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Air Date: May 19, 2004
2425 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, it's already Wednesday, the 19th day of May 2004.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
We have Jim Tucker from American Free Press, who's been covering the Bilderberg Group now, I guess, for 26 years.
They're scheduled to have their meeting over in Europe.
Next month, the 3rd through the 6th, always.
He gets key intel before, during, and after the event.
He's got some major news for us in the 3rd hour.
In the meantime, tons of vital news and information.
Add your phone calls here in the broadcast today.
The websites are infowars.com and prisonplanet.tv.
About two years ago, we need to repost this under these articles.
It's in the archives.
A bunch of FBI agents and CIA officers went public and said, look, we've been ordered to issue fake terror alerts, fake terror scares, to, quote, create controlled hysteria in the public.
And even White House Press Secretary
About a year and a half ago, they said, why are there all these terror alerts?
And he said, well, all these scandals.
And he just slipped up and said it's to cover that up.
That was in the Associated Press.
It was on television.
So it's just all right out in the open.
Now that doesn't mean that the military-industrial complex, the un-American privateers, won't carry out more attacks.
They love watching us grovel to them and beg to give up our liberties and beg to be their slaves and beg for them to own us.
They love it.
So you have to take it very serious when they're out beating the drum because they want to say, see, we told you so.
You know, you didn't give all your liberties up.
It's your fault.
Al, C.I., Ada attacked us.
But it could also be serving all these new terror alerts as a way to divert off the torture issue.
Or the gas prices, or NAFTA being prepared to be re-approved, or the free trade area of the Americas, or all of this.
Official, Al-Qaeda seeks chemical strikes.
The FBI told Congress that we're going to be hit any minute now.
Official, Al-Qaeda seeks chemical strikes.
FBI agent tells Fox News that 2004, the summer of 2004, will be remembered as the summer of terror.
News and World Report's got the White House saying we will be attacked domestically, that the Capitol will be destroyed.
Well, they're very specific.
Boy, there'll be lots of terror attacks around the country.
Won't be any real terrorists to go after, but you'll see a crackdown upon the population, the worship of the black ski mask, the worship of the armored vehicle, the worship of the face-scanning camera, the worship of the end of posse commentatus, the worship of children titling on their parents, the worship of the Sovietization of America.
And to watch the terrorists on TV, the people doing all of this, telling us to give up our liberties, it's just too disgusting to even describe.
The top intelligence official at the Homeland Security Department, worried about an increased risk of attack in coming months, says Al-Qaeda wants to strike on U.S.
soil with something other than a conventional explosive.
Perhaps with a chemical or biological weapon, retired Lieutenant General Patrick Hughes said in an American Associated Press interview that America has gotten better at predicting and safeguarding itself against attacks since September 11th, but he said he fears that the new terrorists are being made every single day on the streets in the Middle East.
They told us it's a 100-year war.
It's never going to end.
And after the next attacks, they're going to give you the draft.
They're going to give you the vaccines.
And they're going to give you hell on earth.
And you're going to love it.
You're going to beg to be asleep.
Unless you break your conditioning now and get the word out of who the terrorists are, like your lives and freedoms depend on it, because frankly, it does.
You want America to turn into Nazi Germany?
We are one inch away.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It is absolutely imperative that we face the horrific facts of the state of affairs where we stand.
We have a totally ruthless, psychotic criminal elite using scientifically crafted, mind-controlled PR programs to scare the globe into submission as a giant web of micromanagement and the cashless society control grid
Is in the final stages of being woven and perfected.
Only a huge, across-the-board renaissance can stop it.
Only by getting out of the deep denial can we resist this.
It is so imperative.
It is so vital to the very core of humanity.
My friends, the definition, the old definition of terrorism is threatening a violent act or carrying out a violent act against a group or against an individual to then force them to accept your political aims.
They have now changed the definition to all misdemeanors, all crimes, all suspicion of crimes, all of this to be carried out by the government, state, federal, international, which statistically has a higher level of criminals than any other section of the socioeconomic geopolitical stratum.
And if you look at the old proper definition of terrorism or coercion, the government, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, the United Nations are carrying out psychological operations
110% according to the letter of the law, it is the definition of terrorism.
They are terrorists on the face of it.
In the 60s and 70s, we had hundreds of bombings in this country, but because it was real independent terrorist communists doing it, it would barely even get mentioned on the news.
That's because the FBI handbooks said do not give it attention, play it down.
It's just like if you have a stalker, a form of terrorism, giving them attention will only intensify their stalking.
I have personal experience on four separate occasions.
You ignore it.
You play it down.
You do not play it up ad infinitum.
But they're not just playing up the terror, they're carrying it out.
And, my friends, they're putting out fake terror alerts.
The White House Press Secretary a year and a half ago admitted this.
Two years ago it was even in ABC News.
Capitol Hill Blue broke the story.
FBI and CIA were ordered to issue fake terror alerts, and in every case it turned out to be, oh, a false alarm, but a false alarm they were ordered to carry out.
They have had hundreds of urban warfare drills and terror attack drills before 9-11.
Now they carry these out and don't even announce that they were fake or drills.
They leave rocket launchers in Atlanta at train stations, dummy rocket launchers,
They send packets of white powder to government buildings, state and federal and international, to create the fear and hysteria.
And even before 9-11, they had a fake nuclear spill on I-35, shut down the road, announced the military was being called out, and then hours later quietly announced it was just a drill.
They've had these coast-to-coast.
You've heard about them.
We have video of it in my film, The Road to Tyranny.
This is the definition of domestic terrorism, state-sponsored terrorism.
But understand that the threat doesn't hold water unless they occasionally knock us upside the head, knock us stupid.
Baseball bat us.
And that's what 9-11, Oklahoma City, Waco, the First World Trade Center, all of these government events, admittedly and publicly, that's what these are.
And much of the covert drills and the
Over a hundred terror attacks that we've had, government-sponsored in the last two years, that, last three years, that the general public doesn't know about, those attacks that you hear were just explosions or accidents or train derailments, those were actual terror attacks carried out by the government to create the Red Alert system.
The entire country has been under Red Alert from before they announced the color-coding two years ago.
That's how they're covertly federalizing major cities, militarizing the police, putting in CIA offices over all the major police departments.
That's another layer of terror, terrorizing the police.
And police, you're asking, how do I know about the fact you've been under red alert?
Well, it's come out in the news, but we knew about it even beforehand, so stop being so foolish.
Remember the border's wide open.
As well, and remember that the FBI cooked the bomb and trained the drivers in the first World Trade Center.
Remember what happened with Oklahoma City we warned you about years ago.
Now it's all public.
Remember what we warned you about with World Trade Center 2 attack before it even happened.
We're good to go.
Everything is going to computerized, mechanized systems.
The aircraft, the tanks, armored attack robots now publicly in the news being prepared for you.
Helicopters with knockout gas outside every major city ready to knock out your whole city.
This is martial law.
This is the smoke screen for martial law and only a few hundred people
Can direct this now because of the robotic nature of its infrastructure overlay scaffolding.
And it's only going to get worse in the years to come as we are herded after successive terror attacks into the compact cities.
As the bio-attacks intensify, people will beg and plead and give up all liberties.
They will take the implantable chip.
The world leader will rise.
The Christian churches will declare him Jesus.
We'll declare the Patriot Act heaven on earth, and we'll declare that Christ's consciousness is upon us.
We must follow the world leader.
You don't believe me, folks.
If you've been listening for 8, 9, 10 years, you know we don't play games.
No matter how horrible it sounds, it's from the documents.
It's from the overall program.
It's from the paradigm expanding upon us of insane bloodlust and the wish to slaughter billions.
The globalists killed hundreds of millions last century.
That was all a prelude to the grand finale.
And the elite is being told they will all be given access to the life extension technologies and advanced interfaces that have already been developed, but that the general public can certainly not have access to this, and that we're too stupid, and that we need to be culled for the greater good of Mother Earth.
This is the disgusting, Malthusian, social Darwinist heart of the matter, the grand delusion of the elite, and you servants of the psychotic system need to stop denying it.
Again, last week I read where dozens and dozens of public schools put uranium and plutonium in the cereal for the children.
Put it in pregnant women's vitamin pills.
Hundreds of times the safe level of mercury in the vaccine.
CDC says we don't care if it brain damages millions.
We're going to cover it up and continue with their own documents.
Sterilization chemicals in the vaccine.
Caught publicly all over the globe.
Sodium fluoride in the water supply, MBTE in the water supply, aspartame, all of it attacking the hypothalamus, all of it attacking the pituitary, all of it attacking the mind.
They are jealous of your mind.
They're jealous of you being intelligent.
They're jealous of you seeing the grand design, the full horror.
So you've all been mass drugged and poisoned to not be brought to your full potential!
Listen to me, everyone.
This is not a joke.
This is not a game.
I put my life and everything on the line in this fight because humanity is worth it to fight the greatest evil on earth, to defend the human species against its own wolf-like vagabonds and aberrations that have risen up in our midst and are breeding us like cattle!
We have a government in 68 that killed New York commuters on a subway with bioweapons as a test.
That's how ruthless they are.
That's how cunning they are.
Thousands of open-air tests of biologicals on cities and towns, killing people.
And it's in the back of the newspaper.
These people think absolutely nothing of you.
Roosevelt would take 7,000 Americans.
It's now a public document released two years ago.
And so we're not going to let these people evacuate in the next three months.
We want the Japanese to capture them because they're women and children, and this will be great propaganda for the newsreels.
They would sell out 7,000 people, 4,000 plus that died in Japanese custody just for a little bit of propaganda.
And you people sit there in a naive fashion and don't think they remote control those planes into those buildings.
You people, when it's public that they're getting ready with the draft, got the bills introduced, the draft board's ready, you're still in abject denial about it.
The only reason they haven't moved full bore is because the FBI and the police aren't evil enough.
They haven't watched enough TV shows telling them torture's good yet.
They still think cameras in school bathrooms are Big Brother.
They still know in the back of their mind who ships the drugs in.
They still aren't pure evil.
They haven't had their souls warped yet.
That's the only thing holding back you and your family being taken to a concentration camp and being nerve gassed.
It's the only thing holding back the sicko psychopaths who've openly talked about it at the UN and have openly talked about it at the CFR and have openly talked about it at press dinners.
You're inches away from having your family murdered by this government.
We all are.
And you better wake up right now!
And you better see who the terrorists are!
And you better see who's issuing these terror alerts!
And you better stand up against these psychopaths!
And admit what they are!
And have the strength and the honor and the duty and the will to stay the course!
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
There's a war on for your mind.
You got that yet?
You figured that out yet?
That being naive and cowardly and stupid is going to get you and your family in a lot of trouble?
Now this is how we should all be behaving and acting.
This is deadly serious.
You go screaming all about your football game, and I think you're real manly in your simulated combat, but you'd better get into the real combat of what's going on on this planet.
We've got a bunch of sickos who've got 30-year advanced technology ahead of what we even know about.
Who are a cult of abusing others and doing what they want.
Who enjoy it.
Somebody with a conscience couldn't live with themselves.
They don't just not care.
They love it.
They love it.
They love what they're doing to you.
They love dumbing you down.
They love watching you buy all their propaganda.
And so...
We've got FBI agent 2004 will be remembered as the summer of terror.
And that's terror right there.
Today on Fox News Live, former FBI special agent Harold Kopas said that the summer of 2004 will be remembered as the summer of terror.
Anchor Greg Garrett told Agent Kopas that Tom Ridge said special attention will be focused on stopping terror attacks on rail, air, hazmat, shipment, chemical facilities, and the electrical grid.
He asked if all those were vulnerable.
Kopas said, they certainly are.
For the last six months or so, we keep hearing chatter.
Oh, jeez.
And information that's filtering down, you should really be concerned about some of those things you've discussed.
Gert also mentioned that the outgoing Spanish President Anzar told President Bush to beware of possible pre-election bombings, which the statistics show they wanted the socialists in, and this will help get Lord Bush back in.
And the bombings in the U.S., and Condi Rice seconded that concern yesterday.
He asked, what will happen?
Agent Kopa said, let's hope not, but I suspect that there will see activity.
He added, we've continually underestimated them.
Now it's time for us to go on the offensive and let's go look for these guys.
I'm still stunned by what you said.
Summer of terror.
Can we stop it?
Agent Copas replied, I'm not sure that we can always stop it.
We're wide open as a country.
We still continue to need to be that way and want to be and should be.
Because of that, we allow ourselves to be open to an attack.
Funny, some of the biggest police states in the world have the most terror attacks in them.
But see, they're putting it out there that, well, after the next attack, we set aside the Constitution for a military government.
It's too bad, but that's the only thing that will keep us safe, Tommy Frank said.
And General Eberhardt said it, the head of NORTHCOM.
And this guy, well, you know, we're an open country.
We're a free country, so this happens because we're that way.
It's freedom's fault, you know.
Then we got the White House in U.S.
News & World Report going further, saying we will be attacked, the Capitol or many areas of the country.
And we've got this general up before Congress saying it's going to happen.
The summer of terror.
Oh, we can't always stop it.
No, no, no.
I guess you can't stop the FBI paying for the cars and houses and credit cards of the supposed hijackers that were publicly trained at U.S.
military bases.
Seven to nine, still alive, BBC.
I guess you couldn't stop Bush from ordering the FBI to fly out the Bin Laden family.
I guess you just couldn't stop the White House from calling Mayor Willie Brown, told him not to fly.
I guess you couldn't stop Al Qaeda from ordering NORAD to stand down for an hour and 25 minutes.
And I guess you couldn't stop Al Qaeda from having the FAA shred all five control tower tapes, which by law are supposed to be saved.
I guess just all this and magically passports fall out of the sky when nothing else is left.
Passports of supposed hijackers.
By the way, and then it turned out at least one of those was still alive.
Let's just ignore that.
So here's the terrorism, the definition of terrorism.
Give your freedoms up or the boogeyman's going to get you.
And it's never going to stop.
It's going to be a hundred year war.
And now they claim this Al Zavari guy, who supposedly cut Berg's head off, claims responsibility for killing one of the heads of the Iraqi council.
One of the guys that, by the way, had been getting out of line.
He was an appointee, but hadn't been following all his orders.
He magically dies, but Chalibi, the convicted torture master and bank robber, tells us that, oh, it was Alzavari.
Of course...
MSNBC reported three months ago that he died, and the coalition said they killed him in northern Iraq, but he'll just magically for decades be popping back up, killed many times, captured many times, probably have trials of him, and then he'll just be back out again magically, you know.
They do this on purpose to terrorize those of us that can think, and to further dumb you down out there, those of you that don't want to think or can't think.
This is a giant out-in-the-open program.
And people in government better decide which side you're on.
I mean, I can feel it in my bones.
We're accelerating into darkness.
You know, I don't just get on the air and say this.
It's just, it's coming.
It's coming.
We'll be back.
It's coming.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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I got a star on my car and one on my chest.
A gun on my hip and the right to arrest.
I'm the guy who's a boss on this highway.
So watch out what you're doing when you're driving my way.
If you break the law, you'll hear from me.
I know I'm a... Working for the Antichrist on the New World Order Patrol.
Well, you'll know me when you see me... All right, folks.
We're back live.
Thank you for joining us.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
And then we can then use the police that we control to go after our competition, and we'll bring it in and make bigger profits.
I mean, this isn't hard to figure out.
And it's the same thing today.
It's the same operation.
Skull and Bones was founded by the British East India Company money in 1832.
Even MSNBC admits that.
Back when it was all public and legal.
The big Briggs.
The transports, bringing in the goodies, the snake oil as it's called.
Yeah, you've got a headache.
This will fix it.
Why, be sure and drink your Coca-Cola, which up until the 40s had a nice dose of cocaine in it.
Still does.
They just take the molecule that gets you high out of it.
It's called Coca-Cola.
It's, again, hidden in plain view.
It's public knowledge.
It's in the encyclopedia, but I know I'm making that up, too.
And you had much less of the population, though, at that time when it was all legal that was on this stuff.
But you make it illegal, it adds a bunch of money to it, then people get involved in it at the distributor level, at the low level.
We're good to go.
Then the military-industrial complex just doesn't own the prison companies that ship in the drugs.
They also then own the surveillance camera companies and the law enforcement supply companies and the law enforcement training companies.
It's just all one big happy family.
Creating their own markets.
And that's what terrorism is.
That's all it is.
I mean, that's what the CIA does, is blow stuff up and blame it on their enemies.
They've admitted they've done it in 100-plus countries.
That's all admitted.
But they wouldn't do it here to get total control.
Never, never, never to have the government organize the economy and feed all the money through the private coffers of the people that sit in government.
No, powerful people don't want more power and control.
And by the way, this isn't just the history of who deals the drugs.
The CIA's been caught dozens and dozens and dozens of times.
They'll fly in, C-130s, local sheriff, bust them, tons of cocaine, FBI shows up, flashes, badges, national security, back off, back off, back off.
And then you're a zit-faced teenager, because MTV says it's so cool, goes out and snorts some cocaine, gets grabbed with some of it, gets five years in jail, and a murderer gets four and a half on average.
And your son leaves prison at 20, he's got AIDS, he's got hepatitis, he's got tattoos all over his body.
Oh, we're really helping you, the government says.
We're taking good care of you.
You got all the sickos, the sociopaths, the smart criminals.
Go and join the government.
Get the uniforms.
Get the ski masks.
Get the power.
Get the machine guns.
And then tell you it's time to give us your guns.
Come on, lady.
Put the handcuffs on.
Get in my yellow Volkswagen.
I'm Ted Bundy.
I'm Theodore Bundy.
I'm your friend.
You can let the government put the straitjacket on you.
Just do what we say.
Or bad things are going to happen, lady.
That's the analogy.
Just go ahead and get in the yellow Volkswagen.
America, let them put the handcuffs on you.
Just don't mind the black scheme.
The good guys wear those now.
You know, the ring race.
They're good.
Just get in the car.
Shut up.
We're going to take good care of you.
We know what's best.
We want all of you to be our slaves, but it's in your own best interest.
And now FBI agent 2004 will be remembered as the summer of terror.
They got this general before Congress saying at the White House...
Telling U.S.
News & World Report, this week's issue, White House officials say they've got a working premise about terrorism in the presidential election.
It's going to happen, we assume.
Quote says a top administration official, an attack will happen.
Leading up to the election, and he added, it will happen here.
There are two worst-case scenarios.
The worst, he says, the first is an attack on Washington, possibly the Capitol, which was believed to be the first target 9-11 jet that crashed in Pennsylvania.
Theory two is smaller but more frequent attacks in the Washington and other major cities leading up to the election.
To prepare, the administration has been holding secret martial law takeover drills.
I mean, to prepare, the administration has been holding secret anti-terrorism drills to make sure top officials know what to do.
Oh, yeah, this is a nice little drill here.
We're going to keep it safe.
Alan in Wisconsin.
Go ahead.
I think it's time we start educating the people about what's going on and how to correct it.
First of all, yesterday, sitting on my porch facing the west, we counted no less than 30 high-altitude flights flying to the east, all
Airplanes of the United States Air Force.
Number two, I think it's time we educate the people as to what their actual status is as a citizen.
Okay, let's go back.
You just make this statement about jets.
What is that supposed to mean?
They're United States Air Force bombers flying.
Yes, I heard that part.
So what does that mean?
Well, I'm wondering if you had any information as to what was going on.
There's a lot of maneuvers going on.
Okay, okay.
Ground, sea, and air.
We've never seen any aircraft of that magnitude, that amount, in all of the 15 years I've lived here.
Well, they're trying to get North Korea to nuke us, trying to kill the psychopath hereditary leader Kim Jong-il.
They're releasing battle plans on how they're going to kill him and how they're going to attack, trying to get that nutcase to do something.
And they'd love to not have to nuke the city themselves to have psychopath do it, or to do it and then blame it on psychopaths if they've given the nuclear weapons.
But again, that's not terrorism arming North Korea.
That's good.
But if you engage in a misdemeanor, that is terrorism.
Well, you know, what they're doing is really ridiculous.
I mean, they've got everybody in this country...
Under the auspices of Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands.
The public doesn't even realize they're not citizens of the United States.
Yeah, the private banks took over and have shut up their own scam.
The Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco.
They don't have any jurisdiction to operate here.
Well, they have the gun.
Thanks for the call.
And we aren't following any law.
They codified into code and...
And they're Admiralty Courts, but it doesn't mean anything.
I mean, their code is pericious, piratic piracy.
I mean, that's what they're all about.
This is what they believe in.
This is their code.
Their code of arms is the pirate ship, the Jolly Roger.
Let's go ahead and talk to... Who's up next here?
Christina in Kansas, go ahead.
Greetings, Alex.
I'd like your permission to invite people in Kansas City to come and view the Matrix of Evil tonight.
If I can give the details, I'd appreciate it.
Where are you showing it?
We're showing it tonight, which is 5.30 p.m.
at the Driver's License Building in Mission, Kansas.
The Freedom and Constitution Society of Johnson County.
We want to show the Matrix of Evil tonight at 5.30 p.m.
There's no fee.
Address is 6000 Lamar in Mission, Kansas.
All right, and that's at the National ID Enrollment Center?
Okay, well, I'm glad you're taking action.
Good job.
I want to tell your listeners that you absolutely love us and that they need to listen to their heart when you are speaking because you're telling us the truth.
Thank you, Alex.
Well, I wish I wasn't telling you the truth, and I know I sound angry.
We should be angry.
I have to watch psychopathic killers stand up there in three-piece suits talking about how they're going to take our freedoms.
I have to watch the serial killers stand up there and talk about the investigation they're running on themselves.
There's a war on for our mind, and if we're not angry, as you've been telling us for four years or more, there's something wrong with us.
And I'm just repeating what you say because it's absolutely true.
If we are not angry, there is something wrong with us.
Love you, Alex.
God bless.
Well, I love you guys, too.
Thank you.
I just didn't know they were about to kill more people.
It makes me so angry to watch them smiling and smirking and laughing a bunch of kingpins.
It makes me sick.
The total free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231, by the way.
Always a good idea to give that number out.
William in Oregon.
William, go ahead.
Good morning, Alex.
Good morning.
I was listening to C-SPAN this morning on the Internet.
I guess it was C-SPAN 3.
And they were going through their usual mantra of trying to pacify the masses.
And all of a sudden, a group of people started to get up and yelling things like, this is a whitewash, and this is after Giuliani talked, and what about Building 7, and where were the fighters, and why was FEMA here?
This started, you know...
Referencing things that I think a lot of your viewers are listening to.
So C-SPAN had the commission hearings with all the New York people.
People got up and said, this is Building 7.
I've got to have that tape.
Is that going to re-air?
Well, this is what happened.
This is my point of the call.
So I'm sitting there watching on C-SPAN 3, and bam, it gets pulled.
The whole thing just shut down.
The crowd got too ruly.
They just pulled the plug on it.
And I think they put it back up on C-SPAN.org.
I ended up doing something else.
You're telling me that they actually cut transmission?
Yeah, that's what I saw.
I remember one time the late senator from here in Texas.
Got up and he started talking about FEMA and concentration camp plans, and I actually saw it, C-SPAN, Henry B. Gonzalez, C-SPAN actually, Congressman Gonzalez, actually cut out.
And, I mean, this is incredible.
And by the way, they're saying that all this happened because the firefighters and police were fighting with each other.
They admit that the firefighter transmission tapes did not malfunction, as they first said.
They declared national security on those.
We have some of the video interviews with them minutes after talking about the bombs going off on the website.
That's incredible.
Let me ask you a quick question.
Did Murdoch buy out C-SPAN?
I heard something to that effect.
I've read that there's some type of funding or logistics.
I don't really have the details I should.
But tell me more about this.
So you're listening live, it is, to the New York Times?
Yeah, I had it on the Internet, and I was listening to it and reading some other pages and whatnot and seeing what your updates were on Prison Planet.
They were going on and on and on, and I flipped it back on and about, because I could hear the crowd getting rooly, and I wanted to see the visual of it, and all of a sudden, boom, it just went off, and they had a delay, and it went to some other programming.
What were they yelling?
I heard things, the effect of, what about Building 7, and something about the fighters, you know, where was the protection?
It was so loud.
It was probably like one or two people started, and it got into a crescendo of, hey, what if, you know, because people are sick and tired, as you quite accurately portray it.
It's a whitewash.
And, you know, they're sitting there, yadda, yadda, yadda, and you've got that eating guy who's involved with the Bin Ladens and oil interests.
I mean, it's such, I don't know why people just don't get it, but if they're, you know, so many people are busy working and going through the 24-7 thing that they don't have time to really focus.
Well, yeah, so you're a weirdo.
You're out reading news articles, listening to the commission.
You're informed.
You should not care about this.
You should only care about the last episode of Friends or Brad Pitt's Big Muscles.
Yeah, there you go.
This is what's important.
Yeah, well, the Trojan horse is inside the government.
I think we all know that.
That's it.
Thanks for the call, my friend.
Somebody who saw this, call in and confirm what he just said.
I believe him, but I need to have it confirmed.
And I'm begging you.
Oh, they won't re-air that.
If they edited it live, all we can hope is that somebody was taping it.
Were you taping it?
That is priceless.
Can you send me a copy?
Please, please, please.
Amazing call.
Just incredible.
Okay, I guess up next is Chris in Texas.
Chris, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I wanted to ask about the, there's a report about the United Nations scandal, like the oil for food scandal.
Yeah, and it's, I mean, the scandal, the U.N.
is usually off murdering people or stealing all the natural resources.
I mean, they just set up little imperial palaces in every country they control.
I mean, they've always been doing it, yeah.
Why is the Eocons not jumping all over this now?
Why didn't the neocons go after Clinton for Chinese generals in the Commerce Department and missile secrets to China and reactors in North Korea?
Because it was neocon companies controlling their boy, Clinton, who worked for them.
Why didn't Starr go after Hutchison Wampo and the Panama Canal and Clinton?
Because he's a lawyer for them.
So they had to go after Clinton for the sex of pain because that was an isolated individual issue.
Well, it's the same thing now.
The neocons can't jump all over the UN and France and Germany running their scams because they're all involved.
The same oil companies that own America own Europe.
It's all owned by the same people.
They just give you a false debate between Europe, America, left, right, UN, NATO.
So they're just trying to slip this in under the radar when all this...
Stuff's going on about the tour or the
Alleged... Well, also, you've got different strata of criminals fighting over who gets the contracts.
The globalists agree on dumbing us down, expanding the police state, but then they fight over the contracts of who gets... You know, it's like a corporate mission of a corporation or of a mafia system.
Dealing drugs, racketeering, stealing, firebombing, prostitution.
The mob, you know, the classical mob we think of, all does that.
And they agree on that, and they agree on not ratting each other out.
But they also have little wars with each other.
Okay, yeah, I've heard it.
Mentioned maybe like twice in the news, and then they just, oh yeah, it's the greatest scandal of all time, and then you don't hear anything else about it.
So it's interesting that... Yeah, and you know, coffee in and huge sex orgies, you know, mainstream news, and you know, all this stuff going on at the U.N., and Annan trying to cover it up, and U.N.
drug dealing, U.N.
mass murdering, U.N.
kidnapping hundreds of thousands of children and women, being convicted, on and on and on.
Michael Moore with his, you know, all this controversy about this.
Fahrenheit 9-11.
And then, like, I picked up his book.
I don't know much about him, but I picked up his book at a bookstore and started skimming through it.
Yeah, what he does is he makes sure it's all in the left paradigm.
The left is going to save you.
Right, and they're talking about, they want the U.N.
to come over.
It says on the back of his book that he wants, you know, he's calling for the U.N.
He wishes the U.N.
Yeah, see, America's bad.
would come over.
It has to be brought under heel.
It's an evil empire.
But the liberal empire will save us.
And Bush had a little bit of prior knowledge and was business partners with the Bin Ladens.
But it wasn't prior knowledge.
It was just that he, you know, couldn't bust his buddy, so he let it happen and blah, blah, blah.
He tells you about one one-thousandth of the facts.
Oh, one more thing I want to mention.
I was in Washington, D.C.
recently and had all kinds of construction around the Capitol.
Yeah, they're building an armored base around it.
Oh, wow.
Thanks, Alex.
All part of the freedom.
Thank you.
All right, we'll come back, take more calls, and get into more of the news.
We'll be right back.
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We're about to go to Russ and Charlie and Bob and Sam and William and many, many others and a ton of other vital news items.
We also have American Free Press writer who really broke the first mainstream articles period 25 years ago about the Bilderberg Group, Jim Tucker, in about an hour from now joining us.
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All right, let's go ahead and talk to Russ in Texas.
Russ, go ahead.
Yeah, hi, Alex.
I'm here in Austin.
Look this up and tell us what you think in a couple of days.
It's a trading with the Enemy Act of October 6, 1917.
And the amendments that occurred to it thereafter.
It's going to explain an awful lot about what's going on.
Yeah, the governor of Rhode Island three months ago introduced a bill that criticizing the government would get you arrested and charged with terrorism.
And he said, look, I went to a conference with Governor Ridge, head of Homeland.
He says this is good.
We need to pass it.
It's the 1917 Trading with the Enemy Act.
And yeah, that's it.
They hung people for criticizing the war.
That's what Michael Savage and others want.
Well, it's still in effect.
Other dirty neocons.
Wait, Alex.
Each president has carried that thing on.
It's in effect right now.
Well, you're talking about executive orders.
These are all part of a body of law.
Well, no, no, no.
I mean, that act is still in effect.
It's been carried along ever since that date.
And then there was also another one in March of 9 of 33.
Now, the War Powers Act, sir, but the training with the enemy has not been reauthorized.
It was recodified into a large strata of executive orders from the 10,000 series up until the 13,000s.
Well, I mean, this thing I'm looking at is from 73.
You're probably right.
But anyway, that's where it started.
And, I mean, under that thing, Bush can do anything he wants.
Well, they can say black people are slaves again.
That doesn't mean it's moral or correct or we have to follow it.
I agree with that.
Hitler can say we're going to stick Jews in ovens.
We don't have to follow Hitler.
We'll be right back.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
What makes America, America?
What makes the United States different and special was the Bill of Rights and Constitution.
An upright people that weren't going to be slaves or subjects.
Of the crown, of the elite.
And now that's all being swept away under the guise of anti-terrorism when those using terror to scare us into submission in truth are themselves indeed the terrorists.
We have FBI.
We have generals.
We have the White House saying terror attacks will happen.
The summer of terror.
Give all your rights up.
We're going to get into that.
I want to go over some executive orders.
The caller mentioned some of them.
I want to go over some of them in this hour.
We have Jim Tucker from American Free Press.
He's been covering Bilderberg Group for 26 years.
Coming up, he's going to be going over to Europe to cover their next meeting.
That's coming up in the next hour.
Let's go ahead and go back to your important phone calls.
Charlie in South Carolina, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I called the Hollings office, and that woman was delighted when I congratulated him for his truthfulness.
You know, he had a...
Just about all the papers, I guess, had it.
The American Free Press had it.
Did you read that?
Well, tell people a little bit of background about the senator you called and exactly what you're talking about.
Well, you know, about the connection between the Israel and the war and so forth and Pearl and Booster Witch and so forth.
You didn't read that?
Well, I know he went over some of that, and Saudi Arabia is saying that the globalists are behind the terror and that it's being used to destabilize them, and I would agree with that.
Yeah, but anyway, I called him up, and there's other people calling him up also.
I mean, she was quite happy that I called, that I took the time to call.
Maybe other people should call him, too.
I can give them the local number if they want the local number.
That's such... Huh?
You want to give out the Senator's phone number?
Yeah, here.
From South Carolina.
Charlie, what else is on your mind?
It's 1-803-765-5731.
That's about it.
I've got a hard time getting you out here.
As a matter of fact, today is about the only day I've gotten you in the last month.
I'm sorry your station isn't coming in too well.
I would also add to that, Charles, did you hear the callers say that they were... I know right now they are having the New York section with the New York officials, those complicit, testify before the Whitewash Commission, and that people jumped up and said, what about the planes being ordered to stand down?
What about Building 7?
And that C-SPAN actually cut the feed.
I know last year, I did get the tape of this, they had a general at a town hall meeting about how good the police state is, and people jumped up and said it's the New World Order, and he said, that's it, we're canceling it, and walked off.
They're not going to show you.
They're not going to bring that out.
The media is controlled by the same people that Hollings was talking about.
Well, I mean, I think obviously that's one of the mafias involved in all this, but I wouldn't say the preeminent mafia.
Thanks for the call, Charles, Charlie.
Let's go ahead and go to Bob.
Bob, where are you calling us from?
Finaleck, Wisconsin.
Okay, go ahead.
Yeah, we've got to stand up against this evil force that's trying to bomb this country into inoperativeness, and there's ways to do it.
Sounds pretty far-fetched, but we can do it.
I'm contacting the extraterrestrials.
Yeah, you've called before.
Thanks for the call.
Thanks for the call, kook.
Just give me a break.
Come on, man.
My show's about real stuff, real things.
Don't throw that into the middle of how you magically have all this power and you're in contact with a mothership like... like... Louis Farrakhan.
Give me a break.
I don't have time for games, Mr. Delusional.
Sam in North Carolina.
Sam, go ahead.
How you doing, Alex?
I'm going to have to hold you over, but go ahead.
All right.
I just wanted to call to confirm what the other gentleman said on C-SPAN.
Yes, sir.
I've been watching C-SPAN all morning.
They did cut the feed.
This gentleman with fairly long hair stood up, and he started basically the protest, and everybody on stage just got up and walked out.
Actually, they showed a clip of it on CNN.
But they cut the feed on there as well.
It just shows the blank out.
You can see the video, but you can't hear the audio.
Ah, yes.
Can't have the all the... Now, stay there.
I want to come back and talk about this with you.
Sam, I want to hear more from you.
Big brother cutting the feed.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State 2 The Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
The number to order the takeover again is 888-253-3139
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Now, the report that we're confirming...
Is that the 9-11 Bush Business Partner, Bin Laden Business Partner Commission, that tried to have the Kissinger run it, remember, it's a total staged event, they've got all the New York people up there putting out their lies of, it's all the firefighters and police's fault that we had more of them die because they were fighting with each other.
First they said that their equipment all malfunctioned, then it turns out they had all the transmission tapes and declared national security because they had firefighters finding bombs, and that was even in the Associated Press.
And reporting bombs as well.
But some folks stand up and say, what about the plane standing down, the jet fighters?
What about Building 7 and the C-SPAN feed gets cut?
We're talking to Sam in North Carolina, who saw their little edited version, obviously from a CNN camera.
They have had CNN cameras there.
A different image of them cutting the feed and then the commission just walking out of there.
What exactly, did you see the C-SPAN and the CNN, or what did you see, Sam?
Yeah, I was listening to the C-SPAN version, and actually they're showing the CNN version right now on CNN, but they keep on cutting it out.
It's like they're not showing the main part that was on C-SPAN.
Well, the Washington Post even had to admit three years ago that the Pentagon runs CNN, the supposed liberal channel.
So, well, that's very interesting.
You know, Gore Vidal one time in life goes, this is the first time I've been in a network and been here where there weren't troops in suits telling me what I can and can't say.
You know, lieutenant generals telling me what I can do and what I can't say.
That's our freedom.
It's not liberal or conservative, folks.
It's a new world order giving you two different flavors.
So describe what you saw and what you heard.
Well, Mayor Giuliani was actually speaking, and a young lady and young man, a lot of people started screaming and yelling different facts, information.
When they stopped yelling, this was the first incident, when they first stopped yelling, Mayor Giuliani said, yeah, these people, a lot of people are upset, and of course anybody will be upset over what happened on 9-11, and he blamed, he said, we need to be looking at the terrorists, not questioning all these other people, including himself.
Basically, he tried to put the blame on
Now, only if somebody got that live.
Ask all your friends.
Find out, folks.
So what type of facts were they yelling out?
I need that video.
Well, they were talking about Building 7, number one, and then they were talking about why weren't planes flying overhead, like you said, and then those are the main parts I heard.
A lot of people were yelling at the same time, and then the people on stage were trying to cut in at the same time.
There was a lot of pandemonium going on.
And there's nothing they can do.
More of us have to tell the truth.
I mean, I go on mainstream radio shows where the host is attacking me, and most of the callers call it agreeing.
I mean, they're in trouble.
We know what you did.
You're not going to get away with it.
Yes, it's a mess.
I just wanted to say one more thing.
Here in the local news media in North Carolina, they were covering how they interviewed after when the abuse of the Iraqi so-called prisoners came out.
They went down to Fort Bragg and interviewed some of the prisoners.
I mean, some of the soldiers.
Well, they're prisoners of the system, too.
Let's call them prisoners.
Yeah, it was very interesting to see some of the reactions of the people and how brainwashed some people in the military really are and how they were.
Promoting the abuse and saying, you know, these are evil people, even though, like you said... Saddam is evil.
He tortured people, so now we're going to torture them.
Exactly what they were saying.
They were saying, hey, these people are evil.
They're doing all this stuff to us, so we don't care what we do to them, this and that.
I was just...
I'm shaking my head in anger.
Yeah, believe me, those military officers they had on TV, don't just get on, I've seen it myself, don't just get on TV and just say what they think.
They're saying this because it's all out in the open.
Rumsfeld said torture was good years ago.
This was all ordered.
It's now admitted.
And I guess, you know, they're just having fun blowing off some steam, raping women, beating people to death.
It's a real tragedy what's going on.
And hey, the Delta Force comes back, one unit, and kills four of their wives.
I mean, I guess they're with Al Qaeda, too, according to their husbands.
You know, just killing your own family is a good thing now, too.
Yeah, it's really something else.
People just need to wake up and inform.
Everybody needs to tell someone so they can go tell somebody else.
Buy your videos to help inform other people.
Take them to their schools, colleges, universities.
Do you see people waking up in your circle of friends?
Yeah, I show the videos at my apartment, actually.
I call people up.
I've gotten, actually, people to listen to your radio program in my classes in my university.
I try to... The professors are real informed.
There's a couple of professors that, you know, that average Joe's and think everything's a conspiracy, but there's a couple that I can actually go and talk to and we'll have little groups and talk to the students during class, after class, and then, of course, you have the people, the students, the
All right.
God bless you.
Take care.
I want you to redouble your efforts.
Good job.
Trying to save lives here, folks.
If we don't get the word out now who's behind this, it's over.
We go to the next level.
And then it just goes downhill from there.
William in Texas, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hey, Alex.
I was talking with some of my friends in the enemy combatant community here in Austin, and I was wondering if you could weigh in on a debate we've been having.
I've been saying that the reason why global tyranny hasn't manifested itself before now is that they're not through conducting all the genocide and foreign wars that they want to have,
Before we all become a happy global village and there's no excuse for us to kill one another.
They're already merging the Pan-American Union with the EU.
People don't even know we're already in the Pan-American Union publicly.
They're just getting ready for the currency now in the next three years.
We're good to go.
So what do you think the next big excuse for mass genocide is going to be once we're all loving one another in the big global village?
Well, there's going to be evil Christian terrorists who refuse to take the chip.
We're good to go.
You know, that held back the Patriot Act that would have kept us safe, let them pay their debt to society for not doing their job, and we've got a new national draft for everyone to serve, and all the petty power control freaks with uniforms and MP5s, and it's just a surging torrent of evil.
Ten million police instead of 700,000.
Tattletales everywhere.
The whole economy shifted into prisons.
The domestic insurgency is the next great punishable crime, you know.
And they're going to do stuff like kill troops that are fighting, quote, insurgency, groups of Christians hiding in the hills, and then they'll send in sped stats to kill them, and, you know, oh, the right-wingers attacked our troops, and the troops will start torturing the Christians because, you know, we deserve it, and it'll just be a lot of fun.
And then, you know, the Christian leaders will be on TV saying we're devil worshippers, we deserve it, the great leader, Jesus has come back, he's our world leader.
I mean, they're actually getting ready for all of this.
I can't wait.
Well, keep on keeping on, Alex.
All right.
You can't wait.
Boy, I don't know what you're talking about.
Let's talk to Jonathan in Georgia.
Jonathan, go ahead.
Alex, last night I was listening to AM radio around 10 o'clock, and I heard something extremely disturbing.
They were replaying Monday's Coast to Coast with George.
That is wonderful!
He had Dr. Stan on!
How long was Dr. Stan on?
The entirety of the show.
Four hours?
I think he was on the entire show, yeah.
Well, that's wonderful news.
Well, what happened when I was listening wasn't so wonderful.
Dr. Stan was talking about the secret societies and stuff and things he had mentioned in Brotherhood of Darkness.
And then all of a sudden...
The signal gets drowned out by this public service announcement from the Public Defense Administration or something, of all people, saying that this is a recording.
It was going on simultaneously with the radio show, so you could still hear some of George and Dr. Stan.
But the thing was, this is a recording from the Public Defense Administration.
We should stay united and
Well, in 1997, here locally at KJFK-FM, they put in a FEMA control box called an EAS.
And no longer does the station switch the emergency channel.
They just take over.
No longer do you hear, this is an emergency test.
What you hear is... Let me finish.
Then they claim it's the Amber Alert, but now they're being used to report illegal guns, report drugs.
They're now cutting in.
Now they're telling the broadcasters...
We may take up to an hour a week for little announcements.
We're just going to randomly insert.
And then, yeah, when they want to, they just randomly insert it.
What station was this you were listening to?
This was Atlanta's WGST.
W... GST.
It's Rush Limbaugh's affiliate in Atlanta.
And so it was the public defense group, hmm?
Yeah, yeah, and they were saying we should stay united and not be divided or something like that.
And it was going... I could hear their voice, and I could hear George and Dr. Stan...
Doing their thing at the same time.
And I almost thought the signals had gotten crossed as so happens with AM radio at night.
Yeah, I'm sure it was just an accident.
It was crystal clear.
That was the thing that got me.
I'm sarcastic, sir.
Just like C-SPAN pulled the feed this morning.
It's all no big deal.
I know, I know.
And that's what got me is that it's so crystal clear that it couldn't have been just a random sunspot thing or something.
And that's what really got me.
As soon as George asked about...
I think it was Bilderberg.
I think that was the second that it happened.
Very interesting.
I appreciate that call.
I'll try to let George Norrie know about that and Dr. Montee.
Thank you.
We'll break and come back.
Go to more of your calls at 800-259-9231.
Steve, Marcello, others, your calls are up next.
The websites are prisonplanet.com, infowars.com, and prisonplanet.tv.
We'll be right back after these quick, important messages.
Stay with us.
For more calls, and then I'll dive into some executive order news and the summer of terror the FBI's talking about.
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I just love our callers.
We have the best callers out there, the most informed, taking us in all these important different directions, giving us a big picture.
Let's go ahead and go back to your calls.
Let's go ahead and talk to Steve in Florida.
Steve, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
I spoke with you once before.
Yes, sir.
What you were saying earlier is true about the one world leader.
It says that in the book of Daniel and Revelations that he will set himself up as Messiah and compel the entire world to worship him.
And there'll be that number system where, you know, you were saying the chip... Can either mine or sell, yeah.
Right, it'll be like a barcode mark, not necessarily visible to the naked eye, but it'll be there and it'll have like a VIN or, you know, some type of number up above for identification purposes to be scanned, like when you go into a store... Well, they don't have to have any number there.
It's a human number.
It's an implanted number.
It's your number.
And it's an RFID chip.
Radio frequency identification system.
Right, exactly.
They already have the chips where they put in merchandise.
Yes, I've been talking about it ever since I got on the air, and we've had the CEOs of the companies on and reported on all of it, yes.
Right, and the chips, they put in merchandise that if you don't get it scanned, you take it outside, they know you stole it immediately.
No, that's RFID.
It tracks you to your home and what you do with it.
And one thing, I don't want to take up too much of your time, because I know there's other callers, but a lot of these preachers are going around saying, we shouldn't be looking for Antichrist, we should be looking for Jesus Christ.
But what they don't realize is Antichrist must come first.
Oh, they realize it, and they love it, and they say the chip isn't bad.
Thank you.
Thanks for the call.
Forced abortion and infanticide, and John is doing what it has to do.
The Patriot acts good.
George Bush is anointed.
Yeah, but who anointed him?
Let's go ahead and talk to Marcello in Canada.
Marcello, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
The International Citizens Inquiry into 9-11 is going to be coming to our city here in Toronto next week.
Oh, that's good.
The thing about it is I listen to your program almost every day, and I've never heard you really mention it, or at least maybe I missed it.
I was just wondering, you know, what opinions you had about it.
Well, I think there's a lot of good people and good groups out there exposing 9-11, and I support it.
Oh, great.
Well, yeah, there was something else on my mind.
Want to call back with it?
I'm just blanking out at the moment.
Well, what do you think about all the talk of martial law to keep us safe, and it'll be the summer of terror, give all your freedoms up?
All right.
Well, I think it's very scary, but...
You know, the way they're just coming out with it more out in the open.
Well, they have to if they're going to implement it.
Yeah, but I find the majority of people are still pretty clued out.
I hope that people will come around.
Well, it doesn't take a majority to stand up against evil.
It takes a highly motivated minority, and that minority is swelling.
Thanks for the call.
Good to hear from you.
Oh, I just remembered.
I was just curious...
What do you think of the idea of having Michael Moore on your show and having it out with him?
We would like to have Mr. Moore on.
We've tried to get him on in the past.
Thanks for the call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Tim in Florida.
Tim, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
How's it going?
Good, sir.
All right, man.
Well, look here.
I tried to call you yesterday, and you were talking about these mock terror drills.
Well, about a week or so ago, we had two here in Jacksonville, Florida.
That's where I live at.
And we were sitting there, you know, they had one at Mayport Naval Base, out there at the Naval Base.
It was mock terrorists were taking over this Coast Guard cutter ship.
Okay, and then we had another one at Jacksonville International Airport where terrorists had bombed a plane and the plane crashed and they had it, it was all flames and it was all real.
And you're right about this, you know, about rounding people up in stadiums.
We've had that down here, too.
They rounded them up and made like a mock terrorist biological weapons attack, and they had fire trucks out there, and it was decontaminating people, putting them in the sports stadium.
And like I said, man, it's kind of crazy down here.
Well, it's going on everywhere, sir.
A lot of times they don't tell you it was a drill until a day later.
It has to create the psychological fear in this society of spectators.
People can't differentiate between a drill and reality, and it creates the subconscious fear and adds a tangible realness to it.
Well, Alex, we've had, man, there have been so many mock terrorist attacks that we've had Marines propelling out of helicopters, 500 Marines propelling out of helicopters in downtown Jacksonville.
Yeah, and that's another one.
Every now and then, I'm about like you, Alex.
Every now and then, when I'm in my truck...
Or going to work, or going to try to find a job.
Tell you what, stay there.
Stay there.
Yes, sir.
We'll let you finish up, Tim.
Then John and Gary and many others, toll-free number to join us, 800-259-9231.
And I won't get into some of these executive orders and other news, too.
After a few more calls, then we've got Big Jim Tucker joining us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I'm Alex Jones, your host.
The websites are prisonplanet.com, infowars.com, and now prisonplanet.tv as well.
Let's take about four or five more calls, then I'm going to get into some of these executive orders and police state news and what's happening with the oil prices, the gas prices as well.
We've got Jim Tucker, the expert on...
The Bilderberg Group, always major developments when he joins us, covering the inside info he's got on their agenda this year and his attempt at infiltration coming up here in a few weeks in Europe.
So that's coming up in the next hour, so stay with us for that.
Let's go ahead and go back to Tim in Florida.
Tim was talking about all these urban warfare training drills.
Go ahead, Tim.
Yeah, Alex, like I said, and one other thing.
You know, the G8 Summit's coming up in Sea Isle, right up the road from where I live at.
You know, it's right up there right outside of Jekyll Island.
And the newscaster yesterday morning said it was so heartbreaking to hear this guy say this.
He says, well, there won't be no protesters allowed.
They'll all be banned.
I mean, he just smiled and chuckled when he said it.
I mean, like, oh, well, you know, no First Amendment.
We don't, you know, you can't protest.
But I'll tell you what, me living in a military city, and this is a military city, a lot of these military boys around here are good, good salt-of-the-earth people.
We've got Marines, Navy, Army all around here, and a lot of them are not happy with what's going on, and they see it.
So I talk to a lot of them.
I have a lot of friends in the military.
I have family in there, and I had a nephew tell me, you know,
Man, I'm getting out of this stuff.
And he got out because they was wanting him to do psycho, be on the psycho squad, like you're talking about.
And he got out.
But that being said, Alex, I'm standing with you, man, and I'm not giving up.
And I will refuse to be tracked, traced, categorized, or classified as anything other than a human being with free will given to me by God in heaven.
And I will not be tracked and traced by these...
Scum that want to enslave us.
So with that, Alex, I'll let you go, and you have a good one.
And don't worry, brother, you ain't alone.
We're out here.
Take care.
I hear you, brother.
Oh, I can't say it any better than him.
The problem is they're building a whole infrastructure where you can't help but be tracked and traced.
We need to discuss this.
Let's talk to John in Ohio.
John, you're on the air globally.
Go ahead.
Yes, hello.
Before I get to my main point, I just want to say that I agree with you.
When I listen to people that say that they don't believe that this government would perpetrate this kind of terrorism against its own people, they don't want to hear the evidence.
They don't want to hear any kind of documentation.
They say, I don't want to believe it.
I just prefer not to believe it.
And if you give them that kind of a blank check to say that these characters can perpetrate big crimes...
Because they know in advance that these people are going to put a limit or a ceiling on what they're willing to consider that they're capable of.
That's giving them a free pass to commit the really horrible and genocidal crimes that they're really capable of.
But I just want to mention also an example of where I got censored on C-SPAN.
When I was forwarding cable a few years ago, I called in and I made a comment on their Washington Journal portion, and then when they had their repeat a few hours later,
They carefully excised and censored my call, and what I had called about was the fact that I had read in WSWS.org, by the way, it's a leftist outlet, but they pointed out, and this was even admitted by Butrus Grawi, the former Secretary General of the United Nations, that he was totally against the bipartisan attack on Yugoslavia
And Kofi Annan took advantage of his absence the day that the United States wanted to push through the resolution.
And Kofi Annan bought and bribed his way to the Secretary-Generalship by... Well, since you... Yeah, which has now come out.
But since you bring that up... And he was the murder master in Rwanda.
Annan was.
But since you bring that up, this is a very important point concerning...
The United Nations and all the things that they're doing when they went into Serbia.
And this is admitted.
The Senate's own report, 1999, the year after the event, when they went in there, those were not mass graves.
They were piles of manure.
The mass graves, Senator Inhofe even admitted he went to the mass graves.
It was dead Serb children and women.
And they used Osama bin Laden.
Under CIA control in Albania, with weapons to Iran shipped to him by the U.S., to attack and blow up Serb school buses, looks like hitting a hornet's nest, to get them to attack them.
Then they said, oh, look, they're ethnic cleansing.
Let's go in and attack them.
And that was the pretext to take a third of their country that had all the key resources, including uranium, which they weren't about to let them have.
And so here's bin Laden again, the fire starter, the crisis creator.
And working for the globalists publicly.
Go ahead.
Yes, and that's another important point, that this connection to al-Qaeda didn't end in the 80s.
It continued all the way through the 90s when the United States CIA was using him at that time.
Well, that's why Clinton said to three countries, I don't want the documents on al-Qaeda.
And by the way, I'm going to cruise missile you if you don't shut up.
Here, I have a few cruise missiles.
That's why Bush said we don't want him arrested when the Taliban offered to do it.
The head Taliban religious leader called the White House, called, sent documents, gave it to ambassadors, and said, look, Al-Qaeda's about to attack you, blah, blah, blah, and he stayed waiting for the West, and he's the only high-level Taliban in custody, the guy that warned us.
Yes, and the Republicans helped Clinton cover this up because they totally agreed with him.
While they were beating us over the head over a private monocle whiskey matter...
Well, yeah, I mean, of course they couldn't go after Clinton for missiles and reactors, because Rumsfeld and Bush and all the rest of them were the ones selling it.
Clinton was signing off on it.
Well, I mean, it's just... But see, here's the problem.
The stupid Democrats wouldn't listen to me at the time.
Because Bill Clinton couldn't do any wrong.
Because they'd invested in Bill Clinton.
He was their leader.
They felt powerful through him.
Same thing with Bush supporters.
Well, exactly.
If you're in the Democrat-Republican bag, trick bag, you're not going to see it.
But some on the left, like myself and other socialists, do.
Do see this and don't put any hope in the pawn of the military-industrial complex, the UN.
Yeah, but the military-industrial complex wrote up the socialist ideals to con the serfs back into slavery.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it, John.
Let's talk to Gary in Tennessee.
Gary, go ahead.
How you doing?
Yeah, yeah.
Pretty good.
Let's see now.
I don't know what I'm going to say.
That's a total lie.
They took it out of about 60% of the vaccine, CDC's own numbers, but then quadrupled upon quadrupled the amount in the flu and in the MMR shot.
And I got the Associated Press, Reuters on that, and the CDC said it's brain damage millions.
I wouldn't give it to my own granddaughter.
We've got to cover it up and continue it.
Also, they said they used that as a preservative.
Yeah, that's what the Thimerosal does.
And if they, which they're going to do about the draft, if you get drafted, are you going to go?
No, I'm not going to serve the New World Order.
I won't blame you.
And I don't have a rich CIA director daddy who can let me run off and go AWOL for two years from the Texas National Guard.
I hear you.
But I sure won't be in Russia waving a red flag and burning American flags like Clinton.
Thanks for the call.
All right, buddy.
Nope, I would not serve, you know, if they said we're having a draft to go, you know, load black people on ships and bring them here, I wouldn't do it.
The government is not my god.
I'm not their slave.
It's indentured servitude.
It's a fraud.
Your daughters are going to be going now.
Let's go ahead, so they can, I guess, have sex parties in front of the Iraqis.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Steve in Florida.
Steve, go ahead.
Thank you, Alex, for taking my call.
Am I coming in clearly?
Yes, sir.
Yesterday, well, I'll start with, you may know I have Gulf War illness from the Gulf War 14 years ago with all the symptoms.
And yesterday I was speaking with a professing Christian, and I offered him an article by Major Doug Roeke.
You had him on your show some time back.
The man who literally wrote the book on depleted uranium.
Absolutely, and I am poisoned by depleted uranium and probably sarin gas also.
Most of the men from the SEAL team I was with are now dead, as well as tens of thousands.
I was trying to tell this individual that,
We're good to go.
Of what is happening to the country that I love.
To this day, I love my country.
Well, sir, I mean, you with the SEAL team, I mean, that takes amazing courage and dedication and focus.
Weak-minded people, it takes more courage to go against the dumbbells, and studies show this, than to even have physical courage.
And so weak-minded people are masters of blocking out the facts.
I mean, I said years ago that Bush could cut children's heads off on the White House lawn and barbecue them.
And people will make excuses, and now, raping children, raping women, beating people to death, and they say it's good.
So there you go.
I agree with you in part about it being a strong character and courage, but I give all that to the Lord Jesus Christ now, and he's the one that gave it to me a long time ago.
I would just tell your listeners, if any of them are watching TV, either turn it off or very much regulate it.
Read your Bible every day.
Stop drinking fluoride water.
And bottom line, ask God for wisdom through Jesus Christ, because the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but he who heeds counsel is wise.
And I want to tell you, Alex, that this family and this house, we pray for you every night.
Well, I need it.
That's the only reason I'm still alive.
That's right, and God bless you.
All right, thanks for the call.
Let's go ahead and go to the more callers.
Let's talk to Steve in Missouri.
Steve, go ahead.
Steve hung up.
We'll go to Matt in Texas.
Matt, you're on the air.
Hey, I was watching that stuff on TV, the 9-11 Commission this morning.
I've been listening to you for a few years now, and you really opened me up to the lies and the deception that's going on.
This morning, there was a woman in the...
In the crowd there behind the panel, or in front of the panel.
And they jumped up and said, why'd you order the planes to stand down?
Building 7, wasn't it, by a plane?
And then C-SPAN cut the tape.
Well, this was on Fox News.
Oh, they even played it?
Yeah, it was happening live, so they tried to cut away as soon as they could.
There was a woman sitting there with a sign that just said fiction on it.
And she was yelling about the transmissions going on, like you were talking about the...
The transmissions that are now under national security.
Yeah, the firefighter tapes.
First they said they all malfunctioned, then it came out that it was national security.
Now they're blaming the firefighters.
How dare you, scum?
They're spinning it on the news that it was just something... She was just talking about communications breakdowns and stuff, and then Giuliani got on TV after he was in front of the panel and said that they were going to... He wanted to get some designated frequency on the radio that they could use, and it just seems...
It just seems like he was trying to cover his... No, they said that all the firefighters in one tower, their radios magically malfunctioned, and it came out in New York Daily News that that is not true.
They declared national security, and some of the transcripts got released, and it was firefighters going, did you see the bombs?
Yeah, I saw the bombs.
I saw them going off.
And we have firefighters being interviewed right after it happened saying the same thing on the website.
We have the video clips.
It's all a big scam.
Also, this morning, Tony Blair was assaulted in Parliament.
Yeah, with purple paint.
And so now they can't let people in to the House of Commons.
It's pretty convenient if they're talking about, you know, prisoner torture and stuff for them to just close it down like they did the Anthrax here or the Patriot Act.
It's getting way out of hand.
Well, I mean, these criminals aren't going to stop until we stop them.
Yeah, I'm trying to tell everybody.
People think I'm nuts.
You know, I try to tell them the truth.
I try to show them documents.
I even got on the radio here in Austin on the Cooperative channel, and we were on there with this lady who's in the Democratic Party here, Jackie Carlisle, and she called me crazy.
I was sitting there talking about, which I know is slander, I was sitting there talking about
The chemical, biological tests that this government's carried out on its own country.
All admitted, all public.
And then the guy comes in and tells her that she can't say stuff like that about people because it's slander and be careful about what you say.
But he didn't say a word to me because he knew I had the documents right there to back up what I said.
Yeah, that's the little local university slash co-op channel.
And there's even censorship.
They're desperate.
They don't want the truth out.
They're going to fail.
Thanks for the call.
These calls are all great.
Let's just talk to John in New York.
John, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I have one thing to say, and it's a big thing.
I just got turned on your show about four or five months ago, and I've been into it heavy duty ever since.
But my question is this.
Most of the people that call the show are ordinary, everyday people.
We're good to go.
They're cowards.
Give some kind of information.
Drop some kind of information that could be followed up on.
Well, sir, there have been hundreds of whistleblowers on 9-11, and that just gets swept under the rug and not focused on.
Instead, the last episode of Cheers, or excuse me, the last episode of Friends, the last episode of Frasier is the big news item.
What about, like, the chemtrails and stuff?
They've been going on for years.
Where are the guys dumping this stuff?
I mean, they've got to be donkeys.
I mean, they're not the big guys flying those, whatever they're doing.
Who are the guys that are flying these things?
It's mixed directly into the fuel, thanks for the call.
It's mixed directly into the fuel.
And now NASA admits the Earth is 20% darker, something is going on.
Time magazine comes out and says, oh, we're teaching the public school children that the trails form very low now, and this is a good thing.
This is completely normal.
We're changing your climate.
It's all for your own good.
We have to change things for our comfort.
But before we end this segment, I'm going to come back and get into some executive orders and then get Jim Tucker on about the Bilderberg Group.
Before I do that, look, it's time for you to get involved in the fight.
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In the current situation, you're about to lose all three.
Your time is no longer yours anymore.
Your money, under the terms of the Patriot Act, have been passed, will no longer belong to you once the next attack happens.
Your life under the then-pending martial law administration by FEMA will hang by the thinnest of threads, depending on where you are, when the order is given.
What exactly is FEMA in terms of its powers?
Once it is activated, Executive Order 11921 allows the Federal Emergency Preparedness Agency to develop plans to establish control over the mechanisms of production and distribution of energy sources, wages, salaries, credit, and the flow of money in the U.S.
financial institutions in any undefined national emergency.
It also provides that when a state of emergency is declared by the President, Congress cannot review the action for six months.
We're good to go.
This will be courtesy of the secretive black-off shadow government known as FEMA, that rising curse that gives shape to all the nightmares that Bush wants for each and every one of us.
The terrifying New World Order will exceed all natural bonds and will even surpass our innate wish to remain a viable, free, and prosperous society.
This will make Orwell's 1984 look like a fairy tale, the author writes.
All of the above was what 9-11 was really about.
September 11, 2001 was the trigger that began a national and international reign of fear and paranoia.
Using the new terror of an unknown and much feared enemy, the public in America was easily led into the attack upon Afghanistan.
The place that had been at war for many years already was held up to the world as the terrorist haven for Islamic outlaws.
But on killing Americans, if so, they were outlaws trained, equipped, and financed by the CIA, having been created by the agency to resist the Russians several years before.
The flags were flying high, the bloodlust was pumping, and no one questioned how a bunch of ragtag bandits inside a network of caves could have pulled off the events of 9-11 without help of the American insiders.
Most also failed to notice the newly developing but landlocked oil fields that surrounded Afghanistan.
The oil from the fields needed to get to the sea and would have to pass directly through Afghanistan.
military bases have been established for the war north of Afghanistan in preparation for the attack we've been planning to carry out before September 11th.
Yet this was not mentioned or discussed by the media because it was the true point for what we went into the war, into the country to do.
And PNAC said that.
We need helpful terror attacks for imperial mobilization.
We need helpful attacks like Pearl Harbor.
It's going to be a hundred-year war.
Race-specific bioweapons need to be used, Dick Cheney said.
And these are insane statements put right out in plain view, and now they're on the nightly news saying every child needs a microchip.
Every cop needs a microchip.
Oh, we need to surveil you.
We need to scan your face.
We need you to walk through this scanner that gives a naked image of your body.
Let's record it onto a computer.
We need to torture people.
We need to... On and on and on it went.
Wickedness piled upon wickedness upon evil.
And the television degradates the family, breaks down the society into a bunch of swarmy, giggling, neocon, yuppie liberals thinking it's all a big fat joke and that the health club memberships and Corvettes will never end.
Well, it is coming to an end, you fools.
The globalists have stated they're going to take everything you've got and you're going to thank them for it.
And in your scramble to maintain your perch in life, you'll do whatever they say.
You'll laugh as your neighbors are drug away until it's you.
Until some local viceroy wants your business or your wife.
And then you'll find out how serious it is.
Or until your son comes back with his arms and legs blown off from one of these staged wars.
And then you'll cry, and then you'll join us.
You'll join us too late.
You'll join us in the camps, and oh hell, you'll burn, wishing you'd done something, you idiots!
The war on terrorism.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
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And with one of the biggest Internet audiences in the world at InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com, thank you for joining us.
We've only got him for 30 minutes.
There's a lot to cover.
He's Jim Tucker.
He really broke the news about Bilderberg Group 25-plus years ago.
He's infiltrated.
He's broken major news stories years before they emerged because of his inside spies in Bilderberg Group.
It's a pleasure as usual.
Well, historically, the Bilderberg is...
Secret organization of international financiers, political leaders.
It includes heads of state from Europe, international financiers, and from North America, bankers of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds families, and high officials of our Defense Department, State Department, Treasury Department, and always somebody from the White House.
And occasionally a few senators or occasionally a congressman will attend, and they all take vows of secrecy.
Also attending normally would be representatives of the Washington Post, the publisher Donald Graham, and associate editor named Jimmy Lee Hoagland.
All right.
Now, in a nutshell, tell us about your past infiltrations.
I mean, nobody knew about Bilderberg 20-something years ago when you first started reporting on it.
And then I want to come back and get into what you're hearing.
Your information is always incredibly accurate.
What you're hearing is on the agenda for next month.
Well, we're still trying to chase it down.
We've gotten some early information that they will again push for higher taxes in the United States.
That's been one of their historic goals, that in the brother group of the trilateral commission, they pressured President Bush, who is a member of the trilateral commission, the older President Bush, the number 41, to break his pledge to not raise taxes, his read-my-lips-no-due-taxes pledge, which helped cost him the election.
So we're dealing with kind of the OECD saying the U.S.
is a tax haven.
Raise the global tax threshold.
A direct U.N.
Yes, of course.
tax is always high on their agenda because their ultimate goal, as some have said explicitly, eyeball to eyeball, is for the United Nations to evolve into a world government, which it largely is now with its own U.N.
Army, standing army called NATO.
And they say a direct U.N.
tax is another establishment of U.N.
sovereignty over much sovereign nations.
They propose a tax, a tiny tax at the barrel head on oil, which means that you'd pay us, I know gas taxes are supposed to be high now, but you'd pay a fraction of a cent probably at the pump on gasoline to the U.N.
But it would establish the precedent of a U.N.
placing a direct tax on American citizens
The Tobin Tax.
The Tobin Tax.
Well, you're going to be trying to infiltrate this year.
I want to go back over some of your past infiltrations and major news that you've broken here from what you get inside Bilderberg, like the year of the Iraq attack.
It wasn't to be 2002, as you said.
It was to be 2003.
And I want to talk about where it's being held this year.
Some of the things that you can tell us without giving away your full game plan of how you get the inside info.
Jim Tucker, AmericanFreePress.net is the website.
Amazing reporting.
We have some of his articles posted on PrisonPlanet.com and InfoWars.com right now as well.
Jim, three-minute break.
We'll be right back to you, my friend.
Stay with us.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Here's a story out of American Free Press.
Bilderberg Group planning to put the squeeze on U.S.
The internationalist Bilderberg Group has called for higher U.S.
taxes in the past, but this year America's guilt will be the theme behind the locked and guarded gates of the Plush Resort in Italy, June 3rd through June 6th.
Now understand, just five years ago, the Bilderberg Group didn't exist in the news.
We were all called crazy conspiracy theorists.
Jim Tucker was the first to ever even report on this 20-plus years ago.
Now it's all over the news, but the military guards at You Can't Get Near It and our public servants go in, and when somebody's about to be president, little-known governors show up there.
Jim, for those that just joined us,
Your infiltration over the years, the news you've broken year after year, and we're going to have you on right when you get back with the inside info you get, always turns out to be so incredibly powerful.
You said in 2002 that the news was saying, we're going into Iraq in March of this year.
You said, no, we have it from our spies inside.
It is going to be in March.
And then the info you're getting pre-Builderberg this year and what we're going to see over there.
Well, really interesting are illustrated in the case of all the establishment mainstream newspapers saying that we go to war in this summer of 2001, our fault at the latest.
Now, Jimmy Lee Hoagland was there at the Bilderberg meeting, and he heard our Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld trying to pacify the European Bilderbergs who are very much opposed to the invasion of Iraq by saying, we definitely will not go to war this year.
Instead of coming back and telling his own staff, Kula's about going to war this summer, late fall, it's not going to happen until next year, he was so faithful in his vow of silence that he let his own newspaper continue to make the mistake when he'd heard it from the Secretary's mouth.
But actually, that was minor compared to some of the other ones.
Because of the covering Bilderberg, we were able to do an advanced story on the end of the Cold War, the downfall of Maggie Thatcher, and
Several other items that escaped me at the moment, but were timely at the time.
Now, this year, they're going to pour guilt upon Americans in order to increase taxes and increase foreign aid.
One of the documents that will be passed around is a report by the Center for Global Development, a report entitled Commitment to Development Index.
It was written a week ago.
It measures how good 21 rich nations are to the poor backward countries.
Of the 21, the United States was ranked 19th in foreign aid because they say we do not give a significant amount of our gross national product to the poor countries.
And the Center for Global Development is staffed by former bankers and globalists and receives much of its funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, Citigroup, and the World Bank and the UN.
So that will be one of the things we'll be learning more about.
As I get there and develop sources on the ground.
You're about to leave, aren't you?
I'll be leaving on Sunday the 30th and be there on Monday.
I'm confused over just exact dates, but I'll be there on the last Monday, arrival the last Monday of May.
And they'll begin to go to work on the following Wednesday.
So I can develop some sources there.
We also get a great deal of help from the European press, which is not as inhibited as the American press.
And from local readers who will alert the local media.
They've had a blizzard of publicity from major newspapers in recent years.
Now, there was no publicity until the late 90s.
You were literally the only reporter reporting on Bilderberg Group.
Yes, and the European press got interested.
And our own readers, we don't have a lot in Europe, obviously, but they tend to.
Yeah, I think so.
There's too little budget to cover Bilderberg every third year, so from their meeting in North America.
But they tend to flock to them in the European meetings.
And when major newspapers from London and Paris and other cities call up the Bilderberg Hotel and say, we know you're there.
We know a large number of people who are there.
Now, you can give us your list of participants and your agenda, or we can have a big story about why you will not give us your list of participants.
Then they cough it up, and they give me copies of it, and we all collaborate together.
Now, again, when you go to a Bilderberg group meeting, ladies and gentlemen, we're talking Lord Rothschild, we're talking Queen Beatrix, we're talking the royalty of the globe, the Rockefellers,
And again, you've had your spies inside, you've snuck in yourself.
This thing is held kind of, I guess, like a king's court, where the bosses are there, it's like a mafia meeting, and then their minions are given the direction, and they debate how to carry forward the New World Order?
Yes, well, they are hard-working kids.
They'll be meeting over breakfast at 8 in the morning, and they'll be hard at work all day long.
Well, the procedure normally goes like this.
In fact, inevitably goes like this.
At high noon Wednesday, everybody at the major resort hotel will have checked out.
They've been told for months that they're all booked up for those three days for a private meeting.
Labels will all be flushed out.
The armed guards will be established.
Hotel personnel who are qualified to work.
And quite often that means not somebody who's just hired last year, but a long-term employee.
And generally the military is called out as well.
In some countries they deploy the military.
In other countries there's only uniformed police, but a lot of them.
And then Dillberg has his own private security.
Normally they wear the same kind of sport jacket or something.
And the place is literally sealed off.
No commoners allowed inside.
Nobody goes in or outside the gates for three days except trucks bringing food and beverage and routine stuff like that.
But they're all checked by a guard.
The hotel staff will wear a badge with a photo of the one color.
Bilderberg staff and entourage will wear a badge with their faces on it of another color.
And the Bilderberg participants themselves will fill another cover.
Now, Jim, I want to get into more of this year and where it's being held in Italy, but
Describe to us how you have actually physically snuck in to these.
Well, in one case, the guys, the gardeners in their little jumpsuits met with some of them off-premises and they thought it was a lot of fun.
They gave me a little orange jumpsuit and I carried a rake and I worked on the ground crew.
That didn't mean my ears were stopped up or that I was blind.
Other times I've
There was one time I got over a fence.
It was sort of me wearing my Bilderberg suit.
Probably needed dry cleaning, but it was a dark suit like they all wear.
Well, not all of them, but most of them.
They dress like bankers.
Also, you found, Jim, that at first the hotel staff won't help you, but after the Bilderbergs are so mean to them, then they're all ready to talk.
Well, there's always a few who'll help.
Most of them stay intimidated, but...
On the first day, I just gently inquired like a tourist.
My goodness, something must be big happening around here because I was told I have to check out by Wednesday.
I was told I couldn't check in.
Oh, yes, it's mysterious.
And then we sort of formed things up.
Now, you've even stayed in the hotel until they come and everything's bugged.
Oh, yeah, that was in Atlanta.
Well, if I can, I'll actually stay in their hotel and be one of those ejected men on Wednesdays.
This time, though, it cost me so much money to stay in there.
It's not a place that I'm staying in a cheaper place down the road, but I'll be there every day in the same way.
One time I went through a drain pipe.
There's various ways of doing it.
Jim, you wrote for major newspapers before you went to the spotlight at American Free Press.
I mean, you're the real deal with the straw hat the whole nine yards.
How long have you been in the newspaper business?
Let's see, only 51 years now.
51, okay.
I'm only a kid of 69.
Well, people are stunned that I snuck into Bohemian Grove, but a lot of times it just takes calm bravado to do it.
Well, so what else have you gotten is on the agenda?
Not just the global tax, but now we know the globalists are behind the terror attacks, but...
I wonder what else is going to be on the agenda.
That's why I'm still working on finding out.
No more, obviously, after I get there.
Now, where is this located?
Where is this Stresa, Italy, located?
It's 30 miles from Milan.
It's a town of slightly under 5,000 people, but with four four-star hotels and one five-star hotel, which is, of course, the Billibert Resort.
Will the Italian president be there?
Probably, because normally the head of the post state does attend at least for one evening to greet everybody and tell them how wonderful they are.
The only exception to that so far has been in the United States, because the president of the United States simply cannot take off a whole evening on account for Hillary Clinton's First Lady attending the Bilderberg meeting near Atlanta.
Several years ago.
That's the closest a president's ever come because Clinton was a member of the Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg as governor of Arkansas.
Tell you what, stay there, Jim.
We'll come back and get more into the agenda.
We've got a break.
We'll be getting the scoop when he gets back from Italy as well.
Skyrocketing oil prices, the economy on the brink, the plunging dollar, terrorism, the government spending $1.80 for every dollar it collects.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
A plethora of vital news coming up in the next segment and more of your calls at 800-259-9231.
We'll have Mr. Tucker on for a full hour when he gets back from the Bilderberg Group meeting in Italy.
I guess in a few weeks we'll be able to have him on.
Jim, when are you planning to get back?
Let's see, I'll be back I think on the 7th of June.
They'll have to run hard for a few days.
Yeah, let's do that on the 10th or 12th or something.
I want to get you on first, because you're just... I mean, I'm not... I don't just kiss up to my guests.
You just continually bring us such vital intelligence.
No, I haven't.
I really haven't.
It's men in power as a political retrospective.
A lot of the people that go to the Bilderberg Group, it seems, also go to the Bohemian Grove.
Do you have any tie-in there for us?
No, I can't make any direct links.
My own solid links are with the Trilateral Commission and, of course, the Council on Foreign Relations, which functions as their propaganda ministry.
We'll see if white papers come out, CFR, advocating Bilderberg positions within the year following a meeting.
For the record, it was Westbrook Pegler who first wrote about Bilderberg in 1957.
He did not know they called themselves Bilderberg, but he wrote two columns.
He was finally syndicated those years, pointing out he had seen these strange characters going to this place off Jekyll Island or some such island off Georgia about where they set up the new monetary system and the income tax in 1913.
He was the first to
To break ground on Billibert, even though he didn't know the term, they used the term Billibert.
So he was a remarkable journalist.
Up until about five, six years ago, though, they still denied it even existed on the news, and that was a conspiracy word.
Yes, it's part of the slack-jawed, beady-eyed, right-wingers' fantasies.
But now, since we're exposing Bush and others, we're left-wingers, and we haven't changed.
What other intel are you getting that they're going to be discussing at this important meeting?
Another perennial is pressuring the United States to sign off on the God awful Kyoto Treaty, in which we surrender an immense amount of sovereignty over...
To a UN agency that would tell us how dirty we can make the air and whatever.
And what's impossible for Americans to accept is the fact that while we bear great burdens, economists tell us over and over that if we signed off on the Kyoto Treaty, it would be an inflation generator like you've never seen before because we'd come under all of these regulations about clean air and so forth by 60% of the countries on Earth, including Mexico, and we'd
Would not be required to do a thing.
They don't have to do anything.
Well, certainly it's on the globalist agenda to get rid of the American middle class.
What do you have for us on that?
Yes, well, they dream of a world without borders to be culturally neutered.
Americans are supposed to have no cultural identity in the future.
That's why they're so keen on having illegal aliens flood into the United States.
They gripe about...
We have at least 20 million of these illegals.
The media says 14 million, but it's well over 20 million.
Yeah, I mean, there's no law being enforced.
It's wide open.
But that's not good enough, huh?
We have to have a world without borders and celebrate our cultural diversity.
Basically a giant mass of slaves with a tiny elite aristocracy running things.
Now, David Rockefeller is not going to own one less house or one less jet or one less creature of comfort.
But the design is to bring our standards of living down to third world standards of living instead of lifting third world standards.
Well, they're doing a great job getting that done.
Also, globally, we see police state measures.
I know they promote the police state at Bilderberg as well.
Oh, yes.
Again, they've envisioned the world divided into three great units.
The NAFTA is to evolve into the American Union, just like the European Union.
And then there's to be an Asian Pacific Union and
That came directly out of the mouth of Kenneth Clark, a long-time Builderberg luminary who attends all their meetings and is a member of parliament from the so-called conservative party.
That's right, and then they'll merge all three groups because of currency problems.
Jim Tucker, we'll talk to you when you get back.
Godspeed, my friend.
Very good.
I'll be glad to talk to you.
Thank you.
We'll be back with your calls and a bunch of other news.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Just listen to this.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Jim Tucker put out a new Bilderberg Group article today, and it's on presentplanet.com and infowars.com right now.
Let me go over some news.
I'm going to go to Kenny and Mike and Bob and others that are patiently holding.
I'll give each caller about a minute.
And we'll probably take 20 calls here if we keep the phones loaded up.
We're just going to bam, bam, bam through your calls coming up here in a few minutes.
Bilderberg, it's long and secret history.
The roots of Bilderberg go back centuries on international monarchs and money changers.
Would secretly manipulate the economy to enrich themselves and enslave ordinary people.
The Rothschilds of Britain and Europe have met secretly with other financiers for centuries, as did the Rockefellers of America.
In the beginning, the Rothschilds were red shields because of the ornament on the door of the Rockefellers of Germany were rye fields because of their crops.
One of the most significant such meetings took place in the spring of 1908, led by Senator Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller's given name.
It was held on Jekyll Island off the Georgia coast.
The late B.C.
Forbes, editor of Forbes magazine, reported what transpired at this meeting of the world's wealthy.
With Aldrich, where Henry Davidson of J.P.
Morgan & Co., Frank Vanderlib, president of the National City Bank, Paul Warbarb of Kuhn Loeb & Co., and A. Patty Andrew, assistant secretary of the Treasury.
They emerged from the secret meeting with a plan for a scientific currency system for the United States.
That's a quote.
They had the power to pressure Congress into establishing a Federal Reserve Board, a private group of bankers who met to shape the money supply.
But in 1954, the international financiers decided that the world had become so small and their interests intersected so often that they must have regular annual meetings.
That year, they met at a Bilderberg Hotel in Holland and took the name Bilderberg for themselves.
They have met behind sealed-off walls and armed guards at plush resorts ever since.
Secretary of states, presidents, prime ministers, royalty, they all go.
And it continues, secretly prevailing briefly until the late journalist Westbrook Peglet exposed Bilderberg in 1957.
However, Chatham House rules have remained in effect, whereby meetings are held privately...
And attendees are prohibited from talking on the record about what transpired.
They have to sign non-disclosure agreements.
And it says, Pegler devoted two of his nationally syndicated columns to Bilderberg in April 57, although he did not know the group's name.
Something very mysterious is going on when a strange assortment of 67 self-qualified polyglot designers and arbiters of the economic and political fate of our Western world go into a secret huddle on an island off Brunswick, Georgia, and not a word gets into the popular press beyond a little routine AP story he wrote.
And it says, Pegler reported that Ralph McGill, the late editor of the Atlanta Constitution, and Arthur Haynes Seussbergit, publisher of the New York Times, had attended on their promise of secrecy.
Since the publisher and associate editor of the Washington Post, Donald Graham and Jimmy Lee Hoagland, respectively, have had regular participants, all network news channels have attended these meetings, all promised to abide by the rule of secrecy.
Milderberg, which typically meets at a luxury resort near a small town, this year's meeting is in a small town in Italy, a fewer than 5,000 population, provides a short press release of a local paper, preferably a weekly.
It is designed to reassure natives and armed guards arrived, motorcycles and motorcades roar by, yachts dock and helicopters land, delivering unidentified people behind closed off walls.
I think.
Small city papers depend on AP for all out-of-town news, even for their state legislative coverage.
They run hard to stay ahead of the city council and high school football team unless informed directly they have no knowledge that Bilderberg exists.
While Bilderberg denies its meanings are significant, the record proves otherwise.
The now-defunct Spotlight wrote advanced stories on the end of the Cold War, the downfall of Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister of Britain, and of President George W. Bush, the elders, breaking of his pledge to raise taxes based on what transpired among Bilderberg groups.
More recently, while the mainstream media in 2002 was asserting that the invasion of Iraq would come by late summer or early fall, American Free Press reported that there were no such aggression until 2003.
The war began in March 2003.
Learning what transpires at Bilderberg can provide a glimpse of what the future holds.
That's why our interviews with Mr. Tucker are so important.
He's going to be an old man, smoked a couple packs of cigs today.
He's a good guy, and luckily a lot of good people are following in his stead, and now there are dozens of reporters there trying to sneak in, being grabbed, arrested, detained, you name it.
Let's go ahead and go to the calls.
Kenny in Missouri.
Go ahead, Kenny.
Yeah, I graduated from high school in about 1981.
I was just watching TV.
You're at Blue State, too, talking about the MENA airport and activity going on there.
Yes, the narcotics trafficking.
And then I heard the other day talking about how the heroin and opium brought in from Afghanistan has actually doubled since we went in there.
No, it hasn't doubled.
It's gone from a few thousand times to tens of thousands of times.
It's in the thousands of percentile increases.
Back in the early 80s, I was at a party, and I used to be quite a little partier.
You know, I was 19, 20 years old.
I went to a house, and this guy breaks out this brick of hashish.
Okay, in the middle of this brick of hashish is a stamp or a pressed-in stamp-type thing.
In the middle of it depicted an arm holding up an AK-47,
With a slogan going around it saying, support your Afghan rebels.
Which, I mean, that was proof positive right there that the CIA has used illegal drug trafficking.
Well, I mean, they've been caught.
It's been in the CIA's own Inspector General's report.
I mean, it's just public knowledge.
The police bust convoys of trucks and airplanes full of drugs, and the guys flash CIA badges.
The cops go ahead and arrest them.
Then FBI swoops down with MP5s, pointing them at cops saying, back off.
I mean, it was shocking to me that they do that.
And, of course, back then, my thought was they were going to bring it into the country and then arrest me for having it.
And then put you in a prison that they own that's private, and you're going to work for 20 cents an hour.
Yeah, that's the plan.
And the guy that murdered someone is going to do maybe five or ten years, and me that had the drug that they brought in is going to do 40 years.
That's it.
The average prison for murder is four and a half years.
Thanks for the call.
Yeah, they want the murderers back on the street to commit more murders, then we get more cops, more police state, and this whole thing's owned by the people bringing in the drugs.
Good points, Kenny.
Mike in Illinois.
Mike, go ahead.
Alex, how you doing?
Listen, I want to tell you, I'm in the Chicago area here, and today's Chicago Sun-Times, I want to send you the article.
Talking about Roger Ebert.
Roger Ebert's got an article in here about Kane's Film Festival, about this movie, Fahrenheit 9-11.
Yeah, the 20-minute standing ovation.
It's unbelievable, Alex, but this article in here is fantastic.
Should I just send it to you?
Yeah, sure.
And I want to ask you your opinion about this movie and what you feel about it.
Well, you heard the caller earlier.
His book says the U.N.
should take America over.
America's bad.
I said 9-11 was meant to come out in Europe.
Then that empowers the U.N.
as the good guy when it's all owned by the same people.
So Moore brings out maybe 1% of the info we do, and it's so shocking in its 20-minute standing ovations.
Well, Alex, I agree with you over him, obviously, but the point is what I'm saying is... What does Ebert say in the review?
He just... Ebert gave it a good review, and actually in the article it says that the Iraqi invasion at the time when Bush proposed a military cut in salaries and benefits, and that, you know, when we invaded... It goes over all the incredible hypocrisy.
You know, it talks about the world trade, it talks about Bush...
When he was with a group of preschoolers watching that movie.
You know, when the actual buildings were being... And now it's admitted, Times of London, and he knew when he was in the limousine.
Thanks for the call.
Send it to me.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
Thank you, Mike.
Tim in Ohio.
Tim, go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
I have a similar story about what he said real quick about the last year in Beachwood, Ohio.
Local police were tipped off to a couple of guys acting strangely in a hotel room.
They called the local police.
They bust these guys with, get this, $6 million worth of cocaine.
And then the next day, oh, the local authorities didn't arrest them correctly.
A big-time judge let them go.
They turned the coke over to the FBI, and we haven't even heard about those guys going to trial.
A few years ago, they caught a truck coming across, the Border Patrol did, with three tons of cocaine.
And the FBI swooped in and said, we're releasing the driver, we're taking the truck, get out of here.
So, I mean, it's just...
Most of the drugs are brought in by the government.
They go after their competition.
The guys getting busted at the high level of their competition that are bringing down prices, and then the people they bust on the street are meant for the private prisons.
If I could have maybe 30 more seconds to gloss over a letter I'm going to send to you that you could maybe put as a form letter on your thing.
Okay, go ahead.
Here's what I'm going to do.
Your station's anchors and reporters have not done enough to investigate the official story of the events of September 11th.
They have all been faithful puppets parodying the official story without any independent investigation whatsoever.
With this in mind, sir, I hereby challenge you and your stations, anchors, reporters, and producers to a televised debate on the fraud that is the official story of the events of 9-11.
And I finish up with, if I do not receive a response from you within 30 days, I will consider that an act of default, an admission that you and your station cannot defend the official story.
Well, what they'll do is they'll have a stage debate.
Thanks for the call.
We'll have somebody drunk going, the green aliens did it, they did it, and they'll go, that's ridiculous.
See, we had a debate.
Let's talk to Steve in California.
Yeah, I'm just calling in in reference to that, the whole thing on C-SPAN this morning.
Steve, go ahead.
Yeah, where people stand up and talk about the government and 9-11 and they cut the feed.
Yeah, exactly.
I just want to say something.
One of the guys was getting arrested, and as he was getting arrested,
This is the last seconds of Wolf's cutout.
He starts saying, you know, arrest the whistleblowers, this and that.
And then he says, he starts saying, Al Qaeda was funded by the U.S.
government three times.
And then he gets, basically, everybody in the crowd starts clapping as he's getting arrested.
I don't know if he's clapping because he's getting arrested or because of what he said, but I thought I'd just call in and mention that.
I've got to get that video, folks.
Please tape it.
It won't be on the news for long.
Please get me the original C-SPAN.
Please, please, please.
Thank you so much.
I know you're out there listening.
We need it.
Clinton, Missouri.
Clint, go ahead.
Clint, you're on the air, sir.
Okay, he's gone.
Let me hit a few of these news articles, and we'll go back to your calls.
And again, have your questions or comments ready.
There is just so much news here.
I mean, just recapping some of the top news.
FBI agent 2004 will be remembered as the summer of terror.
They have this Homeland Security General before Congress saying we will be hit.
News and World Report, we will be hit.
Devastation, destruction, give up all your rights.
Folks, if we don't get the word out to everybody of who carried out 9-11,
If we don't force this out into the open, if we don't do what these good people did up in D.C.
this morning, it is over for this country.
They're going to carry out even bigger events.
They've already primed us to give up all our freedoms after the next attack.
Do not procrastinate.
Do not wait.
Do not, you know, pass go, folks.
Just get in there.
Get my videos.
Get 9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
Get Part 2, The Masters of Terror.
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Get my videos.
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The United States government at all levels has fallen under the control of the desperately wicked New World Order clan.
The events of September 11th marked the initiation of the final sick push of the Illuminati to consolidate their one world order.
And transform Earth into a prison planet in over two and a half hours.
I chronicle in stunning detail the true character of the globalist.
Learn the master plan for the bloodthirsty elite to financially, physically, and spiritually imprison not only America, but the world.
Total Enslavement is the third installment in my critically acclaimed Police State series and is a must-see for all who love freedom.
This film documents the nightmare rise of the Homeland Security dictatorship, Patriot Acts 1 and 2, Total Information Awareness Network, government-run white slavery rings, the new prison surveillance economy, and much, much more.
The very future of humanity depends on exposing government-sponsored terrorism and how the globalists pose as our saviors when, in fact, they are the terrorists.
Again, call toll-free 1-888-
2-5-3-3-1-3-9, or write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 787-04.
Again, 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 787-04.
Or InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
Do it now.
I've got a Reuters report here where they arrested and beat up and sexually abused Reuters reporters in Iraq.
I mean, rapists are bad people, folks.
But no, now it's good.
I've got Al Zawari Group says it killed Iraqi official in the bombing.
But Al Zawari died three months ago, according to Pentagon's own report.
Same guy supposedly cutting Berg's head off with all the anomalies on that still pouring out.
It's just incredible.
Shalibi says that Iraq wants full control of all reserves, that way the Iraqis buy it and think they do have full control, when yeah, the person that has full control is under full control of the globalists.
I got that here.
Walmart smart tags test goes well.
That's out of AP.
Walmart stores set a pilot program to introduce radio frequency identification tags.
To replace barcodes to its stores and distribution network has begun without a major hit.
So they just say it's great and they're going to force all their manufacturers to affix this to things to track and trace everything we do.
We'll come back, take a few final calls and hit some final news articles.
Stay with us!
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Final segment.
Thanks for staying the course with us.
Scott in Hawaii.
You're on the air.
Go ahead, Scott.
Hey, Alex.
Just a quick couple points.
First, I was curious if you had caught, it would have been two weeks ago, two Fridays ago, Maria Shriver on Larry King in the last three minutes of the show.
She was making a comment, and this only punctuates what you're talking about with the socialism that's coming in this country and that's basically already here.
And she had talked about how
Everyone can be useful in today's society.
Larry's like, well, how's that?
Who's everybody?
She says, even a five-year-old child can help.
Larry's like, hey, what do you mean a five-year-old?
She says, even a five-year-old child can pick up trash on the side of the road.
How's that?
I'm saying to myself, you've got to be out of your mind.
What were you doing as a five-year-old?
Well, that's the new national service.
That's what these sickos are always pushing.
No, I didn't see that.
But this new draft, we're going to be their slaves.
They're slave masters.
Folks, you like football games and parties and cookouts, and these people like controlling people.
And Carrie's daughter is a film producer.
She's over at the Cannes Festival, Alex, hanging out with her cousin who's French and who was a prominent member of the Greens Party.
This is just amazing, and I want a quick read to you.
This is from a Masonic book, copyright 1924.
Washington, President Washington, according to Lafayette, it is said, never willingly gave independent command to officers who were not Freemasons.
By the way, it's skull and bones.
They have a huge skull billboard up in the trees, and it says Lafayette.
That's the French pirate.
Nearly all the members of his official family, as well as most of the officers who shared his inmost confidence, were his brethren of the mystic tie.
But before his death, he came out and said it had been taken over by the Illuminati.
Yeah, exactly.
Oh, sure, sure.
I realize the two branches.
But just those two bullet points, Alex.
Appreciate the time.
Excellent work.
Hey, I appreciate it.
I got the broadband service.
I got videos.
We're trying to wake people up here in Hawaii because we're a little bit vulnerable here, seeing as though we can be cut off.
Well, Pirate Micro FM would certainly do something.
Don't do that, though.
Good to hear from you, my friend.
Wesley in Tennessee.
Wesley, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
How are you doing today?
We're almost out of time.
Okay, I'm going to make this short.
You know, I've really been giving this some serious thought.
These guys are already announcing that they're going to, on Fox News today, it's either going to be a chemical or a biological attack.
The terrorists will attack us.
Give up all your rights.
Give it up to us, the terrorists.
What I want to know is, you know, just because we know that this is happening, it's not going to stop these guys.
They are going to go ahead and do this, whether we like it or not.
They've got the power.
And I don't really know what that... Well, they can't... Sir, sir, sir, they won't carry out terror unless we grovel to them and say, yes, we want to be your slaves.
They tell us the terror's coming.
They tell us, give your rights up when it comes and you'll be safe.
Put the handcuffs on.
Get in the yellow Volkswagen.
I'm Ted Bundy.
I'm here to help you.
We've got to go, no, it's Ted Bundy.
No, they're evil.
They're the bad guys.
Look at who stands to gain.
Look at the circumstantial and material evidence.
Look who's behind the terror.
I still say they're going to run over the top of you like a bull.
Well, then just give up, man.
Just give up, then.
No, I'm not saying that.
No, no.
Thanks for the call.
Look, if we weren't here fighting this, if we weren't here in the New World Order's face, things would be a lot worse right now.
Black people would still be slaves, okay?
Okay, we have a huge minority.
Tens of millions of people in America.
Hundreds of millions globally that know exactly what's going on.
Inform somebody every day.
Keep moving forward.
Resistance is not futile.
People inside government don't go along with this.
No, they would have already carried out more terror attacks domestically.
They already planned to, but we exposed them.
They're on the run.
They can't even have their whitewash commission without it being shut down.
What is this, like the fifth time this has happened?
People jumping up and going, you had the plane stand down.
Building 7 collapsed.
It was blown up.
You know, the CIA created Al-Qaeda.
Oh, I'm getting drug away.
They're getting shut down.
Shut them down!
Shut them down!
Stop going along with it!
All right, I'm out of time.
Thanks for all the calls.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2 Central Standard Time.
Again, go sign up at prisonplanet.tv for the weekly video reports, the audio reports, and all of it.
God bless you.
Get out there and fight the New World War.
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You've got lots of power.
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