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Air Date: March 16, 2004
1995 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
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And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Hello, my friends.
It is Tuesday, the 16th of March, 2004.
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Huge show lined up for you.
I saw an article here where a newspaper, the News Sentinel, is going to publish the names of gun owners.
It's a form of vicious harassment in plain view.
The government, the federal government, state governments, have moved over the last few years to post the list of those that have gun permits in a public database like you're sexual offenders or something.
It's just amazing.
We'll get to that.
Also, big news yesterday.
I didn't have time to get to it, but I am today.
New York Times, U.S.
videos for TV news come under scrutiny.
They're fake newscasts.
They're sent.
They've been aired.
They're fake newscasts.
They act like it's a newscast when it's government re-election propaganda.
Now, everybody's going, oh, this is incredible.
It's been going on for a long time.
Bill Clinton did it.
Bush is doing it.
This particular program is 70 million.
Just one of many programs.
And we'll be going over that story.
More information on who's behind the Madrid bombings.
Also, new book reopens old arguments about slave raids on Europe.
Very interesting article.
Over a million Europeans captured by black Africans on slave ships and taken to North Africa.
Now, the point is, slavery's been around in all societies, but in modern, what we know of as the modern Europe that really accelerated slavery with millions of Africans, they learned it from the Romans and, of course, from the Africans.
So, just a good point.
I want my reparations from Africans, from black people.
You will pay me.
You will pay me now.
So we'll get into that story.
Also, CIA and DOD attempt to plant weapons of mass destruction.
And we read an article about this yesterday.
Now, there's another story out on it.
We'll get to that.
So you'll want to stay with us.
And a few days ago, well, I was at SeaWorld, and I talked about it for the first time yesterday on the show.
To get in, you have to biometrically scan.
Well, since then, I've sent a bunch of emails of mainstream news articles.
And here's one where, to get into Disney World, you have to do it.
And they're saying how wonderful it is.
And also, you have to wear your little RFID bracelet in a lot of the parks now.
Just all part of the mass training.
And later today, we're going to be posting a little eight-minute report.
Not just the text article and the photo of the digital biometric hand scanners they have at SeaWorld.
But an eight-minute report where I went up and confronted them and talked to some of the people coming through and shot video of people being scanned.
So that'll be on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com here in the next few hours for you.
The Kelly inquest will not be reopened.
That whitewash will stand and continue.
Just a bunch of other news about martial law.
We haven't hit the tip of the iceberg.
Stay with us.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Ease the T-Rex of political talk.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Well, Mel Gibson gave Sean Hannity an interview.
And Hannity says that he's concerned about Bush, concerned about his so-called conservatism, concerned about the lies about weapons of mass destruction.
In other related fashion news, the New York Times reported that Hollywood now is rethinking faith-based films, they say, Christian epics, because the film has now made, what, $265-plus million?
That was the number four or five days ago that I saw.
Some news outlets are still reporting the old $225 million number from a week ago.
But $265 million, it's on track to be the biggest R-rated film ever, and in the top five films, right up there with E.T.
and Lord of the Rings, Return of the King, and Matrix Reloaded.
And that's certainly a good thing.
And it shows that the people are hungry for good, wholesome, historical films that are uplifting.
And so I did want to cover that.
Also, NASA is debating whether this is a new 10th planet they've found.
We looked up both the names of the two rocks they have found that are smaller than Pluto.
There could be an 11th planet if you consider these planetoids.
They're both about 1,000 miles in diameter.
They both have occult names.
We looked up the names, and they're both goddess names.
DARPA surveillance blimps that were in Wired Magazine yesterday, Great Isis, the all-seeing eye goddess, it just continues.
Everything is the all-seeing eye, and the blimp that's going to watch you for Total Information Awareness Network that was not scrapped, by the way, it had its name changed, is going to be all-seeing and is the all-seeing goddess.
And this just shows the occultism of the elite and what they're obsessed with.
This made me really, really angry, this article.
Plan to post list of gun permit holders online causes debate.
This is out of Fort Wayne.
And this is...
The Fort Wayne News Sentinel.
Now, in Chicago, in Illinois, in New York, I've seen articles the last few years, the feds have talked about it, they've had bills to do it, to put a registry up of all permit holders online.
Because everyone needs to know if you've got a permit.
And this is just a form of harassment.
Again, you get a permit, you're registered, it's to confiscate and persecute you.
And it's no different than Jews having to wear yellow stars in Germany.
This is how it began.
Oh, it's just so we know who you are.
And this is Linda Austin.
She shames the name of my favorite city where I live, deep in the heart of Texas.
But Linda Austin of the New Sentinel, now she got a big backlash to this, and so she's making excuses.
My phone started ringing about as soon as the ad appeared in the News Sentinel on Wednesday promoting today's story on gun permits in Allen County.
Several gun permit holders called to protest our plan to post online the list of gun permit holders, which is public record.
Well, it's public record where you live, isn't it?
Let's just post where you live, and let's talk about what you've got in your house, lady.
Oh, that would be harassment, so I better not even suggest that.
They expressed concern that the list would provide burglars who want to steal guns with a road map to their homes.
Or they said the information would make it easier for stalkers to find their victims who may have obtained a gun for protection, which is why a lot of women do that.
Or they said posting the list would weaken a gun permit holder's defense by removing the element of surprise.
Their calls prompted a re-examination of our plans.
I set out to talk to the editors and ethicists, professors and prosecutors, all a bunch of gun grabbers, of course, from across the country to try to assess what would provide the greatest good for the most people posting the list or not.
I mean, think of how Orwellian this is.
Oh, we're going to post a list of you that have got permits.
Again, turning a right into a privilege.
And it continues.
The more than two dozen people whom I spoke... Oh, well, I don't believe that for a minute.
When we're done, you're going to have a thousand calls, okay?
The more than two dozen people whom I spoke, including readers, staffers, and the previously mentioned experts, seemed evenly split.
Oh, sure.
So I decided to delay posting the list while I solicit more feedback.
You can register your views either online at news-sentinel.com or by calling, and it doesn't have the area code here.
We need to find out what the Fort Wayne area code is.
If you favor posting the list or 423-4793.
If you oppose posting it.
So keep in mind that if we do post the list, it would consist of names and towns only of the permit holders.
I can't promise the majority will rule here.
Oh, of course, in a democracy, you can't promise that.
But I can promise that I'll consider everyone's opinion.
Boy, you're on a power trip, you little control freak.
As a firm believer in the marketplace of free ideas, I'm hoping that the truth will come out.
Of your harassment of gun owners?
Your attempted harassment?
Is that it?
Your terrorizing of people and their privacy?
You fruitcake?
If you're still making up your mind, here's a review of the pros and cons from the people whom I've already spoken.
And it goes on and on.
So this is truly sick, ladies and gentlemen.
And then she goes on to say, well, there's a database already that the police will give you of gun owners.
Well, yeah, the question is, why are they doing that?
And again, the feds want a national database of gun owners.
States want it.
It's a database just like sexual offenders or something.
We've covered this in the past.
So I suggest we will get the area code for this.
We'll give it out later.
You can go to InfoWars.com and read this article.
And it was posted yesterday.
And it's Linda Austin at the News Sentinel.
And this is out of Fort Wayne.
And the main website is fortwayne.com.
People, you need, I mean, we need to sue this individual.
This is, if they post it, I mean, this is horrible what they're doing.
Can you imagine if they tried to post the names of poor vet owners in the newspaper without their wishes and where they live?
Because that's what they originally wanted to do.
Now it's just, oh, your town and what your name is.
Bad enough.
Or if you're black, we're going to post your names in the newspaper.
It's just something new we do.
Certain groups, we just post stuff about you.
This is open public harassment, and they are trying to spin it.
So the phone numbers are there on the site.
Hey, guys, I'm not sure how you do it, but go online for me and get me the area code for Fort Wayne.
So we can give this out to people.
Just type into Google Fort Wayne area code and we'll get that.
Continuing, U.S.
videos for TV news come under scrutiny.
And this is by Robert Hare.
And again, this is the tip of the iceberg.
About three years ago, I coined the term propaganda placement.
And I'd like it to become a popular term because it's a good term.
It amply, ably, properly describes what we're dealing with.
Bill Clinton, $40-plus million that we knew of, to Hollywood and New York screenwriters and others.
They fund different screenwriting groups and even fund some of the big production houses to write stuff into the scripts.
That's why when you watch a sitcom, a drama, there's always an anti-gun, pro-New World Order comment, or torture's good.
That's been federally paid for.
We've got the articles on that.
With Karl Rove and Card and Chetwin, Lionel Chetwin, meeting.
This has been the Associated Press with the heads of television and film and telling them what these messages, pro-government, pro-war on terror, pro-invasion.
I mean, this is happening.
And then it doubled under Bush, plus when the feds pay for this, they get it at half price because of the federal law.
So $40 million is $80 million.
Bush had boosted one Hollywood program I'd found out about to $80 million, so doubling that to $160 million.
Well, there's a new $70 million program, and there's no telling how many of these there are.
Remember Bill Clinton paid for some NBC and ABC productions, and then that came out and was kind of a furor over that.
But they always focus in on one little piece.
It says, federal investigators, oh, the Fox is investigating the Fox.
Federal investigators are scrutinizing television segments in which the Bush administration paid people to pose as journalists, praising the benefits of new Medicare law, which would be offered to help elderly Americans with the cost of their prescription medications.
And this isn't a public service announcement where it goes, there's a new Medicare program you can get.
I mean, if we're going to have socialism, they've got to announce the program.
That's how they're spinning this.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
Now in the second hour of this live Tuesday transmission against tyranny,
More news on the Madrid bombing.
More news on the upcoming stage discovery of weapons of mass destruction.
Also, I want to get your comments on new evidence coming out that it was actually in the millions, over a million, people grabbed by African slave traders and really kicking off the modern slave trade.
Isn't that interesting?
Well, I'm a white person, and I demand reparations.
It's interesting.
Also, up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, they want to publish the names of those who have gun permits in the newspaper, like they're sexual offenders or something.
They're very proud of themselves at this disgusting newspaper, the News Sentinel.
Also, Bush has been caught with a $70 million fake newscast they've been running in communities all over the country.
Total propaganda placement propaganda.
I think we're good to go.
Shipping out the tainted blood for eight years, knowing it had HIV and hepatitis, falsely certifying as wholesome out of the prisons, which was illegal, by the way, not even checking it when they knew what was in it, and the hemophiliacs and others getting it, over $500,000 of them in the U.S., Canada, France, England, and then the doctor who exposed him, he worked in the prison, his business, outside the prison being firebombed, the hemophiliacs society the same night in Canada being raided, being robbed of their files.
But you first said that you heard the Coast to Coast show I did, and that helped you answer some questions.
So go ahead and make your comments.
Well, see, the reason why it answers the question is because this information was sent out to over 80 top people throughout the country, from Rush Limbaugh to Matt Drudge and the rest of them, Jerry Falwell, Robertson, Pat Buchanan.
I handed it to him personally.
And it also went to Bush and Cheney.
And everybody's keeping their mouth shut, and nobody is doing anything.
But until you told me about what was going on at the place up there, the Bohemian Grove, and all these individuals who were all tied in together, I now know why everybody's keeping their mouth shut and nobody is doing a thing about the mass murder and mass genocide.
Because they're publicly devil worshippers.
And it is amazing, the people that are on this list, there's some 62 or 80-some people that I've sent it to, and I just cannot believe...
For the love of me, why?
Because what we are witnessing here is the beginning of mass murder and mass genocide by individuals for political gain and money, and then the cover-up of this mass murder and mass genocide by the current administration and other people.
Now, this is what went on in Germany.
Well, the tainted blood's on the tip of the iceberg.
These global bodies put stuff in vaccines on purpose to sterilize, give people HIV.
We have the official government documents on this.
Can I send you the information?
Yeah, go ahead and send it to me.
I mean, I've had the doctor on.
I've read the news articles.
It's been in the mainstream news.
Right, but see, that's why we started to bomb Serbia, because on the day that we were bombing Serbia, right before that, on the steps of the federal courthouse in Washington, D.C., the Canadian Hemophiliac Society called a news conference.
To announce a $1 to $1.5 billion lawsuit.
And then the robberies and firebombings began, yeah.
Right, and at that exact same moment, they called their news conference.
Bill Clinton came on and announced we started bombing Serbia.
I hear you.
I remember that.
Thanks for the call.
Good to hear from you.
Really great points.
We'll break and come back and talk to Phil in England.
Bunch of callers from Colorado.
We've got so many great listeners in Colorado with the Colorado Radio Network and also the...
Other great folks with their flagship station there.
Doing a wonderful job with the American Freedom Network.
So we'll come back and take a bunch of calls from Colorado.
And then as soon as you hear somebody hang up, that means you can get involved on air at 1-800-259-9231.
The stack's big.
I haven't even hit the tip of the iceberg.
We just started, you know, kind of shaving off the top of it.
So we'll be back and jump into all of it.
PrisonPlanet.com, Infowars.com are the websites.
Stay with us.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we're now eight minutes...
30 seconds into this second hour.
Coming up, Rick Stanley.
We'll go to your calls here and more news first.
Rick Stanley, by the way, over the last two-plus years has been running for political office in Colorado.
Rick Stanley owned, what was it, Stanley Fasteners, sprockets, kind of like something out of George Jetson.
But he made widgets, very successful business, big warehouse, hired a lot of people.
No criminal record, family man.
And in Colorado, you can wear a gun.
It's kind of like Arizona or what Texas used to be until we fell to the empire and became domesticated cowardly serfs here, pathetic jellyfish that think it's conservative to be slaves.
But a bunch of cities, 78 of them said, cities and towns, you can't have a gun in your car, can't wear one, can't have it.
And started arresting people, running checkpoints in Denver, really throwing the book at, you know, peaceful good old boys in cowboy hats.
You know, they'd pull over the guy, pulling his quarter horses along, and the cops would take him to jail as the gang members, you know, drive by happily.
I mean, that's the description of what would happen.
They knew it was good old boys that would have a rifle or a handgun in the car, and we're going to get them and throw you under the jail, boy!
So he stood up, peaceably,
With civil disobedience, just like Lexington and Concord when they came for the ball and ammo, for the ball and powder and for the rifles, and he went to Denver and one other town and stood there at rallies with a holstered gun, and of course they arrested him.
Because of his case and people in Colorado standing up, the legislature said that's illegal, you're violating state law, you're violating people's rights, stop it.
Well, they got really mad at Stanley, and they're now still prosecuting him on the old law, even though it's been overturned.
And he sent a letter to the judge that he read on air last night on Pastor Butch Paul's show, and just said, look, you're violating the law, you're engaging in treason.
Stop violating the law, what you're doing is criminal.
They considered that harassment.
Now he's facing 30 years in prison for, quote, influencing a public official.
And that's in the Patriot Act.
They are using the Patriot Act.
It says influencing a politician.
That was in the law, the state law.
They tried to pass the state copy after the governor of Rhode Island a few weeks ago went to the Homeland Security Governor's Conference.
Came back, tried to pass the same law.
So a lot of states have passed it.
In fact, they mentioned in that article that I think ten states have passed similar laws, and one of them is Colorado.
And so now they're saying, well, you tried to influence politicians.
He's facing 30 years for that as punishment.
Just amazing.
So we will talk to him coming up here in about 20 minutes.
Right now, let's go ahead and talk to Phil in England.
Phil, you're on the air.
Hi, Alex.
How are you doing?
Good, sir.
Can you hear me okay?
I can hear you great.
Good, good.
Just a few things on the SeaWorld incident.
I wanted to commend you for refusing...
Yeah, I was arrested there, and that's in my film, America Destroyed by Design, the last 20 minutes of the two-hour video.
It's riveting footage as I preach to the police inside the DMV, and then I'm arrested with a crowd of over 100 people.
But over in England, I've read that to get into a lot of bars, they want you to do it.
And now they want to take a DNA swab to get in a bar.
If you say no, police are there, and they use that as probable cause to question you and then to, in some cases, forcibly drug test you.
Yeah, I believe that's... I'm not too sure.
I think that's a trial going on, which they'll probably roll out nationally soon enough.
The trouble is, if you're a visitor to the United States now, at the airport, they want you to take a thumb scan and a digital print
Before you can get into the country, if you're a visitor.
And then you're in the database.
But let me expand on that.
A lot of Americans go, good, get them foreigners.
If you're from Mexico or Canada, where the terrorists come in, where all the illegals come in, you automatically get a waiver.
But if you're coming out of Western Europe, and there's a waiver for China, too,
Austin's going to accept matricula now from 85 countries.
just announced 85 countries last week in the L.A.
Again, the same amount, the same number.
It's the same federally mandated covert program.
And so all the real illegals, all the real terrorists, they don't have to.
But this is part of a U.N.
Now England's going to start it, France, Germany.
If you're an American, you're going to have to do it.
A lot of Americans say, good, make them foreigners do this.
Well, for 10 years in Texas, no, now 11 years, you thumb-scan and face-scan to get a driver's license.
So, see, we're having to do it, but the illegal Mexicans and Chinese and Russians don't have to.
Are you starting to get this picture?
And, of course, it's going to really decimate the tourist industry in some parts of America as they demand this.
Yeah, absolutely.
The Financial Times of London reported that last Friday, that people are refusing because of, and this is actually in the news, and
Elderly white guy wearing a World War II Saratoga hat with a breathing apparatus.
I've seen this.
The foreigner, and they found that 80% of them were foreigners in the Boston airport.
Half of those were illegal aliens, but they all kept their jobs.
Most of them did.
They fired a few and a lawsuit was filed.
They will then harass the old veteran or your wife.
They will harass her if you're white.
It's a type of reverse racism.
Go ahead.
And also, I believe in Miami, there's also an invasive x-ray machine that you have to go through.
I know of at least, oh, the last number I saw was, what is it, 10?
Quite a few have a ground-penetrating radar system set on low that just looks through your clothes and it sees every pore on your skin in more detail than your natural binocular color vision.
And that's recorded in a database, and a biometric scan of your body's made.
Five airports for two, now three years, have a NASA brain scanner.
Everyone's brain is scanned with a MRI of your brain activity.
Also, there's another DARPA node on that system.
Again, Boston has it, so do four others, that scans your walk.
England, by the way, has hooked that into your four million cameras.
Yeah, it's really, really scary.
My question to you is, if you're a foreigner entering the United States, a visitor, a tourist, and you refuse this, they're not going to let you in, are they?
I mean, how do you... It has been publicly said three years ago...
The head officer, Mr. Gonzalez, we interviewed him.
Miami Herald reported at the Miami airport, he was right after 9-11, almost three years ago.
Right after that happened, he quit over it because he said, look, when somebody gets off a plane from Western Europe,
When somebody gets off, he's obviously not a terrorist, we search him, we go through all this.
He said when they come in from the Muslim countries, it's called acing, they hold up their IDs and we are not allowed to even check them.
Now that's the Miami newspaper.
Go ahead.
That's scary.
That really is.
So all these people get in anyway.
It is designed that if you're third world, look, our government ships.
What is it, over 200,000 in the last five years, the article said.
And they're very proud of this.
Into Minneapolis-St.
Paul, they've shipped hundreds of thousands of Somalis in.
The feds pay to bring them to work for $3 an hour to take all the taxi jobs.
But you try to immigrate here as a Western European, see what happens.
I mean, this is a... Look, foreigners...
Get 7 to 10 years of tax exemption for a gas station or a motel.
No one but foreigners now owns them.
Maybe 1 out of 100 is owned by a citizen.
Well, that's totally unfair competition.
But it's designed that way.
That's the point.
See, I live in Texas.
I have a thumb scan, face scan, and a driver's license.
But an illegal alien doesn't have to.
I mean, are you starting to get how massive this is?
Yeah, it's discrimination.
Well, it's designed as a magnet to bring them in.
Well, a similar thing happens over here with all the immigrants.
They pass through all these European countries and then end up in England, and then they say, well, we don't know who they are, we don't know who's here.
They've totally flooded the country here with immigrants from Muslim countries.
I mean, you know.
And they don't know about freedom.
They don't know about your Magna Carta.
They don't know about your culture.
They openly hate your culture.
I read all the articles.
And the majority of the children now in England are not English.
Did you know that?
So in, what did they say, in 30 years, it'll be more foreigners and then another... I forget the statistics, but it's a wonderful system.
Well, for some people maybe, but... The death of England, the death of America, the death of everything.
The rest of us are trying to get out, you know?
And it's hard for you.
Well, it sure is, but you know... We've gone over the statistics.
Oh no, let's be honest, if you're a white guy, you can forget it.
South Africans are being murdered, white South Africans in mass, and they won't even let them into this country now.
I've seen the pictures on the website today.
They've got pictures on websites.
Brutal murder of white folks in South Africa.
Ethnic cleansing, mass public slaughter, and then our governments won't let them flee here.
Hey, thanks for the call.
Good to hear from you.
Thank you very much, Alex.
Good to hear from you.
Very good questions, very good comments.
Brad in Colorado, go ahead.
Brad hung up.
Tim in Colorado, go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
First time I got to...
Call you.
I've been listening to you for about four months now, and I really enjoy listening, mostly on shortwave, but now I'm on AM.
Anyway, I live in the middle of the Hayman Fire area.
Are you aware of that?
Explain it to us.
The Hayman Fire was the big fire in Colorado.
It took place two years ago this June.
Yeah, it rung a bell.
Go ahead.
After this fire took, well, first of all, they didn't want to put this fire out.
Oh, they don't allow that, yeah.
Exactly, and I kind of think as large as this thing became, I think it's because they wanted to diminish a lot of... Sir, Bill Clinton, four years ago, ordered the fire set in the 12 states and then wouldn't let them put it out.
Oh, really?
Oh, I got John Stossel on video admitting it.
I mean, we already knew it, but John Stossel did a report on it.
Well, since then, you know, I mean, right after that happened, they had the Army in here with the checkpoints checking everybody that lived up in here.
That's true.
Well, let's talk about the troops.
Any excuse to get them in your life, stay there.
Any excuse.
We have secret police, according to the Wall Street Journal, in Austin.
Any excuse.
Secret military police walking around in plain clothes with automatic weapons in their vehicles for no reason.
Stay with us.
We'll be right back.
Stay there.
Have you ever felt like the United States government knows way too much about your financial affairs?
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You know, I have a tendency to run over people because I get so excited.
I want to get the background data, interconnect the corruption.
Right there in Colorado, you have the new Homeland Security dictatorship muscle base.
General Everhart said that martial law is good, troops watching him is good.
He told the LA Times, he told national TV shows this, we have the articles posted.
And so, yeah, if there's a fire or if there's a manhunt or if... Now, you'll see military now out for no reason just to condition you, but since the late 80s, they've been in plain clothes, and that's in my film Road to Tyranny.
And it's totally un-American.
It's the opposite of what America is.
You better worry in Colorado, because you are right there in the middle of it, boys and girls.
Let's go back to Tim.
So they have this fire, and tell me about the troops and the checkpoints.
Well, the troops and the checkpoints were at the main road
Just making sure, or checking who was going in and going out.
And you'd have to stop and fill out a yellow piece of paper if you lived up in the area.
By the way, the California fires, it was confirmed the military set those, but it was accidental.
And fires last year in Arizona was an accidental Marine training mission.
Always a key diversion, though.
Well, I believe the woman that they had that supposedly set this kind of probably...
Well, I don't know about the Colorado situation.
Fires obviously start and need to be fought, and the National Guard's fine, but regular military's bad.
And for the troops, it's what the system's doing.
Go ahead.
Well, they had a place at Cripple Creek, you know, they have the big mining area there, and they have...
Two large bulldozers with 18-foot blades.
They wanted to come and draw a fire line with them.
And, you know, they, oh, we can't do this.
You know, that's too wide a fire line.
But, you know, the fire stretched 50 feet.
You can't hurt a tree.
But why, that oak tree is in danger.
There's only a billion of them.
Well, the thing is, now after that, after all this happened, they stuck these towers up in the area.
They're about...
10 or 12 feet tall with antenna stick and then a reflector and driven element.
Where are you in Colorado?
I'm right in the West Creek area, right in the heart of it.
Well, I know in Colorado Springs, when they had the NATO meeting, they shut the media down, turned on their control systems so they can take over the broadcast.
And they made part of the town evacuate.
No announcement.
Just get out of your houses.
Troops running around.
Nice little martial law drill.
Showing off to the foreign ministers.
Look, we're worse than Russia.
Look at how they follow our orders.
That is good.
In Russia, our people not evacuate when ordered.
Yours begging, plead you.
They pathetic.
Well, ironically, these towers are tied into the phone lines underground.
That's the only source of energy they have there.
I think that they're monitoring the phone calls, and then it's transmitted to a satellite.
They listen and record.
Oh, they admit they've got an echelon everywhere.
Well, I think that's what's happening, but they didn't want to put this fire out.
Well, I mean, in New Mexico, eight counties declared their own emergency, threw the feds out.
They had feds out there blocking people putting out fires on their own property.
Well, they haven't offered any settlements or any kind of restitution for... Oh, I did hear on the radio or television the other day, they said some judge said they weren't going to do any restitution.
A lot of times they take your property.
Thanks for the call.
Good to have you on board.
Dave in Colorado, another caller.
Go ahead.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, Alex, I've got a couple of questions for you.
On the...
You were talking about the posting the gun thing today.
Oh, yeah.
In Indiana, they're going to post the names of gun owners in the newspaper, people that have gun permits.
It's total harassment.
Well, we just think we're going to do it.
We're not going to say why, but we're going to start posting.
If you have a concealed carry, we think that's a good thing.
I was wondering when... So the thieves know where to rob you, and so, yeah.
Why don't they post like all the millionaires and the politicians and the executive people and expensive people who own expensive cars and single women, you know, I mean... Well, that's what they're doing.
It's just totally ridiculous.
It is, but look, the feds and the states have said they want to put gun owners, period.
First for the concealed carry people, in a database, like we're child molesters.
I mean, that's what the gun groups have said.
This is like a database for sex offenders.
And we're just going to publish your names on the paper now, because you've got a gun, and we want everybody... It's harassment!
Yeah, I hear you.
This disgusting newspaper makes me want to vomit!
I hear you.
I feel the same way.
And I've got a couple questions.
Are you going to have Colonel Dan D. Compre back on?
You know, I need to do that.
I had him on a few weeks ago, and it made major headlines.
That was such a great show.
I couldn't believe it.
And also, is there any way that I can get a copy of the Coast to Coast interview that you did?
Coast to Coast AM?
Are you online?
Well, no, I'm not.
I don't have a computer.
I'm kind of a dinosaur.
Well, unfortunately, they've got a subscription system where you could do it, but I'm sorry, no, there's not.
We don't have a computer.
Thanks for the call.
We'll be right back.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Hello, my friends.
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That glazed expression.
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Do we have Rick Stanley?
Oh, fantastic.
Thank you.
Rick Stanley, for those that don't know who you are, just in a few minutes, tell people who you are, the saga you've been through, and now the escalation of tyranny in Colorado by lawyers in black robes setting up their own little viceroy fiefdoms.
I'd like to call it what it really is.
It's called judicial treason.
What I have done in the last, oh, say, two and a half years...
I ran for the U.S.
Senate in 2002 in Colorado.
I lost as a libertarian candidate.
During that time, about two and a half years ago, I got arrested for doing an act of civil disobedience in Denver below the state capitol in a park in front of about 250 people after I gave a speech about our Second Amendment rights.
So I strapped on a gun openly.
Now that's the same thing, the same magnitude as Rosa Parks saying, I'm tired, my feet hurt, I'm not going to sit at the back of the bus.
Well, I guess I'd have to agree with you and I believe that we need more people to do this.
If we had thousands and hundreds of thousands of people standing up to government with acts of civil disobedience when they know that they're correct, this wouldn't have to happen.
The government would get the message and they would get a benevolent, we the people message
And they would stop doing these sort of things.
Well, Rick, before you finish the story, throughout history, governments set themselves up as gods, as rulers, and start telling the people that they're the property of them, and it's always for their best interest.
And that's just happening again.
The cycle has happened again.
It's the norm in the world.
But these fools say it can't happen here.
Folks, it has happened here.
Well, this is Nazi Germany happening all over again.
And people who think that it's not true, just watch some of Alex's videos and you'll understand exactly what's going on.
My situation is, again, a real-life situation that the judges are stepping outside the boundaries of the Constitution, doing whatever they want.
The city councils, whatnot, all across the country who are making ordinances that are violating our constitutional rights.
We have no constitutional rights in the courtroom.
And in fact, I was told during my Denver trial that I did not have any constitutional rights in that courtroom.
By the way, that was in the newspaper.
The judge said no constitutional introductions of evidence, no discussion of constitution.
It is null and void in this courtroom.
That's correct.
And that's been pretty much exposed the last few years as being common now.
Everybody knows it.
And judges are...
We're good to go.
So that's what we've been trying to expose.
The only thing holding them back is that all the police aren't criminals and there's still this memory of freedom.
There's still this memory that it's not supposed to be this way, so they still obey some of the forms in a few cases or on the surface or release some murderer and say, oh, you know, the Constitution let him go just to make it look bad.
Well, of course, they'll let murderers out, but anybody who's fighting for our constitutional rights, well, they're going to hold on to them for dear life.
And, of course, I'm one of them.
Later on, I was arrested in Thornton for doing the same thing at the Harvest Festival, and they had the same similar written ordinance.
There were 78 cities across Colorado that had this
I think we're good.
Which were reviewing my case on appeal and the judge in Thornton who had found me guilty and sentenced me to 90 days in jail in Adams County.
When I sent this in, and by the way, a pleading is the highest form of protected speech that we have in this country.
It's called a petition to the government for redress of grievance.
It's a First Amendment right.
They told me that I was influencing a public official, threatening a judge, and now I have new charges against me, which are influencing a public official, two felony charges, one for each court that I sent it to, and the potential charges, the potential jail time is 12 to 32 years.
Now, Rick Stanley, let me just stop you for a second.
You're a big, middle-class guy, owned a big, successful business, still do business.
Hired, employed, a lot of people, and you've had your business suffer, spent $30,000 in legal bills, done all this to defend the Second Amendment.
And for those that are doubting what you're saying, the Oregon bill last year that almost passed, AP Oregonian on the site, the actual bill, and it says, word for word, if one protester blocks traffic, it gives an example,
All protesters were given life in prison in a forest labor camp.
Now, that was the Senator Menace, no pun intended, the head of the committee, tried to pass it.
They were about to pass a similar law in Rhode Island, News 10, Providence Journal.
They quoted, fly anything with the American flag, you're a terrorist.
Influence the government, you're a terrorist.
This is the new thing they're saying.
And in Section 802 of the Patriot Act, there's three definitions of terrorism.
One of them is the old-fashioned thing, kidnapping, blowing stuff up.
We all agree that's criminal.
And then it's any action that endangers human life is a violation of any federal or state law.
And then the next one is influencing politicians, the government, or the population.
And it just was influencing them.
I thought that's what America was about, was influencing.
So, I mean, they really want to get you, Rick.
They're mad that the state, because of what you and others did, is not letting them be petty dictators anymore.
Well, and that's true.
And what's interesting about it is they actually, the legislature took notice of what was happening to me and others in this state.
Many, many others were getting arrested.
And they were having their weapons stolen.
Both of my weapons were stolen in both locations.
People were having their cars stolen as well.
So they're having their personal property taken away from them.
Yeah, because they say you're committing a crime.
Now, under asset forfeiture seizure, we steal your horse, too.
And it's kind of a situation where the legislature said, wait a minute, we can't have this.
The state constitution says that...
Americans have this right in Colorado to openly carry a weapon.
So there were 78 cities in Colorado that were doing this.
They passed it in the House, in the Senate.
The governor signed it.
It's called SB25, and basically it preempted all of these ordinances all across Colorado.
And I want to commend the leader of the Senate we've interviewed.
He's a great American.
I want to commend the governor.
He's not perfect, but he's done some good.
Well, you know, it's interesting that Governor Owens knows all about this entire situation, and he's been written probably 500 letters, dozens, well, thousands of emails, petitions, and he's never even commented on it.
Well, by that I mean it's good that at least he's, you know, you're actually reversing gun laws in Colorado, something we don't see anywhere else.
Well, we're actually following the law here.
I exercise my constitutional right
A journalist from the Vail Speakout.
You sat down where you wanted to on the bus.
There was a journalist from the Vail Speakout who mentioned to Governor Owens about the Stanley case and what was he going to do about it.
And he basically said, Governor Owens said that he would be there for me once I started following the law.
Well, that's not good because the law's been thrown out.
Yes, it has been overturned because it was unconstitutional.
And yet, the governor will be there for me when I start following the law.
You are following the law.
I've been following the law since day one.
Well, that's the incredible thing.
Rick, it's not happening everywhere, but there are these lunatics in a lot of areas.
And do you know, I was reading a sociological study.
Do you know why some towns in the U.S.,
When less natural resources got bigger and turned into cities than small towns that had better resources?
Got me.
Well, they've done a study, because some towns were known as bad towns.
You'd have bad sheriffs, bad mayors who would feed on the public, and the word got out just to not live in that town or not go near there, and they would finally turn into ghost towns, and you'd have some old control freak basically in the sheriff's office with ten people to boss around.
But nowadays, you know, we can't do that.
There's no wide open spaces to run to from these criminals.
So, they're trying to make every town a bad town, but they have a bad town in Lyon County, Kentucky.
I told this story last night on Pastor Butch's show when I called him when he was on there.
And I've got to get a hold of him.
I've been trying to call him from Kelly Rushing.
No criminal record.
Upstanding Christian.
Gave a police officer a C-SPAN video of Ron Paul in one of my videos.
And they promptly arrested him a day after he did it and said, this is an illegal anti-government video.
They want to put him in jail for a year.
They're going ahead with it.
And they say it's because you gave them a video.
Well, the obscenity of the American police state is here now.
People need to understand that.
That's Soviet Russia.
It's down the road.
That's Soviet Russia.
I mean, when you arrest somebody for a C-SPAN video, that's Soviet Russia.
I mean, what's happened to their brains, Rick?
You've been in jail.
You've been around these people for over 100 days, you said last night.
I mean, what's it like when you're around them?
What do you say to them when they're taking you to jail?
Well, of course, I talk to them all the way there, all the way back while I'm there.
And, of course, their eyes just glaze over and they just stand there as if I'm not even there.
They just ignore me.
Do you think they would, in order to put a bullet in your head and put you in an oven?
Oh, absolutely.
In fact, several of the sheriffs in Adams County Detention Center said that I was a terrorist.
They believe that I'm a terrorist because I'm standing up for the Constitution, standing up for our Constitution.
You know, if we had a time machine, they would have been great recruits for the Redcoats in 1776.
Well, they certainly would have been Tory, and, of course, they would have made fine...
Well, I mean, all the big law enforcement magazines say homeschoolers, Christians, gun owners, and folks, I'm not exaggerating.
We have it on video, not just the training manuals.
We're all evil demons.
Pro-life demonstrators were now listed as terrorists.
What do you want to say to the police out there?
They're trying to put you in jail now for 30 years for no reason.
Well, you know, what I would like to tell the police right now is that they are acting outside the boundaries of the Constitution.
They're acting outside of the law.
They're making illegal acts against we the people.
They are committing treason against America.
We need to ask them, you know, I've asked police...
Well, you confiscate my guns at checkpoints.
In fact, it's in a video.
It's in Police 80,000.
They go, no, that's a right.
I go, but have they ordered you to?
Well, yes.
You know, if they changed the law, I would.
Well, that's the big law.
You can't change it.
There's only ten of them.
Well, it's just my job.
You understand?
I have to.
I have a family to feed.
I have to... That's exactly what they said at Nuremberg.
Yeah, and you know what?
It's exactly what every cop that I have talked to who has defended what's going on has said exactly the same thing.
And that's why I say 95% of the police officers in this country today will go along with whatever that they decide to do.
So people need to be aware and they need to beware of what's coming.
Well, it's already here.
We'll come back, take calls.
Everybody stay with us.
Going into the third hour with Rick Stanley.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
King George called anybody who didn't grovel to him and follow his tyranny as a terrorist.
And the progeny of King George today teach that the Founding Fathers were terrorists.
I have FEMA on video.
Anyone that would talk like that is, in truth, a terrorist.
You swear an oath, you fools, to that Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Then you call people that follow it in your own FBI training manual that's on the website in the films.
Those that defend the U.S.
Constitution as terrorists call anti-terror hotlines immediately.
Those that make frequent references to it call the anti-terror hotline immediately.
Oh, you don't believe me?
You're tuning in for the first time?
Go check the site out.
Go online.
Get the videos.
Type it in Google.
It'll all pop up.
Call the phone numbers on the flyers.
The FBI will answer and say, yes, it's our manual.
We're quite proud of it.
It's Twilight Zone.
Yes, you're in a Twilight Zone episode.
We're about to go to John and Eric and Lou.
Or who's that next caller in Colorado?
Leon and Casey and others.
But real quick, Rich Stanley, I want to hold you over some of the next hour.
Real quick, tell folks about your websites.
You're also going to be having pro-Second Amendment rallies to stand up against these guys and let them know that everybody's aware of their activities.
The Empty Holster Gathering is, I guess you'd call it gathering steam.
You can find out about it.
I think so.
There's Louise and Christine Veith, and there's quite a few other people who have been volunteering on this.
Okay, and there's also your campaign website when you ran for office a few years ago.
All right, www.stanley2002.org.
And we'll get more details of that out later.
Right now, let's go to the calls.
They'll be all over the map, but it's all interconnected.
John in Ohio, go ahead.
Yes, this has to do with a different topic, so if you don't mind.
Well, that's okay.
Go ahead.
Yes, I have three things I wanted to mention.
My call to George Norrie the day after you were on, after hearing a half hour of your program, and this outrageous exposure of the attempt to plant arms within Iraq, which I think has to be exposed just as much as their plans for creating terrorism, to cancel those plans, and also some of my disagreements with you.
Okay, but that's a lot.
Cover the George Norrie thing first.
You say you called in.
Go ahead.
Yeah, I called in and I mentioned that despite my being on the left, I'd rather listen to you than some of the so-called reliable media, the establishment media.
I mentioned the Northwoods Project.
That was a scheme, a conspiracy, since they were talking about conspiracies, by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
And the Undersecretary of Defense to terror bomb American cities.
Yeah, that's mainstream, yeah.
Murder American citizens.
What did George Norley say?
Well, it came after I had mentioned that one of the orchestrators of this, by the name of Paul Nitz, the Undersecretary of Defense, had close working relations with these neocons in the present Bush administration.
Yeah, I know that.
He was one of the trainers.
And so I mentioned all of this to him in connection with the bashing program on C-SPAN, and I mentioned when they had the expert on this Northwoods project, they very studiously and carefully avoided any mention of the explosive heart of his book, which they were interviewing him about.
So what did George Norrie say?
Well, when I pointed out the parallel with the 9-11 attack,
And pointed out that you were pointing out that connection.
He split hairs and said that, well, it wasn't the U.S.
It was, you know, some faction within it, which I didn't disagree with.
Well, I agree with that, yeah.
Yeah, so, and as for these weapons here, you know, it's another example of the media, because the New York Times has been using stooges like this crook and embezzler, Ahmad Shachalabi,
Keeping his identity secret.
By the way, Chalibi, you say Chalabi, is a convicted bank robber, $300 million, and a torture master for the Shah, and he's the head henchman now for Lord Bush in Iraq.
Got to let you go, John.
Stay there, Rick Stanley.
Stay with us.
We'll be back, third hour.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, we're already into hour three.
We'll have Rick Stanley on, under attack for defending the Second Amendment in Colorado for about 20 minutes more, and then take more of your calls as well.
Then I'll get into a stack of global terrorist news, martial law news, a recap of top stories as well.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
Rick Stanley, the cities, 70-plus cities in Colorado, and other cities in other states do this too, said you couldn't have a gun in your car or on your person, violating the state and federal constitution.
Thousands were arrested, and they target good old boys who they thought might have a gun in these 70, what, 78 towns, take them to jail, throw the book at them, literally, get federal funding as part of the Project Exile the NRA supports, that gun-grabbing program.
You went to some public gatherings when you were running for political office with a gun holstered to point this out.
They arrested you twice.
You spent over 100 days last time in jail.
Then you sent a letter in one of your court cases to some judges.
Actually, not a letter, a pleading.
A pleading.
A motion to the court.
And now they want to put you in jail for 30 years.
When is this coming up?
That trial is June 21st to the 25th.
Of course, the Empty Holster Gathering is around that from the 19th to the 26th of June, and we're going to have meetings and dinners and air shows, and we're going to have demonstrations out in front of the courthouse.
We're hoping for thousands of people.
What's an air show?
Well, basically an air show with ultralights flying up around the courthouse.
It should be quite interesting.
I hope you send me a video of that.
I hear a lot of people are going.
We think that there's going to be thousands of people there.
I believe that this could be an act for people to stand up to the government and say, by the way, it's all legal.
And say, you know what, we're sick and we're tired of this and we're not going to stand for it anymore.
Have you seen the video where they shot judges and media reporters with rubber bullets?
I mean, even the establishment is getting attacked by their own police in Miami.
It was on Bill Moyers a few months ago.
And it shows this reporter going, oh my gosh, they're firing, they're firing.
They're all just standing there peaceably.
And the cops are beating their batons in Roman fashion.
And up close, all of a sudden, blood splatters across the lens.
All of this stuff is happening every day.
How do they get the cops to attack an old World War II vet wearing his World War II hat?
How do you stomp on an old woman?
How do you shoot a reporter in the face and blow their eye out?
How do you do that?
Because they're thugs.
They're scumbags.
They're the scum of the earth, as far as I'm concerned.
Just scum of the earth.
But, I mean, how do they find so many?
Because there are so many.
Thuggery has obviously been going on since the dawn of time, the dawn of man.
This is...
People are trying to make us think that everybody is benevolent and everybody is wonderful.
Well, think about the past, though.
I mean, in the past, Rick, government respected the people and was scared of us.
And now we have to lick their boots.
You see people when a cop walks in a store, everybody steps aside.
It's like we're living in Russia or something.
Go ahead.
I don't lick anybody's boots, and I don't expect any American to do that.
That's what this empty holster gathering is all about.
Sounds pretty Al-Qaeda-ish.
You're pro-gun.
You're against licking boots.
I'm against licking boots.
A free American is someone who does not lick anybody's boots.
Now, I thought that that's what the veterans fought for was so we could lick boots.
But I heard that we fought in these wars to have cameras in the schools and face-scanning systems at the grocery store and thumb scanners and to not have warrants and to have checkpoints.
Not for me.
I thought America was about the Soviet Union.
Well, that's what they're trying to tell us now, aren't they?
Weren't the Soviets the good guys?
1994, they dropped in one day.
The Soviet Union stopped in one day because the people of the Soviet Union went to Moscow.
They were Al-Qaeda members.
They were bad.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
We're about to go to your calls and more news.
We've got Rick Stanley on with us.
Standing up for the First Amendment.
But according to this government, those that stood up against the Russian tyranny, Alexander Shultz and others, are terrorists.
Are bad.
Are Al-Qaeda.
No, Al-Qaeda is the government.
We're supposed to not understand that or see that.
That's the pretext where the government slugs us and says, I'm going to take your rights now because I just slugged you.
And now I'm going to keep you safe by making you my slave.
I hate to be your master, but I hate to run everything, but gee, I'm going to do it for your own good.
And Stanley talks about
They claim they're good, but they're really evil.
Well, a lot of them think they're good.
They think dominating us, feeding on us is for our own good.
This is the whole psychology that they're given.
We're just a bunch of idiots.
They've got to run our lives for us.
And it's incremental, is basically what's happening.
But statistically, it's true.
There are higher levels of criminals in government, in power positions, than any other group in society.
I think we're good to go.
You know, a plastic Chinese-American flag, a flag made in China, that's as deep as patriotism goes.
But what do you foresee happening?
I mean, you're going to be going to court before these judges, and they're charging you with this.
Is it the same court that charged you, that's prosecuting you, that's complaining, that'll be trying you?
It was interesting that the FBI, Homeland Security, the Joint Terrorism Task Force in the Denver metro area, were the ones who targeted me to have me arrested for influencing a public official.
Now, you've had the federal SWAT team grab you before.
I'm sorry?
You've had the federal SWAT team grab you before.
This is the first time I've had a federal SWAT team grab me.
I've had other SWAT teams grab me when I was demonstrating.
They always released me two, three, four hours later.
But this time there was 35 SWAT team members from the Joint Terrorism Task Force, FBI, and it was headed up by the FBI and Homeland Security.
They turned me over to Denver and Adams County and then had them file charges of influencing a public official against me because they didn't want to do it federally
Because then they would have to admit that they're using the USA Patriot Act against an American.
Well, that is admitted.
They are using it against county commissioners, topless bars, pot dealers.
Well, what they want to do is they want to shut me up, is what it amounts to.
Oh, they're grabbing people that are down there with video cameras exposing the open border.
Oh, absolutely.
SWAT team shows up, grabs you.
You go directly to prison.
You go right into a prison cell.
You don't go to a judge.
Well, see, we have now the guaranteed and protected right by SB25 in Colorado to openly carry a weapon.
The open holster gathering is for people to come and...
By the way, are the city still arresting people?
As of March 18, 2003, they have stopped arresting people for this.
Well, they just want to punish you.
They just want to punish you because it was so effective.
How do these judges sleep at night?
They want to put a man who had no criminal record, successful business, hired a lot of people who was politically active and exposed this.
They want to put you in jail when you're almost 50 years old for the rest of your life, 30 years.
Make an example of Rick Stanley.
Make sure that everybody understands that they better not do this or this will happen to you.
I wonder how they sleep at night.
Again, I'm guilty if I'm rude to my neighbor, rude to my wife.
I'm guilty if I do little things.
How do they just keep doing this?
How do they live with themselves?
They truly believe that they're heroes.
They truly believe.
They've brainwashed themselves.
They truly believe.
That's the ultra-cowards of the world can make excuses and convince themselves because they're such cowardly people.
That's absolutely the way it is.
Un-American pathetic jellyfish.
Treason by those in government against the people.
Let's take some calls.
Let's go ahead.
Oh, I've got to ask you one more question.
Did you hear about...
We'll go to the calls.
What's going on up in Indiana where they're going to publish the concealed carry permit people's names in the newspaper?
That's obscene.
I mean, it's pure harassment.
Yeah, it is.
So, like, Rick, why don't we all just start wearing yellow stars?
That's what the tyranny response team would do.
Well, you know, I believe we should all wear weapons every day.
But, I mean, where are the yellow stars to illustrate as gun owners that, you know, we're this new evil group that has to be dealt with?
Actually, we're an old evil group, you know, because those of us who have guns, we're obviously evil.
Even though we've never done anything with those guns.
We've never done anything wrong with those guns.
But it's good when they've got guns and armored vehicles with microwave guns and...
I mean, but my point is that there were federal judges that saw it.
A state judge got shot in the face.
There were media reporters, World War II vets, union leaders.
Just peacefully, the cops would say, please step in the alley.
They'd step in there, and they'd just start beating them, knocking their teeth out, shooting them, you know, judges in the face.
But when the cops do that, I mean, the cops are even attacking judges now.
Well, the day that I was arrested, I was slammed to the ground, jumped on,
And my face was ground into the pavement.
And I'm sure there was lots of profanity flowing from them.
Oh, yeah.
It was quite a sight.
Without using their words, what did they say to you?
Well, one thing that really sticks out in my mind is, as my wife was in handcuffs and led to a police car, you know, Stanley, we've got your wife.
I just want you to know that we're going to take real good care of her.
Well, that's the good guy, and if you're against that, you're with Al-Qaeda.
That's how good men talk.
Didn't you know that in all the westerns, the guy in the black hat would talk like that?
He was really good, Rick.
John Wayne was bad.
The obscenity of what's going on with these people is something that needs to be brought out to the light of day.
Well, you've got a good-looking wife.
I've seen pictures of her, so I'm sure they were foaming at the mouth.
Oh, I'm sure.
It was an interesting morning.
Believe me.
We were on our way to brunch.
Very Al-Qaeda-ish.
Yes, very Al-Qaeda-ish.
We were on our way to brunch.
Well, we have to take that terrorist down, and we have to make sure that everybody understands that anybody who stands up to us will be put in jail.
Well, I have to tell you, Rick, a lot of cops in Austin...
I mean, SWAT team commanders, high-level state police, all walk into a store they're already in, getting their laundry or getting a soda or whatever.
They come over and say, look, we really agree with you.
We know it's bad.
We were brought up.
This was Russia.
We're really concerned.
Now, that's usually an older cop.
The younger ones, obviously on steroids, eyes bugging out, satanic tattoos on the arms, black gloves in the middle of summer.
I mean, they're like rhinos raging.
They don't even... I mean, they're like demon-possessed, Rick.
Believe me, I understand.
I talk to many, many police officers, and about 10% of them are on the side of the people and gun owners, and the rest of them really think that they should be able to come and write a report about your death, and we should be satisfied with that.
They think that we're their property.
Are you their property?
That's what they tell us.
But, I mean, I'm asking you, do you want to be their slave?
Oh, there's no way that's ever going to happen.
But they want to keep you safe, Rick.
Well, they've been keeping me safe in jail the last four months, but now I'm back out again.
Of course, I had to pay a $25,000 bond for that.
And each day now I go and I pee in a cup, and I have to call in twice a week.
I have to go there twice a month.
I have to call each morning to find out if I'm supposed to go pee in a cup, even though I've never had a drug or alcohol problem in my life.
But this is how they're keeping track of me.
And, by the way, I'm not allowed to possess weapons anymore while I'm on bail, and I can't leave the state.
Everything that I've just been telling you about are unconstitutional actions.
And, by the way, the state said that the cities were breaking the law.
They're the lawbreakers.
Let's take calls.
They're breaking in again.
Let's talk to Eric in Connecticut.
Eric, go ahead.
Hey, Alex.
Hey, Rick.
Just one thing, Alex, before I get into the main point.
I have a great article in my local paper about how the Guard and Reserve are fighting with hand-me-downs.
And I'll send you the article at tipsetinfowars.com.
Rick, my hat's off to you.
I'm a gun owner, long-time gun owner, instructor.
Say it right.
You're a long-time Al-Qaeda.
That's right.
Actually, I'm not a good neocon because I don't engage in the throat-slitting rituals of the skull and bones down the road here.
You don't worship Satan?
Well, then you're not Christian.
No, it's a terrible thing.
You're not going to get a Christian Coalition endorsement.
That's exactly right.
I have instructed also.
I instruct in firearms classes.
It's a sad day in America when we have to go on bended knee
There's some scummy politician slash bureaucrat with his lunch on his shirt, halitosis and a bad comb-over, to basically get what's a right that's been turned into a privilege.
And let me guess, Rick, I'll bet the NRA has left you out in the dust.
We've sent them information on this probably every week for the last two and a half years.
And once again, last week, we did it again.
They completely and totally ignore us.
The NRA is about taking your money and spending it on themselves.
And about secretly getting gun bills passed.
I was on the phone once with Charlton Heston, and I asked him, I said, Mr. Heston, I said, let's get a National Vermont-style concealed carry.
And he basically hemmed and hawed.
He sat there and said, hummada, hummada, hummada.
He didn't know what to say.
Well, the NRA in North Dakota, they had a bill about to pass.
It was going to pass for the Second Amendment of Vermont style.
Just, hey, it's a right-carrying, which gives Vermont the lowest crime rate in the country.
And guess what happened?
The NRA came in, and I've read their ruling, their argument, said we are not for this.
We want to register guns.
Imagine if the NRA said to all the members of the NRA, I want you...
We, the leadership of the NRA, want you to basically disregard, ignore, and tear up your permit.
I would recommend that all the NRA members leave the NRA and join Gun Owners of America.
Has Larry Pratt been supportive?
I'm a life member of Gun Owners of America, and I've been very disappointed with the NRA.
And for those who get a sleet of mail from the NRA, call them up and tell them that you want to be put on there.
Now, wait a minute.
Do you have a parakeet?
Hey, thanks for the call.
I appreciate the call.
We're going to stick with one more segment.
I want to get Leon and Casey and Bill and Jim and others.
Birdman, excuse me, not Bill.
Birdman in Alaska.
Going to go north to Alaska.
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All right.
Let's talk to Leon in Colorado.
You're on the air with Rick Stanley.
Go ahead.
Yeah, thanks, Alex, for taking my call.
And hello, Rick.
You and I met at several of the journey response anti-gun demonstrations that we did.
Let's be clear.
Journey response out there protesting the 200 bureaucrat march known as the Million Mom March.
Right, and all the other stuff.
But anyway... I have...
I just wanted to ask you, Alex, would you consider covering this free trade area of America?
That's another bureaucratic giveaway of our whole country.
Well, more than that, it's the Pan-American Union.
Well, that's what I was talking about in Miami, where the cops shot everybody.
Reporters, judges, World War II vets, union heads, just paceably.
It's total...
Despotic tyranny.
Giveaway of our country.
No, no, no.
It's freedom, and freedom is Al-Qaeda.
You've got to learn the new... It's 2,000 pages of regulation.
Wait a minute.
NAFTA and GATT's been great.
We're all losing our jobs.
The factories are shut down.
And it's being controlled by foreign bureaucrats.
Don't we live in the freest country of the world?
In the world?
Don't shatter those illusions.
Thanks for the call, Leon.
Good to hear from you.
Let's talk to Casey in Ohio.
Casey, go ahead.
Hi, Alex.
Hi, Rick.
Alex, I'm going to have to get back to you on those shellback pictures I promised you.
But now you're on a subject I wanted to expose, too.
The reason we have trouble with these courts is because every graduate from law school
Is being required to take a secret oath before they're accepted to the bar.
Do you know anything about that?
Well, I mean, the bar is incorporated out of England, and they're just tools of the government.
And the banksters.
What they do, they have to take a secret oath to uphold the bankruptcy and to administer that, and they're not allowed to really help you at all.
Well, yeah, that's all administrative law, which is the Uniform Commercial Code, which is the real tyranny document they follow.
Did you know that all of the district attorneys and judges have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution?
There is an act of treason.
It's cited in the United States Constitution.
It says, in levying war against them, the states and we the people, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.
So any violation of an oath of office by those sworn and paid to honor the Constitution for the United States of America is an overt act of treason against we the people.
We can't just...
We can't just say that, oh, it's the lawyers, it's the bankers.
We all know that.
The question is, is are we going to allow this treason anymore?
And the point is, they're not going to stop.
Thanks, Casey.
They're not going to back off.
They're going to just keep pushing and pushing and pushing.
That's exactly what they're going to continue to do.
Let's talk to Birdman in Alaska.
Go ahead.
You're on the air.
Go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Hi, Rick.
Hey, uh...
I've talked to you a little bit before.
I just wanted to call in and give you a little support from up north here.
I understand everything you're doing there with the open holster, and it would be nice.
I'd love to be able to come down there around your trail.
Well, please do.
Take a week in Colorado, June 19th to the 26th.
I think it's going to be probably one of the most important things that we ever do if we're considering ourselves a patriot.
Well, Colorado's already had some success getting that law thrown out, so they're prosecuting you for a law that was found to be illegal.
Well, they already sentenced me and had me in jail for that.
Now they're prosecuting me for influencing a public official.
That's a violation of my First Amendment rights.
So they went from the Second Amendment to now the First Amendment, and they really don't care which amendment or which right that they try to steal away from me.
Birdman, anything else?
Yeah, just to finish up here, because right here I'm in a small little Yupik Eskimo village in
In southwestern Alaska, and I'm helping some people here that it's getting so bold that the cops here came, or one cop actually, knocked on these people's door, got the parents up, asked for the son, which is about 22 years old, I think.
At any rate, he had to get dressed, took him off his pillow, lured him down to the station to give him a sobriety test, and then
Arrested him for DWI and all that.
Oh, by the way, that's been in the Washington Times.
They now go in bars and they admit.
They don't even do a breathalyzer.
They just arrest 20 people randomly.
And these are nice sports bars where you go to have a steak.
I mean, I go in these.
They do it in Austin.
They just randomly arrest you.
It's the new freedom.
Your friend was lucky that he got to get dressed.
Most of the time they just pull him naked.
Yeah, it's just, I mean, it's like Julia, Texas.
They just grabbed 58 people randomly, no drugs, no paraphernalia, gave them 20 to 90 years in prison.
The governor had to pardon them later.
It's like Planet of the Apes, where they're chasing us down with nets, just grabbing us, dragging us off.
Rick Stanley, we'll keep covering this.
God bless you.
Take care.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
We're good to go.
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From his Central Texas Command Center, deep behind enemy lines, the information war continues.
It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
I want the listeners to know something.
I was brought up to love America, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, to respect police and firefighters and the President's good.
You know, in college I was like, what am I going to do?
I didn't like college much, even though I was getting pretty good grades, you know, B+, average.
Did I go ahead and get out of college in a couple of years?
Or, you know, go be a cop?
Or, you know, go be in the Foreign Service, travel the world, help people?
You know, I was one of these sappy people who wanted to help people.
You know, I thought, oh, the government helps.
And then I found out about the New World Order in college because they were teaching us that America was bad, world government was good, guns were bad.
I knew that wasn't true.
And, you know, then over the years I just watched what police do, watched what the system does, watched the corruption.
And, I mean, it's not right.
It's not good.
It's not like I'm somebody who just has an extra grind.
I can't telegraph to you.
I can't transmit to you.
I can't get it across how bad it is.
The stacks and stacks of wickedness they're involved in every day.
Right out in the open.
I mean, all the big police labs framing people, planting drugs.
They just go into neighborhoods, arrest everybody now, and they give them all hard prison time, no drugs found.
I mean, that's all over the news in Texas.
Dallas, Tulia, Houston.
Wall-to-wall bizarreness, people running from the cops in Austin getting shot in the back, then weird public service announcements about, there's criminals terrorizing you in the darkness, we protect you from the terror, the terror, the terror.
It's out of control, people.
This isn't freedom, and I want my country, I want America back!
So the police and judges and people on the constabulary...
There's still time to come back to humanity.
There's still time to wake up and stop rationalizing what you're part of.
There's still time to join us in the defense of America, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, human decency.
Because the police do do a lot of good, even though their main job, they admit, is not to protect us.
It is to enforce laws of the government.
They have no liability to protect you, but still the government that controls them as their enforcers, that's where the rubber meets the road is the police, do want our guns.
We talk about the police so much because that's the rubber meat in the road.
We talk about all the illegal aliens because that's the rubber meat in the road.
I don't even blame them wanting to come to a better country.
The problem is there's six billion of them and we can't take them all here and the bankers want to use them to destroy this country.
Their own policy papers.
So I'm not against the illegals.
I'm not against the police.
But you're the sword whacking us upside the head.
You're the hammer.
And so that goes for you, too.
I mean, you're the ones that get beat up in the process of beating us up.
Stop it!
This is America.
America's about freedom.
The Russians said that people live in a police state for their safety.
It's the oldest statement in the book.
It's a disgusting joke.
I've got a stack of news I haven't covered, a stack of key news I want to recap.
Right now, let's go to Debbie Morrow, then we'll go to a few calls and some more news.
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What is your excuse?
Herbicides, pesticides, mercury, all these poisons, heavy metals, Prozac, Ritalin, female hormones.
It's all in there.
Debbie, how do people protect themselves?
How do they take action?
Taking responsibility for their own health, I think, and that's mainly by drinking water that's not poisoned.
I had a customer today who lives in Brandon, Vermont, and she asked me to tell you that their city was just notified that
That they do have bacteria in their water, and the government's real sorry everybody's been so sick.
You know, and they sent out a release to everybody telling them to boil their water.
I don't even look for these articles, and I see them every day.
It's amazing.
And that's what she's been telling her friends and neighbors, because she has a Berkey.
And she's been telling people all along, you know, be responsible while everybody's been getting sick with these stomach viruses.
Her family hasn't been sick.
A lot of times we think that we have food poisoning or we think that we have a little cold or a virus when it is really something in the water causing it to happen.
Well, take California.
In their big cities, they take the sewer water.
Put it through a strain, clean it up, put a bunch of chemicals in it, so at the bare minimum you're eating a bunch of dead bacteria and chemicals.
A lot of times they stay alive.
And then you eat that.
You drink that.
That's horrible.
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Debbie, tell folks about the specials.
The March special is, of course, the Berkey Light Water Filter with lights.
I think so.
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I still haven't gotten my copy, so I haven't been able to see it, but Jim... Well, Jim says it's awesome, and of course, you're the lady that answers the phones, and then he's out at the warehouse in another area of the state, but you need to get that from Jim.
I really do, because it's really great from what he's said, and he's really studied all this, you know, and I really take his word highly on it, so I recommend...
People get that.
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That's correct.
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Yes, and you can mix and match these with potassium iodate also.
If you get the five, you know... People should get the five or the twelve and give it to all their family.
Right, exactly.
And you'll save the money in a month of not buying bottled water.
And you'll see such a difference.
I mean, I know people call me all the time, Alex, and they ask me, is the water really that much different?
And it really is.
It really is.
Debbie, thanks for... Go ahead, I'm sorry.
That's okay.
Anyway, I better get back to answering phone lines.
Okay, you're awesome.
Thank you.
I believe in filtered water.
But again, if you watch a Stanley Kubrick film like Dr. Strangelove, that's the conditioning in the 60s, we're insane because we want filtered water.
See, we're the... I've even seen CNN reports about the kooky people that have fallout shelters, a lot of guns, and filtered water.
Ooh, we're... You know, we believe in those UFOs.
We, uh... I mean, every year in Austin they say boil your water because a bunch of E. coli or some horrible thing got into it.
Oh, boy.
I mean, do I have to explain this?
They also got shower filters, some of the best.
You screw them onto your shower.
This is what we use in our home.
And then you don't breathe, because when it gets heated up, all the gases come out of all the chemicals, and it doesn't go through your skin, the biggest organ in your body.
Yeah, get some of those.
Okay, there's the plug for that, and I hope you take advantage of it.
We have posted on InfoWars.com the eight-minute video report I did.
I feel like I could go to SeaWorld with my wife and
Yes, I can't.
Because they have the biometric hand scanners.
When you try to go in, I refuse.
They let me and said that about 1 out of 10 is refusing.
Though they're going to try to make everybody do it, they're having to back off.
They just put them in two weeks ago when the new season at SeaWorld started.
Then I was in another article here where, guess what?
Walt Disney World is doing it.
Surprise, surprise, Gomer.
As they say.
So we'll get back into that and some other news here in a minute.
Right now, let's go to a few calls.
Let's talk to Jim in Minnesota.
Jim, thanks for holding.
Alex, can you hear me?
Yes, I can.
Loud and clear, Roger.
Okay, I'm not real familiar with your guess there is situation, but I've come to an observation that makes good sense to me.
Nine years, the government says $1.2 trillion is missing from the defense budget.
They have no idea where it is.
$1.2 trillion.
How much do you suppose it costs to spray the world with chemtrails every day?
Tens of billions.
Perhaps $1.2 trillion over the last 14 years?
No, most of that's going in their private bank accounts and in the scams and double bidding and overbidding and bid rigging, all the scams.
But $1.2 trillion.
It just seems to me that that $1.2 trillion could possibly be accounted for under those conditions.
I don't know why they calmly announced it a year ago, but nothing's ever returned a big news item.
Oh, yeah, a couple over-trills missing.
No, this is just a trill.
Yeah, and a half a billion from the housing development, and half a billion here, half a billion there, but I'm not counting, are you?
No, I'm not.
And, you know, it's like Bush, you know, when he said, yeah, a billion here, a billion there, loose change.
Yeah, well, I...
Right now I own a small business and I'm in danger of going under because of Bush's small change.
In any event, that's about all I had to say.
I just wanted to know if you had any more thoughts on that.
Well, yeah, that's the answer.
Yes, yes, yes, I agree with you.
A lot of that money they steal for themselves, that is the big corporations that run the military industrial complex.
A lot of it is for Black Manta, Aurora spacecraft, which they now admit they have.
A lot of it is for the giant underground bases, which they admit they have but won't tell us how many.
A lot of it is for the huge bunkers.
A lot of it is for Level 4 and Level 5 bioweapons production.
Yeah, it's the shadow government, yes.
I assume when you say the huge bunkers, you're talking about the new tunnels they're doing with the nukes out there in Wyoming?
They've got earthquakes registering all over the country.
I'm going to let you go.
I appreciate your call.
You've got your radio on, buddy.
But I do appreciate your call.
Since the 50s, this is what's declassified.
This is Discovery Channel.
This is a conspiracy theory.
They have giant locomotives.
They can go through, depending on what type of rock, but four feet of the hardest rock an hour, 24 hours a day.
And they've been quietly underground doing this since the 50s.
And they admit that under the Capitol and under Dick Cheney's Naval Observatory where he lives, where they admit he stays in a bunker, there are underground railways that go all the way to Fort Hood.
Here in Texas, the connection to New Mexico, Arizona, California.
I mean, they've got whole cities under there.
The Russians have got whole cities.
So that's what they're up to.
Switzerland, though, has whole cities for their entire, what, 20 million population.
They have them clearly marked.
Every man has issued plastic explosives and automatic weapons.
They have to keep.
They have yearly inspections of their homes to make sure they're hidden where the government can't find them in case there's a coup.
This is how they have freedom, haven't been invaded in hundreds of years, and have the highest standard of living and all of this.
Automatic weapons everywhere, explosives everywhere, and no terrorism, almost no crime.
But they have giant bunkers everywhere, publicly directing people there's a nuclear war.
For their entire population, a two-year food supply, their own water systems, swimming pools underground, recreation areas, shopping malls.
It's total luxury.
But we don't get to have that.
I remember growing up in Dallas, and the signs are still there.
Do you know where your nuclear fallout shelter is in Dallas?
I haven't seen it in other cities, so I don't know.
It says designated fallout shelter in underground parking garages.
Oh yeah, there's a nuke.
Just crawl in there and die of radiation poisoning so they can clean you out later.
I'm ranting, aren't I?
Let's talk to Jim in Colorado.
Jim, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, I've got a Berkey for about three or four years and got my wife off of buying that Aquafina junk.
It's great.
Which is put out by Pepsi.
Is it?
Okay, I didn't know that.
What I call about... It says minerals added.
Mmm, fluoride added.
Rick Stanley, I don't know if you covered this, but about four years ago in the Fort Collins...
Coloradoan newspaper, which is owned by Gannett, they published in one of their Sunday issues a full list of every gun holding CCW permit holder in Larimer County.
Yeah, I heard that.
And they've done it in California, and the government wants to put it out public.
And you ask them why they go, we're not going to talk about it, but you've got one of these guns you're going in the newspaper.
It's real funny to harass us, isn't it?
Right, and they've said they won't do it again, but I don't trust them.
But what I do is they... And the reason you raise that is in Fort Wayne, Indiana, they're going to publish it.
Yeah, I know.
In the evil news sentinel.
But what I do to combat it, they get these little kiosks at the grocery stores and the malls and stuff.
They try to give you a free paper and get you to sign up.
And I just tell them, I just tell them, do you work for this company four years ago?
And they usually haven't.
And I said, well, in 2000, Fort Collins Paper published a list of every card-carrying, concealed carry permit in the county.
And got everybody mad, a lot of people mad, and I said, I won't take your paper for free, let alone buy it.
Well, that's what I do.
Every time they call me and go, would you like to take the statesman?
I go, and they stop lying, maybe.
And they say, well, I'm sorry about that.
And I say, well, tell some big shot if they're sorry about it.
Well, we did that, and the statesman put up billboards going, not your same statesman.
Well, that's true.
They're worse than they were.
We're not your same old statesman anymore.
We're more conservative now.
Can I say one more thing?
Bob Schaefer, who was a three-term rep who bowed out after three terms like he promised when he got elected, before he was elected the first time, he said he'd serve no longer in three terms.
Well, he quit after that third term, and now he's a Republican up here in District, Fourth District, going for Ben Nidor's Campbell Senate seat, and we all think he's a good man.
Alright, thank you.
I'll come back.
Sorry, no more calls.
We'll have a few final news stories you don't want to miss.
Recap some top news.
Stay with us.
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The Masters of Terror details how the elite are using manufactured terrorism to drive the world population into accepting tyranny.
Witness in horror the execution of the September 11th attacks and the ensuing whitewash.
The casual society control grid, infallible microchips, mass mind control, militarization of police, concentration camps, foreign troops massing on U.S.
soil, the USA Patriot Act, Super Big Brother Total Information Awareness Network, and much, much more.
It is absolutely vital that everyone see the masters of terror.
Only by exposing the perpetrators of September 11th can we stop them from carrying out the next wave of attacks and destroying our constitutional republic.
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They reduce nitrates and unwanted metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum, copper, and foul taste like chlorine and sulfur odors.
That's 888-803-4438.
All right, let's move quick.
I told you they're getting ready for the stage capture of bin Laden.
I posted that two years ago for my White House source, right before the election.
Sunday morning Herald.
Bin Laden nearly caught in Afghanistan and France.
Some of bin Laden has escaped capture in Afghanistan several times and may be linked in some way to the Madrid train attacks.
Yeah, right.
General Henry Benegat said that about 200 French troops, I thought they weren't for us,
We're operating with U.S.
forces in southeastern Afghanistan against the Taliban and bin Laden's al-Qaeda.
The Saudi-born militant is thought to be there or just across the border in Pakistan.
Our men were not very far on several occasions.
I even think he slipped out of the net that was quite well closed.
He told Europe One Radio yesterday he did not specify a time frame.
Now they're having the staged build-up to this.
Also, military increasing domestic law enforcement role with help from, quote, conservatives.
Chuck Baldwin wrote a great analysis editorial taking the mainstream articles about all the building martial law in this country, and we've got that posted.
It says in an article dated March 9th by Robert Block and Gary Fields, the Wall Street Journal reported, the U.S.
military is edging towards a sensitive area that has been off limits historically.
Domestic intelligence gathering and law enforcement.
Then it gives examples of them harassing people at colleges, sneaking around, all the things they're doing.
General Eberhardt saying the Pentagon's watching you.
All of that stuff.
So it's a good article because it grabs all the different news pieces and puts them together.
Privacy safeguards, deep six, wired news.
It says, oh, they just changed the name of Total Information.
It is back.
Total Information Awareness Network.
harbored terrorists to bolster its case.
This came out in the BBC, but now it's in the Moscow Times.
Abu Zawari is a one-legged Jordanian militant in his late 30s, and he's being described as the new Osama bin Laden, an al-Qaeda princeling who's come to Iraq to mastermind the worst terror attacks there.
Pentagon has added him to the 53rd card, a wild card, and it's a deck of Iraqi villains.
And it says most of us first heard the name from Colin Powell this time last year in his legendary presentation to the U.N.
on why the United States has to invade Iraq.
But it turns out that this guy is the person that the British have been protecting, and he's been in England, and it goes on and on.
And it just talks about how this is completely and totally staged.
It just...
They don't even change the names of their operatives.
They claim they capture them two or three times.
They claim they die two or three times.
And then it turns out they're in a British safe house.
I mean, it's a real sick joke, folks.
Netherlands facing a large outbreak of drug-resistant tuberculosis.
On the same day, the World Health Organization warned of multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis raging in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
The Netherlands announced Tuesday that it is facing a large outbreak of the disease.
And we've had an outbreak for ten years, thanks to all the illegal aliens from Eastern Europe and Mexico.
And your child sits there in a public school next to someone breathing it on them, and they're quietly reopening sanitariums to put people in them, and it'll be in the back of the paper every once in a while.
That's from the Drudge Report.
This is one from AFP.
Drug-resistant TB raging in Eastern Europe, Central Asia.
Oh, I'm out of time, my friends.
I'll be back tonight, 9 to midnight Central.
Back tomorrow, 11 to 2 Central during the day.
We're on Global Shortwave, WWCR.
First two hours of the daytime show on 94.75.
Second two hours of the nighttime show at 32.10.
You need to go to InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com and look at all the incredible stuff we're posting daily there.
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Go to infowars.com or prisonplanet.com to do that, or call toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139.
Or again, prisonplanet.com or infowars.com.
Don't wait.
Be part of this historical fight against tyranny.
If we lay down to them, they will feed on all of us en masse.
If we stand up, we can back them off.
Ask God for guidance and engage in the info war.
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