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Air Date: June 18, 2004
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, ladies and gentlemen, it's already another Friday edition of the Alex Jones Show.
Hence, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
And it is the 18th day of June, 2004.
The websites are prisonplanet.tv, infowars.com, and of course, prisonplanet.com, all three different sites.
A ton of news, my friends.
There's just so much information we're going to go over today, and we're going to have wide-open phones.
I didn't intend to have any guests today, but I got up this morning and learned that locally here in Austin, one of our acquaintances, not just one of my acquaintances, but many of you were acquainted with him.
He's been on the show, George Woolley, who thinks I should be arrested for my comments about 9-11.
He told me again Tuesday night I should be in the hallways of the cable system.
And, well...
I actually agree with what George is doing right now.
He aired the Nick Berg video on his cable show that he's been doing for, I don't know, 15 years or something.
And there's just howls of protest and, boy, is this obscene and what should we do?
And it's been on some of the TV stations here locally and we have some of those articles posted or being posted on Infowars.com right now.
Now, wait a minute.
When I was in junior high, they showed this film of
Jews and others having their heads blown off by Nazis and thrown into pits.
Piles of naked bodies being pushed by bulldozers into pits in the mass grave operations when our troops moved into those camps.
We see this all the time.
Why, then, is there such a freakout over showing... By the way, the obviously fake Nick Berg video.
I mean, that's another whole issue.
Why is there such a freak-out over showing this?
And this is an Orwellian situation, because it's double-think.
I mean, how many times do they show somebody on TV getting thrown from a bull and stomped to death, or a race car blowing up and someone flying out of it, or someone cutting their arm off?
I mean, it's on TV all the time, and I don't watch more than an hour of TV a week.
And it's on primetime.
How many times have we seen, during prime time, Kennedy's head getting blown off in Dealey Plaza in 1963?
Forty-plus years ago.
How many times have you seen Kennedy's head being hit by a .30-06 bullet explode with brains splattering his wife in living color?
Better film than the grainy video that we were tortured to, basically, with the Nick Berg situation.
Which, by the way, a bunch of top forensics experts and heads of universities and others have looked at and said, they're not really cutting somebody's head off.
The motor function, no blood.
Again, that's just one of the many points.
It's just...
The double thing.
I mean, it's fine to show Kennedy's head getting blown off.
Fine to show piles of dead Jews.
And frankly, I think we should.
It's history.
Piles of men, women, and children, naked, as skinny as scarecrows, with their eyeballs hanging out.
Oh, yeah, show that to the seventh graders.
Put it on PBS at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.
But don't you show...
Dead contractors hanging from lampposts and bridges.
Don't you show the torture video and photos of what's happened to the Iraqis because they've only released about 1% of the thousands of photos and videos.
Don't you show Nick Byrd.
See, they're setting a precedent across the board where they can selectively decide, well, that's too graphic.
Why, we'd never show that and then show something even more graphic the next day.
So we've got Mr. Woolley coming on, the man who thinks I should be arrested.
I don't think he should be arrested.
But, again, I believe in the First Amendment.
So, George will be joining us here in just a few minutes.
This should be fireworks as usual.
But actually, I mean, I stand for his rights even if he doesn't stand for mine.
We'll be right back.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Here's the headline from News 8 Austin.
Cable access channel criticized for airing bird beheading.
And it says the TV station received a handful of calls Wednesday night from viewers complaining about violent content.
But I bet they love watching Kennedy's head getting blown off and brains splattering or piles of dead Jews being pushed into mass graves.
Naked, which is far more graphic.
The beheading video of Nicholas Berg aired in its entirety continuously from 8 p.m.
to 9 p.m.
during a live program on Channel 10.
George Woolley was the program's producer.
He said he was trying to illustrate the divide nature of media, the divided nature of media.
Innocent civilians and Americans are being horribly treated, and that needs to be shown to the American public.
I don't know why the dominant media fails to do that, but they do.
So I felt compelled to do it myself, he said.
And, you know, George has a good point.
Why will they show images of a police dog attacking an Iraqi?
Why will they show images of men in sexually explicit possessions having to engage in acts on each other?
Or why will they show images of Humvees being blown up with dead troops around them, but they will not show images of the Nicholas Byrd situation?
Well, number one, my friends, is because the video is obviously fake.
And I'll have to go through that evidence later in this hour since I mentioned it.
We did past shows on this, but if I mention something, I'm going to back it up.
But also, it's to set the precedent to not release certain things.
They released the lightest of the photos.
This was admitted by Congress, by Republicans.
Of the thousands of photos and videos from Abu Ghraib, we're talking videos of raping women,
Beating women, beating children, beating people to death, families that were stopped at checkpoints.
And so they set the precedent.
Well, we got all these thousands of photos.
We'll release a few showing the troops, the jail guards making people do sexually explicit things, and a police dog biting somebody.
Well, that pales in significance to beating people to death and putting a fake IV in their arm and shipping them out to throw them in a mass grave.
And that is admitted by General Antonio Tagumba's own report.
The people have confessed to it.
We now have Rumsfeld's memo ordering it.
We now have Ashcroft's memo that he fought to keep from being released but then got leaked.
Now published.
They ordered it.
They were all over TV the last two years saying how great torture is.
And the neocons, if you don't know what that is, it's a Republican crossed with a Democrat, crossed with a fascist, crossed with a communist.
And you get a neocon.
A big government pimp, a hater of liberty, a gun-grabbing, open-border promoting, UN-expanding, while spewing conservative rhetoric.
That's a neocon.
A liberty-hating, Bill of Rights-burning, that's a neocon.
Then they've got all their neocon zombie minions out there that
You know, believe in form over substance.
Aren't able to engage in a cogent thought process.
And the neocons were all over radio and TV the last two years.
You saw them promoting torture.
Liberals like Alan Dershowitz were.
And they admitted that they were torturing people.
The government came and said, yes, we are.
It's good.
Then we see the images and don't like it, and they say, oh, we never did it.
But again, that's all a side issue.
We'll get into that a little bit later.
Some of the other news that's coming up, some editorials about Skull and Bones, also martial law threatened for Iraq.
What do I mean threatened?
It's been under martial law since we put Saddam in in the late 1970s.
He did a good job for us.
And Putin says Russia warned U.S.
on Saddam.
So they've admitted about 100 times now of planting false weapons of mass destruction evidence.
They've been caught over and over again with fake weapons dossiers and
Fake mobile weapons trucks and fake mass graves, and it's all admitted to be fake now.
Bush has paid for $70 million in fake newscasts that don't even tell you it's a government program airing around the country.
But now they're saying, okay, it wasn't the CIA that told us about all this, and it wasn't the Easter Bunny, it was Vladimir Putin.
And Putin says the Iraq war is good, and Putin says that he gave Bush the evidence.
That's where it came from.
Putin, he's a real good guy.
We can believe everything he says.
KGB are good guys.
So, we'll go back over that and these new developments.
Rights Group, Blast America, Secret Detention Centers, and much more.
But joining us is George Woolley.
We had George on, I guess about a month ago, roughly a month ago, and George, about eight, nine years ago, actually for about a year, ran my live TV show.
But, you know, when Bush came into office and
Years later, we kind of parted ways because I continue to be a rock-bottom conservative against doubling the growth of government, against butchering the Bill of Rights, against assault weapons bans, against the U.N.
And I don't look at rhetoric.
I look at what they actually do.
And George, I saw him on TV, saying people that disagree with the government, that's really sedition if they're saying this stuff.
And Michael Savage has said that the New York Times showed a picture of an Iraqi holding up boots of a serviceman, and that's treason.
They should be arrested.
And anybody that disagrees with the government should be put in a forced labor camp.
And so that's kind of spread out to the population.
And I do talk at radio interviews almost every day, and people call into the show who do disagree, and they're the vast minority.
Most conservatives have woken up.
And they call in and say, you should be arrested.
You know, it's seditious to say what you're saying.
And it's frightening, my friends.
And understand, this is going to be used against conservatives, against homeschoolers.
But they're getting conservatives behind this idea right now, claiming, oh, it's for those Arabs, you know, those evil Arabs that are trying to kill us right now.
And then the neocons don't want to discuss that it was our government that radicalized many of the Arabs, that shipped in the radical Hadiths, interpretations of the Koran that say kill all the Americans, that set up the Taliban, that set up Al-Qaeda, that put Saddam into power, that put bin Laden into the position of power.
We're supposed to forget about all that.
We're supposed to have double think.
And go, no, no, no, we've always been at war with East Asia.
And then, oh, we've never been at war with East Asia the next day.
And then there's also double-think being acted on here at the same level with what I mentioned earlier.
I remember in seventh grade, them showing us images, it was all over TV as well, of piles of naked dead bodies, children, women, men, being pushed into giant mass graves in the death camps in Nazi Germany.
Eyeballs hanging out, guts hanging out.
I mean, the real deal, about as horrific as I can imagine,
And we see images of Kennedy's head exploding and brains splattering.
George pointed that out to me this morning when I talked to him.
And I agree with him.
And, you know, all the violence on television and the rest of it, but suddenly they want to selectively say, and the neocons even said, oh, let's not show the video.
The White House, yes, yes, don't show it.
Because, friends, then they can say don't show the thousands of photos and videos of the raping and beating to death of women, children, and men at Abu Ghraib and other prisons.
Which the general has now come out and the head general over those camps and said, I wasn't allowed into those areas.
It was CIA control.
We were ordered to treat them like dogs and do this.
So they're going to have trouble now isolating it and trying to say it was lone people doing it.
I mean, Bush has been caught in another lie saying that he knew nothing about it.
It was just rogue people.
No, people don't, you know, in a rogue fashion at a bunch of different bases, not just Abu Ghraib,
So this is classic.
But again, those are other issues.
We'll get into that with George and also take your calls on it.
But George Woolley, I do agree with you that the video needed to be shown and that people are really engaging in double-think when they say that it shouldn't be shown.
And it's good to have you on the air with us.
Well, thank you very much, Alex.
It's an honor to be on your program.
You know, just to correct you, I did not say that anybody that disagrees with the government or the war in Iraq is committing a sedition.
Just to correct that, I think when you falsely accuse the government of something and cause confusion because of that statement,
That's when you may or may not have crossed the line.
It definitely should not be done in a reckless manner.
Well, George, that's more doublespeak.
Now, what I said is I said Michael Savage said.
That if you disagree with the government, you should be put in a, quote, forced labor camp, and I've heard him do it now 15, 20 times.
Well, he's wrong.
He's wrong.
We have a First Amendment, and you and I... And I know you've listened to it.
Have you not heard him say that?
No, I don't ever listen to Michael Moore.
If I see his face, I turn it off immediately.
Michael Savage.
Oh, Savage.
You know, Savage is extreme.
He's extreme.
The First Amendment, I think I have as much love for it and respect for it as you do, Alex.
Well, George, I've got to be honest with you.
What I said is...
That you have told me that saying what I say about 9-11...
That I should be arrested for that, because it's reckless and I can't prove it.
And yes, I can prove it, but even if I couldn't prove it, that's my First Amendment.
And then to twist it and go, I defend the First Amendment, but you can't create confusion.
That's sedition.
I mean, come on, George.
Well, as we all know, the First Amendment doesn't allow you to scream fire in a movie theater.
Oh, you mean how the White House has been caught issuing dozens of fake terror alerts?
I'm not going to go over, you know, all the points that you cover in your show.
Well, that's what liberals always do, is they go, we're going to talk about just this.
Don't bring anything else into it.
Well, because I can't defend the White House and the government on every point that you like to attack them on, but I can make a statement as an American citizen that I think if you don't have the proof and you accuse someone of doing something, you should be sued.
In this case, at time of war...
When you're making statements that confuse the public and actually may help and abet the enemy, we have a word for that, and it's called sedition.
And that's exactly what the Deputy Attorney General under Lockyer, a Democrat, said in the Oakland Tribune last year.
But the Democrats agree with you.
They can't wait to take your mindset and use it.
George, Mayor Willie Brown did get a call from the White House not to fly.
The CIA did engage in insider trading against United America.
Bin Laden is a CIA asset.
Okay, he was used to attack the Serbs in 98.
These are all just facts, George.
I'm sorry you don't like them.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
You know, I was talking to George during the break, and I said, yeah, did you not say twice to me now at the TV station that my comments about 9-11, which obviously aren't true, that I should be arrested?
And he said, well, I did say that.
And so, just to clarify, and then I was talking about Michael Savage with disagreeing with the government on anything, and you should be put in a forced labor camp, and most of you are talk radio listeners, and you've heard that.
But again, we're going to get into all these other issues and neoconism with George in the next segment and take your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
But I do agree with George with his First Amendment stance that he was discussing on his TV show two nights ago.
Then he was on television last night on some of the channels.
In fact, it's on today.
Table Access Channel criticized for airing Berg beheading.
This is News 8 Austin.
Austin Community Television received a handful of calls Wednesday night from viewers complaining about violent content.
And this is a freedom of expression facility, so there's no control over the content of the programs, ACTV Executive Director John Villareal said.
According to the ACTV contract, as long as the content doesn't break local, state, and federal law, it can air on the channel.
The city of Austin gives ACTV a piece of place to operate but has no editorial control.
And, yeah, and it says 35 cents out of each cable bill goes to run it, as well as your county, city television, school board.
You get to see, what, six channels for 35 cents.
Quite a value there.
But the point here is that George has gone through this before, showing aborted babies.
Now, why can you show piles of dead people killed by the Nazis, but you can't show dead and aborted babies?
And they're passing laws all over the country to arrest you if you have a van driving along with a picture of this on the side.
This is double-think.
This is selective.
This is obscene, but that isn't obscene.
George, comments?
Political correctness, and as we all know, political correctness is just a polite way to say they're playing unfair.
Basically, it's based on a lie, that some things are okay if they're liberal, and some things are not okay if they're
Not liberal.
This is just another episode of that.
I did a 15-20 minute interview with that reporter and they used part of two sentences.
I think I probably had 10 words on the air last night in that reported story on the news channel.
The first question she asked me was, why did you show them?
I said, because you all won't.
Because it's the truth.
And I said, you know, you bombard us day in and day out, you and all the rest of the dominant media.
For the last month, we've been looking at naked terrorists in the Abu Ghraib prison with underwear on their head.
Now, George, George, they haven't been given lawyers, and the Army's own report, the Army admits 70 to 90 percent, depending on what camp, are completely innocent, and they arrest whole families, and they have raped children in front of their parents.
Now, that's official government reports.
I'm sure you're not aware of that, because you choose not to be aware of it.
I'm not aware of that.
Of course you're not.
And it's the things that you're talking about, Alex, and the things you always talk about, that should be discussed in the dominant media.
Instead, you're relegated to one particular...
Well, actually, we're not relegated.
We're on AM and FM in Texas, in Colorado, in Missouri, in New York, in Florida.
We're on in Los Angeles, by the way.
I am saying that the arguments that you make...
The First Amendment should be expressed fully in the media, in the dominant media, yet they only give us a narrow view.
Okay, well, let's talk about that.
Look, look, look.
CBS released some of the lighter photos.
Hersh has seen more of them.
The senators and congressmen and women have seen them.
And there's thousands of them, but they've released a couple dozen, or maybe 25.
Photos of what?
Of the stuff at Abu Ghraib.
So there's censorship right there.
Are you kidding?
How many pictures is that?
30, you say?
Not even that many, I believe.
Well, okay, but we're bombarded with them day in and day out.
Yeah, but they're not showing the photos of them raping women.
Exactly, or having their heads cut off, which is what I showed.
But you're not listening to me.
There is censorship going on.
They don't show us a lot of the abuse these people go through.
That was my point to the reporter.
She never used that comment.
Yeah, but you're saying that the evil liberal media isn't showing the images of Byrd getting his head cut off, but they're showing the torture.
I'm telling you they're holding back most of the torture information.
They're showing the torture that Americans have done to the terrorists.
Yeah, but they're censoring 98% of it.
Is that right?
Haven't you heard the senators, Republican senators, Kay Bailey, and everybody going, oh, it's horrible, there's thousands of them, people getting their heads cut off, people getting beaten to death, rape, all of this?
I'm not aware that that's been going on at the prison, and I just have no knowledge of that, Alex.
These kind of things should be brought to the fore.
I'm just for the First Amendment.
Liberals, conservatives, and otherwise, everybody should have a voice.
Okay, stay there, George.
We'll come right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
When I listen to the so-called liberals on their talk shows, on television, when I read their editorials, none of it's based in fact.
It's totally delusional.
It's like watching a bunch of mentally ill people try to...
Give you a diatribe on rocket science.
But the neocons, it's the same thing.
I mean, they have these fights over, you know, Hillary's against Bush.
Well, if Hillary's against it, you know, if Hillary's against depleted uranium, then depleted uranium must be good for the troops, because Hillary's nothing but a liar.
Meanwhile, Hillary's voted to actually expand the funding for all of that.
You know, meanwhile, Bill Clinton's in love fest with Bush saying more kind things about him than he did about Ronald Reagan.
And, you know, Bill Clinton coming out and going, actually, we did the right thing with the war.
Saddam was pretty bad.
And Putin agrees, yeah, Bush is good.
And, you know, Chuckie Schumer, yeah, Bush is good.
You know, all the real... Look at Kerry.
He says he's for the war.
He wants to expand it and have the U.N.
in there running things.
And surprise, surprise, so does Bush.
And the neocon followers, the neocon masters know full well what's going on.
Can't wake up to this.
The liberals can't wake up to this.
And it's like WWF wrestling.
It's a staged event.
It's not real.
From committee chairman and up, it's a staged event.
It's like Bush Sr.
worshipping Ted Kennedy last year.
And then, oh, George Bush Sr., he never talked about a new world order.
Only conspiracy theorists say that.
And then he's giving a press conference the night Ronald Reagan died, going, Ronald Reagan helped bring in the new world order.
You know, we deal in the real world here, folks.
We go off documents and legislation, and we're informed, and we read hundreds and hundreds of news articles a day from around the globe.
And then I talk to a liberal, I talk to a conservative, and they've never heard of any of it.
All they know is the liberals are evil.
All they know is the conservatives are evil.
All real debate ceases, and the liberals and conservatives don't know their bosses are all part of the same crime syndicate.
Now, I know we've got loaded phone lines for George Woolley, and the reason I had him back on
It's number one.
There's talk of censoring him, and there's always been talk of shutting down AXS TV because people show video of dead, aborted babies, and then people show video of Nick Burr getting his head cut off, if that video's even real.
But meanwhile, there's all the doublethink of showing all the violence and stuff you could ever imagine.
Again, Kennedy getting his head blown off, piles of dead Jews in Nazi Germany.
It goes on and on and on.
And it's very, very serious.
And no, it's not liberal censorship that they won't show the Burke video.
The White House doesn't want it shown.
Because they want to set the precedent that they don't have to release the thousands of photos and video of our troops being ordered to rape women in front of their husbands and beat people's children in front of their husbands.
Now, George, I've been running over you, so if you've got any comments or want to say anything, go ahead and lay it out.
Perhaps you want to say that I should be arrested for saying the government's behind 9-11 again.
Would you like to say that again?
Well, I just don't think you have any factual proof, and what the effect is... Well, say what you said to me in the hallway.
I said the effect is that you are confusing the American people.
You are aiding and abetting our enemy...
George, George?
Go to prisonplanet.com or infowars.com.
I have read the proof, Alex, at your site and other places.
You've seen the owner of the World Trade Center say they blew it up?
No, no, I have not seen that.
I've seen the seismographs and all the other... You haven't seen all the evidence.
That is one piece out of about 80 pieces of evidence that they engaged in demolition.
I have faith in our government.
I believe...
So you say if you saw the evidence you would, but I start giving you evidence and you go, I have faith.
I will go to prisonplanet.com and I will look again because it's updated every day.
Perhaps I have not seen the latest evidence.
Yeah, just type in the government pool building 7 prison planet into a search engine and it will pop up.
It's in the archives.
All right, I'll take a look, Alex.
But I have faith that our government...
It has our best interests, at least under this president.
It does.
But going back to the censorship, Alex, we need the solution to these problems that you're outlining for us, and we need good patriots to become the government.
They need to become the media, and we have to perhaps abandon our jobs of just trying to feed our family and pay our bills, and we may have to do a little more missionary work, and that is get involved in these
And these very influential spheres of power that are presently occupied by people who, I agree with you, are not necessarily telling us the truth and have evil agendas.
Well, George... Patriots need to become the government.
We need to become the media.
You are doing that, Alex, and I applaud you.
Well, thank you.
You could be making money.
You're a very brilliant man.
I know you personally.
You could be anything.
You want to be.
But you've chosen to give of your time, without money being the biggest consideration, to tell what you believe is the truth.
And I applaud that.
That is the kind of spirit we need by patriots in this country.
We need to get on the front lines of the... George, thank you for those fine comments and compliments, but let me just...
I mean, I hate to be mean back to that, but you just said that if it can be proven that I'm not telling the truth about 9-11, arrested for sedition, it's the government that's going to decide that.
And of course they're going to say they haven't done anything wrong.
You can't give the government that type of power in our lives, and that isn't what America's about.
It's about the First Amendment.
And if what I'm saying is a bunch of garbage, people aren't going to listen to it.
But see, it isn't garbage, so they are listening, George, millions of them.
And most of them are real conservatives that have checked out the facts.
Let's take some calls.
And I know this.
Look, George should not be censored for showing the abortion photos.
He should not be censured for Schellenberg getting his head cut off.
If there's any attempts to do it, I'm going to rally behind George Woolley, even though George thinks that I might need to be arrested if what I'm saying about 9-11 isn't true.
Now, let's go ahead and take some calls, George.
Let's talk to Brian in New Jersey.
Brian, go ahead.
How are you?
Hey, Alex.
I had called a couple days ago.
He told me to call back.
I asked a question about if our...
The government had enough military in order to put us under martial law.
I told you to call back.
What was it, at the end of the show?
You basically said that, yes, we're training our police and our military to take over martial law in the country.
My question, and then you even said that the way that we fight back is to inform people.
If our government was to do this, aren't they just going to shoot people that protest?
Well, that's what they're preparing for, but most of the troops and military won't go that far, even though they give them questionnaires trying to train them to do it.
That's why they're now giving them giant, basically lightning bolt machines, according to the new scientist yesterday.
I read that on your site.
That'll knock down whole crowds, giant microwave guns on top of these, helicopters with knockout gas.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
But now, they don't love it when their union people get their arms broken for no reason.
In fact, George, do you still... I lost that video.
It's somewhere.
Do you still have that video that you aired?
It must have been eight, nine years ago.
Yeah, I do have all those archives.
Well, I'm begging you.
In fact, will you give me another copy of that?
Sure, I'd be glad to.
Because, and I'll even put it on the website for everybody to download for free, and I'll pay for the bandwidth.
I mean, you have an hour of video of amazing women with babies breaking people's arms.
And believe me, George, all of that's going to be used against us, the real conservatives.
I hope you know that.
Well, these are all pro-lifers that are suffering this abuse, and this has been... But now they're doing it to the liberals.
Are you against it happening to the liberals?
Well, I'm against police abuse, but there's a... You know, I've been on a riot squad.
That was one of my secondary duties when I was in the military during the Vietnam years.
And, you know, we were prepared for anything if...
If we were attacked by Americans, and Kent State was kind of the mindset, and is currently the mindset of the military.
If you're attacked, even if it's your own people, sometimes you have to use extreme measures.
George, more double-think.
I have video of the government hiring the 50 anarchists in Seattle, housing them.
They had him go out, stir up some trouble so it could be videotaped, agent provocateur, to then be blamed on the 60,000 peaceful protesters against the WTO taking over our national sovereignty.
I don't have any knowledge of... Again, you don't have knowledge of any of this, George!
You're not stupid!
You decide what you want to focus on and what you want to know about.
I have read enough of the conspiracy... I got police on video admitting it.
Local newscast.
It's not my opinion.
Most of what I've read just doesn't sound credible.
Alex, does George believe that the government was behind the Oklahoma City bombing?
Because I think that most of your videos pretty much prove that.
No, I don't believe that.
I've seen...
The videos, and I just don't believe the allegations.
The allegations?
They're just, you know... The police admitting the BATF was warned not to go in, removing the bombs, the seismographs.
It's public record.
Thanks for the call, Brian.
I appreciate it.
Meg in Texas, you're on the air with Lord Woolley.
Oh, yeah.
George, hang in there, guy.
His passion is great, and there's a good reason for it, you know.
Alex, how would you like to know, you talk about the government wanting to kill two-thirds of the population or something like that.
I haven't seen the documents.
That you mentioned, that you found.
Ted Turner, Prince Philip's published book, the Georgia Guidestones, the video.
Oh, really?
Well, guess what?
Let me just keep going.
The Australian, the Associated Press, the Henry Kissinger declassified documents from 92 that he wrote in 73.
You mean all that stuff?
Because you haven't chosen to see them?
Well, I haven't gone to your site.
By the way, I got an email accusing me of lying.
Let me finish.
I got an email accusing me of lying and saying there is no Seattle article, there is no Washington Post article about the brain implant to stop depression.
That that doesn't exist either.
George, hold on, ma'am.
Sean Hannity says we all need the microchip, but I'm sure you say he doesn't say that.
Well, how would you like to know what could cause renal failure, pulmonary arrest, cardiac arrest?
It sounds like a bunch of insanity.
I don't know.
Ma'am, what's your point?
The point is that this fungus that is nationwide, and from what I'm understanding, it's probably everywhere.
We went from population control to fungus.
I'm trying to... Well, exactly, because it can kill you in any number of these ways.
And nobody be the wiser.
And this particular fungus is a morphed type of Cryptococcus.
Well, I know that they have a bunch of genetically engineered funguses that they're spraying on the coca leaves, and now it's spread to a bunch of other plants, and it's very, very serious.
There's stands of old-growth tree and dripping springs that are just dead.
And we're not talking just live oak.
We're talking juniper, red oak...
I mean, it will get into our food.
I hear you.
Thanks for the call.
George, what do you think about unlimited genetic engineering?
I guess because the liberals are against it, you think it's great.
You know, they're talking about trying to use little babies and kill them to use their spare parts.
But wait, Nancy says that, so it must be good.
Well, I think... Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute.
Al-Qaeda doesn't want us to have good scientific advances, so protesting against fetal stem cell use aids Al-Qaeda.
Fetal stem cell can help us get treatments to stop biological attack.
Hence, you're creating confusion and you may be aiding the enemy, George.
Alex, you're really stretching there.
That's right.
You're stretching, too.
That's the point.
They can stretch this to anything they want.
Well, I'm glad that you're pursuing the truth, Alex, and I will give you that much.
I believe that there's a sincere search to explain why things are the way they are.
I have surrendered.
Rather than try to reinvent the wheel every day and pursue that search that you're on, I have surrendered years ago, thrown up my hands to God and said, You take over.
Well, George, that's exactly what I've done, and I know that Jesus Christ was tortured and then killed, and that's the exact stuff our government's doing, and just because these foreigners do it doesn't make it okay for us to do it.
Just because Joseph Mingala does it doesn't mean it's okay for us to do it.
No, it doesn't.
My conclusion is that Satan is behind all the evils of the world.
Yes, he may be manifested in some of these rich cabals of organizations, international globalists or whatever.
Yes, he's manifested in many ways, but he's also manifested at the local school board where they allow sex education and little girls to be taken to their mortuaries in a myriad of ways.
Let me ask you this, George.
Let me ask you this.
I'm sure you heard that they've got memos that have been published by Rumsfeld and by the head of the Justice Department, Ashcroft, authorizing torture, saying they're above the law.
Now, they lied and said they didn't say that.
Now the memos are public.
They haven't denied it.
Now, isn't that an impeachable offense?
I have heard an explanation that these are not true soldiers, that these people are not...
Hey, hey, you can't torture... You're not allowed to torture Ted Bundy, okay?
Oh, he's not governed by any law.
He's not a soldier.
He's just an enemy combatant person of interest.
We've made a new definition.
That's more double-think.
Because if you start torturing Ted Bundy, if you start torturing Joseph Mingala, you become Joseph Mingala.
You become... These people are not responding to normal behavior.
You can't just hold them for a few months and then have the government negotiate.
That's what the Nazis said.
We've got to have stronger measures because don't you understand that you become what you're supposedly fighting?
These people are blowing up innocent men, women, and children.
So we need to pull over families at checkpoints and take them to the camp.
And they're refusing to give us information.
I don't know.
You can just hold them forever, and they'll continue to plot and destroy this world.
You mean the Al-Qaeda, L-C-I-A-D-A?
Well, I agree that this is creating a dangerous gray area, and I probably tend to agree with you that we need to err on the...
On the legal side... George, didn't I hear you say that we might need to just go ahead and nuke Baghdad?
Well, that's a conventional warfare tactic.
Or nuke Fallujah?
So if somebody hangs up four contractors in Austin off of the Lake Austin Bridge, we should have the government nuke Austin?
I think that they should allow the civilians, the innocent, to be processed out of a checkpoint and then...
Anybody that will not surrender, they should be... Yeah, this is a wartime situation.
Yeah, just go ahead and nuke them, sure.
We have to kill them.
I mean, you want to kill them with bullets or conventional bombs?
Why not do it in a much quicker... What do you think about them bombing that wedding, admittedly blowing children to pieces?
But I guess it's a war, right?
Well, supposedly there were a bunch of terrorists.
Of course, the people that were bombed said no, they weren't.
So you have to have faith in one side or the other.
You do?
George, I tell you.
Can you stay with us and take more calls?
Ladies and gentlemen, this is a journey into madness.
And I guess you can decide who's crazy, myself or George.
But, boy, I tell you.
I know one thing.
This is amazing.
We'll be right back.
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Okay, my friends.
I'm going to try to keep George a little bit with us into the next hour.
Then I've just got so many vital issues and news articles to cover.
We're going to continue with your calls.
Try to go to them a little bit quicker.
Before I go back to George, though, just briefly, if you want to see the proof, the facts,
The points that cannot be ignored, like our government saying that we accidentally flew 8,000 Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders out on CIA C-130s in the middle of the Afghan war.
It was just an accident when they got caught doing it, flying their agents out, who staged the war.
And they arrest a few, you know, innocent bystanders and torture them at Camp X-Ray.
And the general over Camp X-Ray quits and refuses to go along with torture.
We cover that in 9-11, The Road to Tyranny and Masters of Terror.
My two films on September 11th.
And we get into the structure of the buildings and how they brought them down and the eyewitness accounts and the facts.
In Eric Huffschmidt's video on VHS and DVD, Painful Deceptions.
George Humphrey covers it in his books and books on tape and CD that cover 9-11.
Go to infowars.com or prisonplanet.com.
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You know, talking about party politics, I remember trying to wake Democrats up to Bill Clinton's corruption, but they associated their own psyche with the power structure.
They had invested in it.
They see it as like a football game, as a battle, a tribal war.
And the same thing goes for Republicans now being conned by Bush, though more and more are waking up.
Look at the fruits of the tree, my friends.
And it's all coming out that Bush is in business with the Bin Ladens.
It's all coming out he flew them out of the country.
It's all facts, and they're not going to be able to ignore it no matter how many buildings they blow up in the future.
George, let's take another call.
All right.
Let's talk to Chris in Texas.
Chris, go ahead.
Hey, George, I'm a Christian.
I believe in Jesus Christ.
This is not about right or left.
This is not about pro-government versus anti-government.
This is about truth versus lies and deceit.
I'm all for the truth.
You're for the truth.
I am too.
The official line that the government is telling us is absolutely absurd.
If they're that inept, if they're that incompetent, we have a serious problem on our hands.
I mean, they're obviously not that incompetent and that inept that their explanation for everything is, oh, we just couldn't communicate.
Nor had accidentally stood down for an hour and 27 minutes.
And you owe it to us.
You owe it to Alex, if he's your friend, to study this stuff and to get a grip on it and to determine if it's true or if it's lies.
Because I'm telling you, I guarantee you it's the truth.
And I called...
The Pentagon, just a few minutes ago, and I just wanted to talk to somebody that worked there at the Pentagon.
I was able to go online and find a number to the daycare center at the Pentagon, and the receptionist answered the phone.
I asked her if she worked there that morning at 9-11.
She said, no, she didn't, but I asked her.
I said, did you know that they were running drills the morning of 9-11, simulating planes flying into the Pentagon?
And she says...
No, I really don't want to talk about that or make comments about that.
And I said, ma'am, I understand.
Yeah, that was the stand-down order, Associated Press, and we knew about it before it even came out in the media from our government sources, running drills of hijacked jets flying to the Pentagon and World Trade Center used as the stand-down order.
Were you aware of that, George?
No, I would have a hard time believing that our government conspired.
It might have been some kind of coincidental... Oh, sure, yeah.
You know, you guys give the government far more power than... It's been my experience as a federal... I'll tell you what, we'll be right back.
Stay there, George.
You stay there, too, Chris.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, we're live.
It is the 18th day of June 2004 on this Friday edition.
George Woolley is our guest.
George, a few nights ago on his cable show here in Austin, aired the Nick Berg video, The Beheading, for a full hour over and over again.
And now there's talk of censorship and was it the right thing to do and articles published and TV reports.
This is very serious questions.
No, it's not.
Again, they show images of Kennedy getting his head blown off, piles of dead Jews being pushed into mass graves.
Far more graphic than this, and it shouldn't be censored, but it sets the precedent to censor other things, like the thousands of photos they have of our troops under orders torturing, raping, and killing Iraqis, who many of them, most of them, according to the Army's own report, were totally innocent, picked up because their papers weren't in order.
We've got to torture you to make sure you're good.
Tortured until proven innocent or guilty.
The new freedom.
And we're taking calls on this subject, but the last caller brought up the fact they were running drills on 9-11 of flying hijacked planes into the Pentagon and World Trade Center at 8.30 in the morning, which was the stand-down smoke screen for NORAD, because they're not full of traitors in NORAD.
That was, oh, it's just a drill, stand down, stand down, very convenient, run by the CIA.
And George had a comment on that.
George, go ahead.
As I was saying, I think you all give the government far more power
And, you know, then they really have.
You don't understand.
I've been a federal worker, I think, four or five different agencies in my professional life before I moved to Austin, Alex.
Never anything top secret, but secret with the Air Force.
But other than that, just things like the Forest Service and the Post Office, things like that.
But nevertheless...
You know, I don't think there's any way the government could have anticipated that somebody was going to fly.
You can't have a contingency plan.
Okay, let me stop you right there.
Let me stop you right there.
George, George, George, George, the government put a man on the moon.
The government had remote control planes taking off and landing for drone practice in 1958.
But they don't have a contingency plan for every... We're saying the government did it, George!
We're not saying...
You know, they're idiots and let it happen.
We're not debating that.
No, your last caller said that the government should have been aware of it.
No, he said the government did it, and then he went on to say, but even if they didn't, then they're complete buffoons and shouldn't be running our lives.
Well, nobody can anticipate those kind of crazy attacks.
Oh, actually, there was an official U.S.
government plan that called for remote-controlling jets and crashing them to blame it on foreign enemies.
They can't anticipate the type of attacks?
They were running a drill of that very thing happening that morning!
What you just said defeats what you said!
Well, the guys in the government were committing suicide then because they ran those jets right into their Pentagon.
Okay, again.
That's kind of crazy.
Well, why did Hitler blow up his own Reichstag?
Well, Alex, I really don't... I just can't believe these charges.
I don't think there's any credibility there whatsoever.
Okay, let's take a call.
Fine, fine.
You've got the word.
There's no credibility.
I've got facts.
They can never anticipate it, but they admit they had a plan that morning of doing just that as a drill.
Let's go ahead and talk to Paul in Delaware.
Paul, thanks for holding her on the air.
Hi, Alex.
First of all, I'd like to give out my email address, if that would be okay?
Go ahead.
Because I'm doing something on January 25th.
What is that?
Going to see the opening of the Michael Moore Crocumentary.
Okay, I'm not going to be part of the White House machine.
No, no, I'm not.
Run out of a PR office in San Francisco.
Okay, well, hold on.
My call is three parts, so let me get to it real quick.
It's awakenfree at yahoo.com.
All right, sir.
What is... Okay, thanks for the call.
Appreciate the call.
We'll just leave it at that.
My show... Years ago, I allowed this to happen.
And it was just, here's my phone number.
Here's my email address.
I got a tractor I want to sell.
And, you know, I support Michael Moore.
And I don't think Michael Moore should be censored any more than George Woolley should be censored or I should be censored.
And it's not a crocumentary.
It's documented.
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Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Whenever I listen to a neocon talk show...
No real information comes out.
It's just like a junior high popularity contest.
Lots of squawking and babble and emotional diatribes.
No information.
Then you have the talk show hosts themselves planting down disinformation, like Limbaugh last week said, Oh, it's incredible!
In a world tribute in this big British newspaper, and it's not, it's American, it's run by a Washington Times editor,
You know, they're reporting weapons of mass destruction were found, shipped out of the country.
Then you read it's tagged scrap from stuff destroyed by the U.N., and it says no chemical or radiological or biological in it, legally being shipped out of the country.
But, again, the headline was enough of a deception, and that's parroted and yelled.
Just like they lied about the mobile weapons trucks and the mass graves and all the rest of it.
But see, it never matters because it's emotional, so you don't face those lies.
Just like a Democrat didn't care that Bill Clinton lied to them and said, I did not have sex with that woman.
I'm not with communist Chinese generals in the White House selling things out.
And the Democrats, oh, he didn't, Bill Clinton didn't, you know, didn't go after Ron Brown.
Bill Clinton's nice.
Jennifer Flowers is a liar.
Bill Clinton's good.
You can't talk to them.
You can't talk about real issues.
You can't explain to them that it's a staged deal.
That Bill Clinton's Hulk Hogan and George Bush is Macho Man Randy Savage and it's a staged event.
And the guys go have a beer after it.
You know, it doesn't matter if the Bushes were together with Clinton dealing drugs and meaning.
It doesn't matter if I've had former CIA officers on the record who were there and saw it all going on.
You know, it doesn't matter if Fannie Malick, the medical examiner in Arkansas, ruled that people committed suicide who shot themselves three times in the back of the head with shotguns and cut their arms and legs off.
The Democrats said, hey, man, that person did cut their own arms and legs off and then shoot themselves in the back of the head.
I just can't believe Bill Clinton would do that.
I just can't believe George Bush would do something like that.
I just can't believe it.
So, okay, you're going to be slaves, folks.
But see, they'll have a Democrat in when they're going after the conservatives, and it'll see, it's those Democrats using the Patriot Act.
Save us, Republicans, save us, and then they won't save you.
And they just double-team us.
It's tag-team wrestling.
And it's not real, folks, but the effects in your life are real.
George, got a bunch of other callers here for you.
They just love you.
Wesley in Tennessee, you're on the air.
Hello, Wesley.
Hi, can you hear me?
Oh, let me add a side issue.
We didn't hang up on Paul from Delaware.
I think he misunderstood what I was saying about we've got to leave it there.
I meant we're going into break.
I wanted to hear what Paul was saying, and if he means that Michael Moore's thing is kind of a scam and that it says the U.N.
is going to save us and only goes over some of the evidence, yes, I agree if that was his point.
But go ahead, Wesley.
George, you belong to a group of people that swing me from rage to absolute nausea.
I kind of feel that same way about libertarians.
Art Bell, Neil Bort, Mike Savage, Rush Limbaugh, and George Worley.
All five of you guys.
Now listen, Mike Savage...
Rush Limbaugh, Neil Borg, Art Bell, George Woolley, all five of you guys are repeating the same mantra over and over until it's enough to make you throw up.
I just don't believe our federal government could do anything so awful.
You know, it's funny you said that.
Hey, hey, Wesley, I was actually getting nauseated ten minutes ago.
I mean, because I'm sick.
I'm upset.
I read the documents.
I read the legislation.
You know, our whole country's in danger.
The globalists are putting cancer viruses in the vaccines.
And we can't get to these Democrats and Republicans.
You just...
Paranoids don't seem to realize... No, listen, I don't... Yeah, use some more labels.
Listen, let me just say something here.
Hey, George, look, I'm not a ditto head.
Of Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage or any of these other idiots.
I want to tell you something.
I do the work.
You don't.
You just sit there and lie.
No, I've read the same books.
No, you don't.
I've read the same books.
No, you haven't read the same books because I have a friend of 60 years that was a head of the Chicago Police Department Bomb Squad, the third largest police department in the United States, who would spend three weeks every summer going down to Redstone Park
We're good to go.
That the Oklahoma City building was blown up from the inside out.
When he tells me that the Twin Towers were controlled explosive takedowns, when he tells me that building number seven was a controlled explosive takedown, who do you expect me to believe?
Something like you that sits around and reads this stuff out of a classic comic book?
Okay, let George respond.
Everybody's entitled to their opinion.
It's not an opinion.
It's not an opinion.
There are scientists that don't believe we went to the moon, okay?
That it was a staged Hollywood event.
I don't know, maybe Alex believes that.
You know, there's people that don't... No matter what truth that you want to bring forward, they're going to argue with you.
And I just frankly don't have time for it.
I have read Eustace Mullins, another conspiracy theorist, and...
I don't talk to conspiracy theorists.
I talk to the actual scientists and technicians, and they're the ones that tell me that these... Yeah, George, George, I've talked to the firefighters.
I've talked to the former head of Air Force Weapons Development.
I've talked to the investigators on the ground at Oklahoma City World Trade Center.
They've all been on this show.
Alex, you can also talk to thousands of others who have also been on the ground, and they'll tell you you're nuts.
Or at least you're wrong.
I won't say you're nuts.
I truly believe you are in search of the truth, and I applaud you.
Well, let me ask you this, George.
Let me ask you this.
Let me ask you this.
Have you seen Operation Northwoods?
Is that the one where you went into the woods to look at the...
The big party, the fraternity party out in Northern California?
No, not the Christian meeting.
Well, it's Christian, according to people.
But no, not the Skull and Bones Christian devil worship.
No, no.
Operation Northwest is the official U.S.
government plan to carry out 9-11 style attacks.
No, I have not seen that, Alex.
Hey, next Tuesday when you're up at the TV studio and I'm there, I'm going to give you a copy.
All right.
Library of Congress!
If you can show me one credible shred of evidence that our government is behind any of these... I know our government's behind Waco.
I saw that on live TV, and I still am waiting for the justice to be done there.
I agree with you.
But if you're going to try to tell me they're blowing up innocent civilians and perpetrating these things behind the scene, I will grab my rifle, and it's revolution time for me.
Okay, George.
Thanks for the call, Wesley.
Paul, got back in from Delaware.
What was the point you're trying to make about Moore's film, saying it's a fraudumentary or a scamamentary, whatever you called it?
Yeah, am I on?
Yes, you are.
Yeah, well, it is a...
It's not the whole truth, and of course they want the U.N.
to stay with us or whatever.
But besides that, this guy George you got on, this is the second time I've heard him, and I must say he gets my blood pressure up, not because I'm on one cult group and he's on the next.
It's because nothing he says makes sense.
And on top of that, even if it does make sense, he can't see it or it just doesn't make any sense to him.
But another reason why I was calling in
Yeah, I think so.
Talked about a man named Peter Kawaja, Alex, and you said you've never heard about him.
No, I mean, I've heard the name and heard some of the stuff.
I haven't heard the particulars of that facility.
Well, I'll tell you, this guy, Peter Kawaja, has a lot of good work, and he believes in documentation up and down one side, but I've never heard anything about him.
And the last point I'd like to make is I have a video with him with documented proof, and he goes over, and I've got to say it,
He goes over proof about Joyce Riley.
Yeah, that's the thing I'm not going to do on my show.
This is what... Thanks for the call.
No, I'm going to let you go, Paul.
Let me finish, George.
The disease of the so-called patriots is fighting with each other, and I'm going to continue to cover the news, the information, and try to get people to think.
And that's what I'm going to do.
I've got to tell you one thing, though.
I'm going to have to switch to my mobile phone if you want to continue this.
Yeah, we're about to go to break here in a minute.
I know you've got to drive into the local radio station where you work, George.
So stay there.
In a few minutes, we'll go to break, and you can call back on that.
We'll just keep you a few more minutes.
Let's go ahead and take another call, though.
Let's go ahead and talk to, I guess up next here would be, who's up next, Stephanie?
Tim in Ohio, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
How are you doing today?
Go ahead.
George, George is a microcosm of the general part of the population and the type I pray for.
The most.
George, you are stunningly uninformed to the truth, and I can't believe your incredible arrogance when it comes to hearing that truth.
You are drowning in your own apathy, sir, and it's people like you that are taking this country down.
The allegations that they make, that Eustace Mullins makes, that it's all a bunch of Jewish bankers that are behind all the problems of the world is absurd.
Hey, hey, let me stop you right there.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
We've never said that here on this show.
We're talking about... Hold on just a minute.
You know, the other day when Time Magazine talked about Dick Cheney's bunker, they said that's anti-Semitic.
Now, how is Time Magazine anti-Semitic?
I have the article here because they talked about Dick Cheney's site R. I mean, this thing of where you go, government might have done something corrupt once in history.
Oh, that's anti-Semitic.
I mean, you're talking like the biggest liberal I can imagine.
George, no matter how much evidence we put in front of your face, you're never...
You're not going to believe the truth.
I mean, that tactic of going, oh, he talks about a new world order.
He might be an anti-Semitic.
I mean, what on earth?
Give him the Northwest document and the PNAC.
Let him start his education there.
And hopefully we can get rid of psychological fascists like George.
George, George, stay there.
We're going to call you back on your cell.
Give the board off to your cell phone number.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're back live, and I am going to get into some more of the news here in a little while.
We're continuing to take your calls.
But talking to my old friend George Woolley, who's totally in this whole partisan mindset, I mean, talking to him,
We point out they've lied about weapons of mass destruction.
I mean, they put out false reports.
Fake Niger uranium documents.
Fake letters from troops with false signatures in newspapers.
Fake $70 million media buy of manufactured fake newscasts.
And they admit it!
PNAC, the Project for a New American Century, written by Dick Cheney.
PNAC.info, their own group says, Saddam isn't a threat, it's about the oil.
And then his own administration people quit and say that, and, oh, it's a liberal conspiracy.
We have Dick Cheney writing this.
And we have that, and the caller mentions that.
George, are you aware of PNAC?
I never even heard the term.
Project for a New American Century, where Dick Cheney said it's about oil, it's about global domination.
I'm sure you've heard that Dick Cheney's run the no-bid contracts for Halliburton right out of the VP office.
Yeah, that's been a little too uncomfortable for me.
I think he ought to be recused from his job, recused from his profits from Halliburton.
Certainly, he should cut his ties for certain.
It doesn't look good.
I'll agree with you there.
Okay, well, good.
Man, my headache's starting to go away a little bit.
Alex, as I said, you know, you can find people that will refute.
You can show them, hold it up to their face, and they're going to say, no, it's not really what it appears.
There's really a conspiracy behind it.
I personally think that the truth will be made manifest.
As I was about to say to that last caller, you know, there's a phrase in the Bible that you...
Swallow camels while choking on gnats.
And I think that that's a big part of the conspiracy movement.
They don't want to see what... George!
It's not a conspiracy... George!
I just haven't seen too much behind the scenes.
George, I'm holding up the proof, saying to you there's an Operation Northwoods, a government plan to carry out 9-11 style attacks.
I tell you there's PNAC.
And I'm telling you that these are public things written by the government, and then you just say, you know, I have no knowledge.
Well, I don't.
I just don't.
But I have knowledge that the President of Russia has said, I have seen the evidence he warned of these weapons of mass destruction.
I tend to believe what, you know, I mean, I don't think the man was lying to us.
Yeah, Vladimir Putin, the former KGB boss, a guy who arrests all his political enemies, who is brutal, who is just an absolute criminal, and I can say that unequivocally, he now comes to Bush's aid.
Bill Clinton has come to Bush's aid on Iraq.
The CIA director said that he had advised George Bush that he said it was a done deal.
But they definitely had the weapons.
So George Bush goes on record and says they have them.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
They didn't just mess up.
Hey, George, are you aware that the government produced the fake Niger weapons document?
Alex, everything that you're saying on your show is unknown to me other than I've read...
Some of the material that you recommended to me years ago... Let me ask you this.
Let me ask you this.
Let me ask you this.
Let me ask you this.
I never recommended that to you, George.
I just don't believe it.
And by the way, George, you never recommended my comp to me, did you?
No, I never have.
No, you didn't.
That's right.
So your little tactics aren't working.
My tactics?
Yes, your tactics are not working.
I am only for the truth.
So you don't believe... By the way, I think the Federal Reserve is owned by Dutch, British, French, and some Jewish people, but it doesn't matter.
There's French organized crime, there's Jewish organized crime, there's British organized crime.
I mean, you keep bringing up this thing about Jews.
Is there Jewish mafia in the world?
That's because that's what the material that I've read...
Actually, Eustace Mullins, I mean, I've listened to one of his tapes.
I didn't really hear... He talked about the Rothschilds, who happen to be Jewish, but he didn't say it's the Jews doing it.
So I'm a little confused, George.
I mean, you never recommended my comp to me, but you're sitting there implying that I was recommending something about Jewish bankers to you.
Did I ever tell you Jewish bankers ran things?
No, you have never used that term.
Oh, but no, you tried to imply that.
That is very dirty, George.
Maybe you didn't recommend a particular material that I've read in my own research.
Man, it's like I'm talking to the ADL or something.
Stay there, George.
One more segment.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
It's finally here.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Folks, can you imagine?
Can you imagine what would happen if Bill Clinton was in office and started backing up his intelligence claims for preemptive, aggressive wars?
Against defenseless, broken-back, dustbin countries.
If Bill Clinton said, my buddy Vladimir Putin told me so, oh man, people would howl.
It would never end.
And just to sit here and to watch all of this unfold.
Vladimir Putin has said in newspapers and on TV that he thinks Jews run Russia.
The so-called oligarchs.
Another thing.
See, if you're a real Nazi, you're A-OK with the Republican Party and the New World Order.
It's like Arnold Schwarzenegger saying he didn't care if Kirk Voltham was a Nazi.
He was going to campaign for him after he'd been U.N.
Secretary General.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, supported by the Republican Party over real conservatives, replaced that monster Gray Davis.
Arnold Schwarzenegger had a bodybuilding contest in 78.
This was in the news, screaming that he didn't like black people and that they were all these horrible names that I won't repeat.
Arnold Schwarzenegger saying he dreamed of being a dictator like Hitler.
But, oh, that's all right.
But then we talk about world government.
The Bilderberg Group just met two weeks ago.
We had reporters on.
There were mainstream Italian newspapers reporting on it, calling for world government, new world order.
But, George, now, George, who are the real Nazis here?
I mean, you're saying Vladimir Putin backs up Bush's weapons of mass destruction now.
Let me just read it, and I'll let you comment.
Putin says Russia warned U.S.
on Saddam.
Reuters, Russian president who says Jews run Russia, by the way.
Putin, its comment sure to help President Bush, declared Friday that Russia knew Iraq's Saddam Hussein had planned terror attacks on U.S.
soil and had warned Washington.
Oh, so now it was Saddam!
And then I remember hearing that Saddam was funding the anti-war protest, Putin said.
We need to crack down and arrest everybody.
Wow, the former KGB boss of Leningrad is now hanging out with Bush.
George, so what do you say to what I just said?
You know, as I was saying, my federal work is just regular folks like you and me.
So is the president.
He's just a regular man.
He has no supernatural powers.
And if his advisor, the head of CIA, tells him that this is the situation that they have, the WMDs over there, he's got to believe them.
And so, you know, to tell you that somehow George Bush is still to blame, despite what his advisors and even what the intelligence agencies of foreign intelligence agencies give him, I don't know how you could fault George Bush.
But I do want to apologize by implicating...
That you somehow sent me anti-Semite information.
If you did not, I know for a fact that you are not anti-Semite.
Yeah, but George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George, George.
Let's just not look.
I'm trying to get over to you.
I understand you're not saying that.
What I'm trying to say is that's what the media does.
Oh, this person thinks government's corrupt, and so does this toothless white supremacist in upstate New York.
You know how they say that about Christian conservatives.
Oh, pro-lifers are secretly linked in.
With white supremacists.
You have adopted a lot of liberal mindsets, and I don't think that you know it.
But listen, back to this weapons of mass destruction thing.
It's admitted that Cheney went to the CIA, that they squeezed the CIA to give them this material, and a year before Bush gave that State of the Union, the CIA had said, no, we don't have specifics.
Don't you remember that?
No, I don't know.
You're asking the wrong guy here.
I'm an independent television producer.
I'm a Christian activist, pro-life activist, anti-UN guy, and a staunch Republican.
And I don't have privy to top-secret information, and I believe a lot of the stuff that is said to you
It's incredible.
You mean when I read an actual Justice Department-admitted memo saying torture's okay, and they admit it's their memo, then it's uncredible?
No, that's public knowledge.
The Bush administration says these Al-Qaeda people do not belong to any particular country.
The Geneva Convention does not apply to them because they are thugs.
They also said the federal law didn't apply.
Oh, they are held in Cuba.
In Iraq.
So they're just in this limbo.
So torture... It's a technicality.
I would tend to agree with you, Alex, that we should probably... that we should apply American standards to...
But they haven't chosen to do that because they really don't want to see another 9-1-1.
They hate it.
Oh, no.
They hate it.
They hate it when the approval rating goes to 94% of the president.
They hate it when they get to re-engineer the whole economy as their private cash machine.
Oh, by the way, you said we're in this war, George, during a break when I talked to you, and we've got to give up some rights.
They say this war is going to last 100 years, George.
Well, I hope not.
I think it could be...
Broadcast that into the camps.
But, you know, this is a war zone.
So go ahead and... Now, I saw you on TV say, go ahead and nuke the major cities, right?
That'll make people love us, right?
No, as I said, I would allow the innocents to escape.
Yeah, as if Al-Qaeda, or even if Al-Qaeda was this independent group that wasn't controlled by the globalists, as if they wouldn't leave.
If they don't leave, then they get fired.
Well, what does making people leave a city do, George?
Of course Al-Qaeda would get in disguises and leave with the rest of the people.
Well, that's what I'm saying.
They have to go into the camps to be processed.
We have to check them out.
Ah, everyone must go through the camps!
Just like 70-90%, including Reuters cameramen, are stopped at the checkpoints and brought to the 32 camps where their children are tortured in front of them.
I don't know anything about that, Alex.
These are some fantastic allegations.
I'm not saying that they're false.
It's called Antonio Tugumba.
You haven't heard of the, what is he, a three-star general before Congress?
I just know, from first-hand experience, the federal government that the U.S.
military is made up of regular guys from Texas, from Iowa.
No, sir.
No, sir.
They hired special feds, former federal jail guards, paid them extra $20,000 bonuses, and had private security firms running those wings of the prison.
I'll tell you what, I got an article here today where an admitted child rapist was one of the interrogators.
That's who our government hired, was people who they knew had been involved.
See, that's what Stalin did.
He took the rapers and the killers out of the prisons and made them the bosses.
Well, I know Scott Ritter was accused of that as well, and that was unbeknownst to the government before they hired him.
Scott Ritter was accused of trying to pick up a 15-year-old.
Well, that's... Yeah, magically after he's out exposing the non-existent weapons of mass destruction.
Oh, really?
Then the neocon head of the inspectors, I forget his name, the guy with the mustache, he came out and said, yeah, it wasn't true.
What was his name?
It's on the tip of my tongue.
I don't know who you're talking about.
Okay, George, we'll take a few final calls.
I'll let you get into work.
Let's go ahead.
Here and talk to... Who's up next?
Cliff in Virginia.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
How you doing, Alex?
What planet is George from?
I mean, with comments like his... Well, I know he's from the Neocon system.
But I would say that he's from one of the moons of the capital planet of the neocon.
Neocon, propaganda, big liberal, destroy America.
But he's not part of that evil.
He's part of the moon of ignorant sub-minion con.
That's the little moon he's from.
I'm not going to bash George.
I'm going to give him a couple of...
I mean, that's public record.
And my second comment, as far as... How do you know it's bombs and not the gasoline from the airplane?
Because gasoline evaporates and dissipates at a great percentage rate, and being that the planes hit the towers over three-fourths of the way up, that fuel would in no way make it less than halfway down the towers.
Listen, sir, a big building like that's full of all kinds of compressed air and tanks full of fuel... Compressed air, sir, has to have some type of a catalyst and a fusion, okay?
We can't...
I'm no scientist.
I have not looked at this stuff, Alex.
You got the wrong guess for that sort of thing.
If you want me to refute every allegation, I'm just telling you that I have faith in my government.
Are you talking about the same government that told more than 41 lies, used fake dossiers, and put Colin Powell in front of you in to invade Iraq?
And the same government that's also lying that took out 8,000 documents from Iraq's own weapons and mass destruction program, that they wanted to resolve Resolution 1441 of that government?
Is that the one you're talking about?
I'm sure the government has plenty of evidence.
Or do we got to learn later years on, like back when Enron was being investigated, that they said the SEC Energy Committee, they didn't have room in California for them, but yet they had room for Arnold Schwarzenegger to attend that meeting with Dick Cheney and Ken Laney and him?
Is that the government you trust?
As Alex always likes to point out, this government's the one that propped up to Adam Hussain.
I'm sure we stole them.
Well, what I've given you so far is facts.
In a matter of public record, you can look on any Google search and find the PDF formats.
And my third comment here is that you say you doubt the new world order.
Now, this is facts where you can research it, and it's on record anywhere, and you can find the book.
It's from Master Freemason Albert Pike.
This book was written in 1870, 134 years ago.
He said himself that we needed three world wars to get the New World Order jump-started.
The first was to have a downfall of Russian fascism so they could instill a communist state and then tear it down and install some type of a global police with World War II, which was the creation of the UN.
And the third world war would have to be between Christians and Muslims as to put the two main religious sectors at each other's throats.
And with Bush already stating...
That he has been led by God to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, then here we're only attacking Muslims and no other spiritual, religious gender.
And, of course, he says that to manipulate Christians.
That's what I'm saying.
And that's over 130 years ago, so how can you doubt those facts when this is the timetable, Alex?
Like you said, everything's scripted, and everything's going according to plan, but yet people like George don't believe it, and the evidence is right there in front of him.
Well, actually, George is a good guy.
Yeah, he is.
George is just confused, and my analogy was horrible earlier.
You said, what planet is he from?
And I see the neocons as premeditated liars.
People like George are a little moon orbiting it that mean well but are just conned, and that's what all that mindless babble was that I was trying to explain.
George, do you want to respond to the caller?
I was just being sarcastic, George.
I wasn't in a way trying to demean him or anything.
He's a good guy, and he believes what he's standing for.
Well, you're very well informed, though, I have to tell you, Cliff.
I understand that.
But, George, you want to comment to what he said?
Oh, George's phone dropped out.
That's just like Alex.
He talks about the international banking scam.
But what a lot of people fail to realize is, you know, I heard you refer to the Rothschild dynasty earlier, is because during those Jewish movements back in them days, you know, the Rothschilds, Mayor Amstel Rothschild, his former name was Bauer, and he changed it to Rothschild as to not attract any attention because,
The Jews had to make some kind of deal to keep from being expunged from the face of the earth back in the early days, and a lot of people don't understand that, and they call you anti-Semitic and every other name in the book, but they failed to separate the three terms as far as anything to do with Jews and Israel, and that's Judaism, Zionism, and anti-Semitism.
Now, those are three very different points.
Well, look, I mean, I don't think any one group runs the New World Order, but I know there's Italian Mafia, Chinese Mafia, Jewish Mafia, and you talk about the Jewish Mafia, one of the most powerful mafias in the world, you're supposedly bad.
And no, I'll talk about any mafia I want to.
Thanks for the call.
All right, thank you.
George, your phone cut out, and we were complimenting you.
You bet.
I was saying that people like you are just conned by the neocons, that you're not trying to disinform people, and that my analogy was you're kind of like a little moon orbiting this planet of lies.
You're not really part of the lies.
You're just going along with them because you're ignorant.
Of course, you think I'm ignorant, I guess, George.
Thank you for the compliment, Alex.
If that's a compliment, well, I guess I better take what I can get.
No, no.
I was saying that you're a good guy and that you mean well.
I think we both love our country, Alex.
We have an honest disagreement as to where the source of our problems are.
Once again, I'll go back, and I think it's a spiritual source.
I believe in an entity called Satan.
I think he's manifested all around all of us Americans who are listening in the
The liberal mindset that we can kill our children, we can sodomize our young boys, we can steal money from people through taxes, and I think you believe that it's a government conspiracy, and I believe it's a spiritual conspiracy, and I'm not looking at the United Nations necessarily to target, although they are, I think, a manifestation of evil.
I'm looking right here in my own neighborhood,
At the people who try to perpetrate these evil ideas right here, and that's in every neighborhood of America.
Okay, George, let's take one more call and I'm going to let you go.
I appreciate you joining us.
Let's talk to Russ in Texas.
Russ, go ahead.
Alex, thank you.
George, I appreciate you being there.
I've talked to a lot of people that just, you know, they put their hands up and they say, I don't want to hear it, I don't want to hear it.
You know, the problem is Hosea 4.6, which says, My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
The problem is ignorance and apathy.
Do you agree with that?
I agree.
Those are very dangerous.
Okay, the problem is you say you believe in Satan.
If all God had to do was wave his sovereign hand and create a miracle, it wouldn't require faith.
Everyone would believe.
Satan does the same thing.
He has deceived the best and the brightest with promises of great worldly riches if they would help him build his end-time kingdom, and they've done it.
And most of them have done it without even knowing it.
Believe whatever you want to believe, George, but know why you believe it.
If you were part of the construction of a dam, and that dam, the floods came and that dam began to fail, and you were in the town down below, you might sit there with the people that you were with and say, the integrity of this has not been compromised because you believed in your own ability to build it.
But in fact, it may have been compromised, and you may be about to perish.
You have to go back and do a little research.
Government has killed over 200 million in the last century.
What makes you think that they wouldn't kill 3,000 to further their agenda?
Because our government is made up of regular people like you and me, and I don't believe... That have been corrupted by, because of their love of the almighty dollar, George, because of their love of the almighty dollar, they have been willing to look past the corruption of themselves and their cohorts.
Go back and look at Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, which was a document that was found in a surplus government copy machine that calls for the mathematical plan for the automation of society.
Go back and look at the War Powers Act of March 9th of 1933.
When they do, hopefully there's somebody like the My Lai Massacre, somebody there who's a regular American from Iowa or Texas or wherever, who says, wait a minute, what's going on here is wrong.
I'm telling somebody.
Well, George, that's a good note to end it, because I agree with you on that.
I appreciate you joining us.
Have a good day.
Okay, a bunch of news, more of your calls coming up when we get back.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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You know, I think the last caller said it all.
You've got these well-meaning people like George who aren't informed on all the issues, and they just can't believe that the government would be doing evil things.
It's amazing, and we're going to continue with your calls, and I've covered some news, and we'll get into a lot more of it, but to have Vladimir Putin coming out now, after the government didn't accidentally lie about weapons of mass destruction, they fabricated evidence and got caught fabricating it time and time again.
It's ironclad.
They got caught putting out memos saying, torture people.
That's ironclad.
It's their own documents.
Their own memorandums.
And to have Vladimir Putin, who is an anti-Semite, who is a criminal, who bombs his own buildings, his own FSB has gone public.
He's been caught.
He's arresting all of his enemies.
To have him and to have somebody...
I mean, that shows how far we've gone.
Oh, Vladimir Putin says it.
Oh, well, that documents it.
I mean, Bill Clinton's been out agreeing with Bush the last six months.
Oh, I agree with the war.
Oh, you know, Bush did what he had to do.
I mean, come on!
Oh, Bill Clinton says now.
Vladimir Putin says now.
What in the world are you people talking about?
Now, because Putin says so?
I mean...
But again, if you're a real live Nazi like Putin or Schwarzenegger, you're going to be just fine.
But you fight fascism, you fight communism, you fight socialism, you know, the three-pronged fork of control the globalists created, you might secretly... Why?
You're against all forms of mafia.
And you, you know, Mr. Jones, do you think there's a Jewish mafia?
Well, yeah, there's a Jewish mafia.
Well, then that's anti-Semitic!
You know, no Jew can do any wrong!
Well, then why...
Then did we have Bugsy Siegel?
I mean, do I think the Jews run everything?
But again, this always gets brought up, and it's the government that wants to inject it into the debate.
It just blows me away, my friends.
We'll break and come back.
A lot of amazing calls, though.
But if I sounded irritated, I mean, I was getting a headache.
And I literally did start getting a stomachache listening to some of that.
I expect the globalists to be evil and lie, but to see brainwashed good people, people I've known for years, people I've been to dinner with, totally shift and not see it.
And the Democrats aren't going to see it if Kerry gets in office and they're doing all this to conservatives.
The Democrats aren't going to care.
They aren't going to see the corruption of Kerry.
They're going to love it, too.
We're in for a rough ride.
And I just ask God to move people's hearts and minds out there to be given discernment and see the truth.
And a great way to do that is my videos.
90% of those that see the films are waking up.
But again, a large portion just refuse to watch them.
I've made ten of them.
I carry a bunch of other videos and books and books on tape and CD by other great authors and researchers.
You want to know documented facts about the New World Order, I have picked the materials that I think are the best out there exposing this New World Order.
And they're available through InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
Or by calling toll-free, 1-888-253-3139.
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All right, folks.
We'll be right back with a third hour of your calls and a ton of news.
Keep it locked in.
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Well, so does he.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
We're now into the third and final hour of this Friday edition.
I do this broadcast Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight Central, blasting out on the AM and FM dial a growing list of wonderful affiliates, simulcasting at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv, and on Global Shortwave during the day from 11 to 2 at 94.75, and back from 9 to midnight.
Back from 9 to midnight at 32.10.
Okay, there is just so much here that we need to go over.
And Putin says Russia warned U.S.
I mean, this is so laughable.
on Saddam.
I mean, before the war, he was saying it was wrong, that Saddam hadn't done anything.
He was with France and Germany saying it wasn't good.
But now he says, oh, no, it was all true.
And Saddam didn't just have weapons of mass destruction.
He planned to attack America.
I mean, this from this arch-criminal Vladimir Putin.
After we've caught the Pentagon and the White House and the Justice Department planning all these fake weapons reports, admittedly, and now suddenly Putin is being hailed by neocons everywhere as this wonderful, good little boy who helps us and is such a friendly individual.
What do you think about that?
What do you think about all the news we have been covering here?
We're going to take a bunch of calls now, and I mean quickly.
Each call about a minute, minute and a half.
Let's talk to Ed in Utah.
Ed, go ahead.
Very good show today, Alex.
I want to encourage you to stay strong in the light of George there.
I'm going to say this.
They want you to start backing away from one of the prime sources in this country of what's going on, and that's the American Free Press, and particularly Michael Collins Piper.
You've had him on.
His new book, The High Priest of War.
It is the first definitive book of the latest Gulf War, and the Bush crime family
And their antics with, as you point out, the Jewish mob.
And to that end, Alex, speaking of the American Free Press, I want to, if George is still listening, I hope he would look into it.
Kings Bay, you may have heard about it.
I missed a couple of your shows here.
The Kings Bay Submarine Naval Station in St.
Mary's, Georgia, on May 21st, and then a few days before, in Irwin, Tennessee, the Navy's sole submarine fuel provider, Nuclear Fuel Services.
There were two incidents, two sets of Middle Easterners in both cases using Ryder rental trucks.
You could contact Sheriff Ken Harris in Houston County.
They're in Tennessee at Fairwind Installation, Alex.
And that has to do with the fact that in both cases a federal judge intervened and let these two sets of criminals who had explosives, false IDs, learn to fly in Florida business cards on their possession, etc., etc.,
And yet the federal judge intervened and got them to Ashcroft, who deported them back to... You know, unfortunately, somebody else is on your line, and we've got two lines live right now.
That's your phone line.
Is that a little better?
Okay, these were sent back to Israel.
They were Israelis.
Did you hear of these stories, Alex?
Yeah, it was even in the Associated Press.
And by the way, sir, on top of all of this...
A few weeks ago with the shootings in Kobar in Saudi Arabia, it's admitted the CIA ordered the shooters released.
Yes, but where I want to encourage you concerning Kings Bay, and especially Irwin, Tennessee, where this was at the same time when Ashcroft was scaremongering about a dirty bomb.
Well, the materials that these Israelis could have gotten was right from Irwin, Tennessee.
And the sheriff there is befuddled as to why Ashcroft and Tom Ridge intervened on behalf of these Israelis.
Well, the American Free Press has laid out why that is, particularly Michael Collins Piper.
Listen, I hear you.
I'm going to let you go because your phone is really bad.
But thank you.
Again, we will expose any mafia.
The German mob, the British mob, the Italian mob, the Jewish mafia, the Chinese mafia.
And certainly that's going on.
I mean, you look at Nick Byrd.
With all of his connections to Mossad, the CIA, working at Abu Ghraib.
I mean, this whole thing stinks to high heaven.
We'll be right back.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
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All right, my friends, we're eight minutes, 15 seconds into this third hour.
Let's continue with your calls.
Bill in Wisconsin, you're on the air.
Yeah, Alex, I wanted to talk to your guest there, but unfortunately he's gone.
But George is concerned about censorship.
But whenever I call your show, all they say is, who are you and where are you from?
And that's it.
But you call these others.
They want to know what you're talking about, what points you're going to bring out, and if you try to emphasize anything that's contrary to
There's a neocon position they don't put you on.
Now, if you're a classical, you know, dumbed-down big government promoter, they'll bring you on.
Or if you're a government-worshipping neocon, they'll bring you on.
But if you're a real conservative or libertarian exposing the New World Order, they will censor you off the air.
You have to lie to get on almost every station in the country.
That's right.
That's right.
The local or Sean Hannity or the Dittohead crowd.
I think they took him from almost nowhere and he wasn't making much money and he's making a ton now and he's loving it getting all of these celebrities on the show all these big government officials all these other neocons and all they do is reinforce each other constantly
And you're right.
There's no facts presented.
There's no true information.
And it's just a cheerleading club.
Well, I call him every child needs a microchip, Hannity.
And I have him on video saying that.
This is the arrest all militia members.
I've seen him say that.
We need to put people in the... But he's nothing compared to Mr. Weiner.
Well, see, I'm not familiar with him.
That's Michael Savage.
Oh, okay.
All right.
Okay, yeah, he's... The only time I listen to these guys is when I'm in the car.
And that's it.
Otherwise, I just don't waste the time.
Well, the point is, they don't want to talk about the government doubling its growth rate.
They don't want to talk about Bush and the assault weapons ban.
They don't want to talk about Bush and open borders.
They don't want to talk about Bush and UNESCO.
They don't want to talk about Bush and campaign finance reform.
They don't want to talk about any of that.
They just want to tell us how conservative and how lucky we are to have him and how he never lies to us and...
Listen, I tune into Hannity maybe once a month, and he's still, every time I, we found the mobile weapons trucks, we found the mass graves.
The government has admitted that was a mistake.
But they're still saying it.
And I would like to point out one thing to George, okay?
It's a documented fact.
Schiff and the Warburgs financed the Bolshevik Revolution.
They are not mafia, Alex.
They are Jewish bankers.
And, you know, they did this.
Well, no, that is mafia, but that's my point, is that we can criticize Al Capone for doing something, but then if you criticize somebody from certain groups, then you must be bad.
But it goes, you know, I mean, I've seen the liberals try that.
If you criticize a black person who's corrupt, you know, the defense is, oh, you're just racist.
I mean, look...
It's like when I caught a white guy paying off two black guys who just testified before the Texas legislature and made it in the front page of the paper and on TV, and I caught video of it, and they admitted they'd been paid off and really messed up.
The paper called and said, Mr. Jones, are you a racist?
And I said, what does this have to do with race?
I caught them at a Second Amendment hearing.
They're being paid to testify, and the House Ethics Committee says that that's illegal.
I go, well, they're black, Mr. Jones.
And I said, well, so what?
Well, there's a white guy paying them off.
Well, would you have been angry if they'd have been white being paid off?
And I said, of course!
I mean, it's just where this stuff comes from.
Yeah, yeah.
But there is one last point.
There is a concerted effort on the part of the ADL, the Zionist movement, and even Judaism to eliminate Christianity from America.
And to be blind to that fact,
Well, there certainly are groups.
I mean, Alan Dershowitz is out there promoting torture, and he's Jewish, but that doesn't mean that it's Jews who want torture, because you've got all these neocon wasps.
There are too many of them.
Like Chaney and Bush and Rumsfeld.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
Listen, and again, that caller was on three and a half minutes.
I'm going to have to go to these calls quicker.
Let's go ahead and talk to Logan.
Logan, where are you calling from?
Okay, go ahead.
I was going to say, just in defense of Joy.
Going to have to put you on hold.
I don't know whether you've got your radio up or you're on a speakerphone or you're 15 feet from your telephone, but it's almost incoherent.
So get next to your phone, turn off what you're listening to.
Go ahead.
Okay, in defense of George, at least he's coming on the show and stating his opinion.
And when I look at it, it just seems I talk to people a lot like him, and, yeah, they are liberals when I do talk to them.
And it seems like what we have to do is really focus in on specific evidence for, like, a long time.
I mean, we have a whole documentary or a whole report on the Northwoods document.
Because otherwise, they're really not going to believe it if we just put all the evidence in one big pot and show it to them.
They're not going to sit through it.
You show a neocon the Northwoods document, they'll just deny it's real and then never go look it up.
I don't know.
That's what I'm saying, because I've got your videos, and I really like your videos.
And if you took kind of your same style and
But put that towards, like, this one specific piece of evidence, they can't really deny it.
I've shown people the Northwest document, like, they just kind of read through a little something that someone else has said about it and then throw it away.
But if, you know, they got sat down in front of one of your documentaries where it was actually focusing on one piece of evidence where they couldn't turn their head away from it.
But see, you can lead a horse to water and you can't make them drink.
I found it's better to give them a lot of different pieces of evidence.
But hey, thanks for the call.
It's good to hear from you.
Let's go ahead and talk to Michael in Hawaii.
Hey Alex, I've just got a question.
Go ahead.
George, it's like the Bible says that wisdom is justified over children.
George is sort of like my dad.
You can talk until you're blue in the face, but you have to just plant seeds with him.
I'm just really surprised that you gave the guy almost an hour.
One segment I could understand, but it was obvious that nothing we could have said would
Yeah, but we need to not just have our ideas here and then kind of preach to each other.
We need to hear the mindset, not of an evil globalist, but of one of their zombies.
Well, yeah, I can understand.
We have the zombie on for more than an hour, actually.
Oh, man.
Anyway, we plant the seeds because one day when he wakes up and the world as he knows it has ceased to exist, well, then he'll think about all these things that we tried to tell him.
Well, he'll learn to blame it on Goldstein, the boogeyman character in 1984.
He'll learn to do that.
Keep it up, Alex.
Have a good one.
I associate myself with the Republican Party, and it's the evil liberals.
And I'm not going to, you know, I just can't believe it.
I just can't.
I just can't.
I just can't.
I'll make him read speeches of the founding fathers.
He'd say, well, that was a long time ago.
I don't know what George would say.
Let's go ahead and talk to our caller from Virginia.
Caller, what's your name?
Good to talk to you.
Go ahead.
Well, I just want to say very shortly that it's good that you and others are giving synopsis of the things that are happening now.
It really does point up the prophecies of the Bible.
And these evil, wicked people you're talking about, they're really a part of Babylon, the grave.
But shouldn't we just trust the government?
Governments are never bad.
No, but think about it.
They're always good.
All these things are happening.
It has to happen because God's Word said it would.
Prophesied it would.
But we have a job to wake people up and warn them.
That's what I just said.
That's what I just said.
Yes, sir.
But you don't get too excited about it because what is happening has to happen because it's been prophesied to happen.
Say, for instance, right here in Revelation chapter 18, it would speak about the Babylonians.
It says, because your traveling merchants were the top-ranking men of the earth...
Well, by zero, a spiritistic practice, all of the nations were misled.
Well, you know, Satan is the god of this world.
And it says that all the leaders are under his control.
And then these weirdo churches go, Romans 13, follow the leaders.
Well, then, why were almost all of the prophets and apostles killed if government's so good?
That's just it.
It says here, speaking about killing, Yes, and here was found the blood of prophets and of holy ones and of all those who have been slaughtered on the earth.
So here, it is charged in Babylon the Great with the murder of all those who have been murdered.
How does that fit?
Fits quite nicely.
All right.
I think I'll finish in my minute.
All right.
Good to hear from you.
Great points.
Up next, who's up next here?
Ken in Tennessee, go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
Good to speak to you again after a long hiatus.
Yeah, in conjunction with what the previous caller was just talking about, if we were duty-bound to obey the civil authority, Moses and the Messiah would both have been killed.
So that's a little something there.
But I really wanted to talk to...
Waste my breath with George.
I'd like to have him on there where I could do it face-to-face.
Well, you can hold over and finish up your comments, but go ahead and start them.
Okay, Alex, thank you.
First of all, George is what they call back during the Revolutionary period a Tory.
And he will follow this government to his own destruction like many others.
Now, I don't know what age he is, but if he's so inclined, I would...
I urge him to enlist and go over there.
Say what?
Stay there.
Hello, folks.
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The globalists have created a false left-right paradigm where we waste all our energies in this World Wrestling Federation theater.
Both parties destroy our liberties and our freedoms.
Ken in Texas, that's a great idea.
Maybe all these neocons should suit up.
Of course, most of the administration are a bunch of chicken hawks.
Well, Alex...
Nothing against your state there.
I think a lot of it, but I'm here in Tennessee, but that's beside the point.
I was saying that George might need to enlist in the military, or he could go over there and work for a contractor or whatever, if he's so inclined.
But we have to understand that he is our greatest enemy for people who are trying to expose this corruption.
But now I will say this.
Having him on your show was good.
Because you needed the other side.
You need that occasionally.
And it brought up a lot of interesting information that I'm sure some new listeners were not aware of.
But George does not have the factual foundation to see through.
See, this is not for everybody.
Some people's eyes will not be opened.
It's for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.
And tie this in with Scripture, which is very easy to do, through the prophecies and revelations.
But we have to plug on.
You know, we have to hope for that armor and pray that we're worthy of what's coming.
Now, as far as Mr. Bush is concerned, I've noticed he has that same arrogant strut that Mr. Putin has.
Oh, they revel in their deceit and their lies and their blue blood superiority.
But, you know...
You have to understand, one thing I'd like to say is about the word democracy.
And there is a word also, demonocracy.
And that's demon-controlled.
But the demons are bound at this time.
But it doesn't prevent them from working through their agents here.
And that's what democracy is.
I appreciate the call.
All right.
Let's go ahead and talk to John.
And John, where are you calling us from?
That's John, or Joan.
Kansas, go ahead.
Yes, hi.
I'm a first-time listener, and I really love your show.
But I have a question for you.
Earlier, or usually you normally, anytime anyone gives you any kind of evidence or any kind of video evidence, or even on the Internet, you usually ask them to send you a copy of it.
But this time this gentleman seemed to offer a video of
Well, no, it's just I have a rule.
There's 50 other shows that do nothing but bash other patriots and spend all their time doing that.
And I just, I don't know about, I've heard the particular person you're mentioning.
That's not what I was talking about.
I'm not going to sit here and use my show as a format to bash other talk show hosts on this network.
And I happen to think Dave and Joyce are doing a great job and are good people.
And so that's basically it, ma'am.
Are you concerned about any of the other issues we've discussed?
No, I was just wondering about that.
Well, I mean, you're on the air right now, and I'm just telling you that I'm going to continue to expose the New World Order, and I am not going to be part of any of these infighting programs.
Thank you for the call.
All right, let's go ahead and take another one.
Let's go ahead and take a call from Vandrick.
And in Texas.
Vandrick, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
Let me dispense with the pleasantries.
You know, we're talking about egos, and we're talking about bad attitudes, and I've got a question for you.
We know absolute power controls, absolutely, but does being a radio talk show host necessarily inflate one's ego?
Because you seem to be really egoed out lately, and you've been really rude with your callers, and you act like you're smarter than everybody else, and you know...
That's just not right.
You've got to respect your people like Jack Blood does.
He actually lets people talk and get their opinions out.
You always cut people short.
Why do you do that?
Okay, number one, it sounds like there's about 100 dogs or something in the background.
Can you get away from that noise?
What is that in the background?
That was a bunch of people on the restaurant.
I stepped outside.
It sounded like a menagerie, like a bunch of parrots and dogs and stuff.
Number one, sir, you'll see me go through cycles.
And I have to admit, I've been a little bit irritable lately.
So I think you misjudge irritability and frustration with arrogance.
I'm actually a very humble person.
Well, I hope so, because you're starting to turn off and on your list.
I've been listening to you a lot, Tom.
Hey, you don't have to listen, man.
You don't need to listen anymore.
No, no, no, seriously, seriously, seriously.
Just don't listen anymore.
I don't want you to listen.
I don't care.
Again, I do what I want to do.
I'm me.
I'm free.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, my friends, we're back live, and it's responding to the last caller.
Barely understand it, just the din in the background.
If somebody disagrees with the things I have to say, or says that something I'm saying isn't true, you know, piece of information I'm discussing,
Then I'll have them on this show for two hours, or an hour and 50 minutes to be accurate, like I had George Woolley on.
Because I'm about legislation, bills, hardware, equipment, biometrics, the matrix system, Echelon, the NSA, what's in the vaccines.
The show isn't about me, okay?
It's about the world and what's happening in it and getting you to be a leader and a stand-up and to take action.
Now, there's just a few things that I cut short that I don't want to hear about.
Infighting, the gossip column, the sewing circle, or the COINTELPRO op, I should call it.
I won't be involved in that.
I mean, you'll have your say, and I'll just say I don't agree with it.
And personal attacks on me.
Because it's just not interesting.
It's boring.
When people call in and say, oh, Alex, you're so great, oh, you're so good, I go, please.
It actually gives me a headache.
It's not because I'm arrogant, folks.
I go through cycles where I hear my show for a month and I'm real nice to people and in a good mood, and then I go into this cycle where I think the government's about to carry out a major terror attack.
All the lies and propaganda, so much of it, it gives me a headache.
I mean, literally, I said that hours ago.
It gives me a headache.
It angers me.
And if that comes across, and then people resonate with that and think, oh, he doesn't like me, or Alex said, okay, you know, a few days ago, because the guy repeated what I said, the guy kept telling me how great I was, and I said, like, three times in a row, and I said, okay, dispense with the pleasantries.
It frustrates me.
What do you want to talk about?
If that's arrogance to say, stop telling me I'm good, stop telling me how great I am,
I'm the biggest, most arrogant, evil person around.
Then I am.
Really, I'm somebody focused who works so hard, sometimes I kind of spin out in different directions.
But everybody knows that.
And I try to satisfy myself.
I try to be honest with you and tell you what I think is going on and what I think is important.
And I try to take more calls than anybody else does and give you a chance to talk and bring you these guests.
I mean, I got countless people mad at me because I won't return emails.
I spend hours every night trying to read them all.
I can't.
You know, how dare you?
I emailed Jeb Bush and he emailed me back, but you won't.
I tell the person, no, that was a staffer that emailed you back.
It just said Jeb Bush.
No, it's him.
I talked to Jeb Bush.
Okay, then love Jeb Bush because he was nice to you.
He patted you on the head.
You know, a serial killer, women out there, he'll be real nice to you to get you in the car.
So whereas I may, you know, I sometimes act a little foul, but don't I feel fair?
I mean, I'm not here to run around and worship myself and then to sit there and, oh, you're so good.
Thank you so much.
Very good point.
If I don't think something's a good point, I'm not going to say it's a good point.
If someone's babbling incoherently, which we get occasionally, it gives me a headache.
And it's not because I'm on some big pedestal here.
It's because I just live this stuff perpetually.
I mean, I've been working too much.
I've got to be honest with you.
And I need a few days off.
I mean, sometimes I take a few days off, and I come back, and it's just great.
But again, we've now wasted, I've wasted about four or five minutes talking about myself.
It isn't about me.
I don't have the power to send men in black ski masks to take her home.
I don't have the power to send men in black ski masks to take her children.
I'm not putting mercury at 250 times.
I kept saying 215.
I got the report again.
It's 250 times safe levels.
They've actually increased it in the flu shots and the MMR shots.
I'm not going to do that to you.
Okay, so you better have a little bit of anger.
The anger I have that bleeds over that you, because you're being idiosyncratic, prima donna, you think everything's about you, is you think because I didn't kiss up to you right and said get to the point that I'm somehow bad.
Man, we're in a war here.
We're right on the edge.
Things are about to get a lot worse, okay?
I'm almost certain of it now.
And I am disgusted, I am frustrated, I am angry about it.
Because I love my family and I love this country.
And so if I hurt somebody's feelings, I'm sorry to you.
But frankly, you better wake up and get worried about the serious issues.
Not about...
What personality you like best.
We're not in a cave 6,000 years ago deciding who we want our chief to be.
I don't want to be your chief.
I don't care if you don't like me.
You understand that?
If you want to support me, I'll support you.
If you want to bring up information, you want to disagree with me on a point of fact or knowledge, then you'll be on the show 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 2 hours, who knows?
Because I want to understand it.
I want to debate it.
I want to change your mind or have you change my mind.
But if you want to have some cult of personality, you know, mental spin-out, I am just not designed to do it.
I think about the New World Order.
I'm an outwardly looking person.
I don't go around, and sometimes it's a bad thing, thinking about myself or even how I look.
Years ago I did a little bit more, never to the extent of most people.
I'm an outwardly looking person.
You know, when somebody screams at me and drives by and flips me off, I don't get angry because it doesn't mean anything.
Their emotion can't affect me.
I don't even know if I'm articulating this properly.
I'm sitting here watching a horror movie in the real world, the equivalent of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, as they build camps and say we want to put brain chips in you and
Every child needs a microchip, and everybody's going to have to biometrically scan.
I mean, it's just all over the media now.
The whole thing's coming to fruition, and we're sitting here talking about, I like this talk show better.
I like that one better.
I don't like how you were rude to somebody.
Well, it frustrates me if somebody calls in and goes, what's this person's phone number?
And I go, I don't know it.
Oh, you don't?
Why not?
Well, I don't have it in front of me.
Well, what about this person's phone number?
I'm sorry, I don't have that.
Oh, why don't you know that?
You know, it's almost like you can't call in and debate me about some facts, so you want to debate me about, why don't you have this phone number for me?
Because I don't have it in front of me.
I can't return all the emails.
You see, this is what I'm talking about.
I'm just somebody trying to get you to think.
Because I know that it makes me safer and my family safer and your family safer if we all wake up and get involved.
But we spend so much of our time infighting and running around and these other so-called patriot leaders wanting to be the leader, wanting to be Umuro Nuno, attacking all the other talk show hosts.
I just won't do it!
And that's why I have the biggest talk show of alternative talk radio.
Of what you call patriot, conservative, libertarian, Christian talk radio.
That's why.
Because for all of my problems, I really research what I engage in.
I have great guests on.
I know what I'm talking about.
I try to learn more every day.
I'm about the battle.
I'm about the fight.
Do you understand?
I am about engaging the New World Order.
Not having infighting.
And this is a psychological phenomenon.
I mean, you know, when stuff's going bad in my life, or a drain bust and water's going all over the kitchen, you know, that's when me and my wife tend to have an argument.
Isn't that the way it is in your life?
So I'm sitting here telling you all this bad news, but it's really the good news.
We're able to get the bad news out to try to expose it and fix it.
So that's a positive thing overall.
And I'm covering all this, and it's frustrating.
It's irritating.
I mean, if you really care, it is.
And so, yes, you're calling in talking about stuff.
It upsets me.
I get upset.
We should be upset.
Let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Let's go ahead here.
Let's go ahead and talk to... There's so many calls here.
Cliff in Texas.
Go ahead, Cliff.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
Good, sir.
Hey, good to rant there.
I appreciate what you're doing.
You woke a lot of people up.
You know, as far as Greg being on your show, to me, it just seemed a bit, not misinformed, but kind of uninformed.
He seems like he has good intentions.
Yeah, that's what makes him so dangerous.
You mean George...
Who you were just talking to a few minutes ago.
Oh, okay.
I'm not sure who you're talking about now.
You mean the guest I had on?
Yes, exactly.
Yeah, that was so much.
He was open to the suggestions and to learning things.
But one of his points was about Vladimir Putin.
And, you know, the Russian government is not that credible in being honest to their people and, you know,
Well, you're bringing up a really good point, but why don't you give people the background?
Bush now says, look, I don't care if I produce fake weapons dossiers.
They didn't just mess up.
They produced fake dossiers, and now they're going, oh, Vladimir Putin says they were planning to attack us.
Not just that they had the weapons, but they were planning... Why would Saddam, in his right mind, attack America when he knows it'll bring down the raft?
How stupid do you think the Arabs are?
So, again, it's not just who stands to gain here.
Now we're going to hear that Putin said so.
Go ahead.
Well, yeah, and Putin, before all this, you know, was not really for the war.
I mean, remember, Bush called Putin to Crawford, you know, Texas, to his ranch.
Nothing really, you know, positive came out of that discussion.
There were Russians there at the time, giving them the cruise missile jammers and all that.
The Russians were actually fighting us there, and that's admitted.
But now, see, they've been promised a cut of oil if they come out and play ball.
And, as well, they lied to their people.
I mean, when the curse sank, they're telling people, you know, hey, we're in communication with the soldiers down there.
Everything's okay.
I mean, you know, they're not known for being...
Honest, as well as us.
Vladimir Putin was a CIA, excuse me, it's the same thing, a KGB section chief in Russia, and the guy has been caught blowing up his own buildings.
The guy runs around spewing anti-Semitism, all this stuff, and our government's going to sit here and talk about how great Vladimir Putin is.
Come on!
It's another shape-shifting, you know, look, it's the same as the beheading.
Yeah, let's go in.
Let's take charge.
Look, it's okay now.
Look at these terrorists.
There's always some other way to place the blame instead of on ourselves.
What the heck are we doing?
What is going on?
I thought it was about weapons of mass destruction.
Then it was about torture and rape rooms.
Now we've taken over the rape rooms that our government paid for in the 80s.
It's sick.
Good point.
What makes me frustrated is so many things.
A lot of people going to the Abu Ghraib thing...
Yes, this was nothing worse than a fraternity party.
You know, fraternity hazing.
Well, this is no fraternity party.
You know, come on.
Hey, I'll tell you what, Stephanie.
Can you find that fraternity party clip by Limbaugh?
Because people don't believe that until we play it.
I've read it.
Yeah, thank you.
Yeah, I mean, weeks after Antonio Taguma's own report is out, they've confessed to raping women, beating people to death.
Oh, it's just a fraternity party.
Blowing off some steam.
I mean, how immoral is that?
Can you imagine if Bill Clinton was doing stuff like this?
Leslie hung up, so we'll go to Will in Missouri.
Will, you're on the air.
Thank you for taking my call, Alex.
I don't want to... I'm going to go... Actually, I'm going to go ahead and risk oversimplification and marginalizing some things here so that we can, using your term, boil this down.
You bet.
In my research, what I'm looking at here is a systemic problem.
It's an enormous problem.
But what we're dealing with actually, I believe, is a war between the natural law and legal positivism.
And you're very astute on the natural law.
You bring it up all the time.
And for the listeners that haven't taken the time to look into it, the natural law, basically, we have over 2,000 years of establishing those things that would be considered by any religion to be God-given right.
We have
So many of these rights that are basically, they are human nature.
A deer is a deer, a deer is beautiful, a human being is a human being, a human being is beautiful.
We have certain things and attributes that make us who we are.
Now, without the natural law, there can be no Bill of Rights.
And all of the rights that were originally, for over 2,000 years,
Attributed to a higher being, a higher cause, the ultimate end of the human being.
And the law is still set up along those lines.
The state is simply saying, it's God, so we can change those natural laws.
That's the point that I'm making.
By converting over to legal positivism and judge-made law or jurisprudence, what we basically do is we open the door.
It removes entirely the social life of the human being.
And it makes the community life a matter of complete state control, and that then opens the door and allows in Russian Communism, Italian Fascism, German National Socialism, whatever you want to call it, any of the isms.
And so this war that we're fighting, now all of the news that you report is absolutely essential to wake people up and let them get started.
It also, by listening on a regular basis, we learn how to effectively combat in public
These various and sundry people that just refuse to look into things any deeper than just on the general surface.
I hope you call me back on Monday because these are fabulous points.
Got to let you go, Will.
Good to hear from you.
Thank you, Alex.
You bet.
Mike in Florida.
Mike, go ahead.
The thing is, I disagree.
Well, not disagree, but George is probably one of the most dangerous types to have around.
An ignorant person can be educated.
But somebody like George, who reminds me of a cartoon I once saw, that said, don't confuse me with the facts, my mind's made up.
And he's the most dangerous type to me.
Well, yeah, I mean, we know the globalists have premeditated their evil, but their power comes by good people being conned by them that want to be conned by it.
That's right.
You know, if he were totally evil, such as a Bilderberg or whatever...
Then you would know where he stands.
If he was ignorant, you can educate him.
But a man who is intelligent, or appears to be intelligent, who just totally ignores all of the facts that are available, is just a real danger to our existence.
Mike, I agree with you.
Thank you.
Who's up next, Stephanie?
Pete in California.
Go ahead, Pete.
How you doing?
Next Friday's a big day.
I've got 80 copies of The Road to Turdness so far, and I'm going to stand outside the theater and say, you've seen the clip notes, this is the real thing.
So you're going to go to the Michael Moore showing and then stand out in the theater and hand out 80 copies of my video.
That's awesome.
By next Friday, I might have 120.
So I've only got two VCs.
Sir, it's people like you that are going to save this country.
I salute you.
God bless you.
A salute from you is quite an honor, sir.
But watching the coverage of the closing of the 9-1-1 hearings was very informative by one line that Tom Keene said.
And I can quote him.
He said,
We got all the information that we asked for.
In other words, they asked for information and information they didn't ask for or was supplied outside of their purview, I'm sure they ignored.
How many people stood up and said, what about this?
What about that?
It's incredible.
Well, that's lying by omission is what they do.
And I got to tell you, I work in video production, and last year I worked on a documentary by two Japanese-American women, or Americans of Japanese descent, who were doing a documentary about the German POWs, the German people and Americans and Italians that were put in concentration camps here in the States.
And on five different interviews, they asked the people...
Do you think this is going to happen again?
And they said, it's happening right now.
I went out to my car and gave them each a copy of his film.
And one 75-year-old German-American woman said, I know this man.
I know this man.
So you're out there, dude.
And good luck with it.
You're awesome.
Well, we're not going to stop.
Thank you.
It's about the information.
It's not about me.
It's not about you.
It's about taking action.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The cashless society control grid, improbable microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
Order online now at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
My friends...
It is admitted that the government ordered the raping and killing and beating to death of people in Iraq, in Afghanistan, and, of course, it's been going on in Camp X-Ray.
And then Limbaugh gets up on the radio and acts like it's just fraternity fun, blowing off some steam.
And since we mentioned that, I haven't aired this in about a month, here is that clip.
It's psychologically wrong with that.
It's not the act so much.
It was like a college fraternity prank to stack up naked... Exactly!
Exactly my point!
This is no different to what happens at the Skull and Bones initiation, and we're going to ruin people's lives over it, and we're going to hamper our military effort, and then we are going to really hammer them because they had a good time.
You know...
These people are being fired at every day.
I'm talking about people having a good time.
These people... You ever heard of emotional release?
You ever heard of me to blow some steam off?
So... And again, the neocons sit around and go, Oh, it's just beating a few people up, putting some stuff on their heads.
That's all that's going on.
It's just some fun.
And then it's admitted people are dying.
Randomly picked up at checkpoints.
I mean, that's sick, folks.
We cannot just accept that because, Well, he's conservative and I'm not a liberal.
What does that mean?
It's just all labels.
Last call I have time to go to.
I apologize, but that's all I have time for.
Jeff in Texas.
Go ahead, Jeff.
What I'd like to say is, one thing I never hear you mention on your show, and that is what, like all these murders and stuff, they've all had psychiatric treatment.
And these people are putting every kid they meet on Ritalin, prescribing Prozac,
The Nazi concentration camps were organized by psychiatrists.
Hitler was a psychiatric case.
Charles Manson had psychiatric treatment.
We talk about this all the time, that almost every mass shooter or the woman grounding her four children in Houston, they're always, I mean always, in every case I've seen, on Prozac are these drugs, and now they admit it causes violent activity, increased suicide, and we talk about this all the time.
You must have just missed it.
Yeah, okay.
I'll get to him.
But I just hope that people would wake up and realize that these people, these drug companies and these psychiatrists are...
I think they're public enemy number one above the bankers and everybody.
They're the ones eradicating the moral code and what's right and wrong.
Well, really, it's like a religious cult.
They're like the witch doctors of old, and they're trying to supplant Christianity and really any other religion that competes with them, but mainly Christianity, with their own religion, saying we're all mentally ill, and now we have to be arrested and forcibly drugged.
That's what O'Brien tells Winston in 1984.
They passed a law in California.
If a psychiatrist prescribes you Prozac, you have to take it, or they'll come to your house and administer it to you.
England is doing the same thing.
Another great call.
Thank you.
I appreciate the call.
Out of time, my friends.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
And, of course, back on Monday, 11 to 2 during the day.
And just briefly here at the end, if you believe in what we're doing, and you've heard the great reviews by listeners of my films, and even the great review of the New York Post, you need to get 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror, Police State 3, Total Enslavement, Matrix of Evil, Police State 1 and 2.
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Infowars.com or prisonplanet.com to order the films, the books, the information off our secure, safe shopping cart.
I mean, you are authorized to make copies of my films, by the way.
We've got a bunch of other great films and books by other great researchers and authors.
So again, 888-253-3139.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001.
South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
This is something you can do.
This is a way to take action.
Like that caller said earlier, he's going to stand out in front of the Michael Moore movie and hand these out and go, you've seen the Cliff Notes, now here's the encyclopedia.
If you feel frustrated, just take action.
If this stuff is daunting, just get in the fight.
Do something small and many hands make light work.
Have a great weekend.
God bless you all.
Take care.
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