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Air Date: June 25, 2004
2358 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, my friends, it's already Friday, the 25th day of June.
2004 will be live for the next three hours.
We've got several great guests coming up we'll tell you about a little bit later.
A ton of vital news and information.
And yes, today, in fact right now it's already showing in upwards of a thousand theaters across the country, Fahrenheit 911.
Well, I haven't seen it yet, but I've read the reviews and talked to friends that have seen it.
Michael Moore only hits on a few of the key issues, but enough to really damage Bush.
But he does shelter Bill Clinton and doesn't get into Bill Clinton protecting Al Qaeda, and that's the problem, is if you don't give somebody the big picture of how this is government-wide treason.
And part of a larger military industrial complex program, it really does little good.
But overall, it's going to open a lot of people's eyes up who have heard, well, people like myself on over 1,600 radio interviews laying out the facts.
Then they'll go see this film and see many of those facts confirmed, and they'll say, whoa, I better check out the details of 9-11, and they'll then really find out how deep the rabbit hole truly goes.
So, whereas more covers the top shaving of the tip of the iceberg, we go deep, deep, deep under the water's surface and chronicle the entire mass of lies and corruption.
This will start people's journey on its overall, I think it's a positive thing.
That's why the government has come out.
I couldn't believe this last night when I saw it.
And there is a serious discussion under the U.S.
Under campaign finance reform, and they're quoting the code, saying, look, if it's political, if it says anything about a presidential candidate, you can't talk about it.
Doesn't even matter if Michael Moore is profit, not non-profit, not a 501c3.
They don't care.
They're saying, hey, you don't talk about the president during an election.
You don't talk about who he's running against in an election.
This is ridiculous, but that's how the law read, and all these neocons said, oh, don't worry, when it gets to Bush's desk, he won't sign it.
Then Bush signed it, and they said, don't worry, the Supreme Court is, you know, seven of the nine members are Republicans, why, they'll throw out campaign financial reform.
And no, they didn't.
Campaign financial reform, by the way, allows the big corporations to double their pleasure, double their fun, double the money they give, but restricts what you and I can give.
So it actually allows the corrupting influence of the globalists to increase while trying to stop the people from getting together and stopping all of this.
And hey, Michael Moore today, us tomorrow.
People have been asking me, you know, are you going to interview Second Amendment groups?
Are you going to interview people during this election?
Oh, you bet I am.
They can come arrest me if they want.
I'll get on my radio show, my talk show.
I'm not in 501c3.
I'm not in non-profit.
I'm not with the government.
And I'll talk about whatever I want.
I'll talk about the president all I want.
You understand?
This is America!
So, again, there is a serious discussion of banning Michael Moore TV and radio ads.
Because they say, well, under this law, before an election, you can't talk about the president.
I mean, I've got the part of the section of the law right here in front of me.
One of the big papers there in D.C.
is reporting on it.
The Hill is reporting on it like it's normal.
Oh, yes, there's a big chance the federal body that regulates this is going to not let Michael Moore run TV and radio ads.
Oh my goodness, this is the new freedom, my friends, the new freedom.
troops and sergeants clash in Fallujah, that hot spot.
Yesterday, 75 dead and killed in attacks all over Iraq.
Also, the Supreme Court, you knew it was coming, said, oh, we're not going to release any of the Cheney Energy Commission documents.
We've got Cheney flying Scalia around on Air Force Two, the lavish hunting lodges.
That came out.
Oh, there's just so much.
We'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, and we'll launch into all of it, and your calls, and some great guests.
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We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones, on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, again, it's Friday, the 25th of June, 2004.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We'll be live the next, what, two hours and 51 minutes.
I'm here looking at this article out of the Hill, and the Elections Commission is saying, look, we may ban, the Bush administration's put in a complaint, may ban Michael Moore TV and radio ads.
As well as print ads for his film Fahrenheit 9-11.
Now, the ads have already been airing for the last few weeks, but we're talking about coming up here in another couple weeks when this deadline comes into play where none of us are supposed to talk about the president or who he's running against.
By the way, that's what it actually says in the law.
They can selectively claim that you're being political and targeting one party and that you really secretly work for another party and that you can't then talk about them.
It's hard to believe, but we've had Gunners of America on.
And they were part of the lawsuit against the law, the ones at the Supreme Court.
And they've told them that during an election, they can't go on talk radio or TV and talk about politicians and talk about their voting records.
So, again, you like it for Michael Moore?
Well, you're going to get it, too, on the Second Amendment issue.
Just stunning.
Now, I doubt they can get away with this, but who knows?
They just keep getting away with everything else.
And, yes, yesterday the Supreme Court came out and said, Look, Richard Cheney, the Vice President, his Energy Commission documents, all of it, none of this can be released, and it isn't going to be released.
It's executive privilege.
Now, we have Judicial Watch and others saying,
Through other federal agencies and through leaks, have gotten the fact that there were maps of the oil fields and who was going to get it, and discussions of who would get the contracts, and that Dick Cheney was indeed war profiteering in one of the most classical overbearing senses.
Now, I have that article from actually last year here in front of me.
We're posting all those on the site again on the main page.
The Supreme Court comes out and says, I mean, you knew it was going to happen when Dick Cheney a few months ago was flying Anthony Scalia around on Air Force Two to Louisiana and to Wyoming for fly fishing and duck hunting.
And by the way, the ethics committees have looked at this, and of course no one has ever gotten in trouble, but the ethics committees admit you're not supposed to do that.
I mean, it's real simple.
Let's say Al Capone is in court.
For tax evasion, and then imagine if he would have gotten with the judge and taken the judge on all-expense vacation.
I mean, that's obviously, classically, very, very corrupt.
I mean, literally, the case was brought to the court.
The court said they would hear it.
Started hearing some of the arguments.
And then right after the first arguments, one of the justices gets on an airplane with Dick Cheney and flies around the country on a private hunting trip paid for by taxpayers.
I mean, it's criminal.
It is patently, classically criminal.
Blatantly, out in the open.
But in this partisan world, the neocon followers out there go, so what if Dick Cheney's got maps of oil fields and isn't going to get the oil?
So what if he's running the bid process, the no-bid process, giving the contracts to his own company out of the Vice President's office in the White House?
So what if he's flying Anthony Scalia around?
Just so what?
This is the way things are done.
I mean, could you imagine if Bill Clinton was doing stuff like this?
Well, he did do stuff like that, and he got in trouble for it, and he should.
But Bush does it and Dick Cheney does it and it's no problem at all.
So later on I'm going to get more into that and of course this article here and some of the subsections of the campaign finance reform law where they may not allow Michael Moore to promote his movie.
Saying, well, your movie mentions Bush by name, and any type of media activity that mentions one of the candidates by name is considered political, and so we can't have anything political during an election.
Certainly not.
The new reform is to just double the money that big corporations can give, and all of this is selectively enforced, of course, against gun owners of America and people like Michael Moore, both ends of the false political spectrum.
But getting into the carnage in Iraq, U.S.
troops and surgeons clash in Fallujah.
The sounds of explosives and gunfire echoed through the embattled city of Fallujah as U.S.
forces and militants clashed for the second day in a row.
The heavy gunfights continue today after devastating coordinated attacks killed more than 100 people across the country Thursday.
tanks and armored vehicles took positions on the city's edges and engaged fire with armed insurgents in the eastern suburb.
Hospital officials said the seven people have died in the ongoing clashes.
The violence continued today in Baghdad on Friday, where a roadside bomb exploded and killed an Iraqi policeman and wounded another in a residential neighborhood.
In another incident early today, three mortar shells struck near an oil pipeline that was damaged last week by sabotage.
The latest attack failed to cause any damage, and Iraq police officials said there's no sign that the pattern of violence is letting up after Thursday's deadly attacks in which insurgents detonated car bombs and attacked police stations.
Now the number's up from 75 to killing more than 100, including three U.S.
soldiers and wounding more than 320 people.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Disturbances conducted by cowards intended to foil the democratic process.
I mean, I don't support either side and whoever's behind this, but the point is, is that the democratic process, we appoint a dictator in the democratic process.
The intensified violence comes as the official handover date of June 30th approaches.
We had an official handover date of June 1st, folks, remember?
Iraq's interim vice president said that any further deterioration in security could force the government to implement emergency laws or impose martial law to halt attacks.
Oh, our government just hates these attacks.
It means we're going to have to stay for 10 years, they're saying.
And keep those multi-hundred billion dollar contracts every year going directly into Halliburton's hands.
Who runs everything from the prisons to the food service to the fuel to the secret police units.
Here's another article out of Newsday.
Prosecutor speaks to Bush and CIA leak.
Another special prosecutor appointed by Bush.
It's like the 9-11 Commission appointed by Bush.
Everything's appointed by Bush, but it's independent.
A special prosecutor interviewed President Bush for more than an hour in the Oval Office yesterday morning.
Probe of who leaked the identity of a covert CIA operative to the news media, a White House spokesman said.
We already know it was Dick Cheney.
Bush was questioned for about 70 minutes by special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, the U.S.
attorney from Chicago appointed to conduct an investigation, and members of his investigation team said White House spokesman Scott McClellan.
With Bush at the session that began about 10.25 a.m.
was his private attorney, James Sharpe,
A Washington defense lawyer and former federal prosecutor, the president recently retained to represent him in the leak investigation, McClellan said.
The leak of classified information is a very serious matter.
The president directed the White House to cooperate fully with those in charge of the investigation.
He was pleased to do so as part of the investigation moved forward, he said.
Very interesting.
I just wanted to recap this before I got into the latest news on it.
Rehnquist questioned on Cheney-Scalia trip.
This is from CNN back on January 22nd of this year.
Two leading Democratic Senators asked Chief Justice William Rehnquist on Thursday about the propriety of a hunting trip Supreme Court Justice Scalia took with Vice President Dick Cheney.
He took several, by the way, while Cheney has a case pending before the High Court.
And a letter to Rehnquist, Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, asked the Chief Justice to tell them what canons, procedures, and rules are in place to determine when justices should recuse themselves from cases.
And they also asked Rehnquist what guidance justices had been given about accepting trips, whether the full court had any way to disqualify a member from hearing a case in a justice refuses to recuse himself.
And again, the seven of the nine have all been appointed by Lord Bush or his daddy or Ronald Reagan.
They all have the most liberal records in modern history.
But again, that's part of the conservatism.
It's all big government, open borders, gun control, giant loss of freedom, signing on to the U.N., increasing U.N.
funding, butchering the First Amendment with campaign finance.
But hey, it doesn't matter to the neocons.
Don't confuse me with the facts.
And of course, that now leads us to what happened yesterday.
Associated Press, court won't order Cheney papers released.
The Supreme Court refused Thursday to order the Bush administration to make public secret details of Vice President Dick Cheney's Energy Task Force, but kept the case alive by sending it back to a lower court.
That's what it said, the 7-2, that a lower court could consider whether a federal open government law could be used to get documents of the task force.
Thank you.
Justice Anthony, or Anthony Scalia, had definitely refused to step down from hearing the case involving Cheney despite criticism that his impartiality has been brought into question because of his hunting vacation that he took with Cheney while the court was considering the Vice President's appeal.
Special considerations out of the will of the President and his Vice President suggest that the court should be sensitive to requests by the government.
All right, my friends, we will go to break.
And when we return, Cheney's running around threatening and cussing at people on the Senate floor, threatening others as well, all part of what we know about old Tricky Dick.
And then we'll also go to your calls and just a plethora of other vital news.
PrismPlanet.tv will be right back.
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We have Janice Matthews, board member.
September 11th.org.
They've started organizations up all around the country for the 9-11 Visibility Project, exposing the globalist involvement in the attacks.
They're going to have people all over the country today at the Fahrenheit 9-11 opening handing out handbills, flyers, deception dollars, my videos, information to the people coming out of the movie theaters.
And I should have gotten on this earlier.
Weeks ago, listeners were calling in saying we ought to do this.
And it's pretty simple.
Just print up some business cards on your computer or little handbills saying the truth about September 11th, InfoWars.com, or if you've got a bunch of copies of my videos, or deception dollars, or other information.
Get out there and do it.
Just hand out 20, 30 of them.
It'll really have an effect.
People will come out with their minds open to the truth, and then we can take them to the next level.
Coming up in the next segment, we'll go to your calls, and then again in the middle of the next hour, Janice Matthews will be joining us.
And I want to get somebody on from The Hill, a newspaper in D.C., about this article about not allowing Fahrenheit 9-11 to run TV and radio ads.
Bush is saying that may violate campaign finance reform.
Getting serious.
See, no more First Amendment, my friends.
But Cheney says election a contest we will win.
Well, I'd say so.
You've got Bush's cousin and Skull and Bones buddy, Sherry, so it's staged at that level.
You've got Diebold and other machines openly run by the Central Intelligence Agency in and most areas of the country in key battleground states.
You've got the Supreme Court.
You've got most of the governors.
You've got the legislature, the legislative branch of government.
You've got the judicial, the Supreme Court.
And notice what's happening.
Pell-mell growth of government, loss of freedom.
Pell-mell attack on the Bill of Rights.
And the Democrats aren't attacking him on the key issues.
I mean, they had Al Gore come out yesterday and say, you know, Bush had prior knowledge of 9-11 and Bush lied about Iraq.
And that's all true, but see, that keeps it in a left-right debate.
Where, oh, it's just those Democrats saying it, so now when somebody hears me talking about it, oh, he must be a liberal.
You notice Al Gore doesn't talk about Bill Clinton and himself protecting Al Qaeda.
Massively working with al-Qaeda to attack the Serbs.
Telling Sudan and Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, no, we don't want to arrest Bin Laden.
No, we don't want him.
No, we don't want documents on him.
He's our asset.
This is all just massive theater, my friends.
They know we're on to them about 9-11, so they're trying to make it a left-right discussion.
But Cheney says election, a contest we will win.
Vice President Dick Cheney told Springfield supporters this afternoon yesterday that their choice, November 2nd, is clear, one based on the records of the candidates seeking the nation's top office.
Standing in front of a...
Room full of Republicans waving Bush-Cheney signs at the Springfield Expo Center.
Cheney expressed confidence that he and President Bush would regain the White House.
The election is a contest we welcome, and that's a contest we will win.
See, there really is no presidential election since they blew Kennedy's head off.
That's when voter news services took over and announced who the winners were.
There are elections at the county, city, and state level.
In some areas, you can actually elect a congressman or woman.
But predominantly at stage, why do they then have an election?
Because it balkanizes and polarizes us back into the two camps, shuts off the thinking process.
And that gives us the illusion of having an elected government, just like Iraq.
They've gone to the next level of just appointing a government, but saying this is freedom.
Appointing someone is an election.
The government appoints the delegates, and then they appoint the president, and they go, look, our appointee says he wants us to stay in Iraq.
Look, it's freedom.
It would be like if I put a gun to your head and said, now do what I say.
And you did what I said.
I said, look, it's democracy.
I put a gun to their head.
They're following my orders.
I mean, this is such common sense.
In a comment directed toward Kerry, Cheney said, these are not times for leaders that shift with the political winds and who say one thing and one day and another the next.
Like you saying that there's weapons of mass destruction and then saying you never said it and then saying, oh, there is weapons of mass destruction.
I mean, come on.
Cheney curses Senator over Halliburton criticism.
This is out of the Associated Press.
And they admit it.
He was on the floor of the Senate posing for a photo op because he's the President of the Senate, the tiebreaker.
And he looked at Patrick Leahy of Vermont, who I'm no fan of, but just criticized Cheney on 9-11 in Iraq and began cussing at him.
Cheney's known for that.
I mean, he's a vicious, vicious individual.
Just vicious.
All right, my friends.
We're going to break again.
I want to go over some of the Judicial Watch Cheney Energy Task Force documents featuring a map of Iraq oil fields.
Because people want to claim this is some liberal lie.
No, it's the documents.
Remember Judicial Watch, the folks that nailed Clinton to the wall?
It's real conservatives that have been exposing this, not the liberals.
And a bunch of other news on the police state, on biometrics.
You name it, it's all coming up.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen.
We're now 33 minutes and 27 seconds into this first hour.
We're about to go to your calls.
Some of the news is coming up.
RFID chips on kids makes Legoland safer.
This is out of Silicon Magazine.
Here's another one out of London Independent.
Satanic cult linked to cemetery staff suicides.
Friendly Dog ends gunman's plan for shooting rampage.
This is out of the Globe and Mail in Toronto.
Rumors fly of military draft.
Star Tribune.
I love this hit piece on people exposing the facts.
Guantanamo suicides followed arrival of new general.
Just like the suicides at the cemetery.
Are these really suicides, folks?
Police at Logan to use wireless databases.
A part of the new Homeland Security system.
That's to go on the streets.
Sarasota principal, Defense Bush, from Fahrenheit 9-11 betrayal, where Bush sat there staging that whole event.
And much, much more is coming up here in just a few minutes after I take some of these calls that I've been holding patiently.
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That's an amazing film that we also carry in VHS and DVD if you want it.
9-11, The Great Illusion, Endgame of the Illuminati.
We've posted my book.
9-11, Descent into Tyranny, and Paul Watson's book, Order Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsor of Terror in the New World Order, in the last two days.
You can go read those, download them, print them off, whatever, give them to people.
That information is there.
The weekly report I did this week was particularly good on 1984, analyzing how it truly happened in the real world, paralleling reality.
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My newest film, of course, that I've made is Matrix of Evil with Ron Paul, Cynthia McKinney, Frank Morales, Colonel Craig Roberts, myself, exposing 9-11, exposing the war, exposing the Patriot Act, 1 and 2, Homeland Security.
Great new video, throwing out the Patriot Act in Austin.
Just a great film.
Need to get it.
My videos are $20 if you order three or more of any of the ten.
They drop down $5.95 apiece.
That's an $18 discount on the three-tape special, $24 discount on the four-tape special, and so on.
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That's 888-253-3139.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
And when you walk out of Fahrenheit 9-11...
And you want to talk to people, and people's minds are open to the truth.
You can have in your purse or your bag a bunch of tapes or handbills and just hand them out to people.
That's total 1776 behavior.
If you want to relive that in the 21st century vein, do it.
In fact, I'm not just going to shoot my mouth off.
I'm going to go down tonight to one of the theaters.
Actually, I have that in my stack here.
I need to decide which theater I'm going to go to.
Perhaps I'll announce it.
And at an appointed time, I will be there with a video camera, and I will be handing out, I think I'm going to hand out, I already handed out over 100 copies of the legislature for free, and we've sent over 100 copies to Congress for free.
I don't have a lot of money, but I'm going to hand out 50 copies.
That's right.
Original copies this evening, and I'll have to pick a movie theater to do that.
And I hope that everyone will come out to that event.
Perhaps you'll be there handing them out as well.
In a way, I don't want to announce it, though, or they might have the movie theater saying, no, you can't do that.
Who knows?
I have to run through this in my mind.
I made the decision to do this a few days ago, and I just remembered it, so here we are planning live on the air.
But again, I hope you'll get the films and do this.
That's 888-253-3139.
Hi, Alex.
I was reading on the alternate theory on the Oklahoma City that there were some Iraqis involved.
Yes, there were.
Okay, if that is true, then is it possible that there is some sort of al-Qaeda and Saddam connection, maybe?
Because if there were Iraqis involved in Oklahoma City, that means maybe he started... Did he not have a hand in that?
It was just some people from Iraq, or what?
How long have you been listening to the broadcast?
Maybe about eight months.
About four years ago, and off and on throughout that process, and many of these shows are archived.
In fact, in the audio section of PrisonPlanet.com, I know that we have interviews I did.
And we've gone over this, and I've gone over this with police and investigators and lawyers and eyewitnesses and members of the legislature who were there.
And I actually go over this in 9-11 The Road to Tyranny.
Have you seen 9-11 The Road to Tyranny?
I've seen some of it.
I did as much as I can off of Kazza.
I didn't get the whole thing of that, and it was kind of a bad refeed.
You mean Kazza's?
The peer-to-peer video system online?
Which I think is great.
I don't care if the videos are all out there on the web.
I think that's good.
Our goal is to reach people.
I suggest you... You see, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny is two and a half hours long.
On DVD, it's almost three hours.
And we spend about 35 minutes on Oklahoma City.
It's a whole film on that alone.
The video of the bombs being removed, the seismographs, the eyewitnesses, the police admitting the BATF was warned not to come into work that day, the Iraqis that the local police weren't allowed to bust.
Let me explain this.
Number one.
Man, I've spent two hours before on the show trying to break this down for people in years past.
Long before this all came out in mainstream news, I said it would come out, but then described the spin that would accompany it, Anthony.
Let me just give you some background.
You know Saddam was the ally of this government in the 1980s right through into the late 1970s.
You're aware of that?
Yes, I even downloaded the video of Rumsfeld with Saddam from the National Security Archive.
That was one that was caught on tape.
Yeah, 1983.
He met with him at least 45 other times.
But let's just go over this.
Or his, Rumsfeld or his emissaries did 45 times.
We know Rumsfeld did many, many times and was caught on tape once on the film.
Now, now that we've established that, did you know that tens of thousands of Iraqi Republican Guard from 1979 until 1990...
We're trained at U.S.
military bases in demolitions, intelligence, torture, you name it, chemical weapons dispersal, how to spray from helicopters.
Were you aware of that?
Well, I wasn't aware that they were trained in torture and whatnot, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were trained at U.S.
bases during that time frame.
Well, no, I mean, this is all a minute historical fact.
I'm just giving you some background since you brought this up.
So there were relationships formed with almost the entire hierarchy of Iraq's regime during the U.S.
funded and led war against Iran for eight years.
Before that, Saddam was hired at the age of 19 in 1954.
As a hitman, trained publicly by the CIA, he killed dozens and dozens and dozens of people with car bombs.
He would machine gun them himself.
Quite a vicious fellow.
Killed just scores of communists.
Helped bring down the government in 1967 when the U.S.
government ordered the new Ba'ath Party that was empowered to put him in as the head of the security forces.
Then they helped him in a successful coup in 79 to make him supreme dictator of Iraq, okay?
Then in earnest they began training tens of thousands.
I mean, our government brought back in at least 5,500.
In my film I say 4,000.
The number's gotten larger.
Iraqis, Bush Sr.
and Clinton, brought them in from 91 until 1996, okay?
They lived at bases.
They had homes and cars paid for by the government.
We know their names.
And then these same individuals show up at Oklahoma City with McVeigh and are on surveillance cameras, on at least 10 different surveillance cameras.
The government grabs those, declares national security.
FBI agents go public, tell the LA Times, I saw it.
It showed John Doe No.
It showed these other Arabs.
It showed the BATF down the street.
Seconds after the bomb went off in full bomb gear that takes 20, 30 minutes to put on.
Running around.
So if it was Iraqis, why'd they say stuff about John Doe No.
Why did the government declare national security on those tapes?
Because those Iraqis worked for the globalists, and at the time they were considering blaming it on Iraq, but for some reason they didn't.
They went with a right-wing angle to blame it on conservatives and militias.
But then I said four years ago that they were going to bring this back out if Bush was elected...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
So then they could bring out the Patriot Act and police state measures after terror attacks and try to blame real grassroots conservatives of working with Muslim extremists.
So that's the story.
Then, two years ago, neocons began to go on talk radio and go, I'm giving you the inside scoop.
There were Iraqis.
They started bringing out the information we brought out, but without making the connection that Bill Clinton ordered some of them released when they were arrested by state police and FBI.
That the government blocked the release of the video.
So these Iraqis, it's simple.
Let's say I want to invade your country, Anthony.
I go hire somebody that looks like you, that talks like you.
I have them go out and carry out an attack.
They slip away.
We bust a patsy.
Then I blame it on your country and I invade your country.
It's called a frame-up.
And we're 100% sure of that.
Go ahead.
One last thing, and thanks for all the info.
What is your view on what happened with the incident with Cheney and Leahy?
Do you think it was a constructed press leak, like drama?
Or do you think it was like an honest bickering amongst two globalists, or what?
Yeah, the two have been talking bad about each other.
And Cheney began using the F word at him.
Look, Dick Cheney is a bulldog.
And he's vicious.
Well known.
I mean, this is a vicious person.
And during the Patriot Act, no one was allowed to read it at midnight.
He was literally on the phone to hundreds of congressmen going, let me tell you something right now.
I mean, literally growling at them and yelling at them.
If you don't get in there and pass that right now, when there's another attack, we're going to blame it on you and say you caused it.
Now, you understand me, boy?
I mean, just in those words.
I read the articles.
We're talking Associated Press.
You understand me, boy?
You understand me, girl?
That's why the guy has all these heartaches.
He's vicious.
I mean, literally growling and cussing at people.
And let me finish.
You asked another good question.
And so...
This is what Dick Cheney does.
Remember when he got on Meet the Press two years ago and he said, Hey, continue these 9-11 investigations.
Continue to say we might have prior knowledge.
You're going to ensure a bigger attack.
A terrorist attack, yeah.
He said, if you don't shut up, there's going to be another attack.
I mean, how much more obvious does it get?
Yeah, yeah.
So you think it wasn't a pre-staged event?
You think it was more like it was an honest moment of bicker between two power-hungry people?
Yeah, that's it.
I'll let you go.
Good call, good questions.
Look, it's like you've got a corporation that has its goals, that has what it sells, what it does.
And it's like high-level executives in that corporation agree upon the mission of the corporation, the profits of it, but they fight with each other over power positions.
It's kind of a free market in the New World Order at the higher levels in that they can fight and backstab and manipulate.
It's like the mafia.
They can kill each other and yell at each other and scam each other, but they never let the general public in on it.
They never rat out each other.
They just fight amongst themselves, and so that's what you've got.
No, this is what Cheney does.
He routinely stomps around, and in his younger days he'd shove people up against walls.
I mean, you know, he's a powder keg.
Very dangerous individual.
I don't like talking about him on air, frankly.
I mean, he's a vicious creature.
Let's talk to Roger in Pennsylvania.
Roger, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yeah, thanks, Alex.
Did you see this bomb from yesterday's newspaper?
That is Bush's drops seeking renewal of the U.N.
resolution shielding U.S.
personnel serving in U.N.-authorized peacekeeping missions.
Yeah, of course.
And that was planned all along.
We're about to go under U.N.
They put more troops into Iraq.
The pullout is more troops.
Up is down.
Down is up.
You know, double speak.
New speak.
And, yeah, got that right here.
I'm glad you mentioned it.
Big deal.
Yeah, we're now going to be under U.N.
control, under the International Court.
Just like the Supreme Court says they follow the U.N.'
's orders, now Bush is agreeing.
And this will be hailed as conservative.
You must be a liberal if you're against being under U.N.
control, Roger.
Yeah, no, no, of course.
The practical impact of Wednesday's retreat, somewhat mitigated by U.S.
signing of agreements with 90 countries not to surrender U.S.
personnel to the International Criminal Court.
But I guess that means once they're in the hot grip of the court, then too bad.
And you can appreciate facetious, Alex, so I guess this means neither Bush nor any future president will be packing off troops in UN peacekeeping operations any longer, and what's more, we'll be pulling back our troops from far too many areas around the world where they're already so serving.
Actually, the government's injecting more troops into more countries, Roger.
Yeah, I know.
I hope everybody calls their congressman.
Can I give up the toll-free to the Capitol Hill?
Yeah, just stay there, Roger.
I want to be fair, give you more time.
We'll come back to you, and then William, everybody else, start accelerating faster into these calls.
Stay with us.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
We answer these vital questions and much, much more in my newest and most explosive documentary yet, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
In two hours and 24 minutes, we point a searing light of truth on the history of problem-reaction solution.
Brace yourselves as the New World Order program for world domination is blown wide open.
A nightmarish post-September 11th world, where the military and the police are merged.
Witnesses' populations beg for national ID cards, and yes, even implantable microchips.
Troops on the streets, foreign NATO aircraft in the skies, psychotic UN population control plans, and much, much more.
This is one film you cannot afford to miss.
Order 9-1-1 The Road to Tyrion today.
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We're good to go.
I think?
I think so too.
We're good to go.
All right, my friends, it's Friday.
Several guests, ton of news, haven't even scratched the surface, though we've already covered about 20-plus articles.
Roger, you can give the number out to Congress, that's fine, about handing our troops over to the UN, which has already happened, but again, the neocons will call us liberal because we're against this.
But what do you think about Dick Cheney, the Supreme Court, saying he can fly justices around, which is totally illegal, that's admitted by major ethics groups that have looked at it, and the law itself.
What do you think about...
Campaign finance reform.
They're saying, hey, Michael Moore may not be able to run his TV ads because it's political when the guy isn't a tax-free group.
And now it's going to be the Second Amendment groups they won't let talk either.
I mean, Bush wants to force drug and force tests the whole population.
I mean, this is like Bill Clinton on steroids at Mach speed with his hair on fire.
Yeah, I thought it was bad enough when it just said you couldn't give interviews, etc., and the ads, you know, and now they're extending it to all forms of speech whatsoever, I guess.
Okay, very quickly.
Well, I mean, I'm going to tell you, Roger, I'm going to interview whoever I want, whenever I want, and I'll talk bad about any, I'll talk bad about Kerry, I'll talk bad about Boyce, this is America!
Yeah, I'd like to see that survive a jury trial, huh?
Well, see, everybody said the Supreme... Don't worry about the Patriot Act.
The courts will throw it out.
They have all expanded it.
They know.
Don't worry about campaign finance.
The Supreme Court will throw it out.
Didn't throw it out, did they?
Okay, very quickly, these two toll-free numbers.
I hope everybody floods the switchboards.
800-648-3516 and 877-762...
Repeat quickly.
800-648-3516 and 877-762-8762.
God bless Alex.
All right.
Take care.
Again, we're liberal, folks.
We're against getting rid of the First Amendment and the Second Amendment.
We're against the open borders.
We are against all the corruption.
We're against our troops going under U.N.
But, again, that's liberal.
It's liberal.
Let's go ahead and talk to William in Oregon.
William, you're on the air.
Alex, good day to you.
Just to go back to your last caller, he also should be aware, I'm sure he's listening, that if you get in Cheney's way, you have a demise like Paul Wellstone, unfortunately.
Get back to an article I emailed to your webmaster yesterday.
I live out on the coast of Oregon, and I just caught a thing in the paper on Wednesday from one of our county commissioners basically stating that
In case there are terrorist attacks in Portland, the Willamette Valley, if you will, the county wants to come up with a concept what to do with approximately, they're estimating 400,000 plus refugees coming out into a county of maybe 20,000.
Now, out in our county, we have a blimp base that was here from World War II when they used to do submarine patrol.
We've got one hangar left, one burned down about 12 years ago, but there's still a current hangar there.
A huge...
Well, I mean, last year, and this is on the website in the audio section of prisonplanet.com.
Last year I had the county commissioner, the head county commissioner on, he was in the major newspaper, that he had been told by the feds about the concentration camps, the emergency camps, and then we read the bill out of Oregon to put people in camps.
They protest for life in a forced labor camp.
That was the words.
Forced forest labor camp, I'm sorry.
And here in Austin in my film The Takeover, made in 2000,
They have the old airport with a base at it, a 747 hanger to chain you down to the floor, and they put that on the news.
Oh, it's if you're bad, we'll put masses of you out here in a camp.
It's for freedom.
Long before Al-Qaeda hit us.
So what did this article say that you sent me?
Well, basically... Can you go to a commercial?
Yeah, go ahead.
You've got time.
Okay, basically a commissioner's envisioning...
The coastal evacuation area is stretching from Astoria, Oregon to Florence, which is basically about three-quarters of the coast.
So if something happens, we're going to put everybody out here where the air is clean and we've got plenty of water, but the infrastructure is not here to accommodate a couple million people.
So God knows what it will be like.
And there is a rail system that comes out here, whether we're going to put them on trains or not, which is reminiscent of you-know-what.
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That's toll-free, 888-803-4438.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Already into hour number two of global transmission.
Again, thank you so much for joining us today.
We have a guest coming up, Janice Matthews, in about 30 minutes, one of the board members of September11th.org with the 9-11 Visibility Project to talk about how they're going out to many of the Fahrenheit 9-11 theaters all across the country and giving them information, handbills, deception dollars, videos.
To try to bring people to the next level after they see this film.
We'll talk about 9-11 itself coming up here in about 30 minutes.
Also, wide open telephones.
A bunch of news on the terrorism that's going on by the government.
RFID chips on kids makes Legoland safer.
Satanic cult linked to cemetery staff suicides.
Friendly dog ends government's plan for shooting rampage.
Rumors fly of military draft, but it isn't a rumor.
That's all coming up.
But right now, let's let, quickly, William in Oregon finish up.
William was talking about a news article there in Oregon about when the terror attack comes, they have to have the 400,000 people in an emergency go into these facilities and how they're going to save us.
And they've built three one-million-man camps they admit around the country.
And this is the government's smoke screen to bring in martial law that will never end.
And the head of FEMA up in New Jersey has said, under a red alert, you're all treated as enemy combatants.
Your families are broken up.
Your children are taken to different facilities.
But there's safety.
But to finish up what you were saying about the railheads there, William.
Well, basically we've got a train here that goes from the port of Tillamook into a little suburb of Portland.
They carry primarily just lumber, finished products and whatnot.
But the lines are here.
And I find it interesting because back in the 90s we had a huge flood that took out
A lot of the tracks.
I'd say probably $8 to $10 million was spent by the federal government rehabbing this rail line, which is just a little spur, basically.
It's about 80 miles, and they spent a ton of money.
And I often question why they would do it.
And as time has evolved, I'm suspecting other reasons behind it more than just simply hauling lumber around, perhaps, because it does go through a lot of pristine area, and it's the middle of nowhere.
But it's a great track to bring people to, to move them to another location.
But the top of the article basically says...
At the Commissioner Hurleman Urges Refugee Readiness is the way it was titled out.
And on another footnote, I just want to thank you tremendously for your tapes.
My mom came to visit me a week ago, and I just kind of discreetly, as she came into the room, I had Matrix of Evil just starting.
She thought she was watching a TV show.
And then she said for half an hour, how come the show doesn't have any commercials?
I said, Mom, just watch.
I think it's a little movie that's on here, some special thing.
At the end of two hours...
You had an epiphany, and I've been talking to her for, I'm 52 years old, probably at least 30 years of my life about things going on, and it's amazing to see a 77-year-old woman have a transformation like that, and I've tried, but coming from you, and Ron Paul, and Cynthia McKinney, her mouth dropped, and guess what?
She went out and bought five tapes from you, and one of them was 9-11, which she has not yet seen, Road to Tyranny, and she's down in Southern California, and she'll be watching that this week, and I'm sure her draw is going to hit the floor even harder, but
I just want to thank you because she's always thought I was too far off there into the direction we all are, as you know.
And she's come full circle.
And it's just great because she has an understanding and a level of awareness, as you have done for so many people.
And I can't thank you enough.
But if my mom can get this at her age, I just cannot thank you enough.
And on that footnote, I'll let you go.
I just want to know if off the top of your head or somebody, I need to know what radio station...
You have a show on in San Diego, if you do, so I can give it to her, because she can't locate it and I can't find it, so I'd like to help her out and let her listen to you.
You know, I'm really bad on affiliates.
We've got a wonderful affiliate there in between L.A.
and San Diego, and it covers both of the cities.
And do me a favor, Scott, running the board, look up that on the affiliate list so I can tell them after the next break.
I need to get better at knowing all the affiliates.
I just think it's great.
I've been trying to get our local one in this county to do it, but they'd rather put Gordon Liddy on for two hours, and I just don't get it.
Talk about how tough he is.
How he can kill people with a pencil.
Now I had Mr. Liddy on, and now the Patriot Act's kind of bad, but what is good?
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're good to go.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Yeah, I've talked to...
The owner of KCAA, Loma Linda, California, 1050 AM many times, great guy.
Sometimes my memory slips me on call letters and frequencies, but KCAA, 1050 AM, and Loma Linda in between San Diego and L.A.
covers most of both those cities.
They're on the Radio Locator map.
Huge listenership out there, and I would implore everybody, whether you listen to us in Knoxville, Tennessee, or Rochester, New York, or Pensacola, Florida, or Kansas City, or Austin, Texas, or Fredericksburg, Texas, or Denver, Colorado, to spread the word about this broadcast.
Because we tell it like it is, folks.
If you don't want our troops under U.N.
control, if you don't want to lose the Second Amendment, if you don't want the open borders...
I mean, all of that that we truly consider to be real conservatism, and this is the broadcast for you.
If you want a bunch of neocon lies, then just have at it.
There's plenty of it out there for you.
But KCAA, 1050 AM, Loma Linda, California.
Speaking of San Diego, we've got a sponsor out in San Diego.
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A few of the ads are every day, and they're great folks.
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Ready, reserve, footage.
Let's go back to the calls.
Let's talk to John in Tennessee.
John, welcome.
Thanks, Alex.
On Wednesday in Tennessee, Interstate 75 was closed down after a sniper shot a cop car running a speed trap.
The Bradley County deputy and his canine drug dog were not injured, even though the bullet pierced their vehicle.
This is the same sheriff's department that seized a $1.1 million speeding ticket in April after stopping a Lincoln Navigator, and that was driven by an illegal alien from New York City to Mexico who had a California driver's license and a Jewish name.
The sheriff seized the million dollars in cash without any crime alleged.
And the sheriff kept all that money for himself and his apartment, and it will not benefit the taxpayers in any way.
I saw that article there out of Tennessee, and it did say that it might have had some type of weird Mossad connection, and then oops!
Now the sheriff takes the money, and oops, there's bullets flying.
And of course they won't go investigate that and the million bucks.
They'll probably just start searching everybody's vehicles.
They had the interstate closed down southbound lane for several hours at night in the rain, which could have caused crashes.
Well, they need to find out who did it.
I mean, but, you know.
Well, it could be a war game, or it could be a payoff.
A million dollars could be a payoff with lots of free publicity.
Last year, one guy got injured, one was killed, when special forces were running drills in North Carolina, 55 miles from the base, and were doing drills of taking down police, and cops were shooting back.
You never know what's going on.
Right there in your area of Tennessee, we've had the mainstream articles before 9-11 of troops running checkpoints.
We've had listeners who can't really walk jerked out of their cars and beat up and robbed by troops.
I mean, that's been in the newspaper.
Well, this is near the town where the Battle of Athens occurred, where 100 World War II veterans opened fire on a crooked sheriff and arrested all his deputies in a jail for election fraud.
You know, I keep meaning to do the history of the Battle for Athens and have some of those folks on.
Because all these great World War II vets are pretty close to being gone now.
Yeah, there's supposedly a TV show that was done on it, a documentary for an hour, but I don't know where to get a copy of that either.
All right, very suspicious.
Email me that article.
I appreciate it, John.
Take care.
Let's talk to Veronica in Colorado.
Veronica, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I love what you're doing.
Keep up the good work.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Well, I'm going to try and make a long story short.
I have a 17-year-old daughter who is involved with the system.
Social services snatched her, slapped me with the neglect and dependency charge because she was out of control, teenager out of control.
They have forced her to take drugs, kind of what you touched on here a couple of days ago.
They have her on, I think, an anti-psychotic drug.
They tell me that this is the way to control her mood swings.
It helps her with her thought processes, which I think is a bunch of baloney.
What kind of stuff has your daughter been up to?
Well, you know, she was a little bit out of control.
But nothing that warranted them coming in and taking her out of my home.
Oh, I believe you.
I mean, you can be late to class and often three times you end up on drugs.
That's been on the news.
We're all evil here.
We all are bad people.
So now, give me an idea of the stuff your daughter's been up to.
Well, she skipped class.
Oh, I knew it.
She broke some windows out of an abandoned building.
You know, it started out as just little things.
So your daughter got in with the wrong crowd?
Yeah, she did.
And so then she rebelled against you when that happened.
And I guess, was she arrested, or did you call the police on her?
She was arrested.
Actually, the school called the police.
For what?
Because she was... No, actually, for the abandoned...
Breaking the windows, it was actually a friend of hers was also involved, and her mother called the police.
So it's generally like 1984.
I knew it.
You know, you do not, unless your family member has killed somebody or is doing something really evil, you don't call the police if your child busts out windows.
You leave a couple hundred dollars in cash on the doorstep for whatever it costs.
And in the past, people wouldn't call the police.
They'd handle it with the parents.
And, you know, this is the case of breaking out some windows.
Half of us would be on antipsychotics or in prison right now.
I mean, I certainly wasn't of the worst ilk.
But let's say there was a year or so there when I was about 13 that I got in with some of the wrong people.
And, you know, we might have done some things that weren't very nice.
But the answer is not putting your child on deadly antipsychotics.
But the government has said anybody who does anything must be put on these.
And you need to... There's so much you can do.
You need to research antipsychotics.
I'm trying to think of the website.
And you need to educate yourself and then get your own expert and then go into court and defeat this and stand up against it.
Well, I have her back in my custody.
She was in a treatment center.
Well, you better tell your... Is your daughter there right now?
No, she's at work.
You need to have her get on the phone with me and I'll say, listen to me.
You're not being anti-establishment.
The government set up the breakdown of society with the 60s groups that they controlled.
That was all CIA.
Rebellion isn't cool.
When you rebel against your parents, it's so they can get you in trouble
Now, if you want to truly be rebellious and cutting edge, be straight and strong, and try to survive your youth, because they know you're young and dumb, and they want to get you in the system.
And if she doesn't want her life to be ruined, she better wake up right now.
Well, she's doing a lot better.
I have her off all that stuff.
You need to keep her away from the trash she's hanging out with.
That is the worst thing.
When your children are young, you've got to watch them.
You've got to control them.
You've got to watch their friends.
You've got to get them into sports, get them in with the right people, and not let them get around trouble.
That is the number one thing, and it's common sense, and it sounds like you've done the right thing, and thanks for the call, Veronica.
Oh, boy.
I hope you took her off the drugs slowly.
Because that can cause a massive psychotic break if you've been on those drugs and go off them immediately.
According to the doctors we've interviewed, I'm not giving medical advice, but that's what the doctors say.
You better get off that stuff slowly.
And, you know, for the couple weeks that they go off of them, you've got to watch them very closely.
Let's go ahead and talk to David in Oklahoma.
David, go ahead.
Yeah, hey, Alex.
I've got some new information on an old subject.
I have a friend who's from Waco, had diabetes,
Recently told me that David Koresh, that he had known him when he was still alive, and that David Koresh was actually selling drugs out of Mount Carmel, out of his church, and that my friend claims to have actually purchased some from him, and that he had a meth lab in a buried school bus.
Okay, the police got search warrants and checked all that.
It was the individual that lived there before...
Who was running things, whose mother had been the head preacher out there, and then he was removed by police.
The police came out and arrested him, and David Koresh, or Vernon Howell, I'm not defending him either, he was the one that got the police out there and got the drugs cleaned up.
So your friend, what he's saying doesn't match what Jack Harwell, who I talked to personally, the sheriff said and what the record showed.
Sounds like more of the classical rumors.
You know why the government was there?
It was over a $250 gun tax.
They claimed it hadn't been paid.
Well, also, I mean, I went out to Mount Carmel Wednesday.
Stay there, sir.
We'll talk about it when we get back.
I won't hang up on you.
And we'll talk about it.
So, if there were dealing drugs, did we burn the children up?
Is that how we saved them?
We'll be right back.
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All right, we're talking to David in Oklahoma.
And for those that don't know, I built, with the help of the listeners of this show, a memorial church that seats about 400 people, two stories, for all those that died, including the misguided BATF people, especially the children.
And most of what you heard was either a lie about the Davidians or a huge exaggeration.
They were found not guilty by a jury in San Antonio in 1994, but the judge with new federal sentencing said, well, I find you guilty, and some are serving life sentences, despite the fact the Supreme Court three years ago said, now four years ago, said release them.
But no, according to the sheriff, the news reports, the Davidians themselves, what you're saying, David, what your friend's telling you is the opposite.
It is on record that David Koresh brought the police in to remove the individual that was running it decades ago, who was indeed running a meth lab off the property and had run all the church people off of it.
I forget his name, but that's all in the big Grammy award-winning, Academy Award-nominated films that have been made on the subject.
So, you know, Waco, The Rules of Engagement, stuff like that.
Anything else on your mind, or where are you going with this?
Well, the whole point that I was trying to make with it was that, I mean, my friend claims to have personally bought stuff from David.
Oh, okay, fine, but go ahead.
The point that I just thought that perhaps that might have been another reason why they assaulted the compound is he was cutting into their drug dealing.
And also that they have a lot of land around there, a lot more than you, they had a lot more land than you would ever see from that one media shot that we all got, the
That made it seem like it was a relatively... They had a lot of land around there.
That might have been another motivation.
That's a couple hundred acres.
All right, good to hear from you.
I appreciate the call.
Never know where the callers will take us.
Interesting direction there.
Eric in Connecticut.
Eric, go ahead.
I love your Gordon Libby imitation.
Hey, Alex.
Pretty good.
Hey, thanks for taking my call.
You bet.
You've probably already covered this, and I might have missed it, but there's a bill floating around in the House, H.R.
218, which gives active and retired law enforcement types access to concealed carry across state lines.
I think we should all have Vermont-style concealed carry.
I think that's fine.
Hey, you've got a Second Amendment.
You can carry a gun.
It makes us all safer.
Oh, I agree with you, Alex, but here's what my concern is.
This law... Yeah, it's special rights.
It's special rights just for them.
That way they can take our rights away and the cops won't care because once they retire, they keep their rights.
That's it.
That's why a lot of cops are pro-Second Amendment involved because they don't want to lose their right.
NRA should stand for Not Really American because they back this thing.
And I was wondering if you could have somebody like Aaron Zellman or Larry Pratt on again.
To do an interview?
I don't know.
With campaign finance reform, if we're allowed to.
Oh, jeez.
I don't know if we're allowed to talk.
Oh, yeah.
The neocon syndrome.
It's all part of the... Our veterans have fought so we can't talk.
It's freedom.
It's the new freedom, Alex.
It's the new freedom.
Frightening stuff.
Well, thanks a lot, Alex.
Thank you, Eric.
Ken in New York.
Ken, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Before I go into the two topics I'd like to discuss with you, I'd just like you to verify something since you're down there in Austin.
I heard on a local radio station this week that one day this week, Austin had a very bad hailstorm.
The hail was the size of softballs or something like that, I heard.
That was a few weeks ago.
Yeah, you ought to see my truck.
Looks like somebody took a ball-peen hammer to it.
Is that normal?
You know, I've had... My truck from a year ago had dents all over it.
I never even got it fixed or claimed insurance.
I don't care.
And then it just happened again, and so I'm going to have to now.
It looks like a... I mean, it's got dimples all over it.
But, yeah, it was... Some of them were softball size.
Most of them were golf ball size.
Oh, sometimes when I hear stories like this and what the Midwest has been going through over the last couple of months, I think that God might be punishing this country.
Yeah, about three weeks ago there was just a huge one, and then I heard there was another one.
I was hit by the one two or three weeks ago.
And then they had another one about a week ago.
And yeah, you wanted the car dealerships, boy.
They're all just desperate.
They probably love these storms.
Yeah, they get the insurance, they get the...
Tell you there's a sale and then you come in and they, you know... Well, we have a couple of instances in the news recently where the Republicans, the established party and the established political structure in the country is continuing their cover-ups.
And I'd like to get more information from you about these cases.
One was the Supreme Court decision yesterday on Cheney's task force.
Yeah, and they actually said in the ruling...
That the executive branch is above the law.
Just like with the torture.
Just like with the... They said no.
They have special privileges and they also said we don't care if Supreme Court justices fly around because, again, it's the executive and they have special needs.
Can I hold on?
Unfortunately, you can't because we got a guest, sir.
But I really appreciate your call.
We got three guests coming up.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
That is... A board member of 9-11.org, 9-11 Visibility Project, joining us.
Then in the first 30 minutes of the next hour, Mike Rivero from WhatReallyHappened.com.
And then after that, we have a writer from The Hill, Alexander Bolton, with the article out of D.C.
where Bush wants Michael Moore's radio and TV ads to be shut down saying it's a violation of campaign finance reform.
Folks, Michael Moore is a member of the media.
Michael Moore is not tax-exempt.
Michael Moore is not under it, but they don't care, see?
I try to call up liberal groups, conservative groups to get them on before elections.
Oh, we're sorry, we can't.
The new laws.
And we knew the Supreme Court was going to authorize this.
And they did.
Well, you know what?
I'll interview anybody I want whenever I want.
If you want to come arrest me for talking bad about Kerry, talking bad about Bush, that's my right as an American, you trash.
You America-destroying filth.
So coming up in the last 30 minutes of the next hour, we're going to have Alexander Bolton from the Hill on about Bush's attempt, openly, putting a complaint in against Fahrenheit 9-11, against its ads.
And then, of course, next, if they get away with that, which they probably will, no telling, then it'll be, oh, you can't show it because it mentions the president by name.
That's why they're saying you can't show the ads.
And the Republicans have hired this neocon group,
This PR firm to put out fake grassroots propaganda to shut down theaters showing this?
Well, do you love Michael Moore or hate him?
Don't you agree with his right to run TV and radio ads?
Don't you agree with his right to make a movie?
Well, he's a liberal!
Yeah, Michael Moore only tells you about 3% of 9-11.
Yeah, he says the UN's going to save us.
So what?
It's his right, folks.
We tell the truth on 9-11.
We expose Bill Clinton and George Bush and how they're just puppets.
And that's why it's so important to get my film, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, to get part two of that, The Masters of Terror Exposed, to get George Humphrey's new video, Painful Deceptions, Eric Huffman's video that we carry on VHS and DVD.
George Humphrey's brand new video is 9-11, The Great Illusion, Endgame of the Illuminati, an amazing film.
I mean, I carry my own videos, a bunch of other videos, the best stuff out there.
Get my videos.
When you buy mine, you're authorized to make copies of them, not of those that we carry that others have made.
Just ask them if you can.
Go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com and order the documentary films online.
Get them.
Show them to your VFW club.
Show them to your college students, your high school students.
Put them on AXS TV.
Wake people up.
Make it visible.
Get the idea out there that the globalists are behind this and stand to gain from it.
And the evidence is overwhelming.
The toll-free number to get my videos is 1-888-253-3139.
Or again, prisonplanet.com or infowars.com to order.
That's 888-253-3139.
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And then George Humper's new video is $19.95, Eric Huffman's is $22.
We carry all the best stuff at Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com or by calling 888-253-3139.
Okay, I am honored to be joined by Janice Matthews,
Board member of September11th.org, and she's part of the 9-11 Visibility Project, and we have links to all that on InfoWars.com.
And it's so important to grow this movement across the political spectrum to realize that the military-industrial complex had total prior knowledge, A, and B, was intimately involved in the attacks, and that their official story is an impossibility.
Janice, good to have you on the show with us.
Thanks, Alex.
You bet.
Good to be here.
Tell us a little bit about September11th.org, about yourself, about how folks can start their own chapters in their towns, their cities, their states, and what you guys are pushing for right now to get people to go out to the 9-11 theaters that are showing Fahrenheit 9-11 and to use people's eyes that are partially open to bring them to that next level.
Yeah, we feel like this is really an activist opportunity for us to get in front of millions of people and they're just waiting to get more information.
We understand from the sneak previews and the early openings in New York City that the New York group has already passed out 5,000 flyers since Wednesday and that people's response has been that they take these flyers and look at them and then actually stop and read them there on the spot.
The 9-11 Visibility Project was formed as a joint
Well, we started this action between Kansas City and Seattle last November.
We started out, just a few of us, holding signs and trying to get the word out and passing out deception dollars and other literature.
It's grown now to include sister city groups in about 35 cities and four countries.
We have a website that you mentioned that you're also linked to, which is September11.org.
Thank you.
Campaigning the commission to actually ask questions, which now that's done.
I've seen photos of you guys in Seattle, Kansas, other cities, dozens in some cases, hundreds in other cases, out there with science saying Bush knew, Bush did it, handing out videos, handing out handbills, websites on it, and it's really growing and it's so exciting.
It is.
We sent thousands of signs to the March 20th demonstrations in San Francisco and New York City both, and people were literally putting down their signs to pick up the Stout Bush cover-up, 9-11 cover-up signs.
And those photos actually made it into mainstream press.
Now, two years ago, we had families marching around the White House saying, Bush knew, Bush did it.
It got ten seconds on CNN.
And we've got people in the commission many times standing up saying, you're behind it, you're covering it up.
We've interviewed those folks.
So the globalists are having a lot of trouble covering this up, aren't they?
Yes, they are.
More and more each day, it seems, which is great news.
Thank you.
September 11th families put forth, still haven't even been asked.
By the way, the commission appointed by Bush, and they wanted to have Henry Kissinger as the court independent commissioner.
So that just gives you an idea, folks.
And they ended up with Zelikow, who wrote a book with Condoleezza Rice and worked on the transition period for the Bush government with her.
So it's not much different.
But now that that commission is over, the families are demanding they still want these questions asked.
Like, why did the White House call Mayor Willie Brown not to fly?
Why did the Joint Chiefs of Staff admit they were told not to fly?
Why did Salman Rushdie say that?
Why did John Ashcroft say that?
Why was there insider trading?
Why did NORAD stand down?
What are some of the other questions?
How come World Trade Center 7 fell down?
How come the buildings fell down the way that they did before?
Well, we have the owner saying they blew it up.
We have what?
We have Larry Silverstein saying they, quote, pulled it.
Absolutely, with World Trade Center 7.
And yet...
We still don't have any official word on the other two buildings.
Apparently an airplane hit it, it caught on fire, and it disintegrated.
But then a huge building across the street with zero damage gets a little fire a few hours later, and the light afternoon blows up.
Yeah, it's just amazing how all that happened.
And more and more people are coming to see that the official line is the real conspiracy theory here.
That when you listen to what they're actually saying are the answers...
They don't make any sense, and you really have to go out on a limb to try to believe what they're saying.
Well, Janice Matthews, board member of September11th.org, where are you going to be out tonight handing out information?
I am going to be at an AMC theater at Town Center in Kansas City.
There are about 15 theater chains here that are showing it, and we expect to have activists at most of those over the next few days.
We're splitting up and passing out flyers as one theater empties out, as one showing empties out, and the next one is going in.
We've got a lot of materials that people can download on September11th.org.
The campaign is Dude, There's More to the Story.
If you'll go to the September 11th website, you'll be able to see that.
Like I said, download materials, make copies.
There are several different choices.
You know, for people to make.
One of them is a questions brochure that says, look, there are more questions than even what Michael Moore asked.
Another is a list of the people who have recently endorsed the 9-11 Truth Movement, which just today includes Jim Hightower.
Well, that's really important, and I'll tell you why.
And you already know this, but this is for some listeners that may not get it yet.
They're going to keep blowing stuff up.
The government is.
And if we don't expose it, they've told us the next attack is going to be even bigger.
And if we don't expose that they stand to gain from it and that they're behind it, they're going to murder more people and then murder our liberties.
I agree.
And right now is the time that we've got to take action, which is why Michael Moore's film coming out is this perfect opportunity.
And I am just screaming at people to mobilize in cities everywhere.
Download these.
Make some copies.
Get out there and hand them out.
If it's just you, hand them out to everybody.
Well, Janice, Janice, have you heard the latest?
From the Hill, we've got the author of the publication coming on next hour.
Bush has put in an official complaint saying more is political, and that's not allowed in elections.
It can't be political.
And he wants the TV and radio ads banned.
I just saw that headline is all I've seen.
Well, it's on cousinplanet.com right now, and this is an outrage.
Yes, it is.
It is.
He's already gone through an enormous amount of them trying to get it covered up, and now...
That the advertisements themselves are... Did they say campaign finance laws, right?
Yeah, and he's not tax-free.
He's not the government.
He's the media.
But now they're claiming this.
Yeah, it does seem like the rules change every hour now.
Well, also, I've talked to friends who've seen the film in New York.
I haven't talked to friends who saw it in cans who are in the film industry, and there's no reason it should be... I mean, something like The Chronicles of Riddick is PG-13 when it should be R. Absolutely.
But then at the same time, this film should be PG-13, and they give it an R rating, but England gave it a PG rating.
Outrageous censorship.
Yes, it is.
And folks, you may not like Michael Moore, because his bowling for Columbine is a bunch of very shoddy disinfo.
But on this 9-11 film, he raises real issues.
Yes, it's got a left-wing bent.
So what?
Even if it was all lies, we should agree with his right to do this.
And by the way, it isn't lies.
This film hits the nail on the head, and that's why you've got people coming after him.
If it didn't hit the nail on the head, they wouldn't care.
And I think that we need to stand up and really get vocal about this because this is another example of censorship that's coming and loss of civil liberties that's showing up in all of these bizarre places.
Well, I heartily agree.
I mean, we've got articles every day where they're shutting down people's free speech.
And look, I mean, this has happened in the last election, in the off-year election.
I tried to get groups on, and they go, sorry, we can't do interviews because of campaign finance reform.
But, I mean, is that what America is about?
The corporations get double the money they can give, but then they restrict what we, the people, can say?
And that's not what America is about, and the only way people are going to know that is if we're out there telling them that.
Well, I hope the Democrats know that their party brought this bill up, Bush signed it with pleasure, his neocon court authorized it.
I mean, they're all together on this.
The difference is pretty debatable.
Well, you've got a lot of amazing stuff on the website, and Janice, how long...
I mean, other groups can form their own September 11th awareness organizations.
I mean, how do people do that?
Well, if a person goes to the web page, over on the left sidebar is a list of the group contact information.
So, for instance, somebody just yesterday called me from London and said, we really want to have a group here.
Can I just send you my information?
So he sent the information, and now people will be able to click on London and see who to contact there.
Whether it's one person who's willing to be, mostly how this is started is, one person calling from who knows where who says, look, I've got to have a way for people to find me.
And now?
Because I still believe I'm the only person in the world who knows the truth.
So they link on here, send us the contact information you'd like to have posted, and any mail can come to info at September 11th.
And we'll get that posted on the website.
We also have an opportunity for people to link a webpage to that or build one there.
So as the groups start moving along and they start having presentations or information they'd like to get out to people, then there's a webpage there for them to be able to use.
Well, Janice, let me give people an example, a prototype example that's easy, that can reach tens of thousands in your town almost instantly.
You send the info to your site.
That's a networking point.
It's posted there.
Now the person has a title.
They can call local talk shows and get on as a guest and then have a website that they can direct people to.
Then you get an access TV show or you rent the VFW Hall.
You hand out a couple thousand handbills.
A hundred people show up.
Out of that hundred, fifty are active.
They go out and hand out handbills.
Then five hundred show up next time.
Then you have a big march and you build it from there and in just a few months, folks, and I've done this myself.
This is what I've been doing for years.
In just a few months, you can have thousands of people involved in your town and have a political force that can be used on any issue.
That's right.
And so this is a grassroots, you know, setting bushfires in the minds of men and women everywhere, and all it takes is you being a leader.
I mean, ten years ago, I didn't like what was happening.
I went down and got an access show, got a radio show, got a syndicated radio show, made films.
And now my job is getting other people to be activists and leaders, and that's what you're doing, Janice, and that's what's so great about it.
Yep, that's exactly right.
And a lot of people don't feel like they're qualified to do it.
For instance, with the Fahrenheit 9-11 leafleting campaign, we're encouraging people in different towns to put some information on the back of that leaflet to tell people, where can I go to learn more?
Where can I go to talk to other people who don't think I'm crazy, who agree with me?
So rent the library rooms.
Or a coffee shop one night, and if nothing else, have a discussion group.
And this is what you do.
This is what you do.
You go out, folks, you go out today or tomorrow, you rent the coffee shop or whatever, you make your own flyer, get it off InfoWars or get it off September11th.org, you get it.
Now, on the back, you put your local info on when the meeting's going to be, and you hand out 500 of those.
It costs you, you know, 20, 30 bucks at Ginkgo's.
You hand those out at the movie theaters, and you're going to have a nice crowd at the coffee shop.
You take that political energy, those people coming out of that theater, that cinematic event, and then you take them into the real world, deeper into the rabbit hole.
And then get a video.
Show a video.
Use a bike, bike.
You know, buy the Road to Tyranny and show it.
Or get several and work with other groups in your town who are willing to go in on that.
Video purchases, and just show a video.
You don't have to be an expert on it.
That's what we keep trying to encourage people.
We're not a research organization.
We're an activist-oriented organization.
You say, hey, there's some questions here.
Let's discuss it.
And then you can take that September 11th group and start your own anti-patriot group.
That's right.
Your own anti-patriot group.
They're working together in so many towns.
This is an opportunity for people from diverse backgrounds
Parts of the spectrum that come together because we're all fighting the same thing.
All right.
Well, Janice, can I get you back up next week to hear about what developed and what happened?
All right.
Thank you so much, Janice, for what you're doing.
And I'm going to be out in Austin at several theaters this evening handing out free copies of my video.
I hope thousands of people will be.
All right.
Thanks for what you're doing, Alex.
God bless you, Janice.
You too.
We'll be back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
You've asked for them and now they're here.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I'm sure most of you have heard of the Carlyle Group, that shadowy organization that doesn't produce anything.
They just broker weapons deals, have key people in government, and set that up with the hundreds of billions of dollars a year in defense spending just on weapons alone.
Well, they've been buying radio, TV networks.
Now we just learned they bought, we confirmed it, a caller called, we looked online, confirmed it, the Lowe's Theater chain for a billion and a half bucks.
Moving into everything, my friends...
Very, very interesting.
Bob in Texas, you're on the air.
Bob, go ahead.
Hello, sir.
Yes, let's see.
Oh, I wanted to ask you if you ever got with Randy Weaver Wednesday.
He was here in town.
Yeah, I did.
We had him on the radio show.
He was giving a speech, and I went down and interviewed him.
Yeah, I went down to all the Serrano's restaurants, but I couldn't find out which one he was at.
Which one was he at?
Did you know?
The one right past 290.
Just past 290?
Yeah, it doesn't matter now.
He's left town.
It was in Oak Hill, right?
Well, I missed it.
I tried to make it, but I couldn't figure out which one he was at.
Yeah, did you see Kelly's cartoon in the Anti-American Statesman today, or yesterday?
It shows the cartoon.
It shows the police officer telling the citizen that if he doesn't tell him his identification that he could be arrested for a crime.
Then the next frame shows the citizen just standing there without saying anything.
The third frame shows the cop saying, okay, you're under arrest for remaining silent.
Then the fourth frame, this is really funny, shows him reading his rights where he says, you have the right to remain silent.
Now isn't that a gut puncher?
Well, it is, and it isn't just ID you've got to show.
In that case, they wanted the rancher to answer questions.
They're on his own property.
And then they charge you with felonies in some cases.
It's resisting without violence to not answer questions.
It's violent to not worship them.
No Fifth Amendment, my friend.
Yeah, well, I'm working on that mobile theater still where I can go and set up a big-screen TV and show your video in a parking lot and draw crowds.
And I'll be out on the movies tonight and passing out your 9-11 and Janice's leaflets.
So it looks like this thing is really steamrolling along and these guys are sweating bullets.
I'm going to put a leaflet up on the main page of Prison Planet InfoWars this afternoon.
You know what?
I've been meaning to do this for a while, so go to the sites and we're going to have that there for you as well in the next couple hours.
Okay, we'll do that.
Yeah, well, we appreciate your work very much.
Hey, I really appreciate you, my friend.
All right, we're going to start the third hour.
Take care.
We've got Michael Rivera from what really happened to talk about 9-11 and Moore's movie and the rest of it and just the latest corruption.
Then we've got Alexander Bolton from The Hill newspaper out of D.C.
coming on to talk about Bush, saying, hey, you're not allowed to criticize me in an election year, even if you're in the press.
They're talking about banning more running TV and radio ads for 9-11, which are already airing, but he's moving with a complaint.
Stop that.
I guess that's what America's about.
No right to remain silent.
No Second Amendment.
No First Amendment.
No nothing.
It's all part of the new freedom.
Bush announces our troops will not be immune from prosecution.
They will be under human control.
You know, just A to Z, it's all happening.
And, you know, folks, speaking of films, if you want the truth, the big picture, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror,
Both those are films I've made on the subject, the most comprehensive I know of out there that covered all the concrete issues.
So visit prisonplanet.tv or infowars.com.
Click through on the secure online shopping cart and order the films today because it will wake people up, number one.
And secondarily, because the more support I get, the more I can do in the fight.
And I'm just one guy out there fighting, but you know I do a pretty good job of it, so that's money well spent.
So infowars.com or prisonplanet.com.
Or 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139.
Alright, the third hour is only a minute away after we break, and then we'll come up with two other great guests, and yes, more of your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
So please stay the course.
I'm Alex Jones.
Hello, folks.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, folks, hour number three.
Michael Rivero started his website back in the early 1990s exposing the Vince Foster hit of Bill Clinton.
And he's continued with a keen eye and great research to just expose so many things to this website, whatreallyhappened.com.
We also have a link to that at infowars.com.
And we're honored to have Mike on the air with us to talk about how they've been attacking Fahrenheit 9-11 and why it is an important film, though I don't totally agree with more.
I agree with his First Amendment.
Then I want to get into Dick Cheney's corruption and when Mike thinks we're going to see more terror attacks.
A whole host of issues in about 30 minutes.
We're joined by Alexander Bolton of The Hill reporting on Bush coming out with campaign finance reform saying, hey, he's put in a complaint.
He wants the promotion of Moore's film on TV and radio to be shut down.
That's the new freedom.
That's the new slavery here in America.
Michael Rivero, good to have you on, my friend.
Thank you for having me on again, Alex.
It's a pleasure to talk to you.
You bet.
First things first.
You know, they hire a PR firm, which you guys discovered, a Republican front group, try to shut the film down.
Yes, what it was is, starting about two weeks ago, there was an organization which was presenting itself as a grassroots public movement called Move America Forward that was organizing a letter writing and phone campaign targeting the theaters that were planning to show Fahrenheit 911.
And some theater owners were reporting receiving death threats regarding this movie.
And one of the What Really Happened readers, who's an expert on Internet technology, did a trace of the DNS information and discovered that it led to a server which was at the time registered to a public relations firm in California.
Which had been the same public relations firm that was behind the Recall Gray Davis campaign in California.
And they then changed the names on the DNS and did some other stuff and even took off contact info, which you're not supposed to do by law, by the way.
They then did that, but then later after you exposed them, they finally came out in a major newspaper and said, yeah, it is our site, so that's another major coup you guys had.
Well, thank you.
It's an indicator that the public at large really does want the truth about what's going on, and they're going to go dig for it.
And again, the credit for this one really goes to the What Really Happened readers who spotted this and called it to my attention.
And I think it's very encouraging that people are becoming more vigilant, they're becoming more skeptical, they're asking questions.
And of course, once they start asking their own questions, the control over the flow of information passes from the government
To the people, and I think that is a very healthy sign.
Yeah, this PR firm's done big work for the GOP, gets big contracts.
Absolutely, absolutely.
They are major GOP heavy hitters.
They are hired as consultants for campaigns, and as we saw here with the Move America Forward, they are not above creating phony political activism.
Well, I mean, this sounds like stuff Nixon got in trouble for.
This is almost Nixonian in the scale of the deception that we are seeing coming out of
Again, the attempt to re-elect a president who was not exactly believed in, even by his own party.
Okay, let's jump forward.
We're about to break.
I'm sure you've seen, and I saw a post on your site last night, we've got it as well, the Hill article.
Bush has put in a complaint.
I mean, the aplomb, the arrogance of this, to shut down Michael Moore TV and radio ads.
I mean, this is incredible.
It was, and you know, this started really with the Federal Election Commission's own general counsel made the suggestion that
Then the Federal Election Commission said, no, we really don't think it's appropriate for us to comment.
Now apparently the White House itself is now urging the Federal Election Commission to declare the ads for the movie Fahrenheit 911 to be in violation of laws which forbid campaign ads within 30 or 60 days of various elections.
And this goes back to Moore himself openly saying that he hopes that this movie will change how people feel about the coming election.
Which is his First Amendment right.
He's not tax-free.
He's not a political party.
This is so evil.
It is, and actually what I'm hoping that this will do is over and beyond the First Amendment issues for Michael Moore.
I don't think that there should be laws that prevent campaign ads.
Well, Mike, I agree with you, but when they did this, I'm behind the film now.
I'm promoting it now.
If they want to do this, they'll do it to us next.
Stay there.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
You know, in the last hour, we talked about how the Carlyle Group is buying up radio, TV networks.
They've now bought the Lowe's theater chain for a billion and a half bucks.
This is funny.
Fahrenheit 9-11 opening a day early in New York yesterday broke all previous records for theater ticket sales, and the Lowe's Village Theater, making the Carlisle Group some money, I don't think they want to make money that way, though, made $49,000, breaking the Men in Black record from $97,000 to $44,000, and it broke records in all the theaters it opened in.
Now, understand, Moore comes out, and the UN needs to take over, it's the evil right-wingers, a group of cowboys did this.
That's the problem with the film, is that he doesn't tell the whole story, or Bill Clinton protecting al-Qaeda, but at least he gets people thinking, and believe me, they wouldn't be attacking it and trying to shut it down if it wasn't overall doing some good.
And now, because they're trying to censor him, I will definitely try to come to his aid, because if they can do it to Michael Moore, they can do it to Michael Rivero or Alex Jones or the Easter Bunny.
Mike, do you agree with that?
I absolutely do.
I mean, I will be the first one to say that I have some concerns about Moore's film, and I don't agree with everything that is in it.
But on the grounds of the First Amendment, he has a right to make his film, and more importantly, the American people have a right to see it and decide for themselves what it all means.
And that is really what is under attack right now by all of these dirty tricks that we're seeing.
Not only the phony grassroots organizations from public relations firms, but the Motion Picture Association of America's somewhat exaggerated rating for the film to keep children from seeing it.
This same film has been getting ratings in other countries, such as Canada and Great Britain, which allow children down to the age of 13 to see it.
And this age group, the 13 to 18 year olds,
These are the people who are going to wind up serving in these wars if we don't get this war machine stopped now.
And they have a right to see how this war came about, that they're going to be fighting it in just a few years.
You know, interesting you raise that point.
Let me just read a little bit of this to you and get your take on it.
This is out of the Star Tribune.
Rumors fly of military draft.
And it says, although there hasn't been a draft in more than 30 years, 22-year-old Minneapolis college graduate Nathan...
We've had senators, congressmen and women, Republicans and Democrats, a bunch of different draft bills introduced, the Selective Service getting more funding, trying to get women into it,
Well, it absolutely is.
And what we're dealing with here is the same kind of mindset that changes the words in order to change the meaning
Well, first it was abuse, then they downgraded it to pressure.
And they keep changing the words and thinking that changes the reality of what's going on.
The bill that is going through Congress right now speaks of national service.
A mandatory national service.
And that's why they're saying, well, it's not really a draft bill.
It is just a general national service conscription.
But the reality is, you know, kids who are in high school and college, they're really very, very sharp.
Much sharper than you might want to assume.
And they can look at the numbers.
And they can see how already our present military is incredibly overstressed in Afghanistan and Iraq and all the other places where we're currently interfering with other people's countries.
And they know that if these wars, which appear to be looming in Syria and Iran and everywhere else that is on the shopping list, go forward, there will have to be a draft of some kind, no matter what they call it, in order to get the bodies for them.
Well, Bill Clinton, in 1999, before he left office, he set up a commission to study the draft.
I mean, they've got a whole bunch of bills introduced for the last two years.
Rangel and...
Hagel and others are all calling for it.
Again, they started setting up the draft boards again.
So they're getting ready for it, having a congressional debate about it, but then when we point it out, they go, it doesn't exist.
Well, this is an election year, and everybody knows that talking about a draft is definitely a vote loser.
But I think once November comes and goes, there won't even be a pretense
Plus, don't you think the globalists are going to blow something up?
Oh, I absolutely expect that as trust in government and the credibility of not only the government but of the mainstream TV media continues to decline,
The only way that Bush and his neocon buddies have to try and reignite support for further wars in Saudi Arabia or Iran or Syria or where else is to stage another fake terror attack and scream, oh, they were the ones who did it.
This time the military action will be underway before anybody can think twice and blink about it.
So that nobody has a chance to take a closer look at what happened.
Well, it'll be just like Afghanistan with the 44,000, 18,000 British troops, 44,000 U.S.
troops, launch orders on his desk.
And so it'll be instant.
And they've said the next attack's going to be much bigger, Mike.
Yeah, isn't it amazing how they know how big the attack will be and that it's coming, but they are never able to actually do anything to stop it?
I mean, if you think about it for a moment, would you believe a police department if they said, we know the bank on Main Street is going to be robbed next week?
And then it happens and they can't stop it.
Wouldn't you be a little suspicious that something was not quite what it seemed?
Well, this is the same thing happening on a larger scale.
The government is continuously warning us about these coming terror attacks, and we know it's coming and we know it will be bad, and then it happens anyway and they say, well, we're off to war.
You have to be suspicious.
It just doesn't make sense that they would know all the details about this terror attack but not have the details necessary to stop it.
And if you go back to the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Towers, the first attack on it,
There was an article in the New York Times, no less, that admitted the FBI had informants inside the crew that bombed the World Trade Center.
Well, they had them cook the bomb and train the driver, and the informant said, let's bust them three days before, and they said, no, the bombing goes forward.
And then the guy tape-recorded them for his own safety.
Yeah, and it's a good thing he did, because it basically proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he said, let me disarm this bomb so that nobody gets hurt, and the FBI said, no, let it go.
Leave it alone.
And by the grace of God, the two low-grade morons that they hired from the tiny mosque above the pizza place were the blind cleric, the supposed mastermind.
Luckily, the idiots didn't park it up against the main support pillar like they were ordered to.
Yes, or it would have brought the tower down, which it almost seems like September 11, 2001 was try number two for what was supposed to happen back in 1993 for try number one.
And, of course, the use of deception to start a war is as old as history itself.
Hitler did it with Poland.
He claimed Poland was attacking Germany, and they had to invade Poland to defend the fatherland, and that started World War II.
If you go back even to Roman times, when Marcus Licinius Crassus maneuvered Spartacus into attacking Rome and then used the fear of that attack
To acquire extraordinary political powers, which eventually led to the fall of the Republic and the establishment of the Age of the Dictators.
Well, also, the first fire departments were actually mafia groups that would burn down your house or your building if you didn't pay them protection money.
Hence the Italian mob, give me the money today or I'll burn down your grocery store.
It goes way back to that.
That was Marcus Licinius Crassus who built the first fire departments.
It made him the largest landowner in Rome and the wealthiest man in the world.
So, yeah, these kind of deceptions, even if you go back to The Art of War by Sun Tzu, it says right in there, all war is based on deception.
And the reason is, people are basically, by themselves, good, honest people, and they're not going to want to invade the country next door unless they feel they have no choice.
They have to feel they are the ones who were attacked first.
To begin with, in order to motivate towards a war.
Michael Levero, I want to get, just in the next few minutes, your projection, your predictions, according to probability numbers, what you see playing out in the next six months into the election, what you see in the next year.
Well, it's really very hard to do a firm prognostication.
We're dealing with so many overlapping issues, such as massive vote fraud.
We are dealing with a current administration that realizes it is in serious political trouble.
There are a lot of options.
There are rumors going around that Bush may actually dump
So that's definitely starting to float around as a real possibility.
The possibility of a staged terror attack followed by the imposition of some draconian, temporary, quote-unquote, martial law.
And I think it's very likely in order to get the ability to do that, staging a new phony terror attack with a biological agent is probably, you know, we cannot dismiss the possibility.
That will create lots of hysteria, lots of reasons to have trips on the streets, lots of roundups.
Yes, lots of reasons to shut down the Internet so that patriots can't talk to each other and expose the lies of what's going on around them.
We better preemptively do it right now, Mike.
That may be happening.
There's a new bug out on the computer internet right now that's causing all kinds of havoc, and nobody knows what it's really up to, but it's apparently a real problem.
Well, I tell you, I mean, and obviously Kerry's no better.
I mean, he's Bush's coffin mate.
Oh, absolutely.
Kerry is just like Bush in terms of support of the war and certain foreign policy things.
I mean, it's WWF wrestling.
Well, it is.
It's not real.
Yes, exactly.
It's a false dichotomy.
It's really the same crooks with the same agenda and the same puppet string pullers, so...
We do need to get some fresh political parties.
What are we going to talk about when we get back?
Let's talk about the content of Moore's Fahrenheit 911 and the parts I don't agree with.
Let's do it.
On the other side with Michael Rivero.
I'm Alex Jones.
They began with a civil service to rescue off the hostages.
It was headed for the war on terror until they were credited.
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I know we have loaded phone lines.
We've got another guest coming up, Alexander Bolton from The Hill, talking about this complaint by Bush trying to shut down Michael Moore's TV and radio ads.
I mean, this is getting really serious.
If it goes much further, it'll be a public dictatorship, and Michael Rivera is going to ride a shotgun with us for the rest of the hour, and we'll get to your calls as well.
But, Mike, I haven't seen Fahrenheit 9-11.
I've read reviews.
I've read his book, Dude, Where's My Country?
I have talked to friends that have seen it.
And he says that he only covers a little bit of the information that proves 9-11 was government-involved.
He just says Bush is basically an idiot and was buddies with the Bin Laden family and accidentally let it happen and is a big liar on Iraq and then shows a bunch of stupid footage of Bush, which is, I guess, good enough.
But what do you think of the film or what you've heard and what do you say about it?
Okay, well, I have not seen the film either.
I will be seeing it tonight.
We did get our tickets in advance, which is a good thing because they're sold out.
What I know of the film basically matches what you have said.
And I think, you know, there's no question that Moore has left out huge amounts of the real story about 9-11.
But I think Moore is sharp enough to realize that you can only expose so many lies before an audience, before their denial mechanism is going to kick in, and they're going to dismiss everything that they're seeing.
And of course, it was such a fight to even get this much to the screen.
I think had Moore tried to tell Moore, we probably wouldn't be seeing the movie at all at this point.
So I think it's real value, as Moore himself has said, it's going to stir the pot, and it's going to get people thinking, and it's going to get them asking questions.
And the analogy I use is if you have a match and a big pool of gasoline, you can't control where the fire is going to go.
Well, websites like yours and mine are the pool of gasoline, and Moore's film, Fahrenheit 911, is the match.
And I think it's going to start a process of questioning among the American people
And it will lead itself to the information they need to have.
And I really have more faith and trust in the American people to figure out what's going on once they decide that it's time to start asking the real questions.
Well, I agree.
I think Morris Film is going to get their eyes open.
And then once they open their eyes, they're going to see the full story that you and I and many others are bringing out.
Yes, I agree.
And certainly the search hits and visits to my...
Web page, and I assume to yours as well, have been skyrocketing this last week.
So people are starting to dig for the facts that are behind the film.
Absolutely, and both our sites have huge 9-11 archives that people should visit.
Just spend a few hours a week on it.
Become an expert on the subject or get the documentary films.
I wonder what type of repercussions Moore is going to have from this.
I mean, he is definitely angering the Bush crime family.
Well, his own visibility, of course, is his best protection.
It would raise more questions than it would solve were anything to happen to him now.
So I think Moore himself is personally going to be safe just because of his visibility.
They're just going to try to discredit him.
They're going to discredit him.
They're already trying to smear him.
There's some ridiculous personal attacks on the Internet directed at him over irrelevancies like his personal appearance.
Which basically, to me, shows how desperate the opposition is.
They can't attack the film on its factual basis, and I believe as of today, the actual provenance for everything in his film goes up on his website today, so people can actually check into there and see the documentary evidence behind the items that are included in the film.
Well, it's interesting times, and this film really could back the globalists off from carrying out another attack if their social architects do a test.
If their focus groups let them know that we're not going to buy another attack.
If we're skeptical and we're not going to believe it, they will call it off.
And, of course, that is what we are all hoping is going to happen.
I've got a gut-level feeling, though, that it's a catch-22 for the globalists.
I think they're going to go ahead and turn the heat up regardless.
But at least more people will be awake, Mike.
Yeah, I think so, too.
I think so, too.
We just do the best that we can and wait for them to make a really big mistake that they can't pull back from.
Well, they've made a lot of those mistakes.
You know, people say, oh, the globalists couldn't have done 9-11.
They would have been caught.
They have been caught.
It's too big.
Oh, absolutely they were caught.
And, you know, the New York Times recent apology about, oh, we should have been more careful, nobody really believes that.
They're really sincerely sorry.
And I'll tell you why.
You've got the New York Times and the mainstream media are all claiming that they were misled by the Bush administration's claims about weapons of mass destruction.
And you cannot convince me that mainstream TV networks with millions of dollars of budget and staffs in the thousand weren't able to find out the information that websites like yours and mine, running almost on pocket change, were able to find to discredit claims like the Mobile Biological Weapons Laboratory.
They were really balloon inflators.
We knew that 30 minutes after the story broke, but the New York Times and the main networks are claiming that they never knew that that was a false claim.
Well, they're sorry they've been caught, and they're sorry they've lost 45% of their audience.
Well, they're certainly sorry about that.
I would be, too, if I'd lost 45% of my audience.
Well, I mean, we're getting tens of millions of visitors a month.
I mean, it's got to scare them.
And there's thousands of these sites now, Mike.
Yeah, there's new ones coming on every day, and it's a phenomenon.
They can't control it now.
Mike, stay there.
We're going to come back and talk to Alexander Bolton from the Hill about Bush trying to shut down Fahrenheit 9-11.
Infowars.com is the website.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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For liberty for their descendants.
All right, we're about to go to Alexander Bolton, the great writer for The Hill.
You have links to his article on prisonplanet.com, infowars.com.
Michael Rivero has links to it on whatreallyhappened.com.
And again, folks, we're putting up the flyers to print off at prisonplanet.com and infowars.com to hand out at the theaters.
If you want to know the real truth, the big story, go to these websites.
I'm going to be out in Austin tonight.
I'm going to hand out 50 DVDs of my film, The Road to Tyranny.
I'm going to hand out hundreds of handbills.
I'm not going to tell you to do something that I'm not going to do.
And by the way, I'm going to do this once a week for the next month or so.
If you guys want to come up with your own ideas, your own handbills, email them in a PDF file or a file to the webmaster at prisonplanet.com.
We'll post those too.
We're about to go to Alexander Bolton, and we're about to go back to Michael Rivero and hear from Alexander Bolton about Bush's move to shut down Michael Moore's TV and radio ads.
End of the First Amendment here, baby, if this happens.
But before we do that, one more time, here's a little trailer for Fahrenheit 9-11, and then you know why they're so scared of this movie.
Here it is.
You can make people do anything if they're afraid.
The FAA had taken the action to close all of the airports in the United States.
All commercial and airline traffic was grounded.
But we had some airplanes authorized at the highest levels of our government to pick up Osama Bin Laden's family members and transport them out of this country.
In the middle of the war, corporations decided to hold a conference to figure out how much money could be made.
Once that oil starts flowing, it's going to be lots of money.
Whatever it costs, the government will pay you.
It's going to be good for business, bad for the people.
Congressman, trying to get members of Congress to get their kids to enlist in the Army and go over to Iraq.
The USA Patriot Act allows for searches of medical and financial records.
It gives law enforcement almost unlimited power.
They wait till the middle of the night.
It's printed in the middle of the night.
How could Congress pass the Patriot Act without even reading it?
Sit down, my friend.
We don't read most of the bills.
No one read it.
Members of Congress, this is Michael Moore.
I would like to read to you the USA Patriot Act.
Let the evil souls... From the corridors of power... Ferguson?
To the streets of small-town America.
To the front lines.
Impressive crowd, the Habs.
And they have more.
Some people call you the elite.
I call you my base.
Comes the true story that will make your temperature rise.
I call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers.
Thank you.
Now watch this drive.
All right, my friends.
You know, we're on a lot of AM and FM stations, from Providence, Rhode Island, to Los Angeles, California, to Kansas City, Missouri, to Austin, Texas, to Denver, Colorado, you know, all over the place.
We've got more affiliates since 9-11, but I'll tell you just a 30-second, 40-second story, and we'll go to our guest.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And we cannot let Bush or anybody else, anybody, you know, I'm a conservative, we cannot let them shut down the ads for this movie.
Now, campaign finance, the neocon said, would never pass, or if it did, the Supreme Court would throw it out, or Bush wouldn't sign it.
They've authorized the whole thing.
I can't get Second Amendment groups on this show before an election.
Now, they won't come on, because they're not allowed to talk.
That isn't America.
Alexander Bolton joins us from the Hill.
Thehill.com is the website.
Great newspaper.
And it's good to have you on with us, sir, to bring us up to speed on this.
And we've got Michael Rivera, Ride the Shotgun, with us.
And thanks for holding through Fahrenheit 9-11 promo we just played.
We're trying to support the First Amendment here.
But are you shocked by the White House actually lodging a complaint and trying to stop the promotion of this film?
Well, it's not actually the White House, but it's the White House's surrogate, a guy named David Bossie, who was a former Republican aide on the Hill, and he's in charge of a group called Citizens United.
So it's not the White House.
It's a conservative group outside the White House.
Well, it's like the PR firm that gets RNC money going after it, trying to shut down theaters that are doing it.
I mean, you know.
Well, we don't know where they get their money from, because they are a 501c4, which is a...
Okay, well, reading over your article, you know, it says that people complained at first and that now there's this complaint.
Where do we stand right now?
Well, what happened yesterday is this guy, David Bossie, this former Republican staffer, he's filed a complaint against
I think so.
Said that those types of ads would be in violation of the campaign finance reform.
Well, that's why I say it's obviously staged.
Let's bring in Mike Rivero for a second.
Because, Mike, you've been following this.
I mean, this is obviously concerted.
Yeah, this is definitely an organized campaign to try and limit the damage from the film.
I had read an item yesterday, very briefly, though, that the FEC, at least at one point, had declined to issue a ruling on
This complaint, and I wasn't sure of the status of that.
Is it still in play, or is the whole issue just kind of frozen right now?
Well, the general counsel, the lawyer for the agency, said that this stuff wouldn't fly, and the commissioners all took a pass on that and said, well, we don't have enough facts to decide whether this would work.
I don't know.
You know, later on in the fall would be my guess.
But with big movies, they do run ads for months and kind of get a second win, but it wouldn't matter.
If they set the precedent where this is not a tax-exempt organization, it's not some political group, it's a movie maker, that will affect me, it'll affect you as a journalist, it'll affect all of us, and you've got some of the law.
In your news article, and how they can twist this and claim this is a reform, saying people can't run ads for movies.
I mean, are we living in the Soviet Union?
And if they do do this in a month or whatever, a month and five days, it'll still be just as bad because it'll set this incredible precedent.
Yeah, but think of it this way.
How many movie ads do you know that mention politicians in them?
Well, contact comes to mind.
Well, more of them should, and it's my First Amendment.
I mean, let's say if I had $50 million and I wanted to go advertise $10 million for one of my films, I mean, I should be able to say that George Bush is a space alien.
If I want to, that's the First Amendment.
Well, to tell you the truth, I think the members of the federal agency that regulates this stuff, the FEC, I think they're...
They're probably going to agree, or I'm pretty certain there are enough commissioners on there who agree with you that they're not going to do it.
Although there are some who want to do it, I think they're going to realize that a move like that would really spark outrage in this country.
Yeah, but the other moves sparked outrage.
We all thought it would get thrown out of the Supreme Court.
What, the campaign finance reform?
Yes, sir.
Well, I mean...
That was the law, though.
I mean, Congress passed it, and, you know, the courts ruled on it.
And I think, you know, the FEC didn't have, you know, the FEC actually has, or at least according to the campaign finance reformers, has not, have been lenient in implementing the law and haven't implemented it as harshly as the reformers say they
Well, I've already seen the chilling effect.
I mean, when I get a Second Amendment organization on and they won't mention politicians' names now because of the law, I mean, this is the total violation of the First Amendment.
Well, I mean, they can name politicians' names on the radio.
There's nothing wrong with that.
The way it reads, they're saying you can't show an image of a politician.
I don't know.
And I've had them on air the way they've been interpreting it.
Mike, you have any comments on that?
Yeah, I have a comment.
Going beyond the immediate issue of Moore's film, I have a problem with the law itself, and I do think it's something that needs to be addressed, because above all else, the First Amendment was intended to protect political speech.
And it seems like it's been smeared around to talk about free speech for arts and free speech for everything else, and they've lost sight of the fact that the original purpose was to protect political speech so that the populace had all the information they need
To make a good decision at the ballot box.
Well, yeah, that's what it's turned into is we're going to protect the speech of putting a crucifix in a glass of urine, but we're not going to let you put a picture of George Bush on TV and say he's bad.
Yeah, and that to me violates the very spirit of the First Amendment.
So I think we need to oppose this.
This issue, currently with the Moore film, of course, but ultimately I think the entire law needs to be brought down because people have a right to know if candidates for office have done bad things or criminal actions.
And that information is essential to making a decision about who to vote for.
Okay, Alexander Bolton, according to your article then, exactly what is the full scope of this law?
Because they're trying to claim that, well, media is exempt, but then now some are arguing, well, more isn't really media.
Everything should be exempt.
It's the First Amendment.
Tell us about it.
Well, that's exactly right.
I mean, the media is exempt in the law, and the FEC decides, or at least the general counsel decides,
That documentary filmmakers don't count as the media because they don't regularly provide news to the public.
There's no media more important than documentaries.
I'm a documentary filmmaker.
I think the commissioners felt the same way, and I think that's why they declined to take action yesterday.
But, I mean, to ask you a broader statement, and everything's First Amendment, I mean...
Some people have that view, certainly.
The NRA has that view.
The ACLU has that view.
They think that anyone should be able to pay any amount of money to spread any message in this country.
What the Supreme Court decided is that there is a compelling interest in restricting some of this stuff because basically it corrupts government.
Yeah, and it was also a compelling interest saying the White House is above the law and has special needs to not release their Energy Commission documents and that Scalia can fly around on duck hunting missions on Air Force Two while he's hearing the case.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
They say they're above the law with torture.
I don't think the Supreme Court's ruled that, although they will soon make a ruling on what the legal status of detainees and non-enemy combatants will be, so I guess maybe when that happens we'll find out whether
The Supreme Court is in, I guess, the administration's pocket as intimate or not.
Well, Michael Rivera, I mean, clearly, the Supreme Court on warrantless searches, the Supreme Court on adverse possession, I mean, the Supreme Court across the board is like something out of Nazi Germany.
Would you agree?
I would agree that they have conceded a tremendous amount of latitude in action to the executive branch.
I think the most egregious...
I think the biggest abuse of their judicial authority is, as you mentioned, the Dick Cheney Energy Task Force papers, because those papers were all produced on taxpayer-paid-for paper, using taxpayer-paid-for equipment, taxpayer staffers on taxpayer salaries.
There is no legal reason for those to be classified.
They should, by default, be the property of the people, and we shouldn't even have to go to court to look at the work product of people who are effectively working for us.
We are their employers, and they don't have a right to withhold secrets from us about things like energy policy.
Now, as a side note, you're probably aware that Judicial Watch did succeed in obtaining some of those papers through a Freedom of Information Act request.
And its oil field maps.
It was oil field maps of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Iran, and very clearly the Energy Task Force was looking at Mideast oil fields
As a potential solution.
Well, that's what Paul O'Neill said, is that day one in there was them literally like Dr. Evil, you know, chaining and they're plotting what goodies he was going to get.
I mean, it's another issue, but all this speaks to corruption and how they're trying to restrict our speech, but then making everything they do secret.
Oh, here's a good question for Alexander Bolton at The Hill.
I'm sure you're familiar with the $70 million buy with fake newscasts in Bush.
So while they're busy doing that, they're trying to restrict our free speech.
Whatever happened with Bush's $70 million media buy?
Oh, that's a very good point.
That does seem to be an inconsistency, and I think the latest thing is the GAO, the General Accounting Office, decided that it was an improper use of funds and that it shouldn't have happened.
But I don't know whether...
They've stopped the ads or not.
I haven't heard that they did.
So, basically, the investigative arm of Congress, the GAO, decided that it, you know, found that it was improper.
But I don't know whether they... But again, improper, nobody gets... They were fake newscasts, folks.
You know, I'm Jane Doe reporting about your gracious leader.
Now he loves you.
I mean, that ought to scare people.
I mean, Michael Rivera, we've got fake letters from troops with fake signatures.
That was an embarrassing mistake when too many people got the exact same copy of the email.
It's all public relations.
The one that they hired in California to try and shut down Fahrenheit 911 is not the only public relations firm that is working for political interests.
If you read back through the history, you will find that all of them are engaging in these incredible deceptions.
One of the most common is to fraudulently manufacture letter-writing campaigns to congressmen
To fool them into thinking their constituents want Plan A when the constituents actually want Plan B. Alexander Bolton, what response have you got in your article about some attempts to try to shut down Michael Moore's ads?
What's been the overwhelming response?
Do people like this, or are they against it?
Well, I think for the most part, people are outraged that the...
The people who have been vocal about it, and those are the people speaking up, the people who are concerned, they oppose it.
The ACLU came out with a statement yesterday and they said, common sense suggests that a movie trailer, like the movie it's advertising, should be protected by the First Amendment.
And they said, this just shows how the McCain-Feingold, the campaign finance law, has tangled free speech in the web of regulation.
So the
Folks who are worried about the civil liberties are certainly concerned, but I think the Republicans argue on the other side that Michael Moore should follow the campaign finance law, which, by the way, Democrats and liberals push through the country.
Exactly, exactly.
They want to selectively enforce it just like the Republicans do.
Alexander Bolton, stuff like this just shouldn't be happening in America.
It shouldn't be discussed.
Thanks for your article, and thanks for coming on with us.
Take care.
Michael Rivera, stay there.
Final segment coming up.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
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Order right now by calling 1-888-2533-139.
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Michael Rivera, I wanted to take a few calls.
I wanted to talk to you, but just before we go to those calls, in a minute or so, any final comments?
No, we've really covered a lot of important things.
I think Fahrenheit 911 is an important film to see because it's going to start the process of people asking questions.
And when people ask questions, they control the flow of information for themselves.
Breaking through that first layer of denial.
Yes, that is why this film is important.
All right.
Fred in Pennsylvania, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I want people to know that the same...
Strategy of fear and psychological warfare wasn't only just used on the people, but it was used on Congress around the time of 9-1-1 and the anthrax.
Well, that's why Bush launched the anthrax attack, Mike.
Yeah, Congress was terrified into signing all these legislation, and as it says in Fahrenheit 9-1-1, they didn't even read it.
They didn't even read it.
And Alex, I wanted to ask you something.
Were you the guy who broke the story that George Tennant's real name was David Kahn?
No, I'm not.
Mike, you got any comments on that?
No, I'm not familiar with that.
Yeah, me neither.
Thanks for the call, Fred.
Wes in Tennessee, last call.
Go ahead, Wes.
All right.
I'm not sure I can really believe this discussion.
Are you guys going to give Michael Moore a pass on his anti-gun polemic?
It was filled with whys and innuendos, and now all of a sudden you guys want to build statues of this guy in City Park?
No, we're not building statues to him.
Like I said, we've got some problems with some of the content of his film, but we think it's going to be valuable because it's going to get people asking questions, and that is the important thing to happen.
Well, I'd sure like to see some ACLU support for the Second Amendment.
I mean, if they're going to support Moore for this film, they sure ought to support the Second Amendment then.
Well, look, look, look.
This is getting people past that left-right membrane, and when the left wakes up, they come to us, the libertarians, the conservatives, the free thinkers, the truth seekers.
And so it's part of getting people out of the left-right system, and this is all part of that process.
And Moore couldn't keep his hands off 9-11.
We know he saw my films and others.
He had to tell the story.
It's a lot better than what he told in Bowling for Columbine, and this is all part of a process.
This is what the market wants.
The market wants the truth.
They're not going to be able to stop it unless they clamp down.
Go ahead, Mike.
That was really the only comment I had to make.
All right, Wes.
Thanks for the call.
Michael Rivero, it's been great having you on WhatReallyHappened.com, and I know that everybody is starting to ask questions.
I've never seen such an awakening.
I've done 1,600 radio interviews in the last two and a half, three years.
Almost no one calls in that disagrees.
I've seen a total shift.
Have you seen that giant awakening?
I can see it in the numbers of people visiting my sites.
America is starting to ask questions, and that is probably making Bush more afraid than anything else.
But it is, in the final equation, the fact that he is just a puppet.
We can't just let Bush take all the blame for this.
Oh, absolutely not.
This is a bipartisan scandal, what has happened to this country.
I mean, you started out exposing Bill Clinton.
The funny thing is, the Democrats all think I'm a Republican show, and the
Yes, I did.
Republicans all think I'm a Democratic show, but I'm actually quite middle of the road, leaning toward paleo-conservatism, the old-fashioned kind of conservatism.
But I just want the truth, and I will not live under a government that lies to us.
Thanks for coming on the transmission.
God bless you.
Thank you for having me.
You bet.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central.
Back on Monday.
Now get out there to the movie theaters and wake the people up.
Give them the rest of the story.
The big story.
The whole story.
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