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Air Date: April 16, 2004
2507 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, my friends.
Another live edition of the Alex Jones Broadcast.
It is Friday, the 16th day of April 2004.
I hope you enjoyed paying the money into the private Federal Reserve yesterday, as millions of Americans did.
Coming up in the third hour, we have Ellen Mariani, one of the victim's wives, one of the widows, and her lawyer.
Philip Berg, former Assistant Attorney General of a major state, coming on the broadcast, going over the evidence of government complicity in the 9-11 attacks.
Now, they put the other widows on TV.
They don't like to put Ellen on TV because she's too hardcore.
She brings out the facts.
Though she's been attacked by socialists like Lord Limbaugh and others as traitors to question the all-powerful, omnipresent government.
Now, in the second hour, for about 20 minutes, we're going to have Ralph Nader on the show.
And no, I'm not part of the Green Party, and now he's got his own party.
I have spoken at an event a few weeks ago that Mr. Nader spoke at, because I'll go to any crowd, anytime, anywhere, to get the word out about the New World Order.
Be it conservative, liberal, libertarian, I don't care.
I'm here to wake people up to the threat of a globalist takeover.
But he's calling for Bush's impeachment.
And a lot more.
So he's coming on the show in the next hour, and I do have some interesting questions for Mr. Nader, the consumer advocate.
And you do not want to miss this interview that is coming up in the next hour.
In fact, they contacted us.
We're honored to have Mr. Nader on the broadcast, and he'll be coming on the show.
So stay with us for that.
We'll also have wide open phones today, any issue you'd like to discuss.
The situation in Iraq, the 9-11 Whitewash Commission, what's happening with Big Brother developments here domestically.
That's 800-259-9231.
We'll get your calls early in this first hour.
Again, it's Friday, ladies and gentlemen.
Rumsfeld, Iraq toll higher than expected.
Boy, it was hard for him to say that yesterday in a Pentagon briefing.
He said, well, I certainly would not have expected this to happen.
I certainly would not have estimated that we would have had the number of individuals lost that we have had lost in the last week.
With 88 U.S.
soldiers killed and a surge of violence coming from multiple insurgent factions inside the country, hundreds of Iraqis have been killed, the AP reports.
The official number is over 1,200 in the last week.
And a lot of people say, oh good, kill them all, let God sort them out, they deserve it.
A lot of these people supported the takeover.
A lot of these houses getting blown up full of women and children supported the coalition.
In fact...
In polls conducted by Iraqi newspapers, over half the population supports the takeover.
So these neocons that get on the air and say, wipe out Fallujah, kill them all, nuke them!
I will again state, this is the same thing if somebody five miles from you kills four people and streams them up on a bridge...
Then does the government come and surround your city of 300,000 people, an American city of 300,000 people, and start bombarding the city, haphazard, willy-nilly, pell-mell, helter-skelter?
Now that's what the government did.
That's what Paul Bremer and the occupational government did.
The neocons are calling for wiping the whole city out.
So next time there's a multiple murder in your city,
There's a lot of cities, 300,000 or so.
I guess the call will be to nuke the city, kill everyone.
It makes no sense if you put your thinking caps on.
It's bloodthirsty and evil.
But if you get into this emotional state that the beatnik neocons put you in, then it's all over.
Speaking of beatnik neocons, we've got an expose at one of them today.
That's coming up, but first we'll cover all the top stories.
Stay with us, infowars.com and prisonplanet.com are the websites.
Hey folks, Alex Jones here, announcing the release of my most comprehensive documentary exposing the New World Order's orchestration of the September 11th attacks yet.
In my new film, The Masters of Terror, we chronicle the globalist master plan for world domination.
The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The casual society control grid, impalpable microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
All right, big Friday edition for you.
We've got Ralph Nader with his independent party coming on.
He's calling for the impeachment of Lord Bush.
And I've got some very interesting questions for Mr. Nader.
We appreciate his office contacting us for him to come on the show.
That stuff rarely happens, so we're looking forward to having him on the broadcast.
Then in the third hour, we have Mrs. Mariani, whose husband died in the World Trade Center.
And she, of course, has been exposing with her lawyer, she has been exposing government complicity in the attacks.
And so we'll be going over what she thinks and her lawyer thinks of the whitewash that's been going on by Bush's business partners in the 9-11 cover-up commission.
So that's the guest here on the broadcast today.
We're also going to have wide-open phones on any issue you'd like to discuss at 1-800-259-9231.
If you're joining us for the first time and you're wondering what this broadcast is all about, we get liberals, conservatives, libertarians, foreign government officials on the show.
This is a classical liberal program.
Now, what that means is we're pro-God, pro-border, anti-abortion.
We are against the New World Order.
The Founding Fathers called themselves classical liberals, meaning freedom to the people, small government.
Today, the left would call me an ultra-right-wing terrorist.
The so-called neocon conservatives, another branch of the left, call me a communist.
When in truth, they are much closer on the political spectrum to communism than we are here on this show.
And that's how the globalists have been winning.
They control the paradigm.
They control the left and right, give you false choices.
I mean, look at John Forbes Terry.
He's on television saying we've got to stay the course in Iraq.
We've just got to have the U.N.
run things.
He's for open borders.
He's for gun control.
He's for campaign finance reform.
So is Chuckie Schumer, Hillary Clinton, and the rest of them.
He's for the Patriot Act, one and two.
He's for all of it.
He's cousins with Bush, members of the same secret society.
But the rhetoric is a little different, but the actions are identical.
You're not given a real choice.
And what the neocons do is they get on radio and television and they talk about how bad Hillary is and how evil Janet Reno is and how dangerous Chuckie Schumer is and how, you know, devilish Kerry is.
And his nickname at Skull and Bones was Long Devil.
So I guess that actually does fit.
But to make a long story short, they just bash socialists all day, which are just another, you know, grouping of the establishment.
So it's different management teams who are actually for the same thing, giving you the illusion that there's some type of fight going on.
And this is so important.
I mean, we know Ted Kennedy's bad.
We know John F. Kerry's bad.
We know Hillary's a gun-grabbing socialist.
But when Bush follows the exact same policies, oh, he'll throw you a conservative bone in a speech, but his policies follow Hillary almost identically, the whole agenda gets rammed through because they're playing good cop, bad cop on you.
That is, if you're a conservative, you see the Democrats as the bad cop, you see Bush as the good cop.
If you're a liberal, you see Bush as the bad cop, the Democrats as the good cop.
It's a carnival barker scam.
We're good to go.
This is the reality.
No better example than Mary Madeline and James Carville married to each other.
But there's many other examples of this.
And so the neocons are able to neutralize the real conservative movement in this country.
The neocons won't talk about Bush being for open borders.
They won't talk about Bush who's going to sign the assault weapons ban in September.
They won't talk about the real issues.
They just all day scare you that, oh, if you don't vote for Bush and don't support the war on terror, the liberals are going to get you.
The liberals already got us, and they're not even what you would call a liberal.
If you want to use the true term, they're all command and controllers.
Whether it's fascism or communism, it's a tiny elite running things with enforcers that wear black uniforms that put you in giant private prisons building widgets.
Both parties are voting for cameras and biometrics and police state activities.
Both parties are for the war.
And I told you a year before the war, I said we're going to go in.
It's going to be a disaster.
Then we're going to say, we messed up.
Let's put the UN in.
The UN will come in and we'll cut back on the abuses.
They will stop arresting all men down to the age of 11 in some towns, putting them in camps.
They will allow some freedom.
They will allow some limited elections.
And then, oh, see, the U.N.'
's good, America's bad.
People said, well, that's happening now.
Bush is calling for that now.
How did you know this a year before the war, two years ago?
Because I read Foreign Affairs put out by the Council on Foreign Relations.
I read government white papers.
I read think tank white papers.
I remember three years ago a Sydney Morning Herald 32-page article.
And there they were saying, look, the world is aware...
I mean, it actually said that.
And they said that
There had been this debate about the New World Order, and the media had just denied it existed.
But now it's so far along, the Supreme Court taking orders from the UN, the national parks being taken over by the UN, Bush signing on to UNESCO and all this.
Because it's so out in the open now, we've got to give the people a false choice.
And I'd seen white papers on this five years ago.
And so, whereas the New World Order, whether it's the EU or the US or the Federal Reserve or the Bank of England or the Bundesbank of Germany or the Bank of France, it's all owned by the same shareholders.
Forbes magazine will tell you that.
But because they've got a global empire set up, they've got to give you the illusion of choice as if there's some type of fight going on.
And so overnight we've gone from denying that there's a world government.
You know, I was a kook eight years ago to talk about it.
It didn't exist.
To, okay, there's a world government, but it's going to be a debate of who's going to run the New World Order.
Will it be the Democrat or the Republican, the Tory or the Labor, the Social Democrat, or the version of it?
And so they've circumvented, they've circumnavigated a debate about this.
You remember Limbaugh and others saying there's no new world order, it doesn't exist, nutty right-wingers think this when he's supposedly a right-winger, and now the Supreme Court's run by the UN, now we're losing our sovereignty, now foreign troops are here publicly, they're talking about getting rid of Posse Comitatus, using foreign troops in major publications,
Everything we warned you about is now happening, and overnight, oh yeah, there's a world government, but is it going to be America's world government, as Bush was calling for in his press conference three nights ago, or is it going to be a new world order run by the loving liberals?
And so to give this false view, this false dialectic, this false choice, the U.N.
said, we're against this war, it's wrong, it's abusive, it's evil, we're loving and good.
The world rallied behind the U.N., which is owned by the same banks as owned America.
And so now America is meant to fall down in Iraq.
And I told Vanity Fair this in an interview three months ago that they finally published this week.
It's all right there in the interview.
And I laid all this out, and now I've got the articles that indeed the UN is going to be our savior and come in and fix everything.
And then suddenly our government's going to stop doing the things that stir up the Muslims, that stir up the Shiites, and the UN will put in its own brand of tyranny, not as abusive, but almost as abusive, and the world will buy it.
The British did this 100 years ago.
200 years ago.
They found out that if they went into India or they went into Egypt or Iraq or wherever they were, they even wrote handbooks on this, that if they would take down the British flag, if they would bring down the flag and run up the flag of the nation, they could put a dictator in who looked like the population, who talked like the population, and it was called the Invisible Empire.
And then they could run everything that way.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
But again, by coming out against the Iraq War, the UN now has been legitimized to all these foolish third world countries that now think it's the answer to the evil cowboy in Texas, who isn't a cowboy at all, who's a blue blood from Kennebunkport, Maine, related to the Queen of England.
So see how they've set you up for all of this?
See how they've run this scam on you?
And so now we're going to see it unfold.
And it's very, very scary.
And now our troops have paid, the Iraqis have paid.
It is a sick joke.
It is pathetic.
And they have designed this from the beginning to unfold exactly as it's unfolding.
And again, this is not my opinion.
It's from their own documents.
But you've been listening for years.
You know I've laid this out.
I've written news articles about this.
I've broken this down in Police State 3 Total Enslavement that I made 11 months ago, that was released 11 months ago.
We've gone through the evidence.
We are consistent.
We have credibility.
And so that's what this broadcast is all about.
Really saving the family.
Protecting homeschoolers.
Defending the Second Amendment.
Defending our sovereignty.
Stopping the free trade area of the Americas.
It's going to be ten times worse than NAFTA and GAAP.
Stopping the export of our jobs, which Bush says is good.
Stopping the doubling in the size of government that we've seen in the last five years.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
Bunch of news coming up.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Let me break it down in a little bit simpler fashion.
A little bit more condensed, boiled-down fashion.
Let's say America is a city.
And the Democrats are the army outside the city, openly attacking it, trying to take it over for the New World Order.
And then there's traitors inside the city.
They can't openly jump up and say, we want to bring America down.
They have to act like they're for America, like Benedict Arnold, the traitor,
While quietly shelling the city down the river, lowering the drawbridge in the middle of the night.
And so their rhetoric is all good, but their actions is very, very bad.
This is a global empire move, using America as a captured province to supply the fuel for war, the troops for war, the supplies.
We're good to go.
I think?
But here's the news.
Again, Rumsfeld, Iraq toll higher than expected.
88 troops died in the last week over there.
The biggest week before that was 50 in one week.
This is higher than Vietnam numbers in the first four years of the war.
Very serious.
welcomes U.N.
proposals on Iraq caretaker government.
Secretary of State Colin Powell welcomed proposals made by U.N.
Undersecretary General
Lack hard brahimi about the establishment of a caretaker government before the June 30th deadline for the U.S.-led coalition to return sovereignty to Iraqis.
Now again, our troops are going to stay there.
And they told them about five separate times in the last year, you're about to come home in three more months.
And each time they say, no, you can't do it, no, you're not coming home.
And this is the fifth time now they're telling them three more months.
And you can bet in three more months you're not coming home.
But our troops are going to stay there.
And it's not a caretaker government.
People ask why they're making such a big deal of the June 30th handover and Bush going, no, it will happen in June.
It's because they appointed 320-something people.
Our government appointed them at the, quote, democracy.
Now they're going to appoint 300 more people.
I mean, imagine if Russia took America over and then said, you get to have a democracy.
Here, we're going to appoint 300 governors.
That's a democracy.
And then, oh, we're going to have even more of a democracy.
They're going to appoint 300 people.
I mean, that's incredible.
Let me look at the feds came in and said, we're appointing your governor and your city council and your mayor.
This is your freedom.
It's out in the open, but they mislabel things.
Our troops are going to keep dying, and the UN's going to come in and boss them around, and then this is the new system.
So don't worry.
People who say, well, the UN's a hollow paper tiger.
It is, but it uses us as its power base.
Oh, just amazing.
So much here.
You know, I wanted to spend some time on the contractors fleeing Iraq, even as U.S.
plans to bolster forces by another 80,000.
Also, more propaganda intel saying Syria funding Iraq uprising.
Damascus has become key opponent of new Baghdad government.
And Paul Joseph Watson...
Wrote an article for Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com talking about Michael Savage.
And I know we've got a lot of stations to pick the show up to carry Michael Savage.
But he's a big boy.
He attacks everybody and sits up there and says he's a conservative.
And so we need to respond to him.
In the history of this show, this broadcast, I mean, up until a few years ago, I never talked about neocons.
I've never discussed other talk show hosts, but it has to be done because this guy is calling for putting anyone that disagrees with the government in a forced labor camp.
He says forced labor camp.
And so we've done some research, some more research on him, and we've also gotten some of his books.
And I don't think there's a more beat-neck communist in America.
He doesn't like to talk about that a lot.
And, I mean, I don't think you can really find...
A slimier hippie.
I don't think you can find a more degenerate revolutionary against America than Michael Savage.
And so, we'll come back and take calls, and then I'm going to get into this very cunning devil.
And when I say devil, I mean it.
National radio host Michael Savage calls for newspaper editors to be arrested for sedition.
Oily beatnik neocon radio host Michael Savage, who has previously and repeatedly called for anyone who criticizes the government to be put in concentration camps, has now advocated the arrest of U.S.
newspaper editors.
And of course, you don't think they're really going to ever arrest the New York Times editor, one of his buddies.
No, no, no.
It's going to be for homeschoolers and conservatives.
But see, he's helping create this climate to get what he always wanted.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Alright, I'm going to spend just about four or five minutes later in the shower to explain how the socialist crowd of the 60s
Figured out how to become neocons.
And Ron Paul has given a big speech on this last year called Neocon on the floor of the House.
The literal Communist Fourth International had a meeting and said we can't take over unless we control the conservative movement.
By the way, again, this has come out in Congress by the most conservative member of Congress.
He quotes their own books, by the way.
It's not our opinion.
And he lays this out.
And I want to get into one of their chief servants, Michael Savage.
Very dangerous individuals.
And we'll go over this.
In fact, last night, I was driving along, and I stopped at a red light, and a so-called conservative in his big open-top Mercedes had Savage on.
I started trying to explain to him in 30 seconds that he was a dirty beatnik, and the guy just rolled his eyes at me, so we'll have to go over that.
Let's go ahead quickly.
I want to go bam, bam, bam through these calls.
Stewart in New York.
Go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
I tell you, if there was a race for the position of number one slimeball and Michael Savage is the number one, then Sean Hannity has to be a really close second.
But that's not what I called about.
Something more important, I hope.
Joyce and Dave were talking about this website that shows video footage that apparently hundreds of thousands of people may already have
Of a missile being released from the planes striking the trade tower.
Yeah, we've had that posted for over a year.
Right, but apparently it's finally being noticed.
And my fear, my question to you is this.
If this is what it's all purported to be,
I am really surprised that the evil powers that be haven't shut it down, number one.
Well, let me just say this.
They can't.
It's already on a thousand websites.
You just learned of it.
The duplication of information is unstoppable at this point unless they pull the whole plug on the net, which they may actually try to do here in the future with taxation and regulation.
But, look, I mean, we have the owner of the World Trade Centers, Larry Silverstein, on PBS saying they blew Building 7 up that afternoon.
That's out in the open and nothing's been done.
My other question to you is this.
If, by some chance, this does bring down the current regime, what do you suppose is the powers that be's backup plan?
Well, I mean, Bush isn't running anything.
His cabinet isn't running anything.
John Kerry won't be running anything.
They're just puppets.
Right, but if the puppets are busted, what do you think their next move will be?
Well, they're not going to be busted.
I mean, they have people come out all the time with FBI agents, FBI translators, how they were ordered not to stop al-Qaeda, how they were ordered to cover things up, and it never makes it in our newspapers.
They can have a press conference with, you know, 15 news cameras, and it never makes it on the news.
I wonder why the world hates us.
Well, the world hates us because the banks that own America have used us to do the dirty work, and it's been an elaborate scheme to set it up where they all run to the U.N.
as their savers.
Thanks for the call.
George, where are you calling us from?
From Chicago.
Thank you.
The reason why I'm calling is two things.
A question.
I was wondering, are you going to be broadcasting again in Chicago?
Because you used to broadcast here in Chicago one time.
Yeah, affiliates come and go.
We were on for about a year and a half in Chicago, and then the station switched.
But no, we're on a few affiliates in Illinois.
If people want to try to get us an affiliate, that would be great.
All right.
The comment I wanted to say is that I don't know if you heard on Sean Hannity's
Ashcroft was on his show, and he was saying that there was a provision in the Patriot Act that allowed people to sue the government if they feel the rights have been taken away.
Well, number one, that's not true.
It gives them immunity, and all citizens are classified as terrorists in Section 802, and it's just more lies.
John Ashcroft...
Last year, two months after Patriot Act II was introduced, got up before Congress and said there is no Patriot Act II, and then on December 13th with the Saddam capture, they announced the signing of Patriot Act II.
So, I mean, look, George Bush in the State of the Union said amnesty isn't amnesty.
We're dealing with people who plant fake news articles in newspapers, who create fake dossiers, who create fake videos of fat bin Ladens in dark rooms and later have to admit it's fake.
They're a pack of liars.
Well, I went home and I was looking through the Patriot Act, and I was going through it, and I'm like, what provision?
I don't know what he's talking about.
There is no provision.
Well, look, let me try to explain this, and thanks for the call, George.
It's good questions.
Look, what they do in the Patriot Act is, Patriot Act 1 passed October 27, 2001, in the dead of night.
No member of Congress was allowed to read it.
We've had two congressmen ongoing over that on the show.
What they do is, it starts out with, we love everybody's rights, and we love minorities, and we're going to give you freedom, and you can stand up against us if we take your rights, and this is sunsetted for five years, and then it says, this is not sunsetted for five years, the provision saying that we'll treat you nicely is sunsetted in five years, and those provisions have no power to begin with.
So there's a bunch of subsections that talk about all your rights, but then say you don't have any rights.
It's like the U.N.
Charter or the Declaration of Human Rights by the U.N., Article 30 and 31, after they list all these rights, say you have no rights.
It's like the Soviet Constitution.
Lots of talk about rights, but no real rights.
And so that's what's going on there.
I challenge people to go to InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com
And to read my analysis of Patriot Act 1 and 2, that, by the way, won the Project Censored Award this year.
Let's go ahead.
They had over 30 professors look at my findings and check it out and found it to be very accurate.
Secret arrest of citizens, secret execution, national DNA database, no more Fifth Amendment, no more Fourth Amendment.
And now you see the Supreme Court ruling in the last three weeks and the Fifth Circuit ruling to get in line with the Patriot Act.
And now when you hear about Homeland Security, I've got three articles today where Homeland Security says, we're going to be fighting terrorism and crime.
We're going to be putting up more cameras to fight crime and terrorism.
See, overnight it's now crime, crime, crime.
The Patriot Act says,
We're good to go.
William, good to have you on the show.
Where are you calling from?
Good morning, Alex.
Beautiful Pacific Northwest.
First question, you're on Coast to Coast, I understand, and I didn't get the date yesterday.
Maybe you could tell me what date.
I'm on for four hours the 22nd.
Of April?
Next Thursday.
One other comment is the Jersey Girls.
I've listened to these women.
I'm very proud of them.
They seem to be not accepting what they're being told in regards to the commission.
And I don't know if it's possible, if you can get them on your show by phone or whatever, and I don't know if they have all the information that you and I and the rest of your listeners know about.
Okay, for those that just joined us and don't know what you're talking about, let's give them some background.
They put these four widows on TV out of the hundreds and hundreds of widows because they don't know what they're talking about and because some of them do have Democratic Party connections.
Then they ignore...
The Ellen Marianis of the world, Bob Dole's former chief of staff, Stanley Hilton's, who say the government did it and have the evidence.
See, that's what this is all about.
So they get these women on who ask a few good questions, softball questions, though, compared to the real meat.
Then they get to attack them while they ignore the widows who really know what they're talking about.
Look, Stanley Hilton represents 400 plus victims' families.
I don't believe I have, Alex.
Well, Hannity's an idiot.
You know, arrest all the militias, every child needs a chip, criticizing the president's bad, you know, just come on.
We'll get back to my question.
What would it take for you to, because I think there's some things they don't know about, like the FEMA clip you had on InfoWars, you know, where Dan Rather interviews, I think the guy's name is Tom Kennedy.
I mean, things like this, if they could project those questions on the national media where they actually have an audience.
But see, the minute,
They could only get on national TV once, and as soon as they ask real questions, they wouldn't be on.
Out of all these widows, they stick these four on.
You understand how they selectively do that?
And then you think, oh, we're really hearing from the widows.
It just seems that this, I feel this Kristen Breitweiser is not being fooled.
I just get the feeling, gut feeling, that she's not being fooled, because she has asked some pointing questions, like where was NORAD?
She did that on Chris Matthews the other day, and
You know, the questions that are obvious to anybody with half a brain... But they're not bringing up why did Condi Rice call Mayor Willie Brown and tell him not to fly to New York that day?
Well, yeah, I... You know, why was Bush in business with Bin Laden?
Thanks for the call.
Marcos in New Mexico.
All right.
Marcos, go ahead.
Thanks for taking my call, Alex.
I just have a quick comment.
My best friend...
We're good to go.
It's a crap hole right now.
Sir, listen, we have thousands of school children listening to this show as part of the curriculum.
Sorry about that.
Hold on.
So address the audience as if you're talking to 10,000 children, because you're talking to more than that.
So talk like you do.
Stop for a minute.
I'm just asking you, talk like you're talking to a classroom of first graders.
Go ahead.
Well, directly from his letter.
Just don't read the profanity.
I won't.
It says it's horrible out here, and some days you run out of food.
Though the lines are long because they're overcrowded in the tents, you'd figure they'd have better planning by the time we got out here.
Anyway, other than that, it's over a mile and a half to the chow line, and sometimes it's not even worth walking the distance because of the sandstorms.
It's incredibly bad over here.
And I hope everything is good over there.
And I just wanted to say thank you, Alex, for taking my call.
And please support Alex by getting his videos.
And I apologize once again for... No, no, that's okay, Marcus.
I'm not mad at you.
Just remember, I mean, you know, the neocon shows are extremely dirty now.
And we have to uphold a higher standard than they do.
And I don't want to get you in any kind of trouble or anything, because you're the only one that seems to be doing any good for America.
Thank you, Alex.
Well, a lot of people are doing good for America, and so are you, Marcus.
I've talked to troops that have returned.
I've talked to former heads of the depleted uranium program who are basically dying of this stuff.
Supporting the troops means not caring about them, having no guilt over what's happening to them, and cutting them loose for the globalists.
That's the neocon definition of supporting the troops.
Tyler in Vegas, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Good to talk with you.
Got a question here.
You familiar with Chuck Harder?
All right, I've been listening to him for probably 10, 15 years.
I listened to him right after your show here on the Internet, and I'll try to make this real quick.
This nice old lady, what it seemed like, if she's listening, if she's young, I'm sorry, but she asked about, well, the two president candidates are both members of Skull and Bones.
Should I be concerned about that?
And Chuck's response was,
The Skull and Bones is basically a Kiwanis club.
It's a 4-H club for college friends.
And if you check any university or anything, they all have their little clubs and everything.
And basically, they're just 4-H members.
And I found that very disheartening.
Well, I don't want to sit here and bash Chuck.
No, no, no.
I don't want to do that either.
Let me stop you for a second and finish.
Everybody I've talked to says he's totally changed.
I don't listen to the show, but a lot of people have.
I mean, suddenly Pat Buchanan has totally flip-flopped.
A lot of people who were good in the past have seen the Dark Lord launching his attack and have decided to go ahead and join him.
And I'm using the Lord of Rings analogy.
It's like Saruman saying, I've decided to join.
And this is the future.
Can't beat him, join him.
And, you know, I've seen that happen.
And that's really sad.
Stolen Bones was founded when the Illuminati was banned by President John Quincy Adams.
This is the encyclopedia, folks.
Public history.
It was set up to overthrow the U.S.
We've had, what now, four presidents out of it, about eight CIA directors, most of the banking heads, a lot of key people.
It is an admitted satanic order.
They do satanic rituals and coffins.
I've been to Bohemian Grove where they go as old men.
They engage in a satanic ceremony that I videotaped.
This is very, very serious.
And first and foremost, they swear an oath to skull and bones above all other oaths.
This is a hereditary, elite, secret society.
And it's very serious.
And so I'm sad that Chuck thinks that.
Yeah, and like you were saying too about Michael Savage...
Everybody should really take heart.
He is a Manchurian candidate.
Well, listen, I appreciate the call.
And since you mentioned him, I'll go ahead and get into this now.
I've got a lot of other really important news.
Speaking of candidates, we've got Ralph Nader coming on.
That should be interesting, so stay with us.
That's in about 15 minutes.
Understand that what Savage does is he says, Bush is fighting the New World Order.
Those that are against the war are for the New World Order.
We've got to get behind Bush.
Now, Bush's daddy called for a new world order.
Bush has called for a global order.
Bush is getting rid of the Bill of Rights, going after the Second Amendment, doing all these real things, calling for amnesty.
So Savage will speak out against amnesty and violations of the Second Amendment and a lot of things that sound good.
But then he says, arrest anybody that disagrees with the government.
Oh, I'm a big environmentalist.
Environmentalism is good.
He comes out with all these bullet points and overall brings in this command and control atmosphere
And then pacifies conservatives.
And this is what the beatniks always wanted to do, and he was a very prominent beatnik.
National radio host Michael Savage calls for newspaper editors to be arrested for sedition.
Now, by calling for a liberal like the New York Times editor to be arrested, asking what people think about that, and most of us are saying yes, well, you know they're not going to arrest the New York Times editor.
But they will arrest you for putting a sign up saying, get us out of the U.N.,
Our court system's a joke.
That's what the training's really for.
So he legitimizes that, and then it's used against homeschoolers and conservatives.
This is a note from Infowars.com.
Alex heard Savage calling Iraqi subhuman this blatant Nazi terminology.
This is blatant Nazi terminology, but because Savage is a politically correct neocon, I mean, NBC gave him a show, folks.
He is allowed to use language that would get others in a lot of trouble.
If you listen to his message carefully, he's actually promoting the globalist agenda while mislabeling those who fight it as being part of the New World Order.
I've heard Savage say that we have to get behind Bush's war in Iraq.
The Patriot Act and Homeland Security has also said that we need to create a domestic spy force.
With citizens watching each other's every move, Savage has the nerve to claim that by doing this, we are really fighting the New World Order.
And that Bush is fighting the New World Order.
Bush and his daddy have both talked about the New World Order and how they want to bring it to fruition.
Savage will pay lip service to conservative issues while helping promote the globalist agenda by labeling patriots as traitors.
And then Paul Watson goes into his article about Savage.
We got a photo of Savage.
And by the way, he promotes beatnik writers who promote things that I can't even talk about on air.
And Watson says, Oily beatnik neocon radio host Michael Savage, who has previously and repeatedly called for anyone who has criticized the government and been put in concentration camps, has now advocated the arrest of U.S.
newspaper editors.
And so we'll get back into this and then into more of the war news and your calls.
And then we've got somebody coming on the show.
Very interesting.
Thank you.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
To use this disaster for the New World Order.
The New World Order can emerge.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation one and two apart, piece by piece, and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
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I got a star on my car and one on my chest.
A gun on my hip and the right to arrest.
I lose a ball.
Look, it's real simple.
America is America.
The United States is the United States.
Our troops supposedly fight, so we have a First Amendment, a Fourth Amendment, a Fifth Amendment, a Tenth Amendment, a Second Amendment.
And Savage comes out and says he doesn't support the First Amendment.
If you disagree with the government, that age terrorist, pass the World War I sedition laws, arrest anybody that disagrees with the government.
Because there's this vast group of terrorist supporters out there.
Well, the average grassroots liberal is a well-meaning idiot, a bleeding heart, controlled by people like you in the past, Mr. Chief, the beatnik, hippie.
I mean, he was a controller, folks, in the 60s.
A very famous controller.
And I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't have government ties.
But he comes out and says all this and then legitimizes it.
And then gets this idea of putting people in camps.
And then it's going to be Kerry in office doing it to conservatives.
So you better get wise to this.
I mean, to hear somebody every time I tune in, I never miss it.
I mean, I probably listen 20 times now, but every time I tune in, I never miss him saying, every time he says it, Paul Watson says he tuned in two days ago to write this article.
First thing he heard was, Bush is fighting the New World Order.
We've got to get behind him.
See, they take our energy, mislabel it, and get us behind the New World Order.
I tune in, and it's the Iraqis are subhuman, put people in forced labor camps, arrest newspaper editors.
Then meanwhile, they're out arresting conservatives for handing out my videos.
So are you starting to get the picture here?
Paul Watson writes, Oily beatnik neocon radio host Michael Savage, who has previously and repeatedly called for anyone to criticize the government being put in concentration camps, has now advocated the arrest of U.S.
newspaper editors.
And again, they'll never arrest them, it'll be us.
Funny, the New York Times has called for hate laws, too.
You're really together with your beatnik bosses.
And a poll on his website, Savage, real name Wiener, displays a photo of an Iraqi holding up a U.S.
soldier's boots, which was published for the New York Times, which is just news.
Savage asked the question, do you think the publisher of the New York Times should be arrested for sedition for showing enemy propaganda?
It's just showing the news, folks.
We show it on the website.
Should we be arrested?
It is the job of the publisher, journalist, photographer, to print and disseminate the truth, however horrible it may be.
Savage implies that the publisher should only print what is favorable to the government.
This is propaganda.
The poll currently shows 65% in favor of arresting the publisher.
Although, when I checked the poll last night, it was as high as 85% once we linked to it, though it went way down.
It is common knowledge that this bastion of conservatism was once a liberal hippie.
He still advocates the books and philosophy of literary beatniks like Jack McCurack and William Burroughs, whose books include glorification of drug use.
And a lot more we're not going to mention, folks.
Just go read it for yourself.
It is terrifying.
As Alex has stated many times, the liberals couldn't ram through the entirety of their police state agenda, so they just put on sheep's clothing and returned as self-proclaimed conservatives and are now attempting to destroy America.
We'll read the rest of this article later.
Before I end this hour, if you're sick of these beatniks taking over, if you don't want to lose your guns and lose the borders, you've got to really wake up to the full horror.
Get my films.
Get 9-11 Road to Tyranny.
Get Masters of Terror.
Get Police State 3 Total Enslavement to find out what's really in the Patriot Act.
They're professionally produced, all over two hours long, $25.95 a piece, $20 when you order three or more.
That's an $18 discount.
I've written a book, published a book, carry a bunch of other great books and videos.
Infowars.com or prisonplanet.com to order.
They are safe and secure shopping carts.
Or 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or just write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
The beatnik movement was created by the CIA.
Gloria Steinem now admits the CIA founded and funded Miss Magazine.
And now they've just flipped into conservatives, but they're not really conservatives.
They're Benedict Arnold.
They give you a bunch of rhetoric, some of it right on, and then warn you to give up your rights so the red diaper doper babies will get you when they are the red diaper doper babies.
Michael Savage is a red diaper doper baby.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, in 7 minutes and 30 seconds, we're going to be joined by Ralph Nader, presidential candidate.
We've got some very interesting questions for him.
You don't want to miss it.
I've been exposing the beatnik controller, Michael Savage.
We have evidence posted of his beatnik activities.
We're doing more research to post more that is guaranteed to expose him.
That's on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Right now, we hope you email it out to everybody.
I mean, what the neocons have done is real simple.
They're getting us all hyped up in a mad hatred of the Muslims as if they're the ultimate enemy, getting us to relinquish our freedoms while the FBI and FEMA are all training them right now to go after conservatives.
The real push, the setup is for us, the real conservatives, and they got the red diaper doper babies, to use his term, in control as Benedict Arnold's, selling us on this agenda until it's too late.
And it's very, very, very dangerous.
And all of you need to wake up to this and get more sophisticated.
A lot of troops dying.
88 in the last week.
Over 40 the week before that.
The previous record was 50 dead in one week.
Higher than the early Vietnam levels.
Very, very serious.
Rumsfeld saying the troops have got to stay now for the fifth redeployment.
That is five times they've said you have to stay another three months.
Now another three months, the fifth time.
They want to call up 80,000 more.
They're getting ready for the national draft, which the beatniks are all going to be out there, all the chicken hawks promoting.
Because after all, they're in control now.
They're fooling you.
And we'll get into that as well here on the broadcast.
Right now, let's go ahead and take another call.
Let's talk to Mike in Illinois.
Mike, go ahead.
Yeah, hi, Alex.
How are you doing?
I just wanted to say, I was listening to Cult to Cult two nights ago.
I think it's going to be great that you're going to be on next Thursday.
But I wanted to ask you, do you ever hear of a guy by the name of Michael Rupert?
I've had him on the show.
Of course I have.
Yeah, he's great.
He's a great guy.
He was talking about Saudi Arabia and how the government is going to collapse into no government, basically.
And it's all part of the, you know, Shani Bush oil... Yeah, the neocons want to break it down, but they have to have a base to control it, and that's Iraq, and that's in the PNAC documents.
So that's a great thing, Alex.
I agree with him on that.
I don't agree with him on peak oil.
Oh, you don't?
No, that's an oil company story that everybody's picking up on.
So they can then tell us there's no oil in Jocko Prices.
Well, you're doing a great job on the show, Alex, and all you've got to do is get the word out to people.
And now you're going to be on Coast to Coast.
It's next Thursday, the 22nd of April?
Yes, I'm on a panel discussion for four hours.
Okay, wonderful.
And, Alex, one other question.
Have you ever going to have the guy David J. Smith on your show again?
I think he was great.
I'll have the pastor back on, yes.
He's a pretty knowledgeable man, isn't he?
Yes, he is.
Okay, Alex, thanks a lot.
Hey, I appreciate the call.
Let's go ahead and take another.
Let's talk now to Fred in Florida.
Fred, go ahead.
Fred here.
I have a question for you, Alex, to ask Ralph Nader.
Is he a member of Skull and Bones?
And I preface this with the fact that Mr. Stattmiller, John Stattmiller, several weeks ago had a guest on with a book that he wrote called... What you're doing is stealing my thunder right now.
Oh, I'm sorry.
And it's not Nader who was.
It was his lawyer and classmates with Bush.
So don't worry.
Your wish was already granted before you called.
Sick him, Alex.
Well, I'm going to be nice.
He wants Bush to be impeached.
I agree with that.
I wanted to have Bill Clinton impeached.
We're going to talk to Mr. Nader.
We appreciate him coming on the show.
I support a lot of what he has to say.
I don't support some of it, but we're going to talk about his candidacy, and we really appreciate Mr. Nader coming on.
Yeah, I think it's really good of you to have him on.
I don't disagree with everything Mr. Nader has to say.
He makes some good points.
He has a few that I don't agree with.
It is good to hear that you will be speaking with him.
Thank you very much, Alex.
Oh, yes, yes.
Thank you for the call.
Yep, we've got Ralph Nader scheduled coming up.
He's just on for a couple of segments.
And then we will get to all of your other calls.
And the big stack of news over here.
We have Ellen Mariani and her lawyer, who's the former Deputy Attorney General.
I have a major state coming on who are accusing Bush of involvement in 9-11.
So, that's in the third hour.
A jam-packed Friday broadcast.
So please stay with us.
It's finally here.
Spring has arrived.
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Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
Use this disaster as a new world order.
A new world order can emerge.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Senator Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, we're on the line with Ralph Nader's office, and he's coming out of a meeting right now.
We should have him on here momentarily.
I was honored when his office called me yesterday and said he wanted to come on the show.
So we're going to have Ralph Nader scheduled here in just a few minutes.
Got some interesting questions for him about the campaign and his call to impeach Bush.
The problem is, is Kerry is supporting Bush's policies.
He just says, oh, we need to have the U.N.
more involved.
Well, Bush agrees.
That was before the war, they said, all of that.
So we'll get into that.
I find it very interesting that Rumsfeld, who's very arrogant,
He's now having to admit, he said, I certainly would not have estimated that we would have had the number of individuals lost that we had lost in this last week.
88 dead American soldiers, a bunch of dead private contractors, some of the military mercenaries, others just private contractors for telephone companies and power and gas companies being slaughtered.
It's a horrible scene.
And I'm very sad that this is happening in Iraq
And it's bad that we ever got put in this position.
But the calls out there to kill everybody in Fallujah is disgusting.
Again, I use this analogy.
If you live in a city of 300,000 people and there's a multiple murder, somebody kills four people and strings them up, the government doesn't come in and attack the whole city.
The government doesn't come in, as some are calling for it to do, and kill everyone in the city.
So, I mean, this is the insanity...
Of the type of stuff that the so-called conservatives are out there pushing.
Well, if that's what conservatism is, don't call me a conservative.
Because it's very, very embarrassing to have this type of thing going on.
And Stephanie, do we have Mr. Nader yet?
Okay, again, they called us and wanted to come on the show, and we called the office at the appointed time, and they're getting him out of some meeting.
So as soon as you get him, Stephanie, let me know, because...
I wanted to, a caller called, wanted to know if I was going to get into this, and that's kind of how things work through the grapevine.
But we're honored to have Mr. Nader on the line with us, coast to coast, of course, from Los Angeles, California, to Providence, Rhode Island, from Austin, Texas, to Kansas City, Missouri.
He hasn't been getting a lot of the media attention, I think it's due to a real third-party candidate, and he's here to talk about ballot access, his call to impeach George Bush, the war in Iraq, and a lot more.
Mr. Nader, I don't think you need any further introduction.
Thanks for coming on the broadcast.
Thank you very much.
Good morning, Mr. Jones.
You bet.
Good to have you here with us.
You've got the floor.
What do you think is most important right now?
Well, the most important is to
Take back our government so that the American people are running it rather than giant corporations in cahoots with the two parties who take their money to get re-elected and present fewer and fewer choices and voices to the American people or, for that matter, the necessary trust and moral authority to govern.
So the people have to arouse themselves and whether they look at themselves as workers, consumers, voters, taxpayers, communities...
I have to realize that every social justice movement in America was preceded by the arousal and organization of the people.
So the power really is in the grassroots, and I don't see there being a real election, a real choice between the two cousins, the two skull and bones buddies, Bush and Kerry.
Certainly you are the only candidate out there that has a chance of winning who does have different ideas.
Where do you differ from Bush and Kerry?
Well, in many ways.
First of all, the difference is very basic.
These two parties are corporate parties.
I've spent 40 years fighting for those Americans who are being pushed around, arbitrarily laid off, harmed, defrauded, ignored, disrespected by the relentless concentration of power and wealth, including their wealth, like pension funds, under the control of these giant banks, insurance companies, and
Multinational corporations that have no allegiance to America other than to control it or abandon it as they see fit.
Now that has a lot of consequences, that difference between me and the two parties.
One consequence is, and I think there should be a major crackdown on corporate crime, fraud, and abuse.
Indict, convict the corporate criminals, those bosses at the top that looted their own company and laid off their own workers to further their greed.
Convict them and send them to jail.
Neither parties are really on board there.
Martha Stewart, her crimes compared to stuff at Enron and WorldCom pales in significance.
Isn't she just a sacrificial goat or scapegoat?
Yeah, of course.
They're concentrating on the twig when they should be concentrating on the root of the corporate corruption of our elections and our politics and our government.
And the criminal activity that looted and drained trillions of dollars from workers, their pension funds and small investors just in the last four years.
You know, before this corporate crime wave started, Mr. Jones, Businessweek had a cover story and the title was Too Much Corporate Power and they answered it with seven devastating pages.
We're good to go.
Well, we're talking to presidential candidate Ralph Nader, who also ran in 2000.
Shifting gears, ballot access, then I want to get into the war in Iraq and your call for impeachment of George W. Bush.
But first off, ballot access has been a big move to block not just your party, but all third parties.
You've teamed up with the Libertarians and others for ballot access in places like Texas.
How do we ensure a strong third party movement?
We have to get rid of those ballot access barriers.
No other Western democracy has these kinds of barriers.
In Texas, for example, in only eight weeks, that's all you're allowed,
You've got to raise 64,000 plus verified signatures, which means you've got to raise over 100,000.
Anyone in Texas who voted in the primary on March 9th cannot sign your petition.
Another harassment.
And in North Carolina, it's even worse in the sense that it's a smaller state, and there's 58,000 signatures for a party and 98,000 for an independent candidacy.
Check into our website.
You'll see the ballot access barriers of all 50 states.
Some of them are very, very minor, like Tennessee is 300 signatures.
There should be one federal standard for federal elections.
Sir, what website would you like to plug?
Plug votenator.org.
Votenator, that's our website if you want to volunteer.
We're looking right now for volunteers who want to have a good time in Texas and North Carolina.
And getting their friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers to sign the petition to get us on the ballot.
All right, we've got a link to that.
Just push, go to the North Carolina or Texas page on VoteNator.org.
Okay, VoteNator.org.
Now, Mr. Nader, we've got you for about five more minutes in this segment and then about five more in the last segment with you.
So we've got about total time, ten minutes with you left.
I want to go through a couple.
Of course, your call for an impeachment of Bush.
But first, we've had a lot of callers on the left and the right who have called into the show, and that's why I was pleased that you agreed to come on the broadcast, who have raised a very important issue, and I'd like to get your response to this.
The September 13, 2000 Yale Daily News reported, quote, Here in Skull and Bones, Bush also forged a strong relationship with Donald Etrip,
Class of 68, who again...
...commented on Bush's willingness to interact with anyone and to not restrict himself to either the jock side or the intellectual side of the college.
Etra was a big consumer advocate and worked with current presidential candidate Ralph Nader when he left college.
He is also a criminal defense lawyer, often representing people on death row.
Now, a lot of Democrats who think that, oh, you're secretly working for Bush, trying to throw the election to Bush, are saying, look, he's got a skull and bones lawyer who's worked with him.
How much have you worked with Etra...
Is there any truth to this?
Well, I haven't seen or talked to Donald Edford for almost 30 years.
In fact, his name just came up.
I said, I wonder where he is.
He was a student working with us full-time for a few months.
Anybody who doubts that our principal objective in this election is to get that giant corporation named George W. Bush out of the White House, just look at our website, voteinator.org.
You'll see one challenge after another.
The most recent one being that he gave back his tax windfall after he passed a tax cut for the wealthy, which included himself in Congress.
He then is advantaged by a tax windfall, so he should give it to charity, and the Democrats aren't smart enough to pick something like that up.
That's a conflict of interest for a president to push a tax cut that he benefits from,
And his vice president and his secretary of defense benefit from so massively.
Now, you're calling for his impeachment, and I agree with you on that.
I supported the impeachment proceedings against Bill Clinton.
Frankly, the crimes of Bill Clinton are dwarfed by the mass looting at an escalated record scale by the Bush Corporation.
I mean, Article I, Section 8 is not a technicality.
The founding fathers deliberated and said they would never give the war declaration power to the White House in one man.
They wanted it to be in a deliberative body, as they said, called the Congress that's public and the public can participate in.
And there's plenty of time for that.
So how do we impeach George Bush?
Well, one is you try to get someone in the House to put in an impeachment inquiry.
That isn't an impeachment proceeding.
It's an inquiry to see if an impeachment proceeding gets underway.
Now, what is an impeachment?
An impeachment is just an indictment by the House.
The trial for either conviction or dismissal is in the Senate.
It's a very fair process, and it was the result of our Founding Fathers giving only Congress the power to dismiss the President.
Now, we are collecting a petition, and the petition is growing very fast on our website.
To initiate impeachment proceedings against Bush because he plunged our nation into an unconstitutional war based on a platform of fabrications, deceptions, and lies, and our soldiers are coming back injured, sick, dead as a result, not to mention the other quagmire and the innocent people of Iraq.
So if you want to sign that impeachment petition, just log on to VoteNator.org.
All right, Mr. Nader, we've got a quick break.
One final little segment here.
Please stay with us.
Can you do that?
We'll be back with Ralph Nader, and it's votenader.org.
And we will talk to him about his plan to go after the organized crime syndicate that we call the Fortune 500.
We'll be right back.
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Don't wait.
We're talking to Ralph Nader, President of Canada.
The so-called conservatives think, let corporations do whatever they want, turn them loose.
The problem is corporations now have bought up the government with special interests.
They run their own candidates.
They're now giving themselves governmental power through these so-called public-private partnerships.
But then the left thinks that all corporations are bad, so let's have the government run them.
Either way, then you get a bigger government, which is a bigger stick, for the big corporations to control us.
So talking about economics, Mr. Nader, number one, do you get what I'm saying?
And so how do we successfully leave the free market alone, but not allow these corporations to engage in what I would call piracy?
Well, the first thing is to let the shareholders who own the company control the company.
The trouble is that the bosses at the top have rigged the system over the last century
Where the owners don't have any control.
They're told, if you don't like the way we run this corporation, sell.
Get out.
That's not a principle of ownership under the free market.
If you own something, you're supposed to have reasonable control over it.
But certainly you recognize that big corporations are actually lobbying for bigger government for corporate welfare.
Of course.
I mean, the big government, big corporations are Siamese twins now.
Why are conservatives upset with George W. Bush?
Because they see that the corporate Republicans have taken over their party.
Conservatives do not like massive deficits.
Bush has given them massive deficits.
Conservatives do not like subsidies on their back for corporations, corporate welfare.
They do not like that.
Conservatives do not like soft on corporate crime.
It's a misconception of conservative doctrine to think that they don't want law and order applied to those corporate crooks.
Conservatives do not like the Patriot Act and big government and John Ashcroft and their invasion of privacy.
And conservatives do not like Bush talking religious ways one way and turning his back on doing anything against corporate pornography and violence beamed against their kids, separating their parents from the children, and beaming all that junk into those children's minds at age 7, 8, 9, 10.
And you would do something about that?
All of it.
In fact, we had a book out in 1996 called Children First, A Parent's Guide to Corporate Predators.
We're good to go.
Are disgusted with George W. Bush.
Well, you're getting a lot of support from conservatives, aren't you?
Yes, we're going to do that because those are enormous issues in America today, the ones I just mentioned.
And what a deficit is, George W. Bush style, is nothing more than a tax increase on the children of America who are going to have to pay this and the interest in future years.
Well, I'll say this.
The growth in government in the last three and a half years is double what it was under Clinton.
We're losing our freedoms.
I want to know what he's going to do about these open borders, 25 million illegal aliens, doing business with communist China.
Number one, Bush is doing business with Communist China and beating up on Taiwan and shipping our industry jobs there.
We're against that.
We have to control our borders.
We have to stop supporting dictators and oligarchs in Central America and Mexico, which drive these desperate people north across our borders, and we have to crack down on the employers in this country who want these people coming in because they can exploit the hell out of them and not hire American workers.
That's it.
I mean, they're even getting rid of the minimum wage now.
I mean, this is across... And Bush says that exporting jobs is good.
Yeah, I mean, Bush is against America.
Let's face it.
He's the mayor of Baghdad, and he's distracting all kinds...
Of attention to Iraq, where our boys are dying and turning his back on America.
That's a cynical tactic, isn't it?
Yeah, very much so.
Hey, listen.
I mean, he doesn't care about the necessities of the American people.
He's a rich scion.
He's worth millions of dollars, along with his family.
You think he cares about the working stiff?
The only time you see him with the working stiff is in photographs that he stages.
Andrew in California.
Andrew, last caller.
You've got ten seconds.
Mr. Nader, your thoughts on the assault weapons ban?
I think there has to be an assault weapons ban.
See, that's where we differ.
That's where we differ.
Listen, Alex, we'll differ on some issues, but on the real big issues...
Of war and big government privacy invasion and civil liberties and corporate crime and huge deficits and corporate pornography.
That's where it's at.
And driving down wages in this country and dealing with communist China and shipping our industries there.
That is where it's at.
And those of you in Austin who want to get on the petition drive to get us on Texas ballot,
Just log in to VoteNator.org and check the Texas page.
There's a form there, and they'll get right back to you because our office is in Austin, Texas.
Okay, Ralph, though, look, gun control is a tool of the elite.
The corporations want to disarm us.
You need to change your view on that.
Alex, he said assault rifles.
Hey, thanks for coming on the show.
Take care.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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to 2 p.m.
We're here, folks.
Look, I'm not a part of Ralph Nader's campaign, and I don't agree with a lot of the things he has to say.
I just think that it's an important guest for you to hear.
And we got Ralph Nader on.
Actually, his office contacted us a couple days ago.
So we could ask him about the skull and bones situation.
I did a web search on this.
Actually, Paul Watson did, and we found several news articles about it.
One of them out of the Yale Daily News.
About this individual, Donald Etra, who was the class of 68, the same class as George W. Bush, at Skull and Bones at Yale.
And Etra was a big consumer advocate and worked with current presidential candidate Ralph Nader when he left college.
And he is also a criminal defense lawyer, often resenting people on death row.
And yet, despite his strong political differences with Bush, he is still supporting him in the presidential election.
So Donald Etruskull and Bones, according to Nader, he's never run a campaign for him and hasn't been his lawyer for 30 years.
So since the early 1970s.
Now we can do another search and find out if that's true.
I would imagine it is.
So does this put the rest of Skull and Bones' connection?
Look, personally, it doesn't matter if it's Kerry or Bush.
It really doesn't matter.
In fact, it does in a way, if Kerry gets into office, conservatives won't be snowed by the New World Order agenda being pushed by Bush and will see the New World Order agenda in Kerry and will fight Kerry, Bush's cousin and fellow Skull and Bones member.
I think that it's wrong that Nader wasn't in the last debates.
I think it's wrong that Alan Keyes wasn't in the 1996 debates.
He should have been.
I think he should be in the debates.
And I know the Libertarians and the Constitutional Party and the Nader people are working together to get third-party ballot access, which has been wiped out in a bunch of states.
I think that's good.
But no, I don't agree with Ralph Nader on the assault weapons ban, but you notice Bush has forwarded two.
All three of the candidates.
So I'm glad that that listener brought that up.
Sorry we didn't have more time to get to all your calls.
The total free number to join us on air is 1-800-259-9231.
I want to get back into the Iraq situation and a bunch of police state news.
Jesse Ventura saying he wants to run for president.
What a joke.
Student toy gun prompts a lockdown, showing the total fear and control.
We've got some big guests coming up the next hour, but your calls are just a few minutes away here.
Before I go to your calls, I hope you'll get my film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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It's my most comprehensive film to date, one of the most professionally produced.
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That's the first 35 minutes of the film.
Then we get into the Patriot Act 1 and 2, Homeland Security, state legislation that's being passed, attempted to pass, for open martial law.
We then get into the government-run white slavery rings, gun control, the RFID tracker chip, foreign troops, WTC 7 being blown up by the government.
All of this is in the film and a lot more.
It is really three or four films in one for one price of $25.95.
I suggest you watch it in three or four parts.
Because it is so much to absorb and very fast-paced, very professionally produced.
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Get 9-11, The Road to Tyranny, and Masters of Terror.
Both of those two-plus-hour videos detail 9-11.
It took two films to cover just some of the evidence.
My book, 9-11, The Sit in a Tyranny, also gets into it.
Paul Watson's book, Order Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsored Terror in the New World Order.
The videos are all over two hours long.
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Call toll-free to get them.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, L-A-M-A-R, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
And I'll tell you what Nader's all about.
That is the phenomenon.
He shows the dissatisfaction of liberals and conservatives waking up to the fact that we don't have a choice between Republicans and Democrats.
That's what Ross Perot was all about.
That's what this system is all about.
And to go to a Ralph Nader rally and to have 50 people with pro-gun t-shirts in the crowd and another 50 with pro-land rights in the crowd, they're just there to hear what's happening and to see what's going on.
I say forget the presidential elections.
It doesn't matter.
The power is at the county, city, state level.
That's where we can affect change.
And it is just so important for all of us to get outside the box.
Let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Up next is Eric in Connecticut.
Eric, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Good to hear your show, as usual.
Well, thank you.
Would it be possible to play or read Ron Paul's Neocond?
That speech was the best encapsulation of the threat that we're facing with these neocons.
I know you read it on the air once, and it's basically a request for you to do that again because it was so informative, and he covered so many bases, and I think a lot of people were absolutely shocked that they are indeed Trotskyites.
And the ghost of Trotsky does indeed walk the White House.
Now that was the Toronto Star headline.
The Washington Post admitted it too.
They're the beatniks that couldn't take... And understand, the bankers run it all.
But they're using a crew of revolutionaries that failed in the 60s, now running the White House literally...
I don't even call them communists.
They're imperialists.
They're command and controllers.
And this shows between communists and fascists there's no difference just in the window dressing.
So this crew of failed communists, and they admit they failed, they brag that they became neocons in the 60s to take over the conservative movement.
This is what they've done.
And Ron Paul laid out their own quotes from their own publications where over half the administration, high level,
Openly want martial law police state.
It was so concise, and it was just so comprehensive.
I was listening to Hannity yesterday, and I have to tell you, it's getting harder and harder to listen to guys like them.
He had Rumsfeld on, and I swear, Alex, this guy, he sounds demonic.
I mean, he hisses when he talks.
The guy sounds like a reptile, almost.
And Hannity asked him if the lies...
So-called lies about the situation in Iraq were making his blood boil.
And he came up with this demonic laugh that made my skin crawl.
I'm not kidding you.
Well, look, Donald Rumsfeld, the body language is Hitlerian.
You know, the weird sweeping and the gesturing.
But forget the book's cover.
I'm into looking at what he does.
And, I mean, he is a congenital liar.
Ashcroft is butchering the Bill of Rights.
Government's exploding in size.
And we're losing our freedoms.
And they're saying cheeseburger jobs are manufacturing.
They're federalizing our local police.
They're pell-mell getting rid of the border.
And then he's over there just, you know, chortling, as you said.
It's frightening.
And one of the biggest problems with this whole aspect is that if you tell a lot of these conservatives what we're talking about,
We're labeled liberal.
I mean, in blog rooms and emails, I've expressed my disgust at these neocons, and I have been branded a socialist liberal.
Well, what you do is you say this in the email you say, or the posting.
Bush is going to sign the assault weapons ban.
Bush is rubbing borders.
Bush signed campaign finance reform and voted with Hillary.
Bush signed on to UNESCO and the UN.
Bush gave supercomputers to China.
Nuclear reactors in North Korea.
Nuclear reactors now going to China.
Give the sections of the Patriot Act that butcher the Bill of Rights.
Show all of this and say, so now I'm a liberal because I'm against the assault weapons ban.
Very frightening stuff, Alex.
Good to hear from you.
You bet, Eric.
Mark in Minnesota.
Hey, Alex.
Mark, go ahead.
How are you doing?
By the way, I don't know if you noticed this, but some of the early pictures that the government released of Ben Lane, I swear it looks like an entirely different person
Like, the real Bin Lane is, you know, eye sockets are much more slanted.
And, you know, I've looked at some other pictures.
Obviously, there's that fake Bin Lane and that one fake tape.
But even the Bin Lane that's supposed to be the real Bin Lane, I'm wondering if there's, like, four or five different Bin Lanes that they've been using.
And then, also, as far as Ralph Nader is concerned, I see him as a very fox alternative
A lot of people probably wouldn't understand how somebody like Ralph Nader is a corporate shill, but you look at his platform.
What's interesting, you go back and read like David Ricardo, you know, he had constructed an analysis in which he pitted the state against the people, which is a very correct analysis.
And then Marx came in and hijacked that and turned it into labor versus capital.
But you look at all the great economists in history, you know, Eugen von Bombalwerk and so forth,
They made the point that labor can't increase its share at the expense of capital.
So there's no natural rift between labor and capital.
In fact, nobody can logically argue against capital without arguing for a reduction in your own standard of living.
So our problem isn't with capital itself.
It's that capital is so inaccessible to the common man
That's because the cost of capital has been driven up so high.
Well, that's what the Federal Reserve takeover of our economy in 1913 was about, was to get rid of private banks and private capital and to centralize control, thanks for the call.
No one can compete against the private banks owning the printing machines.
No one can compete against a billion three slaves in China with a tariff on top of it against us.
It's all designed to create these huge oligopolies or monopolies of power.
Big corporations are the government.
And the left says you defeat them with bigger government.
That's exactly what they want.
And so that's the reality.
The Bank of England financed Karl Marx's plagiarized Communist Manifesto as a way to con the Renaissance back into serfdom by labeling serfdom...
By labeling big government and total centralization as a way to free the people, and the idiots bought it because they weren't sophisticated.
That's all it is.
The Soviets were a wind-up toy for the bankers to take over the world so they could wash their hands and call it the enemy while building up their own Anglo-Saxon police state here.
Now that they're done doing that, the Anglo-Saxons are playing the part of the good cop, Europe and the Soviets playing the part of the good cop, with the UN, we play the part of the bad cop.
I know it's sophisticated, folks, but it's what their own policy reports say.
Ted in New York.
Ted, go ahead.
Ted, you're on the air.
Something you should know, that Bush is coming to Hershey, Pennsylvania tomorrow to promote the Patriot Act, and then he's coming to Buffalo.
I'm sorry, I meant to say Monday.
And then Tuesday, he is coming to Buffalo, New York to promote the Patriot Act.
And they've had Ashcroft and Bush all over the place promoting this, and people need to read Patriot Act 1 and 2 to see what's in it.
And then people call the neocons up on the radio and say, the Patriot Act's taking my rights, and the host goes, oh, give me one example.
And, of course, the people get hung up on when they pause.
Well, I can give you hundreds of examples.
Supreme Court rulings, states using it to go after people.
I've got a stack of articles here where Homeland Security says they're going to have cameras watching all of us to, quote, fight terrorists and crime.
See, now it's all about crime.
I thought it was just for the terrorists.
Yeah, well, you know, you and me, we're just the peons.
We're at the bottom of the pile, so...
Well, but it shows that they're in trouble, that they're having to travel the country.
Damage control.
Yeah, that shows we are in the fight.
We are in the fight with these people.
We are going to defeat the New World Order.
Anything else, Ted?
No, I just wanted to say that the main point, like you kind of mentioned there, is that this is really about damage control, and they're trying to prevent it from drowning.
That's it, my friend.
Good to hear from you.
I appreciate the call.
This whole apparatus that they're telling you to accept, they say it's for the Arabs, it's for the Muslims.
And it'd be wrong if it was taking their rights away.
The point is they take a minority and they say, we're setting up a police state to stop the Jews, to stop the communists, to stop whatever small minority it is that's been done before.
And then they use it against the general public.
And you've got to understand this.
It's being used.
The Justice Department says they are using it.
Look, you tune into neocon socialist radio, and sweatshops are good, open borders are good, jury nullification is bad, juries doing what they think is right is bad, big government's good if it's for the conservatism.
I mean, it's just all a sales package for the New World Order agenda.
They couldn't sell it any other way.
This is how they're selling it to us.
And I could just...
I could crush all these people in debates.
I'd try to get them on the shows.
They won't come on a lot of them.
I'd love to get the Hannity's, the Lars Larson's, the Michael Savage's on this broadcast.
I mean, I would annihilate, just totally crush them because their arguments are so mindless.
But they sell to the uninformed who only buy the package name, who only buy the surface, who don't look deeper into it.
It's so scary.
And the crimes of this government.
People say, oh, the government wouldn't do anything wrong.
They wouldn't hurt us.
Expert kept from speaking at antidepressant hearings.
This is even in the New York Times now.
Top Food and Drug Administration officials admitted yesterday that they barred the agency's top expert from testifying at public hearings about his conclusion that antidepressants caused children to become suicidal because they viewed his findings as alarmist and premature.
Now let's break down that one opening paragraph.
It gets worse.
Alarmist and premature.
The studies in the early 80s of Prozac uptake, serotonin uptake inhibitor drugs, showed a massive increase in suicide in adults, children, you name it.
So that's 20 years ago.
20 plus years ago.
Yes, very premature.
They finally, their own people, in the Pentagon, in the CDC, in the FDA, are starting to have a conscience.
It's gotten so bad, they're going public in droves.
FBI agents, you name it.
And 98% of the time, it's not in the paper.
He just wanted to testify.
He wanted to do the right thing.
He's not sleeping well at night.
The CDC leaks these documents where they admit millions of children have been brain damaged, and the document says, well, we've got to cover it up.
We've got to keep doing it.
We can't admit it was wrong because of liability.
They're going to brain damage millions more?
It's because they want to cover it up.
It's a bigger agenda.
That's your government that wouldn't kill 3,000 people on 9-11.
So they don't even let their own head...
Expert at the FDA who finally goes, no, it is horrible, it is killing people.
They won't even let him testify.
It's like Dr. Rocky, top DU expert, wrote the book on it literally for the Pentagon.
He goes over there, gets super sick, so does his whole team.
He comes back and for a decade is warning people.
They're all getting lung cancer and nasal cancer and intestinal problems and high levels of radiation in them, and the government refuses to even let the training videos and manuals be given to the troops.
That's how you support the troops?
I mean, what's wrong with us?
Let's say Al-Qaeda's really real, not a CIA creation, which it is.
A lot more of our troops have died from vaccines and DU than Al-Qaeda will ever kill or any Iraq you'll ever kill, and you are the traitors that are covering it up.
You are the dirty, oily beatniks posing as conservatives.
Michael Savage.
What really happened September 11th, and who stands to gain?
Alex Jones here, America.
We answer these vital questions and much, much more in my newest and most explosive documentary yet, 9-1-1, The Road to Tyranny.
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This is one film you cannot afford to miss.
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All right, we've got Ellen Mariani, one of the widows of the victims of 9-11, who says she thinks Bush carried it out, and her lawyer, Philip Berg, former Assistant Attorney General.
So that's coming up on the show, the broadcast here in a few minutes.
It's not really a show, I guess, or programming.
It's counter-programming.
I've got three articles along these lines today.
I see three or four every few days.
Government computer news.
DHS wants system to help identify suspicious activity.
Department of Homeland Security, New York Times, four months ago, had a chilling article where to graduate from high school, every day you'll have to watch surveillance cameras around the country and report to the government.
All of us have to watch each other.
See, getting us involved in the Big Brother.
And it says, the Homeland Security Department has invited proposals for new software that could take a
Candid camera-like approach to identifying criminal or terrorist activity.
See, it's criminal.
Homeland Security said they were here to fight crime.
Because crime is terrorism in Section 802.
And they already have this stuff.
For five years they've been giving them ground-penetrating radar, look through your walls, and that's what they're funding.
More helicopters, look through your walls.
It says helping law enforcement officers use an increasing array of sensors, including TV, radar, and seismic systems to recognize unusual, not just crime now, but unusual, criminal or terrorist activity.
Reduce the cost of security networks and critical infrastructure.
Create one or more commercial monitoring systems using innovative architecture and new algorithms to achieve greatly improved scene understanding technology.
And it will be used in the U.S.
as, quote, part of the Pentagon's battlefield awareness to be run by NORTHCOM through the police departments.
And it's part of DARPA's Advanced Research Projects Agency plans to spend $5 million on two projects for automated scene understanding.
These are the smart cameras.
They've already put them up all over the country.
As they announce it, it's already in place.
So, there you go.
To fight crime and unusual activity.
The microphones, the trees, the cameras.
But the border stays wide open and the illegals don't have the thumb scan to come across.
But you as a citizen of 42 states have the thumb scan and face scan and get a driver's license.
But the illegal aliens are exempt.
See how it works?
Trying to figure it out?
My goodness.
Let's take a call.
John in Kansas.
Go ahead, John.
John just hung up.
Let's talk to Dave in Colorado.
Dave, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Good to talk with you.
I just want to shoot a couple things at you here.
I heard the guy talking about Hannity, and I have been watching Nightline and Hannity, and it's like you're saying, they're priming us.
We got...
Nightline had a show a couple weeks ago about shadow government, martial law, saying, well, these things are good.
And Hannity keeps saying, this is a preview of coming attractions, the 911.
A preview of coming attractions.
I mean, it's almost ghostly.
Hey, you better give your rights up or you're going to cause the next attack.
It's almost ghostly.
We better arrest the people who are criticizing the government.
They're going to let the terrorists attack us.
And then when it happens, you know what happens.
And then I want to tell you, I went ahead and took some action on my own.
I am delivering auto parts up here, so I have high exposure to it.
A lot of people see my vehicle, and I've been trying to work on a slogan, and I didn't want to get too crazy, but I remember a guy lives out by my mom, and for years I've been going by his place, and he had this sign that says, Always love your country, never trust your government.
And I went ahead and put that on the back of my truck, and underneath I put Alex Jones and the radio station and the time slot.
And I figured, you know, who can argue with that statement?
Not very many people.
Dave, that's wonderful news.
God bless you.
Keep it up and take care.
I mean, you listen.
I mean, Hannity's nothing compared to Savage.
I mean, put anybody who disagrees with the government in a forced labor camp.
That's America.
That's what you want for us.
Exactly what the hippies talked about in the 60s.
Putting us in re-education centers.
I mean, that's not America.
That's killing America.
Well, we've got to do it to protect us from the terrorists.
The government created Al-Qaeda.
They're protecting them.
It's all staged.
Come on!
Third hour, your calls, bunch of news, two great guests, totally jam-packed.
It's coming up.
Stay with us.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Now into my final hour for this week.
Of course, as we broadcast the program.
Throughout the weekend, and I hope your station's picking up, I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We've got one of the widows of the victims of 9-11, Ellen Mariani, coming on with her lawyer, Phillip Byrd.
Oh, they don't say the government had prior knowledge.
They said the government was obviously involved.
So you don't want to miss that.
And, of course, your calls at 800-259-9231.
I had presidential candidate Ralph Nader on last hour, just so you could hear what he stands for.
I am not supporting his candidacy, but I do support...
Valid access for third parties, and I do support him being in the debates to bring some other issues to the floor.
But I do have a lot of suspicions about him and don't agree with a lot of his policies.
But there is greater differences between him and the two cousins, the two kissing cousins, the two skeletons, Bush and Kerry.
You know, in the last segment, I got into Department of Homeland Security wants systems to help identify suspicious activity.
Government Computer News on PrisonPlanet.com.
The Homeland Security Department has invited proposals for new software.
It's been out for 10 years.
That would make the candid camera-like approach to identifying criminal or terrorist activity.
Criminal notice.
It's all criminal now.
Homeland Security's to get the criminals.
Secret federal troops.
The Department's Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency plans on two projects for automated scene understanding.
Scene understanding technology detects telltale signs of crime or terrorism.
See, crime, terrorism.
Thereby reducing the burden of personal assignment to monitor closed circuit television cameras and other sensors.
And then it goes on.
And the New York Times reported on a federal plan, which they just love, to make all your high school seniors spend hours a day
And at their computer...
Hooked into Homeland Security.
You have to do this.
Be a Stasi spy.
This is what they're moving for.
And it'll pop up when the artificial intelligence picks up something suspicious.
It describes somebody walking by a fence at a school and it will flag and pop up a video screen of that and then you're graded.
You don't graduate if you don't automatically then contact the police who are in another state, another city and tell them of what you've seen.
They then access the monitor, look at the suspicious scene,
And in case you're not paying attention, they are going to superimpose fake terrorists and fake suspicious activity, computer programs that look real, of terrorists doing things to make sure you're reporting.
This sets the precedent for fake newscasts and fake broadcasts as, quote, drills, and creates the heightened subconscious perception of massive terror attacks.
Simulated terror attacks, making you watch this.
I mean, because there's not going to be any real terrorists doing anything.
But now it's going to be focused on criminals of all types.
This is very sophisticated mind control.
Let's go ahead and talk to Dylan in Texas.
Howdy, Alex.
Dylan, go ahead.
How are you doing today?
Did you get what I was just saying?
I mean, did that make sense?
Yeah, yeah.
Are you regarding... Yeah.
Yeah, don't worry about it, Alex.
You're coming through real clear today.
Okay, but I was asking you, I'm laying out their plan.
It's so science fiction, it's scary, but go ahead and make your comment.
I'm commenting on the quote-unquote third-party candidate who claims to be totally unknowledgeable about our right to bear arms and maybe about certain aspects of the English language.
I believe as
Yeah, that's more Orwellian semantics to call it assault weapons.
And it kind of dovetails with semi-automatic handguns.
You know, semi-automatic handguns, they don't deliver bullets any faster than revolvers.
So, just a bunch of legally... Well, it doesn't matter.
Crimes aren't even committed very often with semi-autos.
It doesn't matter.
If there's criminals out there, more reason for me to have more rights.
Great points.
Yeah, Ralph Nader, something else.
We'll be right back.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
Well, so does he.
You want answers?
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We haven't done this in a few months, and it's a very important issue, so we're going to be re-airing Larry Silverstein, the owner of the World Trade Center Complex, who's now the owner of the Sears Tower, which they say is one of the next big targets, one of the top targets.
The Chicago newspaper reported that Larry Silverstein and a, quote, secretive group of investors bought it out of New York.
We're going to re-air the clips from the PBS documentary, America Rebuilding, where he says they blew up WTC7, which we already knew from the seismographs, the firefighters, and all the rest of it.
We're going to air those little short clips and get to Ellen Mariani and her...
Esteemed lawyer Philip Berg's comment on that.
Mr. Berg was a former Deputy Attorney General.
Of Pennsylvania.
And we have a lot of prominent people.
Bob Bill's former chief of staff, Stanley Hilton, been on the show several times, suing Bush for running 9-11, represents 400 of the victims' families, has deposed high-level military officers.
He told us here before anybody else did about the CIA running a drill on the morning of 9-11 of flying hijacked planes into buildings in New York and D.C.
That was how they ordered NORAD to stand down, because NORAD isn't full of traitors.
They were just told it's a drill, stand down.
We have all these prominent people, FBI translators, FBI agents, David Shepard, everybody talking about this, and the lying neocons, the real socialists, getting on radio, trying to imply that we're liberal commies if we talk about government prior knowledge and involvement in 9-11.
That it's un-American to do that.
They attack the widows viciously.
Women who have lost their husbands and children and grandparents.
It is horrible.
It is unspeakable.
It is vicious.
But they're doing it.
And it is just amazing.
Ellen Mariani, Phillip Berg.
Ellen, just tell folks what happened to your husband.
And then we'll introduce Phil Berg.
And then I want to ask you how it's been to have these vicious pigs attacking you and others.
Thank you for having me on.
God bless you.
You bet.
It hurts.
But I'm also determined.
And I will not stop.
Until justice has been served.
My husband and I were on flight, as everybody probably knows, to a wedding, my daughter's wedding.
I'm on two hours into the air before him, and he never made it.
As far as attacking, I got a little bit of it last week, or this week, early this week, on the Scarborough Country.
And let me tell you, it won't happen again.
I'm trying to be an adult, and I'm trying to be a lady.
But let me tell you, they better watch it, because I am not afraid to speak up for you and all the rest of us who have been lied to.
That's right.
We've supported Pat Buchanan.
We've interviewed him.
He has totally changed, and even all the supporters have seen it.
I've given him money, folks.
Pat Buchanan has really sold us out, and it was disgusting.
I read the transcript.
I didn't see it, of what he did to you.
Yes, that's okay, because I know in the end it's going to slap him right in the face.
And I hope it'll be very shortly, because I'm not out for anything political.
I'm not out for money.
I am out for the truth.
Well, you've spoken about Bill Clinton protecting al-Qaeda.
So has your lawyer.
Let's bring Mr. Berg in.
Mr. Berg, what's it been like to watch your client and others being viciously attacked?
Well, obviously it doesn't make us happy, but what we have to do is we try...
And we are keeping our message straight forward.
And we so much appreciate being on your show, Alex.
And people like you standing up against the mob in the White House.
And that's what it is.
There's a mob in the White House.
And we have to stand together.
And that's what we say if people look at our website, www.9114forthetruth.com.
This administration has done more to take away individual rights than any other administration in 200 years.
And it's very scary with the threats they keep putting out, the color-coding.
If they go up to a red alert, they could declare martial law.
By the way, in New Jersey, the head of FEMA, Jim Casperson, said we are all to be treated as enemy combatants, virtually all rights to be stripped.
They instantly go to red alert.
That's right.
And it's very scary when people say it can't happen.
But your listeners have to stop and listen and realize that these guys here, 9-11 could not have happened
Without the complicity of the Bush administration.
The questions the 9-11 Commission are asking, if you don't ask what color shirt I'm wearing, I'm not going to tell you.
They lead up to, they were talking all in the past month about whether Osama bin Laden could have been caught or captured or killed at different times.
Excuse me, that's not the issue.
The issue is, what happened between January of 2001 and September 11, 2001?
Those are the critical questions.
The critical questions are,
How come John Ashcroft stopped flying commercial aircraft in July 2001?
What did he know that he hasn't conveyed to other people?
Why did the White House call Mayor Willie Brown and tell him not to fly the night before?
And how many other people were told not to fly that day?
Ellen Mariani was not told not to fly.
Her husband, Louis Neal Mariani...
We're good.
What was the title of it?
The title was, Bin Laden wanted to cause damage to this country.
And in the memo it said they might use planes and explosives.
And now Sybil Edmonds, the FBI translator, says that she was ordered to falsify documents, a federal felony, where it specifically talked about them flying planes into buildings.
And she talks to 15 news cameras, none of it's on the news.
Then on top of it, they order FBI people like Robert Wright not to stop Al Qaeda.
This is all on the record, and that commission of Bush business partners didn't bring this up.
Can I say something here, Alex?
Jamie Gerlich should be brought forward and testify even now, because she had over 4,000 different accesses of warnings from May, June, and July, and they took August as the soft one to use for the public.
And we need to know what it is that she heard that she said that would set your hair on fire.
Tell us who Jamie Gorelick is.
She is a member of the 9-11 Commission.
And Jamie also is a pot law firm owner of the Wilma Cutler and Pickering Law Firm in Washington, D.C.
And that law firm represents and has financed
Some of the Saudis against our lawsuits of the 9-11 families in terrorism.
Now, what's going on here?
Well, you've got Thomas Keene in business with bin Laden's brother-in-law.
You've got the head staffer helping write Condoleezza Rice's book.
And they tried to give us Henry Kissinger at the first.
Sir, you're a law enforcement type guy.
I mean, you know, a deputy attorney general in Pennsylvania, Mr. Berg.
I mean, when you call him a mob, I mean, you've got the evidence for that.
Well, the thing is, what we have done and we are pursuing, it's what's called a RICO complaint, Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organization Act.
That was created by Congress in the 1960s to go after the mafia, to go after a mob.
And it fits perfectly with this bunch in the White House.
To succeed in the case, and right now we're doing some procedural things, to succeed in the case,
We're good to go.
I think?
Let's assume for a minute.
Let's assume.
Let's give the government something.
Let's assume that even though we had foreknowledge that planes might be used against buildings, let's assume that no one ever really believed it would happen.
Let's give them the first plane, which we really shouldn't, because we now know from a tape that one of the stewardesses on one of the first flights was talking from 8.20 a.m.
and they have a tape from her for 26 minutes saying how the plane was hijacked and how two people were stabbed on her plane.
But let's assume for a minute that we never really, really believed that plane would go into a building.
But at 8.46 a.m., when it got flashed across our screens, our radio and TV and news lines, that a plane accidentally hit the World Trade Center, the government knew it was not an accident.
The government knew because that plane was hijacked.
And at that point, two other planes had been hijacked.
And they knew it.
They knew we were under attack.
The second plane.
The plane that Ellen Mariani's husband, Louis Neil Mariani, was on, flight number 175, didn't hit the Second World Trade Center until 17 minutes later.
That should never have happened.
That second plane that hit, the South Power, that was the first building to come down.
Thousands of people died because of our government not doing anything.
Now, to make people say, well, should they have shot that plane down?
And I only bring their attention back to 1999.
Golfer Payne Stewart.
See if we can identify with facts that occurred.
Golfer Payne Stewart was on a plane from Florida to Texas.
It went off course.
When it was off course in Florida for three and a half minutes, NORAD and the FAA were notified.
Within eight and a half minutes, eight and a half minutes mark, two fighter jets were alongside that plane, and they followed it to the northern United States.
I think we're good to go.
Ellen's husband, that plane probably would have been in the Hudson River or someplace else, but never should have hit.
And you can't tell me that the Pentagon doesn't have top-rate radar equipment and anti-aircraft.
That plane should never have hit the Pentagon.
And the people in this administration must be held responsible for it.
I have another question, Alex.
I'll tell you what, stay there, Ellen and Phil.
We'll be right back and we'll get more into this.
And again, they knew within minutes the transponders were off, and within minutes after that they would have been surrounded by F-16s.
But Dick Cheney, and this is admitted, ABC News, was in control of NORAD shouting orders over the speakers, but they declared national security on those tapes.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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All right, we're back live.
We're talking to Ellen Mariani, whose husband died in one of the planes flying into the World Trade Center, and her lawyer, Philip Berg, former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania, suing Bush for racketeering in 9-11.
And clearly that happened.
But again, this commission...
All they're calling for is a domestic CIA, more of our freedoms, an expanded Patriot Act.
It's a giant advertisement for all these people.
And Mr. Berg, Ellen, you had a comment you wanted to make.
Yes, I did.
But remember when Bush days after 9-11 went and they had that three-minute standing ovation at the CIA, that big celebration?
No one fired.
They got bonuses and had a celebration.
Well, I haven't forgot when the lobbyists ran through the halls of justice and got all the senators and whomever to sign the stabilization bill.
I will never forget that.
And who were they protecting and why were they protecting?
It doesn't take much to find out it's money.
Yes, I have.
Well, Marvin Bush was running security on the buildings, and it was his security firm telling people to stay in the buildings up to the point they collapsed.
Stay in the buildings, stay in the buildings.
Well, I would like someone that knows about this to explain to us, the taxpayers, why a cashier's check was sent to two hijackers from Uncle Jonathan's Riggs Bank in Washington, D.C.,
Well, I'd like to know why the head of Pakistani intelligence was meeting with the House of Senate intelligence heads the morning of 9-11.
That's correct.
Who wired $100,000 to Mohammed Atta.
I'd like to know why Bush Sr.
was having breakfast with the head of the bin Laden family, the Ritz-Carlton, London Guardian, that morning.
I'd like to know why they flew 160 of them now.
Now we have the actual documents.
It was 144.
Mr. Berg, any comments to this?
Yeah, but when we make these statements, the main media won't cover it, and then they try to make us out like we're the crazies.
The fact is, as long as we keep going the straight line, and I'm sure it's not the straight story, but the question is, as you mentioned, Building 7, where the tape actually says, I think the magic words there with Larry Silverstein is, we pulled the building.
How do you pull a building?
And if we watched it,
We're good to go.
I think?
And seismographs picked up explosions.
Firefighters told press reporters, get back, we're about to pull it.
And in a later clip, they say pulling means demolishing.
They show video of it, and he says, we made the decision, you know,
We're supposed to be back on there next Monday night.
If you notice, they only had Ellen on.
Supposedly Joe wants to go with me.
Supposedly next Monday.
We don't have it completely confirmed yet.
But last time I was on Scarborough, about a month and a half ago, I was supposed to be on for 15 minutes.
He cut me off after a minute and a half because he couldn't take the stuff I was throwing at him.
Because I brought the basic facts up to him.
That's it.
They're panicking.
But the point is, is that, and I wouldn't say even, do they tell you what to limit it to?
Are they trying to control you?
They try to control.
And also the other day,
No kidding.
Because the facts are 9-11 could not have happened without the complicity of this government.
And with people like you and standard bearers like Ellen Mariani, we will find the truth.
Can I throw a challenge out to your listeners?
Because I know you have many of them.
Yes, sir.
If we go to our website, www.911forthetruth.com, we have a petition on there.
And the petition basically says, I'm behind Ellen Mariani to find out the truth of 9-11.
I can give you the exact words in a minute.
Right now we have 9,286 signatures.
If your listeners would sign it, go to it and sign it.
We'll come back and plug that some more.
And then, Ellen, in case they put you back on the show, their intelligent people are listening.
They may not.
I want to play the part of Scarborough for a second with you.
And I'll behave like he's going to behave, and I'll tell you how to handle it.
This will be interesting.
Please stay there.
There's a lot more to cover.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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9-11 for the truth dot com.
9-11 for the truth dot com.
Go there.
Sign the petition.
Put it on your website.
We need to get a link to it on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
You know, we've got your lawyer on with you, a great guy, Phillip Berg, former Deputy Attorney General in Pennsylvania, but I want to play back and forth here with you.
This is deadly serious, but I want to go back and forth here.
Here's Scarborough.
All right, we've got Ellen Mariani on here, and I'm a socialist, but we won't talk about that.
I suppose as a conservative who's been in a bunch of weird administrations as a congressional staffer, I'm an attack dog trained in these operations.
Actually, I'll stop being sarcastic.
Hey, this is Scarborough here.
You know, we're real sad about all the victims, and most of them support President Bush and want to defeat the evil Iraqis and bin Laden.
But, you know, some of these women out there, many of them with connections with the Democrats, have been out there attacking the President, saying he should have done more.
He should have done more, 9-11.
As if he's not doing a lot right now.
Now, Ellen Mariani.
Ellen Mariani, you know, Bill Clinton had prior knowledge, didn't do anything.
Wasn't this just a failure?
Wasn't this just a failure?
Go ahead, Ellen, what do you say to me?
Ellen, are you there?
I'm listening.
Respond to me.
What are you going to say to me?
I'm guessing what he'll say.
That's what Scarborough says to you.
What do you say back?
Repeat that again, because I have the speakerphone so somebody could hear it.
Go ahead.
Okay, I'm sorry.
Tell me right now, are you a Democratic Party operative?
You know, most of the victims love what President Bush is doing, which isn't true, but he'll say that.
What do you say to that?
I got news for everyone.
If you go to my website, our website, our whole country's website, you're going to find out that I'm neither for or against any political party.
I want the truth.
So there, whomever is accusing me of whatever side I'm supposed to be on or against,
Go ahead.
Okay, what I would also say is just pour it out real quick.
At 9-11-4-the-truth.com, you will find out that we're nonpartisan.
We want the truth, the 3,000 that died, and that is a disgusting attempt to distract people off the issue of 3,000 dead people, and those saying that should be ashamed of themselves.
Then you say, here's the facts.
San Francisco Chronicle, oh, oh, oh, he'll try to stop you.
San Francisco Chronicle reported Mayor Willie Brown admits he got a call the night before from the White House not to fly to D.C.
That needs to be answered.
They'll try to go, oh, sure, yeah, right, uh-huh, and then say, oh, are you saying that's not true?
Bet me a million dollars right here on the air.
Don't try to lie to your listeners.
Then if he keeps going, you say, why did NORAD stand down for over an hour?
Then you throw out at him this next little bullet point about why did Bush sign an order ordering the FBI not to stop Al Qaeda?
Oh yeah, sure, what's that?
Why hasn't Sybil Evans been on your show and was told she was told to falsify records and cover up their prior knowledge?
Go ahead and jump in, Mr. Berg.
Well, and the other thing is, you can say all you want, but it didn't happen on Clinton's watch.
It happened on Bush's watch, and there's no excuse for it because other people other than Willie Brown...
We're told not to fly on 9-11.
John Ashcroft stopped flying commercial aircraft in July 2001.
What did they know?
MSNBC, you can say your own channel, your own channel, MSNBC, this network has reported and has never retracted that the Joint Chiefs of Staff were supposed to go to New York that day and cancel their flight the night before.
Answer the question, Scarborough!
You're right, and you know what?
He'll cut us off, but we'll keep getting the message out there because the truth will set us free, and the truth will come out because we are pursuing this because we don't want to find out the truth 40 years from now.
We want to find out now.
And I'll tell you how to do this, Phillip.
I'll tell you how to do this.
Please, please, any help you can give.
Don't tell him you're going to do this, but this is how you do it.
From the beginning, you say, my lawyer was scheduled for 15 minutes last time.
You cut him off in a minute and a half.
Please don't censor me.
And then you go, great guns, and that may make the controllers, the Pentagon guys behind the scenes, back off and let you say it.
I'm sorry, go ahead.
Oh, no, you're absolutely right, and we did that this past week.
When Ellen was on, they wanted to tape us again.
The first time, too, they taped us.
From now on, we're going live, because on live, they can cut you short, but they can't cut you off, because not only did they cut me short that time, they cut me off.
Part of what I said, they did not even air.
So now we're on live with them.
We're not going to take their nonsense.
And we will go face-to-face with anyone.
If any of your listeners out there have contacts with any other shows, the mainstream media that wants to take someone on, I'll take anyone on in the administration.
And I'll answer questions that the 9-11 Commission won't ask.
You need to ask them why Sybil Edmonds.
This is a big deal.
You're absolutely right.
I believe I have to check my records.
I believe she's one that contacted.
We have so many people that have actually contacted us.
Other CIA agents, other FBI agents.
I'm pretty sure it was Ms.
Evans who contacted us at the right time.
We're trying to get a hold of her.
Anybody you want to bring on, you're welcome to come on this show, and I won't run over you.
You can interview them on the air.
That'd be terrific.
But also, I go out because I know they listen to your show.
I know Mainstream listens to your show and monitors, and I put a challenge out.
Bill Berg or Ellen Mariani will go on any show in this country against any of these conservatives.
But you know what?
They're afraid to put us on because we're too outspoken.
They won't put us on.
They put on people they can control.
They cannot control us.
They're not real conservatives, though.
Well, I know.
Well, they're phony conservatives.
You know, they're part of that compassionate conservative.
Give me a break.
Can I say something here?
I still want to know why that Attorney General...
Him and his family were told not to fly during that summer of 2001.
Then, when people found out about it, Mr. Ashcroft refused to declassify the threat assessments and presidential daily briefings to us, the people.
And I want to know why.
Who gave them that knowledge and why aren't they declassifying these briefings, these threat assessments?
And that's what made U.S.
Senator King angry at me.
Well, at a bare minimum, they've got an incredible power and control kind of destroying the Bill of Rights because of the attacks, because they let the attacks happen.
They certainly allowed it that morning.
They knew it was going to happen.
That's the bare minimum.
The facts are they carried the whole thing out.
And we're not going away either.
So they must all give up, come out, tell us the truth, because we are the people.
And you know what, though?
It is so important that people stop and listen.
And let me bring up, because I'm sure you have Alex many times,
As I brought up Payne Stewart, let me bring up Operation Northwood for a second.
The official government plan to carry out 9-11?
I'm sorry?
The official government plan to carry out 9-11?
Operation Northwood was 1962.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff, which is now a declassified document, which I have, and if you don't have it, I'll send it to you.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff had a plan to destroy American property, injure and kill American citizens, to blame it on Cuba, so we could go to war with Cuba.
And John F. Kennedy put a stop to that.
And unless you buy the single bullet theory, that's probably one of the reasons why they killed John F. Kennedy.
All right, since you raised that, at prisonplanet.com and infowars.com, in the 9-11 archive, we have ABC News, Baltimore Sun, from April and May of 2001, months before the attacks, and we have the National Security Archive document,
15 pages where they call for remote controlling passenger jets by remote controlling, crashing them, bombing D.C., committing sniper attacks in D.C., framing patsies, and it even came out on Frontline that Kennedy freaked out over Northwoods on Frontline.
They didn't say what it was, though.
And said, that's it.
I'm no longer a hawk.
We're getting out of Vietnam.
I'm abolishing the CIA.
And six months later, they blew his head off.
Go ahead.
You're absolutely right.
And the reason I bring it up is if people can look at Operation Northward, if you just change the words Cuba there to Iraq, you have the same situation, except you have an administration here who went along with the military or told the military what to do.
Again, 9-11 could not have happened.
Perhaps the first plane, but I don't think that should have even have hit.
The government was involved in this.
Condoleezza Rice, she's a big double talker, but when she did testify, if you read through it, and you and I know, she came out as an absolute liar.
And I understand, I believe Ralph Nader was on your show before?
Yes, he was.
I think he has called for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney about the lies regarding Iraq.
And these lies, remember what happened.
We had a lie here.
We had a president who was impeached.
Bill Clinton was impeached because he lied.
George Bush has lied and thousands died.
Bill Clinton lied about sex, which probably 98% of the people in the country will lie about sex.
George Bush has lied and thousands have died.
He should be held responsible for it.
And I supported the impeachment of Clinton.
He didn't just do that.
They created fake dossiers, five of them that we know of.
They claimed that weapons trucks were weapons trucks when they knew they weren't.
They planted fake letters from troops in newspapers.
I mean, this is, they are premeditatedly lying to the entire public.
And someone asked, I think someone asked George, oh, I know.
I was on a supposed conservative radio show in southern Florida.
And the radio announcer wanted me on for 15 minutes.
I was on for an hour and a half because he couldn't get me.
He kept saying, can you stay a little longer?
He finally asked a question of me, Mr. Berg, can I ask you a question?
I said, sure.
He said, if you think Bush was involved in the complicity of 9-11, how come he just didn't put weapons of mass destruction in a truck or building in Iraq and find it and he would have been a star?
I said, you know, that's a great question.
And I said, the reason he didn't do it, I'm sure he tried to do it, but our good men and women and our military prevented him from doing it
He didn't know what to further say to me.
He said, well, goodbye, Mr. Berg.
Because that's the truth.
Because if Bush could have hidden some weapons of mass destruction over there, because there are no weapons of mass destruction, and he keeps saying they might find them yet.
He's hoping that they can bring a suitcase in filled with them or something like that.
But George Bush...
Well, that's it.
That's why they had to have the CIA drill that morning, the AP reported on, of flying hijacked planes into buildings, because that's how they ordered NORAD to stand down.
I got this from internal sources before that was even in the news.
But Alex, how could they do that?
Because Condoleezza Rice said she never heard that they might use planes into buildings.
But they told all the good people at NORAD, stand down, man, it's just a drill, stand down.
And then, boom, one plane hits.
They had to have Bush in public so nobody could get to him during his little speech.
Then they get to him, and it turns out he saw the first plane hit and says he did.
I mean, this is incredible.
The only way he saw that first plane hit is if he had a closed-circuit television to it, and if it did, it just goes into the complicity of his involvement.
But the best is when Andy Clark told him the second plane hit,
We know Bush is not smart, but when the second plane hit, and he was told that by Andy Card, there was absolutely no reaction from this person.
And then he goes back and reads the ghost story for the next 18 minutes.
He endangered...
Unless he knew, which he did, he endangered every child in that classroom because it was a photo op, and everyone in the world knew where the president was that day.
They'll sweep the president out.
Because the president and vice president are not controlled by themselves.
They're controlled by the Secret Service.
Exactly, and they'll sweep the president out for no reason.
Then he flies off in this weird meeting with Warren Buffett and all these CEOs, including eight CEOs that were in the World Trade Center.
They all show up for this early morning meeting, waiting for Bush at the Air Force Base in Nebraska.
Then he lands...
Can I ask something here?
I believe at his April 15th press conference, he was talking about when he was in Italy, when they had a conference.
Do you remember this?
In the middle of July, when they closed the airspace surrounded... They had anti-aircraft guns on the roof.
How come they did that?
Because they were concerned that planes might be used at that time, but they weren't concerned about planes on 9-11.
Well, they never heard of such a thing, despite the fact they were running a drill of exactly what happened on 9-11 on 9-11.
Isn't that funny?
Isn't it?
I want to play this Building 7 clip.
Now, understand, folks, I have a video from PBS.
It's on the website, the clip, so you can watch it at infowars.com, prisonplanet.com, the 9-11 section.
Now, understand...
The owner, Larry Silverstein, buys the buildings months before, takes out record insurance, he's got all these government connections, the CIA command bunker, FBI command bunker, SETI command bunker, is in Building 7, right across the street.
We're good to go.
You know, everybody got out of this building, which isn't true, because they had time.
Then they cut to Silverstein describing how they pulled it on 9-11.
And then we have another clip where they say pulling it means demolishing it.
Go ahead and hit that clip.
Here's that clip.
Trade Center 7 had always been considered the starting point for rebuilding.
Located north of the slurry wall, 7 had been cleared faster than the rest of the site.
And there had been no bodies to recover.
Pelted by debris when the North Tower collapsed, seven burned until late afternoon, allowing occupants to evacuate to safety.
Here's Silverstein.
I remember getting a call from the fire department commander telling me that they were not sure they were going to be able to contain the fire.
I said, you know, we've had such terrible loss of life.
And this is what I said to his poet.
And they made that decision to pull, and we watched the building collapse.
We watched the building collapse.
Now, here's Dan Rather, seconds after it collapses, he goes, let's go to video tape, let's show that again, about 15 seconds after.
I have the original live TV tape recorded.
Here is Dan Rather saying, looks like well-placed dynamite.
Here it is.
What you're seeing are high shots, sir.
Now, here we're going to show you a videotape of the collapse itself.
Now we go to videotape the collapse of this building.
It's amazing.
Amazing, incredible, pick your word.
For the third time today, it's reminiscent of those pictures we've all seen too much on television before when a building was deliberately destroyed by well-placed dynamites that knock it down.
All right.
Now, we have the seismographs, we have the firefighters on tape, we have them telling people, get back, we're about to bring down the building.
That's all on the record.
And that was the command center, and Mayor Giuliani said he got a call that morning to get out of the building because it was going to be coming down.
I mean, this is incredible.
And that's the building that the Bush brother was running the security in, telling them on the loudspeakers across the street to stay in the buildings.
Mr. Berg?
But yet the 9-11 Commission, have you heard them asking those questions of anyone recently?
I haven't.
I mean, because it's like they're skirting the issue.
It's like they're going to do a Warren Commission type report.
You know, they're skirting.
If they would just ask, take one day and ask the main questions here, but they won't because they know if they ask these questions, then the American public will realize what's going on.
They should have Silverstein and the police all there and say, okay, you said you pulled it.
What does that mean?
Firefighters, you told the AP you were about to pull the building.
Get back.
What does that mean?
How did you get explosives in there beforehand?
Well, they probably just put them in 10 minutes before, which we know is not true because it takes several days or weeks to actually properly put explosives into a building.
A modern steel building had never collapsed in history from fire.
Three did that day.
We had a fire in a building here in Philadelphia probably 10, 15 years ago.
It burned for weeks on three floors.
About 10 years later, they finally had it demolished floor by floor because they do not collapse from fire.
Well, they do in New York.
Yeah, when Bush is in charge of security.
I'm looking on our website, 9-11 for the Truth.
People are responding.
They're signing our petition.
Also, Alex, if you remember, the first time on your show, we were raising money here.
We said, send us $9.11, and it worked.
It's also on our site.
Stay there.
We'll plug that when we get back.
Stay there, both of you.
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There is a chance.
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You will lose your liberty.
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If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central.
Tell your friends and family to tune in and learn the truth.
I want to thank all of our great affiliates out there that truly love this country.
We'll take a few calls here in just a second for our guests quickly, Bill and others.
But, yeah, 9114thetruth.com.
Sign the petition.
Also donate to help this lawsuit.
How is the lawsuit going for racketeering against Bush?
Right now we're in some procedural things.
About two weeks from now we'll have something to break with you.
Stay tuned.
Well, I definitely want to have you back on at that time.
Ellen, closing comments before we take a final call or two.
I just want people to know that it isn't political at all.
There is nothing political here.
We want answers.
That's what we want, so it never, ever repeats itself.
Well, the people that are political trying to protect their rear ends try to put this out there.
The facts are the facts.
It doesn't change the facts.
What I'm talking about is
This isn't political as far as I'm concerned.
No, I totally agree with you.
I agree.
They're the ones that are political.
They're making it political.
That's right.
Look, the big thing is people have to realize...
If there was nothing to hide, what are they hiding?
Why did Bush and Cheney not want the 9-11 Commission?
Why are they stonewalling the Commission?
And now, supposedly, the report from the 9-11 Commission, before its release, has to be reviewed by the White House.
Give me a break.
Yeah, that's your so-called independent commission.
It's like having Heinrich Himmler investigate Hitler.
And I have one more thing to add to that.
Why did they take my wrongful death lawsuit?
And block all evidence if they're not guilty and know something.
It's been in the foreign news that they've offered families payoffs to shut up, and then you don't get any of the insurance money, none of it, if you don't shut up.
Well, that's it.
Those people that signed the thing, which Ellen didn't, went into the fund, had to say they will not sue the airlines, the Port Authority, the government, or anyone.
And the thing you mentioned first is how World Trade Center 7 was cleared.
How about all of the World Trade Center and it was cleared?
Everything was shipped over to New Jersey.
All the steel has now been sold to China.
As I mentioned many times, we should have brought in the TV show CSI.
We would have gotten a better investigation than we've gotten from the bunch of investigators.
Well, that's it.
That's it.
Real quick.
Bill in Florida.
Bill, go ahead.
Hello, Alex?
Okay, sorry, I was really just hanging on to hear the show, but I just want to say how much I admire both of those people.
Real quickly, a friend of mine lives in New York.
He was walking down 6th Avenue when the planes hit.
Yes, you're on the air, sir.
Okay, he saw a military plane circle the World Trade Tower and take off, and he said it was silver.
It had no numbers on it.
It was below the level of where the planes hit.
Oh, my God.
I just wondered.
That plane was caught on video.
Thanks for the call, and I'm sorry to Nicky and Keith and all the other callers.
Glad to have you guys back up on the broadcast.
Ellen Mariani, I appreciate your courage.
Thank you, Alex.
I appreciate your courage.
Both of you, God bless.
Thank you so much, Alex.
You bet.
Take care, my friends.
Again, folks,
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To give them to your rabbi, now is the time to wake people up to face the horror.
You're listening to the former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania saying that they were involved in 9-11.
Only an idiot who looks at the evidence would say otherwise.
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To all of our affiliates, sponsors, listeners, the great folks running the show, Stephanie doing a fabulous job.
All of you have a great weekend.
And get out there and fight for this country.
They're killing our country.
They're taking our freedoms.
They are the terrorists and they will pay.
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We're good to go.
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