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Air Date: May 21, 2004
2318 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, you're going to be glad that you tuned in today.
If you want to be truly informed, this is another ultra-massive broadcast.
Kyle Hens, co-founder of 911 Citizens Watch and a contributor to unansweredquestions.org, who's been in all of these different commission meetings, the 11 public ones, who was there when Christopher Broder stood up and said, remember your government funded and created Al-Qaeda.
And then we'll be able to hear all the stuff we missed after they cut the feed on C-SPAN three days ago.
They're joining us in 14 minutes.
The lovely and intelligent and dynamic Stephanie is going to be calling them here in about 10 minutes and getting them on the line.
Then, coming up in the second hour, former Staff Sergeant Jimmy Massey, who has come out and told the world, I killed innocent people for our government in the Sacramento Bee.
That's right.
Then in the third hour, William Bunch of the Philadelphia Daily News on the Berg beheading and his article, Berg Met with Shady Iraqi.
So we'll be going over that in the third hour.
We'll take some calls today, not in the first hour.
We will in the second and third with those guests.
But in this hour, the next ten minutes, I'm going to go over some of the top stories.
Then we'll get Christopher Broder, who stood up, and we're going to play that clip again.
And, of course, Kyle Hens.
And next week, I've got some of the widows who were there standing up as well.
Coming on the broadcast.
Widows and women who lost their sons and daughters.
That is coming up next week as well.
But in this Friday's edition, we have just got ultra-massive amounts of key news for you.
Diebold's voting machine expansion rattles investors' states.
We'll get into some of the latest election scamming that's going on.
Also, we're going to get into the new details of prison abuse emerge.
Just grisly stuff coming out.
The question is, why are they releasing this?
If they didn't want to release this, they wouldn't be releasing it.
We'll talk about that bigger picture, beating people to death, posing with their dead bodies, beating them while they're in sexual positions, and most of these people completely, totally innocent on top of it.
You don't just not torture a supposed terrorist, but you don't torture families you pull over on the side of the road.
I don't care how sick you are, neocons.
I mean, I don't know how you got to this psychological point of saying this is all great.
Again, videos amplify a picture of extreme violence.
Bush says Iraqis ready to take power.
That's a total joke, a total fraud.
Military shrugs off attacks on wedding party.
OPEC, not to blame for high oil prices, says the president of OPEC.
And that's actually true.
I mean, they go over the evidence.
We don't run this.
We don't make all the profits.
We don't control it.
Stop blaming us.
It's the oil companies, and it is the oil companies.
But it's easier to blame the Arabs and the Venezuelans, isn't it?
So we'll be going over that for you.
Also, Ebola-like virus confirmed in western Equatoria.
Scary article out of Africa.
EU supports WTO membership for Russia.
That's part of the global government formation.
Bulldozers keep on demolishing in Rafah.
And there's an editorial in the Washington Times saying press can't get abuse story.
They can't let it go as if people are bad to even be reporting on this.
And more on Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9-11.
I typed in Alex Jones Fahrenheit 9-11 and even before this New York Post article yesterday basically saying Moore ripped me off.
It was already being said on the web.
And I'm not saying Moore did that.
I mean, he can tell the story of 9-11.
It's public fact.
Just because he tells the story similarly to the way I did it doesn't mean that he ripped me off.
It's just the facts.
Though he puts his own little UN spin on it.
I mean, I'm glad Moore's made this film.
It's unfortunate he's put a liberal spin on it.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
Remember three days ago during the Rudolph Giuliani whitewash kangaroo court event that some of the widows and some of the men and women who lost children
In the 9-11 globalist attack, in the Phantom Menace attack, that they stood up and basically shut the meeting down and then C-SPAN cut the feed.
We've played the clip up to the point that C-SPAN cut the feed.
And we're going to find out what else was said and exactly what transpired and why these people have questions coming up here in about five minutes with Christopher Broder, investigative journalist and activist who confronted Giuliani in the 11th public hearing on the 9-11 Commission.
Also, Kyle Hens, co-founder of 9-11 Citizens Watch and contributor to unansweredquestions.org.
He was present at the 11th public hearing as well.
Then we've got big guests in the second and third hour, so you'll want to stay with us.
The websites are prisonplanet.com, infowars.com, and now prisonplanet.tv as well.
But right now, let's just in the next few minutes jump into some more of the important news.
New photos and video have emerged via the Washington Post, which is the big Bilderberg Group-controlled New World Order propaganda body.
We've been talking about it forever.
Why did it just now come out?
Because I said that we had to be humiliated before the UN takes over Iraq here in just about two weeks from now.
Less than two weeks, a week and a half.
Now, of course, our troops will still be there.
We'll just be under UN control and under the new puppet government, the second new government to be appointed.
The Iraqi Council, the first one was appointed.
The second one will be appointed.
It is not democracy.
It is not a republic.
It is total dictatorship with regional governors, viceroys over different sectors, exactly like the different imperial governments that have been installed there in the past by the British.
That's all this is.
So why now is all this coming out?
So they can have a debate about torture, then show the burden beheading, and then legitimize all of the torture, while at the same time demonizing us overseas.
The propaganda domestically is this is a wonderful thing, let's just accept it.
Overseas, America is so evil, we need to have the UN come in and run America and defang the dangerous right-wingers.
That's what Michael Moore is saying in his 9-11 film, in his 9-11 book.
Dude, where's my country?
We need the UN to take over America.
That is indeed in there.
So see, this is the energizing of the left-wing arm of the world government.
Whereas it's, again, an arm is attached to a body.
The right arm is attached to the same body.
It is the same system, the same people running it.
They want to keep you in this left-right debate that neutralizes all real political movements and progress.
So that's the reality here, and new details of prison abuse emerge.
Abu Ghraib detainees' statements describe sexual humiliation and savage beatings, and now they've released more photos and video of this.
Video begins with three soldiers huddled around a naked detainee, his thin frame backed against a wall with a snap of his wrist.
One of the soldiers slaps the man across the left cheek so hard the prisoner's knees buckle.
Another detainee, handcuffed on his back, is dragged over to the prison floor.
Then it goes on to the beating and the sexual posing.
But notice they're focusing in on England having sex in front of them or people beating them or making them do weird sexual things.
Why aren't they focusing in on the released photos of them posing with people they've beaten to death?
You notice they're not releasing the photos of them raping women, beating children, and other things I'm not going to mention, which they admit they have photos and video of.
No, they're not going to release that.
They're going to release the lighter stuff.
And they give one of these thugs a year in prison when they openly were following orders.
I think they need 100 years in prison for raping and torturing and killing.
But understand, the people who gave the orders, they are the cold-blooded masters in all of this.
They are the premeditative murderers, and they deserve to be prosecuted.
But don't expect that to happen of Lord Rumsfeld, who Bush says is doing a superb job.
And so Bush says Iraqis are ready to take power, Iraqis are ready to take the training wheels off and assume political power for the U.S.-led coalition, President Bush said yesterday, as his administration began to roll out a rough plan for the June 30th transition of authority.
But we've read the plan.
They'll have no authority.
They're told what to do.
They're appointed by Mr. Brimmer.
And now we're going to have Necroponte over there.
Running things after Brimmer leaves.
It's a totally staged deal.
I'm sorry.
I mean, if I come into your town with a bunch of thugs, point guns at you, and then appoint five people from the town to be your, quote, leaders, that isn't an election.
That isn't freedom.
That isn't democracy.
It isn't.
I mean, do I have to explain that that isn't?
An appointed government is not elected?
And they're calling this the handover?
They're now going to put more troops into Iraq, they're now saying.
We're going to have more troops there under U.N.
control, with the U.N.
directing this new government.
And this is a sick joke.
Do we have our guest now?
Oh, we do have Christopher?
Okay, fantastic.
We're about to go to Christopher Broder, investigative journalist and activist who confronted Giuliani at the hearings a few days ago.
We're going to find out what we missed after C-SPAN cut the feed.
But before we go to our guest that we're getting online, let's go ahead and play that audio clip of Christopher Broder confronting Giuliani and bringing up all the key points of, you know, why are you threatening to arrest the whistleblowers?
Deeply appreciative of that.
And we may very well want to ask you further questions as we finalize our report.
As a Midwesterner, I might say to you, I've been impressed time and again with the pride you've expressed in New York City.
And I admire that greatly.
And I think that may very well be one of the reasons for the success of your leadership.
So we thank you very much for your leadership.
Thank you very, very much.
I want to know why three-armed firemen die.
And I've got some real questions.
Let's ask some real questions.
Is that unfair?
You know what?
My brother was one of the firemen that was... Don't give me ten minutes after we do one of the questions.
And what about the bunker?
You didn't ask me about the bunker.
The office reversed the engine bunker on fire.
We're going to get ready to get ready for the next panel.
It will be shortly.
If you want to be disruptive, you will be removed from this room.
Make sure they arrest the whistleblowers.
We've got to arrest the four whistleblowers.
Protect government.
Remember this.
Your government funded and trained Al Qaeda.
Repeat it again.
Your government funded and trained Al Qaeda.
I'll say it one more time.
Your government funded and trained Al Qaeda.
All right, folks.
And then C-SPAN cuts the feed.
And more was said, and this is what we need to have.
Everywhere these criminals go, everywhere this military-industrial complex goes, the people that carry this attack out, and I'll just say it because the facts are there, we need to be confronting them in their face, exposing them, marches in every town and city, because they're getting ready to carry out more attacks.
And Christopher Broder brought up all the key points, many of them.
These aren't real questions.
They would ask, why did the White House call the mayor of San Francisco and tell him not to fly to New York the next day?
On September 10th.
These are the type of questions.
Why did you, Mr. Bush, order 160 of the Bin Laden's flown out when all their air traffic was grounded?
There's 600 plus of these questions.
We're about to break, but let's go ahead and bring Christopher Broder up.
Then we're going to break and bring Kyle Hens up, who was also there.
Christopher, I want to commend you, and I want to thank you for being on our broadcast.
Hello, can you hear me?
Yes, I can.
Oh, well, thanks.
Listening back, that's the first I've actually heard of the full thing.
It sounds like I raised a lot more hell than I remembered.
Also, there are some clips where the women are talking about Building 7 and the rest of it.
It's just incredible.
I want to talk to you about this whitewash commission.
I also want to get into anything else that happened that we missed after C-SPAN cut the feed.
Well, the first question is, am I correct that the entire commission was appointed by Bush, correct?
Oh, yeah, by Lord Bush, yes.
And you'll notice that all the media reports yesterday about the commission and the hearing, nobody mentions Bush appointed.
Well, they call it independent.
That's like Heinrich Himmler being appointed to run the Nuremberg trials.
The first thing that took off for everybody is that they all leave that key fact out.
Because if you put that in there, especially here in New York City, if you put Bush appointed, everyone knows what that means.
Oh, that's right, it's a fake commission.
And all the media leaves that fact out.
And I didn't go there to raise hell.
I only went there to see what was going on with my own eyes.
And all it is is a giant worship session, so you got angry.
It was worse than that.
Did you watch it live?
These guys had months to prepare questions, and they just wanted to say, you did a great job.
Well, they talked to all the whistleblowers behind the scenes, and then they have their goons threaten them later to shut up.
The whole thing was outrageous, and I was biting my lip.
Some people said I was rude.
I waited until the end.
If you heard, that was the end.
They were wrapping up... Rude?
We're talking about the murder of 3,000 people!
Well, I was freaking out at the very beginning.
Giuliani's opening statement, he says, remember, this commission shouldn't be investigating anything but the terrorists.
You know, don't investigate anything.
Stop lifting up rocks.
Don't try and find out what was wrong with the radios.
Don't try and find anything out.
This commission should just blame the terrorists.
Well, sir, the New York Daily News reported the radios didn't malfunction.
They grabbed them under national security.
I'll tell you what, stay there.
We'll come right back with Mr. Broder and Mr. Hens as well.
I'm Alex Jones, prisonplanet.com.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, this is the short segment of the show.
There's another long segment, another short segment coming up.
Plenty of time to get into some detail with our two guests.
Then, in the second hour...
Former Staff Sergeant Jimmy Massey, who has come out and told the Sacramento Bee and the world, I killed innocent people for our government.
Then William Bunch, Philadelphia Daily News reporter, about the shady intelligence background and the people that Mr. Burke was working with.
That's in the third hour.
I know we've got loaded phones for our guests.
We'll try to take some in about 20 minutes or so, if you want to hold.
Let's go right to our guest, Kyle Hensh.
Co-founder of 9-11 Citizens Watch and contributor to unansweredquestions.org and Christopher Broder, who we're all very impressed with, the guy that stood up and we just played that clip earlier and brought up four or five of the key bullet points to the whitewashers there, the Bush-appointed Kangaroo Commission.
And going now to Kyle Hens, we'll bring you both up.
Kyle, this is a big deal.
You were there, and what was the response of the commission?
How many people were standing up and speaking out?
How many of the victims' family members were angered by this worship session, this caressing session that we were seeing?
Well, it was stunning.
I mean, to me, this represented a sea change in this whole process.
This whole process of the families engaging with the commission, not getting their questions answered, not even getting their questions asked, and it just reached a boiling point for them when commissioner after commissioner heaping praise on Mayor Giuliani and not asking the hard questions.
It was like finally the elephant in the room has been acknowledged collectively by the families.
There were probably at least a dozen family members
Thank you.
Then I saw Mr. Broder and others, because I did watch part of the commission hearing later on the Internet on C-SPAN.
We have that up on presentplanet.tv.
But, I mean, I saw you guys all getting interviewed.
Then I didn't see much of it on the news.
They would show you and then say, this is what they said.
Oh, they had a few questions.
I mean, no.
This is a giant cover-up.
Let's bring Mr. Broder in here.
Mr. Broder, I saw all those news cameras around you.
Did anybody carry your statements?
Because the Chicago Tribune and other papers just said, oh, there were a few questions and then basically excised all the real statements that you and some of the victims had brought forward.
Well, it got more press than I would have expected because I'm used to them just burying the truth whenever possible.
Well, they couldn't ignore it, though, because it went out on live television.
The court of 3,000 murdered does not
But the other key point is that command bunker they built was the command bunker telling people to stay at their stations inside the burning towers and...
I mean, it hasn't been brought up.
Why did Building 7 of Steel Buildings ever fell?
Three knew that day.
Building 7 isn't hit by an aircraft.
Do you know the true story?
No one has reported the true story about the emergency bunker.
Mayor Giuliani moved it there to line the pockets of Larry Silverstein, who was his largest campaign contributor by sheer coincidence.
And Larry Silverstein had two stories in that building, the 23rd floor and I think the 22nd floor.
He could not rent them out for eight years.
He was losing millions of dollars in rent.
And his buddy, Rudy Giuliani, came to the rescue and took the Emergency Management Center, which was state-of-the-art, out of the basement of one police plaza.
And he moved it from a city-owned building, where it was very safe, into the Twin Towers complex.
But, Mr. Brutter, it's a lot bigger than that.
The firefighters told the Associated Press, get back, we're about to bring down the building.
And Silverstein got on a PBS documentary and said that they blew Building 7 up.
Were you aware of that?
Well, to me, it almost doesn't matter.
Giuliani put the Emergency Management Center in there negligently.
He did it for corrupt reasons.
He now says it was a mistake, but it wasn't.
It was actually a corrupt maneuver on Giuliani's part to line Silverstein's pocket.
Well, if we can get Al Capone on something smaller than the big event, then that sounds good to me.
But let's go back to Kyle, and then we're about to break.
We'll come back and have more time here and just go over all these issues.
But, Kyle, were you aware of Building 7 and the pulling of the building?
I did.
I've listened to the quote of Silverstein on the NOVA, the PBS special, in which he says, you know, let's pull it.
We've had too much loss of life today.
Let's pull it, which is a term that's used by professionals who conduct demolitions of buildings.
So it certainly raises the specter that, you know, the question, was this in fact rigged for demolition?
Well, how did some small fires make it collapse?
I'm hit by a plane, and this is one of the big, big emerging questions that, quite frankly, you should know that some of the family members are beginning to ask.
Good, good.
Stay there.
I want to talk about what the family members are saying, what happened in that commission meeting.
You guys stay there.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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It's almost casting on global shortwave during the day at 94.75 and at night from 9 to midnight at 32.10 and the internet at infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
We're fighting the globalists who are using terror to turn this into a prison planet.
We are so honored to have Kyle Hens, co-founder of the 9-11 Citizens Watch and contributor to unansweredquestions.org joining us.
He does amazing investigations.
I'm very aware of his work.
And Christopher Broder, who I just learned of a few days ago, when he boldly stood up, pointed his finger with power and purpose, and on the side of goodness, and told the truth!
This is all facts!
And America needs to stop being in denial.
You're a conspiracy theorist, a crazy conspiracy theorist, to not say the government wasn't involved in this and didn't have prior knowledge at the bare minimum.
He stood up and he told them three times, our government created and funded Al-Qaeda.
They used them to attack the Serbs in 98.
That's the Senate's own 99 report.
Now, Kyle Hens, Christopher Broder, you guys, whatever you think is most important for people to know that we needed to discuss about this meeting, about the family starting to wake up, how this commission was appointed by Lord Bush, how it's a kangaroo court, it isn't being discussed.
I mean, just, gentlemen, you've got the floor.
Well, can I first make one point?
If you notice, like, the New York Times reporting now, if they're the left wing, then Lord help us.
They spent more ink yesterday in the New York Times writing about what Rudy Giuliani was wearing during the hearing than about what was said by the families.
And that should be a tip-off, again, that there was a lot of whitewash even by the media.
They're all complicit.
Bill Clinton helped protect these people.
This has been a long-term, globalist plan being brought to fruition, and they're all intertwined.
And I want to point out one other important point, because a lot of people, most of my friends are like, Bush is a maniac, and of course he's a maniac, but people don't realize Giuliani...
Is old buddies with these guys.
Number three in the Justice Department of Ronald Reagan.
People think Rudy Giuliani is just some heroic mayor.
Even some of my left-wing activist friends think Giuliani is this great man, and they don't realize all the scams he committed before 9-11, on 9-11.
Look, look, look, I've got a whole file of mainstream news of all his mafia connections.
Remember, he tried to cancel the election after September 11th for a new mayor.
We're good to go.
Well, let me add this.
Well, on top of this, Elliot Spitzer or something else...
On top of all of this, they then told people, sign a form you won't sue, sign an agreement you won't talk about 9-11, then we'll give you this $1.5 million.
They actually tried to use that money people gave as a way to muscle the victims.
Yeah, well, that was Giuliani's M.O.
I mean, he gave hundreds of millions of our tax dollars to every media outlet, every media giant.
Giuliani's had drinks with every media giant in New York City for eight years, and no one's ever going to find out the truth about some of the things Giuliani did.
And that kind of troubles me because Giuliani will be President of the United States in 2000.
Well, I mean, I can only watch 20, 30 minutes of it.
I watched a little bit live and then got ready for my own radio show.
But since then, I've watched more of it.
I mean, it's the whole thing.
I've watched hours of it other days.
It's a giant worship fest.
We need a domestic CIA.
The government did nothing wrong.
We're your God.
Give up your freedom.
But let's go back to the families are starting to wake up.
Christopher Broder, the man who stood up and really gave them the focus to tackle the truth.
What are the families starting to say?
Because we heard that giant round of applause three times for you.
Well, you should ask Kyle.
Well, let me just jump in here.
I mean, the families, you know, they're a diverse group.
I mean, there's thousands of them.
And so you have some diversity.
But let me say that the general drift is they've absolutely had it with this commission.
They're not putting faith in it.
They're giving the benefit of the doubt.
They're sort of waiting for the final report to come out.
But they're already beginning to call for a truly independent commission.
There's no question in my mind whatsoever.
He's written a book with Condoleezza Rice.
They appointed the commission.
It's like this appointed governing council in Iraq.
It's not elected.
It's riddled with conflicts of interest.
It's full of consummate insiders.
By the way, Keene, the chairman, is in business with a bin Laden family member.
He's in business with Amarata Hess.
He's the director of Amarata Hess who was involved in some and had some interest in possible building some pipelines down through Afghanistan and bringing some oil to market.
He's also in business with one of Bin Laden's brothers-in-law.
Yes, right.
That may well be.
Anyway, I just want to say that in terms of warnings on the 10th that you had mentioned,
I haven't seen it confirmed at the White House called Willie Brown, but I have confirmed directly with Mark Hosenball at Newsweek.
He is standing by the story which ran twice in Newsweek that top Pentagon brass...
We're warned not to fly on the 11th.
They were warned on the evening of the 10th.
That was MSNBC, but no, it's AP, San Francisco Chronicle, the White House called Mayor Willie Brown the night before and said somebody from the White House, we know it's Rice, his buddy, you know, on the Arts Commission, called and said don't fly to New York, and he told the San Francisco Chronicle that.
It wouldn't surprise me if, in fact, it proved out to be right.
Well, no, sir.
We have it on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
We have 9-11 sections.
We have the mainstream articles.
And I can tell you it also appeared in Newsweek, and it ran twice.
So it's not like, okay, they made a mistake and then they retracted it.
No, they ran the story of top Pentagon brats being warned the night before.
Also, we have Salman Rushdie, Times of London, banned for the month of September from flying to New York by the FAA for, quote, his safety.
Yes, and I have been getting calls, because of the nature of my work, from people filling me in, giving me anecdotal, relating to me stories.
I have unconfirmed reports that there were numerous airport closings across the country that night, the night of the 10th, and also military bases that went on high alert.
Here's another tidbit that no one has heard.
A former Navy commander that was working at a base in Portland, near Portland, Maine, called me to say that someone who was still in the Navy currently, a Navy commander,
I went on a hiking trip on the 6th of September with three of his friends.
So they piled in the SUV.
They went up north toward the Canadian border.
They did their hiking.
They got in their car to drive back.
This is on the 9th.
They're 60 miles inside the border.
And they come across this concrete serpentine roadblock on the southbound lane of Route 95.
Again, 60 miles inside the border from Canada in Maine.
And there was an M-16 toting vehicle
I think so.
Wave them through.
So someone alerted someone in Maine.
Well, sir, let me stop you.
At least ten of the CEOs that worked in the Towers weren't there.
They were there with Warren Buffett and others at an Air Force base in Nebraska where Bush then stopped that day for some secret meeting.
Were you aware of that?
I had heard about a meeting in a...
Moffett Air Force Base.
At an Air Force base.
Associated Press.
Called by Warren Buffett, yes.
They were all there at 7.30 in the morning, by the way, and then Bush flew in later that afternoon.
And what do you make of that?
Well, this is very, very serious information.
Are you guys aware of Stanley Hilton, Bob Dole's former chief of staff, who's got hundreds of the victims' families, and he's deposed military officers who said that they were ordered to stand down?
He said on this show that he had inside info that there was a drill on the morning of 9-11 by the CIA of flying hijacked jets in the World Trade Center Pentagon.
We brought that forward on this show.
Two weeks later, to get out ahead of the story, the CIA goes, yeah, we were running a drill that morning, and that was in the Associated Press.
I believe it was the National Reconnaissance Office that was running the drill.
There were three separate drills.
Yes, there were.
There was another drill five weeks before and another one two years before.
And the NRO was running an exercise, a war game, not a war game, excuse me, an errant commercial jet crashing into their building.
That was a later cover story.
No, the first AP article was what they were actually doing.
And then the NORAD itself was running an exercise that involved hijacking planes.
And so they had planes in the air...
Well, that's because NORAD isn't full of traitors.
They had to tell them, just stand down.
We know Dick Cheney was in the bunker in control.
Oh, it's just a drill.
Now, let's get more into the families in the commission.
I can confirm for you that speaking at least with one family member who is quite well informed and in contact with many others that
He has serious questions now as a result of independent looking into this issue about what happened in Building 7, which there were some small fires, a couple of different floors, and, you know, some, what, five hours, five and a half, six hours after the Twin Towers came down, Building 7 collapsed.
And there's been no definitive explanation.
There's a pending investigation.
This is a current issue, people.
So you can put some pressure on the government on why it is and how it could be that that building came down because NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, is right now, as we speak, funded for, to the tune of, I think, $16 million, something in that neighborhood.
They're going to create a giant whitewash report.
Of course they are, but every time they meet Alex Jones,
I've got another question.
How do you get into these meetings?
It's open to the public.
But I know, but it fills up at a certain point.
You just get there early.
You get there early.
You get there early.
I left out.
Usually Giuliani's people spot me and they make sure I'm not allowed into any room where he is because I've disrupted lots of his things before because he has a bad habit of lying and no one double checks any of his information.
Can I digress for a moment here?
What are we going to do to prevent... I'm kind of curious, because I'm assuming, like many people, that there's going to be some major terrorist act right before the election.
The White House told U.S.
News & World Report it is going to happen.
They said the Capitol will be destroyed, number one, or there will be massive attacks coast to coast.
Who stands to gain from that?
What can we do to stop that?
We have to expose who's behind 9-11, and I'll just say it right on the air.
The military-industrial complex carried the whole attack out.
At least seven of the hijackers are still alive.
The others were trained at U.S.
military bases.
They have their cars and homes and credit cards paid for by the FBI.
The government staged the Afghan war, flew 8,000 Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders out in the middle of it.
That was all staged.
The CIA insider trading.
The PNAC documents calling for terror attacks to be helpful to get us behind imperial mobilization.
I mean, we've got to come right out with the facts that giving up our liberties doesn't make us safe.
No, it doesn't, Alex.
May I make a plug for a book that I think raises the questions in a way and builds the case in a very... Sure.
I'd like to put a plug in for a book called The New Pearl Harbor by David Ray Griffin.
This man is a top theologian, a systematic theologian, a professor for many, many years, decades.
He's published 20 books.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Has this potential to become a force of history?
Sir, did you know that Andres Vambilo, the former German defense minister in the parliament and the former technology minister, says that the government either had total prior knowledge or carried it out?
Michael Meacher, the British environment minister, resigned and wrote an eight-page editorial saying this.
Are you aware of all those people coming forward?
Am I?
Yes, I have read their work, absolutely.
We've posted his whole article on 911citizenswatch.org where we've got a list of resources and some links.
Most of our work has been focused on trying to expose the farce of this investigation and the conflicts of interest.
It isn't an investigation.
It's there to find out who knows what so they can have goons shut them up later and to make the general public think there has been an investigation.
Well, I know one thing.
They're trying to shut up Sabelle Edmonds, the whistleblower who worked with the FBI shortly after 9-11.
Yeah, you yelled that at them.
You said, why are you going after the whistleblowers?
That's right, and they are going after the whistleblowers.
Well, I yelled out, I yelled out, just, I yelled out, arrest the whistleblowers, because they were intending to arrest me, and they were going to get rid of anybody else who criticized the commission during the actual hearing.
They have been threatening to arrest Edmonds.
And so, that was my point.
Wait, can you guys answer this question, because I don't have all the answers, but I know so much dirt about what Giuliani did on 9-11.
You know how they melted?
He shipped off the steel.
All the steel, well, as much of the steel as he could.
And the firefighters said that that was destroying a crime scene, that that was criminal, that a fire couldn't bring that down.
And so, do you guys think, I mean, the steel was not only sent off and melted down, but Juliana's people said, we didn't know that people wanted to save it.
The victims' families had to testify in front of Congress and FEMA.
Well, you don't destroy a crime scene.
They rushed in, wouldn't let people take photos, pulled it all away.
And do you think, though, that that's because there was something more than just fire in the Twin Towers?
Oh, come on.
I mean, the seismographs, the explosions going off down the sides.
I've talked to the firefighters who saw the bombs going off.
Yeah, there's a lot of anecdotal evidence that, you know, we don't have the smoking gun because we weren't able to take a swath.
We have the firefighters telling AP reporters, get back, we're about to bring down the building.
That's Building 7, but in case of the towers...
There's anecdotal evidence.
There was a gentleman who was in Vietnam that worked with C4, and he was running away from the buildings when they started to come down, and he heard these explosions and saw white smokes.
Yeah, there were white explosion points going off at every level where the floors are at.
Yeah, there's a lot of anecdotal stuff.
And, in fact, Citizens Watch held a press conference on March 22nd of this year
It was covered live by C-SPAN.
We raised some of these questions.
We put out this book and showed the book to the press and so on.
At that conference, there was a gentleman named William Rodriguez who spent 20 years sweeping the stairwell of one of the World Trade Center towers.
He said that he survived the attacks and was leading some of the firemen up the stairs.
When he reached the 32nd floor of, I can't remember if it was the North or South Tower,
This entire floor had been locked off.
He has the keys to all the doors in the building.
He's like the custodian for the building.
No one's in there.
This is like an empty floor.
He heard all of these noises and stuff going on in that floor.
Again, it's just another anomaly.
They also evacuated the buildings for some drills a few days before and shut down some floors.
William, I talked to William about that.
He said it's a matter of course three times a year they do shut down the electricity in parts of the building.
It's a matter of standard... But it was in the mainstream news.
There were all these weird people in there.
Well, here's another.
Again, this is unconfirmed.
There's a lot of stuff that's confirmed.
You can go to the 9-11 timeline at cooperativeresearch.org.
See all of the mainstream press articles that account a lot of the things we're talking about here.
But I grant you some of the stuff I'm talking about is unconfirmed.
There's another story that was related to me by an employee, a former employee of the United Nations, who has a friend who was a cop in the towers that said at 7.30 very early in the morning there was some kind of alarm or some kind of problem in one of the towers.
No, no, that's been in the news, sir.
You guys, there's just so much evidence you've missed some of it.
I'm sure of it.
I'm sure I've missed all kinds of stuff.
In this case, there were some firefighters that came in at 7.30 that morning, and a couple of them managed to get past these cops, but they looked somewhat suspicious.
These two cops, three cops stopped them.
They were questioned.
There's probably a press report.
Tell you what, gentlemen, both of you, Mr. Hens, Mr. Brothers, stay there.
We're going to come back, get more into this, maybe take a few calls.
Stay with us.
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All right, I want to keep our guests in five minutes into the next hour.
We've got another guest coming up.
Very serious issue.
I'm going to try to go to Mike in Washington and a few others for our guests.
A bunch of callers called in on other issues.
We can't go to you right now.
But we'll go to Mike in Washington here in just a second.
Before we go back to our guests, and obviously you'll have to have them back up again in the future, and we're having some of the widows, trying to get some of the widows on next week, and others.
But this is very serious.
We need good people standing up saying, no, we're not buying your fraud.
We're not buying your whitewash.
We're not going to have, you know, Herman Goering investigating Hitler here.
This is a fraud.
And if you want to help expose the fraud, get my video, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, two and a half hours long.
Well, the DVD's almost three hours long.
Detailing the history of government-sponsored terror and what really happened on September 11.
The facts.
Almost everyone that watches this wakes up.
You're authorized to make copies of my videos, okay?
I just want you to get 9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
Get part two of that.
The Masters of Terror goes into 9-11 with all the other evidence.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Help us expose who was really behind this, or the globalists are going to continue to carry out more terror attacks to scare us into submission in this war for global empire.
The future of this country and your family depends on the truth getting out, and I hope you'll follow these people around.
Everywhere they go, in your city or town, confront everybody about this.
This is the number one issue, exposing who carried out 9-11 and who stands to gain from it.
Going back to Kyle Hens, co-founder of 9-11 Citizens Watch, and of course Christopher Broder, who stood up and eloquently exposed these liars.
Gentlemen, I want to break, come back in a final segment with you and take a few calls, but right now, any other key information you want to cover?
Well, I focus more on the problems here in New York City.
I should get a copy of your video.
It sounds great.
All I know is that here in New York City, I kind of focus on the Giuliani cover-ups, because the Bush thing is a little too big for me.
And it sounds like you're kind of covering that.
The scandals by Giuliani are endless, but I'm not sure that you're that interested in Giuliani.
No, it's important.
He's kind of a minor character right now.
Well, he's an important minion, though, and that's why they worship him.
Kyle, any other key points?
I just want to say that I felt that yesterday, two days ago, when so many people spoke out, and it shattered the facade of this commission.
Whatever credibility that it might have had with a lot of the family members or those who were watching, it was like the ice was...
It's like the four-year-old going the emperor's neck and he has no clothes.
That's another very good analogy.
I just think that's a very positive sign and that we have got to shift money.
We've got to shift the money out of the systems that perpetuate
We're good to go.
We're not going to have control of our lives.
It's got to begin in our backyard.
That's it.
The power is locally, not the skull and bones election between Kerry and Bush.
Listen, there's no question about it.
Until we get control of the money, the power will reside outside.
There's increasing centralization.
I just want to look at the big picture for just a heartbeat here.
There's a centralization going on.
I know that.
You're well aware of it.
I'm sure your listeners are.
But we've got to figure out positive steps that citizenry can take
In terms of vigilance and calling for transparency and accountability, yes.
But we've got to vote with our pocketbooks.
Vote with the dollar and shift out of investing in the places that created the problems we're facing and into... Incredible.
We've got to break.
Gentlemen, stay right there.
Stay with us.
We'll be back in one minute.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Defending liberty, resisting tyranny.
We're now into our number two for stations that just joined us.
We've been talking to Christopher Broder, the man who stood up and said our government created and funded Al-Qaeda.
Building 7, cover up.
Stop trying to arrest the whistleblowers.
We also have another man who was there, Kyle Hens, co-founder of 9-11 Citizens Watch, a contributor to unansweredquestions.org.
And I want to try to take a few calls here for you gentlemen.
And they're absolutely right.
This is the emperor has no clothes, breaking the ice, piercing the veil, letting the light in, the vampires scurrying away.
This commission was appointed by Bush.
It's like Janet Reno appointing Senator Danforth to investigate Waco, calling it independent.
This is a joke.
This is a fraud.
This is the number one issue to expose this military-industrial complex and how they're carrying out the attacks and scares into submission.
Let's talk to Mike in Washington.
Mike, you're on the air with Christopher Broder and Kyle Hens.
Good morning.
Go ahead.
Hello, Mike.
Hello, Kyle.
Christopher, I would like to commend you personally for the particular fortitude you had to stand up to those thugs yesterday, or the other day.
I heard the tape, and I don't know, it really moved me.
I think what you did is a domino effect.
And it's going to start something that will create, every time these creatures get up and lie to us, it'll create something for everyone else to have the opportunity.
Well, Ashcroft was in Detroit a few months ago, and people stood up and said the same thing.
It's happening more and more.
Usually the media covers it up, because this was live on TV.
Millions saw it.
They had to try to spin it.
Gentlemen, comments?
Well, thanks, I guess.
I don't think... I mean, I didn't go there to raise hell.
I went there to be quiet, but what I saw was the most horrendous thing I've ever witnessed, the biggest whitewash I've ever spotted.
A worship session.
But I think more Americans have to stand up to their government.
The media is not going to do it for us.
People think there's checks and balances.
There are no checks and balances in the system.
The military-industrial complex owns the media.
Yes, and so what I do is I try to encourage all my fellow citizens to, one,
Never believe anything you read in the papers and be able to read between the lines.
And when Giuliani was mayor, he had me arrested repeatedly because I would go all over the city and expose some of the scandals.
And, I mean, more people simply have to stand up.
I lucked out that I didn't get arrested.
Yeah, there's more of us than there are of them.
And if good people stand up, evil will fail.
But when we do nothing, evil triumphs.
Kyle, any comments?
I am in agreement.
It's our responsibility to stand up and speak out.
Without vigilance, without transparency, there is no way that we have any chance of realizing the ideals of our founding fathers.
And they're telling us give up liberty for security.
When you give up liberty, you get slavery and tyranny and despotism.
Anything else, Mike, in Washington?
Yeah, I'm just really fed up with getting unquestioned answers from this panel.
Or unanswered questions.
No, unquestioned answers.
We don't have stuff that we don't even want to know.
Well, it's just, oh, we're good.
The CIA needs to run your life.
Oh, you're such a good... No one in government did anything wrong.
And then they have these secret meetings with whistleblowers and then tell Ashcroft what they said and Ashcroft goes and threatens to arrest them.
Exactly, and it's just time that everyone stands up and we wake up everyone to the fact of what's going on and stop this tyranny before it gets worse.
Okay, thanks for the call, Mike.
We don't have any time for other calls.
We'll get to others later with the next guest, but I do want to bring up this last question to you guys.
Are they going to have more of these whitewash meetings, or is this going to stop them?
There is, and I just want to correct for the record, I was actually co-founder of unansweredquestions.org, not just a contributor.
You actually had me on just right after the conference that we did when we launched in June of 2002.
I will, yes, there is a planned hearing scheduled currently for June 8th and 9th
In Washington, D.C.
They may move that back a week, but that could be the most important hearing today.
You know what?
I think we need a demonstration in Washington against this commission while you guys are getting inside to confront them.
I believe that that's the case.
It would be great to see people on the streets with signs raising the questions.
Again, give folks that date.
Now, again, this is not carved in granite.
You'll have to keep an eye on 9-11commission.gov for the change of date if there is one, but it's currently scheduled June 8th and 9th.
This is the most important yet.
They're supposed to focus on the NORAD and FAA questions.
Okay, gentlemen, gentlemen, God bless you both.
We'll have you both back on.
Take care.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State to the Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cuffed behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
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The websites are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
I remember about a year and a half ago, a private Gruckheimer bragged in the Ithaca Journal in New York about they were ordered to go into villages and kill every man, woman, child, baby.
He was quoted, and the Pentagon clarified and said, well, yes, in some areas with hostiles, we kill everyone.
So their clarification was just as bad.
This was a confirmed statement.
We have the images of them beating people to death in these bases, under orders, by the way, but they're just imprisoning a few people who followed orders, and that doesn't absolve them.
We played the audio off PBS where they find guys stealing three sticks of wood, so they run over their car with a tank and then laugh at them.
We have Marine Corps chants now that have been in the news about have the children gather around, mow them little bastards down.
I mean, what happened to us?
I thought Saddam was bad because he tortured.
But it's bad when he does it.
It's good when we do it.
Very, very painful to see this happening.
And now new abuse photos of them beating people to death are coming out and people smiling over dead bodies.
I mean, this is incredible.
What happened?
I remember talking to old World War II vets.
When I'd be deer hunting around the campfire as a young man, and you couldn't get them to talk about World War II, and they were fighting a real enemy that was trying to kill them, not people they grabbed at a checkpoint.
They killed a lot of people, and you couldn't get them to talk about it.
Or if you did, they'd start getting teary-eyed, talking about having to kill a 14-year-old that was shooting at them.
So what happened to us with this video game culture where we have this killer instinct that just...
It's amazing.
But more and more people in the military are going public.
Last year and a half ago, four Delta Force members come back and kill their wives.
I mean, what's going on?
The Sacramento Bee had an article a few days ago.
Atrocities in Iraq.
I killed innocent people for our government.
By Paul Rockwell, special of the Sacramento Bee.
And this came out on the 16th, it's now the 21st, and we are joined by this former Staff Sergeant Jimmy Massey who has come out and told the world, quote, I killed innocent people for our government.
We appreciate his incredible courage to break his conditioning and to come forward with this.
And Sergeant Massey, it's an honor to have you on the broadcast.
Thank you.
Tell us a little bit about yourself and basically what you went over in the Sacramento Bee and some of the things that they didn't cover.
Yeah, I'll give you a little bit of background and history about myself.
I graduated from Pearland High School.
From Pearland High School, I... Pearland, Texas, I'm sorry.
From Pearland, Texas, I... And that's down in Houston.
Yeah, on the outskirts near the coast.
Near Friendswood and Gallup.
Okay, please continue.
I went to community college for a little while and decided to drop out of community college.
I decided to join the Marine Corps.
Money was tight growing up in a middle class neighborhood.
I couldn't afford to continue on to go to college.
I had a couple of buddies of mine that went into the service.
I had always had the Marines on the back burner growing up as a
As a kid, I always had a love for the military.
At one time, I had requested to go to a military boys academy, but we couldn't afford it.
So when the money ran out for college, I went ahead and decided to enlist and went to boot camp around the 1992 time frame.
I was originally signed with the Infantry, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines out in 29 Palms,
I finished up my tour there, re-enlisted, and went on to become an infantry instructor at the Marine Corps Boot Camp, Parris Island, South Carolina, where I taught the recruits basic infantry skills, how to survive in combat, rappelling, gas seamer, and the crucible as well.
When I finished up with my tour as an instructor at Parris Island,
A volunteer to go on recruiting duty.
Growing up in Texas, I had the best of both worlds.
During the summertime, I would go up and visit my relatives in western North Carolina.
So I grew up in Texas and western North Carolina.
So when I re-enlisted and volunteered to go on recruiting duty... Those are both very heavy marine recruiting zones.
Isn't Texas the biggest?
Yes, Texas is the number one recruiting state for the Marine Corps.
That is correct.
Okay, well let's accelerate through then your training, the mindset, and your statement here of killing innocent people for the government.
Sure, sure.
Basically, what had happened was we had received so much intelligence reports, and these intelligence reports that we were receiving continuously through Iraq,
Basically painted a picture of an enemy that was everywhere, and the enemy was in civilian clothes.
Well, I told you to fast forward, but let's go to the point where you rotate into Iraq, and then what happened there?
Once we got into Iraq, basically we walked into the country.
And what division, what group did you go in with?
I was with the 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines, Cat 1.
And we were stationed out of 29 Palms, California.
And I was part of RCT-7, which was the LSA-7 in Kuwait.
We crossed the DMZ about March 22 time frame, and rapidly moved up towards Baghdad.
I was in cities like Al-Zubayr, Al-Numaniya, Salman Pak, Karbala.
But to fast forward to, let's give you an example of the civilian casualties.
These intelligence reports that we were given basically led us to believe that the enemy was everywhere, and we didn't know who the enemy was.
Some of the examples of the intelligence reports were Iraqis using civilians, or Iraqi military using civilians as human shields.
They were loading down ambulances, buses.
I think so.
Well, I remember watching the Marines going to Baghdad, live TV, and every truck with people just driving with the machine gun, dead bodies falling down, burning dead children all over the place.
So basically they said, everybody's an enemy, attack, attack.
That's pretty much it.
And subsequently, we killed a lot of innocent civilians.
Now, the numbers I've seen are from 15,000 to 50,000.
No one really knows the true numbers.
Where would you put it?
I would say just with my scout snipers, machine guns, and missile men, just my platoon alone, 30-plus.
I can't speak for... 30 people?
30-plus civilians.
Oh, not combatants.
So how would this work?
I mean, if a car is driving along, you just go ahead and open fire on it?
Well, we would fire a warning shot, and prior to us leaving, we had actually made signs in Arabic that said stop, halt,
What was it like when you'd go into the car and there'd be splattered children everywhere?
It was pretty horrible.
As a matter of fact,
Every night when I go to bed, I see it.
You see those little children's guts all over the place?
Yes, sir.
Their brains?
I want the neocons to listen to this, though.
I want them to know, because they can sit there in their easy chair and say, kill them all.
You know, when some thugs killed four contractors on radio, they said, kill everybody in Fallujah.
So I guess if somebody commits a murder in Houston, we kill the whole city.
Well, you know, I mean, if you want to get into a little graphic...
You know, a .50 cal round from an M2 Browning machine gun, when it hits a 14 or 15 year old body, it basically separates their torso.
And as you walk up on the scene, you see half of a torso.
And then Marines running around and taking pictures.
With the half-torsos and putting cigarettes in their mouths.
Well, I know that it was in the news that they'd see some women and just shoot them and say, well, better dead than alive, and then there were reporters.
Well, the actual statement that was given by one of my Marines was better them than us.
Well, they were at a hotel, some Marines, and there were Reuters reporters, and they just killed some children.
And the reporter said, you just killed children.
He said, good, I want to kill more.
Let me explain to you, and with me being a recruiter, let me tell you the overall goal of what the Marine Corps, you know, what the Marine Corps' job is.
You know, the official Marine Corps is going to tell you,
That they're there to give a young man intangibles.
Self-confidence, honor, courage, commitment, self-reliance, self-direction.
All these intangibles that build this young man and makes him go out and be a productive member of society.
However, what they don't explain is the reason that they were teaching these intangibles to these young men is in order for them to meet the enemy on the battlefield and destroy him.
That is a Marine's main purpose in life.
That is what he is trained to do.
To eat his own guts and ask for more.
Yes, sir.
Tell you what, stay there.
I want to talk about these chants that have been in the news of having school children gather around, mow them bastards down.
Did you guys have those chants?
Sure, sure.
That's something that while we're singing cadence, while we're running...
But I talked to family who were Marines.
They said 20 years ago they didn't sing songs about killing children.
Tell you what, stay there.
We'll come right back.
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It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, we're talking to former Staff Sergeant Jimmy Massey, who has come out and told the world, quote, I killed innocent people for our government.
Now, sir, before we get more into this and the brainwashing, because during the break I talked to you about this, how things have shifted from kill a commie for mommy to kill school children, death, death, death.
I mean, occult brainwashing, and you said you agreed with that.
Why have you decided to come forward?
What was the tipping point?
Was it just maturity that you've gotten older?
Yeah, it was just maturity, and, you know, and I...
But I'll be honest with you, when I was on recruiting duty the last year that I was on there, I was really having a hard time then, just because I felt that what I was being asked to do was not a lie, but not all the truth.
And I was just having second thoughts about that.
But I felt recruiting duty was something that was just a part of it.
You know, part of my career as a Marine.
But when I got to Iraq, it was shortly after recruiting duty, there was an incident where we had just killed a bunch of civilians, and one of the survivors had looked up at me and said, you know, why did you kill my brother?
We didn't do anything to you.
And that was it.
You know, after he said that to me, I just...
I made a conscious decision there.
And the reason that I've been doing this is just to repair my soul.
And that's why I've been speaking out against... Well, something's wrong when four Delta Force operators come home in the same unit and slaughter their wives.
Oh, I definitely agree.
I mean, something's wrong.
I mean, I know old soldiers are all dead now who were just...
We're good to go.
Well, it's the individual leaders within the unit.
And the section leaders that are in charge of the Marine or Airmen or... I can't really speak for the other branches of the service, so I'll just refer to the Marine Corps.
But it's up to the individual unit leaders that... Were other members of your unit, your group that you were with, and the folks under you, I mean, when people were looking up holding their dead babies in their hands with their entrails spilling all over and really looking at the reality of this, I mean, did others have a problem with this?
Well, it's kind of like a code of honor.
What happens overseas stays overseas.
However, I couldn't go on living my life like that and living under that code.
But when the gentleman looked up at me and said, why did you kill my brother?
That was it.
I want people to get the image in their mind, because we've got such a soft general public that's never really experienced anything, any real hardships, they don't understand, but what was it like when women were wailing and gnashing their teeth and howling with their dead babies?
I mean, we've got the images of toddlers splattered all over the place, bodies burned out of the ground.
I mean, what was that like?
Well, I can tell you for me, it was horrible.
I actually had a...
The child died in my arms while my corpsman was trying to resuscitate the child.
The reason that the child expired was because he was in and around an area that was getting bombed by our aircraft.
Having the father sit there and explain how his family was doing nothing
And all of a sudden, a bomb just explodes next to him.
And he's looking at me saying, you know, I never worked for Saddam.
You know, I had no affiliation with Saddam.
Well, on top of this, people shoot some guns in the air at a wedding, and they kill 40 of them, and the government's basically laughing about this now.
Oh, yeah.
I didn't really get the gist.
I was kind of torn until I got back stateside.
Because while we were over there, we never got any type of information.
All we were given was just official intelligence reports.
So we gathered our information off of that.
So it wasn't until I came back stateside and I watched the show that CNN... Tell you what, stay there, sir.
We'll be right back.
Appreciate you joining us.
Stay with us, folks.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
If America was invited, I would be the first volunteer tomorrow.
But when I read the corporate documents by PNAC, the president, the vice president, before they were even elected, saying Saddam isn't a threat, he's a pretext to get the oil, to use Iraq as a military base.
When I read them saying we need terror attacks to get the people behind this.
When I then see Posse Comitatus being erased, urban warfare training all over the place.
My cousin, now based here in Austin, has been with Special Forces for 18 years, merging the military and the police covertly.
Out at Bergstrom Airport.
When I hear we've got to give up our liberties now, that's killing America.
And then to watch it live on Fox.
They didn't even hide this.
The tanks going in, the Marines and the Army going in, and buses and cars and taxis and just shooting vehicles, bodies falling out.
Every vehicle on the road, high noon, driving down the street, kill everybody, kill, kill, kill, kill.
People said, well, we're in a war.
Folks, that's what the Nazis would do.
They would go into a place and kill everybody.
Okay, that's what the Russians would do.
That's what the Vietnamese would do.
Americans don't act like that.
Americans don't have cadences about killing children.
Okay, do you understand?
And these people that don't have a conscience, who don't have the moral courage, and it takes incredible moral courage to admit something was wrong, people that don't have the moral courage of Staff Sergeant Jimmy Massey,
They're going to come back and be cops on your streets, people.
And you better be concerned about this and the torture that's going on over there that's going on in our prisons.
And so that's why this is such a great concern.
Now, I know that we've had callers holding us at the start of the show.
I never gave the phone number out today.
Usually I take calls.
We've had a lot of guests on today, and everybody's been holding forever, and we'll get to you.
But I hope it's for our guests.
So that's coming up.
Sergeant Massey, going back to just the video I saw of trucks and cars, and this was live on television being machine-gunned, and some of them tapes.
They were just playing tape.
They were proud of it.
You said you were in some other cities.
Did you go into Baghdad, or did you go into town in the first part of the invasion?
Are you aware of the video we've all seen here of just shooting everything that moves?
Yes, and that's what it was like.
That's exactly.
You know, when you saw the Israeli attack, what was that, two days ago, with a bomb, you know, landing in the middle, that was what it was like.
So you got a busy market, and just here comes a bomb.
There you go.
Now, look.
The British haven't had as many problems because they're old empire hands.
They know to be nice to people and things go better.
A lot of Iraqis, at least when you were there, were happy when we first got there.
Then it all shifted because, hey, you killed my brother.
There you go.
But not my words.
If that's accurate, give it to us in your words.
No, you're exactly right.
I feel the Iraqis are just retaliating against the brutality
That they've witnessed from us.
I know if one of my relatives was murdered indiscriminately by an invading force, I would want to take revenge, especially if that person was just having a peaceful demonstration.
And that actually happened at one of our checkpoints.
We had lit up a demonstration that was going on.
This was on the outskirts of Baghdad.
Now, by lit up, you mean machine gun fire?
50 cows and M16s.
And, okay, now there's been a hundred of these reports out where you've got peaceful people, and then suddenly the troops open fire.
How is that happening?
Well, what topped it off with us is we heard a stray gunfire that came in that direction.
When the stray gunfire went off,
The Marines were nervous when they opened up.
They didn't know which direction that was coming from.
However, it is very important for you to understand the psychological impact that these intelligence reports were being given to the troops.
Well, let me stop you about these intelligence reports, because it goes the same way with cops.
I've been under the land rights demonstration with conservatives, libertarians, and we're all standing there in our three-piece suits
And we'll hear the police radios, they're militia, they may be terrorists, the Republic of Texas, you know, using these... I mean, I see police being manipulated by the same type of departmental propaganda.
Is that where you're going?
And that's what it is.
It's just propaganda.
Propaganda that's fueling a fire.
Hell, they're even saying it on the TV.
They were talking about it this morning on CNN.
They were actually giving civilians...
Two years ago I saw a FEMA report in the Associated Press in New Jersey
And they had all the town people there, and they said, pregnant women, don't trust them, priests, people that, you know, everybody's guilty.
This is East Germany.
Terrorists are hiding under every, I mean, just watch everyone.
This is sick.
It's no longer the communists.
Now it's the terrorists.
McCarthyism is alive.
It's just extended into terrorism.
Well, to use that term, they actually burned McCarthy when he found out the truth, that it was big banks behind the communists and our own government.
But you're right to say that to use that term and the common meaning, I mean, now they can't fire any terrorists, so they're using the Patriot Act for average crimes.
And I'll tell you right now, we violated the Geneva Conventions.
However the President or Congress, however they want to manipulate the words of what the Geneva Convention says, I know that I was taught from day one that I went into the United States Marine Corps, you do not shoot civilians.
And that's what we did.
Have you been having the nightmares since you started talking or are you still having the images of the dead children?
I've had them for a little over a year now, continuously.
Some nights, you know, I may have a good week.
I may go one to two nights where I won't dream.
I'm sorry, your phone cut out.
Or you won't.
Yeah, I may go one to two nights where I won't dream about it, but then I'll go sometimes two or four nights where I will dream about it.
Do you wake up in a cold sweat?
Yes, and very easily startled.
My fiancée, she knows not to touch me.
Or if she's coming into the room and I'm there by myself, she says that she's coming into the room so I don't get startled.
That happens to a lot of people.
My mom said when my uncle got back from Vietnam from tours with helicopters, the backfire went off, he'd jump under the table.
Oh, yeah.
I ran off the road the other day.
There was a car that backfired next to me.
Let me tell you, son, I almost ran off the road.
Well, I mean, think about that.
Now they're going to come back, though, and be cops.
And we've seen the reports of people that got back a year ago from Afghanistan, two years ago.
They're on duty, and they put three rounds in an old lady's chest as she sits at the wheel of her car because they saw the glint of metal on her purse.
And, I mean, that's pretty much the number one occupation for, you know, Marine infantry, the Rangers, or, you know, that's pretty much after you retire out of the military.
You go to work for a civilian police force, and...
Do your 20 years, and that way you've got your state pension and you've got your government check.
But you're just switching from one government organization to the other.
I saw a statistic that 80% of the new recruits in the last five years have been out of the military.
That's correct, yeah.
Matter of fact, when I got back to my hometown here in North Carolina, the sheriff contacted me and offered me a job.
I told him no.
Well, at least until you work through all this.
But a lot of people, though, I mean, well, you were there.
You know what, Stephanie?
Do you have that PBS club we aired a month ago?
Try to find that where they're running over the car for stealing the firewood.
Have you?
Well, you were there.
Some people stole three sticks of firewood, they thought.
And so they laugh at them, they machine gun the carb, or shoot it up, actually, with small arms, with handguns, and then they run over it with a tank and then laugh at them.
Did you see that?
I never saw that one.
Did you ever see a behavior?
It wouldn't surprise me if that did happen.
Stephanie, do you have the clip?
I'm going to put you on hold, Sergeant, and we're going to play this, and I want to get your response to this.
Now, I want you to hear the laughing.
This is very funny.
Now, even if they were going to do this, there might be some excuse, but the laughing part.
Let's go ahead and play that.
There was still some looting going on when we arrived.
And when we came across soldiers, they didn't seem sure of their role.
That child don't need to be in here.
We filmed these GIs after they caught a group of Iraqis stealing wood.
We try to stop them from looting, they don't understand, so we take their car and we'll crush them.
United States Army tankers, who are they?
That's what you get when you lose.
Later, the car's owner told us, I'm a taxi driver.
The car was my livelihood.
Sergeant, any comments to that?
Man, I'll tell you what.
I actually laid down on my couch here while I was listening to that, and I was having flashbacks.
That's a typical day, partner.
A typical day.
The funny thing is, the British don't want their people getting killed, so they're not doing any of this.
They're not having 100 the problems, according to the reports.
But our government's doing this, and I guarantee you, when the UN comes in, they're going to stop this, and then they're going to be the good cop, and we're going to be the bad cop.
This was all staged.
I think you hit the nail right on the head.
I totally agree.
I believe this thing was pre-staged from the get-go.
And I'll give you a little bit of evidence.
1st Battalion, 7th Marines, eight months prior to leaving to go to Kuwait, was secretly training up in San Francisco, north of San Francisco, learning how to shut down the Ramallah oil fields.
I was part of RCT-7, and our primary mission at the beginning of the war was to shut down the Ramallah oil fields.
However, why would Marines be learning how to shut down oil fields
If we weren't scheduled to invade or attack.
I'll tell you what the official word that was given to us, because I asked the same question.
They said, well, it's in case of future terrorist attacks in America where the Marines have to be used kind of like an environmental protection.
Now, let me shift here for a minute.
I've got an Associated Press here, which says the biggest group of recruits now is illegal aliens, or they make legal recruits.
I have been to the urban warfare training drills where the Marines openly admit that it's for domestic insurgents.
We know about the different surveys the Marines have been given.
They're saying General Eberhardt, the head of NORTHCOM, said that we're going to have troops on the streets in America.
The outgoing head of CENTCOM, Franks, December Cigar Aficionado, said that after the next attack we set aside the Constitution for a military government.
A lot of this is joint training for here domestically, and I just want to get your response to that.
So you're saying a possible violation of the Posse Comitatus Act?
Well, yeah, we've had senators call for getting rid of it, but since 1996 I've had JAG officers on it, but it's basically already gone.
I mean, I've interviewed Marines who have... Well, let me tell you part of the oath.
You know, it's to protect our country against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
Did I just answer your question?
Well, they're able to use the Marines domestically because they're not under posse comitatus.
Well, no, the Marines are under the posse comitatus.
As a matter of fact...
We have to train extensively in that because we... Well, they may tell you that, but we've had the JAG officers on who say that isn't so.
Maybe they're trying to claim that now.
Well, here's an example.
My cousin is out there merging the APD with the National Guard and the regular Army at Bergstrom, which is now a private airport, international airport, and they're engaged in surveillance of Austin, and it has nothing to do, he even admits, with terrorism.
Yeah, that's under what's called the Joint Task Force.
Right, I was involved with that actually during three missions in my career in the Marine Corps.
Two were in Southern California and one was in New Mexico.
And that is true.
The U.S.
Government is being used, or the U.S.
Marine Corps, they're being used as surveillance.
And then we had the Wall Street Journal two months ago.
They had a peace group at the UT, and they had secret military officers in plain clothes harassing them, trying to shut down meetings.
Let me tell you, in America, we're not supposed to have commissars, political officers from the military, running around at the University of Texas.
That was Army intelligence, by the way.
No, and over the course of my 12 years in the Marine Corps, I continuously saw it growing bigger and bigger because they're sub-branching off into these special anti-terrorist units.
So it's happening very rapidly.
And you saw CNN saying, don't trust the pregnant women, watch everyone, report them?
That is correct.
That was on CNN this morning.
That's not America, is it, Sergeant?
No, sir.
That's not the America that I grew up to.
Well, you know, Hitler blew up his own government building to seize control and to set up fatherland security, so... You know, like I said, I started drawing my conclusion after I came back from Iraq because it disturbed me so much.
And I basically, you know, I told the Marine Corps, hey,
You know, I don't want your money anymore.
I don't want your benefits.
I had to hire a lawyer because they were trying to say that I was a conscientious observer.
And it got really nasty.
But they discharged me honorably with disability and severance pay.
They diagnosed me with post-traumatic stress disorder, major depression.
But they didn't want to let me go.
And I tell you what, every day I fear for my life.
We'll come by and take a few calls.
Stay there, my friend.
Who wouldn't?
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Alright, I want to try to keep our guests five minutes into the next hour if we can, then we'll get our next guest on.
Talking about the strange life, the quiet American, Nick Byrd, with the intelligence background, obviously, and the bizarreness going on there.
But, boy, this has just been an incredible interview.
What scares me is some people who don't have a conscience are immune to having children die on their arms.
They're going to come back here and run our lives.
This is all part of the process the New World Order is using.
And it's going to be good people
You know, I know there's a lot more military men and women that are out there that are listening to this.
And you know...
You know what you did.
Serve your conscience, not your orders.
Just talk to somebody about it.
That's all.
All right.
Let's talk to Fred in Philadelphia, then Stavros, Ishmael, and others.
You're on the air.
Fred, go ahead.
Yeah, great show.
I just wanted to know this one question from the guest.
How do they organize the embedded press in Iraq to control the output of them
That's all.
Thank you.
Let me tell you about the embedded reporters.
You know, I thought they were doing an outstanding job until I got home and I actually read the propaganda that they had produced.
It got so bad that one of our embedded reporters actually wanted to go home because he was witnessing a lot of the civilian casualties.
The reports that I've read about what my battalion did over there, what this embedded reporter wrote is nothing to what actually took place.
So I've been pretty... And who was that embedded reporter?
He was... Can I give his name?
Are you sure?
Yes, we give their names here.
He was with the...
Ron Harris, he was with the St.
Louis Dispatch.
Did you ever see Mr. North?
Mr. North?
Oliver North.
No, I had heard about his ramblings there in Iraq.
I never actually met him, no.
Talk about the CIA being the implanted reporters and better reporters.
Let's talk to Stavros in Canada.
You're on the air, sir.
Go ahead.
Hi, gentlemen.
How are you doing?
Go ahead.
Yes, on the subject of shooting civilians, up here in Canada in early April, I was witness to the Canadian military using artillery pieces for target practice in a Canadian park.
Now, I took a picture of this, and I have it here.
I can send it to you.
Now, I stuck around, and I saw other civilians coming to talk to the military, saying, oh, are you guys going to do a parade or something?
And what I heard the response from the military was this.
They said, and I quote, We're merely doing this just in case there are any rioting terrorists come inside the city and try and hide inside the park.
That's what they said word for word.
So in case there's any demonstrations, because in this particular park, Queens Park, you have the provincial legislature, and there are usually demonstrations there.
And they're practicing with artillery.
Yes, sir.
They were shooting blanks.
How large are these pieces?
I believe this one is a 75mm pack howitzer.
Is that the good thing to use on the demonstrators, a howitzer?
I don't believe so.
I mean, that would kill quite a lot of people.
Well, that's the plan.
Well, thank you.
Thank you for the call.
We'll do five more minutes with our guests, take a few more calls.
On the other side, we've got another guest coming up.
Strange life...
Nick Burr!
The war on terrorism.
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Big Brother.
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Government cover-ups.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, you're now into hour number three of this Friday Transmission Against Tyranny.
Coming up, we have William Bunch of the Philadelphia Daily News on the Berg beheading and his article, Berg Met with Shady Iraqi, which exposes the Berg teamed up in Baghdad with an ex-Philippine man who led a controversial group of Iraq expatriates encouraged by the U.S.
government even as he faced deportation for his role in a Russian immigrant crime ring selling millions of vials used for crack.
And then we have him with us, two of the hijackers now, not one, and we have him working in Abu Ghraib prison, and this young man dropping out of college to go help people worldwide.
Very suspicious, and we're sad that he died, if that video's even real.
But let's take two final calls for our guest, Staff Sergeant Jimmy Massey, who has come out and told the world, Sacramento, we broke the story, I killed innocent people for our government.
Ishmael, a lot of calls from Canada.
You're on the air, and then we'll try to cram Kenny in here.
Go ahead, Ishmael.
My question is for Mr. Matthews in regards to the choice to do what he did in his battalion.
Were they on drugs when they chose to do this?
Well, no.
It's the training, and it's the setup, and it's the intelligence they're given.
Go ahead, sir.
Basically, from the moment that you arrived at Marine Corps boot camp, the dehumanization process begins.
If you take a bunch of 17 to 22-year-olds, and you put them through a rigorous boot camp and continue on with their training, and everything is emphasized on dehumanization... Well, look, if you look at the Marine Corps training, it is identical to what Colts do.
Do you agree with that, Mr. Massey?
Thank you.
Thank you.
Everybody should read All Is Quiet on the Western Front, written by a World War I veteran.
It sounds exactly like what our guest is saying.
They take a young man who no longer needs mommy and daddy and who hasn't gotten bound to a woman yet, who's in that spot in their life, and the Prussians invented this.
The Prussians bragged that it was programming.
Were you aware of that, Mr. Massey?
Not then.
I didn't become aware of it until I was out on recruiting duty, where I was reintroduced back to the civilian world.
And then my last year, I had an epiphany, and I woke up and I was like, what in the heck am I doing?
Let's talk to Kenny.
Kenny, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Where are you calling from?
I'm calling from Kansas City.
I'm going to go for a vet.
I served in the Army from 85 through 91 as a tanker.
And I guess I'm just really disturbed that the military is no longer training people that you have a right and a moral obligation to disobey unlawful and unconstitutional orders and you never shoot civilians or people with .50 calibers.
That's for PCs, tanks, heavy equipment, that kind of stuff.
What kind of madness is going on in our country these days and in our military?
Any comments, Sergeant?
That's why I'm here, because I want the same answers.
And that's just another part of me patching up another part of my soul.
I'm proud of you, and I guess I'm equally ashamed, because I would just think I would hope more people like Michael and you would stand up and say, you know what, this is wrong, this is immoral, and I will not do this, I will not obey this.
I wouldn't have done it.
I would have told them, no, I'm out of here.
Well, now we're going to have a new national draft with women, too, and we're going to, I guess, be forced to go do this, and
Breathe all the depleted uranium.
Last question.
Are the troops aware of the depleted uranium and how dangerous it is?
No, I didn't become aware of what it does to you.
How I became aware of it was reading a Rolling Stones magazine.
And then I started asking around to some of the tankers and other members that I knew that were around constantly in some of the artillery.
And they began to explain to me.
And I basically...
You know, I basically said to myself, holy crap, this is some pretty serious stuff.
So every time, you know, you're in and around a tank that has been disabled or you're out on the battlefield where these bombs have landed or these shells, you know.
Tell you what, we've got another guest coming up, but stay there.
I want to end this on the other side.
We'll bring our next guest up.
Stay with us.
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Crashing to the lies and disinformation.
We're about to be talking to a Philadelphia Daily News reporter who broke a very important story.
Berg met with Shadi Araki.
He tied this in with now connections to two hijackers, working in Abu Ghraib prison, being in coalition custody, leaving college with good grades to go help people, the quiet American.
Classic intelligence background MO.
I'm just saying there should be an investigation of that.
We'll be talking to the reporter who broke a major story on this last week.
But right now, finishing up with an amazing individual, former Staff Sergeant Jimmy Massey, who has come out and told the world, I killed innocent people for our government, had children die in his arms, you name it, and had a conscience.
Didn't have his conscience seared and is now working through all of this, and he's just dropped bombshell after bombshell on us today about the embedded reporters manipulating and twisting.
Just how they were ordered to do all of this, what happened.
And Sergeant Massey, God bless you and thank you for having the will and the strength.
I mean, it's really hard.
A lot of people do these things and then commit themselves to it and make excuses.
It takes a lot of strength, moral courage, do what you've done.
And just God bless you, sir, and I hope you can work through all of this.
Anything else you'd like to tell the listeners?
Yeah, actually I'd like to read a quote real fast.
We must respect innocent life to achieve peace.
That quote was made by President Bush two days ago over the Israeli and Palestinian incident.
What in the hell is he talking about?
We just killed innocent civilians over in Iraq by the hundreds, the thousands.
And he's talking about we must respect innocent life to achieve peace?
Yeah, they're blowing up a wedding, killing 40, and then the Israelis do something smaller and he's
That's incredible.
Well, Sergeant, anytime you've got anything you want to bring up on the show, you've got my producer's number.
And God bless you and take care.
Thank you, sir.
You bet.
Wow, that was an incredible hour interview with Sergeant Massey.
And now for another first hour, we have Kyle Hens.
Thanks for having me on the show.
My pleasure.
Tell folks your newspaper's website or how they can read your fine columns.
Oh, absolutely.
We've been given a decent amount of coverage to what's going on, interact from our own kind of unique perspective, and you can find it on Philly, which folks outside of here don't always know how to spell it.
It's P-H-I-L-L-Y dot com.
And look for the daily news.
Click on the daily news, because otherwise you might get a bunch of stuff in the Philadelphia Inquirer, and that's not going to help you out too much.
So look for the daily news when you go on the...
And look for our coverage of what's going on over in Iraq.
Okay, fantastic.
I mean, you're a reporter.
You stick to the absolute facts that you have.
But before we get into your story, I mean, now connected to two hijackers, Nick Byrd, leaves an Ivy League school to, quote, travel the world, classic intelligence operative M.O., you know, quit school with, you know, high grades.
Working in Abu Ghraib prison, in coalition custody.
They tried to deny it.
Now it's admitted, 13 days.
Gets released suddenly in al-Qaeda hands.
Now we find out it wasn't al-Qaeda.
MSNBC is saying that this Sawari guy died three months ago in northern Iraq.
I mean, this story has got more holes in it than a sieve.
And then you bring forward your article with him with these shady characters with intelligence agency connections.
With the drug trafficking connections, with the immigrant smuggling connections.
I mean, this is amazing.
How do we make heads or tails of all of this, Mr. Bunch?
Well, I mean, it's hard to know what to make of it.
I mean, I would just caution everybody.
I think finding out what Nick Bird was all about and what he was doing in Iraq is going to be a time-consuming process, and it's not something we're going to...
We're good to go.
Get raised and go unanswered.
And so there's a lot, I mean, there's just a lot of questions about who Nick Berg, what he was really all about, you know, was he really pro-war, was he anti-war like his father, you know, where else did he travel, how many times did he go to Israel, what other countries did he visit.
You know, somebody had an article on the Internet with, I think, 50 unanswered questions, and to be honest, there's more than that.
Yeah, well, we've said there's 50 anomalies.
Anomalies, right.
And two weeks ago, now more are out there.
I mean, look, he has the classic... I mean, we have to speculate because everybody's speculating.
We have a bunch of facts but don't know the answers.
But, I mean, he has the classic intelligence agent M.O.
The country's flooding full of private contractors who are really CIA and defense intelligence and Mossad and Shin Bet and everything else.
And this guy's got the classic M.O.
of that.
I can't say he was, but very, very...
Yeah, I don't want to jump to any conclusions.
That's not my MO, but, you know, I will say, I mean, the fact that his job or his self-styled job was to climb these radio and communications towers, including, as you mentioned, the one at Abu Ghraib.
I mean, that's a red flag right there.
That's something that needs to be checked out a little bit more, obviously.
Yes, the quiet American with his bag of tricks out helping.
It's horrible what happened to him, if that can even be documented.
But your article, though, really is one of the best investigations I've seen, and in kind of a window into this murkiness.
Can you go over the details of your story?
Burke met with Shady Iraqi.
Well, that was actually kind of a follow-up story.
We were actually...
The Philadelphia Daily News, we were actually the first newspaper to report about Berger's connections to terrorism or Al-Qaeda suspects down in Oklahoma, including a link either indirectly or directly to Zacharias Musawi, who's an admitted member of Al-Qaeda.
Well, he just, I mean, when you're on a bus, don't you just say, here's my computer, here's my password?
Yeah, I don't think that.
I have a serious doubt about whether that's the actual way.
No one does that.
No one does that.
Right, right.
Well, my general thinking, well, let me first go back and after we broke the story about the Oklahoma and the Missoula connection, that weekend there were some stories coming out of Baghdad.
Unfortunately, we don't have people over there from the Daily News.
I wish we did, but
Just reading the AP story that came out of Baghdad that weekend, they made a reference to a Philadelphian being an Iraqi-born person who lived in Philadelphia who had moved back, and being somewhat parochial like most newspapers, whenever we see the word Philadelphia we get excited.
So I said, who is this guy?
And I started checking into it, and
You know, I just couldn't believe all the weird connections that this guy had.
His name is, well, his name was quoted in most papers as Aziz Al-Taee, T-A-E-E, but that's not his real name.
He adopted that a few years ago for reasons that, when you check out his background, seem pretty obvious.
His actual name is Aziz Khaduri Aziz, or Aziz K. Aziz, and he'd come to the United States from Iraq about 20 years ago,
Seemingly a successful businessman who opened a chain of electronics stores in kind of bad neighborhoods in Philadelphia.
It turns out he has a very shady past, including he pleaded guilty back in 1994 to being part of a used ring that was distributing crack vials.
Not the actual crack itself, but the vials that people used to sell crack.
Most of his partners in this enterprise were Soviet...
By the way, I just typed that name in.
That's a known CIA front group.
Well, absolutely.
I mean, it's hard.
You have to follow the board of directors, but it does go back to...
You know, there are definitely possibilities.
It's one of these government-funded Iraqi opposition groups.
Absolutely, absolutely.
And I'm sure your listeners remember the Clear Channel-sponsored rallies for America, the so-called pro-troop or pro-war rallies that were held a year ago.
And people from this group, the Iraqi American Council, got training from our State Department groups
To go to these rallies, to go on Fox News and to go on other channels and talk about how terrible Saddam was and how much better the world would be if we got rid of him.
And Aziz K. Aziz, or Aziz Al-Tayyiz, he was calling himself by this point,
He spoke at a number of these rallies.
He was at DC, he spoke in Philly and St.
So we've got this obvious intel operative and he's involved in all this shady stuff.
And then, oh, he's buddies with Berg!
Yeah, I mean, we're not reporting that that's your jump, that he's an intel operative.
But yeah, I mean, he definitely has, like we said in our story, he definitely has a shady past, no doubt about it.
He definitely has these government connections.
He definitely has these
Fox News, Clear Channel, State Department.
Right, right, right.
And so, and then, oh, and then because of his criminal record, however, I guess it's a typical government left hand, not knowing what the right's doing.
At the same time, he's getting his backing from the State Department and possibly CIA type sources or whatever.
Meanwhile, the immigration's moving to deport him now because it is, because he had a couple other arrests in addition to the crack file case.
Stay right there.
William Bunch, Philadelphia Daily News, philly.com is the website.
We'll come right back, and I want to get into his connection to Berg in your great article that folks can read at infowars.com, or you can simply link through to philly.com.
We'll be right back with our guest after this quick break, and we'll continue.
We really appreciate Mr. Bunch's work on this.
And then, if you can stay with us, we'll take some calls.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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All right, I don't know how long our guest could stay with us, but I'd like him to into the next segment so we can take some calls.
And I would ask callers to direct some questions or comments to him.
Because we don't screen calls here, but when I do have guests on, it'd be nice if you talked to the guests.
We haven't even gotten into the meat and potatoes yet on this incredible article, Berg Met with Shady Iraqi, and there's been other reports by William Bunch, the Philadelphia Daily News, philly.com.
Yeah, well...
Aziz, as we call him, appears, according to his version of events, and everything that has to do with Iraq, you have to quantify somebody's version of what's really happening.
But Aziz's version basically has him being the last person to speak with Nick Berg before he disappeared.
It says that on April 10th, now supposedly, when Berg was in whoever's custody, whether it was...
You know, American or Iraqi custody.
Supposedly, then he went to Baghdad and checked into a hotel for four days, you know, resumed his connection with Aziz, who I don't know if he mentioned in the narrative here, but was hooked up with Berg in Iraq as his business partner.
They formed a company called Babylon Towers that was,
Supposedly going to fix radio towers in Iraq.
And on April 10th, which was when Nick Berg left the hotel, almost the last time anybody saw him...
He said Nick Berg called him and told him he'd gotten a ride with a couple people.
He was going to Jordan to leave the country.
Now, I know this.
In America, the cops will be talking to this guy, the last person you're with, and, oh, I saw him get a ride, and, oh, I do stuff for the State Department, and I get these rallies together, and I'm involved in shipping out...
Crack vials, and I'm doing all this, and Mr. Berg's involved with some hijackers with passwords, but there's nothing suspicious here.
This is all just, I mean, this is incredible.
Yeah, it's pretty amazing.
Yeah, I mean, usually, you're right, usually the last person to see somebody alive, you know, is question.
This guy needs to be under the hot lights with some guys asking him some questions.
Yeah, and we don't know if that's been done, although it doesn't seem like it.
He seems to be operating freely over there in Baghdad.
He also made an interesting claim.
He claimed that Aziz is in the cell phone business, and he has claimed that he's actually seen Nick Berg's cell phone records and that his cell phone was used, I think, as late as April 19th, which would be, remember now, nine days after he disappeared.
That's an interesting and unexplained fact there, too.
So, yeah, there's a lot of questions about... Well, he's trying to create space for the government, speculating here, from, you know, he gets released and suddenly an al-Qaeda hands, and now they admit it's not al-Qaeda.
I mean, it's this whole thing.
Well, the latest, I mean, I think you're referring to the story that came out today, which is very curious, in which you have some Iraqi officials now claiming that...
Some people were in custody, and they're not Al-Qaeda at all, that they're fedayeen, who are associated with Saddam Hussein, and that one of them is Saddam Hussein's nephew, or not one of the people they arrested.
Yeah, this is... But then it comes out now that says that...
They've already released two out of these four people, and they might be releasing the other, so... Well, it's like 20 times they found sarin gas and later say it isn't sarin gas, and then I have arguments with people that, oh, yeah, they found the sarin gas.
I mean, this is all propaganda.
This is classic propaganda where they put a story out and then retract it later.
How many times did they kill Chemical Ali?
Like five or something?
Well, I mean, the guy supposedly saw Nick Berg's head off MSNBC.
The Pentagon said it was dead three months ago.
Yeah, Alex R. Cowley.
He knows what's up with that.
Yeah, and I know the guy cutting his head off isn't hobbling, and it sure has a lot of mobility to be, you know, for one leg.
Yeah, that didn't add up.
There's a lot of things about the video that don't add up.
Yeah, like not a lot of blood.
I mean, I've been in a slaughterhouse, and you cut a large mammal's head off, folks.
You better stand back.
I don't want to get too graphic here.
Have you seen the video?
Yes, I have, unfortunately.
I mean, it's pretty grisly.
Yeah, we've seen it.
We had it up for a while, took it down.
It's just... I don't know.
I go back and forth on it.
Well, we've got a break, sir.
Can we come back and take a few calls for you?
I have a few minutes.
Go ahead.
Okay, let's do that.
We'll come back and go to Rodney and Chris and...
Fred in Philadelphia and John in Florida and others.
Poll-free number to join us, 800-259-9231.
And it's great to have reporters like William Bunch out there from the Philadelphia Daily News.
I'm Alex Jones, InfoWars.com.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're back live, my friends.
Thank you for joining us on this Friday, the 21st of May, 2004 edition.
As we blast out on the AM and FM dials, simulcast on Global Shortwave and the Internet at prisonplanet.tv.com and infowars.com as well.
Before we go back to our guest, William Bunch from Philadelphia Daily News and take some calls here from people patiently holding.
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We're going to go to all these calls here in just a moment, but talking to the reporter, William Bunch, from the Philadelphia Daily News, broke the story, Berg met with Shadi Iraqi.
Any other key points you want to add before we go to these calls?
Well, right now, in terms of further areas to be checking out, right now I'm trying to find out more about Nick Berg's time in Oklahoma, and very little has been explained about...
What's really behind the so-called password on the bus story and who he really knew and who he met down there.
We're going to look into that.
There's a lot of downtime, if you look at his resume, between the time he went to college and when he turned up in Iraq.
I think that might...
Give some clues into what's going on with this guy.
Again, just to state this, the government recruits people with high grade point averages out of the Ivy League.
They've had a big recruiting drive for 25-year-olds to 29-year-olds.
That's even been State Department press releases.
This stinks to high heaven.
We can't say that.
We can just say it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck.
What is it?
Yes, I'd love to have you back on if you can get that information.
Who's up first here out of all these callers, Stephanie?
Rodney in Florida, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Randy, okay, go ahead.
Yeah, well, you know, all I can say about this bird is that, you know, if we weren't over there sticking our nose in where it didn't belong, we wouldn't have any of that happening or the POW mess that we're encountering now.
You know, I'm just reading right now on Yahoo News about a Florida-based soldier who was found guilty today of desertion over there who objected to it and refused to go back on conscientious grounds.
Yes, yeah, I've read about that.
Yeah, no, you're absolutely right.
I mean, there's no, you know, if we were not in Iraq, and clearly that was a, quote, voluntary or optional, whatever you want to call it, war, and didn't seem to be particularly necessary, and now we have these things happening, and they, you know, they're, you know, knocking America's image down.
Around the world, even lower.
Well, also, they say, oh, they're volunteers, you know, these troops.
Well, a lot of them were supposed to be in three, four years.
Now they won't let them leave.
So that really is a draft.
Well, yeah, that's the point.
I bring that up in this article, too.
I salute this boy, you know, because, I mean, I have any congressman say or hear...
Any of them say that this was a war done under the Constitution, you know, with a declaration of war?
No, the Congress was supposed to declare it, and again, this is out of control.
Thanks for the call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Fred in Philadelphia, where our reporter joins us from.
Go ahead, Fred.
Yeah, great show.
I just wanted to call, and I have two things, two pretty pertinent things.
I actually witnessed...
The recruitment of a young vet around 28 years old at a local suburban library in the late 90s for the Balkans, like a specific technical job for the CIA.
And that is the age group, that is the qualifications for the intelligence community to hire people.
Uh, well...
No, but the other thing is that I wanted to report that in the 90s there was a big, it seemed to me like there was a lot of recruitment.
And the other thing was on Nick Berg, the occupational description of him changed in the local news in Philadelphia.
First thing, it was simply personal characteristics they mentioned.
Well, that was as the news was getting what the government said, then reporters went out and found out the truth, like Mr. Bunch.
Yeah, they first said he was just able to make friends.
They didn't talk about occupational description.
And then they had said that he was trained in marketing, without mentioning that apparently he is...
His huge expertise was radio engineering and electrical engineering.
And then when that comes out, that's a good point.
We've had a lot of absconding and a lot of stonewalling by the government, Mr. Bunch.
Yeah, absolutely.
And that's a good point in that, because I've been on the story since the first day.
And the first day, you know, this is always the case with these things.
It's just a matter of shock.
And look...
A couple things, and I meant to say some of this out front, is, you know, whatever his purposes were.
What happened to him was horrible.
What happened to him, two things.
What happened to him was horrible.
I mean, by all accounts, you know, the people who knew him were very fond of him and liked him.
And, you know, regardless of who killed him.
Yeah, it's a tragedy.
We just shouldn't have the government lying about it.
Right, exactly.
And, you know, I mean, clearly, you know, the fact that first, you know, first that they said it was this Abu Massa, the Al-Zakari supposedly was fingered, you know, definitively by the CIA or whatever is the killer.
And then we're hearing today that they're arresting people from a completely, you know, totally different group, the Fedayeen.
And, you know, it's like anything else.
I mean, you know, if that information is bogus, then what else, you know, what else aren't they telling us?
Or are they trying to mislead us?
And then we'll have arguments when the government admits... I mean, people... Powell admits those weren't mobile weapons trucks.
Jones admitted it six months ago.
And I still have arguments with people, William, saying those were mobile weapons trucks.
Yeah, well, once information gets out there, it's hard to... That's been my experience.
Once information gets published or promulgated out there, it's hard to... You know, it stays there for a long time.
You know, even if the person who actually said it, like in this case, like Powell, even if the person who
You know, it was the one saying information in the first place disowned that people still have a hard time, you know, accepting that.
I see that all the time.
Yeah, let's stop.
Thanks for the call, Fred.
Let's talk to John in Florida.
John, you're on the air.
And then one more call for our guest.
Go ahead, John.
Howdy, Alex.
Howdy, William.
I'll try and restrain myself with comments and questions as to your investigative efforts here, okay?
And I'm glad to hear that you're going to go out to Oklahoma and elsewhere on this man's trail.
You and your comments are all... Let me stop you.
Let me just tell the reporter, be very careful.
Yeah, well, somebody made a leap.
I have no plans to go to Oklahoma at this point.
Well, you made it sound like you were going to try and find out more what he was doing in college out there.
You'd be surprised that you can learn with a telephone and a good directory, so... Yes.
We're going to start that way first, and we'll see.
Okay, go ahead, John.
In your statements about half an hour ago, you referred to some Russian immigrants, and you were very reluctant to mention a religious sect, and I'm wondering, are these Orthodox Jews?
I don't know for a fact.
Some of them, I believe, according to the clips...
Question number two.
What does Mr. Berg, the father, do for a living?
I understand he and his son seem to have been, like, so, you know, active in this, you know, tower building, whatever, microwave.
I mean...
Well, I mean, it's weird.
I mean, Michael Berg, the father for a long time, was a school teacher in the same district in Westchester, Pennsylvania, where Nick Berg went to school.
Now, he retired a few years ago.
I guess he took an early retirement.
And he has been... It is a fact that he was involved with his son's business.
He represented himself...
On several occasions, like the office manager.
It's funny, they didn't seem to have any equipment that I know of and things like that.
Maybe they subcontracted, who knows.
But one more item.
Okay, please.
CNN has about two weeks ago done a lot of talking to people over there in Iraq.
One of them was named Andrew Duke, who allegedly is a friend of Mr. Berg's.
Yes, I'm interested in knowing more about this Andrew Duke.
This man seemed to be talking as though he was intimately involved with him.
Mr. Duke looks to be of Semitic origins.
He looks like Yasser Arafat's twin.
Full beard, okay, unshaven, you know.
And, I mean, you know, who knows who he really works for.
Okay, thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
I mean, obviously you've got this Russian mafia people and all this going back and forth and the dads involved in the business and weird stuff with hijackers.
I mean, folks.
This is unbelievable.
But again, the question is, if it is intelligence, is it CIA, is it Mossad?
I guess we've got to have reporters like William Bunch try to find out what's going on here.
I know we've got a stench coming from below the floorboards, but is it a possum or is it a human body?
Do you see where I'm going with that?
I see where you're going.
As far as I'm concerned, I'm just going to try and see where the facts go.
It all starts from there.
So far there's been a lot more speculation than fact, and I don't even think we know half the truth yet.
I hear you.
So stay tuned, everybody.
We'll see what else is coming out.
All right, Joanne in Maryland, last caller for our guest.
Joanne, go ahead.
Yes, thank you for taking my call.
I have a statement, actually.
I was watching our local news.
We're good to go.
I think?
That's all I wanted to say.
I just wanted to, you know, tell him that he was on the Eastern Shore sometime or another.
Yeah, well, thanks for that information.
I mean, clearly, you know, Chloe Knickberg had some expertise in the communications power business, and he did work for, you know, all the evidence I've seen is he worked for a number of, you know, bona fide radio stations around the East Coast.
He put very highly of them anyway.
Thank you.
Yes, that was the point I was going to make earlier.
I mean, people who
New Nick Berg, all speak highly of him, and that makes the loss even more tragic.
Well, it's all very suspicious.
The facts we do have are very suspicious, but we do need to get more facts before we go to conclusions.
But I really appreciate you joining us, Mr. Bunch, from the Philadelphia Daily News, your busy schedule, and we can continue to watch your columns, your reports, there at philly.com.
And we really appreciate you coming on, and please contact us if there's a new development.
I'll send it along to you guys.
I've got your email now, and it should be no problem.
And I hope there is more that comes out.
I think I'm pretty sure there will be.
And in the meantime, thanks for having me on the show.
Well, so your editor is letting you work more on this story.
So we'll see what develops.
Thanks a lot for coming on.
All right.
Take care, William.
Thanks, Alex.
All right, well, that was just four incredible guests today.
In the first hour, co-founder of the 9-11 Citizens Watch and contributor to Unanswered Questions.
And Hens was president at the 11th public hearing of the 9-11 Whitewash Commission with testimony by former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, where Giuliani was confronted by activists.
And we have the activist, an investigative journalist on, Christopher Broder.
And he did a great job there.
And then we also, former Staff Sergeant Jimmy Massey has come out and told the world I killed innocent people for our government.
That was in the second hour.
In the third hour, William Bunch of the Philadelphia Daily News.
You just heard that.
We're going to re-air this interview tonight from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
All these interviews.
So please tell your friends, your neighbors, your family, your email list.
Great broadcast today.
Really informative.
A whole education wrapped into this show today.
All the glory goes to God.
Please tell folks about InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv where they can listen to it tonight when it re-airs.
We'll also repost these at PrisonPlanet.tv.
And please tune into your local AM or FM affiliate or on the Global Shortwave from 9 to midnight Central Time at 3210.
And there's also a couple rebroadcasts of the show over the weekend.
So you'll also be able to catch it then, and of course I'll then be back on Monday from 11 to 2 Central and back from 9 to midnight.
We've still got a final segment coming up here.
I just really want to give the callers a response.
I mean, to give the callers a chance to respond because I get their response, I should say.
To all of this that we've discussed, we'll give each caller...
About 45 seconds coming up here in the final five-minute segment, so we should be able to jam in about five or six callers.
The total free number to join us is 800-259-9231, 1-800-259-9231.
I think?
We're good to go.
And to help support what we're doing, we need your support.
We want to see us continue and grow and reach more people.
So, the final segment's coming up.
We'll come back, and if you wanted to call in or you're on hold there, we'll get to you at 800-259-9231.
A caller blitzed straight ahead.
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Didn't have a lot of time to take calls today with four guests, but here at the end we've even got some lines open, a rarity, at 800-259-9231.
If you want to call in with a final comment.
Brad in Colorado, then Gary and others.
Brad, go ahead.
Alex, what a perfect show today.
This was classic.
There is so much information on that.
I am so glad that I recorded it, and I can go back and just digest it piece by piece.
I have to admit, this is one of the most powerful shows we've ever done.
Not one of the most.
Probably it ranks in there with the top three.
And I've been listening to you for, oh, three or four years, and I've been recording at least about the last year of it.
Did you get my email that I sent to tips at infowar.com about the high school teacher in Albuquerque who was basically harassed out of a contract because his poetry class had people in it
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Oh, now, we've had that for two years.
They're in there to recruit, and they get everybody ready.
Well, this was not recruiting.
It was because the principal and the military liaison were part of where the student was chastised.
The teacher was... And, yes, they have these political officers at UT.
They have troops running around in plain clothes harassing people.
Wall Street Journal, thanks for the call.
Man, I tell you, this is a scary pattern, folks.
Gary in Arizona.
Gary, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
It's Barry in Arizona.
Okay, go ahead.
Yeah, I know you're not Dr. Ward, but help me out here a little bit.
I'm getting a little depressed, man.
I'm trying to have meetings and everything, get people together, because every time I turn the news on, it's martial law, mass detention, so we're going to have to do this and that.
Yeah, they're conditioning us for the next attack, so we'll accept it.
But the people aren't buying it, buddy.
Well, good.
I'm glad.
I mean, people in my community are just kind of still in denial, but some people are kind of starting to wake up a little bit.
A lot of people who are in denial heard what you had to say, heard what I had to say, heard what countless others had to say.
They're not going to listen until it gets bad for them.
But at that key point, that seed you planted will sprout.
Well, Alex, I just got a really important question here for you.
I mean, I'm interested...
In defense of myself and my community, and it looks like they're pushing us toward this physical confrontation.
I don't want that to happen, but what do I do?
Sir, the pen is the monitor and the sword.
You keep getting the word out, keep waking people up, and then you defend yourself and your family physically if need be against tyranny.
Yeah, well, that's what I'm working on doing.
I'm showing your videos, I'm organizing groups, and, you know, trying to get things together at the local library, and, you know, but I really appreciate all you do, and...
Keep up the good work, and I'll keep working at it.
Thanks for your support.
Thank you, my friend.
Thanks for your support.
Look, we've got to break past the left-right debate.
We've got to get down to the real nuts and bolts of this, and that's the New World Order.
You heard the military officer earlier.
He found out we're meant to look bad.
We're meant to abuse.
We're meant to be evil.
Then the UN comes in as the savior.
The left needs to figure that out.
Michael Moore needs to figure that out, that the UN isn't going to save us.
I mean, they think absolutely nothing of you.
And we're all going to be judged one day before our Creator.
And we're going to be judged on this plane of existence by the evil we all engage in.
That all comes back to haunt us.
When you don't care about your community, when you aren't informed, when you aren't involved fighting corruption, it grows and grows and grows.
And it destroys our way of life and our freedom.
We're going into hell on earth right now.
Because so many of us have just let the government have control.
Oh, they won't do any bad.
Let's go to sleep.
History shows that's a total fraud.
So stop being complacent.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight, back on Monday.
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