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Air Date: May 18, 2004
2592 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
News and World Report headline from the White House.
A nightmare scenario.
The White House has told U.S.
News and World Report and Rice and others have said that we are sure to be attacked, probably the Capitol, right before the election.
A massive attack is scenario one.
Scenario two, probably the one that the globalists will go with, is a string of small attacks around the country.
If we hadn't have exposed who's behind the terrorism, they might have gone with one giant event.
They still may do that, or multiple mucho grande occurrences.
Very, very serious.
We'll be going over that shortly here in the first couple segments.
Surin nerve agent bomb explodes in Iraq.
Now, that's the Associated Press headline.
Meanwhile, even Rumsfeld's saying, well, this is a first approximation, a ground test.
It's probably been, what, 25, 30 times they've claimed they've found sarin, nerve gas, artillery shells, and always it turns out not to be the case.
We have the images of the UN inspectors before the war unscrewing the tips of rockets and sticking their nose in it.
You don't do that if you think that it's sarin or anything else.
And they admit they found other rockets and...
And munitions, artillery shells, but they admit that, oh, these were already declared, and many of them sold to Saddam by the U.S., so they can't really parade that around.
This is the same Pentagon that gives you videos of fat bin Ladens in dark rooms saying, I'm going to get you, it turns out to be fake.
The same ones that plant fake...
Weapons dossiers about uranium from Niger, Africa.
I mean, I could go on and on.
Mobile weapons trucks, mass graves, all of this that I still hear being repeated infinitum.
We also have reports of ships landing weapons of mass destruction over the last few months and shipping it into the interior of Iraq.
Very, very suspicious.
And watching the news...
The troops put on their masks and then set off red smoke bombs.
And the news went, look at the sarin red smoke that they were releasing smoke bombs, putting on basically a terror drill, which they've had all over the United States.
And this is just all part of the psychological warfare.
So look, look at the red smoke, a red smoke bomb.
Look, it's scary.
Ooh, going to get you any minute.
See, he might have had them.
So, very, very interesting.
Of course, they could pull the stage to capture Bin Laden out of a hat any day now.
We've gone over that ad infinitum as well.
Sarin-filled munitions in Iraq were U.S.
And they say, oh, but it may not be sarin.
They claim that they've captured four of the people in the black ski mask and in turbans, headpieces, that supposedly cut Nicholas Berg's head off.
So, we'll be going over that.
A lot of new torture revelations as well.
Big broadcast lined up for you.
The websites are www.infowars.com.
That's infowars.com.
There's also prisonplanet.com and prisonplanet.tv.
Check them all out today.
And we will, of course, as I said, be taking your calls at 800-259-9231.
But first, when we get back from the White House, a nightmare scenario.
Al Qaeda is going to get you right before the election.
And they've done the little studies, and it says the people will worship Bush if this happens.
And Al Qaeda always comes to Bush's aid.
And so expect this to happen unless we get the word out.
So we will launch directly into this U.S.
News and World Report article.
When we return, so steadfastly, stay the course and stay with us.
Again, 800-259-9231.
It is Tuesday, the 10th day already of this week.
The 18th day.
What am I talking about?
The 18th day of May.
We'll be right back.
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until 2 p.m.
Central Standard Time.
Back from 9 to midnight Central as well.
Thank you for joining us.
I remember the feeling I got back in July of 2001.
All the different data streams at my disposal, my sources in and out of government, the propaganda that was being foisted.
The media was showing us bin Laden, telling us how evil Afghanistan was, saying this is about to be your enemy.
CFR members were on TV bragging about how terrorists were sure to strike us and how giving up our liberty would keep us safe.
Drilling us like Jim Jones that when the terrorists strike, give up your freedoms.
Let the government put the handcuffs on you and get into the Volkswagen.
Let Mr. Bundy take you for a ride.
You can really trust us.
And I'm seeing that same type of chatter.
I'm giving you the threat matrix here.
And they're preparing everyone, telling us brace for massive attacks, give up all your freedoms.
Government is your god.
And this is from U.S.
News and World Report up on Infowars.com and presentplanet.com right now.
From the White House, a nightmare scenario.
Now, Condoleezza Rice has been spouting off, CFR members have been spouting off about we're sure to be attacked, why they want to influence our elections, and we won't let them do that.
Well, you'll support the Patriot Act after this happens.
And now a chilling report from U.S.
News and World Report from the White House, a nightmare scenario.
That is the headline this week's issue of U.S.
News & World Report is now coming out.
White House officials say they've got a working premise about terrorism in the presidential election.
Quote, it's going to happen.
We assume, says a top administration official, quote, an attack will happen leading up to the election.
Close quote.
And he added, quote, it will happen here.
There are two worst-case scenarios, the official says.
The first, an attack on Washington, possibly the Capitol, which was believed to be the target of the 9-11 jet that crashed, you mean was shot down, in Pennsylvania.
Theory two, smaller but more frequent attacks in Washington and other major cities leading up to the election.
To prepare, the administration has been holding secret...
We're actually under red alert, see, and they're federalizing all the police right now.
It's been going on since before 9-11.
To prepare the administration has been holding secret anti-terrorism drills.
That's martial law takeover drills.
To prepare, again, to prepare the administration has been holding secret anti-terrorism drills to make sure top officials know what to do.
Guess how to hand over control and grovel properly to the globalists.
There was a sense, quote, says one official involved in the drills, of mass confusion on 9-11.
Now we have a sense of order.
Unclear is the potential impact, though most Bushies think the nation would rally around the president.
I can tell you one thing, adds the official sternly, we won't be like Spain, which tossed its government days after the Madrid train bombings, which was clearly the government there as well.
We've gone over the evidence of that.
So, they've been telling you, you won't be like the Spanish.
You'll give all your freedoms up, won't you?
You'll submit that you're tough.
You know what to do.
We've got all the big studies at the think tanks.
And it says, and the darn thing really works.
Show of hands, please, does anybody really believe it when radio hosts crow about the... And it goes on and on and on into the article.
So, very, very, very, very
Interesting story here from U.S.
News and World Report.
So we're going to be hit, and we're going to be hit hard.
Lots of terror attacks in Scenario 2.
Scenario 1, a decimated Capitol, smoking ruins.
Oh, the emergency government already set up a nearby military base.
And secret drills going on.
Not just all the public drills of blowing up cars in downtown cities from Seattle to Chicago.
People in gas masks running about.
Black helicopters swarming, saving you.
Drills of locking down your public schools, not letting your children leave.
FEMA has said, Gannett News Service and Associated Press, that under a red alert, we virtually have all of our rights stripped.
We will be considered enemy combatants if we leave our homes.
Ah, we can go to the Red Alert and learn how to be slaves, learn how to have the Neighborhood Watch expand into the National Draft, Stasi, Tidal Tail Forces everywhere, no real terrorists to deal with, but the Patriot Act listing all misdemeanors as acts of terrorism, waves of secret arrests, why they blew up our Capitol, we can't put up with this!
Shut up!
It's you people that criticized the loss of liberty that allowed Al-Qaeda to strike again.
You're all traitors.
You all need to be arrested immediately to keep the homeland safe.
They're already calling for it preemptively.
They're not going to get away with it, though.
As the horror intensifies, as the people wake up, as they look into their children's eyes, the strength, the will...
We'll rise to the occasion, and evil will be defeated during their greatest gamble to expand and assure their stranglehold on our throats.
I would challenge everyone in government, everyone at the lowest level to the highest levels, listening to my voice, to count the cost, to look at the facts, to research what we've laid out here, to look at who stands to gain.
You know in government this was all set up before 9-11.
You know about the secret drills.
You know about the white papers on this.
You know what's going on.
Stop denying it.
Stop using your native intelligence to twist your own psychological processes and delusions.
And to rationalize what's happening.
Be strong.
Face the horror.
At least passively refuse to go along with all of this.
You know the government's doing nothing to protect us.
You know they fund all the major terror groups.
You know the borders are wide open.
You know as FBI agents you were blocked from stopping Al-Qaeda.
You know the supposed hijackers were trained at U.S.
military bases.
You know public officials got warnings not to fly.
You know the CIA did the insider trading.
You know they flew 8,000 Taliban and Al-Qaeda out of Afghanistan to safety.
You know the Bushes pulled the bin Ladens out.
You know you understand.
Stop it.
Stop joining this evil.
Stop going along with it.
Stop making excuses.
You're killing America.
I challenge you to either openly admit the evil you're part of and make a sick decision, a sociopathic decision that is still more honorable than being lukewarm.
I challenge you to join us that have the truth and the liberty and the freedom and the birthright of America.
And the spirit of America behind us, I challenge you to join us, to come over and join us, to break your conditioning, or I challenge you to consciously admit what you're part of and to consciously join the dark side.
Stop sitting there in the middle.
Stop making excuses.
Stop rationalizing.
Face it!
I demand it!
I beseech you!
I beg you!
On my knees!
I beg of thee!
To please count the cost!
To look inside your soul!
To look inside your discernment!
Inside your guts!
To intellectually lay out the facts!
Like a true man or woman would do!
To literally spend an hour this evening, you know, turn off the lights, sit there in your easy chair, focus, think about what I'm saying, and you know it is true.
Your bones, your very fibers, your sinews cry out against this horror, and many of you out of your internal fear of this system have decided to throw in your lot with it and join it.
You are absolutely ensuring a hellish world, a giant control grid, a police state rivaling the worst nightmares of science fiction writers.
Please, please, please, please, listen to me, everyone.
You can see the storm, the hurricane, as we're in our ship that is America, raging towards us.
You can see the global order rising up out of the sea against us.
Life is so short.
And to join this evil, you will be destroyed by the evil you serve.
So stop being a fence-sitter.
Decide which side you are on.
Stop making excuses.
Stop engaging in psychological mental gymnastics.
Face the facts.
Count the cost.
Look into your heart and your mind and your soul.
I pray that God will move you, move you to stand forward and join us in liberty and freedom against tyranny and oppression and dehumanization.
Come out from among it, or join it.
Because when you're on the fence, you have joined it in the worst way.
Join it, or join us.
You do not have a choice.
It is only a mental trick you have played with yourself.
You know you're apprehensive.
You know you're upset.
You know you feel bad about what you're doing.
You're just following orders.
We'll not cut it.
You will be discarded like so much chattel.
You are a poultry nothing to these people.
When we come back, more fake weapons of mass destruction discoveries.
Supposedly captured four of the beheaders.
New torture revelations on a score of fronts.
Your phone calls.
I'd like to hear from military, police, fire chiefs, sheriffs out there listening.
You've called many times before.
Do you hear what I'm saying?
Do you echo my words?
Or are you against us?
Where stand you?
Declare yourselves!
Because the enemy of humanity will give none of us quarter!
And when you go into the devil's camp, he will suck on your blood and the entrails of your children.
You fools!
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
The transmission globally will continue as we head headlong into the hurricane.
Chemical attacks.
Dirty bombs.
Biological attack.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
The globalists control the ports, the infrastructure, the technological control grid.
They do not control our minds, our souls.
Now you heard what I had to say to you out there.
Where do you stand?
With whom do you declare yourself?
With the forces of the New World Order?
With the terrorists?
Or with the last-ditch effort, the growing movement, the ragtag lovers of liberty and humanity and decency and honor and family?
They are scientifically trying to sear our conscience, destroy our morals, break up our families.
I mean, ABC has just bought the rights to the British wife shop of swapping programs.
I mean, it's just the levels of degradation are accelerating.
It's incredible.
And I think about all the crimes the globalists have committed, what they've been caught doing, and how people are still in denial.
It is time to stop being in denial, my friends.
You know, I'm going to go ahead and go to calls now, and then I'll get into sarin nerve agent bomb explodes, even though they say it may not be sarin.
We'll give you the background on that.
Four arrested over beheading of U.S.
businessmen in Iraq.
Bush installing veteran interrogator as Iraq dictator.
We'll also get into Mrs. England admitting more of the horrors they put people through at Abu Ghraib.
Army CIA want tortured truth exposed.
They're saying, how dare you blame us?
We were ordered to do it.
I'll tell you, this is really unraveling quickly.
Alex, I want to thank you for an absolutely riveting hour last night on Alan Cohn's show.
Every time he tried to knock you off balance, you maintained your composure and you were excellent in your delivery.
It was really a good performance.
Well, thank you.
I'm surprised he had me on for almost an hour.
A lot of the callers agreed with us.
He did try to knock you off your balance, but the way you maintained your composure was really great, I thought.
I really salute you for it.
Where were you listening to us?
Here in Dallas.
I kind of got thrown off because you said you were going to be on the first hour.
Well, the local station doesn't carry the first hour.
Well, they changed it last minute to the second hour.
Well, that's good because I was able to get it on tape, and I'm going to be sending it to some of the program managers around the town here so that maybe we can try to get you on locally.
You know, he really is the conservative compared to Hannity on many issues.
Exactly, and he doesn't even realize it himself.
He allows himself to be pigeonholed in the opposite category.
Well, I mean, he's an old for a liberal, but compared to Hannity, he's a right-winger.
I'm serious when I said that.
He calls himself a liberal, but just like you said, many of his stances are very conservative.
Yeah, I mean, on the social issue, he's very liberal.
But look, I mean, he was pretty fair after he got me off.
He said, why is Alex still alive?
Why is he?
Well, because God wants me to be alive, and I'll be alive until that second God wants me dead.
And there's thousands of prominent people fighting the New World Order.
There's German defense ministers saying what I'm saying, British environment ministers saying what I'm saying, former Bob Dole chief of staff saying what I'm saying.
I mean, there's countless prominent people saying what I'm saying.
Well, I just wanted you to know I thought you did an excellent job, and thank you very much for taking my call.
Well, I appreciate it.
Let's go ahead and talk to Mark in New York.
Mark, go ahead.
Hey, would I be able to hear that broadcast, Alan Combs' broadcast with you on it through your website?
No, that's not my broadcast.
Oh, boy.
Well, you know, how's this New World Order?
How are they going to put these chips in us?
What's the scenario?
What are they going to do to us with that?
Well, as I said, and I'm not bragging, five years ago I said they're going to do it through style, through the counterculture party movement.
Oh, the squares are against it.
To get into luxury bars, topless bars, to get discounts on merchandise.
It's going to be sold.
Again, all the soccer players have it.
The movie stars have it.
And that is indeed how it's being sold to us, as the Army document in 2000 said they would.
Right, and you're right on with that.
But what happens if you don't want it?
Well, that's fine.
You'll just get charged 30-40% more, just like if you don't have the loyalty card, you get charged more at the grocery store.
And then they're just going to phase it in.
If you're going to be a firefighter or a police officer, you'll have to have it.
That's public.
All the military is going to have to have it.
Then the prisoners have to have it.
You see how this works?
Yeah, right.
Well, thank God we have you fighting for us.
Well, sir, we have no power without you taking action.
You are the leader.
You're the X-Wing going in against the Death Star.
All right.
All right, that's the analogy.
How many guns?
I'd say about 20 guns.
Some on the surface, some on the tower.
Lock your foils and attack pattern and engage.
Shut up about the size of that thing.
Engage it.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
We're back live, and all of you are those men and women with guts to stand in the gap, to tell the truth, to have the courage to admit the horror that we face, that we have a tyrannical, insane, and drunk-on-blood system that is feeding on us all.
You know my X-Wing analogy of the Patriots going in against the New World Order Death Star?
I even gave that analogy...
To Vanity Fair a few months ago, and they even put it in the article.
My little analogy's been immortalized in Vanity Fair.
I got a call from Vanity Fair a few weeks ago.
They're doing an article about Lord Bush, and they wanted information on Bohemian Grove.
It'll be interesting to see if they print that in another article.
Why is this broadcast getting so much attention?
Why are they having to respond to me?
Because I'm just one fighter on the beaches in this war against the New World Order.
Because so many of you, millions of you, are educating millions of others.
And the globalists know that their time is short.
They've got to move and move quickly.
They've got to escalate things to try to scare us into submission.
We're good to go.
I think?
Is an attack on Washington, possibly the capital, which was believed to be the target of the 9-11 jet that crashed into Pennsylvania.
And a general refused to follow orders and did have that aircraft shot down.
We have that from inside sources.
The globalists plan to fly that right into the Capitol.
Think of the martial law would be under with that.
Theory two, smaller but more frequent attacks in Washington and other major cities leading up to the election to prepare the administration has been holding secret anti-terrorism drills to make sure top officials know what to do.
That's how to hand over complete control and love martial law.
They're drilling for the final takeover, as Tommy Franks and General Everhart have said in major publications.
What do you think about that?
Are you going to sit by and watch that happen while the borders stay wide open?
While they metastasize their secret police forces?
Bring in a new national draft, 18 to 49?
Much of that draft force, millions to be here domestically as spies and tattletales, as our journey to the Stasi secret police state is complete?
We'll go to your calls, Gene and others, here in just a few minutes.
But I want to hear from police, former and current military.
I want to hear from you.
You've been listening for years.
You've called in police chiefs, sheriffs, county commissioners.
I want to hear from you.
What are you going to do about this?
What are you going to say publicly?
What are you going to do as the terror attacks take place?
As we watch the last vestiges of the Republic being swept away by the Empire, the dreaded dreadnoughts, the messimers of the New World Order fleets attacking our psyches, our soul, our economy.
Our physical structures with their poisons and the water supply in the air.
What are you going to do?
Are you going to sit there on low boil and watch your family's future flush down the tubes into the waiting mouth of the devil himself?
1-800-259-9231 is the number.
Do you even have the courage to call in and tell us where you stand?
Which side of the equation...
You are encamped upon.
Do you realize that by serving the New World Order and its dark lord, you will destroy everything that is good and decent?
Do you realize you're a player at the most pivotal point in human development in history?
Let me cover a little bit of news and we'll go to your calls.
Seren nerve agent bomb explodes in Iraq, just magically an artillery shell that they were looking at explodes, and they pick up preliminary reports of seren nerve gas, and then Rumsfeld even says it may not be seren, preliminary tests say it is, and there's been dozens upon dozens of times where this same story came out and it turned out it was not seren, but then they go on to admit, well, there were thousands of tons of seren,
Mortars and rockets and artillery shells lying about the country.
Literally hundreds of depots declared by Saddam.
We have video of these bunkers being blown up during the Gulf War.
Kamasia, one of, again, hundreds.
Well over a hundred.
And they admit, well, most of these are declared sites.
And we can't rightly say that Saddam had this after the inspections happened.
But still, the neocons howl, and the Associated Press howls and yells and screams, we found the weapons of mass destruction!
Of course, remember three weeks ago, that building blew up and they claimed it was sarin, and later it turned out it wasn't a chemical bomb, but it doesn't matter, that's in the back of the paper, that retraction.
Sarin nerve agent bomb explodes in Iraq.
Somebody needs to tell Christopher
A roadside bomb containing deadly sarin nerve agent exploded near a U.S.
military convoy that U.S.
military said Monday it was believed to be the first confirmed discovery of any of the banned weapons that the United States cited in making its case for the Iraq War.
Two members of a military bomb squad were treated for minor exposure.
You get minor exposure to sarin, you say bye-bye.
But no serious injuries were reported.
The chemicals were inside an artillery shell dating to the Saddam Hussein era that had been rigged as a bomb in Baghdad to Brigadier General Mark Kimmett, the chief military spokesman in Iraq.
It appears two chemical components in the shell, which are designed to combine and create sarin during flight, did not mix properly or completely upon detonation.
Oh, so now the test won't show it's sarin.
official said, speaking on condition of anonymity, Kimmett, however, said a small amount of the nerve agent was released to former weapons inspectors.
A U.S.
Hans Blix and David Kelly said the shell was likely a stray weapon that had been scavenged by militants.
It did not signify that Iraq had large stockpiles of such weapons.
Kimmett said he believed that the insurgents who planted the explosives didn't know it contained the nerve agent.
Seren-type agents produced by Iraq were largely of low quality and degraded shortly after production.
inspectors said in March of 2003 report they said it was unlikely that agents produced in the 1980s would still work today.
troops have announced the discovery of other chemical weapons before only to see them destroyed.
Disapproved by later test.
A dozen chemical shells were also found by U.N.
inspectors before the war.
They had been tagged for destruction in the 1990s, but somehow were not destroyed.
The Iraq Survey Group confirmed today that a 155mm artillery round containing sarin nerve agent had been found.
Chemists said the round had been rigged as an IED, improvised explosive device, which was discovered by U.S.
Forces Convoy.
Donald Rumsfeld, the embattled defense secretary, cautioned everyone that this could not be sarin or it could be sarin.
On and on and on and on.
So what do you think about that?
I would just add to all of this that we have a government that's been caught planting fake letters from troops in newspapers.
That has created fat bin Laden tapes that are admitted to be fake, fake voice print tapes, that has created fake Niger uranium documents, fake mobile weapons trucks that they consciously knew had already been inspected years before.
They raced to the sites, declaring each declared site was a weapons cache.
The mass graves of the people in boxes of sand were an exchange program between the Iranians and the Iraqis from their eight-year war that claimed...
Millions of dead, and the aggregate on both sides, so you can't believe, I mean, the Pentagon told you two years ago that the Office of Strategic Information was going to lie to you for your own good, and their first official report was that they were not going to lie to you, their first big lie.
So when they tell you they're lying to you, so when they get caught later, they go, well, we told you, it's no big deal.
So this is the type of stuff we're facing.
Also, Sky Television News reporting, Execution 4 held.
Four people have been arrested over the beheading of American Nicholas Byrd.
Iraq sources say the 26-year-old businessman's decapitated body was found 10 days ago in Baghdad.
His killing was shown around the world on the Internet.
The poor quality website video shows Berg dressed in orange overalls, kneeling on the floor with his hands tied behind his back.
There were five masked men behind him.
One read a statement urging Muslims to take revenge over the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by American soldiers.
The masked men then pushed the American contractor to the floor and shouted, God is great, above his screams.
His head was cut off with a knife, then held aloft.
The website said the execution was performed by Abu Masab al-Zawari, a top ally of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Zayed.
Now, I would add to this that they admit that this Zawari guy was killed three months ago.
That's MSNBC.
But no doubt he'll be killing people for years to come and captured for years to come and killed for years to come.
It's a public joke that they do all of this.
What do you think about that situation?
Let's go ahead and talk to Gene in Kansas.
Gene, you're on the air.
Good morning, sir.
I've talked to you when you first came on your program up here several years ago, and since that time I've been lost some of my communications.
I can't hear anything at all much on this short wave.
But the reason I called today, we know that we're being lied to about everything in the world, what's been going on here.
And what I'm kind of concerned about, I know you know about private news,
I just got a letter in the mail yesterday.
We've got a concerned citizens group here in town.
It's Michael New.
Yeah, Michael New, Private New.
He's tied up there now.
They've got things tied up there.
Said he needs some money if anybody would hear anything at all, know anything about it.
Every daggone member of the PFW and the American Legion ought to get in together and help support that boy.
Okay, for those who don't know about New, a lot of people don't, believe it or not.
He refused in Macedonia.
To go under UN control, under UN generals, and to wear the UN blue.
And he had a great exemplary record, and then they went after him, tried to court-martial him, and he's been in court ever since now, trying to get his good name back.
But, you know, on top of all of this, sir, do you have any comments about more staged, you know, sarin bombs, supposedly grabbing four of the people, lopping off Berg's head, the...
The White House saying an attack is sure before the election.
Do you have any comments on that?
Well, there's no question about it.
They've lied as much about everything, Alex.
They've lied to us about everything they've come into.
They've lied about it.
I know I heard the news this morning on the ABC, or no, ABCBS, I believe it was.
This guy was talking, just a minute I caught in there, about what they've lied to us about everything.
He talked about the 60-minute deal.
I forget what video that is.
They had where they showed when Hillary was sitting there lying about Jennifer Flowers and some part of the building fell down.
Yeah, the lights fell on them.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
It's a pretty funny video.
Let's talk to Ralph in Tennessee.
Ralph, go ahead.
Hey, how you doing, Alex?
Have you heard any news on the Christian Coalition having a meeting on the 20th with our leader's
About bringing state and church together.
I've been hearing some news on that.
What's your opinion on that?
Isn't that against our Constitution?
Well, the separation of church and state is from a letter from Thomas Jefferson to a religious body, to a church.
There is no separation of church and state.
There is the First Amendment that begins, Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
Then it goes on to freedom of the press, freedom to assemble, to petition the government for regressive grievance, right to gather.
That's all embodied in the First Amendment, but they teach schoolchildren it's freedom of the press and that's it, freedom of expression, that they've kind of warped it into.
But you have the opposite.
The government is to have nothing to do with any religion in this country.
They are to leave it alone.
You can have leaders who are religious themselves, who are Christian, carrying out their beliefs through government as elected representatives in our constitutional republic.
Now, the faith-based initiative...
And tells you, oh, you can't talk about politics.
Congress shall make no law.
What do these people need to fix?
It's like vouchers.
Neocons say, we need vouchers for private schools.
Well, that brings federal control into the schools.
And the poor neocon followers don't get that.
So again, it's always the opposite.
It's always more control.
Yeah, it's becoming more control.
And, you know, we've had presidents assassinated for such reasons of wanting to stay separated with church and state.
And it just seems to me that there's a certain church causing this.
Well, no, it's the government controlling the neocon Christian groups that say abortion's good in China, microchips are good, the Patriot Act is good.
These are devils leading a bunch of good people astray.
Thanks for the call.
Maggie in Texas.
Maggie, you're on the air globally.
Oh, no.
Yes, ma'am.
Oh, are you there, Alex?
Yes, we're on the air.
Okay, I'm on a... Ma'am, it's okay.
Go ahead.
Okay, you were talking about Vanity Fair and how they had contacted you again and wondering why, maybe you, and I think perhaps they're paying attention to their mail.
I don't know how many other people wrote to them, but I did after reading that first article that they did.
And, you know, you don't get a lot of space, but in a very tight and focused article, I pointed out that this author said,
Yeah, what they did is they mixed space aliens in with prior knowledge of 9-11.
And I also addressed his statement that
These people get their information from the same sources as you or I, is how I put it, the newspapers.
All we do is analyze their propaganda.
We stick to things we can prove.
But in every case, they try to mix fiction in with reality in a way to discredit.
But we're going to continue to say the earth is round while they say it's flat.
We're going to win the day.
Well, I pointed that out to them, and perhaps someone actually took trouble to listen.
I hope so.
Well, good job.
Anything else?
No, just keep up the good work.
I love your program.
Thank you, Maggie.
We'll come back, take more calls, get into more news at 800-259-9231.
And I want to hear from the police out there.
We'll be back.
Which side are you on?
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A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
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You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
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Do you think they're going to have the stage capture of Bin Laden?
My government sources tell me he died over two years ago from kidney failure.
His body's been on ice ever since.
Then about six months ago we started seeing mainstream news articles along this line.
Do you think they're going to go ahead and certify this as Sharon and say Saddam Hussein got us?
This is all a good war, which legitimizes the UN's aim of targeting countries that have weapons that everybody else has?
What do you think about these four guys they grabbed who are, quote, suspects of cutting the head off, and they're claiming that a dead guy cut Mr. Berg's head off?
I mean, it's getting ridiculous.
The White House saying we're going to be hit by terrorists, the Capitol may be destroyed, we're going to take all your freedoms, martial law is good.
What do you say to all of this?
I mean, I keep challenging police, military, others out there.
I want to know your mind on this subject.
I mean, what do you think about the evidence we bring forward here daily on this broadcast?
If you disagree with me on any of these issues, you'll go to the head of the lines.
That's 800-259-9231.
We defend our ideas here.
We don't screen the calls.
Now we've got callers.
We'll go to Cliff and others here in just a few minutes.
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The globalists talk about how the mind wars are the most important facet.
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They have the lie.
They have overwhelming force.
We have the truth, which is an impregnable stronghold that can pierce their propaganda.
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All right, let's go ahead and talk to Cliff in Oklahoma.
Cliff, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
I was calling.
I was wondering, you had mentioned something about one of the generals for the flight that was in Pennsylvania.
He had shot down the plane, or what exactly happened?
Well, we had Colonel Don to Grand Prix on.
We're going to be getting him back on, and his military sources have turned out to be very accurate in the past.
They had a symposium two years ago in D.C.
about it,
Well, that's really interesting, and that also goes along with the other report about how the CIA was
Yeah, I'll tell you what, stay there and we'll talk about it.
Yeah, they ran a drill that morning at 8.30 in the morning of flying hijacked jets in the World Trade Center in Pentagon, just magically, and that's how they ordered NORAD to stand down.
It's just a drill, but as the building smoked, folks found out it wasn't.
Stay there, Cliff.
We'll be right back.
We'll come back to you.
Second hour straight ahead.
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All right, my friends.
Into the second hour of global transmission.
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All right, there is a chilling report, and this has been echoed in other news reports,
Sources by U.S.
News and World Report, from the White House, a nightmare scenario.
There's going to be a huge terror attack.
Terrorist Al-Siyada may destroy the Capitol or have a string of other attacks around the country, and the answer is to go under martial law, give up all your liberties.
They've been secretly drilling to do this.
The article gets into it.
And we have top generals in Cigar Aficionado, LA Times, Eberhardt, Franks, generals in power, out of power, saying the troops will keep you safe, and that we are going to have to hand over our Constitution in favor of a military government.
The generals just hate it, but you know it needs to happen to keep us all safe from Al-CIAIDA and other Bush crime partners.
So we will discuss that here on the broadcast as well.
They're claiming that they've captured four people who may have been involved in cutting Mr. Byrd's head off.
Also, they claim they may have found an exploded sarin munition artillery shell.
Interesting article out of American Free Press.
Bush installing veteran interrogator as Iraq dictator.
And Lindy England talking about them making men wear maxi pads and crawl on broken glass.
That's only the tip of the iceberg.
Also, Army, CIA want torture truths exposed.
They don't like being blamed when they said they were ordered to do it.
UPI reporting.
And that's just some of what's coming up.
ABC picks up British show Wife Swap.
All part of breaking down the family.
I'm surprised Fox didn't pick this up.
They're the leader in destroying the family.
And there's scientifically crafted broadcast.
Stocks hit 2004 lows on Iraq oil prices.
And, again, much, much more in the next hour and 57 minutes that we have left.
Right now, let's go back to the calls.
Cliff in Oklahoma, you're finishing up your comments.
You were talking about...
Yeah, I just found it correlating both of those two stories that you had.
I just think that that really gets to the crux of the whole 9-11 debacle, basically, is that, I mean, you know, when you're telling these military people who want to do the right thing that, oh, this is just a drill or whatever, you know, I mean, that's what to me seems like... And, you know, the Globalist targeted the World Trade Center the first time, but the idiots they hired didn't park it up against the column, thank God, and bring down one of the towers.
And then on top of that,
I mean, they just do this over and over again.
So they tried to get the Capitol once, but some military people didn't follow orders and went ahead and shot the jet down, Flight 93.
So they're going to go after that Capitol again, and that's what the White House is saying.
Oh, the Capitol, it's the big target.
That'll get the lawmakers in line.
And these fools at the Capitol are passing this law to give up their control under an attack.
Anything else?
I just thought I'd mention one other thing.
Jim Mars, do you think you might ever have him on?
You know, I need to have Jim on.
Yeah, I think he'd be great.
I really enjoyed it with you on Coast to Coast with him and everybody else.
Well, I think I'll do that.
Thank you for the call.
Sure, no problem.
We'll be back.
We'll talk to Eddie and others.
Stay with us.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Now, 8 minutes and 30 seconds into the second hour.
Thanks for joining us.
I got into this U.S.
News and World Report about, oh, we're going to get hit by terrorists, probably the Capitol.
No, they said for sure we're going to be hit by terrorists, and we've been drilling for martial law to keep you all safe, the command and control grid, the shadow government, which they now admit.
And I want to hear from police and military out there how you're going to respond to this, the thought process, the questions you've been asking yourself, your family.
Or have you had this discussion?
Have you thought about this?
Have you had this debate?
Alex from getting ready to tell you.
I don't think I need to give the state that... Oh, no, they'll come get you.
They will send down flying saucers to eat your brain immediately.
Okay, sir, what's on your mind?
Go ahead.
Well, are you familiar with the State Guard?
Yes, I am.
Okay, I'm in the State Guard in the area that I live in.
Now, you know the State Guard is primarily supposed to be used as security and defensive unit while the National Guard is gone.
Right now, we are receiving ranger training tactics on how to, Vietnam term, how to hunt and kill, hunt and kill things.
Yeah, seek and, seek and destroy!
Now, is that house-to-house gun confiscation training?
Well, actually, I'm in the 3rd Brigade.
There's four brigades in the state that I live in.
And the other four brigades have already went through their trainings.
I'm fixing to start into my training within the next two weeks, so I don't know exactly as to what the training... Well, if it's seek and destroy, it's how to go in and take over the city, and that's what the Marines and troops have been doing.
That's what me and... I've got a buddy of mine that works with me.
That's what me and him have been thinking, so there's no other logical explanation why a State Guard unit would have this kind of training.
Well, they just said in the U.S.
News & World Report that we're going to be hit.
They're practicing a secret takeover.
Most cities have been under red alert for two and a half years.
This is how they covertly get them under control.
A lot of police are getting federal supplemental paychecks.
They're all being rolled into the CIA.
They're opening CIA offices all over the country.
You just want to know what people want.
Look, look, look.
Let me just tell you this.
My cousin, special forces 18 years...
Regular Army.
When he's not overseas, he's at Fort Bragg.
For two years, he's been at the Austin-Berksham Airport at the military base section, merging the National Guard with local police, surveilling Austinites.
Go ahead.
Oh, yeah.
That's something else, too.
See, we're under the direct control of FEMA.
We've been working with FEMA.
We have to take the FEMA classes.
And one of those FEMA classes... Well, go ahead and tell us what's going on.
Well, to be honest with you, I can't really tell.
I mean, they're treating us like mushrooms.
We're only catching bits and pieces of it at a time.
They keep, like the FEMA guy, he'll show up, he'll go over some things with us.
We'll take tests on that.
I've only finished two courses.
I mean, there's all kinds of new lieutenants and generals that are coming in.
I mean, you ask them where they come from, they tell them that they're coming from the capital of our state.
And that's all that anybody ever says about them.
They're coming out of headquarters.
And what's the training you're getting?
Well, the training that I'm getting ready to receive, I mean, it's basic ranger training.
I mean, it's, you name it, I mean, they're going to teach us everything that the rangers have been taught.
The only thing that I've received so far has just been security.
You know, that's it.
Well, there's probably been 500 articles the last two and a half years about the Model States Health Emergency Powers Act, which they couldn't get the states to pass.
Some did, most wouldn't.
So the feds passed it, page 76 of the Homeland Security package a year and a half ago.
And they openly said that State National Guard and National Guard will run perimeters, load whole neighborhoods onto buses, take them for forced inoculation.
Oh yeah, that's something else that we've done with FEMA.
Now, we went through that training at our local college of ours.
We were going to be working security for that training, putting people on the buses, taking them to... You remember when that smallpox thing was going on?
Yeah, and they couldn't get the police or military or the police or firefighters to take it, so they kind of stalled.
But that was their plan, but we stopped them.
You see, I don't think you're thinking about all the training you've got.
Go ahead and tell us about that training.
Well, on that one, we went up there, and they showed us the perimeter of it.
They said they were going to have the, you know, show us the perimeter of the college.
Showed us where they were going to station us at.
Let me guess.
They had a public school that's got magnetic locking doors, or they were going to use a local sports stadium.
Where did they say?
That's where they was holding it.
Okay, well, you know what?
I just want to prove for people that this is the plan.
I mean, I've read all the articles, but, okay, I'm going to shut up.
You tell us what they trained you, how you picked the people up, where you take them, what you do.
Well, we were going to pick them up at a mall.
They were going to put them onto a bus, shuttle them from the mall to the college.
They was a... A college sports... Let me stop you.
A college sports stadium?
Well, where they was doing the inoculations set up at and where they was keeping the medicine itself was in the basketball, in the gym.
Yeah, okay.
I'm sorry, I'm at work.
No, I know what you're going to say before you say it, but go ahead and tell us more.
Just confirm it for people.
And they had different stations set up that people had to go through.
They had a triage station for people that were sick, people that wasn't sick, people that wasn't sick.
They were going to put them in a separate line.
The people that were supposedly sick, they were going to put them into another line, make them go through that triage.
They had it set up separated for children.
The children wasn't going to be with the parents.
Yeah, I wanted to tell people, this has been in the Washington Post, so I should impress.
They will have the red alert, not an attack.
They will take your children, and then you're going to have to turn your firearms in to even be allowed to be with them.
They're going to live in a separate part of the camp, just like Abu Ghraib.
Yeah, I mean, that's pretty much what you were saying right there.
Go ahead.
But now after they took them to observation, supposedly, we were going to put them back on the bus and take them back up to the mall for their vehicle so they could go home.
Well, the actual federal plan says that's not the case.
And then after you, of course, you'll have to feed yourselves living at the emergency FEMA centers they've built.
Three one-million-man camps, literally hundreds of multi-thousand camps, and you're all going to be put into work brigades serving the Empire.
You pretty much got it.
Oh, did they tell you about the work?
Oh, they told you about the work brigades?
No, no, no.
They haven't, as far as the State Guard goes, they haven't told us anything about that.
I mean, like I said, they've been treating us like mushrooms.
What did they tell you to do if somebody refused to get on the bus?
Well, we've been training for riot control.
Now, that is something that we have already been trained in, takedowns.
Did they issue you the black armored ninja outfits?
No, no, we're still wearing the camouflage.
Now, after we go through this ranger training, I know that we are getting a special flash for wear.
You know, uniforms might change then.
Have they issued you the special biometric scan cards yet?
They have the drills here in Austin.
The police suddenly are all wearing these federal IDs, running around.
This was long before 9-11 preparing us for this.
It's just, where I'm living at, it's just slowly starting to come in.
I've met a buddy about eight or nine years ago, and he was one that brought me into a militia group, and that was when my eyes started opening up.
He was the one that turned me on to you, and since I've got this job here that I'm working at now, I listen to you every day, and it's just becoming more and more and more clearer.
Things are just now starting to escalate a little bit around here.
Well, this is how it will go down.
There will be a bio-release, or a fake bio-release, because they don't really want to release a bio-weapon.
They'll probably nerve gas a crowd, claim it's bio, lock down three or four states, then have partial lockdown the rest of the country, lots of checkpoints.
School work canceled, lots of fear, lots of government worship, just training us to live under this escalation.
Then we'll see troops on the streets, searching vehicles, searching buses.
Then there'll be an even bigger attack, and the more liberty we give up, the more escalated.
And then now they'll publicly, Czechoslovakian, Chinese, Mexican troops, different sections of the country.
This is an eight-year-old plan, a 2000 Army War College plan, three and a half years old.
And this will be all over the country.
And the foreign assets will save us while we're tied down overseas fighting hard.
Thanks for the call.
I appreciate it, Alex.
Anything else you want to tell us?
No, just keep up the good work, buddy.
And as far as loyalty goes, there's quite a few that I know of that's in the State Guard.
They ain't going to be taking nobody's gun.
So they know what's going on.
Yeah, I've been talking to a couple of them, and there's no... What are you going to do when they have a Russian squad ambush you and kill 50 of you, and then the news blankets it that right-wing Christian patriots did it?
That's what... Because you're going to be engaging... Because, sir, the later phase is going to be Spitsnats attacking you and then leaving patriot pamphlets at the scene.
Well, this might give you a little hint as to where I'm calling from.
They're supposed to be in the mountains in the area that I live in.
The Russian troops.
It's supposed to be verified.
I'd say that would give you a pretty good idea.
Well, it's public.
The foreign troops are here to keep us safe.
Thanks for the call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Randy in Florida.
Randy, go ahead.
I've got a loaded question for you, Alex.
I've run this by other talk shows, and I haven't gotten a decent answer.
It's about run-arounds.
The Constitution requires a declaration of war before our troops can be called into action?
Yes, this is all though the illegalness of this entire government.
Okay, well, Ron Paul has stated on the floor of the House and elsewhere that there has been no declaration of war regarding Iraq.
There has been a statement of support of the President.
No, there hasn't.
Therefore, my question is...
And that's because we have a separation of powers.
We don't have a dictatorship.
Go ahead.
Of course we do now.
Well, the question is, I want to throw it to you, is all of our troops are sworn to abide by and act on the Constitution, yet how can they go along with unlawful order to go to Iraq and fight a war that hasn't been authorized because there has been no declaration of war?
How is that consistent with their oath?
Well, it isn't consistent with their oath.
They don't even know what their oath's about.
FEMA teaches police the Constitution's bad.
The Founding Fathers are bad.
Those that talk about the Constitution are bad.
We have the training manuals, the video of it.
The only choice they should do when they're given an unlawful order like that is refuse to go, whether that means Levinworth or the firing squad, and that's what I would do.
Well, I'll tell you what.
Are you done or do you want to hold over?
It's up to you.
Well, I mean, you sound like you have more to add.
I'll try to answer your questions when we get back.
And if you're calling in from the military or the police, tell us.
We'll go to the front of the line.
Give us a call.
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We're only talking about the real world.
Why do you think the powerful people are in positions of total control?
Because they're ruthless, they're cunning, they enjoy their work.
A moral person couldn't morally do one one-billionth of what they do and live with themselves.
They would kill their grandma for a stick of bubble gum, and they con you well-meaning people into serving their system.
Randy, John, John, Latrina, Leon, others, your calls are coming up, and a bunch of other news, as promised.
Right now, let's let Randy in Florida finish up what he was saying.
Go ahead, Randy.
Well, what it boils down to is if, you know, absent that declaration of war, you know,
Was the order to deploy to Iraq lawful?
And I don't believe it was, so therefore it should not have been complied with, which Michael New said the example for that.
And if I would have been in the military, I just would have told them, no, that's not a lawful order.
I'm not going.
Do with me what you will.
Well, I want to hear from the military about what they're going to do during the coming martial law.
They're openly drilling for it.
Thanks for the call.
Let's talk to John in Colorado.
John, go ahead.
Yes, good afternoon, Alex.
Yes, I can.
Can you hear me?
Yes, very quickly, two points.
World Trade Center powers, everybody that's either heard, read, or saw that destruction of the powers, believe that there were two airplanes involved.
If they're wrong, there were three.
If you want to go see the proof, go to thepowerhour.com, go to their 9-11-4 gallery.
Right at their last three or four photos, you'll see that plane is partially cloaked.
Well, no, I mean, in the distance, there's another plane flying.
Right, a third plane, right.
But it's not crashing into the towers.
No, it's not.
It's like either an observatory plane or it's a control plane, remote control.
Well, we don't know, but there's another plane.
Okay, now, point two.
Okay, that happened 9-11.
What happened after that?
9-11 days afterwards, we had 3-11 in Madrid.
What's next?
January 16th.
Why January 16th?
That's 300 days.
Well, they also released the Berg video on 5-11.
Oh, okay.
But that's not as significant as the Madrid incident.
So, in my mind, I think the next big catastrophe will be on January 16th.
After that comes Mother's Day.
That's 116 days later.
Well, the globalists do communicate with each other through numerology.
They are obsessed with it, and that's just a fact.
So we have these patterns of numerology.
You're right.
Gangsters like to leave their calling card.
So watch out for January 16th.
That could be the next 9-11.
All right.
Thank you for the call.
I appreciate it.
John in New York.
John, go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Hi, Alex.
How are you?
You've got three things here.
One that will help some of the listeners like me that listen to you on the web.
I got a hold of you a couple of weeks ago, but you gave me like 30 seconds, and I'm going to try and verify it.
But the other two things are very important.
The first thing is there's an FM transmitter out there you can buy, maybe Radio Shack, like $69.
You plug it into the wall.
You plug it into your speakers in your...
PC, you turn it on to a digital station, and anywhere in the house, you can went to that frequency within 70 feet and listen to it on the radio.
No, those are completely legal and lawful.
Yeah, it's great.
Second thing is, I spoke to you a while ago about, a couple weeks ago about, I was in a doctor's office, and I happened to have on, it was on CNN, and I'm looking up, and all of a sudden on CNN, the station froze for about 15 seconds, and in the right-hand corner where the clock is, you know, on the bottom of the screen, was this skull.
And there were three bars.
In other words, if you look at it with your eyes on the TV, vision as you'll see this skull, and you see three bars, and the thing was like to the left of these three bars where the bar crossed this right.
I mean, I taped like crazy for 24 hours for the next week and a half, and I couldn't catch it.
Third of all, this is what's important.
I go out a lot, and I try and make people aware, and I talk to different people and stuff like that, and I throw bait out and see what they take.
I ran into a guy at the MVETS.
It was part of a church out here in Ronkonkoma, New York, in Long Island, and he told me, he said that his church, there's a church in Ronkonkoma, he said he's a little upset because they are having a meeting, they're pushing this thing where they have to sign a waiver.
Sign away their, technically signing away their rights.
This is being pushed by the church.
You've got to get federal money.
Yeah, and they're getting it from Rockville Center, which is the head.
He says the reason why they're trying to make them sign it is because they said, you know, with the problem with the priest and stuff.
And I told him, I said, well, you were a priest.
And he goes, no, I go, well then, you know, if you're not a priest, why do you have to sign away?
And I said, once you sign this waiver, I said, they're going to be able to do anything, you know, you're already aware what it's going to do.
Yeah, it's all color of law.
Yeah, it's all color of law.
Give up your rights and then you're the slave.
Thanks for the call.
Appreciate it.
Good information.
Thank you.
We'll talk to Latrina and Leon and many others when we get back.
Then I'll get more into this fake sarin nerve gas discovery when they supposedly caught four of the beheaders.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, we had a caller earlier in the hour in a State National Guard going over the Roundup plans, the forced inoculation plans, how the State National Guard, and we've already seen reports of this, getting special forces training for here domestically against the American people.
I mean, I shot video in 1998, 1999 of Marines training to confiscate your firearms, interrogators interrogating people, mocking interrogations of role players.
You know, I'm an American.
I'm from San Francisco.
Stuff like that.
That's the type of call I really want from police, military, firefighters out there that want to talk about this.
Because people don't just need to hear the news articles that we cover.
They need to hear it from the personnel themselves.
The toll-free number to join us is 800-259-9231.
And you can't get intimidated by all of this.
Their system can't succeed unless we shut up and go along with it.
They already tried to have the forced inoculation program of the police and the firefighters.
99 plus percent, it was a tiny fraction of a percent, that agreed to take it two years ago, and that program fell apart.
If they could have forcibly inoculated the troops, well, they didn't forcibly inoculate the troops, they didn't have a choice, but if they could forcibly inoculate the domestic troops, the police and firefighters, they would have moved on to a controlled release program
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
So what do you think of this situation?
Police and military and firefighters and others.
Bush has financed the construction under a program called BioShield, $6.4 billion of it.
Actually, they went for $6.4 billion.
They got $5.8 billion to create three dozen Level 4 bioweapons labs to produce thousands of gallons of liquid death, the Baltimore Sun reported.
And now they're building these bioweapons labs in your town, your city.
And they're going to crank out dozens, they said, of new vaccines you're going to be forced to take.
I'm not taking it!
You've been caught putting cancer viruses in vaccines.
You've been caught putting sterilization systems in the vaccines for the women.
You've been caught adding chemicals that brain damage the babies.
Your own CDC documents have been public for three or four months, admitting it's brain damaged millions.
You're criminal.
You're insane.
You've got all these useful idiots working for you that don't see the big picture.
Well, if humanity's going to survive and the people have got any guts left, we better stand up and resist and speak out and tell the horrible truth.
And the horrible truth is becoming more and more accepted, and that's good.
We need to face it and deal with it.
I put my whole life and everything on the line for this because I'm not going to have my family being slaves, and you shouldn't commit your family to this living hell either.
Your calls are coming up in a moment.
There are two worst-case scenarios, the official says.
The first...
Is an attack on Washington, possibly the Capitale, which was believed to be the largest of the 9-11 jet crash in Pennsylvania, believed to be the target.
32, a smaller but more frequent attack in Washington and other major cities leading up to the election to prepare the administration has been holding secret anti-terrorism drills to make sure top officials know what to do, know how to be slaves and go under martial law.
As FEMA has admitted under a red alert, you will lose all liberties and be a slave.
There was a, quote, sense, says one official involved in the drills, of mass confusion on 9-11.
Now we have a sense of order.
Unclear is the political impact, although most Bushies think the nation would rally around the president.
Yeah, who stands to gain?
I can tell you one thing, adds the official sternly, we won't be like Spain, which tosses government days after the Madrid train bombings.
They've done the big studies and polls, and that's been in the news.
Oh my goodness.
And we have a Pentagon that's been caught falsifying and lying just hundreds of times, and now they claim four people have been arrested over the beheading of an American, Nicholas Berg.
Iraq sources say the 26-year-old businessman's decapitated body was found 10 days ago in Baghdad.
Oh my goodness.
Also four arrested over beheading a businessman.
Another article here.
We have good progress, the source added, referring to the investigation, but decline to give any details of the identity of the four people being held in detention.
And though another official says that it's this Zawari guy, though MSNBC and the Pentagon claims they killed him three months ago, MSNBC March 4th.
Getting your calls here in a moment, but first, American Free Press, Bush installing veteran interrogator as Iraq dictator, despite having played key diplomatic roles during the Vietnam War era, Iran-Contra scandal, and creation of NAFTA and the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq.
Very little is known about John Necroponte, the man who will be the de facto governor general of Iraq.
And it says, John Demetri Necroponte, U.S.
Ambassador to the United Nations, will become Ambassador to Iraq on June 30th.
Necroponte, a controversial figure who has served 37 years in foreign service.
A spooks, spooks.
A spy, spy.
A controversial figure who has served 37 years in foreign service will replace Presidential Envoy and Regional Governor...
They've appointed a government.
They're going to appoint a new government and call that democracy.
Necroponte, who was hastily confirmed as U.S.
Ambassador to the U.N.
one week after the attacks of September 11th, was recently rushed through another confirmation process to become U.S.
Ambassador to Iraq.
On April 19th, President George W. Bush nominated Necroponte to head the massive U.S.
mission in Baghdad with some 3,000 employees.
On May 6th, he was confirmed by a vote of 95-3 in the Senate.
Colin Powell, Secretary of State, is a member of the Controversial Council of Foreign Relations, as is Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.
Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Richard Lugar, said there is no better candidate to represent the United States
States in Iraq than Ambassador Necroponte, close quote, according to the Voice of American News.
He understands the gravity of the situation and its complexity.
Lugar said he does not have a doctrinal point of view, but clearly recognizes the political realities in Iraq and this country and in our international relations.
Senator Tom Harkin was among the three voices in the Senate who opposed Necroponte because of his controversial surrounding, his actions in Honduras where he served as ambassador in 81 to 85.
Quote, Mr. Necroponte showed a callous disregard for human rights abuses throughout the tenure as U.S.
ambassador in Honduras, said Harkin.
In light of the damage done to his credibility in the Middle East as a result of the torture and abuse of Iraqi detainees, Harkin said the United States could not afford to have an ambassador with a questionable human rights record.
The Washington-based Council of Hemispheric Affairs has followed Necroponte's record in Honduras and called him an arch-authoritarian with profound moral decorum.
Derelictions in a press release issued during the recent Senate Foreign Relations Committee confirmation hearing.
As a would-be harbinger of democracy to Iraq, it would be little more than a cruel joke to pretend that Necroponte had a bone of democratic rectitude to him.
They wrote, Our hostility and criticism is centered on his record in Honduras.
Larry Burns, director of COHA, told American Free Press, Necroponte is an authoritarian personality.
Burns said, who tenaciously works for the administration of the day of unbridled, any lasting principles.
Ask about Necroponte's flaws, Brits said.
Burns said he lied and deceived Congress, saying he knew nothing about death squads, which he set up.
The central fact in Hector Ponte's story is that he misled Congress about the complicity in helping to cover up his knowledge and direct personal involvement in the training, equipping, and distracting attention from the heinous acts of Battalion 316, the Honduran Death Squad, which at the same time Hector Ponte's residence in Honduras was responsible for the murder of almost 200 Honduran dissidents.
And it goes on and on.
In 1995, the Baltimore Sun published an extensive investigation of U.S.
activities in Honduras during the period of Mitroponte Serb.
As ambassador, the paper's investigation found the CIA and U.S.
Embassy knew of the abuses but continued to support Battalion 316 and ensured the Embassy's annual human rights report did not reveal the truth.
Despite his sordid human rights record, Necroponte's appointment to serve as U.S.
ambassador to the U.N.
was patiently confirmed in the immediate aftermath of the attacks of 9-11 without the withering cross-examination he would have otherwise faced.
Necroponte played a key role in getting the leaders of Mexico and Chile to fire their respective ambassadors to U.N.
because they opposed Necroponte's opposition on Iraq, according to COHA.
During the run-up to the Anglo-American invasion of Iraq, Nekroponte accused Iraq of violating UN resolutions by obtaining weapons of mass destruction, despite the fact that Nekroponte conspired in an illegal invasion, a crime under international law, and that no evidence of banned weapons has been found in Iraq to validate Nekroponte's allegations.
Secretary General Kofi Annan said he's an outstanding professional, a great diplomat, and a wonderful ambassador.
Oh, my goodness.
Necroponte was born in London in 1939, the son of a Greek shipping magnate.
His family moved to New York, and like many key members of the Bush administration, Necroponte attended Yale University.
After graduating from Yale in 1960, Necroponte joined the Foreign Service, CIA, became vice-counsel in Hong Kong from 61 to 63.
A lot of goodies have been shipped in by him.
From 64 to 68, during the height of the Vietnam War, an acropontic political officer of the U.S.
Embassy in Saigon.
He was a member of the U.S.
delegation to the Paris Peace Talks on Vietnam in 69, and served on the National Security Council under Dr. Henry Kissinger as officer in charge of the Vietnam War from 71 to 73.
Then they get into all of his Bush connections, CIA self-sponsored select group who pretended to define the transatlantic relationship.
International banking, you name it.
All right, that's enough on that.
I want to get into all the torture and some economic news and wife-swapping on ABC television shows, all the degradation of the family, scientifically crafted.
Let's go back to your calls.
Thanks for holding while I sped through that.
Let's go ahead and talk to... Who's up next here?
In Ohio.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
I've been listening to you about maybe three or four months.
I'm just now tuning in.
But bottom line, my question is, bottom line about how many signatures are needed to not get the legislation, the 12 legislations for the draft passed.
I mean, bottom line, how do we even go about being strategic enough to make sure that those things don't go through?
Well, 400 plus cities, three states, are refusing to enforce the Patriot Act.
The problem is the globalists will blow something up and say, see, you held us back, it's your fault.
They're already setting up that psychological move in their theater.
The same thing goes with the draft.
It's very unpopular across the political spectrum.
Major polls, 85% of people are against it.
Neocons are in abject denial that there's 12 bills introduced.
A draft for women.
18 to 49, Selective Service now targeting women.
The draft board's reinstated.
So there'll be denial about it, even as senators and congressmen and women call for it, until the globalists vaporize the Capitol or a major city.
And then it'll be, we've got to do it, get involved, and most of it's going to be a domestic draft.
The key is they will prosecute a few people in show trials who refuse to go along, but they can't prosecute us all.
We have to refuse en masse to give our sons and daughters to these devils.
But you can... I mean, petitions, I guess, show support, but they don't care about petitions.
You see, they've got the ace in the hole of continuing to carry out terror attacks to scare us into submission.
We've got to neutralize that preemptively by exposing who stands to gain and then materially with the evidence who's behind the most recent terror attacks.
So just majorly exposing who stands to gain in any type of wars or any type of military...
Well, the globalists buy off the Christian conservative leaders.
They buy off the black leaders.
They're all in fake left-right debates.
And I can think of few groups that have as corrupted leaders as black leaders in America.
And that's been done by design.
That's how you keep control of people.
And you may hear some leftist comments by some black leaders, but you've got Senator Rangel, a black leader, calling for the draft energetically.
So I've seen the black leaders calling for the draft.
Where's Senator Rangel out of?
New York.
Congressman Rangel, excuse me.
The other thing is, well, when they do call for the draft, I know that they used to use conscientious objectors
Well, they say fine.
They preempt that.
They go, fine, we need 2 million people, maybe 5 million people domestically to serve 20 hours a week.
And so they're going to go, fine, you can serve here domestically.
And a lot of the control freaks in your area are going to love their new uniforms, love their new black berets, love shredding about with machine guns, bossing you around.
So you'll be serving domestically as a Nazi leader.
Not you personally, but they'll have plenty of people that want to volunteer.
These people flying plastic Chinese desecrated American flags are going to love, you know, there'll be no real terrorists to fight, but all crime is terror, so just prepare yourself.
Well, since that is, and we'll be volunteering to do that, what is... Well, not volunteering, they'll go, fine, you don't want to serve overseas?
You're going to serve domestically, and you're going to get vaccines, you're going to do everything we say.
They're going to say you're going to get vaccines?
Yes, because once you're under a draft, you're a total slave.
It is indentured servitude, it is slavery, it is conscription, it is press gang.
That's all the draft is, is legalized slavery.
Because when I tell people about it, they basically look at me like I'm crazy.
Yeah, that's right.
Twelve mills introduced, senators all over TV calling for it, draft boards being reestablished, and we're so brainwashed that we will deny it until the city is vaporized, and then the same people that denied it will say we have to have it to protect the homeland.
I was just given a new machine gun.
I'm going to report you.
You may be with Al-Qaeda, Latrina, because you didn't support this.
We're going to have to take you into custody, Latrina.
I'm sorry, you just questioned me.
I've got a machine gun.
I've got power now.
I serve the pure.
Well, that's what they've been teaching us all along, especially African Americans, is compliance.
So, compliance to your pastors, compliance to your state representatives, to your mayor.
Yeah, they tested on the weaker groups socioeconomically first, as Tony Brown has said.
Thanks for the call.
Good to hear from you, Latrina.
God bless you.
Leon in California.
You're on the air globally.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, this is Leon from Colorado.
Okay, well, fine.
Go ahead.
Thank you for taking my call.
That's fine.
Yesterday, I believe you mentioned about calling the reserves that have been released back into service.
Yeah, they've been doing that all over for two years.
Right, and I just thought it was interesting the number of new soldiers they need just by the end of this month is 23,000, and they want to
Calling another 60,000 ready reserves, that just backs up what you just said about the draft.
It's got the bills introduced!
These people are in total denial!
It's amazing to me that, you know, you talk about... I'll tell you what, stay there, I'll let you finish after the break.
We've got a nation of little children, middle midgets, who've learned to make excuses and procrastinate about everything.
And I'm sorry, denying this, people, isn't going to make it go away.
I can hear the president.
We didn't want to have a graph, but after Chicago got hit, 200,000 dead, we had to.
Everyone has to form up.
If we're getting letters in the mail, don't worry, most of you will be here domestically.
I need four to five million.
Depending on the homeland.
We found out Al-Qaeda controls the Christian Conservatives.
We've got to arrest them.
Stay with us.
More FEMA broadcast ahead.
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It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
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You know, I'm talking to the neocons and liberals out there.
If you people don't wake up and pour a big bucket of ice water on your head, it's over.
People running things are very sinister.
They're very evil.
Their plan's public.
They've been warning you for years.
You better wake up right now.
This is not a joke.
This is not a game.
This is domination.
This is empire.
This is enslavement.
These are the people that created Hitler and Stalin and Mao.
And you better wake up and stop being cowards.
Cowards to the point where you can't even face the facts.
And you know who you are out there.
Now, you can listen to me now and stop this, or you can believe me later when the odds are much greater against us.
Heaven help us.
I will not be on the side of weakness and denial any longer.
I have sworn before my Creator to do His will and to stand against tyranny.
And you should all do the same.
Leon in Colorado, finish up what you were saying.
Yeah, well, two things.
The thing is, God bless you for what you just said, and I couldn't agree with you more about the draft.
I was drafted during Vietnam, and I'd never go again, and I've told my kids, don't you ever go to that thing.
Stay warm and to make money.
Oh, man, it's just unbelievable.
But the thing that really amazes me is how people go for this thing about
We got total failure in our CIA and FBI.
And they all get bonuses.
63% of the government got record bonuses.
It's amazing.
Those that blocked the FBI from stopping hijackers got record bonuses.
Yeah, it amazes me.
You know, I hired a guy to do a job, but he didn't do it.
He wanted more money.
And I fired him and got somebody to do the job.
See, this amazes me that Americans are going for that.
What I called you about was,
In the Denver Compost, that's what I call it, it's the Denver Post, yesterday's paper, they have an article, and right on the paper it says, U.S.
soldiers patrolled near the city center of Baghdad on Sunday atop a military vehicle adorned with a skull and crossbones, and it shows the picture of them.
Yeah, I've seen those photos.
They've got 666 on the helicopters, human skulls hanging off of it.
That's cute and funny, but when scum hangs four of our people up, it's bad.
It's bad when they torture, it's good when we torture.
You've got to learn how to double think.
And the other thing is, you have to go through their doublespeak, but you find out here that, hey, our soldiers are not very happy over there.
They are not very happy, and I don't care what they're... Well, they were promised they'd be home after they got to Baghdad.
That's exactly... What do you expect from a pack of liars?
That's exactly what it's been saying.
Anyway, God bless you, and keep up telling the people what you just said about, hey, get off the fence.
I mean, it's like I was talking to a so-called Christian yesterday in church.
And George Bush is so lordly.
Yeah, well, anyway, he was telling me about, well, I've got to vote for the lesser of two evils, so I'm going to vote for George Bush.
And I said...
Oh, really?
I said, a lot of evil is bad, so you won't vote for John Kerry, but a little evil that George Bush is doing is okay.
But it's not a little evil.
Thanks for the call.
Bush is able to get more through because he has that conservative label.
No, no.
Folks, third hour, ton of news.
Your call's coming up.
Stay with us.
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All right.
Don't forget prisonplanet.tv.
Third hour straight ahead, your calls.
A lot of news.
Stay with us.
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Big Brother.
We've been talking about the unfolding martial law, scientifically crafted technocracy, the global dictatorship funding and
Running the terror attacks to scare the whole world via their terror into total submission.
Bunch of news about the degradation of society, the oil prices, the latest stage weapons of mass destruction, disinfo supposedly capturing some of the Berg killers.
It's all coming up in this third and final hour of this May 18, 2004 global transmission.
And again, I'm your host, Alex Jones.
Thank you so much for joining us.
Let's dive right back into the calls.
Let's talk to Meade in Maryland.
Meade, go ahead.
Meade, you're on the air.
Okay, we're going to move on now.
Let's talk to Ken in Texas.
Ken, go ahead.
We may be having phone problems.
Steffi, are we having phone problems?
Hey, this is Kenneth Fort Worth.
Yes, go ahead.
The American Free Press 10 May by James Tucker is reporting that Bilderberg is having her party 36 June 04 in S-T-R-E-S-A, Italy.
Hotel, D-E-S-I-L-E-S-E-O-R-R-O-M-E-E-S.
Okay, okay, please.
Yeah, I've seen it.
Bilderberg Group meeting coming up in June over in Italy, and then this is the Lords and the Rothschilds and the Oppenheimers, and they all meet and call for their global government.
Yeah, S-T-R-E-S-A, Italy.
Three to six June, so if people want to go visit and talk to them.
I always like to write Dave Rockefeller and tell him I'll take care of his announcements for him.
Well, the military guards them, and you're not allowed to get in, obviously.
Jim Tucker tries to cover it, though.
Yeah, I get Jim Tucker.
I don't want to talk to him about it.
Hey, I heard you on KLF in Dallas last night with Alan Combs.
Yeah, he actually tried to defeat me, but he wasn't very successful.
But I did hear you last night.
You were on AM radio on 570 in Dallas on KLIF.
What did you think of that interview?
It was good.
It was a good interview.
And at least Lee Allen had you on and let you talk.
That cost a big time.
Oh, no, I think he was a lot better than most of these people.
Oh, sure.
I've been handling these people for 10, 12 years, and I understand what you're talking about.
I don't care, and you don't care either, I don't think.
Yeah, keep telling the truth.
That's all you can do.
And he was really surprised that most of the callers agreed with me.
That's true.
And those that disagreed, and these were conservatives calling and agreeing with me, real conservatives, not neocon liberals that are left of combs.
I mean that when I say it, if you want to use that false paradigm.
But he said, I can't believe all these callers are calling and agreeing with you.
And I heard you on Art Bell through the night that one night you were on.
Well, that was George Norrie.
Yeah, but I heard you, and it was good stuff.
I hope they rerun it on an earlier time.
All right.
Hey, good to hear from you.
Hey, nice talking to you guys.
I appreciate your call.
Was Meade ever there, or did Meade just drive off and face the plant?
Meade, go ahead.
You're on the air.
How you doing, Alex?
I just had a sort of a question.
If we were going to impeach President Clinton for being unfaithful to his wife, why aren't we trying to impeach Bush for lying and getting our guys killed?
Well, that's a good question.
You know, they could have gone after Bill Clinton for having Chinese generals in the Commerce Department selling out missile secrets with Rumsfeld, who was the actual bag man, as usual.
But since Republicans were all involved in the real substantive issues, they can only go after him for a sexual tryst because that didn't involve all of them.
So now they don't want to go after Bush for anything because the Democrats are all involved in it as well.
Well, and I have one thing to say.
A friend of mine, Bill, from the town, asked me Friday if I saw the newspaper, and I told him no.
So he gives me the paper, front page.
Chestertown, Maryland is going to have the United States Marines doing a terrorist drill.
Yeah, they've been doing it long before 9-11, openly to suppress the American people.
It's in Police State 2000 and Police State to the Takeover, both those videos I did.
And from Tennessee to Maryland to California to Texas, they're doing drills everywhere of taking over the city halls.
We're in a little rural area, but we're about an hour and a half from Washington, D.C.
How close are you to Hebron, Maryland?
We're right down the road.
And a huge takeover drill in 1998.
Oh, well, this was on the front page, big picture.
They said it's supposed to be real safe and everything.
Stay there, stay there, stay there.
It's finally here.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
We're all in the process of being conditioned, acclimated to evil.
This is being done scientifically.
We have the official government documents on it.
You know, it's like six, seven, eight years ago, I talk about the official government plan to put microchips in you and your family.
People thought it was completely insane.
As on the radio, I read official public documents.
Then after the heightened fear of 9-11, then they play up child kidnapping, which was actually weighed down in actual numbers.
Talk about the epidemic of child kidnapping.
And I said, you watch.
The answer will be a giant rollout of implantable chips.
And a month later it was.
Not because I'm a genius.
I know their game plan.
I've got their playbook, folks.
It's public.
They just know you don't spend your time reading their playbooks.
Everybody needs a chip.
Why the police need it?
It's so good.
Why the military needs it?
And now it's no big deal.
I see articles every day, USA Today, Associated Press, how good chips are for all of us in a global plan to make us have it to buy and sell.
It's just, oh yeah, I've heard about that a hundred times.
You know, we've all been acclimated.
Well, it's like urban warfare training.
In the early 1990s, before the urban warfare training proliferated and exploded,
I was what you'd call kind of your neocon conservative.
Oh, we've got to cut taxes.
Oh, the liberals are going to get us.
I didn't know it was the other side of the same coin, the neocons.
And I would hear Rush Limbaugh and others go, anybody that talks about a black helicopter is crazy.
It's a code word for insanity.
It doesn't exist.
The ADLs are the same thing.
It's the code word for anti-Semitism.
I thought, yeah, black helicopters don't exist.
And then they began attacking Texas cities, burning buildings, blowing things up, front page of the papers, fires everywhere.
I was interviewing police chiefs who were throwing them out of their towns, foreign troops running around, waving machine guns, blowing up buildings they'd covertly leased days before, old people having heart attacks at nursing homes.
And I have the paper, you know, I started talking about it on my radio show, and the paper called me and said, well, you believe in black helicopters.
I said, it was just in your paper a week ago that, you know, Texas under attack, Texas invaded, black helicopters, you know, Austin, American Statesman, San Antonio Express News, Dallas Morning News, just 50 papers in Texas.
I mean, it was everywhere.
Who hung up?
Oh, Meade, I wanted you to hold.
I wanted to hear about the Marines in your area of Maryland.
Call back if you can get back in, Meade.
So I was reporting on the black helicopters.
I mean, all I was doing was reading out of the mainstream newspapers.
That's all I was doing.
I was told it didn't exist.
I interviewed police chiefs.
They attacked.
I got video of it.
It was massive conditioning, and I was a cook to read out of the newspaper because I said it was bad.
You say it was good.
You're sane and wonderful, and it's fine.
This is double-think, double-speak.
Just like the microchips.
They precondition you, then they bring it out.
And it's the same thing with all this urban warfare training with the Marines.
I mean, they've got to have been in 200-plus cities in the last five, six years.
I mean, in 1998, in 1999, in 2000, from Swansboro, North Carolina, to Hebron, Maryland, to Oakland, California, to Galveston, Texas, to...
Thousands of Marines, live fire in the streets, helicopters flying around, helicopters crashing, Ospreys crashing, fire, explosions, blowing up cars, shooting into restaurants, and then by 2000, arresting people at checkpoints.
The Marines are here to help us search your car for drugs.
Then I interviewed military people who in the late 80s were in police uniforms, kicking down doors in Virginia, you know, on gun raids.
Covertly, this whole military takeover has been going on behind the scenes.
And now, every two days, Tennessee, Virginia, Wisconsin, Florida, Maryland, the reports in the last two weeks have just poured in of accelerated drills, live fire, helicopters, practicing taking over the city hall, helping police run law enforcement checkpoints.
You know, it starts out with raising the flag, giving some kids some toys, doing some recruiting.
Day two, urban warfare training for another week, then actually helping the police the next week.
I mean, this is insane!
It's happening right now!
But the body snatchers are taking over, and the average person isn't even aware, and I've become conditioned to it, where I don't talk about it 90% of the time when I've got an article.
I guess me never got back into the phone lines.
He got cut short by the break, and I wanted to hear about locally in Maryland what they were doing.
But it's going on in Tennessee, going on in Virginia right now.
It's been in the newspapers.
Just incredible.
We'll go to Dominique and Russ and Jeff.
Jim and many others that are holding here in a few minutes.
I wanted to let Meade finish up.
We're going to go to Debbie Morrow for a few minutes.
Meade, tell us the name of your paper.
What was announced there locally?
I did see something a week ago about it, but I don't have the details.
Tell us about the Marines and what they're saying they're going to do.
Let me guess.
The article says, don't be alarmed.
Our town's going to be invaded.
They're going to be doing urban warfare training and shooting live bullets.
But don't worry.
It's no big deal.
You'll see troops rappelling.
Is that what the article says?
Pretty much, Alex.
Do you have the article in front of you?
No, I don't, but I can get it.
It's normally the same script.
That's how I know it by memory, but go ahead.
I can get it.
I'll mail it to you.
I have your article.
What's your local paper there?
Star Democrat.
Star Democrat, and the town is?
Eastern Maryland.
Yeah, it's on the eastern shore, a little rural area.
It's right down the road from Hebron.
Okay, go ahead.
And it said there's...
I'll explain it to you how safe it's going to be.
Yeah, of course, yes.
And it's going to be in Chestertown, Maryland, at Washington College, a liberal arts college.
Any student who participates with the Marines has to sign a waiver.
If it's so safe, why do you need a waiver?
And again, there'll be role players screaming, I'm an American, not the camp, no, I don't have firearms.
This is the classic M.O.
Yes, maybe they may have...
Well, they have that in a lot of the public schools, blasting children in the face in the last month, yeah.
Yes, I was pretty surprised, because I'm trying to listen to you every day, and my other co-worker, Bill Willis, we listen to you, and we always hear about it, and Bill was telling me his dad told us about the one in Hebron, and now...
We're actually going to see one.
We're going to try and take off.
A video of Marines with machine guns telling people on public streets to turn their video cameras off.
Well, I'm going to try and find an article on the paper and mail it to you.
I've got your address.
Well, I appreciate that.
Bill and I are going to try and take off and go to Chestertown and just see what's going on with this.
They even give the Marine division and everything in the newspaper article.
Is it the...
Is it the exploratory, what do they call it, the exploratory force?
It might be that or a recon unit.
Okay, well, anything else?
No, that's all.
I just thought you might like to know that it's happening again.
All right, well, you can see video of that.
It's about 15 minutes of the two-hour, five-minute film, Police State 2000.
Black helicopters attacking burning buildings, foreign troops, police chiefs throwing them out, police chiefs admitting foreign troops.
Thanks for the call.
Black helicopters blowing buildings up.
It's all on tape.
All the news articles we show.
Video, then mainstream news.
It doesn't exist.
We're crazy to talk about it.
Let's go to Debbie Morrow.
Debbie, thanks for holding New Millennium Concepts.
Hi, Alex.
You know, I don't know if I ever told you this.
Did I ever tell you I had a friend that ran into a black helicopter while hunting?
That was probably one looking for marijuana patches, but no, you didn't tell me.
Yeah, do you know he died two days later?
No, I didn't know that.
Yeah, he had no spleen.
He lost his spleen in a car accident, you know?
And he was a really healthy person, out hunting, you know?
Great Christian guy, Christian leader in his ministry.
And him and a friend were out hunting outside of Conroe area and they ran into a black helicopter.
He went up to the helicopter and two days later he died.
And they said it was an infection.
Well, it was in the Barnett Bulletin five years or six years ago that the black helicopter flew over the schoolyard.
They saw them spraying.
It was in the newspaper, and everybody got sick and began flopping around vomiting.
That's how long ago it was, about five or six years ago.
Oh, yeah, these non-existent things blowing buildings up, flying around you.
So, we have first-hand experiences, or second-hand, I guess, because it didn't happen to me, thank God.
Debbie, the body is 70% water.
This is an area we can take control of our lives.
We have water purification units made in America, high quality.
People need to take action.
How do they get them?
Well, they can call me at 1-888-803-4438, and they can get a Berkey water filter and start taking control of what they're putting into their body.
You've got a bunch of different packages, a bunch of different specials, a bunch of other videos, CDs, information about sheltering in place.
You've got the $1.99 special, the $2.59 special.
This is a premier system.
It'll go for years and years and years.
Just an amazing system.
It purifies the water.
It doesn't just filter it.
Big difference.
That's right.
And it really will make you healthier.
It even changes the pH of the water so that your... You know, we should just trust the government, though, Debbie.
We should just drink the water despite the stuff we've got them doing.
We should just trust them.
Yeah, right.
Okay, Alex.
Well, hold on.
Let's talk about this some more.
Stop drinking the nickel, the mercury, the herbicides, the pesticides, the Ritalin, the Prozac, the birth control pills.
It's time to stop drinking the MBTE.
It's now time.
Debbie, you're going to be there taking their calls.
I am and please leave a good message because I have had to start working in the evenings because we are getting a little more calls coming in and so I am calling people back and if it's okay to call in the evening, if they could leave that on the recording and say they're central or whatever so I know where I'm calling to.
I don't like to try and call them too late, but it's okay to call at night.
Folks should go ahead and call you now.
Good chance they'll get you or somebody else.
1-888-803-4438 or BerkeyWater.com.
Just put in the comments section if you want the Sheltering in Place video or the Prudent Places DVD or CD.
Tell them what free gift you want.
Put that in the comments section or Infowars.com.
You can order there as well.
That's 1-888-803-4438.
Thanks, Alex.
You're awesome, and we appreciate you.
Love you and all of your listeners.
All right, folks.
888-803-4438 or BerkeyWater.com.
Put in the comment section you heard here to get the special and to get the free gift.
All right.
Sped through that, but that's important stuff.
Please focus on what we're saying.
Your calls, more news straight ahead.
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Jack Brownrigg for Midas Resources.
Last summer, we did some two-year comparisons between the equity markets and gold.
Let's update.
January of 2002 to January of 2004, the Dow was up a whopping 2.2%.
The NASDAQ in that same time frame is flat.
Two years ago, the U.S.
dollar was worth 17% more than the euro.
Today, the U.S.
dollar is worth 28% less than the euro.
Guess which one has gold backings?
January of 2002, gold spot was $2.83.
January of 2004, it's well over $400 at a 13-year high, up near 40%.
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All right, my friends, back live here.
Take about ten more calls, and I'm going to hit some other key news stories, like ABC Television.
They have a white-swapping swingers show.
Now, I expected Fox to come out with this, because their main job is to destroy the family.
It's the most socialistic, most evil network in news and in fiction.
You know, get somebody's fiance to cheat on them, you know, the scantily clad models trying to have sex with you on TV.
All of this, this is the conservatism.
Every male character in the fiction program is a weak person who's bad.
The children are out of control.
I mean, this shows the level of degradation we're talking about.
Let me mention this, too.
The International Olympic Committee is approving transsexuals to compete in the women's games.
I mean, you talk about cheating just on the face of it.
I mean, how insane and ridiculous.
You've got a man dressed up like a woman.
Different bone structure, different muscle mass, different brain.
And they're going to compete against the women, so I guess we'll just have the transvestites winning all the Olympic Games.
This is the insanity, the mental illness of the political correctness.
It's a joke!
All of this is insane!
Even if you just think the transvestites are wonderful, you do not let them pose as women.
It reminds me of the Russian women on steroids with beards, beating our women in the powerlifting or wrestling.
But now we're just going to have men with wigs on running.
This is stupid.
He says he's a woman.
This is a mental illness.
We're going to go to Russ and Jeff and Andrew and Bill and David and others.
Russ in Alabama, go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
I've been listening to the groundswell of your listenership, which you and others have been instrumental in succeeding in waking them up
And these people continually ask you, what do we do, what do we do?
Which makes it so perplexing to me why you and others like the Democratic National Committee, who are under the same financial thrall as the people who are financing the Cheney-Hitler fascist war machine, continue this conspiracy of silence against the mainstream viable candidacy of Lyndon LaRouche for president, who...
Still leads the other president candidates, Kerry and Bush, in individual, single contributions from individuals, not deep pockets contributions.
I've got to stop you right there.
It sounds like you disagree with me on something, so I have to hold you over.
I will, Rush, but I'm completely confused.
You said I'm under the Democratic control?
No, it's very perplexing to me.
The same people who are trying to silence the candidacy of LaRouche, why you would be in this same mood of letting day after day go by of not promulgating the fact that this is something that people can most infallibly do.
Well, number one, sir, I can't even get LaRouche on this show.
And number two, let me finish.
For 12, 14 years, I've been watching their weekly TV show, and I've seen them change what they say, change what they do.
One day Al Gore's bad, the devil himself.
Next day, he's good.
You know, talking about the Anglo-American establishment, the British Empire running things, that's all true, but LaRouge's answer is this big socialized government not run by the corporations, and that's just as bad as the socialized government run by the corporations, and I don't agree with Mr. LaRouge's policies.
All his rocket ship talk doesn't allure me with all his technology talk.
It's like retro-socialism from the 20s or something.
And, you know, we'll have Mr. LaRouche on this show if he wants to come on.
But getting through his people is something else entirely.
Well, you've got to interview five of our people first, then we'll have him on.
And, by the way, do you want a subscription to our intelligence report?
So, come on, man.
Listen to me.
You can forget the presidential elections.
They've got CIA-run machines in there.
The presidency is totally taken over.
The fight is at the county and city and state level.
This is not a fly-by-night third-party candidate here.
You're not listening to me.
I don't agree with Lyndon LaRouge.
I agree with the problems he brings forward and who's behind it.
I do not agree with his solutions.
I do not agree with him, so do not expect me to agree with him.
There's a lot to learn about his solutions.
A lot to learn?
I'm going to know a lot more about Lyndon LaRouge than you do.
Oh, really?
You spend five hours a day studying?
You watched his TV show for 14 years?
I have been looking and dealing with the LaRouche party here pretty assiduously for a while now.
Ah, stay there.
We'll talk about it when we get back.
LaRouche is going to save us.
He didn't have anything to say about the CIA running the voting machines, though.
You can just forget the presidential election, people!
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Nine hours a day on this network.
No excuse no matter what schedule you're on to miss the broadcast.
Okay, we're talking to Russ in Alabama, and I come at him with, there is no presidential election, Kerry and Bush are cousins, same group, totally staged, most of the voting machines are CIA controlled, that's been publicly admitted, I don't agree with Lyndon LaRouche, I've seen him change his story, seen him change his propaganda.
What he's saying, what he's doing, and the caller just keeps repeating, Lyndon LaRouge, Lyndon LaRouge, oh, holding back his information, oh, the answers he has, he talks in big words.
So, without getting into emotional terms, explain to me where I'm wrong, and explain to me how Lyndon LaRouge is going to be elected president and save us.
Well, first of all, thank you for agreeing not to get into emotional terms.
I am looking at one of his information papers in front of me.
It's talking about Walmartization.
It's talking about Cheney's disinformation peddling.
Yeah, he talks about a lot of real stuff, but his solution... What is his economic plan?
Well, his economic plan... I want to find out if you know.
First of all...
Do you understand that neither Bush nor Kerry nor anyone is talking about the core of the economic problem, which is the very... Well, that's because they're behind the debt bubble.
They're behind the fractional reserve banking.
Yes, I know all about the Federal Reserve.
Tell me what Lyndon LaRouche's economic plan is.
Do you understand that Lyndon LaRouche is... Yes, I understand all of it, buddy.
I've been watching his TV show for 14 years.
I'm asking you, you tell me what his economic plan is.
His economic plan is correlative with that of FDR.
To establish a bankruptcy reorganization of the big governments that we already have and the big debt bubble which is now worldwide and to address the fact that there is an impending economic collapse which, of course, your people at Genesis, Midas Resources and so forth are all saying because of the fractional banking and he wants to establish bankruptcy
Okay, now it's my turn.
It's my turn now.
Listen to me.
FDR was horrible with a capital H. FDR was a new world order minion, put us into receivership for the banks to start the new bubble you see.
FDR expanded.
Let me talk.
Listen, we can have a discussion here, but it goes both ways.
To expand this bubble, to get everybody sucked into it.
Big government is what the big corporations want.
Work brigades and social works programs are horrible, whether it's corporatism or socialism, controlling it and running it.
And see, there you go.
I'm against FDR.
FDR was horrible.
FDR was put in to run all these scams.
Edward Mandel House, Mr. CFR, running that administration.
Give me a break, man.
Give me a break is not a factual argument.
No, I just told you.
Big government, socialism, the biggest growth in the federal government ever.
You're telling me FDR's good.
That is very serious.
I just gave you factual information.
The idea of a libertarian abolition of all government involvement in... Nobody's talking about the abolition of all government.
Government's exploding at every level.
Democrats, Republicans, and LaRue says the answer's an even bigger government.
I guess I'm getting to the fact that you seem like there's a black and white, cut and dried, laser... Yeah, there you go.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Sir, listen.
FDR was a New World Order tool from his own writings and expanded the size of the New World Order.
And you're sitting there, come on, man.
You're sitting there telling me it's a good plan?
It's good?
Just because LaRue talks about Walmart and the British establishment and the scams and the banking, I said his problem discussion is all real.
His solution, expanding the government, socialism, is bad.
Alex, we have socialism.
You're failing to recognize an ally.
Yeah, so we need to get out of socialism, not deeper into it.
Because one of our legs is cut off, we don't take a hatchet to the other one.
Okay, I understand the analogy, and I used to believe these things.
Let me ask you a question.
Let me ask you a question.
Hey, hey, let me finish.
Put him on hold.
Put him on hold.
Put him on hold.
Put him on hold, guys.
Listen, sir, I'm not going to spend all day with you.
But because we're already in socialism doesn't mean that we go deeper into it.
Whether it's communism, fascism, socialism, anything that commands and controls the system centralizes power and corrupt people are going to suck from that trough and seek to expand that trough and bleed you and your family.
It doesn't work.
We're not honeybees.
We're not fire ants.
We are not a communal, communistic creature, and bleeding hearts like you think it'll all be great, but it doesn't work like that.
You get secret police and corruption in any socialist system.
Now, my last question for you is this.
If you've been watching them for decades, in the early 90s they were saying, Al Gore is an evil demon, British intelligence.
Later, oh, Al Gore is fighting the evil British intelligence, get behind me.
What you have is, they know the left's going to wake up to the New World Order, so they have a catch group, which is LaRouge, to scan everybody off into that.
And that's what happened.
Go ahead.
Well, should I go ahead with trying to answer the question you asked a couple minutes ago?
Yeah, go ahead, answer it.
You're failing to get into the details.
No, I haven't failed anywhere.
Well, excuse me for using the U word.
No, I just haven't failed.
I explained it clearly.
Let me rephrase.
The details of FDR's plan were not implemented correctly, and they were...
Okay, let's say he's a great guy who wanted to give us all freedom.
You notice he tried to build a command and control system, and evil people got control of it.
Oh, what a surprise!
That's the point.
No matter who runs it, how good they are, which he was bad, by the way, if you give them the levers of control, those levers will be used by dictators.
We are already having dictators, which are using... So exactly!
If the Constitution isn't bad, we left the system with FDR.
Thanks for the call.
Give me a break, buddy.
You can call me earlier in the broadcast later this week.
We can spend more time.
I just got a lot of calls and final news I've got to get to.
Very frustrating talking to you, Russ.
You just aren't facing the facts.
The big government's bad.
I know.
I'm a liberal because I say that.
Let's talk to Jeff in Louisiana.
Jeff, go ahead.
How are you doing?
Hi, Alex.
How are you doing?
Listen, what bothers me the most is they're going to bring this stuff down while people are at work.
They're not going to be able to get their children, yes.
Yeah, that's what bothers me, and all my stuff's here at home, and I could be, you know, 30 miles away.
Well, get your children out of the government training camp.
I don't have kids.
I don't have any kids.
I don't have to worry about that.
But, I mean, what can people do?
I mean, you know, especially with me, I live where I live.
There's no swamps around here.
And nobody I know of has really done a good swamp survival video.
Well, sir, the takeover isn't going to be everywhere at once.
It will be in a certain region, three or four states.
If they're smaller, one or two states.
Texas, Oklahoma has been in one of their plans.
Operation Dark Winter, 1999, 2000.
So you're saying we may get a little bit of warning at least.
That's what I'm worried about.
It'll take a few hours to move all the highway dividers in.
That's why they're trying to put in automated ones now that automatically lock down the cities.
Oh, okay.
Okay, then.
All right.
Well, thanks, Alan.
Thank you.
I appreciate the call.
Let us now go ahead and talk to Andrew in New York.
Andrew, go ahead.
Thank you for taking my call.
You bet.
I was wondering if you got the article.
It was about Cato Institute.
They said everybody should take microchips.
I did not get that, but I saw a quote of it in the newspaper.
Tell us about it.
Okay, well, they said that why not everybody should take a microchip instead of a national ID card.
People could get around it.
They said that it wouldn't work.
Yeah, and Andy Rooney said everybody needs a microchip on 60 Minutes.
It's just out in the open.
Yeah, it's just out in the open right now.
Cato Institute, and it was also in the U.S.
Did you email that to me?
I will.
I'll definitely do it for you.
Tips at Infowars.com Okay, tips at Infowars.com.
I'll also, the reason why I called today, I wrote an article for Fenton Dunn, break for news a couple weeks ago.
It was about the April 19th Sears Tower story?
And on the morning of April 19th at 1 a.m., Joseph, what's his name, from World Net Daily, Joseph... Farrah.
Farrah, thank you.
He posted the article saying on April 19th at 1 a.m.
in the morning that the Sears Tower was being targeted for a chemical bomb attack and the plot was foiled over in England.
Are you aware of that story?
Yes, I did see that.
Okay, I wrote the story on April 8th.
Yes, I remember.
The reason why I did it was because, obviously, I know these people who are doing this stuff.
Thank you.
There were hundreds of people out in front of the Sears Tower with signs saying, Bush, please don't blow it up.
You're kidding me.
Oh, my God.
Well, when I read that in the morning, I thought it was over.
I thought we were good.
But this is the reason why I called today.
49 days after April 19th is the 7th of June.
The 8th of June is the transit of Venus.
Are you aware of this?
Yeah, and the globalists are obsessed with going in front of the sun.
Venus is the morning star.
They're obsessed with numerology and the planets.
They're absolutely obsessed, yes.
And if you want to bring about world government... You know why I'm really concerned about the Sears-Taylor?
I'm concerned about it because Larry Silverstein, the owner of the World Trade Center, just bought it.
Go ahead and finish up your comments.
June 6th is considered a 6-6-6.
Six months, six days.
2004, two plus four is six.
June 7th is the 999th day after September 11th.
As above, so below.
Blavatsky, have you heard of that?
As above, so below with six and a nine.
You want to bring about world government.
They want to do this by the numbers.
Well, God be it.
June 6th, the 7th,
The 8th transit of Venus and the 9th, which is the 1001th day after September 11th.
Those four days in the realm of the sixth month of June.
All I want to say is, heads up.
I hear you.
I agree.
It's very serious.
Thanks for the call.
Good to hear from you.
Let us now go ahead and talk to Dave in Pennsylvania.
I believe Dave's up next.
Dave, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Yeah, I'd just like to say keep up the good work, and I'd like to make some comments on this draft thing you were talking about.
I disagree.
I think a national draft would be a good idea from the standpoint that when everybody's in the same boat,
See, I see it from a different... Yeah, I know.
You heard Rangel say it for that reason, to sell to the left until you think it's good.
No, no, no.
No, it's not about that.
But a lot of people supported this war in Iraq because they think maybe we're going to get some cheap oil, and plus...
It's going to be somebody else's kid's car.
Well, I mean, Domino's reported its biggest pizza order ever was on the night of the Gulf II.
People love to sit there drinking.
I talked to a liquor store owner, and he said record sales of liquor that week.
They love getting drunk, sitting around feeling powerful in their easy chair.
Yeah, but that's when it's somebody else's kid going to fight the war.
If everybody's kid... But the globalists are ready for riots, and ready.
They want this.
Order out of chaos.
Thanks for the call.
I disagree with you.
Who's up next here?
Elizabeth and Marilyn and TJ and Ron, that's it for calls for those three.
Elizabeth, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I have the newspaper about the Marines.
And how does this grab you for the headline at the top?
Usually these exercises are carried out in the national capital region and cities, but with the students finished for the year, the college offers a type of closed campus facility that is similar to a federal installation and is the perfect spot for this type of activity.
Well, they normally do it in the streets.
How about that?
It's always in your town the first.
You're special.
Yeah, isn't that great?
And they claim that Ed Berkmeyer, who was the county health department head, and he was also recently appointed a bioterrorism director, he supposedly just struck up a conversation with this general, David O'Dell, who built a house near Chestertown.
And he invited him down to Camp Lejeune, and they learned a little bit more, and they decided they would have this big thing come here.
Yeah, it's just, it's not a part of an organized plan, just an urban warfare takeover drill, magically, they decided to have.
It's a friendly little get-together.
Does it mention helicopters repelling live fire?
Oh, yes, there's a picture.
Helicopters similar to this CH-53E Super Stallion.
Transporting two vehicles will conduct overflight and landings on the Washington College campus.
And you know, I kept thinking, when you mentioned Hebron, my husband and I really were riveted by your 911, the road to tyranny, to see those kids riding around on their bicycles like tipsters to tell where the guns were located in the homes.
And that's admitted, yeah.
Training your children to tattle on the guns.
And you know what?
This colleague, during his lifetime...
President George Washington gave permission for them to use his name, and they've been getting more and more globalistic.
About two years ago on their calendar of events,
They had a visiting professor speak from Havana, Cuba, and he was telling how much better it was to have socialism than capitalism.
That's right.
Thanks for the call.
To socialize our wealth and suck it into the corporations.
in Minnesota.
T.J., go ahead.
Alex, you have not called or written for a while, so I thought I'd better touch base with you so you know I'm still operating up in the upper Midwest.
I got a couple questions and a comment.
I want to hear you again on Coast to Coast with Richard Mack, and I think if you communicate with him, maybe you can help him out.
We need Randy Weaver for a candidate for Iowa governor down there in Iowa.
Richard Mack in Utah and Alex Jones in Texas.
Don't let it go to your head.
I said no thank you.
Go ahead.
Police state three total enslavement.
I'll let you go.
God bless.
Watch your airspace and your backside.
All right, thank you.
God does that.
Ron in New York.
Ron, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I don't think you'd probably see this in your area, but in the local New York news markets, we have the 9-11 commission, basically.
It's a televised circus, really, being broadcast, 9-11 hearings, and the commission headed by former Governor Kaine and all.
This is ridiculous.
This thing isn't even getting to anything concerning or regarding what was the cause of what happened on 9-11.
Anything of that nature.
It's basically... It's basically we need a domestic CIA and more funding.
Well, and it's also like one civil service head after another in the New York City government coming up just reassuring everybody.
I guess they're doing this for the delegates that will come to New York this summer for the GOP convention, assuring them that everything is safe and that they're taking all great measures...
This is political circus of the lowest order, really.
It's like burlesque political theater.
This is doing nothing.
It's accomplishing nothing.
It's not really getting to the basis of what caused those events nearly three years ago.
This is really for consumption of, like, the public, the lower intellectual public.
That's really what this is.
Entertainment for the plebeian public.
They're doing something.
They're keeping us safe.
Take more of my freedoms.
I want to be safe.
That's basically what it's about.
They're not really investigating what happened and why it happened.
They just got like you had the police commissioner come up and another commissioner, another commissioner, and this is what we're doing.
They're trying to reinsure out-of-town obligation.
I hear you.
Some final news items on the other side.
Stay with us.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here.
And the behavior of our police is a reflection of our government.
One look in the mirror and we know our country is entering a high-tech police state.
Here's just a sample from my documentary film, Police State to the Takeover.
In downtown Seattle today, the First Amendment ended.
A civil emergency was created by the police.
Riot police attacked people on the streets indiscriminately.
The medical bills...
Are going to be enormous for me.
You see them here with their hands cupped behind their backs.
They are being led into the Sandpoint Brig.
The neighbors in that area of Sandpoint Naval Air Station were shocked to hear that the old brig was being reopened.
We're good to go.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
The choice is actually very, very simple.
You can be free or a slave.
And if we've got a population in denial about the national draft when it's public, you're going to have a population in denial about 9-11, all this urban warfare training, the rest of it.
Stocks hit 2004 lows on Iraq oil prices.
Reuters reports stocks sank yesterday.
And today, with all three major market gauges falling to their lowest levels this year after the killing of a key figure in Iraq's new government, increased investors' worries about geopolitical instability and helped push U.S.
oil future prices to their highest levels in 21 years of New York trading.
And this England demon torture master over there, New York Post reports, made them...
Crawl on glass and made men do other things we won't mention.
This is just all part of the freedom, the love that the good guys do.
United Press International, Army CIA want torture truths exposed.
Efforts at the top level of the Bush administration and the civilian echelon of the Department of Defense to contain the Iraq prison torture scandal and limit blame to a handful of enlisted soldiers and immediate senior officials, officers, has already failed.
The scandal continues to metastasize by the day.
We're good to go.
None of these groups has chopped liver.
Taken together, they comprise a devastating grand slam.
And they're just basically coming out and going, look, it was Operation Codename Copper Green.
We were ordered to do it.
How dare you try to burn us for orders we were given?
And it doesn't abstain you.
You're a bunch of sickos, okay?
I mean, going in there and finding these mentally ill federal prison guards, flying them over there, having them rape women and children, beat people to death, you're just as guilty.
But, yeah, the rats are leaving the sinking ship.
Oh, well, we were ordered to do it.
And it's not just, you know, England and others saying it.
It's not just the generals saying it.
It's the Army report.
You can't... Rumsfeld's been on TV promoting torture.
This isn't debatable.
This is public.
And it...
Goes on and on.
The neocons put out the video of head chopping, and oh, we'll see torture's good, and they'll blow something up and legitimize it all totally.
We're out of time for this transmission.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2 Central.
Please tell your friends and family about the broadcast.
I feel a lot of earnest.
I feel frantic.
Things are coming down very quickly.
We're on the edge here, and what we do, what we say now can back them off, or it can go the other way into total despotism.
Who stands to gain from terror?
Then the evidence of who's been behind the terror.
The material and circumstantial evidence is clear.
Not just the motive.
The globalists are behind it all.
Find out the truth.
Spread the word about the truth.
Inform others like your life depends on it because it does.
Get my film, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
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Hello, folks.
Alex Jones here.
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Try halo-methanes and volatile organic elements such as aptazine, benzene, chloride, and chloroform.
Foul taste and obnoxious odors like sulfur.
Even nitrates.
And unwanted heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and aluminum aren't extracted.
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