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Air Date: March 23, 2004
2225 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
It's March 23, 2004, on this live Tuesday edition of the Alex Jones Show.
We'll be live for the next three hours.
We have businessman, former city council member, researcher, author, expert on the New World Order, George Humphrey, joining us in the second hour.
And halfway into that hour, we're going to be joined and have both of them on the show, Dr. Dennis Huddy.
We'll have both of them for the balance of the broadcast from that point on, and we'll take your phone calls.
Dr. Dennis Cuddy, of course, is a researcher and author on the New World Order as well, and he has a Freedom of Information Act request in about who called the mayor of San Francisco on 9-10, the day before 9-11 in 2001, who told the mayor not to fly to New York that day.
Now, it's come out from sources it was Condoleezza Rice, but the point is he's got his Freedom of Information Act request out.
They've declared national security on that.
Obviously, we've got the big 9-11 whitewash commission number two.
This morning I got up and watched an hour or so of it.
Got to see Madeleine Albright and then Colin Powell and Mr. Armitage.
And just the body language of these people, the arrogance, the guilt all over them.
It was like watching mafia hearings where they call in the mob bosses the way they behave in televised hearings.
But of course, the 9-11 Commission is completely compromised, full of individuals inside the intelligence community system, and people who've even testified secretly in the 9-11 Commission, from the Commission, because of being involved in the investigation somehow.
That is, involved in 9-11 somehow, is all the Washington Post could say on the matter.
So we'll get into that as well.
We'll get into more of the puppet government that are setting up in Iraq, what's happening here with gun-grabbing legislation.
There is so much to cover here on the show.
But again, George Humphrey.
Joining us, author of 9-11, The Great Illusion, and of course Dr. Dennis Cuddy, author of Secret Records Revealed.
He's written some books on 9-11 and a lot more.
Very revealing, very informative information coming up.
The website's updated as we speak, infowars.com.
And PrisonPlanet.com.
I want to thank both my webmasters, my wife, who does InfoWars.com, and Paul Joseph Watson, who does PrisonPlanet.com, for the incredible job they're doing, and for all of our great AM and FM affiliates that are out there, our sponsors, our listeners especially, and of course, God.
Again, so much to cover.
Headline, 9-11 panel cites Clinton-Bush inaction.
That's out of the Associated Press.
officials face 9-11 inquiry.
Groups call for the resignation of the September 11th Commission Director.
British soldiers injured in Basra from stoning and Molotov cocktail attacks.
Another headline here from the Business Times.
It is a bonesman who will win the next U.S.
Welcome to a fraternity that has its hands on the levers of U.S.
Another article here by the Baltimore Sun.
Keepers of the crypt, Yale's bonesmen, swear they'll carry the secrets of Bush, Kerry, and their other brothers to the grave.
And they swear allegiance, of course, to that first and foremost above America.
Schwarzenegger avoids deposition in suit.
America's most coveted jobs multiply elsewhere as offshoring proliferates.
Miami Herald, it's going to get seven times worse, according to the Congressional Budget Office in the next five years.
to test program for screening rail passengers.
This is the CAPS-2 system to go into rail, then bridges, then cars, then food service, everything.
Got to have an ID card to have a job, Rich said it two years ago.
Convoy of illegals tries to run down agents.
Border officers stop 6 of 12 pickups.
165 aliens found in truck beds.
China puts army on alert over Taiwan crisis.
Suicide warnings sought for antidepressants.
It's all coming up.
Don't want to miss it.
Big show.
News straight ahead in your calls.
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We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, again, it is Tuesday, the 23rd day of March 2004.
I'm Alex Jones, your host.
We've got two hours and 51 minutes left in this transmission, this broadcast against tyranny.
Thank you for joining us.
Coming up again in the next hour, we're going to have George Humphrey, author, researcher, successful businessman, former city council member from here in Austin who's been an outspoken critic of the New World Order's criminal activities.
We'll talk about 9-11 and when's the next attack coming, how do we stop it, how do we cause a paradigm shift, a mass awakening.
He'll be on with us for 30 minutes of that hour alone.
Then joining us will be Dr. Dennis Cuddy for the balance of the show.
He's another expert on the New World Order, so two great guests.
Obviously, I've got them coming on because of the 9-11 whitewash panel.
9-11 panel cites Clinton-Bush inaction.
And this is what the Democrats do.
They go, Bush, you're so evil.
You're an idiot.
You let this happen.
Oh, you're so horrible.
We're so good.
The neocons point out, wait a minute, Bill Clinton had three or four chances to arrest Bin Laden and refuse the files and did nothing and went after innocent people.
Instead, it's all your fault.
And then somehow it's okay because everyone's to blame.
You know, Limbaugh goes, well, the Democrats are for big government.
And the Democrats go, well, you're for big government.
You know, I mean...
There's no real difference when it comes to action, when it comes to what they're really doing.
The rhetoric, of course, is different.
I mean, the neocons are trying to claim that Paul O'Neill, the Treasury Secretary, went public because he's angry and wants money for a book.
And then, oh, that's what's happening with this Clark guy, this leftover from the Clinton administration, who, when asked in a press conference last year, said, yeah, it's true, we were told to let the Bin Ladens get out of the country on 9-11.
Well, we don't need him to tell us that.
It was in the Miami Herald on September 12th.
It was admitted.
We don't need Paul O'Neill to tell us that the Energy Commission had big maps of who would get the oil fields and Dick Cheney strutting around promising everybody goodies on the Energy Commission.
The Cummings spoils while they were publicly saying they didn't want to go to war and they would never go to war with Iraq.
It was ridiculous that people were saying that.
Because we have PNAC.
We have their own documents, their own published white papers that were widely distributed and put on their own website and are still there to this day.
So there's no debating it.
And this is how the socialists, this is how the liberals, if you want to call them that, get their control, is that they control the Republicans and the Democrats, and they give you that false choice, and then there's this internal debate over how to arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic.
And so that's the whole argument we're hearing now.
You're guilty.
No, you're guilty.
Well, you allowed it to happen.
No, you let it happen.
You all let it happen because you're puppets of the military-industrial complex that were protecting their CIA asset, Osama bin Laden.
9-11 panel cites Clinton-Bush inaction.
The Clinton and Bush administrations' failure to pursue military action against al-Qaeda operatives allowed the September 11th terror attacks...
Terrorists who elude capture despite warning signs years before the attacks, a federal panel said Tuesday.
The Clinton administration had early indications of terrorist links to some of bin Laden.
You mean blowing up Khobar Towers and bombing military bases and saying you had indications?
Look at this whitewash.
See, they know you know something's wrong, so they've got to act like with this theater that they're good guys, that they're really getting at what's happening when in truth the commission's covering everything up.
The Clinton administration had early indications of terror linked to Osama bin Laden and future September 11th mastermind Khalid Shahid Mohammed as early as 95, but let years pass as it pursued criminal indictments and diplomatic solutions to subduing them abroad, it found.
They had already bombed a bunch of buildings right through from 96 to 2000, and every time the FBI was going to bust them, they were called off the case, or somebody tried to give them files, they'd say, no, we've been ordered not to under W199I that Clinton issued, that Bush then reissued months before 9-11.
They ordered them not to arrest them.
It's a joke, people.
He met with the CIA in July of 2001.
Bush officials, meanwhile, failed to act immediately on increasing intelligence chatter and urgent warnings in early 2001 by its counterterrorism advisor, Richard A. Clark, to take out al-Qaeda targets, according to preliminary findings by the commission reviewing the attacks.
The Bipartisan Report said...
Representative, former Representative Lee Hamilton, appearing on CBS the early show Tuesday, said, however, the commission will not make any final judgments about the Clark allegations or other assertions until it has reviewed all the evidence.
The commission will not make any judgments about that, nor will I, he said.
And I watched about an hour of it, part of Malin Albright, part of Colin Powell and Mr. Armitage, and, I mean, it was just such a sick joke.
I'd get up there and talk about how horrible the terrorists are and how they just hit us again and how wonderful our government is and how they're so sorry it happened and they're so sorry to the family members and they never thought anything like this would happen and just the arrogance of them, the body language alone.
Guilty, guilty, guilty.
But then we have all the evidence.
So that's what's going on right now with the 9-11 Whitewash Commission.
Remember, this commission, they tried to have Henry Kissinger headed up.
They called him the independent chairman, but he had to resign because, well, no one seemed to have more connections to al-Qaeda than him and the Bushes.
So they had to take him off there.
And again, we need to be talking at this commission about why the former president, George W., George Herbert Walker, was meeting with the head of the bin Laden family at a Carlyle Group breakfast that morning at the Ritz-Carlton, D.C.
Why Amoud Ahmed, the general, the head of Pakistani intelligence, wired $100,000 to Muhammad Atta?
Why was he meeting with the heads of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees?
On the morning of 9-11, why'd they fly the bin Ladens out?
Why was NORAD ordered to stand down?
Why had Dick Cheney taken control of NORAD and the FAA?
Why would the fighters stop from scrambling?
Who did the insider trading?
Why hasn't that investigation continued?
Why did the CIA meet with bin Laden?
Why did our government fly 8,000 Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders out of Afghanistan right before it fell and drop them off in Pakistan?
Why are they CIA assets?
On and on and on and on and on.
Why did Larry Silverstein, the owner of the WTC buildings, say they blew up WTC 7 that afternoon?
Why isn't that being investigated?
Again, there's hundreds of these questions.
I've made two films, two full-length feature films, both over two hours, written a book, published another book.
So that's two films, two books, and we just tell, I'd say, 20%.
We go over 20% of the evidence.
We have 600-plus articles on 9-11 posted at prisonplanet.com, hundreds in the 9-11 section of infowars.com, official U.S.
government documents calling for 9-11-style attacks to be carried out by the government to be blamed on enemies.
As a pretext for war and police state.
This is the reality.
And they don't have the hundreds of family members in there saying the government did it.
No, no, no.
They don't have them in front of the commission.
They have some that say, you know, here are my questions.
You know, why didn't you stop the hijackers from getting on board?
Why didn't you scramble the planes?
So they ask questions like that, or why is there a cover-up?
But they're not getting to the real meat and potatoes.
It's a whitewash.
It's theater.
Like the Warren Commission, to make you think they're doing something.
It is extremely, extremely disgusting.
Groups call for the resignation of September 11th Commission Director.
Public interest groups are demanding the immediate resignation of the Director of the Federal Commission investigating the September 11th terror attacks, just as the Commission prepares to hold high-profile hearings this week with senior officials from the Bush and Clinton administrations.
The 9-11 Family Steering Committee and 9-11 Citizen Watch, two separate groups, are demanding the resignation of Philip Zelkow, Executive Director of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States, after information surfaced over the weekend that he had participated in Bush administration briefings prior to September 11th on the threat of Al-Qaeda pose for the country.
Well, yeah, two of the people on the commission have secretly testified to the commission about 9-11.
I mean, you've got the people involved running the investigation.
And it continues.
It says, we believe that the very integrity of the commission is at stake here and that he should resign immediately, said Kyle Hintz, co-founder of Citizens Watch, on Monday.
Well, the Democrat who was on the board left and got the head of the import-export bank.
Very lucrative, powerful position.
Bush gave him that appointment.
I mean, it's a joke, people.
It's like when they appointed Senator John Danforth, Janet Reno did, to investigate her, and then they called him independent when he was being flown around in Justice Department helicopters, and the investigation was run by her two lock-top lieutenants.
So, I mean, they just used the word independent, and we're supposed to buy into this.
By the way, the Supreme Court just said that they're not going to allow an appeal of the civil suit by the Branch Davidians.
Judge Walter Smith would not allow a jury in that case.
And there was big protest.
He said, I will decide.
No more juries.
Then there was big protests, so he impaneled a secret seven-member jury that, quote, would have no bearing on the case, and then he would issue his own ruling.
When they said, yeah, throw the Davidians case out, he said, okay, I agree with the jury.
We'll use that.
So he had veto power over his own selected puppet jury.
A bunch of them were, of course, police.
And then on top of all of this, now the Supreme Court says that all that stands.
So very, very interesting.
To have this going on.
On Saturday, the Family Steering Committee wrote a letter to the commission arguing that Zelkow was a conflict of interest because he could potentially be held culpable for failing to heed warnings about al-Qaeda prior to the September 11th attacks.
And they go on to say it's clear that he should never have been permitted to be a member of the investigating commission since it is the mandate of the commission to identify the source of...
The memos the committee wrote.
So, what do you think about all this?
You can read all these news articles and more at the websites.
Infowars.com and prisonplanet.com.
We'll come back and get into all this other news.
And believe me, there's a lot of it on Skull and Bones.
You name it, stay with us.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Okay, I'll get into more British troops injured and killed over in Iraq, unfortunately.
We'll also get into Skull and Bones!
It is a bonesman who will win the next election.
This is out of the Business Times.
Also, Baltimore Sun, Keepers of the Crypt.
Oh, wait till you hear about this.
And more on what Schwarzenegger's up to.
A lot of key stuff and two great guests coming up.
Right now, let's go to calls.
Sean in Alabama.
Thanks for holding.
Go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
It's great to be talking to you.
I've been listening to you.
I've been watching...
Did you see the body language and the arrogance and the gangsterism of Armitage and Powell?
I mean, actually I was kind of watching how Madam Albright tried to toss responsibility onto
I mean, I'm videotaping it so I can kind of go back and review it because I can only listen to so much of it before I get kind of mentally numb.
But the main reason, the reason I was calling was, and I hate to change subjects, was I was thinking about, I know you've talked about broadband over power line and RFID quite a bit, but I was wondering if it had occurred to you or if you've heard anyone else talk about, because it occurred to me that there might be a possible link between the two, because broadband over power line is basically going to be sending
RF radio frequency signals over your power lines.
Okay, for those that just joined us to explain, about three years ago we started getting FCC word, Federal Communications Commission, that they're going to transmit data through the electricity on big power lines.
This sends out radio waves, blacks out shortwave, messes up EMS equipment, emergency equipment.
Everybody's really mad about this.
Even FEMA was complaining because that's their backup above the satellites because satellites go out all the time.
And now they're starting to use it, and it's horrible.
We are lining up a guest on that subject, but I don't know if it integrates in with the RFID.
They say the cell towers will.
Applied Digital Solutions, with their implantable RFID chip that they're now implanting in hundreds of people, now thousands globally, they're putting in the implantation centers the last two years in Miami and New York and D.C.
and L.A., moving to put them in prisoners.
I know that they want to use cell towers for those, and Applied Digital just moved into satellites and cell towers in acquisitions.
They're a front for IBM and the Communist Chinese military.
That's who owns the company.
But I don't know about that.
I don't know about the power lines integrating in with the data transmission with the RFID.
Well, that's what got me to thinking about it, because Art Bell was talking about it the other night, and he's all up in arms about it now that he's found out about BPL about a year after we all knew about it.
He's a shortwave enthusiast, yeah.
And he was scratching his head, like, I can't figure out why the FCC is pushing it, and it kind of struck me that
BPL being radio frequency and that's what's used to activate RFID that if they push BPL on everyone it'll be the perfect means to
Of tracking all of these RFID tags that they say that can only be tracked if there's a scanner within a few feet.
Well, if you've got DPL sending out RF signals to these things, you can track it anywhere there's a power line.
Well, I guess I'm not an engineer.
Maybe an engineer can call in and tell us, but I don't want to speculate on that.
But I will tell you that some RFID works 200 yards.
Most of the...
The ones that are smaller than a grain of sand work about a foot away.
I would say that's accurate what you said.
Sean, thanks for the call.
I appreciate it.
You bet.
Courtney in Florida, go ahead.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Good morning to you and your listeners.
I wanted to specifically call in about the forced multiplication once again after the victory on coast almost two weeks ago.
I think it's important we
Ratchet all this up if we can.
By force multiplication, that's where you educate 10 people, they educate 10, they educate 10, and it turns into millions overnight.
Yes, I'd like to use myself as an example here.
In 1999, I first started listening to you on shortwave in 1998, I think, and I contacted now your wife, Violet, and she sent me a, this is in 1999, sent me a press kit, and initially I tried to get
Your Police State 2000 video over the public access here.
Tell you what, stay there.
We'll hear the story of how you took action when we get back, so don't hang up, Courtney.
Then we'll go to Vince and Chris and others.
Toll-free number to join us on air is always 800-259-9231.
We'll be right back, so please stay with us.
Your call is a lot of news.
Two great guests coming up.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
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That's 888-803-4438.
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I got a star on my car and one on my chest.
A gun on my hip and the right to arrest.
I'm the guy who's a boss on this highway.
So watch out what you're doing when you're driving my way.
There have been some new big mainstream news articles about skull and bones.
We'll be getting into those.
We've got George Humphrey and Dr. Dennis Cuddy coming on in the next hour.
Also, America's most coveted jobs multiply elsewhere as offshoring proliferates.
That's going to get seven times worse.
Also, U.S.
to test program for screening rail passengers.
That's caps, too.
That will expand into being able to have any job.
You'll be federally screened and carry a national ID card to do it.
A convoy of illegals tries to run down agents.
Border officers stop six of 12 pickups.
165 aliens found in truck beds.
I also want to, and we're glad that none of the agents were hurt, a lot of them have been killed and injured by Mexican troops and coyotes, that is smugglers, and I want to get your take as listeners about the 9-11 Whitewash Commission, which more and more is being exposed to be just that, a kangaroo theater to convince us that the government did all this on accident.
We're going to go back to Courtney and Vince and Chris here in a second.
Courtney was going to tell us the story of how he took action and actually effected change.
Before we do that for the next four or five minutes, though, I want to bring Debbie Morrow up from New Millennium Concepts because last Friday and over the weekend it came out that Coca-Cola had to pull all their bottled water.
They're one of the biggest bottled water sellers in the country.
And they found a deadly carcinogen in the water, and so they withdrew every bottle of their bottled water.
That's what the news claimed.
I saw the bottled water still on shelves yesterday and today, their brand of it.
But it's not just Coca-Cola.
A lot of other big brands have had problems because bacteria are still in the water.
Usually it's just tap water.
They just take the bad taste out of it.
The bacteria stay in it.
Then they breed in it.
And major universities have done studies.
We've read these studies on air.
And if there's just a few hundred bacteria in that 12-ounce water, they then turn into hundreds of thousands and possibly millions in some cases as it sits there in the warehouse, then on the hot truck, then in the store.
Water, folks, is so important.
It's 70% of your body.
71% of you're a woman.
Men are 70%.
I guess that's the difference between us.
1% women have more water in them than men.
That's just some mindless trivia, folks.
The point is, is there's herbicides, pesticides, chlorine, mercury, everything else in the tap water.
And then the bottled water isn't any better in many cases.
You've got to filter it yourself, and I don't mean a cheap charcoal filter you buy that does a few hundred gallons and costs you 50 bucks.
Spend a couple hundred dollars, get something that'll do tens of thousands of gallons, and cuts out everything.
Hi Alex, thanks for having me.
What you were talking about, those few bacteria being in the bottled water and then multiply, is exactly the truth on it.
And what's so great about the Berkey black purification elements that come in the Berkey light water filters
Is that they take out pathogenic bacteria, cysts, and parasites to a non-detectable level, which means it is completely, completely without any bacteria in there at all.
What happens is, you had a major university literally pour swamp water
And then they took the water from the other side, put it in a Petri dish, and it never grew any bacteria, meaning non-detectable, zero.
And again, they said this is a new level of water purification.
That's correct.
And they actually try to grow things in the water.
They try to see if there's anything that could grow at all, and nothing does.
The Black Berkey purification elements
I think we're good.
Your VOCs, all those different... Not to mention, most reservoirs that have been tested have high levels in the fish, in the dirt, in the mud, in the water, of Prozac, Ritalin, especially female hormones from the birth control pills.
Folks, it is time to start filtering your water.
And you will notice a huge difference in your health.
The Berkey water not only tastes really good, it's also very...
Well, I've got to tell you, Debbie, I've talked to probably a hundred people just
We're good to go.
Go out and get a water filter, they tell them.
That cuts out most of the stuff.
You still get some of the food in the air, and people get well.
And you said one of your neighbors has happened to them.
That's right.
My neighbor across the street, she just got a Berkey, and she has chronic fatigue syndrome and a multitude of other things.
And her doctor told her you need to quit drinking.
Regular water, but the doctor specifically told her do not drink demineralized water, that they wanted her to have the minerals.
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All right.
Tell folks you've got the Sport Berkey.
These are like $35, $40 in stores.
Great system.
You get 5 for $99, 12 for $199.
Cuts out a whole lot of the garbage.
Much cleaner than bottled water.
Does 630 refills of tap, 130 of swamp water.
This is a great thing to give as a gift to have when you go to the football game or to work or the restaurant.
My wife uses these when she goes to the gym, so do I. Stay away from those water fountains.
This is real simple.
Also, $1.99, you get the Big Berkey without the LED lights.
And you get a free sport Berkey, or you get the free Sheltering in Place video, which now I've gotten a chance to see.
Now you've got a chance to see.
It's excellent.
You've also got, what, $249 for the big Berkey with the LED light that has the rechargeable batteries.
So what other specials do you have?
Well, I think you named them all.
That's about it.
Of course, we always have the water security package.
I think so.
302, I think.
Something like that.
All right.
Give her a call, folks.
And if you call and it's busy, leave your name and number.
She'll call you right back.
You can also go to Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
Through the secure online shopping cart.
They get the orders downloaded each day and ship it out to you UPS within a day or so.
Debbie, thanks for coming on.
Thank you for having me, Alex.
And I did want to say that a lot of times now with summer coming, the water levels are going down, and so there will be more things in the water.
That's important.
It's now time to take action.
Thanks, Debbie.
Thanks, Alex.
I really appreciate it.
And this is a product I believe in, folks.
Now, let's go back to the calls.
Courtney in Florida, you were talking about taking action back in 1999 and the results of taking action trying to educate people.
Go ahead.
Yes, Alex.
Initially, I tried to get your video on our public access here.
I bent over backwards, jumped through all the hoops, only to find out that they would air...
You're awesome, see?
That's how it works.
And I want the listeners to know,
I'm nobody special.
I didn't know anyone.
I didn't do anything special.
And voila, there you have it.
Well, the same thing happened with me.
I mean, I'm in college.
They're talking about the New World Order, how America's bad.
I didn't like it.
I went down and got an access show, got a radio show, got a syndicated show, and I've reached tens of millions of people, and I'm just an average guy.
All of us, black, white, old, young, male, female, we all can affect change.
We've seen a giant difference here in this area, Alex, from you being on the air and...
Lo and behold, an FM microwave has sprung up from me getting you on the air, evidently, here in North Pensacola, 103.7.
So two commercial AMs and another FM, and that's how it happens, and we're getting new affiliates all the time.
What do you think of the 9-11 Commission?
Oh, Alex, it's everything.
You're preaching to the choir here.
It's horrible.
And again, the Associated Press, people are calling for the chairman to resign because he was involved with Bush in the cover-ups.
I mean, the people involved in the cover-ups running the whitewash.
We are making headway, Alex.
We are making headway.
Thanks, people like you.
Thanks for the call.
Keep it up.
God bless you, Courtney.
I appreciate you.
Vince in Indiana.
Go ahead, Vince.
How are you, Alex?
Listen, you've talked in the past a lot about these things.
I was watching part of those hearings, but... It's mind-numbing, but... They're hard to watch.
Oh, but... I was reading earlier this morning in the Indianapolis Star, and I'll be prepared to send you this whole article.
It talks about the use of Edmonton domain from this one lady who owns a garage, a parking garage downtown Indianapolis.
What, it gets into land grabbing?
Yeah, well, they want to take...
And develop what this block is.
They got a picture of the development in the paper.
And they want to tear down these two apartments that were owned by the Housing and Urban Development.
And now they're vacated.
And they still want to have a parking garage there, but they want to take it from her and give it to somebody else.
And they're offering her like $900,000.
Now, if you do have all the math, you know, you figure the taxes and all that, that they will withhold.
It'll make less than $300,000.
I guarantee you.
I mean, I don't know the real estate prices in Indianapolis, Indiana, but I know that a big parking lot in downtown Austin is probably worth $10 million.
Yeah, this is only about a 160-car garage is what it says, but it was appraised like, according to the city officials, $812,000 was initially offered her.
She didn't want to sell it because that's her only way of maintaining any kind of living.
And if she took the price at $950,000 because she lost the eminent domain suit?
Well, Vince, the problem is they've been taking people's property for eminent domains since this country was founded.
Now, three years ago, the Supreme Court ruled in a Nevada case that they can take your land without just compensation, and that is totally un-American.
Thanks for the call.
Appreciate it.
Chris, you're on the air.
Where are you calling us from?
North Carolina.
How are you doing this?
You know, the thing about the 9-11 Commission that has just absolutely gotten under my skin to the end is it is unconceivable to me why this thing is not being blasted on every television station in the nation.
I mean, the biggest terrorist attack, supposedly, that ever hit this country.
And we've got it on a couple of cable TV channels.
I mean...
Well, I mean, but even if they aired it, it's a total whitewash.
I mean, without question, I understand.
You know, the Democrats, it's their fault.
It's what the Republicans say.
The Democrats say it's the Republicans' fault.
It's the same policy regardless of who was in office.
That's what should concern us, protecting al-Qaeda, not stopping them, not going after them.
But the point is, they're CIA.
Right, I understand that point.
I guess maybe I should make my point better like this.
It should be an issue with everyone, whether they're listening to this show or not, to look into this thing.
And I mean, the fact that, you know, very well possible that we're not going to have but a couple days aired anyway.
Nationally or otherwise.
Well, now they're saying that Al-Qaeda, this Al-Zawahiri guy, supposedly got nuked, though they claim they captured him and killed him two years ago.
Now he's magically back.
Nobody's discussing, well, is he dead or not?
Now he's supposedly got nuked and is about to nuke us.
Oh, the government just hates him, but they're going to have to take all our freedoms to keep us safe now.
I wound up on a rant on that very topic this weekend after looking at your news on InfoWars and Prison Planet.
I appreciate all the great work you're doing, Alex.
Hey, thank you for the call, Chris.
Good to hear from you.
Let's talk to Roger in Pennsylvania.
Roger, go ahead.
Yeah, thanks, Alex.
Just a first warning or a caveat on the microwaving RFID chips and then on the broadband over power line.
If you ever put anything in the microwave, make sure you put at least about a quarter cup of water in it.
And most people don't even know what you're talking about.
Yeah, okay.
Give them some background.
Well, in the various articles of clothing or dollar bills, don't just put them in a dry oven without a quarter cup of water because...
I'm going to have to give people some background.
RFID is a radio frequency identification tag.
It's going in thousands of products.
The Homeland Security is trying to push manufacturers into making it mandatory.
And the governments of the world have said they're going to put it in the money.
It's surfaced that it looks like some of the money does indeed have it in there.
Some new $20 bills do pop and catch on fire in microwaves.
And so you were giving people a warning about that.
Once I was just trying to heat up a cup of oil for some purpose, and the magnetron arced over, and I was able to fix it.
But I'm a technician, and not everybody's going to be...
No, you're saying it can fry your microwave.
Thanks for the call.
I'm telling people not to do it because it's dangerous.
Okay, so let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Jim in Virginia, go ahead.
Oh, hello, I'm on the air?
Yes, sir.
Oh, I'm the engineer that you were calling for earlier.
Oh, about the... Yeah, communicating down power lines.
I did that back in the 70s.
We concluded that
You really couldn't do it reliably over a broad area because the power grid system is a system that's just supplying lighting and power.
It's a hodgepodge of transformers and various loads.
And we found that when we tried to communicate down those lines, that you could very well communicate down certain lines, but you could not communicate down just any lines.
Because of the fact there was a hodgepodge.
Because they run into substations and they're not all interconnected.
Yeah, you have substations, you have power transformers you've got to get through.
You've got to keep those data rates low.
I'll tell you what, Jim, stay there because, again, the FCC had its comment period on this last year.
It looks like they're going to allow data transfer down power lines that is streaming information through the electricity system
The problem is it then broadcasts and destroys shortwave and other emergency frequencies.
We'll talk about it.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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The New World Order.
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We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
We have been working hard since 1988 to save the remnant.
That's HerbalHealer.com, your website for safe, effective natural alternatives and education.
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We're talking all over the place, my friends.
And Shommel casting the first two hours on WWCR Global Shortwave at 94.75.
And at night, the second two hours from 10 to midnight at 32.10.
Okay, I know we've got loaded phone lines.
We've got two guests coming up, too.
We'll get to your calls, of course, while the guests are on with us.
We'll go to some calls here in a second as well.
I would like to hear you talk about the 9-11, Whitewash Commission, the Skull and Bones election, just all the things that are happening, how the neocons are responding to all this 9-11 prior knowledge and cover-up.
They're saying, oh, it's Bill Clinton's fault.
As if it's okay that Bill Clinton was a traitor and protected Al-Qaeda.
As if because he did it, it makes it okay that Bush did it.
They're just puppets carrying out their orders.
It's the same policy, and that's what's dangerous.
That's what exposes this system.
The Democrats aren't absolved because the Republicans were involved, and the Republicans aren't absolved because the Democrats were involved, and that psychology has to end.
You're not a liberal if you're against open borders.
You're not a liberal if you're against big government.
You're not a liberal if you're pro-gun, like Rush Limbaugh says.
Basically, that's what he says.
If you don't worship George Bush, you're a liberal.
And that's a bunch of garbage.
I just want to briefly remind you I've made 10 full-length feature riveting, professionally produced, must-have videos that every library should have and also makes this show possible.
9-11 Road to Tyranny and Masters of Terror are my two full-length feature films on 9-11.
My book, Descent to Tyranny, covers it in stunning detail.
So does Paul Watson's Order Out of Chaos.
Go to Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com and get Matrix of Evil, Police State 3 Total Enslavement, Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove to find out what the Skull and Bones boys really do.
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The books go from $2 a piece up to $25.
700-page books like Bloodlines of the Illuminati.
Let's go ahead and go back to the calls.
Let's go ahead and...
We were talking to Jim in Virginia, I believe, and he was getting into this data transfer down the power line, which they admit just the test of it is blocking out shortwave and emergency vehicle transmissions for the military, you name it.
Why do you think the FCC is going ahead with this, Jim?
No, I honestly don't know.
I think it would be a big boondoggle.
In fact, when my company asked me to do it, I told them up front that I didn't think it would work, and that did prove out to be true.
Just to give you an idea, there was a much more contained environment where it was tried.
They have aircraft lighting on most aircraft, and they wanted to utilize that for the same thing.
They would transmit data down those aircraft lighting lines.
And there was a fellow engineer that handled that project, and he came to the exact same conclusion that I did, that they were not characterized for data transmission, and it wasn't really possible to do it, except on a certain selected line.
By luck, it would work.
Well, the establishment says they're going to go ahead with this on a mass scale globally.
I mean, I guess they don't want us being able to communicate via shortwave with 100 watts across the globe, because they're saying this will end shortwave.
Well, that may happen.
If they dump enough power on the power lines, those things are going to radiate RF like crazy.
So, yeah, I can see that happening.
We didn't do that.
We had other techniques for doing it.
Well, send me some info.
I might want to have you on as a guest.
Yeah, okay.
I appreciate the call, Jim, and your info.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
Second hour straight ahead.
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We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
We're going to have open phones, covered a ton of different news items.
All right, my friends.
Got two guests lined up for you here in the second and third hours.
George Humphreys.
Former city council member, successful businessman, a great author on the New World Order, and on 9-11, I carry all of his materials, his books, his books on tape, all of it, at infowars.com and presentplanet.com.
But a good friend of mine lives right here in Austin, and then riding shotgun with us in 30 minutes for the balance of the show will be Dr. Dennis Cuddy.
Alex, it's always a pleasure to be on your show and to talk to you.
We were talking the other night and I was
I just came back from a skiing trip and I was talking with my daughter about different people who are making a difference and I was telling her that I believe that you were one of the three Americans in this country that were making the most difference as far as waking people up.
Yeah, I think so.
I think so.
Young enough to be my son, I am so proud to have you as a friend of mine.
Well, I am too, George, and I don't want to get into a mutual admiration society, but you have done so much, and it's a testament to every human being out there how much power God has given us to take action.
Exactly, and that is one of the things that, you know, I have my own television show, and I write books and do tapes and audio books,
I've been working on this stuff about 24-7 for about the last six or seven years and been working on it pretty full time for about another four years before that.
But in the last year, I've become completely convinced that no amount of political or economic or cultural
Changes per se are going to fix the situation.
It is going to have to be that human beings are going to have to become aware what a human being is, is that we are God's gift, we are God's creation, and we have to stop being victims.
We have to stop this victimization.
No matter how much Alex Jones or George Humphrey or Jeff Rents or anybody else works,
Is that unless the people of this country wake into their own power and to their own responsibilities and their own abilities to turn this thing around, then we don't have a chance.
But I do believe we can do this.
Well, George, I do too.
And we've got to cease to be spectators, get off the bench, get in the game.
The journey of 1,000 miles does start with a single step.
And I've only traveled 100 miles in this fight, but I know it's a long way back.
Yeah, that is absolutely something I completely agree with.
Ten years ago when I started doing...
Radio shows and television interviews is that even my friends would come and privately say, what the heck are you talking about?
You know, you're just way off base on this thing.
But now it's out in the open.
And now it's out in the open.
We've got to break, George.
We'll be right back.
We'll continue to get into 9-11 and a lot more.
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A New World Order.
The film documents dozens of confirmed cases of government-sponsored terrorism worldwide.
We rip the Sinister Patriot Act legislation 1 and 2 apart piece by piece and reveal the arrogance of what Ashcroft has to say about your liberty.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
All right, we will get to your calls early in this interview with George Humphrey.
Good friend of mine here in Austin, Texas, researcher, author, exposing the globalists.
We've also got Dr. Dennis Cuddy, expert on the New World Order, coming up.
He's got a Freedom of Information Act request that was denied by the feds, asking about who called Mayor Willie Brown to tell him not to fly to New York on September 10th.
They called him September 10th and said, don't fly to New York tomorrow morning.
It's not safe.
A bunch of other people got those warnings, so that's coming up here in about 22 minutes.
And George will ride shotgun with us during that interview.
George, let's get into 9-11.
We've got this commission.
We've got members of it resigning and being given import-export bank chairman chips by Bush.
We've got other members of it.
Who admittedly were involved with Bush in the cover-up.
That's now come out in several mainstream reports.
They tried to have Henry Kissinger be the first head of the so-called Independent Commission.
Can you speak to 9-11?
Well, I can speak to 9-11.
Since my last book was about 9-11, the name of the book is 9-11, The Great Illusion.
Clearly, 9-11 is the catalyst.
It's the end game move of the Illuminati.
And either the people of this country wake up to the amazing, amazing set of events that has been set off by this and just the pack of lies.
That have been perpetrated.
And the amazing thing is, is that anyone, it doesn't take an Alex Jones who is a super sleuth to figure out that this is the biggest fairy tale ever perpetrated on the people, not just of the United States, but on the world.
This story that is put out by the United States government and by the predominant media, it's so full of holes that
We're good to go.
We take a look at what happened to the World Trade Center and the fact that those buildings did not come down from the fire of the jet fuel or from the planes crashing into it, and then the set of events that happened afterwards.
Any objective person, whether you are pro-Bush or anti-Bush, if you have any objectivity within you at all, if you look at the facts, you will realize that this is the most
Magnificent Hegelian event ever perpetrated on the people of this earth.
And when I say Hegelian event, and I know most of your people know what that means, that means thesis, antithesis, synthesis, or problem, reaction, solution.
The Illuminati or the bad guys or the power leader, whatever you want to call these people, is that they created... Al-Qaeda was a pawn in this.
And anybody who believes that some guy in a cave in Afghanistan organized this from 12,000 miles away... Or if some guy in a cave made 10 bombs detonate precisely inside different trains... Right.
It's just the silliest...
And magical passports unburned at two different crash sites falling out of the sky.
And the story is a total, complete, 100% fairy tale.
Well, any one of the five points that you mention in your book, George, there are hundreds of sub-points to that.
Any one of the five sections that you break it down into proves that the globalists carried it out.
Then we have official government documents that...
Probably 90% of your listeners already understand this stuff.
When we go out to the people of America who are just learning about this, is that if you make it simple and you can show them objectively that this is not any conspiracy theory.
It's not theory.
There are hard, cold, factual pieces of scientific information that shows that the government's story is just hogwash.
Just hogwash.
The old cartoon where they say we've discovered the enemy and the enemy is us.
That's POGO.
The enemy is the consciousness and the awareness of the people.
The people of this country have gone from being active citizens in a constitutional republic to being fat consumers in a manipulated democracy.
And friends, unless each and every one of us goes not just to our friends and family, but to everyone we know to increase the base of people.
Who understand what a constitutional republic is as opposed to a democracy.
Who understand that the predominant media is totally corrupt.
Who understand that the Federal Reserve System is nothing but a Ponzi scheme.
Who understand that 9-1-1 is the last move of the Illuminati to put us into a full police state.
Unless we increase our numbers right now,
Is that we are going to lose the total American dream, and not only our grandchildren and our children, but us.
We, the people listening to this.
All the wonderful, beautiful things that we learned about as children.
All the things that were in the Bill of Rights.
All the good things that we were taught in our churches.
America is dying, and the world is dying, going under a new dark age that is controlled by this technocracy.
And 9-11 is the catalyst or the cap in the back of the cartridge.
It detonated the round and is sending it out the barrel right now.
The next event, not these little primer events, but the next event is going to dwarf 9-11.
The globalists even say that.
They're making the preparations for total martial law.
Their own generals are snickering over it.
The good news is...
That is like Patriot 2 on steroids.
And England is passing one.
They're talking about troops on the streets, mass roundups, FEMA camps, yes.
And so any of you who have friends or relatives who live in Canada who care about this stuff, please let them be aware of this bill that is being debated at this moment in Canada that will absolutely strip the Canadian people of the last remnant
And America is America because we were a free country, and that freedom still lives in our hearts and minds, but not if we don't stand up and retake it.
You know, the amazing thing is, as I say on my show and I know you say on your show, freedom isn't free, but just it's amazing that the Illuminati and the people who pulled this off
You've been a city council member.
I was one of Nader's raiders.
I was one of those people who... I still believe a lot of the... I believe that the corporations have way too much control.
I'm a tree hugger.
I believe in the environment.
But the point is this, is that Ralph Nader is a Trojan horse.
There is absolutely zero question about that.
Now, George, let's explain that, because you were for Pat Buchanan in 1996.
To break all this down, you're a successful businessman, come from a good family, here in Austin, city council member.
Your name is on the building down there at AXIS TV, doing a lot of good things.
Your metamorphosis in waking up to all of this over the years gives you a unique perspective to see how environmentalism has been hijacked, to see how the left and right are controlled.
I described what happened at that Nader rally with the liberals coming up and hissing at me.
Give us your perspective on that.
Without banging my own drum, I think I have about as good environmental credentials as anybody here in Texas.
But the point is that the environmental movement has been absolutely hijacked by people in the elite who are using it to create more federalization, more command and control.
And clearly, as human beings, as awake and aware people, we absolutely have to protect...
Our earth, our water, and our sky.
That is a no-brainer.
But the very people that are using it to grab everybody's land, they're the ones doing the real pollution.
And it's such a juxtaposition of the truth.
And the amazing thing, for example, about four and a half years ago, Nader came in and he gave a big speech at one of our coliseums, and there was about 6,000 or 7,000 people there.
I think so.
Yeah, I think so.
But that's the question.
Why would the elite want Clinton in instead of George Herbert Walker?
And now, why do they want to keep George W. in?
Well, that's very simple.
The reason they wanted Clinton in is because the most... You know, you ask yourself, what are the fruits of the Clinton administration?
And besides allowing gays into the military, which to me is...
Another issue is the passage of NAFTA and GATT.
Ten months before Clinton got elected, his base of support was the intellectuals, the environmentalists, and the unions.
He was solidly opposed to NAFTA and GATT.
Then the boys in the blue suits came to visit him.
They said, hey, Bill, William Jefferson Clinton, our boy from Hope, Arkansas, do you want to be President of the United States?
And he, you know, being the good Jacques de Molay, he said, you betcha.
And he said, well, shut up about Napkin Gat.
Stay there.
We'll keep talking about it.
Take calls and have our next guest on as well.
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Look, it's clear that when the elite thinks they need a fake liberal to pacify the population...
Call today.
They put in the Democrat when they think they need a neocon to con the conservatives to move us further into the New World Order.
They put a George W. in.
Sounds great.
Yeah, um...
I wanted to know, what is your opinion, Mr. Humphreys, on the succession of people in the Bush administration coming out, you know, speaking out, talking about how... Yeah, why did John O'Neill come out about the planned attack on Iraq day one?
Why did... Thomas came out the other day.
You know, I mean, the fact is, is that there are...
A lot of the people who are working for both Republicans and Democrats still have some integrity, still have some honesty and the absolute criminality and the disgusting, tyrannical behavior of these people is even turning people who were loyal Democrats and loyal Republicans to speak the
Well, also, you know, they try to say, well, O'Neal's doing this because he's mad because he got, you know, canned, resigned.
But it doesn't matter.
We have the PNAC documents years before that with Dick Cheney saying it's all about oil.
So O'Neal doesn't matter.
He comes out.
It kind of makes it partisan.
Same thing with this, you know, Richard Clark.
You know, he's the guy that said, yeah, we flew the Bin Ladens out.
Well, we already knew that.
Then they can say, well, oh, he's a Democrat.
It doesn't matter.
We already have it substantiated in a hundred other places.
Go ahead, George.
Yeah, and I think you're saying, you know, you said it just right.
And there's going to be more and more of this because the Bush ship is sinking.
I mean, there's no question about it.
Now, the question is, is can they continue to use the smoke and mirrors to keep the people confused long enough to get them reelected?
To say that cheeseburgers are manufacturing?
Yeah, and to say that outsourcing even service jobs
He's good for the United States.
He's good.
Friends, the fact is that we have lost millions and millions and millions of good-paying...
Blue-collar jobs, manufacturing jobs.
And the people of this country cannot figure out or are not waking up that we are cutting our own throat.
And it's accelerating.
And it's accelerating.
And now we're even taking the $8 and $9 jobs and outsourcing them.
And it's accelerating.
The insanity of what is happening to our economy is just...
And again, unless the people of this country awaken to their own demise, no matter how intelligent or how clearly Alex speaks out.
You know, please listen to what Alex is saying.
Well, George, also, it's the globalists who don't plan to get rid of the middle class to make us more manageable and controllable.
Rodney, does that answer your question?
Well, I have one other point.
I just want to say, in my opinion, I don't think it's unreasonable to think that some of these people, i.e.
Clark and O'Neill, I don't think it's unreasonable that some of them have watched Alex Jones' videos.
Well, I appreciate the call.
Let's go ahead and talk to Wanda in Virginia.
Wanda, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
What a pleasure it is to finally reach you.
My problem is that we're school bus drivers in a small town called Bedford, and all of a sudden our supervisor comes up and says that we are going under the total matrix system.
And all of our concern is, is can you explain to
What exactly that details, I know it's going to include our pay rate,
And the way we're going to be governed by the supervisor.
Everything you're going to be track and trace.
Thumb scanners will go on the school buses.
You will thumb scan the children.
You will totally track and trace.
Everything you do will be monitored.
They'll put cameras in the school buses, wirelessly watching you.
Already happening in hundreds of school districts.
And again, the matrix system isn't a movie.
It's the local snooping grid for the NSA.
George, comments?
Exactly, and I think the first thing you should do, or anybody should do, is look up the word matrix in a dictionary and see what that means.
I did that.
And when you look at it, it really gives you a very strong clue about what is being planned for us.
I am not a piece of the puzzle, and I am not going to be a part of the matrix.
That's why Alex and I and you...
It's a control group.
And so many tens of thousands of others.
We are matrix busters.
We're the ones who are going to take the red pill, the proverbial red pill.
And George, George, this shows their arrogance that the Total Information Awareness Network is an all-seeing eye.
They're going to call the news surveillance blimps ISIS, the all-seeing eye goddess, the matrix system.
They're throwing it in our face.
Why is that?
Well, because they are so arrogant.
And first of all, they're human beings.
Most of these people are human beings.
And they are arrogant, and they are full of power, and then they are also, because of the immense, immense psychological studying that they've done, starting at the Tavistock Institute, is that they've realized... It's mass conditioning.
We've got a break.
Stay with us.
We'll all be back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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So a lot of different ways to listen to the show.
Before we go to our next guest, and George Humphrey is going to ride shotgun with us, and your calls are coming up too.
I think?
We're good to go.
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George, just briefly, because I want to go to Dr. Cuddy here in a second.
Describe some of your books and books on tape and what people will be getting if they order these.
Well, we have three different booklets.
There's the booklet for beginners called Common Sense and Introduction to the Dangers of the New World Order.
Yes, we are.
Your choice, the blue pill or the red pill, which is about 70 pages long, and this is for people who have been studying the New World Order for a longer period of time.
Now, both of these booklets, one of the things I've found is that very, very few people will read a 300 or 400 page book, but these are booklets that can be read in two or three hours.
There's lots of charts and graphs, a lot of great quotes,
We use the keep it simple approach.
We keep it simple but direct.
We've been doing really great as far as selling this.
The response has been wonderful.
About 9 or 10 months ago I came out with this new booklet called 9-11, The Great Illusion, Endgame of the Illuminati.
It has over 45 color pictures in it.
It's about 70 pages long, and it's really expensive.
I mean, we keep our prices way down just to add cost.
Absolutely, and I sell them in groups of five, or you get the books on tape, and then we give you, I think, three copies for free.
So folks, go to the websites, call the toll-free number.
Take action today, 1-888-253-3139, or write to me, Alex Jones, at 3001 South Lamar, L-A-M-A-R, Suite 100, Austin, Texas, 78704.
George, I know you know this guy.
He does a lot of great work, written some amazing books.
And he's written several books now on 9-11 itself.
One of his best books that I like is Secret Records Revealed.
These are public documents and secret documents that have been declassified where they talk about how the public schools are meant to dumb us down and the New World Order plan.
He's done so much great work.
He's Dr. Dennis Cuddy, and you can read some of his great articles at newswithviews.com or link through to some of his sites at infowars.com.
And he's written a new article called Power Elite Exposed about Skull and Bones and this whole control grid, and we'll tell you how to get his material later as well.
Dr. Cuddy, it's great to have you on the show with us.
Thanks for having me.
Tell us just in a nutshell, you've got a long bio I've had you on before, about yourself, and then let's launch into Skull and Bones, 9-11, your Freedom of Information Act request about who warned Mayor Willie Brown not to fly to New York on 9-11.
Let's just jump right into it.
Briefly, back when I was in school, in the high school years, I went to what was the first governor's school in the nation.
It was funded by Carnegie in the state where I live.
I became sort of suspicious then, and this is like 40 years ago, because they were asking us some rather strange questions until later on I got the
We're good to go.
I think?
That's where the research began.
I had taught in the public schools, then went back and got my doctorate, taught a little bit at UNC Chapel Hill, then went to the Federal Department of Education, which was an education in itself, doing battle with the liberals up there.
It was like a revolving door.
They would flood into the federal government when a candidate like Carter won, and then they'd flood back out to the Carnegie or Ford or Rockefeller foundations when they were out of power.
And about that time,
I got out when George Bush was talking about the New World Order.
I had already been collecting a lot of documentation on this.
I looked around and I said, let's see, he's talking about the need for a New World Order with points of light connected to service.
I dug through all my files and the only person I could find in history, and I'm a fairly good historian,
In hundreds and hundreds of years, that used those exact words all together was Alice Bailey, the leading occultist of the first half of the 20th century, whose works were published by Lucifer Publishing at first.
And so I came out with a book called Now is the Dawning of the New Age, New World Order.
And following that, Bill Clinton comes in.
And so I had gotten some of the secret records myself, very rare, that Carol Quigley, Bill Clinton's mentor at Georgetown, had gotten.
And got the taped interview of the Washington Post with him, and the Washington Post titled its article, The Professor Who Knew Too Much.
And so I was able to look at those secret records and piece them together, following up what Quigley did about Cecil Rhodes' secret society and using Rhodes Scholars to take over the world.
And now people are very receptive to all of this with Skull and Bones, the Skull and Bones presidency.
I mean, what does this mean that now we have two Skull and Bones candidates who are cousins, and we know it's an occult organization founded by the Illuminati.
I mean, from your incredible research, where is this taking us?
Well, as part of what you've talked about in the past, a dialectic, what they'll do is William Whitney, a big-moneyed Skull and Bones fellow about 120 years ago, developed a plan to contribute to both major political parties and then alternate power so the stupid public thought they had a choice when they really didn't.
And so you alternate with Skull and Bones, George H.W.
Bush, then Rhodes Scholar Bill Clinton, then Skull and Bones...
George W. Bush, who will either be succeeded for what would have been George W. Bush's second term, so you're guaranteed at least four more years of skull and bones, and so the alternation of power takes place then, let's say, Hillary in 2008.
Well, you know, her husband's a Rhodes Scholar, and she was on a Rhodes Scholar selection committee, the whole thing.
So anyway, it's a dialectic to make the people think they have a choice, but what it's moving us toward ultimately is a world socialist government, a synthesis of Eastern Communism and Western Capitalism, and I try to get the quotes.
I get the private letters between Winston Churchill and H.G.
Wells, the private letter from Colonel House to FDR to Colonel House,
And where he's talking about who controls the country, things like that.
Let me give you an example of this.
In my film, Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove, I go and I get Men in Power.
It's a political retrospective written by Helmut Schmidt, the German chancellor, before Cole.
And he says, I'm trilateral commission, I'm CFR, I'm Bilderberg Group, we're for world government, we have our own rituals and our own grove.
I love the rituals we do in Northern California.
They do it best there.
And people still say it's a conspiracy when the guy is saying they're world government occultists in his own book on bookstore shelves right now.
Yeah, it's actually become sort of an open, as H.G.
Wells called it, an open conspiracy is the way he termed it.
And he said we should just come on out in the open.
And he wrote the book New World Order in 37.
Well, a little late, 39, but he had done this early on.
I'll do this real quick.
He did one called Anticipations at the Turn of the Century, around 1901, where he said they would have a cause worth killing for.
In other words, you cross them, they'll kill you.
And he follows that up by another book called New Worlds for Old, around 1908, where he says, he called it a plot.
He said, we would use the London School of Economics to train socialists, and prime ministers, presidents come and go, but we'll get our socialists into government bureaucracies and stay forever and change the world.
And then he follows that up by the open conspiracy blueprint for world revolution in 1928, followed that by the shape of things to come in 1933.
Now, what's important about that one is he said in six years, around 1939, there will be a second world war originating over German-Polish disputes,
Blah, blah, blah.
He goes on and says, about 40 years, we'll have a new world order coming out of something at Basra, Iraq.
And he goes on and then culminates it in the book, The New World Order, 19... And this is published up.
We've got Pike, you know, 40 years before that, writing the exact same thing.
I mean, this is a master plan.
That's right.
That's right.
And I put in the book you mentioned, Secret Records Revealed, at the front you'll see
Swastikas, and they're not Nazi swastikas.
They're like the key to Seattle in 1907, the emblem of a bank in the U.S.
in 1920.
We just found a new Bohemian Grove book from 1902, and on the cover is a swastika.
Right, and Rudyard Kipling, in his 1890s series of books, has swastikas on that cover, and he was part of Cecil Rhodes' plan to take over the world.
And again, so Hitler was one of their wind-up toys.
Yeah, he was sort of the end of this elitist... In fact, if you go and... I don't know if they removed him, but they used to have lots of swastikas in the Skull and Bones Vault at Yale.
Because prior to Hitler, it was known as an elitist organization, and Hitler was just picking up at the end of that.
And are you aware what the ancient meaning of the swastika is from the Vedas?
It is the symbol of time either moving forward or backwards.
And from the Vedic point of view, it's very spiritual.
But again, the juxtaposition is that they have taken it, and it is a symbol for them of controlling time.
Yeah, and what you'll find is a sort of connection with all of these.
You'll find Albert Pike, who was the Scottish Rite Grand Master, writing after he wrote Morals and Dogmas in 1870 and 1871.
He wrote a book about the Vedas, and in there, just like in Morals and Dogmas, he's praising Lucifer, and then Madame Blavatsky in here walking arm-in-arm in the streets of Washington, D.C.,
She was a founder of Theosophy, and so she has a lot of swastikas, and her successor is Annie Besant, and she writes about the secret doctrine and so on.
So there's a juxtaposition of all of these groups right at about that time.
Now, Dr. Cuddy, why doesn't the ADL talk about this?
I mean, they'll call somebody who's not a Nazi a Nazi, but then do nothing with skull and bones where they supposedly have Hitler's silverware.
Well, I believe they may be a quasi-Masonic organization.
That is a control arm that isn't really concerned about Jews, but they're just using the label to attack people.
Well, I've seen a fair amount of that.
What's interesting is while they will attack certain people...
You'll find that they don't attack Arnold Schwarzenegger too much, even though, as you put on the front of your Infowars, you have a picture there, I believe, of Arnold with his clenched fist, I mean, his pointed finger straight out, very much like the Hitlerian salute.
Well, and he said, I don't care if Kurt Voltheim's a Nazi.
I love him.
I'm going to campaign for him.
And he goes to meetings with him to this day.
But at a 1978 bodybuilding contest, became screaming in front of thousands, get all ins out.
I hate blacks.
You're subhuman.
Now, what you've got to remember is during the dialectic, a lot of people say, well, look at the commies or the Nazis and so forth.
What you've got to remember is that just like there's a, quote, communist threat, communist plan and so forth,
The Nazis early on, and this I think involved of all time as well, way before Hitler loses in 1945, the German general staff has come up with this plan to take over the world in two generations.
This is after they lose.
And then it just came out in Boston and other papers that until the early 50s, the Nazi money is still being funneled through Prescott Bush.
Yeah, Prescott Sheldon Bush and that toll and the Brown Brothers Harriman and all of that, and they leave the Rockefeller oil tankers alone.
So they then leverage that money into their own continual power base.
Yeah, now this is important.
Let me pick back up on that.
What you had was part of that Nazi plan was to put people early on, and I'll give you one example besides of all time.
Early on into two successive countries.
In other words, they would send them underground to, let's say, Holland and then to the U.S., something like that.
And they would infiltrate chambers of commerce, banking, corporations, and so forth, so that in two generations, this is beginning around the 1990s, they would be able to have controlling people in key positions to fulfill their plan.
Now, an example would be Paul Dickoff, who most of you listeners probably never heard of.
Dick Hoff went underground in 1941, and he pops up around 1970 as head of Interpol.
Now, what better place to keep tabs on Alex Jones or George Humphries or Dennis Cuddy than head of Interpol?
It's amazing.
And then we had Kirk Valtime as the head of the UN.
That's another example.
That's right.
But there's many of them, and that was part of the German General Staff's plan.
Well, Austria had that when they helped take over Poland by getting their people in, and now they want to change the law so Arnold can be president.
That's right.
The law, I think, was it Orrin Hatch said 20 years, and Arnold's been here 21 or something like that.
Well, now Kennedy came out yesterday, Ted Kennedy, and said he wants to change it for Arnold.
Oh, sure.
But Orrin Hatch also is a Republican, so it's a bipartisan effort.
We can have a real live Nazi as our president with the Patriot Act.
It'll match the black uniforms, everything.
Well, if you want to do some research, I haven't gotten to the bottom of this, but you might check on the connection between Arnold's father and Peter Drucker, a big management guru, money people, who's behind a lot of this church growth movement today.
And a little-known German Nazi general named Fritz Kramer, K-R-A-E-M-E-R.
Whoever starts digging into Fritz Kramer's background, bad things start happening to them.
But apparently all three of them were at the same place at the same time during the Second World War.
Also, Arnold's mother is married to one of the former top Nazi generals after his daddy died, the police chief.
So the point is, it's not just a commie thing.
They control all the big organized thug systems.
George Humphrey, a comment to what he's saying?
Well, I am just so impressed by your wealth of information, and I am so in agreement with what you're saying.
And it's not a matter of communists versus Nazis.
It's command and control.
I think so.
All right, stay there, gentlemen, because I want to get back and talk about when they're going to launch the next attack, how we can hopefully stop them, and then take some calls and get more into Dr. Dennis Cuddy's research of skull and bones, 9-11, his Freedom of Information Act request.
About people getting warnings not to fly.
We'll be right back.
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There's a lot of ground I want to cover, but we've got Dr. Cotty and George Humphrey with us into the next hour.
We'll get to your calls later in the next hour, and we've got a lot of people holding.
But Dr. Cuddy's got so much information, so does George.
We're honored to have both of them.
Just briefly going back into Arnold for a second, because it shows this double standard, where you're a pro-gun group, never said a word about race, but the ADL and Simon Wiesenthal Center attack you.
It's horrible as we sit here and fight real Nazis, but again, they're part of this occult branch, as Helmut Schmidt said.
They helped found some of these organizations, and you've got Arnold with Lord Rothschild a year before he gets elected governor.
All these prime movers together.
So, Dr. Cuddy, from your research of this, it looks like they're really going to try to put Arnold in as president.
What's the point of that?
Well, he would be, remember the dialectic, a sort of synthesis.
He's supposed to be a Republican, but Maria Shriver is his handler, and she's coming at him from the left as a pro-abortion type of person.
And the synthesis, Bella Dodd, who was a notable communist, but then converted and testified before Congress, she said she was surprised to ultimately learn when she got toward the top of the Communist Party here,
How the big power money people were actually funding both sides, the far right Nazi types and the far left.
And so the occult ultimately, as you just said, plays a big part of it.
Now people say, oh yeah, weirdos 100 years ago.
No, what you've got to remember is today you have little known people like Corinne McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson.
They put out a book called Spiritual Politics.
Now they're big advocates.
This is not an expose.
And in there, Davidson worked with Lucis Trust, which was formerly Lucifer Publishing.
McLaughlin was on Joe Clinton's task force for sustainable development in the White House.
And they put out a journal called Sirius, you know, the dog star, all this.
And they characterized FDR and Woodrow Wilson as first-rate disciples and sixth-rate disciples and all this stuff.
Well, the Nazis, as we all know, were heavily into the occult.
What's little known is that in the end of the Second World War, Nuremberg, Winston Churchill said, don't get into the occult aspect of the Nazis.
And the reason is, Winston himself was a druid.
And I have a picture of him being initiated back around 1908.
And I have a letter from him writing to H.G.
Wells saying, I can't talk about certain things outside the, quote, secret circle.
Now, that's not the cabinet.
Everybody knows who the Minister of Defense is.
That was the Knights of the Secret Circle who started the Klan, Albert Pike, Masonic Orders.
Yeah, so that's something one might want to look into.
But anyway, the occult is heavily behind all of this stuff, moving us forward.
And Alice Bailey said the plan will be fulfilled around the year 2025, so that's their goal.
George, any comments to this?
Well, I am just... I have studied all of the information that he has put out for 15 years, and it is so refreshing to hear somebody who is aware of what's going on and who realizes that what we're dealing with is just not a corporate mindset, is that what we're dealing with is something far more technologically and...
From a dark level of cult.
I mean, these people don't just want our money or our political power.
They want our soul energy.
Well, Revelation says that these kings of the earth, these merchants, trade in our souls.
And Dr. Cuddy, they're obsessed with dumbing us down and making us mindless cattle.
What does my infiltration of Bohemian Grove mean to all of this?
I mean, here we have them worshipping Moloch on video.
Yeah, and at the back of my secret records revealed, I go a little bit into that, F-Bail and bail, and if you control, what happened is, in the old days, whoever controlled in Israel, the Via Maris, which controlled world trade, would control the world.
So they're more or less duplicating that.
Through economics, they hope to, you know, through global economy, and control of it, who controls the world government.
And there's this sort of cultic aspect of it.
You have them talking about this Sidonian king, and that was mentioned in Lord Tennyson's books early on in the 1800s.
And he joined the Society for Psychical Research later.
We've got a break.
Third hour coming up.
Everybody, stay with us.
Third hour with George Humphrey and, of course, Dr. Dennis Cuddy.
I'm Alex Jones.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Talking to George Humphrey and of course Dr. Dennis Cotty.
We'll tell you how to get Dr. Cotty's amazing books coming up in the next segment.
We'll also get some of your calls.
They'll be with us for the rest of this hour.
I've got a bunch of topical news stories I want to throw out at them.
We were getting into the occult nature of the New World Order.
I mean, they really are occultists.
And this question goes to George and to Dr. Cuddy.
A lot of atheists, so-called liberals, you know, oh, I don't believe in God.
You know, the establishment has taught them that this is progressive and intelligent.
You know, oh, that's ridiculous.
So when I talk about Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, the Thule Society, Hitler...
The Druids, all this occultism, they say, oh, that's ridiculous, that doesn't exist.
Because they don't believe in God.
Well, the point is, even if you don't believe in God, our leaders believe in this dark, you know, horned God devil they're following.
That's enough to show you their mindset.
So that belief does exist, and I'm a Christian.
I know that spiritually it exists as well.
But comments, I mean, how do we reach out to somebody who was taught that it's taboo to even look into a leadist involved in the occult when throughout history they've been obsessed with it?
Well, as Jesus, and I call Jesus by his name and body, which is Yeshua ben Joseph, Yeshua said, let the dead bury the dead.
And as all three of us know, there are some people, some of our friends, people that we know, that no matter how much evidence, we could show them pictures of what's going on, and they wouldn't believe it because...
Their ability to comprehend their cognitive dissonance is so incredible.
What we have to do is that we have to use discernment of who we are going to share this information with because when we spread this information to people who are blind and who will not listen, we are just wasting our bullets.
Let me get a comment from Dr. Cuddy on that.
I mean, people do, through the mental gymnastics, psychologically deny what's happening.
But I have to say again, in the last six years, I've seen a total shift.
I've done 1,500 radio interviews, and I think one caller out of 50, it was one caller out of 30, calls in and disagrees.
Dr. Cuddy?
Yeah, there is some positive signs.
The problem is not only are there individuals that we have to come up against, but the opposition has a process that is developing
For example, in the early 30s, the Rockefeller Foundation said, we're going to be about the business of controlling human behavior, social control.
They sent their medical director around during the Second World War to find out who they could fund to do this.
Alan Gregg came up with a Tavistock out of England.
One of their senior level people, Fred Emery, developed what he called the theory of social turbulence, where
What you do is if you confront people with enough crises, economic, spiritual, whatever, political, they'll go into psychological retreat.
So that's what they've been turning people, you know, the phrase about 25 years ago, turned off, tuned out.
And so that way they drive down the participation of people in the political process, so with fewer people participating, it's easier to control it.
So it's really trauma-based mind control shocking us into submission.
In fact, Edward Bernays, who was Sigmund Freud's nephew in 1928, became the chief advisor to William Paley, a CFR member who was beginning CBS in that date.
And at the same time, he authored a book called Propaganda, where he said, we're an invisible government, we know how to manipulate you, we know how to control you, and that's what we're doing.
And so what they did, picking up on what you said just before the break, is it's not only socioeconomic and political, but religious as well.
Now, you've got, with the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Kissinger, the 50s, saying that.
Later on, you have Barry Goldwater in his book, with no apologies, saying that's what the trilaterals are about, too, ecclesiastical control.
Now, how does it play out in practice?
What happens is, Rockefeller, who was chairman of the CFR from 19...
Those out, we're about to get to a break.
70 to 85.
Yeah, we'll come back, and then we'll get directly into your Freedom of Information Act request.
We'll get into what you think of the 9-11 Commission, both of you, and we'll take calls.
Stay with us.
This is so important.
It's all out in the open.
They're so arrogant, they think you won't even read their own public policy reports.
We'll be back.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
Mainstream media.
Big Brother.
Government cover-ups.
Well, so does he.
You want answers?
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
To boil it down, we're facing balkanization.
They balkanize us into liberal, conservative, black, white.
But at the top, all our supposed leaders, whether it's a Jesse Jackson or George W. Bush or Hillary Clinton or Chuckie Schumer or John F. Kerry, they're all meeting together, they're all steering, they have their own policies that they're bringing forward.
And we're talking to Dr. Dennis Cuddy.
I want to get into...
More of what he was talking about, how they manipulate us, then I want to get into the election skull and bones, his Freedom of Information Act request, what's going on with the 9-11 whitewash, and get George Humphrey's comments on that as well, and have some time to get to your calls.
But continuing, Dr. Cuddy.
Okay, picking up on what you just said, Rhodes Scholars, Cecil Rhodes' plan, Society Elect, Secret Society, they were generally chosen to be liberal globalist types, generally.
Skull and bones are chosen generally to be the more conservative globalists, though they have liberals too.
However, the point is, both of them, regardless, liberal, conservative, whatever, they all support NAFTA, they all support GATT, and so forth.
They support open borders, they support gun control, they support campaign finance reform, they support arming China.
And most favored nation status for China, and so forth.
So, picking up what I just said, the mechanism of control...
It comes through organizations like Tavistock and their theories in the National Training Labs, which was set up to some extent by the NEA, National Education Association.
So how it plays out in practicality is Rockefeller is in the early 60s, and he is in the cafeteria line at a university in Milwaukee, of all places, if you can believe that.
Along comes this senior named Wayne Peterson.
And here's Rockefeller.
He says, come here, kid.
And Wayne comes over there and he says, you know, we really want you in the Peace Corps.
So Wayne goes in the Peace Corps.
Rockefeller has him sent down to South America where he grabs the blueprint for a Brazilian social welfare state.
As soon as he gets back, he walks in his front door.
There sitting in his house is Melvin Laird, Secretary of Defense for Nixon.
He says, hey, kid, we've got to get you a position in the federal government.
He gets them in there, and the guy becomes in charge of the Fulbright Program, where they can select all these choice scholars they send all over the world.
And by the early 80s, he's on the Merv Griffin Show promoting Lord Maitreya, who's supposed to be a reincarnation of Jesus Christ, and he's going to save us from all of our problems.
And so they go through this sort of occultic aspect that has a tradition way back through church.
I have one of the copies of Lucifer, back from the 1880s.
You know, with a little angel, Lucifer, coming down.
And inside, it's like autographed by Verena Churchill at the top of the page.
And so they have this control mechanism of these guys like Wayne Peterson all over.
They pick them out selectively for certain purposes to get and keep the road set.
We want to penetrate journalism, economics, education, and politics.
And to some extent, other places, too.
But it's a congruency.
George, comments?
One of the things is that within that whole group, is that within the Rockefeller brothers, then there is a further diversification, such as Lawrence Rockefeller has been very, very involved in the occultic environmental aspects.
And again, it's a juxtaposition.
They take something that is good.
They take something such as environmentalism and turn it into command and control.
They take things such as metaphysical study and turn it into occult manipulation.
Dear ones, if we don't get this information, information is power, which is so true.
The information that you're hearing right now from this doctor is
Is incredible.
And, Doctor, do you ever come to Texas at all?
No, I wish I could.
Well, if you ever come to Texas, we would love to have you on our television show.
And I'm sure that Alex would love to have you on your show, too, because you are a wealth of information, my friend.
Now, let's go through the information.
Again, Skull and Bones election, obviously Kerry and Bush.
It's a stage deal.
They swear oaths to each other up front.
What do you see happening with the election, Dr. Cotty?
I don't want to get into 9-11.
Okay, but if I might take just 15, 30 seconds to pick up on what he just said, because that's really important what George said.
The branch comes off to Stephen Rockefeller as well, Nelson Rockefeller's son, who actually wrote the Earth Charter for Mikhail Gorbachev,
And for Maurice Strong, and they say it's a new Ten Commandments, and that's why you have an assault on Judge Moore and the biblical Ten Commandments today, because the U.N., with Zeus at the front of the place, and it's Earth, Sabbath, and all of its occultic and Lucis Trust managing the meditation room, wants to substitute the biblical Ten Commandments to get them out of the way so they can have their new Ten Commandments, and Stephen Rockefeller's been drafting them.
And a caveat, two days after 9-11...
Secretary General of the UN, Kofi Annan, comes out and says, See, religion caused this.
We must have a one-world religion.
That's right.
That's what John Dewey called a common faith.
He co-authored the first Humanist Manifesto in 1933.
And basically, he is the one who has changed education and dumbed the kids down on purpose.
And we also have to look at our good friends in Red China right now.
And if you are not a member of the state-sponsored religion...
Well, they're having their organs stolen.
They're being murdered.
And the UN gives China awards.
This is the model country.
Well, Rockefeller in 1973 wrote an article in the New York Times saying what a great guy Chairman Mao was.
In fact, I've got the quote in my book.
He said that, you know, regardless of what happened during the Communist Revolution, it was a great test and showed us all the wonderful things, and he's so good.
Okay, now, to show how they link, briefly, I know you want to get on to something else, but this is important.
What happens is, in China, there's a Dangan.
It's sort of like the Nazis' Arbeitsbuch.
It's your value, your portfolio, your worth to the society, the community.
And what we did here was we modeled school-to-work after that.
The criteria are very, very similar.
School-to-work, you have to choose a certain occupational cluster when you go through school.
They decide what you're going to be, who you're going to be in an artificial class system.
Yeah, yeah.
So like you were saying about, what was your comment?
I've got it written down here.
It's a good comment.
The other day you were on a...
George Norris Show, and you said the plantation elite managers of this global feudal system.
And that's exactly what they are.
I mean, it goes way back and so on.
But anyway, the School to Work was modeled after that.
That was developed by Carnegie Outfit, the National Center on Education and the Economy, and the guy who was in charge of that was where I was in the Federal Department of Education just before I got there.
So I'm really familiar with these people and what they're up to.
Doctor, have you studied the Raelians at all?
Well, it is a group up in Canada, in French Canada and in France right now.
Their symbol is a swastika inside the Jewish star.
Knowing as much as you know, I think that you would find them extremely interesting.
Yeah, it's an obvious front cult group.
They are an obvious front cult.
They are pushing cloning right now.
The world leaders will have to kill us, but then we'll be reborn after we go to the extermination centers.
But let me read this quote since Dr. Cuddy raised it.
Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded...
Not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose.
The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao's leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history.
David Rockefeller's statement in 73 about Mao.
New York Times, August 10, 73.
Yeah, and the way that happened was his daddy, granddaddy,
John D. Rockefeller is the one who introduced Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood to all the money people.
And then she put into the birth control review, and she had Ernst Rudin.
And she gave awards to Hitler, got awards from Hitler.
And I would also add to that, again, China's the model, that I was watching History Channel three years ago, and they had the former section chief of the CIA in 1949 going, oh, yeah, contrary to popular belief, we put Mao into power.
We thought he was better.
Here's the government admitting they put Mao in.
We already knew that doctor, but to have him on TV admitting it, why are they doing that?
Well, because they want to ease this stuff out.
We already knew George Marshall had withheld from Chiang Kai-shek the important pieces of his ammunition.
And then George, of course, joined the IPS, the leftist outfit from California, and just happened to be one of them.
And then Eisenhower, who everybody thinks is a big conservative, he proposed a one-world army under a one-world flag.
And so there's this whole tradition...
Back then, that most people aren't aware about.
And that's when they went after McCarthy when he found out there was a level above communism, and he said, the army's running communism.
That's when they freaked out and went after him.
Yeah, and then, picking up what George said about the French-Canadian group, tell me why, out of all the possible web servers, George W. Bush in 2000 would pick Illuminati Online to be his server.
Why did he do that?
I didn't know that.
In Austin, Texas.
Well, they used to have a big billboard right here on Congress Boulevard, but I didn't know whether they were still in business or not.
He chose Illuminati Online.
Yeah, I think the guy's named Steven Jackson there.
He's into, like, we should resettle Mars, you know, weird stuff.
And his place was broken into by the Secret Service.
They thought he was shuttling or pirating data from various people back around 1990.
So even after all this negative publicity comes along, and he does this Illuminati board game with these little weird cards.
What happens is, out of all of the web servers, and he says, this is 1999, congratulations to George W. Bush, who's going to run for president, for choosing Illuminati Online to be his web server, even though he could have chosen lots of other fine Austin web servers.
He chose us, blah, blah, blah.
So why would he do that?
Well, why would Francois Mitterrand have a gold pyramid built outside the Louvre with 666 pieces of gold glass?
I didn't know that.
We'll come back, get into 9-11, get into the election, and yes, your calls, I promise.
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Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
George Humphrey, Dr. Dennis Cotty, I'm Alex Jones.
Your call is in the next segment.
We've got to move quick now.
In the next segment, we'll also tell you how to get Dr. Cotty's book, so get ready for that.
Dr. Cuddy, George, Humphrey, let's get into it right now.
Just real quick, boom, the Skull and Bones operation, what do you see happening in the election, both of you?
When do you see the next big terror attack that we know they're going to carry out, or how do we stop them from doing that, I guess exposing them?
And then, of course, the 9-11 Whitewash Commission and your Freedom of Information Act request.
Dr. Cuddy, let's get right into it.
Okay, what you have is a typical shadow boxing here that's staged.
Curry's the big liberal spending Democrat, and George Bush is the irresponsible cowboy.
He's pro-wrestling.
Yeah, yeah, that's right.
But what you will find, I think, towards the election is a surprise will happen.
They'll either find a little, not a stockpile, little weapons of mass destruction.
Maybe they'll get Osama bin Laden.
We're good to go.
I think?
As we speak, they're conducting hearings.
Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell up there in Washington defending themselves.
They look so guilty.
And one of the things that I had tried to do is, when I looked at airlinebiz.com June 23rd of 2001, this Muslim reporter said, I just talked to Osama and it's a matter of who attacks whom first.
The U.S.
or Osama attacked the U.S., we attacked him.
Next month, Northwest Airlines flight attendance website, there they're talking about projects, you know, Bochinkin hijacking airlines, crash them in the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and so on.
So I'm watching this, and then the day before 9-11, you have some top Pentagon officials suddenly canceling their travel plans for the next morning, apparently because of security concerns.
That's MSNBC.
And late at night, Mayor Willie Brown gets a late-night call around 10 o'clock telling him and all Americans to watch their air travel, something big's in the works.
Then we see on the 11th,
Nick Cheney's in his bunker with Norm Mineta.
In comes the Nate, said the plane is 50 miles out.
Comes back a little later.
The plane is 30 miles out.
A little later.
The plane is 10 miles out.
Did the orders still stand to shoot it down?
Cheney looks around.
Of course the orders still stand.
And nobody's changing it.
Well, where was the shoot down?
Where was the warning to the people of the Pentagon?
Hey guys, maybe you want to get in a bunker too.
So anyway, I filed a Freedom of Information request and Homeland Security finally responded and said, Welp,
About these warnings you're asking about, we found 12 of these information circulars fitting your warnings, emergency rule, and so forth, but we're not going to let you see them.
We have this technical exemption, so you're not going to look at them.
And that's the Patriot Act.
No more getting the dirt on them.
And so I've appealed, and I got a call from NBC the other day, and they're anxious to see what happens to my appeal, but Homeland Security is going to drag its feet out.
And again, you're wanting to know who told the mayor not to fly, who told the generals not to fly, and we've got it that it was Condoleezza Rice.
Well, I'd appreciate knowing, you know, get that documentation to me if you can.
All right, well, I've got the stories.
I can dig them out of the file, but that's the info we've got.
What have you gotten on it since you've been researching it?
On that?
Yes, sir.
That's what I'm waiting to find out.
George, comments to what the doctor's saying?
My crystal ball is not as clear as it could be, but I do feel as though George W. is going to be re-elected.
That's not a for certainty, but I just don't see Kerry getting in, especially with Ralph Nader coming out to siphon off votes.
Well, I was told that two years ago.
Whether that's true or not, we'll just have to wait and see.
But what I am more concerned about is in the two or three months after, whether either Kerry or Bush gets elected.
Because that's when I think the real...
I think that there is a real possibility of another Hegelian event that will make 9-11 seem relatively small.
Just as we went from Ruby Ridge up to Waco, up to Oklahoma City, there is a progression of violence.
9-11 is tightening the newsreel firm, and now the executioner's got his hand on the lever.
Dr. Cuddy, do you concur?
Yeah, they set it up by a repeat of the election of 1992, where you have Ross Perot in 1912, where you have half Roosevelt.
Teddy takes enough votes away from him to put Woodrow Wilson in.
The same thing here.
And so they have to have another incident, whether it's a helicopter with shoulder-launched rockets going into Texas football stadium with 70,000 people, whatever.
Hey, don't give them ideas, Dr. Cuddy.
Uh, you're right.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us, folks.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
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I want to keep our gut in right to the end of the show.
I want to go ahead and go to your calls here in about two minutes.
Now, in the last segment, I want to throw four or five news articles today out at our guests and get their quick, rapid-fire response to it, but
We're about to go to your calls.
I appreciate you holding this.
This has all been very important, so we've had to spend some time on it.
Just briefly, we're about to tell you how to get Dr. Cuddy's books.
They're great.
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There's also my videos, my films, my book, the other book I published, a lot of other great material from other great authors.
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So again, please take action, get this material, get it out to everybody.
Dr. Cuddy, how do people get your books?
You've written quite a few.
I've read, I think, three of them.
Secret Records Revealed and your 9-11 book and one other.
How do people get those?
What do you recommend?
Well, let me ask first.
I don't want to give another number if you think you might be carrying them.
Oh, no, no.
I was saying I'd like to carry them sometime, but go ahead and give yours out.
Toll-free, 888-891-3333.
888-891-3300 What's that number again?
888-891-3300 And folks, these are so well documented.
These are incredible books.
What books do you recommend?
Well, the latest ones are Cover Up, Government Spinner Truth, which is about September 11th and Iraq.
The one before that was September 11th, Prior Knowledge.
The one before that was called The Globalist, The Power Elite Exposed.
And the one before that, Secret Records Revealed.
And again, these are very well bibliographed.
They've got where the globalists said it, where they did it.
I mean, you want to prove something to somebody, these books will do it.
And that number is 888-891-3300.
What about websites where people can get them, Docker?
Well, you can also go to RadioLiberty.com or NewsWithViews.com.
All right.
NewsWithViews.com or Dr. Stan Monteith's fine ministry at RadioLiberty.com or 888-891-3300.
Please take action.
Let's go to the calls, as promised.
George Humphrey, jump in any time you want.
We're honored to have you ride your shotgun with us.
Mark in Minnesota, and quickly callers.
Mark, go ahead.
Yeah, I think the way that everything's going to come to a halt, most of these politicians, I think they're intelligent dummies is what they are.
I think they're going to end up suiciding their own dollar.
I'm very concerned about the prospect of
Well, the World Economic Forum said they were going to do that four years ago, and this is part of a larger plan.
George, you want to talk about how they're engineering the drop in the dollar?
Well, clearly, it doesn't take a doctorate in economics to understand that the value of the dollar is going to be continuing to drop.
By the way, George has a degree in economics, but go ahead.
Yeah, there are three ways that the president or the government can manipulate the currency.
That's either through tax cuts.
It's through fiscal policy or monetary policy.
The President has fired all of his shells, and the value of the American currency, which is a fiat currency, is devaluating as we speak.
And the base of the whole system, the middle class jobs, they're exporting those and saying it's good.
Dr. Cuddy?
It is insane.
And unfortunately, there are not many currencies that have hard currencies that a prudent investor can get to.
So there is not a secret in protecting your assets.
But do be aware that the value of the dollar will be going down.
It's already gone down by 40-plus percent, Dr. Cotty.
Yeah, and adding to that, NAFTA, GATT, and so forth, severely hurt the manufacturing jobs.
The outsourcing has sent high-tech jobs to India, places like that, and then guest workers will undercut the service industry.
So it's a leveling of wages thereafter globally.
And this is what they always said they'd do.
Quote, we have two highest standards of living.
This will teach us.
This will consolidate the power, they say.
And so, Mark, this is by design.
I have the World Bank documents.
Three years old now.
This is their plan, Mark.
They want to do this.
And they don't care if you riot because they've got the riot police ready.
That's why they federalize the police and have geared up for this.
This is part of the plan.
Go ahead and finish up, Mark.
Yeah, you look at this big spending orgy going on.
Of course, what they do to finance this, they take bonds and send them over to the FOMC.
The FOMC writes out a check, creating all new funds that they inject in the loan market.
Basically, they're just creating all this new money out of thin air to finance their spending.
And I tell you, when I try talking to some of these aides, to congressmen and so forth, and I start talking about inflation and pointing out that that is what inflation is, creating all new money out of thin air,
And it's like I'm talking to somebody from a different planet, and I think a lot of these politicians, they're victims of this very system.
Yeah, thanks for the call.
They're in their own little compartmentalized bubble.
You were in Washington, Dr. Cuddy.
George, you worked in politics here in Texas.
I mean, a lot of these people really are educated idiots, are they not?
Well, it's my experience that most of the public officials that I know, and I was very involved with the Democratic Party for a long period of time, is that even at the upper levels, they do not understand the dynamics or how money is manipulated or managed.
After you add on a couple of zeros after a million, it just gets to be zeros.
And it is very, very frightening, even when you have a relatively mid-sized city such as Texas, when you have city council people who are making budget decisions that do not understand the process or the responsibility.
Budget decisions in the tens of billions.
They talk about California with some bond proposal.
Ooh, victory for Arnold.
That was chicken feet compared to the $45 to $70 trillion in debt.
And that, by the way, is the Dallas Morning News.
Dr. Cuddy?
Yeah, a huge amount of the bonds are actually owned overseas.
And the Saudis have a trillion dollars in our stock market and a trillion dollars in our banks.
And that's one reason...
The Bush administration has been so deferential to them.
I put in one of my books a 1911 cartoon where Karl Marx is on Wall Street, and under his arm is a book not called Communism but Socialism, and he's being greeted by J.P.
Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, and all these guys, and they say, delighted.
And people today will say, what's this, capitalist and Marxist?
The monopoly capitalists, the big money boys, they love socialism because if they can buy politicians, then they can act in rules and regulations to keep their competition down so they can have these transnational... Yeah, they're the power behind the throne.
Let's go to the next caller.
Let's talk to Paula in Texas.
Go ahead.
Paula, thanks for holding.
Yes, Alex.
I called in yesterday about the article in the Houston Chronicle about the IRS outsourcing the...
Yeah, even the government's outsourcing the jobs to India, and again, it's going to get seven times worse, according to Congressional Budget Office.
Dr. Cuddy?
Yeah, and George Bush, the big pro-American guy, didn't he have some of his campaign hats made in Burma?
But don't worry, in St.
Louis, he stood in front of boxes with Made in America spray painted on them, so that's enough.
At least he did that, you know.
Well, I also wanted to call in today.
My husband and I, we own all ten of your videos.
And my library here in Pasadena, which is a suburb of Houston, they have two branches, and they check out videos all the time.
So I talked to a lady up there, and we can actually donate your videos to the library.
That's a great way to get the word out.
You can also get them George's books or Dr. Cuddy's books.
All right.
Yeah, when I had ordered my last three videos, they were supposed to send me Uncommon Sense, but I never got it.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
You should call our office.
We get stuff wrong often because there's a lot of orders.
But call my office, and we'll get that Uncommon Sense out to you.
I appreciate it.
In fact, let me give you that number to the office, not to order, but for any problems.
It's 512-291-5700.
So thank you for the call.
Let's go ahead now and talk to... Who's up next here?
John in Tennessee.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Alex, you talk about Pearl Harbor as treason by FDR and the War Department, but that's not the only sabotage in World War II.
The History Channel ran a program about the mafia bombing New York City during World War II as just another extortion racket.
Lucky Luciano bombed and sank the Normandy, which was a French cruise ship converted to freighter.
And of course the idiot government and police blamed Nazi sabotage.
So they hired the fascist Italian mafia to protect the docks.
But in that report, if you really look at it, they were just using criminals to carry out a problem-reaction solution, and now in historical retrospective, they come back and say, oh, it was really the mob, but they don't pass the membrane or the blood barrier to the central core.
Any comments on that, gentlemen?
Well, the lies about all... As we have to remember, the victors always write the history, and one of the parts of history that is forgotten is that...
Dwight Eisenhower, who is seen by most Americans as the grandfather, actually ordered probably one of the largest holocausts of all of the 20th century when he starved and put the German prisoners in places where there was no food and no medicine.
And again, the victors write the history, and that's why it is so essential for us to be aware of this.
Dr. Cuddy, comments?
Yeah, and to some extent, don't just look at the surface.
For example, what happened was largely the responsibility of the British.
They had infiltrated our systems.
They did fake polling in Chicago to say there was support for the war.
They put their women with our generals.
They had a fake map production factory in Toronto that they gave to FDR, and he went waving around saying, the New World Order.
He used that term.
Here's Hitler's New World Order.
I have a map.
I even have the Disney piece where it's, Oompa, oompa, oompa-dee-do, it blows the world over for you.
Have you seen that?
No, but I saw a Japanese film that said that.
It's incredible.
Go ahead.
I'll stop interrupting.
Mayor Giuliani's entire family worked as mafia hitmen, hijackers, and armed robbers, and extortionists, and that's reported by the New York Daily News, Village Voice, and the book,
Thanks for the call.
Isn't that really what the New World Order is, to boil it down for cops and people listening?
It's just generational, sophisticated, organized crime syndicates, and their industry is conning and scamming.
I mean, isn't that what we're dealing with here, gentlemen?
Go ahead, Doctor.
Yeah, and don't forget it goes back a long time, and drugs are involved, opium from... That's what founded the Skull and Bones, yeah.
Yeah, yeah, Russell, right.
And remember, the Delanos were very, very involved with that opium shipping from India over to China, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was born in palatial wealth, nobody ever asked where his family got that money, and as most of your people know, is that they got that from drug running.
Well, I mean, just like Connecticut was built on whaling, Hyde Park in New York was built on smack, known as lottem before that.
Let's go ahead and take another call.
Frank in West Virginia.
Frank, go ahead.
Yes, I'd like to thank you, first of all, for your fine guest.
You have some wonderful guests on today.
I'd like to ask them concerning a question, the Luciferian connection between the New Age movement
Dr. Cuddy, do you have any comments for Frank?
Not in any very technical way.
I had been interested in 666 and where it came from and from the Old Testament and what it means.
Why are they so obsessed with 666?
I mean, in the corporate symbols, Time Warner, Diamond Shamrock.
Why did Francois Mitterrand want that pyramid built with 666 pieces?
Because of the occult nature.
I'm going to let that caller go.
He's got a bad phone.
Go ahead and answer the question.
Because of the occult nature of all of them.
The origins of it are that way.
You track it back to ISIS and Osiris, and you go back to the Templars.
And the new Homeland Security blimp is called Mighty ISIS.
Yeah, and the all-seeing eye with DARPA.
The whole bit.
The top is supposed to be Horus, and then ISIS on the bottom left, and Osiris on the bottom right.
It has all kinds of occult symbology.
I really haven't gotten into the specific numerology of it.
Well, look at the Spain bombing.
911 days from 9-11, 3-11.
That's a triple deal.
They love that numerology.
Let's talk to Phil in Oregon.
Phil, you're on the air.
Another example of the satanic symbolism.
Go ahead.
DWTV reported in the first or second issue of their magazine program in December that
About Silvio Berlusconi's tomb.
And they pointed out all of the satanic ram symbolism inside his tomb.
And I thought, boy, touche for you, Alex.
And tell folks who that is.
Tell folks who you're talking about.
He's the Prime Minister or President of Italy.
And they highlighted the satanic symbols inside his mausoleum, which he is building as he lives today.
Pretty gruesome stuff.
Alex, kudos to you.
Today's Wall Street Journal talks about police blood draws.
You were on top of that months ago, and there it is for everyone to read on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.
Yeah, they set up checkpoints and start jamming needles in you randomly with the cars backed up for a mile.
That ain't freedom, neither are cameras in the school bathrooms.
And you sound like a radio broadcaster, Phil.
No, no, not at all.
Listen, kudos to you also on your term on steroids.
The neocon, Mark Williams, down at KFBK in Sacramento, that's the original Rush Limbaugh station, he uses that term all the time, so I know he is one of your listeners.
What, he says the neocons are liberals on steroids?
He uses that in reference to various persons on steroids.
I've never heard anyone use that except you.
Well, we know that they are listening, and it's good that they're listening, but...
I didn't see the Wall Street Journal.
If somebody will email me that, I'll post it on Infowars.com.
Now, did they say it's wonderful that they pull you over?
I mean, the Nazis just asked for your papers.
They didn't jam needles in you.
Oh, yeah, it's hideous.
They outline all sorts of hideous goings-on and just really gruesome reading, but there it's on the front page, the first story.
Everyone can read that, and they really must.
Also, they're talking about broadband power line interference that's going to destroy all radio reception, shortwave...
Uh, CB, uh, FEMA, everything, you name it.
Total blackout on info.
Uh, final segment with our two guests.
We'll take a few more calls and a few final news stories.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
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And I've just got time to take one more call from Mike in Arizona.
He's been holding the longest.
I can't get to the other people.
I'm sorry.
I wanted to bring this out, though.
They're already expanding the CAPS-2 system now to trains.
Now, I saw Ridge two years ago on C-SPAN say you're going to have to have an ID card with four levels of security clearance to have a job anywhere.
They're going to tie that in with enforcers to the national sales tax to have federal tax goons everywhere.
Where are your papers, please?
Dr. Cuddy, George, comments on this?
Real quickly, I put a picture of the health passport that they're using that you'll also have to use to buy stuff at department stores in my books as well.
Well, clearly, George W. Bush has more legal power today than Adolf Hitler did.
In 1939, and this is just a fact, and the question is, how do the people of the United States respond?
Are we the nation home of the free and the brave, or are we the meek and the cowards?
Convoy of Illegals tries to run down agents.
Here's another one.
Border officer stops six of 12 pickups, 165 aliens found in truck beds, and they try to run them over.
If a citizen bumps a cop, they shoot him.
Why didn't they open fire on these vehicles?
Why didn't this happen?
This happened, of course, in Arizona.
Why didn't this happen?
Well, for most of your listeners who do not live on a border state, we live only a couple of hours from the border here, and it is just insanity.
The borders of this country, especially the southern borders, are wide, wide open.
And Dr. Cuddy, that's part of the globalist plan, isn't it?
That shows how they're not really interested in homeland security.
That's right.
There's been information, even from Mexican officials, that some terrorists probably have crossed over from Mexico.
All right.
Let's talk to Mike in Arizona.
Mike, go ahead.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
I just read Dr. Coleman's book, Committee of 300, and I was wondering, Dr. Cuddy, if you could kind of correlate Dr. Coleman's findings that this Committee of 300, which is basically the
Okay, so is it fair to say that they were kind of at the top of the pyramid?
Yeah, you may want to sort of check things out.
When I was talking to John Coleman one time, he has a place in there where I think he says,
Either the Freemasons or somebody assassinated Kennedy, and I said, well, what's your source?
And he just said, trust me.
What I try to do, I mean, he may be a completely honest person, but what I try to do in my books is actually document so you can show who said what, where, on what date, verify it with the Washington Post or whatever it is.
Yeah, that's what we do.
Dr. Coleman, he has a lot of that trust me stuff, and it's hard for us to use out here on the front line.
But we don't do that here, Mike.
No, absolutely not.
Okay, good to hear from you.
Gentlemen, you've both got about 30 seconds left.
Go ahead and finish up what you're saying.
Yes, sir.
Well, I'm a Christian, and I believe nothing's accomplished without a prayer to God.
Secondly, you have to have grassroots movement with information from Infowars.com.
And also, at the very least, anybody listening, even if you have no money, you can get Alex or George or my material books for free if you just call your local public library and demand that they order them.
Absolutely, George.
Friends, we all have a very, very simple choice in front of us.
Either we are going to close our eyes and act as cowards, or we can become who we really are, which is our God's creation.
We can protect ourselves, our children, and our country.
And the choice is up to you.
We're out of time.
George Humphrey, Dr. Dennis Cuddy, both of you, God bless you.
Thank you for joining us.
We'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2.
Now get out there and take on the New World Order.
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