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Air Date: July 14, 2004
2416 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright folks, already Wednesday, the 14th day of July 2004.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
We've had a lot of guests on the last few days, so today we're going to have open phones.
Actually, if I can get them on the broadcast, I'll do it.
The Drugs Report is a dead link.
They've brought down the Texas newspaper that has the story.
We did find a short blurb at a local TV station report about it.
Two peace activists with anti-Bush t-shirts, just don't elect Bush, were at a 4th of July parade on the side of the street right here in Texas and were arrested for being anti-government.
And we've got national talk show hosts all over the country calling for the arrest of anyone that disagrees with the government.
I mean, literally, folks, every time I tune in now and scan through and listen for more than an hour on a road trip or something or when I'm stuck in traffic to these national talk show hosts, I will catch them saying it is treasonous, it is treacherous, it is traitorous to...
Criticize Lord Bush, the gun-grabbing, open-border-promoting, world-government-loving, lying creature.
But Bush, again, is just a puppet, and I cannot stress that enough.
So is Kerry.
But it's very, very serious.
So I can't get the news article because the drudge crashes most sites that he links to.
But I did kind of a little blurb in a TV station.
But, I mean, I see these stories every week now, people being arrested for,
Remember the guy who, at the mall, bought a Peace on Earth shirt?
And the security guard said, well, we don't care if it's Christmas.
We don't like it.
The mall doesn't like it.
And he said, well, I just bought it in the t-shirt shop.
And, of course, the guy was a city lawyer, by the way.
I mean, he knew his rights.
This was in upstate New York.
Was it Rochester?
We had him on last year.
And he got arrested, arrested for wearing the t-shirt.
So, I mean, just countless examples of this, but they could say that that was private property.
But now it's branching out into the side of the road.
Alright, but I really want to get that article.
I hope somebody can find it once that site goes back up.
We can put it on infowars.com or prisonplanet.com.
But barring that, I'm not going to have any guests on because I want to take your calls and cover the news.
I was on Coast to Coast AM last night for an hour.
I always appreciate that, being on over 500 big radio stations.
And being able to speak to the people about these fake chair alerts and discussions of suspending the election.
I can only commend George Norrie and his staff for the courage of having me on.
That was very interesting.
And he said he's going to have me back up again for three hours or several hours in the near future.
He said the full show, whatever that means.
I guess that means three hours before.
Last night I was on in the first hour, the big topical news section of the broadcast, and we could talk about what you thought of that show, and a lot of you heard that.
And the issues that were brought up there, and there's been new developments, CIA acting chief says threat highest since 9-11, ooga-booga, give up all your freedoms, Ashcroft pushing Patriot Act extension, USA Today, but it's not just a Patriot Act extension, it's an expansion.
Al-Qaeda videos uploaded from government website.
Not from Houston, not from L.A., this time from Arkansas.
Of course, it's all just an accident.
It's the U.S.
government, people.
Mexico Attorney General gets microchip implant.
I got about 50 articles of the same magnitude.
You don't want to miss this broadcast.
PrisonPlanet.tv, I'm Alex Jones.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, we have world leaders getting microchips.
Implantable microchips.
Discussions of making school children take them.
We'll get into Mexico's Attorney General, the latest world leader to get a microchip implanted.
Al-Qaeda videos uploaded from government website, and of course, World Neocon Daily has their... They got some good news.
I shouldn't be like that.
You know, got their spin on it.
Wow, Al-Qaeda used the government website to upload.
No one thinks, oh, is it the government doing it?
When in every case we've looked at, from London to L.A.
to Houston...
To New York.
It's government websites or CIA quasi-governmental private merc groups, mercenary organizations, doing this.
I mean, there's a huge piece of evidence.
And now yet another one of these handy videos.
The first place they get uploaded from.
Is U.S.
government websites, the state of Arkansas, unknowingly help the Al-Qaeda terrorist network, you mean Al-CIA, Al-Qaeda is admittedly a CIA creation, we're supposed to forget that, distribute propaganda promoting violence against the United States.
This is Laura Mansfield, Associate Director of the Northeastern Intelligence Network, first noticed the postings yesterday while monitoring a forum on an Arab language internet bulletin board frequented by Al-Qaeda sympathizers.
And it says the Anzar Forum received notoriety for releasing the video of the beheading of American citizen Nicholas Berg in Iraq.
But, oh, it turns out that the files are located on the FTP server at the Arkansas Department of Highways and Transportation in two different directories called 007.
Yeah, yeah, 007.
That's exactly what the Arabs do.
007, Her Majesty's Terrorist Network.
And we've got it posted on the website.
I mean, in every case, it leads back to government.
And it's people in the government offices at these quasi-governmental institutions uploading the original video.
Putting discs, plugging cameras in, doing this.
And then you get in Nicholas Berg, and he's got connections to two of the hijackers, and he's under FBI investigation, and he works at Abu Ghraib...
And he's in U.S.
custody and gets released after 13 days into Alcieta hands.
And they cut the head off and no blood sprays and the body doesn't even jerk.
And top forensic heads of universities say it's a fake video.
In Canada, the U.S., Australia, I mean top scientists.
I don't need a top scientist to tell me you cut somebody's head off blood sprays and the body jerks involuntarily.
Didn't happen in this one.
But, I mean, there's hundreds of questions now.
It's just their story is a fraud.
And who stands to gain off all this head chopping?
That gets people all angry and upset and think that, oh, the war must be good, you know, kill them Arabs.
And the leader of Iran is saying that it's the U.S.
government and Israel cutting people's heads off, that it's all staged.
Yasser Arafat, this was in the Jerusalem Post two days ago, at a big UN meeting, was bringing out evidence that Israel, every time they're about to have a peace deal, blows something up.
And I don't like Yasser degenerate, rodent Arafat.
But we've got to be honest here.
Yishak Rabin, before he was killed, said Israel had created Hamas and controlled terror groups and that the government was behind terrorism.
And they've been caught last year and the year before last.
UPI, Associated Press, Haratz.
Jerusalem Post.
These are Jewish newspapers, in many cases, reporting this.
It's not like it's a conspiracy.
It's admitted.
A group of young Palestinians were actually shin-bet and were carrying out terror bombings to destabilize and give the Israelis a pretext to invade.
It's not very hard to figure this out.
This is what governments do.
So we've got all that news I want to go over.
And Bush running around.
The terrorists are going to hit us any minute.
We may have to suspend the elections.
And the new CIA director, the acting director, oh yes, it's the most deadly threat since 9-11.
You know, just stick your head in the dirt and prepare for death, basically, they're telling us.
All of this swirling around in plain view.
And then, frankly, I haven't talked about this enough, and we've talked about it in years past.
Sometime this hour, after we go to some calls and some other news items, I do want to get into it.
Governments are running giant surpluses.
They have a budget that they publicly talk about and write reports on and scrutinize.
But the budget is just what they've decided to spend, not their actual funds.
And they call these comprehensive annual financial reports, the real reports each year.
And water districts and school districts and counties and cities and states and river authorities, these quasi-governmental groups, government itself is quasi-governmental, it's really private,
Organized Crime Syndicate.
They run giant surpluses.
I mean, the on-budget surplus of the University of Texas, as I said yesterday, is $24 billion.
That's what they admit they have extra.
And it gets bigger each year.
Some years by a billion, other years by $400 million.
It just keeps growing as they increase tuition and everything else.
You go, well, what are you talking about?
Well, it's the same thing with toll roads.
It's feudalism.
They know you've got to travel.
They know you've got to get places.
So all over the country, and I saw the plans years ago, they're going to put in toll roads on existing interstate highways, state highways, everywhere.
And the Campo Regional Board, called Campo here in Texas, Austin is going to have nine, this is phase one, nine toll roads.
And folks, I looked at the map.
You won't be able to go anywhere.
Unless you take the toll roads.
And these aren't like in the past where they'd build a big toll road around a city.
Private road, which I'm all for.
I think those are great.
And it's free market and you pay a dollar and bypass all the traffic and save gas money.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
These are on roads like William Cannon and Ben White.
You know, side roads through the city.
Roads that have red lights, folks.
And it'll be a toll road for a half mile a mile.
It's just the old-fashioned gatekeeper toll road, the really old-fashioned one, not the more modern, now we're post-modern, with these old-fashioned ones, these retro ones, but the ones we had 56 years ago, or 20 years ago, where, you know, a 20-mile road to get around the city.
I'm all for those if it's a new private road.
But no, we've gone back to the old corrupt one where just to pay a toll keeper a tax to continue on down an existing road.
So they've gone back to the retro, futile, surf toll road.
And you can't get into Austin without taking a toll road.
Folks, nine toll roads and a state rep, Mr. Keel, was on TV going, yeah, he's on the Campo board, one of the few that voted against it.
He said, we're going to have ten times the toll roads of Dallas and Houston, and it's true.
You know, per...
Per mile of road, how many roads have it?
I mean, in Dallas, what, there's like two toll roads, and there are these long 20, 30-mile things that you just cut around the city.
They're great.
Houston's got a few.
They're okay.
But, no, this is the new toll road that the U.N.
has called for and others have called for, and these are going in all over the country.
But in Austin, see, I said I was going to get into this later, and now I'm already getting into it.
The state of Texas, the Texas Department of Transportation, has tens of billions of dollars in surplus.
Years ago when I looked at it, I'm told the surplus is even bigger now.
We've paid for these roads over and over again.
Folks, they're going to take Mopac literally a half mile from my house in South Austin and stick a giant...
Toll gate on it to get on the highway.
And then it's not a toll road after that.
Just to get on it, it's a toll road.
And then, oh, well, I'll just take 290.
No, you won't.
Well, I'll just take, you know, 71.
No, you won't.
Well, I'll just take William Cannon.
Well, I'll just take, you know.
No, you won't.
They're going, Alex, we don't want to hear about toll roads in Austin, Texas.
It's coming to your town.
And the paper admits that 90-plus percent of people that called the paper, that wrote letters, that were at the city council and county commissioners' meetings and then at the Campo meeting, and it shows about 100 people just in the photo shot there at the meeting two nights ago.
And there's one sign out of about 100 that says that they're for the toll road.
And everybody else is against it.
And General Daugherty, who's a county commissioner who's on the big regional board, he said he got 6,000 emails in two days against it.
Everyone I've talked to, so-called liberals, so-called conservatives, they're all against it.
But the Campo board, made up of elected people, elected individuals, part of it is, they don't care.
Most of them voted for it.
Why is that?
Why in the past wouldn't they ever do this?
Why are they doing things now that they know?
Because, folks, we have total electronic voting machines in the Campo board area.
Williamson, Travis, and Hayes counties.
Hart InterCivics, Clear Channel, owns them.
And so, folks, we don't have a verifiable voting system in Central Texas.
And we have a county clerk who was caught in 98 with the old system, engaging in fraud, and that was even in the paper, nothing happened to her.
And so they don't care.
You know, it's going to get, and about 30 plus percent, 32 percent or so of the country has now put in these electronic systems.
And everywhere this is happening, areas where everybody's against gun control, they're passing gun laws.
Where everybody is against nighttime curfews for even adults.
Suddenly, they put in electronic machines.
Well, you can't come out after midnight, even if you're an adult.
I mean, cities are doing this.
Well, everybody's against it.
Well, we don't care.
You see these thousands of police in black uniforms and ski masks that have submachine guns?
Shut up!
If you try to protest, we'll crack your head open.
We have electronic voting machines.
Shut up!
And lick our boots.
That's why, folks, because you don't have a right to vote in Austin, Texas.
So they don't care what you do.
They don't care if you're all against it.
You can't throw them out, people.
Hello folks, Alex Jones here.
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I'm going to go on about the toll roads for the rest of this segment.
Then we're going to break.
We're going to come back and go to Michael, Anthony, Danny.
Richard Cliff and many, many others that are patiently holding because I didn't go over all the points.
In my film, Police State 2000, that I made in 99, we show you the federal documents where they're going to have toll roads because the feds are promoting and pushing all this on major existing roads where it is impossible.
And I've read Wall Street Journal's smart growth reports five, six years ago.
That said, that to get into the city, you're going to have to pay a toll.
That to get on a major road, period, you'll have to pay a toll.
And this is about control to force people onto mass transit.
And that's why the foolish leftists are all pushing this.
Meanwhile, the big neocondo corporations are the ones making the money off of it.
And so this is the essence of serfdom and feudalism, is controlling your mobility.
And the feds say in their different initiatives, one of them is the National Seatbelt Initiative.
Again, it has nothing to do with seatbelts.
It says toll roads, checkpoints, hardened checkpoints on roads, and the money from the toll roads are going to pay for the police that will randomly pull your car off into a side lane and search it.
And then now I'm sure you've heard Ridge has said, again, this is all set up beforehand, infrastructure put in, and then, oh, the terror attack happens, and Ridge says, oh, we're going to have the same stuff we have on the planes and the buses and on the highways, and we're going to have tattletale squads out there.
And again, you can see my film from 99.
And I lay out what they're now announcing and doing.
So all over the country these are going in, but I've talked to a lot of experts on this.
They've never seen it this bad this quick.
Austin is the worst, not a single toll road.
And now they're going to put in... This is just what they're already building and setting up.
By the way, they're building it and setting up the toll road booths before it even passed yesterday.
Do you think you'll go around by 290?
Uh-uh, they block you there.
45 SW.
William Cannon, ladies and gentlemen, that is a road with stoplights.
And you look at it, it's a ring around the city where you cannot get into the city without going through these things.
No one has ever, even in New Jersey where the mob publicly runs the tollways, people don't put up with this.
But see, now suddenly it's going in all over the place because, well, the electronic voting machines are in.
And we don't care if 90 plus percent of you
The paper says 90%.
It's much more than that.
Aren't against this.
The paper loves it, by the way.
They don't care.
But everybody's against it.
We don't want it.
There's plenty of money in the Treasury.
But we've just got to have this.
We're just going to do this, whether you like it or not.
So they propose now, this nationwide, and then the next thing, and for nine years now, all new cars have a satellite tracker plug in in their ignition, and now when you go pay for your tags, you'll pay an extra $50, and the technician will come out while you're getting your smog checked and the rest of it, getting your emissions checked, and they'll just plug it in your dash, and it's going to track everything you do.
And you go, well, one of your cars is over nine years old.
It doesn't have it.
Well, they've got a new system where they put a little meter on your car, and then when you go to the gas station, you plug a little wire into the meter, and it'll tax you right there.
Folks, this is the official federal plan.
I told you about six years ago when I had one of the federal board members on.
Now it's in the Associated Press.
Now it's happening.
And you people are going to go, and I said last night before my TV show, I said to Mike,
I said, you know, these people are idiots.
I run on the show.
Everybody's against it.
No, they're not.
You know, you're right.
Everybody is against it.
But see, they don't care because you can't vote them out.
You can't vote Karen Sunlightner or Sam Biscoe out of the county commissioner's board.
You can't vote the Republicans and Democrats off the city council and the state reps that are Campo members.
You can't do a thing to them because they've got the electronic voting machines in.
They wouldn't dare do this in the other two-thirds of the state where these electronic machines aren't in.
And I've looked at it all over the country where they put these things in.
It's just suddenly police in black ski masks everywhere, cameras going up in neighborhoods, giant prisons being built.
They're laughing at you.
They're just going to keep saying, well, you voted for it.
Well, just vote us out if you don't like it.
But don't you ask to have a receipt of how you voted, and don't you ask to investigate the vote.
Folks, it really is happening.
Folks, I won't be able to drive anywhere.
Because the way Austin is set up, you can't go through the side roads and get anywhere.
And then the major side roads they had where you could cut across through horrible traffic to get somewhere, they're turning those into toll roads.
I mean, two-lane, red light, stop-and-go neighborhoods.
To go any direction from my house, I will have to go to the grocery store.
I'll have to get on a toll road.
You understand the new freedom?
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alright, for those that just joined us, I've spent the last 15 minutes or so talking about this headline, Massive Toll Road Plan Gets the Green Light, and it says that panels...
Stalls on funding Loop 360, so no new roads.
Seven roads slated to cost drivers.
But it's nine toll roads, because on some of the roads there's multiple tolls.
And that's just a start.
I mean, no one has ever done this, but now all these different cities are starting to existing roads, roads to your neighborhoods.
These are not where we build a new road and pay for it,
With tolls to go around the city as an expressway.
This is, you want to leave your huge neighborhood, you've got to get on the toll road.
These are little roads they're doing this to.
It is so disgusting, it is so corrupt, it is totally unpopular, and they're going to have police checkpoints at these.
Oh, it's already admitted.
And this is what life's going to be like all over the country.
We're going to be locked into the cities, because if you look, this blocks all the escape routes out of the city.
I have been, and we'll go to your calls here in just a minute, I have driven up to Kansas, and I've been in Californian places, and you'll drive for 50 miles, folks, and there's no exit off I-35, say up in Kansas out of Oklahoma.
Go up there.
There'll be concrete barriers, fences, and you'll see all these towns, old courthouses, ghost towns, they've killed all these towns, because you can see where they've blocked old exits.
But then out in the middle of the road, every 15 miles or so, there'll be a big McDonald's and their own water tower and a big truck stop.
And they pay the government rent.
But you can't exit like you used to to the little towns.
You'll go, man, that's a neat-looking old courthouse.
I'd like to see this famous old town.
Well, you can drive 50 miles up, get on country roads, cut off, and come back to it.
And then you may not even be able to get on the interstate when you come back.
Folks, these are prisons.
These are control grids.
These are locking us out of the countryside, locking us into the cities, and they know we've got to travel.
They know we've got to be mobile.
And so they're going to tax a little daylights out of us and set up checkpoints.
And they don't even need the money, folks.
The government prints the money.
The Transportation Department of Texas is filthy rich.
Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization.
Capital Metro, folks, you go out any time of day, the buses are 80-90%.
Most of them are completely empty after 6 o'clock at night.
No one is really on these things.
Because the city isn't designed for buses.
But they add more and more of them.
And they get over a penny of everything spent in the city.
Over a penny of every dollar spent in this city goes to just Capital Metro.
And now, until they've got the electronic voting machines in, I predict the next vote will be massive trains, more buses.
They're talking about another penny, which is a lot out of every dollar, folks.
Not to mention all the other taxes.
Another 1% tax...
For these degenerate trains.
And I say that because our society isn't set up for them.
We are sprawling.
We are separated.
The infrastructure is already built where we're all spread out, which they're going to capitalize on and tax the daylights out of us to travel.
I'd be all for compact cities if we were old European city design like that.
We're not, folks.
So now they're going to choke us and control us.
And you watch.
We voted down the light rail twice before.
And, folks, I predict when they bring it back up for a vote, magically it's not going to fail by massive numbers like it has every time in the past because the special machines are in.
The special no-record electronic voting machines with all the problems that no one's allowed to investigate.
And, oh, everybody changed their mind.
And that's why they don't care if 90-plus percent of people are against these toll roads and literally 100 to 1 showing up to demonstrate against it.
They don't care.
They're going to say, you voted us into office.
And they'll still have staged elections.
New people will be put in and others will move up.
And they'll still have Republicans and Democrats on these boards.
And they'll still have people 16 to 7 during the crowded meeting.
Okay, we'll go to your calls here in just a moment.
This is the point.
Michael and Anthony and Danny and Richard Hungup and Cliff and others.
Toll-free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
But wherever you live, you may live in a town of only 400,000.
You don't think they'll pull this on you.
They're doing it.
You know, Austin's a million metro.
They're doing it here.
Even the paper admits massive toll road plan.
Folks, they already were building this stuff a year ago.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And then ends at the Capitol in downtown.
It runs from the south up into the middle of the city.
They are going to take that thing that is three lanes on each side and red lights, and they are going to shred it and make it one lane on each side for part of it.
And they're going to put trains in up the middle.
And almost all the businesses... I mean, when you drive... Every time they have this vote, and you drive down there, down Congress...
I've got to say 98% of the businesses have giant signs against it.
It will destroy them.
So they're going to take that thoroughfare and put light rail down the middle of it and make you pay to park if you want to use it.
You won't have a choice.
And this is all just phase one.
Oh, and guess what?
The state of Texas is going to put toll roads out on 71.
This is for Texans.
All the major spokes going out into the hill country and into the south and the grasslands and into the woodlands, there are going to be toll roads on every one of them.
And guess what?
They're German-style checkpoints.
They'll shut you down.
You go, well, what do we do?
What do we do?
What do we do?
What do we do?
What do we do?
What do we do?
I told you what you do.
You start now in Austin, and every other city you're in, they put in these electronic machines.
There are a thousand news articles with their own engineers quitting, felons running it, CIA people running it, fraud, manipulating votes.
You put together a packet of info on that.
You business people get together.
If you love America, you print up color flyers about this.
You hand out tens of thousands in your city.
You get together.
You have a petition.
To have a paper ballot recall.
You have a petition to fund whatever it costs, $200,000, $300,000.
They'll tell you it costs millions more, but it really won't.
And you commission a study to show how much it'll really cost to have paper ballots.
And you have a good old-fashioned paper ballot election to remove the electronic voting machines.
And let me tell you, they're going to send in cops and black scheme-ass during your meetings, during demonstrations.
You'll see a little anarchist set a trash can on fire, and the cops will come in swinging against you and your children.
You've got to have video cameras.
You've got to grab the anarchists and go, it's a fed, it's a cop, and then they'll back off.
We've done this in Austin.
I mean, this is serious business.
Are you willing to fight for your country?
Are you willing to fight?
And listen, your cities aren't going to want you to get your right to vote back.
They're going to send in the guys in the black helmets and the black ski masks.
They've issued all of them.
They're watching you with their cameras in your neighborhoods.
Yeah, it's all about intimidation.
So what?
They're the criminals.
We're the good people.
We got the power.
And if you want to stop them, go ahead and stand up, or let me tell you.
They're going to start telling you you voted to have your guns banned, that you voted to have your borders open, that you voted to make your children go to school until 8 o'clock at night.
Well, they're moving to do that.
That you voted to have all your children forcibly drugged.
They're going to start... It's a democracy of 51%.
Say we're slaves.
We are.
No, that's why we're a republic.
Okay, okay.
I'm really angry today, and there's so much other news, and in about three minutes we'll go to the callers.
I promise you.
But Debbie Morrow, New Millennium Concept,
Made in America, best water purification systems I know of.
It's what I use.
And this is all the more reason to get prepared and to stop drinking the water that these evil cities are giving you.
Take control of your life, at least in this area.
70% of your body is water.
Debbie, good to have you on.
What do you think of this rant about nine toll roads?
The paper says seven.
No, I can look at them.
I've got the report.
It's nine toll roads.
I won't be able to go to the grocery store, Debbie, without paying a toll.
Well, I think you said 360, too, and that's the case.
And if it's the 360 by my house, I won't be able to either, Alex.
I don't know which 360 you mentioned from that article, but we have a road, and they have started really widening it.
I mean, it's been under construction for years, and it's just sat there.
In the last three months, all the trees have been mowed down in the middle medium.
Yeah, I know they're getting ready for more toll roads in Dallas.
Yeah, so I'm like, oh, my God, is that what they're going to do to my neighborhood, too?
Because that's how I go do all my errands.
I scooch down 360.
Hey, Debbie, Debbie.
In Phase 1 that they've passed, it's not even a quarter mile.
I have to say, 300 yards, 350 yards from my house is one highway, and they're going to block the underpass.
You have to pay a toll.
And then another mile down the other way will be another toll road.
I literally will... And then if I try to go the other direction, there's another toll road.
I will be a prisoner.
I will live in gated systems.
The whole society is becoming a prison.
Go ahead.
Well, well, I'm speechless.
I don't even know what to say anymore about this stuff.
It's, you know, waxing worse and worse all the time, right?
You know, and like you said, we can get together and be heard.
And I think that's, you know, important that we be heard.
We've got to have petitions, recalls to recall the voting machines.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, we really do.
That's ridiculous.
I mean, even these yuppies that are in denial and think you shouldn't be able to have a receipt or verify your vote.
I mean, come on, people.
Get your heads out of the sand.
And I've heard some elitists go, well, I've got money to pay the tolls.
The point is, folks, is that it's not needed.
It's corrupt.
It's abusive.
It's futile.
It's a futile system.
Debbie, tell folks about the water filters.
Well, you know, I've had a lot of customers call me recently and want to know the difference between the Big Berkeys and the Berkey Lights.
And when they call in, I'm more than happy to go over it with them.
I go over each different system and let them know what we have and what's available.
But the main thing for the listeners to remember, whether they decide to get the Berkey Light or the Big Berkey, both systems are going to give them
Good, clean, healthy drinking water.
You know, I prefer the Berkey Light because of the new black Berkey purification elements because they do take out more of the pathogens than the older model of the big Berkey.
But either one, whichever one they choose to get, will do the job.
And that's what I like to emphasize.
Debbie, we've read the university reports on it here.
It removes to below detectable levels.
That means zero organisms.
That's the black Berkey purification elements that come in the Berkey light.
And a lot of times people think Berkey light means that it's got less because,
You know, we live in a society where, you know, everything is, you know, a Coke light or whatever.
By light, it has a lighting system, an emergency lighting system.
It doesn't mean it's less.
It just means that it has an actual lighting system in the base.
Okay, let's give folks the toll-free number to give you a call.
You've got a bunch of different specials.
You've got great Sheltering in Place video, Prudent Places CD with all the roads and maps and where nuclear power plants are and escape routes and FEMA evacuation plans.
A lot of key stuff you've got.
People need to give you a call.
803-4438 or go to berkeywater.com and in the comments section tell them it's an Alex Jones special to get the discounts and tell them what free gift you want.
That's 888-803-4438 or berkeywater.com and you get
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And they've got a bunch of other portable sports bottles that will clean up the creek and river water to safe levels just for emergencies.
Good to have that.
Got specials on those.
Give her a call, 888-803-4438.
Debbie, thanks for coming on.
Anything else?
No, I just wanted to spell BerkeyWater.com.
I've had several people call me to ask me how to spell Berkey.
Sure, what's the spelling?
It's B-E-R-K-E-Y-W-A-T-E-R.com.
Okay, and also they have the same place you can order at Infowars.com, too.
Thanks, Debbie.
Appreciate it.
Thank you, Alex.
Folks, to get two miles from my house to the studio where I do my show, sometimes I do it out of the house, sometimes out of the studio, on these toll roads, I will have to go through two toll roads.
Side streets.
Thanks for holding.
Michael in Iowa, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
I'm Michael McDonald.
I'm a targeted guy who had a bunch of dental implants in Iowa City, Iowa.
Okay, listen, we don't like listeners to call in and give their full name, because I'm sure you're legitimate, whoever you are, but you could be giving somebody else's name, and I don't know what you're talking about, so go ahead.
Yeah, I'll drive right to the point.
I had all that stuff happen, and how I chose to deal with it was trying to hide.
So I moved to northern Iowa.
I'm living on about seven acres.
I had a targeted traffic stop in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, and I panicked, drove home, went across state lines.
During these judicial proceedings... Sir, you know what?
You're in your own mind right now.
You think we all know what you're talking about.
And I'm not trying to be rude to you, but I don't know what you're talking about.
Pardon me?
No, go ahead.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, okay.
I mean, you just start talking about dental implants, targeted road checks.
Please explain what you're talking about.
Very good.
Okay, well, the dental implants happened in Iowa City, Iowa.
I was going to a community mental health center.
And I was not getting along with those folks.
That's the exact type of places they do this stuff.
And the problem is you've got schizophrenics that think this is going on who are nuts.
And so you never know if somebody's telling the truth until they've been medically checked out.
But they have found mental patients who've had chips put in them.
Aldous Huxley talked about this at Berkeley in 1962.
And I actually have one here.
Mexico's Attorney General gets a microchip implant.
Go ahead, sir.
Well, I just did want to say that one day when I was in my apartment in Iowa City, it struck me that this was thought-based, these implants.
And I've later come to realize over the course of the last 10 years, it's happened to 94, that they can actually, and I guess you guys know this, but they can induce dreams, induce thought.
I've been speaking, I kind of live in a very solitary way, trying to build up a tiny piece of ground off grid and all that.
And I have this traffic stop in which I panicked in.
And I don't know much about this satanic bit that I hear people talk about, but my niece listens to your show.
She suggested I call.
And she told me that it's significant that they schedule all my court dates on the 13th.
She tells me it's significant that a baby lost his life the same night that my indictment was done, December 16th.
I guess I'm just asking, Alex, if any of your transcripts are just complete and total fiction.
Well, you've got to send me information, sir, because I don't know you from Adam, but thanks for the call.
If you want to mail me some information, that's fine.
But I tell you, the folks out there that are insane, imagine what this is doing to them to hear about everybody getting microchips.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
This information is absolutely vital for all freedom lovers in the United States.
Order your video today.
Call toll free at 888-253-3139.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139.
Or go to my website, infowars.com.
You've asked for them, and now they're here.
Hello, folks.
Alex Jones introducing you to the new Berkey PF2 Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction Elements for exclusive use with the Berkey Light's Black Berkey Purification Elements.
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Thank you.
Thank you.
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That's toll free, 888-803-4438.
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We specialize in keeping you alive and healthy.
We provide outstanding products like Esiac, Colloidal Silver 500ppm, Olive Leaf Extract,
We're good to go.
I think?
I think we're good to go.
Folks, if you want any of my documentary films or any of the books, the books I've written or the books and videos we carry, visit prisonplanet.com or infowars.com.
Or if you have any questions or comments about the videos or want to know about any of the specials, the toll-free number to order my videos is 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139.
Just a side note, I was on Coast to Coast AM last night and gave out the number.
I get my videos, and when you call and buy my videos, you're authorized to make copies of them.
They're copyright free.
We always get calls from listeners going, oh, I thought the video was free.
So when I say it's a toll-free number to call, or I say you're authorized to make copies of my videos, they're copyright free on that, that doesn't mean they're free videos.
Hi, Alex.
Going back to what you brought up at the beginning of the show about how governments are behind their own bombings, their own terrorist acts and beheadings and whatnot.
Yeah, there's a bunch of news out on that today.
Yeah, and I've read about that for quite a while.
But I have to tell you that I think, in my opinion, it's a poor point to bring up that the Iranian government is saying that it's actually us behind our own stuff.
Well, sir, I mean, it isn't a point I brought up.
I said that the Iranian government is saying this today.
That's certainly newsworthy.
The Saudi government has said that.
That's certainly newsworthy.
Yasser Arafat said that two days ago.
That was in the Jerusalem Post.
They thought it was newsworthy.
But I said, forget what they say.
I believe I called Yasser Arafat a giant rodent.
Yes, you did.
But I went on to say that Yishak Rabin said that.
So, I don't know what you mean, a poor point.
Okay, well, and I just want to make a point about that.
Keep in mind that, you know, the Iranian government and whatnot, they're even more despotic than our own is.
I don't agree with that.
They're not one-tenth as sophisticated.
They're a bunch of corrupt fat cats robbing and ruling and oppressing their people.
From all my research, they don't go to satanic gatherings.
They don't put cancer viruses in their people's vaccines.
They don't fly around spraying biologicals on their cities to test it on people.
They haven't aborted 54 million babies.
Yeah, I totally get what you're saying.
The other point I want to bring up is that
When I try to talk about these things to people, it's very hard to bring up stuff like the New World Order and whatnot to people... Really?
The New York Times has written two articles in the last seven days saying the Bilderberg Group basically selected John Edwards.
Yeah, but then also when you...
Oh, I know, they'll say that it's a fake news article, I know.
We've got links to the Library of Congress, and people go, that's not real, that's not a real link, that's not a real government document.
Operation Northwest, they go, but it's the government, it's their website.
They go, no, it's not.
LBJ didn't say the Gulf of Tonkin didn't happen.
Well, his library released the tape.
Ah, shut up, liberal!
I just want to put out a word to people that try to talk to people and try to get their heads into reality.
Things like you're talking about the toll roads.
It's very important for people who know about these things that when you try to explain to people who aren't very aware of reality
In that way, just try to keep your thoughts very collected and focused, and try not to freak people out.
People should be freaked out, but in a focused way, and just get their heads into reality in ways to actually change them through real means.
Hey, thanks for the call.
Thank you.
You know, I agree with some of what you have to say, but I don't know.
I mean, my approach has been throw cold water on people.
I mean, if your house is on fire, I'm going to run in and scream at you if you're sitting there sucking your thumb.
I mean, folks, they're destroying America.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
We're now into our number two of the July 14, 2004 edition of the Alex Jones Show.
You can call it a show.
We're trying to get you to think.
We're about to go to Danny and Cliff and Marlene and Carlos and Diane and others.
CIA's acting chief says threat highest since 9-11.
Ashcroft pushing Patriot Act extension.
It's actually an expansion.
Al-Qaeda videos uploaded from government website, World Net Daily.
Oh, we've been telling you about that for months.
Mexico's attorney general gets microchip implant, CNN.
Also, Freed Swede tells of Guantanamo torture.
The new head of the EU calls America arrogant, playing off the left-right paradigm.
Bess Clinton will be in Boston, but not at the microphone.
Israeli behind beheadings, kidnappings in Iraq.
That's what the Iranian government's saying, but again, we don't need the Iranian government to tell us that.
We were just talking.
Apology over, Mr. Armitage has apologized to India's foreign minister for being strip-searched.
government testing anti-missile systems on commercial airlines.
And just much, much, much, much more that we will be covering.
And more on toll roads, these new type of toll roads that you're going to be enjoying in your area unless you stop them.
Right now, Danny in Tennessee.
Danny, thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How are you?
Fine, sir.
I've got a quick news post for you.
The Denver Post reported this morning, it says, a Denver police officer likely mistook a soda can for a weapon before shooting and killing a 63-year-old
Disabled man in his bed.
But then it goes on to say, but it doesn't matter because he was a career criminal.
Yeah, I mean, it just drives me nuts.
Yeah, they just come in the wrong place, wrong guy, shoot him, and he's dead, but nobody gets in trouble.
Yeah, it's just about, I mean, that cop should be put in jail for the rest of his life.
But the article says that the guy he shot had a criminal record, so...
Yeah, maybe he stole a piece of firewood and they're going to run over his car or something.
But I also wanted to comment.
A couple of days ago I was at work and I listened to the show where you had David Icke on.
And David Icke totally lied to you when you asked him if he went on TV and said he was Jesus.
And what had happened was back when he very first started doing this, he went on TV in England and he was wearing his turquoise robes
We're good to go.
Well, that's what happens is we talk about real things we can prove, and then a lot of people tag Steph on at the end and discredit it.
I had him on because he's a big guy in the alternative media, and we have him on about once a year, and I don't agree with quite a bit of what he has to say, but I do agree with a lot of it.
And that's what happens with this is that he covers so much that's documented and well-proven.
He's very articulate.
And then he just adds on to it all this other stuff.
And it is interesting.
But I don't want to call him a liar.
I haven't seen the video.
I had just read that he had said that on a BBC interview back in the early 90s.
Yeah, you can go on Google and do a search for David, I Call Himself Jesus.
It'll just pull up.
And I believe there's a video still on the Internet where you can actually watch it.
Have you seen that video?
Yeah, I watched it a couple years ago.
Our church was doing a thing on false Christ, and they had a video clip of him doing it.
That's when I first learned about David Icke, and I read a couple of his books.
All right, well, thank you for the call.
Cliff and others, you're up next when we get back.
And all the news we mentioned, prisonplanet.tv and infowars.com are the websites.
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Let the Asset Protection Team show you how.
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That's 888-
We're good to go.
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Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
Use this disaster as a new world order.
A new world order can emerge.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Senator Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new rule order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
Visit InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to order.
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That's 888-253-3139.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Continuing with your phone calls, Cliff, I believe it's in Texas.
Welcome, Cliff.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Hello, my friend.
I did a search, a Google search on arrested for wearing anti-bus t-shirt.
And I came up with an article on the libertypost.org.
Would you like me to read it?
Yes, go ahead.
A Texas couple was charged with trespassing on the 4th of July for wearing an anti-Bush t-shirt at the speech given by the president in West Virginia.
Although the couple, Nicole and Jeffrey Rank, had tickets to the event, security insisted they leave or stand in a designated protest zone.
When they refused, police detained them.
From the stage, Bush said, We're thankful that this nation they created 228 years ago remains free.
An independent and the best hope for all mankind.
Then it must be another Texas situation then, because I saw another little blurb on a TV station.
And when I did a search this morning on it, all kinds of articles around the country with other people being arrested popped up.
And when he was governor, and I said, what about the CFR, the Federal Reserve?
After his speech, and there's video of this, he had me arrested, and he said, that's the freedom we've got in America, the freedom of speech.
Yeah, I saw that video.
So it's like a sick joke that after they do this to you, he talks about freedom.
There's another little...
One of them was a female worker.
Who's now been sent home to Texas.
Looks like criticizing the emperor, or excuse me, president, can now be a career-limiting move on top of everything else.
Well, the New York papers last week reported that the police commissioner told the police that if you protest, you might lose your job.
They don't want the police union out protesting at the Republican National Convention.
So again, cops, you want slavery?
It's for you and your children, too.
Just go.
I hope you enjoy yourselves.
Well, the article goes on to say, FEMA spokesman Ross Fredenberg would not say Wednesday whether Nicole Rank had been fired.
Quote, all we can say is that our federal coordinating officer, Lou Botta, sent Nicole home.
He said, we cannot commit further to protect her privacy.
Federal privacy laws prevent us from saying anything.
So she'll probably end up getting fired.
We have no First Amendment anymore.
We have no rights anymore.
The whole country is on felony probation is basically what it boils down to.
Well, no, that's what martial law is.
Is that you are considered an enemy of the state.
And you were treated, and that's what the FEMA coordinator up in last year, it's in police state, three total enslavement.
In the Gannett News Service, Sid Kasperson said, under a red alert, you are considered an enemy combatant if you leave your home.
All liberties are virtually stripped away.
We will take your children from the schools, and you'll get them back later.
The Washington Post reported on that.
And long before 9-11, we were showing the drills.
Before Columbine, they were training to do all this.
Well, I'll tell you what.
Somebody detains my kids, I don't care anymore.
I'm going for the throat.
Why wouldn't you put your children in one of these prisons?
That's what the schools are, are little prison camps training you how to be a dumbed-down prisoner.
Well, luckily, my kids go to a very small South Texas town school, and I ask them on a regular basis,
About what's going on in school.
Fortunately, no horror stories like I've heard just about every day.
Thanks for the call.
All right.
That's good news.
Let's talk to Marlene in Texas.
Go ahead, Marlene.
Hello, Alex.
I was listening to you talking about the toll roads you all have coming, and we've had in our area...
Coming up, meetings this past spring about the Texas, Trans-Texas Corridor.
Sounds exactly what you're describing with the businesses that you, right down the center, that you can't get off the road to go to the old small city businesses anymore.
In paying tolls and everything.
No, no, I mean, they take, look, I-35 for hundreds of miles of Kansas, hundreds of miles, folks, a bunch of major roads, including 35.
I've been on it, and they put their own government-run McDonald's and gas stations in in the middle with water towers, and there's all these old exits blocked up, and these towns are dead, and you can't get off the road.
This is all part of the new freedom.
That's what they're describing.
There is a website down in Fayetteville where they're watching this because they've had the Fayette County officials get so upset with the tech stock coming down there trying to explain this system coming up, and they actually don't know anything.
Well, Tech Scott knows everything.
They just go, we don't know, we don't know.
That's exactly what they're doing.
But, Alex, if you'd like, there is a website you might be interested because there are people down in our area that are watching, and people throughout Texas need to keep an eye on it.
You're telling me out in the rural areas they're going to do this, even in Texas?
Well, it's those, I guess they're NASA and CASA corridors coming through.
And they've been having meetings and the meetings haven't even really been posted but in a paper for like one day if they're even posted in the newspaper.
Fayette County, Bastrop County.
Lee County, and a lot of people just don't know they're going on.
Yeah, can you imagine having to drive, I'm not kidding, 50 miles on side roads to be able to get on the highway?
I understand.
It's ridiculous.
Well, see, it's to wall off the rural areas.
It's to kill the small towns, force us into the cities.
I have the federal plan.
This is not my opinion.
I know, I know.
And even this little website says that just like we get your tapes and everything...
And how you've talked about the U.N.
wants to do away with sovereignty, and what this little website explains is they're going to take away from cemeteries, historical markers, and old historical buildings so that you won't be able to go around them.
That's what I'm saying.
Imagine driving across Kansas, and for hundreds of miles, every 50, when we counted it, you could then exit.
I mean, the towns were all dead.
They just do it.
But again, in Austin, you can't go anywhere because they strategically place them even on side roads where you have to go on toll roads to go anywhere.
It's never been done.
But now suddenly, nationwide, it's spreading.
And it doesn't matter if everybody's against it because they got the electronic voting machines in and there's no voting.
That's it.
In fact, the lady that's doing so much talking about that, I believe her name is Bev.
That's it.
I was amazed.
She was on CNN Financial today.
Beth Harris?
Yes, talking about the black box voting.
We had her on a few days ago, and she's been here in Austin, down at the Secretary of State's office.
Big rallies, overflowing.
I was told I couldn't be there, but we promoted it here.
She was on CNN Financial from where?
It was on this morning.
I just caught a few minutes of it, and I was amazed.
Was the Capitol in the background?
She was just talking, and they were asking her on a scale of 1 to 10 how well did she think that the black box voting would work, and she said a 1.
Well, again, but how does it work?
Oh, it's got problems.
It's designed to scam.
It's run by the CIA.
We're not kidding.
We've gone over this.
Well, I'm glad that she's there.
I am too.
And Alex, would you mind if I give that website in case some other Texans would like to take a look at what's going on?
The name of the website is corridorwatch.org.
And it has all the newspaper articles that cover the meetings.
It has the maps, and it has forums and these things so you can ask questions.
I'll try to get them on.
Thanks for the call.
This is nationwide, though.
This affects you all.
And remember back in my first film in 1997, I traveled the country, showed the U.N.
takeover of the parks and the buffer zones, and showed the maps and the bills and the legislation?
And even the Kentucky House rebuked it and said, they plan to shut off the highway, shut off the roads, shut off all the small towns, and force us off half the country.
No human action.
You go, how are they going to do that?
Well, they started out by, remember Clinton and Bush has accelerated this, getting rid of the roads in the forest areas, shutting things down, taking private property within those areas that was surrounded.
This is how they're going to, folks.
I've been all over the country, and you'll go on toll roads in California or in Kansas or in Ohio, and you'll drive 50 miles before you can get off.
I mean, it's siege, people.
Literal siege.
It's not about money.
It's about control.
Let's talk to Carlos in California.
Thanks for holding.
Hi, Alex.
You know, I recently saw the movie 9-11 by Mr. Moore.
And, you know, he does a good job of pointing out the connections between, the financial connections between the Bin Ladens and Bush, but he doesn't go far enough.
He doesn't mention the Bank of Federal Commerce International and a shady character that's a major shareholder in her, Khalid bin Mafua, Saudi Arabian.
Now, this Bank of Federal Commerce International...
Yes, the CIA front with Clark Clifford, the author of the National Security Act running it, the Bushes involved, money laundering, drug dealing, it's all documented.
Right, but people don't know about this.
The PCCI and Khalid bin Mahfou were part owners of Augusto Oil, which is owned by George Bush.
And also Harkin Energy.
So you see the connections and the irony of our president talking top of terrorism while he has business connections with terrorists themselves.
I mean, that should tell the future.
Look, look, look.
When families sue the Saudis for obvious 9-11 connections, that is people out of their country, it is James Baker, former Secretary of State, that goes against the American people.
This whole thing on the war on terrorism is nothing but a facade.
It's just a pretext for our president and our corporations to go into the Middle East, destabilize the Middle East, take over the resources of the Middle East.
But more than that, it's about taking over an America.
And taking over the world.
You know, you see, wherever you see a terrorist act like in Spain, right away they pass a patriot act of their own.
Tell you what, stay there, Carlos.
I'll let you finish up on the other side.
We'll talk to Diane and others.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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I'm going to continue with some more calls.
Then in the next segment, I'm going to plunge into more of the news.
Right now, let's go ahead and go back to Carlos in California.
Go ahead and finish up what you were saying.
You know, in my research on the New World Order, I noticed a pattern through the years that our banking institutions, our government, continually finances and creates fictitious enemies.
Going back to Hitler, to Saddam Hussein, bin Laden, Qaddafi,
So they can give us a pretext and excuse to go to war against these people, spread chaos, and out of this whole chaos will come an international order, which will be the New World Order, a one world government.
Well, let's look at what they do with Saddam and Noriega and the communists and Ho Chi Minh, who they gave almost a billion dollars.
They also called Eisenhower...
Called Fidel Castro, the Abraham Lincoln of Latin America.
They put him in.
Let's talk about why they do this.
It's not just about building up enemies.
It's enemies they control so they can have fake wars that they are assured of winning because the intelligence people around the puppets they put in in third world countries, then they have a fake war and then they put whoever the chief...
Yes, essentially, and that's a method that they've been using for years and years, destabilizing countries like we're doing with Iraq right now,
A total chaos over there.
And, of course, that gives them the pretext then to bring in the kind of government that they want, that they can control, and eventually this whole thing will lead to a new world order, a one world government.
And that's the bottom line objective of their methodology.
They've said it's a new world order.
They've said that's their plan.
Dick Cheney wrote that in the PNAC documents.
But let's ignore what he has to say and call it a conspiracy theory.
Thanks for the call.
They go in and blast into these third world countries, whether they be good or bad, and they take them over and they appoint the government and then call it freedom.
I go, that's not a puppet government.
We just appointed it.
That's not puppet.
You know, when we come in and take over and appoint the leaders, that's not a puppet government.
It's a puppet government in every sense.
Let's talk to Diane in South Carolina.
Diane, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
The end of last week and the first of this week on CBS News at night, they showed the blimp defense system for terrorism.
It showed a huge, real huge balloon.
Within it, it had a helium compact area that could not be fired at and shot down.
And in it was cameras.
Radio transmitters and tracking devices.
And they showed... Well, ma'am, ma'am, three years ago, before 9-11, they announced that they're going to have high-altitude, solar-powered, giant dirigibles that flutter around at 70,000, 80,000 feet.
Right, and they showed them the other night.
They literally showed them working, and they showed them around the United States, like a map of the United States, and they said, this is how we're going to protect our boundaries.
All it's for is tracking.
Well, what they admit...
That they have ground-penetrating radar that can look right through your walls.
I mean, crisp images.
And so they can just dial in and focus it on anybody's house, and so every major city and town will just live in glass houses, literally, being looked at and scanned.
It's all worse than 1984, but, you know, that's freedom.
And, yeah, Homeland Security's going to run it, and Alexander Haig's been involved in some of the planning of it.
And it's been in mainstream news.
Hey, I'll tell you what, Scott.
Can you find the neocon star piece where the Homeland Security blimp keeps us safe?
I mean, this was a satirical piece put together, but it's not funny.
I mean, it's all really what they're planning.
So what show was this telling us how great the... This was the CBS Nightly News with John Roberts that substituted some time for Dan Rather.
He was on that night, and they also... What night was this?
I don't remember what night it was.
I remember it was just, it was between now and last Thursday night, sometime right in there.
Well, was it last week or this week?
I don't remember, Alex.
I've been, like, medically incapacitated, so I don't remember.
But the same night, they discussed 2,000 antennas being put on the California Boundary State Line to use as, like, a defense of incoming missiles or stuff from
I mean, they just brought out all kind of stuff, you know, just flippant little things, just bombarded you all at one night.
And I thought it was ironic that they were showing it, but I guess it's because they want the Patriot Act to be renegotiated.
Well, it's expanded.
The sunset provision for 05 is only on a few provisions that don't mean anything.
All the key legislation is in perpetuity.
This is not a reauthorization.
This is an expansion.
Thanks for the call.
Can I tell you about the quarterback?
Thanks for the call.
I guess we disconnected you.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Michael Korman has got a talk show on this network called
They put together some of these little vignettes, and they'd be funny if they weren't so scary.
Everything in this piece is being planned or already done.
In China, in one province, in Hunan province, they have, according to the BBC and the Scotsman, 24 mobile execution vans.
They just drive around grabbing political dissidents, others.
Automatic injectors kill you, then they gut you in the back, put your body parts on ice, and it just drives around killing people all day.
All part of the new freedom.
China also has public executions in their sports stadiums that our news never wants to show you a video of.
I've seen clips of it.
It's unbelievable.
And this is who we have given permanent most favored trading status and let into the WTO.
Of course, that has more authority over our trade than Congress now, by the way.
And of course, you never heard about that because Bush did it four days after 9-11.
Just like Bush, the day of the Saddam capture announcement, authorized the Intelligence Act that had a bunch of Patriot Act II in it.
So everything in this piece is being done or has been done.
This is what life will be like with the toll roads and the checkpoints and the scanners and the blimps and the helicopters.
So I don't even think it's a joke.
It'll be passe in a few years if we don't stop them.
Of course, they'll claim you voted for all this because the electronic voting machines don't have taken your rights away.
Let's go ahead and play that clip.
The following is an actual conversation between a Neocon Star operator and a subscriber in distress who is locked in her car and doesn't have the proper authorization to get out.
With Neocon Star, help is just a satellite away.
Great service today.
How are you?
Please help me, I'm trapped in my car.
My retina scanner won't work.
Just relax, sir.
It's not sir, it's ma'am.
Please hurry, it's hot in here.
According to Admiral Poindexter's database, I have you at the Monsanto Mart on 2nd Street.
I have a live shot of you from the Neocon Star Observation Blimpia area.
I'm an old lady.
Alright, sir.
Looks like you have no outstanding warrant, sir.
All right, folks.
This is Michael Corbin.
Alrighty, so there you have it.
And it's not very funny.
Because that's the type of system we're setting up, and I'm not joking.
The limit of tyranny is the limit you'll allow it to go to.
You'll be as enslaved as you allow.
As your naiveness, as your willingness to be a dupe will allow.
And you better wake up real, real fast.
Let's talk to John in Idaho.
John, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How you doing, Al?
But anyways, that clip you just did was just awesome.
I mean, it was just unreal.
And that's exactly how it's going down.
Exactly to the T. But anyways, you know like the coast-to-coast thing going on?
You know, like you've been on there, and Steve Quayle's been on there, and...
What's on your mind, sir?
Well, would you really, you know, tell Norrie and like Coast to Coast your true thoughts on like 9-1-1, you know, because it's such a, you know, contained radio station or, you know, like the U.S.
was involved with 9-1-1 and stuff like that.
Would you really let it out all the way, you know?
Have you heard the three shows I've been on?
Yeah, definitely.
So you heard all three?
And you might have mentioned already that the U.S.
was involved, right?
Yeah, did you... Yeah, I heard all... Well, the first one I kind of missed, because, you know... Okay, well, I got into it for an hour on that one.
Even though I was on about Bohemian Grove.
Then the second one, it was a roundtable with four people.
And we probably spent an hour of five hours.
He did a record five-hour show that night.
Yeah, five hours.
And then last night, I was on talking about suspending the election...
Do you think they're trying?
Do you think they're real?
Do you think they'll go all the way with all the real news and information?
Or do you think they'll put a limit to it, or what?
I know this.
The show is having more and more people like myself on.
So I'll go on anytime, anywhere, and I'm thankful for the opportunity.
Well, you know, I do think there's a lot of dumbed-down people calling in, well, whatever, and a lot of yahoos that really, you know, don't really care, and they just care about spaceships.
I don't know.
The calls we talked to last night were informed and bringing up real issues.
Well, one guy seemed kind of out of it.
You know, he said, well, I really don't listen to this kind of stuff, you know, because I more or less listen to science.
You know, there's a lot of folks like that out there, too.
Well, you did hear of the show, but, you know, he said he thought it was a great interview.
Yeah, well, it sure was.
That caller.
I mean, tell us what you think.
Well, I think, you know, I don't think they're going to give us a total leeway on the truth and, you know, what we believe and what we think and what we know.
I don't think that's going to happen because, you know, I mean, the government will put some kind of stop to it.
They haven't put limits on for what I can speak about.
I mean, they've said, we want you on about the election cancellation.
We want you on about Bohemian Grove.
We want you on this roundtable about the New World Order.
Yeah, do you find this groundbreaking?
I do think it's groundbreaking, because, yes.
I mean, my gosh, you know, like they're letting the real news come in.
You know, like Steve Quayle, you know, he's on another station, you know, and
He's very informative, and he really knows what the heck's going on.
Well, listen, I appreciate your call, but the New York Times in the last two weeks, less than two weeks, was it last Tuesday and then again on Monday, had articles saying the Bilderberg Group called Kerry and said, we like Edwards.
You have him, and he did.
Well, they were going to pick Gephardt.
Well, I said a month before that New York Times article,
A month before, Terry picked Edwards.
We had Jim Tucker on from American Free Press, been covering Bilderberg for 26 years, and who's been to, I don't know, 20-something of the meetings, tried to sneak into quite a few of them, been detained, arrested, chased around.
I mean, I'm in a film with him.
There's a video of it.
In that Secret Rulers of the World piece.
And he said, oh, the man's Edwards.
That interview's on our website.
That was a month before the announcement.
People didn't believe that.
It was going to be Hillary.
It was going to be Dick Gephardt.
Rupert Murdoch was saying it was going to be Dick Gephardt.
And I have to say, I don't agree with a lot of what Dick Gephardt has to say.
I agree with him on NAFTA and GATT and things, which he never seems to be able to do anything about.
Edwards is against that, too, but only on the surface.
But Gephardt has a less liberal record than John Edwards.
The problem is the New American, and I have it here in front of me, did a major organization, did a major study
Of the voting records, and they had a major, you know, decade-long program doing this, and they looked at the voting records, and Mr. Sanders, the only admitted socialist in Congress, is more conservative than 70-plus percent of Republicans.
Get his voting record.
So, I mean, we're in deep trouble, folks.
You know, the rhetoric out there of, oh, you know, the marriage amendment, and, you know, they'll throw us a few bones to make us think, you know, we're doing something.
But overall, the same agenda just moves forward.
Big government, loss of liberty, gun control, open borders, all of this.
Last call for this hour.
We'll talk to Chris, then I'm going to cover news, then we'll start the third hour and cover more news and more calls.
Chris in Illinois, go ahead, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I was wondering, me and my daughter's mother are kind of having an argument.
She's 10 years old, and I've showed her 9-1-1, the road to tyranny.
And she had gone home and talked to her stepdad about, you know, what's going on and the government being how it is.
And her mom has kind of refused to... She says she's too young to learn about that.
And I was kind of wondering, you know, what age... Okay, number one, can you boost his audio to me?
I'm having trouble hearing him.
Oh, it's probably this stupid cell phone.
Okay, well, no, I can hear you better now.
What relation are you to this 10-year-old?
She's my daughter.
Okay, it's your daughter.
But the stepdad and your wife... No, not my wife.
Well, your ex-wife, sir.
Your wife with this child, okay?
She was your wife.
She really is still your wife, whether she knows it or not.
But the point here is that...
That it's your right to... I mean, would she be against you taking your daughter to see Fahrenheit 9-11, which I think shouldn't have gotten an R rating?
I think, you know, if you want to take your daughter to see The Passion, you should do that.
The Passion of Christ.
I think that...
Yeah, it's...
She just makes me feel young.
She's ten years old.
She should be watching cartoons and not, you know.
Well, does your wife have any idea how much propaganda is in cartoons?
Yeah, I don't think she does.
I wonder if your wife lets her watch MTV.
Yeah, she does.
Of course.
Your ex-wife.
So, I mean, well, you know what?
Say, well, you let her watch MTV.
I don't want you watching MTV.
So are they threatening you about the joint custody or something?
You tell them, fine.
You tell them, let's go into a court of law, and let's see what's worse, MTV or a film about the road to tyranny.
You know, a film written up by the New York Post.
Speaking of the road to tyranny, my friend, I live in Moline, Illinois, and my friend of mine owns a movie theater in the same city.
Unfortunately, sir, you're almost unintelligible at this point.
Oh, dang.
Sorry, we were going to show your movie at a movie theater.
Is that all right?
I can hear you now, yeah.
Whatever you had over the phone was gone.
Okay, we're going to show 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, and I think The Waking Life at a movie theater here in Rock Island, Illinois.
Oh, Richard Linklater's film that I'm in.
Well, that'll be interesting.
Yeah, he's showing Fahrenheit, 9-11, and then...
I'm going to see if maybe like directly make it a double feature right after that show, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
Well, that's exciting.
Is that okay with you?
That's fine?
You know, I can't just say everybody has the rights to put my films in movie theaters because then it could be sold commercially and I wouldn't have rights.
But if they want to air the film or if they want to play Richard Linklater's film, there's ways of doing that.
I mean, if the person wants to...
We're good to go.
On the West Coast, it's shown in dozens of theaters, and I'm told the people doing it made hundreds of thousands of dollars.
I don't even, frankly, particularly even care about the hundreds of thousands of dollars, though we could do ten times the work with that money.
But it'd be nice if people would just contact me and get my authorization.
I'll have him do that.
All right.
I appreciate your call, sir.
And no, I mean, my bottom line is getting people to see the films.
That's my bottom line.
That's why I authorize you for non-profit educational purposes, not for sale purposes, to make copies of any of my ten films.
And then I get emails from people saying, I want you to send me your film free.
Folks, we sometimes have trouble paying the bills.
I'd like to have more employees.
I'd like to be able to make more films.
I'd like to be able to do a better job.
So I think it's very classic that my film's been downloaded by millions of people.
On websites that we know of, millions on my own site and millions on others, and that just millions of copies have been made of thousands of tapes I've sold.
And, again, the money means absolutely nothing to me.
I mean, certainly I like driving a car that doesn't break down.
I like having nice pairs of shoes and slacks.
You know, I like, because I'm so busy having somebody mow my yard, because I can spend that two hours fighting the New World Order.
That's the, you know, money for me is nothing but ammunition in the Info War.
So I would imagine if I didn't have any money that it would mean a lot more to me.
But my goal is not money.
But I need money.
You know, we have sponsorship.
That's how the network operates.
The Genesis Network.
Different from other networks.
People seem to think I'm any other patriot network, that that's me.
You need to listen to the names of networks, folks.
People even call it a show thinking it's other shows.
But, you know, I've made ten films.
I've written a book.
I've published a book.
I carry other books, videos, books on tape.
The best materials I've found out there, bar none.
And I can't authorize you to make copies of other people's videos that I sell, that I paid for from them.
But I can authorize you to make copies of my films.
Because that's my goal.
That's my bottom line goal.
But I cannot say, oh, I give up the total copyright for anybody without asking me to put it in movie theaters.
Though it's already been done.
But with the honest type audience we have, I've got to tell you to make copies of the videos that you're authorized to or you wouldn't do it.
A different audience would just make copies and wouldn't care.
Of course, they wouldn't make a lot of copies because they don't care about spreading the word.
As long as they had a copy, they'd only care about themselves.
You're a different type of audience.
And I love you to death.
And I want to thank you for getting my films and for making copies, some of you thousands of copies, and for educating people and standing up against this tyranny.
That protects my family.
That protects my way of life and protects your way of life and your family.
We're all in this together.
And so I want to thank you out there.
And I want to thank you, Chris, in Illinois, for wanting to show the films.
I'll give you authorization to play it three times if you want, sure.
It'd be nice if you're going to charge people to get into it if you'd give half the proceeds to a local Second Amendment group or use that money to start your own local Citizens 9-11 Investigation Education Committee.
That's really all I ask.
That's all I care about.
Money, really, in the final equation, is only an ends to a means, or a means to an ends, I should say.
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All right, I'll get into the fear-mongering, the latest stuff with the discussion of suspending the election.
Yes, we're calmly discussing that.
But first, USA Today, Ashcroft pushing Patriot Act extension.
Now, again, and we have this on the website, the subsections of Patriot Act I that passed back in 2001 in October.
It says in there that all the key provisions of the bill, 213, 215, 802, dozens of them,
Those are in perpetuity.
Those are not sunsetted.
And then a few subsections about the feeling of the House and the Senate, and just little nothing addendums, those are sunsetted.
So see, then that was a built-in mechanism to expand it later.
Very covertly done.
So really what Ashcroft wants, if you're looking at this, is to expand the Patriot Act, not just keep what they have, because that's already in there, but to expand it.
The average person here is, well, you ought to keep it, you know.
Attorney General John Ashcroft launched another defense of the U.S.
Patriot Act yesterday, echoing President Bush's claims that the law that gave federal agents more latitude to spy on U.S.
citizens and foreigners has made Americans safer.
During a news conference on Capitol Hill, Ashcroft waved a Justice Department report.
He had said, prove the law's most controversial provisions should be renewed before they expire in the December 05.
You're a liar.
They don't expire.
He said the law has led to the arrest of suspected child pornographers and computer hackers.
So see, everybody's against child pornographers, unless you're a U.N.
official, I guess.
And so, oh, we're against them.
No, no, no, no.
It's all misdemeanors, folks.
Everybody's a terror.
See, now it's end computer hackers.
See, getting the idea of other crimes than terror.
End of there.
Passed hurriedly by Congress after September 11th terror attacks, the Patriot Act significantly expanded the power of the U.S.
law enforcement by allowing the FBI and CIA to share evidence.
The act also gave terrorist investigators access to evidence-gathering tools that agents in criminal inquiries have used for years.
But civil liberties and conservative Republicans say the law needs to be reworked, provide more oversight by judges of its provisions.
Forget judges, folks.
It makes it easier for investigators to search for and seize evidence.
And there's no mention here that they want to expand it.
But they've said that.
And we have those articles posted.
So the average person reads this and thinks, oh, they just want to reauthorize it.
It's all the stuff in Patriot Act II they couldn't pass last year.
year in the intelligence package that they did pass December 13th.
Mexico's Attorney General gets microchip implants, CNN.
Mexico's Attorney General said on Monday he had had a microchip inserted under the skin of one of his arms to give him access to new crime database and also enable him to be traced if he's ever abducted.
See, if you want to be cutting edge, you've got to have it.
Attorney General Rafael Macedo said a number of his staff had also been fitted with chips which will give them the exclusive and secure access to national computerized database for crime investigators that went live Monday.
So see, that's how it works.
You want to work for the government?
They're going to make special forces this year or next year.
I've already been told this.
Buy special forces.
Take it here in the U.S.
You want to be in the government?
Got to have the chip.
The system is here, and I already have it.
It's solely for access, for safety, and so that I can be located at any moment, wherever I am, he said, admitting the chip hurt a little.
The chips would enable the wearer to be found anywhere in Mexico in the event of an assault or kidnapping.
See the new more high-powered ones.
Oh my goodness, folks.
You don't have to come in the mall, but you've got to have a chip to do it.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
Here we are on this Wednesday live edition of this level transmission against tyranny.
We'll be going to Jack and Jim and Diane and others here in a few minutes.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
What do you think about this article from CNN?
To get access into the new computer crime database in Mexico, you've got to have a microchip.
And their Attorney General has gotten it, and his top employees, only the coolest, have gotten it to access this omnipresent system and to be in the military in the U.S.
They've already told them they're going to start this.
I knew that a year ago.
The Italian government is talking about making all their employees take the chip.
And it's going to work like this.
You can't get in the nightclub without the chip.
We've had CEOs of these companies, managers of them on to say this.
Oh, you can't come in the mall unless you've got the chip.
Well, it's private property.
You don't have to.
And then pretty soon you have to do this everywhere.
Sounds like revelations, doesn't it?
And yeah, they're using it as a handbook of control.
But the Christian churches say this is all great, and they just love the government putting it in, and they think it's wonderful, and they're not going to warn anybody.
They think it's all fun.
Total control, ladies and gentlemen.
Attorney General Rafael Macedo said a number of his staff had also been fitted with chips, which will give them exclusive and secure access to a national computerized database for crime investigators that went live on Monday.
Secure and exclusive.
And it goes on that you're not going to be allowed in to work at the Attorney General's office unless you don't have the chip.
Mexico is probably the second most corrupt country in the world, but we never hear about it.
North Korea is number one, and then number two is Mexico, from what I've seen and what I've studied.
They have the largest third world population, not per capita, I mean, yes, per capita, but obviously largest third world population is China, more second world, most populated country in Africa, Nigeria, 290 million people.
What I'm talking about is the ratio between poor and rich.
They have the biggest underclass, the most tiny elite.
And they love it.
Japan has very subservient people living over there.
They're moving ahead with it there.
And, you know, when in Rome, do as the Romans do, huh?
Go ahead and take your chip and then you can be so cool.
And they're selling it to the youth as a trendy rebellious thing.
Ah, daddy-o.
You know, your parents are square.
Take the chip.
It's so cool.
You get discounts.
Already trying to get in SeaWorld or
Now they've announced Disney World or Land got a hand scan.
Or you can pay double.
That's right, double.
We have a little video piece on the website and a text report on that where I went and showed it a few months ago.
So this is the new Freedom.
And they have this Texas cable network that's on, and they have got a piece where they were going, Texas stores all over are putting in thumb scanners.
You've got to do it to authorize your credit card.
It's to stop fraud, and please enjoy it.
And, you know, it's all part of the freedom.
Don't mind the helicopters and blimps they're launching.
It'll be tethered.
The blimps look into your walls with ground-penetrating radar.
It's all part of the freedom.
And never mind that.
You want a job in government?
Gotta have the chip.
You know, keeps you safe.
I mean, 21st century, baby!
And the yuppies that laughed at me six, seven years ago talking about implantable chips and the government plan as I read it from the Pentagon's own documents and then again in 2000.
Now this thing announced, they go, hey, they told me on the street, what's the big deal?
Just afraid of progress, Alex.
But you laughed at me five years ago, said it wouldn't happen.
Ah, whatever.
Well, so what?
You know, can't be to join it.
I'm like, yeah, take your vaccines too, full of cancer viruses.
Sure there are, Alex.
I'm a yuppie.
I can't admit that anyone rules over me.
I'm all powerful.
I drive a Lexus.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
We answer these vital questions and much, much more in my newest and most explosive documentary yet, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
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Brace yourselves as the New World Order program for world domination is blown wide open.
A nightmarish post-September 11th world, where the military and the police are merged, witnesses' populations beg for national ID cards, and yes, even implantable microchips, troops on the streets, foreign NATO aircraft in the skies, psychotic UN population control plans, and much, much more.
This is one film you cannot afford to miss.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks.
Eight minutes, 27 seconds into the hour.
I mean, we're calmly sitting here with CNN going, you won't be able to access the new super crime database in Mexico unless you've got a microchip.
It's exclusive.
What are the terms here?
Exclusive access.
And it's solely for access and for safety and so that I can be located at any moment wherever I am, he said, admitting that the chip hurt a little.
Now, again, Applied Digital says in their corporate writings, people go, Alex, and I've actually gotten emails, are you a government agent?
You said three years ago that Applied Digital was really owned by IBM.
Because I stayed up two or three hours one night.
I do this all the time.
Last night I was on Coast to Coast till 1, just an hour, and then I couldn't go to sleep.
I was all wound up.
I was up until about 3, and then...
Woke up with a prodigious backache for some reason, but I'll just surf around and read.
But I went to their financial postings, their own stuff, and it's, you know, IBM owns the debt on the company, really is the owner.
And people go, how did you know that?
Because it later came out in the newspapers.
Oh, how did you?
Because I read this stuff.
And they talked about how they can use cell towers to resonate off these, to track you.
They've got high-powered models coming out.
How they're going to make everybody take them.
How to buy and sell, you're going to have it.
We're good to go.
Most of the population will go ahead and take it.
They'll go, man, I don't want to do it, but it's kind of like one of those customer loyalty cards.
I mean, if I get the strawberries for $5 without it and for $2.50 with it, I'm going to get the loyalty card.
And then the industry has said, you're going to accept RFID, face scanning, thumb scanning, because you get the discounts.
And then once enough people are doing it, they're going to make you do it.
And then...
They're going to have terror groups in the country, controlled by the government, that are going to blow things up, and then, you know, email statements saying, we are the Christian, you know, liberation freedom front.
We are against the implantable microchip in the beast system.
And the Christian groups will do horrible stuff like blowing up daycare centers.
They won't bomb government buildings.
I hate giving them ideas, but their theoreticians have already come up with this and already know the mind.
The mind of the New World Order.
I ask God to be given the mind of the New World Order, to be able to see the mind of the New World Order.
And that's how I can, basically not just the studying and the facts and the road map.
You know, it's like if you've studied football all your life, you just know what the play's going to be and know what's going to happen.
You're totally into it.
Well, I'm totally into this.
So let me tell you what's going to happen.
This is how it'll work, okay?
Whether it's five or ten years from now, depending on how many terror attacks they carry out.
They'll have supposed Christian groups who they'll claim have teamed up with the Muslims.
And they'll go, even the evil Muslims agree with these evil Christians who call themselves Christians.
They claim they're fighting the great Satan.
They refuse to take the chip.
And again this week, they blew up a daycare center.
And they'll show piles of dead babies and, you know...
Hit the heart strings, and then they'll even catch one of the leaders, and he'll say horrible things on TV, and, I don't care what you say, I did it, you're evil.
And then they'll say, but after the smallpox attack, you know, Mr. Green, or whatever his name will be, we had to have the chips.
You know, a million people died.
It saved people.
We had security after that.
And then, you know, he'll say a bunch of horrible stuff and be discredited, and then they'll show more video of him.
And it'll go through all of these machinations.
It's so hard to describe this picture.
And so that's how it's going to work, and you'll be treated.
Cops on TV will be a group of Christians running for the hills, trying to break through a checkpoint, and it'll show the helicopters go in and hit them with magnetic pulse weapons, which, by the way, are going to be fitted on most of the police cars.
I have the AP report.
And they'll hit it with that, and then the family will jump out, and they'll spray them with machine gun bullets, and you'll just go, yeah, for the team!
What's wrong with those people?
Those terrorists!
They're the ones that, you know, just last year blew up the courthouse downtown.
And so terror will be a weekly event, something being blown up,
When anthrax sprinkling, a smallpox release on a yearly basis, more and more fear checkpoints out of all the toll roads they've built, microchips, and there'll be all the topless bars you could ever want, and there'll be all the alcohol, and half the population will be on Prozac and other soma-type drugs, not just the 10% that's on it now.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Finally, they'll go ahead and report you, or they'll look at the buying habits and go, you've only got three people in your house, but you're buying food for eight people.
We've scanned you.
We know your biometric walk and your biometric weight.
And we have your metabolism from the scanners.
You're feeding other people.
And under the Patriot Act, that's an act of terror.
Any type of barter is.
It's in the subsection.
And so you'll be arrested, and then the...
As you're drug off, your neighbors will go, I knew there was something wrong with them.
If they'd just join us and take the chip, everything would be okay.
If they'd just go along with the freedom, if everyone had it, it would stop all the crying.
But they won't take it, so the terrorists keep striking!
And my little 22-year-old Bobby just died on the eastern front in Kazakhstan, and my son wouldn't have been sent if my neighbors weren't secretly aiding the Abulabu terrorist.
And so they'll go through all of this, and I just had a really key point I wanted to make to you.
On this subject, you think I'm joking?
In Road to Terror, I have Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes.
Saying, I can't go to the Giants game.
I used to bring a sandwich and a green tea.
And I can't get in my Giants game now.
If we could just have something implanted under our skin so the government would know who the good people were, it'd be all right.
And I want it.
And of course, I flash up an image of a Jew.
And a death camp with the IBM tattoo on them for their international business machine.
That the Nazis had to decide how much to feed them, whether to kill them or not, how old they were, they entered all the numbers in.
And then Sean Hannity says every child needs a chip.
They've all been.
Liberals, conservatives, they're all, you've seen it in the news, promoting it.
It's good.
And hey, if the guy in the $2,000 suit says that implantable chips are good, it must be normal.
See, they just act like it's normal.
You don't have any moral compass or bearing as a yuppie, as a trendy, as a hippie, as whatever you are, as a neocon, you know, who thinks they've hit the top of the heap because they got the country club membership.
So you're not worried.
You're too cool to worry.
And so, meanwhile, they're just saying it's cool to take a chip, and oh, if you want to do government work, and all these movies where the cool guys got the chip, or the plug-in to the Matrix, and you've got to have the plug-in to even fight the New World Order, or to get online, you've got to have it, to have a job, you've got to have it.
They're already proposing making you take it!
Now, at first it'll be the trendy thing to do, the cool thing to do, to have a government job, or if you've got Alzheimer's, if you're a prisoner, Bureau of Prisons two years ago in California made the purchase order for thousands of chips.
But then there was a big protest, and people said, this is insane, so they backed off.
That's Associated Press.
I mean, folks, they're really moving ahead with a plan to make us take chips.
And don't think, they're going to carry out terror attacks, they're going to kill children, and then blame those of us that are against it with the terrorism.
And then they'll have their actors up there on TV in the show trials, you know, admitting all their horrible crimes, but saying it was for the better good, and the idiots will sit there and watch it and believe it, and it's going to be horrible.
It's going to be horrible.
You wonder how they're going to do this?
And the people in your church are going to go out and take it over.
They're going to love it, folks.
Because they'll go, well, it can't be the beast because I haven't been raptured.
It can't be the beast.
I haven't been raptured.
And the churches are already setting it up where they're saying, Jesus is going to literally rule in Jerusalem, and he's going to have to fight with the Antichrist forces.
So it's really going to be the Antichrist, and then he's going to claim that we're the Antichrist and be killing us.
That's the great delusion.
And this is what they're going to do.
I hope you understand that.
And these neocon Christians will love it when they cut your head off.
It's going to be a carnival atmosphere.
Almost every child in the country plays games where they cut people's heads off, torture, rape, kill, slaughter, machine gun, behead.
And we're all being acclimated to accept this.
And it's all being normalized.
And it's all being promoted, and torture's being promoted and legitimized, and we're being psychologically warped to accept this.
Now, we can be given a reprieve.
It doesn't have to happen.
Now, five, six years ago, I told you what would happen now, and we're right on schedule, and unfortunately, I was right again.
In five years, when I'm long gone, folks, long gone, are you going to go, man, I wish I'd listened to him then?
Are you?
Because I can see the mind of the New World Order as clear as day.
But it's like trying to describe the Grand Canyon to somebody.
I see the intricacies, the finest detail.
I see their program in calculated levels and this mystery of evil the Bible talks about.
This force manipulating and weaving it and designing it.
I see it as plain as day.
And again, you've just got to see it for yourself.
One cannot be told what this system is.
You've got to just see it for yourself.
Open your eyes.
Do you have the courage to see what I see?
Do you?
Do you see what I see?
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All right, Jack, you were up next, but you hung up, of course, right?
I was about to go to you, so let's go to Jim, Diane, J.R., and others.
Jim, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
I did catch you most of your interview on Coast to Coast last night, and I was very impressed.
Excellent, Alex.
It was an excellent interview, and I'm really surprised that Norrie allowed you to get off as much information as he can.
It looks like he's turning the corner slightly, and I really can't say it's Norrie.
I'm sure it's his producers that
Well, I'm just thankful for a venue to talk to 14 million people an hour.
What else is on your mind?
I heard that.
That was nice.
My other thing was you have eight videos out, I believe, correct?
You have ten?
Okay, I think I have eight.
I know you have two more out.
America Destroyed by Design, America Wake Up or Waco, Police State 2000, Police State 2 The Takeover, Police State 3 Total Enslavement, Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports Exposed, Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, 9-11 The Road to Tyranny,
The Masters of Terror and the Matrix of Evil.
There it is.
I'm missing the Matrix of Evil.
I'll remember you that one as we speak.
Well, I appreciate your support, sir.
Yeah, no problem.
Whatever we can do, Alex.
I mean, we have to do something.
I mean, you're only a one-man army, so as much support as we can give you, you definitely need it.
You and others like you, anyway.
In reference to the comprehensive anti-infiltration report, I'm here in Texas.
I'm in El Paso.
And I found our city's company's report actually on a back shelf at the library.
And again, that's the real set of government books, not the budget.
Looking through it, El Paso has probably the second highest tax rate in the state of Texas and one of the lowest incomes per capita.
And I looked in there, and they had somewhere in the neighborhood of like $18.5 billion sitting on these accounts in there, and I was definitely flabbergasted.
Well, it's the biggest game in town, and it's a video we don't promote like we should.
But in the film...
We show the state of Texas with hundreds of billions of dollars in surplus while they're claiming they're broke.
Well, I was absolutely shocked yesterday.
Excuse me, I didn't mean to cut you off.
Yesterday when the guy called in, you indicated that the University of Austin, Texas at Austin, they've got somewhere in the neighborhood of $24 billion that they publicly admit to, but yet hidden on the books there.
I think you said it was like $118 billion?
$118 billion, yeah.
And they raise the rates every year.
That's right.
We have to get this information out to people, Alex, some way, somehow, and hopefully that the American people will... I mean, the power, the control we're talking about, and people don't think that they wouldn't take over with these electronic voting machines, that they won't let you investigate them, and when you do, you find out it's a fraud, and these yuppies are out there laughing about it.
I mean, this is the end of America, folks.
That's where we're headed.
I mean, people are going to wake up, and you won't be able to do anything without...
We're going to be communist Russia, communist China all over again.
It won't happen here.
Yeah, it's rapidly becoming that way because people stick their head in the sand.
Hey, look, I say this every day because it's important.
The average American doesn't know what the Fourth Amendment is, who the Vice President is, how many continents there are.
They can't list hardly any state capitals, but they'll tell you their opinion all day about everything.
And they're totally ignorant and know nothing.
And it's very painful.
Thanks for the call.
I'm glad you're informed.
And, of course, I mean, that comprehensive annual financial report, that is the big secret.
Let's take another call here.
Let's talk to Diane in Texas.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I enjoy your show.
I have learned so much.
We moved here from Ohio, and we don't have access channels in Ohio like we do here.
And it's amazing.
I mean, all you have to do is turn on your TV and people can get educated.
But they're moving to shut it down, you know.
They are moving to shut it down.
No, no, they are.
I was amazed that it was on this long.
But I'm calling to find out if you have talked about Agenda 21.
I read a little bit about it.
I found out about it listening to another show very similar to yours.
Well, which part of Agenda 21?
The local, how they want to structure the communities and the local city limits and whatever.
Yeah, stay there.
We'll talk about Agenda 21, Metro, Government, and the New World Order.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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They railed against the crown Another ragtag band Declaring independence They laid their bodies down In a bloody war For liberty For their descendants Thanks to the renegades We're free today
I'm free today.
Thank God for the renegades and the lives they lead.
Far ahead of their time.
Without the renegades, Lord knows where we'd be.
When it comes to heroes, renegades are mine.
And I know we've got a short segment of that song there on the computer, but why don't you try to find that whole Steve Voss song, Thank God for the Renegades.
We ought to play that before the show ends, take some more calls, some more news here.
You know, just thinking about things here, I love my life.
I love my family.
I want to watch my children grow up in a free society
And, you know, I realize the course I'm on.
I know the danger to be a big fish in the fight against the New World Order.
Kind of a canary in the coal mine.
But when you realize that the globalists attack all of us, the people that serve them, they test on them like guinea pigs.
They put horrible things in our vaccines, horrible things in our water.
New York's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, the last time I looked in 2000, had over a trillion fours.
That's a public document.
It's at the library.
But again, no one discusses it.
The media won't talk about it.
It's the real set of books.
Over a trillion.
These are the numbers we're talking about.
This isn't free market, folks.
This is a few people controlling, putting out false financial numbers, having a discussion on issues that are a small part of the full financial spectrum.
And they're not free market.
It's about control.
And now it's about getting more control over you.
And they know you're dumbed down, you're fat-driven, you're not informed, you're overworked.
The media is a bunch of just glossy pop garbage, you know, manipulating you to have childlike minds.
And as men especially, we can't have childlike minds.
And women, you shouldn't have childlike minds.
You should really be informed.
This stuff really affects you.
The New World Order killed 200 million people in the last century, and they're gearing up to make that look like a
Just a small hors d'oeuvre.
Just an appetizer.
Before the grand feast.
And nothing is going to change the facts of where we're going and what's happening.
You can deny it all day, make excuses, stick your head in the sand.
It doesn't protect you.
And as I have learned just how evil the globalists are, my commitment has become even stronger.
And my fear of this tyranny has evaporated like spirits at the break of dawn, as one of our founding fathers said.
To paraphrase, Mark Twain said, In the beginning a patriot is a scarce man, hated and feared, but in time when his cause succeeds, the timid join him, because then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
And I'm here.
I'm alive.
I have the freedoms that are still left, because men die, sacrificed,
Because they stood up to Pinkerton regulators and British soldiers and because they broke their backs developing the land and their wives suffered and went through so much.
And regardless of what color you are, your ancestors fought and strived to give you a better life.
I mean, that's all people talked about 200 years ago was posterity.
They knew how quick death was.
That's how somebody could go out and have a duel with you instantly over their honor.
They knew it was fleeting.
The average age was 35 years old.
They were much more alive because death was so much more real.
They weren't in this denial.
And they were ready to die.
And because of that, we had much greater freedom.
And 4% of the population had half the world's wealth.
And it was distributed through the free market to a mass of people.
And you had opportunity.
And cops didn't treat you with disrespect.
And the richest man couldn't shove you out of the way in the street.
And you could protest and demonstrate and be involved.
And now that's all being destroyed.
And so I owe a debt to my children and to 100 generations past them, a thousand generations from now.
I owe an even greater debt to the future.
Because humanity, the human spirit, creativity, the incredible things we could do, if we didn't have corrupt...
Ruthless, sadistic control freaks that seem to always get in control because the general mass is loving and sweet and ignorant and dumbed down and naive.
If we had people of honor and will and duty who were willing to face the facts and count the cost and willing to have discernment and ask God for discernment, then we could break the back of the New World Order overnight and push this thing off another hundred years.
But it is assured now, unless you take action in mass, that you're not going to have to wait very long to taste real, live tyranny.
I mean, at Mach 10, at warp speed, hair on fire, to all the renegades, past, present, and future, to everyone from this space and place in time, July 14, 2004, year of our Lord, from Central Texas,
In enemy New World Order held territory under massive mind control, out of the mind control, out of time, I warn everyone to resist tyranny and never give in to it because laying down to tyranny only means more of you will be abused and fed upon.
Serving this system is the quickest way to be enslaved.
The system abuses its own more than it abuses those of us that fight it.
So for all of you, to all the renegades, past, present, and future, this song's for you.
From Nazareth he came With ragtag bands To bring a revolution
Some would make him king.
Others couldn't stand that.
The cross was a solution.
But he rose again.
Wise men followed him.
But he rose again.
Wise men followed him.
Thank God for the renegade!
We're good to go.
They railed against the crowd Another ragtag band
Thanks to the renegades For free today Thanks to the renegades
We're good to go.
We're proud of the renegades in the world today.
Who are the renegades in the world today?
Hang out for the renegades and the lives they lead are far ahead of their time.
A thousand renegades
When it comes to heroes, renegades are mine.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, Alex Jones here, live.
Let's go back to your calls.
Diane in Texas, then J.R.
and others.
Go ahead and finish up what you were saying.
I was asking about Local Agenda 21, and I'm trying to find out more about it, and I haven't heard much about it at all.
Okay, it's all part of a larger U.N.
treaty plan.
Of how to set up toll roads, federalized schools, police departments, the control grids, kicking us off the private property, the curriculum in the schools.
It's all just UNESCO programs that Bush, of course, has signed back on to.
We were never really off of it.
What Reagan did was just because of massive, back when we still had voting, a massive anger about the UNESCO program, so Reagan got us out of it.
Bush put us back into it.
And so that's really what the Project 21 and its Border Region 21 and all these systems do.
And can we go to the meetings and get this on discussion and let them know that we don't want this?
But no one's talking about it except for shows like yours.
Well, I mean, they got thousands of emails and thousands of calls.
No one wanted to have, you know, nine roads in Austin.
They say seven.
I look at the map.
It's nine.
You can't go anywhere without going on a toll road.
No one wanted it.
But they say, we don't care because we've got electronic voting machines.
That's the point.
We've got to have a paper recount, a petition, a recall of the electronic voting machines.
Because if they got that, they got everything.
Other than grand juries and juries, which are being rubber-stamped.
So it's a very serious issue.
Thanks for the call.
Go ahead, J.R.
in Texas.
Hi, Alex.
I've been listening to your show for about five years now.
I started listening to your show when I used to live in Austin back in the late 90s.
And I've seen almost all of your movies.
I have to say this, that it's very important to realize the positive psychological effects of being informed, of finding out the truth, of investigating.
Back in 2001, just before 9-11 in August of 2001, my younger sister passed away.
And the month after that, we were still in grieving.
And 9-11 happened, and we were watching this on the tube as it was unfolding.
And so you can imagine what I was feeling back then, more or less, right?
So anyways, I started investigating, and I started researching more about 9-11 and why the towers fell.
It just seemed an impossibility, looking at how neatly, perfectly pancaked the collapses were.
And so that's how I started getting into more of your documentaries, and I started digging deeper into the truth.
Thank God it's helped me out a lot in my grieving process.
It's made many aspects of my life so much more clear to me.
The way I see the world now is very different to how I used to see it several years ago.
It's definitely given me a lot more self-confidence.
It's given me a lot more positive attitude on life in general.
I understand people a lot more than I've ever understood them.
Yeah, most people are in their own mind.
They're thinking about themselves, how they look, what's going on.
They're insecure.
You've got to shift out where you're outwardly looking.
And then when you're outwardly looking, always looking at the architecture of a physical or a political or a spiritual thing, the more you study, the more you focus, the more you open your mind, the more you see.
It's like muscles.
Yes, exactly.
You have to develop those.
The truth does set you free.
And another thing, too, I live over here in Brownsville on the border.
And if you want to see 1984 in real life, I mean, come down here.
It's pretty bad here at the border.
Not just social, economically.
I mean, I have to commute almost every day, you know, back and across the border between Mexico and the U.S., and it's hell.
I mean, it's just, you get badgered with all these personal questions at the border, and they make you feel like a terrorist and a criminal.
I mean, it's just really bad down here.
But then, that's for citizens.
It's harder to get out than in.
But then, to get in, it's easy.
Yeah, yeah.
Just amazing, I know.
It has nothing to do with terrorism.
It's just a total joke.
I'm sorry your sister died, but she's in a better place.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you.
I know she is.
And if you ever decide to make a documentary on life on the border, come down here.
This is the perfect place to shoot your documentary.
I wish I had time to make documentaries.
I wish I had.
Hey, thanks for the call.
That's a documentary I want to make.
Thank you, J.R.
I'm sorry about your sister.
Who's up next here?
Let's go ahead and go to Cliff in Virginia.
Cliff, you're on the air.
How's it going?
Okay, I didn't know I was about to call.
That's okay.
You're on the air, sir.
Okay, I heard you talking earlier about the New World Order and all the microchips and how the Christians, you know, we're going to be duped and everything, and talking about how the Constitution we live under and our forefathers...
And I happen to come across some information here that basically tells me, and it's got all the legal documentations here, that basically we've been under UN rule since the 20s.
Well, you know, they tried to set up the League of Nations in 1918 with Woodrow Wilson.
And, yeah, I've got a 1936, or is it 7, original New York Times article with the 10 FEMA regions for world government just openly pushing it then.
But they claim FEMA got set up in 1979.
And, yes, sir, we have been under the corporate receivership of the big European banks since 1913.
Basically with the IMF as a branch agency directly to the UN.
See, according to this information here that I'm reading, and I've got it pulled up now, the Federal Reserve is just...
That's what they call us human resources now.
They're the authorities.
We're the civilians.
We're the resource.
So if we have this going on, how can we say our Constitution is legal?
They've totally bypassed it.
They've circumnavigated.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
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You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police State 3, is for you.
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I think so.
I think so too.
We're good to go.
And before I go to Ann and a few other calls, a call from Denmark if we have time, before I do that, my videos really have been effective.
They're documented.
They're the truth of the big picture.
Police State's Retotal Enslavement is one of my newest.
It's two hours, 44 minutes long, folks.
It covers the whole gamut of the New World Order, government-sponsored terror, who the neocons are, what the New World Order is.
Great video to have.
Matrix of Evil is my newest with Ron Paul and Cynthia McKinney and Frank Morales and Colonel Roberts and myself and throwing the Patriot Act out here in Austin.
Myself confronting the Deputy U.S.
It's all in that film and my 9-11 films, the other great 9-11 videos that I'm carrying, George Humphrey's new 9-11 video, JPFO's Second Amendment video, Innocence Betrayed, The History of Gun Control, great film.
Go to infowars.com or prisonplanet.com and sign on at prisonplanet.tv.
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19 cents a day if you sign up for a month.
All my videos.
The book I've written.
The book I've published.
Two books.
A bunch of other great videos.
Weekly TV reports.
They're at prisonplanet.tv if you're online.
Or if you want to order copies of the films, go to prisonplanet.com or infowars.com.
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They're great films and we need your support.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
My films are $25.95 apiece.
$20 if you order three or more of any of the ten films I've made.
And the other videos I've got run from $19.95 to $29.95, depending on how much they cost me to get or what comes with them.
Some of them come with books, free books and stuff.
But definitely take action.
These are powerful tools.
You better get busy exposing these murdering terrorists.
Don't you want to bring them to justice?
We do that by exposing them.
Anne in New Mexico.
Anne, go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
Hi, Alex.
I heard you on Coast to Coast last night.
Really cogent and to the point.
Oh, so you thought it was a good show?
Oh, yeah.
Kudos to you.
You were on fire.
I hope I didn't run over George too much.
Oh, no.
No, I think he was a little blown away.
A comment and a question.
Well, he said at the end he's going to have me up in the next month for three hours.
Yes, I know, and I'm looking forward to that.
He knows you're speaking the truth.
A comment and a question.
Thanks for that renegade song.
You know the renegades are those that are following Yahweh?
That makes them renegades to the globalists.
That's it.
It's a renegade to the...
To the world system.
Because the world system has the spirit of the devil in it.
All the architecture, as you say, that's really a good word, has the spirit of anti-messiah, the spirit of the devil.
And they don't like those who have the spirit of Yahweh in them.
Now, here's a question.
Now, we know that the government is just for show.
You know, the politics, that's just the front.
Because the global cabal of intelligence, command, control, and communication...
They're using their thug assassins, military, and in-the-pocket corporations to usher in their agenda.
But where is the headquarters?
I know it's Ephesians 6.
You know, principalities, it's a spirit.
Well, you've got the 124 members of Bilderberg, and those are your top Illuminati people.
Oh, okay.
And then they dispatch their minions to their different management bodies and boards that direct it right down to the city level.
Oh, okay.
Got it.
It's awful, isn't it, Alex?
We just need to be under the shadow of Yahweh's wing.
And Yahweh bless you, Alex.
Well, thank you.
God bless you, too.
All right, we're out of time.
I'm sorry to Malta and Denmark and TJ and Bob and everybody else.
We'll get to you tomorrow, 11 to 2 during the day.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight, Central Standard Time.
I mean, I want to tell the police and government something.
They put the same stuff in your water, the same cancer viruses in your vaccines.
They dumb your children down.
Stop serving the New World Order.
Yuppies, stop being idiots.
Stop thinking you're all powerful and nothing.
Just wake up!
Wake up!