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Air Date: May 28, 2004
2507 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, so does he.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, my friends, our listeners coast to coast, all the ships at sea, the wonderful people listening to us globally on the Internet and shortwave, here domestically on the AM and FM dial.
We have an ultra-massive broadcast, I mean ultra-massive, lined up for you today.
In the second hour, American Free Press investigative reporter Christopher Bolan is joining us to go over the latest torture developments, the 9-11, whitewash, you name it.
He's very, very insightful.
He'll be with us for a full hour.
Just got back from Germany.
This radio show, well, my documentary film, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, got a write-up on page 6 of the New York Post, which is a big deal, saying, hey, Michael Moore, his film, Fahrenheit 9-11, is nothing compared to Alex Jones' 9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
Let me tell you, this just came out of left field.
I think we're good to go.
This is all staged to make it look like he's a rival of the U.S.
so he can be the head of Iraq.
This is all nothing more than theater.
I said they'd do something like this two weeks ago.
I don't know how I continue to come up with exactly what they're going to do, but I've just figured out their game plan.
It's like I've played this football team a thousand times and I know what the other coach is going to do.
I mean, I know his playbook.
I know how they operate.
That's how we do it.
But we cannot become complacent because sometimes they change the playbook around, but
Not normally.
They just continue with the same little tricks that seem to fool the public.
Also, ABC has aired stuff of people celebrating the people they've tortured to death, celebrating the dead bodies, and then shipping them out, acting like they're just hurt.
I mean, just cold-blooded killer stuff.
You know, rape room, torture rooms, the stuff we trained Saddam how to do, and, well, we're back as the bosses doing what we trained him to do.
You know, he didn't carry it out properly, so we're there to carry it out properly.
So we'll get into that as well.
And on prisonplanet.tv, on the free play section, you can go watch it, and we have the entire C-SPAN hearing, if you can sit through it, but we also have the clips themselves excised out, and we'll try to excise some more of the clips,
Where they start trying to grab one person, another person stands up and shouts, You funded Al-Qaeda, Building 7, the planes were ordered to stand down.
I mean, they tried to arrest one person, another person would stand up, and people were clapping, agreeing with them, the victims' families.
So you guys think you got away with 9-11.
You think you killed a bunch of people and got your police state, and we all think you're God, but you're not.
People are waking up that you're really Ted Bundy, and we're not going to get in the Volkswagen with you.
You're not going to put the Homeland Security handcuffs on us.
Your own troops, your own military, your own FBI are starting to wake up, and people are learning to face the horror, learning to face the facts.
You're sloppily done...
Problem, reaction, solution, terror attack is backfiring on you in a serious, serious fashion.
But again, I haven't even scratched the surface.
Also, last night I was watching a local TV show.
One of my old associates, one of my friends.
And he's basically been body snatched.
He's an ultra neocon now.
I know he's listening.
And so we're going to get my old friend George Woolley on here in a little while for a 20-30 minute discussion.
About why he loves Lord Bush.
And when there were discussions of nuking Iraq last night on his TV show, I thought we were there to liberate them.
This is just an amazing transformation.
He's kind of a microcosm of a lot of people out there, so we're going to have him on.
Coming up here in a few minutes.
But first, I'll get into some of the news.
And there are just a small portion of the people standing up and screaming and saying, You're behind it.
You're behind 9-11.
CIA created Al-Qaeda.
All public stuff.
So you guys can run, but you can't hide.
We're going to expose you, murderers.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, a few minutes.
We are importing to this broadcast a bush...
Supporter, an old friend of mine, to study the shift into the New World Order, how people get into these emotional states and cannot face up to the facts of what Lord Bush and the New World Order are doing.
I mean, I respect the person that's coming on.
He's done a lot of good work, and I've worked with him over the years, and just in the last few years, the things I've heard come out of his mouth are nothing less than astounding.
Whether it's 20, 30 minutes or so,
We've got Christopher Boland, American Free Press, with major breaking stories coming on in the second hour.
And just so much news.
There's been a raid on Shalibi, the head torture and bank robber master for Bush, over in Iraq.
This is all staged for the handover to make it look like he's opposition to the U.S.
Totally staged.
I predicted this two weeks ago.
Again, we just know their playbook.
Also, you know, the bombing of the wedding, killing 40 people at a wedding over in Iraq, that'll certainly make them love us.
And just so much incredible news.
Public school children will have all their reports uploaded to be looked at by Homeland Security and tracked and traced.
This is all part of the new freedom surpassing 1984.
I mean, rarely do I have a broadcast with this much news and information.
It's just astounding.
But first off, yesterday we started getting calls.
Alex, did you see it?
Did you see it?
Well, no, I didn't see it.
I wasn't watching the Bush crime family whitewash meeting there at the Congress with the New York section coming in and blaming everything on the firefighters and police.
Very disgusting.
And the worship session between Rudolph, CIA, Johnny, and Mr. Keene, business partner with the Bin Ladens and others.
But we started getting calls that, yeah, C-SPAN cut into it, cut it off.
Just that the hearing was terminated.
And, um...
In the last couple minutes of, and we have the whole C-SPAN video, by the way, up there, which we've got the little excise pieces we're about to play, where a family member of a victim says, remember this, your government trained and funded Al-Qaeda, as the rest of the 9-11 families applauded.
We're going to be getting these folks on the show.
And then it shows some of the people who stood up and spoke out, talking to reporters just surrounding them, but the media didn't play, because I tuned in last night, didn't play their comments, at least what I saw on CNN and Fox.
They just told you what they said.
Oh, they were mad about a few problems.
No, they were saying the government was behind all of this.
Not just from the circumstantial or material evidence, but from the motive.
And let's go ahead and play this clip of the closing remarks by one of the worshippers of the New World Order on the panel, and then the people start standing up and resisting.
Because you cannot hold down a truth this big.
It is coming out.
It has come out.
You will be defeated, New World Order.
Go ahead and hit it.
Deeply appreciative of that.
And we may very well want to ask you further questions as we finalize our report.
As a Midwesterner, I might say to you, I've been impressed time and again with the pride you've expressed in New York City.
And I admire that greatly.
And I think that may very well be one of the reasons for the success of your leadership.
So we thank you very much for your leadership.
Thank you very, very much.
Thank you.
I want to know why three on the fire has died.
And I've got some real questions.
Listen, Al.
I have a real question.
Is that unfair?
You know what?
My brother was one of the firefighters.
Don't give me any minutes, Al.
We're going to be here on this show.
I have a real question.
You want to be disruptive, you will be removed from this room.
Make sure they arrest the whistleblowers.
You've got to arrest more whistleblowers.
Protect government.
Remember this.
Your government funded and trained Al Qaeda.
Repeat it again.
Your government funded and trained Al Qaeda.
I'll say it one more time.
Your government funded and trained Al Qaeda.
Well, we'll play that again later in the next hour.
Tell your friends and family to tune in.
Remember, your government trained and funded Al-Qaeda, and the Senate report by Republicans in 1999 admitted that they used bin Laden to attack the Serbs when they fought back.
They then were called mass murderers, and they were attacked and had the U.N.
and NATO take over one-third of their country and then overthrow their government.
And now the whitewash trial's been going on for four years of Milajevic.
So that's the reality of what we're dealing with.
And people cannot, you know, look at the facts.
You can ignore the 600 documents on prisonplanet.com.
You can ignore my two films.
You can ignore the book I've written, the books I've published.
You can ignore the facts, but it will come out.
You know, you said that Kennedy was killed by a lone gunman.
Well, now in major polls, 92% of people believe the government killed Kennedy.
So keep your lies up.
It won't take 40 years for the truth until everyone knows that you're a bunch of murdering criminals and that you carried out 9-11 as a pretext for total domination.
By the way, New York Post, page 6 today, I was shocked.
To read this...
We're good to go.
I'm going to be an actor in another big film that exposes the New World Order, but again, I don't really want to get off into all of that.
The point is that people across the political spectrum are waking up.
Bush is pro-open border, anti-gun, signed on to UNESCO, is business partners with the Bin Laden family.
That's Fort Worth Star-Telegram, BBC, Associated Press.
They engineered this whole thing, and the facts are coming out, and you can't stop it that NORAD stood down for an hour and 25 minutes, that Mayor Willie Brown got a call not to fly to New York from Condoleezza Rice.
You're not going to be able to hide it.
The CIA did the insider trading and made the billions of dollars.
I think?
That, my friends, is the reality.
That, my friends, is what we're truly dealing with here.
And you can run, but you can't hide.
And let me just advise the globalists and their think tank experts.
You know you can't go ahead with more attacks.
You know it's probably going to backfire on you.
Back off.
Don't kill more people.
The government's saying we will be hit this summer.
They're saying give all your freedoms up.
Be our slaves.
Don't do it.
Don't do it.
Don't carry out Operation Northwoods, the official U.S.
government plan to carry out 9-11 style attacks.
Don't do it.
Back off.
Stop it.
Now you're going to have to tear everything up and go to full red level martial law continually if you go to the next level and you know you're going to fail in that process.
Stop it.
Back off.
And people in government, face the facts.
Break your conditioning.
Stop rationalizing.
Let me tell you something.
We went into Iraq for weapons of mass destruction.
Now they have to admit that was not a sarin rocket.
And by the way, that entire country is full of declared sites full of it.
markings on it.
With U.S.
They admit all of this.
They gave you fake weapons trucks, fake mass graves, and still the neocons announce it.
Then we went in to stop the rape rooms and torture rooms, and I've heard neocons all over talk radio say that their torture's bad, our torture's good.
We're going to break and we're going to come back and spend a couple segments with George Woolley, who is the founder and runs Save the Baby Humans Foundation.
He's a good pro-life activist, one of the first people to run my TV show eight, nine years ago.
And George is indicative of a transformation I've seen with a lot of people.
A man who I knew, fiercely knew the Constitution and defended it, now openly talks about sedition laws and supports Michael Savage saying arrest people.
And we're going to be talking to George.
I remember right after 9-11, George said, I'll take a microchip if we need to.
He told me that out in the parking lot.
He says he now doesn't remember saying that.
Last night he was on TV saying we may need to nuke Iraq.
So we'll talk to George when we get back and talk about when did the body snatchers come into his house?
When did they put the big pod beside him?
When did it happen?
When did he become blinded?
So we'll give George a chance to respond.
Because I love George.
He's a good guy.
And he's been in jail and almost lost everything he's had for pro-life demonstrations, peaceful demonstrations.
He's a good guy.
But, you know, this great delusion has come upon him and millions of others, and we're going to discuss it with him.
He'll say, I've come into a great delusion.
Well, we'll see who's right in the end, won't we, when we stand before our judge and creator.
We'll be right back.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
And then their lord, Bush, came out and said it was bad.
They suddenly shifted to, well, it's not that bad, and it's just a few people doing it.
No, it's admitted.
Rumsfeld ordered all of this.
This was CIA training, Operation Copper Green.
And so Joseph Mingle is good now, I guess.
You know, torture is now suddenly a good thing.
And we'll get into, there's just so much news.
But I wanted to get George up here, because I was watching his local TV show last night.
I tried to get in, but the lines were too busy.
And it was kind of, George, you were going through some double thinking.
I'll let you talk in just a second, but you were going through some double thinking.
First you'd say, you know, you'd say arrest people that are disagreeing with us, we're at war, and then you'd say, well, it's the First Amendment, but if it's sedition arrest people, well, the 1917 sedition laws were bound to be unconstitutional, and so was slavery.
And then you would kind of go back and forth and then somebody would say, well, let's nuke Iraq.
Yeah, well, let's get the bad guys together and nuke them.
And, you know, people said, the neocons have said, you know, nuke Fallujah because four people get killed.
Let's kill everybody.
It's like if somebody kills four people in Austin, are we supposed to nuke Austin?
I mean, George...
I talk about all these dead and dying Iraqi children, and it's admitted, and you go, well, it's a war zone, but then you'll go to jail for little babies, unborn babies here in Austin, Texas.
George, what's going on?
Have you ever heard of Celestial Seasons Herb Tea?
The Tension Tamer is one of their products.
Very funny, George.
Well, you need some of it for your TV show, then.
Well, I'll tell you what.
I get a little bit of my inspiration to do that television show from watching you, because you've got more passion than anybody, I think, in the media.
It definitely includes Rush Limbaugh, and I've long been a fan of yours, Alex, and so I appreciate the opportunity to discuss these matters with you.
And yes, I am a strong supporter of George Bush.
Lord Bush!
What we are doing, I think it's the honorable thing to do.
And I do have a strong disagreement with your criticism of...
The efforts that I feel the patriots of this country are trying to put forth right now, and I know you mean well, but in the final analysis, it is a hindrance when you have people sniping at your back while you're trying to do good work.
We need people with your fervor on the front lines attacking the real enemy.
Which are people who hate America, who bombed America.
It wasn't the Republicans.
It wasn't the United States government that took down those towers.
And again, you don't have the facts on that.
You just got your emotion.
Well, my emotion versus your imagination, Alex.
George, since you brought this up, how did Al-Qaeda order NORAD to stand down for an hour and 25 minutes?
Alex, that is one of your...
Probably your biggest asset is probably one of your biggest faults as well.
Your imagination is... It's admitted that NORAD stood down, buddy.
Well, I don't know why they stood down, and I don't think you do.
Well, yes, we do, because the CIA said it's just a drill.
Stand down.
Well, I know they were trying to get all the airplanes down, so I don't know what you're referring to.
Hey, why did the White House call Mayor Willie Brown and tell him not to fly to New York?
Mayor Willie Brown?
Yeah, San Francisco got a call and was told not to fly to New York.
Why did Bush fly 160 members of the Bin Laden family out in the three days after 9-11?
You know, what you're trying to do is...
Use innuendo.
There's an old saying, you can't disprove a negative.
No, I have the official government plan to carry out 9-11, George.
You can't disprove a negative.
Somebody can say, Alex, you're a... Hey, they've never proven bin Laden was even involved in 9-11.
They just say he is.
Look, look, you were saying that the Arabs attacked us, let's get them.
Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with the attack of 9-11.
The government even admits that now.
Colin Powell admits that now.
I haven't heard any such admission.
Oh, so you think Bin Laden and Saddam are the same person?
Do I think Osama and who's the same person?
And Saddam is the same person like that.
No, there's a whole army of people who want to destroy everything that we hold dear in America.
Well, and they must love Bush because Bush is destroying the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
They're using the Patriot Act.
There is a suspension of it with this Patriot Act, and that's something you and I have argued about in the hallways.
We're good to go.
But you want the border to stay wide open, too.
That's an important part of the safety, right?
Well, I think it's just impractical to try to put a fence across.
That's right.
Let's watch George, and let's watch Alex, and let's fly the Bin Ladens out of the country.
George, they're using the Patriot Act against county commissioners, topless bars, pot dealers.
But tell you what, stay there, George.
We'll continue to talk about this.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hello folks, Alex Jones here.
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It's almost casting on Global Shortwave during the day at 94.75, WWCR, and at night at 32.10.
And the internet, of course, at prisonplanet.tv, infowars.com, and, of course, prisonplanet.com.
On prisonplanet.tv, you can go watch the clips of the victim's family members standing up and saying the government is basically behind 9-11 because they have looked at the facts and the evidence is absolutely incontrovertible.
And if you want to find out the truth about this and want to see the facts for yourself...
You want to see the film written up in page 6 of the New York Post today, get 9-11, The Road to Tyranny on VHS or DVD.
Go to infowars.com or prisonplanet.com and order via our secure, safe shopping cart.
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This is, by the way, mainstream news admitting this.
And how government is doubled in its growth.
And how we're losing all of our freedoms.
Matrix of Evil, myself, Ron Paul, Frank Morales, Colonel Craig Roberts.
Great new film, Matrix of Evil Exposed.
Again, infowars.com or prisonplanet.com to order.
Or you can also write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
The films are $25.95 apiece.
$20 if you order three or more of any of the films.
Now, I challenge you to get these videos and to make copies of them.
You can make copies of my films.
You can't of the other films of other researchers we carry, like Innocence Betrayed by Jews with Preservation of Farms Ownership, an incredible new film we're carrying, about 180 million people killed after gun control.
So we'll get another reason to call 888-253-3139 or go to the websites in order.
You know, George, I want to shift gears here, and in a few minutes I want to take some calls.
I want to get into the torture issue with you.
I want to get into arresting people that criticize the government, as Michael Savage and others have been saying, and you said you agree with that, if it's sedition.
In sight sedition and treason, I think those kind of people clearly need to be arrested.
And those examples have been publishing newspaper stories with a guy holding up two boots of G.I.s, arrest that person, put them in a forced labor camp.
No, no.
That's what Lord Savage, the dirty beatnik of the 60s, wants.
Well, I can't speak for Michael Savage.
I think he's definitely over the top.
I've never been a dirty beatnik.
I've always been who I am.
That dirty beatnik always wanted to get us into camps.
They always wanted.
Don't you know now that you're being controlled by the dirty beatniks?
When the dominant media tries to incite resistance to our government, they have stepped over the line.
The military-industrial complex owns your so-called liberal media, George!
It's a stage-left-right event to make the U.N.
look like the savior!
Well, that's right.
The dominant media does do that, and I'm thoroughly against the United Nations.
We need to get out of there.
I agree.
The owners of the military-industrial complex that own CBS and NBC and CBS should be arrested.
But not for their speech, but for trying to overthrow this country and for putting out propaganda.
That's exactly right.
But you think, listen, it's not going to be them that get arrested.
It's going to be Christians.
You know FEMA under Bush is trying to put American Christians in camps?
I have video of FEMA saying all Christians are terrorists, and that isn't under Bill Clinton, George.
Well, George Bush claims to be a Christian, so I don't know why he'd want to, you know... Okay, since you bring that up, since you bring that up, the faith-based initiative, I've heard you say, oh, that's a great idea, to have the government take over the churches.
No, that's not what the faith-based initiative is.
It's allowing Christians to enter into the government.
No, no, no.
It's federal funds.
It's just like vouchers of schools.
Those vouchers of private schools, it's the feds taking over.
Yes, it is.
Federal money coming into something?
That isn't Christians taking over the government.
I don't understand how you think that refunding your money is allowing the government to take over.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or the free exercise thereof.
The free exercise thereof is the part they always leave out.
Congress shall make no law.
That's right.
And instead it's going to have billions telling, and the churches then, under faith-based initiative, have admitted that they're going to have to hire atheists, devil worshippers, you name it.
Only the atheists are allowed to receive government programs right now.
Oh, goody, goody.
Now, let's go further here.
You and I talk to you about Bohemian Grove or Skull and Bones, make jokes, say it's no big deal.
Richard Nixon, and they just released this a few months ago from his presidential library, called it the most horrible homosexual orgies he could ever imagine going on there.
That's Richard Nixon.
What do you say to that?
I'm sure there are some homosexuals out there in the woods of Northern California.
No, at Bohemian Grove where three generations of Bushes go and where they worship Moloch.
I don't think that would be known to the rest of the group.
The Washington Times reported, David Gergen said, I don't run around naked like the rest of them.
I'm not a crony of these people, Alex.
I only know what I read and hear on the talk radio stations like yourself.
But I think I consider myself, I pride myself as being a typical American with common sense.
Let me ask you about Skull and Bones, George.
When they, two years ago, released the video, New York Observer got it, it was even on Fox News, they said, Hail Satan, and slit the women's throats in a mock killing, and then a guy walks out and goes, You've served Satan well, join me in the kingdom of death.
That's just fraternity fun.
I saw your video.
No, no, no.
My video is Bohemian Grove.
Skull and Bones video.
He's slitting throats and saying, Hail Satan, I enter your kingdom.
Now, if I was doing that in your backyard, would you think I was a good Christian?
I would kind of doubt that, but I haven't seen that.
I can't speak to something I haven't seen.
Satan enters the kingdom of death after the neophytes.
I am an alumnus of the...
Of the Kappa Sigma fraternity when I was in college, and I can tell you there's a lot of that sort of thing, hijinks and ridiculousness and ceremony.
It's just no big deal.
It's just a ceremony.
Don't take it serious.
It's about as serious as a toga party, Alex.
Okay, and I guess it's old men with homosexual orgies at Bohemian Grove.
It's very no big deal.
I don't think that... I've never heard such a charge, and I certainly wouldn't approve it.
I wouldn't want to be part of it.
I don't think George Bush would either, or most of those other...
Well, when he's at the Shinto shrine summoning the demon, I guess you don't... Or when he's worshipping Allahs.
Is that good?
Look, Alex, I think the difference between your love of the country and my love of the country, but our attacking...
You know, attacking the enemies of our country, we're doing it in two different ways.
You and people like you are trying to do it from a secular perspective without recognizing God and a spiritual reality.
I do recognize God.
You just said it was all hijinx fun.
I'm not going to run around hailing Satan.
I think you're trying to say that... Hail Satan!
I'm George Bush!
Hail Satan!
A phrase I hear oftentimes with you guys that are against the New World Order, which I've always wondered what was so good about the Old World Order anyway, you know, that's given us 45 million dead babies in the abortion holocaust.
The New World Order is the Old World Order.
Well, that's all... The New World Order can arise.
But I also hear another phrase used, not so much in the Airways, but...
When you guys talk about the New World Order, I hear or read in your books, the books that some of you guys, some of the people that think like you, write the phrase Jewish bankers.
Jewish bankers.
You really are trained well, George.
Let me stop you.
Let me stop you.
I mean, obviously there's Jewish Mafia, Wasp Mafia, Italian Mafia.
We do expose the Jewish Mafia.
Certainly there is a Jewish Mafia, right, George?
I don't know.
Has a Jew ever committed a crime?
Hold on.
I'm sure a member of every race and religion has committed a crime.
So don't try that ADL line.
Come on, George.
You know what they say about pro-lifers.
They try to say you're secretly Nazis.
It's not true.
Anyway, I think that you're trying to attack the problems by trying to explain it with groups of people when the reality is...
That there's a satanic reality in our country.
But it's just fraternity fun, George.
I thought it was fraternity fun, the satanic hailing Satan.
What's that?
Well, that's who we... Well, which way are you going to have it, George?
And he's manifested in people who hate God, which really is embodied in us.
Well, listen, let me ask you this.
George, George, listen, I want to go to some calls and I want to go over some things.
Who should be arrested and put in forced labor camps, as Lord Savage says, as the oily dirtball says?
Now, he says anybody that disagrees with the government, and by the way, the Deputy Attorney General in California said that last year as well, arrest the anti-war demonstrators that are anti-Al Qaeda, so the Democrats love this too.
Who should be arrested when?
No, we have a First Amendment right to disagree, but when you cross the line of insurrection against... Okay, what's the line?
I'm asking you, what's the line?
When you incite acts to overthrow the government to
Resist the lawful authority.
I've heard the neocons say arrest anybody that disagrees with the government.
I guess the final line is... Who do we arrest?
Who goes in these camps?
When you aid and abet the enemies of our country at a time of war, that's when you have absolutely crossed the line.
And how do you do that?
By criticizing the government?
Well, if you openly lie about our government, saying that they are the ones that blew up the towers in New York City without any proof... Yes, they're the ones.
They did it.
They did it.
They did it.
Elements of the government did it, so I should be arrested.
Well, I'm sorry.
Yes, they did it.
You have no proof of that.
I have absolute, total, incontrovertible evidence.
I would love it to hear that.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, you mean their business partners, the Al-Qaeda they protect?
The people they use to attack the Serbs?
Do you admit that Al-Qaeda was founded by the CIA?
Yes, CIA was, you know, funding a lot of these... Are you aware that they used them to attack the Serbs in 99?
Look, Alex, the British government supported the American colonists, and then the American colonists turned on the British government.
I mean, that's an evolution of events, and that's what's happened in the Middle East.
Bill Clinton and George Bush refused three different countries that wanted to arrest bin Laden after he was supposedly blowing up barracks, embassies, and ships.
I'm no big fan of Bill Clinton, as you well know.
No, George Bush did it, too!
George Bush is for open borders, gun control, big fat government, and they're using the Patriot Act against citizens that has nothing to do with terrorism, George.
It's very hard to ferret out the terrorists.
These people look just like everybody else.
They act normally.
That's a hundred year war, George.
It's never going to end.
Well, we've got to fight it anyway, Alex, whether it wins or not.
George, you just said it.
I want to hear you say I should be arrested because I say the government carried out 9-11.
I'll say it again.
They carried it out.
Should I be arrested?
I think that's a very dangerous statement, and I think if it could be demonstrated in court that you have helped the enemy by... I think you're going to get what you want someday, George, if we fail.
And then when you cry on your knees, when you're burning in the camp, wishing you'd have done something, you just remember.
Long after I'm gone, you remember what you just said.
And you know what?
I can face my creator.
And I'm ready.
I'm ready for them to torture me to death.
If that's what God wants, that's what's going to happen.
And when they get those goons in there and they start pulling my fingernails out, when they gouge my eyes out, when they slam my head up against the wall, I want you to remember it.
Alex, you know, I would never stand still while they try to do that to innocent citizens, but...
I thought I was aiding Al-Qaeda because I talk about Bush being business partners with him.
You know, you're going after these shadow people and these secret societies when we have an obvious abortion holocaust that you know about.
4,500 babies will die today in America's abortuaries.
We have a homo-rape of our nation right now that is taking over every institution.
And your conservative fox has the most anti-family programming out there.
Why aren't you addressing the real problems that you can see?
We do address the real problems.
And the real problem is people like you in total denial.
Let me tell you, FEMA's training right now to arrest you, pro-lifers, homeschoolers, conservatives.
Now, if I sat you down, you obviously haven't seen it, showed you FEMA saying this, showed you the FBI training manuals with phone numbers where you can call these FBI agents, would you then change your mind?
Because this whole move is against us, George.
The Muslims are the excuse to get us to accept it.
Just like Nazi Germany, it's one group first, then it's everybody.
Well, that's true, but we have to...
We have to fight back, Alex.
You can't attack the... The government's main role is to protect us from our enemies.
That's their first and primary... And so they create the enemies to come in and take our liberties.
George, George, George, are you aware of the Northwoods document?
I never heard of it.
Okay, if I give you ABC News, Baltimore Sun, but more than that, the actual Northwoods plan off the Library of Congress website where the U.S.
government called for hijacking jets by remote control, crashing them, bombing D.C.
Now, if I give you an official report, you call the Library of Congress and they go, yes, that's an official document, will you then start... They admit the Gulf of Tonkin never happened now, George!
Well, it certainly was exaggerated.
No, LBJ tapes have been released.
It didn't happen!
It didn't happen, George.
What about the USS Liberty?
It's admitted that they sent that ship out there to try to sink it to blame it on Egypt.
You're talking about obscure things that I... Obscure official government plans to carry out 9-11.
We don't know.
We don't know all the maneuvering that goes on behind the world that the CIA is involved in.
We don't even know that Afghanistan had Osama bin Laden, yet we hammered that country.
That was a staged event.
They flew the 8,000 leaders out.
That was a staged war.
Tell you what, let's take some calls.
John in Michigan.
John, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Okay, I'm just calling.
This is in regards to the Michael Moore thing you brought up earlier.
I live a few miles from my dad's house off in this.
I was putting things in his newspaper box, not his mailbox.
I remember you called two and a half years ago giving him my videos, yeah.
Oh, I gave him just all sorts of 9-11 information.
Everything that he's probably used has come from you.
I sent him over to Joyce Riley's site, everything.
And I gave him that Death in the Air by Horowitz.
Well, here's the New York Post basically admitting that he took my sting, but that's good.
The problem is, he is spinning it into the UN's going to save us, and they're going to be the savior, and that's the left-right paradigm that fools us.
George, do you understand that?
I don't believe that, Alex.
I think we have to have trust in something.
Your message is trust nothing or no one but yourself and your Second Amendment right.
The Founding Fathers said, keep the government small, it'll invent crises to get control of your life.
That's what we Republicans believe.
It's in our platform.
The Republican platform of Texas now has questions about 9-11.
The national platform calls for a total annihilation of government departments, of education, of labor.
Well, Bush is expanding all of that.
Well, he can't represent just the Republican Party as president, but that is what we Republicans believe, and that's why I keep trying to enlist you.
Is that why Bush targets real Republicans and then helps get Michael McCaul, the Janet Reno water boy in there?
Well, there are some pretty wishy-washy Republicans out there.
Oh, come on.
You've been compromised.
They're compromising.
They're controlling conservatives through this fake left-right debate.
They're all voting together, George.
Hey, John, let me finish with John.
John, good job with that, what you did.
Anything else?
Can I hold over?
Okay, I'll let you finish up.
George Woolley, we're going to have to have you back on, but stay there.
We'll come back with George, try to get a few more calls in.
Finish up quickly, John, when we get back.
I got...
Big guest coming on from American Free Press in the next hour.
We'll re-air this clip of the 9-11 committee where the families stand up and expose the CIA.
We'll be right back.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
You know, we're playing checkers on the new quarters, playing chess.
This is multi-level, multi-faceted.
This is geopolitical.
Much more advanced than Machiavelli's The Prince.
And it takes courage to go against evil.
I remember trying to wake liberals up about Bill Clinton.
They wouldn't listen.
They associated their personal power with Clinton.
It's very easy psychologically to just go along with the power structure, to turn loose of your mind.
And that's happened with the neocons, folks, to the point of every day it's put people in camps, arrest people that disagree with the government.
Oh, it's so good.
Meanwhile, FEMA's training to go after the Christians, using that movement to get this done.
Now, let's try to finish up with some calls.
Real quick, John, finish up, because I want to go back to George.
Okay, if George can comment on this.
Michael Moore is a caretaker of multiple sclerosis, and they spray our skies on the 45th parallel constantly.
Yesterday, he had them tic-tac-toes in excess.
Yeah, now NASA admits that it's 20% darker.
There are these weird jet trails.
What do you think about chemtrails, George?
You know, I don't.
I know nothing.
I'm telling you, Alex.
Turtle clink.
I know nothing.
We have obvious problems.
A holocaust of dead babies.
The total disintegration of our marriage system by the Massachusetts Declaration that you can marry anybody's rear end that you want.
Homosexual rape of our schools.
We have obvious problems.
A government, as you mentioned, is too big.
Now, there we agree.
I don't know about clouds in the sky.
I'm here on the ground, and I'm surrounded by the enemy.
I feel like General Custer, and you're asking me to look in the sky.
We need to fight these guys, mano a mano, right here at the polls.
You don't want to face the electronic voting machines.
We're losing our right to vote.
Thanks for the call, John.
I don't trust them either, Alex.
It's not that I don't trust them.
I know they're a fraud.
But people say, oh, that's a conspiracy.
Dave in Ohio.
Dave, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, nice to get a chance to talk to you again here.
I noticed something very interesting about a week ago and I haven't heard you or Paul Watson talk about it yet.
And I don't know if I might have missed it on a show where you might have talked about it, but have you seen the pentagram on John Kerry's campaign posters?
Yes, I have.
They always do that.
Look, people say that Bush has given the hook them horns.
Well, why does his daddy do it?
Why does Clinton do it?
Why does Hillary do it?
Why do all these people give the devil sign?
I mean, this is all in our face.
George, do you have any comments on that?
I guess there's a lot of Texas Longhorn fans out there.
I don't know.
Yeah, yeah.
Most people would never even notice it because it looks like an upside-down star, right?
But I think everybody should show people this.
They should show them the actual logo, tell people what a pentagram is, explain it to them so they can see it.
Not only this guy admits that he's a member of a satanic cult, but now he's flashing a symbol all over the place.
Well, his nickname at Skull & Bones was Long Devil.
So, whatever that means.
But it's all part of the Christian fun.
Alex, George Bush has publicly proclaimed that Jesus Christ is the most important influence on his life.
If he's a devil worshiper, he's the worst one there ever was.
That's right.
The devil masquerades as an angel of light.
He'll quote scripture to you.
Of course, that's just the Bible, you know.
I don't think the devil would declare that Jesus Christ was the greatest influence on his life.
Oh, absolutely.
The devil will say he's Jesus Christ.
That's what the Antichrist is going to do, George.
And most of these so-called Christians are going to bow down and lick his boots and say, Arrest the people that don't go with Jesus.
Jesus has come back.
Follow him.
Well, Jesus said you'll know a person or a tree by its fruits.
By its fruits.
Open borders, giant government, loss of liberty, just fake garbage everywhere.
I agree with you, man.
Look at the fruits.
Clinton, Missouri.
Clint, go ahead.
Hello, Clint.
You're on the air.
Clint, go ahead.
Yeah, I'm here.
Yes, sir, I can.
Can you hear me?
George, do you believe in state sovereignty?
Do I believe in what?
State sovereignty.
Tenth Amendment.
State sovereignty, yes, but we are a nation and there's got to be a...
You know, a national government that has the final say.
No, George.
The nation was founded upon state sovereignty.
And I would like to say... Yeah, but the founding fathers worked for Al-Qaeda.
They should be arrested if they disagree with it.
George, stay there.
I've got other guests coming up, but we'll hold you over about five minutes for this next segment because I want to talk to you and let you talk to some more people and let you have the last word.
We'll be back second hour straight ahead.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
I've got literally 20 bombshell news stories from Iraq to the economy to the 9-11 whitewash commission.
It's all coming up in this hour.
Christopher Boland, American Free Press, major 9-11, major torture news.
And that's coming up.
I know we've got loaded phone lines.
My friend...
It was grabbed by the body snatchers and turned into a neocon.
George Woolley is with us.
I'm going to have to have him back up someday for a full hour and just not take calls and have time to go into all this with him.
But George earlier said he guesses I should be arrested because I criticized the government that's aiding Al-Qaeda.
So there you have it.
We've now come to this point, and FEMA will be more than obliged to do what George wants.
And it's very, very serious.
We've come to this point.
Look at the fruits of Bush.
The whole Clinton agenda ran through.
The loss of liberty everywhere.
And the conservatives neutralized and pacified for the final putsch.
I didn't say that you should be arrested because you criticized the government.
You did say that!
I said, should I be?
Because I think the government carried out 9-11.
You said, well, yeah.
If you falsely accuse the government of doing something to confuse the people and to aid our enemies, I don't care who you are.
I don't care if you're my own mother.
You've crossed the line of sedition.
You have crossed the line of sedition.
And I guess you love the new national draft for women, too, that's coming out.
We'll be slaves domestically, too.
No, I believe in the Christian model for women.
They should be...
Keepers of the household, and mothers, and raise the kids, and that's what I believe.
Not doing the work of men.
You know, more Americans were killed in 9-1-1 than were killed in Pearl Harbor.
By the government.
And after Pearl Harbor, the lines at the military recruitment offices were miles, you know, they were long.
Everybody wanted to serve.
And now they're not because people don't want to breathe included uranium.
The men of this country now are the spawn of the Draft Dodgers of the 60s, I guess, because we've got another generation of cowards playing their Xboxes.
Yeah, people like Bush, AWOL for two years.
Go ahead and finish up.
Yeah, I'm sure he was.
Go ahead and finish up what you were saying, Clint.
Yes, I just want to say...
It's important that you remember, George, Ben Franklin said that a person that was willing to give up freedom for security deserves neither.
And I'd also like to add, like hell, I'm a coward.
I'm not fighting this war because I don't believe in invading other countries who've done nothing to us.
And I'll stand up to you and any other neocon.
He tries to make me go.
Come and get me, buddy.
All right.
Couldn't you just hide in your little closet, man, while they continue to ram jets into the towers?
No, as the CIA does that, yeah, we're trying to stop that.
Until they come to Cliff's house, he's not going to recognize that we are at war.
We are at war against the New World Order.
Eric in Texas, you're on with Lord Woolley.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Yes, sir.
I'm one of your writers on Prison Planet.
I just wanted to make a comment about the media blackout.
The show Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, and Angel, the spinoff, full of demons, homosexuality, all that stuff, how it started out.
But they started changing it.
They started talking about microchips and all that, and so they cut it off the air.
They canceled it.
And the last show, all the main characters said they would rather die, and they attacked the circle of the blackboard, which was just a total metaphor for what's going on today.
And they took it off the air when they started talking about secret government.
Wow, yeah, there's a lot of propaganda in television, not just in the news.
George, thanks for the call.
I appreciate it, Eric.
And we'll get to all the other callers later.
You have the last 30, 40 seconds, George.
I just want to tell you once again that the real enemy is Satan and his minions, these demons.
We're all in danger of being enlisted in their army if we don't remain true to Jesus Christ.
It's the only antidote to Satan.
Jesus said he was the truth in a way.
No man comes to the Father God but through Jesus Christ.
This is the real religion.
We need to follow his teachings in the Holy Bible.
That was our solution to all our problems.
George, but you said that the devil worship at Skull and Bones is just fun.
I believe they're having fun there, Alex.
I don't know.
Okay, all right.
But you have a great imagination, and you are a wonderful American.
I do salute you.
I believe your intentions are to help our country, and I appreciate you very much.
I appreciate you, too, George.
We'll be right back.
We'll have you back on.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
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Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2, The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
The medical bills are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Brigadier General Antonio Tagumba's own report three weeks ago, two and a half weeks ago to be accurate, to be specific and precise, admitted raping, killing, beating people to death.
Now the photos of them posing with pleasure over people they'd beaten savagely to death, tortured, sodomized to death.
They're killing people, they're raping children, raping women.
They stop families at checkpoints.
The Army's own report, 79% of those, totally innocent even of death.
Crimes of stealing firewood.
They savagely beat and rape the children in front of the parents.
This is out Saddaming Saddam, who was trained by the globalists to do all of this.
And the neocons are on the radio saying it's all a good thing.
It runs the gamut from it's just fraternity fun, blowing off some steam, to, oh, this is just a few rogue people.
No, this is the government admittedly doing this.
And Christopher Boland is a syndicated columnist, writes for American Free Press, other publications.
Global research, you name it.
Intel experts say 9-11 looks like a Hollywood show.
One of his articles I really like.
He's got stories about the torture.
He goes over to Europe and does a lot of great work.
We're going to have him for the next hour plus if he can stay with us.
We've got loaded phone lines, a bunch of other news.
But Mr. Boland, I want to play in a few minutes here this clip from C-SPAN, which they then cut the transmission.
Right now, I think the biggest story we're facing is probably the failing campaign in Iraq.
You know, a good place to start here, and there's just so much news here, I get a little bit sped up.
Chris, tell us about yourself a little bit, and some of the things you think we need to discuss today.
The torture, the war, the 9-11 Commission, your research into all of this.
I think one of the most important things about the Iraq War is understanding the history of it, and how the British and the Americans have gotten themselves into a situation where we're repeating a history that occurred 90 years ago.
We're good to go.
And that's all public now.
This has been hidden until just the last few years.
Now they're on C-SPAN, they're on TV, admitting it's a New World Order.
PNAC says it's about oil, says that it's for a New World Order, says we need terror attacks.
This is all public, but so many conservatives are still in denial.
Well, a lot of it's in the public, but a lot of information is in the public domain, but it's very difficult to find.
I mean, for example...
We know that the guess of the price of oil is today about $40 a barrel.
We also know that about 2.5 million barrels a day of Iraqi crude is being sold.
Most of that is being sold or being exported out of Basra in the south under British control.
And we also know that the proceeds from the Iraqi oil sales are going into the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which is headed by Peter Peterson.
Who is also the chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations.
And now they're going... Connecting all the dots is another thing.
And now they're going to build a pipeline to Israel and give them free oil, too.
Oh, yeah, they're building pipelines.
Well, Pipelineistan is the name of the game in Central Asia.
They're building pipelines to China.
I know that just recently British Petroleum and Shell Oil announced a huge investment in China because they're going to be exporting the oil from places like Kazakhstan east
And, you know, I've been in Europe for a couple of years, but every time I come back, I notice how many of these British Petroleum dandelions have sprouted up in the neighborhood.
They're everywhere.
I'm calling to you from Alabama.
They're everywhere.
Hey, I've never seen one in Texas.
Now they're literally on every street corner.
And the same in Europe.
They're all across Turkey.
They're all across Germany.
They're all across Europe.
And now they're sprouting up in China.
So, I mean, this British Petroleum, you know, after they took over Amoco, which was one of America's largest oil companies, they're, I think, the largest retailer of petroleum in this country.
And they are leading the way in jacking up this price.
Again, the Arabs don't run it.
They get about 20% of the money.
They're told what to do, then they get the blame for all of this.
Bush won't even let any of the strategic reserves out.
They want to keep these prices up.
Yeah, but it's also the speculators on the market that are keeping it up.
But last year, British Petroleum and Shell Oil made record profits.
And again, that's the Dutch Royal Family, prominent Bilderberg Group members.
Oh, absolutely.
And the Royal Family of Britain, which is right at the center of this thing, too.
You know, Chris, there's a lot I want to talk about.
Before we get into Iraq and phone calls and the torture and the incredible reports you've been putting out, 9-11, you've really done a lot of insightful, original research on that.
I want to play this clip from yesterday morning.
C-SPAN, cut this off in the middle.
This is people standing up saying the CIA created Al-Qaeda, Building 7 wasn't hit by a plane, Giuliani was in the bunker.
Were you aware of this?
I saw some of the Giuliani hearings when the people stood up and heckled, but I didn't hear that part.
Yeah, they didn't play the audio on the news that I saw.
Here is that audio.
We'll put Mr. Boland on hold.
We'll play this two minutes of audio, get his take on it.
Here it is, yesterday morning.
Deeply appreciative of that.
And we may very well want to ask you further questions as we finalize our report.
As a Midwesterner, I might say to you I've been impressed time and again with the pride you've expressed in New York City.
And I admire that greatly.
And I think that may very well be one of the reasons for the success of your leadership.
So we thank you very much for your leadership.
Thank you very, very much.
I want to know why three of his wives died.
And I've got three questions.
Let's ask three questions.
Is that unfair?
And what about the bunker?
You didn't ask me about the bunker.
The office of emergency management bunker is on fire.
We're going to get ready for the next panel.
It will be a short leave.
If you want to be disrupted, you will be removed from this room.
Make sure they arrest the whistleblowers.
We've got to arrest four whistleblowers.
Protect government.
Remember this.
Your government funded and trained Al Qaeda.
Repeat it again.
Your government funded and trained Al Qaeda.
I'll say it one more time.
Your government funded and trained Al Qaeda.
Now, folks, again, that's one of the victims' sons.
And they started arresting people.
Others would stand up.
People would clap.
They'd say, why are you threatening to arrest the whistleblowers?
That's because they are threatening to arrest FBI Agent Robert Wright, Sybil Edmonds, all of these people.
They're not bringing up the real witnesses.
It's all a worship fest.
Christopher Boland, comments.
Yeah, I'm glad to hear that the gallery, the audience, was so supportive of that heckler.
The fact of the matter is that the 911 Commission and these various hearings that are going on are really nothing but a part of the cover-up.
And the people of New York realize that, and most of the people who have been involved in independent investigation like myself are aware of that and don't have much hope for these public or official investigations.
However, there is sometimes when a person in open testimony...
Does say something that's very intriguing, and some of the best hints and clues have come from those open sessions of the 9-1-1 Commission.
Yeah, some of these kingpins have slipped up a bit.
Well, the one that comes to mind was, I think it was May 23rd last year in the second open session, Secretary of Transportation Leon Mineta spoke about his experiences when he went down to the Presidential Emergency Operations Center, I think it's called, where Dick Cheney was in charge.
And what he observed and what Dick Cheney was doing at the helm there when President Bush was still down in Florida was very interesting.
And that came out in the open testimony of 77 pages of hearings.
But if you read what Mr. Mineta said, it's very revealing.
Well, they then declared national security on the transmission tapes of Cheney on loudspeakers in bunkers across the country, ordering the stand-down.
We know that they were running a CIA drill that morning of hijacked jets flying into the World Trade Center Pentagon.
That was the stand-down smoke screen.
I don't think that they can hide this.
They're now saying it's going to be the summer of terror.
We're going to have big attacks.
News and World Report, the White House said either the Capitol will be destroyed or major attacks coast to coast.
There's no doubt in my mind who's going to be behind those attacks, Chris.
Yeah, and the thing is, I think that the whole thing, like even the war in Iraq, is serving as a huge distraction from 9-1-1 and from domestic issues that need to be addressed.
You know, it's amazing how Iraq and the war between the Israelis and the Palestinians takes up the first half hour of a half-hour news segment.
And the new torture stuff is smoke-screened out the dead and dying U.S.
Oh, yeah.
This prisoner abuse stuff is clearly staged.
Well, we'll talk about that, Chris.
But let's get into the Iraq disintegration and the staged prisoner stuff.
Because, again, this has been going on for years in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Why are they releasing it now?
The photographs, you mean?
Well, I think that the photographs serve several purposes.
One of the things, the most obvious thing they do is that they push a wedge between the United States, the American people...
And the American military and the people of the Middle East.
And that is something that the Israelis have long aspired to achieve, and that serves a geopolitical interest.
And it also makes the UN and Europe look like the good cop.
Yes, yes, and the internationalists, right.
Tell you what, stay there, Chris.
We'll come right back.
Honored to have you with us.
Stay with us.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Christopher Bowman.
He's a writer for American Free Press, does some of their most revealing investigations.
And coming up in the next segment, we'll take your calls for him.
I know we have loaded phone lines.
Christopher, continuing, you were getting into the torture situation.
This stuff all comes out at one time, and all the questions, the obvious intelligence background of Mr. Berg...
You know, involved with hijackers, involved with CIA Iraqis, working in Abu Ghraib prison.
I mean, give us your... Having the same password as Zarqawi or one of those terrorists, number 20th?
Well, now he's been connected to two of the hijackers.
Oh, really?
The whole thing is that, you know, it's become sexualized and videotaped, you know, revisited.
I mean, the way that videotapes and audiotapes of
...of dubious origin are used as evidence.
It's interesting to know that, of course, videotape is not admissible in a court of law, but in a court of public opinion it seems to be the...
Prevailing piece of evidence.
We have a government that gave us the fat bin Laden, which is an admitted fake tape, and fake letters from troops and newspapers, and fake weapons dossiers, but oh, we're supposed to believe them now!
It's interesting that when I was in Europe, I used to check with this laboratory, voice recognition laboratory in Switzerland, and they had done voice analysis on some of the first tapes that came from Osama bin Laden, and they said that it was either him or not him.
But then when some of the key tapes started to appear...
Afterwards, I called them up and they said, no, they've been told not to do any more such tests.
Yeah, they did tests early on, and it's simple.
You take Bin Laden's voice, create a voice activation key for it, then try to run other voices through it, and if it doesn't run through, it's not his voice, and now they've been told to shut up.
Yes, and now the controlled media will only tell you that the CIA believes that it is his voice, something like that.
But we don't get any definitive statements whether it is or not.
Yeah, or we believe it's sarin gas, or we believe...
And videotapes are the same.
I mean, I haven't seen the whole videotape of the beheading of this alleged Nicholas Berg beheading, but I did read that there were some discrepancies with the digital numbers in the corner of the video and things like that.
There are discrepancies after discrepancies as if you're meant to have questions.
This is part of a larger psychological warfare program.
Again, I go back to why did they just now release these photos when they've had this stuff for years?
Exactly, exactly.
And we know that, for example, that this kind of abuse of prisoners was occurring already a year ago.
It was a front page story in April of 2003 in a Norwegian newspaper where American troops had forced Iraqis to strip down and run through town.
Well, the CIA had been on the news bragging about torture for years.
I have two-year-old Washington Post articles.
So it's not a news story.
Right, right.
So it polarizes the Arabs, it's a P2OG operation, depending on if they wanted to make them attackers, and then it also balkanizes people here domestically.
Exactly, exactly.
And then the way that these things like the beheading of Nick Byrd come up at opportune times to sway public opinion back behind the war or against the Arabs or so, it's absolutely true that the CIA is doing everything it can to
To play with the mind of the American people.
It's interesting that when this whole thing started, I interviewed a man named Andreas von Bulow, who is a German parliamentarian who oversaw the budget for the German intelligence agencies.
I asked him about 9-1-1, but one thing he told me is that 95% of the work of intelligence agencies around the world is disinformation and deception.
In this country, they're working overtime.
Yeah, we've interviewed Von Bulow, and also Michael Meacher, the British Environment Minister, says if the government didn't do 9-11, they certainly knew about it.
And that's what Von Bulow's saying, too.
I mean, you'd have to be an idiot to look at the facts and not know that the globalists are behind this.
Yes, yes, yes.
And it's amazing how...
Are you still there?
Yeah, your phone cut out.
Yeah, it's amazing how people, the same small group of people, crop up incessantly in this whole 9-1 thing.
For example, the way that Peter Peterson, the chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank, is also the co-founder of a group called the Blackstone Group, and the Blackstone Group obtained the mortgage on WTC Building No.
7 one year before.
And they bought the mortgage for the building for Larry Silverstein.
But this is also the man who operates the bank, who is receiving something like $100 million a day from the sales of what is today controlled Iraqi oil.
Yeah, Iraq is their public cash machine for oil, weapons sales, the food service, running the camps.
I mean, the people in government, all publicly, are just publicly feeding off the contracts.
And now we're sending John Negroponte over there to run the whole show for the next few years.
Ah, the big torture master.
And firing Chalibi, bringing in their own guy.
Yes, yes, exactly.
All right, stay there.
We'll talk about this when we get back, get more into what you see happening in the next six months to a year, the election.
But first, your calls for Christopher Boland.
I'm Alex Jones, prisonplanet.tv is the website.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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We're here live, folks, back from 9 to midnight Central.
Talking to Christopher Boland.
We're about to go to these loaded phone lines, Rodney and...
Larry and Mark and Emmett and Elias and many, many others.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
Chris Bolin, we have this global elite.
We have these criminals running things.
We have the same people that have been shipping in the drugs for 50 years, 40 years, 30 years, still in the positions of power.
This is organized crime.
That's what the New World Order is.
We've got this naive population that thinks big government's God and handing their guns in is conservative.
And now we have this Necroponte, Mr. Death Squad leader, to be sent to Iraq as the new governor.
They're calling this a, quote, handover to the Iraqis.
It's just a new appointed council.
I think this thing with Chalibi, this raid on his house today where he was, quote, released, where they seized some computers as a stage deal to make the Iraqis think he really is a good guy, I think they'll see right through that.
On the Necroponte, on the Chalibi situation, give us your expert analysis.
Well, about Chilabi, the raid on Chilabi's house today, I think that Chilabi may be, they might have evidence on Chilabi about the
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Yes, but the thing is that he's also getting a little bit too big for his britches, I think, and the Americans are trying to keep him down a little bit because he is jockeying to be the next leader.
He has unbridled ambition.
Well, who do you think was involved in the killing of one of the other council leaders?
Oh, when, is it Dean was killed earlier in the week?
Yes, sir.
Oh, I don't know.
I don't know who killed him.
I mean, the thing is with these, it's the same thing with these bombings that go off, whether it's the bombing of him or the United Nations or the Red Cross.
You know, anybody who's read that book or seen the movie, was it Little Drummer Girl, knows that when you're talking about the Middle East bombs, you know, it's very difficult to know who actually did the bomb.
Just like what goes on in Israel and Palestine every day.
Well, the Saudis are saying that it's British intel and the Israelis bombing stuff in Saudi Arabia to destabilize, and they indeed do have the motive to be doing that.
They want a radical state to come in, and they've got the pretext to move into there as well.
Of course, and many Americans aren't so aware of the history like you are, but the British drew the lines of the current Middle East.
They installed many of the leaders.
They installed the first king of Iraq.
Thank you.
Thank you.
And they're not ready to go.
You know, they're sending the Americans and the Polish people and the Estonians.
You go up to Mosul.
You go up to Baghdad.
Yeah, it's like the British hiring German Hessians in 1776.
And the same thing today.
I mean, I've spoken with British soldiers that have come back from Iraq.
The mainstay of their forces today are Gurkhas and Fijians, like it has always been.
When they did it 90 years ago, they used Punjabis and Gurkhas from Nepal.
It's always like that.
The leaders, the people at the top, like for example, the head of the southern CPA is a man named Patrick Nixon.
I dare say he is probably the grandson of Sir John Nixon, who was the British Chief of Staff in Mesopotamia in 1916.
So it's even the same families in there.
Yes, yes.
I mean, this is when British intelligence, when the British military takes on an adventure like Mesopotamia or like Iraq in 2004, they have trusted hands who have been there before and done it.
Well, it's like Schwarzkopf's daddy and even his grandfather were involved in all this for the British.
Good point.
Good point, exactly.
It stays within the family, just like the Bush family is now conducting, you know, old business on behalf of his father.
It's all mafia behavior.
And the thing is that what's interesting is that so many of the people who are involved in this Iraq adventure studied at Yale University.
Many of them have ties to secret societies like Skull and Bones or Wolf's Head, like George Bush and John Forbes Carey are both Skull and Bones members.
And then from that they go into the CIA and the Council on Foreign Relations, people like Negro Ponte.
And so it's a very closed shop, and most Americans don't realize the degree to which these secret societies or these secret networks, you know, run everything in this country.
I mean, politically speaking.
I'll tell you what, let's take some calls, but then what are some of the other issues you want to get into?
What are some of the other things we'll get into then?
Oh, besides your rock?
I don't know right off the top of my head.
I want to get into some of your 9-11 investigations, some of the stuff people might not be aware of.
Sure, I think the most important thing is what happened to the buildings.
The investigations and the things that I've... You brought forward the seismographs and other major reports.
We'll do that after some calls.
And the molten steel in the bottom basement.
That's important.
Rodney in Texas.
Rodney, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How are you?
Yeah, I'd like to, first of all, respectfully disagree with your last guest, George...
Yeah, if I say the government's behind 9-11, then I need to be arrested.
And another good case in point, speaking of public domain information, of course I know you've already read the article about the Justice Department reclassifying the information that was out two years ago by Sybil Edmonds.
I wanted to get your guest's opinion on that cover-up, even though the New York Times claimed that it appears to be a cover-up.
I think it's very obvious.
Well, she was told, we'll arrest you if you don't shut up.
If you shut up, we'll give you about double the money job.
And they gave bonuses to those that did block the FBI from stopping the supposed hijackers.
But Sybil Edmonds, you know, some of the families stood up yesterday and said, look, you're threatening to arrest the whistleblowers.
Don't arrest them.
Mr. Boland?
Yeah, I don't know about that particular case, but in New York City there's been a huge cover-up among the local people there.
But fundamentally, the questions to ask are what caused the buildings to fall, in my mind.
Because when you look at the impossibility of the scenario that the government has presented, that the planes themselves and the fires that resulted from the planes caused the buildings to crash.
Building 7 wasn't hit by an aircraft.
There you go.
And then we have Larry Silverstein slipping up and saying, we gave the order to pull the building that day and demolished it.
Why do you think he said that?
Well, I think that he was just, he's not a terribly bright man and he doesn't have a very good background.
I think he just, he spoke a little bit too candidly.
And I've called to his office several times in the last winter trying to get confirmation of that.
And they have not responded to what he meant by when he said to pull it.
Well, I mean, they say pulling it means to demolish a building, and on the day of 9-11 it was on fire, and we made the decision to pull it, and we gave the order and watched it come down, but that's the quote.
Yes, that's the thing, is that it's pretty clear from the behavior of Building 7 that it was a classic... We also have the seismographs.
And I also called to the Loiseau Brothers, the company in Baltimore that does controlled demolition incorporated, to ask them, and...
After they had given me the information that was so interesting about finding molten steel in the lowest levels of the World Trade Center six weeks after the buildings fell down, they were very reluctant to come to the phone.
They wouldn't talk to me anymore about World Trade Center building number seven.
Because I wanted to ask Mr. Lawrence... So we're on the air getting conservatively, this is not an exaggeration, 40 million hits on that story we brought forward.
And it comes out in newspapers, and these guys won't even respond.
I mean, what does that mean?
And the thing is that, you know, the demolition or what I call the demolition of World Trade Center No. 7...
That was clearly demolition.
The building fell completely neatly within its... And the firefighters reported bombs.
We have video of that.
Then they said that all the firefighter transmission tapes malfunctioned.
Turned out, New York Daily News, that wasn't true, that they have them.
They were ordered under national security to seal them.
And then two days ago in the 9-11 Whitewash Commission, they go, oh, it was the firefighters' fault.
They were in a fight with the cops.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, they always blame the lowest guy.
And that's just what they're doing with this...
...abuse scandal in Iraq.
The same thing.
They're blaming the privates and the specialists, the low-ranking military personnel, when they know very well that the civilian contractors and these interpreters of dubious origin are the ones who are giving the order.
Well, yeah.
Copper green.
I mean, they were ordered to do it.
I mean, and then they did it.
One interesting thing is that the Tuguba report names the four people that General Tuguba thought was behind the... directly or indirectly behind.
And he named...
He named Pappas, who was the head of the military intelligence of the 205th Military Intelligence Brigade.
He named his deputy.
Then he also named two contractors by name.
Steven Stavonowitz of Kaki, CACI, on the East Coast.
And he named a man named John Israel from Titan Corporation on the West Coast in San Diego.
And I got it from the spokesman at Titan that this John Israel fellow...
Um, is actually a British citizen.
Now, by the way, uh, the general, uh, uh, Kulpinski they're trying to blame wasn't even allowed in these wings of the prisons, so that way when there's an investigation of her, she will be found not guilty because she is innocent, and they say, see, case closed.
That's another tactic they use.
Go after someone innocent, have a trial, then they're found innocent while sheltering and compartmentalizing those.
Now, it's also come out that Rumsfeld went there and said, turn the heat up, do this, and now we've got Reuters reporters
We're good to go.
On behalf of the big corporations that dominate this country and Britain.
And that's the fundamental problem.
The American people do not have a dog in this fight.
But the controlled media is doing everything it can to convince us that we do.
Yeah, we won't even get that oil.
China and Israel will.
Let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Let's talk to... Who's up next here?
Larry in Iowa.
Go ahead, Larry.
How are you doing?
I wanted to bring up, you know, about the whistleblowers.
They do pay a high price, and, you know, the other side, there's a bigger high price, but, you know, one is David Shippers.
You know, he was shut down, and, you know, it's our job as Americans to use our discernment like we would do with our own children, about gossip, about anything.
You find out for sure what's going on, and don't be lazy.
There's a lot at stake.
And for instance, you know, your friend, concerning knowing George Bush by his fruits, I think you probably should recount the Alabama Supreme Court Justice, Judge Roy Moore.
And now they're promoting the Attorney General that won after Moore.
I know, I mean, it's incredible.
Yeah, I mean, evidently George Bush is for taking down the Ten Commandments because he sent his minions down there to support the State Attorney General that
I mean, look at the fruits of Bush.
Thanks for the call.
Let me ask Chris Boland about that.
Chris, I mean, that's a great example.
I mean, big government, loss of liberty, Patriot Act being used against the American people, Bush is going to sign the assault weapons ban if he gets it in his hand.
I mean, what is wrong with these neocons if they won't wake up to the facts?
You're speaking about the neocons at the popular level, the people.
Yeah, just the idiots that are saying, yeah, arrest people if they disagree with the government.
Yeah, well, unfortunately, they've become useful idiots of the government because I've just come back a couple weeks ago from Europe, and it's truly amazing how the media in this country, the news media, particularly on the television, is so biased and weak in presenting information
And overloaded with opinion, whether it's Fox, CNN, MSNBC, or the network news.
It's just incredible.
But that's meant by design, again, so Europe can point out that we're bad when the same people running Europe run America, and then bring in the U.N.
as the good cop, which Michael Moore is now calling for.
Right, and I think this is the big...
Which was the plan to begin?
I mean, a year ago, Bush was saying, we're going to have the U.N.
take over.
We have to look like the bad guys first before that happens.
That's always been the plan.
Right, and to bring America down several notches in prestige.
And obviously, in terms of wealth... And these stupid neocons are playing along with it.
This is a plan, people.
Let's talk to Mark in Minnesota.
Mark, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, how are you gentlemen doing?
Really enjoyed listening to this guest.
Now, Pat Buchanan, I've been dissatisfied with some of the things he's done.
He just wrote an article, which I believe is posted on antiwar.com right now, and it barely scratches the surface, but he talks a little bit about this Operation Hedonism going on in Iraq.
Really tragic is the way a lot of Christians think, oh, Bush is so Christian, but I don't know if you guys heard about this Fern Holland lady who was involved with the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq, working with Paul Bremer.
She was a radical left-wing pro-abort, and she was helping to write the new Constitution of Iraq.
Before, I guess, she ended up dead over in Iraq.
And it seems to me that the geopolitical agenda is really that of promoting things such as abortion on demand, and of course they call that liberating women.
Let me get a thanks for the call.
What do you think about that, Chris?
Yeah, I mean, it's amazing how people like...
Dan Senior, I think is his name, are speaking for the CPA whenever there's a press conference.
I mean, who is Dan Senior?
He studied at Hebrew University and in Ontario.
His qualifications are very dubious.
Again, that's the Coalition Provisional Council government, the public government, and open Israeli operatives are there running it, which is just going to enrage the Arabs.
Yeah, and that's the thing is that with the degree of... What I've written about this week is about these two massacres with the...
The amount of, the degree of collaboration between the U.S.
military and the Israeli military, and the degree to which the U.S.
government and military rely on and depend on Israeli information, or Israelis to provide information, you know, it's a small wonder that we're having these disasters.
And again, I mean, what's behind this wedding getting bombed, killing 40 people?
Yeah, well, that's the question.
It's like, who, you know, the eyewitness report said that American soldiers
Whoever that might be, came to the party earlier in the evening when there was some shooting.
They were shooting in the air, you know, with their shotguns and things.
And we heard today the weapons they found were shotguns.
The cash they found at the site was about $1,000.
But it was a wedding.
And when they were shooting up in the air, some American soldiers came to the site, checked it out, and a little bit later, the helicopters came and shot up the whole place.
But who are the people who go and ascertain whether it's a wedding or not?
And then, obviously, it's quite interesting, this occurred early Tuesday morning, where Wednesday, the next day, 24 hours later, Israel conducted a similar atrocity in Gaza, probably hoping that the United States would cover up and veto any sanction in the United Nations, which didn't happen for them.
And again, the P2OG, the public Pentagon plan, is to kill innocent Arabs, to get them to attack us, to widen the war, Chris.
We'll be right back with more calls with Christopher Boland.
Stay with us.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
My friends, we must bring the globalists to justice.
We must at least expose the fact that they're behind the terror, they stand to gain from the terror, they have the motive, and you look at the evidence, it is overwhelming.
They have no evidence of their CIA-created al-Qaeda doing this.
It's all just a fiction.
But all the evidence shows that they, the military-industrial complex, were behind this.
And it is so important to go read Christopher Boland's articles, hundreds of them all over the Internet.
Just type his name into a search engine if you want to truly be informed.
It is so important that you get my documentary films.
9-11, The Road to Tyranny, Part 2, The Masters of Terror.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Two years ago, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, a real documentary by Alex Jones, had most of the facts, more used in his scattershot approach.
Jones, who was less interested in making money than the self-aggrandizing Moore, released the film for free, that is on the internet, on his website, Infowars.com, where it drew legions of new fans, including producer Kurt Johnson, who was hiring Jones as a consultant on the political action thriller.
Title, Wake Up.
But the point here is, this has popped up here, interesting, but I don't talk about a lot of the stuff I'm involved in, there's a bunch of other stuff too, but what we're trying to get at here is these are powerful films, you need to have them, you need to make at least ten copies of them and get them out to opinion makers in your area.
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There's a bunch of newspaper reviews that I have to admit are all positive about Road to Tyranny that we need to post on the site.
We haven't even done that over the years.
We get riveting film.
Don't even put it on the website, but you want to get these videos.
Actually, I made Road to Tyranny.
It was out in the first month of 2002.
So over two and a half years, you need to have this video.
And we've got a lot of other great new videos we're carrying by other great researchers like Jews Preservation of Firearms Ownership, their Innocence Betrayed video.
Be sure and get it.
Great video.
Mr. Boland, we're going to break.
We're going to keep you with us into the next hour.
And we're going to go to all these calls and get into the 9-11 situation and some of the smoking guns there.
But, you know, you've written some books.
You've got some great information.
How do people get a hold of what you do?
Mostly by reading American Free Press.
American Free Press is a small weekly newspaper based on Capitol Hill, and the best way to get a hold of that is to dial 888-699-NEWS.
That's 6397.
We're a weekly paper, and we're uncensored news fighting in the jungle of the controlled press in this country.
You know, Chris, I have to say it.
Five years ago, half the callers to this show disagreed when I was on a couple stations.
Now we're on coast-to-coast, a lot of stations.
I do other interviews where the host is attacking me, and almost every caller agrees.
They're really losing the fight.
It's interesting that Fox Radio interviewed me, and I got on with that.
Alan Combs and...
Five minutes into the show, he just attacked me viciously as an anti-Semite and this and that.
After asking me about 9-1-1, my evidence on 9-1-1, and the callers hated it.
So the callers didn't buy into it?
The callers defended me vigorously.
This is how it works.
I'm for freedom.
I'm against the Nazis.
You're anti-Semitic!
You know, I mean, it's incredible.
It doesn't work anymore.
We'll be back.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Already into hour number three of Global Transmission Against Tyranny.
We're talking to Christopher Bolan, an amazing researcher, broken literally hundreds of major stories.
Just an incredible researcher and resource to all of us that love freedom.
Loaded phone lines.
In the next 30 minutes, we're going to get into 9-11, some of the stories he's broken, more on the Iraq situation.
But right now, let's go back to the calls.
Have your question or comment ready?
Emmett in Pennsylvania, then Elias, Bill, John, Brent, and others.
Emmett, you're on the air with our guests.
Go ahead.
Well, it's old news, but they're saying now that the people weren't allowed to leave the Trade Towers buildings because...
Well, the firemen didn't have the communication.
Well, this was day one.
The people came out saying that they were on loudspeakers from the command bunker across the street that Giuliani was in, saying, stay at your post, you'll be arrested, you're not allowed to leave.
And they would evacuate for some dishwasher detergent dumped on the ground, literally, or some chewing gum, because it was anthrax.
But they said stay in the building even after the second plane hit because they wanted a high death toll.
But Giuliani gets a call to get out of Building 7 because the other towers are, quote, about to collapse.
And firefighters tell reporters, get back from Building 7.
It's about to collapse.
Christopher Boland, your take on this.
One firefighter came out of Building 7 about 4 o'clock in the afternoon and told the photographer for Associated Press to get back.
It's going to come down.
And it's amazing that...
How somebody could say that?
He got out of the way and he wasn't there to take the pictures.
But, yeah, to tell people to stay in the building after a plane had hit it or to stay in the adjacent building after a plane had struck the first building is absolutely negligent.
Well, the reports we got is they were saying it when the second one was hit.
I hadn't heard that.
That was even in New York Daily News.
We got 600 news articles posted at prisonplanet.com and another 300 at infowars.com on all this.
You'd have to be a wild-eyed conspiracy theorist not to think the globalists didn't do this, Chris.
Yes, and the thing is that what's unfortunate is that the academic community, people like physicists, haven't been outspoken.
One of the first ones was the Fire Engineering Magazine.
They came out at the beginning of 2002.
With an article saying that there's a consensus among firefighters in this country that the towers could not have collapsed due to the fire.
And this is a criminal cover-up hauling away the steel.
Yes, but then the next month they were backing away from that kind of commentary.
And this is the thing, is that people are intimidated in this country.
People that should be doing the research, the basic research that would show that buildings cannot collapse in that way.
And it's just time for more of us just to stand up and say no to the bully.
We outnumber them thousands to one.
Yeah, but there's too few people like you on the radio.
Well, again, I go back to what I said in the last segment, though.
I'll do five interviews now before somebody calls in disagreeing.
Go ahead and finish up with what you were saying, Emmett.
Yes, Alex.
In Philadelphia, they're having radio problems with the patrol cars, and they said if you need backup...
The cop is supposed to come back to the barracks and get a partner.
Yeah, right.
Suddenly, Air Force systems all over the country, from the panhandle of Texas to Pennsylvania to Ohio to New York to California to Colorado Springs, Colorado, suddenly stuff is at garage doors.
Radios aren't working.
And I was surprised what you said about the rapture.
The golden rope's coming down.
Well, I believe in the rapture, Alex, but I'm still working for you.
I distribute your videos and what you say, and I might only have like about one out of five people believe me.
But, hey...
That's one that didn't know.
Well, I do believe in the Bible and the rapture, but I believe that we have to fight evil, and I believe that the rapture clearly comes in the middle or the end, depending on how you look at it.
I mean, these people that say we're going to be pulled out of this, well, the Antichrist is going to say he's Jesus.
Well, Jesus said, Terry, till I come.
Yeah, that's right.
So regardless of what you believe, you've got to fight evil.
Chris, would you agree with that?
Yeah, it's interesting, and I've just come across this concept that George Bush is acting like the Judas sheep, leading the sheeple into the slaughter.
We'll be back with Christopher Boland.
I'm Alex Jones, and we'll take more of your calls, get into more news.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We've got about 51 minutes left in this live Thursday, the 20th of May, 2004 edition.
We're about to go back to our amazing guest, Christopher Bolan, American Free Press writer, AmericanFreePress.net.
And we'll also get to Elias and Bill and John and Brent and many others that are patiently holding.
I want to go to your calls a lot quicker.
I also want to get back into 9-11 and some of the other news, torturing people to death, posing with their dead bodies.
I guess this is just having fraternal fun, like Wimbaugh said.
Just blowing off some steam.
Also, I want to get into some more on the gas prices and some of the police state stuff that's now going into effect here in the United States.
Before we do that here in the next three minutes or so, I want to talk to Debbie Morrow of New Millennium Concepts because the water supply is full of mercury and arsenic and MBTE and fluoride and birth control pills and Ritalin and Prozac and
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Anything else, Debbie?
Nope, that's it.
Thank you for having me.
Thank you for your support.
Hey, you bet.
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They are the sponsor for the International 4-Wave Outreach, which is a global service we actually pay for.
Now, going back to Chris Bolin, Christopher Bolin, American Free Press, Chris, we're about to go back to these calls, but you wanted to get into 9-11, the seismographs, the bombs.
Let's go over that, because there's so many facets...
To the obvious government involvement, not just per our knowledge.
But this Building 7, Tower 1 and 2 situation, we've alluded to it, but let's go over that from your expertise, your investigation, the seismographs, you name it.
Yeah, I think one of the most important things to see is that at both the Pentagon and at the World Trade Center, both complexes were cleaned up by a foreign company.
That's AMEC, that's Assets Management Engineering Consultancy of Britain.
And that's headed by one of the knights of the British Empire.
But this company oversaw the cleanup at the World Trade Center and at the Pentagon.
I forgot his name.
Furthermore, this company, this British company, had done the renovation on that section of the Pentagon that was struck.
Only one-fifth or one-fourth of the Pentagon had renovation, and that happened to be the section that was struck.
And this company, Amex,
Cleaned up both sites.
And what I say, they oversaw the largest destruction of evidence in a criminal case in history.
They basically took all of the steel from the World Trade Center, brought people in from around the country to cut it up, ship it over to Staten Island, and then from Staten Island, this steel was sold foreign.
It was sold to places like India, Shanghai, China.
And Korea.
Rather than simply having it sent to someplace like Indiana or Pennsylvania.
And they had controlled demolition of the Oklahoma City building and buried the pieces under armed guards to this day.
You see, that's the most important thing, is that in any sort of major crime like this, the evidence is of extreme importance.
It makes no sense at all to remove the evidence or to destroy the evidence.
But in this case, the evidence was destroyed as quickly as possible.
Because you see...
Those steel beams, you could have done simple metallurgical tests, and you could have determined if explosives had been present.
And my thesis, that I agree with people like Eric Huffschmidt, author of Painful Questions, that the buildings were exploded.
I mean, that's the only explanation.
Well, we have the explosions going off down the side of the video.
We have the seismographs.
We have buildings set up.
We have the owners saying they blew it up.
I mean, what more do we need?
Go over those seismographs for people.
Well, the seismographic evidence is very important.
It shows that prior to the collapse of both buildings, there were huge spikes in the seismographic data that was received just a few miles north in upstate New York a little ways.
And this showed huge, huge spikes that are consistent with underground explosive nuclear explosions.
Now, you actually talked to the state and the federal seismographs.
Just look at Oklahoma City picked this up.
Powerful underground explosions.
And then later they admit molten steel weeks and weeks later.
That's unheard of.
That's the most interesting thing is that I found that, I think it was Peter Tully of Tully Construction.
There were four companies involved in the cleanup.
That's Turner, Amek, Tully.
And one other.
Control Demolition.
Control Demolition only wrote the plan for the removal of debris.
But the four companies involved in the cleanup, one was German, two were British, and Peter Tully of Bronx, New York was the only American one.
And I spoke to him, and when I spoke to him, he mentioned in passing that they had come across molten steel in the basement.
And, you know, I put that in my... Now, that was weeks and weeks later.
Five weeks afterwards, because that's at the point when they scraped down, when they scraped down, you know, removed obviously all this huge pile of rubble, and then scraped down to the bedrock, which is about seven basement levels below the street level.
And when they got down to that level, it was about two months after the incident, they came, they found...
At the point where these huge central support columns were embedded in the bedrock, that's where they found molten steel, five weeks after the event.
And, you know, of course, these people weren't able to explain to me their explanations about why there would be molten steel were way off the mark, because one of them told me, I think it was maybe Mr. Tully or Loiseau, said, think about all the paper that fell down the elevator shaft, you know.
Well, that burns and smolders.
It takes a blowtorch to even soften steel.
Whatever got that steel that hot and was able to maintain that kind of residual heat... Yeah, a bellows going 24 hours a day couldn't do that.
When you consider that at the bottom of the pile, at the bedrock, that's an oxygen-starved environment for five weeks as the men are removing all the steel above it and concrete and dust, something very unusual happened.
At that bedrock level.
And it was some sort of... It was definitely black ops.
Now, the obvious command center for all of this is the FEMA State Federal International Command Bunker they built in 1999 in Building 7.
Giuliani's in it.
That's the command center telling people to stay in the building.
That catches on fire, getting rid of the command center, obviously.
Then they say get back in Building 7 and close.
That's the key, is what happened to Building 7.
Building 7 and the Pentagon, I think, are the two weakest links
In understanding what happened on the destruction of the buildings.
There's no good explanation why Building 7 collapsed like it did, except for what you just said, that they had to get rid of the evidence of this emergency command center on the 22nd and 23rd floor.
It's interesting that that emergency command center seems to have been built for precisely such an event.
It didn't have any beds in it.
I think.
Just like the rest of the evidence.
It's incredible.
And look, it's not like we're just saying this.
Larry Silverstein says they blew it up.
Well, I think that he needs to be subpoenaed.
People like him have to be arrested and subpoenaed.
And if the people don't do it, I don't count the government's going to do it.
We'll come back, take some more calls.
Everybody stay there.
Christopher Boland is our guest.
More information coming up.
And presentplanet.tv is the website.
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We're good to go.
We've had callers holding for a long time.
I may have to go over a little bit to the next segment to get to all of these, then I'll hit some final news.
A lot of information left to cover here in the next 35 minutes.
Let's go quickly to the calls.
Let's talk to Elias in Michigan.
Elias, you're on the air.
Here I am.
Go ahead.
Okay, it was concerning a statement made by George, the last interview he had.
Remember him?
Talking about George, I don't know what that means.
George, George, the one you... Oh, the caller earlier... Whoever he was, he said we must have faith in our leader, if you recall.
Yeah, okay, you know, they're fire happy, all of them.
Nero, the ancient church, Hitler, Roosevelt, Nixon, Putin, they all like to burn, you know?
So he says have faith.
No, you've got to reject that.
You can't have any faith in leaders.
Well, the founding fathers said don't trust government, but now we're supposed to worship it.
He was asking for blind faith.
I wish he was there.
I wanted to get in, but I couldn't get in.
I've got a busy signal.
So anyway, you've got to reject blind faith.
You've got to throw it in the garbage can.
I hear you.
I appreciate the call.
I appreciate the call.
You know, that's true.
Just blind, mindless faith will guarantee a dictatorship, won't it, Chris?
Sure will.
There's no reason to have any faith in George Bush.
I appreciate those words, Elias.
A lot of wisdom there.
Bill in Pennsylvania.
Bill, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
I have a question for Chris, but first, Alex, in the beginning of your program, you were talking about exposing murders, and you said there were lots of news, and even though something on page six of the New York Post, I wondered if you noticed the piece on the front of the paper about Israel and about the brave Israeli soldiers that fired missiles into a crowd of Palestinian people.
Into a crowd of human beings and murdered ten children.
And what's the difference between a missile killing children and a suicide bomber doing?
We're talking about who did it.
Well, Israel admits they did it.
Are you allowed to talk about the Israel problem on Genesis?
Well, you're on the air right now, sir.
Yes, let's talk about it.
We have Christopher Boland on the air.
Okay, this leads up to my question.
I mean, you can talk, but if you just keep repeating the same statement, I don't know if we can continue that.
Sure, okay, this is about 9-11, Alex, because I think of the actions of the Israelis and the fact that we send them the money we do and we give our stamp of approval.
I think it's evident that if we didn't reward and give money to Israel for carrying out these despicable crimes, there wouldn't have been a 9-11.
There wouldn't be 3,000 dead Americans.
Okay, so you... And it would be illegal and... Hold on, hold on.
Put him on hold.
Put him on hold.
So you think that the Arabs did 9-11.
See, I mean, I just love this.
I mean, no, I don't agree with that.
I don't agree with you that the Arabs did 9-11 because we were mean to them.
Okay, the globalists carried it out as a pretext to dominate the world as the PNAC documents the Vice President's own word state.
Mr. Boland, any comments?
Yeah, but there is indication, there's pretty good evidence that Israeli intelligence had prior knowledge that it was going to happen.
Oh, absolutely.
I mean, they were up on top of the building cheering.
Even MSNBC admits that.
Yeah, and their biggest company, Zim, pulled out of their contract with the World Trade Center just a few weeks before the building came down.
And the Jerusalem Post admits that Otago, the instant message company, four hours before, emailed their employees and said, don't go to work today.
But the thing is that all of these indicators of Israeli prior knowledge are all, you know, like you said, they're discussed and they're out there.
But nobody talks about the British role, for example, the role of British intelligence in the whole thing.
And you have to look at, you know, our main allies in this misadventure in Iraq are Britain and Israel.
I agree.
All I say is that all these big intelligence agencies were involved because they all get power and control out of it.
Now go ahead and you've got a final comment, Bill.
Yeah, I just pretty much covered about 9-11, but I also was saying that I wouldn't believe there would right now be an illegal and unconstitutional war in Iraq, and I wasn't suggesting Arabs at all.
I was suggesting Israel, the connection with Israel.
All right, well, thanks for the call.
John in Florida.
John, go ahead.
Howdy, Alex.
Howdy, John.
Howdy, Chris.
Kudos to you, Alex, and the people that we know are making it possible for you to interview such excellent guests as today's guests.
I had a lot of questions and comments, but for the sake of time factor, I've deleted a number of them.
I just want to say I'm glad Chris has brought up Mr. Dan Center.
He seems to be always on the podium with General Kemet.
I, too, have been wondering exactly who this man is and what his background is.
Well, he's the Israeli handler.
Go ahead.
You know, I mean, I hate to throw in something from like a, you know, art belt, but I mean, the man looks like an alien, you know, for some science fiction, you know, movie.
He'd be great.
Interesting about him, the name Senor is a fake, it's kind of a fake name.
It comes from a Yiddish name, Shnur.
Which came, it's a Sephardic, means senior, originally.
And I think he's related to some of the big rabbis.
I've got to get a question in to the two of you, because you've got excellent retention memory.
After the birthing of our current Republican, you know, cabal administration here, okay, as a result of what happened here in my state of Florida, okay, with the Chads and all, okay,
And before the Chinese shot down or forced down the spy plane, okay, I remember our current president making a statement that he thought... We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
On PrisonPlanet.tv we have the photos, the entire testimony yesterday morning before they cut it short from C-SPAN and the particular audio clip.
Part of it where they're talking about Building 7 and prior knowledge and NORAD standing down and CIA created Al-Qaeda.
I am.
I remember, President, somewhere in the first 90 days, before the, you know, Chinese incident, okay, when he was queried about winning the election, okay, and his current regime came into effect, okay, he made a statement that it would be better if he was dictator.
Yeah, he said that on CNN.
He said that on CNN.
We have the video clip on the website.
He said things would be a heck of a lot better so long as I'm the dictator.
Go ahead, John.
That's all I wanted to find out.
Yeah, that's right.
You want to...
Thanks for the call.
I mean, what's your response to... Yeah, Bush is saying things would be a heck of a lot easier if this was a dictatorship so long as I'm the dictator.
Ha, ha, ha.
It's very telling because... But the fundamental problem is that he is, in effect, a dictator because we do not have in this country honest elections.
Until we have actual paper ballots that are counted in front of the local citizens in each precinct, we cannot say that we have a democratic franchise in this country.
And how many...
People know that the League of Women Voters is lobbying against Rush Holtz's bill in Congress that would make there be a paper trail.
Yeah, and this is the thing.
It's amazing how in the space of one generation, Americans have lost.
They're a democratic franchise.
And you're a kook if you say, hey, these companies are all run by the CIA, they've been caught defrauding people coast to coast, I want to pay for a ballot, they'll call the police on you here in Austin.
Tell me about it.
In Chicago, where I'm from, I went into the office of ES&S, Election Systems and Software, and most Americans don't know, or most people in Chicago don't know, that that company programs each individual machine the night before elections for Cook County, which is the county of Chicago.
And I never felt so scared in my life as I was when I was in their office with about three big gooks standing around me ready to bash me on the head.
And it's amazing that it's come to this.
What were these goons saying to you?
Well, they were just very intimidating.
I had been calling them for days and days trying to get information.
So finally, when I went down to visit the State Board of Elections, I went to their office, which is Kitty Corner in downtown Chicago there.
And I was very intimidated, and they didn't answer any of my questions.
But this is the thing.
It's a private company, ES&S.
It runs about a third of the voting machines in this country, and there's absolutely no transparency.
Well, I mean, we've got former CIA directors on the boards, deputy directors, weird intelligence goons guarding it.
Well, we catch them manipulating elections during elections.
We caught them...
We've caught convicted computer crimes felons being vice presidents for Diebold.
Their own engineers quit and say it's all a fraud, you know, like the movies.
It's a fraud, but instead of the bad guys getting busted, it's in one newspaper, never hear about it again.
Right, and just when I wrote that story, that story about the voting machines in Chicago, I received two death threats.
Well, yeah, this is serious.
This is the domination and the dictatorship.
They can't let us expose this.
And this is the most important thing.
How do they death threat you?
The Russian guy, it was a Russian guy who actually sold and produces the chips, what they call the 512K cards that go in the machine.
The program card that not only collects the data, but gives the commands to the machine what to do.
This is the smoking gun.
I used to work for IBM, and a company like IBM or these other large companies were found to be unsatisfactory to provide the chips for the cards.
For these machines by ES&S.
And I found out the guy that was providing them, and he was a new immigrant from Belarusia or Russia.
And I asked him a few questions.
He was very surprised.
He's a one-man company there in Illinois.
And the next day on Saturday or Sunday after I found my story, he called me up and he said, you know, I don't want anything bad to happen to you or to me and things like that.
But when I got off the phone, I told my wife, he said he didn't want anything bad to happen to me.
And my wife said, well, he's threatening you.
My wife's from that part of the world.
Well, I've gotten calls before like this.
Mr. Jones, if you love yourself and your family, you'll back off right now.
And I just say, oh, yeah, and let the world fall.
People like you, you go ahead and do whatever you got to, buddy.
You're going to hell, though.
Yeah, yeah.
I want you to know that.
But this is the amazing thing.
And he wouldn't tell me where the cards were made, but he did admit that these program cards were not made in the United States.
But you see, this is the thing, is that each machine for each precinct is programmed in a private company's office, and then it's put in the machine, the machine is sent out to the precinct.
And then at the end of the voting, those cards are taken back out of the machine, given back to the private company, who then counts the votes.
I mean, this is so absurd.
So when I ran for office, I ran for mayor in my hometown there, which is outside Chicago.
It was an off-year election, and Illinois state law says that
In such an election, a simple ballot, the votes have to be counted by hand.
So I went down to the county clerk's office in downtown Chicago, kind of like the Blues Brothers type scenario.
And they called the cops on you.
No, I said, I asked the county clerk, I said, I'd like to have the votes counted by hand in my hometown to corroborate what the machines say.
Mind you, the State Board of Elections in Illinois does not approve the use of these machines to start with.
That's another story.
But then the county clerk's spokesman came out and told me, he said, are you crazy?
And that was the end of it.
You know, are you crazy?
I'm crazy.
And if you'd have kept arguing, around here, if you ask, when you go, hey, how do I verify this vote?
They will go, we've heard about you people.
They're in here.
I mean, literally, one of the crazies.
They're here.
They're asking questions about their vote.
And that's the old Soviet Union.
You'd ask, hey, is this a real voting?
KGB, he's in here!
The amazing thing is that in Europe, I've gone to different elections, and the best elections I've seen were in Germany and France.
But in France, it's completely up front.
Every single vote, every single ballot is counted two times in front of anybody who wants to watch.
And it's done very quickly.
But that's Al-Qaeda-ish!
You must be with Al-Qaeda!
Hey, the first hour of this show, if I'm criticizing the government, I should be arrested.
I mean, it's getting down there.
I need to be put in a camp.
Well, you know, when you come back and you see people watching Fox TV, and when you read that Fox TV is the favorite news channel in Washington, D.C.,
You can understand the problem.
And you watch Fox Television, every male role model is bad, breaking up the family, where these hot prostitutes try to get you to cheat on your wife.
Oh, this is such a Christian conservative channel.
I wouldn't call it Christian.
I mean, Rupert Murdoch, he sicked his boys on me on 9-1-1.
But the way that he has something like 185 newspapers around the world and media outlets, and every single one of his editors...
Agreed with Rupert Murdoch that a war in Iraq was the way to go.
Well, they told him they had to, but this is my point.
They put out the worst trash on purpose.
Let's go back to the calls.
Brent in Washington.
Brent, go ahead.
Hi, Alex and Chris.
I appreciate the show today.
I had a question on Flight 77.
Before I answer that, I did receive the videos, Eric Huffsmith and also the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms.
Oh, you bought those videos from me.
Thank you.
And I just want to briefly state that I watched that video.
Yes, I did.
And it was amazing as far as when these people were being hauled away.
I believe it was in Nazi Germany.
And the people in the background were smirking and smiling.
As people were being hauled away, and the women there in this euphoric state, raising their hands, saluting Hitler.
And Americans are much more evil than the Germans were.
They would love a Hitler.
The yuppies will love to see me get arrested.
They want it so bad they can taste it.
They want it.
They want to be slaves.
That's right, Alex.
People who don't believe that that cannot occur in the U.S.,
I'm looking at a photo here.
My question on Flight 77 on Eric Huffsmith's video as far as the Pentagon...
It was amazing how this plane could go clear out to Ohio, disappear on the radar, and then for its entire flight back to the East Coast before it supposedly goes into the Pentagon, there's no tracking on the radar.
That's very important.
That's a very important observation.
And what I think happened, and I think Eric Hochschmidt and I agree on this, is that an unmanned aircraft like a Global Hawk, which is based in Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in southern Ohio,
That the first plane, the Flight 77, landed in some place in Ohio and then was replaced with this UAV, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, like a Global Hawk, probably a Global Hawk, which then flew at high altitude, and this Global Hawk was weaponized.
And it was able to make that descent and to precisely fly at the Pentagon.
And shortly before hitting the Pentagon...
It fired a Hellfire-type missile, which... And we see the White Hawk flash in the photo, but on top of that, and let's add something to this, in the Operation Northwoods plan, they said we will have military personnel posing in plainclothes, get on an airplane, we will land that airplane somewhere else, and then crash a drone, and then the public will buy into this.
So we have an official plan to do this.
Written in 1962.
And they're writing about drones in 1962, which gives you an idea of the technology.
Since 58, NORAD's been flying aircraft as drones for shooting practice.
I mean, in 1953...
Joe Kennedy, JFK's big brother, died guiding in drones.
And what's interesting about this is that this would explain that because this Global Hawk is about the size of a small airplane with a large wingspan, and it would look like a... People said they saw commuters, you know.
Yeah, it would be about the size of a 12-person jet.
But the thing is that this would explain the explosion and would also explain why there was no debris on the lawn because...
The fiberglass composite material that makes up the body of the plane would have basically disintegrated on impact.
Thanks for the call, Brett.
Who's up next here?
Two more calls and I've got to go to some other stuff.
John in Tennessee.
John, go ahead.
The New York Post website today had a forum for readers to comment on Giuliani on the headline with the 9-1-1 Commission.
When I logged on 30 minutes ago, people were posting links to InfoWars.com.
I posted links to Operation Northwoods and Giuliani's Mafia family history and that Bush and Bin Laden are Jewish Mafia.
Within five minutes of my post, the entire forum was shut down.
The bad guys are running the website for the New York Post and censoring it in real time.
And you have to remember that Giuliani was made a Knight of the British Empire member
For his service rendered for the British Empire shortly after 9-1-1.
Yeah, Joe, I've got to be honest.
I mean, Israel couldn't order NORAD to stand down and do all this.
They certainly had prior knowledge.
They certainly did warn their employees.
That's Jerusalem Post, but I don't think they ran the attacks.
Well, that's just their little part.
If Bush and bin Laden are Jewish theology...
That's just to help explain why they've been in business together for 30 years.
All right.
Thank you.
I don't know about the Bin Ladens being Jewish.
Thank you for the call.
They've been British Empire servants for 80 years, and that's on the record.
So they've been an MI6 intelligence body for a long time before MI6 even existed.
But that's it for calls, and I want to thank Christopher Boland for spending all this time with us.
You can check out his columns at AmericanFreePress.net or subscribe to the newspaper.
We have a link on InfoWars.com as their sponsor of how to be a distributor or to get American Free Press.
It's a great newspaper.
We'll censor the truth, and we appreciate them.
And Chris, got to have you back up sometime.
It's been a pleasure.
Thank you, Alex.
God bless you, my friend.
Take care.
All right.
I said I would air this again, then I'll hit a few final news stories.
This is on PrisonPlanet.tv.
11th public hearing of the 9-11 Commission with testimony from former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.
And we have the entire Commission hearing there, and then we also have some select clips of some of the people standing up and yelling.
Demonstrator Christopher Broder, this represents the September 11th Commission hearings and the testimony of former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.
And then another lady gets up and talks about Building 7 and NORAD standing down.
He talks about the CIA founding Al-Qaeda.
They talk about threatening whistleblowers, threatening to arrest them.
Why aren't you interviewing them?
Why is this a real investigation?
Here it is.
Go ahead and hit it.
Deeply appreciative of that.
And we may very well want to ask you further questions as we finalize our report.
As a Midwesterner, I might say to you, I've been impressed time and again with the pride you've expressed in New York City.
And I admire that greatly.
And I think that may very well be one of the reasons we possess your leadership.
So we thank you very much for your leadership.
Thank you very, very much.
If I was a fireman, I'd want to know why 300 firemen die.
And I've got some real questions.
Let's ask some real questions.
Is that unfair?
If you want to be disruptive, you will be removed from this room.
All right.
So they can't shut us all up.
Remember, your government trained and funded al-Qaeda and flew them out of the country on 9-11, flew them out of Afghanistan, flew them in to attack the Serbs and start that war.
That's their job, CIA Arabs, to go in and do all of this.
And Arab CIA-tas, CIA-rabs, Al-CIA-tas,
That's all this is.
Look at the motive and look at the stacks of documentation and evidence and stop being weak-minded.
Stop ignoring the facts.
And that's only part of it.
That's when C-SPAN cut it off.
There's been other videos now out there of the other cameras that were in there that kept rolling.
And then there's a photo here from the Associated Press by Gregory Bull on Infowars.com, presentplanet.tv.
And Gregory Bull took the photo of dozens of news cameras, dozens of reporters around, demonstrator Christopher Broder, after he left the conference room.
Others have been arrested.
And he wasn't on the news.
He went into more about this stuff.
But that gets blacked out.
The news would tell you, oh, there was some protesting, but the government didn't do enough.
But then they'd block out what they had to say.
Is that the freedom?
Hey, you know what?
You can't cover this up.
You understand that, Globals?
You could kill the thousand most prominent 9-11 people exposing what you did.
And there'll be a thousand more behind us.
And there's millions speaking out.
Everybody's getting informed.
We know what you did.
You murderers.
You murdering killers.
You will be brought to justice.
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That's HerbalHealer.com, your website for safe, effective natural alternatives and education.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
We answer these vital questions and much, much more in my newest and most explosive documentary yet, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
In two hours and 24 minutes, we point a searing light of truth on the history of problem-reaction solution.
Brace yourselves as the New World Order program for world domination is blown wide open.
A nightmarish post-September 11th world, where the military and the police are merged.
Witnesses' populations beg for national ID cards, and yes, even implantable microchips.
Troops on the streets, foreign NATO aircraft in the skies, psychotic UN population control plans, and much, much more.
This is one film you cannot afford to miss.
Order 9-1-1 The Road to Terry today.
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That's toll free, 888-803-4438.
All right, some final news.
AP database measured terrorism quotient.
Before helping to launch the criminal investigation project known as Matrix, a database contractor gave U.S.
and Florida authorities the names of 120,000 people who showed a statistical likelihood of being terrorists, sparking some investigations and arrests.
And if you have bad credit, own a firearm, it's all put in there.
This is your freedom under the new Matrix system.
The high terrorism factor scoring system also became a key selling point for the involvement of the database company in the Matrix project.
Public records obtained by the Associated Press from several states show that the Justice Department officials cited the scoring technology in appointing the company sole contractor on the federally funded $12 million project.
That's just a local echelon system.
Here's the Herald Tribune.
High school essays graded by computer, and it says it's wonderful.
All over the country now, when you go and write your papers, it's scanned for terror words, scanned for plagiarism.
The government looks at it.
If you write the word gun, you're arrested or kicked out of school.
You can't even say the word gun in your history essay or in your English class.
It's just all part of the new thought crime scene.
And it has the students saying, we love the new computer grading.
It just keeps us all safe.
And the British News is calling the guy throwing a bag of purple baby powder at Tony Blair in the House of Commons.
They're calling it a bombing.
It's a bombing.
They're throwing bombs at him.
It was actually not a water balloon.
It was a...
Condom full of it.
People use those as balloons.
And again, the U.S.
Army attacked wedding party, killed 40 people.
But, you know, killing women and children, they might have been with Al-Qaeda or something.
And, of course, Reuters is saying that their reporters are beaten and sexually abused.
And, you know, Reuters reporters, hey, you know, it's part of the freedom.
I mean, this is the type of news that we have here.
In front of us, it's just incredible that so many people are putting up with this.
Here's that Reuters article.
Shocking details on abuse of Reuters staffers in Iraq.
In the wake of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal, Reuters revealed on Tuesday that three Iraqi working for the company and another Iraqi journalist working for NBC News were seized for no reason in early January by U.S.
troops and taken to a prison near Fallujah.
Where they were subjected to physical and sexual abuse, among other forms of mistreatment, thought it was torture, the U.S.
military has denied any accusations.
We're looking at photos of them beating people to death and then laughing about it.
We're out of time, my friends.
Bush is refusing to release oil from emergency reserves.
He says, we're on the war on terror, and we just can't do that.
It would aid the terrorists to release the oil.
He's just got to let the oil companies keep having these profits, which his whole cabinet's made up of.
Because you're with the terrorists if you're for low oil prices.
I mean, he actually says this.
Everything's the war on terror.
Every raping of the public, every looting of the pension funds, every scam you can imagine.
Just keep your mouth shut.
We're in a war, don't you know?
And it's never going to end.
A war against people we created.
Before I end...
This broadcast, I want every one of you to call right now and get 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, now written up in the New York Post of all places.
I think it's much better than Michael Moore's film.
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Or call toll-free.
We need your support as well.
If you want to help us expose the murderers, the killers.
If you take action one mind at a time, we can free this country.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
God bless you all.
Have a great day.
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