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Air Date: July 6, 2004
2339 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, my friends, it feels like a Monday, but it's Tuesday...
I hope you all enjoyed your Independence Day weekend, July 4th, 2004.
I certainly needed some time off and taking off a few days and spending it with the family.
Getting done a whole bunch of innumerable chores I had to do was a distinct pleasure.
And it makes me enjoy coming back to the microphone even more.
Most of your big national talk show hosts are taking off two weeks, three weeks, but not I. I just took off a couple days, and it is good to be back in the saddle again.
I feel renewed, invigorated.
Oh, there is so much to cover.
I mean, we've got four or five days of stuff just stacked up.
It's all vitally important.
I remember reading the...
Army's own report of raping women and beating children at Abu Ghraib and it's going on at the other prisons.
It's going on at Camp X-Ray.
And people just couldn't believe it.
And again, they only released, what, 20-something photos.
They have several thousand photos, several hundred videos of stuff even worse.
And now details of that are coming out.
And these neocons have gone on talk radio, defended the torture, said it's okay, said it's fraternity fun, and now it's coming out in Newsweek and Drudge and Associated Press.
Raping children, beating children, how on earth are you people going to spin that one?
Now, you've been denying it all along, as it's already been admitted, but here it is, mainstream news.
How are you going to spin that one?
How are you going to say that's normal and okay?
Because the rest of us are normal, and we think it's bad.
We think the people raping women and children should be executed.
And those that gave the orders should be tried and held accountable as well.
I mean, this is how sick our society's gotten, my friends.
So we'll go over that.
Edwards will join Kerry on U.S.
Democratic ticket.
He went to the Bilderberg Group meeting a month ago.
I mean, we knew he was going to be the boy when we heard that.
Good news, U.S.
Marine purportedly released by militants in Iraq.
Kerry picks, again, Bilderberg, inviting Edwards to be his running mate.
There's a bunch of Big Brother news, and I remember, what, five, six years ago, reading the federal documents on this.
They're going to start satellite tracking and taxing you to drive your car, a global tax, by the way, put in at the state level.
This is out of the Seattle Times.
Oregon detests mileage tax as replacement for gas tax.
That is the state gas tax.
They're going to keep the federal, so there'll be multiple taxes.
This is a federal initiative.
Fahrenheit banned in Iowa theaters for inciting terrorism.
That's right.
The new Soviet Republic of America.
Concerned about rifle replicas, Mexican soldiers interrupt funeral of U.S.
Marine killed in Iraq.
Can't even have toy guns in the embassy in Mexico.
They wanted to bury the young man in Mexico, the young Marine.
And the Mexican troops went into the middle of the funeral, detaining Marines, grabbing fake rifles, wanting to arrest them, surrounding them.
And Mexico's quite proud of this behavior, of course.
Imagine if we did this to Mexican troops, who, by the way, are here with loaded firearms.
Also, congressmen suggest Bush hiding Osama.
Remember, I told you two and a half years ago that my White House force said that
He died of kidney failure.
It was literally frozen.
They were going to roll him out before the election.
I don't know if that's going to happen.
That's what the White House source told me.
A high-level source.
So there's just so much coming up in the next...
Two hours and 55 minutes.
You do not want to miss it.
And some great guests.
PrisonPlanet.tv and Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com are the websites.
Incredible news posted on them.
Check them out.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, feels like Monday, but it's Tuesday, my friends.
The sixth day of July, 2004.
Thank you for joining us.
All right, I'm sure you've all heard the big announcement.
Oh, it's so important.
The Bilderberg Group minion has been selected to be on the Skull & Bones ticket of John Forbes Carey to run against Skull & Bones captain George W. Bush.
So Long Devil...
That's his skull and bones nickname that's chosen, well, the wonderful John Edwards.
And then we have Bush with Dick Cheney.
But Bush, there's been rumblings, even in the USA Today, with the official paper's statements about maybe somebody should be selected other than Dick Cheney.
But in the final analysis, it doesn't really matter.
They're all just puppets to begin with.
The number one thing we've got to expose is that Bush is not a conservative, so conservatives will stop going along with his globalist agenda.
But before I get into all of that, more than 100 children imprisoned, some abused.
Again, torture is now abuse or what they call pressure.
So when somebody kidnaps your wife and rapes them and beats them half to death,
Again, that's how they're redefining words in this Orwellian lexicon of semantical dialects.
More than 100 children imprisoned, some abused, at Abu Ghraib.
Again, some abused.
You mean tortured.
According to information from the International Red Cross, more than 100 children are imprisoned in Iraq, including the infamous prison in Abu Ghraib.
And that's at any one time.
It's much higher than that.
And they go on to say that it could be higher.
Remember, the Red Cross is a whitewashing organization, a known intelligence agency of the globalists.
I'm not talking about you who volunteer for the Red Cross.
You've done a good job.
I mean, at the higher levels internationally, that's well-known, research it.
But continuing here with this information, it came out in the military's reports.
In one of the reports a few months ago, that 70 to 90 percent, depending on which of the 32 camps, they have some new secret ones we just learned of.
A large number of those, we don't have the actual number, because there are other secret ones.
We've learned the names and locations of several of them.
That they just stop whole families at checkpoints.
And if anyone's papers are out of order, or if they have some firewood or something that looks like it might have been stolen, the entire family, dad, mommy, two or three children, are taken to Abu Ghraib and other camps.
And mommy is beaten or raped in front of daddy.
And yes, things are even done to the children.
Now, we need to repost this under this article.
I need to call my webmaster and tell him to do this.
He's probably listening.
Paul, you need to find that Washington Post article from two years ago where the CIA section chief, when they were all telling us how good torture was of the Middle East, told the Washington Post that, oh, we fly people to third-party countries like Jordan and Egypt where we can torture them and their children in front of them.
That was back when we were being told how good torture was.
It was being promoted, you know, pedal to the metal.
And back when they thought the climate was accepting this.
So we have them on record saying that they torture children.
They're quite proud of it.
I mean, who in their right mind would torture children, much less brag about it in the Washington Post?
We have posted a lot of flashbacks where they admit the torture and tell us how good it is.
Now that we see the images of it, they want to tell us that it's no big deal, just some fraternity fun, people blowing off a little steam.
More than 100 children imprisoned, some abused at Abu Ghraib.
Between January and May of this year, that's just this year, we've registered 107 children during 19 visits in six different detention locations.
But remember,
Whole wings of these detention centers are off-limits, even to military generals.
Army generals.
Kilpinski wasn't allowed in.
The private contractors from the CIA run it, and they hire special prison guards out of federal prisons, give them extra pay, and sign them on to the U.S.
Army to go serve in these things.
It continues.
Between January and May of this year, we've registered 107 during 19 visits in six different detention locations.
Again, that's six locations of 32 we know of, and that's the wings they're allowed to investigate.
So again, the numbers are much higher.
The representative of the International Red Cross, Florin Westhall, Westhall, excuse me, told the TV station SWR Magazine Report that
...that noted that these were places of detention controlled by coalition troops.
According to Westfall, the number of children held captive could even be higher.
No kidding.
You've only been to six of the camps, of the known camps.
And you're not allowed into most of the wings.
So, hmm.
The TV magazine also reported of evidence of eyewitness reports according to which U.S.
soldiers also abused children...
And youthful detainees.
Samuel Provence, a staff sergeant stationed in the now infamous Abu Ghraib prison, said that interrogation officers had pressured young girls.
Military police had only intervened when the girl was already half undressed.
On another occasion, a 16-year-old was soaked with water, driven through the cold, and then smeared with mud.
And again, this is, I mean, the Army's own report says raping them, so this is a whitewash.
UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, oh, see, they get to play the good cop and save everybody when the UN's involved in industrial child kidnapping, confirmed the detention of Iraqi children by foreign military according to a report which cited the interim memorandum of the organization.
To children who were detained in the cities of Urbala and Bazar because of alleged activities against the occupying forces were reportedly routinely sent to detention camp in Umm Qasr.
The classification of these children as detainees is worrisome because it includes unspecified length of detention without contact with their families pending further proceeding or legal actions.
Now that's Der Spiegel's whitewash.
And Drudge is reporting on it, Newsweek, Time.
You can read all that at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com right now.
Oh, side issue.
I took my wife and friends to go eat at the International House of Pancakes yesterday.
And so I bought a USA Today...
And it had this big multi-page article about how, I meant to keep it, I left it in the restaurant, but it had a headline like, you probably saw it, Supreme Court Justices Defending Liberties!
And then it had all these lies in it, all these, I meant to save that and bring it on air, all these cases.
It said, why, just last week they said that detainees have rights to trial.
And no, the ruling said that the president can secretly arrest you for any reason and not give you a trial, but you can complain to the secret military tribunal.
And then this is hailed as liberty.
Oh, secret arrest of citizens, no trial, this is freedom.
And there were countless examples of this, where they hailed the court as...
The court has ruled that they don't have to pay you for land they take.
The court has ruled you have to answer police questions when they question you.
Not even in your car, but in your backyard or on your own property.
You've got to show your ID.
No Fifth Amendment.
You've got to answer their questions.
Something our own troops don't have to do when they're captured by enemy soldiers.
And it just went on and on.
But see, the average person reads that and goes, oh, they're defending my liberties.
You know, they said, oh, they'll throw the Patriot Act out.
No, they didn't.
Oh, they'll throw out campaign finance reform.
No, they didn't.
I mean, the Supreme Court has said that they're following the orders of the UN, ladies and gentlemen.
Just a side issue I wanted to get off into for a second.
What do you think of all this?
Wide open telephones.
We'll get you up and on the air.
Now, this is getting really interesting.
Iraqi militants deny U.S.
beheading BBC.
This is now proof of what was suspected all along.
This is our comment.
Phony al-Qaeda groups with websites based in the U.S.
are claiming responsibility or acting as patches for numerous different events.
This has psych-ops written all over it, Paul Watson wrote.
Then we have the BBC article.
The Islamic militant group Ansar al-Sunni...
Suna, sorry, has denied reports it beheaded a U.S.
Marine in Iraq.
A statement that the group had killed Corporal Wasif al-Assoni, an American of Lebanese origin, was made on two militant websites on Saturday.
And again, they tracked back to neocon front group websites.
But on its own website, Ansar al-Suna denied responsibility for the statement.
And then in another article here, now, U.S.
Marine reportedly released by militants in Iraq.
This is AFP, a U.S.
Marine held hostage in Iraq, was released according to a statement purportedly from an Islamic militant group received by the Arab television channel Al Jazeera.
The statement attributed to the Islamic retaliation movement, which had previously threatened to behead Corporal Wasif al-Hassanu,
Again, I can't pronounce these names.
I apologize.
So the Lebanese-born Marine was returned to his safe base.
Marines said they had no news of his release and were still listing him as captured.
So very, very suspicious there, and this all has CIA written all over it.
And if you don't know those state stuff like that, the official U.S.
government terror plan, Northwoods, calls for killing Marines, having U.S.
Army soldiers dress up as foreign troops, kill U.S.
Marines, and blame it on foreign enemies.
So, interesting.
We hope he is okay, because we support the troops.
We don't support the globalists using them as birdcage liners, though.
All right, we'll be back.
There is just so much news and your calls.
We'll talk about Kerry and his running mate and much more.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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I'm Alex Jones, your host.
The calls are coming up, and then I'm going to get into Edwards will join Kerry on U.S.
Democratic ticket.
Kerry picks Bilderberg and Bidey Edwards to be running mate.
Oregon to test mileage tax as replacement for gas tax.
Again, satellite trackers.
Fifty bucks when you get your tags.
A federal global plan.
I've read the federal reports, had guests on from the federal board five, six years ago, and here they are moving forward with it.
Man, I tell you, we've got to fight this system.
It's so hellish.
Fahrenheit 9-11 banned in Iowa theaters for inciting terrorism.
Can't criticize the government.
Concerned about rifle replicas and Mexican soldiers interrupt funeral of U.S.
Marine killed in Iraq.
Wait until you hear about that out of the Houston Chronicle.
There is just so much here today we'll be covering.
But right now, let's talk to Paul in Delaware.
Paul, good to talk to you.
How you doing, my man?
Man, there's just so much I would love to talk about because there's just so many issues.
But I'm going to leave it to children today.
Have you seen the tape in Hartford, Connecticut, where the kid was...
What happened?
I saw a little blurb about that over the weekend, but I didn't see the photos.
Yeah, well, they've got a lot of things that they're calling academies.
And I'm telling you, these things, you look at them, they're nothing but like little prisons.
Well, no, what happens is your child is late to class a few times in Austin.
Literally, that's considered truancy now.
We're talking straight-A students.
They didn't threaten the parents to sign over rights.
They didn't send them to these correctional schools, which are prisons, yes.
This happened last week, and I was watching my local news article.
I just saw a blurb, but I see so many reports of government abuse of children that don't even cover them 90% of the time.
So what happened?
Yeah, this one's interesting.
So anyway, I was watching my local news, and I actually seen the correctional officer grab the kid by his underwear and rip him off of his body.
And now when I'm reading the article in the paper, it says a boy has his clothes cut off...
Because he refused to take his medication, and then when you get into the article, he refused to take his Ritalin.
And then he's viciously abused, and that's his punishment.
And my second point, you were talking about Abu Ghraib?
Abu Ghraib, yeah.
And they were taking off whole families?
Well, if you look in North Korea, they do the same thing.
And I don't know why, but I'm thinking that it's probably because...
You have... If someone takes one of your loved ones, even though you might be someone apathetic on the sidelines, if someone takes your loved one, you just might snap.
And I'll tell you, at 14-year-old, one thing that people make a mistake with is because if someone's living out in Iraq or whatever, they think that they would be, you know, uneducated.
But just because these people are living in dusty areas, don't think these people are stupid.
And at 14-year-old, I mean, these...
Some of these kids have got machine guns in their hands, so, I mean, you have to take the whole family, you know, off to camp.
All right, well, thanks for the call.
Seventy to ninety percent of those stop at checkpoints are totally innocent, and that's the Army's own report, depending on the checkpoint, and they're taken to the camps.
Tortured until proven guilty or innocent either way.
And it's simple.
An upright, decent person cannot torture someone.
And so they've got to hire people that enjoy it, that like it.
And so the people that work at these government camps here in the U.S.
forcing drugs on children, many times are the worst people in society.
They're smart criminals, though.
They like to abuse children, so they go to a place where they can do it and get away with it.
And they can, as you just said, I saw the article, didn't see the video that was on the news, where they abuse children on television now and say this is discipline.
They're realigning the definitions.
Whereas if a parent did that, you'd have your children taken from you.
But the government does it, and it's good.
And I remember three years ago, Newsweek had the headline, you know, five times more likely to be abused in foster care.
And that's these big government buildings, these facilities, and it's federally funded.
But I don't know how the neocons are going to defend raping women and children at these camps in Iraq, but I'm sure they will.
These are sick, evil people.
And, you know, heaven help us for what we've been used for, what this country's been turned into.
When we come back, we'll talk to Bob, Delilah, Moe, Arthur, many others.
Toll-free number to join us on air, 1-800-259-9231.
I'll speed through your calls.
And then we'll go to all the Southern news.
And believe me, there's a lot of it.
It's all important.
You don't want to miss it.
PrisonPlanet.tv, InfoWars.com are the websites.
We'll be back after this quick break, so please stay the course.
And remember, the state is not God.
The government is not God.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, 33 minutes and 20 seconds into this first hour.
Paul Joseph Watson joins us once a week.
He'll be joining us halfway into the next hour.
Loaded phone lines about to go back to your calls, and I'll get into, well, the international gas tax for you and your family, the Big Brother system is going into place, John Kerry's new running mate, and all the hoopla surrounding that.
But first, your calls.
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Now, with the ten videos I've made, not the others I carry because I can't authorize that, but with the ten videos I've made...
You're authorized.
I want you to make copies of them for non-profit, not for self-purposes.
I want you to get them.
I want you to put them on AXS TV.
I want you to make copies of them and give them to your pastor or your rabbi or your neighbor or that local talk show host.
90% of those that see the films are waking up.
All right, here's the toll-free number to order, my friends.
That's 888-253-3139, or you can just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
So again, the toll-free number is 888-253-3139 or 3001 South Lamar Suite 100, Austin, Texas 787-04.
Yes, I got a Fahrenheit 9-11 flyer report for you.
Oh, did you print out some of my flyers and go to the event?
Yeah, I went down to Tinseltown there just off of 35 Friday, and there was about, oh, probably 100 people there, and I positioned myself to distribute them.
But I had kind of an unusual reaction to it, and I think it was because of the negative bent that the New York Post article had about Moore.
What happened was, because these people are first-level thinkers, they think it's an either-or thing.
And if they see anything negative, they think you're completely against it.
And I was almost besieged.
When I was passing them out before they had a chance to read them, they were snatching them out of my hands.
I couldn't get them out of my hands fast.
They were feverishly snatching them out of my hands.
That's how enthusiastic these people were.
But when they read that first line from the New York Post, some of them apparently thought that it was negative and it was going against the movie.
I almost found myself besieged by these people, and I was confused because I was trying to explain to them that, you know, the movie's good.
It told part of it, but I said there's much more to it.
It's far worse than what Mr. Moore is telling you.
Well, listen, Paul Watson made a simple flyer.
That is not negative and just says, you know, dude, what's the rest of the story?
Or there's more to the story.
And that's the flyer I recommend everybody use.
Or to have that on the cover sheet and then to put the flyer that we made on the back.
Because, yeah, I thought that that New York Post was negative and that people are first-level thinkers.
They're not multifaceted.
They're very emotional.
But it's frankly a better flyer in that if they do read it, they'll find out that, hey, there is more to the story.
But you're right.
I mean, this is how the Republicans and Democrats are.
They're totally in this group think.
And I had some of the same response handing them out myself.
But let me, since you bring this up, let me raise this to folks.
Listen to this.
It says, This was reported by the Associated Press.
Despite expanding its run to 1,710 screens nationwide, Fahrenheit 9-11 won't be shown at select theaters in Iowa.
That's also happened in a few other places as well.
Fridley, the president of Des Moines-based Fridley Theaters in Iowa in Nebraska, is refusing to show the incendiary documentary, claiming it incites terrorism, reports the AP.
Now listen to this doublespeak.
Fahrenheit is a highly critical look at President George W. Bush's connections with high-ranking Saudi families, including Osama bin Laden.
No, it's a whitewash.
And questions his actions and motives regarding the war in Iraq.
In an email to his company managers, Pridley stated that the company does not play political propaganda films for either the right or the left.
Most of the things you air, sir, are left-wing propaganda.
Give me a break.
The message also continued to state, and he says he's not partisan, but listen to this.
It's going to come out of Michael Savage's mouth.
The message also continues to state, quote, Our country is at war against an enemy who would destroy our way of life, our culture, and kill our people.
Well, there was some police action here, too, I wanted to tell you about.
Well, I won't hear the rest of it, but let me just finish.
These barbarians have shown through the attacks of September 11th and the recent beheadings that they will stop at nothing.
I believe this film emboldens them and divides our country even more.
Fahrenheit won Best Picture at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival in May and held the top spot at the box office on its opening weekend, breaking numerous records.
Go ahead and finish up.
So you're handing these out.
Some people are getting upset by them.
You're explaining it to them.
What happens next?
Well, I got 67 out, including one to a DPS officer and a Bastrop County Sheriff's deputy that was in plain clothes.
Well, I did as you suggested.
As soon as the manager came in and tried to run me down, I said, okay, I'm leaving the building.
I'm exiting the premises.
And as I was leaving...
I'm a Bastrop County detective.
At a Bastrop County.
This is in Travis County in Austin, Texas.
It was a joke, but this guy was doing an extraterritorial police action on me for some reason.
Hey, listen, I've got to talk to you.
We've got to write a news article about this.
So he thinks that... I mean, this guy... Oh, my gosh.
Well, he finally gave me an ultimatum.
Please continue.
I challenged him right down to his teeth.
I said, look, I haven't done anything.
He said...
Well, look, I'm taking the gloves off now, and basically he gave me an ultimatum, and I realized what he was coming to, and I said, I understand now.
If I don't ID myself, I've committed a crime.
So I whipped out my license, gave it to him, and he looked it over, and he wanted to cite me for criminal trespass, and by then the manager was there standing by us.
Then a DPS pulls up, and by the way... Now, by the way, obviously they just want you to leave.
You've given to the DPS.
They're all happy.
I'm in the parking lot heading for my car.
And some off-duty cop from another county 20 miles away wants them to charge you with something.
Sir, you need to complain on him and complain to the APD.
That is a major violation for him to be in another county doing that.
I thought so.
And then the DPS was there before the show ever started.
And I thought, you know, I had eye contact with him before.
And then he comes pulling up.
I was outside by that time.
He comes up and he's freezing me the riot act.
But when it was all said and done, I handed both of them a copy of it.
Now, the mistake I made was what you said.
I should have passed out the other side, the hey dude side.
But instead, for some reason, I put your side up first.
And because of that negativity on that New York Post article...
It just didn't go good for some people.
I'm just hoping out of the 67 people... So what did you end up saying?
I mean, did you ask the state police, why is this guy from another county here trying to get them... You know, he never did.
I don't recall him even looking at him and asking who the hell he was.
You know, it was peculiar.
But we have a big problem in Austin, people posing as officers as well.
Well, that's what I thought, because I looked at his bags and it looked rinky-dink.
And, uh...
I'm still not sure who he was.
If he said he was Bastrop County Sheriff... Well, that's ridiculous.
It's only trespassing if they tell you to leave and you don't leave.
No, I was leaving as soon as... No, I know.
Well, listen, you need to... Did you get his name?
No, I didn't.
You need to get his description and call.
You need to file a complaint on him.
Anyway, hopefully out of that 67, some of them will...
Well, I don't want this to discourage people.
I did it at several theaters, didn't have a problem.
Other people have done it, but some do, because these people think this is Nazi Germany.
Well, I had your tapes, and I offered even to hand out tapes to them, and one of them said no, because they were confused at that point.
They thought I was against Moore.
There was just so much confusion because of the reaction to some of the people.
It was unfortunate in some regard, you see.
But I think next time I'll be better, you know...
I was surprised how many people, and like I said, they were snatching them out of my hands so fast I couldn't believe it.
They were just literally snatching them out of my hands.
That's how upset those people were at the end of that movie.
I was, too.
All right, well, thanks for the call, and listen, we'll try to take your comments and what you said and what happened to you and put a little blurb up on the website about it.
I guess you don't want to give your full name, though.
You don't want to have your full name in the article?
No, I... That's okay.
I've already got people surveilling me, so I... Yeah, what day was this?
It was last Friday at Tinseltown, right off 35.
Yeah, I've been to that theater.
Thanks for the call, man.
I appreciate it.
Well, isn't that interesting?
In America, people marching around from other counties may not even be cops.
Doing this, and the key with these people is to not act guilty.
I would have said, hey, man, I don't know the law.
I'm leaving.
You know, I was here to see the movie.
I didn't trespass.
I got my ticket stubbed.
I'm handing, you know, flyers out.
I'm leaving.
And say, you know, you want to get a false arrest on your record?
Fine, I'm leaving.
You're out of your jurisdiction.
You know, that's a crime, buddy.
You did a pretty good job.
We've just all got to learn our rights and know how to deal with these people.
Let's go back to the calls.
Delilah in Ohio.
Go ahead, Delilah.
Yeah, hi, Alex.
How are you doing?
I hope you had a nice holiday weekend.
I've got a couple of things real as quickly as I can that I want to share.
The first thing, this past weekend we went to go see the movies.
And new movies coming out right towards Thanksgiving weekend.
It's called, we have the trailer on the website and all about it, it's called National Treasure with Nicolas Cage.
That's right.
You're already ahead of me.
And it's all, Illuminati wants to help you.
They're good.
They're the founding fathers.
The old C.I.
was put there by the founding fathers.
It wasn't put there until 1933.
It was made public as the new reverse seal in 1913.
And Jerry Bruckheimer is a globalist of the highest order, the producer of this film.
Go ahead, Delilah.
Isn't it interesting that it wasn't released during this weekend when most people will probably forget about it come Thanksgiving and they're busy thinking about the holidays and Christmas and New Year's instead of thinking about the Declaration of Independence like this holiday weekend that we just had.
That was the first thing I wanted to mention.
Well, they're equating the Illuminati with patriotism and goodness.
And now when we talk about the Illuminati and the old ZI, oh, you got that from a movie, just like the movie Skulls about Skull and Bones, a big whitewash, and now, oh, you saw that in that movie.
Something else I wanted to mention, just in yesterday's paper, I was just breezing through my local newspaper,
You know, I always do that just to see who's got what out there for the week, blah, blah, blah, whatever.
And lo and behold, what do I see?
Right here in this big, giant article here, an article that originally came from the Washington Post, and it talks about the return of the military draft.
Wouldn't you figure it was July 1st article originally from the Washington Post saying how good and how wonderful it's going to all be when we all get drafted.
But the draft doesn't exist.
They've introduced the bills, shut up the draft board, say they're going to do it, but it doesn't exist.
I'm thinking to myself, okay, so if it doesn't exist, what in the world is this article doing right here in my local paper yesterday?
They say they're going to do it.
When you resist, they go, you're crazy.
We're not going to do that.
It's psychological warfare tactic.
When you resist, it doesn't exist.
When you love it, oh, you're smart and intelligent.
It's like the New World Order.
If you talk about presidents saying New World Order this, global government that, and say it's bad, you're crazy, they never said it.
But if you say you agree with it, of course there's a world government.
It's good.
This is Orwellian doublethink.
Delilah, good to hear from you.
Yeah, I want to read an article about National Treasure later in the show, this new movie.
Moe in Texas.
Moe, go ahead.
Howdy, it's News Magazine Multimedia Mo.
And yes, there is a whole side of the store I work on that's devoted to pornography, but all the other 2,000 publications I would also say are pornography.
There's football pornography, there's motorcycle fishing, boating, psychology, spiritualism, the sections that are celebrating decadence and encouraging it.
It's pretty horrible, so I'm in the center of the multimedia, just everything.
And this is a focus call today just to say about the Skull and Bones news spin on either one of the Fox evening shows or CNNBC.
Fellas were talking about some footage from Skull and Bones, and they were showing a bird's-eye view of
Like the hidden camera of the activities going on.
So they re-showed the two-and-a-half-year-old footage that the New York Observer got of the throat-slitting, the mock sacrifice going on that was caught on video.
And I was waiting for the newscaster to do his funny spin on it, and sure enough, he started chuckling and said, well, it just seems pretty silly.
Which is exactly what they did two-and-a-half years ago.
When the story first broke, and on Fox they have the author of Fleshing Out Skull and Bones on, he brought up how it was founded with opium money, and they didn't like that either.
They also showed Bush...
Okay, stay there.
We'll come back to you on the other side.
By the way, we have a little Fox News clip on PrisonPlanet.com of the author of Flushing Out Skull and Bones on Fox News.
Perhaps we'll grab that clip and play it.
We'll be right back, folks.
Stay with us.
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I think.
We're good to go.
You know, think about how bizarre that is.
I mean, I didn't see the latest thing that Mo's talking about from new Stan Mo from here in Austin.
But, I mean, I knew what he would say, how they pushed it off.
Oh, there's a satanic ritual, but it's just for fun.
Ha ha ha.
It's like Bohemian Grove.
That's the spin they put on it.
So supposedly that's airing again with the exact same spin.
But finishing up what you were saying, Mo.
Okay, just super focused.
Also that song, that Junior Brown song, cover of Highway Patrol.
Great tape to have ready in your car for if you get pulled over.
You get a good smile from whoever's leading the CEO of Pace Post Police.
Just on the whole promotion of dehumanization and that the so-called secret societies come from a background of one of the supreme so-called secrets that I'm perceiving them to think they are thinking is true.
Is that from the darkness comes the light.
Now, what they interpret that to mean and how that justifies any of their actions is just up to them.
Now, a lot of times we hear references to good and evil or black magic and white magic.
That's a real divisive semantics there.
So better just to say good and evil.
Now, the energy of freedom heals and the energy of tyranny always devours itself.
So those that are on the side of tyranny are on the losing side, and the people that join up with that are afraid.
The courageous people stand against that.
We can change the energy, just like the fellow talking about getting heckled outside the movie theater.
He kind of greeted the fellow like, well, who the heck are you?
But could have said, hey, take it easy.
Isn't this important?
What's going on?
And kind of tried to... It's like being at work and you see someone come in the door.
You can either say, Oh my gosh, look at this jerk.
Or you can say, Wow, here's someone who has potential.
I'm going to expect the best out of them.
Some people have already gone too crazy.
We know.
All right, Mo.
I appreciate the call.
Those are all interesting points.
You know, with God's help, that's my energy source, and God's direction, we can defeat this new world order.
But we have to be used as tools by God.
The globalists are destructive.
And you're right.
They will destroy themselves.
And I think the guy going to the movie theater handing out flyers did a great job.
Probably my fault for not pointing out that one of the flyers would get you some heat.
Because it criticizes Michael Moore.
But some of these police, you just can't help it with them.
I've actually found, you know, just being authoritative with them in a calm, focused manner is the best way.
I've found that when I'm real nice, that actually backfires.
But let's go ahead and talk to Arthur in Kansas.
Go ahead, sir.
Good morning, Alex.
You mentioned the Illuminati seal a while ago.
A seal does not have two sides.
So we have two seals, or a coin or a medal.
Well, they say the reverse side of the U.S.
seal when we talk about the all-seeing eye.
But you can't have a reverse on a seal.
A seal is something you seal something with.
Okay, I'm just talking about what they call it.
Oh, I know.
Now, on that page out of USA Today about the Supreme Court rulings?
Yes, how wonderful they are.
Yeah, in 19 cases, there were only two unanimous verdicts.
And one of them was the government does not have to release the Vince Foster photos or the death scene.
That was down at the bottom.
That's right.
Yeah, because of privacy of the family.
So that solves that problem.
Another case solved.
Well, I mean, the thing is, the headline, do you have it in front of you?
Something like, Court Defends Freedom or something.
What was the headline?
Major ruling, High Court Protected Liberties by Limiting Presidential Power.
Yeah, which is the complete opposite of what really happened.
But there again, you're not going to find any more out about the Vince Foster case.
And that was there, yes.
I got a couple other things.
Okay, stay there.
Second hour coming up, and we'll go to Melissa and Chris and Dan and...
Actually, Dan's up next after Arthur and Melissa and Chris and others.
I'm going to play this little Fox piece about Skull and Bones as well.
Stay with us.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, 25 seconds into the second hour of global transmission.
With his weekly report, Paul Watson joins us in about 30 minutes.
Wide open phones.
I want to get into Kerry picking his Bilderberg Group vice president.
We'll also get into satellite tracking and taxation to drive your car.
Just a plethora of vital news and information.
Let's continue with your calls, though.
Right now, let's go ahead.
For a second, though, I just criticized Carrie.
So the average person tuning in for the first time thinks I must be a Republican, a worshiper of Bush.
And see, you've got to get your mind outside that paradigm.
Expand the box.
Get outside the box.
My friends, no.
We're exposing the whole system.
Again, that's coming up.
But that's what a caller was talking about earlier.
You know, telling people at a Michael Moore showing of Fahrenheit 9-11, hey, there's more to the story.
Bush is worse than you think.
How dare you?
Moore did a perfect job.
It's impossible.
He did anything wrong.
How dare you say his film isn't hardcore enough?
You right-winger.
You Bush worshiper.
You're like, no, Bush isn't a right-winger, and actually, Moore only gives you a small portion of the story, and the Democrats are involved, too.
Shut up, Republican!
We've got to get our minds outside the box.
But let's go back to Arthur in Kansas.
Arthur, you were making some points.
Go ahead.
Okay, on the back of that page about the Supreme Court...
There's another item that says, U.S.
bars ships as law takes effect.
That's about inspecting the ships, foreign ships, as they come into the harbors?
And they just did a few as a poultry example.
Okay, that's a U.N.
They're using our Coast Guard to enforce a U.N.
Let me stop you for just a minute.
For those that just joined us, for stations that carry the second hour, not the first...
We were talking about USA Today with a horrible headline saying the court's defending our liberties from the president, when in reality they're butchering our liberties.
But then they put out this propaganda that they're saving us.
And then you were bringing up another article that I did read where our government, under a U.N.
law, is following U.N.
orders dealing with our shipping.
Go ahead.
That's what it is.
United Nations imposed rules.
And we are enforcing them with the Coast Guard.
That was another article that I was going to mention.
Okay, now here's another one.
Our great Secretary of Agriculture from Kansas years ago, Dan Glickman, CFR, is going to do his farming in Hollywood now.
And I figure, well, there's got to be... Well, isn't he going to be the head of the Motion Picture Association?
Yeah, MPAA.
His son is a partner in Spyglass Entertainment, producer of films.
So there you go, a nice other little connection.
I figured there's got to be some connection between Hollywood and fertilizer.
Yeah, I used to be the head of agriculture.
Also, what we're going to have happening here is Carlaw Group and others aren't just funding RFIDs and surveillance in private prisons and everything that they then control the government to then use corporate welfare, but also they're now moving in buying up radio, TV, movie chains.
Total control.
I know.
I knew Edwards was going to be the running mate when he went to the Bilderberg party.
I know.
We said that a month ago.
That's what Jim Tucker said.
Thanks for the call.
Well, okay.
I appreciate it, Arthur.
Dan in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Dan, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How's it going?
Have you noticed that every time they blow up a house in Fallujah, they say, look, how he was there.
Their new boogeyman?
He's here, he's there, he's everywhere.
They claim they killed him four months ago and had his body, but they even use the same name knowing we don't have memories.
Well, I like Zarkawi.
He's funny.
I can't believe the anchors read this stuff with a straight face, though.
Did you see the video they released yesterday of...
A video that Time Magazine obtained, you know, I don't know how they obtained it, but of Zarqawi's followers, you know, talking and blowing things up.
Of course, you're being sarcastic when you say you like him.
Well, no, yeah, it's ridiculous.
But I just want to say real quick, when they show one of the car bomb explosions, it was supposed to be a car bomb.
I'll tell you what, stay there, I'll let you finish up.
Callers, stay there, ton of news, info overload, stay with us.
We're good to go.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Alex Jones here.
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Big Brother.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right.
I'm going to take one or two more calls.
I'm going to go into news.
Back to your calls.
But I've got so much here that needs to be covered.
We're talking to Dan in New Orleans, and Dan's being sarcastic.
I mean, obviously this...
Supposed Al-Qaeda guy who the government claims they've killed multiple times and who is responsible for basically bad weather in Iraq.
I mean, if somebody gets a chest cold, it's his fault.
He's the new boogeyman.
In fact, Bush has said, forget about bin Laden.
I don't care about him.
I don't think about him.
I don't worry about him.
Just a few months ago he said that.
Now it's this new boogeyman.
And he's the guy we've got to worry about.
And he's the cause of everything.
And every time they bomb a wedding party or a school or blow something up, it's always his fault.
Even when opposition to the coalition gets killed, it's this new guy.
He's doing it all.
So go ahead and finish up your points, Dan.
Well, real quick, in the video, and of course, those are calories on the video, but this is supposedly his followers.
And they show them pulling up to the gate at the green zone.
This is the day when that Iraqi council guy got killed, the bombing of that guy who was on the council.
And it's interesting because they're way far back, but all of a sudden there's this huge orange fireball.
It reminded me of the scene at the Pentagon.
I mean, huge.
And it was interesting because I remember Paul Joseph Watson or someone mentioning that they found craters under some of these cars.
And they were suspicious that maybe these were like, you know, how far are missiles?
Well, witnesses, even foreign reliable press, have seen the missiles.
And absolutely, it doesn't make a lot of sense.
Thanks for the call.
Look, they don't want to win the war.
It's like Vietnam.
We could have won that thing in a month.
It's about having the war go on and on and on, so they get a couple hundred billion dollars in weapons sales each year into the country, tens of billions of dollars a month in no-bid contracts to top three corporations.
The war is against the people.
The war is a political diversion.
Now the UN comes in as the boss, plays the good cop, we supply the troops, they're seen as the savior, they take off some of the restrictions in Iraq, and it just continues on from there.
And I said that a year before the war.
Even started last year.
And we get into this, you know, Big Jim Tucker, from his Bilderberg Group infiltrations, said a year before, the Soviet Union is about to have a stage collapse.
We got this from the Bilderberg Group.
He said a year before the Iraq War, the invasion won't be in 02, it'll be in 03.
What everybody was saying would be in 02.
You know, it was official.
And now he said that it's probably going to be Edwards because he was at the Bilderberg Group, just like Bill Clinton was there in 1991.
Whoever goes to that becomes a president or a VP.
And again, this happened.
So it doesn't bode well for Bush that John Edwards went to the Bilderberg Group meeting
And that makes me think it may be Kerry.
I've been saying I think Bush is going to win, unless there really is an internal break between the European branch of the New World Order and the U.S.
So, again, I don't know what's going to happen, folks.
We'll just have to wait and see.
I know this, though.
What we do doesn't matter.
They got their electronic voting machines in place.
Voter News Services announces who the winner is.
And the average American doesn't even know what Voter News Services is.
Doesn't even know how the process works.
But they'll tell you their vote sure counts.
Better investigate that.
In fact, I'm going to get some vote fraud guests.
I'll do a whole week on that.
We'll spend an hour today on it because it's so important.
And then on top of it, a huge chain in Nebraska and Iowa...
Bans Fahrenheit 9-11 from airing saying it incites terrorism and aids the terrorists because it criticizes Bush.
And there's calls by neocons to ban this film.
Well, if you can ban this film, or if the Federal Elections Commission can go out and say it's political so you can't advertise it before the election, we don't have a First Amendment and they're going to censor us!
Either we all stick together or we all hang together.
It's amazing.
Michael Moore, in a sick way, actually helps the New World Order, folks.
Because he says, oh, it's just prior knowledge.
It's just because Bush is an idiot and didn't want to embarrass his Saudi friends.
And oh, Bush is just a buffoon.
No, he's not.
He's a puppet for very smart, serious criminals.
Let's talk to Melissa in Florida.
Melissa, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Did you see the speech of the President on the 4th of July in West Virginia?
No, but I read the transcript.
Okay, I read the transcript, too, from the White House, and they left part of it out.
They always do that.
We've done major stories on that.
Well, I was shocked because I think it was near the end, and he said, I wrote it down, he said something to the effect of, they called the New World, I'm sorry, they called the New Order Experiment the Order of the Ages.
I had read several places online that the Illuminati basically decided to have an experiment and have them come over to America and create all the things that are happening now, basically, and that have happened up to now.
And so when he said that, and also knowing that it's on the money, you know,
I knew it, coept us and all those things.
So instead of saying New World Order like his daddy did, he said, but you're saying that, was that in the transcript?
No, it wasn't in the White House transcript, which is the only place I've found it so far.
I'll tell you what, folks.
Find us another transcript, email it to Prison Planet, and we'll get it posted.
And also, if somebody has it on tape, unfortunately I didn't tape it.
I didn't either.
If somebody's got it, please mail it to me.
And another thing was that they were mentioning all over the news that the new building they're going to put up for the World Trade Center to commemorate 9-11 is going to be 1776 feet tall.
And that's supposedly the same year that the Illuminati was...
They say creative.
Well, no, I mean, it was.
The Germans actually arrested them and got all their documents.
And the Illuminati was not created in 1776.
A new manifestation or new incarnation of it was brought forward in 1776.
And then simultaneously, they tried to control and manipulate the revolution here, but did lose control of it, at least for a time, from my studies.
And all the founding fathers were not members of the Illuminati, even low level.
Some were, like Benjamin Franklin, who was a British agent.
He died in England, by the way, folks.
But Alan Jenner Hamilton was also a British agent, but we dealt with him.
The Patriots did.
And so, of course, you're going to have the Illuminati trying to infiltrate any new movement.
But they did not successfully do that.
Now, later, they did finally take over our country and are in full control now.
Right, I agree with you about it being revived and that you're not created.
Oh yeah, it was just the Babylon mystery religions.
Those that get power out of the hidden knowledge of how to manipulate civilizations.
And also I wanted to ask you, have you heard about the new money and folding it certain ways and seeing things like the towers burning and the Pentagon burning and from $20 bills, 510 and 100s also?
Yeah, we posted that about two and a half years ago on the sites.
It's not just the 20.
It's all the new money.
And it is not an accident.
It is not a mistake.
It is all done in incredible, exacting detail, building, smoking in the exact proper spot.
The Pentagon hit.
Everything hit.
And even if you fold one of them, the capital hit, but notice Flight 93 went down, so that didn't happen.
And people say, what do you mean?
That money came out in 1998.
On the old money, there's a Moloch, Al, there's Keys, Spiderwebs, 33, All Seeing Eyes, New World Order, this, global government, that.
It's all on the money, and the globalists love to use architecture and art to communicate through iconography or through icons.
That's how they communicate to our subconscious.
It's subliminal.
Again, to communicate to themselves and brag, they put all this out in plain view, openly for us to see it, and then when we talk about it, we're the cooks.
Thanks for the call.
And then people go see this new movie that's coming out, which I've seen the trailer for, that's on our website, National Treasure, with this big Illuminati eye on the front, and the Illuminati was good, and the Founding Fathers were in a secret order, and they had a national treasure, and that's why they put the old thing eye on the dollar bill, and world government's good, and this is going to help us, and Nicolas Cage is part of a secret order to protect it, and he's so good.
So now when you talk about this, you're a kook.
Let me give you an example of numerology, iconography, all of this.
On September 11th, you have the buildings that are the two ones, and the Masonic ritual, they knock down the two towers, and one of their high-level rituals, and you've got it happening on 9-11, and then all the configurations of flight 9-11 hitting it, and all these numbers, all these things adding up.
I mean, there's dozens of them.
It's impossible.
But you're saying, oh, let's ignore that.
Okay, well, on the one-year anniversary, 365 days later, the New York lottery, not the Texas lottery, not the Illinois lottery, not the Florida lottery, not the, no, not the California lottery, the New York lottery came up 9-1-1.
You go, well, we've got the AP article posted, the CBS article posted as well.
They say it's like one out of, I think, two billion or something that that would happen.
But maybe it magically just happened, and then you add the 20-something states that have lotteries, and the numbers get even higher, and it would be New York that would have that.
I mean, it's astronomical.
But then the Chicago mercantile came up 9-1-1 with a bunch of zeros behind it.
Now, it never came up zeros, much less 9-1-1.
So, again, everybody knows, at least if you've got a brain, that the Chicago mercantile is a staged event.
The commodities, the pork bellies, the tobacco, all that, it's a staged deal.
It's their own private cash machine.
It's a big joke.
They control it every day down to the dollar.
You understand that?
It doesn't matter how many buys or trades that are really made.
They just say what it is at the end of the day.
So that was like one out of 14 million-somethings.
All on the same day.
There were five or six other things that happened, too.
They loved to brag to each other while dumbing the rest of the general population down to accept this subconsciously.
It is impossible.
They did it on purpose.
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Coming up in the next segment, I'll get back to your calls.
I'm going to play this little three-and-a-half-minute whitewash piece.
They had a great researcher on, Mr. Milligan, concerning his book Flushing Out Skull and Bones.
We've interviewed several times in the past.
We're going to be getting him back on.
His book really is definitive on the subject.
And Paul Watson is joining us as well.
But continuing with the news, Oregon detests mileage tax as replacement for gas tax.
Now, again, they're going to give you a national sales tax as a, quote, replacement for the income tax.
This is the federal plan, but they're going to keep the income tax, quote, just for your Social Security, but lower it, then slowly ratchet that back up, and then the national sales tax will bring federal control and digital regulation and tracking into every purchase or transaction.
So a whole new level of bureaucracy, not to mention this being used as a cashless society control grid mechanism.
Well, it's the same spin, and again, five plus, it must have been six years ago, I had a member of the federal board on who was actually against this.
The rest of the board was for it.
With the federal plan of how they're going to get the states to start making you take satellite tracking systems in your car, and then this is going to be shared with the state, the feds, and internationally.
And then last year, Oregon and several states came out and said, yeah, we're going to start doing this next year.
And the people have been really against it, but they're still moving forward.
This is out of the Seattle Times.
Let's pretend someone waves a magic wand and turns every car into a fuel-sipping gas-electric hybrid.
What difference would it make?
The air would be cleaner.
So again, they pitch it as a way to make things cleaner.
Oil imports would drop, and the transportation budgets of Oregon, Washington, and almost every other state would deflate like a punctured balloon.
Think about it.
Most money for highway construction and maintenance comes from state and federal taxes on gasoline.
So they go on to say, because of the new energy-efficient stuff coming out, there's not going to be enough money, and the highways will get less money, and they're going to fall apart.
They go on to say that.
In Oregon, a state task force has concluded that the scenario isn't at all that far-fetched.
It has proposed a possible long-term replacement for the gas tax, something no one has tried before.
A tax based on how many miles you drive!
The Oregon Road User Fee Task Force has spent two years, you know, right, fleshing out the concept, thinking through how such a tax might be calculated and collected.
Now it's ready to test its ideas in the real world.
And it goes on to say that it's a satellite tracker box you put in.
It's very inexpensive.
You pay for it when you get your tags.
Same plan as six years ago.
Or they make you plug in by a little computer terminal that just so happened to already be in your car ready.
And all new cars made in the last nine years magically built into the infrastructure for this decision to magically be made now.
It's so transparent, you plug into the gas pump your car, and it sees how far you've driven and ducks it off your ID card.
Of course, you'll have to have an ID card, and there'll be an ID for your vehicle.
At the panel's request, Oregon State University researchers have developed technology that can distinguish miles driven in Oregon from those driven elsewhere.
And then allow a mileage tax to be calculated and paid at the pump in place of the sales gas tax.
So this is nothing new if you're our listeners.
It's like the article today out of Der Spiegel and Drudge and the AP about torturing children brutally at Abu Ghraib and other camps.
Old news here.
Army reports months ago, but we just cover it.
Just like this is old news.
I mean, for year after year, we've told you the plan, and now they're going to get ready to launch it on you.
Well, I'm glad I'm not in Oregon.
Uh-uh, it's moving ahead, folks.
They've already got the group set up right here in Austin, Texas, to promote it.
No matter where you live, we're only a few years away from this.
Just like I told people five, six years ago about RFID.
Tex Marsh wrote a book in 1995, Project Lucid, laying out everything that's now happening.
How did he know?
Does he have a crystal ball?
No, he read the federal documents.
That's my frustration.
I don't get into conspiracy theories.
The closest I get into them is going, well, the globalists are obsessed with esoterics and numerology and iconography.
You know, why did the New York lottery come up 9-11 on the one year anniversary?
Why did the Chicago Mercantile do it?
It's impossible.
But still, I don't really cover stuff like that in depth because it still can't be totally proven.
This can be proven.
The New World Order setting up this control grid can be proven, but still people are in denial.
Stop being in denial.
All right, I know we got your calls.
We'll get to them early in this next segment.
I got this little clip about Skull and Bones as well, which is posted, by the way, at prisonplanet.tv, but we'll play the audio from it when we get back.
And Paul Watson will be joining us as well, so stay with us, please.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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The website's, of course, Infowars.com, prisonplanet.tv.
We're about to rework and expand Infowars.net, by the way.
That's in the process right now.
Joining us is Paul Joseph Watson, does a great job, webmaster, for my two prison plant websites.
Paul, I want to air this clip from Fox News, where they've got Mr. Milligan on, and the info babe is taken aback by hearing about drug dealing money, founding Skull and Bones, which is, by the way, totally historical.
Even Yale's own animals admit that.
But before we do that, a nice tie-in to all of this is this new film coming out at Thanksgiving by Jerry Bruckheimer, the guy that scripted and produced, according to the BBC, the stage private lynch rescue that she called a fable.
So this guy's on the inside, folks.
Bruckheimer, you know, Black Hawk Down, Mr. Propaganda.
That's a good movie, by the way.
Bruckheimer is behind this national treasure film, and Paul, you wrote a small piece analyzing this.
Tell us about it.
Well, yeah, the basis of the film is basically... You have Nicolas Cage, whose character is an archaeologist, you know, slash historian, who discovers that the Founding Fathers placed the all-seeing eye on the $1 bill as a clue to lead him to find this treasure, the location of this treasure, a map of which is also kind of ingrained into the Declaration of Independence.
And so...
And again, the Knights Templars ran to America with the gold because the Illuminati's really good.
I mean, the ad is incredible.
Yeah, I mean, the whole trailer, which I posted a link to, is just, you know, all seeing eye after all seeing eye.
It bombards you with that image.
Also, Masonic symbols, other Masonic symbols.
It has the effect of either, you know, people saying, if you try to explain to them why this thing's on the $1 bill, they will either say,
That's not true.
You saw it in the movie.
Or they will say, I saw the movie about that, and it means something completely different.
So you're wrong.
So in a sense, it fictionalizes the truth, which is what a lot of the symbolism seeks to do.
And this movie's coming out in November, and so it's all about how the Illuminati were basically the founding fathers, and it was all a secret movement, but it was benign.
But then, I mean, it focuses relentlessly on Ben Franklin, who we know was a member of this Hellfire Club organization, and they actually found all these bodies hidden under, you know, one of his houses a few years ago.
Bodies of children?
Yes, I mean... That was in mainstream British newspapers, folks.
He wasn't even... He basically was probably a British agent which tried to, you know, infiltrate the founding fathers.
He moved back to England and died there.
Well, we know who he was.
Well, yeah, it's like all these people.
It's like, you know, Lenin and Trotsky.
They all operated out of London because they were working for the British establishment.
But another example of such symbolism, I bought a crate of Budweiser over the weekend because I had a few friends around and
Look at the Marlboro symbol for cigarettes.
It's a pyramid.
This stuff's all hidden in plain view.
Paul, were you celebrating the 4th of July?
No, because I'm British.
I'm secretly working against the Americans.
That's right.
Again, though, in the Vanity Fair article...
Some people pointed out that they use this kind of secret code, but again, they said that that's racist, just as saying that, you know, 9-11 wasn't carried out by Arabs is racist, because some people referred to Arabs as ragheads, so anything that we point out in the end becomes racist through some deduction of common sense and knowledge.
Some complex form of alchemy.
And so, I mean, back to the original point, we posted the flyer which featured the Illuminati Eye, the whole website dedicated to this new movie, which goes into the fake history.
They basically created a mock history of the one dollar bill, the all-seeing eye, the great seal.
Yeah, they changed the seal in 1913 and they put it on the dollar in 1933.
Yeah, it was Roosevelt that made the decision to put it on the $1 bill.
I've read things before which said that the founding fathers or, you know, Ben Franklin basically had designed this all-seeing eye and he was trying to push it to get it on the money and the coinage, but others rejected that proposition because, you know, they could see it for what it was.
It was an occult symbol.
Well, that is true.
He tried to get it, but it didn't work.
Amazing propaganda.
Speaking of secret societies, again, five, six years ago, local talk shows, national shows, Alex Jones is a lunatic.
He thinks a group called Skull and Bones exists.
He is nuts.
It doesn't exist.
Then the video, almost three years ago, gets released.
Mr. Rosenbaum, who we interviewed, climbed up on top of a tall chimney across the street at Squirrel and Key.
Or was it Wolf's Head?
I forget.
And videotapes over the 25-foot wall.
A small part of the ritual, mock throat slittings, the devil comes out and says, well done, you can enter hell now, you've done the sacrifice, you've killed the neophyte or the profane, that's us, the general public.
Then they go back in, and then a few years ago, it's a big joke, ha ha ha, you know, people are kooks that don't like this.
So overnight it exists, but it's a good thing.
Here's that Fox News clip, and we'll put Paul on hold and come back to him in just a second.
Here it is.
John Kerry, also a member, but none of them will talk about it.
So is the Secret Skull and Bones Society a fraternal club for the elite, or is there something more to it?
Well, Chris Milligan is the editor of a book soon coming out in paperback, Flushing Out Skull and Bones, Investigations into America's Powerful Secret Society.
And Chris is actually joining us from Portland, Oregon.
Chris, welcome.
Both President Bush, John Kerry are members.
They were both tapped...
On the same night, I guess, when is that sort of inaugurated?
Are you surprised that neither one of them will speak about it?
Yes, I am.
It is something that they're known to do is not talk about it.
One of the rules used to be if Skull and Bones was mentioned that they were supposed to leave the room.
And I find it very concerning for the American public.
Where does their allegiance lie?
Does it lie to this little secret society or to our republic?
And this is almost out of a novel that, you know, the president and his rival for the White House both were tapped on the same night.
The club is so shrouded in secrecy.
Tell us a little bit about it.
Does it admit women, minorities?
Yes, it started Mitting Women in 1991 and actually they got tapped on different nights.
John Kerry was a member in 65 and George Bush was a member in 68.
Both of them seemed to rely upon the group for
Well, John Kerry married two ladies who are relatives to Bones.
And then also George Bush went to Bones a lot of times when he needed money for his business associates.
And then he has appointed ten members of Skull and Bones into his cabinet and has another one as a nominee.
Joe, what are the common denominators of the members?
Wealthy, what...
Well, when you look at it at a sociological standpoint, a secret society is a lot like an onion or a pyramid.
You have a lot of members on the outside or at the bottom in Masonic circles.
They call them porch brethren.
And then you have an administrative cadre, and then you have a core group.
The core group seems to be all related.
The basic family group at Skull and Bones is a Whitney and the Cabot family.
Well, let's take a look at some of the illustrious members, if my producer can put up this list.
Henry Luce, for instance, was one of the members.
He was known to hire a lot of members.
William F. Buckley Jr., Averill Harriman, James Widmore.
Certainly not guys who you think of as sinister guys.
I mean, I guess the question is to those of us on the outside, what do they do?
Do they get together and have dinner together?
What is the point of this club?
Well, some say the point of the club is bonding.
I look at it through the eyes of a social historian.
And when you look at the grouping of people and the jobs that they have, you find a very large amount of the membership has been involved in intelligence.
And then one of the most disturbing things is that the family groups have been involved in drug running since the early 1800s.
Drug running?
Yes, yes.
The founder of Skull and Bones was Wayne Huntington Russell, and his family business was a rustling company, which was America's largest opium smuggler, the third largest in the world.
Chris Milligan, unfortunately, we are out of time.
We're going to have to leave it at that fascinating subject.
All right.
So, boy, they had to end things real quick, Paul, when he brought up what's historical fact.
And so we have, look, it's an organized mafia group, and they're all related at the top.
He did a great job with the time he had.
He should have fired out his website, though.
Now, that was a big mistake he made, but Paul comments.
Well, yeah, as you mentioned, it is a Mafia organisation.
And I mean, the recent features on Skull and Bones, because there's basically one every other month on the mainstream stations, they've been kind of, you know, getting a little better as regards the truth, because I think they need to let a little bit of the information out, so then they can't be charged with covering the whole thing up.
I mean, CBS did a piece six weeks ago where they, as you just said, compared it to the Mafia,
And they said a born-again Skull & Bones member.
In fact, I think we've got that clip.
Try to find that second clip of this.
We'll air it next hour, Stephanie.
Go ahead, Paul.
Yeah, they said that as opposed to the mafia leaders who are now spending, you know, 100 years in prison, the members of Skull and Bones are now spending four and eight years in the White House.
So, in a sense, they are letting a bit of the truth out, but then... But they have to because we've been out... Look, five years ago, Paul, it didn't exist.
I was attacked in major papers as a lunatic that believed that a secret society at Yale controlled the intelligence agencies and banking.
It's admitted now.
But they just put their own spin on it.
Yeah, and I mean, the tactic that they used, which is what CBS used in the last piece that they had, was they have a debunker on who says it's all frat boy fun, and they make sure that the comments of the debunker are included right at the end of the piece as kind of the last word, because as common sense denotes, people remember the last thing that was said as being the bottom line on it.
So the truth is, in their spin, that it is just frat boy fun.
Well, I'll tell you what.
Limbaugh compared Skull and Bones to the torture at Abu Ghraib, and there was a double meaning in this, because this is the type of stuff they do at Skull and Bones.
In reality, it's the type of stuff that goes on at Abu Ghraib, and so for the initiates, that's an inside joke for the general public.
It's a double conditioning mechanism.
Stephanie, do you have that Limbaugh clip?
Yeah, grab it.
We're going to play that, because I want to mesh that now with the Drugs Report.
Coalition abused Iraqi children in custody, and out of Germany's Der Spiegel, more than 100 children imprisoned, some abused.
Of course, the word abuse means torture, and now they've downgraded abuse to pressure.
But, Paul, what do you think Limbaugh was saying when he made that comment?
Well, obviously, at first he claimed complete ignorance on the fact that Skull & Bones exists, but then he said, you know, it's just like Skull & Bones, they're just having fun.
And since then, on Limbaugh's own website, I've seen at least two occasions after that where he uses Skull & Bones in that kind of context, where in the activities at Abu Ghraib, they're just passed off as having this kind of frat boy fun.
Everything's fraternity fun.
Let's go ahead and play that clip.
Here it is.
You're psychologically wrong with that.
It's not the act so much.
It was like a college fraternity prank to stack up naked... Exactly!
Exactly my point!
This is no different to what happens at the Skull and Bones initiation, and we're going to ruin people's lives over it, and we're going to hamper our military effort, and then we are going to really hammer them because they had a good time.
These people are being fired at every day.
I'm talking about people having a good time.
These people... You ever heard of emotional release?
You ever heard of me to blow some steam off?
So, Paul, he said that about a month after it had been all over the news, the Antonio Tagumba general report, raping women, torturing, stuff I can't even mention, and now far worse stuff's come out.
But I talk to neocons and they go, oh, it's just some fun, just some fraternity fun.
Well, yeah, I mean, on the subject of Skull and Bones and secret societies, you know, to point out that this isn't fraternity fun, I had an interesting conversation with my neighbour, who is, I think he's a pastor or, you know, a preacher, and his brother was a 32nd degree mason, and I mean, I knew this already because I raised it to him, so then he went into this story about how
Well, look...
You know, I've had family, you know, great-grandfathers and people that were 33rd degree Masons because they were, you know, high up in the Civil War, and obviously to be high up in the Civil War you're going to be a 33rd degree Mason.
They were involved in some of this stuff, but they told, you know, my grandfather, they told my dad, don't join it, don't be part of it.
They had a conscience.
It's like Charlotte Iserby.
Former Deputy Head of Department of Education.
Her father was Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove.
On his deathbed, she's told the story.
Dying of cancer in Maine.
I mean, he was high level, folks.
Very wealthy family.
He told her I was wrong.
What I did was he started crying and saying it's all true.
I mean, on his deathbed.
And again, you can go to the library, check out Masonic books.
You can buy them at very expensive online.
These are official Masonic books about I feel Lucifer pulsing in me.
Oh, give me power.
Oh, yes.
But then most of your big preachers now are Masons.
And again, it's that pyramidal power structure with the porch masons who aren't even in the administration, then the power elite masons who are Satanists, and you can't even tell the average mason this because they don't know.
I mean, it took my father to tell me this, you know, on a hunting trip when I was like 14 years old.
And my neighbour told me the same thing, that everybody who he spoke to would come into contact with this, warned him, do not get involved with this, because obviously at the lower level, these members are involved in charities, raising money for burns victims or whatever, so they think that the higher up they can get, the more influence they can have to do good works, but when you do get to that degree, then the true faith of evil is revealed, as he related to me.
It's incredible, and there's so much to deal with, Paul.
I've got loaded phone lines.
We'll try to go to your calls in the next segment.
And we've got tons of news here, Paul.
Just briefly, Carrie picks Bilderberg minion as she is running mate John Edwards.
I mean, that wasn't hard to predict.
Well, I mean, we predicted it a month ago, and this is even in the face of, you know, this drudger exclusive where he said that Hillary Clinton would be chosen.
And, you know, we didn't have a crystal ball to be able to know, because as the United Press International reported exactly a month ago today, he was invited to the Bilderberg conference, and it again defeats the myth that Bilderberg is just this talking shop where key decisions aren't made.
But, you know, if you think that it does have power, then according to the BBC, that makes you sympathetic to the views of Bin Laden and McVeigh.
So, I mean, this only reaffirms in my mind that Kerry is already the chosen one for the election, along with, you know, his closer relations to the Queen of England, and every candidate since Washington with closer relations to the Queen has won the presidency.
We'll be back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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Order your video today.
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We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
You know, I don't try to sit here like a parrot going, here's an article about how they're going to tax you to drive your car with a satellite tractor system.
Oh, I told you so.
Oh, here's where the Supreme Court ruled they could secretly arrest citizens.
Oh, see, I told you so.
I mean, the point is we're not making any of this up.
I know it sounds crazy, but truth is stranger than fiction, and I challenge all of you to simply research our claims for yourself.
Now, we're going to go to all these great folks, Chris and Sheldon and Laura and Brent and Wesley and everybody else that's patiently holding.
We're going to get to you.
But before we do that, and there's just a giant stack of other key news items here, Paul Watson, PrisonPlanet.tv.
It's getting radically expanded.
Tell folks why they should go sign up at PrisonPlanet.tv if they're online.
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And you know you're supporting folks that are in the trenches, you know, 365 days a year.
Let's go ahead and go to Chris in Kentucky.
Chris, thanks for holding.
Yeah, Alex, thanks.
Go ahead.
Did you see the contest commercial of putting the tracker chip in the Coke can to win an SUV?
Yeah, we aired that a few weeks ago, and the Army will not allow it on their bases, or they're saying inspect it because they consider it a spy device because it can track you and listen to you, Paul.
Yeah, we put the article up where they're concerned about this being some kind of listening device.
So that begs the question, if the Army are concerned about it, spying on their communications, then why shouldn't we be concerned about it spying on our private communications, you know, when we buy the Coke can?
But number one, it's a conditioning mechanism.
You know, the black helicopters bring you a new car.
When you get satellite tracked, ooh, it's so much fun.
That's what the TV ad shows, and then it mass conditions you.
Well, yeah, and it mass conditions people to accept product-level tracking, which is what the whole RFID movement is geared towards, not just pallet-level tracking, but individual products which enter your home.
So it's conditioning people to accept that level of propaganda as well.
Anything else, Chris?
Yeah, I want to bring up one point.
I have an Iraqi business owner, and I mentioned Saddam, and he's, yeah, I know what he did before president.
He had the CIA train him.
This guy was from Iraq, so they know.
I'm going to keep getting this information out.
Chris, awesome job.
Good to hear from you.
Third hour is only 70 seconds away with Alex Jones and our guest, Paul Watson.
Your calls on a ton of news.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
The sixth day of July, 2004.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Paul Watson is our guest.
We're about to go back to your phone calls.
And Paul, I've literally got about 20 articles I want to go over with you here.
Just a whole plethora of key issues, but first we'll go through these calls.
But what are some of the other news items you want to cover?
And on the subject that you just first raised of the TIPS program,
What they do is they bring out a whole host of programs, then they go, oh, pressure, we're changing the name, and then in almost every case, the rule seems to be doubling the funding.
Now, we knew TIPS wasn't gone.
We knew Total Information wasn't gone.
We knew Matrix wasn't gone.
They just changed the name and increased the funding, and we'll go over that.
It's pretty scary stuff.
Who's up next here, Stephanie?
Sheldon in Arizona, go ahead.
Sheldon, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I'm a little off track here, but you have an excellent guest, very intelligent man.
Well, we're talking about anything you want to discuss, sir.
Okay, I wanted to give you my movie review on Fahrenheit 9-11.
Went to see it over the weekend.
I thought it was a terrifically well-done movie.
Michael Moore is on track.
He seems to know pretty much what's going on.
And since my local talk radio show here, KNSP in Tucson...
The guy that does the morning talk show, he thinks it's kind of a poor movie, not well worth seeing.
I'm going to make him a video of your 9-1-1 road to tyranny today, and I'm going to deliver it to his studio tomorrow along with the New York Post flyers.
You know what those are, right?
Yes, sir.
That's great.
Well, I mean, I think the film overall is important, but he doesn't get into 10%, not even 5% of the real information.
I mean, people think this film's hardcore and it's being banned from whole theater chains.
If it would have been any more hardcore, it would have never made it to the screen, period.
Paul Watson?
Well, yeah, to Moore's credit, he has allowed it to propagate on the internet, you know, without kicking up a fuss over copyrights or illegal downloading or anything like that, which has actually led, quite funnily, to a campaign where people are naming the file 9-11, you know, Fahrenheit 9-11, and actually when people go to download it on Kazar, it's actually Alex's film, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
So, you know, via an indirect way, people are getting the real truth about this.
What do you mean?
People have got Moore's film and he's not kicking up a fuss?
No, people, Moore has publicly stated that he has no problem with people downloading his movie from internet file sharing networks, even though, you know, most people do have problems with that.
Wow, that is big of him.
But people have been uploading your movie to Kazaa under the name of his movie.
So everybody's on the internet looking to download his movie and then they go to download it and it's 9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
So people are getting the truth in that indirect way.
Well, folks need to upload Masters of Terror then and some of the other videos because they're all excellent, even some of the films I haven't made.
But that is exciting.
So more publicly said, he doesn't have a problem with people sharing his film.
Yeah, that's true.
Wow, that's incredible, I tell you.
All right, stay there, Paul.
Thanks for the call.
Sheldon, we'll come back and talk to Laura and Brent and Wesley and others and get into all this other news.
And if you want to buy a copy of my videos, you can do that at infowars.com or prisonplanet.com and find out what all the fuss is about.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Alright, I'm always frustrated that there's so much news and so little time to get to it.
But I also love the calls because they take us in so many different directions of importance.
I've just got to get to this, Paul, and then we'll go to the calls.
Congressman suggests Bush hiding Osama.
We'll get to that in a minute, but first this article and then the calls.
Concerned about rifle replicas, Mexican soldiers interrupt funeral of U.S.
Marine killed in Iraq.
Now, again, I don't support this phony war, but I do support troops.
I know by and large they're good people, better than average, a lot of courage.
And this Hispanic man who was from Mexico became a U.S.
He died in Iraq.
And the U.S.
consulate down in Mexico, they wanted to bury him there where his family lives in Mexico.
They did that.
And the Mexican troops came.
I have the Houston Chronicle here.
This is on Infowars.com.
Came in, grabbed the Marines, grabbed the stuff they were doing the ceremony with.
I mean, it describes it.
Stop the funeral.
Started trying to arrest the Marines because two of them had fake rifles.
Now, we've had this in the U.S.
with people having parades with fake rifles and people panic.
It's a gun!
The troops have guns!
Now, the Mexican government's law is no foreign troops with arms on their soil, which would be a good rule for us.
I've got another article here about foreign troops.
But Mexican soldiers have shot and killed federal officers, beaten them half to death, shot and killed citizens.
They'll rob you on that side of the border, and our media says nothing.
Mexico hates our guts, despite the fact that our government's rolled out the red carpet to their elite down there.
And to read about Mexican soldiers carrying automatic weapons...
Interrupted the U.S.
Independence Day funeral of a U.S.
Marine and demanded that the Marine Honor Guard give up ceremonial replicas of rifles they carried.
Hundreds of friends and relatives packed a small cemetery for the funeral.
On Sunday, a 22-year-old Juan Lopez, who was born in a sun-scorched farming town, immigrated to Dalton, Georgia as a teenager and became a Marine.
He was killed in an ambush in Ramadi, west of Baghdad, on June 21st.
And as Major Kurt Gwimlin presented an American flag to Lopez's widow, Sandra Torres, who clutched a bouquet of yellow and white flowers with tears streaming down her face, while the funeral demonstration, the close human ties of Mexico and the United States, problems began moments after, leading to an expression of outrage by a U.S.
And it says, as they marched solemnly to the grave, carrying the body, folks...
In came Mexican troops blocking their path, stopping it, grabbing the guns.
That wasn't enough, and they tried to arrest the Marines.
Paul, what do you think of this?
Well, I mean, it's like, let's take the surface-level propaganda and say that a group called Al-Qaeda exists.
It's like having a country named Al-Qaeda bordered with the USA on the south.
Saying that they're going to invade, massing on the border, coming across, killing white women, pregnant women, burgling people's houses, and at the same time the Bush administration proposing this blanket amnesty, which has increased illegal immigration 15% already.
Well, they're also not just having racial murders, which I'm against any group doing, obviously.
They're also feeding on the Mexican people coming across, robbing them.
Yeah, and so these people come into the USA, they've been brought up into this culture, they've been born into this culture of Mexico, which is an outright police state, which can rival any police state in the world, China included, and, you know, threatening to impose their culture, their religion, and threatening to take over the South of America.
And so, I mean, if we really did have enemies that
Bush would need to rally the population around, and it would be the Mexicans and the same groups that funded communism.
All that money is now going into these Aztlan and La Reconquista groups that are threatening to do this.
And you've got the same stuff going on in England with other groups now, with your government openly trying to balkanize and get everybody at each other's throats.
Yeah, and I mean, Tony Blair's been caught in secret negotiations with all these third world countries, saying, giving them funds and aid to encourage their people to come over and immigrate into Britain illegally across the Channel Tunnel.
And the Red Cross was caught building a base there and admitting it's a staging ground for nightly thousands, mainly Muslims, pouring across.
We're good to go.
Glenn Spencer, and they're the ones that get trouble for just keeping a watch on the border while these people crawl across and sneak into people's homes.
It's horrible.
Paul, I'm going to put you on hold for three minutes, then we're going to go to everybody's calls, and this congressman suggests Bush hiding Osama.
And who knows, later I may hear that 60 Minutes clip where they talk about skull and bones as well, and we hear that Fox News clip.
But before we do that, Debbie Morrow, New Millennium Concepts, good to get you on with us.
Haven't had you on in a week or so.
We look at all this corruption.
We look at all this evil.
We've got to take control of our lives.
One big area of our lives is water.
70% of our body have to have it.
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You won't believe you ever drank it.
Debbie, good to have you on with us.
Hi there, Alex.
Thank you very much for having me.
Last week I got a real interesting report in the mail from the water district that I live in.
And I knew that our water district had two different lakes that we receive water from.
One is Lake Grapevine, where I live, and then one is Lake Arlington, which is on the other side of Dallas.
And I had always thought that my water came from Lake Arlington, which they do not put fluoride in their water.
And so I was reading the report, and I had some questions, so I called the water district
And had my little report and started talking to one of the men in the water plant who was very informative and helpful to me.
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Occasionally, I am getting fluoridated water, apparently.
Well, again, I mean... You just don't know what you're getting.
Well, absolutely, and it's time for folks to take action.
Fluoride is just one issue.
I mean, you can argue it's good or bad.
It's obviously bad.
We've had top scientists gone, neurologists, you name it.
But it's all the other stuff in the water.
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Debbie, thanks for coming on.
Thank you, Alex.
Did you have a good Fourth of July?
Oh, yes.
It was excellent.
And I use my Berkey Sport bottles.
I went to Bluegrass Festival in Oklahoma, and we have our filtered water wherever we go.
So, you know, don't forget the Berkey Sport bottles when you're calling in.
They are very handy and save you lots of money.
Well, they do, and I appreciate it.
All right, for callers that are holding, I promise you, when we start the next segment, we will go to them quickly.
In fact, let's just do it now.
Who's up next here?
Laura in Virginia, go ahead.
You're on the air with Paul Watson and Alex Jones.
Hey, Alex.
I have a couple questions for you.
Okay, the first one is, my husband's in Missouri right now because I'm going to be getting out here soon.
He was trying to get your Prison Planet TV show because we pay $6 a month, and he couldn't get it, and I was wondering what I should do about that.
I'll have to have you talk to Paul.
You'll have to email him.
I know your husband's in other states.
I really can't do that on air.
But 99% of people don't have problems.
If you've just moved or switched internet, it may be your internet.
I'm not really sure, ma'am.
What else is on your mind?
Well, I was reading in the newspaper in the very back, because I know you told me to look in the back.
You find out a lot of information.
They were talking about the draft.
I tell you what, stay there.
We'll talk about the draft when we get back, and I'll talk to you during the break and try to help you.
We'll be right back, folks.
Stay with us.
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That's 801-375-2250. wheatgrasskits.com All right, I had a chance to...
Talked to Laura in Virginia.
Her husband moved out west, and they've been on prisonplanet.tv, but now that they've moved, their computer won't get on it, and she hasn't emailed us yet for customer service, so that's what you do.
Tell your husband, my dear, to go to prisonplanet.tv, and it says customer service, and Paul usually gets back with you within a few minutes to a few hours.
We're a big corporation here, but we do have pretty good service, and most people don't have problems.
I would imagine it sounds like your computer...
Has that some type of problem, or it's your Internet service provider, maybe on a bad dial-up or something.
But your second question was about the draft.
What did the article say, or in more specifics, what is your question?
My question is about the hardship, and I was wondering if they could call me back in, because I was reading in the draft about people that get out of the military, they might call back in, and it was Donald Rumsfeld talking about it,
I'm Carrie, and I can't remember the other people that were talking about it.
And it was confusing, everything that they said.
I was wondering, could they call me back in?
Yes, they've been already calling people who've served, which is the worst group to do it to, who've already served back in.
And those that had signed contracts and who are currently in and are about to get out, they're not letting them leave.
Thanks for the call, and that's a good question, and thanks for your support.
They mean it to be confusing.
While they're getting ready for the draft, then when we complain against the draft, they say that it doesn't exist.
This is a psychological warfare tactic, is it not?
Well, it is, because there's this website called Snopes.com, which I get emails about all the time.
You know, whenever we make a claim, they put up a page which says it's not true, and it's this urban legend website which supposedly disproves every myth that's going on on the Internet.
And they list the draft, although they list the bills that do exist, they list it as probably not true.
Which is like, you know, when the CIA say that a Bin Laden tape is genuine, we know that it's not because this website is a government operation, because it says that government involvement in 9-11 is not true.
And as the caller mentioned... So wait a minute, you're telling me the Urban Legend website...
Says that here are bill numbers, but it's probably not true.
When senators are on TV, when the bills are introduced, when I openly... This is getting ridiculous.
Yeah, they've got different classifications for each urban legend, and the draft is included under the definition of probably not true.
And I mean, this is the shift whereby... And there's another article out of the Associated Press today where...
Um, Warner, the former Secretary of the Navy under Nixon, is saying that it's not a good idea to reinstate the draft, but they list it as probably not true when, you know, they also list the bills in the same article.
And, I mean, Rumsfeld has said the same thing.
They now admit that there is a plan, or a potential plan, if there was a massive terror attack, just like the Patriot Act was prepared long before 9-11.
But they say that it should be discouraged at this time, but just watch for that big terror attack.
Well, of course, during the election they're not going to push it, but they're getting ready and set up and saying they're going to pass it, and then we're kooks for warning people?
I've got to get those folks on.
And so they also say that 9-11, no government prior knowledge or involvement.
Every single act of the Bush administration, or any administration that we've proven, cover-ups or prior knowledge of September 11th, I mean, they said that the anthrax attacks emanating from within the CIA from Fort Detrick by a weapons lab, they said that was an urban legend and that it wasn't true, and you see...
People think that this is an independent website, so they give it credibility, so whenever it says that something isn't true, they automatically believe it.
But it's admitted it was the most weaponized ever seen, and Congress did a study of how to mail it through the mail, and all the evidence.
I mean, they haven't caught who supposedly did it, so how can they say they know the government didn't?
Well, they can't, but they do, because people give it this air of authority, because, you know, it's a leading website on the Internet.
Well, I tell you, they're a big, fat urban legend, then.
Well, it's like Rumsfeld on national TV on Face the Nation saying, I never said there were weapons of mass destruction.
That's an urban legend!
Well, yeah, now Blair's out today admitting that there are no weapons of mass destruction, but, I mean, it's probably two months down the line he'll reverse his position on that as well.
All right, let's take another call.
Let's talk to Brent in Kansas.
Brent, go ahead.
Yeah, what's going on, Alex?
How you doing?
That's good, man.
I appreciate what you're doing, man.
You're doing a good job, man.
You know, keep it up.
I see that Michael Moore trying to, you know what I'm saying, take the game from you, but, you know, you already did it before he did, man, because, you know, I moved to Topeka from Kansas City, man, and I talked to you like three or four years ago on air and stuff, you know, and you're doing a good job, man.
And, you know, like I say, all this is showing is everything's about to come to the light.
I'm saying, your turn coming around.
It's like what I do.
It's going to come to the light, and everything's coming to the light.
I'm just tripping on these preachers, man.
I've been trying to tell preachers what's going on out here.
They don't want to hear.
They do not want to hear me, Alex.
So that's why... Well, they think George Bush is basically Jesus.
Tell you what, stay there.
I'll let you finish up briefly on the other side.
Then Wesley, Fred, and many others.
Stay with us, prisonplanet.tv.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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Before we go back to the caller that we're talking to, Brett in Kansas, then Wesley and Fred and Sam and others, talking about the Urban Legend website.
So, do they say it's an urban legend that we claim that they lied about weapons of mass destruction?
Do they say it's an urban legend that the White House called Mayor Willie Brown and told him not to fly because that's admitted?
Do they say it's an urban legend that Bush had troops ready to attack Afghanistan two days before 9-11?
Do they say it's an urban legend that MSNBC reported that the hijackers were trained at U.S.
military bases?
Because you say you get these emails, Paul, going, well, you know, the urban legend people say it's not true.
I mean, are they the authority?
Are they like the Pope speaking ex cathedra from the throne?
Or even higher than that?
Do they think they're God?
We need to do a who is on these people and investigate them because I know what they do.
They mix in space aliens, Bigfoot, with government might do corrupt things and we should watch it.
Oh, that's ridiculous.
So, what has your experience been with these people?
Well, just from looking at the website, they list several different categories, including George Bush and John Kerry.
And everything... I mean, they've got, you know, Bush, crime family and all that kind of thing.
Every single thing, whether it's Democrat or Republican, so-called conspiracy, they list it as an urban legend in 95% of the cases.
And then we see Rumsfeld on the TV saying...
Yeah, and I mean, they've got a big section on 9-11 and Israel.
We know that Israel didn't carry out the attack.
We know they had prior knowledge, like every other government in the world did.
But again, Israeli prior knowledge of 9-11 is an urban myth.
They've got sections on religion, taxes, anti-war... But it was in major Israeli newspapers they had prior knowledge.
It was in the Egyptian papers, it was in the German papers, it was in the British papers, it was in our papers.
Yeah, and in some cases they will list those papers and the sources as they do with the draft bills which have already been introduced.
But then just pronounce that it isn't true.
Yeah, so again, it's double-think.
I mean, they'll tell you the information, but then they'll denounce it as an urban legend.
But also, at the same time, Paul, they're darlings of the mainstream media because they do this.
Yeah, and I've seen many things before.
I mean, when the Pentagon no-plane issue first broke, I got dozens of emails from Snopes who put up a page days after it first broke in the alternative research community saying,
Saying that, again, it was an urban legend.
There's no evidence to suggest that anything other than a commercial airliner hit the Pentagon.
So every topic that you can imagine is denounced by them as an urban legend, and they're the so-called authority on all of this.
All right.
Brett in Kansas, go ahead and finish up.
Yeah, I'm just about to sum it up right here, Alex.
Like I say, it's about to go down.
Good versus evil.
The Lord's children versus the devil's children.
And it's going to go down soon.
You can mark my words on that, but it's going to go down.
Well, Brett, I mean, do you see people waking up in your area, though?
Man, Alex, I really don't, man, because I'm in Topeka, and they haven't even showed Fahrenheit 911.
They have not played it here, and it's the capital.
It's not at theaters at all.
Up in Maine and other states, it's not showing in...
I saw the statistics last week.
I think we're showing it four screens in a whole state, and normally even a small movie would be showing like 100 in that state.
Then we have in two states, Nebraska and Iowa, the biggest theater chain, saying it's terrorists and they're not going to show it.
Oh, wow.
Like I say, you'll be hearing about me, a.k.a.
Slug, because I'm about to get out here and come out my shell.
Regardless of what happened, because I have to, because I have a calling.
So y'all just keep it going.
God bless y'all, man.
And believe me, it's going to go down.
My, it's going to go down.
You're going to wake people up, or what are you going to do?
No, I'm talking about, yeah, exactly.
What I'm going to do is wake everybody up.
But like I say, good and evil is going to collide.
Because the truth and lies, it's going to be a confrontation.
It has to be a confrontation, because if it don't be a confrontation, nobody's with God.
I hear you.
I appreciate the call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Fred.
Actually, Wesley's up next, then Fred.
Wesley in Tennessee, go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Hey, buddy.
Good afternoon, Paul.
Alex, I'd like to apologize first for my last call.
I guess I couldn't get my brain and my mouth to look together, and I apologize for sounding like I was a quitter.
I don't remember the call, so don't apologize, but it's your First Amendment.
What's on your mind?
Well, no, I just wanted to say that you kind of get on my case, I guess, because when I rethought how I sounded, I guess I really did sound like I was giving up, but I didn't mean that at all.
Anyway, to get to the issue at hand, number one, just a quick comment about Evie Evangelist.
I sent out
Video tapes to eight of the leading TV evangelists in the country with recordings of four separate news conferences conducted by George Bush where he was asked specifically whether he was a Christian or not.
And, of course, he said yes.
And then they asked him if he believed that the God that he prayed to was the same God that the Islamists prayed to
And his answer to that question in all four of those news conferences was, yes, I do.
Well, he also prays at Shinto shrines, goes to Bohemian Grove, skull and bones.
I mean, he does all of this.
Well, these evangelists said it was the work of the devil, that the videotapes must have been phony.
They couldn't possibly be true.
So that's the kind of mentality that we're up against.
Yeah, I'll tell you what's the work of the devil is that faith-based initiative money they're starting to get.
That's more like it.
That's really true.
Now, for the question I have for you and Paul, I'd both like to say that I really think whether we wind up with Kerry or Bush is going to be based on one single issue, and I'd both like to ask you to play the part of a school teacher and ask you to give a direct answer.
Okay, what's the question, Wesley?
What kind of a grade, if you were a teacher, what kind of a grade would you give to George Bush for being a lapdog of the globalists in the New World Order?
Okay, thanks for the call.
I would give him a 95 for being a great minion, for being a liar, for having total arrogance and aplomb to tell different lies every day.
I'd give Kerry a 95 as well.
I mean, this whole thing is staged.
Now, for being a good president, I'd give them both zeros.
But it doesn't matter.
Our votes don't matter.
Locally, they do if they don't have electronic machines.
County, city, state.
You can forget the presidential election.
Paul Watson?
Well, I don't know what grade I'd give him, but...
Basically, he's prepared the groundwork for Kerry, who I believe now firmly will win in November.
Because, I mean, Bilderberg at the last conference were pushing this UN taxation system, which links into the mileage taxation system, which you were talking about earlier.
And again, that needs the U.N.
to be legitimized in the eyes of the world, which is why as soon as Kerry gets in, I believe that he'll pull out U.S.
And they've also documented that Bill Clinton's probably going to be the next Secretary General and has already lined up seven of the G8.
So that'll give it an American face for the Democrat president to bring in the U.N.
Yeah, and I mean, with the previous point about... And I've said months ago that I thought it was going to be Bush, may still be, though all these indicators lean towards Kerry, but it looks like it'll end up... I was thinking a Democrat President in 08 with Clinton becoming Secretary General.
Could be if they pull some kind of October surprise where they mysteriously discover Bin Laden.
But I think with Kerry's closer relations to both the Queen and other European royalties such as King Harold of Norway, then he's the man.
And obviously this policy-level executive decision by Bilderberg to get Edwards in as his running mate, I don't think that decision would have been made unless it was for a reason.
But, I mean, with the previous point about Bush's professed Christianity, I mean, anyone can say they're a born-again Christian.
Tony Blair does the same thing when he goes into, you know, Mexican Aztec pyramids, into mud-rebirthing rituals, this new age, you know, rebirthing.
And then two months ago he was channeling the light.
Stay away from the light, Carol Ann.
You know, a born-again Turkey is still a Turkey.
You can say that you're a born-again Christian, but it's just rhetoric.
The policies, the behavior, the actions that they follow do not owe any kind of allegiance to Christianity.
Let's cover a couple articles, then we'll go to a couple final calls to Fred and Sam and Harry, and that's going to be it for calls.
All right.
It's been a great broadcast so far.
We've got about 17 minutes left here.
Congressman suggests Bush hiding Osama.
World Net Daily, in a speech to business leaders in Indiana, Representative Jim McDermott, Democrat Washington, gave credence to a rumor that U.S.
has captured bin Laden, and for political reasons, is waiting for the right moment to reveal it, according to an Indo-Asian news service.
There are already rumors circulating that Osama Bin Laden is being held somewhere already, and it's only that they are trying to decide what day when they should bring him out, McDermott told the Confederation of Indian Industry Representatives at a luncheon in New Delhi on Thursday.
The remarks came as McDermott told his audience that the loss of jobs during the Bush administration and the Iraq war will cause Americans to pick a new president in the fall.
It's not just McDermott.
In December, right after the Saddam capture, what was the 16th, they had the fake capture on the 13th, which was later admitted to be a stage capture.
They had him for months before, and it even is Saddam.
His wife says it isn't, but again, side issue.
On Fox News, she told analysts, Secretary of State Albright, that they had him, it was going to be a stage release.
Then we, at the same time,
Had Senator Grassley, a Republican, saying this.
And so we have that developing.
Now, two-plus years ago, Paul, what did I say?
And we have that posted.
Well, yeah, I posted an article which was basically part of the transcript from one of your radio shows, which was basically in, I think it was early 2002, mid-2002.
Where you said that a White House source had told you directly that they have Bin Laden on ice.
His body was handed over, according to a deal between the Bushes and the Bin Ladens, who we know are very tight.
Obviously, the Bin Laden phone was flown out on 9-11.
And that they're waiting for the most politically expedient opportunity to roll him out.
And we know now.
That they do carry out these PSYOPs and, in fact, do allow the public to find out about them later on.
The LA Times reported three days ago, which, you know, this is what we reported on the day of the event, that the Saddam statue fall was a PSYOP.
And the actual military document where they talk about how they carried it out is now on the internet.
And the LA Times did a report about it.
We had Congressman LaHood before the Saddam capture saying that, you know, I know something you don't know through his local paper.
And they go, do you mean a Saddam capture?
And he said, yes.
Yeah, and that was the Daily Pantograph newspaper.
We also had Franks and his martial law article in December, which came out a month early, saying that was about to happen.
Yeah, so it's either going to be Bin Laden or the new Bin Laden, al-Zarqawi, who will be rolled out.
And even the Associated Press is reporting today that this Iraqi resistance group, which calls itself the Salvation Movement, is threatening to kill al-Zarqawi because they're saying that he's behind all these car bombings and...
It's simple.
The globalists hire a thug to play the part of the bad cop.
They never catch him.
Meanwhile, the bin Laden family gets all the big weapons and building and you name it contracts for Saudi Arabia.
Yes, if there is an October surprise, then it will be Bin Laden or it will be Zarqawi.
The question is, have we neutralized their story by being out ahead of this so far?
Because I didn't know if it was disinfo until it was in January.
Two plus years ago, I said, though, I was told this, why was I told this, and now we see all of this confirming it.
I don't know what to think, Paul.
Well, there's also a report out of the Sun Network, which is based in Pakistan, where the former president of Pakistan said that bin Laden was hiding in Musharraf's basement, which was like a satirical pun, but she was saying directly that they were using the Pakistani government as a cover to hide bin Laden.
And then before 2001, we had the BBC reporting about British diplomats going, oh yeah, the US military is there, we saw them guarding bin Laden.
Yeah, that came out actually, I think, before September 11th, where all these ambassadors were bragging about the fact that he was being guarded by elite U.S.
Secret Service and Marines.
So, you know, he's been in their possession for a very long time.
Dying of kidney failure, and they just hand over the dead body, and it's a stage deal.
Let's go ahead, ladies and gentlemen, and talk to Fred in South Dakota.
Fred, go ahead.
Hi, Alex, Paul.
You know, it's unfortunate they don't trust our neighbors to the south in Iowa with the truth, but they don't trust them with firecrackers either.
So that's just par for the course.
They've been trying to ban fireworks in Texas.
That's right.
Well, no truth, no firecrackers either.
What can I say?
But anyway, to the point, they have several aircraft carriers over towards China and Taiwan and the Pacific area.
Oh, by the way, that was an urban legend, too, and now it's been in the Associated Press.
Yes, and essentially there's been, as far as I can see on this television set and in the local news and national news, there's been absolutely no coverage.
Could you let us know what?
I smell something up their sleeve.
Well, the Navy announced it.
I covered it last Thursday.
What's the name of the program?
It's called Summer Pulse 04.
Summer Pulse 04.
We've got a link to the Navy.
They've got ten carrier groups out, three in the Middle East, and now seven on their way.
Several are already there, but a total of seven to be out there between Japan and China for some big drill.
And everybody else is launching their navies.
I mean, I don't know what to make of it, Paul.
Well, also, an associate press report two days ago that China intends to hold military exercises this month across the strait from Taiwan as Beijing builds up its capability to back up its frequent threats to invade the island.
And then we have the British being ordered to attack Iran.
Iran threatening back, saying there'll be a global response if you attack us.
That's exactly what the globalists want.
They want to get World War III on.
Yes, I mean these waters are getting awful crowded at the moment as I commented with all these different exercises taking place.
So there's your answer, Fred.
Okay, well, thank you.
Thank you.
This new tips program, have your neighbor have the cable guy title on you, the truck drivers.
This never got canceled, Paul, but you've got Newsweek telling us how great it is to have, of course, they're not just going to fight terror, it's crime, too.
Everybody being enlisted to be tattletales, Paul.
Yes, a Department of Homeland Security $19.3 million grant
To the American Trucking Associations, and it's called Highway Watch, and they describe it as a volunteer army.
And the article states that 10,000 truckers have signed on to become amateur sleuths.
And it says over the next year the goal is to add toll booth workers, rest stop employees, and construction crews, creating a corps of 400,000 people drawn from every state.
And so, as I said, you know, you thought that tips was dead.
As with the case with TIA, it's just continued under a different name.
And you ought to read the stuff they say is terrorist activity.
We'll be right back.
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We'll be back tomorrow, 11 to 2 Central during the day, and of course every night, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
The U.S.
General says he met with an Israeli interrogator in Iraq.
This is Reuters, and they go on to admit that Israel, which they admitted even before the war, was going to advise on all of this, and they try to deny it.
So there they are admitting that.
Another Arab website traces back to Houston, Texas, what really happened.
Again, always to these neocon front groups that always get the upload of the dead getting chopped off.
Boy, Al-Qaeda's really slick.
And Iraq puppet government will not oppose U.S.
attack on neighbors.
They're saying, of course, they are for that.
Iran gives U.S.
stern warning.
Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah al-Khamenei, warned the United States on Monday that any attack on the Islamic Republic's interests would be met with a global response, which is exactly what they want, you idiots.
And it continues, a new push for identity...
New push to identify extremists in the U.S.
Got to look for all the terrorists.
New York Times.
China's SARS dissident undergoing brainwashing sessions.
So that he... It just goes on and on, Paul.
It's a total information awareness overload.
Japan firm's chip tells mom if kids are out of school, got to have a tracker chip.
That's Reuters.
Paul, I've got like 50 more of these.
I mean, it's just exploding.
What do you say to that?
Well, you mentioned the one about the fake, phony Al-Qaeda websites.
Now we know for certain that there are these phony Al-Qaeda websites claiming responsibility for events which haven't even taken place yet.
The Marine which was captured about five, six days ago, this so-called Al-Qaeda website came out and claimed that they had beheaded him, which led the original group, a different group, the one that captured him, to say that they hadn't beheaded him, and now today he's being released.
So it proves that fake al-Qaeda groups are claiming responsibility for events on their website.
But they haven't found him yet, and that guy thinks he'll be safe.
We need to take you out here to a secret field office to debrief you with these CIA men.
You better run, buddy.
You better run.
You mentioned before the break.
You know, what is the classification of terrorism under this new Highway Watch starzy brown shirt?
Well, they say wearing a coat.
They say having a backpack.
Just everything.
Having an atlas in your car, Paul?
Yeah, having an argument with your wife, taking pictures of national landmarks.
And the article states they've got a database set up.
They've got a call center where people get a secret toll-free number to report any suspicious behavior.
Let's jam two calls in.
We'll have to have you back up to talk about this.
Sam in West Virginia, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, Paul.
Are you there?
Yes, what's on your mind?
Okay, hey, I wanted to commend you guys first for the work you're doing.
Well, thank you.
But my question is, and I understand, what's the deal with Phil Jahan and Lester 911?
Well, that's just all a misunderstanding.
He's been attacked a lot, and we support what he's doing, and he just got confused by some stuff.
He's a good guy.
Well, no, I thought he was, because he was on your show last week, wasn't he?
Yeah, and then it's just the Internet.
It's stuff that goes on, but it's a side issue.
If you've been to his site, he changed it.
Oh, well, I was there this morning.
That's why I asked.
Okay, what else is on your mind?
That was pretty much it, because I thought maybe there was a falling out there or something.
I appreciate it.
Thanks for the call.
Harry in New Jersey.
Harry, go ahead.
Hi, Austin.
Listen, I just want to mention, you mentioned New Jersey last week, and anyway, I just want to say that we have this Albert Perrone.
He's like the executive director of legislation in New Jersey.
He acts like a godfather, but the whole thing is New Jersey is really highly vulnerable with the refineries and all, you know, and it's just well set up like
Well, the head of FEMA in your state said that you can't leave your house if there's a red alert.
You're going to be considered an enemy combatant.
That was a quote, wasn't it, Paul?
Anything else?
Well, firecrackers aren't even allowed in New Jersey.
I know.
It's training us how to be little children.
We're slaves.
Can't have any fun.
Can't celebrate America.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
Paul, thanks for coming on, my friend.
Thanks, Alex.
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God bless you all.
Get out there and take on the New World Order.