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Air Date: June 28, 2004
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, so does he.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, it's Monday, the 28th day of June 2004.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Masses of vital news and information here at the broadcast.
The websites are prisonplanet.com, prisonplanet.tv, and infowars.com.
Well, about six to eight months ago, it was a while back, and I talked to him again this morning.
We're going to have him back on this week.
Colonel Don DeGranpre...
Who has quite an impressive military record of service and has a lot of connections in Washington, D.C., and has broken some major reports that have turned out to be very accurate, came on this broadcast and said that he had talked to the pilot who shot down Flight 93 over Pennsylvania.
Now, the eyewitnesses saw this happen, and the plane's debris field was eight miles long.
I mean, that's impossible, folks, for a plane to...
You know, hit the ground and for something like that to happen, or for even an explosive on board the aircraft to do that.
And that's because the aircraft was hit, according to Colonel Donna Grand Prix, by several missiles, blowing off an engine, and then the plane went a little bit further, and then it got hit again, and then finally started breaking up.
I got up this morning, and Let's Roll 9-11 had the headline, Flight 93 Shoot Down Pilot Identified.
And it says, Let's Roll has discovered Flight 93 was definitely shot down.
Well, we've all discovered that for a long time.
But what Let's Roll has discovered, according to their report, we have to be careful about all of this, is the name of the pilot.
Because Colonel Donna Grand Prix on this broadcast would not tell me the name of the pilot.
He is sending me a news article of the award ceremony a year later and how they didn't even say what the award was for for this particular squadron.
So we have our comment that Colonel Donna Grand Prix first broke the story of the Happy Hooligans and the shoot down of Flight 93 during the interview on the Alex Jones Show back in February.
So I guess that's five months ago.
And it continues here.
Let's Roll has discovered the name of the pilot, as well as other pertinent information regarding this incident.
Now, I called Colonel Donna Grand Prix this morning, and I said, is the name Major Rick Gibney?
And Colonel Donna Grand Prix said, yes, that's his name.
And I said, did you talk to him personally?
He said, yes, I did, face-to-face.
So it says that precisely 938 hours an alarm was sounded at Langley Air Force Base and those who were on call drinking coffee were scrambled.
That was brought out on this show.
Thus the 119th Fighter Wing was off on an intercept.
They, the Happy Hooligans, a unit of three F-16 aircraft, were ordered to head down Pennsylvania
At 9.57, they spotted their target.
After confirmation orders were received, a one Major Rick Gibney fired two Sidewinder missiles at the aircraft and destroyed it in mid-flight at precisely 9.58.
And that's what he said.
He said that they fired two Sidewinder missiles.
That's what Colonel Donogram Priest said, again, back in February.
And he was awarded a medal from the governor one year for his heroic actions as well as the decorated by Congress on 9-13-2001.
The Happy Hooligans were previously stationed in North Dakota and were moved to Langley Air Force Base some months before 9-11 occurred on a temporary assignment.
Major Rick Gibney did as he was ordered, did nothing criminal.
He was merely following orders of which he had no choice.
Please do not harass this man or bother him for doing what his CEOs and ultimately George Bush ordered him to do.
Well, that's not what we get from Colonel Donna Grand Prix that says he's talked to this guy.
But it was a general that they were all standing down.
The general said, no, I have the authority to shoot that aircraft down.
So, you know, I'm going to have to get the rider of this on.
And, uh...
Again, I don't know about this story either from us or from them.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, you knew it would happen.
Not only did the Supreme Court say that we don't get to see Dick Cheney's Energy Commission documents and that
Anthony Scalia can ride around on Air Force Two and all expense paid trips while he's hearing cases on the White House.
Well, they came out today and they said, hey, you know what?
We can secretly arrest any citizens we want and never give you a trial.
But you can complain to our special police state court if you're being mistreated.
As if anybody will even know that you were secretly grabbed.
I mean, it's just unbelievable.
But I've got to spend time on this first.
And, again, I'm going to get the folks on from Let's Roll 9-11, and I'm going to get Colonel Don DeGrandpre back on.
I talked to him this morning.
He's been having a lot of doctor's appointments for his heart the last few weeks and has been able to come on.
He's got another appointment today, and so he couldn't come on today, but he'll come on in the next few days.
Flight 93 shoot-down pilot identified.
That's the headline.
Now, first off, again, we know that Flight 93 was blown to bits.
We know that witnesses saw missiles, saw the flashes in the air, the eight-mile debris field.
We know this.
We know that the Pentagon, through Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, were ordering stand-downs of NORAD.
We know this happened.
We know Flight 93 was going into Washington.
The government says, and I believe this, to go after the Capitol or the White House.
Imagine the hysteria, the devastation, the martial law we'd be under now.
And Colonel Don DeGrand Prix, back in February on this broadcast, said that,
Well, it's now come out as well.
Remember, we have a direct link on the website.
We need to add all this in one area, though.
I'm telling my webmaster, Paul Watson, this.
We have the documents where three months before 9-11, Donald Rumsfeld, before a general or an admiral, depending on if it was over land or sea, could shoot down passenger aircraft ever since 1958 when NORAD was set up.
That was their job.
No need to call the president.
No need to get him out of bed.
Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of times, just in the last decade they've launched fighter aircraft, if a jet or a Cessna, if anything is off course.
If you don't respond, if you turn your transponder off, if you don't respond to radio.
This is what the North American aerospace system does.
This is what NORAD's job is.
And so what I have from our sources, and not just Colonel Don the Grand Prix, is that a general, and again, we can't confirm this either, said, hey,
You know, as of three months ago, I was supposed to shoot down aircraft.
Everybody's standing around.
You shoot that jet down.
You shoot Flight 93 down.
Remember, three months before, we have the actual copy of this.
This is public.
Rumsfeld took all those powers to himself, away from the generals, away from the admirals.
Even a colonel could do this, could shoot down aircraft, if need be.
And rightfully so.
These authorities are delegated.
And so, Flight 93, the fighter pilots, the fighter pilot leader was ordered to shoot it down.
And Colonel Don DeGrandprix would not give us the name of the pilot on air.
Because he did not want to be public.
And now, on prisonplanet.com, we have this...
Let's roll 911.org story, and I'm just going to read the whole thing.
And again, folks, I don't know if this story is accurate.
We know that the government shot down Flight 93.
But what they could do is a sophisticated disinfo program
There are different sources, well-meaning people, or this could be accurate, to bring this out.
Then it turns out it's not true, that it's not this fighter group, that it's not the hooligans, the happy hooligans.
Then they can come out and say, see, we never shot down Flight 93.
I tend to not think that, though, because the government just doesn't want to examine it, period.
They don't want to have to come out and discredit the fact that a lot of people know they shot Flight 93 down.
They just want to let it die away, let it go away, just like TWA Flight 800 that was clearly hit by two missiles as well.
We have hundreds of military witnesses there because there were military drills going on in the air as that happened.
We've interviewed many of them.
That's a whole other issue.
So I don't know.
And, you know, it doesn't chap me.
It doesn't make me mad.
But I'm going to get them on here.
Because Paul Watson, years ago, writes articles about the missile pod, and other people did too.
And 9-11 Let's Roll says we broke it, which is fine.
But I guess we need to start saying that because it just gives more attention to it, I guess.
And then they say they broke this too.
And I guess what they did break is the guy's name, if it's accurate.
And, again, I'm going to get them on the show.
But it says, Flight 93, shoot down, pilot identified.
And it says, comment.
Need to make that a hyperlink over to the original transcript and audio interview.
Comment, Colonel Don Grand Prix first broke this story of the Happy Hooligans and the shoot down of Flight 93 during his interview on the Alex Jones Show back in February.
And thus, three F-16s and three names, and you can try to figure out which one of them did it.
He just said, look, I've been asked not to say who, and I'm not going to.
Let's Roll 9-11 has discovered that Flight 93 was definitely shot down.
Well, I mean, if you go off what Colonel Donna Graham Preece said, certainly that is the case.
But certainly we discovered it.
But it doesn't matter.
It's just that it's a little interesting here.
Let's Roll has discovered that the name of the pilot, as well as all other pertinent information regarding the incident,
Precisely, 0-9-3-8 hours, an alarm was sounded at Langley Air Force Base, and those who were on call drinking coffee, exactly what the Grand Prix said, were scrambled.
Thus, the 119th Fighter Wing was off for an intercept.
They, the Happy Hooligans, a unit of three F-16 aircraft, were ordered to head towards Pennsylvania at 0-9-5-7.
They spotted their target.
After confirmation orders were received...
A one Major Rick Gibney fired two Sidewinder missiles.
That's what Colonel Don DeGrand Prix said.
He said the lead pilot fired two Sidewinder missiles.
I called Don DeGrand Prix this morning and I said, is it Major Rick Gibney?
And he said, yes.
A one Major Rick Gibney fired two Sidewinder missiles at the aircraft and destroyed it in mid-flight at precisely 0958.
Again, I don't know if this is true, folks.
I'm just reporting what these individuals are saying.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Major Rick Gibney did as he was ordered.
He did nothing criminal.
He was merely following orders of which he had no choice.
Please do not harass the man or bother him for doing what his CO and ultimately George Bush ordered him to do.
Major Rick Gibney has no reason to feel guilty nor regret following orders.
The fault lies with his superiors and a one certain President George Bush who planned and engineered 9-11.
Well, why would Bush order the shoot-down of an aircraft that was going into D.C.?
And then why would it be Bush's fault it was shot down when Bush didn't want planes shot down?
What we got is... Let me go again.
Please do not heap any kind of abuse onto this man.
It continues.
A crack fighter pilot, one of the best in our nation for doing what he was trained and ordered to do.
He is a good man, honest and full of integrity.
And it continues.
He is a patriot and was lied to and deceived.
He had no way to know that this plane wasn't a hostile, nor could he have.
So how do they know this plane wasn't?
It had been off course flying all over the country.
How is that known?
The fault lies with the superiors and President George W. Bush.
Blight 93 has now been forever solved by truth and honest reporting and investigating from Let's Roll 9-11.
Major Rick Gibney, please do not read this as anything but the truth that the world deserves to know as true history.
You played a part, but it was your superiors who deserved both you and everyone else regarding Flight 93.
Who deceived you and both you and everybody else regarding Flight 93.
I didn't relish printing her name, as you're innocent of any evil doing, yet it's history and truth, and the world deserves to know.
And you're safer now that the truth is out there, if it is true, yes, you are safer, than if it was not.
But the world would appreciate an honest reply and statement from you on this issue, but only when you're able and ready.
The source of this information, Mr. Gibney, was very careful to point out your high quality of character and lack of malice or malfeasance in these issues.
Your integrity is no way harmed by these revelations as you were ignorant of the total picture of what was happening that day and following orders as you were trained to do in an emergency.
I apologize for having to print your name, but felt it necessary for both the truth to come forward and your own safety.
Major Rick...
Gibney, let's roll.
All right, folks.
I'll get to the bottom of this.
And Colonel Donna Grand Prix says he talked to Major Rick Gibney face-to-face, and then he said yes.
I talked to him this morning.
I talked to Colonel Donna Grand Prix.
He said yes.
That this is the person who told him he shot the aircraft down.
All right, we'll come back to a lot of other news, and we'll be talking about this more in the broadcast.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Alright, folks.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
And we know that Flight 93 over Pennsylvania was shot down.
We know it had an eight-mile debris field.
But I've been frank about this all along.
I don't know if it was the happy hooligans that shot it down.
And I don't know if that's disinfo that's been given to other well-meaning people.
I lean towards saying it's not, but I certainly can't say it's confirmed.
And so we're going to be getting Colonel Don to Grand Prix on the broadcast.
I said, is this accurate?
I called him.
Is this name the person you talked face-to-face with, the pilot?
And he said, yes, it is.
And, of course, the person asked him not to give his name out on air, so he didn't do that on this show.
Now this other website that gets a lot of attention and a lot of visitors, that's done some good work, is out saying this.
And so I've got a call in to the Let's Roll website to try to get Phil Jahan on the broadcast and try to go through this because there's certainly some things in here from the story I've got that I don't agree with.
There's some things I do agree with, and there's large areas that I don't know.
So frankly, if I can't prove something 100% and I can't document it, I'm just going to kind of leave it at that and not speculate on it until I can talk to more of the parties involved.
But it is very interesting.
And that interview we did with Colonel Donna Grand Prix got just massive attention out there.
He's done a lot of good work in the past, but not a lot of accurate info.
I just don't know.
The reason I tend to think that it may not be disinfo...
Is it the Flight 93 story is already dead in the mainstream media?
People don't discuss it.
Why would the government want to go out to sources and then try to disinfo them so they would then bring it out and then there would be some type of debate surrounding it?
I mean, they don't even want attention on it.
So, I don't know, ladies and gentlemen.
Colonel Don of Grand Prix talks about this awards ceremony.
He says he has the news articles.
He's going to fax them to me.
But they said, oh, just awards ceremonies.
I wouldn't say for what.
Concerning what happened on September 11th.
And it wouldn't be the first time, I mean, with the USS Liberty, they gave the captain the Congressional Medal of Honor in secret.
Told him not to talk to anybody.
I mean, this stuff happens quite a bit.
Secret award ceremonies.
But Colonel Donnie Grand Prix is, you know, on the inside of the whole military community there in Virginia.
And he says he talked face-to-face with Major Rick Gibney.
And so I would think that would be an important little tidbit for Let's Roll to add that
You know, the Colonel Donda Grand Prix interview he did on the show here, if they want to add something to bolster their argument, and that we have an eyewitness, another person who talked to a Major Rick Gibney who supposedly told him that.
We should, I guess, have the name of this other source.
If we're going to print the name of Major Rick Gibney, if let's roll this, we need to have the name of his source that said this.
And now we've given you the name of the source that told us this.
Colonel Donda Grand Prix says, yes, that's the name.
Which adds quite a bit of credibility to this, unless it's Colonel Don DeGranpre telling both Let's Roll and Infowars.com this.
So, again, we have to investigate this.
I don't want to spend all day on it.
I'm sure callers are going to want to talk about it.
It is important, but quite frankly, it doesn't pale in significance, but it doesn't...
...surpass or even meet the level of Dick Cheney ordering NORAD to stand down, which is confirmed.
He was ordering NORAD to stand down.
Of public officials being told not to fly to New York the night before.
Of CIA insider training.
Of the Bushes flying out the Bin Ladens.
And by the way, neocons are all over talk radio lying, saying Michael Moore is a liar.
The Bushes never flew out the Bin Ladens.
It just isn't true.
It's made up.
It's a lie.
Judicial Watch months ago got the documents.
They did over a dozen four-year requests, Freedom of Information Act requests, and the federal agencies, CIA, Defense Intelligence, NSA, all refused, FBI refused, but customs messed up.
Bureaucracy messed up and released the information.
And Richard Clark's been public, what, six, seven months ago in Vanity Fair, saying that, yeah, they were ordered by Bush to order them released to let the Bin Ladens fly to the country.
And that's been in the Miami Herald.
It's been everywhere.
It's admitted.
And the neocons are just saying it's all lies.
It's lies.
It's not true.
It's lies.
So I did see Fahrenheit 9-11.
I'll give you my review of it.
A mixed review, by the way.
And secret arrest of citizens.
Supreme Court, we told you, would say that was good.
And they did, indeed.
Nazi bastards that they are.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The President and his designates...
Can secretly arrest and secretly detain and not tell anyone they've grabbed you any time they want for any reason.
So many people said, oh, the Patriot Act.
Don't worry, the courts will throw that out.
Just like campaign finance reform.
Oh, don't worry.
You know, that Dianne Feinstein, Chuckie Schumer thing, that'll never pass.
You know, Bush will veto it when he vetoed it.
Well, he's going to let the conservative courts tear it up.
You know, he's a good conservative.
He just play and, you know, possum with him libs.
It's the same thing across the board.
Loss of liberty, big government, open borders, you name it.
And now the Supreme Court comes out and says, we can secretly arrest you and not give you a trial and hold you for as long as we want.
A few months ago, it was we could secretly drug you as well for any reason.
But then they throw in, but you can complain to a special secret federal court.
Oh, isn't that nice?
And so they're billing it as, the Supreme Court gives you rights!
Ooh, a big blow on the Bushes!
It's amazing.
It's like a boxer KO's somebody, and then they go, but he did get a split eye, so he really loses, but he gets the gold back.
Belt and, you know, the $10 million prize money.
But he got a bruise, so he really lost.
I mean, it's that crazy.
And so I hear it all over talk radio.
Hey, we got our rights back.
Supreme Court stepped up, man.
And this weekend, I even called into a few national talk shows, just driving in the car and listening to it.
Michael Moore is a liar.
Our government never flew the Bin Ladens out.
There's no relationship with the Saudis.
Fahrenheit 9-11, he's making lots of money.
Man, I tell you, he hates America.
Just on and on and on and on and on.
Now, I have to tell you, Michael Moore did a lot of twisting and manipulation in Bowling for Columbine.
I thought it was well done, but very fraudulent, very manipulative.
I thought Roger and Me was great.
Neocons were attacking him, saying, you know, in his Roger and Me, he goes and shows people being evicted and says they work for GM.
But people went back and showed some of them didn't work for GM.
Well, in Roger and Me, which I just so happened to have rented and watched about two weeks ago, which I'd seen years ago, but I refreshed my memory, he just points out it destroyed the whole economy.
He didn't say that it was... But again, they call that a lie.
That's a big lie.
Of course he had to lie about the Second Amendment, because he's a liberal and that's his agenda, and that's what he was up to, or you could say it was his whole twisted view.
But I saw Fahrenheit 9-11 Friday night at the Alamo Drafthouse in North Austin, two super sold-out showings.
Little did I know that for weeks the owners had been calling me, wanting to show Road to Tyranny in conjunction.
Of course, I never got the messages.
That's how ridiculous things have gotten around my office.
But they did ask me to come down and introduce the film, and so I introduced it.
It was on two screens.
I introduced it.
I gave four speeches.
And I had a chance to watch it several times, and I frankly overall was disappointed.
Was it entertaining?
Was it heart-rending and heart-wrenching?
Did it make me dislike Bush even more?
Were the criticisms of Bush honest?
But it's like criticizing Bill Clinton for an intern in the Oval Office.
It's not good.
It's bad.
He lied about it.
But the Republicans didn't go after him for communist generals in the Commerce Department, coke dealers giving him campaign contributions, murders, all this.
They focused on the sex because it was a little isolated issue.
That didn't burn any of the Republican hierarchy, which were all involved with Bill Clinton, in some cases above him.
You know, Donald Rumsfeld, nuclear reactors for North Korea.
Can't talk about Bill Clinton giving him the okay for that, because it was Republicans making the money.
And Moore does the exact same thing in Fahrenheit 9-11.
I mean, he focuses on Ashcroft...
You know, getting makeup put on, and Dick Cheney getting his makeup, and Bush getting his makeup on, and primping, and staging, and... You know, he... Lots of weirdness there.
Just mainly making them look like a bunch of buffoons.
And, you know, they get into the Saudis, and the Bushes didn't want to do anything to the Saudis because they were making so much money from them, and the Carlyle Group, and...
You know, Bush was freaked out and cowardly during the little goat story because he was thinking, oh, my Saudi friends did this, what am I going to do?
He was doing that so people couldn't run up to him and say, NORAD, NORAD, order the shoot-down!
You know, Michael Moore knows the Times of London has photos of Bush in the green room of the school watching the smoking buildings.
Smoking buildings?
He knows, Michael Moore knows that Bush got caught in lies about when he first learned of it.
Did Moore put anything in there about that?
Did Moore put in there, hey, why did Mayor Willie Brown get a call from the White House not to fly?
Why did John Ashcroft stop flying commercial?
Why did the Joint Chiefs of Staff in two separate Newsweek articles say, yeah, we got told not to fly to New York that day?
Solomon Rushdie, FAA banned from flying for his safety.
Why wasn't that brought up?
Why wasn't it brought up what was in Newsweek, Time Magazine, Fox News?
A New Yorker magazine.
Times of London, that you flew out 8,000 Taliban and Al-Qaeda leaders out of Afghanistan.
That you used bin Laden to attack the Serbs in 1998.
Republicans' own report.
Or that Bill Clinton, three separate times, refused to have him arrested.
Bin Laden arrested.
You see, Moore could have shown both parties protecting their CIA asset and show the presidents as puppets, but that film would have never made it to the screen.
It does show the Marines training for gun confiscation and rounding up families and putting bags on their heads to go to the rape rooms.
It does show that.
Oh, yes.
And those troops will be back here as police officers very soon.
So that's some of the positive things.
It gets into a little bit on the Patriot Act.
You definitely go see it.
It's amazing.
Go see the film.
But understand that it gives you one side of the story.
It's the mirror image of Rush Limbaugh.
Rush Limbaugh exposes the Democrats on petty issues, never on the meaty issues that are intertwined with the Republican hierarchy that's part of the New World Order hierarchy.
And Moore does the same thing.
Moore attacks Bush just like the Republicans attacked Clinton.
On the surface issues.
What, you're bad enough?
And it's got Bush with his dictator comment, you know, I want to be a dictator, all this stuff.
Makes me heck a lot easier if I was the dictator.
You know, that's in there.
And so all of this together, and you see the arrogance, the fakeness, the evil.
I don't know, I'll talk more about it later.
I've got to write down my thoughts this weekend, but I was just too busy.
On the film.
You can call in with what you thought of the film.
But there's a scene where this Iraqi woman has had her whole family killed and she's saying, God help us.
God defend us.
I got a tear.
But the neocons are all up there saying it's bad that Michael Moore is making money.
20-something million.
25 million now today.
What is it?
21.8 million yesterday.
This is good.
This bodes well for documentaries.
At least it'll get people thinking.
I'd say about 95% of what I saw in the film is very accurate.
But again, it's lying by omission.
He is really protecting Bush in a way.
You know why?
Because now it's just now it's just old Bush had a little prior knowledge because he's so stupid and business partners with him and 9-11 was a big screw up and
Bush just needs to go, and Kerry needs to save us.
It's not, there's a military-industrial complex carrying out terror attacks, and it's very sophisticated, and there's going to be more attacks, and we need to repeal the USA Patriot Act, and here's what it allows to happen.
No, it doesn't cover any of that.
So in a way, it whitewashes the whole debate, as Professor Michael Tosadowski has said at Global Research, that to say that it's prior knowledge in itself is a diversion and a distraction
To not give people the full horror of 9-11.
Plus, he only spends about 20 minutes on 9-11, folks.
He doesn't bring up maybe one or two of the smoking guns.
And then it's all accidental, you know.
And then the neocons get on the radio and just say it's all lies.
All lies.
Every bit of it.
None of it's true.
It's not even a documentary.
It's a movie.
He's making money.
He's so bad.
He's making money.
Remember the...
Christian bashers, the atheists that hated the passion of the Christ, they said the same thing.
He's making all that money.
The neocons said, how dare them say he's making money?
So what?
This is America.
Then they flip-flop it on more.
Well, see, I supported the passion, and I support Fahrenheit 9-11.
I think the passion's more powerful and more important, obviously.
I think Fahrenheit is opportunistic.
I know Michael Moore, even from stuff he's posted on his website, knows all the details.
Michael Moore knows full well who was behind 9-11.
Make no mistake, he's not stupid.
And he has a few glimpses in there where he implies that maybe they were behind it.
But only people who are versed in this stuff will pick up on that.
All right, I said we'd take calls.
It's just there's so much news here, folks.
More news of torture, systematic rape and torture.
Heaven help us when our troops get captured and people are torturing them, dunking them in water, grounding them, raping them.
What's our media going to say?
Oh, it's not torture.
It's just a little bit of abuse or pressure, some fraternity pranks.
Well, no, they'll say that's torture.
We'll engage in doublethink.
It's torture when they do it to us, not when we do it to them.
There's just so much here today.
Let's go ahead and go to the calls.
Let's talk to Jeff in Texas.
Jeff, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Thanks for waking me up.
I want to talk about the Battle of Baghdad, what I'm calling the Battle of Baghdad.
Last year in April, during the inundation by the media of the Jessica Lynch story, Saddam's forces attacked our troops, and it was completely covered up.
This happened between about 5 and 7 April.
Well, in all fairness, they did mention it on the crawls on the screens and on the back of the paper that there were heavy bombardments at the Baghdad-Saddam airport.
Well, basically, the KIAs on our side are completely unknown and to this day go as yet unreported.
There are possibly more than 75 on our side and probably more than 400 of the Iraqis, including their Special Republican Guard.
And that's killed in action.
Basically, various members of the Army Public Affairs, the Pentagon, and CNN are complicit in this.
The Washington Post and World Net Daily came out in 2000 that the Pentagon has hundreds of military officers running CNN.
Notice, running the liberal channels.
Yeah, absolutely.
Go ahead, sir.
The liberals you can trust, see.
Well, the night this happened, it was Friday night here, but it was a Saturday there.
CNN's Walter Rogers, he was an inbid with the 3-7th Cavalry, attempted to make a report from the airport.
And his voice was basically indistinguishable because of the extreme background noise of the artillery impacting around him.
Were you there?
No, I was not.
I got this information from other members of the military.
I'm former military.
I've had a lot of these guys come up and talk to me.
Well, I'm the one, and I'd like to get Captain May, who's running this effort, the head of Ghost Troop, to come on your show and give you all the details, because he's got full details of complicity by the New York Times, CNN, and other major media sources spiking that story.
Well, we know, sir, they've covered up a bunch of battles, and it later comes out that no one's held accountable.
Hey, did you hear me go over this Flight 93 information?
Yeah, briefly.
I'm very interested right now in this rabbi who was the former, recently resigned in March, head of the Pentagon's finances, who basically was the head of the international division of this special programs company.
I can't remember the name of it.
I can send you the link.
But basically was the head of a Virginia-based company that designed technology that allowed the control of multiple airplanes through remote control.
Well, I mean, that technology's been around since the 40s by radio, and they've had drones up since the late 50s doing attack and bombing maneuvers.
What's a rabbi doing the head of the finances for my Pentagon?
I'm at a loss.
I'll send you the information.
He obviously also has a business or capacity in something else.
I don't know the details, sir.
Yeah, I'll send them to you.
All right, thank you for the call.
I appreciate it.
Yeah, that battle for Baghdad is interesting.
I ought to do an hour or two on that subject.
Who's up next, Stephanie?
James in Colorado.
Go ahead.
I was just calling a little report from Colorado.
Hi, Alex.
I was going to call a couple weeks ago when I saw this.
I saw about a dozen ninja cops on enduro bikes traveling from Boulder to Golden, Colorado.
Black, totally black outfits, no badges, little red and blue flashers on the back of their vehicles.
Just wanted to let people in Colorado know that that kind of presence is here already.
Well, again, last week, finally Newsweek reported what the Wall Street Journal and the Daily Texan had broken.
Secret military police in suits harassing people for their political speech in Austin.
And, you know, they run the gamut from suits to guys in black uniforms to guys with long hair and tattoos, and they're all over the place.
And now they admit that domestically they're going to be operating and running our lives, secret police, part of the new freedom.
And another comment I had was I had some friends this weekend and went and saw Michael Moore's film, and they told me that there was local law enforcement there.
Filming and photographing people that were going to see that movie.
So that's all I wanted to tell you.
Well, thank you.
Good call.
Yeah, we got a lot of comments and e-mails on that subject.
Your friend should write a short e-mail describing it.
They should go to prisonplanet.com or it says contact webmaster and e-mail it to that address.
In fact, all of you out there that saw it, if you experienced this, I did not experience that at the theater, where it was being shown when I gave some speeches, because I was asked to by the, requested by the owners, where I've shown my film, 9-11 and the Road to Tyranny.
But that is a big deal, and we've gotten reports of people being beat up by the liberals, beat up by the neocons, fights breaking out, things along these lines.
And you're there in Colorado.
I mean, it's been in the news that most of your major cities, I mean, it can be a land rights meeting, an environment meeting, a Second Amendment meeting, a bunch of old ladies out there.
They have military out many times with the police videotaping everyone.
Part of the new freedom.
Michael Moore's film does get into that, though.
People criticizing the government, you know, they get an FBI visit.
They don't have enough to do it to all of us.
It's meant to intimidate us.
It doesn't scare me.
Turn up the heat, folks.
We'll be right back.
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We're about to go to Charles and Brian and David and everybody else that is patiently holding and just a ton of other very important news reports and information here.
Before we do that, I do want to just briefly remind you that I'm a documentary filmmaker.
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Government-sponsored terror.
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All right, let's go ahead and go to Charles in Texas.
Charles, go ahead.
How you doing, Alex?
I was wondering if you caught Hannity and Combs on Friday night.
They had former CIA Director James Woolsey on there.
And towards the end, before they cut him off, he said that Saddam Hussein apologizing for Islamic militant attacks would be like Joseph Stalin apologizing to the Russian Orthodox Church.
And I was thinking about this and what it meant, but I remember reading that the Bolshevik Revolution was a plan to destroy the Russian Orthodox Church, hatched by the Vatican.
Have you ever heard that?
No, the evidence is that British intelligence with the New York money funded the Bolshevik Revolution.
That evidence is legion.
I've heard of that, but I just remember reading the... I'm just giving you what I have from facts.
The Catholic Church, for all of its evils, was actively involved fighting the Communists and actually backed the Fascists for a while in a bid to defeat them.
And then it was the Soviet Union involved in attempted assassinations of the Pope.
You never heard that the top, that they had put Jews like Karl Marx and Joseph Stalin in charge of it?
The Catholic Church?
No, no, sir.
Okay, I just wonder if you've seen it.
No, I just go off the historical documents.
What else was on your mind?
Well, have you ever considered having Al Cuppett on your show?
I have, a few years ago.
You've already had them?
Have you had them once since you had that book out?
No, I haven't.
All right, thank you for the call.
Appreciate it, Charles.
All right, we'll come back in the second hour, talk to Brian, David, many others that are patiently holding at 1-800-259-9231 and a ton of other key news items.
Second hour straight ahead, prisonplanet.tv.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
It's Monday, Ultramass, the second hour of global transmission against tyranny.
Back in February...
Coming up on six months ago, early February, we had Colonel Don to Grand Prix on the broadcast, and he said that he had met with a pilot and even gave us the name of the squadron that had shot down Flight 93 over Pennsylvania.
And we broke that story here with Colonel Don to Grand Prix.
He would not tell us the name of the pilot.
Now another website says that they've talked to someone who talked to the pilot.
They don't say who.
And I called Colonel Don to Grand Prix, and I said, is this the name of the pilot?
And he said, yes.
And he had to go to a medical appointment for his heart today, so he won't be with us.
But he says he's coming on later this week.
So that's developing there.
And I'm trying to get the folks from this website on to talk about their source.
So we'll go back over that report as well.
A bunch of economic news, the Supreme Court saying that they can secretly arrest citizens, secretly hold you.
Very scary development, but we all knew it was coming.
Just a ton of vital news, and I have some information on Fahrenheit 9-11.
My review of that, I'll kind of expand on what I talked about in the first hour.
And Paul Watson, who joins us every Monday, is joining us in about 30 minutes.
Right now, let's go to Brian in New Jersey.
Brian, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Sorry, just a couple of quick things.
I saw Fahrenheit 9-11.
I thought it was kind of disgusting how many people were laughing at certain parts where I was just getting outraged at, but I have to say my favorite part is when Donald Rumsfeld says that the American people are lied to every day and they don't seem to mind.
I did get to hand out about 30 or so of your flyers, so hopefully you'll get some more hits on that website and people will start waking up a little bit more.
What did folks think of those simple little flyers?
Oh, they were eating them up.
I wish I had printed more, and I think I'm going to print another couple hundred and go see the movie a couple more times.
Well, I ended up giving about 60 copies of my DVD out for free.
I gave a speech, because the theater owner asked me to, at four of the showings.
And I handed out a bunch of flyers, so we talked the talk, we walked the walk, and I want to thank you for doing that.
Paul Watson made a flyer, my wife made another flyer, one flyer's on InfoWars, the other's on Prison Planet.
Folks, get them.
Put them in your purse, your shirt, a hundred of them, and then just hand them out when you're leaving, and the security guard says something, so what?
Just leave.
Yeah, nobody messed with me.
In fact, I even gave one to one of the patrons at work at the place, so they weren't messing with me.
Yeah, well, they were all big fans of the theater I went to.
I actually called the theater and said, I'd like to come to your theater and have permission to do this.
They said, Alex, the owner's been trying to get a hold of you for weeks.
We'd be showing your film right now.
See, well, they've shown it there before, but yeah.
Yeah, the second thing I wanted to say, and it didn't even come to my mind until I heard about you, I guess, a month ago.
I was, I guess you could say, pulled over in front of my house, but not really.
My friends and I were just sitting in the car talking.
A cop drove by once or twice, and the third time he pulled up behind us and put the lights on.
Now, you would think as soon as I gave him my ID and showed him that we were sitting in front of my house, he would leave.
But no, about two minutes passed by.
Two more cop cars come up.
They light the car up.
All the lights are on.
The streets are on.
And they're more or less interrogating us outside my front door because it's 12 o'clock at night.
Did they ask if they could search the vehicle?
They did.
And he actually opened up.
My door from the outside because it wasn't locked, and I immediately closed it and said, Dude, you can't do that.
I don't know what you think you're doing.
After about another five minutes, they told us to leave for the night and just go inside and have a good night.
But notice they had to tell you they're the boss.
Just get out of your own front yard.
You're evil.
We're your master.
Was that a couple weeks ago?
This was about two months ago.
Yeah, because the Supreme Court just ruled that you can be in your backyard in your car, they can search you.
And you've got to answer their questions, too.
Of course, that's not true.
The same Supreme Court said that black people weren't human beings, you know, a hundred and something years ago.
So they can say that government's God, it doesn't make it the case.
Well, thank you for what you're doing, Alex.
All right, my friend, I appreciate what you're doing.
All right, we'll talk to David and Deborah and others when we get back.
And a massive news blitz is coming your way as well.
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Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
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It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright my friends, it is Monday.
We're now 8 minutes and 20 seconds into the second hour.
I'll go to these loaded phone lines here in just a few minutes.
Let me go ahead and get into some of the news first.
Bush can hold U.S.
citizens without trial.
That's the Associated Press headline.
Bush can hold citizens, U.S.
citizens, without trial.
But they said hundreds of times it was only for foreigners.
Got us used to it, now it's for the citizens.
And that's in any misdemeanor.
The Supreme Court ruled narrowly Monday that Congress gave President Bush power to hold an American citizen without charges or trial.
Congress can't, again, give anybody the power to say black people are all slaves, which they've done before.
Congress can't say that all Jews will be put in ovens.
Congress can't say that all Germans must be deported.
We have a Bill of Rights, okay?
Now Bush has said he's above the law with torture, above the law with Enron, above the law with Halliburton.
Bill Clinton has said he was above the law.
When government starts saying it's above the law, is the law, I am the law, that is tyranny.
Textbook tyranny.
The Supreme Court ruled narrowly Monday that Congress gave President Bush the power to hold an American citizen without charges or trial.
They've already ruled they can forcibly drug you for no reason, non-terror related.
The 6-3 ruling sided with the administration on an important legal point they've never sided against them, raising the war on terrorism.
At the same time, it left unanswered other hard questions raised by the case of Yassar Issam Hamidi, who has been detained more than two years and who has only received...
I was recently allowed to see a lawyer.
The administration had fought any suggestion that Hamidi or another U.S.
foreign terrorism suspect could go to court, saying that such a legal fight posed a threat to the president's power to wage war as he sees fit.
Without a declaration of war, by the way.
We have no reason to doubt that the courts faced with these sensitive matters will pay proper heed both to the matters of national security that might arise in individual cases and to the constitutional limitations safeguarding essential liberties that remain vibrant even in times of security concerns, just as Sandra Day O'Connor wrote to the court.
Now they do say that you can be secretly arrested and secretly taken away, but...
That you can have a secret government lawyer that can't talk to anyone either.
So they claim that in the ministry of love, you'll get to talk to somebody.
Don't worry, but they can't talk to anybody.
Here's another one out of the Associated Press.
Enemy combatants win right to U.S.
See, we're winning rights.
Man, they really, if I hit you in the head with a hammer, you know, as hard as I can and you die, I gave you a love tap.
It was something nice I did.
Up is down, down is up.
Black is white, white is black.
This is a new right you've been given.
The U.S.
Supreme Court ruled Monday that prisoners seized as potential terrorists and held, well, Bush has said they are terrorists, for more than two years at U.S.
military prison camp in Cuba may challenge their captivity in American courts.
A defeat for President Bush in one of the major high court cases arising from September 11th attacks.
And it goes on to say the 6-3 ruling passed no judgment on the guilt or innocence of the approximately 600 foreign-born men held at the Navy-run prison camp at Guantanamo Bay.
The justices also did not address the broad issue of human rights and civil liberties surrounding the prisoners, seizure and detention without trial or guaranteed access to a lawyer.
Didn't do that.
For now, the high court said only that the men can take a first legal step in consulting U.S.
authority to hold them with the authority holding them.
Ha ha ha ha!
Again, this is like our government appointing a ruling council.
300 and some odd people.
They appoint them.
Paul Bremer appoints them.
Now it's going to be Necroponte, the torture lord of Latin America, appoints them.
And then they go out and appoint a president, a known CIA terrorist, who admittedly bombs school buses and movie theaters full of children.
And then, my gosh, the guy we appointed says he wants us to stay.
That's freedom!
Your president wants us!
And they go, you have a right to consult the courts.
You get to, at the prison camp, talk to the judge advocate general about, and you can complain to him.
You can complain to the commandant.
Man, you've got freedom, folks!
That's the courts!
We can secretly grab you and tell you we've grabbed, not tell anybody we've grabbed you, but then you can complain to the prison guard.
Man, a major setback for Bush, I tell you.
So you read different AP articles and get a totally different view.
Well, I've looked at the ruling, and it's bad news, my friends.
Oh, my goodness.
There's so many of these.
Family begs for Marines' life.
This is on News 24.
Family of a U.S.
Marine believed to be held by Islamic militants in Iraq has issued a plea for his captors to release him.
media reported on Monday, the name of Allah, the merciful, the compassionate, we accept destiny with its good and its bad, said Tarek Noser, a spokesman for the family of Marine Corporal Wasif Ali Hassan.
So he's a Muslim.
And they plead for his life.
That'll get the approval ratings up when they cut his head off.
I hope they don't.
CIA's got quite a few Muslim torture masters trained in the U.S.
ready to carry it out, I assure you.
Here's an interesting article from Drudge.
China surpasses U.S.A.
as biggest recipient of foreign investment.
That's right, the U.S.
is no longer the number one place to invest.
The last few months, China attracted $53 billion, slightly less than the year before, compared to $40 billion for the U.S., the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.
Interesting little economic news for you there, boys and girls.
Here's another one.
Treasury notes decline after report shows faster inflation.
A car that cost $15,000 10 years ago costs $35,000?
There's no inflation.
There's no inflation.
I mean, everything costs more now, but there's no inflation.
The benchmark two-year U.S.
Treasury note had its biggest drop in two weeks after a measurement of inflation used by Federal Reserve and its semi-annual forecast rose in May by the most of 14 years.
Investors are looking at such reports for clues as to how fast Fed policymakers will lift their key interest rates for the year.
Central Bank will increase its target rate for the overnight loans between banks from the 46-year low.
Of 1% by a quarter percentage point on Wednesday.
And they say it's going to go up and up and up and up and up.
Isn't that interesting there?
Oh, my goodness.
There is so much here.
We'll get to more in a few minutes.
Let's go back to calls.
I guess up next is...
David, where are you calling us from?
Lansing, Michigan.
Thank you.
I wanted to respond to what you had to say about Michael Moore.
I saw the first film he made a long time ago, Roger and Me.
In that film, he had me going with him until the very end when the point he made about the whole thing, his climax, was that the problem is the American system.
And in bowling for Columbine.
Well, that's the problem, is that he'll tell the truth on some issues and then give a bad solution.
His solution in Stupid White Man and Dude, Where's My Country?
is the U.N.
needs to take America over.
I think when we pay attention to anything he does or anything else that comes across to us on the mainstream media, I mean, this guy wouldn't have won an Academy Award unless he was serving certain powerful interests.
And the interest he's serving really is to create the rationale for world government.
Yeah, I think so.
No, this was a wild frontier, a very dangerous place, and we were the criminals, we were the slaves, we were the ruffians, and we were the religious outcasts that came here.
And, you know, that's why, statistically, there's more murders.
But you notice now that that's happening worldwide.
We didn't used to have that many murders.
It's the television.
It's the culture of death.
Now that Europe's getting all this violent TV, their violence is exploding.
And he actually uses the false example of Canada, whose gun control laws are even more stringent than ours, saying, well, they have guns.
By the way, their crime rate's been exploding.
Their violent crime rate's been exploding.
But, you know, Michael Moore is really, and all this stuff is really there to serve the endgame, which is to promote the consensus from being reached in the general population that we just have to do away with sovereign nations, and most especially the United States of America.
Well, that's it.
That's it.
Two years ago plus, I said 9-11 is meant to come out.
No one is to be held accountable, but Europe and everyone is to know that our government did it.
Then they'll say it's those evil right-wing cowboys.
They want to control the New World Order.
We've got to have a socialist world government run out of Europe, and Bush is playing that part, and Michael Moore plays into that part as well.
He didn't bring up any of the real issues of 9-11 in his film.
Nor did he bring up the real issues of where the fear is coming from, how it's been injected into the...
...into the society by bringing drugs into the society, the government doing it by... Breaking up the family with welfare systematically.
Creating incidents that cause mass deaths and then using that as the excuse to have more stringent laws and that kind of thing.
This guy is a world government socialist to the core.
He always has been.
And again, neocon followers know that, so they think, oh, it must all be a fraud.
Now, when we exposed 9-11, which Bill Clinton and Bush were both involved in as puppets, oh, we must be socialists.
No, it's your whole government.
Bush is with Michael Moore.
Bush is with Chuckie Schumer.
We're not.
Yeah, exactly.
Bush is protecting Bill Clinton.
Bush is signing campaign finance.
Bush is coming after your guns.
Bush is signing on to UNESCO.
It's all a shell game, and the ultimate result is the dissolution of the whole idea of the sovereign nation and the United States of America.
And Michael Moore knows exactly what he's doing, and he's pretty well paid for it, really.
This guy has won quite a bit of acclaim for taking the positions he's taken.
And if he had taken the positions that you're taking, you would never hear from that these guys are all working together.
It's the ultimate expression of the Hegelian dialectic that we're witnessing.
I appreciate the call.
I hear you, my friend.
Excellent points, David.
Deborah, Ralph, Ken, Paul, others.
You're up next when we get back.
Paul Watson joining us.
A blitzkrieg of news and information.
I'm Alex Jones.
The website, the new website, is prisonplanet.tv.
A lot of big new developments.
You'll definitely want to check it out.
Stay with us.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
I want to talk to all the servants of the New World Order.
People that have rationalized and denied what's going on.
You don't just work for some corrupt good old boys.
We work for very sinister, evil people who enjoy manipulating populations, who enjoy eugenics on a mass scale, who are doing a lot of really bad things and hurting a lot of innocent, good people, who will let our troops breathe depleted uranium while they talk about how much they love them, when they know it's going to kill them, make them very sick.
We deal with a government that knowingly puts cancer viruses in many of the vaccines and increases the level of mercury.
And the CDC's own documents admit that they know it's brain damaging millions of children over the years.
But they don't care.
They're going to continue it.
This is all admitted stuff.
This is just some of their crimes.
Some of the things they've done.
There's literally hundreds of admitted cases of them putting uranium in pregnant women's vitamins on base to see what it would do to them.
Of spraying horrible substances on cities and, quote, test, and giving school children chemicals and biologicals and radiologicals in their cereal and their food.
I mean, this is stuff going on over the last 50 years of bringing Nazis to this country and putting them into positions of power.
This is a different mindset than you and I.
And we're so gullible and so naive, and some of the servants of this system, you know, rationalize what they're doing and make excuses and don't see the big picture.
You better see the big picture.
I mean, last night I was laying in bed at about 2 a.m., couldn't go to sleep, even though I was exhausted.
And I was just thinking about this, thinking about all the bad things that have happened, how they're accelerating and shutting up for even bigger things.
Abominations and all the genetic engineering and what they're doing to the crops and the takeover of every facet of society and the propaganda in the movies and television and the newspapers and both in fiction and non-fiction.
And how do I reach out to you?
How do I get you to think for yourselves?
To get past the left-right rat race, you know, treadmill that you're caught on.
It's 2004, my friends, and we're in a high-tech nightmare.
And the control grid of dehumanization is going into place right now.
And it's going to take you becoming leaders and saying no to this system and getting your head out of the sand if we're going to save our children, our future, humanity.
I mean, it really is that big of a deal.
And I know what I'm talking about.
I can unequivocally lay out the facts here.
I've researched it.
I've made it my life.
And so before you deny what I'm saying out of hand, number one, you know in your guts I'm right.
Number two, when you go check out the facts, you'll find out it's documented.
And I'm begging you to at least take that step.
Because if 10% of what I'm saying is accurate, we're in a world of hurt.
And unfortunately, folks, it's a lot worse than what I'm saying.
And I'm accurate about 98% of the time.
And I learn of new horrors that I can't even describe every day.
Systematic manipulation and complex propaganda systems so fluent and evil that if I look at these systems that are so massive that I can comprehend them, but it's like a giant mathematical equation, I can't describe it to you.
Do you understand that?
The systematic plan I see before me that I've been following for years, now I know I've got their plan because I see it piece by piece.
I know the next piece and the next piece and I watch it confirmed with the next piece and the exact words I envisioned because I know their program and I'm sitting here trying to describe this to you.
You better.
You better spend a lot of time thinking about the New World Order.
You better spend a lot of time getting ready for it and educating others and fighting it
Believe me, we are fighting.
We are having a lot of success.
I've never seen such an awakening taking place.
But it's not fast enough.
And there's not enough of you standing up to be leaders in this fight to wake up others.
And to be force multipliers.
Let's go ahead and talk to Debra in Michigan.
Hey, how you doing?
Debra, go ahead.
I went to the theater Friday night and I got thrown off of one property.
But luckily I had the schedules for a few others in my area, so I went to a few others.
Tell me the story.
Why'd you get thrown off?
Oh, they said that nobody could hand out anything on the property, and they escorted me off the property.
And I didn't fight them.
So I said, okay, fine, and I left.
But the next day I went back, bought a ticket, and brought a whole bunch of the flyers stuffed in my purse and sat pretty much by the exit when people were leaving.
And I didn't have enough flyers.
And people thanked me.
Oh, what flyers did you give out?
The ones that were on your website.
Oh, you're awesome.
Stay there.
I want to hear about this.
Imagine if all of you did this.
I did it.
I gave out 60 copies.
I said I'd give out 50, but I put 60 in there.
I gave out 60 copies of Road to Tyranny.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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We're good to go.
But before we go to Paul Watson and then to Ralph and Paul and John and John and many others that are holding, Deborah, you're up in Michigan, and you say you went to a theater and got thrown out, but that didn't stop you.
You went to other theaters and handed out flyers.
Then you went back to the theater you were thrown out of to see it, and you stood at the inside door when it was letting out and handed out flyers.
How many of the flyers off of prisonplanet.com or infowars.com did you hand out, my dear?
Probably about 200, and I printed up, I got 200 more printed up, and we're going to go to a printing facility and have them print up more because my computer printer is just not working right.
Well, that's wonderful.
Now, you know, there's two flyers.
There's one on Infowars.com, and there's another one on PrisonPlanet.com.
Which one did you use?
The one on PrisonPlanet.
Are they the same?
No, there's two separate ones.
Do they say the same thing?
No, one of them gets into the New York Post saying, my film really covers 9-11 and Mortar's doesn't.
Yeah, because I could double-side a paper if I'm getting it copied.
Yeah, and I don't think that would cost you much more.
That's really exciting.
So what feedback did you get as you were handing these out?
Nobody gave me a hard time.
I actually ran into a person from MoveOn.org, you know, one of those MoveOn people, and they were glad I was doing it.
Yeah, but they think Carrie's going to save us.
But they didn't care.
They were just glad somebody was doing something.
And the one lady asked me if I needed any help.
Work with her.
Work with her.
We need these activists.
I'm telling you, I was shocked.
But the thing is, don't get caught.
That's the bottom line.
Because a lot of these theaters will throw you out.
And the thing is, you don't want to get arrested.
Well, you won't get arrested as long as they... It's not illegal to do that.
It's not uncivil either, as they say.
It's just if they tell you to leave, say yes and leave, then that's how they get you on... But see, I would imagine the first time you were out in the open giving them out, that's what I advised last week.
I said...
Right before it ends, get up by the door, and as people go out, hand it to them there.
You're not going to have any problems.
Don't do it out in the foyer.
Now, some movie theaters, they're going to thank you for doing it, like the one here in Austin.
Now, what I found, too, at the other theaters I went to where I was outside, I sat in my car, and I knew what time the theater was letting out.
So when people were coming into the parking lot, I would say, Did you see Fahrenheit 9-11 yet?
And I'd hand them one.
And then the next thing you know, people were lined up.
And then some of the people I...
...had given them to, you know, at first they came back and went, thank you.
You know, they actually went off and read it and then came back.
And now what's going to happen is they're going to go to the websites and go to prisonplanet.com and see the 9-11 archive with six...
100-plus documents, mainstream news articles, transcripts, legislation.
They're going to find out it isn't just prior knowledge that Bush had.
He was involved in it.
Deborah, you keep it up, and great news that you're out there doing that.
Okay, no problem.
Wow, that is wonderful news.
Yeah, go get the Infowars.com flyer that my wife made.
Get the one that Paul Watson made over in England.
Do it front and back.
And get it out to people.
And as I was telling Paul, we need to put a big button on the main page that, you know, all things 9-11.
Have a link on that page in the 9-11 archive.
Have a link to WTC7.
Have a link to your story from a year and a half ago, Paul, with a missile pod on the bottom.
Have the story from six months ago, Colonel Don DeGranpour in the shootout of Flight 93.
All the stories we broke.
So people can all go.
That's the problem with our websites.
We add so much.
They're so big.
All this stuff gets buried.
And I'm starting to think it's better just to leave certain issues on the front forever.
Because, you know, Paul Watson, good to have you on.
That's pretty exciting.
And I've gotten dozens of emails, a bunch of calls already, people saying they're doing the same thing.
Pretty exciting.
Well, it is, but in the first instance, is it common for police to be hanging around movie theaters in the U.S.?
Because I know it's certainly not common in my country.
Well, at the big megaplexes, I think it's good that they'll have one off-duty cop in case the gang members, which I've even had trouble with, get in fights while they're watching movies.
This does happen.
Usually there's one cop, but no, I have heard reports where there'll be three, four, five, six, eight, because the theaters are worried.
And now we got a report that in Colorado, they had, which we know are the kings of this, the police there photographing people.
That's a public program to intimidate free speech in Colorado.
We posted the photos, Paul, of the troops in Colorado with the police photographing people at other meetings, and conservative, liberal groups, doesn't matter.
So don't let the intimidation work.
They're scared of this film.
One power structure is afraid of the other power structure, but their legs on the same chair.
Well, obviously they're scared of it because, you know, it's having an impact and we've had reports on the website, including one from one of your listeners today, people handing out flyers, you know, being harassed or arrested by the police.
And one of your listeners was actually handing out deception dollars.
And there's another report
Out of Pennsylvania, where he observed, you know, a bunch of bouncer-type security guards rushing past him, you know, screaming, there are people in there handing out flyers after he'd already handed them out.
It is a tactic of intimidation, but they can't stop people going to see the film, and they can't stop the spillover effect, which you mentioned, where people's appetite for information makes them dig deeper, and that's what these flyers do, and that's why we put them on the website.
Well, absolutely, Paul.
You heard my comment.
What we need to do is not just have a giant 9-11 archive.
We need to take it and have a bunch of buttons off to other... Again, I want you to put up, repost, send the archives, your missile pod story from a year and a half ago.
I want you to repost the Colonel Donna Grand Prix from five and a half, six months ago.
I want you to put all that in one area.
Andres von Bulow, the former German defense minister, saying the government's behind it.
I want all that right there for people.
And, you know, good thing we timestamp all these articles, because I don't particularly care about the credit.
But it's getting out of control.
And for you especially, who broke stories, you know, years ago, and then it's the lightest, biggest fad out there, you know, it's somewhat annoying.
Well, I mean, I'll go up tonight and post a big section right at the top on the right-hand side of the page.
But as you mentioned, I mean, with the Flight 93 discussion, it's certainly somewhat odd that this website pops up from basically nowhere, gains international attention in both the alternative and mainstream media.
Because, you know, there are dozens of websites out there which are based around 9-11 activism, which is...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We would need to hear these individuals on your show.
Well, I'm going to do it.
I think overall that site's doing a good job.
And let'sroll911.org.
And I put calls in.
I want to get the guy on the show.
It's just that, you know, I mean, we published your book a year ago.
It's got the missile pods.
You got it on the website a year and a half ago.
And every week I get a call, hey, did you hear about the missile pod?
Yeah, I published a book about it.
And then, you know, right here, Flight 93 shoot down, pilot identified.
That is a story they broke.
I called Colonel Don to Grand Prix.
He wouldn't tell me the name, you know, five and a half, six months ago.
He said, yes, that is the name of the guy, Major Rick Gibney, that told him that he shot Flight 93 down.
But again, I don't know that's accurate.
I'm not saying that.
I'm not, you know, people don't...
Again, something like this, I've got to confirm, and it says, Flight 93 shoot-down pilot identified.
You wrote a comment here, and you've added more since then.
This is on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
Colonel Donna Grandpre first broke the story of the happy hooligans and the shoot-down of Flight 93 during an interview on the Alex Jones Show back in February.
And it says, Let's Roll 9-11 has discovered, and this is their comment, that Flight 93 was definitely shot down.
Well, the witnesses all saw that, and that's been the news for years.
And it says it discovered the name of the pilot as well as other pertinent information regarding this incident.
Now, that's other pertinent info.
I mean, that's what Don the Grand Priest said was Sidewinder Missiles, the Happy Hooligans.
He said all that on the show five and a half months ago.
So I need to get the folks from this side on, and they need to tell us.
If they can, who this source is, so we can have Donna Grand Prix and this other source, then it starts... I mean, I tend to believe this stuff, but I don't know.
And it says that precisely 0-9-3-8 hours, an alarm was sounded at Langley Air Force Base, and those who were on call drinking coffee... That's what Donna Grand Prix said on the show.
Now, Donna Grand Prix, off air and on air, said that...
Cheney was ordering a stand-down.
The general there said, no, I'm shooting it down.
We're not going to let it go after the Capitol.
They did that on their own accord.
This, though, this article says that it was Bush giving the order, and I've got to find out where they got that because that's not what I got for my sources.
Paul, you see what I'm saying here?
Well, yeah, that's where this Let's Roll story and what Don DeGrom Priest said differs because that story implies that the shoot-down order came from Bush and Cheney
Even though we also know that it was Rumsfeld who had the executive, you know, authorization to order shoot now, not Bush or Cheney.
And he had that move to him from the generals and even colonels to himself months before.
And we know Cheney was in control of the bunkers shouting orders on loudspeakers nationwide in the bunkers, you know, in sight are and others in control.
Yeah, and I mean, as you mentioned, according to the colonel,
He told us that it was the adjutant general of the North Dakota Air Guard who gave the command to take the plane out.
So, you know, it was a standard operating procedure, what they were supposed to do and what they had done on hundreds of occasions.
Yeah, according to Don to Grand Prix, he said, look, as of three months ago, I can still do this.
I'm not going to let this happen.
They can sit there and read little ghost stories if they want.
Shoot them down!
And now this is, you know, the pilots did nothing wrong, it's evil Bush that ordered him to do it.
Well, no, I mean, if the general ordered this and the pilot ordered it, it was the right thing to do, because it stopped the plane from going into there, and then it's Bush with the stand-down order.
But again, we just need to find out.
I'll talk to all the parties involved.
Well, I mean, we've had the video up on the website until they removed it, but, you know, approaching 18 months from the Pittsburgh channel.
Where they interviewed eyewitnesses who were actually pilots who saw the F-16 circling Flight 93.
We should have saved that video, Paul.
I wish I had saved it.
I know, we're so busy, small staff, we just link to it.
I remember seeing it, yeah.
But, yeah, they had eyewitness reports seeing the F-16 circling the plane before and after the crash.
Well, I mean, it was an eight-mile debris field.
And the quote was an F-16 fighter closely pursued Flight 93.
The F-16 made a 360-degree turn to remain close to the commercial jet.
The employee said he must have seen the whole thing.
The employee said of the F-16 pilot's view of the Flight 93 crash, and that was a flight controller in New Hampshire who ignored the ban on flight controllers speaking to the media.
And we've had other reports, you know,
Right down to callers to radio shows who saw the F-16 fire the Sidewinder missiles which took the plane out.
Now, and Sheriff's deputies saw that, too.
Now, again, I think Colonel Donna Granbury's a good guy, put out some good info in the past, but I never said that we could confirm any of this.
And for all we know, this could be people in the military going to Donna Grand Prix and let's roll other good folks, and meanwhile, I don't think they're bad, and putting this out to later try to discredit the whole shoot-down story.
I don't know, though.
We're just reporting on what others are saying and doing.
We cannot confirm this, Paul.
Well, no, it's like the, you know, no plane at the Pentagon, which is why we don't relentlessly focus on it like many people do.
But, you know, I guess the next step is to try and persuade Mr. Gibney to come out publicly and admit to shooting down the aircraft.
And if that gets significant attention, then, you know, we can crack another...
Then I talked to him again.
He goes, I'm having to have some doctor's appointments today.
I said, is it Gibney?
And he said, yeah, if it's out, I'll tell you it is Gibney.
I go, did you talk to him?
Yes, face-to-face.
And so, you know, I don't know, folks.
But it's a big, big deal.
So we cannot sit here and say that we know for sure.
Well, it rings true for me because, you know, on the flip side of the coin, we've got the 9-11 whitewash commission saying,
Trying to justify or reaffirm the fable that hijackers were responsible for the attack, which is why they came out with this tape of Mohammed Atta's voice, even though we've had teachers in Arabic analyse it and say that the voice on the tape is neither Egyptian or Arabic.
And, again, this would crack the whole let's roll scenario where the passengers supposedly tried to commandeer the plane.
But the government wouldn't fake anything.
I mean, they've put fake newscasts out, 70 million in fake newscasts, fake weapons dossiers, lies, fat bin ladens in dark rooms proven to be fake by voice analyzation.
I mean, they wouldn't fake anything, Paul.
They can't fake a voice.
They could just show Forrest Gump shaking hands with JFK.
Well, to me, the attack was carried out, and several other people have said this, you know, by means of remote control, whereby as soon as the planes diverted from their course, as soon as they were hijacked, not by Arabs who couldn't fly Cessnas, who were in strip clubs the night before, but, you know, electronically, as the technology has proven.
And I don't believe that.
Now, um...
Again, and then magically some of the hijackers leave their bags at the airport with plans of how they were going to do it.
Yeah, carry that evidence with you.
Magic passports falling out of the sky unburned.
Eptopolis bars leaving Koran saying, I'm going to knock buildings down tomorrow.
Ha, ha, ha.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
Well, then they leak the reports of the German al-Qaeda cell years before the attack, running around telling librarians we're going to attack the World Trade Center.
Obviously, we know there was a plan to attack the World Trade Center and many other targets with Project Bojinka, but again, laying the groundwork for this manufactured fable that they would later introduce as the official explanation so they could blame it on the right patsy.
Absolutely, folks.
We'll take calls when we get back and into a bunch of other news.
Stay with us.
We'll briefly tell you how to sign up at prisonplanet.tv or get the films.
We'll be right back.
We're good to go.
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Paul, we're about to go to Ralph and Paul and John and John and Pete and many others.
Briefly, what do you want to cover in the next hour?
I've got some news I want to go over, but first we'll go to calls.
And then plug your book, plug presentplanet.tv and pick one of my videos you want to plug.
Tell us what film you think is the most important, Paul.
Well, with Prison Planet TV, today, basically an hour before I came on the air, I posted George Humphrey's video, 9-11, The Great Illusion, which is a two-hour documentary which is just packed with...
A lot of information which I didn't know personally.
For example, did you know that the Twin Towers, the construction of the Twin Towers, began on September 11, 1971?
So did the Pentagon back in the late 40s.
Bizarre coincidence.
And in the last seven days, we've posted my book, Order Out of Chaos, your book, Descent Into Tyranny, your documentary, Wake Up or Waco.
There are several more videos going up this week.
We've already got 20 full-length videos available, you know, after only eight weeks old, the site.
And so if people do sign up for a year, which works out at 15 cents a day, during the course of, you know, that subscription, they will have access to hundreds of videos.
So even in that sense, it's well worth it.
So it's $5.95 a month, $54.95 for a year, and it supports bandwidth expenses.
And then your book, Order Out of Chaos, which in one of the chapters gets into the missile pod.
Yeah, it gets into the missile pods, gets into the torture scandal.
I wrote about it two years before it ever got to the mainstream media.
So there's a lot in there which wasn't covered and which we got ahead of the curve on.
And it's 320 pages packed with graphics, images, documents,
Exhaustively sourced, so it wakes a lot of people up.
It's creating wildfires just in the people that I've given it to.
It's been circulating, people begging to borrow it off other people, so it's the kind of book which is
You know, it's straight talk.
It's straightforward.
It's not couched in any kind of pretentious language.
It's just the facts laid out and it's been very successful in my experience of waking people up.
And then again, I'm carrying George Humphrey's new video, 9-11, The Great Illusion.
The Illuminati's in-game on VHS and DVD.
Big discounts if you get two or more.
All my films are on the website, infowars.com, prisonplanet.com.
Or call toll-free to get any of the films or books or T-shirts.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Ralph in Tennessee.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
Good, my friend.
I appreciate the information on the act where they can just come in and grab you and no questions asked.
I have a suspicion that there's probably a bug inside my phone along with
Probably there may be bugs in here along with could be a camera in my apartment.
I'm not sure.
Sir, they don't have the personnel to man all those with even keyword software.
They're announcing it all to intimidate everyone and to scare us into shutting up.
Well, I'm not going to shut up.
It says the truth is going to set you free, and I'm for the truth and getting the truth out.
Well, that's good.
What's on your mind, sir?
The area where I live is a very dangerous area, especially if there's some kind of set-up attack, because it would probably destroy most of this state in itself.
It's a highly nuclear area.
And, you know, there's been a few scares with leakages and fires and so forth.
I think most of people...
Within this area, probably just look at it and turn it off.
Well, giving up your liberty isn't going to keep you safe.
And I'm glad you're standing firm and up against the New World Order, Ralph.
We'll start... Thanks for the call.
We'll start the third hour here momentarily.
Go to Paul, John, many others.
Toll-free number to join us on air, 800-259-9231.
I'm Alex Jones.
We're talking to Paul Watson, my webmaster for the Prison Planet websites.
We'll be right back.
Our tier... Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
End of the third hour.
Thanks for joining us.
Talking to Paul Joseph Watson.
And Paul, speaking of Paul, let's talk to Paul in Delaware, where you only have four movie screens showing Fahrenheit, whereas comparably you would have at least 80 for a film of this promotion and this quality showing censorship of the film there in your state.
But that's a side issue.
Paul in Delaware, go ahead.
I just want to comment about George Bush's new powers that the Supreme Court is going to give him.
And again, the Supreme Court cannot declare someone God, cannot declare they're above the law, but for those that just joined us, tell them about the new powers.
Well, I forget what the ruling was, but... Bush can hold U.S.
citizens without trial.
Yeah, and he's going to decide who the terrorists are, and he's going to decide everything, basically.
Well, Napoleon did that, Hitler did that, Stalin did that, Mao does that.
I mean, it's good.
Yeah, and we're going to get that, too, if people don't start taking action.
But I went and seen Fahrenheit, and...
That adds some titillating stuff to it.
In a movie theater around here, people usually be quiet.
They laugh occasionally, but I never heard somebody say, oh no, this George Bush, they're just manipulating what he's saying and this and that.
I just couldn't believe it.
I actually went.
Yes, I think so.
Well, that's good.
I'm glad you're doing it.
So you didn't get any trouble from the security guards?
No, and I wasn't even really concerned about them.
But also what I'd like to do, because you were talking about, or Paul Watson, when you were talking about Wake Up or Waco, I wanted to say something about that film.
That right there, that is one of my best, your best works that I like.
I mean, every single one of them, you say which one of them is the best.
I like them all.
Well, what happens is I took a bunch of my TV shows, TV reports I'd done, and put them together, and then Mike's taken it every year and kind of updated it, added new stuff to it, and it's a good video.
Well, I'll tell you, I had the revised version.
I think it was a 2001 revised version.
Yeah, there's been three or four versions.
Yeah, my favorite one and what really got me active, and I'll tell you, that was your best work as far as I'm concerned, as far as getting people active because...
You're in their face.
You're showing people what their potential is.
You showed me what my potential is, and that's why I'm on these people like a pit bull.
I'm not going to stop.
What I'll say to this is, now we've got the Supreme Court handing down these types of God-like powers.
You think Al-Qaeda and the rest of these organizations that are out there fighting... Let me tell you something.
If people around here don't start waking up, you're going to have some people looking like Al-Qaeda.
I mean, it's going to get to that point if they don't start taking action.
Well, Al-Qaeda works for the CIA.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, I know that.
I appreciate it and keep it up.
Paul, comments?
Well, yeah, there is no Al-Qaeda, which is why the government has to create it and then create, you know, basically a subhuman class of people that they can torture and detain indefinitely and then, you know, that's Al-Qaeda.
Whereas in every case where, such as the Madrid bombing, which is blamed on Al-Qaeda, the Boston Globe did the investigation into the group, found it didn't exist.
And then there's this recent report which says that
The guy that supplied the Madrid bombers with the explosives was closely linked and had the phone numbers and been talking to the Spanish security services.
So that's your al-Qaeda.
And it's in every case, Paul.
Every case we look at.
And again, who stands to gain?
Stuff blows up, we go worship the government.
Now it blew up in their face, pun intended, in Madrid because the people were on the street instantly saying, the government did it, the government did it.
We'll be back.
We'll be back.
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And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
This information is absolutely vital for all freedom lovers in the United States.
Order your video today.
Call toll-free at 888-253-3139.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Waging war on corruption, crashing into lies and disinformation.
We've got Paul Watson, my webmaster for PrisonPlanet.com and PrisonPlanet.tv joining us.
Paul, I want to get a bunch of these calls that have been holding forever out of the way.
But before we do that, I've got a bunch of news I want to cover, but what's some of the news items you want to cover after we take these calls?
I think we need to cover these beheadings that have been taking place, especially with the news coming out today of another U.S.
Marine being abducted.
Some interesting inconsistencies surrounding the beheadings of both the American Johnson and the South Korean, which took place over the last week, so I think we need to get into that.
All right.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
John in Connecticut.
John, you're on the air.
Greetings, Alex, Paul, and listeners.
Thank you for your service to the Republic.
You know, the reason they can get away with all this unconstitutional activity and the military can waltz around, and they're afraid to do otherwise, just as Colonel de Grand prays, is because 99% of the American people are in the wrong status.
They cannot claim the protections of the Constitution.
The Constitution has been absconded with, and we are under martial rule.
Those that have the ability, or I should say the correct status, or potential status, should claim it.
Okay, let me stop you, because what you're saying is accurate, but then they're now under admiralty or piracy.
They don't even recognize the status when you call yourself a state citizen.
For those who don't understand, with the 14th Amendment in the 1860s at the end of the Civil War,
We're good to go.
I think?
While building that, and while training us how to be slaves, so much of power is just the will to exercise it.
It's like the president saying, I'm allowed to order torture, I'm allowed to secretly arrest citizens.
They're just claiming the divine right of kings, and they don't care what status we claim we're under.
They claim we're their slaves.
Alex, one more thing.
We've been astounded, along with all the countries of the world,
By our intelligence agencies.
What they did is they found a common denominator in the midst of the intelligence agencies of the various representative countries.
And these people with an agenda hooked hands and said, hey, this is ours.
We got it.
And this is what's happening.
This is what we're laboring under.
And if the people don't wake up and claim their proper status, those that can should.
And then this government would have to take notice.
Because martial rule is a declaration of war against state citizens.
Well, that's it.
And they've had expansions of that martial law.
The Civil War, 1913, Federal Reserve Act, Income Tax, 1933, War Powers Act, 1947, National Security Act, now the Patriot Act, 2001, Homeland Security, 2002, now Patriot Act 2.5, because they've already passed Part of 2.
All of this is just ratcheting up, turning the heat up.
We're in the martial law, but it's how high is that flame under the pot we're all in, and they've turned the flame now on high, my friend, and top generals are getting us ready for troops on the streets and, you know, military running our lives and questioning us about our political views.
You know, Newsweek comes out and says, well, maybe it's good.
We have to rescind, Alex.
Those who can, we have to rescind from this.
Put the government on notice.
They have to.
If the people did this collectively, those with the status, and all those others... Well, but I mean, it's not just saying I have some magic status as a state citizen and I declare my Bill of Rights.
You have to... It's just simply, you know, like under Ceausescu, people say, no, we're not going to follow you anymore.
No, we're not going along with this.
You're right.
They have to have us go along with this en masse for it to continue.
Here's an example.
They were going to force, inoculate all the police and all the firefighters two years ago, but 99%, according to the LA Times, refused, so they canceled the program.
If they would have forced the enforcers to take it, they then could have had a biological release, had martial law in the name of cleaning it up, and then totally taken everything over.
But because the police said no, and the firefighters said no, that program has now been shelved for now.
Paul Watson comments.
It's like if they can declare a war and nobody turns up, then what power do they have?
They don't have any power.
They've already told us that they're above the law.
Back in November 2001, you know, the Washington Post headline, Bush administration sets up parallel legal system.
So in a case of, you know, double think, they're saying we're above the law, so your constitutional rights enshrined in the law no longer apply either.
Then they equate safety and security with giving up your rights when that is what America is.
That's what set us apart.
Yeah, and again, it's brinksmanship.
They're going to see for how long and to what degree, to what intensity that they can push this without getting a significant reaction.
And the Founding Fathers said that.
They said the level of tyranny you will live under is the exact degree you put up with.
Thanks for the call, John.
John Louisiana, you're on the air.
Great points.
Go ahead, John.
Yes, Alex, I've become convinced that the conscription, national conscription that's inevitable in the next few months... The bills are introduced, the government's calling for it, they're setting up the draft boards, and the media every day says it's a conspiracy theory.
Ask senators, call for it, Paul!
Well, yeah, they're saying that the bills are in Congress but they've been mothballed because there's no real interest in it.
Well, just watch that interest peak after, you know, a city gets suitcase nuked.
That's what happened with the Patriot Act.
It was already prepared and nobody was interested in it until after 9-11 and they already had it, you know, printed up and it was ready to go.
This is the hinge of this country's future and the Americans are just sitting down
And totally detached from this issue.
And besides everything else, it will give the government grounds to eliminate all veterans' benefits.
It does seem to me that it's possible only to stop this government behemoth with a single issue, and the single issue is conscription.
If we don't make that battle cry, we're done for.
All right, I hear you.
I agree with you.
Because if they can conscript millions to invade all these countries and domestically take over, they will do it.
They will do it.
And they can't continue their worldwide military adventures without conscription.
All right, thanks for the call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Pete in California.
Pete, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I gave away 90 copies of The Road to Tyranny on the opening of the show here in Northern California.
Describe the process.
Well, I set hold of my three VCRs and wore them out.
I printed nice pictures.
I sent you one of the tapes with a copy of the wraparound on the cardboard sleeve.
I saw that.
Very nice.
Because presentation is a lot when you're getting something away.
And so I just stood outside and said, if Moore's film is the appetizer, then Jones' film is the three-course Thanksgiving meal with all the information you'll need afterwards after you've got your interest peak, basically.
Gosh, you're awesome.
Thank you.
So how do people respond to that?
Well, at first, it was a little bit of a sale.
I mean, Marin County, California is about as left as you can get.
You can get a ticket for making a right turn.
But within moments, I just started to get my pitch right, and people started to say, what is that?
Who is this?
Who's Alex Jones?
How can you give us tapes away for free?
And all I said is, well, it cost me about $2.50 to make this tape.
I hope it's at least a half an hour just to get into the meat of it.
And everybody said they'd
God bless you, sir.
That is so wonderful.
You know, I gave away 60 DVDs, and I'd do more if I could.
I mean, that's why I say make copies of my films.
I mean, my family doesn't have a future.
Yours doesn't if we don't do this.
And if more people did what you did, we'd save this country.
Paul, any comments to what Pete's saying?
Well, yeah, that's a great idea, because, I mean, if you give someone a flyer, you know, you might find it in the trash can 200 yards down the road, but if you put a flyer inside a videotape, then people are more likely to keep a videotape.
And, you know, it prevents this kind of activism being monopolized by the phony left, who will... You know, we had the story about a man who came out after seeing the film, said, well, I know Bush is evil, but, you know, Kerry's the same thing.
He's skull and bones, and these move on...
Left-wing activists spat on him and then assaulted him.
So, I mean, don't let those kind of people monopolize it when we can have more impact.
Yeah, I mean, they don't say Bush carried the attacks out.
They don't say Bill Clinton protected Al-Qaeda.
They don't give people the big picture.
They say Kerry's our savior.
Go ahead, Pete.
I guess there were a few folks.
One guy wouldn't take the tape.
He said, go to Bush.
But that was like...
A minority of one.
All the shows were sold out much less around the country.
Notice that.
Wouldn't take a free video.
Wouldn't check it out.
Go Bush, he stuck his thumb up in there.
But, you know, everybody else, it was like I'd thrown seeds down the bird.
People would come and ask me about them, and I had to basically give a sort of bio of what...
Did the movie theaters say anything about you handing out 90 free videos?
Absolutely incredible.
Absolutely incredible.
Two every two hours or something like that.
So while I'm home, I'm grinding them out.
You're wonderful.
Anything else, Pete?
Well, I've got to tell you, it was just that I really felt like I was doing something.
Some guy was asking a thing.
Well, there's a one, you know, complaining about the one world government.
You've got to have a one world government, then there won't be any wars.
I said, yeah, but if you have a one world government, who's under scrutiny?
Who's the guns boy in that then?
They don't get that the people running the one world government, Michael Moore's own film, which I like, at the end, the one point I really like is he says, in George Orwell's 1984, the war is by the elite really against the people.
So don't they get that the one world government is so the elite can wage war on us?
Well, I think it goes back to that guy in the debates in 2000 who stood up and said, think of us as your children and be good parents.
I almost fell out of my chair.
All right, thanks for the call.
Great points.
Paul, comments?
Well, yeah, the people advocating one world government as a solution are the people whose websites and organizations are funded by groups like the Ford Foundation, which, you know, were funding the Nazis and the Communists back to create the problems which would then call for the desire of a one world government.
Well, we have Dutch Royal Shell funding the environmental groups saying, you know, pay a global tax.
This whole the day after tomorrow is a two hour long ad for a global tax on fuel.
The oil supply is going to run out.
Yeah, and why would they pay for a $50 million movie to do that?
Because they get trillions off the tax.
We'll be right back, folks.
Stay with us.
Alex Jones here.
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You know, this weekend, several nights laying there in bed, last night at 2 a.m.,
I was just thinking about how ridiculous it is that the average person out there thinks the government's perfect, never does wrong, give up your rights, you get security.
Anybody that says government should be watched is a weirdo.
I mean, how we've been taught that powerful people don't want more power, don't collude for more control, don't manipulate.
I mean, that's world history.
That's not just the norm, that's the rule.
That's what the founding fathers warned us about.
But then I've been on a hundred talk shows where they laugh at you.
You think the government is conspirators?
You think they do?
Oh, that's crazy!
I mean, how they've convinced us of something that everybody a hundred years ago knew.
You don't trust the government.
You don't tattle on your neighbors.
And now we've turned into just this spoiled, dumbed-down mass of people.
Paul Watson, do you get where I'm going with this?
Yeah, I mean, basically it's immaturity.
It's people who are wishing to remain in a childlike mental state whereby they basically want parents and their parents have become the government.
So to not trust the government is to remove the only authority which they see as controlling their lives.
It's immaturity.
Well, I see the left and right all the time describing the government as our mommy and daddy and even in some cases as our big brother, just helping.
But again, I mean, you mentioned the founding fathers.
They said that if people are given the fact that they, in the long term, will make the right decisions, so at this point that's all we can do and hope that, you know, that human instinct for truth will make them choose the right course and make the right decisions in the long term.
Well, the globalists won't just stomp on you or kill you for a stick of bubble gum.
They enjoy enslaving you people.
They're evil.
And it is childlike to deny there's evil in the world.
So naive, my friends.
The biggest, most powerful global government ever seen.
And, oh, Caesar, he was backstabbing people, or Nero was, or the Aztecs were, or Napoleon was, or Hitler, but not our government.
They're good.
They're good.
Let's just give up all our rights and let them pass laws to force inoculate us, and let them pass laws to force drug us, and let them pass laws to secretly arrest citizens for no reason.
And, well, the government's authorized to torture.
That's good.
I mean, come on.
Let's go ahead and talk to...
Oh, who's up next here?
I guess Richard in Alabama.
Richard, go ahead.
Alex, can you get Gina Davis on?
You know, I've tried to get her on the show, and she wouldn't do it in the past.
I heard her on the Chuck and Larry Show, and she brought up that so-called VIN number on the axle.
It was really a part number, but she won't let go of that story.
It's an old story.
Okay, for those that don't know what you're talking about, you might give them an idea.
The truck at Oklahoma City, the Ryder truck, the axle of the vehicle, Janet Davis, the reporter, she's in my film.
Last time I tried to get her on was two years ago, though, and she was involved in a court case.
She said she'd come on later.
I should just call and get her on.
Yeah, she's promoting a book.
And she said toward the end of her interview that the Department of Justice knows a 5,000 white sleeper
Al-Qaeda agents in America.
Well, yeah, we broke that years ago, even before 9-11.
There were Iraqi CIA officers trained here in the 80s.
Oh, by the way, Michael Moore's 9-11 film, one thing that was really, he goes, imagine if Bill Clinton protected terrorists in the Oklahoma City bombing.
But Bush does it, and it's no big deal.
Bill Clinton, they had Iraqi CIA officers in custody, the FBI and state police, and Bill Clinton ordered their release.
And Moore knows all that.
So that was another thing.
Imagine if we'd have seen a film that exposed both Clinton and Bush as puppets of the New World Order.
That would have been something.
But instead, it's all Bush.
Paul Watson comments.
Well, yeah, and you'll get that on the right as well.
I mean, there's an article out of Newsmax today which is kind of a bellicose, you know, state propaganda.
Sounds like a North Korean news announcement whereby they're saying that Moore's company that financed his film is linked with the Carlyle Group.
They admit that, you know, Bush is as well, but then they say that in Bush's case it's just a bizarre coincidence, but it makes Moore a criminal.
So, I mean, they'll look at it from that perspective.
Well, I mean, the Carlyle Group's buying up the TV, the radio, the movies.
I mean, they're buying into all the media.
So, of course, something more is involved there.
That's the point.
It's all owned by the same people.
The Bushes are on the board of it, running it, vacationing with the Bin Ladens.
But, oh, I saw that article that more is bad because a little bit of Carlyle money is in his company.
But, I mean, they won't mention the fact that Bush Sr.
is meeting with Bin Laden's brother, a Carlyle Group member.
You know, business.
Well, I mean, in one article, Carl Albrecht's good and perfect and loves us all.
In the next article, they are bad boys and moms.
It's a double thing.
Richard, anything else?
No, I guess not.
He would surely be easy to pick apart if he got on.
All right, thanks.
But what happens is, I told you before they were going to bring out Iraq News and claim they work for Saddam.
But on the record, they were brought here by George Bush Sr.
and Bill Clinton.
They work for our government.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're about to go to Elad calling us from Israel.
Then Bruno, Eric, and Ron, and that's it for calls.
And we'll talk to Jeff, too.
But quickly, because I've got to get into this beheading news and a bunch of other stuff we haven't even mentioned yet.
Like man-claimed prior knowledge of attacks, deportees said to make statements while in custody.
This is old news, but it's finally in the San Diego Tribune today.
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Paul, any comments you want to make before we go to a lot in Israel?
Well, I'd recommend the Eric Hufschmidt book, 9-11.
Painful questions.
I mean, as far as graphic presentations go, that is the best book on 9-11.
And his video, Painful Deceptions, yeah.
Yeah, it gets into the architecture and the facts of that.
I mean, it does a disservice to just mention the bombs in the building and the control and demolition and all that, and the Pentagon without spending a couple hours on it like he does.
Well, it's got the close-up photo, the full-page photos of people standing in the impact point of Flight 175 before the tower collapsed, you know, defeating the myth that, you know, burning hot steel fuel, sorry, burnt down the tower.
The firefighters reported the fires were almost out.
And that bombs went off.
Let's go ahead and talk to a lot in Israel.
Go ahead, sir.
Hi, Alex Jones.
I'm from Israel.
I wanted to comment about Muhammad's Adda accent.
I've heard it on your website, and I think it's pretty interesting.
Some people recognize it as Hebrew because I'm not sure I heard you refer to that incident where there was a Daniel Levin on one of the flights that crashed into the World Trade Center, and Daniel Levin, it turns out,
Listen to this.
He was in a special unit called Sayeret Matkal.
Now, this unit specializes in anti-terror, especially in hijacking.
It had operation in Savannah and also in Africa.
I forgot where Idi Amin was.
And the thing is, they also trained to act and...
Speak like Arabs.
It's one of their specialties.
Well, sir, I talked to you during the break.
You said you're an Israeli.
And you said, I mean, it's been in your harats, it's been in your Jerusalem Post, that they've caught fake Mossad and Shin Bet, Al-Qaeda squads.
That's not some right-wing anti-Israel groups.
That's the Jewish newspapers.
Can you comment on that?
They found a fake Mossad cell in...
Yeah, yeah.
In Gaza, I think, and it's really, I mean, it's in the news, but you really have to look for it.
Now, the thing is, is the same as we have a right propaganda in Israel, you know, the military is good and everything, we also have a...
Pretty scary left propaganda.
The pullout from Gaza is actually read about it by a really great researcher of the New World Order and its implications on Israel.
He talks about how the CFR controls our policy and he talks why, for example, the pullout of Gaza is so important.
I mean, they make us do really inhumane choice between choosing us
Or the Palestinians, keeping the occupation... Well, that's it.
That's it.
The Jews are prisoners, and so are the Palestinians, and they play you guys off against each other.
And Barry Hamish has reported about how it's all controlled by the globalists.
Yeah, how they kill settlements, and how they train even Palestinians in America to...
I remember articles in 99 in the Associated Press in Alabama and North Carolina, thousands of Arab terrorists being trained, coming into the restaurants and eating, being with the government, that they control the radical Muslims, and how folks can't figure this out!
Wait, what, articles about Israel?
No, about the U.S.
government training.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
I mean, oh, I mean, you know, in Reagan administration, the way they created Al Qaeda and all the, I mean, and the thing I really can't, people can't realize is that Afghanistan wasn't even in the list of supporting terrorists after September 11th, if I'm not, if I'm not mistaken.
I mean,
I think Henry Kissinger was a part of it, of covering up that Afghanistan wasn't in the list of states and countries that were harboring terrorists.
I mean, it's really amazing.
They put them on the list after 9-11.
Great points.
Anything else?
Well, I wanted to ask you, what do you think?
I mean, there's the neocons, and there's also the Rothschild family.
I wanted to know how much you think the Zionists have...
Okay, well, I mean, certainly for those that don't know, in Israel there's arguments between the conservative Orthodox Jews.
They don't like the Zionists.
The Zionists don't like them, correct?
They have their arguments.
That's my whole point, is that Israel isn't one monolithic bloc, and neither is America.
And I don't think Israel runs the New World Order, no sir.
I think that there are powerful groups out of Israel that have powerful positions in the New World Order, but there are powerful Germans and British and everybody else.
Paul Watson, do you want to speak to that?
Well, yeah, the Zionists are essentially just another faction within the White House, led by people like Pearl and Wolfowitz, so it's just one of those inside groups fighting amongst the others for control, whereas the agenda overall remains the same.
And as you mentioned, there are atrocities on both sides of the Palestinian-Israeli equation, but as I document in Order Out of Chaos,
Whenever it comes close to being a settlement, whenever one is proposing it has any real chance of passing, then they will go ahead and assassinate the people who are at the forefront of it, like Yitzhak Rabin.
And Yitzhak Rabin admitted months before he was killed that Israel founded Al-Qaeda.
Excuse me, that Israel founded the opposition group.
Yeah, the Hamas.
Yes, Hamas.
Excuse me.
So you saw that in the news at the time?
Well, I was pretty much a kid right then, and I wasn't really into politics right then, but I know that one of the reasons Robin was killed, that he had a stronger position against people on the CFR that really wanted to push Oslo in, because actually what Oslo did is also kind of destroyed Israel.
They armed Oslo.
Many of the terrorists, and they put Arafat, which is a really, you can really see through him that he's a New World Order puppet.
You know, they have all those casinos in the Palestinian areas, and he makes all the money out of them.
And now when they want to pull out of Gaza, they want to make another casino over there where they want to pull out.
Yeah, it's a big scam.
Call me back sometime.
Got to finish up here.
Thanks for the call from Israel.
Bruno just hung up from New York, so let's talk to Eric in Tennessee.
Eric, quickly.
Hello, Alex.
How are you doing today?
Yes, sir.
Hey, how's it going, Paul?
I just had a couple of things to bring up.
You had mentioned today, I saw it on the news, where the Supreme Court has okayed for the president, the executive branch,
To name anybody that they want to, an enemy combatant.
And then secretly arrest them.
Secretly arrest them, throw them in, and they can wait an indefinite amount of time before they finally get to see some sort of a lawyer.
But they can secretly complain to the Bush officers.
So that's their new freedom.
Well, on top of that, you remember, I think last week or the week before, the Supreme Court said it was okay for the police...
To ask for papers now.
They can ask for the public's papers.
Well, they can make you answer questions.
The ruling wasn't just ID.
See, I didn't know that, Alex.
And now, see, that's even worse.
It's like the Supreme Court is rubber-stamping this tyranny.
Well, Chief Justice William Rehnquist, two and a half years ago, before hundreds of federal judges in Virginia, and this was an AP report, said, we're going to rule against the Constitution for the foreseeable future because we're in a crisis.
Remember that, Paul?
And I also remember, Alex, where the Supreme Court said that a lot of the U.N.
rules would now supersede the Constitution.
That was said a couple of years ago.
That was all over the news.
Very conservative court, seven of nine members appointed by Republicans, and this is what we get.
Campaign finance, destroying the First Amendment, gun control, all of it.
I hope you neocons are happy.
Well, I had two other points.
First, I mean, the thing is that we've just got a rubber-stamped Congress and we've got a rubber-stamped Supreme Court.
We're being ruled from... The Republicans have 30-plus governors.
They have the House, they have the Senate, they have the Executive, and the Democrats are all voting with them as well.
But Bush has no excuse.
Government's doubled its growth rate, everything.
He has control of everything, and that's why the globalists have given him control.
Thanks for the call.
Oh, Alex?
Yeah, real quick, sir.
Yeah, there was one thing I saw on CNN.
I just want to get this out.
We've got a lot of churches that are complicit in this.
I saw a thing on CNN where there was this Sergeant Gerald who was a soldier that was charged by the Army and thrown out for abuse of prisoners over there and abuse of Iraqis over there.
The churches are having him speak.
Yeah, I know.
It's really sick training us to torture as Christian.
Torturing Christ is good.
I mean, this is the sickness of it.
They tortured Christ, folks.
Torture is wrong.
The disciples were tortured, and I did see that.
These are sicko demons.
Thanks for the call.
Paul Watson comments.
Well, yeah, with the previous point, it is essentially just rubber-stamping the tyranny, because they've been doing it already with people like Padilla and John Morkalind, but the less publicised cases are, you know, white female journalists being detained for 24 hours without water, British men at New York airport being detained in wooden restraints for 24 hours,
So, you know, if they bring out cases like Padilla and John Lynn, people will just say, oh, it's just for the, you know, the Muslim sympathizers, but the less publicized cases are what is key in, you know, the enveloping agenda to classify everyone as a terrorist.
And then shows like 24 and Threat Matrix, they arrest the pot dealer, take their children, take them to a camp because drug dealing funds terrorists, and you're a terrorist.
Well, yeah.
A recent episode of 24, they actually abducted an American woman and said that you are now under the control of a foreign government.
Your constitutional rights no longer apply because they were taking her in the storyline to be questioned by MI6, who had an office in...
Los Angeles.
So, I mean, again, that's the propaganda.
Constitutional rights don't exist.
And then in the real world, a few months ago they announced on News 8 here in Austin, dozens of Austin police being sworn in as international police to, quote, go overseas and work here domestically for the UN.
So this is the new freedom, folks.
They designate you not as a citizen, take your rights, and then say we're above the law.
Dunking you in water is not torture.
You know, putting you under restraint, dunking you in water for several minutes until you think you're going to die is not torture.
It's loving.
But when somebody else does it to our troops, it's torture.
Double thing.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ron in New York.
Ron, go ahead.
How you doing, Alex?
That's why I believe I've been called to expose the Christian elite that are doing what he just described there.
And also...
Since the establishment, i.e.
the globalists, control everything, how do you figure they've allowed this movie to get out?
And what impact do you think this movie is going to have?
What I said about 9-11 is, and I've seen current 9-11 now, is that it's all an accident.
Bush didn't mean it.
He's just an idiot.
Kerry's going to save us.
And so that basically sets it in our minds that it's just prior knowledge.
It's not involvement.
And the U.N.
is good and America is bad.
What do you think the impact is going to be on the general population that had no idea...
Even about what is in the movie.
They had no idea what's really going on.
I think overall it'll get people's eyes open to a certain degree, which is why you've seen some attempts at censorship.
But overall, the big globalists in Europe want this to be seen to demonize America so we can play the part of the bad cop, they play the part of the good cop.
Well, okay.
Thanks, Alex.
God bless you.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
Paul, we're going to come back, get into the beheading news, get into a few other tidbits of news.
We'll take no more calls.
Thanks for everybody's call.
So, Paul, we'll come back in the final segment, get into that and a few other issues.
Anything else we're going to hit, Paul?
Anything that you or the callers throw up, I'm willing to get into.
All right, folks.
PrisonPlanet.tv, Infowars.com, Infowars.net, JonesReport.com, VirginUtah.com.
All different websites.
Check them out.
All right.
We'll be right back with the final segment.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, so we have the family of this Muslim Marine Corps officer begging for the life that this Al-CIA group, and that's where it all points.
Al-Qaeda is CIA.
They say it's Al-Qaeda and it's CIA.
They're begging, don't cut his head off.
Paul, the discrepancies, the consistencies, what's going on with the last three beheadings?
So now abduction, the Korean, we have the orange jumpsuit, you know, the exact same decor surroundings as we saw in the Berg execution and of course the Abu Ghraib prison.
And it came out in the Korea Times that the US government actually became aware of Sunil's abduction on June 16th, which was two or three days before this video of the so-called Al-Qaeda group came out publicly.
And the US government didn't inform the South Korean government of his abduction.
They kept it a secret.
And that's because the South Korean government confirmed their plan to dispatch 3,000 troops to Iraq before they knew of his abduction, but after the US knew of it.
So the charge that the biggest South Korean newspapers were levelling at the end of last week was that the US government deliberately kept knowledge of his abduction under wraps to ensure that those troops would be dispatched.
If the South Korean government had found out earlier, his life could have possibly been spared.
Because the Korea Herald also reported that the US knew the exact whereabouts of where he was being held.
And certainly they would if it was at Abu Ghraib.
And with the Johnson abduction and beheading, it's basically the same case scenario.
The Saudi security, or if you want to call them by their proper name, the CIA, knew the exact location of this so-called al-Qaeda group but did nothing and waited for him to be executed.
And this is all admitted.
Then we had a month ago the mass shooting in Kobar and the U.S.
government orders them to back off and let the shooters escape.
Yeah, I mean, they ordered the Saudis to let these so-called al-Qaeda members go free.
So obviously, some of these abductions, certainly in the case of the ones that the Iraqis are responsible for, where they usually let the hostages go free.
I mean, they're maybe just copycats, but in the cases of Berg, Johnson, and Sunil, there's definitely more to the story.
And again, with Berg, classic intelligence agency background, connected to two hijackers, giving them the computer and the passwords, working at Abu Ghraib, hooked him with all these known CIA people, smuggling stuff in and out of the country, captured by the U.S., held, released that day into Al-Qaeda hands, gets his head cut off, very suspicious.
Yes, but again, with the Sunil abduction, there's this period of time before the videotape comes out where the U.S.
government know that he's gone missing, which is very interesting.
So, in light of all that, we'll wait to see how this new abduction develops over the next few days.
Well, I want to pray for this poor Marine, but again, if people knew how many tens of thousands of Arabs the globalists have working for them, they'll do whatever they tell them to do.
I mean, it's like Chalibi, the admitted torture master of Iran, the bank robber.
And then now the new president of Iraq is a torture master and bombing master for the CIA.
But, oh, they wouldn't be involved in anything like this now, Paul.
Well, no, they've handed over sovereignty.
It's official.
Bremer's left the country.
Which is, you know, it's the public relations stunt.
The people in charge are their boys, the Alawi, the former leader of the terrorist organisation who killed children on school buses for the CIA in Baghdad.
I mean, he's the guy in control now, proposing martial law to make everybody safe.
So that's liberation.
And we're all hearing about martial law and UN takeovers.
It's all getting into our nomenclature, getting into our minds, conditioning us so that it's all okay and good.
Well, I mean, they're cracking.
I mean, we had the Bush thing with the Irish TV where, you know, they disrespected him by interrupting him, so he refused to do the interview.
Dick Cheney running around swearing at senators.
So, I mean, they're feeling the pressure.
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