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Filename: 20040109_Fri_Alex.mp3
Air Date: Jan. 9, 2004
2252 lines.
Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
Well, my friends, it's already Friday, the ninth day of 2004.
And we're going to be live for the next three hours.
Coming up in about 30 minutes, we have Glenn Spencer from American Patrol, the premier expert on the globalist plan to surrender to the New World Order by getting rid of our borders.
Amnesty for all those that are here and anyone that ever gets here in perpetuity.
And then we've got Joel Skousen to talk about the latest developments with 9-11 and government-sponsored terror.
Of course, he's a former fighter pilot himself, and we'll tell you how it's impossible for 19 hijackers to do what they did.
It'd be impossible for 19 fighter pilots to do it.
And then I've got Keith Parker from Texas Frontline coming on for 30 minutes.
And the third hour, got a popular local TV show, part of Ranch Rescue, that's been under attack.
Now to give you the Texas perspective on the end of the border and sovereignty, in the last 30 minutes, the latest info on Saddam Hussein supposedly having cancer and some of his top minions being killed in U.S., that is globalist custody.
We're just controlled by the parasite like...
We're good to go.
Wake up, boys, there's a light at the window I can hear someone knocking on the door There are voices in the street and the sound of running feet And they whisper the word, revolution There are men coming down from the valleys
There are tall ships flying off the coast And they carry the light in the dark of the night Like a whisper in the wind Revolution!
Bring my gun and a handful of silver By the sea we will gather for the fight
It's been so many years So many tears We have lost once before Now we'll settle the score When our cannons will roar Revolution!
Alright folks, Alex Jones back live.
When I got to the studio today, I noticed the phone company was doing something with the different digital lines.
And there's no one from the phone company outside the office.
There's just a black wire strung running right along the side of my office.
So that's the connection up to Minnesota and the folks running the show on the satellite uplinks.
We'll see if we're able to have the show today and have Glenn Spencer on and
To have Joel Skousen and Keith Parker and, of course, Paul Watson.
And if we keep having problems, I'm going to jump in the car and drive 80 miles an hour to the other studio.
Again, this never happens.
Once or twice a year, and now it's happening, and I'm beginning to think it's deliberate.
In fact, the British media caught it on tape about three years ago.
They were here in Austin, and there were people that, quote, didn't work for the phone company.
Continually in the big box down the road every day when I went on the air.
So, one day I was running a song when I went on air, drove down and caught the guy in there.
Another time I had somebody walk up the side of the studio and there was just a cut wire out there.
They just cut the digital line.
Oh, yeah, there's not a New World Order, folks.
There's no such thing as that.
We'll be right back.
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The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Coming to you from deep in the heart of Texas, right down the road from the Hollywood stage, the Bush Ranch, I'm Alex Jones.
And again, we have...
Glenn Spencer from American Patrol.
We'll talk about Bush's high treason.
And the total capitulation to getting rid of our national sovereignty, that's what this is, this giant unlimited amnesty.
Then we have Joel Skousen to talk about September 11th, the latest developments in the police state.
Then we've got a local activist, good friend of mine, Keith Parker, host of a TV show, Texas Frontline, talking about the open border situation.
In the last 30 minutes of the show, Paul Joseph Watson with the latest developments on Princess Diana and a lot more.
Bush plans major space announcement.
Now, remember, he was going to announce this last month on the 100th anniversary of Kitty Hawk and the Wright Brothers, but for some reason didn't.
But now Bush to announce missions to Mars and the Moon.
Now, we already heard this once from the White House, so they made it late again, but they're already making rumblings about it.
Also, Bush immigration plan borders on treason.
That's from Chuck Baldwin, one of our writers at PrisonPlanet.com, also a great talk show host in his own right.
It doesn't border on it.
It is treason by the very definition, and we're all witnesses to it.
You've got to have two witnesses to treason.
We've got millions who saw that disgusting announcement he made two days ago.
White House wants U.N.
to return to Iraq.
Folks, I read...
The different news articles before the Iraq War where it was all wink-wink with the United Nations.
We're going to go in, play the part of the bad cop, then you'll come in as the good cop later and they'll thank you for occupation.
And that's exactly what they're now doing.
Again, Javier Solano, the former U.N.
chief, and then, of course, one of the chiefs there at the E.U., is now one of their top ambassadors, said about a month ago that, oh, I've already met with the White House officials.
The E.U.
and the U.N.
will be taking over Iraq in the next year.
So we've got that.
Also, U.S.
military deaths in Iraq approach 500.
Chances of weapons of mass destruction find slipping.
Defense Minister Robert Hill says that.
Also, U.S.
military becoming desperate in Iraq.
Tactical evolution of tactical desperation, and the U.S.
begins huge Iraq forces switch.
They're rotating out a lot of the troops and rotating in new ones to breathe the 1,900 times safe levels of depleted uranium and to have Shiites and Sunnis and everybody else taking pot shots at them.
But, hey, you know, the president says bring them on, you know, bring on the casualties.
Also, Powell says no smoking guns showing terrorist ties in Iraq.
But again, he always plays the good cop.
Later he'll come in and go, okay, it was true.
Here's the weapons of mass destruction.
I think that's still up their sleeve.
But don't worry, a man we can trust, a good person, about ten times last year came to Bush's aid in big television interviews saying he was right to invade Iraq, that there are weapons of mass destruction.
And this is somebody that never lies.
He's the guy that said, I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky, and shook his finger at us.
And looked about as guilty as a cat with its arm in the fish tank.
He looked about as guilty as Bush when he said, we will not tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the September 11th attacks.
Yeah, you mean that your bosses did it?
Everybody's starting to find out about that, buddy.
You're in a lot of trouble.
But Clinton believes Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.
Yes, Clinton's out stumping for Bush again.
Hillary stumped for the war.
I told you, Democrats, if you like Bill Clinton, you should love George Bush.
Open borders, gun control, more regulation, biggest growth in government ever, signed on to UNESCO, supercomputers of communist China, doubled many of the program's funding for the Department of Education, Department of Transportation.
We're good to go.
The growth is accelerating.
It only grew by, what, 9% his first year?
I think they said 12% or 14%.
I don't have the numbers in front of me.
In 2000.
Folks, this is getting scary.
So a lot of the growth was when Clinton was leaving.
Then Bush comes in, it grows, and it grows even more.
The last three years, 40-plus percent growth in the size of the government.
Also, report Saddam Hussein has cancer!
Report, Saddam Hussein has cancer.
And this was announced on some of the Asian television channels in Taiwan and other areas, and we did find a news article out of the Sophie Morning News.
Report, Saddam Hussein has cancer.
The al-Sadraki dictator, who is currently under custody for the coalition forces, suffers from cancer of lymph glands.
Oh, of course it's super fast and terminal.
Kuwaiti Al-Na'ab daily reads, citing an Iraq official, according to the daily, the disease is in an advanced stage, so doctors predict the former dictator would probably live a couple of years more.
Doctors came out with the fatal diagnosis while making thorough medical checks of Saddam Hussein that is captured near the hometown of Tikrit in December 2003.
Allegations of Saddam Hussein's illness appeared during the military campaign in Iraq last year when one of his private doctors residing in Syria claimed that the former dictator suffered from cancer.
Oh, how convenient.
Just like in about a week and a half after the announcement Jack Ruby dropped dead from super fast cancer.
Kind of like the Shah was fine and got flown into England and died real quick of that fast cancer.
But I'm sure he really does have it.
Just a coincidence, of course.
Of course it is.
Also, unofficial sources to Al-Bawaba, Saddam's presidential secretary, dies in U.S.
And there are minute reports here of them killing people with electric shocks.
So powerful they're killing them, they're putting them into comas.
Hey, torture's in all the new dramas on TV.
It's chic.
It's like the latest hairstyle or clothing push.
It's just wonderful.
It's a torture chic.
And it says Iraqi security officials contacted by al-Bawaba declined to comment on the report but have not denied it either.
Al-Tikriti was taken into custody on the 18th of June, 2003.
Abed Hamund was considered one of Saddam's closest aides and controlled access to the president.
He was said to have directed matters of state and handed down many of the Assad regime's orders.
Upon his capture, U.S.
authorities claimed Abed Hamund possessed vital information about Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction.
Since his detention, reports in the Arabic press have claimed he was tortured by U.S.
investigators to pressure him to provide information on weapons development programs.
And this new photo released by Saddam, because it would be totally illegal to release a photo of a prisoner of war being beat up, so they accidentally released it.
Some soldier did, but everybody wanted to see it.
Saddam with a knee on his head and obvious pain down on the floor.
I had a phone company guy at my house the other day fixing one of the lines, and he saw my shirt, said, Axis of Evil, with a picture of Bush, Rumsfeld, and Cheney.
He said, oh, I'm glad they got Saddam.
I hope they feed him in a wood chipper.
And I said, but wouldn't we become Saddam Hussein if we started feeding people into wood chippers?
By the way, that wood chipper story is not true.
The story about the babies in the incubator aren't true.
That's admitted, by the way.
A U.S.
PR firm just brought forward a fake witness and did that.
That's admitted, by the way.
So I'm not defending Saddam Hussein.
He did brutal things.
He was trained in assassination torture from the age of 19 in 1954.
A very honored member of the New World Order.
Did a lot of good work for him.
There in Iraq, very bloodthirsty, attacked the Iranians under orders, went into Kuwait under the U.S.
saying, yeah, go ahead, we support you.
We're supposed to forget about all that, but the point here is, and it's very, very important that we understand this, is that most of what you're told about these guys is totally not true.
But that doesn't seem to matter nowadays, does it?
I'm a liberal because I'm against open borders.
I'm a liberal because I'm for guns.
I would be a conservative if I wore a red armband and a Soviet red star on my cap.
And again, I'm not being sarcastic.
You know, if I had cut Taiwan loose, if I had changed the 53-year treaty with them, if I would have sold America out, I would be a wonderful person.
But I'm bad.
I'm for America.
And I'm for the facts, too.
You know, I'm not a hypocrite.
But again, that's a bad thing nowadays.
Southern Thailand's under martial law.
There's also a very scary development here
You know, the UN's already basically running Canada's courts.
Well, now they are officially running the police and, yes, the courts in Guatemala.
Oh, but don't worry, the left's all behind it because it's to punish right-wingers.
Folks, it's all good cop, bad cop.
And they now are going to have their own little UN communist-run, banker-funded...
Now, folks, in Thailand, in...
East Timor, which of course is a unit of this whole global system, a holding basically taken from Indonesia.
And in Indonesia proper, the government admittedly has been caught over the last 50 years blowing stuff up to blame it on their enemies now crackdowns.
And the evidence is that's happening here again.
Al-Qaeda not behind Thai violence.
A wave of violence in mainly Muslim southern Thailand is inspired by money and nationalism and shows skin evidence that links them to a wider network.
Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda and its Jihama Islam Asian affiliate.
Folks, I haven't even scratched the surface here, and I want to get back into this moon-Mars mission.
You thought it'd just be back to the moon.
Well, now it's back to Mars.
We've never been there, so... I guess it's to Mars.
Back to the moon.
Infowars.com, prisonplanet.com, to look at all this news.
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We're good to go.
The Genesis Communications Radio Network proudly presents the Alex Jones Show.
Because there's a war on for your mind.
Again, we've got Glenn Spencer coming up about Bush's treason.
Imagine if Bill Clinton said all illegals will be legal in perpetuity, whoever's here, whoever gets here.
And then tried to say it's not amnesty, it's reform.
How the neocons would howl.
But I've been listening to...
Last night I monitored while I was stuck in traffic through the TV studio and back.
I guess it was about an hour and a half in the car.
I listened to a Hannity refeed, a Limbaugh refeed, some other stuff, and it was, yeah, this isn't too good, but he's just beating the Democrats.
It's politics.
Man, he's cunning.
And callers were calling in going, yeah, actually, I've got to give it to Bush.
This is a great idea.
And I heard that idiot Clark Howard say,
The financial guy, how wonderful this is, and how good this will be for our economy.
Oh yeah, NAFTA and GATT and the 25 million illegals has been real good for the country.
Wages being driven down.
They talk about how they take jobs nobody wants.
It's because the illegals, 5, 10 to a house or apartment, and folks, believe me, that's how it works, don't pay into the taxes, don't have the safety net, aren't invested, and...
What they do is they drive down the wages so no one who's part of the system or no one who is trying to be lower middle class can take those jobs and be successful.
And I've read the IMF World Bank plans.
I've read the globalist documents.
I've read the Ford Foundation stuff that came out in the 70s in hearings about the big foundations.
The plan is to balkanize and turn America into a third world country and lower our standard of living.
That's what NAFTA and GATT and the EU and all of it's about.
I've heard them brag about it on NPR.
You know, we've got to lower our standard down to everybody else.
We've been living outside our means.
Yeah, we were living outside our means because it was a free country and it produced milk and honey.
Now the parasites of the elite have knocked down the gates to let the barbarians pour in to overflow and take over the middle class.
And Bush says it's for politics because the Hispanics want it.
The major polls, the vast majority of Hispanics are against it.
There are only a few poll points below blacks and whites.
You know why?
Because they're not stupid.
They're smart.
I wish the yuppies were that smart.
They sit there and know that the illegals are working for three, four bucks an hour illegally.
They can't even get eight bucks.
It's unbelievable, folks.
But again, the spin is, ooh, great political move.
All the liberal papers, like the L.A.
Times, are praising Bush.
And you see, you've got a problem, folks, when the Democrats are praising Bush.
And like I said, Democrats, you should love Bush.
So Glenn Spencer's coming up.
Then we've got Joel Skousen.
You don't want to miss that.
Then we've got Keith Parker for the Texas View on the border for 30 minutes to the third hour.
Then Paul Watson.
It is a jam-packed broadcast for you today.
Before I end this segment, and again, we've got the Moon Mission news and all this other stuff coming up, I really do want to encourage every single listener out there to stop procrastinating and to get involved in the fight against the New World Order.
Put an InfoWars.com bumper sticker on your card.
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Please spread the word now.
It is so vitally important.
Pay it forward.
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Go to the website, get the films...
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We'll be right back.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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Some people know all about drinking and driving.
I would often leave a bar, and I remember going out to the car, and I remember then winding up in bed at home, but I don't remember any of the middle, how I got there.
I know that at certain times I would simply use the center line as an aiming device with the ornament on the hood.
And just really aim the car, not actually seeing where I was going.
The real tragedy, of course, in a situation like that is not what you can do to yourself, but what you could do to someone who was either bicycling on the road or walking along the road.
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If you break the law, you'll hear from me.
I know I'm working for the state.
I'm the highway patrol.
A nation is not a nation.
It's not a country.
A sovereign entity unless it has borders.
I have lived my entire life in Texas...
My ancestors fought and died and are on the memorial fighting the Mexican dictator Santa Ana.
And when you go to Mexico, if you look like you have money, in some of the tourist areas they leave you alone down south on the coast, but if you go down south over the Texas border...
You'll be treated with hatred.
You'll be called names by the police.
They will rape your wife right in front of you.
They will beat you up.
They will take you to the jail.
They will extort hundreds of thousands of dollars out of you.
This is what they do.
In fact, almost everyone I know has been rousted, has been harried, has been fed on.
If you try to come to their country illegal, you're lucky if they don't kick your guts out.
But that's okay.
That's loving and good.
You're not going to find the ACLU or the Southern Poverty Law Center going after the corrupt officials over there or the narco-terrorists that the government controls.
No, it's not going to happen.
And we have over 25 million illegals in this country right now.
By the time they get their families here, it'll be 60 million.
We're talking in just the next few years.
California has fallen to this third world invasion.
We talk about Latin America all the time because that's 80% of the influx.
We've got the Russians, the Chinese, the Eastern Bloc, GM, Ford bring in the illegals who used to work in the Soviet weapons factories.
They now run and are the majority of many plants building the cars here.
It's about the race to the bottom, sacrificing America on the altar of globalism.
And I've got the headlines here.
Bush actions border on treason.
No, they are treason.
Len Spencer says it the best.
This is surrender to Mexico, but more than surrender to Mexico, to the UN and the globalist model where there are no borders, there is no sovereignty.
This is the Pan-American Union.
And there are hundreds and hundreds of millions of Latin Americans coming this way, tens of millions of new births each year,
Our government flies in the Somalis, flies in folks from all over the world to take jobs nobody wants.
Yeah, after people come in who have lived into a house and drive down the wage, or someone who's part of the system and pays taxes, can't afford it, you bet they don't want those jobs.
A meatpacker 10 years ago got $20 an hour.
Now they're lucky if they get $7 or $8.
It's all illegals.
And it's not just the illegals, it's the prison labor we compete against.
So here to talk with us for the next 25 minutes about this high treason and how the neocons are trying to spin this, oh, it's just political, is Glenn Spencer of AmericanPatrol.com, the premier organization, no compromise, telling it like it is.
Glenn, good to have you on.
Alex, good to talk to you again.
You know, we've been desensitized to this over the years, knowing that they were planning to... This isn't like the amnesties of the past where they just give amnesty to those that are here.
This is everybody in perpetuity.
But this is finally getting the dumbbells to wake up, but now the neocons, some of them, are trying to pacify them.
Give us the picture of what's going on.
Well, I think, you know, we saw it coming.
We saw the trial balloons drifting through the clouds when...
Secretary of Homeland Security Ridge a few weeks ago said that these people should be legalized.
We knew it was coming.
Actually, I knew it right after George Bush was elected.
When he said, we have to make, and this was in the newspapers three years ago, this month, he said, we have to make migration safe and orderly.
When I read that, I knew we were all in trouble.
Since illegal immigration...
It's already safe and orderly.
As I said at the time, he only could be talking about illegal immigration.
And that at the time, three years ago, told me that George Bush was an open borders globalist, ready to sacrifice the country on the altar of globalism.
And I was right.
I've been warning the people about this.
Here it is.
President of the United States inviting Latino groups
We're good to go.
Yeah, it's going to...
Yes, and again, they're saying they like the McCain bill.
That's all in there.
Bush, right before 9-11, had Fox at the White House saying legalize all of them.
This plan's even bolder.
That's their answer.
Oh, you don't like the illegals?
Well, we'll just not make them illegal anymore.
And now they're going to set up these databases where they're going to import the people even faster.
And what we have been talking about, you and I have been talking about for years, is the Mexican conquest of the Southwest.
The conquest of Aztlan.
And their presidents say that.
Now, yes.
And if you don't believe it, here he is.
Here is the president of Mexico saying just that.
I proudly affirm that the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory of
That was then President Ernesto Zedillo of Mexico, 1997, speaking in Chicago before the National Council of La Raza, saying, I have proudly affirmed that the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders...
And that Mexican migrants are an important, a very important part of it.
Now, Glenn, on top of this now, Mexico says they're going to send all their lobbyists in to twist arms, to do whatever to get Congress to do that, meddling in our internal affairs.
Foreign lobbyists saying, get rid of your border, that is spies.
That's KGB equivalent.
But again, it's hidden in plain view of foreign government.
Fox, when he came to Austin, when I bullhorned him and said,
Shut down his press conference and speech a few months ago, gave an award to the police department for not following the federal law.
He said it and gave an award to Wells Fargo, who is going to give them a national ID card that the banks and government are going to accept.
Now we've got banks issuing them ID cards, not just their own consulates in our country.
Imagine if you and I went down and tried to start a consulate in Mexico issuing Americans ID cards.
There's no question about it.
And not only that,
But what we have to understand, you know, we've been talking about this, but I was amazed that just a few seconds ago that popped up on the Internet is an article in the New York Times International, out of Mexico City, and the headline of this article in the New York Times says, of gringos and old grudges, this land is their land.
And it goes in.
It says, in the United States, almost no one remembers the war that Americans fought against Mexico more than 150 years ago.
In Mexico, almost no one has forgotten.
They're saying in this New York Times article that the Mexicans believe this is their land.
Now, how crazy can it be that when the President of the United States brings in a group of people
Who believe that the Southwest belongs to them.
And a Zogby poll of a year and a half ago proved it beyond shadow of a doubt.
A group brings in a group of people who believe that part of the United States belongs to them and essentially says, you got it.
And it brings in people who are hostile to us, who believe this is their territory, that we stole it from them.
He brings these people into our midst.
Now, Glenn, the neocons will say, okay, we don't like what Bush is doing, but it's just politics, leave him alone.
They won't go as far as stating the facts.
I live in Texas.
And, you know, they got, you know, the signs up that say race this, race that, Raza this, Raza that.
You know, on the side of a Mexican food restaurant, an Aztec cutting out a white guy's heart.
You know, this is all real cute.
How about I go paint, you know, a Nazi cutting a brown person's heart out?
No, I wouldn't do that.
That's bad.
But, again, this is acceptable.
To break up the country.
The globalists are doing it.
Bush is doing it.
In perpetuity.
And again, if anybody, and you work with Native Americans.
That's why you started out.
If anybody owns this land, it's Native Americans.
Mexico didn't have anybody up here.
And why would the Mexicans want to make this Mexico where they live in total tyranny?
They have absolutely no claim on this land.
Texas had become part of the Union for nine years.
That's why we fought the War of 1846 to 1848.
California originally was settled by Native Americans, who were referred to in the Treaty of Guadalupe that settled the war with Mexico as savages.
Mexicans never had any claim.
The Aztecs were never in that part of the country.
So that's all nonsense.
Well, my point is, Glenn, if Mexico's so good, why do they all want to come up here?
Well, the reason I'll tell you why they want to come up here is because their government is forcing them to come up here.
Basically, what this is a fight over is this.
Mexico is afraid that if they opened up their country to investment the way the United States is open to investment, that the gringos and others would eventually own everything.
And they're probably right.
So they don't want that.
So they restrict investment.
So what you've got is a tiny elite filling the peasants full of race consciousness, racism to control them, but the question is, why are the New York banks funding this Chicano Ku Klux Klan movement?
Let me finish the little point that I wanted to make.
So if Mexico were to be opened up to foreign investment, it would prosper.
They have natural resources.
They have oil.
They have beautiful beaches.
They have terrific natural resources, and if they were to be opened up to outside investment, they would prosper and they would not have illegal immigration.
But by closing Mexico down to outside investment, they gain two things.
These powerful families can run the country, plus they can send their people north, thereby occupying, reoccupying, or occupying the southwest.
Thereby, instead of us taking over them, they take over us.
And giving up.
That's the war we are still in.
We're still in the Mexican War.
We're still involved in it.
But this time, instead of the American presidents and the people who lead this country fighting for our country, they are absolutely caving in and surrendering.
And for those that don't understand what Glenn's saying, it's all documented.
That's why they gave Mexicans dual citizenship, so they can vote on both sides.
They can send their people over, make them citizens, take over.
Already, four South Texas towns.
This is about a five-year-old story.
San Antonio Express News, ten-part story.
Fly the Mexican flag.
You're not allowed to speak English in court proceedings, and nobody cares about that discrimination.
You're going to have the same corrupt cops, the same system, the shakedowns, the mordido, all of it.
You know, 2004 is the 10-year anniversary of NAFTA.
And in a survey, an analysis of the results of NAFTA, which we, of course, opposed,
The World Bank, the World Bank, now this is a middle-of-the-road, if not left-leaning organization, said the reason that NAFTA hasn't worked in Mexico is because it's so corrupt.
And this they say in public official documents.
And Mexico is corrupt.
It is a corrupt nation.
And it's like a cancer spreading north.
But, Glenn, you didn't really answer my question, and you're the guy that's got the answers on this.
Why do a lot of the Mexican people, I'm not talking about citizens here, they're more aware than anybody, why do they, if they know their government's oppressive, want to shut up Mexico here and have nowhere to run?
Well, it's an interesting question.
And the only answer that I could come to was addressed in Robert Andres Oppenheimer's book,
They're bordering on chaos.
And that is, Mexico has never had immigration.
They've never been a melting pot.
They've never brought in new ideas.
And the one thing that ties the Mexicans together, that makes the Mexicans, is a common history.
And they say, once a Mexican, always a Mexican.
And one of the aspects of that history that stands out like nothing else is the war with the United States.
It's so...
In essence, what they want to do is regain the glory of Mexico and regain the glory of their ancestors by reversing the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and making this the great and glorious Mexico that they think it should be.
But Spain just came in as an empire, took over some Indians, claimed some land.
France claimed parts of Texas.
France isn't saying this belongs to them.
Well, France ran Mexico for a while, you know.
But the French embers ran Mexico for a while.
You remember Cinco de Mayo was just a little skirmish.
They ultimately lost that war and lost it to the French.
Did you know that they allow Cinco de Mayo to be officially celebrated at UT but not the Texas Independence Day?
It's evil.
They didn't allow it.
This is the kind of insanity...
That took over Nazi Germany, except in reverse.
But if you want to destroy America, I mean, you know, it's a bunch of rich guys in New York and D.C.
Why do they want to do this?
To make us all serfs, I guess.
Well, you know, it's sort of imperialism.
People want to run the globe.
There's a lot of different motivations which are aligned like the stars to turn us into this mess that we're in.
But now that the debate is out in the open, now that the president has made this outrageous move, the media are forced to address it.
Now, the stupid thing that Bush did was to open this wound only days before he's going to go to Mexico, reopen it, and put salt in it.
So he's going to be in Mexico on Monday, and that's why, you know, basically, if I may say this, what Karl Rove has told the president, he's his political advisor, he says, look,
All of the Democratic candidates are for amnesty, full amnesty.
So, you know, if you come out in favor of a so-called partial amnesty and help get the Hispanic vote, this is what Rose told him, the people have no place to go.
You know, conservatives, what are they going to do, vote for a Democrat?
There is no third-party candidate at this time.
They have no place to go.
So you can do anything you want.
So what, you know, the idea came forth that maybe since they're telling us we have no place to go, when Bush goes to Mexico, we should go no place.
And that is, on Monday the 12th, we and other people are asking Americans not to buy anything.
This isn't a long boycott.
It's just on Monday.
Don't buy anything.
Don't go to the store.
Do your shopping on Sunday or Tuesday, but just don't buy anything.
Don't go to the restaurant.
Don't go to the market.
Don't go to the movie.
I want to add, too, that that's the spin the neocons are putting out.
This is just political.
I've looked at the plan.
You've looked at it.
As you said, total, complete, in perpetuity, amnesty, instantly, and bringing them in from other countries.
This has totally demoralized the border patrol.
Border Patrol people are saying, why do I even want to stop these people?
Well, hey, making them pick up trash for the last three years has done well.
Why should I even go out to the border and risk my life, okay, out there with rattlesnakes and so forth, to stop these people when the president doesn't even want us to?
Stay there.
We'll be right back.
Alex Jones here announcing the release of my new film, Police State 3 Total Enslavement.
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This is the equivalent of a Triter King.
But again, Bush is just a puppet.
Blasting holes in the wall and enemies pouring in, that's not enough.
He runs down and opens the drawbridge and tells the people inside the city, stand down, the people running through screaming that they want our heads or our friends.
Mexico says they're going to take over, says they're going to do all this, and they've got the big banks in New York pushing all this.
Glenn Spencer, it's a great idea to not buy anything, to send a message on Monday, I will not do that, I'll be part of that big boycott.
Everybody out there should remember this and do this.
Yeah, just don't buy anything.
Just do it on Sunday and Monday.
It's not going to hurt anybody.
All it will do, if we can get enough people to do it, just send a message.
You know, people say, hey, wait a minute, where is everybody?
You know, it's not going to hurt anybody's pocketbook.
It's not going to hurt.
Just one day.
One day.
Monday the 12th.
How do we stop Bush from doing this?
Obviously just by demoralizing the Border Patrol.
That helps him get rid of the border.
And how do they get away with this secondarily while claiming all these terrorists are trying to get us?
Well, even those who are saying, oh, this is just political and maybe we should do this, they all agree that we must control the border.
Now, we've been embarrassing the people down here.
What was it?
Last Friday night, one of our sensors went off.
We picked up ten people.
We went out with our infrared camera and videotaped ten people, just what our ground sensor said, coming into the United States.
They came within eight feet of our camera before they saw the little red light.
You can go on AmericanBorderPatrol.com and see the streaming video and listen to the report.
We're doing that more and more.
We are a nonprofit corporation, AmericanBorderPatrol.com, and you can go on and make a donation to it.
We think we've shut down about three miles of the border because the Border Patrol doesn't want to be embarrassed.
With more money, we'll make that 10 miles, and then 50 miles, and then 100 miles.
Now, Glenn, that's a great idea, and you're doing a wonderful job, but look, if Bush gets his way, we're not even going to have a Border Patrol anymore.
Well, he says we've got to have a Border Patrol, but what we have to show the American people is that it is a joke, it is a sham that people are flooding across.
It's like Bill O'Reilly said last night, my gosh.
If we do this and don't control the border in 10 years, we will not recognize this country.
In 10 years.
I mean, this is not a long time.
This is back to 1994.
Paul Craig Roberts, the famous author with the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, went on the air the other day.
He's one of the most highly respected economists on the planet.
He said, in 20 years, America...
We'll be a third world country.
I think sooner than that.
I mean, we're going to be like Mexico.
Our dollar's going to drop down to below the peso here pretty quick.
You know, people forget that we've got about 9,000 nuclear weapons.
If we're taken over by the third world, they're going to own them!
It's absolutely incredible.
They're really doing it.
The globalists are killing America.
They'll destroy the planet because if these people come in
And take over the political structure of this country and get control of those nuclear weapons, the planet will be destroyed.
Glenn, they've been shooting a lot of Border Patrol, killing a lot of people, the attacks, Ranch Rescue got shot at.
It's getting bad.
You talk about war in the streets.
Ron Paul's talking about depression.
What do you see happening?
Well, as I say, if we don't do anything,
The third world will take over this country faster than we realize.
They will come in, get the vote, put their people in, we will become destabilized, and the planet will be destroyed.
Very quickly.
Now, short of that, short of that, you know, the people have to put up resistance.
They have to do it now.
This is not a drill.
This is the real thing.
This is the real country of the United States at stake.
And they not only have to scream at their congressmen, they have to run for office.
They have to stand up and say, I'm going to run for Congress, and I'm going to be running on a platform of closing the border.
I'm going to run for chief of police, and I'm going to run on the platform of... All right.
Glenn Spencer, thank you.
Thank you for your amazing work at AmericanPatrol.com.
Closing the border.
All right.
Hope folks visit it, and hope to have you back on soon.
You bet.
Thanks a lot.
We'll be back, folks.
Shields are falling.
Shields going down.
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Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
American Patrol just joined us and he's read the McCain bill and what Bush is pushing and his analysis is exactly on line with mine.
Malignant total amnesty for everyone here, anyone that ever gets here in perpetuity, and the federal government allowing corporations to pay to bring in their own labor forces.
Just, you know, no more of the special visas, just wide open, importing in the third world.
Six plus billion people all wanting to come here.
They'll all come in, become citizens, pull the lever for gun control, pull the lever for tyranny.
They're used to cops shoving them around.
They're used to tyranny.
This is the globalist plan.
You're watching America die.
You're watching the government lower the shields, lower the drawbridge.
And let the barbarians in by design to destroy America, then you'll have your EU and your New World Order.
And a lot of the neocons are making excuses for Bush.
Oh, he's just being political.
Folks, it's politically unpopular to do what he's doing in all the major polls.
The majority of Hispanics are against this.
They try to make it a racial issue.
That is, Bush does.
There's so much news.
We're joined by Joel Skousen.
Joel Skousen is a political scientist by training, specializing in philosophy and law and constitutional theory.
He's also the designer of high-security residences and retreats.
He's designed self-sufficient and high-security homes throughout North America and has consulted in Central America as well.
And he's also a fighter pilot in Vietnam.
And we're honored to have Joel Skousen on the show.
The website's joelskousen.com.
Talk about 9-11, the police state, the New World Order, the open borders, all of it.
Joel, good to have you on.
Thank you, Alex.
It's always good to be with you.
Let me get your take on getting rid of the borders.
Well, I just wrote my latest world affairs brief coming out today called Amnesty by Stealth.
And it really isn't very stealthy, frankly, as you've pointed out.
This is a very interesting case in the sense that even pragmatic Karl Rove, Bush's chief politician, gave strong warning to Bush that this is a dead political issue unless you call it by some other name.
And that's what went on in the White House.
They said...
Yeah, we won't call this amnesty.
We'll just call it a temporary worker program.
But it's amnesty, whatever name you want to call it.
Well, it's the boldest amnesty you've ever seen.
The way this is written, it's not just who's here, it's whoever gets here.
It's an ongoing program.
For example, let me show you what it... You know, he says, or at least the AP who commented and gave the government line, said this is supposed to tell the United States
And get a handle on who's crossing the border.
Well, it doesn't do anything at all, except for those that are illegal now.
Yes, they'll be on the rolls and they can go pass it freely.
But when you have a huge magnet like this, you're going to have tons more coming across the border because they know all they've got to do is get a job, run down to the local INS, sign up for the temporary worker program, and they're in scot-free.
And it's not temporary.
After three years, they automatically reissue it.
Yes, there's another aspect of that, too.
Bush is attempting to at least double the number of green cards that are going to be allowed.
They will be immediately eligible to apply for a green card as soon as they sign on to this temporary worker program.
So this is a seamless amnesty.
It's just a play on words.
But, you know, this shouldn't surprise us, as you know.
At least three months ago, Bush says he was going to push another amnesty, and it just got so much flack that he's had to rename it.
In fact, he had the audacity to say when he announced this, this is not an amnesty.
I mean, it's like the bigger the lie, the more effective it is, and conservatives are nodding their heads.
Yeah, Joel, Joel, this is not a radio show.
This is not a radio show, and you're not Joel Skousen, and I'm not Alex Jones, okay?
Hey, what are you, a conspiracy theorist?
Your name's not Joel, okay?
All right, we'll be back.
We'll get into 9-11 and a lot more.
There's so much happening.
I want to get your take, too, on this new moon mission and Mars mission.
We'll be back, and we'll take your calls.
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Police State 3 details the architecture, goals, and operations of the New World Order.
You will lose your liberty.
Homeland Security, executive orders, forced vaccinations, the new prison economy, the Total Information Society, the Pan-American Union, federal gun grabs, government-run white slavery rings, and much, much more.
If you want to understand what the new world order really is, then my new two-and-a-half-hour video, Police Day 3, is for you.
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You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
All right, ladies and gentlemen, already eight minutes and roughly 30 seconds into the second hour.
We're joined by Joel Skousen, a political scientist, expert in law and constitutional theory.
Joel was raised in Oregon and later served as a fighter pilot for the U.S.
Marine Corps during the Vietnam era, prior to beginning his design firm specializing in high-security residences and retreats during the 80s.
He took a leave of absence to serve as the chairman of the Conservative National Committee in Washington, D.C., and can currently serve as the executive director of Conservative Digest.
For two years, he published a newsletter entitled The World Affairs Brief and served as a senior editor of Cogitations, a quarterly journal on law and government.
The World Affairs Brief is now back in publication and is available as a weekly email newsletter or as a monthly print edition.
The website is joelskousen.com.
And we'll spell that out for you a little bit later.
We've got a link to it on InfoWars.com.
Joel, we were talking about the border and talking about the end of America.
Why would the globalists want to do this?
But for those that just joined us, first off, what is the New World Order?
What is globalism?
And what will life be like once we get deeper into it?
Well, that's a big package of questions there.
Which do you want me to take first, Alex?
They're all interconnected.
Take all three of them.
Well, let's start with the... Let's finish up the border issue before we go into the broader New World Order issues because I think this is very crucial for people to understand the tactics that they're going to use.
You know, there's been a lot of hoopla about Homeland Security and Bush saying he's going to protect us, but there has been virtually no proposal whatsoever from this administration
We're good to go.
And I'm predicting this, that within 10 years, our Mexican-American will be such a large percentage.
They may not be a majority yet of this country, but virtually it will become impossible for any politician to get elected without kowtowing to that Latino minority, big minority.
They're already, of course, the biggest minority in the country.
And I think that's what the strategy is, is you want to continue to placate
Harass, discuss ad infinitum until it's too late.
And I think Americans really need to draw a line on this proposal.
I know it's slick.
It's difficult to convince conservatives that this is really a ruse because he says all the right words.
But believe me, if we don't quickly stop this, I don't think, you know, California may not even have a chance.
They've resurrected Proposition 187 to try to cut off benefits, although they've
I brought this question up to Glenn Spencer.
I mean, in the polls, the majority of Hispanics are against open borders, but the media frames it like it's something Hispanics want.
Oh, this is a good thing.
Of course, we always talk about Hispanics.
That's the majority of the illegals pouring in from Latin America.
Bush's deal will bring them in from all over the planet.
It doesn't matter.
How can somebody from Mexico want to make this like Mexico when they're trying to leave Mexico?
I mean, I guess it's just a pride issue of, well, maybe I'll be rich once we enslave these people.
I mean, maybe that's the idea, kind of replicating that.
Maybe they can be the big bosses over slaves like they've done in Mexico.
Well, you know, I really don't think, you know, I'm fluent in Spanish.
I know a lot of Mexican people and a lot of friends who have come across and become very good people here and even fairly conservative.
Those that make some money become conservative, although they're hooked into the Republican image of conservatism where it isn't truly protective of liberty anymore.
We're good to go.
...surface here in the United States.
Yeah, that's Metro La Raza.
It's a front.
It's a New York, Madison Avenue front of the Hispanics want open borders, and it's all being run out of New York, because the Mexicans I've talked to aren't into this whole La Rica and Quista deal.
So this is quite a setup.
I think so.
And clearly, it's something that's very, very big in the mind of globalist Mexican President Vicente Fox, who
He is really a globalist, I think, that was put in in collusion with the Bush administration.
They have a regular roundtable where they discuss strategy about how to get through these pro-Mexican pieces of legislation across the American people.
And I'm embarrassed to say, living in Utah now, that they have a real yes-man congressional delegation, I mean, super patriotic delegation,
Pro-Republican delegation here in Utah that literally is used to carry water for this administration on every one of these pro-Mexican initiatives.
Well, Hatch wants Arnold to be able to be president, he said.
They want to be able to have a foreigner, foreign-born, be the president.
Yeah, you know, when this first came out, and I thought Hatch, you know, and I know Senator Hatch, and whenever I talk to him, he says, oh, I'm just so busy, I just can't take any more projects on, and
I keep trying to get him to do what's right as a long-term friend of the family, but he's clearly sold out to the other side.
When he brought up this constitutional amendment about changing, I said, there isn't any constituency for this.
Where do you get this?
Of course, the administration wants it.
He's just carrying water.
This man has been promised, I believe, a seat on the Supreme Court if he continues to
We're good to go.
He still is faithful to them.
It's a real shame.
Now, for those that just joined us, I want to get into 9-11 and fighter pilots' view on this and some of the evidence of what you think is coming up with new terror attacks.
But for those that just joined us, what is the New World Order?
Well, the New World Order is, to be very, very frank, it is a globalist conspiracy to take down national sovereignty at any nation who wants to defend it.
Put all nations into a member state category.
They'll still be given the token title of sovereign states, but they won't be sovereign any more than states are sovereign in the federal framework of the United States Constitution.
And the process of the New World Order is, in fact, one of attempting to slowly talk people into losing their sovereignty and eventually, if that doesn't work, to create...
A future world war that will force people into it.
And I think that's what we're headed for sometime toward the end of this decade.
I agree with you.
Ron Paul says we're going to have a depression.
Bush passed much of Patriot Act 3 a few weeks ago.
Patriot Act 2 a few weeks ago.
And now there's discussions of the Victory Act 2, which is really Patriot Act 3.
I mean, Joel, I listened to a bunch of neocon talk radio yesterday, and it was, well, Bush, this is kind of bad, but he can't help it, and, well, you wouldn't rather have the Democrats, would you?
Well, yeah, I mean, under Bill Clinton, he couldn't get away with this because conservatives were awake and aware.
George Bush, bigger government, open borders, says he'll sign the assault weapons ban, campaign finance reform, protecting Bill Clinton, signing on to UNESCO.
I mean, you talk about water bears.
I mean, you know, what do you have to say about all these Rush Limbaughs?
You know, what's really interesting about the comments I get from conservatives in response to my newsletter each week is that, well, you know, Bush is anti-UN.
You know, he's really done us a great service, and it's not true at all.
You know, it's a very sophisticated game Bush is playing.
It's a very sophisticated strategy, and it's very difficult for many people to understand it, but let me see if I can't explain it.
Essentially, Bush has to do two things simultaneously.
He has to, first of all, antagonize the world against the United States in order to someday force people to switch their allegiance to the United States defending democracy, to the New World Order defending, and that's what's happening.
By taking this unilateral approach to foreign policy, the Bush administration is engendering a great deal of hate and discontent against the U.S.
Now, this will eventually be used by Russia and China to justify their striking America with a preemptive nuclear strike.
At some point, when they have to say, hey, somebody's got to stop this rogue nation rampaging to the world.
Then the world will see it as good.
We're playing the bad cop in Iraq.
comes in as the good cop, and here's the Washington Post.
Then the U.N.
White House wants the U.N.
to return to Iraq.
That's today.
Here's another one.
and Guatemala sign landmark agreement in bid to curb illegal and secret groups.
The U.N.
is taking over the police forces of Guatemala.
Go ahead.
But it's true that...
The UN has been raised in the eyes of moderates and even liberal people because it's viewed as the only hope.
To put the Bush administration in their place, the U.S.
has looked upon as benevolent in Iraq, and it never has had a benevolent presence in any country.
Well, Joe, the same thing, exactly, we'll talk about it when we get back, but the same thing with England.
They'll pass draconian laws, abuse the people, and the only recourse is the EU, and they'll actually give them good rulings.
Now the British people are starting to see the EU as the good guys.
That's right.
It's very, very slick.
Now, one thing I might also point out, and I'm probably the only one who's analyzed this this way, is there is a split within the New World Order.
Maybe we can talk about that after the break.
We're honored to have you.
Sure, we will, Joel.
A real expert on the New World Order, folks.
Enjoy talking to somebody who knows what they're talking about.
And this is the reality.
What you're hearing, they're planning to destroy you and your family.
They want you enslaved, a mindless serf, hopped up on Prozac, living in some high-rise cubicle.
Biometrically scanning the buy and sell.
Do you want to be part of that?
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Coming up in the next segment, we'll take your calls from Joe Skousen.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
His website is joelskousen.com.
That's Joel and then Skousen, S-K-O-U-S-E-N dot com.
Joel, you were talking about a split in the New World Order.
I'd imagine there's thousands of low-level splits with these criminals always fighting with each other like different mafias do.
They just agree to keep the general public in the dark but have wars with each other.
But you're talking about two major blocks.
Go ahead.
I am.
Before I answer that, let me just say I need to talk to you off air during the next break.
There is, in my analysis, two major controlling powers that are attempting to take control of the New World Order.
One is the Anglo-American establishment that we're most familiar with, that we view traditionally as the New World Order, and they're the ones essentially in the driver's seat right now because they control the purse strings.
They control the World Bank.
They control the Bank of International Settlements, most of the central banks, if not all of them.
So they're really in the driver's seat.
But there is another faction, and that is a Moscow-driven faction which controls most of the European-based New World Order structure, including the EU.
Now you say, well, how could that be?
These people are in NATO.
They're anti-communist.
That's more on the surface.
In fact, once World War II ended, the Communist Party decided to go underground and run all of their operations through the Socialist International.
And that puts a different light on the subject.
If you look at the membership of the Socialist International, you will find that almost all leaders in Europe, major European nations, are members of the Socialist International.
And it breaches across into Latin America as well.
All of the presidents under the PRI that used to run Mexico until Vicente Fox were part of the Socialist International.
In other words, they were essentially under the control of Moscow.
So what we have now is Vicente Fox got the other side of the New World Order, got its hand into Mexico through him.
Tony Blair is an interesting case.
I'm trying to analyze for your listeners which side of the New World Order faction are these leaders on.
Tony Blair is actually part of the Socialist International Moscow Marxist faction, but he is playing as a big ally of George Bush, and I think it's a little bit of a Trojan horse of the Moscow side trying to make inroads into the power structure of the Anglo-American establishment.
But you see, the Moscow side of the New World Order controls the U.N.
Security, not Security Council, the U.S.
controls that, but it controls the General Assembly.
About 90% of the nation vote right down the Moscow party line.
So that's why the U.N.
continues to try to chip away at Security Council powers.
And that's very, very dangerous.
Right now, you know, Western states have a, well, everybody's got a veto power, and even though the communists have a veto power, it does allow us to maintain some sovereignty.
But earlier, Joel, you said Bush, and this is clearly what's happening, is playing into this, building the U.N.
up, actually legitimizing them.
Precisely, and that's why you don't find, despite their controversy, the so-called controversy with the U.N., you never find the U.S.,
Attempting to get out of the U.N.
or strengthen their position of sovereignty.
And they never used their veto, hardly at all.
See, Joel, you see this as two separate systems.
I see it as a left and right arm.
At the top of that pyramid, you've got the big central banks that need two sides to keep their criminal arms in line so one of the arms doesn't try to get a sentient on its own.
But there's a difference.
There's still a difference, even though I agree that...
Your big central banks still continue to prop up Russia.
They continue to help maintain this grand deception of the fall of the Soviet Union.
Nevertheless, I differ from the General Birx's side of view that, in fact, my uncle began and promulgated this about the Anglo-American deception of controlling both sides of the political spectrum, including the communists, but it really isn't true.
They influence it.
They build it up for Hegelian purposes.
Well, that's what I just said.
I don't think it's a left and right arm.
I think the Russians are actually a separate predatory power.
And they intend to kill the West at some point.
Not to destroy it.
But what I'm saying is the bankers need to have that threat to keep their Anglo-American establishment in line.
The top of the pyramid plays the two sides against each other.
Yes, but it's not a direct control.
That's what I'm saying.
Well, no, I think they've lost control in many cases.
It's still in direct control, and they are inducing the Russians to someday strike, and the Russians are having, they're reluctant to.
They suspect a trap, and there is a trap being set.
All right, when we get back, I want to briefly talk about, as a fighter pilot, what you were saying about September 11th.
That's very important, and get a response on that, and then we'll go to some calls.
We'll be right back, folks.
And then we've got Heath Parker coming on from Texas Frontline to talk about the immigration situation, the end of the border, the capitulation of the globalists by Lord Bush.
And then we'll also get to Paul Joseph Watson.
Well, yeah, a lot of guests today.
Stay with us.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
This is Michael Corbin, host of A Closer Look, heard live 6 to 9 p.m.
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All right, Mark and Norm and others that are holding.
Your calls are coming up here in just a few minutes.
Joel Skousen.
I mean, it's clear when the British Environment Minister, number three guy in the Blair government, Michael Meacher.
I think so.
So I agree with you on that, but just in a few minutes, your analysis of 9-11, and then we'll start going to some calls.
Well, you know, one of the most interesting conundrums in the 9-11 is how do you get, if the Arabs were in fact the ones hijacking these airplanes, and that is still for doubt.
Now, there is virtually no confirmable evidence that the United States has given anywhere
Of the true identity of Arabs, or if they were in fact on the planes.
We have been denied any video security footage of any Arabs walking aboard that airplane.
We've denied any of the lists.
Simply, we've been denied all of the conversations between the FAA and the pilots as the pilots would have declared an emergency about the hijacking.
Well, now nine of the hijackers have been found alive and dead.
And what's more interesting is with the capture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the supposed mastermind, over nine months ago, the U.S.
has continued to leak supposed admissions of Mohammed that confirm the government position.
But what's very strange is he has never made any statement, according to the U.S.,
About how they got their training.
We know they didn't get their training in these aircraft if they, in fact, were the flyers and the hijackers.
They didn't get their training in Cessnas.
I can tell you as a fighter pilot, I could probably handle one of those aircraft even never having flown it before, but you have to have a tremendous amount of training, and none of these people had any competency to be able to accomplish that.
So either these flight training in the Cessna was simply a cover
To allow the story to go forward, that this is how they got trained to cover for some other Middle Eastern country aligned with the Bush administration who actually did the training.
Or, in fact, they never were hijacked by these particular parties.
All right, well, let me throw something into the pot here.
Again, obviously, folks, I've made two films, written a book on 9-11, and only covered some of the evidence.
There's so many smoking guns.
It is a ledger or a story or a patsy fallback
We're good to go.
I'm just not sure.
I haven't seen any verifiable documentation about that claim.
I've read it.
I know what you're saying.
But they haven't given us any names, any other way to confirm that.
That would be highly unlikely.
I trained at Pensacola.
I know the facilities there.
I don't think that would have given them the training sufficient to do so.
They have an Arab-speaking flight school at Fort Worth that they could have flown in with government visas.
They didn't do it there either.
I still think that in order to do this, if they did have Arabs flying these things, and that's still in doubt, they were trained in full-sized aircraft, not simulators, in Libya, in Saudi Arabia.
Not Iraq, but perhaps Iran.
Again, here's the question.
Why would the Arabs, knowing this would bring down the wrath of the globalists, do something like this?
And then we've got PNAC saying we need terror attacks for imperial mobilization.
We've got Brzezinski of the Trilateral Commission.
We're good to go.
I think?
We're good to go.
In my opinion, there's only one who really could have benefited from this.
It certainly wouldn't have benefited the Muslim nations.
It would only have benefited an administration who had a globalist orientation, who wanted to set up agent provocateur incidents in order to justify the dismantling of U.S.
constitutional protections.
And that is exactly what has happened.
So I'm pointing the finger at the Bush administration.
But more than just George Bush, because I believe he's a script reader...
I think it goes higher than that.
It goes to the shadow government that has been working in the Clinton administration, the former Bush administration.
I don't believe Reagan was a knowing conspirator in that shadow government, but I think they controlled him through George Bush and other people.
Well, the historical record shows that.
Reagan was talking about getting rid of the IRS, saying there were scams, and then suddenly he gets shot and everything changes.
But at the same time, Joel, you've been in the higher levels of the Republican Party.
You're a prominent guy saying this.
A lot of others are talking about this.
But exactly, we see them setting up this high-tech police state in the aftermath of 9-11.
We see the borders still wide open.
And I know that the globalists carried out the Anglo-American skull and bone side of it, the Bohemian Grove Club side carried out 9-11.
I know they told the men that carried this out that, well, we're doing this to get the people mobilized because they don't know we're about to have to have a war with Russia and China.
That's how they sold it to the men to carry this out.
But they have to know that their bosses are setting up their own command and control model here.
So how do we reach out to the people who actually engineered this?
Well, I'm not so sure that you can sell legitimate patriotic people on this.
You might use, I think it would be much more logical to say they used actual dark side operators.
The whole slew of these people in the CIA who know how to fly all various aircraft,
You know, there's rumors that this could have been done remote control.
I don't know of any legitimate military people who would have done these deeds, even if they were given an excuse.
Well, Hitler found people to burn the Reichstag.
Hitler found people to kill the folks at the radio station.
Yeah, it only took two or three, though, to burn down the Reichstag.
Well, exactly, but...
I mean, they've always found... Yeah, but they're dark side operators.
They don't take legitimate military people.
Most of the soldiers in the Nazi period were... Well, of course, I meant people in government.
But, again, a lot of them are deluding themselves to do it.
Or are you saying these are just actual evil people?
Yeah, I'm saying they're actual evil people.
They're unprincipled people.
We know how the CIA...
I think so.
Of this level of corruption and insensitivity to conscience.
It's a very real process.
But when I say get folks to come forward, I mean those in NORAD who heard the voice of Dick Cheney who took control of the shadow government.
That's now admitted.
They won't release the transcripts of what his voice was saying.
They have the, quote, standout of NORAD.
It is admitted that the CIA was running a drill of flying planes into buildings in New York and D.C.
that morning.
That's how they were able to order him to stand down.
And, you know, I've had emails from people who have direct contact with controllers at military airports that got the order to shut down the flight line and not let anyone take off to intercept these aircraft.
And Bob Dole's former chief of staff, Stanley Hilton, has, by the way, deposed a lot of those folks.
Yeah, as I say, we need to work on a list of that and get this thing really nailed down.
I think that
Just a one-minute answer on this, then we'll go to the calls, folks.
I know you've been patient.
How do we stop it?
And be honest, do you think we can stop it or at least get a stalemate and not have them launch into even bigger terror attacks?
Because it's clear 9-11 was only a primer for that imperial mobilization.
That's right.
We're guaranteed to have other high-profile attacks.
And the proof that we don't have real terror cells in this country is we have no normal terrorism, no car bombings, no suicide bombings, no electrical pylon bombings.
That's the easy stuff.
We have none of that.
That's the proof we don't have a real al-Qaeda.
I think so.
Unfortunately, because of the lockdown control and the fact that they have over the news and information, even our Internet access to people doesn't seem to be enough to break loose, enough to cause a change.
Even if we did start to break loose, I think they'd pull a similar thing to the JFK assassination.
They'll march out Walter Cronkite to debunk these theories, and they'll only pick the easy things to debunk.
And they'll do a public television special, and people will nod their head and say, oh, yeah, they've got answers to these.
Because they know deep down we're lazy and don't want to stand and fight.
Yeah, that's the problem.
But, Joel... We've got to build a remnant of people who do know, because I don't think they'll take us all down, and I think there will be in this next Third World War scenario, when they nuke this nation, it's not going to kill everybody.
It's probably only going to kill 20%.
Now, that's horrendous.
Right now, we are going to go to the calls, but also I've heard you make the good point that
Well, going back, my point is, back when you're really fighting terrorism, you ignore it, you don't play it up, you don't create fear off of it, because that's what the terrorists want.
Again, showing that the government is, the control arms there are behind the terrorism.
They do play it up.
They give us the definition of terrorism, scaring us for political or personal gain.
And you've gone over the fact that al-Qaeda didn't supposedly exist until just a few years ago, and how it's supposedly this giant organization.
I mean, this is so transparent.
And so impotent.
This organization has...
We're good.
And that's historically admitted, but the media likes to ignore that, Joel.
Yeah, you know, they claim they lost control.
Where's the proof?
In fact, we don't get anything about al-Qaeda except if it comes from U.S.
There's virtually no independent sources.
Even MI6, the British government, simply parrot what they get from the CIA.
And so do the European agents.
Everybody's talking about al-Qaeda.
Everybody's talking about this suspect has links to al-Qaeda, but that's just the standard phrase.
There's virtually no proof.
Also, whether it's the Philippines or England or Israel, every time I see a terrorist attack and we go investigate it, it leads back to the government.
And again, the governments have the motives.
Yes, it is terrorism.
The terrorists attacked us because they had our freedom.
That's why the New World Order attacked us, to get rid of our freedom.
That's actually true.
That's an interesting take on that subject.
I had not thought of that one.
Well, they love double-meaning statements.
Let's go to the calls.
Mark in Minnesota, you're on the air with Joel Skousen.
Go ahead.
Hey, how are you guys doing?
Good, thank you.
Go ahead.
Semper Fi.
I was in the Marine Corps.
Semper Fi to you.
By the way, I don't know if you heard about one of the latest events with...
Yeah, I saw that.
Joel, did you see that?
No, I didn't.
Tell me what happened there.
I guess, it's my understanding, it was, they might have been, like, actually massaged.
And they videotaped the World Trade Center attack as it happened.
That's not an urban legend, by the way.
It is admitted.
They arrested those guys.
They were massaged.
They went to the moving company.
Everything had been pulled out, and the owner was a well-known intelligence operative.
And the FBI seized the video footage, and it was all over mainstream news, NBC, and so forth.
You know...
Only the government was supposed to have this tape and somehow it ended up in the hands of Al-Qaeda and Al-Qaeda was playing the tape.
Yeah, that's true.
Isn't that interesting, Joel?
Yeah, it really is.
Of course, you know, one must not lead to the conclusion that some have that 9-11 was an Israeli operation.
If the Mossad was involved, it's because there's a seamless relationship between the Mossad and the CIA.
Well, that's my point, is the FBI went on, the deputy director, a month after 9-11, two months after, actually, went on Fox News and said, we arrested 142 Israeli operatives who were shadowing al-Qaeda.
We think they may have let this happen.
And I think there was some type of weird blackmail going on in international news, infighting.
And I pointed out, I said, okay, well...
If you were following them and arresting the Israelis a month before 9-11, that means that you knew too.
But see, they don't think that we can think.
I mean, can Israel order NORAD to stand down, Joel?
Yeah, that's precisely the point.
But there is a seamless relationship between the Mossad and the CIA that is indistinguishable.
You cannot say when the Mossad is involved that this is Israel.
This is just as much the U.S.
if the Mossad is involved.
Yeah, they're just different compartments of really the same operation.
But the other thing, I'm curious, what do you think the nexus is between Bush's Jobs for Illegal Aliens program and filling some of these police state apparatus jobs?
Oh, yeah.
They say, what, 20,000 of the troops over there aren't even U.S.
citizens in Iraq, you know, in our contingent, and now they're saying, we'll join the military, we'll make you a citizen automatically, and filling the police forces with them.
Yeah, I think that there is a need to bring in more and larger troops that can fulfill dark side operations.
You know, the Americans...
Thank you.
Normal patriotic pilots.
They shifted back into MENA and using governors and local sheriffs.
That's right.
Yeah, they're not doing that anymore.
Yeah, I've got to let you go, Mark.
We're going to come back and talk to Norm and others with Joel Skousen in our final segment.
Thanks for the call.
Try to ham a few calls in real quick.
But, yeah, this is all very, very serious.
And it's classic bringing in foreign forces.
I mean, the British did it twice with German mercenaries.
Did they not, Joel?
Yes, they certainly did.
They were back in the Revolutionary War.
Absolutely, and then again into the next century down on the southern coast.
All right, folks, we'll be right back with a couple more calls, then we'll go back into the board discussion, and then back to the, well, stay with us.
You absolutely must see this DVD.
It covers the history of government-sponsored terrorism, the police state and homeland security, the nightmare UN population control programs, the cashless society control grid, satellite tracking and planable microchips, and much, much more.
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Order your copy on VHS or DVD today and man the guns of the Infowar.
Order right now by calling 1-888-2533-139.
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We're good to go.
We're good to go.
I think?
We've got Keith Barker from American Frontline, Texas Frontline, coming on.
And then we've got Paul Watson.
We'll have them both on together.
And we'll continue with your calls until Shells is going to say they're five minutes in the next hour with us.
So we can take all these calls we've got briefly.
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Let's talk to Norm in Colorado.
Norm, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Good day, gentlemen.
Good day.
Yes, I've got two of the right people to ask this question.
I'll be real quick so someone else can talk.
This thing with the border crossings and amnesty, etc., I heard a man from Stanford Research Institute in the 70s, early 80s, stipulate that the futurists think Texas would secede from the Union, Mexico would disappear, there would be a war, and I'm wondering if this would be the catalyst that might instigate that.
What do you people know?
Do you want me to respond to that, Alex?
I don't believe Texas will secede from the Union.
I think that's a foregone scenario.
I do think they do intend to amalgamate the countries through this NAFTA free trade area of the Americas.
This is setting the stage for...
Deleting, of course, our political power.
That's publicly admitted, Norm.
I mean, they admit from Chile to Alaska, one giant body with its own currencies, but all marked to the same value with the same digital stamp on them.
I'll go and let someone else talk.
Thank you.
Appreciate that.
Thank you, Norm.
Mike in Arizona, you're on the air.
Go ahead, Mike.
You're on the air.
Hi, Joel and Alex.
I'm curious.
We know that five of the six oligarchs, or maybe four out of five nowadays, of the oligarchs are Jewish and equally at home in Tel Aviv as they are in Moscow.
You speak of a Russian bloc pushing for the global government.
Does that coincide with the Zionist group headed up by people like Bronfen?
And Rothschild, or who exactly are we talking about heading up this Moscow block?
Well, in my opinion, the oligarchs were the true hidden powers behind the throne in the Soviet era who bequeathed themselves the riches of the Soviet state industries and then turned themselves into a mafia.
They're no more a mafia than the man on the moon in terms of an Italian-style mafia.
This is, in fact...
You know, fronting for the Communist Party there in Russia.
Now, the fact that a large percentage of them are Jews should not, in my opinion, be interpreted as a Zionist for Zionism conspiracy because these people work against their Jewishness as much as anyone else does.
Well, it's now come out that a lot of Zionists actually supported Hitler.
That's correct.
And a lot of that was, you know, there's two sides to that.
One was a certain percentage of them wanted to drive the Jews from Europe.
They wouldn't leave their posh, wealthy lifestyles there and go to Israel, drive them to Israel, and secure them to go forward.
But in any case, I think it's very important to understand that even though there's a high percentage of Jews in key positions in the New World Order, they're not there because of their Jewishness, but against
Against the concept of Zion.
You think they're just going to hitch in a ride, then?
No, they're actually like being in control of people, and that's why they wed themselves to the New World Order.
But it's not because they feel... We'll be right back.
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Big Brother.
Mainstream media.
Government cover-ups.
You want answers?
Well, so does he.
He's Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
And now, live from Austin, Texas, Alex Jones.
You look at the six oligarchs that supposedly run Russia who were removed and replaced like chess pieces monthly, and five of the six are Jewish.
Again, I'm not here defending Israel.
I'm not defending any of these power blocks.
But years ago I read a very well done history book, because I'd read enough history to know it was accurate from other perspectives, about how the church and how the different royalty would learn that they like to have a small minority in control of certain industries so they could rob them of it routinely.
So what you have is this weird symbiotic relationship
That's why you'll see Nazis at the table with the Rothschilds hanging out together, setting up the Bilderberg Group, and engaging in eugenics, putting the AIDS and the vaccines in Africa.
If they're so multicultural, why are they getting rid of all these Asians and blacks and others?
And so what you have is, going back at least a thousand years, is this relationship where you have minions for the Dutch, the British, the German royal families, and the British are German, who have Jewish ex-checkers or minions.
And that was because Jews knew how to read and write and understood banking.
And that's how they early on got into those positions.
But again, and the globalists will routinely cut loose their Jewish minions and allow them to be killed.
Joel, is that accurate to say?
Yeah, you know, I think it basically is.
I never have seen the powers that be allow a Jew to rise to the very top.
They've always been used as second level people.
They're very smart.
They're very controlling.
They have an elitist feeling.
These people that get involved with the New World Order, they like to control other people.
But they're used, essentially.
But I've never seen one of them actually operating on behalf of Israel in a benevolent sense.
They're working against any form of sovereignty and against any form of religious Jewry.
Well, look at the U.N.
who is against Israel.
So there you have it right there.
Let's take a few calls here.
Let's talk to Eric in Texas.
Go ahead, Eric.
Yes, sir, Alex.
I'd like to make a comment.
I wanted to ask a question, but I want to make a comment on the Jews that many people don't realize the Turko-Finnish tribe actually co-opted the Jewish religion around the 10th century, and now a lot of people believe they're Israeli Jews.
We're good to go.
Well, you know, that's a big controversy.
There really is only evidence that the top tribal leaders converted to Judaism.
There really isn't any confirmable evidence that the entire people did and that that became the Ashkenazi Jews of Eastern Europe.
So I still think that the jury is still out on that.
Certainly the Ashkenazi or European Jews...
You know, are very intelligent, very savvy people, a lot of good people.
There's a lot of people who end up being controlling, turn to the left there.
They're much more leftist in orientation than the Sephardic Jews, which come from the more Middle Eastern backgrounds.
They tend to be the more right-wing conservative Jews.
All right.
Thanks for the call, Eric.
I appreciate that.
Joel Skousen, how do folks get your fine newsletter?
The World Affairs Brief is...
We're good to go.
Publishing.com and orders any of my books.
Get a free half-year subscription to the World Affairs Brief.
That's 1-800-644-1057.
What's that number again?
Or JoelSkousen.com.
Joel, I want to thank you for coming on.
We look forward to having you back on in the near future.
Appreciate that.
We'll be back with a lot more.
You'll want to stay with us.
Your calls as well.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
That's right.
We're under attack.
Our sovereignty is under attack.
Our finances are under attack.
Our spirits, our hearts are under attack.
Our culture as Americans is being put in a wood chipper.
And we stand here on the precipice.
We have Lord Bush, the puppet nobody, neocon, doing what only a Judas Iscariot could do, get inside the conservative camp, neutralize you, to cut loose Taiwan, to call for totally open borders, blanket absolute complete amnesty, in perpetuity, all the other sellouts I can list, there's hundreds of them, protecting Bill Clinton, all of it,
Bill Clinton coming to his aid, saying he's sure there's weapons of mass destruction.
Can't you see through this?
Aren't you sick of the garbage, the soft soap you're given to pacify you, the Hannity's and the Limbaugh's and the rest of them?
I mean, I want to vomit when I listen to it.
And then to tell you it's not an amnesty, it's a reform.
Blanket, total amnesty, never before seen, in perpetuity, and they're going to pay to bring foreigners, not just from Latin America, which we're hemorrhaging to death from, but everywhere else to drive down the wages to bring in the foreign voting bloc, you name it.
I know we've got Diane and others that are...
Patiently holding.
Vince is holding and others are.
We'll get to you here in just a few minutes.
Stay with us.
The toll-free number to join us on air is 800-259-9231.
And we're going to have Keith Parker riding a shotgun with us along with Paul Watson here in about 23 minutes from England to give us his perspective on the open borders there where they're bringing in the illegals.
It looks like now the tunnel was built, and they admittedly allow thousands of illegals to pour across there each night.
The Red Cross has built a big bivouac center with tents and indoor buildings for the thousands of illegals to feed them and fund them, and they laugh about it to literally invade England.
This was done by design, folks, to get rid of any sovereignty.
Any type of identity.
In Africa, they'll play one black tribe off against another.
In Ireland, Catholic against Protestant.
In the U.S., it's total balkanization from 100 different angles.
The host of a popular, very informative TV show here in Austin is Keith Parker.
He's been on the show before.
He's also been involved and interviewed a lot of great folks, hundreds of people from around the country on the immigration issue.
Texas Frontline.
And he's very eloquent and to the point with what we're facing.
But to give you the Texas perspective is Keith Parker.
Keith, thanks for coming on the show.
Well, Alex, I appreciate you having me today.
You bet.
How'd you get into this, and over the years of studying this, where do you see it going, and what do you have to say about Bush totally opening the drawbridge and letting the enemy in, and as they say they're the enemy, and at the same time telling us what a good job he's doing for us?
Well, as far as the first part goes, in relation to how I got into it, I simply noticed from the time I was a teenager, I'm f***ing now,
Over time, it seemed as if there were more and more people coming in from Mexico and a number of other places here.
And I knew that they were here illegally.
And I asked myself, don't we have a law that says they're not supposed to do this?
And also, why do I have to obey the law if they don't?
Which is something that everyone should ask themselves as I speak.
George Bush is preparing to go and meet with Vicente Fox to discuss and foist upon the American people his amnesty in disguise.
He calls it a guest worker program, but don't be fooled.
A more accurate term would be a gradualized amnesty.
Also, we need to take into consideration not only all the things that you've been talking about on your show,
And by the way, I certainly appreciate the fact that you're getting this issue out there in front of people because you have a wide audience and it helps a great deal to have you out there hammering away at this day after day.
But in relation to George Bush, everything that you said is completely and totally accurate, Alex.
The Republican Party platform states in no uncertain terms that they are to uphold the law
As per immigration, as well as everything else.
And yet, obviously, his actions speak much louder than his words in that at every opportunity, he seeks to aid and abet those who are in our country in violation of our laws.
Furthermore, he not only tolerates but encourages the meddling of Vicente Fox, the head of a foreign power,
In our internal affairs.
We are, in essence, creating our own Palestinian problem.
It's amazing, and Keith, the same politicians that support Israel building a wall won't let us build a wall.
The same politicians that build a wall around Afghanistan to control the drug trade won't let us have a wall.
And we're supposedly under this endless terror alert
We're good to go.
That's right.
Folks, ask yourselves, why would the government do that?
Why would they say, if you're a foreigner, you get something a citizen doesn't get?
It is meant to destroy the middle class.
It is meant to get control of you.
It is meant to bring the hordes here.
Now, I've been in third world countries.
It's horrible.
And we're starting to look like one in parts of Austin.
I mean, this is incredible.
And Vicente Fox came.
You were there, Keith, when we bullhorned him.
He came to Austin, Texas.
We shut down his speech.
And we had white folks, black folks, Hispanics out there yelling at him.
Everybody gets what's happening.
And here comes Vicente Fox giving awards to the police department for not following the federal law, and to the big bank, Wells Fargo, for issuing them an ID card that's being accepted by police departments.
This is like a Soviet or a Nazi coming here during World War II or something, or during the Cold War with the Soviets,
And lobbying our local governments to secede.
That's what's happening.
Secede to Mexico.
Go ahead.
Exactly, and I'm glad you brought up the point about the gas stations, the convenience stores, etc., because it goes well beyond that.
Americans are being forced to subsidize their own replacement.
You see, the problem with the American people, Alex, is that a lot of them still have a strong belief in the American dream.
They feel like if they work hard,
We're good to go.
Many of the people I know work two jobs.
Keith, I have friends who have master's degrees and they work for a corporation making $24,000 a year with that job.
They're all about to be laid off.
They run out and get jobs bagging groceries.
I think we're good to go.
But I want to know why somebody from India gets no income tax for 7 to 10 years.
That is such discrimination.
But again, the news never talks about it, so nobody knows about it, Keith.
No, of course not.
And the point being that any American that's willing to work 60, 70 hours a week just to make ends meet is not a lazy person.
That's a person with a strong work ethic, Alex.
More and more Americans all the time are adopting that ethic because they have no choice.
They've got to in order to survive.
See, Americans are not unwilling to do menial work or dirty work or work which may be regarded as unrewarding.
And here's the difference.
The illegals will live, ten people do a house, they don't pay the taxes, they're not invested, whereas a citizen cannot live on five, six, even eight dollars an hour.
That's right, because they are expected to obey the law and to pay all the taxes, fines, and fees.
While obviously there's another set of rules... Did you know illegals hit people every day in Austin?
I've talked to the police.
They hit people, they kill people, they kill themselves, they get hurt, then they go to the hospital, get all the free treatment, and they didn't even have insurance, and nobody arrests them, and the next month they're back in a car, driving down the road drunk again.
In fact, I ought to move to Mexico, move back here, I have more rights, Keith.
Well, you have a good point, Alex.
Also, we need to look at things...
Like the H-1B visa program.
It's not simply a question now of illegal immigration, but of people being brought in from India and Pakistan and other places to take white-collar jobs.
And by the way, this new amnesty does accelerate that.
Yes, indeed it does.
And we're often told by people like Dell and Motorola, well, we cannot find American engineers to take these jobs.
There's not enough of them.
And yet you have men that used to work for Motorola...
Women that used to work for other computer companies who have many years, decades in some cases, of experience in engineering as regards to both software and hardware.
Well, they also use the illegals to leverage those workers, American workers, down.
I know engineers who've got two, three degrees who were making $100,000 a year, $80,000 a year ten years ago.
Keith, they're working for $15 an hour now here in Austin.
You got it.
What about the future generations?
How will they pay off college loans when they're going to get 15 bucks as an engineer?
College will be nothing more than a pipe dream if things continue the way they are.
That's right, Keith.
We'll be right back with more of your info and calls.
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Waging war on corruption.
Alex Jones on the GCN Radio Network.
Vince in Indiana, Diane in South Carolina, Bill in Texas, Ron Oklahoma, Eric Connecticut, others.
Your calls are coming up.
And Paul Watson with us as well.
We'll talk about immigration in England and some of the Princess Diana murder by their government.
And some other key stuff here.
Jam-packed final 35 minutes we've got left here.
It's 24 minutes after the hour right now on this Friday edition.
Keith Parker, you're going to ride shotgun with us for the rest of the show if you can, but people are angry.
They're finally waking up to Bush, but I'm watching neocons on radio kind of go, well, it isn't good, but he has to do it for politics, and it's what Hispanics want.
I've got the polls.
I've got the new polls.
Hispanic Americans aren't for open borders.
They're not stupid either.
They know it destroys their jobs.
But look at this masterful spin they do.
Some people will hear that and think, oh gosh, this is a racial issue.
I better shut up about it.
We cannot allow that chilling effect to take place.
Do you agree with that, Keith?
Yes, I certainly do, Alex.
There are people, particularly on the open borders side of the issue, people who want the borders open, that want nothing more than to make this a racial issue.
However, the fact of the matter is this.
It's an American issue and not a racial issue because it affects everyone, regardless of their color, their religion, or their political creed.
But when Bush says he's doing this for Hispanic voters, that's like telling somebody you're giving them a disease.
Here, I'm doing this because I care about you.
Folks shouldn't take that as a gift.
Beware the Trojan horse he's giving you.
And it's so obvious.
This is because the elite wants to drive down wages, bring in an uneducated mob to vote for gun control.
In fact, Alex, black people and Hispanic people arguably are hurt more by immigration than are white people.
And a lot of it has to do with the economic circumstances that they find themselves in.
You have those two groups exploding economically.
Bigger numbers in the middle class every year, but I even saw even that Clark Howard financial guy who's all for this said, well, this actually will hurt the Hispanic immigrants that are here legally, but that's okay.
Yes, because everyone knows that when you have a surplus of any commodity, and labor is a commodity...
I think so.
Of course, it's about destroying sovereignty and further balkanization of our country.
That's it.
Let's take some calls.
Vince in Indiana, you're on the air.
Go ahead.
Gentlemen, I just had a few comments about our economic situation here.
I think our economic policy is just so arrogant, and it's delusional, and it's moronic.
Well, it's looting.
The globalists are looting us.
The U.S.
dollar is falling in value.
It's going to be toilet paper soon.
We have the trade deficit, the budget deficit.
We've got the Social Security insolvency.
And a lot of that is the illegal aliens.
California is bankrupt due to the $30 billion shortfall.
The illegal numbers are bigger than that in cost.
That's true.
It's a mess.
The only thing California, the reason they have to address their problems right now is because they can't print dollar bills.
They can't print money.
So they have to address their issue, but we just seem to print this money.
The United States is consuming all the savings of the world.
It's ridiculous.
I just don't see how this is going to end.
I think what's going to happen is that the next planned terrorist action is going to precipitate a financial accident that's going to be quite severe.
And what's your insight into that?
Look at what they do in third world countries.
Dictators will plunge the economy so they can consolidate.
The IMF documents say they want to cause depressions to get a police state in place.
That's the official World Bank secret documents from two years ago that they admit are accurate and real.
Keith, comments?
Well, that pretty much sums it up in a nutshell, Alex.
Obviously, the more chaos you can create, the more opportunity you can create.
As I mentioned before in regards to balkanization and creating our own Palestinian problem, if you have a large population of people within your country who don't feel any particular affinity to that country other than perhaps an economic one, then they can be easily exploited and manipulated
We're seeing it here now.
Good points, Vince.
We'll come back and talk to Diane, Bill, Ron, Eric, and others.
And we'll have Paul Watson on with us, my good buddy, webmasterofprisonplanet.com, my premier website, along with infowars.com that my wife runs.
And he'll be here to talk about what immigration's done to England and some other news.
And we'll keep Keith Parker on with us as well.
So stay with us.
A lot more in the final two segments.
Stay with us.
Stay the course.
We're on the march.
The Empire's on the run.
Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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It's Alex Jones and the GCN Radio Network.
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So we've talked to stations about this.
Most stations have made changes.
I'll have an announcement for you in the final segment with more details.
As this all comes down to the wire, we have a new satellite, but they're making the connections and the uplinks today.
That's how this stuff works.
So later I'll probably give a number out.
If you need to call to get an audio coupler, that's an increased quality phone line for today or tomorrow if you need it.
But I'll give you an announcement here in the final segment on that.
But GCNlive.com for the other satellite frequencies, they're all right there for you.
Okay, there is so much to go over.
Mark, do we have Paul Watson?
Great, we're going to get Paul Joseph Watson on the line to talk about what they've done to England with the open borders and how it made the crime rate explode.
Then they used the fear from the crime rate exploding to, because the British weren't very well known for being criminals, common street thugs, but now they've got plenty of it.
Now, with the drugs of every nation you can imagine there, we'll go over that.
You know, Keith Parker, this is a global model, isn't it?
It is.
It is applied to countries in Europe as well as to countries here, and there has been a huge backlash against this in Europe, as we've seen through the candidacies and the successes of people like Jean-Marie Le Pen,
Yorg Hader and others there, of course, they're all portrayed as fascists because they're unwilling to go along in lockstep with the New World Order.
But as far as I can tell, they represent people whose voices have not been heard in regards to what immigration is doing to their country.
And it's a little bit more difficult, I think, on the Europeans in some ways than it is on us because their populations were, for the most part, largely European.
We're good to go.
Accepting anyone who is not from their culture.
And also, there's really no debate.
That really is their land, their countries.
But these foreigners are coming in and saying, no, no, no, it's ours.
They've got their racial identity.
That's okay.
But then the people who are originally from the country aren't supposed to have their identities.
Think about that.
Let's bring Paul Joseph Watson up, who lives in a town right outside London.
To talk about what's happened, what the effects of illegal immigration and legal immigration have been in England.
Paul, thanks for coming on with us.
Always a pleasure, Alex.
What's it been like for England?
I know it's made your crime rate explode.
They then use the pressure from that to oppress the people.
And I know your polls show that the majority of the British people are against your open borders, but the government says, we don't care, have some more illegals.
Tell us about it.
Well, yeah, this is the thing.
I mean, Tony Blair's immigration policy, you know, Tony Blair, the admitted socialist, exactly mirrors what George Bush is proposing now.
I mean, the Labour government came out about a year ago now and said the same thing, that more immigration would supposedly boost the UK economy.
So they went ahead and legalised all the illegals.
And what was the result?
Well, the economy got worse, taxes skyrocketed,
And, as you said, crime, sword, and men.
Yeah, they all go on welfare.
That's why the stock market, the taxes have to be raised because the deficit goes up.
Yeah, I mean, the welfare state in this country is already out of control anyway.
But then the Home Secretary, David Blunkett, comes out and tells us to take a national ID card to fight illegal immigration.
So, again...
It's amazing.
Let's take a few calls here.
Let's talk to Diane in South Carolina.
Diane, thanks for holding patiently.
You're on the air.
Good to talk to you, Diane.
Hello, Alex.
Yes, go ahead.
I'm Elizabeth from Maryland.
I think there was a little goof-up.
I never heard a name.
Okay, well, Diane probably hung up, and you probably got back in there.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
I really appreciated something that today your show had a meeting of the greatest minds and good consciences, and you really didn't fit Zephaniah 3 with prophets, light, and treacherous persons.
And I was kind of disturbed this morning, like a lot,
I heard John Loeffler on the Power Hour talking about in Nazi Germany that there were 14,000 clergy, and out of that only 4,000 stood up against the coming things of Hitler.
And then guess who came on after him?
Hal Lindsey.
And Hal Lindsey said that nobody but the Al-Qaeda was involved in 9-1-1, and there was no depleted uranium.
How about that, Alex?
Oh, so our government's not using depleted uranium in Iraq?
He actually said there's no depleted uranium.
Right, and then he went on, when they tried to clarify it for him, he said, well, if there is a problem like that, we should clean it up.
Well, then Joyce and Dave pointed out, you can't clean it up.
So, you know, I felt rather disheartened.
Years ago, my husband bought all these books, all these prophetic books, and I think the time is coming that we as Christians...
We have to use our sanity and our common sense to see who are the wolves and who are the sheep.
And I appreciate that your program had minds like Joel Skousen and like Keith Parker and like Paul Joseph Watson, people that I believe are telling the truth, Alex, along with you.
Wow, well thank you so much for that call.
You too.
God bless.
Paul Watson, Keith Parker.
We have these neocon people, and I've even got Hal Lindsey books.
I mean, he's good on exposing the Satanists, he's good on talking about globalism, but then he'll tell you George Bush is good.
It's like Limbaugh telling us Bush is good.
I mean, that's where the sleight of hand takes place.
Comments to that?
Well, it's very clever, Alex, and not so subtle.
You have to remember that a great many Americans are...
Frightened by a lot of the problems that confront this country, and they don't really know where to turn.
And if someone is propped up who appears to be a stalwart, honest, powerful leader figure, then they'll latch on to it.
Because sadly, a lot of Americans, I'm afraid, don't possess the power for critical thinking.
And you have to consider, too, the role that immigration plays in this.
People are out there working, as I said before, 60, 70 hours a week.
They've got kids to raise.
By the time they get home at the end of the week, their heads are spinning.
They can't think straight.
Some of them never have the time or the opportunity to sort these issues out.
A lot of people these days don't even know who the hell they are.
When you take these facts into account, it becomes at least somewhat more easy to understand how the neocons
Hey, Paul, you got any comments on the neocon preachers telling us that God's will is to attack all these sovereign countries?
Well, yeah, I heard part of the interview that Nicola referred to, and I mean, this is the thing, the neocon infestation of the country.
And I mean, what is just as shocking as Bush legalising all the illegals is how the neocons have responded to it in the conservative media.
I mean, go to World Net Daily and Newsmax right now.
What's the top headline?
It's Howard Dean said in 1996 that Hamas should take over from Yasser Arafat.
You know, Wesley Clark is pro-abortion.
Well, we know all this.
We already know that the Democrats are criminals.
Who cares when Bush and his bosses are basically slitting the throat of the country as we speak and the neocons just won't face up to it?
Wow, that was well said, Paul.
Absolutely, Keith.
I agree with him.
I mean, hypocrisy is mind-bending, and I hesitate to use the word hypocrisy because somehow I think we need to come up with a stronger word to describe the actions
Of all of these people.
Perhaps hyper-treachery, hyper-hypocrisy.
Yes, whatever you please.
But they've taken the whole thing to completely and totally new levels.
Actually, hype isn't enough.
Warp hypocrisy.
Warp 10, speed of light hypocrisy.
Yes, it's like an onion.
Thermonuclear hypocrisy.
I mean, peel away one layer and there's a lie.
Peel that one away and there's another lie.
And it goes on seemingly forever.
I mean, they seem to have no moral center.
They're complete and total pragmatists.
Well, they also get caught lying about everything, and then no one's ever punished for it.
Well, no, of course not, because after all, the people that ought to do the punishing are all bought and paid for.
There is no longer any system of checks and balances.
They're there in name only.
I tell you, it was humiliating, Keith.
You were there standing beside me when Fox drove by.
Our little protest we just started in about a day.
It was about 50, 60 folks.
And he pulls by into the governor's mansion, looks at us with total hate, jumps over his wife in the back of the limo, leans his head out,
Looks at us, look like a vampire or something, and then to have him giving awards to the city and people for selling out our sovereignty and not following the laws.
I mean, I was watching an enemy spy out in the open paying off our gatekeepers to lower the drawbridge.
Well, Alex, everything you do comes back to you, whether you're regular Joes like us or you happen to be a head of state.
Everything you do, good or bad, comes back around, and there is no escaping that.
Well, it came back around when he got to the back of the building and I shut down his speech with my bullhorn.
Well, that's true, but I'm thinking in more, I suppose, cosmic terms.
Yeah, final terms.
Yes, exactly.
Paul, comments to that, then I'm going to go to some more calls.
Well, it goes back to the whole neocon thing.
I mean, they have the same response to every socialist action that Bush runs through.
I mean, we've got the massive budget, the Medicare, the Medicaid, the biggest expansion of government ever, the selling out of Taiwan, the assault weapons ban, even down to blocking the arming of pilots, you know, kissing up to Putin, signing away the hundreds of millions of dollars to North Korea to build their nuclear reactors, and the neocon...
response every time is, oh, he's just playing politics.
Well, what they don't tell you is that they're covering up the fact that Bush is just accelerating the same agenda with the same policies that Bill Clinton did before him.
So we just see the same endless march towards globalism and destruction of sovereignty, whether it's coming from Republicans or Democrats.
And that's the key word, is massive acceleration.
Let's talk to Bill in Texas, then Ron, Eric, and others.
Go ahead, Bill.
I think we might have gotten the calls scrambled a bit here.
Bill, are you there?
We'll go to Bill.
I said we'll go to Bill, then we'll go to Ron, then we'll go to Eric.
Bill, go ahead.
Yeah, Alex, this isn't Bill.
Okay, fine.
I'll just go to calls, just say what your name is and where you're calling from.
You know what?
What's your name?
Where are you calling from?
Hi, Alex.
This is Mark from Rhode Island.
How are you?
Fine, sir.
How are you, Paul and...
I can't remember the other guy's name, but Alex, real quick, I just wanted to echo what that lady who called a caller two ago about Joyce and Dave's program with Hal Lindsey.
I heard that program, and they were very respectful of Mr. Lindsey and his books, and I've read them too and all that, but I'll tell you, that's the ultimate deception, and I think it's people like
Well, yeah, they're the boogeyman.
And they influence a lot of Christians, and that's why a lot of Christians are deceived.
And I just thank God, you know, that the shows like you and Joyce and Dave that are out there.
And if you listen to the tone, you know, Hal's voice, I mean, he was incredulous.
He said to Joyce and Dave, where are you getting your information?
Like, how dare you, you know, confront me with this?
This is not right.
And, you know, I can see through the lies, Alex, and I know a lot of you listeners can't.
We're waking up.
Just keep the info war going, brother.
Thanks a lot.
All right.
I appreciate that call.
I want to know what's really going to happen in Prophecy.
Pastor David J. Smith or Tex Mars, folks like that.
Let's go ahead.
Well, I wonder who I should go to next.
I guess Ron in Oklahoma is next.
Ron in Oklahoma, then we'll go to Bill and Al Kye in Hawaii.
Ron, go ahead quickly.
Quickly, Al.
I have Paul's Order Out of Chaos and Tech Bar's Circle of Intrigue.
You're 9-11, Make the Evil, Police State 2 and 3, Masters of Terror tape.
It's important for people to have this information, to be knowledgeable, to talk to other people about it.
I've passed out quite a few of your tapes.
They do make a difference, especially now that we've seen Bush going crazy, opening the borders.
But I'm starting to get some good responses from people.
But also, real quick, on tape 3B yesterday, January 8th, Daily Oklahoman, newsok.com,
AP article, Ted Brightus, technology companies defend moving U.S.
jobs overseas, businesses blame schools, low research funding.
I'd like to see about 10,000 of your listeners go to newsok.com, download this article, and email it to Lou Dobbs.
At CNN.com, Dobbs has been hammering really hard on Bush.
That's because he knows it's popular.
He knows it's the right thing to do.
It'll get him ratings.
But, yeah, as if there's more technology and funding in these third-world countries.
This is so sick.
Gentlemen, comments on the high-tech jobs?
Well, Alex, you've talked many times about the H-1B visa program and the effect that it's had on a lot of businesses.
As far as them getting rid of Americans and bringing in other people that will do the work for a lower amount of money.
We've seen that right here where we live in Austin, Texas with companies like Dell and Motorola.
Corporate America and federal government are simply not satisfied with bringing in people illegally from across the border to drive the wage scale down, to take things like construction jobs and other positions.
We'll come back and take two final calls and get final comments from Pete Parker, Paul Watson...
Infowars.com, prisonplanet.com are the powerful websites.
We'll come back and talk to Bill and then Alki in Hawaii.
We'll be right back.
Please stay with us.
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That's the frequencies at night.
And, of course, I'll be back Monday from 11 to 2 for the daytime show.
And I do a show with John Stattner from 1 to 4 called Real Talk Radio on this same network.
Let us now go ahead and talk to...
Alki, I hope I'm pronouncing that right, from Hawaii or Alki?
Go ahead, you're on the air.
Yes, sir.
Oh, yeah, it's Alki.
Okay, welcome.
Yeah, first, when I was on hold, I was thinking about Hitler and Bush, right?
And both of them, they do bad things, but they're only following orders, right?
Oh, yes.
And what the media has been able to do...
Yeah, we should be focusing more on the IMF, the World Bank, the Council on Foreign Relations, the big corporations that are funding and pushing all this.
Paul Watson?
Well, yeah, I mean, it's like in this country where people harp on about
Oh, Tony Blair's a poodle of George Bush.
Well, I point out that it's not really the case.
Both Tony Blair and George Bush are poodles of the New World Order.
I mean, you, Alex, said that even in the last few years of the Clinton administration, you just stopped focusing on Clinton and started focusing on the powers above him.
So that's what we need to do to expose the real criminal element that we've got pulling the strings behind the scenes.
Yes, sir.
Anything else from Hawaii?
Yeah, yeah.
What I was thinking about is, like,
The people telling Bush what to do, they're not the top of the pyramid, no, right?
So the people at the top of the pyramid, would you say they control Europe and America?
Yeah, but there are some different power shifts and subdirectorates, but they all have the same goal, total domination.
Thanks for the call.
And I'm sorry to Bill in Texas and a bunch of other callers.
That's it for calls today.
Keith Parker, final comments real quick.
Well, something that I'd like to leave all your listeners with, Alex, is that guys like you and me and all the guests that you have on, we can all impart good information, but in the end, we're nothing more than catalysts at the most.
It's the people out there listening that actually do the work.
The ones that go around to their friends and their families and say, hey, something's wrong.
Things are not right.
This is what's happening, and this is what we can do about it.
We're good to go.
We're good to go.
That people who believe in the things that we talk about on these shows are nothing more than some kind of radical... We can break that hold, and we are going to break it for survival's sake.
Paul, you have a good weekend.
Keith, you have a great weekend.
Gentlemen, to both of you, thanks for coming on.
Thank you, Alex.
Thank you.
Thanks, Paul.
All right, guys, I'm out of time, and you talk about taking action.
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