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Air Date: June 8, 2004
2439 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, it's Tuesday.
The 8th day of June 2004.
I'm Alex Jones.
Thank you for joining us.
The websites are prisonplanet.com and prisonplanet.tv as well as infowars.com.
If you want to go visit the Prison Planet sites directly, headline, London Independent, 2,000 body bags and detention center readied for G8 protesters.
The people that live in the coastal areas of Georgia, and it's in the mainstream news, are fleeing their homes under total fear.
Thousands of police, 20 plus thousand, thousands of troops, marching army vehicles everywhere.
They are walking, battering their batons on their shields down small town streets, down highways, letting everyone know you are slaves.
That's all this is, is just another drill to get you ready for total control.
We have chilling Associated Press photos and video clips on the Prison Planet websites and a bunch of mainstream news articles.
2,000 body bags and detention center ready for G8 protesters.
Anxiety runs high at G8 summit site, the Detroit News.
And it said heightened security potential for violence prompts residents of Sea Island, Georgia to flee before talks.
Few protesters in Savannah, well, they've banned them on eve of G8 Summit.
G8 security forces waiting for something to break.
That's the actual headline out of the Associated Press.
Here's another one, G8 security forces.
And we've got photos, police practice maneuvers during G8 crowd control training in Savannah, Georgia.
Shows them in their black uniforms, black Darth Vader hats, beating their batons on their shields, all part of the psychological warfare intimidation.
Headline AP, military vehicles drive throughout the state.
Military vehicle drives through downtown Brunswick, Georgia.
The coastal area, including the site of this week's GH Summit, has quickly been transformed from a series of quaint tourist towns and resort islands to a military security zone.
The governor preemptively declaring martial law.
That's right.
Openly on their news, they're calling it martial law.
Martial law preemptively for your safety.
Also, U.S.
roadways open to Mexican trucks.
Father of Nick Berg, Blast Bush, Cheney administration, Sunnis and Shias, announced new government president, says he's a U.S.
puppet and CIA agent.
Reagan versus neoconism.
We'll get into that.
Also, U.S.
casualties in multiple Iraq attacks that we never seem to hear about.
And I dug out a Time Magazine article about...
About Reagan trying to join the Communist Party.
I mean, his own autobiographer wrote that.
So, I mean, it's not like it's debatable, but they try to put out the spin.
But, I mean, I guess it's conservative to try to join the Communist Party.
I guess if I try to, you guys will think I'm conservative, so maybe I should.
Also, well, just a bunch of other key news.
Webster Tarpley, who wrote the unauthorized biography of the Bush dynasty, one of the best...
We're good to go.
And he'll be with us for an hour.
We'll also have open phones to get into all this martial law news and talk about the history of it, how they've incrementally turned up the heat on the entire population.
Also, there's a lot of other new Big Brother news and imminent terror attack news.
We have a jam-packed broadcast for you.
I will take calls today, but I'm trying to limit the calls to about a minute apiece because people end up holding forever, and I want to get to everybody.
The toll-free number to join us on air, we'll go to your calls early in this broadcast, 1-800-259-9231.
We'll be right back.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Have you noticed how we now just calmly go, Oh!
Here's last week's issue of Newsweek Magazine.
It says the future of shopping.
You're going to have a microchip under your skin.
Just accept that it's no big deal.
Oh, the government admits that they ordered the military to torture people.
Oh, the Supreme Court now says they follow the orders of the United Nations.
Oh, they've declared martial law in six counties of Georgia and said they'll shoot to kill anyone who protests or causes any problems.
They've ordered and have on the ground 2,000 body bags, and the police are marching around in Darth Vader outfits, beating their batons on their...
On their plastic shields to the point where people that live in the town, that own hotels, restaurants, businesses, are fleeing.
This is in the Associated Press, the Detroit Press, and local TV stations.
They're fleeing in fear.
Military, helicopters, army troops, National Guard.
Because the rulers are coming.
I mean, in the Soviet Union it wasn't even this bad.
In China...
It got this bad sometimes, but no, the new America got to keep you safe.
Got to protect the world leaders from the terrorists, and then you track who the terrorists are, and it's the government.
And then I have this.
I've been pointing out that all over television, all over the newspapers, it was Rumsfeld and Bush and Alan Dershowitz, liberals, conservatives alike, torture is good, let's pull people's fingernails out, let's beat them with rubber hoses, let's stop their hearts with these new respirators.
I mean, that was on Fox News.
I got clips of all of this in Police State's Retotal Enslavement.
Torture's so wonderful!
On and on and on for the last two and a half years.
And I said, well, wait a minute.
The government's saying they didn't torture these people or didn't order the torture and rape and beating the death of people.
They've been all over TV saying it.
Why isn't the media pointing this out?
Well, finally, I guess because of the election, it's being pointed out.
Police endorse torture for terror suspects.
That's Calgary Sun.
The Scotsman.
Lawyers argue Bush can legally order torture.
See, I mean, if they're publicly saying they were going to torture people, I mean, it was on television!
And then, oh, we never heard of this.
It's rogue people.
You're on TV saying it two years ago!
Experts say U.S.
prisoners are subjected to Iraqi-style abuse.
Finally, the Williamton Journal is reporting, and there's just thousands of these cases, beating people to death, torturing, raping, people in solitary confinement for years, naked, living in two or three feet of their own affluent.
I mean, I've got stacks of these articles.
You think it's bad for the Iraqis, and maybe you sickos think it's good.
Well, how is it good for citizens?
And then here's another one.
not bound by torture laws.
A Pentagon report last year argued that President George W. Bush was not bound by laws banning the use of torture.
We read this last year, according to the Wall Street Journal.
They've been all over TV, all over the White House website, all over the newspapers saying torture was good.
And then we see what torture is, beating people to death and sodomizing men and women and raping them.
Oh, we never were involved.
This is rogue elements.
Here's another one.
This is out of the Indianapolis Star.
Bush could okay torture in war.
Lawyers argue.
They say he has supreme dictatorial power.
Martial law, dictatorial power, you're all going to have to have microchips.
I mean, folks, it all happened.
We're here.
2004, nightmare science fiction movie.
You're living it.
Your license plate's being scanned by the cameras, your face is being scanned, foreign troops publicly massing all over the country, the government saying brace for massive terror attacks.
Listen to this Indianapolis Star Tribune article.
Bush could okay torture and war, lawyers argue, a team of administration lawyers concluded in a March 2003 legal memorandum.
That President Bush was not bound by either international treaty prohibiting torture or by federal anti-torture law because he has the authority as commander-in-chief to approve any technique needed to protect the nation's security.
I thought we, when they didn't find weapons of mass destruction, or if they did, but it was all marked U.S.
and Russian, you can't bring, oh look, this U.S.-marked nerve gas we gave them, you know, all the admitted inspected sites.
I thought it was torture.
Why, Saddam's a dictator.
He has supreme power.
He has rape rooms, torture rooms.
Yeah, he was trained by us how to do it.
Fort Benning, Georgia.
Thousands of his cadres.
Thousands of those making up his cadres.
This is admitted.
So now we're back at the prisons we paid to build, and the rape rooms and torture rooms are back in full swing.
Good Lord, that was incredible!
My goodness, I just touched my microphone.
My electro voice and got massive electricity.
Ah, that will wake you up.
I don't know what's going on here, ladies and gentlemen.
But that was extremely painful.
That feels like the time I stuck my hand up into a light fixture.
Oh, that hurt.
Glad I didn't say something else.
I stuck my hand up in a light fixture, accidentally touched the...
Touch the metal part.
It was in the bathroom.
You know, the socket for the light bulb.
And I better keep my lips away.
I simultaneously touched my lips to it and grabbed it and got, well, actually I touched my lip.
It shocked me.
Then I grabbed it in a reflexive manner.
And now I push the microphone down reflexively so it's down about a foot and a half.
I'm having to lean over it.
I don't dare touch it.
So I'm here speaking into a cattle prod, my friends.
I mean, that wasn't just like some static electricity.
That was very... All right.
Speaking of torture here, I'm being tortured doing this show.
Some kind of short or something.
My ElectroVoice RE20 has turned into a cattle prod.
Okay, that's a diversion.
Let's try to get back to the news.
I'm going to try to touch the...
Plastic slash metal stand of this and bring it back upright.
I'm going to have to touch it.
Here we go.
Plastic's not shocking me.
I'm afraid to touch this baby.
Okay, everything's under control now, ladies and gentlemen.
Okay, that's radio.
That's never happened to me before.
What on earth is going on here?
Refocusing on what I was saying.
Bush could okay torture in war, lawyers argue.
And, again, I just have this long-term memory.
Now, I have a quasi-photographic memory.
And so I went and dug the articles back out, and we reposted them from a year ago, two years ago, two and a half years ago.
Torture's good.
We're allowed to torture.
Law enforcement magazines go, and we may start torturing people on the side of the road.
Torture actually isn't bad.
The government says it's good.
Rumsfeld on TV.
And then we see what the torture is and the orders they were given, and they say, oh, no, we didn't authorize that.
So, a team of administrative lawyers concluded in a March 2003 legal memorandum that President Bush was not bound by either an international treaty prohibiting torture or by a federal anti-torture law because he has the authority as commander-in-chief to approve any technique needed to protect the nation's security.
Well, I guess Hitler then just protected his nation's security by torturing and killing.
The memo prepared by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld also said that any executive branch officials, including those in the military, could be immune from domestic and international prohibitions against torture for a variety of reasons.
One reason would be, the lawyer said, if military personnel believed they were acting on orders from superiors except where the conduct goes so far as to be patently unlawful.
And now we know.
Hundreds tortured to death.
Hundreds of women raped.
70-90% of those in the 32 camps stopped at checkpoints.
Totally innocent.
Whole families brutally tortured.
I mean, stealing three sticks of wood gets your car run over by an Abrams tank.
We've played that audio many times off PBS.
So, brutal, brutal, brutal stuff.
And we'll get more into detail on this later in the broadcast.
We do have Webster Tarpley, unauthorized biographer of Lord Bush Sr., the Bush family coming on in about 15 minutes, and then I'm going to get into all the Southern news as well.
I know we have callers.
We'll try to get to you in the next segment.
2,000 body bags in detention center, ready for G8 protest.
London Independent, June 8, 2004.
Just calmly talking about torture, calmly talking about having to have a microchip to buy and sell on Newsweek, calmly talking about martial law and body bags, just calmly talking about torture, just calmly, because we don't have any morals in this country anymore, so they can put in whatever they want into that vacuum.
Besides, and it says the body bags have been shipped in, locals are running scared, and foreigners are being arrested and deported.
Organizers of this week's GH Summit are taking no chances with security.
Jane Dixon reports from a community under siege.
You're thinking, well, that's just the British.
I just touched the microphone again and got shocked again.
This is not very good.
I'll tell you, this will cure me of the habit of touching the microphone.
And it goes into detail of the body bags and the troops and people fleeing.
Caravans and vehicles leaving the coastal areas of Georgia because the troops are yelling at people and beating batons on their black uniforms.
Helicopters, armored vehicles, tanks rolling around, Humvees rolling around.
They've been told they'll be shot and killed if they get out of line anyway, so everybody's fleeing, basically.
This is your new freedom.
Oh my goodness!
So that's the London Independent for you, but here's the Detroit News.
And it has a photo here of hundreds of troops with the police marching in, beating their batons on their shields.
It says, Brunswick, Georgia.
Charles Lott, who owns the downtown drugstore here, is so paranoid he's leaving town for the duration.
Carolyn Hearn is leaving too because of the anticipated hassles getting on and off the nearby island where she lives.
And it goes into all of that.
And I will come back and take a few calls and get more into this.
Just preemptive martial laws.
It's a new America.
It's a new freedom.
But we fight for it so we can be slaves of the government.
We'll be back.
Hello, folks.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, we've got Webster Tarbley coming up here in just a few minutes, so let's try to go to these calls as quickly as possible.
Danny and Tennessee are on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, hey, I've got two pieces of quick news for you.
But first I wanted to ask you, did you get a chance to watch Meltdown on FX on Sunday night?
I don't even know what that is.
What it was, it was a movie about, it was supposedly Al Qaeda taking over a nuclear power plant in California.
And long story short, the terrorists took the plant over.
The FBI and FEMA came in to save the plant.
And it turned out that it was not Al Qaeda taking over the nuclear power plant, but it was some U.S.
veterans from Afghanistan that had been logged and cornered and
Then the government gave him orders to let Bin Laden get away, and the guys were all dying from depleted uranium.
Well, that's interesting.
I'd like somebody to take that and send it to me.
What else is on your mind real quick, Danny?
I wanted to let you know there's an article that just popped up on Reuters, and it's talking about an August 2002 memo to the White House about torture.
It says... Yeah, we were just covering that, and that memo was out a year ago.
There were other memos out years before that.
They've been all over the news saying they were going to torture.
And, I mean, so, you know, the media's going, ooh, we've broken some big story.
It's all been public.
Hey, thanks for the call, Danny.
Good to hear from you.
Dylan in Texas.
Dylan, go ahead.
You're doing a great job today.
Howdy, Alex.
I know we have big storms going on here in Austin, so bless you there at the microphone.
I have no idea.
Well, this isn't like the shock I've been getting.
It's like ten times the worst shock you get just from the electricity in the air.
What's on your mind, sir?
That relates to what I want to say.
I know this is not a religious program, but I just want to remind the believers out there,
That the only security and subjugation is with Jesus Christ.
That being said, focusing on our form of government, I believe everyone should read Black's Law Dictionary 7th edition from 99 for Republican form of government.
I'm sick of these people talking about these politicians' character, the character of these individuals and all this stuff.
We need to be judging government by Republican form of government.
Well, absolutely.
Thanks for the call.
There's a big difference between a republic and a democracy.
Good points.
Let's go ahead and talk to Carol.
Carol, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Yeah, I was trying to call yesterday.
I was at the National Convention in 1980 when Ronald Reagan asked George Bush to be his running mate.
And the ironic part of this is I worked in the Reagan headquarters, plus I was a delegate.
And it was strange because the men came in and asked, you know, who can type a letter?
And I said, I could.
And they said the first letter I typed was the invitation to Gerald Ford.
And then all of a sudden, some other men came in that none of us knew, and they said, type a letter.
And this was the invitation to George Bush to be the running mate, which I typed.
And the crazy part was everybody in the office went nuts.
We were just like going, what is going on?
Because we all knew that Ronald Reagan despised George Bush, and we were wondering what was going on.
So I called the head of the Republican, you know, person that was there, and I told them what was going on, and they said, what?
And this was like, it was like a coup happened downtown Detroit, Michigan, at that 2000 convention.
And I can tell you this, it was unbelievable.
When I left that convention, I left politics and I never got back in it because that was just way over the top.
Well, Cleon Skousen talked to Ronald Reagan that night, and he said, look, Henry Kissinger threatened me, and then they'd announced that it was going to be Gerald Ford, and then suddenly it was George Herbert Walker Bush that Reagan had attacked as a trilateralist, and then suddenly here comes the whole trilateralist CFR administration, so you were there in Detroit in 1980 and saw this.
Oh, I saw it all.
And I'll tell you what, it scared me to death.
And I said, something else is going on here.
And when I talked to some of the other people that were, we'll say, the high-ups in the Republican Party, we were all Bush delegates, or excuse me, not Bush, Reagan delegates.
And we knew how Reagan felt about the Bush bunch, because they were the trilateral bunch and the CFR bunch.
And we knew it.
And then, you know, when he got shot, none of us were surprised.
We were more or less expecting it.
Because we knew George Bush wanted to be president, and we knew they wanted to push that agenda.
And we knew how dangerous George Bush was.
But, Steve, the average person in the public, they don't know this.
They have no clue.
They listen to what, you know, the people on the news tell them and what they print in the papers.
But when you're there and you're witnessing it, it's a whole new ballgame.
It's creepy.
I hear you, but I appreciate your call, and you ought to contact somebody like Webster Tarpley and tell your story.
Because it's a mirror image of what he and others have gotten.
Oh, people need to know this.
People really need to know this.
They need to quit reading the regular paper because it's not true.
I hear you.
Good to hear from you, Carol.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
A lot of people are shocked and flabbergasted right now.
According to the reports that are coming out in the Wall Street Journal, you name it,
That the Bush administration bragged that basically Bush is God, that he has unlimited authority, and that he can approve any technique, including brutal forms of torture.
I mean, they've been all over the news the last two-plus years saying torture's good, and then it's no surprise now that we see the results of it, people being tortured to death.
Also, they have martial law going in areas of Georgia right now for the G-8, all part of training you to be a slave.
London Independent Headline, 2,000 body bags and detention center ready for G8 protesters, regular U.S.
Army National Guard on the streets, armored vehicles.
We've got the situation with Reagan dying, and it's a good reason to go back and look at the history of the attempted assassination of Reagan and the staged events there.
But before we do that, here's the trailer for Michael Moore's new film, Fahrenheit 9-11.
It comes out in about two weeks.
We're good to go.
And then there's part two of that, The Masters of Terror, my second film on the subject.
You need to get them to get the real answers and to get the big picture of how Republicans and Democrats and foreign governments carry out terror, not just the evil Bushes, because it's a lot bigger than just these minions.
Go ahead and play the trailer.
You can make people do anything if they're afraid.
The FAA had taken the action to close all of the airports in the United States.
All commercial and airline traffic was grounded.
But we had some airplanes authorized at the highest levels of our government to pick up Osama Bin Laden's family members and transport them out of this country.
In the middle of the war, corporations decided to hold a conference to figure out how much money could be made.
Once that oil stops flowing, it's going to be lots of money.
Whatever the cost, the government will pay you.
It's going to be good for business, bad for the people.
Congressman, trying to get members of Congress to get their kids to enlist in the Army and go over to Iraq.
The USA Patriot Act allows for searches of medical and financial records.
It gives law enforcement almost unlimited power.
They wait till the middle of the night.
It's printed in the middle of the night.
How could Congress pass the Patriot Act without even reading it?
Sit down, my friend.
We don't read most of the bills.
No one read it.
Members of Congress, this is Michael Moore.
I would like to read to you the USA Patriot Act.
Let the evil souls... From the corridors of power... Ferguson?
To the streets of small-town America.
To the front lines.
Impressive crowd, the Habs.
And they have more.
Some people call you the elite.
I call you my bae.
Comes the true story that will make your temperature rise.
I call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers.
Thank you.
Now watch this drive.
Alright, folks.
And, you know, go see it.
But Michael Moore says the answer is the left coming in to save us, the UN.
The same military-industrial complex that carried out 9-11, that controls the Bush crime family, created the UN, controls the IMF and World Bank.
It's a fraud.
You need to get 9-11, the road to tyranny, masters of terror, police state, three-total enslavement, matrix of evil, to expose the entire system, or it just aids the new world order.
So go to InfoWars.com, go to PrisonPlanet.com, order the videos, VR, secure, safe shopping cart.
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Alright, I want to thank him for holding.
I've had him on several times in years past.
He's Webster Tarpley, a great journalist and researcher.
Wrote the preeminent, definitive, unauthorized biography of the Bush family, which, by the way, is online for free, but I suggest you buy a hard copy of it.
We have some of the chapters posted on Infowars.com.
Mr. Tarpley, good to have you on with us.
Thank you very much.
Tell us a little bit about yourself, and then let's just give people in a nutshell the Ronald Reagan-Bush connection, what happened in the election, what really went on with the assassination.
Then I want to get into terror attacks.
Well, as you say, I'm the author of this unauthorized biography of George Bush that was put out in the summer of 1992 and which sold out about 25,000 copies.
It did have some appreciable impact on the election campaign.
The Republican National Committee reportedly found that the scandal material in the book against Bush would be enough to defeat him.
In a close election, and to some extent that is, I think, what happened in the sense that the Iran-Contra chapter was very, very explicit and I think helped some people to bring up the Iran-Contra gun-running and drug-running issue against Bush because he, of course, had directed every single phase of that.
He was the undisputed covert operations czar of the Reagan administration,
Yes, and I'd like to talk about that in some detail.
The other thing, let me just say, my experience with terrorism goes back to a book that I published in Italian in Rome in 1978.
A minister in the Italian government asked me to write a study about the Moro kidnapping, the kidnapping and murder of the guy who had been the prime minister of the country.
And my finding there was that Henry Kissinger was
Suspect, along with various NATO intelligence agents.
And now it's even come out two years ago in the London Guardian that the supposed communists out blowing stuff up were really, and this is now admitted, the former head of intelligence admits it, was actually CIA to then be able to go after political opposition.
So these guys love to blow stuff up and kill people and blame it on their enemies.
That's the oldest game in the book.
And let me also say, in 1991...
In the midst of the Bush administration, I put out a special report called American Leviathan Administrative Fascism Under the Bush Regime.
And that was the first Bush regime, so the Leviathan state, right?
Let me digress briefly.
I'm sure you've heard that it is martial law in the coastal areas of Georgia.
Troops, police, people are fleeing in fear, and they're calling it martial law.
As far as I know, it's the whole state is in a state of emergency.
That was declared, I think, at the end of May with a view to this G8 that begins today.
Yeah, it was declared about two weeks ago.
And they're openly, now we have top generals openly saying martial law is good.
Looks like they're having to soften us up for it.
Well, martial law, the state of siege and so forth, these are basically alien notions.
And these things come from the neocons.
If you look at the neocons, they all go back to Leo Strauss.
And the patron of Leo Strauss, the guy who made him what he was,
We're good to go.
Martial law, the state of siege, the state of emergency.
Well, look at the terms they use.
Homeland security, fatherland security.
I mean, they're following it down to a T. Rather Germanic, wouldn't we say?
And for the neocons, political power resides, they say sovereignty resides, with the person who can declare a state of emergency.
And when there was a coup in Prussia, about six months before Hitler's coup in Germany as a whole...
This guy Carl Schmitt was literally the lawyer for the coup at the Constitutional Court.
So when you say neocon, you're saying neo-fascist or neo-Nazi with this overtone of coup, martial law.
So these are foreign notions, Alex.
These are alien notions.
Just to back up what you had to say, from the Wall Street Journal, the same things in the Indianapolis Star, it's in the New York Times, Bush could okay torture in war, lawyers argue.
A team of administration lawyers concluded in a March 2003 legal memorandum that President Bush was not bound by either an international treaty prohibiting torture or by federal anti-torture laws because he has the authority as commander-in-chief to approve any technique.
So they're saying he's God.
Well, the Constitution says different, and that's what we have.
So I recommend constitutional government, and I think if you look at this book of mine, again, it's online, and www.tarpley.net, we can go back and see how the breakdown of law, because that's what it is, has been busted up through a series of coups, attempted coups, and so forth.
Maybe we can start, we just want to get a little bit of background information
Concerning Reagan and Bush, a lot of nonsense has been said.
Before we do that, in a nutshell, who are the Bushes?
I mean, let's in a nutshell who they are and then extrapolate out to Reagan.
The Bushes are a financier family, and they're now at the center of the main faction of finance oligarchy, I would say.
In other words, it's the Bush family.
It goes back to Prescott Bush in particular.
Who was part of the financial infrastructure that helped to bring Hitler to power.
He was working at the Brown Brothers Harriman Investment Bank.
That's the U.S.
branch of... And Skull and Bones is Germanic, founded in 1832 by the Germans.
So this is... They eat off Hitler's silverware at the tomb, MSNBC.
This is a continual thing.
They do, except that the real center of all this is not really permanently in Germany.
It's in British intelligence.
Yes, I agree.
The Bank of England, Brown Shipley.
In other words, that's what the Brown Brothers Harriman is a branch of.
It's a...
A branch of Lord Montague Norman's Brown Shipley in London.
So the idea is that Prescott Bush, as I said, I guess I was on your show on the day before Thanksgiving of 2001, Prescott Bush was a director of and shareholder of the Union Banking Corporation in Lower Manhattan, which was run by Thyssen, T-H-Y-S-S-E-N.
And this Thyssen or Thyssen had three or four million dollars at that time, a much larger sum than it would be today, which was there and this was profits that had come from various Thyssen-owned companies in the United States.
And this was then in touch with a bank in Holland and then with the Nazis, presumably.
So the idea with Prescott Bush is there are three things.
One is that he's part of the infrastructure for financing the Nazi Party.
Right, and to himself.
In other words, the Bush family fortune is tainted by
Money from Auschwitz, as was pointed out when Bush visited Auschwitz.
And then how do you have with the neocons following Strauss and others, openly saying they're fascists, but then a lot of them happen to be supposedly Jewish?
It's really weird.
I think this is basically irrelevant.
This is some kind of a camouflage that they use, but essentially these are atheists, basically.
No, I agree with you.
I agree, yes.
Who are also in league with basically Nazi thinking.
The other one is that...
That Prescott Bush, the grandfather of the current tenant of the White House, was somebody who was involved in companies.
That were at the heart of the German war machine, killing American GIs and other Allied troops.
Okay, so fast-forwarding now to 1978-79, the election heating up, Ronald Reagan bad-mouthing Bush as a globalist, a trilateralist.
I mean, let's go through that.
You just have to remember that Bush was CIA director.
Bush had been in the CIA since the late 1940s, early 1950s.
I'm sorry, I'm talking about Bush 41.
Now remember, I say 41.
Everybody asks, is that his bowling score or his IQ?
Bush 41 would be George Herbert Walker Bush.
Bush 43 is the current one.
Bush 41 had been the CIA director during 1976.
During that time, he created Team B. Team B is the way that the neocons like Pearl and
And Wolfowitz came into government for the first time at an executive branch level.
This was the group that talked about what Soviet intentions were.
So he's got this alliance between the Bush family and the neocons going back in a very strong way to 1976.
In the New Hampshire primary in 1980, and I know this very clearly because I was there, there was a large effort made
By people around Reagan to portray Bush as a member of the Trilateral Commission.
As a preppy, Yale-y, Andover... Yeah, I have the newspaper reports.
Right, and a lot of them are from the Manchester Union leader.
But let me also say that some of those I helped to inspire myself, because this issue of Skull and Bones was really, I think, a big issue.
Skull and Bones got to be something even more important than the Trilateral Commission because of the regional importance of Yale up there in New England.
Now, it all came down to the famous Gun Owners Dinner, which was held in February of 1980, I believe.
And this was the one where this was going to be a debate between Bush and Reagan, except that the other candidates were excluded.
The other Republican candidates were excluded.
So that included Bob Dole, John Anderson, Phil Crane, Howard Baker, a number of other Republican candidates excluded.
And they tried to break into the room and get up on the stage and open up the debate to others.
Now, this was the key psychological moment for Bush.
What I call this in my book is the epiphany of a scoundrel.
In other words, this is the moment where everybody in the room, including Ronald Reagan, saw that Bush was a scoundrel in the sense that these people that were trying to get in were all people that had helped Bush at various points in his career
As I detail.
But now he's so focused on the idea that he's the alternative to Reagan that he won't let them come up on the stage and be part of it.
And this is where, you may remember, the man in the front row yells, You people are like Hitler.
And this is, of course, where Breen of the local paper says, Turn off the microphone.
And Reagan says, I'm paying for this microphone, Mr. Green.
He gets the guy's name wrong.
It's Breen.
But this...
It was a very important moment.
It's the moment that lost Bush the primary in New Hampshire, because everybody saw what this person was made of.
And it was also the moment where Reagan decided that he never wanted Bush on the ticket.
He did not want him as vice president, because Reagan's reasoning was, I have my doubts about this guy.
If he cracks under the strain of something like this, a mere debate, how can he function...
Under the pressures of the presidency.
And that then leads us to the question, how did Bush ever get on the vice presidential ticket with Reagan?
Okay, well, we'll in a nutshell cover that, cover the assassination, then I want to get into the upcoming terror attacks.
Your big analysis on that, stay with us.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it, my friends.
I've researched history, especially the areas that Mr. Tarpley's discussing in detail.
What he's saying is extremely accurate.
And you need to realize this.
Now, I know we've got loaded phone lines, and we'll get to Vince and Phil and all the other people from Colorado to Texas to Alabama that are patiently holding in the next hour with Mr. Tarpley.
But we've got to somehow accelerate through all this because it's trying to cram it all into a history lesson.
Just in a nutshell, what happened at the convention in Detroit, then the attempted assassination, and then on today to what they've now set up and how they're saying martial law is coming, it's good, we're going to secretly arrest you, we're going to torture you, this is freedom.
Bush got on the ticket through the help of Jerry Ford.
Jerry Ford negotiated with Reagan about being co-president until the last minute.
Then he pulled out.
Reagan had no other choice.
He had to take Bush.
So that was the covert operation right there.
The other one to point to is the October surprise in the campaign.
This was Bush negotiating with the Iranians to prevent the release of the hostages on Carter's watch.
Lots of contacts with the Iranians.
Those are now reactivated.
We're good to go.
And that refers to Neil Bush, Silverado Neil Bush, the brother of the current tenant of the White House, had a dinner appointment with Scott Hinckley, the elder brother of John Hinckley Jr., and that's the would-be murderer.
And he also, just as, I mean, in a nutshell, worked for the family.
The shooter of Mr. Chapman, the shooter of John Lennon,
Worked for World Vision.
You've got the family, the Hinkley's running World Vision, the CIA front globally, and then now their son goes and supposedly shoots Reagan.
What's your info on that?
That World Vision is the CIA front.
The next day, Vice President confirms his son was to have hosted Hinkley brother.
Why is this?
Weird happenstance, says the spokeswoman.
Neil Bush had a press conference in Denver.
I have the Denver Rocky Mountain News.
Bush-Hinkley sons had appointment.
Now, the story was that Neil Bush, of course, wanted to learn the oil industry, and the Hinkley family knew all about that.
But now we find out that John Hinkley, Jr.
lives in Midland around the Bushes.
They hang out together.
Later, they try to deny all this, despite the fact that it's admitted.
Well, I think the issue is, how did this happen, was that on the day of the shooting, George Bush flew back from Texas, I guess, where he had been, and he presided over a meeting of the National Security Council with Weinberger, French Smith, Meese, and the rest of them, saying there was no conspiracy.
So that then became the official finding.
There never was an investigation.
Now, I think this is a strong prima facie case.
For something very wrong.
And you've got it from their own, you've got it from members of the administration's own autobiographies, where Bush marches in, they say it's not a conspiracy, four hours after, then that's the official story.
That's the finding, and they did, of course, that means they didn't do any serious investigating.
They simply had immediate reports.
Meanwhile, Hinckley Jr.
is taken to a military base and admitted to a mine control center.
Now, he had been obsessed with Jodie Foster of Yale, and Jodie Foster is somebody who was supposedly a secret member of Skull and Bones.
So this is something where there should have been an investigation.
If there was ever a case for a special prosecutor, this was it.
And by the way, he even lived at Yale for a while.
Yeah, that's it.
He was following Jodie Foster 24 hours a day.
So this looks like some kind of a brainwashing case, right?
Manchurian candidate Hinkley.
Now, during the time that Reagan was ill, convalescing, Bush established his control over the entire covert operations of that regime.
Okay, we'll come back and jump forward to the future and to the present.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
I think.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we're giving you the condensed true history of the Bush crime family.
How they forced their way into the vice presidency, now up to the point of clearly being involved in the attempted assassination of Reagan.
And then now how, through crisis management, they start expanding FEMA and these control arms that later even came out in Senate hearings for martial law in America, which we now see unfolding today.
Webster Tarpley, investigative journalist, written the preeminent unauthorized biography of the Bushes back in 1992.
You can download it for free at his website, tarpley.net.
And I know we've got loaded phone lines coming up in a little while.
We'll get to your calls.
He'll only be with us for another 29 minutes.
We'll get to your calls in about 10, 15.
Just accelerating through now, what happened in the rest of the Reagan administration after they had him shot?
What developed from there, and then now, what they've now done back in power, what they're setting up, how they're preparing more terror attacks.
Well, I don't know if I can do all of that in just a couple of minutes, Alex, but I think the important thing to see from all this is that when the Bushes approach an election in 1980 or any other time, 1988, they regard this as a CIA covert operation.
In other words, they think that in advance they've got to knock out
Opposition forces.
For example, one of the preparations for the 1988 election was the framing up of people like James Baker, the Praise the Lord guy, remember him?
And Swaggart and people like this.
There was a whole group of right-wing evangelicals that had to be silenced.
They had to be disciplined.
Some of them had to be destroyed in order to stimulate the loyalty of the others.
So it's generally...
It's not a political election approach, but it's a CIA covert operation.
And I think that's what we have to think of now.
This notion of the October surprise from those years is relevant, because that is what I think we face now on a kind of a super grand scale.
So the faction is Bush, CIA, Skull and Bones, Brown Brothers Harriman, neocons.
So that's essentially the conglomerate that runs...
We're good.
You are going to stampede people into supporting the incumbent, whoever that is.
Clearly the evidence says that was an intelligence operation.
And my personal theory is it's not ETA and not Al-Qaeda, whatever Al-Qaeda may be at any given point, but neo-fascist.
In other words...
People from Rome, people from Spain, I study these people.
But within hours, people had billboards out on the streets saying the government did it.
So now there's a paradigm shift.
It's backfiring on them.
So are they going to go ahead with a super terror attack, Mr. Tarpley?
Asnar, the guy who was defeated in all this, the guy who lied about what the terrorism had been and who also tried to shut down the elections, according to my information, but failed.
has been touring the United States, and he's met with Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Card, the whole crew, and his message seems to be, I was defeated by terrorism, I'll tell you the lessons of it, and I'm speculating a little bit now when I say, it seems to me that he thinks the lesson is, if you're going to have terrorism, make sure it's big enough so that there will be no election at all.
Because that's what happened to him.
Because he had the tremendous mobilization of the Spanish people, the trade unions, the left parties, all kinds of people came out, millions into the streets,
We're good to go.
I think?
I believe we have a link on Infowars.com to it, but we'll tell folks about your site where it's at as well.
It's not on my site, unfortunately.
You can find it.
I'm just not able to... Well, I know it's on one of the sites we're linked to.
It's just a rogue... If you look, rogue bushbackers.
Well, I'll tell you what.
We've got a break.
Stay there.
We'll be right back.
We'll talk about it.
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The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
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Big Brother
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Since the days of Babylon and Rome, governments, elites have used crises to scare populations into submission.
In times of terrorism, in times of fear, people will relinquish liberty because of the siren song promise of security, but you only get tyranny.
And yes, it's on InfoWars.com.
Rogue Bush backers plan a massive 9-11 attack.
Mr. Tarpley's incredible work is posted there, as well as some of the chapters of his biography of the Bush crime family.
So that's on InfoWars.com.
Right now, we'll put a mirror of that up on PrisonPlanet.com as well.
Now, I know we have Vince and Sean and Rick and Russ and John.
I want to get to all your calls here in just a moment, but...
Mr. Tarperly, fast-forwarding now, from watching Senate hearings, from reading the documents, the CIA loves to create crises in third world countries, and then bring in a new government, and to arrest their opposition, and to engineer entire economies through their coffers.
Now they're getting ready to do that here.
9-11 did that to a certain degree.
But I agree with you, they're planning a supermassive attack.
Go over your evidence of that, please.
Well, there's a massive evidence that's in the release.
It essentially comes down to statements by government officials.
Cheney has been saying since May of 2002 that new terrorist attacks on a large scale are inevitable.
The only question is when, not if.
And now they told USA News and World Report it will happen this summer, will be massive, top generals are calling for martial law.
That's your Washington Whispers column about it will happen here.
The other one, though, I think a turning point was April 21st when Bush gave the speech to the newspaper editors.
In the afternoon, he told the newspaper editors the terrorists are tough, smart, sophisticated, practically 10 feet tall.
The United States is a big country, hard to defend.
Read, impossible to defend.
And in the evening, he gave a briefing to Republican leaders saying he's absolutely convinced that there will be major terrorist action before the election.
And then people will go, oh, they're so smart, they knew it was going to happen.
We'll have to let them be our god.
He wants credit for preventing terrorist attacks at the same time that he tells you that terrorist attacks are inevitable.
So figure that one out.
The thing is, I don't think that Bush necessarily knows what he's saying.
He may be told by his handlers...
It's smart politics to talk about terror all the time, because that's his stock and trade, is be afraid.
So you don't think Bush is actually in the planning, it's those in the shadows?
I don't see why he would be.
In other words, I think what you're dealing with is a network of moles inside the government that are pervasive.
It doesn't mean that every government official is a mole.
Yeah, a larger mechanism, compartmentalized, carries out the attack.
They just play along with the script.
Right, and I think it's a group of several hundred people.
Now, these are now the war criminals.
These are the September criminals of 9-11.
They're the people who did 9-11, and they're still there.
And a lot of them are coming under fire, if you notice.
Well, we see General Myers, the head of NORAD, with the stand-down getting promoted.
Yes, or David Frasca, I guess, or Brasca, this guy from the FBI who blocked all the FBI memos.
It's cash bonuses.
So that's one class.
Also, if you look at this Aznar tour, Aznar talking all the time about the coming terror attack.
Aznar has actually said in June it's going to be.
There are other...
Other things going on, though.
You've got a whole pattern of FEMA exercises that I go through, large-scale FEMA, all over the month of May.
And then you've got the buildup in the propaganda media, the controlled corporate media.
Just the other night there was a scenario drama called Meltdown with Arab terrorists with RPGs attacking a nuclear reactor in the United States and so on and so forth.
What I see, therefore, is a qualitative escalation in the demagogy of terror coming out of Bush, the terror blackmail of this administration, in such a way as to suggest that within that certain neocon networks and certain, let's say, pro-coup, pro-dictatorship, pro-martial law networks may see this as an opportunity to launch something very big
In the ABC realm, in other words, the atomic, bacteriological, or chemical realm.
Let me stop you.
Also, their chief minions, the big neocon talk show host, who openly called for putting us in FEMA camps, we disagree with the government, and you've all heard it, folks, you know they're saying it.
They giggle every time I listen.
You watch, you were against the Patriot Act, you watch when the big terror attack comes, you're all going to see it was your fault, and then we're taking over.
Ha ha ha!
I mean, they can't even contain their glee in that they know that their bosses are going to do this, and they're going to get to pose as our saviors saying, see, we told you so.
If we had a real Congress and a real opposition, they would immediately call hearings and demand, they would cross-examine Bush, Cheney, and the rest of these people saying, you predict terror attacks, what do you know, what are you doing against this?
Well, they did this last time before 9-11.
Yes, precisely.
So we're seeing the same thing again.
We have Gary Hart saying we need to use this disaster to get a new world order.
Let me point out, though, another center of resistance, possibly, the United States Army.
The United States Army is now very unhappy with the neocons.
In some cases, we're close to mutiny, as far as I can see.
In some other countries, we would have already had a military coup based on what the neocons have done in terms of breaking the U.S.
But they've got their people in positions of power.
They do, but the question now is, if you're in the U.S.
Army, let's suppose you're just a normal infantry or tank officer, somebody who's not Special Forces, not Delta Force, not military intelligence.
You've been fed into a meat grinder, and you've been dishonored by this Abu Ghraib nonsense.
You have got to figure that if there's a coup, and the neocons are cemented into power...
The neocons will then feed the U.S.
Army into meat grinders labeled Iran, Syria, North Korea, Cuba, much worse than the current one.
In fact, PNAC says that Iraq is meant in the P2OG plan to simply get other people to attack us to escalate into 62 other countries.
Well, again, you have to ask yourself, look at the Army now.
They're very unhappy.
The Army Times, reflecting the feeling of a lot of people in the rank-and-file,
That Wolfowitz, maybe you saw it, a military officer happens to work for Colin Powell, said that Wolfowitz is a utopian like Lenin, and he has no business commanding any troops.
So I think there's enough anger in the Army that they might decide to stop it.
The Congress is an obvious target.
If you read the scenarios, they all call for the destruction of Congress.
Maybe there's somebody in Congress who will speak up.
Yeah, that's right.
The White House is saying the Capitol will be destroyed this summer.
And meanwhile, Congress is signing over emergency authority to the White House.
I mean, that's like, I mean, that's asking for it.
I have a leak, kind of a signal piece in the Washington Post.
They went back and got the Nixon tapes where he wanted to nuke Capitol Hill.
So that became the headline in the Washington Post.
And I think that's either a signal or at least a warning to try to intimidate the Congress.
So I think that's there.
And then, of course, other countries.
If you look at any other country in the world, obviously has an interest in not having a coup in the United States.
This is the biggest political event and movement we're in the middle of in modern history.
I mean, would you agree, Mr. Tarpley?
Well, I think it's the greatest danger to constitutional government that I've ever seen in my lifetime or that I can remember maybe back to the Civil War.
So I think it's an extremely grave moment, and I think this is the time for people to mobilize.
In other words, don't sit around being scared, but do all the obvious things.
Call into every talk show, lay out who's behind 9-11, call Congress, call the White House, tell them we know.
Do all those things.
And obviously a telephone call made before the coup is worth a million telephone calls made after.
You know, their think tank experts have got to be telling them people aren't buying this.
Listen, Webster, I've done over 1,500 radio interviews in the last two and a half years.
Before, about half the callers disagreed with me.
Now, I might take 30, 40 calls.
One person calls in that disagrees when I'm on somebody else's show.
Have you not seen a huge awakening take place?
I think that there's been a tremendous 9-11 movement, and I think I would have to say in that nobody has worked harder than you have.
I think you're just indefatigable, and I have to congratulate you on your efforts because you've done everything possible, and I think it is beginning to add up.
You have this in various parts of the political spectrum.
If you see somebody like, let's see, various Hollywood people now are sort of flipping, right?
Ed Asner...
You know the guy who wrote Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus?
He is now coming to 9-11 conferences.
He's against the 9-11 myth.
So I think some pretty notable people, pretty well-known people, are now beginning to break away from the pro-myth group.
Oh, if you only knew the people I've been talking to, Webster.
Believe me, yes, what you said is true.
Much more to it than meets the eye.
Tell you what, let's take a few calls here.
This is just incredible.
We'll have to have you back on.
Let's go ahead and talk to Sean.
I'm going to go to Sean first in Colorado.
Sean, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Yes, sir.
This is going to be short.
Your manner of speech reminds me of somebody whom I have a lot of respect.
I'm wondering if you have any past association with Dr. Ruckman.
I don't even know.
Who is that?
Founder of Pensacola Bible Institute.
No, but I would like to get him on the show.
I've heard of him, but what else?
No, sir.
What else is on your mind?
Just keep up the good work, brother.
America's waking up, and we're seeing absolute power corrupts absolutely all around us today.
I hear you, my friend.
Let's talk to Rich in Texas.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, sir.
This is very interesting.
On your website, the
Bush coup on Reagan.
I just got through reading a book called The Time of the Assassins concerning the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II.
And one thing, the author, Claire Sterling, she researched and completely came up with the same conclusions the Italian government did that it was the Bulgarians and the Russians.
And she couldn't understand, and neither could I reading the book, that the CIA, the American State Department, and the American Executive
Kept belittling the Italians, saying there's no way the KGB could have been behind this.
Let me get a comment on that from Mr. Carpenter.
I know Claire Sterling.
She was in Rome at the same time I was.
Claire Sterling was a former communist, for one thing.
But the interesting thing is, Ali Acha was trained at a CIA base.
He was trained by Turple and Wilson, sort of rogue CIA officers.
And it's all very well and good to say Bulgarians.
Yes, I'm sure the Bulgarians were involved.
But the Western, the CIA, the MI6, these are also involved.
And you can't imagine the attempt to kill the Pope without the presence of Anglo-American intelligence services, too.
And she was never interested in that side of it.
Anything else, sir?
Well, one point was, though, she did show, and also a KGB... Stay there.
I'll let you finish up on the other side.
We'll be right back.
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Okay, folks.
Webster Tarpley has to go to work here in a little while.
He's there in D.C., but he's going to stay with us for another 15, 16 minutes, a little bit into the next segment, hopefully to get to all these calls.
But during the break, we're about to go back to Rick and others and Russ and John and Nat, but...
During the break, we were talking about the military and if the neocons win, they lose.
But regardless, by that, you mean that the neocons carry out their next terror attack because the situation with Kerry, I mean, he's obviously a shill.
This thing's obviously a staged event.
He's part of the Skull and Bones complex.
Your take on that, Mr. Tarley?
If you look at this release, I have extensive quotes from Kerry's 11-city foreign policy tour
We're good to go.
I think?
The CIA or somebody like this, or some rogue network more accurately, makes it the issue.
There is no such issue.
And if a nuke goes off, they'll be able to take that hysteria to totally re-engineer the society and wire every form of the infrastructure through their coffers.
So therefore, patriotic citizens, whoever you are, wherever you are, have to stop terrorism.
In other words, expose these networks.
The most useful thing right now would be to roll up a whole group of patsy networks.
In other words, groups of psychotics with Arabic or perhaps Spanish or Cuban or Iranian names who are going to be the Atas, in other words, the fall guys for the next round, the Oswalds.
In other words, the people who can't do it themselves.
They're physically and mentally not capable, but they're going to be blamed if it happens.
So just the action of rolling up patsies blocks...
The control is from doing what they want to do, because if there are no patsies, you can't do your operation if the patsies are sitting in jail.
By the way, it just came out yesterday, what we already knew.
The Taliban tried to turn bin Laden over.
They said no.
A week ago, the shootings in Kobar, Saudi Arabia, CIA ordered the Saudis to let them go.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
This is so transparent.
It's blatant.
It's systematic.
The Sudan tried to give...
Bin Laden to the United States.
Madeleine Albright said she was too busy.
This is absolute nonsense.
Bin Laden is the sort of patsy, psychotic, lunatic ideologue who, he may be alive, he may not be alive, but more like the operative groups on the ground have got to be rolled up.
People who are patriotic citizens in law enforcement have to realize that it's their duty to do that and not wait for orders.
All right, yeah, get them for a stick of bubble gum on the ground or whatever.
Let's go ahead and, Rick, finish up what you were saying quickly.
Well, I think the KGB defector, Major Shamoff, pretty much corroborated that the Russians, the KGB, had indeed been working with IJA and the Bulgarians.
I think he backed up Claire Sterling.
One last point.
Yeah, and through that you got the CIA controlling it.
Finish up.
We are facing a dire threat from the Bushes.
And also, I think we have to watch Russia, Putin.
Russia is the same enemy as well as Communist China.
We have to watch the Communist... Okay, okay.
Thank you for the call.
I appreciate it.
Ross in Alabama.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hi there, Alex, and thanks for the show.
Mr. Tarpley, when indispensable information and reportage from Alex Jones and others succeeds in waking people up, the question is, what do we do?
And your research...
I don't know if it has much significance.
That this probably is not the answer, and the notion that somebody like LaRouche is the messianic answer to our current situation is wrong.
Here's what I would say.
We'll do for a party realignment.
If you go back to 1932, 1968, 2004, we have these 36-year cycles in American history.
They go back to George Washington.
They've been valid through the Civil War.
They've been repeating.
We'll do now for a party realignment.
And it could take either of two forms, I think.
If the 9-11 myth can be destroyed, dismantled, deconstructed, the Republican Party, the Bush regime, immediately collapses.
Because the whole system of government, the whole system of the world is now built on this one big lie.
If, on the other hand, the 9-11 myth is allowed to continue, I think we're probably due for a party realignment into some form of fascism.
And I think that's the story for 2004.
And we've seen tremendous breathtaking events this year, stunning events.
We've got a whole economic dimension that I go into in this communique, right?
We've got the Federal Reserve pumping the money supply at a $2 trillion a year yearly rate, which looks like the beginning of hyperinflation, which has not been around but is seemingly beginning now.
And I think with that you can see the opportunity for political activism this year
We'll be right back.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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One more time, that's 866-885-6625.
We're good to go.
And we'll spell that out for you and tell you about a book that he has in print that you should really get here in a few minutes.
Quickly, though, a few final calls.
John in Louisiana, you're on the air with Webster Tarpley.
Go ahead.
Yes, R.M.
Terrell, who was perhaps Reagan's biggest booster, has written that Reagan had only one ally in the whole cabinet in the White House.
That was Ed Meese, and the rest of them were all against him.
Yeah, that's what Mr. Tarpley's written as well, Mr. Tarpley.
That's about right.
Now, have you mentioned the Chip Tatum incident at the Bush family island off of Florida, whereby Senior Bush ordered Chip Tatum to dispatch Ross Perot?
No, I don't have anything about that.
Well, I heard Chip Tatum say that, relate that in his own voice.
Ten or twelve years ago, I had some forlorn hope that the U.S.
military could...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Of the military has been changed, and a military coup to save this country is quite out of the question.
How do you respond to that?
I'm against all coups.
I don't want any coups.
I want constitutional government.
All I'm saying is that the military officers have sworn to defend the Constitution.
They can refuse to follow martial law directives, which Georgia is a test going on right now.
Better yet, they can prevent the terror operations from taking place.
That is, the military...
Well, on September 11th, NORAD was told to stand down because of a, quote, CIA drill of flying hijacked jets into the World Trade Center and Pentagon.
Is NORAD going to stand down, or is the military going to stand down again when they say it's just a drill as it's happening?
Of course, they're neutered.
Well, I think the question now is Iraq has shown them very clearly, especially the Army, not so much the Air Force and the Navy, and that's unfortunate.
But the Army has learned that if you follow the neocons into battle, you suffer grievously.
Will the Army accept following the neocons further along this insane path?
Okay, thanks for the call, John.
Last call for our guests.
We'll get to other callers who have been holding.
Nat in Oregon, go ahead.
I just have a quick question, Alex.
Do you know if there's any high-level government officials that monitor your show or website so that they can have this information?
There are literally millions, we get millions of government hits a month from the IRS to Defense Intelligence to the NSA, and most of it is people just getting the information.
They don't have hundreds of thousands of operatives watching this.
They don't even have hundreds of thousands of operatives.
But yes, the government is listening because better than anybody else, they know what we're saying is accurate because they live it every day.
Mr. Tarpley?
Yes, and I think your influence is quite significant.
Well, I'm not tooting my horn.
I mean, just in my little sector of the battle, though, we know they're watching.
Yes, by all means.
All right, anything else, Nat?
No, that's it.
I'm just curious.
Okay, thank you.
I'm going to go ahead and let Mr. Tarpley go.
I want to get you back on in the next few weeks, sir.
I look forward to it.
Tell folks about your book that is in print that's available.
The book is only available on disc.
It's available on disc or, I suppose, CD if you really need it.
But it's Surviving the Cataclysm.
It's essentially the book that predicted the dot-com crash of the 01-02 pandemic.
And it contains some ideas about personal finance, how to protect yourself, how to protect your family financially, how to survive, and also an analysis of what's going on in the world financial system.
Because the other big thing that's driving the coup preparations is this notion that the dollar is coming to an end, that the dollar is collapsing as a reserve currency, that FEMA and Fannie Mae are bankrupt with many trillions of dollars of bad mortgages.
We've had a housing bubble and a bond bubble.
Both seem to be coming down.
And you've got a lot of countries around the world that are dumping the dollar as a means for paying for oil.
At least they're preparing to do this.
Now, that would not in itself be bad, but that will cause a tremendous dislocation when it does happen.
Okay, and the website, spell out Tarpley.
It's www.tarpley.net.
Okay, and is there a phone number or address to get that book?
No, just the website, and a mailing address is given on there.
Okay, Webster, thank you so much for coming on.
God bless you, and we'll have you back on about the financial information.
Good to talk to you.
I don't want to wait three years to have you back on next time.
A lot of great work, great research, and we're honored to have him.
More of your calls, all that news I mentioned coming up, but first, Waiting in the Wings, we're honored to have her.
Joining us is Captain Joyce Riley, who's part of a Showtime reality show about what type of people the American population would really like to elect for the presidency, and she's one of the ten selected for this.
They're having a town hall meeting.
Thank you, Alex.
It's my pleasure.
What a good show you had on there.
Man, I would love to be listening to that for the entire time.
Yes, you and I are so alike in what we believe, and your show is so representative of what the people really want in this country.
And Infowars at Infowars.com is the kind of information that people need to be seeing and hearing.
And I just want to commend you and say thank you very much for allowing me to invite anybody near our Kansas City, Kansas to this meeting tonight.
This is a whole lot bigger than I ever thought.
And to show you how the American public wants to be heard, wants to be seen,
We have had Creekstone, the meat packing plant here, donate all the incredible hamburger meat tonight.
So we're going to have a free hamburger cookout.
The sodas have been donated.
Country Mart donated all of the other items that we needed for food.
And this is a phenomenal outpouring of American people who say, we want our chance to be heard.
So we're going to set up the microphone tonight.
And the Power Hour listeners and the Alex Jones listeners can come to that microphone and you tell me what you want.
You tell America what you want because, thank goodness, there's the American Candidate Program by Showtime who wants to know what you think.
And I'm running for American Candidate.
And you can go to AmericanCandidate.com.
You can vote for Joyce.
You can see the information there of the finalist in this.
And there were about somewhere over 1,000 that entered into it.
And it got narrowed down.
We're down to the final ten.
Now I'm going to be traveling all over the country right now.
Dave's going to be taking over the show and I'm going to be calling in periodically.
But we're going to be doing this.
Even though I don't like to leave home, and I don't like to leave my husband, but we've got to do this to tell America.
Well, the people know that they're not being given a real choice, and so the mainstream media is kind of responding with, you know, okay, this is what the people really want.
We know there's not a difference between Bush and Kerry, who are cousins and Skull and Bones members together, and we know that Kerry's embraced the war and all the policies, so has Hillary Clinton, and so they know that the people are hungry for an alternative, and this sounds very exciting.
You know, it is very, very exciting.
And I think that the result of this is going to be the average person is going to be able to say, hey, Bush administration, hey, Carrie, future Carrie, if they are going to be the ones elected, we don't like what you all are doing.
We don't like when you did it five years ago, eight years ago, or 100 years ago.
We don't like the way it is right now.
We want to get it back to the way it was supposed to be a couple of hundred years ago.
You know all about that.
Our listeners know about that.
And what an incredible opportunity.
Okay, 6.30 tonight, Arkansas.
6 p.m.
Yeah, 6 p.m.
And it's going to be 712 West Washington Avenue at the Agra Building.
Now, we had to change it to the Agra Business Hall because there's so many people that we plan on having show up.
So it's AmericanCandidate.com and be an Arkansas City Kansas.
And tell me you're an Alex Jones listener.
I want to meet you.
And it's going to be 712 West Washington Ave., all right?
All right, Joyce, well, that's exciting, and I hope you win.
Thank you for your support, and I thank Genesis for their support, and this is the way it's got to work.
Thanks, Alex.
You bet.
Now, this network's definitely getting a lot of attention right now.
Take care.
I'm consulting for two separate movies, two separate national British TV shows, and a bunch of other things.
You know, Joyce is over here, but now going to be part of this Showtime series.
And why do we see the establishment doing this?
Well, number one, there's a lot of people in the establishment that bought in to the New World Order who have now woken up to the New World Order across the political spectrum, conservative, liberal, libertarian, you name it, but also because the establishment is being forced to address these issues because now...
As Vanity Fair admitted when they viciously attacked me, we're playing to the big room now.
We're not being ignored.
People don't think we're conspiracy theorists because we just go off the facts.
And we've laid out over the years what the New World Order program of control is, what was going to happen, and now it's all started to happen.
Okay, I know we've got some phone calls here.
The toll-free number, I guess it's always a good idea to give the number out.
I haven't done that since the first hour.
It's 1-800-259-9231.
And the next hour and 15 and a half minutes that we have left in this Tuesday edition...
We are going to open the phones up and take a lot of your calls in rapid succession at 1-800-259-9231.
That's 1-800-259-9231.
I want to get into Bush saying that he's God and can torture and break any law he wants.
They actually said that.
They said, we can do whatever we want.
I want to get into martial law in Georgia.
Just huge, massive developments in our face.
In our times that are hard to believe, but it's really all starting to happen.
We're on the edge of plunging into a deep darkness we have never seen in modern history in this country or in the world.
Before I go to Vince and others that are patiently holding, I do want to just briefly encourage all of you to visit prisonplanet.tv, where we've just uploaded my weekly TV report.
A weekly television report, all my documentaries, other documentaries for download or streaming there, original text reports, news reports, the best radio interviews I do, it's all there at prisonplanet.tv, and it's 15 cents a day.
We're good to go.
And bumper stickers and pro-gun, pro-Second Amendment t-shirts and anti-tyranny t-shirts, ultra-left-wing stuff, according to the neocons.
You know, pro-gun, ultra-left-wing.
You need to go to InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com and order the books, the videos, the tapes via our secure online shopping cart.
Or call toll-free to get 9-11 The Road to Tyranny, or Masters of Terror, or Police State Three Total Enslavement, or Matrix of Evil, or Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove.
They're $25.95 a piece.
$20 when you order three or more of any of the ten films.
So you save $18 on the three-tape special, $24 on the four-tape special, and your purchase also makes this broadcast possible.
We can do a lot more if we get the support.
So the toll-free number to order the videos is 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 787-04.
It's up to you.
The videos are waking people up.
Expose the murdering killers.
It'll only happen if you take action to get my videos and make copies of them.
Okay, let's go ahead and take a few calls, and I'll get into all the news I just mentioned.
Vince in Indiana, thanks for holding.
You're on the air.
Hello, Alex.
How are you today?
Hey, I like that.
I can't remember his name now.
Mr. Tarpley?
Mr. Tarpley, yes.
Okay, go ahead.
Let me inform you, I worked on the Ronald Reagan campaign in 76.
And he won the national primary over Gerald Ford.
And he did paint Gerald Ford as a threat.
And the thought of it was then, as I remember, because I was in college at that time, that he was going to nominate Paul Waxhaw as his vice president.
And this had the Republican hierarchy in this country
And in this state of Indiana, shaking because they just couldn't envision somebody like that from the West coming in and taking over the Republican Party.
And so instead we got the ultra-big government pimps of George Bush.
Well, that was 1976.
And mind you, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky all reversed their votes of millions and millions of people in a primary.
And changed him over to Gerald Ford at that time.
I understand.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's go ahead.
Who's up next here?
John in Kansas City.
I just wanted to say keep up the good work.
Go ahead.
The other day you were talking about John Lennon and the album he had out just right before he got murdered.
You said the Beatles were talking.
It was either Lennon or the Beatles were talking about the New World Order.
No, it was just Lennon.
Talking about how he got conned, how he was dumb before, how it's the Illuminati devil worshippers that run everything.
You know what album that was?
I've got a Beatle collection, and my friend of mine has an extensive collection.
I think it's something like Music or Songs for Revolutionaries.
It was a compilation of songs put out of singles.
I don't have it in front of me.
Okay, well, it's John Lennon only, though, right?
Also, what was... I just caught the last part of George Riley.
What is... I'm in Kansas City.
What is she...
Running for, again, I'm not real sure what that was all about.
Okay, it's a miniseries for Showtime of if we did have real candidates, what do they want?
And it's a program where you have ten different candidates running against each other and then people vote on the TV show for who they want.
That sounds interesting.
It's better than what we got.
I remember when Doyle was running against Clinton and they wouldn't let, they had the debates, they wouldn't let anybody in there, any third-party nader or anybody like that
Thanks for the call.
That's right.
I appreciate it, John.
John in Texas, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing?
Yesterday you were talking about, I don't know if you were reading from an article, I guess you were.
You always do, about how Bush aides were seeing Bush's mental capabilities, like going off the deep end, basically?
Yeah, that was Capitol Hill Blue, highly respected publication in D.C., with Bush screaming and cussing and throwing fits.
Capitol Hill Blue.
It's on InfoWars.com.
It is?
What's it under?
Well, you'll be asking nice news.
There's a calendar there.
You'll click on the 7th, and it's one of the headlines, and it's Bush's age question, Bush's stability.
Hey, thanks, Alex.
Keep up the good work.
All right.
I appreciate it.
Thank you, John.
All right.
We're going to break here in just a few seconds, and I'm going to come back and get into Bush okayed torture in war.
And we'll also get into the martial law in Georgia.
Maybe you'd like to call it off that.
Very interesting.
It's a big deal.
Just calmly, you know, troops and people evacuating and 2,000 body bags.
And that's the London newspaper reporting that.
We also have the Associated Press reporting it.
Just preemptive martial law for your safety.
Pretty big deal.
And the government's saying bigger martial law is coming.
This is the new America, a new military government.
And it's all for your safety.
And, you know...
I think government's good and conservative.
You know, we had to kill America to save America.
We'll be right back.
Infowars.com's the website.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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Folks, this London Independent article is chilling.
We also have the Detroit News, the Associated Press, local TV stations reporting, but it says 2,000 body bags and detention centers are running for G8 protesters.
The body bags have been shipped in, locals are running scared, and foreigners are being arrested and deported, but the southern border is wide open.
Organizers of this week's G8 summit are taking no chances with security.
Jane Dixon reports from the community under siege.
And it says that they thought that this would put the coastline on the map and everybody was really excited and happy.
And it describes the sky black with helicopters, with armored vehicles on the ground.
Most of the houses are completely empty.
Let me just try to read over this.
It says, it didn't work out.
That is making it a great tourist destination.
As the summit opens today, the atmosphere of St.
Simons is more ghost town and gold rush.
In the days before an earthquake, and it says in the eerie absence of automobiles that tells you something is about to blow in a community where four or five car families are not unusual, driveways stand deserted.
For days, the Humvees streamed across the slender causeway that is the island's only link to the mainland, have been met with nose-to-tail traffic streaming in the opposite direction.
Around half the island's residents have evacuated, scared silly by the double, and largely...
Undetermined threats of international terrorism and violent protests.
How did this happen?
Asks local teacher, David Ray Dockery, and goes on.
Paranoia, perhaps, but there's nothing like the shudder of helicopters that put the wind...
Of a generation raised on mash.
The skies along the coast, normally the area of spectacular aeronautics by brown pelicans, and are black with military aircraft swooping low over houses on endless security sorties.
Roadside checkpoints manned by cheery grunts.
Cradling machine guns are scarcely more reassuring.
And then it goes into the troops searching your vehicles.
It's even hard to leave.
Helicopters landing.
They've got 2,000 body bags out saying they'll kill anyone that protests.
We covered this in the Associated Press last week, and here it is.
Martial law in Georgia.
Six counties, almost the entire coastline, over half the state.
I've watched video on the news of this.
I've got photos here.
Twenty-plus thousand police, tens of thousands of troops, undetermined numbers, marching in black uniforms and green uniforms, beating batons on their shields, pulling families over, dragging people out of cars, just a total drill of New World Order, just preemptive martial law.
And it says the same thing in Detroit Free Press.
A few protesters in Savannah on the eve of G8 Summit.
Here's another one.
Authorities have prepared themselves for G8 protests to begin.
You banned them.
What are you talking about?
You said no protests.
The street's muddy, but so far things are still quiet.
The meeting of world leaders officially starts Tuesday on Sea Island.
Savannah Chatham Police officers responded to no protest-related incidents because protests aren't allowed.
An opening ceremony in downtown's Franklin Square featured only seven demonstrators.
I guess they didn't arrest.
But again, the governor said, we can ban protests.
I'm putting the order in.
Demonstrators organized are expected to be setting up camp in the city's expansive park, the City of the Peace and Civil Liberties Festival.
And police spokesman Bucky Bernson said it's still too early to declare the number of GA protesters smaller than expected.
And again, in the past, they hire provocateurs to cause a crisis, and they attack everybody.
And it's weird mixed reports.
I mean, we've had the people on, the lawyers on.
We've read the reports where no protest allowed, cities banning it, and lawsuits filed over it.
So now it looks like they're allowing a few small ones, but nobody's showing up because of all the fear-mongering.
And again, it says, the days leading up to the GH Summit on Sea Island have been so uneventful that the thousands of police officers, military men and women helping the security on adjoining St.
Simons Island and up the coast of Savannah can only wait for something to happen.
In the meantime, they parade around in their patrol cars with their sirens on, lounge in lawn chairs and roadside checkpoints, that's what life's going to be like nationwide, and swap stories and jokes and try to stay on guard.
There are about 20,000 law enforcement officers.
Oh, man, I tell you.
You like martial law, folks?
You enjoy it?
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, martial law is going nicely in Georgia.
Lord Bush and other world leaders have arrived.
Over half the state is clamped down with tens of thousands of troops and over 20,000 law enforcement running checkpoints, pulling families out of their vehicles, letting us all know what slaves we are and how we should learn to grovel to our leaders.
Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal's reporting that, oh, there's a public memo from over a year ago.
And just out in the open, the White House saying we're allowed to torture and kill whoever we want.
We can violate any federal law we want.
We're above the law.
We're dictators.
Bush could okay torture and war, lawyers argued.
Another one, U.S.
not bound by torture laws.
We'll be going over that as well and just a bunch of other news I haven't even gotten to.
But right now, let's get to all these great callers.
Let's go ahead and talk to Clyde in Colorado, then Keith, John, Jason,
And others in Oregon.
Clyde in Colorado, go ahead.
Alex, do you have any questions in your mind about whether Ronald Reagan was this real conservative?
Well, I mean, the government radically grew under him.
He was an actor.
People buy that.
He certainly didn't like George Bush and called him a globalist.
He was a member of Bohemian Grove.
Reagan didn't run anything.
I don't want to get in some emotional fight with people.
I don't like Bill Clinton.
I don't like George Bush.
I like Reagan better than them, but they're all puppets.
Yes, exactly.
His nickname when he was head of the Screen Actors Guild, and if you know from the 1920s through the late 50s, nobody could be president of the Screen Actors Guild.
You were a certified communist.
It was Red Ronnie.
Red Ronnie, yeah.
And, you know, I met a gentleman.
I was prepared to vote for Reagan in 1980.
But there was a family that had moved from California that had been active to Colorado that I met with in late 79, just before the election.
And they informed me about the things Ronald Reagan did as governor of California.
Well, look, look, look.
Type in Ronald Reagan, Communist Party, and I have Time Magazine, Associated Press, all of this.
Why do you think he ended up marrying Nancy?
Because she needed to get off the blacklist.
Addie Davis is her name, you know.
It's incredible.
You know, this last week since his death, I mean, it's just pathetic, the kind of maudlin comments and the mourning and...
For a guy whom they think, I guess the media or the propaganda machine... Well, these neocons think that Bush doubled the growth in government, taking our freedoms, saying he's going to sign the assault weapons ban.
They think that's conservative.
I believe we're seeing among conservatives in this country the largest growth in mental illness that I have ever witnessed in my, you know, 63 years.
It's just incredible what's going on.
I'll let you go.
I mean, I think you're right.
You know, he's...
I think he just carried out the New World Order agenda.
And incidentally, I filed executive orders because I worked in the administration for 25, in different administrations for 25 years.
I filed executive order after executive order that I, starting in 81, that I could just cite to you that just implemented, with Ronald Reagan's name, New World Order plans executive orders.
It's just incredible.
Well, you're probably an evil liberal, so let's go with Sunday's big Maine newspaper reporting that Bush gave an interview from Kenny Buckport.
He said, oh, Reagan helped bring in the New World Order.
Is that ever true?
But no, see, it's okay when he says it.
When you say it, it's because you're a liberal.
I'll let you go, Alex.
All right, thank you for the call.
No, I mean, Bush radically expanding government and taking liberties as a conservative.
Reagan radically expanding government, taking liberties is, you know... See, they have the nauseous left attack Reagan.
So people see the nauseous left, the other side of the elite, and go, oh, Reagan must be good because they're attacking him.
Folks, it's theater.
It's Shakespearean theater.
You know what actors do?
You know, it's almost like Reagan was an actor.
Oh, he was.
Oh, well.
Oh, now you get it.
Don't be so naive.
But Bush did go after Reagan.
The question is why?
We'll be right back, because you want to be president.
There's no honor among thieves.
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The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central Time during the day, back from 9 to midnight.
Thank you for joining us.
Let's continue with the open phones quickly, and then I'm going to get into the government saying we can torture, break any law we want.
We are basically dictators, and martial law is good.
Let's talk to Keith in Texas.
You're on the air, Keith.
Thanks for taking my call, Alex.
I also want to thank you for doing my job for me and letting everybody know that the southern border is still open, and despite all the other terrible problems that we have, that's just one more to add.
Today they finally opened it completely, but citizens have to be searched in half of Georgia with hundreds of helicopters and armored vehicles and tens of thousands of police and troops, but we can't do anything about the southern border.
That's right.
But the terrorists are about to attack us any minute, Keith.
I think.
I think.
They contain legitimate Islamic fundamentalists with a chip on their shoulder.
And I use the word legitimate here to differentiate between the government type of terrorism... You mean real ones?
Yeah, an actual terrorist.
Here's CNN.
roadways open to Mexican trucks, AP.
The Supreme Court ruled unanimously Monday that the Bush administration can skip a lengthy environmental study and open U.S.
roadways to Mexican trucks as soon as it wishes.
There's video here still of it of literally hundreds of trucks pouring across bumper to bumper and they work for 8 cents an hour whereas a citizen would get 30 cents an hour so you can forget that industry as well.
In fact this is
The death knell of the trucking industry.
It's not going to modify it or damage it or change it.
It is going to destroy it.
By the way, I've already seen Mexican trucks driving down the road with half their tires, you know, with rubber flying off from them.
And the state police have even been told to leave them alone so there will be a double-tiered system.
Well, exactly.
And I've even quoted Mexican truck drivers on my program who admitted that they routinely disconnect their brake lines because it makes it easier to steer the truck.
And that may be all well and fine in Mexico, but quite frankly, if I'm driving down Interstate 35, I don't want this monstrous vehicle next to me that may not be able to stop.
And I don't think anybody else has.
But see, the news media will be real quiet about it like everything else and just never really make it a big news item when these trucks blow up and flip.
Of course, of course.
And if your family should happen to be squashed by one of these trucks, why...
Naturally, you'll be a racist or a xenophobe because you want them to adhere to the same standards as our truckers, which is actually a moot point because they shouldn't even be here in the first place.
There's plenty of Americans who are perfectly able.
To transport goods for us.
We don't need anyone else to do it.
But again, the IMF and World Bank and Bush has said that this is being done to lower our standards.
This is being done to get rid of the middle class, regardless of what color you are, to bring us into the new world order.
And this is economic warfare on a mass scale.
And my real point for calling is this.
I know that there are a lot of people out there...
Well, like Joyce Riley Monclise, for example, that are doing their best to work within the system and play by the rules and do what they truly believe is right and moral in order to defeat this evil that we're faced with.
And God bless them, more power to them.
But the system is compromised, and I just want people to know that
Can't go along with their rules, regulations, laws.
You can't pay their fines and their fees and somehow expect things to get better.
We are at the point where we need to ask ourselves what we are willing to sacrifice in order to regain our republic.
And it's going to be, unfortunately, a great deal that we have to sacrifice.
But in the long run, we have to sacrifice more to keep going along.
Yes, we do.
But people don't want to give up just the little bit they've got
When it guarantees they'll get a lot more.
Alex, the irony is that they'll lose it anyway.
No matter how high the price of resistance is, it will always be far, far less than the price of not resisting.
Frederick of the Pacific, the only person who makes slavery possible is the slave.
Well, I know this.
Bush says that hamburger jobs are now considered industrial, that exporting jobs is our main export.
I mean, these are just bald-faced, wicked statements.
And why are the Democrats and Republicans together on open borders when 80-plus percent of Americans, regardless of color, are against the open borders?
People know this is bad.
They know that there's six-plus billion people that want to come here, and they'll work for nothing, and it's destroying our economy.
Keith, thanks for coming on.
Good to hear from you.
He has a local TV show called Texas Frontline, a local cable.
It's a good show.
Let's go ahead and talk to John in New York.
John, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Thank you.
Great show today.
You've got to get on Tarpley's other co-author there one of these days again, too, Anton Chadican.
Listen, I just come up with a great idea.
I was thinking about how, and this is for you listeners out there, how we could maybe get this whole thing out, this word out, besides the tapes and stuff, which is slow process.
You don't know
If people are going to take them and throw them in the dumpsters, they walk away and all that stuff.
I come up with this idea and it's using the government's way of dropping leaflets and all that stuff.
I would suggest, and this is what I'm going to do, it's very easy with people with PCs and stuff like that or go to your nearest people that make business cards and stuff.
Go out there,
Get a card, have thousands of them made, you know, a thousand of them made, whatever, go around, put it in your pocket, put on whatever you want, you know, be creative.
A lot of people do that, business cards with your favorite websites.
Right, exactly, exactly.
Now, I don't really hear, I haven't really heard you mention that or anything like that, but I think that's a great idea.
And even maybe, you know, making small-sized posters and hanging them in your clubhouse, your libraries, your stores.
You know, with questions, what you want to do is you want to keep it at a question thing.
Do you believe that this happened, and do you believe that we're being lied to by the government?
Or find out the truth about 9-11, prisonplanet.com.
Put it all down there, pass them out, and if you don't want to give them to everybody, ask a person on the street.
Let me ask you a question.
What do you think of them having martial law in Georgia?
Having martial law in anywhere...
It's just... Just preemptive martial law.
Yeah, I know.
It's just preemptive troops searching your vehicles.
No protests.
And we say, Bush coming out and going, yeah, our White House documents say we can torture whoever we want.
We don't follow any laws.
We're above the law.
They actually say, we're above the law.
Well, something's got to be done.
I mean, if they get away with this, they're going to continue.
This is all probing, testing.
All right, good to hear from you.
Great points.
Did you say something else, John?
It's all I could think of.
Okay, thanks.
Thanks for the call.
Let's talk to Jason in Boston.
Go ahead, Jason.
Hey, Alex.
I got turned on to you about three weeks ago, and ever since then, my girlfriend's been telling me I've been driving her crazy.
I just wanted to ask you and get your take if you're familiar with the ITER project.
Say that again?
I chose a project for a coal fusion plant that basically sounds like most of the major players in the New World Order are collaborating on to build until we get online by 2010.
And where did you hear about this?
There's a website out there called ITER.org.
It'll explain basically the whole thing to you.
And, I mean, this has been something that, as being an engineer, that's been told to you, you know, growing up, that coal fusion could be the renewable energy source that you all dreamed about.
And I was just wondering what your take on that would be.
Well, I'm not going to liken this to the comet that was supposed to kill us, that of course, as I said it would last week, turned out to be a hoax by design.
Cold fusion, the mathematics show is possible.
No doubt.
Let me just, you asked me a question.
Yep, go ahead, go ahead.
Tell you what, just go ahead.
No, no, just go ahead.
I'm sorry.
The only other thing I would say is as an engineer...
They're going to build this plant, which seems like this is going forward.
They would have some type of mathematical model probability that they can get this thing online.
And I don't know.
I think the implications of it could be mixed in with this new world order, and who knows.
But I mean, I think this is something that should be also a facet in this whole thing.
There's so many facets of what I've been reading through your websites that are coming at me.
Okay, the globalists would have no reason to want to move us to cold fusion because they have a monopoly of oil, and that's one of the pillars.
The oil's going to run out or whatever, and they have the power to go out.
No, the oil's not running out.
That's not true.
They have the technology under their control anyways.
It's all part of just going forward into the new millennium.
What they're going to do, sir, is tell you there's no oil and make you pay ten times for it.
What they're going to do is tell you there's no fresh water, make you pay ten times what it's worth for it.
Two monopolies.
I agree with you.
And certainly there are other alternative energy sources that are provable and demonstrated, and they're not being promoted by the elite, and I'm not aware of what you brought up, so that's why I really can't comment on it.
If you ever get a second, I would just, you know, if you can look at the website for a second.
Yeah, I don't know about that website.
There's a lot of other people out there claiming all this stuff, and usually it turns out to be a fraud.
Well, if it is a fraud, I think someone has debunked it.
Pardon me?
If it is a fraud, I'd like someone to definitely... Well, I don't even know what you're talking about, the particular group you're talking about.
I mean, just others in general.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to William in Oregon.
William, go ahead.
Alex, yeah, just a quick note here.
I've been involved with your show and your endeavors for quite a while, and I appreciate it.
And I also, years ago, got involved, started getting turned on to some of the aspects of reality with a LaRouche campaign.
Now, the reason why I bring this up is I got a phone call last week from Anton Chaykin, who was out for some support for LaRouche.
As you probably know, he's running for president again.
And I do subscribe to some of his beliefs, not all of them.
I'm pretty much 99.99% in your corner.
I found it curious that he was, I said to him, I listened to his diatribe, you know, and said, yes, send me some literature and I'll be happy to put it in some local coffee shops and whatnot and do what I can.
And then I kind of said to him on the side, I said, how do you feel about Alex Jones?
You ever heard of Alex Jones in Prison Planet?
Some of the sites out there and the information he, you know, brings to the general public.
And he said, yeah, next thing I know he's saying, oh, he's trying to scare people.
I said, no, he's not.
So I got into a debate.
The gentleman before me called and
I'd like to see you have him on, too, and take him on one-on-one.
Well, for those that don't know, he co-wrote the book with Tarpley, but Tarpley's left LaRouge and says that basically, I mean, the same thing that I've said about him.
Yeah, but Shakedown was going after you, which upset me.
No, that's fine.
Well, I know, but... I mean, his former colleagues are saying the same thing I'm saying.
Stay there.
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I think.
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You know, people ask me, why don't you support Lyndon LaRouche?
Well, they talk about real issues, the New World Order, but their solution is big government, and they tell you FDR was a good guy when he was horrible.
So they're kind of the left side of the conspiracy theory movement or whatever.
I deal with facts, and I personally don't care who's talking bad about me or doing what.
Whether it's Brian Lamb at C-SPAN, or whether it's
The New York Times or Vanity Fair.
Good for them.
I can defend my ideas.
I have the facts.
And my show is not about me.
It's about martial law in Georgia.
It's about the government saying they can torture you if they want to.
Okay, yeah, we said we can torture you.
It's about the cancer viruses and the vaccines.
It's about getting you to be a leader.
Because Lyndon LaRouge isn't going to save you.
Bill Clinton's not going to save you.
Alexander Haig's not going to save you.
George Herbert Walker, George W. is not going to save you.
You're going to have to take action with God's guidance and stand up against evil everywhere you're at.
Because this is a mindset, a malaise that has come upon us, a cyclical cycling of corruption that we're now hitting the peak of.
And if we rise up and say no to it and become informed and then inform others, their system comes to a stop.
But go ahead, William.
Do you have any other things you want to talk about?
Yeah, I do, actually.
But I just wanted to bring that up because I thought you had terribly on there speaking one way, and I just got a call last week from Anton and myself.
He called me twice.
Yeah, but see, I don't care.
I care about the New World Order.
Well, I think reality is that we're all...
We're headed in the same direction, but what I'm seeing is a division, and I'd like to see more consolidation, I guess.
Well, there's always going to be division because we're free creatures.
I understand that.
I'm concerned about the cancer viruses and the vaccines, not about somebody who... Look, I mean, earlier I was talking to Webster Tarpley, and I said, why'd you get out of LaRouche?
And he goes, because anybody who tries to do anything is basically shoved aside because it's all a cult of worshipping LaRouche.
Okay, so, I mean, again, that's the problem with having a leader.
They're going to do it for us.
No, they're not.
Well, one thing I found about the LaRouche scenario, which I was involved in for quite a while and got involved with EIR, and it did a lot of value out of it, don't get me wrong, but I found a little bit of Werner Erhard stuck in the middle there, if you know what I mean, with his whole ass stuff.
I want to bring up another point that one of your callers said about making cards and putting them on windshields or whatever, passing them out.
I ordered 250 of your 9-11 stickers, which people might want to go ahead and support your site as well as get the word out.
I've done that.
They're dollar bills.
I guess you could probably describe them better than I. I think you put them out, didn't you, with InfoWars and other websites on there, the fraudulent event notes?
I encourage the listeners to order some from you and go out and just... I've walked up streets and put like 50 on different cars.
Actually, I took about five and threw them out my window one day just going through a town real slow.
It was funny to see people run out there and grabbing them.
It was...
Got a kick out of it.
That's one way to spread the word as well, as you say so eloquently.
Well, that's great, my friend.
And look, there's millions of us that love freedom that know what's going on.
If we go out and inform millions of others, and then they inform millions of others, it's over for the globalists.
And they know that.
That's why they're moving so fast.
Thanks, William.
Take care, my friend.
Robert in Texas.
Go ahead, Robert.
Robert hung up?
Okay, who's up after that?
Okay, well, you know what I'll do?
I'll get the calls straight during the break, and then we'll come back to calls after the break, because I wanted to hit this news anyways.
And we'll go to your calls after this quick break.
Toll-free number to join us, 1-800-259-9231.
I mentioned this in the first hour, but the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, they've all reported something that I don't need them to report to me on.
Remember, the last two and a half years, Rumsfeld, Bush, every newspaper headline over and over again, torture's good, we can torture, the virtues of torture.
I mean, I've got a whole section in Road to Tyranny made over two years ago about torture, where they admitted they were torturing people.
In the Washington Post, the CIA would brag they were torturing people and, quote, torturing their children.
That's how sick
Then these idiots out there that love torture, who've never seen it, finally see it, and they're like, oh, and the White House goes, we were never for that.
Bush could okay torture in war, lawyers argue.
People are now just pointing out some of their public documents.
A team of administration lawyers concluded in March 2003 legal memorandum that President Bush was not bound by either an international treaty prohibiting torture or by a federal anti-torture law.
So I guess if you're a sicko, go kidnap somebody, torture them.
I'm not saying do that, but hypothetically.
And then when they come, just say, look, the president says it's good.
It was not bound by anti-federal torture laws.
It says he has the authority as commander-in-chief to approve any technique needed.
The memo prepared for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld also said that any executive branch officials, including those in the military, could be immune from domestic and international prohibitions against torture for a variety of reasons.
So you sickos out there that supported torture, you support torturing children?
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Coming up, we'll get into more of these astounding statements of we're above any federal or international law.
We can torture whoever we want.
And now the Army's own document.
70 to 90% of those caught at these checkpoints in Iraq are totally innocent of even committing crimes.
And see, most of these military people that have been torturing people to death in 32 camps, they're going to come back and they're going to be your cops.
In fact, they are back.
At the G8 summit, martial law won't allow protests, but in a few little tiny zones, they're allowed to shoot to kill.
Martial law declared.
They're coming up.
Father of Nick Berg, Blast Bush, Chain Administration yet again.
Sunnis and Shias announce new government council head as U.S.
puppet and CIA agent, which is admitted.
Reagan versus Neo-Reaganism.
Wait till we get to that.
And also U.S.
casualties in Iraq.
casualties in multiple in Iraq attacks.
And I dug out some of the old mainstream news articles about Ronald Reagan and the Communist Party.
Which I know, I'm against the Communist Party, so I'm a liberal.
I understand.
Lenin's conservative.
I'm liberal.
I understand.
I mean, it's not like Reagan was an actor manipulating you or something, and you've been conned by it and can't admit it.
I know.
I mean, it's not like he was an actor.
It's like I'm a conspiracy theorist or something, you know?
All right, I'm being sarcastic.
I don't hate Ronald Reagan, folks.
I mean, I grew up hating the liberals because they didn't like him.
I knew the liberals were gun-grabbing evil people.
Well, yeah, they're the other side of the coin.
That's all.
So stop being fooled by that.
Because most liberals are just well-meaning fools, just like most conservatives are.
But at the top, they're all interrelated.
They're all on the same team.
Bo in Texas and Ken in New York and others, your calls are coming up here.
We're good to go.
...of New Millennium Concepts with a made-in-America, top-of-the-line water purification system that takes about two minutes to put together.
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You know, herbicides, pesticides, fluoride, chlorine.
Debbie, good to have you on.
Tell folks about the Big Berkey, the Berkey Light, and some of the other great items and how people can take action.
Hi there, Alex.
Thanks for having me.
Thank you.
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Thank you.
Thank you.
Which means it absolutely, completely, completely takes those things out of the water.
Yeah, you guys have had major universities, and you have to do this by law when you're selling water filters.
Yes, it is, and I had a man call me today.
He was just thrilled because he had tested his water, and he uses his to make colloidal silver out of.
And so he has a water testing kit and everything, and he just called to thank me and to say how great the water is and everything.
And he had tested the water, and it really did take everything out.
You know, I love those kind of calls because I hear from all the happy customers.
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And that protects you from a radiological event?
Yes, it does.
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She'll call you right back.
Debbie, thank you so much for coming on with us.
Thank you, Alex.
Appreciate you and all of your listeners.
Thank you.
You bet.
Take care.
Folks, if you want to take control of your life, your body's 70% water.
I wouldn't drink tap water.
I mean, just give me a break.
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You won't believe the taste.
Again, that's 888-803-4438.
It's balls in your court.
Bo in Texas.
Thanks for holding her on the air, Bo.
How you doing today, Alex?
I just had a couple things to talk to you about today.
At first, I had a question for you.
I've heard some blurbs, and I don't have any hardcore factual evidence on this, but what about when the martial law is declared across the whole United States, what's the thing here about the red Chinese coming over to govern us and not our own troops?
Do you know anything about that?
Of course, but, I mean, where did you get this idea?
I've put this through several things.
A band...
Well, I would agree with you.
For some reason, your audio is real low.
Can you talk right into your telephone?
Is that better?
Perhaps people can hear you.
I really don't hear you very well.
But thank you for the call, Bo.
Let me try to answer that question.
The globalists have no need of foreign troops.
They give our military, for decades now, fighting troops, that is.
Most logistics military forces, support troops, don't get the questionnaires.
But the Marines and the Army Special Forces across the board...
They get these questionnaires, and it's, Will you fire on American citizens?
And it's even better than the news that they've done these questionnaires, and on average about 76% say they will not.
Well, those trips get sent overseas and get all the special vaccines and the rest of it, but the 24% that says yes gets promoted.
It's put into different roles.
They've shut up private little intelligence agencies that work for the CIA.
These guys are assigned to that.
They do urban warfare training drills all over the country.
But yes, foreign troops are here, and the globalists have been preparing to use them.
Remember about four years ago, before Bill Clinton left office, the big fires out west, which they later had to admit the feds actually started?
And just an amazing thing in and of itself.
And they used, quote, UN troops to help the firefighters in those western states, what, ten different western states, put out the fires.
After 9-11, we saw French, German, British AWACS in our skies, quote, helping us.
56 Norwegian F-16s.
I saw a nightline with the head UN general saying we need UN troops in America to help you, keep you safe.
It's all part of the Pan-American Union, so it'll all be done incrementally.
They hired Primakov, the former head of the KGB, this was in mainstream news about two years ago, to help consult on setting up homeland security.
They sent the FBI to Russia for training.
There are Czechoslovakian troops, there are German troops, they have whole military bases.
When you say communist Chinese, they're in Latin America, in Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Mexico.
And they do come into U.S.
bases from time to time.
Our government does give them the latest weapons.
And I don't know if it will be Chinese troops, but they told us.
General said that they will, quote, use foreign assets if our troops are, quote, tied down in the war on terror.
The U.N.
And we've had other colonels and others on who've been at the symposiums when Wesley Clark spouted off about this a few years ago at a graduation ceremony for cadets.
This is really going on.
But it's all incremental.
I mean, I've got video of my police state films from as early as 1995 of troops in Louisiana at Fort Polk training to confiscate our guns.
I've shot video myself in 1999
In Oakland, California, German and Australian and Israeli and French and British troops training to confiscate our guns.
So no matter how crazy it sounds, yes, that's the plan.
And today in Georgia, it's martial law that nobody seems to be concerned about, I guess.
And in Humvees and helicopters and checkpoints and troops searching people's cars in half the state.
Today, that's happening in Georgia.
Tomorrow, it's nationwide, and yes, with foreign troops.
They've had, for 20 years, police exchange programs from the Eastern Bloc.
And now in the former Eastern Bloc, two major police departments.
So it's nothing new.
The British brought in two different wars.
German Hessian troops.
The Associated Press reported about a month ago.
In fact, I have the article right here.
Pull it out here.
Here, in fact, I've got this.
This is the Austin American Statesman.
May 11, 2004.
Military attractive to illegal migrants.
And it says lawyers say hope of citizenship lures many into service.
Army automatically hires illegal aliens.
And the U.S.
And it says that about 20% of those in Iraq were illegal aliens.
So there's your foreign troops right there.
Ken in New York.
Ken, go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Thank you very much.
One of the best investments I've made was getting a shortwave radio and listening to this show.
You're doing a great job, and I wish you the best.
Thank you.
The question I have is about Vince Foster.
I've been following this case for a while, really ever since it happened.
I know what happened 11 years ago is death.
Yeah, they killed him and mopped his brains up out of his office there in the White House, and that's the end of it.
Well, now when you say they, who's they?
Clinton clearly had Vince Foster killed.
Whitewater or Waco?
A lot of it, yeah.
He was the bad man for a lot of it, was talking about going public, he was having bad dreams about the children, saying it was wrong.
As soon as Sheriff Jack Harwell said he was going to go public in Waco, he suddenly was found dead in a pool of blood in his home two years ago.
That I didn't know.
Well, when I read the Judicial Watch update a couple of weeks ago, where the Supreme Court unanimously ruled... Not going to allow the release of the photos.
Right, and not even a review of the case.
It's something that the establishment doesn't want to know about him and all the ramifications of his death.
And it's scary that...
Like Michael Reagan once wrote in his book, one of his books, that what happened to Vince Foster could happen to anybody, and then none of us is safe.
Yeah, but see, they only care about that when it's for Clinton, when George Bush is doing similar stuff.
Oh, George Bush is a little angel!
That's one of the major reasons why I re-registered and independent.
I was a Republican, and when the Republicans took Congress in 1994, I thought we would find something out about Foster and really...
Yeah, Bill Clinton's been in business with the Bushes all along, sir.
It's theater.
It's all stage.
It's like Carrie Bush this election.
They're cousins.
They're members of the same secret group.
What a Hobson's choice we have this November.
Well, you know, you've got a choice at your county and city and state level to get those electronic voting machines out.
You've still got some power there.
Take care, my friend.
You bet, Ken.
Good to have you on board with us.
Steve in Ohio, go ahead.
How are you doing, Alex?
I just want to tell you, I'm from the Cleveland area, and I happen to be looking at our local plane dealer today, and it's wonderful.
They're going to start introducing these, take a picture of your car when you go through a red light.
And I was kind of at the counter, and I said it to the lady.
I said, isn't that great?
And they kind of...
People are so, like, they just don't seem to care.
I don't know what it's going to take to make people change.
Well, let me break this down kind of in a sociological view.
If you dump a bunch of rats into a giant complex maze, they will never think of ways to get out.
They will accept the contours of the system.
And so we've basically got, like, these barbarians with cars and, you know...
We're good to go.
I had this habit in front of my friends that were close to me.
I always say people are biologically ignorant.
And a couple of my real smart friends told me, Steve, it's not that they're stupid.
He says, but people are part of this matrix.
That's it.
They're focused in on the things that the system made important to them as children.
They can tell you about the backroom deals of a football coach and what type of beer he drinks and how many girls the player dates.
And they know all about the machinations of that, but they have no idea about world history.
Well, you know what else is interesting, though, Alex?
It's like when you're talking to people...
It's like I'm in classrooms with people 10 years younger than me, and they get the math problems and they can pay attention, but if you bring up any of the stuff, it's like their brains have been pre-programmed to like, oh, whatever, and then they just kind of move on with the daily BS.
Anything where they'd have to have responsibility and be involved, they dismiss out of hand.
They're smart enough to instantly make the psychological excuse that it doesn't... Look, 2% of the population...
Yeah, one more.
Can I stay on before the break?
No, just finish up.
Okay, I was just going to say that at 5.070 at 12 o'clock midnight, there's going to be an interesting guest on Mr. Bennett's show.
Okay, thank you for the call, sir.
I appreciate it.
I'm not really in the business of plugging other people's broadcasts, especially those I don't really agree with.
That's all I can say on that subject.
All right, we'll come back and take more calls.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, and I'm very excited to announce the release of my bombshell documentary film, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny, on DVD.
That's right folks, DVD.
The original film was 144 minutes long.
The DVD version is 170 minutes.
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The Road to Tyranny is already sending shockwaves through Washington and across the United States.
You absolutely must see this DVD.
It covers the history of government-sponsored terrorism, the police state and homeland security, the nightmare UN population control programs, the cashless society control grid, satellite tracking and bindable microchips, and much, much more.
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Order your copy on VHS or DVD today and man the guns of the Infowar.
Order right now by calling 1-888-2533-139.
That's 888-2533-139.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Crashing to the lies and disinformation.
I'm going to jam three more callers in.
Cooper, Robert, and Justin.
Sorry to the others.
Before I do that, I want to encourage each and every one of you to stop procrastinating, to be leaders in this fight.
We're good to go.
I think?
Get my videos, folks.
Make copies of them.
I mean, who else says that?
Get my videos.
9-11, The Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror, both of them on September 11th.
Make a bunch of copies.
Get them out to people.
90% of those that see the films are waking up, and it supports this show and what we do.
So please go to infowars.com or prisonplanet.com.
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Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
These videos are just incredible tools.
Please take advantage of it.
Cooper in Texas.
Go ahead, sir.
Hey, Alex.
I just wanted to say you're doing a great job, and I have a question about the black boxes in our vehicles.
You know, how do we get those out?
How can we make them to where it's not going to turn us in for stuff that we didn't do?
Well, it'll turn you in for stuff you did do, but that's the way it works.
You're not supposed to be, you know, you're not guilty until proven innocent.
And they've got different types, but in the last eight, nine years, all cars have this interface as part of the ignition.
So you'd have to put a different ignition in.
And it records what you do, how fast you drive, what you're up to, and it has a plug-in for a satellite tracker box, which they plan to make the law.
So I'm not an expert on computers, but I know that you can, for most vehicles, have it removed.
It's pretty expensive, and have another system put in.
Well, all right.
I guess I'm going to have to look into that.
Yes, sir.
Thanks for the call.
Robert in Oklahoma.
Go ahead, Robert.
Yes, sir, thank you.
Yes, welcome.
Doing a good job.
I was wanting to comment about the news networks all last week, D-Day, over in Europe.
Every time they showed them, they was at the cemeteries, and the cemeteries are full of crosses.
We don't have that here, do we?
Kind of tells us where we're at, don't it?
Been asleep for quite a while.
Let them take the crosses out of the national cemeteries.
And they still have them in Europe.
Wait a minute.
You're telling me they've taken the crosses out of national cemeteries?
You're kidding!
Well, they have pedestals there.
They don't have crosses.
That is unbelievable.
Have had for years.
That is unbelievable.
Thanks for the call, Robert.
Justin in Iowa.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Yes, sir.
Hey, I just wanted to say...
You're doing a great job spreading your message.
I got all your tapes and stuff.
I've been copying them.
I've been spreading them around to people.
I've been making people aware.
It seems a lot of people nowadays, they don't want to believe the message, though, and I don't understand what do I need to do to get them to believe a little bit.
Again, the people that don't want to know the truth don't matter.
They're not going to be involved.
They're not going to protect their family.
They want to be slaves.
But I got my family, okay?
Some members of my family, I tell them about this stuff, but they don't want to believe me, you know?
I've been trying to get them to watch the tapes, and my sister tells me I'm crazy about it all, and I'm just like, okay, you know, are you going to be part of this when it comes down, you know?
Are you going to be for the family, or are you going to be for the government?
What are you going to do?
What do they say?
Well, my sister just thinks I'm crazy about it all.
Okay, we'll be back tonight, back tomorrow.
Take care.
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