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Air Date: June 16, 2004
2539 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright my friends, everybody listening coast to coast, overseas, the ships at sea, welcome.
It's already the 16th day of June 2004.
I'm Alex Jones, your host, and guess what?
No guests today.
I did that deliberately because I want to have time to take a lot of phone calls.
And early in this first hour, throughout the second and third hour of Global Transmission Against Tyranny,
We will kill hostage in 72 hours as a group supposedly affiliated with Al-Qaeda.
That means affiliated with the CIA because Al-Qaeda is CIA.
That's admitted fact.
We'll go over that and the tragic video floating around.
There's also another video of someone in a parking garage being gunned down, a Westerner, by Muslims over in Saudi Arabia.
9-11 panel says Iraq rebuffed bin Laden, and they've rebuffed Bush, saying that it wasn't true, but that he just made a mistake.
So this is how they try to gain credibility.
I mean, everybody now knows, at least a lot of people do, and it's admitted that Saddam hated al-Qaeda and fought with al-Qaeda and thought they were government agents of the West in the last 12, 13 years.
Iraq put out press releases saying this.
We're not with these Muslim extremists funded by the U.S.
to destabilize the Arab world.
But nevertheless, a lot of them would pop up on TV and say, yes, I'm with Saddam, good buddies with him.
Funny, he's helping Bush.
Of course, that's what he does.
That's his job.
Very interesting.
His common sense would tell you it's a total fraud.
But the 9-11 panel admits it is a fraud, but says it's just an accident, see.
Now that everybody knows the truth, they put their spin on it and gain credibility in their legion of other incendiary lies.
You knew it was coming.
You know, Philip K. Dick, back in the 70s and 60s, wrote about wireheads.
He wasn't really writing about anything that was futuristic because Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World back in the 30s, weeks before he died in his last speech at Berkeley, said that he'd been to medical facilities in England where they had wires in people's brains controlling them by remote control.
That was in 1962.
He said he'd seen it in 1960.
But the FDA has approved it, and they're going to, you know, they already make your child take Ritalin or Prozac, the school does, so they take them from you.
Now they're saying that if someone's depressed, they're going to make you take a remote control system in your brain.
Of course, this is no new information for our listeners, though it was hard to believe when just I was reporting it from the Army War College and Federation of American Scientists.
One of the most prestigious reports and prodigious reports was back in 2000, January of 2000.
We'd seen reports years before that as well, at least for six or seven years.
But now we have a picture of it on the website in the Washington Post and a bunch of other mainstream news articles.
Everybody's going, you're depressed, it's a quick, easy surgery, no more pain.
The body snatchers are here to help you, and they're all over the television promoting it as we speak.
And you're a kook if you're against the brain implant.
Why, after you have this, you're not going to feel any more pain.
You may be struggling now because you're insane.
You don't like the new world order.
Soon everything's going to be all right.
Folks, I'm not kidding.
I was never kidding.
The Army in 2000 said their main job by 2025...
We'll be implanting us all with chips in the brain.
We will all be hooked into a, quote, hive mind.
In fact, that's it.
Paul Watson, I know you're listening at Prison Planet.
Get out of our archives that hive mind article.
The City Morning Herald simply republished...
The Federation of American Scientists reported two years ago.
Not the one of four years ago, but the one of two years ago.
We're all basically not even going to move.
We're going to live in little pods.
Folks, I'm not kidding.
It sounds insane.
It's nuts.
But it's true.
That's their plan.
Talk about the movie The Matrix.
This is the real deal.
I start giggling insanely because it's making me go insane.
I'm not the one writing Army War reports and Federation of American Scientists reports.
I just covered it here.
And I told you long before the plan to push implantable chips under the skin.
And I said, folks, that's not going to stop there.
The only way to stop the terrorists is if we all have brain chips so our thoughts can be monitored.
The Washington Post says we're all going to enjoy our implantation.
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Again, my friends, it is Wednesday, 8 minutes, 15 seconds, into this first hour.
No guests today, just your calls and a ton of bombshell, earth-shattering, world-changing news and information.
The websites are prisonplanet.com, infowars.com, and of course, prisonplanet.tv as well.
I've got a ton of news.
The phone's already loaded up.
Let me just try to explain this calmly if I can, try to get all the points out here.
There's a great danger in listening to this radio broadcast.
And it's not that you will become enlightened and informed about the real geopolitical system, the reality, the paradigms.
That's the good thing.
But once brought into the real paradigm, that you will fall sway to something that I have continually catching myself backsliding into.
I open the newspaper, and there's giant urban warfare training with troops in Texas.
And in years past, I would immediately lose sleep if need be, drive to location, hide out, crawl around in the weeds, videotape them training to put us in camps.
And now, when I see articles about it in Tennessee, Texas, New York, Virginia, California, Nevada, Arizona, Florida, I don't even read it on air anymore, most of the time.
When I read articles about secret military police interrogating people and stomping around looking for marijuana dealers, I don't cover the article most of the time.
When there's some new development of some government wanting to implant all of their government officials with microchips or implant children with it, about half the time I don't even cover it anymore.
We can't just talk about this every day.
Familiarity breeds contempt.
Where it was shocking and sensational, and I sounded like a complete loon nine years ago on radio and TV to talk about their plan to do this, now it's quite passe.
Quite passing.
I mean, I was the lunatic of Earth.
I've been attacked in major magazines and newspapers.
Mr. Jones thinks there's a plan to put microchips in our skin.
Why, he even thinks there's a plan to put it in our brain.
And I would tell the reporter, well, here's a link to the Army's website.
Would you like to read?
And they would get it, but still attack me.
But see, then overnight now, it was all announced.
And so for a brief time, wow, Alex is really smart.
How did he know about this?
He's probably an insider.
No, again, I publish, I post their own documents.
Again, this is what I do.
It's my life.
It's my obsession.
But now we've gone into the levels of not just you, but myself.
Just, oh, well, got to have a microchip to get in the nightclub.
Got to...
You know, they're giving it to the prisoners now.
Well, they're announcing they're going to give it to the military.
Oh, you know, it's on the cover of a bunch of magazines this week all at once.
Everybody needs it.
The future of shopping.
And so now the chip under the skin doesn't sound that radical because now they're going to have the big push for it in the brain.
In the brain!
Or connected to nerves in the neck leading to the brain.
Equivalent of plugging your computer into the cable modem.
And so I'm looking at no fewer than five mainstream news articles today, just all magically showing up, telling us how the FDA is approving this, and of course that means then, you know, they can make your child take methamphetamine, that is Ritalin or Prozac, which is a hallucinogen.
Well, guaranteed, I guarantee you, within three years, they will be probably sooner.
Things are accelerated.
Let me rephrase that or re-estimate.
Within 18 months, there will be children taking this, and then within two years, two and a half years, they will be forcing some to take it.
That's right.
I predict, and you can laugh at me now as you always do, that they will be forcing this into people's brains within two and a half years.
There will be poster boy children within months taking it because they don't want to be depressed anymore.
It'll be lauded.
They'll be like rock stars on all the major TV shows.
They can call little geniuses, just like they called that family that we found out worked for Applied Digital, one of the implant companies, the IBM front, what geniuses the whole family were in every newscast with the same script.
I said I had to be calm about this.
This is the equivalent of thousands of flying saucers landing, aliens walking off, and announcing that they are going to turn us into pod people.
Understand, don't misquote me, New York Times.
I'm not saying thousands of flying saucers are going to land.
I'm not saying they exist.
I don't talk about that.
I'm not saying we're going to turn into pod people.
I'm saying it's the equivalent.
But see, it's our own species doing it to us.
Somehow it isn't as shocking and alien and scary.
Our own species putting up face scanning cameras, RFID scanners, license plates that are scanned.
RFID going in all the products, casual society control grid, cancer viruses and vaccines.
You know, all of this is going on publicly, back of the news wires, never in your newspaper or occasionally in your newspaper, with a major spin on it, how good it is.
But it is the equivalent.
I mean, what's the difference?
I mean, the stuff they're doing, the stuff the Army is saying,
About how we're going to all have chips in our brains and be this hive mind and how great it's going to be.
I mean, they said this two, now two and a half years ago.
Four years ago, they said they're going to put chips in all of us and our brains.
Six, seven years ago, I saw Army documents hinting at it.
And now it's on the nightly news.
I mean, this is so chilling, so evil, so wicked, so controlling.
It dwarfs 1984.
I've been doing a study of 1984, comparing it to present day, and, I mean, frankly, much of 1984 is watered down compared to what we face today, other than just the automatic secret arrest and torture and execution.
That was more widespread in the fictitious world of 1984.
In the real world today, they're just gearing up for those purges now.
But the control grid itself, the bear trap, is much larger with razor-sharp teeth compared to the 1984 mechanisms that were the equivalent of a mousetrap compared to a heavy Kodiak bear trap or polar bear trap.
Fully eight feet in circumference.
Compared to several inches in circumference.
I mean, to give you another analogy, I don't... My own brain has trouble processing this.
I don't blame you if cognitive dissonance kicks in.
That's one thing the globalists have got a hand up on us with, is that the stuff they're doing is so bold, so insane, that no one is ever held accountable, that they just tumble on from one wickedness to another.
And so I sit here stunned, just stunned at everything that's happening.
And this is from the Washington Post today.
And there's a photo of this out on Drudge.
I want to get that posted on our site.
I think that's happening right now.
My wife's doing that on Infowars.com.
Paul Watson runs the Prison Planet side of things.
And I want to repost in a grouping of articles, kind of in a report, under this Washington Post article, I want to post the Hive Mind City Morning Herald republication of the Army War College Hive Mind report of two years ago.
And then I want to get that Federation of American Scientists report that was from an Army report from January 2000.
I want to post that under it, too.
And then maybe we can find some passages from a Philip K. Dick book about wireheads.
This, by the way, when Philip K. Dick was writing about wireheads, Aldous Huxley had already given speeches about them out in California that Mr. Dick had attended, by the way, I just recently discovered.
And it talked about how he had been in these labyrinthine facilities in England where there were mental patients being remote controlled by primitive wire systems into their cerebral cortex and other different lobes of the structure of the brain.
This has been going on since the 60s that we know of.
And now they're going to sell it to you, boys and girls.
They have remote control rats that can go hundreds of yards into rubble and retrieve goodies.
Retrieve a small red ball and come back.
I mean, cyborgs.
And it's quite easy and cheap.
I mean, I remember 15 years ago, my dad handing me a scientific journal and saying, look at this picture of a cockroach with a remote control.
Small wire into the brain, small chip on the back.
Now the military has them with little video cameras.
So whatever you see in the science fiction movies is already here.
Panel okays implant to fight depression.
A surgical implant that stimulates the brain should get government approval to treat chronic depression.
An expert panel of federal experts said Tuesday.
Barking the first time, an implanted device has been recommended for the treatment of a psychiatric disorder.
And again, they're saying that one in six boys is mentally ill, one in ten girls, and they force them onto deadly drugs that expand the size of the heart, shrink the brain.
I've already gone over all that.
Cause massive suicide.
So, believe me, they're going to make the children take this.
And it says, using a technique known as vagus nerve stimulation, the device uses electrodes implanted in the neck to activate brain regions that are believed to regulate moods.
You see, it's wired in, like plugging a computer into a cable modem.
It's wired into the neck, into the brain.
The decision by an expert advisory panel, the Food and Drug Administration, that tells us that aspartame and fluoride is good, after a day of clashing scientific opinions about whether the data
Submitted by the manufacturer, it's always by the manufacturer, were adequate for approval.
Proponents of the device prevailed, citing the desperate need of patients with chronic depression that does not respond to existing treatments.
And see, that's the problem.
I mean, obviously, if we had angels running things, this wouldn't be a problem.
But the government says it's to control you.
Says they're going to make you take it.
That's going to be the Army's main job.
And we see them phasing it in with the Army offices in each city and secret policing around, harassing people, finding out what you've said, harassing people that are involved in zoning disputes.
That, by the way, was in the news yesterday.
And in Newsweek, by the way.
And it says, the verdict by the advisory panel came after the FDA signed.
This is what I'm saying is they're gearing up the military to run our lives for the later implantation.
Little clinics, they say they're going to run.
We'll just drop by.
It's a quick procedure.
You'll be one of us soon.
Everything will be fine.
You're going to feel much better after the procedure.
Don't complain.
You'll be one of us soon.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
In the globalist-owned policy reports on how they're going to sell us on implantable mind-control chips, which they say will control our minds, they say, you know, the horse and buggy went out and people were threatened by it, and people were threatened by pacemakers, but...
The young people are going to be sold on this as it's trendy and cool, and also for convenience and security.
And now, how do you hear the implantable chip under the skin being sold?
For security, for convenience.
It's being sold to the youth as trendy to get the VIP bars.
For prisoners, old people.
I mean, this isn't the same as a pacemaker, folks, or a new model of car coming out.
This is... Well, we're going to put...
Wires in your brain and control you.
And we have a government saying everyone's mentally ill and the Supreme Court ruling that they can force treatment on you.
They're forcing tens of millions of young people on these drugs.
Adults are being forced onto it.
So they're going to force this.
They said they're going to force it.
Do you understand?
They said they're going to sell it to you along these lines because they know you don't go read Federation of American Scientists and Army War College documents.
That's how arrogant they are.
And so I'd like to talk about this.
There's a bunch of other news.
We will kill hostages in 72 hours, and that was last night.
I should say early this morning with an American captured by Al-Ciada in Saudi Arabia.
That will surely get the poll numbers up if they kill this poor guy.
9-11 panel is kind of jockeying with Bush to play some theater like they're in a fight.
I hope they don't.
Sores on FDA panel decision.
That's the brain people.
Draconian plan to detain mental patients is revealed.
Then you're all mentally ill like the Soviet Union.
You have to be arrested.
UK bid to clone human embryos.
They've been doing it for, what, eight years, but they always re-announce it.
It's a weird form of propaganda.
And I didn't talk about this yesterday, and I meant to.
I meant to talk about it Monday, but I saw it on Friday.
And I instantly recognized the propaganda, and then later it was analyzed, and it turned out that that indeed was true, and I've done research since then, and Paul Watson and myself wrote an article about this early this morning, and it's on prisonplanet.com right now, and prisonplanet.tv, and we'll come back and go to your calls directly, then I'll get into all this news, but weapons of mass deception, neocons promulgate, weapons of mass destruction lie.
The World Tribune, neocon-run pro-war party mouthpiece, ran the leading headline on Friday, UN inspectors, Saddam shipped out weapons of mass destruction before war and after.
The weapons of mass destruction heralded by the headline can be defined by the detail in the actual article.
And then you read it, and it says it's scrap metal with UN tags on it.
Yeah, from the stuff they ran over with bulldozers.
The admitted so-called weapons of mass destruction, the hundreds of admitted sites, run over, turn into scrap metal, and publicly shipped out of the country.
It says, UN MOVIC, the UN body, acting executive chairman, Demetrius...
Percosis told the council on June 9th that the only controls at the borders are for the weight of the scrap metal and to check whether there were any explosives or radioactive materials.
That would be the weapons of mass destruction within the scrap.
Middle East Newswire reported.
Percosis also reported that inspectors found Iraq weapons of mass destruction and missile components shipped abroad that still contained UN inspection tags.
Now, again, they're saying they reported that, but you go on to read the actual UN report, it says, you know, the husk of missiles, short-range missiles, artillery pieces, all the stuff that the UN was there for 12 years destroying.
The stuff our government sold them.
I mean, that's all admitted.
They admit there's all these admitted sites.
But that's what they did during the war and after the war.
They would race from one admitted designated U.N.
site where there were destroyed weapons of mass destruction with U.N.
tags hanging off of it to another going, we found some, we found some here.
And a day later in the small retraction in the back of the paper they'd say,
Well, actually, it was already declared site from 92, from 93, from 94, from 95.
You know, that mass grave was the place the UN had been in 92.
An exchange depot on the border with Iran, where it was boxes full of bones and sand, where they would exchange dead Iraqis for dead Iranians from that war that killed over a million people, combining both sides.
I mean, just like we get bodies back every year from North Korea and Vietnam.
And it was admitted.
But there were your mass graves.
So then they'd run to another site of British-sold trucks for pumping up hydrogen balloons with British serial numbers on it.
Our government knew exactly what they were.
It was at a U.N.
And they'd go, oh, look, weapons trucks.
What are these machines for weapons?
And then later there were tractions in the back of the paper.
And it was incredible.
Rush Limbaugh said, oh, yes, they found weapons of mass destruction.
See, why won't Bush brag about this?
What's going on?
Just incredible.
Incredible deception.
And they just do it over and over and over again.
So we'll come back and take your calls.
Get into all this news.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
David J. Smith for Newswatch Magazine.
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Did you know that it's a direct assault upon your freedom of religion?
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
We're back live here.
We're going to go to your calls.
We've been talking about the FDA approving these implants that run up to the nerves into your brain to make you not be depressed anymore.
And the government's talking about amnesia drugs and other drugs to make you forget bad memories.
And I suppose the Al-Ci-Aida group has captured another American.
That'll certainly boost the approval ratings of Lord Bush.
Al-Qaeda always helping.
And just a ton of other vital news and information, plus more lies about weapons of mass destruction.
But right now, let's go ahead and talk to Holland in Virginia.
Holland, you're on the air.
Good morning, Alex.
Go ahead.
How you doing?
Been sitting here running through some notes and so forth, and I don't want to get you necessarily off your train of thought this morning.
You talk about whatever you want.
Free speech.
I need to back up to last Thursday, I believe, with Joel Skousen on there.
And he was chatting with Colonel Grand Prix a little bit about his contacts being too aged and so forth and so on.
The colonel knows who he knows, and his information is very credible.
You've probably checked that out for yourself.
Well, I agree with you, and, you know, Joel, I agree with most of what Joel says, but I don't agree with all of it.
He was saying, oh, well, the globalists aren't out in the open, they're not up front, and there's just hundreds of examples of this.
Absolutely, and one thing, too, had you actually gone to Joel's site and checked him out at all?
Oh, yeah, I've known Joel for years.
He does a lot of great work.
Well, yeah, but I mean, it appears to me like he's connected to his own agenda there with a New World Order God-based government and also has written or has signed on to the idea of a new U.S.
Were you aware of that?
No, I wasn't.
Where did you see that?
I checked it out yesterday.
What did he say?
Well, basically...
With the Constitution and so forth, it defines citizens differently than what our present Constitution does, and basically it limits certain things with regards to free speech, as I see it.
It might be interesting for you to, you know, catch that website and see what your take is on it.
Okay, what else is on your mind?
All right, now, as far as the...
As far as the New World Order stuff here, I liken them unto a dog.
And, you know, if we have a dog laying on the porch and we're afraid to go down the street and walk past that dog for fear of what he's going to do, you know, I hear all this talk about this is going to happen, that's going to happen.
We're going to soon, as Americans, have to grab that dog up, kick him in the short ribs and find out just how mean he is.
And we're going to have to deal with him up front and personal.
Now, the fact that they're wanting to go ahead and control us through chip implants to the brain,
It's encouraging to me because they have indicated in that statement that they recognize us as having a functional brain.
Now, last week, I didn't have much hope with regards to that because I feel 100 and plus thousand people walked past probably a sandbagged coffin at the rotunda.
While they were covering that action last... They're covering a multitude of sins last week with that particular happening.
And then in addition to that, the last thing...
That I wanted to talk about was the naval movements here that are out there.
Do you have anything?
Yeah, 93% of the East Coast Fleet is at sea, 10 carrier groups, a record level.
Is there any reason to believe that some of these rumors, such as Iranian subs with warheads on them, is that substantiated or is that just a rumor at this point?
If Iranians launch subs with any type of nuclear weapon, the Israelis would blast it to bits within milliseconds, sir.
The Iranians do not have the nuclear bomb.
Yeah, see, there's a lot of that stuff out there.
There's a lot of websites that put out fake right-wing propaganda, neocon propaganda.
And, you know, all the real terror groups out there are CIA or MI6 controlled.
And Iran, the last thing the Arabs want in real Arab states is to fight.
They're always trying to arrest CIA people.
They're always trying to go after the Muslim extremists.
They're always trying to shut it down.
They don't want the pretext and the excuse for the 8 trillion pound gorilla that is the Anglo-American establishment to come down on them.
I appreciate the call, Holland.
All right, thank you.
And I'll go to your other calls in a minute, but a great example of what I was just talking about is this.
9-11 panel says Iraq rebuffed bin Laden.
AP, bluntly contradicting the President's administration, the commission investigating the September 11th attacks reported Wednesday there was no credible evidence that Saddam Hussein helped al-Qaeda target the United States.
And a chilling report that...
Sketch the history of Osama Bin Laden's network.
The commission said his far-flung training camps were apparently quite good.
Terrorists were encouraged to think creatively about ways to commit mass murder.
It added that Laden made overtures to Saddam for assistance.
The commission said in the staff report, as he did with leaders in Sudan, Iran, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, as he sought to build up his Islamic army.
While Saddam dispatched a senior Iraqi intelligence official to Sudan to meet with bin Laden in 1994, the commission said it had not turned up evidence of a collaborative relationship.
And then it goes on to say the Bush administration's information on that was wrong, but it was a mistake.
So now that everybody knows that that was a fraud, they come out and admit it, but go, oh, it was just an accident, and try to gain some type of credibility when they're lying on 100 other fronts.
Saddam Hussein, for the last 13 years, was hunting down al-Qaeda, calling them U.S.
government agents.
He had a secular government.
Saddam Hussein knew how to recognize a CIA agent when he saw one, because he was one up until late 1990, end of 1991.
In 1954, he was trained as a CIA assassin, put in in the late 60s as the head of Iraq security, then our government helped with the coup d'etat in 1979, told him to invade Iran, told him to invade Kuwait, he followed orders, and got backstabbed for it.
I'm not defending Saddam.
The point is, he was our boy.
So then how was he bad when we sucked him on people?
Sure, the mafia capo's bad, but the Don is worse.
Let's talk about the Don, the New World Order.
Not one of his capos, over a backwater 25 million broken back third world population, no threat to us.
But right when Saddam was on television going, I'm not with Al-Qaeda, I've never been with them, they're with you Bush...
Bin Laden pops up and goes, I'm with Saddam!
That's right, I'm with Saddam!
I'm with Saddam!
I mean, he always pops up to help Bush, help Clinton go after the Serbs, get that war going in the late 1990s.
That's the Senate's own report.
You know, help go after the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 80s.
Help try to get oil pipeline deals.
You know, shut up the religious mullahs.
That's all this is, people.
Bin Laden's a double agent.
He's always been one.
And this whole event is staged, and I'm sure they'll have a wax figurine for you by the election.
I don't know if that's still on, but for two and a half years, that's been what I've had from the White House, long before it was on, you know, Fox News and CBS.
They were going to have a staged capture of bin Laden with senators and Madeleine Albright telling you that.
I had it from a White House official.
A lot of them live here in Austin.
You know, when they're on vacation, their real homes are here.
I talked to one of them, a high-level one.
You'd know who they were.
And you say, wax figurine?
Yes, Saddam's dead sons, those were wax figurines, people.
Then they claim they hadn't killed him.
Then they claim they killed Chemical Ali three times.
Showed you a wax figurine of him.
Now they say he's still alive.
They captured him again.
And they know you don't have any memory, so they just keep using the same names over and over again.
They'll show you a wax figurine, execute the wax figurine on TV, or claim they killed bin Laden in a gun battle in northern Pakistan.
Oh, here he is.
He's been frozen for two and a half years, dead from kidney failure.
The whole thing's staged.
That's what I got.
The inside scoop.
And now it's what we're hearing.
Let's go to calls.
It's incredible.
Let's talk to Paul in Delaware.
Paul, go ahead.
Saddam Hussein, bin Laden, Noriega, all over the world you go, you see these people.
They're all connected to the Central Intelligence Agency.
Well, in 1954, when they started funding this young, great lawyer, Fidel Castro, do you know what our government called him right up until, what, 1959?
Do you know what they called Fidel Castro?
The Abe Lincoln of the Caribbean.
No, no, I'm not kidding.
$980 million from the CIA.
Ho Chi Minh.
Go ahead.
What I really called about though is I heard you speak and I didn't really get to catch the end of the show, but you were talking on slavery and how different nations, I think it was during Arnold Schwarzenegger's when he was running for governor, you were talking about slavery and
How different groups had different kind of slaves and they bred them to be big or smart or whatever.
So I just wanted you to comment more on that because I didn't get to hear too much about it before.
You may have been listening to another show.
When was this?
During... You were making the... Oh, I remember.
I mentioned what it means to have Swartz on your name if you're a Visigoth or Vandal.
Yeah, you were saying something about the British or whatever.
They were short, but they were smart or something.
I couldn't really recall.
No, I think you missed what I was saying.
Let me try to answer that.
Thanks for the call.
It's an interesting question.
Schwarzenegger means black plowman.
And Schwarzkopf means blackhead.
It has nothing to do with black people.
I mean, you know, the... You know, the...
Vikings, the Norse up in the northern areas of Europe and then into central Europe with the Gauls and the French.
Different tribes kept slaves of their own race.
Similar, but usually from a neighboring tribe.
Just like in Africa today, one black tribe goes and enslaves another black tribe.
But it's not the same type of slavery we had in America or that Rome had.
It's just basically like they enslave you and you're like lower class and kind of have the servant position.
It's a kind of feudalism.
But it is slavery.
And there were breeding programs that really picked up once the Romans took over about 2,000 years ago in Austria first, and then into France, and then what is Germany, the last to be conquered by Julius Caesar.
And you can read those accounts of the Battle of Vergaul.
Then the Romans did start breeding programs, and then they gave the names to the bigger Austrians and Germans that were plowmen.
And they were bred to be large, and many times they killed the more intelligent people.
But genetics don't really work like that, and it's hard to do that.
And yes, folks, I've been to the Smithsonian.
I've seen the ledgers in the South.
The same thing was done with black people.
I was going into how elites, even with primitive technology, have tried to manipulate the human species.
But I said in England they didn't do that.
In England, the lords enjoyed dwarfing their slaves.
There were whole handbooks written on it, how they would have tens of thousands of acres on a lord's property, but he would keep his slaves on tiny tenements.
And they were called serfs, and they weren't allowed to take a rabbit.
They were allowed to have tiny areas, only certain things to be grown.
And over the generations, the nobles were all above six feet tall, and most of the men were about five foot one, five foot two.
And that's why everybody in England gets a lot bigger every generation.
Same thing with people in America, whether you're black or white, because more nutrition, better nutrition.
So they were actually creating almost a subspecies in England.
The Japanese did this similar thing.
China did this.
You see the Aztecs doing it, the Mayans doing it, the Toltecs doing it, and the Americas.
And then you see in Asia, the Chinese and the Japanese doing it.
But in Europe, the only ones who really do it, Romans like to breed big slaves.
But in England, they like small slaves.
And so they would keep you kind of the Chinese-Japanese model, but they all arrived on their own.
No real contact between those groups.
And so I was just pointing out that the Lords, you know, literally would dwarf their slaves in England.
But then you have a Schwarzenegger-type model, and his name means basically Black Plowman, and plowman means slave in the Roman derivation for slave.
It means low-level worker slave or field hand.
And so Schwarzenegger, on his dad's side of the family, obviously goes back to a bred Austrian slave.
Same with Schwarzkopf and anybody with Schwartz in their name.
Well, Swartz means black or of the earth, because you never took baths, and you had dirt all over you, and you had a lot of sun, so you were dark.
And so Schwartz means slave in the derivation of black.
And then the high-blooded people, they didn't have to get in the sun and work because they had white skin.
Just like Japan, the higher classes are real white because they don't work.
Their hands are smooth.
Nothing to do with race.
It's different races doing this to their own race.
We're getting off into anthropology now, ladies and gentlemen, but it's an interesting question.
So what are the elites doing to us today?
How are they engineering us today?
If in Japan and in Latin America, what was then primitive America, if in Europe this was done by elites, what is the elite doing to us, the slaves, today?
Drugging us, dumbing us down, shortening the language, balkanizing the cultures.
George in Canada.
George, go ahead.
Good day, Alex.
How you doing?
What I wanted to bring up was a little bit about the fleet movements.
A previous caller started to address that.
According to the newsstand, the official source for Navy news, seven carrier battle groups are being prepared.
Yeah, according to the AP two weeks ago, it was just a little blurb.
It was ten.
Well, others are already at sea, so they're already in position.
These are seven new ones.
Yeah, the first ones went to Syria.
Usually you have six at sea, six in port.
So you have six under repair, six in a zone.
In a really bad time, you have eight at sea, four in port.
This is a major milestone for the Navy to put so many carrier battle groups to sea.
Never been done.
Never been done, because they have to be repaired.
That's very important.
That is with the new mega carriers of the last 30 years.
I mean, it was done before when they had a lot of smaller type aircraft carriers which had been handed over to the Marines.
So Navy News says that they're sending one to the Gulf of Guinea off Nigeria, and the other six, three are going to the Indian Ocean, three are going into the Mediterranean.
So that means they're going to box in the Middle East.
My personal assumption is that there's going to be an attack on Iran.
I say that because the rhetoric is building up about Iran and nuclear weapons-grade plutonium.
That was on the front page of the New York Times Magazine Sunday.
So the rhetoric is being brought up.
The G8 conference started to bring it up.
And basically, there's already two carrier task forces there, one on each side anyway, so that will put about three-quarters of the U.S.
Navy in one place.
It's got to be there for a reason.
The BBC announced yesterday as well that General Casey, your second senior general in the military, is being transferred to Iraq.
So he's going to take over.
I do have that here on the stack, yes.
So he's probably not going there to run a prison.
He's not going there to play patty cake.
He would be the Eisenhower or MacArthur under a general marshal to lead the next invasion.
And so what type of massive attack is there going to be to swing approval ratings back up to 94%, a record, as it was right after 9-11?
The election's coming.
The president has to get re-elected.
In Nigeria, Paula Burton bribed the Nigerian government with $180 million, according to the Toronto Star Business Section.
Stay there.
This was a great call.
I'll let you elaborate, George.
And more calls.
It's wide open phones today, and I'm just getting my land legs here as we get moving.
So everybody stay with us.
We'll get to more of your calls.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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We're good to go.
I think?
All right, my friends.
Thank you for joining us.
Let's go back to George in Canada, then Walt, Pat, and many others.
Toll-free number to join us, 800-259-9231.
George, we have the government saying we will be attacked, the Capitol will be destroyed.
They said will be destroyed, or the country will be attacked coast to coast.
One of those things will happen, they said two weeks ago, in major publications, the White House said.
Give up all your rights, the terrorists are going to get you, ha ha ha.
Now we've got a record naval launch, generals rotating in and out of the Middle East, a huge gear up, while public opinion is solemnly against the phony war.
What do they have up their sleeve?
What's the ace in the hole, George?
Well, the ace in the hole is, or a clue for us, is you have to watch where the fleets go.
And I would highly encourage people to get on the Internet, especially if you speak languages other than English, Russian, Chinese, if you're from India.
Check out where the navies are going.
We already know where they're going.
A couple of them are going to North Korea because others are leaving the South China Sea and other seas off Asia and the East, and then the rest are all going to the Middle East.
I'm not referring mostly to allied naval maneuvers.
It would be more who would be some of our potential enemies.
But before 9-11, the Royal Navy was pre-positioned a couple of few weeks before the September 11 attacks.
Right up against Pakistan.
Right up against Pakistan, and we had 18,000 British troops in Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, and 44,000 U.S.
So these ships are being strategically pre-positioned.
And now they reported that they went down to 122,000 troops in Iraq.
Now they're boosting it to 144,000.
That was last week.
Now they announced it's going to go up to 160,000.
Why is there a massive increase in troop buildup?
An invasion.
There could be no other conclusion.
There's the Nigeria mission.
The lieutenant colonel from the Nigerian military who was interviewed by Agence France.
He had no knowledge of this.
So how can they be on maneuvers with Nigeria if they have no knowledge of all these ships arriving?
It's something that's being done on their own.
There's another major exercise going off.
Well, you don't send 10 carrier battle groups to Nigeria anyways.
No, no, they're only getting one.
The rest are going to the Middle East.
So a lot of the allied nations are going to be picking up the slack around Pearl Harbor.
Canada, Britain, Australia, Peru, Chile, and Japan.
They're going to have 35 ships, 7 submarines, 90 aircraft, 17,000 sailors are going to be heading into that direction.
The operation for the Middle East is called Summer Pulse 04, so if you put that in your search engine, you'll get back some very correct information.
No, no, we've posted the articles.
Thanks for the call, George.
Thank you.
It's all very scary, and maybe it is just a maneuver, but of all the other factors, it stinks to high heaven.
Before I end this hour and come back with all your other great calls and a ton of news that we've mentioned but haven't detailed yet on implantable brain chips and neocons lying about weapons of mass destruction and the 9-11 panel, the latest developments there, before I do that, just in the last minute of this hour, I do want to encourage every single one of you, every scintilla of you out there to take action in the information war, and the best tool I know of in this fight are my documentary videos.
We're good to go.
Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
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Ask questions about the videos or books.
I suggest you get 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, and Masters of Terror, the two films I made on September 11th, and spread the word.
That's 888-253-3139.
Because this can stop the globalists.
You can also write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Second hour straight ahead.
Stay with us.
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Toll-free number to join us is 800-259-9231.
That's 1-800-253-3139.
I want to get back into the FDA saying they're going to improve implantable brain control systems for your safety and happiness, of course.
Chilling stuff.
And just a ton of other weapons of mass destruction, fraud news, and a lot of key info.
But right now, let's go back to the calls, as promised, and let's talk to Walt.
Walt, where are you calling us from today?
Calling you from Michigan, Alex.
How are you doing today, brother?
Good, my friend.
I hope you don't mind the speakerphone.
I have a friend of mine that hasn't heard of you before, and I'm trying to let him listen to the conversation so we can get a handle on you.
I hope you don't mind the background.
I really don't hear the radio in the background, but you can't do that.
Go ahead, sir.
What's on your mind?
Issue-wise, dispense with the pleasantries.
Okie dokie.
All right.
PIT, Product and Ingredient Technology in Boca Raton, Florida, two years prior to Desert Storm.
Saddam Hussein.
Well, the White House ordered the Congress to approve CDC transfers of West Nile botulism, weaponized anthrax, and hundreds of classified goodies.
I mean, the stuff they admit's bad enough to Saddam through the 1980s right up until... Get ready for this.
Right up until 1992, they were selling it to him even after the war through the government itself.
Peter Kawaja was a security specialist that put the security system in, the cyanide detection system in PIT.
You know, they sealed up all, they cemented all the drains in that building.
At PIT, they vacated it?
I'm not familiar with some of the names you're mentioning, but I am familiar with the congressional reports, the Buffalo News, the New York Daily News, the congressmen I've interviewed on this subject.
I mean, our government did sell this stuff and give it to him in some cases to their ally, Saddam, and then even continued transfers after the war when he supposedly wasn't our ally.
Talk about treason.
Boca Raton, Florida, has a high level of cyanide in their base water supply.
And guess where it came from?
It came right out of PIT.
That's why they cemented all the drains, where they couldn't backtrack it and find the source.
Because Kawaja was talking to Boca Raton, I guess, or some other folks down there that knew Kawaja, was confronting the city council to test the water tables because they were finding cyanide in the water.
Well, give me some information on that.
Thanks for the call, Walt.
I was just joking when I said you can dispense with the pleasantries.
It's just a line from a movie and I can't help it.
Pat in Indiana.
Pat, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
We sent for your video Innocency Trade.
It's from the Jews for Preservation of Firearms.
It's not yours.
It was very good and I called them to see if we could put it on access and they said they didn't want to do it and
Until it got circulated.
Yeah, that's why I say you can only make copies and air my videos.
You can't do that with the other videos I carry because they're not mine to do that.
And the reason JPFO is doing that is they're trying to get a TV deal to air it on national television.
And if the copyright's been given up, they can't do that.
Oh, I see.
Well, we just wanted to put it on cable access so that people could see.
So it could get circulated around that would help them.
And see, patriots are so honest that you guys won't do it unless you get authorization.
That's why I always give authorization for my videos on air.
Anything else?
No, that's all I wanted to ask you about.
Well, hold on.
I want to hear what you think of this video.
Stay there.
Stay there.
Great video.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The so-called left in America, at the top...
Are a bunch of cold, calculating criminals.
Control freaks.
But the mass that makes up the left are a bunch of well-meaning, bleeding hearts.
And they'll admit that the government's building camps and tyrannies upon us, but they think it's very important we turn all our guns in to the government just because it hurts the children, when in reality, statistically, your child has three times the chance of drowning than they do of dying from a gunshot wound.
And then statistically, most of the time, it's because your child in the statistics is a 16-year-old gang member robbing some little old lady who blows them away.
Yeah, they count people under 18 as children in the children statistics.
Children under the age of 14, it's very low numbers.
Above 10, it's almost nonexistent.
There are 50-plus things, even in the World Almanac, last time I checked last year, ahead of gunshot wound being the cause of death for children.
Again, but it's a subject we should talk more about, because every time they take the population's guns, mass murder is engaged in.
Throughout history.
I mean, it's simple.
In Rome, slaves couldn't own a sword or a knife.
On a plantation in Alabama in 1822, a black slave couldn't own a weapon, a gun, a knife.
I mean, it's real simple, folks.
The government's arming to the teeth, giving police machine guns and armored vehicles.
Got new articles on that today.
I mean, not just...
It was amazing, and I think more and more people need to see this because the people that gave up their guns wound up being slaves and dead.
And that's why we really wanted to put it on cable access, because they do cooperate with us here.
Now I know why, but I didn't at the point in time that I spoke with them.
Yeah, well, a lot of people just ignore that, but I think it's good that you're following their wishes because they are trying to get a TV deal for it.
Because I said, hey, can I tell listeners they can put this on accident?
He said, no, we're trying to get a TV deal.
Well, I have one other thing.
Here on our local radio station, Troy Derengoski, you've been on his program before.
He's been announcing your videos that we put on cable access for us.
And he's been trying to help us with the Patriot Bill.
Our mayor here, I thought she would work with this.
She seemed like she would when I took everything down.
Yeah, the legislation that 400-plus cities and four states have passed, throwing out the Patriot Act?
And somehow, her and the council didn't get along, so she said she couldn't help me.
So we've taken it down to the Army-Navy store, and Troy Derengoski, he's been announcing it on radio for the people who go down there and find it, so...
Hopefully something good will come through.
No, you've got to keep pushing and saying, hey, you won't reaffirm our Bill of Rights.
You'll allow citizens to be snatched for the suspicion of committing any misdemeanor and to be secretly executed.
You're saying you won't say that's wrong and repudiate that?
Good to hear from you.
Keep it up there in Indiana.
Tom in Maryland.
Tom, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
Hello, this is Tom.
Yes, hello.
Hey, Alex, I could talk about a thousand things.
The first thing I'd like to talk about is your films and how great I do believe they are.
And about how everybody who's out there who doesn't have them should have them and make copies.
Well, I appreciate the plug from the ten videos I've produced.
And yes, the ten films I've made.
You're authorized to make as many copies.
In fact, I ask you to.
Because that's where we have the power, is at the grassroots, and that's unstoppable.
Plus, these are hardcore videos.
I mean, these really expose the full horror of the New World Order.
Yes, and you talking about how hardcore they are and how much they do expose, I wanted to talk to you about a certain individual I know, my dad, who turned me on to your show.
Five or six years ago, before Clinton's term was over, he's a Korean War veteran, 35th Infantry Division.
And many, many years ago, probably when I was a teenager, exposed me to the sham that is the one-party Republican system that we live under.
And he taught me all kinds of things about the government and its fraudulent nature.
Ways and all.
But now, despite all that, despite having seen your films, despite his hatred for the first George Bush and the first Gulf War, I knew in 2000, in 1999, when Governor Bush announced his run at candidacy,
That he was starting to turn back.
And that is, he has completely turned around.
He is back to being a neocon.
He is a Republican.
If you discuss the current race for president, this is the same guy that told me a thousand times over, there is no difference in the two political parties other than surface differences.
And now he will argue till the... Did you hear Dr. Nick Magich, who's a medical doctor,
With the patents, with the flicker and the frame rate with the news shows, it is literal brainwashing.
But more than that, Bill Clinton was so bad, so corrupt, because in that phase the New World Order was moving forward quickly.
Now they're at warp speed past Clinton.
But see, your dad hated Clinton so much when he was doing it in America, and rightfully so, that he saw Bush as the savior, now he can't admit he's wrong, now he's hooked back into the propaganda, and they pulled a fast one on him,
And he just can't believe the horror... Can't believe it.
...of what's happening.
And listen, listen, I have friends, people that I know are good, good folks, and they have totally flipped, they totally believe in implantable chips now, they totally believe in one world government, quote, to defeat the Muslims, when the global has created the radical Muslims, you know, what we see as Al-Qaeda today.
And I've had this friend tell me, in the hall yesterday...
He said, yes, you should be arrested for what you say.
At the TV station.
I mean, he is... They got him.
I mean, they got him.
And that's what's scary about this.
Because I disagree with the government.
I shouldn't be allowed to, because Michael Savage says that's sedition.
He's listening to a fat, dirty beatnik from the 60s.
The beatniks wanted to put us in re-education centers so bad it hurt.
And they figured out how to act like they were conservative, and now they've got the strongest, smartest people working for them, totally conned by them, and they've got power, and they're dangerous.
Yes, and I had even been told by someone around a year ago, because I was pointing things out about the war, and this was a year ago when our current war was only a couple of months into the war.
I talked about the lack of weapons being found, and I talked about George Bush.
This guy screamed at the top of his lungs that I was unpatriotic.
And this is coming from somebody who never voted in his life, doesn't know that there's two senators from every state, doesn't know how many members there are in the House of Reps.
But he identifies when the government goes to war, he identifies with the power structure, as you have said to me before in previous calls, that a lot of people will defend tyranny because they identify with tyranny.
The power structure.
Yeah, they think patriotism is worshipping whatever, you know, globalists is wrapping the flag.
And folks, you know, if I go out in my yard where my dog's done his business, and I hate to use this analogy, but it's the only one I can do, and wrap it in the American flag, you don't have to bow down, you know, to the dog do, because it's wrapped in the American flag.
And that's what we've done.
Again, form over substance.
Everything the neocons... See, the neocons told the truth about Clinton, so they got our confidence.
And then they pulled a fast one on us.
But when I saw Bush go into tyranny, I even gave Bush the benefit of the doubt.
Remember three years ago?
Yeah, but you were always very skeptical.
I was always skeptical, and I said, the apple hadn't fallen far from the tree.
His cabinet's all CFR.
But I said, let's see what happens.
Let's see what happens.
And, man, when I see treason in America being dismantled, I expose it.
I was saying yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
I even heard on another program yesterday, I heard an actual broadcast of when the 9-11 incident happened, the fellow whose program follows you over here on the east, Jack Blood, he played the newscaster saying after plane number two had hit the tower, he said...
And there are apparently bombs going off.
Now, then, right after that was finished, my brother comes walking up, had heard Jack Blood say some unfavorable things about Ronald Reagan, and he reacted emotionally.
And I told him, I said, it's a shame you didn't walk up here three minutes ago when you could have heard the actual reporter say that there was bombs going off.
Well, on top of it, we played the firefighters saying it.
We've read the article.
The owner of the World Trade Center saying they blew up Building 7.
And that's not enough for these people.
Thanks for the call.
Okay, thank you.
You bet, my friend.
And, you know...
I guess your dad likes it that Bush is for open borders.
I guess your dad likes it that he's going to sign the assault weapons ban in September, if they get it to his desk.
I guess he likes it that the government's doubled its growth rate.
I guess he likes it that the Bill of Rights is on fire and almost gone.
I guess he likes it that he signed on to UNESCO.
I guess he likes it that the Supreme Court has ruled they're under UN control.
I guess he likes all of that.
But again, don't confuse me with the facts.
You see, I actually want to defend America, the Bill of Rights, our God-given liberties.
I don't defend the Republican Party.
I've given money to the Republican Party, folks.
I went out and volunteered for them, put up yard signs in college.
And that's when I didn't see the entire spectrum, the big picture.
You want big government, you want the Sovietization, you vote for the Republicans.
You want the same thing, vote for the Democrats.
Well, what do we do then?
You get involved locally.
You vote for candidates on their voting records.
You move for recalls against traitors, like Governor Gray Davis.
But then you don't put in somebody worse.
Yes, actually worse.
Remember they said Gray Davis was involved in the energy scam?
Actually, he wasn't and fought against it.
He was wrong on everything else.
So they put Arnold in, who was actually involved with Ken Lay and Michael Milken and the rest of them.
In the energy scamming, quote, to fight it.
I mean, it's just, it's like hiring Joseph Goebbels to fight a low-level Nazi.
We'll be right back.
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Continuing with your phone calls, four or five more that I'm going to plunge into news and back into calls continually through the rest of this global transmission against tyranny.
A lot of great calls.
Let's go ahead.
And take another call from Wesley in Tennessee.
Wesley, you're on the air.
God bless you, your family, and the rest of the staff down there at the station.
Well, yours too, my friend.
What's on your mind?
Just a heads up before I make a comment about China and Iran.
There's a movie out right now that's on the Action Channel on cable TV called ATF.
And I swear, I mean, this thing isn't... I've seen propaganda films from World War II when we were fighting the Nazis and the Japanese.
But this film absolutely just takes the cake.
If you can last more than ten minutes through it, Alex, you're a better man than I am.
All right, now getting to... Well, I mean, give us some examples of it.
Gun owners are evil.
They confiscate our guns because they're good.
Oh, they show an opening scene at Waco.
And this heroic girl ATF agent running out into the field of battle to try to grab one of her wounded comrades, and then putting up her hands and waving at the guys up in the Branch Davidian Tower, begging them to stop shooting.
And it's just, I mean, it starts downhill and then... Do the Davidians stop shooting?
No, of course not.
Because publicly, they pulled up, opened fire on the Davidians, killed a bunch of them, Davidians shot back, and as soon as they put their hands up, the Davidians quit shooting.
There's the BATF's own video of them all backing up with their hands up.
You mean in that show they say... I know in the made-for-TV show about Waco that was released even before the 51-day standoff ended, it was released the week that they torched it...
By the way, the director two years later came and cried and said it was all lies and he apologized to the surviving Davidians.
They showed the VATF trying to save the dogs when in truth they shot the Huskies, the Malamutes that were in a pen, and held up the dead puppies to the Davidians.
So, wait a minute.
You're telling me it shows them raising their hands and the Davidians keep shooting?
Oh, I mean, just come on!
Most people get their news from that.
And you know what?
Supposedly, the round that killed the ATF agent was from a .50 caliber rifle, according to the movie.
And, of course, no one's ever committed a crime other than one crime with a .50 cal in this country's history.
But, yeah, no .50 cals were used.
There were two of them in there disassembled.
So now, see, we've got to ban .50 cals because they shoot BATF with them.
Well, the second scene shows the same BATF agent heroically saving this baby in a high chair with a pipe bomb strapped to the back of the high chair.
And it's an evil militia person strapping pipe bombs to babies, right?
I didn't get to that part.
I just... I had to turn the channel.
Well, that's the type of thing that these constitutionalists do.
They're always out there strapping pipe bombs to babies.
Of course, in reality, it's the BATF with the Feds, with the FBI and Delta Force burning down a building full of children.
But, you know, so what?
We'll just put a movie out and lie about it.
Listen, I wanted to make a comment about the situation in...
I'm tempted to take a guess.
It may sound like this is from left field, but I think that we made a trade with the Chinese.
With that, which of our naval force committed to the Persian Gulf?
Well, no, they've always said they'll go into a war in the Middle East and let the Chinese move on Taiwan.
Thanks for the call, Wesley.
Yeah, any of this could happen.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ken in New York.
Ken, go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Thank you very much.
I'd like to continue on the theme that you had with the gentleman from Maryland about how, I think he said his dad was all against the first Bush presidency and
Now he's enamored with this Bush presidency.
And you cited at the end of yesterday's monologue about how Lord Bush and Mrs. Lord Bush welcomed the Clintons to the White House with open arms.
And had fawning, worshipful words.
And a few months ago it was Bush Sr.
worshiping Ted Kennedy.
That leads me to the Bush Foundation about a year ago giving an award to Edward Kennedy.
Yeah, that's what I was saying.
That's what you meant.
Okay, that's what I figured.
Well, so now the front page of yesterday's New York Post was Lovin.
That was the title.
L-O-V-E hyphen I-N.
And it went on to describe in the article how Mr. Bush had all these great, great things to say about the Clinton presidency, and he even looked at Chelsea Clinton and said, you have a great father.
Yeah, George Bush...
Senior didn't really bash Clinton, but Bush Jr.
actually blocked the Senate and Congressional investigation of Clinton when he got in office.
Wait, what?
Dan Burton's Congressional committee going after Bill Clinton?
That was blocked by George W. Bush.
I'll let you finish up when we get back.
Well, stay there.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, Ken in New York, recap what you were saying and continue.
Thanks, Alex.
You've got great fill of music on this show.
This is one reason why this show is the best talk show out there.
Do you pick the fill of music?
Yeah, I mean, a couple years ago I sent them hundreds of songs.
They put about 40 or 50 in there.
There's a bunch of other cool ones we should put in, but go ahead.
Judicial Watch even filed a Freedom of Information Act request over the documents relating to the Clinton pardons right before he left office.
The Bush Justice Department is stonewalled from day one.
And they actually aggressively went after Dan Burton and said, you stop it, and then also told the Senate not to do it.
Bill Clinton could be behind bars, but see, Bill Clinton was just an agent with the Bushes with all that cocaine dealing in MENA, and that's documented.
I mean, I've had CIA officers who've gone public on this show, like Terry Reid and others, who lives in Kansas City.
We should get him back on the show where we've got an affiliate.
And, you know, he was there at MENA with all the cocaine being shipped in and out, and the Bushes ran that with Oliver North.
So of course they're going to protect Bill Clinton.
You think that's the main reason why for the buddy-buddy relationship between the Bushes and the Clintons?
Yes, and then the neocons out there, like Dick Morris, who is a Republican, folks, who ran things for Clinton, gets on TV and talks like this and goes, well, I'll tell you why.
Clinton actually wants Bush to be one.
And Clinton wanted Bush to win in 2000 because he doesn't want any competition.
He wants to get in later.
No, that's not what it is.
It's because they work for the CIA.
And now it's like Bush and Kerry are cousins and members of the same secret organization.
All I know is the outcome will be a staged event.
You know, that's a good observation, because in 2000, Gore really had nothing to do with Clinton throughout the whole campaign.
Clinton actually a few times, remember, talked bad about Gore.
Remember that?
So, here's my question.
Now, I don't know how it is in Texas.
I've never been to Texas.
I'd like to go there one day.
I have some great musicians down there.
I love country music.
But with this story yesterday about Bush saying all these great things about Clinton at the Reagan funeral, I think he said nicer things about Clinton than he did about Ronald Reagan.
Are the people in Texas still enamored with Mr. Bush?
Hey, Bush can double the growth in government, grab guns, destroy America.
They love it because they feel like they're part of it.
They feel like they're in his bosom.
He's like their big daddy, their big brother.
It's like Democrats wouldn't wake up to Bill Clinton's evil because they associated their power with him.
Thank you, Alex.
Thanks for the call.
You bet.
Yeah, I do have that New York Post article, by the way, here in the stack.
It's one of those New York papers, and it says, Lovin'.
And it goes into all the worshipping.
Let me dig that out.
Of Herr Clinton and his horrible wife and his demonic child.
His bug-eyed, frog-like... I shouldn't be mean.
The point is that it's one thing if he wants to say how great he is.
It's another thing to actually protect him from his crimes.
But see, many of those crimes are George Bush's crimes as well.
You don't have a Don hurting a captain.
Okay, a couple more calls and I'm going straight to a ton of news.
Let's go ahead and talk to Ken.
Actually, Mike in Illinois is up next, then Ken in California.
Mike in Illinois, go ahead.
Hey, Alex, how are you doing?
Welcome, good.
Hey, listen, Alex, I want to ask you, I was out of town for a few days and I didn't know if you heard.
You saw the 60 Minutes piece on Sunday.
Have you done talking about the skull and bones issue they had on there?
I didn't see it, and didn't hear about it, and don't watch a lot of TV.
Okay, well, I don't either, Alex, but on CBS Radio in Chicago, they actually have it on the radio.
You can listen to 60 Minutes on the radio.
And my question, Alex, is they were talking about Skull and Bones, and the mass media was whitewashing the whole thing.
Yeah, Alexander Robbins, who's also a member of the Yale Secret Society, Scrolling Key is off whitewashing it in Vanity Fair this month.
They said that Prescott Bush did something about an Indian skull or something, how it all started, and basically it's just a bunch of garbage, Alex.
They basically whitewashed it, and they said, oh, there's no harm in it.
Yeah, and Senator Kerry is a member of the Skull and Bones, but it's a harmless society.
Yeah, we just have the two presidential candidates who are cousins on both sides of their families, who are members of the same secret society, two years apart, founded in 1832 out of Germany, admittedly by the, quote, Illuminati, that's MSNBC,
And they swear an oath to it above all other things, and it's called the Order of Death, and they grave rob, and Native Americans want their skulls and bones.
They have Pancho Villa's skull.
I mean, it's a sick joke.
They eat off Hitler's silverware.
They supported the Nazis.
Prescott Bush got most of the Nazi money up until 1952.
And so 60 Minutes told us it's all okay.
Well, yeah, they basically, what it is, Alex, is you're doing a great job getting information out there, but what's happening, it's like Stephen Quayle said last night on Coast to Coast.
He says it's regurgitated vomit.
The mass media's regurgitated news is vomit, and he says they'll do anything to cover up, you know, they work for the New World Order, and the news they report isn't the true news, Alex.
You know that.
I know that.
But the bottom line is, you know, if stuff does leak out like it is through you and through the Internet and through other sources of information, the mass media is going to whitewash it and downplay it.
And they're going to act like it's harmless.
And that's what they had to do because now you've got the Fahrenheit 9-11 movie.
You know, there's articles in local paper about that, kind of whitewashing that movie, saying how it's all speculation and there's no truth to it and it's all exaggerated.
We know it's the truth, Alex.
Alex, I started listening to you.
And then when they go see Fahrenheit 9-11, it's watered down, so they even discredit the watered-down truth.
Go ahead.
Yeah, no, and I started listening to you a year before 9-11 happened, Alex, and you were predicting.
You said all the stuff about the New World Order.
You had talked about 1993 attack on the World Trade Center.
You said what happened.
You did not predict an attack.
But you talked about how they tried to bring the billings down.
On 9-11.
You had your information.
You had all your cards in line.
And Alex, I just want to commend you on the great job you're doing.
Well, wait a minute.
Now, if you were listening months before 9-11, I specifically said they'll probably use a bin Laden patsy.
They'll probably go after the World Trade Center again because they did it in 1993.
The FBI cooked the bomb, trained the driver.
And I said it on television and gave out the White House phone number and said, call Bush, tell him don't do it.
Have you not seen Masters of Terror?
No, no, I'm not saying that you didn't say it wasn't going to happen.
What I'm saying is you did not predict the exact date.
I'm not saying that you had all the information, but what I'm saying, Alex, is that you're not a fortune teller.
We knew through you and through other sorts of information that something big was going to happen.
My point is, though, you're not a fortune teller.
You give the information, and it's up to the American people to decide.
But never before, at that point, seven years on air, had I said, call the White House and tell them, don't carry out the terror attack.
And that's how much information even I had, you know, a radio talk show host out of Austin, Texas.
And it's not like I make pronouncements and warnings every day.
I had never done it.
I have never done it since where I said, I know they're going to do it.
They're probably going to attack the World Trade Center.
They're probably going to blame it on their asset, bin Laden.
Because I had so many pieces of info, and I was reading what the CFR was saying, I was able to put all that together.
You know, it's like a cop who's been following serial killers for many years, and it was right on the serial killer's tail, and the cops go and stake out the park where he likes to kill people because they think he's about to do it again, and then there he is trying it, and they finally bust him.
I was there.
I had the pieces.
I knew what these killers were going to do.
I could tell by their activities, by their behavior.
And I was right.
And I wish people would have listened to me.
I know, Alex.
It's a darn shame.
You know, one thing real quick.
Stephen Quayle was on last night for one hour in the beginning with George Norrie for Coast to Coast.
He reported, Alex, and I'm sure you're aware of this, about how there's Iranian soldiers, and there's a lot of news about this, that there's a lot, there's stores of pockets of these Iranian troops, and he says it's going to be a matter of time before involvement with Iran is going to be right around the corner.
Do you agree with that, Alex?
Let me answer that question.
Thanks for the call.
I like Steve, okay?
Steve gets a lot of his news out of these Middle East...
Intelligence reports and things.
Some of it's accurate.
Some of it I don't think.
The Iranians are denying that they're massing troops on the border.
They deny that they are sending in their agents into Iraq, which I don't totally believe.
Obviously, they want to try to have a hand in the puppet government.
But Iran has said, there's no way we want to attack you and get you to attack us.
You think we're stupid?
And I've seen these reports before, and I don't put a lot of stock in it.
You know, we hear all these reports that the Arabs are about to strike us, Al-Qaeda's about to hit America, the Iranians are about to hit us, and then the globalists hit us, and they've got their carrier task forces lined up right on time, and, oh, we've got to have the national draft, oh, you know, we've got to just shut up about 9-11, you know, now we're dealing with, you know, whatever the new date is, when they nuked Chicago, when they nuked Dallas, when they nuked Denver, when they nuked Cleveland, you know.
And all this other information will be forgotten and it will be back to 94% approval ratings and government worship and now all the troops they deploy in the cities can start coming out and being our leaders and setting up our neighborhood watch tattletale squads and I'm going to take the national ID card.
I'm going to volunteer to fight the enemy in Eurasia for Big Brother, for BB.
So that's what I see happening.
And I do see it happening.
I'm about 80% where I was in July of 2001 when I got up on the air for the first time and did it for two months right up to September 11th and said they're going to carry out terror attacks.
Here's what they're going to do.
Here's the tales.
I'm almost 80% sure now.
That is 80% to getting to the point where I was 100%.
And I haven't been 80% since 9-11 of something big.
The Fahrenheit is rising.
Now I'm 80%.
The mercury is rising.
And you can just see them making their preparations.
Gow lighting.
Preparing the mines out there.
Preparing the ground mentally for this.
And heaven help us.
Last call for this hour.
Then I'm going to cover news.
We'll come back and take more calls in the third hour.
Ken in California.
Ken, go ahead.
Yeah, this is Ken.
The illegal alien situation is absolutely out of control.
I have a friend from Salt Lake City, Utah.
He was visiting me and his relatives here in California.
We talked yesterday about this, that 8%, in other words, 1 out of 12 people in Salt Lake City, Utah, is an illegal alien from Mexico.
Those are the latest statistics.
Every day it's getting worse.
His son can't even find a job, a 22-year-old man with a college education.
He has to be a telemarketer.
These illegal aliens are destroying the country.
And I'm not exaggerating.
Well, let's explain this.
I've got some news on this today.
I'm not against somebody from Latin America or Russia or China.
If when they came here, you didn't have the government, Republicans and Democrats, trying to get them on welfare, trying to get them to not assimilate, trying to balkanize the country, kind of like a French separatist Montreal movement, but down in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, California.
And the census said 14 million illegals.
Well, how many illegals do you think come out to the front steps and tell the census taker how many people were there?
The real numbers conservatively are over 30 million just from Latin America.
And the globalist plan, why our government's doing this, why citizens have to biometrically scan for ID cards and passports, but illegals from Latin America, and this has been in the news three months ago, have been given a waiver by Bush because the globalist white papers, the IMF and World Bank have said they want to get rid of the middle class.
They want to balkanize the country.
They want to drive wages down to subsistence level because that brings control.
It's about keeping people in the lower class, not letting them get into the middle class, and simultaneously reducing the middle class.
And with a tiny elite above us, it's called serfdom, feudalism, slavery.
And if we argue it according to those points...
The real point, we can wake up even the left wing.
Even the left wing is now at the grassroots waking up to this.
Because, yeah, let's say you're a white truck driver, a Hispanic truck driver, a polka-dotted truck driver.
You get 30-something cents a mile driving your truck.
An illegal from Mexico gets five to eight cents.
That's right.
Some cases, three cents.
I mean, we can't compete.
You go, well, they just work hard.
Folks, they'll live five people, ten people to an apartment.
Send the money back.
We're all in the system, paying taxes, the regulations, the insurance.
We cannot survive on this.
And look, how many can come?
There's six billion people wanting to come here.
Are we going to have them all here?
You're right.
But they've got to be deported.
How do we get them out of this country?
Well, if they had freedom in Mexico, they wouldn't even be here in this mass.
We can have a sustainable level of immigrants coming to this country that's an integral part of America.
But no, I mean, right now, it's the equivalent of... You've been invaded.
Well, you know, it's like drinking a half gallon of water in an hour is good for you, but drinking ten gallons will kill you.
That's right.
I mean, you know, it's not a bad thing unless there's too much of it.
It's like, well, aspirin's a good thing unless you eat ten bottles of it.
I'm more radical than you are on this position.
It'll kill you.
I want to stop all immigration.
I want a moratorium for ten years.
Well, I think because of the 30 million just from Latin America, we need to do that.
I mean, I said, I mean, you know, a quarter million a year was seen as a steep immigration level, you know, in the 10s and the 20s and the 30s.
Do you think it's possible... Instead, we've got, you know, 3 or 4 million a year.
Do you think it's possible to deport these people?
Or is it too late?
If they economically don't just once a year bust two or three literally businesses for it, and everybody else knows it's safe, if they start punishing employers...
If they start doing that, it will end overnight.
If they stop handing out welfare to the illegals, then it will happen.
Okay, thank you.
Thank you.
I mean, yeah, the illegals will just go back home.
Oh, this country's gotten so bad, I'm tempted to move to Mexico.
At least it's an old-fashioned tyranny.
Of course, I can't buy land in Mexico.
Did you know that?
Only if you're a citizen.
It's very nationalistic down there.
And that's fine.
That's their country.
But see, that only goes one way.
You ought to see the Guatemalans try to sneak into Mexico.
They literally put them in concentration camps.
I'm not even saying that's a bad thing.
But that's okay when they do it, but it's super bad.
So again, here's the analogy.
250,000 Latin Americans a year is a good thing.
We need new blood, fresh ideas and influx, especially because old America, whether they're black or white, aren't having children.
And even for blacks who are in a negative population, die.
Dying populations.
But one aspirin is one thing.
I mean, this is the equivalent of ten bottles a year.
You know, you know.
Instead of one pill, to use the analogy, it's ten bottles of pills at one time.
Okay, enough of the analogies.
I'm going to come back and blitz through the brain implant news that's mainstream and some Iraq neocon lies.
In the next segment, but briefly here in the minute and a half I've got left before we end this segment, please visit infowars.com or prisonplanet.com to order my documentary films via our secure-shape shopping cart.
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We'll be back with the news and more calls.
Stay with us.
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I fell into a burning ring of fire.
I went down, down, down.
Now, I'll tell you what's irritating about it.
The immigration situation is that a lot of these groups, the Russians, the Chinese, the Mexicans, they don't want to be assimilated.
They don't want to be part of America, keep their culture, but say this is America.
I mean, right here in Central Texas, there's one radio station called The Invasion, and the other is called The Race.
And why is that acceptable?
In every other ethnic group, but WASP, you know, white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant males,
But again, this is fostered by the big think tanks, by the big money, by the social engineers.
They just want us all fighting with each other.
So let's not go along with it.
Let's be friends in liberty.
Let's come together, regardless of what color we are, and that neutralizes this.
But we can't assimilate and educate and turn 30 million people overnight into Americans.
Even if they wanted to.
Instead, the government's going in the opposite direction.
Trying to balkanize.
And it's a very serious situation.
I mean, can six billion people come to America?
I mean, where does it end?
I mean, is there ever an end to immigration?
Is there ever an end to just wide open?
It's a very serious issue, and I'm glad you brought it up.
I already got into this brain implant in the first hour, and I will detail that in the next hour because we're running out of time here.
So stay with us for that.
Panel O.K.'
's implant to fight depression.
See, we're going to make you feel better.
You'll soon be one of us.
But I wanted to get into this.
World Tribune is run by a Washington Times reporter, editor, and it does put out a lot of disinfo.
And they have this headline that...
Saddam shipped out weapons of mass destruction before, war, and after.
And then it says that it's scrap metal tagged by the UN, torn up munitions, torn up rocket pieces.
And it was publicly shipped out, and they were allowed to.
But then that was heralded as weapons of mass destruction being found.
And again, they've done this over and over and over again.
World Tribune neocon-run pro-war party mouthpiece ran the misleading headline on Friday.
inspector Saddam shipped out weapons of mass destruction before war and after.
The weapons of mass destruction heralded by the headline can be defined by the detail in the actual article.
The U.N.
acting executive chairman, Demetrius...
Percosis told the council on June 9th that the only controls at the borders are for the weight and the scrap metal and to check whether there were any explosive or radioactive materials within the scrap.
And there weren't.
Middle East Newswire reported.
Percosis also reported that inspectors found Iraq weapons of mass destruction and missile components shipped abroad that still contained UN inspection tags, which they told them, scrap it and get it out of here.
Some of the weapons of mass destruction alluded to the screaming headline for actual scrap metal and materials which had already been tagged and categorized by the UN.
Despite this, Rush Limbaugh and other neocon talk show hosts seized upon the headline and used it to desperately support their dwindling arguments about weapons of mass destruction.
On his website, a transcript from the radio show Limbaugh comments.
There's a newspaper out there called World Tribune.
He went on to say, I think it's from...
From England, but no, it's from the U.S.
I saw it on their website, and they make no bones about the fact that there's a story over the weekend.
The weapons of mass destruction are routinely being found, evidence of them.
And then again reminds us of the myths that continue to be promulgated on similar talk shows that Iraq had mobile weapons trucks and mass graves were found.
We have links to that being a fraud.
In actual fact, the mobile weapons trucks turned out to be for pumping up hydrogen balloons and were provided by the British.
The mass graves were actually an exchange program of bodies between Iran and Iraq dating back to the war.
Despite this, misleading headlines told us that the bones were evidence of Saddam's killing rooms and victims of torture.
And another instance, so-called poison factories turned out to be nothing more than bakeries.
We have links to that.
And I want to get into more of this and read more of what Limbaugh said.
I have it off his own website here.
I mean, he knows what he's doing.
And so does World Tribune.
Just incredible.
All right, stay with us.
Third hour, your call is coming in straight ahead.
Hello, folks.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It is a very transparent fact that Republican and Democratic parties, from committee chairman and up, are one party.
And it's kind of like professional wrestling.
We have to explain to the public that it isn't real.
That it is a scripted, theatrical show.
I want to get into this implantable brain chip control system the FDA is approving.
I want to get into neocon lies about weapons of mass destruction in more detail.
Another hostage held by Al-Qaeda in saying they're going to kill him in 70-something hours.
Your calls as well in this third hour on this Wednesday, the 16th of June, 2004 edition.
Again, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
The websites are prisonplanet.tv, infowars.com, and prisonplanet.com, as well as infowars.net.
A lot of different websites.
But right now, as promised, let's go ahead and go to your calls.
Kim in Texas, thanks for holding.
Hi, Alex.
I was calling to let you know that Michael Moore is going to be on Dateline Friday night, 7 o'clock Central, 8 o'clock Eastern.
And also have people watch PBS Thursday night at 8 o'clock.
They're going to show a show about flea bargaining has corrupted our legal system.
Well, what they do is, is what, 90 plus percent of people, I think it's like 92 percent in...
State and federal cases.
It's even higher in federal cases.
Plea bargain.
They basically make you plea bargain.
And most people don't even know their rights.
They just say sign here like it's the Soviet Union.
You sign to a further unification even for felonies.
And also, I was going to talk to you about 60 Minutes as well.
I watched that myself and I thought that was just so crazy.
To put that on 60 Minutes, a so-called serious news show.
And they laughed about it.
I mean, they thought it was hilarious.
They talked about how, oh, yeah, now they have gays in it.
That Buckley tried to stop it from having women in there.
Now the gays are in there.
Blacks are in the skull and bones.
Yeah, see, they make it like, oh, it's a trendy thing.
They just laughed about it.
It's loving and liberal, the order of death.
So I guess the women in black see it off the Hitler silverware, too.
Big deal.
And you were right about the GPS tracking device.
They made it popular for the teenagers.
I think it's Dr. Pepper commercial where they show the two kids making out at work and, you know, you have to push the button to set off the global tracking.
And then the black helicopter is coming at you.
Yeah, it's a Coca-Cola ad.
Okay, you were right.
I mean, this is just so amazing that we're just sitting back.
Well, how long have you been listening?
How long have you been listening, Kim?
A year?
Two years.
Okay, for two years.
And tell folks the truth.
Have I been saying they're going to sell the chips, the satellite tracking, all of it as trendy to the youth?
Yes, you did.
You certainly did.
I mean, it's so amazing that...
You have the blueprint.
It seems like you have the blueprint.
And I tell people, I mean, you have people listening to you on the Internet.
Well, ma'am, ma'am, I'm not bragging.
You can have the blueprint, too.
They come right out.
They come right out and say, in 2000, the Army said how it was going to sell this to the children.
So I do have the blueprint.
Yes, and I'm not saying just you, but the people that...
Like you, that go and get the information off the internet.
So I want folks to know there's nothing special about me.
That's my frustration.
This is all public.
But Alex, it's so hard to get black people to understand this.
I mean, there's... Well, I don't think it's just black people, my dear.
I mean, they look at me like, what are you talking about, Kim?
You know, I go to the beauty salon and I talk to people and they're like, what is this woman talking about, you know?
And I try to tell them, well, don't listen to me.
Go to the radio station.
I say, Alex Jones is right here in Austin.
We can all just, you know, listen to it and just debate about it.
If nothing else, let's get a debate going about it, you know?
I really want to start a rally and have people go down to the Capitol here and tell them, look, we need to get this Congress out of here.
We need to get President Bush out of here.
We need to get them out of office.
That's the only way I can see we resolving any of these issues.
Alright, good to hear from you.
I appreciate the call, Kim.
Maggie and others, you're up next when we return, and a ton of other vital news and information.
Stay with us, prisonplanet.tv.
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The information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, we're 8 minutes 15 seconds into this third hour.
We've got about 51 minutes left.
Let's take another call, then I'm going to dive back into news, and then back into your calls.
Toll-free number to join us on air, 1-800-259-9231.
You know, callers have been all over the map, and that's always great, because it takes us in different directions and brings up topics that wouldn't have been raised here.
But, do any of you want to comment about the FDA approving brain chip controls?
You know, so you won't be depressed anymore.
The problem is the government says they're going to sell it to us along these lines and then force people to take it.
You know, they force you to take drugs if you're depressed.
They say one in six elementary school boys is mentally ill, which is a total fraud.
They need pharmacological methamphetamine and hallucinogens, the Prozac.
Well, they're going to make them take this.
We're going to get into that here in just a second.
Just a stack of news I haven't even skimmed the surface of yet.
Maggie in Texas.
Maggie, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
My comment refers to a statement you made earlier in passing to the effect that one has to be a Mexican citizen in order to buy property there.
That has actually changed.
It has changed very recently.
I'm not sure how recently.
The purpose, I assume, is to attract American and Canadian retirees who are flocking there in droves.
So you can now purchase... You can retire to Mexico and purchase property upon showing... You know, I saw that last year, but I think it's like you get a special license and you don't really own it.
I don't have it in front of me, but I think it's very restrictive.
I don't think it is, Alex, but I will try to...
To confirm this, as far as I know, it's genuinely buying and that an accommodation to the old rules had been made because they are really encouraging retirees.
Well, that's good because in the past that wasn't the case.
Uh-huh, yeah, yeah.
The joke, we know some people who did it and they told us they had bought a nice house there and we said, how did you do that?
And they said, oh, you can't.
And there are actually websites devoted to expatriate American and Canadian real estate agents who are advertising properties for sale.
Bonnie, there was an article in the San Diego newspaper last year, we even had guests on about it, where a bunch of retirees, they're in what's right across the border, Mexifornia or whatever it is?
Let's see, yeah.
Yeah, and a real beautiful area, and the government just came and said you're not allowed to own property here and kicked them all out.
So, again, it's such a tyranny in Mexico that I wouldn't trust that.
Uh-huh, uh-huh.
I mean, it's like I wouldn't go buy a house in Russia.
Right, I understand.
But, of course, it's like buying a house in Russia here now.
You know, they take them all the time.
No judge, no jury.
The IRS just takes your house.
Uh-huh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
So, you know.
But, anyway, that's what's going on in Mexico.
That's their word on it.
Well, that's interesting.
That's good news.
What else is on your mind?
Pretty much that's what I called about.
Of course, you also solicited questions about brain chips for depression.
I think that's a horrible idea.
If we're depressed, we have a reason, and we'd better deal with it.
Well, I mean, sometimes it's chemical, but in most cases you just come in and say, I don't feel well.
They go, here, here's some Prozac.
Oh, yeah.
Which, by the way, statistically causes more depression than suicide, but we don't care because when you come in depressed from this, we'll put you on three drugs.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
It's bad, Alex.
It's very, very serious.
Thank you for the call.
You're welcome.
By the way, guess which group in America has the highest rate of suicide?
Do you know which demographic?
In America, of professionals, has the highest rate of suicide.
Psychiatrists and psychologists.
But after that, it is homosexuals, gays.
You've got to ask yourself, why is that?
That's just the government's own numbers, people.
And we should look at it.
We should talk about it.
Speaking of brain chips, we have photos of these posted online.
On the websites right now, Infowars.com and others.
And this is an article I haven't gotten to yet.
I got to the Washington Post article.
Here is CBS Market Watch, and it says, Shares of Cyberonics surged as much as 64% Wednesday in response to a regulatory panel's recommendation that the device
We're good to go.
CYBX, if you want to invest in this, said a Food and Drug Administration advisory panel recommended approval of its VNS system for patient suffering from treatment-resistant depression.
And they hook it in to the brain's nerve endings coming out into the neck, and it's like plugging your hard drive into your computer into the cable modem, and they can manipulate the brain waves through it.
And they get...
It says that they use electronic stimuli and intermittent electrical pulses to the brain.
And it's a little handheld unit, about the size of, looks like it's smaller than an Apple iPod.
I mean, about the size, about half the size of the palm of your hand.
And then it's got little wires going up into your neck.
And then they put a little plug-in port on your neck, and little wires go up into the nerve, up into the brain.
Isn't that loving?
And again, you're saying, well, this will help depress people.
We have a government that's created more depression with their drugs.
The depression goes up and up and up.
It's like their war on drugs.
The bigger their war on drugs gets, the more drugs, the more prisons, the more police.
And now, the more Ritalin, the more Prozac, the more Luvox,
Zoloft, the more suicide, the more depression, their own internal documents now being released admit it increases massive suicide.
Damages the body, does all this stuff.
The same people doing all this now, who are forcing millions of people, have been forced onto these drugs, because you're, quote, depressed, you're hyperactive, you have to take it, or CPS will take your child.
Your child has to take it.
Guaranteed, I predicted in the first hour, that within two and a half years, they will be forcing people to take these drugs.
And by the way, Aldous Huxley, the guy that wrote Brave New World in the 30s, whose brother was the first head of UNESCO in 1946, said that, look, I played the speech on air.
I should dig that speech back out and play it, or at least repost it.
It's somewhere in the archives.
At Berkeley, just a few weeks before he died.
He was saying a few weeks.
It was two months before he died.
He got up there and he said, look, my book is what I thought was going to happen because, you know, I was involved with the socialist government, involved with the futurists and what they wanted.
And he said, by 1960, two years ago, he said, I was at laboratories in Britain where mentally ill patients were under remote control by these wired systems into their brains.
So when Philip K. Dick in the 60s and 70s wrote about wireheads, it wasn't science fiction.
Now they've miniaturized it and perfected it.
I mean, they've got RoboRat who can go, you know, even up to several miles, actually, by remote control into rubble and retrieve a small red ball and bring it back.
Remote control cockroaches.
And this control freak government...
And several Army War College and Federation of American Scientists reports says that we're all going to have this and that we're all going to accept it.
The way we're going to have to accept it is the people that take it will be so much more advanced and smart and be able to access things and it's going to be trendy and it's going to be convenient and it'll end all crime because these systems will monitor our thoughts and our brains.
And NASA at five airports two years ago put...
Passive MRI systems in that scan your brain from a distance and that it's quackery where they say, oh, you're showing aggressive tendencies, we've got to question you.
My point is, it's not coming, it's here.
And I know I was a raving lunatic eight years ago to read government documents and four years ago and two years ago as they came out where they said this, but it was always just, how do I have their blueprint?
Because I have their blueprint.
They don't even hide this stuff.
A lot of it's classified.
Most of it.
Imagine what's classified.
If this stuff isn't classified, imagine what is classified.
I've gotten the rumblings from good sources.
It is nightmarish what goes on on these labyrinthine underground bases, like Site R, where Dick Cheney lives most of the year, on the Maryland-Virginia border.
That was reported on in this next week's issue of Time.
It's coming out with it and chastised by it.
Chastised by the White House.
They said, you would reveal the secret location of Anne Frank's in Nazi Germany.
Again, implying that Time's racist or something because they reported it.
I mean, that's everything.
You question government.
That's secret racism.
That's just overused, I should say.
And then it also makes you think Time's giving you some inside scoop when this was out two years ago about Site R in major newspapers.
But what do you think about Cyberonics?
Here's Washington Post.
A surgical implant that stimulates the brain could get government approval to treat chronic depression.
An expert panel of federal experts said yesterday, marking the first time an implant device has been recommended for the treatment of the psychiatric disorder.
It says it's 1997 to control epileptic seizures.
All sounds well and good.
Especially if it's a real medical problem like seizures.
But my friends, they're going to push this on the entire population because they said they are.
Again, this isn't speculation.
Oh man, we're in trouble.
This is very serious.
I want to later get into the fake weapons of mass destruction in more detail because that's an important section today.
But before we do that...
Janitor tells 9-11 panel of brush with WTC thug.
9-11 cover-up commission.
We'll get into that article.
Torture, war, and presidential powers by Lou Rockwell.
We'll cover that.
Actually, it's by Ron Paul, posted on Lou Rockwell's site.
Iran denies report of troop build-up on Iraq border.
We'll also...
Get into all the armored vehicles being given to police departments to oppress the population.
And an American hostage in Saudi Arabia by Al-Qaeda.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
Jack Brownrigg for Midas Resources.
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Today, the U.S.
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January of 2002, gold spot was 283.
January of 2004, it's well over $400 at a 13-year high, up near 40%.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Think about how just a few years ago it was science fiction-esque, it was kooky to even talk about implantable chips under the skin to buy and sell.
Now that's in all the newspapers.
Much less wirehead hookups that control your mind.
But now it's just mainstream, no big deal.
Jim in Kansas, you're on the air.
Go ahead, sir.
Yes, Alex.
You're doing a great job hanging in there.
Well, thank you.
I was watching that Let's Roll 9-11, and man, I'll tell you, that's quite an eye-opener.
So I got to thinking, and by golly, I had stuck a tape in that day, just turned it on and taped whatever came on the TV.
So I got to looking through that tape, and lo and behold, in the first 28 minutes, I found a case where there was a military jet...
On the first building, where the airplane hit it, it was recorded by that French crew.
Do you remember that scene?
How did you take the French crew on 9-11?
I just had the TV on, and whatever came across the TV... Well, you probably got confused.
The French crew had canned tape they took back to France, but I do have footage in Road to Tyranny of one of the news channels, and it shows a military jet flying along, and Paul Watson, in his book, Ordered Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsored Terror in the New World Order, over a year ago, we wrote articles for the websites Prison Planet and others that clearly show the missile pod on the bottom of the plane.
Well, this is a different deal altogether.
The missile pod is shown on the second building when the aircraft hit it.
Yes, I know.
Of course, it's separate to talk about a military jet flying by, and it's separate to talk about the missile pod.
Two separate things.
Well, in the original, about 9.30 is when it came across TV, and they didn't have any tapes of the first plane hitting a building until they got this one from this group that was taping a documentary down there on the street.
Oh, yes.
They did release a small portion.
That's right.
You watched that one because...
As the airplane hits, there's a flash just before it hits.
Then, if you'll keep watching as the fire's burning, you'll see a jet come around the backside of the second building, make a complete circle around, come right back at the camera.
It disappears for a couple seconds there.
Then it comes right back at the camera.
There's a steep climb and goes up into the smoke.
At which point one of the wings comes off.
Hey, Jim, I've got a lot of footage, but I'm not sure I have that particular shot you're talking about.
Will you make me a standard play copy of that and then clearly mark it on the tape that it's there?
And will you make me an SP-to-SP copy and mail that to me?
I can sure try.
Like I said, it's just off my VCR.
No, I know, but do you have two VCRs?
I can make a copy of the VCR, yeah.
It'll be a lousy quality.
None of you have your both VCRs set on SP.
I don't think so.
Luckily, it was on SP.
Yeah, yeah.
So when you make a copy SP to SP, it doesn't lose very much quality.
Okay, good.
Will you do me a big favor and make me an SP copy of that and mail it to me?
You promise?
You bet.
Okay, let me give you my mailing address.
You got a pen and paper?
Yeah, let me write it down here.
I mean, I need all this stuff because I'm actually working, and it'll be out in a while, folks, on another 9-11 film.
Well, this darn thing, the aircraft breaks up just as it hits the smoke, and one of the wings falls down through the smoke, and you can see it come out the bottom.
No, I know.
We've got the still photos on the website, and it's important, but I'd like to put that video clip itself up there.
Do me a favor.
Will you send it to me in all haste and then write a note in there that Alex says I get a free video for doing this and list the video you want?
Will you make the copy today and put it in the mail to me?
Okay, it's 3001.
You bet.
That's 3001 South Lamar, L-A-M-A-R, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
That's 78704.
Yes, sir.
3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Got it.
And just write a note in there specifically what it is.
Okay, what else is on your mind?
Well, that was mainly it because that very clearly showed those two things, and one of them jived perfectly with the let's roll 9-11.
Yeah, that site's done a great job in mainly focusing on one issue and compiling it all there in one spot.
It's good.
But that little flash is in there in that first hit, too.
And now you can't see the bottom of the airplane correctly.
Because the angle this photographer had on it wasn't that good.
You can't really tell what's on the bottom of that airplane.
And you can't see the sides at all because you're seeing it from the tail.
Well, also on the other plane with the obvious pods, there's no windows.
Yeah, exactly.
I mean, folks, they didn't intend for all this to get caught on tape.
Not only that, but where the refueling nose or nozzle came out of the airplane, you could see a very clear round patch on the airplane where they had
That's that up.
Taking the refueling thing around, you know?
Amazing, sir.
I really appreciate the call.
Will you write some of those notes up and send it to me?
Where did you see this little military jet come in there and do a real climb?
Well, I've got that.
I think it's from ABC, but I'd like to get your angle.
So be sure and send it, okay?
Okay, we'll do it.
Thanks a million.
And just write that note that you get a free video.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Let me cover some more news and we'll go straight to Dave and John and Brian and Charles and many others that are patiently holding.
The toll-free number to join us is 1-800-259-9231.
We'll get you up and on the air.
A couple of analogies or allegories or whatever you want to call them.
They say that
The globalists, the tyrants, are our greatest recruiters to liberty and freedom and people waking up.
Because the more people they abuse, the more people wake up and look for answers and find out the truth.
When you're fat, dumb, and happy, you're not apt to do that.
And also, picture tyranny as a hot sun drying out the landscape.
When you have liberty, things are lush and wet and fertile fields and people are happy.
But tyranny dries it out like a kindling box.
You know, like a bunch of dried straw.
Right for the match.
And so as the globalists set up this New World Order tyranny, picture yourself involved in your community, picking an issue, getting involved, educating others.
Picture yourself as a little fire.
You don't think you have any power, but the globalists are scared to death of you because you're a little bitty flame.
But there's no telling what you can touch off in society and how fast a little flame can spread.
And now there are millions of flames that were just thousands a few years ago burning all over.
And the landscape is getting drier and drier and drier and drier.
In this tinderbox...
And so the globalists are having to gear up to deal with us.
But it was Thomas Jefferson that said all we needed was a few highly motivated men and women to set bushfires in people's minds.
Get the fires going.
And we've done that.
And you have a lot of power.
Let's say you woke up one person a week.
Well, who are they going to wake up?
Whose world are they going to change in their actions and the people they wake up?
Who are they going to wake up?
And I want to just tell people concerning 9-11.
Obviously, it was some type of guided aircraft, drone, predator-type aircraft that hit the Pentagon from the eyewitnesses, the damage.
Obviously, the planes were laden with explosives.
Obviously, they landed the planes, gotten the people off, had large commercial aircraft set up as drones.
All that is clear.
They obviously blew up the buildings and blew up Building 7.
And I'll focus some on that because we have so much proof
But on those subjects, I don't focus as much, though they're quite sensational and interesting, as I do on the so-called hijackers being CIA, trained at U.S.
military bases, most of them still alive, major European papers, public officials being warned not to fly to New York, mayors and Joint Chiefs of Staff members, and all these people.
The CIA engaging in insider trading...
Against American and United in the week before 9-11.
You know, remember we heard we were going to be able to catch you to 9-11 because of the unusual record put options that it led back to the government so it all got shut down?
Bin Laden being CIA.
160 of his family members being flown out in the three days after all other air traffic was grounded.
8,000 Taliban and Al-Qaeda leaders a month into the Afghan war being loaded on C-130s and flown out of the country to Pakistan by the U.S.
That's admitted!
They came out, they admitted it, and said, oh, it was just an accident.
You know, the fact that those planes can't pull over 4 or 5 Gs, depending on what they're set up to do, unless they're under remote control.
The fact that NORAD stood down for over an hour and 20 minutes.
When it had never stood down for ten minutes before when a Cessna got off course.
That all these transponders got turned off in four aircraft.
That the feds have grabbed and admittedly shredded the five air traffic control tapes.
Claimed all the other black boxes got destroyed in the four planes.
But that passports drifted down from the sky unscathed magically.
That all four aircraft, two separate airlines...
On a day when the planes were at about 90 plus percent capacity, all four of the planes, two different airlines, had exactly 20 percent occupancy on them.
And then we have the official U.S.
government document, Operation Northwoods, where the U.S.
government called for carrying out remote control hijackings of jets, crashing them.
And they say, well, we can do this for real with people, but what we recommend is having military personnel in plain clothes with a fake flight roster, not rouser, register, roster, there we go, load onto the plane, have that one land, then have a remote-controlled drone crash, and then give a fake flight list of dead people.
Now, you're saying, well, wait a minute.
You know, there's all these dead from the four planes, and their families have never seen them again.
No, I believe they killed the people on board.
From our Pentagon sources, they took off our remote control.
The four planes were nerve-gassed.
Those planes were all delayed, by the way, that day.
People had to switch planes and other weird stuff.
They landed them with the groups nerve-gassed.
That is one Pentagon report.
The other is they went ahead and flew them out to the Pacific and crashed them in the ocean.
And then we go into all the evidence of that.
But that's hard enough for people to deal with, even when we have an official government document saying they'd do just that.
And that's in the 9-11 archive of Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
And I think we've added to the 9-11 archive, so it's not just in the other archive, Paul Watson's detailed report of a year and a half ago on the website about missile pods, one of the first to report it, and then our video and stills and photos.
And I'm not saying others shouldn't get the credit.
I think it's great.
But what we do is that we focus on the full spectrum.
A to Z. Hitler blew up the Reichstag.
Nero burned Rome.
The British, MI5 and MI6 carry out terror attacks.
The Israelis have been caught doing it to blame it on their enemies.
The government bombed the World Trade Center the first time.
That was even admitted in the Chicago Tribune.
Book the bomb, train the driver.
Oklahoma City was a government bombing.
September 11th.
We go through it to give you the big picture.
Then we give you the full spectrum of facts, which no one can deny.
And we focus in on commuter planes hitting the Pentagon, or drones, or just bombs in the buildings, or just missile pods.
It can be, you know, they can put out a false argument, try to discredit it even though you can't.
It's true.
But I don't get into the more esoteric stuff.
We do, but only in our entire lexicon.
It's just one page in a book.
And that is the... I hear other talk show hosts, I hear other guests on other talk shows, and they will obsess on one issue, one facet, and it's not effective.
But you lay out, like before a jury, all the admitted facts that the White House called, you know, the Joint Chiefs, Mayor Willie Brown, all these people said don't fly to New York tomorrow, that they did all of this.
You know, you start laying all that out end to end, there is no way to deny it.
You know their official story is a fraud.
That's the wildest conspiracy theory of them all.
What they're saying is impossible.
Total prior knowledge.
Bush ordering the FBI not to stop Al-Qaeda.
Not to block Pakistan shipping out weapons of mass destruction, arming other Muslim countries.
All of that stuff, that is so important.
You know, it's like I've been to FEMA camps.
I've been to camps when troops are trying to put us in them.
And that basically gets ignored.
But then the rumor of boxcars with guillotines is more fiery today and active than it was nine years ago when I first heard it.
Stuff that can't be proven is loved and lapped up.
That can't be proven conclusively.
But the stuff that's hardcore fact, they are putting cancer viruses in vaccines.
They are putting sterilization hormones in vaccines.
There are official government plans to sterilize the world and reduce the population by massive numbers.
You know, all of that is real and huge.
The fact that Halliburton did run the bid process in the hundreds of billions of dollars out of the VP's office, that's now admitted.
The fact that the White House ordered torture, that's now admitted.
You know, all of this is huge, and one of these points that is documented up one side and down the other could bring the globalists down, not to mention the entire spectrum of it.
That's why when I talk about 9-11, I try to get into all of it.
And I challenge people to do that.
We'll go to your calls and then some news here in a moment.
But before I do that, number one, my films are excellent.
They're waking people up.
The best tools, the most professionally produced out there.
And I carry some of the other best videos and books on the subject of 9-11 and other issues of the website.
But secondarily, but very important to me, we need your support.
So I can make more films, do a better job, get better editing systems, you know, a
Obtain more footage.
Do all of this.
I need your support.
I mean, I'm killing myself.
I'm working so hard.
And I need your support so I can expand what I'm doing and maintain what I'm doing.
And, you know, it is so important.
Please visit InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
People ask how they can contribute.
Buy my videos that I, on top of it, say you're authorized and encouraged to make copies of.
I mean, what more can you ask?
Professional films that will educate you, inform you, that are dynamic, that are frightening, that are, frankly, in a horrible way, very entertaining.
Know the real world.
Get those.
And you're authorized to make copies.
I want you to.
To pay it forward.
To spread the word.
You're unstoppable.
90% of those who see these videos are waking up.
I do interviews almost every day.
People call in and say, I've seen your films.
My neighbor gave me a copy.
I saw them on Axis Television.
I want to commend all of you that have gotten the films and have made copies.
Keep it up.
Don't stop.
That's how you're effective.
You don't stop.
Get your own local talk show.
Put up your own website.
Make your own films.
It's all great.
So, InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
Big discounts when you order three or more of any of the ten films I've made.
I've got Eric Huffman's great videos on VHS and DVD.
Painful Deceptions and his accompanying book, Painful Questions, color book with hundreds of color photos, about the construction of the World Trade Centers, the bombs inside, the seismographs, the Pentagon.
It gets into all that in a multifaceted area, but that's, again, just one slice of the total picture.
But it's a great film to have, an accompanying caveat or addendum to Road to Tyranny and Masters of Terror.
George Humphrey's two books on 9-11, his books on tape and CD.
His books on CD are so professionally produced, so low price, you've got friends and family, give them the CDs or the tapes, and go, you know, it's like 1895, you get three plus hours on CD or cassette, and then you get three of the booklets along with it.
I mean, come on.
You know, the actual text of it.
And then you go, hey, listen to this when you're driving to work and coming home from work.
And people will.
And they'll really get it.
It's almost better than video in a way.
For people that lead busy lifestyles.
I don't watch TV anymore.
I listen to books on tape when I'm in traffic or when I'm at the gym.
And I really enjoy it.
So we carry all three of his books and the books on tape and CD.
So those are available as well.
They give you a full spectrum view of what's happening.
So again, I don't want to belabor this.
I want to go to your calls.
Call toll free to get the videos or books or books on tape.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
The videos are all over two hours long.
I mean, police state three total enslavements, two hours, 44 minutes.
Turn to force, the big picture.
We cover it all.
9-11, The Road to Tyranny, you know, is a two-and-a-half-hour flunk.
Even longer on DVD.
So you need to have it.
$25.95 apiece.
$20 if you order three or more of any of the titles.
$20 apiece.
That's an $18 discount on the three-tape special, $24 discount, and so on, on the four-tape special.
Let's go ahead and go to the calls.
Thanks for holding.
Let's get through four or five more of these, and I'll get some final news.
Let's go ahead and talk to Dave in Illinois.
Dave, go ahead.
I was watching the ABC News last night, and I saw this, I guess it was a newscast.
Hi, Alex.
It looked more like an infomercial for the Cyberonics Vegas implant.
It's supposed to make you happy.
And they said a funny thing about it.
You know, they were telling how good it is and everything.
And then they snuck in, well, it's effective for 30% of the people that took it.
And I'm like, well, that means for 70% it's not effective.
You know, they didn't say that, of course.
But then, so I go looking on it today.
By the way, placebo is effective in depression about half the time.
So a sugar pill is more effective than this.
I actually have the report here in front of me.
Yeah, I started looking for it online.
For those who just joined us, this plugs right into the nerves in the neck, going right into the brain.
Again, it's like plugging, because the nerves are the brain.
The spinal cord is the brain.
It plugs right into the wiring of the brain and controls your mind.
Go ahead.
Yeah, they got a Washington Post article at the American Psychological Association's website.
It's saying...
They did a test on 221 patients, you know, and half of them were the control group.
So, you know, it says right there of 111 patients getting stimulation, 17 showed an improvement.
So, you know, out of 111 people, you know, this works for 17 in there.
That's not even 30%.
That's about 12%.
By the way, we have that Washington Post article on personplanet.com.
Yeah, that's what I saw at first, well, after seeing it on ABC News last night.
And, you know, it's just part and parcel of what they're trying to push.
How long have you been listening?
To your show?
Less than a year.
But I'm sure you've heard me belabor brain implants and how they're about to push it.
Oh, yeah.
I'm not tooting my horn.
I want folks to know, none of this is a joke.
We just go off what they're saying.
Go ahead.
Yeah, on NPR I was listening, and they have this...
They have this psychological show every Sunday or something.
And they had this hour-long show on how they've got to have regular doctors teamed up with mental doctors now when you get your checkup so they can figure out if there's something wrong with you mentally now.
And basically, I'm just thinking... Yeah, and those are secret police of the government.
The Germans were the first to do it.
The Soviets did it.
And they're there reporting and spying on you.
We're all going to be mentally ill, and then we don't have judicial rights.
Right to jury because the Supreme Court said we can be arrested and drugged forcibly for our own good.
It's just like you were talking about the kids in schools.
They just want to get you.
So, you know, you're going to have to take all these drugs so they can sell you all these drugs.
And the lady they had on the news or something, they had her in the study.
I guess Ironic's paid her to testify.
So, you know, there's a... And it's her own study.
It's Cyberonics' own study.
I hear you.
Great call, man.
It's just out of control.
I know.
John in Ohio.
John, welcome.
Yes, Alex.
If I get time, I'd like to talk about the latest eugenics crime in Ohio here.
Do it quickly.
Well, before that, I wanted to say, because I think that this Stephen Quayle is really an agent, de facto or otherwise, for the neocons.
I couldn't imagine a more effective...
Well, I agree with a lot of what Steve says.
I don't want to sit there.
I don't think he's a government.
I mean, so far, in the effects of what he says, I think it would be about the same as having Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage on, because I think that's the reason he's constantly on clear channels.
Stay there.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
Hello folks, Alex Jones here.
You know Berkey water filters have been removing pathogenic bacteria for years.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, John, finishing up the second point you wanted to make about eugenics in Ohio.
Go ahead.
Okay, but I just wanted to say that... No, no, finish up because I've got other callers.
Okay, I think he's the most extreme version of CIA propaganda concerning the neocon version of what's going on in the world.
Okay, the eugenics in Ohio.
Well, there's a baby Aiden here who is being taken off of life support.
I called a talk show to try to prevent it here locally, and others have demonstrated against it.
And it shows that the local judge here, the local political hack and the nurse ratchet who claim to be guarding them have actually turned the law around which says that if the parents are not going to give medical treatment, the state can do it.
They've turned that around now.
The state is saying we're going to deny the medical treatment against the wishes of the parents here.
You know, I heard about that.
Somebody should email me a story.
I had it and don't have it in front of me.
And this is a very dangerous precedent showing up more and more.
I agree with you on that second point.
Take care.
Brian in New Jersey.
Go ahead, Brian.
Hey, Alex.
Came across one of your videos by accident about two weeks ago.
That's when I found out about you.
And I actually have seen every single one since because I was intrigued.
What did you do?
Shot it at prisonplanet.tv?
I actually... I was downloading... I was trying to download Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9-11 and it actually turned out to be your Tyranny movie, The Road to Tyranny.
I saw that, and then I went over to my friend Scott.
He's got all your videos, and I ended up watching them all over there.
Oh, good.
I'm glad you found out about it.
Go ahead.
My question is, because I am kind of afraid, I'm kind of scared, because I believe everything you're saying.
Do we have enough military in this country to put us under martial law?
Yes, we do.
I mean, that's why they're drilling in all the major cities, quote, partnering, militarizing the police themselves.
They do have enough if we go along with the propaganda.
But if we expose who's behind the terrorism and the people don't go along, the globalists will fail.
They won't call it martial law.
They'll call it civil emergency.
So how would we go about...
You preemptively start exposing that it's unconstitutional and doesn't keep you safe, and why are troops going to be in your town, nowhere near a border, but none will be on the border?
Thanks for the call.
Thank you.
Great, great question.
You can call back tomorrow.
We're going to talk about it more.
Last caller, Charles in Rhode Island.
Charles, go ahead.
Yeah, hi, Alex.
Listen, I'm calling about 911.org.
Let's roll 911.org.
Okay, there's another piece of film on there that I can't recommend enough for people to watch, where the plane, the second plane goes through the building and about 20 passengers up, and the capsule of the plane comes out the other side of the building, and at that point it implodes, explodes, and becomes a jigsaw puzzle.
The plane just disintegrates into 10 bazillion pieces.
Have you seen that piece on the... Yes, I have, sir.
And wouldn't you remember...
Recommend that to people, because now if you've got a plane hitting a concrete building, why would the whole piece of the plane be coming out the other side of the building?
Well, it's a metal lattice, sir, and that actually would happen.
Why would the plane explode into ten bazillion pieces?
Why did the White House call Mayor Willie Brown and tell him not to fly to New York?
Because they knew that was going to happen.
Well, exactly.
Why did Larry Silverstein say they blew up Building 7?
Thanks for the call.
It's important questions, very important points, and I hear you.
And I'm sorry we're out of time.
But we'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time on your AM and FM dial.
Or you can tune in via Global Shortwave at 3210 at night, 9 to midnight.
And during the day from 11 to 2 Central at 94.75.
And of course, as always, at the internet at InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.com.
And now our new website.
It's updated first daily.
PrisonPlanet.tv with video, audio, news reports, you name it.
The huge 9-11 archive.
Check it out today, ladies and gentlemen.
Again, I will be back tonight at midnight central to all of the affiliates, the listeners, the sponsors, the folks running the show.
Number one to God.
Thank you all.
Take care.
Now get out there and take on the New World Order.
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