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Air Date: April 28, 2004
2406 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
Alright, my friends, it is Wednesday.
The 28th of April, 2004 will be live for the next three hours.
Let's jump straight into the news.
It's all posted on Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.tv, and PrisonPlanet.com as well.
forces blast Fallujah targets after deadline.
aircraft and tanks pounded targets in the besieged Iraqi city of Fallujah yesterday, just hours after an American deadline expired for rebels to hand over their heavy weapons, witnesses said.
I can hear more than 10 explosions a minute.
Fires are lighting the night sky.
One witness told Reuters that U.S.
forces blasted sections of the Golan district of the city.
Scenes of heavy fighting between Marines and rebels on Monday.
The earth is shaking under my feet, he said.
Television pictures showed two large fires some 150 meters apart.
The action, which lasted 30 minutes, followed hard on the heels of an assault by U.S.
troops near the other Iraq flashpoint city of Najaf.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Lock Dar Brahami speaking to the Security Council as the battle raged, urged the U.S.-led administration to bring the Fallujah crisis to a peaceful end.
The coalition provisional authority is well aware that unless the standoff is brought to a resolution through peaceful means, there is a great risk of very bloody confrontation, he said.
I know as well as indeed better than anyone else that the consequences of such bloodshed could be dramatic and long-standing.
Local doctors say hundreds of people have been killed
In the marine siege of the town, a hotbed of insurgency against U.S.-led forces, which began on April 5th following the murder and mutilation of four American contractors there.
Now, it is a handful of people fighting against the government, the occupational government as they call it themselves, but the entire city is being punished with a siege, no food, no water being brought in.
There is some food and water inside the town of 300,000.
And this is nothing but an escalation.
This is to get more of our troops killed.
And these people that call for flattening the city, do you want to punish the population, 90-plus percent that aren't involved in all of this?
And this is not a decision.
We've seen video of it.
They're just blowing whole buildings to bits, and a lot of innocents are dying.
There's just hundreds of photos we saw this morning of dead children and women.
Just a horrible situation.
And Saddam's gone.
You know, Saddam's been captured.
So why is all this continuing?
Why is it Shiites?
Why is it Sunnis?
You know, our supposed enemies, our supposed allies engaging in all of this.
So it's easy to sit there as armchair quarterbacks and say, kill them all, get them, get them, get them.
This is a civil war now.
And our government has brought in policies that have helped foster this.
The Iraqis thought it was a liberation at first.
Our troops have even admitted this.
Strategists have even admitted this.
And now they're fighting back.
Because the tyranny is as great or greater than it was under Saddam.
We are not bringing freedom to this country.
And it is all about the oil and weapons sales and a political diversion according to Dick Cheney's own PNAC documents.
I don't go to what Paul O'Neill says or what Clark says.
I go to what Dick Cheney and the PNAC documents say.
They admit it.
Four dead in Syria shootout.
Explosions and shootouts going on there.
At least four people have been killed in a shootout in the Syrian capital of Damascus after a car bomb exploded in a wealthy neighborhood.
We'll get into that more when we get back.
Plus, what is Prozac doing to children and babies?
This is out of Reuters.
Prozac affects babies very seriously.
Doesn't matter.
Go ahead and give it to more of them.
And all sorts of just amazing mind control, Big Brother...
Microchips in the homeless, you name it.
It's all coming up.
Please stay with us and your calls.
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All right, it's wide open phones.
I'm going to take a lot of your calls.
Coming up in the next segment, the toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
Again, the websites are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.tv.
I already went into the massive bombardment of Fallujah that's going on and also several other towns and cities.
Our military is trying to stand back now and bombard the insurgents.
And I don't think it's going to be very effective.
I think it's going to cause more resistance and more of a quagmire.
But hey, Bush says, bring them on.
And he says, bring on the open borders and bring on the gun control and bring on restricting the First Amendment with campaign finance reform.
But the average conservative has no idea that this is even going on.
And now we're in this legal war that's going to set the U.N.
up as the savior, as the good cop, when they come in to Iraq.
So what do you think about the situation?
And now at least four dead in a Syrian shootout.
Four people have been killed in a shootout in the Syrian capital of Damascus after a car exploded in a wealthy neighborhood.
A firefight between security forces and a group of four armed men started late on Tuesday night after the latter set off a car bomb in the well-guarded diplomatic area of Maza.
Damaging a building.
Interior ministry officials said a Syrian policeman, a female bystander, and two of the attackers were killed in the gun battle.
State-run Syrian television later said security forces had raided a building in the city used by the group and found a cache of arms and explosives in the building damaged by the car bomb formerly housed UN officials.
Group members hid in a car and threw hand grenades at security forces.
The official news agency quoted an official as saying, pretty stupid, a machine gun or a rifle to be better than throwing hand grenades at people.
Security forces surrounded the car and the sounds of the gun battle echoed through the streets.
The result of the exchange of the fire between security forces and the terrorist group is that two of the members of the group were killed and two others seriously wounded.
Wonder who these guys work for.
Boy, I thought that Syria was, you know, with all the extremists.
Actually, Syria, though it's a dictatorship and run by a hereditary dictator, I certainly don't support them.
They're not arming Iran like Israel is.
They're not arming Pakistan like Lord Bush's people have been doing.
And they've been trying to put out the olive branch saying, hey, we don't want to be attacked.
Leave us alone.
But that, I guess, will just encourage the globalists.
So what do you think is going on with this situation?
Also, just a really sad article.
We already knew this.
These studies were already out.
I mean, back in 1982, 83, the trials of Prozac showed it increased massively, the number of people that committed suicide in adults.
Now they find it's even worse in children and young people.
And now, Prozac affects babies, sexual function report says.
This is out of Reuters, one of the most popular antidepressants, best known by the brand name Prozac, and the whole class of drugs are the same thing.
Can affect the development of babies when pregnant women take the drug, according to a government report released on Tuesday.
Normal doses can cause babies to be born lighter and sleepier.
Or make them jittery and cause respiratory problems, the panel appointed by the National Toxology Report said.
The effects appear to result more readily from in utero exposure late in gestation.
The report issued for public comment reads, the report is a summary from a working group of experts who studied dozens of medical studies, and we'd seen those before, using the drug known generally as fluoxetine.
I hope I'm pronouncing that right.
Or fluoxetine, yes.
I think so.
Premature birth and reduced birth weight at term.
The experts also noted several reports that found that the chemical could affect the patient's ability to achieve sexual climax, both male and female.
So it's basically a way of sterilizing them.
It can get into breast milk and is found in the blood of newborns of mothers taking the drug.
The report available on the Internet, it's 14 foot long, just go to the
Reuters article, I'll link through to it, says that the chemical is widely used and can now be found in the environment.
And it says fluoxetine has been reported in U.S.
surface waters, presumably derived from urine and feces of people on therapy.
The report reads one researcher found the chemical in bluegill fish.
That was in Dallas.
They've also found it in Denver.
I don't know.
I've probably conservatively seen 20 reports in the last...
Six months of it, major water supplies.
High levels, by the way.
But the report noted it could be more dangerous for an expectant or new mother to be seriously depressed.
So see, it's okay.
Even though it's proven that placebo is better than Prozac.
A sugar pill is better statistically, but let's just ignore that.
Mood disorders are common in women of childbearing years, and it's been established that 15.6% of women meet criteria for major depression during the third trimester of pregnancy.
The report reads...
The panel also said more study was needed to find out how and why antidepressants such as fluoxetine can stimulate production of new brain cells.
This could also affect a fetus or newborn baby in unexpected ways.
Sounds like cancer if it develops faster brain growth, not with eggheads.
Prozac is made by Eli Lilienco and is also available in generic form.
Yeah, there's dozens of these classes of drugs and dozens of drugs in this class, and they're all basically the same thing.
It's a fluoride molecule.
Enjoy your fluoride in the water supply as well, which I have literally hundreds of studies showing that causes brain damage and retardation in children and weird brain development and low birth weight.
All the same stuff, but it's just more concentrated and more sophisticated than the Prozac.
So what do you think about that?
What do you think about them apples?
It's very, very scary.
But hey, the CDC a few months ago came out with their own report from 2000 and got declassified.
Dan Burton ordered it and finally got it released.
And it was the minutes of a meeting in 2000 going, yeah, I wouldn't give my granddaughter these multiple shots, these thimerosols, brain damage millions.
Well, we've got to cover this up.
We can't admit this.
And they took it out of some vaccines, but in others like the flu shot and MMR, they increased it.
Back during the flu season just a few months ago, all the big articles about, well, the flu shot did have 20-something times the safe level of the marisol mercury, but now it's got 215 times the safe level.
Just why are you increasing it?
Well, they just won't tell us, but be sure and get out and get your flu shot, which attacks the brain again, just always attacking the brain.
And we have gone in the last 25 years from 1 in 20,000 having autism down to now 1 out of about 1,000.
And they say the new numbers are coming out.
It looks like 1 out of 168 were the latest numbers starting to come out.
We've had top scientists on the broadcast about that who testified to Congress.
Dr. Geyer was one of them.
So, what do you think about that?
I mean, they just don't care about you, but it's more than that.
You know, why did Bill Clinton, for eight years, knowing that the tainted blood supply, for eight years after it had been banned to take blood, period, from prison populations, they just illegally had giant tents set up on a daily basis, taking people's blood.
They got money for the commissary.
The doctor that worked there in prosthesis saw this happening at his own private successful practice there in Little Rock.
I mean, is that...
That's more than just evil.
It shows a total lack of conscience, a flat-out enjoyment of wickedness.
And this is the government that wants all the new Patriot Acts and the penalty expansion for death penalty for violating federal laws that would be more than one year in prison.
We talked about that yesterday.
This new Patriot Act expansion Bush has been stumping for.
We got the bill.
I mean, these are the people that want to run your life and have face-scanning cameras up and police in black ski masks covering up their badges.
These are the people that want unlimited power over your life, and I could just go through hundreds of examples of what these eugenics control freaks are up to and what they're doing.
So the question is, are you going to do anything about this?
Are you going to speak out?
Are you going to just be gullible and just go along with it?
Now, Declan McCullough writes for Wired Magazine, Washtech, CNET News, all these big publications, and he sent us a United Press International article, and he said, I hope this is a hoax, but it says that the Department of Health and Human Services wants to put microchips in the homeless.
Funny, about a month ago, we had one of the providers of Applied Digital's implantable chip on the show, and he said, there's going to be a move to put it in the police in their hands so their gun's controlled by it, a move to make the Italian government, everybody take it in the government, all employees.
I moved for the homeless.
He listed all these things.
And then weeks later, Associated Press plans to put it in the police, all this.
And then Decla McCullough with this UPI report going, is this true?
We don't know.
We've got to contact UPI.
A plan to put it in the homeless.
But then I did get a confirmed Wired News article, no privacy for the poor or homeless.
And it gets into something very similar to this.
Also in England, fast-track for national ID cards.
Britain begins trial of ID cards.
Says you'll get a $5,000 fine, 2,800-something pound.
Translates to $5,000 fine if you don't take the ID card.
Suicide is the new enemy for poor and corrupt Russian army.
Sex and satanic rituals.
Claim as priest is accused of murdering nun, London Independent.
Illegal entry from Mexico into U.S.
Florida town to use surveillance cameras.
It's all coming up at first-year calls at 1-800-259-9231.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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Coming up in about an hour, we've got Dr. Glenn Moore coming on.
He's got a new scientist article, a lengthy article that's on Infowars.com right now about mind control right out in the open.
Last week, they came out and admitted that on ABC News that...
The different political parties have people hooked up to brain scanners while they watch political ads, you know, how to craft it, how to study your mind.
Well, that's been going on for 50 years, studying the mind, studying responsibility longer than that.
Psychology is over 100 years old, but really scientifically studying it.
But it's a lot more sophisticated than that, so that's coming up.
Also, we're going to have wide open phones until then.
And the toll-free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231 on this live Wednesday edition.
We'll go to your calls here in just a few minutes.
What do you think about the Iraq War?
When is it going to end?
They told us it ended, you know, a year ago.
Mission accomplished.
I mean, how many more troops are going to die?
Is it going to be like Vietnam?
I mean, how many?
How much is it worth?
A million?
I mean, will you follow whatever this government says and does so they can have the oil supply and have some no-bid contracts and sell some weapon systems and make America look bad to the rest of the planet?
You know, John Kerry's for the war.
Hillary's for the war.
Tony Blair, the big socialist, is for the war.
You're not conservative if you're for this war.
This isn't what America's about.
Saddam Hussein never attacked us.
Saddam Hussein worked for this government.
He was a thug, a CIA assassin.
But he's nothing compared to those in Pakistan with the nukes, to those in North Korea with the nukes, to those in China who have millions of people in slave camps.
And now they admit that it's hurting the babies really bad in the womb to be on the Prozac.
It hurts them to be put on it.
Hundreds of thousands of them on it after birth.
Toddlers on it.
I mean, when's it going to end?
When are you going to figure out just how serious all of this is?
We've got to learn how to face the reality of wickedness and evil.
We've got to get out of this false reality of the football games and the
You know, and the beer and the partying.
I mean, that's not what your life's about.
Your whole life isn't about self-gratification.
I'm not saying you shouldn't be able to enjoy yourself sometimes, but being free is dynamic and exciting and invigorating and rewarding.
And I just want you to join me in this fight.
You say, well, how do I fight?
You first get informed, then you inform others, and you stop being a slave and you stop seeing the government as your mommy and your daddy because it isn't going to take care of you.
It's controlling parasites that run it.
Again, my friends, just to chronicle all the crimes the globalists are committing.
Eight years ago in Texas, watching them put the thumb scanners in for everybody to get a driver's license, and then saying, oh, the welfare recipients have to do it, and always using it on the disadvantaged.
This is wired news.
California activists and computer industry folks at the Computers Freedom and Privacy Conference are paying $140 a night to stay at a swanky hotel in Berkeley.
But they started the conference hearing about a group not usually talked about in these circles, the homeless.
A panel examined how massive databases and computer algorithms are being used to track the homeless or discriminate against the poor who need insurance.
Brittany Birnbaum of the Center for Economic Justice tried to persuade the audience that insurance companies use credit report data and data mining algorithms to single out the poor for higher insurance rates.
Birnbaum called the practice 21st century redlining, referring to now outlawed banking practice that discriminated against minorities for refusing to issue mortgages to people buying homes in poorer neighborhoods.
But the panel spent most of its time talking about new homeless database system mandated by the federal government.
Across the country, homeless shelters and other services providers are scrambling to implement an electronic homeless management system by October 2004 deadline set by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
Those systems, according to HUD draft standards, will include information on homeless individuals' incomes, mental health histories, date of birth, and social security numbers.
Oh, folks.
Matrix system, run by the NSA at the state level, has divorce records, how much money is in your bank account, when you go to work, census data, everything.
And that's for the whole public.
And then I have this UPI article that's on Declan McCullough's polytechbot.com website.
And he says, I hope this is fake, but I looked at the article.
It looks real.
And it's UPI supposedly reporting that there's a plan to put it in the homeless being proposed by HUD and by Housing and Urban Development, which is HUD, of course.
But look, I mean, they came out and proposed putting it in all the police.
That's on the record now.
Sun Sentinel, AP, you name it.
So it's getting crazier and crazier.
We'll come back.
Go to your calls.
Get into this mind control article out of the New Scientist and much more.
Stay with us.
Again, prisonplanet.tv is our new website.
It's amazing.
Be sure and check it out.
Please link to it.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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All right, folks.
Alex Jones here.
Now into the third segment of this broadcast.
And, you know, I was wondering what was going on, because usually the phone lines get loaded by five, ten minutes into the broadcast, and I said, are we having phone problems?
Because we weren't getting a lot of calls.
We discovered that this happens about once a year.
Our phone lines are off of a big T1, and the building that the network is in also houses Midas Resources.
And so right now, when you call 1-800-259-9231, they'll answer the phone and just tell them to transfer you back to the studio lines.
They have to do that.
The wonders of technology.
I think this has happened two other times in the last four or five years.
So the number to join us, we have to do a little navigating to get to us, 1-800-259-9231, and tell them to transfer you back to the show.
Okay, let's go ahead and talk to Eric in Tennessee.
Eric, go ahead.
How are you doing today, Alex?
Good, sir.
What I was talking about, first of all, I wanted to congratulate you on that.
A roundtable talk show on George and Horry the other night, last week.
A lot of people really like that.
I think you did a great job.
I was kind of thinking that maybe Linda Moulton-Howes, she's pretty cool.
She's done some good stuff, but I think she got to talk too much about aliens, try posting that stuff in there, but I was glad to see you and Steve Quell.
And Mr. Mars, stick to the point of what the elite are doing to this country and to the world.
I don't really stick to the legislation, the documents, the history we can prove.
I don't get into speculation.
But, I mean, she's a nice lady.
She does some good stuff.
It's just that, but, I mean, overall, it was a good show.
And a lot of information came out.
Yeah, it was.
And I'm going to try to share it with some of my family and friends.
Hopefully they'll listen to some of that.
I'll tell you what, it's hard to get through to some people these days.
I know a lot of people call talking disappointed because it seems like family and friends don't want to listen to it or that you'll get ridiculed or they just want to talk over you and say that Rush Limbaugh says this and George Bush says that and trying to think that they say the truth.
And it gets frustrating sometimes that we kind of keep going through this and keep getting information out there.
But I just wanted to bring up a couple of things that I saw on the news today that might interest you, that you might want to bring up.
I just heard on CNN that the new smallpox vaccine is coming out since the first one.
They couldn't get the people to take the first one, and the doctors and a lot of the police and everything wouldn't take the first one.
But now it's coming from Fort Detrick, as we know is the place where the anthrax started and all those letters and stuff.
Well, now Fort Detrick has come out with a new smallpox vaccine that's supposed to be safe.
Yeah, a Level 4 bioweapons lab.
Of course, they told us the first one was safe, but then almost every major scientist and doctor said it was deadly.
Don't take it.
The police refused.
The firefighters refused.
And now here they are back again trying to push it, telling us how wonderful it is.
Anything else?
Yeah, last week, and I got this recorded, I don't know if you'd be interested in this or not, but they had a thing on the news where the title of it, Shopping with Big Brother, and it was a big push for the RFID chip.
Yeah, how wonderful it is, and Big Brother's actually good now.
Right, and they were laughing about it, and they had a little bobblehead of Ted Turner, you know, the guy that wants to kill half the population off.
Ted Turner said 95%.
That's right, you're right.
And they had a little bobblehead of him on there and said, yeah, he's got an RFID chip in this little bobblehead figure, and they bounced around.
And they had the nice-looking, you know, newscaster on there, and she was laughing about it.
It's so fun.
It's so cute.
They have everything you buy tracked by chips.
Yeah, and, you know, it just gets so frustrating just to see.
You know, like the Bible said, it said, you know, I think it was exactly right.
It said, the truth has fallen in the streets.
That's it.
Hey, I appreciate the call.
Let me go back over both the points that you just made.
Let me cover both of them.
They came out two years ago with a model state's health emergency powers act, tried to get the states to pass it.
Some did, most didn't.
And it allowed martial law, gun confiscation, roundups, forced inoculations, shooting people that try to run quarantine.
They said, oh, this smallpox shot is so good.
They gave it just to a few thousand people, and I think it was about 15 people died.
A lot of them had heart attacks, strokes, got really sick.
It was horrible.
And then they tried to make the police and firefighters take it.
All over the country, they would say, well, police, you have to take it or you won't be able to be insured, and we're going to have to let you go.
We had a lot of police chiefs and firefighters and fire chiefs on.
They said, we're not going to do it.
We're all saying no.
What are they going to do?
The L.A.
Times reported about a year and a half ago that the headline, the smallpox program, is dead.
Ninety-nine plus percent in a poll of thousands of police and firefighters have said they did not take it and will not take it.
The government's only gotten a few thousand to take it.
There's some major problems.
They listed all these scientists saying it's bad.
So the government comes back.
Yes, we have a new vaccine for you.
It's much better.
You can trust us.
Go ahead and take it.
It goes back to that trust issue.
What this government's been caught doing in the past.
Tainted blood, painted vaccines, sterilization, agents of the vaccines all over the world.
All this stuff.
And so now they're back with it again.
They're trying to pay people in clinical trials, federally funded all over the country, running TV and radio ads and print ads.
Please come in.
We'll pay you $500, $700 to take the shot.
I mean, they're really trying to get you to do it.
And then if you do take it, if the enforcers take it, then the globalists can move ahead, have a controlled release of it, create the hysteria.
It brings in martial law.
They then pose as the saviors and give us a total police statement in the name of keeping us safe.
The border will stay wide open.
And I've gotten this from, again, globalist war games they've run and policy reports that they've put out.
Your other comment about the RFID is very, very serious.
Every day I see articles, every day, that Big Brother's good.
Big Brother's now a good thing.
He's helping.
The re-scripting, re-casting Big Brother is a good guy.
Let's go ahead and talk to Stuart in Texas.
Stuart, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Last night, I got on that new website you have.
Checked that out pretty well.
That's terrific.
You've got a little starter pack that I saw for someone who wants to have some information and show people.
And I was going to ask you if you have any kind of clear copy of W1999.
It's kind of hard to read and see on Infowars.com, and I was trying to find out if there's a way you can get a copy that's a little bit more clear.
Well, there's a copy of the two pages that we have.
From Greg Palast and the BBC, but the federal government had the British government, under the Official Secrets Act, threaten to arrest people at the BBC if the whole W199I was released.
That's Bush ordering the FBI to back off the Bin Ladens and Hamas.
In this country.
And Bill Clinton also issued it as well.
There's a copy of both the main pages where Clinton issued it and Bush reissued it.
This is an ongoing bipartisan traitorous activity.
And people say, well, give us the W1999.
It's been blocked from release, but it's been in nine major publications.
The government doesn't deny that the FBI office in New York sent this to Greg Palast.
We have it that it was from the now late...
FBI Deputy Director John O'Neill, who right before his death gave an interview before he resigned, saying they're going to allow bin Laden to attack so they have a pretext to get the oil.
That was a quote from him.
So we don't have W1999.
We have the BBC saying they were ordered not to release it.
We just have a few of the pages that they put out before they got ordered not to do that.
But it's been all... I mean, Sybil Edmonds, it just came out.
They're trying to gag her, threatening to arrest her.
She's the translator who was ordered to falsify the NSA transcripts of the details of the plans to fly planes into buildings.
And she told 15 news cameras over 30 print reporters over a month ago this.
She told the committee months ago they won't talk about it.
So that's another example of this.
FBI agent Robert Wright stood up before...
Well, uh...
Are there any members of Congress that are, other than maybe Ron Paul, that are, I guess Cynthia McKinney's gone now, any other members of Congress that are speaking up that we can support that you know of?
Good people like Tom Tancredo have been publicly targeted by the Republican Party to be removed from office.
They got Senator Bob Smith out from New Hampshire, great record.
They target anybody who's independent.
No, they're a pack of whores up there.
Now, some of them, let me answer your question.
Some of them, like Dan Burton, will go public on certain issues.
When his grandson was fine, bouncing on his knee at 18 months, and then got the MMR shot and drools in the corner now, he goes, vaccines are bad, I'm going public.
So some of them on some issues go public when it hurts them directly.
I see.
Okay, the other thing was I'm making copies of your tapes.
I'm going to churches.
I'm going to a different church every Sunday now and trying to get together with a pastor and get in some videos.
I'm trying to find the elders.
The deacon's trying to wake up some people in his church.
I know not everybody listens to InfoWars, particularly if they don't have any religious belief or whatever, but for me, I'm trying to
I hear you, and I appreciate the call.
Look, pearls before swine.
One of my friends goes to a big Baptist church here in Austin, and about a year ago, he brought me the newsletter, and almost the whole thing from the big Baptist church was, don't talk about politics, don't talk about all these issues, even to people in Sunday school or in the church at any meals.
We're not allowed to talk about politics in the church.
So now it's not just politics.
Don't have the preachers speak out against gun control or abortion or whatever because churches aren't supposed to have free speech under the new twisting.
But now they don't even want the members to do it.
It's Baptist churches doing it.
Now look, the First Amendment states Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.
The government has no control over
The churches.
It's not that churches aren't supposed to be involved with the government.
It's that government has no power, can make no law, has no authority.
But it's now the opposite of that.
Telling them what they can and can't say.
Don't talk about the end of the world.
Don't talk about an antichrist.
Don't say the EU is the antichrist system.
That's anti-government.
And a lot of churches go, okay, I'll just tell people to give me money.
And that'll be a lot easier.
Plus, people don't want to hear about all this.
So, Pat Robertson comes out and says, Implantable chips aren't the mark of the beast.
A forced abortion and infanticide is what China has to do.
And I'm the liberal for being against him doing that.
You're starting to get the picture.
You know, Catholic churches up in Chicago having big, you know, turn your guns in.
The Bible says don't own guns.
It's not true.
I mean, I've got the newsletters.
Protestant churches doing it.
So they're not just staying out of politics, they're becoming tools of the government.
And that's, again, a sign of how far we've slipped.
Where it was the churches that led the 1776 resistance.
The Black Brigade.
Let's go ahead and talk to Wes in Tennessee.
Wes, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
How are you this afternoon?
Hi, sir.
The last time I called, I tried to explain to you that the world faces a global threat
That's being covered up by the military intelligence agencies and the government itself.
And I'm not sure why, but I got a pretty good mugging from you when I called.
You tried to lump me into the same category as this lunatic lady that came out last year and said May 15th was going to be the end of the world.
And I invested in...
Well over 100 hours.
Okay, okay, I'm confused.
I don't even know what you're talking about.
I have no earthly idea what you're saying.
Okay, well, I'll just refresh the conversation we had because it was just about two weeks ago that I called.
I called and told you that I spent over 100 hours investigating the fact that I told you at the time that 90% of the stars in the universe were binary stars.
And that's when you jumped on me about it.
It turns out that I was wrong.
It turns out it's 85% of the stars in the entire universe are binary stars.
It's not 90%.
That means that each star has... Look, all I said to you was, I don't think that's right.
I don't know anything about it.
And you're saying you don't know why I jumped on you.
No, I mean, you tried to lump me into this category with this crazy lady that I just got through telling me about that last year said the end of the world would happen on May 15th because this...
Planet X was going to come crashing into the Earth.
And I've been saying for four years that I didn't believe that, and that it wasn't true.
It isn't true.
What I was trying to explain to you was that the intelligence agencies have used that woman who came up with this idea to spread this information to cover up... I'm just trying to put it to you this way.
I don't get into these subjects, period.
And so this isn't really a forum for that.
I'm not censoring you.
I'm not slamming you down.
I'm just saying that I deal with U.S.
forces' blast Fallujah targets after deadline.
There's a new Patriot Act.
You know, plans to put microchips in the homeless, UPI.
I mean, that's not really my forte.
That's all I'm saying.
The point I was trying to make was that our military is involved with Australia, that there was a study conducted in 1955 by Dwight Eisenhower that sought to answer the question, how would Americans react to a
I mean, I hear what you're saying.
Well, the only point I was trying to make was that, you know, the...
We've been hearing a lot of things like the fact that, you know, they were going to go ahead and take a billion-dollar telescope like... Tell you what, boil it down in a nutshell and tell me what you're talking about.
Binary stars, planet X, what are you saying?
I'm saying this.
What my research, over 100 hours worth of research, indicates is that our sun, in fact, does have a binary twin that makes an orbit through our solar system once every 3,600 years.
That particular star is a brown dwarf that is three times the size of the Earth, will have a great gravitational effect on this planet, will cause a lot of upheaval in terms of volcanic eruptions, worldwide earthquakes.
Okay, okay.
Listen, I gave you more time than any of the other callers got.
I appreciate it.
Yeah, I didn't slam you down.
I don't think I did that last time either, and we just sit here and we're talking about Brown Dwarf now.
Can I send you an email and go ahead and give you a detailed account of all this?
Well, of course you can.
Yeah, you don't have to have permission to do that.
Okay, great.
Thanks for the opportunity.
You bet.
You bet.
We'll come back and take more calls.
Take it easy.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
We're good to go.
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I think so.
I think?
We're good to go.
From Nazareth he came With a ragtag band To bring a revolution Some would make him cheat Others couldn't stand that The cross was a solution But he rose again
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Without the renegades Lord knows where we'd be When it comes to heroes Renegades are mine They railed against the crowd With another ragtag band
All right, folks.
We're back live here.
Jumping in over the music there.
And we're going to go back to your calls here in just a few minutes.
And we do have a guest in about 35 minutes coming on to talk about mind control.
And a mainstream article out of the New Scientist will continue with the phone calls and a bunch of other important news.
Before I go back to your calls, you know, Wes called from Tennessee and I appreciate what
You know, he was calling about, it's just that I don't deal with the big, you know, climatic, romantic stuff that people love so much.
I know it's popular to talk about it, but the things I deal with are already so scary and already so provable that people can't handle that.
I mean, people can't handle that there's 12 different draft bills, men and women.
You'll have to domestically serve as well as overseas.
People are still in denial about that.
We're still in denial about the government wanting to put microchips in us when we're on the nightly news every week saying it.
So has our solar system seen huge climactic events, a planet being smashed into the asteroid belt between Mars and Saturn?
Are there other planets out past Pluto?
Well, they just supposedly found another one a month ago.
But this is a recurring, recycled theme, always from good sources.
Every five years, a new planet's coming to kill all of us, and the aliens, like a warship pulling up next to another ship, and Master and Commander, are going to pull up and jump off of it and basically eat our brains.
Now, I'm not saying that's what Wes is saying.
He's being more serious, and maybe this is going to happen.
Maybe there is this brown dwarf coming to get us.
The government will use that to control us.
They've got a lot of other nuclear weapons, North Korea threatening to nuke us on a weekly basis.
All of that is much more real and immediate than I can prove.
So that's where I stand on it.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends, we're now into hour number two.
Thanks for joining us.
Got a guest coming up who's in the new scientist, talking about all the new forms of mind control being brought forward against the population.
The next 30 minutes will continue with the news and your calls.
Last hour I read a Reuters report about government's own documents admitting that Prozac is causing bizarre brain growths in babies in their mother's wombs, basically sterilizing them as well later in life, causing total dysfunction.
It is causing miscarriages and low birth weight.
But they say, go ahead and keep taking it.
That's what the government says.
Go ahead and keep taking it.
Doesn't matter if fluoride does all those same things.
We have all their studies.
Just keep taking it.
Just keep taking it.
Just showing their level of wickedness.
There's been new battles in Fallujah and just a lot more coming up on the police state end.
Right now, let's go to Robert in Missouri.
Robert, go ahead.
Brother Jones, how are you, sir?
Fine, my friend.
I am native of Texas myself, and you are indeed behind enemy lines, my friend.
I was just going to ask two quick questions.
You used to play a theme song by some British group, and the name of it, I believe, was Revolution.
You know, it's funny that you'd call about that.
I aired Renegade just a minute and a half of it, a Steve Voss song,
And I was telling them, find Renegades for me by Krista Borg.
Krista Borg.
And Krista Berg, excuse me, Da Berg.
And if perhaps Scott can find Jason and dig that CD out, or I think it's on the computer too, I'd like to re-air that song.
It's a great song.
So it's Krista Berg?
Yes, I don't have the spelling.
Okay, that's all right.
The next question I've got is, is there a possibility for a not-for-profit organization such as a church...
...to exist without being a 501c3 corporation?
Didn't have it until the 40s, before churches had the First Amendment.
You know, the government doesn't tell us what to do, and we're tax-exempt.
And they said, oh, just a little form you sign to make it all official.
And then, oh, by the way, we added to this, you can't talk about politics.
And, oh, now your practitioners can't, and now you've got to shut up.
And, of course, it's still there.
There's thousands of churches that aren't 501c3.
But once you sign up, it's a contract with the government.
Look, the First Amendment, the big law, says Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or the free exercise thereof, or the press, or the people to peaceably assemble and redress grievances and all that.
So the reason I asked is because the religion that I belong to, for some reason, for the most part, no one knows for a fact if they are or not unless they go up into the hierarchy of the church.
Is there a list you can go to check?
What church are you a member of?
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Oh, they're 501c3.
I know that.
How can you go out and find out for sure?
Well, they're registered with the government.
I mean, it's one of the biggest churches in the country.
They're 501c3.
Is there a national registry you can go check with?
Yeah, but I mean, I've read articles where they're 501c3.
All the big ones are.
Well, that answers my question.
Hey, Godspeed.
I appreciate your help.
Hey, I appreciate the call.
Good to hear from you.
I know I've seen that.
Let's talk to Steve in Ohio.
Steve, go ahead.
Steve hung up.
Tom in Florida, go ahead.
Hey, what's going on, Alex?
We're on the air, sir.
Okay, here's the deal.
I got a 2002 annual drinking water report from my city of Chris River, which is where I'm from, and it says here on the bottom, inorganic contaminants.
So right there, it's labeled as a contaminant.
On our report,
That's their little clause word to get them out of trouble if anybody ever says, well, my son has, you know, let's see, what's one of the bad things?
Dental fluorosis.
And one of your children comes up with dental fluorosis, which is caused by consuming water at a young age with fluoride in it.
So you see, and it shows here, there's likely common sources of contamination.
One is erosion of natural deposits.
Okay, I can buy that.
Second one is water additive, which promotes strong heat.
If it's an additive, how could it be a contaminant?
You see what I'm saying?
Yeah, stay there.
We'll cover more of it.
It's all hidden in plain view.
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We rip the Sinister Patriot Act Legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas...
Alex Jones.
Alright my friends, now 8 minutes and 29 seconds into this second hour of global transmission against tyranny.
Coming up, we have one of the scientists in the new scientist.
Coming on, mind control getting smarter by the minute.
It's just a huge five-page article with bullet point after bullet point of incredible mind control systems, that's what they call it, already being used against you and your family.
Secret arrest of citizens, forced drugging, mind control beams, mind control towers, darknesses, they want to put them up on city streets.
We already know they're being tested.
That was in the Boston Globe last year.
It's just all in here.
You want to talk about the Twilight Zone, you're going to enter it.
Mainstream news here in a little while.
Talking about mind control, though, we were just talking to a caller who is calling us from Florida, Tom, and he's reading from his local city, and I've seen a lot of these, it's very similar, where they have liability protection going, hey, your drinking water is not really safe.
It could have inorganic contaminants from natural and government sources.
But these, quote, things listed as contaminants, it listed as a contaminant, but then it says it's good.
It's a chemical contaminant for your good.
Yeah, low birth weight, brain damage, bizarre brain growth, fracturing of bones.
I mean, there's literally hundreds of studies I've read on air.
There's stuff from the 30s, University of Texas I've seen.
Hitler used sodium fluoride as a mind control agent.
And it's the same molecules used in Prozac, which, lo and behold, Reuters reports, is in the water supply, brain-damaging people, causing weird brain growths, sterilizing you.
I mean, let's just go ahead and finish up, Tom.
Okay, well, what I was talking about was, like you said, it's hidden in plain view.
It's so obvious.
Yeah, go back to what you were reading.
The inorganic contaminant.
It tells you.
It literally says, likely source of contaminations.
Or fluoride, PPM.
It says 0.91, which is the level detected.
That's parts per million, per mil.
And it says erosion of natural deposits is one of the ways that it could likely be contaminated.
Well, yeah, you can buy that.
But the next one says water additive, which promotes strong heat.
If it's an additive to water, how could it be a contaminant?
I mean, it's hidden in plain view.
It's obvious.
By the way, again, we've had the top epidemiologists, the top neurologists.
I mean, I've probably had 20 of them on the show in the last couple of years.
And we had the head dentist on from Canada, and he's also got a biology degree, molecular biology.
And he's the guy that helped get fluoride put in the water ten years ago.
They kept refusing, and he finally got it done.
Then he got all the world studies, came out and said, I apologize.
It's true.
It's not just sodium fluoride that can cause brain damage.
All these problems are being done.
He said, I apologize.
It's toxic waste from the aluminum, nuclear weapons plants.
It's the byproduct.
And from fertilizer plants.
And he said, in the stuff they're dumping in the water,
There's mercury, lead, all these toxins mixed in with it.
So it's like depleted uranium.
It's so big, so evil, out in the open that the Army's own top scientist who wrote the literal book for the Army on depleted uranium, Dr. Rocky and many others have gone public, senators have gone public.
The New York Daily News last month did tests of the blood of the troops and everybody that thought they were sick from it had levels that could kill you of radiation in their blood from DU.
That exact isotope was in them.
And so they have all this DU left over from nuclear weapons production and spent fuel rods at power plants, so they grind it up, put it in weapons, armor-piercing, it turns into aerosolized particulate, you breathe it,
Their own Army training videos and manuals, which we have on the website, say it's deadly, you've got to wear a mask, only use it in certain areas.
But again, let me finish.
It's a toxic waste, so they give it a value and then spray it all over the planet, including eight sites in the U.S.
Go ahead.
And people don't even realize.
You ask somebody, do you know what depleted uranium is?
Oh, no, I don't know what it is.
It's just another metal.
Man, they don't... Tell them.
Take a pack of cigarettes and show them that a brick of depleted uranium of that size is ten times the density of lead.
So, not only... I thought it was three times.
Is it three times?
I'm sorry.
Okay, I'm exaggerating.
I shouldn't have... That's okay.
Anyways, the problem is people don't understand anything anymore.
The stuff that's hidden in plain view...
It's right out in the open.
Hey, look, Reuters, the federal government comes out and says it's causing weird brain tumors, miscarriages, low birth weights, early births, premature births.
It's basically sterilizing the children.
You know, sexual dysfunction.
And they say, but we say continue to take it.
It's good for you.
It actually says continue to take it.
Yeah, exactly.
And they give it to children.
Oh, and by the way, it's in the water supply because over 10 million adults and over 6 million children are on it.
And this stuff doesn't break down because it's chemical.
It's artificial.
And we're drinking it.
And I'll put the plug in.
Why any of you don't get a good purification system?
Right on.
Why you don't buy it from our sponsor, which is the product I use?
Buy it from somebody else.
But make sure it says purification, not filtration.
Filtering does nothing.
Well, it does a little bit, but not a lot.
Well, that was one thing I wanted to hit on, Alex.
All right, thanks for the call.
Yeah, I appreciate it.
Yeah, filtration cuts out bacteria and stuff that will give you Montezuma's revenge.
And some, it will reduce chemicals.
But you need purification.
It'll say water purifier on the box, but on the back it says filtration.
You need purification.
Very few will do this.
We've got a reverse osmosis machine.
It's always breaking down, so we just end up using the big Berkey.
And it cuts it out.
Let me give you the number for that.
And she brought it up.
I didn't bring this up.
You brought it up, sir.
Made in America, and it makes the show possible.
Or go to infowars.com to the shopping cart.
It's right there, too.
Okay, let's go ahead and go to John in Texas.
John, go ahead.
Yes, sir, Alex.
I know you're busy.
This will just take about a minute, if you don't mind.
Here, go ahead.
I've listened to you for several years, and very interesting.
On the front page of the Dallas Morning News this morning, below a very sad article about San Diego, Texas, the second fine young man wasted now, and unfortunately our military, they're following orders.
But below this article, on the front page, here we go.
Dallas Morning News, front page, bottom of the front page.
Just following orders...
Highland Park Police Jail Woman, 97.
They arrested her at her home and handcuffed her and took her to jail and held her until she got her lawyer there and then allowed her to leave on her own recognizance.
Now, it was all over the fact that her sons say she lives alone in Highland Park for 60 years, an ex-Hockaday teacher of sound mind, lives alone, cooks her own meals, goes out to lunch regularly, and is still involved in the community.
She has good eyesight.
She failed to renew, let's see, her inspection sticker and registration, and so apparently she discarded the notification or didn't follow through on it, so on the second time around they went to arrest her.
Now, you know, a lot of times in the good old days, a lot of people are critical of them.
Now, I'm 72.
There were a lot of fine things in the good old days.
Highland Park is, you know, a high-end, what the...
New Boomers.
It's the highest-end community in Texas.
Okay, now, in the good old days, in that type of community, which, you know, so many people are critical of the good old days, okay?
The basics of the good old days, there'd been a fine young man there in a clean uniform, hat under his arm, knocking on the door, and when she would answer the door, he would possibly say, Ma'am, I'm sorry to bother you with this, but could we possibly clear this up here now?
And there'd be no other further problems.
And he called her ma'am, and now they didn't say they roughed her up, but they handcuffed a 97-year-old woman and took her to jail.
I mean, there's something wrong.
Well, they viciously assault 95-year-old women.
Well, see, I heard you yesterday discussing that.
I believe, where did that happen?
I don't want to hold you up.
I know you're busy.
Let me tell you another story I have, an Associated Press report.
There was a duck running around in this rural child's backyard, and folks, if we haven't taken pot shots at squirrels and rabbits and ducks, if they come around with a BB gun, then we haven't lived.
He shoots the duck.
It was somebody's duck.
They arrest him, criminally charged.
He's facing four years in prison.
He's nine years old.
Now, if shooting a duck with a BB gun by a pond that he didn't know was domesticated...
I mean, I'd be in prison.
Nine years old, I've been in prison.
I mean, let's be honest.
You want to talk about running around with a BB gun?
That's me.
And so this is the new thing.
I mean, just anything, the most small thing, you're going to get arrested.
Go ahead.
Well, listen, Alex, I know you're busy, but I think what it is, everybody goes on a database.
Now, please, I've heard you say this, and I believe this, too, because I have associated with Dallas professionals through the years when I worked out of Dallas for years.
Fine people.
I fished with them.
I used to fish with a World War II vet that was a plainclothes detective.
Wonderful people.
And we'd go fishing and he'd stick a .45 loaded with a clip in his belt.
And it was strictly...
He was very professional, but he was allowed to do this in a very professional manner, and we'd have some good fishing trips up in Lake Dallas or Tawakonee or wherever.
I understand, so go ahead.
And I don't want to go on about this, but it's changing, and there are a lot of, like you say and I say, there's a lot of fine, dedicated people out there, but it's just out of hand.
I wonder if they're trying to do it.
I'm sure it's a corporation.
They need money.
Well, sir, the Dallas Morning News has reported that in one of the wealthy suburbs, they do...
Knock and talk.
They come to your door and say, Ma'am, might we come in and look at your husband's guns?
And they go right down the street.
There's no... And the guns aren't even illegal.
They literally just want to come in and inspect your home like it's the Soviet Union, sir.
Well, you know, it's too bad that this isn't all brought up on the three stooges at 530 on the major network.
Oh, no.
They're going to tell you how good this all is.
Thanks for the call, John.
Listen, I hear you.
But, hey, the middle class is going to get the rude awakening now.
They're done with the poor folks.
We'll be back.
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Alright, we've got to go to these calls really fast because I've got a guest coming up.
Let's give each caller about a minute.
Patrick in West Virginia, go ahead, you're on the air.
Alex, I'm an 80% disabled veteran, and after your show yesterday, it's almost too painful for me to listen to your show.
Oh, where they beat up the 95-year-old lady?
Yes, sir.
I mean, the tyranny in this country.
And with your permission, I'd like to say something to the military officers and the active veterans.
Active and retired and enlisted.
Well, it's free speech here on this broadcast.
Say whatever you want.
Well, like I say, I'm talking to those who believe in our way of life and our Constitution and our Republic.
I'm sorry, Alex.
I'm kind of having a panic attack here.
We're sworn to defend and protect the Republic, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights from all enemies, foreign and domestic,
And my point is, Alex, the enemy is not in Iraq or Afghanistan or 120 other different countries.
The enemy is inside the gate.
We need Operation American Freedom.
They're turning America into what Saddam did for the CIA in Iraq, and I appreciate your service, and God bless you, my friend, and I understand why you're upset.
Take care.
Let's go ahead, and who's up next here?
George in Texas.
Go ahead, George.
Yes, sir, I've got a comment and a question.
My comment is that the globalists are manifesting themselves in many ways in the United States through our organizations, our money supply, our courts.
I read an article on Steve Coyle's website that came from a Russian journalist who said that NATO is currently 3.7 million man combat ready.
And that's about 10 times the size of our military.
These globalists are using us up in so many ways, and I'm just wondering... And then Europe plays the part of the savior and the good cop, exactly.
Okay, so that's the connection.
Okay, all right.
Well, that's a big army.
That is a huge army.
Okay, I just thought that was my question, if you saw a connection there.
Well, certainly.
I appreciate the call.
Good point.
Let's talk to Charles in Louisiana.
Charles, go ahead.
How are you doing, Mr. Jones?
I'll make it quick, quickly.
Yesterday that really disturbed me about that 95-year-old woman.
I wonder if them officers that served with him are really proud of their team.
They protect him.
They admit she did nothing but try to bring water to her 71-year-old blind daughter they'd already tasered five times, beaten, and sprayed pepper spray on.
They just started hitting her before she even touched him.
And then they assaulted her.
They must really be proud.
They're a team, a real good team.
But anyway, I've got to wear anything that represents this government, I'm against it.
Even our service boys.
And I thought I'd never say that.
I'm ashamed of them, and I don't really care about them no more, Mr. Jones.
They're killing all my Iraqi children.
The whole town they're going to kill if they want to be free or not.
Am I right or wrong?
Well, I wouldn't blame the troops.
They're just like the general public, and they're being used just as much, being given deadly vaccines, horrible uranium.
People like Pat Tillman, you know, the NFL guy, they really believed in this.
They're good people who are compartmentalized and being conned, and a lot of them I talk to are waking up and are aware.
And so we've got to reach out to them.
I mean, I don't think they're actively evil.
Most of them in major polls and studies they've done say they won't fire on us under orders.
That's why they get shipped overseas.
So a lot of them are good people.
One guy, he just jogged with Bush.
He's got his leg blown off.
He lives here in Denham Springs.
He's just as proud that he jogged with Bush, and he lost his leg, and he don't even care about the leg.
He jogged with President Bush around the White House.
He lives just another parish down, just as proud as can be.
Well, once you get your leg blown off, you don't want to say that it was wrong.
That commits you more to it.
Thanks for the call.
It's sad, Charles.
Let's talk to Johnny in Hawaii.
Go ahead, caller.
Thanks, Alex.
I just want to commend you and your staff and your family on Prison Planet TV.
That's such an enormous array of information in the video and audio formats.
Special interviews and articles.
It is just tremendous.
You guys really put together a super site.
Well, it's going to get a lot better.
And it's 15 cents a day to subscribe.
Most of the site is free, but just to pay for the bandwidth, we have to do this.
And I hope people will go to presentplanet.tv and sign up.
Yeah, it's definitely worth it.
Gosh, if they don't, they're really missing a great opportunity to see you.
Well, I'm going to do a special report that will then be up in the next few days.
Another hour-long special report every week.
Oh, super.
Video, yeah.
Be looking forward to it.
Okay, thanks a lot, Alex.
Hang in there.
Hey, I appreciate the call, Johnny.
They're in Hawaii.
I've never been to Hawaii.
I'd like to go to Hawaii sometime, but I've got to stay here in the foxhole, my friends, and keep fighting the globalists.
We're going to break and come back with this doctor and get into this article out of the New Scientist.
Mind control getting smarter by the minute.
A lot of interesting developments you may not have been aware of.
And then we'll continue with your calls as well with the guests on a bunch of other key news items.
But I love the listeners because they bring up so many different angles that we would have never discussed.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, we're joined by Dr. Richard Glenn Moore.
And he is the Chief Legal Counsel for the Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics, CCLE.
We have a link to it on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
In a detailed article, we've covered basically everything that's in here piece by piece, but this is all together.
Mind control, getting smarter by the minute.
Do we block traumatic memories, amnesic drugs?
Already testing them on the troops, by the way.
I'm happy to be here.
Tell us a little bit about yourself, the organization, and then the frightening developments that most people aren't aware of.
Well, I'm the, like you said, Chief Legal Counsel for the Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics.
We're a nonprofit policy organization that is really centered on developing and articulating what's meant by freedom of thought in the law right now.
As it stands, it's actually a very important concept, but one which has had very little actual development by the courts because up until now,
It hasn't been a real concern.
There wasn't a way to manipulate or alter the way that a person thought, at least not in a very direct way.
So what we're doing is trying to develop the policies that will hopefully protect freedom of thought into the next century with all this different technology that is here now and more and more is coming.
Well, the government on ABC News last week admitted that cynically the big political parties
We're good to go.
And we are being bombarded with scientifically crafted programming schemes.
Well, that's exactly right.
There's a field now that's relatively new.
It's like it's spawned in the last three years or so called neuromarketing.
Initially, this was focused on taking a focus group of people, showing them different products and advertising.
Instead of asking them questions about how they related to the product or the advertising, they would actually wire them up to brainwave machines and read the brainwaves to determine how they were actually reacting.
The hope was that they could craft advertisements so that the advertisements would entirely bypass the deliberative portion of the brain and go straight to that section that would convince somebody that they just wanted to buy it.
They didn't care why.
So go right past the cerebral cortex.
I would tell you, I've been in the UT psychology department.
Five years ago, two years ago, a year ago, this has been going on for decades.
They're just now talking about it.
That's probably true.
What you referred to in the New York Times article that gave evidence, this is now being used to examine and possibly to craft political advertisements.
To us, neuromarketing has not been a big deal.
I think it's a lot more hype than reality.
But I think when it's used for political purposes or perhaps when it's used to tune up advertising that's going to go to, let's say, kids during a Saturday morning cartoon show, that you're reaching a different type of demographic.
You're using it for different purposes.
And that's kind of our look at technology overall.
Well, Dr. Barr, I mean, obviously, without hooking people up to brain scanners, dictators, politicians thousands of years ago figured out ways to bypass the thinking process.
That's all Hitler talked about was the nighttime rallies, the uniforms, the emotion, the screaming.
All of that, and so they were already using those sciences.
They're just now accessing and seeing the results of what they already knew.
Let me give you an example.
Did you know that the Defense Department and Justice Department are involved in what I call propaganda placement?
That is funding scripts in Hollywood?
Sure, yeah.
Okay, well, turn on Threat Matrix 24, any of these shows, The Shield.
Every episode is torturing people, tortures good.
That is conditioning right there just at the social level that torture is now a good thing.
I mean, we just see the power of television changing our mindset.
Well, I think that's exactly right and why, in fact, it's necessary now.
The law has done a good job to focus on individual freedoms when it comes to what you can do or can't do with your body.
But it's very, very slow coming to examine what we can or can't do with our mind.
And that's the future of freedom is, are we going to have autonomy and privacy over our own brain functioning?
And increasingly, because this area is not defined, we're already seeing encroachments.
We're seeing it, like you mentioned, the Dr. Sell case.
Well, let's get into that in a second.
But I'm sure you're aware of two years ago, at five airports, they put NASA developed
Well, I heard that NASA had considered that, and there is a technology called brain fingerprinting.
I'd like to see the support for that.
From my understanding, brain fingerprinting is used.
Brain fingerprinting is a technology that's like a 21st century polygraph where devices are placed on the skull and you can read the brain waves, a P300 brain wave, and determine whether or not somebody has a memory.
And the memory, for instance, could be of an explosive.
It could be of a weapon.
They show you a crime scene and does the brain react to that in the memory center?
Right, precisely.
But, sir, yes, sir, they have distance brain scanners.
Well, that's what's so frightening about this.
And also, the way that it's being marketed is not as a polygraph test, because people are already incredulous about polygraphs.
We don't tend to believe polygraphs.
That's right.
So brain fingerprinting is something that comes across on the gloss as being a highly scientific, very precise method of determining guilt from innocence.
But in fact,
It's the most invasive kind of technology you can imagine.
There's nothing more intimate or private than your own thoughts and memories.
And here's a device that is being marketed in order to invade that, and we think that's very problematic.
Well, I'm sure you heard about the ground-penetrating radar they put in, again, five airports and other overseas ones that looks through your clothes and gives you a crisp, naked image.
I haven't heard about that.
So it will accept that.
Why not accept the brain scan?
Well, that's the problem, is that people tend to be pretty complacent right now.
They're willing to trade freedom for what they believe is at least a perceived safety.
But the fact is that the greatest atrocities in history have been done by governments.
And so we're in a situation now where I think we don't want to be trading away what is in fact the most essential part of our humanity, which is security.
How and what we think.
Well, that's it.
And in your incredible article in The New Scientist, where you're quoted quite a bit, I want to get into this because let's start at the top.
Let's start with amnesic drugs.
Two years ago, I saw Mr. Marshall, the head futurist of the Pentagon, saying in the future, it won't matter what weapons we have, it'll be what drugs we're on.
We're testing amnesics on trips after they do these things.
And now there's this discussion of erasing memories, kind of a Philip K. Dick book, you know, something on a paycheck, but doing it chemically, and you get into that in this story, and then also the forced drugging.
Can you tell us about that?
Well, there's a lot of stuff that's going on now that is very cyberpunk-like, like you say, Philip K. Dick.
One of these areas is what we're calling memory management drugs, and these are drugs that are pharmaceutical drugs that are produced...
Either for dimming, and in some cases, in the future, perhaps erasing memories.
And the desire here is that there's a lot of people with post-traumatic stress disorder who would like a way of reducing recall of very traumatic events.
But of course, there's also the dark side to these drugs.
Somebody could give you a drug and erase your memory.
Goodbye to shredding papers.
Now it's all about shredding actual recall.
So there's a dangerous area that these things could drift into.
On the other hand, like I said, for post-traumatic stress disorder, they could be wonderful.
There's also a field of drugs now that is developing very quickly, which is designed to actually boost memory to make your recall quicker and also more accurate.
Well, you know, they advertise the Prozac classes doing that, but the real studies show that placebo is better statistically than a Prozac.
And, you know...
Then there's all these side effects.
You start messing with the brain to be able to suppress memories.
That has to affect the brain system-wide unless you surgically or electronically exercise the neurons themselves.
Give me a break.
Well, I think that the point here is that if there's going to be any managing of memory through the use of drugs to happen, it ought to be done with a respect for the individual who is involved here.
So I think that if we don't respect the individual and allocate this power to that, to the person as opposed to the government, we're walking into a very dangerous area.
And that means by allocating it to the person that you should have a right
You should have a right to boost your memory.
To erase the memory.
The government, however, should not have the right to force upon you.
But, from Hitler to Stalin to today, they love to say you're mentally ill and grab you and shock you or drug you.
And we see this with Charles T. Sell, the Army doctor, exposing Waco atrocities.
They grab him, forcibly drug him now for six years in solitary confinement, quote, getting him ready for trial.
And last year, the Supreme Court said, this is great, do it to whoever you want.
Well, the Supreme Court...
The Supreme Court said, wait a minute, the government is not allowed to drug somebody solely for the purpose of making them competent to stand trial.
It didn't say that.
That's what the Sell case was about.
Dr. Sell was arrested on these fraud charges.
Then the government suddenly starts saying that he's paranoid and they need to give him antipsychotic drugs to make him essentially think the way that they want him to think.
So when this case got to the Supreme Court and we were involved in the case,
The Supreme Court said, hey, wait a minute.
Dr. Sell is not dangerous to himself.
There's a finding of that.
He's not dangerous to other people.
Well, doctor, let me stop, because maybe my memory's failing.
Maybe they've given me some of the drugs, because I don't really have a very good memory.
I read part of the ruling on air.
The Supreme Court, I thought, found for the government.
That's what I remember in the headlines.
No, no, that's not correct.
The Supreme Court found in favor of Dr. Sell.
But they didn't articulate very carefully what his interest was.
Our argument before the court was, look, the interest here is freedom of thought.
Oh, you were in the court?
Yeah, we were one of the amicus parties.
Well, then I certainly believe you.
Okay, then maybe the spin was different, and I believe the media would do something like that.
Now, is he still in prison?
So what the court did was they sent this case back down saying, look, lower courts,
You need to decide whether or not Dr. Sell really is or isn't dangerous.
And it kind of gave the courts a nudge, saying, if you find he's dangerous, then it's going to be okay for you to shoot him up.
Well, yeah, that was just been in the news, that if we think you're dangerous, we can drug you.
And so I guess the media spun it that way, so I guess you can look at it either way.
You see it half full, I see it half empty.
They should have thrown this out immediately.
Yeah, I see it.
No, I don't see it half full.
I see it half full and half empty.
I think that the decision...
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
You know, once we sell that, go down that road, there is no freedom left.
Well, how long is long enough?
Six years?
Ten years?
Twenty years?
Being drugged?
Now, they wouldn't tell us.
They just said they were anti-psychotics.
Did you ever find out exactly what he's been being given for six years in a hole?
Well, that was part of the problem.
One of the many problems was that they didn't have a specific drug that they were even trying to get approval for.
They just wanted to get some drug into him.
And, you know, they would do a little change here, a little test there, in order to get him to think the way that they wanted him to think.
So they weren't even able to specify the particular drug for him.
And remember, Dr. Sell is a doctor, so he is aware of the side effects of this drug.
He did not want... Did they hold him down and give it to him?
Well, that's part of what is very Orwellian about forced drugging, and it means forced drugging.
When somebody doesn't want to take a drug...
The only way to give it to them is to strap them down on a gurney and inject it into them.
So it is a terrifying, terrifying... How is Dr. Sell holding up to six-plus years in solitary confinement with the injections?
Well, he has been doing the very best that he can.
He's actually served more time now in custody than he would have had he gone to trial and been convicted of the very offenses that he's been charged with.
But they must prepare him first.
It's very frightening.
Maybe you need to have a visit, doctor.
You don't like it.
Maybe you're mentally ill.
Maybe I am.
Maybe we need this.
Well, that's right.
In this case, remember, there was no evidence that he was... I don't want to get into the nuances of the law here, but...
There are certain circumstances in which the government, if they find you, you know, frothing at the mouth and out in the middle of the street, you know, clearly out of your mind, in most states they're allowed to take you into custody.
Then a doctor makes your determination.
We haven't even done that with Sal.
They just say, we're going to see if you're crazy.
We're going to drug you for that.
That was the problem with this case.
He was not mentally incompetent.
He was only, as far as the government was concerned, incompetent in the sense that he didn't really understand, according to them,
Well, they just can't have a dentist who was at Waco under Army control talking about them greasing the Davidians.
Yeah, I think that a lot of it had to do with exactly what he was saying.
So, like the Soviet Union, oh, you think the Premier is bad?
We'll just grab you and drug you and see how you like it.
Yeah, the precedent is contrary to everything that the United States is supposed to stand for.
Well, sir, you cover a lot.
I mean, there's a lot in this article, the stuff they're doing.
What else is going on?
Well, there's an interesting technology now that's called hypersonic sound.
And it's a technology, I don't know if you remember the phonautograph.
It's something that Alexander Graham Bell invented back in the late 1800s.
Speaking of Philip K. Dick, in the Minority Report, they beam the sound right at you and it's tailored to you.
Two years ago, three years ago, I had the CEO on with these Coke machines that beam audio right into your skull.
Exactly, that's what I was referring to, this hypersonic sound.
This thing, this is a technology that actually commandeers your eardrum.
It's very, potentially very invasive.
You know, so I don't want to be walking down the street and suddenly have Coke advertisements or political advertisements or anything else for that matter coming straight into my mind, interrupting my thoughts.
But that's what this technology has the potential to do.
And like you said, according to Forbes magazine of September last year, these were being installed in Coke machines in Tokyo right now.
Yeah, and a couple years ago I had the CEO on.
He says it's just wonderful, just in, you know,
Well, you know, I think that my position on every technology is that it's got good and bad uses, and so I don't deny, I'm sure there are some fantastic uses for hypersonic sound.
You know, this stuff's like biological weapons, though.
This stuff's like biological weapons.
I mean, they can say it has a good use, but it's so dangerous you can't turn it loose.
Well, I think that the way that the law should be drawn, the line should recognize that individuals have the say here.
If you don't want to have your thoughts interrupted through something like hypersonic sound, if you don't want to have your memories probed by something like brain fingerprinting, or if you don't want to have your memories erased by a drug like propranolol, that is your right, and the law ought to be strongly protective of what we're calling cognitive liberty.
If we don't do that,
Freedom of thought is gone, and if freedom of thought is gone, all of the other basic freedoms are gone, because without freedom of thought, what freedom is left?
Well, Doctor, you're just amazing.
I want to go to break, come back, give out your website for your organization, Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics.
But also, the Pentagon says they're going to sell all this to us, the microchips out of the skin, all of it,
I want to get your take on that.
And perhaps take some calls if you've got time.
Stay with us, ladies and gentlemen.
Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
We're fighting the prison planet.
I have links to this new scientist story.
Very, very serious.
We'll be back with a good doctor.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're talking to Dr. Richard Glenn Boir, and he's the Chief Counsel at the Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics, CCLE, and we went to his website and found out that he did indeed represent Dr. Shell and did get a favorable ruling in one area, but they say, oh, we can still force-drug other people in some cases, but still he's in jail, still all this is going on without even taking him to trial.
Before we go back to Dr. Boir and get into some more of these important questions, and perhaps if he can stay with us longer and take some calls...
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Going back to Dr. Guar, if people want to visit the amazing website Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics, how do they do that?
Well, our website is at www.cognitiveliberty.org.
Cognitive, C-O-G-N-I-T-I-V-E.
We've got a link to that again on the website.
I know you're a very busy man.
Can you stay with us a little bit more into the next hour to take calls?
So callers, we'll get to you here in just about four minutes, I promise.
That's great.
If you want to talk to Dr. Boir, it's 800-259-9231.
Dr. Boir, you heard my question before we went to break.
I see Pentagon documents laughing, oh, we're going to sell everybody on having an implantable chip, then even plug-ins to the brain, through fads, through the young people.
I mean, very chilling stuff.
DARPA documents on hive minds.
I mean, this is really Matrix-like, but...
We even have programs called The Matrix for data collection.
How do you see them selling this to us?
Well, I guess I'm not so concerned about them selling it, because I can critique that from just the standard critique of consumerism and concerns about how marketing can operate on the mind.
But I think my greater concern is not about them selling it to us, because then you've
Well, we just lost the good doctor.
So we'll call Dr. Boir back.
That was very interesting.
We'll call Dr. Boir back directly and get him back on the show.
Are you doing that, Scott?
Okay, good.
Thank you.
There's a bunch of other issues we have not covered yet in this story.
And again, it's just each paragraph is a bullet point of new technologies.
They're not really new, but new to the public.
Being deployed, developed by the National Security Agency and others through their surrogates in the private, corporate, and pharmacological, psychological power structures.
We've got tens of millions of people in the Western world on Prozac and Speed and everything else.
They want to put the troops on it.
They want to grab you and forcibly drug you.
You name it.
What do you think about it, callers?
We'll come back with Dr. Boir and your calls in the third hour.
I hope that you will stay with us.
And again, I hope that you will get the videos and wake people up because we use the truth to break all that mind control and conditioning.
We have keys in that process.
Please put them in the lock.
We'll be back.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We were talking to Dr. Richard Glenn Moir when a rarity happened.
Our entire phone system went dead.
And we're going to call him on one of our backup numbers now.
And try to get him back on.
And then if you want to try to get back on here in the broadcast call, you'll have to call back in at 1-800-259-9231.
We'll continue with this new scientist article, Mind Control Getting Smarter by the Minute.
Again, out of the New Scientist, April 2004 issue, mind control getting smarter by the minute, categorizing all these different forms of mind control.
Hey, Scott, have you tried a backup line to call him yet?
Okay, that's just wonderful.
What you might do is use one of your backup lines to call him if your main lines are busy.
That might be a good thing to do.
Thank you.
Very frustrating, but that's okay.
We're working through it, my friends.
And again, we'll go back to your calls as the phone system's working.
I guess this is the wonders of modern technology.
Reuters reporting that U.S.
forces blast Fallujah targets after deadline.
aircraft and tanks pounded targets in the besieged Iraqi city of Fallujah on Tuesday, just hours after an American deadline expired for rebels to hand over the heavy weapons, witnesses said.
I can hear more than ten explosions a minute.
Fires are lighting the night sky.
One witness told Reuters as U.S.
forces blasted sections of the Golan district of the city.
Scenes of heavy fighting between Marines and rebels on Monday.
The earth is shaking under my feet, he said.
Television pictures show two large fires some 150 meters yards apart.
The action, which lasted 30 minutes, followed hard on the heels of an assault by U.S.
forces near the
Other Iraqi flashpoint, city of Najaf, which spokesman said killed dozens of enemy fighters.
A terrorist U.S.
statement said the fighting in Fallujah, a city of 300,000 people, began with an attack on Marine positions.
Marines responded by directing precision weaponry against enemy forces in order to defend themselves.
It said, without giving any further details, UN Special Envoy on Iraq said,
Lakdar Brahami, speaking of the Security Council as the battle raged, urged the U.S.-led administration to bring the Fallujah crisis to a peaceful end.
Quote, the coalition provisional authority is well aware that unless the standoff is brought to a resolution through peaceful means, there is a great risk of very bloody confrontation.
He said, they know as well, indeed, better than anyone else, that the consequences of such bloodshed could be dramatic and long-lasting.
Local doctors say hundreds of people have been killed in the marine siege of the town, a hotbed of insurgency against the U.S.-led forces, which began on April 5th, following the murder and mutilation of four American contractors there.
Let's go ahead and go back to Dr. Barr.
I mean, Dr. Boer.
Doctor, I apologize.
It might happen once a year that our whole phone system magically went dead.
It's good to have you back on with us.
We're going to get all of our callers back on for you for here in the next segment.
You bet.
We'll just keep you one more segment after this break.
The toll-free number is 800-259-9231.
Now, again, you're the Chief Counsel for the Center for Cognitive Liberty.
We were talking about how they're going to try to sell us this mind control, and you were saying you're more worried about them not even trying to sell it, just doing it.
That seems to be the trend with some of these technologies.
Like I mentioned, and I think I was cut off before I mentioned it, the other side of this is,
That the way that the government has actually garnered a lot of power and executes a lot of power is not necessarily through forcing people, but on the other side, prohibiting people.
I think that when it comes to some of these different neurotechnologies,
We have to draw the line here so that it's centered on individual freedom, not only to say no to these things, but to say yes to them if the individual wants it.
So in that respect, when you talk about selling it to people, I can see that obviously there's concerns about marketing these sort of things.
But you're saying the government will hoard it for itself and use it and deploy it against the people, whereas if we have access to it, that can be a counter.
That's what I think.
Stay there, sir.
That's incredible analysis.
It's finally here.
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All right, my friends, we've only got the doctor for one more segment.
We're going to go to your calls here in just a second, talking about mind control.
You know, it's not just the Manchurian candidate moving from the 60s.
It's the real deal.
And most people aren't even cognizant that there's propaganda, that there's other systems being used against them.
Doctor, anything else you'd like to add before we take a few calls?
I'm ready to take some calls.
Okay, let's go ahead and talk to Robert in Texas.
Robert, go ahead.
Yeah, I was calling because I think it's funny you guys talking about mind control and propaganda placement.
And right now in theaters, there's a movie called Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, where Jim Carrey is erasing memories of his ex-girlfriend in his mind.
And that's the whole premise of the movie.
Well, that's the whole premise of the Philip K. Dick book.
Yeah, and also I wanted to ask, I had heard that Ted Kaczynski was a volunteer for Mind Control also, the Unabomber?
Well, that was in the Los Angeles Times just a few years ago, that he indeed was a volunteer for the CIA Mind Control program from 58 to 62.
Any comments, Doctor?
No, I'd heard about that, but I didn't know anything else about it.
One more thing, off topic, just for a second.
I'm from El Paso, Texas, and...
This Christmas, I was down there visiting my family, and my father played softball with a bunch of active military men.
And they were saying that they were sending a bunch of people to the surrounding North Korea areas and that they were thinking that some kind of conflict was going to develop there.
And I think it's funny, you know, with...
What I think is, you know, attempt on Kim Jong-il's life.
Yeah, Rumsfeld released three public plans to strike trying to push that nutcase into doing something so they can have all their weapon sales.
Thanks for the call.
No problem.
Let's talk to Ken in Mass.
Ken or Keith, go ahead.
Hi, Alex and Dr. Vore.
I have a couple of brief comments on today's mind control topic as well as, you know,
Yeah, I was just going to ask a question.
And how to fight for false profits when they're sending fake messages.
What countermeasures can you do?
Well, now it is admitted that the government has done studies into all of this, how to use this as a weapon.
Were you aware of that, Doctor?
Can you say that last part again?
Yeah, I think we've got a problem with the file.
I think we've got some things tuned wrong today.
I think that's where a lot of the funding is coming from.
I know that's where a lot of the funding is coming from now.
As far as what sort of responses are possible, I think that there's always going to be counter-technologies that will be developed.
I think that the primary method is for more people
Thank you very much.
The other quick comment on the asteroids topic that Alex had mentioned earlier was there was testimony from Dr. Carol Rosen who was a spokesperson and a coworker of Wernher von Braun, the Nazi who invented the V2 rocket for Hitler and also worked with Kennedy for the Saturn rocket engine to the moon.
And back, you know, he died many years ago, but he was able to predict to her from being their strategies that they set out, you know, what's going to go on ahead of time.
And the strategy that he said they're going to do is first the Russians would be the enemy, then the terrorists would be the enemy, then it would be asteroids, which is what you're talking about today, and then the funniest one of all, except that it's not so funny, and I know it's out there, but it's except that we're talking about testimonies.
From what people have said that they talk about was that they'd be an alien extraterrestrial fake threat.
They always need an outside fake threat.
That's part of propaganda.
Thanks for the call, and I have seen the documents on that.
Thank you.
Let's talk to John in Tennessee.
John, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
As you know, fluorine is the most reactive element in the periodic chart and is the active ingredient in antidepressants like Prozac.
Fluoride, of course, was added to the water in Nazi death camp prisons and not for tooth decay purposes.
For 100 years, it's been rumored in the military that saltpeter is added to the food during mind control initiation and basic military training.
Saltpeter is potassium nitrite and is a prescription medication to lower blood pressure, like the opposite of Viagra.
It's also an oxidizer and gunpowder and is used in all the meats in the supermarket.
Okay, but tie this into the mind control.
Okay, here's my point.
I did some press releases for people falsely arrested in a county jail.
At first they were gung-ho to fight, but after a week in jail, their personality changed and they wavered their right to sue for false arrest because they had to plead guilty just to get out of jail.
Since they were in jail without a conviction or trial.
So do you think they were being drugged?
Are there any scientific reports of mind control covertly used in food and water supply in jail?
Okay, let me stop you for the guest and answer that.
Go ahead, sir.
Well, I am not aware of any reports to that effect.
Well, I know that Shomer Tech, the big law enforcement catalog, sells a low-frequency sound-making machine that says to break up protest, to...
This is years ago.
I've heard stories of them using those in jails.
Have you heard about that, doctor?
Well, there's a field of weapons now.
They're known as non-lethal weapons.
Some of those, I think, are devised to alter consciousness in fairly subtle ways.
But nonetheless, to alter consciousness...
And to thereby aid in interrogations or to quell somebody who may be violent.
I'm aware that there's been work in that area, but obviously the specifics of it are not easy to come by.
One last call and we're going to let our guest go.
Lucinda, where are you calling us from?
Yes, where are you calling us from?
Oh, I'm calling from Bellingham, Washington.
Thank you.
I'm looking at a story that appeared...
On CNN's website on March 3rd, it's called Troops Get High Tech Noisemaker.
And in that, it talks about how the Army has sent the long-range acoustic device over to Fallujah.
And I thought that was very interesting then to see what it had begun to develop.
Well, talking about Waco, the local Dallas papers and later Newsweek admitted they had a, quote, Russian team there with a, quote, white noise machine.
And then they also were playing with the Gregorian monks chanting the squeals of dead and dying rabbits.
That's a form of mind control, is it not, Doctor?
Yeah, I think noise and audio of various frequencies and played forwards or backwards, as you say, has a history of use as sort of a tool of coercion or of policing.
So I think that that's why I think we're concerned about hypersonic sound to a certain degree and other non-lethal weapons.
That are going to push that to a point where, you know, you won't be aware of it until it's occurring inside of your head.
It's not like a loud noise beamed at, you know, the Waco compound.
This is silent until you walk right into it or it's pointed at you.
Lucinda, anything else?
Well, yes.
I have been trying to research ways in which we can protect ourselves from this, and I'm wondering if you can give us some insights into what kinds of materials or fabrics or so on.
That we could get to make helmets or whatever.
Thank you.
Yes, tinfoil helmets.
Yeah, I don't have any advice to offer on that.
The way that I look at it is really educating the public and also trying to develop the protections.
That, you know, the law would actually be able to employ... Well, there needs to be a debate, and we're doing that now, but a bigger debate, a wider debate.
We need to, you know, educate people about all these technologies and being sarcastic about tenfold helmets.
Yeah, I mean, that's a question for foreign troops or our own troops.
You know, what are the protections against this?
And there's so many different layers of this.
And anything the police are doing is going to be coming from the military with the militarization of police, so they're using a lot of this.
Did you see the Boston Globe article last year where DARPA is investigating mine control systems that send out these waves to calm populations and to put these on towers?
Did you see that?
Yeah, yeah, I've read about that and I've been following that.
There's also been the weaponizing of other psychoactives all the way back to the MKUltra program and into the Russian siege of the theater a few years ago when they piped in the fentanyl gas and ended up killing over 100 people to end that Chechen rebel siege.
And then it comes out that our own government and the Sunshine Project got this, has secret programs, helicopters ready to spray major cities here domestically.
Yeah, so I think all of this, again, comes back to this idea that if we don't have a way to talk about what the right is that's at stake here, and our way of talking about it is it's cognitive liberty.
It's about does the individual have the right to control their own cognitive process?
Well, Doctor, even in the university, you know, taking marketing, they talk about the history of subliminals and how it's used today.
This is all admitted, but again, to the average person, it's the X-Files.
Right, that's true.
So how do you get past that?
Well, I think by still presenting verified, supported evidence that shows that these things are existing, do exist now, and that other things are under development, and also by pointing out that technology has a long history of being used both for good purposes and bad, and what makes the difference is the way that freedoms are defined.
And so, for instance, when the printing press came out, the government was immediately panicked about it and attempted to control it, attempted to arrest people that used them, that weren't authorized to use them.
Ultimately, the printing press won out.
We have freedom of the press by and large now.
You can quibble about that.
But the printing press was a technology of the past.
I think that the neurotechnologies of today are like the printing press of the past.
There's going to be a whole battle around them, and the battle is centered on
Do you have a right to think how and what you want to think?
All right.
Well, Dr. Richard Glenn Boir, he is the lead counsel, the head counsel at the Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics.
Thank you for coming on, and just God bless you, sir.
Thank you.
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So call now.
Again, 1-800-622-8446.
We're going to continue with open phones, and then I'm going to get into some of the other important news items here, like Fast Track for the National ID Card in England.
We already have it here and just don't know it.
And a lot more.
Right now, let's go back to the calls.
in California, go ahead.
Hello, sir.
Hey, good to have you here.
Listen to me right now.
My comment is about DMT and fluoride, the connection between those and the pineal gland.
Do you know anything about DMT?
Why don't you... Yes, I have a foggy notion of what you're getting into.
Go ahead.
Okay, DMT is a chemical that's naturally excreted from your pineal gland in your brain.
Pineal, yes.
Yeah, when you're dreaming and when you die.
Fluoride, the government has been doing...
Numerous testings on volunteers with the M.T.
The shamans have been using it way before then, but basically what fluoride does is it kills the pineal gland, and they know this.
It's just all bullshit.
Excuse my French.
All right, thanks for the call.
Fluoride causes brain damage and causes a major breakdown in the brain.
And it's just simple.
It's all the studies.
And, you know, you do better being articulate and not an idiot.
Malta in Denmark.
Malta, go ahead.
I have thinking about this injection.
You know, the microchip injection?
I think a month ago, I...
My teeth stuff was some kind of... I need some kind of... I don't know what you call it.
You went to get some dental work.
And I get an injection because I cannot hold my mouth closed when he makes this photo of my mouth.
He took the x-ray and what are you getting at, sir?
An x-ray and he gets my injection...
Unfortunately, sir, you've called in before, and I don't think we can communicate.
I apologize, I don't know your language, and you don't really know mine.
Do you have somebody there who can speak better English, maybe translate?
I'll try to think what I would say before I call.
Well, no, I'm not mad at you.
I just can't... I understood that lesson.
I'm not mad at you.
Well, explain to me... I mean, what are you saying?
What are you... What happened at the dentist?
It's kind of an injection.
The doctor, the dentist... Yes, he'll give you a novocaine.
He was giving me an injection because I could not... I was too... I was... My mouth was...
I will try to find a download, and I will try to train to... I will call another day when I find out... Okay, okay, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Let's go ahead and talk to Tim in Ohio.
Tim, go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
I was scanning through the Internet, and I came across... Are you familiar with George Bush, the unauthorized biography book by Webster Tarpley and Antoine Chaikin?
Yes, I've interviewed Mr. Tarpley.
His whole book is on the Internet.
Did you know that?
Yes, on his website.
Oh, okay.
Very good.
People can go there and look, and they talk all about Bush and Dyson Steele and UBC and the funding of Hitler and all that.
But what's most intriguing to me right now is this project paperclip.
Bringing the Nazis in, which the Bushes were intimately involved in until the early 50s, the money going through their bank.
Of Senator Prescott Bush, yes, and then being sent out to Latin America where the Nazis were at.
The UBC?
And they just set up camp over here and in South America and kept right on going.
And most of the money went to the Bush's hands, yes.
What can you tell me, Alex, about the CIA airline Air America?
I read some pretty nasty stories where there was heroin.
That's public knowledge that the CIA chipped in most of the heroin during the 60s.
They still do.
Opium production was at all-time lows in Afghanistan.
Now it's at record levels two years after the liberation.
And they deal the drugs, they control the oil, they control the weapons, they control big pharma.
It's all about control.
What do you know about them smuggling in the drugs inside the hollowed-out body cavity?
Oh, that's been admitted.
That's even been in the mainstream news.
They got caught doing that some.
Now, do you think that's part of the reason that they're not letting or allowing anyone to photograph the caskets coming back today?
Or they made a big deal?
No, they're doing that for propaganda reasons because they don't want you consciously seeing the numbers of dead.
I mean, they can have drugs in there and let you see a photo of it.
That's not going to show the drugs sewn up in somebody's stomach.
I just wish we could just see through there somehow.
We had their piercing technology and see what's really going on.
One quick thing before they go.
I noticed that our Fox channel, our local Fox channel, the copyright when it goes off the air says New World Communications.
Have everybody else watch their local Fox.
Thank you.
We'll come back and take more calls.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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We're good to go.
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All right, my friends.
We've had a lot of requests for this song to re-air.
I probably haven't played it in six months.
It's Krista DeBorg out of...
I believe he's out of Ireland, and this song's called Revolution.
And so, do you have that ready, Scott?
Go ahead and play that, and we'll come back and take your calls at 800-259-9231, 1-800-259-9231.
But before we do that, I'll get into some of the National ID card, which is really a world ID card system, so please stay with us.
Wake up, boys, there's a light at the window I can hear someone knocking on the door There are voices in the street And the sound of running feet And they whisper the word Revolution There are men coming down from the valley
There are tall ships flying off the coast And they carry the light in the dark of the night Like a whisper in the wind Evolution!
Bring my gun and a handful of silver By the sea we will gather for the fight
It's been so many years So many tears We have lost once before Now we'll settle the score When our cannons will roar Revolution!
Watch and wait.
Get ready for the sign.
There are many here among us now who have not seen the light.
We're not saying the word to all the people in the land.
Go to every hill and mountain for the time is now at hand.
The light!
The road of the Rocky Hills tonight Under cover of the darkness We will slip behind the lines And we will take the men Who have stolen our land For the years of domination Hit them right between the eyes And light a fire!
Light a fire!
Light a fire!
All right.
Again, my friends, thank you for joining us on this live 28th day of April 2004 edition of the Alex Jones Show.
It's not really a show.
It's a broadcast to warn people to expose all the admitted tyrannies of man that are being visited upon us.
How we're being bred like cattle to be fed on by our own species and to try to resist this and cause a renaissance and awakening to this wickedness, to this evil and to avert huge disasters.
The globalists are bloodthirsty.
They have engineered many horrors and they're setting up even greater ones now.
And now is the time
For all of us to unlock our minds and face the reality of what we're dealing with.
History is replete with tyrants and dictators and corruption.
That is the norm.
Freedom has been the exception.
No one can deny that we're not losing our freedoms.
But the government provides the terror attacks to say, well, it's just to keep you safe.
We hate to do it, but we've got to do it.
Give up your liberty for security.
When you give up liberty, you get tyranny.
You do not get security.
All right, fast track for ID cards.
For years, they've been trying to force the British people to carry national ID cards.
But only about, what they say, 40% of the population owns an automobile in England, whereas about, what, 89% of the American people do, that is adults.
Here, we've got a de facto national ID card to the federally mandated and specced,
That is set up, engineered driver's license and ID cards.
And every state says you've got to have one.
And they arrest you walking down the street failure to ID if you don't have one.
They arrest you in your own backyard if you don't show them one.
There's hundreds of these cases, literally a year.
The Supreme Court just ruled on one three weeks ago.
So we have an actual ID card, but in England, because most of the population, a majority, does not have an automobile, they want to make them have ID cards, because they can't just have a de facto driver's license.
We're good to go.
And they say, oh, we got rid of this in the 50s because we no longer needed it after World War II.
That's what the news says.
You read the history.
The British people protested and rallied and refused and were arrested.
That's how they got rid of it.
And now it's going to have all your data, track what you buy and sell.
They're going to swipe it when you purchase things.
It's already happening.
You go to a bar in England, they may have you walk through a scanner that looks through your clothes to see if you've got weapons or drugs.
They pull up in paddy wagons and make you do it.
They take DNA swabs if you want to get in the bars.
They have RFIDs in the library books and make you thumb scan to get them.
Four million surveillance cameras in London alone.
This is a microcosm of the rest of the Western world.
They're a few years ahead of us, but it's going in here too.
They're trying to make stores put in thumb scanners when people buy things.
And make you thumb-scan biometrically.
This is very, very serious.
Fast-track for ID cards legislation to introduce the first national ID card scheme for Britain in 50 years is to be introduced to Parliament in the autumn and will be on the statute book before the general election, David Blunkett predicted yesterday.
But some of the Home Secretary's ministerial colleagues and Whitehall officials
Council caution in view of widespread doubts about the principles behind the scheme and its practices.
They want it to be introduced slowly.
Yes, want to train us to be domesticated incrementally.
Don't give us a chance to struggle out of the net.
And 10,000 people are being basically paid in a volunteer situation to take these.
And then now they're talking about arresting you if you don't have them.
So they're implementing it.
And it says, David is enthusiastic for this, so it's the Prime Minister, but we may well proceed more slowly.
A senior official warns.
So see, in the false debate, it's not one group saying we're against it.
It's, oh, we want to phase it in slower.
That's the debate.
A false debate.
Several cabinet ministers also remain skeptical.
The draft bill setting out the scheme to be published today will not contain the overall cost of implementation.
But past official estimates have been put at anywhere between 1.3 billion and 3.1 billion pounds.
So 2.5 billion to 5 billion, 6 billion in dollars.
So notice the other sub-debate is, oh, this is going to cost too much.
It's like in Canada when they have a gun registration and gun confiscation.
It isn't that it's violating their rights.
It's, oh, it costs too much money.
You know, that's controlling the... It's not that face-scanning cameras are bad.
It's that, oh, sometimes they don't work right.
Don't worry.
Oh, we'll fix that.
See, this is the psychology.
It's not that we don't want a world government.
It's will it be a liberal or a conservative world government, see?
Bypassing debate with false discussions of basically how to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.
Ministers insist that the overall figures cannot be published because of commercial confidentiality.
Mr. Blunkett insisted yesterday that the scheme will involve high-tech biometric data, such as electronic fingerprints, which we've had in almost every state for many years here in the U.S., which is likely to push the final bill towards the top of that range.
Now, three years ago, I saw the U.N.
press release where they called for a world biometric ID card.
And these all have the same specs, whether it's in Texas or London or Frankfurt, Germany or Russia or China.
They're putting in the same list of numbers, the same amount of numbers, the same biometric system.
It's all integrated.
It's a world ID card.
Then they sell it.
Then if you want to fly from England to the U.S.
or the U.S.
to Germany or from U.S.
to Mexico, you've got to have one of these travel cards they issue with a digital photo, digital thumbprint.
But we hear it in our respective countries that it's owed just for foreigners.
But then when you want to travel out of the country, the other country makes you do it too, part of this U.N.
But then Bush says three months ago, well, I'm going to have an exemption for illegal aliens out of Mexico.
Do you get it?
I'm going to have an exemption for illegal aliens.
Canadians do.
They don't have to do it.
British do.
Africans do.
But because they want to keep that illegal flow coming in.
So it's an incredible system.
And we already have a World ID card being implemented, being put in.
Your Kentucky lot driver's license, your Iowa, your New York, your California, your Texas is already not a national ID card.
That's another unit of the World ID card system.
Tony Blair will make a speech tomorrow setting out the case for managed migration.
He says it's to stop the illegals, but they're all waived in the program.
Ahead of Saturday's formal access of ten new EU member states, he argued again last week that the disputes within government are not about making sure the cards work.
But one senior minister, again, he argued last night that the disputes within government are only about making sure the cards work.
So he wants to have the debate just there.
But one senior minister said last night, apart from Tony, most of the cabinet lawyers are against it.
Jack Straw, Patricia Hewitt, Geoff Hoon, Alistair Darling are against it.
The practical arguments disguise objections in principle.
Ah, see, I hadn't even read the whole article.
Because I've already read months ago what they said they'd do, and it's just all in here.
Today's draft bill will reveal the basic data to be held on the new National Identity Register document.
That will underpin the scheme this is expected to introduce, include name, address, date of birth, gender, immigration status, and confirmed biometrics, such as electronic fingerprint, scan of the iris, or the eye, or the full face.
In the U.S., it's thumbprint face scan.
Most people in Texas have done this, and I go, don't you remember thumb scanning?
And they go, I never did that.
And I go, remember the black box with the red light?
Oh, yeah!
That's how unconscious people are.
And they say that ID cards will solve the illegal immigration situation.
They have it wide open.
They let the illegals ride in every night on the train out of the tunnel and just get off.
It's just the same thing here.
Bush saying the illegal aliens from Mexico and Latin America and all the Islamics and the foreigners from China, Germany, you want to come through here just illegally?
Walk across at the checkpoints.
They don't stop you.
You just say, I'm here to visit.
Come on in.
No biometrics for you.
About training the Western world to do this for the new global sales tax they want to push, and also a tax on money transfers, fuel tax, gasoline tax, all that.
I'll get to sex and satanic rituals claim as priest is accused of murdering a nun, London Independent.
Illegal entry from Mexico to U.S.
spikes, Associated Press.
Some other news, and a few calls before we end the broadcast.
But before I do that, I do want to just remind all the listeners that we've launched PrisonPlanet.tv.
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We'll come back and get into sex and satanic rituals, London Independent, illegal entry from Mexico to U.S.
spikes, and a few other tidbits in the vinyl segment.
Stay with us.
We shall return after this quick break.
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You know, I should have gotten to this earlier.
I could have spent 30 minutes on it.
People don't want to believe what the satanic elite is doing.
I mean, there's just hundreds of these stories.
One independent.
Sex and satanic rituals.
Priest is accused of murdering nun.
She is dead.
And it says, his case is not only replete with details straight out of gothic melodrama, including one particularly lurid report of a ritual involving a teenage girl, a snake, and a human eyeball, it is also one more throwing an unwelcome spotlight on the moral integrity of the Catholic hierarchy.
At the heart of the matter is the killing of Sister Margaret Ann Paul in the sacrosanct of a church hospital.
And Easter Sunday, 24 years ago, Sister Margaret Ann was one day short of her 72nd birthday when she was strangled and then stabbed between 27 and 32 times.
They say that the Friar Robinson was a suspect from the start, and now all this new evidence has come out when a young woman whose identity has been kept secret testified before the Diocese Commission in Toledo that she had endured years of sexual, physical, psychological abuse by a group of priests, and then it gets into all of it, and the police investigated it, and the
Found a lot of evidence to it.
It just gets worse and worse.
Illegal entry from Mexico to the U.S.
spikes after Bush calls for total amnesty.
A four-year decline in illegal immigration from Mexico is spiking as several thousand migrants a day rush across the border in hopes of getting work and visas under President Bush's proposed plan.
So there you have it.
Let's take a few final calls here.
Let's go ahead and talk to Warren in Canada.
Warren, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I heard your show on George Norrie last week.
And I just want to make a point about secret societies.
Skull and Bones, like, it really shows how weak-minded the Bush and Kerry are, and they make good puppets.
Do you agree with that?
We have an animation we did with Bush and Cheney's... I mean, Bush and...
His cousin carries heads on skeletons with a puppet master above them.
That's on InfoWars.com.
So, yes, I do get that.
Yes, puppets.
And about the Payne Stewart incident, you know, that may have been a test for the 9-11.
And that's how Wellstone died.
Well, I don't know.
I don't want to speculate on that.
But we know 9-11 was an inside job.
Thanks for the call.
Deborah in Michigan.
Deborah, go ahead.
Hi, how are you?
I'm great, welcome.
I'm calling about what you were talking about earlier, about the blood supply being tainted.
Yeah, knowingly shipping AIDS blood for your hemophiliacs, yes.
Okay, there's another thing.
The illegal immigrants coming from Mexico are bringing in something called Chagas disease.
And when they break the law and wind up in jail, the Red Cross workers are going in gathering the blood.
Chagas disease has no cure.
And it's some kind of a microorganism that eats away at your heart muscle until it explodes.
Yeah, it's a little worm.
And there's also drug-resistant TB, all of it.
It's even worse with the Russians coming in.
They've even got a more deadly form of it, Debra.
They do?
Holy cow, it's bad news.
I don't know how they can do this and get away with it.
And then they sit next to your children and they cover up the epidemic of it, though it's been in local news.
Thanks for the call.
Ron in New York.
Ron, go ahead.
Alex, I want to play this short clip by Secular Live yesterday.
How do you explain to us the dichotomy that exists when these people like he and Pat Robertson champion all the Christian causes and then go ahead and do stuff like this?
Listen to this.
What is the victory?
How do we define victory?
And that's the key.
Let's go to California.
Robert joining us on the line.
Go ahead, Robert.
What's the question for Trey, please?
I was wondering, when does free speech, I realize we have a right to free speech, but when does it amount to lying and when can private organizations such as a major newspaper get in trouble for it?
Because I was reading my major newspaper the last few days and they're spreading all kinds of misinformation about the Patriot Act.
Well, the press, of course, has the right to freedom of press.
I mean, the editorial opinions on the Patriot Act or anything else, they can say what they want to say.
And, of course, some of the major newspapers in this country have gotten in quite a bit of trouble over the last couple of years.
Yeah, we're out of time.
Thanks for the call.
Back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
God bless you all.
Get out there and take on the New World Order.
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Where are military bases and hazardous waste sites located?
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