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Air Date: June 11, 2004
2237 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
You know, it seems like yesterday was Monday, but now it's already Friday.
I guess as you get older, time just accelerates.
The busier you are, the faster time goes by.
I mean, the years feel like heartbeats.
And it seems like just yesterday I started my fight against the New World Order.
At least it feels like that today.
Sometimes it feels like a thousand years ago.
Welcome, my friends.
It is Friday, the 11th day of June, 2004.
And they're getting ready to lay Ronald Reagan to rest, our 40th president.
And I don't think I've ever seen such media coverage of an event of this nature.
So I guess we can talk a little bit about it today if you'd like to.
It's Wide Open Phones, Open Line Friday.
And yes, I do have a couple guests coming on.
Joel Skalson.
The nephew of Leon Skelson, the expert on the New World Order.
I really respect his opinions.
We'll be talking about the supposed upcoming terror attacks that the globalists are sure to launch unless we expose who stands to gain from terror and who's carried out the past terror attacks.
He's joining us in the second hour.
In the third hour, one of the folks from the Sunshine Project that researches government documents
And does a lot of Freedom of Information Act requests.
We're going to be covering race-specific bioweapons and biological weapons generally.
Because the government claims this big program, BioShield, this, what did they get, 5.8 billion, Bush wanted 6.4 billion, he got 5.8 billion, to build three dozen level four bioweapons labs, many of them in your town or city.
And the Baltimore News a few years ago called it facilities that would produce thousands of gallons of liquid death, I believe was the quote.
Ebola, race-specific weapons, you name it, weaponized smallpox, gearing up.
And we have PNAC...
What, back in 2000, in their September release, Dick Cheney talking about Saddam isn't a threat, he's a convenient pretext to secure the oil supplies, it'll be a great military launch base.
In that same Rebuilding America's Defenses September 2000 document that's on their website right now, they don't even hide this, PNAC.info, that we need to legitimize the use of race-specific bioweapons.
And of course, the group I really respect that told us about the B-2 bomber five years before it was announced in the late 80s, Jane's Weapons Encyclopedia out of England has put out alerts and warnings, which you never really see them do, that the U.S., England, and Israel, as well as Russia, have been developing these for decades.
And we're talking about bioweapons that will kill
Every black person on Earth, every white person on Earth, every Asian on Earth, it will kill everyone.
Or they say they have weapons that will kill every human on Earth.
And they're just breeding this.
And then every few years we see a report of, oh, the weaponized foot and mouth got released from the big weapons lab in Wilshire, England.
Porting down... By the way, Dr. David Kelly was the head scientist there.
Another one of those microbiologists dying.
But, I mean, this is... This is the biggest story, really.
That, you know, they just claim, oh, it's a Level 4 bioweapons lab, but somebody snuck in and got it, and that's what, you know, got into the cows and the sheep, and they killed, what, 8 million sheep, 4 million cows?
The weaponized...
Foot and mouth didn't, but the government killing them so it wouldn't spread did.
And it was the government that did that.
So they produce the stuff that if it gets out, it'll kill everybody.
And they're telling you that we need to give up our liberties to stop terrorists?
They're the terrorist people.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, my friends, we're now into the second segment.
Eight minutes and 15 seconds into this three-hour global transmission against tyranny.
This worldwide broadcast as we blast out on the AM and FM dial from Los Angeles, California to Providence Road Island from Austin, Texas to Denver, Colorado.
From Albuquerque, New Mexico to Pensacola, Florida, simulcasting on the internet at infowars.com and prisonplanet.tv and of course on World Wide Shortwave on the big blowtorch, WWCR at 94.75 Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 and back from 9 to midnight at 32.10.
And you can also listen to us
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Oh my goodness.
I've got all this news in front of me.
Ronald Reagan lying in state for the last day today.
Ray Charles, who I was a fan of.
You know, kind of the prototype of Stevie Wonder, I guess.
Died yesterday.
A bunch of Iraq news.
A bunch of police state big brother world ID card news.
But this happens a lot of times.
I start the show and then just suddenly a topic that I've been studying and looking at that I think is really important pops into my head again.
And I want to talk about that first.
Because we are going to get the Sunshine Project done.
They, again, research secret documents and public documents and do four-year requests, Freedom of Information Act requests.
They're ringing the alarm bell about Western governments, the Russians, the British, the Israelis, the U.S., developing race-specific bioweapons.
We're talking about weaponized viruses and bacteria that are already 90% fatal when they're not developed.
Well, let's say...
Again, 99%.
I really haven't found one of them that isn't.
Are members of the Council on Foreign Relations.
And then you have most of the heads of banking and media and other key positions in government.
Most are committee chairmen in the House and Senate.
Almost every president.
In fact, the last president we had who wasn't CFR, Trilateral Commissioner CFR, or Bilderberg Group,
...was Ronald Reagan, but his cabinet was packed with them.
But... Again, the point I'm trying to make here is that when you're at a department-level discussion...
Because we've gone and sat in on these UT meetings, and almost every symposium is called the New World Order, World War IV, the future of the New World Order.
I mean, most of the symposiums they have, and literally, they'll be like former CIA directors, some professors in a room.
It's open to the public, but no one shows up.
We show up and shoot video of it.
It's incredible.
They're talking about new world order this, new world order that.
But when you really get into these discussions and you read the white papers they write and you look at what the elite are saying and doing, it's basically this.
Bio-weapons are more threatening to society than nuclear weapons.
And because of the advances in technology and the cracking of the human genome,
That the U.S.
government made public in its joint exercise with IBM.
Due to this, we now, at this current date, face total extinction at the extreme end of things, and billions of people dying on the lesser end of the scale.
And because of this great threat, we must have a tyrannical world government.
No government must have sovereignty.
Every industry must be run and regulated and inspected by armed UN guards in any biotech factory.
We've got to do this to stop total extinction.
And let me tell you, that sells the bright 165 IQ graduate students being groomed to be servants inside the New World Order.
This is the first thing they're told.
And by the way, over the years, I've talked about how one of the biggest radio networks tried to hire me, and I met with some of their executives five, six years ago, and this is the spiel I got.
And I've talked to others, and they've gotten the same spiel.
And to an intelligent, informed person, it sounds reasonable.
My gosh, we've got to have world government because of the proliferation of nuclear weapons and chemical weapons, but more importantly, biological weapons, race-specific, or systems that will kill any human that comes in contact with it, period.
Though they say statistically, even if it was the most deadly weapon imaginable, some people will have a natural immunity, though a very small percentage.
So we look at that picture and we say, okay...
Okay, world government is the answer.
Alex, then why aren't you for world government?
I mean, only world government can stop this from happening.
I mean, it's only a matter of time until some crazy Arab country comes up with some race-specific bio-weapon to kill, you know, northern Europeans or Jews or something.
It's only a matter of time until the Chinese do this and release it on the Japanese because they've got race-specific weapons that'll kill certain subgroups.
Certain subgroups have certain genetic markers.
You could develop, they've bragged, and I'm sure they have, race-specific bioweapons that'll kill just one African tribe.
That's why Israel has been studying race-specific weapons, and I've seen white papers on it that have been published publicly by scientific journals, that Israel doesn't want to use them because, well, quite frankly, if you're a real Jew, I mean, really Semitic from that area, you basically have the exact same genetics as the Palestinians or the Arabs.
I mean, it's the same people.
Well, you see...
But because of most of the people that came back into Israel, they're really, in most cases, three-quarters European, you know, with the blonde hair and the blue eyes.
That really is kind of the ruling class over there.
They even have a class system.
Jewish writers have written about this.
And so they don't have to worry.
And so what if it kills a couple million Jews?
I mean, you know, the globalists financed Hitler to begin with.
Thank you.
Thank you.
But, again, we don't just have to worry about Israel.
We have to worry about England, who's one of the forerunners in this.
Actually, the Queen of England owns a lot of the stock in the companies that do this.
We have to worry about the U.S.
government in those interests.
We have to worry about the Russians.
We have to worry about the Chinese.
We have to worry about the Japanese.
We have to worry about the South Africans.
Anywhere you have a high level of technological development, you can have this happen.
But the most outspoken and forward-looking you could say in all of this has been Israel, and now Dick Cheney spouting off about how we need to legitimize the use of race-specific bioweapons.
So we have the New World Order crowd itself that sells people into joining it,
That we have to have a tyrannical world government to stop bioweapons releases, but then meanwhile, it is the globalists developing these systems, building the factories, making it, proliferating it, selling the technology to these third world countries, chemical, biological, and nuclear, radiological.
So time and time again, I mean, it was three years ago, the Australian government took a mousepox strain...
Made it 100% fatal, and then put out the recipe publicly, on purpose.
Published it, with government approval, on the university's website, of how to take any mammal, take the mouse pox, change it for that mammal, and create a pox that kills 100% of those that come in contact with it.
Now, why on earth would the government of Australia release that?
Why on earth...
Is our own government doing this?
Folks, why does the British, the U.S., and Israel, and it's been all over the BBC, you name it, why are they arming Iran with nuclear power plant parts?
Why is our government arming North Korea, Pakistan?
Why do you see this proliferation?
You see, they want to not just use the threat of this crisis emerging to get total tyranny in world government.
They want to have a controlled, specific release of this.
And now it's over 50 top microbiologists and bioweapons treatment or development who could analyze and tell you where something came from, where it was developed, dying in airlocks, being run over by cars and then backed over, being shot in the head, being stabbed to death.
Being tortured to death in the case of a top Virginia scientist before he was killed.
It's happening in Australia, Russia, Israel, the U.S., Canada.
It's happening all over Europe.
It's happening all over the globe.
New Zealand, Houston, Texas, Dallas, Texas.
All over the place, they're being killed.
And that is very scary, my friends, because who's getting rid of them?
Why are they getting rid of them?
Obviously, if you look at all the evidence, because somebody plans on using this.
And I'm not trying to scare you folks.
I just want you to know what's really going on.
And so the globalists use this threat to fearmonger and get people to morally go, well, we've got to be the most ruthless, the most cunning, we've got to have a dictatorial face scan, world ID card, microchip population, because technology is too powerful and we'll destroy ourselves if we don't.
But instead of making treaties and deals and paying countries not to and having them voluntarily do all this, which would work,
And having it through a real agreement, through a constitutional republic form of government.
No, they're setting up a tyrannical world government while racing ahead to cause this cataclysm to take place.
And I'll tell you the most scary piece of evidence when we get back.
So we'll get to this when we return.
And then your phone calls and a bunch of other news.
And Joel Skousen joining us as well.
And a bunch of other great guests today on this 11th day of June, 2004.
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We have this global government running around saying we've got to have total power, no rogue nations, everything controlled, your life micromanaged, and they want to micromanage the general public down at your everyday level.
It has nothing to do with the bioweapons which they've produced, which they've distributed, which they've given out the recipes for.
And then meanwhile, you read the globalist writings, and it's like something out of that James Bond movie, Moonraker.
You know, Prince Philip, Ted Turner, Jacques Cousteau, the UN's population control system.
We've got to reduce the population by 80%.
I mean, this is openly discussed.
No, 95%.
I've been years ago at cocktail parties with UT professors.
It's like that's the discussion point.
What about the people bomb, Mr. Jones?
We've got to do something.
China's doing what it has to do.
This whole attitude, this elitist attitude.
Oh, you're part of the elite.
You're with the global government.
You're going to be safe through all of this.
And so we have the globalists producing all of this, saying let's legitimize the use of race-specific bioweapons, is what Dick Cheney said.
By the way, that's not just been on their own website.
It's been the London Guardian.
Michael Meacher, that was the last straw for the environment minister when he resigned in England.
He said, look, if you didn't do 9-11, you had prior knowledge of it.
And by the way, you said you want to use race-specific bioweapons.
You people are psychopaths.
He pointed out where they said it.
So, I mean, this is incredible stuff, folks.
But the biggest, scariest point is, is not just that they're out promoting that they want to get rid of 85 to 95 percent of it.
It runs from 80 to 95 percent in different estimates.
That's not the scariest part.
If you live in Switzerland, within a few miles from your house is a giant luxury bunker with two years of food and water, its own air cleaning system, tennis courts, weightlifting facilities.
If you live in Russia, they have nice bunkers for you.
If you live in China, they have nice bunkers for you.
Not as nice as Switzerland.
Do you know where your fallout shelter is?
I grew up in Dallas.
It's in a local parking garage.
They can plane the dead bodies out in the spring.
But no government has spent anywhere near, even on budget.
And there's the black budget, the secret budget.
Nothing to do with black people.
Sometimes I get an email, and it's never a black person.
It's always some white yuppie going, yeah, talk about black funding.
Black budget means secret.
Black bag, you know, dark projects is what they're called.
I have to do that, folks.
I know the general listenership is smart, but some people aren't.
But anyway, side issue.
These black budget, secret, shadow...
But just the public funding of the U.S.
government since the 40s is the highest of any nation out there.
It's like all our other military spending.
Giant underground bunkers.
Giant railway systems.
They admit there's one all under Washington where members of the House and Senate publicly ride these little trains around.
They've got them all across the country.
They've got them all under Fort Hood here in Texas.
They've got them going up into Canada, going into Mexico.
Huge underground cities and bunkers.
And there's a race right now to build them.
You think the Cold War is over, everything's fine?
There's a race, even before 9-11, and now accelerating.
They're radically expanding these.
They've got huge underground locomotives that can just cut through four feet of solid rock an hour, honeycombing the country.
And seismographs all over the nation have picked these up, this slow grinding hum that they know is the signature of these tunnelers.
So they're building these giant luxury cities for the elite.
You know, I guess the 20% they're not going to kill, or the 5% if it's Ted Turner's estimate.
And they're doing all of this.
And by the way, even Reuters and MSNBC and the New York Times have reported how billionaires are all buying private islands with security and electric fences in the Caribbean.
And how they've got jets always fueled wherever they're at, ready to fly out of the nation.
And then right during 9-11, Bush runs to Moffett Air Force Base in Nebraska and meets with all these CEO leaders.
They were all meeting earlier that morning before Bush even got there with Warren Buffett and all these top CEOs.
This is sick, folks.
And they throw a lot of what they're going to do to us in our faces.
I was talking to a school teacher yesterday, and he said, yeah, the news is entertainment, and the entertainment is propaganda.
Now, again, the news is entertainment, and then the TV shows are propaganda.
And he's absolutely right.
But, you know, an MI6 agent wrote the James Bond books, and in Moonrakers you have this Illuminati leader who wants to kill the world population to save the environment, and he releases this bioweapon and they barely stop it.
But, I mean, this is how they throw it in your face.
And, you know, the latest one is about bioweapons and people wanting to live forever and kidnapping people to take their glands.
Well, that's already going on, folks, for real.
While they're growing, you know, these cloned babies to get their brain tissue and want the aborted babies.
The point is, is that truth is stranger than fiction, and these psychopaths are handing out these weapons...
You know, like they're pop guns or something, and they know this global crisis will bring in the New World Order.
9-11 is just the setup for all of this to get you ready.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hello folks, Alex Jones here.
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David J. Smith for NewsWatch Magazine.
Did you know there's an assault upon America's freedom of religion by the United Nations Genocide Convention Treaty?
The laws are called hate crime laws.
These laws will eventually shut down Christianity in America by accusing Christians of hate crimes.
I think?
We're good to go.
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All right, my friends, your calls...
Are coming up here in just a few minutes.
Dan, Louisiana, Andrew, California, and many others.
The toll-free number to join us is 800-259-9231.
You know, I've been talking the last half hour about race-specific bioweapons, weaponized bioweapons, you name it.
Weaponized biologicals, I should say.
And just recapping before I go to the next level of this.
Is the recap for those that just joined us.
The globalists say we've got to have world government because they can't have any rogue nations or rogue industries or companies because now the technology is readily available and the human genome published, which is a real good idea, I guess, by the federal government, in concert with the eugenics-promoting IBMers that control half of it.
We've got to have this world government to contain this.
Well, here's the problem.
The globalists are psychopaths who openly say they want to get rid of 80 to 95% of us.
And on top of it, they're building all these giant underground bunkers to protect themselves and the elite.
Foreign countries give the public access to the bunkers.
America doesn't.
The average American doesn't even know these exist, though it's public.
A large portion of them are public.
And then you say, well, a race-specific bioweapon wouldn't have a way of spreading, wouldn't have a way of getting to everybody.
Well, here's the problem.
If you have a race-specific bioweapon, or you have a general bioweapon release, and it starts killing hundreds of thousands, millions of people, it will cause nationwide panic, total breakdown of society.
We're not the people of 50, 60, 70, 80 years ago that know how to skin a buck and run a trot line, that know how to farm and garden.
And things will rapidly implode in on themselves, and will break down into bedlam.
Now, you can be assured that whatever bioweapon the globalists release, they're going to have a
We're good to go.
Being drowned in an inch of water when their car flips, and witnesses see men in dark uniforms standing around them, and Dr. David Kelly with men in dark uniforms standing around him, and mainstream news now that he was murdered.
He was the head of Porton Down Bioweapons Lab.
And let's just say the government's angels.
They're still producing, they've got all these bioweapons labs, level 4 and even level 5s, even some above that level,
And we've had cases where this stuff has gotten out in Russia, gotten out in China on purpose.
In England, they released the weaponized foot and mouth.
Just a blurb in Sky Television News and a few newspapers like the London Guardian and Telegraph of four years ago.
That was used to kill off most of the cows and sheep.
Then I predicted the government wouldn't let people restock their cows and sheep, which they did do, and then force the farmers to sell so big agribusiness could take over.
So they could release this on accident, or someone could steal it and release it, but guaranteed that's not going to happen.
Well, they may claim it happened on accident, and now under Bush's BioShield program, they're going to build, and are building, three dozen of these to, quote, study and treat it.
But they admit these are really bioweapons production labs to create thousands of gallons, as the Baltimore Sun said, of liquid death.
And then we've got Dick Cheney in the PNAC document saying we need to legitimize the use of race-specific bioweapons.
In the PNAC document, Rebuilding America's Defenses, September 2000.
We have globalists who we've caught putting cancer viruses, not just in SV40, but in other vaccines, 250 times.
I've been saying 215 times.
I looked it up again yesterday.
They took the mercury out of some vaccines, but in the mandatory ones they really push, they went up to a higher level, 250 times safe levels, and that's now posted on prisonplanet.com in the bioweapon vaccine section.
And we have a global government that's been caught in Africa, Latin America, Asia, from the 50s into the 90s, putting sterilization hormones into the vaccines for the women.
I mean, this is all posted on the website right now.
Henry Kissinger in 73 telling five most populous third world countries sterilize half their population by force or no IMF or World Bank money.
That was declassified in 92.
That's on the website, the actual CIA documents.
So we have these nutcases saying, give up our liberty, we're going to protect you from this, while they set up the entire system, the whole technological control grid, to basically herd us and control us during these purposeful releases.
And you're saying, well, people in government won't go along with this.
That's what total information awareness is about.
Everything tracked and traced.
And believe me, those NSA computers aren't set for talk of bombs and Alibaba.
They're not set for discussions of cocaine and heroin.
They're set for discussions of people finding out and talking about race-specific bioweapons.
They're set for FBI agents talking to their wife about how the government had prior knowledge of 9-11 so they can send some nice boys out so that FBI agent has a car wreck tomorrow.
That's what NSA's set for.
That's what the real control grid is.
And they've just got a few hundred top people listening and tracking all of that, and then another mass off in just tertiary intelligence operations.
Because there's no real terrorism, my friends.
It isn't globalist control.
We've proven that.
And so now they say by 2012, most of the Air Force will be drone.
That's right.
Most of the Air Force will be drones.
We're refueling the jets, the fighters, surveillance, drone, drone, drone.
They're now going to come out, the new site is reported, with automatic control gates and robotic cones that block highways automatically and the face scanning cameras on your street corners and the roads.
All of this can be controlled by computer programs.
You can set the program up for what you want to do and turn the computer loose and literally just a few people can control hundreds of drones taking off with the bioweapons, spraying the cities, doing whatever they want.
This is all being set up.
Total information awareness is about protecting the globalists while they commit their crimes of bid rigging and scamming and sucking Pentagon funds dry of over a trillion dollars.
It's meant for economic espionage and spying on their competition, and it's meant on protecting them and building up a grid where just a few hundred people can wage war against the entire planet.
And then the little compartmentalized technicians loading the spray canisters on the drones will just think it's one of the thousands of public tests they've had of, quote, bioweapon preparedness.
No problem, Alex.
How are you doing?
Well, I got the hair on the back of my neck standing up, just forcing myself to face the evidence.
Well, and I think another part of their plan is once they pull the financial plug, to watch us kill each other.
Well, I don't think they're going to do the big bio-release now.
They may have a release of a weaker mainline bio-weapon that kills a few hundred thousand and sickens a million.
Then they clamp down even stronger with the police state grid.
The mass extermination is about a decade away if we don't stop them.
Then there'll be lots of other, maybe a nuking of a city.
All of this to give us firmly under their control.
But once they've got the control, once we're all surveilled in our cars and our homes, which they're saying they're going to do,
Once all this is in place, once they've got their drone aircraft armies, once they've got that, then they're going to go ahead.
Go ahead, sir.
Right, and that will be sort of one of the last steps they do, I think.
I sort of have a question that's a little off-topic.
This idea that's been coming up, and it was kind of mentioned on your show yesterday, I found really interesting, this idea that there's some sort of gism in the New World Order between maybe the European moneyed side and the sort of American CIA Bush-Muffle side.
I read something last night that even kind of went right into that.
And this is this George Soros guy.
Are you aware of him?
He's the Democrats' new sugar daddy to the tune of like 12 million.
And many people on the Internet have done really good work and have tied him directly back to, guess what, the House of Rothschild, of course.
Well, no, I mean, we've done that work.
But then you notice Arnold at Lord Rothschild's house in the Scotsman and Reuters two years ago.
With Warren Buffett.
We have those photos and news articles there.
And then you've got the Bushes behind him.
So at the highest levels, there really isn't a debate going on.
They like to publicly make you think that there's a choice and a debate and a fight going on.
And occasionally the minions will jockey for position with each other for poll position.
So this is just like two people at the company trying to become CEO kind of thing?
Well, that's what I've always said.
The presidential election is two different high-level managers fighting and bidding for the CEO job of this barony or this fiefdom, this viceroy position over the North American grid.
Well, what about this idea that Iraq was sort of this American Wall Street impulsive operation and the Europeans are scared to death that it's waking everybody up?
It sure woke me up.
Okay, we've been reporting this for two years, a year before the war, sir.
How long have you been listening?
Eight months.
Okay, well, there's actual archives of my show going back four, five, six, seven years, so you can go out on the net and find those.
But there's even some on our website.
In fact, in our audio section of prisonplanet.com, we've got interviews going back at least two years.
Go back two years ago.
Listen to a couple shows.
Listen to me talking to Jim Tucker a year before Iraq.
You'll have to go back in the archives if you can find it.
And we lay out how the Europeans are going to play the part of the good cop, they're going to say they're against it, they're going to act like there's a schism, then the UN's going to come in later and play the part of the savior and the good cop, and they're going to put all this out.
I mean, I said five years ago they were going to put out this story of peak oil, there's no oil left, so we'll psychologically accept higher oil prices.
I mean, this is very sophisticated.
Look, the people that own the Federal Reserve own the European central banks.
Okay, it's all the same system.
Do they occasionally fight with each other at mid-level power positions?
Yes, but that's just for management positions.
Is there backstabbing going on occasionally?
Yes, but the whole agenda itself, the goals of the corporation are the same.
I see.
It's like the mafia fights with each other.
But they still agree upon the prostitution.
Well, what about this idea that they're going to... The bed rigging, the drug dealing, the... Go ahead.
What about this idea that they're going to tell Georgie that he needs to step down because things have gotten too hot?
Well, I mean, everybody's saying that there might be a military coup and that Bush is in trouble and these people are stepping down because of this.
And, you know, we were really the first to talk about that because of our... This has all come out of MI6, which I'm very skeptical of.
And now everybody's picked up on it.
And I really don't put a lot of stock in that.
Now, I said, again, years ago, they could burn Bush politically, blame conservatism as if Bush represented conservatism, energize a new super left-wing movement, put Terry in, the real policies will continue.
And that may well happen.
But it's stage, sir.
It's theater.
It's Hulk Hogan wins one match, and the next time it's going to be The Undertaker.
You know, it's still staged.
So no real schisms?
No real schisms.
Thanks for the call, Dan.
But you know, that's just my opinion.
You have to judge, does Alex have foresight?
Does Alex have a grasp of the geopolitical system?
Does he have a good track record?
And that's up to you to decide, my friends.
And it's up to you to research and check out for yourself.
Andrew in California, go ahead.
Alex, this is an update to an old story.
This morning, the local NBC station in L.A.
reported that automakers are installing black box tracking devices in cars and trucks, and the reason being the government wants the ability to record 42 different kinds of safety data by the year 2008.
Well, here's what they do.
California comes out and says, under the bellwether for regulation for the rest of the nation,
The testing, beta testing circuit.
And they say, we're going to pass a law that you've got to be informed that this black box is in your car.
Everybody goes, oh, see, they're good.
Then they come out and say, oh, but we're going to expand it.
California was saying they were going to ban electronic voting machines.
Then they come right back today and recertify them.
So it's more WWF, World Federation Wrestling.
But we can't convince the general public that it's fake.
They believe Hulk Hogan is really battling with...
You know, with a rock.
Okay, fine, children.
But for nine years, all cars, by a federal regulation, have these black boxes in them.
And the black box has a computer plug-in for the $25 to $50, depending on what company they buy it from, satellite tracking console.
And they're going to tax and trace us to drive our cars and live our lives just a few years away.
Major states are now announcing they plan to do it.
There will be an international tax tagged on as well.
And they're going to lower gas prices again, then bring in the tax.
And then you'll think, oh, well, it's lower.
You know, with this tax, it's better than, you know, what we were paying back in 2004.
Isn't it jolly?
And plus, I get a free satellite tracker in here that directs me on different street corners and maps and where I'm going.
And oh boy, there's an infrared node on it, hooked into a cell phone in the dash, that if my car gets too hot and I'm in it, it'll automatically call the police.
Oh, by the way, that infrared camera's watching you.
That's MSNBC.
We're all going to have cameras watching us.
But after all, 35 children die on average per summer from being left in guards.
This will save 35 children.
Not against that, are you?
So again, these are all the tie-ins and how it works.
1984, my friend, on steroids.
And so, yes sir.
And hundreds of people, at least the hundreds of articles I've seen, I'm sure it's more than that, you're out doing 75 in a 60, a deer jumps out in front of you, this is a Texas case, just a few months ago, your car flips,
And your husband dies because he wasn't wearing a seatbelt.
And then your husband isn't just dead.
You weren't just speeding.
You didn't just make a mistake.
Life just is dangerous.
Now you're going to be charged with manslaughter.
And now you're going to be convicted.
You're going to spend 10 years in the penitentiary because you were going 15 miles over the speed limit and tried to dodge the deer.
And you flipped the car and killed your husband.
And then you lied about it to the police and said you were going 60.
But no, they got the little computer box.
You were doing 75.
You see how this works?
So you see?
Prime projection!
What else do you want?
What else do you want to know?
That's all I got, Alex.
Thank you.
We're entering hell on earth, ladies and gentlemen.
I have to watch it unfolding in front of me every day.
The big picture!
And if we could just show this big picture to everybody else, we'd turn this around before the grid closed!
Because when the grid closes, the fun really starts.
I don't want to be here in ten years from now.
Hunkering in the basement.
The spray planes have gone over.
The illness has broken out.
The spray planes will spray us in the middle of the night.
The drones.
All the robotic cones, all the face-scanning cameras, all the pods looking through our walls didn't keep us safe.
Why, the terror group got the bioweapon.
They hit us.
They hit us hard.
They hit us hard.
What are we going to do?
Oh, our gracious leaders tried to protect us.
Oh, no.
You know, we arrested millions for the homeland after the nuke attack.
But that didn't protect us either.
Folks, I'm not joking.
I'm not kidding.
I'm not playing games.
It's really happening.
And, uh... If you're not freaked out by this, there's something wrong with you.
Great point, Andrew.
Really good question.
Got me off on a rant with that one.
I mean... Oh!
If you let them put this grid in, which is going in, if you let the serial killer put the handcuffs on you, if you get in the yellow Volkswagen, it's over.
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We specialize in keeping you alive and healthy.
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Thank you.
I think?
We're good to go.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2 The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills.
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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Alright, we're back live.
Got Joel Scouser coming up.
We're about to go to your calls here in a moment, but you're not going to be able, you know, as all this unfolds, to tell me I didn't do my utmost to fight it.
And you can deny the things I've laid out, what I've said here.
I don't get up here and just say things, you know, because I like to talk.
I got up here on the air, I said they're going to use Bin Laden as the patsy to attack the World Trade Center, call the White House, tell them don't do it, July 25th, and then every day after that, leading right up to 9-11.
That's on the record, people!
I'm able to look at the big picture, especially if I watch television and see their propaganda, which I don't do as much anymore.
I should make myself watch it.
And I'm able to see the propaganda, what they're preparing you for, what they're doing, and then I look at the actual infrastructure they're setting up.
They're setting up hell on earth, people.
If you want to know the truth, how deep the rabbit hole really goes, you need to have 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror, Police State, Three Total Enslavement, Matrix of Evil.
You need to have my videos.
You need to have the books.
The book I've written, the book I've published, the books we carry, the books on tape.
You need to go to infowars.com or presentplanet.com and order them via our safe, secure shopping cart and make copies of them and get them out to people.
You need to make your own films.
Put your own websites.
Call into talk shows.
Get your own talk show.
You all have to be leaders or it's over.
We've got to push this out to the mainstream, which we're doing.
We've got to be fearless.
I cannot commit my family and everybody around me to this total degradation and even death, people, which the New World Order offers you.
And again, before the break I said, don't let them put the handcuffs on you.
Don't get in the yellow Volkswagen.
That's Ted Bundy.
That's what the globalists are doing.
9-11 is just the fears so they can put the handcuffs on you, the police state in place, and then put you into the vehicle and take you away, my friends.
It gets worse.
The more liberties we give up, the worse things get.
And every time we track back the terror, it leads right back to their smiling faces.
So go to InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com and get these videos and make copies of them because the media isn't going to expose these murdering psychopaths because they're owned by them.
But you can.
We will.
Join us.
There's more of us than there are of them.
And things are going to be tough either way, but you might as well die fighting!
So go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com and get the videos.
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There's a lot of good in the world.
A lot of good people.
A lot of beautiful things.
A lot of wonderful ideas.
But you're naive because you're not evil.
You can't face evil.
You don't believe it exists.
The devil's greatest trick is that he doesn't exist.
You better wake up, people.
Because I see what's coming.
As clear as an iceberg a mile off and we're steaming straight towards it.
It's time to unlock your minds.
It's time to face the full horror and then be empowered by the realities.
It's time to engage in the information war and the fight for humanity.
Second hour straight ahead.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Second hour of global transmission.
June 11th, Friday, 2004, Year of Our Lord.
Global forces have seized control of the most dominant media, universities, banking, government.
They are systematically preparing massive terror attacks.
They've carried out terror attacks in the past to scare us into smaller and smaller rings, greater and greater control over our lives.
We have a government that openly gives deadly vaccines to our troops and makes them live in barracks that were bombed with uranium.
Top medical institutions have tested their blood, two rims of radiation, enough to kill you, not to mention the heavy metal content.
And you think the globalists wouldn't carry out a September 11th?
They could care less about you.
These are heartless, soulless, vampiric pieces of filth.
Let's take a few calls on Joel Skousen joining us, expert on the New World Order.
Let us now go to Jason in Indiana.
Jason, welcome.
Hey, Alex.
Yeah, I'm calling to talk to you about an email I sent you a couple of days ago.
We come across an online archive of 350 vintage Bohemian Grove photos.
Yes, I got those, and we're trying to plow through them.
I tell you what, go to prisonplanet.com, email it to the webmaster there.
He's tied down, but not as much as we are.
I didn't look at them yesterday and this morning.
I just wanted to make sure you got those.
I did get them.
Okay, great.
But I also wanted to ask you, did you catch O'Reilly a couple days ago?
No, I didn't.
He had a show on, he had a little segment on about torture, and he absolutely freaked out on a guy.
Almost cussed him out because the guy was against torture.
It was quite disturbing.
Well, this is the mass warping of the mind.
Look, they promoted torture for two and a half years, then they bring out the photos themselves, then they legitimize them, then it comes out the Pentagon ordered all of it, and then they use double-thinks saying we never ordered it, then they say it's good in the same breath.
So I guess Joseph Mingalo wasn't a bad guy.
Yeah, it's pretty disturbing.
Well, great show, Alex.
Thanks a lot.
Thank you, Jason.
Well, let's go ahead and talk to Eric in Connecticut.
Eric, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Greetings from Skull and Bones Country.
Yes, sir.
I'm in the process of drafting letters to all my state delegation and the White House saying if there are any other terror attacks, and these will be certified letters, typed and basically formally presented, saying that if there is another terror attack in this country, I am holding you and your globalist minions responsible for it.
The average guy on the street may hear what we're talking about and just not believe it in any way, despite its truthfulness.
But if I say to the guys that I work with, here are these people, since September 11th, they've gotten all this money, all this power, Department of Homeland Security, the whole apparatus for, quote, fighting terror, unquote, yet they're telling us they're going to be more attacked.
So what they're basically telling us, Alex, in essence is they can't get the job done
They can't get it done.
It's like the war on drugs.
The bigger the war on drugs gets, the more drugs are on the streets, the more people in prison.
They bring the drugs in, and then even on the private prisons, when you're dumb enough to use them, where you're going to live and work for them.
They own the entire equation.
Well, you and I both know that they want the terror attacks to practice the Hegelian dialectic.
The average guy on the street, if I pose it in that way, he's going to stop and think, wow, that's a good question, that's a good point.
How come they have all this extra apparatus, and for some reason they're not getting it done?
Well, yeah, I mean, look at the motive.
I mean, let's say they're not behind the terror attacks, but they certainly like to let it happen because they get more power and control and bonuses.
Who benefits?
Qui bono.
That's what the Romans would say, but... The first question you ask is motive.
A couple of questions, Alex.
I know you're busier than a one-armed paper hanger, but would it be possible, in light of your earlier mentioning of a television section...
Would it be possible for, say, on Prison Planet TV to have, like, television for the New World Order and have clips?
And also, is there a possibility... You exposed Ann Coulter.
You've shown a 3,000-watt light on her neocon fakism.
Would it be possible to have more neocons on your program?
We try, but they know who I am.
Yeah, they won't come on, and, you know, I could lie and say it's another talk show, but I'm not really in that business.
All right, Joel Skousen's coming up.
Thanks for the call.
More of your calls, ton of news.
You don't want to miss it.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
Use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order can emerge.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
WorldAffairsBrief.com is his website.
He's Joel Skousen.
He's a political scientist by training specializing in philosophy of law and constitutional theory.
He is also the designer of high security residences and retreats.
He has designed self-sufficient and high security homes throughout North America and has consulted in...
Throughout North America and has consulted in Central America as well.
His latest book is in the field, A Strategic Relocation North American Guide to Safe Places, and is active in consulting with persons who need to relocate for security and increase self-sufficiency.
He also assists people who need to live near a large city to develop contingency retreat plans involving rural farm or recreation property.
You know, I should have him on sometime about that subject, but he's also an author of World Affairs Brief and some books about the New World Order.
And, of course, he's the nephew of Cleon Skelson, and we're honored to have him on the broadcast today after I babbled through his bio.
We've had him on the broadcast before, and I agree with about 98% of what he has to say, and it's always good to have his view here on the show.
Mr. Skousen, good to have you with us.
Thank you, Alex.
It's always good to be with you.
Before we go any further, I went off into a diatribe in the last hour.
About how even James' Weapons Dictionary Encyclopedia, you know, we've got a guest coming on next hour from the Sunshine Project exposing the bioweapons our own government's making, race-specific stuff, and how it really is the globalist plan once they've got us all locked down in compact cities in years to come to start releasing these weapons for world population reduction.
It's their own plan.
Can you speak to that first off?
I really can't, Alex.
It isn't my strong suit.
I have heard the rumors.
I've frankly not been able to come up with any verifiable confirmation.
I do know that they do intend to pull off a major world war where the U.S.
will be the primary target, England the secondary target.
I know there will be a lot of destruction after that war, but I am not privy, I'm afraid to say, to any specific plans to simply kill off people by...
You know, dumping chemical or biological weapons on urban cities.
Well, let me... Since you said you're not informed of or greatly informed on that issue...
Certainly you know about the UN statements about we've got to reduce world population by 80%.
The Ted Turners, the Prince Phillips in their own publications saying it.
And then I'm sure you know about Jane's Weapons putting out an alert last year about the development of race-specific bioweapons.
And then in a PNAC document written in September of 2000 by Dick Cheney, he calls for, quote, legitimizing the use...
Of these weapons, and the London Guardian did a scathing report on his statements.
Then we have all these microbiologists in key areas of weapons development and treatment dying, being murdered, being run over, being stabbed to death, being shot, all of that happening.
And then we have the globalist MO that, well, we've got to have a world government to stop the proliferation of all of this, but then in reality, they're actually proliferating it, Joel.
Well, I am familiar with all of the statements that you read.
I'm just stating that I'm not familiar with and have not seen any credible documentation of specific weapons when and where or actual creation.
So much of that is commentary.
Some of it could be disinformation.
Listen, Alex, I am no naive person.
I believe the globalists are up to no good.
It's just that I don't go public unless I can actually get some verifiable data on, yeah, they have this weapon and it's stored here and they're planning on using it there.
I don't have that yet.
Yeah, well, you know Bush has got the $5.8 billion funding for the BioShield program, three dozen Level 4 bioweapons labs?
Yes, and certainly there's a lot of black weapons projects going on.
As I've been building for tomorrow's or today's World Affairs Brief, I've got an article about
Some of these so-called meteor sightings in the Seattle area and now one in New Zealand, and they appear to be bogus.
They are not meteors.
It appears to be a black budget weapons testing of laser-oriented firepower for shooting down incoming ballistic missiles that they're testing on small meteors that are coming in, and the resulting test is producing huge bursts of light and large explosions
Which simply do not hardly ever occur.
Well, back in the 80s and through the 90s, they did public tests of particle beams blowing up missiles.
Yes, but these are, you know, for some reason, they're using the meteor story as a cover for these.
I don't know what their purpose is.
There were public tests in 1997 and 1998.
In fact, I had a Boeing engineer call me and say, look, I was in Colorado Springs.
I saw the test at night.
And what they're describing in Seattle and New Zealand is exactly what I saw.
Well, that's why I raised this.
I mean, the tests were public in the 80s and the 90s, and they even did one last year where they've got former large passenger-style jets loaded with huge chemical lasers.
Well, already two prototypes flying around.
But they are apparently different than the original ones that were tested.
These are a whole different kind of laser.
It doesn't put out a steady stream of a beam that's visible.
It just puts out a massive stroke of light and a huge explosion follows.
I think part of it could be a sonic boom of the energy charge going out.
But they're trying hard to cover up that these are tests.
They're certainly not admitting to them.
Well, I mean, I'm not going to try to argue with you, Joel.
And I certainly, you know...
There's just a lot more evidence, physical evidence, of people who have worked with the lasers and seen them.
There also is the cover-up that's being used right now.
That's why I'm saying I have specific evidence.
You know, Cheney has never admitted he's going to use biospecific weapons to kill people.
I mean, that's just too much of an interpretation.
I'm not saying that they're not going to do that.
I'm just saying...
No, he said that they needed to have a debate about using them to legitimize their use.
I'd like to see that.
I have not seen that documentation, Alex.
That's the Rebuilding America's Defenses September 2000 PNAC.
Yeah, but I've read that.
That doesn't talk about race-specific... The London Guardian did a report on it last year that I read about ten times on air and actually put a link to it.
It may be another one of those subchapters.
I mean, how many things are on PNAC?
A couple hundred?
I need to dig that out and send that to you.
Yeah, I'd like to see the specifics.
I'm not disputing what you say, but I'd just like to see...
Well, I don't want to digress off into the whole discussion of it, but certainly you know that it was Sky Television News and the London Guardian and London Telegraph reported four years ago that it was the government that released the foot and mouth, quote, by accident.
So my point is, if they're developing this stuff in these labs, quote, how is it accidentally getting released?
Yes, there's an awful lot of that going on.
Most of these releases are, I mean, all of them that I know of are purposeful releases.
We have everything from the AIDS epidemic and vaccine experimentation and releases of toxic and abortificants and everything else coming in vaccines.
Well, there are thousands of admissions of high-altitude, low-altitude chemical, biological, radiological releases.
Project Shad with troops all over the globe.
Yes, and of course we have the chemtrails scandal, which the U.S.
has covered up tremendously.
I mean, this is so obvious.
The proofs, the photographs, all of the things that are out there, and yet our government continues to suppress that.
I mean, they are not about to admit to these things, but you're right.
They're out there.
But even with chemtrails, there still are four or five different possibilities to explain what they're doing, and none of them are definitive or provable yet.
We just know that at 5,000 feet in the summer, trails don't stand there for five hours.
Well, actually, they can under certain meteorological conditions, and I'm pretty much an expert being a pilot on chemtrails and other things.
You were a fighter pilot in... But I'll tell you this.
That's right.
The one thing that we really need is to be able to fly an aircraft up in the trail of one of those chemtrailers and take samples, and I'll tell you, you ask the FAA for permission, and they will not let you approach them.
Let me ask you a question, then.
Obviously, something's going on with the chemtrails.
I mean, you're a pilot, a military, what, Marine Corps pilot from Vietnam.
What do you think?
I mean, certainly, this isn't normal.
Five, six years ago, the sky didn't look like this.
What's going on, Joel?
Well, I think the best bet is experimentation with weather modification.
The patterns have changed.
There's also a potential that they use it to mask radars for coverage of...
We're good to go.
I think?
So it's kind of like super chaff.
But expanding on that, because this is so important...
Yes, but it has been changing.
I mean, the areas where they were doing a lot of chemtrailing, a lot of that has disappeared and some have increased in other areas.
I mean, they keep
I'm not convinced that this is a definitive program yet, but there's been a lot of different chemicals.
There's been a lot of different colors to these chemtrails.
They're modifying different kinds of aircraft for it.
It's hard to tell still with definitive reasoning, Alex.
All right, I don't want to... Okay, well, we've digressed quite a bit, but this has already been very interesting.
Joel, I want to get into the upcoming terror attacks, your analysis of that.
And we've got about 40 minutes left with you.
And then later in this hour, we'll take calls.
And the website's worldaffairsbrief.com.
My websites are infowars.com and presentplanet.com.
We'll be right back.
Skyrocketing oil prices, the economy on the brink, the plunging dollar, terrorism, the government spending $1.80 for every dollar it collects.
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All right, patriot, author, Marine Corps fighter pilot, new world order expert, Joel Skalson's our guest.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Joel, the reason I got you on, so let's dive into it, is upcoming terror attacks before the election, after, you know, this talk of military coups.
I don't put a lot of stock in it just because I think they've got their system rolling along and have got a command and control hierarchy that's pretty stiff.
What do you think's going on?
Well, let me address that first comment, too.
I think the chance of a military coup taking control back of our government is absolutely nil.
I've got a lot of experience in the military, and as sincere as I think Colonel Grand Dupree is, I just don't buy it.
I think he's dealing in wishful thinking.
This is a guy who, frankly, claims a little bit too much.
I know you've interviewed him.
I've heard that interview.
But, you know, a person who claims to be chatting with the Joint Chiefs and also...
Thank you.
And a person who's retired doesn't have the run of those things.
Well, I don't want to discount what he's saying.
I know there's been discussions and things going on, and a lot of what he's said in the past has turned out to be true.
I mean, generally, he's not the only one saying this.
This is coming at us from a hundred different quarters.
Yeah, but listen, the military, they are expert at taking everyone out and demoting them and getting them out of the service who isn't an abject yes-man to this administration.
Even in my day when I was in the military, you couldn't get any stars on your shoulder if you bucked the system in any way whatsoever.
So I'm just not believing that our military people are going to defend this nation by taking down a conspiratorial globalist government.
I really don't believe it.
Well, I tend to agree with you in the whole.
I do think there's been discussions of it at mid-levels.
But terror attacks, I mean, obviously they're gearing up for something, or do you think it's all just fear-mongering?
Well, you know, it has been fear-mongering up to this point.
The U.S.
has got such a bad reputation for crying wolf now with the American people that everyone goes ho-hum when they talk about a terrorist warning.
But there was something different about this terrorist attack where Ashcroft and Mueller got on national television and said, we've got a big one coming now.
We don't have anything specific as to who, when, where, by what methods, or how.
But, you know, that's always very suspicious.
But nevertheless, I'm getting indications from subscribers who...
Thank you.
You know, behind-the-scenes warnings from Homeland Security to stay out of New York City.
Yeah, let me add to that.
Look, it isn't we think something might happen, orange alert, worship us and you'll be safe.
We're getting the same propaganda we got before 9-11, the same preparation, the same verbiage.
They told U.S.
News & World Report, the White House did, that there will be an attack.
The government may be severed, the legislative.
That's what's chilling about this.
Well, you know, what's also chilling is a little bit of game playing going on.
The White House and Homeland Security came out and said that we were not advised about this news conference when Ashcroft and Mueller came out announcing this terrorist attack coming in June.
Now, I'm just not buying this.
This sounds to me like one hand of the government is saying, yeah, we warned you, and the other hand is saying, we didn't have any specific warnings, so we aren't guilty when it comes to pass.
I mean, frankly...
You know, from the evidence we have of 9-11 in Oklahoma City that you've put out and that I've researched indicating a very strong government hand, not only allowing it to occur through third parties, but through supplying the explosives, the training, the cover stories, all of the things that went into this very sophisticated operation of 9-11, I frankly don't believe that these high-profile terrorist attacks with
In the exclusion of any normal terrorism, this is the very interesting conundrum, Alex.
You know, you can't have it both ways.
The government cannot claim that Al-Qaeda is this worldwide, powerful, tremendously well-funded organization, and yet doesn't have the power to penetrate our open borders and do any normal, small terrorist attack, like car bombs.
Or suicide attacks, or electrical pylon destructions.
I mean, you have hundreds of thousands of these out in the rural countryside with no protection whatsoever.
How hard is that to blow one of those up and create a... No, it's only big theatrical events.
And this is a key to my claim that this is controlled terrorism.
This is, you know, working through third parties and giving them the go-ahead.
I mean, frankly, it's just unbelievable when you compare Israel with 100 times more security than we have
Having nearly daily or weekly terrorist attacks, and we claim we've got them on the run and they can't touch us with all of our open... Well, we know Al-Qaeda is a CIA fiction, a creation, using Al-Qaeda to get the Serbs to fight in the late 90s, and we understand all that, and clearly, to believe their official story of 9-11, that's the biggest conspiracy theory of them all.
Yes, it is.
And so...
I'm not buying the fact that the government has no knowledge.
In fact, we're getting lots of little symbols that people are getting warned and not to travel on certain time dates and things like that, just like before 9-11.
The same M.O.
and then the same propaganda coming out.
Yes, exactly.
You know, they're drilling us.
What do you do with the terror strikes?
Give your freedom up.
Now, say it again.
You know, it's like Jim Jones brainwashing.
We'll be right back with Joel Skelson and more.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Crashing with lies and disinformation.
Thanks for joining us.
Your calls are coming up here in about 10 minutes or so.
Toll free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
Have your question or comment ready.
I'm going to go to your calls quickly.
Joel Skelson, we've heard June, early July.
We've heard this before.
It could be more psychological operations.
Either way, it's a psychological operation, whether they carry out attacks or not.
But the approval ratings are plunging, and that means the approval ratings for what the globalists are doing.
There's been a big movement against the Patriot Act.
If they carry out another terror attack, they can say, see, you stopped us from protecting you.
It's all your fault.
Now listen to us.
Follow our orders.
Shut up.
We have top generals talking about, well, there's another terror attack.
You know, it's sad to say the people want a military government.
Well, I think we have to remember that...
That's probably a longer-term scenario.
I don't believe that the U.S.
has the manpower to invoke martial law.
They can't hardly handle the manpower requirements of Iraq right now.
It really does take a lot of manpower to do a full martial law scenario.
What they end up trying to do is get us accustomed to these things through piecemeal intervention and small doses of martial law, such as what happened during the sniper attack at 9-11, shutting down the aircraft system in
I think so.
To your safety and welfare is from the government reactions to a small area terrorist attack.
Honest terrorists are only capable of doing attacks that affect a very small area.
And by honest, you mean real that isn't state-sponsored?
That's what I mean.
Well, Joel, I totally agree with you that they're not going to have a massive, total martial law, whole country locked down.
But we see in Georgia, we see in these protests, many martial laws, and I mean all,
Another terror attack to scare us back into submission, to accept putting in more Homeland Security cameras, each attack becoming bigger, a bigger escalation, more control, phasing us in incrementally into a higher level of martial law.
We're certainly already under a certain degree of it.
Precisely, and that's what I'm saying.
It's like getting used to the gas prices.
Who would have thought that people would breathe a sigh of relief to see gas at $1.89?
I mean, you kick yourself.
What am I saying?
This isn't cheap, you know, but you're psychologically conditioned after being pushed up, and that's what they do.
They'll never let gas prices go down, even if market forces demand it, because they've got a good thing going.
The same thing with security.
People get used to being harassed.
People get used to being scrutinized in a very indiscriminate manner.
So I'm really worried about the nature of people to get accustomed.
Now, they have a rule, by the way, and that is they will not inconvenience the majority of people for a long period of time.
They know that is deadly with Americans because Americans have a very short fuse in terms of impatience with being inconvenienced.
So they're telling us that national ID cards, RFID chips on our license plates, in fact, I've seen them pitching the national ID card as convenience, convenience, convenience.
Yes, and the big pitch, of course, will be security.
That's why this rash of identity theft is a little bit suspect, just like the rash of viruses.
It wouldn't doubt it if the government itself puts out a lot of those in order to keep an excuse to be able to intrude in people's e-mails.
They really like to scare people with identity theft so that they can get people to be crying out for some kind of foolproof identity.
And now, of course, they're requiring these biometric requirements and passports from other countries.
They're locking us down slowly but surely.
But remember that Americans will resist a new world order, and the globalists know this.
When you start hauling farmers from the Midwest for a wetlands violation before the Hague,
I think that's a great question.
Well, that's what PNAC says, is that Iraq is only the launch point to antagonize the Arabs under the P2OG office to get them to actually fight back.
Then it expands.
Then we're under attack.
Oh, now we've got to have a huge national draft.
Talk about the draft.
Well, before I do that, let me interject here about PNAC.
It is a little bit of disinformation, however.
It makes it out as if the purpose of PNAC or the purpose of all of this global intervention
Is to pursue democracy and to make the U.S.
a leader, even if it's dominant, even through using force, to purify the world of these tyrants.
And that is not their purpose.
Well, of course they've got propaganda, but then right there in it, they tell us the dominant threat, it's about the oil, we want to invade 63 countries.
I mean, it's all there.
Yeah, but what I'm saying, the whole purpose of that is basically to project enough antagonism to engender a reaction.
A retaliation against the United States.
Yeah, that's the P2OG.
But that doesn't say so.
They don't say they're trying to provoke a reaction.
That's the secret.
Well, Joe, what I just stated was I said PNAC says this, and then I said the Pentagon office of P2OG with $7 billion in funding with Rumsfeld says we're going to go out and get the Arabs to attack us.
Well, I haven't seen that.
Have you seen P2OG?
I haven't.
You'll have to send me a copy of that.
Just type P2OG into a search engine.
You'll get LA Times, Associated Press, UPI.
The reason I'm skeptical, you know, these people don't let the cat out of the bag.
They don't tell their real plans.
Well, it's like last week, the memo's coming out about the president's above the law, he's above federal law, torture's okay.
I mean, they're not stupid.
I mean, this stuff is all coming out.
Yeah, but then they're denying it.
You know, they're denying that they ever acted upon that.
I mean, these people don't openly admit that they're trying to antagonize the world and get us back.
Well, they went to Congress for the $7 billion in funding for P2OG.
Yeah, well... And P2OG says we're going to get them to attack us.
All right, I'll take a look at it.
But, you know, that goes against everything smart that these people aren't dumb.
Well, they're very arrogant, though, and they don't think most people are going to...
I mean, it's like Total Information Awareness Network.
They never got rid of that.
I mean, it's just a part of Echelon, hooked in with the Matrix system locally.
And, I mean, they announced all that.
Everything you do, we're going to watch you.
It's so good.
It's like the TIPS program.
I think this is all part of a conditioning process.
Yeah, certainly.
In fact, I have friends who are good friends with John Poindexter, and they send him very naively information saying that TIPS and the Total Awareness System is still...
Well, I mean, there's a bunch of examples of this where, I mean, they come out with a lot of things to try to sell us on, and then if we don't like it, then they withdraw it and deny it, even when it's their own press release.
I don't know.
I see a lot of that, Joel.
I see a lot of cases where they come out and say what they're going to do.
I think they do it blatantly.
Okay, well, they have all kinds of surreptitious and euphemisms for these types of things.
If it's blatant, I don't see them blatantly doing it, but we'll have to see.
I just had about 20 examples of that pop into my head.
Let's talk about the draft.
There's another example.
They've got all these draft bills introduced, trying to get the draft boards reactivated, giving more money to selective service.
They've got senators and congressmen calling for the draft.
I mean, that's blatant right there.
It is, but the purpose of what they're saying is not blatant.
They're not advertising that they're trying to get us into World War III.
And I think there's a lot of sophisticated planning going into how you manipulate people into supporting a draft.
They're doing it piecemeal right now.
They're doing recalls.
They're using the ready reserve, which is actually not ready.
The inactive reserve, they're starting to activate that.
That's a legal thing they can't use without going to the draft.
They're extending...
People's deployments, making a lot of people mad.
Obviously, though, they're starting a debate nationally about the draft, so when the next big attack comes, oh, see, we do have to have it.
They have started the debate.
Although it's at a very low level.
Nobody wants to come out and put their political neck out for the draft.
Senator Hagel did two weeks ago.
Yeah, but you have your... Rangel.
I mean, yeah, they put their...
They just test the waters a little bit, but they don't get out and make a drumbeat of it, because they'll get unelected if they do that.
Well, have you seen how many co-sponsors S-89's got?
Well, there's an awful lot of yes-men in Congress.
I would suspect that about 75% of Congress is controlled, actually, by our globalist insiders who control government.
Well, I agree with you.
But what I'm saying is, with that high of numbers, still a lot of them are too smart to say, hey, I don't want to get my name on this, or if a push comes to shove, you know, I'll want to be able to withdraw.
I mean, there still isn't the drumbeat yet.
They're, I think, working the soft sell by having selective drafts.
Medical people are being drafted right now and other things, special technical skills.
But a general draft, especially one that involves women, that's still too much for the American people to swallow.
But I agree with you.
They're prepping us for it.
But, you know, a big terrorist attack...
If they pull one off that's even much bigger and more widespread than 9-11, this could justify a draft.
We could see this.
Now, one of the things I'm looking at relative to having 10 U.S.
aircraft carrier strike groups out at this time, it appears to me that they may well have a nation designated, and my top suspicion is Syria, as the one to blame for this upcoming terrorist attack.
And it looks to me like they may when I published in my World Affairs brief today the location of all the carrier groups.
You've got three going to the Far East, but you've got all the rest circulating around in the Atlantic Ocean heading for the Middle East.
Yeah, the three are going to make sure North Korea doesn't try anything because they're rotating troops out of South Korea into the Middle East.
And at the same time, they said they want to go into Syria next.
That's what I was told a year ago by one of my Special Forces officers' cousins.
And at the same time, right before 9-11, they had 44,000 U.S.
troops in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, 18,000 British troops, and now covertly they're rotating even more troops.
They even said late yesterday they're going to build up the troops in Iraq now.
Yes, they went to going to 145,000, something like that.
Yeah, from 122,000.
Well, you know, what's interesting, too, a lot of people don't realize we have 70,000 private contractors there as well.
That's an awful lot of off-the-record type... By the way, they don't count those numbers of dead either in the tally.
That's correct.
What numbers are you getting on the numbers of dead contractors?
I have seen numbers as high as 500.
Now, is that counting Afghanistan and Iraq?
I don't have anything on Afghanistan.
That's just Iraq.
Yeah, I got well over 500 is what I'm getting from different sources on Iraq, and over 500 there in Afghanistan.
Well, I haven't seen those numbers, but that wouldn't surprise me.
There's really not a lot of news coming out of Afghanistan.
Well, a bunch of Chinese got killed yesterday in Afghanistan.
I saw that.
And you say, hey, where did the Chinese get in on this?
But obviously we have a lot of dealings that the U.S.
isn't telling the American public about.
I mean...
Relative to these carrier deployments, the U.S.
government says, of course, this is just part of a regular training schedule exercise called Summer Pulse 04.
But look, right on the website of the USS George Washington, which is steaming towards the Gulf right now to rotate into that area, they had to cancel their what they call Tiger Cruises, where they let children of sailors come on board and take them on a tour around the harbor, etc.,
They wouldn't have scheduled a Tiger cruise with the children of their sailors and disappointed them by pulling out of port within a week's notice had this thing been scheduled since July.
The U.S.
is lying to their teeth.
This is a massive, instantaneous deployment.
These people are going out without spare parts, without all the complement.
Meanwhile, the Russians and the Chinese are putting to sea.
The entire eastern navy of Russia is out to sea right now, and that's one of the reasons why we've got, I think, three carrier task force heading that direction.
That's right.
They may be testing one another.
You know, the U.S.
often will pull surprise exercises just to see via their satellite listening data how China and Russia are going to react to those things.
Okay, let's take a few calls here.
Danny in Tennessee, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Alex, hey, I've got a quick bit of info for you and then a question for your guest.
I watched the latest episode on Prison Planet TV of your show, and it really shook me to the core.
And a couple of days ago, I emailed you the actual survey that I took in the Marine Corps, and in your show... Oh, wait a minute.
When did you email that to me?
I think it was either yesterday or the day before.
Hey, email it to the webmaster at prisonplanet.com.
Okay, I'll see it.
I may have missed it in between all the spam, but go ahead and get to your question, Danny.
Well, what I wanted to let you know, in your show, you had talked about how the Marines...
Well, yeah, what they do is they rotate them overseas, give them the dangerous vaccines, and then those that the 24% on average say yes, they stay here domestically.
Right, and what's happened to me, I kept going to the VA for my back and my hips just been killing me the last year.
And the VA kept saying, oh, you're born that way, there's nothing wrong with you.
So finally, under the Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act, I wrote the VA and got all my medical records.
Okay, so what happened?
I found out my body is full of tumors, that I'm probably dying of bone cancer.
Oh, man, that's terrible.
Send me some info on that, Danny, and any comments to what he's saying, Joel?
Well, this is one of the greatest scandals and crimes of our government, claiming to support our troops and yet forcing upon them experimental vaccines and filled with other, you know, very dangerous chemicals.
There are natural remedies and solutions to cancer that are much better, so if you're going the conventional route for treatment, do consider the alternative therapies.
And, Joel, I wanted to ask you also... We've got a bunch of callers here, and he's got to leave in a few minutes, Danny.
What's your question?
Ten seconds.
Real fast, Joe.
I work in anti-terrorism in the Marine Corps, and I've been studying the New World Order for the last ten years.
And my understanding of what's going to happen is the U.S.
is doing kind of a blood-in-the-street strategy to enrage all the Arabs to attack.
And once we're fighting that war, there's going to be a North Korean possibly... Okay, let me get his comment on that, Joel.
Well, that's one of the possible scenarios.
Clearly, antagonism is the name of the game.
I don't think it's going to be a piecemeal attack, though.
I think that at some point, the antagonism will get bad enough toward the United States that Russia will say, we've got the justification to throw a nuclear preemptive strike on America.
China will back us up.
And now under PDD-60, our government's going to accept that first strike.
That's right.
Which will mean total devastation, which shows a higher level control of this.
All right.
Joel, another example.
Remember two years ago, a year and a half ago, Rumsfeld puts out three battle plans to attack North Korea.
I mean, they do throw this in people's faces, trying to get North Korea to pull something.
Or test the reaction.
I'm not sure that this is intended to go yet, although I frankly believe the U.S.
has been anxious to get this attack underway to increase globalism, and the Russians are the ones who are dragging their feet.
They're scared of the high-tech U.S.
military and want to postpone until they think they're ready.
Yeah, this is all part of playing possum.
Then they bring out the super weapons.
Yes, exactly.
The space-based particle weapons.
All right, we'll be back.
We'll talk to...
John and Richard and John and a few others.
I might try to keep Joel five minutes in the next hour and then get the next docker we've got coming on about bioweapons.
But as we get to all these calls, stay with us.
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Alright, Phil Skelton is going to say five minutes in the next hour so I can at least get the calls that are here.
But we're going to go to you quickly to have your question or comment ready and we're going to move on.
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Joel Skousen's got his worldaffairsbrief.com.
A lot of great information there, stories.
And also, if you subscribe, you get his intelligence reports that come out on a weekly basis.
Joel, how do they do that?
Well, if they go to worldaffairsbrief.com, they can click on subscribe, and it takes them to an instant menu where they can put in a credit card number and subscribe.
If they don't have access to the web, they can call an 800 or a toll-free number, 877-518-5888, and courtesy of Midas Resources, they send out sample print editions of the current World Affairs Brief, the one we're talking about today, and you can subscribe to that brief.
Through the information that will come out from Midas.
What's that number again?
It's 877-518-5888.
All right.
Quickly, callers.
John in Tennessee, you're on the air.
In Cigar Aficionado magazine, the man who invaded Iraq, U.S.
General Tommy Frank, said the U.S.
military will overthrow George Bush in Congress with martial law if there's another terror bombing of America.
He didn't exactly say that.
Well, here, the Pentagon has already tested martial law in Knoxville, Tennessee last year
Well, they have done these fake drills and later admit they're fake.
Listen, that's a far cry away from locking down every city and community in the United States and putting troops to guard and control people.
You just don't have the manpower to do that.
Okay, John, thanks for the call.
And I've just got to say this.
I don't know that Tommy Franks is Jewish, and if he is, so what?
I mean, folks, this does not help things trying to make this some racial issue.
Yeah, well, you know, Tommy Franks didn't exactly say what the caller did.
I think we have to be very careful.
These people are not stupid.
They're not going to say something that's going to get them totally distracted.
He just said, gee, it's too bad.
The people want the military to take over and take the liberties if something happens.
Let's go ahead and talk to Richard in Alabama.
Richard, go ahead.
Yeah, George Humphrey has a picture of an L-1011 crashing the World Trade Center on the cover of his new DVD.
Why did he choose an L-1011?
I don't know, sir.
I saw one video that did show an L-1011 hitting the tower.
I believe it was on the day after 9-11.
It was only shown once, and I never saw it again.
But anyway, what is the probability they could use a phony patriot movement, a phony coup or something to smoke out the...
People that might be willing to rise up against the government, they're supposed to get them on a list and put them away in the prison.
Okay, thanks for the call.
Now that is a doable scenario.
We know from Oklahoma City that they purposely targeted domestic militias to pin the blame on this, even though it was a government operation.
I've been in the military long enough to know there aren't...
You know, maybe a handful of no high-ranking officers that would dare go against the government.
So if they pull something, it's probably in order to smoke some people out.
All right.
Thank you.
We'll do five more minutes with Joel Skalson, and we start the third hour here in about 70 seconds.
And we will quickly go to John and Reed and Mark, and that'll be it for calls with this guest.
And we have another guest coming on talking about bioweapons.
So you don't want to miss that interview.
Third hour coming up.
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Government cover-ups.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
The websites are infowars.com and prisonplanet.com and prisonplanet.tv.
Our guest website is worldaffairsbrief.com or geralskelson.com.
Two different websites, a lot of great info.
Let's try to take a few final calls, and we've got an expert, a doctor, coming on with new information released by the Sunshine Project on race-specific bioweapons, bioweapons, and the production of it in this country.
Right now, let us go ahead now and talk to John in Louisiana.
John, go ahead.
Yeah, you two make a great brace.
Look, our government is certainly practicing genocide.
Joel, I'd like for you to address the veracity and mendacity performance of our government, if you will, please.
There is no veracity in our government at all.
I mean, frankly, the government does play both sides.
They play to have a war on drugs.
They also import most of the drugs within the United States.
They have a war on terrorism, but they also sponsor terrorism, ship weapons to terrorists around the world.
So the government really does play both sides of almost every coin.
They have to project the image that they are following the Constitution and defending American interests, but generally they're working for globalist agendas and for black budget or black operations.
So we shouldn't believe anything they tell us, should we?
Absolutely not with a straight face.
All right, Reid, Nebraska.
Reid, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
I just wanted to say that I'm currently a member of the military, and it's just amazing how everybody is so brainwashed in everything that's going on.
I tried to tell them about the upcoming draft and, you know, Bin Laden being found and terror attacks and everything, and, you know, people just say that I'm crazy.
And I just wanted to say that, you know,
I'm in the military, but I know what's going on.
Well, what do they say about depleting uranium?
The guy that wrote the book, Dr. Rocky, literally, for the Pentagon, is sick from it and says thousands have died, tens of thousands are sick, and our troops are now living in bases that were bombarded with it.
I mean, do the troops think breathing heavy metals are just bad enough and uranium is good for them?
Well, they usually don't let me get that far.
You know, I'm a conspiracy theorist, and everything's crazy.
I mean, there's a couple people that's about to deploy from my unit soon, and
I mean, they're gung-ho to go to Iraq.
So, you know, people won't listen.
Well, they're not going to be gung-ho once they're there, the statistics show.
Joel, the numbers we're getting is that this is all-time high in bad morale.
In fact, the only reason the government is saying that they're meeting their recruitment goals is that they're paying a whopping $8,000 to $10,000 to bribe people to stay in the military, some of them being forced to stay in the military.
And frankly, they're saying, well, we're meeting our goals, but they don't tell us what those goals are as a percentage of actual people leaving the service, so it's rather screwed.
Anything else, Reed?
No, just wanted to say thank you.
Y'all are doing a great job, and continue to keep up the fight.
All right, take care, my friend.
Mark in Minnesota.
Go ahead, Mark.
Hey, first, Semper Fi, Joel.
Thank you.
I am a frequent reader of Lou Rockwell's site, and I've been dying to ask you, Joel,
Are you related to Mark Skousen at all?
Yeah, Mark Skousen is my brother.
No kidding?
He's a very well-versed economist.
And Alex, I think he'd make a good guest on your show.
He'd be able to set you straight on some of your populist ideas.
Let me just interject, though, that my brother Mark is very pro-establishment on some issues, even though he's a libertarian...
He likes to kowtow with the important people in life.
Set me straight.
I'm not going to let the government take the term populist from me.
By populist, I mean for the people, the Constitution.
Well, like some of the hostility towards outsourcing.
Outsourcing itself is not a problem.
It's actually very healthy.
Okay, you're being sarcastic.
So Joel's brother thinks that things like Bush, that cheeseburger jobs are manufacturing?
No, it's not inherently... Outsourcing isn't inherently good, but see, that's not the problem.
It's cost-cutting because the cost of capital has gone up so high.
Okay, listen, I don't want to sit here and attack Joel's brother.
I don't think I've read his mind.
Okay, I'll send me his contact info.
Take care, Mark.
Joel, you've got the final comment.
Well, I appreciate what you do.
There is a battle between true libertarian thought and liberty versus this controlled mercantilist pro-government corporation free trade, and that's not true free trade.
That's my word on that.
Well, I would agree with you on that, and if your brother says that, I agree as well.
Thanks for joining us, Joel.
Okay, thanks.
Take care.
Are you one of the millions who suffer from arthritis or chronic back pain?
Michael Trudeau here.
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Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central, back from 9 to midnight, I'm Alex Jones, your host, and I'm honored to be joined by the president of the San Francisco Bay Physicians for Social Responsibility and
I was reading a Sunshine Project document concerning the fact that these Level 4 bioweapons labs, the BioShield, you know, five plus billion dollars of funding Bush got to build three dozen Level 4 bioweapons labs.
Jane's Weapons Publications have talked about this.
This is a cover for weapons production.
And PNAC and others talk about race-specific bioweapons, and we know Israel, the U.S., England, the Russians, others have been developing this.
And it's very frightening, and much more dangerous, frankly, than nuclear weapons, my friends.
Because once it's out, it's out of control.
And he's Dr. Robert Gould.
He is a pathologist, and it's good to have him on with us.
Doctor, welcome.
My pleasure to be on, Alex.
Thanks for having me.
It's an honor to have you.
Oh, you bet.
I mean, regardless of what political bent somebody's a part of, our government shakes their fists at all these third world dustbins who don't even have...
Well, this is one of the major issues that are definitely hitting our country and the world in terms of what the United States' position has been on.
Yes, I think so.
General American Medical Association, an article that came out at the end of the 1990s, there are about 70 different organisms that we know right now have the potential for being biological weapons.
This is before any modification.
These include various bacteria, viruses, fungal organisms, and others.
And for these organisms, only about 30% of them
We're good to go.
I think?
And for vaccines to work in human beings, you need some lead time.
So you have to give the vaccine, the body has to develop its ability to respond and deal with that organism.
But if you get into the type of situation where governments or other actors are going to start using the genetic modification techniques, organisms could be developed that would be resistant to any sort of antibiotic or vaccine
And this is the extreme danger of the type of work that the United States is entertaining doing in its plans for developing a nationwide system of so-called biodefense labs.
And we'll talk about, I mean, obviously in the black budget shadow programs, this is massive, it's going on, but now they're going public with it, and the Boston newspapers have talked about it, the
The big Washington papers have discussed it.
In one article in the Baltimore Sun, they said they're going to produce thousands of gallons of liquid death, that they're building these dangerous things that are more dangerous than nuclear power plants, folks.
All over our communities, three dozen of them.
But let's give people a case point example.
A couple years ago, through universities and the government in Australia, they take this mouse pox, kills all the mice that come in contact with it, and they put out the...
The recipe for it to say, oh, this can be made for any mammal.
I mean, why on earth would they release the ingredients to this?
Well, it's a good question, and it really points to the dangerous nature of such type of experiments.
You know, there's additional evidence pointing to these problems.
A number of years ago, the old biological weapons facility
In Great Britain, the Porton Downs facility was reported to have violated its own lab guidelines and synthesized a combination of dengue fever and hepatitis, an organism made of those two.
That would likely be more dangerous than AIDS.
And that's just what we know about.
Were you aware that four years ago, it was in Scott Television, London Telegraph as well, that, oh, by the way, we think we accidentally released or somebody stole weaponized foot and mouth, and then that's what caused that whole crisis.
So, oh, this stuff could be accidentally released?
I mean, this is incredible.
Well, accidents can always happen, and that's why we really need to get control over these organisms.
A Russian scientist just died who got exposed to Ebola in a lab.
That's correct.
That happened in Russia.
And the thing is, this is the reason why a lot of community organizations around the country...
For very good reason, are opposing the siting of labs in their communities.
Where are some of the places they want to build these three dozen?
Well, first off, just for your listeners, if they want to get the best information of where the plans are, the Sunshine Project at www.sunshineproject.org.
We have a link to the subsection, by the way, on InfoWars.com.
That's terrific, because they've just developed, and they've been doing a series of updated maps of what the proposed...
Thank you.
There are proposals to build one in conjunction with Boston University.
They already have started it at UT down on the coast.
That's correct.
And despite very strenuous efforts by folks at Sunshine, the folks at UT have really, up until this point, refused to at all comply with the transparency that's really required.
What are they actually working with?
What are their procedures to guarantee that any organisms they work with won't escape into the community?
We really need to know as an informed citizenry what type of work is going on in these areas.
There are areas, for example, getting back to the situation in Boston where the proposed lab is being proposed for the typical type of neighborhood where people are poor, people of color.
And it's in the middle of a major metropolitan area.
And a plane could crash into it?
A gas main could blow up?
Anything could happen.
Just as we're seeing with this recent anthrax problem, lab accidents do happen.
A number of years ago, myself and some colleagues who've written on this had a letter published in the New England Journal of Medicine regarding the fact that
There was a researcher at Fort Detrick, the United States premier, quote-unquote, biodefense lab, who came down with a case of Glanders that he was working with.
Glanders is a disease that's not contagious, but nonetheless, it wasn't diagnosed until he was out in the community.
Yeah, that's what's going to happen.
And are you familiar with Jane's weapons publications?
I mean, I don't read it regularly, but I know of... Well, they are the premier.
I mean, they told us about the B-2 bomber years before it came out.
They put out a rare alert last year going, look, Israel, England and the U.S.
are developing race-specific bioweapons.
This is totally dangerous and totally evil.
And then PNAC talked about, oh, we need to discuss the use of this in warfare.
I mean, were you aware of that?
Well, I'd be a little cautious on the race-specific weapons.
I know that there have been people who've been planning, you know, think that this might be a good idea.
South Africa?
During the coverage of the so-called Dr. Death, the physician who'd worked with South African intelligence and as well in developing biological weapons programs for use in Zimbabwe and Rhodesia, that they were working on this.
But we have to remember that the human beings, despite our racial and ethnic differences,
More genetic similarities than differences.
So there are major problems, theoretically, in being able to develop... But now that the genome has been published with IBM and the government... But the point is, Alex, is that there's still, even if we have a published genome, there's still, and it has been discovered from a lot of the genetic research, including the genetic mapping...
That we share more genes, much more genes, for individual to individual, race to race, than we differ.
Well, I agree, but my point is, Doctor, they're working on these systems.
We have evidence that this stuff can be released.
We have a track record of that.
This should be totally banned.
Well, yeah, I don't disagree at all that these types of technology should be banned.
All I'm trying to indicate is that
We should be careful in terms of what we're saying is out there and really developed because there are major theoretical genetic problems in terms of being able to use a weapon against one group without having it really backfire.
My point is that they admit that it's been worked on and studied.
There's a lot of secret research that's going on.
I think that we need to... The general problem that we're talking about here is
Really is the fact that any sort of genetic modification is going on with these organisms because this presages a biological arms race.
I mean, let's get into that after the break, Doctor, because that's really the crux of all this, and we're honored to have you.
But what about the chimeras?
I mean, they've got goats that produce spider web for body armor, and I have the CEO on the show, and people still deny it's even going on.
Well, you know, I mean, these are the things that need the sort of transparency and open look that you're providing on your show.
But, I mean, how did it get to the point of spider goats and the average public, there's not even a debate going on?
Well, that's a problem and we need to be able to put pressure on our country because, unfortunately, it's been our country that has rejected...
The really important negotiations and plans to be able to get some controls over this so these types of experiments don't happen.
Yeah, I mean, who knows what's going to happen, splicing goats and spiders?
Well, this is why we need, you know, I mean, as the bottom line on all of this,
Is where we need the strongest possible biological weapons convention, much stronger than we have it now.
Stay there.
We've got a break, Doctor.
We're honored to have Dr. Robert Gould, a pathologist, on the show with us, President of Physicians for Social Responsibility, InfoWars.com.
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We're talking to Dr. Robert Gould, a pathologist in San Francisco, and he's the head of the president of San Francisco Bay Physicians for Social Responsibility.
You know, Americans shouldn't be experts on Madonna and Michael Jackson and Britney Spears or on football.
Spend some time on that, but you might want to find out that all over the world they have accidents at these Level 3 and Level 4 bioweapons labs, and people die and horrible stuff gets released, and now they're going to build three dozen of these plants, already set one up down in South Texas.
UT, I guess their nuclear reactor in downtown Austin isn't enough for them that no one seems to know about.
It's been there for 38 years.
You know, we have all of this happening, and people need to know about it.
And so they're going to have three dozen of these, 30-plus of these, already some of them set up, along with the other labs, and we need to have a debate.
We need to be informed about this.
But Big Pharma doesn't want you to be informed about it.
I'm sure you know how to have your belly button ring properly adorning you, though, but not that our whole planet could be destroyed by this.
The stuff they've developed, the stuff we know that's out there, I mean, we're talking about killing billions of people possibly, are we not?
I mean, it depends on the organism.
But again, if we're going to start...
Manufacturing new organisms that we don't have any natural resistance to in our species, the possibilities are really endless in that way.
This is why this research in particular needs to come under very tight international control.
The other thing, since you happened to mention the nuclear reactor issue, is another issue that we also have to think about as regards some of the programs.
For example,
Some of the labs that are being slated are, for example, in my own hometown in the San Francisco Bay Area, there's a BSL-3 lab being proposed for being at the Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Lab.
So already you have a sort of facility that is already operating because it's a weapons lab under a very secret type of jurisdiction.
Also, we have double danger there.
Well, yeah, and that's why many of the local community groups in our own area, the really excellent work of Marilee Kelly and Tri-Valley Cares and parallel work with Jay Coghlan and his group at the Los Alamos Labs,
Have been very important in terms of challenging the siting of such labs.
In fact, I refer the listeners to an excellent article called, basically, Bugs and Bombs, which talks about this particular problem that was published in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists last fall, I believe the September issue.
But, sir, doctor, then we have a debate about where to put them, so they put them out in Montana.
Bottom line, I've read the evidence and you've talked about it, these are really also offensive dual-use labs.
I mean, as the Baltimore Sun said, thousands of gallons of liquid death.
And the people in Montana who have been opposing Mary Wolf and her group out there have been opposing righteously the plans to put it out in a rural area where, if there were an accident, is a place which is
Very underserved in terms of physicians and hospitals, so the capacity for something escaping and causing havoc there is also of concern, even though it's an underpopulated area.
That is spreading and not being recognized by an expert.
Just last week, as came out in the press, somebody working on the lab facilities in the area
...contracted Salmonella from actual work.
So again, illustrating, I mean, coming down with Salmonella doesn't pose the public health threat that, say, a super virus or something else that would be developed would.
But nonetheless, it indicates the problems that are inherent in this type of work.
It's incredible, Doctor.
You know, you talk about treaties, the U.N.
The U.N.
is hopelessly corrupt and controlled by the same military-industrial complex, but certainly we should have treaties between countries, sanctions against countries by other countries that don't.
But, I mean, our government doesn't even follow the treaties it signs on to, but then will attack countries that refuse to sign on to treaties.
And as well, unfortunately, in terms of the strategic policies of our own country in this administration...
As opposed to doing the necessary things to control the weapons at the international level, such as having a stronger biological weapons convention, instead we're going ahead with, under the policies of quote-unquote counterproliferation, justifying the development of a whole new generation of nuclear weapons to supposedly take out hardened command posts and hardened facilities.
Yeah, micro-nukes.
Yeah, mini-nukes and bunker busters.
This threatens a whole new generation of nuclear weapons proliferation, supposedly, in this case, to control biological and chemical weapons, but actually, this itself poses a severe threat.
We can just see from the relatively recent revelations of the ability of the Pakistani program under Dr. Khan
By the way, Bush ordered the FBI not to investigate that two years ago.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The Sunshine Project, we've had on their representatives, their experts many times, breaking major news report after major news report.
I was even unaware until this morning when I saw it that they had finally gotten the map from the feds of where they're going to put all these nasty facilities.
And a lot of them are already up and running in existing facilities, like right here in Texas.
It is disgusting.
And it just makes me so angry.
And every couple months I hear about a lab person dying, getting sick, somewhere in the Western world or in Russia, in the lower level labs and in the high level labs.
And we never hear about what happens deep in the bowels of what they would call, what do they call above level four?
We know there's all these giant black budget projects.
I mean, that's the majority of bioweapons activities today.
Doctor, I mean, speculating here, Dr. Robert Gould, San Francisco Bay President of Physicians for Social Responsibility, I mean, from your contacts, from other pathologists, from other scientists, I mean, can you give us any inkling?
We know tens of billions of dollars every decade is covertly spent in these labs, but, I mean, can you tell us anything of the dark side of things?
I mean, what they admit is bad enough, but can you tell us any of the other info?
Well, I think we've laid out some of the projects that have been divulged over the last number of years, such as the ones at the Port and Downs, such as the mousepox that was synthesized in Australia.
All that we know of is BSL-4, which is pretty high enough in terms of the dangerous work that they're doing there.
So, you know, these technologies have not been with us for a long time, but already over the last number of years, the advances in biotechnology and genetic engineering, these presage significant capabilities for offensive arms, and that's what we're really facing right now.
I have to tell you, Doctor, that I've talked to people who work for IBM and others, and
And they'll just, scientists and others, they'll just laugh at you and go, there's no such thing as an unnatural mutation.
Oh, there's no problem.
Ah, you know, shut up.
Because they're all making money out of it.
Well, you know, that's the sort of arrogance and outright hubris that you receive from people who are not really being honest about
What the nature of their work is, and from our standpoint, not really taking moral and ethical responsibility for whatever their work is and for whatever they're getting paid for.
Well, in the Kapchinka, or however you pronounce it, peninsula, they had cases where they'd release anthrax on accident and kill hundreds of people around in the town.
I mean, we had Chernobyl blow up and thousands of square miles were unlivable.
And it's that same arrogance.
What's wrong with these people?
Well, they're not thinking from a global standpoint of what the effects of their work is.
We have 50 years of nuclear weapons work that already has taken an incredible toll over 600,000 people who worked in the various atomic energy labs and Department of Energy labs.
You can think more locally where you're at in terms of the exposures to Pantex workers.
We have everybody from uranium miners who were exposed to
Digging the uranium for nuclear weapons to those who work at places like Rocky Flats where plutonium is in the ducts.
Our government has unfortunately been very cavalier with this type of weapons work since the dawn of the Cold War.
We have millions of people around the world who are exposed to nuclear testing with effects that have been documented by the National Cancer Institute in terms of their
Well, you know, that's the thing.
I mean, you know, we have to look at all of these advanced technologies, and we have to finally look at our world as...
You know, we can't construct in any one country the sort of defensive type of position that really is this absurd situation of a, you know, like a gated community.
The fact is that, particularly when we're talking about the biological agents, they can cross boundaries, they can get in airplanes.
I mean, we are one interconnected world.
So to think that we could just set up a vaccination program here in the United States, even from those who would say...
Well motivated to protect us against disease misses the larger point that we have to have the strongest possible international controls.
And the other thing is, you know, we're spending an inordinate amount of money, and a lot of it, again, going to the biotech and pharmaceutical companies who undermine the treaty for these high-end projects which really don't touch the major problems that the world is facing.
I would submit that when we're thinking about real problems that are on our agenda, such as impending global climate change, that
Many organizations and many panels of experts who have studied this over the course of the last decade have indicated that we're likely to face a much greater disease burden from the impact of climate change because many diseases that up until now have been confined to tropical areas are likely to spread as the climate change, and we're probably seeing the first evidence of that
Thank you.
To close to 600 million.
They're also saying that drug-immune, not just resistant, but drug-immune TB is going to kill hundreds of millions.
That's exactly right.
One-third of the world's population is infected with tuberculosis.
That doesn't mean they have the disease.
But particularly when our government was spending before 9-11 $10 billion a year on counterterrorism programs, that same amount of money
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Again, the UN is hopelessly corrupt.
It's owned and run by the same military industrial complex that owns Big Pharma.
Big Pharma doesn't mind if all this stuff spreads and gets bad because then they get to treat it and make 50 times the money off of prevention and ending it.
So it's like the drug war.
The bigger the drug war gets, the more drugs we have on the streets.
Well, you know, totally understand that, and that's been the record.
But, you know, I understand your concerns about the United Nations, but it does, I would just say that the only hope that we have
is building strong international institutions that can actually deal with these issues as a matter of human survival.
Okay, let me throw this in, Doctor.
Let me throw this in.
I started this broadcast two plus hours ago.
Okay, saying that this is the argument of a lot of well-meaning professors and scientists and others is we've got to have this global government to stop the proliferation of these weapons of mass destruction.
A rogue country is going to make a bioweapon that will kill tens of millions of people.
And it's only going to be worse in 10 years, 20 years, 30 years.
I mean, you know, this stuff is just all over the place.
But then I look at who founded the U.N., who runs it.
is too busy bid-rigging oil contracts.
The U.N.
It's owned by the same just arrogant elitist that own and run this country.
And so all I'm saying is that what are other models of countries, you know, working with other countries, and you say through these treaties, I just don't see the U.N.
ever doing it or the U.N.
being a trustworthy group.
Well, I wasn't calling for world government.
What I was saying is that we have to recognize that these problems and these threats are global in nature.
And if we have problems right now with the current influences that don't allow the United Nations or other international organizations to do the job that they really need to do, then we have to think of ways to make them accountable to us and the world community.
But we really can't deal with these things on just a national basis because
If we're talking about infectious disease or the problem of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases that are in place, things like tuberculosis, malaria, we need to have global solutions.
I'm not in any way being naive about those issues, but from the standpoint of being a physician, from the standpoint of thinking about health as a global problem,
We have to come up with creative solutions.
And that's the job for us to put our heads together, to figure out ways to do that.
Well, I think the name of the organization, Physicians for Social Responsibility, I mean, being socially responsible means you're informed.
And so that's what we're trying to do here, and I appreciate you coming on.
All I'm trying to say is this.
You've got such arrogant people in ivory towers, whether it's the U.N.
or Paris or London or New York,
Such arrogant people in these ivory towers.
I've talked to them.
I've interviewed senators.
I mean, they just don't get it, but they'll tell you all about the basketball scores.
And so, you know what?
I just see disaster.
And I'm not trying to be negative here, but I've talked to a lot of scientists and people, and they say that there is a greater chance of a massive deadly bio-release that will kill hundreds of thousands, if not hundreds of millions, than there's a chance of us somehow coming up with a way to stop this.
Well, I can't deny, Alex, that things are pretty grim if we're looking at the situation in the world.
Essentially, we're pissing away $400 billion on our military budget, $125 billion supplemental for Iraq and Afghanistan.
When that money could be so much better used to deal with these types of threats and finding the ways to deal with it, you know, at a fraction of that.
Well, before 9-11, they had tens of millions for terror funding, and I remember scientists complaining, you know, you spend 2% of the anti-terror money on scientists and studies, and you spend 98% on, you know, police and black ski masks.
This is the problem.
You know, so all I'm saying, I think we're,
We may disagree with what the possibilities are out there.
I don't know.
Again, I hope that I'm not coming across in any way naive about what the blocks there are to make a difference.
But nonetheless, I think we do need to be very clear that if we're talking about global public health and environmental issues that have to get solved,
At a global level, we have to deal with new and creative ways of dealing with this.
Well, listen, I agree with you.
I'm just trying to state just how bad it really is so people can, I mean, not you, but so others can get out of denial.
Because I love my family, Doctor.
And I see this as one of the greatest threats to our future.
Well, you're absolutely right.
And I would just say that, you know, particularly for folks in Texas...
There should be plenty of heat on what's going on at the University of Texas in terms of their plans for facilities like this.
Those folks should not be allowed to conduct these operations in secret.
It's our right to know what goes on there, not only for the whole range of issues.
People's local health in terms of similar type of accidents that we're seeing in the case of this anthrax dissemination as well as the larger issues of
We as citizens of our country
Being basically exposed to the dangers of a biological weapons race.
All right, Dr. Robert Gould.
We need an informed community to really be dealing with this.
Okay, Dr. Robert Gould, San Francisco Bay President of Physicians for Social Responsibility.
You can go to the website via Infowars.com.
Big link to the Sunshine Project.
This is really important information.
And, Doctor, take care, and I appreciate you coming on.
Sure, Alex.
If I could also give our website.
Yes, sir.
Oh, I didn't even know.
National Physicians for Social Responsibility, of which I was president of our national organization last year, is an organization of 30,000 health professionals, including numerous physicians as part of that, physicians and health professionals.
And our website is www.psr.org.
And we have a great deal of information on our website in terms of the global challenges facing us, not only from the various weapons of mass destruction, but also in terms of many of the issues that I was addressing today in terms of threats posed by climate change.
Our approach is we need to have a preventive approach, not a reactive, dysfunctional approach.
So thanks, Alex, for having me on.
You bet.
PSR.org, Doctor.
Take care.
Okay, thanks for coming on.
Thank you.
He was literally joining us from the lab.
He said during the breaks he was looking at his microscope.
That is a perfect interview.
I can tell that guy means well, good guy, nice person.
You'd feel safe letting him babysit your children, walk your dog, whatever.
But I started the broadcast.
We need to post the first hour and the second hour on prisonplanet.tv, Paul.
I'm telling my webmaster that because to hear what I laid out, then to talk to him...
You know, this is what they tell you.
We've got to have a global government to stop this threat.
Meanwhile, those running the global government are proliferating all this and building all this.
So see, that's the problem.
The psychopaths running the global government can't be trusted.
Just like any big government can't be trusted because bad people always get control of it.
So global government is not the answer.
I mean, our government leaves the border wide open, and you just heard it, a third of the world population has TB.
Not the developed disease.
Now they're saying hundreds of millions are going to die.
This decade from it, hundreds of millions have died.
And now they're messing with weaponizing salmonella, weaponizing TB, weaponizing everything.
That mousepox he was talking about.
They put out the ingredients, how to make it.
It's very quick and easy, by the way, to take that and to make it for any mammal, and it kills 100% of the mammals that are exposed to it.
They got stuff that kills 100%.
Of whoever gets in contact with it.
And there are examples every month I see.
Mainstream news, back of the paper, where somebody gets sick from a bioweapon or one of the precursors at one of these bioweapons labs.
And let me tell you, this stuff's going on right here in Austin.
They built a disgusting center down on the coast.
They have got a nuclear reactor in Austin.
And let me tell you, all these Austinites know which dorm room the quarterback lives in.
And what beer he likes to drink.
But you people in Austin do not know there's a nuclear reactor in this town.
And it's the same for the whole country.
This is so dangerous.
And they've got psychopaths running this.
And the UN involving all their population control and dosing the vaccines with poison.
Cancer and sterilization systems.
It's all admitted.
We have a huge archive on PrisonPlanet.com covering it.
I'm going to come back and continue to talk about this because I've got a rant that I want to continue on this subject.
I might jam a few calls in in the final segment.
I don't know.
I just hope you all get Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror, Police State, Three Total Enslavement.
I hope you get all my films.
And I hope you jam them in a VCR, get a second VCR, make a hundred copies of it in the next hundred days.
A copy every night when you go to bed.
I hope you give it to people in your area and put it on AXS TV and warn everyone.
Because all I do is study this, and let me tell you, it is serious business.
And they sold the entire intelligentsia on world government because of this threat.
What the intelligentsia doesn't get is that their bosses are the ones that are going to release it.
Oh, man.
And, you know, I hope by getting these experts up and you hear me in these dialogues with them that we're giving you accurate information.
I've actually studied all this.
Don't forget to sign up at PrisonPlanet.tv, my friends.
Fifteen cents a day.
We need your support.
It funds all the other websites.
Incredible bandwidth.
Video reports, audio reports, text reports.
It's all there.
All right.
We'll be right back with the final segment.
Stay the course.
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All right, my friends.
Final segment here on this Friday edition.
Again, if you are a little bit more informed, I don't mean our general listeners, but those out there that think football or topless bars are God or how to apply your cosmetics is the most important thing of the day.
The real world is exciting, dynamic, terrifying, invigorating when you fight back against the corruption.
And you need to be able to face the true nature of evil and the eugenics-minded, Nazi-minded, corrupt-minded people running the globe who would openly send our troops into bases, bombed by depleted uranium to breathe it,
They're blood-filled with it, admitted, and then nothing's done.
No one gets in trouble.
They come out and admit they're torturing people.
These people don't get in trouble.
Those giving the orders.
It's the exercise of evil.
The priest of raw power.
Always more power.
Always more abuse.
Always, you know, as they said in 1984.
And this is the system that we're now facing here together.
And so I'm begging you.
I'm pleading with you to make a large part of the focus in your life on being informed, truly informed on issues that actually affect you and your family.
The open borders, NAFTA, GATT, biological weapons, genetic engineering.
You know, here I am talking with this top scientist, head of a major hospital, by the way.
I didn't get into that.
You know, oh, the half-spider goats.
Oh, yes, yes, big problem.
You know, just...
They've now legalized chimeras in humans.
Part human, part animal in Europe.
I mean, this is just happening, racing ahead.
That's the public stuff?
Pharmacological crops with live HIV virus in the corn?
Forgot to bring that up with the doctor.
You know, this is the reality, folks, and it's going on.
But you tell your neighbor about it, they will laugh at you.
They will laugh at you.
People can't even figure out that
You know, the government grew under Ronald Reagan and that we lost liberties and that Bush is going to sign the assault weapons ban.
And I'm not here bashing Ronald Reagan.
But, you know, don't let the facts get in the way of your opinion, huh?
You better get the facts.
You better learn that Bush isn't conservative and the Republicans are selling us out.
And so will the Democrats.
You go, well, that's bad news.
Well, you better face the bad news and get about the job of turning this thing around.
I mean, I'm sorry.
Raping and killing women and children at Abu Ghraib is not acceptable.
You can make your excuses about torture, you know, to save the troops, and then look what it leads to in every case.
Stopping families at checkpoints and then taking them for torture because their papers weren't in order.
That's not what America's about.
And those troops are coming back here to be your police.
We have the power.
The American people, people of the world do.
We have to move.
We have to take action.
We have to be informed.
We have to stop being lazy and ignorant.
And again, a big part of this solution, I'll plug it one more time, is my videos.
I've made ten of them.
I've published a book.
I've written a book.
I carry a bunch of other great books and videos.
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And if we get more support, we can do more, make better films, reach more people.
So we do need your support, plus they're incredible films.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time, and there's a few rebroadcasts of this Friday's show throughout the weekend.
To all of our AM and FM affiliates, shortwave, internet, satellite, to the listeners, the sponsors, the folks running the show, to all of you, to the callers, God bless you!
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