.
We're on about a different station about every year, the way the mergers and stuff work, but we're almost always on in Austin, and we're only off for a few months.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
Yeah, Austin's got a very controlled radio market.
And that goes back to LBJ when he owned the only radio and TV stations in town when he was president.
And he would not allow more license to be issued.
And it goes back to that.
So we should have more talk stations in Austin, but we really don't.
So it's interesting.
Okay, now we've taken a lot of calls, and I covered a lot of news in the first hour.
There's a bunch of other news I want to go over.
But also I'd like to hear from callers.
On the 9-11 Whitewash Soft Soap Commission, appointed by Bush, calling for a domestic CIA to run our lives, calling for Patriot Act II.
It's incredible.
So what do you think about this?
What do you think about a cop being caught now, they think, planting a pipe bomb in New York?
What do you think about all of this stuff that is happening?
I like to get away from how I'm a good guy and how I... It's really not about me.
I shouldn't have gotten off into... I was embarrassed because I was being rude to people, and then it was explaining that, and then it gets off into another discussion.
It's not about Alex Jones.
It's about the New World Order.
All right, we'll be right back with more calls and more news.
PrisonPlanet.tv is the new website.
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The DVD version is 170 minutes.
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The Road to Tyranny is already sending shockwaves through Washington and across the United States.
You absolutely must see this DVD.
It covers the history of government-sponsored terrorism, the police state and homeland security, the nightmare UN population control programs, the cashless society control grid, satellite tracking and plannable microchips, and much, much more.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I've got an article here where in Iraq, St.
Louis Post Dispatch Reports, they're putting up cameras and listening devices everywhere.
Now, when they first took Iraq over a year ago, I remember reading an article on air, I think it was the New Scientist, that was talking about the Pentagon's control grid and this camera-microphone system.
And then I just pointed out that this is the exact system going in in major cities, even small towns.
Cameras, microphones, telescopic shotgun mics that listen to you at hundreds of yards away.
They put this up in Austin in 1998, folks, and now Homeland Security is taking control of it.
But so notice for this occupied country, which they admit is under martial law, with this appointed government, they have the same system.
Attention Iraqi cell phone users.
Your calls soon will be forwarded to Big Brother.
And it says a unit of the Engineering Support System Inc.
said Tuesday that it has landed a $31 million contract to help install big listening posts in all of Baghdad's cell towers to help.
And then it goes on.
It's part of the microphone camera grid.
And the same system's been put in here.
All your cell phones, everything.
They admit it.
How is that America?
How is that freedom?
They passed the law in 96 that all the phones are wired through this here domestically.
And the law was to activate in October 1, 2001.
So four or five years before, they passed the law, and then it came into effect during all the hysteria of 9-11.
So, just more parallels of all this wonderful freedom that we're getting now.
Rumsfeld knew all about me, says American jailer held in Kabul.
This is out of The Guardian.
A saga of jacademia.
The American arrested for running a private interrogation center in Afghanistan took a new twist yesterday when he claimed that he had acted with the knowledge and agreement of Donald Rumsfeld's office.
Mr. Adima, who has been accused of having a makeshift jail in which detainees were hung by their feet, claimed the U.S.
authorities condoned and supported his freelance activities.
Well, he was hired to do it.
That's admitted.
We were working for the U.S.
Counterterrorist Group and working with the Pentagon and some other federal agencies, said Mr. Adima.
His full name is Jonathan Keith Adima, before the opening of the court hearing in Kabul, according to Reuters.
He's been charged with the Patriot Act, among others.
Again, their servant.
He told reporters we were in contact directly by fax and email and phone with Donald Rumsfeld's office.
The American authorities absolutely condone what he did.
We have extensive evidence to that.
We are prepared to show emails and correspondence and take recorded conversations.
From New York, Mr. Adima's lawyer, John Tiffany, told The Guardian, we have documentary evidence regarding U.S.
government's knowledge of my client's intended activities in Afghanistan.
Rumsfeld bragged on TV two years ago about torture and said they were doing it.
It's not a secret, people.
And you've all heard the neocons tell you how great it is on TV and radio.
But when we see the images of it, it's so horrific, they suddenly arrest some of their minions and go, oh no, they acted alone.
And some of them have been gagged, by the way, under the Patriot Act.
Can't speak out.
In fact, they said this guy couldn't speak out, but now he is.
I don't know what's going on.
But, um... Very, very serious.
But nobody's going to be held accountable.
Rumsfeld isn't.
Folks, they put 3,000 people in containers for four days.
Half of them died.
Then they lined the rest up and shot them.
Troops have been in the newspapers going, Oh yeah, we were ordered to go into whole villages and kill every man, woman, and child.
None of you sickos out there can make excuses for killing babies, can you?
Or have you stooped that low?
Third hour coming up.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It's now the third hour of this July 22, 2004 edition.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
The websites are Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, and PrisonPlanet.tv.
And we've been talking about the fake 9-11 Commission, appointed by Bush, saying the government didn't do anything wrong, but Congress isn't bad because they won't let the CIA basically run our daily lives, and they better pass a law letting the CIA take over America.
And Patriot Act II better be passed because that will protect our freedoms.
I mean, he actually said that.
So that's what we're getting there.
We're going to have wide-open phones in this third hour, taking a lot of calls in the second hour.
Toll-free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
There's a bunch of other news I haven't gotten to yet, but we will cover.
This show is not left or right.
It is anti-lie.
It is anti-war.
It is anti-New World Order.
And so now Bush, Kerry, and the Commission, they all want a domestic CIA to run our lives.
There's no real difference between these people.
Only in rhetoric.
Let's go ahead and take a call.
Chris in Illinois, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I want you to stay up because, you know, you are getting down and you're fighting the New World Order and everyone out here has got your back and everybody's trying to get a big mouth.
You know, you've got a big mouth and that's a good thing.
That's not a bad thing.
But anyway, I was calling to say that I watched George Bush on TV today and watching him reminded me of when I was a child and...
When I would tell a lie and get away with it, I was kind of like, and that's exactly the way he came across to me today.
And it's sickening.
Oh, I mean, look.
Look, cops go off, you know, old-fashioned good detectives, off of people's body language, their actions, and about 98% of the time it's accurate.
But I go off the facts that they carried out 9-11, that the government is guilty of it.
But yes, when you watch Bush's body language, or Condoleezza Rice's body language, or Richard Armitage's body language, I mean, they are so guilty.
When Bush says, we would have moved heaven and earth to stop this.
We never heard of plans to fly planes into buildings.
The point is, their whole official story has been proven to be a lie.
And they never back up what those...
Once they've been proven to be liars, they never bring up new reasons.
So their story is a lie, is impossible.
Then we look at the evidence and the motives and they're behind it.
Then you look at their body language and your gut level, you know they're guilty.
Keep on playing.
Hey, thank you, my friend.
I appreciate it.
And again, when we get back from break, I'm going to take a lot of calls.
If you have a question, a comment, you disagree with me, you agree with me.
There's a particular news item, something that I haven't talked about that you think people should know about.
Callers always bring us in different directions and bring up issues that wouldn't have come up, and I always love it.
Now, the toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
That's 1-800-259-9231.
Also, 9-11 Flight Controller, is this real world or an exercise?
On a BBC video report which focuses on the hijacker screening video, a clip is played from the voice of a 9-11 flight controller in which he responds to news of a hijacked flight heading towards New York with the words, Is this real world or an exercise?
We know that war games on the morning of 9-11 simulated planes crashing into buildings.
This is how both NORAD and the FAA were slow to react to hijacked flights, conveniently.
At first they believed it to be a drill, and when they understood it to be real, it was too late.
The only plane they were able to shoot down was Flight 93, and that was only because it was delayed on the runway.
Although I understand that the tape may have been in the public domain for a while, I highlight it today because of the significance and the fact that it hadn't come across it before.
And this is on prisonplanet.com.
Right now, we'll play this coming up later as well.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
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In two hours and 24 minutes, we point a searing light of truth on the history of problem-reaction solution.
Brace yourselves as the New World Order program for world domination is blown wide open.
A nightmarish post-September 11th world where the military and the police are merged.
Witnesses' populations beg for national ID cards and, yes, even implantable microchips.
Troops on the streets, foreign NATO aircraft in the skies.
Psychotic UN population control plans and much, much more.
This is one film you cannot afford to miss.
Order 9-1-1 The Road to Tyrion today.
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That's 1-888-253-3139.
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Order today and spread the word.
America's future depends on the truth getting out.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show, because there's a war on for your mind.
Truth is stranger than fiction, as they say, and the reality of our world is that corrupt crime syndicates have created a world government, have become the government,
And want to further exploit us and use us to control us.
That's the history of the world.
It's happening again.
Somehow the general public was taught that government's always good and can't be bad and give up your rights and everything will be wonderful.
When that's just a total fraud historically and in a common sense fashion.
I mean, you look at that through a common sense lens.
You look at it through a historical view.
I mean, it's ridiculous.
It's a joke.
I mean, stacked end-to-end, all the corruption, just billions of cases of it.
It's ridiculous.
Statistically, smart criminals get into government because they can operate with impunity.
And then the big criminals will bust a few low-level ones from time to time, you know, for not following orders, and then make you think, oh, they're keeping you safe.
It's a joke.
Vince in Indiana, then Melissa, John, Delilah, Brock, and others.
Or Brooke, excuse me, not Brock.
Vince, go ahead.
Hello, Mr. Jones.
How are you?
I want to share something with you a little more local here in Marion County or Indianapolis, Indiana.
The city county or the county council denied the sheriff's department a request for 100 extra deputies.
And in the newspaper here, in their editorial, the editorial board, it's supposed to be kind of a conservative town, but they said here,
That what the Indianapolis City Council did was wrong morally because car thefts are up, crime rates are up in all the suburban townships, and that they just don't have the money for 100 new sheriff's deputies.
But the final paragraph said we were policed by 20 different agencies.
I thought we were only two police departments, the Indianapolis Police Department and the Marion County Sheriff's Department.
I found out we're being policed by the fire department, paramedic unit, your local zoning police, Homeland Security, you name it, we've got them all here.
Yeah, probably ten of those are probably different multi-jurisdictional task forces.
I appreciate the call.
It's a good point, Vince.
Look, we went from 350,000 police in 1993...
We need more cops.
We need more cops.
No, we don't need more police, okay?
It's a joke.
And, number one, crime is dropping all over the country because of concealed carry.
I mean, statistically, the states that don't have it, the crime rate has stayed the same or gone up, but most states have put it in, and it's made crime go way down.
And the statistics clearly show it's because criminals are afraid to rob people because a lot of folks are packing heat.
But, I mean, all the time it's more cops, more cops, more cops, more cops, more cops, more cops, more cops.
And now there's all these new type of police.
We've got national police driving around these black suburbans and black ground vets, and it says national police on the side.
It's just sick.
It's totally sick.
But we have less Border Patrol, because upwards of a third of the Border Patrol quit to go get $24,000 more a year as air marshals.
And so they replaced a few thousand of those that left, but didn't replace all of them.
So we actually have less on the southern and northern border.
At any one time, there are only 300 deputies on duty for the entire Canadian border.
And guess how many there are for the southern border at any one time?
About 1,200 that are actually on duty, another 1,000 that are bureaucratic.
Of the 8,000 on the southern border.
1,200 people for a 2,000-mile border.
But don't worry, man, in Austin, I mean, we got cops.
I mean, if cops were fleas and the city was a dog, the dog could be white, but the dog would look black because there's so many fleas on it.
Okay, another word analogy.
But, I mean, it's just, well, you don't like cops?
What's wrong with you, punk?
Well, because I was brought up Mr. Law and Order, you know, as you've heard callers, Mr. Conservative, all this stuff.
I am still more conservative than anybody else.
And it's not conservative to have just cops coming out of our ears.
And again, they've got to have something to do, so everything's a crime now.
You know, they told us that we would not be arrested for not wearing our seatbelt, that we'd just be pulled over and warned, and it's a federal initiative and we've got to do it, and now, oh, it's a checkpoint to make sure you've got it, we're going to search your vehicle.
Oh, if you didn't have it on, we're going to arrest you, even though it's not an arrestable offense.
And then now I see cases all over the country where you don't put your turn signal on.
Or you stop and go, you know, slow stop at a stop sign, and they take you to jail and you've got children with you?
Why, they give them the CPS and for a couple days they interrogate them.
If they can maybe get the child to say something, then you don't get your kids back.
I mean, I know people, middle class people.
They never imagine, oh, you didn't put a turn signal on, I'm taking you to jail.
What, I have my children.
Well, you know, you might get them back.
Anything to get people in the system.
I mean, this is happening to people that make $200,000 a year.
This is happening to doctors and doctor's wives now.
They don't care.
Now, am I supposed to like that?
Am I supposed to love that?
Am I supposed to thank them for that?
I'll never forget the CBS piece a couple years ago.
We've actually played the audio here on air before.
We called CBS, and we said, you ought to do a story on this, because we had a friend inside CBS here locally that's done a few good reports.
She just did one on the CPS a few months ago about how criminal they are.
Surprisingly enough.
But they did a report.
We called them, because one of my friends went to jail for refusing to let police search his car.
They beat him up and took him to jail, called that resisting, saying, no, you can't search my car.
That was all caught on video, because this happened live on the radio, and he called in as it was happening.
But when he went to jail, personal reconnaissance bond, they gave him a sheet saying that we'll let you out of jail, but it's a further justification, no fault, but it is fault, that you've been involved in drugs, family violence, theft.
And Mike, he called me from the jail as I was downstairs at a protest with my cell phone,
And he said, they're trying to make me sign documents.
They just tortured me.
I'm not going to do it.
Oh, they're coming.
And then the phone hangs up.
And I'm thinking, that's ridiculous.
This is America.
Now, the news piece was two years ago.
This was like five years ago this happened.
And I didn't believe it.
I didn't think Mike was a liar.
I just didn't know.
I thought, that's the Soviet Union.
They don't do that.
So I go upstairs to the jail.
Again, we've been waiting for him.
And I said...
Is it true you asked him to sign something?
And they go, oh, yes, anyone who we let out, you know, up here on a personal recognizance, you have to sign this.
I said, can I have a copy?
They said, absolutely.
Here you go.
And it just had about, I don't know, I've still got a copy of it, nine, ten things on the back.
Every type of crime you can imagine.
And you sign a degree that you will take counseling for this, and then you're on a type of probation for six months, and then it'll become criminal if you don't attend.
And the class is added up to several thousand dollars.
They were like 500 bucks, 200 bucks a piece, depending on the class.
And then I'd talk to bail bondsmen and talk to others.
The bail bondsmen don't like it because they're losing out on personal recognizance because everybody's signing these.
Then we told CBS about it, and they got on TV and said, Well, it's true.
You're guilty until proven innocent in Travis County.
You don't even get charged.
You don't see a judge or a jury.
You may be arrested for a parking ticket or not paying a fine, but they will ask you to sign on to all these classes.
Family violence, drug dealing, just all these classes.
You know, that you're an alcoholic, that you have DWIs, and then you have to go sit in these classes.
I mean, how is that America?
And then I found out that all over the country it's going on.
And then Mike got the videotape from where they tortured him, and guess what happened?
They gave him an eight-hour videotape, and guess what part just so happened the cameras malfunctioned?
Just guess what happened.
And they're so arrogant that it even shows Mike on the phone
He was a... Just...
This country's gone, folks.
I mean, it's gone.
A few years ago, it was, what, 25 people that they killed in that jail?
They've been caught doing it.
Nothing happens.
The one time I was in that jail at a protest for the thumb scanning.
You've seen the video of me getting arrested.
They took me in, and this little short red-haired guy, he said, stand up against the wall, and he just shoved my face into the wall.
It hurt my nose.
I just stood there, and he goes, you like that?
Hoping I'd do something.
I just said, okay.
I didn't say anything.
Because I know it's an enemy government.
I mean, I'm a POW.
I mean, I'm here with a sadistic chi-com, basically, or it could be a Russian.
He just said he's a redhead punk, a little punk.
And he shoves my face on the wall and shows me around and then throws me in the tank.
And, you know, that was my experience.
You know, that's America.
I mean, that's what they're into.
A guy with bug eyes shoving your head in the wall for fun.
I mean, you know, that's freedom, folks.
Because you went and said, I don't want a thumb scan, it's bad.
You know, okay, well, you go to jail, and then a demonic dwarf gets to shove your face in the wall.
And so you like that?
You like that?
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Your calls are coming up.
Hello, folks.
Alex Jones here.
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All right, I said we'd take lots of calls, and I get off in my long 10-minute diatribe about police, jails, and personal recognizance bond, but, I mean, is it anti-police or anti-jail guard to not want them to torture your friends and shove your face in the wall for no reason?
Hi, Alex.
I watched the 9-11 Whitewash Commission this afternoon, and right after that I continued to tape our local news from Orlando.
And there's two to three minutes of video I'd like to play if you'd let me.
The first part was to do with them claiming Michael Moore basically lied in his movie, saying that Bin Laden's family members were allowed to fly out.
I'm begging you to send me that video.
Richard Clark admits it.
The White House admits it.
Judicial Watch got the Customs Department documents, and I've heard people announcing all over the news that it's not true when it's public and admitted.
Now, is this TV or radio?
This is TV.
The local WESH Orlando.
Will you do me a favor and send me a copy of that?
What's the W what?
It's WESH.
What exactly did they say?
I don't know if we can air it because sometimes it doesn't come across too good.
They said that Michael Moore, you know, in his recent Fahrenheit 9-11 movie, claimed that Bin Laden's family members were allowed to fly out and got preferential treatment before airspace was open nationally after 9-11.
And they showed videotape that they said was exclusive to them where they taped his family members flying out of Orlando.
It was Khalil...
Ben Lydon, his brother.
Yeah, that footage is in Moore's film.
And they said that they were not allowed to fly out until eight days after 9-11, and it was a full week after airspace had been opened.
They also said that he claimed in the movie, and I saw it, and I know that they did claim this, that...
No, but the FBI didn't question his family members, and they said that that was a lie also.
Okay, they have the FBI agents on tape saying they didn't.
We have the Customs Department documents of multiple flights on the 13th flying them out.
Now, were there other bin Ladens flying out eight days later?
Probably sleight of hand there is probably what they're doing.
Also, they had the Bin Laden brother on Laird NewsHour two weeks ago spouting off.
And they said, well, where is Bin Laden?
Would you help us get him?
And he said, well, that's a complex question.
And so I guess James Baker isn't representing the Saudis against the 9-11 families.
And I guess Bush isn't in business with the Bin Ladens either.
They claim, oh, that's a lie.
Yeah, I agree with you that they probably just used some of the family members flying out later on, and they're just claiming that all of them will fly out then.
And the other part was they played a video right after that where they claimed they had the hijackers who flew out of Dulles Airport in Washington who hijacked Flight 77 and crashed into the Pentagon.
And they showed them and they said one of the men set off the metal detector.
Yeah, years later they've now shown some videos, some blurry videos of guys walking around in an airport.
Yeah, they said he set off the metal detector, but they went ahead and let him go through anyway, and they weren't sure why his knife and box cutter didn't set it off.
So it doesn't even make sense.
They said it set it off, and then they claimed it didn't, but they waved and threw, so...
I have it all on paper.
Look, it's an independent commission, too, okay, Melissa?
Appointed by Bush, it's independent, okay?
And Henry Kissinger, he was going to be real independent, too.
I mean, so we're wrong.
It is independent.
We're liars.
Being appointed by Bush is independent.
Well, will you mail me that video?
Now, you say it's three minutes long.
Two to three minutes, probably.
Tell you what, let me just hear a clip of it.
And if I can hear it good, we might do it after the break.
Now, you want to put your phone, I guess, about six inches from the speaker.
And you don't want to turn it up too much.
But let me just hear what it sounds like.
If it sounds good, hit pause and we'll come back and play it.
But go ahead and play it.
This is high tech, folks.
Very high tech.
Melissa, that sounds awesome.
Cue that back up.
We'll play that when we get back.
Yeah, I knew that.
I knew she'd keep playing it by the end of the three minutes.
Then she'll have to rewind it on air.
All right.
Just keep trying to talk to her.
Get her to rewind it.
We'll play some of this, I guess.
And I said I'd play this clip about, is this a drill?
You know, the air traffic controllers, because they've been told it was a drill.
And now they've released a clip of that.
And we'll also go to John and Delilah and Brooke and Adam and everybody else.
And we'll recap some of the top stories as well.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Folks, this is not debatable.
That's it.
I'm getting judicial watch on.
You know the folks that helped get the impeachment started on Clinton, far from some left-wing hit group or something, attack dogs?
Judicial watch.
They did over 10 four-year requests, Freedom of Information Act requests, and all the federal agencies, Defense Intelligence, CIA, FBI, refused.
But Customs hadn't gotten a word not to release it, so they released the documents showing the bin Ladens and a bunch of top Saudis in three separate flights.
Now, all we knew about was what was reported on September 10th.
How is that?
How are there news articles about flying them out before this news even claims that they flew out?
How do we have a customs...
Documents saying this.
Richard Clarke has gone public with this.
Vanity Fair has had huge articles about this.
Now, did some other bin Ladens fly out eight days after or five days after?
Sure, that could have happened.
And that's the spin we're getting.
So this is how they operate.
But hey, it doesn't matter.
Tell a lie big enough and people will believe it.
Go ahead, Melissa, with that clip.
Go ahead and play that clip for us.
Okay, and just to let you know, they mentioned this is on page 329 and 330 of the report where they talk about them flying out.
Oh, it's the 9-11 whitewash report tells us this.
Oh, okay.
So go ahead.
Okay, hold on.
Here it is.
High tech, folks.
This is Bob Keeling is in the Satellite Center with details from the reports.
Some that cast more light on the Orlando controversy.
You may recall that the Bin Laden family, some of them, were here in the Orlando area.
And now more on how they got out of the country.
That's right, Claire.
We've already taken a look at some parts of this report.
And on pages 329 and 330, they deal directly with the issue of whether the members of the Bin Laden family were given preferential treatment to flee Orlando and other cities without the proper scrutiny.
Let's show you some video that was taken exclusively by News Channel 2 eight days after 9-11.
That man there is Osama bin Laden's younger brother, Khalil, who had been here vacationing with other family members there on an estate that they owned in West Orange County.
Now, according to this report, National Airspace had opened a full six days before this flight took place.
The panel also states that the FBI interviewed all of the persons of interest on this flight.
And more importantly, the panel says none of these passengers was connected to the 9-11 attacks.
They say in the three years since, there has been no evidence to change that conclusion.
Now, the flight of bin Laden's extended family had been called into question by filmmaker Michael Moore, who questioned whether or not the bin Ladens were given special treatment to be able to flee the country while other commercial air traffic was grounded.
And clearly, the panel is sending a clear message that that
Did not happen that this flight took place almost a full week after commercial air traffic was opened back up.
One final note, we can tell you that the boarders in Winter Park has already received copies of this report and it's already on sale on their shelves.
Okay, that's the part.
And the next part is about the hijacker.
I don't know if you wanted me to play it or not.
Well, I'll tell you what.
Now, we don't need to play that, but please send me that video.
Okay, where do I send that?
Well, let me stop you just for a second.
Now, let's go over this.
Before I heard the clip, I predicted that this would be a separate flight.
Notice he said other flights from other cities.
They're talking about Orlando, not Miami, not Tampa flights.
Notice that.
Moore, in his film, has Larry King live with Bandarb,
The ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia's ambassador to the U.S., they call him Bandar Bush, he says on Larry King Live, Larry King says, why were the bin Ladens flown out two days after 9-11?
And he says, because the Saudi royal family felt that they might be abused or disliked, and people would be very angry if this was not right, and so they were allowed to leave and not question.
So we have him admitting it, we...
It was Bin Laden's older half-brother that's in the film, not that footage.
So now we learn a younger brother, and he has over 100 siblings, or 160, or something like that.
It's in the high hundreds.
So this is so classic.
This is misdirection.
What they'll do is bring you to another story, another issue, and now people will say, that's all a lie, that never happened.
And the neocons were saying this day one, so that's exactly what they've done.
We have the Commerce Department, we have Judicial Watch, the Customs Department, excuse me, not the Commerce Department, we have the Customs Department, Judicial Watch, we have Vanity Fair, we have Richard Clark, we have the Miami Papers, the Tampa Papers, we have all this confirming it for two plus years, but then they go, oh look, we shot some video.
I totally agree with everything you said.
Most people that don't pay attention to the news and don't pay attention to things like your audience does just buy everything headline and sinker.
That they're Sean and Steve Spann and television, etc.
All right, thanks for the call, Melissa.
You want my address?
Here's my address.
It's 3001, that's 3001, and it's South Lamar, L-A-M-A-R, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 787-04.
Do you have that?
Thanks a lot, Melissa.
Thank you.
Yeah, I mean, if callers called in with clips like that, we could do it, but half the time they put the phone too far away or too close.
That actually sounded pretty good.
John in Tennessee, go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
Hello from Abu Ghraib Prison in the police state of Tennessee.
All right.
TV News in Knoxville reported yesterday that five deputies and detectives were fired, may face criminal charges, and this is 25% of the Campbell County Police Department or Sheriff's Department.
They tortured a man for two hours in his home when he refused to sign a consent form for a voluntary search.
He was severely beaten, but he was very smart.
He had a hidden video camera turned on with a hidden VCR that the police did not find.
His lawyer said the videotapes showed the police tortured him with methods that will, quote, shock and horrify you.
And that's posted on WBIR.com.
B-I-R dot com.
Okay, we have got to get that posted.
Email that.
Go to Prison Planet and email that to my webmaster.
I did.
But at least it will have a happy ending because his lawyer said they will file a big civil lawsuit and the police are going to have to drop all the charges against everybody else.
Why haven't they been arrested?
They may well be because they've got the videotape of them sodomizing him or something.
Something horrible.
Well, that seems to be their favorite.
They usually don't use an object.
They enjoy it themselves.
Well, this police state has an advantage because it's fun to fight back.
It's like shooting fish in a barrel.
Last year, I personally got more than 50 police employees fired for car theft in Knoxville.
So it's not that hard.
By the way, let me stop you.
Three years ago, there was a ten-part series in the Washington Times where the police on duty owned their own personal records.
In uniform, we're pulling up into, they were caught on video by a local TV station, pulling up in uniform and towing cars parked with people in McDonald's, and one guy ran out and said, what are you doing?
And the cop pulled a gun and said, back off, punk.
They publicly take it to a chop shop.
I mean, they don't even hide it.
Folks, I'm not kidding.
Now, I wasn't aware of this stuff in Knoxville.
What was going on there?
The towing scam, where they would, in fact, the Taco Bell, I call it Taco Hell,
They were towing people, customers' cars, and a guy came out and said, what are you doing?
And he called the police.
The tow trucker attacked him, and he called the police.
And when the police came, they attacked the guy whose car was being stolen, so he took off.
He had a wreck and killed two people, so now he's serving a life sentence when he should have been the one prosecuting the car thieves.
You know, I've actually pulled my car up into a no-parking area downtown, got out with a camera to video something, and I've had a wrecker try to pull up in front of me and refuse to let me go.
And, yeah, you can get in a serious confrontation very quickly.
But, no, in D.C., it was cops owning their own records.
Well, that's the way it is here, and it's BFI, the company that was paid...
$7 billion to blow up and cart away the World Trade Center in Oklahoma City.
That's the same CEO who lives in Knoxville who owns all the towing companies and manufactures all the tow trucks and who owns the garbage trucks and who worked with CDI to blow up the World Trade Center.
This is all one big happy family.
The huge global $40 billion a year cartel of garbage and tow trucking and car thefts.
And they get busted for antitrust violations by the U.S.
Attorney's Office all the time and pay a half-billion-dollar civil judgment to the government.
It's a Jewish mafia, and then they have on A&E TV, they reported that the Gambino and Genovese mafias in New York City work for these people.
But William Miller is the CEO, and presumably that's a Jewish name like Marilyn Monroe's husband, Miller.
So, it's the Jewish mafia controlling the Italian mafia.
And the redneck mafia.
Well, there certainly are Jewish and redneck and everything else mafias, but I'm familiar with some of what you said.
I'm not familiar with all of it, but I appreciate the call.
I mean, I know that the trash companies are just unbelievably corrupt on average.
There's been a lot of investigations, a lot of reports, and the company you mentioned, I am familiar with some of the things they've been caught doing.
But I couldn't believe that Washington Times series...
Where the cops drive around stealing cars all day.
I mean, just heaven help us, folks.
Delilah in Ohio.
Delilah, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
I just wanted just to get your comments on a couple of things.
I'm going to try to make it as quick as possible.
I want your comment on a good friend of mine that I just this past Tuesday was just being of emotional support for her
She's fighting in court to get, just mind you, the right to a trial by jury because the county, the Summit County out here in Ohio, I'm by Akron, Ohio, and she's trying to get at least a trial by jury because they tore down both her houses and pretty much left her homeless.
Well, this is the problem.
The Constitution, the Bill of Rights says that if it's over, what is it, $200, that you have to get a trial by jury.
But then they create civil penalties.
Government boards just announce new powers, hire their own police forces, and then they'll go out and bulldoze your house, take your property, whatever, and you try to sue them.
They go, nope, sorry, it's a civil matter, and it's under $200, and it's a regulation, so you can't sue us.
And they do this over and over again.
So it's just whole new bureaucracies that are outside the law.
And I'm very, very familiar with it, and it's hard to deal with.
And that's a whole area of discussion.
So let me guess.
They claimed that her house, did they condemn it or did they claim it had questionable material in the yard?
Then they started fining her for a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars a day.
It built up to tens of thousands of dollars.
Then they came out and bulldozed the house and then even charged her the money for bulldozing the house.
That sounds about right.
I think it's a lot more complicated because there was like two houses.
And mind you, while I was just listening in court there, I ran into some other people.
This one lady, she was telling me her horror story, which was like 22 rental properties that she was in control of, that she was fighting the system of.
And I just heard horror story after horror story, people where their children are being kidnapped by the social services.
They don't know where their grandchildren are or their great-grandchildren.
And I just hear horror story after horror story.
Yeah, you go to court and it isn't criminals.
It's a bunch of crying parents and old ladies and people who have had their houses bulldozed.
I know.
They're feeding on us.
These criminals.
It's sickening, to say the least.
Something else I just want your comment on.
This was the main reason why I called.
I had this really weird dream last night.
I just wanted to get your comment on it.
Maybe I dreamt it because of everything that I've been seeing and that I've been watching with other people, but I dreamt that it became illegal to dial 911 and give somebody first aid and CPR, especially since I'm CPR certified.
I mean, it was just absolutely crazy where it was illegal to give medical care.
It was totally controlled by the authority.
Do you want to make any comment on that weird dream I had last night?
No, I mean, dreams are strange, and...
I can't really comment on it.
But I appreciate your call, Delilah.
Thanks for calling.
Good to hear from you.
Let's talk to Brooke in Rhode Island.
Good to hear from you.
Brooke, welcome.
Hey, Alex.
Yes, sir.
This is Brooke in Rhode Island.
I was the guy that called you a couple weeks ago to let you know Lawrence Rockefeller died.
Well, my aunt lives a block away from one of the Bin Laden's in Boston.
Well, I was fully informed on what was going on with the Bin Ladens in Boston.
Boston Bin Ladens did leave almost within the second or third day of 9-11.
And that was reported in the Boston Globe, the Boston Herald, and all the local news stations in Boston and New England.
So Melissa's correct.
Well, no, I know.
I've got all those articles, and these were articles that were in there before eight days after.
So we have articles saying they were being flown out before, and then now they found some other bin Laden that flew out after, so they all focus on that, and then call Moore a liar when we have the Customs Department's own documents.
Yes, correct.
So, again, it's all sleight of hand.
Oh, yes, but even more stunning than that
One of the reasons people were up in arms in Boston is that the Bin Ladens have about five or six family members that live in the Boston area.
Do you know that the city of Boston supplied police protection 24 hours around the clock at all the Bin Laden houses, and the Boston taxpayers were furious?
No, and if you can dig up that news article, or if somebody can dig that up in the archives and email it to us, we will post it.
I'll certainly try, though that's not the reason why I called you today.
I actually called you for another reason, and I don't know how much time we have, but I discovered my school here, the Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University, has a building called the Market Building.
On the front of the Market Building, which is from the 1700s, is a plaque, a bronze plaque, about three feet by five feet.
And on this plaque... Hello?
Go ahead.
It says, The Grand Master Knight Templar of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.
And there was a Masonic Lodge on the third floor...
And this is all across the street from the Superior Court with an obelisk in the front where Klaus von Bulow's trial was.
I know.
It's amazing.
Thank you.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
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If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
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Don't worry.
This show is documented.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right.
Massive, massive breaking news.
I just called Paul Watson, the webmaster at PrisonPlanet.com.
We're going to create a data page.
With the Judicial Watch documents and the admissions and the news articles, they're all on the website, but we're going to put them in one spot, about how they flew the Bin Ladens out, the admissions.
Then we're going to show how WESH and others and the 9-11 Commission are spinning this going, we never flew the Bin Ladens out.
Look, they were flown out eight days later.
That's another group of Bin Ladens.
See how slick this is?
So that'll be up on the site.
You can tell everybody about it.
It'll be up in a few hours.
Email it out to everybody to counter this lie.
Also, the big breaking news, page 6, New York Post, okay, reporting.
Now, remember, two days ago they had an 18, excuse me, 14-page article in the San Francisco Chronicle about the Bohemian Grove and showed them in their hoods and everything.
Well, now the New York Post, I just talked to Paul, he's posting it right now.
The New York Post is reporting that Bush is at the Bohemian Grove
Hanging out with a top homosexual porn star.
Ha ha ha!
And then under that, we're going to post Nixon saying it is the biggest homosexual orgy on the planet.
His clip from the Presidential Library released early this year.
Ha ha ha!
I'm just... Come on, folks!
Our Christian conservatives.
Ha ha ha!
Oh, boy.
We're going to, because that's who goes to the grill.
That's what goes on there, folks, okay?
I was only inside four and a half hours, and I did see some things.
This country's gone, folks.
I just had to tell you that.
Let's talk to... Oh, we don't have time for any more calls.
I'm sorry.
We're not going to take any more.
I didn't plug my videos today or my books, and I guess I won't.
I mean...
They're just incredible films and books, and you might want to find out about them.
You might want to get some and educate people.
You might want to get my film.
I said I wouldn't plug it, and here I am doing it.
But get Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, where I snuck in there.
We're so fooled, folks.
There's no difference between Kerry and Bush.
There's no difference, I guess, just in age and height, and that's about it.
They're puppets of the New World Order.
And we've got to get more sophisticated in our thinking process.
We've got to start realizing the little tricks they play.
I mean, I was able to tell that lady, Melissa, what the trick would be before she played the newscast clip.
How did I do that?
Well, how do you know you were right?
Because that's a different bin Laden than the bin Ladens that we know flew out.
The video the local news got was in a different city.
It was in Miami, and it was the older brother, the half-brother, with a bunch of the other Bin Ladens and Saudis getting on planes.
And so I said, I guarantee you the sleight of hand here is going to be another group of Saudis, and they're going to focus on that.
I'm not bragging, folks.
Again, if you're an expert on football, you can tell by how they line up when you're watching the Super Bowl when they're about to run a...
You know, a trick play or something.
You can see the telltale signs.
You know, how do I know what the spin's going to be because I know how they operate.
They'll do that.
They'll... Oh, there's a bunch of examples of it, but we don't have time to get into it.
But it's just... That's what's so sick about this.
I mean, yesterday they announced they found three nuclear weapons in Iraq.
And I said, within a few days they're going to announce it was a mistake.
Well, within an hour they did.
But still...
That's way down the page.
Everybody else just sees the announcement of finding nuclear weapons.
And now, in a month from now, I'll be arguing with some idiot.
You're like, no, no, they found nukes, Alex.
No, no, no.
You and your liberal friends.
I'm not a liberal.
Shut up.
You are a liberal.
Well, I don't hang out with the gay porn stars at the satanic convention.
Oh, there's no such thing.
It's just... Well, Richard Nixon says so.
Wow, he's a liar.
Well, I guess he is.
But the point is that you people...
We're good to go.