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Air Date: July 7, 2004
2411 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, my friends.
It's already Wednesday, the 7th day of July, 2004.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
Wide open telephones and a mass of vital news and information.
Thank you for joining us.
I do this broadcast Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight.
The websites are prisonplanet.tv.
Infowars.com and prisonplanet.com as well.
NATO's spy planes, ships, and weapons of mass destruction unit to guard the Olympics.
Over in Greece, old part of the International Police Force, sweeping new Iraq laws allow for martial law, so the globalists smash the country, put in a new puppet, because they put Saddam in back in 79, put in the new puppet a few weeks ago, and say your new freedom is martial law.
This out of the Associated Press.
Again, I rack it down.
It says Emergency Powers Law.
Stocks rise as oil falls.
About a year ago we learned that the Saudis were going to increase oil production just for Lord Bush right before the election, but again, they'll never drop to previous levels.
That's how it works.
Part of the conditioning process is they step things up, but gas prices fall to lowest level in nine weeks, down to $1.90 a gallon nationally from, what was it, $2.15 just a few weeks ago?
National average, some areas much higher, some areas lower.
Iraq, U.S.
soldiers laughed at drowning.
This is the Associated Press.
They just drowned this guy for fun and sat there laughing.
They're being charged with manslaughter.
I mean, what type of mentality of people where you just randomly grab somebody and drown them and laugh?
These guys will be back here as police officers very soon, and they only got in trouble because a bunch of witnesses said,
And foreign press happened to see it.
So, I mean, how could troops feel confident enough to just randomly grab a young man and drown him in front of people, just like the stuff going on in the prisons?
It's because they've been told to do it.
Norway protests child abuse in Iraq.
Some of the Germans, as the news comes out of the torture of children at camps all over the country.
Now they're trying to blame the CIA and saying CIA knew there were no weapons of mass destruction, but misinformed Bush.
It's admitted about nine months before his State of the Union back in 2003 before the invasion that he knew specifically, months and months before that he was lying, they told him it wasn't true.
But again, they're going to try to blame the CIA as usual.
Brazil plans to launch the first rocket in 2006.
Everybody getting into the space age.
Of course, a few weeks ago we had the private aircraft going into the edge of space.
Saddam could call CIA in his defense because they were his bosses.
We'll get into that story.
troops kill Iraqi preparing for a wedding feast yet again.
will take over the Internet to keep you safe.
That's out of the Associated Press.
To keep you safe, they're going to run and tax and control the Internet.
That's right.
Walmart's muscle advancing use of radio frequency identification devices from CBS Money section.
They're forcing the entire world to shift over to the tracker chip instead of the barcode.
You thought the barcode was bad enough?
Well, they're forcing that massive shift over to that.
Bush's former professor says he's not qualified to be president from Yale.
Also, a September 11th panel reports Iraq-Osama-Tai week.
We'll get to what's really behind that.
There's no connection.
They're just trying to create the illusion that they're independent.
Few detainees in Iraq are foreign fighters.
secretly removed Iraqi uranium.
Blair admits Saddam's weapons of mass destruction may never be found.
And more on forced inoculations.
Look, it's going to be jam-packed.
You don't want to miss it.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
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Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
The war on terrorism.
Will it be fought overseas or will it affect us here at home?
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, second segment, eight minutes and 35 seconds into this first hour.
We're going to have wide open phones on today's broadcast, 1-800-259-9231.
It's over 50 microbiologists in key positions of bioweapons development and treatment that have died across the planet in the last year and a half.
Many of them here in the U.S., vans, jumping curbs,
On university campuses, running over them, backing back over their bodies, people being shot in the back of the head, people being butchered in their bedroom by large butcher knives, dying in bizarre small plane crashes, dying in airlocks, and there's been another case of this, so we'll get into that.
But first off, let's get into the Iraq situation.
I mean, I can't believe that there's really a debate going on about this.
Is the Iraqi government legitimate?
Is it a democracy?
Our government goes in, takes over from the puppet they put in the late 70s, Saddam.
They put in most of the original Ba'ath Party machinery.
They appoint the government who appoints the president.
And they declare martial law.
Last week it was we might have to declare martial law to protect freedom.
And now they've done that.
And this is called freedom.
And people actually will debate this with you.
And now we have top generals here in the U.S.
talking about how martial law might be needed and might be a good thing.
Sweeping new Iraqi laws allow for martial law.
The Iraqi government on Wednesday announced a long-anticipated...
Package of security laws to help put down a massive insurgency, including a provision allowing Interim Prime Minister Alawi to impose martial law.
As the plan was announced, mass gunmen battered Iraq forces in central Baghdad.
All mortars landed near a residence where Alawi, Iraq police, also defused a massive car bomb elsewhere in the capital.
Nice staged event.
The laws give Alawi the right to assign curfews, which they're trying to do here in the U.S., part of freedom, to conduct search operations and detain individuals with weapons on them.
Sounds like the U.S., part of freedom.
Once he receives unanimous approval from the cabinet, it also gives Alawi the right to assign governors, including military leaders, to be in charge of specific areas.
Oh, the old Saddam system.
Alawis signed the law earlier in the day, officials said.
Justice Minister Malik Dohan Al-Hassan said the premier would need to get warrants from an Iraqi court, which they've appointed, this is a joke, for each step and said martial law could only be declared for up to 60 days or for the duration of the specific violence, whichever is shorter.
We realize this law might restrict some liberties, but there are a number of guarantees, Al-Hassan said.
We have tried to guarantee justice and also to guarantee human rights.
The law was needed to combat the insurgents who are preventing government employees from attending their jobs, preventing foreign workers from entering the country to help rebuild Iraq, and in general trying to derail general elections, he said.
Human rights minister, Bach, Hayar Amin, compared the laws of the U.S.
Patriot Act.
The lives of the Iraqi people are in danger.
They are in danger from evil forces, from gangs, from terrorists, Amin said.
The danger was underscored by the violence Wednesday.
Insurgents waged a running gun battle with Iraqi forces in the streets near Martyrs Square, the interior minister said.
At least two people were hurt.
Witnesses said U.S.
soldiers joined the fighting against the insurgents, a witness said.
A senior U.S.
military official speaking on condition of anonymity said the law would not direct from the efforts of coalition forces here.
Okay, so, not attract.
So, that's your freedom in Iraq.
And they go, well, there's all these insurgents, you know, they're...
Then every time we track back most of the insurgents groups, they've got CIA funding.
And you go, why would they do that?
Why would the CIA want this?
Because that's how we can keep the troops there 10 years, get the hundreds of billions of dollars of no-bid contracts every year while this is happening, maintain control.
It's like Vietnam.
Could have won that in a couple months.
But we weren't allowed to fight and prosecute that war properly because they wanted it to go on and on and on.
And that's now been admitted by McNamara and others.
I mean, the generals and colonels all talked about it, and it had been public knowledge, but now the government admits it.
That war was meant to go on and on and on and on.
And it's the same thing with Iraq, because this war is really a war against individual sovereign people, whether it be in the U.S.
or Iraq.
It is a giant cash machine to centralize control for the globalists.
You know, why did Israel, why did Yishak Rabin admit it?
Help found Hamas, and just last year and the year before that, they caught Al-Qaeda teams trying to blow stuff up.
Settlers would stop them themselves, or Israeli police who weren't aware would stop them, and they'd be ordered to release them.
It turned out they were young Palestinians who'd been captured years before, tortured, turned into agents, and who were out carrying out bombings and shootings for Shem, Bet, and Mossad.
Why would Israel do that?
Because then they get to keep the military rule over Israel to oppress the Israelis themselves, to censor the media, to demand billions of dollars a year from the West in military aid.
Egypt wants to keep the conflict going.
Nobody wants it to stop.
Why have we caught the British blowing stuff up in Ireland and in London?
So they can keep the military in Northern Ireland.
So they can put up more cameras, have more surveillance, have more police state rules.
This is how they engineer the economy into this militarized state, into this martial law security state.
All right, we knew this would happen, and it's starting.
CNN Money reports, stocks rise as oil prices fall.
Promise of higher OPEC production boosts equities, but tech warnings reign in the rally.
Deplining oil prices help lure buyers back into the stock market.
Wednesday morning, but Wall Street gains were limited by more earnings warnings coming out of the technology sector.
About half an hour earlier, the start of trading, the Nasdaq Composite and the Standard & Poor's were up, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average charts moved modestly higher.
All three indices hit one-month lows in the previous session.
Oil prices, which had run up Tuesday, received after...
I receded after Saudi Arabian oil minister said OPEC would boost production in August.
Prices raced towards $40 a barrel in New York.
Tuesday, following supply disruptions over the holiday weekend, on Wednesday, the New York MEX light sweet crude fell 40 cents to $39.25 a barrel.
So a small drop, but
You know, they know that you're going to like that a lot better than a national average of, I don't know, 215, 219, whatever it hit a few months ago.
But, I mean, imagine the old days of gas being a quarter a gallon, 50 cents a gallon, a dollar a gallon, a dollar fifty a gallon.
Again, every time it skyrockets up, it never goes back down to previous levels.
And if you look at the decade-long trend, it's rocketing straight up.
And Bush had been in consultation with the Saudi Arabians and others that have a lot of control over OPEC, but the British really dominate it, to lower prices, to ease off on profit-taking right before the election, to try to make the population happy, of course, to jack it up afterwards.
And, of course, it's not just the organization of oil-producing countries that's making record profits.
It's the oil companies.
The oil companies have all, I mean all been the big ones, registering record profits as well.
So things are going quite nicely for defense contractors, oil companies, and the security companies, all owned by just a handful of individuals.
What do you think about the situation?
Are you happy with a national average of $1.90 a gallon?
Look at this article.
I mean, this just shows the mindset.
Again, I support our troops, but I don't support
You know, we played the audio of them.
They think they catch somebody stealing some firewood, a couple sticks of firewood in the back of their little car.
So they laugh at them, shoot the car up, and then run over it with a tank and laugh at them and say, that's what you get for looting.
I mean, this is the mindset.
And we've had staff sergeants and others on the broadcast, you know, to talk about killing children, mowing families down, how it affects them, what they're ordered to do.
Not just the news articles.
We've had them on this broadcast.
soldiers laughed at grounding.
So should impress.
Samara, Iraq.
The 19-year-old Iraqi's swimming skills were no match for the Tigris.
Marwan, save me.
Zandu, Fidel.
... screamed to his cousin, himself struggling to stay afloat.
The teenager drowned.
His cousin made it to the shore.
I could hear them laughing, he said, recalling how U.S.
soldiers pushed the young man into the river.
They were behaving like they were watching a comedy on stage.
military said, last week, three soldiers, now back at their base in Fort Carson, Colorado, have been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the January 3rd grounding...
The U.S.
...of an Iraqi detainee.
A fourth soldier faces charges of pushing a second man who survived into the same river.
Military identified the victim only as Mr. Fidel.
And Mr. Thad Hill, the four soldiers faced between five and a half years to 26 and a half years in prison and convicted on all charges.
Thousands of Iraqi civilians have died since the Iraq war began in March 2003, some of them perished in the U.S.-led air and ground campaign in the 15 months since the fall of Baghdad.
Many more have died in car bombings or when caught in the crossfire.
American troops battled insurgents or were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.
They say thousands of Iraqi civilians.
One of the first moves Paul Bremer brought in a year ago when he got control was to stop all data collection of Iraqi civilians that die in war or of cancer or anything else.
So kind of an Aurelian memory hole there, and conservatively it's 50,000 civilians.
Those are human beings, people.
We'll be right back.
We'll be right back.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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Two nuclear powers rattle sabers over a disputed area.
Peace in the Middle East derailed again as another wave of suicide bombers destabilized the region.
Here at home and abroad, our own war against terror continues.
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All right, my friends.
The toll-free number to join us on this live Wednesday edition is 1-800-259-9231.
Any news article you want to discuss, any piece of news you want to cover, any questions, comments you disagree with me, 1-800-259-9231.
Coming up, we will get into another bioweapons expert killed, CIA knew there were no weapons of mass destruction, and just a ton of other vital pieces of news and information.
Right now, let's talk to Chuck in Texas.
Chuck, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
The reason for my call today, this information came to me a few weeks ago.
I've got a chiropractor, and he's...
You know, walking with the Lord, very religious.
And he told me a friend of his who's a pastor.
They'd gotten into a conversation about Abu Ghraib.
And, you know, he didn't want to put out too much information, of course.
But he had said that a very close friend of this pastor had come in and come back from Iraq.
And he was working around, you know, the prisoners and stuff.
I think that's a good sign that even though they want to kind of wipe out all your consciousness
That there's still a little bit left there.
That's the only thing holding back the New World Order from nuking a city, arresting millions of us.
This is what the globalists do in other countries.
They love it.
They love terror.
They love total control.
The only thing holding them back is that the police and military and even the FBI will not do all of the sick things they want.
They don't have enough truly evil people in government that will do all this.
I mean, when you get back to the old days when I was growing up about let your conscience be your guide, you remember old Jiminy Cricket, you know, and they get on to the conscience and then they kind of move it around once they get a hold of that.
But we're right on this one.
The conscience is the only thing that's going to hold us back, our guilt feelings as far as if you are working with the police or working with the government and the things you do.
And, of course, you know, there's people that are paid to listen to this show.
And, you know, I'm not paranoid or anything.
I want them to know my views, you know, and how I feel about things because it's supposed to be a free country.
We're supposed to have freedom of speech.
So, anyways, that's my two cents for today, Alex.
All right.
I appreciate the call, Chuck.
Great points.
In fact, on that point,
They're about to reinstate the smallpox and the anthrax experimental shots, which, I mean, coroners have done autopsies and said it's killing people.
Top epidemiologists have looked at it.
This is deadly stuff.
They know it's killing people.
Both of these shots are horrible and experimental and does nothing to protect you from weaponized smallpox or weaponized anthrax.
They even admit that.
But why do they want to give it to the troops to set that precedent, to use them as guinea pigs?
And you go over there and you serve them, and look at what they do to you.
You go over there and you serve them, and they bombarded all the big military bases, and now our troops have moved into those, and they're breathing depleted uranium, and the government's own handbooks say it's deadly, don't breathe it, just from the heavy metal.
Not to mention the radiation effects.
And then, you know, the New York Post a few months ago went and did the blood test on a bunch of troops and said, my gosh, they've got incredible levels of radiation in them.
Some of them, two rims of it.
That'll kill you!
And thousands and thousands, I've had Dr. Rocky, the former head of the program on, who literally wrote the book for the government, I've had him on.
Thousands of people, he says conservatively 4,000, have died from the first Gulf War, and they only use DU in selected desert areas, wilderness areas.
This time they bombarded almost every major city, and they just send our troops in, and the Pentagon now holds back the training manuals, holds back the training videos.
This is what they think of you?
They think nothing of you.
They give you deadly vaccines knowing what it's doing to you.
They let you breathe the depleted uranium.
They put fluoride in all our water.
They put all this horrible trash in our general vaccines and hundreds of times the safe level of mercury in our vaccines.
They put aspartame in 9,000 plus foods.
They put it in the soft drinks.
They do this to all of us.
Why do we serve this system?
Why do we go along with it?
I mean, the Pentagon's own declassified reports from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and the declassification stops in the late 70s.
Now everything's classified for, you know, ever.
I was like, 2035.
They learned not to release this stuff.
Where, oh, over this major city, we sprayed radiation out.
Oh, we released a biological and then monitored the hospitals for the sicknesses and deaths to see what it'd do.
Oh, we gave G.I.'
's pregnant wives uranium pills to see what the miscarriage would do.
I mean...
In the 50s, they were killing G.I.'
's babies.
It's admitted.
But you're going to trust this government now?
Project Shad in 1985, spraying troops and some of them dying on the spot?
But you're going to serve these people?
What's wrong with you?
We'll be back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
You know, that's a great topic.
I don't usually do topic talk radio, you know.
Let's talk about your favorite color.
What do you think of Colin Powell doing YMCA, dancing around like an idiot?
Or let's talk about how evil Hillary Clinton is and how much we hate her.
We know she's evil and out of control.
We know that Bush has ordered Congressman Dan Burton's committee to back off the Clintons.
We know Clinton's been out supporting the war and supporting Bush.
That's all phony neocon talk radio does, is bash Clinton and Hillary and talk about how evil they are, but then ignore the fact that Bush is bringing forward every program they ever thought about and getting them through because it's a Trojan horse.
Because conservatives are neutralized by Bush because they think he is a real conservative.
But anyways, a good topic would be, what are the evils of this global government that's been controlling our nation for the last 90-something years?
Definitely since 1913.
What is its greatest crimes?
What are things that are documented, that we know they've done, that we know that they do?
To all of us,
Cases where the government just coldly flies an airplane over San Francisco or over D.C.
or over Florida and releases chemicals, biologicals and radiologicals, and then they have troops and their army doctors assigned to volunteer at the hospitals ready to see what the effects are.
Well, the end justifies the mean.
If we ever get attacked by the evil Soviets, we have to...
We have to be able to treat all this, and to know how to deal with it, and we have to do these tests, too.
Is that why in 1985 in Wales, at a military testing ground in England, they had U.S.
and British troops sit on top of their tanks while U.S.
airplanes flew over at low levels, spraying them with chemical weapons?
Some died that day, some months later.
Is that why I've had...
Sailors on this show, who back in the late 1960s, during Project Shad that went on for decades, had to sit there on their ships, being given guinea pig drugs while weaponized anthrax was sprayed on them.
Oh, it's all just admitted now.
This is your government.
This is what they'll do to you.
Two weeks ago, they used the Patriot Act, that's the Associated Press, by the way,
To charge one of the civilian contractors that had been hired by the CIA to carry out torture in Afghanistan.
And now to insulate the Pentagon that beforehand publicly gave the orders.
But now they say, oh, we never did that.
Remember all that?
They're now arresting and charging the people that followed orders, which I'm not saying that abstains them from guilt.
And charging them with the Patriot Act so they can't complain, so they can't speak out, so they can't defend themselves.
So you go ahead and serve them.
You go ahead and go along with this system.
And see what happens to you.
You don't have to worry about evil right-wingers like Alex Jones coming to get you, like FEMA tells you all day we will.
You have to worry about your bosses that will hang you out to dry in a millisecond.
We're good to go.
And the MMR shot, according to major publications just a few months ago, had increased the Marisol for some reason.
Those are the recommended shots the government pushes to 250 times safe levels.
That's in our vaccine section in the Brave New World section of PrisonPlanet.com, by the way.
And again, a few months ago, the CDC's own documents got finally released.
Speaking of Dan Burton, who has a brain-damaged grandchild, has been out exposing all of this, has a way of getting you to finally stand up.
He got his people in, got some of the documents, and it was corporate minutes from 2000 going, millions have been brain-damaged by it.
I wouldn't give my granddaughter these shots.
Well, we've got to continue the program.
It's too big.
We've got to cover this up.
I mean, how many times did I read those minutes here on the air?
Just admittedly, I'm not going to give my granddaughter this.
Boy, this is incredible.
Well, we've got to cover it up.
We have a liability.
And they increase the mercury.
And then you say, well, why would they do that?
Why would they do that?
Well, because it's well known that mercury attacks the developing cerebral cortex and tends to lower the IQ by about 25 points at moderate to high level exposure.
And so the autistic children just got more of a cooking.
They also found hormones that are in infants that are involved in cerebral cortex development, very expensive synthetic hormones.
So then it's added to the pathogens that your child's given in different vaccines, so the body also has an allergic response to that, and you get an allergic response in the lobes, the frontal lobes of the brain.
Another type of biological lobotomy.
The other is a chemical lobotomy.
And then we have at least ten confirmed reports over the last five years, just another one a few weeks ago, for top scientific private firms, test vaccines being given by the World Health Organization in India and Africa and Latin America and other areas of Asia.
Not to mention the fact we have the official government plans as early as 1954 calling for this through grain programs with it laced on it and in the vaccines.
We have Australian, U.S., and British plans for all this.
Lo and behold, not just we have the plans, then to this day they catch them with these synthetic hormones from different manufacturers in different regions, very expensive hormones, added to the tetanus shot in a program just for women that sterilizes the women.
And then they found other cases where it causes accelerated autoimmune diseases.
Then they call it AIDS.
Which in some African countries, 45% of the people have it.
So you go ahead and you serve the globalists.
Police, military, FBI, BATF.
Go ahead and laugh at me and just say it in truth.
Don't check out what I'm saying.
Don't love your children.
Don't love your country.
Don't face the horror.
Just say, oh, that Alex, he's a nut.
You know, he's a nut.
Don't go to the website.
Don't read the bills and the declassified documents with links directly to the Library of Congress.
Don't read all the medical reports.
Don't listen to the, I don't know, 50 top scientists I've had on over the last eight, nine years.
Where they admit that sodium fluoride attacks the brain and forget the fact that the Nazis used it to sedate people in the camps and ignore the fact that I told you they were going to have a national push to put chips under our skin.
Oh, I was a kook when I said it, but now you hear it on the news and, well, you guess it's a good idea.
Just ignore all this.
Let's go to Dino in Illinois.
Dino, thanks for holding her on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, thanks, Alex.
I've heard you mention several times about certain immigrants not having to pay income taxes for like seven years, and I was looking on your website for documentation for that.
Do you have any?
Oh, yeah, it's a huge website, and have you tried to use the search engine?
Yeah, I got bogged down in it.
Yeah, we need, you know, a good search engine costs thousands of dollars, and it's just something I don't have.
But we're working on that.
It's funny you called about that because I was in consultations trying to get a better search engine just yesterday.
No, it was Monday.
But, yes, we've posted that.
I mean, it's public knowledge.
Just walk into one of these far-owned gas stations or convenience stores and ask them about it.
There's two different programs.
It's seven to ten years.
And they get a tax exemption program and other juicy tax credits.
But, yeah, that's public domain information.
So I should be able to find it somewhere?
Yeah, go to one of the big search engines and type in immigrants get tax exemption for businesses and it should pop up for you.
Okay, thanks.
Anything else?
No, that was my question.
I've been meaning to ask you for a while, so...
All right.
Well, I'll try to remember to tell one of my webmasters to post it on the main page.
Try to watch for that so you don't miss it.
Eddie at Bedino?
Do you have any comments about crimes we know the government's committed?
You know, I was looking at... I heard a guest of yours, the guy who runs whatreallyhappened.com.
He was on your show.
A few weeks ago.
Yes, he was.
So I visited his site and...
We've got a lot of good articles.
Just so many holes in the September 11th
Yeah, their official story is impossible.
We know we've caught them lying at almost every point in their story, so we know their story's a fraud, and there isn't a jury on the planet that was honest, that looked at the evidence, that wouldn't convict the government of carrying the attacks out.
We have overwhelming evidence.
I saw that New York Post article, and I did get your video from Kazaa, and I saw Fahrenheit 911, and it's a little overwhelming to see...
You know, at some point, how obvious the lies are, but you try telling people, and not too many people are very responsive or willing to believe it, I guess.
Don't want to believe it.
I hear you, Dino.
I appreciate the call.
We're about to go to Keith and others that are holding here in just a second.
Speaking of my videos, here's a good place to promote them.
Yeah, I authorize folks to make copies of my videos for non-profit, not for self-purposes, and
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Millions of people have watched 9-11, The Road to Tyranny online.
They've watched Masters of Terror online for free.
We're good to go.
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So a lot to offer at Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
Who's up next, Scott?
Keith in Michigan.
You're on the air.
Hey, good afternoon, Alex.
How are you doing?
Good, my friend.
I'm actually calling about the ICC, the International Criminal Court.
Which Bush is now saying our troops will be under, and the conservatives are saying that's very conservative.
Yep, and it's not long before the United States population is under that, too.
Sir, we already are.
I see reports every few months where...
I don't agree with the white supremacist in Nebraska that wrote a book saying that no Jews were killed by Hitler.
I think a lot of people were killed by Hitler.
Poles, Jews, Germans who fought Hitler.
It was horrible.
I don't agree with that guy that was two years ago who wrote a book saying it didn't happen.
But the Germans convicted him in Germany for selling the book online, and the U.S.
government arrested him and allowed the extradition.
He's serving a nine-year prison sentence in Germany.
But I see reports like that all the time, and people go, well, good.
He's a Nazi.
Arrest him.
Wait a minute, folks.
Then they're going to arrest you for what you say.
And the Supreme Court, I mean, I remember five, six years ago reporting that the Supreme Court was already under U.N.
control, ruling according to U.N.
People didn't believe it.
And now it's all over the news that they're doing that.
Go ahead.
Well, what I'm actually calling about is, you know how you turn on a DVD or on a videocassette, and on the beginning of it, it has the Interpol warning.
It says, you know, copyright infringement, this, that, and the other thing.
Think about how many Americans have dubbed copies of anything, whether it's burned DVDs or pirating and Internet software and all this, that, and the other thing, and how the Patriot Act gives the government permission
The ability to tell if you've burned something on your computer, if you've illegally dubbed software, and how the United States is now sharing... Yeah, the problem is that I'd say 150 million people have done that, and... But they got you on something.
Well, the point is that they want to selectively enforce it, they can't.
But nobody's going to put up with that.
But, you know, since you mentioned that, yeah, you notice now the videos don't say FBI warning, it's Interpol, UN warning.
And the UN is taking over the ICANN.
They're taking over the whole Internet regulation.
The regulatory system.
It's a great point.
And I actually heard you about the thimerosal.
I got eight-month-old twins here.
I got one of them crying in the background.
I got one of these beautiful little babies right in my arms.
And I can't imagine shooting that crap into them.
I got to get the waiver from the state of Michigan to
I hear you, but the CDC admits that it's hurting and killing children, and so they have to cover it up, and that document's made public, but still, one of these establishment yuppies will laugh at you because they don't want to admit bad stuff's happening.
They're the ultimate cowards.
They want to make excuses and deny all this is going on, and I appreciate your call.
Remember, we have thousands of children listening, so let's not even use light crudities.
Here on the air, though, I would ask everybody to please do that.
I mean, instead of saying the C word, just say garbage.
Because really, this is a lot of children, tens of thousands, listen to this as their homeschooling curriculum about an hour a day during their lunch hour.
And we really need to respect that.
So always consider the fact that you're speaking to a large group of children, as well as the yuppies who are childlike as well.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance to use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world
We're good to go.
I think?
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Back from 9 to midnight again.
I'm Alex Jones.
Thank you for joining us.
Let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Let's talk to Ron in New York.
Ron, you're on the air.
How you doing, Alex?
Good, my friend.
Who is Kerry's running mate, new running mate?
It's John Edwards.
I'd like you to hear this from the New American Magazine, June 28th.
Title of the article, Bilderbergers Celebrate Half a Century of Intrigue and Secrecy.
The Bilderberger Group, one of the most secretive clubs of global movers and shakers, held this 2004 meeting June 3rd.
John Edwards attended.
Okay, and that's what they're saying right here.
Of all the people here, they listed a number of people.
John Edwards, Democrat, North Carolina.
Very revealing.
Well, I mean, Bush Sr.
has been to it, and they examined the produce there.
Bill Clinton went in 91.
That's when they made the decision to put Bush in, and then Bush didn't fight.
Everybody pointed that out.
It's staged.
It doesn't matter whether it's Kerry or Bush.
I frankly think it would be better if Kerry got in for one reason.
Conservatives will finally wake up to the U.N.
gun control war agenda.
As soon as Kerry's in, conservatives will wake up.
That's why I don't think Bush will be kicked out.
Everybody thinks that Kerry's getting in now, and maybe I'm wrong, because so much has gotten through under Bush.
But, again, I don't think our vote even counts at this point at the presidential level.
What do you think?
I don't think so either.
Senator John Corzine, New Jersey, was there.
Melinda Gates, wife of Microsoft founder Bill Gates.
Donald Graham, chairman and CEO of the Washington Post Company.
Richard Haas, President of the Council on Foreign Relations.
Timothy Geither, President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.
Douglas Feith, U.S.
Undersecretary of Defense.
I had the head of N.M.
Rothschild there.
They had Doug's Royalty there.
Walter Isaacson, President and CEO of Aspen Institute.
Jessica T. Matthews, President of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
N-O-O-Y-I, President and CEO of PepsiCo, Peter Weinberg, CEO of Goldman Sachs International, and James Wolferson, President of the World Bank.
Yeah, well, that's not all.
There were 124 members and some guests, but that's some of the people.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, this is the global body.
A year ago, the BBC came out, and the Bilderberg Group, for the anniversary that was coming up, released...
The minutes of their first meeting where they called for the European Union, global government, and then they said, oh no, we're not for global government.
We just meet and have the military guard us just to be friends.
And the media basically ignores it.
It's no big deal.
But if you had 124 Hollywood stars together, it would be the Academy Awards.
Alex, we have a radio program here on once a week on Tuesday on an FM station from the left
But they're saying the same things you're saying, and they said that Kerry gets in, he's going to put everything that you talk about here on the fast track.
Okay, all of it.
Militancy, militarizing of police.
Yeah, and then suddenly the left won't care about it.
And then I guess neocons love it.
It's a sophisticated question.
What do you mean you have a program that's from the left?
I don't understand.
In other words, these people are actually socialists, but they put out great information.
They read all of their material.
And they're saying Kerry's bad.
Yeah, very bad, they're saying.
But obviously they're not saying Bush is any better.
No, not at all.
Yeah, but see, a lot of these socialist groups will tell the truth about the New World Order, but they won't talk about how the New World Order funds them.
And see, the globalists know we wake up to them, so they give us a phony left-wing world government answer.
So they're masters of that.
I appreciate the call.
All right, take care, Ron.
God bless you.
We'll talk to everybody else when we get back in the second...
Big Brother.
All right, my friends, you're now into the second hour of this worldwide broadcast.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central.
We're here live back from 9 to midnight.
That's 10 a.m.
to 1 p.m.
Mountain or 12 noon to 3 p.m.
Again, thank you for joining us.
The websites are prisonplanet.tv, infowars.com, and prisonplanet.com.
I know we have loaded phone lines.
Your calls are coming up in the next segment on any issue you'd like to discuss.
But the last hour, I put out a question to the listeners, to the callers.
You can talk about whatever you want, any news item, any question, any comment.
If you disagree with me, free speech, folks.
But I do want you to talk about the greatest crimes of this illegitimate government.
I mean, I talk about the CDC documents admitting deadly thimerosal, mercury levels, brain-damaging children and how they want to cover it up.
Their own admitted corporate documents.
Corporate minutes.
All the biological and chemical testing on the American people that's admitted and declassified.
Black men in syphilis with the Tuskegee experiment not treating them for 50 years, telling them they were, letting them spread it as well.
Uranium, plutonium pills to pregnant wives of GIs to see what it would do to their babies.
I mean, just hundreds of examples of crimes and corruption and things that have systematically been done by these social Darwinists, these Malthus control freaks that are in control of the New World Order.
All the things they've been caught doing, and then I asked the police and the military, you know, how do you serve these people?
How do you violate the Constitution?
How do you violate your oath?
How do you butcher America?
We've got to get outside this phony left-right debate and realize that.
Also, NATO spy planes, ships, and weapons of mass destruction unit to guard Olympics, this is all part of the mass conditioning program,
NATO has agreed to provide sophisticated military assets to help Greece secure the Olympic Games.
Again, that will be a big advertisement like at the last few Super Bowls with troops and tanks and ski masks.
This equals safety, not tyranny.
In a statement, NATO said it will send airborne early warning aircraft, or AWACS, like they did here after 9-11.
For air surveillance, the statement did not cite the number of planes, but earlier officials said three AWACS would be sent.
NATO also said it would send ships to Greece for maritime surveillance.
The ships would be sent through NATO's Operation Active Endeavor, which patrols the Mediterranean Sea to prevent al-Qaeda, that means LCI-ADA, and related insurgency activities.
In addition, NATO said it would deploy elements of the Alliance's Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Defense Battalion.
That battalion had been based in the Czech Republic.
So, a giant advertisement for martial law.
Speaking of martial law, sweeping new Iraq laws allows for martial law.
Again, the globalists appoint a government that then declares martial law and secret arrests and everything else, and that's freedom.
And we have top generals talking about doing that here in the U.S.
Oil prices fall to $1.90 a gallon.
National average, which is still incredibly high, but...
People will now, I guess, accept that because it at least isn't, you know, $2.15 a gallon.
I already covered the fact of this AP article about U.S.
troops drowning a teenager just for enjoyment, just to show the mindset they've been trained to carry out.
Pretty scary, folks.
These guys will be coming back here to be police officers.
Meanwhile, Norway protests child abuse in Iraq.
Norwegian authorities reacted with shock and disgust yesterday to a documentary on German TV that American soldiers allegedly have been holding children in prisons in Iraq and abusing them as well, including torture, my friend, in front of their parents.
That's the new freedom.
You don't believe it?
The CIA bragged two years ago in the Washington Post they were doing that, back when they thought we were all sold on it.
Joseph Mingle had tortured children, folks.
So I guess he was good then.
If you're patriotic, Joseph Mingle is good.
Well, I guess I'm not patriotic then.
I'm against torturing anybody, much less innocent children.
John is 12 years of age.
Oh, I can't even read any more of this, what they did to these girls.
Boy, I tell you.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with your calls and a ton of other vital news.
I'm Alex Jones.
Stay with us.
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The New World Order is a global organized crime hereditary syndicate.
They own the big PR firms, dominate most of the media, have trained us to be a bunch of gullible slaves who will fight like heck in massive denial to ignore the historical fact that tyrants love to rule and dominate.
And they're setting up a world taxation, world regulation system.
Oregon and other states about to come out with the satellite tracker taxation boxes.
All being announced, all happening.
We've got to resist this thing.
They control both the political parties.
And under George Bush, every Clinton policy has been massively accelerated from signing back on to UNESCO and the UN.
The same will go under the International Criminal Court after putting out all this anti-criminal court rhetoric.
Doubling the rate of growth in government, doubling any previous record level.
Campaign finance reform restricting the First Amendment.
Bush says he'll sign the assault weapons ban.
Bush wants the biggest blanket amnesty ever seen.
We know Kerry will do all this too.
But at least conservatives won't call us liberals when Kerry's in office when we're resisting it.
They understand that.
And just the out-of-control arrogance of power, the abuse of power, the looting of the Pentagon, a trillion-two missing in the last eight years under Clinton and Bush, and it's accelerated under Bush, and it just writes a few AP articles on the newswire.
Oh, the Pentagon admits a trillion-two is missing, but it's no big deal.
Instead, they're going to prosecute some captain who stole $5,000 worth of computers.
Boy, they're really going after corruption.
Sick, people.
These are the issues.
And look at this article, then we'll go to the calls.
This is on, again, Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
will take over the Internet to keep you safe, Associated Press.
It'll just keep you safe, boy.
The United Nations is aiming to bring a modern-day epidemic of junk email under control within the next two years by standardizing...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I mean, what they're declaring is horrible.
So see, they're going to grow the net, get everybody on it, then start the taxation and regulation.
We have an epidemic on our hands that we need to learn how to control.
The UN also wants to control free speech on the net, by the way.
We have an epidemic on our hands that we need to learn how to control.
Robert Horton, the acting chief of the Australian Communications Authority, told reporters, international cooperation is the ultimate goal.
The International Telecommunications Union is hosting a meeting on spam in Geneva this week that brings together regulators from 60 countries as well as various international organizations, including the Council of Europe and the World Trade Organization.
The U.N.
agency said it would put forward examples of anti-spam legislation which countries can adopt to make cross-border cooperation easier.
By the way, they've called for like five years in prison.
The U.S.
government's trying to push that too.
If you send an unsolicited email, then they'll selectively enforce that.
And, you know, we're such a whining society of babies that you go along with the telemarketing laws and we'll get to where you can't randomly call somebody if you want to.
Or if they complain, you get arrested.
They're pushing these spam rules.
And, you know, I don't spam people, and I get spammed all the time.
I've had to shut down Internet email addresses because of it.
But, again, the road to hell is paved with gullible people buying the propaganda of those that say they have good intentions when they don't.
They're going to come in and regulate and run your life.
It's the same with everything.
Oh, a kid got shot by a gun.
Let's ban guns.
Oh, children are dying every year in cars, getting locked in.
Let's have an infrared camera hooked into the police department, where if a person's in the car, it'll call the police, and we'll all be watched by cameras, and it'll save children.
And it goes on.
Top priority is pornographic material that may come to the attention of children, said Horton.
Meanwhile, the UN's busy kidnapping and running the giant industrialized kidnapping rings and caught in massive Russian child snuff films.
That's been in the Italian news, leads back to Hollywood, and no one gets in trouble.
And this is incredible.
But then they'll go, you know, bust somebody they claim surfed something.
Top priority is pornographic material that may come to the attention of children, said Horton, who was running the meeting.
I think it's time we did something formally about this.
We will have to come to some sort of general understanding.
Again, it's offensive.
Don't make an email saying your password.
Hi, it's mom.
Please respond.
You click on it and it's
You know, flashing pornography.
I mean, anybody who's read email, that's happened to you.
Not to mention all the stuff from Nigeria saying, I'll give you $15 million if you wire me $2,000.
I'm the prince over here.
I have to get my money out of the country.
These idiots actually buy into that.
One guy I know thought that it was the government secretly trying to bribe him to stop his patriot activities.
Look, I've been offered $15 million.
I said, I get 20 of those a day, buddy.
You know, the Viagra ads, the, oh, what's the other ones?
Mortgage ads.
I mean, I'll have 10, 15 spam for every real email.
But, again, the UN is going to come save us, and the UN has called, agreed with France, they tried to force Yahoo two years ago to not let people sell war memorabilia on their websites.
Again, they said that you shouldn't be able to sell a Nazi medal.
Sell a German dagger.
Well, I mean, the Smithsonian's full of those.
The Pacific War Museum in Fredericksburg, Texas is full of it.
Are they Nazis?
I mean, my gosh, I may be arrested under the International Criminal Court for admitting this, but I went to a flea market back when I was a teenager, and I bought an American medal, a British medal, and a Nazi medal.
And somewhere in a box of junk in the attic, I have a Nazi medal.
I thought it was really interesting to own a piece of history.
I think it's interesting.
But again, that is Nazi behavior, according to them.
I'm not joking here.
They've arrested British farmers who've put out pamphlets talking about how horrible French produce is.
Don't buy French.
It's garbage.
Well, that's xenophobic.
You just criticized the French.
We're going to arrest you.
Remember the BBC reporter we had on, the host of A Man and His Dog, a rural affairs show?
He got up at a speech and said,
Rural communities deserve the same special rights as Muslims and homosexuals.
And the Scotland Yard Diversity Unit arrested him and said using the word homosexual is derogatory.
I have that audio interview and the BBC article about it, about how great and normal it was, in the audio file section of PrisonPlanet.com.
That was two years ago.
I mean, I just use these examples because you think it's about some skinhead screaming the N-word over and over with one tooth in his head, and you go, oh, just censor that skinhead.
No, no, no!
You can't censor him.
You can't censor Metra saying, you know, take over America with flying banners of white people's heads cut off.
I have a video of that out in California at rallies.
That's their right, people.
Because if you take their rights away to do that, the toothless metro, the toothless clan, then you lose your right.
Oh, and again, and they go on, to administer all of this, they need a global internet email tax, which Microsoft is proposing, of course, to be paid into the UN, and it's only a small fee, a penny an email, but then it's five cents an email, 20 cents an email.
When it doesn't cost them anything.
The bandwidth in an email is... I was talking to my web guy.
I think it's like some tiny fraction of a cent.
It's like hundreds of emails per penny.
It's just incredible.
Oh, but we've got to charge you a penny an email!
Okay, I said I'd go to calls, and I'm now getting off into this.
Let's talk to Jayhan.
I believe that's how you pronounce it.
Okay, put him on hold.
We'll skip him when he's got his radio off.
We'll go back to him.
Kelly in Texas.
Kelly, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, I wanted to ask you about this film that was made in 74 in Austin, The Chainsaw Massacre.
I've heard that there was FBI files which said that there was an actual crime that happened in 73 or something, and you live in Austin, so I wanted to ask you that question.
Also, I found your videos on eBay for a good price, too.
Yeah, we don't authorize people to do that.
You know, I'm...
I tell people they can make copies, they can put it on the web, just don't charge for it because I can't compete with that.
I mean, literally, I won't be here if people don't buy my videos.
And I give away as much as I can because my number one mission is getting the word out.
But we do need some seed money, and I hope people will buy my films.
But, yes, there really was a Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
I mean, there's FBI files that admit this and they're covered up in their secret, right?
No, I mean, it's common knowledge in Texas that a group of college students car broke down and they got caught up with chainsaws by a satanic cult.
And they made the movie out of that.
I went and visited all the film locations in Austin.
Well, it wasn't in Austin.
Well, the film was made in Austin.
I went and visited all the film locations.
So where was it at, the real one?
You know, I've read about it, seen it on TV, and I can't remember.
But I even know the guy that played Leatherface.
Okay, I just wanted to ask you that.
I'll let you go.
Thank you.
Hey, I appreciate the call.
Interesting call, Kelly.
You say the files are covered up.
I would imagine just a search on it.
No, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre really happened.
I don't remember all the details.
I just know it's a true story, folks.
Let's talk to Maggie in Texas.
Maggie, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, welcome.
Oh, hi.
Hi, Alex.
Hey, back to Thimerosal.
I've been waiting for you to bring this up again.
You mentioned two...
Well, it's not just two.
It's MMR, measles, mumps, rubella, and the flu shot they push so hard has 250 times.
I kept saying 215 times when this came out six months ago.
We reposted the article.
I read it a few weeks ago.
It's 250 times what it was before.
Wow, is it still up there?
Yes, it's in the... Tell you what, stay there.
I'll tell you where to get it.
It's in the prisonplanet.com, Bright New World section, subsection killer vaccines.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Chemical attacks.
Dirty bombs.
Biological attack.
And to top it all off, duct tape and plastic.
Alarming words for our time.
But how do you protect your family during such a crisis?
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Anyone can follow the simple instructions.
It's presented by a housewife as they walk you step-by-step through the process of preparing your home as a shelter.
If you're not the type who waits till it's too late, then you need the video sheltering in place.
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That's 888-803-4438 or order on the web at murkywater.com.
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A fractional reserve system means only a small portion of your deposit is held in reserve for immediate withdrawal.
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We're good to go.
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That's 800-647-4079.
Yeah, if you go to prisonplanet.com, there's little subsections up at the top.
New World Order, Satanic Elite, Nazi USA.
And you click on the one that says Brave New World, and then there's a bunch of subsections there, and it'll say Vaccines.
You click on that, and there's a whole bunch of stuff right there on that subject.
The CDC admitting it, saying they've got to cover it up, increasing the level to 250 times.
So what they did is, when everybody got wise to this, when we've been wise forever, but when people started waking up, they started taking it out of some of the vaccines, the little known ones, little used ones, but then the ones that really get pushed, that almost everybody gets, that target children, they radically increased it.
And yes, we have mainstream news articles saying,
One of them is Associated Press.
About that, they're on the site.
Anything else, Maggie?
Yeah, I just wanted to mention that I know a reporter on a very top mainstream newspaper who would be interested possibly in covering this story, provided I can show him proof that will convince him.
The angle of the story he'd be covering is they said they took it out and they didn't take it out.
And I know he has a toddler.
So he's interested, very much interested in this subject.
Well, that's how we take this country and the world back, is by good people like you getting in touch with their contacts and, you know, putting pressure on them with the truth.
Yeah, well, that's my idea exactly.
So if I can, are these documents right up to date now?
Yeah, I mean, it's a bunch of news articles right there.
Okay, I will do that research.
Thank you so much, Alex.
Okay, I appreciate the call.
Let's go ahead now and talk to Don in Pennsylvania.
Don, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
It is a pleasure to talk to you again, finally.
Good to talk to you, my friend.
Thank you, sir.
I called a while back, and I was saying you were wrong about Mr. Lay in the play not being in trouble.
I have some good news.
You see, there's a private energy company somewhere in the western states.
I think it's one of those that Amron's trying to sue for not letting them get away with their fraud.
You've read a lot about that lately.
Well, I know that CNN said two weeks ago they may indict Kenneth Lay.
I hope that happens.
Yeah, a private fuel company invested the time and the money and the effort into transcribing recorded conversations between their brokers and Enron agents or brokers or whatever you call them, because they have to record the conversations.
Yeah, well, a bunch of those tapes and videotapes have been released.
Yeah, and a company has invested in transcribing them, and now there's actual evidence that could indict them.
So there is yet hope.
Secondly, if I may, you've heard the Daryl Civic story, am I correct?
A lot of people may have heard about that?
Uh, man, I'm losing my mind.
Darryl Civic, I think we... What was the case?
I can't remember.
A few weeks back, his house, his gun shop, and his radio station were all raided by the EATF.
That's right.
Up in Pennsylvania, he was running a micro.
People know it as a pirate.
Yes, sir.
And then they claimed... That wasn't the issue.
They claimed that he was making guns fully automatic, and I talked to a local newspaper reporter and told him I didn't... I don't know the guy, but that it sounded like a fraud to me.
Well, he, um...
He's been having some difficulty health-wise.
I'm not going to go into any details.
That's his privacy.
But his wife put an article in the local newspaper asking if anyone can help her with funding of his legal defense and maybe other bills.
Well, I got a fax from some of those folks, and then it was all smeared.
I didn't get the phone number.
I wish the people over there would contact me again.
Oh, if I call back later with their phone number, could I please call back and leave that with your people in your office off the air?
Yeah, that's fine.
But I'd like to get Mr. Civic's wife on.
Yeah, I could...
She may be listening to you now.
They were on the radio station that I listen to you on.
Well, yeah, a little micro.
What's it called?
Braveheart, right?
Braveheart, yes, sir.
Why don't you give me that number during the break?
I'll call and try to get her on the next hour.
I need to go grab a phone, but then one moment, please.
He had a gun shop in town, didn't he?
One more thing.
Now that's what they came after him.
Yes, sir.
They're having to liquidate that to defend him, and they're just in a bad way, and what they're doing is wrong.
This guy is an okay guy.
Well, supposedly he's an older guy, no criminal record, his family's been in the city forever, according to the newspaper, and I was interviewed by a local newspaper reporter.
Was that ever published?
In the Meatville Tribune?
I'm sorry to plug a name there, but no.
No, it was another.
You can plug whatever you want.
It was another newspaper.
Well, there would be the Erie Times News.
They seem to be following it, but I haven't read anything in that.
I've been trying to follow it as close as I can.
A co-worker of mine dates his son.
They don't deserve this.
They're the best people on earth.
I'll be glad to give you that phone number just as soon as I... Yeah, we'll put you on hold and get that.
I appreciate... Anything else?
We thank God for you and everybody else with GCN every day.
I'll get that phone number while I go on hold.
Yeah, because I was wanting to get a hold of him a few months ago, and that happened, and I never could get a hold of him.
I asked a local newspaper reporter for their number.
He said he'd call me back, and I missed the call or something happened.
I'm so busy, it's just out of control, but thank you.
Well, do me a favor, Scott.
Get him on hold and get the name of the woman and his wife, and I want to get her on, get that phone number.
All right, folks, we'll be back, and we'll go to Tyson and TJ and many others, 1-800-259-9231.
And the website's prisonplanet.tv.
Bunch of news coming up.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Another ragtag man.
Thank God for the renegades.
Free today, my friends.
We're free today.
Thank God for the renegades.
Alright, my friends.
Alex Jones here, back live.
Are you a renegade?
Do you stand up against this New World Order evil?
We're talking to Don in Pennsylvania.
We're going to get a phone number from him, but he hung up, or we disconnected him on accident.
Don, if you can call back with that number to Daryl Civic's wife, we'll get her on, because I've been meaning to do that for months.
But we're about to go back to Tyson, TJ, Ishmael, and Vince, and others.
Before we do that, though, I was about to make a joke about, hey, Ishmael, how's Queequeg doing, or Captain Ahab?
I'm sorry, you have to have read Moby Dick to know what I'm talking about.
I'm weird.
But before we get off into all of that, let me tell you about some of the other news that we've got here that we need to go over.
Walmart's muscle advancing use of RFIDs.
Again, they're 30-plus percent of the U.S.
retail market.
A large portion of the global retail market, and they're ordering all their suppliers, they did this three years ago, that by 2004 they had to switch over to RFID, every product.
Some have refused, they're about a year behind, but by next year every product will have it, and already thousands do.
From razors to Campbell soups cans to Procter & Gamble products, little tracker chips that track you and your family.
And of course the military just said they don't want these Coke cans on base that have this GPS in them.
I think it could be a spy device.
So this is, yeah, spying on the American people.
So we'll get into that article.
Also, here in my stack, Bush's former professor says he's not qualified to be president.
September 11th panel repeats Iraq-Osama-Tai week.
Thank you.
Thank you.
About the mass drugging.
CIA knew there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
New York Times were ordered to lie by Lord Bush.
The Navy did more of their high-powered sonar tests, and whales started beaching themselves.
Air crews look at radiation risk from flying, admitting that they get radiation levels from the sun, which we've always known.
GE's got a new...
Nanotech development.
A 10 atoms wide nanotube is one of the smallest functioning devices that shrink computer chips.
Just a lot of interesting stuff we're going to be covering.
But let's go ahead and go back to the calls here.
Let's talk to Tyson in Texas.
Tyson, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I'm glad I got through today.
I wanted to kind of relate the
Brief story real quick.
I was home a few weeks ago with my parents, and we saw something on TV about Michael Moore's movie, and my mom said something about them, or, you know, the news saying that the part about the Bin Ladens being flown out of the country was a lie, that he was lying in this movie.
I've heard neocons all over talk radio blatantly say that it's a lie.
When Richard Clark admits it, Judicial Watch, far from liberals, you know, with an extra grind, got the actual documents that was 160 on 144, like I've been saying.
The Miami Herald, the Sun Sentinel, the AP reported three days after 9-11 about it.
The news went out and even caught video of the Bin Ladens getting on board the aircraft.
The White House admits it.
But the neocons say it's all a lie, just like they say Bush never said there were weapons of mass destruction.
The neocons, I've heard them say, Bush never said that!
It's an urban legend!
So your mom must listen to neocon radio.
Well, I know that my parents, yeah, they're both conservative.
Well, they're not conservative, sir.
They think they're conservative.
Ultimate mind-control slaves.
Yeah, I mean, it's...
Sort of a scary prospect to think of your parents that way.
I don't mean to be mean, but... No, no, I understand.
What did Mami say?
She just said, did you ask her what news said it was a lie?
It's like saying, we didn't invade Iraq, it's a lie, it never happened.
The sun didn't come up this morning, it's not made out of hydrogen.
I was pretty certain that it was true when I was talking to her.
So I thought, no, that's actual fact.
And then my dad said, are you going to believe...
Michael Moore or Fox News, and I didn't want to answer that question to my dad.
Well, what you do is, what you do is, is you go, and you go to Judicial Watch, or you link through at prisonplanet.com or infowars.com, and you go to the 9-11 archives, 600-plus articles on Prison Planet alone, and you go to the whole section flying out the Bin Ladens, and you can link through and get the actual Customs Department information
Yeah, that's... Yeah, I mean, that's the whole question, you know, how to convince the people who are watching, like,
Well, I haven't been watching Fox much, but I don't watch much TV to begin with, but it sounds to me like Fox is saying it's a lie.
I think that she was saying that.
I'm not sure.
Well, listen, I've heard the neocons, like they're reading off a script going, it's all lies, all made up, it's not true, it's all lies.
Man, I mean...
Moore has said he'll sue people that make those claims.
Well, he should, because they're clearly a pack of liars.
Now, Michael Moore did misrepresent and manipulate in bowling for Columbine, but he did not do it with Fahrenheit 9-11.
If he did anything, he gave Bush a pass.
Yeah, I kind of thought that, too.
It just doesn't make much sense.
I mean...
My parents, very intelligent people.
Look, look, look.
In 1984, the smartest people are the best at double thinking.
Double thinking isn't something that idiots do.
Double thinking is how smart people who are afraid deep down inside convince themselves to ignore the facts.
You were trying to say something.
Go ahead.
I was just saying it's all about cognitive dissonance.
If you get people to, you know, they hear the real story, and then from some other thing that looks credible, they hear a different version of the story, you know, it still leaves a question, you know?
That's it.
I appreciate the call.
Look, that's why Michael Moore was allowed to do this, because the film is not hardcore.
It's very interesting, very damaging, but it doesn't cover 5% of the truth.
And it says, oh, Bush is just an idiot and in business with the Saudis and accidentally let this happen.
He's a buffoon.
So that also sets the precedent that it isn't government involvement.
But more importantly, because Moore has done some shoddy, manipulative, questionable, dishonest work in the past, which I can say that with confidence, from case point examples in bowling and other things he's done,
Bowling for Columbine.
Then he comes out with this film, and people know they can't trust the out-of-control left.
And so, oh, the left is doing this, the radical left, so it must be a lie.
And so, see, it's easy to believe it, because we're all in this Clinton-era paradigm of Limbaugh's good, and he exposes the evil Democrats, and we can trust the Republicans.
So, you know, everybody's stuck in this error, kind of.
Let's go ahead and talk to T.J.
in Minnesota.
T.J., go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
I'm a little confused about the broadcast, because what's being aired isn't what I'm hearing on the phone.
So you don't have to explain it to me.
Anyhow... Well, no, I want to understand.
I don't know what you're talking about.
How are you listening?
Shortwave on...
9 or 4, 7, 5.
And you're hearing something else.
Completely different program.
It's not even a long delay.
So I hope you and I are live right now.
Well, we are.
They might have had a satellite problem, and then the station ran a tape.
We'll call and check that out, sir.
Okay, but now to my main point.
I left you a message.
You probably don't have time to check them all.
At 0-3-30 Central on the 4th of July, WWCR broadcast an interview...
With an Army light colonel, Mr. Brian Birdwell.
He wrote a book, Refined by Fire.
His experience was in the Pentagon.
And to me, the interview was revealing that something other than a plane hit the Pentagon.
But to the author of this book, light colonel Brian Birdwell, it built his faith and trust and da-da-da.
And he and his wife were greatly impressed about the Secret Service guarding the hospital where the victims were taking, and Bush called him up and congratulated him and da-da-da.
I would like to hear Alex Jones interview this colonel, promote his book if you want, but enlighten him on the other possibilities.
He also spoke of this tremendous concussion and vacuumed,
In the Pentagon, created by this tremendous explosion.
Well, that's not the way jet fuel burns, Alex.
Well, we know the White Hot Flash, most surveilled place in the world, and no video of the plane, just a video of a flash.
I hear you, and I appreciate the call.
Thank you, sir.
You bet.
Let's talk to Ishmael in Texas.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, you should try to wait tables at a seafood house with the name Ishmael.
Hey, buddy, how's it going?
That's when the jokes really start rolling in.
Well, I'm not making fun of your name.
I think it's a cool name.
Oh, no, I know.
It is funny.
Listen, yesterday you touched on urban legends, and you had just given a previous caller some buzzwords to type into a search engine for the seven-year tax exemption on immigrants.
Stupid urban legends on three different...
Search engines, that's number one information up there since 1998.
That's their most recent.
Touching on this topic, saying that it's not real.
And again, they say that the government didn't have prior knowledge, that the government didn't lie about weapons of mass destruction.
Everything's an urban legend.
No, I mean, it's been all over the news.
It's admitted that foreigners can get tax exemption.
I've talked to them.
I've been in their stores.
Yeah, I just wanted to say I'm another vote for having that information reposted on the front page because I'm excited to be able to pass that on and for sure send that over to them.
I mean, I know that it's the front organization there, that Urban Legends is full of it.
Phil, just to send that link over to them to show that they're lying.
And there are other people who link to that urban legend as their own definitive answer when they're, you know... I know, they know it all.
I mean, you know, some would say that's where God goes, that it's the brain of God.
I don't agree with that, but, you know, it's definitive.
Yeah, exactly.
In fact, they can tell us whether the unified field theory can be meshed with the theory of relativity.
I mean, these guys know everything.
The subatomic structure of the quark...
I mean, they... Look, these people know where the fountain of youth is at.
They know everything.
That's funny.
The government's good.
Never did anything wrong.
There's no mercury in the vaccines.
Submit to your government.
Worship world government.
It's all good.
I'm looking forward to a good search engine.
I know it's expensive, but that is going to be a good thing.
I've been to your site a couple of times for some other information, and once it was the draft, and I couldn't find anything on there.
Yet, I knew you had covered it.
Well, the draft stuff's all over the website.
I mean, that's...
That was actually a month ago, though, that I searched on the search engine for your site, and it didn't bring up anything.
Well, one of the bills is S-89, and it's in the House and the Senate.
Right on.
Thanks so much for your good job.
All right, I appreciate your call.
In fact, we have a draft section now on Prison Planet, but again, there's so many sections.
Let's go ahead now and go to Vince in Minnesota.
Vince, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex Jones.
It's a pleasure to be on your show.
Pleasure to talk to you.
Let's see here.
In our state capitol, at the first weekend of August, they're going to have like this...
Celebration and churches all around in the metro area here, Minneapolis-St.
Paul area, are promoting it.
But then you look in the advertisement of it and so forth, other areas of promotion is your Star Tribune.
And I'm scratching my head.
Sir, I apologize.
I'm not following what you're saying.
Something about churches?
Yeah, churches all around the metro are promoting this show.
Celebration of, I don't know, singing.
What I'm thinking of, it almost sounds like a celebration of freedom or something like that.
Something like Sean Hannity would come across with.
But anyway, I look and I see that the Star Tribune is promoting this.
And I'm thinking, well, if you're anything familiar with the Star Tribune, that's the Minneapolis paper, they're the biggest Christian haters in the world.
Well, I don't know about this particular thing, but Bush is recruiting through the churches, buying lists of...
The churches to hit them up for money.
The members, no telling what else they're doing with that list.
And they paid off the big churches with the promise of this faith-based initiative money.
And they are trying to do this ecumenical movement of kind of merging all the denominations.
It's very serious.
Also, with the voucher program, that will federalize...
The church schools and bring federal control there, which is being hailed by so-called conservatives, it's a horrible idea.
Unfortunately, the Christians are being deceived in that.
They think they're getting a good deal.
But the celebration, I guess it's called Lewis Parole?
I don't know if you've heard of him.
No, I don't know who it is.
Okay, all righty.
But anyway, I thought I'd bring that to your attention here in Minnesota that, I don't know, it's...
The mainstream churches, or I should say the 503 churches, are being so deceived into... Okay, hey, listen, thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
Take care.
When we come back, we'll talk to Lou and Texas and others and cover other pieces of news here.
We've got a whole third hour coming up.
I hope your station carries the third hour.
A lot of information coming up in that third hour.
I'll mention some of that before we end this hour.
Before I end this segment, though, remember PrisonPlanet.tv where you can subscribe for 15 cents a day.
You sign up for a year, 19 cents a day if you sign up for a month trial subscription.
All my videos are up there.
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I've been along straight into more calls.
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All right, let's go ahead and go to Louie in Texas.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Mr. Jones, you're a prophet.
No, I'm not.
I'm just an average guy.
What's going on?
No, you're not.
In my opinion, you're a gifted and wonderful human being that has an important destiny.
And I've just purchased your videos, and I'm a new member of
Prison Planet TV.
Oh, do you like it?
Oh, it's wonderful.
But the thing that bothers me is I think that only 1% of the people will listen.
And I've emailed you before about this programming.
And I wonder if you all could record Fox News and analyze it.
I mean, they're doing something.
Because your videos are so great and
And Michael Moore is out there making some noise.
It's not all completely accurate like what you're showing.
But, you know, no one wants to listen to anything.
I mean, 1% of the people will listen to you.
I live in El Paso, Texas, and I mean no one will listen.
I've lost, like, so many friends because they just refuse to listen to anything.
They want to follow the lead.
It's just like Hitler.
Well, do they get upset, though?
See, if they get upset, that's because deep down they know it's true.
And I have to tell you that different areas of the country have different responses.
Some areas, nobody listens.
Some areas, 10% listen.
In many areas, conservative, liberal areas, north, south, east, west, most people are waking up, but they feel alone because Dan Rather and Peter Jennings and Tom Brokaw tell us that we're all alone.
I've done over 1600 radio interviews, my friend.
And almost no one calls in that disagrees with me on other people's broadcasts where the host is attacking me, much less on my own show.
I mean, how much disagreement do you hear here?
You know, it's just over minor issues, or I'm not hardcore enough, or I'm not right-wing enough, or I'm not leftist enough, whatever paradigm they're in.
But, I mean, listen, maybe in El Paso, I mean, I've heard El Paso's kind of a news blackout zone, kind of a neocon kingdom.
It is.
It is.
With all the powerful people moving over there to Juarez.
I mean, I know billionaires and their sons.
And they come over here and I go to bars and talk to them.
And they own all the maquiladoras over there.
And I'm telling you what, there's more money in this little town.
You could not imagine.
GM, people... I can't imagine.
No, I know.
But no one will listen.
And they don't want to listen.
And it's scary.
You know, I mean, it's hard.
Well, sir, have you seen They Live?
No, sir.
You should go rent it or buy it.
What's it called?
They Live.
I'll absolutely go get it.
You know where you put the sunglasses on and you see the truth?
Well, you know, it's like when they finally find the traitors, you know, they're down in this subterranean command center, and, you know, their buddy walks up and goes, Well, guys, you finally joined the team.
Everybody wants a little.
You know you need it.
They can't beat me.
They run it all.
Why don't you just go along with it?
That's the attitude, Louie.
No, it's unbelievable, but another thing I want to comment about, I didn't know anything until February, and I had a friend in Houston, and he got on to me about being...
You know, I thought the Democrats are better, but after this Carrie Edwards saying this Bilderberg little minion... Hey, I tell you what, stay there.
Just stay there.
We'll talk about it in the third hour.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
You know, I'm on ABC's Star Guide, you know, big digital satellite station.
And we also, the network rents space on Clear Channel satellite.
No connection to Clear Channel.
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I'm also on Clear Channel during the day and at night.
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And on the Clear Channel digital feed, and all those feed numbers and information are at GCNlive.com.
Just a program note for stations, and you'll hear announcements on the satellite.
Oh, I tell you, there is so much here to cover.
I don't even know where to start.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
And I want to get into the drugging of children.
I want to get into, they're about to start the smallpox and anthrax shots.
Again, for the troops, a bunch of technology developments that are very, very interesting that we'll be going over as well.
And again, the toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
Also, the UN is moving to take over the Internet and start taxing it in the name of saving you from spam.
Why the spammers are so bad.
We have to have world government.
See, it's a global community.
We have to have global government to stop it.
So they're going to try to take over that free speech venue and regulate and control your speech and control domain names and the rest of it.
So we'll go over that as well.
But I want to hear from the listeners what you think, just list evils this government's committed against their own minions, against their own people, and then ask people in government how you can violate the Constitution, how you can swear an oath to it and then do it, and then go along with this system against the people where we're, quote, the civilians and you are the authorities.
No, you're civilians too.
Civilians run this country.
We're not in a military dictatorship.
Then you're against the military.
No, our military is sworn to stop a military dictatorship, which is being set up by the private banks that own our military industrial complex.
We were talking to Louie down in South Texas, and he was bringing up how he sees right through the Republicans and Democrats, especially with his Bilderberg Group minion, with his Skull and Bones minion, Kerry.
And so you can forget the presidential election.
It's a big diversion.
But go ahead and finish up your comments, Louie.
Well, all I wanted to say is that I have been straightened out about the left-to-right joke because, you know, two months ago, well, a month ago, when this guy was only Senator Bilderberg, I had a feeling that he was already the vice presidential candidate for Kerry.
And you have said it, and everybody else said it, and it's right in our face.
I mean, it's in our face.
It's ridiculous.
And everything's fixed, but what can we do?
Because the problem is, listen, only 1% of the people that I ever talk to will even think about listening to me.
I know pilots.
I know people that work for the DOD.
They won't listen.
They will not listen to anything.
I mean, it's scary to even say anything to anybody.
I have to tell you, sir, sir, again, I have the opposite response, and I guess it's the area you're in.
It is.
There's nothing really in El Paso, and it's just a big money-making operation, and people are all in the system, and they deep down know it's true.
They just don't want to admit it.
Hey, I appreciate your call.
Well, yeah, your movies are great, man.
Take care.
I just want to tell you that.
I appreciate it.
Well, thank you.
All right.
I appreciate you getting them, and that support is vital to this broadcast.
Alright, we'll come back.
Take more calls.
Come on, let's chronicle the evils of the globalists.
What are examples of them even, you know, trashing their own minions?
You know, the things we know they've done to the people.
How many lies have they been caught in?
Let's chronicle these.
We'll be right back.
Tons of news.
Your calls.
I'm Alex Jones.
PrisonPlanet.tv is the website.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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All right, my friends, and we're now eight minutes and 19 seconds into this third hour.
About to go back to the wide-open telephones, but first a few news items that are of great importance.
This is out of the PA News Channel.
Another top bioweapons expert killed.
It's over 50 now, folks.
Dying in airlocks.
In one case, the Washington Post reported on, a satanic cult cut one of their hearts out.
Sounds crazy.
It's true.
People dying, vans jumping curbs, running over them, backing back over them.
Down in Houston, people being shot in the back of the head, drowning in a puddle of water.
And they're all engaged in U.S.
bioweapons programs, or Russian, or Australian, or British.
And they're involved in the development, or the treatment, or the identifying of it.
People that could identify, oh, where that anthrax came from, or oh, where that weaponized smallpox came from, or how to treat it.
And it says, the pilot of an aircraft who died alongside three passengers when it crashed into a field was an expert in chemical and biological weapons that emerged today.
Dr. Paul Norman, 52, of Salisbury, Wiltshire, was killed when the single-engine Cessna 206 she was piloting crashed into Davon on Sunday.
A father and daughter also died at the scene.
A 44-year-old parachute instructor and Royal Marine Major Mike Wiltz later died in the hospital.
Could be an accident.
But we've done the statistics on this about a year ago when it was only like 30-something and it was way off the charts.
Something's going on.
Dr. Norman, who was married with a 14-year-old son and 20-year-old daughter, it's got to be over 50.
Last time we counted it up, it was like 54.
I don't know what it is now.
I see these every few weeks.
Dr. Norman, who was married with a 14-year-old son and 20-year-old daughter...
Was the Chief Scientist for Chemical and Biological Defense at the Ministry of Defense Laboratory at Porton Down.
And of course the former head of Porton Down Bio-Weapons Lab was Dr. David Kelly.
And he was seen by police with men in black uniforms standing around him who ran off.
And then he had his wrist slit with no real blood and one undigested pill in his stomach.
And he told friends, this has been in the mainstream news, that
They're going to kill me.
I'm going to be found dead in the woods if I don't shut up.
So this guy was the head there.
Well, very dangerous.
Of course, four years ago, it was the British government that released the foot and mouth from there, and that was admitted.
They claimed it was an accident.
Oh, let's just go back to the calls now.
We'll never get to all of them.
There's a bunch of other news here about the non-existent weapons of mass destruction and the blame game and a bunch of technology news, but...
Let's go to Joshua in Texas.
Joshua, welcome.
Joshua and Linda just hung up, the next two callers.
This is classic.
Michael in Colorado.
Michael, go ahead.
Hi, how's it going, Alex?
All right.
I just seen some information on the Internet not too long ago about something called NASA's Project Blue Beam.
I'm not sure if you've heard of it.
Yes, I have.
I just found a lot of this information very interesting.
Most people don't know about it.
I'm not sure.
Basically, I wanted to thank you for, you know, being out there doing what you can to help people get the fight going.
Well, thank you.
I mean, what did you get?
I mean, what did you hear about Bluebeam?
Because I can tell you about it.
Well, a friend of mine had told me that they're going to be using, like, low-frequency radio waves, kind of like telepathy, to control people.
I'm sitting here at the website right now.
Okay, the first stage is to have precise earthquakes around the world which result in new archaeological discoveries.
Basically kind of downing the doctrine of most religions that are out right now.
First off, sir, I'm going to put you on hold.
I need you to turn your radio off.
Is your radio on?
Just put that on, or whatever that is, that TV or whatever it is, turn it off because I'm having trouble following you.
Did you turn it down?
Yeah, I just paused it.
Okay, good.
Yeah, that'll be a couple minutes off.
Okay, good.
Okay, so continuing with what you were saying.
Okay, first they're talking about making earthquakes in certain precise locations around the world.
That will result in new archaeological discoveries revealing that all religions' basic doctrines have been misunderstood and misinterpreted.
And secondly, they're going to create a gigantic space show with laser projections of multiple three-dimension holographic images worldwide.
They will also appear to be the images of light gods speaking in multiple languages.
We're good to go.
Basically to deceive people into thinking that there's a big alien invasion.
You've noticed there's been an increase in all of these different limbo sightings and movies.
It's like all this psyops getting everybody prepared for everything.
But it just seems a little nerve-wracking that this is one of NASA's actual projects and how Bush just sent out $86 billion to make sure that we're going to Mars.
Yeah, and how this works is they...
Never do.
Even Halliburton is getting a few billion off that to, quote, study drilling on Mars.
So it's a perfect black box scam where the money goes in, we don't know where it goes.
But let me tell you what we know about Bluebeam.
There's a lot of people that claim they know all about it and embellish it and add things to it.
We know that there has been a program called Bluebeam.
Jane's Weapons Publications back in the early 90s reported they did do some tests
In the Iraq War, projections, high-powered holograms that can show a thousand-foot-tall Jesus or Muhammad or Buddha.
They admit the Baltimore... No, it wasn't the Baltimore Sun.
The Boston Globe reported late last year, and this is on the website in my DARPA Engineering and Beast System article that has most of the article's hyperlinks.
We have a hyperlink to the article where they admit that DARPA, the Defense Department Advanced Research Project... Mm-hmm.
Has developed these cell tower type systems that literally can calm us or make us sick and they admit they've developed this.
Of course, two years ago, no, three years ago, I had the CEO on of a company that's now in Tokyo and L.A.
and other areas.
Coke machines, soft drink machines that project audio to the skull where only you can hear it.
And so that's admitted.
That's part of Bluebeam Technologies.
And they do have this, and they have other old-fashioned stuff like opiate knockout gases, helicopters on pads all over the country, ready to knock out whole cities.
All of that is there.
The problem is they don't have the massive personnel.
To man all of that.
To man it, you know, it would take, that's why they've now announced a year ago, and now they're deploying them, giant telecommunications slash surveillance blimps.
They're going to be private blimps with government control that will be put up tens of thousands, I think they were saying like 80,000.
Feet in the air that will be solar powered and will just kind of hover up there.
Some will be tethered at lower levels, and then these can broadcast all of this, spy on us, project in clear weather, these hologram images.
And yes, there is a government program.
Like all the movies they've had prepping our brains for all this time.
Well, yes.
And I don't know if they'll ever activate the plan.
But certainly they do have it, and that's why I like the Las Vegas lights.
They've been accompanied, if there's any low clouds, by people seeing lasers shooting from rooftops, and then suddenly, but you'll only see the laser where it's going through clouds, so you'll see a laser in a cloud, and then off ten miles away, or five miles away, there's this UFO doing all these perfect turns, these square turns at 3,000, 4,000 miles an hour, and, oh, look, it's an alien!
Look at that light.
It looks like a disc.
It's flying around.
Meanwhile, people videotape lasers from rooftops and mountaintops shooting out, testing it.
So, yes, sir, they do have that.
It's good and crazy.
And also, when you get a chance, I have a website here that has information on nonlethal weapons that highlights weapons that have been in effect since the early 90s that are actually capable of doing these types of things that you're speaking about.
Okay, what's the website?
It's like www.adacomp.net.
Backslash, forward slash, tilde, MC Henry, forward slash, non-lethal.
Okay, hey, listen, I appreciate the call.
Let's talk to Larry in North Carolina.
Larry, you're on the air.
Yeah, hello, Alex.
Hello, sir.
I just wonder, you know all the Mexican trucks that the government has let come in?
Well, you know, now that they're trying to get trade with Central America, they'll get more drugs and aliens in here.
Well, and they'll also get rid of one of the final industries where you could actually make a living at a higher blue-collar level.
The Mexican trucks get three, four cents a mile.
We get 30-plus cents a mile.
And they're not going to be under the same standards via NAFTA, and there'll be no way to compete.
And the Supreme Court has said Bush can do this to us, and the Democrats love it.
Yeah, and then what will happen when the Mexican truck breaks down and one of our truckers has to go down and pick it up?
Well, on top of that, I mean, I've already seen in test cases these Mexican trucks with flat tires, pieces of rubber flying.
I mean, just pieces of junk.
I've also seen some real nice ones, to be fair.
But it's scary stuff.
It sure is.
Also, companies have gone right down to the border.
They just bring them across and hire them.
And the point is, we can't compete with all this basic slave labor.
But don't worry, the American people are going to be under a microscope, Larry.
Oh, yeah.
We're all going to be under a microscope, but all these foreigners, oh, no problem for them.
Yeah, but won't the truckers coming in here be able to help Bush's votes?
Of course they will, but it's not like the voting even matters.
They've got their CIA voting machines in place in 30% of the country.
Anything else you want to add?
No, I appreciate your coming back to me.
All right, sir.
Good to hear from you.
I'd like to hear folks talk about evil the government's carried out that we know that's confirmed.
We should really talk about that, callers.
Stay with us.
More news, more calls coming up.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
You know, I've listed in the first and second hour...
Many of the confirmed, premeditated, murderous activities of the globalists running our government.
And the callers have called in with many fine points and interesting news articles and questions and comments.
But really, we're going to continue with your calls and more news.
I want to hear from people of examples of where we've been lied to, which is confirmed, and then no one's held accountable, or where the government's done horrible things to the people.
It's an important process.
It's what happened with the committees of correspondence leading up to 1776.
People listed the crimes of the government, listed what their rights were, and how the government was violating them.
It's an important process to get people out of denial, to face the confirmed, admitted things that have happened.
Gershaw in Texas, go ahead, you're on the air.
It's good hearing you.
It's the first time I happen to hear you while changing my shortwave radio.
Well, good to have you on board with us, sir.
What's on your mind?
What's on my mind is simply this.
I will run a few things down by you.
Number one, many people might not be aware...
That the Republican Party right now is sending letters to all ministers and their first elders throughout the United States.
Asking for the names and information on all of their members?
That's correct.
Second thing is looking at the transaction of the United States role in the United Nations prior to the Saddam Hussein situation.
We can say that America is moving in a lawlessness direction that is very strong.
Well, what's happening is, sir, the globalists are using us as the bad cop to make the UN look like the good guys.
The other thing is that I noticed, and this is while observing the Bush campaign and administration from way back near the inauguration, it is obvious that there was an element of premeditated murder involved here.
Because he announced just around that time that the first thing will be on his agenda, and it came up on worldwide TV, that Saddam Hussein would really be involved there.
The other thing is that I want to run by you, because I've been following his campaign, is that he claimed in his campaign that he was going to clean the White House.
Yeah, that it would be the most ethical, good group ever, and meanwhile we have Halliburton and Enron, and the VP running Halliburton out of the White House.
That's all admitted now, folks.
Hundreds of billions of dollars of no-bid contracts, and the neocons say that isn't corruption?
So the thing is, I am looking at the question here.
Are we cleaning the White House of immorality and staining the carpet with Arab blood?
The other thing is that I picked up on European stations and not in the United States is the fact that many people who surrendered hoping that they would be free in Afghanistan
We're placing containers and they were all killed.
Okay, that's old confirmed news.
Our government admits that they put 3,000 innocent people in containers.
Half of them died after four days inside.
And they lined up the rest and machine gunned them.
And now the people that followed orders to do this are being charged with the Patriot Act.
And so they can't expose that they were ordered to do it.
So I'm asking the question here rhetorically, as it were.
If Saddam Hussein is guilty of murder of his own people... And he is under globalist control.
Why is it we have the same type of exercise of killing people under this administration?
Look, look, look.
They've put his number five guy in as the president.
They're putting all the Ba'athists back in because they were good old CIA boys back in the early 1980s.
So will we have another candidate also for mass murder charges?
That's my question.
Well, look, I mean, Saddam got up there last week and said this is all theater, it's all stage, and it is.
You have an appointed government with Chalibi's nephew, the head judge, in a staged tribunal with Saddam with no lawyer, if it's even Saddam, he's got all these doubles, up there doing this, and it just reeks to high heaven.
The military tried to keep it from even being televised.
None of it even holds water.
I mean, look, if Saddam is guilty, which he is, who is more guilty, the Don or the Capo?
The Don is more guilty.
Now, my last point here for your listeners is simply this.
If we have a man praying to God and getting direction from God...
Where is the connection with the skull and bones commitment that churches who feel God is direct in this country are falling for?
Does God speak through skull and bones commitment?
According to them, God speaks through Moloch, God speaks through Lucifer, God speaks through lies and war and destruction of America.
Thanks for the call.
And it's a good point.
I mean, people, it's out in the open, skull and bones, Bohemian Grove, and
Praying at Shinto shrines and saying Allah is the same God.
According to them, that's Christian.
That's Christian.
Saying our troops will be under UN control and UN courts is conservative.
I say it's not.
But again, I guess I'm a liberal because I'm for smaller government.
We'll be right back with more of your calls and more news.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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Let me ask the listeners a question.
Again, do any of you want to list the crimes of the New World Order?
List the lies of the New World Order?
And what do you think some of the criminal things they've done to the population are?
I can personally think of hundreds.
Listed dozens in the last couple hours.
Daryl in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
Thanks for holding.
Yes, Alex, and I want to give you an answer to your question, and you're aware of all of these, and this is the American wing of the New World Order, but their horrible treatment of America is fighting men and veterans.
First you had the atomic guinea pigs in the late 40s and 50s.
Then you had our veterans suffering from Agent Orange in the wake of the Vietnam War.
Then you had veterans suffering from Gulf War illness.
I thought it was 22,000.
You're right, Alex.
There's probably closer to 20,000.
I'm giving you conservative figures.
There's probably a combined total of 10,000 from the Vietnam War and the Korean War put together of MIA POW.
And then a lot of folks don't know about this.
In the Cold War, we had a lot of reconnaissance aircraft shot down, and some of those men are still in POW MIA status.
And, Alex, I used to fly reconnaissance aircraft against the Soviet Union, and I remember when I went through survival school, they promised us,
Oh, if you're ever shot down over enemy territory, and we didn't fly over enemy territory, we flew off in the ocean, but if you're ever captured, taken into enemy territory, we'll let no stone unturned.
We'll send in the Marines to get you out.
We'll send in fighter cover to blow the enemy up, and we'll never leave you behind, Alex.
And, you know, they lied.
They left so many of our men behind.
But there's a...
As you, I believe, have mentioned on your program, they treat our veterans, they kick them off to the side of the road after the war.
It's a cry in shame, and that's a very... Well, look at the depleted uranium, and they bomb the military sites that have our troops move into them, and they blood test them, and they're full of radiation, and then they get no treatment for it.
And it's going to be the same thing.
They waited until most of the veterans were dead from Agent Orange before they even admitted that it was a problem, and we're going to have the same thing with the depleted uranium.
You watch...
10, 15, 20 years down the line when these guys all start dying.
We don't have to wait that long.
We've had the head of the radiation department on, Dr. Rocky, and he literally wrote the book on it, and he says 4,000 have died.
Well, his team, everyone on his team is dead as far as I know, except him.
Of course, they got a lot more exposure because they were supposedly going around cleaning it up.
I think there's a prime example, Alex, is our MIATOW and, of course, all of the experimentation, which also included LSD and other things and biologicals and chemicals and plus shipping a lot of the – getting the information from the Japanese scientists.
Not to mention the government shipping and the narcotics.
They've been caught hundreds of times.
I mean, it goes on and on.
But, you know, a former military person yourself, I mean, how many –
What would you like to say to the military and the police and the FBI out there about who they're serving and what they should do?
I think that every military and police officer ought to know that their oath, if they still take one, is to the U.S.
Constitution and to the American people.
It's never to a government.
It's never to a fuhrer or president.
It is to the U.S.
Constitution and the American people.
And watch out, because just the record of the MIA POW ought to tell you that.
They'll lie to you to get you to go off and fight, wave the flag.
People wave the flag back here, and they'll leave you behind, and that's something to think about.
They don't care about millions of people dying in world wars.
They orchestrate them.
They make money by funding both sides.
They're just monsters, Alex, the people at the top.
They don't care about your son, your daughter, and it's never their son or their daughter, almost never, of a congressman or a president or vice president that goes off and fights in these wars.
Yeah, the last person I can think of was Joseph Kennedy's son.
And he ended up getting killed.
Yeah, he did.
Piloting from a chase plane drones.
Let me say one final thing, Alex.
Your videos are the best out there.
I just got your one that George Humphrey had put out.
That's a good video also in his booklet.
But I still think that your two videos, the 9-1-1 Road to Tyranny and the Masters of Terror, are the two best out there for waking folks up to what happened not only at 9-1-1, but the history of these globalists of orchestrating wars, burning down their own Reichstag building or burning down Rome.
It's just their normal modus operandi, and I urge people to get those videos.
I think your third best one is the Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Buy those three videos and get them out to police and military, because I've had great luck showing them to them.
They love your videos.
What response have you gotten to showing them to police and military?
I didn't actually show it to them.
I'd give them to several police officers and then invite their fellow police officers to come in and watch them with them and
And everyone that I gave out, Alex, I had several police officers coming back saying, when's Alex's next video out?
When's Alex's next video out?
They couldn't wait to get the next one to show them to their friends.
And as you pointed out on your show frequently,
That a lot of the police officers are aware of corruption, what's going on, and it doesn't take much to wake them up as to how the top... Well, I found with my films, especially people in the system, they watch them and they go, yeah, I was told that.
Yeah, I've seen that.
And then they already have all the dots.
We just connect them and go, okay, what do you see?
Exactly, Alex.
So I just urge everyone to get your videos.
Don't wait for a year or two years.
We may not have that.
I don't know how much time we have left in this country, but you've heard them say that the next terrorist event
Tommy Franks and General Ralph Eberhardt, others, that, oh, we're going to have troops in the streets.
We may have to cancel the election.
Constitution will be gone.
Well, that was just discussed.
The head of the Federal Elections Commission last week said we may cancel the election.
And, of course, as you've mentioned also, the mechanisms for the draft are being put in.
They've got probably floating 10 or 12 different proposals around.
Oh, but that's an urban legend.
It doesn't matter if the bills are introduced and senators are calling for it.
I believe it was S-89 and the H.R.
163 are two of the ones that are out there.
That's just two of them, but again, it's an urban legend.
Right, and it's a universal draft.
Most of those proposals, it'll take both men and women, your sons and daughters and granddaughters.
Oh, but it's not true.
It doesn't exist.
You made it up.
For one thing, Alex, we don't want our women in combat.
There's no reason to even put them in combat support, have them anywhere.
Well, the Israelis and Russians have tried it, and they pull them out.
It doesn't work.
The Russians used them to drive tanks to the front net, but basically they didn't use them in fighting.
The Israelis used them for a little bit, and then they stopped.
Yeah, that's all they used women for was to load them off railheads, drive them 50 miles to the front.
Plus, a man behaves differently when a woman beside him gets her guts blown out.
It's barbaric to put women anywhere where they can be captured.
It's bad enough for men.
So I just say God bless you and Violet, and thank you for all your hard work.
All right.
Thank you, Darrell, and God bless you.
I appreciate the support.
Look, folks, the Private Lynch thing produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, that was produced by him, Old Fable, as she called it, and then the people in the unit and those that saved her blew the whistle, and then five of them got their heads blown off within a week, and suddenly she went public and said, it's all fake, it's all fake, because she would have, Private Lynch had an automobile accident today, and we will always remember our hero.
All those that blew the whistle and said it was fake died, but she went public quick enough, you know, she was next, trying to keep that fable going.
That was meant to sell us on women in the military.
So if you like that movie production, you know.
Let's talk to Mark in Louisiana.
Mark, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Hey, listen, you know, I've got your videos and stuff, and I show them to people, and I...
It's rather disheartening sometimes when I show them to family and friends.
Or try to show them to family and friends.
Well, a prophet isn't accepted in his own country.
I'm not saying you're a prophet.
I'm just saying he's in that mode.
And you heard a caller earlier say nobody listens.
The last caller says almost everybody listens.
That's been my experience.
Then you say it's disheartening.
Family thinks you're putting them down.
Salesmen will tell you this.
It's hard to sell your own family or spouse or neighbors.
It's very easy to sell people you don't know.
Because, you know, all this family infighting has been engineered into it.
So I wouldn't waste your time on family and friends.
I'd move on to almost total strangers.
Well, okay.
You know, you want to prepare the people that you care about the most, you know, because you want to see them make it through, you know.
So that was basically my question was what advice you had for us to get disheartened about the whole rejection.
They don't even want to, even if you tell them and show them, they still don't want to believe it.
They say, well, I just don't believe it.
So you show... They'll watch the videos?
Well, like this one friend of mine.
You know, he's watched bits and pieces of it when I could get him to watch it.
And then, you know, I tell him, I say, look, you know, he's all for Bush.
And I say, well, look, Bush has done more to eviscerate the Constitution and the Bill of Rights than any other president alive.
And he says, well...
I just don't believe it.
And I said, well, look, watch this.
You know, he's like, I just don't believe it.
You know, no matter what you say, I just won't believe it.
You know, it's crazy.
Well, I would just pearls before pigs.
I mean, I wouldn't waste your time with that.
I mean, if somebody just says, I don't believe it, and then that's their debate, and the doctor says you have brain cancer, and the first thing is, I don't believe it.
So, you know, the country has brain cancer, and they just go, I don't believe it.
But I would just move on to other people.
You'll find folks that want to be informed and want to get involved.
Okay, well, thank you, Alex.
Good luck to you.
Hey, I appreciate it, and thanks for taking action and trying to wake people up.
Also, a lot of people that watch the videos won't believe it now, and then later they'll hear it later in the news, or later they'll be abused by the system and will go, you know, I heard that.
So it's like you plant seeds in a field and a lot of them don't come up one year, but maybe two years down the road or three years down the road, they call them volunteers, you've got a whole crop of winter wheat out there that did come up and you didn't even plant the field that year, but there was lots of rain.
And the tyranny is the rain.
The tighter they squeeze, the more resistance.
So a lot of people are in denial because they don't see it touching them.
They will get out of the denial as they get squeezed tighter.
So just keep planting seeds.
Move on.
Don't pay attention to people that just... I mean, if somebody wants to argue with you or bring up points, that's somebody that you can talk to.
Or if they're open and want to discuss, spend time with them.
But if they just laugh at you out of hand and go, government's God, government never did anything wrong, just say government does anything wrong and should be watched and controlled, that's crazy.
Well, then the founding fathers are crazy and history's crazy.
But these are masters of denial, masters of being lazy.
You know, just kings of staying out of it.
We're a nation of spectators, my friends.
People don't want responsibility.
And so they're going to be slaves.
All right, let's talk to Jay in Colorado.
Jay, go ahead.
Jay hung up.
What's up with callers calling and hanging up?
Who's up next?
Chris in California.
Chris, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Hey, I thought it was appropriate you touched on brain cancer to the last caller.
One of the things I'm calling about to kind of chronicle the globalist tyranny is the above-ground atomic and nuclear testing in Nevada that happened through the late 40s and all through the 50s, pretty much.
Also went on during the 60s.
Yeah, and there was this one time when a whole cloud of it blew over southern Utah and just killed a bunch of sheep, you know, like millions of sheep.
And then people started getting sick.
And the government still pretty much claims national security.
Orrin Hatch actually managed to set up some sort of a compensation fund that gives these so-called downwinders
No, I understand, and...
And, you know, the above-air testing was horrible.
The radiation level of the Earth is much higher now because they've done this.
And they just don't care.
And they don't even... Their own people running the programs got sick and died from it.
And now I hear Bush wants to, you know, if he hasn't already, just break a lot of these... And he wants to start above-ground nuclear testing again.
And that's the word I wanted to get out.
And besides just saying thank you for everything you're doing, you've been a real inspiration to me.
I've started putting my art on the lab, and I hope people can get to it.
Your art on the lab?
Yeah, I've started a little T-shirt shop.
I've started putting some art on.
Actually, one of my pictures was on your site for a while.
It was great.
Well, that's wonderful, my friend, and I want you to keep it up.
God bless you.
Take care.
Oh, my goodness.
Boy, I tell you.
What are we going to do, people?
What are we going to do?
There's so many things they've done to us, and they're social Darwinists, and social Darwinists believe in social evolution, that they're the elite, they're ruthless, that they can feed on us like cattle, like bugs, they call us bugs, because we're dumb and aren't fighting them, because we aren't involved, because we're stupid, and that they have a right to do whatever they want because survival of the fittest.
And so they're breeding us to be stupid, mindless idiots!
And to watch people defend a system that's chewing their guts out makes me angry!
Who's up next here?
Scott, who should I go to next?
Joe in Wisconsin, go ahead, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex, thanks for taking my call.
You bet.
You asked for insidious examples of government inaction.
I've got one for you.
Government evil, yeah.
Oh, yes.
This is kind of going along the NAFTA rails.
It's temporary agencies in Milwaukee.
They depress the wages and all the evil that comes from that.
You'd think that the world's number one employer would be like Walmart or Mickey D's.
It's called Manpower.
And what it does is it
Well, that's it.
And then they set up these day labor sites, like here in Austin, that is openly for illegal aliens, and they discriminate against citizens, whether they're Hispanic or black or white.
Of course, because why hire somebody for three times the wage when you can get this guy locked in off the street for one-third of what you have to pay somebody else?
You don't give him benefits.
Basically how you bust unions.
And then you design the system where the illegals lived into a house, but to be a citizen in the system, there's no way to pay the taxes, the fines, the fees, the regulation.
Then they force you into welfare, and the welfare there, the CPS breaks up your family, they force your children on drugs, on these deadly vaccines.
Oh, you don't have to take the vaccines, but if you're on welfare, you do.
And then they can't get you on welfare, they get you into the criminal justice system with millions and millions of people in these private prisons getting 20 cents an hour, even displacing the illegal aliens to the point that some illegal aliens are leaving.
Well, it's sad to hear that the truckers are losing their jobs down there because right now that's about all that the United States has left for growth industry.
I mean, I see RPMs, LPNs, those are registered nurses that...
Service industries, that's all we've got left.
And even those are breaking down.
I mean, how do you live on seven bucks an hour?
How do you raise a family?
I mean, I know people working 60, 70 hours a week, hard work in two degrees, and, you know, they work for a corporation part-time, and they work at the grocery store the rest of the time, and...
Both parents are working.
That's how they want it so the kids are in school being brainwashed.
I love the New World Order.
Thanks for the call.
We'll be right back.
Great points.
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I think so.
I think so too.
We're good to go.
I think?
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, Russell in Florida.
You're on the air.
Alex, pleasure to listen to you.
Go ahead.
You must have the most educated, well-knowledged people, I think, on the planet that listen to your show.
We have a lot of great people, yes.
Yeah, you do, and you should be proud of yourself because it gives me hope to listen to so many people out there that know what's going on and talk about how this government has been corrupt for probably well over 100 years.
It dates back a lot further than that, but the past 100 years we've been seeing the New World Order come down on our heads.
And now it's just mass looting, just pell-mell, unbridled corruption running wild.
It's everywhere you look at.
It's spiritual.
But you talk about these people that are in denial.
Isn't it sad when your own family members, people in your own family that should listen to you, call you a wacko or discredit you or try to say, well, we're not going to bother looking at this evidence.
We're just going to flick it all off because it can't be happening.
This can't be happening.
That's right.
It can't happen here.
Well, that's because they don't know history, so they're doomed to repeat it.
The norm is corruption and evil and wickedness.
That's what made America special is we weren't as bad as other countries.
And now we're becoming a shining example of evil.
That's right.
We're repeating Germany all over again, it seems, doesn't it?
With a high-tech overlay.
Yeah, with a high-tech overlay.
I've sent out emails to people regarding the Northwood documents, Silverstein claiming the World Trade Center.
They pulled World Trade Center 7.
All the news articles going back to 1995 that relate to potential terrorist attacks using airliners to run into buildings, especially mentioning the World Trade Center.
I've talked about the Federal Reserve and the usury debt banking system.
People see all this stuff.
They can't deny it.
They can't disprove it, but yet they don't want to believe it.
It's absolutely amazing, Alex.
Well, remember, though, people that want to be cattle or furniture don't count the equation.
It's us against the globalists.
And the 5% that's really awake, and I'd say it's more than that, in the country, outnumber the globalists in their millions, thousands to one.
We've all got to stand up and be leaders.
Thanks for the call.
Good to hear from you.
One final caller.
Harry in Colorado.
Harry, go ahead.
Thank you, Alex.
You bet.
I'd like to share this that I have a little bit
I'm going to point out real quick, mercy triumphs over judgment.
I'd like to explain how that works.
If that's considered, the government, 30% is all good, 68% is corrupted, and 2% are either evil or ignorantly evil.
If we work on that and say that those 98% need a refuge, it changes our motives.
And those motives being changed in such a matter,
We're doing everything for our government's good, and then if they do a night of breaking glass as Hitler did, then when that happens, if they do this, what it did is it made everybody look bad and united the government into one against the public in suspicion of the public.
But if we express motives that are pure, then the government suddenly, the compromise become our, all of a sudden our neighbors want to have a refuge for our leaders.
If we go for a refuge for our leaders, you'll have the CIA, FBI, ATF all on your side.
Okay, I've got to let you go.
We're out of time, and I don't have enough time.
You can call back later to get into psychological discussions.
Great broadcast today.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2 Central during the day.
9 to midnight Central Standard Time, of course, every evening.
On the Global Shortwave during the day at 94.75.
At night at 3210 or on your local AM or FM station.
And, of course, don't forget the new website, prisonplanet.tv.
Want the toll-free number to order my videos or books or the other videos and books we carry?
It's 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or presentplanet.com or infowars.com to order via our safe, secure shopping cart.
Or just go watch all the films for 15 cents a day at presentplanet.tv and read our books.
Alright, as I said, back tonight, night and midnight, back tomorrow.
Get out there and stand up against tyranny.
Defend your family.