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Air Date: April 27, 2004
2236 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, my friends.
It's Tuesday.
We're live.
Tuesday, the 27th of April, 2004.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
Ultra-massive broadcast lined up for you today.
Monday through Friday from 11 to 2 Central during the day, back from 9 to midnight Central Standard Time.
Again, I'm your host, Alex Jones.
The websites are prisonplanet.tv, infowars.com, and prisonplanet.com, as well as infowars.net, jonesreport.com, and virginutah.com.
And all the sites have varying degrees of different areas of key information.
That is, to put it more succinctly, the sites all have a lot of the same information and a lot of different information and video and audio and legislation, you name it.
Well, I drop the ball, and I do this.
I mean, there's so much coming at us that there's no real way to keep track of all of it.
Months ago, a new piece of legislation was introduced.
And it's the legislation that Bush wants to be tagged on this year in the repassage of Patriot Act I. Now, part of Patriot Act II was passed in December, December 13th of 2003.
Well, now they've introduced new legislation
And let me give you the bill number on this.
It's posted on Infowars.com right now.
We just posted it.
Terrorist Penalties Enhancement Act of 2003.
And we have the subsection here in front of us.
Patriot Act enhancement provides death penalty for any federal crime punishable by one year in jail.
Well, that means any federal crime, because all the federal crimes, the lowest penalty is one year.
And there are just millions of different things the government can come after you for.
Literally millions of different laws.
Not hundreds of thousands, but millions.
No one really knows the total number.
They just know it's over a million laws.
Different federal laws.
And, of course, there are then millions of state laws.
No one knows.
The government says they don't know how many, just that there's over a million there as well.
So, Patriot Act enhancement provides death penalty for any federal crime punishable by over one year in jail.
Remember the Oregon law they tried to pass where if you block traffic or protest or...
Own a gun illegally or download music.
I mean, it listed over 100 things.
You get life in prison in a forest labor camp.
What was that bill?
742 in Oregon?
That's posted on the site as well, Infowars.com.
In fact, Paul Watson, our webmaster over at the Prison Planet side, needed to get that Oregon bill and a few others and post it in with this counterpunch article that we've now added to
So when we get back, I want to go over this new enhancement of the Patriot Act and how we can hopefully expose it and stop it.
And we'll also talk about the troops, the CIA-controlled troops in a special division went into this perfume factory where they said there were chemicals that could be used for explosives or chemical weapons.
Well, anything could be used for that.
And it blew up a supposedly booby trap.
And now the neocons are out saying, my goodness, we did it.
We found the weapons of mass destruction, but it got blown up.
It was precursors.
Well, I mean, ammonia under your sink can be the precursor of a chemical weapon.
And they've tried this several times before.
It's just amazing levels of lies.
And it's getting our troops killed.
Please stay with us.
We'll be back.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, again, it's the 27th day of April 2004 on this live Tuesday edition.
We're now 8 minutes and 35 seconds into this first hour.
Later, we've got the lawyer for the 70-plus-year-old lady.
There at her mother's house, the 95-year-old lady with the SWAT teams beating her up, tasering her three times, knocking out her false eye.
Because at least once a week I like to focus in on one of these police state developments and just show the insane mentality that we didn't see in this country just a decade ago that is intensifying.
In the meantime, I want to get into the latest developments in Iraq, also with the police state here domestically.
The Fallujah scene of intense gun battles in other cities, Marines and Army troops being killed.
Some U.S.
Army troops, quote, under CIA control, along with some Marines, were sweeping through an area, went in a perfume factory, and first they were saying that it was chemicals in there to make explosives.
Now they're saying it could have been precursors to chemical weapons.
Well, according to those parameters, almost everything under your kitchen sink is a precursor, including ammonia.
The point here is they've tried this over and over again.
There must have been, I don't know, 20 times during the last year where they said, oh, we found some barrels.
We think it's chemical weapons.
Oh, we found them.
And then, oh, it's fertilizer.
Or, oh, we found some chemicals in another chemical plant.
Oh, it's an oil refinery.
I mean, any of this stuff can be used to make explosives.
That's not weapons of mass destruction.
I mean, I love before the war, the U.N.
inspectors unscrewing rockets and sticking their noses in it on video and still photographs and the news headlines searching for weapons of mass destruction.
These may be Sarin or VX nerve gas rockets.
Well, you don't unscrew them and stick your nose in the tip of the warhead.
I mean, you don't do that with protective gear on.
You test the outside of it, and if it's got chemicals in it, it'll come up with a red flag, and you take it to be destroyed very carefully to an incinerator, a specially designed incinerator in Alabama.
They supposedly got one in Israel as well to get rid of this stuff.
You don't unscrew it and stick your nose in it.
I mean, it's a joke.
We have a Pentagon that's been caught, again, planting hundreds of fake
Letters from troops with false signatures, fake weapons dossiers written 13 years ago.
At the time, 12 years before.
Now it's been another year, so 13 years ago.
Niger fake documents about uranium, mobile weapons trucks that turn out to be for pumping up dirigibles, balloons, blimps, whatever you want to call them.
They've known all this all along, but I hear the neocons all over talk radio last night and this morning is crowing.
That we found the chemical weapons.
Could be.
So it's interesting.
But all of that, frankly, hails insignificance to our government arming North Korea, arming China, arming Pakistan.
What looks like an attempted hit on Kim Jong-il.
Rumsfeld releasing three separate battle plans saying that we want to have a preemptive strike on him, which is trying to push him to go ahead and nuke us.
He's got missiles that can hit any part of the U.S., and out of this they'll get their World War III, and then through that crisis the military-industrial complex will control what's left of the free economy globally.
But on top of all of this, I just learned of this.
I mean, there's Patriot Act 1 and 2.
There's Victory Act 1 and 2.
There's the Intelligence Act of 2003 that did pass.
I mean, there's all this legislation, and all that I knew had passed was Patriot Act 1, October 27, 2001.
Patriot Act 2 introduced January 6, 2002.
Wow, excuse me, 2003.
And, again, they took part in Patriot Act II and got it passed.
It was passed the week before December 13, 2003, and Bush signed it December 13, 2003, the day they announced the Saddam capture, so that news got kind of blacked out.
And we've gone over what's in this legislation, past and ending.
But I dropped the ball here, and so did everybody else.
And I went online last night when I first discovered it at prisonplanet.tv.
Paul Watson had found it over at Counterpunch, run by the L.A.
Times writer Alexander Cockburn.
And we found the actual bill, and it's worse than what their analysis states.
And it ties into the other pieces of legislation that
So this is on prisonplanet.tv.
I've also written an addendum or a blurb at the beginning of it at infowars.com.
Patriot Act enhancement provides a death penalty for any federal crime punishable by over one year in jail.
And lo and behold, while I was being interviewed by Jeff Rents on his show,
I half-distractedly, and I apologize, whenever I learned of this an hour into the show, I went to the bill and was reading it while on air.
And sure enough, it certainly does say this, and we have the bill and the subsection posted at prisonplanet.com.
In fact, I would tell Paul, who's doing a great job, to also take the bill that we grabbed and my comment and post it with the Counterpunch article.
This is a great story out of Counterpunch, so I will read this in its entirety as well.
But think about this.
If you violate any of the federal laws, and there's well over a million of them, a million different laws and what they call laws, it's all color of law, in the federal code, Patriot Act enhancement provides a death penalty for any federal crime punishable by over one year in jail.
Now, when I wrote my analysis in early last year,
Of Patriot Act 2, and it did win the Project Centered Award.
I'm not bragging, but it's accurate.
They had a whole bunch of professors and academics and lawyers study my analysis and were shocked that it was accurate because it was incredible claims.
I said that, well, here's the subsection where they'll secretly execute you for any act of terrorism.
And then they pointed back to Section 802 of the first Patriot Act that said it's any action that endangers human life.
It's a violation of any federal or state law.
So according to that, according to what the code says, and the way a lawyer would read it, or a judge would read it, or a tribunal would read it, any misdemeanor is punishable by execution, secret execution, no trial.
But now in this new enhancement of the Patriot Act, Patriot Act Enhancement Act, they actually clearly state it.
But they say that it's any violation of a federal law
That would give you over one year in jail, which every federal crime I've ever looked at, I mean, it's normally pretty stiff penalties.
I don't ever see them shorter than a year.
Unless you're some junk bond salesman who's friends with the Bushes or the Clintons, then you get a week or two at some golf course style minimum security facility.
So when you hear, oh, it's just for the terrorists, when you hear that it's
Not for the American people.
This is just for terrorists.
You're not for protecting the terrorists.
They don't deserve rights.
What people don't understand is this is written for the entire population.
And it takes away due process and allows the criminals, the despots in government, to literally have Soviet-slash-Nazi-like powers over our lives.
So again, keeping up with the lies of the Bush administration, something that Steve Perry has been doing at Bush Wars, would be a full-time job.
In order to maintain my sanity, I focus only on lies about civil liberties.
Until recently, Attorney General John Ashcroft had been the fraudmeister.
But fueled by 9-11 commission hearings, the panel Bush did not want to begin with, and the steady stream of administration talking heads, Bush's who tout the Patriot Act as the companion of laws that will save us from terrorism, Bush's handlers have come to the recognition that touting the Patriot Act is a mighty fine re-election campaign tool.
After all, it is amply named so that if you're not for it, you are unpatriotic.
Last week, Bush made two speeches about the Patriot Act.
One in New York City, one in Buffalo.
Also thought he made one in Pennsylvania.
The Buffalo speech focused on how the Laquana Six, young American citizens of Yemen, dissent who never engaged in one act of terrorism, but made the dumb mistake of going to Afghanistan and returning to study Islam before September 11th, used it to nab the bad guys before they could hurt us.
Nothing can be further from the truth.
The Patriot Act itself cannot be tied to any terrorism convictions, mostly guilty pleas, other than the fact that it defines terrorism so broadly that my writing this article equals a terrorist act, ergo, traveling to a terrorist country before September 11th makes you a terrorist.
And it goes on to say the ACLU, whose loyal opposition, I would add, has saved me the trouble of cataloging and contradicting Bush's lies about the Patriot Act.
The President said, by the way, the reason I bring up the Patriot Act, it's set to expire next year.
I'm starting a campaign to make it clear to members of Congress that it shouldn't expire.
It shouldn't expire for the security of our country.
That way when they blow something else up, they can say, see, you stopped us from protecting you.
The truth, less than 10% of the Patriot Act expires.
Most of the law is permanent, and those portions that do sunset will not do so until December 31, 2005.
I'm glad somebody pointed this out.
I pointed this out over two years ago when they first passed Patriot Act I. The sunset provision is for just a few of the header provisions that say we love everybody and we're not going to take your freedoms and we care about you.
All the real provisions are not sunsetted.
They're in perpetuity.
The President said, and that changed.
The law changed on roving wiretaps were available for chasing down drug lords.
They weren't available for chasing down terrorists.
The truth.
Roving wiretaps were available prior to 9-11 against drug lords and terrorists.
Prior to the law, the FBI could get a roving wiretap against both when it provided probable cause.
We'll come back and finish up going through this and get to the best part, executing you for no reason.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Coming up in the next segment, I'll get back into this new Patriot Act legislation.
2934, the Terrorist Penalties Enhancement Act.
Laws such as the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act and the Federal Gun Control Regime of Title 18 U.S.C.
Section 922, among many other crimes, could carry death sentences if a bill is passed.
One of the top lawyers for the ACLU said,
So the ACLU looking at these sections says, this will allow them to execute pro-life demonstrators, and it says Greenpeace activist, and it lists the U.S.
code here.
A catch-all death penalty for any other federal crime punishable by more than one year in prison if it meets the Patriot Act's overbroad definition of terrorism.
So that's, again, we'll just get into this later.
It's just a whole can of worms, so serious.
But going to Paul Watson just briefly, I drug him onto the broadcast to talk about two breaking stories.
First off, they're claiming that troops went in and might have found a chemical weapons plant with precursors to chemical weapons, and then also new developments concerning cover-ups in the numbers of dead U.S.
Good to be on the air, Alex.
Good to have you on.
Yeah, the story that you wanted me to mention is out of the Associated Press, and it says, "...an explosion in northern Baghdad today killed two soldiers during a U.S.
The blast leveled part of a building after American troops entered it and wrecked four Humvees.
Witnesses say the explosion happened after U.S.
troops broke into a shop on the ground floor to search the building."
Some residents say the building housed a weapons repair shop while others say it was a perfume factory.
But Insight Magazine's reporting that it was basically a chemical weapons factory.
World Net Daily's got a story right at the top of their page which says Saddam's WMD have been found.
So they've jumped on it all, even though the eyewitnesses who lived there said it was a perfume factory.
Well, it's like before the war, they go, here's the chemical weapons plant in Bunkard-controlled areas, which Saddam didn't even control, and then they send reporters to it, and it's a broken-down bakery with some goats eating some stubble on the ground.
It's all on the Neocon Newswire's book.
Well, that's the case.
If it was an actual find of anything, then it'd be all over, you know, ABC News, CNN, which it's not at the moment.
So I see these kind of things every week.
I basically just ignore them, because they always turn out to be unsubstantiated.
And six months from now, the neocons will be going, why don't the media report?
We found a chemical plant in downtown Baghdad.
They're liberals.
It's some little shop, and there's a booby trap, and they go, oh, chemical weapons.
I mean, it's getting really ridiculous.
Well, some of them are still talking about, you know, Niger uranium and mass graves, so it's amazing.
But the other story, which is on prisonplanet.tv, for subscribers only at the moment, I mean, we may put it up later for free, but if you want to read it now, just go and subscribe it, you know, 15 cents a day.
And it concerns a British military base in Cyprus, where before the Afghan war,
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Who are trying to blow the whistle have reported that up to 5,000 dead bodies of British and American soldiers have been basically housed in the facility as a temporary morgue, which dovetails with previous reports.
We reported in March last year, the Pakistan Tribune that
500 bodies of UK and US soldiers were secretly hidden in a morgue in Shabazz Air Base in Jacobat.
And then we have them trying to cover up the coffins and putting up the blue screens when the coffins are brought off the planes.
And Paul, this is important because we have a history of the Pentagon covering things up.
They've been caught covering things up in the past.
And here's an example.
Yesterday they claimed four Humvees were destroyed.
In foreign papers it said there were dead, burning troops in all these vehicles.
They described it as a huge explosion in Baghdad, but then they claim only two troops died in it?
I mean, that doesn't make sense.
Four burning vehicles, the building totally destroyed, a whole squad goes in, but only two died, Paul.
Well, at the same time, they're reporting that 64 insurgents were killed.
So, I mean, how can 64 of those get killed and only two soldiers get killed?
Even with the body armour and all that kind of thing, it would be more than two.
But also, out of the Arab papers, and I see this every week,
More and more deaths of American troops, both in Afghanistan still and in Iraq, and we've got another report, 12 American Marines executed in Fallujah.
Anyway, let's spend just a few more minutes on this on the other side, Paul, then I'll get into Patriot Act 2 and all the other news.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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What do you think of the expansion of the Patriot Act that Bush was out promoting last week?
Turns out we got a copy of this new bill, H.R.
2934, the Terrorist Penalties Enhancement Act of 03.
Patriot Act enhancement provides a death penalty for any federal crime punishable by over a year in jail.
Now, they say if it's dangerous to life or kill somebody, but then you go back to the U.S.
Code, back to the definition of terrorism, it's any action that endangers human life that's a violation of any federal or state law.
So that was already stated.
But they were unable to then pass the death penalty provision in Patriot Act II.
They did pass some of the provisions, and now they've got it tagged onto this new legislation.
But first, going back to Paul Joseph Watson briefly, Paul, continuing with the 12 troops executed article that we're not hearing about in our media.
Yeah, it says, according to the details, the Rantisi Brigade, an Iraqi resistance group named in honour of the late leader of Hamas, who was murdered by Israeli forces, managed to surround a small unit of US soldiers.
Taking them captive, they took the 12 to the roof of a nearby building and systematically shot them, throwing the bodies from the rooftop to the ground below.
So that's been reported.
In the Arab media, but only one and now two dead U.S.
Marines have been reported.
Well, I have to be honest.
In many cases, the Arab media turns out to be more accurate than our supposed mainstream media.
It's horrible what's happening to our troops.
And I know that for at least five years, Vietnam was a secret war between
And they say that at least 8,000 US troops of the 58,000 died during those secret years.
So there is a precedent for this.
I know we've lost hundreds of troops in the war over...
The opium and cocaine plantations in the communist-controlled area of Colombia.
The globalists don't spray the so-called capitalist sector.
They spray the third that's controlled by the communists, and that's where the war goes on.
Remember the mercenaries shooting down the Christian evangelists that were down there?
Oh, what's the term?
What do you call it when the
Shooting them down.
And that spins into another point that there have been, conservatively, hundreds of mercs or mercenaries dying in Afghanistan, Colombia, in the Philippines, in Iraq, and we never hear about those numbers, Paul.
Now, I've got this report.
Tell folks about the source of this report about the 12 American troops executed.
Source is Free Arab Voices.
I mean, these kind of publications report every week.
In Afghanistan, which Bush told us was now a democracy, that basically it's on the verge of civil war.
And that was also in The Guardian two weeks ago.
And weekly I read these reports where there are Taliban attacks on American bases, 12 dead troops, in some cases dozens of dead troops.
Well, seven days ago today, seven days ago today, this...
This NFL Cardinals player died over there.
Yeah, the numbers are more so than what is being reported.
And then we have all these other stories about hidden stashed bodies away in foreign countries like Cyprus and, you know, back in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
That's 5,000 just on this latest report alone.
And we're supposed to believe that, you know,
What is it now?
800, 900 troops have died in Iraq, so the numbers are being covered up.
One more thing, though.
By the way, that's a spin they do.
That's since the supposed Bush declaring victory on the aircraft carrier.
That's how many have died since then.
That's correct.
One more thing, though.
I'm about to post on prisonplanet.tv within an hour yet another report on bombs in the World Trade Center.
We've got audio clips from CBS News Channel 2 in New York today
And the journalist was in a chopper as both the towers collapsed and in both cases he describes secondary explosions before the towers collapse and we got the audio clips so they'll be posted within an hour.
Well, that's great news, Paul, and I would also add our WTC7 analysis page.
I would add the other clips of people saying this, the firefighters saying that there were bombs going off.
We need to have all this in one place, because people go to the site and see one article about one thing, one article about another, and I think it really loses some of its effect of the full spectrum of evidence.
Yeah, we've also got a subsection in the 9-11 archive, which is
Well, that's the problem is we have too much evidence.
It's just, you know, I hope this isn't true about them covering up numbers of dead troops, but I know they're doing it to a certain degree, Paul, because, you know, say a few weeks ago, where in four days, 85 troops died,
And how the media reported it was 5 dead here, 12 dead there, 10 dead here, 7 dead here.
They kept reporting it in pieces, never putting it all together.
That gave the perception of lower numbers.
And then later in the back of the paper, they give us the big total of 85 dead troops in one week.
And I've talked to family who's been in and out of country over there.
They say it's a lot worse than what we're hearing.
And the woundings, just the non-fatal casualties, are supposedly a lot higher as well.
And then they're not even being given proper health care.
There are people with legs blown off waiting months to have anything done for them.
And they're also being given rotten meals.
The word is that
The families of these dead Americans that they're trying to cover up the fact that they died are being told that they're on some kind of secret mission, which means that they can't communicate with them for, you know... I did hear that on ABC News last night.
I went to the store after we got off the rents program, and I was driving and heard them say, oh, these troops went under a secret CIA program, so they can't talk to the media and we can't give you the numbers.
It's a secret operation.
So in, you know, four or five years when these families are still not in contact with their sons and daughters, they'll be told that they, you know, died in an accident.
So that's how they're going to cover it up in the future.
Yeah, a lot of times we've been told to cover up numbers of dead in combat.
We'll suddenly hear about three or four C-130s colliding in the space of a few days.
You know, it's just horrible, Paul.
And people are doubting this.
We have a government.
That plants weapons of mass destruction stories how many times?
I mean, just over and over again.
That puts fake news articles in the media.
The Pentagon's Office of Strategic Information told us two years ago they were going to lie to us for our own good, Paul.
Well, that's correct.
And I mean, all this unrest in Iraq is again being fostered by the very forces who are controlling our troops, sacrificing our troops in there.
US using cluster bombs in Fallujah, Jerusalem Post.
Spokesman for an Iraqi delegation from the violence-gripped city of Fallujah accused US troops of using intentionally banned cluster bombs against the city.
So, basically killing women and children, and we had another four children shot dead on the weekend.
By the way, yesterday they blew up part of a mosque, one of the four spires, one of the corner towers.
And I hear the neocons months ago saying, kill everybody in Fallujah, level the city.
And I've made the point, it's a town of 300,000.
If somebody down the road from you brutally murders four people...
And, you know, hangs them from a bridge.
Do you expect the U.S.
Army to circle your city and start indiscriminately killing people?
I mean, what's wrong with the neocons' mindset of their listeners?
And then on top of that, blowing up mosques is not going to get our troops out of there.
It's like slapping a beehive with a two-by-four repeatedly.
Well, now they're talking about going back into Fallujah and bombarding it again.
But, you know, as you mentioned...
Day after the slaughter of the workers in Fallujah, where their bodies were strung up, Joseph Farah of World Net Daily wrote an editorial where he said that we should salt the earth like the Romans did and flatten the city.
So now we aspire to be like the Roman Empire, both in name and in tactics.
So that's what the neocons are calling for.
Which, again, Farrow will come out and say the Patriot Act's bad, I can't vote for Bush, he's for open borders.
They'll say a lot of things that are true, and then mixed in there, let's destroy the entire city.
I mean, I've heard the talk show hosts or listeners, let's kill everyone, kill them, nuke them, nuke them.
I mean, do you really mean that?
Look, when our troops first went in, it is true.
Most of the Iraqis were apprehensive.
They were on the fence.
They were waiting and watching.
Now, small groups, led by Chalibi, did stage celebrations with a few hundred here, a few hundred there.
There is a minority that was for us.
There is a minority that is against us.
That was at the beginning.
And the vast majority in the polls and the interviews, we're waiting to see.
We don't like Saddam, but if the Americans give us the vote and leave us alone, we'll thank them.
But now, our so-called allies, the Shiites, are fighting us.
It's not one cleric.
It's a whole bunch of them.
So they can't say it's some sneaky Al-Qaeda group going around controlling all of this.
It is the policies a year later.
I mean, the people are sick of it, folks.
And it's only going to get more of our troops killed, and Bush says bring it on.
Well, yes.
Probably Americans would have a similar reaction if some dictator came and invaded America.
You know, with an army.
Like the Iraqis, they were used to having a dictator, so most of them being sort of, you know, not involved in politics or anything would just sit back and watch what was going on.
Because they're used to having a dictator, so they would acquiesce to any new dictator who came in and took over.
But now, with the tactics that have been used, flattening cities, blowing up mosques, killing women and children...
That's had the reaction to bring up this real resistance.
Yeah, eight months ago, they started bulldozing whole tangerine, whole date farms in poor communities.
If one person shot at the Marines or the Army, they would come in and bulldoze a bunch of houses, bulldoze.
And so the women would just sit there and say, well, I'm waiting to die with my children.
There's no food.
So of course that's going to cause this.
And look,
You can say, well, good, do that to them.
That's what the Nazis did.
I thought they were bad.
You know, the Nazis tortured.
The Nazis arrested all the men.
The Nazis bulldozed fields and, you know, burned fields.
And so, just because the Nazis in Israel do it, doesn't mean it's okay for us to do it.
Well, I mean, they're taking the leaf out of any, you know, tyrannical army in history that have gone into another country, invaded it, and raped and pillaged the population.
It's just like a P2OG, you know, stimulating reactions by being so excessively forceful.
Tell people what a P2OG is.
Well, it was a plan out of the Pentagon.
It was reported in the Asia Times whereby terrorist organizations would be stimulated by killing members of their family.
Which, by the way, was also picked up by the LA Times and Associated Press, an actual declassified document.
And I would add to all of this, last week, a high-level officer...
Well, and now there's more discussion of NATO going in, along with the UN, so...
And, of course, the more troops are needed, the more the call will be for the draft, especially when they go ahead and invade these other countries that are on the PNAC list.
North Korea, Syria, Iran, even China, ultimately.
So it's a beta test for the future tactics that they will use to stir up all this unrest.
It's an order out of chaos.
That's it.
Paul, thank you for joining us, and thanks for your work at PrisonPlanet.tv.
Okay, thanks, Alex.
Take care, my friend.
Who's up first here, Stephanie?
Anthony in Louisiana, then Debbie, Neil, and others.
Anthony, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
I'm calling about, you had addressed a couple of times in the past, the Hubbard Peak production and how it's a sham.
Okay, well, look, I've read a lot about it.
I've read a lot that tore it apart and tried to discredit it.
But in Scientific American, unless this is supposed to be a propaganda rag.
The same folks that tell us we have global warming.
Well, okay, fine.
But anyway, neither you or I are geophysicists.
Well, I have family, that is.
Okay, and they say that this whole theory is just a bunch of bunk, or what?
Yeah, I mean, I've talked to oil companies.
You know, high-level managers, they're not CEOs or anybody, but people that are, you know, over-drilling, over-refineries, and they're finding so much oil, it's a joke.
Okay, so you had said in the past that there's a whole bunch of oil still in Texas and Alaska.
Well, I just read the BBC article.
Did you hear me on Friday read the BBC?
No, no, I haven't, actually.
There's a big headline about, you know, record oil supplies.
And also, I wanted to ask... Look, look, look, look.
I had what you'd call a classical liberal, a real liberal, not one of the phony ones, Greg Palestine.
And he talked about how he talks to oil company execs, you know, Saudi intelligence chiefs, and they're laughing about it.
I mean, there's so much oil, it's a joke.
Okay, is this the main reason why you and Mike Rupert do not get along in your views and you say stuff about each other and blah, blah, blah?
Is this it?
What, is he still saying stuff about me?
Yeah, he is on the Internet.
Look, I don't care about Mike Rupert.
I am curious.
Sir, you just asked me a question.
Do you want an answer to it?
I have nothing against Mike.
I think he does a lot of great work.
I have the guy on my show probably, I don't know, 15 times.
Did nothing but promoting, and then suddenly he wrote the hit piece on me.
Saying that the Patriot Act 2 didn't have the things I said was in it, and then I won the project.
Yeah, you did.
Thanks for the call.
Let me finish.
I'm going to let you go.
Then I posted a rebuttal that dissected it, and I won the Project Centered Award for it, and it's been all over the news what's in it now.
So I don't care.
It's a diversion.
It's a distraction.
End of discussion.
I don't get into infighting here.
I just am not going to have this broadcast as a platform for what he does.
But I don't not believe in peak oil because he believes in it.
I don't believe in peak oil because they're finding giant reserves that have more oil than Iraq all the time.
In Russia.
In the stands.
In Afghanistan.
In Alaska.
There's oil all over the U.S.
Now, is it sweet crude that comes squirting out like it does in Saudi Arabia?
Most of it isn't.
I mean, there's just so much energy.
But they want to create artificial scarcity.
I talk about
That is the oil companies do.
I talk about this because I remember five years ago seeing the UN talk about it.
Creating artificial scarcity.
This broadcast is about exposing the Patriot Act.
It's about exposing the open borders.
It's about exposing gun control.
It is not about the favorite sport of most so-called freedom fighters of fighting with each other.
I won't do it.
And, you know, that's the end of it.
That's all I have to say about it.
Now we'll come back and talk to Debbie and Neil and others, and we've got a guest coming up, and I'll get back into this new Patriot Act legislation.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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All right, let's go ahead and go to Debbie in Michigan.
Debbie, go ahead.
Thanks for holding.
Hi, how are you?
I could make a comment on your oil statement, but the real question I want to know is, what are they going to do with... Okay, I've been studying what they did in Germany with Nazis and all that, and how they went in and killed the disabled and the old people because they called them useless eaters.
And then in the Nuremberg trials, they used Margaret Sanger's handbooks and correspondence commending Hitler as their reason for doing it.
They said, hey, we learned this from you.
Well, yeah, but what I'm saying is, with the way things are going right now with the Patriot Act and the war and all this other stuff, it seems like we're following in step with what they did before.
It's like a blueprint.
Well, yeah, it's like Homeland Security is the translation from German of the Reich Security, meaning land security, or the Gestapo, and the police wear the black uniforms.
They have the same setup.
Yeah, they're following that model.
Right, well, see, I'm disabled.
You know, I've got senior citizens for parents, and I'm thinking to myself, my gosh, we're following in line.
We are literally following almost to the letter.
What they did over there with the propaganda.
Well, have you seen all the articles, even in the Wall Street Journal, where they're killing people who are begging for food and water because they signed a, you know, don't give me aid if I'm in a coma, and then they consider not being able to feed yourself being comatose?
I mean, that's been in the Wall Street Journal, listing the names of the people that they're killing coast to coast.
Well, that's how I started on this, was with the Terri Schiavo thing down in Florida.
I decided to research it.
With Terri, she's not in a vegetative state.
She's not in a coma, but she can't really talk or move.
Right, she's got cerebral palsy.
But in these other cases, it's people saying, Honey, can I please have some water?
Good to hear from you, Debbie.
Thanks for the call.
We'll come back and go to Neal, John, Sean, and others.
Thank you.
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Again, my friends, we'll be right back with a second hour.
More of your calls than this guest.
Please stay with us.
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Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, my friends.
We're now into the second hour of this Tuesday edition.
And I want to get into the Patriot Act legislation that Bush is out promoting.
The headline from Counterpunch, Patriot Act enhancement provides death penalty for any federal crime punishable by over one year in jail.
Very, very serious.
Also, the government covering up the real numbers of our dead and dying troops.
And we'll also be getting into that.
But first, I want to talk a little bit about Oregon.
Out in Oregon, the police, especially in Portland, have gotten very, very aggressive.
And it's gotten so bad that yesterday we read several editorials with local news channels getting very upset about what's happening.
In fact, in one article, and we've got a guest coming up here in just a few minutes to discuss this, the lawyer for this poor lady, in one article, the headline to the Oregonian, even blind old ladies terrify the police.
She needed her 94-year-old mother to come to her rescue, and the middle of the dogfight in which Eunice Crowder was pepper-sprayed, tasered and knocked to the ground by Portland's courageous men in blue, the poor woman's fake right eye popped out of its socket and was bouncing around in the dirt.
The cops aren't apologizing, the cops aren't embarrassed, the cops haven't been disciplined, and the cops still are insisting, to the better end, that they, quote, reasonably believe this blind old woman was a threat to their safety and macho culture.
And, look, I'm a clean-cut looking guy, you know, short hair, white guy.
I won't even hardly go down to 6th Street anymore because some steroid goon with more tattoos than Marilyn Manson
We're good to go.
Ernest Warren is the lawyer, the attorney for Eunice Crowder, and he's here to tell us this story.
And, sir, thank you for coming on the show.
Thank you, Mr. Jones, for having me.
Well, thank you for joining us.
We're about to break, but in a nutshell, what is going on in Portland, Oregon?
There's been a public outcry of the excessive force that police use against pretty much everyday people like my client, Eudice Crowder, who was a white, 71-year-old, blind woman, hard of hearing, who hadn't committed any crime, but by the end of the beating that they gave her, and as you had somewhat described,
They charged her with criminal conduct, and it was my job to both defend her against the criminal allegations and to get her compensated for the excessive force that was used against her.
Now, in the past, you just got a beating from bad police.
Now, we have video of this all over the country.
They beat you up.
You never touch them, but then they go ahead and charge you with assaulting them or resisting them.
And that's exactly what happened in this case.
And what makes this even more outrageous is it happened in her own home.
Her yard had become somewhat overgrown.
I've seen pictures of it.
It didn't look that bad to me.
Well, I'll tell you what.
Stay there, sir.
We've got a break.
Long segment coming up.
Plenty of time to get into this.
We're talking to Ernest Warren, her lawyer, who just did get a $145,000 settlement, which I say isn't enough.
And just an amazing story.
Stay there, my friend.
We'll be right back.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, Neil and John and Sean and many others that are patiently holding.
We're going to get your calls a little bit later in this hour, early in this hour.
Also, we'll be getting into this new Patriot Act legislation where they'll execute you if you violate their federal laws.
Also, the situation in Iraq as we track the police state here.
But listen, every day, I'm not just bashing the police.
Every day, I get an article where a family drives off.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
In almost every case I've seen, they go ahead and charge you with something to legitimize what they've done, and that's wrong.
I mean, if they're going to beat us, which I think is their right as our owners, that's okay.
But don't punish us after they enjoy themselves.
I mean, I agree that they've got some stress, and beating us up is their right.
We're their property.
Okay, I'm being sarcastic.
But I'm tired of being treated like a slave, and we're joined by Ernest Warren, the lawyer for Eunice Crowder.
71-year-old lady there with her 95-year-old mother.
Sir, you just won a settlement of $145,000.
The community's outraged, but for people that don't know about this story, and again, it's a long laundry list in Portland, Oregon, go over just what's been happening in Portland, Oregon, and then specifically what happened to your client.
Well, what happened is, I think you should know that in traffic stops, two people have been killed in less than one year.
By the cops.
In one case that happened just a month ago, 25 seconds into a traffic stop for failing to signal for 100 feet before making a left turn, they killed Mr. Perez by firing three shots into his chest within 25 seconds.
And witnesses asked, why are you stopping me for?
And he wasn't aggressive and he didn't have any weapon.
And the police officer was just acquitted in a grand jury because he said he believed that Mr. Perez was going for a gun, and there was no gun to be found, and this is in broad daylight.
And there were several witnesses who actually tape-recorded the whole incident.
And on May 5th of last year, a young, 120-pound...
5'2 woman who was a passenger in a car.
Kendra James was also killed by the police.
We have a photo of her with her two small children.
She was pregnant.
That's correct.
And she was killed by the police again for nothing more than a misdemeanor that one of the cops that had stopped her a couple of weeks before.
You know, you don't have to go to a grand jury to get a misdemeanor complaint.
The cop just goes down and
Swears out an affidavit and then you got a crime against you.
Well, that's what happened in the situation in arresting her from the rear of the car they killed her.
And the question is, she didn't have a weapon and she was unarmed.
And most men could grab a woman 120 pounds and get her out of the car without pulling out a gun, without pulling out a taser, or without pulling out a can of pepper mace.
Let's go into Eunice Crowder's case.
On June 9, 2003, 11 a.m.
right before noon, Eunice gets a knock at her door.
It's a bureaucrat from the city of Portland that's serving her with an administrative search warrant to clean up her yard.
Eunice tells him, Sonny, I'm blind.
I'm 71 years old.
I'm hard of hearing.
Could you read this warrant to me?
I don't understand why a warrant should be executed upon me.
By the way, this is all in the newspaper.
He took that as not respecting basically the gang member.
It's a gang mentality.
And so for not showing respect to the gang member, what happened?
He balls it up into a piece of paper and hands it to her and says, I don't have to do that.
And now she's beside herself.
Well, what are you going to take?
And she's trying to stay behind him.
And she knows every square corner of her home.
She has a prosthesis in her right eye, and she has 21,000 vision in her left.
And what we used to say is she's blind in one eye and can't see out the other.
Yeah, basically that's the vision of a mole.
And she basically had a family heirloom in the front yard, which it was a 90-year-old, you know, the first made radio flyer wagon.
And she had rhododendrons in it.
We're good to go.
They say, on the back of a trailer in front of your driveway.
She says, can I get on the trailer?
They say, no.
He says, well, can you as a bureaucrat for the city get on the trailer?
He says, no, liability purposes.
Who can?
The police.
I have my cell phone here in Braille.
You got a number for them?
No, I'll call.
They'll come much quicker.
Well, she says, I'm going to sit here.
I'm going to protest.
I'm going to have one foot on the
We're good to go.
That was exactly what was happening.
In fact, one of the things that they did was assess a $700 fine for cleaning up a 100 by 50 lot.
Well, that's nothing, sir.
I've seen it upwards of $14,000.
Well, I was pretty amazed.
Well, that's bad enough.
So you've got a blind old lady taking care of her 95-year-old mom and mother, taking care of each other, and she doesn't lick this guy's boots.
Could have got the teenager next door to cut the grass for probably $25.
But anyway, so she's waiting, and she's just sitting there, John, I can't believe this.
How could this be?
This can't be justice in America.
And she's just sitting there, John, thinking out loud.
We're good to go.
And the man says, oh, you're trying to bite me.
And this is a guy by the name of Officer Miller, who's about 6'2", 255 pounds.
He's a real man.
And him and his partner, Officer Sajak, immediately take this woman to the ground, grab her by her hair, pull out their canister of pepper spray, mace her in both eyes in which the prosthesis comes out.
And then they beat her down and she's on the ground with both hands underneath her.
At this point, her 95-year-old mother comes out and says, What are you doing?
My daughter is blind.
She's got a bad back and she's hard of hearing.
You wouldn't do a dog the way you're doing my daughter.
And the mace is burning her.
So Ms.
Crowder screams, I need water.
So the 95-year-old mother goes in and
Get some water to help wash out her baby's eyes.
By the way, the newspaper reports that there's witnesses by now watching all of this.
And then Officer Sajak gets up off of her and Officer Miller stays on her and goes in behind the 94-year-old mother, Tommy Scott.
And she says, get out of here.
I don't want you in here.
And he says, you better believe I'm going to stay in here.
You're going for a gun.
She goes to her kitchen, gets a
This is an obvious Al Qaeda move, getting water for her daughter.
Miller gets up off of
Eunice Crowder for a moment and slams the 94-year-old mother with the water up against the fence, knocking the water out of her hand, and in his report saying that she was trying to assault me with the water.
Okay, so then Eunice is still down on the ground with her arms underneath her body, wondering what is going on.
Well, I made the Al-Qaeda comment because we're all terrorists now.
We're all evil terrorists.
That's how they treat us.
I can believe that.
And so they're saying she's, you know, they're yelling to her to quit resisting.
And so she has her hands underneath her body with her back exposed on the ground.
Sajak pulls out his taser.
And you know now that these tasers shoot like guns.
They shoot electrodes.
They're not the kind that you go up and stick into a person.
These are the kinds that shoot electrodes out like guns.
And Officer Sajak shoots her four times in her back with a taser.
And once in her right breast with a taser.
So, I mean, it's not enough to just hit her once with something that'll knock down a horse.
We've got to taser her over and over again.
Yeah, they taser her, in my mind, to their satisfaction until she's totally broke and almost dead.
Then they pull her limp arms around her body and handcuff her and then yell at her to get up
And she says, I bet you wouldn't yell at your mom like that.
And Miller yells back, my mom is 74.
She says, well, I'm 71.
And then they put her in the police car, take her down, and charge her with the crimes of harassment, which in Oregon is attempted assault of a police officer, and disobeying a police order.
What happened was we had to go to trial on these charges.
I tell you what, stay there, sir.
I really appreciate your time.
An amazing gentleman standing up for this lady.
Ernest Warren, I'm Alex Jones.
We'll come back and tell you what happened next.
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We're talking to Ernest Warren, and he's one of the local counsels on cases for Jerry Spence, just a great lawyer who stands up for very diverse crowds, from black people having their rights violated to Mr. Weaver.
And I was just talking to Mr. Warren during the break, and he talked about how law enforcement is a growth industry, how they're very arrogant in Portland because they have a strong police union.
They're not held accountable.
And I'm seeing an acceleration of the arrogance, the hatred of the population.
They've militarized the police.
It's now an us-against-them mentality.
And this is a major sign of tyranny.
So now they beat this old woman up, this blind old woman up, taser her five times.
Not four, I'm sorry.
The number was worse.
And then they go ahead and charge her with attempted assault and some other stuff.
So now it's going to trial.
How did you handle this, Mr. Warren?
Well, of course, we filed a civil complaint under 42 United States Code 1983 in Federal District Court in Oregon for excessive force as the criminal case was proceeding along.
And we just go to trial.
We make our opening statement, not
A little bit.
We gave you a nutshell of that.
They were pretty overwhelmed by that.
We cross-examined them and got them to admit they never identified themselves.
They only had one thing in mind, and it was taking Eunice Crowder down as if she was a criminal.
And it was clear under the law that she had not violated, she had not attempted to assault them or harass them or annoy them
And that she hadn't disobeyed any police order.
Well, what's wrong with these bureaucrats that she says, I'm blind, sonny, will you please read it to me?
He wads it up and throws it at her, basically.
Then she says, look, don't take my wagon.
I'm going to call the police.
He goes, no, don't worry, I will.
Thinking that she was calling the police on him, he calls the police on her.
They come, step on her hand, hit her in the back of the head, assault the 95-year-old woman, then attack her with tasers.
Please continue.
And mace her.
Oh, yes, sir.
And Maester in both eyes and the prosthesis comes out.
Well, I mean, they totally had any disregard for her and they totally humiliated her and that's the place where they want to go in every encounter with a citizen.
I mean, you know, it wasn't like the old days when you had, I mean, you could really look to a cop and see that this was a man of genuine respect.
I mean, you look at him now and you want to keep your hands out in front of him so you don't get shot.
Here's a quote out of a news article by Steve Dunn of the Oregonian.
Eustace Crowder, you see, didn't follow orders.
Eunice was uncooperative, worried a city employee was hauling away a family heirloom, a 90-year-old red toy wagon.
She had the nerve to field her way towards the trailer in which her yard debris was being tossed.
You know, this is such an illustration.
It's not one horror story.
It's not isolated.
I mean, we have cases where they raid whole neighborhoods looking for drugs, find no drugs, shovel ladies down into fire ant beds, laugh at them, go in people's houses, pull out their Playboys, laugh at them.
It's just getting crazier.
These are sadistic gang members with guns and badges.
So what happened in the trial?
Well, what happened in the trial is, of course, in the criminal trial that
The judge, after the close of the state's evidence and after me showing him, demonstrating for him that Eunice Crowder is totally blind, dismissed the case.
He just couldn't believe it.
He thought it was an injustice and dismissed the case.
And then that happened on a Monday, and then on a Friday, Eunice Crowder agreed to accept a settlement of $145,000.
But the police are saying we didn't do anything wrong.
Yeah, sometimes they can't see the error of their ways.
I mean, that's the arrogance.
I mean, the city council said, well, I hope as we pay this settlement that they take this as a training program
Well, you know, it's more arrogance, and they're more worried about their morale.
I mean, when they had to pay out this sum of money, and they have to be subject to public ridicule,
They're worried about their morale more than they are the safety, the welfare of the community.
Are they saying the word morale?
I love all these military terms where they call government people officials and we're civilians and they're a military force.
What does a military fight?
They fight an enemy.
So we have militarized police and they treat us like the enemy.
Like we're in Fallujah or something.
We'll be right back.
Please stay with us, sir.
We'll take your calls when we get back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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My friends...
I think we all know that police are very corrupt in Mexico for hundreds of years.
Going back to the conquistadors for that matter.
Imperial rule, abuse of the population.
And in Mexico 50 years ago, they had special police units called Foxes.
And they wore black uniforms, black boots, black ski masks.
The Nazis employed this during World War II in Poland and other countries when they would go around door-to-door grabbing people at night.
They would wear black masks with their helmets over it.
So today when the SWAT teams wear the black masks, that's part of being the enforcers, the inquisitors, the secret police.
And we have that going on here in America.
The executioners of old do this, and they cover their identities, they cover their badges, at least here in Austin and many other areas of the country, and they treat us like we're a foreign enemy or they're an occupying power.
And we're talking to Ernest Warren, the lawyer for this little old lady, Eunice Crowder, and her and her 95-year-old mama got beat up pretty bad and then charged.
The judge, thank God, threw the case out.
But the police are still strutting around talking about how poor they are and how they're under attack, and boy, they sure get treated bad.
I mean, look, people, you're not better than a little old lady.
And before we go to these calls, I would ask the callers, I know some of you were holding before our guest was on, try to address this subject and you can bring up whatever you want.
Before we do that, you talked about the phenomenon in your city of them bringing in police from other communities.
Please expand on that.
Well, I mean, I just never really understood why they would go all around the country to bring in people that basically are robots, rather than going to... Every time they put out for recruiters, a whole bunch of people from the community...
Well, let's be honest.
Most of those being hired just got back from Iraq.
And they've been shoving old ladies around.
They've been beating people up.
They've been pulling their guns at checkpoints and knowing people down.
In a lot of these cases, I'm not against the trips, folks, but you don't take them from gun confiscation and checkpoint detail, again, in Fallujah or Baghdad, and then put them on our streets.
Well, I bet you that's probably what's going on, but it certainly doesn't make sense to me.
I mean, I'm certain that if a community cop had known...
Elderly 71-year-old Eunice Crowder, he would have said, Ma'am, now what's going on?
Instead of, I'll ask the questions and knocking her upside the head.
Well, I mean, they're so insecure.
I go back to this gang member analogy.
Their own gang member handbooks, gang psychology handbooks, would explain it.
I mean, you know with the gang member to not pop off at them because they don't want to be dissed, they're going to bust a cap in you.
Well, now...
That's now exactly how the police act, but even worse, more dangerous.
And if you in the slightest way don't lick their boots, they'll beat the daylights out of you, kill you, and then frame you.
And we see this nationwide.
I mean, they'll come at you with a toilet plunger.
So, I mean, look, before it was just the disadvantage they would target.
Now it's old ladies, it's everybody, and it's wrong regardless of who they do it to, but...
I'm trying to get my mind around this mindset.
Go ahead.
There's an excellent analogy that Jerry Spence told me.
He says the wolf looks at the flock of sheep, and he doesn't run after the strongest one first.
He runs after the weakest one.
But then after the weakest are all gone, then everybody's open for prey.
Well, that's what Tony Brown says.
Whatever happened to being respectful to old ladies, even if they are cranky as their possessions are being stolen?
You know, and I don't understand it, because I grew up in Portland, and I was a boy scout, and we would talk to help old ladies across the street and, you know, and so forth, and help elderly people, and I did.
And I just don't get it.
Well, I tell you, that is a predatory-like stance to attack the weak.
That is very scary.
Let's take a few calls here.
I guess up next is Neil in Canada.
Neil, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good day, sir.
I just wanted to thank you for definitely standing up for these ladies.
I mean, that's crazy.
I've been a victim of police brutality myself, but if there's anything more wrong than wrong, it's tasering a 70- or 90-year-old woman.
That's definitely crazy.
Five times!
Did the police, Mr. Warren, ever explain why they tasered her five times?
No, they didn't.
I mean, you know, they never explained that.
Before I could get to that point in the cross-examination in the criminal case, the judge cut me off and said, Mr. Warren, I'm not going to give you a free deposition.
By the way, tasers and other non-lethal weapons are not non-lethal in many cases, and they're called less lethal by the industry.
These are actually training aids to get them used to using unreasonable force immediately, and then they're being protected.
Well, the pepper mace is pretty bad for an elderly old woman, too, because when it got into her nasal passages and down into her lungs, it ultimately scarred her lungs.
Well, I say they got off easy.
Anything else, Neil?
Yeah, I just wanted to give you a heads up on the new police state legislation that was unveiled on us this morning.
They call it the National Security Policy.
And they're saying that the legislation is anchored to the Charter of Rights, which gives us the right to life, liberty, and the security of the person.
But then they're spinning it around and they're saying that the terrorists are the threat to our security of the person, so now they have to take our liberty away to keep us secure because that's our right.
Exactly what Hitler said.
You have a right to be safe.
I'm taking your freedoms.
Thanks for the call.
Sean, where are you calling us from?
Yes, sir.
Where are you calling from?
I'm calling from Salada, Colorado.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, I wanted to thank you for your stand.
I'm up in the high country.
I'm a local DJ on a community radio station.
I am reiterating your message one hour a week is all I get.
Me and my friends, we have some of your tapes.
We are copying them and distributing them.
And this stuff is outrageous, and these police, in my opinion, should be hung, along with Janet Reno and Amy Gorlick on the White House lawn.
Well, I don't agree with any violence towards them, and that's what the establishment wants.
I mean legally.
They should be tried.
They should be found guilty, and they should be hung.
I think that's an important point.
You know, here we don't have an independent body, legislative or prosecutorial body, to look at what the police do.
You know, they're working hand in hand with county district attorneys who just rubber stamp any of their deadly conduct.
I think there needs to be an outside agency that isn't bought off by politicians
That can prosecute these people for beating up on 71-year-old women.
Well, if the grand juries weren't rubber stamps to the prosecutors, we'd have that with jury nullification, wouldn't we?
Well, probably so, but, you know, what happens is the prosecutor gets in front of his chosen grand jury.
The other side of the equation doesn't get to advocate for their position to the grand jury, so they only hear one...
...side of it, and that doesn't get recorded, and it's a secret, so we don't know what they're telling the grand jury.
Good point.
Sean, thanks for the call.
Who's up next, Stephanie?
Calvin in New York.
Go ahead, Calvin.
Hello, Alex.
How are you today?
A really sad story.
It can make me cry.
I was assaulted by the police.
That's not what I want to get into.
I just wanted to say that because, you know, it's not uncommon...
For law-abiding citizens like myself to end up being abused by the police.
My point would be that the police are out of control in this country because the drug war is one of the things that have led to all of this.
Because it opened it up.
It's called a war.
The government ships it in, then creates the crisis, the bigger the drug war, the more drugs, the more people in prison.
The drug war is a great success for the police state, not the success we think of it, but a success of having more drugs, having more people in prison.
Let's get a comment from Mr. Warren on that.
Well, I think that we really lost the drug war.
If we look at the statistics, they basically just scratched the surface of prosecuting people that traffic in drugs.
And we have more drugs in this country making more illegal money than ever before.
But see, you look at that as a good person.
Oh, it's failed.
But for them, more private prisons, more police, big industry, more drugs for the big banks to launder.
And that I agree with.
And it just doesn't make any sense.
And long prison terms, you know, and prison terms for, you know, just minuscule amounts of drugs.
Did you hear about Dallas where they just randomly pull a car over and throw a bag of chalk in the back?
Oh, Lord.
And then the drug lab certifies it as cocaine, and they go to a prison and they take their house?
Oh, Lord.
That's horrible.
But, yeah, that happens all over the country, and
You know, and it's the case where a person like this gentleman from New York gets beat up by the police wrongfully.
Somehow he should seek out a lawyer and try to challenge them.
Because you're not going to get the politicians to make a change.
The only change is going to be made through their pocketbook.
That's why they want to give themselves liability protection.
They want to turn their lawyers loose, but keep us from getting good lawyers.
Thanks for the call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Tim in Ohio.
Tim, go ahead.
You're on the air with our guest.
Alex, thank you for taking my call.
Good afternoon, Mr. Warren.
My question is, after all of this, nothing, am I to understand that correctly, nothing is going to happen to these two officers?
Good afternoon.
They haven't been disciplined.
You know, I mean, the county, Multnomah County District Attorney's Office would never prosecute them for a deadly assault.
I mean, this woman could have died from this.
Listen, I have a friend, no criminal record, manages an entire Home Depot.
Paralyzed from the chest down, driving his car, the cop pulls him over for throwing a cigarette out the window on a rainy day.
He asks him, he says, and this is on the record, and this is a high-level cop, this is a supervisor.
He says, what is all this bleep?
Because, sir, I'm paralyzed.
These are hand controls.
He says, get out of the car.
He says, sir, I have to access the lift.
I have to get out.
He says, get out.
He said, okay.
He said, get out now.
Grabs him by the hair, drags him out, beats him up, and then says, now you can go.
And the guy bleeding in front of his wife, who, by the way, works at a jail, has to crawl to the wheelchair that his wife has gotten out.
That's just sickening.
Is there any way we can get that?
I would love to get that case.
I mean, that's just unbelievable.
Is there any way we can get court watchers on these folks?
Oh, in fact, I'm going to be getting court watchers on.
I'm sure there's a lot of good organizations out there that need to expose us.
The problem is there's so many abuses, it's like fish in the sea.
Thanks for the call, Tim.
We've only got time for maybe one or two calls left for our guest.
He's got to go.
He's got cases to deal with.
But, look, there's so many of these cases that I...
I mean, we're not here just picking a few, are we, Mr. Warren?
No, not at all.
I mean, it happens all over the country.
But they certainly need to be challenged.
You made a great point, Alex.
Basically, they have way 10 times, 100 times more money than the average attorney does, and they'll use all their resources to try to quiet and sequester these cases.
Well, I tell you, in most cases I see now, we're just a normal, and again, I say just a normal white person, because if you're a minority, you're in even more trouble.
And, you know, just your short hair, groveling to them.
But if you do one thing, one thing that they think is disrespectful, a lot of them will just beat you down.
And that shows just, that is just insane avarice.
I don't even know what to say to this anymore.
I mean, let's talk to Bob in Colorado.
We're going to let our guests go, and I'll go to Rodney and Woody and others.
Bob, go ahead.
Thank you very much, Alex.
I've noticed, being a minority, I've noticed this go on since the Reagan era.
Reagan-Bush won when we had the drug war.
It intensified specifically in black communities only, in minority communities, because basically it's totally taken away
You're right.
You're Fourth Amendment right.
We just come in your house.
No reason whatsoever.
We're just going to come in there.
And that was used as the training area.
Now it's everywhere.
You know, you said one thing that was very prolific, and this is how I found you a couple years ago.
You said that first they'll do it to the black community, then they'll do it to the white community.
And what you're seeing is it's finally coming full circle, and it's happening now.
Fifteen years after the start of the, quote-unquote, almost 20...
After the quote-unquote war on drugs, we're full circle where everybody right now is going to be at the mercy of police.
And here in Denver, we had, like, a police officer kill two retarded black kids back-to-back, and he got a 10-month suspension.
And the police officers held a rally on the state capitol to protest that this guy got paid 10 months with that leave.
Didn't lose his job.
No criminal action, nothing taken against him, but he just got 10 months without pay, and the cops are out there at a rally going crazy.
Like, I thought I was in Nazi Germany.
It's absolutely nuts out here.
Well, I tell you, that's what happens when a small group, minority group, gets extra rights, more rights, super rights, and are protected by the establishment, the SS, the KGB, whatever you want to call it.
This is the Norman history, like the party in China.
And, you know, look, I mean, this is my last point, and we'll let our guests go, but... Let me give one point in, too.
Sure, go ahead.
You know, the problem is, you know, it could be stopped immediately today because these city councils have the authority to place different legislation into effect to make these police accountable, like police review boards, which will actually be held by the citizenry, but they won't do it.
City council members...
We'll not do... Now, nowhere, anywhere in any city in America... I hear you.
I'm going to let you go.
Really good points, Bob.
Just finishing this story.
I've told it before.
I went to the store to get some frozen yogurt, and I had it in the front seat.
I had my weightlifting belt in the front seat.
We're good to go.
I almost died, but I'm not against that officer just because at least he didn't beat me up and go ahead and take me to jail.
Now if they see a weight belt or something and get scared, they're going to go ahead and take you to jail for something because just their overreaction means you must have done something wrong.
Final comment on that, Mr. Warren.
Well, I wish I could have represented you at that time, because I don't think that you should have been subjected to deadly force where you hadn't been a danger to the cop, nor had you committed any felony.
I think the case of Tennessee v. Garner is very clear on that point, that they can't use deadly force unless you're a fleeing felon that's dangerous, or you're posing a danger to the cop.
And a weight belt in no way does that.
Well, I guess I'm just lucky he didn't go ahead and beat me up.
I guess he wasn't a bad person.
Lucky he didn't put a bullet in your head.
Okay, Mr. Warren, thank you for all your time.
And Ernest Warren there in Portland, Oregon.
Thank you for having me.
You bet.
God bless you, sir.
Take care.
We'll come back and get into Patriot Act, the new Patriot Act legislation in your calls.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
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Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The casual society control grid, infallible microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
Order online now at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling 1-888-253-3139.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
Look, it doesn't matter if it's Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George Herbert Walker Bush, George W. Bush.
They're just puppets.
And the drug war is to make us the enemy.
The police are the troops.
It's a war.
We're now the civilians.
It's a war.
And they ship in the drugs to create the crisis.
And look, I've never been against the police.
But I wade through...
They're corruption.
They're drug dealing.
They're whore running.
They're everything they do.
And I see less and less of helping change the flat tire, helping get the cat out of the tree, more and more of the other.
Police, wouldn't you like to go back to the days of getting the slice of pie and the free coffee and people waving at you and children at Christmas being given the police set to play the part of the policeman when they're not playing cowboys and Indians?
I mean, it's totally changed.
You were once incredibly honored, and bad cops got in a lot of trouble.
Now the bad cops are in control.
The good cops are in trouble.
And you ought to be ashamed of yourselves if you're a bad cop, you know, who thinks we're the enemy and we're bad.
I mean, we're just the general public.
We're made up of the same types of people that are, you know, in government or out of government.
And we're not your property.
We're not your slaves.
We're going to go to...
Rodney, Woody hung up, and then Tim and Mark and Dan and many, many others here in just a second.
I do need to get into news.
We'll go through a full bank of calls, then I'll go back into Patriot Act enhancement provides a death penalty for any federal crime punishable by over one year in jail.
And this is on prisonplanet.tv and infowars.com as well.
We'll be going over some of the subsections out of it.
Also, we'll get into what's happening in Iraq and just a bunch of really important police state news I haven't even scratched the surface on, but I will get to all this news.
I'm not going to wait and then run out of time in the next hour.
I'd also like to hear from police officers out there.
We've had police chiefs and others call in before agreeing with us, fire chiefs, you name it, but I'd like to hear from police officers
Who either disagree with me about this will treat you with respect, or who agree with what I'm saying or have an addendum you want to add about the mindset, how it's changed.
Because I want to know how I got a gun put to my head because of a white belt in the front seat.
And how you think that's normal.
I mean, statistically, the most dangerous thing you face in your life, at least, is other police.
I've got the federal numbers on that.
They don't like to publicize them.
If you're on a SWAT team, your number one cause of death is that guy with the shotgun behind you.
More often than not, there's been a bunch of cases where they catch cops killing their own people on accident and then trying to frame somebody.
I mean, I've probably seen ten of those in the last two years in Texas alone, and not just the ones where they catch them.
Also, last night I...
Listen to Fox Television News.
I have a Walkman, and at the gym I can listen to TV on it.
I've got the TV band.
I just listened to it and kind of took mental notes.
It was all propaganda.
It's not conservative at all.
It's incredible.
Before I end this hour, though, just briefly, if you're online, we've launched prisonplanet.tv.
You can sign up via PayPal or credit card.
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I'll be putting together a report tomorrow night.
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Third hour, totally jam-packed.
Please stay with us.
Hello, folks.
Alex Jones here.
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Big Brother.
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Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right.
Is George Bush brain damaged?
A lot of evidence shows...
That President Bush may be having seizures, some type of serious illness.
There's been a lot of news reports on this.
We'll go over that this hour.
Also, new Patriot Act legislation we've just discovered.
Very serious.
A lot of Iraq news, you name it.
But right now, let's go bam, bam, bam through your calls.
Rodney in Texas, go ahead.
I guess after listening to the story about this elderly lady...
I can empathize with her because, one, I'm visually impaired or totally blind.
My question that I'm asking is a rhetorical question.
Is this what the old and infirm in this country has to look forward to now?
I mean, I use a cane to help me to be mobile when I'm walking about.
Well, she was sitting on the ground, begging them not to take her, the wagon she had that her 95-year-old mother gave her.
She's now 71.
And the cop stepped on her hand, hit her in the back of the head, tasered her five times, savagely attacked the 95-year-old woman when she brought water to her daughter who'd been pepper sprayed.
Right, but I guess what I'm saying is, you use your own stuff as an example of how police officers are...
Mistakenly accusing people of having weapons.
Now, I use a cane to get around.
Are they going to do the same thing to me also?
Sir, we've actually seen cases where they have charged blind people for having the cane as a weapon.
Like I said, is this what the old and infirm in this country, since they passed the Patriot Act and other laws to implement these...
I think it is, sir, and I appreciate your call, Rodney.
I think we all have to look forward to it until we take this country back.
Dan in Oregon.
Dan, go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Living in the Portland area for 45 years, I might be able to give a little bit of a local perspective to the way I see what's happening.
A lot of people don't realize, but Portland has been a testing laboratory for the New World Order for a number of years.
Well, that's where, a couple years ago, Bush came for a speech, and the police admittedly attacked 6,000 peaceful people, ran up, sprayed pepper spray in babies' faces, and the family said, why are you doing that?
And he said, you shouldn't bring them to a protest.
That's true, and it goes back a lot further than that.
It goes back to Chief Moose.
You've heard his name in the news, I'm sure.
Ah, yes, up at the sniper situation.
And Dan, yeah, yeah, who brought him back there but Janet Reno.
See, Janet took Moose under her wing.
He left Portland, went back there.
But before he left, he and a sheriff out, Multnomah County sheriff out in Portland, Oregon, teamed up to run into a Gypsy Joker motorcycle gang and set them up.
And kill some of them, and some other police officers were killed.
That went to court, and the Gypsy Jokers won.
Because they were setting that one up.
It's almost like the word's gone out that to get promoted, you've got to be brutal, you've got to be ruthless, and that when you're bad, that's how you go up.
You've got to be dirty.
They've got to get some dirt on you.
That way they can use you.
But, you see, the perspective that I see with these elderly ladies is...
The Portland area has been taking some real heat from the black community because of the deaths of these other black people that's been going on for a year or so.
Two or three people have been shot, as you have already brought out.
Well, the news in Portland runs with the city.
KATU is not going to do anything that they're not instructed to do.
And I'll explain the rest of it after the break if you want.
But again, we're just talking about Portland because it's a microcosm.
Believe me, everybody thinks their area is the testing ground.
I have to admit, Portland and L.A.
really are.
But, I mean, it's everywhere.
And we'll let you continue briefly because I've got a lot of calls here.
Tim and Mark and Dylan and everybody else.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Government power is something that historically is always very dangerous.
That's why you've got to limit it, control it, watch it.
But the government today says, hey, we've been attacked by terrorists at every level, do what we say, shut up, follow our orders.
It's a climate of fear and oppression, and I'm sick of it.
I'm tired of the propaganda.
Now, just briefly, I'm going to let our caller in Oregon, Don, finish up, and then we're going to go to all the other great people that are patiently holding.
But they're in Portland, Oregon.
Finish up what you were saying.
Well, Alex, they've been very effective in alienating the black community.
The people are going out in groups now around the city protesting, and so they've got them where they want them.
They've got the police alienated against the black, even with a black police chief.
Now the next step they're going to take is they're going to alienate the whites, and that's exactly what they want, so they have the polarization...
Between the police and the people.
Yeah, that's gang member mentality.
They've told the police they're really your enemy.
They're a bad group.
They don't know what we go through.
We've got to all stick together.
We've got to hold together society.
They're all crazy.
This has all been very well manipulated, and the news is playing right along with them because the folks at the top are pulling the strings.
I agree with you.
This is done by design.
Thanks for the call.
We'll go to Tim and Mark and Dylan and H.W.
here in just a moment, then into all that Patriot Act and Iraq news.
For the next three or four minutes, we're joined by Debbie Morrow from New Millennium Concept, who joins us a few times a week.
Look, there's a lot you can't control in this world, but one thing you can do is stop drinking the mercury, the Prozac, the Ritalin, the dead bacteria, the fluoride.
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Debbie, good to have you on the broadcast.
Hi, Alex.
Glad to be here.
Appreciate it.
We really have been having a lot of customers call lately telling me about the things that are in the newspaper.
About their water.
And, you know, it always makes me a little curious when they start advertising in the newspaper and ads and stuff that the water is bad, you know?
It makes me wonder what's going on.
Look, we need to create a section on the website.
It'd be thousands of articles after a year or so.
Every day I see news articles.
Where they found Prozac in Colorado, Prozac in Dallas in the water.
Massive levels, Ritalin, birth control pills, high levels of fluoride, chlorine, mercury, arsenic.
I mean, look, folks, drink good purified water.
I don't mean junky bottle water.
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I mean, how anybody doesn't filter their water, I can't figure out, Debbie.
I can't either, because it's such a simple thing you can do for your health.
You know, there are many...
I think we're good to go.
The stuff they're drinking.
Well, yeah, the doctors now are saying, you've got chronic fatigue, stop using the shampoo you're using, and start drinking filtered water.
I had a veterinarian here in Capel right down the road from me call me yesterday, and he only gives the animals in his clinic Berkey water.
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And so he sent me over a fax on treatment for it.
And one of the things is he puts on there to give them purified water from British Birkfield Water Filters and Big Berkeys.
And he puts our number on it and he gives it to all of his clients.
Well, that's awesome.
Listen, you've got several different specials.
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Well, listen, the toll-free number, 1-888-803-4438.
And Debbie will be there.
Debbie, thank you.
Thank you.
Y'all have a great day.
You too, Debbie.
All right, let's go right back to the calls.
Thanks for holding.
Next up is in Minnesota.
Mark in Minnesota, go ahead.
Hey Alex, how are you doing?
Pretty good.
I think if you give the wrong look to a police officer, they should be entitled to beat you up, and if they scrape their fists or bruise their knuckles from the impact of hitting you, you should then be charged with
You know, assault and battery.
Well, I wouldn't joke around.
That's already the unofficial law.
Yeah, of course.
I'm kidding.
But... No, I mean, that is the way it is.
Yeah, yeah.
God forbid if they scrape their knuckles, you know, as they're beating you to a pulp, you know.
Otherwise, that's the charges right there, right?
But there was actually a case about a year ago, I believe.
It wasn't that long ago.
It was up here in Minneapolis where somebody had...
I came across a crime, and so they called the police.
The police show up, and the Minneapolis Police Department, and don't ask questions, just come up, guns a-blazing, and they end up shooting this person, and the person was unarmed, and it was the person who called the police, and apparently they thought it was the suspect,
And they probably could have gotten away with lying about the whole thing and saying the person was armed.
Save one problem, one little technicality.
The person that was shot, who actually called in the police, happened to be a police officer himself.
And you're right.
Cops probably pose a much bigger threat to each other.
No, no, no.
Not probably.
I've seen the Justice Department numbers.
Last time I did was in 2001.
I mean, we've had a bunch of cases where they shoot their own people right here in Austin.
One cop will show up, go in the house, it's a domestic disturbance.
He comes walking out, even with a flashlight, they shoot him, you know, with shotguns.
I mean, they do it all the time.
Yeah, it's definitely, in fact, it turned out that the cop who did the shooting, he was in the National Guard and had deployed to the Middle East and everything.
And really, and I say this, of course, as somebody who's served in the Marine Corps, you know, I'm almost wondering, maybe, you know, fire and military service should not be allowed to be police officers.
And I'm not kidding.
Because, you know what, they're two totally different things.
And I notice it seems like there are a lot of military veterans who go on to become police officers.
But I think that they might have the wrong mentality.
They almost see themselves as an occupying force.
And they call us civilians.
Thanks for the call.
Certainly, they need to stop giving the police military-style training for the general public, and they need to retrain them, reprogram them to be peace officers, but they don't.
That's why they love them from the military.
They come right out of martial law Iraq to America.
Coming up, we're going to get into all that.
We're going to get into the draft.
We're going to get into the new Patriot Act, another version.
We're going to get into all of it.
Right now, let's talk to Tim in Wisconsin.
Tim, go ahead.
I hear you.
Thanks for the call, Tim.
Look, earlier...
One of the callers brought this up.
This is part of a plan.
They have psychological warfare blueprints to do this.
They give the police policies that make the people hate them.
Then that makes the police feel like everybody doesn't like them, rightfully so.
Then that compacts their culture even more and then intensifies it.
So it's kind of a feedback loop.
We've got to somehow change that.
Because police, your daughter, your son's going to be in another town, and they're going to get killed by your goon buddies.
You're going to get killed by them.
You better watch out from your own people.
You better look out.
Now, I'm talking about statistics.
I'm talking about numbers.
I'm talking about facts here.
I'm not talking about how you feel or what they told you.
All right, we'll come back and talk to...
Dylan and H.W.
and then that's it for calls for a while because I want to get into all this other news.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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Just go to www.songsforever.com That's www.songsforever.com Waging war on corruption Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network
Throughout time immemorial, human history, the human condition has been an oppressive group of enforcers working for despots, dominating and abusing populations.
And America was supposed to be different.
And it was, if you weren't a Native American or if you weren't black, those were kind of the subgroups that didn't have rights.
Now all of us get to enjoy being slaves.
And it was wrong what we did to the Native Americans, wrong what happened to blacks, and it's just as wrong that it's happening to everybody else now.
And it's very serious.
Dylan in Texas.
Dylan, go ahead.
Howdy, Alex.
I hope you're doing real good today.
Gee, that story is really emotional.
I don't want to underplay it.
It hit a strong emotional note with myself.
I haven't witnessed... I've never been a victim of police brutality, but I have been a direct witness, especially within arm's reach, of police brutality on a number of times.
And it certainly sounds like the same old story, but getting a little bit closer all the time to being mainstream news for that quote-unquote middle class of America.
We all know that people need to wake up.
We know that these officers took oaths to the Constitution, and we sort of know that those officers obviously never knew what the Constitution was or what it stood for.
But we've also got the Ten Commandments, and this isn't just a document.
This is inscribed on the hearts of human beings.
And so...
What happened, Alex?
What do you think happened to those cops to make them that way?
Well, I appreciate the call, Dylan.
Let me try to answer that briefly because I've got a lot of news I want to get to.
And I talked about this earlier in the last hour.
I can't really bring myself to watch a lot of television, though I should, because the propagandas and the sitcoms, the dramas, not just on the news channels.
And yesterday I was working out, and I've...
I've got a Walkman that's also got a TV band on it.
And a few weeks ago I actually pushed it for the first time for listening to TV shows, just listening to the audio.
And so I sat there for an hour on an exercise bicycle trying to work off some of the blubber that I've accumulated doing this radio show sitting here.
And I listened to the entire Fox News piece here locally and then some national news.
And the local Fox News went like this.
A lot of you probably saw the same thing in your area.
Anyone's coming out with compulsory national ID cards that are so good, we need them too.
National ID cards keep you safe.
Look out, there'll be more drug dogs on the street in your schools keeping you safe.
Please submit the searches.
Next piece.
Al-Qaeda is planning to attack you any minute, but Bush says we must repass the Patriot Act.
It's good.
I sat there mentally wanting to take down notes.
I told my wife about it.
There was like ten things in the piece.
I can't remember them all now.
But basically, the whole newscast was how good the New World Order is.
And if you'd have heard that newscast ten years ago, you'd have thought you'd woken up in the Twilight Zone.
Oh, it was, yeah.
The police have radar to look through your walls to keep you safe.
And then I thought that was bad enough, and they cut to, oh, there's a group in California, but it's not a weapon, but it'll break your eardrums, and it'll make you submit, and it'll keep us safe.
And, by the way, domestic police want to use this.
And it was just on and on and on.
So the whole general public.
And then I listened to The Simpsons without...
Without video, just the audio, and it was so dirty and violent and really R-rated.
You know, all these sexual comments, all these deviant comments, all these on and on and on.
A lot of you like The Simpsons.
The point is that it just permeates.
We're becoming a wicked population.
We're becoming an evil population.
So our police are going to become evil, too.
HW in Colorado.
HW, go ahead.
Alex, let me go back in time a little to 55 after Hitler in Germany.
I just crossed the street there, and I just had read the slogan, Die Polizei dein Freund und Helfer, which means the police, your friend and helper.
Well, I didn't believe it already then for the rest of my life because I got charged for walking across a red light without any traffic around.
It was early in the morning or so.
Anyway, then I could tell you more stories until 93, where my 82-year-old mother got body searched by the INS people at the flight from Washington to Germany.
Well, they fumbled her and me.
I don't know why.
But I mentioned to you on your program before that governments, by definition, only thieves and liars and murderers.
When the government, they only employ these type of minds
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
By calling New Millennium at 888-803-4438.
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All right, we'll let H.W.
finish up, and then I'm going to go to news.
We'll talk to Laura and Chad before the broadcast ends.
H.W., go ahead and finish up what you were saying.
Yeah, did you get it that our government is by definition crooked, only sees liars and murderers one day?
Rule other people's lives and they employ... Well, let me stop you.
That's what the Founding Fathers said, but FEMA teaches the police now that the Founding Fathers were bad.
I have that on video in Road to Tyranny.
And so the founding fathers were bad, and you're bad too.
The government's good.
Nero and Hitler are good.
Shut up.
Man, I have been through Hitler.
All my family suffered.
My dad was working for the Wehrmacht, and he was in jail under Hitler because he was fighting for the right thing.
We're good to go.
So sweep out these murderers and cheaters there.
I hear you.
Thanks for the call, HW.
I hear you.
I'm glad we've woken you up to the fact that the Second Amendment is good.
Oh, boy.
Well, you know, that's how the Founding Fathers talked, but they're bad.
So, again, the people running things today are right.
We should get rid of our freedoms.
I'm being sarcastic.
Let me go back into this.
Let me just blitz through the news as quickly as possible.
This is on PrisonPlanet.tv.
PrisonPlanet.tv right now from Counterpunch.
And we've added the bill to it and our own analysis as well at Infowars.com.
Patriot Act enhancement provides a death penalty for any federal crime punishable by over one year in jail.
And then it gets into the actual subsection of the bill.
And even the ACLU, the liberal ACLU, has to admit that the proposed legislation would do two things.
First, it would make 23 crimes eligible for the death penalty.
That's over a million federal crimes that are over one year in jail.
Yes, there's over a million laws.
Second, it would create an unprecedented catch-all death penalty for any other federal crime punishable by more than a year in prison if it meets the Patriot Act's overboard definition of terrorism and results in death.
The ACLU said that protesters and activists from groups such as including Greenpeace and Operation Rescue would risk being sentenced to death for participating in certain civil disobedience events if they involve a federal crime punishable by more than a year in prison.
And it goes on and on.
It says, Laws such as the Freedom of Access to Clinics, Entrances, Act, and Federal Gun Control Regime, Title 18, USC, Section 922, among other crimes, could carry death sentences if the bill passes, Edgar said.
And it goes on.
So that's what's happening.
Testifying at a June 21st hearing before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security.
They reminded the committee that members of the Justice Department had not been forthcoming in its disclosures regarding how the Patriot Act has been used so far.
That's not really true.
In 2003, they had testimony before Congress where the spokesman for the Justice Department said that we're going to use it against all criminals, all crimes.
And they've used it against topless bars, county commissioners, pot dealers.
It's been all over the news.
So very, very serious.
And the bill is H.R.
2934, the Terrorist Penalties Enhancement Act.
There's a lot of neocon liars in talk radio saying that they found weapons of mass destruction in that Baghdad building that blew up.
First they were there saying it was a bomb factory.
Now they're saying it might have been chemical weapons.
No evidence, but they're claiming weapons of mass destruction found.
How many times have they lied about that?
It's time to bring our troops home.
By the way, John Kerry says he won't do that.
Of course!
Bill Clinton's for the war.
Hillary's for the war.
Chuckie Schumer, Tony Blair, the socialist, and George W. You're real conservative folks who are for this war.
Of course, Congressman Ron Paul's against the war.
He's got the most conservative voting record in Congress.
Of course, Mel Gibson's against the war, and he's the most conservative and best filmmaker in Hollywood.
But the liberals and the conservatives want to act like it's a left-right debate, and it's not.
Fallujah's scene of intense gun battles, U.S.
Marines backed by helicopter gunships and fighter jets engaged in a raging firefight Monday with insurgents in Fallujah's stronghold of resistance...
And a part of a mosque got blown up.
That's only going to intensify things.
Twelve American Marines executed in Fulgalla.
News cover-up.
Pre-Arab voice.
And it says Fallujah exploded Monday morning, prompting hours of fighting in the northern district of Jolan when a U.S.
military patrol fired on civilians returning to their homes under the terms of the ceasefire agreement.
snipers have taken up position on adjacent buildings by the time Iraq resistance fighters arrived at the scene of the carnage that killed several women and children at approximately 11 a.m.
What followed was a fierce battle that left 12 American soldiers and several others wounded.
According to details, the Rennessy Brigade, an Iraq resistance group,
Goes on, managed to surround a small unit of U.S.
soldiers, taking them captive.
They took the 12 to the roof of a nearby building and systematically shot them, throwing the bodies from the rooftop to the ground below.
Marines fired 81-millimeter mortars on the building to prevent resistance fighters from leaving, however, and they managed to escape without incident.
Eventually, Cobra helicopters and AC-130 Spectre gunships leveled the buildings.
military sources have so far reportedly only one U.S.
Marine dead and eight others wounded.
Oh boy.
Israel to destroy Iran nuke plant.
Now we have the articles posted under this one where Israel in their own Israeli newspapers admit has been selling nuclear weapons components to Iran.
Because it's to escalate things to bring in this new world order.
Just like our government arming North Korea.
This is how the world went daily.
Jerusalem considers preemptive strike by summer's end, while Iran announced plans to begin building a heavy water reactor that can produce weapons-grade plutonium.
Why can't Iran have it if Pakistan can, with Israel helping arm them with a British and U.S.
too, who then arms North Korea again?
This is all staged.
Israel began drawing up plans to demolish it, much as it destroyed an Iraqi nuclear facility more than a decade ago.
More than a decade?
It was 22 years ago.
Sources in Israel say the attack could come before the end of the summer, according to Joseph Ferris' G2 Bulletin.
While Tehran insists the facility is purely for research, the decision heightens concern about Iran's ability to produce nuclear arms.
The 40 megawatt reactor could produce enough plutonium for a nuclear weapon such as each year.
While construction is set to begin in June, Iran already had previously announced plans to build its reactor last year to the UN Nuclear Watchdog Agency.
Why can't Iran have one of these if North Korea and Pakistan and if Israel can have 400 nukes?
Very hypocritical.
And again, I'm not on either side in this, folks.
This is tribal warfare going on forever, but Israel is wrong
To try to drag us into these wars.
Major escalation there.
Lawyers try to gag FBI worker over 9-11.
Remember two months ago we helped write the story about Sybil Edmonds?
Tom Flacco was there as a reporter at the Capitol, and this FBI translator said, I told the committee months ago about how I was ordered to falsify the transcripts that prove the U.S.
government had prior knowledge.
She said when she refused, they threatened to arrest her, John Ashcroft personally, and then offered to bribe her.
Well, now they're trying to shut her up again.
The Bush administration will today seek to prevent a former FBI translator, this is the London Independent, by the way, from providing evidence about September 11th intelligence failures to a group of relatives and survivors who have accused international banks and officials of aiding al-Qaeda.
Sybil Edmonds was subpoenaed by a law firm representing more than 500 family members and survivors of the attacks to testify that she had sea information, proving there was considerable evidence before September 2001 that Al-Qaeda was planning to strike the U.S.
with aircraft.
The lawyers made their demand after reading comments Ms.
Edmonds had made to The Independent.
The U.S.
Justice Department is seeking to stop her from testifying, citing the rarely used state secrets privilege.
Today, in a federal court in Washington, senior government lawyers will try to gag Ms.
Edmonds, claiming that the disclosure of her evidence would cause serious damage to the national security and foreign policy interests of the United States.
Edmonds, 33-year-old, who had a top-secret security clearance, claimed this month, that while working in the FBI's Washington headquarters, she saw aircraft...
Months before the strikes.
Again, she saw information proving senior officials knew that al-Qaeda had plans to attack the U.S.
with aircraft months before the strikes.
She has provided sworn testimony to the independent panel appointed by President George Bush, but in secret session, to investigate the circumstances surrounding September 11th.
Evans was subpoenaed by the law firm Motley Rises, which represents hundreds of families who are taking civil action against a number of banks and two members of the Saudi royal family for alleged aiding of Al-Qaeda.
Her lawyer, Mark Zeed, said last night the FBI wants to shut her up completely.
He said it was ridiculous to claim that everything Ms.
Edmonds knew had national security implications.
Rather, he said, the FBI wanted to silence his client to save its embarrassment.
So think about this.
They're openly going into court trying to gag her, and she already told the commission.
See, that's what the commission's for.
Good people in government want to go blow the whistle.
They go to the commission in session.
They tell them to shut up.
It's all about the globalists finding out what we know.
This is a big, big deal.
And again, they say this month, because London Independent reported on this weeks after we had Tom Flacco on the broadcast.
And again, he was there with 15 news cameras, over 30 print reporters, right there in the halls of Congress, and she was handing out the documents, giving testimony, and she said, I'm doing this because the commission months ago said they were going to go public with this, and they haven't.
And they threatened to arrest me, just like they threatened to arrest other FBI agents that were being told not to stop Al Qaeda.
Here's another one.
Secret Service investigates teen art project depicting Bush as a devil, WFTV.
The art teacher reported that the student had done an art project of Bush as a devil launching a missile.
Isn't that interesting?
And the drawing by the 15-year-old boy in Washington State were enough to prompt some questions from the Secret Service.
He was not arrested, but he has been disciplined by the school district.
So, criminalizing dissent.
But the border stays wide open.
Big debate surrounding this.
Bush-Caesar answered to his awful press conference performance.
Remember a few weeks ago, Bush was totally incoherent?
Remember that?
Bush in his press conference, they said, what was the biggest mistake he made since 9-11?
He said, I wish you would have given me this in writing so I could have had it prepared.
Boy, it's tough.
He paused for five seconds.
Man, I tell you.
You know, I'm just waiting for something to pop in my head, and he's suddenly all gray, got greenish-colored skin, stumbles around all the time, and people that knew him when he was governor, and I did, you know, saw him on television, went to some of his speeches, he didn't act like this.
And remember him falling down, supposedly choking on the pretzel, but bruises on both sides of his head, which really a seizure would do, not falling down, and he takes meditation twice a day, and
Has all these weird skin splotches.
What's really going on here?
The following material is from a reporter with access to White House and presidential press briefings.
Some of this material has surfaced before, but only in small segments.
If any of this is true and not the product of an unhappy person, we are all in serious trouble.
And again, this is a TBRN Barnes Review who gets these memos that have turned out to be accurate in the past.
Quote, Vice President Cheney is the de facto president of the United States.
When he arrives at the White House for one of his briefings with the president, all employees are cleared from the West Wing and especially from the presidential official suites.
Cheney arrives in an escorted armored limousine surrounded by his own personal heavily armed bodyguard and is always shown directly at the president's office.
It is reliably reported by respected...
A redacted name that Bush has a thick pad of lined yellow notepad on his desk placed there by some of the other officials just before the Vice President arrives.
After Cheney's departure, the notes taken by the President are transcribed, redacted, and prepared as talking points for the President.
At some time in the past, according to both
Redacted name and redacted name, the President suffered what one of his aides called a very minor seizure.
And as a result of this, the President has a very difficult time following any unscripted conversations.
For this reason, his staff carefully and aggressively protect the President from unexpected questions that he is not capable of answering.
He is a different person than what he used to be.
The president takes oral medication at least twice a day, according to redacted, because of an unspecified indisposition, and the subject is strictly off-limits for any casual staff conversation.
At one point during a staff conference, the president stood up and began to speak in an unknown language.
I remember that.
Mr. Rove was able to stop the president and to get him to resume his seat.
It was reported that for a period of time, about 15 minutes after the incident, the president appeared to be somewhat confused and very inarticulate.
White House staff members report that they rarely see President Bush during hours, and that when they do, he is generally accompanied by Mr. Roe, but almost never either looks or speaks to the members of his staff.
He does not appear to recognize many of the staff members, and almost all contact with these individuals are carried out by his close aides, especially Mr. Roe.
And I have to tell you, folks, when you see him in a press conference, he has a little smithering, blithering giggle, like, whoa, I can't talk.
It'll pop in my head.
I wish you'd give me this and write.
I mean, what is going on?
That's not the guy I knew as governor.
I mean, I wouldn't call him the best speaker in the book, but he's pretty good.
I mean, he gave some fiery speeches.
Either it's so scripted he can't stay on script, or this is true.
Or I guess you believe the pretzel story with bruises on both sides of his face.
You fall down, one spot gets scraped, or one area.
Not different sides.
You know, one cheek, and then the other cheek, and then the forehead.
I don't know what's going on, but I think there's something to this, and that's on prisonplanet.tv as well.
When we get back, a new Iraq flag meets with disapproval, and it does look like the Israeli flag.
The two baby blue stripes and the baby blue moon on a white background, that meets with disapproval.
But I've got a bunch of other news, too.
We haven't even got to yet, so stay with us.
We'll try to jam a few calls in here.
Be sure and go to prisonplanet.tv.
I'm putting a lot of work into this.
The show is Paul Watson.
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A lot of people are still in denial about all the different draft bills that have been introduced.
The different senators and congressmen on both sides of the aisle that have called for it.
So we dug out the Seattle Post-Intelligencer article from March 13, 2004.
Agency Initiate Steps for Selective Draft.
So, again, there it is right out in the open.
Congress shows little support for effort to draw skilled Americans, but it says the government is talking first steps towards a targeted military draft of Americans with special skills in computers and foreign languages.
And they've also moved forward with reinstituting the draft boards, you name it.
And we've got all those articles posted, and people are still in denial about this.
Another one here out of the Houston Chronicle.
The question is, are you going to put up with this?
And I certainly hope not.
Also, proposed bill would prohibit smoking in car with child passengers.
Sounds good.
In a perfect world.
But, again, it's a free country.
This will just give the police more of an excuse to ticket you, to arrest you, to get in your car, to get in your life.
I mean, leave us alone.
California lawmakers are considering a bill that would make California the first state in the nation to prohibit smokers from lighting up in a private car with children or present.
So, that's just...
And meanwhile, they want to pass a supplement to the Patriot Act that will have the death penalty for violating their federal laws.
Laura in Virginia, go ahead, welcome.
Hi, Alex.
I've been listening to your show for quite some time, and you said something about the lady that was blind that was 71 years old that got beat up.
I just think that's sickening.
It makes me sick to my stomach.
Me and my husband, you know,
We lived up here, you know, in Virginia, and we had this, I think it was a military aircraft that flew by our building, and our building's 12 stories high, and he flew, like, really low, like, right here by our building, like, twice.
Well, ma'am, that's nothing.
They're having urban warfare training drills to condition you for martial law from West Virginia to Pennsylvania.
Come on!
Coming up in the next five days.
Thanks for the call.
Last call.
Neil in Texas.
Neil, go ahead.
Hello, Alex Jones?
Yes, sir.
This is quite an honor to be able to speak to you.
I've been following your documentary videos around since you were starting out in the poor parts of Austin, just exposing poor people and getting thrown out of their homes.
But I wanted to comment on one thing, and I wanted to ask you a quick question.
I think, sir, that you have already uncovered so much corruption that it's mind-boggling.
But the one thing that I think that if we could send people, everybody, all the anti-war people that were out in the streets when the war started, plus thousands more, for the depleted uranium...
Sir, if you and all the other radio stations, Patriot radio stations, could organize... Hey, here's the problem.
Sir, I hear you'll have to call me back tomorrow to talk about this further.
I totally agree with you.
Here's the problem.
The left controls the anti-war movement, and they don't want to march for that.
They want to march for the UN and communism, which is wrong, too.
See, the left is controlled, the right is controlled, and conservatives see the left and go, oh, well, the war must be good if all those socialists are against it.
Whereas in reality, the socialist chieftains all vote for the war.
You've got to deprogram the so-called peace activist groups first before you can do that.
But I agree with you.
I'm sorry we're out of time.
I'll be back tomorrow, 11 to 2 during the day, back from 9 to midnight tonight, Central.
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And we need your support.
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All right, get out there and take on the New World Order.
Thanks to everybody.
God bless you.
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