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Air Date: May 4, 2004
2430 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
Ultra-massive transmission against tyranny lined up for you.
Now, my friends, on this live edition of
The Alex Jones Show.
I'm Alex Jones.
Hard to believe that it's already Friday.
Well, we've learned that the government used the Patriot Act against the ACLU to block them for months.
It's not a month like the news is saying, for months and months, in a lawsuit they had filed concerning the Patriot Act.
So you see now, suing the government, they come in and use the Patriot Act on you.
They're using it against county commissioners, topless bars, pot dealers, to get people's medical records.
They've said they'll use it for all crimes or all suspected crimes.
It has nothing to do with terrorism.
Homeland Security now says their message is, and their mission is, fighting terrorism and crime, and they're helping put up the face-scanning cameras nationwide.
Well, now...
They've gone after Bev Harris.
And Bev Harris, of course, corporate crime investigator, journalist, broken literally, it's got to be over 50 major news stories concerning massive, scientifically crafted election fraud, coast to coast, how the CIA covertly runs most of these companies.
Well, I shouldn't say covertly.
Vote Here is run by Robert Gates, former head of the CIA and a bunch of admirals, but
She's been under investigation.
They've been using the Patriot Act to keep her quiet about it, and now she's refusing to do it.
Under investigation for exposing that coast-to-coast, Diebold and others have been stealing elections.
It's admitted.
Convicted computer crimes specialists, people who have been convicted and given felonies, you know, are their vice presidents.
Just caught manipulating votes with wireless transmitters in the machines.
No ballot, no record.
League of Women voters on the dole, on the take, saying we don't want any records of how you vote.
Lobbying against Congressman Rush Holt's bill.
This is the type of stuff we're dealing with.
She's written a 27-page article detailing this nightmare.
It is on Infowars.com.
And being uploaded right now to PrisonPlanet.com.
Bev Harris is joining us in 30 minutes.
Exactly 30 minutes from now.
Then in the third hour, Dr. Dennis Cuddy, worked inside the New World Order system, and just an expert on 9-11, the globalist terror paradigm, you name it.
And of course, we'll also have wide open phones to get into all the latest news and developments.
The Secret Service wants your name.
We'll subpoena this website.
And it says the Secret Service has been harassing her, telling her not to tell the public that they're investigating her using provisions out of the Patriot Act.
And then I have the article from Monday where the ACLU sues the government
Over the fact that they go into cases in businesses and computers and libraries and bookstores, you name it, and says, give us everybody's names, but don't tell anybody we were here ever, or you'll be arrested under terrorism.
In fact, there's an execution clause in there, in Patriot Act II, strengthening that.
And now they're using Patriot Act 1 on these people, saying, yeah, you can't tell anybody about the suit until it finally got leaked out.
So that's the new America, my friends.
It has nothing to do with terrorists at all.
Well, I guess it does.
The globalists are the terrorists taking our right to vote away.
And the average yuppie just can't face the horror that in every civilization that's had voting, there's been vote fraud, and that it's happening here again.
Happened with Kennedy, LBJ, you name it, but couldn't be happening in an orchestrated systematic event.
When we've caught them hundreds of times doing it, we'll be right back.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, now 8 minutes 25 seconds into the second segment of this global transmission, this report against tyranny.
As we chronicle the New World Order's sinister, and I mean sinister, activities.
Yesterday, I didn't even get in to the unmitigated, unadulterated, massive, brutal, sadistic torture taking place against Iraqis in Iraq.
And then last night, I had a chance, stuck in traffic for about an hour, to listen to Neocon Radio.
I probably tune into 25 different shows across the AM band.
And they were celebrating the torture.
They were celebrating forcing the homosexual activity on these poor people.
They were celebrating having them hold electrical wires standing on a bread box over water.
They were celebrating it.
It's good!
But at the same time, it's bad when Saddam does stuff like that, but good when we do it.
See, I'm like Winston Smith in 1984.
I've got to learn my double thing to stay sane in an insane world.
I've got to learn to love Big Brother every day.
There's two more articles today where it says, Big Brother's actually good.
Big Brother's actually helping.
Big Brother wasn't so bad after all.
Every day.
I know you see the articles.
I know you see it on the news.
Big Brother's helping.
Big Brother's here.
It's so wonderful.
He's our friend.
If you go to fowars.com and prisonplanet.com, we actually had the photos up there three days ago.
And for some reason, I never talked about it.
I'll tell you why, for some reason.
It's like when USA Today came out and said, oh, there were plans to fly drills, to fly remote-controlled hijacked jet aircraft in the World Trade Center and Pentagon, done by the Pentagon.
What do you know?
I almost didn't even cover that at first, because, oh, that's such old news for us here on this broadcast.
And again, I'm not tooting my horn.
Oh, we're so advanced.
Oh, we have all the answers.
What I'm saying is that a lot of times when something's new to the country, new to the world, it's not new to this brain or to you, and torture, yeah.
Look, why are you hearing about this torture now?
Why did it come out on CBS News a few days ago?
Why is it a big story?
Because the hired thugs that they hired to do this, with violent histories as jail guards, you name it, because these idiots thought that it was so normal and so kosher and so acceptable what they were doing, because it was all being supported and mandated, they didn't think they were doing anything wrong.
They were proud of it.
You know, they didn't think it was a crime.
And so they were emailing it around and giving it to people.
You know, video, video stills.
And I've talked to my sources in the media.
Supposedly this video is a lot worse.
As usual, CBS is not showing you what really went on.
It came out in the London Guardian, the Associated Press, what, six months ago, that at Camp X-Ray...
And remember, the head general over Camp X-Ray, Brigadier General Rick Baucus, with a sterling record, resigned, and they said, no, you're fired, almost two years ago, and he said, I refuse to torture anyone, much less innocent people, at Camp X-Ray.
Well, then it came out later that last year they finally had to release several hundred people who had no connection to any terrorist, and it came out that they would bring in prostitutes,
And I hate to get into detail here, but this is what they did.
And to a Muslim that is just very unclean, I think to anybody that is, much less just a prostitute, period, and made these men have sex, chained down with prostitutes that were, well, I already said it,
Now, that was in the Associated Press, but never in your big national news.
It was on the news wires.
I didn't see it in a single paper.
Like Rick Baucus was in the AP.
He gave a Rhode Island interview where he lives, talked about it, was in the AP.
We called him.
He said, look, I've been told to shut up.
Kind of like the firefighters we call about the bombs going off.
I'm not going to come on.
They talk at first and later shut up.
Just amazing.
And so the only reason you're hearing about this now is because the goons they hired to do the torture.
For 50 years, our government has trained the world how to torture.
They trained Saddam how to torture.
He went to CIA school for two years in Egypt and in the United States.
He was trained to the most vicious ways to torture, the most vicious ways to kill, the most vicious ways to assassinate with knives and rifles and bombs.
An absolute killing machine killed hundreds of communists for the CIA.
And then was put into power and lavishly tortured and lavishly did everything he did.
So these idiots, these psychopaths, these sickos that did all this to these Iraqis, basically all of them are innocent.
I mean, they just grab people randomly off the street if they don't have a license to sell tangerines.
That's been in the Associated Press.
Again, never in your newspaper.
Take them to the Halliburton-run FEMA camp.
It's a private FEMA camp.
They're at the airport.
There's dozens of them around the country, but that's the big one.
The only reason you're hearing about it, to make a long story short, is because these guys put the information out, and so they have to now say, oh, we're going to discipline or fire, not court-martial, but fire this female general, oh, it's all her fault, and we're going to court-martial six of the goons, that's a new kind of word, six of the cowards,
Don't call our troops cowards!
Making men have homosexual sex together is a good thing!
That's conservative!
No, it's not.
Your gun control, your open borders, your neocons isn't conservative, and neither is making a bunch of naked men.
I don't want to go into any more of it.
I mean, come on.
In Road to Terror, in Masters of Terror, in Police State 3 Total Enslavement, in 9-11 Descent into Tyranny, in Order Out of Chaos, in the two books and two videos we've put out on 9-11, in these incredible docubombs, these info weapons, we have the New York Times, the AP, all of it going, with these people going, which time to use rubber hoses and pliers, it's time to torture people, and the law enforcement magazines, yeah, let's torture people, and
Yeah, let's kill them.
Let's torture.
Torture is good.
And then, not just in reality, but then in fiction, you know, chaining people down in 24 and Threat Matrix, blood spraying, torture, their bodies smoking, and the good guys have to do it, and torture is good.
School of America for over 50 years changed the name a year and a half ago.
Train people worldwide.
Death squads.
You name it.
How to hook electrodes to...
People's sexual organs, how to do things I won't even mention on air, how to put a funnel in somebody's mouth and pour gallons of hot water down it, how to shoot Tabasco sauce up people's noses, how to pull fingernails out, and the psychology of how you're doing good by this.
And the naive American people don't even care, aren't even aware of it.
Aren't even aware of it.
And so some of their sickos think it's totally legal, think it's okay.
You know, they get Fox Television and the Barrett's where torture's good and how wonderful it is, and they're told to torture these people.
So, hey, let's email the video.
Let's pass photos out.
Every few days I see a photo of...
Troops making a child stand up saying, the Marines killed my father, raped my mother.
I love them.
And the child's smiling, and the troops laughing behind them.
Troops with skulls on their tanks.
Troops with 666 on their helicopters.
Reuters television had all that.
Just swarms of helicopters with 666 coming in.
And the Arabs call us the great Satan.
I wonder why.
But I really got sick last night.
Stuck in traffic.
Listening, just flipping through channels going, no, no, no, it can't be.
And this is what I would hear.
George Bush is a master.
He's so incredible.
He should have testified publicly.
Oh, this commission's so liberal.
Two of them walking out.
You know, more theater.
Oh, oh, you know, the troops torturing these people.
Well, they're terrorists.
They're killing our people.
We ought to get tough.
Level Fallujah.
Kill them all.
I mean, I'm living in Nazi Germany.
I'm living in Nazi Germany.
I'm living in... It's just sick.
And so, I didn't, the last few days, even cover the torture in the photos of people with hoods over their heads, in literal sheets with holes all in it, dirty, standing on top of bread boxes with water flowing beneath them with electricity hooked up to them.
Men all piled up having to engage in sexual activities.
I don't even want to cover the Associated Press and the London Guardian where it's admitted that they bring in prostitutes with these poor men chained down who have their devout religious beliefs and do this to them.
But that's not the beginning of the torture.
I mean, they say it's not torture when they fly them over naked
Chained down on C-130s, all those photos of them naked on 23-hour flights, chained down naked with aircrafts that aren't heated, literally going into hypothermia, a lot of them dying, putting them into...
Containers, and leaving them in the sun for three days, 3,000 of them, or much of the 3,000 died.
Those that didn't, they lined them all up and machine-gunned them.
When four reporters got the news report and satellite phoned it in, they then got into the Northern Alliance territory and got whacked by some of the mercs so they couldn't tell the full story.
That's your loving government.
Who admits, by the way, they target and kill Western journalists?
All admitted right out in the open, right out there for everybody to see.
And they put goggles on them, headsets on them, nose plugs in them, a mask over their face so they can barely breathe, chain their hands behind their back or in front of them, and make them sit on their knees.
I want you to sit down right now and put your feet up underneath your knees and then be forced to lean back on that.
You try that for five minutes.
It's one of the most horrible forms of torture.
Imagine having to hold your arms out to your side.
Remember in football when you were bad, they'd make you hold the two helmets out to your side and after a minute or two it became agonizing?
Imagine having water flowing beneath you with high voltage hooked up to you for hours.
Hello, folks.
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Who had the United Nations, that's who runs the internet, shut down her websites for exposing Diebold's internal memos that the idiots had a link to on their website.
Defeated them in court.
Now she's been the focus of harassment by the Secret Service and others using the Patriot Act telling her to keep her mouth shut.
So see, it's to fight the evildoers that hate the freedom.
That's what the Patriot Act is all about.
And the terrorists attack us because they hate our freedom.
I bet the terrorists would like to take our right to vote away.
I bet the terrorists are the types that would try to shut down a woman who's been exposing election fraud and making major news reports over and over again.
So that's coming up, my friends.
Again, making somebody sit there with electrical wires in their hands on a bread box over water for hour after hour after hour, making people contort into weird positions, making people do unspeakable... Dozens and dozens and dozens have died at Camp X-Ray, have died at the camps in Iraq, and it's always suicide or an accident.
But then our TV shows tell us torture's good, and the news says torture's good, and they hire all these jail guards and send them to Iraq, and they're going to come back and do it to you.
That's what it's all about, having our new ruling elite.
Meanwhile, Bush and Cheney, together to keep their story straight,
I had a little meeting together yesterday with the 9-11 Whitewash Commission.
Remember, they tried to have Henry Kissinger be the first so-called independent head of it.
It's like having Jiang Zemin investigate Mao Zedong.
And they go in there for this closed-door meeting, and the major report is that Senator Kerry and one of the other buffoons left for other meetings.
Oh, how disrespectful of the leader.
That isn't even the issue.
It doesn't even matter.
They're all New World Order.
Mr. Kerry was a hit team commander running giant torture squads, admittedly, that killed tens of thousands of people in South Vietnam.
The corrupt South wanted your business for your wife?
You're supposedly a Viet Cong?
We're going to torture you, and Mr. Carey helped run that.
So, I mean, it's just a sick joke, my friends.
And Bush came out.
I heard this on NPR.
I was out working on a new video last night.
Didn't get to watch it.
I didn't hear the audio, and I did record it because I had the VCR set for midnight when it re-aired on C-SPAN.
Bush goes, if I had anything to hide, I wouldn't be talking to the commission.
If I had anything to hide?
I mean, how guilty is that?
If I had anything to hide?
I'm not a crook.
And all these softball questions by the reporters.
I just heard some snippets of it.
I haven't watched the video yet.
I just heard Bush say that.
I mean, what a joke.
What a sick, sick, sick joke.
And they didn't put Bill Clinton under oath.
They didn't put George Bush under oath.
They didn't put Dick Cheney under oath.
As if they follow an oath despite that.
I mean, we've caught them lying to us hundreds of times.
You know, the Spain bombings were very suspicious.
Ten precision bombings right before an election.
We're good to go.
I think?
Then a few weeks ago, when they were going to bust some of the bombers, supposedly, the Spanish news reported, we just talked to the police, they're planting bombs in the building.
The police are.
We just saw them doing it, and they just said it's for everyone's safety.
That's what they said.
Suddenly the whole building blows up.
No, no, no, that report was wrong.
The terrorists blew themselves up, but now we can't talk to them because they're all dead.
Well, BBC reports, and it's the same thing every time,
Spain's suspects were informants.
Oh, they're always living with the FBI, living with MI6 or MI5, or living with and having their cars and credit cards and homes paid for by the intelligence agencies.
The Spanish Interior Minister says it is investigating reports that two suspects in the 11 March Madrid train bombings were police informants.
The move came after Spain's El Muno newspaper said that Moroccan Raif Zur and Spaniard Jose Amilo Surraz had been in contact with police before the attacks.
The men are suspected of providing dynamite for the attacks, which killed 191 people.
Yeah, like the FBI threw an Egyptian security force agent, Salam, giving him the bombs, telling him to carry out the bombing.
He says, no way, records the FBI and the First World Trade Center bombing, telling him to go ahead and bomb the building.
That's your loving government, folks.
Same thing every time.
It never ceases.
It's the same thing over and over again.
We'll be back.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Hello, folks.
Alex Jones here.
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It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, coming up here in just one moment, we're going to have the premier expert on electronic voting machine fraud, run by, in her words, companies with no visible means of support, with their boards heavily infested with defense industry types, former CIA directors, you name it.
So that's coming up here in a few minutes, and she's been under investigation, or part of an investigation, and she's been harassed mightily, and the Secret Service told her to keep her mouth shut
And not to talk.
And just things got worse and worse.
So now she's going public.
She's written a detailed 27-page report about this.
And it's at blackboxvoting.org.
It's also on infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
They've been trying to bring down her site.
All types of stuff.
You need to go to her website.
She has her book free for download.
An incredible book.
I think you should buy a copy there, a hard copy.
Mirror it on your website.
Make sure this gets out.
Because by the time you see it in your mainstream newspaper, it's just, oh, there's a few problems with the voting machines.
Yeah, like engineers quitting and saying it's a total fraud and vice presidents being convicted hackers and wireless machines manipulating votes in real time being caught and then, oh, it's just an accident and
Again, it's all coming up here in just a few minutes.
Just some major bombshell events for you.
But before we do that, we've launched PrisonPlanet.tv.
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That's 888-253-3139.
And I'm now carrying Jews for the Preservation of Firearms video, the best pro-gun history of mass murder after gun control video out there.
It is an incredible film.
We're now carrying that.
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So again, 1-888-253-3139, or write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001-3001, South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
I get really fired up on the days where I've already done several interviews.
I did an hour and 50-minute interview on KTALK.
Salt Lake City in another interview, so I'm pretty pumped up right now.
Let me just read a few paragraphs from a 27-page article, and then we'll get to Bev Harris, who's being persecuted, and who is a modern American hero, one of the best and brightest people I know of, and if we had more like her, we would save this country.
And if more of you don't stand up, it's over.
Blackboxvoting.org, main story.
The Secret Service wants your name.
We'll subpoena this website.
And by the way, they read every word.
Hi, Agent Mike, this investigation no longer passes the stink test, Bev says to him through the communication.
He says not to tell folks about the investigating they are doing.
I have cooperated ad nauseum to this absurd investigation of the Vote Here hack, which looks to me like it's something entirely different.
I'll tell you what it looks like to me.
A fishing expedition.
It appears that they may be using the Patriot Act, which we found out they are, just like they told the ACLU they couldn't talk about a lawsuit against the Patriot Act under the Patriot Act, to circumvent some of the civil rights protections laid down in the 60s.
You see, it is illegal for a government agency to go in and demand the list of all members of a group.
And you can investigate leaks to journalists by going in and grabbing the reporter's computer.
After the Diebold memos were leaked, put on their main website, folks, and my website was shut down, around the time of the California recall election, which Diebold basically ran, I started getting solicited to accept Vote Here software.
I didn't bite because it was obvious that it was an entrapment attempt.
Okay, a word about Vote Here.
This is the company that has no visible means of support.
It doesn't seem to sell anything.
Its board is heavily infested, as all voting companies are, with defense industry types.
A former CIA director, Robert Gates, now heads George Bush's School of Government.
He's on the board.
And Admiral Bill Owens, also vice chairman of SAIC and a member of the Defense Policy Board, with Mr. Pearl and Wolfowitz, a very close friend of Cheney, Washington Secretary of State Ralph Munro, and others.
And it says, under the Patriot Act, hacking crimes were turned over to a new division called the Cyber Crimes Division and placed under the auspices of the Secret Service.
And let me tell you what they want from me now.
They want the logs of my website with all the forum messages and the IP addresses.
That's right, all of them.
A giant phishing expedition for every communication of everyone interested in the voting issue.
This has nothing to do with vote here, hack investigation, and I have refused to turn it over.
Now, understand, this is a chilling effect.
They went after universities that posted the Diebold documents, and finally they backed them off and defeated them.
Criminal documents showing the manipulation of our elections, showing the cover-up, showing up the holes in the software, that somebody linked on their page that they found on the server, no hacking, just clicking...
Then they went after Bev.
She defeated them.
And now they're after her again, telling her not to speak out, not to defend herself.
She's doing the right thing fighting back.
Whenever they grab you for something, state, federal, or local, they'll tell you, shut up and we'll go easy on you.
That is a complete fraud.
If we stood up to this persecution, they couldn't get away with it.
Bev, thanks for holding for seven minutes while I ranted and raved.
Good to have you on.
It's good to be back, Alex.
I talked to you during the break, and I mentioned what had happened with, and I know you're busy with a voting issue, and you weren't aware of it.
ACLU suit questions FBI methods of attaining records.
What's happening to you right now?
The American Civil Liberties Union disclosed Wednesday that it filed a lawsuit.
This is getting outrageous.
It's absolute misuse of the Patriot Act.
And this is basically just...
It's taking something and another blank check.
In other words, we just gave them a blank check with the Patriot Act and said, do whatever you want.
And they are.
Well, they wrote it for the general public, and they said they're going to use it on the public in their congressional testimony.
But then when they talked to the media, they said, oh, no, it's not for the public.
They're already using it against pot dealers.
You name it.
Yeah, they began using it against all kinds of silly things.
They used it against eBay once on some kind of a credit card thing.
I actually wrote something up about this about a year ago.
I never dreamed it was going to be me next, but, you know, this is the way it's going to be.
Well, Bev, you're hitting them and hitting them hard, because the three major voting companies all have CIA people on the board, obvious Defense Department funding, taking over our voting.
We've caught them coast to coast.
Give people an overview of what's happening and the attack you're under.
The attack I'm under or the attack the industry's under?
Because I think that's what's really spurring it.
What happened in California last week has got them absolutely running for cover.
Because you have now the California Voting Board recommended to the Secretary of State that he decertify Diebold in four counties and turn them over for criminal prosecution.
So you see...
We're drawing blood at this point, and rightly so, because the documents that were leaked last week were Diebold's own lawyers' memos, in which Diebold's own lawyers are telling Diebold it's been committing crimes, and its lawyers are sitting there discussing how to lie to the Secretary of State.
It doesn't get much worse than this.
So, yes, funny thing.
Just as this happened, I get my next call.
Stop right there.
Let's stop calling him Diebold, the CIA.
So the CIA is in a lot of trouble.
Well, whoever is involved with it is in a lot of trouble.
No question about it.
They don't like the fact that they're getting caught.
And by the way, Bobby Rosevich, president of Diebold Election System, said in front of the California voting panel, we were caught.
I'm sorry.
Now what does that mean?
By the way, California decertified it.
Most of the country.
It's going to be the largest company counting votes in 2016.
Now, I have an article here where it says that two brothers are going to own and control 80% of it.
Bob Yerosevich, who I just mentioned, the fellow who said we got caught, is the president of Diebel Election Systems, and the other biggest company, Election Systems and Software, is one of the executives there is his brother, Todd Yerosevich.
Together they founded election systems and software, and now two different brothers are in management at two different companies that control 80% of the vote.
Again, for people that just joined us, Diebold engineers have gone public, said it's a complete fraud, makes it a few regional papers, never in the national news.
You've talked to all the big reporters.
They all want to do it.
They've been told no.
Diebold has convicted felons running elections in the last California election.
We're good to go.
He's married to the family, and they own the voting machines, Bev.
Well, yes, Tom Hicks, by the way, is a big Clear Channel person, and he has a large, large stake in that company.
These companies are not independent.
And by the way, there are voting machine companies that produce paper ballots that are independent, that are honest businessmen.
There are three of them that are out there.
They've been...
Certified, they've been used in elections, but we're not buying from the good companies.
But the federal mandate, the billions of dollars, is mandating these touchscreens.
How do we stop them?
Well, understand something.
There's three companies who are making touchscreens with a paper ballot.
They're very good companies.
It's just that the county officials are not buying their equipment.
They're telling everyone a complete lie and saying they're not certified.
They like the special machines.
They are.
They like the ones you can't audit.
Which is basically the only difference is the ones without the paper, no one can check up on them to see what happened.
Now where's the League of Women Voters?
They've been energetically...
Well, let me tell you about the League of Women Voters.
They're fixing to have a meeting in June, and their local chapters are going to have it out with the national chapter, because the local chapters...
By and large, won a paper ballot.
The national chapter, for some mysterious reason, is absolutely dead set against it.
And so I'm going to join the League of Women Voters, by the way.
I think you should.
Don't you think I should?
I think I should be there.
And I encourage everybody else who believes in fair voting and an honest election.
And a paper ballot to join the League of Women Voters and let's all show up at their national meeting and voice our opinion.
Well, how do... Exactly.
But imagine the premier, you know, guardians of the republic, guarding the vote, going, we do not want any record of the voting.
And I'll tell you something right now.
If the League of Women Voters was on the right side of this issue, we would already have national legislation to protect our vote.
Well, the globalists are Trojan horse masters.
I mean, we'd have our Second Amendment back if it wasn't for the Trojan horse NRA, but people can't get their minds past the label that the NRA is worse for guns than Chuckie Schumer.
And I mean that when I say it.
Now, let's go back here, Bev.
You're under attack.
This Secret Service agent.
How did this start?
What's going on?
Break this down for people.
Well, it started legitimately in a way...
Vote Here claimed that it was hacked.
Now, I say claimed because this is a company that's run by CIA cryptographers who specialize in security.
So, I have to say, it's a little odd, the timing, and it seems a little unusual that someone would be able to hack into such a place.
But they claimed they were hacked.
And at the same time, I had received these solicitations for the Vote Here software, which I didn't take.
I felt it was entrapment.
I didn't bother.
What I got was an email that said, click this link for the Vote Here software.
Now, this was ridiculous because Vote Here had announced it was going to be putting its software on the web as open source momentarily.
So the idea that you would go and get it in some clandestine way when it was going to be out there anyway.
And I don't know anyone who's interested in their software.
They don't sell anything.
They're not anywhere, you know?
We have better things to look at.
Be that as it may, because I had gotten this solicitation, I did not feel it was inappropriate to talk to the people who were investigating this so-called hack.
And the first thing I did was tell them, make sure there was even a crime.
Because it sounds to me like this may have been not really a crime.
This may have been an effort to get more information.
Then, as they began supposedly investigating this vote here hack, they spent almost all their time asking questions about the Diebold memos, which have nothing to do.
This is two different companies.
And they admit that Diebold, Diebold, somebody put it on their open server, obviously leaking it.
No one had to hack to get this, and they admit that.
It's worse than that.
When they investigate this, they say, we're not interested in that and we don't care how the Diebold thing happened, but then all of their questions have to do with that.
So it's like, well, what are you investigating here?
Are you investigating vote here?
Are you investigating this other thing?
And then most recently, the agent made sort of a pointed statement
And he said, by the way, I was on the plane with you recently.
And I was like, well, what are they doing now?
Trying to tell me they're following me?
This is silly.
Well, let's give their names when we get back.
For your protection, yeah.
I think you need to be very careful, Bev.
The Central Intelligence Agency does not appreciate you trying to stop them from overthrowing this country as they've done 100 third world nations.
We're not your slaves.
We're not your property.
We're the real patriots.
We will defend against you to the hilt.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
We answer these vital questions and much, much more in my newest and most explosive documentary yet, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
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All right.
We're talking to Bev Harris of blackboxvoting.org.
Spread the word.
Mirror her site.
Get the information out.
Act on it.
Warn everybody.
Bev Harris continuing with this agent who's telling you not to talk to the public.
How many meetings have you had with him?
What's his name?
How many agents have you talked to?
What are you dealing with right now?
Face-to-face meetings have been either two or three, and then at least three more by telephone interview.
He brought an FBI agent with him one time.
He now tells me that he wants me to talk to the United States Attorney.
I actually did put his full name on the web, and then I'm not going to do that.
I'm calling him Agent Mike.
Mike is his first name.
I'm going to give them an opportunity to behave correctly.
One more.
Now, the minute I get a subpoena or I end up with these federal marshals at the U.S.
Marshals at my house, which I've been told may happen, you know, grabbing things, at that point everything is going to have to go public.
But I'm going to assume maybe they just overreached and they'll rethink things.
We'll see.
Well, look, they're very upset that all this is coming out.
They are not happy campers.
Well, Bev, so you don't want people to know this guy's name.
I just tend to do things in a sequential fashion and I think we've outed the situation here and I have lawyered up so that they have to go through that and I don't, you know, there's
Between you and me, there's nuts out there who do stupid things, too.
I don't really want to have his family targeted or anything like that.
Well, that's not going to happen.
None of us want anything like that.
But we need to know... You know, these guys want to sneak around when they're public servants.
We need to know who's telling you to keep your mouth shut.
Oh, yeah.
He works for the Secret Service.
Not the FBI, but he works for the Secret Service.
And he's in the Seattle office.
And, um... Well...
You know, he may just have actually believed this story about Vote Here.
I just don't, I don't know.
Yeah, but you say he keeps bringing up Diebold.
Yeah, he does.
We need to know who our public servants are and what they're doing.
And the timing of his calls doesn't make sense either.
Every time there's a big news event with Diebold, I get a call.
You know, and it's like, well, what does this have to do with Vote Here?
Well, I mean, look, the government's already shut your website down once and then tried to shut universities down that were exposing public information, but they're trying to stop the truth.
And, you know, this character may be just a useful idiot, but, you know, for the record, it's good to know who's doing this.
Now, he's telling you not to talk.
What does he say to you?
Well, he feels that, you know, if I talk about it, it'll alert the other witnesses.
Oh, let me tell you this.
I have not told this in public yet.
You get a scoop.
A small one.
One of the reasons I decided to go public, you see, is he was investigating a couple of other people who had some documents that might be of interest, or he said he was.
And actually, their documents are a lot more responsive to the Vote Here hack than mine are.
And so I asked him when he started demanding that I come in and do all these things.
I said, well, have you talked to these other two people or asked them for their documents, which are actually responsible?
Well, he had not.
Now, originally he said, you know, don't tell anybody about this because I don't want the other people to know that, you know.
And if he's really investigating a crime of a hack into Vote Here...
That's plausible.
But then if you don't even go talk to those people and you don't ask for their documents, which are very responsive, and then you keep coming back to me, then we're up to something else altogether.
And at that point, I just said, okay, you know, enough's enough.
If you were serious about vote here, you'd be asking for, you know, the stuff that I told you to ask for and who to ask.
No, they seem to be wanting my stuff.
And the stuff he's asking for makes no sense.
For example, he says he wants the web logs from my site during the time of the Vote Here hack.
Well, my site was shut down during that time.
We discussed that it was shut down due to the Diebold cease and desist.
So there wouldn't be any web logs.
And then it's like, well, you're not going to give them to us?
Well, you're being uncooperative.
And about that time, my lawyer said, well, you may now see some U.S.
Marshals showing up trying to seize your computer.
Well, that would be just a ruse, then, if that's the case.
Well, it's very important that everybody mirror blackboxvoting.org right now.
Would you agree with that?
I think it's important to have that ability out there.
Okay, stay there.
A lot of other news concerning the election fraud itself when we get back in the second hour.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
Mainstream media.
Big Brother.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, we've got Dr. Dennis Cuddy, expert on the New World Order, joining us in the third hour.
For another 30 minutes, we're going to have Bev Harris from blackboxvoting.org.
Targeted by Diebold and other sinister groups trying to shut down our site, trying to shut down universities, exposing public documents about all the scams that were going on.
Now the state of California is talking about indicting Diebold officials and others.
They've been caught red-handed engaging in... Their engineers have gone public.
But this is just one company.
There's other companies, Vote Here and others, with former CIA directors and admirals on their boards.
It's like a CIA reunion, basically, front companies, in weird fishing expeditions, nothing to do with Bev Harris, who's a corporate crime investigator and an award-winning journalist.
Just incredible what's happening to her, and they're telling her not to talk about how they're investigating.
They want information from her about a non-existent hack of Vote Here, the CIA front,
And then they're always bringing up her other investigations and basically trying to intimidate her and telling her to be quiet, and now she's speaking up.
And we have her 27-page analysis of this at Infowars.com.
Bev Harris, I'm going to ask one of my webmasters to mirror a lot of your site, if that's okay, because they brought your site down once, and now you could be raided any day as your lawyers are telling you.
Would you like me to do that?
You know, that's why I've tried to make all the information available from the get-go to as many people, because this is a situation where we've got a clear and present danger to our democracy, and we need to have everybody putting their shoulder to the wall.
I think it's a great idea.
Okay, we've just got a few minutes in this quick segment.
You're talking to a jury in a summation, two and a half minutes, what's happening with election fraud, who's behind it, and how do we stop it?
Well, what we have is machines that were...
Constructed and enabled for fraud.
We have election officials who sometimes are paying no attention whatsoever to doing their due diligence.
They're simply listening to whatever the manufacturers say.
They're parroting talking points written by public relations firms which were hired by the manufacturers.
And then they're running out and spending millions of dollars of your money, taxpayers' money, on these machines which basically take away the auditability or the ability to prove that the vote was counted correctly.
This is the situation and we've got conflict of interest at the highest levels of the companies that are producing these machines.
So essentially, American democracy now is based on the vote and you end up with a handful of cronies in a private company with secret software counting your vote and you can't watch.
And you don't even know, by the way, if it's your vote because you can't even see how the vote was recorded.
This is not how you run a democracy.
And, Bev, they've been caught coast to coast.
Hundreds of articles admitted were accidentally miscounting or criminals running it or engineers going public or wireless Internet connecting during the election, changing votes.
I mean, they've been caught, these companies, all across the country doing this, and nothing ever happens to them.
They've been caught, and you're right.
We seem to be going through this phase where corporations are running the government and can do anything they want and don't have to follow the law.
Well, I'll say big corporations.
Now, those of us who own small corporations, who are just honest local businessmen, we get nailed for all, you know, we have to do every single thing just exactly the right way.
But these big ones just do whatever they want.
Well, that's fascism.
They're organized crime syndicates.
They control the government.
It's parasitic.
It's predatory.
Right, right.
And what we're seeing now, I really take my hat off to California.
They may not be going as far as I'd like them to be, but at least they're looking at it, and at least they're trying to be objective about this.
I want to talk more about that.
We've got them right, but there's discussions of criminal charges now.
And, Bev, you've got a huge archive.
I mean, every week there's probably 15 new articles of election fraud where they catch them doing stuff.
But just take, you know, say five or six, ten of the big election fraud where they've been caught red-handed, these big companies, from Texas to Kentucky to California to New York.
Some of the criminals, public criminals they have working for them.
And then the criminal charges that may be coming.
Then we'll take some calls.
Stay with us.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
You'll have a chance to talk to Bev Harris, the premier defender of your right to vote, of the First Amendment.
That's part of it.
Freedom of the press, religion, protest, voting, all of it.
And it's sinister.
I mean, the CIA, they just brag.
I saw some guy on Fox News last night.
I never watched TV in Washington.
He goes, well, I was in the CIA.
We killed a lot of people.
We need to kill everybody over there and hire thugs and dictators and pay them lots.
This is what we do.
It's like, it's gangsters watching Armitage.
It's like watching the kingpin with his big bald head laughing.
Ha ha, I'll tell you how we do it.
We handle everything real good.
I mean, just, it's like watching The Sopranos or something.
Yeah, we're running your voting machines.
Yeah, don't worry.
We're real conservative.
We've overthrown a lot of countries and now we're doing it to you.
We're going to shut that Bev Harris down.
Shut that lady up.
She's not going to stop us.
We run things.
I mean, seriously, folks, that's what it's come down to.
So, Bev Harris, most of the people out there aren't ever going to go read all the hundreds of mainstream articles that are regionalized where our boys are publicly being caught by people like you.
Our own employees are blowing the whistle.
What are you going to do about it, Bev?
Yeah, what are we going to do about it?
It's us, isn't it?
You got a problem, lady?
We run things.
You got it, Mac?
Well, the most troublesome thing, isn't it, is that they don't really run things when there's 200 million Americans.
It's just that we need to light a fire under the 200 million Americans to say enough's enough.
Oh, yeah.
Well, what happens when the boogeyman terrorist pops out?
That'll distract you real quick.
We own you, lady.
We own the country.
You know, that kind of stuff isn't fooling a lot of us anymore, is it?
I'm the kingpin, didn't you hear?
Yeah, well, doesn't it seem to be just all about power and fear of losing it?
I mean, it's just not even about money, although it is about that.
Bev, our boys at Diebold told us they will deliver the votes to us.
Indeed they did.
Indeed they did.
So probably it's up to us as voters to deliver a Diebold right out the door.
Okay, well let's get into what's happening in California in more detail.
But first, give us just a smattering.
You've got hundreds of these on your site.
We have a lot on Prison Planet, but you keep it up to date every week.
Give them some of the examples of what these companies have been caught doing.
Well, for one thing, whatever it is that they tell us that we're buying and that they hand over to the certifiers is not within the machines.
Indiana just found that election systems and software was using uncertified software in its machines.
California found that every county except for one used uncertified software.
Let me explain what that means.
That means the software that is counting the votes in the machines, nobody has authorized or looked at.
We don't know the names of who wrote it and we don't know what it does.
And so that's one thing.
And the machines are miscounting.
They lost 7,000 votes in Orange County, California.
San Diego County, 40% of the machines didn't work on Election Day.
The Associated Press reported that in the last two years, one million votes have been lost.
I mean, we're talking about, we don't even have any idea.
Because, you see, what we did was,
We don't even have the procedures in place to even know what's going on.
But I went around and started visiting poll workers and election judges, and I said, did you see anything?
This stuff is not even getting reported.
Look, right here in Austin, it finally got reported three weeks after we brought it out.
Magically, people that were pro-America were all winning.
Suddenly, the machines all malfunctioned, the new ones, while the clerk was out mysteriously.
And then suddenly, all the numbers flipped, but no investigation.
Well, that's the kind of thing.
There isn't a procedure when stuff doesn't match.
Listen, I talked to an election judge down in San Diego.
She said her machines didn't even agree with their own self.
The screen would say one result and the little ticker tape they print out at the end of the day to see how many voters showed up would say a completely different number than the screen.
Now think about this.
Suppose you have a computer and you have a document on the screen and you hit the print button.
Isn't that kind of unusual that the thing that will come out of the printer is something completely different?
Well, also, I'm talking about all the articles we post, you post, where there's 10,000 registered voters and 14,000 vote for the establishment candidate when there's not even that many voters.
Oh, absolutely.
I mean, Indiana, you know, 5,000 voters in one area and 144,000 votes showed up.
This is the kind of thing where you have to say...
Then they go ahead and certify it and go, oh, yes, they've been elected.
Well, in Orange County, they know that 7,000 people got the wrong ballot that didn't even have the right things on it, and they did.
They went right ahead and certified it, even though there was not 7,000 votes separating some of the races.
Now, they caught Diebold a couple of elections ago in California with the touchscreens going in to the computers during the election.
Talk about that.
That was actually not Diebold.
That was Sequoia Voting Systems, a little-known...
One that will start getting onto the radar now.
Sequoia Voting Systems, which is in Houston, by the way, I believe, is, yeah, there was a guy who was a technician for the company, and by California law, it's illegal for a technician to go dinking around with a machine during the middle of its accounting.
But he's outside the building.
He has a disc or a memory card in his pocket.
He pulls it out.
He says, let's see if this will work.
We're good to go.
Then after it was uploaded, he put the card back in his pocket, left the office.
These guys are chasing him, saying, what's on that card?
What's on that card?
He says, it's my personal card.
Then he gets on a plane and goes to Denver.
He leaves the state, which is evident in his pocket.
So there's guys just running in, doing stuff.
And this is not the only one.
Election systems and software.
In Stanislaus County, three people had access.
I mean...
And there's no procedure.
And this is the places that actually have a window so we can see.
The latest thing is, when they get to central count and they start tallying up the vote, they shut the door and we're not allowed to watch.
So we don't even know who's in there.
They always do that in Austin.
Now, on top of this, we also have, again, cases, as I mentioned, of convicted felons running elections.
Well, yeah, and we haven't even finished with that.
Andy Stevenson and I, and Andy's just, he is a hero.
He's running for Secretary of State and he and I are suing our own Secretary of State over all this stuff.
But, you know, he and I started looking at criminal records of these guys
And we found a guy who'd been indicted for Sequoia Voting Systems.
We found a guy who'd been indicted for ES&S.
We found five people for Diebold.
And we didn't half get finished.
The criminal courts building closed before we were able to finish our list of 20 people.
I have to tell you, I'm laughing, but it's because this is so out of control.
If you don't...
Have a sense of humor while you're investigating this one.
You would just be going into a dark depression.
Okay, now the latest developments with Diebold out in California saying, oh yeah, we got caught, we're sorry.
In a nutshell, tell folks about that.
Got caught again.
I think one of the California voting panel hit the nail on the head when he said,
I feel like I'm in that movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray where I keep hearing the same lies from Diebold over and over and over.
They were caught back in October and November.
They were caught again in December.
They wrote a letter which is on the California Secretary of State promising never to do it again and they got caught again in March.
Never do what again?
Never to put uncertified software in the machines that they made up at the last minute.
They did it again in March right before Super Tuesday.
And they also stepped up to the voting panel and lied about it because they didn't know we had a witness who worked for them who actually was told to install the uncertified stuff.
He came up next, and I will tell you the cross-examination of Diebold that followed that was not pretty to watch.
Oh my goodness.
So now they're talking about criminal charges.
They pulled back certification and there's going to be a big decision today.
We're going to see what happens because the panel can recommend what to do and they recommended unanimously the decertification and that they turn Diebold over to the Attorney General for criminal prosecution.
The Secretary of State today has the authority to make some directed decisions
...decisions, and so we're going to see some more news, I think, coming out of California today.
Don't know how far he's going to go, but this should be interesting.
And then again, we also have people like Senator Hagel, who wants the national drought.
He owns the voting machines that people vote for him on.
Well, yeah, he and his campaign finance director, and you also have the state of Ohio, who, this is just bizarre.
Now, California has found that the DSX machine that was used by Diebold...
Massively failed.
Disenfranchised voters.
Well, it failed to us.
It worked quite well for them.
Well, people couldn't even vote.
It failed so badly you couldn't even cast a vote.
And so what is Ohio doing?
Ohio counties are running right out and buying the exact machine that California just decertified.
Somebody explain that to me.
I mean, we're talking about a $130 million purchase.
And they're running out and buying what California just decertified and submitted for criminal prosecution.
That's irresponsible.
Well, I mean, if you're a criminal, you want a criminal system.
Criminals got to help each other.
You know, I mean, I just spoke with an Ohio reporter this morning, and he said, but Diebold is an Ohio company.
And I said, well, I don't care if it's an Ohio company.
Its own lawyers are saying in their own memos that it broke the law repeatedly.
What do we have to do here, guys?
It's amazing.
We're going to come back and talk to Carlos, Mike, Kirk, and others with Bev Harris.
The website's blackboxvoting.org, also blackboxvoting.com.
If you've got a website, mirror her report or mirror her book that she's put out for free.
Buy a copy of it, an original nice cover color copy of it, but also get it out to everybody.
If people still read...
And still care about freedom.
You need to buy this book or go download it for free.
Bev, can people obviously order the book off the website?
Yeah, they can also order it from Amazon.
By the way, don't go to .com.
That site is a bit of a renegade right now.
He seems to think I wrote the book for free.
Whatever gets bought off of that site, I'll never see.
Oh, so you don't want the... No, it's by someone else.
Just .org.
Go to .org.
Okay, .org.
Okay, great.
All right.
Thanks a lot, Bev.
We'll be right back.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
All right, we're talking about Harris.
Let's go straight to the calls.
Carlos in California, thanks for holding.
You're on the air, sir.
Good to talk to you, Carlos.
Alex, how are you?
Yes, you know, I've been forced sometimes before...
An official from DeVos was engaged in a Republican election strategy session with officials from the Republican Party.
He was in the session with them, and what he said is that he was going to try and swing the vote, the Ohio vote, to them.
Well, his quote is, we will deliver the Republican Party.
What's the exact quote, ma'am?
We will deliver the election to Bush in 2004.
No, we will deliver Ohio's electoral votes to Bush in 2004, something like that.
And, folks, that's public.
That's on the record.
He didn't even just say it.
He wrote that.
He wrote it in a letter.
Is that arrogant or what?
But I just want to impress on Ms.
Harris to stand her ground.
The New World Order has got an onslaught on many disciplines to curtail our mediums of communication, our communication.
You know, they're setting up.
Three speech zones in universities, in areas where the president arrives.
I mean, this is ridiculous.
Yes, and you know, I want to say something for Carlos, because I want Carlos to spread the word on this.
It's not well known.
Sequoia voting systems is going into heavily Hispanic areas, and that system we now have looked at, it is amazing.
It can flip the Spanish language ballots to the opposite candidates.
I have no idea why that features in there, but we've got to do something.
Because when you create the ballot that shows up on the touch screen on Sequoia Voting Systems, you have an option.
You can tell it, when you vote for Ron, record the vote for Ron.
But you can also say, when you vote for Ron, record the vote for Dave.
On Spanish language only ballots.
So we have got to get the word out that there's some very strange stuff with the Spanish language ballots with this one company, and it's going into Riverside, Harris County, Texas, New Mexico, Santa Clara County.
We've got to get a look at this thing.
So I appreciate your call, Carlos.
Yes, thank you, Carlos.
Thank you, sir.
Designed for fraud.
Let's talk to Mike in Illinois.
Mike, go ahead.
Caller, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Mike.
Okay, he's away from the phone.
Kirk in Colorado.
Kirk, go ahead.
Hi, good afternoon.
I wish you could tell you're making a difference because they're after you.
But, you know, what gets me is I work in automation, so I understand computers and programming and how that stuff works.
And I tried to follow a machine one time, and I said...
And I asked the voting official, how do you tell if that's accurate or not, or that it's not been tampered with?
And he shows me this little white sticker on the back.
I'm like, oh, give me a break.
And I asked him if I could follow it.
He said, no, it was against the law to follow it.
I said, I just want to make sure my vote even counted.
Oh, no, it's private software, so no one can look at it.
I mean, third world countries let outsiders come in and watch the counting, but not in America.
Well, this has always been a beef with me, because...
How can people think they can sneak into a booth and cowardly vote where nobody... I mean, it's not a John Hancock saying, hey, I go for this, you know, on paper.
They cowardly sneak in there and vote and think it matters.
So you've really opened several issues.
And I know I'm going to get some heat for this, but some of the people that call Alex's show are probably some of the dumbest people I've ever heard.
Some lady called up the other day and says, oh, we're being exposed to something, you know,
It just floors me that she doesn't even know what a micro-REM is or what the exposure levels are, like it's five per year or whatever for maximum.
Anyhow, you have to have a time limit on that also.
These people are so concerned about making a squirrel into a hat that the geniuses... Let's face it, Archibald has a lot of customers and they committed that fraud.
Why aren't they going to jail for committing fraud with these machines?
And, you know, here's the other thing.
As we've noticed, it's hard to put a corporation in jail.
You can only go after the individuals, and the individuals keep skipping out.
They pass those laws.
Just like when you invest in the market, they pass laws so that, like blue chips, you can't go after the companies if they rip you off.
And people think that's legitimate.
I mean, there's a lot of idiots out there that actually think that Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto.
I mean, that was just tacked on to discredit his work.
And you're dealing with people out here that are just, I mean, you know, right now you would think they would just like, oh, my God, all of our boating has totally been corrupt for all these years.
You know, I mean, they don't put a spectrum analyzer on it.
They don't look at the power signal coming in to see if there's some sort of, you know, frequency on there that can be, you know, bypass the filters and set the circuits in there.
I mean, you've got these idiots who don't even know what a PLC is.
And yet you're trying to talk to him.
And I understand what you're up against.
Well, I'll tell you what.
I'm going to let you go, Kirk.
Bev, could you do just a few minutes on the other side to finish up some calls?
Yeah, let me just say this now.
Look, our callers are not stupid.
Not everybody's an engineer like you, Kirk.
I mean, I don't know all the details about different radiation levels.
I have the scientists on to tell us because they're the scientists.
So come on.
I bet you don't know rocket science.
Neither do I.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I got a star on my car and one on my chest.
A gun on my hip and the right to arrest.
Before we go back to Beth Harris and a few final calls for her that I'm getting into the 9-11 whitewash commission, torture in Iraq, the police state here domestically.
We've got Dr. Dennis Cuddy joining us in the next hour as well.
An expert on the New World Order.
Before we do that, you know,
Kirk in Colorado, I'm sure you're a nice guy, but just because somebody doesn't know what different radiation levels are or the different scales of that doesn't mean they're an idiot.
At least our listeners are trying to learn, trying to get informed.
I mean, the average high school senior doesn't know who the vice president is, doesn't know how many continents there are.
That's all by design, but they know all about Britney Spears, they know all about football, they know all about baseball.
We've been focused into issues of little or no significance.
And so this broadcast is about trying to get people to become focused about, well, the CIA openly running three of the major election companies.
No records.
Their own engineers going public saying it's all a fraud.
Their own documents saying this.
Meetings where the reporters actually get tape recordings of them talking about racketeering and how they have to cover all this up.
There's a lot to know.
I mean, I don't know how a computer monitor works.
I don't particularly know how to change my oil, but that's about it.
I'm smart in certain areas.
I'm stupid in others or uninformed.
Just like I bet you don't know how to build a Saturn rocket to boost to the moon.
You know, we all have to seek after knowledge.
That's so important.
And a lot of Americans don't even think about, you know, where the food in the grocery store comes from.
We're kind of all in this big maze, not questioning the man behind the curtain, but beginning that journey of questioning is how we're going to turn this around.
Bev Harris?
Well, I've got to love you, Alex.
I love the way you stick up for everybody in our... Because this is particularly my battle here with the voting machines.
We can't win it without everybody.
And I'm telling you, I do mean everybody at every level, because we can't expect these officials to do it for us.
It's not going to happen.
We're the people.
We're the bosses.
We have to take on our responsibility.
There's 200 million of us, and we do outnumber them.
But we've got to take responsibility for our own situation.
That's right, and not have them just laugh at us and say, okay, pat us on the head, now you go home now.
No, you stop your crimes right now!
That's right, and guess what?
Along those lines, blackboxvoting.org, if you scroll down, you can sign up for the cleanup crew.
The cleanup crew, we are putting people in, kind of like secret shoppers, we're putting people in as poll workers, election judges, and also a lawyer's hotline, a computer hotline.
And we are going to be not monitoring this election in the old-fashioned sense.
No, this one, we are going to have some specific ways to call in immediately and get this stuff on record when we spot problems because they're all over the place.
Listen, I've talked to people in the three counties that now have the touchscreen no record system.
There was total fraud all over Williamson County, Travis, and Harris.
And they didn't have a place or a way to report it quickly.
This next time, we're going to be together.
I sent out a call for 2,004 volunteers.
Well, it looks like we're going to have 20,004 volunteers, and I want people to sign up for this cleanup crew because we're going to take back our own election.
We've got to do what we can do, and I will give everybody a job to get out there and report this stuff immediately.
Get it to the litigator's hotline immediately on that day so that we have...
We have something that we can do.
We can all get out there and do it.
I don't want people to go, oh, I won't bother to vote because this is messed up.
Now, our ancestors died for our right to vote.
We need to go vote, but we also need to go monitor the heck out of it.
Well, isn't it also, Bev, about getting past, you know, the average person isn't a criminal, so they can't imagine that the government with CIA front companies would be systematically rigging elections and setting up a fraud with no record.
They just can't imagine it.
People have a hard time imagining criminals anyway.
When I used to write about embezzlement...
You know, I met the embezzlers.
They're not people who look like crooks.
They're little old sweet grandmas.
I mean, people, you know, human nature is kind of flawed, and you don't know who the people are that are the bad guys or the good guys.
And everyone wants to think everyone's a good guy, but it doesn't work that way, unfortunately.
But now they've told us if it's government, it's impossible for them to do wrong.
Don't investigate.
Just totally trust us.
And trust the men with the black ski mask and the submachine guns and the cameras on the street corners.
We're here to take good care of you.
Mike in Illinois.
You're on the air with Beth Harris.
Go ahead.
Yeah, hi, Alex.
Bob, you're doing a great job.
Alex, to the both of you, I want to ask you, is it any surprise that...
You know, she was mentioning corporations running this.
And, you know, this is corporate America.
I mean, Alex, aren't they basically running everything in this country, including illegal immigration and everything else?
Yes, they're organized crime syndicates, like pirates, using government mechanisms to totally loot the country.
$1.2 trillion, according to the Congressional Budget Office, missing from the Pentagon.
Let me say it again.
$1.2 trillion, no investigation.
And this is systematic, looting at the corporate level everywhere, and then they'll burn some nobody like Martha Stewart, because everybody knows her name.
I mean, that is a total... She is the equivalent of a jaywalker.
They arrest her while Charlie Manson is gutting people right next to her.
Now, here, Alex, I want to ask you guys a question.
I mean, Alex, don't you think it's going to take, for us to rebel and get informed on all this,
We're good to go.
Don't you think people are going to wake up and then they're really going to start going, wait a minute, who's really behind this?
And that's why they got the riot police and the FEMA centers and all of it ready.
That's why General Eberhardt's talking about how good martial law is in the L.A.
That's why Tommy Franks and Shadar Aficionado is saying we'll set aside the Constitution for a military form of government.
That's why they're getting everybody ready, because if Franks and Eberhardt say it publicly, then the troops will think, well, they were public.
It must not be illegal.
It must be good.
Thanks for the call.
Oh, that was a scary call, and what you just said was scary too, but I agree.
You see them sort of prepping us for also, if you watch, they're prepping us for the idea of maybe there won't be an election.
Have you seen that?
There's been several little problems floated out there.
Well, you know, if there's a problem, we may not want to have an election.
And I sometimes think, gee, if I'm too effective, does that mean we're going to not have an election because the machines actually do get on us?
Yeah, well, I mean, you know, Condoleezza Rice is saying better do what we say.
The terrorists are about to strike.
Yeah, I wish America would wake up.
I'm not so confident they will because I meet an awful lot of Americans.
America is a great country.
I meet wonderful people everywhere I go, but I meet a lot who are just sucked in by this whole thing.
I agree.
They're defending us.
They're helping us.
Let's go ahead and talk to Dick in Indiana.
Go ahead, sir.
Go ahead, caller.
You're on the air from Indiana.
Okay, this is off the topic, Eller.
Something I just saw on C-SPAN had to do with a group of Marines over in Iraq.
Are you hearing me okay?
Yeah, sure am.
You're on the air, sir.
Okay, well, these group of Marines, they made...
A makeshift baptismal.
And they said that they... This was in the Orange County Register.
I have no idea where that... Okay, just please tell us, please.
Okay, well, they made a makeshift baptismal.
And they said that their death was imminent.
And they were going to be baptized.
And this fellow that they were talking to on C-SPAN was a correspondent for the Pentagon.
And he didn't know anything about baptism.
By the way, Wolfowitz tried to lie and say it was under 350.
He said 100 or something.
At first he said 500, but he goes, most of those died by accident.
He goes, 350, and it's now almost 900.
And the press said, excuse us, it's almost 900.
He goes, no, it's not, it's 350.
I mean, that's how stupid they think we are.
Thanks for the call, sir.
Wait, wait, wait.
Okay, they took these, they're MREs, okay, to make this makeshift baptismal.
Okay, go ahead.
And they put a plastic in it and filled it with water.
Okay, thank you.
Appreciate it.
Bev, any comments?
Well, I've always thought it would be really interesting to do a massive LexisNexis search and get every one of the local obituaries, which is where you're going to find the obituaries of the people who've really been killed over there, and add them up.
I did that very early on in the war and found there were something like three times as many obituaries as there were reported casualties.
We're hearing very conservatively that it's double the deaths.
Yeah, and I think it's findable because, you see, they do put the local obituaries into the little local paper, and I think if somebody went around and found all those things, they would be able to prove it.
And that's one of the things that spurred real protest in the Vietnam War was that they had lied about the number of casualties, and then it was brought out what the lie was.
And really, really started to change the way the media covered it.
And that's why they're trying to cover up the coffins now.
You bet.
Rodney in Texas.
Go ahead, Rodney.
Just last month in the Orange County Register, I had read that some of the officials challenged the dive boat representatives on whether or not the machines would work properly under real-time conditions.
And when he attempted to demonstrate this machine...
It didn't work, but the officials had already paid something like $25 or $30 million for the machines.
Now you're telling us this morning, Ms.
Harris, that in the state of Ohio, they forked out, what, $139 million?
Nobody even knows whether or not these machines work properly, and I'm curious...
Let me stop you.
Let me stop you.
They do work properly.
They steal elections.
That's what it's all about.
Okay, but what I'm saying is these machines, I'm talking about calculating the votes with validity, but in any case, my concern is this.
Officials out of California absolutely couldn't get those machines to work, period.
But they had forked out this money.
Now, has anybody looked at the possibility...
That there are some officials paying out this money and purchasing or whatever and getting kickbacks or some kind of bribe?
Well, you are clairvoyant as to where the next investigations I'm doing are going to be going.
Following the money, let's talk to Paula in Missouri.
Last caller for our guest.
Paula, go ahead.
Hi, Alex and Bev.
I was listening to a French station this morning, and they were talking about Bush and Cheney doing their little spiel yesterday on the 9-1-1.
And one of the guys, he more or less called Bush, well, he said it was funny, they all started laughing.
We're laughing stock of the world, Bev and Alex.
They were saying that Bush was the son of a Bush.
And they started laughing and they said that the American people are so gullible.
And, I mean, this irritated me because of the way they were talking.
Well, this is how it's designed.
Europe, according to Forbes and money, owns the U.S., they use us as their henchmen, then blame it all on us while the Rothschilds sit around drinking their $500 a bottle Chateau.
And so that's what's going on.
The UN's going to take over Iraq.
It's all staged.
They shouldn't be talking.
There are a bunch of slaves over there, too.
You know, our government bashes them.
They bash us.
It's all WWF, World Wrestling Federation theater, to make you think that there's a political difference.
Bev, haven't you found that both parties are just reveling in this election fraud?
I mean, everybody wants to say it's the Republican plot, but if you look at the facts, hey, you know, it's open for the taking.
Both parties are getting our problems right now.
And, yeah, there's some states where the Republicans are fighting for the honest paper ballot and the Democrats are blocking it.
That would be Georgia, and there's others where it's the opposite.
California is straight-up bipartisan.
You've got a bill on the table there to get rid of the touchscreens.
It's sponsored by a Republican and a Democrat.
So basically, I've looked at the map.
If you've got Democrats in control, they're all for the fraud machines.
If you've got Republicans in control, they're for the fraud machines.
And now because of public outcry, the politicians are at least having to act like they care in California.
Well, and the other thing is, a lot of the places like Washington State, where they supposedly put forth a new bill for a paper ballot, you read the fine print,
It isn't exactly what it says.
Well, that's an important point is they take a lot of the Scantron ballots, put them in, then it goes into a computer disk, and that can easily be manipulated, but at least there can be a recount to go back and look at the Scantrons.
The problem is they just send it back to the computer yet again, but at least there's some type of record of what you actually bottled in, and if you want to pay all the money, they've gone back and done recounts and found the fraud.
Now with these new ones, there's no paper record.
Right, exactly.
And so you can't even check it.
And it's just getting easier and easier to steal elections with less trace.
And, you know, of course we've found all these miscounts, but what about the ones we haven't found?
Because, you know, a lot of the ones we find are just so ridiculous that they stick out like a sore thumb.
But what about the ones that don't look ridiculous, they look plausible?
Those are the ones that concern me because we'll never find them now.
And they've got plenty of criminals to man the system for power and control.
Why would they do that?
Because people want to run your life.
That's why.
In the 21st century, and it's a 1995, well worth it.
You want to be an expert on this, get it, and go to blackboxvoting.org.
Bev, thanks for coming on.
Thank you, Alex.
God bless you.
Okay, folks, before we end this segment and come back and get into the torture and get into the Iraq situation and 9-11 whitewash meeting with Bush and Cheney, and then we have another guest coming up, more of your calls, before we do that, I have made ten documentary films, I've written a book, I've published a book, I carry other great videos, books, books on tape, covering 9-11, covering the police state.
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Just a great offer.
That's on infowars.com, prisonplanet.com.
Or call toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139, or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
So again, 1-888-3139.
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Now is the time to take action.
Now is the time to engage the information war.
More news, your calls, and another great guest straight ahead.
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All right.
There is no way to describe or chronicle or even begin
I mean, Bub Harris, mainstream links, coast-to-coast election fraud, just massive integrated CIA officials running all of it.
I mean, it is incredible.
A bunch of thugs got together and overthrew the country, and now we've got to get it back.
Spain's suspects were informants.
And again, it turned out the police planned the bombs on the building that blew up and supposedly killed the other suspects.
That's admitted.
And now the Spanish Interior Ministry says that investigating reports that two suspects in this 11th March Madrid train bombings were police informants, and they're the guys that supposedly supplied all the explosives and all this stuff.
Just like Oklahoma City, just like the first World Trade Center attack, just like the Omaha bombing in England, it's always MI5, MI6, Mossad,
FSB in Russia, CIA, it's the same thing.
It's always their people outdoing it.
Who gets power and control out of all this?
So that's BBC.
Also, Pentagon's number two flubs Iraq casualties.
Ask how many American troops have died in Iraq in the Pentagon.
Number two civilian estimated yesterday a total was at 500.
We're good to go.
They said 800 a week ago.
That's not true.
Oh, man, this is incredible.
Since the start of military operations in Iraq last year, according to the Defense Department, Wolfowitz, an architect of the military campaign in Iraq, was responding to questions from Representative Marcy Kaptur, D. Iowa, on the cost of the war.
I mean, come on, people.
It's just they're so used to lying.
But I guess they said it, so it's only 350.
Of course, unless it's your son or daughter who's dead.
I mean, they've lost 85 in one week before.
Two voting companies and two brothers will count 80% of the U.S.
elections using both scanners and touchscreens.
We'll get more into that later.
Again, the ACLU has been gagged via the Patriot Act from talking about their lawsuit.
I mean, that's who they go after.
They say, you can't talk about how you're suing us, Patriot Act.
I mean, come on.
That's your freedom.
It says, activities once reviled as pornography keep creeping further into the mainstream.
Oh, yeah.
And there's pornographic stuff when I go to Gold's Gym, which I might have to cancel my membership.
They just put in all these big TVs, and it's literal, you know, the most vile videos.
When it's not satanic, it's women, you know.
All over each other or whatever.
And it says, This is the Sun Sentinel.
From a touch of my hand, a body stocking Spears lounged in a see-through bathtub while acting out a song's recommendations for quality private time.
Male dancers in briefs added to the scene by getting intimate with several unconsenting mattresses.
And it goes on and on.
The guy's saying that there was basically X-rated sex behavior.
People just had all their children there like it's completely normal.
You know, they're nine-year-old daughters and sons.
This is how you're supposed to act, robbing them of their innocence.
And it's just mainstream news.
You know, your pop idol Pepsi wants you to, you know, this is good.
And when it's not that, it's torture's good and evil's good and, you know, literally, you're in the grocery store or the gym and they're playing Marilyn Manson.
It's just, oh, it's just normal.
It's elevator music.
Blah, Satan kills our children.
Blah, blah, blah.
You know, just, oh, I'm getting my groceries.
Devil power, devil.
Six, six, six.
La, la, la, la.
You know, it's just, oh, the free country.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
We're now into the second hour of this Tuesday edition.
And I want to get into the Patriot Act...
Legislation that bushes out promoting the headline from Counterpunch, Patriot Act enhancement provides death penalty for any federal crime punishable by over one year in jail.
Very, very serious.
Also, the government covering up the real numbers of our dead and dying troops.
We'll also be getting into that.
But first I want to talk a little bit about Oregon.
Out in Oregon, the police, especially in Portland, have gotten very, very aggressive.
And it's gotten so bad that yesterday we read several editorials with local news channels getting very upset about what's happening.
In fact, in one article, and we've got a guest coming up here in just a few minutes to discuss this, the lawyer of this poor lady.
In one article, the headline to the Oregonian, even blind old ladies terrify the police.
She needed her 94-year-old mother to come to her rescue.
In the middle of the dogfight in which Eunice Crowder was pepper-sprayed, tasered and knocked to the ground by Portland's courageous men in blue, a poor woman's fake right eye popped out of its socket and was bouncing around in the dirt.
The cops aren't apologizing, the cops aren't embarrassed, the cops haven't been disciplined, and the cops still are insisting, to the better end, that they quote, reasonably believe this blind old woman was a threat to their safety and macho culture.
And look, I'm a clean-cut looking guy, you know, short hair, white guy.
I won't even hardly go down to 6th Street anymore because some steroid goon with more tattoos than Marilyn Manson
With giant, you know, arms and a shaved head will come up and, you know, back when I wasn't married, would have a girlfriend down there would start demanding to see their ID and saying, you look pretty good, honey.
I mean, I knew thugs who were bouncers.
You could see them the next year as the police.
Just bullies.
The same bully from the schoolyard with a badge and a gun.
And with unlimited authority comes unlimited tyranny.
Ernest Warren is the lawyer, the attorney, for Eunice Crowder, and he's here to tell us this story.
And, sir, thank you for coming on the show.
Thank you, Mr. Jones, for having me.
Well, thank you for joining us.
We're about to break, but in a nutshell, what is going on in Portland, Oregon?
There's been a public outcry of the excessive force that police use against pretty much everyday people like my client, Eunice Crowder, who was a white, 71-year-old, blind woman, hard of hearing, who hadn't committed any crime.
But by the end of the beating that they gave her, and as you had somewhat described,
They charged her with criminal conduct, and it was my job to both defend her against the criminal allegations and to get her compensated for the excessive force that was used against her.
Now, in the past, you just got a beating from bad police.
Now, we have video of this all over the country.
They beat you up.
You never touch them, but then they go ahead and charge you with assaulting them or resisting them.
And that's exactly what happened in this case.
And what makes this even more outrageous is it happened in her own home.
Her yard had become somewhat overgrown.
I've seen pictures of it.
It didn't look that bad to me.
Well, I'll tell you what.
Stay there, sir.
We've got a break.
Long segment coming up.
Plenty of time to get into this.
We're talking to Ernest Warren, her lawyer, who just did get a $145,000 settlement, which I say isn't enough.
And just an amazing story.
Stay there, my friend.
We'll be right back.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Alright, Neil and John and Sean and many others that are patiently holding, we're going to get to your calls a little bit later in this hour, early in this hour.
Also, we'll be getting into this new Patriot Act legislation where they'll execute you if you violate their federal laws.
Also, the situation in Iraq as we track the police state here.
But listen, every day, I'm not just bashing the police, every day,
I get an article where a family drives off and the cops shoot the vehicle up and shoot the children or blow a pregnant woman away or kill some old lady at the wrong house or splatter somebody for no reason and plant a gun on them and get caught doing it.
And for every one cop that gets caught, I guarantee you there's 500 doing something wrong because the culture's set up to cover it up.
But now, when they get out of control and beat you up,
In almost every case I've seen, they go ahead and charge you with something to legitimize what they've done, and that's wrong.
I mean, if they're going to beat us, which I think is their right as our owners, that's okay.
But don't punish us after they enjoy themselves.
I mean, I agree that they've got some stress, and beating us up is their right.
We're their property.
Okay, I'm being sarcastic.
But I'm tired of being treated like a slave, and we're joined by Ernest Warren, the lawyer for Eunice Crowder.
71-year-old lady there with her 95-year-old mother.
Sir, you just won a settlement of $145,000.
The community's outraged, but for people that don't know about this story, and again, it's a long laundry list in Portland, Oregon, go over just what's been happening in Portland, Oregon, and then specifically what happened to your client.
Well, what happened is, I think you should know that in traffic stops, two people have been killed in less than one year.
By the cops.
In one case that happened just a month ago, 25 seconds into a traffic stop for failing to signal for 100 feet before making a left turn, they killed Mr. Perez by firing three shots into his chest within 25 seconds.
And witnesses asked, why are you stopping me for?
And he wasn't aggressive and he didn't have any weapons.
And the police officer was just acquitted in a grand jury because he said he believed that Mr. Perez was going for a gun and there was no gun to be found, and this is in broad daylight.
And there were several witnesses who actually tape-recorded the whole incident.
And on May 5th of last year, a young, 120-pound man
5'2 woman who was a passenger in a car.
Kendra James was also killed by the police.
We have a photo of her with her two small children.
She was pregnant.
That's correct.
And she was killed by the police again for nothing more than a misdemeanor that one of the cops that had stopped her a couple of weeks before.
You know, you don't have to go to a grand jury to get a misdemeanor complaint.
The cop just goes down and
Swears out an affidavit and then you got a crime against you.
Well, that's what happened in the situation in arresting her from the rear of the car they killed her.
And the question is, if she didn't have a weapon and she was unarmed, and most men could grab a woman 120 pounds and get her out of the car without pulling out a gun, without pulling out a taser, or without pulling out a can of pepper mace.
Let's go into Eunice Crowder's case.
On June 9, 2003, 11 a.m.
right before noon, Eunice gets a knock at her door.
It's a bureaucrat from the city of Portland that's serving her with an administrative search warrant to clean up her yard.
Eunice tells him, Sonny, I'm blind.
I'm 71 years old.
I'm hard of hearing.
Could you read this warrant to me?
I don't understand why a warrant should be executed upon me.
By the way, this is all in the newspaper.
He took that as not respecting basically the gang member.
It's a gang mentality.
And so for not showing respect to the gang member, what happened?
He balls it up into a piece of paper and hands it to her and says, I don't have to do that.
And now she's beside herself.
Well, what are you going to take?
And she's trying to stay behind him.
And she knows every square corner of her home.
She has a prosthesis in her right eye, and she has 21,000 vision in her left.
And what we used to say is she's blind in one eye and can't see out the other.
Yeah, basically that's the vision of a mole.
And she basically had a family heirloom in the front yard, which it was a 90-year-old, you know, the first made radio flyer wagon.
We're good to go.
They say, on the back of a trailer in front of your driveway.
She says, can I get on the trailer?
They say, no.
She says, well, can you as a bureaucrat for the city get on the trailer?
He says, no, liability purposes.
Who can?
The police.
I have my cell phone here in Braille.
You got a number for them?
No, I'll call.
They'll come much quicker.
Well, she says, I'm going to sit here.
I'm going to have one foot on the
I'm going to protest.
Let me stop you before you go any further.
We've seen these many times in Austin where they retroactively then zone an area that was in the country.
Say you've got to get your stuff out of the yard, even yards that aren't a mess.
That was exactly what was happening.
In fact, one of the things that they did was assess a $700 fine for cleaning up a 100 by 50 lot.
Well, that's nothing, sir.
I've seen it upwards of $14,000.
Well, I was pretty amazed.
Well, that's bad enough.
So you've got a blind old lady taking care of her 95-year-old mom and mother, taking care of each other, but she doesn't lick this guy's boots.
Could have got the teenager next door to cut the grass for probably $25.
But anyway, so she's waiting, and she's just sitting there, John, I can't believe this.
How could this be?
This can't be justice in America.
And she's just sitting there, John, thinking out loud.
And he says, I'll ask the questions and hits her in the back of the head.
Which dislodges to an uncomfortable position.
Her right prosthesis, it doesn't come out.
It just dislodged to an uncomfortable position.
So she starts trying to get it back to a comfortable position, and the man says, oh, you're trying to bite me.
And this is a guy by the name of Officer Miller, who's about 6'2", 255 pounds.
He's a real man.
And him and his partner, Officer Sajak, immediately take this woman to the ground, grab her by her hair, pull out their canister of pepper spray, mace her in both eyes in which the prosthesis comes out.
And then they beat her down, and she's on the ground with both hands underneath her.
At this point, her 95-year-old mother comes out and says, What are you doing?
My daughter is blind.
She's got a bad back and she's hard of hearing.
You wouldn't do a dog the way you're doing my daughter.
And the mace is burning her.
Crowder screams, I need water.
So Ms.
So the 95-year-old mother goes in to get some water to help wash out her baby's eyes.
By the way, the newspaper reports that there's witnesses by now watching all of this.
And then Officer Sajak gets up off of her and Officer Miller stays on her and goes in behind the 94-year-old mother, Tommy Scott.
And she says, get out of here.
I don't want you in here.
And he says, you better believe I'm going to stay in here.
You're going for a gun.
She goes to her kitchen, gets a two-quart plastic Tupperware bowl, fills it with water.
Turns back around, heads back out for her daughter.
Mindful, she's 94 years old.
She can't run.
This is an obvious Al-Qaeda move, getting water for her daughter.
And then as she approaches her daughter, Sajak doesn't say anything to Miller.
Miller gets up off of Eunice Crowder for a moment and slams the 94-year-old mother with the water up against the fence, knocking the water out of her hand, and in his report saying that she was trying to
Assault me with the water.
Okay, so then Eunice is still down on the ground with her arms underneath her body, wondering what is going on.
Well, I made the Al-Qaeda comment because we're all terrorists now.
We're all evil terrorists.
That's how they treat us.
I can believe that.
So they're saying she's, you know, they're yelling to her to quit resisting.
And so she has her hands underneath her body with her back exposed on the ground.
Sajak pulls out his taser.
And you know now that these tasers shoot like guns.
They shoot electrodes.
They're not the kind that you go up and stick into a person.
These are the kinds that shoot electrodes out like guns.
And Officer Sajak shoots her four times in her back with a taser.
And once in her right breast with a taser.
So, I mean, it's not enough to just hit her once with something that will knock down a horse.
We've got to taser her over and over again.
Yeah, they taser her, in my mind, to their satisfaction until she's totally broke and almost dead.
Then they pull her limp arms around her body and handcuff her and then yell at her to get up.
And she says, I bet you wouldn't yell at your mom like that.
And Miller yells back, my mom is 74.
She says, well, I'm 71.
And then they put her in the police car, take her down, and charge her with the crimes of harassment, which in Oregon is attempted assault of a police officer, and disobeying a police order.
What happened was we had to go to trial on these charges.
I tell you what, stay there, sir.
I really appreciate your time.
An amazing gentleman standing up for this lady.
Ernest Warren, I'm Alex Jones.
We'll come back and tell you what happened next.
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We're talking to Ernest Warren, and he's one of the local counsels on cases for Jerry Spence, just a great lawyer who stands up for very diverse crowds, from black people having their rights violated to Mr. Weaver.
And I was just talking to Mr. Warren during the break, and he talked about how law enforcement is a growth industry, how they're very arrogant in Portland because they have a strong police union,
They're not held accountable.
And I'm seeing an acceleration of the arrogance, the hatred of the population.
They've militarized the police.
It's now an us-against-them mentality.
And this is a major sign of tyranny.
So now they beat this old woman up, this blind old woman up, taser her five times.
Not four, I'm sorry.
The number was worse.
And then they go ahead and charge her with attempted assault and some other stuff.
So now it's going to trial.
How did you handle this, Mr. Warren?
Well, of course we filed a civil complaint under 42 United States Code 1983 in Federal District Court in Oregon for excessive force as the criminal case was proceeding along.
And we just go to trial.
We make our opening statement, not
I think we're good to go.
I think so.
Well, what's wrong with these bureaucrats that she says, I'm blind, Sonny, will you please read it to me?
He wads it up and throws it at her, basically.
Then she says, look, don't take my wagon.
He goes, no, don't worry, I will.
I'm going to call the police.
Thinking that she was calling the police on him, he calls the police on her.
They come, step on her hand, hit her in the back of the head, assault the 95-year-old woman, then attack her with tasers.
Please continue.
And mace her.
Oh, yes, sir.
And Maester in both eyes and the prosthesis comes out.
Well, I mean, they totally had any disregard for her and they totally humiliated her and that's the place where they want to go in every encounter with a citizen.
I mean, you know, it wasn't like the old days when you had, I mean, you could really look to a cop and see that this was a man of genuine respect.
I mean, you look at him now and you want to keep your hands out in front of him so you don't get shot.
Here's a quote out of a news article by Steve Dunn of the Oregonian.
You says Crowder, you see, didn't follow orders.
Eunice was uncooperative, worried a city employee was hauling away a family heirloom, a 90-year-old red toy wagon.
She had the nerve to field her way towards the trailer in which her yard debris was being tossed.
Just, you know, this is such an illustration, and it's not one horror story.
It's not isolated.
I mean, we have cases where they raid whole neighborhoods looking for drugs, find no drugs, shovel ladies down into fire ant beds, laugh at them, go in people's houses, pull out their Playboys, laugh at them.
It's just getting crazier.
These are sadistic gang members with guns and badges.
So what happened in the trial?
Well, what happened in the trial is, of course, in the criminal trial that
The judge, after the close of the state's evidence and after me showing him, demonstrating for him, that Eunice Crowder is totally blind, dismissed the case.
He just couldn't believe it.
He thought it was an injustice and dismissed the case.
And then that happened on a Monday, and then on the Friday, Eunice Crowder agreed to accept a settlement of $145,000.
But the police are saying we didn't do anything wrong.
Yeah, sometimes they can't see the error of their ways.
I mean, that's the arrogance.
I mean, the city council said, well, I hope as we pay this settlement that they take this as a training.
...event that you shouldn't go around beating up on elderly people.
Now, from this, though, I mean, the people are finally starting to wake up as they gun down unarmed men and women, pregnant women.
Are the police showing any response to this, or just more arrogance?
Well, you know, it's more arrogance, and they're more worried about their morale.
I mean, when they had to pay out this sum of money and they have to be subject to public ridicule, they're worried about their morale.
More than they are the safety, the welfare of the community.
Are they saying the word morale?
I love all these military terms where they call government people officials and we're civilians and they're a military force.
What does a military fight?
They fight an enemy.
So we have militarized police and they treat us like the enemy.
Like we're in Fallujah or something.
We'll be right back.
We'll take your calls when we get back.
Please stay with us, sir.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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My friends, I think we all know that police are very corrupt in Mexico for hundreds of years.
Going back to the conquistadors, for that matter.
Imperial rule, abuse of the population.
And in Mexico 50 years ago,
We're good to go.
Thank God through the case out.
But the police are still strutting around talking about how poor they are and how they're under attack, and boy, they sure get treated bad.
I mean, look, people, you're not better than a little old lady.
And before we go to these calls, I would ask the callers, I know some of you were holding before our guest was on, try to address this subject and you can bring up whatever you want.
Before we do that, you talked about the phenomenon in your city of them bringing in police from other communities.
Please expand on that.
Well, I mean, I just never really understood why they would go all around the country to bring in people that basically are robots, rather than going to... Every time they put out for recruiters, a whole bunch of people from the community...
Well, let's be honest.
Most of those being hired just got back from Iraq.
And they've been shoving old ladies around.
They've been beating people up.
They've been pulling their guns at checkpoints and knowing people down.
In a lot of these cases, I'm not against the tribes, folks, but you don't take them from gun confiscation and checkpoint detail, again, in Fallujah or Baghdad, and then put them on our streets.
Well, I bet you that's probably what's going on, but it certainly doesn't make sense to me.
I mean, I'm certain that if a community cop had known
Elderly 71-year-old Eunice Crowder, he would have said, Ma'am, now what's going on?
Instead of, I'll ask the questions and knocking her upside the head.
Well, I mean, they're so insecure.
I go back to this gang member analogy.
Their own gang member handbooks, gang psychology handbooks, would explain it.
I mean, you know with the gang member to not pop off at them because they don't want to be dissed, they're going to bust a cap in you.
Well, now...
That's now exactly how the police act, but even worse, more dangerous.
And if you in the slightest way don't lick their boots, they'll beat the daylights out of you, kill you, and then frame you.
And we see this nationwide.
I mean, they'll come at you with a toilet plunger.
So, I mean, look, before it was just the disadvantage they would target.
Now it's old ladies, it's everybody, and it's wrong regardless of who they do it to, but...
I'm trying to get my mind around this mindset.
Go ahead.
There's an excellent analogy that Jerry Spence told me.
He says, the wolf looks at the flock of sheep, and he doesn't run after the strongest one first.
He runs after the weakest one.
But then after the weakest are all gone, then everybody's open for prey.
Well, that's what Tony Brown says.
Whatever happened to being respectful to old ladies, even if they are cranky as their possessions are being stolen?
You know, and I don't understand it because I grew up in Portland and I was a boy scout and we would talk to help old ladies across the street and, you know, and so forth and help elderly people and I did.
And I just don't get it.
Well, I tell you, that is a predatory-like stance to attack the weak.
That is very scary.
Let's take a few calls here.
I guess up next is Neil in Canada.
Neil, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good day, sir.
I just wanted to thank you for definitely standing up for these ladies.
I mean, that's crazy.
I've been a victim of police brutality myself, but if there's anything more wrong than wrong, it's tasering a 70- or 90-year-old woman.
That's definitely crazy.
Five times!
Did the police, Mr. Warren, ever explain why they tasered her five times?
No, they didn't.
I mean, you know, they never explained that.
Before I could get to that point in the cross-examination in the criminal case, the judge cut me off and said, Mr. Warren, I'm not going to give you a free deposition.
By the way, tasers and other non-lethal weapons are not non-lethal in many cases, and they're called less lethal by the industry.
These are actually training aids to get them used to using unreasonable force immediately, and then they're being protected.
Well, the pepper mace is pretty bad for an elderly old woman, too, because when it got into her nasal passages and down into her lungs, it ultimately scarred her lungs.
Well, I say they got off easy.
Anything else, Neil?
Yeah, I just wanted to give you a heads up on the new police state legislation that was unveiled on us this morning.
They call it the National Security Policy.
And they're saying that the legislation is anchored to the Charter of Rights, which gives us the right to life, liberty, and the security of the person.
But then they're spinning it around and they're saying that the terrorists are the threat to our security of the person, so now they have to take our liberty away to keep us secure because that's our right.
Exactly what Hitler said.
You have a right to be safe.
Thanks for the call.
I'm taking your freedoms.
Sean, where are you calling us from?
Where are you calling from?
Yes, sir.
I'm calling from Salada, Colorado.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, I wanted to thank you for your stand.
I'm up in the high country.
I'm a local DJ on a community radio station.
I am reiterating your message.
One hour a week is all I get.
Me and my friends, we have some of your tapes.
We are copying them and distributing them.
And this stuff is outrageous, and these police, in my opinion, should be hung, along with Janet Reno and Amy Gorlick on the White House lawn.
Well, I don't agree with any violence towards them, and that's what the establishment wants.
I mean legally.
They should be tried.
They should be found guilty, and they should be hung.
I think that's an important point.
You know, here we don't have an independent body, legislative or prosecutorial body to look at what the police do.
You know, they're working hand in hand with county district attorneys who just rubber stamp any of their deadly conduct.
I think there needs to be an outside agency that isn't bought off by politicians.
That can prosecute these people for beating up on 71-year-old women.
Well, if the grand juries weren't rubber stamps to the prosecutors, we'd have that with jury nullification, wouldn't we?
Well, probably so, but, you know, what happens is the prosecutor gets in front of his chosen grand jury.
The other side of the equation doesn't get to advocate for their position to the grand jury, so they only hear one
Side of it, and that doesn't get recorded, and it's a secret, and so we don't know what they're telling the grand jury.
Good point.
Sean, thanks for the call.
Who's up next, Stephanie?
Calvin in New York.
Go ahead, Calvin.
Hello, Alex.
How are you today?
A really sad story.
It can make me cry.
I was assaulted by the police.
That's not what I want to get into.
I just wanted to say that because, you know, it's not uncommon.
For law-abiding citizens like myself to end up, you know, being abused by the police.
My point would be the police are out of control in this country because, well, the drug war is one of the things that have led to all of this.
Because it opened it up.
Well, yeah, it's called a war.
The government ships it in, then creates the crisis, the bigger the drug war, the more drugs, the more people in prison.
The drug war is a great success for the police state, not the success we think of it, but a success of having more drugs, having more people in prison.
Let's get a comment from Mr. Warren on that.
Well, I think that we really lost the drug war.
If we look at the statistics, they basically just scratched the surface of...
Of prosecuting people that traffic in drugs.
And we have more drugs in this country making more illegal money than ever before.
But see, you look at that as a good person.
Oh, it's failed.
But for them, more private prisons, more police, big industry, more drugs for the big banks to launder.
And that I agree with.
They love it.
And it just doesn't make any sense.
In long prison terms...
You know, and prison terms for, you know, just minuscule amounts of drugs.
Did you hear about Dallas where they just randomly pull a car over and throw a bag of chalk in the back?
Oh, Lord.
And then the drug lab certifies it as cocaine and they go to prison and they take their house?
Oh, Lord.
But, yeah, that happens all over the country.
That's horrible.
You know, and it's the case where a person like this gentleman from New York gets beat up by the police wrongfully.
Somehow he should seek out a lawyer and try to challenge them.
Because you're not going to get the politicians to make a change.
The only change is going to be made through their pocketbook.
That's why they want to give themselves liability protection.
They want to turn their lawyers loose, but keep us from getting good lawyers.
Thanks for the call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Tim in Ohio.
Tim, go ahead.
You're on the air with our guest.
Alex, thank you for taking my call.
Good afternoon, Mr. Warren.
Good afternoon.
My question is, after all of this, nothing, am I to understand it correctly, nothing is going to happen to these two officers?
They haven't been disciplined.
You know, I mean, the county, Multnomah County District Attorney's Office would never prosecute them for a deadly assault.
I mean, this woman could have died from this.
Listen, I have a friend, no criminal record, manages an entire Home Depot...
Paralyzed from the chest down, driving his car, the cop pulls him over for throwing a cigarette out the window on a rainy day.
He asks him, he says, and this is on the record, and this is a high-level cop, this is a supervisor.
He says, what is all this bleep?
Because, sir, I'm paralyzed.
These are hand controls.
He says, get out of the car.
He says, sir, I have to access the lift.
I have to get out.
He said, okay.
He says, get out.
He said, get out now.
Grabs him by the hair, drags him out, beats him up, and then says, now you can go.
And the guy bleeding in front of his wife, who, by the way, works at a jail, has to crawl to the wheelchair that his wife has gotten out.
That's just sickening.
I would love to get that case.
I mean, that's just unbelievable.
Is there any way we can get court watchers on these folks?
Oh, in fact, I'm going to be getting court watchers on.
I'm sure there's a lot of good organizations out there that need to expose this.
The problem is there's so many abuses, it's like fish in the sea.
Thanks for the call, Tim.
We've only got time for maybe one or two calls left for our guest.
He's got to go.
He's got cases to deal with.
But look, there's so many of these cases that I...
I mean, we're not here just picking a few, are we, Mr. Warren?
No, not at all.
I mean, it happens all over the country.
But they certainly need to be challenged.
You made a great point, Alex.
Basically, they have way 10 times, 100 times more money than the average attorney does, and they'll use all their resources to try to quiet and sequester these cases.
Well, I tell you, in most cases I see now, we're just a normal, and again I say just a normal white person, because if you're a minority, you're in even more trouble.
And, you know, just your short hair, you know, groveling to them.
But if you do one thing, one thing that they think is disrespectful, a lot of them will just beat you down.
And that shows just, that is just insane avarice.
I don't even know what to say to this anymore.
I mean, let's talk to Bob in Colorado.
We're going to let our guests go, and I'll go to Rodney and Woody and others.
Bob, go ahead.
Thank you very much, Alex.
I've noticed, being a minority, I've noticed this go on since the Reagan era.
Reagan-Bush won when we had the drug war.
It intensifies specifically in black communities only, in minority communities, because basically it's totally taken away.
Your right to your Fourth Amendment right.
We just come in your house.
No reason whatsoever.
We're just going to come in there.
And that was used as the training area.
Now it's everywhere.
You know, you said one thing that was very prolific, and this is how I found you a couple years ago.
You said that first they'll do it to the black community, then they'll do it to the white community.
And what you're seeing is it's finally coming full circle, and it's happening now.
Fifteen years after the start of the, quote-unquote, almost 20...
After the quote-unquote war on drugs, we're full circle where everybody right now is going to be at the mercy of police.
And here in Denver, we had, like, a police officer kill two retarded black kids back to back, and he got a 10-month suspension.
And the police officers held a rally on the state capitol to protest that this guy got paid 10 months without leave.
Didn't lose his job.
No criminal action, nothing taken against him, but he just got 10 months without pay, and the cops are out there at a rally going crazy.
Like, I thought I was in Nazi Germany.
It's absolutely nuts out here.
Well, I tell you, that's what happens when a small group, minority group, gets extra rights, more rights, super rights, and are protected by the establishment, the SS, the KGB, whatever you want to call it.
This is the Norman history, like the party in China.
And, you know, look, I mean, this is my last point, and we'll let our guests go, but... Let me get one point in, too.
Sure, go ahead.
You know, the problem is, you know, it could be stopped immediately today because these city councils have the authority to place different legislation into effect to make these police accountable, like police review boards, which will actually be held by the citizenry, but they won't do it.
City council members...
We'll not do... Now, nowhere, anywhere in any city in America... I hear you.
I'm going to let you go.
Really good points, Bob.
Just finishing this story, I told it before.
I went to the store to get some frozen yogurt, and I had it in the front seat.
I had my weightlifting belt in the front seat.
And the police officer pulls me over, and he says, let me see your driver's license.
I give it to him.
All of a sudden, he pulls a gun out, puts it to my head, starts screaming, cussing, yelling, get out, get out.
Then he sees that it's a weight belt.
He says, I'm sorry.
Don't speed again.
You can go.
I almost died, but I'm not against that officer just because at least he didn't beat me up and go ahead and take me to jail.
Now if they see a weight belt or something and get scared, they're going to go ahead and take you to jail for something because just their overreaction means you must have done something wrong.
Final comment on that, Mr. Warren?
Well, I wish I could have represented you at that time, because I don't think that you should have been subjected to deadly force where you hadn't been a danger to the cop, nor had you committed any felony.
I think the case of Tennessee v. Garner is very clear on that point, that they can't use deadly force unless you're a fleeing felon that's dangerous, or you're posing a danger to the cop.
And a weight belt in no way does that.
Well, I guess I'm just lucky he didn't go ahead and beat me up.
I guess he wasn't a bad person.
Lucky he didn't put a bullet in your head.
Okay, Mr. Warren, thank you for all your time.
And Ernest Warren, there in Portland, Oregon.
Thank you for having me.
You bet.
God bless you, sir.
Take care.
We'll come back and get into the new Patriot Act legislation in your calls.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
There is a chance.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Look, it doesn't matter if it's Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George Herbert Walker Bush, George W. Bush.
They're just puppets.
And the drug war is to make us the enemy.
It's a war.
The police are the troops.
We're now the civilians.
It's a war.
And they ship in the drugs to create the crisis.
And look, I've never been against the police.
But I wade through their corruption, their drug dealing, their whore running, everything they do.
And I see less and less of helping change the flat tire.
You know, help them get the cat out of the tree more and more of the other.
Police, wouldn't you like to go back to the days of getting the slice of pie and the free coffee and people waving at you and children, you know, at Christmas being given, you know, the police set to play the part of the policeman when they're not playing cowboys and Indians?
I mean, it's totally changed.
You were once incredibly honored, and bad cops got in a lot of trouble.
Now the bad cops are in control.
The good cops are in trouble.
And you ought to be ashamed of yourselves if you're a bad cop who thinks we're the enemy and we're bad.
I mean, we're just the general public.
We're made up of the same types of people that are in government or out of government.
And we're not your property.
We're not your slaves.
We're going to go to Rodney, Woody Hungup, and then Tim and Mark and Dan and many, many others here in just a second.
I do need to get into news.
We'll go through a full bank of calls, then I'll go back into Patriot Act enhancement provides death penalty for any federal crime punishable by over one year in jail.
And this is on prisonplanet.tv and infowars.com as well.
We'll be going over some of the subsections out of it.
Also, we'll get into what's happening in Iraq and
Just a bunch of really important police state news I haven't even scratched the surface on, but I will get to all this news.
I'm not going to wait and then run out of time in the next hour.
I'd also like to hear from police officers out there.
We've had police chiefs and others call in before agreeing with us, fire chiefs, you name it, but I'd like to hear from police officers who either disagree with me about this, we'll treat you with respect, or who agree with what I'm saying or have an addendum you want to add.
About the mindset, how it's changed.
Because I want to know how I got a gun put to my head because of a weight belt in the front seat.
And how you think that's normal.
I mean, statistically, the most dangerous thing you face in your life, at least, is other police.
I've got the federal numbers on that.
They don't like to publicize it.
If you're on a SWAT team, your number one cause of death is that guy with the shotgun behind you.
More often than not, there's been a bunch of cases where they catch cops killing their own people on accident and then trying to frame somebody.
I mean, I've probably seen ten of those in the last two years in Texas alone, and not just the ones where they catch them.
Also, last night I listened to Fox Television News.
I have a Walkman, and at the gym I can listen to TV on it.
Got the TV band.
I just listened to it and kind of took mental notes.
It was all propaganda.
It's not conservative at all.
It's incredible.
Before I end this hour, though, just briefly, if you're online, we've launched prisonplanet.tv.
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Third hour, totally jam-packed.
Please stay with us.
The war on terrorism.
Will it be fought overseas or will it affect us here at home?
If you are like most folks, you want to be prepared, but can't afford an underground shelter.
So what do you do?
Did you know that you can use your home as a shelter against fallout and biological or chemical attacks?
With a little know-how, it's not that difficult.
Sheltering in Place, surviving acts of terrorism from biological, chemical, and radioactive fallout, developed by Wayne LeBaron, a health physicist who has served as a specialist in environmental health, communicable diseases, and has worked as a nuclear specialist for the U.S.
government, gives you easy-to-follow video instructions, and walks you step-by-step through the process of preparing your home as a shelter.
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