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Air Date: June 7, 2004
2306 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright my friends, we're live, another live edition of the Alex Jones Show.
It's already Monday yet again, the 7th day of June, 2004.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
Every Monday we're joined by one of our contributors, the webmaster for my websites prisonplanet.com and prisonplanet.tv, Paul Watson.
Of course, we'll be talking about the death of Ronald Reagan, who succumbed to a long, decade-long battle with Alzheimer's.
Then I want to get into the latest developments concerning government prior knowledge and involvement in 9-11, a huge explosion blowing up part of a large Shiite center in Iraq.
Just a ton of vital news and information for you today.
So again, thank you for joining us.
The elder Bush, from his home in Kennebunkport, Maine, said that Ronald Reagan helped bring in the New World Order.
But when we talk about the New World Order, it supposedly doesn't exist, according to a lot of the neocon talk show hosts that are out there.
But these presidents keep talking about it.
Now, there's a lot of evidence that the Bush cabal tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan...
He told the New York Times that he felt fine until he was getting in the car with a Secret Service agent and that he thought the Secret Service agent had accidentally shot him.
Now, we know of Yitzhak Rabin.
We know that it was the Israeli Secret Service that shot him, and we've had Jerusalem Post writers on, the doctors on at the hospital.
I mean, that's even been in their major papers.
That's known by most people in Israel.
They had that whole staged event where the bodyguards step back, this guy fires his gun, and all of a sudden Rabin gets thrown in the vehicle and gets taken to the hospital and isn't given care.
It's one of the oldest tricks in the books.
And, of course, John Hinckley Jr.'
's family was having dinner with the Bushes just days before.
We have the Houston Post article.
The Associated Press articles from way back in 1981 posted on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
We've been posting articles since Saturday.
You may have to look in the archives.
There's a little calendar there you can click on.
The news from the 6th and the 5th.
What we should do, and which we are doing, is taking all the articles and posting them in a Ronald Reagan section.
And again, the government doubled in size under Ronald Reagan.
I personally think Ronald Reagan is better than John Kerry or George W. Bush.
But let's just be honest about it.
Ronald Reagan was an actor.
Ronald Reagan projected a persona.
And that's why he was the most loved president of the last century, winning with the biggest landslides in the general election.
I mean, I just love Ronald Reagan.
My whole family just loves Ronald Reagan.
Until, in hindsight, learning more about Ronald Reagan.
In fact, there was that book even written by one of his family members, which they admitted was true, when Ronald Reagan tried to join the Communist Party.
This is admitted.
This is not debated.
And they refused him.
But, I mean, look, you can't blame somebody for what they did when they were young.
I mean, everybody was a communist in Hollywood at that point if you wanted to go up the ladder.
But John Wayne, though, they never asked John Wayne...
I mean, John Wayne actually did some good stuff.
He was actually anti-New World Order and actually talked the talk and walked the walk.
So nothing bad to say about John Wayne, who was an actor, but actually was more anti-communist than Reagan.
So I have mixed feelings about Reagan.
I have a lot of evidence here.
So we'll go over Ronald Reagan and who tried to really have him killed and much more when we get back, so stay with us.
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Ronald Reagan.
The 40th president re-elected with the greatest landslide margin in the 20th century of any president.
Died, of course, Saturday.
In his home in California.
We're going to go over the relationship between Bush and Ronald Reagan.
I have the news articles where in one of the campaigns for president when Bush and Reagan were enemies, where Reagan called George Bush
Herbert Walker Bush, a globalist, and talked about his membership in the CFR.
We're going to go over that.
Also, who was really behind the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan back in 1981?
And just all the details coming up here.
Also, we'll get into some new 9-11 information.
Take a lot of your calls.
We have Paul Watson joining us for his Monday report in the middle of the next hour as well.
But before I dive into the Ronald Reagan information, I just got a call during the break from Captain Joyce Riley, who has her syndicated broadcast via this network, and she's on in the morning from 7 to 10 Central.
She's got a major announcement, and this is really exciting, wait until you hear about it, coming up at the bottom of the hour in about 21 minutes.
So you'll definitely want to stay with us for this huge, very exciting announcement coming up in about 20 minutes.
You know, I thought about this this weekend, and I was on National British Radio over the weekend to give them my analysis, my take on Ronald Reagan, the 40th president who died after a long battle, a decade-long battle.
I mean, he announced that he had...
Alzheimer's back in 1994, ten years ago, but he obviously had it before that, so at least a decade, and it's a very painful disease for the family, for the individual that is dying from it, because literally your brain just shuts down until you stop breathing.
You go through the whole process of just losing some of your memories until you become a complete vegetable.
And so Nancy Reagan has said this is a great weight lifted off of her, and I can certainly imagine that, and our heartfelt sadness goes out to the family.
Nevertheless, we must be honest about Ronald Reagan.
Now, I don't hate Ronald Reagan like I hate Bill Clinton, like I really hate George W. Bush.
I can't stand John Forbes Cherry.
I don't think that Ronald Reagan was an evil person, but he certainly was a puppet.
Now, he was a perfect president because he was an actor, played military officers, was one of his favorite roles in film, and Ronald Reagan, it is admitted, tried to join the Communist Party and was refused.
That didn't work out for him, so then he became a conservative.
And this is all admitted, my friends.
Ronald Reagan was a member of the Bohemian Grove, though he was the type of member, like Mr. Nixon was, who they didn't like the Bohemian Grove, so they didn't enjoy the Bohemian Grove, but had to go because of political connections they made there.
In fact, a few months ago, the presidential library of Richard Nixon released a tape of him talking about the Grove, how it is the most horrible homosexual orgy you can imagine.
Now, again, these are just the facts.
These aren't my words.
These are the words of Richard Milhouse Nixon.
And we have a photo on the website released by the Grove of...
George Shultz, Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, and others together at the Grove.
We have photos of George Bush and his son at the Grove.
We have Sacramento Bee associated press articles with them at the Grove.
And I snuck into the Grove.
We're good to go.
You know, doing mock sacrifices that my neighbors would probably call the police on me if I was doing this in my backyard.
But our presidents do it, namely our Christian conservative presidents, and we're supposed to just say, oh, they're just having some fun.
Now, in the 1976 election,
We see news coming out concerning the Bushes and globalism.
And then in the primaries, when Reagan and Bush were battling with each other in 1980...
When they were fighting over, actually in 1979, who would get the nomination?
It was in Florida newspapers.
Reagan out campaigning against Bush saying, look, I'm not a globalist.
I'm not for this new world order.
I'm not a member on the Council on Foreign Relations.
And George Herbert Walker Bush is.
And the two did not like each other.
Now this is part of the mainstream record.
Reagan saw Bush as the liberal.
And you notice Reagan never popped off about a New World Order.
George Herbert Walker Bush, the father of George W. Bush, certainly did.
And then in 1981, just three months after John Lennon gets shot, and that was definitely a government op, and we've gone over the evidence of that, Ronald Reagan gets shot, and he told the New York Times that he thought the Secret Service had accidentally shot him.
He was fine until he got in the car, and it felt like a hammer hit him.
And then you have Hinckley Jr.
meeting with the Bushes and being some of their biggest campaign contributors.
Now, we've had LBJ's private lawyer on this show going over the evidence of LBJ and the hit against JFK.
And that's mainstream news now.
I mean, it goes back to Kings, where the younger brother of the king would kill the king so he could be the king.
It goes back to Cain and Abel.
This is how it works.
This is classic.
Vice President's trying to kill the President.
And so we'll go over some of the evidence of that as well.
That's all out of the Houston Post, the New York Times, the Associated Press.
And then we're supposed to forget about all of this.
And Ronald Reagan was not senile.
He was quite intelligent until he got taken to the hospital, given the cold blood.
And then it was like he was drugged after that, and would not be able to hold cabinet meetings, and suddenly he would be back to normal.
At that point, the course of the Reagan administration, that was going to be small government, he was talking about getting rid of the IRS, suddenly it all changed course, and the Vice Presidente
Again, I personally like Ronald Reagan.
I mean, he's a good actor.
And I personally think he's a lot better than George Herbert Walker Bush or his son or John Kerry or any of them.
But we still have to look at the fact the government did double in size, folks.
The government didn't get smaller.
It's like George W. Bush.
I mean, government's exploding in size.
But the average person has no idea that's even going on.
Elder Bush recalls Man of Principles.
This was out of the Maine Today, the Press Herald.
And Bush from his home in Kennebunkport, Maine, Saturday night was interviewed.
It was published Sunday.
This is on prisonplanet.com, prisonplanet.tv, and infowars.com.
And he said, this is a quote, some of the liberals in New York were wringing their hands and going crazy, Bush said, and sure enough, a lot happened on his watch that was very, very positive towards a new world order.
So see, now you're a liberal if you're against the New World Order.
Well, funny, all I hear the liberals calling for is a New World Order.
Like this weekend, yesterday, I was eating dinner with my wife.
We had NPR on.
They were talking about the global banks, the IMF, the World Bank, this global dictatorship.
And they said, oh, we've got to stop the evil corporations.
We've got to have a global government to counter it.
The evil corporations that are crime syndicates that aren't free market are creating the New World Order, and the left is telling you, jump into the arms of the New World Order.
They'll save you from the New World Order.
And then Bush does the same thing, but the other side of the equation.
Oh, if you're not for a New World Order, you're with those liberals.
Hitler talked about a New World Order.
Wells talked about a New World Order.
Stalin talked about it.
Mao talked about it.
It means global dictatorship, boys and girls.
I mean, this is scary stuff.
But again, Limbaugh says it doesn't exist.
There is no such thing as it.
Here's Bush spouting off, again, about a New World Order.
So, saying that Ronald Reagan helped bring in this New World Order.
Now, let me get into this article.
It's kind of a compilation of news articles and stuff from Liberty Think.
It's on PrisonPlanet.com right now.
Reagan dead 23 years after hit by Bush cabal.
Ronald Reagan, the optimistic, patriotic Hollywood actor, who, as the nation's 40th president, revived the conservative movement in America, died Saturday.
Reagan, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 1994, died at his Los Angeles home in Bel Air.
He was 93 also.
He devalued the idea of a strong central government, but the central government got bigger, folks, to the chagrin of the detractors and to the delight of his supporters.
After he was shot two months into his presidency, he told his wife, Nancy, Honey, I forgot to dunk.
Goldwater's administrative director, Tom Delaney, now we're continuing, was an insider at the 1908 GOP convention.
Excuse me, 1980.
You know, 1908 convention.
I always remember the very words of Tom.
We'll come back and I'll read this article.
We'll go over some of the tidbits.
Basically, this has condensed a lot of the stories we've got posted there, so you can read them all in their entirety.
And we'll get into who really tried to assassinate Ronald Reagan.
Stay with us.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Alright, I'm going to read through this compilation of articles concerning Ronald Reagan.
And then we will start taking your calls, toll free at 1-800-259-9231.
And it says, Goldwater's Administrative Director, Tom Goldwater.
Don Levy was an insider at the 1980 GOP convention.
I always remember the very words of Tom following my protest of the selection of George Bush for VP.
They were etched into my mind.
We didn't like that either.
It was a deal with the devil.
Henry Kissinger and Gerald Ford, present at the convention as agents of David Rockefeller, assured Reagan that his presidency if he accepted Bush on the ticket.
Otherwise, Rockefeller would swing the election to Carter.
Leon Skousen spoke with Reagan at the convention both before and after the Bush decision and related how Reagan told how Henry Kissinger and Ford, with the support of Walter Cronkite, another Bohemian Grove member, coerced him.
According to Skousen, these were Reagan's very words.
They showed me the brush by which I would be tarred if I did not go along.
After the election with George W. Bush's top man campaign manager, James Baker, became Reagan's chief of staff, the one person who controlled who saw the president, the betrayal of conservatism was complete.
After Reagan was allegedly shot by John Hinckley Jr.
barely two months into his first term, the curious item turns up in the Associated Press March 31, 1981.
This is from the Associated Press.
Scott Hinckley, brother of John W. Hinckley Jr., who allegedly shot Reagan, was to have dined tonight in Denver at the home of Neil Bush, one of Vice President's sons.
Scott Hinckley, Vice President of the father's Denver-based firm, Vanderhilt Energy Corp., Neil Bush lives in Denver, where he works for the energy company.
A section of Standard Oil Company of Indiana.
And again, there was another meeting before the shooting with the Bushes.
Multiple meetings.
In 1978, Neal served as campaign manager for his brother, George W. Bush, the vice president's oldest son, who made an unsuccessful bid for Congress.
Neal lived in Lubbock throughout much of 78, where John Hinckley lived from 74 to 1980.
Sharon Bush, Neal's wife, said, From what I've known and what I've heard, they, the Hinckleys, are a very nice family and have given a lot of money to the Bush campaign.
We also see that George W. Bush, who was just as honest and straightforward a man in 81 as he is today, U.P.I., March 31, 1981, another of the Vice President's sons, George W. Bush, lived in Lubbock in 1978 and ran unsuccessfully for Congress.
Police have said John Hinckley Jr.
lived in Lubbock at the time and once attended Texas Tech University.
Young George Bush did not recall meeting the suspect.
It's certainly conceivable that I met him or might have been introduced to him.
He said I don't recognize his face from the brief, kind of distorted thing they had on TV, and the name doesn't ring any bells.
No, you're just hanging out in the same area as your brothers work for them.
They're some of the biggest campaign contributors ever.
Researcher John Judge, currently head of the 9-11 Citizen Watch, pulled together threads in November 2000.
In the period when Reagan came in, I believe Bush took over.
He was vice president and rose to power, I believe, on March 31, 1981, when Reagan was nearly assassinated.
The person placed as the patsy, not the person that actually shot Reagan, but the person placed as the patsy in the case was John Hinckley Jr., who's allowed out of jail every week now.
Out of the mental institution.
His family ties were to oil.
Through that oil connection, Neil Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush's son, who worked in oil, knew Scott Hinckley, who also worked in oil.
Neil had been involved with Scott in many oil operations, both working for oil speculation and oil companies.
And then Hinckley Jr., the supposed shooter, living in Lubbock with Lord Bush.
Just like the Bin Ladens.
It's just all accidental.
The two families lived close to each other.
They knew each other socially and financially.
And, of course, there's been
Photos and all that out there of them together.
But Bush lies about it.
When the Hinkley Oil Company started to fail in the 60s, Bush Zapata Oil financially bailed out the Hinkley's Company, but they don't know them.
It went from being Vanderbilt Oil to Vanderbilt Energy or Vanderbilt Resources in the 1960s after Bush intervened.
The Hinkleys had been running an oil operation with six dead wells, but then they were making several million dollars a year after the Bush bailout.
I always thought this was some sort of money pass-front where they were laundering money through this phony oil operation, but actually operating some type of an intelligence payoff.
The father in the family, John W. Hinckley Sr., was also the president of the board for World Vision.
World Vision is the far right wing and evangelical missionary operation that does missionary and good work operations in countries where there is political purpose for it to be there.
And that's where the supposed shooter of John Lennon worked.
Oh, we'll be right back.
We're on the march.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Think back, my friends.
We have all these articles posted on the websites.
Three months before Ronald Reagan got shot, John Lennon, who started actually getting away from his socialist ways and was actually writing songs about the New World Order and the Illuminati.
Oh, yes, I own some of them.
Months before Reagan gets shot, this individual walks up and shoots John Lennon.
And, of course, he had been overseas in the CIA front World Vision, this so-called Christian missionary group.
He'd been working there.
He shows up and shoots Lennon.
And, of course, the Hinkley's, the father of John Hinkley Jr., John W. Hinkley, was the president of the board of World Vision.
At the very same time, then, that we have his son going, three months later, and supposedly shooting Ronald Reagan.
And then I have the New York Times quote here, where Ronald Reagan thought that the Secret Service had shot him.
We saw the same thing with Yishak Rabin.
So, folks, this is so obvious.
It's every time.
So we'll go over this some more.
Then I want to get into some of the developments we got after Bilderberg Group closed up a few days ago in Italy.
Got some big stories there for you.
Also some new 9-11 prior knowledge information and a lot more on Ronald Reagan.
Now, he was forced to take...
The former CIA Director of the Globalist, the Skull and Bones member, as his VP, George Herbert Walker Bush.
And we'll take your calls, a lot of your calls on this subject, coming up in just a few minutes.
But before we do that, Captain Joyce Riley, who has her own talk show on this network, has a big announcement to make.
This is pretty exciting, and so we're proud to have her announce it and break the news here on this broadcast.
Joyce, good to have you on with us.
Thank you, Alex.
You understand that this is being recorded by Showtime right now as we speak, correct?
Yeah, that's great, and they're welcome to use it.
Okay, we have your permission.
We are now embarking on a campaign.
Showtime has a program called The American Candidate at AmericanCandidate.com.
A lot of people applied for this.
Over 1,000 people applied for this, and I am very honored to have been picked as one of the ten finalists.
We're good to go.
What all these people around the country have been wanting to have said for so long, and that is, what we're thinking.
What's on our minds.
Why we're not happy with the candidates that we have.
Well, I know what people are thinking right now.
Tell us about the show.
Tell us what it does.
Okay, this is a reality show called American Candidate, in which they pick the ten people to tell this country what their issues are.
And so we go before the people, and we can get eliminated,
You know, we have to stay in the running, and we want to be the final American candidate.
Joyce, I bet you're going to win.
Well, Alex, that's very kind of you.
I appreciate that very much.
Well, I can't think of anybody more intelligent or informed, I mean, of these other nine people.
I mean, I bet they can't even hold a candle to you.
That's very kind of you.
Oh, well, thank you.
But there's going to be some very sharp people.
But I want the people to hear what you and I talk about, the issues of the Federal Reserve, the issues of the Gulf War veterans, the issues of all of our jobs going overseas, the borders are wide open in the war on terrorism.
These are the issues we're going to be talking about.
And we're going to have a town hall meeting tomorrow night, Tuesday night.
Anybody within shouting distance of our Kansas City, Kansas, please be here.
Because we're going to have a town hall meeting to announce not only these issues, but announce the opening of this campaign and to find out what the people want.
So we'd like for... Here's the rule.
Here's what I need you to do.
I need, if anybody's near Arc City, to be here at the American Legion in our Kansas City at 6 p.m.
Tuesday night, tomorrow evening.
6 p.m.
tomorrow evening.
They need to be there by 6.
Dave is going to put on a concert tomorrow.
Okay, arrive after 6 or before 7.
That's what the time limit is.
After 6, before 7.
They can't come before 6.
Yeah, that's perfect.
Dave will be doing a concert.
We're going to do some of his music before that, and then we're going to have the town hall meeting.
I'm going to announce my candidacy, and we want to find out what the people want in this country.
And obviously this is going to be videotaped by Showtime.
Showtime is here right now as we speak.
It's Showtime.
And Showtime will be there tomorrow night.
So we're going to do what we can.
We've been given this opportunity.
Finally, somebody has said... And so now, out of these ten people, you're going to be able to present in the show what your listeners, what my listeners, what real active people who aren't left or right, but just want the truth and just want freedom.
This is a major opportunity.
Very, very exciting.
And that's actually a TV show that I would tune in to watch, Joyce.
It is going to be for the thinking people, believe me.
It's what do these people want and how many people want what they have to offer.
Well, we don't have a real debate going on between the two cousins, the two Skull and Bones members, John Forbes Terry and George W. Bush.
And so people are very hungry for this, and Hollywood knows that, and this is a great opportunity to get the truth out to tens of millions of people, Joyce.
It is.
And Alex, your show is the first one I wanted to call because you and I are so like-minded in what we believe and what our listeners want.
I'm not representing me.
I'm representing all the things our listeners have said for the past five years.
We want a chance to make it visible.
We want to talk about what's happened to these vets and how they've been kicked to the side of the curb.
Also need to talk about all the prior knowledge, government prior knowledge of 9-11.
And how the American people want a real investigation of September 11th, not a bunch of Bush business partners running a giant whitewash.
That's right.
And how the people want to be the sovereign, not the federal government be the sovereign.
You mean, Joyce, you're going to be talking about how the American people should be the boss and how government isn't our ruler?
You've got 100 on that test.
That's exactly right.
We're going to return the government back to the people, to the sovereign citizens that we should have been in the first place that we were according to the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
So let me just repeat.
I need the assistance of anybody that can be in this area tomorrow night.
Tuesday night at the American Legion.
The address is 113 East Washington Avenue, right in the middle of downtown Arkansas City.
It's not very big.
It's only about four blocks long.
You can find it.
Be there between 6 and 7.
Not before 6, because it doesn't count if they come before 6.
Between 6, you know, like at 615 would be perfect.
And it's a great way to get your message out, folks, and to support Dave and Joyce.
Well, Joyce, this is exciting, and I wonder if the whole Hollywood crowd is going to want to see a strong woman in there talking about the New World Order and exposing the real issues.
I think that it's going to be very refreshing to have a strong, intelligent woman who wants to defend the people and their liberties instead of these other female and male candidates that are pushed on us that are constantly promoting this globalist agenda.
You got it right.
And it's not important that it's male or female.
I mean, let's just look who the last few guys were that were in there that did all this.
Maybe it's time.
I don't know, but I'm not concerned about male versus female.
I'm concerned about right versus wrong.
Well, you're a lot better than Hillary Clinton, Joyce.
Hey, thanks for that vote.
Hey, listen, just again, everybody, if you are within driving distance, yes, Showtime will be covering this and using it for their production.
But please, everybody, go to AmericanCandidate.com.
Now, I don't know if they've got the ten candidates because they just announced them.
It was in the New York Times.
Everybody's been trying to find out.
This has been written up in the New York Times in the past, but the media's been trying to find out who these ten candidates are from all over the country.
And you're one of the first ones to be able to announce it.
Okay, well, tell us who the candidates are.
I don't know.
They won't let me know either.
So I don't know.
All I know is... Well, you know one of them is Joyce Riley.
Yep, that's right.
All I know is at 10 a.m.
I got my marching instructions.
I've got to have this town hall rally tomorrow night, Tuesday night at 6.15.
And we are going to go and we're going to have a town hall meeting like you've never seen before.
And we're going to have Dave playing music.
Anybody that can be here, be here.
We're going to have a big, big meeting, okay?
Okay, Joyce, that is very exciting, and I'm sure you will keep us abreast of the situation as it develops.
That's right, and we'll have a recorded program on in the morning because we're not going to be able to continue.
Dave is going to have to be here with me, so that's why we're going to be gone from the show is that we are going to be doing the business that we have asked for for all time.
We've been asking for this opportunity.
Now it's been given to us, and we've got to use it.
Very exciting.
Joyce, thank you for joining us.
And thank you for the Genesis Network, because a lot of people are going to want to know who Genesis Network is and InfoWars.com.
And remember, we will not stop, Alex.
All right.
Well, congratulations, Joyce.
Thank you so much for the opportunity, sir.
You bet.
Take care.
All right, folks.
You want to go be involved in that?
A real town hall meeting tomorrow night, 630 in Arkansas.
I want to get back into Ronald Reagan and his wicked Vice President, George Herbert Walker Bush.
I want to get into this bizarre group, World Vision, with one of its little employees going and putting a couple bullet holes in John Lennon.
And three months later, the head of the company's son, supposedly, shoots Ronald Reagan, the 40th President, with a .22 caliber handgun.
We'll be discussing that and going over it, but I want to give you a chance to get involved on air, folks.
So right now, let's go ahead and go to some calls.
I'm going to give each caller about a minute or two, because I want to get lots of you in.
Eric in Connecticut.
Eric, first caller, go ahead.
Good to talk to you, Eric.
Are you there?
I guess he's gone.
All right.
Paul in Delaware.
Paul, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
How you doing, my man?
Hey, Alex.
Yeah, have you had a chance to see that new Coke commercial with the RFID chip in it?
Yeah, I meant to tell Stephanie to go to prisonplanet.tv, my dear, and please download that.
I want to play that audio in the next hour where the Delta Force is chasing you, and you can win, but you can't hide.
Being tracked is so much fun.
Yeah, I mean, I'll tell you, I don't know what's going on here, my man.
But as far as Reagan goes, I just thought when he got shot, I was just thinking to myself back then before I was even really a thinking person, I was thinking, maybe George Bush has gotten this man shot because he wants to take total control.
Well, just like LBJ.
I mean, that's now admitted by his own lawyer.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, look, I mean, this is the classic M.O.
of the top lieutenant going after the boss.
You know, the Soviets going after Stalin and then putting Khrushchev in.
So it's the same story over and over again.
And Reagan was actually coming out with conservative policies, and then two months into the White House gets shot by the head of the company whose employee shoots Lenin, and the head of the company's son supposedly then business buddies with the Bushes, business partners with them, then goes and does the dirty work and shoots Reagan.
But then Reagan tells the New York Times, I thought the Secret Service accidentally shot me in the car, and then he told people at the hospital, and we have the mainstream news articles here, folks, from back in 81, that he thought it was Bush, and then suddenly he changed his story real quick, and suddenly had trouble thinking as much, and they said, oh, maybe it was the cold blood he was given.
I was watching C-SPAN, they were having the Gulf War illness hearings, and I mean, it was really good, and they switched off of that, and they started talking about Reagan, but...
I was thinking to myself, you know, they just want to keep away from the Gulf War, and then I turn on the day, and you were talking about it, but there are some issues that need to be talked about with Reagan and Bush and what's going on with them.
But, yeah, that's pretty much all I had to say, my man.
All right, good to hear from you.
I appreciate the call, Paul.
Let's go back to Eric up in Skull and Bones country up in Connecticut.
Oh, sorry, Alex.
Go ahead, Eric.
Thanks for taking my call.
So, Matrix of Evil this weekend.
Nice job.
Well, thank you.
Very well done.
And I think a lot of people will enjoy it and appreciate it because it allows them to sort of see you in the flesh, in front of audiences and speaking and referring, as you do in your previous videos, to your sources.
But this is good because you're right out in front of the public in a public forum.
Yeah, Matrix of Evil.
The others are in kind of Discovery Channel, History Channel, documentary format, and there's some of that in Matrix of Evil, the two-hour, ten-minute film.
But in Matrix of Evil, it's Ron Paul giving speeches and being interviewed by us.
It's myself, Frank Morales, Colonel Roberts, even a Democrat talking about the New World Order and the U.N.
kidnapping rings.
We interview...
The former Georgia Congresswoman, Cynthia McKinney.
It's got speeches I gave on national television.
It's got us throwing the Patriot Act out in Austin.
That was awesome, Alex.
I wanted to commend you on your speech in front of the Austin Council.
That was really wonderful.
Well, thank you.
It was good to see.
And I'll tell you, the lies that are being put forth about the Patriot Act, about hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of cities...
It was refreshing.
Three or four states now rejecting this piece of garbage.
It was nice.
Well, thank you.
Do you have any comments about Ronald Reagan?
I certainly do.
I think Ronald Reagan started out sincere enough.
I mean, if one was to listen to his 1977 to 1979 radio addresses, which he did like five days a week... I've heard some of those.
Very good.
In fact, I have most of them on tape.
They're superb.
I mean, one will hear a real conservative...
However, in 19, I believe it was March 30, 1981, when the assassination attempt took place.
It was either in 80 or 81.
It was in 81.
81, okay.
He was planning, among other things, to abolish the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.
I mean, he said not one red cent of the tax money you pay goes.
Yeah, no, no, no.
We're going to abolish the IRS.
We're going to abolish the BATF.
He was doing all this stuff, really was going to cut government, and then suddenly he gets shot by the son of the Bush business partners.
We get attacked by the business partners, the Bin Ladens, Saddam, the business partner, invades Kuwait.
It's just the same story over and over again.
And then it's an employee of the Hinckley's company that goes and shoots Lennon three months before.
I mean, how much more obvious does it have to get?
The smoking guns are everywhere, and Alex, I would suggest to your listeners that they check out some of Fritz Springmeier's books.
Be wise as serpents.
The bloodlines of the Illuminati.
We carry bloodlines of the Illuminati at Infowars.com.
And also, he wrote some remarkable information on mind control.
And just a font of knowledge.
You mean the CIA, former CIA Director Bush might have some mind control people working for him?
Can you imagine that?
Oh, geez, I'm not being a good neocon, or I'd say no, he doesn't.
I mean, the Hinckleys just magically have their kid out shooting people and just magically have the employee working for them that shoots John Lennon.
Yeah, it's amazingly intricate and complex, the tools used for these mind control techniques and just how it's done.
Well, it's simple.
They put somebody on PCP and LSD and dunk them in water for a couple months off and on until they totally lose their mind and they reprogram them.
That's even on the History Channel.
Dr. Ewing Cameron, the founder of the American Psychological Association, was convicted in civil court of torturing thousands of people under the CIA program.
I mean, this is admitted, folks.
Mainstream news.
Well, look, back during Vietnam, they had our pilots confessing, doing whatever.
During the Korean conflict, you know, they had Manchurian candidates.
This can be done.
This is done.
It's being done to date, and it's certainly being done on the part of these... It's being done to children today, and it's being done by some very prominent and famous people that people... Well, look, World Vision is the CIA front in the third world countries...
It's being done.
And it's run by the Hinckleys, who were business partners with the Bushes.
And then this guy works for them and goes and shoots Lennon, and then their son goes and shoots Reagan.
And then Reagan says, no, the Secret Service shot me.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
I think?
From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I haven't even gotten into the meat and potatoes of Ronald Reagan and the evidence that it was the Bushes carrying out a globalist operation in 1981.
We will get into that.
I do want to get into the latest developments in the Bilderberg Group, some big stories coming out of that meeting that just closed down a few days ago over in Italy, and some really important 9-11 information as well.
Taliban told U.S.
it would give up a Sama report, Reuters.
This is from yesterday, June 6th.
And then, of course, that dovetails with the article from last week.
told Saudis to let al-Qaeda government escapes as official.
That out of the Scotsman.
Just like with Hinckley or Saddam or any of these people, it's always business partners with the Bushes, always staged events.
But we'll continue with this.
We'll go to your calls here in just a moment.
Before I do, though, you heard the earlier caller talk about my film, The Matrix of Evil.
It's a great video.
9-11, The Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror, both those videos cover September 11th and government-sponsored terror.
Carry a bunch of videos, books on tape.
Just a lot of powerful information.
You can watch video clips, read about the films and books, order them online at infowars.com or prisonplanet.com, or you can call toll-free to get my videos.
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You can also write to me, to Alex Jones at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
These videos are excellent.
They're great at waking people up.
So get them, make copies of them, get them out to people today.
Again, that number, if you missed it, 1-888-253-3139, or write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Let's go ahead and talk to Emmett in Pennsylvania, then Jeff and others.
Go ahead, Emmett.
Yes, last night I was playing Neil Young's Mirrorball.
You need to hear that disc.
One of the songs goes, Home of the Brave.
Where only heroes need protection.
These rockers, they know what's going on.
They know what's going down.
You know, Reagan tripled the federal deficit while he was in.
He voted okay for abortions in California.
And the way I believe, he was divorced and remarried.
According to the Bible, you're only married to your first wife.
Well, clearly Reagan was not going to be that big government promoter until he got shot.
And certainly the government radically expanded, doubled in size.
It's now happening under Bush.
And I guess conservative means doubling in size.
But he was an actor.
I don't think he was bad, but clearly he was a puppet.
But a lot of people don't want to face this.
It's like Democrats don't want to face the fact that Bill Clinton was who he was.
But clearly they wouldn't have shot him
With the Bush business partner's son, if he hadn't been doing some things they didn't like.
Here's another thing.
It's come out recently that Iraq was trying to buy plutonium from South Africa.
That's not true.
Oh, okay.
I mean, we've had about a hundred of these reports.
Okay, all right.
I was thinking, well, George Bush might have been trying to pull a...
Roosevelt was letting the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor.
He let them bomb the Trade Tower buildings.
He let them?
The hijackers were still alive.
The whole thing was still alive.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, we need a real inquiry into that.
Well, look, regardless of who Ronald Reagan really was, it doesn't matter.
They're all puppets.
Okay, thanks for the call.
Thanks for the call.
We'll come back with the second hour and go to Jeff and Terry and
And Myron and many, many others, toll-free number to join us, 800-259-9231.
Stay with us.
Skyrocketing oil prices, the economy on the brink, the plunging dollar, terrorism, the government spending $1.80 for every dollar it collects.
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Big Brother.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Welcome, my friends.
It is Monday, the seventh day of June 2004.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Paul Watson, for his Monday report, will be joining us from the prison planet, exposing the global tyranny.
In about 30 minutes, we're going to have wide-open phones, getting your response to Ronald Reagan, a Hollywood actor who was in big political fights in the primary with George Herbert Walker Bush.
Then George Herbert Walker Bush's business partner's son supposedly shot Ronald Reagan, but Ronald Reagan told the New York Times he thought that at first it was the Secret Service shooting him,
But we're just supposed to ignore all of that.
And the Hinckleys also ran the company that produced the shooter of John Lennon three months before.
Very interesting family in business with the Bushes.
Living in the same town with the Bushes, Midland, Texas.
Multiple Bush siblings working for the Hinckleys.
So we'll go over some of that evidence we have not yet covered.
It's a good time to bring all this back up to people.
We've got some different news articles and synopses up there on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com for you.
The government's saying there's an upcoming terror attack here in the next few months.
There's a lot of indicators that that could happen.
I want to get into that.
The Bilderberg Group as well.
A lot of 9-11 prior knowledge.
But we're continuing with the Reagan situation.
Dead at 93.
Died Saturday at his home in Bel Air in California in Los Angeles.
Let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Jeff in Florida.
Jeff, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How are you doing?
Fine, sir.
If anybody wants to know more about this, I don't know if you carry this book or not, but I recently got this from the John Birch Society, the book called The Insiders, about all the presidents.
It was made back when Clinton was still in office, but it goes all the way back to the Cotter administration and talking about how the Council on Foreign Relations, the trilateral... Well, yeah, that's who makes up the entire Cabinet.
It's a rarity to have somebody in the Cabinet that isn't a member.
And it's talking about, it gives dates and references and everything, but it's talking about exactly what you just said about how Reagan... Well, Ronald Reagan told members of the press at the convention that he was threatened by Bush and others and Kissinger that he better play ball.
And now this is on the record.
It's on the record that Reagan attacked Bush as a globalist during the primaries from 1979 into the campaign in 1980, calling him a globalist.
And now Bush Sr.
has the nerve to go, oh, in the main newspapers yesterday, oh, Bush said, oh, Reagan helped the New World Order.
And see, in this book here,
It's a small book.
People don't like reading that much.
It won't take much time.
They have several quotes just from Bush Sr.
One from that tape clip that you played earlier, the New World Order can't emerge, and billions of others, New World Order quotes from him.
He said it about 230-something times when he was in the White House.
He said it dozens of times.
He said it again Saturday night to a reporter.
It's in the main news right now.
And also, we were at a flea market getting people to sign a petition and everything to stop the FTAA that's supposed to be going for a contract.
Yeah, Free Trade Area of the Americas or the Pan-American Union.
Yeah, and we got a lot of people responding.
We got a lot of people.
One guy called us a conspiracy theorist.
Kind of like what Sean Hannity calls us.
Because there's publicly getting rid of the borders, setting up giant meetings in Miami, publicly doing this.
It doesn't exist.
If there's anything I'll have to have responsibility in facing.
The doctor says you've got brain cancer.
No, I don't.
Shut up.
No, I don't.
Yes, you do.
Thanks for the call.
Shut up.
I appreciate it.
Yeah, this incredible denial.
I mean, they're still saying there's not a New World Order.
As the U.N.
openly calls for world government, world taxation, as the Supreme Court says they're under U.N.
control in the front page of USA Today, as they rule according to U.N.
edicts, it doesn't exist.
Tyranny doesn't exist.
Just lay down a government, worship it, government's God, don't control it, the founding fathers were bad, they were conspiracy theorists too.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2 The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
The civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the street indiscriminately.
The medical bills.
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, we have the Hinckley family.
John W. Hinckley, father of John Hinckley Jr.,
Was president of the board of World Vision, the CIA front, that developed the individual who had just worked for them overseas and suddenly came back and shot John Lennon three months before Ronald Reagan was shot.
They lived in Midland.
They were business partners with the Bushes, socially hung out with them.
Neil worked for the family.
They had dinner with Hinckley Jr.,
The Secret Service helped to set up Reagan, too.
Reagan was told not to wear his vest that day, his protective vest.
And it continues that they did not follow his normal protective measures with the limousine.
He should have come out the door and gone directly into the limousine.
That's how he arrived.
He came.
The Secret Service formed two rows on either side of the back door.
They opened the back door, and he goes in.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
A black cop was nicked in the neck.
A big beefy cop, and he spun and hit the ground hard on the spot.
Not a .22, folks.
McCarthy, 160 pounds, was lifted by the shot that hit him in the groin at the back door of the car and thrown through the air to the front bumper of the car.
He himself says that it was no .22 caliber.
You shoot people with .22s and don't even know it for a second or two.
All of the early press reports are that Hinckley was firing a .38 and that it is much more consistent with these kinds of reactions.
A .22 will hurt you.
...injure you and do more damage inside you, but it's not going to knock you over.
A .38 is a much larger caliber of bullet.
Hinckley purchased a .38 at a pawn shop on Elm Street in Dallas, the same street where Kennedy was assassinated.
Then the official story changes after three or four hours, and Hinckley supposedly had a .22.
I went through the ABC News footage, and you can actually see the replacement of a .22 and the pickup of a .38 by a Secret Service agent.
Hinkley, instead of being taken under civilian custody, or even federal custody, he is a military district in D.C., but he is also in several federal districts.
He is whisked off to Quantico Marine Base, and that's where he is held for questioning.
I think this was part of the debriefing and deprogramming.
But he's not taken under civilian control.
He's taken under military custody.
Then he's moved from there to the psychiatric evaluation at Fort Butner, South Carolina, which was the first prison that was developed where the cells and the blueprints were called labs.
It was the first mind control experimentation prison in the country.
He spends his time down there again with a group of psychiatrists that are interlinked with other assassinations and then he is eventually brought to the court and declared not guilty by reason of insanity for the assassination attempt.
Now they're letting him out of the mental institution today.
It's a convoluted story, but the parameters are always the same.
You have a patsy that takes the blame.
You have a second gunman that never comes to light.
And indeed, Reagan told the Associated Press he thought that he was shot by Secret Service agents in an interview published in the New York Times April 23, 1981.
Quote, I knew I had been hurt, but I thought that I'd been hurt by the Secret Service man.
We're good to go.
That Reagan got himself to George Washington Hospital despite attempts to bring him to the Bethesda Naval Base.
Yeah, he argued with them.
He actually said, I'm the president, take me here.
Michael Gilson de Lemons, author and member of the National Committee on U.S.
Libertarian Party, picks up the story, writing on January 20, 2002, when Reagan was shot, he apparently assumed that his vice president did it.
How do I know this?
From the fascinating information that my mother, who volunteered at the hospital where he was taken, and was a friend of his from old Hollywood days, shared with me.
It seems that shortly after he woke up, he asked for a D.C.
patrol officer, had this person find a U.S.
ship that had just reached the area, and soon sailors with sidearms guarded his bedside while he placed the whole hospital under his direct command and swore all the secrecy.
They buffered him from the Secret Service and anyone else.
This is on the record, too.
He trusted no one, and perhaps by protecting himself with unentangled sailors from the officers fresh from sea, saved his own life and the country from one more bleak mark of shame on one fellow catcher of the rye devotee and a .38 caliber enthusiast and guest of World Vision.
Again, the same folks out with the employees blasting other people.
Was alleged...
Apparent Lenin assassin Mark David Chapman.
Let me just recap this and I'll go straight to your calls.
You have Neil Bush working for John Hinckley Sr.
You have John Hinckley Sr.
in business with the Bushes in two separate oil companies in Medellin in the country club together, dinner together, some of the biggest campaign contributors, Associated Press from 1981 reporting.
You have the Hinckleys as the head of World Vision, the CIA front that only pops up in conflict zones with its, quote, missionary front group, with Mark David Chapman, the supposed shooter of John Lennon, who works at World Vision, leaves Latin America.
Shows up, goes directly to the hotel, and blasts Lennon, who'd suddenly stopped being a socialist.
And I've got the songs.
We ought to play some of these.
New World Order, Illuminati, you devil worshippers, we're going to stop you.
I mean, boy, he was dead within a month of releasing that CD.
I've never heard it on the radio.
It's amazing stuff.
In fact, I keep saying I've got that at my studio.
I need to bring that down here and play it for you.
He gets blasted all of a sudden.
They couldn't have him spouting off about the New World Order.
And it's a World Vision employee doing it.
It's just incredible stuff.
And then you've got Hinckley, the son of this guy.
I mean, he just goes on and on and on and on.
That's the same thing with Yashak Rabin going, where's my limousine?
What's going on?
Walk through here, sir.
They all step back.
Shots ring out.
He gets in the car.
And then we've had the reporters on, the doctors, all the people.
He was shot multiple times, not given treatment at the hospital, and he died.
It's the oldest trick in the book.
It's like the Secret Service pulling off of Kennedy and
You know, telling him, oh, here's your car today.
This opened back when you were supposed to ride in.
And LBJ on the radio the whole time and his own lawyer saying he had him killed.
I mean, stop being a naive, people.
They were better enemies in the 1980 campaign, George Herbert Walker and Ronald Reagan.
And suddenly there was no more talk of abolishing the IRS or getting rid of the BATF.
Suddenly, the government expands radically in spending and explodes, and all of this happens.
I don't want to keep going on forever here.
Let's go ahead and go to the calls.
I guess up next is Terry in Washington.
Go ahead, Terry.
Yeah, Alex.
Good morning.
You were talking about how Hinkley was working as...
A agent for the Vanderbilt Dry Wells sort of laundering money?
Well, that's what the news reports I was reading said.
Yeah, well, as you know and I know, the Vanderbilts were one of the pillars of the skull and bones, right?
That's right.
And the other day when you were on vacation, I turned over to C-SPAN, and the guy that's the news anchor for CNN, his name is Anderson Cooper.
You know who he be.
It rings a bell, but why don't you enlighten me?
Well, he was telling some little colored kids how they can be a success, too, that he worked hard in his life and he made it.
And one of the little colored girls stood up and says, well, don't you think you had a bigger advantage being the son of a Vanderbilt?
And he just stood there sort of shocked.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
They're a lot smarter than he is.
He says, well, yes, my mother was a Vanderbilt, and I did have some advantages like going to... Well, that's the point, is it's all this giant nest of Hinckleys and Vanderbilts and Cheneys and Bushes and Careys, all nesting, running this giant theater scam on us,
And Bush tried to defeat Reagan.
Reagan won.
He was basically just a puppet, but thought he was really supposed to be a conservative.
And he told Mr. Skousen, this is on the record, that they've threatened me to go along with what they say.
So it's all on the record.
Yeah, we've got Vanderbilt scone bones telling us what the news is, even.
We're the ones that are being brainwashed.
I hear you, my friend.
Well, that's about all I got for you.
And remember to bring in that Beatle album for us old guys, eh?
Well, thank you.
Yeah, it's a compilation of... One of my employees borrowed it and was making copies of it, and I haven't found it since.
I know it's somewhere up there at the office.
I need to get that.
I need to play that.
Because, I mean, literally, the lyrics are like, Illuminati, you devil worshippers, you've got it all.
We're going to expose you.
And then... No, you're not.
World Vision, drop by.
Chemical attacks.
Dirty bombs.
Biological attack.
And to top it all off, duct tape and plastic.
Alarming words for our time.
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All right, we're going to get into Bilderberg Group.
More 9-11.
Prior knowledge, evidence.
A ton of news coming up here in just about ten minutes.
Let's try to get through as many of these calls as possible.
Let's go ahead and talk to Myron in South Dakota, then Eric, John, J.R., Jim, and others.
Go ahead, Myron.
Yes, Alex.
I may be a little more critical of Ronald Reagan because I happen to know his beginnings.
For instance, when he ran for governor in California, he was running against Pat Brown, as Pat Brown being this wild, fending liberal.
And after Reagan got elected, all the people who helped him to get elected...
Well, I mean, the government exploded in size.
All this happened, but don't confuse me with the facts.
He was an actor, and I've bought the acting.
But look, to be completely serious, though, he was obviously better than George Bush.
And that's why they clearly went after him.
I'm talking about as governor of California.
By the time he finished two terms, he had tripled the size of the budget in California.
No, I know.
No, I know.
Increased the taxes.
So I had a friend of mine tell me at that time, right after he got elected, Major Pedro Diaz-Lanz, who helped Castro get into power, was charged with the Air Force for six months until he denounced Castro as a communist, came to this country, testified for the Senate Select Committee.
And denounce Castro as a communist.
Eisenhower got on TV.
Denounce Lanz.
And Lanz told me... No, I know.
Castro was our boy, as usual.
Just like Bin Laden.
Just like Noriega.
Just like Saddam.
And he told me, be careful, don't listen to what they're saying, just watch what they're doing.
And I started doing that, and I tell you what, I had some of the worst months in my life.
I'll tell you, that's bad.
You shouldn't watch what people do.
You should just believe what they say.
Right, and this is what most conservatives do.
They just follow the rhetoric, and they don't look what the guy is doing.
Hey, all the liberal media is telling us he was the most conservative ever.
It must be true.
Thanks for the call.
No, it is true that the government roughly doubled.
You were saying tripled in California under Reagan, but let's just ignore that, okay?
Because if you attack him, you're with the liberals.
I don't think it's Ronald Reagan.
He was an actor, folks.
But the people behind him were very, very bad.
And the Bushes were certainly angry at him during the campaign for some reason.
Let's go ahead and talk to Eric in Texas.
Eric, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I'm one of your Prison Planet contributors.
I have a book coming out next month.
I have some more information to add to all that.
Bush Sr.
and Scott Hinckley separately contributed to John Conley in 1979 when
He was leading a campaign to stop Reagan from gaining the presidential nomination.
Also about the Secret Service shooting at him, Judy Woodruff, an NBC News correspondent, claimed that she saw a shot fired from the top of the roof that day.
So that's just more information.
Do you have an Associated Press article or something on that?
I can dig that up.
I have it all.
I have a full bibliography on this.
Yeah, email it to tipsandinfoawars.com or to the webmaster there at Prison Planet.
Contact the webmaster, and we'll post all that.
Hey, Alex, also, we can't dismiss the Skull and Bones connection.
It's so obvious that a lot of conservatives don't want to make that jump.
And also about Alexandra Robbins' book, she is a secret agent.
Yeah, she was a member of Scrolling... She was a member of Scrolling Key, we've interviewed her, and she only brings out some of the evidence.
She brings out enough to make people think she's telling the truth, and then she puts the disinformation in.
Yeah, I know, yeah.
Well, people should find out about that.
That's just one more, you know, skin on the onion.
Absolutely good.
Fill them back and fill them back.
Send me a copy of your book.
Take care.
Let's talk to John in Tennessee.
John, go ahead.
Yes, Ronald Reagan's daughter from his second marriage, Patty, wrote an autobiography titled The Way I See It.
She said Ronald Reagan did not even recognize his own son, Michael, from his first marriage when he graduated high school in the 70s.
She also confessed that she was a drug dealer in California and Governor Reagan protected her from police raids.
He did confess that Reagan and Bush conspired treason with the Iranian terrorists to hold Jimmy Carter's embassy staff hostage when the election.
That was the start of Iran-Contra with the October surprise, and the hostages were not released.
Until the actual Reagan-Bush inauguration ceremony.
But you know that Reagan and Bush were fighting with each other during the primary.
I mean, from the evidence, isn't it clear to you that there was foul play with Hinckley?
Of course.
And she said that Bush extorted his way.
Into the Reagan ticket just the way LBJ did with Kennedy.
Well, that's admitted from what Reagan was saying to the press at the time of the convention.
Right, and she was so disgusted with all this that she changed her name from Reagan to Davis, even though Nancy was a total psycho who destroyed their family.
Well, look, I'm going to believe the Hollywood image from the actor.
I think bigger government's good and conservative, okay?
Don't forget that Kitty Kelly wrote that...
George Bush Sr.
was arrested while he was Vice President after he crashed his car in D.C.
on a date with his mistress and was arrested for drunk driving.
Well, let's not discuss that either.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We'll be right back.
Waging war on corruption.
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All right, the toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We'll get to your calls coming up before this hour ends, but everybody be patient.
I want to get Paul Watson's take here in just a few minutes on Reagan.
God rest his soul.
And then I also want to get into the latest Bilderberg Group developments, some new 9-11 information, a ton of other news we need to cover.
Before we go to Paul Watson, though, and shotgun through this news, I do want to encourage all of you to get his book, Order Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsored Terror, and the New World Order.
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I mean, order out of chaos.
That's their motto.
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Paul Watson, we've got a ton of news I want to go through and a bunch of calls.
But first off, we've got a lot of information posted on the sites about Ronald Reagan.
I'm not here to attack Ronald Reagan.
I mean, compared to Bush and Clinton and people, I mean, he was a conservative, I guess.
But the point is that we have to face the facts.
And in a nutshell, what are the facts, Paul?
Well, I mean, the facts are, as you've documented earlier on in the show, is that basically the Reagan government was the first Bush senior government.
Because during the 1980 presidential campaign, Reagan actually went on the record to vilify the 19 trilateral commission members that were in the Carter administration, which included Carter himself, obviously.
And also George Bush, because he was a member of both the trilaterals and the CFR.
And so it's on the record that Reagan pledged that he would never allow Bush, Bush Senior, that is, a position in the Reagan government.
And so the Republican National Convention rolls around in 1980, and Reagan is basically expected to win the presidency by a landslide.
And the media commentators began...
You know, talking up Gerald Ford as the vice president and saying that Ford and Reagan would be the dream ticket, which would basically have been a split presidency because Ford would have chosen half of the Reagan cabinet.
But then...
I mean, this is all details in all these associated press articles that we've got.
In a complete U-turn, basically, Reagan rushes to the convention floor late at night at the Republican convention, breaks all precedents and says he wants to straighten out the rumors and gossip that Ford would be chosen to be the VP.
And Reagan goes and says he's changed his mind and recommends that George Bush be nominated for vice president, his supposed archenemy.
And so after that, you know, Reagan never again spoke out against the CFR.
His cabinet was composed of 28 CFR members, 10 Bilderberg Group members, and 10 Trilateral Commission members.
And Cleon Skousen was there and said that Reagan told him that he was threatened by Kissinger.
Yeah, and obviously Kissinger's got the whole set, Bilderberg, CFR, Trilateral.
James Baker, Bush's campaign manager, was appointed as Reagan's chief of staff.
And after the assassination attempts on Reagan, which we can also talk about because there's literally hundreds of inconsistencies with that.
Reagan goes ahead and invites a delegation of trilateralists to the White House two months after the assassination attempt, and that was reported in the Washington Post.
Yeah, because at first, Reagan really was talking about getting rid of the BATF, speaking out against the income tax.
I mean, I've got the quotes, I've got the news articles.
He totally shifts after that bullet goes into him.
The assassination itself...
Before the assassination attempt, the Hinkley Oil Empire are tied in with contributions to George Bush, George Bush's campaign.
There's an investigation into the Hinkley Oil Company, which was Vanderbilt Energy Corporation, which finds fraud and demands that they come up with answers within hours, and that was on the very day of the assassination attempt.
As I mentioned, Neil Bush scheduled to have dinner with the Hinkley family on the night of the assassination attempt.
At the very moment that the assassination attempt is taking place, Bush Sr.
is on his way to speak with trilateral commission members.
There's a strange transfer of executive power, basically a redefinition of the 25th Amendment, which... And General Alexander Haig freaks out and goes, I'm in command, I'm in control!
Yeah, because it detailed, you know, what would happen if the president was disabled and they were changing it, and the days before the shooting...
And then the assassination attempt itself, Hinkley, was just a distraction because NBC reported, a reporter called Judy Woodruff said that she saw a secret service agent from the hotel above Reagan's... And she's now with CNN.
She's now with CNN.
So she said that the secret service agent above Reagan in the hotel fired the shot.
And then...
Blatantly, he would have had a direct line of sight to shoot Reagan from above, from the hotel balcony, because Hinkley's supposed shot had ricocheted off the limousine door before it hit Reagan.
It's another one of those magic bullet scenarios.
So it's more likely that the shot came from the Secret Service agent.
And then we have Hinkley's daddy, Hinkley Sr., running this world vision where the shooter emerges from to blast John Lennon.
Well, exactly.
John Hinckley Sr.
was the president of World Vision, which basically came out as a CIA cover that produced mercenaries and assassins, and things like the Jonestown camp were later examples of how they tried to create that same thing.
But John Lennon's killer, Mark David Chapman...
I think so.
And then they grab him and take him to a Marine Corps base, which had had Senate hearings just years before as a major mind control center.
It's like Jolly West, who was in the Senate hearings for being a mind control master, being the federally appointed psychiatrist for McVeigh.
I mean, folks, it doesn't get any more ridiculous.
And then I looked on the big genealogy website, genealogy.com, and not only were Bush and the Hinckley family intertwined in a business aspect, but
This website lists them as interrelated and that Bush and Hinckley were actually cousins.
Big surprise.
Oh, like Kerry.
I tell you, it's just the same system over and over again.
So we're not here bashing Ronald Reagan, folks.
I mean, Ronald Reagan said he didn't like the Grove, so did Richard Nixon.
But you cannot ignore what Nixon said about the Grove.
And by the way, can we post that clip in the Reagan News section?
Paul, can we take all these Reagan articles and put them in one section?
Yeah, I'm going to build a section later on with all this information included.
Yeah, we've got it all broken up all over the site in the last three days for folks, if you want it.
All right, let's shift gears.
Every year we get some good info out of a Bilderberg Group meeting that concluded three days ago, or two days ago, excuse me.
What have we got on that front?
Well, we haven't got much because basically this year's Bilderberg conference has to go down as one of the most censored out of the past five or so years.
And that's because, as Jim Tucker reported, Bilderberg were apparently very angry at the extent of last year's coverage in France.
And this year they went to great lengths to prevent leaks of any kind, which is why they were able to keep the location of the conference a secret right up until the last minute, basically.
And so the secrecy this year compared to last year is clear, which you can see from the website, the Bilderberg archive, last year's meeting in France.
We got dozens of photographs of the members arriving and leaving, people like Pearl Kissinger, and dozens of mainstream media reports, many of which were actually good investigative pieces.
But this year we have just a handful and one photo of Henry Kissinger.
Now we do have the guy that will probably end up being Kerry's VP running mate being inspected at this year's meeting.
Exactly, and that's John Edwards, UPI reporter today that
Senator Edwards, who is likely to be Kerry's running mate, was in attendance.
So along with John Kerry's closer genetic connections to European royal families, it's looking increasingly likely that it's going to be President Kerry.
That's a major indicator because they'll normally have the VP running mate there getting his orders beforehand.
Well, exactly.
Again, every president since Washington, the one with the closer connections to the royal family, is elected.
But apart from that with Bilderberg, the only mainstream reports that there were were mainly derogatory towards anyone that, you know, believes Bilderberg has any influence over world policymaking.
You know, I was talking to a national British TV station this morning that had me consulting for them,
I said, you know, when one Hollywood star goes out for a swim, there's paparazzi.
Yes, yes.
Well, they're always following the queen around, right?
Well, you have 200 royal and the richest people in the world, and even some Hollywood people.
We're good to go.
The exact quote is, in Yugoslavia, leading Serbs have blamed Bilderberg for triggering the war which led to the downfall of Milosevic, the Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, the London nail bomber David Copeland and Osama Bin Laden are all said to have bought into the theory that Bilderberg pulls the strings with which national governments dance.
And then, from this I noticed that the other mainstream reports that came out subsequently just parroted the line that anyone that questions Bilderberg is with the terrorists.
Furthermore, you know, they use the old anti-Semitic attack, so again, if you think 120 world leaders meeting in secret is interesting, then you're a racist.
And it's a shame that the writer of the BBC hit piece doesn't keep up to tabs with his colleagues at the BBC, because during last year's conference in France, when we've got this MP3 file on prisonplanet.com in the Bilderberg section,
The BBC journalists had access to the Bilderberg archives and they discovered that Bilderberg called for the creation of the European Union years before it came into existence in the early 50s.
So I guess those journalists reading from Bilderberg's own archive documents are terrorists and racists for pointing out that yes indeed Bilderberg does shape the course of
I want to hit a few other articles here, then we'll come back and take some calls, and there's a lot more in the third hour.
All right.
We'll get into Bush's erratic behavior worries White House aides.
This is from Capitol Hill Blue, folks.
But first this.
Taliban told U.S.
it would give up Osama.
Now, we already knew this, but now this is out of Reuters.
They offer to arrest bin Laden so they get cruise missiles, just like Sudan, and then that dovetails with the U.S.
told Saudis to let al-Qaeda government escape this out of the Scotsman.
In every case, Taliban told the U.S.
it would give up Osama.
The United States and Taliban officials met secretly in Frankfurt almost a year before September 11th attacks to discuss terms of the Afghans to hand over to Osama bin Laden, according to the German television documentary.
But the U.S.
didn't want him.
Same thing.
It never ends, Paul.
Well, exactly, and in order out of chaos I go into detail about the numerous attempts from different countries to track down and hand over bin Laden.
I believe, you know, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia also tried the same thing.
And obviously the Taliban were willing to negotiate with the U.S.
Yeah, these Arab countries are going, please, please don't take us over.
We'll do whatever.
We'll work with you.
We know you've got the power.
Why would Arabs blow up buildings, folks?
No, as usual, just like with the Hinckleys.
Bin Laden's are admitted business partners.
Vacationing, living in Lubbock, hanging out with them, living together in Saudi Arabia.
I mean, these are FBI agents telling you this.
This is a four-star telegram.
Truth is stranger than fiction, and the only Taliban leader to actually be held was the religious leader, who two weeks before, this is BBC, sent a communique to Bush, giving him specific details, going, why aren't you going to stop this?
He was waiting...
When the liberation took place, supposedly, they're happily, you know, and the general was ordered to arrest him and he's still in custody.
So the Taliban that warned us that didn't flee, that was waiting there, they're the ones that get arrested.
By that point, all negotiations were off, and the attack was being prepared.
That's right, folks.
And then Bin Laden dies of kidney failure.
The deal's made.
His body's frozen, ready to be brought out before the election.
But we may have stopped that because of exposing him.
Well, Iranian state radio reported in February that they had already captured Bin Laden and had him on ice.
So we're talking four months ago.
But it was over two years ago that I broke the news of what the White House source told me.
Yeah, so it's anything from, you know, at least four months to two years ago in which they've had him captured, all the while these tapes come out, audio and video tapes, which are later proven to be complete frauds.
And so there was an article in the BBC on Friday where Rumsfeld's wife jokingly mocks him every morning for not catching Bin Laden, and it was a big joke.
So I don't know, maybe they're preparing for it in the next few months before the election, maybe.
You know, due to the fact that we've blown the whistle on it.
I mean, you had Brian Lamb on C-SPAN, you know, talking about, oh, staged imminent capture of Bin Laden.
Maybe we've backed them off and they may try something else.
Yeah, Brian Lamb attacking me.
All right, we'll come back, take some calls.
There's so much other news.
Bush throwing tantrums in the White House.
We'll be right back.
Very, very serious.
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We're good to go.
You know, facts are stubborn things, and we deal with facts on this broadcast.
We're about to go to J.R.
and Roger and Chris and many others that are patiently holding.
Paul, you had a chance to hear me on National British Radio this weekend.
And you noticed some of the callers were like, everything you're saying is a lie, it's all your opinion, shut up.
And the other times it came on, I didn't get that much heat, I guess, but a few of the callers did disagree.
Basically because they were screening for them, which is fine.
But you notice they never have facts.
It's all emotion, Paul.
It's all emotion, and 95% of these people can't string two sentences together.
So, you know, there's no real challenge.
That's the only argument that they can reside with.
You know, it's your opinion.
It's this whole moral relativism argument because...
If we're swimming in a sea of opinions, then everybody's right, but all you have to point out to these people is that it's their opinion, that it's your opinion, but you've got the facts, you've got the documents, and we spend hours every day exhaustively documenting everything we say.
Well, yeah, I'll say to them, so if I come over and stab you, that's okay?
Well, no, of course not.
You know, I'll talk bad about the Aztecs who sacrifice tens of thousands of people every year, and somebody will call in and go, that's their culture.
I go, well, the Nazis had a culture of killing people.
Is that okay?
Well, of course not.
So, see, your moral relativism doesn't work, people.
It's only meant to neutralize your arguments.
Now, let's talk to J.R.
in Texas.
J.R., you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, J.R.
Oh, yes, sir.
I have a couple of questions for you, Alex.
The first one is, I wanted to ask you if you had any advice for us struggling small business owners that, you know, they're trying to get our business up off the ground and everything just seems to be heading downhill from here.
And, you know, with this impending terrorist attack that's going to most likely happen before the election coming up, it's just...
I wanted to ask you if you had any advice.
Well, I'm not going to... Personally, I'm no business whiz-bang expert, but I know this.
The real economic numbers are very bad.
They're telling us, ooh, a million new jobs.
Well, that's people getting a second job, a third job.
It's millions of people going off the unemployment rolls.
Then that's counted as someone who's not unemployed.
I mean, the President's Economic Commission told us three months ago that fast food jobs are industrial.
He said that importing jobs overseas, or exporting jobs overseas, is our greatest asset and needs to be accelerated.
They say that layoffs of high-tech workers are going to get seven times worse in the next four years.
Congressional Budget Office.
Debt's at an all-time high.
Energy prices are exploding.
Every time energy prices explode in the last hundred years, we have a major recession or depression.
So all I see is bad numbers.
But meanwhile, they're saying, go in more debt, go in more debt.
Paul, you got any comments?
Yeah, well, Hannity was on the air on Friday saying that the economy is improving in leaps and bounds.
And he drew reference to all the editorials that are putting out in the Washington Post
Post-New York Times that are saying that the economy is getting better when that, you know, contrasts with the reality.
This is the same supposed liberal New York Times that said, oh yeah, Niger uranium, mobile weapons trucks, aluminum tubes.
The liberals lying for Bush.
They're so liberal.
Go ahead.
Oh, yeah, I'm sorry.
My next question, Alex, was what are your thoughts on rebuilding the World Trade Center and what's going on at Ground Zero regarding the rebuilding process?
I mean, it's already been decided.
I mean, I think, you know.
Would you support rebuilding the Twin Towers for the next millennium, for the new millennium?
You know, I don't, frankly, I don't even think it matters that much.
I think it should be up to the people of New York.
Of course, they're not being listened to.
In major polls, the people didn't want it rebuilt, and the government said, yeah, so what, we're going to build this new giant one tower.
Well, I have an important announcement to make regarding Ground Zero.
This July 4th, in the morning, around noontime,
There will be a press conference and a protest rally at Ground Zero, sponsored by Team Twin Towers and the World Trade Center Restoration Movement.
For more information, go to TeamTwinTowers.org.
And if you're in the area, please drop by and support the rebuilding process.
Okay, so you guys want to rebuild it then?
Yeah, the Twin Towers.
What they're going to do has already been decided.
Well, yeah, but they don't have money to do it.
We'll be right back.
We'll be right back.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Oh my goodness, today has just blasted past us.
We're already into the third hour of this Monday, June 7, 2004 edition.
And always on Monday or Tuesday, at least one day a week, Paul Watson, my webmaster, for my websites prisonplanet.com and prisonplanet.tv, joins us on air with all of his great expertise and investigative talents.
I know we've got loaded phone lines.
We will get to your calls as well from Hawaii to Colorado here in just a moment.
Paul, what are some of the other things you want to cover in the next hour after we take some calls?
Basically, the only other thing is the fact that total information awareness, which was supposedly killed in Congress... Never killed!
...is operational, and now we know the exact building and address where it's running out of, so we can go into that later on.
That's another Capitol Hill Blue story.
They've got another one about Bush and his bizarre behavior.
And Capitol Hill Blue folks did some of the best reporting on Clinton.
They're not some liberal group, you know, trying to get our gracious conservative leader...
You know, who I'm sure will be told is the most conservative leader ever in a few decades.
So we'll get into that, also a bunch of other 9-11 news, and I'll go back into Ronald Reagan.
Let's go ahead and talk to Roger in Colorado.
Roger, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, thanks for having me on.
This is Roger Easley up in Central Colorado.
And, you know, I've actually been promoting honest government for about 25 years.
A friend of mine turned me on to you about two years ago.
And since then, I've given away dozens of tapes to local police, mayor, council members, and so on.
And it's really been an effective tool.
I want to thank you for that.
Thank you.
The reason I'm calling you today, though, is to let you know I'm running for the House of Representatives.
And today is the first day I'm actually launching my campaign.
And for anyone in Central Colorado, I'm running for District 60.
And anyone that would like to join me or would like some assistance to help take back their own communities, to organize, to maybe run for town council in their own towns and counties and so on, they can contact me at easilyfordliberty at juno.com.
And I'm going to be on the road for the next five months.
I've got Masters, or actually I've got Matrix on board.
And I intend to be showing it at community centers, police departments, and anywhere else where I can get it into their VCR.
And that's my documentary, Matrix of Evil.
Well, that's exciting.
It's actually one of the best.
Rocky Mountain News has a questionnaire for candidates, and they ask me what my favorite movie is.
And to be honest, Alex, I put Masters of Terror, because I just like that movie better than anything I've ever seen.
Okay, so you're running for what in Colorado?
I'm running for the State House of Representatives, District 60.
Okay, well, that's great.
And your name is Roger Easley?
Yes, it is.
That's Easley for Liberty, if anyone would like more info.
Okay, thank you for the call, and keep it up.
Paul, that's a great way to inform people, is to run for state and local government, is it not?
Yeah, because then you can change it on a local level.
There are numerous movements afoot to migrate mass amounts of people to certain states, and that's a big undertaking.
But on an individual level, then people can run for government.
I mean, obviously we'd do that kind of thing if we weren't buried under all this news, so we're kind of the foot soldiers that arm people with the information, and then they go out and run for office and try and change things on a local level.
That's the bottom line, my friends.
But I do want to hear from the listeners on the Reagan situation, the attempted assassination by the globalists.
Reagan dead at 93, but we're going back to 1981 and before.
We're talking about Bush and his deteriorating psychological activities.
We're talking about a whole host of issues.
When we get back from break, we will get into that.
But I tell you, Paul, that there's a lot to this.
There's a lot to this.
Bush's erratic behavior worries White House aides, and they're saying that he actually fired the CIA director, and we'll get into that.
Also, this Coca-Cola summer police state propaganda.
We're going to play the audio from this TV ad as well when we get back after some more calls.
So stay with us.
The websites are InfoWars.com, PrisonPlanet.tv, and PrisonPlanet.com.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
This is from Capitol Hill Blue.
Bush's erratic behavior worries White House aides.
President George W. Bush's increasingly erratic behavior and wide mood swings.
As the halls of the West Wing buzzing lately as his aides privately express growing concern over their leader's state of mind, in meetings with top aides administration officials, the president goes from quoting the Bible, which he does to manipulate people, into one breath to obscene tantrums against the media, Democrats, and others that he classifies as enemies of the state.
Worried White House aides paint a portrait of a man on the edge, increasingly wary of those who disagree with him, and paranoid of public that no longer trusts his policies in Iraq or at home.
It reminds me of Nixon days, says longtime GOP political consultant with contacts in the White House.
Everybody is an enemy.
Everybody is out to get him.
That's the mood over there.
In interviews with a number of White House staffers who were willing to talk off the record, a picture of an administration under siege has emerged.
Led by a man who declares his decisions to be the will of God, but who's God, and that tells age two, can't say it, folks, anyone, let's say to crush anyone they consider to be an opponent of the administration.
We're at war.
There's no doubt about it.
What I don't know anymore is just who the enemy might be, says the troubled White House aide.
We seem to spend more time trying to destroy John Kerry and Al Qaeda, both your cousins and business partners, and our enemies list just keeps growing and growing.
It's just kind of disinfo.
A, so the president gets up, hung up on minor details, micromanaging to the extreme while ignoring the bigger picture.
He will spend hours personally reviewing and approving every attack ad against the Democrats' opponent and then forget...
A meeting on economic issues.
This is what is killing us on Iraq, one aide said.
We've lost focus.
The president got hung up on the weapons of mass destruction and an unproven link to Al-Qaeda.
We could have found other justifiable reasons for the war, but the president insisted the focus stay on those two tenuous items.
Aides who raise questions quickly find themselves shut.
Out of access to the President or other top advisors among top officials, Bush's inner circle is shrinking.
Secretary of State Colin Powell has fallen out of favor because of his growing doubts about the administration's war in Iraq.
That's just so he can come out later and agree with them.
Oh look, even he agrees.
The President's abrupt dismissal of CIA Director George Tenet Wednesday night is, I'd say, an example of how he works.
Tenet wanted to quit last year.
But the president got his back up and wouldn't hear of it.
Says an aide, that would have been the appropriate time to make the change.
Now in the middle of the election campaign, but with the director challenged the president during the meeting Wednesday, the president cut him off saying, that's it George, I cannot abide disloyalty, I want your resignation and I want it now.
The president was allowed to resign voluntarily and Bush informed his shock staff of the decision Thursday morning.
One aide says the president actually described the decision as God's will.
And it was Bush that announced it, folks.
God may also be the reason Attorney General John Ashcroft, the administration's lightning rod, because of his questionable actions that critics argue threatens freedoms granted by the Constitution, remains part of the power elite.
West Wing staffers call Bush and Ashcroft the Blues Brother because they're on a mission from God.
Yeah, from Moloch.
The Attorney General was tight with the President because of religion, says one aide.
They both believe any action is justifiable in the name of God.
But the President, who says he rules at the best of God, also tongue-lashes those who perceive as disloyal, calling them bleeper, bleeper, bleepers.
In front of other staff members, berating one cabinet official in front of others, labeling anyone who disagrees with him unpatriotic or anti-American.
The mood here is that we're under siege.
There's no doubt about it, says a one troubled aide who admits he is looking for work elsewhere.
In this administration, you don't have to wear a turban or speak Farsi to be an enemy of the United States.
All you have to do is disagree with the President.
The White House did not respond to requests for comment on the record.
Paul Watson comments.
Well, I mean, again, we were out ahead of this story at least a couple of months ago because we picked up what TBR News were reporting, which is that, and it was more in-depth than what Capitol Hill Blue were reporting, which is kind of a watered-down version.
I think so.
You know, it's basically... And, Jay, I'm stuttering.
His first meeting in the White House, the first time he was in there, O'Neal, they had maps of who got the oil and how they were going to attack Saddam and how they needed terror attacks.
But forget O'Neal, forget Clark.
That's not spilt milk, folks.
We have PNAC's own documents saying all this by Dick Cheney.
Go ahead.
Yeah, Bush's first meeting, as I recall.
Wasn't it with all the big oil industry executives?
They were basically giving him his orders.
It was his very first meeting after he became president.
And O'Neill's sitting there watching all of this.
Yes, I mean, tying this into the resignations or the firing of Tenner, we got word of that.
Again, we're not bragging, but we just get ahead of the news each time that at least two, three weeks ago... Yeah, we got articles posted.
...that there would be a series of high-profile resignations...
Including Armitage, Powell, Tenet and Sanchez.
Now, Tenet and Sanchez, the military commander in Iraq, have already gone.
So, you know, look out for Armitage and Powell to be next because it seems that there's this inner faction within the Bush administration that is seeking to basically get rid of Bush and the Bush faction within that administration.
Yeah, we have skull and bones intelligence arms fighting with each other.
It's like the Mafia do the same thing.
So it appears to be that they're hanging Bush out to dry, which is what happened in that awful press conference in early April where he stuttered and stammered for at least a minute waiting for something to pop into his ear.
And he said, in fact, we ought to...
You know what?
We had all that in the computer, and somehow it got erased, Paul.
But I know we have the clips on the website, and we have the transcript where he literally goes, Oh, I'm waiting for it to pop in my ear.
Where is it?
I'm just waiting for it.
You should have given me this in writing beforehand.
I mean, literally, folks.
I can try it over the computer.
It might come across as a moment.
Yeah, put the phone right up to it.
We don't have time to download.
Do you have that in front of you?
It's just loading up now.
Yeah, let me hear this.
Crank it up.
This is Lord Bush, press conference, live.
It is loading up.
Thank you, Mr. President.
In the last campaign, you were asked a question about the biggest mistake you've made in your life, and you used to joke that it was trading Sammy Sosa.
You've looked back before 9-11 for what mistakes might have been made.
After 9-11, what would your biggest mistake be, would you say, and what lessons have you learned from it?
I wish you'd have given me this written question ahead of time so I could plan for it.
John, I'm sure historians will look back and say, gosh, you could have done it better this way or that way.
You know, I just... I'm sure something will pop into my head here in the midst of this press conference, all the pressure of trying to come up with an answer, but...
I hadn't yet.
I, uh... Okay.
And it goes on and on, so... Yeah, that came across good, Paul.
And then we had the last big press conference the year before where he says, this is scripted.
So, boy, I tell you.
You know, he isn't as arrogant as he was a few months ago.
You think maybe they told him Kerry's the boy and he's throwing fits?
I believe that's the case.
And we've also got word that people that you would associate with being supporters of Bush, both within the administration and former members of the previous Bush administration, are in fact now behind the scenes supporting Kerry.
So, I mean, it could be the case that they're hanging him out to dry.
I mean, he's visibly aged.
He's had all these strange bike and pretzel accidents.
So it could be the case that Bush is basically on the way out and that he knows it.
Remember, he's named Skull and Bones, temporary.
That's right, and carries his long devil.
I tell you, this stuff's so rich.
Chris in Texas, then Michael in Hawaii.
Chris, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, Paul.
Hey, the Oklahoma City Bombing Investigation Committee, I was looking at their site last night, and it seemed like the whole focus of the investigation now is to
Well, that's what I said.
I don't know how long you've been listening, but two years ago I said, more than two years ago, I said they're going to try to...
Why do they have Iraqis involved that have worked for the CIA during the 80s?
Why do they protect them?
It's later to link Iraqis up with conservatives and try to claim that there's this whole intelligence network of white guys that work for the Arabs.
That's a way to stick FEMA on the general public, and unfortunately a lot of the researchers have latched onto that.
Yeah, I sent an email through the site, and I got a response back from Charles Key, and he
He's basically saying that, well, they just, you know, they're focusing in on this because, you know, that's what they can prove and they don't want to.
Well, I mean, I think it is good to focus in on it, but the media won't tell you who those Iraqis work for.
We know.
They were the Republican Guard trained here during the 80s.
Yeah, and another thing, too, I brought up the points about the, you know, the bombs being pulled out from the inside of the building, the bomb closet.
And minute surveillance cameras.
Yeah, the bomb squad expert on the satellite feed saying that there was a highly sophisticated bomb that was inside the building that they were defusing.
That's all in road to tyranny, yes.
Yeah, and then Mr. Key says here, you know, the bombs could never be verified.
We couldn't even find any TV or radio newscasts or reports that referenced them.
You're kidding!
Yeah, that's what he says here.
I mean, that's his exact words there.
All right, Paul.
Okay, Paul, any comments on what he just said?
Well, yeah, same case 9-11 with the Arabs, same case with Reagan, with Hinckley, with the Iraqis, they're patsies to be seen on the scene to be later linked with the crime.
And we've had the articles up in the past, LA Times, Washington Post, where these Iraqis were brought into the country by Bush Sr.
in the first place.
So they're the patsies to be seen on the scene when the real involvement, proven by the bombs in both Oklahoma City and World Trade Center,
Man, from Hinckley to Saddam to Bin Laden to Noriega to Oklahoma City.
I mean, in every case, it's that former CIA director.
That Skull and Bones member.
It's just always him looking back at us.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, we're going to take calls from Michael, John, Tim, James, and that's it, because I need to get into the Total Information Awareness Network, which we told you never went anywhere.
This police state Coca-Cola commercial, just a bunch of other news about the so-called war on terror, you name it.
But right now, let's go to Michael in Hawaii.
Thanks for holding, Michael.
You're on the air.
Thank you, Alex, and good morning to the Dynamic Duos.
Got a quick question for you, two of them.
One, I'm going to be going to Dallas in July for my dad's 70th birthday, and one of the presents I want to get him is a set of your tapes.
One of the tapes I'm going to get is the 9-11 Road to Tyranny, and what other three tapes should I get to go with that one?
Well, I would get Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror, Police State, Three Total Enslavement,
And Dark Cigarettes Inside Bohemian Grove, I mean, all ten of my videos are good.
I don't know which three or four you should get.
I mean, I know definitely Road to Tyranny, Masters of Terror.
Paul, if you were to get four of my videos, which four would you get?
Road to Tyranny, I would get Bohemian Grove, maybe Police State 2000, Police State 2, where it shows the provocateur anarchist in Seattle, and that's a good way to point out Problem Reaction Solution.
And Matrix of Evil is good on the grounds of it encourages people to become engaged in activism because it's mainly about your speeches and being active.
Okay, excellent.
Last question and then I'll be done.
I was talking with a colonel friend of mine who last week had talked with some of his friends in Washington.
You all know that they've got that big naval exercise with the United States Navy out in the Atlantic right now.
He said that Washington is very worried because supposedly there's an admiral in charge of one of those carrier task force that is so fed up with what's going on.
That he's told them he's going to refuse any more orders from Washington.
And they're concerned on how to get him to relinquish his command and get control of the situation.
And I thought that would be something that... So you're there in Hawaii and a serving colonel told you this?
I'm here in Hawaii.
I have a retired colonel friend of mine.
Well, I know this.
Okay, retired.
We're getting a lot of rumblings of this.
In fact, I was meaning to cover that in the next segment after we finish with calls.
A lot of talk of terror attacks, a lot of weird behavior, martial law in Georgia.
It's a lot of scary movement going on.
Paul Watson?
Yeah, I mean, these naval deployments are going on at the moment.
There's also a story out of AFP which said that
There was another naval deployment going to the shores of Africa to threaten Africa over its oil production.
So all over the place we see these naval deployments.
And then we've got Interfax, major Russian news agency, saying the Russians may be working with the U.S.
in some attack on someone.
I mean, I've got that article here.
Yeah, I mean, there's also Chinese expeditions going out and all sorts of rumblings happening all over the world.
And, of course, Russia's last military exercise a few months ago was simulated around the pretext of an attack, a direct attack on the United States.
So, different shenanigans going on there.
And I don't normally talk like this, and I don't know if anything's going to happen, but where there's smoke, there's fire, and there's a lot of weird stuff going on.
Okay, so I hope that answers your question, Michael.
We'll talk more about it in the next segment.
John in Florida.
John, go ahead.
Hey, good afternoon, everybody.
How are you?
Good hearing from you every day, and I enjoy all your shows, Alex, and hello, Paul.
Thank you for all your hard work.
Is it true that Nancy Davis, her father was the founder of the CFR?
I'm just calling on curiosity here because they've been putting her name out there in the last 24 hours, and I heard a long time ago that Nancy Davis...
I had heard that, but I can't confirm it.
Well, I was reading a part of Jim Miles' book, Rule by Secrecy, today, and I think it mentioned that.
I can't be certain, but I think it mentioned that.
And obviously...
Bush is tied in closely with the CFR, who was related to Hinckley, and then they got control over the Reagans.
So I think it is true.
I've also got this article out of Maine with Bush Sr.
Saturday going, Oh, Reagan helped bring in the New World Order.
I'll hang up and listen, and that's kind of why I wanted to run it by you.
Okay, thank you.
Very interesting.
Let's talk to Tim in Ohio.
Tim, go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Hello, Paul.
Hi, Paul.
I don't know if you're still there or not.
I think I brought this up in an earlier broadcast on your show where we talked about... Junior almost looks like he's under the MKUltra program.
He is weird.
Sometimes he's stumbling, fumbling, can't even talk.
Other times he's focused.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Trying, my friends, to get you to look at the big picture, to get outside the box, to shift your paradigm.
The left and right in this country are totally controlled.
It's all Hollywood theater.
Literally, it's time to see the big picture.
Okay, a big news blitz of information coming up here in just a few minutes.
Let's finish up with these calls.
Tim in Ohio, continuing with the comments that you were just making.
Yes, thank you for holding me over.
In the research I've done on the various MKUltra projects that they've conducted in the 60s and 70s, one of the physical clues that it was talking about was someone with a smaller or a droopy left eye.
And I look at all these people on the news, from Rather to O'Reilly to Brokaw, just keep looking.
All the listeners, look.
Watch the people that have, and count how many droopy or tiny left eyes.
Well, a lot of that just comes from stress and being tired.
I mean, you know, why go off MKUltra like that when the History Channel has hour-long specials about him kidnapping over a thousand people, the founder of the American Psychological Association, and with masses of hallucinogens and audio recordings over years.
Turning them into mind control slaves.
And there's all this admitted stuff, Senate hearings, all of it, but that never gets focused on.
It's like, ooh, it's speech patterns or how somebody's eye looks and stuff like... I'm not trying to criticize you, sir, but there's other forms of mind control.
There's socially how the elite raises their children, what they drum into them, the social conditioning.
But thanks for the call.
Paul Watson, any comments?
Well, sometimes...
You know, physical condition is a sign of what's going on in somebody's mind.
I mean, that's where the phrase bitter and twisted comes from.
But we had the White House source reports, which were later taken by Capitol Hill Blue, so it was proven as factual, that Bush had this...
Seizure or mini-stroke and since that he's been having to take oral medication twice a day.
He's had difficulty following unscripted press conferences which would explain what we played in a couple of segments ago where he stumbles over his words.
And that he has trouble recognizing members of his own staff.
So it could be the case that physically from just looking at him compared to a couple of years ago, it's clear that he's deteriorated just as Tony Blair has.
And it's public that Blair has had heart problems.
So across the board, world leaders do seem to get like this as the years wear on.
Whether it's just due to stress or something else, we can't be certain.
Well, that happened to Bush Sr.
I mean, a lot of it's just the ultra-high-stress job.
Well, then again, you know, Bush goes running twice a day for two hours, and he basically barely does anything apart from, you know, enter these cabinet meetings where, as we talked about before, he just sits and takes orders.
So whether that would be, you know, stressful to that extent is questionable.
The point is they don't have to mind-control the presidents.
They're New World Order.
That's why they're there.
Well, exactly.
He just reads off the tally from us.
Yeah, mind control is for assassinations to then take the blame.
That's what the MKUltra program that we know of was for.
But, I don't know.
One last call.
Jim in Texas.
Go ahead, Jim.
Is this me?
Yeah, that's you.
Okay, sorry about that.
That's all right.
I have three things I'd like to discuss, and I'll try to make it quick.
Yeah, Walmart.
Oh, ATB.
Okay, I didn't say that because I'm trying to keep from getting in trouble, but anyway.
Well, why would you get in trouble?
They've got signs hanging up that say you're going to have to thumb scan.
Well, what I'm about to say is because of you and being awake from what you've discussed for the past six years or more, I was awake to it several months ago, and I refused to do it.
I told my store supervisor that I didn't want to do it, and I was going to go to another store to avoid it, and he didn't want to lose me, so...
By me standing up, I just want people out there, if there's anybody out there that is going to be faced with this, if you stand up for yourself, they will bow down because he wanted me to stay and he's going to work a situation out where I can manually key in my number on the keyboard instead of thumb scan.
So I just want people to know that if you're strong and you're awake, you can do it, but
First, you have to be awake.
Let me commend you, James.
I mean, look.
They've actually put thumb scanners in to get your food down in Houston and College Station.
Now they're making employees at most of the stores, I guess it's coming to your store now, thumb scan to do this.
And it's all hooked into the driver's license system.
It's all the track and trace.
And you're right.
More people should stand up and say no, that work there, and when they put it in,
At the self-checkout lane, which has already started in two cities in Texas, and it's other retailers that are doing this now.
We've got to say no.
We've got the power.
If even 10% of us say no, they'll be forced to stop it.
But the question is, can we even get 10% of these yuppies?
Because people just accept the system like they're in a rat maze or something, like they don't have any power over it.
The sad thing is, a few months ago when I was awake, they were coming up really quickly.
I was telling co-workers about it and how I wasn't going to do it, and the majority of them, a few of them acknowledged it and they didn't like it, but overall, nobody wanted to react to it.
They're just going to go along with it just because it's like, well, what else do you do?
That's the sad part about it.
Well, now that you've done this, you need to get others to do it.
That's the problem that I'm in.
Okay, you know what?
If they fire you, you're going to have a major lawsuit.
He asked me not to tell anybody else that he was doing this for me because he didn't want a rebellion, you know?
I'm going to let you have an extra piece of bread in the can, but don't tell anybody else.
I do have a couple other questions.
Okay, go ahead and ask them real quick because I'm almost out of time.
I'm sorry.
I know you are.
I hate going into speculation, but I'm wondering, have you heard anything that might lead towards the idea that the attempted fascination on Reagan might have been staged to look like a fascination attempt that actually was intended to fail just to scare him into submission?
Because if they weren't at the assessment, they could have.
And then I'm wondering if you've heard anything or any possibility that maybe there might have been some kind of external chemical influence on Reagan after he left the presidency for him to get Alzheimer's.
Thanks for the call.
Good questions.
Paul, comments?
Well, the question is, you know, whether it was...
I mean, Reagan.
Reagan, sorry.
So that would tally with the possibility that it was just a warning.
Regardless, they were enemies.
He spoke out against Bush, said he was a globalist, and now Bush, that Reagan's dead, is going, oh, he was for the New World Order.
And again, folks, this is in the major main newspaper.
If you want to go read it, it's in the Press Herald on our websites right now.
I'll tell you what, Paul, before we get into all this final news, the upcoming terror attacks and the rest of it,
We're good to go.
Well, it's the movement to make.
And it's basically started with tattoos, didn't it?
Because it's the marking of the body as a fad and it's being driven through such things as RFID tags on footballers to track them on the field in different quadrants of the field.
And that's what the agenda is, but also, interestingly enough,
I think so.
And then in 41, when the Coca-Cola supply was cut off and they could no longer get the syrup from America to make the drink, they just went ahead and invented a new drink which was specifically for the Nazi drinks market, and we know that today as Fanta.
So Coca-Cola has Nazi links with regards to their advertising.
And why couldn't they just make the syrup in Germany?
Because Coca plants don't grow in Germany.
Yeah, so it was a willful collaboration with the Nazi regime, just as Ford and many of these other companies were doing at the time.
And Bush and IBM.
Now, again, you'll hear the helicopter, and then it cuts back to them kissing in the storeroom, and then the black helicopter delivers them the beautiful new vehicle because their GPS tracked it so much fun.
Go ahead and hit that.
The search is on.
Find a Coke can with a GPS locator, activate it, and we'll find you and drop off an all-new 2005 Chevy Equinox.
Do you feel that?
Wherever you are.
Coca-Cola Unexpected Summer.
You can win, but you can't hide.
Call me!
So he gets the girl, and then now he's got the car.
Oh, call me, baby!
You're GPS.
You can win, but you can't hide, Paul.
Yeah, and then by extension, I suppose it's now cool to have the GPS system in your car, because you'll never get lost.
And, you know, I have that linked in with OnStar and all that kind of thing.
So, I mean... Hey, I'll tell you what.
Can we find that Neocon Star?
It's on CD, too, Stephanie.
My entire computer file got wiped up there with all our great clips.
Can you find that Neocon Star, Stephanie?
If you can't find it, George can find it.
It's in his computer.
Just have him transfer it over.
I haven't played that in a couple months, a neocon star.
But, Paul, let's go over this other news here.
Russian military to join Bush wars, and it says military exercise, largest Russian military exercise in 15 years going on with our military.
What do you make of that, Paul?
Well, it's interesting because some Russian sources in their government have denied it, so maybe they're trying to keep it a secret.
But there are numerous exercises of this type going on around the world.
In fact, today...
Japan announced that they'll be conducting one of these military exercises with the US.
So are they building up for something?
I don't know, but certainly with the reports coming out of Taiwan and China, where China are also conducting record-level exercises of their own and building up militarily against Taiwan, whereas Taiwan are also doing the same, you know, there could be something afoot.
So, I mean, they've deployed around the world.
We had a report which said that
They were deploying a naval fleet to threaten Africa with regard to its oil supply.
Okay, I want to shift gears.
Total Information Awareness alive and well in Arlington County.
They never got rid of Total Information Awareness.
They just changed the name.
At the state level, it's called Matrix.
It tracks everything you do, buy, sell.
It's with a major institution.
Customers of Bank of America branch at 3625 Fairfax Drive in Arlington, Virginia, often wonder about the Arlington police car that is always parked in front of the building next door.
And it says they also can't help but notice the two armed guards from the private Catwell Security Agency
We patrol the street in front of the building, and I each pass her by warily.
What's going on across the street, one woman asked, while waiting in line to deposit her paycheck.
Not sure?
Well, it says, actually, if the woman knew what was happening inside the nondescript office building at 3701 Fairfax Drive, she might think it really does matter because the building houses the Pentagon's Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, run by convicted felon Admiral Poindexter, the Big Brother program Congress thought it killed, Total Information Awareness Network.
And when the woman comes in to cash her check next door, immediately, no matter where she was in the world, it runs through the Total Information Awareness Network, Paul.
Yeah, so they didn't even change the name.
The Capital Hill Blue article says that the White House...
In line with the Pentagon simply blacked-bagged the project, meaning that it became part of the black budget with no oversight whatsoever.
And how many trillions of dollars went missing from the Pentagon to presumably go into the black budget?
So they haven't even changed the name.
It's just a secret black budget operation to catalogue all your transactions of every nature inside this one government database, and it's Arlington, Virginia.
3701 Fairfax Drive, so we know the exact address of it.
Now, again, that's just one note of all this.
They've got it in Colorado Springs, NSA at Fort Meade.
These are all just programs of this overall system.
This is what life will be like under it, folks.
Here is Neocon Star by Michael Corbin.
The following is an actual conversation between a Neocon Star operator and a subscriber in distress, was locked in her car, and doesn't have the proper authorization to get out.
With Neocon Star, help is just a satellite away.
Neocon Star, how can I offer you great service today?
Please help me, I'm trapped in my car.
My retina scanner won't work.
Just relax, sir.
It's not sir, it's ma'am.
Please hurry, it's hot in here.
According to Admiral Poindexter's database, I...
I have a live shot of you from the neocon star observation blimp in your area.
I'm an old lady.
All right, sir.
Looks like you have no outstanding warrant, sir.
So now?
But I can't find it.
I'm looking everywhere.
I can't find my national ID card.
Sir, I'm going to send a Homeland Security helicopter there right now to check you out.
You have a 99.2% chance of being a terrorist.
Would you like the in-car lethal injection right now, or would you prefer to wait for the agents?
I'll take the lethal injection, please.
Thanks for using the Ocon Star.
Have a nice day.
All right.
Now, everything in that piece is already starting to happen other than the in-car lethal injection.
Only the communist Chinese have some mobile death trucks that do that.
They strap it down on a seat that has automatic injectors.
I mean, Paul, Toyota's coming out with a new car, concept car.
We have to swipe your card.
All this is happening, Paul.
Well, exactly.
They get it through.
They've got it through in this country.
They're preparing the groundwork for it by installing this network of cameras which then scan license plates, which we've also had reports out of several towns in America which basically blanket the whole town with cameras to then deduct people's accounts automatically after scanning their number plates.
And Finland's been doing it for five years.
Yeah, so the introduction of GPS, mandatory GPS tracking is what that's all aligned to go into.
I mean, the adverts, you'll find them on the neocon radio talk shows like Limbar and Hannity.
Those on-store adverts are in the middle of their shows, but it's, you know, it's, oh, my dog's trapped inside the car, please help me, you might die, it's hot.
So it basically paints people as pathetic.
We'll be right back.
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Plus, these are great videos that will wake people up.
Paul, a lot of new torture information coming out.
This is out of the New York Times.
GI pretends to be Gitmo inmate brutalized by guards.
They told him it was just training.
Army soldier, Specialist Baker...
And 37 years old, and they beat him up so bad that he now has seizures.
Well, yeah, they gave him the code word, you know, for him to say, for them to stop beating him.
He gave them the code word, which was red, and they continued beating him.
He, you know, pleaded, help, no, stop, I'm in the U.S.
Army, I'm in the U.S.
They still, you know, continued to beat him, and then only stopped after that.
So it just shows the mindset of these people.
Over in Britain, you've got the torture scandal where the newspaper editor was sacked for the fake photos, but then later on it came out that people in that exact regiment were involved and admitted to these people.
And now it has MI6 linked to they knew it was going to come out, so give the news some fake photos to then distract.
Exactly, just as with the rape cases with Abu Ghraib, where it was admitted in the military report that rape went on, the CIA puts these fake photos on the internet, mixes the disinfo in, and, you know, the story's made.
It's classic tactics.
They have handbooks on this.
We're trying to defend our country's sovereignty against the New World Order.
Paul in England, myself here in the U.S.
We're trying to defend our republics against enemies foreign and domestic.
It's up to you to join us in this historical fight, my friends.
Paul, thanks for coming on.
Thanks, Alex.
We'll see you next Monday.
Paul joins us every Monday or Tuesday, depending on the schedule.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central, and back tomorrow, 11 to 2 Central, with a lot of other great guests, your calls, and a ton of vital news.
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