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Air Date: Feb. 2, 2004
2233 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Alright, my friends.
It's Monday, the 2nd of this new month, February 2004.
Giant show lined up for you.
Headline, possible OKC bombing video shows two explosions.
And that's out of World Net Daily.
It's on prisonplanet.com and infowars.com.
We'll be joined by one of the local news reporters who's been on the case lately.
Concerning Oklahoma City since it happened, what, eight years ago, nine years ago now?
Coming up on the ninth anniversary of the tragic events of April 19, 1995.
Big story, because we already know they have over a dozen surveillance camera tapes.
We've talked to the police and others.
The LA Times interviewed FBI agents that saw the video, shows two explosions, shows McVeigh with John Doe number two.
But the feds grabbed the tape and declared national security.
Well, James Traficant, one of his aides, got the video supposedly, and the feds raided him.
Now, here's the interesting thing.
They admit that Congress has a copy of the tape.
They admit the FBI has it.
But why are they rating this guy to get it?
To make sure nobody sees it.
So, J.D.
Cash joining us in about 30 minutes.
Then Paul Joseph Watson, who hasn't been on in a couple of weeks, to talk about a bunch of big developments.
Then in the third hour, Chris Simcox, the owner of the Tombstone Tumbleweed newspaper in Tombstone, Arizona.
Who's formed his own Citizens Homeland Security Group.
Ranch Rescue's been shot at by foreign troops.
Border Patrol's been killed by them.
Vehicles have been shot up, I think, what, 20-something times the last three years.
This time they caught it all on video up close.
We have those photos in the news story posted at Infowars.com.
Foreign troops, dozens of them, firing at them.
And then they also caught video of some more of the foreign troops who actually walked over and talked to them.
So a lot of this stuff happening and going on, that's in the third hour.
That's a big show right there.
Quite informative and interesting and frankly scary.
But there's a lot more coming up in the next three hours.
I hope you'll stay with us.
Ex-Congressman's aide has video of explosion.
Police raid home for evidence.
Nichols' attorneys say investigators never saw.
Investigators never saw?
I've had the news reporters on, the lawyers on.
I've got the articles out of Oklahoma City.
They admit they have these surveillance camera tapes.
Channel 4 there in Oklahoma City interviewed the federal officers who saw the video.
Multiple explosions, John to number two, and we have those news clips and news articles in my film, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
So this, again, isn't new news for us, but it's new news for the general public.
But how can the local paper and World Net Daily not focus in and ask the big question, well, what does it matter if this congressman's aide has this video?
Because Congress has it, and so does the FBI.
Why did they declare national security?
I mean, you'd think if it showed McVeigh alone, wouldn't that be some good evidence to convict him?
But no, they never used that.
Because we know what was on the tapes.
Multiple explosions, ladies and gentlemen.
Multiple explosions and, of course, John Doe No.
So we'll cover that when we get back.
And then we'll get into all the fake terror alerts over the weekend to terrorize you during the Super Bowl.
Armed Mexicans crossing the border.
volunteer journalists photograph mysterious foreign troop militia.
And again, a bunch of these groups have been shot at.
Bush is setting up a new whitewash commission.
We don't need an investigation.
You said there were weapons of mass destruction.
Now you say you never said it, but don't worry.
We'll have a nice whitewash commission.
That's coming up, too.
Just totally jam-packed broadcast.
Stay with us.
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All right, folks.
Again, thank you for joining us.
It is Monday.
It is the second day of February 2004.
Again, thanks for joining us.
Coming up in about 25 minutes, J.D.
Cash, local news reporter in Oklahoma.
This has been picked up by World Net Daily and others.
It's on InfoWars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Possible OKC bombing video shows two explosions.
Now, again, the last segment I went over this.
We'll detail it more coming up.
Then in the second hour, Paul Watson for a global report on a lot of key issues that are developing all over the planet.
The upcoming stage capture of Bin Laden.
The martial law provisions being passed all over the Western world.
Then in the third hour, armed Mexicans cross border.
volunteers, journalists photograph mysterious militia.
Even talk to them up close.
And these are the same groups that have been shooting at...
The Border Patrol and shooting and killing federal agents and beating people up and feeding on the illegal aliens that are coming across and shooting of course at Ranch Rescue.
So we've got Chris Simcox with a local newspaper, the editor there, joining us out of Arizona in the third hour.
Look at this headline.
Bush to seek intelligence failure probe.
Bush yields to pressure for independent weapons of mass destruction inquiry.
officials knew in May Iraq possessed no weapons of mass destruction.
These are the different types of headlines I have in front of me.
They're calling it an independent commission.
I guess like the 9-11 Commission, they tried to have Henry Kissinger head.
Nobody bought that.
So they hired a bunch of former Republican governors and others and people involved in business with the Bushes and the Bakers and Cheney.
And it turns out a bunch of people on the Commission have been having to secretly testify because, quote, according to the Washington Post, they were involved in 9-11 somehow.
It's like whenever the Clintons had Janet Reno appoint Senator John Danforth to investigate Janet Reno, and the whole thing was run by the Justice Department, their own appointees are called independent investigators.
And I use a sarcastic saying that it's like hiring Heinrich Himmler or Hermann Goering to prosecute Adolf Hitler.
But, again, people hear the word independent.
That's good enough for them.
So if I ever rob a bank or you ever rob a bank, just have your fellow conspirator be the prosecutor, and I'm sure the judge will agree to that.
And Tony Blair is trying to say that he never said there were weapons of mass destruction, and the Hutton Inquiry says he's good.
I mean, the Hutton Inquiry was set up by Blair, and it's going to be the same tactic here, kind of like the Warren Commission.
Oh, we've done absolutely nothing wrong.
Bush to seek intelligence failures probe.
President Bush will sign an executive order to open an investigation into U.S.
intelligence failures in Iraq.
His way of quieting mounting election year criticism from Republican and Democrats alike.
The investigation will examine Iraq and other intelligence issues dealing with stateless groups such as Al-Qaeda and secretive regimes such as North Korea, a senior White House official said Sunday on condition of anonymity.
So their whitewash committee is actually going to be a scaremonger committee about how deadly Al-Qaeda is and how deadly North Korea is.
There won't be any discussion of Al-Qaeda being CIA or our own government through Clinton right through Bush and Rumsfeld arming North Korea.
There's never a discussion of that.
It's like the 9-11 Commission has called for more intelligence money.
Okay, the government needs more power and we need a new domestic CIA.
So they don't just whitewash, they also cheerlead for more tyranny.
Given the broad mandate, the investigators' findings are not likely to be known until after the November presidential election.
President Bush's decision comes amid assertions that America's credibility is being undermined.
It'll be more undermined.
The same people that told us about mobile weapons trucks and mass graves and uranium out of Niger, the same Pentagon that plants...
Fake letters from troops and hundreds of newspapers with false signatures.
The same Pentagon that put Saddam in power and told him to attack his neighbors and then pulled the rug out from under him when he did it.
The same Pentagon that tells us depleted uranium at 1,900 times safe levels is good are the ones that are going to be running this!
It's such a joke.
By the way, the chief prosecutor for the Marine Corps just quit concerning the fake trials at Guantanamo Bay, saying that these aren't real trials, and that he's ashamed.
I guess he's a liberal too, right?
You're a liberal if you're pro-gun, pro-border, pro-sovereignty, pro-honor.
Thought I'd add that too.
I mean, this is all a sick joke.
And before the Super Bowl, and no, folks, I didn't watch the Super Bowl.
I did two radio interviews last night during the Super Bowl.
And, of course, there was rioting as the drunken mass of animals, of Romans, went insane when their patriots won.
And I'm sure you enjoyed Janet Jackson with her breast hanging out on purpose to desensitize your children.
What do you expect from these degenerates?
That apple didn't fall too far from the tree.
It fell right next to Michael Jackson, didn't it?
While you were all busy doing that, I was fighting for this country, trying to defend the republic in the final days of this nation and any freedom you ever had.
And I'm not saying you're evil if you watched the Super Bowl.
I'm just glad I didn't.
But during the Super Bowl, before the Super Bowl, every time they know you're tuned into the television,
On Christmas or New Year's or Thanksgiving or every holiday, every big event like the Super Bowl, oh, the terrorists are about to use planes as dirty bombs to drop chemicals, biologicals, radiologicals.
Credible threat.
Turns out, of course, the threat was a fraud.
Until the fateful day that the globalists actually drop the hammer on us and tell a bunch of more of us, then they'll say, see, you better take all our alerts serious.
You better accept the National ID card.
You better not question us in the future.
The threat is real.
But every time they know you're tuned into the television, even the mass of people that don't watch the news, who are tuned in on holidays or special events, they always have a terror alert for you to scare you into submission.
And at PrisonPlanet.com, we have the mainstream news articles from across the spectrum where they admit the White House for a year and a half has been issuing fake terror alerts to, quote, create hysteria and fear.
To scare you into submission, U.S.
officials for dirty bombs on airliners, intelligence indicates terrorists want to smuggle device and cargo, use biochem weapons.
A credible threat cancels flight to Houston.
A Continental Airlines flight from Washington, D.C.
to Houston was canceled Sunday after the U.S.
Department of Homeland Security advised the airline of a credible threat that terrorists might target the flight.
Flight 1519, which never departed, was scheduled to leave Dulles Airport at 5.44 p.m.
and arrive at Bush International Airport at 8.10 p.m.
while the Super Bowl was in progress.
However, a Homeland Security official said the threat does not appear to be related to the Super Bowl.
And then they go on to admit today that it was a fluke.
They were wrong.
France and Germany have gone public and said they were giving fake terror alerts during Christmas and the New Year's.
The governor of Nevada says that the whole Las Vegas thing was a fraud.
They just put out fake alerts to keep you in fear.
And during the Super Bowl, you all got images of people being searched and frisked and armored vehicles and some troops and black ski mask police and face scanning cameras selling you that Big Brother equals freedom and security.
We're good to go.
Thought that you might find that little tidbit interesting.
By the way, Bush to consult David Kaye before Iraq probe.
David Kaye, the big warmonger who said he was sure Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.
I said, why is David Kaye now coming out against Bush?
Well, you watch.
He'll be consulted, and then he'll come forward and say, oh, Bush was right.
We just got bad info.
He didn't mean it.
And they'll say, oh, even David Kaye, who spoke out, is now for Bush.
It's like saying, Colin Powell's against the war in Iraq.
He's a dub.
We all need to listen to Colin Powell.
And then two weeks before the invasion, he goes before the U.N., reads the fake weapons dossier, and the war's good.
We need to do it.
And folks go, oh, look, he was the holdout.
He's even for it now.
This is theater, folks!
Associated Press President Bush said Monday he will consult with former Chief Weapons Inspector David Kaye before ordering an investigation into intelligence failures in Iraq, trying to quiet mounting election year criticism from Republicans and Democrats.
Bush said he will name independent bipartisan inquiry into faulty intelligence in Iraq.
And grabs in other areas such as secretive regimes like Iran, North Korea, and stateless groups such as terrorists.
See, and it'll just turn into a big fear-mongering session of, oh, all these groups are threats and we didn't lie to you and we're just trying to keep you safe.
By the way, Arnold Schwarzenegger says, you know what, I'm going back on my promise.
We are going to give driver's license to all the illegals.
He said that Saturday.
And yes, he wants to pass more gun control.
That's your good conservative leader.
Bush unveils the biggest budget ever, $2.4 trillion of discretionary spending.
There's hundreds of billions of other spending there as well, and hundreds of billions more still with state unfunded federal mandates to the states.
We'll get into that.
Sisters may have gotten bird flu from brother.
That's starting to spread, getting pretty serious.
So we'll go over that.
Pilots question threat to flights.
Say they think it's staged.
And so that's some of what's coming up as well.
You do not want to miss this show.
Coming up, we're going to get into Oklahoma City and the Fed suppressing the video of multiple bombs going off and declaring national security on that video that also shows McVeigh with John Doe number two.
We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
In this Associated Press article that I have with Arnold Schwarzenegger, promising the Democrats that he will pass a bill getting driver's license, hence legalizing all illegals in the state,
And they admit that in major exit polls, 70% of Californians, including the majority of Hispanics, are against doing this.
Well, then why does Arnold Schwarzenegger want to do it?
Because the elites of this country, whether it's George Bush or Albert Gore or John F. Carey,
Want open borders to drive down the wages, to balkanize the country, to bring in a mass of people that will pull the levers for big government.
It's just that simple.
I mean, you think 25 million illegals, it's not 8 million, it's not 14 million, it's 25 million conservatively.
If you think that's a lot of illegals, oh, they haven't even gotten started yet.
And Arnold Schwarzenegger said early on he was going to give me a legal driver's license in his statements.
And then he shifted gears and said, no, I'm not going to do that.
This isn't a good bill.
I'm for another bill.
And the neocons on air said, see, he's against the open borders and giving them a driver's license.
Well, no, if you look to what Arnold said carefully, he said, I'm against this current bill.
I want another bill.
And that's what he did.
And that's what he's doing now.
And California has only got a few years to reverse this, and then there's no chance of going back.
And so they put a nice neocon in power to get the job done.
And it's a great illustration of the fact that the elite doesn't care what the people want or what's constitutional or what's good for the people of this nation.
They care about what's good for the elite to break down this nation.
In national polls, 80 plus percent of the American people are against these open borders.
But Bush is for open borders.
Why is that?
Because the corporations want the cheap labor, but it's more than that.
Their own policy reports say it's about balkanizing the country and driving down the wages, because if you're all living at a subsistence level, you're going to go along with the tyranny.
But if you're in the middle class, you're going to want your children to grow up in a free country.
It's just that simple.
And these third world populations have no history of standing up against corruption and tyranny, and so they're a perfect population to live in the new slave grid.
All right, let me shift gears now into the Oklahoma City development.
Then we'll go to our guest and then into the calls, the toll-free number to join us on air.
Is 1-800-259-9231 That's 800-259-9231 Possible OKC bombing video shows two explosions.
The Fairfax County, Virginia home of John Cumberston, once a member of former U.S.
Representative James Traficant's scandal-plagued congressional office, was raided Friday afternoon by Oklahoma City police detectives searching for evidence related to the 95 Oklahoma City bombing.
Now, wait a minute.
Searching for evidence.
That would mean you didn't already have it.
And they go on to admit that Congress has a copy of this and that the government declared national security on it and won't release it.
That's the news story.
Why are you raiding a congressman's AIDS house?
Because they may have this.
And why is the news focusing in on that?
The story is that they admit they declared national security on these surveillance cameras.
The FBI that saw it told the LA Times and Channel 4 in Oklahoma City that it showed two men getting out of the Ryder Trek, that it showed multiple explosions, and that's in my film, 9-11 Road to Tyranny.
That's about five minutes of that two-and-a-half-hour video.
You spend about 35 minutes on Oklahoma City, and that's a film in and of itself, the most dynamic, most well-documented.
We'll talk to J.D.
Cash, local news reporter that reported on this.
It's now been picked up nationally.
A copy of the search warrant obtained by the McCurtain Daily Gazette described the evidence sought by detectives as including any and all computer equipment, letters, correspondence, electronic mail, and image files.
The raid follows a January 27th closed-door meeting attended by prosecutors and defense attorneys involved in the Terry Nichols murder trial set to begin one month from now in Oklahoma.
So all the feds in the state are doing is grabbing up any evidence showing John Doe No.
The Nichols defense team wants the video.
And again, the feds didn't use this in the McVeigh trial.
Nobody can show the video of what happened.
Why is that?
Well, we know what was on that video.
Again, heading right out in plain view.
We'll talk to J.D.
Cash that brought this story when we get back.
We'll get to more of your calls.
Then we've got Paul Joseph Watson.
And then we've got the folks coming on who've got video of the foreign troops.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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The websites are Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
We're about to go to our guest, J.D.
Cash, a local news reporter who's been on the Oklahoma City bombing since day one with this new report that's been picked up by the national press.
Before we do that, my friends, I have made 10 documentary films.
And the newest film is Matrix of Evil Exposed with Congressman Ron Paul talking about how globalists run Washington, who the neocons are, the depression they're engineering.
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UN-run white slavery rings that are mainstream news.
Colonel Craig Roberts.
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Frank Morales, a police state expert.
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1-888-253-3139 That's 888-253-3139
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Now let me just read a few paragraphs out of World Net Daily, then we'll go to the reporter who wrote this article, and J.D.
Possible OKC bombing video shows two explosions.
That's the headline.
The Fairfax County, Virginia home of John Colbertson, I'm pronouncing that right, once a member of former U.S.
Representative James Trappacant's scandal-plagued congressional office.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
During the meeting, it was brought to the attention of prosecutors that Culbertson could have critical evidence concerning the bombing, evidence that has not come to the attention of state or federal prosecutors.
According to the affidavit filed with the search warrant, Nichols' defense attorneys filed a motion under seal with the court and further advised prosecutors...
Culbertson may have possession of a video and or still photographs of a Ryder truck parked in front of the Alper P. Murrow building explosion and during the explosion.
And it goes on here with a witness.
Mills said he had gone to Washington, D.C.
years ago to meet with Culbertson and actually viewed the video on August 26, 1998.
Mills specifically told police detectives he saw a portion of the video and possibly three still pictures that were stored on Culbertson's laptop computer.
An affidavit obtained by the newspaper, Detective...
We're good to go.
Well, thank you for having me, Alex.
Give folks some background concerning these videos.
This is really a remarkable story because what we have here is a gentleman that I've known for a number of years, John Culbertson.
He has worked in the past for James Traficant's office, who was, of course, run out of office by the FBI a number of years ago and sent to prison for whatever.
But Mr. Traficam was always very interested in Oklahoma City, which a lot of people feel was one of the reasons why the FBI wanted to indict him and see that he was put away.
And one of the men that worked on his staff, his name was John Culbertson, and John claimed and has for a number of years claimed that there was a video
That was made by federal agents involved in the Sting operation, a surveillance tape, where they actually filmed the Ryder truck arriving and then blowing up.
And, of course, this would be the most powerful piece of evidence that we would ever want to find on Earth if we could get our hands on this.
And in the past, excuse me, Culberson,
Has been offered money from the different networks for this, but it's never been produced.
Well, now I understand that he has shown at least some still photographs, three at least, to this Mr. Mills in Dallas.
And this came to the attention of the Nichols defense people who approached the state of Oklahoma prosecutors in an in-camera closed-door meeting with Judge Taylor last week.
And brought this to their attention and said, well, you know, we've talked to Mr. Culberson.
He's not cooperating with us.
But if he does have something like this, this is a huge piece of evidence that we deserve to have our hands on.
And so a police detective by the name of Easley left the very next day or that day and went to Dallas.
He interviewed Mr. Mills.
He was impressed with his credibility.
I understand that Mr. Mills is a very credible attorney.
And they then went to this easily contacted Mr. Culbertson in Virginia.
And Mr. Culbertson was vague about whether or not he still had this evidence.
He apparently was not keen on turning it over if he did have it.
And so the next thing he knew was Friday in the late afternoon, here came at least one Oklahoma City police detective in conjunction with local authorities.
They had a warrant, and they left with just about everything in that house that might hold a key to where this evidence is or contain it.
Now, J.D.
Cash, I've interviewed some of the police and lawyers and people involved in the case here on the show, and I've got the different news articles covering it.
There were also the different surveillance camera tapes around the Murrah building.
Right now you're talking about videos supposedly from a sting operation.
That meshes with what firefighters and police said
And we broke those stories.
And then we have the government saying, well, we're not going to release the surveillance camera tapes from the church and the YMCA or the federal surveillance camera tape declaring national security.
I've had the lawyers on.
That case ended in, what, 2002 with the video not being released.
The feds can end all this speculation instantly by releasing that video.
If they have it.
If they have it.
This particular, these photographs and videos, surveillance film,
Now these are video stills or still pictures?
These are video stills.
That's my understanding.
But you'd obviously have to still video to watch the explosion take place.
That's correct.
There has to be a video someplace for them to have made these stills.
And supposedly, the first picture is of a pristine building, no truck.
Then the next picture, there is a truck.
And there is a glow at the bottom.
I guess it's supposedly going off.
And then the next picture is carnage.
Now, that's how that was described to me.
Now, Alex, you and I both know that with digital technology,
The digital stuff, the software on these computers now, anything is possible.
People can create this stuff.
And so I always have to warn people that I have not seen these pictures.
So I don't know that these aren't phony.
I don't know that.
You have to wonder why this stuff wasn't sold to a network.
Absolutely, but also, J.D., we have other news reports, and it's mentioned in your report, about Congress seeing some of these videos.
Okay, now here's where the confusion is over that issue.
Let me clear this up a little bit.
Mr. Culbertson testified about four years ago in front of a subcommittee on the Justice House side that he believed that there was this surveillance video out there someplace.
And that he had interviewed a member of the Federal Police Force who agreed to go on camera in James Traficant's office and talk about seeing this film, the surveillance film, from start to finish during a seminar with other federal agents attending.
And this guy swore that he had actually seen this.
And so Mr. Culbertson was trying to impress on this House committee, which I guess had some dealings with oversight over the Department of Justice, that they should really go over there and throw a fit and demand to see this film.
Now, Mr. Nadler grilled Mr. Culbertson about, do you have this film yourself?
And he said, no.
He said, all I have is an interview with
With this police officer or federal agent who talks about the film.
So back in the year of 2000, that was the status of it then.
So, here again...
J.D., going back to the surveillance cameras we know were there, according to the L.A.
Times, they talked to federal officers who saw the tape, who saw McVeigh and another person, and then you say, well, we don't know if the feds have that tape.
We know they went to court and blocked those tapes being released.
Well, here's what I do.
I can tell you that I know about.
I know that Stephen Jones, who represented Mr. McVeigh,
...had an enormous amount of films turned over to him.
And I brought to his attention one day that there was a camera on the Journal Record building that might have what we were all looking for.
As it turned out, that camera was not pointed directly across the parking lot at the mirror building, but was actually pointed at a staircase, an exterior staircase to catch anybody who might decide to burglarize the place.
In the process, you got a corner of the building, and it actually does show a portion of the explosion.
I don't think... I've been told from several people who have worked on that case that they never did have a videotape that showed a rider truck pulling up.
With the exception of the one that was entered into court.
Now, there was the one...
Where you cannot tell if there's anyone inside the rider truck when it was parked across the street from the apartment project about a block from the mirror building.
J.D., we have, in 2002, the federal case, we have the feds trying to block the release of a bunch of video... Well, see, Dave, we're a part of this FOIA action.
We have been blocked from having any
Yeah, but, I mean, we have federal officers telling the LA Times and others that they saw these videotapes, and that it showed McVeigh and this other person, or someone who looked like McVeigh and this other person, and then the feds say we're not going to release that videotape.
I mean, that's pretty damning right there.
Well, I haven't read that article.
I have not read...
I have a copy of it on the website.
It's the Los Angeles Times.
How long after the bombing is that?
Well, that was in 1996.
Okay, because in 1990... Oh, at some point in 95 or 96, the local AP office ran a story like that, and then they retracted it the next day when the Department of Justice said, no, there isn't...
No such evidence, no such tape.
The feds went to court and blocked these tapes being released.
Okay, now, they have gone to court and blocked the release of everything to do with Oakbaum.
That's true, but it's everything.
We are standing in line.
I think we're second in line.
This newspaper, I believe, is second in line for a whole host of things.
Well, J.D., I mean, I have to tell you that...
I don't believe anything that comes out of Bill Clinton's Justice Department.
Well, no, there's no reason to believe it.
And you talk about faking videos.
Nine years later, eight years later, they could release videos showing the Easter Bunny detonating the bomb now because this is old technology to be able to falsify videos.
Well, what we're hoping for is on this story that we ran a week ago where Peter Langen, who's serving life plus 30,
He was one of the leaders of the Aryan Republican Army that robbed 22 banks in seven states and was apprehended a few months after the bombing.
He is going to appear as a witness for the Nichols defense, and he's going to name names, and he's going to provide the corroborating evidence as to who blew up the federal building.
Well, if that's the case, why did Bill Clinton let the German, who was one of the head people there, leave the country?
Well, what if he was an informant?
But again, why would the Justice Department cover that up?
I have a memo from the director of the FBI where he is commenting on where Strassmayer is on a specific day and telling seven different offices that Strassmayer is going to be leaving the country shortly through Mexico.
And we published that story.
I think it's on our website.
Morris Dees had an informant inside of Elohim City at the time.
And so I assume that Andrea Strossmeyer is a cooperating informant with the FBI or the CIA.
And I don't know who Morris Dees' informant is.
It could be Mr. Strossmeyer.
Heck, it could be Mr. Strossmeyer's friend, David Holloway.
We know that Dave Holloway worked for Kirk Lyons.
Well, if you're saying that... We'll talk about it when we get back.
Ladies and gentlemen, stay with us.
We'll be right back on the other side of this quick break.
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All right, folks.
I know we've got a lot of callers that want to get involved on air.
It's 1-800-259-9231.
We're talking to J.D.
Cash, local news reporter, who's been involved in the Oklahoma City investigation since day one.
He writes for the McCurtain Daily Gazette.
And the story he's written has been picked up by WorldNet Daily and others.
It's on Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com.
Let me just say right up front that I have studied Oklahoma City.
I have interviewed hundreds of people involved in it.
And one thing is clear.
The feds had total prior knowledge.
And from the evidence allowed this to take place.
Cash, I know you're a journalist, so you don't like to give us your view on it.
Now, J.D.
Well, I'm happy to give you my view.
That's why I do that regularly.
Okay, well, did the feds have prior knowledge of Oklahoma City?
Let us hope, Alex, let us hope that the worst this thing is is that this conspiracy was infiltrated
They were waiting on these guys and let us hope that they tried to stop it.
Okay, well I was running over you there.
You said absolutely they had prior knowledge.
Why else would you have a member of the FBI counterterrorism group, one of the best known agents in the country,
Danny Colson checking into a motel room eight hours and 42 minutes before the bomb goes off in Oklahoma City.
And then telling Time and Newsweek about how he rushed in his car the day of the event to get there, and now it's admitted with hotel receipts and witnesses and others that he was there that night.
Why would he lie like that?
There you go.
Because there's no logical explanation for him to be there.
Unless he was there as part of this investigation.
Well, J.D., let me stop you right there.
And again, we're honored to have you.
We're going to go to some calls and let you into more detail coming up here.
If you can stay with us another 30 minutes or so.
But looking at this, looking at the whole Oklahoma City story and what happened, and the police state that we saw grow out of it, and then a bigger event on September 11th.
Boy, they benefited.
Big time.
They took advantage of this.
No matter what the deal was that morning, they took advantage of this sense.
Well, going back to the same thing with the first World Trade Center attack, New York Times, Chicago Tribune, I have that in my film, they admit that the FBI cooked the bomb, trained the driver, did it all, and then allowed it to take place.
Go ahead.
Well, there's a great New York Times story from that same event where the informant with tape recorders is Handler.
And he asked his handler, he said, you know, my job is going to be to round up the fertilizer.
Why don't we go ahead and purchase the non-explosive type of fertilizer?
And the handler said, this is an FBI agent, and it's taped.
He said, no, they might catch on and then blow the whole operation.
So there you go.
See, that one was wired.
Now, before I forget, I want to mention, people can go to our website at McCurtain.com.
And if they'll scroll down, they'll see that we have recently put up some other stories, such as this Morris Dees story, which I think is the most important one.
Well, the Lagan story, of course, is awesome, but this thing with Morris Dees having an informant in the middle of this deal, I find to be one of the most remarkable parts of this.
And then, of course, the FBI director is fully cognizant of the location of Strossmeyer,
And that he's planning to leave the country.
So this is an awesome find.
Because that ties the Southern Poverty Law Center in, who certainly got bigger and more powerful after the event as well.
They sold a lot of books.
They've raised a lot of money trying to tell people about these groups and how dangerous they are.
Well, we need to know who this informant is.
Now, when I confronted Morris Dees with this one-on-one,
He was stunned that I had this memo.
Unfortunately, my memo has the name of the informant redacted.
And so, there you go.
Cash, can you stay with us some more?
All right, J.D.
Okay, we'll come back in the second hour for another 30 minutes with J.D.
Cash, your calls.
Then we will get to our next guest, Paul Watson.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, my friends.
We're now into the second hour of this global transmission against Tyranny and Big Brother.
Dino, John, James, Davey, and others, your calls are coming up for J.D.
He writes for the McCurtain Daily Gazette.
And possible OKC bombing video shows two explosions.
That's being reported.
Also, there are discussions of this.
A newest tape, if it's real, showing the explosion as part of a sting operation with the BATF.
Same thing at the first World Trade Center attack, where it was, quote, a sting, where they give them real explosives, real detonators,
We're good to go.
The raid on the home of John Culbertson, once a member and former U.S.
Representative James Traficant, scandal-plagued congressional office, raiding his home to get this supposed video and stills of the video of this raid.
This Sting Gone Bad video, if this turns out to be accurate.
Cash, I want to go to some calls here in a few minutes after this first break, but perhaps you can recap things a little bit better than I just did for folks.
Well, no, you've done a beautiful job, Alex.
I just want to say that I don't know if this film really still exists or not.
I know that it would be terribly embarrassing if it did.
It would not be something that the Department of Justice would ever want out.
Well, we know they destroyed a bunch of McVeigh evidence before.
Well, and they've made application to destroy some of the stuff in this ARA case, this Area Republican Army case, that could link, that could support Mr. Langen's testimony.
And I could go, I could write a book just about, I mean, this element, this whole element of what has gone on since the bombing and all of the evidence that keeps disappearing.
And we have the feds with an informant inside Elohim City.
Well, there's probably, well, we know there's three.
And also you have the memo with Morris Dees, head of the Southern Poverty Law Center, with an informant in there.
That's when I fell over.
Now, this is new information.
This is new.
And we just, just by luck, when we came across this memoranda,
From the FBI director.
We looked at a website and there was Mr. Dees who was going to be speaking at a university not 45 minutes from our newspaper in a couple of days.
So we just were there.
And I cannot tell you how shocked and upset he was to find out.
Of course, he's been contacted by the Nichols defense people.
He's on the witness list.
Describe what happened when you confronted him.
Well, immediately he said, where did you get this memo?
And I said, well, I got it from the FBI.
And I said, it is an official, unclassified memoranda from Louis Freeh.
And it's to seven different offices, which I might say one of them was the Birmingham office.
And what's interesting is none of the offices who received this memo, this is January of 1996, none of these offices where he's talking about Mr. McVeigh at Elohim City and phone calls to Elohim City,
And contacts that their informants through the SPLC has with Mr. McVeigh, none of this has ever been made public before, except for the April 5th phone call.
None of this was ever out there.
Why do the feds want to separate the white supremacists out of this?
Well, they have not wanted to go to L.A.
Because if you go to L.A.
City and the white supremacists and you expose Ross Meyer and whoever else that was involved in the sting operation.
And then it shows federal prior knowledge.
That's the one thing that they cannot deal with.
That's where, you know, it's just a horrible, horrible, horrible thing that they've apparently gotten involved in.
All right.
We'll be back.
Same thing over and over again.
So-called sting operations.
The bombs go off and the feds get more power.
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He's the T-Rex of political talk, Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Now, this is from congressional testimony talking about the supposed sting video, not just the surveillance camera video, but sting video taken by the BATF.
And police did say the BATF was in their bomb gear a minute after the explosion, running around like a bunch of angry wasps.
Quote, in this videotape on April 13, it is the federal police officer describing a surveillance tape from Oklahoma City he personally witnessed.
And comparing it to other photos we have uncovered.
This is before Congress.
In the official record of the hearing, it is as follows.
Quote, the federal police officer described two distinct explosions, the locations of which are consistent with evidence uncovered in the course of investigating the attack on the Murrah Federal Building.
The federal police officer also stated that photos and video frames were covered, as described above, are consistent with the surveillance video that he witnessed in the training seminar.
The officer's statement as well as photos obtained by the investigation is contained in the document.
Close quote.
Culbertson went on to testify the Department of Justice has deprived the public of this important information as well as the courts in various jurisdictions charged with trying cases related to the bombing.
This act is nothing short of callous and malicious obstruction of justice in what may be and one might consider one of the most important cases of the 20th century.
Now, J.D.
Cash is a reporter breaking the story.
You can link through to his website at infowars.com.
It's the McCurtain Daily Gazette.
From the evidence, J.D., what you're saying is that clearly the government had prior knowledge.
If they are running this thing and have this video, they wouldn't want this to come out because this would show their prior knowledge.
And the fact that they failed miserably to stop it.
They never should have allowed that truck to leave Kansas.
And they should have never allowed it to get anywhere near downtown Oklahoma City.
Now, what do you think of the photos that two police officers in a Cessna took, supposedly of the fuel truck at Camp Grouper?
Okay, now here's the problem with that.
There's two problems with it.
One, we... And trust me on this.
I've done a lot of research on that element of this.
The truck that blew up in front of the federal building had a side door on that side that you're looking at.
It was a particular model that Ryder ordered a handful of, okay?
So there's no side door showing.
And the identification number is not the ID number that goes with the truck that was destroyed.
Yeah, well, the reason I bring it up is that's an issue we hardly ever talk about.
These police, before the Oklahoma City bombing,
Thought it was interesting enough to take photos of it.
You have a privacy fence, you know, folks, the fences that have the canvas on the sides, a high security fence.
You have this truck loaded up on a trailer, and there's these big tanks with what looks like fuel oil spilt all over the place.
I've got some juicy stuff that people want to go back to about two years ago.
I published some of the juiciest stuff in the world in Soldier of Fortune magazine about prior knowledge with photographs.
I've got some stuff that you can't believe.
And people should just call up to Soldier Fortune, tell them they're interested in the series of Roger Charles and I did.
We've written a number of articles for Soldier Fortune about the bombing, and I suggest that they buy those back issues.
Well, describe what's in those.
Well, for instance, we have a member of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol SWAT team leading the scene, and it says 913 on his wristwatch.
We have a truck that looks at a glance like it's a postal truck.
What's missing is it doesn't say U.S.
Post Office on it.
It's there in the overhead shots that were taken within three minutes of the bomb going off by Channel 9.
They immediately had a helicopter near them.
They flew over and took pictures within three to five minutes.
That mail truck, or what appears to be a mail truck, is parked outside of the post office along Harvey.
And then later we have a picture where they have it opened up
And they're loading bits and pieces of the detonated truck into this truck.
This truck is obviously part of the sting operation.
On the other side of the building, we have a photograph of another vehicle, which is the same make and model, this type that the ATF and the FBI use, and their crime scene investigations.
It's there on the other side.
Now, go back to the state police officer.
Elaborate on that.
We have a member of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol SWAT team leaving the crime scene with his fist clenched.
It's 9-13.
The bomb has gone off 10 or 11 minutes earlier.
Now, when I interviewed this individual and showed him the photograph, he was very nervous.
And I asked him, what time is it when this photograph is taken?
And he said, well, it must have been 10.30.
I didn't say, well, if you look at your watch, you can tell what time it is.
I didn't say, well, by the way, the cars are on fire behind you, and those were out by 9.25.
All those fires were out.
There are several other clues to... Well, J.D., did he call us?
Where were you that morning when the bomb went off?
And he said, oh, I was on the highway on my way to our training center.
I heard the bomb go off.
I continued to the training center.
I didn't know what had happened.
I picked up my partner.
I said, what time did you arrive there?
He said, probably 9.30 or 10.
Then we went into the building and started rescuing people.
I said, well, in this picture, you're walking away from the building, so what time is it?
He said, it's 10.30.
It's the first bomb scare.
What I didn't show him was, I have another picture of him.
He's coming from a completely different direction than where he says he's just been.
He's rounding the corner coming from the north.
But how do you know what his watch says?
He can see it.
The picture is that clear.
That's amazing.
And to further verify this, the cars are on fire behind him.
Now, J.D.?
Look, I mean, we know there's prior knowledge, but to keep calling these sting operations where the feds cook the bomb, train the drivers, let it go forward at the first World Trade Center.
Then the same thing happens here again.
Then when September 11th, they're paying for their houses, their cars, their credit cards of the supposed hijackers.
I mean, it's just over and over again, these stings gone bad, and oops, the government gets so much power and control over us.
Oh, they certainly do.
Every time something like this happens...
The rest of us have to pay for it with losing our privileges and our liberties.
Well, I'll tell you what, J.D., let's take some calls, and I really appreciate you being here on the show.
I want to go through these calls quickly, folks.
Have your question or comment ready.
Dino in New York.
Dino, go ahead.
Yeah, how are you doing, Alex?
What I want to share with you, too, is that little episode by Janet Jackson is very part of the Luciferian symbology.
Basically, if you notice lately, there's been a lot of James Bond pictures.
If you go back to Goldfinger, if you remember the pilot Pussy Galore and her little young pilot girlfriend, they all had this black outfit on with the sunburst.
Janet Jackson, when she did that little exposure with the sunburst as the little pasty on it, that's part of the symbolism.
You go to Michael Jackson when he was dancing on top of the SUV, you notice that he had this emblem.
It was a sunburst-style emblem.
You know what, Dino?
I'm going to put you on hold because you were holding before Gascon on
And this isn't the subject we're talking about.
And it's very esoteric on top of that.
And I like to stick to stuff we can prove.
But I'll come back to you if you want to hold.
Let's go to John in Tennessee.
John, go ahead.
With security inside the OKCity Federal Building, could an outsider like Sergeant McVeigh plant 100 pounds of explosives on concrete columns or were the doors locked so it had to be the federal police planting the bomb?
I'll tell you what I think happened.
And, you know, some of this stuff we may never know for sure.
I do believe that something else went off inside that building that morning.
Because of the testimony I had from interviews, it's very clear to me that law enforcement was storing some things in that building they should not have.
Yeah, but, J.D., that's their cover story.
I mean, a plastic explosive doesn't go off, you know, just because an explosion goes off, you know, outside a building.
It goes off if you'll put it under 3,200 pounds of pressure.
Where are the doors locked?
No, the building is open and occupied.
Okay, could somebody plant on the concrete columns?
If you have it in a storeroom, it's not going to blow out a column unless it's strapped to the column.
There's no way that I can tell you that that did not happen.
Alex, can you play him the audio clip from Silverstein and PBS on controlled demolitions at World Trade Center 7?
Yeah, have you heard about Silverstein going on national TV and going, oh yeah, we blew up World Trade Center 7?
The thing is, I have never found the slightest bit of evidence.
The slightest.
That anybody was in there that night doing all this stuff.
Why did Jane Graham, the lady at HUD, say that she saw these white men with gray sticks of butter?
Well, you know, I've interviewed Ms.
Graham on more than one occasion, and I still, you know, I can't use her for anything because the story has evolved.
The story has not been as consistent as what we would have to have for our newspaper.
Graham saw some people, construction workers, in the building the day before the bombing.
I had two witnesses that are very credible tell me the very same thing, that they saw, I think, three construction workers working in the parking area beforehand.
Now, what does that add up to?
I don't know.
There was no talk at all.
At no time did I ever interview Ms.
Graham that she started talking about them carrying anything like you're now talking about, so this is something new.
But yeah, I've interviewed her years and years ago at length.
That building was blown out with chunks of it on buildings across the street.
Well, I know this.
And a truck bomb doesn't do that.
A truck bomb blows in, it doesn't blow the columns out and blow the kids out in the street in the opposite direction of the explosion.
Right, J.D.?
If you'll go back and check the record that we wrote those stories first.
Yeah, we'll be right back and take some more calls.
Stay there, J.D.
I'm Alex Jones.
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First time listener.
I've been listening to you since AM 1360 took your show.
Okay, go ahead.
I'd like to thank my friend Jeremy in 2001 who told me a well-documented talk show host named Alex Jones who was taken off KRKS for supposedly suspicious reasons.
Thank you, Mr. Jones, for airing more of your callers than any other talk show I've ever heard.
Okay, well, thank you.
But what else is on your mind?
First of all, common sense says that a huge bomb would blow chunks of debris for blocks in every direction and still not take down that building unless it was shape charges in the beams and columns.
Here's what we have found.
This is from what we do know.
There is one pretty good chunk of that building that appears to be in the middle of the street in front of
There was a property safe, heavy steel safe, that was actually blown into the parking lot of the Journal of Record building across the street.
There were not big chunks of the buildings blown all over downtown.
J.D., J.D., I have stills of the helicopter video, and there's chunks of the building across the street on top of the other building.
There are pieces of the Ryder truck, and those were introduced into evidence with detailed photographs of the truck.
That's, you know, the way that is.
I mean...
Alex, this is years and years and years and years of research.
What about the seismographs?
We were the newspaper who broke that story.
And I still believe that those seismic records are accurate, that they do depict two distinct blasts about six seconds apart.
Okay, let's go to another caller.
Thanks for the call, James.
Let's talk to Davey in Texas.
Davey, go ahead.
Good afternoon, Alex.
Thank you for having J.D.
I was wondering if he had heard of a couple of names.
One, Jolly West, who visited McVeigh twice while he was incarcerated before he was retired.
And by the way, that's the admitted MKUltra mind control doctor, and I have the news articles on that, J.D.
I interviewed McVeigh, but I don't know how many other people did.
I'm specifically asking you if you know about Jolly West visiting him twice.
Who knows?
No, but I would say.
Did he have the permission of the defense team to do this?
Well, what I'm asking you for is if you'll take the initiative and find out who Jolly West is and why he, in fact, was visiting McVeigh.
I wanted to share this with you, J.D.
I was in Waco at the memorial service for the Davidians that morning, and almost immediately, I mean like 9.07, between 9.07 and 9.12 a.m.
that morning, the media went around poking microphones and cameras
In people's faces, asking them what they thought about the bombing in Oklahoma City.
I just found that to be a little bit suspicious.
And in the obstruction of justice, Kerry Gagan, have you interviewed Kerry Gagan or seen his video deposition?
I have followed his stories since the defense team first interviewed him.
That's correct, yes.
Okay, well I'd appreciate it also if you'd find out about an individual named Carlos Gigliotti who was retained by the House Government Reform Committee.
To review the flare tape shot at Waco by the FBI and who was mysteriously wound up dead during his service of editing or reviewing the flare tape.
Well, Davey, obviously Oklahoma City and Waco were interconnected, but focusing particularly in on Oklahoma City.
Thank you, Alex.
A great film for all the listeners to get is Total Enslavement.
And Masters of Terror, two great films.
Thanks, Alex.
Hey, thanks, Davey.
Let's talk to John in Florida.
You're on the air with J.D.
Cash, John.
Hey, how is everybody?
Thank you very much for a great show.
Three quick things.
Mr. Cash, can you tell us a little bit about the tunnel system that was leading into the Oklahoma building?
There's an extensive tunnel system under downtown Oklahoma City because that's a cold, windy city in the winter.
That's how people get around.
And that led into that building, correct?
You can access that building.
In fact, the tunnel.
I believe they're using a portion of that area still today for parking.
Underground parking.
And the other thing is, not enough is spoken about what records were kept, important records, and to whom in that particular building.
Do you have any comments on that one?
Oh, yeah.
There's always these stories about these records.
But, you know.
Would somebody please tell us how we're supposed to be able to pin this down?
Because you just can't write every rumor that comes down the pike.
It just makes you look like a moron.
We know Bill Clinton had the building destroyed and all that stuff hauled off.
And you talked about the police truck there throwing pieces of the Ryder truck in minutes after the blast, J.D.
Tell you what, we'll do a few more minutes.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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I have interviewed police, FBI, detectives, eyewitnesses,
Lawyers involved on this show, J.D.
Cash, been doing research and writing detailed stories since day one about this.
And it's clear, total prior knowledge of Oklahoma City, and I'll go all the way with it, carrying out the attack, engineering it just like World Trade Center.
I mean, if a mafia boss gives somebody a gun and says, go do this, they're just as guilty as the street thug that does it.
And the same thing happened with the First World Trade Center bombing.
I appreciate J.D.
Cash coming on the show.
We'll continue to discuss this and take calls, but I'm going to let him go.
But, J.D., I will certainly continue to watch your reports.
Okay, let me give your listeners something they should be looking for.
In a few weeks, there's going to be a new book out by an inmate that had access to McVeigh for 23 months.
The name of that book is called Secrets Worth Dying For.
I suggest that people watch for that book and pick it up and read it.
What have you been told is going to be in it?
I've read it.
McVeigh tells who his co-conspirators are and why he did what he did and what operation he was working on.
It's a very, very intriguing story.
And we have something about that on our website called Death Row Inmates Book Chronicles.
So if they'll go to that, they'll read a story we did, something of a brief review.
But it is quite remarkable.
I have interviewed this inmate, well, on a weekly basis now for months.
And what, I mean, one of the big bombshells?
Well, it's, of course, the Aryan Republican Army.
He names all the names, great details, where they met, how they did it.
McVeigh claims to have been working for the military when he did this.
So, again, we have the classic thing happening with the feds using as an envelope another group in funding and financing.
That's what he said he was doing, working directly for the military.
All right.
Well, I appreciate you coming on the show.
It's an interesting viewpoint.
Well, J.D., we'll have to have you back on when that comes out.
Appreciate it.
All right.
Thank you, Alex.
Okay, there goes J.D.
Cash, and we're going to have Colonel Roberts on, and to get his take on this, he has some questions concerning it, because I've talked to him in the past about Mr. Cash's reports.
But, I mean, here's J.D.
Cash, who did bring out a lot of evidence over the last eight and a half, nine years, and who has...
You know, done quite a bit of credible reporting.
But at the same time, we have the police, we have the firefighters, we have others saying they saw these Middle Eastern men.
But this is classic CIA-type operation.
I mean, McVeigh was traveling the country.
He was visiting every militia group, every land rights organization, every group the government had on a list, basically.
Hundreds of groups, from Idaho to Texas to New York to California.
And we know McVeigh went into a CIA program.
He did not wash out of Special Forces.
We know that McVeigh had said that he was part of a secret operation.
And if that is indeed in a new book coming out, that will be interesting.
But, of course, the government can poo-poo it because, oh, well, you know, it's somebody on death row saying it.
All I know is that building was blown out.
General Parton, the former head of Air Force Weapons Development, has gone over that.
The seismographs, the eyewitnesses, all of it.
And it's the same M.O.,
They get a couple different groups involved, cook a bomb, carry out an attack, and then go after the patsy.
And it looks like that's what happened here.
If you want to see the real documentation on this subject, you need to get my film, 9-11, The Road to Tyranny.
It goes over the history of government-sponsored terror.
I think we're good to go.
How we, the American people, are the terrorists.
That's 9-11, the road to tyranny, available at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com or by calling toll-free 1-888-253-3139.
That's 888-253-3139.
We'll go to Dino and Chris and Don and Wesley and others.
We've got Paul Watson, who I want to ride shotgun with us a little bit into the next hour with our next guest, who's got video and photos up close of the dozens and dozens of foreign armed troops.
Great to be on, Alex.
A lot of new developments with WTC7, new developments with Oklahoma City.
Your take on it?
I was actually on quite a big mainstream radio show today, and the host was talking about how he was a skeptic about Oklahoma City, but then he saw your video, 9-1-1, the road to tyranny, researched the facts for himself, and now, like us, he's seen the evidence and he's convinced that
It's interesting.
Basically, it was a government operation.
I mean, we can debate the specifics of how it was carried out, but the bottom line is that the building was blown out, there were multiple bombs, and the keystone is John Doe No.
2 because it provides the Middle Eastern connection and ultimately the Bin Laden connection to the US government, which we're going to go over again today.
And it came out in a Republican report in 99 that they used Al-Qaeda and 15,000 Al-Qaeda fighters to attack the Serbs.
That's admitted.
Bin Laden, after he's bombing our bases, every time Clinton needs a distraction, is in Albania launching attacks on the Serbs, being paid off by the U.S.
Another total connection, and that's admitted.
Well, in 96, a year after the Oklahoma City bombing, the British government and MI5, MI6, sorry, paid Al-Qaeda $200,000 to carry out political assassinations, and that calmly was reported in the London Times.
So the connections are there, not only before.
I mean, people say, oh, yeah, the CIA set up Bin Laden and the MAK, which turned into Al-Qaeda in 79, but then they say, oh, you know, they disbanded them and withdrew support from them after that.
But it is true that
After the First World Trade Center bombing, after the Oklahoma City bombing, these connections were still there going strong.
And we have this all being covered up.
Now, some people criticize Cash because he focuses in on the white supremacists.
But again, that's a big federal operation right there.
I mean, from the evidence, the witnesses, there were Middle Easterners, there were white supremacists, there were FBI and BATF controlling it.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
Individual contractors for another layer of deniability and division.
And that's exactly what LBJ's lawyer, who's come out with a book, and it's got all the documents, that LBJ, we've had LBJ's mistress on who was at the party the night before where they bragged about how they were going to kill JFK.
It's the same M.O.
over and over again.
Well, yeah, I mean, with the First World Trade Center bombing, they hire these people, many of which are retards, and they took a page...
Out of the history books, because you remember when Hitler had his stormtroopers burn down the Reichstag, they made sure that the communist van der Lubbe, who was also mentally retarded, was there in place to act as the patsy.
So time and again with these operations, they use mentally retarded people as the patsy because they're so much easier to control.
And you're talking about the First World Trade Center where it took them weeks
Again with 9-11, the named hijackers, obviously.
A plethora of evidence to suggest that those hijackers are still alive, but the named hijackers that were used as the patsies, most of which could not even get Cessnas off the ground according to their flight instructors.
And so, again, mentally retarded people used as the patsies.
They used the same MO to cover up these operations.
Now, Paul, I mean, this is good news.
You've been doing a lot of radio interviews lately, which is a wonderful thing, and you say you're on a big mainstream show this morning, and the hosts didn't believe the information concerning Oklahoma City until they saw the film.
What show was that, and what did the hosts say?
It was, I think it was MGAB in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and
The host was basically talking about the fact that he was a complete skeptic.
I mentioned that, obviously, I run Prison Planet for you, mentioned you by name, and then he said, oh yeah, we had Alex on a few months ago, and that's the point where he woke up.
I mean, there was only time to take one call, but that call was totally coherent and agreed with everything I said and brought up many points about the Bin Laden family, such as the safe passage out of the country for the Bin Laden family on 9-11.
So, I mean, you often mention the fact that 90% plus of callers on the stations that you feature on are all well-versed in what's going on and, you know, aware.
And so, I mean, from the tertiary evidence that I've already entered into, obviously I've only done a handful of interviews, I've got several more lined up, that is the case, that the vast majority of people out there are not dumbed-down idiots like we're led to believe, but are actually well up on the truth.
I want to go to Dino and Chris and Don and Wesley here in just a few minutes, but Paul, the Hutton inquiry, appointed by Blair to investigate Blair, comes out and says Blair didn't lie about weapons of mass destruction.
We know he lied.
Their own whitewash committee says he didn't, and we're supposed to apologize.
I mean, this is really getting ridiculous.
I mean, with the Iraqi exile group who gave Blair...
The evidence for him to make the outlandish 45-minute claim that weapons and mass destruction could hit British targets came out publicly just last week and said that it was, quote, a crock of, you know, fill in the blank.
And so even that tainted Blair again.
And I mean, I'm just waiting for Bush to appoint Lord Hutton for his so-called independent inquiry into weapons and mass destruction in America.
Yeah, now Bush is going to have an independent committee appointed by his people to tell us that Bush never told us there were weapons of mass destruction.
Folks, we have memories, but they're going to tell us to apologize.
They're going to be cleared by their own little board.
Yeah, but with the Hutton inquiry, Hutton the Freemason, he was there whitewashing the Bloody Sunday inquiry for the government years before that.
Just like the government appointed John Stevens to whitewash the case of MI5 involvement in Irish Republican terrorism.
But with the Hutton Inquiry, we need to realise that from the very start it was basically a rigged game on multiple levels because Tony Blair, days before the inquiry even started, came out and publicly said, quote, I know what the outcome of the Hutton Inquiry will be.
And so the whole procedure of the inquiry was deliberately set up to obscure the fact that Kelly, David Kelly, the former UN weapons inspector, was murdered and did not commit suicide.
And now a bunch of government people are saying he was obviously murdered.
He talked to a lady who he worked with, an American, as a weapons inspector, told her they were going to kill me soon and put me in the woods.
Yeah, we've got top medical professionals and doctors, and this got into the mainstream.
Asking the questions.
Questions like why Kelly died from blood loss when ambulance personnel at the scene said there was very little blood.
The fact that the arteries in the wrist match Dick's in anyway.
And little blood gets out before clotting takes place.
And that's all in the official medical report.
But the main thing is that they told us Kelly ingested 29 Pro-Oxmo tablets.
And he had a strong aversion to taking tablets, but aside from that, Alexander Allen, the toxicologist who testified at the Hudson Inquiry, said that only one-fifth of one tablet was found in Kelly's stomach when they examined him.
So how on earth?
Can they get away with telling us he ingested 2019?
Well, it's like Diana saying, Charles is going to kill me in a fake auto accident.
She dies that way.
And then now they've got another whitewash committing on that.
But it's real simple with this weapons of mass destruction business, folks.
You all heard Blair and Bush say they had them put out the false reports.
We all know we have memories.
They're liars.
Now they appoint their own commissions to say they never said it.
That's an even bigger insult, an even bigger lie, Paul.
We've got the whole set of the Bush administration.
We've got Rice, Cheney, Bush, Ashcroft, Powell, all now saying that we didn't say that he had weapons of mass destruction, yet Tony Blair's still clinging on to the fact.
And now we're going to have another whitewash commission to tell us they never said that.
Folks, they said it all over television!
It's like the Niger claim in the 2003 State of the Union.
Months before, the CIA even admitted and told Bush directly, and obviously the advisers that control him, that that claim was false, and yet they still put it in the 2003 State of the Union Address, and I suppose they're going to deny that as well.
Yeah, the oldest denier ever said that at the State of the Union.
Well, they are denying it.
It's new levels of lying, and I just...
How dumb do they think we are?
Just incredible.
Dino wants to talk about Janet Jackson.
I mean, last week again at the film festival in France, Brittany and Madonna kissed again, just to get publicity, folks.
And now, obviously, Janet Jackson dancing around naked on national TV for your children to watch.
And Dino wants to say this is all secret New World Order symbology or something.
Dino, go ahead.
Yeah, how you doing?
How you doing, Paul?
Thanks, Alex.
Listen, what I was calling about was when Janet Jackson did what she did.
In other words, if you look at the garb, it's that medieval Highlander optic image, you know, the dark dress and everything else.
Also, too, what happened is if you notice that the symbol on the pasty was the sunburst.
If you go back to the James Bond movies, where it was Ian Fleming, MI5, the whole bit, and Goldfinger, you remember the girl, the young girl pilot, they had this black tight-fitting outfit with that sunburst star?
The sunburst star is also, you see, more or less when you go to the stores now on children clothing, beddings, and housewares.
It's generally the dark black or blue background with the gold crescent stars.
Yeah, the globalists have their all-seeing eyes and sun symbols everywhere, yes.
Right, this is part of the pre-watch because you see the reason why the sun is very impopulate to it, is meaningful to them.
It's the knock-off take on what it normally means.
Generally, when we think of the Son, we think of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
To them, the Son is Ra, the Sun Guard.
So this was all part of the symbolism, and what I stated earlier was when Michael Jackson got up and danced on top of the SUV, on that blazer of him, he had like these
The symbolism, which is from the British Army, what it meant... Yeah, but you know what?
I mean, here's the deal.
Thanks for the call, Dino.
I don't care about Michael Jackson.
I don't care about his degenerate sister.
I don't care about his disgusting parents.
Any of them.
And, I mean, this is all just part of the slow conditioning to have all this trash on television.
Yeah, well, it all comes from the MTV decadent culture.
So, I mean, they were running the whole operation.
So whether it was deliberate or by accident, it had the same effect.
I mean, people listening for the first time, we don't need to tell them all this stuff.
We know it to be true, but we need to stay on the hard facts.
Yeah, I mean, of course the globalists are into numerology and the esoteric and symbolism.
I mean, look at the Time Warner symbol, 666 inside an eye.
Hello folks, this is Alex Jones.
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Crashing through the lies and disinformation.
It's Alex Jones, only on the GCN Radio Network.
I read a statistic this morning, and I've got the article here in front of me, where in the next 20 years, the majority of people in Britain will be foreigners.
And, by the way, it's going to be like that here real quick, too.
A nice, balkanized mass.
I want to keep Paul Watson over with us, as well as the callers, when Chris Simcox comes on to talk about all the video and photos they got of the masses of foreign troops.
Well, it seems apparent that preparing the global theatrical stage for the presence of CIA troublemaker Osama...
But what people need to realize is that they've known where he was all along.
We've featured the articles where the troops on the ground have his location pinpointed.
We're about to swoop in before the raid gets suddenly called off because Bin Laden mysteriously disappeared again.
Well, the Army colonel told the San Francisco Times he was ordered to stand down as black helicopters picked him up.
Yeah, and just to add to this, an interesting case which came out, I only just recently noticed this story.
Back in 1999, a British couple called Alan and Cindy Thompson were driving through Pakistan in the very area that they're now talking about as being Bin Laden's location.
And after driving for about 11 hours on dirt roads, they came to a checkpoint where they were detained by armed police.
We're good to go.
Guarded by a team of US commandos.
Now, after the couple were picked up by the British Embassy, they were invited to a garden party where all the British ambassadors and aid workers were basically bragging that they were stationed in the same area as Bin Laden's secret hideout.
So after the couple got home back to England, they saw a newspaper article calling for the capture of Bin Laden, and this was
We're good to go.
The Pentagon, and in every case, they got nothing.
No response, no request for an interview.
So in 1999, we've got British ambassadors visiting Bin Laden, whose location is guarded by elite U.S.
And when the couple that witnessed all this tried to report it, they were basically blackballed.
So, of course, they know where Bin Laden has been.
They've known for at least five years.
And my report, going back almost two years from an inside White House source...
Is that he died of kidney failure, that's the deal, to hand over the dead body, they're going to claim they killed him, and it's just going to be hysteria, worshipping the police state.
How credible do you think that report is I put out two years ago now, Paul?
Well, it's very credible, because it dovetails with the benefit of hindsight that we can look back to the precursor of the arrest of Hussein and draw parallels, because with that case, we had public officials bragging that his arrest was about to take place, like Congressman LaHood in his local newspaper saying, I know something you don't know.
And now we have Madeleine Albright and generals and others saying, he's in our custody, we're about to capture him, wink, wink.
Well, we need to make the point that if this gets as much attention as some of our past stories, then obviously it may force them to change the script, but obviously...
I'd prefer them to roll out Bin Laden's dead body than stage another terror attack because the government of both Britain and USA are on the ropes and desperate for something.
So it's a very scary time to live in.
Well, plus, Paul, we've entered this twilight zone where they go, Tony Blair never said weapons of mass destruction.
He goes on your television and says, apologize, I never said it.
Well, he was saying it two weeks ago!
I mean, we've reached la-la land stuff.
My name's not Alex Jones, and we won't be right back.
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We're good to go.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Mexicans cross border, U.S.
volunteers, journalists photograph mysterious militia.
You ought to go to prisonplanet.com or infowars.com, link through and look at the video and photos of all these foreign troops.
That's coming up with Chris Simcox, the editor of a local newspaper.
Hello, Alex and Paul.
My first question to Paul is, Mr. Silverstein on his insurance money, since we declared war, is Silverstein still eligible to collect that money?
Yes, Silverstein's gotten federal money, he's gotten a bunch of other money, and he's gotten some of the insurance money.
It's still all being fought over, but I've seen mainstream numbers of $6.5 billion, $7 billion.
We're not really sure how much he's getting, but for a $50-$60 million upfront investment,
Because the guy just leased these.
Well, he leased part of seven decades ago, but the whole complex months before, he made $500 million alone profit off Building 7 collapse.
Yeah, Building 7 alone was $500 million, and I believe he's collected that.
We've also got the Marvin Bush SecureCom company that was running security at the World Trade Center.
Contracts coincidentally ended on September 11, 2001, so...
It just goes on and on.
But yeah, I believe Silverstein has collected at least some of the money, and definitely the $500 million on Building 7.
My other question is, with the Oklahoma City bombing, Dr. Stiles, or Stills, the dentist who has been incarcerated because he said that he watched the video of the government starting the fire at Waco, and then I myself have saw the three 500-pound bombs that were still at the scene, and the first investigators that were there smelt the mercury vapor in the air.
And my point being is this, is that right after September 11th, the report came out and said that Tim McVeigh had Saddam Hussein's personal cell phone on his possession, all right?
The fact of the matter is, Tim McVeigh wasn't given a fair trial, in my opinion, and I just hate to see the McVeigh... Well, a Indianapolis reporter for the major paper said he saw McVeigh breathing as they rolled him out.
But look, look, look.
This is a Pentagon that plants fake news articles in the newspapers.
This is a Pentagon that admittedly lies.
You cannot trust anything this government does.
We're just trying to find the truth throughout all these lies.
But going back to what you said about Dr. Charles T. Sell.
The Army doctor admitted at Waco said, I saw them kill and burn those people.
They grabbed him, no trial, and have been forcibly drugging him in solitary confinement for now six and a half years.
This is just another example of what they'll do to cover things up.
Yeah, on top of that we've got the public officials traveling to Oklahoma City the night before renting out hotel rooms and then
Yeah, they got the receipts from the hotel room which stated that.
The Patriot Act was written after the Oklahoma City bombing.
And then it was forced on the American people after September 11th.
All I'm trying to get at is... Well, let me be a little more accurate here.
The omnibus anti-terror package, a lot of it got passed.
What didn't get passed, that's true.
A lot of what didn't get passed was Patriot Act 1.
Yes, sir, that's true.
Well, what I'm trying to get at is I met Tim McVeigh when he was alive.
And this story of a jailhouse snitch is nothing, in my opinion, to sell books.
The McVeigh family has been through enough, and...
Tim is not stupid enough to... I read Tim's final letters also.
That's just my opinion.
And I think that somebody just wants to sell some books on the jailhouse niche.
How did you know Timothy McVeigh?
I met him at a gun show, Alex.
Yeah, going around doing his federal work, associating himself with every known conservative movement.
I met him at a gun show, and I spoke to him, and I think that's a completely fabricated story about a jailhouse.
Thank you for your time.
All right, well, thank you for the call.
We appreciate it.
Stay there, Paul.
We'll come back with more calls and our next guest.
Let's face facts, shall we?
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Now, I know listeners want to talk about the stage bin Laden capture that's coming up.
I know you want to get into the lying about weapons of mass destruction.
Arnold Schwarzenegger says all the illegals are going to get their driver's license.
The bloated federal budget.
There's a bunch of new Patriot Act II news and CAPS II systems.
Just all this police state unfolding.
People are finally starting to find out exactly what's happening and just how draconian all of this is.
But with Paul Watson and all our callers, I have another individual who's going to be riding shotgun with us for this hour.
And he's Chris Simcox.
We've had him on several times in the past.
He's the editor, the owner of the Tombstone Tumbleweed in Tombstone, Arizona.
He started his own civil defense group to stop all the illegals pouring across or at least try to investigate it.
And headline here, are Mexicans cross-border U.S.
volunteers, journalists photograph mysterious militia, a group of civilian volunteer U.S.-Mexico border watchers say they were witnessing...
An incursion into the U.S.
by 22 armed Mexican militiamen and photographed the encounter with the paramilitary patrol.
Chris Simcox, editor and publisher of the Tombstone Arizona Tumbleweed and founder of the Civil Homeland Defense, a group that attempts to aid the Border Patrol, Nabi Legal Aliens.
So the confrontation occurred the morning of Saturday, January 24th.
Simcox, accompanied by a photographer and a video journalist, says the trio ran into a squad of armed Mexicans in olive grab uniforms in two military-type vehicles.
Others have reported Czechoslovakian, Chinese, you name it.
Simcox said his group conversed with the group.
We could see the men run to what appeared to be the leader of the squad, where they converse for a few seconds.
He recounts a moment later, ten of the men jumped into the troop transport vehicles and drove down the hill in our direction.
They stopped directly in front of us in the dirt row that parallels the border fence of the Mexican side.
The four men's rifles, M-16s and FALs, jumped from the truck and approached them on the fence.
The cameras were rolling on both sides, he said, as the men approached.
One of them was taking photographs of us.
The leader approached.
I said, hello, como esta?
I can't read Spanish, folks.
He asked immediately if we were immigration.
I told him no.
He then told us in Spanish it was prohibited for us to film them.
We told him we were media.
Yeah, this is America, slave master.
We're good to go.
What business we had in the area.
We again replied that we were journalists covering the illegal immigration story.
The leader again said we should not be in the area.
Simcox said none of the uniforms the men were wearing had patches, names or insignias of any kind that we could identify them as official members of the Mexican police or military force.
We've had ranch rescue a few weeks ago, got shot at by the Mexican troops.
It then happened again.
And here to tell us the rest of the story of what happened is Chris Simcox.
Chris, good to have you on the show.
Alex, thanks for the chance.
I appreciate it.
Good talking to you again.
You bet.
What ended up happening, and you've got the video and the photos of these guys on the site, what ended up happening?
Well, incredible video.
In fact, we encountered them again yesterday with a film crew from Holland, a Dutch crew.
And they were not real nice guys.
I mean, this is the most up-close-and-personal encounter I've had with them.
And it's also curious timing.
I think I reported to you before when we spoke that we had seen these mysterious groups running the border a year ago, and when the war started, they disappeared.
Well, it's interesting that just after Mr. Bush made his free amnesty announcement to the world that this mysterious group showed up again at this abandoned ranch that's used for primarily a launching site for illegals.
And by the way, we have the numbers of illegals now up, according to the Border Patrol, 15% since Bush made this announcement.
Yeah, I'd say it's 50%.
And again, from what we've seen in the last week, we've seen numbers like we have never encountered before.
And it coincides perfectly with Mr. Bush basically announcing amnesty.
In fact, the groups that are coming across now are quite incredulous that we're stopping them, saying that they are here for their amnesty.
And they will not yield anymore.
In fact, they're not yielding for Border Patrol.
The only way that they will yield to us now is because we've all chosen to carry long arms, especially after coming up against these paramilitary groups.
Now, the Mexican troops have been shooting people, killing people, a lot of courage to go up against them, but obviously they've been reported to be on both sides of the borders shooting at people.
These latest confrontations, which side of the border are they on?
Well, I'll tell you.
I took the film crew that I had with me last Saturday, and we paralleled the border and came up on the berm, as I said in the story, right on the border fence.
As I was kneeling sort of behind this berm trying to take photographs of these military, I hear rustling in the bushes, and 25 feet away from me, three armed men approached the fence and proceeded to come across.
And I caught them right in the act of coming over the border fence.
It was one of those moments where you've got three guys carrying M16s, and they're staring at you, surprised that you're there, and we're surprised they're there, and it was one of those standoffs where you're not sure if shooting... Now, they're admittedly shepherding illegals and drugs.
They've been caught doing this.
The Border Patrol's been ordered to leave them alone.
They chased Border Patrol up to five miles over in Humvee, shooting at them, killing them.
And again, the average American has no idea this is going on.
They say we're here for our amnesty.
Bush says it's not an amnesty.
No, just the biggest amnesty ever.
England is going to be in 20 years majority foreigner.
The same thing here.
Breaking down our society.
Paul Watson comments on what Chris Simcox is saying.
Yeah, the British perspective, as you mentioned, Britain in 20 years, mostly foreign.
Under the Labour government, immigration into the country has increased five-fold each year.
And, I mean, I live in an area where I can see the effects of that, eight, nine people to a house.
And the solution, as ever, is, you know, we have to take a national ID card.
I mean, Blunkett...
Home Fuhrer's got another terror law out today to fight illegal immigration, which will institute pre-crime as a law.
Now, that's the actual headline.
It says what you might be thinking, secret arrest, tell no one where you went, all crime is terror.
It actually says this, and the headline is pre-crime.
Yeah, and it says, based on MI5 or MI6 intelligence, the same kind of intelligence that they take from graduate students...
So they create the crisis off of the solution.
Chris Simcox, you're there on the border, you're around the Border Patrol, you're around other citizens.
What has been the effect on the morale of the Border Patrol since you say a 50% increase, they say 15% increase, conservatively, what has been the effect on the morale at our disintegrating border?
And I do have a few.
Now I'm starting to get Border Patrol agents who are willing to be interviewed on film.
I have a few of them who just basically say, look, the president has abandoned us.
Why are we even out here?
I mean, they're demoralized.
They don't know why they're doing it.
And you know, human nature, it's going to turn half of these guys bad.
Half of them don't care in the first place.
And that half is now going to figure, hey, if this is just free enterprise, then why don't we get in on it?
So Bush has already won to a certain extent by destroying our morale, giving up.
I mean, they'd already told him, pick up trash for your job.
You can't stop illegals in certain areas.
And now we have the Border Patrol Union head on a few weeks ago, and he said it's about a new world order.
It's about getting rid of the middle class.
It's about globalism.
Do any of the Border Patrol agents you're around say it's about the new world order?
No, I haven't really heard them refer to that.
I think they take it much more personally.
These are the grunts out in the field, and they know that their supervisors have them out there running around like the Keystone cops, and they know that their hands are tied in doing their job as effectively as they could.
A few of them, though, we see, and we saw some yesterday who were out there doing gangbuster work.
I mean, this one kid yesterday ran a group down probably over a mile.
And caught them.
Well, look, it's simple.
These are felons coming into our country.
The highest rate of crime ever known coming out of these groups.
That's admitted.
The big association of police just came out and said these are the cop killers.
They're the worst out there.
It's bad for everybody.
It's totally un-American.
It's time to get tough on these people and start putting them in prison.
And then the illegals will stop pouring across.
But you said it.
Bush says we're going to legalize you.
They pour across.
What do these Mexican troops do just yesterday when you caught them coming across the fence?
Well, basically, they're only a few yards away from another house in the compound that houses all of the illegals.
They're there side by side.
We know the drugs come across.
They're doing nothing but basically charging them an entrance fee into the United States as they come across.
What good are they doing?
What did you do when the foreign troops came across the fence yesterday?
Same thing.
They retreated and we retreated and took positions behind berms and were ready for gunfire.
They radioed through.
They know we're in the area now.
We have stumbled across one of their drug deals already that I think we...
It's certainly messed up for them.
They don't appreciate that.
Admittedly, my dad is a dentist, and the head of the Border Patrol for Texas is one of his patients, and he said, yeah, Dr. Jones, it's true, there's a $200,000 bounty on our heads, and that's been going on for three years now.
I have the same thing on me, Alex.
These guys don't like what we're doing, and again, it makes me nervous that they're taking my picture as I'm taking theirs.
And again, there are a lot of things I don't print in my paper exactly for that reason because I don't want these drug dealers knowing that it's us that are upsetting their apple cart because they will come after you for that.
It's only a matter of time before we feel that
Well, why isn't the military on the border engaging these foreign troops when they come across that fence?
That's exactly what we want to know.
I tell you, Border Patrol takes it seriously.
Almost every Border Patrol agent on the line now will not get out of their truck without carrying a long arm.
Well, it's a matter of time.
I mean, they were just shooting at people again a few weeks ago, kidnapping citizens, that's the Associated Press.
It's a matter of time until they open fire on you.
What are you going to do, Chris?
Well, we are prepared, and again, we had a situation here in our county, and Cochise County is going to lead the way with citizens arming themselves and patrolling that border as we already have.
We had a mother and a 14-year-old daughter who were beaten, threatened with death and carjacked as they were going to school last week.
We'll talk about it when we get back and take your calls.
America is under attack by foreign drug-dealing troops.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
We're in Iraq, supposedly to save us from weapons of mass destruction.
Turns out the White House said before they went to war, they knew it was a fraud.
We told you that years before, but now it's mainstream news.
We got Mexican troops killing, raping, beating, kidnapping.
I mean, it is horrible.
I mean, I'm here in Texas, folks, and these Mexican troops are scary.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
This sounds incredible, but it's happening.
Now Governor Schwarzenegger is going to give all the illegals driver's licenses we told you he would.
We're about to go back to your calls and Paul Watson and have Chris Simcox ride shotgun with us and plug his amazing website for his great newspaper.
But Chris, I mean, you are an American hero.
They're on the front lines standing up against these people, and you were trying to tell us a story of the beating of this woman and her child.
Tell us more about that.
I'll read it straight from the paper.
A woman and her 14-year-old daughter were pulled from their SUV and beaten outside their rural Cochise County home Thursday morning in a carjacking by three men illegally in the United States.
They stole their SUV, they punched the women in the mouth, stole their vehicle, got into a car chase with Border Patrol agents, again on our rural highways, right during morning rush hour.
And children going to school right by children standing on the side of the road waiting for school.
They should set up a roadblock and shoot that vehicle full of holes.
Well, they pulled them over.
The guys took off running back across the border, and they caught them just a few hundred yards on our side.
And by the way, they just released in the last year over a million and a half illegals out of prisons.
They won't even charge them because there's nothing they can do.
Millions of these people.
So why didn't they set up a roadblock and blow that car into 100 pieces?
Well, let me tell you where the roadblocks are, Alex.
The roadblocks are sitting right here outside of Tombstone.
We have Border Patrol checkpoints now, and basically our government has...
Given up 40 miles to the border.
When I leave Tombstone to go north, I must stop and prove that I'm an American.
Well, that's it.
It happens to citizens, but to nobody else.
And Paul Watson, that's what you were talking about earlier, then we'll go to calls, is in England, they bring them in, give them carte blanche, they're allowed to do whatever they want, there's a double standard, but citizens are harassed.
Tell us about it.
Yeah, that's the whole problem, reaction, solution paradigm.
But a piece of good news, and this is why we need to support the great work of Chris and other people like him,
Is that we're getting word out of the Bush administration that they are beginning to become concerned about the fact that, you know, basically they're brazenly slitting the throat of the country open with these socialist immigration policies, which is having the adverse effect, in their view, of waking up some of the phony conservatives to the fact that Bush is ramming through this socialist agenda.
Even Michael Savage came out and said that Bush was a liberal candidate
Glenn Spencer said years ago that the shooting's going to start.
I mean, look, last year, Vicente Fox and thousands of Mexican troops paraded up and down the border, reenacting the war.
Simcox comments...
Yes, it's absolutely true, and there's only one way that we can send President Bush the message, and that is by, we need volunteers down here.
It's going to be us against them, basically.
We put ourselves with, we're fighting a battle on two fronts.
We're fighting people coming over the border from Mexico, and now we have President Bush breathing down our neck saying, don't break a rule, or we'll put you out of business, because it's not your job.
We don't want that border closed.
Well, every woman...
I mean, look, this is what the militia is about.
They should levy a tax, if need be, right now in all those cities and pass the Kennesaw, Georgia law that made their crime rate go down by 98%.
Folks, that's Associated Press numbers.
Everybody should have to be armed and trained, and the next time somebody tries to carjack, you know what to do.
Well, we have our local sheriff who's had enough also, Sheriff Deaver, who is now forming a citizens volunteer patrol group that are going to
Armed, patrol armed, our bus stop in the morning where our children wait for the buses.
And we've had enough.
That's it.
Oh yeah, I saw the articles how they shake the kids down.
Tell us about that.
Oh yeah, of course, the kids everywhere and the kids are standing.
I mean, again, imagine this.
This is the United States of America and mothers have to stand armed.
With their children at bus stops.
Cochise County has over a million three, and this is official numbers, you say it's a lot higher, so does Border Patrol, pouring across there alone.
Can you imagine this, folks?
600 people we've encountered in the last week and a half alone.
This is one small citizens group.
We sit on one trail.
600 people that we have documented coming across that border in numbers like we've never seen before.
All right, I promise that to Don, Wesley, Jack, Clayton, and Ethan, you're up next.
Bam, bam, bam.
We'll get more into this and cover more of the news.
It's all interconnected.
Infowars.com, prisonplanet.com are the premier websites.
You can link through to Chris Simcox.
Great website as well.
His newspaper, Tombstone Tumbleweed.
What's the website for that, Chris?
All right, we'll be back on the other side.
Keep it locked in.
Alex Jones, Paul Watson, Chris Simcox.
We're on the march.
The empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
Jack Brownrigg for Midas Resources.
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Because there's a war on for your mind.
We have Vicente Fox coming to Austin, Texas, giving an award to the police department for not following the federal law, aiding and abetting illegals.
They build day labor sites just for them.
No one else is allowed to go and get jobs.
It's run by racists.
Mexicans, it's incredible.
Metro La Raza, they're laughing.
They've got murals with Aztecs cutting white people's hearts out.
Images of that.
We've got rallies in San Diego where Fourth of July parades aren't allowed by the illegals, where Hispanics and black and white veterans are beat up by them with two-by-fours.
The police stand there and watch it.
I mean, this is the stuff that's going on, okay?
It's that bad.
It's that bad.
And New York and D.C.
are running the destruction of America.
We've got Vicente Fox with the military parading up and down the border.
It's sick, folks.
It's totally sick.
And I have it from folks involved with the new Alamo movie that the Texans are basically the bad guys in the new Disney movie.
So this is what the establishment wants.
In California, 70% of people in exit polls are against giving illegals licenses, including Hispanics are against it.
They try to make it a racial issue.
The U.S.
government basically owns and runs, the Mexican government,
And it is out of control.
Let's go to some calls.
This is probably going to be all over the map.
Some of you have been holding for an hour.
And I don't normally do this.
I'm getting better about going to calls.
We've had so many guests today.
And Simcox, Watson, Poppin, anytime you want.
Let's talk to Don in Indiana.
Don, go ahead.
Hello, Alex.
I hate to detract from your current guests.
I was holding in reference to the Oklahoma City bombing.
And, Don, you haven't called in a while.
You're a listener, a retired federal marshal who sent me some nice government info, public stuff, nothing secret, like the SLAT system.
What would you like to say to people who don't think that video on Road to Tyranny is real, where FEMA says the Christians and the Founding Fathers are terrorists?
Well, it's definitely real.
There's no doubt about that.
It's well-documented.
I like your films, too.
They're extremely well-documented.
Well, tell folks what you want to say about Oklahoma City.
Well, I was listening to this report you just had on by the name of Cash.
What was his name?
Yeah, J.D.
He alluded to something, and I could tell that he wanted to say it, but I think he was trying to stay in the middle of the road and didn't want to say it.
He didn't want to offend anyone.
I have in front of me right now the Oklahoma City...
On a final report that came out in 2001.
Yeah, Charles Key, the state rep, put it out.
It's a 548-page report, and I looked it up on page 328, section C, in reference to ATF unlawfully storage munitions in a federal office building.
May I read a few paragraphs of that?
Sure, go ahead.
It says, during rescue efforts of the Murrow Building, several people reported seeing munitions which had been stored in the building.
Randall A. Yount, a park ranger for the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department, was one of these.
He was in uniform in downtown Oklahoma City shortly after the bombing.
After exiting his car near Northwest 10th Street and Broadway, an Oklahoma Highway Patrol car pulled up next to him
And the trooper offered him a ride.
They made their way to the southwest side of the Southwestern Bell Telephone Building where an OHP command post was being set up.
Within minutes, several other OHP vehicles arrived and the troopers were paired off to begin searching the Murrow Building.
One trooper did not have a partner, so the on-scene commander told Yount to pair with the odd trooper.
They went to the Murrow Building and began placing tables and benches for a temporary morgue.
Yount said that around 10.30 a.m., an ATF agent in charge instructed him and his partner to join with four of his agents and two U.S.
Marshals in forming a fire brigade line.
They were led down a short set of steps to the first floor level where they had to pry open a door and remove large chunks of concrete to proceed further into the building.
He said they could hear the children from the daycare center crying and moaning and thought they were there to help rescue the children.
So they picked up the pace to clear the debris, thinking they were right on top of the kids.
They continued clearing the debris until they came to a steel door that was jammed and had to be forced open.
The room had concrete walls, was approximately 25 to 30 feet thick, and was very much intact.
Now, get to the kicker there, folks.
There was a second door which they forced open.
The first man who looked through the door with a flashlight commented, quote, there must be four or five floors here.
Yon said he overheard one of the ATF agents say, quote, yeah, my last inventory was 1,200 pounds of C4.
That's what went off.
The C4 went off and detonated, unquote.
So according to their report, 1,200 pounds of C4 was illegally stored in that building.
And there's no way I believe that that was placed in that building
Well, no, I mean, that's admitted by the police, but also we have the bombs on the pillars with the blast points, and so when the other police are in there helping them get some of the unexploded bombs out, they go, oh, we were just storing the plastic explosives here.
Then the disinfo people get involved and go, no, it was rocket launchers and some other stuff.
No, it was plastic explosives.
And you're right, that's the police in the report saying that's what they saw.
What does this mean to you?
Well, it's quite obvious.
I'm familiar with federal regulations and obedience to them.
There's no way that those explosives were stored in that building if it was illegal to store them.
And plus, I would bet a paycheck that of all the federal buildings in the United States, that was the only building where C4 was stored in at that time.
So I doubt Timothy McVeigh knew that C4 was in that building unless he was part of a conspiracy
Great points.
All right, Don.
Call back.
When we don't have so many guests, we'll talk more about it.
Paul Watson, let me get a comment from you on that, and we'll get some info from Simcox on the border and keep going to calls.
Yeah, the bottom line is it was a pretty prepared operation.
People were warned.
I mean, the judge, Wayne Alley, who had an office in the Alfred P. Murray building, was warned that
Week in advance he got a memo from the Justice Department which told him to be prepared for an unnamed terrorist attack directed against the Federal Building and he told the Oregonian and since then he won't talk about it, similar to Willie Brown who got a warning about him not flying into New York on 9-11 in the San Francisco Chronicle the day after and now he won't talk about it.
So numerous government officials warned.
Absolutely great points, Don.
And yes, I have that report five feet from me on the shelf, and I have read it, and that is in Road to Tyranny.
And we have the police officers telling local news, yeah, the BATF was in their bomb gear and told us not to, you know, we were told not to come into work this morning.
We got tipped on our pagers.
Chris Simcox, it's another issue, but it all ties together with this incredible corruption.
Any comments?
Certainly it piques my interest.
I've always felt that there's something not right with the Oklahoma City bombing
I will look into that more now since I learned that from your show.
But, again, I mean, my point's very clear.
If our government is not stopping rogue groups of paramilitary on our border, if they're reaching our border, you know, filed in, what's going to stop a group from coming in with a truck loaded with that stuff, coming through these back roads that we work all the time, and driving to Phoenix or making it that far, you know, or even...
And that's scary for me because I'm the biggest city.
I mean, I'm sitting 50 miles from Lord Bush right now.
Jack in Colorado, thanks for holding.
Hey, guys.
Go ahead.
How are you doing today?
I came on a few weeks ago to talk about a lecture at my school by Jim Garrison, the president of the Gorbachev Foundation.
I wanted to give you a little update on what happened there.
Basically, he was making a lot of the points, interestingly, that you do on your show about
Aspirations to militarized space.
But the answer is a UN global government, a left-wing world government.
New World Order 3.0, he said.
1.0 was League of Nations, 2.0 was UN, NATO, and now 3.0 is going to be...
A network of NGOs working with transnational corporations and sovereign governments.
Yeah, the corporations are going to own the world fascist system, and we've got to set this up to counter the evil cowboy Bush.
When the evil cowboy Bush is owned by them, they give us a false paradigm.
That's the basic M.O.
Paul Watson?
Yeah, talk about the Gorbachev Foundation.
I mean, these people go back decades, the left and the right elite, no matter whether they're capitalists or communists.
We have them...
Meeting at Bohemian Grove, Khrushchev's right-hand man met with the capitalists at Bohemian Grove in 59, and that was in the Wisconsin Daily Journal.
He thanked them graciously.
Secondly, I wanted to make one other point really fast, and I'm sure other callers have done this before, but on 9-11 Road to Tyranny, it's a great film.
You should watch it and study it.
On my computer at 1 hour 17 minutes and between 5 seconds and 13 seconds, there's another shot of the plane running into the second, the second plane running into the second tower and you can clearly see in the background an aircraft in the background flying out of the right hand side of the screen and I think everybody should check that out.
1 hour 17 minutes 5 seconds to 13 seconds.
All right, thank you.
Let's go ahead and talk to Clayton in Missouri.
Clayton, you're on the air with Chris Simcox of the Tombstone Tumbleweed covering the dissolving government, the capitulation, the foreign troops, and also our contributor, Paul Watson.
Go ahead, Clayton.
Alex, Chris, and Paul.
Alex, this is the number one issue that should be talked about endlessly.
I was down on the border doing an operation with
Ranch Rescue, Operation Thunderbird in August.
You've been shot at twice now.
Every time I talk to Jack, it's the same thing over and over.
Really, Alex, it was fairly calm when we were down there in August.
I've done a couple operations with Jack and Ranch Rescue, but I talked to Jack here.
As a matter of fact, I've got a call.
I need to call him back.
Ever since our traitorous president opened up our sovereign border to criminal, illegal, felon aliens...
They have been coming across Camp Thunderbird, the whole 600 acres over there, in droves.
Now he had Ranch Rescue, another group similar to Simcox's.
They're in Arizona.
They also work in Texas and Mexico.
Masses of illegals already pouring across.
Bush makes the announcement.
Huge increase.
What is Jack Foote saying?
What increase has he seen?
Simcox is saying he's seen a doubling.
What level of increase has Jack Foote seen?
Alex, I talked to Jack.
He said at least four times as much.
And that's when it was...
It was in August, which was really, you know, I don't want to say a trickle, but it wasn't a heavier time in that part of Cochise County.
And, Chris, I'm glad to hear you guys are carrying long guns.
We were down there with fouls running up and down the border in the back of the Toyota, and I never really saw much Border Patrol.
When I did, they were doing nothing, and I don't know if that's changed.
But, I mean, why should they do anything now?
I mean, we don't have a border.
I could talk about this for hours.
I mean, really.
And hang on just a second, Chris.
Alex, you should go down there, and this is just a suggestion, but I mean, it might be a good thing to go down there and just have a show down there, you know, get Chris and Jack and everybody together and do a remote from there.
But look, this is a total invasion.
You guys out there in Arizona better get off your butts.
You don't understand what's going on.
I'm sorry.
Chris, go ahead.
No, it's true.
I mean, it's astounding.
It's just mind-boggling when you watch
Groups of 50, 60, 70 people now at a time, and one evening, in fact, the first patrol we did after Bush announced his amnesty, I mean, the first night we were out there, I counted almost 100 people being dropped off along this one sector, and they're being escorted by these Mexican military groups.
You know, the other thing, talking about this... Who, by the way, are operating out of... They've got their patches off, showing it's a covert operation.
Yes, I want to ask about that.
Was there any patches at all, and what type of uniforms did they have on, Chris?
I'm very curious about this.
Well, and again, anyone who would like a video, call my office.
We'll send you a copy.
Okay, thank you.
We'll cover the postage.
It's an amazing video with these guys right up close and personal.
No patches, no names, no insignias on any uniform.
See, that's special recon type stuff, you know, because that's how you go in.
Go in, no patches, and do it like that.
I'm sorry.
They were well-equipped for the field.
This is a rough-and-tumble group.
Certainly, they're all heavily armed.
They're driving first-generation diesel-type Humvees, unmarked, and they basically have set up a garrison at the same ranch where the drugs and the illegals age from every hour on the hour.
And by the way, they'll take over towns on our side.
They already have in Texas.
It's unreal.
First, what kind of long guns do they have?
They're carrying M16s and FALs.
I think it's Finland.
It's an HK-91-308 variant.
And we've seen a couple of AK-74s.
So they're heavily armed, and they're right on it.
In fact, like I said, I stared this guy down.
Not 25 feet away coming through his face.
In fact, he was putting his leg through the wire.
He slung his rifle over his shoulder.
They were coming across rapidly to find out who we were.
There were three of them.
And, folks, you can see these video stills at InfoWars.com.
Thanks for the call, Clayton.
Ethan in Kentucky.
Ethan, go ahead.
Yes, sir.
I was calling to tell you about that I am a student, a pupil of the New World Order.
I'm a third-year geography student.
Specializing in GPS and aerial photography, surveillance, RFID, you name it.
And I just wanted to flash back to my first year textbook, page four, chapter one.
And there's a map here of the world, and we have, here it says, as we try to envisage what a new world order will look like on the map, note that 12 geographic realms can be divided into two groups.
And this is the exact same map
If you have read Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper, you know what I'm talking about?
Yeah, I know.
And, sir, people bring me textbooks every week.
I mean, I've seen hundreds of them where it's a new world order this, take your rights that, satellite track you, chips in you.
I mean, they are really getting us ready.
Paul Watson?
Well, yes, Congressman Ron Paul said they do staff the halls of academia as well, so you will see.
I mean, that's the basic level that they bring in on the schools.
I mean, just look at the schools below that.
You've got the massive surveillance.
You've got guards.
You've got surveillance in bathrooms of schools.
So even at that level, the police state and the New World Order is being ingrained to youngsters.
And then above that, at the college level, you do get these textbooks which educate that elite viewpoint where they buy into it and they think that they're part of the elite.
But at the same time, Rush Limbaugh says there's no New World Order.
Even when the Pope calls for one in December.
Well, in this book, New World Order right there, capitalized, bold text, but yet in the glossary, in the index, there's nothing.
And there's only one other mention of New World Order in this book.
It's in the chapter on Russia.
The New World Order now in the making will rely substantially on the events of land in the Tsar's force.
And that's the only other mention of it.
Go to news.google.com and type in New World Order.
You'll get an article every day where world leaders across the globe are talking about the establishment of a New World Order.
It's out there.
It's no longer hidden.
Anyone can see it.
And before you go, I want to get that number for that video of those paramilitary Mexican groups.
We'll give you Simcox contact info.
Oh, sure.
Simcox, will you send me that video, too, so I can put it on local cable?
We'll tell folks how to get in touch with them when we get back.
All right.
And cover a couple of final news articles.
So stay with us.
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Our southern camp, our southern border should be turned into an armed camp.
People should defend themselves.
The sheriff's departments should call up the posse.
Our troops should be put on the border.
But no, that won't happen.
Disgusting, sickening joke.
I'm sorry we don't have time to take any more calls.
Chris Simcox, I do want to copy that video, your latest video.
I'd like to air it locally so Austinites know how serious it is.
And you've offered to send it to folks with the cost of duplicating it and shipping it out, so you're going to get a lot of calls.
Get ready for this.
Would you like to give out your phone number?
That's area code 520-457.
And folks can see stills of the video and news articles about it at InfoWars.com or PrisonPlanet.com.
I want to thank you for what you're doing.
And I know Morris Sleaze and Morris Dees is trying to stop you and others from even going down there and videotaping this.
How are you standing up against that?
Oh, they've all gone away and left us alone.
They can't find anything wrong with what we're doing.
They antagonize us the more it makes them look bad in the media, so they've pretty much left us alone now.
We're down here doing the job.
We need volunteers.
We need, you know, plan your summer vacation out here for a weekend, a week.
Bring your RV down.
We'll set you up.
We've got a job for everybody from serving limited to border patrol to sitting on hilltops with binoculars and finding these groups.
We need Americans who must do that.
Hey, defend America and what an adventure.
Thanks for joining us.
Thanks, Alex.
I'll talk to you soon, my friend.
Paul Watson, we didn't really plug it last hour.
We're here at the end of this hour, end of the show today.
We need your support.
I've made ten films.
I've written a book.
I've published Paul Watson's book, Order Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsor Terror in the New World Order.
We're waking people up one mind at a time.
We're having a massive effect.
Paul, what's in Order Out of Chaos?
Why should folks get it?
It's a 320-page book.
It basically proves that the war on terror is a complete sham.
Chapter on fake terror alerts, which is specific at the moment.
Israel, Britain, Russia, America are all carrying out terrorism against their own interests to demonise their opposition.
Absolutely, folks.
Go to Infowars.com or PrisonPlanet.com to get Order Out of Chaos, Elite Sponsored Terror, and the New World Order.
Paul, anything else?
Yeah, I mean, as we were saying, the central issue is immigration because it proves that the war on terror is fake.
It proves that the police state to justify it is fake.
And as we need to mention again, the division is not by race or political bent because...
The latest poll from the Center for Immigration Studies said that 60% of Americans, the American public, thought that immigration was a critical threat to the vital interests of the USA, while in contrast only 14% of the members of Congress thought the same thing.
And the ones who do make up that small percentage in Congress, like Tan Credo,
That's it.
Paul Watson, God bless you.
We'll see you next Monday.
Okay, thanks.
You bet.
Paul comes on every Monday.
More powerful guests tomorrow.
More info back tonight, 9 to midnight Central as well.
I've made 10 films, written a book, published a book, t-shirts, bumper stickers.
It's all about the InfoWar.
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See you back tonight.
Back tomorrow.
God bless you all.
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