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Air Date: July 13, 2004
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
It's already Tuesday, the 13th day of July, 2004.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We'll be live for the next three hours here on this worldwide broadcast.
And we have a group coming on that is a coalition of what?
Over a dozen organizations.
That are exposing the Terry Shivo Schindler case, the lady who's not in a coma, who the media tried to claim was in a coma, when she responds, has her eyes open, smiles, laughs.
To give you an update on this, because we haven't talked about it in a few months, we'll be there for about 20-30 minutes in the second hour.
We're good to go.
I think?
The websites are prisonplanet.com, prisonplanet.tv, and of course, infowars.com.
And you'll see different news on all three of the sites.
A lot of the same news, but also different news and postings and audio and video.
So it's well worth your time to check out all three of the sites with a click of your mouse daily if you're on the computer online.
Boy, I tell you.
I want to get into suspending the election or postponing the election.
Back in late May, over a month ago, we began to hear rumblings out of the Federal Elections Commission and other federal bodies about a movement to suspend the election.
And even back in the mid-1980s with Rex 84,
There were discussions of there were terrorist attacks or uprisings in the country.
Of course, the government claimed it was communists that were going to do it, when in reality, the people that own America control the communists as well.
It's kind of a crisis they create.
Same thing with international terrorism being the new threat today.
There were, you know, these communists everywhere.
We might have to have martial law to counter them.
Boy, the elite just hate robbing and ruling over us and putting in the same thing as a communist or command and control system in the name of stopping some type of communist takeover.
So this has been going on for a long, long time.
And surprisingly enough, last week, the White House came out and discussed this, and it was in the Associated Press, and we covered it, and
That I've been on many talk shows the last week, and some of the talk shows, some of the listeners, were denying that this report even existed.
You know, it's like the bills in Congress for a draft.
We read the bill numbers, have links to it, and we're still conspiracy theorists.
They have been announcing it, they have been doing it, but the denial really ended yesterday with a bunch of reports and Democrats, congressmen, and women on television saying they think it might be some type of conspiracy theory that
Bush might be planning to cancel the election.
And you go, well, then what's really going on here?
Because John Kerry and George Bush, John Forbes Kerry, George Walker Bush, are cousins on both sides of their families.
They, at the same time, not just both sides of their families, I mean, their great-grandmothers are related, and their great-great-great-grandfathers are related.
I mean, it's all interbred.
That's a whole other subject.
The point is,
They're members of the same secret group.
Carries for the war, for gun control, for open borders, for UNESCO.
So is Bush.
So why then are they talking about suspending an election?
We'll talk about that when we get back.
Get into the latest developments.
Homeland Security confirms Election Day talks.
Election delay talks.
And much more.
Just jam-packed key news and information.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Fighting tyranny.
Defending liberty.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight Central, I'm your host here, Alex Jones.
Homeland Security Confirms Election Delay Talk
And this is from the voice of America, the government.
The Department of Homeland Security has confirmed that the Bush administration has discussed possibly delaying the November presidential election if there is a new terrorist attack.
The report in Newsweek, and confirmed Monday, says the discussion was spurred by a letter from U.S.
Election Assistant Commission Chairman DeFrost Sortes.
Newsweek says... We talked about this a month and a half ago.
Oh, Newsweek always breaks everything.
Like the New York Times told us about a group called Bilderberg last week.
They've broken the story of it.
How they were the ones that decided to have a vice president candidate...
John Edwards, man, you're such a journalist.
Newsweek says Mr. Soares wrote Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge to suggest asking Congress for emergency legislation to allow postponing of the election after any attack.
Well, the AP article last week said that.
Newsweek, you didn't break anything.
I'm sick of the media not crediting people correctly.
Newsweek, I don't think has ever broken anything.
They just grab stuff from the AP.
But the Republican chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, California's Christopher Cox, told CNN Sunday the request was a prudent effort to plan for what he called doomsday scenarios.
Now, again, I always love it how it's some commission, a blue-ribbon panel of experts, totally unpartisan, that recommends this.
Of course, they don't mention here that the Election Assistance Commission...
Was created three years ago by Lord Bush, and that the U.S.
Election Assistance Commission got the $5 billion, they asked for six, but they ended up getting a little over $5 billion for the Voter Assistance Act, and they run around paying off publicly, publicly of course, all out in the open as usual, local county clerks.
And attorney generals and others in your states to put in the electronic fraud boxes publicly run by the Central Intelligence Agency.
Well, that's who runs the major... You're saying three companies.
The major four are all run by former directors or deputy directors or former heads of NSA and their employees are CIA officers and they're in armored compounds with men with short haircuts walking around in...
Black suits with black ties, with men in the parking lots with machine guns.
But again, it's all part of the freedom.
All part of the freedom, all part of the freedom.
I mean, I'm ready just to go cuckoo, folks.
I mean, this is just getting more and more ridiculous by the millisecond.
And this commission was appointed by Lord Bush, just like the independent 9-11 commission, just like Janet Reno appointing the Waco commission.
And so independent.
I mean, again, it's like Adolf Hitler appointing Heinrich Himmler to run the Nuremberg trials against him.
I mean, I guess we're going to buy into this.
It's like having Khrushchev investigate Stalin.
I understand.
I know Khrushchev was against Stalin.
Oh, boy.
Just please, people, it's getting...
That's the problem with this situation!
I mean, yes, the government can say, shouldn't we have national emergency preparations ready in case we're attacked by terrorists?
Well, I mean, in a perfect world of angels around the government, but angels don't run the government.
The people in the government, whether they be Democrat or Republican, are all a bunch of gun-grabbing, American-hating, terrorist-funding lunatics.
I mean, those in power, committee chairmen and above, the major committees, and the Supreme Court, and the executive, all of these people are sickening slobs.
By slobs, they are gutting America, sucking it dry, the blood of the country, the lifeblood splattering about their swollen, demonic faces.
And to watch Ridge stomping around, just oozing evil.
I mean, you can look at him and see how evil he is, and Bush, and snickering Kerry, and all of them.
I mean, it's just on the surface.
If I saw somebody walking like that, whether they were in a suit or not, in a dark alley, I would shrink away from them.
They just radiate a vampiric aura.
And I use that in a...
Figurative term.
I don't mean that literally.
But again, it's not just that they have this aura of serial killers, of fiends.
Their actions are fiendish, cunning, wicked, calculating, dismantling the country, looting the country, looting the treasury.
Bribery, scamming in the trillions of dollars, mass embezzlement, greedy destruction of freedom, federalization of major cities, huge FEMA command bunkers, brimming with CIA and troops, publicly from Maine to Texas.
And they're now pop generals spouting off on a weekly basis about martial law is actually good, Big Brother is actually good.
All the definitions being, you know...
Altered meanings of words being changed.
A pack of giggling neocons in the streets worshipping their leaders, worshipping big government, worshipping the destruction of America, worshipping Rush Limbaugh, worshipping Michael Weiner, Michael Savage, worshipping Sean Hannity, worshipping, worshipping, worshipping, worshipping lies.
Remember in the last two months why they found nerve gas shells on the side of the road?
They, uh...
You know, Saddam was shipping out weapons of mass destruction.
All those reports turned out, as usual, to be false.
Like the, I don't know, 50 to 100.
I haven't counted them up.
It's over 50 fake reports of the past.
Just wall-to-wall criminality.
Foaming at the mouth.
Running around.
Just butchering everything.
Giant control grids going in.
And the average American doesn't know...
Who the vice president is, did you know that?
The average American doesn't know how many states there are.
The average American cannot list more than ten state capitals, in many cases five state capitals.
They don't know how many continents there are.
They can't find Iraq on a large globe.
I mean, I'm talking about professionals, people.
I mean, we read these studies all the time.
They don't know anything.
They don't know...
We're good to go.
They don't know anything but how to act cool at the country club.
And if they're a hippie, they just know how to say, turn your guns into the government, they'll take good care of you.
Being disarmed was real good for the Native Americans, and black slaves couldn't own guns, so why should we?
Well, no, they don't actually say that.
That's how they should see gun control, as the slave master slave position.
But just you people better wake up because I'm not even the sharpest knife in the drawer.
Sometimes I wonder if my elevator goes all the way to the top.
But compared to you, compared to some of you, at least I'm a human being.
You people don't have the smarts of a possum.
Your brains are possum-like.
All right, I just...
This is how I really feel about everything, folks.
I... I... Oh, man.
I just... Tyranny... When they start talking about martial law and suspending elections and terrorists are going to blow the Capitol up for sure, you know, U.S.
News & World Report, the White House told us, blah, blah, blah, foreign troops may keep us safe, you know, we may have foreign troops patrolling American streets for your safety, we're going to... I mean, it's ridiculous.
It's just they are doing this to get you ready for it.
And let me tell you something.
These yuppies and people that think all this is funny, let me tell them something.
I know that as things get worse in this country, you're going to cling to the government, beg the government, love, parent, put out 15 plastic flags in your yard made by slaves, desecrated American flags, and think you're patriotic.
I know you'll grovel to the system, grovel to the state, like demonic baby birds begging.
And you think that'll keep you safe.
As things get worse, you think groveling, volunteering to be a tattletale, getting a petty power position, you think that will protect you.
And it will not protect you.
You cowardly trash.
And I know you're listening.
You know what I'm telling you is true.
You know it's tyranny.
And so you make a split-second decision to giggle about it and to grovel at the feet of it.
That goes for you too, corrupt police.
That goes for you, government officials and authorities who call us civilians here in the new military dictatorship.
I know you think it's all real funny.
Well, it's not funny.
The destruction of America and the establishment of the most high-tech, oppressive police state Orwellian system ever known in world history is saddening.
And it will hurt all of us, whether we fight it or we serve it.
And so, shame on you.
You cowardly filth.
Shame on you.
You bloody dogs.
You are a bunch of worms.
Self-hating, willfully ignorant cowards.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
Those that are experts at doublethink, just shame on you.
I mean, there's no end to what you won't buy into, what you won't go along with.
And there's several editorials about the suspension of the elections that are being discussed.
And it's very, very scary to see Governor Ridge up there.
I mean, he's just so evil.
Smiling at us now.
You know, we've had elections during the Civil War, elections during World War II, but if the terrorists attack, we can't have elections.
Oh, funny, the government's been preparing for this long before 9-11.
And then, oh, when you look at who was behind 9-11, it was the very military-industrial complex taking over the entire economy.
It isn't enough to loot the Pentagon of a trillion-two.
Now, a trillion-two-plus, and no one gets in trouble.
You know, some captain who steals $3,000 off the credit card gets a felony charge and a couple years in prison, as they should, but the corporations steal trillions and nothing happens.
See, and now the criminals are going, we're getting away with this.
Let's run wild.
See, the New World Order is so the criminals have their world government to feed on you with their leisure.
And there's never an end to it.
There's never enough for tyrants.
They always want more.
Homeland Security worried about threat fatigue considers revamping system to keep you afraid, New York Times.
The federal government's color-coded threat system is too vague and confusing to help many local and state law enforcement officials prepare for possible terrorist attacks.
Of course, that's our headline we wrote.
Congressional investigators said Monday in a report that prompted leading members of Congress to call for an overhaul.
Yeah, it doesn't scare people properly.
The report by the General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of Congress, cited widespread concern among federal, state, and local officials about the quality and timing of threat information they received from the Department of Homeland Security.
A survey sent to 84 agencies, states, and United States territories as part of the study found that the warnings were often vague and inadequate.
Well, the terrorists can't tell us when they're going to strike.
You don't expect Ridge to tell us when his bosses are going to strike us, do you?
I mean, it's vague.
They're going to hit us for sure, but no specifics.
Very vague.
Very vague how Bush ordered FBI not to stop Al-Qaeda.
That's very specific.
And it continues, and had hindered their ability to determine whether they were at risk and what protective measures to take in response.
Well, it just teaches you how to be federalized.
That's the whole point of this.
But the billboards are going to flash.
The Amber Alert was never to find lost children, they now admit.
Back in the 80s, I've even had the former FCC top lawyer on, who's now a private professor.
And I had him on a few years ago.
It was meant to be a control grid and government announcements, and people at local stations laughed at me five years ago, and now they're saying, Alex, the Texas Association of Broadcasters at the meeting, they said the government wants to take program time every day and break in whenever they want with announcements about gun control and the environment.
Oh, yes, yes.
Yes, nationwide you'll be enjoying it.
Soviet-style news.
Well, after all the terrorists have hit us, we've got to do it.
Representative Christopher Cox, the California Republican who leads the House Homeland Security Committee, said in releasing a report that the officials overseeing the threat system needed to make it work better or get rid of it.
Mr. Cox, Representative Jim Turner of Texas, the ranking Democrat on the panel, said the panel was at risk or the public was at risk for threat fatigue.
I'm afraid if we don't make improvements in the system, Mr. Turner said, the public's going to lose trust and confidence in the system.
Oh, don't worry.
They're getting ready to give us some reasons to pay more attention to it.
Many people criticized the government and the Patriot Act before the nuke went off, and now we have the National Draft, and hail our leaders, and many conservative talk show hosts have called for arresting those who disagree with the government.
We're laughed at.
Now they are being praised.
They'll bring us freedom.
Those that criticized the government aided Al-Qaeda and caused a million five deaths in the weaponized smallpox outbreak of 05.
But the gracious leader, Lord Kerry, led the fight against them.
An alliance between conservatives and Kerry, before the horrible nuke and bio-attack, was unthought of.
But now, now when it was learned that left-wing and right-wing elements were working with Al-Qaeda at grassroots, the peace activists and right-wing Christian zealots are being arrested and sent to work camps to pay their fair share.
They, against the homeland...
Remember when I used to talk about how they might suspend the election, how they're talking about martial law, how all this is starting to happen?
You really want to see this happen?
All the talk show hosts now, they're all on the radio.
Arrest those who disagree with the government.
Arrest those who disagree with the government.
They're going to cause Al-Qaeda to strike.
It's going to be their fault when it happens.
Oh, but who are the real terrorists?
We'll be right back with your calls.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, my friends.
We're about to go to your phone calls.
And then we'll get into more on their plans to suspend the election.
Will they do it?
They're certainly talking about it.
Also, Congress should slam the door on email snoops.
This is out of the Sun-Herald.
Red Cross fears U.S.
is hiding detainees.
This is out of the Associated Press.
The Red Cross fears the CIA and the Washington Post and other publications two years ago bragged that they were, quote, taking people to Jordan and Egypt and other third-party countries where they could, quote, torture them and their children.
In fact, I know Paul Watson's listening.
Paul, with this article, you ought to, at the bottom of it, post that Washington Post article.
I know we've got that in the torture section on the website so people can see that.
Again, this is the Orwellian nature of the news.
It's all admitted.
You heard them say torture was good years ago, and then when they get caught and you see the images, we never said that.
Why, we didn't torture.
So they've got folks all over the planet, and now what we told you was in the Army report has come out, the torture of children, people's children, and I mean 10-year-olds, 12-year-olds, 5-year-olds.
How do you support that, you sickos?
The people out there that we've all heard on the radio promoting torture.
And now they don't want to talk about it.
No, they don't want to talk about it.
Also, later I want to read the 14 signposts to slavery.
We'll go over these.
And this is out of the Associated Press.
There's a lot of censorship going on.
There's the number one hip-hop artist...
Jadicus, I hope I'm not mispronouncing that, but he has the number one single out right now.
He says, why did Bush knock down the towers?
And he said, look, I live in New York, most people in New York, and he has his quotes right here, think the government did it.
And so radio stations are editing it out, and MTV is editing it out, and so there you have it.
Oh, most people in New York think the government did it.
I mean, number one song right now.
Number one.
Number one.
What you gonna do, bad boys, bad boys?
What you gonna do?
What you gonna do when we come for you?
What you gonna do?
What you gonna do when they say the world is round?
You've been saying it's flat for a long, long time.
But now we're going to kick you in your behind.
All right, folks.
My own little... My own little rap there for the New World Order.
But seriously, what are you going to do, New World Order, when we come for you?
When the number one songs out there in the popular culture say you did it, what are you going to do?
Let's go ahead and talk to Mike in Pennsylvania.
Mike, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hey, yes, Alex.
I just wanted to mention I went to a university that I won't mention which one, but I wanted to look at their budget reports.
I saw one of your videos and I thought I'll go down and take a look myself.
I'd like to say something to your caller.
Okay, well, give folks some background.
You saw comprehensive annual financial reports exposed.
The video I don't really promote.
It's great stuff.
Pretty dry, though, but it's really informative about a double set of books that counties, cities, and the states have set up in the 50s, starting in Chicago.
It's unified fraud, 70-plus percent of the stock market.
Oh, Alex, Alex, I mean... Okay, but just since you mentioned it, I want to give folks some background.
Go ahead.
Right, no, I mean, you say it's like not that big.
It's everything.
It's the biggest deal, I think.
I mean, I think this is the biggest deal of everything.
No, no, no, I think it's a big deal.
I'm just saying it's my driest video.
Go ahead.
Okay, point well taken.
I went down to the university, and I went to, and it's public information.
I think a lot of your callers should do this, and I'd like to point out to the callers that I appreciate when they call in
With a lot of their information and things like that.
You have great guests on.
And as a member of PrismPlanet.tv, could I request that you put that David Ike interview up from yesterday?
Great guest.
It is up.
I'm sorry.
Oh, okay.
I didn't look at it.
In any case, I looked at their budget reports.
And me and a guy who used to be the president of the university looked at their budget reports.
And it took us a little bit to find the revenues.
Okay, but what they were doing...
They would take about 10% of their yearly revenues.
I think they made something like $226 million that year.
And they took about $23.7 in 2003 and then something like $26 million after they raised tuition in 2004 and they put them in these two slush funds.
And it was probably a total of $50 million in the last two years.
And they would put them in these slush funds
And if you look at the budgets from those slush funds, that's basically like a one-way tunnel.
Money goes out of the university, never comes back in.
They invest it.
There's probably in the tens of billions in those slush funds.
Well, let me stop you.
Go ahead.
There are over 10,000 government or quasi-government groups, counties, cities, school districts.
Do you know how much UT has in the public budget slush fund, not the off-budget comprehensive annual financial report fund?
No, sir, I don't.
University of Texas at Austin, biggest university in the country.
Guess how much it has in the public transparent cream budget.
1.2 billion.
I'll take a lucky guess.
24-plus billion.
Now, do you know how much they have off-budget?
I would imagine it'd be more.
When I checked it three years ago, it was over $120 billion.
And when you go to UT, until you are a graduate student, you never see... I'm not joking.
You will rarely see anyone who speaks English.
You are taught nothing.
You're given horrible textbooks.
They raise tuition every year.
They mercilessly feed on the students.
People pay on average something like $80,000 to get a four-year degree from this cesspool.
And guess where the money goes from the UT public slush fund, the one they admit, the $24 million one?
It went to start the Rangers, you know, to buy into that.
It went to help set up Clear Channel.
And it is the private cash machine of the neocons here locally.
I wanted to point out one more thing, if you would, please.
The word anti-Semitism, I think, is really, really misused.
I understand a Semite is someone from the Middle Eastern region.
And for someone to say that someone's an anti-Semite because they're anti-either Israeli nationalists or anti-Jew, I think that's way off base and misrepresented.
And I really think the media should start using it in correct form.
If you're an anti-Semite, well, that means you are against someone from the entire region, not necessarily an Israeli.
Hey, listen, I appreciate the call.
I've got to get on to some other callers.
I don't believe any one group runs the New World Order.
I don't think black people run it.
I don't think black people are the chosen people.
Like Khalid Muhammad says, I don't think white people are the chosen people.
I think that we're all God's creatures.
And I think we've got evil people running the New World Order.
What the globalists will do is...
Anytime you criticize world government or international finance, because there is some Jewish mafia involved in it, they don't dominate it, but many of the power positions they're in in the U.S.
and Europe, the owners of it are the Dutch and British royalty and others.
It's predominantly a WASP mafia, which is so powerful you never hear of it, as if white Anglo-Saxon Protestant or Catholic mafia doesn't exist when it's the dominant mafia.
But, you know, if you criticize Jewish mafia, I mean, there's been a hundred books written by Jews about Jewish mafia.
I will criticize the Jewish mafia.
And then they'll try to say, well, that's anti-Semitic, and that's ridiculous.
Paul in Delaware, and then Jim and George and Dave and others.
Go ahead, Paul.
Yeah, Alex.
How are you doing today?
I just wanted to apologize because you had said that I was accusing you of spinning.
No, I just wanted to get the point out.
Plus, my blood pressure was a little bit boiling because... Well, I don't remember.
What are you talking about?
I'm talking about... You were talking about the Matrix with David Icke yesterday.
And you had said that I was trying to accuse you of... Or I was spinning the story.
I just want to say, no, I wasn't accusing you of spinning the story, but I was just... I guess my blood pressure was going a little bit up because you were sitting on the phone with...
David Icke, and I knew there were so many callers.
You were talking about 9-11 and things with David Icke.
The people that want to talk to this guy either are against his reptilian phase or they want to talk to him about it because they like it.
Also, I wanted to clarify that I do not support Khalid Muhammad, but I do agree with his unbending, unyielding,
Hold on a minute.
Khalid Muhammad, the bald-headed black guy?
Yeah, he died of an aneurysm.
That's pretty suspicious.
Yeah, it is.
He was a young man.
Yeah, he was.
And very fit from what you could tell of him.
He looked like he was in very good shape.
But I just want to clarify, no, I'm not a supporter of Khalid Muhammad, but I mean, it's just like, I could bring... Well, I certainly hope not, because I got him on video saying this.
We kill the women, we kill the children, we kill the little blue-eyed babies, that's right, and we kill the white women, because they are the military manufacturing center, and every nine months, they lay it out on their back, and fresh reinforcements roll out!
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, I, you know, I can... You ever seen him say that?
Oh yeah, I have seen him say that, but I don't agree with that.
I'm definitely against racism.
I'm against the people, against Jews.
I can tell you what, there's a lot of Jews that you do find out about because people have got into this mentality that it's all the Jews, so you do find a lot of information about the Jewish community, some portions of it that have been involved with the Illuminati and different
What is this obsession with Jews?
I mean, I'm sick of it.
It's a big diversion.
You know what I think it is?
I think that people, they've got to point the finger somewhere.
Well, how about an evil?
I've got to let you go, Paul.
Good to hear from you.
I've got to get to all these calls.
Jim in Texas.
Jim, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Thank you, Alex.
I called last time.
I was nervous.
I just ran.
That's okay.
Listen, first I want to thank you because you do the research that I'm not capable of.
Go ahead.
I don't have the time.
And then I just go to Prison Planet Infowars and pick it up.
I have friends that won't click on a prison planet.
They're afraid the black helicopters will come by.
That's right.
Unlimited amounts of them.
There's two things I'd like to tell you.
I listened last night.
You mentioned something.
And you mentioned, they mentioned this man was dead, and you said, well, they faked their death, and then they had the technology to be young.
Well, Kohler said it was David Rockefeller, and it was not David Rockefeller that died.
It was, oh, I got the article here.
It was one of the other ones.
Well, it's not about his death, but you mentioned sometimes they fake their death because they had the technology to look 30 again, and I'd never seen anything on that.
Do you have any where to search that out?
Yeah, that's actually a great area of my study that I haven't gotten into enough on the air.
But what I'm saying is, sir, the technology we see today is 30 years old.
And what they do is, the medical system is designed where they, quote, practice on us.
That's why they call it a practice.
And then...
And then the American Medical Association and Big Pharma doesn't authorize all the real developments and cures.
We're good to go.
And a parallel, highly advanced civilization that's been built under national security literally right under us.
One other thing.
Thank you.
I don't have a computer.
I checked Prison Planet InfoWars with a friend, but I think I'm going to go ahead and sign her up for Prison Planet TV.
I've been saying when I get a computer, I'll do it.
Listen, you mentioned one other thing.
You said one time about a song that John Lennon came out with that you have the record.
In about a week.
I wish you'd put that on TV where we could tape it.
Yeah, somewhere in my office in hundreds of CDs and thousands, what are we, thousands of videotapes.
And my buddy Mason made a bunch of copies of it.
I need to get him to give me one of the copies.
Somewhere in my office, it's a bunch of songs he had right before he died about how he'd been fooled, how it was wrong, how it was all controlled, how the Illuminati devil worshippers ran things.
And he actually says that in the lyrics.
Yeah, he had a tremendous following, and I'm sure they were scared of it.
And it'd be nice if you could maybe put those out, and if you'd get them on the TV, or we could copy them on Prison Plan TV, and maybe get out to the people.
He had an influence over a lot of people.
All right, sir.
Well, I appreciate the call.
You know, we don't really put other people's audio and video on the site.
It's our video or people who authorize us to, so I'm not going to...
Get into the business of putting other people's music up on the website, but I should dig that out and tell folks the name of it.
Let's go ahead and talk to George in Colorado.
George, go ahead.
Hey, Alex, how are you doing?
I really appreciate the job that you're doing.
It's awesome.
Now, what I'm going to talk about here is about 9-11, but not the 9-11-2000, but the 9-11 in 1973 in Chile.
Yeah, with Pinochet?
They were supported by CIA.
There was no oil in Chile, but instead we have a huge Pacific coast.
We were full of Cubans, full of Russians at that time.
I guess the government was pretty scared of Chile becoming a second Cuba.
So that's what we have.
We have a coup.
We went through something really hard.
Believe me, we Chileans, we do know about what a police show state is.
We know about torture.
We know about lying.
We know about a lot of things.
Well, that's the point.
I mean, if you want to fight communists, fine, but you don't put on black uniforms, torture people like the communists, act just like them in the name of fighting them, and it's this attitude of, well, we've got to be as evil as they are to win, then that comes home.
Then you get a group of sociopaths.
You can't fight the darkness with the darkness.
And now this evil has come home to roost here in America.
And you know, that's what scares me when you talk about the police state.
I've been there.
I've really been there.
So you guys better think about it because that's for real.
This is not a joke.
This is real.
So you were in Chile during this?
At that time, yeah.
I'm 45 years old, so I remember pretty good what happened.
How old were you at the time?
I was 14 years old.
And what was it like?
I remember, actually, everybody at that time, it was such a mess.
Everybody wanted to go out of the power because it was a real mess.
I mean, we were full of boring people that had nothing to do with the country, that did not rule, and stuff like that.
But, man, what came after that was awful.
I mean, we were talking about 17 years of a police state.
What was it like?
What was it like?
Well, you have no freedom of speech.
People were missing.
People are missing until today.
There's a lot of people that you don't know where they are.
You don't know whether they are dead or whether they are whatever.
Well, they're gone for 30 years.
They're in a shallow grave.
Yeah, we're talking about 30 years ago.
So that calls me up from the Illuminati, the 9-11, because it was the 9-11.
That's when they took over, yeah.
So that number is pretty characteristic, huh?
You didn't dial 9-11, you want to call the police.
That's right.
And we have 2000-9-11.
We have 1973-9-11 in Chile.
Come on, what's going on here?
And Madrid was 3-11.
Thanks for the call.
Interesting points.
People disappearing.
Well, that's what the Supreme Court says they can do.
I mean, that's what America's about.
Secretly arresting people.
It's freedom.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
This information is absolutely vital for all freedom lovers in the United States.
Order your video today.
Call toll-free at 888-253-3139.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139.
Or go to my website, Infowars.com.
I think.
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Alex Jones on the GCM Radio Network.
We're going to give you an update on the Terry Schiavo Schindler.
Coming up for about 20 minutes in the next hour, then we've got Paul Watson for the balance of the broadcast.
I'd like to have him up once a week from prisonplanet.com, my website.
And we'll get into all the Southern news.
We're going to go to David and Perry and Mike and Carson and others as well here in just a moment.
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And I think it's worth it.
All right, let's talk to David in Illinois.
You're on the air, sir.
Alex, you talk about how you could tell by the media push that Osama bin Laden was going to do something like a 9-11, right?
The media push I see for the upcoming election, they had a story Saturday in the Los Angeles Times about two new disks missing from Los Alamos Lab.
And it says, this time officials call the loss very serious, and it's the third such incident in eight months.
And there's been dozens of instances in the history of the SIV.
It's meant to proliferate weapons to create a global crisis so they can offer a world government as the solution.
Well, the way I see it is, why would they come out and give us news reports about classified data except to scare people?
It seems to me it's kind of like...
The same media push I saw with Osama bin Laden back then, you know?
Yeah, right before 9-11, this is bin Laden.
He's about to get you.
Give up your rights when he attacks.
That building's going to be in trouble real soon.
We're planning something big, Bush said.
You'll see what our policy will be.
Ha ha ha.
And then magically, yeah, that's how, I mean, all those factors, hundreds of factors, I came on air and said, Bin Laden will take the blame.
They're going to attack probably the World Trade Center here in the next few months.
Call the White House.
Tell them don't do it.
I mean, I never do stuff like that, but I went on air and said that.
And I agree.
The White House is saying we will be attacked.
Capital will be destroyed.
We may suspend the election.
I'm not sure they're going to do it this time, but they've certainly got that on the front burner.
They've got that program ready to launch that operation if they see fit.
Yeah, I think so.
I said I'd answer the question of why haven't they done that?
Why haven't?
Because they got Kerry.
It's a shoe-in.
Why do this?
Because it's about acclimating us for martial law, just getting us used to it regardless of who's in office.
Stay there, David.
It's a very important point you brought up.
We'll talk more about it.
Then we'll get our guest on.
Stay with us.
Second hour straight ahead.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
We are now into hour number two.
Boy, if your station didn't carry the first hour, you really missed it.
We covered a ton of news, a lot of great calls.
Coming up in about six, seven minutes, we're going to have an update on the Terry Schiavo Schindler case.
The lady who's not in a coma who the government's been trying to kill for years.
A lot of evidence of foul play involved in how she got paralyzed to begin with.
And this is a very serious issue, so a quick update on that.
Then Paul Joseph Watson will join us from PrisonPlanet.com with a whole host of global and national issues.
As we fight the New World Order, the controlled left and the controlled right.
Of course, wide open phones as well.
The Red Cross fears U.S.
is hiding detainees, the AP reports, families, children, you name it.
Well, the government admitted two years ago.
In major publications, they take people to third-party countries for torture, so we'll get into that.
Also, Homeland Security admits that they do have plans to suspend the election.
And you say, well, then why does it matter?
I mean, if Bush and Kerry are cousins, and they're both skull and bones, and they both, in reality, have the same policies, just different rhetoric...
We're good to go.
Hails that as freedom!
Along with the neocon, ultra-liberal media.
The so-called conservative talk shows are the most liberal out there.
So, um...
David in Illinois was coming to the fore and saying, you know, he sees that same preparation for fear and terrorism, it's going to happen, it's going to happen, that we saw before 9-11.
And unfortunately, I agree with him.
But by speaking out and talking about who stands to gain from terrorism, who really gets power from it, who was behind it in 9-11, the military-industrial complex, by speaking out, we can back these people off.
David, finish up what you were saying.
Oh, yeah, I would totally agree with that.
It's like...
If you know a bank is going to be robbed and you go outside the bank and you're yelling, hey, the bank's going to be robbed, they're not going to go rob the bank.
Well, what they'll do is they won't carry out the terror attack they were planning or they won't bring out the bin Laden who died of kidney failure two and a half years ago.
We got that from the White House.
And now it's mainstream news.
They might roll him out.
They'll move off and do something else.
Go ahead.
Yeah, the only other thing I have is another article I saw today.
They kind of buried it in there, how the United Nations is helping Afghanistan organize their October 7th presidential election.
It's under an article about U.S.
seeks to protect Afghan elections, but they just buried it in a sentence that the United Nations is organizing the elections.
And again, they call it democracy over there when our government appointed Mohammad Karzai, who was the former VP at Unicole.
They're VP over Central Asian Affairs.
It wasn't just a consultant, folks.
They actually sat in a VP position, which they got about 15 of those, but I forget a whole bunch of them.
But, I mean, yeah, it's so obvious.
But, hey, here in our own country, I mean, these elections with these electronic voting machines are a joke.
Yeah, the electronic voting machines are one of the worst things I think I've ever seen in this country.
Well, how dare you ask for a paper trail or auditability or for transparency?
I mean, we send our monitors to third world countries to watch them, and people get to watch the vote counting there, but not in America.
Are you working with Al-Qaeda or something?
Well, that's one reason why I think they would bring in Kerry, is to sell the deep old machines.
Diebold or whatever.
Oh, see, we can trust him.
He put the Democrats in.
Yeah, because the Democrats are the ones making the most stink about it.
So you bring in Kerry and they're like, oh, I guess those machines are okay.
I guess those are pretty darn good.
But thanks a lot, Alex.
Hey, good to hear from you.
We'll be back with a guest, more of your calls, and a ton of vital news and information.
You don't want to miss this hour.
Stay with us.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
If you're not willing to die for something, folks, you're not really alive.
You're not willing to die for your children's freedom and liberty.
You're not willing to sacrifice.
Then you're not even a human being.
You're an animal, folks.
I shouldn't be mean to them.
I mean, even animals.
We'll defend their family.
And the globalists, this global corporate crime syndicate, control the left and the right, and they're bringing in massive dehumanization.
We're about to cover that.
Then we'll get to your calls.
We've got Paul Watson joining us.
Just an announcement.
A few months ago, we got a great affiliate up in Youngstown.
And now another affiliate, this time in Ohio, in Canton, Ohio.
WCER 900 AM carries three hours of the show at night, the broadcast.
So a lot of new, great affiliates, powerful stations.
Because a lot of program directors and a lot of station owners have heard me on the air for years, have heard me lay out the facts, and have seen it all come true, and we're gaining mass acceptance, folks, with exposing the New World Order.
So we want to thank all the new affiliates that we've been getting on a weekly basis around the country, and all the glory goes to God.
Also, again, I just have to mention this, that the number one song on the radio right now, a hip-hop song, asks why Bush knocked down the towers.
And Clear Channel and others are trying to censor that.
And you have to ask yourself, why?
And why is the number one song saying this?
In the country, folks.
Because hip-hop's number one, and it's the number one hip-hop song.
Again, you can say the world's flat all day.
We say it's round, and we're going to convince the planet of that.
And to see more and more pop culture venues that's becoming common knowledge.
Again, I've done over 1,600 radio interviews.
I haven't counted them up lately.
A few months ago it was 1,600.
It's probably getting close to 1,650 here.
I've done all these thousands of interviews, and maybe one caller out of 30 disagrees with me on liberal shows, conservative shows, as I lay out how the globalists carried out 9-11.
Very, very serious.
All right.
The issue at hand right now, we'll have her with us for a few segments here, and we're honored to have her, is the president of Not Dead Yet, Diane Coleman, and they're a national group exposing some of the evils of the modern eugenics movement that we call bioethics.
Evil always changes its name.
And we've had the family on, we've had the lawyers on, we've probably done 15 shows on this, but not in months, because we've stalled them killing her for now.
17 national disability groups file in Bush versus Schiavo, and leading this coalition is Diane Coleman with President of Not Dead Yet.
And we have a press release on Infowars.com.
So we've had Terry Schiavo's, Schindler's parents on, their lawyers, great folks.
And so joining us is Diane Coleman, the head of Not Dead Yet.
And it's good to have you on with us, Diane.
Thanks, Mr. Jones.
It's nice to be here.
You bet.
Just for those that don't know, most of the listeners do, probably a third of them don't.
Just in a nutshell...
Who is Terri Schiavo Schindler?
Why is the case important?
You know, this 10-plus year nightmare saga.
And then tell us about this new coalition.
Well, Terri Schiavo is a woman with very significant brain injury, significant cognitive disabilities, who is in a facility in Florida.
And there's a dispute between her family members about whether...
She should continue to have food and water, which is at this point provided by two.
That technically renders the food and water medical treatment.
And her husband wants to remove her food and water, and her parents say that that's not what she would have wanted.
And the point when you have a substitute decision maker, that's the thing, is they get to decide, because she didn't leave a living will...
Or any document, and she did not choose who her decision maker would be if she became incapacitated.
Well, let me just say, I want to be kept alive at all costs.
Now we know.
I guess you've told a lot of people that way.
In her case, she didn't.
There's quite a hotly disputed but small set of evidence about it, and what the disability community is saying, and this is the 17 organizations that includes
Thank you.
In guardianship or might ever be in guardianship, either due to having a cognitive disability they're born with, one they acquire through a brain injury, or one they acquire through a stroke or dementia, Alzheimer's.
There's a lot of people that could be affected by the standards that are applied to a substitute decision maker.
And it's not just right-to-life groups that I commend and I agree with that are fighting this.
It's also a lot of...
Middle of the road groups.
We've posted the video of her following the balloon, laughing at her parents.
We've interviewed the doctors five, six years ago before they stopped them.
We're able to feed her through her mouth.
There's a lot of suspicious circumstances of how all this happened.
I know that's all separate, but there's a lot to this.
Are you familiar with people like David Wendlandt?
We've interviewed Wall Street Journal writers and others.
There are actually people begging for food and water that signed away their rights in the past, and now they say, no, no, no, that's medical treatment.
Who are being dehydrated to death?
Can you comment to that?
Well, as a matter of fact, we've heard anecdotally some of those same kinds of situations happening with food and water being a key issue.
And the idea that a person, no matter what their cognitive abilities are, can't say, I want food and water.
It's just so disturbing and shocking, and it shows how far things have gone in terms of the bioethics community.
I think the mainstream bioethics community is really carrying out what we would call in the disability movement the philosophies of Peter Singer, a professor at Princeton who believes that people with extreme or significant cognitive disabilities
...are not persons under the law and that our constitutional rights could be taken away.
Well, I've got his quotes.
He told the Governor's Conference three years ago that babies are mackerel.
I've read them.
Old people are... He had a bunch of horrible terms.
It was subhuman.
Cattle is the same as a cow.
He had horrible terms for mentally retarded people.
I mean, just amazing stuff.
Well, and the thing about the personhood issue, because that's where they're trying to really take away the rights of people with significant cognitive disabilities, and we feel that all
Human beings should have equal rights under the Constitution, both of the United States and all the individual states.
Well, I agree, but Diane Coleman, president of Not Dead Yet, we'll give your website out in a second, the average person you talk to laughs at you if you tell them that, say, Wesley Smith, the Wall Street Journal, has listed hundreds of people who are begging for food and water they've killed.
I mean, I think there's a disconnect with the general public not realizing how bad it's gotten.
I think you're right.
Because the fact is that if the family members of Terry Schiavo did not disagree, then Terry Schiavo would already have been starved and dehydrated to death.
And in fact... They've already tried it three times.
And in fact, this is happening every day already in one place or another in the country and perhaps every state every day.
I mean, there is not a method yet
The data is not being collected to show it because when a person's death certificate is filled out after this happens to them, the cause of death is going to be listed as whatever their condition was rather than the fact that they were starved and dehydrated to death.
So the system is setting it up so that those of us who are concerned about how much this is happening can't get the information to even show that there's a problem.
Now, ma'am, if somebody was doing this to a suspected Al-Qaeda member, you would hear rightful howls of indignation.
But it's done to innocent men and women and children.
And the average person, again, as you said so eloquently, isn't even aware this is going on.
And people say, how did this happen in Germany?
Because this is how it all started in Germany, folks.
The sick, the infirm, they call them idiots, whatever.
This is how it started in the early 30s as soon as the Fuhrer got in using some American models, which they even use as a Nuremberg defense successfully in some cases.
People say, well, the Germans had to know.
No, they didn't know because the media didn't tell them.
Go ahead.
Well, what is happening here is an abuse of the right to refuse treatment.
That right is a constitutional right of the individual, and people have the right to refuse treatment in the here and now themselves or even by a living will or other clear and convincing evidence of what they really wanted.
But that's not what we're talking about in the Terry Schiavo case and so many of these other cases.
We're good.
Thank you.
Thank you.
...sensitive to the fact that the health care system and society at large... Yeah, doesn't want to pay for this.
Right, they don't want to pay.
What we'll do to the least of us will end up happening to all of us, and a society is judged in history by how it treats the weakest members.
And I would also add, folks, that there is no more painful form of death than dehydration.
We've had medical doctors on.
Let's talk about that when we get back in the final segment.
With the president of Not Dead Yet, Diane Coleman.
We'll give out our website as well when we get back.
Then your calls and a bunch of other news.
Stay with us.
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Hi, this is Ted Anderson.
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We're good to go.
That's 801-375-2250.
Think about a society every day that we know of killing people who are conscious.
The Eugenics Board, known as Bioethics Board.
Controlled, financed, underwritten by the HMOs.
A lot of greedy yuppies.
I hear them on talk radio.
Yeah, get rid of these old people.
You fools!
You could have a stroke today at 25!
A heart attack at 30!
Cancer at 10!
You can break your neck falling downstairs, God forbid.
And then where are you going to be?
You can say, well, I wouldn't want to be alive if that happens.
Oh, yeah.
Imagine being helpless and knowing that there's medical developments that can fix you.
You know, my uncle was in a coma for six weeks when he had a motorcycle accident.
Now he's got two children, happily married, a ranch foreman, completely happy.
And they didn't unplug him for those six weeks when he finally came out of that coma and had to relearn everything.
He was totally retarded.
And now he's 50-something years old with all these great children.
My father's brother.
Little brother.
Now, we're almost out of time with our guests, and I've been jumping all over just because I get so upset about this, and I really appreciate Diane Coleman, president of Not Dead Yet.
Diane, give us your website and how folks get involved, and then what this means to have 17 national disability groups file in Bush v. Shiavo case.
Well, our website is www.notdeadyet.org.
All one word.
What's really been so disturbing to us is that this is the third time we've filed a large coalition-based amicus brief from the disability community, a disability brief, in this case, not to mention some other cases.
It's so disturbing that the mainstream media typically, be they right-wing or left-wing, have ignored
Our involvement in the case.
But the fact is, and you were just mentioning, if something happens to you, it could be you.
And what we're saying is, guess what?
It is us.
This is about us.
And we know that the system, we're like the canaries in the coal mine.
We're right there on the front lines of the health care system.
We know it doesn't respect us.
We know we can't trust it.
We know we need to have constitutional rights to deal with some of the violations that are already going on.
And we're really demanding now that our concerns about these cases be given due attention and respect by the courts.
Well, we've got to do it, and again, folks, in every case when this happens...
I mean, you've got tyranny and, you know, I call it the elite media, whether it's the Republicans or the Democrat media, they don't get into these real issues or they pay it lip service.
Oh, somebody has a right to be out of pain or a right to die.
We're not talking about that.
We mean the government killing you or your own family being able to do it because they want your money.
Where is Terry's case right now?
I know that we've fought three separate times now and they've unplugged her.
When she fights for weeks without water, anything, and then comes back.
But where is she right now?
There are two separate cases still going on.
The guardianship case, where she's still being denied her right to rehabilitation, and her rehab money from the malpractice lawsuit's been spent on lawyers to get the right to pull her feeding tube that the husband is trying to seek.
And then on the other hand, there's Terry's Law No.
1, which...
Is the one that got her feeding tube reinserted last fall.
And Michael Schiavo was trying to get that law declared unconstitutional.
And that's a case of Schiavo versus Governor Bush and the legislature who passed that law.
How can folks help?
Sway the court of public opinion.
How do we... I mean, this guy is a demonic hobgoblin, to use theatrical terms.
I mean, he won't even let her for, what, six years brush her teeth, folks.
This woman is being tortured.
How do we get him to lose custody?
That is a really good question.
And I think, really, that the public, through the press in Florida especially, needs to hear from people that they're concerned...
About the abuse of this woman that has taken place in guardianship.
The idea that someone who wants her dead has guardianship instead of the parents who want to take care of her and are with her.
The fact that they don't have guardianship is an outrage.
All right.
Give us the website for Not Dead Yet.
www.notdeadyet.org And to get more facts about the case,
www.terrysfight.org Absolutely, terrysfight.org or notdeadyet.org as well?
All right, well, Diane Coleman, it's good to have this big coalition together.
It is major news, but notice that I had to get this from your own press release.
Well, we're glad you noticed, that's for sure.
Well, we're glad a listener didn't send it to us.
Thank you for coming on, and Godspeed, Diane.
You're doing good work.
Thank you.
You bet.
We'll be back with Paul Watson.
Immediately we'll go to your calls and much more.
Stay with us.
The transmission against tyranny shall continue.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
All right, coming up in a few minutes, we'll be talking to Paul Watson and taking your calls.
For those of you that have been patiently holding...
Of course, we'll get into the open discussion of suspending the election and martial law.
In years past, you'd have to tune into a show like this to hear about how they were constructing the mechanisms to carry this out, and then magically now they're announcing it.
So we'll get into that and just a whole plethora of news with Paul Watson, our webmaster and resident scholar at the prisonplanet.com and prisonplanet.tv websites.
I wanted to get this guy up on the show because he's been a sponsor for a couple months, and I like to do this sometimes because, I mean, they've been around for decades and are a great company.
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If you have been procrastinating because you don't want
I don't know where to begin.
Folks, when I go to the grocery store, I mean, twice a week I spend $150, $200 each time.
I mean, it's just ridiculous.
And these are high-quality storable foods.
I have some storable foods.
I have a little bit of gold.
I have a few firearms.
I mean, this is just basic stuff.
The government has giant bunkers, years of food, underground reservoirs.
That's normal for them, though.
But for you, you're not supposed to do that.
It's something that's important, that lasts for a decade, you need to get it, and it is just a basic insurance policy.
And to spend a few minutes with us is Dave Shibley, and the owner of Ready Reserve Foods.
And Dave, it's good to have you on with us, my friend.
Alex, how are you doing today?
You bet.
Tell us a little bit about your company, longest running, continually running in the country, not a fly-by-night operation, and why you think folks should have some storable foods.
Well, we've been in continuous operation for 33 years now, and like a lot of the companies that came and went with Y2K, we have folks call us that bought from these companies that are now defunct.
They're looking for them because they're having problems with their food.
But we try to answer their questions.
We're still here.
But the whole idea of preparedness, just listening to your show, the threats that are out there, but
It only makes good sense now to be prepared.
One little glitch in the supply chain, and everybody could be without for a long period of time.
One good terrorist attack, and they're talking about that and delaying the elections.
Everything will have to be shut down, grind to a halt while they take stock of the damage and maybe to thwart any more attacks.
Well, especially if there's a smallpox attack, that will cause at least regional panic, bedlam, and we're not like the hardy folks even in the cities in the Depression that knew how to have a garden and who had morals.
I mean, these Lexus-driving yuppies will turn into savage beasts like they did in Argentina three years ago.
Yeah, you ought to live here in Southern California.
That's a fright for me, too.
I think about that all the time.
I think so.
The stores will empty out in a matter of a few hours, and you will... This just happened with an IMF-induced, we have our own documents, depression in Argentina.
A depression can do this.
Now, I just emailed you last week some pictures of my little visit to Hoover Dam.
Did you get them?
Yes, I did, and...
Tell folks about that.
Well, I've sent the pictures to Alex.
The West is running out of water.
There is an unbelievable crisis, and the authorities aren't talking about it in water, and Alex will support me on this.
Hoover Dam, if you fell off the dam into the water now, the fall to the water normally would have been about 20 feet.
Now it's probably about 150 feet.
The fall might even kill you.
The lake is over half empty.
My family and I went through the tour on the dam, and they were telling us that in two more years of the present situation of this 10-year drought, Lake Powell, which is a monster lake further upstream, will be empty.
Well, the raft is literally running out of water.
I travel through the state.
All of our reservoirs are way down.
And the day is quickly approaching when there will be a moratorium on construction here in Southern California and water rationing.
When that happens, it will send economic reverberations all the way across this country and around the world.
California is the sixth largest economy in the world.
Well, I just want to point out that regardless of the climate stuff or anything...
We are entering a time of intensified crisis, and I told everybody that I thought Y2K by six months in was a government fraud, an excuse to put in command bunkers.
I'm on record saying that.
But the stuff that's happening now is real, folks, and it's just a good insurance policy.
I have storable foods.
I have a six-month supply.
And I'm thinking about expanding it.
And Ready Reserve Foods is a preeminent name out there.
I plan to get some from them.
We all need to stop procrastinating.
There's a lot of reasons to do this.
And then in a couple years, we're in the big crisis, and we hope there isn't, you can eat your food.
It's good food.
Just real quick, tell folks a little bit about the food and then the phone number to call.
All right.
The food is high-quality dehydrated food.
It's normal foods that have been dehydrated down to where
The moisture has been removed.
In some instances, not all of it completely because you can dry some foods too far.
And that's where our 33 years of experience come from is where to get the food, how to get them dried, and what quantities to put certain ingredients in.
And by the way, your stuff's all American.
Every product that we sell is from the United States except for the bananas.
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We don't grow bananas in this country.
And on a rare occasion, the wheat will come from Canada.
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It's starting to come from China.
We won't sell it now.
Everything seems to be, now our food is coming, our survival food is coming from China.
It's really tearing us up.
Well, tell folks about the special and let's give them the number.
Okay, for the remainder of this month, the three-month supply for one adult
It's literally half price.
Alex has told you about that.
You can contact us at 800-453-2202.
Another point I'd like to make is businesses and brokers and companies we've done business with for decades now are gone.
They've been gobbled up, spun off, literally are defunct.
Brokers are out of business.
It's getting harder and harder to fulfill.
So the
The key to this whole thing is preparedness.
If you're going to do this, which we strongly urge, because the threats out there are real, is to get it done now.
Because any of these threats can lock the country up, and you can go without.
Well, I mean, when we have a tornado and people run out to buy, or a snowstorm, I mean, I remember growing up in Dallas, it'd be a little bit of a snowstorm, and you'd go to try to buy milk, anything for two or three days, there'd be nothing.
It's just common sense, folks.
Give them a call.
And again, that toll-free number, 800-453-2202, 800-453-2202.
Ready Reserve Foods or ReadyReserveFoods.com.
We have a banner at the bottom of InfoWars.com.
Over to them, and it's something you need to do.
Dave, thank you so much for your sponsorship and your great products, and God bless you.
Same to you, Alex.
Take care.
You bet.
Folks, that's 800-453-2202.
Just give them a call.
They'll answer your questions.
They're great folks.
Okay, I appreciate everybody holding.
That's an important issue we just covered, and we rarely do it.
Let's go to Paul Watson, who's waiting in the wings patiently, and then to your calls.
Paul, there's a lot to cover today.
I want to go right into calls.
But first off, the next hour and 16, 17 minutes we've got left in this global broadcast, what are we going to cover?
Well, the only two things on my agenda, and then whatever you call this throw-up, are the fear-mongering surrounding the possible cancellation or delay of the election.
And the questions as to why the New York Times and others have started to seriously discuss the Bilderberg Group and the fact that it has influence over American politics.
So those two issues alone.
You know, that's incredible, and we have that New York Times article, what you reposted it again yesterday from last Wednesday.
We ought to post that in the Bilderberg section so we don't lose it, you know, into the labyrinthine archive itself, where they just come out and go, yeah, the Bilderberg group who really runs things, Global Elite, uh...
The headline even was talking about it.
Yeah, well, they thought Edwards was good, so they called Kerry up and said, we want him, and he was picked.
I mean, just a few years ago, three years ago, I was attacked viciously by the New York Times Book Review saying Mr. Jones believes in the Bilderberg Group.
I mean, I was a lunatic.
Paul, comments?
Well, yeah, the question is, I mean, why are they talking about it now?
On one level, it is because of the credibility of the alternative media.
Has risen in the last few years ostensibly because we've made the predictions and assertions which have later actually happened coupled with the fact that governments are getting worse and worse at covering up lies because in this new technological age where information and outlets of information are far more plentiful and faster.
That has caused some mainstream journalists who are actually, you know, doing their job, doing the investigations, to borrow from us the conclusions we make and then print them in their newspapers.
Well, they've got to answer us and they've got to counter us.
I mean, when my websites get tens of millions of visitors a month, and there's websites out there that are a lot better than ours, Paul, when the TV and the newspapers have lost 45% of their audience, they're in panic mode, Paul.
Well, they are, and I mean, these other websites that are bigger than ours do, I mean, I track this every day, and they do, the nice term is borrow from us, because, you know, everything that we highlight, they seem to highlight, which is fine.
It'd be nice if we got some credit, as he said earlier.
But at least, you know, they're not just taking our words and twisting them to make us look like kooks, as was the more established tactic.
So, you know, fair-minded journalists are researching our claims, finding them to be accurate and including them
Well, they said it five years ago.
We started seeing their own, you know, intramural reports where they would say, look, they're on to our New World Order.
We keep stonewalling it.
You know, it really hurts us.
We've got to put a spin on it.
Yes, because...
I mean, they know that if the general populace is aware of the information, and they are to an increasing degree through our work and the work of others, then if the mainstream then ignores that information, it will make the general population more suspicious of the motives of both media and government.
So as he said, it's better for them to put it out in the open and then absolve themselves of the charge of cover-up, which is why when you see a skull and bones piece, which we see almost every other month on the mainstream TV networks, the anchor will use the somewhat sophisticated tactic of asking, you know, if this is all so secretive, then why are you being allowed to talk about it on television in front of millions of people?
If people become familiar with a concept, even one such as the New York Times admitted two days ago, you know, Bilderberg's agenda is to create world government.
That's right, a new article.
It's the second article.
Yeah, the first one included two paragraphs on the Edwards election.
The second article was a full-length solely about Bilderberg.
But, I mean, if that's in the New York Times, then any possible dark motives behind it lessen in impact if that reader, that general, you know, dumbed-down slave...
...has familiarised themselves with the idea.
I mean, it's just like we see stories every day of outlandish police state or Big Brother activities, but because we are so submerged in this every day, we will sometimes gloss over certain things because we're conditioned to bypass what we're already familiar with.
Oh, all the time now.
I mean, they come out and say, we're going to put the chips in the school children.
It's going to happen.
We don't even cover it.
It's like, oh, well, we already heard that, you know, eight years ago.
Let's take a few calls here.
Perry hung up.
You were up next, Perry.
Mike in Ohio.
Then Carson, Cliff.
Oh, Mike hung up, too.
Sorry, folks.
Carson in Colorado.
Go ahead, Carson.
Hi, Alex.
Great segment with the previous guest.
That's real important.
You've got to be a miracle worker in some ways.
I'm not going to stroke the host here, but it is truly overwhelming, and I want to commend everyone backstage, as it were, who probably put in some pretty phenomenal hours, don't they?
Well, we all work pretty hard.
I mean, the problem is there's so much evil we can't even cover it all.
And frankly, I get what they call tyranny exhaustion.
I mean, most of the time I don't even want to cover all this evil.
I don't even want to.
I'm so sick of focusing on it.
I'm just like, ugh, it's horrible, people.
Well, I even love your rants.
You know, a lot of us who really care about you.
There's a lot of active duty military guys, by the way.
I'm right down here in the belly of the beast in North Com.
There's a lot of active duty guys, both EM and younger officers who are not just scared to death.
They are getting very angry.
And maybe we could, you know, you might want to...
I don't know how to do this, but some of them would be willing to be interviewed if we could screen their voice a little bit.
But regardless, that's not why... Unfortunately, sir, I can't have anybody on with a security clearance... I understand that.
...and violate a national security paper.
I understand that.
But, I mean, we already know all the globalist activities because of the formations.
I mean, you can look at the threat assessment of the globalists, and you can look at their chessboard.
You can see exactly what they're doing.
But go ahead.
Well, we are making headway, and I want to also commend your listenership for the incredible response early this spring when the Pentagon was forced to cancel the agreement with Accenture out of Bermuda, the residue of the accounting firm behind Enron that was going to organize, institute, and operate the Pentagon's overseas voting program for American civilian workers and military personnel.
Within ten days, that entire program collapsed.
Well, that's their biggest problem is so many of their bodies are very shady and have a lot of their people being indicted, so it's hard for them to people their mechanisms with criminals.
You say folks at NORTHCOM are concerned and angry and afraid.
I mean, you guys and gals listen to the show.
What do you think of what we're laying out here?
Well, are you asking them or are you asking me, Alex?
Well, you say you talk to them.
I talk to them on a daily basis.
And what are they telling you?
They're afraid to talk.
You know, some of them I socialize with.
We hunt, we camp, we fish, we shoot bows and arrows.
They just can't wait to get out and they're afraid to death that they're not going to be able to get out.
A lot of these guys went in...
You know, starry-eyed, you're young.
They're patriotic in the old sense, in the best sense.
Tell you what, stay there, Carson.
We'll talk more about it with Paul Watson.
When we get back, we'll talk to Cliff and Kara and everybody else.
Wide open phones, a ton of news in the next hour and ten minutes.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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All right, folks.
Carson in Colorado.
So when you talk to folks that are there at the Military Dictatorship Command Base at NORTHCOM, and they've got their head general, Eberhardt, spouting off about the Pentagon and watching the people and martial law being a good thing.
I mean, you're out hunting and camping with them.
I mean, do they say why they're concerned, why they want out?
His phone just dropped.
Well, I wonder.
I wanted to hear more about that from Carson in Colorado.
We'll see if he can get back in.
Paul, we get these emails, these calls.
I talk to military people all the time.
I mean, they, more than anybody, if they're in these command and control sectors, know that we're just laying out the facts.
Well, yeah, that's the key cornerstone.
We're forcing them to debate with us and not just Stonewall and
It's amazing.
Let's talk to Cliff in Virginia.
Cliff, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Oh, okay.
How you doing, Alex?
It was kind of a response to Mr. Ike's interview yesterday, which I really enjoyed that show to where you and he were kindly at odds about the New World Order against Christians.
And I just wondered, I've got two questions and a quick comment for you I'd like to get your thoughts on.
One is, do you know who Stephen Ames is?
And number two is,
Do you know if he ever got his children back?
No, it doesn't ring a bell.
Well, he was arrested in 1995 in the state of Pennsylvania, he and his wife, for reading the Constitution and the Bible to their children.
Well, I've seen similar cases where they call that abuse, and I'm not kidding, folks.
And now in Europe, when they pass laws in places like Pennsylvania, last year, Mark Schweiker, the Republican governor, that reading passages from the Old Testament criticizing homosexuality can get you arrested or fined.
And folks, whatever happened to the First Amendment here?
Paul Watson, comments?
Well, yeah, you guessed it.
A couple of years ago, Robin Pager was arrested for making statements saying that farmers should get the same rights as...
Immigrants and homosexuals, it's the same thing.
The whole movement of hate crime is not designed to protect the individual.
It's designed to persecute the majority, which is exactly what it's done.
Well, the case there against Mr. Ames and his wife was the fact that they said that the government, the state of Pennsylvania, said that they were reading anti-government booklets to include the Constitution.
Well, I know they have TV shows like Judging Amy where almost every episode I've seen is where they're arresting evil homeschooling parents because they believe in a new world order and teach their children this hatred.
Yeah, because the comment I was getting from the attorney of this for the government, Leslie Bryden, stated in open court, said that the parents, Mr. Ames and his wife, still believe that the Constitution was relevant and reading the Bible to their children and the Constitution was a danger to them.
And that...
The parents, instead of doing this, had to be mentally ill because they were reading the Bible and Constitution without having any type of training to do so.
Well, there have been major Department of Education meetings back in the 60s where similar things were said, and that's been published.
I appreciate the call.
It sounds crazy, folks, but it's true.
Carson got back in.
We'll go back to him when we come back in the next hour.
Then Kara, Cliff, Andrea, Bernard, and Kara, and many, many others.
We have several Keros.
It's interesting.
But before I end this hour, just in the next 30 seconds, sign up if you're online at prisonplanet.tv for all my videos, weekly TV reports, my book, Paul Watson's book, a bunch of text reports, best audio interviews, prisonplanet.tv, folks.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Already into hour number three of this global transmission against tyranny.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central.
Back from 9 to midnight Central.
We're good to go.
I think?
Just a ton of vital news we haven't even gotten to yet.
The Red Cross saying, hey, I think the globalists are taking people to third-party countries for torture.
Secret camps, not just the... This has been public for years, but here they are now admitting it.
But Carson in Colorado, you were talking about your friends in NORTHCOM, the North American military dictatorship they've set up, making the U.S.
basically a military command zone.
You talk to these folks that are in the military who are upset and concerned, and you said they won't say a lot, but I'm sure they've said something to you.
Why are they upset?
And you said they're listening to the show.
Well, I'm sure that some of them do.
We do socialize, and I do respect the fact that they could get into some serious difficulties at work, particularly vis-a-vis their clearances and all, but we keep it general, and they don't want to be in the military any longer.
And these aren't all Northcom guys.
A lot of them
A lot of these guys are 11 Bravos.
There are a lot of infantry guys as well down at the fort.
But I'd like to make a couple of points along those lines, Alex, and I will try to keep it real brief.
I've got some candid shots of Dickie Myers handing...
A flag off to Eberhard, who is the commander.
And both of those guys, you've got a camera shot directly into their eyes, into their soul.
They are wickedly unhappy.
They know exactly what's going on.
How they keep doing it, I'll never know.
But we've got a lot of Kool-Aid-swilling, fox-boot-licking, I call them bush bots.
And not that Kerry's going to be any better, but perhaps Kerry won't be able to
You know, if there is an election, and I don't think any of us are sure today that there will be an election, and that's one of the discussions we have out in the woods when we know that, you know, we're amongst ourselves.
The reality is that we had a guy on television right here in the Denver market being interviewed by an idiot, an NBC anchor, a retired anchorman by the name of Greg Dobbs.
The guy was an active duty military intelligence fellow on the ground in Iraq, directly contradicting
A Marine General.
This guy was articulate.
He was a young captain.
He was spot on.
These guys are not fooled.
And we're getting so much crap out of the media.
And you know that as well as I do.
But the reality is, things are not what they seem over there.
That's a test bed.
Just like Vietnam was a test bed for our nation in the 60s, they're perfecting techniques, tactics,
To be used against all of us.
They're creating cadres of people that will kill women and children and torture them.
Thanks for the call.
Paul Watson, comments to what he was saying?
Well, yeah, the older military personnel are becoming dissatisfied because, as he said, the cadres that will carry out the torture and the murder and the abuse, if you want to call it that.
Abuse is too harsh a term.
The pressure.
Well, I mean, these are the 1920, 21-year-old thugs.
That they hire off the street to, you know, used to initiation rituals, which is basically what this torture is, and the initiation rituals on the street for something like the Crips or the Blood Street Gangs are, you know, things like killing pregnant women.
So when they hire them into the army, then they solidify their discipline to their military commander by making them carry out these acts of
Initiation, which are, you know, taking children to camps and making Iraqis jump off bridges.
I mean, that's how they get them into the military.
Absolutely, ladies and gentlemen.
We'll be right back, and we'll talk to Andrea, Bernard, Cara, Kim, and others.
Everybody, stay with us.
This is the GCN Radio Network, broadcasting worldwide against the New World Order.
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Paul, let's go back to the calls.
Let's talk to Andrea in Ohio.
Go ahead, Andrea.
You're on the air.
Yes, sir.
First, I want to commend you for having Diane Coleman on your program.
I am a member of the disability community myself.
And very well aware of the dangers.
So again, thank you for... Okay, for those that weren't listening to us an hour ago, why don't you bring them up to speed briefly.
They're killing people begging for food and water at 17 national disability groups.
Big groups.
Oh, including the Centers for Independent Living, the people that signed the ADA, there's a whole host of those.
And she's the president of Not Dead Yet, and she was going over this Nazi program of eugenics called bioethics, killing people who were begging for food and water.
Paul Watson, comments?
Well, you mentioned the word Nazi, and that's exactly how it started back in Hitler Germany.
I mean, the Nazi eugenics movement started when a father wrote to Hitler who had a son who was mentally disabled, and he said he wanted the state to kill his son.
So, I mean, that gave Hitler the idea to introduce the program on a widespread basis, and it was, you know, one of the catalysts for the Holocaust.
Oh, sure.
And also, another brief point, if the gentleman from Chile is listening, there is a campaign.
It's still going on.
Sojourner's Magazine is involved in it.
I'm involved in it, too, to help shut down the School of the Americas.
Which they changed the name of, but it's still at Fort Bend, Georgia.
Yeah, it's still the School of the Americas.
I strongly encourage...
Our listeners to get involved in that.
Well, this 1960s training pamphlet that we have posted, Declassified, CI Torture Manual, How to Torture People, that's what they teach the world how to do in Fort Benning, Georgia.
And a final point on that, the torture memo, I kind of had to chuckle a little bit as you and Paul Watson were using that word, pressure.
If you read the whole text of the torture memo, and I have a copy of the text.
I think I may have sent you a copy.
Truthout.org has a copy.
Yeah, we posted it.
It refers to it as pressure.
And, I mean, they use terms like pressure.
And it describes in the training manual, and it's just like in the movie Conspiracy Theory, which goes off real events.
You take somebody, put them in a special chair, lower them into a pool of water,
And this is a loving thing you do.
But that's not pain, and it's not intended to cause pain, quote-unquote.
No, just panicking, horrible torture.
Yeah, yeah.
I listened to our ABC News affiliate, Newsnet 5, out of Cleveland, actually finally had on, it was about 6 in the morning, they had the news about all the talk of suspending elections.
And I knew because you had talked about this, had been talking about this for several couple weeks, so I wasn't completely shocked.
But it did feel like listening to it at 6 in the morning, I was standing in my mom's room, listening to it, I felt like I was in an episode of The Twilight Zone because I was standing there listening to them talking about suspending elections.
And now on to the next news about they were talking about some celebrity or whatever.
I mean, it was just,
It's amazing.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
You know, that's the point.
People say, well, shouldn't we have a plan?
You know, there could be a crisis.
You know, they could strike.
Al-Qaeda's admittedly CIA.
The globalists in the 80s.
We need to post this, by the way.
Rex 84 called for how to suspend elections.
These are the bad guys, folks.
You notice the more liberty we give up, the worse things get, Paul.
Well, just on the previous point, it's come out today that the famous picture of the Iraqi standing on the box with the wires attached to him, he was a car thief.
And I mean, one of the children who got taken to the camp was... Accused car thief!
Accused car thief, not even proven.
And one of the children taken to the camp was...
An accused biscuit thief, but it turned out that he hadn't even stolen biscuits.
He was given a biscuit by... That's it, that's it.
Stephanie, can you find the thing where they run over the person's car with the tank?
The audio or the video?
Do you have that on you?
Tell me when you get it.
This is from Frontline, folks.
Or no, Nova.
And they think they might have stolen three sticks of wood, and so they machine gun the car, run over it, and laugh at them.
Go ahead, Paul.
And, yeah, the famous picture of the guy standing on the box, which is now called the Statue of Liberty, accused Carthy for a child who took a biscuit from a coalition troop.
He wandered down the road to another section of troops who then accused him of stealing the biscuit.
He was huddled and taken off to the camp.
The Iraqis who were made to jump off the bridge, one of them drowned, died.
They broke a curfew.
So, again, that's freedom.
And so, there's numerous examples of it.
I mean, the Red Cross report, the military report, and there's another one out of Newsweek today.
70 to 90% were not even anything to do with the insurgency.
Some of them weren't even common criminals.
And so, I mean, you know, they've got the former terrorist leader in there.
Head of the terrorist organization.
He says he's going to impose martial law.
Yeah, they say 85% of the 320-member appointed board that then appointed the new dictator, who's an admitted terrorist of movie theaters and school buses, 80-plus percent made up of Ba'athists and communists.
And so they've got a coalition of communists and Ba'athists put back in power, martial law declared, martial law provisions put into law.
This is freedom, Paul!
And also they've reinstated the death penalty.
I mean, I've got to say this.
When they put Saddam in as the security chief in 68, and then as dictator in 79, at least in the old days it was because he was anti-communist.
And frankly, he did bring more freedom to Iraq than they previously had, and, you know, let Christians thrive.
I mean, I'm not defending Saddam.
He was a horrible CIA thug.
But he was the old type of CIA thug who was anti-communist.
Now they put commies in, Paul!
Well, yeah, I mean, Saddam's trial itself, they even had to censor that.
They prevented the TV cameras from having the audio, so they just had pictures, and then the transcription of the audio was later provided by the government.
So who knows what Hussein was saying?
And they've reinstated the death penalty so they can execute him, so he doesn't blow the whistle on his former business partners.
Just like the torture masters in Afghanistan and Iraq, three of them now charged with the Patriot Act, so they can't defend themselves or speak out and say, I was given orders.
That's American citizens being charged with it who followed orders, which doesn't abstain them from guilt.
Here's a clip, folks, of a family pulled over.
They think they might have stolen wood, so they bulldoze their cars.
And by the way, these guys will all be cops.
Again, that 80% number, 80-plus percent now of the new cops are military.
These are the guys that will be pulling your daughter over.
Let's go ahead and play it.
There was still some looting going on when we arrived.
And when we came across soldiers, they didn't seem sure of their role.
We filmed these GIs after they caught a group of Iraqis stealing wood.
They shoot the car up.
And then an Abrams M1A.
Drives over and then backs back over.
Telling somebody to fill up.
It's all about freedom.
Winning hearts and minds.
That's what you get when you lose.
Later, the car's owner told us, I'm a taxi driver.
The car was my livelihood.
Paul, that'll win the hearts and minds, won't it?
Well, yeah, but I mean, Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.
I mean, Colin Powell's speech to the UN, all the information was called from an alcoholic who said he'd witnessed that they had them.
So, I mean, that's proof.
Hannity's new twist on it.
Well, Dick Cheney has a good heart because his admitted drug addict doctor said so.
But you know what Hannity's saying now?
He's saying that Saddam Hussein himself was a weapon of mass destruction.
So that's the new Orwellian double think on it.
But again, another thought occurred to me.
If these individuals are so savage that they will do all this and torture children and make people jump off bridges, then how do their commanders maintain discipline?
How do you maintain discipline if you're trying to order around a bunch of animals?
And as I pointed out before the break, the individuals look to their commanders as leaders of the gang, just as they'd have leaders in their street gangs.
So, I mean, as in those street gangs, they have to carry out barbaric acts to solidify what was Hitler's term for it, the oath of blood.
The cement of blood.
Cement of blood amongst each other.
I mean, so, you know, they'll kill a pregnant woman on the streets of L.A., and so they'll kill Iraqis in Iraq.
That's what they're there to do.
Oh, boy.
We'll come back and talk to Bernard, Cara, Kim, and others and get into more of the news.
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I've got a bunch of other affiliates.
I haven't been plugging new ones.
I need to do that.
We really appreciate it, because all we do is cover the facts and stand up against evil, folks.
Now, to be fair, we've got to give each caller about a minute here, because I've got a bunch of news I want to cover, too.
Bernard in Texas, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Yes, sir.
I ordered your Road to Tyranny DVD.
I used to own a recording studio, and I'm ready to get to copying and getting them out to people, but I'm having a problem.
Everybody seems to be a George Wally syndrome, and I wonder if
If you could answer honestly, if you think he's paid off, because I've heard your interviews with him, and no matter what you say, he just has the same programmed answer.
Well, I just don't think this, this, and that.
No, no, no.
It's George Woolley, and I've known him for years, and he's a good guy.
He just is wedded to the Republican Party and is in a state of denial.
Paul Watson, can you speak to that mindset of people that still believe they found the weapons of mass destruction?
Well, as I've said before, it's a childlike mentality.
They don't want to believe for a second that the people that control their lives, overly so in their big case, because they've let the government impinge on every aspect of their lives, they don't want to believe that that government, that state, that parental body, will be inherently evil.
And so, I mean, you can't point out to these people, for example, that this new conservative index, which New American Magazine published,
Which shows that the only admitted socialist in Congress, Bernie Sanders, has a more conservative record in terms of voting than 76% of the Republican members of the House.
Yeah, we've got that on the website, but why don't we cover some of that in the next segment?
Let's go over some of that.
Say that again.
I saw that.
The admitted socialist has a more conservative voting record in a real conservative index than the Republicans.
Yeah, take Ron Paul, for example.
He scored 100 on his voting record.
Bernie Sanders, the admitted socialist, scored a 47.
And then 76% of the Republican members of the House and 45% of the Republican members of the Senate scored less than Sanders.
So the socialist is more conservative than they are.
So that's why we see these open borders, you know, giant federal expansion of government.
Because under this Republican administration, they're wolves in sheep's clothing, which is why people like George Woolley are not open to that, because the rhetoric is there, the clothing is there, but in reality, the policies are command and control.
My, what big eyes you have.
My, what big teeth you have.
But it's not grandma, it's the big bad wolf.
Let me ask you one more question.
I mean, real seriously, do you think the next presidency is already figured?
Of course it is.
It's Kerry Edwards, right?
Because Bush, he's...
I don't know.
I don't know.
I appreciate the call.
Let's talk to Kara in Colorado.
Kara, go ahead.
I wanted to shift gears just for a second.
Have either of you guys heard of Orwell Rolls and his grave?
Yeah, it's a new documentary about a lot of Orwellian things coming true, especially with the press.
Yeah, I wondered if you talked about it in the past, Alex.
No, I just learned of it this morning.
Oh, did you?
Well, yeah, I had heard about it, I think, late last month, and I've been meaning to call in about it and just wondered if you wanted me to...
Tell you a little bit about it.
I actually haven't seen it.
It's kind of in limited release.
You can buy the DVD, but they have a website.
It's OrwellRollsInHisGrave.com.
Yeah, but doesn't it just kind of focus on the media manipulation and doublespeak?
Yes, it does.
But it also has a bit of a slant, I understand, from one reviewer.
He said that it's pretty much like the guy that made it, Robert... Oh, what's his name?
Well, I got an email this morning from a filmmaker friend of mine about it, and yeah, from those that have seen it, it does seem that it's limited.
Yes, and it's kind of like the guy, I guess the director is in love with, he said he loves him dearly, it says in the quote, Michael Moore.
So it's very, the false left-right paradigm unfortunately appears to be in the film, but it sounds like overall it has a good message.
Yeah, well I look forward to seeing it.
Thanks for the call.
Paul, comments?
Yeah, I've seen the trailer, I've seen the website, but, you know, it's all being pushed by these liberal groups like Buzz Flash, so it's bound to have that slant on it, like Fahrenheit 9-11, so, you know, it can do some good, but it's not going to tell you the whole situation.
Yeah, because if you just expose the Republicans, you've only done half, you know, I mean, it's just what we were talking about about the neocons.
I mean, their whole semantical lexicon, their language, their terms, doesn't fit the real world.
No wonder things never get fixed, folks, because you're all playing according to their terms, Paul.
Well, yeah, I mean, that's the hypocrisy of the left.
They care about babies being killed in Iraq, but, you know, abortion at home is something which they promote.
So, again, it's double-think.
It's hypocrisy.
Yeah, so they really need to learn about Orwell before they make films about it.
All right, we'll come back and talk to Kim and Tim and others.
It's a bunch of news.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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I'm willing to talk to Kim, Tim, and Perry, and that's it for calls.
I've got some news I've got to cover with Paul here.
But quickly, Kim in Texas, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Thanks for taking my call.
Thank you for the call.
I went to a town hall meeting this weekend with Representative Lamar Smith.
Very liberal individual.
Very Yale grad.
Oh, yes.
And he has introduced the Lawsuit Abuse Reduction Act.
Have you heard about that?
Yeah, and it's part of a larger package of legislation to restrict your right to sue, which is, you know... Right.
What he said was it gives the federal judges the ability to classify a case as frivolous and just throw it out.
Yeah, and then they'll selectively enforce everything they want.
Exactly, and then you will have to pay the fees, like if you sued the government...
You'd have to pay their fees for filing a frivolous lawsuit.
That's right, and then the abuse can really heat up.
Yeah, well, I just thought that would...
You know, interest everybody out there.
And again, we have a lot of frivolous lawsuits.
We've got out-of-control lawyers.
We've got more lawyers than any other country in the world, times, many times.
And there are about to be, in the next five years, more lawyers graduating than all practicing lawyers.
So it is a major problem.
But again, it's all going to be selective.
They're going to use their lawyers on you.
They create the climate.
Then there's a problem.
They go, oh, let us tie your hands so we've got an army of people who just go after you, but then you can't protect yourself with your lawyer.
Yes, and I was amazed, Alex, at how many people just sit there in these meetings and think these things are okay.
They don't question it.
Well, you know, Lamar Smith comes out and says we've got to put thumb scanners in to stop the illegals and then pushes for a waiver, and Bush has a waiver where illegals don't have to do it, but citizens do.
Thanks for the call.
I mean, Lamar Smith is just a piece of work, folks.
Oh, he's so conservative.
By the way, Paul Watson, you've got that list there of congressmen by the New American, a great organization listing that many Republicans are more socialist than the admitted socialist member of Congress.
Is Lamar Smith on there?
I haven't got the list.
I've got an article written about it, but I'm sure the list itself is at the New American website.
Well, I mean, you've got people like Edwards on a score of 35 out of 100.
And, I mean, still that beats a lot of so-called conservative Republicans, both in the Senate and the House of Congress.
And then we've got the admitted socialist.
Repeat that, because I've got the article here, too.
Let me dig it out.
We've got the admitted socialist, and he's more conservative than most conservatives.
Yeah, Bernie Sanders.
He scored 47 out of 100.
76% of the Republican members of the House and 45% of the Republican members of the Senate scored less than him.
So they voted more liberally than the admitted socialists.
And the article, they give what they voted for.
I mean, you know...
Oh my goodness.
And a lot of neocons have heard that the government's getting bigger.
They go, oh, it's for the war.
No, no, that's a small portion.
It's every Department of Education, UNESCO.
It's every land grab you can imagine.
It's every form of socialism.
But again, the elite socializing our wealth and transferring it to themselves.
Well, yeah, that's the foundation of communism, basically.
Just imagine when the liberals get hold of it.
I mean, that's who it's been set up for, for when they put Kerry in.
So I mean, just imagine the tyranny when he gets hold of all of this.
So you think Kerry's the boy?
Well, the New York Times mentioned that Bilderberg had recommended, I think it was, a vice president in Italy, who a month later had to resign due to a scandal.
So they said, don't worry, Liberals,
They said, don't be too sure, you know, to liberals that Edwards and Kerry would get in because this guy in Italy, who Bilderberg recommended, had to resign.
But as, you know, Kerry has close relations to the Queen of England, that's always a big boon.
Every president since Washington who has had those close relations has been the president.
Let's go ahead and talk to Tim in Ohio.
All right.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Tim, go ahead.
Hello, Paul.
One thing for anybody that knows anybody
You're talking about the new lawyers coming out?
Here's a good question for him.
Ask him to explain to you the importance and significance of Erie versus Tompkins, 1938, and watch him draw this blank expression.
For those of you who don't know about it, you can look it up, read about it.
It was an essential case back when President Roosevelt was in office to switch over from
The old constitutional form of government to this uniformed commercial code that we have now.
But it's fun to question them on it and watch them just draw these blank states.
Yeah, uniformed commercial code is really just all admiralty, or high seas, letter of mark, license to feed on us, the slaves.
That's why we have the gold fringe in the courts.
That's all significant of British admiralty or maritime law.
And Brooks Pirage talks in there about Kerry having the most...
Blue blood.
Well, I mean, even Reuters came out and said that.
I mean, BBC did.
It's not like it's any secret.
Thanks for the call.
Really good points, Tim.
This is just a side issue.
I don't know how that board, the Campo board, this regional government board voted last night, but they got a plan, folks.
I've seen the total plan about a year ago.
All these big highways they built in central Texas, the major roads in Austin, they're going to make them, basically all of them, giant toll roads after we pay for them.
And again, the government's got more money than ever, and they're going to put satellite tracker taxation boxes in your cars.
The feds are moving with that.
That's now mainstream news.
Paul, they're getting ready to do that in England.
Now, why don't you talk about that?
Yeah, it was in the London Times last week.
The UK government has proposed and is intending to go ahead with a program to...
I think.
In the echelon countries, New Zealand is adopting the very same program, GPS mileage tax tracking.
And I mean, that's what Bilderberg called for at their recent meeting.
They called for a UN tax and a tax on fuel and a mileage tracking tax.
So it all falls in line to exactly what they're proposing worldwide.
And, again, I've been talking about this for six, seven years.
I mean, in industry publications, it's not a secret that you might want to start speaking out against it.
They're getting ready for it here.
Major states like Oregon announcing it.
Last call, Perry in Colorado.
Go ahead, Perry.
Hey, Alex.
Love your show.
Been listening for about six months.
Good to have you on board.
Well, glad to be here.
This morning, here in Denver, on 630 AM, Peter Boyles brought up
Some kind of a recent interview, I think with Osama bin Laden's brother or something, who said that none of those people flew out.
Yeah, bin Laden's half-brother went on Laird NewsHour last Friday, and Paul, we've got to get this posted.
I didn't see it.
Everybody told me about it.
I talked to my good filmmaker friend who actually saw it, and he said it's not true.
I didn't get flown out.
We have the Customs Department documents.
We need to post this in the article.
We posted them.
Judicial Watch, where they admit 163, we even said 144, which is what Moore said.
It's admitted.
Richard Clark has admitted it.
It's public.
And then he supposedly said, I didn't see it.
He supposedly said in the piece that, oh, by the way, where's Bin Laden?
Are we going to catch him?
Well, it's an interesting question.
But go ahead.
Okay, because I think about a week ago you mentioned that you did have copies of those documents on your website.
Yeah, no, Judicial Watch does.
Yeah, we've linked to it.
Oh, okay, Judicial Watch.
I wasn't able to find that connection on your website.
Well, our website's like a newspaper.
We update each day.
And so you need to go back off the calendar.
You know, like you have 20 stacks of newspapers in your living room?
Right, right.
You have to dig through the stacks.
You just click on each day going back, and it'll be there.
But we are adding better searches to the website, and somebody else has added a better one.
I tested this morning.
It worked quite nicely.
Paul, tell us about that website.
Yeah, someone emailed me to say they created a website solely devoted to being a search engine for both InfoWars and Prison Planet, so it's an all-in-one thing.
I believe that the website is searchinfowars.com, so I think we'll be adopting that into both websites so it has full search function and capability.
We're very thankful for that.
Can I ask you a couple more things?
Yeah, go ahead.
A couple of days ago, there was a... Well, hold on.
I want to hear what this creature, this person locally was saying.
Well, Peter Boyles is kind of a middle-of-the-road talk show guy, and he sometimes he'll... He's come out a little bit critical of some Bushisms and stuff like that, but in general...
You know, it's a clear channel station and all that.
I think I've been on the show.
That's why I said creature.
If I'm wrong, I'm sorry.
Yeah, and generally he's pretty good.
But this thing popped up, and I wanted to be able to have some ammo to call in.
What was he saying?
I just heard about it.
I didn't see it.
He took that interview to be evident, agreeing with his neocon caller.
That it's a fabrication that everybody flew out while the flight ban was put on.
The White House admits it.
Vanity Fair has reported it.
Richard Clark has said it.
We have the Customs Department documents.
That's what I think people need to... Hey, Paul, Paul, just when you get off the air, create a section on this and do a search.
Remember I told you about it Monday?
We need to get this posted.
Well, that would be fantastic.
And then about a couple days ago, there was a C-SPAN interview, and I didn't write the guy's name down, but he was supposedly an ex-FBI guy, and he was saying that there's supposed to be 9 to 12 cities hit with suitcase nukes,
Yeah, they've had him on Fox.
Look, the White House told U.S.
News & World Report, and it's on the website right now, that the Capitol will be destroyed.
There will be coast-to-coast attacks.
Thanks for the call.
Paul, that's a good place to get into the fake terror alert section.
We've got the suspension or postponing of the election.
Give us your analysis.
Well, you just mentioned the Capitol building and that's one of the groundworks in which they've laid this pre-attack propaganda because during the Reagan funeral procession there was a plane which carried the governor of Kentucky to the Reagan funeral which strayed into restricted airspace
And forced the Capitol building to be evacuated.
Now, that story didn't get much attention, but from the photos and from the articles that did come out, there were police running around screaming at people to run because a plane was about to hit in two minutes.
So, I mean, the members of Congress have already been prepared for this.
They're in a state of fear.
But, I mean, with this announcement of postponing the election being so public, I don't actually think they'll do anything on the election day.
What they're going to do, in my estimation, is use it to raise the Homeland Security colour code to a red alert.
And it will be kind of a martial law drill, which will make a lot of people, in the big cities at least, stay in their homes and not vote.
Which again, conditions them that voting is some kind of privilege afforded to them by government.
As opposed to an individual... And we've never had elections cancelled.
It introduces the mindset.
So with Bush and Kerry, both horses are owned by the same people.
But again, it's all part of getting us used to this period.
On another show, I heard a caller say that the election is on November 9th, which I don't think is true because I think it's listed everywhere as November 2nd.
But if there is any kind of significant event on November 9th, then you know that that will be a target because obviously it's 9-11 to Europeans.
And they're obsessed with tying their misties to this numerical symbolism.
But again, with the election, you'll see a red alert, I think, or at least an orange before the election.
You'll see news anchors pouring over how voting is such a courtesy in times of peril and how the government is so kind to afford us the privilege.
But the question, as you asked, is if they control voting machines, which we know they do,
And if both Bush and Kerry are behind the same agenda, then why would they need to suspend the election?
And we know from inside sources that there is this fissure within the New World Order which has divided it into at least two camps.
Now, because the end game is the same.
It's just that they disagree on the tactics in which to pursue it.
So we have the kind of globalist camp and then the neocon camp, which is part of the reason why Tenet was forced out, because he was in the globalist camp.
And it's really about, you know, which faction gets its puppet in place to read the teleprompter.
It's Bush or Kerry.
But with Bilderberg coming out behind Kerry and Edwards, the neocons are obviously running scared that their four years are over.
So, I mean, some of this infighting has gotten dirty, which is why they're making more and more mistakes and why the neocons are now talking openly about cancelling the election.
But I mean, they're using the overlay, while talking about this, of the Spain bombing on March 11th in Madrid.
And again, that is reinforcing in people's minds the likelihood that this is going to happen.
But of course, the individuals who carried out that attack had closer links to the Spanish government than they did to Al-Qaeda.
BBC reported that the man who provided the explosives was in contact with the Spanish security services days before the attack.
And the Boston Globe reported that the Al-Qaeda group blamed for the attack was non-existent.
Well, it's like last week.
For two weeks we were hearing about this Marine beheading, and then, oh, Al-Qaeda claims they cut his head off, and then they go, wait a minute, that got uploaded from Houston, and then it turns out it was a hoax, and then we never hear who hoaxed it.
Well, you'll notice on World Neocon Daily today, there's a big article at the top, which I think is something like,
Al-Qaeda terror navy, and it's a story about how a South Korean newspaper reported that an Al-Qaeda group was threatening to attack South Korean ships exporting US goods.
Now, the website that this threat supposedly appeared on had to publish a statement on their front page saying that they were not aware of this.
No group had posted anything on their website which was related to this in any way.
So again, it was a fabricated threat made up from a phony website.
It was like the article of Saddam shipped the weapons out and then it goes, oh, the UN had put tags on sheet metal and wreckage publicly being shipped out to Jordan.
But the headlines said, Weapons of Mass Destruction Found!
Yeah, I mean, I see examples of that every day.
Again, with the recent beheading of the South Korean.
I mean, the U.S.
government knew about that days before they even told the South Korean government.
It turns out that this latest threat of beheading where the Marine was later released, that turned out to be a hoax.
I mean, they're all hoaxes.
But back to the election...
Again, it doesn't matter who wins because if Kerry gets in, you'll see the same amount of wars.
They just won't be about weapons of mass destruction.
They'll be about humanitarian crisis.
And here's another one.
The report in Newsweek magazine about suspending the election confirmed Monday says the discussions were spurred by a letter from U.S.
Election Assistance Commission, created by Bush, Chairman DeForest Soares.
Now, this is their creative board saying that this needs to happen, that they need to have plans for this to happen.
I mean, how much more obvious does it have to get, folks?
But again, in so announcing it so publicly months before the event, do you think that they will then go ahead and launch this attack on Election Day?
Because I think that is making it a bit too obvious, almost as obvious as the bombing in Tel Aviv over the weekend where...
And I mean, I don't agree with the UN or Israel on this, but Israel were told to take the wall down, and the day after, a massive bombing took place, which Israel blamed on, you know, the Palestinians.
I mean, is it becoming as obvious as that?
I don't know.
And the UN was running around with Arafat saying Israel did it.
Yeah, exactly.
So, I mean, will it be as obvious as that on election day?
Final segment.
All right, folks.
A few key news items straight ahead.
You'll want to stay the course with us.
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Paul Watson, Red Cross fears U.S.
is hiding detainees AP.
The International Red Cross said today that it fears U.S.
officials are holding terror suspects secretly in locations around the world.
Well, Paul, I mean, years ago the CIA bragged they were taking them to Jordan and to Egypt to torture them and quote their children.
Can we post that Washington Post article and others from two years ago in this article?
I mean, your comments.
Yeah, I remember those articles, and I still see articles every day.
We were talking earlier about even we kind of gloss over issues.
I see articles every day.
Where there are new cases of torture or abuse or pressure, where people are both shipped out to other countries and, you know, places in Iraq which we haven't discovered yet.
And I kind of sometimes gloss over those as well.
And it doesn't get major headlines.
The average person, you know, more reports of killing women and children and torturing them and doing other horrible things.
Other issues, something that's encouraging, this is out of the Associated Press.
Jadakiss, and I don't really like hip-hop, folks, but it's the number one thing right now, and he has the number one single in the country where he says, Why did Bush knock down the towers?
A song called Why.
Why did Bush knock down the towers?
And then he gets into more about how they're using it to take over.
And he said, Hey, people in New York, this is what everybody thinks is going on.
Everybody I talk to, I just told people what we think in New York.
That's got to scare them on even popular culture.
The number one song in the country says, why did Bush knock down the towers, Paul?
Well, yeah, from what I've seen, from the people that email me on this, there are like two factions of hip-hop, one of which is promoted by MTV, which is the thug version of hip-hop glorifying...
Yeah, right.
And it says radio stations are getting edited versions, too.
Yes, I mean, who is sending out the edited versions if the original producer of it, you know, isn't doing that?
Okay, final piece of news, this out of the AP.
Group wants Maryland elections chief to quit over electronic voting machine fraud and 10,000 signatures calling for a voting system that produces paper recounts.
Now, that's some good news, and that's going on right here in Austin right now, too, not just in Baltimore, Maryland.
Paul, here in the last minute or so, prisonplanet.tv, tell folks about it.
Well, yeah, we've just posted the interview yesterday from David Icke, as we do with every interview on the Alex Jones Show.
Weekly television reports, which Alex films in Austin, and on top of that, documentaries from other documentary filmmakers.
There were a couple of issues with smaller browsers like Mozilla browser, which I fixed over the weekend, so it's all running smoothly now.
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It's $54.95 for a whole year.
We've already got dozens of videos and, you know, hundreds of audios on there.
So it's great value for money, and it's expanding every day.
Both our books, all my videos, other great films, prisonplanet.tv.
Paul Watson, thanks for joining us.
Thanks, Alex.
Take care and keep up the good work.
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Or just write to me, Alex Jones, 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
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See you back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow.