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Air Date: June 23, 2004
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
My friends, it's June 23, 2004 on this live Wednesday edition...
Of this global transmission against tyranny.
Thank you for joining us.
Yesterday I had several guests on, a psychiatrist and a lawyer, going over the forced drugging of the population.
They're going to test all the children, the adults, under the new freedom program of the federal government.
Another way of getting us into their system.
Can't get you on welfare, can't get you in the criminal justice system.
They're going to say you're crazy.
Again, all part of the new freedom.
I've always said it's the new freedom, and I even call it that, the new freedom.
Slavery, it's freedom.
War is peace.
Ignorance is strength.
Oh, my goodness, ladies and gentlemen.
And also, Randy Weaver is here in Austin, Texas, and I've been meaning to get him on.
I just hadn't gotten around to it.
He may be coming on the show as well today.
He got a new book out, of course, from the Ruby Ridge tragedy back in 1992.
Australian Navy ships to join huge Pacific exercise.
Remember about three weeks ago, 93% of the fleet on the East Coast left 10 aircraft carriers, and the Russians have put out to sea, the Chinese have put out to sea.
Well, here is ABC.
Australian Navy ships to join huge Pacific exercise.
It says three Australian Navy ships will sail out of Sydney today to participate in a multinational naval exercise, the HMAS Newcastle.
Success and Parramatta will head to Hawaii, where the region's largest international maritime exercise, Rim of the Pacific, is being held.
The exercise brings together naval forces from eight countries, including Canada, Japan, Chile, and the UK.
This is what I got from my naval sources two weeks ago, that to bolster the Pacific fleet that we have, that we've sent much of that fleet also into the Middle Eastern waters and into Central Asian waters, that they were going to be sending Australian and Japanese and others into the Pacific to bolster Pearl Harbor.
And here is the Australian Broadcasting Company, or ABC, saying that.
Records examine Guantanamo's suicide bids.
Yes, people supposedly trying to commit suicide, and of course some successful suicides are those really suicides.
Remember the, a couple days ago, eight British sailors in gunboats, special forces type, being grabbed?
By the Iranians.
Well, it turns out, being reported by national Scottish and English television and newspapers, Scotland Today saying Marines held in Iran are some type of special forces.
The Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has said they were on some type of reconnaissance mission right up on the shore of Iran.
So, again, major escalations there, my friends.
Very, very serious.
And Iran is saying that they are going to prosecute detained British soldiers.
This is from the French news AFP, the equivalent of their Associated Press.
We'll get into that as well.
Also, The Guardian reporting U.S.
routinely tortured Afghan detainees.
That's been admitted.
And the White House ordered it, by the way, took the gloves off.
But I thought, they're bad because they torture, but we're good because we torture.
It's got to learn how to double think here, my friends, in this Orwellian wonderland.
Also, latest Iraq Al-Qaeda evidence proves false yet again, but again, that's in the back of the paper.
And four Marines died on Monday, another three yesterday, and two Army soldiers.
Just a lot of death over in Iraq.
The ADL urges Texas GOP to modify party platform calling America a Christian nation.
And you better do it.
I would imagine the Christian coalition in Texas will agree.
We don't want to be anti-Semitic.
I mean, to say you're Christian is basically anti-Semitic now.
I'm being sarcastic here, folks.
But that's what, I mean... Man, when are these people going to stop?
I mean...
Just amazing.
But we'll get into that as well.
And just so much more.
I haven't even scratched the surface.
Big broadcast lined up for you.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, again, it's Wednesday, the 23rd day of June 2004.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Coming up in the next hour, we're going to have Randy Weaver, one of the survivors of the massacre at Ruby Ridge by the FBI, Lon Horiuchi and others.
He'll be joining us for about 30 minutes.
Then halfway into the next hour, we're joined by Dr. John Breeding.
...who has been writing for years about the dangers and forced drugging of children and what it really does, to come back on and these new developments with this new program called New Freedom to test all the children and adults and force us on to not just the serotonin uptake inhibitors, the Prozac-type poisons, but antipsychotics, far worse.
I mean, we're talking about brain-damaging drugs at an even higher level.
But don't worry, once you're on the drugs, everything will feel okay.
You'll be one of us.
You'll love the New World Order.
So, two great guests coming on, my friends.
I want to take a lot of calls in this first hour.
I'm going to go to your calls quickly.
Give you each about a minute and a half or so to have your question, your comment, or a couple points you want to make, or a news item you want to bring up that we haven't covered.
It always takes us in new and interesting directions and brings up a lot of interesting points.
So I love hearing from you.
The toll-free number to join us on this live Wednesday edition of the broadcast is 1-800-259-9231.
That's 1-800-259-9231.
And we will get you, my friends, up and on the air early in this first hour.
Oh, I tell you, there is so much happening, so much going on.
But a good place to start this broadcast is Bill Clinton's new book.
Notice I haven't mentioned it during this unending hype in the last two weeks.
The hype for Hillary's book.
You know, the hype for Bush's senior books.
They're nothing but self-serving propaganda.
Who cares?
Who wants to see that liar, that traitor, that criminal, Bill Clinton, up there on television going, I'll tell you, I just had to lie to protect Hillary and Chelsea from the evil right-wingers.
And of course the book isn't selling well.
I mean, no one, except for a few mindless idiots, wants to read that book.
I wouldn't buy Newt Gingrich's trash.
I mean, just, it's disgusting.
And there's another reason.
Notice Bill Clinton's been laying real low the last three and a half years, and then suddenly he emerges with this book during the election to get some attention and to sell his piece of trash.
More lies, you know, mixed with more half-truths.
Also, by bringing Clinton out, the media giving him all this attention, it kind of balkanizes people's psychology.
Oh, see, Clinton's back.
Bush must be good.
They've been saving him until later.
This is theater, folks.
It's like when the long-lost bad guy of the wrestling theater has been gone for many years shows back up for a grudge match.
Meanwhile, though, in reality, Bill Clinton's been running around, I think Bush has done the right thing in Iraq.
Just come on.
Hillary and Chuckie Schumer have been out saying the same thing.
By the way, Kerry isn't against this war either.
He just puts a little bit different window dressing on it and badmouths America a little bit more and plays to the liberal arm of the New World Order as they like to oppose it.
So, I mean, how all these talk shows can endlessly talk day after day about Clinton's book.
So what?
I mean, it's going to make me sick.
We've got cancer viruses and mercury in the vaccines.
We've got wide open borders.
We've got Bush saying he's going to sign the assault weapons ban in September.
We've got Bush wanting to force test and drug much of the population.
We've got the Supreme Court ruling there's no Fifth Amendment.
We've got the government admitting they ordered brutal torture.
People randomly picked up at checkpoints, including people's children and wives.
Systematic raping now finally being admitted.
We reported on it months ago.
But no, we've been talking about Bill Clinton all day.
And here's another great example of propaganda.
I don't take Time Magazine.
I occasionally read it while I'm on the exercise bike or treadmill for 45 minutes at the gym.
But I'm not going to steal Time Magazine from the gym, so I read this article, and so I went out and bought a copy of it off newsstands after I'd read it on the treadmill.
And it's the current issue of Time.
Faith, God, and the Oval Office.
And it shows this heavenly light shining down on the president's desk in the Oval Office.
And it goes into how he's this nutty right-wing Christian who thinks he's led by God and how dangerous this is.
And this has dual effects.
The average conservative who thinks they're conservative, who's been totally conned by this system, the neocon minion, not an evil person, just your average ignoramus, willingly stupid, into this whole false left-right branding of paradigms.
They walk through the grocery store, or they sit there on the treadmill, or they sit there at the dental office or the barber shop, and they read this article, or they just get the cover of it.
Oh, well, he's a godly man.
I mean, I see this everywhere.
The so-called liberals, oh, he's a big Christian.
He's a Christian nut.
So is Ashcroft.
Man, all this loss of freedom, this tyranny, it's all the Christians' fault.
So it has that effect of balkanizing and polarizing, is a better word,
The Democratic and Republican parties getting us on our two little blocks.
But then 60 plus percent of the population that calls themselves conservative, that sees themselves as Christian, sees this and goes, well, see, he's good.
The Liberal Time Magazine.
That's as deep as their propaganda knowledge goes.
Well, there's just a liberal propaganda in the world.
Oh, see, they're against our dear little Bush.
The great little Christian.
So that further entrenches them in the false right-wing paradigm.
And then that legitimizes everything Bush is doing.
I mean, you don't see Time Magazine coming out about skull and bones and how it's satanic.
You don't see them talking about Bohemian Grove.
You don't see them discussing Bush's grandfather having almost all the Nazi money funneled through his bank until 1952, folks.
You don't see any of that coming out.
You don't see any of Bush's arrest and DWI's and all the rest of it or his other brother's criminal activities that are far worse than that.
You're not going to hear any real dirt being exposed.
It's just going to be, oh, look, he's an evil right-wing Christian.
Giving real Christians and real conservatives a bad name, and meanwhile further balkanizing so-called Christians to think that worshipping Bush and worshipping torture, you know, Bush is good, it's just the liberals after him because he's a Christian.
This is double-faced propaganda.
And it's everywhere.
There's a real push on to bill him as this Christian, which actually makes him wildly popular.
And then the conservatives see it as, oh, that's just liberal propaganda.
Yeah, he's a Christian.
See, they don't like him.
I don't want to belabor this all day.
It's just... Maybe I'll go over some of the article.
It was very painful to buy Time Magazine, the grocery store.
I don't like funding them.
But I did indeed purchase the $3.95 piece of trash.
All these tens of millions of people subscribed to this.
Why don't you go to prisonplanet.tv and sign up, folks?
$5.95 a month.
$0.15 a day.
If you sign up for a year, $0.19 a day if you sign up for the month.
I don't want to get off into that.
It's just amazing.
Here's another police state article.
Then I'll get into the giant fleet actions that are going on right now.
And all the torture news and the censorship news.
It's legion.
But before I do that, here's an AP article out of Miami Associated Press.
A shackled teacher's aide tried to explain her predicament to a judge through tears Friday.
And again, every day I see multiple articles.
I have several like this today.
Vacationing from Riverton, Wyoming, Hope Clark said she had been rousted by federal agents at her cruise ship cabin door at 6.30 a.m.
She was put in handcuffs and a bench warrant for failing to put away her marshmallows and hot chocolate while staying at Yellowstone National Park last year.
The catch?
Park said she had to pay a $50 fine the same day for the federal offense of improper food storage before she was allowed to leave the park.
Nevertheless, a warrant claiming she had not paid went into the federal law enforcement database, which she paid.
Back in the United States from Cozumel, Mexico...
On Carnival's Fascination cruise ship, Clark was awakened, cuffed, turned over to federal marshals, and brought to a court in leg and shackle.
See, they run your background when you sail now and you face scan.
Assistant U.S.
Attorney Peter Otterbridge conceded there were some discrepancies, but he astonished U.S.
Magistrate Judge John O'Sullivan by suggesting Clark should be released to appear in court in Wyoming to clear up the warrant.
O'Sullivan had a copy of her citation indicating the fine had been paid, and though her time in jail more than covered the offense, even if she hadn't paid.
He apologized for what happened to the judge.
Clark, turning to the prosecutor, he said, this is a serious matter.
He wants the U.S.
Attorney's Office to follow up on the determination and what went wrong.
Customs agents meet all cruise ships arriving from foreign ports and run random checks for warrants on passenger lists.
And it goes on and on.
Now, all the time I see this, I mean, people are in a park eating in Miami, and some homeless walk over and ask for food, and they give them food, and they're arrested and charged with felonies.
And then the people don't answer questions when the cops ask them why they were treating the homeless, and then they're charged with a felony of resisting an officer without force.
And I talked about this months ago.
Now you heard the Supreme Court ruling two days ago that silence is assault on the officer.
That's actually what the ruling said.
It doesn't just say you have to answer their questions or show them ID.
It says that non-answering is resisting.
You understand?
I mean, this is communist China, people.
And I see these articles all the time.
You know, a woman in Kansas City honks her horn at an unmarked car in her driveway, blocking her driveway, and he just jumps out and admittedly tasers the 65-year-old black woman.
That's nothing compared to, you know, tasering a 95-year-old woman and knocking her blind daughter's fake eye out and artificial eye out in Oregon.
I mean, it's just Leah or the...
Arizona Republic article two weeks ago where they said, oh, well, here in Arizona we've, you know, tasered two children under the age of one, but they were resisting.
You know, it sounds unreasonable, but really, an 11-month-old baby can be pretty dangerous.
We'll be right back.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Randy Weaver coming up.
Part of the next hour, then we've got a good friend of mine, a local psychologist, a doctor, a writer for years, is exposed to forced drugging of children.
He'll give us his analysis of this new government program, the new conservative program, to drug test everybody, and then they're also going to make you be psychologically tested, and then also force you to take drugs more deadly than the illegal drugs.
So that's coming up in the middle of the next hour as well.
I said we're going to take a lot of calls in this first hour.
Let's do that now, then we'll get into all the new torture news.
It turns out those were Special Forces troops on those gunboats those British soldiers grabbed.
The Iranians are saying they're going to try them.
Just a bunch of key news coming up.
But right now, Moses in Texas.
Moses, you're on the air.
Hey Alex, it's the newsstand buddy Mo.
Still got to get that Galean dialectic song to you.
But just a comment on...
The Clinton crud book that's out.
I noticed on the news, you see when they do news stories, they'll do stock footage and reuse it in the same piece like twice.
And they zeroed in on a printed page of the book and it just said, I looked at it closely and thought, what is just in the smack dab middle of that for people to just sort of catch subconsciously?
And all I had printed in there with a bunch of other words said, Monica Lewinsky.
Well, again, the Republicans couldn't go after him for Chinagate with Chinese generals in the Commerce Department or couldn't go after him for cocaine and machine guns and all this stuff or having drug dealers in the White House because the Republicans were all involved.
They couldn't go after him for nuclear reactors in North Korea because Rumsfeld was the CEO that Clinton was letting do the deal.
They had to go after him on a little sexual issue, which is bad enough, in the Oval Office with an intern because that was an isolated event
Again, Ken the Star on the law firm representing the Communist Chinese.
None of that ever got brought up.
The people were demanding Clinton get in trouble for real issues, so they gave us that big theatrical display.
We had good old boys just coming in, just shooting the bull.
Just say, oh man, he's the president.
I mean, can't he do that?
And the whole thing with Lewinsky.
And I would just tell everybody, hey, guess what?
He's not your buddy.
And that's just a whole sideshow for all the other stuff.
Well, yeah, that's the psychology.
That's the psychology.
Clinton's my buddy.
He's my friend in these neocons.
Bush is my friend.
I get a Christmas card.
I know people who have framed Christmas cards that have a fake signature of Bush and his wife, and they really think that they're friends with Bush.
I'm part of the establishment.
I have a signed photograph.
I know, and it's incredible.
Anything else, Moses?
Yeah, just a quick thing on just bullying...
Like, I got bullied when I was in high school, and I just learned to start bullying back.
Well, that's what we've got to do with this government.
What do you think about a woman who paid a $50 fine for leaving marshmallows out?
They walked up and she had marshmallows open, and they said, that's evil.
$50 fine, now she gets SWAT teamed and taken in shackles, and they knew she'd even paid it.
She didn't have the copy of it.
I mean, this is the craziness of the government.
Well, I want to say that the people that are joining up on what they perceive to be the winning side of the tyrants, like we've said over and over, they eat their own and they're not loyal to you.
And so all the foot soldiers of the tyrants are all disposable.
Well, look, they're using the Patriot Act to charge one of the guys they ordered to carry out torture in Afghanistan.
It's admitted he was ordered to do it.
He does it, which he should get in trouble.
But who gets in trouble?
The hitman or the mafia don that gave the order?
The mafia don gets just as much or more, and so they order him and then they use the Patriot Act so their own guy can't speak out and can't have representation.
Thanks for the call.
Folks, that's the Associated Press.
That's Washington Post on Monday.
You understand?
Using the Patriot Act against their own people.
Chris in West Virginia.
Chris, go ahead.
Yeah, how about those Keystone Killers?
Referring to Kim Sun Hill yesterday, I stopped you an email earlier, Alex, with two different pictures taken off of Fox News.
The two different pictures, one of them was earlier, and it was supposed to be a still from a video, which appears...
Be pretty genuine when you look at it.
It's the one that you see.
I think you even have it on your side.
Well, I mean, we got this other video with Berg, the obvious intelligence asset who worked at Abu Ghraib, hooked in with the National Security Agency, all these different groups.
And he gets his head cut off and no blood sprays, and then his body doesn't even involuntarily flop around.
Top forensic heads of universities have said it's fake.
Then they look at the video and say it's fake.
Video experts look at it.
So I don't know about any of this.
But so they're finding these dead bodies.
I look at it as a motive.
Every time somebody gets their head cut off, Bush's approval rating goes up.
But let me add this, Alex.
When you get a chance, look through your emails, check that out, because there is a second video still of a video released
Well, that's interesting.
Stay there.
We'll talk more about it on the other side.
Stay there.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
It's finally here.
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We're going to go back to Chris and CJ and Ben and Sam and Norm and many others here in just a minute or two.
And then I'm going to get into, again, the latest terrorism developments.
troops getting killed over in the occupied Imperial Zone.
A lot of U.S.
Also, the fate of these British Special Forces soldiers now.
The government admits in England they were on a reconnaissance mission.
And the Iranians are saying they're going to prosecute them.
So we'll be covering that as well.
And again, we have Randy Weaver coming up in about 25 minutes.
And then after that, we've got a psychologist coming on who's been on the forefront of exposing the forced drugging of the population.
And how that integrates in with Bush's announcement of testing all children and then all adults forcibly to see if you're, quote, mentally ill, the government will decide, and then forcibly drugging you.
Implanted drugs, time release over a year, wires into a port in the neck to control the mind.
It's all part of the new freedom.
You'll feel much better once it's been done.
Before we do that, 9-11, Fahrenheit 9-11,
is coming out this Friday, and I'm going to go see it.
But again, Michael Moore tells the truth about a few issues, only covers a small area of the full spectrum, and then he says the UN needs to take over America.
At least his book, Dude, Where's My Country?, that they say is just like the film, says that.
So he gives you a bad solution of the Democrats are going to save us.
People are going to have their eyes, though, partially opened by this movie that millions of people are going to see.
And I would ask listeners, I got this idea from listeners, a lot of you have been going out and making dozens and dozens of copies in the last few weeks, and you plan to go.
To the local theater on opening night and stand out front and hand out some of the videos to interesting people.
Now, I don't expect you to do that.
If you've got the funds to make a bunch of copies of my films and do that, more power to you.
But how about getting some business cards printed up?
You can go to Kinko's and get a thousand of them pretty cheap printed up that say, learn the truth about 9-11.
The government did it.
Fahrenheit 9-11 only gives you 5% of the story.
Get the truth at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or PrisonPlanet.tv.
Only got a few days to do this.
You go to Kinko's today, you could do it.
I mean, this is the kind of stuff I've done in the past.
It can really have an effect.
Because people are going to come out of there wanting to do something, wanting to get involved, thinking the UN's the answer, thinking the Democrats are going to save them, thinking Ralph Nader's going to save them, and you can go, hey, here's a film that exposes Bush and Clinton that gives you the big picture.
Do you want to come out of the matrix?
But again, I just wanted to air this one more time.
This is the last time.
Here's the trailer for Fahrenheit 9-11.
It's a pretty good trailer, and you can watch it at prisonplanet.tv, by the way, but here it is.
You can make people do anything if they're afraid.
The FAA had taken the action to close all of the airports in the United States.
All commercial and airline traffic was grounded.
But we had some airplanes authorized at the highest levels of our government to pick up Osama Bin Laden's family members and transport them out of this country.
In the middle of the war, corporations decided to hold a conference to figure out how much money could be made.
Once that oil starts flowing, it's going to be lots of money.
Whatever it costs, the government will pay you.
It's going to be good for business, bad for the people.
Congressman, trying to get members of Congress to get their kids to enlist in the Army and go over to Iraq.
The USA Patriot Act allows for searches of medical and financial records.
It gives law enforcement almost unlimited power.
They wait till the middle of the night.
It's printed in the middle of the night.
How could Congress pass the Patriot Act without even reading it?
Sit down, my son.
We don't read most of the bills.
No one read it.
Members of Congress, this is Michael Moore.
I would like to read to you the USA Patriot Act.
Let the evil soul... From the corridors of power... Ferguson?
To the streets of small-town America.
To the front lines.
Impressive crowd, the Habs.
And to have more.
Some people call you the elite.
I call you my base.
Comes the true story that will make your temperature rise.
I call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers.
Thank you.
Now watch this drive.
All right, folks.
It opens the 25th.
That's Friday.
And, again, does Michael Moore expose Bill Clinton refusing to have bin Laden arrested three times with government's hatting?
Does he expose Bill Clinton trying, ordering FBI not to take documents from Sudan and other countries?
I mean, thousands of pages of details?
No, because it was bin Laden with our government.
But does he expose Bill Clinton using Al-Qaeda, funding tens of millions of dollars, over $30 million,
In just a few months alone in 98, to fund al-Qaeda to attack the Serbs, to blow up school buses, to get the Serbs to fight back in the south, there in Kosovo, so we could say, oh look, they're murderers, let's take over.
That's all admitted!
We get into that in Road to Tyranny, in Masters of Terror, in my book Descent to Tyranny, in Paul Watson's book Order Out of Chaos.
Michael Moore doesn't.
That's the difference.
We give you the full spectrum.
We don't cover one or two or three or four issues.
We cover hundreds.
We give you the history of government-sponsored terror.
So, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, two and a half hours long.
Then we have Masters of Terror, two hours, five minutes long, part two.
I'm now carrying George Humphrey's new video, 9-11, The Great Illusion.
It's an incredible video, brand new, just out on VHS and DVD.
I've got Eric Huffman's video and DVD, Painful Deceptions, his book.
You want to know the truth about 9-11.
You want to spread the truth to others.
Maybe you know the truth.
You've checked it out.
Then spread the truth to others.
It is so important.
Toll-free number to order my videos, 1-888-253-3139.
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So go check it out and order today.
All right, let's go back to the calls quickly.
Chris in West Virginia, you were making some good points.
We hit the break.
Recap what you were saying.
Okay, I was talking about Tim Sung-il yesterday being...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Then the execution photo is totally different.
The people in it have white hands instead of olive-colored hands.
Well... During the first video, they have ski masks on instead of the kind of... Total psyops.
You can look at it and see.
And then he's also, in the first one, he's wearing his regular shirt that he's probably caught in.
In the second one, he's in, guess what?
An orange jumpsuit.
And his face is covered.
All you can see is his hairline.
I hear you.
I appreciate the call, Chris, and the good points.
Look, these beheadings are tragic.
They're horrible.
I look at who has the motive.
I mean, it's now come out, irrefutable evidence that the Spanish government carried out the bombings in Madrid, then surrounded the people in the building and blew it up, and the media, local media even reported it was the police doing it.
You got Byrd dropping out of Ivy League with, what, a 3.9, and going around the world, quote, helping people with a bag of high-tech tricks.
He's connected to people that work for the State Department and in connections to the National Security Council who have been caught with the Russian mafia shipping different things out of Europe and out of Iraq.
He's connected to two of the hijackers giving him passcodes and his computer.
I mean, he investigated.
He works at Abu Ghraib.
The government has him in custody, and then he gets released, and within 24 hours, this is an LCI to hands.
I mean, the Berg thing.
And then there's as many questions or more in each of these others now coming out.
Mr. Johnson and now this Kim Jong-gil.
It's not quite ill.
It's not the leader of North Korea.
Very similar name, though.
He's a South Korean who was working for one of these private firm intelligence groups as a translator.
So, again, folks, all very suspicious.
Gets Bush's approval ratings up.
Distracts away from all our Marines and sailors and soldiers, Army troops being killed.
And a very, very, very serious
Let's go ahead and talk to CJ in Colorado.
CJ, go ahead, sir.
Good morning.
I wanted to make a couple of points on psychological testing of children in schools.
About 12 years ago, I discovered that my school district was doing psychological testing in a classroom setting under the guise of counseling.
Yeah, I was graduating from high school 13 years ago, folks, and I'm just in my early 30s, and all the seniors had to do it, hours after hours of electrodes and TV screens, and my parents were never even told.
Go ahead.
Well, this was district-wide, all grade levels.
Where, in Colorado?
In Pueblo, Colorado.
Pueblo, okay.
Yeah, and I discovered this, and then I found out that they kept them in a separate file.
And I knew of at least one case where the tests were pulled up and used against the parent in a custody battle.
But on another point, the standards-based assessments have psychometric qualities.
And the questions, they're Hegelian, but the questions are designed to shape attitudes as well as measure them.
And they test things like adaptability to change, loyalty to family, loyalty to government,
Yeah, that's all admitted, and it's going on officially in 10 states.
Bush wants it to go on nationwide.
And now they're going to then say, oh, our Eli Lilly paid-for doctor, that's who's running it in the schools, says you need drugs, and you've got to put your child on drugs now.
So they're going to make you buy their product.
Well, people think that these are the annual...
Academic test, and they are not.
Well, look, almost every school district I've looked at, I know it's countrywide, it's in all 50 states, I know very few school districts that don't do it.
In the 7th or 8th grade, they've got a BATF, an FBI, they have several other federal programs where it's not a BATF or FBI agent.
They send a sheriff's deputy or several of the police department's deputies for a six-month course in D.C.,
Of how to have the children have this little law enforcement class.
So it's not just where they come in a few times a year like DARE or Waiver Safe.
They go in, and we've had guests on.
It's in the Takeover, one of my films.
We cover all this.
And they have them write journals on their parents, ask about their parents, ask about drugs, ask about guns, ask are you spanked, to 7th and 8th graders.
So this is incredible stuff.
And we've got the feds in the schools doing that.
So this is 1984, where they train the children how to be spies.
So you've got the law enforcement, you've got the psychological, you've got the welfare angle in it with the social workers, training our children how to be prisoners.
Go ahead.
The National Assessment for Educational Progress, they call the Nation's Report Card, that is a survey.
It is
An intrusive survey.
It also sets the precedent for federally mandated and controlled testing of all types.
You sound like a school teacher.
Yes, it does.
I homeschooled my kids after I found out what was going on.
But I've seen them.
Well, that's the answer.
I've seen the NAEP, and it has pages and pages of survey questions.
Very little academics, and it does do the things like you said.
You know, what did you...
You know, where did you spend your last birthday?
And did your parents give you a present?
And, you know, stuff like that.
But it's a lot worse.
And that's what the neocons call the nation's report card.
Ma'am, most schools have them do a journal now, and it's done.
Most schools, this was Al Gore's initiative that Bush has expanded, computers in all the schools, they make you write it.
Not the computer stuff.
No, I wasn't.
I'm not at all surprised.
But parents...
They need to get their kids out.
They simply need to get them out.
There's been a massive exodus, and that's why they're trying to intimidate people not to homeschool.
That's why the real anti-terror training is going on, that homeschoolers are bad, that they're angry that homeschoolers keep winning all the spelling bees and geography bees.
Good job, CJ, for getting your children out of the government training camp.
Take care.
A very informed lady.
You too.
Again, 98% of people have no idea what's going on with their children.
It's just incredible.
Very destructive.
Get them out of the camps.
And now under the voucher system that you think is so good, it's going to federalize the private schools.
No, we don't need vouchers.
We need tax credits where you just get the money back.
No strings attached.
But that ain't going to happen.
You watch.
Ben in Texas.
Ben, you're on the air.
Been hung up.
Sam in West Virginia.
Sam, go ahead.
How you doing?
Hey, Alex.
First, I want to thank you for all the great work you're doing and the videos you put out.
I've copied about 50 of the different videos.
I've got three.
Mansions of Terror and Bohemian Grove and 9-11.
9-11 is, I think, your best film.
You've got to see Police State 3, then.
Well, we're working on that one.
But the reason I called, you know, you really push hard, and I appreciate this, you push hard for people to get out on the grassroots level and to fight, you know, to fight the corruption, and that's where we've got to start at.
And during this week, I've been listening a lot, and I want to remind everybody in Colorado they can actually take an active part in doing this and go and support Rick Stanley up in Adams County, his trial is this week.
And I don't know if you've mentioned it.
I've had him on.
He's been a political prisoner, helped get some of the bad gun laws reversed in Colorado.
Yeah, and even though the state of Colorado reversed those laws, they still persecuted him under them.
Regardless, the man spent $50,000-plus of his own money.
At least, if anybody in Colorado can get there, please go up there and stand with this guy and help him, keep him from going to jail.
We dropped the ball with Abby Newman.
Well, you know, he sent a letter to the judge saying, you know, this is corruption, this is treason.
And for saying that, they're calling that, you know, terrorism.
They arrested him under the Patriot Act.
I know.
I mean, look, they arrested one of their own people under the Patriot Act for following orders to torture.
So now that person can't defend themselves.
Yeah, so I mean, this is just... But the neocons on talk radio say every day, Sam, that nobody in America has been prosecuted with this.
It is a lie.
I see articles every day.
Yeah, but what they do is they rush into that, and then they kick it back to the state, and the state comes up with some other thing you've done wrong, or they put charges against you, and they try to wipe the Patriot stuff away, like they didn't use it, what they're doing.
I know.
It's incredible.
What else is on your mind?
Well, that was the biggest thing.
I wanted people to know that that was going on.
He stood for everybody's rights, not just his own.
This is everybody's fight.
The only way we're going to get involved is if we can start getting these people winning in court.
I'll tell you what.
The people that are sitting around in the patriot movement that are waiting for the hard war to come, we're not going to win that, I don't think.
First off, we've got to win the soft war.
We've got to win.
We've got to beat them in court.
We've got to beat them with their own hands.
Well, it's really a cold war.
And the globalists want to keep it a cold war unless we turn the heat up too much.
Then they'll go to the offensive, aggressive mass war.
But they're already aggressively attacking the people that serve them.
I mean, you're a cop who serves them.
You're still giving them cancer virus vaccine.
You're somebody who serves them.
They still put fluoride in your water.
You're somebody that serves them.
They still do all this to you.
Speaking of police, I also gave 9-11 to a police officer friend of mine.
He agrees totally.
He said, yeah.
He said, yeah.
He said, that's right.
I totally turned him around.
Stay there.
You know what?
I want to hear more about this.
Because people that are on the inside wake up even faster because they know it's true.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance.
To use this disaster is a new world order.
A new world order can emerge.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Senator Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
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Alright, folks.
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We're here live.
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For people that listen in Europe or Africa or Asia, via the big blowtorch, WWCR.
All right.
Going back to, I guess we were talking to Sam in West Virginia.
And then we'll go to Norm and Kathy and Chris and others.
Sam, you were getting into your police officer friend.
A lot of police, if they're good cops who know the truth, have been through the same training that homeschoolers and Christians are bad and world government's good and all this stuff.
And they know investigations.
They know a lot of common sense.
And so they see the films, firefighters especially,
Or current special forces people that know how stuff works.
The people we can't wake up is the self-important, educated idiot yuppie.
But go ahead and tell me about this cop friend of yours that woke up.
Well, originally, I probably have a leg up on most people when it comes to police officer friends.
I've known my friend for several years.
And finally, I asked him, hey, look at this.
Tell me what you think about it.
Well, he looked at it.
And he came back and said, man, he says, yeah, I believe the majority of this stuff is true.
He said he started researching it.
The time has gone on, and he has actually seen a lot of evidence.
But then he pointed out, he said, you know, they're training us that we're a paramilitary organization now, not police officers, and that you people are civilians.
Well, ten years ago, they started calling us civilians.
Now mayors call us civilians.
And now they say, top general says, we're going to set aside the Constitution for a military form of government.
You see, the government is the military.
We are the civilians.
Folks, that is the opposite of America.
That is the Soviet Union.
That is Nazi Germany.
Well, he said that he's tried to talk to other officers in the department, and he's got a couple of them that he thinks are coming around.
He said, but there are some people that we don't hire anybody in these police departments nowadays.
Well, they do a psychological test.
They look for people with under 100 IQ, whereas in the past they looked for really smart people.
They look for under 100 IQ and people who are aggressive and have a sociopathic nature.
Look, my dad has a friend who's a federal marshal.
He's retired now.
He was one of the head federal marshals in Texas.
And I was in college, freshman, and I said, I don't know what to be.
I'm going to go in the military.
I might be a police officer.
I want to fight evil people.
I might be a school teacher.
He said, look, Alex, you're not a criminal, are you?
The big old tall handsome guy with gray hair, he almost had a tear in his eye.
He said, Alex, don't, unless you're a criminal.
You're not even going to go high in things unless you're a criminal.
I mean, this was back when I was a naive 18 years old.
At my dad's office.
You know, my dad's like, oh, I want you to meet this guy.
He's an old friend of mine.
Blah, blah, blah.
I've been a patient for years.
Blah, blah, blah.
And I'm sitting there going, hey, I might want to do something like that.
Oh, no, you don't.
You're not a criminal, are you?
So, I mean, he actually said, you're not a criminal, are you?
Well, I'm sorry.
They're not going to want you.
This is like, I'm not going to say his name.
I mean...
Because I don't want to... What's going on in this country?
Well, that's fine.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
I mean, we all need to tell our experiences what we know.
But even I one time applied to become a police officer and then it changed my mind before I did it.
But he has told me and provided me several times... Well, why would a high-level federal marshal... I mean, high-level.
Okay, let's just say the head, folks.
Why would he tell me, don't do it, young man?
You're a good person.
Your father's a good person.
Don't do it.
It seems like some people get to a certain age, the light just clicks on, you know?
And they see the corruption, and they don't want people they care about to get involved in it.
And I think it's the same here, but... But so that's the problem.
They're hiring the guy that would normally be in prison.
You know, the criminal type.
Yeah, you're right.
Hey, listen, I've got to let you go.
Great points.
I'm glad you're waking people up.
Keep it up.
Hey, cops.
They put the same stuff in your vaccines.
Put the same stuff in your water.
Do the same stuff to your children.
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Well, so does he.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, now we're at number two.
Thank you for joining us.
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I remember in 1999, an Associated Press report out of California, where one of the circuit courts had the U.S.
Solicitor General, the head one before it, and it said, look, our SWAT teams did shoot an unarmed woman in the head, Mr. Weaver's wife, and that would be a crime, he actually said it, if it was a citizen doing that, a civilian, they used that term, but not our federal officers, they are actually above the law.
I read the ruling on air.
He actually said that.
It was incredible.
And now, two weeks ago, the Bush memo from the White House, the Justice Department, and the Pentagon, actually three separate ones, say we're above the law, above federal law.
We're allowed to torture.
Saddam's bad to torture, we're good to torture.
After all, he's our boy, we train him to torture.
But when we say stop torturing, you're supposed to.
So this is the evil we're dealing with.
And for the next 30 minutes, we're joined by Randy Weaver, one of the survivors of that military assault, that attack.
A carefully scripted psyops where they picked a family, followed them there, tried to get them for months, even when they were down on their luck, to, ooh, saw off that shotgun, I'll give you three times what it's worth.
Finally did it, swooped upon, children shot in the back, women shot in the head.
Hate to go back over this with a man who lost his family on the line with as much of his family.
But we've got to go back over it because it's happening to countless people around the country that isn't as well-known.
Randy Weaver here in Austin, Texas, good to have you on with us.
Thanks, Alex.
Glad to be here.
And what's new under the sun, huh?
Yeah, what's new under the sun?
I mean, accelerated evil.
We were about to break, but in the next three minutes, just in a nutshell, your unique perspective.
What do you see the New World Order as being up to?
What do you think is most important right now?
And when do you think they're going to blow something up to take more of our liberties?
Well, what's most important right now is probably what was important to them ten years ago, and that's the one world government and make slaves out of all its peons.
They're in control, and...
Yeah, all these terrorist attacks and all this stuff, nothing happens by accident.
All this stuff is planned by the one-worlders, and they've got the Muslims against the Christians and all this back and forth, you know, both ways, vice versa, and divide and conquer.
And that's the way they play the game, and they're going to continue to play it until they have us all subjugated down to third-world status.
You know, it just comes out calmly in the BBC or the Reuters.
Oh, the U.S.
government was controlling the al-Qaeda shooters three weeks ago and ordered them released.
Oh, some of the guys supposedly doing all the terror attacks were flown out to safety.
Oh, it's just every single time, but it's always back of the paper.
Oh, the Madrid bombing was the government.
Yes, it's admitted, but no big deal.
Let's move on.
I mean, this stuff all comes out, Randy.
Most people don't care, though.
Instead of reading and learning and finding that stuff out, they're going to watch the football game or basketball game.
They'll find out when it's too late.
And we're weirdos because we get upset and active about freedom and our families and yell and scream.
That's right.
But they're normal, though, when they yell and scream over a home run or something.
And this is true.
Well, you've experienced it.
What do you want to say to the police, the general public, the people out there in denial, Randy?
There are days coming, and it's going to be too late when it happens, and they're going to be sorry.
There's going to be a lot of tears and bloodshed, and they really should get the fence.
They better get off the fence and join our side.
And the police officer, if he has any conscience at all, he better get out and join our side.
I encourage them to start to study and listen and learn and be prepared.
It's like you say, if they love their families and their children and their grandchildren and worry about
That's right.
I made the point that the same government that puts cancer viruses in the vaccines for us puts it in theirs.
The same government that approves aspartame.
The same government that puts fluoride in the water.
The same government saying, give your child this new flu shot with 250 times the same level of mercury.
Yep, that's right.
Well, Randy, you've got a new book out, and I want to go over it.
I want to talk about it also for those that don't know about Ruby Ridge or heard the establishment lies.
I want to go over that with you, my friend, in the next two segments.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
Hello, folks.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, 8 minutes and 15 seconds into the second hour, we'll get into the government saying they're going to test every child and adult forcibly for mental illness.
The government will decide if you're mentally ill and then forcibly drug you with antipsychotics specifically.
They say at least 15% of us will need to be put on it immediately.
It's not enough to have 10% of us on it.
Again, we're all mentally ill.
I mean, the Soviets did the exact same thing.
We're talking to Randy Weaver, one of the survivors of Ruby Ridge.
And Randy, I wanted to get your take on this Associated Press article.
A woman, no criminal record, school teacher, was at Yellowstone National Park and left some marshmallows at her camping site while she was hiking.
When she came back, there was a park ranger there, gave her a $50 ticket.
She paid it.
She has the slip that she paid it.
But a year later, she was SWAT teamed and then taken...
You know, I didn't see that article, but it is so ridiculous the stuff they pull anymore.
One of the first things I tell people to do, Alex, is to...
Get their gun, get it loaded, and keep it with them.
And if somebody wants to come and give you a $50 ticket for a marshmallow litter or whatever, I'm afraid I'd tell him to take his marshmallows and his ticket and get out of my face real quick.
I wouldn't have paid the ticket.
But didn't the founding fathers fight so that we could be put in shackles for leaving our campsite and then coming back to it with our marshmallows on the table?
Yeah, you tell them about it.
I mean, it's scary.
You know what's scary is these people, I think they're aliens.
I didn't grow up with people that think the way they do.
Yeah, that's a good analogy.
Alex, I believe in UFOs.
I've seen UFOs.
I don't care if people think I'm nuts or not.
I've seen them since the first one I saw, for sure, was a freshman in high school.
I've seen them.
So you go along with David Icke.
You think Bush and all of them are reptoids from Planet 12.
I don't know if they're not.
They act like it.
Well, yeah, it's almost like that movie, They Live.
Where they look one way and really another.
Well, I know this.
They're alien to God's plan.
And they're certainly going against that.
And you're either with God or with the father of lies, the devil.
So they're the children of the devil, and that's alien enough, the spirit they've got in them.
Randy, you've got a new book out with Sheriff Mack.
Tell us about it.
Well, it's called Vicky Salmon America, How the Government Killed All Three.
And the first few chapters...
I've been told that this book is written better than the first one, and that's probably because Richard Mack helped me write it.
He had a big part in it, and he's a very intelligent, smart man, and can speak well and write well.
But anyway, they say that I maybe assumed too much.
I assumed that maybe people would be reading the book.
I thought that they would know more about who I'm talking about and what I'm talking about.
So if they don't know the Ruby Ridge story real well, they should learn that before they read the new one.
The first one tells maybe how and why, a little bit more how and why Ruby Ridge, why it happened and how things are now and, you know, kind of 11 years later perspective, trying to figure out and think what happened that long time ago and try and make any sense of it.
Well, back in 1999, do you remember you were there at the court case?
The Solicitor General saying we're allowed to kill people in cold blood?
Yeah, and that there was a Waxman, wasn't it?
Oh, sure.
It might have been Henry Waxman.
Yeah, it was, yeah.
Yeah, he said that what an ordinary citizen does is criminal, but federal agents are, it's not criminal.
They are above the law, sure.
Now, the White House memos say that, too.
Or memorandum says, we're allowed to torture.
We're above the federal law.
Sure, yeah.
It's scary.
That's why I tell people, you know, I say, my main thing now, Alex, is I'm a Second Amendment advocate.
And that amendment doesn't give us any rights.
It just puts in writing what we were born with.
It's called survival, common sense, you know, self-defense.
And if you want to let these pigs run over you, go ahead.
But I was always the little kid in class, never did like a bully.
And I get stiff neck real quick when people want to step on my toes.
And I'm not going to, you know, if I see them coming, they're going to have a fight on their hands.
Otherwise, they're going to have to shoot me in the back again like they did me and the dog and Sam and, you know, without any warning.
Because I'm going to take it face to face.
Well, so you're that type of person like George Washington, though, that doesn't think you're a slave.
That's right, I'm not.
I mean, what's wrong with you?
Don't you want to lick boots?
No, I'm nuts.
I am crazy.
You know, we are the nutty ones, Alex.
Accept the fact and be proud of it.
I am.
You're certainly going at it with the UFO comment.
You're funny, Mr. Weaver.
It's great to have Randy Weaver on with us.
Okay, now, in a nutshell, for those that don't know, what happened at Ruby Ridge?
How did it develop?
What happened?
Well, basically, I sold a couple of shotguns.
I made a gun deal with an undercover ATF snitch without a proper $200 permit, gun permit.
I call them gun taxes.
And since I made this deal without a proper gun tax paid up, why, his boss, the ATF agent out of Spokane, came to me, offered me a deal.
He said he wouldn't bring any federal firearms charges against me if I would join his team, which he meant he wanted me to be a snitch for him.
I kind of laughed in the guy's face, just like you did a little while ago.
And I said, I don't think so.
And he got right back in my face, spitting right close in the red.
And he says, that's the way we do it.
I said, well, maybe you do.
You know, not me, so...
Now wait a minute.
The FBI got caught running the drugs, the prostitution, the murder for hire on the East Coast out of Boston.
They've been caught doing it in L.A.
and Houston.
I mean, they've been caught doing all this.
They're above the law, Randy.
That's what I say.
What's new under the sun?
You know what, Alex?
I enjoy listening to you, and I don't get you very often.
I even bought one of them fancy shortwave radios several years ago, and I still can't get the darn thing to work.
They're in Jefferson, Iowa.
I cannot pick up good speakers and talk show hosts like yourself.
Is it digital?
Yes, it is.
Well, if you punch in 94.75 during the day, believe me, you can get it in Ohio.
No, Iowa.
Iowa, yes.
Excuse me.
Jefferson, Iowa, I'd try.
I can't get hardly anything in there.
94 what?
Well, I'll try it.
And at night from 9 to midnight at 32.10. 32.10.
We need to get some affiliates.
I haven't had some affiliates in Iowa, so you can listen that way.
Yeah, that would be much better.
We're on in Ohio.
I guess that's the closest.
I'm going to tell you what, Alex.
Iowa is the deadest state as far as they don't know anything, and they don't want to know anything.
You know, it's funny you say that.
Because other states are faster moving with the tyranny, but in Iowa, I talk to people and I see stuff, and you're right.
There was a story years ago, before 9-11, where they were having military drills and takeover drills in Iowa, and the people weren't even aware of it.
And if they'd have saw it, they wouldn't have cared.
Oh, that's the National Guard getting prepared to save us.
You know what I'm saying?
They're stupid, and they'd love to have it so.
Sorry, Iowans.
I mean, that's my home state.
But that's what I feel about it.
Oh, you've got good golfers and you've got good farmers and all that.
But, boy, when it comes to realizing how they're losing their freedoms and everything, they haven't got a clue and don't care.
What state would you say has the most people awake?
Something like Idaho?
You know what?
Since I've been in Austin this time, I mean, I've run into the smartest, most informed people in the last week being here than I've been around anywhere.
Well, we've been doing our work here for a while.
To be honest with you.
Yeah, see, it's probably because people like you right here are local, close to home, see?
But, no, Idaho, the Northwest is full of informed folks.
A lot of different states I've run into it, but this last week I've just been amazed.
It's stimulated my brain.
It's needed to be stimulated for a long time.
Well, that's exciting.
Again, how do folks get the new book?
Okay, well, the new one, they can write... I've got to get the address here.
They can send $20 money, check or money order, and make it to Richard Mack.
We did this together, and he's going to do the mailing.
And they send to W.M.
Brooks, Box 50911, Provo, that's P-R-O-V-O, Utah, U-T...
Make the check or money order out to Richard Mack, and that's WM Books, Box 50911, Provo, Utah, 8-4-6-0-5.
All right.
And if folks want to get your previous book, how do they do that?
They can send a check or money order to me for $22 to Randy Weaver and send it to 708 South Oak.
That's like O-A-K, the oak tree.
708 South Oak, Jefferson, like Thomas Jefferson, Iowa, that'd be IA, 50129.
All right.
Well, Randy, we've only got one more segment with you, and I want to get a little bit into the Patriot Act.
Well, first off, before we break...
I think?
We're good to go.
That's the lawsuit thing's over with.
But still nothing criminal they gave?
Because there's no statute of limitations on murder.
Murder, there's no statute of limitations, and they could still, if they had a prosecutor in Boundary County, Idaho, they had the guts to do it, they could still get Harucci in court on murder charges with real good help from a couple attorneys that are good federal attorneys out of Los Angeles, and they'd do it for nothing, and they could get him in prison.
Well, yeah, I mean, did you shoot an unarmed woman with a baby in her arms and a head?
Well, yeah, they were murdering people.
They had orders to murder.
But again, the Solicitor General says they're above the law.
Yeah, well, let's see, that's the way they're playing the game, too, ain't they?
That's why you better keep your gun with you and keep it loaded and be prepared to get back in their face if they want to start something.
Now, I'm not advocating violence.
Well, I'll tell you what, stay there.
We'll hear more from you, Randy, when we get back.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're talking to Randy Weaver, got Dr. John Breeding joining us to talk about the forced drugging of the entire population that Lord Bush has announced.
Drugs, admittedly, more deadly than heroin.
And yes, even methamphetamine, cocaine, they're going to force your children.
More of them.
All of them are going to be tested, and then you are.
Forced drug testing of all the children, then the adults.
That's next.
By the military.
I saw it on Army News Watch three years ago.
National Army TV show we have here in Austin.
Randy Weaver, I mean, Alexander Solzhenitsyn said that, oh, how they burned in the camps, wishing that when they came, the squads, to pick up families one by one, if just a small percentage of them would have fought back, that wouldn't have happened.
But see, Alexander Solzhenitsyn is a terrorist.
The government is God, can do no wrong, and we've got to go with the men in black uniforms and ski masks to the FEMA centers.
Michael Savage calls for putting anybody in a camp that disagrees with the government.
And I agree.
We should submit.
We should, you know, love the government.
Put our children on the trains.
What's wrong with you, Randy?
Well, I don't know.
I just don't like small, confined areas, especially if I'm locked in them, I guess.
But, uh... But, I mean, the government is godlike.
Yeah, well, not to me, they're not.
Al-Qaeda talk.
Oh, did you hear him?
You know, like, uh...
I prefer verbal intercourse, bantering back and forth.
But if they want to get in my face with a gun, I'm going to meet gun with gun.
You know what I'm saying?
Well, Randy, why are you upset?
I mean, you know, what's the government done to you?
You know, Alex, if they come and they murder your kids and your wife and your friends and your relatives and try to murder you, I mean, you get mad after a while.
And, you know, I'm not a brave man, Alex.
I'm not a big man.
I'm not real tough.
And I'm not bragging.
I can shoot pretty good.
So that's a plus.
Anger will overcome fear.
Randy, I think you'd just be safer if you turned your guns in and trusted the nice men in black ski masks.
Yeah, well, Alex, I'm just not going to take your advice on that.
Yeah, we're both being awful facetious today or something.
Yes, we are.
I do that occasionally.
Yeah, me too.
Well, we've got to play devil's advocate.
I mean, how dare you be upset about them killing your family?
I'm being serious now.
Anger will overcome your fear, and the American people, most of them, are not angry yet.
When they do, and the more this stuff is pushed, something's going to break one of these days.
I don't know when, I don't know how soon, I don't have a clue as to when it would happen, but it's going to happen.
Every government in the world eventually collapses, and usually because of its own stupidity, and these one-worlders, they're
I give them credit.
They're pretty intelligent people, but they're not quite as smart as they think they are, and they're going to screw up somewhere.
Well, they believe their own propaganda in their ivory towers.
Yes, but I think they're going to screw up somewhere, and I still think good is going to triumph over evil in the end.
Well, I mean, there could be two globalists stuck in a room together.
Everybody else they've killed, they'd kill each other.
I mean, that's their nature.
Yeah, well, it's like a couple of dogs fighting over the last bone, I guess.
I don't know.
Well, it is, Randy, and I'm so sad for what happened to your family, but I'm glad that you survived and some of your other children survived and that you've been out there standing up against this and that you did fight for your family courageously.
You know, if they try to pull a bunch of other Ruby Regis, that's going to be the last straw.
But every day there's a breaking point.
Every day people are fighting in different ways against this tyranny, Randy.
Yes, I know that.
And I've met a bunch of them down here.
I'll tell you, I'm proud of these people down here.
The Texans are great.
Some of these people are really...
I wish I could come out to some of the meetings.
Cool people.
I've just been too busy on some other projects.
Randy, are you leaving Austin today?
I'll be leaving tomorrow sometime.
Are there any other meetings you're going to be attending?
Well, it's Serrano's.
Serrano's is out off I-35.
They're somewhere.
I can't even give you the address.
But it's a really good Mexican food place.
Oh, I know.
I have a few pounds on me because of them.
Be there at 7 o'clock tonight.
I don't do speeches, but I would try to answer any questions that people have, and if I can't answer them, I'll be honest and say I can't.
We'll just get together and have a good meal and banter back and forth a bit.
You know, Randy, I might come out to that.
If I came out to that, could I interview you on camera for a few minutes after?
Yeah, absolutely.
Yeah, I think I'm going to see, you know, there's about five Serranos in I-35, but it's one of the north ones, and if one of the folks listening can try to get through and tell us the, you know, after you're gone, tell us the address, I'll plug that, Randy.
I think it's just the first one just south of 290, is it 290?
Highway 290?
Yes, okay, I remember that.
I think it is the first one just south of there, but I wouldn't swear to it.
All right, well, Randy, it's been great talking to you, and hopefully I can get you off for a little bit longer once you get back to the Hacienda.
Thanks, Alex, I appreciate it.
Best to you.
You bet.
God bless, my friend.
All right, Randy, just a real character, intelligent fellow, been through a lot.
Randy Weaver, my friend, new book out.
All right, we're going to come back.
I know we had a lot of callers holding, and I'm sorry.
We got to a lot of you in the first hour.
Give your calls with this next guest, too.
If you want to stay there, call back in later.
That's fine.
And I will get into all this other news on the terrorism and on the British troops being captured off their ships and a lot of serious escalations.
But we'll get into forced drugging of you and your family.
It's all part of the new freedom.
I think they stole my term on that.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen.
We've been trained how to be...
Complacent slaves to take all this abuse.
And I'm not going to take it anymore.
What about you?
It's time to stop going along with this system.
It's time to say no.
It's time to learn history.
We've got Dr. John Breeding joining us here in about 10 minutes.
We're going to try to get a few calls here in a second.
And before I do that, InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, now PrisonPlanet.tv.
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Dr. Brady's coming up in four minutes, and we'll get to your calls.
But before we do that...
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Debbie, what's some of the stuff that's in the water, just briefly?
Oh, well, you have Prozac in the water.
Of course, you have chlorine and fluoride, which those are things that have been...
Well, plus all the sewage that's in the water, all that chlorine and stuff does is kill the bacteria, but you're eating millions of those dead bacteria.
Not good for you, boys and girls.
That's correct.
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It tastes horrible.
Folks, please, even if you're off well water in many areas, it's not safe.
Give Debbie a call at 888-
If it's busy, leave your name and numbers.
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BerkeyWater.com or order at InfoWars.com on our secure, safe shopping cart.
Debbie, thanks for coming on.
Thank you, Alex.
Have a great day.
You're awesome.
Again, that's 888-803-4438.
Do we have Dr. Breeding now?
Now that is excellent.
Okay, now shifting gears.
Let me just read a little bit of this article, then we'll go to Dr. Brady.
And again, we have AP, I have the British Medical Journal in front of me.
Here's another one of these articles.
Bush to screen population for mental illness.
And I know I've spent a couple days on this.
It's a big deal.
Sweeping initiative links diagnosis to treatment with specific drugs.
It's run by Eli Lilly.
They're going to have the doctors doing it, paid more by the government than selling you new antipsychotics.
President Bush's plans to unveil next month a sweeping mental health initiative recommends screening for every citizen and promotes the use of expensive antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs favored by supporters of the administration.
The New Freedom Initiative... I always joke in some news slavery, I call it, it's the New Freedom.
I swear they're stealing these names from me.
The New Freedom Initiative, according to a...
Progress Report seeks to integrate mentally ill patients fully into the community by providing services in the community rather than institutions, the British Medical Journal reported, to turning the whole country into an institution.
Critics say the plan protects the profits of drug companies at the expense of the public.
The initiative began with Bush's launch in April 2002 of the new Freedom Commission.
On mental health, which conducted a comprehensive study of the United States mental health services delivery system.
The plan found that despite their prevalence, mental disorders often go undiagnosed and recommended comprehensive mental health screening for consumers of all ages, including preschool children.
Folks, when in 93, no, 92 in high school, senior, I was tested.
The entire senior class was.
It says it started in Austin in 95.
We've had parents calling in in the early 90s and mid-90s in different states.
The commission said each year young children are expelled from preschools and child care facilities for severely disruptive behaviors and emotional disorders.
Schools, the panel concluded...
Are in a key position to screen 52 million students, 52 million and 6 million adults who work in the schools.
The commission recommended that the screening be linked to the treatment and supports, including state-of-the-art treatments using specific medications for specific conditions.
The Texas Medication Algorithm Project, or TMAP, was held by a panel in a model medication treatment plan that illustrates an evidence-based practice that results in better consumer outcomes.
Continuing, one more page.
The TMAP started in 95, not true, as an alliance of individuals from the pharmacological industry and the University of Texas and the mental health and correction system of Texas.
Also, was praised by the American Psychiatric Association.
Which called for increased funding to implement the overall plan.
But the Texas project sparked controversy when a Pennsylvania government employee related and revealed that state officials with influence over the plan had received money and perks from drug companies who started to gain from it.
Alan Jones, an employee of the Pennsylvania Office of the Inspector General, says in his whistleblower report, which we have a link to, the Political Pharmacological Alliance, I call it the Military Industrial Dehumanization Slave Control System, that developed the Texas Project which promotes the use of newer, more expensive antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs, was behind the recommendations of the new Freedom Commission.
Which were poised to consolidate the TMAP effort into a comprehensive national policy to treat medical illness with expensive patented medications of questionable benefit and deadly side effects, and to force private insurers to pick up more of the tab.
Jones points out that according to the British Medical Journal, companies that helped start the Texas project are major contributors to Bush's re-election.
One of them, Eli Lilly, one of the chief controllers of the program, gave 82% of their election money to Bush, or $1.6 million.
And it goes on and on.
And the last point I'll make, we'll go to Dr. Brady, and I appreciate holding through this diatribe to bring folks back up to speed as we talked about this yesterday.
Three years ago, I was faxed a press release of the governor of Oregon.
I didn't believe it.
I called, got an original fax from the governor's office.
It said that...
One out of seven children is mentally ill at birth that if the woman's poor environmental factors, they may start drugging at birth by law.
Folks, I'm not kidding.
I'm doing all the screening in the schools.
We're talking about putting newborn babies on antipsychotics.
And when they sit there and never thrive and are vegetables?
It'll just be covered up in the media and they'll use them for body parts, folks.
We're entering hell on earth here.
And last week they said they want to electronically control the brain and they're getting FDA approval to put a wire into your brain so you're not depressed.
Once the wire's in your head, you'll be one of us.
I mean, this is like a late night science fiction body snatcher movie.
Well, I'm just grateful, Alex, that you're having me on to talk about this and that you're confronting this because, you know, you kind of laid out some of the picture and hopefully I can help with some of the details and stuff.
But I'm also, you know...
It is exactly a nightmare that you described.
It also is very personal to me because of all my relationships around the world, but also because it threatens to undermine all the hard work I and many others have done specifically to attempt to back off.
Yeah, you've won major international awards fighting this over the last decade.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I've been fighting this, and a lot of states have been fighting it and making some headway in terms of backing off the schools and backing off the other agencies that are pressuring and coercing parents to place their children on drugs.
And then we have this so-called Freedom Commission that...
It recognizes that the schools are in a key, quote, key position to screen these 52 million kids that you're talking about.
Yeah, they're in a key position because psychiatry has already been placed in the schools in the strategic position, and now they want to amplify it even more.
This Freedom Commission was purported to be an appointed 22 experts who would take a year to review the state of the mental health system and stuff.
What we know now is that the vast majority of these 22 members were hand-picked as already members of an expert consensus who already were true believers in biological psychiatry and had an agenda.
So it was pre-stacked.
In fact, at least 14 of the 22 we've already identified had specific links to the Texas project that you mentioned, the Texas Medical Algorithm Project.
At least 14 of those people
Yes, we are.
PR copy for Big Pharma.
Well, it's a business plan, and let's boil this down.
We've called the schools government training camps.
These are literally going to be huge laboratories, not just for some of the children now, but for everybody, complete with beds and testing and computers.
I mean, we need to write a screenplay of this.
But then it'll just be passe because it's already happening.
I mean, doctor, when they're saying, you know, that we're going to test all of you and then the adults and this is a key position and we're going to put you on antipsychotics.
I mean, I had doctors, I had a psychiatrist on yesterday.
I mean, you sit in the corner and drool on these things.
Basically, they created a model, you know, and called it a treatment model.
And so rather than having to go through scientific review and everything like that, instead they were able to just
Go through an administrative process and get it voted on by legislators who are, of course, largely paid and supported by the pharmaceutical industry.
Well, they're not just their number one campaign contributors, Doctor.
It says right here, admittedly, that at the state level they're buying them houses, cars, boats.
Alan Jones, who you mentioned, was fired from his job with the Inspector General in Pennsylvania because he started blowing the whistle and pointing out how...
As this so-called TMAP project was imported to Pennsylvania and largely driven by the pharmaceutical industry there, doing all these perks and all that, he pointed that out and is now involved in litigation around that, which is why he may not be able to be on your show, but I can speak a little bit on his behalf, and you've read some of his stuff.
Oh, you've talked to him?
Yeah, I've talked to him, and I know him a little bit, and...
And he's done a lot of the research that you've read.
Doctor, we've got a break.
When we come back, let's get into that.
We're honored to have Dr. John Breeding on with us, a great author and researcher.
But isn't this what's going to stop them, though?
Is it so many people in the system are starting to wake up and aren't going to go along with this nightmare?
Yeah, yeah.
And I hope it's simultaneous with waking up to all the other nightmares, including this invasion in Iraq and...
And it's interesting that the same man and the same group are behind both of these initiatives, both of these acts that are called, you know, War for Peace or Drugs for Mental Freedom.
Patriot Act.
It's all Orwellian.
Stay there, Doctor.
We've got a break.
We'll come right back and get into details.
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We're good to go.
He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Okay, Dr. Brady's going to be with us for the entire next hour.
We'll get your calls, I promise, on the drugging of the children, the public, all of this.
He's one of the best experts I know of, a good friend of mine here in Austin.
We've talked many times.
So everybody that's been holding, be patient.
I apologize you've been holding so long.
We'll get to you early in the next hour.
The toll-free number to join is 800-259-9231.
If you're not excited and upset about this, there's something wrong with you folks.
You're way off center.
Got your head on crooked.
Dr. Brady, before we get into Mr. Jones and blowing the whistle on this and all the evidence I've got in other states where they're paying people off with even bigger bribes,
The psychology of the globalists right now, of the neocons in Washington, both parties, but led by Bush, the psychology of calling the NSA, Total Information Awareness, state-level snooping, the Matrix System, or a new drug they came out with called Soma, using the Brave New World term.
Why are they, I mean, it seems like they're doing this on purpose, flaunting it.
What's the psychological reason for that, Doctor?
Well, I think the main reason for it, frankly, is self-interest.
We're talking about a group of people who are representatives of certain corporate entities who are totally driven by whatever needs to happen to expand their market and their profits.
And Bush and company are very loyal to people like Eli Lilly and those forces.
You know, on a practical level and on an economical level, it's pure greed and self-interest, you know?
But, doctor, why even use the Orwellian terms is what I'm saying.
I mean, they make it so obvious.
Well, for one thing, you know, my understanding is on a psychological level, you know, it interfaces with one thing with my understanding of, say, Mr. President Bush's
Religious views, which are the kind of apocalyptic view, and that he's part of the select group, you know, that... But aren't they just calculating fashion, manipulating people through that template?
Well, the manipulation is largely driven by fear, you know, and the constant fear-mongering and the constant bringing up of terror, and this...
I think so.
I think so.
So the state's going to be our parents and he's going to serve for the monsters.
Yeah, that's right.
And psychiatry is a great example of that.
It's like the state is parent.
Who knows what's best for the poor, mentally ill or sick and defective people?
And then more generally, I'm a psychologist and I can think about it psychologically, but I'm just like you and anybody else who's just kind of like,
It's just mind-boggling in terms of the fact that these kind of narrow self-interests and perspective is so clearly and obviously destructive to the overall well-being of everybody and to the well-being of years on down the line that it really becomes a nightmarish kind of proposition.
It's just amazing that someone can be so blind.
I see it as basically a severe break in connection.
Anybody who can
Thank you.
Who can support proliferation of nuclear whatever without a concern of the environment.
It has no connection with life.
Well, isn't that the definition of being sociopathic and then psychopathic?
It's one of the definitions of psychopathic is that you have no conscience and whatever.
And what I'm saying is I think at root it has to do with basically being so severely disconnected
You know, that you just don't really care.
I agree with you.
Third hour coming up.
We'll get into the details of this mass drugging program for you and your family and take your calls.
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Big Brother.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All I'm doing is defending my family.
I know the globalists are criminally insane.
Totally psychopathic.
They love evil.
That's the only way you can do this.
They enjoy it.
But they don't just not care.
They enjoy it.
And Kathy's been a real trooper in Colorado holding forever.
We're about to get to her.
Then we'll get more into this new mass drugging program.
The new freedom where they're going to try to force drugs on all of you.
And they've set the precedent to force it.
And the federal courts have been setting that precedent.
And this is what the Soviets and the Nazis did.
This isn't new.
We'll talk about that with Dr. John Breeding, an incredible author.
I'll tell you how to get his books early in this hour as well.
Before we go to Kathy, I want to talk about some psychology.
Because I've talked to you a lot, Doctor, on and off here.
I respect your opinion on this.
When Bush and them come out and say, okay, here's the memos, we're above federal law even...
The structure of it, again, is that you're supporting the basic values of the civilization, which is exploitation and conquest abroad and repression and pacification at home, and your minimum liability corporation and the basic maximization of profit.
That's what drives it structurally.
But psychologically, I think you're describing basically this process that's called denial and projection.
The assumption is that these guys...
We're good to go.
It's a massive split or whatever.
It's a fracture in the psyche.
Some people somehow are able to pull it off to where they can function real well and put on a good face and be a social guy at the party with the right people, but be completely disconnected with the truth of what their actions do.
And they just can't look at it.
And I think if they did, they would blow up, you know, kind of like the Wicked Witch of the West.
They'd just melt, you know, because there'd be so much shame and disgrace that would be felt, you know, that the person would just literally collapse, and that happens occasionally.
Well, I've had these people walk up to me and tell me I should be arrested for the things I say.
I mean, now I'm starting to hear that drumbeat out there, Dr. Brady.
So there's this balkanization, those that are going deeper in denial and violently hating those of us that tell the truth, and then this giant mass waking up.
That's right.
That's right.
That's right.
And you're pointing out example after example where people are being, where their rights are being taken away from them, they're being mistreated, they're being tortured, they're being terrorized.
Yes, and all in the name of freedom and all in the name of patriotism.
So you're saying, you've got to be accountable for this.
Look at what you're doing.
And they're going to bletch you for it.
That's the dynamic.
That's right.
On a family level, it's like the individual who confronts the alcoholic in the family and the rest of the family blasts them and says, how can you talk about them that way?
You're the bad person and all you're doing is saying...
You know, you've got an elephant in your living room.
You haven't cleaned your shoes.
You're an emperor, and you're not really wearing any clothes.
But in this case, it's even worse.
You're calling this person a terrorist, and you're inflicting massive atrocity and terror on people.
You're saying you really support children and freedom, but you're going in there and forcing parents to drug their children.
You're going in and forcing people to take these drugs, which have not been proven to help anybody anyway.
And they even have to take the ones that you say they have to take because they're the ones that your buddies make the money from.
Dr. Incredible, stay there.
We'll come back and take calls.
This is riveting.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, folks.
Again, we've got about 51 minutes left with our guest.
Having hit the tip of the iceberg, we're about to go to Kathy and Logan and Fred and John and many others that are patiently holding.
Good propaganda just plays to our own laziness, to getting us to rationalize what's going on and making us feel like we're part of the system.
If you're not threatened by what the globalists are doing, if you can't see it, I am just amazed.
It's like it just comes out that Dick Cheney really does run all the bidding processes out of the vice president's
There's over a trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon, and it gets to be on a couple news wires.
I mean, the level of corruption going on right now has never before been seen.
I mean, it is pell-mell.
It is just bonkers wild.
And I hope all of you realize that power corrupts absolutely, power corrupts absolutely.
And this is what happens with a low-level psychopath.
You know, in upstate New York or with a Hitler.
The more power they get, no one checks them, they get away with stuff, and then they just go nuts, and subconsciously they start self-destructing, you know, wanting to get caught.
And that's my last psychological question, and we'll go to Kathy, but can you speak to that briefly, Doctor?
Oh, definitely, yeah.
And first I want to say that, you know, Dick Cheney and Halliburton, the example in this show is called the director of
The Texas Department of Mental Retardation, his name is Steve Shawn, is the doctor who is largely behind this Texas medical algorithm project.
He is the guy who was very involved in importing it to Pennsylvania.
In fact, one grant funded by one of the drug companies, Janssen, the purpose of it was to expand the drug usage specifically and to drive Steve Shawn's expenses.
You know, this guy is the head of TDM HMR.
He's totally behind this dynamic.
And just like when you asked your question about why is Dick Cheney getting away with this, it was like, why is Steve Shawn?
Nobody's touched him yet.
And so it is the exact parallel to what you're describing.
I mean, now they get caught doing evil things and they go, nobody gets in trouble because they all got their hands in the cookie jar.
Nobody's gotten in trouble yet.
Some people are starting to get into a little trouble.
But this self-destruction process appears to be fairly and strongly in place, at least at the level of our national government.
We'll see how it ends up going down.
But yeah, I do see that as a dynamic.
And the way I see it is that these actions are a gross violation of our inherent nature in the sense that we're really spiritual beings
You know, with an inborn or innate kind of ethics compass that's based on the fact that we're totally connected to each other.
What's in our best interest is in the best interest of the people around us.
Do unto others as you have them do unto you.
And that law is not just an imposed law.
It's really a natural law when you're connected with who you really are.
When you're disconnected and you start to violate it, then you're acting out of ethics and you're systematically acting in conflict.
With the truth of who you are.
And so I believe that there is a built-in thing that says, you know, that's oriented towards self-destruction, you know, that you will in some way, it's like the criminal who leaves the unnecessary evidence at the scene of the crime.
It's like George Bush who leaves this obvious trail of evidence, you know, that just shows him lying over and over and over again, you know.
It's like this guy Steve Sean, you know.
Absolutely, Dr. Lewis.
Well, here's my last example, and we'll go to Kathy.
Two years ago, Texas company ProteGene, Associated Press,
96 locations, pharmacological corn that grows live AIDS virus in it.
And it was never even in the paper.
It was just on the newswire in a few farming journals.
And it was this big crisis where they burned fields and went into grain bins and tried to stop it.
And then it just, you never hear about it again.
I mean, they're going to build 30?
Six level four bioweapons labs.
One of them has already been set up at the University of Texas at Galveston.
It's just stuff that one accident can kill millions.
They don't even care.
Let's talk to Kathy in Colorado.
They just do it.
Kathy, thanks for holding.
Go ahead, Kathy.
Yes, thank you, Alex.
You have been talking about medicating people.
I just wanted to bring to mind what happened in our family.
My father had to be put into an assisted living.
He's 88 years old.
And he had some problems, and later on they said it would be better if we put him into hospice.
Now, he didn't have cancer, but they said if he didn't want to take medication or his drugs, he didn't have to.
And I thought, well, that's great.
I had power of attorney over him and all this stuff, and everything was legal.
Well, anyway, I called back one week later to talk to hospice to see how he was doing.
And when the lady said he was on Seroquel, I believe I'm pronouncing that right.
Seroquel, yeah.
I said, well, what is that?
And she said, well, I don't know.
I said, well, they put him on stuff and they didn't even tell me about it?
So I called a pharmacist and they said it was an antidepressant and that it was for bipolar.
I said, my dad's never been bipolar.
I was just horrified.
Well, when you've got troops that have got a leg blown off a complaint because of bad treatment, they go, you're going on drugs.
When you have a child that is drinking too many Cokes and is hyper, you're going on Ritalin.
And a lot of old people, without even a doctor, they just say, here, you're going on it.
Dr. Breeding, can you speak to that?
In Texas, three years ago, we went to the legislature and got them to pass a law that required
Just the basic minimum standards of informed consent to be applied to nursing homes in those kind of situations because what we were seeing was that any elder that was checked into one of these situations was required to sign what's called a blanket consent for any medical treatment and that included psych drugs.
So all these people were being placed on psych drugs and over 50% of the elders in these nursing homes and assisted living facilities are on psych drugs and they're not even told
Or they're responsible parties if somebody else making the decisions is not even told the drug and the effects.
So at least in Texas we've got a law that says you have to at least do that.
So yeah, it's a common practice and it's part of the dynamic.
The other thing with this Freedom Commission and the Texas Medical Algorithm Project is that 70% of the profits from a lot of these drugs are from government funding, specifically Medicaid and Medicare.
And they're required to use these specific drugs, and so it's all set up.
So you have a federal law.
You have a federal law.
Go in there and watch out.
So you have a federal law, not a doctor, telling you what to put the kids on, just because it's corporate welfare.
You have a federal law, and then you have the doctors who seem all too happy to sort of fulfill their part of it.
But, yeah, it's a corporate welfare very much.
And it's a government.
Yeah, it's a corporate welfare.
It's government.
Well, doctor, they've also caught, with a lot of the elders and sick people, period, HMOs won't give you a surgery you need that's medical.
They'll just go, here's some Prozac.
Well, part of the whole dynamic of psychiatry is that it acts as a,
I had a Marine Corps staff sergeant on who was in the Sacramento Bee mowing down children and them dying in his arms.
Well, I threatened him.
I said, boy, he's out of the program.
I said, we will not pay you one cent.
And I said, I want him off.
And then I followed through with that and he got off and then they sent a girl back up there.
And she says, well, your dad was fine.
But the thing is, he's got dementia and he's got a little Alzheimer's, and he didn't understand who was poking and prodding him and so forth.
And naturally, he's going to be a little hostile, pulling away and not wanting it.
And so they took that as a sign that he's got mental problems.
And so I just want to warn everybody, watch your loved ones, especially when they go to the hospital.
Are they in the nursing home or assisted living?
Watch their record.
No, I hear you, Kathy.
Thanks for the call and doing the right thing for your father.
I mean, it's like an old elephant that they stick in a cage and he's depressed, swinging his trunk back and forth.
I mean, do we go put the elephant on Prozac?
You know, it's like when I go buy a new puppy when one of my dogs dies, you know, in 10 years, and the puppy's chewing on my hand and running around happy.
Do I put the young mammal on a drug to inhibit his brain because he shouldn't be hyperactive?
I mean, that's normal behavior.
Is it not, doctor?
I had a job in a nursing home, and it lasted two months before I got fired.
I saw it over and over again.
I have an article on my website.
It's called Nursing Home Blues.
So yeah, it's over and over again.
Especially the relatively powerless populations, the elders.
And then the other side of what Kathy could have said, watch your loved ones, but also not only in nursing homes, but watch them in the public schools as well.
And we do this to the most defenseless.
Jesus Christ said, suffer the little children, be good to them, don't abuse them, or it's better for you to tie a millstone around your neck and throw it in the deepest sea.
And look at who this system like wolves goes after first, doctor.
Do I have a minute to tell you a personal example?
Well, let's break, and we've got to do it then.
We're going to break in 25 seconds, but folks, understand.
I mean, we target the weakest first.
That's what the globalists do.
This is such a... The Nazis did that!
And the captive populations.
The schools, the nursing homes, the prisons.
Wherever you've got a captive population, you know, that you can work on.
We'll talk about that when we get back and go to Leon, or Logan, Fred, John, and many others.
Toll-free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
Have your questions and comments ready.
We'll also get more into this new Freedom Force drugging program.
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It's not a personal story in the sense of my family, but it's the current situation.
I won't mention her name because it's in the courts right now here in Travis County.
There's a good example of what happens with this whole screening situation.
There's a current study out of the University of Texas that got permission to go into the schools in Pflugerville and Georgetown, which are suburb cities of Austin, and do a screening of the kids in the middle schools there.
One example is a 13-year-old.
They went in to do this screening, so-called depression screening, and the first note that went home to the parents was,
I think so.
I think so.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think so.
Yeah, I think so.
Well, by the way, doctor, we see these reports all the time around the country, and these tests are your 13-year-old girl boy.
Are you depressed sometimes?
Do you have mood swings?
Well, what 13-year-old doesn't?
This girl apparently basically was just a real spirited character.
She was defiant.
She would talk and state her point of view.
We see, and so then they come up with that she's suicidally depressed, you know, and since that time, the whole time, there's no record, no history of any place where she said she was suicidal or pure suicidal.
We see the way to circumvent the law, which now says that you can't call CPS, you know, and you can't force a parent just because a child is not, and a parent refuses a psych drug.
But if they're considered dangerous to themselves or others...
You can.
So even though we don't think she was, we think this is a way for them to circumvent the law.
Well, we've got to take a call here in a second, but I just want to add to this.
Go ahead.
That again, they get a lot more money when they do this than if they just take the child, period.
And I'm sure you've seen the articles out of Florida where they grab the toddlers, and if they cry, they put them in mental institutions.
If they cry for mommy, that shows depression, and they're putting toddlers on antipsychotics at age two.
The Florida situation has been exposed, and now it's being exposed here in Texas as well.
So these screenings are not any kind of benign looking for people in trouble.
No, it's looking for somebody to snatch.
Logan just hung up.
Logan, we were going to you, but you hung up.
Fred in Pennsylvania.
Fred, go ahead.
Alex, calling from the cradle of liberty.
All right.
I know you have a lot of calls.
Just one thing.
All right.
Patriot 2, Section 127, allows the government to take over coroner's and medical examiner's operations.
Yeah, I've seen that.
Whenever they see fit.
And the other thing is that Section 303 sets up a national DNA database.
For everybody!
And the fact is that
The predicate of Patriot 2 is that because of the security needs, they're going to overrule anything to the contrary.
And the Supreme Court a couple months ago wiped out the mandatory giving of DNA by arrestees.
But they're going to wipe that out, and they probably have.
That's all I wanted to say, that because of this predicate of security, they then will wipe out any prohibition to their powers
No, I hear you.
And really, doctor, isn't it a form of Philip K. Dickie and pre-crime to say you might be planning something, you might be crazy, so we're going to go ahead and... I have a friend named Rodney Yoder, and he I can't talk about.
He's been locked up for 11 years now in Illinois.
He's a very strong person, so he's managed to resist taking any psych drugs, and he's written several...
Lawsuits against the government, but basically he's been held for 11 years on the grounds that he might be dangerous.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The New World Order is upon us, my friends.
Total control, systematic dehumanization, enslavement.
Slavery is the norm in modern human history, and even ancient human history.
And now they've just gotten more sophisticated at it, using propaganda or different levels of mind control to convince you to go along with it.
I only have time to go to Logan, John, Jim, and Caleb, because I want to get more into...
The whistleblower in Pennsylvania, Alan Jones and others, and this big announcement Bush is going to make to start forcibly testing children and adults.
They even admit it's a captive audience.
I'm going to just go to your calls quickly here.
Before we do that, Dr. Breeding, you've written several books, but I carry two of them.
And tell us about those two books, and then I would direct people to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or the toll-free number to get them, because you're right here in Austin and I carry the book.
Tell folks about the two books that I carry.
The first one's called The Wildest Cults Make the Best Horses, and I like that title because it just is saying spirited young people make spirited adults, so let's defend them and protect them.
Thank you very much.
It's called True Nature and Great Misunderstandings.
The idea there is that we tend to see the world not as it is but as we are and that we act out of that.
We need to remember
What the world is really like and what the true nature of our children is really like so that we can act from that place of intelligence and relatedness.
And the great misunderstandings would be things like that children have these biological or genetic defects that mean drugs or that children are blank slates and so we need behavior modification to train them and things like that.
So it's a reminder of what children are really like and a support for people who engage with young children in terms of...
How to connect with them.
And we have both the books separately, or we have them in a package deal where I think you save like $5 if you get both of them.
It supports Dr. Brady and also supports what I'm doing.
It's a great book.
It's on the shopping cart at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or just call the toll-free number 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139.
And again, folks, I've also made ten films, written a book myself, published another book.
I carry a lot of other new videos.
I'm carrying George Humphreys' 9-11, The Great Illusion.
Endgame of the Illuminati, your choice, fear or love.
Great new video, 1995 on VHS or DVD.
Get a free color, 80-plus page booklet that goes with the film, that goes over all the evidence, and you get a second copy for $14.95, and you get three...
The color booklets, the $34.95, three color booklets, two of the videos, one for yourself, one for a friend.
That's also on the websites.
Or you can write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
But go to the website and look for Dr. Brady's materials.
Believe me, you'll be impressed.
You won't be disappointed.
Logan in Texas was there.
Logan, go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
I used to work lawn maintenance at a daycare center, and eventually, like, one summer they needed some help in a classroom, so I went in the classroom and I was working with the kids some, and I noticed that one of the kids who was getting into a lot of trouble and causing a lot of problems, she was also probably, like, one of the smartest kids in her group as far as her age.
She was, like, smarter than the other kids.
She was a kindergartner.
She was the only one who could really, like, listen to what I was saying or repeat things that I said.
She was just, like, obviously, like, the smarter and stronger kid.
And she was getting into some trouble.
And, like, I didn't mind that because, like, she was still, you know, she was a good kid.
And what I saw eventually was I saw, like, a triple team of the doctor, the school, and the daycare advising her mom and kind of, like, ushering her along and putting her on Ritalin.
And then now at lunchtime there's lots of little cups coming out with the pills in them.
Yeah, and the thing is that these kids, they get dropped off at school.
Like, early in the morning, and their parents work all day, and they go to daycare, and they get picked up.
So at, like, 6 o'clock, they spend, like, two hours with their parents.
The rest of the day, where are they?
Who are they with?
Daycares are nests of evil where the lowest common denominator takes over.
And, again, you throw 20 puppies in a pen together, and the behavior is going to get out of control.
That's what small mammals, young mammals... Another thing I...
So you saw her being triple teamed, and that's a good description, and then you saw the basic dynamic beyond that.
So you're seeing it clearly.
That's good.
What did the child act like after being put on the pharmacological cocaine?
Well, I saw something that was also kind of weird, too, because I used to go, I'd help them, I'd go pick up the kids or whatever.
I kind of stopped because that place really creeped me out, you know, and I really made that clear to my boss that I didn't think we were helping these kids at all.
I mean, they fed them junk food, and it was just, it's not a good deal.
But, um,
What, uh, I picked the kids up one time, and I noticed that they were handing out these spy kits to the kids, and they're giving them out to them for free, and it was called, they called it like a, what do they call it when you go and, like, the whole school goes and they have a big thing and they all meet up in the cafeteria and whatever?
Yeah, it's a field trip or an auditorium meeting.
They're giving all the kids microphones to, like, listen in on people.
And I thought it was really weird because they're, like, giving this to kids.
They're not giving out books.
They're giving out, you know...
Anything educational.
They're giving them spy kits.
Well, let me stop you.
Let me stop you.
You go to a children's store, and you look at the toys.
There's whole sections now on spying and time for kids, you know, Time Magazine in the schools, how to be a spy, how to spy on your parents.
And I'm actually aware of that.
I didn't know what was going on in preschools.
Again, that's right out of 1984, training them how to be spies.
So what were they telling them to do with the spy kits?
Who provided it?
That's the thing.
The school is providing, and I asked the teachers, and the thing is that we're living in a society where they pretty much promote cowards and idiots and just mediocre people who don't even know what they're doing.
I'll be like, what is this?
What are you trying to do with this?
I'll ask the teacher.
Well, I didn't really even think about it.
It was just fun toy, you know?
And this is the funny thing.
They're not even really hiding it.
You look on there, and who are the kids spying on?
It shows a picture of these two kids working together and spying, looking through a fence, and it looks like their neighbor's fence.
Looking through the fence with their little microphone and hearing it, they show a little circle on the fence where you can see who they're spying on, and it shows this guy in blue jeans and a white shirt and a construction helmet, some white guy, and he has his hands up like he's talking to people, like a speaker.
And that's what it shows.
It shows some construction worker talking to people.
All right.
I appreciate it.
Thanks for the call.
Dr. Breeding.
Logan, we need your help, man.
I mean, that's... Dr. Breeding, were you aware they're training the kids how to be spies?
No, but I'm very aware of the whole surveillance dynamic.
In fact, I've got a book in my hand called The Soft Cage by Christian Parenti on the surveillance in America.
I interviewed him.
Yeah, he's great.
So it doesn't surprise me.
I wasn't aware of that as a regular dynamic, but when you think about it, the whole first thing that he described and this whole conversation on the Freedom Commission is all about
Yeah, I think that's a great question.
Placing all these kids on mind-controlling drugs.
And then on top of it, we have the same corporations owning the drugs, owning the surveillance, funding and arming the police, and owning the private prisons.
I mean, they're engineering the whole economy to feed us through a meat grinder.
John in Ohio.
John, go ahead.
Alex, there's another person who does some of this work, Dr. Peter Bregan.
Yeah, he's great.
And the rest of it.
But I especially love the way you are bundling and integrating all of these issues together because so many people that are against the drug companies from a health food perspective won't take their blinders off and realize that this is not just the drug companies.
This is a military industrial pharmaceutical media CIA complex that is involved in all of these issues.
And I think it's interesting to note that
The main CI enabler for mind control, MKO for programs, was the president of the American Psychiatric Association.
Yeah, it was Ewing Cameron.
Cameron, yes.
Civilly convicted of kidnapping people and brainwashing them.
Yes, and I think they are converted into this kind of high priest authority figures by the corporate media, which interlocks with them, to sort of intimidate people into not resisting any of these kinds of fascist practices.
And when you look at the fact that I think it's this kind of...
We're good to go.
When it interviews this guy, it would say, what are you doing up there as an appointed puppet of the United States government when you're a terrorist that murdered children on school buses, in movie theaters, and car bombings?
Yet the media, as long as they've got a title, whether it's a psychiatrist, head of the American Psychiatric Association,
They respectively go on bended knee and say, you know, what is your opinion?
Okay, John, fabulous points.
Thanks for the call.
Dr. Breeding, comments for that?
Yeah, well, I just appreciate the comments a lot, you know, and I want to acknowledge that there's a book by Peter Bregan, who you mentioned, John, it's called The War Against Children of Color.
There was a previous incarnation of this freedom initiative, you know, that was called the
The federal violence initiative, we call it the racist violence initiative, but it was an initiative to screen inner-city children, which meant mostly children of color, for genetic predisposition to violence.
Well, they always beta tested on the weakest group.
Yeah, and so now at least you could say at least it's an equal opportunity thing.
We're going to screen everybody, you know, but...
But he's right, and I think it is important to integrate these things, you know, that it's not just psychiatry.
There's a lot of people who kind of see through some of the problems with war or military or whatever, but don't see the psychiatry.
And on the other hand, there's some people who see the psychiatry, but just from the point of view of health products, like you said, and it all...
So I appreciate his comments a lot.
Yeah, two quick final calls.
I've got to go quick because I want to get more into the Freedom Initiative and Alan Jones that Dr. Breeding's talked to.
Let's go ahead and talk to Tim in Ohio.
Quickly, Tim, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I talked to you yesterday.
I'm living with the wirehead.
She said she'd come on your show.
Oh, you know what?
That sheet of paper I wrote down your number, you're going to have to put you on hold and get it again.
I apologize.
I get so busy.
Yeah, Dr. Breeding, we had a psychiatrist on yesterday in the head of...
A major group, psych rights, on exposing all of this.
The year-long implantable Prozac-type drugs, you can't escape it, and now they're saying they're going to put a wire up to the nerves, into the brain.
They're getting FDA approval to make us all feel better and behave better.
Comments to that?
The comments are that it's just more the manufacture of madness and more of a creation of products.
Basically, just what you said, that life is about challenge.
In this world, it's about the fact that if you confront it, you're not going to be happy a lot of the time.
There's a lot of horror going down.
The future is in peril.
The future of our children's lives is in peril.
You're going to be sad.
You're going to be angry if you confront that.
A happy pill is not going to take that away.
The only solution is to do your very best to make a difference for the sake of your children.
It's not about an implant in your head.
It's not about an electroshock.
It's not about a Prozac.
That's just part of the corporate marketing that's going to keep you in line and say to the problem, if you feel bad, is there something wrong with you because America is great and you should be happy because you live in the land of the free.
And the truth is that you live in a land that is threatening the future of our planet and the future of our children and you better get involved in helping to do something about it.
SPM 927, what's up with that?
They want to do a research study with the new drug, SPM 927.
Can you tell me anything about it?
No, I don't.
Yeah, the psychiatrist yesterday didn't know.
I mean, there's thousands of new drugs being studied, sir.
There's no way to know all of it.
I apologize.
You know what?
I'm going to put you on hold.
I'm going to get your number.
And you're saying the lady you live with who has one of these wires, these ports?
Going on two years now.
Yeah, and all this.
You know what?
I promise you, I promise you, I'll call you as soon as the show ends.
Scott, get Tim's number.
I'm going to call him when the show ends.
Thank you, Tim.
Let's talk, last caller, Gayla in Missouri.
Gayla, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I just wanted to make a point that these teachers in the school system are pushing these drugs on the kids.
Hey, I had them push them on me, and I had literally a 100 grade point average when I was a senior.
Well, my son, when he was in the second grade, he was having problems learning to read, and the teacher, she took it upon herself to decide that he had ADD.
And she wanted us to take him to a local doctor here.
She named names.
Yeah, I love it.
She's going to tell you.
She's a doctor.
And she said, take him down there and they'll put him on this, on Ritalin.
And I said, no, we'll not do it.
Well, she kept on and on to me for about a month.
So finally, my husband told him and he went up there and had a nice talk with her.
And by the time he was done, she wrote a two-page letter apologizing.
Well, you're lucky she didn't call CPS on you.
I'd encourage you to go to my friends at Able Child.
It's www.ablechild.org.
It's a group of parents from all over the country who have gotten together that have had experiences like yours and are really working to challenge that thing.
Some of them, unfortunately, have had children who died from these drugs, and that's what woke them up to it.
Others had more stories like yours where they stood up to it.
It's www.ablechild.org.
It's a strong group of parents who are fighting this thing.
Well, there's a lot of kids that did put their child on them, and now my son is a sophomore in high school, and when I look at these kids, I know who they are because I've talked to the parents.
They're short.
They have not grown.
Gross depression is one of the effects of stimulus.
Some of the boys are like maybe 5'5", 5'7".
My son's 6'2", and their parents are tall, so I know that they probably should be taller than that, but you can tell.
You can look at them, and you can tell.
And literally estimated thousands have died, specifically and largely from cardiovascular damage and heart failure.
Well, I've read the reports where a 12-year-old on Ritalin is playing tennis, the heart explodes, the coroner says, yeah, it was the Ritalin, and then nothing ever happens.
RitalinDeaf.com is the website of my friend Larry Smith, whose son Matthew had exactly that experience.
He died.
He was riding his skateboard.
Yes, sir.
Well, I had studied the New World Order for years, probably started in the late 80s, so I knew what was going on.
I knew it all tied in, so we wasn't about to go that way.
Good for you.
But I see it in these parents, and they're just doing it.
They're putting them on it.
The teachers are pushing it, and they're just going right along with it.
Look, I have neighbors, people I've known for decades...
Who have three sons, four sons, two daughters and a son.
And the mother's six foot, the father's six foot four.
The child on Ritalin, who's now 18, is a foot and a half shorter than the rest of his family and is a gibbering, demonic midget.
And I'm not trying to be mean, but folks, I mean, you better not put your children on this.
What is wrong with you?
But now, Dr. Breeding, they want antipsychotics that are even worse.
They're even worse.
They cause permanent neurological damage in almost anyone who takes them for very long.
It's just absolutely...
All right, that's it for calls.
We'll come back and just spend a little bit more time on Alan Jones blowing the whistle in Pennsylvania on this new freedom system and get a little bit more info on that from Dr. John Breeding.
Don't forget his books, available at Infowars.com.
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Yes, there's a war.
The greatest ever in human history.
The crossroads.
Just briefly in 20 seconds, Dr. Breeding, the name of your two books and why folks should get them.
Wildest Colts Make the Best Horses.
True Nature and Great Misunderstandings.
People should get them because they're my very best thinking really about how to engage with our young people and they bring together
Psychology, humanity, family, children, and politics really is a pretty organic viewpoint of
How really to think about children, and I think they're really good support people in terms of how to deal with the fact that there's not a lot of support for parenting right now in the world.
Well, it's designed.
It's like O'Brien says in 1984.
We're here to destroy that unit.
Toll-free number to get it, 888-253-3139, or InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com, and don't forget PrisonPlanet.tv, where this interview will be posted tomorrow, by the way, if you want to hear it.
If you get a book, you're welcome to contact me and...
Tell me what you think about it or ask a question.
And your website's waldiscolts.com.
That's right.
Phone numbers, email, all right there, waldiscolts.com.
Okay, Alan Jones, an employee of the Pennsylvania Office of Inspector General, says they've been paying people off.
The big pharma's running this to force it on the children.
Bush says it's going to go nationwide.
Tell us about your discussions with Alan Jones.
Alan Jones is great.
He was working for the Office of Inspector General.
He became aware that...
This Texas Medical Algorithm Project that we've been talking about is basically a formula for if this diagnosis, then that drug.
If schizophrenia, then Zyprexa, which is the Eli Lilly drug that's been over $4 billion in sales just from that one drug alone in 2003.
Eli Lilly, as we've already talked about, is strongly connected to schizophrenia.
Bush Senior, Bush Junior, and several of Bush's political appointees, and on down the line.
Four billion, one drug for schizophrenia?
I mean, even if schizophrenia is a real disease, which it obviously isn't, how many, I mean, are this many schizophrenics?
Cyprex is one of the all-time money-making drugs in history, you know, and it's an Eli Lilly product.
Another Eli Lilly product is called Stratera, which is the number one growing drug to put children on as an alternative to Ritalin.
And that's a drug that failed the clinical trials as an antidepressant, so they came back and marketed it as a stimulant for children for ADHD.
Eli Lilly is just making massive profits off this thing, and they're a massive player.
And then when your child gets screwed up, they'll put them on two or three other drugs and say, see, your child was bad.
So then they pay these consultants and these doctors to be on their panels.
Many of these people were then appointed to the federal panel by Bush.
They then adopt...
This algorithm project, and this is going to be linked to this Freedom Initiative, and basically it's sort of guaranteed sales for their top money-making drugs.
You know, Dr. Breeding, you go to these meetings, you go to legislatures, you talk to these sickos that sell out children and people for this.
I mean, when you talk to them, you ask them how they sleep at night.
Well, I had that conversation, that comment once or twice.
It doesn't go very far.
They just kind of avert and go on their way.
They've sold their souls a long time ago and they've become convinced to where it's kind of like what you said about inflicting terror and calling the other people terrorists.
They just have an inability to look at themselves really in a conscious way.
So we don't have these conversations very often.
Usually it's indirect.
I'll get up and I'll be speaking to the committee or the panel or the legislature and I'll make these comments directly to them.
What you've just been told is a lie.
This is a fraud.
Children are a product market.
This is a criminal shame and disgrace.
But it's said to the politicians and they hear it in the audience and I don't know what they do with it.
All right, Dr. Breeding, God bless you.
Thanks for coming on the broadcast.
Hope folks get your books.
We'll have to get you back up in the near future, okay?
That'd be great.
All right, take care, my friend.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight Central on the shortwave at 3210 or on your local AMR FM.
And back tomorrow, 11 to 2 Central during the day.
More great guests, more calls, more info.
Get out there and take on the New World Order.
You don't have a choice.
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