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Air Date: June 17, 2004
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In this episode of "The Alex Jones Show," host Alex Jones discusses George Orwell's novel "1984" and its relevance to current events. He highlights the experiences of Eric Blair, who wrote the book under the pen name George Orwell in 1948. Blair was an imperial police officer, a communist fighter, and a propagandist for the BBC during World War II. Jones argues that Blair's experiences influenced his portrayal of totalitarianism in "1984". In another segment of the show, Jones discusses a news article about the approval of a brain implant to treat depression and expresses concern that this is another step towards a Brave New World-like society described in Aldous Huxley's dystopian novel. He talks about how the government and media are conditioning people to accept surveillance, mind control, and other forms of control over their lives. Jones then plays a scene from George Orwell's 1984 where the main character is tortured into confessing his crimes against the government. Finally, he takes calls from listeners and discusses other news items related to government surveillance and control.

Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I tell you, my friends, it feels like 30 seconds ago it was Monday, but it's not.
Now it's Thursday.
The 17th day of June, 2004.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, and boys, there are a lot of important news today.
But frankly, I want to go back to the news from yesterday, and people all over the place were talking about it on the street.
Hey Alex, I saw the local paper, yeah, the brain implant to stop depression.
You talked about that.
Well, yeah, it was the government's plan.
Perhaps we should discuss that some more, but there's a bunch of
Bunch of other really important news.
30 killed in Baghdad.
Suicide blast.
At least 30 people were killed today on a suicide car bomb exploded outside an Iraqi army recruiting center in western Baghdad.
We'll get into that.
Also gearing up to impress the population, this is out of a new scientist, giant stun guns that blast out a wave of electricity knocking down whole crowds.
You see, non-lethal weapons are really a training aid to prepare the public, the military, and the police to violently, preemptively attack peaceful protesters.
And then they start taking the gloves off incrementally.
There's actually Army documents on this as well.
In a few years, it'll be like Tiananmen Square.
They'll just mow us down with .50 caliber machine guns and call it freedom.
It's all part of the love.
You think I'm joking?
It's going to happen if they get their way.
So we'll get into that article.
And then now it's come out, of course, that Rumsfeld ordered the torture specifically.
And, oh, Abu Ghraib is nothing.
There's all these secret torture centers.
Yeah, the CIA bragged years ago they were flying people to third-party countries for vicious torture.
And they torture their children as well.
I know for the Joseph Mingalas out there that love torture, for all the neocons, I'm sure you're quite happy.
I, for one, am certainly not for torture, much less of children.
But again, I'm a liberal because I'm pro-gun, anti-open border, and against torture.
Again, you're conservative when you're for the government doubling its growth rate and liberty being destroyed and assault weapons bans.
Again, you're listening to a very liberal show.
I just work against all that.
So, Pentagon military hid Iraq prisoners from the Red Cross, and of course we already know about them packing people they beat to death in ice and putting...
Fake IVs in them.
Oh, we're taking him to the hospital.
He had a boo-boo.
All part of the freedom.
Troops to stay in Iraq as long as needed, Wolfowitz said.
Well, yeah, they said before they invaded that we'd be there ten years.
Also, September 11th panel wraps Pentagon air defenses.
That is, criticizes them.
Now, what happened is they came out yesterday and said...
Well, you know, Bush said that bin Laden was working for Saddam.
That's not really true, but it was just a mistake.
Well, everybody already knows that, so now they say that to act like they're credible and put a spin on it.
It's not a very creditable performance, though, I will tell you.
Now they're saying, yeah, air defenses did have a boo-boo that day, but it was all an accident.
They go over why.
If your Cessna goes off course for five minutes, they'll launch F-16s against you over North Dakota or South Texas.
With no real military importance or strategic importance, but the most controlled corridor in the country.
An hour and 24 minutes for the first plane, an hour and 47 minutes for the second plane, and over two hours for the third and fourth planes.
But let's just ignore all of that.
The panel has given us all the reasons for this.
Cheney, by the way, won't back down on Saddam's al-Qaeda links.
He just keeps on lying.
They're saying Al-Qaeda's going to hit us even stronger.
The White House says we'd better give up all our rights.
Meanwhile, there's an article saying, where's all the fear-mongering coming from?
The government never said there was going to be another attack.
It's conspiracy theorists saying it.
I guess you haven't been reading the newspaper.
And just, folks, so much other news.
I mean, it is legion.
By the way, we're going to air a segment of that 60 Minutes piece over the weekend that people talked about.
It's finally posted on prisonplanet.tv.
We're going to air some clips of that here in about 30 minutes on the broadcast as well.
From 60 Minutes, whitewashing skull and bones.
And wait until you hear some of the double meanings.
You know, George Bush, born again, skull and bones.
They don't tell you what that means.
Born again.
Born again into what?
We'll be right back.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, coming up later in the shower, I'm going to air some clips from a 60 Minutes whitewash.
On Skull and Bones.
What is it, the third program I've done on Skull and Bones in the last two years?
I remember just five, six years ago, being on the radio here locally, on the TV show going over Skull and Bones, how they get in coffins, how they worship Satan.
And now all that's come out in the mainstream news, but they say they're just worshiping Satan for fun.
They're just having a good time.
I mean, they just get in coffins.
Remember up in Long Island a few months ago, what, about three months ago?
The masons down in this basement blew a guy's head off.
And when the police came in, there were guillotines and black coffins and altars and all this stuff in there, goat's heads in there.
You know, Christian stuff.
Again, you're not a Christian if you're not for guillotines, black coffins, and goat heads.
But the police said, oh, it was all a complete accident.
They blew this guy's head off in the ritual.
They normally just fire the guns over their heads, you know, as they swear their oaths never expose the higher degrees.
But the stuff going on at Skull and Bones is even better.
It's even more Christian.
Open worship of Satan, mock sacrifices.
Again, I'm a pretty evil person because I believe Satan is not Jesus.
But according to the Christians running the government, Satan is Jesus.
Lucifer is Jesus.
Folks, I'm not playing around here.
And I know a lot of you...
You know, don't believe in God.
It's like, well, I mean, I'll be telling people about, you know, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, and they go, oh, I've heard about that, but I don't really believe in that.
I don't really care.
I go, now wait a minute.
You mean you don't believe that there's Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove and the world leaders of town?
Oh, no, I know about that.
I've read the news articles.
But what I mean is I just, you know, I just don't believe in the occult.
And I go, well, even if you don't believe in the occult, crazy people do.
You know,
Again, it's just a criminology.
I mean, go take a class at college.
Go read a book on it.
Almost every psychopath, in fact, I haven't researched one, and I've read a lot of these crime books, find them interesting, that isn't into the occult, that doesn't have little pentagrams in their closet, who doesn't think they're killing people for the devil.
I mean, this is the norm.
And so we have world leaders doing all of this weird stuff, and then in the real world, carrying out mass evil, bombing innocent people, shutting up police states, garbing the police in black ski masks and black uniforms and black tanks rolling around our streets.
I mean, the manifestation of their worldview.
So just from a sociological or psychological perspective,
View, or you could even say anthropological, just look at it.
I mean, this is the religion of evil people.
I believe in God.
I believe in the devil.
I've had personal experiences, my friends.
I know what's really going on.
But this is a secular show in that we only cover documented facts.
So, you have to face it.
And there was a lot of chilling statements in this 60 Minutes piece.
Stuff like, you know, Bush is a born-again bonesman.
Ha, ha, ha.
Knowing that 99.8% of people have no idea what that means.
Because they ask Lucifer to enter their body.
This is admitted.
They are born again into the dark order of war and death.
And they chant war and death, crush the neophytes, bring us power, oh Satan, Lucifer, our God.
But this is... I guess if I worship Satan, and I...
You know, chanted to Lucifer, I guess I could be your president, and you would think I was a Christian, and I could have a 45-foot stone owl in my backyard, and you would trust me with a nuclear football.
I mean, I have so many Christian friends who will just go, I know about skeleton bones, I know about Bohemian Grove, oh, they're just having fun.
On the other hand, they know there's a spiritual world, or claim that they know there is, but old Bush is just joking.
They're just having fun.
Anyways, I don't want to get off into this issue now.
It's all coming up, my friends.
But truth is stranger than fiction.
I mean, they just came out yesterday in literally hundreds of newspapers.
I think we've got like 15 different news articles posted on InfoWars.com.
There's a whole bunch on PrisonPlanet.com where, oh, for depression, you know, we hook these wires and the nerves into your brain, and, you know, and then the government says they're going to force us to do this.
They said five years ago.
They said two years ago that they were going to force us to do this in their own reports, and here they are promoting it and selling it.
You don't need Prozac anymore.
We'll just make you a wirehead, as Philip K. Dick would say.
And again, I'm the weirdo for reporting on.
I'm the weirdo for saying it's a bad idea.
I'm the weirdo for beforehand warning you.
This is the reality, my friends.
Look at this article out of the New Scientist.
Now, the government's been developing this for a long time.
My grandfather, back in the 60s, lived next door to a successful inventor, and they worked together
As partners on a remote control, you'd call it kind of a primitive robot on treads, would roll down the street, and it'd have these long poles sticking out from it that were telescoping to be as wide as any street, and they would shoot out basically little lightning bolts to knock down whole crowds.
And they basically just got their money back on it because the Pentagon just bought the prototype and then basically made their own later out of it.
And they never got the big military contracts.
So that's how long I know personally this has been going on.
Well, this is out of the New Scientist.
Sweeping stun guns to target crowds.
And this is the June 17th New Scientist article.
Weapons that can incapacitate crowds of people by sweeping a lightning-like beam of electricity across them are being readied for sale to military and police forces in the U.S.
and Europe.
And they've got them that mount on armored vehicles.
They've got them that roll down the street that are remote control.
They've got them all.
And it says, A present commercial stun guns target one person at a time and work only at close quarters.
The new breed of non-lethal weapons, what they actually call in the industry less lethal, can be used on many people at once and operates over far greater distances.
But human rights groups are appalled by the fact that no independent safety tests have been carried out and by their potential for indiscriminate use.
Well, that's the whole point.
The weapons are designed to address the perceived shortcomings of the Taser, the electric shotgun already used by 4,000 police departments in the U.S.
undergoing trials with some police forces in the U.K.
And they also then get into what DARPA is developing and some of the other systems they want to use and
I mean, the Sunshine Project reported two years ago that every major city's got helicopters and hangars with knockout gas ready on the pads to knock out whole cities.
The Russians gassed the theater with this, and what, it killed a third of the people?
The terrorists only killed like five people, but the gas killed a third of the over, what, 118 people?
And they say that if they hit a population with this gas and they spray a city with it,
That it will kill tens of thousands.
Automobile accidents, fires, all the ovens that were on, all the steaks being grilled, all the stuff that will happen.
But no, they got the helicopters ready just sitting there with the knockout gas for you and your family because we're in such a free society.
But I remember reading years ago the reports that, oh, this is to train the military and the police to engage the public.
It's hard to get troops to run out in their Darth Vader outfits and start machine-gunning people, unless you've been trained in Communist China how to do it in Tiananmen Square.
But through rubber bullets, wooden dowels, beanbags, giant tankards of backpack spray nozzles of pepper spray and mace, big tankards the size of a large or small...
Fire extinguisher.
And we have all the video on the website.
We have it in the takeover.
Just people peacefully protesting on the sidewalk.
Police running up, savagely stomping on women.
Breaking bones with pleasure.
Spraying them with pepper spray at point-blank range.
Randomly stopping traffic.
Ordering people to roll down their windows and spraying their cars.
It's like you train a puppy.
A baby pit bull on a dummy.
Or train them how to bite, train them how to attack.
And the government says that's what this is all about.
And see, the non-lethal weapons, which are really called less than lethal, get more and more vicious, more and more aggressive, and this is the new America.
Remember what happened in Miami last year?
I mean, federal judges, AP reporters, they would march World War II vets, totally peaceful protests, down a side alley, come with us and then beat them savagely, saying you shouldn't come out here and protest.
They got in some trouble because it was federal judges and AP reporters.
It did cause them some bad publicity.
But they would march them down a side street and beat the living daylights out of them, you know, World War II vets and people.
And in Portland, you know, there's video of them spraying babies in the faces, and the parents were crying back, and they'd say, shouldn't bring a baby.
It's real funny.
It's fun.
So they're training them on blood.
They're training them to be sicked on us, and then later they say, okay, here's a machine gun.
And they're now giving them the sound wave rifles that can actually kill you, and the microwave guns that if they turn them on high can kill you, and a lot of big police departments now have the quiet Humvees with the giant microwave guns mounted on them, ready to be rolled out against us.
It's just all part of freedom.
What is it the government's planning that's so horrible they know there's going to be rallies of millions of people, not hundreds of thousands or thousands?
You see, the IMF and World Bank, two and a half years ago, when Joseph Sicklitz quit their chief economist, and these thousands of pages of documents suddenly surfaced,
The actual documents of how the IMF and World Bank like to create riots, like to create problems, and they get to crack down on how they're funding the internal militarization of police.
Folks, we're all just being inducted into slavery right now.
And so they've issued the federal ringwraith, Darth Vader outfits to all the police departments.
Even small police departments are basically armed camps.
And we're the enemy.
They've got to
Watch us and keep control of us because we're dangerous.
When we get back, we'll get into the Pentagon.
It's not just Abu Ghraib.
It's secret detainees being tortured to death.
But again, torturing people to death?
I mean, isn't that why we fought Hitler?
Because he wouldn't torture people to death?
You know, the good guys tortured to death.
Oh, actually, he did do that, didn't he?
Hitler wouldn't do that.
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All right, folks, just a brief synopsis.
Our government has trained the world how to torture publicly.
An entire university in Fort Benning, Georgia, how to hook electrodes to people's genitalia, how to torture people's children in front of them.
This is the freedom.
And I thought it was bad, but it's supposedly good.
Now they want to come out of the closet with it and condition you that it's a good thing so they can use it on the general public.
And then they tested on a minority group in Iraq psychologically, again, to prepare your minds to accept it here domestically.
And meanwhile, the law enforcement magazines are saying this would be a good thing to use on common suspected criminals.
And then they came out and said they were torturing people in Afghanistan and torturing people in Iraq and how good it was and how wonderful it was.
And you saw it on the news and read the editorials and we covered it and I put it in my three last films.
And then we got some images of it.
Images they decided to release for some reason, and then suddenly we get the murder getting his head cut off, and somehow that legitimizes all of it.
But then they try to deny simultaneously that the government ever ordered it.
Of course, the memos from the Justice Department and from the Defense Department are all public, and they said the government's above the law.
Now the Associated Press is reporting that this is an impeachable offense, a president saying he's above federal law.
But maybe they're traitors.
Maybe they're with al-Qaeda.
Maybe they should be tortured.
You know, I mean, maybe this is really freedom.
Just keeping you safe.
I mean, you know, folks that want to torture certainly wouldn't carry out 9-11.
I mean, these are nice people.
They're just skull and bones members, after all.
Rumsfeld ordered Iraq prisoners held in secret.
Pentagon officials say Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld ordered an Iraq terror suspect, and they always give you one.
They have 32 known camps and hundreds of other camps we're now learning of, to be held in secret location, hidden away from the International Committee on the Red Cross and others.
Officials say Mr. Rumsfeld, acting on request of the CIA director, George Tenet, ordered the suspected senior member of the terror group, Ansar al-Islam, to be secretly held in solitary confinement at a military prison near Baghdad.
And the man had been held in prison for seven months.
A recent U.S.
military report described efforts to hold prisoners in secret as deceptive and a violation of international law.
I mean, the Russians secretly grabbed people and held them.
I don't know.
I mean, they were terrorists.
I mean, this is what they do in China.
Who the hell does it?
Our government in the 50s said that he was like Abe Lincoln.
Defense Department officials say the man will soon be assigned an identification number.
Then we've got articles here where the prisoners die in these secret prisons, but I guess that's freedom.
And a spokesman says that an Iraqi has been held in October, since October, without an ID number, and it just goes into that.
So whenever they get caught doing this, they'll tell you about some tiny piece of it and focus in on that.
And Reuters is also reporting on it.
And very, very interesting.
But again, the Associated Press is saying that Bush could be impeached over saying they're above the law and are allowed to torture.
So which federal laws is Bush above?
I guess the ones that say Enron can't be run out of the Vice President's office with no bids allowed, all the money going directly to them.
I guess that type of open, incredible, mafioso fraud crime.
I guess you're above it all, aren't you?
I guess you can do whatever you want.
But troops do stay in Iraq as long as needed, Wolfowitz says.
troops will remain in Iraq as long as necessary until Iraqi forces can handle security on their own.
Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz said Thursday during a visit to northern Iraq, the role of the coalition forces after July 1st is to support the Iraq security forces as much as they need help,
From some time to come, they will need some substantial help, and help them is the mission that we would like to carry out.
And they've actually increased our troops.
At first it was from 120-something thousand to 144,000, 145,000, now it's 150,000, now 160,000.
So we're actually increasing the troop level.
This is all part of the handover of freedom to the appointed government.
And again, an appointed government.
Is not freedom, but again, I guess that's because I might be Al-Qaeda-ish.
You know, I'm actually for people being elected, but that's Al-Qaeda-ish.
Freedom is Al-Qaeda-ish.
Two days ago at the TV station, I was told by an old friend again that I should be arrested for saying the government's behind 9-11.
That's sedition, and this thought has gotten out there now, and criticizing the government, pointing out what they've done is Al-Qaeda-ish, and not submitting and loving tyranny is Al-Qaeda-ish.
Because, again, any criticism of the state aids the terrorist, and so that is hence Al-Qaeda-ish.
By the way, I'm not being sarcastic, folks.
It's actually over that point now.
Interestingly enough, a September 11th panel criticizes Pentagon Air Defense, but they really didn't do that concerning the standout of 9-11.
We'll get into that.
And again, the Feds are saying Al-Qaeda is sure to hit us any minute.
Meanwhile, the Business Times comes out and says the Fed doesn't have news whether September 11th attack does it.
And then goes into so-called conspiracy theories that have hit the mainstream.
Also, a new anti-hate net conference opens up.
Oh, yes.
And it's not just racist talk that won't be allowed.
Oh, no, it's criticism of the government because, again, that age terrorist.
And more incriminating Enron tapes, but that's okay.
The feds have ordered California that was ripped off by Enron to pay even more money to Enron.
That'll certainly punish Enron.
Again, it's all coming up.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, 33 minutes into this first hour.
Thank you for joining us on this live Thursday edition.
Your calls are coming up at 800-259-9231.
A lot of brain chip implant news will be going over.
A lot of news about Homeland Security.
Oh, all those cameras you thought were for traffic that they told you about?
Oh, those are for Homeland Security.
Of course they are, to keep you safe.
And just a plethora of incredible news, discussions now even in the Associated Press of impeachment of George Bush, adding a lot of validity to the rumblings that that's been going on behind the scenes.
So that's coming up as well.
And here in a few minutes, I'm going to air this five-minute clip from 16 Minutes, a chilling clip where they kind of whitewash skull and bones, but there's some interesting hidden meanings in it for the initiated in the New World Order where they're laughing basically at the dumbed-down public.
So that's coming up.
We're also about in just a few minutes to have an update from Joyce Riley to explain to you what American Candidate is on the Showtime cable network.
She's one of the ten contestants on this big reality show, and it's a great platform, and a lot of listeners are confused about what it is, so we're going to briefly, with her, we're honored to have her on, talk about that.
But before we do that, my friends, look, it's real simple.
We have to wake America and the world up.
We have the tools.
We have the facts to give people the big picture.
And if you won't take action, if you won't step up to the plate, if you won't get up here in the trenches with us, if you won't wake your neighbors, your friends, your family, your local opinion makers up, it's over.
A lot of people are fighting, standing up.
There's a huge awakening taking place, but it's not happening fast enough.
And my friends, frankly, my videos are the best tools I've found.
The most hard-hitting, focused, full-spectrum films out there.
We don't just cover one issue and obsess on that.
We cover the full spectrum of government-sponsored terror.
How governments carry out terror attacks and blame it on their enemies, domestically or overseas.
9-11, The Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror.
Both those films are about September 11th.
Police State 3 Total Enslavement gets into dozens of examples of government-sponsored terror that we didn't cover in the other films.
Confirmed admitted cases in the last hundred years where the governments of the world have done this.
Then we get into Patriot Act 1 and 2, Homeland Security.
We get into the RFID trucker chips, the implantable chips.
The surveillance grid, the government-run white slavery rings, gun control.
I mean, it's a turd to force.
Police State 3 Total Enslavement is really three or four films in one.
It's two hours, 44 minutes long.
We even get into Building 7.
Now, they brought that down in the film.
So you need to get the videos.
Matrix of Evil is my newest video with Ron Paul, Cynthia McKinney, Frank Morales, Colonel Craig Roberts, myself.
It's a video of us throwing the Patriot Act out here in Austin.
How you can do that in your area, it's a great video.
They're all over two hours long, $25.95 a piece, $20 when you order three or more of any of the ten films I've produced.
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But number one, it's about getting the word out.
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That's 888-253-3139.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, L-A-M-A-R, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
All that evil men and tyrants need to flourish is that good men and women do nothing.
I mean, our conscience says that we need to expose the murderers of 9-11.
And it's not going to happen through Michael Moore, folks.
I'm sorry.
He only tells you 2% of the story and then gives you false solutions.
We give you 100% of it, the big picture.
Get the videos, make copies, spread the word today.
All right.
Let's go to Captain Joyce Riley to explain what American Candidate is and to give us an update and how folks can help her win this and why it's important that she win this.
And then we'll, in a few minutes, get to the 60 Minutes piece, and then we'll go right to your calls for those of you holding in more news.
Joyce, great to have you on.
Thank you so much, Alex.
I appreciate the opportunity to tell you what I'm doing.
I know there are a lot of people that are saying, what is this thing all about that she is doing?
Why is she gone from the radio show?
Why isn't she there?
Well, here's what it's all about.
American Candidate is a program that basically started out with about 2,000 people that we learned.
It's now down, was narrowed down to 24, then down to about 12 of people who say that they believe that if they were president of the United States, they would have an answer.
So everybody that is running, all of these people have a different answer.
We're good to go.
They narrow it down by dropping you into a town and basically saying, go find votes, go find supporters.
And a lot of people have email lists that are attached to certain types of groups.
Like one of the gentlemen is with PETA, so he has a lot of supporters.
They may have 30,000 on their email list.
Well, they get that out, and that's what circulates votes.
Yeah, but still, Joyce, I mean, you're dynamic, you're intelligent, you're informed.
And I saw some of the bozos, I don't mean to be mean, that you're up against.
And if they really counted according to votes and who gets the most people out, you're probably going to win this.
Well, I don't know, because they've got a lot of connections.
People have a lot of connections.
It's like real politics.
Let me tell you, though.
I've gotten to know every one of them, Alex, and they're incredible people.
Well, I'm not trying to be mean, but I don't agree with the PETA guy.
I mean, I'll tell you right now.
And I don't think... I mean, he may have a lot of connections, but I think... So, basically...
And then the person that wins, or through this process, they're shooting it all now, it'll be in how many episodes on Showtime?
There's going to be ten episodes on Showtime.
Okay, well, that's a big deal.
And then out of that, you'll be able to get out the real ideas, and people will be able to see what the grassroots from a diverse crowd really wants.
That's why I think this is important.
It really is.
It's our chance.
Now, as I understand it, Showtime is the only network that would take this program because it was so politically charged.
You can imagine, when you've got ten free spirits up there that are all saying what they believe in.
But Joyce, I hate to keep interrupting, you know, I'm the master of that.
Explain to me, does this really work off how many votes you get in each town?
Okay, so it's not like these other reality shows where it's groupthink and they go after the strongest people first, because if that was the case, you would be the first to be kicked out.
That's why I don't like these shows like Survivor and the rest of them.
Well, you know, it's interesting because we all talked about this.
And we said, no, wait a minute.
Are we going to knock off the person that we think would be the biggest threat to us?
Or are we going to vote for the person we really want?
And here is the bottom line.
It's that I want the American candidate, whoever it's going to be, to be the absolute best person.
It's not a personality contest.
If they think I need to go and I'm not the strongest, then I need to go.
Well, Joyce, can you tell us about some of the other candidates?
I mean, I'm just curious about them.
There is a...
The gentleman that's from PETA, and all these candidates are on the Internet.
There's one who represents a very liberal side.
I won't tell you what the names are or whatever, but somebody that represents a very liberal side of the Democratic Party.
Yeah, that's a good campaign tactic, okay.
Who is a very strong Kerry supporter.
There is a gentleman who is black and gay who is running, basically the first person ever to come out openly like that and run.
There is, let me think, there is a, they call him a closet Republican, but there's a Republican who is very much for those issues.
Well, why are they even in this, then, if it's supposed to be alternative?
Sounds like a bunch of establishment people.
No, they've got a mix.
And the good part is, Alex, is they're giving everybody a voice, and they've got a broad mix.
Now, we should tell people that Sheriff Mack is involved in this.
It's real diverse.
Is he still in the running?
Yes, he is involved in this.
He was at the news conference with us yesterday, and yes, he is in the running.
And that's what is interesting, is that we've got, surprisingly enough, nobody else knew any of the other candidates when they came in.
I would say he's your only real competition.
Yeah, and he was the only one that I knew.
But the bottom line of it is, as we go from town to town, we get eliminated if we don't have the votes to stay in the running.
Joyce, how does the voting work?
Okay, we each have a number, and that number changes every town we go to.
And so we have to carry around these cards,
Talk to people.
Like right now, I'm at the Farmer's Market in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and I'm trying to talk to people here about what I believe and trying to get them to vote for me.
Of course, they don't know what American candidate is.
Are you allowed to use bullhorns?
Yes, they can use bullhorns, yes.
You've got to get a Van Joyce and ride around with a bullhorn.
I'll tell you, I would annihilate the competition.
Oh, I know.
You would.
You would.
You would have been great.
That's fine.
I think you need to do this the next time.
When they do this again, I would love to see you do this.
I don't know.
Well, how long are you going to be away from the show?
Until I get eliminated, so we don't know.
But let me give you the number that people need to call if they want to vote, if they believe in my issues and what I'm promoting.
Oh, so you give them a number and then people call that number?
That's correct, but they have to be in the state of Pennsylvania right now.
See, we never know where we're going next.
Okay, what's the phone number, Joyce?
It's 877-RUN-9118, which is 877-786-9118.
Now, they can vote from pay phones, they can vote from their home phones, but they only get one vote per phone.
So once that vote is in per phone, then they have to move on to the next phone or whatever.
Okay, give that phone number out again.
And it's really been an incredible time, Alex, because a lot of people don't know about how the president rules for executive orders.
We talk about that here.
We can talk about those kinds of things in front of the public.
Yesterday, in the news conference that was in Allentown, I said all nine candidates had a way to deal with no jobs.
I was the only one that said, bring the jobs back from China.
Bring them back from Malaysia.
No outsourcing.
Bring them back.
I was the only one that said that.
Well, Joyce, that's exciting.
Give folks that number one more time.
And if they know anybody in Pennsylvania, please have them call so we can get their vote.
Joyce, thank you, and I know you'll give us an update next week.
And I understand you're going to be on the Power Hour next week, right?
That's what I've been told, yes.
All right.
Thanks a lot, Alex.
Thank you, Joyce.
Appreciate it.
Yeah, I think Joyce, I mean, if it's really a fair situation, it's just between her and Richard Mack.
Sounds like the rest of the competition sounds pretty lousy, folks.
I mean, let me tell you, the liberals cannot, the establishment liberals cannot get a thimble's worth of people out to support them because their message just doesn't sell.
And that's why we get sold this fake conservatism of Lord Bush.
Okay, I know we've got loaded phone lines, but here's this 60 Minutes piece from this weekend, just a part of it,
And this is where they go through, I mean, they really whitewash this.
So I want to play it, and then I want to come back and comment on it and take your calls at 1-800-259-9231.
And, of course, you can watch this video clip as well at prisonplanet.tv, but our multimedia website, prisonplanet.tv.
But here is that clip from 60 Minutes.
Listen carefully.
What's important about the undergraduate years of Skull and Bones, as opposed to fraternities,
Is that it imbues them with a kind of mission for moral leadership.
And it's something that they may ignore for 30 years of their life, as George W. Bush seemed to successfully ignore it for quite a long time.
But he came back to it.
A born-again bonesman, you might say.
Who, like his father and grandfather before him, has refused to talk openly about skull and bones.
But as a Bonesman, he was required to reveal his innermost secrets to his fellow Bones initiates.
They're supposed to recount their entire sexual histories in sort of a dim, a dimly lit, cozy room.
The other 14 members are sitting on plush couches and the lights are dimmed and there's a fire roaring.
And this activity is supposed to last anywhere from between one to three hours.
So George Bush, George W. Bush, recounted his sexual history?
That would have been something they would have done, yes.
What is the point of this?
I believe the point of the year in the tomb is to forge such a strong bond between these 15 new members that after they graduate, for them to betray Skull and Bones would mean they'd have to betray their 14 closest friends.
One can't have but make certain comparisons with the Mafia, for example.
Secret Society...
Bonding stakes may be a little higher in one way or the other, but everybody knows everything about everybody, which is a form of protection.
I think Skull and Bones has had slightly more success than the Mafia, in the sense that, you know, the leaders of the five families are all doing a hundred years in jail, and the leaders of the Skull and Bone families are doing four and eight years in the White House.
Bones is not restricted to Republicans.
Yet another Bonesman has his eye on the Oval Office.
Senator John Kerry, Democrat, Skull and Bones, 1970.
I mean, again, all the people say, oh, these societies don't matter, or the Eastern establishment is in decline, and you could not find two more quintessential Eastern establishment privileged guys.
I remember when I was a nerdy scholarship student in the Reserve Book Room at the Yale Library,
And John Kerry, who at that point styled himself John F. Kerry, would walk in.
At JFK, yes.
There was always a little buzz because even then he was seen to be destined for higher things.
He was the head of the political union and a tap for skull and bones was seen as the natural sequel to that.
David Brooks, a conservative commentator who's published a book on the social dynamics of the upwardly mobile, says that while Skull and Bones may be elite and secret, it's anything but exciting.
My view of secret societies is they're like the first class cabin in airplanes.
They're really impressive until you get into them.
And then once you're there, they're a little dull.
So you hear all these conspiracy theories about Skull and Bones.
Conspiracy to run the world.
And to me, to be in one of those organizations, you have to have an incredibly high tolerance for tedium.
Because you're sitting around talking, talking, and talking.
You're not running the world, you're just gassing.
Gassing or not, Skull and Bones, the best connected white man's club in America, has moved reluctantly into the 21st century.
Skull and Bones narrowly endorsed admitting women.
So those now as women?
It has Jews, it has blacks, it has gays.
It has the gays who got the SAT scores, it's got the gays who got the straight A's, it's got the blacks who are the president of the right associations.
It's different criteria, more multicultural, but it's still an elite, selective institution.
So on balance, you find it's bizarre as scum and buns seems to be from a certain perspective.
It is something of value, you would say?
You take these young strivers, you put them in this weird castle,
They spill their guts with each other.
But they learn something beyond themselves.
They learn a commitment to each other.
They learn a commitment to the community.
And maybe they inherit some of those old ideals of public service that are missing in a lot of other parts of the country.
Does that relationship... Okay.
We've got to stop right there.
We'll play the end of it when we get back.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
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I think so too.
I think?
We're good to go.
All right, we're going to start the second hour here in just a few minutes, and I'll go to Paul and Michael and Andrea and Cliff and all the other great folks that have been patiently holding.
We'll get into the discussion of an impeachment of Bush, this time in the Associated Press, and just so much other key news today.
But back to the last minute or so of this Skull and Bones piece, and then I've got a comment on it from 60 Minutes.
Go ahead.
Does that relationship forged with all this mumbo-jumbo and coffins and skulls and bones and all of that stuff, does that become, in some cases anyway, stronger than family, faith?
You know, they say the motto at Yale is for God, for country, and for Yale.
At Bones, I would think it's for bones.
Okay, so they get this little minion on there.
They control the debate because Alexander Robinson, who we've interviewed, doesn't go 10% of the way towards the full truth, but it's bad enough.
And the other guy on there, oh, you know, it's SAT scores.
No, it's not.
Bush had some of the lowest scores at the college, but like a 73 or something was his average for the four years.
Actually, he was in college five years.
I'm not saying that's bad, but the point is that it is bloodlines.
And this is a complete...
And total fraud.
And then to say, oh, secret societies don't have any power.
Well, then why is the mafia secret?
That is a good point that they make.
And now we've got, we've had three presidents, four presidents who were Skull and Bones members, most of the CIA directors, a lot of your top corporate heads, and they make the core up of the Bohemian Grove.
And there's other Skull and Bones chapters, by the way, around the planet.
It's chapter 322.
And, you know, oh, the coffins and things.
It's just mumbo-jumbo.
It's just fun.
It's a religion of war and death and being a parasite and feeding on the population.
And then you notice that the presenter on 60 Minutes says, oh, a born-again bonesman.
Most people don't know what that means, folks.
It's admitted that they channel Lucifer.
Now, you may not believe in the devil, but the point is they do.
And this is an occult.
This is as occult as it gets.
I mean, on the show, it shows the doorways and the skulls and this place built hundreds of years ago.
And this is chilling stuff.
And John Quincy Adams had banned the group in the country, the Illuminati.
I mean, our president wrote letters about it, hunted these people down.
And they went back into Yale in 1832 and set it back up.
I mean, this is very, very serious.
And just watch the spin they put on this.
Now we have both presidential candidates who are cousins on both sides of their family, double cousins, and they're members of Skull and Bones, and they're arrogant, predatory parasites.
And I'm sick of them.
But now, because it's so open, the media's gone from, it doesn't exist, you're a kook to talk about it five, six years ago, to, yeah, Skull and Bones is real, but it's really no big deal.
And three years ago, they released video of part of the ritual caught on tape as they were worshiping Satan, doing mock sacrifices.
A guy dressed up like the devil, saying, enter hell with me.
And this is what goes on in the courtyard, behind the high walls.
So, my friends, if you want to find out the truth about Skull and Bones, get Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, and we caught their Moloch worship on tape, the Canaanite human sacrifice guy.
And, oh, they're just having fun there, too.
But then you look at what they do in the real world, it's evil, it's wickedness.
No, they're not just having fun.
These people are criminally insane on total power trips.
They have a religion of hatred and not having a conscience.
That's their religion.
Do as thou wilt.
The moniker, the icon of Satanism.
Get Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove when I infiltrated.
Coming up July 15th, it'll be four years.
Get Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove by visiting InfoWars.com or PresentPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
All right, we will start the second hour here momentarily and go to calls first for about 20-30 minutes.
Then I'm going to get back into...
And amongst those calls, I'll mix in the impeachment news and just a plethora of other key information.
And, of course, you have a section on prisonplanet.tv, the Satanic Elite is what it's called, on Skull & Bones, on Bohemian Grove, and the Illuminati, where you can go check it out for yourself.
This is public stuff, but the average person just isn't aware of it.
So keep it locked in.
Stay with us.
Second hour, only 70 seconds away.
I'm Alex Jones.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, my friends.
We're now into hour two.
The Associated Press is reporting that
Many legal scholars and experts across the political spectrum have looked at the Bush Justice Department and Defense Department memos where they condone what they call abuse.
That's double speak for torture.
And that the president starts saying he's above the law.
That is an impeachable offense.
We'll get into that article.
Just a ton of news.
Yeah, I just wanted to give a plug to your videos also because they're easy for people to grasp unlike a lot of bizarre videos I've come across in my eight years.
How you doing?
I've seen about 700 of them and
I've seen everything from chupacabras to shapeshifters to UFOs, and I've yet to see any credible evidence, so thank you for not going off in that direction.
Well, thank you, sir.
No, I mean, we're neurotic about documenting everything up one side and down the other, and the videos we cover are about the real world.
You were talking about skull and bones.
One thing I'd like you to speak on is, I was reading Anthony Sutton's book, and they were talking about how they were
Well, there is an elite obsession that sounds crazy, but...
It's really just one of the things the club's into and the diamonds and the rest of it and the way the game is played.
They supposedly were playing it back in the 1840s.
They supposedly were part of developing and setting up the game.
That sounds weird, but that's the facts.
And there is an Illuminati connection to the Skull and Bones.
I mean, it is, it's, I think if I recall... Well, even MSNBC admits that German money, or German priests with British, East Indian money, the Russell Trust set it up with opium money back when opium was legal, heroin, or what heroin comes from.
And so, you know, the same folks that dealt the drugs then, the same families deal with drugs today.
Who was it, the Roosevelt's, I think it was?
Roosevelt, the Bushes, others go way back to that trade.
And then one of the Russells, they were one of the founders of the Jehovah Witnesses, if I'm not mistaken.
A lot of bizarre connections, sir.
Anything else?
Yeah, I've been listening to you for a while about 9-11, and I haven't heard anything, I haven't ever heard you speak about the day of 9-11.
I'm in Delaware, so I'm watching the Philadelphia News, and they found a locker full of Simtex.
I remember that, and then it just kind of blipped off the radar screen.
Yeah, and of course I did some follow-up, and they first tried to say that was a mistake, it never happened.
I then asked the logical question, well, how did you say that in the first place?
And then they said that it came, it was some...
Some syntax from the Vietnam era, and that's all they would tell me, but still haven't heard any more about it.
Sir, so many suspicious things happening.
So many.
You know, guys jumping up and down the roof celebrating as the first plane hits, and then they follow them back to their office building, and it's a known Mossad agent running it, and then they pull out, and there's nothing but paper left on the floor.
I'm not saying Israel did it, but they certainly had prior knowledge.
I mean, it just goes on and on.
Thanks for the call.
We'll come back, talk to Mike, Andrea, Cliff.
And many others that are patiently holding and cover all that news that I was mentioning.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back on the other side.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, there is a move in the Senate to impeach
George Bush.
But they'll save us with the other Skull and Bones member, of course.
Let me cover this article, then we'll go straight to the loaded phone lines here.
Legal scholars say condoning abuse could be impeachable offense.
This out of the Associated Press.
More than 400 legal scholars from across the country urged Congress Wednesday, that's yesterday, to consider impeaching President Bush and any high-level administration officials who approve the Iraq prisoner abuse.
Well, if we're going to try to impeach Bill Clinton over lying about sex, which I think is a fine thing to do, I mean, the reason they couldn't go after Bill Clinton on all the other issues of drug dealing and murders and Chinese sellouts is because the Republicans were all involved, too, as they picked a little side issue.
In a letter released by two Harvard Law professors...
Scholars ask Congress to identify everyone who should be held accountable for the torture at Abu Ghraib prison and determine what sanctions are appropriate.
The sanctions, they said, could include impeachment and removal from office of any civil officer of the United States responsible.
And it says the Democratic senators are trying to round up enough support for a vote today to subpoena the Justice Department for memos that could have laid the legal groundwork for justifying the prisoner abuse.
Again, it's torture.
Attorney General John Ashcroft has declined to make public the Justice Department memos written in 2002.
And there's other Defense Department memos from 2003 saying Bush is above federal law.
In the letter, scholars said the prosecution of low-level military personnel for the abuse is not enough.
Harvard Law professor Christine Deason said Congress would have to determine if the abuse rose the level of high crimes and misdemeanors, which would be punishable by impeachment.
So it's pretty serious that move is taking place.
The prisoner abuse, again, the prisoner torture made public in photos and video is being investigated, that is whitewashed, by military and Justice Department officials.
Rumsfeld is investigating himself.
Harris Croft is investigating himself.
And Congress is looking into administration memos that could have laid the legal groundwork for justifying the abuse.
Bush has said he directed U.S.
officials to confirm to the law and international treaties.
Isn't that interesting?
The letter was signed by the host of legal notables, including former O.J.
Simpson defender Alan Dershowitz and Reverend Robert F. Dryden, a former Massachusetts Congress member who teaches at Georgetown University Law School.
Talk about a shill.
They're not going to do anything, folks.
Alan Dershowitz has been in at least 50 news articles and on TV that I've seen calling for brutal torture.
He's been here at UT calling for it.
They're giving speeches.
I mean, this is... Again, it's the pot calling the kettle black.
I mean, it's a staged event.
Of course, there's no honor among these people, so they're probably just threatening each other with it.
Let's go ahead and go back to the calls, and I mean quickly.
Mike in Florida, go ahead.
Hey, how's it going, Alex?
Yeah, I just wanted to talk about a few things real quick.
One was the Skull and Bones ritual.
It seemed that they left out...
Kind of like an important weird part about the entire, they might not do it anymore, but the entire sexual touching thing, as they recount their experiences to their... Well, we have a lot of children listening, and it's admitted what they do.
They do things with skulls, they do things together.
It's Christian and conservative.
Exactly, and that's why I didn't want to go into any detail, because there are children listening.
And by the way, that's all admitted.
Yeah, and the next thing I wanted to talk about, yesterday a friend of mine, he's kind of,
A neocon kind of waking up.
He's on the verge of waking up.
He's putting the dots together, fortunately.
He's very Christian, so he's concerned about this entire move towards microchips and all this kind of stuff.
Listening to a Sean Hannity show yesterday... Who says that every child needs a chip.
I have him on video.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, not only that, but a caller called up.
You know, there's this new kidnapping in Saudi Arabia of this prisoner.
Yes, and let me guess.
If he had a chip, he'd be safe.
And a caller called in and suggested this.
And, you know, I was telling my friend, I'm like, let me guess, Sean Hannity thought it was the best thing in the world.
By the way, it's always... I've heard it like three times.
It's the same voice, the same guy.
Ooh, let's go to a call now.
You know, it's obviously an executive at Applied Digital.
They've been caught with their... The family's out getting the chips, it turns out, work for the company.
I mean, they're masters of staging things.
They're the first hospitals to take the injectors and the wands that read them, you know, or have presidents that are on the board of Applied Digital.
But, hi, Sean!
I think you should have a chip!
Oh, that's a great idea!
Oh, how spontaneous!
It's a good idea!
Go ahead.
Yeah, and that was pretty much it.
And also, I was just...
I'm wondering if you could give any advice to maybe crack through this, you know, cult of Bush, cult of Kerry, that, you know, people are just so kind of blinded by their ideological affiliation.
Well, Kerry says he's for the war.
He says he's for staying.
Kerry's for open borders.
Kerry's for gun control.
Kerry's for signing on to UNESCO.
Kerry's for increasing the funding of the IMF and World Bank.
And Bush is for every one of those.
The rhetoric is different.
The actions are the same.
So it's just a matter of pointing out the same actions.
Yeah, just look, look.
They'll have somebody who we know is bad, like Hillary Clinton come out and attack Bush.
And then, oh, if Hillary attacked Bush on the plethora of uranium, the plethora of uranium must be good because we know Hillary's bad.
Again, they know that we're going to cheer for one of the pro-wrestlers.
You've got to explain that it's pro-wrestling and pro-wrestling isn't real.
We have to have that childlike argument with these childlike minds and go, no, you can't hit somebody over the head with a metal chair 55 times and they not be in a coma.
No, wrestling's real.
Full-grown adults call in and argue.
No, no, it's real.
It's real.
You know, and the wrestlers are out saying it's fake.
So, it's the same thing.
I mean, you've got millions of people who think wrestling's real, and you've got hundreds of millions of people who think politics is real.
I mean, what, 70% of the public doesn't vote on average?
I mean, half do in the presidential elections, but it's much lower in other elections, because people instinctively know it isn't real.
Yeah, exactly.
Okay, well, that's pretty much it.
All right, good to hear from you.
Really good questions, Mike.
Andrea in Ohio, go ahead, you're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
Good talking to you again.
Kind of a comment to piggyback on to yesterday and your comments earlier today about the implant, the brain implant.
Yeah, it's going to help the children.
It's going to help them not be depressed, aren't you, Forrest?
No, I'm not.
And I'll tell you why.
Because what they do is they, in these countries like Russia and...
In Northern Ireland, just with the drugs now, with the psychotropic drugs like prolixin, the Northern Ireland
They use that a lot on political prisoners.
Well, the Supreme Court ruled they can grab you and put you in solitary confinement for seven years and drug you with antipsychotics even worse than the Prozac-type uptake inhibitors.
The Soviets did it.
The Soviets tortured.
The Soviets forced drugs.
Isn't this freedom?
No, and the thing of it is, the Soviets, what they would do is they would put somebody on these drugs
And they would say, well, you know, these weird diagnoses.
If you've ever read Vladimir Bukovsky's book, To Build a Castle.
Yeah, I have.
Everybody's mentally ill.
The state doesn't violate your rights.
You get a tribunal, but see the...
The men in black masks grab you, put you in the van, you're never seen again, and ten years later you're released, a vegetable, and get a job for the Supreme Soviets, picking up trash on the street, and you sit there drooling.
But that's freedom.
Well, the thing of it is, and this is the truly sobering thing, Kate Millett, I'm a reader, and like you, I like to read crime books as well, but in Kate Millett's book, The Politics of Cruelty,
She makes a rather telling comment that if you are a political dissident, you at least have the fellowship and the feeling of camaraderie of other political dissidents.
But these totalitarian regimes have learned, see, that if they can label an individual as mad, then that person is isolated.
Well, that's what happened in 1984, which, again, Eric Blair, George Harwell is his pen name, had worked for the Soviets, had worked for the Empire, had worked for the BBC, had worked for all sides, found that it was all the same, and they drug Winston, they torture Winston.
Sure they do.
I mean, this is what they do, but it's loving, because Winston was undermining the state and aiding Al-Qaeda, I mean Goldstein.
Hey, thanks for the call.
Great points.
Cliff in Virginia.
Cliff, go ahead.
Hello, Cliff.
Yes, sir.
Oh, how you doing, Alex?
Thank you for taking my call today.
You bet.
Maybe we should arrest you and put you in a prison.
Hey, as long as you don't put no chip in me.
The brain chip's going to make you feel better and be one of us, okay?
Not me, buddy.
God's got a bigger plan for me.
Well, that's Al-Qaeda-ish, but go ahead.
Yeah, but I've got three quick points I'd like to get your comments on, if I could.
And the first one was, I was watching MSNBC earlier here today, about 20 minutes ago, and
They were talking about the 9-1-1 Commission, wrapping things up and how that...
Had those fighter jets intercepted those planes, they could have prevented 9-1-1.
But nobody could get a hold of Cheney, who was in the bunker running and all.
That's admitted.
They won't release the details.
Or Bush, who was told in the limousine, in the green room, before he read the little story to the school children.
And they said there were a few accidents.
That's right.
The planes messed up, and it's the military's fault.
Yeah, they said that's why they kept them grounded, because they couldn't get them up in time.
That's right.
It was, you know, if your Cessna goes off course for five minutes, they'll launch F-16s in every case.
But for the first time ever with four separate planes, it just magically stood down because the CIA was running a drill of flying hijacked jets into buildings, and they thought it was just a drill.
This is all an accident, sir.
They just so happened to be running a drill that morning of flying hijacked jets into the World Trade Center Pentagon.
It was all a complete coincidence.
I mean, come on.
Sure it was.
If you don't think it was a coincidence, you're mentally ill and need to be arrested.
Yeah, I know what you mean there.
No, my friend of ten years told me this again in the hallway Tuesday night at this TV station.
I should be put in prison.
Oh, I get that all the time from people I've tried to tell.
Oh, it's because all the neocons say it.
This is the time to arrest people for what they say.
It's part of the freedom.
Yeah, I'm a fruit loop and a fruitcake and a menace.
It's just pathetic.
Anything else on your mind?
Yeah, the second one I'd like to get your comment on here is about this group we have in Iraq who's being charged with murder.
I'd like to know where and when somebody's going to charge W and Chaney and Powell and Rumsfeld and all of them for sending our troops over there after it's become plain and clear.
Well, I'll tell you what.
Stay there and we'll talk about it.
Very Al-Qaeda-ish.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, my friends, let's go straight back to the calls.
Finish up what you were saying, Cliff, in Virginia.
Yeah, I was talking about the troop in Iraq who was being charged with murder.
I can't understand why, after there was no evidence of WMDs, no ties with Saddam to 9-1-1, Osama, or al-Qaeda,
Why Bush and others aren't being brought up to any type of murder charges?
Because how many people have they killed by putting troops in Iraq and Afghanistan?
It's conservatively 50,000 civilians, innocents killed in Iraq.
That's the admitted numbers.
I think it was like 12,000 a few months ago in Afghanistan.
And that's not counting military they've killed.
Yeah, that's what I mean.
But yet nothing, you know, it's like W&M are walking on water, you know, while our troops are paying the price.
With their own lives over there.
And breathing depleted uranium.
Thanks for the call.
No, I hear you, Cliff.
It's incredible.
Walt in Michigan.
Walt, go ahead.
Hey, Alex, I tried to get a hold of Fritz Springmeier's wife to see how she was doing.
Yeah, I mean to get Fritz Springmeier's wife on the show.
Well, I called her number, her number at home, and her number's been disconnected and no longer in service.
Okay, well, I don't know what you're... You know, it's like when... When... You know, one of our other people moved, and then everybody was calling and going, where are they at, where are they at?
And then they had just moved.
That was...
That was Galen Ross.
I don't want to start rumors.
Let me just try to make a phone call and check that out, okay?
One other question.
Well, that really wasn't a question that you just had, because I don't know the answer, but go ahead.
I have another question.
What's the name of the detention facility or prison that Fritz Springmeier's at?
I've got the address, but not the name of the place.
I don't have that in front of me.
I'm sorry.
Does anybody in your office have it that they could give it to me off air?
Well, one of his books was published by a lady named Sandra who actually works for Tex Mars, so you might contact that office and talk to her, sir.
Tex Mars, do you have his current phone number?
You know, we don't screen calls.
We just take calls.
I didn't know when I came in today that somebody would ask me for a Texas number or for Fritz Springmeier's.
No, I don't.
I appreciate it, Walt.
Thanks for the call.
Anna in Texas.
Anna, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
I know that you hate to be praised, but you've got to give me one minute on that, or one second on that.
From the time that no one would listen to my harassment that the Social Security was trying to get money out of me, no one, years and years and years ago, would listen to me but you.
And I want to thank you for what you've done and your perseverance.
Now let me get to my little thing.
If Carrie gets elected...
They can impeach Bush and then Carrie will pardon him anyway.
So, it's a county catch-22, isn't it?
Well, that's right, because a Skull and Bones member's got to come out for another Skull and Bones member.
That's part of the ritual.
Yeah, they'll just pardon him anyway.
It just costs a lot of money.
A lot of lawyers get a lot of money.
I want to tell you how much I appreciate also the attention you've given to Ritalin or else.
And that's happening in my own family and my daughter homeschools and...
I just flew back from D.C., and boy, my arms are tight.
No, I'm sorry.
But I saw so many children on sugar, screaming and rolling in the aisles, that I absolutely could not believe the control that's happened.
And they put the coke machines in the public schools, and the children get all hyped up on it.
No, we've got to put you on a deadly amphetamine.
Thanks for the call, Ann.
Bill in Idaho.
Bill, you're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Hi, Alex.
I just wanted to give you a point of information.
Occasionally watch Charlie Rose on PBS, who loves to have the Insiders on.
Oh, yeah, it's a big Insider program.
Oh, he loves to have those guests on, and they can come on and do their spin and tell their funny little jokes and everything.
On June 9th, show June 9th, which was last Wednesday's show, he had William Buckley on.
The very beginning of the show...
He made a reference to, they were of course reminiscing about Reagan, and made a reference to how he was referring to himself, Buckley and Reagan were at the Bohemian Grove, and told a little anecdote about George Bush arriving.
And they go on to proceed to talk about things, but there's never any references to, what is the Bohemian Grove?
I'm sure most of Charlie Rose listeners don't know what, haven't even heard of the name of the player.
So, who was on Charlie Rose when this happened?
William F. Buckley.
You know, firing line.
Oh, I know who he is, you know.
Neo-con chieftain.
He's a bonzer as well.
And I just thought it was pretty interesting.
What was the date on that broadcast?
June 9th, which was last Wednesday's show.
Man, if that re-airs, folks, tape it and send me a copy.
I wish to God I had... So he had a little joke about Bohemian Grove.
A little joke about... Reagan was in... I believe it was something along the lines where he was making references to Reagan was, you know, at the end of his term and probably at the beginnings of his Alzheimer's.
He's standing with Buckley and walks up George Bush and he doesn't recognize George Bush and they have a little laugh about it.
Oh, that's real funny.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, ladies and gentlemen, we're back live.
And we're going to go back to your calls, Gabe and Mary and Kelly and many others that are patiently holding.
And I've got a bunch of other key news items that I'm going to get to as well concerning torture, the economy.
In Iraq, they get their gas for five cents a gallon.
We'll explain why that's the case.
But for a few minutes here, I wanted to spend some time with Jim Shepard.
I haven't had him on in a few weeks.
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Jim, good to have you on with us, my friend.
Always a pleasure to be with you, Alex.
You bet.
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Jim, thanks for coming on.
Always a pleasure.
Keep up the good work, Alex.
You bet, Jim.
Thank you for employing Americans and moving this to America.
He just took the Berkey water filters from England, which he also sells, and then massively improved on it with the Berkey Light.
And it's just incredible.
If you call and the phone's busy, leave your name and number, they'll call you right back.
All right, let me hit a few news articles here, and then we'll go to these loaded phone lines here.
Security forces were desperately hunting today for an American hostage facing death within hours at the hands of terrorists in Saudi Arabia.
In the past, we don't know if this is Al-CIA.
We don't know what this is.
I mean, the globalists think nothing of human life.
We've caught them doing stuff like this in the past.
The outlook for defense contractor Paul Johnson was, quote, grim, according to a U.S.
senator who held emergency talks with a Saudi official.
The hostage-takers gave their captives 72 hours to live from Wednesday unless al-Qaeda hostages were released and Westerners left the Arab Peninsula.
Hostage rescue experts have been called in by the authorities in Saudi Arabia.
Remember two weeks ago, the machine gunning that was going on in the Khobar area of Saudi Arabia?
Then it turned out the U.S.
government ordered the terrorist release, ordered the Saudis to back off and let them flee, even after they had already left the hostages and could have been caught.
Remember, I mean, there's been countless of these articles come out.
Very suspicious.
Two senators from Mr. Johnson's home state of New Jersey, Frank Lautenberg and John Corzine, held crisis talks with Abdel Ali Jouber, the former policy advisor to the Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah.
And speaking after the meeting with Mr. Lautenberg, he said it's grim.
He said the Saudi authorities said they were doing everything humanly possible to rescue Mr. Johnson.
They have called in experts and hostage rescue teams from the United States to assist them, he told CNN.
He indicated he was not optimistic there would be a successful ending to the hostage crisis.
And again, you're saying, why would the government be involved in this?
We don't know that in this case yet.
But the Berg case, we know.
I mean, their official story is a fraud, and all the evidence points towards the CIA with the Nick Berg case.
But we look at motive.
This gets everybody stirred up, gets the approval ratings up for the war.
They're killing our people.
Oh, look at them.
But it's great whenever a cluster bomb falls in amongst a bunch of Iraqi children.
That's a wonderful thing.
You know, all of this is barbarous and evil.
I mean, our government will drop cluster bombs on weddings, folks.
You don't think they won't grab an innocent guy and have their Arab agents gut him?
When you hear Al-Qaeda, that is CIA.
That's admitted fact.
That's the number one thing we should say.
Oh, there's so much here.
There's a move in states to take your organs whether you don't want them taken or not.
They've already caught them here in Austin and many other areas around the country taking your eyeballs or corneas when you die, even if you say you don't want your body parts taken.
They've been caught taking people's skins and stealing other organs and sewing you back up.
It's criminal.
They go, oh, it's to save lives.
Folks, they will kill you in some hospitals to get your organs.
My dad told me that, and he's in the medical field, a oral surgeon.
He told me that when I was a teenager in the 80s.
Don't sign the organ donor card.
Then a few years later, I was sitting there on the couch with my grandfather and grandmother and watched 60 Minutes give examples of it.
I mean, I didn't believe my dad when he told me that.
He said, some hospitals, not a lot of them, but some will kill you.
You come in, can be saved.
They don't help you because they're going to get hundreds of thousands of dollars.
It's simple.
In fact, I got an article here about AIDS and hepatitis spreading up in New York because they do these colonoscopies and don't even clean them.
I mean, I don't want to go into too much detail here, but it's pretty gross stuff, but
It's like the government still shipping in blood, shipping out blood full of AIDS and hepatitis, and they know it.
Bill Clinton, for eight years, when he knew the blood from the prisons was filled with it, when it was illegal to ship it out of prisons, kept doing it, certifying it as wholesome.
These people are evil!
Either they're just idiots at these hospitals that don't care about people and are lazy, or it's because they're actively evil and just don't care.
Man, I'm jumping around here, but there's just so much.
September 11th panel raps, that means criticizes, Pentagon Air Defense.
And again, that's a total whitewash.
They know everybody knows about NORAD standing down, so they put their spin on it.
Plagued by miscommunication and confusion, the Pentagon's Air Defense Command missed an opportunity to possibly intercept at least one of the hijacked planes on September 11th.
The federal panel reviewing the attack said Thursday.
This is the same panel appointed by Bush.
A report released by the commission at its final public hearing offered a chilling account of the day America suffered its worst terror attack.
It details a series of missteps by aviation and military officials that squandered precious moments between the time air traffic controllers became aware of the first hijacking and the crash of the United Airlines Flight 93 into a Pennsylvania field more than an hour later.
Folks, they knew an hour later
In 20-plus minutes before the first plane hit, this has been admitted, that they were hijacked.
But then the government grabbed the FAA control tower tapes, five separate ones, and destroyed them.
That's admitted.
Oh, we just thought we needed to grab these and shred them.
We won't tell you where we shredded them or where they are.
Just don't ask us questions.
A particularly haunting section of the report includes transcripts of three brief transmissions from the cockpit of American Airlines Flight 11.
See, they just released snippets.
But we shredded the rest.
Which took off from Boston and was the first plane to strike the World Trade Center.
Muhammad Atta, the alleged ringleader of the 19 hijackers, the alleged, folks, who piloted the plane, I thought he was alleged, is heard instructing passengers, just stay quiet, we are returning to the airport.
And so it goes on and on.
So basically they take this and put out more of their fictions.
A government that creates fake video of bin Laden, of fat bin Laden saying, I'm going to get you, later admitted fake.
You can't believe any audio they release, people.
Same Pentagon that has Jerry Bruckheimer producing Saving Private Lynch live on the ground in Iraq.
And there's a lot of other stuff here I need to get to, but there's an article here out of the Star-Ledger.
Group aims to hit U.S.
even harder.
Wounded Al-Qaeda aims to hit U.S.
even harder.
And they have all these staged captures of low-grade morons at malls.
You know, they have a Fed walk over and go, we ought to blow stuff up.
And then claim the person mumbled, yeah, when the person doesn't even own a car and can't speak English.
And then, oh, we foiled a big attack.
And then months later it will be in the back of the paper that, oh, he was actually innocent.
Same thing in England on a weekly basis.
We're good to go.
And we see these articles, you know, 50 times a day, but then next, the Business Times says, oh, these wild conspiracy theorists said there's going to be a new terror attack and say the Fed is preparing for terror attacks, but this is all just, you know, propaganda.
The Fed doesn't have news of another September 11th attack, does it?
IT says it must say something about fear and greed that normally sane people take leave of their senses to construct financial market conspiracy theories.
Some of the theories, embarrassing as it may seem, this is them setting it up to blame it on talk show hosts and people when the attacks, if they don't happen, when the government put the reports out.
Some of these theories, embarrassing as it would seem, find their way into print.
A recent conspiracy theory making the rounds concerns the surge of money supply, growth, and watch the web being spun.
Implementation that the Fed must know something.
So they admit they're printing record money, but you're a conspiracy theorist to say it has something to do with terror.
According to this line of thinking, the U.S.
Federal Reserve is flooding the banking system with reserves in the same way that it did following the September 11th attacks, except this time it's anticipating the event.
Two weeks ago, Safe Haven posted an alarming analysis of its website warning of the unpredicted, unheard of, pre-catastrophe of M3 money supply expansion.
Then it goes into all of that.
It's just a lot of weird stuff.
Let's take a few calls here.
Quickly, folks, because I've got a lot of you.
Let's talk to who's up next here.
Gabe in Texas.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Yes, Alex.
I'd like to just ask you a couple questions.
I've been hearing a lot of... Do me a big favor first.
Get off your speakerphone.
I want a cell phone.
Well, it sounds like you're 15 feet away, but go ahead.
Okay, well, the first thing I want to know is I've been hearing a lot of chatter on Shortwave about the naval deployment, and I went to Google and tried to search the net on some information.
I really couldn't find it.
I've just been hearing it on Shortwave.
Yeah, about three weeks ago, the Associated Press reported a large naval maneuver, a bunch of aircraft carriers put into sea, and it is confirmed.
It's been in a bunch of newspapers.
Supposedly, it's the largest naval deployment in the history of the U.S.
Yeah, 93% of the Eastern Fleet launched.
Sir, I'm trying to answer your question.
What keyword did you type in?
Naval deployment, U.S., North Korea.
Yeah, I wouldn't do that.
I would type in East Coast aircraft carrier deployment.
And one more question I have to ask.
Whatever happened to the RFID chips and those $20 bills?
Well, they are still in some of the $20 bills.
We've confirmed it.
They're not in all of them.
And it's a type of magnetic ink, which if you type in RFID laid down in ink, you'll have Hewlett-Packard and Hitachi announcements about two years ago where they admit they have this.
Was it a certain U.S.
Mint that was distributing that?
They don't let you into the finer workings of the U.S.
Mint, and we don't know.
We know that Euronotes also popped and caught on fire, but only some of them.
Hmm, okay.
All righty, thank you for the call.
Let's go ahead now and take another call.
We've got time here.
I'm hurrying.
Mary in Missouri.
Go ahead, Mary.
I'll try to be real quick.
Two questions.
Yesterday on the news here in Kansas City, there was a 68-year-old woman and a 74-year-old man, husband and wife, and they were coming home.
The wife of the woman was coming home with her sister.
Well, as slaves, we've got to learn how to take abuse.
Again, I mean, being sarcastic, but in the 1830s, you know, the black person had to take the beating.
Your break, please.
Could you tell what happened to Fred Springmeier?
The guy just called in about it.
I don't know.
I'll tell you what, just stay there.
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Sorry if I sound irritated when I try to jam a bunch of calls in so I can get to all the news.
I've got a guest coming up in the next hour.
I get a little bit frustrated.
I misunderstood your question after we went into break.
You're asking what happened to Fritz Springmeier, not about the caller earlier saying his wife's phone number's changed.
I understood it.
Is that what you were trying to ask, Mary?
Yes, and I'd like to know this.
I'm listening to you every day.
Just check it out and also give a little bio on who he is, okay?
Okay, well, I can't do everything, ma'am, but we do carry one of his books, Bloodlines of the Illuminati.
It was published here in Austin.
Thank you, bye.
Oh my, okay.
And, you know, on the issue of these naval deployments, the caller calls in and says, well, I've searched Google and can't find it.
It's all over the Internet, you know, mainstream news articles, alternative news articles, and I can lead a horse to water, but I can't make you drink.
And, you know, we post the stuff on the site, then a new front page gets posted every day.
It's like a newspaper.
Just go back in the archives a couple weeks ago and just look around.
I mean, all the time when I want to pull another article up, that's what I do.
But I can't always do it live here on air.
What's this guy's phone number?
What's that?
I'm like, I don't have that good of a memory.
What's this?
Let's talk to, tell you what, I'm going to do five minutes into the next hour, and then we've got the guests coming on, getting into chemical and biological weapons and these plants they're building around the country.
We're going to go back over it.
It's so important.
Covered it last week.
But we'll come back in the next little five-minute segment and talk to Kelly and others the first segment of the next hour.
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A great guest coming up.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alex Jones.
That's right, my friends.
We're live.
It's Thursday, the 17th day of June, 2004.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We're about to go to Kelly in Texas.
Before I do that, though...
In Europe, every couple of weeks I see an article where some government minister criticizes the fact that they're getting rid of juries, secretly arresting people, spying on everyone, doing the same stuff that they're doing now in this country.
But even on a wider scale, while talking about how evil America is, again, it's all this good cop, bad cop behavior.
And they say, oh, you're not for a Klan member saying bad things about black people, are you?
Oh, let's take their free speech.
Well, in Europe, you're not for a neo-Nazi saying bad things about Jews.
Well, I know I don't particularly agree with that, but I agree with their First Amendment right to say that because of the...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I mean, that'd be pretty neat.
If I was a collector, I might collect stuff like that.
In fact, once I was at a big collector deal where they had stamps and medals and stuff, and I bought an American medal, and I bought a German medal.
They're somewhere in storage.
I think they're neat.
But I think history's interesting.
Anti-hate net conference opens.
Experts gathered in Paris on Wednesday seeking a common approach to the UN, I would add, combating racist, anti-Semitic, and xenophobic.
Now, they've arrested...
English farmers who use the old pounds measurement instead of the metric, and they say, that's racism, that's xenophobic.
Folks, that's the mainstream news.
They arrested a BBC reporter who said that farmers deserve the same rights as Muslims and gays.
And they said, oh, he said the word homosexual, actually, and that's a hate word in England.
We have articles where hundreds of homes were raided by hate forces.
So again, it's not just the Nazis, then it's everybody.
It says, believed to be a chief factor in rising numbers of hate crimes.
See, officials from more than 60 countries were attending the two-day conference aimed at finding ways to keep racist information off the web without compromising free speech and freedom of expression.
And again, they want the UN to come in on a global scale and regulate tough global regulation shown by the widespread illegal sharing of music online that has confounded record companies.
So see, there's other needs for global regulation, they say.
And they say that they've got to go in and shut all this down.
Okay, let's go ahead and talk to Kelly in Texas.
Kelly, go ahead.
Yes, I just wanted to say it's good to hear you on the program every day and at night.
And if I was in Austin, where would I get your, could I come downtown and get the videos if I happen to be there?
You know what I'm saying?
Well, where do you live?
I'm going to Austin soon.
I live in Seminole, Texas, but I'm just saying if I'm down there.
The only place that sells my videos on the ground in Austin,
Is the hardware store incorporated at the corner of Spicewood Springs Road and 183?
Okay, I also wanted to say about the guy that called in yesterday.
Well, that's not true.
A bunch of the video rental places have my videos in them, but they don't sell them.
They call me wanting to buy them and I don't even call them back.
They would.
That's how busy I am.
I don't have the money for the staff, but go ahead.
I don't have the money to make money, which I need to fight the New World Order, but go ahead.
And the guy that called in yesterday talking about an Air Force jet or something that came in right as the plane was hitting.
That's on tape, yeah.
And also about the jet not having no windows.
Why would the people get on the jet if it had no windows?
Yeah, it's incredible.
And I've also recently been reading about people trying to blame some of this terrorism on heavy metal and all this stuff, you know, music and stuff, the negativity of it all and all that.
It's just another scapegoat.
But again, they'll only regulate you and I. They won't actually go after all that stuff, and they shouldn't.
It's free speech.
Okay, thank you.
Hey, good to hear from you, man.
Great points.
All right, we've got this guest coming up.
This is one of the most important issues that can be discussed today.
So please stay with us.
Sorry I've been moving so quick.
There's so much news today I wanted to get to before this guest came on.
And there's so much that we didn't cover.
But we'll get to more of it coming up.
And again, I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central, and back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
But coming up is a great guest, so stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
We'll be right back.
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Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight, I'm Alex Jones, your host...
And I'm honored to be joined by the president of the San Francisco Bay Physicians for Social Responsibility.
I was reading a Sunshine Project document concerning the fact that these Level 4 bioweapons labs, the BioShield, you know, five plus billion dollars of funding Bush got to build three dozen Level 4 bioweapons labs.
Jane's Weapons Publications have talked about this.
This is a cover for a weapons production
We're good to go.
I think?
And he's Dr. Robert Gould.
He is a pathologist, and it's good to have him on with us.
Doctor, welcome.
My pleasure to be on, Alex.
Thanks for having me.
Oh, you bet.
It's an honor to have you.
I mean, regardless of what political bent somebody's a part of, our government shakes their fists at all these third world dustbins who don't even have
Well, this is one of the major issues that are definitely hitting our country and the world in terms of what the United States position has been on.
Yeah, I think so.
General American Medical Association, an article that came out at the end of the 1990s, there are about 70 different organisms that we know right now have the potential for being biological weapons.
This is before any modification.
These include various bacteria, viruses, fungal organisms, and others.
And for these organisms, only about 30% of them
I think so.
We're good to go.
I think so.
And we'll talk about, I mean, obviously in the black budget shadow programs, this is massive, it's going on, but now they're going public with it.
The Boston newspapers have talked about it.
The big Washington papers have discussed it.
In one article in the Baltimore Sun, they said they're going to produce thousands of gallons of liquid death.
That they're building these dangerous things that are more dangerous than nuclear power plants, folks, all over our communities, three dozen of them.
But let's give people a case point example.
A couple years ago, through universities and the government in Australia, they take this mouse pox, kills all the mice that come in contact with it, and they put out the recipe for it and say, oh, this can be made for any mammal.
I mean, why on earth would they release the ingredients to this?
Well, it's a good question, and it really points to the dangerous nature of such type of experiments.
You know, there's additional evidence pointing to these problems.
A number of years ago, the old biological weapons facility in Great Britain, the Porton Downs facility, was reported to have violated its own lab guidelines and synthesized a combination of dengue fever
And hepatitis an organism made of those two
That would likely be more dangerous than AIDS.
And that's just what we know about.
Were you aware that four years ago, it was in Sky Television, London Telegraph as well, that, oh, by the way, we think we accidentally released or somebody stole weaponized foot and mouth, and then that's what caused that whole crisis.
So, oh, this stuff could be accidentally released?
I mean, this is incredible.
Well, accidents can always happen, and that's why we really need to get control over these organisms.
A Russian scientist just died who got exposed to Ebola in a lab.
That happened in Russia.
That's correct.
And the thing is, this is the reason why a lot of community organizations around the country
For very good reason, are opposing the siting of labs in their communities.
Where are some of the places they want to build these three dozen?
Well, first off, just for your listeners, if they want to get the best information of where the plans are, the Sunshine Project at www.sunshineproject.org.
We have a link to the subsection, by the way, on InfoWars.com.
That's terrific, because they've just developed, and they've been doing a series of updated maps of what the proposed...
I think so.
But there are plans, as indicated on those maps, to put these facilities all around the country.
And so, for example, there are proposals to build one in conjunction with Boston University.
Well, they already have started it at UT down on the coast.
That's correct.
And despite very strenuous efforts by folks at Sunshine,
Thank you very much.
Thank you.
And it's in the middle of a major metropolitan area.
And a plane could crash into it?
A gas main?
Anything could happen.
Just as we're seeing with this recent anthrax problem, lab accidents do happen.
A number of years ago, myself and some colleagues who've written on this
Thank you very much.
Yeah, that's what's going to happen.
And are you familiar with Jane's weapons publications?
I mean, I don't read it regularly, but I know of... Well, they are the premier... I mean, they told us about the B-2 bomber years before it came out.
They put out a rare alert last year going, look, Israel, England, and the U.S.
are developing race-specific bioweapons.
This is totally dangerous and totally evil.
And then PNAC talked about, oh, we need to discuss the use of this in warfare.
I mean, were you aware of that?
Well, I'd be a little cautious on the race-specific weapons.
I know that there have been people who've been planning, you know, think that this might be a good idea.
South Africa?
During the coverage of the so-called Dr. Death, the physician who'd worked with South African intelligence as well in developing biological weapons programs for use in Zimbabwe and Rhodesia, that they were working on this.
But we have to remember that the human beings, despite our
I think that's a good question.
I think that's a good question.
That we share more genes, much more genes, for individual to individual, race to race, than we differ.
Well, I agree, but my point is, Doctor, they're working on these systems.
We have evidence that this stuff can be released.
We have a track record of that.
This should be totally banned.
Well, yeah, I don't disagree at all that these types of technology should be banned.
All I'm trying to indicate is that
We should be careful in terms of what we're saying is out there and really developed because there are major theoretical genetic problems in terms of being able to use a weapon against one group without having it really backfire.
My point is that they admit that it's been worked on and studied.
Yeah, well, there's a lot of secret research that's going on.
I think that we need to... The general problem that we're talking about here...
Really is the fact that any sort of genetic modification is going on with these organisms because this presages a biological arms race.
Let's get into that after the break, Doctor, because that's really the crux of all this, and we're honored to have you.
But what about the chimeras?
I mean, they've got goats that produce spider web for body armor, and I have the CEO on the show, and people still deny it's even going on.
Well, you know, I mean, these are the things that need the sort of transparency and open look that you're providing on your show.
But, I mean, how did it get to the point of spider goats, and the average public, there's not even debate going on?
Well, that's a problem, and we need to be able to put pressure on our country, because unfortunately it's been our country that has rejected...
The really important negotiations and plans to be able to get some controls over this so these types of experiments don't happen.
Yeah, I mean, who knows what's going to happen, splicing goats and spiders?
Well, this is why we need, you know, I mean, as the bottom line on all of this...
Is where we need the strongest possible biological weapons convention, much stronger than we have it now.
Stay there.
We've got a break, Doctor.
We're honored to have Dr. Robert Gould, a pathologist, on the show with us, President of Physicians for Social Responsibility, InfoWars.com.
It's finally here.
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We're talking to Dr. Robert Gould, a pathologist in San Francisco, and he's the head of the president of San Francisco Bay Physicians for Social Responsibility.
You know, Americans shouldn't be experts on Madonna and Michael Jackson and Britney Spears or on football.
Spend some time on that, but you might want to find out that all over the world they have accidents at these Level 3 and Level 4 bioweapons labs, and people die and horrible stuff gets released.
And now they're going to build three dozen of these plants, already set one up down in South Texas.
UT, I guess their nuclear reactor in downtown Austin isn't enough for them that no one seems to know about.
It's been there for 38 years.
You know, we have all of this happening, and people need to know about it.
And so they're going to have three dozen of these, 30-plus of these, already some of them set up, along with the other labs, and we need to have a debate.
We need to be informed about this.
But Big Pharma doesn't want you to be informed about it.
I'm sure you know how to have your belly button ring properly adorning you, though, but not that our whole planet could be destroyed by this.
The stuff they've developed, the stuff we know that's out there, I mean, we're talking about killing billions of people possibly, are we not?
I mean, it depends on the organism.
But again, if we're going to start...
Manufacturing new organisms that we don't have any natural resistance to in our species, the possibilities are really endless in that way.
This is why this research in particular needs to come under very tight international control.
The other thing, since you happened to mention the nuclear reactor issue, is another issue that we also have to think about as regards some of the programs.
For example,
Some of the labs that are being slated are, for example, in my own hometown in the San
There's a BSL-3 lab being proposed for being at the Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Lab.
So already you have a sort of facility that is already operating because it's a weapons lab under a very secret type of jurisdiction.
Also, we have double danger there.
Well, yeah, and that's why many of the local community groups in our own area are the really...
Excellent work of Marilia Kelly and Tri-Valley Cares and parallel work with Jay Coughlin and his group at Los Alamos Labs have been very important in terms of challenging the siting of such labs.
In fact, I refer the listeners to an excellent article called basically Bugs and Bombs, which talks about this particular problem.
That was published in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists last fall, I believe the September issue.
But, sir, doctor, then we have a debate about where to put them, so they put them out in Montana.
Bottom line, I've read the evidence and you've talked about it, these are really also offensive dual-use labs.
I mean, as the Baltimore Sun said, thousands of gallons of liquid death.
And the people in Montana who have been opposing Mary Wolf and her group out there
...have been opposing righteously the plans to put it out in a rural area where, if there were an accident, is a place which is very underserved in terms of physicians and hospitals, so the capacity for something escaping and causing havoc there is also of concern.
That is spreading and not being recognized by an expert.
I mean, these are the... And, you know, just last week, as came out in the press...
Somebody working on the lab facilities in the area contracted salmonella from actual work.
So again, illustrating, I mean, coming down with salmonella doesn't pose the public health threat that, say, a super virus or something else that would be developed would.
But nonetheless, it indicates the problems that are inherent in this type of work.
It's incredible, Doctor.
You know, you talk about treaties, the UN.
The UN is hopelessly corrupt and controlled by the same military-industrial complex, but certainly we should have treaties between countries, sanctions against countries by other countries that don't.
But, I mean, our government doesn't even follow the treaties it signs on to, but then will attack countries that refuse to sign on to treaties.
And as well, unfortunately, in terms of the strategic policies of our own country and this administration, as opposed to doing the necessary things to control the weapons at the international level, such as having a stronger biological weapons convention,
Instead, we're going ahead with, under the policies of quote-unquote counterproliferation, justifying the development of a whole new generation of nuclear weapons to supposedly take out hardened command posts and hardened facilities.
Yeah, micro-nukes.
Yeah, mini-nukes and bunker busters.
This threatens a whole new generation of nuclear weapons proliferation, supposedly, in this case, to control biological and chemical weapons, but actually...
More than, you know, this itself poses a severe threat.
We can just see from the relatively recent revelations of the ability of the Pakistani program under Dr. Khan to basically have brochures to spread nuclear technology.
By the way, Bush ordered the FBI not to investigate that two years ago.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Don't forget that you can link through at infowars.com right now to the Sunshine Project.
And we've had on their representatives, their experts many times, breaking major news report after major news report.
I was even unaware until this morning when I saw it that they had finally gotten the map from the feds of where they're going to put all these nasty facilities.
And a lot of them are already up and running in existing facilities, like right here in Texas.
It is disgusting.
And it makes me so angry.
And every couple months I hear about a lab person dying, getting sick, somewhere in the Western world or in Russia, in the lower level labs and in the high level labs.
And we never hear about what happens deep in the bowels of what they would call, what do they call above level four?
We know there's all these giant black budget projects.
I mean, that's the majority of bioweapons activities.
A doctor, I mean, speculating here, Dr. Robert Gould, San Francisco Bay President of Physicians for Social Responsibility.
I mean, from your contacts, from other pathologists, from other scientists, I mean, can you give us any inkling?
We know tens of billions of dollars every decade is covertly spent in these labs, but, I mean, can you tell us anything of the dark side of things?
I mean, what they admit is bad enough, but can you tell us any of the other info?
Well, I think we've laid out some of the projects that have been divulged over the last number of years, such as the ones at the Port and Downs, such as the mousepox that was synthesized in Australia.
All that we know of is BSL-4, which is pretty high enough in terms of the dangerous work that they're doing there.
So, you know, these technologies have not been with us for a long time, but already over the last number of years, the advances in biotechnology and genetic engineering, these presage significant capabilities for offensive arms, and that's what we're really facing right now.
I have to tell you, Doctor, that I've talked to people who work for IBM and others, and
And they'll just, scientists and others, they'll just laugh at you and go, there's no such thing as an unnatural mutation.
Oh, there's no problem.
Ah, you know, shut up.
Because they're all making money out of it.
That's the sort of arrogance and outright hubris that you receive from people who are not really being honest about
What the nature of their work is, and from our standpoint, not really taking moral and ethical responsibility for whatever their work is and for whatever they're getting paid for.
Well, in the Kapchinka, or however you pronounce it, peninsula, they had cases where they release anthrax on accident and kill hundreds of people around in the town.
I mean, we had Chernobyl blow up and thousands of square miles were unlivable.
And it's that same arrogance.
What's wrong with these people?
Well, they're not thinking from a global standpoint of what the effects of their work is.
We have 50 years of nuclear weapons work that already has taken an incredible toll over the
Over 600,000 people who worked in the various atomic energy labs and Department of Energy labs.
You can think more locally where you're at in terms of the exposures to Pantex workers.
We have everybody from uranium miners who were exposed to digging uranium for nuclear weapons to those who work at places like Rocky Flats where plutonium is in the ducts.
Our government has unfortunately been
We're good to go.
We have to look at all of these advanced technologies, and we have to finally look at our world as
Well, you know, that's the thing.
You know, we can't construct in any one country the sort of defensive type of position that really is this absurd situation of a, you know, like a gated community.
The fact is that, particularly when we're talking about the biological agents, they can cross boundaries, they can get in airplanes.
I mean, we are one interconnected world.
So to think that we could just set up a vaccination program here in the United States, even from those who would say...
Well motivated to protect us against disease misses the larger point that we have to have the strongest possible international controls.
And the other thing is, you know, we're spending an inordinate amount of money and a lot of it, again, going to the biotech and pharmaceutical companies who undermine the treaty for these high-end projects which really don't touch the major problems that the world is facing.
I would submit that when we're thinking about real problems that are on our agenda, such as impending global climate change,
That many organizations and many panels of experts who have studied this over the course of the last decade have indicated that we're likely to face a much greater disease burden
From the impact of climate change because many diseases that up until now have been confined to tropical areas are likely to spread as the climate change, and we're probably seeing the first evidence of that, for example, with the West Nile virus.
It's been predicted by the World Health Organization that by the end of the century, even with the lower levels of anticipated climate change, that the world burden of malaria
We'll go from where it is presently at about 500 million people getting malaria to close to 600 million.
They're also saying that drug immune, not just resistant, but drug immune TB is going to kill hundreds of millions.
That's exactly right.
One-third of the world's population is infected with tuberculosis.
That doesn't mean they have the disease.
But particularly when our government was spending before 9-11,
Thank you very much.
But, Doctor...
Again, the UN is hopelessly corrupt.
It's owned and run by the same military-industrial complex that owns Big Pharma.
Big Pharma doesn't mind if all this stuff spreads and gets bad because then they get to treat it and make 50 times the money off of prevention and ending it.
So it's like the drug war.
The bigger the drug war gets, the more drugs we have on the streets.
I totally understand that, and that's been the record.
But I understand your concerns about the United Nations, but I would just say that the only hope that we have
Is building strong international institutions that can actually deal with these issues as a matter of human survival.
Hey, let me throw this in, Doctor.
Let me throw this in.
I started this broadcast two-plus hours ago.
Saying that this is the argument of a lot of well-meaning professors and scientists and others is we've got to have this global government to stop the proliferation of these weapons of mass destruction.
A rogue country is going to make a bioweapon that will kill tens of millions of people.
And it's only going to be worse in 10 years, 20 years, 30 years.
I mean, you know, this stuff is just all over the place.
But then I look at who founded the U.N., who runs it.
The U.N.
is too busy bid-rigging oil contracts.
It's owned by the same just arrogant elitist that own and run this country.
And so all I'm saying is that what are other models of countries, you know, working with other countries?
You say through these treaties.
I just don't see the U.N.
ever doing it or the U.N.
being a trustworthy group.
Well, I wasn't calling for world government.
What I was saying is that we have to recognize that these problems and these threats are global in nature.
And if we have problems right now with the current influences that don't allow the United Nations or other international organizations to do the job that they really need to do, then we have to think of ways to make them accountable to us and the world community.
But we really can't deal with these things on just a national basis
You know, if we're talking about infectious disease or the problem of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases that are in place, things like tuberculosis, malaria, we need to have global solutions.
So I'm not in any way, I believe, I'm not being naive about those issues, but from the standpoint of being a physician, from the standpoint of thinking about health as a global problem,
We have to come up with creative solutions.
And that's the job for us to put our heads together, to figure out ways to do that.
Well, I think the name of the organization, Physicians for Social Responsibility, I mean, being socially responsible means you're informed.
And so that's what we're trying to do here, and I appreciate you coming on.
All I'm trying to say is this.
You've got such arrogant people in ivory towers, whether it's the U.N.
or Paris or London or New York,
Such arrogant people in these ivory towers.
I've talked to them.
I've interviewed senators.
I mean, they just don't get it, but they'll tell you all about the basketball scores.
And so, you know what?
I just see disaster.
And I'm not trying to be negative here, but I've talked to a lot of scientists and people, and they say that there is a greater chance of a massive deadly bio-release that will kill hundreds of thousands, if not hundreds of millions, than there's a chance of us somehow coming up with a way to stop this.
Well, you know, I can't deny, Alex, that things are pretty grim if we're looking at the situation in the world and that essentially we're pissing away.
$400 billion on our military budget, $125 billion supplemental for Iraq and Afghanistan, when that money could be so much better used to deal with these types of threats and finding the ways to deal with it, you know, at a fraction of that.
Well, before 9-11, they had tens of millions for terror funding.
I remember scientists complaining, you know, you spend 2% of the anti-terror money on scientists and studies, and you spend 98% on, you know, police and black ski masks.
This is the problem.
All I'm saying, I think we may disagree with what the possibilities are out there.
I don't know.
Again, I hope that I'm not coming across in any way naive about what the blocks there are to make a difference.
But nonetheless, I think we do need to be very clear that if we're talking about global public health and environmental issues that have to get solved,
At a global level, we have to deal with new and creative ways of dealing with this.
Well, listen, I agree with you.
I'm just trying to state just how bad it really is so people can, I mean, not you, but so others can get out of denial.
Because I love my family, Doctor.
And I see this as one of the greatest threats to our future.
Well, you're absolutely right.
And I would just say that, you know, particularly for folks in Texas...
There should be plenty of heat on what's going on at the University of Texas in terms of their plans for facilities like this.
Those folks should not be allowed to conduct these operations in secret.
It's our right to know what goes on there, not only for the whole range of issues.
People's local health in terms of similar type of accidents that we're seeing in the case of this anthrax dissemination as well as the larger issues of
We, as citizens of our country,
Being basically exposed to the dangers of a biological weapons race.
All right, Dr. Robert Gould.
We need an informed community to really be dealing with this.
Okay, Dr. Robert Gould, San Francisco Bay President of Physicians for Social Responsibility.
You can go to the website via Infowars.com, big link to the Sunshine Project.
This is really important information.
And, Doctor, take care, and I appreciate you coming on.
Sure, Alex.
If I could also give our website.
Oh, I didn't even know.
Yes, sir.
National Physicians for Social Responsibility, of which I was president of our national organization last year, is an organization of 30,000 health professionals, including numerous physicians as part of that, physicians and health professionals.
And our website is www.psr.org.
And we have a great deal of information on our website in terms of the global challenges facing us, not only from the various weapons of mass destruction, but also in terms of many of the issues that I was addressing today in terms of threats posed by climate change.
Our approach is we need to have a preventive approach, not a reactive, dysfunctional approach.
So thanks, Alex, for having me on.
PSR.org, Doctor.
You bet.
Okay, thanks for coming on.
Take care.
He was literally joining us from the lab.
Thank you.
He said during the breaks he was looking at his microscope.
That is a perfect interview.
I could tell that guy means well, good guy, nice person.
You'd feel safe letting him babysit your children, walk your dog, whatever.
But I started the broadcast.
We need to post the first hour and the second hour on prisonplanet.tv, Paul.
I'm telling my webmaster that because to hear what I laid out, then to talk to him...
You know, this is what they tell you.
We've got to have a global government to stop this threat.
Meanwhile, those running the global government are proliferating all this and building all this.
So, see, that's the problem.
The psychopaths running the global government can't be trusted.
Just like any big government can't be trusted because bad people always get control of it.
So global government is not the answer.
I mean, our government leaves the border wide open, and you just heard it.
A third of the world population has TB, not the developed disease.
Now, they're saying hundreds of millions are going to die.
There's decades from it.
Hundreds of millions have died.
And now they're messing with weaponizing salmonella, weaponizing TB, weaponizing everything.
That mousepox he was talking about.
They put out the ingredients, how to make it.
It's very quick and easy, by the way, to take that and to make it for any mammal, and it kills 100% of the mammals that are exposed to it.
They've got stuff that kills 100%.
Of whoever gets in contact with it.
And there are examples every month I see.
Mainstream news, back of the paper, where somebody gets sick from a bioweapon or one of the precursors at one of these bioweapons labs.
And let me tell you, this stuff's going on right here in Austin.
They built a disgusting center down on the coast.
They have got a nuclear reactor in Austin.
And let me tell you, all these Austinites know which dorm room the quarterback lives in.
And what beer he likes to drink.
But you people in Austin do not know there's a nuclear reactor in this town.
And it's the same for the whole country.
This is so dangerous.
And they've got psychopaths running this.
And the UN involving all their population control and dosing the vaccines with poison.
Cancer and sterilization systems.
It's all admitted.
We have a huge archive on PrisonPlanet.com covering it.
I'm going to come back and continue to talk about this, because I've got a rant that I want to continue on this subject.
I might jam a few calls in in the final segment.
I don't know.
I just hope you all get Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror, Police State, Three Total Enslavement.
I hope you get all my films, and I hope you jam them in a VCR, get a second VCR, and make 100 copies of it in the next 100 days.
A copy every night when you go to bed.
I hope you give it to people in your area and put it on AXS TV and warn everyone.
Because it's all I do is study this.
And let me tell you, it is serious business.
And they sold the entire intelligentsia on world government because of this threat.
What the intelligentsia doesn't get is that their bosses are the ones that are going to release it.
And, you know, I hope by getting these experts up and you hear me in these dialogues with them that we're giving you accurate information.
Oh, man.
I've actually studied all this.
Don't forget to sign up at prisonplanet.tv, my friends.
Fifteen cents a day.
We need your support.
It funds all the other websites.
Incredible bandwidth.
Video reports, audio reports, text reports.
It's all there.
All right.
We'll be right back with the final segment.
Stay the course.
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We're good to go.
All right, my friends.
Final segment here on this Friday edition.
Again, if you are a little bit more informed, I don't mean our general listeners, but those out there that think football or topless bars are God, or how to apply your cosmetics is the most important thing of the day.
The real world is exciting, dynamic, terrifying, invigorating when you fight back against the corruption.
And you need to be able to face the true nature of evil and the eugenics-minded, Nazi-minded, corrupt-minded people running the globe who would openly send our troops into bases, bombed by depleted uranium to breathe it, their blood filled with it, admitted, and then nothing's done.
No one gets in trouble.
They come out and admit they're torturing people.
These people don't get in trouble.
Those giving the orders.
It's the exercise of evil.
The priest of raw power.
Always more power.
Always more abuse.
Always, you know, as they said in 1984.
And this is the system that we're now facing here together.
And so I'm begging you.
I'm pleading with you.
To make justice.
A large part of the focus in your life on being informed, truly informed, on issues that actually affect you and your family.
The open borders, NAFTA, GATT, biological weapons, genetic engineering.
You know, here I am talking with this top scientist, head of a major hospital, by the way.
I didn't get into that.
You know, oh, the half-spider goats.
You know, it's a big problem.
Oh, yes.
You know, just...
They've now legalized chimeras in humans.
Part human, part animal in Europe.
This is just happening, racing ahead.
That's the public stuff?
Pharmacological crops with live HIV virus in the corn?
Forgot to bring that up with the doctor.
This is the reality, folks, and it's going on.
But you tell your neighbor about it, they will laugh at you.
They will laugh at you.
People can't even figure out that
You know, the government grew under Ronald Reagan and that we lost liberties and that Bush is going to sign the assault weapons ban.
And I'm not here bashing Ronald Reagan.
But, you know, don't let the facts get in the way of your opinion, huh?
You better get the facts.
You better learn that Bush isn't conservative and the Republicans are selling us out.
And so will the Democrats.
You go, well, that's bad news.
Well, you better face the bad news and get about the job of turning this thing around.
I mean, I'm sorry.
Raping and killing women and children at Abu Ghraib is not acceptable.
You can make your excuses about torture, you know, to save the troops, and then look what it leads to in every case.
Stopping families at checkpoints and then taking them for torture because their papers weren't in order.
That's not what America's about.
And those troops are coming back here to be your police.
We have the power.
The American people, people of the world do.
We have to move.
We have to take action.
We have to be informed.
We have to stop being lazy and ignorant.
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I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time, and there's a few rebroadcasts of this Friday show throughout the weekend.
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